Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 9, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 9, 1860 Page 1
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th: WHOLE NO. 8736. THE POLITICAL CAIPilGI. Tbe New York Breckinridge Democratic State Convention. Small a?to of a Fusion of Democratic Factions. Tbe ^taiinees f-r Lit *>rs at Large aju u.e Oflucers. JAS. T. BRAfltfCANDIMTE FOR IMMflL SPEECH, or DANIEL S. DICKINSON. The > Jmey Republicans in Council* ?OS| It#*} ifc sr WAL TVBBTATCH TO THE HT5RALD. i^nurrta, N. Y., Aognrt S?1 P. M. P M "Breckinridge '*?? Democrat ic State Convention 11 remade ihc following Domination ? Per Governor?James T. Brady, of New York. J*vr Lieutenant Governor?H. K. Vtete, of Buflalo. Ar Canal Cbm>nu?ai?w?John M. Jayco*. fbr Mate Pritm ln.yect?r?Robert W. Alton, of Kings . be ticket, aa made oat, provoked grest enihueiasm. tel. Ytele't nom nation isastroag one in Western New "Iff nimlr m | CVr*. Dickinson's speech in the Convention waa the strongest JbS'toaa made in many years, (treat regret is expressed . what It was sot reported verbal.m. ^ Tbe remarks of Col. Viele, the candi dste for I.ieutensst Comuor, were singularly eloquent and graceful, and Aeartily applauded by the Convention. John A. Green, Jr., was unanimously elected chairman ?T the Mate Central Committee, and Mr. McMahon secretary for the ensuing year. Tbe delegatea mostly left la the afternoon trains. Tbe Convention is regarded as a complete success, sad ncncys tbe Douglas mes greatly. THE PROCEEDING OP THE CONVENTION. FKCOKD DAY. Staaccn, August 8, 1840. She Convention was called together at balf-piat sine v o'clock. Mr. Iumss, of Westchester, agreeably with iaatruc Unas of his eonstitaensy, read the compromise resolution adopted in his diitrlct. He decired to say that this was the labor of love to him. He was a Breckinridge man, bat it must he remembered that this was a reform should do oil In their power to attract to tbesa the remainder of the party. At present this movement was weak. It most strengthen itself by adding t? its ranks from the democrats who hare been misled hitherto by bad leadership. They would rather bare one democrat with them than a dozen black republicans. They can only do so by conciliation. If the candidates of the national democracy expect success they must look for it by union in the Northern States. The whoie Southern electoral vote, if cast for those candidates, will not elect them. Ue had reason to behove that the other parties would meet the Oonvention kali' way if the door was left open for negotiations. He knew conciliation desired by the other side. Whether they wou'd make overtures first he could not say, bat th.s C?-nv niton, being right, could afford to make the first advances. He believed that icon n tb.s Convention are for principle rather than office, and he believed that he might say, without (ear of contradiction, that those on the other aide might be coac:latea with office. He believed union in their Slate wculd Streogtbcn the hands of their fHeods In 1'ennsylvac.a and New Jersey, and would lead to the triumph af tto.r candidates; at all events, It would defhat the black mi'iiilii'u tii'Jat ud u tlili inurement was to reform ud not destroy the democratic party, such a result *11 very dee.rable. lie onutioned gentlemen not to treat the abject lightly, for whatever the leaders might say, the people would hold the Convention responsible in tbelr sotVoo on the subject Us moved the following resolu tics ? Renoived, That s committee of be appointed by this Convention, to confer with any committee or committees appointed by any other convention or*, for the purpose of uniting upon one electoral t.cket ki opposition to the reLbl.oana nominee*, and that the n d committee ve power to substitute others for those nominated by tbls Convention, so that s fair representation of tbe oo operating parties may be had in the electoral an t State tickets, to be mutailly supported st the coming election. Mr. Uksoicv, of Chautauqua, woull not discuss this queo lion. lie simply moved to lay It on the table (fnud applause ) Mr McI.vtvsb, of New Vork, J. Sums, of New York, sad others, demanded tbe vena and nays. (Cries of ' No," No.") Jown A. Onsi v?The sy?n sn 1 nan have to be ordered tret Tbe Cluis?Ibat is right. Those dee,nog the ayes and rays will rise. Twenty two delegates rose Tbe (uia-Ttr syss sad nays are ordered. Mr. i>ui obj-cted to the derision. In tbe alienee of "Yules a majority la accessary to order the ayes and nays (Loud appianse ) J. asans rone to a poiat of order. It only required ten 4o order tbe y<as and nays. (Cries of "Order," "Order ") The Ptuswrm?Tbe Cbstr has decided that it requires majority Mr Mrlvrrns, of S- w York?Tben I appeal from lbs decwion of the i hair Mr Owicrv moved to amend by declaring tbe decision of the (hair i ustaitH-e J ?No roth motino is necee?ary. Tbe appeal, if not S'i*tam< d decide* the question. TI?e PnmmssT put the question ua ths appeal, and the Chair was sustained. Tbe queetxa on ordering the ayes and naya was again put. Some twenty flvs rose in tbe affirmative and s large majority In tbe negative Mr. M< Ivrrns declared that two thirds of those voting Is the negative were sot delegates. Tbe ChAiw decided that the ares and save were sot ordered, and the resolution for a committee of conference was laid no the table. (Applause > On motion Oswersl Chamberlain and Mr ffaabrouck were deputed to wait on Hon Dan Ml !i Dickinson, nod invite bun to n sent .a the Convention J. <2. Lima, of rutasm. said?While the democracy of Putnam were national democrats there had always been nine Math* of them la favor of union. GcnUcm* n might cry bo compromise. but be feared if tbejr did the response of the people, which mould not be beard till No\ ember, when tie round won Id be anything but pleasant He meed a resolution u follow* ? heaetved, That tba Mate Central Committee ap pointed today be empowered to oonfer. If they deem proper to do an, with any other com wtttee appointed fbr the pi rpnee cf consolidating the national etemenU of tiM Mate la opposing the republican electoral Mate ticket .1 i-tww a?i., ot Chautauqua, moTed to lay lb* reaolatlon oa the tiklr A V?int?let na hare the ayea and nay* I am a ua.un bus Let oe sbow our haoda Ruarti 1; Cornrart spoke in favor of the resolution They were cl-ir*ed with da Ting to elect the republican ticket He Centred that a door TOT union vhouWl he left open, and thin ronelutloo incited nil to loin the party without compromising the platform or principles of the party Jenee otkwakd opprand the resolution at Icnrth He never would consent to place the ontpoeta la toe btnla of the enemy (loud applause ) He spoke st i-nglb. denouncing squatter sovereignty and the Regency, and org ag independent action He came ss the represents ttvn of honest men. and hoped n ticket of honest m m would he placed la the grid Tbcy were small in num tars In Chautauqua, but be bopsd to go home to bit con ntuueocy with (J ran hands The moment piwrr was t'la.ed Is U?e hand* of the Centra I Committee to trade and barter off the party he should bluah to go hinte to make a report to hta fr.ends tn Chautauqua. They had topped off the eaeresrenoee; they bad not left the democratic party r*?d he hoped mdhtng would now be done to break ibe with of the peop'e la tbie movement Mr I i?W*. ff N>sr Tork, eald. 