Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 17, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 17, 1860 Page 3
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Application of th? Comalnlraeri ?l Re c?nli for ft Sfaadftmu agkUut Ul< Boar J of Kuptrvliori. pttukkb court?special txiui. Before Hon. Judge Sutherland. acocbt id ?lkt People at the nlation of W. C. Wet ftf- and othert u. the Boa i of Supervisors This ?u ai ^pucutiuu lor a peremptory mandamus to compel U?< rt+puu 1?l;s to raise the aum of $80,000 to defray the ex yhcts a'.Ugod to have been Incurred by the Commission era of Record. Mr. Brady. &sao<-tated with ex Judge Ed vuuu<!ti iuiu Mr. FullurUrn, i-<r in-j relators, read the alii dav i. v. iir. N*lh.\u. uuo ok' ibe Commissioners, Bhoffint ftneraii) iLa; tuey baj :nourr?i! expense* to the arauun of upwards of 000, an l that they tui 1 rteinat del th* the S*i;*rv:'or>< should raise a sum not exceeding $80.U0i to meet the tawo, the application being baae, iipun tho Tax uci of 18<J#, which requires th ltaipe; vie<,r? u m;?5 su.h sun, not exceeding $90,000 *s may 'oe lound due to thu conir*ctor? with th OomuiiNHoutrB. and that tho supervisors bad refused t' Bake any appropriation therefor. Mr- A. K Lawrence jr., ou Hie part <>l iu<; n-rp '.iucun, rw4 ?... .notng that lUu n alter ha<l bien referred to U?<) approprlal ouinuitee of the Supervisors, who had not Jul reporkx therein. Mr. lAwreni-e ooiiUi.JeJ that the applio-i'ioi wuh premtlure, the act under which the Commissioner wem created W.UI unconstitutional, inasmuch a4 liie Legu uuirti had no power u> appoint lUc CoaiuiidBjOuerJ, til Commissioners beirf named Id tue *ct; also that at tti nm. mo expenwn were lucurred by ttio Couimufc< toiler there wan no ap,iropriruou lit ttie treasury ol tho oouutj w mwi the Dime, ard th ti under iheT-jt act oi'lhflj tin r* mull be a Judicial determination of tbe a'nouul due to th contractors before tbe dupervl* rs could b compelled t ia*e any money to piy their ciatois. Judge Kduionds repli.-d, and the Court took th- paper! New Counterfeit. KA*KIN<; Pciumum OF D. -VL flJix.iw, 1 tM atid 271 Broad* ay, Sew York, Aug. Id, 1890. ) - TO TOE EDITOR or TUE I1KHAM*. ft*?There baa just appeared one of tho beet exoe itc wtorito w? km ever teua. It is a live on th* Ball' IlajVHHftf this cttf. Ib4 deeorJjtjon is as folio w< vkt TWKof hows, kc-, with red Bgiire 5 on either aide 1b tfce counterfeit the ied tiguree extend on to vignette the one ou < igbt touching h or la of uorao. la the gcnuini ttio red 5 k burely touch the viguette. Paper is heavie aid the engraving darker than the geuuine. As the* arc tac on > inroeptttile pomta ol dilloi unoe we would ad *?e the rejection of all 6 d on tbiR Biuk. D. U. HUlXita, Publisher, -71 and 66H Broadway. rtltUUIAL. C<? rV-OK^TA JA.MIK-HUK WRITTEN TO YOt I i?Knin *nvl <ttieet?l t.> K?n Pranrlaco. Have received uo lei tor ir. ui )uu In nearly two mo uhs Do you doubt iny tin envy alter neeint Her . . ol' Augii4. I. I am In M Hopi to baar your decuU<"> v ..y joon. IHi not be no suspicious. MAHRlAH. Uj IRAWS'-TOU WIT.L FIJ> D A LKTTKft TO YOU1 V andrcaa at the J<( w imrk futi ofli. ? "l/OltfTKft SALAD." ClOi. W. H. YOU KG, OK ?M BHOAUWXT, ROOMS 1 > hui] 12 ? Hi flod u letter of impor*?uee to hia addrets a V Naaaau ?ueeu |A?. WM. UOI.IIKB I.ATB OK P.xRIS.WILL PLEAKI JLJ at nd lila audit?a lou C.. ii , ooi 3 'Hi Post oUice. f^XTKAPfRO Xj How aie thiiif* now? Po far they are O.K. Here thi i tie la aaauung at Use heim arniB uwaj, an uromlae* to di fcelter. Qyil'lAlN McittlUUlWa EDWIS.-I WILL UC4VK FOR UOllli THK IJfH. MltW loKK. HK1KS TO TUB ESTATE OK iORH TOWNL.Y ARi ti>i? called lor through the English papers. 'ibis is oui ol i|?e lurKetl estates ever left In England, and is now W piN aeaaion of the government. IK TliK FARTY WHO WKNT CF II* A UROADWAl stage last week, about 3 o'clock In the and lei opposite tie Fark,> to take We Mxtn avenue cara lliiue tn.imelled tluas). will urtdres* it line toO. L. M..SR tfioadway, '?a> meet wah ui old friend 2r MRS. LKNORD, OK DU88KLDORK, I,ATBuY Ol Flatbush avenue, will address N. L. O., Herald olllce, ah< Will hear of au old faiend. INFORMATION WAN TED?OF HANNAH FORD, WUi arrived at New York In the steamer CI y ol Waahingtoi July 31. lbtit) from the oily of Cork, IreWuc. Any inform* tlvii wll. Ims wilv received by her oouam, Michael 8wee say. 23 Washington square, BotUrn, Muss. JOSEPH H. U1XON?IF IN THIS VICINITY, WILI le,ii n of pnttellntig of Interest to him by Sending his ad urtss to box ?,V17 1 oat uti.ce. T H.-WIM. SitK YOU THIS (FRIDAY) EYJCMNO. . N Kl.LV. X} MJ.Y?CAN I 8T<?!' I.Kig F.KL l'AY WORSE JAi that had you to n iy I got bun tight. A. II. O. J. I.OST A\I? VOV? 1>. LOBT-TAKR* HY MlaTAKK BY BOMB CARMAN, A mail i ase, (ram la Warrtu street, on V. udoeaday alter ia?'u. a liberal reward will be pai>1 for the return of ui same. Apply at Id Warren st/cei, up tdalrs. L06T?(IN WEDNESDAY. Til* 15TII INST, AT Tl!f auniifacturers and MoicUhuu Jtuuk, or on Hrondway b? l* .tel. I'm ( .in I Leonard -v. >. n <. oaae ! k.".d l eu .oi I'ei eii, adli the hhmt'i name engraved upon It. The Undei , ot al.jve petcil will be liL reliy re.waidid by teturning a?ini o R. A. lilies, ll*? Liouard street. Lt M ??>.N WF.DNF.rU> VY, IN 11 ROADWAY OR CANAI lU-H, a misted ROM b"M?ti>ln, w lh ooral lily. '1 b< wui be sxtu v re*?ruiM by leaviu*; u at No. i Krou Mlltl. L(|. ?.N 1B J..411, IN THE MORNINO, ON BROAD way, tetvvi u rrm.k'i.. and Canal street nasi, i i"ort?ii.otinie, (vn'aliung I'n dollars In io!d and aU or *lj;h 4ollart mi ?i".iH c'i< 'ILe liuJor will be rewarded oy leav tug K at Sit Hf<v,dway. LOfl UN IIUlblUY MORNINlJ, A NOLI FAR Hi A l:.on4 I'm. ihe ! i??r think* on may h?ved. .,>..?d H In uu? ol U.e ?i ^e?. A iloeral re ? i d will be pai t by loa?lOg ti at the vtL e ol Uio Men opoliun Hotel. LOhT?A CAMBO BRACELEr, IN tlOIN'l T laon.'H Twenty a-venih street, hi\U avenue, Taeoijr ,air.J ^!-eei and > i ?im i u?ie Ibe tmder will be rewanMtl by ruuru tog u tu 01 Raaik^i arenua LOST?AT LONH HRANl'H, A I.AOY'H DOt'BI.E KAl'KC IsN-kst Chiiln and I'euril If takin by nut Ue, returr mh ait e t utainln^ iwo ambrotypex anil no quean >li will N atked. II I "Uni, i.uder will be rewarded by iertriug It will 8. C. MohhM .. FaviUioa Hotel, Uoug bianch, or 1). S RAi'-NKo, 13 1 ark row, Mew \ork. Lt ?r OK hTOLBN-OM THE U'-TH INeT., IN Till > nth avenue cara. a moroo o Po. a.contitniuic i ejjr<'k lr>?n (hi Alwoul i OL, au<l Kwde hy iJ. O. Woudi ul toi two tin i?huU and ninety seven dollars a'.so a t heckfoi Mty sn doiuua, drawn oa Ketcbem. Iterd?o k <' ?., ol 1'ulado aud uuir by Uliarlea Noi, of the stuie place ?. J. HALU LC^T OR PTt>1 .EN ?( ERTIFICATK FOR TWENTY uve Khares Cbieago. Borlington and Uuiix y Kailroad svo. Mo. l.iH1, In mime of Ward, t'amplH'lf A 00 I ranafrr h u ti.*n .l<miI)*?.1 A kuiLihit* r* m uni will be f>Aiil oa I La iMiiirn u u 1 il?r*?n k Co . 35 William Wj ret. comer 01 Kv-liaoc Viae*. UJCWARM. _ oTp HBWAKU.-LOftT OJf WRDAT UAHT. MCA* Ol Sf>U while ci <?ein* liitfh bridge, a ladicl' B. cMK^lu. (or n >unted ailhawrtal* (M blue tod red i;,nm 1 bo :'xjr reward will te paid by leaving the pm with O. Maiun. 72 Wti UmXD etrret, up ettlre. KKWARO.-UiHT. A BLACK AND TAN TKftRlF.I $?7 luu h thai anew ei? lu the tinie Of l-adj Aay one re tiu-uiiiK her lu No. h37 Houatoii etreet will reoeiva tue abuvi raward. KKWAMI).-H1KAVI1>-?EOI( IMS KA.HT TWICNIV $?) Arm etrret, a taaoh aud u? terrier Ih*. annwere u the '..i>ne of Ktnclier. the Under will receive tiieMoe* re wwr.l ?ud the thauae uf the vhoer by ret.irniu* bun to Ui< Above muaber. *v)<t RKWARD.-U>PT, OK MOW DAT. AUGUST II the neiichborbMi* ol the Carillon. Far Koufeaway U I., a irold Win Any i?? lea< iux the aaae at J. D. w Hutr'a. .MA Hut et>o etreet, wltl receive the above rtwird. A.l/T rkward ?lost, IW TUK M KT roi'OLIT A) IMel, or .ffllBr V? the ceit corner above, a r?a o bill*, two til tine and nve kvee on tue Maok at the Republic The alove reward w.U be p?ld at the office ol the JtetropuiilaJ Hotel on tbc rettUTi ol the iBuney. 1 rwm rkwari. -tuk rut.Uiiri.ta bills oi tk' Ureenwleh Hink h ivlnfbeea la* the abort reward will be p id lor the recovery oi ihe * one, or la pro worth'I ?2U < tie hiltltM dollar bill*, a5 :if?> do lar bl'la, 41 Keenly till'#, Su Ion dollar bt U and AU .Ire dollar hi lie. U A. I'L'iHMA*. I'reatdeai iir?ri ??ch* Hwnfc. T?IK MILITARY. *?rttKiKLYN tUUAVK CaUSM. MM A p*M> of jouna men are a mut f irming a eorapaay oi tuuaveeru ibe principle of the Chicago Oedeta. Young rn?i of retpeC'ibi It) and u<it over twenty otiejeara Of age, wtah lac to join, w ill pleaae rend IMr addrew to <"adet? He rah eSx-e.' Hue notice will be given when a preliminary inmuivi will be W id. _____ VTATIOJIAI. OUARD.