Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 12, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 12, 1860 Page 2
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2 f' tense. Uj army aul tay fleet have in thrm of a tlircatsau-g character. St Uearn nary u earn far /run heing ad-rjioU- (u our revswwcofs, and l^r nombtr <f Steamm dots nut i.--arly equal that of sailing skips lee"ted MMtary in the tine if King Louts I'kdlxppe. I have 440,000 men andor arm*. tut deduct from this amnuut 00,000 ta Algeria, 0,000 at Rome, 0.000 in CUma, 00 000 gendarmes, the sick, and the new conscripts, aud y.iu will Me?what ta the truth?that my regiments *rof smaller effective strength than during the pro ceding rcigu The only additiou to the army list 1 't beoa made by the creation of the Imports) Guard M oyer, wblie wishing for peace. I desire also to orgsues the force* of the country on the best possiole footiug, for, If foreigners have only seen the bright side of the I ml War, I uoysc.f. close at hand, hare witnessed the defects, , and I wish to remedy them. Having said thus much, I have, aince VtUafrauca, neither done, nor even thought, anything which could alarm any one. When Larelstto i started for Constantinople, the instructions which I give htm wore confined to this?"I'ec every effort to maintain the Statu ' quo. tke interest </ France u t\at Turkey should live as long as possible." Now, then, occur the ma-sucres in fyrta, and it ia as sorted that I am very glad to had a new occasion of making a little war, or ot playing a new part. Really, people gtre me credit for very little oommon sense. If I instantly proposed an expedition, it waa because my feci Lop* wore those of the people which has pat me at u? i bead, and the intelligence from Syria transported me with ' indtgualioa. My first thought, nevertheless, wa=to come I to au understanding with England. What other interest than that ot humanity could induce me to semi troops into that oountry T Could It he that the possession of it would my otiougiu r Cu I cvuccal from myself that Algeria, aotwithstanding its future advantage*, is i a source of weakness to France, which for thirty years Las devoted to H the purest of its blood and Its gold ? ] said it In 1862 at Bordeaux, and my opinion is still the samo?/ Aatv great c inquests to mik-, but only in France Her interior organization, her m>r-at deoslop-ment, Che increef her resourees, have still imineme progress to snake. Ihre a/eld exists vast e oughfor my ambition aid wvficient to satitfy it. It was difficult for me to come to an understanding with luigUnd oil the subject of Central Italy, because I was hound by the peace of Villaflranca. As to Southern Jtaty, lam free from engagements, and 1 ask no better thar. a concert with F'igland am this point as ot others, hot, In Heaven':- i.ame, let the eminent men who are placed at the head of the English government lay aside petty jealousies and unjust mistrusts. let us understand one another in good faith, like honest mou as we are. and not like thieves who desire to cheat each other. To sum up, this Is my innermost thought. I desire that Italy should obtain peace, no matter hew. hut without foreign Intervention, and that my troops should he able to quit Home without compromising the security of the Pope. I could very much wish not to be obliged to undertake the Syrian expedition, and, iu any case, nut to undertake it aloue: firstly, because It will be a great expense, an d, secondly, because I fear that this intervention may involve the Eastern question; but. on the otb-r band, I do not see how to resist public opinion in my country, which will never understand that we can lesve innumshed. nut ofllv the massacre of Christians, hut the burning of oui consulates, the insu't to our flag, ami the pillage of the monasteries which were under our protect ton. 1 have told you all, 1 think, without disguising or omitting M ike what use you may think aivtaabie of my letter. Believe in my a.i.cere friendship. NAl'Ol.EON. OPINION-' OP TUK PRfcsd, [troiu the l/>tuion Times, Aug ut. 1.] The Emperor's letter, which will be r>uti-1 n another column. wl'l he rend with lutcreet by all?w ith satisfaction by those w ho cm forget the logic of farts. The style U the full Roman hand familiar to the man who has woo an empire, who has more recently annexed two province, and is master of a hundred legions. With the argument of success nothing U -.o easy as -elf jogtilicali in. It must be obwrvrd, however, that it is no excuse for the annexation of Savoy and Nice that it waa coudUional on Tuscany and the thii hies declaring for 1'ietim .int. A steam navy may be far above the real wants of a nation, and yet be far short o! the previous netrber of Railing vessels. Imnce may have only 400 000 meu actually "under arms " b-t when, for our own security, we measure u-a:ual on j, it is necessary to ia*<- into account the 'mmrore add t.on she ran make within a single fort- I night's notice But why are all these loptes to be brought up, w ko we are only isv. ted to a common policy Is the lihur* of Southern Italy and the East Certainly, there . ia a rase for interference of some sort o ria, and. as neither the Br tirh Parliament nor the Bi itiah proas have givee the least countenance to the auspicious and rumors which are r-irrent respecting the origin of ib? civil war, the prviudlr* agaiuat which the Emperor teems to defend French diplomacy >u the Foal. They m*y or may cot btrr cojlrbuiud to u.a j.rvt '.it deplorable resulta, and he mna-vj-icot appeal for European intervention, but i orl.?li atatrnmeu and writers bare exyroesed no opinion on that questiou. We are. however, glad of any occ.iatoa wh eh tiaa elicited the profession of surli friendly sentiments, and trt at that they m.iy Pirealiadow a poller under ahirh w>- may eotoy peace w tbout briny compelled any longer to support all the burd n? of war Franrr. I'asm, July i*:?. lt?o Tbe V . t,- r pob.wboa a dem-e audinnui.og the number o( the ojlccra of the genera1 atafl frotn 3M to SSO The fa. t* rorrrspundrnt to the fondue Tim -i tty* ? It ia not certain that the repreaoutativea .?r th? Powers who ou the Syrian intervention will ttui.'U lb ir wilt to mw-ow (Tie* lay.) There stem* to be a wiah on the part of aome to tears aa much time at possible to the 'tote for the suppress ion of tho a trochlea in Syria aud the tbaatiaemeul of the |e?rp drat ira, without oalnng for foreign irterrrntioo lu the ni ar.tiir.e Trail?-' .* hurrying on her preparation* forth' esi<editlpo A iuWr.pti >n l?l baa bee a epem-1 at J'ar: an 1 the denartot'nu for t is betxflt of the Iti rat .at s <?l cyrt.i wno h?ve sirrn -d the in*, ea II It ia raj*-. I'd that ab"Ul 100 CO' an ti m.y bs for warded to Syrlt duriny the pfa'tit w?e* Toe correspondent u| the I.U rn g/' > -iyi Tbe al' ot Italy a< n. ti ever .in i tiarihalil will not bsten to th -; i-i >?it i f K nau i? a HHer-dWIslid by Fraaw. and cabm, en the coners' to abstain from any iiltaok ns the c< ntm-r?al domloior.t The of M onlay -X| "??<< hop" i tba' His Convent<no in reference to -|? *,11" r '?) IV Undo* Bee rme.piilMt ? ????Tl pu' w ' * was a period o'anvi'ty and alarm la tbe r oraeruil itid ?ln am 1^1 world. "Hie last advices from th mtni'Vl ir itg ti t.i? nd it" aome improvement Tbe apiwrraiM" sf tbe wtieal crop hi* ihrrore l within the taal m ith There waa a furtlier dec! ne ni pri.' -a in (be Ians P?rr market Inst week The prices of wines rsma ti nra Italy. ?"i miirvi-s, July 'Jfl. 1H60 Tbe .Aseont'Of today aay* ?<iarlnl.ll lust...en Me la. -oaal entered The Irr.ijw -t I . j,.y Ibi t.ian lb. i.k .i?'. u.i~ i"H .r i ?*? <, Jjly 2" 1*50 The M? <|LUt d" I* (irte* ? < intra#:.' ! v.ib . i* tin hioo of frapMing to > ranee M hayiaad lory iImu.J dlreel n Knar hand Fnyl <h II 11 to cr -'"ft (o'nofit and Nap'ea, < order to prerent any tanoh y of (.v i? dMM The frvach frirerniorut ago* to the Mu'ti.a .if a ent to thia proposal. lo order to ebta'a itie a t lira "? of Kef and. the Marqml |ifx* oe4#d to i'an. J..Q au-l bu (jpporlcO ojr U"Mt iVr t or la plar.ny b.? demau.; UOf irr I 'pi J . a ll i - til Tho-renrl a mi trai.crnitti-I a arte to I ">rd G>v ley. *l ttlnf thai t rance waa read* to eaapfc y a. u? ?w?ry m -rut fur i'fever it r< (.arilieidi'a UotiiOK <?a the rat.d tea I .Sever Utelfoe, I*>rd J Ri.tvell urclisod U atbredc to t.i? pp [? al of the Mar <! > 'a t ree*, on b oo m of the prtr pie of new Intervention wbtrh Kb* land oea -ee to n??tn?' I' i to yeaurda> . the Turkith am' .?