'or the sake o'com promise be bad consented to repree-at a rural district, nut he still Mt h.meelf a repreaoalatirt of Sew York City, an 1 mi such opposed the resolution Mr Grrrr, ef (?? ?" fhrored ti.e resolution He reutloned tie Convention that by rlnmsg the doers OtMst all compromise they would take the posttioa of a wall faction of a great party He beHered in prlsci pies, not prejudices and no principle was compromteed lo the resolution The people of hli bounty demand that Um doors ah ail not he cloned compromise, and lis N esal they might trust Hie Male Committee Re was asm icti oppesed ae asy mas could be to Uit Riehmaad and <'agger clique, hot he had oonfldeoce la the men hrm 'eg U.e Mats Committee, and wes willing to place eu< h rower aa was delegated hy the resolution Is U.eir hand*. Mr. Lrrrrs amended U* nMolution by adding thereto the words, "upon tlie prineipba yhurcwlsil hyUiisCoa veu<* is ig rtwluVHwe. ', ENE The resolution wn tl en adopted, amidst applause from outsiders and delegatesMt CHAiusKuaat reported tbat the delegation from the * igtrtb Judicial Jv-.trtot had met with considerable difflcoKy in uarnhig the members or the State Committee. Tbey desired v. hat Erie county should be represented, and were complied, therefore, to leave off the name of Mr. Wilbur, <oi fjenesce, and placed on the committee the name of Yrael T. Hatch, of Ituftalo. They now desired to * xprers itieir sense of tne services rendered by Mr. Wilbur Vit. member of the old committee. Mr. krnimr, of New York, moved that no person be t < rmueu to speak more than once on any question and not trnjeer than five minutes. Carried. Mr. Coca-ran, of Albany, with appropriate remarks, moved a revolution expressive of regret at the death or H*n. Samuel Beardsley, which was adopted unaalasomly. >"ha MM?Ml?taa dsn nomiltaU nLM*t/tv? m# IsMW MMMPtid the ra?oK of Gideon J. Tucker, of New York, and Henry S. ibiadaJl, of Cortland-, aa such electors, which were received with applause. "V; fallowing is Uie State Central Committee:? first district?S. W Smith and Tbaddeue P. Holt. Secrad district?J. M. Folk and William Radford. Third district?Mat be w McMabon sad J. O. Haabrouck. Fo'uth district?John C. Harrison and George A. Taylor Fifth district?John A. Green, Jr., and Norman Me Jtby. flixtb distr ct?A. B. Watson and A. H. Miller. Seventh district?J. P. Raplye and A. G. Wheeler. Kightb district?Israel T. Hatch and G. P. Eddy. The following additional State electors were named Weventb district?George Beach. Twenty sixth district?George L. Clark, of Genesee. Thirtieth district?Harry Wilbur. The reports on the State Central Committee and electors were adopted. <>n motion, the Convention proceeded to nominated candidate for Governor. Jon* C. Maimer nominated James T. Brady. He had telegraphed to him but received no reply; bnt thin was, be had no doubt, because be was absent from the city. He guaranteed he was a thorough The liet was then called. Wben the name of J. Smith i was called, be said be bad intended to vote for Mr. Kelly, of Dutchess, but as Mr. Brady had been guaranteed as a Breckinridge man, he voted for Mr. Brady. The vete resulted as follows ? Whole number of votes..116 Brown 2 Brady 90 lawrence 1 O'Connor 8 Kemble 1 Bronson 3 G.J.Tucker 1 The vote for Mr. Tucker was cast by Dr. Clark, of St. I Lawrence. The nomination of Mr. Brady was made unanimous, { and three cheers given for the nominee. Mr. McMaho.v was proud to return thanks to the Convention for having selected the candidate from the class ' to wbiih he himself belonged. In this nomination the | Convention had struek a rich vein. There was danger of his fellow countrymen going over to the semi republican candidate, but tbal danger was removed by this nomination of one who had always stood up fbr the rights of his countrymen. The Convention proceeded to nominate a canlidate for Lieutenant Governor. Col. H. R Viele, of Erie, and Edward Tompkins, of Broome, were named. Mr MrMsso* spoke in fkvor of the nomination of Mr. Tompkins. Mr. Strwart, of Chautauqua, urged the claims of Ool. Vie'e. whose neme was a tower of strength in Western New York. General Chamberlain was also nominated, but withdrew bis name and flavored the nomination of Colonel Viele. The vote resulted in a tie?64 to 66 Mr. Vikls, when his name waa called, voted for Mr. Tomok ins. When the result wes announced Mr. Toxnmts stated, for reasons well understood he had refbsed to vote when hie name wae called. He now begged permlaeion to cast bis vote for Colonel Viele. (Applause.) X. R. Viele was declared unanimously nominated. On motion of Jacob Burnt Jonh M Jaycox. of Onon lags. was nominated by acclamation as a candidate for Canal Commissioner. (Applause) R.hrrt W Allrn of Iflnn wbi r omlnstAil rm I he fleet ballot for State Trisoo Inspector. J C Mather, Edward Tompkins, C. T. Chamberlain. J. C. Spencer and Carlo* Cobb were appointed s committee to lotorm the candidate* if tbeir nominal >n Jaron ;?nw moved a vote of thanks to H. 8. Randall, President of the Convention, and Crlah 8. Lowe and othar Secretarits, for efficient conduct In the discharge of.lheir duties. Adopted unanimously. A vote < ( thanks was then passed to the late State Convention tor Its efficient action. Mr. Foinrrr moved thut the proceeding* be published In "11 the democratic paper* of the State. Three cheers were here called fjr and given for the t ickct Mr IMI, of New York, was surprised at tha coolness of the applause. He hoped the Convention would not sepa rate without more warmth. He now pr< poeed three cheer* for the cause. | The cheers were enthusiastically given. Hon. I sniei K Hickinson, being called for, appeared, | and was received with loud applause. Ute Convention rising to the If leet ar_d giving lum three tremrndous cheers Mr I'u MN-eji said he wss highly fratiOed to be meted to stand upon the platform of this Convention, and : etmmnne with Its members He congratulated them on the happy termination of tbeir labor*. He bail r*. rently male public speech and would not detain tbem long. Hisoan views were well understood, and they were doubtlvss shared by all bere. He was glad to see the Convention come together so full and respectable. He r.