-ANEW AND OOMPLKH CMI Pi f.irtn ft* aale cue?p. Apply at 18 Henry etreet, bet? eel and 7 r M. W V IX'I I ICS AND JKWELKT. ~ 4 l ?..\l K? > t*?IA l)UauXIK-THI OHM fjr ?.a> e to ret Uiem ta the anginal JAtKlllK, 407 U road we v aatal liaheU I Mi imiI. tnen'e am* I. etotie l ine, from %i u> *a rlt.t.r? . from*' to Hi tn.iir (;..or RID;- trwHtofl HMHHo,. from u> ?l? U . ?.?. * la i> ??r?t *. d. J?f? !V n Ckiuiu fr?? Pi 16 w?rr uiM Ml to l?riitoh, utriv nwl I and ?M Will br. lot as r |n p%) ft.1rki.rM. 4U7, 4U<, ?7 ttroa<lw?r. I?K\ riWTH tT~ Ahtiku i*i. ikkth-BKAcnrcL fn.? ok rum *lt?r. ool) H, on Una *'><1 Tatoaul*< * MMr, (It, ?u?tr lrr>h ?l. Ir?:h(U.rtd *ad ?ur?ct?4 wttbOM Um KW i hIb. Art'Acul I?** fl'hujf on.jr 74 crnU, ||H? II Asft ?N?, batweea twit M4 BaTeulh '.-ma. un umtm. twtn. Ar.TiririAL bonk rii.Mwn Ton drcatbd tkkth ytiX In Whil* aoTV. rvouuinc mi pmaaur* *1*1 guluc ui d?ui. *t hiiig :?ru> or mnrr tbnlm cau br B.i^l *.lh It. Rokui 1.00# iMV iuab? 1.1M< Krni.4?i% tornrr I KlrtT ttrWairaat JAJ1K.H PKAfcMOIf. *. it.. IHaowarar. 8b, iiott. 9t wowrnr. orroanr. bixth smititr iii1 * '" T*?l* "" pir? al.var Alt* d'l ; ptotlP* ?. A rUArtai Ixiti lJliajr, trliliotU utln UernU. foid. 00 rtnli Vi ?l, Un>l;un WrMl All wori tr*rr?nlr.f _____ T JHJHtTO. OKA l)CATKl> SUIT;HON RKNTHT L. haa r??<'T.d loNWti I ?r?aljr ndita ?rr,t. h-t *?r( Mrr?^w?y and WtiB a*?uue. N- n. OKxrrix * "*?*-, dmtiht. ku s?,i om*r . ?'?d faMon Hro *!,u. I i.dit f.Ui or p*rtl*l art* of IrrthimthMr Impmrri Um?t.Vrte pi*twM ?r irtilinal rttrmrtln* thr rr-iu?wi aflrer. frt, Ik rubbrr. ?l?. jokl, *', p.*"-**, **>. purual *eu ?> ? >1.1 ?j ? hK*h ?llTrr,ll Tr* h UU?* with * >M, ?l , i*rt*. t??w, 4! *?r cr Bn H .en* J>ti* mr?ct?4 wHbw: pain ii ctnta. _ RUDIES, KOOM8, 4?., TO LIT. 4 cutacb.?to utt, u.-j>, t- mi) A Kloor and frout biuM^irru KiicUrn. ?1m> waahln? jrtvl l*nt. uu, bath. wtur cliwru, bell*, iiiben, pai.ithm ail ' cm kill. Brut, including ( ? U?M, tiS per month. 617 S>. ,ud . vtnu?, urnar Thirty ?T?aih utr^t. b "DABEJIKNT TO LET ?A LAKU* MAStOIK.VT AT NO. D M Kourth ?T?nue. iSilM frrt, uUindiaf tkroufh tt?> 1 I luck 10 lO Laf ueU? pUo?, ooroer of Ajuor place. ?uila>> d for i sy bualuuM. POBnewbOU miimduvly A.jply on ire I umaa. DtNU VM x BKoS \\V ?crxntrcn houhk.-to t.*r. on liri*bw. a Uwee Morv uu.t hlfli baaroieiit brown none i? Hou?e l.di V *n?ly<t ilinxt^hniu. and nontaininu - I all ihf uiiHiei ii nil,>r<?? neti.4. luiuiwueie pjmoiMuuu. Apply , i .( !tt KrunHtro t, New York. J rni RNTHUED IIOV8K TO I.RT IN TWBTY HR.X)ND : \ r ureet Fourth .i.ruue, to a (>rir?te i'aml'y iwlv; re ? | '?aOy put In order; pob?k Sinn tmra?dl.'ti?ly. Apply at.V K.ui j 1 1 1 * aeoond ulieet, (rum 11 U? I V. M. 4 |j?OR KKNT-A MOPK >N I WO AMD A HA1.K STOAT u . D in uue Uoim, Ilerciuer utrurt, cUwa ui Cloftj io.?J. ! : tdioirt, Urockljn, joc blxilrom Kulwn .iicu .e < .ire, rent 0 . WO. ] ' EOIKL W?R RKNT IN WAPHINOTON 01TY.?THK i t*paiu> liouae in fur rem, farui-.b*l or otherwise for it I t?iicular? adoreaa i:nm?J,ateiy iJanparu, proprie'or. B OTOKE TO LKASK-IN JNK OK TUK MOST DKSIRAO ble locations In Broadway, pmaMUtwu Immediately. Klxturts for (Ale. Kor partwtiliini apply to the froecb atore, 7tU ^ Brautwa), between Ninth and Tenth Mrneta. ? rro t.kt-thk whole or tuk uv*k part ok thic t . X Uuuae IOC Illeevker street, near Jtriadway. Kent mode o rat* to a finnl tenant. Apply on the preuuaes " i mo i.vrr-FrRNiPHF-o, a fir^t o?,ass knolish 1 1 bax'Uient irown iloue House, haudwuiely ruu'abej, uu ' HailtMiu avenue. Addreaa box t.bbil fuel olttoe. nno LET-AT WEST HOBOKRV, A NEAT, SMAIX | 1 bouie, in a good (itnaaton. havtrif auuaMe ucoommouauoo . lor a rcapectable family; ret,l #13 per month WILL1 AM tilNCLAIK, Pallf le aveniia. mo LET?FOR TRUNKS, A KHOKMAKKR, H\IRDH*SS JL er, Saloon. Ac., thru* basements lu 817 Broadway. M and < UtiM Iwellth Street, lotrlher or n?^Ara fly, 50 &v ivimx, boiea, alt vault, Ac. JOHN 8. KKLriO, <U WiUi&ru atreat. i mo l*t-a gsntvel three story brick house. ' , x high stoop kxki . ailar, large yard, gas.Nun.lry, ?.U?r, a<". >. vary convemient, No. U Wwl Vprty fourth (treat, carpets aud ,, Oilcloth lor m<, rent tZU). Jpply ae above. t TO i jet?a hp a cio i'8 and convenient suit ok 1 H<. rriK in bouse lift Hammond atreeit; the premises la frit 0 iwM with k?h arid water, immediate ^uaevluu giveu. Apply on the premise*. r I.KT-A FOUR STORY HOUSE, IN FAST THIRTYthird street, between Lexington and Third aceuues, with ( all').e improvementa. gas ?nd flxtures, wash t tbs; alio, the lower Story aud Basement. dumb waiter, wa-li tuba, Quth and i range. Apply at No 1U6 Ksal Tmrtj third street. 7 rro LOT-FOURTH FLC OR OF HOUSE 338 FOURTH 7 I i. neoue. Kent >12. Inquire In the drug aiore. 8 mi) l.K.T?IN FOURTEENTH STREET, in yikw OF ] JL Union park, u large Iour aturv liigh stoop brown atone I 11out house, recently painted ana papered, and uow ready for occupation. t k. lawrence A co., East Fourteenth street. rO I.KT-A PKETTT COTTAGE AND GROUNDS, NKAR Kergeu foin'i some furniture for sate. a ple.jant wiu1 ter and summer residence, In sight of the <ity. Also, Land lor t cultivation. R. ' LKKTM, So, S riM street. TO LET?THE LARGE STORE, WITH RACK ROOMS, No. 274 t>e<-ond street, near Union market, si.liable for uuy business. Keys in millinery, Ro. 271 beco, d street. Ap ' ply to T. Fanning, Jr., No. MO bowery. ? mo i.kt-in bbooklvm, no. 101 oxford street, ) J. near Myrtle avenue, three large itooms inn timt clans brick huuke; bath, hot and cold water, rent reas mabl" In a ^'tLiieiuun and m Ue only Apply at No. t>8 File slip, N Y., or on I lie premises. TO l.KT?A FOUR 8TORY FURNISHED HOUSE, IN CbnUin place, near Broadway, till May next. Tlie bonne a is In cotnpl. te order. Security require I for ihe return 'if the i- furniture unibtued. Addreaa D , station D, fur one week. ' mo I.KT?1HE SECOND AND THIRD FLOJRS OF THE 1 i hi.use .No. It i'erry street. Ail modern improvements. 1 Inquire on the premises. Tr' O l.KT OR LEASE -THE GOTHIC COTTAGE and Elable, with four lxjta of Ground on SIi'.y tilth atreet, be tween second and Third avenuea. Apply on sixty third street, between First atenuo aud aveuue A. 110 LEASE AT ASTORIA, L. i., FURNISHED or unfunded?The Latt) reaHenoe o.' Homer Whlttemire, ' hsq , deceased. The pi 'ml lea enbrtee a commodious two 1 stoiy and basement dou'iie house, supplied wlh gas aud furnished with chandeliers throughout and about an a r of land, and are situated on I'errott avenue, within throe minutes' walk of the neambnM landing and Hell 'late ferry, in one of the * roost desirsble loestK.ns m the village. Poas.-ani-m given on ' ibe Istoi September uiL 1 he steaulwet Matt tno mukes *U trtps<ai:y euih way oetiveen New York and .\storia, leading Fulton slip. >ew York. For particulars apply to JuttKFU LAlUiCyih, 91 Merchants' ki. hnu^e New Vork. TO RKNT-A HEAI MK'JL BROWN STOMK FRONT tone Hory V... ?h iw'nt Ho ? en West 'fw. niv1 secoud streei in t;i. - t ier. llt? all f? >'era i nprov taeuts, a lire lu'auo , leadlj ysrj. Fosseesioa 'mmenlatnjy. Kent k kftiu. JANU K Kittv 1RD8 277 West Twenty third street, near Ki^bth arenua. Tj RENT?A PUnTY AND NEW BROWN VTONI tb-ve story I h ?".op Hiuse, with no lern c*irenlT't-s t n Wibl Futy ,ond Street betu teu t./h.h ieetti-3 luid iuoh !?uiy, fortMla tnur.lh till Mav tu \t Will leh?e iit a la'r r Ll l"r three years. .1 *MKS It. *1 \ Kl>?, ^ 277 Weat Twetuy third atreet. 1 rn,t r?nt l n l "r hal.f.-a flteltv TrlRFK stjry : 1. ui?hi*. 'h'h ur or. Forty-tilth street, between Filib and . f itb a\i t. .... .itibera'o of t:<M for this an . iotatlon, rtul i* ?ery low. ^ 11 mow \ Kl?s, m Wast rIV..Ill .- third sit . el. ' C'l-fWl UKVT.-TWO MODKRN IHRKE STOBT AND , O''''" Hap merit U ' W'i, with th? Inipinvenonia, In \< oat 1 KV- lb ai'l I hlrtreuth air. ell, tie .1 KtgUlh av* 1.ii<>, all ir in ? 01 ler Anp'y at 117 Water atreet, (ran 11 to 4 o'clock, or '<> K I -?l'!.V K, 311 N'mta avtuue. Kit 1 /iHul.KUA UNK'-EislUtRBBN, A TTKNTION-P:t8\ ' p*-e your II:wa a- 4 be ?,o bar.J for the i? ?i.t rie iraloti at llio Carlisle I. <?. t m.uiler Cluo, on Mundny, AuguM Itf. Che < ;iilit?ve <'!k.r'''red t)>a A >o. I tM itMiatr WJI. FOUL.Kg, l 1*111I. C. f. i.f ftll, md will leave Jai-lunn eyeet at #o'rliefc; Mr< n. at SH; Peek HMD, f pMn* atreet, H. It 61?; l"er No. 4 at /. I I* ejpoot"d the (nun U of th) I Club will tie on hand. Tu-keta II. W?. Wakki:>, Mecreury. JOHN WII.DRY, P? il- i.t. ttUKAP E.?RK TO T!I? l!ANK<l EVKRY ) Ti.eada), ilinredaT ami Patu'flHjr; I?1.. <?au e*"h I way. Tba ateamer I1KKO, I'aptaln ilauey, li-nvm K> 1 trifltl Ho'cl.irk, Spring *trett 8'4- Pi?r No I Vo'th rn-?r , S>, fi rk Mlp 1? 