Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 11, 1860, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 11, 1860 Page 5
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Mud U be in preparation in boo or of Ute occasion. Tito health oT lbs squadron is gsoerally gaod Ja bottU of Ooograas water or a low lunepoocfuis of brand? betas about lie only remedies whicb have thus tor been found ne ' Weary Tnmsx o'clock P. M fib* oqb^droc started for Newport this morutnf at balf post eleven, anJ proceeded as tor aa Kiaber's Island, wben the wind set in from (be westward, bringing up again one ?f the thick fogs incident to the 'ocallty. which enveloped everything in sight like a garment. The smaller yati?') which bad an hoar the start of the others, disappeared entirety from view and were separated from the aqua, dron. It is probable that, Boding the danger to which ? would be exposed if they kept on amoag the rock* reeto, they put into Stoulogton for the night, though tt is equally likely that several pushed on through the fja and proceeded to Newport. xtie larger yachts being within siy ifltiUMV of ins commodore just as this portion of t isdron was entering the ''outer porch of the tempo.-," a warning gun fhxa the Maria came booming across the water, which directed attention to the command Boating from her masthead, signify ing a return to the anchorage. The yachts, with one exception, accordingly came about and under easy sail proceedod back to New London. Iba Zouave kept on. and In a few momenta was nothing hut a ghostlike spectre, fading gradually into indistinctness, and was soon bid from view. The balance of the day baa been spent In visits to New London, rides In the vicinity, boat sailing, and sundry other occupations which pleasantly ftll aa Idle hour. PROGRESS OP SHIPBUILDING. Activity of Bmstmsae?Prospects of Trade Dnrlng-theCemlng Fall?A Visit to the Shipyards la .the Neighborhood of the City, Ac., dee. No surer or more reliable index of the prosperity and urelhre of our commercial relations Is to be fbued than in the activity of the shipbuilding trade ef our city, lto progress a in a direct ratio with the spread and demands of commerce, either internal or foreign, and glvea employment to many thousands of oar artisans and workmen. The shipping interest in this country baa been steadily on the increase, and with the exoeptioa of a few short periodical stagnations, caused by the financial crlsee during the post hair century, iiM met with no drawbacks. (>n the contrary, science and art have lent their aid in no other department of handiwork more particularly than in thin. Though we cannot as yet boast of the immense tonnage of so ancient and so commercial a nation as Great Britain, we hare hopes for the future in the steady and marked progress which we bare already made in everything that pertains to naval architecture. American skill and AmericAn Ingenuity have produced models In this respect which are everywhere recognized as the best. It is hut a few years since the Russian government sent ? special agent to this country to have a steamer built Tor them, and at the present day many of the French war vesse's are of American build, having been purchased from private parties who employed them In European and other trade. Even the mammoth Great Eastern is an Imitation of and an improvement upon the model of our own noble Niagara; and an American yacht at present is the pride of the royal yacht squadron of England. With so much done already, and with such prospects for the future, it can hardly be deemed idle to conjecture that the day is not far distant when American vessels will equal, If not surpass, in tonnage, as they now do in speed, beauty and model, those of Great Britain. Our rapidly growing commerce, extending, day by day, to newer and more distant nations, would seem to be a proof of this. from the subjoined report of n visit to the various shipyards in the vicinity or the city, the general aotivlty of the business will be observable. The present is but the opening season of the work, and from indications now visible the coming fail promises to be an unusually busy odo at the shipyard!. It certainly will prove hotter than it baa been within the past lire fears. Work If plenty, and shipwrights are receiving food wages?12 (0 a day, we believe. In bet, there is somewhat of a scarcity of the latter for the ship building operations at present under way. The reason of this sudden resumption of work in the neighborhood of New York Is attributable to various causes. It is doe partly to the prosperity of trade In general at the present time, and parity to another cauac, which we will explain more at length. Oar clif iui* long been a disputant with Maine Use the championship U. the building of vrrecla. Ship# ta New York are bnllt for thoefi deelring them by special contract, while In Maine they arc, as a general thing, completed by the builder and then disposed of to the first purchaser. The disadvantages or this latter method are entity discernible. The vessel so constructed may contain imperfections of various kinds which the purchaser la unable to detect at tho time of buying, and Wkieh show themselves only when she has bean nilgai for a flew years or even a few mm the. Of this class of vessels are many at present plying in our waters, whose owners regret their purchase, and now have their ships built according to the New York plan. One of the saoot prominent features of the work, as at prssmt carried on throughout the various shipyards, la ths number of steamer* upon the slocks. The application of steam to every variety of water craft is bat becoming universal. But a single packet ship Is now in course of seastractloa in this city, and the smallest vessels are being built with steam power to propel them. A YttIT TO TUX 8UIFTARD0. Our reporter yesterday visited the vartoua ahipyarts upon the east side of the city, and we give below the re nil of bm reoearcn. tne ouny nam, nh riu|.11* ltd clanging buimeri, which he every where heard, bowed the activity with which the work at prevent la piogreeelmg At the yard of iwiea aaaiaaiair, roor or lorww vrxxrr, beautiful aide wheel steamer M apow the elocka, intended for Meaara. SpoSurd ft Tileaton, to be run upon the Cbarleatoo line. Bhe la rapidly approaching completion, ad wtk be launched about the middle -* Peptcmber. bar icugtn ou area te Si foot, beam 3T feet , and depth of told MH I *et. Bhe la thoroughly fhntened and very strongly ballt. Il?r model la baadaome, and such aa to ? manre (rant speed. Tbe Mnaera. Weaterrett hare alao Just launched the Wearner Cuadalqulrer, which la to take the place of aa< ether npoa the Havana line, withdrawn a short tune aiaoe aa aeoount of tin uaaeaworthy oooditlon. The Guadalquirr-r la a pretty little paddle eteatner of 373 tool borthoa, IK (bet la length, a feet beam, and 10 feel deep. She Is schooner rlggsd, and her cabins and saloons are handsomely finished. nn wans am> to., roor or mm -mussr, aa?r mntw. have just commenced building s packet ship for the Black all line of Charlm H. Marshall k Co., Intended foi * Liverpool and New York t ran* portal ion She n 27i feel extreme length on deck, 39 feel beam and 31 feet deep 8hs is constructed of white and live oak anl locust, and trill be lauDcl ed about the middle ef November uext. They here also just laid tbe keal of a side ? heel rtaem er for 8 I. Mitchell k Boo, Intended for the Savannah trade She will be 2-<0 feet la length, 38 feet beam, and 23 S teti deep, with a powerful bean engine MUM. ROiKtBT, JO. CI AXD CO , bare la course of construction a their yard, belweet llouatoa sad SUntoa street?. Knot rlrer. four Terry boala each of about 800 lona burthtn. Two are for the l'n lot Kerry Onwi|anjr and two for the Kaat River Ferry Oompa ay. TU latter are Intended to ply between Huater'i Point ar.d .'erne* slip. They will be completed by thi let of October n? at jcn* root or rnn antanr. ba*t aim. baa Ju?t Uaoched a (leaner for the Inleraatinn* Strum?h ; Cooipaay, to run between Portland, Ma, an 9t. John N Tt , and will launch thte afternoon at too o'clock another steimcr of great atrength and beauttfd model, ' ?r Snndfbrd'a out-tle line. Intended to ply be tweao till City at d Phita-lolphia. She ta 230 feet ot deck, 81 feet hean, and 13 feel depth uf hold. At the shipyard of the ? >< cut w?nit?, mm or ***t rwnmt -Tuarr, a beact. ul m raw rteeaier. of iron, le beiug built To Croirw.