-?.!?r at far id lit! i.t elated to M TbuuTcac! that being * .iboat aii) io<" . t r .?n the IS.rte, he e | io no w.iy tike pert r 1 coalhrener ralatiTt Ve Kup.praa intervention in *yi a tb in id VcUfdiy (JinttiPlny' 'Wily, a 1 1* * , th-> Tit; k i'i A inborn arte- received hi? Initmnlhia*, tV'k wrr 'a ntrdtdlely romirunleaio ' by hint to M lb leetant, ?hu thereupon convoked a wtouu co, n?t?ge i* M nidey MartM (via i, r , I i't ,'i. H*9 Tbe Commander t'larelli h*a ;>f"(Ti red to dlahaid :! fore if n troopa. Serine via Kara ..?< J i?> H ivb) Tb-- y<d*l .unreal tt adeii'? \ j* ,-rrt at the hoatite Ifpftr n? mad.. ? y wii'l,. I -e ?. t one are tieny etrried on for tbe .Inimn of tb? p -o ting nM*tMMi at lbria. i"ar u m.t Loo* .ii, ? I amaiikoi : .nf Uiat the Kedooiitan y ernment ha t g.> ( tor the eve" at ton of Ftelly ?y the eoya! t" -i- m or . ? t? avoid the rhe i.t.rf oi 1 -alt*o blood toe tame .iirnal repeau that an aiiiauon bvtaeei . vim t and Na, a oeeeesary fhe th" we t re ol fta'.y Fifteen rh'amen of the roval* fleet *ve Nai1 i.?r rhcili An ord.nanc tiaa been pihliahod hy toe . . t , . | life ayalnet abuse# nf the liberty ' the .. ? peraona betoeriny to the ronrt have bee ro?a refumea have raluraed lo Xapldd, (irneral l"kM and .^ijnor Hav alt palitiaa are to be iene?e<l on the 8t: w Mn i i I Trna^ollhly hat aoi be-n .tiatnrhe a Man . a< d i. f IVe Kioa l.nt acre, ted the reatynaiK , V 1 I PAnt^vilta. the Neapolitan Ambaaaacsr '< i % n be repter>-e by Vatmfaer t. Mai* .?,i 'J.lsdO A mltitar* e.mvrntK>n hat l?e.-u e-.o. l ei d h> we?n rfbnldl and uetieral tfary. The S'eap >iitan? are to r mawi a pceaeastoii <4 the porta of flyra. ?e. vg .? ? a. i j Meaa.oa, and to bare l.berty of ae ee? lo ail part* fthme j town" Tlie nladel of Mea-taa will n. i Are .? the t .wn The Oar I bald tan . ilor* take rqii! nna with t> tn poMtan day Tbe na\ iration of tb>- su ?H >1 M*w.? to be free Maria* (via oen), J ity 30. !*d<t Tbeelfr hot aellaf'W prec.i' - :n ifi" pro v aeeo it M ramire.1 tbot the roval iro t?? ?'? %s .-it ie 1 evacuate the rltn lal of Meeaina. Toe faua I "a<-i <i)i la ecmaeaoeoce of tb-'Convent i??. it I * -i-iari baldi and Oarv there irlfl be * r??a?al- >n 01 Vwt.lttiaa In , i ha mtaa I v ? Torlnl, .fnty 2t < The Orvtoeai Committer* wt'l n't enter o|io i U4Mi uttt.i Ma* bait ut AoC'Uii BuM9 i Row* (VIA MamMii.w) Jul/tl, Mfi# ' Tho I'ope bM doodad upon not >|uiWU.g Room. Bibe , bare Imt posted up ttauouzj: :mg the approaching out . break of * revolution . j Guot, JU T V), lttdO I News rtciu red here fuily cooflran tho eolry of UaribaUi into The Battle of TIm- government oi the I>iclator bar ibald. iu? Caused in- <*o foilowuig bulletins to be published: ? Ntnuait C*?r Of Hm , Jul/ 20 I860 11. - morning, at sis o'clock, an eichange of musket . I.. . : ... place, it was thought at first to be an outpost, bm .1 ioou ^ccamc a general action. The royallsta hat a < i y, on our mile there was none Tho strug-le was tin >.e, tho royalists being under cover, while our men Hi'iv tlghluig iu the open. At one moment the position appeared difficult, but at the magic name of UartbaUli our men rushed on like Hons and carried the position, and at twenty-five minutes past three our troops entered MoLr/zo, after oapturing five pieces of artihery throe of which were taken in the actum ouUidc the wails, and the two other* at the entrance. The \ elrce steamer cannonaded the fort, where the royallsta shut themselves la, constantly pursued by the bayonet; tney were crowded there as in a barrel ot anrhovies Our men thou took tbe first gate of the fort and a bastion, and our 0 ig is floating over one tower. We have a heavy lose to deplore; that of the royalists Is enormous. The surrender of the fort and the entire column Is considered certain. A reinforcement, with riHee cannon, has this instant arrived for us. The soldiers of ?padafora are retiring upon beano Jc v 21, 1W0 Yeeterday, at six A If., the battle commerced at Me lazzo, and was not over before eight 1'. M. The battle , was terrible. There was flg'iting along the whole line. There was a great carnage of tho Bourbontsts. who fought much obstinacy, to that It became necessary to gain Eround foot by fool under a shower of grape. Thi field of attle, covered with the dead bodies of the enemy, aaa with baggage ol every kind aud five guns, was at last conquered, amid criee of "Long live llalj "Long live OarihaMIt" Our young mm vie! iu enthusiasm wtli the brave men of Garibaldi's legion. which was the first in the combat and the Oral to charge with the bayonet, to storm Mola/zo, and also seize the lirot and MOQOd redoubt of the fortress, still pressing the Oourbouista close with the bayonet. Our loss lias not been excessive. The legion of Garibald i has had a few of its men wounded, our young men have also suffered very little, but the loss of the continental aoldier8 has been considerable. Kuorraous loss, enormous damage has been inilicted upon the enemy, who iu dying was driven luto the redoubts, and from them into the rest of the fortress. He was pursued thither, and the water conduits wore cut oil. This morning, the Slit, the Bosco presented himself to the Dictator, aud requested leave to quit with the honors of war. *'No." replied (.arlbaldi, "you shall leave disarmed, it you please." V'abrev. i and lnterdouato have march "1 to Gesso, by order of the (leneral.eaitoo. The enemy occupy m-f tint position withdrew Immediately to Messina The Dictator, iu a cavalry engagement at Melazzo,cut o 1 with a blow of his sabre the sword arm of the major of the Neapolitan corps thai was pursuing him. aft- r w hich the Neapolitan cavalry were dispersed and destroy cd?a just pum.-hrni ut of their fratricidal obstinacy. 1 ?ODg live Italy! Long livo Victor Kmanuel The following is an oitract I rum a letter written at Mclazzo on July ill, by a votuutocr from Turin to a rota tion.? Tills time it was not heat of sun alone, but beat of oaunon. If.-sco came out from Itelnzzo to attach us, but as one of his balUhous showed sign of iosuhordinatiou, lie returmd and picked out his men, to whom be added the Swiss and Germans sent to him from Mcsruia M'dici bore the brunt of the action; then Co. enz came up to his help, and the engagement became turious. Our generals exposed tin mselvo* loo ronrli. and bolb of thorn bad very narrow escapes. We took advantage of tbe ground to avoid the sir ep of their artillery, then rose and charged at the point of the bayonet. Wo cruxl out' Savoy," the others ultetcd differeut battle cries,aud so we encouraged one aiudher. Hut the going Ml llalMM was the hardest part of the work. There the enemy knew the I locality, was double ottr force, and prepared. The sbirri of the province of I'alermo, many o( the very men whom Garibaldi bad saved from the fury of the people, had thrown themselves Into the hoes-* and were peppering us like tco very dovil. Garibaldi fought like a lion, but exposed himself too much, and It is a miracle he was not killed. During this assault, which lastid two whole hours, we tired very little. It wan the bayonet that gained the dav. We have lust man? of our coaradea in those accursed streets, but we glined possesion of the town after a regular tla 114;liter of the police and the royalist* as well Those police agents belured most treacherously. Ths Swiss were the last to retreat into thefhrt. Bunco has now seut a flag of truce, and atki permission to go out with Ute buaors of war. Io these actions we hare had at length the pleasure of seeing s goodly number of the NicllUn* lighting, like ourselves. in the open Qeid, snd following us msnfully when charging with the boyouet The Prrt.-f pablishes s letter from If Alexandre Dumas describing tbe engagoin- ut si Melazro, of which oe was sn eye w-tacts The following are the rxtrasts ? At dawn on the 30th all the troops were in mnrenvnt to attack the Neapolitans, who had come out of tbe fort and village of Mrlazxn, which tber occupied Uilenchln'. , commanded the left; General Medici and enssnr the cen Ire; while the right wag composed of a few companies only, intended to corer the centre and left wing from a \ surprise. Garibaldi wss in the centre, where the actum was expected to be tbe ?har|>e?l Tnc ttrtag began on the left from Die Neapolitan outpouta. concealed in a reed bed halfway between Mert and Neaxxt A quarter of aa hour later the centre attacked the Neapolitan line, and drorn It from its Orel position. The right maauwhila dislodged the Neapolitans finer some liauaee which they occupied. As the difficulties >( the rround prevented reiotorcments frcm arriving, Boeco, with 6,<K>0 men, turned upon the 6(0 or 600 who ba t driven him hack fbe latter were at drat obliged 10 retire In-fore the eui 'rior nlimbers of tbo enemy, but. when other troopa ram? up to their a'd. (bey again attacked the enemy, luauv ol whom wore at ill tooeealcd among recda and protoctni by fig trees, s<> that a J charge wltb Um* baynnet was impnsalbln Medici. wbile s<l valong at the bead of hi- men, had a horse killed under ) linn. Onsen r. was struck in the neck by a spent ball, and fill, he was for a moment mip|m>mmI to be miwtoilr w xind I e<l. but he waa only stunned, and almost inatsi.tly be was 01 bis legalism shouting - I /-w / .''u/m ttarlMMI at tbe head of the i.eoorse Carbineer* and tome guides. atb-mpt I cJ to take lli? enemy 10 (he dauk. but su VUaly came on a gun placed in the centre of the road, and wtil<*b he de. , termmed to attack. Wneu within twenty parre. thr eaonoo. Icadetl Willi grape, was fire-1 by tbe Kii g's troops. The efiect was terr-ble; only dec or si* men remains I standing. Garibaldi bad part of Ins bod and his etirrvp carried away; bis hone was alao *n< nde.1 and he was compelled l<> alight Maair Deeds .ind his kmmpeter were kd'.ed by his aide. Uieon's horse frit d.