Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 17, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 17, 1860 Page 1
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TH - ' ? - > ? - . WHOLE NO. 8744. DKPORTAIT FBOM SYRACUSE. Oily 6ie Elfftoral Tirket to be Run in N?w York in Opposition to Lincoln. Daioo of the Donglu And BellEverett Parties. u raiu nttk ikjl irruKcaru IV IBIHI KIM WV Ml WB' lnridge Parly ou Om Ticket* The Old Democratic Cliques, Regencies and Organizations Smashed Up, M* OUH 9PBLIAL DESPATCH. .-TK.iora, August 16, I960. *k iKugliM :omm'.'.Ux) on an elector*! tlvJtel ere still M ? lork with ibe Br') committee. Ibe now demand greater repreeeotatioo on the Mckct than the former eeem inclined to ooooede. M pr? sent CbMC?.ior Walworth and lit. Redfleld art aa Um ticket aa electors at large, bat the Bell committee dee Ire to p?1 Washington Hunt's, namo on in place of ilr. Red field, and alto denand fourteen or fifteen of the State electors. .-nu'TMt, Aognrt IS?8 P. M. Tbe "cstc sUob o tho IVuig'.aa democracy has cloeed Its eessioc, and the result is far better than wan antkjipated from the character of tho men rcppoeed o have controlilLg power over t? action. proceeding} can be summed up In a few word! Kbfj ha.o nominateJ a ticket of fair average character, aeadod by es Senator William Kelly, who la a quiet, retpec'-aSlo old gentleman, wbo will never set the Hudson river rm Hn, but who stand* well In the community ui a gentleman of station and honor, and la onosualiy popular with tho agriculturists of the Stale. He j well known as an ontcrprislng farmer on a pri^ooly esoJ;. Tboy havo fonnod an electoral ilr-ket entirely a-ceptabli to Bell Everett Union men rf Uk Slate, aud which will combine !n solid man much of ike conservative eppositioo of tho State against tho sectional candidate of tie republican!. Ten men of ?taadcg amongst eld line whlgs dad placea on the ticket. Xbey have also In tUolr reealuti".n3 plainly and frankly tav.ted a union with the remaining portion of tho oppusitim, who ut present pretend to cling to the tor*, uses of Brook hurt lge, and to that end haTe given U^r.r cy mtu.ttec full )>owcr to fill vacancies on tbolr tickets, and to mju a all arrangements for such a union In this ?iato as can alone insure tho defeat of Llnooln; and, , flnally, they hare lr.:r!ed down tho last pretence by which the rotten carcass of Tammany has been able to Impose upon a credulous public with the impudent humfcag of regularity. 1/ tliero'tgli ?(l< onion does not mw take place, it will bo owing to tho factious,disorganbtag conduct on tlui part of the t'.roen Schell faction. m sccnes lu aiul about tho Convention to day havo Men quite Tho degradation of Tammany, which oorrmfinoed yesterday, ha) been completed to day, desp.te all tho hard swearing of B!cbm>nd. As might have been foreeo*D,tbe admission of Mozart on equal terms wltli Tammany bc.-amo embarrassing to the Begency Wjaders as soon as the time came for forming the electors] ticket and State Central Committee. K.chmond raved like & trooper at the idea of a Ifosarter being a Bomber of a committee he and lieutenant Cagger have so long held under their thuuii*. very prooaoiy ne wo-Ja have inducod tb<i Convention to cmsont to plaoo two Tammany men on tho committee, had It not bo-io fhr ttoc liUUivey aud bungling management of Clancy and Kennedy. They gathered crowds in front of the Syracuse lloijsc this morning, and openly threatened that If Rjchmoad did not Jemand of the convention that they thooid place only Tnu jjiti.y men on tne Central Committee they would enlist as the deadly roes of the Regency. TL y alio threatened to stump the Ktate for Brady, and rtfuaed tobeliev* Richmond bad not the power to oontrol the convention. Probably they were half rU'ht in their belief that Cadger was playing a double game, and was secretly fcrorln* iloz*rt, but it waa the height of Colly to charge that he had bs?a bought with Keraaniio's money. This silly engineering of Clancy and Kennedy was takes advantage of adroitly by Con Wood and Bradford, who adopted a modest, moderato tone, and bemnio more conciliatory the more Tammany raved. So, when the question time up In the Convention the Moasrt candidate wu placed on the Central C6mm:tter, although Lyman B. Smith, nne of Richmond's wild bu.'Ulots, sn<' l.e llow and Cadger* Albany body guard, all labored painfully against it. In equal bad taste was Clancy simple, when he refused to serve on an tnf -'nifli-ant committee?a ? p whirl was thrown to him lo stop his marling, but at which be turned up his now. This blow is regarded by a.'l as the end of Tammany, and ? a ge neral bop* Is expr??iacd that now all senstbls men will desort the rotten |*upcr organization and unite in some m'ire rigorous, healthful body. The Bell nnd Fvrrrtt men are entirely fajlsfled with tbo ticket, and will labor earnestly for Its soooeca. Tammany threatens to bolt, and will probably end bsr chamoises career by ?omg in fer black r*pul>ll:ai?lsm, but she eatnut lake eve thousand votes to tbe abolitionists, and Is th"refbre harmless. Tbe sacbems ought to scalp chiefs Clancy and Kennedy when they get back to tbe wigwam. They have been as weak as squaws anil as silly ss papoose* in this fight. PROI EmiNCS OF THE CONVENTION. A igIIPI 14 l^oo Tbe rvan^ratle Ptate Convention met at nine o'clock, but the <-nnmlUc* not being prepared to report, Volt a recess tilt eleven o'clock. Tbe i ommittee on an electoral ticket was In session until a late boor last n gbt. Considerable debate took pla n tbe pr(-j*-"t'"-s rr.a . ^ by the Bell Ererett comn?i t-e. their demands being tomewbat In excess of what tbe dantrf-rallc committee oonsidered an equal represental'i-n. This morning negotiations wers renewed, with a better prospect of arriving at an amicable adjustment, and tb> Erll I v< r. tt committor expressed thenwlrss sati?B d it iti one eWUw from eatli Judicial district, on the I'* eicctonu iiuri. Afo dlflicnlly **i aJ?o cTpcrirncwl in rcUIinf tba Nr* yoik city rfpwcntatioB. bnt ercntoally one Monrt ib'i; *H KTWd t". *.:U the prlTilcg?of Moairt auniof out rid HftC ?ii.g ?t.d Cfi< Laniiw./ite, Um? g.riag ttrm a tokc r. t'-.-f out of tl.e six cltf elcclor* The Convention msstmbled *t eleven c'cteck, TT?e committee oa electoral ticket* ?u ?tui aborci J/>ud r% :ia were m-? \r for f.jrmaa . Hnltb, C>' U*r rtn|Uw, Goo. Ccpir.j and other tpeaker*. s*-nian'l <?,* ? t*<l? brief I'Mnmi, i'# latter cU.n.Jbf that the docirlM of popti'ar *?rer?:cT.t/ r't'i nW ca tbi* coatiMDt with th? #L* Nation* of Inwho, ?h\le hk n? a oatloa, admitt* Ik ?a>"rei r.jht of each to rrfulato its ioxaeot'.c %A*.rt. Dr 0B*ra?ui. or New fork, <rm kbc called out, nd r, 'n-nded, txpr- m'nf tbr rmtltuK of Urt Wliooal demo j < lii? titj of New Tortt for the llborai u^alineol receirtd h???l? of ibe Convention, the *1*4 d? rbkh ?f Id i?" th? U'(f? m\)<'rlty which wool! bori^-d up bv '*? w> ^ <U?orrnVi of tbo city H? pi. .!|?t Mr>Mrt tui. v'Wj for the lick* of tft* relator irwcncy. both Wat* ."*< noitaaal. J Pm? mHrxT am a.