Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 1, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 1, 1860 Page 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 8t>C8. I1TERMTOG FEOI WA8HIIGIM The Mexican Treaty Again Rejected by the Senate. Dtatii of Judge Daniel, of the Supreme Court. THE PUBLIC rtMmfl FtlDDS, Ufports of tfeo ??14I? livMtifUiaf Coauittce. Debate on tfee fitotiag Qnostkm is Passage of the Bill Batfthliihing a 6o*> emm?t Printing Oflko, Ac, Ac., te. ar IpMtal WMklagtn OwpMtk. WiMMmn, llaj SI, MM. suk'noi or tu* mkucak nun. The !nm ?m la KxecuUre eesstoa (oar hours today a the Hciwu tmif. There mi aa mtimI MM iatelYtag the esilre qaeatton. Seroral wiail?li war* Mod on Mid rrjectei, lnoladisg tboae of Mr. Simmon*', which had t>eoa previously approved by some of the re pribbcana who war* oppowd to the treaty la tta orlgtaal )o?m. The treaty waa fiaallf rejected by a large majority. Thia result haa produced much dlaappotatmeat *a ?*0 a* atxrprlae, *a the mdtcaUau duriag lb* few weeks pa*t w*re favorable to Ma raiiAcatkra. reading qoaattan to hmmHit Um TOk fey which the treaty ?m rejected, Senator* will have an opportunity ore cuaaly O oaatdar the effect of their action of today. It la aoppoaed the rejection of the Nicaragua treaty, fey the votea of nearly aU the republican Senator*, bad net a little influence in the rejeotloo of the Mtxloan treaty fey the Totee at the democrata. An ineffectual efltort waa made to more tha Injunction of aaereay, and b?aa* tfee exact state of the qoeaUoa cannot particularly fee atatad. Froaa '.fee temper manifnt< d to day, the party may fee regarded aa dead. m cmrnuL ambuca* tkbatim. There waa an animated dlacascion on the Central Aatertean treatlea, and It la probable that with Htmngm will fee earrk-d with am^ndmenta, and that with Bdadaraa aa It Manila. death Of ji dol datixl. Judge Daniel, of tha SapraaM Court, died to day at RtChBMBd. raa nawma Qi aBDO*. Am predicted in aay deepatch laat aiffet, tha Booae ha* I* day, fey a haadaoaaa majority, agreed to afeoltah tfee prrakMca practice of efvoUag a printer to the booaea, eaah a *aai of paUHeal oerropUoa, and to MtabUab a government printing offloo. The law, if the bill paaaea tha Sinati, takea effect am the roarth of March, 1M1; ao that tha * ortt of the preaeni Congreaa will be done by tho Mtttfeetnii aocrulag from the preaeat practice Is to great Ant any change thai MM reasonable wj be esslly brought about. Hence there MM to be UlUe IT acy deubt that the SeMlo will eeaear la the acuoa of the Ml m covora urtrnnumtm. The Ooredo Committee today ru tilt ifiiMt asother ocniumacioua witness la the peraoo of Pair La flirty, late carpeaier la ihe Philadelphia nary jard. Be teeufled that during the tftate aad HraatdeaUal campaign ef 18M be waa a member of the namocrauc ?jsamittee of the city of ltUadelphla, aad that his special daty was to Had men not legally naturalised aad fur atah them with fraudulent aaturalnalten papers, of wbtoh betwesa Are aad six thousand were employed la the cam patga. Wbea naked if tha papers were not legal be rr piled that the oourt was the plaos M go Is procure the legal papers, aad aot a political connMsi Asssasbsrof the oe mm line inquired of wttaean If he wee aware by what nuMortty the Male elsstlsa la Peaasy train, la ISM, was oarrted for the democrats? lie replied tweaty lhree buadred majority A Member then inquired of wllaias u t.c ill ?w *r. that 1/ ha evideaoe WM true that lucti KM um majority, aad UuU betweeo five ud di thoaeaad l?r>oai YOted utdtr the rreuduleat papare that the Btec 1mb wm LUafBllj carried? " Of ooune 1 mi, ' wm the reply. Am}bodj ou eee that who aadaratonda ?the uim." The annua the* pot to Raflerty the follow, iif queetna la eubataace? Q. DM joe, duriatf the SUM campaign la Feaaotraaia ia 16M, mi i?t a au by the name of fcdward W. Power ta carry a boa ooatalalaf a qaaatlty of the frailnteat papers la aay depot la the atty of Philadelphia, wilt the expestatioa that Mr Baker, Ike present Collector of Itiladelpkla, waoid be there to twelve thaaif Wttaeae decttaed aaawartaf Ike quaattoa The ooMMtao thai held a ooaaultaboa, aad ifreed to .aalal apoa the qaeetioa, aad it waa a?aia pot to the wttseaa, aad ha auil refqeed to aaawer. The eommAtm rataine the witaaae, aad to narrow will brtag the eabjaet of hla ooatomacy to the aoMoa of the Hooae, aad aak for power to eoaipal hla to aaawer. It le tatad thai the reaaoa why Laflerty refoaad to imim the quaaHaa le that ha feared aa attack from Power, who toed aear the door of the oom toll tee room while LaflBrty waa teatif) iaf. Mr. Wittier, oaadtdate ia the lata DeaMoraM Ooarea uoa of raaaaylraala for eoreraor, lealifled thai Foaler, iba noMMtil candidal* In tbat OoaronUoo, daftrad to J raw m klB, tftroogb Barclay ft Qo . to iba wmi of r buadrad dollara, durlag tfta last Cmulwii .aa^alga la PoaaaytTaala, wtoae >oaior ru agalaat Oorodo, aid that ha onmM; bat laaralac tkM UM fbet got oat, ho doollaod to Mat Um drafta, ta ar4ar to dafral Iba rapublloaaa la aaklat cap* lal am\ of UM tad It la La tTtdaoa* bofora iba coamiusa tftat WoadaU kat Koatar bar* fSJOO for iba aama campaign wwm roan imin. By ordor of Uo Oocfotary of War a Board, to ooaatat af tforgaaa Doagal aad AaMaat Snrgaoaa Bmoad aad ampbell, of IH^HMIm! Digarfiat, alii vaaM at W?l Potat, oa tba lltb day of Jaaa aost, or aa aooa ibaroafUr aa ixwMaMt. ta aaaariaa lata Um pbyaiaal qeattSoatkw f rsm tdatoa far adaiioaloa to ifta Military Acadavy. Tba Board, la parftraMac Ma duttao. will bo gudad ?y paragraph IT of ifto Military Bagalatloai, aad at Iba e of Iba tram moo will roport to the Soeralary of War A lynial ropart will ba forwardod, la oaaa of aa y piraaa aat ?!? >? ta poaaoaa Um aaoaaaary pbyaical ,'iatitaMioo* Aa avaataalloa will ate ba aiado into tb? quaUOeatioat of aay of tba aiatiri of Um gra 'illlag elaao oaaaiilirH by Um AcadaaM Board m waatiag Iba abyatcal ability raqtnrHI for Military aar 'iipemuadaal of Um AcbdeMy *?< OwBftidAil of (Mm, MHIMil ?rth the Mdloal offloor* abor* " ?i, m4 *ui mm ?i mi umo aa may k? 4ee*fn?ie<l If Me feperMoadent A report of ib? proeoedtan will be MNHM M the BacroMry flf War ?wi wmruK nu The Owe Wee of OoafkreMo of the HoaieM bill tn-l lb* *erini wl ku i m, uik orer the dMfreetaf mmbImmN of Ike two hi hi, bm eaaae la so ooacluMa*. They Meet ao<a to BMrrew.whaa detonire aotina will probably be bM trroonom TV m<lwf t* ??T aaM to tbe ftraaie the atma of Wei II Cberebwell.of TraaiMi , aa MaM*r le Oaale auiie aed Deefarae aim thai of Mr ti will, of loath Caredla, an AaMtaat wrrnry of MUTABT AfTAiBB By order af Um Ba<-rotary af War Mo orlaaaa top >4 M [jeeTtawvrtb ? a*fo aa arMMl, aai Mil be baraafior iMtfaMil aa loot-re worth Areaaai, aad "c^Wi I'etgM la Mipif M t*e nommeed of Praak ford Ai aaa * HttHHT a Mr. %">"? Jo??oa R Haabaa aad Fraafc C fT iniphl ij are a 'W" * *"T.?