-'l ? me, to run between Mew York Mb tMltmiag too, K<uUi Carolina She ia 110 feet In ten^hi U8f hull t or iron, wh le the -ppr portion wtl be of w*<|,conntl luting ber noe of the stauncheolt'Ha In our waierr H<-a III be n 43 Inch ryTmJer ? ih a 43 tad rtn k ; her propeller ta 13 feel la distorter. en I ebe wil be SCO ton* burthen. to - r?>- !T*a. torn or *a*t rowrr TSieri erwnrT, baa as* upon the atorka two aide wheel ifats'** fi the Cb ra tr le. to ply between the tarleue porta the titers iu that cj ry. The smaller oar belief* to Mr Augwatma Heard, of fcrMoo, and le ano r#et la length, 9 fret beet.:. 13 feet deep raid 880 tone burthen. The otb? ta oward by Merer*. J. M Porbee k Co . alao of itreto: and ta 213 feel la length, 83 feet beam, 13 feet depth bold and 708 leoa burtbera But* the rreeei* will b launrbed about the lat of neither. The bn rig of another steamer. IV) IV. tin let,gib Similar In rr reejecf I the atH.we, -,a Ho cm! . taraved at this yard The keel of a trsf to the rvioc * Drew, now plying between New York and Albany. *n which ? a taunclied here a few month* lir e, will b ' laid ar ? JO if the - ther re*f * ar" oil the way* .she I inter.ded to rnn upon the raaw lute with the Drew, takln ( oppuaif day a to that ttratnl Wt. _ PROWESS OF THE PRINCE OF WALES. KathwiMtlt RM*pUoM Of His RofSl HlfhstM st CksrMtetows, Prime* U? ward'* ItlssN?Pr?p*r*tloms for IU? ReMpttoa st Rseber, 4m., Jkc. ( iuxlottvtuws, P. K. I., August 10,1800. The Prince of Wales Landed at two o'clock on Thursday uuQ the Hera The Admiral 's ship Nile, sad the Ariadne, j Ooesaok, Valorous and Flying Fish accompanied him, as ' also the French Commodore's ship Pomene. The day was stormy and wet. There was a multitude of visiters from abroad. The steamer Arabian brought six hundred persons from Quebec, and the Westmoreland four hundred from Brunswick. Some of the excursionists had to camp out. The preparations for the Prince's receptions were good. The ITtnce, who wore s colonel's uniform, landed j under eight royal salutes from the shlpe and battery, Including a French ship, lie was received on Queen's wharf by the officers of the government, members of the public bodies, members of the clergy and bar, sad deputations of prominent citizens. He wea conveyed in the Governor'! carriage, and accompanied by a procession along the streets, which were lined by the Volunteers' batalioa, end numerous tasteful arches Were erected. The balconies of the houses were filled with ladles and children. A number of the latter sang the national anthem. A guard of honor of regular troops accompanied the Prince Worn Halifax. Wm Prince rode out Id plain clothes this afternoon In ' the rail* Governor Mnigrave and other ooloolal celehri(iM sen IiBpb Thru porA^inst I a AAnni4*piv< ? <v\mi\ln(a UCCMS. Omr HubM Corrapradtnct. Qrsusc, Augiuit 7, 1800 AtUicipaied Visit of (At Prince to Qvebec?Orand PreparationI for Hi* Beeeption?The Military and Civil Pro gramme*?Plotter Among (At female Heart*?Loyally and Enthusiasm of the People, de. Since my last communication I hare thoroughly Inspect cd Quebec, and have seen nearly all the preparations in progress here for tbe roception of the coming British Prince. They are certainly extensive, and their estimated cost is from 900,000 to 9100,000 though the population of the city falls short of 00,000 inhabitants. The advanced squadron of the British West India and North American Host, accompanying his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, and under the command of Admiral Sir Francis Milne, was expected here to day, but it has not yet been signalled either at Farther Point or River du Loup. It consists of three large vesiels, two of them frigates. Perhaps there are few places in America which could poasi bly possess more interest for the youthful Prince than the old city of Quebec. Here is to be seen nature in all her grandeur of great and small rivers, distant mountains, waving corn fields, and a peaceful, hilly and antiquated city, frowned upon by hundreds of cannon and mortars of all sixes and ranges. Soldiers and the members of various religious orders of tho Catholic church form nearly one-half the population, and are everywhere to be observed. Then there are the ancient walls, Martello towers, bastions and other fortifications of the city, all ot which will, more or lees, possess their In- I Hlwi/ an/t unltdwf InUrnnf tnm hlc Dnval (liwKnnan Prince of Wales. The military programme In this decidedly military city will be the chief feature of the Priaoe's reception. Your correspondent has just returned from a visit to the aid-de camp of the Govern or General, Colonel Irvln, and since that Interview is more impressed than before with the verity of this statement. The newspapers here are possessed of little or no enterprise, as you may guess from the tact that they publish very little in reference to the approaching royal visit, which will undoubtedly throw their city into a ferment, the like of which it has not witnessed since Wolfe captured it by storm and fell on the plains of Abraham. Tliey have not even published the military programme, and the civil programme of reception appears to day only In one of them, simply ss an advertisement, without further notice or remark of say kind, ror the information of your readers I subjoin n copy of tbe latter document, which will give e (air idea of the activity of the preparations for the reception ? Tbe cltiseus of Quebec are informed that hia Royal Highmbs live Prince of Wslee will arrive In Quebec on Saturday, the 18th of August, instant, between two and three O'Cioca I'. -I. They aie lav lied to slow their stores, shipyards, Ac., from noon that day A certain number of steam'mats going down the river on tbe morning of that day, in order to meet the Prince, the cilisens are invited to abow their reaper I towards bis Royal BighnHS by svalling themselves of tuts opportunity of meeting blm on bis way up the river. The landing inking place on the wharves of the Champlain s?arket, tbe ferry boats and others shall not, on that dev. tor on that of the'departure, be allowed to be moored ' to those wbirm, or to remain to the Oil do Sac harbor. PirUN Laving, en that day, any vegetable# or other articles for sale on tbe fliamplaln market, ahall not plane thetntelvee lu front or Um tell or on the wharvee, bat ahall re mala la the vacant apace la rear of the Market Ball. Oa the landing taking place, a royal aalute will be flrad, | and all the church bel|k of the city ahall be rung, aa previously arranged with the ccclraiaattcal authorities. The aame ceremonies will be obeerved on the departare of the Prince, and nntil hia Royal Hlghaeaa tea embarked Aa noon aa the landtag of the Prince baa taken place, the addreea of the city ahall be preaented to the Prince by the Mayor, accompan'el by the Councillors and cltixena of Quebec A special place ahall be reserved at the landing for the public functionaries and bodies receiving the Prince. After the presentation