*ad under btm, da teila was left .landing unjurt in thu midst ol tbe iron storm, all lo? other, were killed or wounded. The gun which bad done all this miaohief was takeu wo hi aler. Then the Neapolitan infantry op ocd aud giev passage to a charge of titty cavalry for the porpoae of reuuiuir tuplace. Colonel Donon'c ni >o, who hud bora but little inider Arc, threw tbemaelvea |-> the a. Im of the road melcal of rrceivtoc the charge ou thatr ha. own The cavalry came like a whirlw ind. th * Sin liana Bring from both aidea. Thua aw-ailed, both right and left. (be < >nim.?idi-r ol the Noa|iolitaa cavalry atippM. an.l wanted to lorn back, but found the piaaaffe barred by t'-oeral Cartbaldi, Mieoci, Slatalla and ttre or ai* man. The General telrrd the officer a brtdla and cried out "Sue r'Uder! ' The oil war replied with a blow if lit* aahre, which ilartbaldi parried, and b> aback stroke cut the < officer 1 cheek oj??n The latter fell from his tv rac Meanwhile, three t.r Tair aabrea ?era rained aauntbt the i coeral, a lio wonudid owe of liia laaaiiaol. with a tin lint of lna tal re, while Niaori killed two otliera and the hor c( a thirJ with hia r mlvrr .-u* lei la brought down one atilugiXLiat, wlnle .mother, who aprattg at Mi win's throi*. waa killrwi lit the fourth ahot of hie revolver. While (hi* itrutritle waa draw ing to a rloae, Garibaldi rail ed hltw att< red men. ol ?rge,| with tle m aud rlthet took or killei the r et of the tiftv hotwmen Seconded by hi* centre, l.c u> ,t ebarge1 the Neapol. ans. Baratiaa* aw l bwta* w ith the bayonet The Neapolitan* lied at oocc, but the Itavaiian* anl Swiaa male* abort alanJ before tber gam war. Tinj dm .led the fat" of the day. , Hwilicrlaml. . Thi aernon of the federal A*?emblc liKa cloeod. tod , til 11, ng ai. I Irritating dla-.uaalon* on the Saroy fua?tion , ill 1..1 |i >11 1JU 19 I'lUUIn, Dl U'lf 1111 tbi* pnwart i<fCT.o\?ljr CKiferTtff on the Fodera! I OVDi tl. Tltc <lyrl*n Itniillan, I'AUt, Jul.. i?. 1440. H i* * -?N llial the ri-preaentttiraa of the Poarar* ?'U U'Ul w.'-tbar cootTa* i>o Moo lay naat, upon tba ?_ mention it at va to .atsrwutioa 10 H/fto Paw*. J-ily 2#. H*> The Van' -r fi-ibliehe* a co -eapoodaot-e front t'.>na4*?i j i i .'pir ,i'.f the Itih lint., wbirh.atataa Ikal i'md Pa- i tba. lW->re l-aeitif for Syria, <rM tba r?l)o?ing moaaajre I > tba Mtrn'ii# da ..aval, tin ? tell tUa nmbaa?*lflr tint, i at the rt?k of rot life I "hull " tab out tba upon the li in or of nor .trniy. ami uiat tba aoMfarn will a>%> 1o lltatr dot) 1l? I. i.don .tfnimi/; /'<o| baa tba foibiwtna ? Pania. Jair - ' *"? * ? f1*" nacre Imm auty to n rer -u nl I i lay, that J tba itu.ran'a gov >rani .ml l.ta air..-piad the prafviaai to . > a iM-e liittaxi foi .1 i-tarralKMi Hia ) l-mipotri ttHrtaa wttl tta. mbfe t mot roar at the ] Hotel Of i,>rei#o Affair* j I i.t I tbo t !*r.*lnr? of ii--- Conrantim * ? en oar-. .t.o* ' < ' trr*?|a will tab* pia<-?. ' fan ?. J ily to. PWO | TUa Confarriva <a tba i.T,..r< of r. t a acnlde 1 t > day. I i lain !* tl l.<r lha ... I In. - .1 I'm M il.lrr ' I ,. I. It* Altaira. In tltw ?it in* th<* Vi^ wh pi-ip**' ru ln? r?wtii>?, *hnb, aubfccl (u Ibr an^ixai u. d ? ? \ht I II'. iwf '.on i ii b) Ui* ?rf I'liTpf, mi JlriMij ' . t*ia lr?f < mf Ii 'Hart*) ii*? tail ?? >? MiU ".''wag t ?' lite I -rt ?l n I'e. t' ll V. OMi<i.r I ,?#i I r? 1*bof'Kl - . *. ir s? r.111.1 t ,1 Kill V .Im' > > I Fl . 'Dill'rilV'lt, ?. "ii r V 'i, II .1.1. ? -it, t ?VO '*<? T Ul" l*W it l?r ? . an <-i m mil it ?i . IVW i'A !?. .'uljr 31. 143 ??? A^iv * " iKlfll?l l/Wll I -WinJ" In ? Uia 'V. * rtJir * i ulatina lh? IOUIT rmilkin ia Fjrri ,i rin-i * ii tb<" fri* *"w<* of tha P.wt? alii mi ?- a pre.aly nbteioad Ih? inbiiMlnr*, m lb iifnyanca IwKyiOl day. i.*reed up* drawing up scon t'tlmn rwntaiaiac ait art loir ?. anil adopting Um> in mUik l.<*a d??ir*d by to* i"'*u? A* anon ai tli m> I m >Ji#r i t -ra ahall ha?* N?? aoprorM by lb# gmal Powira. U?n (ifi.'iri ml will reaaaambl* in .ird*T If tl?*nil?l/ *.*a th? rfib*m?K* (Par* Miar. July 31 ia Tin w. | Tba ri-yafinnuii rra ct ibc l*u ?w? mcl agt.u in lay <vi lliaj'yritn Owiaatii on. and Ilia* will pru-Mhiv marl aa?.n l< nawrow A Mini i> i <m M tngland. lrn-? *jl Kit f.A win ba !* rwilt A rerj wad-wat* a.i.aia m HiiWijyyiuiv-"!.''apawka ??f anrh ? rraniiliwi nn hihi,?i lain, Tl?* mm? a lirte contain* a 4^ffnr-t o4 Uj. ; iluy riU. fifitv i. abwb, H ??y?, la uu>iniiy r.f? ir-i Ailatnrv Hk ( mfH *i ? >4 aajra ? Orti-a iu>i?-"?..f (rr* P? inJ '*" >a Im flt'naa i tba di'af " ... ? nOmnrl pn'fef Tli1*! a. * rr I,. >i.i tut 1-m,. a! { ! .*ru a."j| a... a. \%<. d MS\T YORK HERALD. SU paxuatlc DmtiiM it arrest ltd actios They mm k> i I think we ought U> Uk? everything upos osrselvee i and Mart at oooo, without pay tog Um faaat teord to ; the rest of Europe. Once that the work *u accomplished, it would he time enough, they declare, to give explanation to the 1*0were. It ie easy to aay all thta; but if each a course had been followed three eery journals, being determine I to fiinl fault, would not have failed to call the attootloa of Europe to eueh unusual proceedings, and their pair! Otic reservations would have given everybody to under stand thai the empire had just entered upon a new war of adreolure. In the present case the programme of the Freuch government was traced out beforehand. FaitUrul to the traditions of our blitory, It was bound to assume the initiative, and it did so. Full of reapect for treaties, , snd ol dilerence for lrioudly Powers,a could not <lo otkor wise than invite their assent; it did so, and. what ilsliH , better, obtained their active go-operation. t> morrow, perhaps, the eomhlned fleets of France, England and Russia will appear on the coast of Syria, r? uly to act together in punishing a common injury. Turkey hers.'lf, henceforth admitted into the great family of E irop *\o nutes, must lorgot that she has been for ouituries the person i Heat ion of Mussulman fanaticism, for she has o iw promised to take part in the signal chaaUsemyat deuviuded by humanity and Christian civilisation. The Heetlag at TepUtai Baaua, July ?, IMO. The official Prussian GazrtU contains a leading article, of which the following is a summary:? The hopes which bsd been entertained la reference to the meeting of the two eovereigna at Topiitg have not j been disappointed. The approach to a better understand ( ing between the two cabinets has been promoted by this meeting in the manner to be deelred. This meet ins hw i brought the relative positions of the two States into a clearer light A mutual understanding ou tbe most Important questions ol European policy baa bean to and to exist, in this uni >n Herman) will had frosh guarantees for her security, and may hope that la future the importance of ber iutr rests will weigh heavier In the balance of power id Europe. Europe will by the Toplits meeting obtain (rush Guarantees for the maintenance of oubltc peace and for the respect of lb* equilibrium. The article continue* ? There Is no doubt but tbat Austria will continue in the path upon which she has cuiered,aud that eh - is rcauvel upoo follow inn up ber new policy, not only as regard* re ligiotis questions, but ali>j In reference to the difT-reut naiionslitii-s of the empire. Thus Austria will obtain ? position which will increase her strength at h >m* au l ! abroad Toe article concludes by refuting the opinion ot I those who expect froin the m eel log at Tophi* a change in the IMmil policy of Prussia, and she** such a chance to he impcssibie from the known poliry of both the ITince Regent and his ministers. tteNsrsi, July Z>, HdO Ttie King of Rsvarn leave* or IVlaJam ou a visit to the royal family of Prussia. flrotu the Lou Ion Times, August 1.) It iv rem irked by some o( the (hum in Journals that the leiort of the Military Committee of foe fust 01 the Cxi federal i u, rej.itiug the