Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 11, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 11, 1860 Page 4
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* NEW YORK HERALD. JtlKI GORDON BKHIICTT, mm)K AND ntui'KikTOK QPriOI K. W. COKMUt OP NASSAU AND rULTON fit. TP RM*", rtw* f?i Moot M' s tootf ? <" A? / 1*0 Hi* op (Ac ??nJir. Pmuifp Mumps not rutwJ as nfm-'tptioo lamp rifir DaIL t BKRAl.!> Hrr ~ro*r prr <*1*. ffyw ??* rajr WKZXir UKXALD, etm, Satur<Ut,*t rtx nnKprr oojV, v $3 yr <*> i'w. dU f unifMii MMum *M| Jf'M "-* lov. AM ?ir finl". prr rw*f>y, S4prri~..~? f??(nif/ pari of GrttkU Hrtl.i'n, Or *?f?(wik /*""< o/' 0w CWlinn /. A*A to foe/mis sx~Aw?,' ?*? # Cu.Von i v fUu.'.w on iA- 4<A a/?i SWA* wJt wontf ol ?.r t"C I?rr nm., or SI 90 prr iiiwxih. TUX t AMI LP ULIlALJJ on H'~f iw iip, a< four cm" prr lopt, or TZ per annum _ ... / rULVHTAUriXJUKESPOMOKSCM, *< KrWn t.'niW / ton. Ol '/ </i?lr!rr of tlx vorUJ. U hAru.'lv ,H,uljor mjr"VH ?..K?IOW < OHHto"''*'1' "? *?? l*i?nctn iiii.T Kmchtu to Sou. to* l-OTtoM **p "to>? AfiW UM 0? ? - Volume mmm \ AMU8K*KNT? THIS EVENING. WIBLO'S OAKDEK. Itroadway.-EamWTSXAa PoarOKM4JICM Afternoon and Evening. W'VTTR OARPKN, Broadway, oppoUle Rood otreet.? Tiotrr Hon Fiats?rionajtsaji'i Debar Magic Tau?rti. WALLACE'S THEATRE, Broadway.?OTlarRICAK AKD (as Kaikiu?Yourg Actrus. LACRA KERNE'S THEATRE, No. ?M Bndnr -OVS AassicAji Conn. NEW BO WERT THEATRE. Bowery.?6 Air atoa Ro*a? Hia Lost Ufii-dou>u Famii. BARNUV8 AMERICAN MU8XTTM, Broadway-Day and retting?Ethiopia*, Boiigo, Darcm, Bvblmgoos, La tiro OVOMMITIM, Ab _____ BRYANTS' MTN8TREUB, MechxnJea' Hall, 471 Broadway.? EVBLaoovw, Sorgo, Dances, Ac.?Beam Figut. NATIONAL VARIETIES. MhaUium Ureet . - J i * * r Twit CUrO M Dot HALDROAUS?TOOOLAJ. FALACK OARDKN. Fourteenth atreet.?Nbckoeaect? IhSrSOMIRTAL CORCSRT. CANTERBURY CONCERT HALL, 883 Broadway.?Sorgo, Darcm Rcribimpss. Ac. Mew York, Bnturtiujr, August 11, DtOO. HAIL8 FOR THE PACIFIC. Row York Heruld?California (edition. The mail steamship Northern I.ight, Copt Tmklepaugh, Will leave thia port to day, at noon, for Aopinwall The mails for California and other perU of the Fot iHo Will rlam at half-post teu o'clock this morning The Naw York Wbkklt FUaaiji?California edition? SootainiDj the latcet intelligence fVom all parts of the World, with o large quantity of local and miaoeUaneuus alter, wlii be publtahed at half pea: o'clock in the Morning Single cop'.eo, la wrapper*, ready fir mailing, ill cento. ArcrU wia plcoae lend in tbe.r or lere as early as p.* tb . _ " . Th< If Wi< The Fluropoan mails to the 2Pth ult.. brought by the steamship Europn, readied this city from Boston last evening. We have aire nly given the main points of the news, received by telegraph from Halifax and Boston, and this morning we supply the details by the publication oi letters from onr correspondents at lxindon, l'uris, Berlin and Genoa, ami extracts from our European tiles. The Adiiatic is due at this port, with Kuropeau advices to the 1st inst. They are looked for with considerable interest. Preaidcut Buchanan, accompanied by Miss Lane, {secretary Toucey. and a large party of ladies and gentlemen, visited the Great Eastern, in Annapolis Roads, on Wednesday. An account of the visit, with other n atters respecting the present exhibition of the Great Eastern, are given in another column. The ship left the Chesapeake, on her return to New York, last evening. # There was a decided improvement ia the weather yesterday, though in the morning there were indications of another severe day. In the Hkkald office the mercury did not get above S7, at which point it stood at twelve o'cloi k. At two o'clock it had fallen to a difl rcnce of about six degrees with the ?ame time on the day before. Ia the afternoon there was a good deal of air stirring, and a dense mass of cloud, which came up about three o'clock, added much to the comfort and coolness of the city. Two fatal cases of -unstroke were rcporieu to' uic Corouers. An inquest was held yesterday upon the body of tin infant uAtt nf Mr llntierf Wiafiir af Vn 1 ".<? k'.ts# Eleventh street. whoso death, it is allowed, was canned 1 y an overdone of opium. prescribed by I>r. Mm dotiuld Allan, of 447 Grand street. The testimony elicited is given in our report in another column. The jury rendered a verdict against the Ikxtor, and also censured the druggist who put up the prescription. Dt. Allan was hel l in loOO bouls to awuit the action of the Grand Jltry. The se.?-ion of the Board of C'ouncilraen last evening was occupied in the transaction of routine business. The usual weekly atatement ?>f the Comptroller w as received, from which it appeared that tl e balance in the treasury np to the Wh ir??t. was It 13.153 17. Contract* were confirmed for paving Chatham street to Hudson river, and Greenwish street from Battery place to Gansevoort street, with Belgian pavement. Hie Board adjourned till Mouday, without taking any action on the Japanese swindle. Iu the Supreme Court yesterday the motion for on injunction restraining the Comptroller from paying the jlW.OOO for tire entertainment of the Japanese waa set down for Tuesday next, and to have preference over all other case*. The c Hon market w?a steady yoeterday, with sales of about 1 MM bales, closing on tbe basis of quotations glvoo In another column. Fkror in less buoyant no I active, especially for State and Western brands, while Southern ?u Ira, anil in good loaal .Ionian 1 and for report to tbe West Indira. Wheat was heavy, and clnacd at lower rat <a for most deacrtpttooa, while tales were to a fair extent. Corn was In good demand and firmer, with purchase* both for tbe Eastward and for the S-uth. The movements In Qour and grain the past weak at this port will be seen from tbe follow lug table:? If.rrript*. Etfor't a Hrii"m (?l FP floor, bbla .... du.iiCI HiH ?.4M %\ Jfto Wheal, buabs* .171 Ml IM OtW.lM ? Cora 471 SJ7 U.7SI ? ? Cork waa rather Inner, eepeclally for prime. Salee .if new mem were made at 111 a 111 3). and of new prims at 114 