Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 18, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 18, 1860 Page 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 8745. INTERESTING FROM CENTRAL AMERICA. Movements of General Walker and His Filibusters. Seizure oi One of His Vessels by the British at Belize, Honduras. THE WHEREABOUTS OF WALKER. Seiioua Ravages of the Yellow Fever, fei*i tin ki. Ibtbrig African, Capt, But**, arrived teat night from JMtee, Bonduru, whanco aba sailed on the 28U? alt. According 10 oar Ktvkx* *y the African, Oeo. Walker HMM or bla Alio u?ters bad got into trouble with the fcgltati antbodttM at BaJlaa, and one of his veeaeii bad vmd eeized and abandoned. Oar cotttb pond once from Belize Rites the details of the wmwDla of Walker and hie party, ao far m they were kaewa at that place. Ik* la land of Ruataa waa to hare beea given up by the kgUch on the 30th ult, whether the llooduraa government were ready to receive the place or not. Trouble waa expected tp arise with the Ecgliah residents when ttat event took place. Oar Belize CerretpoMcac*. Bauza, Honduras, July It, 1M0. The Fellow Fever? Fearful Mortality? Effxt tf the Bad WtaOur upon the Mahogany Trade?The Walker BnUe maU?Jiuatan? I'nsucceqful Effort* to Vapture the Hit M(Tl, <fc. The meat Important piece of news from this quarter at Dm present time is the dreadful visitation of yellow fever whtah has decimated oar white papulation. Our old, accli Utd population and the colored people have generally soaped, but it has made fearful havoc on thoee who bad bees caly a short time here. We have bad nothing like I It for over sixteen years, and, In (bet, there la ao one who ana remember such a sickly season before. The doctors tksaaaelves say that its fatality ia beyond their skill. 1 tblak that not more than two who bad It bare recovered. We have had very bad weather, rata baviag fallen plentifully each month or the dry season, and la June, when we ought to have bad heavy rains, we had Has, drj and very warm weather, with oaly ocoaaienal showers. This max have any effect on oar health, bat it is very anpleaaaai and uncomfortable, Bad what la still worse, it interferes with oar mahogany catting operations. It preveata the wood Oram being tracked eat, and what la tracked out cannot come dowa Mr waat of the flood. We have had some conaiderable excitement here, la relation to Walker and filibusters at Ruatan. Quite a noseMkfof men have oome dawn on thermit traders toRaatan, and retort says that Walker has been there, too. 2 give the report m J bear It, and what baa grown oat of It. This report waa tent in to bar M*)t?ty'a Baperwteadeot, who la Llenteaant Gornrwk1 of Bay Wanda He, with the Attorney General, the Acting Otter Joetvoe and a number of diatinguabed individuals, went down oo the royal nail packet steamer in Jane, and returned ku to start off the maila on the 18th. A few ilaya alter aba led, her Najeety'a acrew at earner ?? rane In, and aha waa aent after Walker. The Attorney General waa In bar. 8be Tinted and examined the Swan lalanda; weat from there U Kingston, Jamaica, and came back from there to Mlse. No Walker could the And. From Beliae aba went Bp la p?'-r. and now aba ia back again in Beliae. Some flbfcg to In tba wind; wbat It ia may appear hereafter , at all areata, the inbabitanta of Ruataa don't intend to be Bramfnnert to the SUte of Honduraa, and what ia more, (bay will not. Already they have made aoae preparation |o defend themselves, having pnrcbaaed orer one hundred and fifty riflee ,and revolvers, aad hare eent to New Orleaaa aad Mobile for more, nod aleo for ammnaltiea, bo. Xba majority of our iababilanta are highly dlapleaeed at the idea of Great Brltala giving op her rule over the aetoay Beun, Honduras. July %, ISfiO. Watto 'i Motmentt in Ckntrol Amrrioa?lwMng and Dqp+riurt tf Ml Mm?Muatan Mandi tut yd Gioni up tfOu Ettflitk?Arrival of FiHbusteri at Belu*?8ri?urc tftkeir Tentl and lit AbandonmetU?Enfliik Man </ War in Uu Harlor?Anticipate Attack on Jbrt G#rqt end Dntrudion of tAt Tmcn by the FilibiitUrt, ?fo. Tbie port baa for a month peat been tbe eoene of much xcttement Squad* of men beloaging to Walker'* party bare been arriving from New Orleans In different fruit reaacls and rendezvousing at tbe lalaad of Ruataa. Walter arrived in the John Taylor on tba 20th of Jane, and de parted the nest day with all hia force, It ia aaid, for tbe Bwan bland, but no authentic Information haa been received