* al ApalaaM aala ArMMl, aad u * >>w*r ** CMrtraiaa cmmI. t we mm Jota 0. it, MI MM * E NE_ beaded tj Mtjw WcDd.of New York, far al>e*iag a rtitua to ite Mat of tbe o*at csmicy in uckufi lor (Old or nWt*. Tbe de.tge copper aad oetad a or?r whelming br.ilB?i mtn and Ooegreaa moat reairam IL T)m autyeet M new before Lbe bmwitMef Way?aad HUM nnt ormoji ?ia vwm A aprcial meeting of tbe Home Military Committee will be beiJ 10 morrow for tbe purpose of eooeidertag Jta Wavbttgtcn ard Oregon War Debt bill whteb paaaed tbe Senate jetterday. There will be etroeg eflorta made Vo para rtthte Minion TM eommillee will (ratably repart fanerak'y open )L uvuuxt of (aoova. The War Orpartmeat to day telegraphed to tba em maader at Oamp Floyd, directing adequate priliulM Mm Bait Lake to Cum Valley, which will effectually part cmigreaM, the Mil*, aad eeouro fee nfety of lb* Ml ixpreee in future. in two ntm cwi nmuc ii*t> rvm. t*e Attorn*/ fiMinl ycaterday |*w a* MM to Favor of aDowiaf tl?e State of WSeeourl MifctJM twoperoent arMsf from ihe wUe of fee Uwt AM*, Itenteftui reserved by tbe fi ifrf fOrerglUat m wmk of Um cooatrMUoo of i mM ml, M HttWMWuMtltottMn AdiaAhrfeo UMil m iMwd to 4mj. moLLmova. Hm cmMH Moeourl election owtf BMr afloat Barrett will be celled up Id tfce Howe oa Taetday next IX t. Jmk?, the signer of laid wvrua, to irWiwIly ill. Oar WuhUfUe Cump?#??. Vunrna, Hay ?, ISM. fU Marriage Madtm* Boditoo? CktmgU frmm m 1 Ac MmpemrtfMumiatoaSubfiJofQmm ffctorf?Tk* ri&e <cc. A mrtli event ta the world of ftohtoo ohm off to Ml-tki ?rrtoge of Mada?o BiOn, wMew of Utat i imiO IMm who for so aMay yoan waa the Matoter of Baeetaat Waafetoftoa, or, la Raeatoa MplMBalie par Ismo. Ike fcusblo reyimalaUie aeaUfcegaiwm ot theDUed Mttof htoeogost lUtmtf the Bfini of aQfeoJtaafM. B? ssiswosy ?off at Bt Jotofo (Pi utistaal ITptois pal) charch, whtah freate oa UhfWi haw, wW* froato the r>1lwl'? mmmtkaa. The toy ? Norwood, of UeorfMowa, ofl*M, W Um a?alr M modeatly qatotly MMMgo), thara ?ma large aad die UagaMhed iiWh preeenl, Including tha oablnet, Iho (tom, itiw of Uko amy aad aary, he. The bride wee glrea lway by tho MM of tha Ualtod MMa. 8bo wm mifilllftHy iwH to la i radar colored Hb, "thtob laaboard," wO threeHilaoa, which thaknowing ladle a prtaaat daatorad ml Ima oeat at leant three Uioaaaal dolMW. Aa brttafreom, Captain 800U, (not Um fhraaaa oaaa hWar of KaabMby, bntCaptaia 8oou of tba BriUah army) vara the aaMW appropriate ta Ua rank, aad la a Mbataaatal, i naruaa, good looking aped mb of tho BriUah ao Idler, aomawhat abore tba ordinary km ta height, beaeaad amMto. tba fair bride, though weighing perbapa lira haadri* aad arty poonda, la still a imgaHaral wearan, aad appanatly good for aaotoar faibtoaable nampalga of f aa^r yaara. Mb la bar Irat laantaga, the lady to gut leu, then la all the btooartag baaoty of a young belle of (Jeorgelown, at cared wealth, poalttoa, dtattooOoa aad an eavtobla die uactioo, too?aa the reigatog belle of uppertendom lo Waabtogtoa, It to now aald that aha aacurea to bar aa eood haabaad the ohanaa of laaaparabTa yoatb, ro tiaitcca, aad all that. May *a Bad bar fortaaata captain realise a >w?nn which will laat M Kmc aa tha mtlenlM ardtalr of the three great nations with which her duu to identified u oNm or aabjeet?tha Catted 8taVee, Roe Mud Tafia*!. The happy pair leare thto City thto afternoon , m rouh tar Um North,N?w York, Canada, and theooe la Eeglul. and thewea, perhapa, fNaa tar preaant aoToretco Quaes Tiotorla, to her lata lorwtlp the Char. Ham. happy, happy pair; Nana bot tfte bra re daaarra the fair We ara happy to report that the Bo-jae PaolOc Railroad bill of Mr. CurUa vaa to day referred back to the oom 1 Ittee oa the anhject, which, we aoapaat, aaay ha ooaatd red a threat uader the inh rib of the bUl tor thia eaaano. There are aome dlaagreenvata on the ?ub)art among th rtpahttaaaa, aad baaMae. the bin waa ahown by Mr. wiatrr (Mi to be each a ellp-ahod affair aa to be good Tor oo thing la the eye of the lav. Tha Japaaiaa ara now extending their explortboM aaoog tha Mora and ahopa of Ceanaylrama areoue imoag aparty of than who entered a javetlar'i aetab ltohmeat to day. Itoor |oM watehee were purchaaad at H6 a piece, and If theae watshea do not ran all the way to Japan, the parohaaara ware informed It would be on acooat of tha chaa?e la tha climate Wajtoioto.*, May JO, 1M0. Murriaft <m High 14/*?Ik* Brio* Qietn Jtwty bf Ut Pmidmt?Th* Ortwmmf M A Join t CkurcA?Dmjrtp Hem (flkt Bridt and BrUegnxm?The C?mfhiny Pruent 4k.,k*. I ha*e juat rfturned from a (|xcUai? of great latereat. wbicb bu alirred the memoriae aad aaxoctauooa of ua old kalttuti of Waablogtoa mom than ujithiii alee tbat baa occurred bare for a long Date To day at aooo, In St. John'? tharch, 1 afhyeUe squara, the < ouataaa Bodlaoo, widow of tbe lata dlattaguiaiMd and popular Mlalettr from Koaaia, waa aaarrlad to Gapt Douglae Uordoa Scott, of BooUaod The oeremooy waa perforated by the Rer Dr. Norwood, of (Veorgetowa, to wboaa coagregation tba bride Mtd bar faally balsa fed Tba bride waa giTee away by Praarioat Bacbaaan Thare waa a quiet Simplicity about tic wbola acta* which unpartad tba character ratbar of a reiigtooa tbaa a featlre ooraatoo 8t Joha'a oburcb, tba otdeat m tba city, a 1 rtmitlrc aad aaprataadlag atructure, of rary email dimeaataaa, with low qpiliaf aad coatracted gall rice, aad erarythl^ about it "cribbad, eabtoad aad ooallaad. Wboa I an tared I round tbe body of Iba oburcb well Bllad, aad tbe gallertea, which commanded a better rtaw of tba cbaaoel aad tba rary avail area aaar It, quite crowded wttb lad tea of tbe higbeat poaltton Captain Hoott, in bla acarlet oat form ard dreaa nrord ww elttlng on a beocb in froat of tba ebaaorl atapa. Near bla were Baron stoeckl, tbe Raattaa Anbaaaador, aad IL W aide mar BodlMo, aaphaw of tba lata Oouat, .Secretary of I nation Aa Iba appoiatad boar approached, moat of Iba m?aa bar* of tba diplomat* corpa aad tbair famlhaa amrad ta rtmple wiralag ooetume, aad mingled wttb tbe Ibroaf, writ cm i rrftru 10 piaco or preataeaoa. a party rrorn the executive "?, laoludiat MM MiriHWir. of Phlla MriHM; ud aooo after the appearaaoa of Wm Im ai the door ladlcated that aha who waa la to "Ito nhwrnil of aU obaervera ' mu? ha aaar at baad I?M4talaljr thr CrMttdast ealcred, with tha Ootiateaa Pod wee lea a tag oa Mi ana, wblle the whale ooafrefauon aroae Tbay paaaed iiwi the aiaJe to tbatr ptaoaa oa the Ml of the chaacet, wtora (toy wara mM by Oaftala Ssod, who hook baada cordially with tha Prarttent, aad um oar* otoay waa began at ooaa by tha offldattaf clergyman There wrre neither brtdeaaaaida aor groo?ai?a, aad tha whole aflhir had aa air of aaixoai aimpuelty Tha gaiiaat Oaptete M a tea looktag fallow, of ariddle ?, with a aummhal teaaed ohaak.a olaar eye.oowtmoti ? Itoloraa of a rather haadwa eaat, aad a fraa aad ?aay an of ttoworM carriage. with aotnawhat of ihdOTll may oar* daab aad atow<in ooalotna*y la tha aor Ttoa." "He tt a bold fallow, wblapered aa old martinet at ay elbow, looking at the lady, however Tha Doaotaai waa driwid la tha boat atyle, tha ladlr* a; but I Moat really leave tha datella la "Jeea?" aad "Jatkiaa. ' She la a moat amiable. aeeoapUabed aad la tell If* a* woman, with quail tire of toad aad heart thai throw tor loxaiiaal aad aacaltoaai beauty lato the ahada After the cereaajny the lad tea aad rfeatmaa pre eent advanced to offcr tbatr ooagratalattoaa I aoUead the Secretary of the Nary aad the Secretary of tha late rtor, and a large number of rHatian ilahad Vaatoca. rapre aeotauvea, aad Warary aad telenutte moo. aad the lad tat of tbrir'amlltae Many of th? oid Wa?h'.r,?tno'an?. ik > mjteV, felt a peculiar lataraat in tble marriage, aad It recti lad to oa the daya thai are goae 1 remember the Oxiateaa when aba waa a ?ehooi girl la tteorgetowa?the tweet aad loraly Harriet WilllaaM, tha farartte qaaea of erary May day Her father. a worthy merchaal af that udnl aad mwiu>l> burgh, prr ber every adraalage of educattaa bat ib? waa aa atmple, artieta lid uaaflrOad aa Iba daughter af aa humble ctli nea could be Her peranaal inrelineaa ?aa aomethiac rich and rare, wbea tba aliiaaalh aumtaer ahoae oa bar bright eyta. Bar form waa a modal