i*wgar? were st-ady, with sa.aa of about 0U0 bhd* an I MM boxes, at pvtoaa given la another place Coffee was quiet and Qrrc Freighta continued to rule Orm, with nsrsrclty of veeoels Oram was again engaged for I.irerpool at lid. a 11 l,d., In bulk nod bog*; Hour was 3o To London, for wheat, la ship's bags, 111 sran aaked, nr. J 3s. IM for floor T.,i Tnitr. Pitv iv nil U'..di n TKa of the Census Marshal* in this city, although ' not jot complete. indicates prcttj clearly that lb* population of the metropolis at the present time U nine hundred and fifty thousand, an increase of four hundred and thirty-four thousand four hundred and fifty-three over the population as shown by tbe census of 18f>0. This return refers to the city proper only, comprised within the limits of Manhattan Island. If we take the Metropolitan Police district, which is composed of the counties of New York, Kings (Brooklyn.) Richmond and Westchester, all of which may be said to comprise New York, tbe population will turn out to be close upon a million and a ? half. Thus we shall count as tbe third city on tbe globe in population, exclusive of Canton, , Jeddo, snd It may possibly be one or two other ! Asiatic cities. London. Taris and New York. | take the lead in consecutive order over all the | cities of tbe Christian world, and the growth of New York has been more rapid and wonderful than that of elthsr of the European capitals. ' We -hr ild not be surprised if, in a quarter of a 0 .uiry, we should become the lint city of (be Christian world. ' N TUt (oa^ntlliM o/ <fec Mertn-The Bell Md KrwHt Off????>toa. It is settled that the one hundred aad twenty electoral votes ol the South will be CMt against Lincoln in the approaching Preaideatial election, and that accordingly only thirty-two of the one hundred and eighty-three electoral vote* of the North are required to defeat him. There is a popular majority against him in New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Oregon and California; and to can y all these States over his head it U only necessary that the conservative forces opposed to this disunion sectional republican party of the North should combine against it But how is this to be done? In the outset, supposing the defeat of Lincoln to be the paramount object among the supporters of Breckinridge, Bell and Douglas, we broached the plan of a system of fusion electoral tickets among them. But it was aoon apparent that this scheme of co-operation was, as yet, impracticable. Next, under the impression that the South would be a unit in support of Mr. Breckinridge. we advised a general rally in the North to his standard, as the shortest way to secure the Northern ba- i lance of power. But the late southern | elections hare dissipated this idea. Not jet disposed to give up the ship, we next recom- , mended the withdrawal?bj an agreement among themselves? of Breckinridge and Lane, Bell and Everett. Douglas and Johnson, and the recommendation bj them of a joint stock ticket upon which all their supporters might combine. But this proposition appears to have fallen upon the candidates indicated like the voice of a man upon the winds or the angrj waves of the swelling sea. With an overwhelming popular vote in the manufacturing and commercial State# of the North opposed to Lincoln, the several parties in the held to which his defeat is the first necessity appear to have surrendered themselves to the idea that the case is foreclosed, aud that Lincoln is already elected. We are not yet disposed to concur in this conclusion. On the contrary, we believe that Lincoln may still be defeated. The means are at hand; there is time enough yet to put them into shape for practical action, although there is no more time to waste in beating the empty air. The late Southern elections show that the Bell and Everett party in that section has become a nartv of nositive nower?a ere at nartv for (he future, whatever may be the issue of this election. It has already achieved enough in the conservative States of the South to recommend it to the cordial support of the great Union masses of the conservative States of the North. Should Lincoln be elected, what will become of the clashing factions of the democracy? They will most probably be absorbed in other party organizations, as were the fragments of the whig party after their crushing defeat of 1852, and as the remains of the American party have been absorbed since 185G?their- first and last national battle. On the other band, this Bell-Everett party, founded upon the Union as it is, including the organic institution of slavery in the Southern States, is the natural antagonist of disunionispi in both sections? of the republican pirty, which Beeks to abolish slavery in the South, aud of the Southern fire-eaters, who make the indefinite expansion of slavery the test of their submission to the Union. We have had sufficient manifestations of the strength of this new conj stitutional party in the South to satisfy us that * there it will hold; and it is upon the ticket of ' this established nucleus of a great party in the future that we now call upon the independent | l nion loving men r?f all p*itic3 and claws in t!,.' North to rnlly. Our conservative financial, commercial and manufacturing cities, in thlj movement'should at once load the waj. I'ndor the Immediate excitements resultirfg from the John Brown foray, we had numerous Union meetings here, there and everywhere, to reassure the people of the South that their Northern brethren were not all f nntical. cut-throat, abolition revolutionists. ! Those demonstrations did no harm; but now they would do much positive good. Let the good work. then, be commenced, as usual, in this commercial metropolis, and upon the basis of the Bell and Everett movement, as the most practical Union foundation of this crisis, and we may soon have such a response from all sides as will indicate that Lincoln is by uo means already elected. We are gratified to hear thai in this city and State the Breckinridge men are very favorably disposed to ? fusion w ith the Bell and Everett party. Such a fusion has already been consummated in New Jersey, and we expect the same thing in Pennsylvania. Let the Bell and Everett party push forward their cause. Thousands of con?er\ atire old line wtjigs. American.', democrats. and republicans, ten, may be brought in by!mielyand energetic ac?ioo, who may be otherwise left out among the vaste ammunition of the campaign. With half the electoral vote of the South to endorse them U? re i* now a fair chance for the eleitiou of Bellot Lrerett as out next i't??ident. by casting the eleciio0 into Cor.gre s tiro gb j sjstem of operation* vhi;h irv?'i.Hi.'