Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 9, 1860, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 9, 1860 Page 5
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r-y g i i r i? ' w? ? !" ii .....? . ; i Tki New lark Central Railroad Dlrl< dead. AuijrT, August 8, 1860. The Board of Directors of the New York Central Railroad hare this evening declared a dividend of three per cent, payable August 20. The State Selections, in ST ATI cuter ION IN CCNTUCtr. Cwruraan, August 9, 1860. Returns from eleven counties in Kentucky, give Combe, the Union candidate 9,066 majority, a gain lincc the Governor's vote of last yenr of 8,636, Locum lm. August S, I860. MeCUrty'S majority In Gallatin county is 60;Csrroll oounty 64 Combe' majority in Bullett county is 229; Warren county 0?f>; Simpson county '206. Combe' election U conceded by everybody, by majorities variously estimated. As far as beard from In thirty Ore counties Combs leads 11,000. The Breckinridge wing In this section complain that the Douglas wing transferred a large portion of their vote from Boiling, their nominee, to Combe. Combe' nugerlty, therefore, depends upon the action of the two wings of the democracy in the democratic counties yet to be heard (torn, which are inaccessible by railroad or telegraph, Some days are yet repaired to ascertain the final result. TBI MIBSOCKI ELECTION. Br. Lorn, August 8,1860. Greece county (official) gives Orr 1,337, C. T. Jackson 602, and H. Jackson 137 For Congress?Rams 1,168, Phetpe 676, Pi toe 280. Jackson county (official) gives Jackson 1,693; Orr, <1.416; H. Jackson, 106. For Congress?Reld (dera.) 2,030 Mitchell (opp ) 1,267. For the legislature?Claiborne (dem.), 1,926; Porter (dem ), 1,697; James Judd (dem ), I 761; McCoy (opp). 1,601. Cooper county (official), Jackson. 1.076: Orr, 1,023; H. Jackson, 65 For Congress?Reid, 1,084; Mitchell, 1.021. I Walker and reet were elocted to the legislature. Howard oounty (official), Jackson. G56 majority. Clark. Tor ConjrfKa, 315 majority; Hancock Jackson, for (lover oor, bee M votes. OHlo Politics. o.nclvxati, August s, 1800. The Bel! and Everett Convention yesterday nominated <a full county ticket, lstrz Anderson was nominated for Ooogress from the First district, and Hon. John Scott Harrison from the Second. The Seward Party oa an Excursion. Bellows Falls, Vt., Aug. 3, I860. Wm. H. Seward, Thurlow Weed, James Watson Webb, and R M. Blatcbford were among the arrivals at the Island House yesterday. Prospect of Douglas In Arkansas. Towr Smith, August 8, I860. A call upon all Douglas' friends here collected seven persons, three of whom are disppointed office seekers. Arrested on a Charge of Emhezxlement. Tgroito, August 8. I860. | Charles MeDougall and Wrn. T. Montague, of Cincinnati, arrived here per steamer from Hamilton, last evening. The latter person was arrested upon landing, on a charge of embezzling $35,000 from West A MeDougall, produce merchants, of Cincinnati, of wbich tlrm Mr. MeDougall wad the principal partner, nnd Montague clerk. The detective who has been SO their truck for several days, arrived In Hamilton yesterday, and f arning (!ial parties inr. i g their de riplioti hail left per steamer, L l immediately engaged a special locomotive and arrived in this city slmul taueously with the steamer MeDougall escaped In a cab before the detective reached the wharf, and has not yet been arrested. At rest fbr Conspiracy to Burn n Bridge. Chicago. August 8, I860! Josiah W Bissell wss last night arrested In this city by officer Denis mud Walter S. Chad wick, at Rock Island, by officer Webster, both charged with conspiring to burn ' the railroad bridge across tho Mississippi at Rock Island. I A bill of indictment was found against them this morninv hv the (fraud Jurv. In the Recorder's Court. A IIIrCP quantity df inAmnnablo material* iu bottiox *u seized by the ofticera. luapll i= the agent of the St. I>ti :s Chamber of Cbmmarce, and of certain parties who have ' suits pending against the bridge. Chad wick la attorney in the caaes. The evidence of the plans formed to barn ' (he bridge ia aaid to be ooncluaire. Flahtng Kirnriton. Hian.vis, Mass., August 8,1860. The schooner Treasure, Capt. Brown, arrived here yosterda/. She is bound on a Isbing excursion from \ew York to Tort laud, and has twenty.three passengers on board, Including Hon. George W* Scran ton. Henry C Carey, Morion McMlchael, L. Godey, Hon (1. A. Grow and other distinguished persons. The party resumed (heir voyage this morning in good health anl spirits. _________ Fire in Ntvark, K. J. N'lwaax, N J , August 8. I860. There was a bold attempt at Incendiarism here about four o'clock this morn.-, g. Two stables in the rear of tho City Hotel were burned, with three horses. The upper Story of Stewart's restaurant, on Broad street, near by, and a abed in the rear, were tired at the fame time, but were extinguished wttb alight damage. Total loss about (2,(00; mostly insured. The American Normal Alienation. ' (emu, August 8, I860. The American Normal Association commenced it* se?Sioo here yeiterrtay. Delegates are present from nearly artry State in the Union. Some four or five hundred teachers, from ail parts ol the country, are present. The Zeaarei at Cincinnati. Ci.vrursATi. Aug ait 8, 1860. The Chicago Zouaves arrtveil here this morulog. Drowned at Cap* May. Ati-aktic Crrr, August 8, I860. Thomas Jefferson Badgett, of North Carolina, waa drowned while bathing he re to dajr. Every eflort wac Btade to reauacttate him, but railed. Ctamerte of (he Port of Boaton and Charleetown The following la the monthly autement of the value of tmporta and exports of goods, ware* ant merchandise fotered during July, 1860 ? imvJtTs. .Dutiable, entered for ecus itnptiou 81.90S J06 Warehoused 910,041 Free (eicluaive of specie and bu'lion) 799,000 Total import! $3,62.1,966 Bsroan. Domestic .nercbandise 81.231 806 Foreign, dutiable 66.316 Do. free 21260 Specle md bullion 112,000 Total reports $1 423.310 yercb*nd'-e withdrawn from warehouae for coolomi'tioo 691,217 Bailing of the Canada. IlONTo*, Augi'st 8,1800. * The mi l steamship Canada sailed at II o'clock A. If., with forts seven passengers for Liverpool, and aeveatoen 'fx Bsi. si, and $109,000 in specie. enikeiw Ocean .Steamer Monnenti,' ?*vA.rrNSR, August 4, 1800. The IV ted States mail steamablp Augusta, from New Tofk, an i?ed at her wharf at 9 o'clock on Tuesday night. All well. Markets. MtaAMtt ntlA STOCK BO ISO. ISir;^' auers, Aug ist 8, I860 pocks steady. renr.sylvanl* State 5*s, 96Reading Railroad, 23\'; Morris Canal, 65Long TilauU Railroad, 18S, IVutsyivania Railroad, 40sight exchange oo New York at par. New OSTJUS1, August 8, 1S00 Cotton quiet: aalea to day 209 bales, including 10 bales new M ew of three days, 1160 bales Receipts do , 580 bales, agsiaat 660 bales the tame time last year. Receipts ahead of last year. 466.710 bales; roclpt* or new to date 650 bales, again*' 81 the rame time Vast year. Corn su saucing at 66c a 78c V"?? pork bold at 22 lArd steady . In kegs, 14c. Molasses, nothing done. Tobacco prices stlflrr. hut quotations unchanged. Kgcbsrgs on lon'on. 10P'( a 1C9\, and with bills of lading, 10$ a 109. fight exchange oti New York, a 1 '4 per C?ni pr< mium. freight?<5><t?c to Liverpool, ?,d. Baittbom, August 8, 1860 Flour Arm: Howard street, ohm and city milta $6 61 j J_ i THE LONG BRANCH MYSTERY. N? Clat to (hi AAlr-The Blood PromommreM HBB?