of the addreea the prooeeston will proceed IB the order determined by tbe programme of ( rand Marshal Colonel Joseph Uamel, through 8t Peter etretl, Mountain Bill, Sonde street, Notre Caaw square, 1 abrique street and St. John street, within and without the walls. So aoon aa the bend of the procession re tehee St. John's toilgate the rank! ahall be opened, racing Inwards, ao aa to line tbe street on tbe passage of the Prlara through them, oo hia way to the residence of his KxecUeecy the Gtrverrer Oeoeral Tbr cittxcna of Qutbec on tbe line of proems lea are invited to ornament the IVont of their respective houses (?n tbe evening <>f the Prince's arrival a gaoerat illumi nation shall ln?e place,aimux-uring at eight and eudiogat ten o clock The cuiaens ar* most specially invilod to leave lu tbelr respective bouaes persona for the aecurily of their pfiDUHi during tlie illumination. Should U br a rain y n ig hi lb# Uluminattoo thai I be ' poelprntd to the following Monday night, hi the Kmc hour. ir ISO illumination tikri place oo Saturday, a grand dia Bay ol fl-eworaa shall ba given, no the fctilanada, on miday night, beginning at right o'clock. The citizens I arc requested to adhere strictly to the rule* laid dnwa by the Hotter force to avoid confusion and \ocld<MiU Should the illumination lake place ou the Monday, or rbon.d ft be a rainy night, the fireworks will be postponed to Wednesday night at the same hoar On the Tuesday night, at aloe o'clock, the ball given by the Mayor and citizens of Quebec shall take plaoe at the E Music Hall, *t. leva atre<-t. Cittaena ara requested to adhere atrictly to the regulations which shall be laid down to aecu.-e an easy accera to the Hall and prevent eonfuaicn funic bodies and the citizens generally are requested I to nx-et team on Thursday, to accompany the Prlnoe en bis departure, which will lake plane at the CbampUia wharves, and to follow the rame order as laid down for his reeeptkm. The procession, however, shall not open . their rarks. but the c it Irene generally ahall aecompany the Prluor from his residence to the wharf Colonel Irvla Informed me that as soon as the fleet oossas In sight a royal salute will be tred torn all the guns In the citadel, and oa the landing of bla Royal High 1 a- is the huge battery on Pnrhitn terrace. I'pper t>wn, ' and the citadel, will repeat the compliment Ju.-t Imagine !> tween two and three hundred large eanoon being alauiUneoosly discharges! no fewe* than twenty <>ne tuns. How will their ccb-dog thunder* t?e reechoed from the distant mountains serosa the slumbering.'ehmlng river," one of the ?o*tmagi?i(lceul?lream* In the world' Tlie Pr nee is to land on Market wharf, whore be will l>e SMSivcd bv ?n < Ulcers' guard or honor . of the Canad tan RlMsn, of which there are three com pa mes atatinsed hers. Market wharf is in the lower tswn, 1 and fr?m the wharf a line of eoIdlers will SXteud to the r French Cathedral, In the upper town, or part of the city . within the nails, which la the route by which hi* Royal Hlg tin- e? will proceed on landing Tlie whole diatance la - three quarters of a mile, and the nutub< r of troops lining ] the streets wilt be 1 .#00. or tlie whole regular garrison of Quehe< . esceotlag the artillerymen, or bomba-fieris The e-cort from the landing place--will be entruste<l to Cdooel ' x tr op of volunt- r . avalry. k Held offloert' guard of tha flevrntrenth r glmenl will receive tb- Prlnoe at ll?e Governor General's re#idenee, to which Cuionel Oeli'a r i;nop Kill escort him, and there lie will remain fur the first night Mo iroc.h. then, for the military process-mo, , l< wbl h the artillery n< w stationed here?the Uana Ems I... ", tie-Mevi.teenth ibfculr) and C(>l<>uel b-I's Ouua tan cavalry?will do hir.uv i, M< si.time, the civil preparations ia this m.irlial city are u Something extensive. A relies like those of Montreal, to the number of sevea, are to tie met with in lbs prlnclpsl street*, and there is a general determination to dssorate and illunnoale The presort Parliament lb.use la balng tiiU J up to serve as the residence of Victoria'* son during his stay ia Quebec, and the decorations sad ornsmeular tines, and other embstliahmeata, which are ? rapidly rendering It splendid, will be completed In ample time to allow the odor of the paint to have vanished long tvfbre Hie arrival of his Royal Highness The furniture 1 Is to be supplied by the most egtesslv# cahiset factory r is Canada, sod will be nsly temporarily used The ehaa dvliers illuminatl'ig the chief room of the building are of '? the moat elegnnt and costly deerripMow, some of them ?f having as siany aa alzty or seventy bnrseva The Music s Halt, corresponding proportionately with your Academy of Murk, is being fitted up for a hall room and handsomely i. painted and d worsted Though the rstimateu cost of this i bail will he si* ul *10 OOS. yrt the majority of the tit seas il of (jnebee think It will he a total fkilnrr d It was rumored that th l*?in?e had declined tb'* luee bcc bill altogether, though It fortunately turns out that * Ibw report Ta groundl. r*. Every oris M irs an tiptoe g about the Pr nee, and the new*'?p - the ouly organs of i public oplnou, ?re comparative., (i.est. They puh'iah so EW YORK HERALD SA1 *ws upon the subject scarcely, unless wImi one of them gw* i reprint of your special correspondence, which the f'"1 *?<> befbro the New Yorker* nearly a week previlously. Many of the Quebec 'i*??uw anticipate no small pleasure from the Prince's ball, as they chrose to designate 11, and every lady you meet is determined to be there, Somehow or other. Political ImteUtfemce. North C-csouju.?John W. mis, democrat, is elected Governor of North Carolina by a majority of about four thousand. Ibis is a democratic loss of over twelve thou sand votes since 1861. Ta>. Nswhtapkr Pur.?We hare already stated that the proprietors of the Fnitm (democratic) and RepuWaan (Lincoln), at La Croaae, Wis., have made a bet?the former wagering the Union office, valued at $3,600, against . Uie RojmUuan office, valued at the same sum, that Douglas will carry the States of Illinois and Wisconsin. The Union says ? The necessary papers have been plaoed In the bands of the President of the Katanyan Bank, of thia city, to wait I the result of the election in November next. If Douglas carries Illinois and Wisconsin we win the bet. If he does not carry both 8tates, we lose. If we are beaten, we are beaten for the worth or material in this office: bat beateu or not, it will not affect the publication of the paper or Its continuance. We do not claim to be a betting man, but we wanted to stake 83,500 this fall, and knew of uo easier way to do it. We made the bet aa we would make one for the oysters?confident, and more than confident, that both Stales will go for Douglas, the people's choice. Our only wish is that we bad a hundred such beta. We should win every one. ScBOOLMAtmn Wantm) Amonu 'Doiulasjtbs?At a Douglas procession in St. Joseph, Mo., transparencies and banners were exhibited with the followinf mottoes ? >' For President, A. S. Dugiaas"?" Nig ism for Lincon"? " Deth tolsims." Ckunca roa I'siox ?The Chicago Democrat asyi :?That Mr. Douglas hks receded from his hostility to Breckinridge as against Lincoln, and that he now sees it his duty to unite with auy and all for the defeat of Lincoln. Moas Black Poi.nj in Virginia.?The black republicans hare raised a I.lncola pole in Wheeling, Va., and the Wheeling InteUvr-ncer says another was soon to bi raised. There was no disturbance at the " raising." Withdrawal or Sam Hoc.vton.?The Houston (Texas) Telegraph says .hat Gen. Houston will aoubtles., withdraw from the precedential race after the August election. It thinks that most of his supporters will go for Breckinridge, as several of the most iciluentis. pajters in his favor have come out for him. Indiana?Cassius M. Clay it busy canvassing the State of Indiana for the black republicans. Coroners' Inquests. SriciDK by Taking Onrn.?Au inquest wss held yesterterdsy by Coroner Jaclcman, at No. 651 Water street, upon the body of Catharine Brown, a native of Scotland, aged thirty-two years, who oommittod suicide by taking opium. Deceased, it appeared, had a quarrel with ber mother, which so air.