Prussian plan of reform in Ibe federal military ay stem, was pres-nted it Frankfort on tbe day the ITmce Rrg->ut of Pi ..asm met the E nperor of Austria at Toplitr. It had been believed that an un provemeot in I lie complicated and inefficient organization of the fec'i rai army wo Ud >? oue of l&o questi ?ni- d'* ctiv -d bef weou the two Power* at Toplitr Rut as the * Austrian repmeolutire at the Diet opposed the Prussian pUa. by KijtructHiDS from Vienna, the hope at any cI'ihoc" in the German military ay item is reluctantly abandoned. The accounts of the lutar view a {ree in staling that no treaty nr conomtUm <>f a y kiwi has Ivs for maltv madr Mu+rn du.drvi aud Pr;i?W; that som- ap jn'nocJi to an . derAandma as in a ovmmwi aoti ni in culm of hoAilitin may harv htm tjffctnl. but thit the meeting will have no effect on the internal t>olicy of either Slate. The OA Vn Uthr PoA says thai every question tbit does not immediately relafe to the external defence of Orraiuy must lie deft i red for some time to come. No |>olitical changes can be proposed or undertaken by the federal I Met The dissi-naiixia such relhrma would excite would tender uil union impossible, and, to secure lint unioa at the present moment, e* orything else must be sacri(iced. The Solar Kclljme. TO THk ADfTOll OK THK LONUOK VKWH. (hie of tbe grandest spectacles which nature can produoe was presented to thousands of awe struck gaxers on the 18th of July, 1860 Ou tliut memorable day, the Moon, no longer fair and silvery, Interposed herself bet w u the King of Hay and his vassal Earth; ehe had become Hecate tnf.rrmu, Urgcmina, triujn"), and bore a , sombre and s'nislcr aspect. I , From an early hour ot the morning of the 18th, several ! British savants, whom tbe enlightened Morality of the English go vera meat had sent to aau lander in themaguiflceot i.tniaiaya, might have been seen preparing their instruments for the approaching phenomenon in the garden of a much esteemed countryman ; but the cloudy sky was reflected on the r brow*?they disappointment I The weather lor Mine <1*J? proelouniy had bi>n jtlootnjr; j and nut only th<y, but the ignorant cur km*, watched , the hub with nuKioty, a? one moment he struggled firth m splendor from a rent in the driving vapors, and then & unci imbed before tlieir nbxliaiile a Ivaace Tit J li st mM (oak idare at lb. 4ftm i:(l- (OlWvM mean lime). A dark perpendicular riban I appeared iu the western corner of the tun it wat tbo buo. which more mysieritma than ever, (lowly advanced, dam and melancholy, at if reluctant to deprive nature of light. The progrewi of the elipee waa not viewed without literruptioii, owing to tbn caaatua of chntd* which charod each other acroaa the ahy, and .but before the totality the pin Dotnenoa vauiabed behind them, to the inlenae disappoint- ' nieot 01 tboee who watched it# phases Ttie totality began at 2h. (tat. 'J4?.. and (anted until 3b. lin 44a. At lib., most <>f tbo Iheraiotaetor# laid up-m the gra. .' had fallen from 71 dog. 1 min to W di g I tnin , and there wax a perceptible rb!H in the air, lucreaaed. perflate, by the wind having veered almoal due north at , -h 9m. During the totality the following nheaonuaa were also observed; At the moment in wbicn dsrkuea* levan to deecetid raplilr rnooterwatijo Mranl to aoiee nature; pigeona fl- a about in rdnatera, onuloeed and reared, poultiy sought their ruoaW; my dog wb rod at my fid, small bird# fluttered and I mil ere J ,tedly as if a hawk wax In view: a now mnaued loudly, and the dew gathered like aweat on the llowerr aa they drooped Mel rioted their (K'UIs Bit the moat impreaai u moment waa yet to como, as darkness def ended, and the i i w iodaandlhe dr< p grew lnu.beJ, man and beuat were j # trunk dumb witb owe. Bncb might w*41 ream tba laat day. a? indued it did to many . but toe propuew of science had (oretoid the event, and deprived it of the terror of a surprise. Nevetthelr#*, during timer sinister. gtiart'y and ahnorbing three minute#, enlightened epirlta proa t rated Ibemaelve* b men.-p.* i o( tlod. and Ihr acap- . tic whom the radiance of the auu eould not convince, nor the regularity of tbe seaeint convert, wan forced at Hi it aupreuje moment to own tbe influence of tbe Kiret Ureal Cause During the totality the tiii* of blue sky iu tbe nortbweat and cistern hort7'?>? aasnmcd tbe name apprartnee an they do at dawn on a cloudy with tbe esoptina that tbe former waa the brighter The goweia Ctnned an follow a ? // If S I Tigrr trie 2 10 0 Kverlaeting .2 U 4 Blue Mflron 2 ?0 0 Hibin-ua African*)* .2 M 0 Tbe yonogeat flower* felt the induence m the eclipse noNiest. the old ooea, tbe everlastings esp-viatiy, yielding slowly ami ?tubbornly. owing to Ibe r.l mdy atn'c of the only Venn* and two ether ?tar< were aeen fer a nxm" t Of three themtonMters laid on piece* of copper, blen la and calamine or , we former prmerrr i me ni*r>?f ?rmpmtw* Tho return of lt(h? w?? Utile I with * m inn ir of i?ln Union by tho ape. tatora?* Jew, InrludniR lb- aaratit. eacepted?the C'V?? ciowed III I lie netftiUwln* far* j ami ual'irr all at oneo became rh.?rfnl ami r?a> Bant |H'.ru>f Uw totally bata Were aeen flytn* Vvit Al 4h Mm the heat of the ?an? ray* wa latonao. w if thry KaWwtd back to rartli wlih rel.eibi. ar' r The principal pec'nAa of the erlipa.' war. ? Vrao 'no* H V K Commencement <*pe,loae 1 4* 3(1 1* mmrnoem-nt of Intallle 2 M 34 Fm1 of totality # 1 44 fcototcclipw 4 4 ? TV- t>*o?rr?? of Ike en!rf?r arte *? folljara:?I la tho 14ih of .t'Jly, IV*), at llh 43<n , tho rtrto* pmduoad by Um Ioii. Ii.mI a ?|*0 in lb* Paeltc Orau ix.l far fro.ii the fwat ot I ,.prr OtMhWla. From then It pen weil ad acmaa Rndann'a fUy. Labrador aid lb.' Atlantic towarJa Kpala. wbich ! travrrwj fi ma tbe i'tl ibrita r >??t or ] rhtrea of tbr R?t of thirty. went of SinMn.Jer to lb.ileditcrraaeao. near'>rep>?a. anrlheiM of Valencia, a d>a 1 t*n*e of ninety n* league*. in raUVw leaa th? i tm mitntra Onaainc a prrlton of lb* lli -nrir lalaoda. tba Blia.lne fell ape* tlRx-r*. tn I malio'i** adraaclng until it rtiaapto'ar it in Ui.- He.) S.-? Ibirin; una period, tbat i? to ur, in an ir.trrv*: of I wit hour* mij uf' v 'trio mianlet, the thadnw of the nv. .a fell on a ton* 4 too leagree la W-rfth aad thirty futir brwd l>arin< tbe ps<m >mir.a *Ue a a* 21* Of) milet irom tbe earth The cr'Bl ti'in'ii.T of fainrahle cire'itnKttnvia wbto'.i pflnrlpa'n n? wilch rnakea tl?a phe minna n at tnt r< -l.ui. Mid u.'ipi U to II frtwn n" toa* te.ic.ti m McU.og ln.1- lie*1 on ti.? rariutil/af tuatikUil And a* it saiy ot it In the military rri-?n, wtil-h won! I ran iar fh? w? narration of t* well nigh iMpanntbli-, or in d?wi( feci >n? dim 111! of kx?m, U * m not c'*ir? rJnw.-v that tba ?mnor lr whieh it to.* pi??v on th? l*th ); ?< wa* ro^ard <t M * fortntiate vact by moo of aclflt r In firipe (Umnoao, Jafy 10, isdO L?>roM> HlftCH LUrrainr* and Art. Th-comi..itt.-?nf ilia dilf-rent aoon lii-a of Cff r'n h:i torn- an 1 antiquarian* anno.ini-i>* thit 1h* r. ?tm? of tif.r <- * 1 ten w, il b<- brld at Munich > w.a .Hbldih and 30i . of jK>* o'oer. Una faor. tfearra. R<- iltodf" A Co. h?.?a in 'be prtaa a TOiueo of 4 ' -iu*. ' by GariM f.mtf r a Ma b.?b ? 't. r? !*??? at la at one# en* ! Fan* -? hi I fraud at-ra of rartn. .B :-.rWa." / * 1**1 roil party. I -?d~l Mr * " - ? rifcra'off, h?? ?at r?rtn bi"'*vt ant p*a .. jii*. datong in iMnn aa f ? tt?U a ?c? j I w -?>*' UtaH f riry,' *f J h-j Prm< < i .*?4<).Hcao Fr.nn Ft mo* w?fva-w at la ' ?,.** * " ?T-h iraariaum f i'w H'-atVd'U " tni' ' ItabNy r*r rgil >d 11 itmibt. M if*. A if rtur. narat ,*rati man' latrndMi ooflhoi .? / of trmoh I. laratnra,' by M liaMavr, ma?tar of Harrow N-hool tlr? Aiolm .* >-n??g ! in preparing for tha preaa a not leel m of brr dgconaad haatxUbt lecture* a 11 paj-ra on jiiriafruden a Th* 1 o-1 no -A -rrd f<*r th* ba?l oparatta by tha Tonhalla ai Man.irim. baa -nlh-a to Harr Rr > tim-r wh? hi alan an r*a ' on a mmr opart in three a> i? \: w H tH.-n A f'o announce u forthco-ninit a re* H 1 - iH Q??a. b> lit. F irbvr. ant an anay 00 Kta? , Mi" arifa rirllintion. antp'od "Ibo R'tefcuui# at it.iiti'*.' by ti'. dntbai Land F I WantTtia lb?:iai*n |.-br?;y liaa rnowitly raoairM an ini,*or tun' i.tei of manrr-.-ripl*?fro laaa nan tha aulira t?n<ti " an m 'v Imn a ri ? !, ( | e o 11. i. bill* of th?- Twranih at I ,'li. I T.ti '.