Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 9, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 9, 1860 Page 2
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o 4m MORE CURIOUS PHENOMENA. Ae fircat Southern fleleer?IU Appearance U Sees k BbWIppI iM Other Place; ? Another Aurora Bereaik la Summer A Small Heteer Seen Over Rev fork and Long bland flood*) Right, he., at., Ac. THE SOUTHERN METEOR. OCJB UOl.l. Y 8PHINOH Cl>HKK>fONDKNCE. Holly Si-kisoS, M.?a., August 3, 1860. The 9'uthem Meteor?lit Brilliant Appearance?Jt is Sup poted to be Identical with the One Seen it Neat York?P. it Seen all Along the I.tne of the telegraph ?I l u of the I'eopU?The Appearance of the Ifijht?LeUert fro.n l'ar ' tit* who Saw the Meteor, dc. ! , I h&va read with great interest the numerous oommuni i cations which you have given place to in the oolumus of IU#> descrlliiog the appearance of theiuHeoric pbenomsnoa of Friday night, the 20lh ult TU. object of my pre *ut t 'iimiimcstiuu is to state that . at a qua;tor before ten o'clock Last night (the 21), there I arose southeast from cms cit.i, apparently a mile from our I public square, a met. < : ic ni iss of a rose color, encircled by a bluish lialo It ad vane ad rapidly along an arc, the highest ait it :Je of trineh was about thirty degrocs aboro the bor.zou, at d alter r> m uumg in sight from twelve to fifteen - ;?>nds, 11 descended abruptl) in the northwest. In its progress it illumined the whole to*-u an 1 g'lr oouitry. lib light ?M ao intensely as lo ;ale Ike moonbeams, the moon being then fujl, shluing u itb c.oudleaa radlance, about <j"> degr?--a allila !< . Trie dkfereuoe of lime between here and New York w >uld make ttas hour (a quarter of ten) when tt was seen here k quarter to eleven with you. The in-teor, as it r a bed iti highest elevation in tin eaai, 30 degrees, il..-play el a disc fully eq i vl to th dltmeter of the mo >u lis color w ? li.: p arl. trinspircut and dazztugly illuminated. It - re mod twieo to exoiJle in its passage, discharging its brilliant, p ari lite light, in two mcc. .-hp flashes of aroalerful brightc ?? During its progres- It threw n.T stirs of tire, vh ch fall ug behind. er< at > 1 % gl wing train of light from tea to twelve degree* iu extent. In this train, or flery emit, a verai explosions (to lb'? eye, uot t > the oar), took place, foil ,w J by sb iwers of corruscations that ligUtcl up the whole c ulry to the b >ru >a with a brilIlacy far eireediug that of moonlight. Iu passage was attended by a hissing souui, if the teo'.imouy of a great number of persons who witn>m3>j.l th .a magnificent object is to bo received. My purpose in writing to you Is to furn;-h data atii facta, added to others from other pent, by wiiicb tie supposition that the great meteor whica was Been iu few York, and simultaneously between th Utiluleiof \" >r tola, Va . and Detroit, and tins one. are ideutical, may bo verifled. The latitude of this place U 34 il'greer45 minutes, longitude 1J degrees 10 minutes. This morning the whole town engaged in discussing the wouderful visiter. From several guiitlemnt I ob tained accounts of their personal ohsorvalious in writing, Which I append. From all the descriptions, either this m efeor is ijeuli Chi with that seen in New Vurk, reappearing with a m ?re Southern declii htmu ufier inching a circuit of the gione, or one atmilar in all re?pects, save the double disc. Although our citizens were sure they saw It fall beyond lae I nu um nr aurui 01 -i tiiKiuai m i, ai.ij. -? uuk lis true character, I wont this morning to the telegraph operator, Mr A P. Purnell, who kindly roiuateorul to make inquiries for me al >ug the line. From if-and Juuo tloa, twenty miles north of this pluco the tuner cams "Vet, we rkw it It passed directly or or oar viae-' wad exploded, AC'l tliu ui >ruing every bo ly it out Hiking for | the pieces " From Memphis, Vsshvllle, Cairo, Illinois New Ori'aiu and other cities the reply wits that It U*1 lie on nimil Uncv .il> seen juutslng over those piece. These answers determine the great altitude and vest else of the body, whi :h could be fee a at tho s.tni) m<> mi nt at pointr one thousand miles apart, and at the ramc t;m illumin-l with its Splendor so many d? grid of latitude TU-' sias of such a body of light, to bo risr.!o so far aa l with such illuminating power, could not he 1c a than a league tn diameter, nor leas than six i i .ai.rsd high An amateur astronomer of great s-.etc*- rear me insists that It was a? large as Stated Island and twelve hundred miles high, and w is an a 'route belonging to th multilu liuous group of asteroids which has intersected the earth's orbit, au I be n draau Into the influence of Its gravitation and made to revolve aroun l it Of course, ail sorts of lbeorins wilt be sug(tested. but science will be luruish'i by this extraordlnary meteor, wlib Its train of Jig it, with a solution of the problem of the wi <iut ox?ra>i>Jt ?f comets, of wmch tbls is one in miniature, illustrating in its action and lorces all the peculiarities which marked tbnOooati comet of t*M, and which Professor Bond has si almiran'y re prewt nted to his readers in the HI i'Vai'i 'il il in/My One of the observers last night Compared th ) m-l -..r as (writing like a train of cars all ablaze, wiui a (raiu oi i parka streaming behlud. lie remarked that it mtuo him tremble An dhorsaid he thought the world was to be set on fire from the heavens A child beautifully said,' lvrbup? it is s great angel flying by." I mention these to give an Hen of the splendor and beauty of the spectacle. Uy sutnc it was spiseu of ai "Sublime and dreadful." Nearly evi ry one I* sure th at explosions attended its transit, and al! speak of the prismslic glory of the bills of lire wbiob composed its train I would add, thai the night w.?s perfectly calm an I Cloudless. Thai fifties of ligbluing v. - > vivid followed ' its disappearance, while a rose tinted It:"it continue 1 for several minutes in the northeast iu tu> dirocti <u of its disappearance. The baroacters record was. "clesr no t without rani.'' Th'- mere try in a properly protected Fahrenheit th rm t meter markrt Si degree* at nine o'clock, and fell abuut two degrees by quarter before ten, when th* meteor *' peare.1 The night was very suty-y ant without auy brerso, but directly after the disappearance of th? m >t r n cool wit4 arose which act all the tre.\? in lively m it' iu To day the sky has beeu filled with cum ill, and lu the , Afternoon that. ler wan beard from > dark ciou 1 la th South-ast. *ri'l several April like abosrer sl ini* p u*' I over the cit) withoui rain, wlikl* Itekoritn wash-r.y and autumuai in its a.-p<x-t In every cam it ?aj vitib.o oely from window* on the o*?l side of houses. fSio above particulars are recorded ?? to cimbloti *i With other facta which w ijr be furnished from olbor qua: ters, ta? y may famish dni* for the s>"cnttfi? elu'. 1 ui in ofths mystery of the ski ? All acleiitlfl * men, e?p-cully those connected with astronomical obaerrationa, caiinu but be under obligation* lo your Journal for providing ttiena w'th so ureal a number of particular* conn - :Ved With this phenomenon. If the one we beheld last night is the inns seen in Ne * Turk, we shall yet hear marc of this brilliant rtaiter to Our earth. J. H IXOItHtlL ATFfARANC* OF TBI MBrgOR. When first risible It was directly tn the southeast, an! moving rery nwiiiMiralljr towards Uie nor.hwest, having the appearance at first of a large rocket gralually making Its way towards the earth. A* U approached nearer it Increased rapidly to lite until I uupp?sed th" hand to be About the b ytii-s# of a large barrel, and the body gr* dually dwindling down to about the length of twenty foot, all baring the appear an e of a solid maw of a >nug tire, with spaik* When II seemed to be abi-it twenty yard* from the earth II exploded, ac, impacted by a hiss.og doIm Immediately tbe whole beareoa and earth mail to be consumed in one great flash of Are, interning.?d with carious oolored lighs c on n* forth from the mtebr. I the whale tb~c disappeared. and seemed to drop In or about the midiUe of tbe town. W C. KVtPP. I On tba evening of tbe 21 Augant I went to bed at about a quarter to ten o'clock; before failing asleep my sit-n tion was attracted by a so 1 Ion light in my room, Similar to a rind ilash of lightning. Aa th -re were hut few Clou la to be a?oo before I retired, I hart- ned to a w.n l ie cw the east aide of die bouse, and saw a luminous v> ly, iu two feet tn diameter, passing from the *>a'h tn a direction a litlU- weet of north an t abxit ti -itv <* |p-?ea above Vha horiiou, followed by a lr* u of light from 1 neventv fire to one hundred feet In I -ngth fli n i 1 mmm ui vi jm r II I- l ,1" I'MO tl p\r\ * i? I I anar OOlor, with ocoational 0tpj<?ii(tiv>0< th op 1 p*?,'it>c? '>f a |l*roe Tn* um > it w*t in Uuilli t aup i>vac ?m ab 'lit tlfleon won ta j. u w uivartKLn, w n. 1 mo* uirnmvr ch**i.m l. fntoicry. Hot it ^i*nijro< Mias . Aagaat i llt-0 Iter Mr ItTOIUiMX ? Da?