-cteJ her that pHs determined to destroy herself rather tlian endure thu repetition of such a domestic scene. Accordingly, on Thursday evening she purchased a quantity of opium st a neighboring druggist's, and alter partaking of the same informed a friend of her's that she would l>e dead iu a few hours from the e fleets of the medicine. As deceased bad oflcu threat ned to commit suicide before, no attention was pnid to what she said, and it was not until the poisonous drug had doue its work and the truth of deceased's assertion became evident that a physician was railed in to attend to tbs dying woman. All medical skid proved of little avail, however, as death took place in about tlx hours after the ad ministration of the poison. The jury reudcred a verdict in accordance with the above facts. Corp on Sousil ?Jacob Deitch, a porter in the store No. 11C Greenwich street, was prott itel by the execs sive beat on Thursday evening, and died the same night I st the Third ward station house. Coroner O'JCeefe held an inquest upon the body yesterday. Daniel McKeon, a laborer, while at w*k at the corner [ of Third avenue and Thirty eighth street, excavating for a cellar, waa also overpowered by the heat and died a few hours alter being removed to hla reaideuce, No. 339 Third avenue. Gorouor Gamble held an ifiqueet. Fot?M> PHowaee ?Curooer O'Ki cre held an inquest at the toot of Whitehall street, upon the body of an unknown man, about tbirty-Ove years of age, apparently a laborer' who waa found floating In the water oil Governor's Island. The Jury rendered a verdict of "Supposed drowning." and the body waa thereupon sent to the dead house at Bellevue Hospital for Identilicetion. Fan i. Acaxmn lv Bkoapwat.?Thomas Reilley, a native of Ireland, aged nineteen yean, died at the New York Hospital yesterday from the effects of injuries accidentally received on Tuesday afternoon by falling from the fourth floor of the store No. 443 Broadway. Doceaeod, It appeared, was removing some goods from the steam vie Yatur. when \h? rope of the marblne gave way and de ceased Tell with ilW mw? "> l">? Oo?' T?* l'"7 In rendering a verdict took occasion to ddttf urd l,l? uiachinlat for culnble carelessness in not baring the rope Of the elevator of sufficient strength. City Intelligence. Hoeca to Wmom Hoaon la Drs?The person who to gallantly rescued the little girl, Mtta Doubleday, from drewniog, on the Wail street terry, on Thursday, at the risk of hla life, and modestly refused to give hla name, j we understand is e hand on a pilot boat, a young Irishman, I named James Rash. Mr. Hash was on board lbs pilot boa' Oolllna when she was lost off fire [ land. In the winter o | IMS. and was the only one saved, after dinging to the ; batches lor thirty six hours. Ia rescuing the child on i death, IB ixu HMjuMiy of the ntroog tide rutin>ug' at the time when be jumped ovrboard Pertonal IblfUlffMe. Mr. A Timber lick lea yesterday morning for Canafa, on gaotnglcal Investigations. Ex Mayor Conrad, of Philadelphia; C. Vibhard, Eaq , Superintendent of Ibe New York Central Railroad; I wan Richmond, Esq., of Buffalo, and Peter Onager, Eaq., of Albany, are (topping at the 8t. Nicholas Hotel T. M Reach, Eaq , of South Carolina; Meat. C. fines, of the United Males Army: E. W SuoiUi, Eaq and fhmlly, and W J Hutchloa, Eaq., all of T?m?, and W. T Jynea, Esq . of Virginia, arsalopfuna at the KiAb Avenue Hotel. Coiuuet Chad Rubin*, of New Or lean*, la Mopping at the St Iwnia Hotel. lion. Anton Burlingame, of Maaaariuiaett-; R. Dougia-, Erq., of Georgia, Mr IWuMlog, and Mr. J. N. Harney, both of the United Male* Navy, and S. Monroe, Eaq., of ( eorgla, are atoppung at the A*lor liouac. General P. W. Slrsder, of Cincinnati: W. L. O'Rrten, Erq , of Halttmore: Mr. Brrault and family, of Inuidana, Jamea Demana E>q , and family, of 81. Uuia. and 0. L. ! Bright, Eaq , or New Orleans, are atoppmg at the Mriropoll tan Hotel. Thomaa Fitigemld, Eaq , and fhmlly, of Philadelphia: C. G. Hubbard, fan , and party, of Virginia; L P Bayen, Eaq, of IWllimore, H. J. Butterworth, Em., of Miaawalppi; I. H Wood, Eaq , of Galveston and Mr. HaU and lady, of Chicago, are Mopping at the Lafnrge House J. W. rarwlll, Eaq , and fhmlly, of Chicago; T. Hinds. E>o , of Dubuque: R G. Saunders Eaq , and lady, and W K Boyd, Eaq , and lady, all of Alabama; Rev If He Gurttenville. of England; G. M. Gilbert, bq . and W. Starr, F>q , betb of Baltimore, are stopping at the Everett Bouse G Tanners, Spanish Minister to the United States M del Prado. -ecr clary of the Spanish legation C. Zegnrra, Peruvian Kinl*ter to the United Malaa. Pedro P. Ortis, Secretary of the Peruvian Legation, Blmdel Van Coal chrougb, Belgian Minister to the Tolled Steles, H Milch ell. Icq . and Arthur Banff, Eaq., both of England W Ho m< r, Esq , of Virginia; C. H Leonard, Eaq , and family, I of Massachusetts. J Doe, Baq , and fhmlly, of Wucon | (Id, J R. Plumb. Eaq . af Albany, and Robert Sw>n, Eaq , of f? Thorn ae, Wrat Indie*. art atoppitg at the Uareudon Hotel. Tbe editor of tbe Cincinnati (Ohio) Time* racenlly Visited Sotocnoo Pangborti, of Rleing Mug, Indiana, who aaya 1m- waa born In the c?ty of New York, a email town of flee or all hundred bouet , In l'ii. Oe ia con-fijuenlly l-io year* old. The Hoo. J*r?b Tbompeoo, Secretary of the Interior, w th Mr* Tbompaon, after an abeenre of two weeka at i Old Point Comfort, returned to Waahlngloc -a the tilh ' Inat. The Secretary aeem* much Improved in health, and WiU at once rcoume the dutlea of Uia office George DougluM, Eaq , and family. of tin city, are pwaing the attmmer at St. Anthony, Miunewu Domeatle Satri Itema. I FaLM Praaojurco* at a Camoai. Moxaa-r ?The Or*land ffainiltaltr pnU forth the following extraordinary atatemeala In regard to Jeeae Bourn, one of the g?.vg of counterfeiter* recently arretted at Burton, Ohio ? There la a at range biatory connected with Jew- floorn, nee of the mew arretted at Borrow gome forty yrfarr ; ago cold blooded murder waa perpetrated In the Mute (J Vermont. The murdered man wane brottv-rtn law of, named CoWor,and tgrcomdtoncoa pointed l" Boora and nla brother aa toe gui.'ly per tie* They wero tried, convicted and i.-uteaced to be hung The attention day came, and large crowd! poured into the rllla^ to *ec the murderer* awing. They aarendcl the acaf fold rid the nooae war placed around their neck*, wbeu the at ppened deed man appeared la the crowd The Bourne were aet free Inat aa they I reached death'* door, and Immediately fled the Stale .!