Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 15, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 15, 1860 Page 2
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_2 oommoo mortal. He had do eoooer bidden adieu to Lnrd Muifreee, at Hanriort, on Thuraday, on hi* arriTal on board the dtyx, then he threw off the welkin* dreee in which he had travelled, end put on n looee drnb Kit and n ntrnw bat, in which he inuvwl about at freely a* My one ou board, making cueimtnU on the beautiful .r ik<. u>w .>/ GSm.iv Iwhnuo riwLv Hhnrt? mr:ra visible on cither side all tlij way from Windier to St. John?an eight hours' trip And at St. John rumor tells me that he came ashore with his friend, the Duke, immediately after the Styx had anchored, and that they walked about together in their shooting jackets, unrecognized by the crowd, to the iniinite amusement of the younger of the two When the Windsor boat passed the S'.yx he was seen standing on the upper gangway, near the paddle boxes, in the drab suit alluded to, and immediately there aroae a hearty cheer from her docks, accompanied with a great waring of bats and caps, to which lie readily responded by repealed bows and uncovering his head. Then the miliary l and struck up "Pod save the Queen," and the young man, In whoao honor it was. and whose standard floated from the main topinwt of the vessel that bore him oward, felt. I am sure, proud of the position in which the accidunl of birth had placed htm. 1 will tow turn my attention to New Brunswick:, of which this (ity is the insignificant capital, and where the Prince arrived on Saturday evening, at half-past six, by the nver steamer Forest Queen, from a point on the Kanubekatbis river, the main tributary of the 8t John, mine mile? from the town of that name, and connected by a railway, over which the Prince and suit travelled by a special train. It may he interesting either to learn or be reminded that New Brunswick extend . nearly north and south, and forma an Irregular square between Nova Scotia and Canada. It L- bounded on the north by the Bay of Chileers and the Gulf of 8t. Lawrence, which separate it from Cas|ie, or boundary of Canada. On the east If also extends to the Gulf or Northumberland Straits. A narrow peninsula ,ioln. it to Nova Si of ta on the southeast, and U is separated from that province on the south by the Bsy of Fundy. On the wet it meets the State of Maine. It contains about 26,000 square miles of territory, which is totally of a cultivable character. The county of St. John, nltuatcd at the mouth of the river of that name, o> copies a long and narrow belt of land, forming the nortl- coast of the |Bay of Fundy. between Cape Forage and Mace a Bay, be in; more than .eighty miles in length, and on an average not more than ten mile.- tn breadth. The whole shore is rocky and here and there bounded by precipitous cldlt. Tbo harbor of SI John w safe, but not vrri r< raiaodiouu, especially at low water. The tide3 rise twenty-six feet, so leaving long shores at low tide. Partr.dgo Island u> situatou ai me mourn 01 me uarnor, and on it there arc a battery, lighthouse, signal station and In -r tal. Between the island and mainland there is a long nar'ow bar to be men ai low water. Kustward of the bar Dor there Is a broad, shallow er.tuary, terminating in a marsh aud a deep ravine that rune westward and M>j>a:.ttce the town of Port loud from tit. John. The harbor of Si John has the Important advaatay of being accessible at all seasons of the year. The town Is built on a {rocky pen insula of very uneven ground, sloping In opposite directions irem a* ccutrul ridge. The whole piers is lined with timber, ponds, booms ant shipyards, w 1. .oh receive the numerous rafu Hoated down the river A little more lhau sixty years ago the site of the city was s rocky headland, overed with cedar thickets. It was then the refuge of American loyalist*, l>j whose industry it wan, looridod. I p to the year 1784 it was a part of the colony of Nova Scotia, but in that year a rupture occurred, which led to Its becoming a separate province. On ti e morning following sty arrival here the street' were bus; with the stir of human life, and the hum of voices tilled the air. Most of the shop doors were open, but their shutters were closed, and a general holi day appeared to be the order of the day. At ten o'clock 1 followed the crowd on foot to Kcod's Ppuit wh<r:. where the landing was to take place. The Sti x, g lily crossed \> itb flags, lay mid stream, opposite, at aicbor. acJ work nit n were busy erecting the stage on which his Koyal Highness was to.sfbp from the host. The guard of honor of the Sixty-third regiment, from 3a Ittax, liued the way nearest the water, and after them came the Volunteers and the trade and other societies. The Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswi,!. was in wait nig bi tweeu Uie ranks, as also several ol the municipality of the town. On either sides amphitheatre seats of torn |iorary construction warn crowded with thousands of the ioval aud curious, who cast eager glances towards the mao-ol war, whose yurds were already being manned. Suddenly, und while the eari' iiters were still at work on the stage ,dhere uroeefi general shout of'-Here he comes)" aud true to the words, a boat with the royal st-iudard flutterxT at Us peak came boe.nding towards the shore. Thru boomed out the glorious music of the loud toogued cannon in a royal salute, with which the voices of the masses blended in u grand chorus ot welcome. Hurrah! Hurrah Hurrah! shouted the excited Multitude m their patriotic ardor, and cheers rang again aud again till the I'riuee hud entered his earriiiire III the end of the wharf and d appriicd l'rom their sight, when the cry of welcome n- tal en up and echo*-.I along the ranks by fresh multitudes assent ->ivd to swell the concourse in houor of their future king. [ pos-scd I mm the w U.trf in the midst of a crowd, to of th" Japme.-c b ill at New Vork was only second, end had the felicity of Joining in a foot procession as tar a> the house iu which the Prince was to take up his abode. The lot:j< Street we hart to tread wa very dusty, and the s o, was shedding his hrillmnt lustre bet oppressive v...-rnlh over our heads, and the carriages containing the l'rhirc aud suite stopped suddenly at irregular intervals, whir',i Lad the eiT.i t of damaging the shins of those neurit. ate. throwing all followers hack in disorder, to tits eutire glee of the small hoys who looked on from the wtndewa and sidewalks. The boys a'd girls of tho unite<l schoila threw bunches cf iSuwers ?t tho carriage as It |>aisnl through the grounds of tbe uouse he was li occupy, beyond the entrance to which none but th -l'rincc, hts suite and the Govtmor were allowed to pass TTrc j the procession, which included the Mayor of Mon trea!, who wore the same great big conspicuous oh tin of orllce sn und hp neek that bad aura t.-d so much ntteu t. 'i ou th< par t of the natives of, retraced their steps ovrr the hot. dusty street in tho direction of tue Court House, where the Priote met tbem at half-past tweive lie u ok hi* surd oa the small platform erected for him in front of so open spar e ot ground, Where shout flvs thoutanu |M .,>lr. with upturned facer, werv awscmbhi to look at and dive, hi.n while the pro(i-ssHsr of trades and Or-men lilerl past, every now an.: then haling I# give him a hearty throe tunes thiee. "Is that fcliJ' stid the Prince, muulr ng'y. Iowa ' the end cf the long procesion. addressing the IHuoofVcwcastle but the cry was mil tvj oome." Afte' (ht be h id the levee, which was attended by gentlemen tn white tiotktie' and riot hot to match. ft was then that tho addressee, whh h 1 have already sent, were presented. The Priuce, having passed through this ordeal, drove heme and thai g d his uniform for .a plain, in whe n he drove to Carirton?a suburb of the town?ant rotorsrd to dun, r at eight. iltAowu a ilte, aud the Hov-ruor and Attorney (ies.-ral of New Ilrur.-, wrick, alone lined with htm on I hi- occasion. At sine tl.c next morning he was off. as before mentioned, lor Frvderuton. The recepiton there was enthusiastic enough for the place, but a mere lukewarm demonstration rempirod with the ovation he is destined to receive elsewhere He arrived at half pa?t six on aftero *>n, and Isndei! from the steamer Purest t,'.o<-n at lbs wharf facing the Produce BuMiug where a crowd ul ebon, two tbt" sand (>< pie had assembled to grrnt hitn Toe sheers, however, which emanated trom those were fainter than loyalty would have crtatod. The Horcrnor a mmpani'-d the ny*l gueat to ( overnmonl House, where be was dome led w..ite in PredTlcioW. he sttensed the cathedral with hi* suit* on Sunday, in nlaln sstm 'bird ,1r.?rs Inrluillns w-l.lla hats an.l K*.