-R?niivTh* Hob w B White Coot?Btotemeat of WUlUa lolth, He., Nothing ileUnite has as yet been ascertained ui refo rence to Ute rappoeed murder at Long Branch, and ai f*r aa obtaining any clue to the perpetrator or hU victim, the whole affair la ahrouded in aa much myatery as before. That a foul deed of aome terrible nature waa committed on Monday night or Tueeday morning, on the beach near the Monmouth llouae, there can acarcely be a doubt when the mass of proof la taken into consideration. There are some at Long Branih who are disponed to treat the matter aa a grand hoax, got up by aome one as a practical joke, either for the purpose of alarming the visiters at the beach and the community, or aa a method of gratifying a pereonal grudge against the proprietors of the public houses in the vicinity; but to the minds of thoae who are cognizant of i the facta or the oase, aad who have seen the elub, aail, blood, and the other silent bat speaking witnesses to the deed, the matter aasnmea the shape of a terrible reality. Throughout Tueeday large numbers of people visited the scene of the murder, and considerable excitement was manifested, but aa the Coroner baa possession of the club, sail, and other articles found on the ground, end the tide having washed away nil traces of the deed, the ex. citement baa very much subsided. Tuesday morning It was thought that a man by * the name of Joe wobi, a resuieni or umg wancn, mignt t>? ioe victim. m be wee unaccountably missing; but it ?u soon after ascertained that he was out at tbe lower end of the beach Ashing. Mr. McLean, District Attorney for tbe county, arrived at long branch yesterday, and in company with Coroner Morris, was busy in Investigating tbe mystery. Dr. T. T. Chat tic has analysed the blood, and pronounces it human_ Tbe following is a detailed account of the affair, and in clndes ail the facts which have thus far come to light:? About half past twelve on tbe nigbt of Monday, the 8th instant, Mr. Donaldson, stage agent of the Long Branch and Key port line, was at the Monmouth House, and saw two men come down from the National Hotel (which is further back frcm the beach than the Monmouth), to the beach, Are two pistol shots, and then return. Several others heard the p'.stoi shots. About an hour after this Mr. Donaldson started to go to Congress Hall, sltuited beyond the National, and he then saw three men coming from the latter bouse, one of whom wore a white coat. Soon after be bad entered the bar of Congress Hall he heard anothar and a third pistol shot, but thought nothing of it at the time. Monday night, about nine o'clock, a party of excursionists from Newark, numbering some throe IrWired persons, came to long Branrh. With these excursionists came three men, one of them described as being stall, muscular, ruffianly looking fellow, who wore a white coat. These men were observed to inquire the way to ! tbe National Hotel fonr times in succession of differeut parties, and that when within n short diatanc* of the house. They did not inquire like those who wished for information, but rather at if they wished to make sport of the questioned. Nothing more was thought of this occurrence, however, until after tbe discovery of the murder. Tuesday mornirg, about half past four, William Smith, an old and well known usher man. started in company with another fisherman, named l'eter Slocum, for bis boat, intending as usual to go out tiahing. '?n arriving at bis boat he at once saw that it was not in tbe place where be bed left it the night before. The sculls and other things attached to tbe boat were also out of place. He was, however, proceeding to put out to sea, when James Wood. anolhrr fisherman. who had followed them, called out to them that he had found some money. They then went along back up the beach,and discovered traces of the struggle?the club, the blood and hair, Ac It was at this time iuat daybreak, which accounta for the marks of the deed having escaped the ir notice when they flrst went down. The club is a split p'.ue stick, about three feet In length, and was covered at one end with blood and hair. The hair is a shade darker than auburn, and la short. A curious circumstance In reference to the hair is, that no roots can be found, so that It m<ist have been either wrenched offer cut with the olub. Tart of one gunwale of the boat was also covered w ith hair and blood, and on the head of the sail there Is a large round spot of blrod, as It a man's head bad lain there. It is supposed that the body waalaid into the sail, and tlirn covered over with It, so aa to avoid deter Hon in case the murderer or murderers should meet any one on their w ay out to sea with It. A piece of a corncob, two inches and a half in length, was found near the clnb, one end of it saturated with blood and the other looking as if It bad been compressed In the band, aa It would be b> a person trying to gag another with It. At the place where the blood ceases on the cob, the Indentations of upper and lower teeth are plainly to be seen. The footstep*, which were very plain, as they were the only marks on the sand since the last tide, were of two persons, one barefooted, tbe other wearing stockings, or something which prevented the impress of the too. These footsteps led from tbe place where it is sup nosed the struggle took place to where tbe boat lay, blgb on the beach, thence down to the water's edge, and here there was the evidence of two persons shoving off a boat. From the place of the atruggle the footsteps of tbe barefooted person were seen in such a way as if he had walked backward, and there were also marks such as would be made m dragging a person by his head and allowing his heels to indent Uie sand. The sail wss damp, and had tbe appearance of having been wrung, leading to the be ItT that an attempt had been made to wash the statna from it. It may, however, have been wrt by the sen and had its crumpled apptarance from not having been properly spread. As soon as thcae diacove rics had Iteen made word was Immediately conveyed to 1 WSiSESV""' "SSU'XSSSS Flour Arm Wh??t . ?. ' ' * '"l*?-*, Aufiwt ? it<vi 2> ni Tti "t'VrlTJ? whlt- M ?MlSi k?r "KM;, M 82c * ? *?*, ? 71c Tic ^ ' 4 "> " I jvugun* v r. m. Flour doll at prerioua p'h.a. Wheat held generally ] bore Uii' rlewaw f len'era, ind market therefore <|ui?*t ' alee S,tCO biuhela MW red winter WVat.-rn at ?l is mmf b'ddere taking 91 1 1 a II 20; ruppl r roruparatlvel/ ligbt (urn nominal!) iC ,0 : ami .-a 10,000 labi-la lip. not*, to arrlsrr ao? n. on pi.rate term* Gala. barley, ryr and pea* (ulct an I m mlnal. Chnal freights ale i ly at 27<\ on flour, lie. oo wheat, J ,c. on ct*u to New York laporta?Ml 300 In h -ls ? nn Etporta?s?d bbV Hour, Id,000 buehela wheat, 46,- 0 Imrhela euro, 0-? buabeij oat* (Shipped to Men ire a ?192 bbls. floor. - - - -Pe raunal latalllgencai H<>j O B. M?tU4h.ii, of I'tica, ?. uaoige T. C.tmp'>eU, ; 'Raq . and family, of Philadelphia Llent Frenrh, of the CiMU-d now* Navy Mr r Whiting 1 Mr. L J W*h tin*, both of tbf In lied Slates Amy ia>i|e Learen worth. WfCtita llapl. G. A ratlin, n' Be-I i <i B M fnv, Eeq , ai. t lady, of Niuth Ca-olifla, are at pp.of at the Artrr H >'tae. Oeu .lowrph Tune, of ftregon; Col am Colt, nf Hartford, H. M |1 > uninqurr ,-a.; , ol llav ma. an I Her. hr. IewM and family, of Buckviile, are otopptug at the til. Nichotaa Hotel. A boy names! Ibr-ar.hano Aanrhex. 1J or J.t year* of | nee, alleges! to baee besn at.. en hta mother Anlonia I M Sancbej, a reatslent of Han Fraoelacw. la anppnaed to be now In Una city la a destitute state .If ha can be mother tetll turnteh the meana to hare him returned to ber. In appearance the bor la aUisit. of a r id'; romplealon, large b.ark eyea, and remarkable for the ehape of hla fare, whirh la, with a eery pro lectio* It we bead. He ?peaka Fngliah perfectly, aa well aa Spauieh. nlech la b'a mother tongue. Any information of lye wherrabosita will be recotrwd at the mnce of gbn tVre a, f?A frank ,n at'eet. Governor Seward w?* in Albany on the T*.h teat , and ieh by fbe Northern road He wo* the *n<-?t of Gown ,kw Morgan. fr rj f, *|ijr?r ?? v.,?w rh f-t n , '.a w. t, thai I eg w 'h lb* n " ? ' rtt!e? ' if th' te\rc , tel. I. of a tuiub'r . 1 si I I i-t I'sV.