>? ? Bw-rr now nearly aeventy year* old, oufeemfto. Mr Hacket t, of Burton, that he and hie hrotherujtdmfcnr d< r Cnhley?the peraoo who a; peered before tb#*gailow^ being a man ftmn New Jertee, who bore a ?trflt]L?i#? nemblarcn to tbr ileceaaod. and who waa expeeealy^htred to P^ the villain-msi part Tbe MBor created a great ex clfmewt ?t the lime throughout New f'ng'and, and law vert reUlned for the defence la deaperatc murder oae?e have ever auiee qtretod tbe Boern caac for the heaeflt of their client*. Tea Cronm Cacrr?It la aatd that the worm, acme tlmieari deetrortlve to the cranberry crop, ha* com menced iU devaaution* upon the rlnee in Dentta. Mae* Mnree of the fleldx art a rwd deal Injured, ami unleaa the die*ruction ran be *pe*4liy arrnated, the crop In lorn# .. oalitwa will be completely cut off. Ptxtk Tawi-muxr* Socnrr ?The annual meeting of the State Trm|i>'i e Society eommnaced at Saratoga oo the ath intt. Tt.e annual *erm<?o waa detlvored by Rev. Mr. Heelye, of elbaay, In the evening Smww l* Vntonnt ?The Staunton $;*rtaUrr girea a fearful acrwunt of a atcrm and fwdtet which occurred there i n Matuniay Inat It eoam?rate* very many ceeea cf irdlvtdnal aa wel a* corporate loetea, an I cat w > * ?b?r at over 1109,000 'URDAY, AUGUST II, 186C The Alleged Malpractice Case la Ka*t Kiev eat a Street. Coroner Gamble ooAluded the inquest yeatarday to tt? oaae of Robert Foatar, infknt mm of )tr. Robert Foster, of No. U8 Eaat Seventh atreet, who died from the enecu of aa overdose of opt am, administered by Dr. Meedonald Allan, of No. UT Grand street. The Doctor vu present during the inveatigatlon, and stated that ho did not intend to proscribe opium. Be meant, be said, to give the child rhubarb, but In a moment of I bought ieasnoafl be prescribed opium. The following Is a report of the proceedings as they transpired before the Coroner ? Robert Foeter, residing at No. 153 Fast klevrnth street, deposed aa followsDeceased was my shild, he was born cm the 1st lust.; my wife was then attended by Dr. ' Burke, of Grand street; be came once after the child was bom; a day or two afterwards Dr Allan came and uid be bad been sent by Dr. Burke, as the latter bad gone in the country; the next time be called was on Monday; be tbeu talked with my wile and said he would give some medicine for the diarrbuea, and left a prescription; in the evening about eight o'clock I went to Dr. l*uroeii's drug store in avenue A to bave the pn script ion prepared; I banded it to a cierk, ?bo locked at it some time and asked me if it waa for a child, and asked the age of the child; I told him the child was three or four days old. after lie weighed the medicine be said it was a strong dose; I said not togivetba child strong medicine, but be said that waa the doctor's busi ness and not bis I got four powders and returned home; about half past leu o'clock my wife gave tbe child half of one of the powders, tbe powder was mixed with milk; the child did not swallow it all; it ran out of the oornera of its mouth and probably oue-balf of it was lust to tills way; m about a quarter of ou hour afterwards, my wilo came to me and said the child was dying, I went to the Child and found It In ouvulsiuns; I then called up lira. Smith, who remained with the child until U died; they gave deceased aome castor oil and chtcksn grease; the convulsions continued mor- or less until about daylight, when deceased seemed a Utile easier; 1 then went for Or. Allan, who came back with trie; when 1 returnod tbe child was in convulsions; deceased continued in that state until live o'clock, when he died; the doctor remarked that the child was pinioned; he suid It had got wrong medicine, and that It wag either his or the druggist's fault; the prescription shown mo and the powders are the same 1 have spokes of. Sarah Ann Foster deposes and says:?Deceased was my child, he was born on the lot of August, 1S60; 1 was a rat . attended by Burke, and alter wards by Dr. Allan; Dr. A. called Friday, Saturday and Monday; Monday be called about half past twelve o'clock; 1 ttieu told him that the child was loose in its bowels, it had ten or twelve passages in the twentv four hours; he then said he would give it some simple medicine to relievo it; he left a prescription, and said there were four powders; he told me to give one that uight, and if it ivas not relieved to give another in tbe morning; in tbe evening I called my husband to give deceased a powder; he told mo that the druggist said it was a large dose, and we concluded not to give it all. 1 think we gave it about a third of tbe powder; 1 put the pow dor in a tcaspo ju and added a little breast milk; I then stirred it with my linger and gave it to the child ; some of it ran out of the coriera of its mouth, but I don't think acv of it was lost, as I put back what ran out of Its mouth in a few minutes the deceased fell asleep, it continued to sleep for about ten minutes or s quarter of an hour; be awoke easily and gave a scream at the same time; I thought the child would dio, aud my husband went for Mrs. Smith, who soon came we then gavo the ch'td about eight drops of castor oil, mixed with breast milk; we then gave it scarcely half a teaspoonful of chicken grease. the convulsions continued until the next morning. it would first have a convulsion and afterwards fall oir into a sleep; it seemed more of the time in oonvuUious than free from them; it died about twenty minutes past one o'clock the next afternoon. that morning Dr. Allan came; I sent for him; when ho came be said the child was poisoned. Mucdouald Allan, being sworn, says ? I reside at No. 441 Grand Street; I am a pbj sician; I called to see Mrs. Fester at the request of J ?r. Burke, wbo bad charge of her previously. on Monday I prescribed the medicine In the prescription shown me; Mr. Foster called upon me tbo ntxt day and be saM the child was In convulsions; T rwrna haen anl saw At n .wc-.-w* . this wove /vn f..aer4?^ morning, Mr. Foster Mid the druggist had (old him that the miiliclne ou the prescription wm very strong, I prescribed two grains of opium iu lour powders; I did not intend to give opium nt all, I intended to give rhubatb; I have Lad considerable trouble of late m lay family affaire; I had an adult patient with dysentery, aud 1 meat bave been thinking if the medicine for him when l prescrlbod for ttc child ; the doae would have boon proper for an adult Ru/pb Kershaw residing at 163 avenue A, deposed aa followe.?I am a druggist; I am employed by Dr. Purcell at the above place; lhavs attended two courses of lectures at the Thirteenth street Medical College; ,1 put up the prescription -.hown me, 1 supposed as the medicine was for a child it war to be subdivided Into amallor powders. Wcoslcr Beach, Jr., M. P., deposed.?That be made a post mortem examination upon tho body of dccorued; I found th<- various organs iu a tiormaLcondition, with the exception of the stomach ; that organ was reddened about the smaller curvature, from the testimony in the case aud the appearance of the body I am of opimou tliat death may have been caused by an overdose or opium. tin cose was then given to the jury, who, nfter due deliberation, rendered a verdict of "Death by cuovulalona from an overdose of opium, administered by Dr Macdon5M Allan. The Jury believe the physician guilty of gro? a and we further censure the druggist for not warning tbe father of tbe danger of idmuitMeruig so Urn* a doa? of opium to ao young a child.'' I'pon tho rendition of the abort rerdtct, Coroner Gamble fated that be felt it bis duty to hold Dr. Allan, and prooeeJc1 t?