< I M>tneiery ptcwaani tvuurka abuol bimw-it no t uer Ma Ie?ty. bis mother, from the month ?t the Bishop, On Punday evening he went t > the rirrr ?!?! ami hs-1 a Chat with ttie Indiana, umt mi Monday morulog. at cloven o'ci'CW, tie received an addrcka from the >eg - alive luidy of the Province, to which ha returned the following reply ? (.i^rvruav?I rrceiTe with much cratillruma an al dtcaa, which, whtlat It breath's the spirit of loyalty to the queen and ?9ecu>?*ie attachment to her la ally, wh.rh a...mat' the whole \<e M'le of thie province , doea not fall t . remind m- of the rlaima of your ancealoto live in the memories of your aoreretirn and of the HrUiah oat. 'u The commercial activity of si. John, the thriving agriculture on the rich hack* of the river which I have traverw-t, and the Inviting aa|>?ct i f tbta city, the capital of New Brunswick?all tend to convince mo, even apart from your gratifying a*?i:ranera, of the pruepenty and happ.iaroa which you en|oy under the conatitutiuu of the parent Hate, and the free matitulKWia which yon fmaare . Every viaiter to your ahore*. hnt, more ecpecmtly, toe aoo wf yonr Queen, mnat earmatly pray thot your ,> ace lul avoraiioti* may never he dnuurbed; hut, m Oaro inch nr.? fortune aticb await the empire, I rejoice 10 oheerve that In thia. aa well <ta the province* whitb 1 hare iat' y vtaited. the aelf relying ajunt of oalri-ui-m prevails; Slid I aee in the dlac pline of yo>ir Trfuuteeri the 1,-termin i t.on tr protnt the rational honor which la manifested Is the Queen's d< minioi f I beg you to accept mv IhatkS Tor yoi r ia i cat prayers ; r my present an 1 future lit) ptsem. An ad rr?? was Immediately afterward* - os-t.led by tlie mm of the coanlj of York, to whi. h be re. piled thi;< ? ?v*>?i aireere'y tbenk you Tor Hits adln-aa. Yoi- rightly eatlronte the n, t<vr* which minced the Queen k- direct me to unWuk- In her name this visit to New Br>-ii*wtrk and the other North American provinces. The state and condition 'if her est-nded empire have ev -r been Shjsrfi* here n'?t frllyiinde. Profiting by b-f est-mpk . ar-u f?lt. wing the imputae of gratitude for the k.r, i.raa which I have every where met with. T ahali never li t the it -.-nating tlnh have, day mwr day, amre I *et foufi n*l there hnrea, been presented 11 inr. AgSta I Ibaik you for yeur hearty welcome. A third aidrcwa *?' pr> aratod by the Mayor an I C.irporatmri of the city, which ran thus- ? Tof III Rot at niiiiraeaa Au r*t I-wim * or Waijw ?The Mayor and 1'tr i ' i rirfi meat rtapcctfu'ly fraot .loyal Ii . - e i r'*hl heart) welcome to II* Mnpnllt of New rii m* ? tch Krom tbc affection we entertain for your royal moll '+, our belored tfueen, ?r but yon w, Iconv ?>> ?? I otir rcyard to yournc'f, u the *<?n of neb b m il.i" and ji the he>r apparent to the Urooa, we bid you wei.:< -a- \ ?>om oar attachment to f i.? n?' iti^n which admit* m aurli a ben rn and mat. m* ? orre .nty In the per-. i of r tonr be lowed mother, we hid yoo wele mio la o?>wlie.?-e v? the unlvereal h-art throb of mir emplrdof parpwt'ol anliyht we bht yet welcome, Vlrtrrla'f 011 nviat b> erarwbere wolcc uk tlinwiyhoot YletartaR dioutnlnna. t Your Royal Hifhntar. during your provincial tour. Wtelt laryc-r cltiea and new gr> aler deveiopeinenit of wealth t and art ttian we pre*wit. twit nowhere can there h" f ?M a people irn re devoted to too fhr juo thar m and ar .u<i j the "/r.Ior/tifai notwli*.'' M?y Cn Kin* of kih*? ?r? p clonaly protect your Royal H'*hree* durtr* your jw.wpee tire tour, and hrln* yon ?aM> borne a*aiu to tfia lai d of I raw fai her * and the rinrhine of the royal d?n."?tlc e-;r"le. a To thif aJdri"a he al?o r"ad ihe fo lowio* reply ? tl flrvrt-rwtrv?Your hearty r*if " ration* of wak-ene 4b manrt r-;" warm? ?t t'r.nkw In the onrne f tw> g nwr I C tb k ton lor the r jpree-iwna < l yonr t.,y . iy ?ua |,.r tne m Jurt tribute which you pay to the art* of h?- raijt., and a the eenlltnetiti rftiuh h*.? a we) a tumti it her. In my r name i I ' > nod with in tl city what yon r< rearat. ant for tn r ear neat a ' e? h* my we ' uc <wh h y,>? ha\ r.iriv w Tonr cily, no donht, la email ?n c i(rari*nn With moiy ? otliera which 1 am ?hont to r t the em tin* vrnwo. p, Wh.rh ymt ao toe dly (roetrnl rue r .-M u la>, ?a I t > di it *n?iow? q-tiid which prtra 'ed yratetday In jour Ml c^??srsw&8yus?3 sincerely truM thai these virion may Mm ?W>X .D^l > oa. while your UmiU mUim Ut yov wealth Wert ?* * 10 proportion to the local advantages which Providence has bestowed upon you llore than thi? I canuot in thin latter include, but la my next I (bail give my own private retectious oa the reception in New Bruuswiok, including aotea of tba ball and the ridiculous busmen*. of calling upon I be Prince to open a certain pump and fountain oppoaite (ioveromeat House. I bare Just read your leader concerning tbe handful of Br.tub subjects iu New York giving a special welcome to tbe ITmceou his arrival; and I have to remark, In connection therewith, that nothing would be more arena to bis Royal Highness' wishes than any such demonstration on their part. When he comet to the United Stalee ho wlehee to receive his welcome from the people of the great repubii: collectively, and not from batcheeof aicluatve aliens. It wtl he the proudest day of his NTs Oh which lie enters New York, and he looks forward in il with Justifiable pic mure My despatch Ii?k informed you that the Prince left here el half |eat six this moraine, but owing to fog the Btesmor could not loave the wharf for aome tune. The Irterml was filled up with spirited canoe races, of which the Prince was a spectator. He arrived at dt. John at three P. M , and left by the Sty i at a quarter to five, amid the booming of a royal salute. Ail the shops were closed, the triumphal arches remained standing,and the multitude had a holiday. The Prince baa gone by way of Windsor, Truro and Picton?a barren route, and very dreary. THE PRINCE OF WALES TN NEW YORK. MKfTING OF FHOMIMCKT CtTIZKMS AT THK MERCHANTS' RANK ?A PUBLIC DINNKK TO BK SITRK AT TUB At ADKMY OP Ml'8IC, KTU., ITC. Quite a large number of our moat prominent cittseas, comprising gentlemen well known in almost every department of prolcfBtooal and mercantile life, met yesterday noon at the Merchants' Bank, in Wail street, in Ooospliante with the following call.? Nsw York, August 0, IMO. IhCAR Sir?Tou are reepeotlslly invited to attend a meeting at the rooms ol the Merchants' Bank, On Thursday, August 14. at twelve o'clock, preparatory to making arrsngemeuto U> tender s diuoer to hurlloyal Highness the Prince of Wales, upon toe occasion of his expected visit to our city. Should you be unable to attend, which we trust will not be the rase, pleasu signify your willing n?'?s to allow lite id..- of your name on the committee by a note addressed to oue of the undersigned Your ohe dieut servants. Wm. B Astor, Jouu A. lux, i'elatiab Peril, Uobert B. Minium, Wm. Krnt, John J. OUro, Mwts Tayli'f, Wllsou C. llunt, Ouhsn VerpUncK. Among the dirtinguishod gentlemen prcsoot wore Geu. WinUeld Pcott, Cyrus W. f ield, W hf. Kvarto, George Optlyke, I)r. \ aientiue MoU, J. .1. Astor, Jr.. J. W f'ran ci8, W. It. iSchell, t?r. f. Tuniaun, Peter Cooper lul it. 3. Ptewurt. On motion, I'cUlinh Pe it. fsq , sras calod to the chair, snd M. B. fit l<i. Keq , appointed secretary. A large oumber ol istttn from well known gentlemen were rr id, acknowledging their receipt of an invitation to be ptcaetit at the on ling, ami rogretliog tueir inability to comply therewith. Mr. Pwt.r. tie Chairman, in opening tlio, said ? The object of lbs meeting wu It adopt to ma measures for evincing their respuet for tin- I'noie ' Wal es, an J thole accompany Uid him, on b>, arrival in N ? Yor* He (Mr. 1'eriti understood thai tin plan prop-nod ? ? a pub lx dinner, to be given to the Prime at the Academy of Merle Tiic immediate object, then, of the present meet inc ana to appoint rommitttcs, and mike ail nece* 8ary arranyetui uts. Mr. Cvm h W 1 ik ; tiaid that k ror. espondcat of h.i> la Newfoundland. who was on torma of acqua.utaneo with the I Mike of Newra*tie. bad recently written to htm elating that hie Royal Highnuto had accepted but laro of the inv .tatluos coming from the I'tilled Mates?one that of the IVewldr nt, and the other that of the City of New York. lie thought, therefore, that it would be a-lvisaole to bare a committee appointed to apprise the Prince of the presort raovetnent, and to ascertain whether the ob- i ject of the present mooting could be carried out. It was suggested that a committee be appointed to pro : ceril oirectly to Canada and act in tin* in tiler, in order I that dedtiite inforinatiou might be obtained as to the j arceptaiice ot the invitation by the Prinoe. Tbc ma only of those present were, huw-ver, in favor of tint appointing a general committee, to take au-*n such measures as they deemed advisable and proper The following gentlem were accordingly appointed by the Chair as such (omintllet ?