-rgratulated tbrm on nominating a ticket certain to receive the approbation, and command the respect, not of the Slate ak ne, but the whole nation. He oongratula ted them on tbeir platform, the general principles of which wi re certain to stand wben all^bere bad |>wd away. There was in the field their old enemy, the repub ncan party, unurr any rant'1 iiau ucver succeeded, and never null succeed exoepl through the divisions sad errors of Dm* democracy. No one could say for there divisions the national democracy tm resporsible. The republican party In Chicago had be< n under the necessity of (browing over their groat tender to keep the ihlp from unking. the Acteoo was actually i torn to piece# by bis own deeJa. In ancient time a man. who was probably a republican?for be waa clothed in purple and line linen and (bred sumptonusiv every day? biding himself aunering for hia alna, called on Fattier Abraham to relieve him So did the republicana at Chicago; but tber would not probably be nared | ft< m torment by him any more than their lliustrlooa predecessor waa Tbe democratic party, he lield, waa not divided In principle. They bold to tbe equal rights of tbe Stale#, and give equal privilege# to all tbe po#acaatona of the I nu n No man a democrat wh<> refuaea tbla right to all. Tliere la no halfway house between thia principle and the reverse. He who la not In favor of the right, moat belong properly to tbe wrong. There are not ha f breeds between truth and error He reviewed tbe i pr great of tbe democratic party, and declared that there bad always been around It men wb<> detlred to profit personally by Ita strength Tbe last and worst of Cwvar* bad commanded that thoee who were oniT.siie to him should bear upon their shoulder* the rarraaa (ot tbe dead There were those a the deancrratic party who are now carrying on their sbcutder? h dead < arcass. But the true democracy of tbe state, the only democracy ia fact,bad emancipated them clvee, and cast off all dand weight There are two ran| Jldat< ? fir tbe 1're?ideocy in the Held?only two la fact? Brccklaildge and lunootn. There were others trying to geifiu to I be held. such aa I Mug lea. and Bell, and Houston, but lb. y could not be considered aa candidal"# Tbey are I running to aid oneor other of tbe other candidate# It waa said that the national democracy were bolters Tbey are in on' sense. for they Intend to bolt the donra of tbe detnocmcjr oga.itM oil hucksters, auctioneer* and (obber*. [laughter and spplause.) He revieewd the art too of I be Convention* at Cbarkston and Baltimore, arguinf that the nolo mat m? of Itotiglaa bad nothing r- gular about It ** ' cept it* impudenoa and presumption A \ Of *? Whn nominated Johnson? Mr. He la not naninated at alt. He I proceeded to < laim I bat Mr. Brrcktnridfe ?aa re i gularly nominated by tbe Convention, which coo | reoed under it* ebairmaa. He waa n mlaated by tbe vote of seventeen State*, and portions of other State*, and would carry one hundred and twantyI ?eTcn votes In tbe South and Par.Be States. Tbe vote of the Mate of Kew York would, therefbre. elest him. (Apntausr.) fsjugias could not ft an electoral vote in the couth. He would not get a vote in tbe lantern State*, In the Wfi-tern "tale* or lu the Middle .^tate* Breckinridge, therefore. romr* near an elertlon. while lionglaa does not I Mart nt si To brat Lincoln, then, til men ehould aupl port Beetktnrtdgr. who starts mth one hundred and i iwretyteren electoral vote#, and not a man bo start* without knowing where he shall get | a vote at all. He argued that Breckinridge was a democrat who was not objectionable ' to any state hi the t'nicn, while Pong la l was opposed to j the bitter end by fifteen State* in lb* l*sl?n. The Southern Stales would not vote for Itouglas if Beeekiortdg. was not running but if l?-?glaa should withdraw B?eekinrMye's election wnold be rartnin Rvery demo, crnt shrn'd insist. then, that Tvmgta* shall be withdrawn That would dispense with the n".-easily for Defoliations and intrigues, to which be (Hiekiuaoii) was opposed in every mood snd sender ? In every number and case < Applause.) He called upon the demo craey to raise tbeir baunefn boldly, and not to say they are half rlgbt arid half wrong, but declare th- m?el?w all rlfht to take no mttec timber In tbejr buiidti.g (Applause.) He , would etaet aa be com men red, by < oe gr at u 1st ir.g tbe Convention on their anion, at,u thourti tbe people might send at the move m*nt a* a " rloud no biffer than a man s hand," It would grow In si/.e and send forth a deluge that should refresh snd purify the art I soli rp politics, let them so ' late the flelJ with Breckinridge and I*oe. with Brady I and Vie!e or Ibelr t-agnsr, and see whether tbe people I would tot fl.rk to the standard H? was not afraid bocanso a fbrt,on was In th* Held against them. He bad lived , down n sry a far Coo and should live down th*<>n*, ' and are the trtpmph sgstn of the true democracy. He 1 (bar ked the fonvfotlun for their attention, asd referred them to hi* published speech fur his sentimsnls on the iasuea of th* I aropsign tlni applause and cbear* ) Col Vis,*, beirg railed, accept* 1 the nomination and endorse.) the principle* laid down In the reoolutioo*. He avowed his intention to go bTne with the responsibility placed upon his shoulders lo tabor for tlie success of the ticket. He spoke at length in favor of the movement snd sgsiost the corrupt i-ower of the centrsl clique, snd avowed bit devotion to nations! democratic principles His remark' were loudly applauded lir Trwrums.of Broome, was called on. and spoke, brief)* denotmrinf soy negntisllons with the mpudent (brtlrss which had com* to thetn without any '-splul to nftbr, dsgi'tng to winke csrrnpl bargains, fie bellerod that the pri-srsaa of tha 'anas of the national democracy waa onward, and that lie fore king the masse* would llork to their stands*,d is groat numbers With 'r od cheeps for tbe t icket, the CVg?vw tin? thai ?'> i.rhtd MM* 4k % W.SY O morning edt,tion-thur: I THE BRECKINRIDG AND LANE DEMOCRATIC 8TAr/fc COMMITTEE. Pnuct'sn, August , 1M0. 1 The new Brtct ./wridge ud Lim State Committee met at two o'clock, at, u?c Voerhces Home, tor the purpose of organisation. Bob. John A. Greene, Jr., of this city, *?ae uoammor jiy rr < tec led chairman tor the ensuing year, and Matinew McMafcon, Fhq., of Albany, was reappointed Btcret/iry to the committee. After the transaction of rome bus mess relating to the prosecution of the cam; l<aign the committee adjourned to meet at the call of the chairman. i THE NEW JERSEY REPUBLICAN STATE CONVENTION. Tmjito.v, August 8,1880. The Republican Convention met at twelve o'clock. A large number of delegates were present. Ephraim Marsh wee made temporary chairman. Committees on permanent organization, rules and resolutions were appointed. Cot. Pennington wan reported for President with a Vice President from each county, and a Secretary from each Ctyigreeeional district. The President took the chair amidst deafening cheers and made an eloquent speech, oocservalive in its form, but firmly for Northern men and Northern principles. He spoke highly of the honesty and integrity of Mr. Lincoln, aa he had learned from men of the first character at Washington. The committee reported only two resolutions, the first reaffirming the Chicago platform, and secondly re-endoraingthe nomination of Lincoln and Hamlin. The Convention then opened for the Domination of electors. Joseph C. Hornblower and Andrew K. Hay were unanlmouely elected Senatorial electors. The districts reported their electors as follows:? 1?Charles E. Elmer, of Cumberland. 2? Fdward W. Ivins, of Ocean. 3?George H. Brown, of Somerset. 4?David Thompson, of Sussex. 