of the fact. Ruataa waa to have been the rendea one of hla party. bat the llondarian government not having aent her Commlaaiooera to reeeive it, at tbe greed upon, tbe English government itlll retain posuca i Ilea of it. They will abandon it on the 30th of this ' Msatb, whether the Commleeiooers are there to receive H or not. It la well known that tbe Brltiah tubjecta or Baalaa wUl I named lately, on the ear rendering of tbe la lead, declare tbelr independence aad realat tbe govern Mat eT Bonduru They are all armed with Minnie riflee, which were wrecked from tbe Suaan ol this i<ort, bad originally the property of Walker. After collectlag hla men together at Ruatao, Walker pro poaed n deacent oa Oman or Trutllo, coder tbe flag of Ca baaaa, tbe ex rrealdent of Honduraa. After reinstating him a deacont ea Casta Rioa and Nioararaa waa to be asd?. Una having la the rear a friendly government, which wonld doubUeea be of (real aaatetaace k> aim In laadlag Maud Buniiioaa of war. Iauaediaiaiy after tola deparlare from RuaUa aa English aaa-of war, the Icaraa, came la thia port, and proceeded with tba Attorney Oeoeral in paranit of bias, with what aooceaa la not pabifcly kaatra. Oo Saturday ereoiag, the 14th inataat, lha aebocaer ailUn, lYom Srw Orleene for Ruaun, am red hare, with oargo for Meaara. J. McNabb k Co. and twenty four ttihllll, order Gotoael R tlan and OapUia William E Hew by The arbooaer entered oo the 19th at lha Cueloaa Me, and diacharged ber ctrgo for ibia place. On tta morning or the 15th. when read/ to proteed oa ber voyage, ehe wu boarded and Marched by the aulfcoritiea. Later la the day they tor elMy took ixwaeaaloe of ber, aad reinored a portion of bar cargo la tranalt tor RuaUa OapUin MoCormick pro Mated, lowered ha flag and aurreoderad hia taeeel, aad M\ fear witfe hla paaaiagart aad craw. It waa cvrreaUy reported la the evaalag, aad believed, that the flltboatan eraald attack the tort durtag the aight aad opaa Are oa lha town. A portion of the Second Weal India reg.iaeel waa revered lo the Tort, aad the loaroa, aaaa of war, which had arrired that morning Ova ber era lea after Walker, ateeaaed up and took a poallloa In Uia channel, tfeae briaglag the achoaaer between her baUeriea aa<l the Ma; hat the algkt paaaed off quietly, Uta eAcera quarterad at the awe heaae with me, aad we Haoked our e?|are aad laughed at Jeka Bo 11 "a feara of twaaty foar aaaa aa anMd, agatnet a regiment of troopa, fort sweating aome twenty gaoa aad a large ecrew maaef-war Oa the area lag of the l?th Oapuia lfoOornck charioted a email achooaar, the Sprightly, aad forwarded hla giiMiigira aad crew lo Rnataa, aad her Maieety a aub jecta la aliae breathed aiaah freer. The nme the aa-of war proceeded to Roataa, whaaoa abe returned iho wil dev. and takina oa board flmim artn ? ,? Attorney Gewral, returned ?f*ln to RaaUs. The KbooMr Aolire, from RuaUn, jaet arrlred, roporta UM leua u t*Tinf fired upon tod etiaed tb? John Tay lor wklla load in* ta tb? harbor. and aa having gone after lb* Daw Drop and Toooey farther op the talaod. Bkuzi, UondnrM, Jaly 99,1999. BtUurt^fOkt Jmtfienn Sckomtr Amu mmd Anm?v<tifn on BcanJ?7V Cnf'ci* Prd/Ut and ffauii ?mm Hit n<v-M W<*l\tr m IM On*. 4<. i f haro i? laf^rni yxmrttr'Tf erimi dtffWity that haa Murnd is ow port i?c? b>j 1MM J.-Cu*, Us E NE 1 10th, the Ecbooner Clifton, McCormic, mMtcr, anobored In our barbor from New Orleans on ber way to Rulu, with freight ud passenger*. On Monday ihe m entered by her consignees, J. McNab A Co., In due form, ud aooording to l?w, an i began {to discharge ber cargo. Her cargo and passengers were manilesUd lor Roatan, and very few of the latter, if any, came on ahore. On Wednesday morning, after all of ber cargo for Beliss waa discharged, and while the captain waa on shore settling up hi* business tn order to proceed on hia voyage to Ruatan, an officer waa s?nt on board to examine ber cargo; the mart* forbade hia doing so, and protected against bis Interfering with the cargo. The officer paid no attention to the protest, however, and opened several boxes manifested as merchandise, bat which were found to contain cartridge boxes, belts and ball cartridges. The mate sent on ahore and informed the captain of what had taken place. The captain had settled up hia business and had gons with his consignee to the Custom Boose to clear hia vessel; a clearance was refused, whereupon the captain proteated against what had already been done on board of his vessel, and