<4r?? il tbr tooraotioc, but t*r wmfeUofftoa, had eoMHertbly later rvr**'1 w'tb tfcelrjolm. Mr Hi y? .Welarad ?* bit hcl\?r that ertry foo.1 demo r rat ?'?l l tt'url hi* banner to th? hr*~? A tool rotcf her- pr.^Kwad "three cboora for th? hreere,'' wbieb wer* (Iran with a naarty will, jjj," 0?>'i*rti* thea, 0?dt?r Ih* the cxnsitMoa wm till al ^ M" tW0 ?'ck"* T * ' I'-irlBi U> r#co* (JonnK,,,'>0 U?* C..ramiti > ot> an Flectr ral T?i'? ,U ^ * 0. rruambliPt *' hft,r ? 1 '*" Ho? * liraol iy-m tlrf o. mtn,***' ',f<ra mat, reportad Um WV'WloJ c'^'ra' tk*?' ? aijiito* Rmiiefi It Wai<rorth, i f Par xt"U* H-mui.t Raddeld >'f<.o?i??y> tTHM iivnnicr 1 I" It ? 9? Char lea II Co'Titii, of K n|^ E NE' 3? rv^neJd H Tilk?i. Ytefc 4? Elijah r. Purdy, of New ior% 6?OewaJd OlUiotli I far, of Nc? Yurn. A?Jaw*a Daiejttftr Ogden. of Vo*Yrt I?Jamcf Robiom, of New York 5?Jobu Acrieraun, ol S.-w York 9?Bdwarl Uaigbl. of Wes-xb. ?Ur. 1<V? Daniel R }H John, nf Oringe. 11? Elwha B Mtroitff, ?f 15-WUItui Keel, of 'Hjtcbfw. I 13?Martin ?p? mg>>r, of R?i <r< laor. 14?JamfH Kldrt, of Albany. 16?l*aiab Blond, of Saratoga. ? 15?Beery H. Rota, of lOaaex. 17? narkl C Jiirfcon, of St lAwrfooe. IS?Charles Uorwljwar, of ?chohar>e. lb?tii?or(te U (Hyde, of Otsego. , 20? Edward Huuimxtun, of Oneida. U?Ambrose d Hi^toe, of OV-tUa!. 24? Luc!?s B. Cio^ker, of Oswego. 25?Pterson Mundy,of Jrfforson. 24?Jobs M. Htroeg, ot 26?Edwin M. Anderson, of Wayue. Si? Junes II. Pulver. of Ontario. 27? Miles Finch, of TWripk ,u?. 28? Chares H Usrroll, ofSWu'jen. 29?Addison Gardiner, of Motir w? 30?John B. Skinner, second, of Wy m z? 31?1?m>? Borrows, of O leans. 32?WUliam Williams, ot Erie 33?SOcphsn D Caldwell, of Cha-.tai;.: &. On motion of Mr. Hj>tiuway, of Cbcnirng, Co .'O^-.rt Was unanimously adoptod. lbs reading of the names was 'oeilnvuiDy ;sterr-pt:J : by load applause, and on the adoption if tUa report ?ho Convention rose and gave round after ro-^cd xf cnttuslas tic applause. Amidst much excitement, Jawth S. Teats*. of TVmmtear, moved that tho committee of the Be.I am LVorott party, with which In the formation of a iVi;e! tl:o <:<?m mittee of this Convention had heen la tarnuu.c a caou el and aetlon. he Invited to take Raats on t%> r.oor of tlia Convention. (Loud and long continued zpr'n-e:.) Tho motion was adopted unan jnoosly. W*. H. Lniot, of Suffolk, from the Committee on i Resolution?, reported tlie following reao'.u'.-.c is. vslrxh bad been unanimously adopted by tae commute:? Resolved, That the denocra-^y of New York, acting through !ta regular organIon, aod a?se,i>b'<?l In <f>io gated Jooventioo, according to ancient usu^s, r???!B*us its devotion to the Union of the States and federal ooc?tltution, deeply impressed tbv. a coot-nuance cf th<* former depends mainly upon a flulthfnl ohecrvan-"! of all the duties and obligations imposed by the Utter. Rceolved, that the organization of a scstioual parry in tbe Northern SWtes. founded on the idea ef an ' Irrepressible conflict" between the free and slave mid nn k compatibility of continuing in tbe same nnfedorary of Suites, having in tbo exercise of tba vital pr:nci|ile of local "elf government different domestic institutions, and pledged, If elevated to power, to use tbe influence and authority of tho government in hostility to the rights and interests of a portion of the States, is a movement at war with the ptaee of the nation, equality of tin Stat-os, and stability of the Union, and deserving tho roproaa tion and active and combined resistance of all patriotic and conservative cili/ens. Resolved, H>at we recognise the doctrine of tbe equal). ' ty of tbe States and their equal rights in the Territories, 1 tho common property of tho Union, and that intervention by Congress to protect anO W?flt a particular species of property peculiar to a portion of the mates, whilo such protection is denied to all other property, Is unequal and unjust, and subversive of tho great democratic principle o' "non interference by Congress with slavery in a .Stats or Territory," and In violation of the spirit or the constitution, and tending to v.oaken the bonds of tho Union; and that all threats and conspiracies of disunion to coerce such intervention, or in retaliation Tor its refuaal, are dangerous invasion of the rights of tbe States and the citizens thereof, and that is such a straggle wo will eUnd by tbe Union against disunion Resolved, That approving the platform of tbe recent Democrat c National On rent ton at Ctarteston and Baltimore, and recognizing the nominations as In accordance % iih the popular will uf our own ftate, we receive Stephen A. Hooplas and TWrschel V. Johnson as the democratic candidates for President and Vloe Prosident of the 1'nlted States, and plodgo to thorn our cordial an J ooergctlc support. Kesolved, That do result of the pending Presidential contest Will prove so disastrous to the peaew anil iMegrity of Union, and is ro much u> bo deprecated, as the olxclioo of Abraham I.incotn, the sectional candidate of the repoblican party; ana that recognizing tho duty of all patriotic | conservative citizens to co-operato tn avtrtint; mich a ca- ( Ismiiy. and extending to them our cordial fellowship | in anch work, we Invite them, aa the surest mode or wttlihotdii-e from bim the thirty five electoral votrs of lew York, and tborcby securing his defeat, to a common anp pott of the olcrtjral ticket prcrontcd by thl* Convculion?appea'irg to its htph p.*monal and political charm ter a* a vinaicatlcn of the wisdom and liberality of It selection, and guarantee that the sunrages uf all I tilon luving citizens may be aafely committed to the KUctorai College thus composed of dlspsmonsto, honorable men: and that, for the purpose of eurh co operation, the fctat* Committee he authorized to till any vacancy that may occur on the electoral etato tickets by resignation or otherwise, and take ruch measures as they shall deem proper or MMSrarv to giro tho united express'on and (Btcl to the national conservative Rentimenta of tho state. Resolved, That while not unmindful of Um wise admin Istm'ionof the national affairs, the people of this State are deeply Interested in the duty of self government at h? me, and thai the nial aUtriolstration of the Mate go veri-mert by the rein.biw-an party, In the eserelso of power obtained by diverting the attention ol' tbs people to distant objects of philanthropy. admonUbes us of tho uece-s.ty of OomfMic refonn?of wresting the control of the Suite frotu the l sudn of Ibe republican politicians and r> storing it U> democratic ascendancy. Resolved, That the Jobbing, robbery aud corruption of the republican Ugikl.,1 ion of lira State, preying upon all interests, and levy,n< exactions npon every doerrlplIon of private and corporate property, and invailing tho r gbts of Individuals, of munlolpatiltoH aud oountics, have reached a Ivprse of oppression and Infamy no longer enrtrrable by free people, and that we appeal ti the citlti i.s ol the State to rally in d -tence of their property, rights and honor, and retiore an boorst a.lnunmtr itimn of the government, and