10 A. M . iciurti.uji t>i 1 P. B. U.imcr, b.ct I Ual.irg tajkle provided. hjlXCCRJIOXS tO BOCKAWAT ?THE MMMD AND i vile ? * g- Itir ?*eajn ixwt t'KK Kit * 1 rr ikl eii .nlooa to [ tee abn\e laiur: plaee 1 K.ickaway) dally,"* ilatliaiine T market ?..p ?t o clock A M . spring sreet Itio dock 1'. 1 M.; paei No. 1 N.rih rn er at V J>? ; trapuln WALTER QINITT. 4 EnRRYTO TONE* TPMND AND FORT UAMII.TONr Tha K vlMIHS mil ran dally through the ?r*? 0, [?*v. Ing A no* street *tS',, and J1 k, Sprlim atreet ?i y , i j , m.<1 3'.. p'?-r No. 4 North nver .it lu. 1 and 4. fare, ?iU> a ru turn tickfll, Xt c uu. 5 Z-1 RANO t'OTIl.LOJf KXtTRHOM AKIIWAL* ON THE > \JT Ortoo's IW?Ftrli o' i?mii ?irer* Uliiiirtt* 1.? y? turU>. aiikiiM 18, ?. M UOfF, id ful ral>m?rti>e armor, will dr?< ru<l Into tbr tr*. and walk Inna (HiHivond drove to Keyport. a itiMance n( one mile, on the bottutn of th? ooe*n. im iii>-live r-uchora wtll^hr tbrr>nii Into the m and recorered. U lurtraui k Uf peril* ot nrr?a ilJvm*. Any peraon wtaking to t don ihi aniior and \lalt tbe c.i?ra of old nr< n?, will hi?>f an oj,k nrtiiulty. Ibe ipkndtd barge New Haiuibort- I* eugj .?d (or tbe'craa on. and lb* upper deck .aei Knxrt lor dan'ing. I.i i\a forty ihird utreet North Rim at 7; Twenty Ikird airr et. N un K|\er. at 7H. Am<>" atreet a* H, Kprtng ?tre< t at it,, t atherln* atrret, rirer, at V A. M. Tlcketa W cenui I tor aale on the boat only. i TTTiKTRIt^t BO TP ON DB?:K-IHB DBA BTBAMBR II HI 111 RB^Ut. t'apt J. Duval, vtll Bak < an etsurBon ^ 1 lie Cholera Itaukg nu H, Auguat 111, leavinf Jahv<n aimet at 6 ii cl<?k, Brklfe atreet iBruualya at 6lt, facg alia ? at 7. fprlng atret t at 7)? an 1 pier No. ? N >nb rtvrr at 9 A. m. TWkev >1. Halt. Cabing tackle and re(rvahmenut farufctwU b ini txwrd. A grand bibinjt match Ijr JO a aide between Poti FMilipaatid C. tl^onin. J. EAT Ooaiuoduro rui rUUbllT, CN?BiU< PL1U6ANT SUR1>AT KXGCBHION TO ROCKLAND Niiuday mxt. Viiimt 19, 1*50 Tb*-iU iebrrimer \M AI? A and fatnr.le Uu?,e t-KXl* ?K< >N will leare fuot >f l.'Tilh reel, K*?t rlTrr ? I A. M.; IV(jraw urert *ouUi I rtr.*-kl\.i. at 8,S A. M , pver 4 North r1*?r, New Wa, at? A f * , l(? t jf lH;j ati.-et. pf- r ??. at V>t A. M . fprtnn ?<r?el m 10 L A M Forty mini Wmi ?l 111}, A. M. Kaiadjea will Un4 Uila , ? vrrj pl.-Muuit icunuon. ttiwiehaa'a baud u tug i<f l lor tfee r>cc?a"n. Ticket* iirt]f cents. ; ring ARM. ' rr<hr bat and crrr or nbw ?obe, J 1 AT HliRRUtl. A ter*? r?lnlinj by oborob u browif. On tthibtUoo f rem 8 A. M. to f. M., at '.ha CBAToM ART OAJJ.KKT. No. 714 Broad wa\ enruar KlftiUi ?trx?it. Adrnmaam hcaata. uko. waku mciioia ' MATIlUiOIUI? A TOCNQ WIIioW LADT, AOKIl TWINTT. HAND- | < A ?( nod wortfc ten tbouaand doll.j-*, la d?*r<. n of meet* | u.? a itntifBina c f maaoa, wttt a ?taw hmMrimuoj. Aadreea i Laura, herald oli.e e. ? A TOl'MO OF.HTl.KMAN. WORTH TIFTT THOUSAND ( Mi m. U? IIIM", BI1U ru|S(' U ill i UBJliwn, iw urwiwun <? riliiuu^ U?e ari|uatma*oe of ft >uua* .lady *1U> * vtaw ui matrimony llarlnaoi relattrea, ami beiii? utiaO|iialrted wt.h any jrnm* latiea. h<- lake* llita method to chouai; a wile. Ail cummttnif m luns uUi be irratod ?ilk c<ailidaune. Addraaa Jack, lie raid , ofl.ce. A VIDIM.K A?JKD Wll IIIKR1 ?iKBTI.K?AJf. Of i A. amiable <li?p<?nton. In Jmlfiin o' mltlvMlag (ho v , vain I ? ku< e of a luuvbhaar, acoomi Ualwd. an?.1*>aai? f? in* lady, at . not o'vr medium al/e ?ltfi a rlrw 10 matrlmnnt ,?wjiw | ob.nL Addraaa for tar e da>? >f. If., lo* 1 Hi r<m otLoe. I ' ! A YOfKU MAlf, TWRRTT TBKU TRAM OP AOR. ' A m good elrcamatau^ea wlaaaa to form an aouitalntaare ; i wiui anfce )<tuD( lady with a ittt to malrmxaiv. Muat be u( f ' a IgUbi dlap^alUoa and pcmtm a fair ahara of beauty. Ad , I i dreaa H. T. O., BiraM ow, frr threa daya. ' k WTPOWTR, 38 YtAnsor AOR, POS?E5WRI> OF ! ' A tMJ, ikrrt- rhi] lr?a and a plraaant h' ? ? , a lawyr. dnatraa for a *1fa a beautiful aor tnpltibed, healthy lady, not older, j and with no* ieaa pro| erty thau liima?lf, food of hou*eke?ptnf I | and of chlMtea. He ?i?he? mrh a Udy, and nooih.-r to . aaaiter tki? MtTi-rliarnieut. or before Ibo A*j> i*i*Uint, ky 1 kller u.ailed X . boi I Mi lle-?)d nOlce, wttli a rtrn to sain- j tntir. Crtn'id?b<? to l?e aarredly kept, and fni refercMMW ; be ei.Lapfd by both partwa. j MATR1M011AL.-THR ADVRRTVKR, A TOtWO fffMithrrner, ha* in* lately ?*n* Into poMcwrirM of forty ' i dd ihouaatid do>Uri and a plantation in Uaurgla. ta deMrmui of I t mi-etmi with a yo lUf Rorthero lady of prenimteaui* appear ance, alth a view t> matrimony. AppiMtauM trill ulaaae uperlfy their (iualiticnt|<m? and perannal ,*ppe?r*nee Mmtey i i. ( bjut All an* it era a 011* Ueatrdalta ( mtbleuce. Adi drtHi flU, Herald offlre <|Lf ATRtROXY MADK RASY, OR HOW TO WIR A ? irl I over"?(VwlaNitor pi<ln #miti m dira.'tinna. I nl.ijwlnK h >u a I may ?? -<ilWit) married, Irreaf.e.^ne of a*r. ??? or whether (.r'-p^eeeasiin? or 'itkrrwt->e Thla w D.*e *uu, afwl ihe when .o.tttl en*e?a ain?>4y KIH1 h?pn m?r?,-t* to Miiifr m>i Mall* 1 free for U i?enu In rA?h of po?i i e rtMinpa. A<l lrtna T. WiilUtIM A tI' A'uih era, but l.JW i'oat ', PhKadrlphla. NEW YORK HERALD,JF1 MAAOMe AMD Lrf'DUMO. A fKlVATB FAMILY WuI'LD Jt, -xriTH FULL OK il partial hoard. a >)wk Pa' Inr .? th? Jrw boor, alio, ft Iruul k. <> on third floor: ho im furuiahrrt with *> ? tud bath. Api11 at M Kul FlfWnih ?trmt, o?w rMrd a.eoue A SMALL I'KIVa'K PAMlLk, (iWNtMO A UOU pleaaautly ailimted up U>wu, oouuuuinu all th? mode lu'p ( vuiuriiiH, and hitviug morn room than ih?y require, would a< . mmodate two or th-ee gentlemen - "h rl irir~"r furniahro J oom* aud initial Board. Call at third iouM abova Thirtyri^lih itreet and Lexington avenue. ALADT, HAVING A KIR8T CLASS HOU8K III PORTTeljthlh atreet, between Sixth aud tievonth avenue*, would lit r to let apportion, with Board to rMp?ct?bla famiUea or ain?u peraoua. Apply at IB Weat Furty eighth atreet. Agkntlkman and bis wikk, or two sinolk Kt ullrmen, rau be accommodated with a pleasant Room n ' Board in a private family by applying at 44) Dqaxinifh atA MALL KAJIILY HA VINO A 1IOUHK XKAR MADI oil iquare, c<mumln? all the modern Improvement!, can a. v ommouate tamilira or iluule iceuUemen with Board, at id E. si T* cat) fouith ?ueet. Kefereuc-ea exchanged. A LIMITED Nl'MRKR Of KBKPKCTABL1 PERSONS ma; mi* obinlii aupcrior Kiomi and Kowrd Id a rtrat claaa bouae. poaa*?ain? nil iu*l?.rn improve Beau; an excellent table provided. Dinner at i o'clock Location ceulral and couveoiclil, K12 Broadway, l_k>? L'uiou ?|iiare. APRIVAT* FAM1LT-131 kabt ti1ir1Y-FOCRTH atrtrl, between Thirl and I-eiUi?f>n trtnura, will ancoa-.tnodaie a (ctxlrman and wife or alagla (euUauien with Hoard, on moderate terma. AUKMLKMiN Ami WIFE OR TWO 8IN1JLK <1KNtl-mf i, can be acounmodnutd wih Hoard ai d a plevaot finit rik m, on tbtnl !ic?ir. id a 'ir*t flat* houae TtiiaafSi'or per week. Inquire al 2.0 Weat 1 wentieih street. ? small. qui?t family, living in ok* ok thk vV meal dealrable locutions tn UK city, will lei a hftndaomely fun ithed mvkimI Floor. to gentlemen or gentlemen and iheir \.ivea Oali at U Eaat Tweuty fourth tireeL AGR.NTI.KVAN AND HIS WIFE, ALSO A COUPLE OP Jiunf ra? d can b? accot?tnn<lKt?'d w:tb Hoard al IH Weat Twenty uia a reel. Modern improvement*. Term* mode tm AlUi K PARLOR OR A FRONT ROOM ON THE third (lour, to let, with or without ii0411i, at ZAt \aritk ?lreet, near Carmine, In a private family. AMBNIsHRD ROOM AND BEDROOM TO LOT?FOR two iiBk le KHatiMien or a ccutleman and l%4y. with or * ilhool HmmM. Apiily al il.% Weat Tweuly fourth atreet, between Eighth and Ninth a'emiea. ADEiUlHTFUt. PARLOR, HAWDKOMKLY FDR Duhed, and one or two other ple-aaant Rootut to let, (o atngle or married partle*. at 282 Wt ?t Thirty fourth afreet, wiiB a yottnx widow * la> haa no children, full, partial or with out Hoard, vrr> ai -ceaalble to urn and aia^na, the Twenty third atrtel iin<r at the curaer Fourtcenlli ttree , one olock, Ac. A private family, without children, would let a neatly furnished Front Hoorn, jU l!io lirsl tloor, U> a gentleman and wife without children, or t*> atngle gentlemen; reference ri 'i' iffcd. Apply hi 311.' Utu axenuc, near Twent} lirtt 1 treet, tlral floor. A WIDOW LADY, HAVING A LARiIE ROOM, WOULD let 11 for tin oilier, unfttrnlahed, or to a scutleinm and Int. wife, with or without Hoard. Alio a fmttUhcd Room. fall at ;',j6 Bowery. AUIII HAVING A HANDSOME HOUSE, KORMEL ly occupied by a private family, would beptoaaed to make arrangement* with an 11111 tea or gentleman, Willi handtome, laiae Ko>j us, Bcparuie or together, on etscond liour. Apply at lt?! Hlcecker Klreet. A NEATLY FiJBNUHKD ROOM, U PKR WKKK, TO let,to a ctutlrmaD, al2.ll NVooaler alreet, corn- r of Amity. ABURUKON WANTH AN OFFICII, WITU OR WITHout lioard, in the vicinity of lloualun atreet and Broadway. l'erma moderate. Adareie Doctor, ller.ild oilli a Board.