also protested against the refusal to give him his clearance. The Collector of the Customs, therefore, informed him that the arms and ammunition found on board|were contraband, and would be seized, and that after they were landed his clearance would he riven. The nntilii train protested, and told ibe Collector that Um moment any person by bit orders attempted to enter the hold of bis vessel or remove any of his cargo, which was In transit, duly entered and manifested, that be would haul down bis colors and surrender his vessel Bj then left ths Collector's office, went on board and pu'. oa his hatchcs. Almoe immediately after the Bead Searcher came on board with a lighter, removed his hatches, and took away tweaty seven botes of his cargo. As soon as the officer took off the hatchet the captain hauled down bis flag and surrendered his vessel, ordered bis men and passengers into bis boat, came oa shore and abandoned his vessel, which now lies la the harbor, with her cargo for Ruatan on board. Public opinku here Is vary much divided on the merits of this case. Some say Captain IfcOormlc has done right, while the Collector and bis adherents say his case is no bettor by abaadoauig his vessel than If he bad merely protested sgalast ths alleged outrage. After the captain, his passengers and crew came on shore, be chartered a schooner and forwarded them on-to Ruatan. This is the first attempt made by tbe authorities here to deal la, detect or seize, articles contraband that has come to my knowledge, aad, in my opinion, this woflld uot have been doee now only for the report that Walker was la this vicinity, and that he was determined to make Roataa his rendezvous prior to making an attack oa the State of Bandcras. Ibis day a report baa reached town that the English bark Orpheus, from Shields for Bellas, to load with mahogany, has been cast away en Half Moon Key. Schooners are now busy wrecking her. Her sails, rigging aad stores will be saved, aad brought la here and sold. We have had several very heavy blow* here lately, aad this is the firs: eflects of It. Bbjzb, July 28,1M0. 7he Reported Capture of (JU S- hoomeri John Ttiflor, Dew Drop and ftntcey?Address to the Inha'itmu bp the Superintendent if Ruatan?The People Demand WalkerReturn qftke Bay bland Surrender OmmUmum, 4c. By tbe arrival of the Sprightly, from Roalan, we learn that Mr. Laoroos' report of the seizure of the schooner i John Taylor, Dew Drop aad Toucey at Ruatan by bcr Britannis Majesty's Superintendent, in the steamer Icarus, was not correct. We also learn that the Clifton's passengers bad arrived la Roataa, aad left there on tbe John Taylor. We aleo learn that her Majesty's Superintendent had addressed the Inhabitants of Ruatan, and had advised them to behave, aad be good subjects of Bondurea, that this speech was not well reeelved, and that the cry of "We want Walker" occasionally tnterrupW Mr. Price ta his remarks, while the cry of "We can act lor ourselves," "We are ssea. aad not cattle." was continu ally vociferated, notwittatanding Mr. Price hid tit troop*, bia Cabinet nad the ofltoera of- the (iMntr villa Mb. Mr. Price tad a dinner it Rnatan, tad weatoverto Trimllo to a tall given him by the merchant* there. 1 team that the aeuleeaeat of Bella* pay htm a aalary of M.009 a year to ta tbetr Sopertc tec dent, and it la the Intention of aeme of the Inhabltante to petition the Brltlah goveraaaent to taTe him removed, or at leaat to keep hta where hie duty reqniree him. Mooh dlaaatiefaction la expreaaed by nearly all la thia town at hie oua dad, for, aay they, "Be I* aot in Bella* owe third of hie time, and when be la here ta caa aever be eeen." A report from Orooa yceterday autea that the comma aloncea, a ho were to receive the aurrender of the Bay lalaada on the 90th have rets rata to the a**t of govern wnt, refualag to receiT* or have aay thing to do with the Bay lalaada. are evidently afraid of Walker and aiiboatera. Ret ua, Hoaduraa, Jaly ?, 1M0. TV SeUvft tf fh< AmrriKin&hoi*?er Clffk* bf On Bri uk Ati'Mritia?The Vetxl Atonicned ty htr CufUin? AnoiX'i Cetl en Cm. Can, Ac., Ac. The Amencaa achooner Cliftoa, Oapt. John McCormick, twenty one daya from Kew Orleaaa, for Ruataa, arrived at tbla p*rt on the evening of the 14th Inal., realigned to Mrsera. J. McNabb & Co., with an aaaorted cargo and twenty four paaaeagcra. Fta entered oa the 1Kb mat , and commenced dtectargtng that portion of tar cargo for Lhta plac*. Oa the 18th, having Uniatad