-In CoWtuy, in Tiflji ua. I the Coroner, who wan at the v .Uage, a mile and a half distant, aud lie ?ai promptly on the apot. He proceeded immediately to the investigation 01 the matter, but cculd and to possible clue to the my* tery. Alter the dieoovery of the murder It transpired that on Tuesday mornipg. al-oot four o'clock, a farmer living in the v.ctniiv met a tw<> horae lop wagon g"lng toward Ri'dbunk. with t!i<> r .i lams up, and two men m it betide* the driver, one of theee two men wearing a white coat. Ttoli white coated Individual trai afterwards seen on board the steamboat Alice Price, bound for New Fork, aud It was noticed 'hat hit pantaloon*, also white, were stained with something very like, 11 not la reality, blood. it.. I r ncr was alao Informed that one of the c->lored waiters at tha National H?U1 bad been seen showing two tut u, one of wh >m t arried hi-abrea in hia hand, out of the bouse w ttb it lantern at a eery late hour that night. On questioning the nan. however, It was ascertained that the two n.en WW* follow waiter* of Mn, now in the hoc re, wlio bad been vleltiog some of their follows in the main buildirg. acd wero learful of disturbing the guests in gung to their own quarters. Mr. Prtrro, of tli* National Hotel, informs us that nooo ofhts guests, waiters or servant*, are mMlrg. and thlf occurrence It probably what gave rise to the rumor thai two of his negroes had gone oft A report In some way got loto circulation that the victim or this fcul deed was a wealthy Southern plaster rti pping at the National, aud that efforts were being made to suppress the 'act of hia disappearance but thj appears to be entitled to no more crMit titan the tbourn nd and <?e rumors which arc afloat in reference to tha oijrtery. (me thing appear* to be settled in the mind of all the ' ( afariug people of l,>ng Branch, and It is that n? i or.e but an experienced wivrmtn, aud one familiar wtth the coast at that |4arv, oeuld have Una ;lied and brought ba< k the boat It wa* tugge sled that as the boat was 1 foon | in almost the saae place from which it start*), II i ovjht have been let cut with ote of the long bathing ri pea which are oo the beach, one man remaining on I shore to pull tt in. But as will be seen, Mr Smith regarde It as impossible that anv ooe unused to his boat ' could have thrown a body out of it without capstsiag l.-r f|A* a'-uo as PWtrict Attorney MclMii but arrived in own bo calif<1 upon Wui hrn tb. aa Ibo owner of tbo boot and tbo discoverer of tbo deed, to give tbo Coroner and buaorlf an aoci cut of oil bo knew of tbo matter Tb I llow'ng ta O TBS "Tenraasr of wiluab earra. When 1 came down on the morn U s of Turf lay to (O to W T raw that mr boat wa* r.ot la tbe p'ace wb- - I bad telt her, hut 1 aopp<*ed that some of the fishermen bad taken her In tin tag lit to cc> m.?. karri Sab.of. l'etor riorum was with me .it the time Ou arriving at iboboat 1 found tbo fculla and olber things woro not in order Tlir aall *a< rolled up. and not spread out aa I bad left It. When I t-iok up tbe aall I ?aw the blood upon it, but I thought nothing of It at drat, an It fr"| .ently nor t that If I. fool g?ta on our oaf la. Bit on taktra hold of tlio bod of tbe rail I raw the large ri tind Spot, and it occurred t me that 11 did not frei like Oeh b.ocd. Will I waa pr?i arlng to put out, wlu n I beard .Tames Woods call to me that he bad found feme money. It Wae then Juat lie ginning to be light I wrm back to whera Wooda waa, and ?- v til tic trice i if tbo tuash. tbe mark of h'ood in tbe aand. and thocfrb Aa eona a* I raw tbeae I View tliera must hire been foal play aomewhero. and I got Nathan Wokce, ?bo wae there with a borne an I wagon, to go to the tillage after the Coroner. He came down dlrert lv and I rh iwed htm tbe M at club aall. Arc . aa I bad fount them The deed rruft have '-eon rotnm'tt'-ij between two o'c ink ar d fear, fur other* iae the tide wn da have oblll rah'd all tb' Marks oa the a?ad I heard the too piatol e .' taat half-part twelre, and 1 am rertam of the tlaie 0 r I am accustomed to tell It by the tide, My boat it very top heavy, an I a tbe seats come up half way to tbe gunwale a bo j n'med r ? them would mike it much ni--re -o I think there are eery few watermen ato-g the roast bote who <ould launch my boat t apa ring tier, for ?be la ao light that one moat be torn* 1 umC to ber la order to knowjvw to manage her. A' all cventa it oaa a---me urn familiar with the water ai t * thia r *a?t >r they never could have got any boat off here and brought ber hock aofe to the place where the tarted frtm. Thia account waa fully corroborated hy Peter fflecuin. who alatia id addit'on that the atocking fed tracks were either tb<*? of a woman or of a nun wltb oa tremely and unuauai.j aniao feet The utmost ewdrw. to are being made by all r*ftieg to obta n even the ai'gbteat Cue to the mystery. but at prraoat It aeema ahr ? 'ed In tmp-net"*Me dark. era. h'o arreata bod boon made up to half-fast al* o'clock Iaat nlsbt. f -m r Mom* la proaecuting his iav<?t gallons with I. tit fat iguble twraoveronce. and It la to be hoped that tbe r n oi. tj- of New .Teraey may a?n hero the SktisfartKui of t Ii'.wtng !h ?r 'he f* rnet-a? r of tb* dee-1 ia d scwored, * J in a w?> V. meet tbe gAdkmt ha M richly draerraa. V;KW YORK HERALD, TE l>mr Newport torrtipoBdivt, NrwTORT, August 0,1M0. Style sn ft, *r "W< Bfek-rmt of the SeimW to tort -am,' Bmu of OmteiV tum-Mo^nu of * ** flop to Mr* JtofUu-ne TartU The salubrious end iiiTlgoraflng b, ."TV"' thl* *tft s ld ; city, and ihe gaiety end pleasure WhK ' know11 10 prevail here At this mmod of the yew, ere St. attractiog ; lirge numbers of the "breve end fetr" from v j cities of the Union. The feme of the wsderteg id e to here gone forth upoo eagles' wiags, end it ? ' * question whether there Is e country pleasure retread most highly favored, numerically ? well aa literally, than New- J port is this season. All who enter here must leave dull care behind, and enter at onee upon the festivities of Uw pass'ng hour, which must be enjoyed while the summer bre< se Is still sighing amid the trees, and the bountiful earth Is yielding rich stores of her cereal and floral wealth. The festive season Is indeed far advanced, but the devotees of pleasure seem not to think of Ibis, but still ooutinuo to "chase the hours with flying feet" as they pursue their routine of amusement and recreation. In fact, Newport la now In high carnival time. Music and dancing, ball and parties, bops and receptions, and bathing and driving, are the general orders of the day. Scores of gaudy equipages are constantly to be seen rolling grandly through the streets of the city and along the beautifully shaded walks of the suburbs. The eyes are frequently gladdened by the sight of ladies on horseback, attended by father, brother or lovesick ivtln: ootiesLri?nx of the rougher : ci are to be met with in any number, thundering *<oag the roads with every degree of velocity; and a atroil along the seashore will discover a succession of young beaux and b-am lee disporting themselves in the water, or wandering listlessly where the crested waves are breaking in snowy foam. Upon an invitation of Captain Oullum, who is in charge ~r t ort Adams, the members of the American dcienUUc Association, with their families and friends, visited that fortification on Saturday evening last. The gentlemen and ladies composing the party were carried over in boats, and through the kindneas of Mr. Wood,of the Newport i>at!y iVctot, a special boat was provided for tbe members of the press no a stopping in the city. Lieut, llunt, of tbe United States army, was ou tbe spot to receive end welcome visiters Kvery department of the fort was Inspected, and on the whole it may be aai t that the works are in au excellent state of preservation. Tbe effect of the weather has ioiured aome of the heavy stone facings, and in tome places tbe mortar and cement have been eaten through Bui ibeso arc defects easily remedied, and Fort Adams will long stand an' em blem of engineering skill and ability, while its frowning bastions, looking sulkily down upon the sea, wilt warn tbe Invader that a volcano slumbers within its bosom It Is, however, s remarkable olrcuinitance that there is not s single soldier iu garrison here, and if, in t'ie unfortunate eventualities of the times, there should be a