(ioneral Win 9 eld Scott, IVter Cooper, W. B AJIor, August Belmont, James hconox. Itarniltoii Yi?b. Jame- W. Hcokma.i, John A Dig, W. H. A.'pmw.ili, Augu.-tiih Shell, Mstibew Morgan, Ceo. Opdyke. J. B. Mrodh ad, Kobert B. Minium, Cuban C. tcplanck. John W . IraiicK, Wm. C Br-aut, James 1 Gerard, Charles O'Couor, Muses Taylor, James J. Roose volt, I. 1'ierrepout, Gerard Ha.I,-ok, M B. Yioid, Wiliiatu Tucker, .larob llnroeii, A. T Stewart, t ram is B. Cutting, Wm. Curtis N iyea. traucis llail, I) Duer, Wi.soq G Haul, Wm. 0. IHiucan, George Bancroft, John H. Brower, Julia J. Cisco, Cyriu. ft . Held. Frederick Ik- Pevater, Henry J. Raymond. Schuyler lot ingatou, Moses II. Grinnell,tieyge Fi -'im, Wm. H. Webb, Valentitie Mott, Aaron \andur1k?>I, Charles King. Isaac Kerrts, Jolia Jacob ulor.Jr; John Vau Boron, Wm. A Walker, J W. Msec roan. Joseph Istwrence.C. O. Hal .Head, James Watson Welib, Shepherd Kuupp. Ihomus T das ton, Robert L. Suiwtrl, John W. H e?son.Wm. J Brady, John MrKeon. Daniel f. Tiemaon, James Rrooka. Benjamin II. Yield, Jaa. Lee. W. Y. Havemey> r, John J. J"iinst<Ni, Iianie! Parish, Robert J. Dlilia, John I). Wclfe. Peter lorillard. Hem Y- Manierro, Chas. A. Iwtis, Walls Sborman, A A. I.nw,Richard Ltlhtfl, O. D. Mi rgan, Y. R. towl r, W. A. Seevef, Geo. Greer, Geo. P. Nelson, George W Bothnia. J<*h??i J. Henry. Wm. B. Ih tliuau, C. B. Hodman, A U Rol.trtsou, Cyrus Curtis, Pu.tu rt U Cutting, Hearv C. PicrrwpA< Horace Webster, David Dudley Fle'l, Datlel I,u'd, JanirB A. Hamilton, J. De Pry tor Ogiii.i, .lames G King, Henry Cbaremc-y. Isaac Be'I, Jr : J?*"|>ti Peabody; BP-wart Bniwo, Joseph Bampeoo, Luther Brim lab, Reoben ft'ilbera, Royal Phetps, trrlrrici. Brnoson. Ki-bt L. I*?ll, Brsdixh Johnsnm, Geo. T Strong, .Samuel B Kugglel, Andrew A. Mickle, Archibald I Ktng.Jainrs li Spautdirg, Yr*tci? Skiddy, it M. liiatruford, Mmoon l>raprr. Ma'; hall 0. RobberU. Jamea Buchanan Henry, Charles II Kus-.-h. Jamea Bunnell, George 8. Hi bhitis, John Seward. Wil.tam C Church, Greene U BronsoD. Henry Gnnneli. Robert L Kennedy, George Griewold. Wm. B. Croabv, Jamra T. Trady, V. S. Winston, C. H llobeiRobert rtiy, John A King, John A. Mr this. Fit ward l*rtinr. John Bridge. Charles H Marsha I Horn Onihf,C B l.amar, Israel liirae, Wm. C. IXxlpe, John J ITielpa, W. W l>r Forest, Wra Wh tlock, ,'r Bcnmtn.n Ajmar. IVi . R WluU>-op. John tHWi A. C. KiDg?taud, Jam's Harper, Io<>a Jay. John D. Nojee. Jtaim ( . Bennett. John I.. Joo?? Marshal LrtTerta, Arthur leary.Wui C. nchermeri rn. A. K Mllimtn, Francis Cottenet, J -new Busren. W Milam Alien Mutlsr. *m. Knot, Ja*. br<\>n. t?n>ak . S m remark ' that although be heartily con rurreh s itti the gentle in-n to their lul'-oUuna, he thought h "i. lit to rtviuirt that his oame be withdrawn from the committee. He Mia to hat e the honor of raceiring Lord Renfrew at '.Vent 1'oict, where he, the General, was at present tumping. It waa true he was a resident of New York, and be hoped to pnaa the remainder of hla days here but after all. la the city be waa merely m camp, and l.e mi phi he autnuione 1 at ai.i in m-nt l > g . ?> - ...< t:? water or to the other end ot the rootiuent. Ha woull, tbeietore, request as a favor thai hie name be withdrawn. The (Uaiksam said be trusted tbe General would allow tbeai the houor of hla name. No onerous dutl-s won d be assigned htm. and they would be g rati A 'J if he would (rut thi-ra liberty to retain It. The Meoeral made no further ohjact too. Mr Uumajiiii H. Iwld tbeu moved tbe Adopt,on ot tbe following resolution ? Resolved, Tliat tbe following Bub coin mil t?-o* lie appointed by tbe fbalr, with power t" theriiiflvc* t? nil rv catM- ea:?I. A (' >mmlttee of tec ou lanui nn 2. A Ova miltee of aeren no Tickets and Flnaure 3 A Commute* of eeTen - n Reception 4. A C>mmltti<w of ae\ en on H him and Moalr. A. A Cmntu.ttee of ae.en <>a Oerorall ma. 6. ACommitUcof aeven on Toasta, Ac. 7 A Committee of ten oa lltnier A. A Committee ol seven on Police and f A Onminltlae of aeven to pr-oeed toCma ! i ui l t?nd r tbe lUTltalion to ibe Pr ne of Wiles, and 19. j A tummitU'e of arvrn to proceed to Wash agtoa to tuvtte the President and Cabinet The rraolulkm was uaaaimouty ad -pled sad the following i-rattoiiiea appointed i.pon the several committee* ? C> maiittne .w h>-ua:imu ?Jullaii C. Verplanck, Hues H Gritins-ll. Wlllum B Aator, Geo. Bam-nft. Jno. A. King, Miwsw Tbvlor, Wm H Asptnwall, Gerard* Ha loct. tm Tickfts ami FI now ?Royal lltrlp*, Tho*. rileawin, Henry Urtniirll, Matthew Morgan. Denning (hter, Ben.i. H. Field, A T. Stewart (1 amitim an R&rpHm ?Ham.!ton Fiah, I.ntbee Braliab, Hubert B Mialura, IVIeliah Peril, Char King, Jno I. lino-. C. (I. Ilalated. C mtniUm an llmim and Jfu<V?Char lei Aug. Pavts. ftoheil I. Catting. M. b Fieid, l"*ler O-'-p*.', Ms;ah til L?C brt i, Jamr* la-e. C?mmtrim ist /bvarsfaea* ?J a tarn W Gerard, Geo Fols-rn, J ir Jay. Robert J I'lllon, Jamrw Huban v. Ileary, totx-rt 1. HI i art, C. R H 'tmtn f<*ami.urr <m rfc ?Will tain Kent, Geo W. lb? hune, Jno Van 'Urrn, t-erard Hallock, Mm M Erarta, Am. C. Bryarl, ( harlra O'On nor. CVaisMff-e <>w IHn+rr ?John R. Brodhead, Jaa. I* Peva Irr Ogden, August Belmont. Artiiar Ieary, Jno W R?knan, J. J. Aator, Jr., Kobt. Kay, Wm Allen Butler, Wm. J. I?u -an, Wm C rtchermeehorn. C.mmtttrr am *n<i Ca-ruvpt?Jacob llarsen. Anhot.y I. Kr-tieria-m, Bern ? Mamerre. Wm T Brady, Cdwanl Prime, Wm Tucltrf, Jamea Harper Canada (insasfftae?Wm B Aau-r. .1 >ba t King. Wm. [. Han tncyer, llobi B. Mlntura, Hamilton Fiab. Wilaoa J. Iflilil !- ItPnitftflAt' M'tuAtriy/'n <;*wairt~ -Hnya' Ptkflp*. J J. Hiolpa, , * Ihodi. II nt, 3>'ubeu W.iDr-r*, Aiiffurtu? <( ><m, Smii i. i i i. Rgyta ' mm Ml, Jr i Mr J. H liana na otTur .1 Ibo f?IIwinf molullJa, M j >0 totally Ftprr>fW( th- ml ton of tb<- IDMI n< RrMlrH, that this moatmf oti?ni1 an '.nriUtkm I > bta ! > I M'? tl?<* I'riiK" "f Walr* ?t l tin t ill. l.? a unite Oinuer,*" i?o pmont *<1 by tha f ttll'BJ of N 'mil ? . ruh titna ?a abatl tint Ihr rrtbor'a eonrntah aon, >ii<i iti.ii en* ur iUti'in l>? * <n?l by IV Clia.rjtac a .'l | Mi r -,ai y . Tt? r'V.i|u?i<m ?i? a ' >r>tn<1 < %? >lnicua?i'in f?su?*tl a? In tha itannor in whi< fc the nvitattou ihouH jirrn, bottlii* ?? Unalty !? ? rita i< :"(nniitlr? H wa> Hiiyxt tod that a ?p.ftal irritation ho uttenfrl n M. % nr M ft ?> n *ni car not! that tlte<m ?p "Mb .I ? to l -anada bt< iMtr wied by the to iroowo tuuli* r linnet tavly Tha rommlttaa ?y?| 'tiite! to yn to Washington ?n1 M?<! n ?|?. Ml lOTilaii .n to too I'm*"IonI an I (Ja? ?. I* to aa,.i; ihr of the ifeiai'.a Cowm tier'.- latita ion bt*t.>c proceeding to WanbiD(ton Tho no tint -o t.1, Mirni<t, to m ?et >n cti II. hnlr, wbi< brail it a t >.u1?rNt.??l. ? t g < wn aa Ibo remit of Ibo arbnn taken by tn. Canada MotllttM a. all b*?n It la tfco tMbbtmn to barn fha <1tiin"r tfcn l-npoalon ltd NWptiK'ii' afl< whit i *?' ? Vi.rU Itto rv ? V pi? ? ? 'ti all pro' ih i, he iV o '*m> "I M ? , htob la ? < bt ?p ! "-u ) aj.l M,oil"'t;f ?,e.| Hh II- treia. tin (a | tin ?*cd t?rr, aU all tther *,"?" ! i",i- -aw* >n ?'. .i ? it t? t t. r .if m nt to 't iler art ? ram "tlftein l"'t i re i-e of I U' a it > . iar(aab. taJ a <p*-ial 3W YORK DEKAL1) WEI I r,:ps of wIUh are to be m aitend*""* (o supply them with ref-waboieotB ia cas?- I he coatemplatioa of (to guaUeaieo at table should ui<t aioua prove of Sufflcwwt intore?t We understand I that it is wtoodad to have it so arranged that G moral Boot! shall preside at the diuncr Iu order that thia aflatr way not ctaah with similar I preparations which are being made for a reception by the British reaideate of the metropolis, tome men bere of the (< n mittee are to confer with them, auJ, if possihls, make aomr arrangement ao aa not to hare the two create iuterfere with each other THE JAPANESE SWINDLE. Hottoa thr lajaactloa to Rratrata Cite Payment Dented. 