dtacharglag, and uring the carUln'a abaeaca oa ah ore, aha waa boarded iby a Cuatom Bouae officer, who, ngalact the protaat of the mate, entered tar bold and broke opaa two caaea of gooda In tranait for the I aland of Ruataa. The captala protected agaioat the aearcklag of hla veaael, and naked for bia clearance, which waa refuaad, oaleaa ta would allow the balaaoa of hie cargo, which waa oooaignad to Jimea Oonnor, an Engliab merchant of Roaten, rammed from bia veaael, which ta refuaed to do. The Ooloalal Secretary then gave htm half aa hoar to get oa heard hla veaael, to which ta waa followed by a Cuatom Booae beat with a lighter. Oa boarding him, the officer demanded hla cargo Ib IrtBiit. ftAd waa inm rtfiAid Tba fiflU? atul hu m. ituu then procasdad to break opaa forward hatch ad remove the cargo, when tbc eaptala tented down faia lte| ud lurrtndered hit reaac), aad tefl bar wlUi hia paaseogart aad crew. The aotiioriliM remorad portion of bar cargo aabora, which, a* ammlaatioa, prorad to ba aoaaa Iwnlf Iwo casta of cartridgas, balta aad eartoiicba boiaa Tbay tbaa anal tba oarUm a reoaipt lo tba affael that tbay bad ra eaiTCd from bias ao many cases, aad offbrad him a clear aace fjf bis raastl. He rafuaad to acoapt of atthar, aad chartered oa tbe followtaf day a Mall schooosr?tba Sprightly?and teat hla pttafngart aad craw to Rnalaa Tba aearch aad ninn wu made oa tba ground of tba goods being roatrabaad mualtloos of war. Tbta H a plats, uararalahsd ?U'ement of tba fhcts of tba cata, rutostaa tiled by nideac* that muat prove aatia fbetary to tba gorernMat. Worb credit ta due Mr. J. McNabb, tha principal of tba bocaa of McNabb k Co., for tba tttaly course ba puraoad, m4 tha aaaMaaoa ha rae darad to 0bp< Mr'torn k* la obutatag for bim a Taaaat to carry bis pasatagtit aad arm lo Roataa, whoa erery merchant refused to charter bim a reaael at aay prior. Obil?arf< last eranjag, aajs the Wasblagtaa Stmt of the 1Mb Oeaieral.wbe bM bM for a kmc tim? in a precarioua i'*u of baaJth, bmitrt her laat, aarrounded by a large clrote o1 reletir?e (Id frlenda. Although thin mi ereet vii not HIuHIm nlooM for, m tor mm Um paet fee bM beee ob?i rid to be rapidly declining, yet en highly fettwaid ?M ahe by nil who kM? her thai It wai w th in* profoundeet rerrrt the eaominrrmeet of her deomo tH received Mary well recollect her m the an r on pita bed Mtoa Wtebliffir, ihan whom Lbere waa none at tbat day pwaaaatag quel.tlae which would be mora likely to recoBwend then to the rrwpert and admiretloa of all with whom I bay might become erquelated Ibaa the d? omm4. Ob the ornlog of yeeterday. ia the ?w of ber venerable peremla and other*. \f.< Aacramoni of the Ixird'a Popper waa admlaiatered by the Her Dr. Tuatka, of the rrtabyterttt church, of which aba waa aa axaan plary member Iwaaaed waa abwil^hlrty eight reera of age. liar reanalna war* ooareved to bar tate home la Kaeteefcy, where Uia funeral oherqulea will be ob aerred. Am a token of raapert to the deceaeed the general PoMOAce Deparimer. i waa tloaarf at an early boar th to morula*, and will ao tamain throughout the day. F-eontn Comet Arnumm? A ma nam ad Dolan oa caped (rem the peniteatlary 00 rbur? lay night by .m ?n "f ncrnee the rlrer, bat waa arrwfed laat eraniag by defective Farley in Br*d?ray. H haa t'.oee been aa-jer taiae-i that Lc ia vulcd at Sag Sing, robVI a oterk at ut? fc.17 *1*1 nut ?b9"i iw9>?u? w< W YO MORNING EDITION?SATl j THE ntE8D>E!ITUL MIT* ASS. j Ratification of the Conetitutiona] Unitn Party in Jersey City. Speech of Ex-Governor Washington Hunt, of New fork. Vlrfinta, Ohio and Illinois State Conventions, * ., Ac., *e. The constitutional Cnton party appears to bare conaderabie atreogtb over in Um J?r*?> a; at toast oo* would Imaflne 10 from Um entbnsiacm exhibited in Jersey City MHO V CTWUI| U V VI UJV I BklUtaUVU VI Ul? OUil BUli f.? VI ?? ticket. Roman candlea and skyrockets were discharged without regard to expense. Clubs of the Bell and Fverett supporters marched through the (treats to the music of excellent ban da, to which the members oT the clubs kept J time with band bells. Others bad a large bell mounted ] od a wagon, drawn by horses and gayly decoratod, aod on this bell sonorous tones were rang. The little boys (hooted witb oxcitomect, the men sheered, and the women crowded to the door* and windows to see the pro cession. On the whole, Jersey City wore a jubilant ap pearanec and gave Indications ef a strong constitutional and Union feeling. But these