-* ormtlrman wisuk.s to rnoao.? an unt imlahet Room, with partial Board, houto muat coutuln miKlern improvemeute aud family private; uoet ?pu m uble refereuc-will be i(lren. Addresa, lUUlnK tcra.a, Ac., M. V. 11., Herald oillJe. Board-kinolk or m^rrikd okntlemrncin find tl al dura Board and har.da ime Roorna at Wo. 5J llett *y atreet. To thoae aeeklng ,1 home thia aftorda them in exceliei.i opportunity, llouae haa the modern impro.umeuta. Terma raotlerale. TiuiPi,_Tn I k-T with umvn it i->- cnvivn 15 avenue, between Kiglith ana Mmth Htr<*;M, mm uicelv liirntalied RtHim. (uitab'a lor .1 gentleman and ht? wire or two K' CiJcim-n. I-ormlon very de?irai:?. Kettr?-n<'?e excliaoged. BOARD.?GKNTL1MKN CAN PINO AT 1S2 OKAXD atrert, half * <y between Broadway and liuwery, cleaD, nice a.rr K >on.?, with or without partial Hour.!, and cbeap. too. L*. atioo central. Cars and au?ea ?>?*> every two minute*, BOARD-CLINTON ri.4CK.-A FAMILY CAN OBtain very lietirabta I'urniXiod Rojidj, together or *e,-am;e, with Board, at No (SI Clinton place, tw id'nnm?tci( *i;Ik avenue, aiao air.* e n'l-ueintu uau bo mcojuki acted. Board.-a private family worm itr. with Board, to a ceutieman wed hi? wife, or two amcie tfen'.le men, a front Loom a; J Brdiv ?ia, furniatatA >r - ur rnuihed; tfce konae baa all the improvement* aim location t *?t. Apply at 71 Macdougal atrtet, between Bleecker and II .niuo am. BOARD.-HANDSOMKLY FCRNI-HIK!! PABLO!'.-* VND BMvionia to U-t, with B-wrd, tn < tlr*t cU-w prt\ai.- h i. with all tb>* niod'-rn iiF| iu\ - ? ..t?, n.m.r j-.Hit !J 1 1 n In ?h?- haeemul, s>ult*> le for * doctar'e oillec, at S . 7# K Jt Tmlttt1 urert, near Broadway. T>i)A'iJ>.-THKi HOICK OP TURKK RoOM* <\VK UK OilJ> tained, w.ili I! ard, in a am 'U t? -ial. irlly, iv'i?re there amfewt in>v?. the b"u?e i.iu alt 'die ui/bia u ro'e?a?, but an ! oolil w ujr, bath, and larij" pmulca, Ac. li lutrv at V- t ttwk nrwt. M inn piisa wiih.u un? b.-i;k j the bouae. Kuierrnreatu banned. Board for a okntlkman and wifk, wirn \ lar^e front Kunia Mi l t-?niry, hot and cold witar, and I ill. . in ii> i mi.J f?r.v < ? a t . >! ;? i I r $ a \. k. alma large frun'with two pautriea n'bird a ory, i47 a \.eek, at Ifcj K.t?t 'lL..'.y tiftli aiieet, n<;ai- I nit 1 a Board in hobokhn.-two or thrrv: sin.ji.r f[ tkiueu or .. i-entlemau and tua ?if<! can be i .?moio dateil v, J> ;>U*K?aiil t.nomm m.d Bubrd. tn .i a ?*l loeaUoi), ' ii.'ri nilnuieM walk from ih? ferry; gnu aod b..Ui ui tbu Iwcae Addre*a 'i't Wa*bink,u?t IVrr.?*. Board WA.viKi?-F<?a a wikk. two cbilurci and in a private bouse, lao ni -)y f irnfrbrd rooni , all m- lern Itiprovewn-.a, ooee vaU ucj.% iiidUpeMaule. AUdrcaa 11. R. C, Herald jUl?e. Board w?ntkd?by a ontucman and his mIre. 'a ? private f*ru;'y where tkerr ari no o .?r bonr.l ?ra. Il"iiat tcixt be ulio^ted IB a r'.miaan' uid iean?cu<.li.i iiettftborhoxl Ad>lre?t, atotuig teraia, wi ll liii. par'lo ..'am, U. b , boj 1 tb'J lV?t nlLce. Board wantku.-an cnktrnhhrd room, \t:tii iurii i< r ?itMl<-tD?' .tnd ?li>, in a am. phv*t>; fan* ly. Addreaa. itat.nK lo- atlcO and tern*, J. 1!. K . Ueiv.d ooice. Board wantf.d-by a urntlkmax and wif?, ?ttk an Amarlcao fhmlly preferred, wliere Unr* are but trw or no 'ither b trderv Th?y would reuUro a par .or aul al^epina roim. early dinner, and lontuoii between I' ju\a an 1 I Ulrty nlih atreets and Fuurtli and mitb avennea., atatirg pa iiculara and t iniia, wluch moat be reaao.iatile, W, S., IIfiaid olkcr, beat reiereoce flu d ana required. BOAHDi.NO-A H\ND80MC FURNHHICD FRONT ftxwi on aerond t! -or, for a eeol. tinan and wif-; alao hwtna for aim e j -ntl'-man. with aaa. bath, Ac. Apply at 1.10 Kaet BiuuJaay. Refereo< ee excliaa?ed. Board in hroorlvn-a trivatr family hw n? . ' biM'i-n, would ?lab lo aciiniaindale >? . . Lhree gentleuo n wi.h pleaaaiit Koouia and K'Kld partial B *rd. Apply at 323 t*ackrU atreet, above i'ou.t. Board in Brooklyn.?a small family oc Ciipjla* a flr?t claaa hoiue. n i'h m^lrrn uni nm-menla. will let H<?in.a <m toe ar.< >ud or tU.rd tlcoi to a (eotleinau aad wife ur ala?lc xeatlenj' n. Apply at fl Tuapklaa plaoo. Board in Brooklyn -/ hmali. private r vmii.y, reeidlua in a brat claaa bonae in Aailt atreet. wlU Like aa peraa.-ineni Boinler*. a fenUernan and hla wife The hnnaa I naa all the modern tinpno eineota, and la CJavenlut lo Houth ai.a wan urert temea. iteifrauoe re<iuiraa. Aaarens . u., bui l(* Htrald uOtoe. Board in rbooklyn.-a orntlkmam and nu *ue or it few aln?le Kcatlemen may Bod 'lealriblo hn'Rii, with Hoard, at ll*i Clinton street, ennrealent to Wall >U(el Mid Mouth feiTk*. KeXareare* r.irhauced. Board in Brooklyn-a few *inulb ukntlb rro can bn ai I iw nltUd with llaard ta a am*11 AmrrxMB 'tmlly. where there are but few boan era takm, (m ei^ht n.tautes' waik from Fultoa ferry. Apply at Ml Hi/t> treet, lUnAlyn. BOAlft) IN HKOORI.YN -LARUR AMD HANDNUMMLY furo'ahed mranaea aulte or atnrle, <*> aeooad aad third Doom, for runiltna or yall?an wiahln* permanent board, the bruw U flm ciaee. with all the audera improrementa. Apply at? Deary etreet, aaarOar*. Bafwiam reqatred. FRANRFOBT HODSB. CORNBB OR FRANKFORT and William etrrrle, N. V.?Wncla Room from U ffuiia to 37 crista par night, or ?l to ?S par weak. Opea all Bight. Ftrkt i-larr room wtth board.-a fibb rutt of Room* oa eeenad Boor; fnpet Rofa, third door, aad other IxxsaUoa uiirioeptl Stable. Oar* aad ataaea paaa Ike door. at Ut Sained araaua, aaar Breadwar aad Aetor plana. EirRNIMHKD ROOMS?WITH BOARD, SUITABLE FOR r Bto?le ?entl<*mee, (feetletnen and their wlrea nay ba la'l oa appUoailoa at M Waat Twelfth atrret, batweea Fifth aad Kutfc avenuae. References (Iran and re jaJrad. Fl RNIP1IKD ? A SMALL PRIVATB FAMILY WOULD let a Parlor ^wlih ana nr two aleeplac Borwa, oa Brat Boar, to aenilemen, without Hoard, ronraalimit to aari and M?'i ana near Broadway. ?B Fourth atraat, Albloe place. L'CBNISHRD ROOMR?PARI/jr AND BEDROOM r wanted, for a alngla ganOaaaa. without Roanl Bnnta m at b>- in heat order. Location of boaaa unobjectionable. At tlraea, ataUoi term*, J. K., hoi S.SW Foal oAoa. N Y. FrRNIPTTBD ROOMS TO LBT-for SIN (JRNT1.Kmen, with nr wlthmit flreakfeal, at tt Raat ixteeatk atreit, earner 01 lr? tag place. Ba?anaaa roqirred. HANDRONal.T FCRXTSHRD APARTMENTS, WITH I fc<?u<l, a anted in a prt . ata houae with modem Imprura met.IB. hetw. ?a Ninth and twentieth atreeu. for a neaUaisM, I wife and child. Befereaeee eiehaawed. Addraas, Ro 107 < llnto placa, ?*hth afreet. A private hoaea pre ferrrd. Marion housb?fcbkirhed fob hocsrkrbfiro. Vary eeatly fnratahed Parlor and Had room, eat table for joi>nx ho'iaek'epera or atoffla .(eBlieaaa, wnhiraa. (Yoton, Bew patent Bpr.n* b?l?, clean ltaea, cook lac uUMUl Ae.. ana p>le Appry at 111' Kim afreet NO. M WKST NINTH RTBRRT, NRAB FIFTH AVB ae. - Ronma lo lei, rnrnlahed or aofaretafeed. to en?e nr J?er.T to *etlle?en oalj, In a ^atat, Aral alaaa houee, with sisis-'as^i^ssur*" ????? PARTIR4 MaRINO arkwormrnts fob hoabd for to" fall and winter moatha ran now rnr v<" eery <teai rable Rortna In the teat iJaaa*honae M Tenth atre?l, between Fifth and flMfc %< enaee. IMnaar at Biudict. Rsferen.-a glvea aitd r*'|iili>d. Partial board wan1k.d IN rboorltm?!)t a yo.111* gentleman dntaf bnalneaa In iheelly a iao'e n ifiuuru^ur(\ rontn, wiu nnd Ui* 4ttnr J? f,fl.,IcVr Ai!1pe?% wiib trrmn, wfcicfc mutt bt law, W. A . llf IHM rltlCf, pLAWTIWS HOTkU RJOTADWAT.-THK PROPWIBX H'r?n[ IV j: W V?IW Itfruii ?.t "f J["tT " "*" offer* Umik in ,?ir*aMnt .if irw tt?M WriUn *t piv>* Tk? Umo* h*? 1 ?h? it. MfJ*"*** * rnerou* truammt #1 M ill DAY, AUGUST 17, 1860. BOAHOING AND LOPOWC. FKKM *>KM' ili'tHH ?A.VIIH J?V i I1KKK ADL'.I ' . .^6 r '.i <ri $1 - : ...k >*'*ltira o'elTr-J ?Mt <u" K ? bill ?* '; ii#. ?-' 7 ' l"l good iwahWiiioo.!. A,;dreaa G., UOI !' - ' " '' a?ee, dekilb'ng ro . t K? ep'nens ei':banc?J. < ^?- n 1?00?, NKWL* FCttNISKKO, TO LF.T-IN A H ?: K * J I v ' ti ll th* i. xjfrn Impi' vm>Mn <vi f ' In S w * ) rk llui-i. f'iop?r Inrluie and H?r.?rtil<a i?l .k' <i > a wulow wly *iihi.ut nil*'.' ehll 'r-o, ?n t yreffi ' ' (kktMIt] .1 i.i nrlhii" f >!. . wl ui'n J qiiutMrd ?i bt riew to permanency <> \?h*m ixxafnrt, <i i >-t ?rr< . woiUd o? i?i>rfcble. A^dr. tow ihre? da.,* 11 boi 3,384 Po?t ofli ?. r Kio.vs to ytr-wiTH board, at s? vvi k.h. it ] lie*Ik tr#. DnihM or ui,! ari.UheJ. to <ai ll?ai< a k w< J ih' ii wl??a c>r *idk e irentlenu-n. Reference* e*rh?'itri"! ? ?