0CPKRMK OOtTRT?WSOtAL ThRM. Before Hon. Jbdge Sutherland. Acoom 14 ?fen 8. ChttJiM m tkt May*, Alderrvn tmd ComptrelUr of J'offc ?This waa a notion for ia- j junction to reatran the tlty from paying the nam of 1104,000 for the ealertaiaafout o( the Japanese Embassy. j The following ia the demurrer put ia by the Corporation 1 coo nod to the complaint of the plaintiff, which has been : already published. Mr. Ohiheid and Mr F. C Fenno, | counsel for the plaintdT. Mr. H. fl. Anderson, for the : Corporation. The defendants, the Mayor, Aldermen and Oommonalty : of the city of New York aad Robert T Hawe, Coui|>troller I of aaid city, demur to the complaint of the piaiulifl herein, for that, Fuel?The mid complant doea not state facts sufficient to constitute a cauae ot aauon. Second?The plain till tas not legal captrity to sue. Mr OtatfleM, the pUiatiff in person, said this motion is to bo heard on the ivmpiaint aad geueral demurrer which baa been inter fused by the Corporation and the Comptroller, in other words, by all the defendants. The Judge aaid the Court cou.d not hear the demurrer * this Court. Mr. CbaUMd?That I'now, hut I was s.inplr stating what ibe (.apera were, no that the Court would not be embarrassed as to ibe facta I have ronnneaced the orCu-o P>r the purpose ul arresting what I tKi.ove to be a grwwwg evil in the government u4 this city, and not ou!y to protect myself. but all other taxpayers of thia city. The nioti<?i t? lor an injunction perpetually restraining tliv pay met 11 f * Mim i * money iwaw-d by the Common Council, (or wfo.1 ia railed the Japanese entortaiument. I will say to U l>*iri that tl Uiie entertainment had Oust a rvasonab,'- am I il.ouM uot be beard here to day. If (be origins. sum pa*M-d by the Coiumou Council bed uot bi-en lr< Oo-d or quadrupled,! ehoul'i b.ire been bati?bed?the original amount b-i ig MO 000?but the expenditures ancualtd to $120 uOO and were approved by lbs committer ai $li>5 UOO, being more than thr-e notes the amount rigmaily apiwipri ited. Whit toe ii.-ins are thai swelled the appropriation to tU.s amount I know uot, for It sei inr. to In- tl,' object of the city government to cooevai loeru. Tl. re may be a motive for tins, there may be a ph-vo I r it 1 thick I cau imagine a Ttry g s*: one, aud I hare ao doubt lb.' parties ii ho are to receive this tnonoy will be niu h more graltfled if they are jiertuilbd to reretvt tJ.etr demands without any inquiry into tturn The questions winch mart nece-earHy ariao on tins motion a;e ? g vested in the .J.nnirrer entered by the Corri-, the appi.caliou being tor an injunction j*t.:'f j- / ;. ? in., the p.-uJcu y ul liir w > m .namqneetiw lit vkclkif ilia plaiuUB in tU-r ait. li%j the egat capacity to maintain U The Judge ii ?iulrr<! if this was an Order to ?h?r c* isc? Mr AuderMti, % ?ii>iaut Corporation Counsel?it mn aKpiica.iou lor an tiji.ucl.oo riw.ramiog tbej O porati a and Omptolier from inserting tin* Di'l in th -annual tax-* alniii an to !? pa. ) by th city, rue Common Council bare but yet ptriacil the resolution, lb.- Judge?It baa uut |?u*. u the Cn-iuailm.-a. Mr. CUta-i'?i' fctf one branch t" th" Common Council, ami obtained BcVcbtoen rotes? within one nacn Racy to |U>? it?in the other branch The tawtN of Id.-* ) ha;, k the cotuiuou Council ahull hot appropriate any m >oey I for no) reception itimij public am semen t except the I foui Ui oiJul), Kvmcualiuu Dayman I Warbiogtou's B.rth j flay, unless by a vote of ibre; luurtb. of a.i the mem- i beea. The following are the poiilo relied upon by Mr Coat flee.' ? la ail tbe essential elements of a corporal. >u, municipal corporations stand ub th -acuie I'notiug private or ag grrgaie rorjoraUuur Tboy are mere creature* o! the It*-, and poaiw ee only auch powors aud properties as are a\pri'Kr-ly conferred by th. cnarlor. (I'artm uth Co! vs. Woo-iward,4 w!ieat,61S ) They may Le created m auxi.u no* to ins government, and to that eud be clothed with political power, but in suit cane they can a. t only iq the mode tc the extent ano for the purposes e.iocirted lu the charter (I.'art mouth College above cited. McOulloch v#. State 01 Miry laud,4 Wheal, hlfl ) And these powers cannot In exlt?<1 beyond the 1< iter and ap'ritof I lie eel of tncorfmratioc. (l?at> v?. Kbow1ps,4 I'd , 1.12.) Ttic jxiw era |>o? a ??... by-1 he eiiy of flew Vt-tk as e corjairatioti ara.ieliued in the Montgouieiy charter, and the severalacu of the Lcgis.autre allien.! itory theieof,and nurb porental* are Merein exon eaiy gi anted, and none oluera may oe exerctsad. Municipal corporations undoubtedly bit e purer to impute Ui.? l. r the Dc-ce?*ar) purposes of tbe corporate hod/, aa an incidental power, and without expr-ei grant; but beyi-cd thia th- cuuuot go. Every extraordinary lax must beaxprt-t aulhorur d by the Leg is tare, or it is void T-.e | or p en m the ct ;>ui ntinu r. .1 he necexaa ry. ard uotornxmental, etimptjary or ot.uie tent. Hence, U. aupp... th* city with Croton water riquirrd x rpoctal act, aa rid the tstabiiahuirnl of t:.c Central Par1, aud other public placer, an.i the city ra. toads The p opie aa oiaitnlinr* mnul t tfi> at. t' iiuirtf itiu-f.,ij poi'<?- regulations n i<l public officer* and nBrw, an' lac* In*, to ?r|>|>utt itesi is Incidental to the existence ol tbe corporation itself Tbtsr purpose* must. i{tJ, lie public purpose*. aud not private purposes The torpor11loo, ai> such, lias to poire; to establish theatre* fur lbe ?n coiirvgftueni of Italic! dancing, a race course for the exclusive ur? of tlie owners ot bead horse*' a l.tger brer saloon, at whicli shall be cbargrl an eulrmce fm , or a show ol exotica, whether animai or vegetable, ' |m t only to 6,000 of the 900 d O inhabitants of the Corpnrat'fu, and ibeii only on |*.uteut of a fee n tbe mem bers of tbe Common Gmuicii, w 'tliuul a special act fbr that purpura. Could tbe ?t irva tori- ol a bank vote the aunt of tlO.CUO, tbe money of the corporation, to gi?o a reception to Baron Keihach ld; and, tl aitempvod. could not a corporation restrain lbe act by injunction' In tin* re aped a uiuuic rorpuraiion does not dilTer from any ruber. It must art within tbe powers granted, or IU acta ill be void ami may be reatrained. But It I* aaid a taxpayer or corporator cannot interfere, because h baa an-' other a-'r^uate temedy. Tbe courts bare not gone thta length. and If tbey bad. In IKiolittle v*. Superintendent of Brtaimccounty,IS N. V .liS.tbe reaa.?u:;ig ai.d racts d mot apply to this case Here remedy by actum is Impossible, ] on the ground of tbe illogmlity of tbe tax, ualcaa tbe Court is prt pared to hold lhal *105.000 of tllexal tax Will vitiate ' and reader vuM tbe $16 CCO 000 or $2v,000 OliO imposed, all the real being conceded to be legitimate and legal. ; The poeer to tax l* a ?overeigB power. It baa ever been regarded with great jealousy and watched with peculiar interest if it is poerlhi i for tbe re to delegate it, the tern * of tbe u<-l>fatioo must not be exceeded. Hut nore of IbapMMd* a municipal corporation sre or can I be legislative. Ily the consntutioii, art 3, tec. I, All the | legls alive power of tbe Sta'o la vreteil in tbe two branchre of the I ewniature, and the power of delegation, except ' in a Single aa*e, la u-u nakftli oil the Legislature. Tbe | mode .i a.l'ip .i.g ordinances, reaoluttuna,be ,by tbe Com m<-o Council and Mayor, ate but firm* of procedure to carry mio <il>< t tbe |iowrrs granted to Uie corpnrmtioa; | tb. y art- in no sense Iegirlativ. . This court, held In re la- j tiou III I lie S hie-l at I I lS-'i that i- .bmitvng the law to tbe whole peofile for their approval render-.-d tbe act void, beLa .se U> rote tberron was a Irgislalive act, and no curb power was reserved to tbe people In the --ouatllutino. In the individual a?s- <sm-'Ota tb s iaroenous iiem is not distioguisbablc, nor are there any means furniabod by tbe city antboritics of separating tbe good from tbe bad, so as to liable ibe Uxpsyer* to lender the legal atnooal. Ttiert la no remedy except hi wjuct Uoo. It laaatd there it ft remedy by election. Tho.?- wbo lire thU argn oeot havt not i .Hindered iU logic. To dlaptaco the pr< #ent I rtv > ' < ... the < '"Hi 11 .. Conor,' ? i?Tie future elect ton ! wonkJ not legailr -1hi# lit. or afford a remedy for the illegal !.'