-a. to .ft' 1 by Mr V kfUt-Vl VDAY, AUGUST 12, 1860 nu?, la announced by the Lougman. The volume 1 will comprUeeharactertsllc specimens of the ballad* p-ib ished originally as broadsides between the yew* 1611 md 1700, name It , froifl the "gr>*u rebellion," io the figu of Charles L, to the death of George 11. a buat, bjr Mr. Hums Power*, the distinguished Amur, an sculptor, la exhibited by Meagre Loudon aod Ryder, :be gold and silver emtths in Bond street, lou loii (t is .aUed Froeerpioe, and is therefore entirely conceiveJ ideal work, the head having a ccrttin antique cUwarier, a little compromised with a resemblance to the well , mown ekif d'auvrr of Mr Powers?tb^Qreek Slave. Tua i Loudon fMt speaks of it in the following term* ?la itudying the head the sculptor hss evident.y waudired rom his model end nature In the liope of attaining tu j : [ reek Ideal of the Meld of Sicily, so that tb? count* 1 aauou hu an ekpreealoa of cold rigidity which U not : natural to the lovely form of the neck and shoulder* it is, however, a very beautiful Ideal bust. The artist m* eecapcd the awkwardnee* of making a juare terminal or ? ground pedestal by following the antique m the bisuti (ill bust known as Clytie, in the British Museum, iu which the figure appmrs sinking into a flower, as Ciylia was said to have changed into a heliotrope Mr Powers has made his Proserpina springing from leaves and (lowers, as became the daughter of (jeree, born in fruitful Sicily. borne manuscripts and autograph letters of a very interesting character,chiefly collected by the late Iter -John M ifurt, were sold recently by M'ears. Sotheby Hi Wilkin Mm, Ixmdou:?Apuleil Motamorplioeis, Sec. XV. on vellum, written in a semi Gothic hand, with initial letters in ted, ?.00- AseonlusPiediiinus in Cioeroats Orationes, Bee. XV. in a similar hand, with the arms of the person for whom it was executed, ?26. Oictys Creteosis de Delhi Trniano, 8wc. XV., a beautiful little Itaiiui manuscript, ?16. Oionis Vita Octant, Swc XVI .nxquislteiy written by Vergetius, with the arms of the Cardinal Fameato, ?27. 10?. A collection or Tracts on Grammar and Prosody, by i an English Scribe in the 13th century, ?51 A Book of Hours of French Art, tilled with beautiful borders anil miniatures, and in very pure rendition, ?11?. Homtu I'lacai Carmlaa, written in the loth century, on vellum, ?210. Juvenilis Sa'.yrte, ivrc. XV., beautifully written, ?15 Among the Autograph letters may be mentioned:? A collection, arranged in three volumes, on 3eientiffc, Antiquarian and subjects, from eminent scholars, ?15. 10s. Mitford's Recollections, extending over aperlod of llfly years, comprising anecdotes of distinguish- <1 po litical and literary oelebriliss of the past an 1 the pres -nt centuries, ?52 lCi.?Two belters in the autograph of lun id Defoe, ?11. A very interesting one from Drydi-n, "To the faire hands of Madam Honor Drydcn," written while ,i indent at Cambridge, ?10. Tim with live Armenian manuscript*, tluely writteu and illiuu.nate'i, which produced ?1V7. 5s. Tout of the day's sale, ?1,0Ho ITs 6d An assemblage of twenty two pictures of tbo highest quality and importance, being the choicest portion of (lie very celebrated Belveder collection, the property of tht'ulling lard ley, was submitted to public comjetitionyir the Tin Inst ,by Messrs Christie, Munsm and Woods, on their great rooms in King street, St .fames a square, boo- 1 don, before a very crowded aud distinguished audience. These pictures, with five other* o' minor uole. realised the astouunding sum of ?A". ,8S7 let within the short spare of an hour aod a half. A Murillo, 'The liumaru late Conceptioo," was put up at 5,000 guiueas, and ad vanned by 500 guineas at each bidding till it reached the enormous amount of ,000 guineas, at which sum it w is adjudged to Mr. Graves Great applause followed. , Another, by Ruboug, was put up at 1 000 gain is, and ail vane'd 500 guiueut at each bidding till It reached 7,500 guineat, at which sum it was knocked dowu to Mr. Ward. The Hvildrr says tliat, in repl to the offtr of a pre j mtuni of 100 guincis by the couuoil ot the Art I'uiou of j l<oudon for the best series of designs illustrative 01 the | "Idylls of the King," forty two sets have been aeJt iu. Tli,. wbole will be vbibited to the public, with the work.of art selected by the prtio holders, at the close of the variiain current exhibitions 1 rum 170$, the year of its foundation, to the Slat of March of the present year, the total expense of the British Museum to the nation has been ?1,362 733 13-. 41. The public auction of the objects of art left by Alexander Voii Humboldt, tiaa been Used for the 17th of Sep tember at lterhn. Signer I'acitil has fiuiaheu u new comic opera, "The Mu leteer of Tuleco," and isnoir occupied oil yet another work, "Berta ' . Dr. James R. Ballantyne, of the College of Benares, the eminent Sanscrit scholar, has received the appointment of librarian at the hast India House. M. de Boriol is aai 1 to bare handed over a comic opera hy him composed in Russia, to M. Cavanrt, to be scored; the work in to bo performed at tho Opera Cimi.(uo oi Paris Ibis winter. A "Church History of the first Three Centuries, from the I'.hih to the 323<t Year of the Christian lira," by Mil) Mahnu. has been published by Meaww. Apple ton A Co., New York. M. de la Guei rouiere mnouuees his intention of preparing. "Irom luaUu u * placed at bis c Humand, a 'Life of the late Prince J< rente B-'uajartc.' " He disclaims the Df morbus ??f nui bon<n>i principle The Messrs IjMigman are ou the point of publishing the new aud t. >mo t ime ex M--.ted oMitributio t to #lhe Cdlier controversy?"Collier, Coleridge and bhakapeare?a Have'*-," by Dr. Ingleby, at Birmiughani. Mews. Bus worth A Harrison anneoaco the late Henry Drummond's spoealM* In Parliament, edited by lord Co vaiua, and "fhe Baity Life uf Louis Napoteeoooiiooted trmn auihentic sources. A 1 uectal grant of ?2 MX) to the department of prints aud drawings In llie British Museum has enabled Mr. Carpenter, the keeper of tb? print room, to purchase 131 of the Uwiwif" draViuae A ) > of Pitt, by Stanhope, better knows, per tiH|o. bjr ins tuatorica title of Lord Mahoo. and a work by 1*. It. A Smith. on "Air and Water a* Sanitary and In.ti.Mtr ,a1 Agents," aie among tbe publi-hers ana?uuc* BMII. Mr Hawkii.ii hat tendered hr. rwrignat. >n aa keeper of the d<-p<u me-nt <>l antiquit*** tu iIn' Biiti-h Museum. Uirat ihaufoa likely to lake placo in the admintstra It-.n of the various branches of ant quartan collectionMr. John fa nden 11 of ten, of Piccadilly I/>nl>n, ap piwra not only as puhlt tier, hot aa editor, fliruishing an iiilroducliou ami iwloe to the tirat English translation of "Tlie II ok of Vagabond* and Ueggara. with a Vocabulary ;if Ibei.* language," aaid to bare been "e<ltted by Martin Luther, In tbe year 16M." Foreign MltoUanjr. Since 1 9.178,011 otrtlia, t>.ltk(,40i; deaths and 2 18.'.,i?i marriage* hare hern officially register*l tn Kaglamf and \V?1. a. The population, wbKb amounted to about 1? "'.'0 CCO itt 18tf>, ?tl estimated at atrout 19.740.000 tn |kmi being an increase of about ISM per cent, or 1'JO |>er cent ant ually. 8e*aial Vtesna journals stats Ibat soma oilier f.ermaa i torrreignn, tspecially tie kings of Bararia and Saxony. I III take part in tbe conference between the Emperor of 1 Auati la and the Prince Regent of I'runnla at Toplitr Ttie imount of tbe dialing debt of Spain at the end of i June wan 7lw 8s;,.vu reals, wb.cb was '. OoO bdO mors than at tbe end of May. The attack of tbe I buses on Ibe Christians at nutnashin | commenced on the evcoiDg of the 9th. when many meo wcr> Willed and w?ui? n cairied oil for the barema. It Is r.-ii.l that tbe consulate* were burned down, with Ibe exception ol the English consulate. The French, Russian and ilcetk Consuls took ivfiige in lire bt use of Abd etKader Tbe Rod Sea and India Telegraph Company. between M?k'm and Aden, liavr stirrer J.?d in laying a second cable between tbe above mentioned ports Tlie excel re of maintain 1* the arnry and navr of France, for the current rear, .estimated at 1107.400 000. Airoimta from Velnod glee an account of an eruption, iflif Ui.ily uui* year* ?d the eoksaao called tlxKotluyi* < i lb# I!j l monuUina. On Ihe 7th May IrVi r?| eh-xt-a nf earthquake irrro exprrieonci] in the aC Menial. lu wbn h Ilia euicano i? mtuated, aui Ui< day aim an raornmua eolnaaa of ?rat?r ?aa oaat ip from the crater Mix?d with the wator were large "tjiiv.ntitlcn nf <;tn<f<*ra, and the ornptioi waa a x-oatiuunad by a aabt rraueau ne:??. On the llih au4 UM4i. amoke, i indent ami ballk nf ftra wcra thrown up The urn.** nwe to aach a height that it cooW be oreti at Reiktai j. lluxigh at a dtatanre nf mora in.ui iwrnly i < milew, and though mountain* flea tbn land feel I114I1 r,jt bolwn-a the (wo plea*. The eruption rout 11) in 1 w :th tutor rata more or ie?a long to the LMih.i'ut. fortunately. It dt 1 no li?rm in place* in the rMtilr, the under* and olb- r things it threw up beta* carried Ir the wiu.l partly to (be *ea aa<l partly on In some glbctora It presettled a vat* tapoytug apeetai ie. ' |'rv*i< lie er,i|>te-L* of the aanie t<>u aim did great leiure. ima ui lift m ntfiicuier waa larrtMe, and it m rnibftf I that *< >?' of the i in-P-ia t!irwit up wore ictually carrlol 1 a- fee ?