? - r? vmwivu \ r? hi - \ ? enemy. Ar.d tt." Iktugla* party baring fuse* with the Itell anil Errrflt parij in Georgia, why should tin*? be*it.?te to do the same thing in any Not them State' Conn fmtt Pkomjuact r\ Biiooai.r.v? The eorpoiatl ?a of Brooklyn #oem? determine to rii' with that of New York in a reckless disregard of public opinion. Within the laat month a large addition hi* boon made <4> the taxation of the city in the shape of contractor*' job# nnd a general increase in the salaries of offlciil*. A significant indication of tie manner in which the *wce? voices of the member# of the two Hoard* ate Vtned waa the treat given to them by Mr. Switt, the offal contractor, the other day. A *teanier waa chartered, the material* i for a rplendid collation put on board, and the member* and their friend* convej? d to Batren Inland, where, we are told, tbey bud a good time generally. The Brooklyn offal contract* mu*t be profitable affair* to warrant with an expenditure a* thi*. In the ex- | pen*?*of the 1 ire Derailment we find similar 1 Indication* of an accommodating *pirit on th# part of the two Board*. In the year* they bare | increased more than one third, notwithstanding the introduction of the Ilidgewood water and a decreaee in the number of fire*. There i* a boee job on hand ju*t now which will coet the city #20,000, although there U not a shadow of necessity fcr it. If tbe reckless expenditure of the la?t twelve tnocths 1* persevered in, what between corporate robbery and Isgislatirs 'dm provements ' Brcokiya will *oon be a dearer place of rcohence luaa New York i EW YORK HERALD. SA' Tut LtNOOUN OlUiAN ON FlUCk, L?V fc..?A NaW Plane in nut U*.ii blic vn Pt.atkok*.?TV pet metropolitan organ of ' Honest Old Abe" has printed a letter, purporting to have been written by the wife of John Henry Gurney, a well known English banker, a member of the Imperial Parliament, and the aon of Joseph John Gurney, who came with hit sutler, Mrs. Elizabeth Fry, upon a philanthropic auti slavery mission to the United States some thirty years ago, and was warmly received by the Garrisons, Molts, Tappane and others of the game clique, the predecessors of the 7'ritnmt philosophers in the Bame line of business. Mrs. Gurney, it appears. has eloped from her lawful husband, the banker before named, and taken up with her groom?whether he is a white or a black man is not distinctly stated; but that does not signify. Mrs. Gurney has chosen to cafly out in a practical way the peculiar theories of a school of philosophers with which the Tribune has long been identified, and it is quite in accordance with the doctrine of the eternal fitness of things that her defence should appear in that iaiienol fKn Aeernn nf tka 1 ammaqI 1?ka?f*? *n all JVUAUHt M<v VI^Ml VI IUV lUlglOl 11 VVI IJ AM OU matters, social as well as political. The Tetter itself is one of the most extraordinary publieations of this most remarkable age. If it 1b authentic, if it has really been written by the proper bands of Mrs. Gurney?and we hare the TWbtme's statement to the effect that it is genuine, and no proof to the contrary?this curious document marks a new era in the social history of the race, and affords a marked example of the inevitable tendency of the doctrines which the Tribxnxt philosophers have advocated during the last ten or fifteen years. Commencing wikh abolitionism, the new lights of Spruce street passed on to Fourrieriam, socialism, agrarianism, spiritualism and free-loveism. Their avowed platform is free soil, free farms, free speech, free labor, and fiee men, of all colors and conditions. To that comprehensive programme it would appear they purpose to add entire freedom for women. That L? Mrs. Gurney > platform. Her letter is by far the cleverest exposition of the doctrines of free love, as taught by the philosophers of Berlin Heights, and endorsed indirectly by the 7ViInine. The fact is that the Guraeys, and all the rest of the Exeter Hall school of philanthropists, are er, rapport with the abolition party on this side of the Atlantic; and, therefore, it was eminently proper that Mrs. Gurney should have selected Lincoln's organ as the medium whereby her apology for her escapade might be laid before a sympathizing and an appreciative audience. It might be ns well, however, to ask. as the election of Lincoln is considered by many to be a matter beyond reasonable doubt, whether or not the Gurney plank is to be definite ly engrailed into the Chicago platform? Shall we hare, in addition to free negroea, free women ? l>oea the lion. Mama Greeley, when he takes hie seat in the Lincoln Cabinet, intend to lay down the free love doctrine as one of the bases whereon the govern- ( ment is to be conducted? Is Mrs. Carney's letter to be considered as a semi-official declaration of the principles whereupon the new administration is to conducted? Its publication at I the present juncture must be considered in the light of such a declaration, and it will be the duty of the conservative opposition to use the very extraordinary document which the Tribune has promulgated as a weapon against the p irty which Is endeavoring to still further excite the unhappy sectiwnal differences which have aiiten among us. The first step anterior to the redaction of the republic to soc'al and political anarchy has already been taken. The question now before the country is: how much further shall these things