6?Tseac W Scudder, of Hudson. A resolution sympathizing with Garibaldi and the i struggles for liberty in Sicily and everywhere caused great commotion, and was finally referred to a committee. The Convention completed its business before the' ut. which took place at half past one o'clock. In the afternoon a Maes Convention was held in front of the < ourl House. Several hundred people were present. Governor Ps.vximotox took the chair, and introduced Hon. Daniel ITImann, of New York. Mr. I'limas* made a very deliberate epeech, in which be endeavored to show the Americans why they ought to tupport I.tncotn and Hamlin. He gave a historical acre out of the legislation on the subject of slavery, showing that the Americana occupied the same ground, from their lirst organization to the present time, with the Chicago platform. He said that the Oooveattoo which nominated Bell and Everett was not an Amerioan Convention; that Mr. Bell was not, and dare not avow himself, an American; and that Mr Everett was not, and never bad been, an American. Aa for himaalf, ben tiad never chanced one iota In his Amerioan sentiments. He bad nothing to call back, bat stood ? h? re be bad always stood. He ooeciuded by an eloquent allusion to Henry Clay and the consonanoe of his views with those entertained by the friends and supporters of Lincoln and Hamblln. Mr. BrXLOniiME was the next sneaker. He Instated upon the loyalty to tbe Union of the republican party, but contended firmly for the Northern vie we on the ilavery quettton. Pimply because tbey were tbe views of 1 tbe father? of the confederacy. He referred to the threat* c made by Southern men that Lincoln would tot be peril itied to take hs seat. In such an event let these gentlemen remember the strength of the American government. Tbey would be tried, and every man who resisted the government would be treated a* a traitor. Mr. Bi rusoank spoke w Ith his usual power and elo- " quecce, and elicited great attention and frequent ap n plauce. Governor Peixwotos, the President of tbe Convention, Si i.eluded the speaking by urging the m-ceenity of a change in tbe government, and cited many reasons for It. w The Oonvcution then adjourned. ^ City latelllgemre. New klrmoDmi Episcopal Church ?Yesterday afternoon the corner stone of a new Methodist Episcopal a church was laid, with all due religious observance. la g Twenty fourth street, near Ninth avenue. The principal 0 part of the ceremony was gone through by tbe Rev. |, Bishop Janes, assli-ted by Drs Oeborn and Foster. At tbe n time appo inted (three o'clock) there was a goodly as- c scmb'sgc of females, old and young, evidently the (hirer < part of the congregation, under the spiritual carc of tbe tester, Rev. Mr. 1 crrls, who appeared to take much Inte P rrit In the proceed ices There were, however, scarcely a 1 dozen men preseut. lie members of the Methodist church c comprised within the mission of which the Tw?>dy fourth Street church forma a part, were deprived of their fhrmcr 1 place of worship by a Are some twelve months ago. Since v that time Ibejr bate regularly met under a te,ut>urary roof, but In hope* of sj*edily a. at niblliig In a temple more commodious than tbe one that bad been destroyed. The 01 eOurta of the congregation to thin end bare not been la <J, vain, and yesterday aonn 200 or 300 people were present . at the err- monks of laying the rorner atone of their new church The anr.ounoi mrnt that a corner atone waa to be lx laid might imply that the work was but com- n menctd. hut in tl*s caae the work had no far r progrissed that the services on the occaaion were pcriormed wiihin the new walla and roof of the building. w 1 he ground waa purchaaed some time ago for the aum of 0j 19 UO. and the eatauate for erccticg the church is Aged at fO.OCO, and it la expected that no delay will be ex- s' perlenccd in conn'.etirg it. The aervicea yesterday b; rcmmenced by the aascaiolafa atwglwg the lfr&tb hymn. , After vhtck an prayer waa delivered by the Rev. Br. Osborn. The Iter. In. Thompson then delivered a rhor* addrcaa. wbkh waa succeeded by a brtef statement li< of tbe state of the niielxn by the pat tor, the Rev Mr. I'er- ti ris. A collection waa then made,and aubsequcntly Bishop ? Janes deposited In the atone some documents setting ? lorib the circumstances attending the erection of the \ it church. Ac. The services concluded with singing, after ri whuh the ladies returned to their homes. tr The J*fj???M fa i.voia?Coaascnosr ?In the report of 14 roiincilman Lent's remarks on bis repentance for having rtl voted for the attempt at robbing the city treasury, our aa reporter unintentionally misrepresented bla closing ten tence. Mr. lent said that be would ' rather be accused of extravagance, incompetency?anything but dta- r< honesty." He did oot us* this language ?"Although Ibe Board might be accused of extravagance and incompetency, and even dishonesty, he would vote for the coo fo turn bee with tbe " We would suggest the ai propriety of Mr. lent a raising bla voice slightly above a . whisper, and of arranging his language in some sort of stipe the rtvl lime he makes an oratorical effurt In tbe Board, ao that the reporters can make a good guest at what be may wish to say to the public through tbe columns of the proas The Waatsraa ?Yesterday proved to have been one of m the bnlteat davi we have had this summer Shout one l' O'clock rain storm threatened for a little while; bat unluckily 11 passed. >1111 Pto'bn* let down on the city Bl o lib even more loU-natty and warmth la the Uaiui r< ad office tbe mercury stood as follows at the hours named ? , 10 o'clock A M U doga IS M M 83 1 " PI. ?2 " a l 8 ? " ? " 4 ?? u 93 41 ^ 6 ? 90 " d* e " " 88 " ha Acrmti on a* Kirn Tram or thi Argun olj P.aitm ap, aiijucn to n> luaeatiT I a to flow* ? An ag rfiouraed inqueet wai held y<wterday before Coroner (.awible, at tbe bonne of W Banlr, 737 Eighth arenue. car Fiftv-Brst street, teaching tbe dcatb of Clara J ate !o< Baoly. aged four y?ra. It appeared from the evidence fee i'at deceased and her brother, aged eleven, were kaock -r t ed d wn by a car on tbe aflrrnoon of the SOtb ult., and 1 deceaaed received aevere Initirlea. cauring tetanua. whlcb of termu ai <i tu dcatb on tbe lit mat Tb? inquest wan ad to urncd fretn tbe 3d inn for the purpose of obtaining rldrnee a? t<> tbe legality of tbe third or extra track. ' which was laid down In May laat. extending from Fifty ,Ui Qift street to near Forty eighth atreet, and upon which I the accident occurred to deceased Ft ancle paytno. In to iw<tor of street incumbrances, tee lifted ?cm the tfllh of > July la-t I crop here bjr order of Ibr J?tre< t ConimiMion t i err. alt uded by richt ax n, to rem-ve the w.*t ?r eitra m< I trark: t had acrved a notice three daya before; bcfhre |? ' "it menrlng to take tin the track I <a* Otlrer Charlick, n the Superintendent of the Railroad Company. who re vr ' itj tin ti> trait Mill he had aeco tba Street Commie l I'ner.heaaw tm rod {rot perm lea inn In let the track tr a main for Ire or twelve daya; be haa been a.-aln notified that tbe time haa einlred to remove the track. It haa not fill I yet he?n taken op. The Jury readered the follcwltg rer er I tict ?That drrratrd croc to ber death by tetanna, the k, of Injuria* recetred by being run over by the an I chlh Avenue Railroad car No g, on the 90th of July The tury further believe that in all prvbvbiltty the neel . debt would rot have ueourtnd if the eatra track on which it happened bad not been laid down. ar " Tnn Fr*k J iort," F.rr ?Mr. Jamea Kerrigan dealrea eo ua to atate that on Monday night laet he aaatated a police mat. to arreat a man who war behaving in a dkmvderly IP| I manner in the lager beer aaloon rorrer of Broadway and | Broome atreet. which led to the atatement llwt be had tii for.e there with a jwrty of ruwdlea aud then engaged in *? a free i.