|examine bun m the usual manner prescribe by. lav, as fou'ovs ? i llncdonald Allan, being duly examined before the un, dcrtigued, accord lag to law, on tbe annexed charge and being Informed tbat be was at liberty to answer or not all or any questions put to him, slates aa follow*, TlX.? g. What is yoar name? A. Maodonald Allan. Q How old are you? A. Twenty Are years, g. Where were you born:' A- tiootlaad. g. Where do you llr^ A. No. 447 Grand street, g What la your occupation A. fhyaiclau. g Hare you auy thing toaay, and if so what, relatire to the charge bete preferred against you? A. My mind I waa vary much troubled when I ordered tbe medicine: although I very much regret admin inter mg opium instead . of rhubarb, I do not think tbe death At the child was ' occaaloned by tbe opium It took, on account of tbe amall quantity It (wallowed and tbe lergtb of time (sixteen ' hours) that elapsed before Its death. The mother states I that one third of a power was given, which reduces the . i doer ?oa one sixth of a grata, and the father states that I one half of that quantity was last in administering it. i The Coroner then announced tbat he would be com- | pelted to hold tbe phystetan to ball In the sum of $600 to | answer any indictment that might be brought against him by the 4,rand Jury. The necessary security being rotthccming, Dr. Allan waa thereupon discharged. Brooklya City Wtwi. St kids ?An old man named John Walton, residing at No. 67 Green lane, committed suicide on Thursday night by taking a done of laudanum. He waa seen to leare the house the evening previous with an empty rial and re tarn with something in It. and it waa ascertained tbat be ! bad bought sixpenre worth of laudanum at a drug store Ul 1 Of K lirrei. lUC urccur.i wm luuuu um j iu urn u, bta *>o, who cane b< me about mi lnigbi Tlic eauao ia raid tn be domeatlc 1ifnruJtl?? An iii'inral w?a brld by Coroner Uorton, Mid a rardkt af "Suicidn ' ill randtrod by the jurf. Itrlawnjr * Bom' Orrratriuc *rand tad annara taaana art* wwruM tar Bra I y an. Wararooma n and M WaUur ami HarrfM'a Patrnt Chaaplon Plra and burglar proaI Wh, Ul Broadway. ooraor < Murray rLr--l. Hew fat*. Jnm C. ( tnrr'i Nwtacleoa Light Iluni oiua bhuttle r*w Inr Mactuur* tre tinatwpaaaad. Xo. 677 llroalway, JSnw Turk. WhMlar * WllMh'i IcwUg MachUta. OMrc aid Broadway. B Y Orarar It Bakrr'i Calabratad IValMlaaa ewloe Maehhwe. Iha bretln iwfnrfamllr erwlag. <M Broadwar. law lark, and Ui Puiloa alrcrt, Brooklyn. Tha Bant naaitarlnrlag anil Family Marhuma Is Um world, at I. M. INOEK A CO *. ?JO llrond 1 wmf' Ktnhlc At Lpan Sana lug Machine Com- I i pany ? All MMMMM warranted In fire better aatlafaction ih*a , ?or fAh#ra In the ai.trke'., or mooey refunded. Ageuu wauled. tii Broadway, ? T. Dr. A. Bovee Dadi, Imperial Wlna Bittern 1 ' arc In aurb unirrra*: demand. thai the* abmtld b? kepi ia erj err dm* ?i"rr, grocery aud barroom lu Um city. Depot 78 WIMmb atreec Dr. Mtrah Comtlnaca ta Apply Hid Radlnai Com Trnaa wtt* 'ireenn la ad celiac permanent mrmat baraia na rupturn. MaBhU k CO , Bo I' ami atrnnt, M. T. 1\nrry'a Trteopheroan la tha Beat hid eheei * art tela f.,r dreaaln*. beantirrtng. curling alrauur. pnwrTica aad rar. i.-ma tba hair. Lnrtiaa. try a Bold by m dr aetata Batrhrtor'i flair Djre la the Beat ! the world. Malta, told and ?prit?d in appropriate prttnte rooaaa, at tfcr art* factory Id Bond atrrrt. rrlatadnra'a flair Dra, M iff* Ta?P*khi ik? I a at Hi ike world, a b>>!?aal? and retail aad Ika dre prWatriy applied No i Aalor Houaa. lllrihnpb'a lllnalar Wl|.-A taatltjr. Parting iiiwtatnaBk. no lunda* up kel.tnd. WO Broadway, arat A.T. Mewarva. \ BraallfMI Caaplailaa?Lalrd'a Llqald I Pear ? 'Iiiw*ad a erlaknty an bartni na wytal for beautl fjrlaf aac praearrta? Um akin. ? * Hrnadwny. Conaaaipilfta, Djrapeptlce and all who ritar from Itabi.lty, Narreuaeaai or Plira r?a rawly ba cured wiik l>r. 37 Betec lKida Iiapauw Wiaa itinera l>n"*T3Wi-liaai aurav tiaaalnr Haealaa Vapor Rath?<1* Kaat Twenty teientk ureal, paar Potuth are .nr; open dally Tllko. UBBKKB. Thnar Fatal Nhafta of Death, Varlatlaa and <H?ar>poa, arr < aiudnr fearful Hnror In aan> a family air | . te Hit Whrrr MOM fit A T'K Pi Ha and Ointment h .? kern oard ihr HtUr rem fcarr taTkrtablj kern analcbwl It n ati iinttieMy grrvr^ I ( holcra. Chollr. Wind, Npaem. ft ea aPeetloea am 'eraiHof alarmtaclr fraoornt N'it ? ! I??r l*e arr ty and relief near Pour or alt of Hraq drr k Ptila abet, la pe awallnwMl. and rrpaaied If r? , iirrd ft ir rw will a.rr,< tar. and we ahal near out o tba coaftirt our kealtk 'mpf .rrd, ?Bd ll<*id ronfled. ynV at Ttt r'aral tiwi. aad ko tl'tino wi'Jtrf, aad By nit >a em Trip* U tenia, ?i|k dluvkVW I 2 tm mr mi nut ? The PtUllcsl Camp?lfM?More (wrloai PbenoacM-CralM off tkc lfi kl Nqwadroa?Movements off Cki Prtncc off Wal?Tk? UtMt Nawa-Mkrlut Keporta, die The Warn H.bbi i r>, for Um present wesk, will b< rea&y at eleven o'clock this morn inf. In its pages wli be found ?Ri>i>orta of the Proceodiog* Of tUe New York Breckinridge State Convention, with tbe named of iU Nominees?fit (he Yerinout Breckinridge (Rate Conven tioo, and of the New Jersey Republican Convent ion; Re turns of the Recent State Elections Ileecriptjoos Of tli? front Southern Meteor ns seen m different places, and ol the small Meteor seen in New York nnd Long Island on Mou lay night la.-t A Craph.e Account of the Summer Cruise of the New York Yacht Squadron, Tlie Movements of the Prince of Wales among the Canadians; The latest News from Europe, Mexico, Cubs, California, China, Japan, Ac.; An Account of the Manner In which the Visiters enjoyed themselves who visited the (treat Knsuru at Annapolis; Editorials on Prominent Topics; Reports of the Cattle, Provision and Money Markets, and all in tereating news of the preceding wock, received hy tele graph or otherwise. Single copies, in wrappers, can be had at the counter of the office, corner of Fulton and Nob sau streets. Price Six cents. (Mtolkl Drawings off Hodfes, Davis A 00.'8 Consolidated Lotteries of Georgia:? Class tot. August 8. 1880. 63, 40, 43, 64, 18, 44 , 36 , 4, 69, 3, 71, 66. Class iU>. August 9. Idt 31, 62,1, 63 , 26 , 64 . 33 , 3 , 44 , 69. 36, 46, 38, 77. Class M. August 10, 1880. 19, 64, 70, 69. 32. 43, 16, 68, 6, 10. nnnau nsvis * t o Mtuftn, Maoon Ooorgia. The drawing* for ibis lottery on August 8 were incorrectly printed, tie error brine typographical. and not with the managers. Tlie first number of Class till should li.ivp beeu ' 63, "instead of "AO, ' and the first u umbo in Class 109 should hate been "hi," instead of "33." DnwlBft of the Delaware State Lotte? rtes.?WOOB, KDDY a CO., Manager* of the HLiWiRe, ainmoar A*n miasouki stats inrmiM. Dalawaius?Extra Clam, No. 379, august 10,1660. 44, 30, 67. 9, 56, 27, 33, 73, ^ 21, 63, 47, 20, 22. Dblawaxs?class No. st*). aoccst 10, lfidO. 67 , 31. 13 , 63 , 61, 65, 15 , 70 , 38. 59, 29, 41, 34. Circulars sent free of charge by addressing either to WOOD, RDDY k CO., Wilmington. Delaware. Or to WOOD, KDDT k CO.. bt. Louis, Missouri. Drawlaf* ofFraats, Broad bents <b C'o.'s Delaware Lotteries>Busssx Cooirrr, Class 190, Acotm 10, 1W. 71, 11, 30, 14. 7. 64. 20, 8. 57, 31, 15, 6!>. CojraounaHB Lotmr, Class 137, August hi, IRtsi. 63, 16, 37, 71, 3S. 78, 13. 59, 46. 27, 12. 52, 48. >11 AN I'M BKOADBKNTH k OO., Managers, Wilmington, Delaware. Itoyal Havana lg?ttsrf.>Noi. 8 S07. Ill Oil), 1,617, 27 236, drew the five Capital Prizes in tm drawing ol July 17, DM). Cirrulars sent free of expense. bj addressing lion Koing .ur, cure of illy Post otlic*, Charleston South Carotin*. fancy Cntlrry?K.nibrai lug a Largi rarteiy of Pportmen a Pen and Pocket Kntveaof the trust rare and beautiful patterns many ef which have never beet before Imported, for sale by J. k B. 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CairiH?CiJtnt ?la Williamsburg oo Tuoslay, July I ' by the Hot. B Meters, A mux F C'aixlv to A*>. fc Cutis, both of this city. LtSnii?Out'ROSY ?it Brooklyn. X. Y., on Sunday August 6, by the Rot. Thomas Stephenson, Clukuw IV I-aSoza, of Brooklyn, N. Y , to Kara Ciucsrtr, Caughle 01 John Chaunccy, farmer, formerly of Brooklyn, N. Y. Baltimore and New Orleans [taper* pleass copy. Blrtla. Chipwcn ?In Brooklyn, N. Y., oil Friday, tuguit 10 the wife of Win Held Scott Chapman, of a daughter. St. Iouls, Missouri, and Georgetown, Keutacky, paper please copy. Died, RiKSK ?In Brooklyn, on Iriday morning, August 10 Crtsis*, soi of Kdwin and Mary Baker, aged 6 month! and 21 days. The funeral will take plare this (Saturday) morning, al ten o'clock, from the residence of nis parent*. 