as an earnest of onr devotion to such reform we pwnt for their support the Slate ticket beaded by the names of wra Kelly aud Wm. F Allen, hoaest tnen, bold In tasUinin^ the ri^ht aud ren.k'lng too wrong. Resolved, tliat instead of listening to the propjsifioo or the abolition agistor* and republican politicians further to subjugate the |?oplu of thU Slate In the name of I freedom, by tampering with tho lo.flrure, ate) Introducing a large negT" element to aid lr controlling our elections, we detnasd emancipation for the white men of the Stale, emancipation from unreasonable taxation, from corrupt trgisla t<>u, ana from oppression which rcpubltmn mist le is crv-hiut; them. The reaiUrg of the resolutions was received with continued outbursts of applause?that endorsing the nomtnn tions of Tocglassnd Johnson being greeted with round j I after round of cheers, tho Convention rising while giving vent l<> tbeir fcelirjcr waving hats and haddkcrcblcf*. On II.C adoption of tbe report, which km moved by I Itxca* ? Wir.u. wttb appropriate remark*, the appUuao j of tbe Convention w* renewed. At tlila time a cannon ( ontt If k'*T( notice of the ontrnleti an of the main labor* of tb< tor vent on. and continued throughout tbo remainder of tbe proceed ;nj* to uuito ita roar wiUi the , rbmt of the Convents a Itjuaaf moved the following resolution ? | r.cnolved. That It is the duty of the democracy of the J 8tati to make a pract.rAl recognition of the principle of popv.iar ?! rcrei*iii;. In tLi case of tbe people of gchnyler , rr*nnt~ and to guarantee to the people a* that county aa fMliant a deteoce of tli^r rlgbt t? manage their own pceatlar a.'.att in thc-.r owa way, m our candidate, who perao&aua iht? great pricclple, made for tbo people of Kan- , fa>? * gallant a de'pnrf an oar delegation, both at ) Cbartoton and lial.iaore. gare to Um real sentiment* of i tl>c people of tbe cation. Tbe n (olut'xti m adopted The feUow og t "spatcii waa received and read ? Plsvxto*, Va, Augnat Id, 1M0. To ITOt PMMT*NT 0? HIT OoSvKCno* ? Hie old gwd of Virf mi* t? Is e**-ton ttt a large, en Urn tiattic UmTMMM Cto ct on Virginia for Douglaf and 2 'Upton. den>oct?cv aou the I'uioo I! L BOITvIKf1, r.iidca of National Convention. Ifr. I.tvarB Punt more.: that the delr*?te* of the eereral JudK Ui diftr cU report name* for wr.iher* of the Plate t zm ttcc for tU hjl!di jcar. am) that tbe report couimc.ce w il? Ite F gbth diUrlct. ? be i.nder?tood there would be tome r>ute?t la the Kirst district, be defied to ic* ra tb.1t the 'act Tbe cimet of tbe Ommivte* la all bit the First dfrtrlct were tbeti handed !a snfl adopted Xt* r'**t dWtrirt I e'tj called. Mr. John OUaey pretented tie ?* " Knwt; ?mdr.lde?,from the T*m mat>y ,'e'..f u?t :? Bradford presented tbe name of Brn.tair. r. Woo?: 'or member of the committee on the part of tbe Moaut dcle^at'.o*. Dr. Rradtord tald that the , rrasoa \i.(j prr^Vfl nut r*>c r.aoie w? inm unarmix* ws? that tLty bad L?wa admitted on equal terms to the Cv*\r?tl(b wilt Tammany, U'l not a? superiors. TTier cult desired to be equally reprcrrnlad on the Mate Own itlec. tat! deevli* rvji'rttcd that Tammany had thoujlit proper to (Ja.m It* cotu* wrrtwwwtoB. Mosart wm for the unloo of ttr wboM ih'MiiH} of the city, but thl? actl>w cr THranuui), the fart Uiat one aatar pTt??nt#d bad l*ea run ia o^ipoa.tion to I ha Mozart paadldato Hat apr ji* aaU badly UaTosled, would ?aet? an tbuufh that organ tsatioa would 'lsslr# to , the warfare. He had hop?d the uifht'1 ( rr?t si<ep would restore amiability lo tho T-.mmaay delegate but, to-t- ad, they appeared to bar* suffered 1 rrom the e.^'' of ? fs*rful bifhtnaare fla and hi* col. I l?a*u<? were "i"11* co*t*nt ?o trust theina?le?s In tbe ' hand* of tl?e Cwmittoc. wfcich had thna far trsated i then with hnncr aa1' f*ra?SB He did oot be Hera the C"rrrnli?i wotild noV rfep-'ve t?win of the right of equal . reprrsrriat ion <* the .^aU Cnamttfc*, where they da ired lo keep ore M their C?ml*r in ennfant fellowship with tbeir new filer ds But whaler mi(fht ha the art Inn of thMroT?nr.. n. M.^art w?uld J>ow chserfully to the wl!l nf the majority (I/md aopUwM f Mr Ji?a* Ctk*c\ Mid that fammaoy had pr*osot?>d , two nam* f for the fluu (?i?lr1i Ot>m>nttk*t. because Tamrranf was reor?piio<l ?>> thoonly/r-jp.lar or*'*!'!rMlon of tb? ritr of M?w York fh? narn'?* needed n<f v),n m??ta; I hey 'omnvuJed thr?*rU?S to the demo-'?a.*T of 1 the f-late The < on rep I Ion rerornlied In Turn nany I Id friend* r*db?W* > < d iMt rroo*nlrint tfcs ? fn \ lar'ty r.f Tsr t,ir.c ?),? r *e?f tld do n<i |?> li.^O i d?H tfcewt ?, ibe'r pro(ie* n 11 >T)iattnn on ttr Put* Centre! Owirr> Ilr Us?ki.. ?'i r*i i ? Md I >? In- ?f n ?- to re?o I W YO " * ' ? . | J ' MORNING EDITION?FRII larvy :ir rregv.U.r:ty wo>iM V epmeit sy th a C>n?enttoa. H.' 4).l :*n* under* uu<i t).o r (t.TM.iioo u> tuve r rr'-'|riz?n i.'ie rigu'amy <>f ejia^r #<te, but to nave , t?Vfh s ><riKtil. 1i)>'Tm1 /rrtL'i'l or ib*' noceMity ?f the ) Tiuxr r?! ifce > 'rorwsrailr in ih-> city of N? w York. B? vr/r. ) ui>ot .he Convention, ijib-j tauw "?* j??- | th iiri fnir j-ln. , t?> <-irry mil in ^ xxl faith her lirat i p<.lt- y ui,.| iit w lb ?v*t> handed iuiimrlUilUy towards , Uj?- t ? ? ij.j:* of ihe i! .ji.-;r?ry of the ity. (i :>i>lauae.) i fr Calcnel H^tua wat mi 1 he krrw nothing 01 the quarrali | ,. i-r )> <! um<-? < > t'f New York, ids tbe jieoplo of hia j pt't -f Vb.? i-i u: iiy were lu i'u\-it ol carrying out Ibe ioc- : >1 trt|>?' f i? j M.vvi-iyiity to its utmi>?t limit. He , r< ki ow :bal ibu CuliVi-titlao ye?Urf?y admitted to its j i'itmc1! i? ) * -iii nf '"oifmiVfK ir?ui Now York They were j ' a'! ltd u.tied a* demn-rati, and St wcu'.d be in- i a t tft.'ay U> one p*>ty of them r, biuk at 1 r< > n th. m trow the State Committee afl i ,y t ft t> '!i g .u'tnucrau. He favored harmony amount lr <rm:i?cra?h of Hiw York, and besought nil ' Ti nn.M.y irUndft t-> wHbJraw njw r>an>'\ and |?-'ao?<?D j *J !) # Sii i* rVi iPi! I rtin. t?if? namr rrpnrnfp.4 bv Ho- I ,..rt. ll.iurt appi?i:a? ) If h< n>a<tfl a nation about it, J ' :t wiM *?? aJniit f.'ur members of tl>o commitk* j " frm >i w V<i<> lApplaiK).) Ijt. h'-iByo). i?1ria? would be ascepublava Mizart. [ ' * *!>i?y ipt> ft ,<:al't) with Tammany Hall :.v \. P. Kauri d.?jil?.rtd t',e <y,wr??U if the d^mocraay .' f N> ? Yoik, >>l 1 ?? uucltllug that tl>?Oonvrt> loo ?v i.'i ft oi J ax 1.1 lh<+?' -iiiarrela Ho found t.'.r.'.- prrttuSm) from Vcw 7<?k,and be found OM ' or tSrjp wnt-r. :*?nt cf *r. Hw&Jy, to bare been fnnbrr art It* of tb? committee. The ottxwf *> T.'di-n ai>o Wood, hoUi good roon, but he heltevqd ' :>ffo br to rfoubi uf harmonious action of tbtt r-omm'.ttre. and he mnvtd IB order to W*t tho feeding of the ( cBtrnion, that Krrniily and Titdvn l-<> diclared tbe iv? _?b?T3 ji tue state Octtrtl Committee from the k'trit 1 d'.ftTirt. Mr Pap r? f S^r.vji, :r? )i <?.J to jmrnl bytnbg'.ilr.tlng tl-e saa.s of Wn>. J. A^uted* .and Bcnj. Wood. (Loud appht:? ) I T?.p v<iio ?t? pjt and JftfIar<M aarred.but tbe ayes ar t d:j) a wtro demanded rho lid ?as<'.al>d, and Xon- 1 r.rrty acd Wood <rtre rlasted members of tba oommitws by a lirge ni?j?ritr of the Conv^Dltoo. Ibe result was r? t-, e?t with io j 1 appiaiiS" Tho filli xi :t>p i* ?tat# CommittM for tbe ensuing 1 ypa?. as Jnaiiv apn < i ipor F'rst elt.trics, Win U i?