for aciiptor, an da toata aad roundly abend?a dream of beauty aeldom realtaed oa earth Tba Omat Bo dltoo itrat aew bar amoag bar aahool com pa? tone, aad we* at oace coaaoered He waa ?M, bat ta etoelWant pr?eerraUot>, aad whn made ap?aa ba alwaya ' waa wbeaever be appeared before, aot oaly ooaapaar, bat hti ainai intimate frteada? ba made a mad flgare ta > the moat agreeable aortaty. aad waa highly acceptable, aot only la the aaloaaa of the fe-htoaable, bat ta all wall brad rtrrtea Hta food aalnre aad latelBgaaoi naaa mended tin atari ta eaitaeat mea of all polltioal partlea Oae af htt ear ileal aad kiadeat rrtenda waa Hearr Clay, for wbo?a talents aad gaatalHy ba bad aa .inbounded ad aalrallua ladaed, ha lored that great atataaraaa aad *Mat to a degree rather inooatmoo aami mea Sal tbara waa really a rtroag Uaetare of romaalic aaaatbllKy ahant the aioaOaat aid Oaaat Ha waa (bad af ataipte liMairaa aad para aad iMHial ea^oyaaaata The at "Mtaial af eiiildrea ta kia waa ertiaardiary. aad aaald oaty bare baaa aaadBalad by thai geaulae baaa ?ilia 11 aad iPalnawa af heart whtah beaiaad rrarn biiaaaaiiaaajiaiM gaahad oal ta bla oirdtai eataa He weaart aad waa the aflbenaaaef Iba Ml baaatffc) girl that bad arar baaa aat'e la aaatrepolMaa otralaa Biotd dtplaaaadle aaDeaguea Mgfced?aaw gm laalanl ladlaa ?"' III *eaa m mdr ?-aadarad, bat ha bad bla awa wTtHaaa'bla "t** ? **. >'?M Harriet H waaae^aadtd wwMta?. h<^Mg tha |iMl J W YO MORNING EDITION? tr?e cf the fcaaperor cJ Ml i*e " im, But uiuhl, cdasiand t >egt&l ia all ita appojiianenia Henry Clay give ? ; ibc bride Tta wm La wmpHtaoe with the particj lu r?qdm of the Oouat, although btr rather, Mr Brooke Williaiaa, ?u prueLL M> Buchanan waa the pruuupa' iriOBinuui aM Jeeeke Ben.on (lira. Fremont) Ural andeaautd. The feattriika were m the hicheaiatyla of that hoepiteitty for which Count Bollaco waa so loeg fa aaooa anong aa Ha waa a devote!, sjmo would aey a doUag hoaband, aad abe waa a loving, attentive. anl la every reaped exemplary aod happy wife, the light of Ilia mnaificeat hosts, the cr named of kit social clrele, tbe oc?p??oa aad frwad or his life aal ice chief solace of am aat boon. Wtat a w.rld we live la! What % chaste from the ?*ne ia *hkb I n? thai br.^f. aod beautiful girl give way her flrat ?re, radiant litem aa '.he moratng Mar just abeve tbe horizon' Waal (trance alteration had cm - ?iot|bin*fe>;wn' Htb ?m the macnlAosat m* traa oa whaae Iim I oooi 1 yet duoera the tiaeameota tbu tn *?rHer days tiled all betrn with tenderness, lid e*aa Mme of that pea?h like bloom which vu the crom?( (TtM of her jmHah oatnpWxton And betide her wee ft gallant oavauar m the full vtaor if ? shuort, bsatia? mail i?wM by asaooiausas of history ud ro 1111 lite Has0M, Dm Oardaa aad the soon. Who will ay I ha* realHy hm sMiis rtnnuor' Viauwai, May 10,1MQ> Mr. ImwI M A$mn at Mi i*M nt IXe Umttt Mr Mmtgku from a Strtrt Brmckitl IMi* I fftw Oiffltuity for Ok* Baltimore Contention? The Ntm Ymrk DtUgaltm to Mm ?-Aktmn? Jgitmtimtf (he itaM <f UtrwMs ipwr <i the Fmemaim?Tk* San m* Bill up in Uv BmtU, 4c. On aaxlaty oonoerninf Mr. Seward li itai end. He ohm qaMfcr uto theSeaaM cbaaaber this morning aboai net, aad, tili| Us seat aear his colletgna, Mr. Bag, entered into a haNw oswrersattoa with his*. His "trrs prasKbta osamet" with Bsraca flraelsy baa ardently made Ms tmpraeslea upon ths saga of Ashore. He appears as smI aad 11* nasiid as naaal; hat his (rare and thaaghtftd siprilsa of ooontonaaos Is that of a Man who baa leal the great aim of his Itfe through same treachery ta his awa houashold. nmatllnttoaany of ths thin aad wiry aart, Uka Clay, Chlhaaa aad Jackson, we tmej ttu the training limp wnicn u. newara mm pan at fblr^n kaa taken away erery niperttooua pound of fl?ah from Ha b?M. Ha looka aa dean, alnewy md elaatk) m irMkmt; andyatbJa Mmalknii (aggaativoof a dlaappdnlml whtob neither eta*ae* aor llw mm nw dy. Shelved mbmc Iba I'raeidentiaJ fonili or the day when bla hopea ww* the kigbeat, be commaada the ay m patty of bta moat inveterate enemlae, touching bit rath ! Imb sacrifice la iba booae or Ua frlenda. The arm choir of Mr. Douglaa, la tbe 9mum chamber. HQ eontinuea vacant Wa are sorry to learn thla mora log that bla old broochial trouble, brought oo again by hia late exhaiittlBg two dais' (poach la the Senate, haa aaaomed the symptoms or a tertous disturbance, aad thai great care of hnaaett, and some daya yot of quiet aabmia Mm to the siomstilis or bla oaae, will bo aeoeaaary to rector* him to that prime oondltloa of health which he exhibited la thla body aome two w?*ka ago. B* poan**** aaturally a very powerful ooaattuitton, equal to almost aay eiacUona of labor and eaduranoe, aad hia reaouroee or philoaophy are (ally op to the exlgenclee of hta cut We foal ooafldent, therefore, that ha will b* all right again la aaaaon for the rough work of the Baltimore Oonven tlen- aad that It will 0e roach work, the tTldtnMi >r? accumulating upon us every da/. For instance, the IMtvirt delegate* have been la drooled to oppoao lb* ad million of a? irregularly oho en delegate Into lb* Convention. fbi* laairoctioa la levelled at lit* a*w delegation* (Doogl**) whiob are *i peeled to prenent themaelve* from tbe acceding Suie* at Charleaton, U> Ul op tbe pl?ce* left raoaat by the regu larly appointed Moedlog dale-gate*. Tbi* I a* a* will brio* up two ijue*tion? of a vary embarraaalai character wiin the reaaaembllng of the Convention. Firot?Have the delegate* who abandoned the Convention at Charlaaton any right to be readmitted'' Second?Cka Ute Convention rightfully recogalae the claim* af any new men, lrragu larly cboaen to BU tbe placea of tb* teaedlng delegate* l ix? tkea* two point*, from tbe praaaat algna o: tb* Itmea, w* think that tb* rot* of tbe Now York d*iega lion will Mttie tbo qne*tio?agaiart aay (obettute delegation* True, tbe Convention a-ijouraed to Baltimore lor tb* a?*i**aly declared purpoxe of allowing Alabama, Georgia, MMeeippI, fcc , to Oil up tbe vaoanote* male by lb* acceding delegations from tbooo Btatoa, but politl Uclaaa oaa all aorta at Uchnlcalitiea only *o tar a* tt may i nit tbelr purpoee And tbo purpoaa or tb* N*w York deb gallon being tb* nomtnalioa of Horatio Seymour, N I* their potter to ooodliale tb* aeoedor*. Thla, tt I* now be leved. will bo done, for tb* *cb*m* of a oompromiac open Btymoor which wia started tbe other day, ha* become a genoral bust throughout all th* d*moeratic caaap. In anpnort of tbi* oompro**1**, it I* contended that Sey moor (taking tato account tbo alaughterlDg of toward) will oarry Now York; that he will be *all*!a<-tory to tb* flculh that ha will bo acceptable to Mr Uucbanti and to Mr iKmglaa, and that, in relation to all th* outstanding rival canoidalee and their cl que*. Seymour will aland a* poor 1'ier< ? atood la the Convention or wi-a man free from any national grodga*. jealouehee or oOcnoaa Or to come to later * sample, It I* thought that Mr Seymour will anawer t ia<-i!y for tbe part placed by "eld Abe I.tnnotn" at Chicago. Not baring lb?oat hlmaelf forward, be ha* eneaiiaa, he la emlaenUy available m tb? oUre branch ift hare beard nothing of the prieiat relatione ud la r llaatioaa of the Fwumo Wood democracy of New York toward* Mr Seymour We ka9w thai he baa been coa atdercd by lone of U>*m aa the pliant tool of the Albany Regency; bat with all other dimcultiea aurmouDted. we preaume that thia one oould be readily con j a rompeeheDilTe reeolutkm reoogalxlng all rettone, faction* and cHqoaa, la fu'l rommaaloo w*th the elite aad the