* S.a?At your r?i i?at I will alt to ? )" i i brief n> count ?f th? phrt, <7ion<>n ar'n-h wu ,?'rc';v I ?t Bbogl loe o'clock T M The e?-ii'tr wa?et i rorlu.gly acHry. rtwacwW raatctaf U n M t 9) i degree, not ctoqi rtatblo nor a br*a>h of a r attlr | Abe m hb ahlnini brilliantly. whin an' I'l'f th? h?tr?rn *m Mtpkjrinixtrtin.'rltDirf lifii > ?I .? m <t e , Airety palta# tbe br : ?ncy -f tlio ratr* tbo tn :i. Th ? ( li?ht ?r < ? to a a lib-** torn <ttrctti>n. tpvin n< X'\- , ti< trotia, ralabow llk \ a|y >t ,un< triU> * it r. ( lb* bortlhUl In a n'?rthe??t?riy dtrrs-t >n TV light. t-> m twihc hid tbo appoaranoo of a ratlroai nnttaa an J tra'.i t? IIrr ibo auclotr bring about tbo !* ? f n t'i>rt? t < km rank, rnitt'lnf (park* or ray* aril eh '.nbt to fail lotcti in tbo train, wbi h hal th? r rni'i-, - u- I "o B' ia matter Tbo train atrew.hoil llir > ufi the h tv * t Mont, apparently, tit) I 140 r*r U ^ for city tt ?"m? i w "tp'?lf n?ar ?hmt the n eth?a?t Tn fc ota n Tli.a tight cannot be traagir. vl >' it < > t aIt aurpnaoM ta tn*?i. 11 notice all tbiogi earthly r that iu? ) ?f? (/ rnaa r?M heb*M. I hart the honor tn bo ymtr fri ovl. CH tHIJii I. ItHt Kit j J mow niMuuL j. h. h. TtTtn. t JUV > bntiiitti - * 0*?Laat OToain*, about the hour of t?n, J wae a t'.ol " Bpoq tbo poWtr ao J*ro of our city, *b ?(i tn -w , ? ; ? r root worn otMf iUummtlM by an Inaunparihte tight My poaitina waa a'ich aa to iloprtr? aim' tt- r- , b?la!n< tho lru? aa bot?rH?n m* an I tbo n t ' -it, t | R rTjTio, of tho r t? lh?r,' *ut leituy >oil<ti,i| a Tb* 1 . it fl . -1 .r ?r?t rat to ri?W| at a i>'t ItrMon^ h Oo-ia Intan ! *lo!y aflor Ibia pbaaoA-noa tb<rn prang a N up a cool nod refreshing breese I trust you' investigation ma.. throw botiu* Inter.ting Uci?. upuu luU bij; i.?r occurrence Many ol our cUi/. oe can alt- it t > th' amc iiacuompn*. I have the pu.aa.ire to yur fr . .11, JCK H. K TAlfUMt N K W9P APElTIcrOU S T-1. (From the Kaabvnlo (i u ) Paul >t, t liU't 1 A most n-uia. knple an: briUiiui uislvor w c> r ju | our ekies night b'fore hut It appeared In Un-s>.ilu ( eastern corner of thr heat us, just a.- th- 1 -.1 ?W 1t-' 1. When n?.i M en it -med to bo a faintly blaiiti iu 11 iminous thread of liatit, c > . neactng j'ft under the ioj in, and moving to a north--astefly direct ion, ten I11 g t 1 tU Loft?>n. Wh u lirat observe t tb" thread of light s era t to be of unil rni si/.', but in its progress a globe >f titt?nse flame seem <? to be developed at its forward eat vinit, rapidly Inrreaeng iu si/e aod brilliancy. An I its It moved, the tollah light Foil ol ra hoary llanos, until II notre.l tho hori/ u, when it suddenly vtnisli an I ?i> MiH-n no more. Although tha tit >or r -t- Its full, and not a cloud ibacurod the sky, the llghi o<nUt 1 by the meteor was ao great as to ttio a'tout ton of t: 0 who were wholly out of si?ht of tie lum nous bily :U if. Indeed, the whole h?aveiB wer-' t'l r.i ted a? ir an errant planet ha t suddenly altot from its tinners and f v-ept along wlthiu the vicinity of the oil ,ii. [From tho Columbia South Carollaiau, August 4 J Two remarkably large m- teors w ere a-e j from this place ou Thursdty evening. Toe hint made its appear unco Iu the oast about seven o'clock, .'ho second au l tue larger npjieared in the west, ttb rat had pad t"u 'oloc< The latter wn* go brlllunt that, though the tn 1011 w .. shining, It Illuminated the town. In its course it acmtil lated beautifully. THK MBTK'dt IN AhAHA'tA. It has never before been o :r go d fortune, says the Msntgotnsty ArftvrttaT.or th) 4th list, to witness n? grand and impressive h spectacle as tliat which was ore Ecntod about t? u o'cl !? on Thursday night, when ?n extraordinarily largi in. .or shut athwart the fx-iv starting In rather a northeast' ly direction and go'.ug down almost due north, a >arent y Ju-t iu the r?'ir oi'oir city cemetery. Kor a . v moments the dazzling i>h <nomorion uchted the win ic city with a stir iitig t>rillitucy, notwilbBlai ' lliR tiie noon wus shinli / ill al! iu beauty; and when thu t \p> siou i.f the meteor took place, the score lr n,'i '!< 'ipti.iii. As it happened, in cimi>auy w ith Povi r.i! others, woo. 'i pic J a oonni Hiding position at l!ii line' of tl.c occurrence, ard w ith mingle 1 sod admiration viewed the spectacle. Those who witnessed it occur wdli im i" tin opinion that it sirpiscod in i randt ur and sublimity anything thoy had ever Been. THE AURORA. BOREALI8. ot it rnii.apxiA'iiiA oorkk.s"oni*?nck. 1'nu.tnaicut*, August 7, 1160. The Aon -n V neal is of IsxM 1'enr?l:.i Ilutotjf?One Seen ir ."It vlrlj tier on t\i Nijht of (V Sixth?Iu Mlgniftcr.nt A/ryrui nice?A I.uner Hiinbow?The State of (Ile WVathrr at ihr Dime, <Ce., dir. Too phi uomei m of the heavena of late seem to bo quite contrary to former expcrlenc . In the evonmg of the 281). of Aug mi lust year, au aurora boroaiis overspread the flrmntoeul, and show; J its cl'-rious light from, probably , tIn 11 ill pole?certainly aa far u.irthas the.S lOtUnd Isles and the Orkney:' of 8c itland, and as far south al leo-tos the island of Jamaica?to the wonder of the inhabitant* of ti last nam *d island, w ho had probably n^ ver witriesarrl such a phenomeiisn in their latitudes since Coiuiiitiur stu wrecked on their forest covered coasts, nor, Id all likelihood, by their Oarib predecessors. Th >se who lived ot. tiie so .It; side of the Island thought there was a terrible tire ou the north, and as it was so soon af ter oino serious trouble iu the town ol Falmouth, it was generally thought that inoei'diariea were at work, ?ud that tile dreadful sionet of 1811-2 were to b? re enacted. Those in the north believed it to be a Ore in ("aba. The aerial light might have been * iUIHi' ?.raiu?(TOI.IJW ?u VMHW*rU?, u nvi tli -eqcitjr Itself. The pranks played by tli illustrious visitant, in silencing tlio tel'graphic wires in this country, will be fresh in the memory of our readers; nor will the) wily forget the wonderful story told by the Sage of Ji'OoH) :i, about bis having once picked up a pieoe of in turorn boreal is, which he carefully preserved. Yesterday morning an aurora borealis, quite as brilliant as that of last August, was visible for upwards of an hour The writer was, at the time, a passenger on board the bunt from Baltimore to Philadelphia, and wag standing on llio deck, shortly after three o'clock, waiting for her to be moored alongside the wharf foot of Chentnut treet, when his attention was arrested by a bright light over the city. in about a north northwest direction. It seemed at first to be the reflection of s Urge Ore; hut soon the nature of the phenomenon was revealed in all its majestic beauty. Gradually the light tucri-ased in brilliancy, t It it had assumed a deep ruby color. Swiftly it spread over the heaveus, till it ptx-J the r.'iiilb. taking a directum ucvrty west, where it was the in ?t intensely bright. Sun streaks of snowy white anpeared intermingled with the blood red column, and gradually assutn*! the appearance of streams of living light, such as?without intending any irreverence, as the beautiful spectacle w is the Inn Itwork of Uim who made the heavens and tho earth, sad all the hosts of tbctn?might have apsum-d to the three favortd disciples an the Mount of Traiisagaration. This* rays w<?re not stationary, hut shifted au t varied, like a mi vMSbiii nf ri RRnlv.nj rit>im. till, tnir:ir 1r thit nrtrth northwest. Its greatest radiance was nooosntralnd i-( n focus, ? hlle Ih) alternate uireaks of ruby and white ra li utcd like tlx spikes from Ml rave of a wheel, sod, ?h ailing fa' upward! to the xenltb,b>re a rose n blanoe to the rays of glo -y with which the Saviour is represented tn rouesle ss being surrounded wlx-n ascend