Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 13, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 13, 1860 Page 1
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Til WHOLE NO. 8710. ARRIVAL OF THE NORTH STAR. Over a Million in Treasure from Cclifornia. Our San Francisco, Panama, Colima and Sonora Correspondence). Sews front Sew Crarada, West Coast of cileo, California, Oregon, Washington Territory and BrUbb Columbia, Ac., Ac., Ac. The steamship North 3lar, Oipt. A. G. Jones, arrircd yerte.niay miming from Aspinwall, having left thai port id the morning of the 4th inat., with the tri monthly shipment of treasure an J three hundred passengers from California. the North Star on the 7th p.issed steamship Ariel, tx-noe for Aspinwail, with passengers for California. The fn!lr.winff in ihp. !!st nf thn Vnrth ?Lnr _ HowlacdftAspln wall. $15.867 Ta\(T"e,\IcCihill Atlantic A Pa .38 Co. 12 084 Richard Patrick.... 28, *00 *k. huge ft Co AO .000 A R Raunenb.ium.MCo 80.000 h C. II Grant ft to? 640 James Patrick A: Co. 60.000 Butcher ft Brother.. 8.000 E :gene Kelly A Co.. 42,000 J. U. IVHcr ft Ron.. 7,100 Oouroy ft (('Conner . 10,000 J S rauss Bro. ft Co. 30 000 Jennings ft Brewstvr 10,000 Fppingcr ft Co 23 000 American El. Bank. 07,000 J. P Weir 6 029 P. Nay lor 12,000 liddon ft Williams.. 2,000 Konctn .ShermanAtv>263 878 K. Header ft O.AdamS 0.000 Freeman ft Co 18.800 J. Hi Her A Bror 38,220 Wella, Fargo ft Co... 138,800 . H (tr-br ft Co 20 000 To order 10,000 Nenetadter Bma.... 16 000 To order 1,600 V Kiuatien ft Broe... 10.000 Kerby, Byrne ft Co.. 7,400 Total ?1,008,383 The anniversary of the independence of Peru woe celebrated at Panama on tho 28th by a magnificent ball given by the Peruvian Consul at the Government House, which was attended by almost all the principal citiseus and foreigners in town, Including the oil)cera of the Lancaster, St. Marys, and Clio. Jbere is nothing new from Bolivia; the Interdiction Is a* severe as ever; many troops are going from Lima to the South. General Floret is advancing with3,000 men; be is near Rodego, whore Franco's headquarters are, and a coll aton was espected. Advices from Buenavonturastate that General Uosquers Is well supplied w ith men and money. It is said he has sect an agent to Peru to pnrchase a small vessel of war; alto that he has seised a bark belonging to the native merchants, and intends chartering a vessel to take H to Okilao fbr sale. I Lima dates cf July 14 give no news of importance. Omr Sstm Francisco Correspondence. Sax Funasco, July 21, I860. The Two Democratic Wings?Estimate of the Vote?AVua Items, die. The two democratic nominations for the Presidency ' sctfuse our politicians considerably. Most of the federwt < ffioc holders go for Breckinridge, but from present appearances, tbe masses of the people Ihvor Douglas. Sot. Downey spoke at a Douglas meeting In Sacramento last Tuesday evening, and gave In his adhesion to that party: tbe Judges of the Supreme Oourt and a majority of the Mate others are also for Douglas. A meeting of the Democratic State convention Is railed for the 30th Inst., a hen A Is expected some plan will be broached to concentrate the vote of the party on one of the democratic candidates. Meantime the preet has taken sides?tbe great majority going for Douglas. The Morning Call, In an article discussing the prospects In this State of the several candidates, has the following observations which may be considered nearly correct:?But there are other reasons why Douglas will, In California, draw greatly from the floating vota of the Stats, and taper tally from that which the seeeders' ticket would I procure had they nominated another candidate then Breck-.nrldgo. Douglas stands eminently clear on the recird In regard to the Pacific Railroad and all other measures of Importance to California, whi>*t Breckinridge wae to successful and persistent in hft opposition to a Pacific Railroad, that in 1865 his vote actually killed tbe measure after It bad been pesecd. A reconsideration was moved. and the measure was lost by one vote, that one vote being cast by Breckinridge. Of course such s candidate. In opposition to the progrssslvs Douglas, will run with weights to his feet In this Mate, and we therefore give Douglas tew thousand mors votes. Mow we will deduct from tbe 00,009 which ws have gtvrn bim, 10,000 which are supposed to hare been ah sorbed hy the republican party, leaving htm with only t0 000. Tbe Increased rote will not be over 10,000 this gear?which will be principally absorbed by the republican and the Douglas party?for tbe accession of nopulati-.n rrr.m the Smith at nrraent Is but means, aav Dnuelaa >,000 voice, Lincoln 4.000, uJ Breckinridge 1,000. Uow :et ua recapitulate, and are what will be the probable result of the ml election:? Total r. inter of rotes cart 110,000 Of which Douglas bu 30 000 Rerrlres frem tbe old regular party 20 U00 From the floating rote no account of bla soundnea no the railroad 10 000 From the new population. 6,000 And we bare a total of 06,000 Deduct for Iocs gone to the republioaa party 10,000 And wa hare a total rote for Douglas of 66,040 Breckinridge etarts nut with 00 (IOO, loeae 20,000 to Douglas, 10 000 on account of bit opposition to the railroad, aad fains 1,004 from new populate >1,040 Lincoln polls tbe balance 34,000 rnitr or xrw*. Brigadier General Harney, United States Army, tats la SOW)IT.and of the Oregon Department, nrrlrad la this city from Cortland on the ITth Inst., accompanied by ChaSna Ptewnnlon, Major Reynolds, Doctor Barnes sad Chpta ntlsBeld. The General will lenrn today tie Washlagton. During bis residence on this const he ban. mora thnn any other <i leer who eerred here, gained toe good will sa4 raapact of the people. His patriotic ant snsrgsUc ooorsa In rrferenos to tbe Ran Juan difficulty ban been ererywhere approved In California, Oregon and Washington. In the latter Territory the Lngtalatare adopted reaolailona inning In the strongest terms tbe General's action, aad Is Or?|nn the regret expressed at ha departure has been macere aad widespread Notwithstanding the aflbrta made to rtuure General Harney ta public estimation, he i oarrtee olin him the best wishes or nil olaaaM la Chlllbraln tor b? (Ware honor aad hspplnmn captain Stewart, United stales Army, has reostrad orders to rsaore ha command, consist lag of about two bnadrsd regulars, from Pyramid Lake to Qanoa rtrsr. the peopia of that looaflty are trnry much disturbed la ssassi|s?ncs. Thar tear the ladhus, naraatrntasd hy the amax of the military, win oommaos hostilities. 0M. lasitil expedition goes on la Use style. Some highly Important documentary testimony affikcttac the title to the sew tlmartrn qafaksilTar mine ha ban glen daring the week tt glees era more strength a the title of the claimants, aad nsreaasrtly against the salt carried on In tbe name of the United Ptates Tbe Supreme Gbart has granted a rehearing In tbe matter of the appllcatton of the Piste prison laassa tor a srvmptory maedam>.? npon the Oxn pi roller, compelling hlan to ierne bla warrants cpon the State Treasurer for 4136 ooo It ta reported that the two oHirers named had determined to refuse obej ing tbe mandate of the Conrt. ^ 1 4! :**; I' w*.