public demonstrations are not to be railed upon as tests of the strength of a party. The ratification 'meeting waa held in a epacious room known as Metropolitan Hall, in Newark avenue. The usual Union and constitution mottoes were suspended on i the walla, relieved by the American flag. There waa a ' large crowd in attendance; in tact, as large aa the room j would beld. The meeting was presided over by Mr. I ffm. E. Janeway. ; After the organizttion was completed the National Co ion j Bell and Everett Club entered the room, making a terrible din and clatter with bells of all metals, shapes and j sicesf while a lire bell in the v icinity added ita quota of metallic noise to the uproar. Colored lanterns were | carried by many or the members, and when the band struck up "Bail Columbia," and the club ohimed in : v. ith their bells, the effect waa unique, but rather deafen ; ing. Demonstrations of applause were varied also with | ball ringing. A large number of influential men occu pied seats on the platform; anong tliem ex Governor ! Washington Ilont and the Hon. J. Morrison Harris, M. ' C., of Baltimore. I Resolutions were adopted denouncing sectional contro; versy, and the further agiUUon of the slavery question, and ratifying the nomination of Bell and Everett, as men : who could be relied] upon for the maintenance of tho j constitution and the Union and the due enforcement of : the laws. tinmen or bos. wam*r.vos m tt. Kx Governor Hem waa the first speaker He was re j calved with demonstrations of the highest respect. He expreaaed the pleasure which be felt at meeting this large and Intelligent assemblage of the people ef New Jersey. Here, if anywhere, the principles of constitutional liberty should find a congenial home, for It waa here that the cause of American independence achieved its greatest triumphs. Us felt, when be entered the State of New Jersey, that be stood on classic (round. and In times like the preeent the mind instinctively recurred to tha deeds { of their Revolutionary fathers. He remembered that it was when Washington and bis copatriots had fallen back from New York npen the Delaware that a gleam ahone ! out from Trenton illumining the eatire land. He found it 1 difficult to comprehend why (^re should beadiapoei- j t tion now to propagate symptoms of discord and alienation. I New York and New Jersey, (later Spates, bound together ' ' by ceanmercia) Interests and social intercourse, be j ! hoped be fooad together in maintaining the integrity o j the Cakoa. When their ancestors stood aide by sMa at 4 Monmouth and Saratoga It was for the independence and liberty, not of a part, but of tbe wbole American mioo, aad be hoped It would appear that they were not dsgen erale sons of patriotic sires They were aow entering on a Presidential election, and what waa the preeent attitude of the country? Political discussions throughout the i tmmloml character. They had mm thai aae #owerfal part/ bad frown up la Um Area StatM based on met tcva ralatfaf (a the qneat ion of ata eery, and It haa severed the twe eertioM to enoh a degree, that It ooaM oo Ntar ba said tbat the American people were boand to gtlLer by the MM of aflat ltoo and brotherhood which had animated their patriotic rorcUlhari In the South thry wllneeaed u oppoaite extreme. There ware Bra there earned ia the work of agnation aid aadition, proclaiming that the people of the coon ;ry are divided into dietinrt and alteaalad coasasueitiM. Waa It desirable tbat thia atate of thing* should continue' Would they poaao rear after year? Ilia voice waa for peace, for nn>oa, for harmony betweea all section! of tb? country He would recognise men of all secliooa who I were true to the I'nioa and tbe com: i tut. on aa fr i<-nds an 1 brethren aad (ellow ctttaeM. They were aosMttmes assured that the republican organisation waa not ae< tional In ita character. Be waa aware that it embraced thou aaads of hoc rat and patriotic men who bad persuaded j ttumaelvee tbat tt waa safe to carry 01 this warfare gainst the J-outh But they had gone satray. Tliey would return to the good old way. Many of tb*m were ret urn lor already (Applatwe ) They were coining back lo giva their euflragee to John Bell and Id ward Everett. (Appiauae ) The organ.ration of the republican party was raaecttally geographical, Ibr the stand which it took now wm that the free States alone should, by their united power, make a Pr?idett of the l'mted Any party ahi< h ! hided wbo'? ft alee si.d