rag, lag and bob-tall of the party, oa a rooting , of perfect rquafiiy. Tbr republican* aay "pooh ' |?oh ?Seymour la fancy etoek." I lean Rlchmonl and ha railroad gaag have bona their band loo aeon IVxigtaa will not be bam bugged la that way. He mneUa the rat. Be will hold hie round He win re*. We ahall hare tao democratic ticket*, For Iiouglaa will be Oear or oothlag In eplte of th^on optatooa, however, Beymour la mastering aa orgaatat ucn liere which will probably upoti all the calculation* of the republtcaa party Iba Bmm btfl fur the adaaMoa of Kaaaa* a? a Stale iato the Uataa waa taken up la (he 'Irnaie to-day, aad Mr. Ool- | lamiT u ma* la* a .err e?n*ib!c nutter of fart *reer.h id npfott of the meaanr*. Wo do not entertain My doubt oT tU homm If broogbt to ? rote, ud the Mil betng up It la probable that it will do puahed to a ooaclutoo TSe lata Urrtlc agitation on thlawbjeet baa entirely died out, aad tta diacotaton to day fella aa heavily upon the Sinai* aa woo Id a learned eipoatuoo of the PenaeyiTMla whli kar taaurroeUoa Mr. IlaakIn. ib the Hooao, baa beon doing cxeelVant aar Ice to 'lay in behalf of a loreramral printing at Uia oaly remedy for the enormoue lobby oorrupttona coo oectrd with the proatnt tpotla ayetom Very little oh anna for h* Mil thla aide tba Prealdectlal okerUoe. bat it la aomtthlng to dear the way for deflate action at the aeit la connection with the marriage of Madaaa Bo. 1 loco y cote rday, aotne orpriae m eipreaard that the Japtaaoe were not prreent. oeaaidertag the Me hlgb diplomat* iinaWoa of lha diauagulabed bride But they roold aot hare a?0Bited wWheel aMrai Ilea lha moltltode to the eh arch, aad M woo very property the flrnt obfoct of the aeaalble lady la hare the aflhlir aaagod aa quietly aa paaaibie The rreatdeat, who aare away the brtdo, officiated in UM (MM eapwcttr on bar (rot aaarrtage, aome twooty yeara or aa ago VIUfT-HXTI OOROUH, ram mmom. i Wa.'Wkitoh. May J'., UN Several pehuaoa aad neowrtala were rroeired. to aaiAni rannn i*twtioati<vi Mr ?umj, (deal.) of U, from tba Couaiiuee appointed to lareaiifate lato the payment* made by the puDike prmwr ua twtkj ptpvn, hq lar fwcwunrwrmi jillpwi, fee , Bhli a mnwllj report, (iviaf hrnorj of tb* public priBlinf. ud etaUBc la eflbet thai Ike payment! nM( by Wendell to Tirtou payor* ware made la com pUaaor wttk a bargain by Wendell If bo paid aay money for polilMU wan entirely roluatary. aa4 Ibere appear* to bo ao ertdoaM U>? aaytblag like a levy wm made oa aay per eon ooaMrted with the public prtal ng Whatever mosey ?u eipondod by Wendell wm without the knowledge of aay rffloer of the inreramoat. Tb* report nai'loaa* the preaent tyatem of pubhc print lr| u ihe very woret that could bare been a4oi>to4, commented eererely oo the teetlmoav of Weadell a? lo the laaerurary of bio memory, aal the reciileoaoeo* hit kmMti, or p yd( uij direction la tbe mUtor g*rt ? blatery of Mr Weadall t bargain with Mr Bow 11 for 1 bi< traaafer of tb? Union Intimated th%t Mr Bovmu'l ttrtet ?np?rri?tmi and Joatk-e prereata! Mr Wradell 'roan i? urn proilti u b? w label, therefore tt waa aiaiaaary to gat Mr Bowmaa oat of tb" tfip^rtatradeney of tba pr nting aaid that Mr WraiMl'a tmtlmeay. aapectally touching any coapticltr of tb? Praetdeet, was ceatradicted by bimealf, aad also by other wttaaaaae bat dttaniMM la the bopfi of Ki>ru, made raah aaaarttona referred to tha offer of Mr frtta to Mr Kil?ara aad other* of ladlaaa, that If elaat ad mater of tha How ba would give oaa hair of tba proOta far tba toad of tba oanae. aa teetin?<i to by Meeera baTraaa and K Uort- aad ctoaad by tba reeotatioa that tba prcaaat law* of pabHa prlatteg reqalre reform, aad tbu tba Oowimlttre on Printing be laatrurtad to laqoire into tba aipedtracy of prorMt^i by law for prtattng being doaa by ooatraet or otherwiae Mr. ktm, (rap.) of N T , made a minority report that tha praotieaa aad operatteae af tha pablw prlaUac oaa not be oeadeanad too etroagty Tha lalliiiy ahowa clearly that larta ann? af Mar have baaa paw by tha prtatar Iter tha eapoert af party paper* aad ta tafloaaoa etaettaaa Mr. Weadeh la Mi taattaaaay thiaka that Attorney Oeaerai Black draw all tha paaara of the barf?iaa of aale af tha rnitm ta Mr awaaa. Thia waa tha Mia of the offlotal patroaa?a, alapfy with tha aaadtttaa thai part of tha preAta vara ta ha glrea far party parpiaai Ha atoa 11 Hf 111 that tha paymaat waa atede to tba Philadelphia irfw by tha dtraottoi of tha ri?al paraaaalty. Tbe taathaaay ?aaaa ta mdteata dearly that lanre mnm af mmmj ware drawa fraai the Traaaary by aa ?eil?ataaittag batwaaa 11 1 lailiileliaaiiia aad ai later aad aald ta tha roawart ?T RK B XKIDAY, JUNE I, I860. 1 j arty Mw?p*r?rg Tb* teebmony ahowt that tw i+J' uitita sale l>y Mr. Wendell to these papers were known u. ?>trate-S u> by the President, anil that the bargain foe ut aais 3f the fnimwM made upon the ndvtco of j J tree Blank The Committee think the printing could be I d L'? or Me half the prrsent prions The minority agreed I m ?- gtnsrai term* with the resolution offered by the major A. *>r. Imboky, (rep ) of R I , poke of the great wu'? iu'b??? and extravagance in the puolic printing. Some i<*vr> tlx time* the usual price is paid for the executive printBg lie urged a complete reform in the publio ( rtc'ii g. He gave the advice to the Senate that newspa ; tfii ti at eouid not inpport th^rni Wei war* of no use to as; |*rt*. He thought thai Uie printer to the Senate, havtiig Violated the law by transferring the printing, the t (Dm skoal J be dcclarsd vacant Iks sunset was poitpooel till to morrow. An ?*seitive session followed. mi. iuw presented we creaenuaie 01 nr. rosier, 01 ConntcUeat, re t!?cte<l. AOtmrnm. Hua* of KtprtMiUtlTM. WiHHiMiro*, May 31,1800 1KB < iPII UD AFUCAffl. Mr Hmincim, (a. 1, dem.) ofH. y., from the Contort I t*e?tf Jqftciary, reported back with an intendment the naaa'nttl proTKjiBf for the return of the recaptured AI ricaaa. there were bow 1,M0 or them at Key Wen'- It was laprtant that the bill abould be paaaed at the ear! wet tuatlll?Mi day. Mr. Hui, (dem.) of Va., did not want to force them back la Aaint, but to give them the privilege l) stay in J thin onmMry. Mr- Mvmoidb gave notice that he would call up the bill next Monday. Id 1TBLK. MUMTISU l|t BBTIOS? rAHHAHS or TUB MM. B-TAB U8UIM1 a oovuuhcdt mumsu omii The House resumed the consideration of the subject of | reform In the pnhltc printing. Mr. 0?b, (dem.) or Ala.,said there ought to be a ! rhsngt ef policy. Old rata had crept Into the publio crib i and had got ao cunning aa to hide themeel rea from public gaaa. ! Mr. Am. fdem ) of Va.. Bald that Mr Cobb might pass ' for an old rat himself, bol oert*in!y bo was not ; after Mi rata. He bid come to the conclusion to support , ibe Mil for a government printtng,oflke. He ?u torry that Mr. Bate had spoken of Ibe President wttta so much i fmmtm and feeling. He would not bang a dog on such I IMUM) as that of Mr. Wendell It was bad taste for i bin I* scatter Parthian arrow at the 1'resldent in the attempt to degrade him, when be (Mr. IIaskln),foraoause yet omb plained gare ibe contract for binding to friend at a hlgjssr price than was ottered by a reaponaible bidder BesMsa, Mr Haakla bad voted lor Mr. Octrees, after be bad paapoeed to the republican caucus to give half the prodta tor partaan r"n*>eee. And yet the gentleman stan 1s np wub a swagger and arraigns the I'resident for dividing ibe i>bs legitimately within his gift among h:s own Mends, instead of amosg bis pollt cal enemies Mr. \ ?lia>i'k.ii>m, (dtm ) of Obio, bri'lljr gave hi* reasons why be was opposed to the contract -yttem and In fMr of a government printing ofll.