Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 11, 1860, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 11, 1860 Page 6
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6 w *tvs *. *r ?ATTN.* LADY *' iVSTO'I'O TO T" li rVhTR. Uoti ol h.iri-u (* ?u??.o? Ml ' . Ui wit en -i. ni' .i .1 rata or dally uotorut? >r mpaoam to) ..r.. . ,t r\?i>i . h<h Apply nor So 7C ?*?t i8ih ?t, r 1,? v Airvm. i./ iiy *i . v- \ ? I kaed woiud uke ( iP .rj tiM 1 I 'tk Waal tKh ! , uear l.r 1 nU*a ;?r. AYOPNO ?l MAH Wyi'?)T? CO 0\r* Y TOV. 0 \Y jm with t**r etpii wwine in v hm?. C??.rit H4 hi rMMrri ? .-inthUK- -"fl do all a I* cl funUy ae*ii?u tibfiKn all Ihla (lay ?j r.r r. d?r? little !.vj tMC at 136 Plhav., n?u Xhl ?t , In ?r OMk'4 bf Aery. . AYOrifO >1P.!. W A I'm A YTT'I ST^Y TO POOR, waah nnJ trnn; aha ih a c*hI conk a. t *? ?l m> w wli?r Ml ironrr, Wtc bo objectm, to de mineral bewworti >' ? "1 worth by r"-an; heat of rty rrf i ce \u> b? iivmh. ?" all at iB la'l 15th at. Abispectabij? woman to Ts?M?.r v fetileel waahiDt- and . i > ; for 1 ( i i ? be aci,t vi try r j-i ?i h" rlt n ' f' ' ??|uti ed, Oall at il- W si -oili ?t , top il >..r, r a.X m m. ABKtPFiTABLB Will AM WISHES A BABY TO WET nurae. the l*?l ot referent . ? to liea!Ui - d addd htri..;fc? etui be fitted. Apply at i*I >' ' AHb suee'. ______ A RRWTKCYAIIJI KEAI.TMY * ll'S'J W< \t AM, W AN I'S ?A a situation ae wet i .r?? .n a reapertab.e laiitily^ city r/rirnce 1/ feiuirad t'tit te ,1a at lt-1 iat 10th ft, lof tmo daye QKAMMTRKW.-A IlKKW A V I1IRI, WIRHK* Tfl OO OPT |3 bilked"- ' r week, who m.leriurdi dr' tinak *, emSaMrry. aatfail bmde of 'emlly eewto;;. t'aU el v? Breone *wt CHTHATTONS ARK WANTFO HY TWO NKAT WD O ob/ifiine <l" won.??, ,n city or eonntry ; roe mahyraod .r?D?r, or to do R?>aei-.u houaeworlt; the otUer ~a elumhei traid and waltreee, or wn iiw .Hid ae .m-tr. sa, hrth ifieiT yhly 'inderetand their bt??in?M. Apply at tilj Broome it WASTED?BY A RKSPECTABI.E MARRIED WOMAN* H(>} in *el nnrii^ &1 Vr nwo res.denee, h-r mii i qk(ii>| but tone ilu'* old, and wu buried on > 1../ bit Apply at 114 East Thirty third ttreat, be-wen !.. .ug MP and Third avenues. WASTED-A RTTFATTON AS MATRON OR PRE teptrvaa at nsw public institution. by .1 livly who lias feat m.rh evperlenee and s amply <p. liQca lor such a pia.a. AMrtm bo* 107 Poat, Auburn, V. Y. ~ SnTATIOIII WIWTKD-M lLr.S. A GRNTl.KMAN HAVING LARGE AND INfl.UKNHal ornnecurna In tbe Houth. wishes to obtain a situation Bar a* travailing agent for a bwlness house desiring SouthHP trada. or as salesman or clerk. City reference given. Address Stephens, mail ration E, Eighth even ir. A BUSINESS MAN OF I. VftGE AOQUATNTAIft'E IS r estrnua of an engagement for ttv > or thr-e months ji MpytRu.g agent, either under salary or per rentage on sales, cod reference* given. Address for three days Agent, bo* HJl 2 general fiat o*B .-e. Ati.'NTl WAN FROM THK SOUTH, WTTII A TARGE and .nti ient al So<rh.?tn aequnmtanoa snd a . .nsldrrsbls spe in uir W??t, desires a ?.motion In a i.rst -imij .obblng boose M lb s citr. A grocery or boo: and shoe house preferred pfve f:?t -'ass rvierenc-s. A 'Are s, for one tv"ek G. H. J.. has IX H- raid oB a. ARFsPfiCTABLR FRENCH BOV, 16 YEARS OF AGE, ? bo speaks ? giuti. wishes (sanation in a rmrcry store, shipping house or any <nh-r respectable hn'ini ks; writes a ooil band, is quick at figures. and nr.! afraid ' work. Can 'at pbly reoonunemW. Ctill r.t or address M f.. !h0 Broadway. A YOUNG MAN HVYTNO I tVE HOURS EVERY PAY unoccupied, ttlai "s for employment as bookkeeper m anti.w large coaamarel,.! bouse, lie is perfectly it.ialifle.i for the wtak. I'Atlsta-Hon given on trial or no bar sin. tineaks and wni"? Spanish anil Free h. Would also k?-p die hooks fr. Sfatush /f required. Address Francis Head, fcni I'd lie: aid Hie. HARPWARK.-TI1E SITRSCRIBIR, FORMERLY IN fe Hardware I'r.ule. baring tsrre hoitra l-usure dally, rsauld like loempi. v ihem m promising the lutei-ieda of a first plans bouse: or wo Id take the -barge of a set of books, by deubie entry, for any respectable concent, at a mob r i'e com Sfrmarn The I ??t rerei .-nre will be given. Address Jeuka, i aid olllee. OITTATION WANTKD-BY A YOUNG MAN. IN A tJ uboleaal- grocery house, as sale, e in Cot Inlliieuos s gised tranc; will >au bis rinplorrr SSOU orfii nsa seeurltr; would not wish ' "> enga---' In anv house bin .ma of good s' md Mfr. Address B isuieas krank. Herald office. SITUATION WANTKP-RY A RVNPU TART.E MAN, AK j los'bro.n or groom; Is a good careful dnver and fully com- | Ktil m every ri spert. <:..n ~1v? :he hert of rlty reference, i . i\ ... v.?it a ir.., -?.a. .. r.... ,i....... a : Till I I i \ I > ' ACKjKTIi'lL KV<- VICI'M ANI? V A-*H! V i ?? W VNT* Ro?.-it >." v . iW '* V 'T \M * Uitl A." *. A : ' > FT* *A ?? ! - V I I. .;rn . ? , tp t*.r--l. i'?iv M / *t. H . rn (TAirWTKRt ' > V > I.' i*? > VN'> : f* T.N > H . J M?r?? \ ; 11 1 ? -r --Twi itf w*ai (4 of Iht hit*<*n mirif j J*TI*U.FM WAMKD-TWO HI AM 01* I> i*TT:Xt?, ' .?? l_ ? 1 Arr w l 3 II ?na>?a. IT 1 IAIM**' HAlKi M( I J MMiI 1 lk? MHM* ? v. ' "I J mlR AM maMirt m? I k , ? , CS rr*\4i>VT T* hrt - It . * ? *%Ap>i to tpp is 'Sa ha?ti<* m. ?. ?>! rpf.-r< j 4i"v?* rot r. ?ronK> ? "or > jrt r Mj Mlltnr |*r II ? .1 |?ki. ..I j ?>l N?? ? V7;.>< ? o? Ifc* fnr?m?r. Hrl?n Ho ? i? ?f aKTIIJ A<TI Kt w?jr?*n -t ?; i?r'.r??;? rl $ in i an to hi ri.N \? .rr ? , SATUTTT PtTtTKt W? Tfltn?|*wri>i M IT rut atrtptr work Anriii R HACtON'l ** i ?; ? ? 1 At V T. Ti ittTTKit* 'r 't y r> < '.v. It rnmtfnrt ? iN rno UTHOOR VPIIII RT.frKTlS TAVTM A'VI'V 1 Mt lr*wf'" > ! Ti I Oi -if. r ' . p? n rwat t Ai 'mi bn dW'irfA Ap ' !p in W?li '?