*?.t Scrpat rirrmon to Crrtrai Park, Harlrw ar > be Ru.r Rrtrt.r ? On Sunday neit tbe Harlem Railroad Com * pAfy commence new arrangement In the running of their traina, by amending tbe tripe of the Central Park tralna to Harlem Bridge, thereby affording the reaidenta ya of tcnlhetn Wrafcbeawr an cpportnnlty of vlalting tbe t Tark. aa well aa our owa cllirene At Harlem Bridge the l(| tralna will connect with the ateamboata plying to and frcm the High Bridge The traina will leave Thirty ne- (,r * end etreet for Harlem every half hour from nine A M . till balf | aat aeven P. M , ? at Central Park atalior, . 1tll Torkvllfe and lofrih atreel From oae till half paat aevea ? P. M the Central Park tralna will leave Thirty aecond ,,, atreet every fifteen minutee. connect leg with the Fourth avenue rare to and from the Aator Houee ,,, Sru-oRoaA Yornej Urrwar ?Rarly laet evening, a wi jpvt'f ?cin an named tieorgv Rupert, reewttng at No 18 to veane A, rotemltfed an rule by taking a deer of ararok ve i The deeeaeed tad t-cen airk for acme time, and fearing ae bia divaee waa tnrwraMe, >a a fit of dewpalr be took the ? Aa ia^utafi w .11 he held to day Nt UK .II SDAT, AUGUST 9, 1860. YACHTINO INTELLIGENCE. m? A?|ut Craise or the Yacht Squadroa?The Ran Throwgh the SonnJ?ArrlYki at New Haven, the Julia Leading the Fleet. SPECIAL DISPATCHES TO TBI HERALD., L. i, August 7?6 P.' M. Twenty-four yachts, belonging to the Sew York Yacht "ub, with tbelr respective owners and invited guests, ire gathered here preparatory to the start on the annual iruise of the squadron, which will take place in about talf an hour. Judging from the larce number of Yachts, including be presence of rae or two new ones, tbe lively expect* ions of tbe members of tbe club here, and tbe delightful sbarscter of the weather, tbe occasion promises to b toll of interest. Yachts are flying about, and lying at atchor with sails ict and colors flying; small boats are plying hither and hflher. conveying baggage and passengers; while score >f pleasure parties, flitting about in ev<-ry direction onder the scene one of active, bustling, beautiful life. The fleet proceed to-night to Glen Cove, where, early in be morning, they will llap their wings for a fresh start, tnd make their way to New London, New Haven, or iome one of tbe inviting harbors along the coast which >ss not yet been announced, A band of music accompanies tbe squadron, and, sta li ned on a schooner chartered for the purpose, will add o the pleasure of the occasion in a thousand ways which he cruising yachtsman knows both how to devise and ippreclats. Tbe entries, thus far, are as follows?and it is not at JJ unlikely that several other boats will join tbe number lefore the termination of tbe cruise:?Schooners Maria, L A. Stevens (Commodore); Widgeon, Messrs. Edgar; <ormm. Messrs. Major; Bonita, 8. W. Dawson; Bessie, ?; Favorite, A. C. Kingsland (Vice Commodore); Haze, If. B. Duncan; Restless, G. W. Thatcher; Gipsy, L. Ipencer; Madgie, R. P. loper; Zouave, Mr. Mellery; /.inga, If. H. Thomas; Juliet, E. A. )<eroy; America, D. C. I Cingtland. Sloops Mallory, J. T. Bache; Reb< tea, J. G. tcnnelt, Jr.; Julia, J. M. WaUrbury; Narragansett, I. Bedlow; Irene, Iiwls B. Brown; Ray, L. M. Rutherord; Mannersing, C. T. Cromwell; Rowena, 11. W. lacon. Plover, R. 8. Palmer; and Undine, I.. W. Jerome. Tbe yacht Maria, Commodore Stevens, who appears in ho squadron for tbe flrst time in several years, Is here ust ofl the ways, having been lately altered from a sloop 0 a schooner, and from stem to stem looks mischief, "here is a good deal of speculation whether her sailing [ualtliea have been at all enhanoed by tbe lengthening rooess to which sbe has been sublet ted, and mueb utcrest is manifested in regard to her flrst effort. Kx sriorally sbe baa unquestionably undergone a change ior be better. A light breese la prevailing from tbe southward, and be start promises to be made under the meet suspicious ire urns tannes. ARRIVAL OP THK SQUADRON AT GLEN COVE. Clkv Com, August A?Morning. Tbe fleet arrived here last evening about half past six? ind blowing fresh. We start for New Haven this lorning?tbe smaller boats at seven and tbe larger ones 1 eight. Tbe evening was occupied in visiting the hotel ibore, and interchanging visits aboard, in tbe course of ;blch tbe liveliest fun prcvstled. BE ANNUAL CRCI8B?THE RENDEZVOUS AND SAIL UP TBE SOUND?ARRIVAL AT NEW HAVEN?THE JULIA AHEAD OF THE FLEET?INCIDENTS, KTC., ETC. We are now fairly entered upon the yachtsmen's annual srnival?an occasion which is anticipated with more enuine pleasure by the real lovers of the sjort than any ther in the year. H is the time when a mm who is wing iiis corporeal tallow at the rale of a teaspoonful a ilnute in the hot oven of summer sen disenthrall him v ^ elf from his business without a s.sglo conscientious wlnge, and yield himself to a Iiglilful pursuit that re >ayt him mentally and physically a thousand fold. A imc, too, when be can be a "boy again," and with i frw ocgental spirits, on the deck of his own fleet craft, take bat real, solid comfort, which noue but s thorough going a< human can en^oy. It was no vrourttr to us, therefore, when on embarking u board tbe lilUe steamer bound for Wbitestonc,ou Tues?y evening Ust, we encountered three score or more r gentlemen, representing some of the largest wealth an I t ' " " * */ ?"? ? is ? le rendexvous of tbe squadron. Here iw Moses H. ,, r lentil, the reteran merrluaut, John Jacob Astor, the , ell Known millionaire; ex Mayor KtnfsUnd, and a d ix en ,, herf whose u*mce are familiar to our citis'ns in lb ir ,, vers! mercantile or professional pursuits?sll permeated ; j, jr the one (rrand Idea of a week's tport Baskets, bun j, lee carpet bag*,trunks, boxeamarked with ''Bordeaux,'' c Florae,'1 "Greet Seal,'' 'Blue sjcal," ''Medoc,"' St Ju- al en," together with other i?raplt< mafia of ' a g ?h1 i j, me 'piled up on either aide of the boat, indicate the , teelletl attention that ia in be paid to the inner man. bile the free and easy attire of the company render an unmtstakcable fait to the observer that the in nallttcs of life have been for the moment f?rt'"t f n in the contemplation af the coming Pleasure The io venation is on the topic uppermost in each mind, and , r tch boat of the squadron, with ita peculiarities, perfor- ] H ancct and prospecM, pass in mental review before tbe w weiiihied roupnny. WHmwroyg. 5 This place bat l>eei made memorable in lifttory aa tbe P of the New York Yacht Squadron itnce tbe r iltlatlon of the annual crutae. Ita principal features are ' p ur frame houses. a sloop, wharf, any quantity of trees ? id shrubbery, and a gentle bend In the rlrcr that makes * a capital locality for the purpose for which it has been N CI til b Arriving here, tbe scene presented was of tbe most snl * sted chartcter. A majoriir of tbe little fleet lay at anchor, r hlle others were flitting sbout like so many mosquitoes, inr neatly coppered bottoms occasiooslly turmog up to tl tow the care bestowed upon tbcm, while r.icsly rar- s abed spar*, clean black sides sad spotlss.' sails. suggest d I so ides of tidiness sod squsttc comfort that to an 0 nder in a great city was decidedly refreshing 'N Here lay tha Favortta, Ziaga, Gipsy. Restless. Bessie? pi sew boat fey the way, and looking as handsome ss s ( cture?the Widgeon, the Norms, Rabecrs. Mailory, I n ac, America, and a majority of tboae aboae names we I P ee already published trvera'? the Julia, llace and " Mri-being on their way. and expected to arriec Jur- | rj the night. fr Here alao lay the Mana, Die famou* a loop of obi, ha ?