Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 24, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 24, 1855 Page 5
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Important Caution to Um Public, >*0, ywi to wroeroM. ^1ttss,r,saw asM^-jaB Pernicious counterfeits unj tmitfiloc.s. ^Iia mora .YUcl#? 1118 mor8 "M'-rty IU?Z> credent? Who dcu.atE^r^Hr" C?l"Ti by UMOrupuJou* lui?ve') ?Jvfn # ?i i ^ produce aojtlilxig useful tbcw 5JI 1 JU8t HUffioifiOt CUflDlllL' tO IQ&ko ruriUll on* of' fh 0'0U?f?. It ha?lwen Uii^i "Sypt: rUT U butute which vice pay. to virtue," and U mlgffi ?td? ??^V SoSVibutVSEi m!" "I" 0<>UaUfrf8lU ?r valuable till, il l p ^ h? P01*-"1 mougert to practical science k?n?t,> u.pVI'; ?"u medicinal restorative no v w w,aeiv hBOWD .. Woife , echiedam Aromatic Hclmapp*, wi. lotrm tSSSJ^. vW ef 1,48 ?udor?emeut of tour thousand ae!?^!i? 8r dieinedtcal profession. norne three vchm ?go, ha proprietor was well aware mat It could not wholly ei ?ape the penalty Utta.-he<l to all new and useful pprp lraUont Me, thcretore, euUeavored to Invest it with the strongest. oo>!d* hie safeguard against counterfeiters, and to render all mem ,t? fc Pirate the a. Ueie difficult a? well iJ dangerous I S, "jji*d to ffie mint distinguished chemists 7or uuaiysis, and pro Bouiicecl by them thepui-cat spirit ever outnuiaciur^d tu nu 22 be<m thus *y ftrticlfl were tui w iirdcd to ten thousand oh valid ana in eluding all the leading prac'liioucrs In the nnQ i-Vt^' 1", ot eipertin. nt. A circular, re,j .testing a irlal u ih? ajdbJe were wtI!u,o.I-]y VaioraMc. H^fht prepiraUontW tEwtfSSteuZ v^Zirlery <Ua"ilVe " i hltf?* .fr?m P'*?"""<>nal men of the e2Ld wT5^:U .r,r,?,.P , hed,1,1 a coudeused form, ami in faesar l)olt'8 ?f "'? Schnupps, as one Of the guaran S2oSmi5 i olber piecauilom agalus' rraud vere tiiPal?m "I,.ta,ln':d fortbearucie: the labe alac simile of tha proprietor'" autograph ?ig USfrf.r,^""' a ^a to btbel and cover; hta uauiauud toatoftbe preparation were embossed on tue bottles, and the Ports were sealed with his private seal. No article had ever heen sold in this country under the name of Schnapps prior to ?be Introduction of Wolfe's Hchlelam Aromatic hchnapps In *? ?.' ?i label was deposited as his trade-mark, la the S?'i.edBUU<!M district Court tor the Southern District of New sera, during that year. It might bo supposed by persona unacquainted with ibe daring character of the pirates who prey upon the reputation ef henormble merchants by vending deleierlotui trash under thalr names, that the protections so carefully thrown around toe Schnapps would have precluded the lulixiducUou and sale I ef counterfeits. Tbey seem, however, only to have stimulated Iberapact y ?1 imposors. The trade mar. ot the proprietor dm been stolen; the endorsement which hi* s? liotKm Ue Hchnapp, alone received fr0m themZZ puffin TL wE "K ht* '"bets and botUea i ? ^ advertisements paraphrased, hta circa SEL^r^0?. tba" "J1, dbtlionoruble retailers, alier . 1!? Kcuulne contents of his bouies, have tilled miafhT"11011 *'"? l?18 mo8t deleterious of ait Uouurs ^dfws ig!r ""J?.8 *V brand a cover for poison. * profession, and the sick, for whom bebiedam Aromatic bchuttpps is nrescribecl an ??. fomn it are equally interested with Oie proprietor in tSe oppression of these nefarlou. pra?K ihe ?e,mffie a?ti ?e fESu l'loii?re(| si8 o?'Vv 01 'be uuderslgned In .Hch.e dam, Holland, 1. dlsdHed trom bsrloy of the tinestuualit - and ?avored with an essential extract of the be.ry V ffie ftiKn juotpcr of unequalled purity. By a process .ukuow.. tn the an,y "^'?IWuor It is freed frt.m ev-ery acrldauS TTnti^ i JuSS?1'b'bi* puro condition It is shipped to the Palled Statoe. On arriving in port It Ls taken from government custody to the watehouse oi the undersigned, to whom it Is . ctaslvely consigned, then bottled olT. sealed nod packed under r ""Pf^btlon, and tl.ence forwarded U> purcli^ers aotoenffi atC'l by the guarsntee. of genuineness already de' JSlet^t'o i'i e die preparation Hon sent forth ih not pre, Isely what It purports to be. would be 'o impugn die coin SEn T^.*rLd P"*8"88 of'be importer snJ maSX-uw?M Z^lLs or H, PUk' .u a mercliant, tu a busluess ?areer of more than twenty years. ? ,; ,hRt ali who "*e ,he r"aI ScWedam Aro Ic i ??bnapps, either as a medicine or a beverage are certain JvtfJ 'll'o ra dlel 01 'be "eme streugth and hy 1?.?^ u Every gallon ot the liquor is submitted to rnf a?d 'bereiore, every bottle of It must onupnn Huh every oUicr boitlc In a!) (u initiitirM Tii?[ 2lI'EvrewmiecandK"!1^1 "T dlffi>r lir"hR,'l>''h" nature of their EStormi^ ds^c^us to^ealih.0''*5 P?'Ilt ~^-Y "re ?m!'nar^hU.,'?h0'B",i,lf Pre'e'dlon, It is suggc,le<Jp, phvslcUns )T.o?i? o, the Schnapps, to paticnis tvho take it, aiid to the ^wc^-ris&Tssir-'tS'srsS ?rXnu.0e^^^Ewyio;'k0r' ?r '? '0Ul1 <belr 0, Jer" to bis ?S!^,JPrlalllt"ob*r.8 been received from the leading firms in Houthern and VVestcro ciUen (?t* the sain of chciLn ^tsa<Jnd",0i^,HC'hl"dr' ^bnappsirdto^?",1' UdlTt. to .U i w',"ho are ln "'e of using It as an an g?felaxi?.g2'i!5: teva'iids, he t?Tcfer^nM mUte teM^om^,U,\^r!mpa^rinlrlDgetDt'nl ?' hl" 'eedly hoped by those who regard the success of thl. Invaluable cttraUve with envy, that the Maine law wool,] sum far V" ^"^4" " here that mea'TrT was t,' ronehVv ?,? 1? p?, diey havo been dlsuppouued. Ho tho ?e llejremedlnl properties appreciated l.y tempera tire men, hat no eflort has been made to tnierrup' Its sate either prevad,K,'?mrEdZ'nth'' We,t8rn "ohtbln lSuo^mpo^,^f"Lif TO^rj^h^^relSly medScT ^eaF;'hu^U",blo,s?8n'<','d,:r lluhllaof rn'orl ^^^ innug a ^ i DOt cre*u' th?t morbid craving?l$at ar^tJ^fs1 !!* 'orstimulant*?Inevltahly resulting from 'l.c use dT rin romTrn L"""'? H "vb "r.dcr 11,7*n.mSe o bra ^drTvh,"ke)' A,r Ilbceodftryis affile ?d. a" to the wEhlbttorv avlitem lh at':^n''oa] ,n'ar!lon relation ,d. i,,y system, lhe Interdict ls llkelv to be re m, ?ote?Wbr,l\"0r'?''ia-'. an'' 'be |,ro').iblllty Heltov^iTffiE^ S?" L'SJ".' v am?"K lbln*R were ?rr^-rn.end^w?.,s,x:.n, *zrrz j?der?ijrned will not be aon y to sec "fweken^ bewko; but ho would <'atttlon bis leiiow citizens o ho m ?ro rlrr camsp?ci than ever in thetr potationJafler^? re:^i Antlci patiag a ruab tcr stunubints, as a consequence ot that rene.'il the liquor mixers will probably pour into the market an una ;i?aatlty of adulU-ra-ed alcohol ofthewoS^nd dew rip. Jons. Brandies destitute of any vinous element and dellrluin point wt.f rtemtolu ^Sw wLrr" wbl*k7? which die Indian phrase nre water would be eHpecially apnlifahle >a - 1 iw? ?vf?rv nrmIXrtfw. kK? e' whUeI?fv,,,n nioJcraicly pure liquor will be i ^ scarce. Lnacr such circtirns'anres nrul indeed ^rrt.n/hC,r w,im"tAnr6g',r *'OM,d s?en> that no nnS til ' reH'^T1 hy a blind and Indts'Tlmlnste MD'ancc If",'he* c 11 p""d lr..ud for his ac SJJf?- healthy man should shun tlmir use. wl.h Z>Ia!J liilS . .5 not bc rWr,lod by the side? h was ?oieiy with a view to place wbhin tho reach of invalid* r?mtir inK stfmulanta an nriaduJti raicil antl reliable arri( i? ^ .k se?& SiiedTC1 ^cf.'iY/p Mrhk'?^r;?,lUr Bchnapps. Hence Pa Inti^SSSttoShiS Ll ^ Fn pS^r "" bm "",ver to^3.!J2ESra"ve !?,r aK8<' and debllllAled persons; as a rurc for disorders requiring a diuretic; as a ionic and stomach.. Ji2I^?.8'dj'pepeta: and as a sale prcpsratio,. tu a., cases MimSw IT, affiSf? 8 '"^'"rr"" torpid and require geuiiy R hlllfe omfr ?lnm?ta' I d11'h*'bnaPP* re.ommended ?Ulemenl P,?fg TL"" h"r"1'' *?r ' on.l, inailon of ihls al,' ,he *u.temeuts here made, fhe reader Is retorred to a pamphlet srr,,m|'?nyln* ea.