|i, lil Wi ira Vn??. tTAWTIW-OOOD UtRVAjr I v R' Kt I T mull tv A Ijit-'W < Apr!' ? f-t I Iw i. i.?"n IJ. iTr i*Tvr? TWO TTTP ItTTRPi C'>* T A NT IV j rfr atorHTM l. nd, .? ir I khiL ^ In |M inl <1 ill li it Itlifi, ti A) . Aj'p/n t* . lp ?i> P n? r, 1*1 ' *. -? T HOtBM. nox>-T" kkwark. v. j.-ouon woAtn. ooou IJ nrwfl mirr I 10 ^ ok'Mctd *t i#r ni ? ffcih hiV ia Iwi * ^^ lh^ "U * w **Do>1 I 0?n pn*!A* H. V^R,HOAn*A!l ',r ^ Mirajlri> tljvo' N T, enMn?*e4 .n tar?pk?? 2/p^TVwv.U AV "?MA~d t. I Vklft N NRtP WttUilk.rF 4 UL Ai:i. L.S AMD J. >,I< A< kr -r -1*. ..i" larpr-i ..nd in*-i n. j a :aw .? iJ i*1 ' * *l, ? i rr lT ti 4Tt ?uod Hun.1 ?? -u.ii - *> -}' '.' tpaHa bain ..vol kil trbJ a.l, ,. I- *1* UuM-l w*J?e I, Jitl girla in yn?d r??pr ut a t1"". j * /TCLOBED oIKI. WA* r.:rv-Tn DO "llAVi l.RWORM, J i V' aaawt iotan?r .ra ul ..ikl .M l ' * b<-~ w?il jp naially I uarful. App'y ; 2M 1 ton ??., Hi >i JB'IKIM ff*N~Er' TO HO T( a M A NIT* nCTOBUM ' i ' VI ?1t ha?, B?? bn-jt1 rtd* fXHB tkl? -it?, In linoev*ioiiL ? I nl i in .Jrudy raipldvmcnt <?U I* lh" 7' f '?'infcJ, At F * | , ' n . "vi prim* *Vr 1 rrtbfr 'jU it*.. n apply At ."7 j Promina? upstair*. _ ' /> TRI * W W'TT TO MAX ft FAKPT PAFftl> LiOVCS ; < Unfile rn#pr< ' ijn iinirirn git'*'./) V.rn 1 h P 1 wil) ha " ' iJrt ' 1 * tk and fai* pay, ami o?:i Ukr ami!! I ' ?c.rk hmr." wfclm .r.-.rtfnr: apo';- v .n m- r p..r- ; , ? a ho, two boy i Apply at 39 Liberty ? . * 1 < ?Lr AMI xn ^AMTLIBS WT?HTM(I "O '' W- VP TO T :S j rr t'lUy, wb ' !i we coin<>*** I r.f twu?'r ? , ^ vrn . p \ ?+ugbu ru. m.?y hear of an opporluoitv to better 4heir rirca n% *ih rnmti^nt emv vor.vnt ?u a mm . * t. he* S4,.;m of (UninecDc ii, lue bviJ > ritiifri it& Uti# t '*y. * . f ' ? 'v- I v . WANTKJ) IMldHDIA TKL ? ?TEN FIRST CMM MTLUper*; \1ho tw> or ihree en, er'? nee?t wrnet trimna^ra, to *hom Ubrrxl ?um.I ?t?*4?ay etui n#*. ; ?Vui I Ap'fiJy 111 25 r*"-^ ?t WAWF.IV-* OOMPRTRNT R!>'TA"R A WT TT r'Kik. in tiiibnat >??(.'?* paid; I.'0''nnpil?IdrviM J !bny bHvn a pnrf?<'' lcnowl*i!i'?i<f Aui | *B. \A ilAiuauii, 110 AUi al , Cin :uiuau Ob.o1 TtTA VTftD-^KVltRAT, ORr'iM OA!? MvKPIlH, TOfJO Vt out i.f il>? otly; rooaunl *aipl>'yR,ebU An.y v.t N<. 6 | Wy " ? , Oeforp Ti?p?dfty. | T1T.\STKD-A KIK8T CLARg TRIMMER TV TTK MIL? Ty Muerv t *tnM!-.hni> ut <. M.uinir.n ICal.u, iM Hrorahvivy. ' T*r\NTBD-M) OIRIJi, TO MARK \'P 'DOTH AS'D l? v? itMka ,Vi?P, apond npnralor ? '.Vnaatnr A Wl -p'a trw-'nc machlro. aim nmlrrauctia v i'-Mn? t-i. -a Apply to K. Mb Li A Co., 'W2 llroadaray ' -Il'AN'TKO - VT M < LTVTON IT.'.i'B. A -'MART, AC I If llv? fit!, I'rora 14 lo 17. One w.ihiny to l*?rn cSamtnr 1 work and v.Hiuna will find n gn >d p.a atwi m?at b? mtnlUf ut, bouPRt and nrat. Knguah Prot* :*n' prefr rnd. WANTItn-TWO ONK AS FT,All* fW)R, ! %vaj?hrr nr.H and i'*? niher ?i li.-V.t chambermaid. Apply at liJti Ea-i 16:h at. nettr 1st av. ! | TT'ANTKD? A GOOD PROTESTANT GIRT,, FOR OE- I TT ueral housework in * am ,11 pr.vnte family; must be ft 1 p. <1 aaher and Irooer, ami xivi olty reference. Apply at ; 319 uh nr. TfTAJHRIK-A OIU TO DO OENRRAT. HOUSEWORK i '? must he a pood plain 'ook and ., j si rate washer and nou i j ' r' ** Weal aptli at. i "TXTANTFD? :'0 MILLINERS. FRAMEMAKHRS AND 1 TT bonnet wirerg. Call at ?ed Court at., Brooklyn. j ???- | WANTED- A GOOD GERMAN GIRL, FOR A FAMILY t ul' two, NoLeneed applf except a X"si washer and * irontr; good reference also waned. Call at t-' 6tb av. WANTED?A WOMAN AS CHII DRKjf 8 WTR8R-ONK j w ho will be willing to make Imrael f geuernlly useful la a an.all family ?TpftrMii* aoon to go f> the count-y. . alt dollara Apply at ItS Wea: Fourteenth at I TTfANTED WMIDIATIT.Y-A I iriD|M{ ONE ? TT who underaisnris lwr btiemcas wr.l, with good city refe- ? rpiioe. Apply at "6 Madlaon arenue. , tatanted?a young woman, to go a short dis- 1 TT Lance in i',.? country; must be a ?nnd ae.imatras* aud do , feiwralhoi .Mvork and wiisklng md ir?miig. Call Saturday, , focilay sud Tneid'y at 14.131 nv. -II' ANTED- A WET Nt'RSE. V RESPECTABLE WOMAN, TT one having loat ber child preferred; age not ovur aeveu 1 month*. Apply at 211 West 2011) at, J MPF.t lAL MOTICKS. Alt. persons having claims againht'thiTra- 1 tate of Edmond and Ann Nugent, late of the olty of New I York. de-ea*ed, are hereby untitled to oreaent the aame, with nropf r vouchers thereof, to the undersigned, at his store. No. , ?l R oaerelt street, on ur before October 11, 18ti0. I CHARLES HURRAV, Eiec?tor. 1 New Tor*. April 10, lfldu. * PANDA M?PURITAN LODGE NO. *9 -BRETHREN, 1 . You are hereb;- roouod lo assemble at the rooms of the I Lodge, iXT Bowry), on Huinlay, 13t11 Instant, it 12o'oloek M . rf for the purpose of purine tl"' last trlhn'e of reepe.-t to oar late di worthy brother Isn.irM Ewlng. For order A GEO. II. RAYMOND, W. U. T.vo. T. IlofiMiKO, Secretary. j riiHH riiMAiMi.m I'niunni.r: anu Kit*UbUTl'iNH n* 1 ??f adopted I'll the retnnt of the steamer HUHTRBM, a? on Thursday, An*u?'. 9, INI'.?Whereas. on ihU and many ro prei lout ermrelous to the '"holer* Hanks on Board the *?? an steamer HVNTT!?8, ''opt lto(nf? haa exerted himself to ran- pi der the trip na rafsfact-iry and a*reeatAe aa jotithle to all ta in board; theri'i'.re, U R .-soiled, Thai #e tender h m our irt'-rre thiikafor h\a L uniform Undn.