| iglng to Commodore Elevens, now lengthened thirty f? I. and to altered In ber general appearance aa to be arcely rrrogo.iablo by her moat intimate friend* fler I w w a< hoocer rig la Itaelf preaenta no distinctive feature i( i the mperbcial obaerrrr, bet the moment one drop* hia < rl e to the beautlfhl line* of tbc long, black, aaucy looking ! *' Jl, Ibe peculiar bow. aliarp an a hn.fe edge, and tbc '' an rnn of her (tern, the Impressed! cannot be kept u an th t the Maria, ao fur aa looks at leaat are eoecernei, <>miaee to be the faateet yacht in the squadron. Much ,| li ml la nan.'rated In her nerfurmancea. and her ererr r.vrtnrm I* cioaely watched. as tbe manurrurret from hi.t to roint, ?o discover what improvement ha a be? .<!? i? li?"r cor.itruri >on. Hrr omr. Commodore flte n?, i? * bo on hoard. toil, for the flr?t time in aeveral ^ ar*. rcmir.anda in pettoti the beautiful litllo fury fleet tBd b i. . * Br?id?? the yacht#, a larga number of amaller rrafl, j ed with lad Ira and gentlemen were fliitingr aloitl la 1 rry direct on. and wllba freab breew blowing from the uthwrtt, the occasion wan marked by rare beauty and " imatioa. i TUB ttTABT { m Whltcstone Ibr Men Core took place aoon after the rival of tbe steamer, and ae aooa ai the baggage and mpany could be transported to their reepecttva deatma 'u * I ,, Tbe waiter yachts took tbe tend, the larger ooet bring i . I op the rear, and tbe Maria betn? the last to leave ' r anchorage Tbe passage to (Ilea Cove, which it a -taree of about ten milee, waa made In little more than 1 boor, no tin or occurring during the trip arortby of in- ) reel beyoad the ordinary ethilaralinr aenaatloa of , mnd nr along at a racing pace, which surrounded ue p. II . .1 t ' I am n at nt.bp corp. Tliia v ( ma le the retting place flnr the night, and U p| cht after yacht arrived, rounded to and lowered her g. i, tl,e booming gune announced the fbct. and waked up .hood for m-lea around. A* it wis not far frtm dinner tlaie, end the bracing m e?re had rreated arnaatlona alxnit the aaaemblod I I.ragma whtch demanded immediate altertatloa, cat #? i h<" atne at one# the order oi the hour, and a aenre of hite flag* flouting from the maatbeada warned all pertr again*! inltualon at an hour an danger.,ue I'inner over, the Grunuiodore atgnulled to the aererul merr?"(?tr,e ou hoard." and in a few m in a tea after- w lid a fleet of row hnuta had conveyed the gentlemen the Moatterdeek of the Maria. Here, "la roa nl?a aeeetnt led," it waa anaoaared that at * ? o'rlce* la tho morning the flmt dletaton, or ahteof the smaller ' la?a would get under weigh fbr tw tiayen, and at tfbt o wiuyk Uhio wvnld b? ^hjued fq ERA by the larger j *i bu?the Maria, Cypey, JavoriU. Haze, Rebecca, Widgeon, Julia, and Bessie. THK FIKliT NIGHT. By the time thie ofllcial business was terminated It *11 quite dark, and arrangement* were made by a oonslicrable party of the yachUmen to goon shore, an] in the cm tome ry manner pay a Tieit to the hotel. To the younger and onaopbletlcated portion this wis anticipated ei a treat In proepect, from the fact that quite a number of fashionable divinities were watering In this quit I sx>t, end were with open arms expected to welcome the visiters to a hospitable entertainment in the shape of a riauce and the concomitant amuaementa. Shoreward* they accordingly wended their way, luided on the land at a sacrifice of dirty boots and gravelly stockings, huu luaur uicjr wn/ luiuuyu uii- (jiuvv mj iuo ^ruuiiruii; purhrs of tbe hotel. The disappoint meat may be more readily conceived than expressed, when it wan ascertained ttiul some of the jealous young iMharios of the eetab iehment bad held out to tbe aforesaid nioe young lad las he romantic temptation of a "straw ride"?a sort of free uid easy mode of locomotion on the bottom of a country wagon. More regret than indignation found vent at their ibeence, for yachtsmen are a gallant set of fellows gene ally, and relief was sought in the hope that they might xperience better treatment elsewhere. An evacuation :>f Glen Cove habitations accordingly took place with tbe itmost precipitation, and tbe party re embarked for their etpectlve homes, where they arrived with the usual Jtherman's luck?damp seats and empty stomschs. Between Oreworks, visits to the neighbors, a beautiful moonlight, tbe music by the bandsot a bad feature by any means?and sundry entertainments of an impromptu character, a most delightful evening cloeed the excitement of tbe day. One ?f the yachts, whose owners are celebrated for their bountiful hospitality, was made su especial caravansary for tbe evening; ana party after party came and went, rull. bappy and sattsued. By twelve o'clock all was quiet In tbe little fleet, and ihe tired yachtsmen were slumbering In their respective places. WWWraiDAY. fvery one up, bright and early. A light wind prevails from tbe southwest, just enough to create a perceptible ripple on the water. Many of tbe gentlemen avail themselves of tbe opportunity for a dive and iwim. A cup of coffee or a bottle of Coogresi water Is swallowed to settle disturbed stomachs, Sd preparations are made to get nnder weigh. ven o'clock,and a little white and red flag fluttering from the msst head of the Maria, says as plainly as bunting can talk, "I'pandgo." No one who has not seen Ibe start of a squadron ofyachts can know the busy life ibal is everywhere manifest. There is tbe quick, short command of the master, the rattling of tho cordage, tbo creaking of the blocks, the rapid tramp of tbe men, tbe splashing of water, the "Yo heave oh" of the rising anchor, and the thousand and one details that lend ex citement to the scene, and constitute one of tbe charms of s yachtsman's 1'fe. By ten minutes past eight o'closk the last anchor is weighed. ON THB BOUND. ??c arr uuw ittirij nu uur wru?u. nunc i ?i ivc, twenty three fairy footed craft are gliding noiaeleaaly over the broad expanse of the waters of Long Island *ound, like so many white winged swans, wooing the wphyrs that are to waft them into the boantifbl harbor >f New Hares. Every stitch of canvass that can hold a cap mil is pre ad to the breeze, and there is not a craft in the enIre fleet behind as on which every nerve is not strained o take advantage of the tltful flaws that now and then tad the 3 actus dancing along, and keep the aplrlls of all n beard swinging lite a pen ledum between the pleasing ntWipations of a victory and the probabilities of a lefrat. The fleet are scattered alt over the Sound, and their shite Fails, glistening in the sunshine like so many towny wings, make one of the prettiest pictures tliat can Bad a pla r in the inaginaticn. The Julia, Rebecca, Maria, Favorita, naze, Gipsy, Widgeon, /Inge and Bessie, are the boats of the division ahicb last got under war. Of these the Julia and !te?ecra bare led the entire fleet, the nearest yacht being it l? ast a mile behind, while some are so distant that to he naked eye tbeir bulla are buried beneath the horizon. NBW OAVKN. The Julia has come in, at nineteen minutes to four t'clork, about tbree minutes ahsal Between the Rebecca ind herself a lively contest took place all the way from 31er Cove. As, the Julia sailed like a witch, the wind be rg nearly free the whole distance, and of tliat light character which enabled bcr to show some of her brut points, but her lively competitor was at her beds, und liefore tier anchor w as fairly embedded on the bottom f ibe huv. bad surted alor,aside nnJ dropped her own. loliowmg there was the Mann, the I'ave.iU, Slid the larger yacht*. And tu a f< w minutes one by one of the * bole (lei t h*d arrived, and <>tn? to off the llghtli'iugc, afore they remain for the tight The neit port will probably bo New London. The w nil* : ne light and fair, .