- rrmau.lng ,n the M*U?Tr. u.iry waajm. Tbe amount of (old bullion dopnattad In the Branch Mint loot week wu MJM onnfrt, and 1,344 oiincee of SIIt> r lo (ol I eagle* there ni coined 9400,000 The rcltyee of tbe r:n on Ibe morning of tbe 18th taut na not vbtblc In tbte city. Tbe clooda were heavily rartart. and there wu a alight fall of rain. Tbe prtcaa charged for peerage " the Eutern SUteo on the atramrr Golden Age, which anil* Utia morning, ere ? rat cabin, t?M> and 02V. aeoood cabin, HT6. and steerage, S124 K?H kiog tlnce 0?l Jonathan D. Steveowm, who commanded (be regiment of New York volant-era that came f to California during the Mexican war. instituted proceedInge against Harriet Stewart, a walrrae at one of the minor itwatree, and made an attempt to prove her a proa litute. !W?e wu narilltwd and went to Caravn Cltjr (Waetr- j. where, it la elated, *h? ba> married D. W. Car eagle. the inkwell ?>tw-w The object of the pruaacuten wu to pre re n I thia reault The town of Mluneaota. in N'erxda county, waa burned kat Tneadav *? farther parttruiara received. Tbe Jarfceonvlllc f4>i.tb?rn Oregon) 5-mfinef mentlooa thai ?n the Tth Jul)', a Co-a pane of Tailed ? la tea aoidlem, seventy la number, under command of I.leut. A. Piper, arith Itent L. tormina, A A tyimtermuter. and Vt. O Hatch, A A. Surgeon, aiterrd iu valley,en rent- for Klamath mkee Their order* were to make m< rely n t?mpomry ftay there?until October. Tliey are to select a camping place Willi a new to lend aat.alaore to Immi grant*, to protect them lr'>m Incursions, Isc. The now [wot pained tUrc-gb 'aci-?n cootity dur'ng the weak, making Tery fair n arrbee ei-h day. Accompanying thrm were mme lire or *1* vagom, la t<m with camp im ptewir-iiia, itoree. ammnnltlon, arm* and other raqul alkw They had ccme from Fort I'mp^ua, by order* of ' Gee. Clarke. Mar-tin 1TH?el, a oatlre of narraitadt. and Ibrtynovo* rear* of age, wn* foun-1 mar iored in b,a hoiee, at Maeraiut afo, lw? M<-. ay It la r p| ?ed that the perp# trat? r of f? e deed i# r-mo man whom he had Invited to l< ep ith hm About 4*00 *? itolen ;rom the bonne eno'iir murder committed in Sacramento two d?>e atcr ill* rtetirn wu a mm known only by tbe , eair.erf |? n'l fYviceli Iwvoewu arrutod charged I W ih the tblnie A into who witntreed the ?UaM ?Jl ' I I E N" ~E that Herri and TVv * had * me misunderstanding previ- I cutty cd account of tie being instrumental in caueioj the other to loee a Situ tion. This morning ail pa.-end off jieafaDtly, till, ovtr, llenrl remarked to Devoe, " -o yon Dave loet y ;r i 'ace at the Oar nam restaurant?"? op< u which, with >ut saying a word, Devoe seized a butcher knife of tie largest size, which lay on the table, and thrtiKt it into Henri s boey, near the region of the 'Ivor. Henri p.lsc d his bards against his side, and saying, "that man h .skilled me," struggled into an inner ro. ni and isydowncn tbejfloor, where he expired in | ab< ut forty minutes. The witness denies that Henri I (truck Devoe. Th: prisoner, on being Informed of Henri's j death, said, "It is well?he is happy now." The dead man has bten employed as a launuryman at the new ' Hotel de France, on Second street, was about twentyseven years of age, and a native of Straaburg. Owen Harlin, charged as a participant In the robbery I of Wells, Fargo & co. 's eipress messenger, on the ?th of ' Jure last in Butte couDty, was arrested in this City a few . days ago, and sent to Oroville for trial. The case of Joseph Br libera, jewellers of this city, charged with making false, returns on osth to the assessor i t the value of their stock, has been settled. The Grand Jury ignored the bill presented against them. KKOlfl OIKCOX. The I*ortlond AJrerliter learns that the country east of the Cascades is now being explored by a company of , United States troops, who are expected to cross into the . rallAV Tho rtKstvtifll/tno an/4 UKa* a/waIIImw tKwAM?k I . . ?uv VUBI i HVliVilO "U? iavvi Vi ?V??U1? WUVli|U HIS I I mountains will roako It difficult and alow travelling. Col. Wright, commandant of the Department of Oregon, , baa detached thrco com pan tea of artillery to march to the ! i el it f of Captain Smith, in the Snake country. Of the recent election the SUtftiman (democrat) myl:? "There was no-election for Congreeeman held, and if . there had been shiel was not a nominee of a Democratic ! State Convention." thi urrujt wax. Mr. Lonia Scholl, guide to Oapt. Smith's command, bad j arrived at the Italles, bringing the exciting newe that the command had been attacked by a band of Snake Indiane. From letters received by officers at Fort Dulles barracks we giran the follow ing particulars of the fight and subsequent occurrences:? On Saturday, June 38, Capt. Smith's party were attacked by from sixty to eighty mounted Snake Indians, and 160 or IdO on fbot, armed with guns, bows end arrows. They bad followed Oapt. Smith's party for two or three days previously, and made the attack Just as be wis going into camp. Ihey came up boldly and attempted to drive off the animal* but failing in this, commenced the fight, led by a young Indian, who was killed the first Ore. Captain Smith's company engaged the Indiana very warmly, and obliged them to retreat to the moan tains, with a severe iocs of life to the Indians, and the capture of six animals and saddles, three guns and numerous other article*. They left on the field one Indian sad borne; a chief apparently, for he fired the first shot, and was the most active and bold In the affair. One of the ; captured animals was recognized as stolen from Major ; Reynolds' battery last Bummer. Several of the Indians : were, seen to fall, and they kept up a terrible mourning , all the afternoon, indicating that they suffered severely. Not a man or animal of Captain Smith's oompany received e scratch in the fight, which lasted only three quarters of , en hour. This ail occurred about eighteen miles from ; Owyhee river. Ohpum Smith Is now In the vicinity of Harney lake, j awaiting the arrival of Major Steen's party, who ore on : their way to join him, when probably they will move to- ; gcthcr in pnrsott of the Indians, ana in further prooecu- | ticn of their explorations. tr- Gold, in considerablei quantities, had been found on tbi tributaries of the Des Chutes. rxox vienwu, v. i. ? H. Majesty's steam frigate Termagant, and the gunboats urKpiiiur aim rorwiru, arnveu July 1U II fJ^ailUUl Irooa Chill. The Termagant ia a heavily armed xteamer. carry- ' log twenty-five guns. There arc now seven ships lying at Esquimau, viz: the Ganges, Topaze, Termagant, Alert, Plumper .Grip pier and Forward, lite Satellite left on the 10th for Oowitcban and Salt Spring Island, to protect the settlers from any depredations that might occur from the Indies*. Capt Goractl having resigned his offloe as "Postmaster General" for Vancouver's Island and Brltlah Columbia, Mr. D'Ewes is appointed as head of this department for the former colony, and Capt. Spalding fbr the latter. A j public meeting wax held in Victoria July M, tbr the pur- ' pose of adopting some incana for be Iter lag the condition of liio Indians of British Columbia. Resolutions were . passed declaring the Indians capable of civilization, and that their entailed a heavy reapooslbUlty upon I the Ch 1stian public, whaae duty U was to Impart to the savages the Gospel of Christ. The sum of $322 was collected for the relief of the Izdlins. Pays the Victoria GaztU ?'Wc have at last correct accounts of the Indian murders that have been floating round for the pax I week, and it appears now that fourteen lives have been aecrthced In avenging and revenging the death of the Fort llupe*t chief, killed by the aubjecta of IVlDce Freezy, some ten days ago. The Fori Rupert Iiidiaua who left