-ss and murtrav, and cheerfully commend hlna and ht? pilrt. Anderson Onlsrell, and their craft, to all wishing a rood day's aport on the FUbing ttanl*. \ AMOR J. WILLIAMSON. President. J .?. W Km:la?p, Secretary. August 3, 18d0. ' OTARRKN I.OI1CK 2.VI I. O. or O. F?THK fiRO- '1 f* thers are hereby not pled to attend the nejt meeting of It the !. ?:/:e, on Tueertay evening. Aojrnat It. for the *?incirlt~n of Imporlent hniliieea. OFO. w. BROTTIRRTEN, N. 0 ^ LOST A\D F(>r\D. |* fTF.RTTTTrATF, LOOT?NO. 14V FOR OKR PART OR *> * ' ' 'in- An.t<iiran Atlantic aa.t I' i<*:, Ship Canal Oompittir. stsndlnr In the nnwe of Mary 15. Foge. Application ( h.ii >iren mu le to the rompany for a new certifWalo. " New Yon*. August7.1860. tt TT1XJ LOFT -?3 RFW \RP -STRATRO A WAT ON WFO1 J tt-tiar last, rn Italian yt ei hound hlt'di. answers to tho " aaiue ?.f " Tan " lieturn to J. W.GKRARH, '.'7 Wall str.wt. ] ForNP-AT Titr foot or Harrison strfct, au- ? gti.'t 9. two G iid Locke* with miniature*. Th- nn.tere S t j;i hara A. m bj |i?',",?e e'?"ertr?nil payln* eipeneee. A p. ply to Ft gtncer. Pi. Germain Hotel. Twenty second cireet. j TORT.-A CNRTAIN PROMISSORT NOT* HATIN0 " J ti-rrajoet that bore date October 94. IW made by Ft? ' mas WnoT. to the order of Wllltam T. Wood, for the eui of thirty two hnndred dollars, <13.31*1'. parable three rears from T date, and endorsed by the said payee all pe,??n? are hereby A I'-roin itran uir nur wi? osvrnsni ~nt root atraw w beer. ?t mved. <"H.<' JOHXBO.V, 174 Sktveutb arena*. Il V*? Yoac. Augnit 1 tSdO. Jost-OK TTIK FVKNTV.T OF Tn? ?TH IKFT. Bit (q J twren Br-.ijirxy k'll Suth kveuwN iu Thirtieth rreet \ < s ? ".* !> ? ! Th?' inter wll. be paid iu full r?lue if *r icfl M K . i. kireet. T r?.T ON inn WITH 1N-T., IK ONK OF TIIK mrurn 1 1J k*?nu? from the Potiih farrv. * gentlemen'! i tr..3?vi?"-nl horn Wallu:>c Cane WVwtw will return II to kf SmI P mm I *li ret rrt',1 re???ie * idgMr rerartf. *r Iorr-A'V.rFT I". WBTWFI# T'lK RFiTOFKCT OF j Mr. B A! Wl>' - V i? nari HiiImi >i Mn, rtll nf H rli .it f Th? flnwr w I lie rewarded fa le? u 7 them at J Mr Whiilf <A nr ihr Vfott l'..n ft Mat km. ri Tp^T-ON TUtRsDAY FTKMNi. ON' RHARO OF J ifr-.-v < > 'erf: n, between fltiili-ver. o'el W, an old Q tr.'vr Snfk?' < ?: v.iint e Fair of eoul nne? "er trumpet *"it \? -ftr .me. TV-' > m ". be hheraliv rewarded by Ir lea i kt Weet TMiteert! b! P 1?. RRI.NVKFPtTOFF. ^ ? = = < UWOM. c>() RKtA'ARn ? lOkT, OK WFJtJfERPAY FVFKIKQ, fr "!?. i r i mi Pearl. W,1 rail t kiln nvii-tn k |.rtmw tr ? , .*! ? ?ffi.r.t " "the rV e r ' wn.\U ir -n. oc . < >'?. CM V>'V DaTIIWON. ,J e>- , t? ?*' - r. oy rrn'R-pat .trt.r p. i* '* Of' Nil ''vru" T. , ? r>-' at T< '"My forth e g ml v r nit Blnr ' ui Iweatv I he 3 rw> ? ' . f? id ?>? .-At ... :t at 31 M" ieu U#-*. <? ? 1 - k ?r- rr.w/' O i.o-n \ T'-rv.i jitAPK avpt x ?: ) i'-'i* It tt* I* ? q. wr, lie hi uere to the r i '? !: T l? >< I -r '. f ,r .? r'nkrU t" fi ; . !?V. IP 1 - 1 ..'ti:, F -h .'re Q " 'V '1 ; v/";'1- B 4. ? f | . ? h- w -" . * v. : I 1 n iinr > ?p;i? So?nh iif. < vi, f# I. ill 1 ?v. < ; iT ( ): \rt; rirr iiwith 3 !'l : 11 ' N't ? '"J. < ? rv" ? \ S. ? 1 V | ,v?' * . 4t> H r** H ^ ^ t W ** r oi iit\K%d i Jf m . ,v v - v- x v, 1 P $ > ? . T * ' ' H o>... "" /..r' ' *r rS[ |he *' I' i r iit'i mKi?, v? w A\xr:n. ? |'\I *>??; !> a 'Ml t. Iff *\ on ?tx ; n l\ V I in ' 'i i i"' .... I, I I J |.i nn *>' Ikr* T*' " " ?'>J AH- A>Mrf?? w ipirtic'l|j?.? .1 I " ll*. i. (' 1 ? I r - m m , > .- TC ' rii ) ' ?!i ' * i'r? ' . \ , #. '<r .. . i rt I. ,i? * a fuln lr and p?f lilt .-nt f? thr'r 1 Annlr ' i i >wi two* a< f? Atr.Mr.vtT-?nd ?. . ? V* HMUTI' Hern WkMin, FOR \ .-'M M.: ' VMI j * r. *i-i ! < rrfrir?-?. t'-A. V. < 11 > 1 y ' r:-?? I -,?< >. - ?r. H'" ! <> ? " n'?n>? WAXtfti pvnnrv TTTT.t v. '.?a 1*0 '? - r ? * ?*t. p v -mr,"?a Rrnl :coJ?t*u?. f A !.' ? " J?A 'V*' K?w T i\"Amrn-A maij. twh htory tt rv, with M m rtn tn >.m. iu. f- m> rant* f u H ?. ??*r I.. TVrirn h ami t irtli *i*1 A.vt ?.?n*i?a A.*! *m I .; ? lit Un > ' T, . ?n WAS .rn A rt RNMU'i H I K. r<tR TIT* rri*. ft ?- In M lorM?l A; riftfc or l-i # >1 nf lh? %4 i*r*ol alu < !? P??. ?? II iMH III* In H?|)lnih?rrflWi. a W. Kv-iijMai V*JI. AUrr? II ar ! ?k?i- tan IN R? All ' (?if? I S tt* ' v P K AM It OOTTAOir mo* n. ft l? ??wr ? !'! ; |r?.- f l?aa* I l?i Mn4 *r i. W. - 11>, .rniuv ni. ? Ik n '*in|i Ivr mi.rg ~~ in * ? Tor* riw r . . .. f .. ' ?*? ?.-> ? and 11 ??. ih? . f< .1 . m :>(.!> A A Tl nr ft h it, bn? 3X# I' et .tr-e, A" T. *r \y k*-i*n . a iv 11 I.iuk ?T 'RV nm.f mi'-?*, I w M m it mrn run" i A < - a , .A .irki'.v.. | h?v?' I ! !?? k atrfA i V III M R.lto f.Tf I A * k< b ? i?ra' . * k -r . Hv?. i ? r. r ( . ?n m part , ^ ) *.!.?? > ppi" > * p i1?kV.A". |.'? ITn) ?tii j rr UrANTt n-TIIRi K OM FOt R I'M IM, II 0 JVKIWs ky T.d >0 .M a.. ?tcg. t.- ?mII < '? r*n. d- ..nnj | r.i A rtnrI p. imm.?rt "n?t- ! u, i- ? ..<? In ?*? *..1 ; ??!?*> >r|w?< ' W T K t ?-A II'ViTKH k ,T< rTT^H M'T'll . ' I?I??' * I C> >? 7M riM -JW? r> nR^UOI^TS-A COMPETENT YOI'Nil GERMAN ariggnrt. who apeak* and *him the F.ngUah, French nr\1 emran liar lac", want* s altnatlon in an Amerietn dntjt lore, wkritaale or retail. IMea-c a.l.tre-a I K. Omental, Lityakl off. re. VirANTEI>-RT A TOUNd MAN, A RTTO ATION AH rT aura-.Un! clerk rr porter in ? "Wire. will hnrtaelf I (P? rally neeiul; l*?t city reformicr riven. Can ha ?ren for I At- day* *: Bowei i. | WANTED?DY V TOCNrt VA%' OF RTRK'T BITSINEN.N UNU, IiXiiAtlol) tn > piovwion ealahlMfnert: v re IfKr. ? .-ji :o reapertahil'ty. A.-. Addrra* !or thine day* K. , Jerry, fmiin, Brooaij a WANTED- BT AN ACTIVE BCHINKS? MAN OF FX prrirwr In itinerant brum h>"t of b'iatne?? ? nlldaiIon where Me mm and talrate wiU he f ully employed, ?.y,t meei wtoii it iair remuneration. el'her by n .iy of ??ltry or an lute | rent .n the bisit.eaa. Re; retire to be mi'js .u-u*y in all re- i *wrlt Addn-n fur leu iletn. N .uacrr, b>>i 4.1i*2 bmi oilier, ; ew York rjty. WANTED - a rriJATTON BT A RK1FKIIAJNJI ] young man mhieen yturi of age, nn >orlrr In a dry good* or Honor tore; or v mid ike earn me trade; man ; enteileiit clerk acd li.ohheeper. No ijectton to I be f?mat ry. IY?I? eeen two day* at S3 I urn :.v , Mr.' kljn. The best oeeurity *iren. 1 Wanted a RHTation a* waiter in a pri i rat* 1'iimilj, l>j vc inc man. ft from l'*n:?d*. line! referen ? ? .i) be U en I'*.! for three d*;'a at the Rr. |ge Mm"!, .?orr.e of 12ftb at and .