necewity of workiug the guns of the foil ideal.on. tt appears to me that some little difficulty w ould be experienced. The fort is there, and the guns are in c-oditiou, but who is to serve tin m on a sudden emergency f There are volunteer artillerymen tu Newport, doubtless; hut what rould they do behind the stone walls of so extrusive a fortification ? Tbero should un doubtedly be s few soldiers stationed here, tf for uo other purpose than to keep the place from going to decay. Tho members of tlis Scientific Society and their families enjoyed themselves greatly ou the occasion of their visit They wandered through the spactoas courtyard and tuto the 'multitudinous cavernous passages attached to the ftruclure. Others went off with hammers to hunt up specimens of conglomerate for goologual inspection, while the ladies and non inquisitive gentlemen assembled to hear a lecture from Lieut H int on the art and principles of fortiflcatiois. Tbe visit was s pleaenct and agreeable one iu every respect, and after milting a complete tour of the place, including tho formidable recnubt which faces the main works, the whole party re-embarked, apparently luiivu pu wu vtuu iuc am iuuvn n i-muiaiuu. Yesterday being Sunday everything waa quiet, orderly and reverent In Newjiort. The mjrty cbimea of the church belli called tbe devout to tbffr sacred duties, and the alreeta of tbe city weie ?"?? filled with tbe wortb and beauty that bave gravitated to tbia common centre. Tbe R- -nan Catholic churcb war. par ejeWicwre. tbe great altracti'o. Aa Brlgnoli waa In town, It waa presumed tbat be would assist at mass; and tbia, with tbe fact tbat Madame btephaui would be aura to be tbere diew together a large and selrct multitude. Aniiug the ladies the wife of Judge Douglas waa present. Hriguoli, however. did not appear: but tbe muaic of the moroiug waa. oevei tbelcaa, excellent, and formed tbe naln feature of tbe aervloe Tbe sermon rails for no definite mention. There la a bone to be picked among two scientific gentlemen. and it may be that before tbry get thr >ugb, tbere will be a regular scramble of the fraternity The ; facta aa I have heard them are these I?r Barrett?? sadly neglected member of the Scientific Association?on a recent visit to the Portland quarry. discovered what he considered to be a hone, deposited during th? formation of the rock any number ot yeargago. Tlie idea of the discovered curiosity being a real bone. was. however, scented, and tbe Doctor abandoned tbe field of geological research in dtagust subsequently a Profeeaor field visited the spot and finding tbe aforesaid bone seised It as a lawful aud valuable prize Tbe question now ts. not whether the bone is a boue, bat who la entitled to bone the heme'.- Dr. Barrett, by right of primary diaoowry, J la entitled to any credit that may resatl from tbe airing of the fossil; nut, as he abandoned the work before its com f lei ton, It may be tbat tie will cot reap tbe fruit o( hts taboia. What the Scientific Society may have to say on tbia important theme deponent aayeth not. Jud}f Douglas hat taken up bta abode hers for the present, and bow long be may remain bare t# not settled while 1 write a Imp. given by Mr. Wm Newton, tbe gen tlemanly proprietor of tbe Atlantic House, in honor o i Mra Douglas, is in Dill blast. Tbe great dining ball o tbe tine betel baa been suddenly converted into a bal room, magnlfiMbUy decorated with banners and flowara and over six hundred fashionable people arc gliding away wrll m ever. but tbe Judge, tbougb be appear* quite at iut, t? undi i. bled It auxtou* to know what (ate may hare In store (br blm Mr*. Douglas wee dreaeed In black at tbe bop, m waa ber husband, aad, la common with the cf the Atiant'f and tDTlted friends, entered fu ly Into tbe amusements of tbe evening. Tlie reception extended to tbe " I.itll? fiiAfll" a few ert nirga ago by the democracy waa a great euccsxs, If the assembling of large numbera of people can prove anything llut you must know I bat there were 0 reworks and a military display, In addition to tbe presence or the Pre- , sldentlal candidate, to aliraol tbe people. Tbe parkut frout of tbe Atla-tic House wax crammed, and all tbe | surrounding streeU wc rt fi led with people. Mr. Doug aa si eecorUd to a, covered witb evargrotns, over wblcb tbe American flag was hosted, but tbere waa no wtid to float It. He appeared exceedingly fatigued, and In reply to tbe welcoming speech of tbe 1 Hen May or Cranston be made a few 'in important observations, staling that be name to Newport, like other peo pie, for reereation. sod not for any political purpose*. The people cheered, tbe military sainted, tbe artillery fired, and the I.ltl'e Giant waa soon after permitted to go lobsd A transparency, with the words "Douglas, the Will of the People" and "Welcome," wa* illuminated, and baa continued to bloom from that night to tbe present moment. Tte American Scoutiflc Society is still sitting, and it does not art m p< ssible that they will couclude their bus MM until the latter part of Ibis week. (V. eraloi the mctnbus have already gone homo, but the aitrM of their proceedings stilt continues. The approaching v isit of the yacht squadron is being looked rovward to with expretstlen of a good time II is propri ed to give a bop at the Atlantic nouae for the amust Went of tbe ynt ktsmen, sooo after their arrival, sad no doubt It will be a pleasant slfatr, as all tbe bops at this bouse have been, Tbe Reran ton Fishing Oub arrived here on Ibe schooner I Treasure on ftturday evening. and tired a aalute'ou com Ing to anchor. Ibey left New York last Weduesday uci j their annual excurs-on. The party cooeots of the follow log gentlemen, of whom It will be teen tbal six are members of ('ongiees ?lion. Geo W. Jrranton (ChaiMdort), hersi.ton, Pa.; benrr C. (br-y, Morton ileMidtael. Louis A. Coder. Hon. John 1*. Verre, Hon Henry M Fuller, Philadelphia, Pa.. Hon Jas. II Campbell, Pnttkviile. Pa Hon < . A Grow, Clenwood. Pa ; Ei.*snl M njmer, Heading, Pa *?. L Montrose. Pa \ D Molt, Tt. ok ban hock, Pa.; Colonel A N Meylert, if - W A Cbiiunden J C. I1att, George 8 Kingsbury, E C. I yds, I. 8. Fuller, ex memi>erof Congress, John IMckson." Merscloo, Pa.; 8. T Scrantoo. Dxforl For- I race, N J tViiliam C. McChll. Trenton, N. J He J.I, N Miatioo, Mount Holly, N J Wi liam F Tnylor, Hon K. (?born Rlbghamlon, N t Hon. John Woodruff, New Haven, Conn . Hon W H Buell, Clinton, Conn. The association comprises some twenty flvt members, aad lb:s is tb< r tif.l am.ual I *cur*i< n A band of mualS i aorom 1 ?n lev them They attended church on 8nnday me ruing. and in tbe afternoon ciued at the Ocestu House. Today they continued tbetr ex< ursloo east. calling at Hjsni,^. Cloucetttr, and. perhaps, going aa far aa Iwrtland. Me I very thing it conducted with the utmost order and J roprlr ty on board the meals are bleated befbre atlcg. and the utmost discipline and propriety are va- i force#. Arrlvgltaaff Dspartirrs, ARRIVAL*. tn t ri-ooi?RieamaMp Kangaroo?Mr* '1i*<l?lek, ffn M?'! >i?>n <? I or. f H IrwanW Mr Rennedr wife, two <bilrren and *1 vkM. Mr Sum, vtla and aerran Mr H??n, Mi" Meliimh Mra Jnnea. Mm Mittpr no ' fnor?l.ildrea. MM Mr l?r jia Mtirriiy. W Kur, U Tr?IL Mr ; y, Katam Re* J n< tt. I'r Rodman Mr lannlnff. Mr am. Mra Jonra X'wt AV'.vidfr. IjtuMit. A F Salma. Mr WlUnoatr.n, wtf* aril 11 mil? ? and Iti Hi Ibr ilrrnii1 t rikroni?fttcamafeip Rnropa at HaJIfai?For Itnaioo?Mr ant Mra ll'?t*"? Mr ('or!*!* and lady. MM MalW.utd. MM I*1 an an.l trlaad. Mr and Mr* fmrtrr and Infant Jud?? War r?l Mr- Mm rtr, Mm <?room. Mr Raring, 1 ><k and anmnnl; Mraar (irncm. Unndala. taMMk Allen, Mo-im. Mra Jordan, tiraliam. Waltr.n and wtfn. Winter, Kupper IHieknny. Ileal* Mv'tar. Ri-.rrrwa. f'mne and arn. Jlrag rtatH Ipnrd, Mtrhofa rpiail. ream an t ladi r bil l aad two nor???. Miler. Kirk|>a: trick. Jr>hn Mnlann. J' R Wagier and lady. Vergma n. Pier r-c and daughter, Ridley, r.ardei, Itarnfeld, FiederMui. Ilaniltrra logan. Mender Halt. 12. rank. Vlaa M llrwaith. Mr llcatgea' aerranl. Mkldliwnnd, wife and tarn children. Mr l-aatorown, looper. Italy. It .llel, Rotentr-n, Kerr, tltnnttDf Wrw Oaiaaai?fthlp Rajah?Dr A J Mauraa, and to In the t r era I#. Cagidtpan?Rarh Our Cnl-m?W II Mania. Art Cay?