ing from the tomb and tri . inphing over the powers of earth and hell. Tins appearance continued for n??rly half ao hour, when, lil ?p|x*Td another won l?r in the henvotis. tdre-ching from north northwest to nearly west, and descrih-ug an arc of about forty Ave degrees, tlx-re was uituncily visible tnc ex sot resemblance of a lunar raiubow. Hie bow wat perfectly white, as Is sometimes the case with this wonderful pbe. nouu'iion. though it sometime* appears with all the pris malic rays of the solar bow. It was i?b ml hud1 a degree in breadth. Its slry was evanescent, for in a few minutes It vanished from sight, A t. like the l>.i*ele*? fabric of a vision, Iii: ma a wreck behind. It IS starcely probable that this wonderful bow was the true luuar rainbow, for though the moon, wauiug towsrds btr fourth quarter, was shining brightly, unobscured by the light, fleecy clouds that floated through the blue em ryroan, like a sprinkling of auow drops on a bod uf viols. tin re was no rsci. without whi n a true bos cannot l>e I irmcd We coulu hut gaze enraptured at the coles tia1 mystery, and while wc gaxed, wonder an I adore. Byhalf past four o'clock lb'' gorgeous pageant had entirely fwled from sight, while the bright morning star an 1 the silvery moon still continued ou their doslincd course, waiking ir brightness? F ever singing as they shine, Tue hand Utat uia lc it* is tlirlue. TI1E METEOR 8EKN ON MONDAY NIGHT. to t1ik bhttor ok thk herald. Kxitmr SIXTH Stkkut, August 7, 1M0. Tlx re was mother romsrkablc phenomenon seen in the skies Inst evening, at twenty five minutes before eight. It -tsrtcd apparently to the south and took a northerly Co .r*e It was not so large as the meteor seen a abort t,me tin e, and went much awlfter. There was only ono ball of lire separated from the main body, following dean in the wake of the small ball was a faint blue streak. Now the question is. What was it f * s TO TUS LDITOK OE TilK IIKK I LP. Nkw York, August 7, ISM. Being a constant reader of your valuahlo paper, I discover that you notice all the imgiorUnt events of the day, ar.d waa mix h surprised this morning tn not - eing any ac< ouut uf the meteor that passed across the w 'tern horisou last evening. I wis sitting on the fruit stoop, on the north aide of Tv nty ?erei:tli street, rear Ninth avenue, lart evening. It was nca*'y eight o'dock and streaks of daylight were -pi le visible in the west, yet, happening to look up in a utl.westeely direction, Idiscovered a ball of ligbt. about I.f . i LUI,,,! KMi.a Isll iwnltif i irlyi i Ui 10 11 ?:i aimtlon rf about 'JO degree*, ita ("."irro bl.'S pe.arly bort(->ntal. T ie !i*lit bey >nd it in ilic ? i ft* It m re tt>" *|?|>etrnii< of a bVi of atlver j Hi ai ?f Ore It mavntil m ?tj{ht about flee aeeon ta, alien ttdu n< <i*4 m tin It <ria ui at th* ikiDi. ijiap . ? i i f * ?? ta?l r f a r.uviiar he.vlel parabola a Hi a few ?| iirk III tuff off at the extrein end H 'ii al il tiaa been nr-11 ao.t ?aul oil tl?e mil' "to' n.i i n,l tl.ii it !atr t > p*onume that tii"<e boJ o* at reitair o-< i. aie ni<i *n'.ly travramjf the a.r both Itf aud night, an t ar? only bid front our rtew by the 'lit uf !a> ABd 1 lntr no doubt lb" one I ref ?r to artll n ik tt? n r> brilliant appearance oo soma other part of Ibe globe nut ot>?ourrd from th* ann Hiwer-r, that I 1 eve to lit** mo.e Liirioua mint w?eo to determine. OUAKRVKR. A norrnajvn Unl at Far Rockaway, Lung laliod, writea in ua that. ?>n the t>i*ht of the #th, tn-y obnrrvcl at mat a mnt >of, at about twenty minute* before eight Ii, aajilt arjwar'M) in lb* waatern horinoo. of a bright and It a n'i'ia app -.arai''e, but no tail of Ore wat obaerrel, probata front tho atrong 1 x'.il of the retting au?. Ita . iii-e | enroll 4no north, ua angla about AiTenn <# < [ror.atiil wh'n firat ooaerared w ta rery mucli to tha uthward and Ima-olling rery rapidly. t * 'I - m N*w Janata ? Account* ot thr crop* appnr to orrip \r fn aomo pan* ot the State a? being r?ry faro abb The l\ateri*n Ona aaya ?We |e?-n that 'iiokaboal prnn-i?aa well. Appte* bid fair to he aire ' ibundaut than at any other time In the nv>m<ry of heoiieet ttibatntaat CVara ta fro win* flaaty la ergon k Ubly . lh'io(h e ifferinf I >r wat-ir. 1'oUi ><e bare be >n ut back looiewhat by the Ion* continued drought, but *111 iluiilitli ee ?i -I I a r-Hl crop. Tna birut are full ,>( ye. wheal and hay. Oala hire auffarad foam drought, int an arrrace crop ta reprted. In a tdltio* to thla tb ".neex HrrmlJ aaya ? The dry an t teaiiliful wealh of he last Uiree woek* ha.? enable I th? farm*r? o? Anart j d Aarren to neoare a flue wh -at and rye hi.-reet, a* rel! aa a large quantity of hay, in eic?f nt or ! -r Tu* at crept* aleo rery gen. I, and tlie atran li-tuiy an I right, aud if taken in go ?1 order will add laryel? to tn mi iiDtpf fodder ! i h ilk In ? nn n?t*hh ?rh ?i'a th? urn am) p>latoen bare a iflere! from drought, but ** a eneral thing ?in -e ilia mina of fniday tail, both eropa re imAing ronarkab.y welL F'rdit of all klu la. e?-*pt ig pear bee, la growing rrry a n >>tb.y ajt lair, aa1 pro lire* to be aauadanl EW FORK HERALD, THl VHI PBUfCE OF WALES. He Of Alton IWMfkW the trtttrt PreTteecb 0?r tit. John Correspomdcmca. Bi. Joas, N. a, August*,18M. Arrival of (he mnee-The Wharf Carpdod?How Royalty j Hhake* Handj?MUtct, Archet and Ktxrgrrtm?Appearance of the Military and Firemen?How Hit Royal llijh nest Recti ~d Hit (JuetU at the Lw?ee?Departure far Fre derictem, etc Wo have all had a rich treat tn seeing the Prince or Wales. lie landed yesterday morning at half past ten?a most beautiful day. A landing stage was previously prepared, properly carpeted, and placed at Keed's front wharf, at the end of Prince Wihiam street. It is about 200 feet wide, and on each siie were fligstaffs, with fifty colore Keats were erected, and tiled with 1,600 people. The wharf was carpeted, also, tn the entranoe of the arch, where the carriage to carry him stood. The Governor, Mayor and corjiorution magistrates, and the field ?fflcers of mtlltm. were in waiting, as was also a guard of honor from each of the volunteer companies, with one of our own bands in uniform, and K|u&l to most of those of the line. When he landed the Governor met him, an t the Printe, in shaking hands with hun.gave him his left baud?the right being given only to royalty. The Prince rode a ith the Governor, the Duke of Newcastle ant Earl Kt Uerntums: ftnt wh?n he l ?>k his seat he could at one 1 laui'i tee to the end of the street whore is bis residence?Judge Chapman's house?where th" Duke of Kent stayed, and whion has becu very handsomely fitted up by the provincial government The houses all along the street, on each side, were lisiiHcDiti Iv <1 iwv i iat... I tari111 Huim tni.tliuiB oirur.rvaAna kc. , unci about half way from tho wbarl 1> the hr>u*e stood an elegant ar li, cx'Oiidiug frim ono Side of tb?? street to the oth r, about dfty f. et high, wi lt the city artoa and the Prince of Wales' feathers ou lop iu the a-ntre, surtnouutod h> red, white a?l blue eubigus.ou Blaf!-, with g.ld. d beads and tassels, sixteen lu uutnb-r, neatly arranged. t?u (subcapital tested an Indian chief, beautifully curved, a bear slufled and a stuffed moose, and mi the other Hide tlie I'riue.e's feathers, with BinaU 1 flags. At the entrance of Ihe grounds wh re lie lodge 1 a large arch was also erected, With "Britannia" lu very large size, with mottoes. Tne rlret I, fri n, the wli.'iif to the gate, was lined with the trades, volunteer?, firemen, with their en tt;?metiU, and & most magnificent show they made The old company, No 6. had four white h ws s id the engine, four hiai k ones in the hose rarriage anl two piuios in the tender, fall hoi^e led by ,he head by a negro, six feet high, dressed In He Eastern wst irai, with white trows, i s, tight at the ancles, red saahfc- am) vests and white tuibans. After he hal lunched h went to the Oouit Bouse steps, and the whole procession pa-s -d uiiJt | bis view, wtlh the several ban Is an I banners, each c im | |wuy and tiauc cheering as they pass'L He was well | please with the Ktre Hepat fluent, au I when No. 6 fin t, I wan delights! w itli the display they rotde, a id a*Ke 1 th v. I?uke of Newcastle If it was not pretty?the sight was quite novel to him. This tcok up about three quarters or au hour. Ho th uj retired to the Court H nine and held a levee, and