<\fO liKN .LEMEN I'lN BE ACCO*Ot>AfKl> ?iUl A 1 t!i? clan lunlalied and well inUllt'Jd tt?m on the g;o"i d Boor. Tern * (\>r two, tt; partUl uoMd if dr?.:?d- Ic* ' qu'n" m the Move, :B7 Spring atreet. , rrwi. sikuj.K ?;E\N kmks ?R A <i- \n.>:n vn A\I> 1 i. a wife c?u 1 e ?r -ommoJuod with t'u.l It >ard, in a n i'l ' *m?>ieao rain;!y, a: Wl Greenwich ?tro;t, one d'-or from 1 Beach. I TWO OR THREE SINGLE OEN'TLEXEN OA.* BB &>vommodiilM w. b lio?rd kt 11 I'oMiue oUr*, betw?eu ICeeckT knit llotiaton xtre?ta. Oia and b?ib in lAe b" is*. He letetioe required. ' To pinfilb genti.k.vkv. >trn, 'ed Beam*, in a prira'e family oroupyluff -t rtft clast h > no, | b*n<lanim!? fiirn sh-'it. ami n ?? iu . niHutu; in the nid-t co itral anl flljttMe p 'rt >f llroa?lw.'y ^ i?i U:low Uuiuu rj'iare. Ap|)?y ?i i!rm l*^y. t.' ? '*.? i i'm ?a nniii<i r u inani' or%K>rw ? i "" 1 vcoad fii?>r ? lh wilcranditv; a!?? ivoiilf >>t K?v'mat, wub ur vl.hiut llmrd. ferum moderate. Apply at Si I hiril avernm, K twaen Aintli and Tenth ?tre*in. TOLB1 v. :< RTt, TWO UMt HAHDBOM 1 mnd i.eotlj .... . K<? luion the aaooail floor. !? airaklt- h. .. . or tiimll friuUy ippl.v b' 7| Wt?t T?f> > rtor tree. > uu Fifth and tutl> a\cuuea Referroc*., cxi'lunged. **>-?* a kmaij vmu.v a tianwiomkly ff u.ri.W"M Pulne, t? -v'u. o lituUeu, iteur , M>< uiL I i< 'd. Adtlre.nI P. P.hi* 1.86b 1'oai , y. < WAYJUn?BT A BTVOLB LAOT, AK c><y- 1UW I ff K"i,ux and tu?lri*ia>, with HwtrA mlon* *.~Partr,< iV" i !?.? .Uiid .. rju*. Ia.- ? prtrfer. Ji. bel??icciflr i ar.u t \u ?Ttn"-?' ' tafantklv kf wo uewll.lcmkx, a paklljp. a!ip ff iMro Ik.. r... nr two Pai!.> *. >viui tnuil Kyja* t?ltarhed, Mi'h "i tin ii-th, ainat be In a boom; re't lo .urd ' Wirt not FU>?r ljlJC it'll Urn. nnd ucjuvtod by prWa.' wnl- * ly; ojt'kUK-" i ififqalrw, anu If evwytbiu^ i:> ?ttii*0l<t, ?. .1 1 licjeic . ?ut ^diutM, with f"U irtKiibrs ucl ?*r M., box3.Mfll M. \ ,-n?t oUlc*. UotrdlB* 0<>a*? no*. I jot rt ply. \ W.>RRiN PLiCB (CiMRT.Kri KTRK*7* V NKEtA 1 (uriffbM roam wife ?MMd ioor, aulUbi< , . iwowr ? i.j .vi.ii !i< "ii turt < !*? kbBMj >ro'rn > w . ' W4.1 hir gtflfk ?<ij i. ; t i'oI" ' ?ou?ll ubd (u?l. 110 <v > tujr ru-il m> t .' for t ."u'loiwi d?i(\ i'kr WI * por v HAmna rt sirisan> j ?JPJ v Kmb, ? ib H.1111I, for > (ntttintii an I wife; ul?> * 1 > 1 mii .or :i in ,r rl. bou ? tit ?t r! us; riicMfrn 1 lull low-ir.. I.U: dlcaer at on odoek. All. lli.' \\ rut Twrnty 1 biilll Hl.i-el. J Mabinqdok 8quark. kbtwkbn bank and Tros itiww, on tee ??t ?lde.?Board wi h b mdaomeljr ' loi'i.itbril Ki??, In (uiu or eiiiglc, at reaaoua' le raio?, h< nie in t mm I MSMpltaMbte rercrenoea ?iren and r*-.|uu-ij. bt-i .i-x .!.<:< hi* piua liie door. ' Oil TCH FOOKTJCKNTn htrkkt, wkab pipth avj51 n i?.-15...irJ, ?ldi bundaoaelv lornuhed ilonran. In 1 lulls or alnile, at renaonable ralra. Ilo'iae llrsteiaaa brown 1 mine. Uneiceptiouable nferencea required. 1 99 VSIOK tmU.\HE.-PURM8TCn ROOMS IK SUITsI, ; Zd U to let, Willi Board. Alao a few single room^. ?)- .\Nli :f7 WRRT TIIIRTTWTH STRRKT ?TWO OR 1 > > r. . t .If. ..1 III 1 l>?* net. nn il?t..'. with >i.tta or ninpli- Rojuia, fiirntntacl or ?i tttiulslii d, in lb ?? n? w and el.^lble brown itonc buildings t 'f.t m-h Itrikulway ?t. I Filth avenn--. labia flrat'-laaa. Relereaoea exolmtiRi.'d. 1 f f* wkst TWKWTY pocrtii ktrbkt, hktwken *3 U Klt'th aiul W*lh aveaue*. 'I ha entire aerond Boor, furDl?li"d, miiiablH for familiei. can be bail nu r^aaonabld terma ' tn the alHAe tir-t cla>? bonne; al*u, Parlor and Redroom on thir l Boor. Pritate tab.e If required. 7 4 Finn AVKNUR-A bi'it op pivb i.atok 1 I T 1U uu crry ban Inomrlj- furniabed, U> let, w|lb prirate tab> . *lao. one Ur*e Room for a aiiK'e gaatleman. j iiq nvtmos STRKrr?a beautipdi. back par " JJ O lor. Itmilabe.l, tora iieotleman and lady, with Butrd; ' al.n a i"w >.t.. !? hooisa lor .. iitlrmen at rea*>ri.Lble r?let O'lnu rJWH ! >CJjr UUL.I t'U.CU. KT DUllUfcal men. Day boarders alau ukeu. J 1 FORSYTH BTKKRT.-WnHOCT HOARD-TO LRT U i.) gentlemen vil?, l*i nicely funilnh^J Pnrlora, ' c.n-li itably I ri,lih?*a mr one. two, or three gentlemen: nit i ball 4*?-o ii for aingh rent mimi Kamlly p-ivate, ami t J ii. ma i |UiifL Will .et iheua i/heup. Ii?- Ll m n ll: >m? ..n.! ' ' i y. j < "I >7 KI'.IIIH -TRKKT?FOUR L\RGK. COSTLV Fl'R ! I Ol n P?r? >ra, with am ill r< <>nn attached if <i rairnd .-? i. r ? ? reepectal'le p'irp ?e; a'"0 other good Ki?*n?' 1 ' v, u ; i'.l ir y .1 ;,.U lloar.1. Ot.iy hi v iluorahi! of Broadway' 1 "I I " TWKI KTU >1 RKKT, REAR HKOONf) AVKKI R- j 1 1"3?? U' a:''man ard wife :ind two tingle jren'.ltinnn will ted iilnxnt Ji'- n't ?u lecac I iloor, with ? middle K on oaatiij : i" .hi r. with ?! ..rd; family pr 'ate. locution Ceiirable. 1 1'tlre rivjoLabie. Rtferf neea risk njej. | . -in,? W K.-'T FOl'KT :.vr;i RTKKKT.?HAK1IS0VK I J. I U ?< < ' n nv>Oatl->u? I <r l"Ur or ll. . adulta; I'?r! >r. > ir or five ltodr ? m? ai?t bathe attached. a'ei Komi fur ?ln|(ie j kCrJeuieu. h >u. ..i-ntto atreet allien t the dour. Dinner at*. _ __ mn - i - Tiom. ?< ? ; HRW I O I Vrk wi:i ftift coi?i accoounodati mi*, :.'ia home la t I'll the Knr , *! i'n ?|t| rej??ur?iit ? tacbed. fable il h nt ail o i * k. French aud Npanlah ipokeu. ~ COtlfTRY BOARLP. HOARD AT A F \I1M HOI UK l\ W>?T(lfFsTKRcorfT J ) ly. u--i\r 1 ake M?> aImc. Tim location la healthy %c .?*! , Me, nod very ; mantla J '.Ety of p *t bottling mil ?h'iw. To a lew t "mill l.e 'inula very pleaaai.t. Apply to Al.hlX. . CM R A.M'KK, 61 WaU s. reer. | 1 BOARHI.VU at A FARM lIOrSK-TWO ok THRKJt larpe [<vim? are now vaoar.t In thn Farm M -r*i. n of liie I ' I late i tarlra (Jr.'ierlull, D-ar (lien (Ion, I^hij '>I. wb'i'h aan he bad on Inimadliita applioaiton tiiXU. Uu/ A1IRYI{ UN1 >KRilUJ^ <il?u ('ova, Lang Ialaml. / 'OLNTKK HOARD.?ORR PARLOR AND TWO SMALL. , ,J * Beilr ?mn H'.tacked, a!ao ore Hedronm, ran be obti?ir?,1, ' | ?i'ti|'UK rd, at Hpurten l?uy?il. In f'lll v ew of rlier and 1 r?ee* two minute*' walk from depot, one hour fr^n: the rltj', \ . K iriUaa a day. Call uaor addreaa K. Uolick, on Ue premiaea. ClOt'KTRT HOARTV-HOARn ON IXJRU ISLAXO, [ ) w , ii 30 mllea >( th"' t'T, tn a p*1\at.? family, for ? f'W \ re pecini .e pi-raona. Bnlendi'l ana ba hm* an t t >*1 jvin/. f mm i. rau. oa ae .eral time* d*.Iy. Teriua 17 aad 16 e* U a week. Inquire at 8U Hroadway. I | OOAXa. ( CiOiioTrue .Km Mn QCAUTV "F RSO ASH J u.J ,;?on I* Ix bl?b ?'ove, rnni;- ?...t furaaee, a- reeiied ' ' an ! lielivertd at $t H per too lo irnnilW t.ikhi(|oiie w.m or , HP? fr.^B raula i "rner of Kin* and Ureenwkh otrweu, i i-or.i' r of New bow ery aad Romen-it *tr-ei, i.t i 'anal an 1 117 Dnait traet. MATTHRff CUHIO*. COAL.-THE INPKRiilONltn. HAVIRrt ALL THE i fartlltiea for krej ln* a aupply of the vartoua alrea at t red and white alb Ooal, (or aleam ard fan.!y uae. aloe I.iver i pool. < arnel and Cumberland, for hlarkamlth*. la now pre 1 pared lo aell the beat quality at the loweal market prlre frmn I yarda U. 19. 21 Rnrwvelt alreei, near Chatham, aad lo& 107 i worth atr*>?, near Broadway. Ordera raootved at the Snth I Waif Hotel, aad at 17t Seveuth arenua, oomer Twerty-aeeoad atreet, or at the yarda. F UARRIUK. HOI1W, MOOKI, *C., WANTED. j hoi hf. wartrd-rt a i apt. nrrTARi,* for a i ill | nUh'iihBTil. laiat be centrally loaatad. la a good nmh* with ail the modern rooTenlenoea p.*- i If IIII r ? about Ike lat of September Hit Rent tMur ' 1400. Addreaa Madame H , Bmadway r<ml omoa. t DRl O RTORK W A JfTKD ? A N'T PRRAOJf HATIR'J ' a Drn| *live la a *'??! location for b'laineen, atuated In III." City ltr? kiyti, or Jersey liiy anl d.-alrne to dlapof ( the ami no r**?< nable ternn. *t!l I id a Rnrehaar l>7 aU | ilrrMlnf . hn? HW Herald odioe, iu?u( locitlon aad | ?liar* an InterrW eati IX had. < Ft'RRrHHRI) ROOM* WARTRD.-A KITCH*]? ARD Mnmm. ?tU ertrytbln* '<implele for eook'n.-. Ad I i:rtaa for (tree dtji W. IL Arc bar. Broadway h)n gflra, ?uita*a terwt uvl loealkiB. I FPORTART TO HOCMI OWRRRR.-W AHTF.D, TO , |r?*n for three, ?1i and nine jrrar*, Are or all llO'iaea with ' modern tmyroTementa, between Forty atith and atr< eta, aad Her-ood and Fourth arenura Rrata ai'ui hp m ?lo 1 ra'e. bwl wl'l be paid tanrtoalJr in advance. Ro amenta re- ' quired. Proprietor* plaaae addreaa, atAtuwt looaUuc and lermj, 1 T. W . boil m Berald ogee. PART or A Bom WARTRD-FOR a wall FAMI- 1 ly. by Ui lat of ?eptemher, fl?a or all rooma. M<iatbe j bi a food neighborhood aad within Bra or Ian mio ilea' walk of Litdkm mnmL Ad draw J. T? m Ludlow atreel. { SVA1.L ri RRWHRO HOCRC IR TIIR COl'RTRT ^ wanted. Rent m tat be low. Addraaa bn 2,417 Foal 1 S Tl'ARTRD-A FT RRTBHRD HOCRR, FOR THR WIRTKR, ! TV to ba loea'ad In F.flk .ttrnne or In amaa of th# adja- , 1 rat atrTta. Fnaariaion wi*h?d for In ftepteraber or <>. 