-lave,, lln lev. , 'iv'' a ntfd?a nrrrATTo*. bt an a v care an rov, j ff 16 ye.irno; :ge. vtl ie*Ue? ? ,*h h't p n-.v. .1 prTOta tWBt MMIMa 1 1 ' < L HKleP WANTKD?M AL.BB. D" EDO trAK rAHT?P-?T IB) AVFNCE . , BATB f.-.-u>ry reference rr.julred. 1 Drcc. ctERE-wanted 1 pFucr.v u-jto per. i feet'ytitdereiaaf* the retai, an.! JtapeoUn* '.uainean, j Meet hate fool refert era. A Irc-J D C? H -al t 1 Si ?. 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A 1 L? fiofln th*, ?ty. l"crj "...-r 1 .?#<!<? I * ?>*. I0S John IJUfGJ.THII XHADR* *VI? H< TT1. ?' * St't Iu Knotty f'tad op aoil I .ahe t ' i? f i ? r amauoa; iIoiuk ? .irc< u*t .ax ti e .txaa tad a a# a ry : eat tf ci?L ?*. biggs a ? ont'ck, -a v *??! rihi Eattkq house roh sa:.s tub n r k * talii i.', Oyalor ai.<l n> mi. n R? . 1 ' hah. ? it wit b" ?'M low "f II '-4* * I' .i Mi rt ( *im. Arp'y In lie M.'oca, IS? Chelh r. I'.rfft, ?g-fnr K a> ?.! rifel. u>or sale.?a first ?m? b ? Grocery Store, 'ih the mn. Si: ira?, kur>' warea a t three yarn Ueaa, Join* ? omS IwiiM lie, ufe tt J AS. KERUCROff.lS Wk'l .treat Fob sai.b?a first ct.ass ?ai now i*n *.* ??? rant, eery htadarunely sued Da u4 rm.v (ood h..(laeM: leaae at a low rant will he .1 aft# a leaving the eitjr. b KRaNK, ?;* brua.w.y. t7ior BALR-twr hf-iness a!*d GOoo Witt if a r United 'etai-e It' ; !?] Want. j.. , iblieeit to the city. TU More a well 1?. tied ,.l7? ( iod?. and in proaperoua operation, fur prtre ami oar-i < ..Idrem I'. 8. Bond, boa lei Herald nCer. FOR SAI.E?TITE FJTTIRR STOCK, F1ITTRRS, A .? the well knoivn ?t >ee and ha id ware evab.ithu.. -.i let d e RTi-nua, .'-rner of Prince atreat, llm..*|yr< I, I T ... .n rrnrlaingprraott thia .a .' aeut'Kn wet a A. Art> tlliNKA SMITH 157 FuiUm avenue, near DeKalh For pai.e?a hkati.t ftttito up tea tor* it a good Illation. Kar partKiIrra i| i !jr at .11 N i.ih iven ne. nORPAI.E?SLOOP AND GOOD Wit t, OF - TV* C ploymeol, earning two Shod red and lofty d<-.lar? twr aonth. She to aeve.u yean old and tn good order. caret". ,te ve ton*, light (trail. Per pann u.are, | ply to HOORRh HtPMAN 3tH Wcatrtmet. FOR RA1R-TITR ENTIRE stock A\T> tub l)OV U traeta of a large and profitable 1 'lai.eaa. whi A ante i mli-d to any amount, ami tie oei . nect pn? u and done i r cash. A great cluince la uil ered. BIGGS A BOITHWT' K, RXiHtgrM. GH)R 8ALK-LA0ER RIKR PAT/AO*. MKWt.Y FITTED P up, and doing a fond hu*11 eat. will h' i aa UW unties are about tn leave the city, ft :?t be a. Id .n two d?ye. lall at 28 Sixth avenue. [TloR SALK?t'HF.AP, (INK NKW IS MORS* STEA* KV P glne, with pump lU'MAIN A CR tMPT't.N. 318 and TS2 West Tamil seventh atreet CTOR8AI.K-A K'*P FACTnRT. WITH AIX ?T(*"K " futures. he met, '-arts, wagon; will be told low now Aung large cask irade. Inquire at 213 K.un Twenty ui h street. JAOR RAI.K? A HOTEL COyTAIirtJfa 80 ROOMS FTE ; uiebed with p? lent goring bed b-Uoma bar and blllt.trl ism whh Ave flrat rlaaa tables; la in a rreat thoroughfare an I ilnr a good Mi since*. restaurant attached Apply to RHOWR ROBS H Wasaau atreet. rrum Jf. [AOR PALE?TIIF. STOCK, FIXTt'RES AffO LEASE OT 1 a Lodlliig House. four strrle-; high, nrarbl-matin'a an' imlaomely fitted up Bar and Readln - Rno?n; j?.--a and . hog. * gortment of Wines, Liuuor? nod'egitra; four e'derrat railed cars pa s? the j.renr.iaag omtati r.tlv, bo h dnv aii<l uo.lit, . el. a chance to make ram.evta rarely met with Tl.? pro | leUir holds a government situation, w hich p'erenU h.< gc ! g the bue'ne?g tin attention it requires. A l'trlncf will ae ' Km to manage the entire business, hppIvtW.L. HAR FY, It t'eetre atreit, thla day lrotnll t.M.lnSI'.H TTANTRn?A GOOD HOOK. TV ASH Kit AND IROVRR ' IT one that can romc wall rr nmmended ran apply m W art 11th at . after 12 o'clock. Wage* f7 per tnoeih. i \fAKTED-TWO R1RI*. A COOK AND A LACN- I I? drrea, w> go to A nginu. Arply thie day aud Mou lay. at i3 2d hv.. corner of !Ah at. TBOOFRY AND UOl'OR STORE WANTED. IX FX T chtitire for a c'io.1 rharc ril Route: two valmilile hor-ea, i ro eovereil wagon*: double ha mew Mil *10 barrela an.l over . a week; an old and valuable route Apply at 3P'? Carmine , or 7b Division at. GROCERY FOR SALE-ONE OF THE RRPT LOTATED ' T and II ted up, on a t rinrlpal thorco; hfare. Ir ng abc 1; tarrrable leaae: ctob'R a'o-h; doing a urgt elaea aah business, a? d offered at a bargain. MIHHS A SHI rilWlPK. *2 Nassau street nrOTKL POR RALK.-FIRST CLASS HOTEL. E*rT OR LA the European plan and doina a good bnjlneaa A aatt? actory reaaon given for aeTlli g. For term* or full particulars pply to or address D.IRA BAKER, Attorney-atLaw. 229 I 'roadway. if AXiTAnrrRiNo BrstxEss for rale?with at TX eetahl ahed rat of cagtotaera. and requiring hot small spital: a fir?t late chance to make money. Addrem Mauufeeirer I >01 lilt Herald other JROrRLLFR FOR SA1.1-A PROPELLER OF AHO0T Sgi ton* hu. then for sale cheap. She la good ordar asd ell furnished. Inunireof J P. TOWXHKXD, 14 Pine atreet. the baa aient. \farrr rock avd grain* vn.u and portion / of P?>bi for aal#.? t nnrMfrf th* 'irv.1 nolj Mill ot , nif to tr.Inrr*, r*dt?cinjr lo ItnpMpkble poM tier. with h.ftmc uidlnf ttriKCM pamIt r*plar*il mr.t.fl X AOVTHNTICK. SJ N'r-.-wra iwit AO LIQUOR DRALRRS AKD OTHKRS.