on the Saturday after the killing of their chief, Sliding the authorities here were not able to help them to get even, on their way up caught some Cuwktchan Indians out clam fishing, and, acoorllngto our Informant, killed two Indiana In one canoe and three in another. A f w days after the Cowltcban tribe surprised some Kltahrnaht indians, and killed eight meu and carried two women off Into slavery. One of these woman is celebrated among the Indians as the daughter of a great cannibal chief, and ranks very high in their estimation, , a large /. a h will be offered for her, about one hundred blankets ia said to be her ransom if she has not been murdSNd. Fourteen Uvea fbr one, and lh>*e not at all interested personally, is good measure, but we do not ez peal the matter will net lure. raoxi rwxsra air**. The steamer Wilson G Hunt arrived at Victoria from Kisser river Jul} 6. The tUonuf says that she brings late an I important new*. Great discoveries of rtob digging* Jive boon mndc, In the and Queauelb coubti I**, whlct oonQrm our opinion aa expreaaed early Mat tpriug. About f45 000 In fold du*t came down on the Hunt, of which .It fir ay 'a VrprcM bad IT,000, Ballot's 120,000, and lu privet* luuida 113.(00 Several minert came dt.wn on the Hart bound for tbelr hemr* In the K?*t. They have succeeded id making piles dcritr their stay In British Columbia, and are going home lo sett la. Merer*. Fartabroolc and flolton, frxtn Miner's Flat, all miles below the Forks, called upon us yeaterday. The average yield of their claim fur the past three months ; has been 1320 per week to Ira men. The claim paid as [ high ss 033 per dsy to the hsnd. Tbey sold tbelr Interest * fur I7f>0 to each. The list is seven and a half acres In ax tent, and la be Id under a Irase from the Governor. Kns ley's end rani's lata, a few miles abova Boston | bar,art paying well to sluices and rockers. Tbe beat and mnet lasting diggings, from all accounts, are between the bead of the B g Canon and twenty-Ova miles above I I.ytton city. Minora general y are rrprt. ntod aa doing first rate. Flour at Ly ttoo la worth 937 par bbl.; rice, 20c. to 90c.; sugar, .'..Sc. to 40c.; t>acon, 1jar., syrup, 98 a gallon Backing from Tale to i.ytton is 16c. to 17c. per lb Mdlea are acting at 9200 a 9269 each. WBT COAST OF MEXICO. OCX BONOEA COMMBPONMNCI. m. Bosons, Mexico, July 9,1999. fnpwdliil far an Indian War?TV Indiana to fig Bmalcod Osf if tkeu Foatnme* froth J rrirolt af Meemiia en oU Bidet to Joan (he Mkpadittm T%e"Qmaatfort Groat," fee. This ally during tbe past weak baa been Um theatre of all tbe "poanp aad clre?niseis of glorious war." The troops of the Stale, deafened for the Vagul river, to tubdas tbe refractory Indiana of that region, have been cotletting hers In Urge lumbers. Artapl, Tanemlcbi, Baa Miguol, Oposnra, MsUpl, Magdaleos, the Rayon, Hertao ! Ulo, and other dUtrlcta of the State, have seat their quote, until the entire three baa been angmcatod to about < 1000 soldier*, to be increased to tbe number of 1,999 | or 1 >99 by the junction of the battalion of ! j Ahunoa. They will lake up the Una of j rob Mil Meeiey, under ito command of Onlooel Dm Jmm Gtrr.U Moral**?i distinguished par* ; ttrrnn officer, wbo has never rrt Ion a battle, either j against the Indiana, tba Gandarislaa or tbe ebuieh party. Ha la railed tbe "Lizard of tba Army." Monitor, noon j and night tba ball* ara ringing, drum* are beating, ban ncrt flying. and a band of marie la dclizbilng the popo lace with. military airs AEren<hra*o l? the director of thc|h*nd, and bene* wo bare "IVmapart* Praseing the Alps * and tbe "Maraclllar Hytna ' repeated every day Tbe taunou to ba uaed an Uila oo> vioo, three beautiful Held pteeea, were manufactared at Donahue's foundry, in , Fan Francisco and are remarkable for tbeir neataei * of Otiisb and durability Tbe muakeli and rifle* are of Eu- , ropeaa manufacture. The powder, an exeatlent art tela, ia man uAk lured in Honors (sad speaking Of- powder reminds ma to say, that no place tl tbe world la better calculated for tbe man u torture of ' gunpowder, as tbera la any quantity of saltpetre and bt imatone to bo obtained bore with bat alight trouble ) Home S 000 or fl.OOtt pounds of "Id type metal, used in lha gorernmeal printing office for the Uut fifty or sixty years, baa been reduced to m< Item lead, and converted into bullets Among tbta old typo, manufactured in Hpaln. Eng land and tbe I'olfed SI*tee. were aou?- Jewish blcro 1 gliphics. some astrological signs, astroa'-uier's abbrevia turns, and Fpenult and Frencb accents. Curious nae, you , may lb,ok. perhap*. to apply the element of mind and matter, by ibe art'ou of the thumb ai d foreflng<-r and the snewy tendrils of the arms and hands, the Instruments ) of conreytng into .tgence and information to all portions of the Male?to the swift wingej mv?**?tger* of death Juat liiilik of It?a Compound of lead, antimony and zinc ! (tiu'lala which this Slate em tarns In 111, ir erode rondgkm ' in large quantities), applied, not to battering dorm the instil-itiocs of superstition and ignorance, but t > uilhllaliug llic pocr Va i-iis. tliat Industrious tril>? of Indiano, of deb tm, ned energy and stubborn w ill, who are roa>ilvod on resisting the rncroaclimentk of the Mexicans or the white race on their planting and fruiting , rounds These bails in iy be surcharg'd w ith elertrirlty, and should such be the i a?e, Cod help Ike poor t aqu.s if they should penetrate tuetr skuli*?it woahi be decidedly worse than scalping. the engtner of artillery ia CMonnl Fleory. a Frenchtuato, d 1stinguisbfd o tbe aafM < ( iMm. who In ten, a to adopt pelican , 's (tbe Duke of MalakotT) lactic* against the Arabs ffe designs to smak* tbsni out by the toarirg faggots of ihetr e?mp tires, If no other j n.'&r,* wlti avail to reduce them to .subjection. TJera . wit be hot ,tork very shortly in the " iltaaffeotsd din- ' b:ot,' ai?! to m stakc It will be a bard fought battle, ia |f W YO MORNING EDITION?M(3N wh:ch blows w.ll be given as wed u liken. Intratb, it , will be ea;al to live celebrated flgh; between tho donley and tbe alligator un the banka of the Santa Crua do Mayo. A company of lancers, numbering aiity, have j ;-t come in from Mactezuma to join the grand cavalcade. , They present a very imposing appearance with their cut and threat aabre and red iiannul ahirta. | They are now parading the plaza as 1 writs, , reviewed by his Excellency Governor Ignacio, 1 resqucira and General Angel Trias, ex Governor of Chihuahua. Their expert horsemanship and rapid manoeuvring elicit high commendations from these two veteran Indian campaigners. Tho lance Is a favorite weapon with Mexicans on horseback. They use It with admirable dexterity. On last Sunday morning a portion of tho troops to the number of two or three hundred, entered tho Church of San Miguel in regular procession, neatly drened In white pants, check shirts and alraw hate. They are armed and equipped according to Uw, with muskets and rides, cartridges, mr touch bnxce and belts, minus, however, the knapsack, an accoutrement which can be easily dispensed with in this warm weather. The Rev. Victor Manuel, a native of Sevoy, France, one of tho Catholic clergymen located here, chanted the Te Dtum with much solemnity, and gave his blessing to the heroic nous of Sonora. As the troops retired from the massive building the aenoritis weved their white 'kerchiotk end silken reborns with ell Imaginable grace. It takes tbe seuoritas L'reS, beautiful