-l. of the prepa .heroin he will tlna-spproh?u,ry tcsUmon > ot tlic prominent physician, o. Ne Vy?rk. Pfiiia.hdpffi^B,,,^ lAft'K. (,,lllr|e?t'n, and other .Itics, vedunfes * 0 fni" if evidence which would lilt d,i?,?!'?Ulll0nu lhe, would sav tha he ha. pro *Snco in aUnl'i of ,b8 '"'d'-g'i -bed men ot y'8" ".1," Amorlca, proois unanswerable ot .h<- purity and Sac h . hs 8i8?"?M,e ol the Schiedam Aromatic Schnapps; ial V, kaa?reoded many thouaand oi dollars In surrooud' MhJ.,)!! r. , K,,fran,fw M?d Mfefuardji which be dcsikn#fl t^oui rpUklr and h'n",?|f against Iml du" h? has shown it to be the only liquor In the World ""'{'" "''J depended upon as unadulturs ci tha" he ^ 'tnvesbg.ftoD Malyria,oompvtsmi. undei?ri 2m whJk i! c!*' ani1 lb*' rr",,, 'very ordeal 'he (.repai s Jriimn ,^.b'a.',K h^" rai a''d '"?!? mark, has ,s,me ott ritl7?n. n^ e M tb8f8l?r' ,8*j* " ? du'y he OH OS IO his fel|?W Selioui ce aria *?/' lb* Profesrlou and U. and expose the charlatans who euunterf. t these c^Menres of Identity, and he calls upon th.'Cresa aod Lh!, public to aid him tn his etlorts to remedy to great so ?vi . CIHtLPHO WOLFS. ?Com?,.OlT)! oi a Tailr of Your Qnnilty." ?80 say* flh*k?pearc. K NOX U alway* re*1v to lei 'he pub Be "ta?te lb" quality" of hl? hat#?lar-' ?tyl>* at bu ?u>rr,, 212 and 5.13 Broadway knot'* hat* are tnc be*' In the cltjr, and will *f ir and look well longer than any oib'r In the Vnl led Stale*. Thla Uoneofliradgrind'a facia. Stationer*' Trade SaUr.?Albert R, Sleolajr will rontlnue the at a I pinery and patter hanging trade ?*le till* day, at the auction ruotna II Broad street, at It) o?b>rk A. M. commencing with the Invoice of Moire. Amu. derrick A Harnett. For full particular* nee catalogue, which can be ob twined at the aalea room. Anaon'a Daguerreotype*, large aire, for Fifty eenla ? Colored and In a nice can* tjrtce the aire other* make Air nfty cent*, and ei|tiaMn t hoar made elaaw here for >2. An non'a, bPi Br t tad way, opposite Metropolitan Hotel. The Two Shilling Dngnrrreotypea go off Hke hot cake*, aa u*tial, at the old picture factory, .No. ?d? Broadway, depot of Holme*'II. 8. pa'erit dotthlc camera, and lira new atyle of gltw* portrait*, called the l*mprotype?. Flnnofortea and Mrlodeonta-Nanii(krttlrett by JOHN P. WAKE A CO., No 167 Cana! -treet, near Tarlefc, folly warranted for tone and workman-hip equal to any In Ikerllr, and 20 per cent leaa than Broadway a. H B ? Heeood hand piano* at great bargain*. Millinery, Millinery.?A heantlfnl naaort merit of rolUlnrry, ribbon#, fi*R'b#?r# Rower#, urtoarninff#, minmsantJ cloak*. ?t WM. H. XRVINE'S, 112 Can*! itroet. C'mrtnln Good a, AaUa Drlalnra, Wonted damaek, gilt cornice*, window shade*. Ac?KKl.TY A Fr.R Gt'HO.N, 291 Broadway, have jual receleed per atwamer a up lend Id ?tock of the above good*, some new pattern* eary braouful and rich. Alao, the largest stock of window ahade* ani other window ornament* In New York. We are prepared to offer InducrmrtiU to purehaner* of the abova good*. No. 291 Broadway, Clothing Store*.?A Card?Tutlvt Venn ago In New Orleans. and four year* *go In New York, ai No. 441 Hr<?lway, AI.FKKI) XUNROK A CO ewabUatmd k aulcuy "one pnoa" ayetem a* the he?t mode for dl*poalng erf Uretr good* and ooe which they were conMent would prove the ?oat *atl*fartory to the better clam of purchaaar*. At drat It wna up kill work, and many apparent aacrldcea ware made In ?atahtiahlng permanently thl* dealrahl* BK-la of trading, until Ha popularity ha* become a lued fact with their cuarotnera Buck popularltv. aa a matter of oourae. attracted the attention of their competitor* In htwlnem and other houae* now come out In hlanng capital*, "tme Price Store." "The One Price SdMlA*.. Ac , but In moat, if not In all*. without tne nerve to carry out their high founding mat,Una tor*. They '"aaaume a Tlrlue If they It* re It not " and It I* In a degree **? IWfactor) to know. thai, (lo uae a ahop phraae.) hj putting on Um cloak of hype'xtay <hey are enabled theroby u> pay an In direr homage to virtue. II will be satisfactory lo AHred Mun r e A Co If their cnttmporarlea, all of them, doaiopt In the atrv'em manner thl* mode of trading, for it cannot ou. hepl*** tog for any one *o know that he baa. by hi* rumple, baen the mean* of reforming erll, however ?mafl. Oak Hull Wlklw Clothing.?An Inunenw aenortmen' of the lateat atyle*. at ihe following citremely lew price-:? Nurtou1 overcoat*, of black and colorel cloth*, pilot*, ribbed beaver*, drab Devon-hire, ker?eya, Ac , from |A to 92*. flat k overtoata, of cloth*, pilot*, heaver*, lira akin, nigger head, and petersham In brown and drab (4 jo toTf| I. Talma*, of line rUalie, ribbed beaver*, Hon akin, Normegan eoaHng. Bigger head*. Ac W'aKl. Huatne** twl* of every description, from >1 toflo, Ve?t?. of rich velvet, oa-hmrre moire antique, Ac 93 tt)9l? Boy,' < Idling, of every description. e<, tally low. Remember Oak Hall, DK tlROOT A fltiN, *4 and W Fulton ?treet, running through lo 47 and 49 Hold street. The Oretroat Breeie I* dally wafting anx Dki a varie y, a j.t and ?ou* purchaser* 10 the e.iai liahment of Dhi KtttH.D A PBOtH No. 120 Futon wreet, where, iw r prKt? WBV tt cqCkflvC BltnktU^-JEuUik BlauktU (Urfc atx.e) at $4 ?3 per pair. PETKKHOV * HUMPHREY, 579 Broadway, corner Wtmu street. CerptU?Htkry Knellah Superfine at 0* per yard. I'hTEUHON A HUMPHREY. 370 Broadway, corner While street. Btrgalm In Carpetlaga. ?Good Brwwrli at 96 cents per yard; heavy Kngtish superfine at An. yer yard. PKTKKKu.M a 111'MP U KBY. 379 Broadway. 9200,000 Worth of Superb Eii|(lbh Medal Uou velvet and tapestry arpeie; splendid mosaic, velvet aud chenille rugs; exquisite Pan* v.Me and oiauo covers; 90,01)0 Sirds ingrain, at V tid., 4s. and5s. per yard, at Hilt AM V.N KR8O.V0, 90 Bowery. L?<1 Ire' India Rubber illove* are Moat Excel' lent lor soltening and bleaching hands. As a substitute for hid Ibey will be found very light, and more durable, aud as a speedy and effectual cure for chapped or rough hand*. ?alt rneum. Ac., they have no equal, ror sale at all rubber stores and at 36 John street, up stairs. Geodyear't Patent Indtn Rubber Overs flora, easts, capes, leg gins. uvcralls, Ac.. both light and heavy, suit able lor city and country trade; very handsome light cambric ami alpaca CPata. capcj and talman. P % UKNHV DAVENPORT, 'M Broadway. China and Olasi from Auctions?Tea and dining sets at very tow prices, vases and tete a tete sets, terra gotta, parian, Ac. DAVIS tJf)I,LAMOKE, 447 Broad ray. French China?Plain White and Richly decorated, embracing every hind In use, just received per ship German la. and offering at a trilling advance ou the Importation coat. W. J. F. DAILEY A CO., Marble stores, 031 and 633 Broadway. Gifts and Praaetita.?Juat Received, and for sale at reduced prices, the choicest selec'ton of fancy goods, srd also every variety of toys, dressed and undressed dull", games ot amusement tor children, Ac., at ROOERS':an;y ba ranr, 449 Broadway. A Hew Article called Loiruds' Patent Pen or pancll, made by WUmarth, 44 Maiden lane, Is deserving ot speclul commendation for Ita conveoisuoe, elegance and durability. It Is so manliest an Improvement over the old styles, that all who see It acknowledge lie superiority. Rldgway Farm aud Coal Compsuiy, tfot v id.standing the inclemency of the weather last evening, had a large meeting. The President of the company addressed the meeting and explained Its principles, the quality of the land, Ac. lie was followed by the Hon. Wm. K. Boone of Philadel phia , who had been over the laud and fully corroborated the