-?Br g A I) Whlldeti ? O C Brown, (" C Krnaa OaaanToaa, Tl-drkr IC C Howard?J II I rlth T B i narm. MtTACoan* Bar?Rrhr I'aaaport?J Harrla. DIMimiin. diLWir.-Fleamer CYmonngV fmm'Boaton?Wr ant Mra Mm K 1^',m William Tltaeey llarleg II M> n n, p vtrla J' hn I'rrcjr, J Irala- fl M Fontnrea Rer .1 Hrady. Itav J W Bovhan. Rer .t ho 11rHaa. .1 B'water t*' Iw arm. John I'Ujnra Maria Mary. Me* J Pnrrell Rev II ijnkin 'amen M < Mihey. William I. lewkaood. M m Rrllina Re W M noo, Fre1 Morton Wm H irrr 1 wo V'.arallnrrr. .laiara M Oowlry, I)r Sheerho' aer an I John I r.tll# -id and 4l in the *r>n|r. Ri nnnan.?Sleamablp Roan ke? W k P. fh V Ungui.,. A Pieire. A J Mr Kenria M Mr Retina. J W Hpeycr, A Mt 1 lor, F Mcalnlnc, WR T ahnrn. .f.-aepb V > irieea .1 in Ward, Ale.ander Kil. and family J H Km lets F Poll# J J Wagner. Re* a M In nd and l* y. An Fh raw V 'a n F Aata.Unt '? Fnri.rr k?> Tyler Ibmae Ryan, W WRhi.-rfl* ' W Raaih, W If 1,'>T .1 f. n ..hia, , s ) Jhu Merr I e% A R-apn'hti *in?rt f'ammann, Mjm Maui' .MM mat kr?' uunan-1 -aot 7 in Un.' merrao [URSDAY, AUGUST 9, 18( 1 ' " Opfklif mt Tompkins Market. 1U* lu market, which hs<lmin la court* of trfc!'?1 for over two year*, has b*M opened for the transttiibt of business. lor to to* time put the but*** of th? market has been coo ucted la a laoj eerie* of sheds thai were erected around 'be pretty little enclosure Hint was originally luteadod to occupy the space U front of the now famous Cooper Institute. But this day is past, and tb* romantic little square will In a few days again attract the notice of tbe many frequenter* of that district by its nest appearance and nicely kept gravel walks. It will serve to remind people going to and from business that there is something else lu existence, even in a city, beside bricks and mortar, f Although Monday was the opening day, there still ' remain* a good deal to be done in the way of Internal itecoratlod. Many of the inmates of the old market have not And time to srrasge matters to their satisfaction, and U wi'l be fully three weeks before thing? will assume the apiVtranoe of ererytiiing being at its ea*? It was sot until Monday afternoon that the butchers and other dealers were informed that the new' market was ready for them. The consequence was thai' much ceafuaion prevniled. ffebody knew what position had been assigned to them, sad they did not know wher " So go. Many of them took no position at oil, but waited' i until somelhlns of a definite character could h? knnam I Tlio understanding is, with regard to the location or stalls, that tbc oldest dealers shall bare the choice; and It dfrtainly bears a fair appearance. Nobody baa expressed any dissatisfaction so far to this regulation; but it will Lake two or three days before the many dealers arrive at any lafe conclusion about the location of tbelr stands. The Brat itoor of the building will be entirely devoted to trial ket purposes, and presents a space of nearly 180 feet long liy M wide. The buildiDg. as all our city readers are well aware, ooeupies the whole block from Sixth to Seventh streets, and from Third avenue to iiall place. The side facing Third avenue will be eutirely devoted to the rule ol meaia of every description, and here there will be an avenue of nearly eighteen feet wide, for the benetit of ladies aud gentlemen maikettng. Heretofore persona going Into our markets were in imminent danger of having their clothes spoiled by romirg in contact with the stalls and blocks that aro occupied by I be butchers, and which are by no j means clean, eteu m the best of our markets. The mid die of the m.irket will lie devoted to the sale of vegetables and fruit, aud will be under the superintendence of tin market women, who are well known in that uelgbtiofbood. It they always present as hod an array of fruit and vegetableg as gladdened our sight yesterday, there can be no such woid as tail" in their vocabulary. The Bide faring Ha l place is lo be used for stalls for the purpose of selling butler, liama, cheese, bacon and country produce other than of a vegetable nature. The south wot corner, or thai facing Sixth street and Ilall place, ii to he devoted to the sale of all kiuda of fresh ilsli, and shell Uah, stub as oysters, clams, lobsters, Ate. This, we believe, comprises the whole of the drat floor; and although H at present does not present a very Invitiug appearance, still in a few days it will bo well wci lb a visit, apart from any Inclination to buy. Then tbe w hole of ibo dealers will have new stands, and the buU'bcia will nave the honor of appearing before their old patrons with new aprons and marb'.e tables, In piece cf the old fashioned blocks of the shanties. There appeared to be a general di?balisfact:ou on Monday ou account of it being r< garded as au opening day, tbere being so many of the old di alers belonging to the market absent, and the general uutellled appearance that nrcslded over everything. A'.tbough Monday was the opening day for the market, it was by no mrsns the^mr for the rest of the building, as it yet presents a ver^Tnfluiahed appearance, and it will evidently be some time before it tikes upon Itself the appearance of being finished. The second door is to be devoted to the use of oillcea, private drill rooms, Ac , and contains many very fine rooms, some of tbere large enough to be used for lecture rooma, or (or miy purpose requiring u large sua cool space. Along and very wide hall runs between the two suite of room.-, and sec in 10 fully show oil the gigantic size of the buildtog. A steep and very wide staircase leads to the "Great Hall." which is to be devoted to the use of the Seventh regiment for drill purposes. It Is a splendid room, and makes one tb ink. of bails and pleasant coteries of all kinds. It is ITS fret lung by CO feel wide, and ite lofty appearance makes It appear even la-gc than the figures represent. It la lighted in Ibe day lime by fifty -eight windowsail but ton being down to the ground?aut at mgbt U rendered brill.ant by meats ot double rows of gas pipe, running nearly the entire length of the room. At the cod of tliib spac-ouH ball it a gallery, we suppose for the use of musicians. The scene trom this gallery on a drill mgbt mutt indeed be grand. tnd we sincerely hope that our gallaut iSeveoto and it* count 1 -?s fruud* may enjoy man/ a p'etaant nlgbt in the large ball i f the Tompkins market scarcely had the notioe to leave the old wood.-n shant'.ee beet, given to tbe parties located there, than the dottruction of them commenced. On Monday afternoon the Interested began to move, and the floors began to be ripped up. but the rcheit scene was reserved for yesterday About lifly little boys were prcseut at tbe re ova! of the various stalls, Ice bosee, bx , aod as each one was aimed with a club of tome description, they presented anything but an amiable a;,jhtrance Thet licked aa if beul up<-n the devtruction of Something, and the de- j termination expressed in their faces, and the peculiar way io whu-li they grasped their chbs. showed that It would take a gnat deal to defeat them. We watched them very curiously for the apace of Ave mioutea, and our patience waa at it-ugli, bat it fie 1 b> seeing an unfortunate rat make ita appearance, and run down the street; but, alee I poor rat, your days were numbered, fur in an inslaut fifty small boys had descended upon It w'tjg the aforesaid clubs, si d reduced It into jelly. They amused themselves all he aftcroooo m this maimer, and there could not be lefs i" i l ired rau kihc-l while we al'?d by aud aiH-h waa the agility of the small boy* that not one escaped. It Is to be hoped that ie a few days ths ugly shanties that have proved so loog a disgrace to lliat neighborhood will be entirely remove t, and ilien the app< arauce of j things will be materially changed fbr lb* bet- . ter. Tbe flboper lurlltuie, Bibia House. Tompkins I market, and the other flue buildiugs la lis* immediate , neighborhood, will serve to show it off to great advantage, and also reader It one of the many very handsome spots rf our noble city. It la a thing greali'y to be deplored that tbe bay arnica cannot b removed to some other place. It apoila. or at least wilt spoil, the One appearance of tbe square when tlietlianth-a aball have been removed. On next Tuesday there Is to be a grand opening day of the Tompkins market, when all things shall be la their place aud w lit be ready for the strictest public scrutiny. Mr. Jatms Iivlrg. the General Superintendent of Markets, m <jou>r I in nil prwtir i > rrujrr luinpn Mrrraoir- ?o lur i partus tatcrcated id the nulttt. Bbd Mr livery hU: .