and fhscinaling as they are. to observe the sweet civilities of polished life, and impart a peculiar unction or tiaivcii to national featlvities. Governor Pesquclra has recently received e pamphlet onr?V nr in ted in Rnnnish ihd Pnalith n niwnMl by Charlos P. Stone, as the agcot of Jeeker, Torre k Oo., end Colonel J. B. O. Juham, In relet ion to the Gomonfort rrent of the " weete" mineral end egrtonlterel landa of this State, warning liis Excellency and all othor pertiee not to treepaae on or <1 is pose of the aforesaid lands at i their peril, as they Intend to stand upon the " bond" . noUiu voleiu. A distinguished legal gentlemen of Sonore, as wily ai Talleyrand and as profound as Burke, who is well versed in diplomatic affairs, international lew, the rights of States and nations, and the obli- , gations Imposed by the treaty making power, Is preparing a brochure on this very important question, which, when it is published, will overthrow all the mystification and , special pleading of Caleb Cushing end other learned adro- , cates of the house of Jerker, Torre k Co., their aids and adjuncts. This pamphlet, doubtless, will create as crest s 1 sensation among the millionaires of Europe sad the United i State* as did that of Iouia Napoleoi relative to the "Pope and the Congress of Europe." It shall be my purpose to end you an early copy as soon as It is Issued from the press. OLH C0L1MA COKllESPONDENCE. Comix, July 20,I860. Sucre** of the Liberal rariy?The Chief of the Liberal* Making Mora Extrmioe Preparation* for War?B\uinai Generally Dull?The Weather, rfe. The liberals still continue to hold possession of all the ports on the Pacific. Miramon'a troops remain in possession of Guadalajara. They are said to number upwards of four thousand, sad all regulars, well armed and disciplined. Ogazon, the chief or the liberals is this section, is concsntrating a Urge force a fow leagues from Guadalsj&ra, amounting, according to various reports, to from eight to twelve thousand. It is thought by some that be will j Immediately attack the city; others say that he will , besiege It; and others again say that he will do neither 1 at present. II ramon himself Is near Goannluato. with two thousand i five hundred men, Awaiting events, an<) prepared to march wherever bia preeence may he m<-st needed. A conducts left Guadalajara a lew days a lure for Tampion, the merchants having arranged with both parties, paying four per cent to each. Another conducta waa to have left there yesterday for tbla place, under the aame arrangement, for shipment at ManzanUlo. The rainy aeaaon haa fully set In. Almoet all kinds of business, except agriculture, are at a stand still, and will be for the neit three or four mouths. NEW GRANADA. OCT! PANAMA CORKSnrONDKNCR. I'xmm 9tatfs StkaAk Lahcaskk, 1 Paxaka, August 3,1800. ) IVtwunation of Our Goading Cruine?Cfurt Martial*? fVr and Aburti <f -Vara! La\rt? Exorbitant Salel of rerc tilage m -Vete Turk Exika nget? Crlebrai um of the Inde fmdmtm v r?nj?u?t;rai .<r?r.-)o_ The Ckirujui Evule, dc., ite. Our cruise along the coast of Central America and Moxteo waa terminated on July 27, exactly three months having been spent In visiting porta, In many of which no American Commodore had shown bia flag alnoe the Mextoan war. That tbla feci haa been publicly and gratefully acknowledged by our resident eltlzena of lfexioo, the readers of the lixaALD have already learned from your correspondent la Mazallan, whose letter of llay 28, together with mine of the 31st, was published in the Hkkald of 20th Jane. Nobody will gainsay that this course was a judicious one, sad highly creditable to Flag Officer Montgomery, proving to our ctttsrns that their tatereeta are looked after end cared for, and we can only be surprised that it baa bepn delayed so long; the more eo, since the principal part or our com mores, which, la former years, wea with the South American States, has of late years, through the proximity of California and Oregoo, been transferred to the republics of Mexico and Central America, thus making It doubly necewary that our national vessel* should visit the porta of these northern States of the PaclUc. It aeetna as though is this squadron they would never bring general courts martial to a dual close, for scarcely had we arrived hare before a court convened on board lbs United States ship St.* Marys, to try several offenders against naval laws and etiquette: while thefts, swindling operations and other crimes too Inhuman to ! mention paae by unpunished. Speaking of thefts?one ? *aa commuted on board here lately, tHO having mys- f iertonaly vanished from the ship's storeroom, end el- * though evidence enough haa been elicited to bring the ? culpi its to Justice, yet nothing seems to bars been done r In Ou> mutter, and whv ? " To save the ah in from a had Mine." It may truly be Mid of Justice, that *be is tbo rongnly blind Instead of only blindfolded, In tbeae day* of iniquity, when inch doing* a* the above are a daily t occurrence on board our national ships. e Bat an the readers of the Hmumi doubtlessly remember (, the general order from the Navy Departineat, published . hay l7lM0, pealti vely forbidding ua to communicate with t puhlle print*, and rrarrvtnf U> ttaeir the privilege of , living to the pabllc rnch Information an it daetaa proper, u they will hanlly be oerpctoed that the abuses of our naval a lawn ao seldom becom# public, a? but few care to invoke j I be ire and dtopieaoaie of their superiors by aaaii^ L with other ryea and writing with purer motlvea than 4 ruH the fhattdkmsaaaa aad coaactaace of tboae who are *t the Lead of thi* much macoodoclcd department , And when waa ever the Navy rvpertmenl known to firs t publicity to anything couearning U10 interna! government , of tu at ip*? waa the murder of George Ktttar. on board the eteam eloop Brooklyn made nubile from head quarter*? I rt any rtoord of the cruelty of punt hmrr.ts used m the 1. ?y And ita way to public kuirnala through the department? Aad If ructa PTile exist, where arc those who suf- U r?r ualer Uwtu to look fbr a remedy, If aot la pobiieei- f| Em? Eefao, w bml great naiaanor, which might be removed eeally. are eibcrbltanl per rentage# charged fbr esehange on H Kew York: Ave per cent. Is the pr*osot rate, aad a draft u at *iglit is aot to be had fbr lovs or asoaey, aad aa many if the officers and men bare fhmlltm at home, whose ne jeaeltle* must be relieved, were the rates twice ae high Q the drafts would bars to be sent. Why cannot govern- * seet arrange with our new Au>ctod paymaster* (rice purler*) a method of lastiis* drafts oa the navy sgeotasod T bus facilitate matter* for It* amply**;and lam aura G hat If there to aaythlng to be made by It the paymaster* p sill Lave no objection. h On the evening of the 2Mb ultimo a ball waa given at n the Government House, at Panama, by the Peruvian Con- ri ml, Penor Rr.bto, in honor of the anniversary of the lode p prtdrnce of Peru. Tlic fete waa wall attended by the B wr'gn conrato and by office re from the Lancaster, St. at Mary'* and her liritaaic Masrsty'e ship Clio. 1 _~i.