I hid, with others, the honor of being presented to him. Pre vtoos to hi; g'ung in, 1 stood about thirty feet from him, at another door, w hilt l hi was recolviug the addresses I rem the corporation, and heard In- suswerg read, which were much to the purpose aud read In a fine, clear, manly voire. He is about fire feet three inches, a govt figuie, with a flue completion, fine eyes but a >t a very handsome mouth, but a very pleating expression of countenance We haud<d cur card to Mijor Tees tale (who Is one of the fcandMSMSt w-u I ever saw), lie handed it to the Karl of St. tlcrm dus, and he to the liuk of Newrutle, who read the name aloud; by that time we wvre opposite the Prince, an t as he raised hit head from returning the b aw of etch person bo looked at you and gave a very pleasing smile. II has uvade himself m ?st popular by showing himself so muoh to the people, who received him In every quarter In the most euiuusuitic manner. He left this morning for Freriericton, going nine mile? by rail In a splendid car (built for the p-fpiso) iu order that he might see the eccuery of Hie v limbering river previous to his going Into the river Si John. The militia, riflittiind artillery, attendeil him here at the rait w ay grounra and nt the nine mile station with their bands, and at each place he waa uobly cheered by thousands. He Blood outside the car, iu plain clothes, and, hat in bund, acknowledged the cheers as the train passed along, and when he loll the wharf, as ha entered the grounds, 4,000 children, handsomely dieted, sane the Nt'ijual Anthem in excellent atyle, which pleased him much. Our tfcmefoeo Correspondence. Qckkbc, August 4,1860. Prefv-aticmiof Reception in Montreal and KUeK'Kerr?The Grand HaU? The 1'rinoe't Hnuse?Pteity of Laely Tou rirtifrom the United Xcitet?l)o <inen at Qudrc?Grand Pirtmen't Muster at Montreal?Torchlight Processions, >V?rt"%tirt, dx , <?c. The rear guard of your special corps reached this historic and antiquated city last night from Montreal. At Three Rivers, and other villages between the two cities, I found arches tu course of erection in honor of the now ra pidly approaching visit of his Royal Highness, the young l'rince of Walt a. I could not discover any other signs of preparation for his reception in those plac a, but war iniormcd that the painting of many bouses was deferred all summer In order to reserve their fresh and gay appearance | ?fter being painted for the oocailoa of the royal visit, I ' and that m 1 it of the inhabitants will adorn their rest delicts with flowers, wreaths and garland*. But in my , | last I promised to give you so account of the splendid : preiwratloos going on in Montroa). I will now futdi that ' promise. lu the principal atreots six archea are now in 1 aiid deep. They ?r:ll aousequontly appear very grand when clothed ia (be r green and variegated fljral attire. Arrangements bare ala > been made with tba g is oimpiny (or having them lighted with |u at night, in order that th'eff.-cl of their Imposing ap|>?aranee mty he enjoyed bet night than in Ibr day time. Bibiud Montreat, from the noble HI, 1, iterance, there stand* ao elevated pioor of laud called the M nut la in, and from tbu> the city taker It* French appellation This ilevation i? one of the final interesting localities and picture#.! le situations on the whole < ontioeot. On the brow of this mountain It It intended to ertrt a large an 1 splendid ballroom for tho accommodation of ten thousand of the citisena of Moo This floe temporary edifice ia now rapidly ao. leaching completion The scene of Ihn soiree which will undoubtedly take pla< r within Its spacious and ornamental wooden wall* will certainly be the mat brtllnnl and extraordinary display of mirth and vivacity, beauty and gracefulness, that evtr honored any other building in Canada, or probably will be witnessed ia this country for half a century of the future. This building Is to hove the gas introduced to It from th< city, aud is to be illuminated in the most brtlUaai 1 manner possible by transparencies of every imaginable tint, shade and degree The dancing apartra wt will be on the floor ?>l the ground, wilb galleries surrounding it, Irom whence s to mm mding vie* of the ballroom can be obtained. 0, bow the belles of Montreal and the a Via cent pLaore look forward to this grand bail. What deeertp turn of dress will I wear f what danoes will I practice most 1 and one thousand similar queries, are now turning the beads of the dear little creatures of that Anglo French American city. W ho knows but the Prince may be captivated at Montreal by American or British beuuty, Joined to the peculiar naivete and flnmse of t rench language and educating Tbcqnesti ? Is anion* I idies of Mouimal consider it well- Many Americans are al?o arriving in Canada Just now, and especially In M mlreal and lyi.-bThe lady lourtrts are by far in the a?Jwlty Halls cmnmg of bis royal Righuesa nothing t i d witn this" Why, of course not. Too bouse to be occupied by tin Prince at M utroal i new undergoing cjt -i.-ivo altera lions. It is the residence of Hut William Wtliiamt, thi renowneu nrro 01 i\*rs AtriUTlpUal .iron III b mi |> it up to the utreet leading to the urn*-, w'uniu M aitoaWd , r,"?f iho i!i a aatola of wild I kin jtimi in another part of thl* letter. Too *;t 1 alio* I* on" of 1 the numl lovely, retired ami mviltug dooorlptton. Toe view which It r .tnmtnd* is of the tnoal exteoalra a-i I plctarea.jue nature I pail the h>??e a vi?tt. anil c<> Hi 1 *ee fully a distance of thirty mile* down the St. iAwnuue To the right the view stretch ? atroaa tnt rlty, the Iroot of the m mnUin anil a una c >u<: lerable ilia tan-e up the groat rolling river, towardr tin l.t ni;i? iUplili, wblcb rival the flaw am1 fury of the ocean In a storm The great Victoria bridge la pint In front of tit hotiee, bnt beyond, a number of green liwna an I the gran ttecity. The gorgeously aup-rb llulthing and repairing of tbo mansion will make its interior riral any of yo tr rat ilaea botela. and yottr c>rr*a|>ond rat ?pto?? that more need not be aanl ou tlna b >a I to < >o\ y aa i iea i > New Vorttcra of what lu internal 'u' i. t,lenrea are. An arch of great micm .ode an I a can >py will ornament the wharf on wha t hia R iyal Highness will land, which will be richly ' arpat.vl an l itlrewn with be (Dial odoviferoua flower* A display of tin-work* an I general Illumination of the city will < >n? rt to > o braoeaa of sight Into the the ocaaton of the I'rlnoe'g arrlral faoa d> t M mtreat, a' onet of at leaat glfrOOoO to b-r ninety Iho immH citu i?, ontemplate honoring her probable iiture mi larch m l cnhotdiag the character and rep itati > < of th chief -Ivy ot British America. Qdabao It tt?> full of prep ?r turn*, of Which my ne?t de#p?t . ,i wi.l caitm a full a cnat There are only aboal thirty maaela h re ?t pf'nt, Utoagh a conpie of mwlh* ag > lit >ro were or >r dre km dred, sad business of all km It la very Itl Rmim nor i atpert of the wild and romantic cruntry around bora, however, aptly atouei lor averts ng to voar cerr.Mpta.l 1 eat . rs The m ?itr ?! tt ir Canadian sameMho, haa pot?i.?h?d Mm followlag i gra no ot th> run l> . Montreal ? ' nuwiatawv o? rvtrtvrri** tv a.rvraktt. Idle k aerntive OotiintilCv <>i me tVicio Rv'p'iiii ' Fund, deetroua of giving Ilka puhlte all kbit lafenatllaa Ml their power rngvrdnig too e rat.-inpi tto I festivities during ' the vunt of hi* Royal ll.g'uie-ui i. v u to an ' amtoee Uie following programm tt who It there m ?y altlmately be eora* alight m tdifh- ?ti.?v, depot butf up- i the Ihtoie'a arr val, th - d - t i g -i o'nl,or 1 nnftrveen rlecomaUn-et ? i hj? Royal d ghn ?? the iv epfvr,;.< u etc.r te.| |o i arrirv M Moat re*-, by I he ab>ul a?>u on 1 rtSDAT, ABQVST 9, IBM the 24Di Auguat. A atvamboat excursion. orgauited by nod under ilu- direction of the Executive Oommiliee, will leave the city aud proceed to met hirRiyai Htgtiarw a> d escort him to the landing plac, at Buuaecour'a pier, where, ?fkr ?u address from the civic a ithorltles, a grand procession of tue National, Literary and other ao cnone will be formed to acaompany the Prince through the principal streets of the city to uis In me evening ther* trill be a general iliuinlnatioa of the city On Saturday, 2Mh?The Prince will open the Exhibition of Die board of Arta aud Manufactures, aud after varii proceed to inaugurate the Victoria bridge. There will be a hue display of firework* in the evening Ou Monday. 