a whole section o' tb<country rot be pengrapbxal; and the greatquestion now to be decided be the American people war.'whether the North akwe, beeauee aha boa the strength, will elect a I'reeidriit of the Called St?tea to the entire eicluaion of fboee who lire South of Maaon and Dixon's 11m. Waa that In armrdaace with the rptrit of the Constitution * Wm It a friendly proceed lag * or wm It calculated to engender strife and heartburnings till the sanity between i the sections should become unappeaaable sad implacable * la view of thia condition of tbiaga, patriotic men from I all sections had agreed, several months ago, to aaaociate Ibr the eake of the Cn ion, and to put down thia spirit of strife between the North and South. Tbat association I wm formed of men representing all Males of the La lost, with John 0. Crittenden at their head (Cheers for Gritteodan ) It called a convention at Jllmora to nominate caadidatM for the PrMideacy and Vice Preetdeacy. The Males were repraaanted by noble and patriotic BM who did net allow the , :eeti--n Of AfricM alarery lo coma in and daturb the harmony of the proceedings la order to secure the triumph of their Mat prtaclplM they bad presented the dssm nt John tell aad Edward Krarett M CMdldaten. (Applacae ) Tmm lllMtrkws , mm vtre know*, bokhiit ? uit pwpw m w? wwjt | bat (Mr fame ni world wide Tbev were booored by imd men la all tad* Mr. Bell bad shown himself e? l?bte of appreciating tbe righta of all bn la all aecltooa, mad bad proTed bimaetf to be a national man?a Uiloa 1 .Mao Mr. Krerett, botb la bl* pnblic and private oareer, I , bad advocated tbe great caaae of unVoa Hebe 1 Hered that irtha qoaatloo was fair!y submitted to day to the people, between .'obn Bell sad any other candidate la ' the held, an 1-Terwbelming B^orllr would decide la foroc I I of Jobn Ball Rut ibej bad ewtared oe this caoraaa under cirrumaunoes of great wUraMMat. aad it wsa not to be I e*pert*d that any one candidate would receire a majority of tbe rote* of tbe people of the I'nltad PUMa. What, lbea< waa their dtilyt The la ion parly bad boea organised merely for the puraoee of restoring peace aad harmony to the country, and their llae of action should be cboasn in reference to that idea. While their frier da aad bralhrra la tbe South were flgbtir.g a fearless battle la defbaca of tbe In ion, and were reaiatiag extreme m?n aad disunion i?U under clrn:mataacea which gave the moat gratify lag eaaurancea of sort eaa, the l aloa mea of tbe North ought also to et ere lee their power aad Influence, wbaierer It may be, la mcb a manner ad to rtnel tbe eufoeea of aay eectiowal organlxation, aad secure the Uluaanh of the Cfctaa. (Applause) | It waa for that purpose that they were nrgaiiissil They bad MwblAed aa union mea to sustain the aaoaa of their common oouatry; not to arrwbta for sOloa and spstM, I bat to ebow that the prtactptsa of Um aoaatltutioo were Bamonnt to every other elate that an aid be made upoa people, and that they were bound above M things to come forward la tlaMa of peril aad azpoaa tbemselres fearleaaly to maintain the great principles which tbey had la view, aad to aarure the objects which they deemed moet eeacnttal aad iadtapevaabte to the walfora aad safe ty of the country (Applause ) There were foar rand I < datee before the people On* of them ha wonld leave en tirely out of rlew, for. ao strong waa the oowserraiiT* feeling In the Wouth, that Bell aad Frerett would carry a < large majority of the Platen of the South. Be would therefore dlcamkaa that tieket. bellerlng that there would aot ha Ptates enough for It to carry tbe nil me of Breobinrldge into the Honae, much leal that ' of Lane into tbe ftenate (Cheer* ) Be now cane to | tbe republican ticket Many believed that tha suocesi of that tick* would ft><ianf*r ihf paaoa of UM country aad *>r?M ita iMtituitoM 10 Mr Mm kwH. Ha wnoatrtxl th? axlatMca of audi a party to M> repocnanl U> U? faih | or IW Mml compact H# bald that thay war* bound, , ?< aTnrr roaatdtratkm of patriot tarn. honor and joatioa, 1 U> do what tb*y could lo defeat and prwrert th? nrrrm of that actional comb mat k? Is arary lawful and bcaora i bla meaner. FV<r thai pvrp?M It vaa aeocMtry that na ltoT|al men who dealra to raaUire peace In U>? I eoo*,rf' *?d .wbo " "TPWM to tbia Mctional eoafltd, abould nr ta There wa* no Innfer aaj 2?."* ... kT,n? ?T U"H eaetmeal cod let. Wlal did any n?p prorata to amvnirt*?ti by HI i II wa? ?fre?d on all bat da that there km to ba ao rlTert , whatever by the rafmhtt-aa rwrty If It aneoaeded to to i J"-"> *'B tta a?t (>)t'nn->f ?;*r?ry wt*r?T?r | ?