~1 M 1..M nn hnnl ikla a*>tn fulw 30, invalidity line* of our crow: they leave today 1 _ in charge <4 Tb?? C. Cuddy, mastor'amale. B An edifying ud do doubt hi (bly oial<orate tirade ap . peered in the &?r and llmid of August 2, against tbe : proposed "Chirtqut taptorlng t xpedBion," Id which the i ,ge.?rrr nf mr government, to send out an experirIon f this hied, at tbl? nraana of Uie year, la highly and HK?t , '' Flatterinyly commented upoe by the would be.wi*e editor * .r Uiia sheet; but the race of thta nruaa le agalnat the : T proponed step la an rrtdeet, the eery of competition | " igaltst another transit route eo plainly risible that llm enter lias overshot hi* mark and laid bare ha weakest prints. The aanae writer, In the same 1 H irprie, tencbea Iheantifblly upon the refnaal , |< >f Congrraa to rote the rusda for the continuance of the ywlal arrrtre by the I mama route, but totally fbrgwta n hi* aplesn that Uneigreea tried to effort a better mall lerrlce by ao overland dally route, but aa a prefect of ' hat anrt la totally against thr religion of tbe Pan*man tana, f< he author of the shoe# menitoned publication may be arihned for bw oreraigbt. I would aot hare mentloDed hi*, but tbe rommeata and the toae throughout the whole f >ditorlal la ao envious and, to aay nothlag of its *? mtal war.t <d |* inta, that It waa rroet freely condemned j m >y many American reawferte of Panama and oflluera of tt he American ships now In p rt. fs Apropos. A fine rjie ilnien of Navy Yard work has pre- e* erne t itar If to us In the ahapo or the copper of tbm ahip'a la It which Mil mannawtered at Washington and ft rnarantcrd to laat from four to sit years, la already, aj without any unnecessary atrain or friction, la a *Uta of ' lr rtaidrray, and It will be nr.-. teary to do< k Utls new m ibl| ararirly elgbtvea months from the stocks, to aave i a| ler bottom fr< m being utterly ruined A fair Sample of j si bis w?* to be durable article has been forwarded ror ev- j rr nitration to the Bureau of Construction, and although j Tl be barm in<<ur ossein la yet to be bop<-d that , ? bis will len<: to prevent the frreioet.t recurrence of half it urmehtag our governim i<l tb'ff thunraaslrg annecea R ary do ay sad esyaraa Or a thin another link In the ?. baia of frnudt latelv come to light at the Philadelphia ri .avy Yard, wiera U,a san | ah p ( ) waa built and I ci Ittad cut? g, RK H IDA*, AUGUST 13, 1800. Panama, August 4, 1840. >V 'Afr .V(K5 from (A# Rtvclu'wnisU?piohamatvjn of Prrtidad Ctpina?The RcvuliUwnuLs Koieiuing Aid Fr> n? the Xtighbonng Sta'er? I Par it Bring Dtviamd on All Sidty?Tht Military Moorment* of the Varuius Gene yah? Ounlcmpla'od Attack Cjx/n Bogota?Cloning if Some of the Port* Against Fbreign Cummerrn?arbitration if the Anrivrrtary if bidrpeiidiwe?Arriral of Oi^Cnited Statu Frigate Lancaster?Xaoal Moo- menU, itc., ite. Bo mail baa been received here l>om Bogota since the date of my tact advices. Both the Atlantic and l'aciflc coaets are la tie poeaeuiiou of the revolutioniata, and consequently all regular communication with the capital is cut off. By private letters, however, from Bogota, received via Carthagena in sailing vessels, advices to the 27th Jane have been received. On the 25th, President Ospina issued a proclamation amounting to a dcclarot'on of war against the revolted states, and Lisa taken command of the second division of the federal army. Tn this, it is said, he has disregarded a plain provision of the oocstttutlou, forbidding the executive from taking command of the army in person. The State of Cundinamarca, or at least portions of it, ore reported to have revolted against the general government, and the States of Bolivar and Magdalcna have decided to send troupe to the aid of the revolutionists in that quarter. A Balling vessel from Buenaventura, with dates to the 20th July, arrived hero on the 30th. The news from I Cauca la Important. The State of Antioqula, which still adheres to the Confederation, having declared war against Cauca, Gen. Motquera, in return, has declared war against that State, and In his proclamation he calls upon all the other States to aid him In protecting tbo constitution. He states that he has 6,COO Infantry under arms, 1,000 cavalry, and sufficient arms and amunltlon to enable him to carry out his purposes. Gen. Ob in Jo continues In command of the revolutionary forces In Oanra, while General Mosqucra remains at the bead of the executive department. He has ordered the , seizure of all tho qntna bark In the country belonging to native merchants, which means, I suppose, that which txlgnga to his political enemies. It is supposed that It is bis intention to ship it to Ckllao, sell It and Invest the proceeds in tbo purchase of a vessel of-war?he i having despatched, It Is said,an agent to that port for the purpose of procuring a suitable vessel to protect the coast of Cauca. Meantime, Mosqucra was preparing to march against Antloqula, where some federal troops are stationed and an engagement has probably taken place by this time. Should Mosqucra and Obando be victorious, they will doubtless at once march against Bogota; but, should they bs defeated, the revolution may be considered at an end. Mosqucra has declined the nomination of the liberal party for the I "residency, and doc lares that he has no aspirations for that ottlce, ko. The Granadian schoonerof war Clio, fitted out by the Intendento General of this state, bad arrived at the port of ltsraaco and taken the place. &o remained off the port some twenty-lour boors, and thns gave time to tbo revolutionary authorities to leave the place. They all loft exaept the collector of customs, who was seized and sent a p-lsoner to this place, shore bo new is in close confinement. The Administrator General of the titate of Ganca, under the federal government, has issued a decree, <latod at "asto. in the interior, declaring all the ports si Cauca slaved against foreign commerce. Copies ot the decree lave been sent to all the Oonsuls at this port by the In- < endento. Tbo object of the decree is to preveot the , fiosquera parly frosa collecting da ties; but, as it la a nere paper blockade, the federal authorities will proba- c ily not be able to enforce it. large quantities of An* ri- 1 an merchandise for Buenaventura are detained hero < n consequence of this decree, and tho refusal if the authorities of the port to grant clcaraneas to ves- 1 lels wishing to sail for any of the ports In Cauca. I nlesa 1 he federal authorities besiege or blockade the port of j iuenaventurn. so as to prevent the Ingress sad rgrc-s of leutral vessels, the owners of tho goods detained wilt loubtleaa protest and claim damages for having them itopped while In transit. Tbe British steam frigate Clio . tailed hence on the 30th nit. for Buenaventura, with the InUr.dente Grneral of tho State and fhmily on board She 1 is to return in a rew days. I The anniversary of the indeoendenoe of Peru was cele braird in Itaia place on the 2Sth nit , by bail giron (17 ibf ivrnriu Uwtui at the govornment mansion. It was Unite a brilliant airalr. The United Stales learn frigate Lancaster, Capt. John Rudd commanding, bearing the ling of Flag officer J B Montgomery, arriTd at this port from Uusymas on the 27tb ull. The 1-ancuiter, during lite cruise from wkWi the has Just returned, touched tn at all the Central American and intrrmrilinto Mexican porta She was twenty two clays st Uusymas. ?n?1 several day* at Ia Pa/., tUaallan aud Aca pule o, In going aud returning. At Guaymss the Inhabitant* were eomewbal alarmed lest they would be attacked by the Yas n Indiana. Iu consequence of this state of foellrg Hag Officer Montgomery dclayod the departure of the Iaoraater from Ouaymaa beyond the allotted tins, krerything was quiet when the Lancaster sailed. The United States sloop-uf war Ceyane left Macallan on the 11 th of