<*tHi<vly, of S>w York, and IViiJari'n D Wood.of N>w V tIi -Vcon-l district, Jobu A Dayton, of Kin^r. ard f*|v.n Frost, of West- '' cDfttrr; Tli rd Jietr.ct, I'cter Caf(cr, of Albany, and V 7, U2ln "fritter; rourth district, R II. Cush * pty. if M ntji-in?rj, and It. fi. St no, of Clinton; rinb JiiHr ct Wiiiard Jolmpop, it >l?w*go, and S. Arttkur I Cillbort, of OtiolJa; -i*tb district, Mr. Hubbard, of (>rnaniO, aa.t Ivm. un 3. Uagrr, of Scbn)lar , SaTonth ? (llnlr. t. l'lnv r? P. Tt.*s, of .iga, aud <"haa C. B. Waikrr, of S?>u>n; E'^htb diair.ct, Ucan Richmond, of ' and A P L*i-*'i*ft,of U'u l\iuuu,ti:\ ? n,i*. K.iaa m.ii ! tk.> aniviinlmanl 1 ol a committee of Uirrc to Inform tbo candidates of their ncmination. A ) Ibe ('M-iir xv.v namiuatcJ u mcb oomm.tteo Wia. Cham brriain, Jt-bn riar>.-.y mi John Tr.tcy Mr ( L.iscT lcclitcii ii)<? Dnir.tnat.m. His engagements would pi crent. bin attending to the duties of tho office Be was about U> return to New York, and Ircm theuco to visit tromeliately tbo South Tbo On ukua* thou appointed David Uouiton In the place or Mr. Clancy. The following resolution was offered by Cau. S. Hort, of Yates, and adopt? J:? Resolved, That regard Vow Yorlf city m tbe s'rongbold of tbo democracy to tbe Empire Slate, as represented by bor delegate* In this Convention f -om Tammany at J Mozart Halls; tbe former ;or th-> antiQntty of her organization and devotion to demecrattc prltclptes, and the tatter for ber Indomitable energy and urm adherence to the democratic cant?. May tho ollvo branch thrown to them * to day be seised br b? th, and in future may they be re presented by one organization, and thus present an nn dlvMed front against the common enemy of oar party (i*I>pla> ?e ) Judgr W'.Hard then returned his thanks to the Convention tor tbe ktoJo^ei extended to him during the proceedings o? the Convention He wished tbe delegates a safe return to their homes and euoo- s to their excellent and powerful ticket. Jjxki 8. Tilatkr being loudly called for, took the platform and warmly congratulate 1 the Convention on tbo happy termination of its labors. He dwelt upon tbe importance of tho hearty, oordial union whle.h bad bees made to-day of national, patriotic men of the Kmptre Plate, and warted democrats of old desoont. who had Abraham for their father, to be careful lost the new recruits In tho cause of their candidates abontd be found foremost In tbo il^ht when the cry of victor* cheered tin lr ears He urged the tmnnasthility of a sect.onal partlrau ever belt g 1'reetdeot of the United States, and sjoke at length ?ioqr.ently in support of the principles of the candidates of the party At tbe conclusion of bis remarks, with hearty cheers tor tbe tickets, State and rational, tbe Convention adjourn"d tine die Most of tho delegates front tbe East loavo to night on the ball past oloven train. THE BRECKlXRIDflE BTATE CONVENTION IN VIRGINIA. Cuumnuj:, Ar.gust 16,18fl0. Tho Breckinridge Convention met here to day, and or ganlzed by appointing Wm. V. i nobler, of Lostss, Pres'.icat. Mr. Ambler mad* a speech on taking the ehalr, la which be took strong grounds, sad espresaod the l ellef that the perpetuity of the Union depended upon tbo unity and aaceudaucy of the democratic party. Nothing of Importance ?u dooo Mve the adopMon of ft roaolutlon offered by the Hoe. Wm Pmttb, of Vlrginlft, appointing ft cottmittoc to communicate with the Suun Ion Convention on tbo tn'.iject of ft mm prom!*, an 1 to propose terras for socb compromise fbould tbHOniree tton show ft willing** to enter Into negotiations for Uii* purpose. Tbe Convention it very harmonious. Senator* Maam and Hunter are bore. There are about clx hundred delegate* in aUcndftnce. 1 ??? 1 , THE DOUGLAS STATE CONVENTION IN i VIRGINIA. I Hfiuwn, V*., Angust 16,1840. Tbe Douglas wing <if tbe democracy twrmbled to-day, ftnd organised ?y electing Colore I Hopkins, of Petwrburg, 1 permanent President of the Oneruilinn, and (ien J as H ( Oox, Vice PwWnt. Mr. Vott and Mr. Dcwltt were appointed Secretaries. i F.ljhty counties are reprmooted, and sliout three hundred delegates are present. Tboy will not olfcr any compromise, but wilt tale iuWi onnviioratton any that are made rrcm Cbartottcrillc. Fusion la imposaibla, except on their own terms. THE DOUGLAS STATE CONVENTION IN MARYLAND. tUirmoKB. August 14,1AK) Tbe IVoRlaa State Coavcntion to day la a very oUm afralr, wltb bat a feeble representation from omwtlea?not twenty Ave rpectators present. A full Douglaa electoral ticket ?aa rninii aud. Tbe leaders admit they bare no hope of carrying I he etate, hat only wiah to Injure Breckinridge. Tbcro Is, however, n large tWMioi from tbe American party In Baltimore to Lincoln, which, if the Douglas vote la not largo, may give Uk Suite to Breckinridge. DOUGLAS MJSMWII'PI 8TATE CONVEJCTIOir. l.oriKviuji, Ky., Augaet II. 1M> Tbe Wio aslppl Douglas Democratic State Convention met at r.reeada, In that Male, yesterday, and nominated a foil electoral ticket. IOWA DKMOfHATK STATE CONVENTION. DAvororr Anguat Id, ISfiO. Tbe Breckinridge and lane Plate Conven tlon met In thla city y?*terday, and n< tn muted a full electoral ticket. Reeoiut.oea endnrVrp U* Btffklnrldge democratic plat form were adopted. About seventy Are delegate* were present. Polit its I laielilgenre. jfo?m caroupa fi-w -nos?Id eighty om rowtlcaaT Ibis ."tat Governor m:? heata Mr. Pool i,4M rot?; la the <iroe counties two yearn ego bla tna.mrlty ?m 18 J* k#e for BUt, 10114. Ike remainlrf oocntlea gave Ur. M. Bne r'rbty ftwir majority; Mr. Poofs will probably be larger Tbe Raleigh Standard roekoM up tba democratic majority In tbe Irgtalature as fWlow?:? Pone of th' paprrr of tbe Mate are sUtiag tbe demorratic ma.tori'y on h.lnt ballot ta tbe last U*taJalarr at forty four, aoine it Any, ajtne at Any four, and acme at (If)} eigbt Acoi ruirg to our list, wblcb we tbtnk cor* rrct. we frd, on reference t?>onr Alee, tbe nMUnrtty to l.avc Wen fifty eight According to oar t?btc of loan aid en n it w.ll be e?rn that we b-\ro tart MTtnteaa In mm f'trr' i ? ard calnd G\e: and It. tbe Penate we have lost Ore nod gained four?mailing our ao? loan twelve In tba ( < n n,(?i at'! ?he In tbe Senate?or thirteen In all. Tbla makra a itlftrrrnr of twer(? ell on joint haUot, whleb, takrn frttti flftj eight leaver our max rlty thirty two. (inn ntow Imil CotfW.-Tbe newly elactod Ml and I Rrcrrtl candidate (If Clerk of the Court of ippwlatf Kentucky wrltea to tbe l*ul*vilte m follow* ? Irtimrn*, Aiiguat I, IMO Profoundly grateft.l as I am to Providence aad the people for making m* the inMnimmt of political redemption, ' ?h Vorc lo ray a single word to you. Tbe patriotic ret tot al I litrn i'?mocrsry bar* co operated wltb us mort mai.failv, erd v o irnM hirrrnitrr eonrlder them aa t>reth ??n We e?n all i the plntfora of rocognt*" g tre e?n.