1 1 til 1st of Ray. Addraaa Houae Heekar, !?>? 1M liar. j ( oOl.*. ? ? f WARTJcn- FfRRlHHin, OR PARTLY FURRIBHKO. ? for hnuarkrapto* ?aa and w-aler), by a family of lira a m*u ta, part fl# a ho-iae. rent moderate. below Twenty flflb I ?tr>at In * 1 >od nal*hb')fb">d. Addraa* Ryrua, llorald ofBoa. WARTKD-FOR A FAMILY OF TlfRRK I'RKX iIM. AR nai irnul.- l mur ?t F1 ?>r and (?iann?nt r v?? ltf K ra<M \ lit nt. real moderate R?li>ri-ncra vlira and ri*iuli?1. Ad dr>"?, (faun* panl-tilara, A. W., herald - nioa. jj WAMFM-TWO Ft'RRIAFlFO ROf)RR. RPIT A 1!.R 11 for a bo iaek?ap?r, kiraU?i not halow Hmoti? nor abora FourtaeDlh a/M Addrvia. Mallna tarma. whl<-l, m<i?t ha raa| itnablf W. W., Broadway Foat oikc?. No nouce laAau uf U 1 ?i. . nt hoiiax. ? TrrAKT*r>-RRTW*R?f RROADRAV ARD THR ROW ~2 "I #17 and alow Rlntb air ret. m nnfimlakM Ronn on ( the flrw I'or, aulJkbla for a ph??ielan infllre Rent ab-Mit fJiJU V pt jjtmr. Addraaa lor !ht>a day? Dontua, Hrrald onica. ? W'AKttn -TWO OR TltRRR ROOMR OR THR WORD a ?T #<?>r, by a cantl> man and hla wifa. no chl dran, tt mii*t ? |e ? tnati-d hrt<??eii Rlearkar and '"*aal aireala. in tha rlrinlty T. M Fl. J ihn a part. Rent Moderata Addieu. (Iinu full 1. partnulai*, hot 1MI Herald oA??. JJ Tl'ARTRP?RT A flyiM. HWI1V I'Ur.i - -T' ** MHT* w*U fnrnl*h*d IlO'it* In th* rfi ultf of UMir*. A'iOimi A , Wo 41 Pvt roir, remit I W-Al.TKr>rA WKIA MOHTKP ROOM, Alt'il'f *0 R? ^ ** V* "rf p >w?r ?*> *> ; wv botK, fut ll?hl biKiunwi A<t<lr?M? ' , tl l ..r,? ? ? _ r w ^ o xtr vjtttp-im n?<v.Ki,ry. runytAintn ,\r\nr / f? n n<? f i -A.i'im ?r ihrn?nr t?nir Rums In tb? m ?t ili- V, ?lr?Mi p?-t of ihn bow. rmt ? *? in MU A<!dr M H T#r ,, for. bfi* T7I New York I*ii nic?. ? WA?"D THRHK RTORT HOC**, ,' . n?n& kv (aMflf MM**< r Sw ^ ? If****! * towlf *?'! * to hoird th?* r*nt preform*, k J* * * fn* mtautct1 ? ?>* ? rr?Tfc^. * ;; ><OH RALE. A tUkMM 1'irunii .>n I -Tu> 0?Jt i Hi A. >?i i tr.i*t llmi'ithluit Se??r *ikd Drink i\s N.i ?.ri' in 1 i ;*v : h?* been Vrj: ??: .:?be,J, mid kept > y the rewnt iivvr, t <r. an uobleu.'a&ed reputation, aud hti it eod ran nt iii>t wr( cui' m: will be ? Jd. with or wrboiit f'tri-ure Lixf-tuoii For in* ivbteh wl'1 be r???pi'ljr -.'jo iVuiie Flower fc*:oou, 27 We?: Broad rav, n?"Jir flnare Wreet. * GOOD OOOKD HAJCD FIFTKRM IIORfR FM7R rx Baler '. it ajue ibrap with front ifrata bun anl mUetj if, wui carry t<0 pomd* prendre, 23 fret Ion,- u > .?. t " Fo'd on account of auc. C*n b? teen *i ilUK^i 'Ifueth itree:. |)l'KINkMH H RAU-OUVIIMN A VftHltf OF l> . uh Mm.'In. ?, nahm# nu euUieh lie* i>j.< jlei ' n An*,iih ( ?,K fre owxer b*. im n* !i ' i*utr HI,.! villi Ml i1 f'lh Pi'l'Pkllil Jf, Ulla f II' >0 \ |;l n Ro *lj ' ..'rmd nararttlM or i en' ,tai . ) uv ,.rP., ixx,ro 1()i from 11 A. M. to 2 P. M ' ' w u.ii h. ..? us \ f tei.p ir >pe.rwUon. DAKTRV KOK PAI.K?FTB8T CLASH, OLD ESTABLISH K.'* ' ' '> ? 'est part Ot the cltv. ?i?*:.i; ' "O ? : f i" " 11 l?'..r rouud. Thin li't r?*e <-hatieo tor * " ' ' , iiitoa ?uoc**?lul bii?iiie?? For f .rtber .... . an ,) A n. Mi rtTHKl.l.. 77 I'eJar ?treet. B???t .^.HefHSft ST!>,RK,-Ml'8T H* SOLn A* A 8A" S'o,'- "7 '^nl 'oca.ity, rt'AM a prortu>))' tm*luri,?. e. vr not a tiargida. Alao, W-mIf.cii I , il,to rii bullae K;r a Houftii iu BrcoKlyn or Qu? ctty ? ?. OAI.K A Co^tW Haaaauiiueet, up st lira, 1 /UlAK'-OAl. HOt'TK -FOR KAT.K, TW(T ~\~~V \~v \J (W> top Wucodh and Uanwn. neUi>? r.,m vi io(QU l b*. ? wtrt, clejuinp ?very d?y fr>>m *& in i? ?,i-v Will kt!! ln? for cash, or ex huDM for agwxl itro^erir Vm.i* I *t :?).S t'?rnitr? > rtd, before IU A. M. aad ntwr 3 J'. M. I fOn SA!.R~VSrY rilKAP, A 8R<"OKl> IKnTTTTx I I' horse power wicn and ten horee Locomotive Hn.ler, n?ar. y new; alao a frame House, corner Fifty second *tre?t ami Tenth avenue. lin-uro at M9 Sixth avenue, corner Tweiay seventh atreet, U>p flo^r, alter iJ o'clock I*. -M For sale-the lease *nd fixtures op a tirat ch.?a K.ouUah Slw.(Je? A In Houae, Hi % v.r, el, l< ? io, 11 from Broadway. All particular* can be ol.uuue J by iu lulling at the above address. For bale?a corner orotekt and liquor 8lore, with Leaae. dolfi* n *ood eaab buainma, mil Iw a M hfaj>, ?a the owner i* ttouij; out Went. Inquire at tiie preinwea, 9t3 JHiitb avenue, corner of Forty eexxiil *tre? L EHJK?btLE?THE STOCK ANP FIX TURKS OF A FAN fJHSwjre, doing a poo<1 btwtneee; obUjjitd to aell ou account i . ?l"kceta. Apply at la Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn, , bWE -Al.E-ONF TWENTY HORSE STKAM ErtOiNR j . n?t (Viiler; our upright eight home ateutn Engine, with u i.jrotlve Loiler: t?. ho,-lunula I ten borne ileum Engine* and ' fillers, orn foni uor?? team EugitM and a lar^e lot of Fell- I lk 'or sale, cbrau , I W. OOl-Wt.S.I, A CO . 116 West T\veuty-elt(htb ?' reet. | FOR BAT.K ? A F(Tt?r CLtHS FAMILY CORNkK <r > "y .^torc, lib the Wick, finurai, borne, wa/ou au.! StiPe it ?'? loins a pr<?peioin I'Mk Dusiunw. inquire t JAN. . VhULhLN, 13 Wall atr-eu tfOR SALE- * FJKHT OLASS < ROi'KKV HTOKT, FOR C cu:,h. about W.MW In 'be b?at part of the Sevenui #?rd; 10 opposition: will sell I i .t*e and count Mock, or Hi# whole n I.iinip. Ileaton lor selling, going iato the w*>;(!?<iie bmi jeaa Apply toC'iiAULV'S U. 'lAKv 11KN, lleurv and Jell-;-. iou street*. For salk-a skwin<j machinb kstahmph^knt located In Broadway. une.hor with aii the Ft'lures ,\ ,, :les and l-?aae of premises. Fo;- particular* inquire o' o M. tfK.KHIl.L,113 Broadway. A pen 'it wanted, f ir the Mut-w of Kentucky, Tenueseee, Missouri, Wisconsin. Minnesota, UllLois, llchih'itn, Iowa and Indiana, ^pply aa above. For faie-a dining and"hilmard saloox, now doing the best business la the Tweuneth ward, situ ited hi the tt rminua of one of ibe liroadwar xtiuro ime*. fbe iwnrr can be aeeo from II to 3 o'clock, at 3tvi Ninth * venue, i M I'orlandt atreet. bviu sai K A BOUTS PUR ntUlT AMD UMJOB Saloon, nloly fitted up nnd now 1'itr? a jfoo,i cash b<iawea?. ibis is a chance ?cliloui u> be met witb. Inquire ai 1^0 Soulfc Hreet. FOR SALE?T11KSTOCK AND FIXTURES 01 A SKAU. T? a, Coilce and Hp Ice Store; aati-ilactory it. a? ins given or selllnK Apply at 4C4Kecoud avenue. FOR SALE-ALE AND SAMPLE VAULTS, SITUATED in the best part of Uroadiray. Rea* in for aniline, ROln* jut ol the buaineaa. Apply on the premlaea, 431 li road way. POR SALE?UFRItiHT RTEAM BOILER AND EIOUT hundred feet of three quarter inch I'jpiUf. Apply at .'ub K'cat Thirty auih atreet, (few Turk. I MOR SALE-STOCK. FIXTURES AND GOOD WILL OF C a tea, relit e ami fine Rrooerv rtore. in a it'ini [juaioesa | leUhboihood. For partlculiira addreaa K. L. X., ilruokl-n 'oil oflice. C*0R SALE?A DININO, BAR AND LODOlNd HOUtiE ! P containing thirty Rcrniui with a Ion* lew, in \Ve?t mix. t, itar WaaliiUK'^u M?i tti. iuquire lid Kulloo aireet F. DKISKI^. For pale-tiir stock'and fixtures, wttu five 1 yeara' leuae of a corner Liquor St/ire; will he aolj cheap, ia ;he owatr cannot attend to it. Anply to C. UKEHAM, No. ki University place, or In the More, Ko. 22b Seventh avenue. FOK 8ALR?A SPLENDID RKHTAl'KANT AND DINTVO haluon, rl*fct locution, ou Broadway; also out loeaied :ippaelte oou of Um priuclpitl mark-la, and an excellent K.r tod I Mr In, 'n. on A em alreet. for &JU1; aleo Jo rent a pleialld n?w !y liul?h<'d Ba*>-mrnt, on Bn*dw?y. mil etcullout oca Lion for a reatauraat and lintn* *?l?on. U. A. KOHINSON, M) "\Vb11? atr?'<"t. F'OR SAJjB?HOTKTI, ON THR KUROPR k N PI,AN; I.jor ?*?, low root; aplendtdly t'urnlahnd throughout alth i.urely if* furniture. riitUi locution for bnalueaa, ..l*o t 11.7 >. ml* JimiutoS 1'uUlc llouxe, 0:1 l ortlandt alreet. (i. A. KOBINKON, SO White atreet. MOB s U E? \ < kSKI Ol ITT) LIQUOR P Store, all newly IlttiM np, with aeveu ye?ra uiUbn s.i'd i b? up, a* the owner l.a- another LmJien la lend. Apply at UO Hromo tUccU ?VvR PAI.K-THK ISEXPIRHD l,K*RK, TOOCTUKR F with improvement* and large malea of the iron yard, SHU V.mhluc'oh meet, vnileble for h toil yurd rr any melt ?,,i u toll on account i! :ij? ileatL ui tins proprietor. Kor furiter pM it tutu iui|u:rt' a: 1.11 l.eroy r.reet. U ITcCAKTTir T-^OH , Al.K-THB L>" A t K-, KK>'K AND K1X1URRS OF X" the I fty llbtal. H2 Kultou Hreet, Brooklyn Au old lauil. Kent low. I". >ck Apply ou Ui?