^ ?t?t I nt?M? r?ma;sft^ ~>\y m't bad remark I'ree tl>e [ t ,ufcU<?fc A U* |?TUUbU>t. Thi 1U rg fropoi*^ RK H JRDAY, AUGUST 18, 18(K ww I* prevent the fiVeostoo of slavery into the IVrrtlorM of tM United States Bui bo maintained that there waa do Territory wHhla the United 8t?t?e where *l?*?ry ?u to bo or oootd bo introduced and suoocssfully establiabeJ. TIM repnWtoaaa had organized particularly to keep slavery from Kan nan and Nebraska. Those Terntorwe woro now troo, and therefore there wta no ueceeslty for any further interference there with the question of slavery. Was it then to be auppoeed that the abstraction of slavery in the Territories should be made the main spring of political action? On thia idle pretest was the peace of the country to be longer disturbed? No. Ho maintained that there waa no looser a reasonable excuae lor continuing this agitation. The country bad been tormented long enough with language of reproach bet woen North and South. It waa time that it ahould cease. Be contended that all Union men ahould come together to maintain the peace of the ooaotry and secure the suect-ts of thoae constitutional principles for which they were coo tending: The supporters of Mr. Douglas were still able tocwicur with them on this great question, and were prepared in many of tho States of the Union to unite uirir cuuria, ?un luey wtuig none luem Hi buuii * muter m vouid defeat any section*! organization, North or South, la the ?ute of New York such a union vu already formed. An electoral ticket had beea agreed on yesterday atBjfau?S, containing thirty Ave nsm?s, ten of which were tb ?e not only of I'nioo men, bat of old line whigs and Americans, who were known to be the friends andearni st supporters of John Bell and KJ ward i verett. ( They propoee<l in New York to noeiie an earnest and zealous, and he believed successful eUfcrt 10 secure the election of those thirty Ave electors, and to create ?n electoral college la the State of Sew York wbice would keep that State at least on the side ol the I'Dion and ol' the peace of the coiu\'jry. (Cheers.) In wining to that conclusion they had surrendered old prejudices and minor difficulties, as Tar as was neeeesary, to accomplish what they conceived tj be a great and patriotic purpose. With iheru the safety and welfare of the country was paramount to all personal considerations and to all party ittertsts. (Applause.) They could not forget that their country bad a higher claim on their allegiance than any party or the candidate of any party, when (these Interests came in collision?when they wtre compelled to chouse between duty to tho Union sad doty fo party?bow could any {patriotic and true man hesitate be is to find the path of duty, and what course he ougL? 'o pursue in sueh a crisis as the presents (Applause.) lie wo^ li?c to call their attention to the true theory of the constiir*i9n. It seemed to be assumed that an elector was a simple machine, and the electoral college a mere automaton, lie was aware that ibe electoral college should pay due respect to the popular sentiment; but there were caaes wherein it would be the province of an electoral college to exercise a due measure or discretion. Re quoted from tho sixty-eighth number of the F> J' ,ali*l to show that it was the original deeign of the constitution that Presidential electors should exercise discretion in making choice ol a President. It had been asserted that the Union men were acting aa improper part toward the candidates of their choice, and many indulged la vituperative abuse and unmanly epi theta. These gentlemen insisted that the Union men ought to support Bell and Everett in such a manner as would secure their defeat, instead of accomplishing the object which they had in view, which was to secure their election. (Laughter and applause.) Now, be woald suggest to these gentlemen that they might perhaps be better employed in attending to the administration and regulalionBof the concerns of their own party, and leave then to manage the business for themselves. If the republicans could reconcile themselves to each ether, keep tbeir own party strong and united and se cure a majority of the popular vote, that would be qutio enough for Umb; ud he hoped they would leave tho. Union men to manage their own affaire to their own way, under a aenee of accouatabflfty to their own