-bull iseaertiug binwlf tog tall thiif right amongrt the dealer* We M.ticti*ate ? good time on 0"*t Tuesday Tte d.m<nt;o..a o( the ut-w market arc lei feet and 9 tpcbra en tbr lUird avetac and Oa'.I place, and 190 ft el on Math and .-erMitb streets The height of tfr? flrst Boor la 19 f??l. Tbt* tiuor la entire'y devoted to tea-Vet pr-pokes. Tile Clarletlwna In lytla. A CAItP TO THE rt libit. The under*,gned baa received an 1 read w.'h -*;?r blc regret the card which x berowdb ci-sai ate.) Tic per too called Kaldac1 is n? a rejuljrijr orda'ned j'tiear who one to lb a city, hut wltho.t any iTlrial rec< BneadattoM which the Arrbbl'hop could rrcagvae. it la aot in the order of thriatian or episcopal riiarity to <1/ a at'scger m the rtrr .matanc< % in which thia Kaldani baa lb i eht proper to place himself At the tunc, Jusilie to rel gion, truth, charity and fair dealing * Ith mink nd, reqc:rr|lhat the Arrhbtahop almuld Stpclfy to the whole people, Calbolii at. I I'roWsUnt, that thia man. in view of this disreputable card herewith published, should be stigmatised u an impoator. , t JOHN, Arehbiaiiop of ?%>w York. Any person at beer dung one dollar for the relref of the ioffcrlng christians in the Holy land will baTO three mastea Ml Mi whiten r 'ntentlon they may de? rr ? h is f >r the tern hi of tlx ir parent*, relative#, or for the.r own apiritual welfare. Or 4 petrons are too poor, they can get two of tier ue'ftbbon to Join ? tb tbem and make uptlie dollar, and each ran have a n ait raid for tbetr Intent on tarda wid by lather haidani. Finry ( wllery ?Kmhrwr Inw ? l.arg" varto, jr 't epoitmt-n IVn >ud P'rWrl Kn e?r | toe in v. rare and brat liful | attrrt.* many ef which barest-vat oeej hefora Imported, for sate by J AR MAt RI'Flt- fn 7 Aator Ho'.ae, broad way. Khtrtat Wtilr?a f f Sla fhr |l. Made (t' Oi the beat W,twantta and water last m * . Itepot 101 i haU .m ate, el. <o: iter of i'eir Hi and ret h'a Pill*. The nnieeraally approved eetelahia purifier* of all !.i " ti pies and intrinte [nte.nal worfca of our bodies. I'riee U een'a, and dlret-riena TIlV T.trw AimrriOJf Pit,!* being'he eaneenlrv m of the above with Atks'otd nt Marwyartfla Faoc-iatly et-a i ?>.a In l^ter afiei.ioaa and looalituUonal coauieucwa. Price RRARi'RKTIt'ft Qt'llfTKK'.FXrK OP MA lift A I* A RIl.1,4, I brio# the latter Pllla iw fluid to-in The tieat arilele of Bars* parllla trade. Warranted. Price 50 cent* r?r battle Pet Hanoi atreet. Nenfherneri, Wcade Brother*' (lallrrlrr Of rwHiWrapaa enj l*a*''?rrrntrpea reiwralta ao1 faBUM l ot It i l?"l rVtorca tiiuij Ul Until ? > ArrliitKfaral Photriarnjih j?. i,ooo Aptr'trrna of Mew V'-k but (Stop* Ml'tit a'rn At u?.-u am , for talaby HOI * fx APS Rri*l?ti. "CoiUrV Vtrmln Kiliiulatlnr -Of* pot #11 MmnilwaT At Mi hnlaa II e* N*w Voti licit are of ill imilatwwia of "I'lmar c" Oarii*|r'i Oalltrf, m AAoanwAt PhjCw-aphe lrorrt/p * On, anif 'ar-crm* jjm Brill At Balllag'a Porfialt m*?t> itw tn> '* Pirat rlaea I'h< 'narapha In water r?k>r? or futf a liift CHI ratal** nattfbrili', Bllllatrl Par lot lea. 141* # aifoa, 1 Ann. ainrc 1U#. H i.uu-ti Palate lITi i* Oo*irt ?1 P.aa ten Bnw* yo. Ptrlnwa) At Won* Oramntac ?rant arf M-ira Planar* carmn'M for (Ira yeara. WarcmotM 4 atii M Walker arret. Herring'* Patral Champion K Ire and h'tralar uroot HiVa. Mi Br?. ??> c .. ucr of Murray r/M, Mew ltd W barter A VMiioa'a htwlitf Marltiara. Oti M* H oadwa-. A C Orntrr At Raker'a f rlrhratr* k?lir|*M Vwkiur* tec lira', la i an fi<r fam.iy acw'na 10*11 *4 way, ? w lark, tol IB Putlm arret #r- , i laplri M|i>if* Mai ' at K. t.fta?4.* 10 f A U 1*m bt.r. a-<u lii ihv* ?t 4 *0 \ * ? fc?v??. 1 i OrtwlMi ft iter Oclaw?n State LottoliM ?WOOD, *r?T A OO., Mui*c?ri of lb* 1 t)U*iU. Ilrtni A*D l*M>UK< RATS LOTrlXa I fwuW*???'W? Cxam, No, 375. Accim 8, 1380. 1 3?, 30, 31, J. 24, 18, 37, 42, 20, 4, 27, 12, 6. > pfuWiM-C'UM No 575. Aocjimt a un. i Og 9 ;v 46, 3, 32, 67, 66, 60, I. 14, 68, 4, 25. , Or toWOOD, *001 6 CO-TSiLnuA, MmWoutL Orawiagi offraart, ^troadbenta 4i Co/a i DtAwtra liOttertM:? ? la_ 8mux Conrrr, Clam 133, At.'sF*T ** '*? 21, 72 , 26 , 60 , 48 , 73, 16, 14 , 7 , 37 , 70 43. ConouDiTao Lorrur. Clam 135, Aoe.?.** <>'JW 41, 33, 18 , 40, 17 , 78, 44. 25 , 74 , 60, 7a\. 3?. 4. I'BAMCa, BROADBKNT* A 0v?- M Kioxxers, WUminftoe, D*Wwmf** Koyal Havana Lottrrjr.?>oi. 8,507,10,010, 1,557. 27,235 drew the five capful prize* to draw I log of July 17, 18C0. Cirrulara aem free of evpenee by ud- 1 drtMtUff K. Cavallo, No. 08 Kit hange place, New lurk. f MwtiMia*. ?mii The occasional use of this safe medicine insures health ?nd prevetile ihose sudden attacks of a.cknrsa to which all are mere or less subject during the do. day* inch n* rtyasnlery. dlarr lira, headaches. du/ineas. bilious erection* eo>l euu strokes. Fold at 2IM Canal street, Jfo. 4 Un.oo sous re, and by uU dr.ui gills. Price !i (rule per hoi. "KfW Hewing HMhtae," SIMPLER? DOL BLK THRBAD MACHINE IN MABKBT, EXrSRKHI.T FOB SHITWBNT TO POfeKION COO NT K118. PRICE VKJTT LOW. ALL WARRANTED. W. W. ROBE. 119 H road way, New Torh, room No. P. C. Conner's I'Bflwalletl Hhattl* Sewing Machine!* No. 977 Broadway, N. Y. F inkle & Lyon Sewing PI nr hi ex Com. 1 peny.? All machijre warranted Ic give heller satisfaction than I any others in the anrket, or nrouey refunded. Agenda w anted. , j 998 Broadway, N. T. ] Crlstadoro's Hair Dye, Wtga and Ton- < peea. the heat In the world, wholesale and retail and Da dys ] privately applied. No. 9 Aatnr Ilouae. Batehelur's Hnlr Dye Is the Best hi ths J world. Made, eold and applied In appropriate private roams, at the wig factory, 16 Bond street. c lit 11, Inimtluhla Hair Cutter NntrDyeM ; I cent*. Depot 1 Barclay atreet. Infalliole Ougueut for the ' o hair. ? Dr. Marsh Continues to Apply Hta Kuril* eal Cure Truss with aucceaa In e fleeting permanent cure* of hernia or rupture. MaHHli k CO , No i Yeaej bt.-eet. N. V. i ? ll Barry's Trlcopherons Is the Best and v eheapeal article for dressing, beautifying, curling el**iiaias, ! preserving and restoring the Ladles, try u. Hold Uy all I druggist*. Wight Wtgst ClH-shugfc's Illsslva Wigs, ' < with his uew uneuinsble seams, stand pre eminent. SKI Bruad I 1 way, nortlieasHcoruer o: Reade street, opposite Stewart's Beautiful CompleAloa.?Laird's Liquid rcKn nna wuicvru n cncunij u on nog no rq'.w ior DWiUfylog *ud preserving the akin. i'JU Broadway. ( HaihtoE'i UlUd Aperlrat or Antl-Btlliows nils, with direction*. Ho 10 Aator House *nd il! Broadway. \V? lle< onimend NuflYrers vtiili Old ore* ulcers, bud l??s. Ac , to u?" liollow*>'> Olnlmeut No other preparation bus ejected surh eitraordtoury cure*. Iu ] eftcct Ik pet ttiaaeat, ntid b*s never fulled inth worst leHcrip- , lion oi ?o: ea. i Brooklyn Photographs?Williamson's Mlnlslures, Cabinet*. ImpeilaU end U'e Sir*. Two forty u_is (ii?) K niton street Married Bpowk?Isaac* ?On Monday, August 8, by lbs Her (lev. L Neido, l>ao. W. Hrow.x to Maria Lotus a Haach ' Fix?Aluagtoit ?At Victoria, Texas, July 12, at e.ght o'clock I*. M , at tbc parsonage, by the Rev. J. Cochraa. 