-FOR HALR, A . ftr*t ralo Ll-j'tor Htoro, bow doing k (ond titular** will t *?l<? with or wMmwiI moot. knu?r*etorr m^nt given for illing. ltwiiiPB of Hl'OH MURRAY, earner of Forty Utrd : rH ?nt klbtpv.h *v*nnn. 10 pkUp-ox* of titr iot restatrarts in* Tint l r tv ootaplet* Willi a'l lb* Firtnr*?, TVkho*. Twblr*. a-., try low Jtrlr* on keeovnt of tit* prownl proprietor retlrii.z m l ukit)*et. ht IIP*, Hotrrry litrn ?FOR S M.R, A RESTAUR* .T AVI> LC!t< U * ? flU, Room wiii, Out.. t^KFtiktri 'm. ?*< door* n Broedw ?y: to t* *ol . wtlb Ftxtu m wad Itxlt, at th* joy? mrutiuar l pr.-e. Rft.t cb-ap, Apply ou ilae pretntae*. ' >7fr ?F.XTR \ORr?fX aRYCIUXi F FOR a PFRiox ' Mr*# w i'k n ?tn .11 Mrdtal lowp ln:?? A ra'ney m*?.itg ?. ***. ,'t?t *#'?b *.*d. on on* of tb* mxt thioeged tboi.bur ? i >' i r - ?A "-ry*r. Wtr*. T<-* ml I'nu* ht re V ' - . ? v . t . :: *# worth lb* smooit rent paid to Ir. ". wnmVr: of J?o.* \ or. i.renin! of Wh>t bunaieee whfch tlx prt<rWxor ?; irt-i. It ornurH In b* >r* *--ntm nelng 'ila. Aoplv to t lli.K A lit >UFKT, F.* and UuuM AfieiU, c.?rit 'A .-Iv.h ?t*nn* an! Attn,, atrrrl. ?in/iCAin wilt. buy a vkatlt f;rt*n up T.'."' KeMktlTki.t, Rkr iul Ice <r?km t>* -ok. in* dwr.r tr?J? and k" tk* *atlin of it iwrr* limi l > I it ire For I I | *ili 'tiara apply W> k SOCTTIWtt'C. s2 XtuMtu i rot, | >nf\n -for sa1.9. Till! aTiK*K and FIXTURES i?F i \ ./ a ft-* elkt* ! ?X - xF. ?ith k l*rf -*ar u t - j I . locklioa kt*l dojii A r?M An*lp**? Apj.i t? , R< WK Rcs-.Uw U ....U .?. RXatdi. *r*ft ' ! KIT. V*1 IA I*. 11! . R? I X . vIM . X TO* BANK | (J > f i ? .ArrVi-fJa#A?oai-a, 8i9 x. v. | li > l>. 1 AJ. n l' r, l? in ;,?idna. ?'i1 vndOftaXrv t!?o 'iii i'. * arr rr jftft, ?lr?rU*ruiaut?. f tailr pour*** ?n<1 / ' * hm?. r~r.v OR'***-, A; i y<ip *rxM IKiJ<IHT b* ? ' HOST AO . WTjiliwn f f rmrp T') PIA'P K'lLOKRK.?'vn nxt* or TTIF. ' ' - ' ' a ; . ' i *' r, I'M nlil ha j>\U1 *,1,1 ??r i* I lit*ia#?? ?o pr* outy* una * i rail**. Ml T *??*ir*r <vi,o, oorn?r at ?> it.- iwraotb o:r*at ti I f inrth *vont?* X*? "ion*. Aiui ?l7. * aillUT.Tr#??'irnr. JROiOHAl* I'l'B K-Vi" < KXTAVl. PAR.* TVniv t< it furv* Mrrk I ? ?jrot*?vj win M i ?' * i.r- . TYii?:*y MM* i 'h '\jt: A-U;; At 1 < .net I* M, wImh ikPHM ,:! I * i 'It v r .raj ' >r : ?? *? ? rr any part *( n* , mii- of twithnauro* ?i; . i? hi i*.b<1 dull ,r? of um ,-n#r al t'ark l-nprmravoai K'lrnJ PU*o?." AUkorl/*'. h* * ??? t*r 1 i tf IS. uv n| I-A', and Or an ' V inr - of tbo t.ooi - a -r 1 ?i- raj h? tb* If'Tor, .t'lly i.t, l*i>l 1 ha "tj Mr*-* will nu?*t ..f n?o tbniOAad a* trrrt.-al ia.*A?i tairlmilrHMIwi *?*h and tirar litar-w ?i"-a i.r i. ai> i<Of eaal oar. ai. jiua i>ty*do* artrr raar r i r*? i i. i ' !'? Xm I, 1 I '-v. n\ . 11 l riwlb nn'T of lb* Cny l> l ' i Tar pr.y ?.* will rtata Um- uouai or alark n.-ainwl a?4 ' rii . rai. r?, ?n! tfi* prr jtin o-b or um m.ti ** rtt.1 * II a r*Tiia? hi laooMt *-Uh t*i? i"nir, arbUn u ? ? *Hi!n i?a <J?jn afar tb* nprrlot of ?br bij*. th* *n-* orihdti barn rfoport r*ly. laa 'm| u*a n-amm n* tho ma tr>rirw .liMli. Ibo l >iui..n\,.-r llu raoai' ta .f tha Owmb r'.am for i irh dap ?tte, u>a pain* will t.? eotttlad u rw dr? lia- la* f(i- a nal *?.ri . ? i,V r\- <>'n? nf : i? ?i . *. >**:: t lu N| frail M i* t?* of |.>?aiar *? h > !> pre; < WJi t - ? - .M he ? Va in 1 ao turoa,! 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Li? ?.?m ?wtnrp?**a* MRU kl ATTUKWII HATtHS TAKKX T*IAT and raOUDtvlt ina bona* II# B;*?. kar atra-t I ?ri l>, II waal of Broadway, ia Ma raa4r In an* nmmU'.l j.?r?i?,~A and tranrtanl? ar#*r? or *-*k Rem* Without board tf uaat'al. i> :.n?r ?' ' r ... I ri . r'-wk No. a vkst rorRTKP.NTii rcirKT. Kis* rirm atanna Hoaiil with k%o'aomajy (n'maka# Una 1.1 U * in* or airn'a. a r**ann*b'a miaa. iV.nw it* ! * 'au?a a**?# IT traja1 muifeto rafaranert rwjnlriM N'n U WRiT XIKTH RTRK1TT, lf?AR firm kT*. rna ' H ioa .n ana* ?r wb?i> It. .. . ta fulla * ? a i net Aral vlaa* bouw. ?w?7 aurata* I?4. \m r? r.? i TWkKTrrrb utrrkt, it :?r t r? Y > ><h ?ran.ia. aamwl Amr fr-m Ilr*m?! *f |a%> k ? IllfllilW tr a'llta nr air. <!? UilAMf it ?>' a-*l? *aiIl>l b-r???l ar ii.?nr?illlWi.M "I'h . a v#S|? a * i;aa*i *r? < !?m b" ?#. k" 'araarra i at ti?a*a#. * k\r f n m n RXT-'r.P i:n.'V? 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DOORS FRO* "" O fur embed Bcj.t.i U) let to Aia*to A- KlIlNin, with r * illicit Hoar<J r. i o F.dOHT' R sTRKKf.?to r.'T, KvnjfisnieoRoo**, \S * uh nook ; if atnvea at Hi M per wei k; single R./oros or ??i> ituM at 11 2'j, giia. water. .?& Keiv arrr.un-uncut for ; I- ( k .'keeping; to i ut very low to roapecta lie (a lice owiy \ 9fi ft* ** HTRSKT.-FUKNP'HBD rooms to I.ET ?oO to gentlemen only; rooms ul S3 to $3 fur wetk; buuee Kp. a Aiia yard. traa. Ac., and la very 'iutet T 1J TflTFI.TIT STREET?POARD-TO ROUTII' si enters a?d others, iWlltrhtfnl mm* to let, w.ib Hoard, ? a. At WetL T wtill.h street, between fifth and hir.tb arenues. 1 Kelerencea eichaitjrt d. " 1{Z NASSAU RTRKRT, BROOKl.YN.- 1'l.KAKANT ! D 'It * Itnonta, with Board, n.ey be obtained by applying at the A at ?tamber. Dinner at 0 o'clock. mF.IORTH STREHT, TTITtFK DOORS RAST OF Broadway.?Well rnrntabed Roamg u> let with toll or part at P-oirrt, to teutl'*men or lambiee, one of the beat li#ca9 lions ui the dtf. ' i 7fi'* PROtDW.iV BE. vFEEN KTOIITH AND NINTH I I UO alreeta.?Fui. uthrd Roana to let, to gentlemen, oa arenad ,,r horse newly fun.: -bed and painted, g.a, bath; f. ' i>!e?. t Terms easy. r' "ft 7 -OADWAT.