|h?u..>u of it It 111 cbt prereftt aubaequaat Illegality, hut eoiild not aflect thi* al. The malertal i]netUna here ift, ran thU arlioa he maintained by one or more r?>rpnrat"ra In behalf of all similarly titualndr It I ha* been eipretalr adjudged that it can (AdrUna n. Mat or o| hew York. 1 bail)., tec 10, Brow* t?. 8ame, S ib , 264 ?"hr rU>t>lier r? l.nrne, 13 do , 647. Miiham T> Sharp, IS. 103 ibid 17 do . 446 tMuyreaant re I'earsall, 1 15 do, 241. Do Hauti u the Mayor, 10 do., 3W; Wet 1 more va Story, 22, 414; Oavia va Mayor, 2 l?uer, 643. 1 Roaee't vs. iWiapor, III Ho*. P. R , 137 ) Anl It it re- 1 spectrin:/ contended thai no rate hold* the r.mtra-v dot. trine In Warwick va the Miyor, 15 Ho*. |>. R .367, Mr Juatice Ugraham boida that a taxpayer cant ?t ra ilrain the collcctlna f a taa after It ha* been levied by I lijuticteu I .1 initiates tint the tm pout'.Mm o it I ir.iy be prevented. The care of imolittU e* ' opervtaoni, 1 kc. above cited, la clearly dlaltnjuiahahle from tiita. rti? act sought to b? rMfalocd thua w.\? a purely locula tier act In the a n(te raao of fluted* of S'Mwr \ iw.irr tht > mMttntfnt, article I, aectiou 17, author it., s the d-oiga- I leai of leg . ?tivt |>o*cr u|a*i lie eah,ir.ll! xtr h>idr hy ' ( the I eg .stature of the State, cot aa c irporatora, hut tt t I local I/(l*lnt it. The creo1 ion tad d'VIJiot. 'f tocoi |i I perilira !y r. licit ?<t I i the pnaro1 IMMMUd and i I ,:i* a ^.luteal m?.<r Tt*1 ' ttrmltiitio? of tha I Board of tuper ci? e? on at appll, a* -n fo: th* erect'n of 1 i ne* lewn It tUarijr iht extrenm of leg'tltMv di dee- I It" t, ant lit* oaai ot t? rotralm-.t ni 'he h{., liCi?k ti i?f a voter er UX pavfr of it y part IT the Irrrit'try *(p? t*d liy lite dit <i? Ahd Ihit rettoo m ?betou? lite ul wrt J i ' ,4,it it I ova. . u Itngitr * . an be date I ijtl ?e proved, C ind the a t tt*. If t? an ?-t it eneer-titoiy which indieUtu- C tie rti 1 ot arreri It la tne right of a'l ?>rtrtig?, author ity I dlv de fl lary atlllM |u"W.tctnm talnootea k inait di*tr<< u and to man caa mv he a iniurcd in hi* 1 I iriMSial rtyfcu by bring in ?*m-<ti*tri 110 tad tfttodbtf, . IVhnt Ike learned dy ha* aa;.1, beyt-i I deriding Ihn | I |<>e*lltt IftVitired it entirely wafer aud I* in conflict wi'lt , ill th? a ljird! itU t * In t u* S ale B it .hdg l?eoio d, ? S .H hulil Ihr clrin* tu.t <wir(?>ratinc ra?f B it r*. 1 lut' h> iu|ni<ri "ii tb imiHWiti.iB ti; a.i illifsi 'it | IJ thr 'i .i ra thai rorputat'oa. TtlA iOtlm*' mi, I It ?n<?uiU i" anything, < t >? intwr *?/. Bat u n? m* tn no. il*> rr turning >>C Uia M-a-nr 1 J?m0B it namut It i? '.tflrnlt w <K?l|Air?wk, tS nflW'l "f pfipp|[>.t, tw K>ta Ui prowl/ nl H>4)0 tr * ' >rpofat ' ?> If lb? IBI" >o?itln? of a la< m U00 < thr tamr prop"!*j t?jr * iitiIii it if thr ami y*l U?? Irtrug I -In '.$v wnw m Hi ink ihat w raw ranr inr nttix* irt'jhl Bralfatn. ?ii. - Ti imi.v tn brill i i*"* ? t '? ' 'Ibbiipi. o! irrnptabla Nor ta tb it *" ariiri.a the I ru.i I I . I I ,'UM.if |vir,'l)T !? B?*\ I! teh ag ar?ar? (r?m ? p-ihiir BntMnc*. ?tu?<J i>f J?l|i L Tlirrr thr oanap* M CvBttnAu W> a t ami *|B' tal I? ?nr pill ?lw thr art t? apreial'r lajarl ma tn in mill w irtua an ?<m. aa kb iO) u> lb? |nii> in, an u.ja> ?<n p ?ajr tK'arint- i ii i' .'mt . f ?ny pn ?r luj ir - l ( tar. rr aa Tinfclrr, li? \ a ,617; Sirtirrr ra UtM oi am. Ihr>.ogham fUitr iad Cnui^ainy, 4 !? ?, 1W. Bnaanu \r? A "nth. I ml, 2TJ, Corning *? 1/iwrrw, 6 John. ch. 431 t na eari-a In I - m #, ami J Mm ?n.1 -1.| *>7, > r .lifii Uf I gpfnl, aailaan thr I - art l?Inula to K * ' mmtct|*4| A >r{? a rhirantnr AI-* rrnt fri-m nthrr rortama' I "lot I naHlrii ti..? pnw * I r g..rpnu I'Olt OOflfvl 4 4 MpM at m ihiarhami""- *"* ' ?Wt. T mi, ant a.i?rrm*a, h it a-ihnr.'inalM; ant whu* acting C' ' Ithlil W.r ' f l< 1. I , Ik-Al pPW?M <S, Pit tu? * ml. >o of Ihr g it -n rig I <If ia i? tie ?:h*SU- !? 5NKSDAY, AUGUST 15. ?8 actira; but in Ml that pertains to the property, auoey and wmu of the oily, the oOoero of the corporation ore mere trustees, and asaeaihie. An ieeue baa been joined in thie action by general demurrer, the faots charged, therefore, eland adaalttod, and on throe admitted facte the injunction pendente Htm ia ask ed. It io eeen that express frauda and malfeatasoe of office are charged, that members of the Common Council I have, by the admimiona of the pieadlag, aoid the tickets iaeued for the ball, pocketed the money, and then, by a corrupt and collusive agreement with the Lrlands, agreed to alioW their bills at fill ,000, on condition that they receive upwards of SCO.000 of It as a bribe, lue demurrer } admits ail this to be true. Can it be that there is in this 1 Bute no judicial power to arrest transaction* of thta wicked and abominable character. Again, it ia alleged that the whole expense of this reception did not exoeed >10,000, for w hich >91,000 are about to he handed over. This is also admitted by the demurrer, and yet it ia claimed chat thja manifest fraud cannot be arrested. Again, tins Kmblmy were the guests of the nation, and not of this city. They were not accredited to this Corporation; they had no business to transact with this Corporation, and bad no connection with it, except such ee was created by the Corporation itself. Mr. Anderson (interrupting Mr. Chatfleld In reading bis points) said;?Perhaps it may shorten the argument If I make a bri.f statement. As has been sag get ted, the demurrer has been interposed ou the part uf the Corporation to the complaint filed by Mr. Chatfleld. The motion is to restrain the Corporation fiom levying and collecting a tax. Now, the Corporation has never claimed to exercise any such power. The opposition, on the part of the Corporation, is on legal grounds alone, and be (Mr. Anderson) did not propose to enter into a dtsrumion of the merits of the matter, for perhaps he would be unwilling to appear for the purpose of defending the claim. The Corporation Counsel interposed his objection tor the rrasoo that the plaintiff bad no legal standing in Court. That bad (Men established as a rule of law; and in the next place that the relief which ho asked for was something more than was In the power of the Court to grant. With reaped to the Comptroller, be w*a, by the charter, financial officer of the city, end was bound to audit these bills. When the claims would be presented to htm undoubtedly they would be considered and determined upon If the first proposition tailed that the Corporation bad no power to levy tax. then, ot course, the Comptroller could not be enjoined from expending money which they bad no power to collect He (Mr. A.) stated this for tbepurpose of narrowing the issue, as he supposed the cause would uot occupy a greal length of time. The .lodge waa of opinion thai the motion could not be entertained by him uuder the ruling o' the Court of Gene nu UTOI uo lupumn in * no IUUI^UI uc remedy of tbe counsel was by a writ of error Mr CbaiHeld submitted that If be had not the power to complain ax a taxpayer he had aa a corporator, and, as he understood the matter, the Comptroller will |?ay this claim if the appropriation pusees the Common Council. The Judge raid tuat as yet the p'aiattff could not complain of ary Injury. lie did not wish to cut otf the counsc-' ia bis argument, but he did not di-sire to bear a po nt argued which had wready been decided by the tleueral Term, an 1 also in a rewnt'r.ise in tbe Court of Appeals Then there is anfdher reason; you are too premature upon your own showing, iu asking for relief How do you know that the Common Council are go r y to pis- tills" How do you know the Comptroller w'h fay thi bill" It will be time eaough fo" yu to ask lor tt. ' reltr-t, and it will be tim? enough fo- the Court to -nterfe'e, when the resolution pat - directirg the Comptroller to pay th s bill. You or any other taxpayer cm . t 0; injured uctil the money is pa !,?r some acllon U ta. r toward paying out this amount The Court ?" . n-*ver Inter fere until the tu.lury is produced. 1 think, therefore, aside from the question of your being able to b*>ug th's action aa a tixpayer aitn ply, that you arc premature n the application you make. Mr. < battle 1:1 rrpltcc that tho rwmedy would then b? t.?o late it wouM be itki ntiutting tbe stable rtuor when the borne was stolen. Counsel continued I argue his points at considerable Itngi:. atf d- sircd to know whether the money of the citizen.