8 llr. 11 I'm. of Helena, Karnes county, formerly 1 * of IWra'.c, N. J., to Misa Mart E. Auikcrox, of New York city. j Stum?Brcra.?At Br nab MilU, Fraukl.u county, N. J Y., on Heturday. August 4, by Rev. John C.ibble, Mr Harky M t*ncxi>, Jr., of New York, to Miss Emma Br err, daughter of Henry N Brush, Eej 1 t SiuRi-a?Woonat vr.?Ou Wednesday, Auguvt 8, at the i Church of the Aaccnaion, by the Hov Uorn thus B Sii.iu, . D 1>.. Chap H Bbakiti to SormA t... daughter of the lata Jamca E. Woodrufl, of tbia city. St Louis papers plcaae copy. Birth. ?At Barlem, on Mouda/, August 6, Uic wifj 0( bvviBES P.onKRTH of a daughter Died. B?-ck?On Wcfae?day, August 8 Gk >s'r r fl t,w \ of K. 0. and Cathrlne Beck, aged 1 year. 4 month* ana t day*. The relatirn and friend* of the family are rcapectf ."y ' invited to atU'Ld the tuner*:, from La late re.deuce, No. ^ 20 avenue A, comer of Second street, this (Thursday) atternooo, at two o'clock. 1 BiiADtUAws ?On Tuesday, Aiguat 7, Jam SI Uraxwiawk. The relatives and fr ten da of the family, also hla late le.low wuikmcu at Mestrti. Woodward A IVarsc's, painter*, are rcapecfully lnvlt"d to attend the funeral, from It i , late residence, No 11 Hammond itreet, this (Thursday) afternoon, at half pa*t one. Bakkr ?On Tuesday, August 7, ErJi*B*T3 Bakes Widow of the late Wm Hiker,aged 60 yeara. Ihe relatives and friruds of the family, also the Lady * Waabingtou Chapter D. O. A. and Rutb and Naomi todge, order of Hood Sisters, areresprctfnlir mvitcl to attend the j luaeral Ibli (Thursday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from the Willed atreet M< thodiat Episcopal church. 1 Cakkoiu?On Tueaday, August 7. after a long and pain J ful tilt ere, Jew Caaaou, a native of Drotula, Limerick c?uety, Ireland. The reUtlvee and friendi of bisaona, Patrick, Michael, [ William, Ac., are respectfully Invited to attend the tuners , frooi ha late r?s.,ie<tce, 142 fast Twrnlb a.gbtb (tract, tl thla (Thursday) afternoon, at two o'clock I .inter n. (Ire,and) |>S|*-ra please cope CLams* ?un Wednesday, August 8. Mart Axxa O a**s. r youngest Jaogbler of Johr and Bridget Clarke, native of ihe county of Cavan, Ireland. Ague 1 jear and 10 mioihs. -l The relative# and rriends of the family are respectfully J Inv,led to *th nd the funeral. from the rettdence of be- h pa-i:.t" 226 YVi st Twenty cveith atreet New York, this ? (Thursday ) afternoon, at half past oae o'ctoex. 1 Pamu* ? At .ismalca, I. I . on Tuesday afternoon, A :g At J 7,8mW P Hah.hi, aged 61 years The Itinera! will take tht* (Thursday) aBernoon, at two ' o'clock, Ir. ni b.a late residence. I rlends ol vhe are respectfully invited to attend, without further notice. ' Cais leave Souib ferry for Jamaica, at 10 A Y and ~ 12 M , and ret :in at 6.46. I Vermont and M*???cbuaetU papers please copy * I oh ami a?la this Oily, on ruiwlay afternoon, August 7, * Fou-rra Bass*, bfeat ana of It Ogdau aad MelleE. y DbrraiM ri Tli' tthulrri aad friend* of the fiatily are reajw-t fully b invitoa to au-ii J lb* funeral, fmtn No. 79 t'nlou p ?c* thia __ Ttiuiiu?>) a: urn eon ot half put live o'clock,without fur- ~ ( Ko?r ?On Tuo?<liy even if Ai.( .at 7, Mr* r?n*it!** r Ban*, widow of tbc latcUcrritt fc. 1, to the 78tU year of tar ago. Th<- rriiitiv** and fnraita ere reopaclfullv lav tcJ to at- | trod tbc tuuvrai, frcin her late rti.deace, No 1 AbuigJ >n J < fiarc, lb * (Tliurr'ley) aflerna-'u, at Itr o'clock, with out further itivnation. Kia'B ? f 'n Wednesday, A ;g-at A. at tbo res: tence of bit roo. Kdward Orange New Jcrwey, Amr**.* l int r .jl. .1, a. trr a K ug anil painful Ulna*., lair ot New Or I ml. n the 66th year of b'a age T?e runerat wtll take place from St Mark*achurch, North (?r >nje. Una (Thara iav) afle-oooo, at fo^r oc.ocu. It.* and t'roee of the family*-* rcapectfbtly (aTiUd to attend without further oottce. Ca. nage* will be ^ ta attendance at the depot, North (*a ge.ou the arrival ti if tit two I' M tram from New York Ni t* Ui icena and Mubllc paper* pi aat copy. !. i lata ?Scdd?t>ly. at Metucbla, Haw Jrrwj, oa T. it day, August 7, Marrow I t mvwas, ay?\l 76 year*, 3 tni'- aiel 17 dars Tl. -frleadl of in family tire tovited to attend th* faii<--ai thta (Tbaraday) foriDoou, at even o'cio*. fr rn tn? tat- revdenc* Car* Uava f xrl of CorlUuit atrael at MMM I Jl idow*r ?On Wadneeday, a jriJ, at t'c o'clc it In the aftrmorw , lltiot i?a Bbuowat. ig*! 3 year* in J ? t miiitb-i, daughter ot John an I Klieu II .loway, ru finer*! r.-vlc?-* will take p ? * at h ' late rani *J ' r 29 N t'j Mi-nra itrc-t. at two o'ctoi k Tti fr: >o ?* o: the are r<*p*tlfully invite! to atu ad Ht ai i ?trn Tin* lay, A< * I 7. } it? A* a. widow of ?j Samuel il.rry, formerly of f'uiladalpl.ta. aga<] 79 year* I, 7" itlr ? ltd fr'teuda of tba faatlr, and I now of trr trr.". Wll'iatn Fdmrnl and Fame* Hurry, are r*< '* peclfbliy invited to attend her fnueral, from lb* reel- " nut? ij. br r run, William Ilurry, No i Went Thirty. , fowtl it It t (TburaWt)) dw-i jj. at ha'fpaat ol'ie o'clr-ck. ru:ii? ?w. ** ai:i?w.", *g i ? ? year*, ca:'?i - J btfitilif I' rHMMMltl(WIki fjnerni at tba rtileoor of her bro'her n?ry Matbowt. Fulton atrcct, A?i. * lb * (Iiiu'o lay) afternoon, at laroo'ciock ? i < m ? - iMsadty, 4 net I. *an?-t P*taa, tU? b ivri v tW turn hft*. If l 41 yeara Hrrfiienda, and lb of Ibe famlijr, arc reaper tfjl./ u?iltd to attend ?b? func al a?Tlc<*, at 90C f(*l b k. l . t,il) r.M, ot> Krldnf alteroona. at k o'clock r !?? ar. I Nor*. I (f x *. I) paicr* plcaae cojif . Hant ?<bi Wr.lneoday, Au?' at o Joa? Rn;r a tial ce I (.f lb* cMi-ty Catau, pariah ?rf l? .tuiam, larrj*4,4ti, , agc<i St ? ira | _ To- dire* and fr.ei>'l? of the f?tnPy **+ fc*noc?fully u Itt tMHali 1 the f .ueral, < n Frld ?> a<l "noon at ou? . . i<* k , I: o. iila father* r "K B | #t> ?lu 'ttonklyo, en V" ttic toy, A ,??i?t * Itaar ~" . n, 1' atil .. . iplit re' Wll am and ill if Kra", i G ?, < I a wwlli* and 'it day* | " Hi*n ?<>n Tueadoy, A atiai 7, .'? ?* R Kr*o, ?te O.i i Kit; tintb T ( m ?nt K \ B M , ajed 4t .-?'* 1 ? ll.e friend* o' the fim !y. aiao the m. unrxra of UjS I HT *ly nidh r? * m?t,t li.e Nat on*! (?ray?, .1 i'avnor turn- I A it''ant. a.tii Ar""i ri* I/>Jge, N 874 k A M , aod ! 'ar u: ; N . -48, " <' of <t F , are re^piyt'tlUy ra. I tc ' t at'r*" I tl? fnti ra'.. tb * (Thuradayj afioanoon. 1 at bad paet tarn o'ctoklt, Uutii bi? late rm?, > No 1 it leooara II/NI P ?* -Ot T-eadae A-r ?t T, .'?<?*? B Rra*,ag*l U year* The fr c '* oft. *a?ii/, alao th? n.tnl f n of Arctirua Si igc No 274, F A M . and Pilgrim f?df Wo 241,1 0. nf 0 T .a e :<-j?a tl'ilJjr re'jucate 1 tu tb? fuuemi, tb.* (TV do*) ate-nooo, at to > .'r , T*om te? lata r? deuce, ho lo,r lemard Hreet H:t*T ?< Ffadmaiajr. Aifrat it, Mr* ?ara.i A-.a Tt/n. _ a '.** ' ?t >?*e p te H - ,.*#. yearn * He f v, a acJ Iriro S ' " '? * / * ? reapoctf il> \ , .! i m the , i ih> , '< b -r ' i rre f.-jc*, M ?i Va kk ?ir*??, mi t**t i nay %'t? *??, at Ito o'r ?ca, * U t -? i*r ?r . IMeai ? . ajb ? if ? T "?*?v ? -aint. Aof/'tT, I . *. \*a, wife f It ? ttar 1 ier 1*r-, 'rf, a^i-i 74 f v* T' .l.. a *iL UUtJ |<t i U h 0'' ?*'?/> ?fla|e?Jt ( 5 ' at three o'clock, from the B.-ic*. church, comer of Thirty ' seventh elreet end K)fU> avenue The attending clergy, the peU bearers end the relative* of the rtetiiaaal will a*, eemble at her late residence, 13 West Thirty seventh treat, at half past two o'clock P. M. Surra?At Moatgomor/. Orange county. N. f . Onrraa E. Surra, youngest daughter of J. T. and C. E Smith, aged 1 year. The friends and acquaintances of the fhmily, are reI spectrally invited to attend the funeral, from the redI deace of her parents, 190 Washington street, Arooki/a, this (Thursday) afternoon, at three o'elock. Fnrra ?At half past two o'clock on Wednesday morning. August 8. from the effects of sua stroke, Mr. I'atkick Smithf aged 86 years, 10 months and 13 dava. The friends and relatives are respectfully Invited to atteed the runeral, from bis late residence, ISO East Thirtyfirst street wrow.? At Chatham hour Corners, on Tuesday August T, after a short illness, Joan B Prow, In the 43d year of hie age. The relatives and friends of the family are rosneetAillr requested to attend the funeral service* from his late rmlaence, 110 State street, Brooklyn, this (Thursday), at iw.elve o'clock, If , without further invitation. Tns rsnaalL" will be taken to New Haven for interment. TkiV* ?At Walls, Maine,on Sunday, Augusts, Rev Daytt? m 1>?sr. The rela tives and Mends of the flunlly and of his brother, John .M. Terry, are respectfully invited to attend Ihs funeral from' the Methodist Episcopal church, Hobokeo, tk.j (Thnrsday ) afternoon, at two o'clock, without fart..' r Invitation. ?fiiv ?On We, I seed ay, August 8, fhtmosv, the bilovsd wife of o w Tuli v, at her residence 167 Wythe avenue, aged SI yeare. 