remarks of the President, Mason Barney. Esq., of New York und several others loliowed who bad been npon the lands. Thnsall spoke of It In the highest term*. LsUnnNflH from various persons. A large number of shares were sold, and ibey met with the greatest success. A great part of the public attention Is 'attracted by this company, ft appears to be well substantiated. Chandeliers for Gas?fifty Cases French chandeliers per ship Helvetia. Many of the styles are entirely new , being duple ates of some now on exhibition at tho Crystal Palace In Paris. W. J. K. IIVII.KY A Co. Marble stores, ti ll ami 633 Broadway. Gayler's Safes'?Prices Greatly Reduced, to setile the Interest of a retiring partner. These reliable safes, with powder proof locks, are for sale at reduced prl"es. at the ?nly depot, 2b5 Pearl street, three doom above Maiden lane. Defiance Salamander Safes?Robert M. Pat RICK la the sole manufacturer In the United States of the sbove celebrated safes and patent powder proof defiance locks and cross bars. Depot 1'/.' Peal street, one door below Ma lane. To Dnguerrrotyptsts.?'Wanted, a First Class operator; one who un Irrstands ambrotypmg and photo graphing preferred, although a knowledge of th? Uuer branches is not considered essential, f-auslaclory references as to ability and character must be furnished. To any one possessing theau qualifications a good rliauce will be ottered. Those not know lng themselves calculated lu suit the wants of the advertiser will please not apply. Address, stating name and references, Dag tier re, llerald office. Wilson's Dandelion Coffee, a Truly VaI no ble remedy In all cases of dyspepsia. Indigestion, sick head ache, and all bilious and liver complaints. hold by Hegeunm, Clark AUo, F. V. Hushtun and all respectable druggists. Reed's Celebrated Cordial Gin?1The atten tion of our readers Is called to ibe card of Mr. Reed, which may be found In another column The article which this gen tleman la selling as cordial gin Is a wholesome beverage, pa tronized bv the faculty of London and New York, anil far ex ceeds anything of the kind extant. Strange Is It that this gin should not he more generally used, particularly as others at tempt to palm off the spurious for the genuine article. W. R. having secured a huge share of public support, begs lo re.urti bis boat thanks to nis numerous customers, and Is determined, by vending a sterling goisl gin. to warrant au Increase ot'or dors. No. 118 Host Twenty ninth street, between rlecond and Third avenues. Pale Nhrrrlci, In Fine Variety, In Quarter cask*, binding ex Harvest, from Cadiz; Moutardn de Mallle, An., lauding ex Oermtnla. tram Havre; English cheese, land lng ex steamer Atlantic, 1-ea A PerTin's Worcestershire santo, landing ex American Union; < 'rosse ,x lilackwell's condiments, binding ex Alary Uradly, for sale by JOHN Dl'NCAN A SONS, 4113 Bread way. Clock* I Clock* IS Clocks!!!?Tlie Largest assortment of Paris clocks ever offered In New York; over two hundred different models. Choice Immense; prices low. W. J F. DA ll.KY A CO., Marble stores, 011 and 633 Broadway, Bsxtchclor's Hair Dye, Wlgt and Toupees? The best In the world.?Nine private rooms fur applying ids unrivalled dye. Beware of Imitations?ihev result In ridl tile. The largest stock of wigs ami toupees In America, wholesale and retail, at llATCHhl.UK'S. 333 Broadway. mil's Improved Instantaneous Hair Dye, 4 shillings s box, black or brown; warranted best In use, leaves the hair soft and glossy; no lade. Sold or applied a' No. 1 Bar clay street, 49 Nassau street, New York, and at ?47 Fulton street, Brooklyn. Crlstadoro'e Hair Dye, Wigs and Toupees excite admiration among"! all connolsaeura In art*. A suite of elegant private apartment-* lor applying his Incomparable dye, the onlv reliable article ol Its kind In the wor d. Whole sate and retail, St CRIST ADOROM, No. 6 Aslor House. Whiskers or Moustache* Forced to Grow in six weeks, by my unguent, which will not stain or Injure the skin. SI a bottle, sent to any part of the country. K. <1. GRAHAM, 3*9 Broadway; Zleber, 43South Third street, Phi ladelphia. Hill'* Jnxlly FnnicH Infallible On?u< nt for the growth. prexervauon *nd bcauiy of the hair; msorln| Unnrull Ac. Sold nt No. 1 Uarrla} *trc?t, ?.'> N.i?au x'rerv, New York, and ai 24" Fulton xtreet, ilrooklyn. H'lp! Wl(*t Wlitll?Stranger* wlaltlng the ?Hj art- informed 'hat the t eat place to ((*'? ornamental natr ta at MKDHURHT A t'O.'S, 27 Maiden lane, where they have >n hand the cheapeat ami pent aaaortment of wig*, totipeoa. Votit and bMk bratdx, Panda, curia, Ac. Iht H??t Hair Dye.?Dr. O. M. Bnllarri'a new linianiaiieoiia lialr dye recalretl the premium at the World a Fair and the American Inatlmte; warratned to color brown or bla<*k. For auie or applied. Office and atore, y W Broadway. Aw ay. Away, O'er poatand bed. The bed bug crawl*. Until be'a dead. ETON'S powder flxex him and all other *truggllng lnaeeta that 'make night bldloux." Beware of eouuterfclta. Depot for genuine, 424 Broadway. Hollowny'x Ointment nnd PI II a.?Tllr whole MM world liaa wi.h one voice endumed 'he lavor of tbe"c wonderful medicine* ax being the only remedy lor old wound*, anre leg*, vore breaata, even when all other remedial have failed. Ttir firrat Inhaling Brmnly for Aithma, ronxumpiun. and all dlaeaxe* of the throat and lunga?Dr. Cartla' Hygleana Thounand* hare been rextored u> liealtb IN'paat year by the llygte?na. Principal office, .143 H-oad way. and x.,|d by II. Rlnc. IWi Broadway. Price only Ha package. I)r rtirtia will be at the office dally, from 1UU>3 a'rlnrk, where he may be rooatilted free of charge. Hernia.?Only Prlxe Mr rial Awarded to MA KM! A t'O.. by the Indoatrlal KvhtMtton of all Nation*, for their new patent radical cure trtix*. Keferencex a* to It* *upe rtorPyPmiexxor* Valentine Mott, WHard Parker and John M I'army ban. An ei'en*lre Mat ot name* of mercantile ami other gentlemen cured by thl* truxx may be ?een ?' Marxh A Co.'*, No. 2', Maiden lane. New York, and Marwh. Corllea A Co.. No. 5 Wee' fourth atreet, Cincinnati. Ohio, open from 7 A. M. until H P. M. Birth. On Saturday, October 2u, at noon the wife of Mr. Ww. K. 1|oR*I.N,1TC'N, of a Mn. Married. On Tuesday, October 23, at Calrary Church, by He v. r>r. Hawk*. t,trim 11 T. Kiintr, Jr., M. It.. u> rtut, only daughter of William T. H. liuncsn, Ka<|., all of thia city. On Tuanday, October lfi, by the Rev. H. A. A. Ward, W*. Witaon aeainan, to Ma*t Ryah, widow of the late Wm. P.yan, of the iteamxhlp Arctic. On Tueaday morning. October '23. at the Church of the Atrt neliiU. by the I'.lglit iter. Alfred l>-?, |t. || Hi.hop of Delaware. WiLuan II. law, of Conor, ticut, t> llafuurr B. Mima, of Mixeixmppt. On Tuexdty October 23, by the f!er. I>r. Adam*, Fnwi* C. Ray to Sixan ('akiu viton, only daughter of Jo-, ph W. Hubbard. Itn Thuraday, October 13, by Key. H. W. Parker, F.t - ONt Burn to I/ii'va Hat tow. ilaugbier of Wm. Albert Hallow, K*o., all t>f Hedf -rd, BrixAljn. In Hoboken. N. J., on Monday, ftctoher 22 by the Rer. J K. Burr, at tlie reddeno of the bride * father. B. <1. BLAiiwtatri, of North Carolina, to Mi-* Rbokaii T., daugh ter oftieo. f Tee), fjtq. At 6t. Jo.cph'i Church, AHany, on Monday. fV-tnber 22, by the Key. l ather Conroy, I hanv * Warn to Mix* Mary Awn Conu>n, of Albany. Died. On Mi*'',i year*, land HI* friend* and ar'juafnlanre*. and tboae of hi* ne phew*, h>. Maguirr and Henry OTtonnelly are rexpectfully invited to attend the funeral, from hi* late reaidence. No. ? Spring *treet, tl la afternoon, at ou* o'cloek. On Tueaday morning, October 23, Mr*. Marcamt Mot OAN, in the 90th year of her age, Her friend* *nd a:i|tialntanca?, and tho?e of hxr aon, the late Enoch Morgan, are re*p*ctfully invited U> attend the funeral, to morrow afternoon, at tfir? o'clock, Irom th> re*tdenre of her eon-in-law. Mr. Hart B Weed No. 148 Spring .feet, without further imitation Newark, N. J., paper* plea** copy, ftn Tueeday, October XI, HaRhipt, will* of Stephen Ie?rh. late of Hom-ey, England. Her friend'. *od tho?e of her children, fleorge, Stephen, Sarah. and Maria, al*o lho?c of the late II. l.yman, are inrl'ed to attend the funeral, from the Church or the Me.xlab, No. 728 Broadway, to-morrow afternoon, at one o'clock. On T\i?