271b?Ilia Koyal Highness will hold a levee and receive addreaaea, and in the evening atteud a grand bull in the building erected expressly for th-ne festivities On Turn lay, 28 th?There will he au exhibition of Indian game* and other amusements under the direction of the Kraut Ire Committee, and ui the evening a grand musi cal iiwtirol, at which the Oratorio Society of Montreal will perfbrm; to be followed by a gra id cautala. by 2&0 pcrf rmcrs.Corapoaed expresaly in honor of the viait o! his Royal Highness; and oonclude with a apleudid programine, 1< d by M .HirakoBch, of the Academy 01 Music, New York, in wbicb UUc. Adelma i'atti aud other celebrated artiste mil appear. (in Wednesday, 29th?A military display and inspection of the volunteer iorce. Also, a regatta, at which coin^etitore Irom numerous Atlantic aud inland clubs maybe expected. Kirly in the evening will be a competitive exhibition of lire engines, to be fjllowed by a torch light procession and Are works On Thursday, BO'.U?Mis Royal Ilighnew will make an AvrMirnion to idle countrr. and descend llic rain is of Hie St. Lawrence. The numerous details incident to all the above arrange meDts, will be announced m soon ?* p >s*ible by th<? various ciunmilUH*, or bodies who have chsrg of them The Kxeculive Committee of liio C R. Kund, ti >*>eer. tliink it proper now to state that do gentleman will he admitted to the ball except tu full drees. Uy order of the Executive Committee. crash nttkmxx's m'^ricu?r >mi'i<titio* for pxizpi orix to tu c >.m kits An invitation Is hereby extended to all brother Vernon to be present, with their uogtucr and apparatus, on the arrival of his Royal Highness the Prince o! Vt'alvH, to tute part in the Hniusenieuis, torchlight pro; wtion, Ac, Aft, on Friday, the 24th day of August, 1H60, aud on Tans day, August 2ft, a granl trial of Ire eugi U'o will Lit) pl.tcc, wtiiU pri/.es to the value of $1,000, in sliver tru:n l?-ls, Ac , will be competed for by all comers, engine builders, Ac., and awarded to the su tcesiful competitors, by compeu-ot judges chosen tor the ocsasion. Kirst prize?A silver trumjiet, value $225. Engine wrought by forty four men, draught their own water, play through 200 feet of hose, with ono Inch nozzle. fteoond prize?A stiver trump t, value $175. Engine wrought by thirty eight meu, draught thoir own water, play through 200 fool of Lose, with seven eighths inch nozzle. Third prize?A silver trumpet, value $126. Engine wrought by thirty men, draught their owu water, play through 2v0 feet of hose, with ltir.*e quarter iuih no/.zl.' fourth prize?A I'uion Jack, with pile, value 660. l.u gine worked by twenty-four men, suppllod with water, play through fifty feet hose, witli Uvo eighths inch U"Z/lc. A prize ot a silver trump t, value $200, the gift >t l'u >3. K. Black well. Esq , tu be competed for ?y tlrot class hr* eiigiuet, the property of Cauada Engine worked by for ty four men, draught their own water, p ay through 200 feet of hose, w ith one inch nozzle. The tire engines belonging to the Montreal corporarion w ill not compete for any of tin abnvc prizes. A prise of a silver truin|iet, the gift of an insurant* company in Montreal, to be competed tor by the M mtroal fire c im|?nles only, by running from the hydrant, 'tying 200 feet of hose, throwing water and reeling up ui tu shortest .-pace of time. Ru li eugine company trill throw the stream p"rp;u dicularly, the branebmat) standing on a pialf >rm at the bottom of the pole, erected for the purpose. l'nz-n to be awarded ti|>on the height of water throwu. Fa h eotnpauy will be allowed leu imnulus to arrange apparatus, and one mil.ute to play. In case of hose bursting other trials will bs given The order of playing to be by lot in each cla.-? Tbe engina competing aunoeasfuily in one close. cannot enter for a prize in another class .Should there be any misunderstanding regarding tbe rules of playing for the various prizes, the decision of tbe referee will be considered final. Companies accepting tbe a x>ve invitation, wilt oonfer a favor by Informing cither of the un lerslgaed at as eirly a day aa possible, and not laler than the 20th instant, stating what day they may be expected, and H they shall be aocompauied by a band. A. BERTRAM, Chief Engineer M V. 0. W. Paltor, Secretary. PRIbCK OP wai.k-s' DtXl ?THIr. FTRK RULLITAH B.RSKD. A KeRvfoundlan-1 oorrewpoudent savs the dog presented to the Prince by tbe inliahitanfb of St Johns, was of -'the pure Sullivan breed." Au explanation of this phras* may b<' oivnmry to the right rmdarataodfng of the milter A worthy couple, zeaidvuts of the town, of the natne of Sullivan, whose union bw nit been ble??ed witn any of those "angels of the household," children, havo turned their attention to the Improvement of the breed of Newfoundland dogs. which, fr >m neglect, was in danger of toeing the high place they heel In the osteein of all lovers of those intelligent animals; and by great care and attention the dogs raised in the establishment of the Aullivuut have come to bear a high character, justeum ( M they do, In a remarkable degree, all the good trails of the hast Newfoundland dog. And so anyone baring possession of one of tbcSullivau breed, may be sail to bare "got the beat." The Last Stat* Leglilatare> bow rra xkxstxs vtm hki-sctkd and tbi work THRT WKKR TO DO. The Seneca Fat e Cbwnfrymsn baa dug up and republished, as a remarkable instance of the reliability of our political information, the foHowiug letter from onr Albany oorreapondent, published in the H*iuu> of October 29, Ulf OTI ALB4KT CORRItPONDRrfCR. AlJUSl, Oct. IS, 1S-S9 Air?e forlr City Rail'tmds Controlling iht S'nrt l.-yitl Uarr During a recent flying excursion through lb" central, and a portion o' the southwestern section of the Sitte, your correspondent became sensihly advised of the fsct that the ro<*t strenuous efforts are now making to u mhi nate and elect members to tbe legislature pl?<lg?d to the New York ctty railroads. Agents are now effecting *r racgcmecu along the line frum I'tlca to Bufftlo, and down the southern tier, from Dunkirk to Orange county. From the information thus obtained It is ascertain ed that over half a million baa been raised to obtain a pledged majority wh> will pass the score of city railroal bills which have been no repeatedly defeated. Tnis in tercet, though working la adroit Jae rcay, is likely to ac corn pi nth lis purpose by procuring tbo nomination and electtoo of the right kind of Senators and asmbvrs of the lower House, w ithout exciting any suspicion whatever. A couple of thousand dollars distributed among a set of village politician* in each county w ill accomplish much greater Iniquity than ten times ihe amount expends} in the lobby al tbe Capitol of the Stat' Thus far ibis of purchasing votes for the city railroa Is baa beau m *1 successfully managed, tbe agents fludiag plenty of csadl dales i f all parties ready to take tbe bribe anl agree to vote for the railroad bills, (to Thursday Itst It op inly leaked out. A republican convention waa liel 1 in the city of Hudson to nominal* n Amator for tbe Twelfth district. Br. Wctmore, who ser.d I -u days In tbe seat of (ieaefal Maiidufllle, In lb; last Senate, was the uv-st prominent candidate Outside He cam* to the Convention with conceded strength suffl cieiil to seiure tbe nomination; but when it was sup posed that the prize was within hit grasp tbe declaratlou was mail' by some of the delegatus lhal be waa opposed to tbe city railroads A't?r s recess of a few m -m -vM a ballot was taken, which resulted In his defeat It ie true that Mr. Wetruore. during tbe few days be wat la the As nate tbe laat session manfully and nobly misted all the overtures made by Jacob .Sharp Ik Ob..Prosper M Wei niore A Co., endeavoring to Induce b.m to roto fir tbo city railroad plunder. This fact is c m flusire that be waa "spotted" from lbs start, that a determination existed to prevrnt bis return to (he Sen a I" as an opponent to those schemes of laying ral S an 1 running cars through all the principal streets in the city of New York So tb? people of the city need not be surprised to witness all th is# Charters granted al an early day of tbe wsioci, *,,d liaised, too, over the veto of bis Kxoellenry Governor Mnrgsa. ui.k ??rr iumiKruf>i>SMI. Kn July 24, 1*40 Jtiirrsrt nf the \f? Doily*?AneOirr Caryo Ltni*l?S*me i/tkr firm Ahxnrt- ncf ?t Anguilli ?Kyfuin!iyni in R*ytr,l in Afriitu Captured in Fulwi?Tk' Propeller .Ktl vr- I>*a:k rf Mrt. Porter, dr. Since tiijr last Idler of tb%24lh we harp had no arrival* other than the failed Suiee rteamer Wyandot and the Mcam propeller Salvor, from New York. By the If jr. went I learn nothing now, other than the Increased activity in the slave trade. and Uic almost certain assurance of awcem in landing. A new game wai resorted to by otie of I how trader* 4a the Wyandot waa coming out of the harbor of St. dago a vcesel waa observed endeavoring to enter, but on aight of the cruiser acted in inch a man ner aa though hp waa alarmed at her presence Pursalt j wu accord ugly made, and, whew tome diatanoe off, an- j other vew-.