-ev.-rai scrub nxr arc to come oil", ind a lively lime ia anticipated. Uiee Jsax M Davgai-ogT, a decidedly popular tragic ac | rrgc in New York and those enrrounding cities which I re capable of appreciating artiatic geniua, ia eojoying the ' loaeuree and the proilta of a moat ixieoeaal'u! engagement 0 California. By our exchange* we perceive that a large utiilier of the moat Influential citizens of Swrametito cdered that young lady a complimentary benefit on the Ih of lart month, in appreciation of her profeaatonal ta rta at well at in ark now lodgment of h?r estimable total virtuea She performed ' Camille'' on the occasion, Dd the press ia tinanitnoua in ita approval of the imperso 1 at.i n of tbal charaelrr by Mtaa Davenport S'I.e will rejrn to New York for the winter theatrical campaign Police Intelligence. CovsttKiart Mo?kv?Ulcn UcKuight wan taken into 1 tli-dy by I iceman Woodbury, on charge of paaaing a ounterfrit ffi bill on the Addison Bhtk, of Addle' n. New '< rk. at the atore of Charles Dumber, No 64 Sprit g In eh The priaoaer had made a prerlotia attempt to dia re of the counterfeit at the atore of Frederick Meyer, :<f. 86 Marion street Justice Steer* commute t the rirooer for trial .lohr Newman, a native of t.rrenwtch, O-nn . war ar eated on a similar charge The secured, it appears, nsaed a counterfeit 66 bill on the Ba!!*ton ?w.? Ruik, at lie store of Nicholas Houseman, No. 17 Fart Broadway, i conntetfelt 65, on the Merrimark Bank of Haverhill, laaa , war alt" parsed by the priaoner at the store of S. I Dodge No. lift Chatham street. The prisoner was ronght before Justice Steers, when, after a long ex minattsa, he was committed for trial. Newman aubee uently prreurrd bail In the arm of 61 000, when he was rteased from roetody. Moaa Iheoaprni ? Hnraga Baoaax I'r ?Th* police of tie Fifteeatb precinct paid a visit to Uie fhahonable re r>ft of Mrs Jane MrCrradv. 143 KiaLlh street on Tuea ?y night. and arretted the proprietor* and over a dorro t tbe inmate* f>n the name tight the Eighth precinct olioe pa.d a visit to a similar eatabliabmeut located at fo SO Greene street, kept by Mrs Anna Murk. Tlie rlsoaera ta both instances were brought before Jti?t ie*otinolty, and held for examination. CnatH.a or Rtrairoie Holjn Goor* ?Jonas feiomM a awnbroker doing business at No 146 Grand street, was iken Into custody yesterday by policeman Golden of the ixth precinct, on charge of recaistng a gold watch and bain with a guilty knowledge. Ths property was stolen om Walter R .lames, of No 244 Canal street. by a ta-l imed William Hennly. and. as It is alleged, aold by the itter to Fall man for $;?. Justice t\ elab b< Id the arn.ted r trial. Onrti os Bt M.tsan ? Hlcba'd O'Nell and William [chantey were taken Into custody by policeman Hutch 'gs. of the Ninth precinct, rn charge of baring hurgla cuaty entered the dwelling of Jaa H 1 yoM.No. 76 J.ine reel", and stealing thrreft-'m about $00 worth of proper r, Ji.stire Connolly eommitted the prisoners for trial. Cnnrr'TTnjr.?In speaking of a riot whieh oceurred in le Fifth ward on Friday last, we unintentionally Incited le row at No '.7h Greenwich street, Instead of No. 17 on ie opposite aide of the street. Biooklyss City Sews. F? situ v cs |i?ir?.sTS? to run docthap Rratt Cosmrw os?Tbs delegates chosen at tbe primanea on Tuesday et In Assembly conventions yesterday afternoon, and. i lar as ascertained, selected tbe follow ng delegates and temates to the fiouglas Plate Convention at Syracuse ? Tend fdatriit?Malhcw Murphy, delegate Iawrence.1 sn'ey, alternate Thtrd Idstrtct?Adjourned till this rsring kourth Iiiitr rt?James Dolly, deleg.itn Jolin urtsss, alternate I ! > - " ' ' 'an nnl nown woman was < i nd in the water of, Bay r.idgo on Monday. The deseed i?- supposed to be about forty years of age and ss un ?ed in a calico sack, delaine skirt, and India ihber slippers Tie bod.i had been in the water but a w days There were no marks of violence An inqucet u Leltl by Coroner Bennett, and a seed let of " Found owned" waa rendered, Dwowssn nr aC'itscs ? A child named Margaret Welsh, ed aboH seven yeara. residing at No 9 Garrison street, II into a cistern at tbe rear of the house, on Tuesday renlng, nod was drowned. Tun fscarsn costtcto ? of tbe convicts who | csped frcm the Penitentiary on Monday succeeded In , ti ng sway. Their names are John Rowers, Ed. Flood, ? bard Thompson, W. II Mnrto, James IV srney. W H. igers, James Quarkenhusb, Cbnrlea Williams and Tho : as Mrtyuade. They were at work on the new 1-onatic tylum building, under the chargs of flee assistant keep I?rrs|ite't fwssrt. Dsfore Edward C West, Surrogate Aiet sr 7 ? About thirty caaes came op before the 3u? gate meet of which were disposed of. The doe rate waa Anally submitted on the pointn. The Court adjourned to the 30th of August Sfmwal Intelllgessee. The Failed Ptatrt storesbip Belief milled from Boston r tbe unet of AJrte oa the IU> IBM LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. ARRIVAL OF THE EIIROPA AT HALIFAX. TWO DATS LATER FROM EUROPE. The Reported Evacuation of Sicily Contradicted. Garibaldi Reported Among the Wounded at the Siege of Xelaxio. ADVANCE JN BREADSTUFF'S, Re., Ac., Re. * IIaiitax, August 8,1M0. The steamship Europs, t'apt I/citch, from Liverpool 2Stb via Qucei.stown 29lb, arrived here at three A. M. today. The news it quite meagre There ia no change to note in the Syrian question. Conferences were being held at Parte relative to intervention, and it was expected that a convention would soon be signed. It was supposed that the Saltan will decline the intervention. It is asserted that the Neapolitans still hold Meaina, and that Garibaldi waa there. It was reported that be waa wounded at Melazzo, where the losses of the Sicilians were heavy. Advices from Rome report that a seditions bill had been posted there announcing an approaching revolution. The steamship Persia, from New York, arrived at Liverpool on the '28th. The steamship Parana, from Sew York via St. Johns, N. F., arrived atO.alway 28th. The Europa passed, July 29, 8 50 P. M, thirtyjve mllee frtm Queenstown, steamship Etna, from New York , August 0. 1st. 46 M, long. &6 40, bark Gazelle, of Charleston, bound west. COMMERCIAL INTELLIGENCE. LONDON MONEY MARKET. The money market was generally unchanged The bullion in the bank bad decreased ?93.000 Consols cloaed on Saturday at 93X a 93\ for mon?y and 93.