July} for Ia Pas, with the Govrrnor of l ower 1 nil 1 torn la mi board. The United States sloop St. Marys d (till in port, but will probably be ordered soon to lealrto, Nicaragua. There has hewn no arrivals at this ' mrt Irom either Oentrsl America or the South Pacific t Ince the sailing of the last steamer froas At pin wall for t few York. The Pacific Railroad Company's steamer luatrmala, from Central American ports, Is doe here to- ' lay, but the steamer lor New York will probably bare a lied before she arrives. (l THF OKKUAN SFTTUtMSKT IN CimtlQCI. f [Prim lbe Panama Ilerald, August 4.1 Wc regret to learn that the eipectalioua of toe German ' sttlerw in Cbtriqul are not likely lobe realised, and li hat they do not lind ao |oo<l an opening in 11m country y ? they anticipated. An Intelligent gentleman, writing 0 oa from David, any*?The prospects of U? ni<nsin P umigration in Chlrbiul la, Judging from ibe part, gloxny. li UUmi t<> lliry have not produced enough to support their ami I tee Tbe msjorily would leeve If Ux-jr bad the neeos, but, aa they have not the wlierewithal, they c oual make a virtue of necessity. and wait for what tbe t MvN bring. The caium ? of A. - failure are bad nada, lazy and indolent mozoe, picayune markets, goooal pnrerty, and tbe jealooey of tbe aatlre laodownera od formers. Until olwUcles are removed, tbe fo- b etgaer caa do nothing la Cbirtqul. J( AFFAIRS IN GUATEMALA. 8 [From the Panama Herald, August 4.] Wc traaalate from a letter leat to ua by a merchant of a bia city the following Iteme from thta republic ?The ocatry la politically eulel, but great dtaeatirfaction ia nit at the increeslng debasement of allver money coinod 1 tbe natioaal mint, which, according to tbe decree of y lie Iresblent, mull Ik- rer. iv. I aa a legal t.-nder It II rbtspered, because ao one dart aay ao oprniyflhal this i all owlag to the Prceideat owning the ellrer and lead l< sines of Pliant la, which do not prove very profitable. p here la also a large number of counterfeit gold dollars , a cirrulatbin, aad they are ao wall executed aa almoet to lefy deterlion. The cochineal crop thla year la amall. owing to the ralaa u ad storms of hall, but the quality la remarkably good: ha praacnt price la S10S per aertoa, which ta coaabiared * try low. - ? u Perteaal lafolll|ear*. general Heealageru, of Nicaragua notoriety, arrived fc I thla City yeeterday, la the atcamehlp Hontgnmary, rom Ha van nab. Among Um arrlrals by Um Adriatic yesterday waa Ion. William h. Chmpbell. United Ptateu Couenl to Rot- " wdam. nia daaghtcr accompanies him. General Ilarnry, Major Rryaolda, Pargroo Bar dm. aad n aptatn PI mean tot), I. A A, Grneral W. AHtroogJof fr Dflae , were aaaotig tbaarrivabi at tbrHt N'b holaa Hotel. ei The Boaton Br*. of Saturday, rays ?Senator tic ward, in borlow Weed, R. M Rlalrhford, funeral Webb, If. H rlnnell, and other distinguished paltt.elans of the reubltcaa laitb, arr pay leg a visit '>f a feu days to Wm. I. yvarte, ra.| , of New Yetk, al hl? rnualry residence i Windsor. 11. It la uadrreteod that Mr. Howard will etirc fren tbe Senate al the ckee of the prrsent term, jf n llie 4th of M?rcb n*it Senator Seward and Mr SmlrtJlfarrl tABSA.1 IhrAl'.ffh thlfl rll? TMtAr.thV hfUPtlAfdl loprtr.f * "* boura at the Harare limine. GoTtruor ITieka, of Mar;land, left Annapolm on the Pth ee Hi,M a travelling tonr. ia r reoperation of hla ener- lr ire, prostrated by tM fccblr condition of hla nirn health, od htt recent doraritU al'.ietirma Ho may probably 01 xtor.rf htf rtalt at far wort aa Illlnota. *1 Hot D C. Milcb. ll. of Wet Plockbrldge. Maw . baa Boa depceed rroaa Uto lab-try of Ibe Met bod let charrh. >r alleged Improper cowdact towards a rouag Kirl namrd fobtlor, living In South Loo, wliorr bo preached taut ? ear. II expected that legal action will be taken in tbe tatter by lb* friend* of {be tuflering girl. Mitchell baa pretty wife and aeroral cblldrea. Hi* Joha R. Alley nailed for Kur-pe In the Canada on or redneeday.oa buaiueat cvanected with tbe 'hoe and alber trade. * . Mayor Wayo.of Pi-bmoad, Va.. la terioutly Itidirpnarl. C.eaeral Miielda, we *ee by our Texae eachingae, baa rrlred at R Pa o oe bt? route from Ntn Ant.mlo to Call w on la Hka health la tmprovioc d< at Tm Fjumn^raaa m lent*** ?A oorreepondent rf the inemnatt Cettffr, nader date of Frantv He. A>igh?t I, iya _We were netted Milt more nr. at twenty two P i is alee iwrt nine A. M.. by aa eartb<iuake. wtaleh r?n nurd about flfUeu aecoada, tlinugh tberr wera wide dtfrenca ae regart* the duration of Hi# atiork. It wat acmpauled by a atmilar to that made by a heavy h" den train or cara runninf akiwly through a depot. fr nor* and window* rattled, and balding* Jarred a? If fltaied t?y the morlrg of heayy gooda on tlie name floor, i one hardware atore on Main street tbe aliock <u an A irere aa to throw over a large circular taw etending & tbe wall at an argle rf twenty fire degree# Tbo lock wae (till more ten re in tbe enal mlnee ahout one lie writ of tbe city, on tbe bank* of tbe Ohio rlrer. lie tmpioy^a *ay It continued fully lire minutea. The ukiu.i, were vrrr much frightened, more ao Mian hnrt, lere not heteg a lump of coal or aarth dietiirbed At rrdrreoii. Ky., tbe shock waa eren more tcrrre, though rt of to lotg duration. The people left Uietr h.?i?* and in iat? the Mreeta, tbncgk aodamage waa dona, t am nder tbe 'tnf reaaion that tbeatmafc nag hearler further 01 . .ib. Tbe waveg teemed te come Iroa tbe aouibwetk w ? E H A a ?D ACCIDENTS ON THE BEACH. nr. Jo u Vbktaher and Or. E. 0. Dimmer Drowned at Long Cr.tnrh, and (iantavw KaU i nd Edward tlardliur at the H% . amU Sorrow Escape j o Three Ladles, M., he. he. THE CALAMITY AT LONG BRANCH. our eono ekancu t'orke-rOKUENCE. au.kuha.vy hocse, ) i-o-v. branch, ah usi 11?2 p m. [ Dr toilful Dtalht by Drowning?Two Laditi Ketcutd from DtatK?Heroic Omduct of a Canadian?Adcict to Hotel Proprietor*, <fc., iCc. Enclosed I forward you an account of a allocking accident which occurred here this morning. I shall endeavor to forward It by private hand, aa uo mail leave* here before Monday morning. On Saturday morning about ten o'clock, two gentlemen, the Rev. Or. WbiUaker, pastor of a Methodist churob in Trenton, H. J., and Dr. Downer, of Jersey City, went In bathing almost opposite the Metropolitan Hotel, in company with two ladies U appears that the place where they entered la not considered safe, on account of what fishermen call a "sea pass," i.e., a rush of water betwoen two sand hills. It seems the ladles aud Dr. Whittaker lost their footing immediately and were swopt into dorp water. Dr. D., who wnsan excellent swimmer, succeeded in geting the ladies Into a place of safety, but, unhappily, tvsww uto Dtiru^iu nuu wniv <1VWU. IUC grc?M*?l WQIIIDIUD prevailed along tho beach, and several mmulog claimed before a boat was launched and oae of tho bodies taken out. In the meantime a young Canadian gentleman, Mr. Ardagb, stopping at the Alleghany House, who was bathing about two huntred yards to the south o! where the accident occorrod, ran np and plunged In for tho rescue of tho other gentleman. With much difficulty be succeeded In reaching him, and, seizing him by the collar of the shirt, be endeavored to drag him to the ibore. Hia strength, however, was rapidly falling, but, by a desperate eOort, be got so close that the bystanders dragged both out. Mr. Ardagh'a courage Is beyoud praise. While hundreds stood on the beach watching tho unfortunate man struggling helplessly, he