|T. r-.i*. ft .<> .' I*. r'aftrr go for th< Ii. m, ii 11 n.t.i n. "?.<| t?.. i>\ '(?t i ; t of the laars T'<rn nrrt l'? n# question or rrtlte >m *e to thf paot. b?t per f. ft hairr' in In comt<rttlr>g itoifnrnon rm my Iwref t(i? t < , I ih c?(t?n?l | trli'# f hone It.e prrea on , ,4h ( -? r M t tl,,? fri-i fid Tho S'irr^y ItrwV :n . ,*.? ? 'l-i nl'i^ rt* bate only rrocire?l their lt'?t rohi:ttr? I r \l j r'ntio.ronpiiud id (be future They ?re doomed. I i Jxux votua R K H * J 4 , J * < ( Tt . )AY, AUGUST 17, 18<i(). rtty Politics. BK BKf-'Wl it'AN Ifei.KUANOM TO TUB t'. Hi Wl tVfMWMN hisw uk tuk tUUNI L>?aav VM\A.1>H> BV TUB H*rl tfLltAMS ,H Wft l.ttlMIUI 4 CIT> ? TUB POLK'S VOhCK A fOMT'.CAt. 4ARTC. The r'publl .ana bavo flatly tnnJ.i cut a fi.U i'.E* r.t 30 |il?i from tbla city to Uw ^yracuee Cum ??VIjo i>ur? m dim of i bo delejtaU)* it wili be teen tbat the dia acea br?u*bt upon lbe party by tbe >u of tho la-it u 'publican Legislature. and the wbolWiOu^rit on* of iM a irty leader* in the third bouae, baa failed to si r n;> toe latcm at the party, uokta it be 11:at the majority ot tbe tt>k aiid die felly ftidorie tbe ftunnua Lrj.a!at:ira At r' to Bin primary ?u>nion held on t-Y'.day ovoc'.ag laat ?' ,-orrth.r.y mnngly pointed towards tbe auro-aa of tbe ti >ti.Wr?i' tlvkft, but bbkvhi aa tbe delegate* clwtrvl in t! >? Jl'I'.'tfLt Aaida and precsneta met In Aaaembty Xr^tconventwiiC, wbrre tbe urntal jufgKnf and ibtmbie ' Hrtia w?? ?-ilfct!ve. a rat it another n.>ior jireeented ir self, u.d Wr'd and tn* wiuic:?tM iu iba tbird bouae M j 'n<? mrri i?ful, *?iririnf t??niy I'uur if not twontjf flre i.l of iMitj four ft >m tha city to Ut*t!vrea*M 1' >!ivri>t:on to comlviaUj olovUirt and c*rd!d*t? for oj ???ih .r. TTte * !. tbd list of 1?t?gw?i p;<v,t?d wd tb?!r v jlltK-mt pioc1 vttcr, aa t?c ha\? obtain*! them fton " ^ W#t?utti>rUl<M:? <"i 0. v, I?H?*vry fmttb,., ....Weed:te. T>.ul?N?? Doubtful. ?' t-Fenry II m. ?t Wnodite. 'A n*Tld B ?wtre We*iite. J?Cb?r!isC. N?>tt AntiWowl. >? Jobn J. Liicook Weedtte. I n.i i;..,,an Weed.te. H*-my TV a u ?-r Wond'.tB. Bitakl) Wl!C'I.Vn. tx H lln^ari* rrfg'ji... , ..Weod'.tr * 0? -v.i> r>, W II KcIVmoogh.,.. Weed Vs. 7?' Ar.i! rtced. Alderman Starr 9? i In i PI>uuui ...AB'i mi un u* Hu>lcrt *n w i a, 9 .* ?Y\ ti P Wead.le. " William Or'on Anti Wtvjd. * tr?"WM mm Marshall Wvcdlle. J'lbu lAMir W<*dlt?i. '< 1?n* mii n. R. Ciiwirt Weed lie. P.ep>a!n'B W?l*b, Jr Wfedite. *' 2?l<-ui? h w?i>? Wf?di:e. d ftmeon .lobara Weed:l#. | ~r ? > r Weenie. n Adam HeoJlzsr W"edne. ll 4 i,, ,, Aiitt We?d t | < ! ?. . WerdiV*. v o?Was. P j-atrriroik AutlWeel John B. Wh'.w Weedita. ? tt?Henry J Ainaairo&g Antl Weed. .i t \\ Ripei Weed. ,7? JuBitsi iiav*..... WwdiM. " P. C\ uiuii;i|r? Meodito. iiCAPrn uroi r v/v i::- ?> 24 knti-Wt*<l 9 1 Xrabtful i I ii e above will b<> found the namae of ft nim f r o! ji'iroi.h wbo were prominrst member* of tho third * ii'OBC Ijm winter, tbi ?H' that have tan areoeiated w'lh V.irt stirt j> n pin* at hla bidding for a long tine rh r U legation tb? Fourth and Rlitb AaM-mbly diktrl.-Ui 1 ic ibe i.oiy delegation* that were in*truc!ed. and Ukj r vote n'r I) e ren< initiation of Governor Morgan. Tbo Albany M'gul of tbe republi an party jam* ' 0 thla city on Tburatay or la?t week, and *u " erinunded tbe election him* elf. }]) chief i>c? .n tbo pr.tgrammo being IM:oo Commlononcr I' u wbo ??a OXOMVl ??ly b'i?7. no*. only a(l?r tbe ar j " iva1 of Wrot. but for w>mi> time pr*vloua, aelectlng from 1,1 l?o Price lK:|i ri'.ncnt the light kind of m>-a for tbo work " be don*. Bi a tion lb thia lino will li;rt;?Ua? into- n rttrg rbapt*r for futuro referent. Agieat deal wax U1 lid about Ibe old police fo?c>i being a p?~?lItIv-sU ma r' lube in tbe banda of Mayor Wood, but with '* II tbe charge* made againrt tbe Mayor tbe Police Depart jent of tbf city r?f Sew York wm never o*ed <> anvane* C arlltan nd* to tbo oitent that it ia at prcaont under tbo * w roLKilldate 1 and mMI Police law. The Albany j' wwiagt-r* of the republican party tiavo aoooaeded by " t if'V ?jiipiatu n iti tecurii ? ao large a uumbor of olace miners In ?hi? r. ty. who art- ready to lo tholr bidding at U t>iB?*, that tb? y are *ure u> bavo everything th?:r r.wn ray where , i r tl ere i* an Important ia?ue. Iu th e in If ianr? the n publican i*rty of lb? city of Vew York h*a i Km made io en< orac tbo vulture* that have be- u preyt.f upni. ibe vital* of tbe rliy. it is ul1otm< or that a large ma. irlty of the de'cga'es F irct<>lare i.emitally In favor ot tbe rrnomioal.on of C uvi rtii>r Mo-gaa It i? general!} believed that al taoat I1 i.e I all <>f ihe number ar* ready to vote for moo one J laetbrold they receive oeiVra frocn Albany to do .itlierr\ae Greeley may be 'aid to be effectually laid out by 1 *<?d, Vkcbl) At Co., and is now out of tbe <|uue hod. a* far u the nomination for Governor 1a I ouwruid. n ui .a,J by tl>) republican wbo i tr? In a poeitlon to ?*o tbe Innide working* i jI the parly macbiueri, that f Gn-eloy had not boated I ih? Moijian Qag. th^t ne (Greeluy) tould have been noml naied, ah' that ttn> d waa Induced to ge for Morgan to ' prev?it ibe T>il??e pbil<<?opher from turtilny up a trump -Aid. Whether thia b<'tru? or not ouo thlLg la certain, I iti?t up Ui tbrto wetk* o<o* M Oaakjjuftbe Bank- ' 1 : Iieyprfmetit, ha I ev<>ry aaeuranoe IVom Wool that be 1 >u h 1$ cluiloe (or Morgaa'a auoooetor, aad Uto lasoa iitoiijttl tbo I<1al i^littciana in tbia city were formed n ?vK>rdaaor witb that underManding. Tbnrlow W.-^d >i.|y went *>r Morren to pre-n.t the appearance of J ideal at thia critical period, [lad be attempted > int' a ticket for Cook to tbta city, a Qr'-eley ele>i?tloti would bare hein elwted rr?tn a large ' ?irtti n of the wari's Tbo onlv thing that aave-l Morgan ! ' ia* W.>ed'f I'eeeriibg 0*?k and going for bin,, from ] < me emrrf or o?b?r. w?rc 11 larj- uumwr id mr \mny rho put but> ffcitl) in th** hnooaty or tior *1 irju'i . ptoca, tolltvinf th?? W> have plroa for cfRrt. ???? ? t Brooklyn Clijr Politico. Tbk JUnuucaji Piuiuhy Mnruo".-The following la k llat of tbo <J?"Iefat?a elected at tb repobl .in prmary iMttlPf* ou WedBeaday night, to mft'l in A.* rabl; Pis lr1?i OitiTcntioo* or Saiurdoy, lor uio porpo*' o'? kt.i mp delf-patea and alternatea to Ih s'tate Convent,.m ? Ward 1 ?John rfcaiin*, B>rg. Haakill, tieo. N. M ad, lobn fowler, X O. 2 ?Henr* QulKl*y, men Puffy, n.cli.ird A'Ht'B, Jchn Kwmt, ITaa. CaDIiOO 3?r M PlfHui, K w. Flalt, J. J. Stndwell, H. N. jlir.J C Pt?plu. 4 ?Rutd< U Mrj ker, A (< Clemen:*-, W. B. D. Brown len f N Grtawo'ld. A B Jl?t>?*. o ?1< itn E (teiM^ir, Jibn Shnnly, Aaroo 8toror, llrprj Hhote, Jn**f4) J Ward. fl - Win Cott. I) O Biall*j-,?. J. Klwuida, I. XV. Murray. H 0. Smith T ?Soih B. Coir. Pteptien Cr?w?:i, Wm B. I>cwla, 'amuel H Tirrrr, AndriVi Van "tiyle. 5 ? Airtan ]| t.ulc, Wa A Krltt, Carrct G. Bergco, ,!sa A V?ti Btubt, > r^?l B I>a*<nfl 9? .1 Apoetaoo, Frrd P. Clarke, S. B. Hie Inb? th??. .lap V K?-arr?-y, John D. Cutler. 10 ? F. B Si<*'i>rr, Jr . W R. PoublrL'ajr, E. B. i'araona, Wm M. Tb'mia* ITIItlam? 