*day evening October 23 CHaRt/fr* t.. daugh t< r of Su-an M. and the late bin in J. Mercer, aged 12 year*. The friend* *n?l relative* of the family, *nd iho?e of her brother in law, Joreph 8. Taylor, are re*pectfitlly Invited to attend the funeral, to-rrorrow afternoon, at three o'chrk, fr' m No 1M Fa*t Fiftieth ?tr**?, near Dittd avenue, wfthont further invitation On Tue*d?y. Octot>er 23 at th# re?ldr-nce of hi* rr ther. No. 293 Third avenue, Jam* H. Kopinhon. aon of Hannah Ann B- gart. aged ? year*, II month* and 13 daw The friend* of the fan?.Ijr are ra-pectfuliy invited to at tend the funeral, to-morrow afternoon. at two o'< lock. On Monday, "ctnb*r 29, fJWMirjt MnJovotv. a native <rf Bailinan-ore, county Antrim. Ireland. Hi* fri?nd?. and iloxieof hi* children, ar* re'pe-'fjlly I ibtlvtx .9 e'.'.ti.* taxi fw.?el, 1*94M 1? ab,V 4W.<*, i M*''*t October 22, Am>R*w o'lRvxxgity, ag?l 73 *, * native of county Tyrone, parMb of Cappegh. ire 144 Eeronth street, between nvenuM A end B, this after noon , at one o'clock. On Monday. October 22, Thomas Hkvkt Sandfobd, only son of Fatiick and Mary riandfvrd, agod 1 year and 18 days. The friends and ac<{uaintancea of the family are respect fully liirited to attend the funeral, this afternoon. at two ./clock, from the residence of his parent", No. "3 King street. on Sunday, October 31, Roam B., son of Mr. Daniel MrCauley. aged 17 year-, 2 month* and 28 day*, formerly of Kikton. Maryland. His remains were removed to that place fur interment. Baltimore papers piease copy. On Sunday, October 21, (HHirfiriiat, eldest child of fhriatopher V. and <^atha:ine iJogun, aged 4 years, 2 months and 10 duys. The relative" and friends of the family are re-pectfolly invited to attend the funeral, this afternoon, at one o'clock, from tho re-ideuce ol his la'her, No. 137 Kast Twentieth ?treef. He hath died in lovely innocence, Like a fair ind fragile (lower That the chilling wind of autumn Hath withered in au hour. He hath died, and now my beautiful Joins with the angel throng; ill" Vsice no more by pain subdued, He is chaunting heavenly song. Mrs. Msky Hiuuins, in the 56th year of her age. Her friends, and tnose of her s- n, John K. Higgins, are invited to attend the funeral, from her lata residence, No til Butler street, Brooklyn. Departed peacefully, un Tuesday, October 21, after a long unci ptfuful Illness, Mrs. Cuajuotr Bcrvot, aged TO year". Her relatives and friends are respectfully invited to at tend ibe funeral, this afternoon, at two o'clock, from the rrsidence ol her sou-ln-iaw, No. 8ti Carlton avenue, Brook lyn. Newark papers please copy. In Brooklyn, on Tuesday morning, October '23, Itua, daughter of Anning S, and Julia A. Chittemh n, aged 1 year, 11 months and 0 days. On Thursday, Bepteuitier 13, Wit ijam ag' l 1 month and 24 days; and on Friday, Heptembo :1, Joiiv, aged 2 ji'iir", 4 months and 17 day" | . u a irday, .-'eptera ber 29, David, aged 3 years, k note - and (> diys. the Is' loved children of David and Mcholu < Currie, of Division avenue, Williamsburg. Their remains were Interred in flreenwood. Dumfries, Scotland, papers please copy. In New ihunswick, N. J., on Monday, October 22, Ca Hoi.iNK HrsTOS, wife of liases Coddlngton, aged 2ti years. The relatives and friends of tbu family are invited to attend the funeral, this afternoon, at four o'clock, front the residence of Mrs. C. Itunyon. No. 158 (is org" street. At Norfolk, Va., in September, of yellow fever, Mr. PnruFE Ciurijw Ijs Briton, of New Vork, son of Mrs. EHiiti'snlt?a young man of rare talent and great merit. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERT DAT. Notice to AdvcrtlMn. Advertisers desirous of having their notice* classified mder proper heads must send them to tho publication sffiec before nine o'clock in tho evening. If they desire to ?avo money they must use a* few words an possible. Brevity in advortisements is economy u< U*c advertiser, ^paco is of great value to us. NKW Pl'ItUCATIO\H. Ah a litkrary WORK, Kl'PKRlOR TO "FASHION ami Famine."?Boston Poet. Superior In pathetic Interest.?Day Booh. We have read It with delight.?H<Mfon iravdler. Mary Fuller 1* a creation <>? which any living author mi^ht well be proud.? S. Y. Dally Timet. TUB OLD HUMKHTEAI), Br Mk*. Awn H. Htkpiikm*, Author of " Fashion and Famine." is Jl'VT i't slimmed. And l? received with even greater approbation titan the au thor'a previous work. The orders for It have already nearly exhausted the tlrnt sup ph d i (,u k uoi i Kxtiucts from Notices ok the Frkm Already Received.*? Many portion" are Intensely Interesting.?Boston Post. Its tone is eminently religious.?Boat on Traveller. 'I he author's lame will rest on this volume.?.New York Dally N? w>? Dickens has never surpassed some of lis descriptions of local scenes.?New York Kipress. From the New York Daily Times. Seldom have we had a more truilr'ul. a more charming glimpse ot rural life. In paru it J* highly dramatic, and all Its aim fa pure and lofty. Mary Fuller ts a creation of which any living author might be proud. From the (lolumhu* Enterprise. The story Is tou'-hingly swget, lull of mat humanity which springs from well improved experience It aUracu even m ?re by Um appeal to the better feelings of our nature, than by the enchant mg interest of the narrative. I From the Pommy J van Ian ] This is one of the best works oi Uxwglited authoress. The scenes ot domestic Hie are all drawn with such force an to leave an unlading impression upon tho mind ot the reader that they are vivid realltu s. [From the Detroit Kvening Tribune. J The simple, glowing force of the style, and straightforward narrative, enhance the breathless interest of the story. There are charming pictures of country life In the mountains, and several char acters, each one of which might form the atapie or .1 novel. The apole gathering and a ahti king frail a th other scones on the tarro, are picture* containing a world <S' hearty life, and will be richly enjoyed by all who remember the good old times. I From tho Detroit Advertiser.! The reader Is fain to laugh as well as to weep, with the pages I of the Old Homestead betore hiin. There is a charm amount i log almost to magic in the writings of Mrs HtepheriM which | claims the attention and delights lite heart. She wtU find rcod ers In abnadaaee wherever the I mratt is spokea. I From the Boston Olive w its h ' Many of the scenes an* laid in the humble walks of life, and all the author's line descriptive powers are brought to bear upon them. The comfortless room where the glr! watcher waits for her dying father?where they meet at last in his death hour, and part forever; the ?lmple but cheerf ul home of Oh? ster; the long night at Bel evtie; the solemn htirlal, with only those two lonely children for mourners; and the exquisite picture of ' iruesa oi life at the Old Homestead?all show the tenderness of the wo i jnhincd with the skill of the artist. In I vol ]2mo. Prtce ft 2Z* BUM'K A BROTHER, Publishers, 196 Nassi an street. A NOVF.l. 1IY TDK Al'THOK OK TIIK RfdrlytT"." u. *ri-i tTos k CO.. 14fi ?