go? The Gurney letter gives some clue to the solution of this problem. From it we are able to obtain a better idea of the Ti ilnme'a notions as to "freedom" than bv anv other means. The miMtlnn is con: bow far Hon. Kmu Greeley and his candidate. Old Abo Lincoln, are willing to go on the Giuney platform* Let them put themselves right on thin record without further delay. Tn? Cxysra?Growth axd Rmotbcih or mi U.vm p States.?The census returns are rapidlj pouring into Washington, and bj the first of .September, the limit fixed for their reception, it is expected that tbey will be fully completed. From the figures, as they at present show, it may be confidently assumed that the total population of the Union will not fall short of thirty-two million*, being an increase of nearly one-third since 1K50, when the last census was uiken. The history of no country, either In an(iect or mcdern timee. has exhibited the same extraordinarily rapid multiplication of its people. and in none bare the agricultural and industrial resources developed in their progress kept such even pace with their numerical growth. There are not. we will venture to say. on the surface of the globe, any thirty two millions of people who poseses the amount of wealth and comfort enjoyed by the inhabitant* of these United State*. Our cotton crop I* in itself almost sufficient scurce of national proaperlty; but in addition to tbe income which it brings us, we have that derived from supplying the rest of tbe world with the surplus of our breadstuff* after ow- own want* are provided for. Owing to the inflnr* variety of climate that Is to be found with 111 win <?riiioriai we are not dependent, like other nation*, on any one clan of production?. and art therefore exempt from the wholerale calamities u which a drought, a froet, or excessive mine. frequently subject them. If there 1a a fail u re of the crop? to one part of the country, they are generally made up for by their superabundance In another: and tVum our people are never made to feel the sufferings and privation? arising from an exclusive reliance on any one of earth's products. In mineral wealth Providence has been equally bcuntiful to us. Our coal fields are ten times the extent of those of Great Itrltaln or of any other nation, whilst as regards the precious metals, no estimate can be foimed of the riches that lie hidden In the auriferous regions which yet remain to be explored In our outlying States and Territories. Thus blessed by nature, and aided by the perseverance and energy which are the dominant traits of the national character it will not be surprising if the census now being taken should exhibit results far more striking than any that have as yet been anticipated. In the growth of the metropolis alone we have an example of the enormous strides which o(\r populati in has been making without people being aware of their exUeit; and In the new cen si.s we expect that we shall find many facts e ,' ally illustrative of tbs unexampled fecundity in Bombers *ud wealth to which frovi * # rURDAY, AUGUST 11, 186( deoce seems to bare destinod us. To the political economist and the philoeopher theee returns caauot fail to prore deeply interesting. They will draw from them more valuable lessons, aa to the true conditions and Limit* of a nation's progress, than they bare been able to glean from ail the histories and essays that hare been written. TlIK COTNCIIJfKN SiiniKINO TIIK Jai'-VNKSr Swindle.?'The Board of Oouncilmen are fighting aby of the Japanese swindle. The debate upon that unparalleled scheme to cbeal the city treasury was set down for yesterday, atter baring been postponed from Tuesday, but the Councilman did not rentore to touch It at the meeting last evening. It was pWfeed over as a thing that never was. It is evident that the Councilmen intend to let the matter lie in abeyance until the public attention is directed away from it, and then to let it slip through without attracting any particular notice. Tbey are mistaken, however, if they suppose that we are going to let it die out, for we are determined to see it to the end. If it be, as It is universally believed, a gross fraud deliberately concoeted, it should be squelched; or if it be a legitimate claim for moneys honestly expended upon the entertainment of the Js pao?M* unoasay, cne puouc nave a rigbt to know the items which make up the bfil. There can be no objection to a liberal expenditure upon an occasion such as the visit or the Japanese Ambassadors, for it was an event fraught with the highest importance to the commercial interests of the country. If it oost twice as much to entertain them we would not complain; but if $105,000, or any part of it, was put to any other use, then we have strong objections to make against levying that sum upon the taxpayers; just as we object to the Corporation charging $2,500 for the expenses of a committee who visited Boston the other day on some sanitary mission, which occupied about a day and a-h&lf, and could not have cost more than two hundred dollars at the outside. That the Councilmen intend to pass this appropriation for $105,000 sooner or later we have no donbl, and when they consummate the act we look to the Grand Jury to aifl the whole matter to the bottom. Netos from Uit Natiosal Capital. OCX SrECIAX WASHINGTON DSSI'ATCH. Washington, august 10, tSSO. Tin camtaion ut orjo Advices from Ohio represent that Use dements will carry both Cincinnati districts this fill, on account of lbs nomination of Scott Harrison and Mr. Anderson by the Americans. The latter Is son in law of Nicholas I/mg worth, and very wealthy. tot oot.canvs, omn, ro?ma?mt?ur There seeins to be some difficulty still about the Columbus Postmastership. Mr. Dawson's friends write that be has not yet received his commission. The reason assigned here is, that even he is no more orthodox I lias Miner, ou some ana cvtc may ge? vae appointment altar all. KUT.HU or THB CAMSITT?TOT 0?0Bt.lA CMTXD STATU IlItMUT. Ilia Cabinet were all in town and to council to day, except General Oaaa and Mr Cobb The latter la expected borne Una week, baring done all be can at preeeot to arrange bla return to the Senate in place of Mr. Iwtoa. roaar o? n* oannuxc norms The niual hot weather foray upon the gambling bo I la and disorderly bouaea baa oommenoed. Marquis, a faro dealer (Or too yean paat, waa to day sentenced to three years in the penitentiary as a common gambler. In briak timce, when the city ta full of members of Congress, and other influential patrooa of Uteee eatabl lab menu, our officers lire in bliasfu! ignorance of their existence; but when dull times come on, those who do not come down handsomely are prosecuted by a set of professional Informers, who lire In the purlieus of criminal court.