<4 for account. Baring's quote bar silver, 6s. l)tfd; dollars, 6* 2\d.; eagles, 10s. 3V,d. AMERICAN sin'RItlW. Baring Brothers report a limited business at previous rates. . I fell A Son report State stocks in improved demand. Railroad securities in better request at slightly better I price*. ' The late*t rala-i reported are of Illlooli Centra) aharea at 96,>? a 36** diacount, do. 7'a of '76 at 86, Erie share* at lit, and New York Central shares at 74 a 78. LIVERPOOL COTTON MARKET. 1 rvaacoot., July 28, 1800. The sale* of cotton to day were 8,000 bales, of whtcb S CCO wise to speculators and exporters. The market doled doll. LIVERPOOL BREAOSTT"ff8 MARKET. The weather ha* t>cen unfavorable for the crops, heavy *howe\r* having fallen, but It I* now floor. A Co. and Biglaod, Athya k Co ., report flour Arm at Tuesday'* advance; American 27* a IP* Cd. ITheat steady at Tin sdar's advance and Id. a 2d additional for white; red. 10? 10-1. a 11* 2d.; white, 1 If tid a 12* P i. Corn derliced 3d ; mixed, 30s. a 30a. 3d., yellow, 30s. 3d a AOs 01 white, 34* a 36*. To day the breadstuff* market has been generally firm. Corn dull. LIVERPOOL PROVISION' MARKET. Wakefield. N'a*h A C<>., Bigland, Athya A Co. and others, report beef heavy at 67-< 8d a AO* Pork dull, but steady. Bacon quiet. lard buoyant at 60s ?d. a hJt?.. and bolder* demacdiUK an advance Tallow quiet; Noith Anierlric 63 01 a 54*. ( earier under large Supplies, but pi dr..* unchanged. 7o day Ihe market ha* been quite dull. I IVI RrOOI PROPTCE MtKKFT. The broken-' and ether circular* report ashes sbghtly )< err. with ni'ie doing pots 24* 6d. a 20*., pearls 28* 6d all1* 6d . r'l-tng, and bolder* asking Higher rate*, tgar flr.T) Coftee oiilet Rice dull, and prices barely maintained Carolina 2.1* 01. IJnaeed cake* ?9 fur Western American. I.inseed oil dull and unchanged. Cod oil?ealf* 111.important Sperm oil ?93 a ?98. lb#iii* dull ard si ghtly lower common 4* 3d a 4?. Id. Spirit* tin pe ntme dull at 31s. Tea alow of rale at unchanged rats*. l.ONhON MIRKSTP. Faring'* Circular report* wheat advaneod la. a 2s . rloclcp with a dec! ring teideu,"> white ;>6e a 6*a ; red r:.s a .'<i* Floor. 28s a ?0* Iron steady at ?6 Its. a ?6 10* for boih rail* and hot*. I'ig iron if-ady a*. 62* Cd. Pcyarne et la lew steady at 62* Cd. Fpirit* turpen tine drill at r?? Ad a 8.1* Coffee steady. Indigo-Sales clrfstl 1 Hold ihing 1 general decline]*. Linsred Cakrs? 6a a 7a Cd and for American,In barrels. 10s 6A Vteh nil* Klesily I.inseed oil. 28*. Cd a 2ft*. 9d. Rice all adv. Tea quiet at Is. 6d. lor rommon Congo. IIAVHK MARKKT. F< r tlie week, including July 26, cotton declined If. Ni v? Crl. at* tres ordinaire p.'i' . ba* K4f. Kale* of th? w? k 6 M8 baVr. Stock 242 f(0 bale* Breads!uda dull. AfU'* dull < I'ee heavy, and quotation* barely maintained Oil* 'lull and unchanged. Bice dull but firm. Fuj arfiin lard dull and notional Whalebone nominal. Obltaiarjr. COLONEL J * ME* R. RYAN. We have to add one more to the already numerous lint of recent d< alb* amongst our city military. An will be aero announced in another column, Col James R Ryan expired of) last Tuesday, at bin late residence, No. 109 Leonard street. Col. R , It will be remembered, wan, not loKtr ago, commander of Ibe Sixty nintti regiment, and contributed In no ?ma!l degree it th^ prroent ilate of efr.chncy and dia< ipllne which admirable oorpa bar attained Ab"tit a year ago he voluntarily re? gned the honorable poailmn of (Y lone I, and waa aocceeded by Carl Michael Corrt>ran. of Hibernian Hall. The funeral n'fTtrfi taill take place tomorrow afternoon, at two 01 '<?k. ai.J the entire Sixty ulntb regiment are uader ordera t<> parade. ful'v uniformed and eqnlpfmd Tbe Mlowinj. la the order of Co! C??rc"rar ? ft at toe al C'enair Pi*tt jrirrn Rre.ierat. I Xn T'i? Aug iat 7,1W0. ) rr*r??t ottrr e <rn. Ill "Jin* re* men wli. parade, fully lai'nned. armed and r<|i Ivped white Irnwaera ? tbii'*d?T the Ihk Inal . to attend the funeral of oe.r tate romwandimt. Colonel Jamea It Ryan. K< e n entni lln? mill be formed at lbe Dtetelon \ rmory at half par: ?ne I' M prerleeljr. t'.eld and atalf will report oils Biet.ntfdi to the c>i.>mhnd*nl at ouarler paat one o'rlrvk I' M. Nor r. o.n-i m oned band and driaa rurpa to the Adjutant at the wire time < Hirer* tad memhere will wear the nenal hadee of nioornlag aa the left arm. F t order of Col. MMhnel < oreoran. JOHN McKRON, Adjutant. the member* of Arctnrua Lodge. No 374 V . and A. 11-, ai d I' Lodge No. 243 10 of O P., to which Ool R. belonged. will alio atttend tbe funeral Mr*. 11.or* Horrvxr died at Sonkererllle, loudon cot i I.e. \a . lart week, In the add year of ber age. Pbo tra* tfiT tan of ibe Clayton family,and they were the Brgi aettlera of the rlllage. A. t?i MP Ma'tractus?A Cmm Knian ?Robert toiler, infant pod of Mr Robert r.wter.of 169 Wrst Dcventh Hrect, died ruddenly on Tuesday morning. under clrn mrlirrr* Irad to the belie! that death waa caused by malprat lice on the part of a physic.?n named Allen I r un lie evidence elicited before Coroner '.amble it appear r that the doctor premibed a mixture containing tae gra ta of opltm, which war to be ftivirled Into four P'-mlerr. and adminlniatered to the deccaeed at Intervale during the night <m taking the prescription to the Jrug lore No IftS arenne A, Mr. 1'aeter war informed by the drtggM that the doer wav rather large tor an infant, but raid he luppwed f>r Allen knew hla bualneea beei The father Nanny that there might beeome mistake, took aiirantare of the hint thrown out by the apothecary, and which ? 11 brmc be divided the pcwdcre t? that they wet; Id or'y r.irta n one eighth of a grain of opium But even lb j roved too large a doer for the nitwit for In a frw m<m?nta alter the ado,.mat rat ton of the me uictte .I ?it aeited with roorulnloc*. Dr Allen in .minrOiatriy auinmoned to the bedetde of the dying rhiM but waa unable vallsfaclo'lty to account Mor the n change in the condition of hit patient. Ho crdeavored by everj poatible mcana to reetore the little pi flrrcr to r-1 tr . in rap, but In rain A poet mortem egan. nation of the -<fjr m made by Pr Reach, when the ah merit and bi< M nea pre?i Med an it flamed appearaooo. udl?el.n? the preaer<e<,r < ma narcotic poleon. to the opinion of the pi ypiclan who mile the antopay, the pra < '.i-t.oa orderr d by It. Allen would bare been ruffle lent l< have COi d death. The dope war pitch a* la ueoaUy g.vrr. l<> adi'.ta.eiid wa? an in.proper one for an Infknt try fn.r dayi old The further Investigation of the caee ??* t r -it < r. I for a few dajp at the urgent request of one of Ihe juiorp fi a ?iprv? t a ?? ?An intufft wm held yeeierday at V# l'f Fiat Thirty lirat vtrect, upon the body of rstrtok f m H a pbnrer. w ho difd frr-m the evcccPiv* beul of lb# ain't, lute m the evening previoue. Nlrfcolap I III. a f.erwar. about forty yean of age. mi pud ptrurt yertrrdpy morn'ng while at work ra board the Phip ttcptpcrt, at ptar No 16 Fast river. Coroner <> Kecfe hrld en liqi.eet Arnrvaratit re.owarr ?J?mr* Donovan,a retlvS St ^jn d. lately riltdlig at Kv *4 Jeniep itreel, wap seeldnRaliy drowned Mi tie Ashlar at ihe fher of (MtartM street Ik# body waa rrrorered. and an Inquest WW held by the Oaesuef. Rrrnett. a lad abont nine yeeneM, reetdtag at N'o fA6 Moth avenue, war a?cldentelly drowned at the fht of Piply Irat slre't, North river, nvi Tlx May. while belblng ' oroner ?amhle held an inqweej upon the body ycttcrday

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