*t) .148 nn<> i Will |itib!l*h on Thnr.'i.jf, tho 2Jth, OKT, BKRCIK KO By tho author of tho "Heir of lteilrlvll'o." "llo?rt?o??o." Ar. 1 vol. 12mo. paper rover", 50 cerite; cloth, 75 <ettta. The plan of the autlatr In wrt'ltig thl* aeries of hooka-.? Throughout these tales the plan ha* heen to present a picture of ordinary life, with It* email daily evanta, l'? pleasures. aril lt? trials, so aa to draw out lie capabilities of being turned to the he?t account; great evente. such its befall nttljr a few, are thus eirluded, and In the hope of ht Ining to prentnl a cluu. hy eiample, to the perplexities of dally life, the Incident* wrhlc't tender a story netting, have been -aerlhced, and the atlomp' lute been niaile to make the Uitcreat at the book depend on character painting i Extract from a review of the "llelrof RadclyfTa," and llenrla ease," in the .North American Review for April.| The llrat of h?r writing* that made a aetwa'hin here waa the "llclr." And what a sensation it waa 1 Keierrtng to the re n altiKof the lear *a?M rovers of the cony aforesaid, we And It belonged U> the "elgh.h tluuiaand." How utany thousand have been laeucd ?lnce by it* publishers, in supp,y the demand lor new, and the places nf dtowned d,(.solved, or -wept away old coplea we do not attempt to conjecture. Not individual" merely, lint hnnarholda. cnuaWtng in great nan of tender heart ed young damsels, were plunged into mourning With a tnle rable tu qualntancr with lh uHotu brrt.e., (not to "peak of real one",J ftorn Kir Charles <lraudl?on down to tlir nur?ery Idol Carlton, wr bare Utile hesitation In pronouncing Kir Ouy Mar vllle, of Redely Or, Rat onet, lite moat admirable one hat we ever met with, in atory or out. The glorioua, (ovuus hoi ? the btllllan'. ardent, chlvalrnua child ot genius ami of fortune? crowned with the beauty of bla early holiness. ami nver?ba> dowed with the darknea* of hla ltere<fliary doeni, ami the soft and touching ?adnra" at hi" early death?what a caution l< Ibere 1 w hat a vlalon ! Recently publtahnd, by the aame au'hor ? ? llttktM i?r ; or tip' llrothcr'a wife. Two volt. IJrao , pa per cover", f I; rlout, (1 80. Tut. IIi.ik or Itata ui'i'k. Two tola. I-'rno, paper, (I. cloth, $1 50. KxxurVH ; or, the Hear liuard of the flrand Army. One vol. l2mo, paper, 80 c# nla; rlotfa, 78 cente. The i'a?ile Builder*. One vol. lilum., paper, 50 cents: cloth, 75 eenta. Tilt Two OraiinUit*; or, Home In >hlw World. I vol. IJmo., paper cover", 50 cent*; cloth, 76 cent*. TCMPOKICM, VKKHI7H NEW TURK - Xlt " Indignant toicea ahall proclaim, Tbnt she, ihe tirs- In wealth and fame, No more ahall wear the palirv name Of phiful ? New York " For unanswerable rea.ona tor changing the name of New York city aee page tut ol AMERICAN REJECTED ADDRKHHKK, Now Brat published from Ihe original manuscripts. One toluue l2mo. Price II For "ale hy all bo?k*ellera. J. C. DERBY. publisher, 1111 Naaaau atreel. (1 F.ORHK KANI) AflAlNIII I TKVKRI.NO. Ee'rtdge A Co publish Oct. 27, the above work by the famed authoress of rONKCEI/V Translated from the French by a lady of thla cliy, with a biographical ake.lcb hy ' o. K. I.etaxn. P-^g. The work la of unparalleled Intern and deatlned to create a greater *en*atlon tftan any of her former peduction". t'ric. f|. timn align. W P FCTKIIMJR A t <1 . Franklin square, and PRTKIIIOR A CO , float ., OIIN BBOUGH A if K B< K>K? A >! ASK FT OF CHIPS. Tiiian Rnmoa Rr?nv Tel" Pit. The trade who have been unaole for the la?t few -laya to oh tain auppltea of the al*,ve a ork are Informed that the third tall Hun will he ready for delivery Una morning. Tnis Mcaonou* van liruoitrvci Ytarai l? ? success moat deetdrdly. All who read Hare highly pleaafd with lie brilliant aid varied cot,tenia From the lie. ton Evening Gagette. The Incantation rg rental wit, of true good feeling, rganunl common ?rn?? and lmneal human nature, la .lohn Hroiigham. Whatever ttaa hi- Initials appended to It we read with a deal of pleasure, for wrU we know that 'hla " J. B " la " ?ly, air? deviltah ?ly." and 'hat ro baae metal evrr cornea fran the crn I thla of bla brain. Mr John Brougham la not nolr ' a fallow of Infinite je?i and humor, ' bat one ig hrawa <* aenae and humanity. Hla pen hi ca ieUr, hut noliahe.1. and hla wriilnga ?b?w a ileal of know tedge ol the world Not only a? a humor oil" writer doee he "tret hip hla eerloua taiea have a pathos and an Istereat fnlly equal to the menu of hut tighter oumpo ?Ittoni In ! vol . Umo llluatra'ed. Price (I 25 BuNOK A RRCtTIIRR. Pnbllahere, No. I Jf, Naenau "freet. New York. ^" _ " _ _ KRIOTAIT |F KF V PATRICK Mi MF7N \ MY WHO RRCEVTbY 1 arrived here from Edtiihorgh. Kc,giaod. ia In the ty, be will roofer a favor by addressing a line to II. II K hot l.dW Poet olb' e, autmg when and where an Interview can he had. VOT" R IH HEREBY GIVEN TO < F"AR PETRI*. OE In Utrta, thai hta lather died tn the month of May las:, tear lug hla property to hla children. The preeent place of re elence at said i twar Petrta being unknown, tie u hereby n"18ed a preeent hta claim- on the estate of hia father wtihln 'wetre mon'ha lea the dale of this notice at the office of tj,e P etura, at fherao. Obtran, Austria, Auguei 51,1 VltTH E-TO BOABDINGHOCHK . KEEPER* *1 1* and John Teller arrti rd in New York October It. n the ?hip I aroiu* Magrout. front Liverpool, and haa ma t>een hear t of air re. Any Information about 'hem wl.l he hankfuly r* ratved at No. ? t ar'lale ?trret N T . by betr ?,rc*her Aie?. T?if?r. Tihe perron wiio_in ferrcTr \ V . I . ? hnptoper poaveat'tonof a a<|Uarr Un r?.? > ?<? au.o-v. ?? eaig taher tnafu" rip't r.ntea rg fhree It"'?'"* a id) i artrval ra | mam e called Kir Merihyn" funflutohedJ, la rwtpiea ??l to re ?Mrafhoa to the owner. Mr. T. Ptere lleatev. Ct Thktaaa%l ?treet. any day >tua week, between Uw houra tg W and II o ctork, when no 'inwltona will be a-ked. rrni oENTijt* an wno rode rp town h tw ke^ 1 Hand I tVelora at tha ZM. In a Wall run atogr and gnt out on tha earner of hprtan am and ^roadway, and wajet dt.wn vpriiij to Wmeter "'rtet. Will '-P'-r a favot a-ul a' earn aorre 1'r" tglip'ee-tanee to 'ha*, f hy Hr??r J * H ee.h. t -, b..a?' aj leak ^ POLITICAL. 1"~htwabd grand dkmocraticihallv.-the de nvocraUi of the Firm word arr requested to meet two even log at baadquartera, 110 Greenwich ?iraat,at balf pM> ?even, 10 ratify the nomination of DAM FX E. H1CKLSR, for Senator. Ooma one??'ouie all. The campaign haa now oegnn?nuion and victory are the watchword?. _ Mm hymen, chairman uf M. Murray, Chairman of the the Committee of Arrange- Committee of Arrui-muieun menta of the Union Pemo rat- of >he Tamtuauy Hall C'onveu lo Contention. A HI WARD -vlrt'SO MEN IN THE FTK1.P THE I?K 4 mocratle Young Man'a f'lmrtar Contention to he f ourth ward, wMl meet thl? tWedoeaday) eremng, Dfto'fr f Cookie)'*, ,-orner ol Pearl and Dak atreete, to make their u ntil naitou lor .barter officer*. ^XlglNAVAN, Chairman. Joun llLiiy, Secretary. 10 ,111 WARD ?SOFT AND HALF 8HBLLREGULAR nominal on for < ounoUman, twenty iUth dies JOHN VAN TINK. lOTil AhSF.MBLY U^tBICT, FOPRTKF.NTH \r\KD 1 Regular whig nominal loo for Aaeombly. HKN J AMI o w. KH'IIAHDS. 1 akall tw guided by ^o roii?diuUon<ofourm yuOiic. and by he principle# of ihe Immortal Clay aad Weheter. lorn WARD-PBOPLW NOMINATIONS 12 Alderman Ilonry Councilman A. "?l'P?c. 1 ear in nr Jatuoe A. 'ptoull. Couimteatoner of School* Kheuoitar it. Itrown. In.pector ofrcbool* 'il Ji "toeia. Trumeeaof S- boola. .11. 