> p,i rgen. In Norway. Another. on the 17th Onto 1 ber. ITSi aaaaed riov*?l*ttooA la teo partahea It pre- ' r ded by a fortnight the eanbquake at Liebm. ' Itnntigtlie l?4!> HJ&", Indian- wera introduced 1 inn the Moirilliia. vi* ? 33 too from Oaltutta, 16,076 1 from V?dr?a and i 24? fro? Bttahay 31,<M.'I wer? men. and 12.764 women. tue pr ipnrttw of ungra w*i there I rot.- to ;il p?r cant The drama at aea were at the rate ,.f < 1 T3 j-er r< nt on the whole intmigrittkm. <>f the 120 4.12 omiirranu who Idi'drail Britain and 1 Ireiaad laal yiar, 2.016 of the men were axnciiMurel la borers, yirdener* and rartem, ljii baker-. lS'l 1 siuitba and lamer a. 26 i* okinuuer* and auttnuvia, 24! ' In a if and sboe niak r*. 4P brarirm, tinsmiths unl white ! < fint'he 22 potters/brick and rile maker*; 60S H teklayer*. j plasterer* and mamna. builders. 114 bntcnertt tad ' poulterers. 61 cahiu?tni..?era and upholsterer*. r.<rpeetnr* and joiner*. 27 carver-- and gilder*, > 642 eletk*, 20 ' iork and w.itrh iiiaker*. 21 oom limakor-i t 1 rnU irimriMWv 1* r >tl ni.ner- 64 oeopera. IT ratlera. 143 rt.Kio ..|li - i veni- lftdrer- 11 engravers, 141 axukv. j 1 4 i.vr 1 *.>4 oili iv'i. |' 'oil m-n and | iue?i ll ??*? . IT lewollei. *n i alWdr*?ph? 23 2M jr*aer*l Ukarvi*, S tuekaMlMK mti ghMaMir. W miBere an<l r alrters. $ m..lwri<h-d, 771 mineis >a epi irrynvn, 262 paifiv.";, JaperllAu. -r? and plumbers; ?'1 pen-ioner To print-rs, W :ep?m*k*rs, 42 aa-kHe and i'neo makers. 1 wait tivUera, fd s-iwyve, Mt oMwe, <4 sbipwrtfhbi, 1,044 mop* j?|Mr9,331 ?aiibit, 200 ip.i not and r?. 34 *'iif*r haker* an t VP'ora, \0 a treev w 417 tailor- 1 laieiw , oan.ll'T, Vi tanner* \m) OWrVSr*. 26 twroer" on *iw!*;'<h'?. ?*! ..nmV ?od sorter- iml ill ii '?ii 4" trades uol ;' 'por,d -d. Of the other -ex. 7 107 were dom-a" md fin in s rrunt 110 irrmhwwn n <n-i rryniwn. Jfil milllnera, dresamairor* and needlewo men, 14 Ml married women, and IS.tftf of nadiftiinguubed oocupatiou The remainder of the en ig'anta were children, and nf th?ee a 431 b-T* and S tno |lr'e were imder 12 year* of agei Spin were tuianta aed 14.617 were uodiit ngui-hed m to or res A report la entreat nut now that the rmiwr ir Xapo j leoo has augce-de 1, ny wiy of fomponaalHM to the king of Nat>iea for the loae i f .- cily, to utsiga to bun arm 1 ' ntdrraile portion of the Pope** remt'iilnf nrortne-s j Tbla arrani?niewt would of course he diaagr able la the | iMrlretssticel governm -ut. aud con Id liardlr tv tcMirtal by Klr.g Iram-isll wibout interfering with the noted 1 piety of that m-waieh. Th" Weyroi.r err-fpondsnt of the f.'tnt H PrtU m "n 1 ' aoeonnt 4 the rarest maeesrre of thriatiana by toe louse* ilriaiie theMh atrorltir*. rtrailing in U>r ! I 1 or the bt ? !* a-rs * ?nvt?t hy lite in'M-eeanta of Nana 1 1 Sahib at < lawppore 'M hare w*en one ro t ie w n?n of " Iifeeir *! K iSi a< , wh > li.ia a <ire)i (>an 01 her thigh the I we nd e-oa ra -"I br to* *o't tk?#h Ih- ng oar,! aa a btork 1 ? U ' fi. . t 1 ' Ii a d 1 .>0- of . the- ?e ?; , O- w cu *t > l- 1 tl'l*. I tried U> cover her child wilu her body.? t girl The FVub?->. f und out ?? wee * boy, <10<2 Sttf 'wxl " it thioufh the a oody The Turkian soldiers leak " part with the Uruj.rt. Men wet. nurder jd, male edit " Irrti u>m to f tseee fouiaW-s eb> - *! (the letter only by lh?. troops), eud tio.uwn tWd Towards. day brv*? a U aody of bit hundred Christians took refuge in the Se??i, c jr government bouse, b:i\ tug b.^o invite.I to do so by 0 Liio governor. WLeu the Drusu> Jiscoveroi this, borne v hours laUr, they rushed town- U the building Both the & military authorities sud tho governor ol lite tov. a re- ? reiv.d thetu u itb open stum. *ud began to del ver to k tlit-iii the Maroulte rerjzrwe, whom they. lb? l>r j.->eg, died like sheep. 0> all the t)00 perrons, oue men alone , escaped?a certain Bpu1"s Soesa 'Hie court ?u, even . two da; s afterwa. Ja, a Toot deep U blood.' The I'-u is /'otru- announce* that -.pain i? U reappear n it the counoil board of tbe (treat Puwers of Europe as the in Utjft ol tbe Kmperor ot tbe Preach. The Tonlonnat,.* wye that on tbe occaaion ol tbe vliit of :he F^nncror aod Einprers to Toulon, their Ma-csties will ae entertained with an arttSciai volcanic eruption, and .hat an immense oia?a of useless rocket*, 4c , lying In the f1 arsenal?the accumulation of half a century? wtU be ournt up to lend reality to the scene. R The Loudon Time* rajs that since 1315 5,920,574 perKm* hare migrated from the British Islos. Of these 1,136,755 went to the North American colonies, 2,960,796 A u the L'uited States, 686,b99 to the Australian group of ' a olooirs.and 86 235 to other local it los. Tbe annual are- ! wge from 1815 to 1359 was 199.557, and for tbe last ten At the loot of eacb coupon ot the new Papal loan nro the r "ollowrig Initials, a. (. I). G , whtoh aland far Sub Gratia S i>ta G'lori/tcantu. A bolder of several of those coupons *j? latv.y sadly puzzled by than* mysterious letters, ah. h be tiled all bis efforts at Interpretation. In his perdesity he applied to a friend. "Is It posstblef" retorted ho latter, " why 1 thought everybody knew that. They f mean Sen ;a Garantia Pi GtribaMi (without guar ante.' of SaribaldiV lbe ladies of Art, in Sicily, have addressed a letter to 0 iienetal Garibaldi, announcing that from a wish to follow ihe noble example of patriotism given by the women of c I ppcr and Central Italy, they intend to collect together and o lorward to bim a sum of d.OOO francs which they bad in ^ tended for the purchase of their Bummer dressea. The donor* eaprcea a wish that the sum in question may be employ eil in the purchase of muskets. 1 Arrests continue in Veuice Many persons have been i also :u re-ted at l*adua, Viceura and Trente, where the t agitation against Austria bad revived. I'art of theae perMine lis. e been sent into the interior of the country to re- I r bide, and others taken to Innsbruck for trial. ' t On lbe 2>">(h of May the various ships which I ad eslle I t Irom French ports bud brought to Cliina 6,900 men, or a total of 7.600, ol which the French expeditionary corps is lo be ccmjHjecd. The ]Hipulatlou ol Hasbey a have addi cased to the coosnivel lb? foreign Powers a memorial in winch the con I'M t of tinman Bey is iKiiuted out in the strongest tcrma The Pontifical 1 *n hat met v illi but Indifferent succors t in Bavaria, aa is admitted even by the rleiicitl ioiimals. ' , llii' subscription only amount., to one railliou, mi I most of it lis:. been taken by the clergy. j *! Genera! lamoriciarocontinues i t have s-> much trouble 1 w ith the Irish brigade, th it l.e has 1st ly been obliged to send away one hundred (more of tSecn, and hal even shot si vera). A former batch of discharged Irishiueu, one hundred and twenty in uutnbor, an ivod lately at Mar- ' ' eilles in a state of great misery. The Consul there had 1 no choice in pursuance of hi3 order* but to treut them aa clraugers, ih. y having tuideited their nationality by tak in; foreign service with their eytn ifieu, iu R| le of al! *milling' Thee tie a ta'.K at Mar.-' of sen tmg so no" of tb'-ui over to Algeria as laborers. A cojupany of French Zouaves are about to give a series of drill performances at the Princess theatre, 1 Loudon. I The Augsburg ( '<>: itt states Hint the [International Con grees r>l Chemist*, which was to have bt-cn held last spring, is detlniiiyeiy lix?t to tract at Carlerhuu on tne ?4 ft JUVU'W I. 4?wi.-ui HIVIIJH.VII uuvc nwu tt'UjfsH'U , " to all < cpmont chemists, aui ospectally to professors of . cherustry ia public school* ar I colleges. la the House of jrmmoos on th* 2T..I, I.or.I .tohu Russell j stated that, in the opluu u of tu-r Map-sly ? government, I I tb<- massacres ill llic Kust cooI<1 not be arrested unless by i i bod* of Kuri pea j lnio)>h, that no depen iaree could b6 nl?? d on tin* Titklah force which had boon s.-nt Lb-ire; < nil that Knglac.t, together witb th > other how. m of l-"urope, had agreed that ibo army should consist chiefly of trench tlu"ps. I Ttie I'riDCC Regent of Prussia baa ordered that the vs- 1 rious r< ylmri U shall hear denomination* recs'llng their ' origin, traditions. or glorious exploits. Napoleon Bonaimrte laid it down us a maxim that the 1 budget rf Krance shout 1 amount to sou million* in time of , war, 000 iu ot pi-tue, aad he nort-r surpassed the los Itier total OTtcept after the disastrous Ru--ian War. , The budget for the ore* nt year amounts to 1 H40 mitttoaa, t or to more than twice the kunuitil >?t down is autlh ient , for a time of war by the first Xiiicieoi. The Austrian Coi ner htstes luat the subset .ptiong to t the Papal leau at Vienna amount to 6* 0 000 Irauca, of whu-h 400 000 franca were taken by It umkat un"s bank. I and 410 000 francs by the nruhiepiso?