-RTKANOKRB vikitino new *' I U I k w ill find good acromnrTilaLbms at tbe above , toe. i house limn* tweu thoroughly renoiattd is now . urn to receive guests. The house is kept on the European . elan, with reRtanrr.nt rtbi. hod. Table d bote at aix o'clcrk. < Fi ^ooh and Hcaol b apoken. ' COMTBT BOARD. \ i /JOUNTRY BOARD?IN A PRIVATE FAMILY. ON THE , k , s / banks nf the Hhrewsbnry river, trn minutes' walk from Kalrhaten Inudini, and an hour's sail from the sarf. BruJuir. lwlhoc. .lehlup. Ac. Trrma $o per week. AUdraas Mr. James ^ . ft <>U. Red Hank, New Jersey. * /KKrilTRT BOARD?RRLRt'T board in a fine . ' \J farm lionsc. near tie- ISnUm river; oun or two m-rc | umiliei or ? few ir.inaietu boar .rrs will Mien, at 4b sua Id , n per wesh; children hall prire: table vers recherche. Go timl I ~ see Uie place. or apply u> JObllUA BROOKS. Est , New I * Fall,- lAndlue, Vlater county, N Y. | 11 /torNTRY BOARD, NEAR CRUOKR'R station?a V ) lew mote Boarders ran hp acpnmtnndat.ed In a pUuasaal ' n sod health? ha alton. 4wita a new of ibe Hudson river, about , f<>rty saiies from New York. luijulre at 161 ''Limbers street, r a<t.trees M. R. R , B< acoferl Puslodke, Westchester county, 4 * * fboon iNHtNTUt mitRD-100 mii.f.s from tui3 v vT city, b? ih> New lurk and Kr>a Railrond; four mticsfrnm ! j?.'; plrtlr of aitnral poods and Brst rate thhlair. rl W per , ?ol. For further pmitleulais npv'.y to k. VAN orden, 84 ! , ^ f . il<? ? reel N Y. iimmerrrhoktk. BitRONT HAlX, NEW BRIGHTON, KTATF.N ISLAND. j Hy early application a few cVure room a may l.e oh| tamed at ttua parsaaui Hotel. Boats leave Whitehall nnd pier | Bo J.. 'are 6e. k T A TorRFTTK Hf-rSB, BERtiKN point, n. J - ! * ' Id Bteamf-oala fur thw laiurltc waicnn* plane leave njor i ; N.i 3 Nmth n>?r at 7*1 and UNA M. and 310 ami 41 y P. a. tresa too* at He? Street at IONIA M. and 4 90 P M Ample a 'mmodstam fm transient i uardci s. u WKM.Itt W IlilXtiorm rly of Lafarite House), Proprietor. 1 i GRA BATM1NM AT DSAL. NEW JERSEY. ?>.' MILES ' O frnm la** Branch.-1 hs well known Koar.tlny llnnae of 4 I She ibeerilmr, fer n.,-ir yea-s kept by Yho# T. Burden, Is ! <*wa lu ia sra. The huaac is lar.-c siet siry, sr?: tin- rounds i all :d ab mdaal shade from tree, c: Uic largert g owtb; it is , esey at asweas assameis k- est frnrn the ford of Robinson i streei. Hirtkrhtr. dans in !' it Monmouth. tiuurritn* with !' h ear* lor I ore I ranch and froo then a by al?*? lo Da*l. -<urmauoa at ply to bt'oTT, W1SNER A OO . Na 112 Fi ri atrcet <* u- 'eaa .he prvprh-tur, tViu. Hathaway 1m. ttraarh peat < * a ~r Iffi: IRWv HtiTfcl Far rot icawat. u i.. ib I 1 aww <R-ea f??r 'hp rece-vnep nf bovMera i? the mo-1 ,-ea- ' ' ssat a it. a* A a-bte t v ra'Jm>d to Jamah a, from ilicnce ! I hr ? -te*. * - i -usl Ciee* ! ?P from pier Nad North i [ lb e? at Pt"-1 t * ?l II AFX HHKNN AN. PfO|,rli |nr. J r ' llTorms* h.-pta .f ht-jh kridoe ?this bkap- i I j TV l awi pleaseut refr? ,t Will attra. ta muk-;iuUa ot the I iMPrnttm #y t e-rrt ?ti?rnooa. a aeica el now nf the I bridse h raia< >s f mm Fe. k >':p and fnth "-tree;, and I bind , , a*.I m ? a -rmae .. a. -art a: !U-?n.: i .'.i? k i , l?Wrr aie- r b nr, 1st- n yli tare Li tenta oti v. ) I 1 * < CTTIN V j 11 eamboath. j , thAT l?-AT FOR Rflt rt 1ST. vtRBI RI3 AND I IBf ? rk?:; *! A 1.1 kl A ?nj If.TP 'AT , i mm* p?f* v W k-tekin# at TV-m-s auaat jW. , , tl r .|LtM.W al I r v .; Pouf'.:k*? i?ir M ! '. r M ?< to th? city ?'a "' f. V. (* : "ufar* for Al> mf Tun ?? .< ** or ?i y r-m. ?*? a*n Mlf 'u?w?icf ?l f :>ww> II a?? r*A >rra-t traa. F>* mtWWAU. n* A*D ATTX* aTTP.OAT. 11TH mm. lA? mmmtr ALIO A vOi mud at Cornwall on t?U i ] W>r A3 J afcd Awwawitf.t trty . , ?*? XKWAM AXD M'.IQKX Fonrr-ITI JTKW, 1 ??-1 alaraai taamSm T1*o* A* * It vT !< <>*? u?"f * Kant nnw Km at Day r -at M ?? >, a. M nail ? ; l?. K.. aa 'jr . tna'aAa* na4t.? Fara a kr**, k, U twnte; Xar?tB | r&?A, H ran? j orxoAT ooat mm lack, lakj>i*o ! , Q M I <111 IBM m?nMLIMMa ui ttnA'i rr-ry M , <*uH. fM?i al, w< track. .v no ?>w Nik iq (raw Lab A' aata. TL waaiWfcL lATKLtTrit. Iimk*1. wll. .aaaa Jan 7 rMt, W -iH Ihwl wr? aa*v Bkcct 'n*. M I , arf<w?, Jay rraat, W7?., at t ortar* itak'na at t Anau^.rr aaA I .air 4AW . nnk twl w;. I jfifvoif m at rot TL'T r*-tvr i">Lr? iiitiyo i ?3 rtnn" aa-i InrtUI?r? r? *1 rati#. r*r u?ua unfcat* f . H n? KIM' tlrtftT l?>*i akr M <7T?r tract I aba* m tk?k -Wr a*. Tivrt - n -aata. trttj A . k. ?l . .attltay at V <.krr? Tlaatiuf*. fcu'! a ' ant it rrifaa At# anl U? rTwraw r? .rn.. a Naa ? li.Ltr V or>Pir ?.?A: ct'i-Krrotr avd i-trta ! , U laa's ?i tV.a*. i w t. K ? ?!! *. w i Va T ' .a '!! a I MB T..y ??.au*. ifnn' I.J< k l\ll fc' ' t'tKaii ( , .?ta t"'! ? Mil .< ?'c, vt. j pyra r-prl ?? ??.. ar v >. t at ? a. i * K- , va J k-?r?? Kat | ?0 at 4 o't -A fart t rmA rt?u*< tn C>r>VT"4>,^AT niyrtw> *1 ?'<T.A* * *Tf, < ? WwrMffi, ?. I i i n? itr Wriltf <nr< for P-pT'.rT-*. P.ot *r . on iu , p ??T, ik> IktlM ? tt * , (in* iM t?4 of OllTM Mum. t*M?r I.TT- I J.?? ?4f ? < ? ? ?PORTI?6. K?<)i m*i \ nrrT r<>* *ai.m?*i*u ?!/> >*, Mr NrMr*r ? ?pr* ? ? To? l?l 4'*. for part. r. .?r?.?. '* ?/ 1 V fc... rtH'llinV , , I, . , - i r riu*? i? *rr** jro ? rwrm fi.rp, m? th* | r F ta-rooif ?m' t .olrm oniii of [w-.. >a i . mm 4 . HVtU n ? touUfco > uc? ? i t tM fi?% h.w-riflB*or ? t r?.i'*i? ?*- A' v?'rifw ?rau>. j ! IjVR ?AlJ - A r *1 .af\l TVtTT. or ^ TfVt i r ' '? Af1!.''Hi "? l> :S? boat hm?,? S4?in, , corn"* IM'THKI f.>- nnffcrT. pf tl -t .*? ?Jk* orwe ' ? '.m ?w ?? I rm -iw I afc *i? t?" i ? at. r-ti ?T tpia.p4iii>bo u brr up uu t? , csf?o. ' F'*'l*.. * . * ' 11 ' " Cap T? W1 b> i 3 .1 ?? P HfcAJt!1 ,.|i, lUI-KTf.M.. A.'.ATtA- , l|i? t'TH . J ' voi MAi r-ffiit i t , * riArMi w Mi I F A>T. 4 prr*. I . J '1 - ? ' i2 frr* ' it n. If um Mop. I ? irr*i.p .i r'? < orrtli '?<' - ri< i.lj ,? ronftopd i,? o; \g g?r ip.-M m ? , r . m *"lr<P ' IK.:; w bl lbl?lk- T mi p*r**Uvm> u Ull ..OATV 1 ful '?*! ?4r . M?Mf ' a <m <Mk of anMtwt "-'.fi. ' 4oM 11..'" if ?pi?i '!? ' .11 tOr'f'T. ; >! w.l', PTf ..n ? ' , !