11'. Gregory. U. M. Thompaon, John L. Oooalablea William Ever., John R. Farrlngtoo. Inapeolore Election? _ . let dt?... thoe. < 'roohwon, Benj. Button. 2 Joint 11 Payu". Nantellua Eell*. 3 Deo. W. Houthwlck, ' ? W- Van Voorlh 4 T T Jackeon, K. H. Brown. JameeS. ll' k Rodarlck A. Knot. 5 ' o. R. STEELE, Chairman, G. W. socTiiwicti. sc rr ary. 1 ??T11 WARP?FORTV FOURTH COUNCIL DISTRICT. If) ^Regular demoorath' republican nomlnaiioo for toun l inani? SaMI KL OSGOOD. l't..rr.n llaLt'i>, -e< rr'aiy. IU1IN ItOI.AN, i h.itrmnn. OATS WARD-IT A MEETING OP THBCWIONHA-B ZU m<my Independent Democratic Convention, hmairne Son lodge, corner of 27th ?tr?et aud Tenth,?\e|ViVViVtviu? dav evening, October 20th, lhfifi. Mr. It A It I IIoLBM* DOYLE, was uiiAQioiouilT nominated OouncUmnn of thei rinyiWHi Council district. THOMA8 HILL, (.hftlriwui. Mahtv m Pio.mi*? -re w - 20 Jiv?.^ Aapell, ChalrniAn, Bdw ard IJonen, Chairman, W.s peon. S?" ratary, john Doyle,Hecretary. lantitiatit 1' Sluyveaant unntnntee^ ,TH WARD DEMOCRACY PMTF.I). rou aU'gga.o". WILLIAM .Me*'O.NKEY. 20 .1 11 WARD-TIIK VOTlRfl Of TIIK MKT DISTRICT (Twentieth ward) have modea daicrinliiation to vote for ABTBUil Mi DONALD, of Eighth avenue, for Councilman of that dlslrtot. Mr. McDonald U a complete business man?a man of education and Intolllgon-e?*ound on all the uailonul question* of the day?opposed to all the fanatical lama which agitate the community at the present time; and If he -hall ho elected, a* we hope ar.d trust he may be, he will prove an honor to his constituents, and a useful me Tiber of the Hoard. l*ci the democracy rally around him and elect him. They never will regret ft. t OATH WARD DEMOCRATIC RKCULAR NOMINATION Z"y ?Tammany. Kiuyv??.tni and rtt. John's?for Council rnau of Fifty third district? TIIOH. A. m\NN. City and county of hew York, -a.?on the 22d day of O-to ber, lhAfl, before me personally ? ame John Met'lave, Wm. itu ch'iimii and Edward Hrophy, who, lielng by me duly svrorn, did depose and nay that at a mfdnk' held at l*. Cud's, corner of I hlrty tiuii street and Eighth avenue, Oct. 22 ??! the National Dentoerath' HalfBhell Council Convention of the Fifty thirl district, wo? the uadtraidned. member A laid dategatkni d d on the tlrst and only ballot vote for Thoi A Dunn. JOHN M?( LAVE. WM. BUCHANAN. EDWARD 11 HO 1*11Y. Sworn before me, this 22d of October, IK>A. IioiTis M. Kowi.k*, Commissioner of Deed*. AT AN ADJOURNED MEET! NO OF THE TWELFTH Jm. Ward riemoeratie Republican Charter Convention, held ?? the house of John Farley, Harlem, on Monday evening, October 22, the following communication was re;olved from c. hWAckhaoter, N'r.w You a. Oct Ift, 1AA5. Dear Sir?The committee, consisting of Me*?rs. Magee, Petit and McArthur, appointed for thai purpose, have kindly ejilletl and Informed me "hat the ' barter Conventi ?n, over wnicb you preside, unanlrooualy nominated me by aec lama (ton for Alder man oil Thursday evening la^ and they rtvjuem I will consent to serve. While I am alneerely gra'etul for the partiality and conttdetice of the convention, I beg regpecifully to deejinn the nominal on. I have also declined u similar nornwia ion, ten der?*d me by the ' Worklngmon's Demoeraclo Union," for whose member* 1 entertain a high regard. Many g(s*l rea sons present themselves to my own mind, in justiiieation of the conclusion I have arrived at, and among them I would, with great deference to the opinion of my friends, suggest whether U la politic to nominate persons In the employ of the general government Lor an elective oflQoe. If die impracticability of performing the varied and ln< ompailhle duties of the dtfforenf I staUona does not justify this view ol the eaae, the natural jealousy Mmong tin* people of a ecntrall/a'ton of power ohvl ales the neet^ity f*?r any argtimetti lu deleuce of the poelUou | here imlicAtcd. Although no fromum rjin permi' an luterfe ren? e with his right as an elector, on the ground that he holds oflice, a due r< speet tor public oninlon has mdu ed me to prefer that others, free from this objection, should take die more prom I nrnt position* in public ailair-1. ft was only when that pttbll' opinion became ??niamln.'tted by the iouI breath of proscription, bigotry and InccitdUrlsm tha' I felt authorifed ho aasume a prominency before unjustified in my own opinion. It was tlien every ctti/en seemed railed noon for action and P was Ic?r this reason 1 oonwmted to serve in committees and ermven Hons, for 'he sole purpose ??f using whatever InMo n ?? I might p(>s essfnr tin- pn?motl?.u of harmony and union In the demo < ratlc party, baitevlng It would prove 'o he 'he only break water to the furious waves oi fanaticism and sectional divi sion*. If success haa not Attended the effort* thus tar made, ihe prospect* are nevertheless cheering, for I tee I assure] that the party will yet unite on the same candidate*, and there, by succeed In the appro* I.log contest. It only remain* for the "true men u? stand firm to thtlr post, und the extremes must come In. The democracy can unite and harmonise with out any sacrifice of principle. There can he hu'one opinion among sound men on municipal reform, an economic*] adnb lustration of the Km f? finances, and a fait hfui ad he* ion to the letter and spirit of the constitution. True, an a? empt lias been made In a secret convention to compromise the democratic party In ti^e oplnloo of their bretbreo in other States; but most of thou* who were liMirumcntal In rarnt?liirig Its lair riams have found a safe retreat in the republican fold among the sheep of the anoiition lbs k In another convention tiodigouwd nerconalltle* absorf>ed a large share of oiltrial w tion . and P, too, falsified lis profession* by resolving flie orgsnt/a'ion into a perpetusl oligarchy, denying tbapeopM in lta future pr?sce*i lugs. The great body ol the |?ai y rentidlates 'h?* extra vagan< e and foily of both these convention* a* heartily a* |t deprecate* any Interference with the Territorial rtgh's of the psnide by organl/lng mpanle* of Northern a ?oil'loiil?teor Kouthern pro slavery bands. Although embaraastMl a* ?iie n ass* s are bv the false action of 'bclr professed friends in the two Sta'c i .invention* referred to, they * till remain flrrrt to the platform and principle* which gave m tha last Prasad* n . election the largest maloritv forth*' democratic eandhlaies e>er cast for any paiiy by'hi* K'ate Ketftng aside all extraneous issue*, the *ame thing ?ha? was acrornpllahsd three yetrs ago, can be sgsirt to day. and that, too, on tb?