- They will prubably aaahe a clean a weep, aa, If they do not, they will be open to the suspicion of baring receirol i bush money < norma with nvrw inr vi' acooorrs ' It la rumored that the Post Office Department expert l encee aome difficulty in settlements with poet mas'.era all over the country, who were allowed to become recoirera of unusually large sums of money during the last fiscal year, owing to the failure of Congress to pass approprta i lions. They are not all of them able to poy up at oore. Those who do not are to be removed and their sureties , prosecuted. ns aaroarvn aasn.mrcw or saraarAir cav The report of the resignation of Mr Cam as Secretary Of State has no official foundation, but it ii presetted on < the feet that bis health has beee failing for some months pill. nan or nix covtiasMijrr rtasrex.* I The amount of government money on deposit is fit,- i Ml ,000. of which 0.312,000 is subject to draR The receipts for the last week were $1,1110,000, but owing to tbe payment of drafts to the extent of orer fi"2 S00.000, < the sum now on band Is leas by M06.000 than it was the preceding week. I Wafts hare been l-su"! fc>r the pay ] men! of 3,210,000. thus leaving a net balance of l.OTT 000 ' rax nanum oraar oe tbx at ** saajtvan. Cbptaln Suns will leave to morrow with a Ictaohiu at ] of fifty marines for the steamship Susquchmnnah The " officer* of the rrenel bare beea ordered to rep>rt on the 1 1Mb Tk? ntMoarl KlttUnn. St I/orte Auguat 10,lttt By the off), it! role of tbe county lb* democrat* hare Flatted the following officer* ?A. C IWn uvly, RecorJer, by 2.SIT over Kemhle Independent, and 6.174 orer Nel eoo, republican . Uiarlee Rod er man reelected Jailor by 2,1*2 orer DUkely. rrpcbl .can Peter W g'.au re elected Marebai :>y 270; C. L. Boleltnciere by 130 The rote fbr Governor it?H Jarkaou. ?75; < ardenbire, 3,210. C. T. Jarbanc, 0 TIM. an 1 Orr, 12.407 The repub Inane figure Roll in majority In the Second district at 600. Tbe return* from the count.e* come in (lowly, not half being beard from yet The Krnlnrky ICIertSww. lol l*, tua, All (lilt to 1400 Suit four count lee, moetiy cumpleta, giro Com be * ma Jortty of 26 2M. The Tom w of delUbnry (Nd.) Nearly Deetiejrd fey Fire. Batrmona. Angnet 10,1M0 Tbe towa of Salwbnry, Hcmerart county, wa* nearly c<>r.eiiii.r<l by tre oa Wedn<?day, tbe gib met Over I?M 1/ ?WVillB| m'BPT*, PHUW, . WITT WlirUTPU IDi1 | town to repreomted m a moot 10 complete rain* Tlw I * iptotopa ch.j-ih, on.- cltbooldci-t in lb? State, ni de * etroyrd, d"i withstanding gn ai rflfiirta were mad* to mt? c It. The coaflagrat oa awry! away tho (tnrea of 11 Meoart Rider A Toad viae. William Burkhcat, C. 1 F. Itoabwi*, aad Itaah'a Hotel. Brreral other * totcrra aad ther content* were pAtafly Jaatrryed " k large an???ot of personal property, foods, Ac . were tared. though lb? aggregate km la very great. f Moot of the eufferer* wtre insured la the Mutual loanranee (ompany of tielaware The origin of the Are ia not ** known, but it to tuppiwrd to hare boon the work of no 11 incendiary ?' Tho toe. ther Kararolom Parly. Brmm, Anraat to. ltflO ^ The southern ewuratoo party err trod, according to ? precious aunoiiaoemeat, at tea o'tl ? W Tho depot wao n tbnaig. d with people, aa?embled to witnem tho rercp ^ ttoo TV Mai or welcomed the via tort la a brief opetcb. ^ Judge Clayton, of Miaatoalppt, reopoode.1 on the part of |? hit Snuthern friend*. at oonaiderable length, la whirb, cl after returmt t thank a for the .x>urVoay oiten led to thea, ^ he renewed the rolatire p"*iii<>n of tlio two gallon* of cl the country toward* each other, their mutual go, odoaoe, aad etprrmrd the hope that brotherly feelings ahould at a'! timet charactortae Itietr Intereoufoe At half paat earer the r renter portim of tho tsmpeny embarked m Iho Wttlern> trcpnlto, Aw Qerelaad, whence they will pro ccod to Ohcago by railroad, aad then h ,.m? ). Noa-Arrival of ikt Adriatic. auror Hock, August 10,1444 There ire as yet no urn* of the steamship Ad rial I oow about due, with Liverpool date* of the 31a'- el' Weather tofgf Wind light from the south. New York Slate Politics. Bac*vu, August 10,1860 A. D. Smith, of Perry, ru yesterday elected delegal to the State Convention for Wyoming county. Okie State Politico* (ryconur, August 10, I860. The nepubliesn Oonreotioc met yeetorday, sad none oated a full county ticket. Judge Oliver If Spencer wt nominated for Oongreae from the First district, sad Ho Joliu A. Curly firm Ihe Second district. Tkc Tow of the Zoaares. it. 1-oiis, Augus'. 