*? ' ? ' * ?r< ' C 1 .p.* ' A^fij -t Mil J. K "fcK>, Ui i.r..n4 HP*.. O'M. 't" si?l? i?, .'if , UR "TTt V "li fi IVIA ~ ~i: I ,f | aa< p ? ?u* * ? . a, . T ? , . * '...? , 81* ' fp * ?* ' t?ti 'Mr # \ to Rr I' A'. . r I Tot!? H' I iMMp r> I. f f..?r - e - n'; i rti'T ~ti. : i r~ . r ~ 1 < * ?i. n \ *.: - U I : . 4 ' rAtarr**'"" ""?*" ?' , a ,*T. 4filir?? I'll.* Ira"*' '" ?? p ;.? ill . t* \n ur? \m? jv.w , ?.j ' . CiAiirofMv iif^ . rvno.A.f / fiM rn ?i t l VV^i,w ?, ? i# -|i . /Bra t, hi * \ f? ?-? * % f A^MffOVfr * ? ?ir' c f?ctKjrr , Miri! ^ > S *n4 7 *\ m*? 9mm *'nl ('iM JfHi *.*? wtutj, m m\ f ' #.?? ???*? >* ?. 1*4 ! id ? ->l? M?u.' afitort*.. Ui>? A-IHl ^ ? *.? ?V"<f'V* , ,k y f..v \ ? ? <*# W4 it* <?r ?t ? ? -?o M >? r i?r to* k>) W ilo-a. I* JLm ?i- MO' o*tn. 4.V tj,?; ? ?i *? |< *" ??-. - W u*' (?? , * a# *r Wr * ?<t4* "? - ' to. Mk4 i#*" *, r?if *h4 l"o n?*f"o'<i ra ato > r .? >! ? iWi *"r#!'* *?*iy 4**ttoi * **- < * *a#<#* a* nil' wri ?* ? to*< ? ? ?* ' ?* "oi > V -to-4 'w vfeo # ro# >w< o wr auato ? 'uril .Ha ** ? * * **' -i *??. a * . ? -t Vaa oo<k * . I II . ? .< +n' ra 0#* -# >* ??? * ? oar a* ?- . , * n>? F i?Ma# .? f*i? <irr<?r<M?y?irr im < w ? * riiiyf?.< *'n < .. *4 0 0 I am?ioi .? . r * ui ' r f*j!, t'r #. o- M4 a**u ? o% l " ^|'P * i* t * y i r - i?l *?# o*4 atoaH tor . ?h i o*?a Ro> -m * *?o tmma ?- r..r # . ?o -%a?4m% ni .1 lti^4MllMK ' J I1>II>I|'(4,T ' o, MAOAtir * ?r ? r#? I.?*T . . ii . P^PI s? ' wm?4 m* - . v<? I ? < m K/Oo * M #* ?? #*. * #i??<a- t aran* i * >??4fe ?m io- io } ' ?- l< 4 I N' ? in *'1 <ru? ' <r?" li < ,M?kU*i"o<r<ir < -w i -m ?o *r 1ST ?n', 4 ? m 444 or ho r.'<4 oil # rot... lo>l4l?t'lM4 0WIMan? *0 ?to Ml 4 Ito w / ' ? W.fa fir h ototo 4"*V ??? ## f I ?lfc . ' #1*# to a ?a ' ol ? T? no- ?o IM4 l? i* on 0 aac LaAoabH mm-- ?o?- li KKAD mn iM*' ? v t<9 A"! 4 .iyvitrr <kn tooJalto "art" 0 a m * -a- a fit# ui ?** > 0*r to"*' ?m win'. * it > >4. tvv a* aoo" . ? t*o 04.- , rofi < oa roMHC ooor* w? 4> toot *? ?k'.i oo? m . lain r vHi' fcm. S. ani'i aW l'?v " a ? i 1*4' 1 ? iM Wnoio*! Mm* 'WO a- irar ?,} ?#r 0??w *10 Ifca go- If I 441, A'.l H Jt ao I o mat ? "? Hi r-4 ' I w *f! i om ? i. . j , rsavoa I -aro iVnaTy** 411*1 * .4 MawiuwmMr. ?H4 n?. f # abla ?ij filar- a." on ? ma M ** rao# v > A ? * IWU }*o' to I ?.'.?t o # ?< *. n??l " 1 yp o-Tir-r, \?-v? * # M r.? ? 1', /*SI ri ,t 1 ol'a Wa nr.V-rm /foi.-a, ao* #0 *r. , *.hnato. ,'|??|N *%*? ?aa W ?Sii?o? i?? * 1- ,, o> ir'aoa *> 00'; ha # toA a #* HorsF.s, booms, r -i r. A PAR IVr M~ r<? I PI - MTUi! ? I o Ks pmrMinx: xlcr w>l CW ii W) w*ir. Ar ; hi'-ao i i .. .t . '-<. ? - i * ? . u-upBL- order. wUi be it.l b, . .iltrio * sad paalrisii, in devrr.*>> tn> ...'s: r*ot nn jcr. Api. ? the premier* IV. iR u>t I'll Fflftf flret Hr*f. b- ! ?-rn ? rood arid Tbii I T?ni>r? fro... in tit m to dr ' ' HL'VIIAJI, M/J Second svoiie, irno 7 too A. '1 sod 4 bA?T ONK DPSIR'.!"* Or LKlTSO TO A *> " SlM* trau* ? flrst .-Icm neb rlmm i? fn \ r t II. b'lweeu FourteeDlh and Tw?-Ut ?f?i rtrostk .el brio* fifth ?n< Sirth nvmnev r?ot f I Utt n<w> i o la October), will addrooo r?. A.. tai 1? llsratd ?. A shop to ri'i: ' i-i-ond fi a. r Shop. lafirout, w?Uliafci- No. 171 Oiwooe .jert. iwftii hiwclt'.r and lluu?'...a ?.retts, 2u id. ,t .? ,<g Cr?t ttoor. ' Afrrnispkvv p\?uir, or a suit ?" ? ttv.rp 1 Hronkhrn. Dear Wall ?tie*t 1'Orry 1olrt;.*bn , - in* m . I |j? ?(.or?d; bcire Mr, iir?t rlaao. saa, Iwielruri. il, . t, I required. Addreeo K C., ? ? ,">iWi P.wtotoce, N V AfOl'F r>TORY, PRICK, HIGH STOOP 1IO"R* 1 let?*?r> Brooklyn UeUtbtt, 11 ""'.no it fine . nl?r, mode ksproeenienls; row vacant; Ko. 92 Colombia wtr*et; key at door. Year!/ rent hat ktnslirmf.r k CO., S*d r? iHfc ayeni* Ft RN'IfiHKP nOt'fK TO LET IN UROOKI.TW - A MR/* three st.,ry mtrole rot; t e'.llns. contain ins nil die n dern liiiLrOTtnianta, to i cut. Is fully furnished. The lar tare will he Rold at i grest bnrgr'n: wai "Titd-- U? rrder March last. PuswMirn girrs at once. Apply to Mr uy 48 Park place, Mew York. , JJICRNISTIKD HOUSE -TO l.KT. A SMALL Tint's* < 1 Leiiufon avenue, nicely furnished; rent a jr<\ lao. an uullfurished house, win si able, on M irr.i j lltll; una diate possession can be had Apply in W. If. LL'dH. 2C2 Fcjrth irenm TTTRNIHUEP HOI SB TO LET.-MODERN BROW " stone, three story and basement, gas, hot vod cold wv 0 third f.tory. Pleasantly situated between Eigluh ?ad NUuS nvrnues, below Twentieth street. Occupied t j the ewn't K>* preferred the furniture will be Sold. Address A P., Hen i dliue. OR A HOB, mCW JSRRKY?RTXTT COUNTRY Pit All ylHase Residences Parma end Villa Files, a great ear ty, beautiinlly aituated, one hoar from Cortta >rtt street, t lent and for sale by HKMRT B. BLACK WELL. 60 Wlllii *?w Tork. ckw S to 11 . M.;Maui Mreet, Oram i toi r. a. Rooms to large and well lioht> Parlor*, on flrat floor, In honse 41 Hudson ?tr?-ei; will altered into a store for n good tenant: alar one atuo Roe Apply to T. M. ROOM AM. MeuvpoUtan Bank. Krcauway, ct uer or Pine street, or to WM. LOVKLL. 40 Hodscn street. STABLE TO LET.-TOE BRICK STABLE 45 THOM I street: has stalls for ti?ht heraes, and has lust beea rot { perfeet order. Apply to T. M. RODMAN Me'ropr-titan Raif Broadway, comer of fine street, or to WJL LOV ELL, ii U J son streeL mO LET?ONE OF THE BEST RETAIL STORES ? JL Philadelphia, Iocs ed In the most dealt* Me part of Chest of street, No. 310, shore Third street Address A. facLmsniig Co ; cr one half of ihla store will be rented. T TO LRT-THB HANDSOMR DWELLING HOP**, WIT all the modern Unprorrmcntn No 151 East Thirty seoo 7 street, between Broona and Third a renins; can be seen t| whole day. Enquire of LiCHlENriTKIN, dW Cecal atfot* Reul WOU per annum. I I r LET?IV If EDI A TB FOStJBWIOM GIVEN, A riT nlalii'd House, oontalntns alt the uiod"m Impioveinei.tal a first .bias neighborhood. Thirty fifth street between Foui, and I.vxinct"n avenues. Will h>~ rented lew to a food tenai Anply to T. B. HALL. 406 Broadway. i rpo LET-STORK *48 R BOO ME STREET, BUITABLE PC X a wholesale or retail f an-v bust nose?a good 'ion, belt I Ouly 126 feet west of Broadway?at a moderv.