* marl's of President Pierce's administration, to who<*** lirmness an I fidelity (n le fcr**e of the principle* of the con-tltntioo the union of the .states un l the rights of the peonle. the country is mainly In debled foi boh* a) hy rcoeUtm In j ub le sent rnent now in pi . grcsr ss shadowed forth In the recent elections Apologizing for this dtgreision from the simple mat'er of local affairs. I 1 hope you will accept rnv declination, ami nominate some one else worthy your confidence, and on whom tie* enure, party can also unite. Very respectfully and truly vours, r dvC \? k if am Elf O F!a<|., l*re?tdeDt Twelfth Ward Nominating ' I'oniffiinw. Arrflncii, and ordered puhllahed. The Committee of e appointed at a former meetIruf reported that they had rent the follow In* communion'ton to K. i'blllip*. Katp, chairmen, Ac.:? fhTOHKR Id, IHAS Dear fir:?At a meeting of ihe ChArter Oonv unoii of the Twelfth w aid, held at John Carle Harlem, Mood ty rren log,the Uth trial . It waa re?ol\e<l, that a earn ml line t,e ap pointed to mnler with a rommlttee from your ('invention, ae to the pnaalhlMty of making >? me ?atlafa. o.ry arrantfeioent In |v ,kra o the inn nation* It U p ?i tv n a-ly dedmnle tor the ? iter eaa of 'he party, that a rttroreillafloo a hot] Id tie mad*, and for that porpoae the following nnwwutiee waa appofnie I in re ?Itjeai yonr convention to appoint a like oornmluee. An early reply will oblige, vouni rea|>eciltijlr. O C. IIIIHKRD, T M I'll IHe., JOHN Mi ARTHUR, K?n. To K. Pmiifra, . Chairman. To whir h no anawrr hail her n received; an Id ? omrnnnl'Mtor. waa left at Ihe reahlenr e of Mr Phllilp*, on the I twit inai. and no anawer re, r red on ine fcd, whereupon the following ticket waa iinanlne ualy adop'ed. and a committee appiou-d to rail a ratli'j. alitn meeting at an early 'la) ? For Alderman Daniel P, Tlemao, ?' Councilman Henry I'. M,-'lo*an. " Araeaanr ????? Dave) M K. Wool " t 'onatahlee John I'. Oen1 at,d Bl, hard Crawford " OommlaMaMr of Mchooi* II II I'erklna. " lliaper-tnr , Wm If.ColweH. Truateea,.,.. km, Martin, H. Van N'oairand. Thru Mnrpliy. In?| ee ora of ale, tlona? let dlatiirt. Tbomaa Ray. Ahrarn If flaneti. .'d do C Hlhtiard. T Metl lire VI do lark William* Michael Uaitegrr. 4 th do.... John Me Arthur, Hen. Wame? Petn tth do . ...Daniel Magee. Mile* Votrley. In arihinlttlng the reanit of their lat>or?. the Committee l eg 'o ?i?te that 'hey have o.e.l all honoiahle meapa in their power Vi rt eore lie the tiemorratle family, and now rail on aJM'nfoo dero.erata to anppnrt the above IP get, and on al nrera of 'he ward u> elre n aoeh noon enarx e a- die merit* of the < antida" a ar< entitled to, and no more U. I". illilHARD 'halt man Drain. Manrg. H?-Tetary. Haul**, Oct. 22, Ddft At a rkoi' fir rUvrTTlTRD WAMD iJounr Dealer'* A Hillary Aaara lallon ao'je, t to a rail rr the "neutral conyeniWitithe following gentletnen were eh*'# I delega'ea to the aeoetorlal <r,nren'ion -M I,. Harrt", J'iar( h llarrtaon, John Ooerarm At the aame rne-'ttl* the ' ,|lowtt,g gentlemen were elertrd aa delegate* 'o the aea* rahiy ? ,<eren Hen:?< I.arh a Fletcher. John F t hamberlln, John M Mltnnle Heart fink, William f'at'on. OF.O. K RHKBWOOD, ''haimgUJ. II. fi. Canary. Hwrretary MKRKAN DKMOCKACT. roa *yna?T in??r?"to*r? J. MCKCll IIKMRV. flR PFNATOR FIFTl f DDTR ft "T?KD1111117 XI MTU and Fourteenth warda, MARK HPF.NCFR GBABD MAMH RATIFICATION (Kit MTV MV.KTIMH At Tree a.ay II .u. The demorratie reput,ik-art eieetnc* of the city ami founty of Hew Tort are requeated to MFKT IM *AW?. On TttowtuT Rrgarao. fa r ?, 4?*)? f?'f."t?e?, AT TAMM 1ST II 41 I. By order of the Committee of Arren?eu.?t, n lUMKI. Ifr.I.AVAJF.f*bairnaaa. U F. Hawarvm I _ If. f. Caaa, JMwWrlee imiKrF.MDF.NT CAMDIDVT* I FOB HTKKrr CNiMMTHHlONFM, IHAAt T COS. NFWTfiBK OrTflBKH Ml, IWM.TaT 4 MF.rriKH Of the Hard and Wofl ? ommttteM held al Mr Hetoet a, lit Reaei rtrwm both beetle* oorvened and gave *he unanMtao-i< ??'?ruination to laeoh In-ht ftw < o< of the C'J> dtotrtct of the Herenteenth ward F I) ft It I.N FT Ctiarman of FekA fVrtnml'lee JOHN MABTIN. fhairraaa ot Hard UeeMnt'te*. Fa HI.A R DKM'HBTTf mo?InatT"? ftiR' OR') Dr j<mr.rn iirimf F R RFF1 F.I.D ?M AMHIMHI.T COMVFMTIO*.?WFlMljui Jatiea Wl a>? k. J. IIeg kin*, aed Joawpk Hna-ing, wr* at pegn ed delegate* f.y tla 1* n't ?*"?*) ward, in *? ar?1 a "Witwi.taao at the "Cee M J Fwnm, Fwq F.ight', arena* ? ad Forty awereid *iree? Frtdar ereuing IHnii*' X a). * ??' '<k. >o vamnate an Aa?e?) hfyeiao for the T*wrt %??? ? ,y DuwrW ren prtalr y fko Twelfth. Mlrw-eefirh ?af f?"') * ntwdwarda. h. Ft.RrT. Chairman Ft '>*n ThImMAMT MAiXT-THB CflWmTTFF OF ABRAMOB ? maaltlbr the ewnmr rwiheation n??ing Vi be taatd at Tmairany Hail, on the awh in* . wtd meart a Taaeaaey Ifall. ?m W ea'neMay. fv tr Ner M a1 . ,r o>l if M 'I* erai and otihrt'ial atn-ndaoee a partteotae'r r?n i*w!e,l It F DFf.AI AM "Urrwue. I. F H?.?e?e.* t srrcATiosN uwteb. lady, aged im, wihiikh * hitiutihn ??????? Onian ln ? Uillllner J fsiiry or E?"^*i'4!wi?5sSS^ plain cook; uodemtanns doing .hatutxr w,,rk. and u s itrst ram plain .awer.she wui make l-r-lt gena-ady usafidV?? ?I'tlred. Tba best reference a* lo character c?n >>? alien i 'in oejeen^for iwodaya, at 73 Dayard at., gr.t lioor. A REHI'E. TAHI.K MARRIED Wi >M.A .V, WITH V KRK-H A breast of milk, wishes aslbiaUimaa wot our-. Kuy icrence Klreo. Apply at 131 MoUst. y lu A aA|^i.|0r TKAR?' KXI'KKIKNVK, WtHUEei t^ld ilk^d 1*" b"'""'kc,Ter 10 ? /"uNeuiaii's (Windy. Mlie smv ea n m , r'" management of a bouse, hat In.: hewn en f hi y U'" '"k flln-eu ?esn by Ute saute laut'l). ruld office re-ei'?ln,'s can U? glvtn. Address M. C., He A va,e?.?nSHL'KH A *JrVATJON AH KAMII.Y GO tSe?. teacher. A.ldi csa Governess, Herald ARKSI'M.TABLK TOUNU WOMAN WANT8 A SfTrA Uoi? in * tnimil family. >o ?|i? ? ? rw?u a or Kfju-ral'da. ?dT?un-d.;;, "r"" """ 'W-' AnITIATION WANTED? By A M1DDI.K A<1 KI> WO i ?t plain cook. Has no o .jeciloii to e|i> nr ecu cry ? ail at XAI West aih sr.. first stairs, back room. Y A vi.'n- Nsw 1 sKH A situation as i hist Sa. raic hn^ilah cook, uixlcr^'iiutiw her boHine^ in all it* w^Sfrsu"1 v"sll0 ln **?"l??t and Unions I riquired. None nerd apply eteepi a private family fh best ot city reference. I an be -<-?u for i am .lays a' At iSUi at ?? room B Lulver,ll> I'hu o and Silt si.. third floor, froui a RKsPKi TAIH.B YOUNG WO*AN WANTS A SITU A XV Hon a* rharnl'ei niald and walnngmatd In a reaiie.oa'jle private fa?Ulv'v., dm h.tsi ot rl.y re,., re, ,'e. and can be seen lor tun days at IPX llaiu-d ,i|n die bakery. A KKSI-K. T.M.I K PkOTRMTANT girt, wihiiim i gJT IA nation as chambermaid and waller, or to bike care of chil dren, or to do plain sewing Can lie seen for two .lays |?e-' In the rear?'' * " ' W Ci"' " W Mo 1" for l*? days, AYOr.NO FRENCH f.ADY DEHIltKK A HITUATIO.V In a private family, ?- governess, tin1 prefers n- t'l.i.ig fil'e l.? I bl ..?wins or li'Mlseheem ng. she has no nbjeeU>,n to j o In lbs country. or iravalJlug aa lady's companion. Address lu Utrksstrre'; Hrookljn A SITUATION IM WANTED ItY A YOl'NG Olltl VM nurse and s. an.atr. ^ or chan.lmnn.hl and ?,.,,'.Vr. .s ' ?or two di. j sat |.ai |?b si , nr u fnlvt rsiiy |,.? c A I.ADY, IIREAKING I I' IIOI'SKKKKI'ING WIkiikm to f>btuit) it filutMion lor a ulrl, U? <1<? cliautt??*rw.irk *n<i ",,:r.e,w,;:;',o-v"":r,T::x^ ?u DC nctu at 4o hunt 14th ?!.? c*?rncr <>i 4?li avainie. AJfKAT. RKHPK.TAItLK YOUNG WOMAN DKMIKKM a ?Itnailon In rliy nr country. r..r teneral Itoiisewnrk Is ukss!;^ero<;k'r-'"r ???< *k a plai e as laiii.dress. aiul I< we.ll reemumcudeit v\ ,. lb permontb. Plearoapply at !f7l Howrry " k RF.M|'B? I Mil i: VOI no *' I If I, WANTS A sin t n. .e . loneraliMiusetvnrk In a small |i,.ai,. istnllv l.n.o.'T Vhrr ',rM Irooer.nd tbssl e!?.k; Cs t, i ' ?al'er perleclly undersi.tuds In r business Has excellent cttjr ri'b-ren . s N me but a m s> Iwoda""1 *'"'1 l,|,|'ly * Xu ue?r?th.v,n"e tor 4 YO'VI '.IHI. WWII KM A SITUATION, is tni . V." r*"" v ?H plain ris k; Is a . ,sal wa?li?r an t ironer 'e i'|Snk"1" .'""t W"1'1 "'?"llilltf lias no nil jr. linn .11 go In the roiinirv. Uliy rrfrrenee t lten i'an lie se.n fnr two days, m m larksoo first n,s,r b?,k ion,n A X INUUMTRIOUH YOUNG WOMAN WANTS \ SITU A XV i on as ? Imsress. I'sn nit and (It lad es'an I ? libib ..? urn " 'f'l"'y * rl,,t,ivs. would like in w,d mr ladles. The heal nf elly ri b ri ll " f'|..,<... rail n i p both St., i.eur Hnustoii, Iront room, nrai Hnnr. A M??W-K AGICD AMKRH'AV WOMAN. FOR HOMU enh .'e /s ,"0n,ll,y ""sr. would llku In fo lo Ualllnrnia n ake her'ef/i"' i"I" ii'r *"V ?1""' ??"