-e Mr. Pxtoh, (dem ) of Va.?We have made eipert msnttof all the Tsrlons systsms of printing, and the de cucttan to be drswn from tbem is so complete as to sa tlsfy My man that neither the contract system nor the svsiem which now exists Is the one whl:h ouiht to pre Till. The qneation. then, which arlaca it, shall we atrike out a Bcw .urentlon?(ball we try another expert meat ' The gentleman from Alabama (Mr. Ctoptoo), In hta ! apeeftfc, intimated thai the plan proposed for the eetabileb I meat o< a government printing oltlce would greaUy id | creent the federal patronafe, but I do not look upon thti aa tUtely to rotlow. We bar* already a Superintendent [ of Pabilc Printing, and the only two additional olli^ra thai would be needed In ft government printing o(Il>e would be a foreman printer or ft foreman binder, and therefore the objection an the acore of aa increase of patron age amounta to M thing. But it ia further alleged thai the ee'abliabment of a government printing olfloe would open up freah aourcea of corruption. but, I anawer, ana lagnus caaea abowed there waa no force In the euppoal tkm The government had already departoaenta and workahope for the manufacture of arma and the building of ahipe. o r ita own auperrlalcn, and tnla ?i a ayatem which bad been adopted after other experiment* had been tried?the experimen; of having ahipe built and arma manufactured for the uae of government by con tract to the loweat bidder Of tbeavatem of the govern m?at doing ita own work proved right In one caae, why ahoald K not la another* I know that tome gentlemen on Ilia aide of the chaaaber are dwpoeed to throw the veil of ooaeealmeat over the eipotirti ?f fraud ud corruption which hatr bare praotioed in eocnecUcn with this public printing 1 do not My they are not anxloaa n reform tboee grtevences and abuses, which small very bad la tb? Daetrllr of tba people. With regard to thia printing or Prat Oflioe b auks. it appears that the K.xecutlre Pepartmant, after dotnj ihI work, diatrikoud the mrpiua among tba partisans and support era uf ibe administration It haa been said mat the I'real lett distributed thta noser among hie friends Tbat ta all very well When be distributed it at all he bad the right to distribute It among hla frtenls. Bat why did act tb* I'msitlenl IniormOocgreee that thta offlje created an esoeetire aasounl of money tor a apacl&e scr. i. and svggt si to Cbogreas tbe propriety of rsassdy tog the evil, and earing Ibe money. That la ay complaint?tbat In dead of tba President serlag thia large amount of moMy to an eiliaosted treaaary, he distrlbiUM thivsurpln money amocg tlx- stipe nrtlarlee and partisans or the par ly. I decounoe tbla MM e oo the part of the President and hla ( ablaot, and I inroke tbe just* re of the pe->pie *f a'nat It t Ir-mte the arm of Justice and the jadgmsot oi tbe peep agaiott this act of the administration, lor which tbere can be found no ahadew of palliation or ai tennatkm I waut to ?ss exhausted tbe whole fund an 1 source of corruption I hare oo hope that tbe aitminte i rat Ion which will tuoreed tbe present one will be a more boacst one 1 fear, at leaet, that It will net be ao bonce, at tbe one now In power I waal to deprire tbe oomio* ai'mistetraltca of tbe meaaa of corruption and of fraud, r ' M that end 1 would itrlke tbe Bret blow at tbeae ( oagreseloeal printing abueee My deliberate judgment, after a careful examination of a the systems, la, that tbe one cow proposed la tbe onlr one which oan reecue as frcm tbe exerc se of fraud and ( >rfi,' , n and eneure a prompt and a satisfactory ution of tbe work. AI ?. y rats, let ua try Ibe experlawnl. and if ilproves a failure nothing ? more ?a*y thai to revert to some other experlmtnt Mr. Btxjim, (dem.) of Ky ?I must press my regret that Ibe gentleman should select ibe subject of the publli printing to Had fai It with tbe Presides!?a nbj?rt over Mr Paroa?Tbe KtaUeman 'rom Kentucky has a.leged that the Pr< (Vleot bad no control ortr Ibis miller Bit I ubmit that be bad K U kk power, not only to coatrol, but absolutely to annihilate thta abuse la It poasibls that there oould be aa appropriation of forty thousand <.'<>llart for the prtatlag of the rem (ilk* blanks ud the preaideni not know anvthlcg aboat the matt, r Mo' On tbe contrary, be kaew ibat there *h at least (. n- ta .o t .lollart ore takta oat of the public treasury lb en wee requatte for MMMBHlM for the work do?e. Waa it not ble doty, tbsa, M chief rieeutlTe, watch ng oyer the Inte rnti of the country, to .aform the rr preaeatatlrsa of the poeyie of tha fact, io that tha large turn o' money tbould be eared to tte country Or waa It bis doty to bare that larfe turpiua eipaaded aad diatriaated among the stipendiaries aad servile parMsaas of ble admin Mr a IMf Mr Bt mn-It affords mm great pleasure to aaswer. t arrer waa Ike defbndsr of nsrrsplaa or Oaods. No mas n Iba floor baa teas rurtbsr a uorrsut abuses, set oaly csaesctsd wNh lbs public priat lag, bat everything ooaasclad with ths adnsMatra tleo of tbe (orrraatsat Bat the constitution baa waaly apport'onf i aad divided tbs power of ths geveranieat There was ths eiecuiive, the agaia tlra, aad tbs judical Now, I say that If there be aay fbnh ooaaected with the anbject af the pabbc pleader, in regard to tbe prtatlag of the Post office blanks, thai fault belonged to Osagrvaa, aad aot to tbe PrtaMoat Mr. Prroa?The (rn tie man fraakty rlalna lo be a cor rector of abusae. aad wbea I propose to remedy a par ilcular abase I am rebuked by ths gentirmaa Mr. Pi ajtrrr? Ns, air; I am merely claim n,; to bars the reopoaatbtlity placed where it be loo fa flers a a rbarge gravely made by ths geatlemaa froai New York a?atzM tbe Preaidsat Mr Paroa?It a charged that It waa the doty of the Pr? ?-d?nt to bare rorrsetsd these abaass coaasctod with tbs prlauag of tbe I-oat Ofllos blanks But lbs geatleaiaa frankly deatos that It waa the President a ditt to Interfere, or that he bad aay control over tbe sabjeet Tbe geattamaa deaies Ibat lbs Praaldeat waa retpoartble la aay parttoaMr for aay of lbs aousse growing out of the abuse of tbe public prtatiag. Mr ftnaaa.*, (rap ) of i >h>o?At | tinlti taail tha tub jeet, Ihr ati.aer oompialnsd of aa growing oat of tbs print In* nf Iha iVnft i mice banks, and rrowlss out of the COB trart yttaro . ta of nrn tarn data Ttr goTaraaMat Iliad the rate at owe dollar a thoaaaal >ma Now, by lb* era tract* mad* by ib* aiaeutlra otlioara U>a vork la ebargad K.m iiBf< all UaM? artr Tha ta tha aouar, and n la oaa ?bkli waa a*rar uwnfJ to by Cow*r?aa, nor wm II taewa to Ooagr?aa. or It won Id bar* baaa ranwdtad Tha abtiaa waa eonfltarf to tba Ktacntlra Iteparutvat Mr B< asm? That dot* aol tooth tba polat But If th? tacutlra cmcari barr baaa irnlNf "f tbia Uitag, If H la a < loiauoa of law. r cb rmiaiioa nrald ba aaai'y eirreded Rot I daay that It tw fixation of tba ad of 1W, bat m ratbar la aecoriUcr* w'tb it Tba gorarnawnt bad died iba prlca at oaa d" t ath~<iaaad aaia.and apon tVaam? [Ttnripia tba prints? C tha Hoaaa charfad donHa aalar tba *aaM aat Tha ajatam baa aatatad ataca toa chaaga ta tba law. Th-> tiry oaaa alactad by yon aa prtatar ibargad la Una way Mr Pnaaaaa?I aarar rotal for Ooraa'.iua WaaJall aa prtatar la my lift Mr. Bt inn- Ha muM act bar a beta oieclad witbo I tba republleaa to ra be raoalvad. 