|?al?ouautory. TU? otlioial journal of Rome announce* the sub- ' script ion? for the l*ope wbi ;h have already entered the ' Papal exche<|iier amount to ?240 000 Tbe value of llie exports from Paris fhr ibe ilfly-otte ( d iye from the 15th May to 'he 4th ult . a-n-uirlM to | 41 740 000 franca?being an tni-rcase of 001,Odd franca j n tbr corresponding period of 1619 Notice hut just bseti given to the clerks employed in t tlie government office* at Vienua that tliey ui .31 abstain I (r< txi all political discussion*, and itume d lately any l company in which auclt aubje.-.ta should be introduced in t tbetr presence. Any infraction of that regulation will expose them to dismissal. Alt tbe agents of the sm ret p?. lice are instructed to take note of f>ers mis so offending, ' and to iufbrm thetr superior?. The circular conclude* I wiui ui'-ec ?omi ? ror u i? vuo urra aim uninvtgeante i will of hi* Ifajcaty t<> ma .e no altera!loo iu the form of the existing foroi umcnt " c To rrwonineono AM?I Kader for hie en due I in favor of 1 the Christ tos in ftj ria, tbe Kraporor Napolwuu ha* Bent bun t:.o Grand Cordon of the l<egtou of Houor. c The CV.-iesv IferranftJr of Genoa states that no to the J prevent time the number of volunteers who have' (tone to 1 Sicily from Northern tftad Central Italy amount* tn ill to "* I A letter (torn Jessy of the lit ult. say* ? Ixxnuitw are rouimiiting auch ravages in our couutry that it baa been ( found neoc?aary to take extraordiuary measure, and , raiae the peasants rn mat* to destroy them T.i abate this scourge, tbe Chamber baa given the government discretionary power* and an nulimited credit. A medal haa bem atruck at Palermo in honor of Gar!- , baiOi. It la of a large tire, aud tba retemblarce to the j Genera! la perfect. It coi*n>emoratee tbe landing at Mar- j Mia on tbe 21*t of May, the capture tA Palermo on ma , 27th. and give* the natnea of the chief* who followed the r General in bi* expedition?la Maaaa, Carta). Store.>. , t'atroll, Nino Bixio, Crirpi and Aafoaii It al*o bears , the name of the General bimaelf and tbe year of hi* t birtb. There are now more than 30 000 weavers out of work st Coventry and In the reight>orbood, and there dors net ' appear to be any 1 ikeliWood of an adjustment of tho-wi , ''price*" which form tbe foundation of the present unhappy elri.c. The Ma Irid journals of tbe 2l?t contain a clr-u'ar from tbe Papal Knticio to the hi*hops, aroo in-ing that the lime for reeiriving anbacrlpt'ona to the Pope'* loan la Spam, which waa to have axptrod ou the loth, uaa men . prolonged. The whole direct aud Indirect taxation of the Austrian | etnp re ameuoud in the yea* I'M to 2JC .TOO 000 florins, : the whole population bciog 3? HoO 000. j Betwi-en May 29 and June 00 the Omasa murdered la eold blood upward* of fo >r thousand Chnatiaua, including . more than a hundred Catholic and Greek pr'.'st* and ; motik*. They have burnt down upward* of 150 Christian 1 v.Dacca, including more Uiaa 100 churches and 1# coa- | seats. Sp?,n (now that she haa been gazotted as a Qrst data ; grandee m F.nrnpe) denies, through otllclal journals, thai nor claim in rlgat of Boortnatam to the reversion of Sicily lias not the support ol the French Kmprror. Is ?be , pri pare t tc pay for it by cccaioa of tlie Balearic Island* , to V ranee' Sir Gardner Wiikin*"n write* to tbe London*--? "1 am far '.'nan wisbtag to palliate the (leases and *i vage crueiliea of the Oi use*, but it ur.*t be reinea.bered the Christian* comtueiiceJ tbeae attack*, w hich the/ ! vise did on a previous iwva* on s ! trim M Syr i I M lold by tbe Maromtea of th<?ir intention to revenge thi j ' -leala they had sulk-red from the Druaei m s prevent* , ' ? ar This id?* of reveug - ia< b--en tbe cs.ise of the or. ' teal a'tack which led tithe late outrages of their op- ] omenta." Ths album which the city of Mdan ;t about to present , t?> Marshal Vaillant will contain twenty eight wig-t color i raw tip by the best artists of the city, -aelud'ng Rut, Mitsola. Kr< magalli, Peuauttl aud Rosa.. The cost Will be . I bout Ib.tWOf. The army of Franc'* 11. may now be r*t mate I as to'I. ws ? Be haa aeventecn fk-id bavteriaa.of eight gun* sacb kuinbettug on the whole 2.000 mm, beaktea 4 >x>J mm b h-ugtiig to tbe foot arti k-ry Two thousand m n ' im thii a mm nf rnvil prvnn>i>ri Th# ttvtipv An . ait r.f 3,dCO man, divided tulo lonr reg'menU of dragoon*, , t*o of hcaaara. two of lauoera. on* of ebaaa?- ir* on* [ r iu*ilr >u? <?f guiJ<w J'illctw rcgimeut* o( loo uac, lit- | to>n battalion* of *li*rp*bnotcrt, ami three regi-n?~t* of j foreign rrerrenari**. two regiment* of* aril two ot rtr.-mvn which lt*m lb* royal guard*, an I two r*ginnnta con<|>leM tlir NoapnllUn mf.iotry. wbiih ma/ J lairly b? r- cuotied at 60.COO men. Jtn ordrr from lb* Papal gorarnmciit, of the ITtl on , ' permit* all tli* fri*b recruit* who wish to quit tb? Pop*'* > r* w* to do ?o lai.iorn iaio baa, near 8poieto, a cor; ? of 10,000 meo, Italian* tui 'orelgnerv it i* being rapidly reduced In t n> rnt>?r by d??*rt. >n*, ?nd the Jbrotgu rerrult* caa b* .1* 'if 10 r ; id > n u tba oatlrea, la added, ile*ert by | lOtta tunotbor Tbe appoarance of UarlbaHl on tha I > - ant would probably diaaolve tba Capal army without a I battle. Tb atata* that tlie lata e?|)p*e, baring boon 1 bcwrly I'dai at A'gi*r?, cauaed groat ttrror among tb? nativ? o On the t?p of Ihatr torrnona thoy mad* a not** , with |oatlo* an.) mortar*, or iigbted m their room* tha mall wax candle* of whit n th- y puicha** a anpply at to* i me r( th f?'/ of lb? M on loud 'birthdaynf Mahomet). They .wiled lo nur..l with alarm tbat, amording to tradlfob, Alg t* i* t.' l?r on* day d**lroyo<l under Mimilar ciri ?m?i?ii?-> ?y lb* MariKiog to tit* height ot 8idi Bon > mr, hull crown* i n* of tbe aiimmua of tbe fknicirf a, j *i"l that future onrigfiioi*. when aailtrg paat, will point ' hi >ier tbeir\e**rl* an.! Mola'ro, lltar* ?tood Alginrt ' At IVir el Kamar every male inhabitant, from tbe I,. lpu?# o'.<l man t) the Infant at the breaat. w i* m t*aa i rr.d ard th* ? wn who did not fly were violated. r i.Tiioof giro* the following very .utorcUtug and la it: cllvo informali?ii ?Tlir CiTnene n?*a?*irr* nr." v*rr ' ancWt Tha vfn eontaina 'n ' " / >r I'M) '. i , . It bring a toot of the h-t^th ot 312 millimetre: it)* aaam Mhdletled mto If fawn, or l<i? fan Ttw m -1-ir* of dialanr* i? the taw* r.mtalbing a l'liln**e fh?t. th /* t* j !W0y?- at Ihr Vmli ptrt ef the trrnalrial in *r lion I he urf?*t mfv * 11 c?t*?' ty i? the rtibh it' oaUln'a; 10 M or 100 tetrp of 10 he each Thaioteur* tne malm, wnina u >t? chiimw iwi m nr'jMHt , 1 10 length; 100 makoo mikt a lire The Iwwgr u?ce is JiTtdfd into tenths end huilrotlKi Too last accounts, sayi lbr? Pari* Fan*. wbtoh m \ ave received from lb* n tat ,4 SeiU stale lW- b. 's or (be Ipuae districts of Ann.ui, (teaasasf Ohaaf art), Cfcaiibar and inert, were to meat on the ldto in the ~>? of Mnuliadu The inhabitant* of those dialciom re ?>c?. ferocious and warlike. and a report was car i nt that tlita prc-otedmg of Ira cUieU had for ol-i-ci to Mtu to iresh boat ill tits. .. Capt. Paynter, o( tbe British ship Kxwouth report# hut, witb tba meats placed at liu dUp.**, hyVjoe Ad aba! Martin, upward* or 2,'JOO women ami builiTu have bwo Saved trow tho horro.-a of famine, nurder and violation. 1 THK VKRV LATEST. The Turin journals apeak of tuo probab l.ty of an niter ';* ? this mouth between Victor bannuel aui the Am. teror Napoleon. A let tar from Milan states that at Mantua seme Una arian soldiers, having obtained bail cartridges, Bred into corps of Chamrura noted for itn loyalty to the Fmpsses i sergeant was Ibltod. Several of the Hungarian otloera fir w ard* deserted. e I.isao>, Augu3t 1, 1MB. The steamer Magdalena. with the &- ?7.u mails, has ar itou. out wrings jfco ,'xsj m apecie sua i?ava> iw outhamptoa this evening. Pmu, July 91, ISM The Lamriste end Sister* of Cher it/, encf other womb t Damascus, safely arrived at Be/rout under an eaoert , urmahod by Abd el-Kader. . Oavos, July 31, IMSThe Mercantile Cmrier publishes aa authentic asas? t f the massacres at Damascus up to the loth of July mlasive. 3,000 Christ tans had takes refuge In the citadel ccupied by the Algerines under Abd el-Kader. The own was In the power of the murderers and iacendlsrtss 0 the number of 8,400, principally Druse. and Bedouins ' lie Turkish garrison consisted of 6,000 men who were naetlre or hoetiie. The soldiers bad driren the Obrtsiant into the (tunes of the burning houses. Some asounts compute the number of victims at throe or fear houaand, but state that this may be exaggerated, owing u the prevailing terror. MAR-Miut*. Juiy CI, 1M0 The Indian mail from Alexandria has not yet arrived. 