-rent A, ply to 0 AI.KN TERRY, on the premises, cr at Ul Weit Port link atreeL i rpO LET-A NICE COTTAGE. wo PER MONTH; GOO 1 tlie, healthfully and eonrenlently situated, at easy ai nesraccrit to the New York ferries. Also, that mng thn story Hour 111 Weat Broad war. #55 per month: immeciate pi session given. Applv ?t William street, roues No. 1. { < To LET-PART OF A STORE IN ONE CP THE Blf locations on Brniidwar. with privilege in the show wind"' possession given immediately. For fail partlc ilare apply , the French atote, *81 Mroadway, between Ninth ooa Teif streets. | TO LET?Til R PR STORES, WITH EXTENSIONS, N"1 70, 7i'. and 73 East Fourteenth street. Ho 70 is miy complete tor a tire; rate aalooo: 71 ?n<l 73 are calculated ROT hind of business The location Is s good one, None no the (taera house. Also. Cut aeoo.xt tloor at the honae No. . East Fifteenth a'reet. Also, for sale, a second h..nd ( orris' L.-td Harness. made to order. Apply at No. Ti Kcst Fo 4 tec nth street. ? fPO LET-TTIE DWELLING OF HOUSE NO. It BOWER A suitable for a genteel boarding bouse or a pb\ *i ..ut. A ply at 214 East Broadway. * TO LET?TWO SHALL PARI/lRS AND EXTRRRIO J on fir .t floor. Huwment ar.d Kitchen, inaflrst class net ' borhond: eat. cold water, flower rarden; one ?r.tilin: It ii'y in boose; halls furnished. Iuqn' C7 East Twen M ninth street, or of Mr. KALI*, 335 Broadway, in snosi: store. vF rLKT?TWO LARGE AND WELL LIOITTED PA** ra ci i.rut Draw tn house No. 17 Howard -ic et, will ' at.) -cd tn'o a euro for a good tenant; rent moderate. Ap] . Slit i Amity arrest. r LET-TWO FIN* LOFT8, WITH FIRE 1.AROB C iiccs attached, on rc.tonahle terms, At 46 E.nlcp strr New York. Apply on the premises. TO LET?A FIN* SET OF LOFTE, AT ?*> PEA vert. New York. Apply at 4SFulton atre-t, New Yo rpo LET OR LEASE?THE RECORD, THIRD, FOUf, J X and fifth stories (are arranged Into several well IfgA ot'" on each fioor; of the new bathing, Al Naeaan tare tr l> Is etty; also, the Store of said house, KM feet deep, t Raaemen; < like depth; the Uaeemrnl would make a t* b'tOtcd r? m; the house h*a all the modern 'tepiuvesaei Apply to FRANCIS B\ KXK, i? Nassau street. rJ.IT OR LEASE- HANDSOME VILLA ON RA rtrer. ot-postle Central Park, with three a ires lawn s > *idea, outhouaee, Ac convenient lo oars. Re> t W 0. J i. J. SMITH k CO.. 7?Q Third nvtnus TO LET OR LK ARE?IN FOURTEENTH BTREET, I view of rnhm Park, a large four story, high coop, bro ione front Honse. newiy patr.Wd and paperaci and in perf tirdtr. K. LAWRENCE A CO, B3 F..,sl V,nuts-nth street, I'mo wpiare FT- RENT?UNTIL FIRST OP MAT. THE FRONT Af I ,rV P -"i ? of second fhior cm Broadway,between Rroo ar.t Spitng streets, suttanle for a iatlcr.Bg oe r ;i.leery at b!'? Apply in ;bs ei?pe 491 Broadway Rxn imioiifi. ~~ CHEAP FARE TO THE FIRHINO BANKS EVE Tuss-tay. Thnratar and Satoroay; la*. eeo'a each w I he Steamer Hero, t (.plain Hancy, eaves Rohtnsrn street o r' eh. street at S??. Pier No. 4. North River, ft Pr sun 9.Id. A. M-s returning by 4 P. X. Dinner, fca.t and tiehi ItCt r prnriarf. Y^ati.t uratiuoim to bookawat.-f;x* ppoi x' fnr Mn* fl?k ar.1 ah-crab***! ? Ttw lUw h * tmnp airair.?r CK.HPP (apuio Wakrr (iinity, will '< .-.?# ( i. in r dally, a: fji oVJwt bpnug ?uI ?t 9, aral p Ktv 4 Vnrlb n**r ai ?' ir.ltrr** p*? t, for Nr.. away, ao piu? ?l lit* i** Hbl* H"?ia* aay r-virt > po;.T/i.'K unn J.KAYl TO IkVORIf T1 IJ |?U> K <UiU tf to r.U 10 b? fuuaJ at ll.n nl.l ?r.< Wk.,wt*n. whore h# *r"t P* mnat happy to ** tna (r1?.n?ti * attar* wan nor i tura wu* a rail. TWrjp-l rmuanlaa a r urd-.T J.* (unutiird u u?'ul. A band < f tr. .r. . .'or itao i rrcrr pira'aa* <ky Tr r? boata !-?< ? tie (Vmt ?i" K-i-j wcr *tre*t rrrrt Mi*, o aiu'.ira t p n f(.v, -T'" VW A*r? or? njn , jL atrw**r r'U't Hl>. ..ia nuia *?o?<?bn>a m :"isad ' . II. t . F V S : f l*ii* 5'nfnl. t<r*r* K: akin* ' . u>i IP k <- ' >*w h-rk. frrnn ? m Mar . mri. a. t A M- and < P If.. oailitif -a..h w.tjr at T*| r.- 'v. t . wv v. sriptl HOPMVl IVt P4UOM TO TUP ' UOl.Kl! { . 1 ' i.l. ?' ^ f m V> ta I '.d-i* iluika, i>. a t 1.1. \mU. .*?' ..? ' itndj. .1 P > ' , 2 -k pr* ' lf ( ,rnt?b i ''i<* and * * >i?iiia r? i k* h?4 <*, nl. Tr ?_ v. altku ii < :. conoN Tp^pr" fi'- AM. T.' ' > ? . . V - n . TON P 1- TAr*?i'\?'Prw 1 1r" "" > <k? w. Itwvi 17 i 1P, a. S.I. .1 t Nr. I .:. I I >1 . I a M:i r^\f4. 74 i"*i . ? . i'|. ? T p * all*** >. u?t rti* m* i Th . . i .. ,i .'Nit I ? m. I ? I-'*- fori*' p:~u? * H"? i| ? ,' I ? ? ? <1, W! , i , i . I ?> .. ' i n t?. kl l >.. ? r * .. i "*r N . * Mi r a. \ t. ? II t.'.LK 1. ? . r r":toi f1' * M-, - 111 ? . k , ,,tW> . .. * , I '?. : .< 7. N rfl?. ' ?' *' ' , I ' .? ' ? v > m M ' >? :?if? I, ? I-K" " * ' C" "t IO\ . ' .tni< 1 .. . <(. I ? It A f I' . 1 . V < !. ?? m f <" Mm <2f?r ??' r ? H \i>*. \ M T' lilt k?IM,k IAK ll'M. ?! ' MSN-. > a r ... * V ' I.* ' Ml i* f * ' .* ? > ? ifc ? . *11 ? i ? ?. ?t . ? if*.'' , , v I k- . ? u Wl_ 4. i. I . ? I .1 W ' i t* M , , ? >' \ * * nil' * ' ? M . ??| ir ' .?*>. . > r.?ji ?. * I I'roi r ? ? , ,(M *i ' . M < I" n ?*< ? >?>? r aHM M MlptMMi" k '* ' 1 l *..?- Ill fell -"t-w v '' "V *"?" *'? ""1* ? rTl . . . . , TI?. < - ' f ?rTL*~U? ?M >?" ' ' , . ii, r * " ' ' '-.I* ? " !..*?? '

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