7 rnoi dhs and 14 days. Her Irlends and a&iuatniances are respectfully invited toatUad the funeral'.on Friday afternoon, at half-past tan o'clock, without lurther invitation, from her late residence Ibf Wythe aveiiue, Williamsburg. Tvian. ?On Wednesday morning August S, Emms J., daughter of Capt William ,S. and Sarah C. Tyler, aged * years, 9 moult s and 26 days. The rslatires and friends of the fhmtly, and members of George Washington I-ode No 2VS F and A. M , are respectrully invitrd to attend the funerval, this (Thursday) moratig, at ten o'clock, from Putnsi u, nesr Bedford avenue, Sr ooklyn. THat>.n.?On Wednesday eveuii g, August 6, Hxsav 8 , >niy son cf Henry 8. nod Elizabeth Thayer, aged 2 years. I month and 28 day: The friends of the family are resjVrtfUlly invite-] te ittend the funeral, from the residence of Job Smith. 34f 'sst Ter.tb street. HIv remains will bv taken to Wastbester for Interment. Wsus ? On I ridsy, July 20, on board'the steamship Isngsroo.wtien near Liverpool, Mr. Jossra tC. latef this city. ~MI8lELLA2KOlH. \LL SOUTltKRN MERCHANTS Are respectfully Invited to rail and eraoa:.-i* the fottsw ii W\ue? ne t t.lq-iors, all imported by the subscriber for prt ate mid medicinal use ? CDOLPBO WOLFE'S PI RV i anwii1 imisnv mportfd Mid l?xUe<i hv h.maeif warranted pun* and V* tveal r ility wilb hit certificate is the bottle. and Lua M? ou Uba oik. rnoLPun wnr.rR a PCRK PORT wmv.. Imported tnd bottled by hmteelf put i:p for medtelaal MB * h hit certificate on the bottle warranted p ire and the bma latilt- . unnr.piTfTwr I.frr PtJKK 8HKRKY WINK. led Hud b (tied by hlnitelf, tint Mine m the Port WVu?, DINV.PHO WOLFK? PURK MAOKIRA WINK, ftr.p ! ttid hotled b/ himself for private aad rae?l xmat . V the best wine crer odered for talc to the LtJ? u bottlee. I'U_- a i ic warranted | erteetly pure. CIKtLPmPwoUTtR PPKF .UVAICA RUM ST < ROIX RIM hCOTCIl AND IRISH WTflSTltT Allot the above imported aud bottled by txmsclf; wai taoto* ytire ami of the bet: <j ality. PbytlcUnn wbn r?e Wine* and Uqnon la tuetr praetao*. ihonl.i five tlie preference to tbete artlr.'en Put tale by all ictpcctabfe drvizieu and apothecaries UIN >M"BO WOi.FR, r e manofarturer and importer of the Hrluet'.am AroannUA rhnanpa, No 22 Metrer tlreet. A T R03RRT RAIT A CO 1 No t#I It roadway Corner of Wtrreu ttreet, hee Toe*. Attention u invited to lh< Ir large ttoek oi OOI.D AND 811.vKR WATh Jtfei y '.be fcllowtn* celebrated maker* ? tonti. niarlra Fredaham. .laaaea Rtoddawk/ T. F. Cooper, Jobu Cragg, Da- id Taylor. Chaa. Taylor A Hoaa> K C. Brareb Jge A Co. F. h aJkom a%ma R D Jobnaon. RoltOf. Rail A Co uriaroOL If I Tobiaa, ' R AO Beewalty R-Voeit Roeteii. duaeph SeweC Hint Patek Pluillpe A Co. J C Ted mot'* I/ Acdt mers, Varhemtj At wMMA Jtmra Nardut t. A K Ducheaa Julet Ji-ryeoren, Copt ni?.-w;en I b'-h they offtr at who.eta> %jJ nta. a. L>? p.-toen A T RORFRT RAIT A CO 'H. . ft. No W1 Ri' tdoay. corner rf Warrei a-ee> For 'wK, ? filtered tt abo.uaale tnd retail a very ltnw and >on ll? ? rUiMTLt ot GOLD AND Kr .rsi WATCXW iy i: \ th? cn>o.-atad uiakarmr/ LONDON. LIVIRfOOL AND OINS7A. it rw.( ?d prrwa. a i aale.-moarn rite.* ia to ft) CAM rt. L i.r :1< red fre-i m.1 .C< inrut/a O. 1 IiKKXS, UBt-oalty. AT KVRffPKLL'h WADDING f"A*rW NOTKA M. iw ib? Orange Wum karelupa. ?ui Ue for aartA ii.I; ?. IVa Broadway. BkVVARX OK IMITATIONS AND COCNTEBKITd. DONER'S HITTKRg. Tb? IfU tonic Ui Mil ( ?< ? (A complaints cooncc'cd wVA (An mirli i n I bowele f.r the nrrtmia ifavm nn.1 more partlewui/ the beat lui-jK.ur.:.*i.n?t d)tpi-pala, dtarrbam. d/aentory, rrrr Mid iretieral nervnua nebi'tjr, Ac Tbi- mi a' |?rik:>Bl cordial of ita km 1. and aiace were (AM blrty yrare athnowlrdgad In (lilt rrmntrr to I* tub at t roiiaf h Birrant art* larwoarrsn. Kor aa> by *rori ra and dri>/t'?u gi-uerwlty, ntil with IAv i! diaccunt to (he t, ade by the a/ant L. KUNKK, Jr.. No 93 Krocl street. Naw Tor*. K,rrr:* nrwjsd machine iiarrls rtTKjrr> 1 b'? relet.rated new Unomred dotiMe thraad. price a??r 10. ba'raro m No Mi Broadway, opposite the At. Mkbola* [TRTANVR DNRIVAU.KD RTOM Af"H RTTTHA 1) Dhf'OT NO. I KOt'TH WIIAJAM RTRBT N W. '/lfibTAR *" VERMIN KVTFRMTNATCM -PRPOT M \J H ' i1??T.r?v?IO? N-i-hrlaa Hotel. Hew To-* la iir?! of all ii.jj .iiiof ' tootar'a." 1I!FAPF*T IN8DRAN(1 IN TTJF WORLD J W? ?rr j. w making, attboU nt?vu, UbK RAFB 1 rr pnrrod to th? Our hafri iu furrrr ibrr ooniaato hm ripr rfd to fire la tbr boot anao?r, Hid our HI. It'll.AC ROOK RAF* dafiM (be ?< rlil Any nop Al.ont to pu.;rba?a It N|ti>iiPd lo r* inl fnnuf f< - lbrm?rli*a Frnftki 1*1 bale fi r ihr l-oid niMiry. hTKARNdA MARHN. b VJ> Hi '?d? ?/, co.nrr of WorUi at . Naw Tart lOROIAr. rOONAr RITTFRR HOT?DIATRLT fMJ !,< ??? d *rrb->-v 0( i? ood UlU atUnbs S JaTNIN F'.DT aolalmporttr 16 N*mvi nfrart, N?? To.-?. a-J tm a.? I>? all du n* da bar* and r'<* ra. "VI- Affirm J *TOffT. MRAKIK'I, U ROfCAL OPERATIONS o? Tim RTF bar FAR TRATlMORrALR RRAO rc ti'R rn- 'dfnt of thk atcttrh a nt w nirarox nM?r*Kv i Ff r tba Ab rt |>?riod I Kara Tpob indar Or V<~i'Via OaAa rr'a Irra-oimt l?r drifn'-m l?i??i?ad on m wb raH??ai i . ban* a?ar> to> rui mmw l all e?%l prrtoaa M At a lb xaelraa a' nadcr b e? ?. FRFDUtlOR R I.RR. Prr> ?*>? Bu i rr? .ul I aau.-OB' Coapanf. Nit? To?? A r glial ( 1-*' HONORID* Hut t r-*i RF -IOKKit In IIKAHINU ' ' K.V'-WW l ' M T ?<lfl'KAlF KORni'VAK O'Vf IRT ANO A?J T'-'T rr ? I ? ' '* ' ?!' a a.I d.? *? Of lb* Ryp anl Kir. m Hi" htt'r "<* t' IW 1.IMON I.AI F tfOI TF ?TR*RT ^ .1 MAI FOR.' A OIJI F TAR. V m Oum Til?? Ha h?V -if ba'jam!- M*t org .hi n dlrarl r"olart with lb? hnn? m-momrx* at M . T- i - A i i '".la - f l!?a I' aaa ruttmo ?r nut Any pnui of opprrAoioti. Iml brwi( HW . ?it' i or I Vhm Out? 1 ? i? T??rw trroo f?oo?* it form* m '-nnvud l? u. ? ad J W!t?uAymp for Cji(I? tod til ThreaiDW >??A W t - r r? T?? t* imnii I t mnonotie nr rnr~raf?IM |v.??r? rtmlrr it n m<wt ?rr? lv Art t rdic out TAIN ABRIIUt.AfOK. OUre T?r I* not Atirkjr??!<*< not dMcoior. Kurt '? tJo a Hornt, A' <12 Bit iJ? *jr, ?r? T"k. And h? tN 1- tfltk J R. FT A KKoRD'A tROR AN ? OlU'HlH IMWnr.Rt ??i . >i e pi i p? ?'<on < ( loon *ul a ilplnr, i irir.CA. |M . r. n iho Umtf or prrft-cUt koaUfcr pcrno. W ?"i, 'ho rl fff'rd fml Tin r ftf-im irr ton KirA-rr n?o fl-rot Tin ? Tat*lit R??r?.? to t?? Aiirout Nrtraa. 1 net lot ir.o??rr tut *? T '?.T Hti i xol . to tin INuniW. T r Rfc.-. tn mi i 'niTioif or r.ti Basf, A to mi a ormcioir mo Uf Krvoi KiiouMi run At a i'Arm ?ia At ft'* <42 Bm? '>r*r Haw Tort And hf All di-tiggM* PAT FOR TT AO TOK BAKU TT -K!tTf* |AT oom jiiff t rtka frlrtirxtfd At* in* KtAuw. <* * BroAdirAy >T0?>A39 riAROA <i'? ONI.T COatPLRTK RATI.WAT OCIOI THE t'BITRD atatm AWP TlIK CAKAOAB Afrr.tTOKt illvmtra ;*r> RAn.WAT oou>?. OFKK'tAT, RAlLWAt'iSl 1I>K OK TTTR OOOKTRT _ rotti it/ KFARTT ORB Bt'KrFK? RAT! WAT MAPS. T< L'RISt OL'JBI TO TI'KNt ATrrtN(l PLA^Tv AS. And la ao I <:, ,fj AU.*A'l*lf' OOATM AM- ?AAT AOO W M. At OfiTm?trf t-i r** mot I AITi . Mt'i IV> < 1 Vn t Hi I t? A) il> ? Tl swa:J A fH Aft < * <*Br WANT" A " APt' VB f AVK Oi*T 3T ?<??o my Of>|? rirt ? i , *1 ?i ?? -r- < n> >o ' I notkt ?t ftao ' .'?*? .. rod ?<12 ,?> <*. i ** i n. PrM>#?l An r 1 ? / l?n o?'.o .'i. i v ' . ? ujtw- tm k*' at; : - ? . , ,t *? n ?< V" c t' r; 't , f i.o*. V' -if . f A **?.. Jv / ,;2A, A/, { ^4A?dk.?A?

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