- ???i d "?s, !??, ?*? A '"'T,?AT'"N' WANTED?ItY A ItKMI'Kf "| AIII.K AVO '? '"en, us i nnk niidcrslunda lec'h li.-n Obje. Hon b. assist In the washing and li mbn' riesl rnV r . cine I ail be seen for two day s si I r. . and sih avenues, third tloor, trunl r<oiu.' " " A V?UN(I WOMAN WIHIffB A MITUATI'iN As ('|| A At i i "" I waller nr "hamberinuld and (In. w i-bn ).. ,i eliy rcreren-e an be given, fan be see,, ;ur , iuw a the rear of 1X1 eth st.. t Union plare. In ?? door. A ^ ' GIRIs, RKKI'EUTAM.Y ('f'NNKCTFIl? J\ wishes Hie Situation of. hauthertnald and wane r nr w , ild ? ??? bur~,i" ? nr.II lainllr Itel e. ?r,e?e ,Unn, , in" rnoni:" f"r",J ? " 84 ?' I Hmohiyn, l,r A WANTED? HY A A'OUNll HIRf, ah tuak tia Wf'Td i '* " ,"ll1" lk"i ?"'1 "bd'TsUnds die. ??', a , have no ohjeritr.n Ui dn llglti rham lerwnik nr would *o a short dl?iarie? in die rntinirv . i.nd eilv rel.n .n'.e.. Apply ui KJ \\ <"aI IlKh *t.. fur two days'. " ' A SITUATION WANTED. HY A Rl> PKfTAHI.KYOUNG a, as a t.?,d r.s.k ; Is a l.r.i rata " ?r, ?k' *11 )un<l? <il rumiry, hlanc iiimiiK? >n l wmrvT*'\ ,.t? * fc|*1 ln W <l"'1 "Oiling I an lit. 'J # "WhcT^r^J^ "?? ?? ?*>> -r- ? S A HI -I'Ufi Mil u TO! RO WOMAN VOODN v ~itua ii i2n \ fumlhr, m chambrrmtil'i *:nl u?t. S'SI In the washing nrid Ironing die I.e-I ,H , II, ref. ('.11 at lAfl fih street, Tn die rear,for two da.t1 4 KEMI'E' TAIH.K YOUNG WOMAN Wlell. s A HITI'A lii? woSld w sb ?,! ..Phf ? 'r,k, d" waablng so I Irnfi ? OK, WOUW Wftft fill>i?? or ?1ti ? Iwml.rrwurk u,.,??? ...r,, ?u,r ?? ii *.<" A k,'l NG AttiAfAN- AVI III A 1 Ill's || lit! A MT (If X? milk, wishes a smaatlon a* wet nnni- , ru given, "lea . all al lift llnd s.11 av Urn k.j ' A "TBady uxi'Krikni'ed wiiman vaantm a ? itu ui,.", !""|f"* '""I""'"'"1 her Inuin, .. per" u, b, ^ iev ?' . " '"ii "" " ehnri disun.. in d?. if>' ' u' twHTy".! ? " W"" "r'""U "> ry- < ... be V,, C A "Kef'H I Alll.t Ml DDI.* AOKD WOMAN WMM A aliuai" ri ss . hlld's nurse or u, silen t .. -i a roughly understands her huslae- b.u bril a fmitHr aiinaitmi r.rfn..ny,e?M, 1'le.sersll .. X? nVa.SuS IITS, Auk I'k TAfi t woman w t w- a tin atk.n nurpr til ? prlTElB fMnlJj ; ran UIm ? fiArgr f bmht fr 1/1 M- Mrtb M M. MO ,tn pliHn ft Wlr x. won.'! ii.aM, l.r/ *j. (1 ?flit h*n Ihr bfHi rtty rrformer fr. m nltrr* *1p !Ia??! p ap. , 11 mi i r yen, tinill ?t % fourth ?rfnur onrw pf l*h Ufttr Brnftilwfty "^r '' A ,as'^ TUl''1 Gilt I. WANT' A -IT! ATfON TO J\ II 'I.HII ' erwort nr lo n nd 11,: dren , l, Sous "Work in a small tstnlly. Apply ?? 21: I'd f .. a i>rr'.7 Affd'K WANTED. |?Y A RK.M'KfTABI.f A'DI N , W/'OlktJ, A R?1tM|1kiyI), AN fiiitt fv>\ I , ?!!?!?( .?-, I. Nhktog.hM no obi*rturn to #m1?i ?uh ?vm>hu'ig ?u l upturn >,r "> go aabfirtdManee In Ibr enuniry -sn. . it,.- be.i.s m'v fallal ft VAcat IIHb s.. ' 'rem 10 I- ' *. rou \YOTNO OIKL WlHIf* A ?ITI'ATfOV. Asm t* h jtom} th\ri ?&4 4rt*?ptii&lMUr, no <>' }<** < u t<? 4n light rfitifih^rwnrk ron4 ? ?; , s: i m ? ?t fCKtiit 1? for two Any * ABHPII TAI I 9 TO! NO WOMAN WANTS A | ik>ii m?r#K-k. iPf??| ftfi ? i*f nuke g fetjm i? Mil eie*l m?t v\ ??h* r ?r? 1 !* "fi??r, If f , i ? d tfOoJ ? i'y rr>r ? I"*. r?r? f?r for 'nr?< dayal ilH i*|'nn* ?? , In ronr AMIf'ATION WAMKh-IIV % TT A M!>' I'RO fotiftjf wnnurt, *? h-viltco f ?n Ar? nil kfo<f? of t>i??*ll<?irori no o ? o fo 4/j rfi*ful /-r*?-.rk if rr<rtlrt*l PUm*' caiJ 90 lG<li ? t+nr. I ITtTATIOK WAVTKf> H * f /K llfRMUV /A ? rt *, inn nil an-l M, *Ip*/ if r* , *?rHL i ? I it (Jrwrnrlrii rt W *o?n n# *rr?< ?? prl*? r rn',r?r Wr?> I; * r, nji rnmr?, tor t*o Atopko womajt WAirn a urn: a no* tx a rri rnlr tmntlljr. to do rliam'ar* qrk kivl 6na anak.rif '* PMral mriwimi and lr<?rr, ?<?! a ??<?*! rook Irani and rnka Irakrr B??' of rRy r nf a - ro - a ffvrfi. May lra> M ?n al M W< ?t 17fb at nra 0<1. a . ? .a 10 'h? r -Ar APROTWT AM filRL fftMr A -IT ATIOS AH rook , or to .In'f>. ya?.. r? l. ,a? ?o. k f i ?ma tnwolyi ta a kraal ???>?! and rotirr. < all a Itllad :Vi > , far a nan I at af d .'d a?? , (or two day A MTT'AifOM WAHTCK IIT A Wl/o* |,Ahl A M> >l>trr. i"-J tf\1, an- aa'tfr-oj.-.krr .'.I ?? ??>?' a, it ? o far to taka ra/r of a rlr'id. ' all at ?tr * Ao ?> at , UMrd ^Itfa.r. from 10 to I o'rka k \atp a r?r, KirraiTxt u> vot wov a * wahth a attua'kia oat'ok tn a prorata fauat t ia an ana rot naobar an irtwr a rat a owl plan. tuA |la?* of rity .afar ar.fa ? an t-o aaan a? IIS 17ill ?' . tx'waao u?h atal T o at ? tor tan day Xnrwritahi.k mii>i>i.t: aork amihi< am va<>. man wlaboa a ait'aa<l o aa I. i"oa|?r ' aaaa'd'- ifila or widnaarr or V? taka >a?a of an htafi '? "1 rr'-rrrara addroaa tn M a*. Ann hi mmtrtuauw, wiai?i> a an atioi f oryar la! lor a |.armaf>a- ? ? "natkot* wo-.-d t>a a?'..v>l ottli a mail an..ry Ra^ianra AO> Hroaaaa i>roa> rxctoi mtiaikin VAimin ??. ? ? ; ~v ? t <n ? 1/ ?e*#ew woman, ae Or* i w '..a 'n a t mao (amity < an 'umiak tka baat of ?.If y rafar.or* aa . >(.. . A rf.ara 'ff Planar . all ai or arwl t II *?? tftat . ??'atao (Ik and 7'k arontira / '<d?K -rill All'.> WAMIH AT A P.rLPKiTARI.K A Ir.idla a?ad .o.ta o . I a . > ' f?> 1.0 faairy ard *. . aral a a #ra' ra'a ?a?f <. .ai a'. PW-aar rail at "V li t. a< a * on Ji* awl 4(1 a*' 1'iwa #A<H.?- MTt ATlOX WA?trlt A T' All'i* Au \J ylatn aaaA la a wwall pad raw famt.y a; a f?paa-Aaa a Anarr-a. wt.o ? i aa < ... a taa lay at bar amaai W >at?a tor | a? e (; If A If ItPRM A1II A 11? KilllB Wd r?lr-TO I.ITP. la a ?tna pora?r fan t ?' I *"d <aoai,^, ? .JIM. and IIa. dm a ad auk t#r t uafnaaa, taawt . ar r rod a(, fa ' -??( - '? ' *Wmltf, from 12 w 1 > ? " k. 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W ? .(Hl-MT .aaM lady 1i >j mmpoAal. . a .a rtfer ???* rlrlaaaiad Addra.. ?, If . )AI'O* ' 'a H OOKKPrptR-k HIT! aTIoh WAsyifi IK A H'l M, "f .? taka aNwrya ad andr. aaaf au*. ..ana ?w ad fa aa ard | ;a* :? a> t ? a a a a M> arad MWM War aa on.' pradar. -k* upw apy <2- i aAt..k.l ,Uak.?at(, .fray I wiw? w } rid-SMKS1,^1 ??? * n*t .(. brtwern Blec tar and u"jfor,i |Ur* ?! ? w 1>KKsO.VH WJKHIKO To IUVR THimt WakbT. I don- 10 a claan and oaal m??, I,, .K, WAMIi t.| or 31 Weil 12*1 Hi. V, it \ liberal ii f,^J' QiUy w Mfaiiif. Apply up auu-a for r'p U"<"'u: ?? vjiri AnoN wami p, by a pkotkatant Yfin%? ? WOInikll M rauiAlrra* out to mind , tuki,-.i , ? ' V' i"' Mark aplaca. stb t. *? *? VI cmuiION WANTKP?BY A NIC AT Map* tab",. 4 7 *,rl ?< ??ur-? an.i ? Aiii (r?M. or ? &*??.?? rtmMj aud toa?*,d iZwtllt,.:: t? tnXU&i?^ I ? i 4 11 4 Uiully Pf?rn'-nA r?2? 1 Bp? ?J 4 "l''J UO* "*^W- AOdrOM t. Li., Iitr *d V^tn tll"S WAMI.II-H A lU-PKITARl.l y T. 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J VI'ANIRD-BY A RKHI'Ki TAIII.K V.IONO WOMAN- A ?? alinaiton aa <h.imlirrmald and waitar, or to .to #'n?'r., 1 lwm,aw?,k In a .mall prl.ata fkmlly Thraa vMn if'al ' V rr .-f. iirr glrm ln.|ulra ai^tio Weal Waahlngton pla'a. VV ANTKIl?A Hill ATION IIY A RIWPKtTTABI.K fktl . r.tai,! man, aa ? <?..Iiman. on. wlto lli'jr.i .yht 1 ... ?lai.da th- a r and mat.,.,, 1 ,,f Imrar. I|?. .hi . k'(,i'r'in lir'"!.1! hl". a '' p.arr t'lraar r ail or addrraa V?'y.;. 1.. 'kJrui " ??'?n Hmith ?n?i ttiKb ?u. \VANT| 0 ^ N IIV ^ |lK , ; ?? yo'inn a rnan a. .roinatraar. ran rut un.! r,i .,1... ifr'vrr,. jtnhKitr'',''"'"'e '*"? r"' *" -i 11'im 1 n-nv a itmrK<tabus yoiim , w<?j?a.'. a ? l ,' a* t.'irar and rrani-trraa. or low1-' u. -t, .u.' rr I In "r- "'"h'* family. Ilr.t <d r. rran. n .? . ?i al n fiC 10''. at , top fliair, Lxitwaan I.I and 3d armor.. "WTANTKn-BY A ItKsl'rfTABJ.K PFKyTKBT \ V1 WO -It,.a r"V!' ? ? 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