-l, which had born aeon in the diatanre, enter- j po, and lar !. I tirr alarna Juat below the city, Tula no* fratura In the game la equal to the dodge game an aucoean- ' fully played by the rascals and otbrr prominent cilizena ' of your city. lit* brlgaotine found derelict off Angullla K?y I hare ascertained * the brig W R Kibhjr, 100 tona burthen, which arrived at this port in Majr, 1M9, from Boston. Her captain?Stanley?intended biting ont here, but be leg closely urate'- ed, be sailed for Tampa and loot in a load of . aitle for Havana While there Stanley died. It ta probable that lhl? m b r s.yond voyage ainco ah# waa previously here. H<> mucb of the order directing African* captured In future to be lent to Baton haa been m >11 i fled, hy permitting officers tiie exerct** of a discretion therein, and to ae* that port wbirh will be moat cond.i cive to health and the in reat'of huminity The ?team propeller Halvor, from New Yi>rlt, arrived In nine day* >ne i* intended aa a carrier of rallie between Tam|>a and H?\ ana. and wi I mage weekly trip-, at ippmg earh way at lino place Tint will give ua a nmmiiul.-i lion weekly with tin main land, besiiei enabling ua to receive lellera of a liter date than by the present arrange ment* There I* a good deal of rain falling, and the place con Unites very healthy I very much regret to announce the death o( a very ea tlmalo. lady, Mr* M?ry A Porter, long a r*?i tent of thia Ity, sad the daughter of one of oar earliest Inhabitants rhi* new* will be heard with s>rro* bf the nuni<?r i>ir tends of the lady nnd her fatany, and It carries witb It he pndounih *t looting of regret and aympat t> among ihior many friends al Una (dace lb am to ** Hrau ?The negro Otwge, belonging to (r* Amy Pew<, charrrd wlUi eotnmiti. g r*p> on thtereoa of Mm* Mary J \aufha*. of Ru/at county, Va , tee been sentenced by Ut.> t'ounty Court to ha baug on fre*ay, the Ttrt day of Aug'tat I. Court of Um:ra! d(?ioiu. B?f?re Reorder Hiraard Wh?n UM OOu't was ppe-.el 3 u' ! -'iy' i- f I' ing gentlemen were ?w "n m- grand p i As J ist tern. ? John Mills, foreman O'.tv -r 8 "* -*1r Edward A Rjyl, R- n ! ,v *'>/, John RuctMjr, Jr , Augo-to- E In', Samuel !> Constant, Kirl l)ou<iav>, Mortimer Hamilton, HnwrK (.reeci, 0 M, kiw ?; i John Mills, ?t.) if, Joseph Applegste, Julio Kama/, Samuel Itradhurst, Chas K. Is 'vtji, Wm Y Clark, J I.. Ki 'r, Jr., | 8. 8. Skidmnre, Ie-mubl Smith. I The Kw", der delivered a brief ch:irg? observing that there were only ? fe v com >laiuti awn ing the uoliio -f the Grand J iry, sod that tboj would be d.j-.hurg - J .it the j close of the present week Mr .Sedgwtrk then called on th? cases put down for : trial, but the witnesses fa ling to appear, the court adjourned to meet on Thursday, at ten o'clock. Rw'.ATT* ?OH TStK CHAKrUMKMlP Of TBS HcDaOV It ! has been resolved at a recent mooting of the A1 jxuy KjI gatta Association to hive a regatta at Albany fo.- the championship of the Hudson on the li?th of September I cert City boats only will he allowed to enter. It is proposed to have a general regatta open to all boats a few U?ys afterwards. Pst'1 or SlaVM.?A slave trading firm in Richmond, Va , writing lr<>m .Mississippi, gives the tollowihg intelligence concerning the market at this time?N'o 1 men sell her. from $1,600 to $1 050; second class mou from $1,400 I,, at r.ui N.'., I ..r?iv . ti .IB i.irlH B.-ll at from St dirt to 1 *1 4T.*? Otto extra sold to day at Tendency of the market upwards paaaoHAiu t 1,A OT, DMIBOUR 70 ADOKT A KINK AMKKICAN V in?le child, four weeks old. a* her own. will dad tut opPortunity ?f d 'it * *o by addrtMjutg, tor three days, 11. W., bo* *J herald ollbu. Any i.ady wishing to adi pt a kink amkrican I' iby, four week* old, can tlo to by addressing tor two days Mi*. lY , box 109 Herald o'dice. FLORKNCI?MR. CHAN. KDWARDS THANKS FOR n<il and wishes to aee him confidentially. MOB ADOPTION- \ KINK HKALTHT MALK nilLP. P live- reeks old; American parent*. Cau be had by applying to Mrs. Puashue, 16)f Dowuing streel, for oue week. ' G RACK?I AM Ul'CH PIS APPOINTKD IN NOT HKARIn* trom or seeing you. Why do you not write to, or cull upon me! F | HAVK FOUND YOL'R HAT. 1 WIDE AWAKE IK KOIIKRT DAVIS. BKOrilKK OK JOHN DAVIS OF Ti will call at the KU'ih Avenue llolel, he can aee an old eoUege nvttc la room I. IK W. D. I.AMB. FROM SOUTH KniF.LDS, KXOLAND, will address himself to the Iiritish Consulate, PhiladelI phla, he will hear of something to hi* a Ira nit go. '"IF THIS SHOULD MKKT THK KYK OF THK SISTKK OF 1 Joliu Houold. supposed to be living in the city of Albany w hen lust beard from, by w riting or calling o i Solomon Stin feat, one if the coroners of Kichimmd county, near Grin le village, she can receive InlortuaUou of her brother who died the Wih day of May, ltkio. Aiitaay papers please copy, ti iTits Llanh, July 16,18Q0 INFORMATION WANTKD-UF JOHN NUTTKKS, WHO left Cheltenhan . Kuglaud seven j ears i lnce. now about M years of age AnylnforiuaUoc of blm would be thankfully received by Ilenry Randall, coruer of Dekalb areuue and lirahain street, Brooklyn, N.Y INFORMATION WANTKD?OF TIIK PAUulHTKR OF Patrick Rlely, a contractor on the Delaware aal lladam Canal, who resided ?u Mxth avenue some twenty ypurs ago. She will bear something to "her advantage by catling on N. Walsh, No. 8, SUth avenue. INFORMATION WANTKD?OK MRS HILL. WHOSE maiden name was Sarah Suu'ters bbe ca ne to this ccuu try fr >m laitnbe*, Ireiaud, aboul ten years Ago, Slu e which time melting hi* bees heud of he" Any lU'ormttloi con cerntng her or her wbereibouU would be thauktolly received by her daughter. Address Jsne llill. Herald office MISSING.?OKORUK RICHARDS LKKT IKS HOMK, HO Myrtle avenur, corner of Yatea avvnite, llrmklyn, on Wednesday tnmnlug, Ihe 1st lust., t transi'it some buuneis lu New York. b? was seen u. me Bowery about So'cbiek on the snme day, sinre which Lin- he baa not been he ird of, au I serious apprehension is entertained that h i has met with s ine Serious src.den; Any per* in thitran give any tnfoi u nto 1 to his dtmreised wile will cooler a Iaior George Kichar U Is about f feet S inches In height, ? .th dark hair, beard aul moustache, was dreused In dirk cloth pants, block cloth ve.t, light linen cost and blue cloth cap Vheu he Irtt horn - he had about Kid In bills, a gold Icier watch and sundry tnenursu duuu belonging to a chemist. MRU. H?-K., LATK OK O S r KKK f.-PLli ASK end prcaent addrean t i X A. P.. '.teral<iW-:a \fISS NRLMK PARSON RILL FIND A LKTrUR KOK ill her ui the llroadway I'nal Ace NOTIC* TO JAMRS L. MATIIIIWOJ*. F1 'K A SUM" of Thornhill, Dtun reeahire, Sr land at aetrv ? If the aid Jnme* 1.. Mathieaon who w 10 '. -e-.eiio lPoO. and 111 Uat heard of ;ia a railway a>ipcrii..oi. lent in Keui i ky, in 1*92, or bta heirn, will apply to Jnlta John Hoot!, Solicitor, Thnrnhill, they will hear o( anmet hloc to the t.lvaniav r ADOPT.-ANT RKSPKCIaBLK PBHRON Wlt.LINO to adopt a fine ferot.r child, one week old, mar addreaa C. D. r., box UO Herald oflice. rrilK UALOON HAS hTAUTKD. 1 FRISKY BMART. THKODoRA-A I.KITICR FOR YOU. MAX. HKWAHDI. KKW AMD-LOST, ABOUT TH* 10TH OK JOLT, A J drorer'a Aomnt Uook. Any peraon returning the tame to the Waahui(bn drove tarda, I ortr lourth (treat and Fifth areuue, will receive the above reward. 4l(| RKWARD.?LOfiT. IN WALL RTRKJT, OOINO i?l" from the corner of Pearl and Wall atresia to ihecorner of Bri>?d atreet, a Klfty Dollar Note of the Mo. hanl w' Hanking A eaorlattnn. The Under will receive the above rr trard by leaving the aamr at W. W. WUaou'a. 71 Wall atreet. Al(\ RFWARD.