10,1800. The Chicago Zouave* arrived this evening and were r ceived by the National Guard. They will drill in WaS lug ton theatre tomorrow and leave for Springfield Mo <ky Affray at Clevclaad. Crsnc.Ajro, August 10, 1840. Last night about ten o'clock two negroes entered tl saloon of William Plckerscill, on Seneca street, and b ooming troublesome, Pickeregill attempted to eject thee when one of the negroes drew a large knife and mat several lungrs, which took effect on Mr, Salmon, a whl man, who was just then passing out of the door. Salmi ran a little way and fell dead. The negroes OH, b< were subsequently arrested. Tke Claelaaatl Kmbcnlsment Case. Toaorro, August 10,1840. In the Cincinnati embeczlcmeot case to day, upon tl arrival of witnesses from Cincinnati and New Yerk, tl magistrate decided thai the caae did not come under tl Aabburtoo extradition treaty, and discharged Montagu The money, amounting to $28,600, was delivered to tl Cincinnati detective. Clmaminatiom of an Alleged Diekonei Clerk. Cbcago, August 10, 1860. John A. Bowman, alias John Anderson, was examim to-day before Commimiooer Hayne, on n charge of pu loin tog letter* from the Poet office, where he wm former a clerk, but left about the 15th of July. He g?ro bail f< hia appearance at a final examination neat Monday. Fire at Hamilton. C. W. Hamilton, C. W , August 10, I860. J. M. Williams k Oo.'s keroaene oil works were burnt last night. This is the fwcond time they hare been d etroyed this summer J. D. Cross, ths Forger, Ilecaptund. PuiutDSi.i-aiA, August 10. I860. Droes, the noted forger, who escaped on Saturday on b way to the oourt to receive his sentence, was rcciplur at midnight by the officers he escaped from Aaalrsnary or Has Battle or Bsnnlngtoi Otirir..vsncRO, August 10,1860. The annirersarv cf ft>e battle of Bennington, t ermor will bs celebrated at Bennington on the IGth lastai Eoscius W. Judson,Esq., of Ogdcnsburg, will deliver tl address. The Canada Outward Bound. Halifax, August 10, 1300. Tbe stesmshlp Canada, In going out of this harbor Is night, got aabore. 8he will not sail until to night, poa My to-morrow, for Liverpool. Commerce of the Port of Philadelphia. PniiAr'BiJTOA, August 10, 1860. Amour l of exports of the week $8T ,1 Amount of imports of the week 010^1 Markets. reUADBLPHIA STOCK BOAXD. I>HILADKLrBlA. August 10, 1M6. Storks firm; Peonaylvasia state 6's, 05S. HeadH Railroad, kt>,; Morns Canal. MX; Long Island Rallroa 16; Pennsylvania Railroad, to.',. Sight exchanga I New York at par to ltOtb pee cent premium Naw Oklsass, August 8, I860. Cotton?Sales to day 450 bales, including 80 new; prio easier, but quotations unchanged Receipts (new) to di 2t0 bales Flcur dull at (6 07)(. whiskey?Refiai 17),c , raw 18c Tbe rest of the market unchanged. BAinsou, August 10,1860. Flour quiet srd steady. Wheat steady, Corn fire yellow 70c a 70c , mixed 70e. Provisions luichangw Whiskey firmer. PitiLAOBi rnu, AuguBt 10, 1860. Flour firm cow supertlue, t.'> .V) a 55 6|v;. Whei firm aal<* 5.C00 burbils red a ll r>0 a 61 3d. white I ev. .>1* rye rue ?x>rn urm rut* o.uw Duaucis yeuo at ~:-c . mixed 72c 74r Provisions Arm. Wbiske litm. Obio at 22c , but bolder* demand au advance Augu*t 10. 1840 Hour dull at $6 26 for extra Male Wheal scarce an but little doio* saea 3,700 but-bel* No. 1 Eliiioi* re irinter oo private terms lorn In good demand and >?< I 1' I. ; r I ale* 8.204 Illinois at b4r . and 4,000 buabel 1o. at 64>tr. Otiter grain* qo'et. Canal freight* h,'c oat r op grain Hour 27c., a boat 8c , com THe to Nei fork lake import* urimprrunt Canal export-?2,40 l?bla tit ur. 17.K4 buabci* wheat,42 000 buabel* corn. B< trxLo, August 10, 1140 Floor steady and In moderate demand- Wheat dnl u.d It k wer ask a jeaterdny aft> moon24,000bushel* ru winter < hio and Indiana at 41 10; thin morning 2 00 line belt rrd Ohio at $109 1000 b'lebetn red winter Illl nont 41 09,',. Ccru tteady tale* (0.000 buabeln la* even eg at 50c . nnd tin* u-.urning 12.000 bushel* at tb same rate; 0 uCO bushel* Toledo at 49 '.c. Whuriiq at 19.-. ireigbte brm. Lake import*1.000 'Ma Dour, 41 0W) bushels wheat. 8 000 buahni rorn.ti ?> bu<-h< U oa'? hxpnrtt? 43 0C0 buabel* wheal 147 000 buabel* coin. Ciiuauo, August 10, 1840 Hour dull *ud 6t * 10. lower aalee at 14 67> 44 7 tor cbcfo apring extra, an- (4 for luperflne. Wheat 4rn ai.d 2c a 3c. lower salt 3d.000 brebel* at 84c a 14c. fo So 2 nw ii*. 11 a 41 <K K f?f No 1 red, in More Oor acllrtaid t4c. a Ho higher: aalr* 18 000 buabelf a I3e ?4JSr , ir, atore ( v.* dull at 22>- a 22Sc. Re rcipla?2 W0 bb's flour. 11,400 buabel* wbeat, (W OO bifb?!a com, 12 110 b .-hela oat = Ar.pmonts?1,30 lbs flour. 17.(00 bushel* wheat, (8 000 buahel* con II SCO bust els oats. 1 rclghta tirm at 4c. on wheat am I l4c cn corn to Ifcifta'o. higbl exchange ratet reduced k I per cent prtmV'tn CfWO\* tTT, August 10, 1840. Flour unchanged Wl..alter id . anted >4e?nt 17c desa pork at 419 Bucon active at 11 l,c. a 13o i*lii extl.aryc on New York Heady it }, per cent pre num. Wsis' >t. Piat* NsrttRa? At Ibla eeeeon pleasure tri el should beat it* height, and the watering place* af rctcd by our faaluouable eociety expert during the In* bree week* of August to reap their harvest So far. how >ver, a* we have lieen able to ascertain, the present sen on tas n.d bevn remarkably car From Cat>e Mar. 0!< Vint Comfort and thn Virginia Spring*, wo bwrtn pcd accounts, a groat man Southerners reft *.og toc>m< 0 the North Ibia year. The Saratoga season u only a fan do, aid will moi turn out marly no woll aa the taat tamo Spring* ttrm* tn bo the roaort of the people whc all tbemaclvo* tbo arms A Is > rim?. Sharon waa knowi rmerly only aa a place for invalids and quiet old rogj imtlica, but latterly it has become qatle faat and faahiott Mo. There la vtry lltglo travel to Canada jnet now. Tb< (nniroal botelhrepera complaia bitterly, but expect u iaWo up for all shortcomings when the Prince arrtvee about the Shtb of tbo proecnt month). Newport abould be the roctro of attraction just bow "be butela art qutta full. Tbo Oeoan House. wbict aa Mea wonderfully improved, la overrun with rlsf m. the Atlantic, BellrTue and other Uoteie. hare a fall bare of patronage. Senator and Mr* Pncglaa Kiel "harlotteCuabmaa, the Cotaul General of Auatria tor Now fork, Mr. fjooaey; the Brttlrh Consuls Oartwrighl. of biladcipbta. and Louaade, of Br?too,ire at present is fewpcrt, People who a; a arquai..tod with ?ich matters re rcry mnrh purr led to tall which way the crowd baa one this yenr; bat wo apprehend that tbo truth is il.e ravelling public suffered quit* enough fr m estori<cate landlord* and the thousand minor miaonoe attendrt upon moving about la this reentry, where aa a gene tl thing, tbo leveller la made aa v.ocomtortable aa oeetble and charged at the meet etorbltant rate. Sn very body that ran aford tbo time and money gnee to