1 ooaa back ta Iba polat I waa tflaraaaiag Kow, aa to tba daty of Iba Prat! daat of tba t'altad Mataa If tbla Hoaaa waa aat appn*M of tba fact thai loo moch moway waa i?td for tba printing of Poat Offloa blaaki. tbaa It waa tba duty of Iba TraaT daat to oall iba aMaatton af tba Houaa to tba aabjacl. But I aay that iba Bmat waa oogalaaat of tba ayataai of at Iraaagaaai la rogn* la ooaaacUaa wnb Ibta priat ag. aad laa* (aagfiaa a roaatuaa waa aypolatad to la raaugalt tba a*b)Mt, aad tba PraaMaat, tbara tea*, kaaw wall tbat tba Raoaa waa apprtaad af tba fact that wa wara p?yiag mora Dor Iba work baa N waa worth, waa proyaakag a raaaady Wbaa tba gaaiiaaaaa from virgtaia waa aa |h? la Ciagri aa ba waa, ba wwaM kaww bow ?f uaM a taak it waa ta wraat tba plaadar af tba pabde bit frwwi Iba bwagrr aai? that latyad fra balU af C iy wa Www, air, I aay Mrrrrcm?ITi^jiii tmtm** Oiri hM ap. J [ K H A ?u tt-n *.tn*s more than the actual amount e*i?nded on 1 tbe work, and 1 nay it tu hia duty, as chJefof the Eiecu tHe Department, in who* bands thla work waa. to In ; form Congress of the fact, and to ask It to amend the law. Tbe gentleman from Kentucky My* that Cjngreaa wai aware of It, and that tbe Preaident Mr. Bi'mwBTT?Tm President otly knew this that the Boom was investigating In jnneclioo with II. Mr. Pbtob?Yen, the President knew that ther* waa a large turplua from the work, and be dlatrlbutad twenty then rand dollara of It amongst hit supporters. Mr. BrastiT?Tbe gentleman harges the Praallont with corruption. Now l aay that If the Mate meat be true that the President look twenty thousand dollara or the public money, and told a friend In what way to distribute it for partisan purpoars, be la guilty of corruption, and ought to he Impeached. Hut where ia the evilenoe of thn? Mr Pavoa?TbW la my allefatlon,founded on uncontra ilieUd tftl mcD) : rbat tt>? Preaident did My to thj gen l) nut *hj tots the pub lo printing, You have twenty t/iouiaod dollara for your serrloea, but here la a aurplua of twenty tiiouiand dollars more?I demand thai thtaaum be equally distributed among the editors or the 1'biladel pbia Ifxftitig trgut. the Pehtuylrtmtan, to a Mr Uedary, ibe editor of a paper in Oak), anl to the CorutitAiti-m Hr Bihmit? Tf that teetlmony exlata, I have not yet ae?n It. 1 Co not ( til It la question, because I do not kbow. Mr. Prvor? 1 rpeak that which 1 know, for a proposi lion was made to me. Mr. Bi r#m?I will not be diverted. Mr. 1'kyok? I am *ati?Qed my friend, after challenging se lor testimony, will not now gag me. Mr Br*>*rr? I have not put a gag on the gentleman. Now, tlr, 1 do aot Intend to be diverted from the position 1 take that the l*reildcnt ia not oenaurable for any rraud I In connection with the printing of the !'oat Otlloe blanks, but that the whole fault and responsibility rests upon the two houses or Congress. I am not defending the administration, but 1 desire to put on solemn record my protest eg ainst the President of the United State* being charged -with that for which be la not responsible. It was the Legislature, not tbe Executive Department, that was responsible for this fraud. Tbe gentlemen from Virginia sad New York And fault with the President because he did not give his opinion up?n thlx subject The position of tbe miM Is Indeed an unfortunate one, for when be give bis opinion upon s great pabllc question he wss found fsult with, and now he Is sttscked because be holds his tongue. Tbe gentleman from New York offers a Joint rifolutKin to reduoe the public printing forty per cent? a reduction which the evidence shows oan be effected As to the proposition of the gentleman from Ohio (Mr. Uurley), ho looked upon It as one calculated to greatly enlarge the federal patronage. None could deny that this would be the result of carrying out such a proposition who considered ihe number of employe! which such a gigantic establishment owned t>y the government would create. Taking all things Into consideration. I have oome to the conclusion that It la a scheme which the experiense of a few years would demonstrate to be not only oorrupt, but which would be so grossly oorrupt as not only to rmell bad in the nostrils of the people, but would make gigantic Inroads upon the public treasury. For these reasons be would vote against that proposition. Bat in this connection I want the evldense spoken of by the gentlemsn from Virginia. Mr. Pkyob? I must flnt premise my remarks by saying that I have made no attack upjn the I'reildent, but merely referred to facts whicb clamor for redress. The gentleman from Kentuoky rcM, with tome ezbibiUon of indignation, at my presumption for running a muck against the President. I tell the gentleman that when I chooao to do ao I will aa readily run a muck against Ibe Prealdent aa 1 would against the pooreat man In theoommunity. I am, air, the independent representative of one hundred thousand freemen of thia country, the peer of the Preildent and of hie Cabinet, and any menace or blandishments from blm or them 1 -corn with contempt and indignation. If in no thing else but In this one rc-pect 1 am like Alexander the Great, woo declared that be would contend la tbe Olympian Games If be could but bare klngi for hta com bctitore. I would rather leap to the oonteet with the President of the L'ntted 8taU?, In vindicating the Interests of the people, than with a leaser man, if be forfaited the cotudenoe and betrayed the Interests of tbe oounlry 1 ay, air, that testimony upon oath charged tbe Executive Ifpertmcnt cf tbe government with malpractmes upon tbe public treatnry. 1 will not refer, sir, to the testimo ny of Wendell, but I will take the evidence of one who was intimately coniected with the President?one who certain'y enjoyed bis coofldeme. and who la at the pretrnt time Collector of the port or Philadelphia. I mean Mr Baker. His testimony, given, not before the Covode Committee, for which I entertain nothing but contempt tcil reprobation?a :otnmitiee which I make bold to aay la cot tniraal d by the Impalsea or by aeenae of public duty, but one which goee (melling around the country, raking si> tbe embers of almoet forgotten malice, and which goea about peering lato the inner moat rcoessus of private letted SIMM?profcaflng no regard for this oommlttro, baring no rwpeot or ooahJenoe in It, I would not have ven tured toadJuoe ear allegation* from it togubatanUate auy obarg> I might feel It my duty k> male No, elr; I take II from Uie tettimoor of Mr. Baker, gtren bet jre a demo oratic committee of a democratic Senat*. And what la tbal teatimonj ? 1*. 1a aafollow* ? Q ? tld Weeded tal at that Use to ?kw 'ha mmi had been ?pprr>|>rtAted otherwise thin to tha pub'.lahtr of iba f'emi ??, OMl'Ifi ' a - He Mid ha had ttrecttoaa from the admlaiatrelloa or treiB high od< 1*1 eoireea 1 Co not rawllalt hlaeiaet worda. tj.-What did ioq aadaralaad by thla eia'ateirui m A.-I lfidwtlood ill rrMldiDl v.