-l-OfT, ON TITK TWKLYK O'CLOCK Jpll' Htalen Inland forrv'wiat Jonephlne, Angnvt 7, a aiuvH Mack leather Satchel, etmlatuiu* a tun of money and aher ar tic lea. The above reward will be paid on returning ?h<- aaae to K. Mead, Jr., U and 19 CoeuUea alip, or at I'eteler a Hotel, Stated Inland. 41(1 RKWARIV?LOST, ON SATURDAY KVKNINO iplv Uat. at the Alleghany Hotel, Ixvng Itraneh, a doj'jle Field ilia**. In a block leather i ue h ilk th i I .,rr nt .m ih.r.. on ?Hem t'adrt ("h?rlw> Jones prrte fur iruUarjr, Royal y ArMtmy, June. 18IW Aujr perann returning th* ami- 11 the uft.e m Ike New York H Mci, or ltd Abeah i.iy Houar. w u re tclvr the ibvte rtotrd. d??in RKTTARD -LOAT, ON MOXDAT KMLN1NO, iptjtl Jnljr HO, In cnuiinjr from 1 <*ar* Kerne's 1 h? Ure t* > i fctikUr street, a told buuUiR Walrk. R. I,. HraiosrH, lnmlne, ntln 1 he above reward will he pakJ t>> le?< like at John U. Yte.ak'a. 271 Urn nvioli street. ?inn rkwabd.-loht. is cominu rimm tin vl"v Mi l* lelphis ear* Jersey *'117. tUrvi?h OorUvnit street to Hrindw*), k Wallet. omitajntiif Ike amn of ll.lei 1 $1U) In gold. lb* liaUnre In I II)* on rbllalHph'v banks r<iftO'lrr *' 1 receive Ibe at ire re* ard b? le?vink lb- *n-o* it 2*i third aver,it* JDHN T. KK'KilHII. LOA* OVK1CK2. AT THR ofTT* orricB-MftTicv IN ANT AMOUNT.^ To ad vane* oe Monks, Honda, llrjr ib*?la, I'oluuiik*. Ao To ad ran or oa Iha-uno.1* WabbM. Plana. Haaars, An Or bnuabi lor cart Ofllne . 1. ale Hoar* 9 llii 5. J. It. harhi viJKK. 170 UroAdirajr, ruuai &>, up tlair*. At m SAMkV utrknt -A II iVIiIMiN, litkVONP broker, *4 ame* mnoey to any amount mi Diamonds I Wau-bea. ano *H kin 1a of Merchandise, or htijrt tnr caak.1* bin pr vau often, * Naaaau atrert, room ha. 1 Uuamnae cob kdanrtal At m ctdar Rr**rr-n htiak, diamond RrrA*r. ad ranee* mon y to any atnonnr no Dim *e' I or ""f4- ? ?** Mieenilaie. *? ,, or iwra tke a*ate for eaak npp jette the Past aStee, No. I. aee.iud Bo*. A^m R. THOMPROR A OO , BRORFRft ANI> OOMWIMMIOA Mrrrkanta WltiMa nirwl. nnrnar af Ann, alraner MM) ? Wntrkca. I num.. ,!?. Icweiry. Dry <*? **, M??trn Ac , or buy. ParUcuiar auenuia paid M ancdoo aaiea of fur aiiurc, Ac. Baaing Rack row <.<urht and amd. A. R. THOMfiKlH. Aitctinnnr. AT n CHAMHRRB (TTRKICT.-* ) VRT TO 1/)AN Tt I any aaamot na DUnniA; ?* or onant; Wa(< baa. Jaw iry, A or Ibr aainc laiiwkl for lb* b (b>a rwb j'lrn, bj lha wall known IMA a OH, II Chaaaara MraaL W. B.-*o buai Ma traaaactad cm batorAaya. AT 111 ORARD BTREITT. thrice DOOM WAKT OT Umadviv -Money adraunad m Walcbea, D am m.ia, Jaw airy, Plata, l?ry Oonda. a ad p?MOn*J Pr.iparty of every da acHpaoa, or bought aad Bold, by JOMRTU A. JAOKAOR. am Una bar aad krofcar. All ladiim ard oentlkmkr wn?nt*<? to htpo Iheeale Ihaaioa la. Wan-ken, Jewelry, Htlyerwara, A*., can be privately aomaim-v. *ted by applying at U Pnnrth ara aa, oppoatta Ubopar'a laauiula. Private entrance kail door r. ttAIOR, Broker. Ctamu adtarcrm madr or au. rirpb of mir. J rbandtaa. Jewelry, Watnbaa, Aa, r? bnum and aoid <m amwlaMi. at m OrUaadt wreak ap rutin. " r krrd. | BAILROAPH. XPCW ToltK ARDlftRI.RM RAILROAD COR Pa Af. It PARK TO 11.IIANT. M On and after Monday, J one U. tMn. Ir una will Ieav? r??a I to alith atrert atauon, New Yorh. aa follow. ? PoT Wilit*mat>rld*a and all way atatmna, 7 *1, 11 an I 1 TO 1*. M. for W hue Plaliia and all nay auu ma, 111. 4 and a P. '4. Ft* Whit# t'lalna and all nay alallona. 6 14 f. , frout '.t etreet detxa tar I Tot m Kalla 8 14 4 M.. atopptuf ai 1* . llamairkl(P and at'Uona aborn. I nr I) mr Plain*, li'P M atnpplng a? Wh'ie I'lalna and alattona asorn ilia lo MlllPrt xi Malur iay rrpBlna For Albany. Wl? *. W . e? preaa mall train, ai iyiplo? at White Plaint, mil ml. tram Fal? and atatlrma north Retiindn*--Will Iravn Wllllamahrldi;#, atop, .if at all tV? arat aunona, 6 M) ? A . W and I I* M W atte 'I 7 A. M. and 4 14 and 7 I* M., aioppla* t nil *?.-?. Itnrrr Plalra, 8 A. M , alnpplng at aU*Stattona nort . t oil ham. Thla train IraTra Miil-rtno erery Monday it-r.in6 21 A. M t'rnlon Kalla 6 P. M . alopplnr ti tlx i north of Knnlham. Atl>.uijr, 9 A. M., amppliu M all attlioua north of WUttr I'latna JOII8 BITRt'llIIX, Aar'atant Sii('-rlM>n Imt. XTKW TORK ANI> OAni-KW RaH.IO ttt-tl' <1 4HR In arrangement for pl-iaire irtftl -frtnt Mr" la r alrth arm at.lion aa fnllotra?10 14 A V -Kmr-aa i >r \lbany, Troy, Saratoga, Nhamn Aprtn<r* Mt l*ra Falla, Ualca Oeorfn, l/rh*n<m Sprln^a and Ixaka M .h nu" "o-i Un* at Albany with New Via* tVnlral Kailnw I for 8ht- at Sprln*?. Nlarara Kalla and all n(.? -ea Wnat, al?> with tralna t or .->tr* to?a and all p.ilnta N'-r^i 8 II A M.? For iVj m Ka.'la r m neetuif al llnldm'a Itrtdre with atayea for l.trt War- aSne, and at ("roton Kalla with ?Up? 'i* l.tka M ilviun t.t>P. Tor ItoreT Plaina. .eotin.-tama at ijotden'a Rrl 1c with ata*? for lathe Waevahnr. and at t'roton Kalla with atayet for lath* Mahorar. JltllN rROHff.tfc Aaalatant tioa8n'?apnl HATHIXOAKU WANT li-A IU'f?H\NIV WK VI.Til NO OH IK' f, HPT TT Ke mnai he Intel l*ent rrAned, amlab'e anf htnsaoRM, nr aar.-e-.HI l.mhinr Any rut" VMWT nr IVa d? rlntlon wt.l hivl a rharmn* en Aj wife, by a llre>a.ii* Waal intra Walton. If real I r-tlre 4 ?rrx-, ^ .. 1 I'OLl'i'KAL AT A HKKTINU OK THK DKLVUATXH OK THE -EA.Wirm?1>' 4 "*tn ' u";i *>?ne Ur evMinc . ?t >A-- JUiU. comer Jtriwd* <, ?u | ij, -ireutk ?..< ?* |i l*>l?IlllOAc?Jl.f?h?r*tB. rJi Republican i*. uiuilUir i lu iLn./ lu I,Uk fd?. ?rtiu lirraoo* *i>ra > elected -For Dele** Joi n Kl ! inle .n, of the N h*?fd; I., alkrwif U !!.? M Uije. Of the Fifteenth ji.u,ON?tu*creiAr> " U(L** AT a Wv.STlNJ OF THR DELEGATES TO THK FIFTH i i ihkli'n v if'' ipi' ??? elected and JuIil Ly ucb Alternate. * , . ? ?'*?W FRANSWAY OblraM J A3 J. Qtm aUTOM, Secretary. D 01*01. AS AND JOHNSON. Al ? Hireling of th delegate* nf lb* Third Aw? blv n.? 1 t r ict, li 'i'1 ill pn uxnee of ;i call of l'auiin*ny H?ll a, th- Fifth J Want liou-i, un the Sth in-Ut.t, t'> (tpjion i h Delegate ?ud a| | termor to the ('>iivrnt'.i? to be heU at 8,r*cu*e ao the I5u? ,jt | Aiiguet Juices B. Dudgmte, of thr Fifth Wnrd, wu rlec-r3 I Dtleiale and .Jateea Redmond, It the Eighth Ward, Alternate to Mild I 'oti Trillion. The aonvo prorredir.R* were ordered to be pabllaihed m the INr? York Herod and If All* Nr*?. JOHN CLEMENTS, Chairman. M. A. Cl/ukk, Srrretnr?. MO/.ART HALL.-ei.htn ASSEMBLY distrd7t.?AT A D.ii'fUi: cd tbr delrKAie* to elect A delegate to the ' lvmo.'r?Ut S ?ir onven ino, to meet in Kyraeuae on the lAth ! liirt Mr. ) rt-r MrKniiht, of thr Eleventh ward. v? is duty Fleeted drlejiair by re riving a majority ot all the voire caar. DaNIKI. HL'iJIIKS (Srvenlh ward;, t WAM. K. L Minn-ui (Thirteenth ward). hecretary. The douolas central campaign club wiu, mr?t tbis erepine, at do'rln-k, ?' Oiheon'e lliiilllnif, for rer cf Broadway and Thirteenth street. Kv Gov. K'..ote and eerrral other aj inkers will be present mid addreaa the meet Up By order. JOHN a. B8IGGS, Proaideat. it C. Dow'mno. I "ffTetarleA. J .-.i Ai.v.iim.i IIIMKIIT.-Al A MKKT1NU UK TI1K Kind Aranjnbly IMatrlet Convention, held purauaat to a r*J 0( Hie (icuerul (,'< tam:U-e ol Taoiio.nv liaii, oil WeduaadaR e\ening, Auguat 8, at #6 (ireenwicli atreet Mr. Wirh*. 1 Halpin wm? un?i.imou*ly elected deb-gate Ui tae bjrracuae t'ooveallou, ami Kdwm SI lla?,'erty alternate. kdwin m. 11aukhty, CLairmaa.* Ki YSS. Beeretary. ST1I ASSEMBLY DISTRICT.?THK DELEGATES or Uiia dlatriot, f elected til elect a delccatc .,rw1 'i l WL .tr to the Democratic !>iate Convention, to be hold ?t . rraeuae on the Itlh lnat . mat lati evening, and umtntaDonaly elected Kramda it. L'Keele an delegate, ami Edward lSrenoeu alternate. aNVHuNY Ml LI. I'll, Chairman. John H. Trait, } u Damkl Mco tavrr, S el*f'o?1 tlTII AS KMHLT DISTRICT.?AT A MKKMNU OV TH* \_U Convention held comer of Fourth atreet aud avcuue 0, August 8, I8i0, to eau i a data#**te aud alternate to the .State 1 Conrention to i?