230 Allan tic strvet. Frl< nds oi the family are invited without fur tber invitation. Baows ?ton Friday, August 10, ASTsra H . son of Ar thur and Susan Drown, aged 0 years, 10 months and 1! days. The relatives and friendr of the family, aUo the mem hers of Ocean Lj iga No. 194, F. A. M .are Invited to al P nd the funeral, fr<>n the residence of his father, No. 1 Dumtuluk street, this (Saturday) afternoon. at tw< o'clock, without further notice. CsRsssae ?hi \kv Casrska*, youngest ton of J. R. am Rose Ilvrmandes Carreras, from a fkli olfa tree,at tUu agi of 12 years and 1 month The friends of the family >re requested to attend tb< funeral, this (.-aturday) afternoon, at (bur o clock, froi the residence of bis parents, No. 3."> Bond street. Ct sue ?At Caitbage landing. Ihitchesi county, N. Y. on Friday morning, August 10. Darjki Ct hiss, aged 5 yearn, of the Arm of Daniel Curies A I'yckruau, this city. His friends are Invited to attend the funeral wilhou further notice, from the residence of his brother n law Jobs M. Homi. Esq . Carroll street, Brooklyn, betweei Clinton and Henry streets, north side of the street, m Sunday aBernuou, at half |uwt three o'clock. The remain/ will be taken to lircenwood (or Interment. Caiiisbm. ?On Friday. August 10, of dlptherla. Rati F , yoangent child of William and r./sabetb U.Caldwell aged 4 years, 4 months and 16 days. I ui.eral aervloe at 10 o cluck Una (Saturday! m"rnlng at 200 Wrat Twenty fourth street. Hor remains will b taken to Hudson for Interment Drataa ?Ob Thursday cveninc, August P. after a lini tl'reee, Hurt Ko*a.*r4, eldest daughter of Mic hael ao Mary tancan, aged 27 yeata. T montlis and p days. The rclativcf and irieoda of tbe lau.ily. an 1 lb ,ve of hoc brothers, Peter H. and Bernard, are respectfully Inn lei Ui attend tbe funeral. frwn the residence of her parent* No. l#? Weet Thirty ninth street, between ffeveutb an< Kl?hlb avenuee, thl* (Saturday ) aftaraoou, at tw i o'clock without further Invllatioo. New Orleana paper* pious o ropy. Dtiusn?'m Friday, A<iitoi 10, of effusion of tbi I rain, Crariis. rrcntd eon or J. and kforie I strand, ages 17 montba and 11 data. The friend* of the family are rrspectflilly inv led to at lend the funeral, from No. 24'J Mercer atreel, at foui I o'clock P. M To be laterred at (Jroenwood O meter r Dt rrr.?On Friday, August Id. I'MMt. the t? love? eon of Jaoiii and Julia taffy, aged 1 /oar, 4 montba am 1 day. Hi- funeral will take place tfita Mt irdayl afternoon, a one o'clock, from the residence of bla parent', corner o Thirtieth rtreet and Klghth avonue. Ewian ?In Brooklyn, K D.. altera abort hot Mean 1 lllaeaa, Uaai M . the beloved buahand of Harriet E Ew ing, aged 27 year* and I daya. TU\ rtlativra and ?<qua.ntancoa of the family, an niembera ol the Puritan Lodge, are requested ha i ten the funeral, from his late residence. PI North Fifth street on Bandar afternoon, at two o'clock, without further In vital toflP Fmni ?Ou Thursday evening. Afual P, Uubsila B wu di rrra rim u < n ;i?i The r*lallv?a and fri-nda <?f the family are mpirtWl; io\ itrd lu attend the t neral.ou hood*) la f.'rlnck, from lb# rifdettge of hw folber, M r haul Eallc IT'. Washington at ret I, without further laviutlon. t iblo paper* plea*"' copy. IUi-Vi ?On Friday, Aiiguat 10. Ctltoiiat, infan daughter of ?b. >1 and lb* lata Carolina llalney, aged moo the and IT day* Tha frtenda of I ha ramify are rfafwrtMly invited t attu d tin- funeral. an fuoday afternoon, at <>uci o'clock I rem So 42 Faat Twenty atrtn at reel llano* -On FiHay. Augi.-t 10, after a lingering 'linear Maixuhm, w if* of Tbotnaa llc-ott and aoaooU la .ghte of tta late William II'inter, of (ouwall, Lallarkoaay, Ira lar d. aged 34 year*. Th? re'atleea and friend* "f tha family ?r>- reepertfolt; Invito! to attend Uta funeral, frtm ber latarrlidence, Xa 264 -leverih avenue, on Sonde > afternoon, at two n't I vk without further Invitation Her r-milna will be takot toGreen weod for Interment, lind wderry paper* please ropy. Il>r? m ?At Faat Ttampton, l/*ng laiand, on Wcdneadny Anguat 8 of tojnrtea raoeivrd from being thrown from hli enrrtaie, TiMiriNT H*i?a*. V?| , of thiacilj, m the Mtl year of bia a^e. Ilia funeral will be attended on tbla fSaturday) morn try. at ten a. M . from No. 30 Meat Thirty fifth ureal without further invitation ll<n?te At K'ltland, Aernvnt. on Thursday, Augua 9, Hon. ?.<* T Hotv.rx, la the 72d year of bla age. J*? -s?l^.ddamv r fr Ida* even lug, Auguat 10. Wn fovirv ,'aa* ie aon ot W. 8. ana Matilda Jania, aged I yeora d 10 m?ntbo Kr uee of fuaeral in evanhg pap*?* K < i "n > . A", i t 10 Tntaie- Wait-vi yourgral child of William and Martha KlacaM, aged month* aed 2" day? n e frlev 1* and r- iatire* of the fam iy are r< epoetin!! 1 i r dnei Sunday, at one e'etoel tfvu |t? roaldeiK ." vi I |*rcnfo, firten g """ * ? Tfcetua. ^ win be be Id oq Sua?ar ? I at half pass tm?'cH^k' ?* "> Second iu-e* uSSSSi . Kpiecopel cho. nhatlvea and friends art in rite* without furthet D?Voe- , MoCaiw ^ v Th??^ t M?Caiwr, sos ? widow Mc Jb/fry (fa/ *1' <* New Orleans), aged 4 yam Mid six months. 11m friend* of the fan.","7i J0* U*** of his and* g. 1 Realty, are invited to aitea" U? funsrai, which wtii kaan i place at two o'clock, this (fa.'luru*f) afternoon, from the residence of bis grandmotbe.'i ?" Beatty, 71 Moll street. New Orleans papers please copy. Maniojjr.? In Jersey City, on ttiuriv.1*? evening Aaguot 0 Ajuarasi* Manica*, aged 77 years an*. 0 months ' The funeral will take place this (Saturday") afternoon, ? ' two o'clock, from the residence of her son, K'o. 904 urnad street. i M<Cot ht ?Hrce micontt, youngest son Of John Mdf I Mary McCtourt, aged 1 month and 18 days The friends and acquaintances of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from 77 west Twentyeighth street, at two o'clock this (Saturday) afternoon. McKay ?On Friday, August 10, Ass, win of liugh MaKay, in the 34th year of her age. The friends and acquaintance of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from her late real1 deuce, 248 Tenth street, at two-o'clock this (Saturday) afternoon. Ma Km ?on Friday. August 10, Jam Hxnr, only sen of John and Kliza Marett, aged 9 months and 90 dnys. i The relatives and frlenda of the family nro reupeotfullf tirn<i iu?* ruuerai.rrum 383 rswi sirens, w. w., l at two o'clock tlit* (Saturday) afternoon, without furtlMr notice. O'RaiLLT ? On Friday, August 10, from a fall, THomta, > bod of i)r. Tb. maa O'Reilly, of Killnaleck, county Osvoa, i Ireland, sged 17 years u<t 10 months, j Hut remains wlU be tlken from tba City Hospital thlH (Saturday) afternoon, at hair i*al two o'clock. Rattcx.?On Vi iday, August 10, lUuuAan Kama, ag?4 ; 84 years. Her frlenda, and those of her husband, are requests* It attend the funeral, on Sunday afternoon, at two o'clock, Irom her late rrai lenoe, No. 238 Mulberry at reel Providence i itpurs ploaae copy. Rilkv?On Wednesday, August 8, Sarah Ahh Rpjw, widow of the late Thomas Riley, seed 87 years i The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from her late residence, Ne 24 Varick street, on Sunday afternoon, at two o'clock, without further Invitation. Smith ?On Thursday morning, August 9. Coassuwe Smith, of the late firm of C. k V. J Smith, of this city Funeral on this (Saturday) morning, at half past ten o'clock, from bis late residence, No. 29 Onion place, west corner of Sixteenth street There! stives and friends of the family are rer|x'Ctfully Invited to attend the funeral, without further invitation. Tishs ?At Orange N. J., Williah M. Titan, aged M years. The friends are respectfully invited to attend the fuse ral, iroiv. the residence of his father in-law, John Mas, No. 3 lilt