11 __Wtn H Wright, N?ha t. Max n, & Binpsop. * Ao*?re?P, J< bp * Ktryker. 12 ? W?. L HabboB, WalterCullcn, T. P. Utkla, S. f. T.ij r J fa _/> If IVa?b, Fitprr Pnrbee, Ji hn rtn.irh, Hartd O ? ???. J?i?'? M ( 14 ?Jubb ?" All< n. Jehu Pterritl, Henry HoMey, John If. Kn.ah, rwrr lial'rt. 18 ?c. Neldig, Jobn Vltctrll, Jmwm Moore, Joha T. Pa'kr-r,, Madrfox. ( 10?J?r<b Hi titer, Jacob r.rfri|v>kn, Hermun rblraw, Uroh?, Cli.i* Yrwr?. , 17?|i. 8<farn*, J. Mcinaraxi, .1. Mo<>r?, r. P. Wr'abfloal'n J W HrrTf*. IS-P. V Meak. r, T W. fleldr, C W. Goddwd, Jotn V?Uiiitnr,C K. Atwatcr. , 1# ? Hamnal r^omtt, I"u,wi f otxl* ,c. C. 7- Wemplc, A?|oat Mbonrf. W H Irr kir* ( Ratrlriraf Yoa*| lluntf* In HrW frraey. Id rrlatkn to Ibe aotclde rf Ah jar?*?Y llrrani. a , ?tii<i?pt or Blairnown. New Jrrrey, a c? irra^andinl of , Iba !<>?ark H<rt?Ty ?!* ? lUe i.$ aii'l tinial (W ta ( Touri Hun>#a ?aa the rM?*i at* tf llumca, eon- i trari^r, of N?? Yotkelt* ? Two yeara ajo be rcccivd a f*tl wl,:ir Merdlnf arbonl In ricrvda, hew V"rk, ?b!e.b rawlted m le'anlty. ?h*rb j la?t>d aereral daya. EvKUne* la poi wontine to pw that the function* of tbe brain wera im) aired hy that , event. TtJ a week prevlotia lo tb* fjleide be waa (XctiKd frc w bin Bind lea la of iliixv*. Be oltea afH ke of be aa d be wan aur rounded by eiiimiaa, and tbrrw out hlrta wtitob are low "t.d*rPl#wd tn bare foreabvlrwtxi the WiW. Ilia li-ti. * ar. 1 ! K-prr a?? abo w that he *a? f loamy to' ar*\.e time prer iona, ! , and that trldea were mafniiled anM tkei hmiib.?h1 to t>ia d?M*e?d ir'nd U?e mnet ptfaotk pr<i*>rt rwa. Heron , tartly threatened arlckte la tlie riUafre. Ihotifh In r> ft* Kttrer, a??fll aatohla oonuMtnua He ap?*e lertxfly ao ofton that to bt? ordinary atate of astm it *w , tot ear* to leU wber be waa lo earneat Hla opeaa^oaal ?Udne?f of manner la row remembered, tbo?|rb Itn- , nr> ( tnwrration before. It now apprara t.'.at bis m'rd ww long bont nprn ruie! > by hanpltn Imrlng Tbi:-i-rlay laot dnoporalo look and paao.ooalc l*6arior eicilc.) the MUotino of Mr Jobtwoa. Hi* plaot, II aooma, , ?o?o ft Ity I'.nlnrod to lh? mr?t trirtop detail, (inltcdi; , C1T)rv.r tbo tnmk irtrap villi whwA I* pcrknwil lb# < tai ?rt ?w ftraud ly La* undar tLr troo; wh?c aafcod bow It oau.o U?ero, b? turply hM Uutl ho would uk? It la. i lMflrp tbo aftotdotc and rrcalog ho wrotoalett*r. which he dr?ir?>*fd. ud | ' ??! upon thr piano In rear nor m 1 r<?.pf?r<* M orrr. rto I,mo that bo arlfCMI waa the . BDctertl wbon tbc prayor bfll lad ca'ird otptt mo It |< I bo dlDien kuall As It roBf bo rr?ke w.l-ily and . rrhf u.i n'!j to o??o of tbo boy a. and *M laat mod anttrtof j a litt.'r f in Iroiit nf Hall, wboro l>? prornrod * ( b< t, *1 < f. bo oniTiyrd bark to a littlf Wb nd tbo ball, ibo boaiilirt bouao of tbc tottltatlon. Bolnr mitaad at fretira, Mr .'< bnxm woat out araroblBf fbr bin, ard larnd w?ir tbo rjw* wb*ra hi* body waj |v>?od A dark ?b?dow vaf ario U lo that dlrrot. ?o aftor Mr. ,t.4mn ti'f r?l -u. II< r.rranf?<J tbc bo* and AuIcijcu tbc 1 Mr?p | if I iib'T w n afIT tbo acarrh waa tbandoncd, and i bocfh tbo family ?|/*nl tbo nbrte night In soa^M^r ud f. It ?<a* tlayllpht bo'oro waa aoon, apfarrritly raao i * ? ' i lila ?p <* i udtr a bwkory tree Do eb?? r ! 1 fsain ?t b bo waa found to bare llo?1 bl? rural ?o i I <e blM a* to prorfwo ?traTf?l*tl<D; to barr thon raafnod tbo ?t ?p and fcickrd aaiy the V*. Hi* ft>*t nearly toarbrd ihr f?mit>4. and hy tbo ?l'(litrM rijhrt bo r?mld lair ?*lfk-at?d fr- rr hi* pr?t?l>ni. It |* ob-kv* ibat ?? ? ? d?t?rmlro<? to dlo K< vrr w*a a MVIdo i rf I *UliW' ?t? or det?rauMH), and ocTrr more i K R A HEWS FROM THE PACIFIC >flair* In California?lore Silver artd Golft ? The x.ndwlrh 1,!?nd..Ul.r from China?l'i?gr?*B of thr Hi htlli'in? Til* Oprrkllunt of tht Mllid I'owrn, St Jotore, Mo , Ai*u*t id, ISaO. Th? po?y e\pr*M arrw-i h^re laet i> <lil M Oa'lfor ) Vo tbo 4tb icfct , H'Xiaklu to ..-.if 10, -xHong ;uug toUuno 16. Sx* PHUKIMJO, Aue ?i *. 1VW. Then is a f**Ay *;h< i *; w;.atv? eMng or ejcltemont. rhe johbrs buy a mail lou ot toda wilt tp:r t, but concede any a 1. ?n ; v,iiU ruluo mce. and :beck iwha**i as eoou .ig inMc.-o ... itr Am up ?raniact:ons ciLt do- Uiostaoy -.--k*?J itenst, and in not a'V>r J apsiial c?.ioa fir r v "'t. -V; >ay uof'< f toJ brnnda of ad:?matH'ne candiee al lfl .. a )?$a Codee _n.:tangeJ, an *c' tj maracl fcr ll >. ualtt>". Pf>v;?:i>ca aa last ouicd. k'-awa uai:ii<o i'l.i ueVaagtvl. Pwtter and lard u g>od n "u?Mt, with an eiwvirg beh lenoy: cbolco latbm'ia buttir, COo , &r.i Cipo <?B co. a 20c. laurd Jn aoaailnuant;t;ca, Ida E-stun, and moving readily :n a traJo way. Jti* r:g?r fry Jail; doamt!o without '.uqi! ry; ruahed mit" s'o# l HV'e. American spirit* arc a afcai# laprovad; **!.< 60li octa .. 3 brandy at 4^>ac , cx 1'a.uspero or. J Coiset nail lut? of i>u?? ttpirlla ?i> t wbliuoy, 37 '<? Fureign >avy,asd few rnle#. T"as aud w n?w oout.'rjue very nil and gr<atly j"jir?cw?d. Tt?? Vtktug sU'i R.<l )w?, tar \ew York, bare both ?ar*d. Their priLcipa] aritclui of cargo arc?.101 caaka tots, 10 oaekx hums, "t'ji barroJ* ix>rk. 14.J90 Rack' b*'?l, 1.(00 b*'?M wool, IT.000 hid?e and 1 +00 fit* rape 'tJ oil Tlie bar* Serec? saiie Hon for N>w 'Va'.anJ, with 10,000 ioV* .-if wheat. There -J no n*ws of ccnaequwoa for tbi? expreaa. The pony nureaa, wih St. Loola <la; -a of Ju.'y M irhMllIn IWaolHa I /? r?v>rt otuio that ie n *** to f>-' Jfcoot.cjed, which saiiaos uiiih orahie <*j|ir? wruiia of regrui v'tiit..r? wn.iuJ Ijuham have ar.ivetl h.ruo. Thy raiir am.> '>v etearuer, llio lat'.c-r )v riand lliu urv??|>ft[??.ra are loui '.n dconnctationof VniUir ?in, wh-i w-mj to >) h<?ld r jl?;y ro?,>jin.oi<> :>r tl?j flea; of Male's 0\ i*rland bill. Tb? polttifial cmicft ic tb? 'tat d.vj? not opoa with .i?cb Tl.t ra U>an 0M;car> spult. Both w.B^a ;f tbr t-n?>:rao> are c jcljcut of carry'dr tin Hiatc, *nd i-vcritl tK ts rfl'src.1 that D?xjf;;aH .\ouId roc ' vo Ui? mi nt h:i?o hooi taken 9T?o by Br?-^'nrUrn mon. the '.hife d<,ni'>;rat!c pap?re of PrrthusJ, Or^g'ja, ai* ut lor iMi^laf. Th.