uropo, while tbo general public "electa for itself some utet piece within carpet bag dxtaace of tbo metrop> ?quite the moot sensible thing to dt under vtyclrMMUacee. Syrian Massacres? \ t ar??. Tbo coders feed, tn complisace with the -pmUcoo ? wires of many benevolent fYitn.J*, as well as thotr own, ould respectfully levtte those geatlesMn who fool ideated In behalf of the tons of thousands of Chelations In rrle who have been made wretched wanderer*, shelterss. and reedv to periab with famine, byamwtmthas and fanatical war, to me I at the AmerWer. Tract So. ety's House, oesl Monday, aiihr<<e P. M ,tc devise n? iires tor having the aubiect of sending rallet to th?e<j or people brought a* .vm as nnealbl# before the lurches la an effective aa.. rrepousiole ma.iuer .Una rtnowv, tr C Ausamca. Faen 8 Wirwrv, Tnontaf Rrxmiou, fHtimr Knair, O I w **?, Uwcm B*?o? J f; Sraintvo, f.Btaao HALUMK SrrwAat Hnowa, Smith fbimno*, Ww a R*rr> 9 K M..ho* Jr. A Or t hajtcu Hah. Naw \uu. AuguAt 10 Uvr.. r 4 Arrtrai mm Croat I* DmU ??F ? Uc Ooand-v 4 ;** ** IftthUArrtTKi at w?t" Lomdom Iww and ImcMcmte, Ac., m saooNo DAY. te .... Accrer, T, 180# Wbeu we last dropped the pea which is recordiag tt movements of the yaeht squadron, now oa iu eeooe day out, its eoore of anchor* had jut 60*0 imbedded 1 f the pretty bay of New Haven, pistol ehot away froc a the ragged and romantic promontory from wtucfa gleam the warning rayi of the New Haven light. M i The city lay aotae (ire mUes la the distanoe, and bj the time the last sail waa down, the last rope coiled, th gathered dirt and perspiration of the cruise washed oa and quiet bad fallen upon the aoeoe, the day had ao (to advanced aa to render a visit among the Elms, If not ah e- aotutely disagreeable, so much a matter of uuneceeear: h. labor that few ventured to make it. The tempting abate n? of the Cove, however, and the prettily embowered water ing places there, offered temptations that were no so easily resisted, and, aocordlngly, a considerable nasi bor of yachtsmen went ashore, and spent sa hour or tw? in the ambroelal enjoyments wbicb the locality afforded, 16 No doubt each individual might write aa interest lag *' journal of his experience, but as we are re aot among th. participants oiar own record is neceamrily brief. '? le tact, the unpropltious aspect of the weather, the lowerlsJ clouds, the red and threatening sunset, and the haxd >Q character of the atSMophore, reversed many a prevtouNj Llt formed determination, and spoiled the fun that bad formed a part of the day s perspective. The same untoward influences likewise operated to pret vent the interchange of the customary visits during th> le evening, and the majority of the gentlemea remained <r ]e ooaia uieir respective cran, pre erring vo a raw uiaaa le entertainment from their own social reservoirs. a At nine o'clock a lively brcose waa making wotre music among the rigging of the Beet, and big pattens* drops of rain drove every one to seek the friendly shelter of their cabins. About this time a sorry It looking party, wbo had been to New Haven ts strttch their leg", came oil from the lighthouse, ^ where) saturated, sleepy and hungry, they had arrivodj after two hours of patient and unproltable exertion, * Here tbey took a small " sliarpy"?one of the boat* po culiar to the ceighborhcpd?and were sculled through l>r the fleet in search of their abiding place. The nigbl was dark as Krebus, and the tossing waves gave to the lighti| I of the little aquatic family.which, in accordance with the rules of the Club, are always exposed at midnight, an ap ,(1 pearanca like that of so many dancing jack o'lauteros as c. that something may be imagined of the quandary ia which the verdant young geutlemen were placed in at tempting to get home. Indeed, it often requires no little topographical knowledge on the part of an expire ucod yachtsman to single out his own crsfl, to sx> nothing, is about others, when surrounded by twenty or thirty] 8d of his neighbors in a strange harbor, especially wtiaq he has been ofl on a ris'ilng tour and has " boxed th^ ctmpars" for the night. j Our adventurers, however, are merely recruits, an? their troubles may be divined when we stale that tbof . spent no ices tb-ui half an hour in devious waudenng fiom "pillar to post," like Japhets ia search of theui it. fathers, before they were safely ensconced on board thcig be own boat. An evening on a yacht, by the way, la no disagreeable incident in one's life?that ia. all things being equal. Yoe have experienced the pleasurable excitements of tbo day' tho sail, the race, the breeze, the surrounding scene, and arrired safely at anchorage. A clean shirt, a close face l3t wi ll an unexceptionable dinner,give you an enlarged ilop , of your own personal value; aud, with a fragrant sugar ' and a company ol chosen spirits, you sit down on deck to et joy tin- pictures Ui.t baog on the walls (X memory iu the yachtsman's brain. Bv and by tbe rattling of row locks indicates tlio arrival of a' party. Tbey come ou board, spend tan or fifteen mm uUa, tell ball a dozen stories, ring as many s Migt, dm J3 rose of a bottle of wine sad depart. OUters follow,4 M and with little variation the soeoe is repeated till m.d-j night, wIm n every one is tired enough to elljoy his Slum bcrs witli a zn t that cone but a cruising yachtsman real-4 ly knows. And when bedtime arrives, what comfortable quarter* j_ held out tbeir invltatiooe. Your cabin may be a pent up j rtlcn?perhaps not l.alf as large as your city bedroom. The eight or ten berths thst bare been need during tbe day aa sofas, bare been spread by the eof-rant, and pref? 11 a smooth, unbroken surface, to your weary limbs The two staterooms bare been drawn for by tbe * (i eeta oa board, and tbe lucky occupants are ai romrorUjF l ie as the ingenuity of the carpeuter and upholsterer can ' 14 make 1 htm. but you are contented anywhere. Friends tray dhow ton while undressing, tread oa your toes, put your stock inga ia tbeir boots, and do a miscellaneous a: amount of mixing, but the fun that bubbles