- can be exp-'ude.' by the Corporation for umusem nt?whether the tuoat; ot nearly 9c0 000 peopi; thai, he txpoudrd for the amusement of Uve thousand persona for balls and dancing, and eating and drinking Had they a rigat to expend thi' puliii im.n-j in baiLs aud champagne, and tlirn close thy dot!? aguiost the citizens, placing policemet there to fi rbM litem f) tut'"'1 Th? celebrations of tlie Fourth of July, Fviifiltton f?ay and .Washington's B'rthdmy fur which the public mouey is expended, are open to th? puolic, and not hold exclusive by the Common Counc'i Ho (Mr Ciiatfie'dl ought to be obliged to tbe Ijeiaads for S-n-lief b:m a t'cgel for the hail one month after it had lakia p.see (tat ghter), together with a list of the ("uurcwttm it ittrc'-w, pa-irllles and rouutry dunces ' ir ?r common p<, ? He made a calculation that each dance wax to cm the city >10.000, aud that would at least $10,000 more for the nice rod ribbon willi v bich the list of dances was tied up Mr Anderson v<z abom to reply, when The Judge s?id that under the ruling of the gsneral term h- ?hould deny the moliOfc. Mr Cbatflcld auird if thu Court would dispose of the other question, aa to the injure lino against the Comptrci ?r r tm muj i .... in i? pay i. g th<-oe bills The Judge said that that was rather premature; it were prorated. Ho runsiWered that iho tlrct ground wasEultcieut oa ebirh to deny the motion. Weekly Report of Deaths, Ik toe City sad County of New York, Trots the 4?h day Of August to the 11th day of August, 1800. Mop, 127: women. 96. hoys, IS2. girls, S10?Tuts!, C' 1 Ad- ta, 222, youths, 13, chldren, 413, macs, 349, female*. 306. colored persons. 8 deaths ran* a<tt? dbsamb. Apcpiery.. 'J biilsmmatioa of bladder I Bronchi:.? 8 Inflammation of bowels . '1 Cholera'nftr.turn 132 Infl .mmatwii of braiu... 17 Ghnlern mortua ft Inltsjnmatiso of h<art.. 1 OougeM ion of the brn'.a. 21 Intlnnmaiton ol kidneys 3 CoucMi '0 of the lung*. 4 Inflammation of lifer... 2 Oouvuls.oni, Infant. "... 40 Inflammation of lungs . 21 Croup Ioflam'n prostrate glands 1 Diarrhoea 13 Inflammation of stomach f> D'phthcrite 6 Inflammation of throat. 3 Dvi?> nterv 13 Inflammation of reins.. 3 Erysipelas 1 Jaundice 1 Fever, intermittent 2 Measles 7 Fc-xr, puerperal 3 Pleurity 2 Fever remittent 2 9ma".pn* 8 Ferer, scarlet SO t* in stroke C Fever, typhoid 6 13 Fever, tyj>hus 1 Varioloid 1 Hooping rough 1 ? lotai 399 deaths rsoH ausomc mssass Abrceer 2 Dropsy in the head 0 Albuminuria mid R-ighi's Foiarg"ment of heart. 1 diseeee of the kidneys . 2 Fatty hirer 1 Anemia 1 Heart, disease of 3 Aneurism 1 Mtrasmu*, s lull 1 Asthma 2 Marasmus, infantile 3V Can -or 2 Mort deal.on 1 Chorea 1 Patsy. 4 Constipation o( b??els . 1 Rupiure of heart 1 Oonsitmptioe 89 Scrofula 3 Debility . adult 2 Ulceration of the mouth 2 Debility, lu.auti.e 9 Unknown. 2 Dropsy 8 ? Total 204 mw rsos mrnsAi akd .irua* ears** nut Dsrasotre CN? CUSATS OS SSAJtOS Aspbyrta 1 l.urs re teres 1 Burned or scalded 1 Old ace 7 Casual I .is 5 Pnt*io byor'dnseoblorf. 1 Couch. Sim. of the brain 1 Premature b'rth 10 j Delir.nm tremens 8 Suffocation. accidental 1 Drowned 7 Suicide ?> Fractnre of th>: sp as..., 1 Suinlc by opium 1 latempe-sace 8 ? T ota ?T noamvLanow?oowass o> ajmsd Doc??, jo at*. Be 3 Premature btrtb 18 Braio an 1 serves. 114 S'.omv.i, bowels and Beaeret re organs oth Tdigestlre orrans 241 Beeri and blood reaseis. 10 Uncertain seat and gene Longs, thnat, Br. 138 ra1 f,?n ra 48 Old age 7 UaknowB. 2 Skin Be, and erupt its Urinary organs 2 fevers T....60 ? I Total 84 | -& which 29 were from violent rausee , Jider 1 year 225 80 to 96 years 31 1 1 to 2years 113 96 to 80 years 22 t to years (I 80 to ?0 yars 04 I 8 to 10 years 21 40 u> 60 yrars 47 9 to 12 years 8 80 to 80/ears 10 I 2 to 16 years I 00 to 70 rears 22 j 8 to 17 years 3 70 to 80 years 13 7 to 90 years 0 80 to 80 years 4 Total 614 t otTDnss r\r>n* ok* nut f "nder 1 month 81 Fr cti 4 to 8 months 88 a torn 1 to 2 months 17 Fr >m 0 to 12 months ... *1 j rr< m 2 to 4 months .... a; t Total y war 1 r k.ts'rla 1 Print it 2 Bit ah Aminos 1 Arotiand 3 1 >tna 1 s I . toMMrtt. i | 11 wilirlaud 1 >ho?w 4 I'nttrd malm. 469 In-many m Cnknnwa 3 rslan* 114 W(*t la liM 1 Uly 8 ? I ToUi ft.* 4 ' rcauc i?ihiiuw I llmahoyi#, BV j lulA'i I 10 Kill.! ti. '? I.'i.iii! Ni:**ry I (el!cr:ir HooptUl 35 H spitat 0 ' Illy Rrwtp-ta 4 p.omv i^ath'-ii.- Orphan j Morad Hun* M.<aptUl... 3 A?r m 1 tea.'*o<t numb li.ati(u?r. 1 SI rixi ,tal 1 ' ilaad HnaplUI 5 St Vincent'* ... 8 ?saix Aaylum, Stack Snail ft * H*p.tnt, Ruck watll Inland 4 a.ll'a In,and 3 .cpalu Aaylua, Bloom Wa.-d'a Inland Emigrant IPg.lalo t Soap U1 4 furaory and Child a Una. _. ptlai 6 Total ... 44 araJOM 1 It 18 W 1 1 14 JT 1 1 U 11 4 2*4 1(1 IT I W IT ?.) I 40 18 14 1 18 18 41 I. U 80 ...48 1 18 81 78 1 1? 34 I H 1 ? ToUl 464 Trim ? ? draihi ?iimr^r?.l ia...?K # t*<? ' ? - fspfcp r* IW Ml-* t*M KL't of I%*t w?~% Tt? u f jflom. ? i| r?M?<1Ui|Au| 14. 14M...?*?l?vrM? 41 M A.u 1 1469 . T III from * !!<? Sol i ? " chronx ii?^? 161 - 407 pi " r*torpiU?w?pp,*c 48) " ?utp'l?p?m .6991 a " thr- m* li.***- ..*>4-044 b " ?*V-n*J nanaxa. Ao. 47) h lit.-r??*p tui# 147 in'rrmpiiM in fMfcir * FMda 06 * vwipr*' 44 * ?. "X iv"A>. CHr l.ui?ctv p' 'nw Toot, AujruM 11, 1*H, Ij 60, NEWS FROM MEXICO. Oar Cltf of Mexico Ml! V'U?, July 24,1800. Attempted Ldteml Revolt in (A* Vapual? Want ef Pluck? RcsvU?The Lenders in Prisir,?Conduct* to Vera Cruz? Spanish lnt mention?I'm hoco't Proposition to Mira mon?Siege of Guadalajara by Ogosm?Xew Kneed Loan?The Liberal forces?Their Strength ar.d Positions?tfo Leader?hMfsy for Oomonforl, dx. Another alumni ,1 mvnil in th ritT?MOtUor trflX son ud some thirty persons la prison, do the Rime of the liberal wireworkera has gone ; so it goes and so it will go. Three weeks ago a practicable plau lor breaking up the neet of clergy mischief makers who hold this city was proposed to the agents or the constitutional government in this place They thought well of It, and proposed to carry it out. But as tbU plaif required a Utile pluck, ou second reflection it was thought beet to improve it?to enlarge upon it by making combinations. To make com blnations more persons had to be admitted to confidence. This took time. Treason grew, and just as all the pipes were laid Lagarde, the chief of police, pounced upoa the ringleaders, and they were all walkod off to prison. What a pity that we art forced to sympathize with such n cowardly and treacherous crew on account of their glorious principles. The eondirU for Vera Cruz U an exciting theme hart just at this tinment The clergy want theRhipp -ra to pay eight per cent duty to them, whereas two is ail they are entitled b. by the tariff. The Vern Osuz government bare given rot ice they will let the convoy of money go through their domu.oux without any extra chargoe?the legitimate charge by the tar iif of tour per cent being paid. Mr. Mathew baa stoutly opposed the charge of eight per cent by the clergy, lie nays he is willing to give every possible protection to the com oy, provided the clergy charge only what the ninstitutional government have agreed to take Considerable ex-itemcit prevails on the subject, and I think the uiwbni will be that the whole thing wilt be abandoned, if it goes, it will take off'about M ,000 000. Spanish intervention Is a great topic with us, also, at this time. The ultras of the clergy party, fiuditg tlums, ivi., defeated in tryiug t> briugabcula compromise b*. Iween On tvr purlieu, ar" leuoiug their support to tiic eilorts of lienor I'icbecci With what reason I cannot say ; but ttiv report here that Spain reailv in tends to interwoe ' uCLOrn'o believed lien A'moute'v lost leti?m certainly" aav llie same nod further, that France will back epain, while England will remain ueu tral. Seuor Parboco wi1! very n make new Jeuuu I. ujkui the people of Vera Cruz far mou -y as?-.mi d t<> be due perrons who have by fraud obtained the rbiructe- of Spanish creditor* of Mr-tico. It >8 difficult to lay what Juarez, & Co. will do; but they should, it .a clear, s-ud the Spauiyh runrei.ti iu creditors. lik-? rra :-t of '.'w Hjk >h convent.on creditors, to the dogs. H tiio oat been the v.ctunoi thiakinO ft diplomatic stock jo . >m.g How ever. T liar the ?; ?:> iards will carry tneir pou.ti with thCfuMiluiioniU government, l ire- ili-m u? in >r;,'y Crat. acJ thru wi upon them on s>n>.: other pretext. r?*ar, the ih ' *d* iset of M.ramou, afiv. ? l?