> pttmi'aaa fOR ?Atr ntr.KV-K orocrrv and mquor ff Store, w tli I, ?ture?. WUI be Bold obeap. fbe reaaoti 'or elltv I? kl km-aa Apr.y at the atoru, IMS Third ateu-ie, b>.w<tn lu<it) i.'tn ?ud il Iftv olitb atreela. POR SAI.K OIIRAP fOR OASn-THK STOCK A NO f t\ Inrew.f a Arm rlva family lea and rofl'-e atnre.doin* a gn >] >m)U'k btian ?.?tl?'?tur- reaeou ?lten lor aeltjiiK out. Apilf ?t 10Re?ark areu ic, Jemey City. W J GIOR KAI.K OR KX<HAN(JB-A MAMUFAtTUKINfl P Hn? ne-a, with l?n ldloca. Knclne, Marhinery nod To 'a u rnt/lete, I illy < oUb'mlied and uitilux money, will lie aold uw lot c??b. Apply to liKOWN * ll<us, &J N.^aanu niief*. HOTKI. TOR HM.K - AN OKKORTVKITT KrTt.IM)M TO I be ?Mt ?1-0 la now od err J to purrhaa m>' Leiue, hi: ol ' e, Future* Mr. vi a lintel. un?'ir|.i??'>d f"r ''irati ti, (Utlnf ip, reape. ability un.lJlt-* raliij i>f patron we, In fart aU thai J wn be delired lor a pnailable and ttieraUte ln>e?me-.t. for ' lUtlr'ilai* apply to HltiHH A .luL'THW K'K. (1 Naaattt at. MKTKR, IIA 1.1,1 S A CO.. 210 BOWKRV. HA VIE RK e?ivnil on c for Immr'M'ile aale r heap lur vaah, i lot of Havana Kegara, fariutBer> and Jeaelry. pmwcK or wai.ks riarmiTiK^ iw *oktrk*i,.? 1 The anliei ilt>er bavmu purch;jM d a "t'iU?eo'? >ul?rnptk<n rieket" In Montreal, hi ?>d for all the fr*|rlti.-? Inr In llnR the Irattd Bail, Inaui:<u-auoo of the VI. t.iria It rid re. Trip nu the Iver M. Lawvaiwe, <lrand tVneert, ke , jlren In honor of the rrtnee of Wulee. Il now prevented from *oU.* The a iberrtptnn lid I* now rioted No more tlrketaean be obtained. The mliteriber wlthea to Mil lite Ticket. Price Wi Addreaa ua Bed lately J. H., Jt, boi 3,318 rod ottce N. T. PHOTOGRAPH AND AMBROTTPK (1AI.L.BRT POM air i-b?np ? Tbia la one <4 Lb* flneet flllr.l op plImM in | he rliy; wtnplrle with everything to c*rry on a large and ?i m*lre i>iialn?M Rent low; sood Itiw tenna a>i*jr. U 19* Bowery. rvUAKTZ Rf?OK AMD OR A IN MUX AN 0 PORTION \J of the patent for lale?Conci'dod the brat and tmlj mill of r* )ne to oilr^ra. rediH-Inf to Impalpable powder, with ahlftltuf iritiiti C iurfae- a r-anlr replacfl. UlUOb ABOCTHWICK.BNamnitreet. SFOAR RTORK FO* HAI.K?ON A PRIff'IPAI. Bril lira thoroughfare. doing an exrellrat caah tra4e with large jroMj; can be had low no aevmmodatiag terma Alao, a Uro:try Store, epleDdldly titled up and aa eitennire euatom. O AiJt A CO.. 90 Naaaau ?reet. up w?ir?. ro FHOTOORAPnCRS.-rOR RAIJC, A FIRST CI.ANN fboUwrai hlflOallery oo Broadway, eligibly tflnaMd be wrrt ibe Metropolitan and Hi. Niekolaa Hotel*. Apply to J AA. T. BUCK, M Raadr atraet. r) BCTCHKRs-A RARE CHANCR.-TIIK PIXTCRU of a But<h?r'? Stall, with a iplendi-1 lee Houea attached, or eele. and More to let for two jreore Inquire before iwalr* .'cloth M. at 17. kigbth arenee near Nineteenth atreet. (XTINB AND I.IQCOR RTORB FOR RALB?HA VINO A TV 9H > ran leaee, with the fliturrt aad mod will, actuated in a go id comer In the Fourteenth ward, and having an eeahuehed and lucrative trade. UaU at or eddr* Room 11, No. , 11 ine atreet I v?na - fi.r bai.f an amrrotttr ani? photo I bOUU# graphic gallery. JK F.ighih a? ane, betwi-en 1 emt fourth and Twenty ttflh atreeta. K <"iw|"cash WII I. HI T A NKAlxr^FmilFiTr i Recta'ir ant. Bar and loe Cream Saloon, now d. ng , caah trade and ill the eating of a I are# hotal ab-re For 1 J1 particular* apply to BIUUH 4 Butl 11 WICK, Bt Aaawu treet J n'JOfi -fnn *M'r" WIK,t A*" I.lQVOR STORK. .ZiVU, aplendldly Ml* I UD. gnol hturtneee, OM do. or |1.tut. "*e for <?# for JTnn ,,ne f,r a?i (,>r ;*V one for H'*) <?e for H50. A le? eevrml (Jrocery Korea , r A>,flr"" v llMNERRRtORW. r a tochute hoot* hrrokn point, n. j ^rnmm. U iMMua for ihl* faror I* watering nlaoe lea re nler No l lonh rlr. r ? 7 JO a?d 11 ? AlTaiT*.. and f 30 P if -om fcot "f Itey eireet aimwA. M aad ? 30 P u Am.,la ocoMKrfaUnn* for tnnrtent boarder* WRbLKT W. HILL ifatmerly of Lafarg? IIodm), Proprietor. gPORTUB. lOAfR POR HA I.*-A TRA? OP t.ARO| ^lCicK T '.oata well br. he to * wagoe, will ->e d>p?aed of cheap i the oweer hie no >nriher nee for ftma. ian:are o Mr HKI'PARD 17 S|>rwe eireet. 1 "r JKW BCROONRR TACHT POR R klJ IX>W ?RHR IR ^ 41 fe?t long, aplendid eabln a?l furtlture: buiii and I'tlpi ?4 without rrgaM to r,j,?0?. ^ i, gw.? ? f?it Add ; rTnrlrtf*! Jaw otwr no?r luv t?c a > M fnt fth< will ' t ?r>M %\ hn P-.<H. lU n fmm ?.i i ('? fen ? !(?? ? ' :.n1 m?' .. ] e *ud HtMiiCb t-?U l>uMf la ib? ?jcld. Ml ft niik ??? I \vnn ?M V \ 4.RS T VKF HOTIC* ' J ' ' 1? i .. ('lib ?n' -t 1 . K?w V" k ? " - >? '] 4 171 Npn.< ktrvt oo I" A ? i I I' ?(_ I \rAT>*rrtn rn*n?tn* or thk wo?i.p.-m J r, ? . > 1 i * r*m j ? I r I<UI I. . ** ? ? "b >1 * b? u4-i?d. p.,c? * ?. johh cu'utwiu. ; Jfn. 114 I ?. r am?nt. j jPOHTtira imv. h nrn > it \o i pb h *ur, ( * h?? fb* mmI rtwh ' ?i ii ->f (i,,-* ui? i < r '-.4h for ?? ??4 * i . ? I i. .!%> fibrin) I k * irrmin?f"r. *> rut* ? ' Dan MirM. . ik !. U. Urk* c?l* ; 3 IAL? OF HJCAlt ?TAT?. ^ Arrairr clam aouKE. in mkoom.!.**, k. d., u trade for Krtck tod Lime. Apply w II. BCR HELL, p.O 8 ili arenue. a brown 8tonk fkont houne in1j rUltNITL'jub A for>aI?ln South Brooklyn For arJatie. lan.e >.ud further particular* apply lo AJsli A nic loJ-L-- l-.l Wili.uin ttreet, n. t. AT ORANGE, * J,?POCNTBY SKAT OF 81* TO K acre*, near 10 depot. Ilr*? rl? a lini<r.>T?mjnu, rwt? koil pleuly or fruit, pure aon apriux ?" U?". h l *?d C"M. *ri HmI through Vine building*. Apply to L PxTION *0, 10 William Mrret AOK.Mr.KMAN, WHO IK ABOUT TO LOCATE IN tlca#o, HI., would eieaaiijw it Houae ao ' I*>< dtirablyl<a ed Id Brookl' o. for Improved or uutm "-nveJ l*roperl r Chicago. Any peraoo winhln* ui nukr ? wo in eichiiD well to cull at Litx lWHtreet Ho i-- be: wen the bi a of 2 and 6 f M. ou Friday and 8 .tarda) ouy. Agent* need uiA call. Inquire lor *. Z Lamar. 4 HOI *R ASD LOT FOR riAI.R IN JKRKEY CITY, i' ue y I-iiIkIhwJ, baMineiii hiick, hk\ing mantel* ^aaami w. l?r; p cc$i,xso Alao a hri k IIihij" [ortXtVO, *nb til w.\le, pr.'e SIO.CUO. T?rm? eliy. Apply at 7i> -Draey avc. Bl'ILPIKO I/)TS? I0O K*KT HQfABK, t KN<'ED IK, and moat beautifully ?lluaiad. wiihln twenty miai-tea' rfc e by to Hobokeu, Ui be nnH for iOi10. ?t*ge* run Ir> ti e place aiity four uiura * day Apply to J POPt, lo ."tiw a k all?et, llobokeu, t>f for* lo 01 Alter 60 nock. EXTWSI7* WATER POWER FOR HAL* The proprietor* of the White River Kalla < nrporiition now offer for ?ale their property, glum ted on.tbe Ponnectk-jt river, about one mile Doith ol the White rirer junction. aud mmprtalcg the upper and lower faila and land* adjoining The eiu-uto! thia waier power. it* location at the iuUfaectinn of the Northern. Vermont Central. and Connecticut aid f *a*>unpate river railroad. and the ipponunliy to purrhnae adjoining land* at very moderate price*, lurolah facilities for bull tin* up an eitennlve manufacturing town nrr. mirpaaaed in Nevr uigland. 'l'he above property will be otlered for aale al public Auction at uie Dartmouth hotel, la Uauover. N. U., oil Turaday. the 2Sth day of September uB?i, ai 3 o'clock P. M.t It not pry* ou?l* ? M at pit,ate aile. Term* of (ale mvlo kunwn ut time of Rule. Kor further lufor uatijn reference a made to Andrew T Hall, K?u , or I)r. Ubez B. Uuluuo. Umtou, or the (iibacriber, at H*nover N. It. ,:"rk '* W" T^ARM FOR BAI.K OR RXt'HANttR?OOMTA1N1NO 73 JP .Creaof eirelleni Land. located one mile from the depot at VhilePlalna, Wettchrmer comity, Hi nulet or one lio ir m ride fprni the city by H*rlem Railroad. The tmlldum couatst of a modem ccuace house, containing ten noma; a carriag* h^urf. a '<vr? houae. and two barn*. Tb. re ia apvud uover!M about three acre* ,iu?t ofl of the lawn. The land a well adapted lor all kind* ol fruit, and In one or the m<?t datirabl* farm* In thia Ijwtlilv. There la a line young orchard juat about bearing It will he fold low for caah; 70 per iient >ato i cm. In lor ten year* If deaired. or will exchauge for improved city i ropcrty. Audrea* 1'wt^hl, boi 8, White Plain*, or cars oi 8 M. M (o , Ho. 4 fteekmiu street. fftOH SALB-A RARJC CHAMCI-A HOCHB AND U)m 1 an old e?t\blUhed millinery atwid, altuated In the floorMI tnK rlllajin of Mew Rochelle, now doing a good buatoejai. Addrew P. D. P., Mew Roche tie Poet oAoa, or apply on tha pr*mlaea. FOR SAl.E-34 ACRKa op I,AND, BITCATP.n OS run New York and l'ater?>n p auk ruiad, thre.. nitles from either !lol>okr i or .lerwy City lerrlea, and within 3tW yarda of tl.e tirat depot of the Northern UallriMtd Thia beautiful l.tnd la ?u|i .liie for Riirde:?mg or for eauMlahlnir m?nul it-hinm of atyki id It would also be a line altuation for milkmen. 