> Mearner J.iha I. Stephent, .in h T iut Jowuward rip. U'jii $4& 000 w irth of Wiiahoo g^vcr oro for Now "ork The ?b;p MfM.i)H*bt lir uRH C30 C%'.oea? paasungerx, and ' porta two j?io ?hips or> lh? way for Hoog Kotig. The arrival* <f Chtnain'm during threa mnmUw ejeood 000 and more than half ot that ramtar hare departed r Biiiirb O-lmnbta. TIm escit'oient aga:ntt th? enjploynt?nt U <Tiin"?o In an l>aticlW3 xeetni to liav.' died nut Iftrtle* returned from the Co? > mlaea report having <llanvercd many new iMiIa of allveranu gold baarmg quartz; hey bring a large o'linbci of Bpociuiena. and it In ge.nn ally believed that tbla uow mming region la very irh and ettenalve. Col. V>otnont and a party of Crlonild a-ve gi ne there on aoco'int of tho fltvorable ropnrli re flvej. a report reaeb^d Diraon Valley on tbe 21 that a com any of twenty eight men bad juat had a light with ludln* rear Klirk Hock, in wbicb two Aruerica ia wore klllod nd the biiflnre forced to retreat. Tho dlrt'eren; ooiuna le? in that region prnapefttlng for mlaea, numberirg 100 n in sl), were rnnonttalilig to (flvo Die Iftft tans another ebt. larje numbers 01" Indiana were rofkirind to b? n#?egat!ng Monc tho eimgtanl niuvw, and It ?a* atMl thoj would n<i more troublesome Ao olpcttoe was to be belli in all tho aoUVmeola of tbo ?rtu>u Valley llinee on tbe let in*?l. to elocl numbers of Territorial l-ef imature, Sheriff, Treasurer and Surveyor, rai magistrates, an.) all omoere nocosaary to establiMJ a >rm of gi/v^roment until Congress acts. THE SANDWICH X81. ANM. The bark Francis Palmer has arrived, with San Itvich rtaod dat* b to July 18, but vbc now* la of little Internal he Oo?mi?aJouera appointor by tho United Pwtes go err moot, to examine tbo af.klrt of tbo United States lo-^ital at Honolulu, iti reference to debasements by '<?eula ot tbe Tuooa uppro|>rtat< d by Oonicroaa lor tbe ro r>f ot Hick and destitute, were Investigating Induatr.oua r. ana rtrarge derel peinentn ware am)e!pat"il Tbe lluoaon Hay Company establishment at Honolulu atxiut to remove to Van- onver's Island. Tbe Hanatan I/'glslatur* was still in sesrion, the prlnet[ al and engrossing question* \x>ing hostility to the oat. Baud expenditures proposed by tbe Minister of fia-jnee, tnd opposition to lb' proporcJ llceoac of U10 llijuor traffic. The market waa 00: .p.'etely orcratockM w!Ui a'.mort III k inos of good*. Arrival at fionoliJo, Jcne 24, bark Cr<clan, 131 daya Vom Krc'.ad; 2?'li it'imrr Kllooa, fTorn New Ijjtidon, 'e?novd to navigate between tho dMcretit island* ot Um lawalkn king Job. nrv rnoM cmitA. Tbo ship Moonlight brings dates from llotg Kong to lane 15. There Is not much news of lraportanee. It' sarong me (tp pwrai iobw ?n un' autro tor watr iu ortbem China, atieiipta had been made to hurry the JrltlMi force* norlbwnrd, but wrloo* ca?.altloe had ocurrol. priorIpulljr from bad weather, naualnc do. ?y T*Urfe transport nrsel* bad boon wrecked, and Loth r Ix-fU laid up for repair!, while still aaoUtcr ?t>*ht lire and *M KuUlr.t. The Il >r. Koi a pr<-?? r ( tfce nth of Jonc r.-mttrkM that t ??3 doubtful whether tbo >r? u< h took part tu any of . n> ly f.|? ration*. Thctr force* would out b? ready ,1!I Au(u*t A U' <r ?teomer, built at Wfiampoa, bad b<-cn purchaaed ! y .U.roiral Iloj* for $YJ) 000 for the me of the i x pod i ,1**. The Adjulral claimed to be quite ctrnnjr enough to tuath the Tao fort* wtili the Brit it b f.iroe under biro. The wrecked Mean., r? were U?- British Wanaport A**i* l?ace. l ilu Ulaud of llocg an.l the 1 r< nob treoeL irt lr' rie, n ti e harbor of Am<y. The loaky French ilum-ivit -Wmk' ?m repairing in Amoy 'Die rwol at.wl caught Ore and w-.? M .tticd uear iI*yo *u the Kreach traof port Rcino dea Cllw er*. 'Ihe tuowlri'Kl of the allied Tower* eschewing all rrm path) and roft?icllou with the Nankin Inmrrent* will i-robably tend to Induce ttoe Ktkln cabinet to 11*tea to l?< <> ' >el*,abd to m< I c.'ticlllatn'-y diplomatic adtart i: in a prt.pcr rrfpect. The (JilUc1 !ty cantata In in > ety (?t> lor tl.e aiurk, whirl. whilst H rt UecU dlRgrace Mi th< alllid atmu?, ban titrated the ardor of tie war i -tiv at Pcklfc to an > stent which mar form a ituuitllng k to Mute r< tiera, and render all coocraalons nuga < t*. The Nrpeitii.c fVlho known to be fort.(led to fjr.h itiMim k Ml iri ot it* fhre> lUtmely d.u.g*. ,! not ulbgether oct of the >|ue*tlon. An imperial - ;.ad ft>r * w time Inrettted tlie city of Nai.ktn, mid ! ti t rjrbold* of the reb '? on three tide* of the rtver : re urn' tbe rt n inunicwt ion with t lie t; p-? tr bank <*?uid hi h*i rrt oft. 1 l.t InTetlilure ?aa a trdtoui operation. ?.rb rgt r. however, app- arod to bare been loetllM into li e n | trtal rank* tbet It waa generally ?nppce?-d a rei, t i-v htwHl to th< r MM mult come Thic < i V VMflWHl| M4 b#U it wa? tliat M fldenct ri'tore.t ?o the "Chlkrrt" of iQinnghae in a 11 ti <.1 kablr tutMen n onuer. TT>e ttorernor f?tn?ral f tlit two Ki*n? pr ,>n?e* made the rtty << Ch-tn >]<w b? l<mporary headqaartcrt, In ordt r to t?? uear >1 * I,* it aeiini !t lurntd o't. hnwtver, that bcth ib? rwuni't.fd prtiwtnof thcreb#l* hail tf'en under Hi t?d, fer ttiey ftflihetr r ntreoehment* nt Nank tn ii <i t iterly ittiled the f'-pn-'al force, the runaiM of at'ib Jfcit ,U<'f vp Ui Chow Chow w lib the Ooreraor ^ ' r it, ? blch city the n) e!? were, at the la*t adr ce?, f> |.j;, >HC'L 'I llim. < "? i "HI t?nt mil icnil.vr. rr i i.l* rlMMilil arr'r*. tbo na?.?a Mtfht bo mi 1 '?fi>rrf?t r?d. i-lb^rwiar I/*. wb1? h for maauM1i>ril fin' r?.irn *rr* > th. flirt city In OitM mttat hr nr'trM war th* tlarfrr (I.V.Ihe at'lbnrltiri it..: ilr?ti( >?i *!l II* nrnuroua brlrtfi and It* valnable i .1 < >t?i ?Wc " burl*, It ori'< r i< ratrnvrati) *bfll<-r out \rw:. < I<K. (trv .? > ?hlr Hi If ." ft -m J-hftrif ,? ?bi<t) ;f llff .? I,III* ii orr ll.wi !U> dnpr tidrory. V * alarm mort rraiinn **rf an r\cr?lrr aa to 'I'! ?.l r? na n '?li m Im i?mh tb< lirn pitrr* lor two <li >li wbiih /-arlid tli* r?btr wbtcb av.atail la " 3i fit- a ?* bi n?i<! davr r>t?m At th* aotlrttation nf ifcf v :!?: ilic > *ji'l flrlttal, n.ielatara took potaaaU,? <11j Au't.n 3 to tl.U offset t*n.:*d to [ v 1 !?>* a?i*>* bnt trad* waa utterly rtag t ,.n<J wa< iha leal tt>la>* lb<>vfbt<if. 1 .< v.# (kit. Caatin nee at ir>-favorable and tra.t# IU :< 1 ait r. v ,r*d In rooarqi.'roi-e Ibf Jmprulin U rr*a dremtebnd xpa'DKj lh? maraud f-T a bii.?r ink U<? Hi to il* couj.try. but ad>pto<1 m> Hif* !< fnl'cw up lb* a?1i aMayra gain 4. Rnoyira a*e tf? Cat ib<y*n?WI erwm n-appcar w.tb ?o aupmantad r re, aim that ib*r wart aru?t ia woe art with lb* Naa tit m rg?ou tt pf <- *: (c | had a.*Q fallao. 1 rg ?w*y, t?r Hi* prearnt, <nUt Lb* appraheoatoe at ' n 't*. Ho^of wrrr r o?*riaina<i of lb* n*w Km aiaum >nfm r ?*r* t f'rf brmiybt lf> n>ark*t, and If the minora 'tft r ng lb* ma;at '?ra ahouid prwra aaftaaited, better HiMa'ii. ft I Ik kwlnl f ii In ib J province Tt* tt'<pa rf tb* am*? ai Chuaaa vara imid tc ba aa''jii|?rll'a,l Naltb ilia awvnnt aaya It ?uu,*<<< llalOiraaa woui 1 N abaurtoMd. 1 il.' ci ofirtraod two mnafnrtt w%rt lyia? off r or' Tlx Br Itiab ami Frrafta mnbnata had cudarUlrrti aa rf[?.litu^i tf?ln?l a tx-'dv ofbuaUa ultrh ba>l tony in Wim On *an 'n which tb*y twoc?ad*J la tftV'lvr'Pf ?* . "ftl-a ud I nf ?lw City Inteltlg****. Tim Wrar ViWMtm My**?rr DrrTKriTT ? Purtaanl to ix>t r*, tb* Cl?rlt of Waabitgioo Market yortrrdar oalled u|win lb* owoara of rtanda ib*r*m an-J fVawiwlfd tb<? I?jm*r.t iA rfota on b*l.aK of thrftHf ASr>-tt o?* thl'd rif tbt- ?b(.if noml'ar of (rr?.>na naitrd by ibe r.ty o?n rial paid orar th*lr mwi**- a iboui ? mj'rBi'if; bn\ 'tfJ f?r lb' tr*at?T ontrbar of ?*natilr ark* ^ dalaf, wllb tha i m 'iin l'(?l ?/r|c. < in lb? rnr**'l r/wir?* to ri'ff'-* Tb* *tid nf Ui<* iMbrtiHv afW*?)1?f 'a not yat, lb'i ?b tb* rniiiU bat * in f?rnr > ( iba t ty A f< w <tn<a? will rimr awat a food dial tba diasbt at pra a> Dt obacrrabi* 1" Hi M..A >! P ? - - ? ~~ - - ? PKH-K TWO ryST-. TFI mm IK IRE PR0V1!VCE?L Srrifs of Ovation* to the Prliiee of Walw. . Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward's Island and the Canadas in a State of Roval Fermentation. SPLENDID DAIL AT CHARLOTTETOWN. Tie Princ* Picks rp a Bvuqnel from a Lady. THE TRIP UP THE ST. LAWRENCE. The Frince Qets Wet Again in a Bain Storm. Outpouring of Loyalty Throughout the Province*. Eenewal of John Boll's Lease in Canada for Fifty Tears, AO#* &0.| *0. THE PRINC E ON THE AT. LA WHENCE. fU'l'CIil. DRUrATCH TO TUK MEW VO/IK U1UULO, ftf. Lawnr-nr* River, Aururl li. 1 viatjraimc, August l<j, liWO / Tbe Hero, Arladno and flying Wh, a com looted by tbe Qneen Victoria, Lav leg on board tho Governor tJvneral, arrived off Ibo Sagueony this (Wednesday) morning. Tbo tloro a(*in ran ashore, but floaUd two boom afterwards. At noon tbe Trtncc nod suite embarltwd on the Viiiorta Tor Iia Ha Bay, which ii decorated wiffi log*. Tbo Magnet coining down passed tho Victoria at tbre-i o'clock, aod being on board, I Haw Ws Rny^ H'glujeas standing la the cabin gangway, regardless of Use rain and mint. He was not recognized by our p?Mc;igoi?, ait there was little cheering. The Magnot bad despatches for him, wbl.h ibo afterward? delivered on board the Hero Uo wilt Bleep >m tbt> Victoria to night, aod to morrow *ix-nd tbe day iu Orbing at St. Ilurgucrite, wbero somo tents have b?cn er-vtod for biro; returning in the evening to the Hero aod mailing on Friday morning Tor Quebec. Qi am.c, AugviBl Id, 1340. Hie Kile and V.ilorouR arrived at ten o'clock it .a morning. THE OVATIONS. THK PRINCE AGARi IN NOVA S<X)TIA. OrR KOVA SCOriA OOHRXSrONDKNrB. Bummw, K. 4, Aogtint 1 18?J0. Jrrirat of the Print*, in tht Steavi' r Wyx?fUciVioii by the Military?The CVpoi atton CivilUut ami Addrmrt, dtc <f<. Her Majesty'* steamer Wty*, having on board hia Royal nigbneaa the Prince of Walea, anchored ofl' Hintaport about lour o'clock this morning. Shortly after aoven th? rrlnco and aultc landed under a royal salute, and started Immediately for Windsor, accompanied by Lord Mulgravo and mcmbcra of tbc government, who lad pwvxieJ to Ihmtsport on the previous ovening to meet the a on arr'rlug at Windsor. The party partook of a lunch, and kit at nine o'clock by railway for Truro, where the royal train arrived at half past eleven. Here hi* KoyalHigbLena was received by a guard o' honor, oonmed of volunteer companies, and the Executive Managing Committe?, and after proceeding through the town, amidst the destining cheer? of the assembled in iltltudeo, to bla hotel, his Boyal Highness received the follow.og addrwi? To the met high, puissant and llluatrto'ia I'rnoa Albert Kilward, Piidcc of (tie foiled Kiodoai or great Britain and Ireland, Prince of Walea, I Hike of Saiony, Ptlrce of Cobu'g and Gotha, Great Steward of Scotland, Duke of Cornwall and Rotbsay, Karl of Cltaater. farriek and I>ub)io, Huron of Renfrew and L/>rd of the Isles, K. U ?We, the Wierlff, clergy, magistrates and oibi-r lohabttanta of Colchester, beg leave reFp^ciftillv to wckome your K<.yal Highness to this 00.min, W e ure proud to be able lo aasure your Royal riigha. iu tuat the |*oplc of Nova Scotia vmJJ to no portion of thr nilijerta of ner Maiesty In loynity and devoted attachment to ber i#rsoo and throne. The vialt of your llojal flightier will timicr this f<? lir.g , it will unite itiU irnrc < lorelj the tire which bind us to the par* nt ytate. able i. ratify >ng tb?- .lust pride we f'-el in being recognized as an lnt> i'rai p?rtiou of the mighty empire, ovar wbicb \< ur it val mother will strengthen the ?ure?t R andal> n <-tt which ber throna reposes, the love and affect!'-n o# her people, tn thl? province the rewards of Industry, If iw \er large ur alwaya secure Our population, il<st w itli the eomf >rt? ol life in moderate piofusioo, aro contested sod happy The free institutions which ars the pride of Kr;ts" . h?.ve been claimed and con- eeded M IM hirMo.fM. ?li In the spectacle your Royal Highness la* )o*t Witoratsd in passu.;; the Provincial Normal Hr.bool will call rrvr attci.tien t? the it: muttons wo have bnvdenfor Cm r.trg common school ina tract too among the maf**a ?4 it" pv tpla, and making widely dkssom l1.ated n. or* l ion the baeui of exteroed |K<lttlcal prtvlleges; atitl Uie nail of Jour Royal IligliDear we shall long r?m<ribe w<tb r-''a* and pride. We are notteanro thai the grallUai m It haa enabled your Royal fligbneat t* confer iij D a bio b<-dy of her Mmrsty'a anbjncla will be felt by yon as nir.r alleviation of the fatigue* of I bo >.urfcey #rd t i? ovr esrrevt prayer that, ahleldad and piotected bv i>H 1b?> Pr<>vMettc*, y<m may return in aafety to the Mt <if vtnvire, and be able to assure our gracious m>?< rciyn thil ?te ha* r< t over eaiimated the afl?ctlouat? loy?!ty i>f (I r p?..pU of Nova Hrotia. Hia Ro)al ll dlo'ev* made the lullowintr roidf:? Kt aiiaaas?A<<? j4 my U>aiika for th.s ?ldrr?a, aad fbr your to I tie rtxiiily of 0)lch*wter and town of Trurn. 1 rau?" for a "moment on my tourney to n< five thi* ad.Ill ..nal prreif of tl?e loyalty o| Vhia puivirn-e. and of the I early rrc*t*loa which they bava pvepaled lor the soft of their Q\i? n I ball never forget lha nan\ Ititrrot'.ng icen<* which have passed tn quick nc c*s? on trf-fore lie ir.t* I larde<l n three aokiniea. TL< Pi .' ? tU | rt> lb? u rat down to a mairniAreol rrfift, acd Martnl U? l irlon at baif raat lwr?re o'clnrk, wb;cb |n tut iUjr rxfoctcd lu rcmcb by acrrn o'clock tfett errrlof. or * rirror rommmiBici. frrrnr, N f., Aafial *. H00 Xi./it./.> ftt'Utf IJki ftimrt Tkr .Mik.ui ik* Pror?A<td '$ "/ Ik* loMnlnntt <4 Pi<U.u?P<par(ur4 fnt C%nr1'i'ihm*. if'., rfr. !> ? Prtucrnf V. i l? a bit Truro at a <v*rter to one o'clortr lli ? aflernoor ar<l arrlred at Pteloti at half part flra Una rrtttog, meeltjrrrr} where aMi* hi* route the mii rt>Mi?aiaat? r<< . j.t oti arcnrdatl turn In othrr part* of Ux) pfti* iMf, Ar ln>ttri,w ri.|>cr?nr*e ?f propje wa? Mli.irMrd In trrry port of thi* town Ilia rrrrptton ber* *M erra tr' tf < ntl.iif .Mtlr than al other pUora. Ttr loikwla? ni'lr* frt*? thr inhabitant* wa? pr?watrd ? Hay it ple**r >mtr Royal Hitoui Tba inhabitant* of U>? ( viiilj ol ) m toil b?d leave to etprraa their ibwm yiat i' Or for lb* illotinf nirhrd b<i,nr t red upon ll??n bj lb? *nt r4 jour Rcija! R fhtrrr, and I bay now t 11 J nu * >?h a watiti and rnrdial The* ball t?>e ? ?M '* JMif P.?)*i Ilifborr* lo her NorUi /?? . man ml'?i:rt ar a pledf* and arrj^aaca of thr deep ?d I'TeJy lotereet abtr.b oiir mnrl ararloM Qoee? take* r. iff prraprr ij t,f hrr ettraded Amtti**!, aad Ibaf r<x rr it, Utw ippiHunity of beia* enabled an llrectly to u.KfiUftt Ibnr et ruled attachment and loyalty to tba rtmp and ai'Trre-aDty ut Grrat Britain, Fajoytaf U?a Kitfcl baptunrra nf Wirt Hrliwb auh>cw, aad the ra11|?< i ia of It* tlrcair.^r whirl, that |k<rkn? prlTtIrgr cirfrir, ilieir hearia are knit l? ladiaaolobkl bind* if lejalty lo tbe Brll*?b ibrowe. Tha iilid I or lire wktrJi hare dlatmguiabad UmI t. .ft ol tit rr<ei trartoi* nimrriaa, aad Om i rinr? whirl. *dc"n ber Mantlet court and ll*. hare a?. <i >i . m brr Mibytcia Ui Nora femUa IWlnn of Um i, <r! 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