*re on tae 19lh tioDi Lag'a The first oh. *1 o!' h s u, <sioc is traise norey. t.;J uext to sr.- L v tttran.on'x reenj tioo as FietiVhnL DiCU tor or l >aa tftr > brought about. It appearsit Br !;?d,s. 1 * c?t T-T Mm m< a's view- In any way. Cchf>r TV;!,. , it h laid, it sol entirely with Mlrain?u. rT> p-r ;> >-< rente n grvert;meot in tb.s maoutr Ur?.* c?il ?; wsiiy of rich |m > pie and nid chit laL ti envl a p'atfonu ;.l ' uairv; a I'm.,:dent; and, second, f r the d ' l. *c " "? id rcocgnlac thia President It >s heir- J S-une I> I us 0 Cuevu w ill be tl?titcLd if linr plaa b e tc o>c,sa.i k'ira n.un left lor a while as c >u> . n i-Ui chief, to he m.ide substitute or Cue vats whoc thing* :>u>w over aud the clergy a re ,, utile cic ce tan of their man i need hardly e.ty this plan or Pacheco'.) must prove a failure Vgui'-H and Vallu aie cow ayi.ig ni?n to Guada a.ara, [ aud vtry i J,,!;, vol ul. 11h; , ,iy 1 M.ra u >u defea* the liberal* at Lag...". If Ogsvoit aud VaJh? do take fluid*, laja.a it u,alters Attic <c reality us a re, lor neither of those chiefs cures for more thn; tV fap-cne coatrr. of the State* cf ,'alltco. It is reported aud believ< 1 (Lai rkgfiila'lo is again be Irg de<\'iv od hy the Ih.-'iJLare trick of Uiramon, tn of- I Coring to c. in aider to gain tune for orgau;/.!ug ( t.? forces It >? pared this p.'.r'ey will result ih Mtrano>o> boating the liberals a* Iag S. Diaz ha* raise J ucar three buuurod thousand diMutrs, to be paid out id a new (hire |mt cent farm! loan, to be levied upos capitals. Thiasrw I >\a vul be p-odctiv? of new prol its, but foiuigieiH v ... hare no other sail* faction. Toscoco has been e? tipied .i,. acd R>?f.;era. two chief! of Ihe loastiiutloaai |u t> . Aureimna bolJa up to Tacubaya; Car vajal in Sen lloi n farra In Phalco; La*iva to (Vaniia fhepo Alvarez i lieaieging; Cuaraavaca and aerriozr.bel is antnewbere thi* side of Toiujv. Theae forces may be eclimar ' tauk ? Cuellarand Reguera 800 aaea. Anreliana COO M Carva.ial (at siau Martui) (00 " " Leivn WO " Piece Alvarez 2,000 " Bcrmoiabol 1 TOO " Total G.200 " Here we fled ut let,I fi,200 men of Ite coust.tutlona! party, alt wliL.n (oriy fx tit L;> nriir. h. this jnacc?*11 rufching about, hvlig upon th?cc without apparently any tiaed purpose. The government of Vert Cruasecm* to be iodiHen ut, and wi'i not (five tin n a chief. lieu. Mo rrtxi, who I* at hi* farm to tb< Man "< de Alain Willi ami.TOO UN, If given tbe oomntati ! of these force* uvght do s-'inelhing He le respected by the people of ini* city, wbo ha\e no ranti lem-o II the ftty cbiett, uow hover tug bent in the villages of the The lime Is most opportune for rush upou Mexico. whet, Miran >o is at Iztgns and the garrison ot this place greatly re 1*.red so i discontent'd Bet. with all th:?, I fear nothing will be done, There is a strong and grow log feeling for Onraonfoet or lerdn as chief of the liberal party. Tbe inertia of tho government at Vera Oux is becoming distressing to the country. Many say, and artth ao-ae reason, bat If we arait for Juarer to win tho day. the country ?lit he a> demoralized that It cannot he governed It is to mr mind an open question if it ha- not already art'vsd at this point Oar Vera Crat lorreapoarfeni e Vaaa Carz, July 26. 134). "* Peart /Vrecfl?Ci :: Esprc'tl? f). - tUdu and Jfirj stoa?fhrred 1/ in' t*ITsagtaa ?f*fc? Bi tap vf Ouuiiaia jara?Uit I'alne at a f.-a.?hill of a Cbv tuda?Gtn ral Pyx .?Ii"H> ?Hh?t?11 'Hi?Skipping <t:. Since my letter of l fr* days ago nothing has oscurmd to disturb the equanimity of our thoughts. I'race, peace, when there Is no peace, a still tbe try. aud you may assnre yourself that s paciflcatlou of the country Is k thing not to be ho|<ed for very toon. It is said, nevertheless, that tbe inactivity of the contending arm lex up the country Is owing to the fart that f>egoi!ail* and Miratnoc have agreed to a brief su*i*n?toc of bostllitjea, whilst they can talk over p'ae* for s aettlement of exitllng difficulties This report Is not entitled to any conai deration, for it Is not posalbtc for those two men to a^rse upon any terms after their signal failure lu come man arrangement before this place iu March Dealles. Mlranioa found it ao easy to thraah Degollado at Kstaaeia that nn doubt be flatter* bimsrlf to be able to do it again Moreover, wn are not swarr that Degollado hag power to treat for peace, or even lor aa armistice, bryou.i such bitef ones as are Incidental lo a campaign A'; lh * report may therefore b<- attr huted to the love of the marvellous pecltar to the yil ns-ics of all couutg.e*. or nrented for sinister purpose* As a corollary to tb? forvzomg we have a nmart ground iwetl u favor of the ri turn of Corn s fort, a* tbe [rest pacificator that is to be. How he can be ex wrted to calm the troubled waieis Is more thao your ' rres;<nodent sua comprehend. Perhaps It tnay be on be principle ol Hahneman. that "like cures like," for hat h* has been the can=e of the wofal "ag'? in wb ch the try now finds Itself, th?re c isi lie no mtasak * be is a good sad well m-asing roan, sod ha* been purlled by the bittir li-?enn bo ba- learscJ. there ought lo bo j ? particular object * f> let him have anoih r go id. If IO Is an vsrv aatlnua to MXrl.rp mat IVxbana Ka nay do good a:tor all Who knowa* We ran get nothing doOtilt" nt too war In Ooadalnfara. ,h* faithful ha' 0 offered (."0.CO0 l ir lit* reh-UO of kept 1 io?a Rtrhop nt tbat ilk. out ol tt > bohdagi- Id wblcb ha la , (o* held by the horrid rod r*|nihltca?a thf** gentry >y thrj bav ?m h an *\aitr<i aamiratkin ol to* church ' hat tbey canoot think of parting with aucli i dlgnita ' y ag a btabop for lea* than #2*) 000 1 |**r th* ' nitre will not f-*t< h *<> a prior, and that the head ' lelnpping toil will r-m" to ft inf. for w??a* of tho ' ranett fellow* In ihalr-gtMi would Ilka no b*',i f ft? han -hootmg a b'ah > ), 1 -t for th* i<nT*|t> -f tV ibOn: ' lad b* fallen into tbo fund* of Horn# bo wtr.i i La. - bad abort ahrt'i. ? P,* (dir.-nor of Vi it??., r \ . t' * rtaT.- e i tb* rbiefa In tt. interior, bit j ?t imputed a j r srrrd loan. ?r COi 'rmutton 1 f'. i-t o-nt vfttm il c*?h captiala in his jwriidbnioa. Tbt n?i rally f r.wt-d no ??t.? tt..* -Mng ttrtVLg an ano m.?y ho naM-red v. capital-it* and a* there In t.o p< -IhiO I tour in tbat elate r j-h a:: *T?cilo3 anemia ltavo i mode to th- t r atji.tioral eorerumeril lor proter I 'on agaUiit noth robbery. but aithougb Tw?tan r*eogIt ? ll.f ? 'j.rrm*ry th- SS'I W>?I it tat nl?-, urn ta the artual f -Mei-ras of f -l*rai powor that Jiiar** rill namely eentnn- to ink* anf d*-lded maa*dr*e In th* taller, and erea nl.o?!d bo do no, It It doubtti.1 If hM oinmaniia will h? otx>y*d. Of rmire* Ibretgr*** r**ldtug nd traraartmg bunt ?* i Yucatan ar* the grufet tuf?r*ts, a* tifsd, In tin* rata. One of them. Mr Ramos iiaoe*, United Mate* tii?aiil at ?1*al and M*rlda, la berw iiw unrtfamriog toobu n ,.,->u-cliofi froru thta opto ?po.i tiwi.wh oh rob* him of lit* p*r rent of til he pnme?ae* on , trth Thin thing ran h* rndur*d oeco, tint tbo torribla art of 1 br hnain*** ta tltat It will b* rtatwM *rnry fro 1' intilha to *tli?fy tb* rap?rKma mawi of lb* hungry w tarkn whor mttartiy sorcood tub other In i>hanta*ir,? (i-ic rapidity ef nro#1 o in tho mini n of the te "pi-,bile trr-namy" of the rarkma Bttiea. In tilth. c! egii-o is a disintegrated nation, au l ought to b* melt-d I p a:.d ra*t oe*r aft n Rgoept In tb* inattrr of ar -,i/. .. ac* and prraefwtiuai aoarrrly the aembUtw ? of gorornlent now r*naatne w There ba? h**n talk oft < <n lu-'a of sllrer V-eg per g< lltl*d to t.>*t * to !> a nirt Ihrni i' * lnl?r w, out it uaa O town out, and h i i ira ,-ortip.,e to b* at a pretnlunt di *r? of thr** ai d a > a; pro rent tl Tb* I'i.tir* rep- nn- la no a inf.-?t*d with robbers. Of ol on-** it alw.ttf baa I - *n it 1 tt tn reg.i'v pro'twlon- lb h4#hw*io o? gtnu. -?ii wiiotg r? -a t ? and Ingu ai ot ahti -a iu|i*I t! m to lray r ,tri!-ttime on tba gb r ?i T't i*r -> r?r trrlrrt from Nemos InthaM <<i J a/a wtthoat Uie paaeeogoc* ?ciag robbed threol llaaea. dathahrata* of ?t?x gatherere" Its much all Um poor travellers iu ./ have, Ibair pi arrival at thia place ma/ be o?ocelvad. But aa ! rather aeuperflult/la the climate, the wcoi ?a oot ao (real 03 might be euppoeed. We are bow ia the height of dog da/a auil rata, and It poura down aomethiug leaa than a fool pet larlv every twenty four hour* The health of the place la pretty fhlr, com idee Teeaela In port?Bark Acme, from New V'orl. r?na, ech.