8evei/> per rent of the purchaae moueir Can r?main on botid ?nu tin n^Ki;e tor u term of ten year? tf desirable. Title perfeit. Pri paitttulkia apply to/. J. MALO, oppualte the proaalaaa IfOR KAM-A COUNTRY RRHinKNi:K AND PRH1T r Karm of 60 acre*, ore nole aoutb o! th? city of New IJrunawlck. hew Jeriey. foan^Haii.n imme1iat?tly. The laud ih rtch and in line order. A very two and a half atorv trunm Uouar 411 b> H6 fee:. goiai liarn. Stable loe Hou?e l -, and all in to<A order. A tout etgkt aotaa ta fruit, etxi '.reef, in bearlug. *11 choice fruit, ri/ ?? pp'e. pear, plus*, cherry, peach, Ijiunie, Ac t >ne and a half acre* til r.tapoerrlca no 'H ta peapei; about twetitv acrea planted thia aprin? t'oru, oata, wL;?t early and laie i?oUiioe?, and a variety of other vege tal'l-a Ac Apply to WM. DUMi ?NT, Mo 4 Wail t'reet. FO? KM K-A BlAl Tiri l. KARM OP 100 ACRI-J, 10 in wo< i, balaurc ad tillable, well fenced aud watered and in a f* r uu ol ciWiYitinn, tartie llouee, nunii nmi &nde<ten Irn Oiitbn ldfi'KH. rpendid location churchei. ai'h'mla. autrea, mllll and rh.>pi nlthin a few rida. Id the taller ol the Hudadn. Pare from New lorki>;will le ail' for ?(>11 iuclu.llng rropii: $ 1 iim down, haiuuee in live yearn; nrut be odd iJila week. liioic?ra and eichaugeit need uol auawer. Addreaa l>. C. A., Herald office. For sai.e?i<w acres ok wtn.i, srrnATCi> i.ands in Iowa :it $4 per acre; fr?e from all iocutahrai.cea. Addresi R. U. II., box 160 Herald ollice. For kai.e?a beautiful ooumtut rbsinnsrw, coualntlng of S2 acrei of Un 1. in a hiuh ?t\te of ctlture; one largedwublt llouae and one new t'ot'age. Btrna. i*'?l>lea and out hounea, all In K""d c <udltion. good fruit in a'o r.dunce, good fencra A<- . aimated one mile from the l'-ath tlolrl <a (he load to Ki.itl 'iah, I?. I. A large part ci the I '.r b >??? n.orev can remain on bond an I mortgage for a term ; vr ra. lPTUiie of H. P. LP \RE. 1SS Ijiurcua atreet, M. V , or EDWARD HAOAN, on the premises. FOR 8ALK-AT A BAROAfN, AN BUBOAVT B I WH none front hljrh nloop Hoi^e on Thlity fourth ttr jjroauway, itirmaneu lu lae uieM aiy|. x. 11li every not ir. nlence lot 25x100; terms et*y. K<>r ca>4- of a.' 11 -w? n tbt iiirtl'T piiu-uUn apply to U UKADLfcY M CO., No. 1 iii Broadway. rRSALE-IN CAKMA N'SVU.T.K, A II ANDdOMI". COT. lage, with Mtbta "attached, on Tenth avemie an<J Klnca. bridge ruad; ? lieauhjr h e a.on lilirh rmmid, ?n.| prop" iy tn. electing rapiily AnplytoJ 1) 1 HKVAl.lfcr o30 lire 1 For salf.?brown bto.nv. hovbk ami lot so. Wi ?t Ihtrtr Anrt ?r?fi: alio l?ot aoutii m l* of Fifty i?;inn *t*eel, '/74 feet eaat >if rw-vnuth ikvenae N Y . ?1? il . Mable Kill eight I/it* at' eked wi'h ire-a I tid alirobbe . >?. enrol llHlenimd Frmnkihi avenue*, Brooklyn t'no ill R. A. ti Ai NKS, - I IVarl rtii-?t, over >1 irke. /?ml, T/M?R lAUt A NKA I rilRO HT</H\ HI OH > , K)p J1 brick Ilotiae nii.l I 'entra'lT I -ile.l In Km *.jn . ,-i roiDUl'-*' walk tt TO <Vmrt ?? . t ra'fvoat, * Mi all km pn ,I>melit*, ill lb" l?? ID -f, a? a t??r;;oiii Apply t> Mr. H1SIIOP IK Ni. latin St. eel, rooiaili IfnR raik-AV EI.K'i \M fol'R front brown 1 al ne front |bk Mp Hon en VV? t t'?ei.l> 'M-<1 Stre?r(w1de street;. ?. fe.'t lot ; tf, hut >h- n e rivtnkmm; U e.ejuntlr I. iUM will l'? ? Undent / ?ma to mill pun-lixer I) n t kim v hut 'he miihrru'i It* <? i"rt e;.?b?nd twoor tl>r-> food etiji l<n? In evaMc^. A >i >? J?inee K. k<l? .rib, 1177 Wert I'wenty Ihird atrueL near fcighttl tvNiM. y?OR KAI.H-IN WABiriKOToV <VK"I'R "Ft>K f Y V, J hi*r" lie r rear y ne <r, < nt > nl i ; I, c. irii tnn>ro??iiierit?, \M>i be sold iUe.| Apply to J W t.iX'KV > 'P UV .'1.1.1 en ne, Brouki t a. FOR Stl.F-HBV rnXAl' T OT KO 3? OUtKWWH'tl street, with front ami rear ""illdl .(s; three fnartha of ih.i imnhaae money c ui remain <u, rnnrt<*ie. Also a t *t i a i and a hal' ?t< ry foil i e In t |il?i? tut frtlhife hall an ("nir'n iide fniDi U>e city. In<|iiu f at 111 Jirutxiway, U Trinity liuiij"i* Ij*>K SA1K?A TilRKE STORT AND H11H BTOOP 1 flonoe f .?b*<l Hal and e,mveoiat 1. In Fo, \ -vith Ji fitl l Klfhlb MlotU a,?u'ie?. Applv or lv. at 71S Nln.A hi cone. TIIOH. RHAXNON. Fob hai,e r<iR y.noo carii-a UAunm fi r. Diahrol roiintry Mot, e< in Milling IS acre* ni ehoiee lai.d, with full! 3dH*Mii>( houne. (tardenar h."iae, rn>pa, Ac., near Hprlnifeld, on the Connertleiit I'oweatuo at ooce. Apalv ku ftytTKk J.1UOMA8, 19 Wall aucet. For HAl.R Cila-Ar?THR TWO TIAMnsORr. tXCTTAtSK Houira tm forty niiih Itreet, JU> fee* iml if Ten It arenne. atghl runna and f<<ir pantri** in each. tn.irbla manOrotoo. ga" Ac , * baodaoiiir '?mrt)f?r l In h. nl Uita 28uOO w ill l e ao'd on rurj terma. Ir.^nlre ot Mr MORU tri ikn r. or ot K. M. UKaTH X>7 lludau alr*>-i. EOR PAI.I OH RXCHAMOK?RRVRJfTT UOTR IW Kotilh UrookJyn Two Hotiaea for aala cheap for eaah la ?I place. on the Hetgh'i. aim two lioimra la I'ruon ttwt, bfiacn Heury ant Cliatua. WAUiTKJN B. MOWN, M WUl-?? atfeet, room 11. V'OB SAI P OR EXf'HANOB-A PIRAT PLAIN BROW* lone Hotter. aitnated In ?w<n1 pbue llroofclyn. Will be ao;d at a bargain or exrhanrod for a country aeat far uua cttjf. Call at 2* Bond itrirt, >. T. r>K HAI.K OR RXGH AN(1R?TWO PINR PARWR. NRAR Albany, IflO nrrnmrk, will et< hang* for a etore of g??l* laaay lioa.?r for merchandia*. honara. :n?a. Aa. Ag?n'a need not aaawrr. AJdimi H. K. H , Herald ofllce. For kali or kxchamor for rpai. ektatr-a hanlaome ateam acrr? propeller Taehl of about X) tona, or aba will be let lo ulaaaui-a paruaa- Tor uartieulara addrwa maal Yacht. Herald ofllr*. rR MU U'W OK RACHANOK TOR A 1??Kl.l.IMil He line to Hroekljn? * Para of 142 *rraa in ilui'iiahi* iounlr N. f a few mlla* from the elty of Hod* ..i, North t rer. adjoining (Jr..rge H Tower, tar) Inquire ?f J MO U. IOII.LON 12 ruhoii aireet, MroiA'jii, from Mlol2 A. M. *f?OR fAt.F OR PXi'll ANOP? PIRKT ri.ARR BRli R .T H'aiae. Iiirna, i airiage liiuiae, Ac.. at Srrari?e, H v. lot entiiinl two arrea with abundance of fruH and abaci* Irrea. Ixwalloo and eurrmirdlegi uaaurpaagel. Alao, farm I ot of ft' a? r<? o.erhr'Wliig the rftj, tinder tlie htglu-at cultlvat on. A Mr Ma J. H A . nam 121 Lorejoy a Hotel. For rai.r or ti trr-nvR pottaorh. atr^st New York, at *1 (M' ?l J?? M.8OT; or rentat*l.*? ?l*8, Ar Ihenbore are p>.?ar.t)r l.vated, a?-rwral lNa with earb b< <e. arid aeeeaaihie by Ui ee <HT railroada. Yt ill ae|| 1 aart build t' 'U?'? <rf antr p'<\u dealred, ott eaar pavn.enta. IIA /(I I s R MlI.l.KR rjuii New York, or U WUluia aue?t, (TMiat No. 4. llOt'DK AND l/>T WANTKO- IN IRRMKT t'JTT. If* I 1 the neithti irh ?1 iK Kne atreet or Jeraey *?< ! ia an4 i th Pli>i atreet to K<"itli TKth atreet prefi rrr ' anal e >.n aatniai.v high gro na. price ranging inm M,"t)t ?idre*?. witli n'i"n'.er. at- -of an] lot, pneo and full V~tt?'u*Tt, * "? 1^* ll. rald LOTOWjerRP?t WITT, no f\Rl>t-'VTKR WIIRK R\ the iiajr or conirHrt, and fiu 1 m.ilertala '( re-) i'rai, in ei < '*anfe for a M or a*n i' hoiiae apt |-H it* tna u at ' the I nr. Heat ol tc!?r?nc e given. Addreat II 0., b?i 1'rnu.i otbev. /"VRANOR, NRW ?C*WWI tT)CNTRY RRATR, \J v, : ,ce rea,,leneea. Parma at.' > "1* ii"' IP**' ?ariet kMatlfullr alt.iated. U?e fr,m o real and for aai? by llPMtY H. HI.Ai " WUHaan 01-eet,New Tor*, ft on I to II A. If W MaaiWa-"*. 0??n?^ I to> P. M. PAPRR Wil l. PRITIl.P.'.K Afitl U At'UM OP t.ARfl for aale or e?r|i,Bge ?>erer f?. m/ power in the drreal aeaanr fall It feet I'arUea Planing a raln\bl null m aeidoot inert aithan opi.ortoniti Ike thla Clt>t?te>l m Horrle[rrnn N f l/?w lr?l?ht ! New p?irk ip/i to I'.tRfdN A II AKI>. M Iteekmaa aueet, Nra Yorfc. Tl'-ANTKIl-A DP.?-IRaRI.R I/>T_I|f (IRKK.MWOOn TT (Vrretary. Addrraa b?i UI I'oat oAor. wllk the number of the lot. tRTANTPD?T<TJtrt""a"<MA!.f7 RRI('* llof?? ~arr-rii ?f inj>rn<rm?nu u * r??1 In Ifcv IttitMl, <? nklch fl.ailnr II Ml will h# p*M down. Lh? b?Un,-? cm mnrUajr. w be p?ld by mat, Im^nta. Any mr h.rln, in* ? bona* <mr h**r nf a pnrrkftaor by ?li1rMHiaf A f.. b>n < 2M rem <Me,. MUM prkw. a. Mi m, Ac. Ui| AI'kRH OJ 01R?II KAKMtNli I.AMU IN RtTH A r?y Ma oniinlT. low*. ft?<1 am* auh to eteWu* f.w ft ?-?'* jf ' fto' T <Jon.laau.Ui> f ir >k* city trade Addrraa II M. 1., Brok r.and, IK. Rlcfcnlaa Hotel 'JQ 1 AI R* or VAUl'AHt.t TIM1KR I.A?ttT~I* JO'r , ftCMBly. l-ft. UW rftOrml. wall w*Ur?<\ Jrab'j Ixatal. will b? told low. or ftiek-ucM for <1, or Brontfy* property or mer< hftn.Ua* UtOQW * BOltllWICK. ? Hft?*ii t\ nhn A< Rr* wKTrnxUAHD roR Salic ar n l/?vU<' rb*a#e 111* * Ht?te Troporty W<l?h?a, MWGirj or bmiw* Mvraha .d>a? Tb? ahnfo l*n.| la iiw from lnf'itn*--in*. wlih tlti? Apply *? I? Naa?*'i ?r*et. toriro 19 MlllWli! ft ? PPI.RNDin OOI7HTRT WtAT; IUU firat eJ aa btiltfto.-a ??h mcvUrn 'ia?nr*RiPnM, twenty ailie# fmm Wew 1 nrk by l*ew llar'ii H?iir??t| I

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