out of every i. one during the operation is ample compensation fur tfceeo incldibta! appendages of the occasion,and you think jo: arc bavir.g tub innet d< ligl.tful time imaginable. Co it drcwed, you will probably agaiu go on deck. Nine cbanote 11 out of un a "good eight" ?egar will be lighted, sad Ui the w plraaati moonlight you will ait and cool off, until a pair y of drowsy eyelids batting together drive you to the coay bi.ok below, where, in three minutes after you aaaume a horizontal, y ou are dreaming or ihe girl yon len labial " j M< rring omee You are up bnu-bt and early. If the j opportunity la afforded, a dire and swim are enjoyed Clothes arc thrown loosely on for the moment, a cup of . i 1 fl.e * vi|,|ici| pr. ' miliary ti the breakfast. and von feel 7 a? well conditioned for the day*! ?;orl as a metlleeooie " raolmrre. . Hrch la a night upon a yacht, and there are few ' wlw have been there' who will not reoognine the do* iciplno ac readily ds If it applied to their own Individual sdvea ii 6m thk war. i White we have been writing, however, the fl^et bars ? one hf aaa Wft their anchorage, and are again under futl I ( aail. the towering cloud* have given place to tbe c*w * htet aljr, but the light brcece prevailing from the aontttr ward, and the hg| alante of eutiahine thut are aoi-re Uaaaif a jooring down upon ua, give promise of anything hut that ; earning day's aport which 1* uppermost in Uie thoughts ui orrry ya'hlawiaa. As "'anal tbe f mailer boats got nnderweigh at mvoq i o'clori The larger open(like the ravonu, Juli.i, Rea Ixcca and ott era of thr mum dlviaiou, atari* 1 at eight? r tin* Maria being the last to leave her anc horage. ? Ih re for the flrrt time appeared the Zouave, a g < 4 -i 1 i c i ot ninety Ave ton*, originally li'.ilt for a *lo<V, but charged to brr pree rot rig beAwe ahe touched the 0 water htn ia at thi* moment Just off oar beam, looking 5 i* frreh and he.daoane as a morning glory and from the quiet on.mni r In which the* make a her way along, edging { hv thi* one and that until a half a doaen or more are j parro<1, it !a t v'drm that ahe has a pair of beela that will fl'.c w the ir 0e? Intra before the cruise la out. Tbe wind ia too light, however, to teet the qualities of ail} < f Ue boatt, and they work aioog ea they beat can. Fvery atitch of canvass oa beard la spread. ev?o to Uie ' awrnrgw of veveral of the l aala, and ereey Olfn; Saw i? wo>a d and held aa loag as It will remain Two o'cukw p u. t Tbe yactiU are soa tiered over the Pound aa far aa toe PIIP rten rMrh If i.lf to * ' tlialhiwwa liVm aa I i f irtkMi. Soch baa been the baillnf state of Um Wed that seme of the fastest or* la Um raar, whlls Um low noes forged ahead. Tbs Larger schooners, howI v?r, Misnk.. to the ;reate? area of r?nT?M, lead tb? fleet, it J '? <? iIk- edge of tbe horizon taking advantage of a ' k r land breese. and pushing slnng at a rata whiah wig aorc z?od Hu m out <f sigot. Now and then we raicb r ?i:r captain reverently eaila "tb? breath of lbs I rd." bat the wbiflk aat only asecond, and are a-moat aa taatalMirf u the calm itnrlf. ' The air t* sultry, tbe auu p..'reiff. and, altogether, tt i H' i? fold K n-aa bad givno b m*.lf a general holiday r and jn ' to sleep. Time bangs he?vi!v on every band Ooa bar tie knows to wbat to turn biz band to dwpel tbe ennui Through I lb'll< et tbe lazy yachtsmen arc amusing thetneelvM in , a vartety of ways S?i?ne are rending, ao??al?eptng, one or two hare lunch spread on the cab la under tbe awni lnf?. a few hare llnea out, tn tbe bope. perhaps. of book- I i>k a shark, and one e? -nliti gentleman, aa we inige through our class, half a mite away, is spending his lima In catching the aoa nettle*, which float along tbe side la ' final BMWHi, and eaasalat tag npon that waadii fu'. pmt la ion of nature nhlcli ha* made than auab miracles of beauty In fa. I, every rme is at a luaa how to spend It.a , pr?< ;<".* ir>< re- nt*. and the yachts timet aloof aa if tbey 1 leared to awake tbe zlumbera of tba tide N*W LONWMt. Ill/ iwrin iworv vi iMfVUVH vOliQf, Wf ' L?tf arrived at our distention. The Mypay cam* In flrot' Ail wii followed by the Z;ngn, Maria and FarortU Th? 1 ret came to anchor at Mm ret ran ?e t > the harbor. ;<m off ' th" r?i|uot House. and were received wtth a talro of ar> t.:>ry ?nd il: , uy of r?kcu from the ?lr"re. The ya< hi* I and until altar midnight the sharp crack <<f caanuu reammdad the bilia aad valley* of the m-i?bi'orb?nd Kireworka lit ap the areoe on the I water, and the illuminated rigging of the a<|iiadroo re! fleeted all the hue* of the ra nbow. ('L st ore, the parlor* of th? Telnet Hmae w re thronged with lad lea and get tlemen A email hand of mnalo waa preaeat. an 1 ttiee ?u m. ne I p r.i.-ubi .ate.l t. ta lieely etratca on the "I'ght fantastic too.' Vwrly all the geulicm. r of the er\ttadroo asmi.,' led here, aad being the Drat reunion e'nre the Mart th# interchange of aociaJ nnwntlieo was of the moat n?r?webk> character The night was clear and i. rely, and many arailad themselves of the oreasian Vi visit yachts aad oall on friends in their own aabiDS Three times are uaaally quite fcetive in their aature, and if there la any each ma tion nana- ^ i >nip.*it n it * pretty aura to ha prominently developed. There are several wits and humorists In the heat, who keen everything In n state of Ufa wharever they ge,to aay nothing of artists, professional and amntaur son^tece, ' and gentlemen of no particular calling ganaraiiy, who contribute to make up the aoeiai aaoaaaa of the eruiee. THIkD PAT. Saw U*t>os, Anffevt I. IMg. The morning la ao thick and moggy that the yaehta bars keen detained aerrral boon fwm tha extern plated i layl mil. There ia no braeta whatever, and It la onm now aad then that the fog llffa enough to aea twenty rooaa, '1 ,C ?' re. lias gone hta rounds and g'rw h,a order, to get urd. as fooo as the wealticr i* Tar .'able *< i The n?at deeunntioe la Mewp- t. where the Beet wtft probacy lie fx a dor <* two, ?d fhcci hi* a M.

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