nl me von tared into the boiling surf at the imminent risk of his life. For several iniuutea after he was rescued Mr. Ar dsgh lay almoat insensible on the beach, but we are happy to learn that he has now eatlrelv recovered from the effects of his heroic conduct. In the meantime the two unfortunate gentlemen were carried into one of the sum mer houses on the bank, and for several miuutes they were exposed to tho barbarous treatment to which drowned persons were liable in the dark ages. They were rolled on barrels, held up by ihe^beels. ho., and all this on Um beach, exposed to the cool breezes oil the sea. At length asms gentlemen took charge of the bodies, and lid srerylhing that science oould suggest to restore tho iltal spark, but, we regret to say, without sncoes. In sonclusion, we beg to suggest to tho hotel proprietors of joeg Branch that where a place is supposed to be dangeriua, notices should be posted up to that effect. Further sore, ropes well buoyed and anchored sbould he attached lo each bathing place, and the directioua of the London Humane Society with respect to the treatment of those who have been immersed in water should be posted up in oonsplcuous places in every hotel, In order to prevcut Uie repetition of such barbarous treatment aa was practised on those gentlemen. This Is the only accident of the kind that has occurred at Long Branch in the coarse n WTiTBi yrmrm. Loxo Bhajcb, August 11- 8 P. M. rhr Sid Calamity at I-ony Branrk?Ik* fhotomitg tf Mauri. Wkittalcr and Dwnmar?Kj[urU to Save Them, dc., dr. A M?t melancholy accident occurred at this plaoe, at half paat cIotcu o'clock tbla morning, by which Mr. John Whlttnker, a retired merchant of Tienton, and Dr. S 0. Dummer, of Jersey City, were drowned. The [?rtlmlari of Hie m<1 oflstr ore se follows:? It appears that two young men, tho sous of Mr. Za briskln, the lasryer, of Jersey City, and a young lady, daughter of bis, and a Miss Parker, of Newark, went bathing In the sand flat In front of the Metropolitan Ilotel. rhe party, from carelessness or otherwise, walked or Irlflod off the bathing ground. There being a strong under uTrent at the time, they were suddenly drifted Into leep water. The ladles Immediately gare the alarm, and Tied for help. Mr. Whittakrr and Dr. Hummer, who were ' bout going to the bathing houses to dress, nobly Jumped ^ n to assist them, and than sacrificed their own liven. ^ be ladies were safely rescued, but the two unfortunate h' enllemeo got no aid from the several geullemen look- ( | ng on, except a few benches thrown to them, till o{ Ir. Jus. II. Cooper, one of the gentlemanly pro victors of the Metropolitan Hotel, arrived. He, with j, be aid of Surnuel McLean, James Wood an! Jsmes Green, j( r n i w~ --r r* a - a PRICE TWO CEVIH Issue. The latter acr.i'cct "occerei sear Thump, sun's Hotel, at the Vcvasink Highlands. One o the victims was Mr. Gustavus A. IUtz, fcr a long lime ikcietary of the Liquor IVjaieii' Assoc .aHon. The following are the particulars of Urn m loi i.uly , u lastrophe About half past nine o'clock yesterday morning, Mr. Hats, h?B wlfr, Mrs. John Van T oe, Miss Frances Frar? iod Robert D Evans went In bathing nearly rt.imp'on's Pavilion Hotel, which Is only o short dlstanoo 'rein the Ocean House. A fresh breeze blew from the virt, and (he surf cam" breaking upon the beach with a lushing vigor and tumultuous foam, appreciated by the Ivvors "f g.a bathing. A strong current and sw.ft undertow prevailed .it the time. Very soon a Tier entering tho water, the current swept the party of bathers below tho po. 't where they entered Into deep water. Sensible of their danger, tin y called for assistance. It t\aeaneicill.ig time. The men strove to save the ladies. Several who were on the beach ran for a boat. Flxcepting Mr. Rat7. and his wife, the party were speedily rescued from their perilous position?the f.rmcr having, by the strong fhrre of the undertow, been carried farther from tho sbors. Knowing that Mr. Rate, was a powerful and expert swimmer, but little apprehension was re!', fur his safety. He was soen seen to sink, losing hla hold Trcia bis wife, whom he had been valnlv cdanrr.rlr* in W . 0 ? to the shore. Quickly Mr. Evans, although nearly xb.iusted from his previous efforts to save the Ives of thofe who hid be<n rescued, plunged nlo the water and swam for Mrs. Ratz. Do ,ook hold of the end of KVope with hts teeth, and, reacting Mrs. Ratz, tied the rope about her body, when, by tbo issistnnee of others, she was pulled to the b< ach. Meanimo Mr. Ratz was not seen to rise to the Surface aga.n. n ten minutes bis body was washod ashore. Now came the most exciting time of all?the efforts to esuscltale Mr. Ratx and his wife. Several physicians vho were present resorted to the usual means employed or restoring drowned persons. In the case of Mrs. Rats .he efforts proved successful. It was beyond the skill of .ho medical attendants to reauscitalo Mr. Ratz. .scarcely had the physicians given up their laborious it tempts to bring hack to the body of Mr. Rati the spark >r life, when they were called on to return, if possible, ife to the inanimate form of a young man named Gardiner, just taken fr >m the water close by. Gardiner and levcral youths of shout the same ace wero in swimming, i little farther up the beach, when the former was inrried by the same undertow beyond bis depth. Every tvailahle means was used to resuscitate him, but they were of no avail. Intense excitement followed the news of the drowning. People rushed from tbo neighboring hotels to gaze >u the victims of the catastrophe. Very soon the kroner, Mr. Joseph E. Mount, was on the iii'uuu. BUU prmi-uni kj uuiu au inquest. sumjicni STIIubco being taken to prove tbc accidental character of he u'rowcicg in each caae. the usual verd.cta wire rent-red, and the remains delivered over to their friends. The body of Mr. Ra'.z was brought to the city last veniog by the steamboat I ting I'.ranch. His wife had not r.fliciently recovered to s:comp?ny the remains. Bis ?.riy was taken to the Philadelphia Bote), in the lowery.uf which he was the proprietor at the time of tta death and where hie family reside. Arrangoneiits for the funeral will be made today. Mr. Bats ran only 27 years old. He leaves a wife and one :hiid, a boy four years old. As is well known, be ja* for tome time been Secretary of the Li<|uer leak rs' Association, of whicR ho was an active, vlgt nl and enthusiastic member. He aleo bek rged to the k-vcnlh regiment, and waa a member of the order of Yee Masons. For several yenr? he baa conducted the niltdclyhia Hotel, and it said to have accumulated a landsome property. Being very fond of gymnastic extremes, be recently established the gymnasium at the inrncr i f Flghth avenue and Twcnt; third street, which still ie successful operation. Be is a native of Germany, but came to this country when a mere lad. For mme years be waathej>nv<-pr of (iornmiMlure 1'erry, and lubetipioiitly became a clerk in the h-<.xe of August Bolnv ut, leaving which he went into the hotel jus.nsvs on his own nor? unl. 1 Interpreting and shrewd n business, be iwee*#ed th-ee social trails that won i host of friends, and made him popular with his aseolisten. The young man < Jar diner was eighteen years old, Jid IIve<l In Huflhlo. He waa on a visit to New York, nd at the lime he met his death was utt a holiday visit o the New Jersey Highlands. Political Intelligence. Tki Know Nomura I'mouioca.?tUjor General iauaitui Adolphua Cicero