1 Trench steamer from Syria is experted to m irrow. thk l.atkst makksts. LonoovCorn Markki?Cites, Sou k Barkers report furher heavy arrivals of foreign wheat au l oau an 1 the weabec continuing very line, but little bigness as yet paaat>g in any article, but it it expected price* will uot statermily vary from Monday. Lovioa I'rodi i> Makkkv.?Sugar?dcinaai good aad r.tee futly as high; fair businecw in reflued. CoUoc?sevs?1 parcels sold; for Ceylon and C'osU Rica very Arm. 'en?value unchanged and inquiry limited. Rica?a* veil. parcels sold at full rates. Saltpetre Arm, with a (air rights*. Tallow lirm and demand on the increase. Consols ?Money, 93a 93,\'; account. 9,;?4 a 03 If. Liverpool Coitok Makkrt ?The market remains quiet ind unchanged. Sales anticipated at alroul 8,000 bate. ( feather floe. y| Financial and Camuu'i'iisl, Tlie London Time* oily article of July 31, says ?Ths rsx>rt of a highly pacific communication tearing Imm re eived in this country from France attracts 1 little atiaa ion, since confidenee is not to be commanded, and every 'rcsh assurance of this kiud rervs only to inspire a feet- ,? ng throughout Europe of the uooeesity lor increased rial mice. At the same lime the 'act was noticed that tarn whole of the war sti amers now in harbor at the royal 'ochyards in Eiitlan 1 are to be made ready to meet any imeigeicy that may arise for their immediate use. No gold was taken to the Bank to day. M.nrs. Murilock & Sou, extensive tanners ni Perth, nave suspended in consequence of great lews vistainea through the recent failures in the leather trade in Loaion. The Mexican advices state that the prevalent anarehF tud distrust have caused the stoppage ot some of the laoSng houses, among whom are Mrs* s Vsidoro de la Tarrs with liabi itlee for ?300.000 ?nd Messrs. Dorr maun k 0?., I lie also mentioned a* being likely U> su.spt ud. Owing In .tic impossibility of sendiug specie trum tbe capital far xportatiOD, merchants hiving remittances to make ta ftirrgie were uuablo to do so except at a sacrifice of 20 par sent. A rise took place in the shares of the Illinois Central ind New York and Erie. The deliveries of tea in liondon are estimated at Mi,* m lbe. The I/melon Time* city article of Aufiii-t 1 says ?The pubic rout to make lcv> tineuta on a moderate scale, ud he fut.ds have again to-day shown an upward tendency. oiikoIs ojicned without alteration at 93 V a 96 or money, but soon advaucrd and touched 931*. The leal qui latinos were 93*? a 93 >f for money, iu<l 98 \ for the new account in ^ ember. The market w?s uninfluenced by any fresh newt. In the forcigu exchanges there is no allara)ou to repotl. French rentes arc qooted at Mf. Mo., i how ink a decline of about 'f. The Kent is announced irum Melbourne with ?23i^Dgf. Uw deajiatch f the suicide of Mr. Chaffers, the managar <f the Hoj al lUnk of Liverpool, creste-1 ooosiderable sax* ety this morning, ?* ing to the sbseuca of any explanv ton of the cause American rails ?y security s were firmer, and the sharsa if ihe Illinois Centra! advanced, New York and Erie par laliy reiapacd. l.nvnrooL Cotton M zuanr, JtriT '29 ?We hara an hange to report m our market to day. The salsa Mm 1100 hales, of which 2..'>00 are for export and spooulni</B, Jci.T 3ft?We hsve to report s be ter demand to day, Mih a turner h ue. The sales are 10 COO balsa, of wMafo I Ouo are tor export and *|ia mlaUon. J it v 31 ?Tb<< sales >d cotton today are intimated at I .GOO balea. The maiket cioacs quietly at jailoriliy *B Lrvsaeoot. Cokx Matutwr, Jiiy SI ?We have ted :ucd atien'aoce ot miller* v.?t >1e?iafs ( our Corn Iximrgv ill re morning, au<l wheat liaa commanded iMr ntuaptiv* inviiry at the rilNif <?ur last market 'lour we* more looked aft-T, and American was the turn :<ar?r Indian corn war In blrriVy ir>od raquoat, and n;\rd Aiuoin su brought Tolly 31 i**r quarter more nooey, there Ik Tea r sclW*. Out* and ostmool my I'Vy ?t full prices Knn* a>l vanned bd per quarter. '. as and i>arl?\ b"'Hrmh at extrrme rate* TM omr,et clo?'d itriilt wslber > 1, ,n| unsettled. 1/ mi.i.* iu.'M i s i\n PtOThki* Maaart, July SI ?4a* jar steady. ! ? uoa.teri.'. line quiet C>d.-e Ira' rpectui'?American SJ?. 31. a 32< 61. TtlJow steady it .A* ou the snot. Scot b pig 63t. a 33*. 61. Maw HT>r*r Conor Oeon*. Jru St ? There bas kw i lair am rout of business in >aru?, but at * nuclide# to ru e ol to l4t. I'.r b. >, clay. On tbss* tillms mine burin. ? lu -t I < i. <!?>l" l>y <b<- bum* trade. and nodarate portion by b irers In bundle for India. China, lerrrasy, ami Ike MkJ-.trrraaeea. f!>e cWAh market baa irer. flat, b".ig . "I by m urns naiwa, including tha * r-ak' - r niuuTM'b by tbe i otum market, the abgaoaa if in*' led Is mi'! (r.f> wftmr daye orirdue). and the pneilon nf the dlac.r-1 market Aptoinfs bare been down it Liverpool at<! paichaaed iow pra rd eotloor, ansae* a fccuro .tt.-..i'tr, si- i be Uuyr<* o( cloth look far it >eet * ocrpeajioti'liig advai'age Felon la 40 lack udia shirtings bate beer mad- *t ? incline of 11(4. ier piece, and th'-ae in ma np-illsnv. jwcaneiS, ird rubor fabric* Tor ih' saioe nr.s'lot at a eorr-spoadiag eduction; bnt there hire ben very few buyer* tree on beae terms. Tb. a* remarks also s'oply to cloth# sultabla 0 lbe markets of China Fur print lug cloth* there la still moderate demand, and for ' ugvloUn and T cloths; nit Tor ab these *< Her* b.avr to make a slight redaction to ! lee. Jscoaets tsk'-o fur (be Ctagow its is are la bet ittle rt', est lbe reduction iu the pries of cloth li?>wa be hlgl-st point current a few months ago isll per lb. (i the sr<rag?_a v?ry rs n? deollee. b it a^stn?t which 1 *re is tke fall a the ,sri-e of , which ?* boi moon .. ill Iteuct ire". !> ?? ic sat *:-ct in of relucting iluiipri'-ta are at a m .isafsr 'vol. an t r.ce bkcly to Stimulate business a* tatted as pasMM l>omr?ttc Srw* Items. A> Fvnvtsu T*?v?Quite an exeinog rare. ways tbw iitiaay drvw of the 8th la'taut, aceurred thb il"r day between two i*spapcr i arrtoea, iV" ens war * monepoly of the hrwiap< r trade at Ri.hfleld Spring*. laal Fri.laf M sagw gre? I that tbw carrier who reached the t?priw*? 4r*t thai ?y al. lid Pe the regutor vender of the New York papers, f uttrli a b'l .i ired r.r to sre Ultra there At Ihe appoint ?1 Imuit to" bos? wre w-?traMta their nsg- at thw depot, match the t spare the atwaaat toe tea to am red. '.' n a" the matter W ra scr , tbey bad bnr? a ststtoaed In " ti.e r. ife at dlatsncr* rf two or three mil* * ;Ait Their brr?e* w re tb# fast cat the ro inter rooM :umd, f in ishs.1 by lb* fn?eds T the psrti.w When Um rain arrived, the were lasu ueJ, and away sped nuir'e 10 His lb* fMW <o gr. ?t wa? th* litfrrat nul< >lift ic thl* ri>r'c?t that U" were cmir<W ?tU? < \>!e, obr-tinn H.e ! <;? <u they rpurrH over >uU*k. a'e The MehuT* rarrliMiOt re, ratnaoci ton rwrfa brail. ?oM bla : nj"r? ?t ;?ouijr it?-. i* -ach, *att ti> re.lapnrt rf WW T * ttase mada wt thirty-Cia ntautea. The t? ilirleea am a ia.i" ai.Mc The lu} ( I t > term? It, thr roe-1, an J una if itioca ? < ? . ely ijijcr .*1 Th* Nanuniti Ca'irni.?'A or ' around the ilapitol and *? hi MlUmi >elf -a mere Tigero-i* than ...r ?o*r? ' i ?.?* ti?r :?J fca* b?< t b?'' 4 lli- d u ' f ntnpa ? # C I?. t V dock ?f K Mtif to rrxl H- " re of K-iyi II?la vee and in :h? aaa* Oil-r l,*> .iiuHMiry ia adi? need nearly Id fed " infiUr ft Miad Dm trua yah : (? beiweeo it- OaoMot and th- <-tu : ?*! n>rk daa -Mb 'f iim.fifft r??"frt. pr-parai try n> a uuig the rwatf urlferr hick Ground baa ala* t? "ti hriw-u j?? - ?ithM ho wranapitol gale f?r ih ?>?r foortl ,oir^ao< of # i naton Ibe navai ?* mem tbal bn- tor *1 mnnv rrttrm asapicd I ho r-atr nf thv t>i?m of ? <? In tM parad ilnpe on the w-at-rn ?rpr ? h in the CapiinJ, ban heaa moved The la?t of w><- iari?to niai-ioa wot laVea Wt? iday lor cmiievame to Anaapona. where Ike aanawne?l Will tie -t?t.v| In loo interior'nf Ike aow?k ring plaai-rera art IU rep.aeterlng tke walla ? he rtKbl. kft. and fr<>ui ..f u.e ;t<?bi of awpa '? *'" *? he hai) of the 21. t?e of K iir-a-ntatiTM, n?d ta tkdlwll Itllf Ike drake. ! irroerlr rr|?rt*f, hare kd?w trptoMU. frim all appi-ranc** llie impeoreoi-iitn wow Ira* chang-a ?I,, ha Oouak erahla. Xrwam - TM*n*r, a hoiel.two afore" a dwrtliM >? # 1%n?ft hr.-tf# Hi? Whit# river, w*Tt 4*ir-yH hy Ore in Hiyard'e, V?., A't|i-al a T/ma lino OCl> V r.?o V ?.eoi ?Wltliaw ?'. *' I t. tmr . Viirfll fa< drift, Rnaion, ?.? irnaH Anf ?i b inf it wifj, ?) hea ?| Oitd hlcktt

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