- You IV"h* of euoteralog with the PraaMeat ab:ut th'a What waa thai cDormaafoo* A.?1 jaderalood la tie rail of Iggg, I da ao? know tnm whoa or bow, that tha /* </? Aryy. waa ta rvodn taa aad throe quarter*j>ar oaat tram and after tia Itt dar ot Auguat, MM. aad I laoalrad of the Prealdeat wbithar ha ted firaa aay dWnaa tar a tortloa of Mr. Ilaa'a sonar, or what waa due la nice aa prialer cf Prat Oflee blanka, to ha pahl U tha DnU* Aw Ha (the Praal dauti mid ha had gtraa ao dlrewlaaa. out report *iM thai tha net proBta of tha priaUag ot ibaaa blank* aatcualed fc> leant? ibooaaad dollar* par aaaua. aad If anoh vaa the eaaa he a?p< pcacd that Rica eoald a Hard to par tha Aryut out of Ma awa pmflia or oot ef thai ana When klee waa Oral appsinw-d prlatar It waa tho'ight the aat i<roeeada would oolaaiuatio e?er tan the iaaa.l or twelve thnaiaod dollar* aad whaa II waa anertalaed thai thar aaaaealed to Iweaty Urraatad, aa tb* waa bard up, h waa ilaari glraa without aa? line doti froa him* Ur Patron?Now. recollect, I do aot charge that the lYraidaat had eiprtaaly directed that tin* moaev ahould oe dleUibuled aa larK?M amoaf tbe pauper prr*ae* ot PenneylTaala aad alaewhera. Bat tbl? I aay, thai tbe Preatdeat of the t'alted Htaiee, aa ehtef cuatodtaa of the public tr?aaary, kaaw that Cocgreea, under a miniake or nuaapi rebenaico, waa paying three tinea mora thaa the I'rv^nr jtiw iur un vikuiiw w ?ipmui. tr ?i hu be (aim to call the turniloo oI Coagreaa to III* fart, or to aak thai the law might bo amended uulo check thla Prat waate ud eitraraf iioo of tbe public fuada That tbe ai;.-(ration l make. ud which the gentleman haa ntor ted from m* Mr. Bt asxrr?I will appeal to ovary fair aod eaadid man n the Bouae, 1 care sot whether be bo a lawyer or not. ?bother a particle of tbla Uetlmoay of Btker'a, laplkatoo the Preetfent by even U?e mo tjin l re^flnfereace of an j knowledge on b? part oi lb* exMenoe or fraud or -oriupUoa la thla matter Mr. F?voa?The gentleman - i?? o* a wrong .m i e I do rbargo 10 I beg tbe gentle maa to oaOaa blmaelf to iha Mw Mr. Bi a**iT?Thar* * not a partlclo of that teaumoay which the verbal tyro la law, or tho aimptaat imiUoo of tbo peace la tbe coaatry, would admit aa evidence, la a court of luattoe. All (taker aaya la, that bo board from v. !. # that tbe l>x. v *' waa to re< elte tan aad throe quartern per oootam. and that aoma otbor paper* ware aleo to roeolro ao much. It waa ought to eieiude Wendell aa a wttneaa. and yet It la upon bia word* that Baker glvee hie te?umeay Aad what doaa thia Wendell aay hot that ba fat ao dtrectiowe' A nd la It apoa owafc lenttionr aa IJbto they woald rely to brief a ? barge afaMl lla Piiam ot the L'aMad Maaaa, wbteh if proven would aobjee* him to Impeachment All 1 aak la I hat a proper ooaatracttoa be put upoa thla erl deaoo, and It win be aaea bow very itt/e (round there li for aoch a charge tbe gontlemu from Virginia aaya that I apoka with ludlgnalioa at ba ruaniag a mock acainat the Praaldeat, but aay oaa who knew the goo tie nan from Virginia koowa very well that bo la oao of tboae who will run a mark at aaythlag aad wboa ba pie mm. Thai la all true (TaoaMar.) But.ia rnnalag a aaork open thla o<cagloa bo oharrM abuati upoa thoao who were not reapoaalbe for ibeaa. aad who ha l not the power of oorrectlng them aad bawvar dlapoaed the /enlltman aay be to detect fraud* hereafter, I irnat before ha raaa another m ick be wlli ba totter Informe 1 with rtiereaoe to tbe facta of tbe riae a pot which k? reliea Thoae cbarfoa we will bar* to meet at every ftwmp 1a every diatrtet la the eo-iatry lAufbUr ) Mr r*To??The goailiman aaya that I have sol proves mr allegation that the Department, at the bead of which ? the rreaMcni, ?M aware that aaai iaaaire ud iiiiiity turpiu* of the pibiie mr m aiorcprlated lor a rcruiia purpose, ud that they did sot laform Coofrria of the fact ao that II might b? reform*!, but that. on the roatrary, the I'realdeot dlapeaeed th.J> ur|>lu? inioopi the atlpeadiartra ?n<t the corrnpt part I iini or a party preaa Ha taya t hare aot proved thif. 1 am aatlafled that t hara gtrea at leaat prima fan' teatimonr of the facta l>oaa aar one doubt It- Ifth. grati'man vaala to try tha laene let a ontnmtttee i* appotatej, aad I will uodertaka to prore 11 to tha IloaM I Jo aot meaa a rortaf eomialaelon to ai paiiate through realaM of laflntte imaglnatioa iBqteebof rha'gaa agalaat armebody but to inreaUgate oae apectal rharge arnordlag to the rtgorn ra rule* of apodal read ng Mr. fh aawrr aetd they tad already three oommtUaee oa the lubject Tha (tnil'mas Trnm Vlrgtala kaew what the 'juaatMalluii day a If tbe gentleman arruaed the Preatd it "i balag ragaged la dlatrlbatlag tha corruption fuad I. < would more for another committed. If the corruption ai?U let tha frttldaat ba arraigned- lot him be impeach ad and diagraar I. If g?ntl< m?n wiah to tho* tbeir Mai let iif tre their l>r<?datdea at tha oppoaite republican By, '.na.ead of getting op family q aar rata am<K.g tha ocraey. Tbay wni.i than do batter Mr rmroa rapitad that ba waa n?ht rg oa hw owe tailaldual rerpoaalwlttr. and n the dareaoa of tha later, au of Ih# pacpla Ha ooacalrad It t&< thr !. mo ctwj rkonld waafa Ibatr baad? of ail corruption to li(H#n lb* uhlr and ?taad on a para raeord Thar a*i . ? -1 i p*?l to tb? koaral taatlaetaaf U>? paoyta, u1 uka sor?r ia?l?r an party oomkiaaOoa Mr B> ***n. Ilk* the pitkmu.tM la faror of frrrat la| oat rarrupttoa M la tMr aaal f?nllaat?? abonW aot m?kf rkar gaa wkara ttaa raoM da aot warraai Mr Kama ttpUM Ha ka4 taid that tha r-aaM<??t fcaaw tbrra waa a* ciaaftra tod Vartona gaatiaaaaa daatrad to aapraaa taair rta?a Mr. Jrwx Connuaa, (daaa ) mS V_ rt oraoalr (bat li araa llaw lha wka?a drmoaraUa partr abaaM rtaa to t*afr feat _ ... _ _K? r. riMWimmd la Hmum* mm mho "***> _ _ . ( aftrafcf ? Irewa t??< ka waa faJUTS JtfttEi ? , i, L D. PRICE TWO CENTS. Mr. Wamom, (rep ) of Vt, waa ready to vole for aaj propoeitioo to eiirct a reform, even to Btepplaf all the public printing. Jo whatever all all b? done, however, b? expected to be cheated Mr. Haxkin closed Die debate bjr oooteadirg that the I'resilient knew or the profile of the Heat Office ptiottnf, and through the Aiaiatant Secretary of .Stale (Appieleo) and Attorney General Black distributed Lheaa to keep up hie party organ*. In the courae of bta reaaarfca heaald that when be feund that the Preefaleat wee treaoharaua to the pnactpleaon which be waa elected, he (Mr. Oaekin) opposed him The Preatdent wtaeven repudiated at his own borne In relation to the charge agalnat him atoowt letting out the blading of the Houae, bo remarked thai It waa given out by the Chairmao of the Committee cm Printing to the loweat bidder a? to tia vote for Mr. Dafreee tor fritter, be aakt be voted for whom ha pleased, aad would vote agaiaet all achemea of extrava gaaos Mid corruption, ooming from either the democratic or republican tide. Alter further proceed logs the House peaeed the Mil for the eetabltahment of a government printing offloe?120 if alul 64 Mr. Fkyok made a personal explanation. In stating that be bad been approached, be should hare added that In 1M7 be waa aollcUed to apply for a portion of a surplus tund, but that be indignantly repudiated tbe propomoa. THX flLAVIRY Mi amOM. Ibe Houae went into Oommluee of the Whole on Ik* Slate of tbe I'alon. Mr. Adimb, (rep.)of Mass., spoke of the slavery queaUon and of tbe oversbadowitg oligarchy of what m aometimea called property. " llealstanoe to tyrants Is obedlenoe to Rod." This sentiment nerved tbe arma ot tha Revolutionary fathers He combattad the doctrine that the negro hat no rlehta which the white maa Is bout to respect. Ihli decision of the Supreme Court stripe oa, ha remarked, of all rights except what we may maintain by our own right arms The old tyranny haa been burnished over by modern |K>iittca and judicial democracy. The republican party waa organized to promote the laws of liberty, and resist oppression, having in view the ree toratlrn or Ibe true idea, and the overthrow ot falaahood. Tbe doctrine of tbe irrepreasible oonllict Is as aactaat aa the law of Moses. Were tbey to be dissolved aa a party because Its continuance was to be considered as a iwane A f ha