-k.nrr* Star, from New Orleans fir Oregon, from Mobile, uncertain. The AmaricA roo. commanded by the gay and gallant adm ra atill blockades Green bland. \ ska Cerz, July 2S Dltl' Times ?n Merien?A Wteidy War?7V lary Repox?Missiwi Sahiien?Mintmm $ let Patriots in the Valley?A I'ropKecy, Jk We appear to bare fallen upon very dull time* al thia invincible city. So very dull Hit lab flud it difficult to get together material tor Uie o diaary communication I pity the fabricator* t.oa letters, thoigh their Imaginations tony o want of facta. avutc tu mv uwr* wu a 5U **.**** be suspended, whilst a W0/J7 war is prosecute press with a vtgtr almost worthy of election 11:1 Coiled SUlea American editor* decidedly exec Mexico in one pert.culer, however. vu they c gaard tliem. 8t!l'., your Mexican is not woolly 1 -u epithet, after bin own way, but be uerer de downright Billingsgate. Pcriiape the difforeae i alter all, surely in the direrfeore in the yen' | anguagee. Kveo an editor la polite in Spanish. Wi Mill hear occas.ooal alluaiooa to paace u?g j hut aa thia U quiu as near as we ahaK come itvlf. the topic ie an unfruitful one. Tin re iierme to l>e very little doing now tt tha country in the way or lighting The mil 1 .emeu appear to be quietly ruralizing dur.'ig la | ra>ny months?'epoauiK upon their lauy i time 'or tbc "fall ahiotlng," which pmmiii f idut to open with great eprigbtlioem. Yet? 1 of pre renting an utter stagnation 111 the trade tb I a little abtndy ercry now and then. We hM . Ktaoce, thai Carvajal lately administered "a ao | to the beggar Aifuru" in Silao. near Guanajuau him a loss o' COO men?which means killed, wou | riieeisg?repeciaiiy the latter. It Is anoint many eoldiera turn up missing after tne smaiir a akirmoh. mill, when wc consider lbs mau.i r 1 "rolontieru" are fbl'nted by i-llber party (rtr: laaooedi, tbc-ir absqualuiaiion, whec they ge< [ rnacce, ought not to be a source o( si rpri'ne 1 fellow* Cut out whenever they ran, and. as they I go borne, nut orally Uke to the mountaia iaatr.i | the L.guasy. I hie accounts fur the *#?rnu> J who lofcet theervrtry, Li tteis ft'm Vexic: uy that Ogazoa has U.j f. ..ndul.rjtra, hot v e arc not Informed that I14 it 1.. eg la harder tt>aa to g?i a' iin t inarre'.lo'j.-. lam' Can not some of thute gm.i'i.v rented liie undo-ground ri 'road 01m dura1 an.i h "e to mi under {round telegraph? It wnu. The Valley of Mi-ii. o u s.? .1 li, be ti.le-1 with armed jinirio'e 1! no, why the deuce don't the ' irate llieir f'KWi Mio t iki* 'tin burn Mirunoo lias fallen back tram La^at upon ] pre*ut it.di tiTity txxlcs uo |?nd |nr Utc llbe. Tha. be 'e quietl) r?railing for vigorous hT?ls tioi.s there be uu doubt. 1 do uo: like to ' anything of the Wind, but you ma" look out for i firibvdy on itsf I d. .*oh*"j before a groat wh t-kePmCr/'-.-F??Rii.iab ik&oMAor * T-obi tile New Orb a' & P cayune, Anguu The maile t f the Rctionner S'a;-, b-tore repoiJ Vera Groi, direct, rata* to bund thn tnoromg I ' The Star left Vera Cruz on tint 2P'.l. u'.t., ao.i j as |*i*v'jger. DT. 1. Shippry, Fig , UtC Set r?*? j OTirer .li?. vl'-, ic charge of a specist tnaii but ! sloop o' v ar Savaunnh. aa-i deepatches from thj I fur ti.c Mate liepartmeui. Mr eihippey lett . t j fo- Wellington He is euorc<*led us Flag Otli :<j tary by W C Zaiw'ga:-, Fhq .who ar'ived o\ Cruv uu the 117th. , 1 Tt. ro were three 8fMn.aU men of war at v. b -a Ih Star left, two sUatu frigates an.I a if I't :t<Hl Stnti r f;'ore ship Supply w?a a!s< at ari H same pl.n e tlie Sa v*nnh am MhMlH Ctwtll (tt ( n eo Island. The French bris <.'* was also it Sacr Tin? Tlit-re was uo British Vera Ci vr, the Vilorotj" having sailed for Jama 5th The FouttUoi , was ftUuled >y the Aaiet tub and Punch vi-sol*. with twenty-one gunaen v ere also returned by the Castle of San Juan d The crews of the ro< o of war at Sncrilci" a e< l!"nt health. The rainy sea ,on had n >w fsi.-Iy get in til licTican coast, aajet'orrtjog the extraord -u-j I at tr.trutr. , Tempera tare affile Wrek. The . nneied table show* tbe temperature ( mcpherc in tbia city during tbe week i the range of the barometer and thermometer, t.oo of wind c-rrttts, and tbe e'ate of U>e v three p<i nxir during euch day, v z at 0 A. M ,, " 'clerk F y ' t a. Jr. s p. m. / Jr. i tTFTfTTTi nil f11 *! i Fa* ... < -X) 3d 7i. A. W i30.ll ?1 8. W. 3U W 70 a ." a. ft 9fl 3n 77 N. W.iJO *1 Ol N ' 90 .10:74 f Hon.. ? S04.1 7?'N. F iSD U S! 8. W 30.48 73 ft. Tees 7 30 *H|7"let. W |3Q.f7|M 8 '30 31 7*1 8 Wed 1 SUltiftJIS. W lan 17187,8. W lEteUlift Tb. r. i? .10 If. SIM S W jn.18 H *. W 30 !8|7? 8 Fr . in sn.ivHI s JsokNi'a W. SO JO 71 w mt... II 3l> 3ft 71| N. |so.?|7?iIf. W.I30 si ?o| W. uunr. Satu ds;?Morningovcrraat artemooa clear a heavy rata; thunder and dvrtng eveai Si- r.tlft* Pimm s anrl watHt Monday -Cku ami vara. Tueida> ?Hear aid warm Wedmaoaj ?Morhrng clear and vara ai. lay Thuraday ? Morning oreroaat Afternoon baa lUrttgbt Frl la; ? Morn.of clear. clear. Wi, CMt. .Saturday? Morning orcrcaat and coot all da; r'endy bat pleanant Brooklyn City Mews. Tin EnKKiOf o? Yon* rtoust ?The Co Coi,..f ir tan p.!>.?ahed tUe legal notice that at will bo made to the County Court on tb? ttrat k n pt? .>bor for the appointment of three Cotnn to t*l male ami aaoraa the eoat ol extending Yl froci Fulton ?tract to >t* ywrw at comimm emconietnp.ated impr'Toment will extend d tbtoi xb lie lilork, commencing at .J amen a running to Fulloo street. It will rut of part* ( and lot* N<? 24, 27, 20, St and 33 James street, par'a of hou r* and lots Noa. W, 71. 73 aad 7 street Tf > uupr rerarut baa kmg been req.ii when made will greatly enbaooa tba ea ua of aloiv tin e i -a line ad Tortt atraat, wbicb will teed from > ultoa at reel to tba mala aatraoce of I Yard. 1 .*>"-* on thx Coast ?The weather hu b aevere along the caat for tbe pact few daya. d the Sunday excursion boats down the bay wer< to return until Monday morning, aad amae of tb ' amer* were rompoilad to ooaM barfc math too original!; intended. On Monday the boat were an-" <>l>! ;ed to pet In fbr Mielter A liamlaome a drieea aabore. on Sunday night or Monday mora Obaey Uland I'olnt ETorta ware male to get l>?t n? ,ng to tbr return of tbe tide aa I tbe ate tr"in the water. It was impossible, and she wa 'till blybor opon lb* beaeb, where the break daabirg clear over ber. Tbe oama of the naaal asm. r lamed. Ran x an i itoa Dtuiwxaw. or a Rot ?a hide t yean of age. earned Mclkjuaiil, acaidentally feii dock at tba foot of Atlanta afreet u Monday while pla;. .ag w th nomu companions. It ?? ant by the ehb tide, win u another bay niwd MeTVrrrott, rceid'1'g at No M luluui atraet p. m lt>< waier and euro -led. after a hard etr gg!e, t, iibdrd. A Ftitni ob Phomi?A Bailor ntrwl .Trdia [> brought brt. r? J. ^ti?v Comm. i|. y?- trnU;,M t:>f bc.Bg drunk It , 1 tint b. arrived u< KM !*;, with $140 .a b:a |??m ioa, tf proo ii< .tlm' 1*1...r. it * 1 it ... ? 'h-o-.i r, u- m * ? .niriri ?t .lino i.eii m<>rr 4 ?l n.tly tru.^lJ nhi|???U Hr.oaM not ?l?r? ?.I tlie nv n?-? went to. hut did 1.. ? net v.-ti . '.r - *! *1 Mi" "a* ' - !" Pali ni l All ''M km ti |->rt. II* ?* MI I. ltd tor ?* ? !.i if.?.tAii".??? or Tir d?.??r* ? aa . Ul ri... I I. : A . ?.! - 1 - ilh w I :. U ? ? . ? by -or drain o' j. hi. rtaob .-v. vprrr.-ntnt > - ?? ti>> d yr?i"-A*-- Bi^nau" ...rlmd < 1 ll . ll Rreckiurl.i^" drtuof-i (I 'OW1BJ fc t.if Vttf ? I'd' ir> f rfv. ' Ingb o r. *k. Br. . l'V 2.4 I ?li C K 1 e'ei ., .4.: .. d 01 Ul -* 0'K??fk? o\Tr K OMNmI. ?c# 9 i? "pmn. N? tr Yok ., Anfuat 11. ' n or n>:: JM? NT I KWHITT A*P To tin rr>m>* nr tnt huhau> * Mill* la known In tfcla roMnti j abo-it fjn rbeneTer iha * irr-ntnord no aotkw Ml token of it r?frf?? whi'li ?h? la nnderyolPf In >11 the bi 'hlch rb trvi tortsp % highly enllfhtenad natloa. , tit incorporation into the ranka of a irtt rl?M mod for j?r by mr f? thfbl ally tba chief if th itn.-h cmplrt, la but a Juat and merited dMinctio It pl'daea tbe Almighty, a few yaara more act ill b* in poll ileal Importance a hat aba vaa oooa mat and glnrtoaa tlmen of (tiarlea V., Pl.ilip I nailralll. I bar* laat r*cet*ad a latto-a Mad Jrt? 50 from which I yiote Uid foUowlai apti rclatn e to tha imp'oremaota and gei ?,| ' Ppam Ha bp ?'M bare tr trt ued It, no riMi.r la, and I ? it. I j that it ia aau-.h r.. | n. I arrn i pro,.* < ?? .?!(* v. >tgr nr be ? rorrtri.ried n'rti* >.% artf lb r'i tt uaaf for

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