street, corner of Orand, on dually ulternooo. at ooc o'clock, without further notice. mmcku.aneu18. Appeal to b<h:thk.rn ami wk.stkbn MKItCH ants AMI THE l'VBi.HV The attempt lo impose a spurious commodity upon the pub . lie a* ? gemiini by assuming iu name. ua Utltrln , and style of park*?e. *no claiming fur the spurious one the same kind of qualities and uses ss tin* genuine, I just as strong ' s proof of Inferiority ss it Is of fraud Otherwise, why u<a lot the competing arm le stand upon Ha own merits' If H he not the article which It c'.ilu.s to tie. we need no better pruck I that it has rot the qualities which It claims to have. Me>Mdaa t this, it must be evident to an Intelligent public tbvtthe raaa l who would he base em ti|b to counterfeit would be rile enough r to adulterate. In the r ise of the innumerable imtlsuons ot the genuine Krhied. m Aromatir Schnapps, this is actually dona by mean* ol drugs openly advertised for surh purposes Thg ? relehed stud impudently ottered to the pubfl. a* S huapp^ ' and Schiedam Schnsrpa, are made from American WUInker, uuro id iraar port' auum ana uriiRa The celebrated aitlr'e manufactured at Schiedam, If Halland, and ln?i orted exoluairelv by the uiuleraiRn,,'., ta ue owly perfectly pure drink ol the kind In Ibt* or any other country, alttee It l? not only purified by a chemical proraea. known only to b'maelf 11( the leaal trace of ftutil oil, heretofore Inherent la the beat and old,-at dlatUed llauora of verv kind, and haa alae peculiar and valuable properties iound in no other mda( from the peculiar quality tlarur and artma of the berry for the iirat time employed in the maaufacture of Ihle rnqnuate I kind of Rln Medical men everywhere acknowledge. b? let lent which ihey an* willing to have publlihed, and huntrrda af which 1 have publiabrd, thai no article ot equal purity, and < ouaequeully of equal value In tiu ipient dmpay and a leetaratlve from Rcneral debility, wai ever before made. anJ IhM ' they kno ? nf no other on which the leaat reliance can be placed I when needed In their iiracboa. Iloure the lnr.ujaerulilc imita tuwaof It, againM which ifea public are oauUaned. and henan Ihe neccraity of the*-caulioaa, eipeualre to the proprietor am _ they are. The ueuulne Behi.-dum Aromatic Bnhnappa ran b* " obtained of Ihe rcapecuhl? wholoaale uroeera. druicrMo, wd a: ihe a lor a of the aubacilbtr. CDOLFBO WOLFE. Id. ID and a Hearer Wregt. ALL DKAK 1'KUSONS WHO HAVE FAILED TO OET CURED KI.-IEWUIM, SHOULD AT ONCE CALL - On I Pr VON MOBCUZIhKRR, ' OCULIST AND AURInl, Who will RESTORE TIIK1B HE A RIM Ur HIS NEW LI INVENTED E 1 * K VAPORI/.h H: WHICH LKHTORKN Til I llKAIUNd IN TUN U/k?T nilhT! V i?T? n A OtFO - Aa v D mi STOPS TI1K NO| i * TtIK IiXAl) , lll'N J'UKDd * Hji \ 0 IM pu [ RF-KTORFIi TO UXAB1KU WUM ITNtmr hv JCBSN. ' JIKAP ' AOAIH FRKMII r TKSTIIIOKT. fruou unaenTrnrw. ran toe w??i. xfmw* mvanwi "Or. Vim MomliriakFr operated eery aucreaaf ully on aa* left ear. The oiirratli n ?n performed without p?u. anil ?< great aklll, ami I m flitnl ma to tba uun<at of my w whoa. ia4 ciUicly II etorril my lira ring though 1 hate U>> u (leaf la UtR |. aame car fjr tbr Wat mitii.i ?m_- " ? JtOHKKT i ftlW _ Nt.wToag.Ao* II), 1H0M 06 Meat thirty ?nth ntrea*. * Pi. VON MOm HZIAKKR, Oeulia: aait Aura' formrrlF Surgeon to the Imperial Kjrr ami Tar f nfti mar* Vienna, ran be o iwiilird ou ill diaraara of the Xye and Ear from ftn I o'clock let , I iff (Untun Place. Kt*ltih atraat. 1 A T WJIOI.F.RAIJC.-R?OAR* FROM * TO 100. CAM A burera are ufiered grant inducement*. 1 o. t'liXIXH. ITBroathMM. AT FVF.BPXIX'R wkppino carps, rot*. ma. Rwe tba Orargw Bloannm Earelop*. aula U* for UtR only at !U1 H road a ay. ' T} RTA RT'R PXRITALXKP ffTOHAIH RTTTBRR, P PKPOT NO. I ROPTH WILLIAM ITRRRT, M. W. oocroiR hfwiro machinxr. parrup patent.? t J) Th.? arlehtalrd imt roved double thread. prio* ontF 1 t*a falearontn Ko H? Bread a ay, oppoall* the HL ltichutan. 1 f mixapwt INRVRANCB if tub worlp. \y Wa ?r* now making, without eirwpuon Urn haat RAFM ' peer Bared to the ptiblie. Our Safea prreerve thrtr lllflp when raprned to firm la tba brat manner, and our BCROLAJl r PROOF R IF! deltea tbe wwrlil. Aay one about toptvrtnn* M I reu"rated to call and eiamtoa for tbemaelrea We glva Rl beat Safe for tbe traat n.oaey. BTKA RNR A Mtini. Ko. S3A It roadway, cornar of Worth el. Raw TmB. * VRTARLIRBED RIXTT YRARS. t MKFKR' OAItmrT FPRMTURK WARKRi'ORS, , 333 ami ltd Fourth atrret, Rorthw eat comer of Broadway. a Buyer let Parler, library, Plmng and Bedroom Furniture ef mrr atria. 1 Fo m Ibe plain end a-s?l :<i.a< I . the elegant AadCkpeuatTt M Ri oNSiah a prima. Interior Penr rait .ua. F*r, MauUsltilaaeea, Ac. Oooda packed and ahippad or a", parte of tbe world. TTRCKKRS FAK1RA JX1XT-A PKUC10CR PRHNKRT JI . :.d tie ' e?l aulwuuir foi at maJ fnr?l eon-be*'be tablae ot i|m Avor H?ua* and ell the pnntipai Saloon a llerfcaaW | F?t i i b lara pievetn t m Ur... .* anorehta*. Jelly of i rartoot aire* (orrr? nn.I patteraa For aale at the eatat.Jdb n.eet, No. 5 naw t'uttai atrret. ue.r Ena Broadway I TTVATT ft MFX PtlRAM. J 1 Rb< i.u.ainm actofnla. aaitrheum, Ac - Hyatt." life * ha.iiam .a aa atrtatn to c ire the m-at palnlul forma of thane J dlmhaea aa water la to quench ihliwt, alao old u lor re free* , wipe, prtalpplna. tbe worat raa*? of Impurity of tba t>lra?A, liver and I dory a yeneral deblWr. d acepa a Incipient roeanmpnnn. piiae. Ai Pi mc pa depot Mo (Jraad atreet. 71 * ?>'* :+r r 1 ir TOl' RF.Ql !RK ANT <1ARMFNTR M ADR TO OR1 'W at a l??w prlr#, and t#** rail n# i l.ARKK, 114 Wll .am at ? ?(. tha irmaindrr r? nnv ?un.mer g"0<l wtll b* r ? OnfMifi) Ci?l. V ppftilUf'KltJ. , J R. RTArrORD H OMVf TAR. ' Warn Out* Tab M Ha haaltnt balaam* ntflfw art hr-.njlM in dlrrri mun *nk th? luilna nrnhnwa of tba Tiiikmt, Hi i'M (ii?l Tiatr tm m Tm? Air .('Rita or in f Ivor. art irtirc At ou r any pain or ipnrrawina. rod baallng any . irritation or Inflammation. tr?i? <>ijr? <t,r k>>x rron Attar n forma a# ataqnalI' I w?*An>a and M-R?iHR aymp fur OourRb mod mi. Tkr+i Imraars I Waii Ot-rra Tar r? tmirt> tta Biarnrtr or ronoetiraAaA d nrnliT* p<?rr? rroVr It a ir ?i at>r?.(r and ??< rul PAIK A>NU<fl.ATl*R OUr# Tar la not atx-ay?d<?a iw* daeoior. Pirrrcaari a Horn*. At US Broadway. Nrw Tort, and b| all dnunMR t R. ptaTtorp'r . iron ani? avi.phvr powdrrr rt? a aolnb'r prrparatln# uI Iran ant anjpbnr, ulmtloal vat " Ihat axtailnc in thr hWd <4 a parlertij hoallhy p#radh. UuRr '? inr ?Hh tbo .lleretad (nod. Tut? hn.riun jan rrtrrr nit Buy# Thrt IiriAf Ratacr to rut Ktaroat Inttl t Tnrr fxTtcnnirt ?"? Ij?rr. 4 Tint ht***?th?h tut Ihoamot Thrt tat Atmannua o? TWB Rn?r. Ann arr a Hrtainr roa tu. Funj tuuuai 0 pRICt II A Pn'RiCI. , At K<v 442 Broadway. Raw Tort, and by atl drottWR 1 TRTTTIB't H AIR HVR TO OOIOR BROWN, 10 CIKNTR: r a) ha* black 74 . aula par boa. Wla.Waair Mjd rdWi. AM Broadway, Raw Tort. T T. A.-rKRriMT TIT OCARANTRRP -I/HfOOW f JiaiTntr bh ria raada to maaatir- HA and fl4. Cnllara, tX i p town Abut. H?airrv ar I paailrinAB a Fnrnlabina Riorr PR A RAP., from Lomnit, 423 llr<<wd?tay R T. 1 |<DATP POR IK WRRKT.T AMOCRTA'-THV RVTIRK A A oriabrakod Rawing MacAJar Prto# IMouanpIn* < 'Mum R.i iw Broadway. : fflfeaa ' COCTHRRKRRR OAK F1KD AIA KIKIW OP A*RRIt gjates ai Brv/KiTbrg'Varg-. blow Hi. Rtatolaa Hon I. BppotAI# Wailaak a Tfaim a *17 FTt.TOK RTRRRT-THR ORPoT ROB TfR CK?> Ol brtkaRBMifiHg TtWitia Ttr trad# tnpplwA. ??7 rt i tor rrsEWf.-PiKeer CLAHIT IKPORTRO ^ O I tbta araao#. uWWyr Au?. A>7 RI'IjTOR RTRRRT --THR RTKKRT HO1.LAR0 OTK. y . > I it par taiioa or a?Aa p#r t#At?. fpy A !i ?J7 TTIVtor m (.RRT^ORIRR HRAI. < ?Hampaovr iu Oi parjtnca, firfl. M Vmi W VtMm. Hr k.

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