olaweh/il/tlna fl***ae9 /In* At-* ? ?e afci-l. ao, and we are doing ao more than they did That slavery is the highest type of civilisation la a shocking Idea, aad it baa been repudiated br the wisest and belt men of the slaveboldiog States. There waa necessity for a great organisation to overthrow filae doctrtaas. He aaid. not In a spirit of menace or unLlndness, Dot under a solemn sense of duty. Incumbent oa him aa a representative pledged to the cause of freedom, there cu be bocompromise whatever, so long aa the quesUoa remains undetermined; and tbia la equivalent to saving that ao long aa the free States exist, there Is a party In favor of the Inalienable rights of man If tbls be a solemn menace to the (lave Mates, ao be it. We ihall seek no quarrel, but we ahall value our prlociplea more than your friendship. Ws, aa a party, have no design against the rights of Southern States. Tbe leading Idea of the party la refwm?total and fundamental reform in details, which have been autiered of late years to run into many abuiea. All had a well defined impreeeion that for the sake of retoialag power corruption bad been tolerated, If not actively en oouraged, In blgh places. He main tallied, that for the benor of the country and thoae who stay be concerned la the administration of the government, there is a necessity for a complete change. Tbe reform must be wide enough to reatore freedom aa the guide of federal poUcy, to set aside the Idol which ban usurped tbe throne, and deep enough to aecure honesty in the conduct of all Its affairs. roeTii. amiss Tbe Post office Appropriation bill for the ensuing tisoal year being under consideration, Mr. Colf.ii, (dem ) of lud., from tbe Post Offlae Com mittee. moved the various retrenching propoaitioas. Tbe maximum pay of the route agents oa railroads was maoe f *< o las lead of >1,(00 Mr Coltix moved to further amend, so aa to redoos tbe per rentage of the postmasters wboss offices yield over >4(0 postage per quarU r to tbe rates established by i be act of 1861? an average reduction In thoae offlaaa or about ten per centum?ud alto repealing tbe eeotioa allowing tbe Itoitmaatrr General to give extra pay to puetmaitera orer ttkelr salary, making a laving of nearly 1200 COO per year. It waa oppoaed by Meatra. Bark ad ale, ginaleton and Clark, of Mo , and after repeated votea lhe%oMmH>aa rule without a <iaoram, and tbe Bocae adjourned. Oon*a< no*.-Tbe rrmarka of Mr. French, several daya ago, in lupport of tbe Oentral Roots Pacific Railway Mi), aa reported by tbe Heleci Committee, ware errooeoaaly attributed, by mlapnnt, to Mr. Frank. THE LATEST FROM GARIBALDI. lapoitant Diapaickar from Raaae aid Palermo. TO Till EDITOR OP TIIB NEW TOM HERALD. Boaro*, May 39, 1800. Tb? ?nrloftA<l lnlivrAnhlr dMnAtrh vm miv r*t* li tH* laat newa from Sicily, Mid Unil yoor aarrtoa for poblt allot) It la decidedly later tbaa anything pubitahal la the London paper* when we left Liverpool on aalnrtey, ud vii recalTtd direct frem Liverpool at Q ieea?VJwa oa Suaday Pioppo la only tight mi lea from lalarroo Vaur obedient aarraat, T W., of rioraBM, Italy, paaaeager par Arabia. TBI HEAPATCIIW. omrui Rom, May la, 1M0. Aa capfr meat baa taken place between the rayaj iroope aad the Oarlbaldlaat la Calataflal, a abort -TT <rrm Palermo. Tb? (lanbalduuia are Mtd to hare bees ooapMely bwUD leavtsf tarn 'nator killed ill wounded. PAUBNO, Ma? U, I MO < .anbaldl na at Alcamo on tb? 1Mb IBM. A flgfct had 'akin plare M Lioppe.* IB which the royal troop* ware repnlaed. ItkcrBo w nui la a ttala of itafB. t reah troops have arrived Mora ttmcnuiU hare d Malabar ted la Solly. ' should ha rtopto, a** uiUee treat Palerao. 1(WI from Heath America. 00 rCRNAMBlCO CORRBxrOKMMCl. Paa-VABBt-m, April 80,1M0. UgitUtotm? rdUm toner?JReawukip and SU*m terry float Ltmm MmBmmt Hitterpritm?TV XtrUi, 4k., Tbe Prorlocial Aaaambl. la now Id aaaatoa aal pro mlaaa to b? u nowj aa our Nortbarn Mtfbbora 1a tba aaUtoaaat of laporUal qwattoaa 1 ragrat to Mate that tha falloa farar bai beta aad oolinuaa prtralaal and vary fatal?aarar Mora ao Soaroaljroaa fan who baa baea attacked btaaaetpad, rtmadtaa, wbtcb la Mai aarara caaaa la roar yaara bara bara ?uco? arfai ihia aaaaoa aaaa Ufbara loat Ibatr rtftaa. Tba Amartcaaa bara baao mo* uafortaaala, aa ao laaa lban thrra rranieala bara dlad. oaa of wboai, 1 grtara to my, la aar Ooaaal, Goioaal W W Kapp, wbo waa ibaat ad aaH Tiolaatly Ha waa a aaUra ot Keataafey, aad ra Mad bara aaarl? two n>a OiawHli la aaa la cfcarga af Mr. H F Hatcb, aa AMrtoaa ?rabaat, wba baa rHli I bara lor aararal yaara. N'azt Bkoalb wa laok fcr tba Aral atoaaaar af a aaw rraaafc itaa raeaali) aabaldiiad by prirtaMl, to ma to ITnatl. akiag tferca fora%a naalli llaaa wblcb touch laalaa 1| at l-araaaibuoo, rta,, Kafltob, Portofuaaa aad ftoaofc, aad Kill wa ramata depaadaat oa laropaaa aatarprm. MaMad b* aaaaroaa aoraramaato for a aara aad rim paatal ooMuntoHnii Mvm tba lattod Ium ami Doctor Ratay bx arraagad with Um iaapartal gorara ant to place a una of ferry boata la tba harbor of Rio da laaeiro. aad will depart abortly for the tailed Waiaa, ta naka U? aecaaary arrangement* for boata. be. rhta rairrprlae la oae that will alwayi ba before the ayea a* tba people aa.t atraagen. aad will prora a credit la A mar kmc laductry aad aaergy.aad 1 troat be will aot ur fleet Um proflta to ba derived from ooaaa aarlfaOaa Tba American itatractora eafbe I>aa Pad ran Nail way have crowr r1 tbalr labor* wllh nooa?, aad leave ao room for foture oonpaUUoa aa aetaaaa la tba Haw Worll la mora advaaead taaa ta tba on la b iatai m I bare but llttla of lataraat to aoto, except I bat tba * ? rteaa \rriraJa bar* of lata b?en large, aaaat ty with fiour, which arttck aim nnaUaaaa la heavy etook, aa<* prW'ta are tar from ranuaaraUra, aad tba aaaaa rraarfe will apply to all American product Tba aipotta of lager tn 'ba Staiaa rot unua nonaldara bla, aad prlota are vary firm aad high, owiag tn tha dry waathar aal tba backward "tale of tba growtag naaa T harr it a ramrg on an 4 .w um tioo? ih oorraoTooaim pwk?d of latt j??r For* l?i* ?.*? At I/trow, N. tt-IV Mu t? fUr (N 0 ) ITirmr hm Um parUcilara of ? poia?i*f m? at Ijottdon, la which Alaiaador Moore * cfcargM wttfe potao?it? bla *ifo, dangtalar, acia >n law aoJ aarraat ftrl. II of ?Vtn art ta a daentrooa attuaitoa T?a ammal t'?tnt ?o hata boo*(Haaati?rae?>oa 10 r?|sM !?* propottf laf\ to bla wtf? by a MMM ~""l? ?d to flH tba bncaa 'a ?btch tboy nr*4. bo. 7* P**?**' ad, ad <c4ft<l lit jail. *0 r* r',*f lhro"<* ** fibril of bit boadnnoo A/wr rtrnaialnf away fraai hoaa* lor a wbllo, bo r*araad tari-raj tootaa y. baa llvad ibart Una*. "f About Ibrft ?' * ?* <u> tb? ?w r<.?piaia> T^y * titurro tbatr family pbyHelaa, "J? w" ""wrta l?3r?t3, .r d ?# .aMVpr ttc.rtd fNa On Jl/ a -artful taratotaaaa of tba arrarftl oaaaa mm ?d 10 Uo or ariuMoo lb* Um hmilT waa pilwU wNk .hi* *td A poiat*' ? ?* iw'fbfwrbo^ aMtfaa Ibai bo rnraitbod 1 bo ar naad *?k m?r'j anp r?n aboMTWk* (.nag day, vbich bo tat.1 h? traalod le III ip toaao nM ikird '4 ib* horrol Mil rciMtolaf) nmM urnm iak?M* of korf Votm iho mminl of too ptj rV*n <bot lb* towro of Um > H?io bo4 Moa mmr oio* <1. Moor* ?M promptly wtmM, mU ti N* la oMtoff. H? win feo M?l to OoMord for Ml W to. n>? Mirrtr mho tfco eppwrw* 'f tbo iHiiH toMfr to bo trv ;y koo/tro?4taf In i iarr Rkj! ?t ?Otbto I r itoM, of OoillUlB, ft X, f 101m I, mi to Mi will tito to too UMoo Moaot Vorooa iaocWM. TWO 10 MM tofeotootofllkoquoM to tbto lowetoMM. ft

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