* held Syracuse, Ainnixt 15 IKO, on mo'ioa I of.Mi . Cbas K. hoe*, Fia: ci* 1. a. Itooi* waa uainlrn i-iy elected ?;id Richard li H j?h ?p was uuMum.xinij elected Alternate. JOHN li. liAXTKR, Ci-. in an. Thomas Abbott, Secrt-Ury. NK.W PVBUCATVOia. ]>lhUSHKl>, AND Now KKU'Y-THK KALI. AND Wluier Hcyori of Kanliloni for lidO and lHdl. by Wn?. Ulcrcnwa, L'U Ifroi l w*y N. V Alao, the Journal Jea Taftleurg lor Auguat iKngbah edition I Alao, hi* new work?A Uutde to Practical Cutting. Apply as above THK MEXICAN PAPERS. Ihe Mexican Queation, Hie (Ireat American (Juration, with Personal Keuunlacenceg by KDW vKD V. DUNBAR. A aerial. Number 1 laaneJ thgdiv aud for aale at tha Periodical Depots. boss a toufiky, 121 Nataaii gtreet, t.eneral Ageatn. TO statesmen and POLITICIANS. NOW itKADY, a political tkxt boo* kur is 0 Comprising a briel view of PRllSlDKNUAL NOMINATION* AND KLKUTIONS: Including ll.i. the national platforms ever tip adof1kd. Also, A HISTORY or THK 4TROOOLE UaracTinu SLAVERY IN Tl K I KltRITURIKS, tXD or THK ACTION Of CONUKKS* AS lO TH* EKKKDOM OK THK PUBLIC I.A SIM; WITH THE MOST NOTAMI.K SPKKUHKS AND LETTEM? or 1 MKSSHS. LINCOLN, POrQLAS, BK1.L <1ABA SKW \RD. EVKKETT, BKKl K'NKllblK, H. V. JOHNSON. KTJ., TVUclunff uie queauoua ol the day, RETURNS of ALL I'KKS?]>RKTIAL >KLK 7TIONB 8IN UK KM. Compiled bv horacb urkklkv AND JuilN f. Cl.KVKLANO. K0ITORR PKRfACR. The *iriffle end of thbr l>ook M llie presentation. in a romp?I and conrrnient form, of the more important faclt, vote? rasolera, le (era, speeches, repo to. and other doc omenta whieh elucidate the political c. nlea' now a<ii.'iliiu( this country. 11 has been our idm to let ererr r*ndid?te nod other Important |>eraiaiaffe aprtk tor himself, make hi* own platform, and WarMcate (If be may) hi* own ?Ni?ieteDcy and tbe aouudiieas of IM views ou the ffreal questions which uuderlie our current publics. Of pour?, A'l'h a work run have bote romper atlee merit. Makelteterao lurffe. .ml mill m my thims must be omitted that tbe compiler would wi*h lo lunirt, and ererr rrkir win plauainly ass, "Whv insert this and oinlt that? Whyfftieao much of A and an little of i?J" Heat tea. K (a am always paeatble to remember, or, It rMM -ere,I, to und ell tbat would be valuable In a work like thin. *? ran only try that WW bare dune our l-rwl let him d i oritur who can. luavuracy of cIl'Uou is one oi the chief trie? of our ,'oMMc?l di*rti?loos. Tn-i c in h crdly lui-n lo a act speeds, evsa from a well informed and truthful canra?'r. which la not tnaricd by aouie in sappreh-u-um or uucouscShm mla slain ment of the posh loo and vlswa of i> la i* ih t prunmeat staleeman. bocuuienta, lo *?!! ,? y au.l loon -him I <at ->r mislaid, are q noted from wllh fluency ami c m.Meaoe, aa though W ith Indubitable accuracy, when the < nafce? ao made w ?ru? Injustice lo thetr >r ami tend lo mislead die hearer, fe ladle if the dm omenta colic ted in tbla a-ork are ad priu'up tbat their ffeneral at curat r may l-e atlely reded m By cam assert of all parties we trust our Te?t hook will ha found Convem - il not to air In liapn aaole Hut tho.e who mi's listen, and read and idle- , wnl aleulii.d It a ui cud eat help la a clotr underst Milling of the Issn* ami mnt'-uliis of tie day. They will be ui terra ted In eoiaparmff the actual imsiuom lib? by Mr. Uncoil, or Mr IViusIa*. or lien t'aat or Mr. Kveretk, ?a faithfully art forth In Due a oik. uttli timer confidently at limited Ui taal atafeinan In tbe Aaeut Itarantne of a one po lUca I-p! onrnt, ah-i le lid nl on t el. -n in; lo* looms'sl *ucy nr proving hit 1- wli rorUy To vrrlfv end corrye t the cit >lkm? <M a frothy deelalmer la rinnetum-a the easiest gpd moat coevtaclUff rtiluuiion ol Ida speech. 11 a trace of partisan -tine la betrayed lu the thread of narre Ure which partially unltea tbe a jcenaalvr reports bills, votes, Ac . presented lu this work the error t? iintnteuttonal ant rai u-t 1-ur i-n-iw we* I a reeo, I arc -pi thl? and convenient to men of all partiee, and which might be coululled and Iruated by all. Whatever la ort;luat bo rein le retarded ? o( no nee or merit, eavr aa a nee eat i ; y elucidation of the realdue. Without apology, therefore or further etplaaal m. the I Tot Hook I* lomuiendcd to the favor of the Ain -rican pw>Hc. I rti # hi per copy, puat paid; MA per fcunjrad i -ash orders solicited. Addrete THK TKIUVNK, Triuiuie H ilbunffa, N ew Tort ni'ecul notkk*. AK'TUKl* \A lli IK 171 t. A M.-THK MKttuKKswr Arrturos Indgs era request-d to meet at the (lothM H urn, ttdd Fehowr tlatl, at II o'rlork thia day, fur the purpose of attendinff the funeral of our Ut? brother, Jaa b. Ryan, liy ord. r of the W M WM R. TPRWBR. Heeretary. V** FORK. AL'GISI lDdQ. ?TO TH* KDITOR O* il ibe haw tor a Hi.rau'.--Katinff beard that Heotly of Brooklyn la very aniHi?Pi tiebl me. I will now agree to uM blm. at bia own terma, whi h ? uropomd a short time aff Tor th ee bon-'.red i'i bar* a aide, at IM Ida. weight, la the eama rtn? with Rodie and .VclTade. a depot* of 9tt< or AW r ? be put up at kdw. Vt Ueoe *, Weaiomrkeo at any lima he may appoiut. toi*o nncii raji, Ijii.oriM i.mwiK, sn m i. o. or n. r. WILL mrrt si their Lod*e loom. l.U If aery, ua Tbursday.Mi loat , at 1 o'clock IV b precisely, to attend the tuneral of our lata brother, Col. Jamea K. Ryan, fun tual aitenda- or ta rc.iueateJ. Fy order. KttKK S. OUITIN, N. 11. P Hkiijaev, Pee. >|'i nninil ri.i.M.i ?, Hi^rrnmi, Ai Til* AMVKII I li?er pmj.I" . hi ?lr.ii I ii it- .rbme -vtai-h. on lb WM fnaiDdalkm, shall lis arlapte 11.* Turning. I'lanm*. MntUnt. ar l?"iln?r ali kuuU 11 heavy eaalo?? and iron amrV a-wh'vit ra< mm in* H from U? machine Further Information mtj be ah taW by uMmunc Knuineer. bm M llerald n4t, I .OUT AKD POUND. / OKTIFItATK UhT-Mi 111, FOB (INK PaBT~OB \J r,/Id in I be Arierleau Atlan'i- and P?<4rtr Khip I'amB Oaupany, alai dlur In lb* na.- e nt Mary K Sa?e Appbrattaw b.? l? eti I,lade In (be romp any fur a Dew cerlldnalr. Khw lum Annual 7, 18CM. DOO T.ORT-I.I KBVARr ? laORT, K\BLT OB WKI?realay no-nlii* In lei n|la metiue, rear TMnraa mod a reel ? bli k -' lin i red r|hi?,ear? and UN n Drill ana* era In the name o? "Tan," Ua a aintf* e ar of I mernt mi am the lower part of b a ' n ?jd Th- arm re reward ! Will be pali* If returned at 117 LmtaliM aveune, noelheaal t?>r?ar i( llirtli'ti aueet. ry*o i,owt?a t.arojt bi.\ic wrw roc nut. awn I ' dnf rive d 'll?ra reward wil. be paid fw k a return to , the Filth Avenue llntal. ?\ B h IB HA Ida lforBrv-iK rci.roB htrkkt Arorwr ?, a robtni r miavnale. enntaioin( a ana all amount id money. whirh IBs I oaaner may hare by pmvtna pr.ijverty. ptylaf aapa uaea aad | applyhi? at SI FraakUa avenue, K .at Hmnklya. LOHT-A TRBTAIB PROMIBBOBT BOTB RAT IBB be-B loal Chat ' ore dale . i.-t ,,er J4 IMA, aada by Praa| wan Wiail, to the order id William T. W.ani for ?ba laa ad thitv twn k' I:?1red itoilara. V ??'>. payable three yearn froaa I dtUs and eodnrwad by the (aid payae, all peeaona are hnidbf forbid from re*iAiait.i? the aame. lie* payment thereof bartow l-m,i, atipi ad i Hah .i? iRBHv'N, I7d Ma math anna I . B*w luu, An*'ia? A I Add. TP t - TBI iM A C ART.! ARB UOIBO IT WIWT KI.B A arnlh a ire el d<?n Hiailaaa In llleeehar am* aaui .r-ttiw-r ii?t P.*,1411,1 IV ? Iraiimr put V ?ub * > >?? SJA HI Mu? . Vi-Him. an. !'??.* Vi I IIpI"* ii. <-mn . til * ? .i1 powa ilk pen. ("he lln.ler wtii be tn.mbly reweidiii by rHuratag Up e*ne to 7t ? eM KJereeU timet. Lrv?T mimo kt TIT* irxrif iT'Tti i?< i no* ? ?' T?" ' I'MTf 'I l ,w> , or , r? . ng fmm tbenre to Hroednty to Krwlynnt* > wt ?> | t < tbo With tretine depot, * roll of B?l'? tin "tinting I1W Any nor 400 bating f mod lltbtw, by rtttnnilng th-m in No ?t Wrrn forty er tenth WMt, will be liberally LOST-ON TIKAPAT RORJIIJfH, tS CHaMKRM trnnet. betenoa Oreenwl n Mre?! ?o t IP* of i edh.g Mi l rnflift *te itf ni?rn?te of Anl.n , Jaeeph It H*rg**eVo ft .her. Tb? end r ?,li be?-tlu*>lr rtmrdtd bf returning theeeme to Are JltHKPH ?l l.ire; iy 'e II Aei, rut pltre. b?w fork ___ In.T-.nii ?r IN rtftttAnirAT. hktwkrr nrJ ft ly A tVi.'t M r* ?n<J Aevenirenth Mreet. A Utoy'e <?oM M ?t? k. The timler ttlll be liberally rrttrdtf ht rttunMI the seme to II R Reffltrd, SI I toroodwhy, up Moire. I OUT M'Ur?T A It?NK ROOK, RO. IIS SM-OIT J Ihr l owery faring! Rti.t, fen Mose fmm U?? booh; W be-, er n III rrtore H l?i Ml Uotrery, will he reererdad f?r the trouble. T I Tlir.-r Krvt AM) A RCNDI.F., Willi SKV*. I I ?" ?>! ? 1 .I ir will be gtren by te?tlB?toe?? M .1 r.?. euk JtHl* KAffl'l.Ae auon et p Mil ? T OJT-RT A I. tl'Y, IR AR A RITA STRFFT ORRI li to tfi ,t H M it *nrm*m. ?t h'tve? not M the (tite'hiM M Fe lon fere. Th? A??tor w^n ne aaaraWp eewoMed by learn* H el AA Rett Wt**1* ptoaa. *

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