Scrcggi. late Gran I Sachem and rhne mover in the independent order of Know Nothings r the State of New York, haa 1>een bought up, bodjr and note, by the black republican*. The Lincolnltce paid a gh price for the General, under the Idea that he would ring with him a boat of dark lantern tie* to the tupport the rail eplitter; but In thi* they were wofully diaaploud, and they are now mooning over a bad bargain, icy were coaaiderably taken in by their purchase of the mdoo llaann, but experience failed to teach them .la oper leeeoo. M<j?k Wwor*ixa.?'The tainted fruit on the Do<gla* re, with every gnat of wind, drop, one by one, into tba p of the black republican*. But a few lay* ago we n* rded the fhll of John Hickman, ooe ot the great Boogies adere, and now we *ee that the Plqoa (Ohio) fru/uirer, >e of the leading Doug la* organ* la Ohio, ha* gone over the blank camp. Mora would epaodUy follow if K Were it Dial they think they can damage the democratic irty more by their eeeming support of the Little Giant lan they could If Uielr diagoiee w*a thrown off. Their eoebery la fbat becoming known, however, end their rwer will eooe oeaae. Mnewtei Lixmusr.?Sufficient return* bare been redeed to render the elerlk* of Sample On, the Ballrerctt candidate for Gorcrnor, alaust certain T M Solwing named candidates tor the Thirty-seventh Cuugif re also *upp<n*d to he elected ? 1st dis ?Francis P. Blair, Jr., repub. 3d dia ?James A. Rntlln*, asthma! union. M dm ?Job* B. Clark, dem. 4th da ?Utah II. Norton, dem. 6th die ?John W. Behl, dem. Bit dtt.?John S. Phelps, dem. Tlh da -John W. Noeil, dem. One republican, on* national anion and Ave democrat*, le prcnent delegation are all damocrnta. Cauvowtu Pannauvic reran* ?The flea Fraaclsoo en her, (CbUxHic,) ha* com* out la fkvor of fcugta*. akirg tea democratic journal* la th* State that have ooounced ta faror af lb* "Mill* (J laai." Tb* Mb am rroM, Auburn fTermld, Butt* Democrat, Mountain Dmlast and Kierra CMUm ar* in fhror of Brack larldga. Tb*y ake r-v?o on that aid* a* far m board from. ktnmvnT drroaaa to Itnraiaa an Jnauanu ? Tb* a la (Tin.) Compani'n ntalc* that on Tburaday night o( >1 week Doug la* wan hung tn eflVgy la that plac*, whl* ? figure of Johnaon lay at tb* toot of the trae. Ob tb* [lowing night tb* figures war* oo mm: I tod to lb* mes Boat Ovr* to tut Btix Kr?MV Paart ?Tb* SftUkn ffrrmU, p'tl'll?h*d at Fulton (Km ), aad bttberto utral In politic*. baa announced that during tb* preannt aram It will aupport tb* claim* of Ball and Kreretl. Tb* A*t7y A>u?. of Jar.knoa (KM ) baa renounced It* ntrallty during tb* present canram, aad will support >11 and Fverett p*< rtmntr Ormnctiio Yakut's Puts* to* Pwnm mo?. ? i? Virginia /iW?a, speaking of tb* rornlntlonnry doc>o*a of M?*?ra. Keltt and Yancey, ray* ? Mr K*ltt baa "kept hi* pjwder dry," tbniigb b* aa*aM bare parUd with bis discretion. Are tb* poop)* of rginta prepared to "procipllato" tb* (Yane?y Kaitl) solution naorr' Ar* tliey la lb* mnnrnl of "sober rood tlxxtchl" prepared to "play at tlt*a" oa lb* dsntl. r of Uir Union? We will not c<> operate with Mr. Keitt. c will not play "botti* bolder tor Mr. Yancey W# 111 nr l fraternlr* wilb pr ?? dlrunlnui?ta. W* will oot ah* tl>* integrity of tb* talon "upon lb* baxard of U>? ?" whru lb* game I* Ihna to b? n anaend. Mr. ltar<t'*?iT Ci?"* OrrtrtAt T.rrraa o* Arvwrrtiww ? >n J bn Krwln. Prraidool of tb* Richmond Conrcnt'.oo, received the following letter fr tn H'W. J. C. rtreckintge, accepting the lou of that Convention ? IjrutcoTot, July 96, 1M0 In an aver to ymir letter oftheMth ult, contain leg off il ir i mat Ion of my DTiroattoti for Urn Presidency of ? I r ited mates by tbe Democratic Oonreatlon aaewed at Richmond. I bar* to ray that 1 accept Um aomlt; n. and rhall rtrlre to merit tb* conOdene* Implied the art'i r of |}>e Convention. I trust ibat a full dlaerlr? of ralalirg HWee* will remit la establishing tbe rvtti'tinn aad Union of ih? Plates npon immotabln uadattona. Jf.flN C BRW KINRTTWK. Go?. R V. Joaswv n* ts* Pit ar ?ff<w H V. Job?? r>. eaadidnte for tbe Vice Prealdeacy on tb* Druglag -v*t, arrived nt Angnats, Ra , on tbe Tib mm. H* wag pea* nt Wautakw oa tb* Ptb. oi a uuai I rum c Uuj ymrus uuwil, ui-jun., i u, mm Bi.ght the body of Dr. Du miner u It tu sinking. About bis timo Jor dsn Green, fisherman, srr I red, sad he, lr egardless of his own life, ju&ped la and brought oat the odjr of Mr. WhitUhir. Strang* to say, neither of the f< odies sank, bet the surf washed over them repeatedly. ^ I Is thought Mr. W. was struck with a It of apoplexy. M btb fen tie men were rspert swimmers. t( Mr. Whittaker leaves a wire and seven children, wa' m pventy years of age, and from his appearance and act!- ^ Hy would not be taken to be more than forty. # u Dr. Hummer was a single seen, and about thirty one tr ears of age. p There were four or Are doctors on the spot, and every blag possible wan dons to restore llfo, but all to no pur- m oss, as It is thought both geuUsmcn ware dead be furs aken Qrrm the water. ^ Ibe geeete of the Metropolitan have star led a eubecrlp- M on to reword Jordan Green for bis nobis contact, nod 100 has barn raised for that purpose. Dr. Dummer arrived here last evening, and inUo-led > remain until Monday nest. Mr. Whittaker baa been coast tat visiter of this place tr a number of years past. TBI LONG BRANCH ACCIMKT. lbs body of lid ward O. Dummer, who was drowned T! bile bathing at long Mraarb on Raterday, pasaad through lie city yesterday en rend* to Jersey City. Coroner Jack M tan held an Inquest upon the body and supplied the m lends of dserased sith the necessary permit, which '' nab led them to remove the remains beyond the city " mis. ' nn THE DISASTER AT THE HIGHLANDS. ova loko branch corrupondrnck. Oc Una Riuxnt, Anguel 13?4 P. M Ui m?rcmy Cwi*i ai Ou Hiol.lamdt?Drmmm^ ef Out tb forwr MmU?Xmrrmr Ftomp* nf W{f> M Another bathing aroldent happened tn front of Tbotap- On >n?, ?t the Highland*, at half paat tea o'clock thi* mornif. (.nFUrsi Rati, the well known restaurant Weeper <r ' the Bowery, waa drowned, and bin wife came near m taring tbr ratne fate. ea Tirowmoh'e ParrtKMr. Hhhiuiw, 1 Pt wear. Augwi 12 1400. ) xro Mm t>rtnc*'d While Ba'hiig?Sad 8"W m the ^ Beach, rfc. Herewith pirate And a notice of n ml eaaaa'.tT that rnrred at the Highland*, at noon, to dag:? lr Mr. Ouetarua A Rati and Mr. Ed Gardiner were ,,, rownrd while bathing ta the turf. Mr. R?tr. bsitig a VI Tteroua twimmrr, rrnturel too fkr out with hi* wife 4 came exhausted and before atnUNanre ewiM be r?o '* red waa drowned. Through the exertion* of !>? P.oaa \\ id E Iwariir, Mr* Ratr waa rnenxcitatod. The two g*n- * at emert. although in the water but a short ti?". were be g| rod the pownr of human aki> to bring hack to lib Mr Rate waa a werjr dexterous ?w,mmer. an J M la n, (Ought must have been takwi with cramp* Tb? li the j,, ret aerldrnt that haa erer occurred at the Klghianla ril om bathing. lfr. Rat7. with hi* fhmtljr. were go"*ta at Thornpawi's Haute Itriilon, and Mr Uardiaer wu etopplog at 'tl ;iieeaW _____ bl ADDITIONAL PARTICULARS. WO MrN IiKOWNV.D? Till BE4KfcTAKT OF TtTB I.IQrOR f(; it a i.frr' rociitv (isr or tiic victim-axci riNO e? RCRN W? COBONEBi* INQIKFT, ETC. la Bondage Hatum we rerorded the dmwntrg of two ien at l/wtg Branch Another drowning carnally at one * < I nor not of town watering places, In which two llree tir ere alee lost, we we called na to paMiab la to da;'a to

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