consciences and to posterity. (Applause.) The republicans objoctcd strenuously to all coalitions. and contended that the design and cfleet of then would be to defeat the will of tho majority. Bo far from that being true, their real dtsign and purpose waa to five eflect to the will of the majority, and prevent a mere minority from taking loaaesaion of the government and electing aPreaUUnl by an electoral vote, fader Use moat favorable circumstances the republican party could not expect to receive the vrte of more than one third of tbe people. In KM the vote waa less than one-third of all. Ila would like to know whether they had reason to complain of tbe frienda of another candidal*and the fmnde of the Union should combine together to prevent tbe* vil* of a aectional triumph, aud see whether they could not for once give eflect As the will of a national majority agaiaat a acctional minority. Some of thorn were dtoposed to raise questions of morality on these pro ceedings. Be was ready fur the araument of the question at any proper tunc and plax. Entertaining the views which the Union men did of the danger of tbia ae-tiooal cotiflkot, they were bound in honor,In morality. In pat ikotism, to combine the strength of the national men of the country for tbe express and avowed purpose of defeating secttonal comblnat:ona. Their design and object were to Insure tbe aucceaa of their candidates, and give the msjority of the people the right to control m the tbokoe of the President of the United States Be should consider it a moat fortunate escape for the country froita tbe ?! BcnlHe.'; that surrounded it, If the .eWolton would be carried into the of B?yr??t?' t ivsa, and if it ahonM there result, as be was assured II wouM, to lb* choice of John Bell for President. (Cheers) Be believed that even the republicans wouM rots for John Ball rather than incur tho responsibility of railing lo sleet Tbeie might be electors chose in some of the frte Slates whose first choice would be for another candidal*, bat who, to put an end to thia tirmoil sal strife, would determine to caat their rota fbr Bell and Everett. The election of these a?ea would be reostved aa an earn eel of peace, and hanpmeta and proaperlty. They ?. ere men ia whom the whole com mukily bad < onldeate. John Bell would to day be the choice of two thirds of the American people, but wiih such a multiplicity of candidates a majority of tbe people c?old not be gratified. It was not for him to predict the re ultofihe Presidential elertton; but If he were com pcllel to riake his t.ft on tbe chance, he woulJ select the name of John BrII, feeling ooefldent that that was the ihtp which would carry them through to a haven of re jxee. He waa gratified to see thia exhibition of tcnliaent m New Jersey. Be believed her ptopie would be found true to their tmiit.ona Here was a reaction in the public mind, and the desire wa? becoming irreaistible. to restore neacr and good feetLag Utwten the different sections or the Union Befcre IVU' I' UU>-. uv ?VU(U mmj m ren w vivas vu nr' % wiu nu.p I who bad stood tip for Hear? CUT and Daniel Webeter (Applause.) Tbey ?till ?Uivd npoo th'?e broad principle; 1 ol ronstiliittooaJ liberty on wbirfc lb#j aUxxl then. Tli !. ubc of Beery Clay wee sometimes uaed by the rerublirtu. but lh?'jr could not forget iiuU llrnry Clay ?u always * I ni?>a BU> U,? warnmgs shouM be eyer reu* inhered and eberiafaed in tbe hearts of the wbolo Amei can people. It ?M Henry Clay who predicted that tbe frieada of Ik* Cntoa woukl un to oombiae to pat down sectionalism. It waa idle to preltnd that Henry Clay ever intended to fire tbe tan< um of hia glorious name to asirtiobel party idle wm It t> imklllH MM of Haab'ugton and JeUt-raoa and Madieon. ! I tL< ft Murtrlnus mrn ever pretend that one section should ccablM lo get poMTMlor of the po . rmnientr No. Tbey warvrd tbe people of tbe danger < f UsteL.u* to t joae wliv aouMJexnte tbe hostility and Ul will uj*one port.jn of the confederacy against another. The national whig party wocld not content to br transferred to a kact.uu ?i organ izat toe the republk-an party and tbey were left free ar.d untrammelled. Tbey no longer owed any 0bLgalt0M to any party. Be for one intended and lie was sure tbey did. to art aa a gwd American cKiaea tierotrd to tb? matntriiAiue of tbe conelitutMa ani the ['ita. It waa m that apirli that tliey were now calitd on to act. Be proposed tbat tbey ahoUJ makeitlbtir rpeelal object to defeat aecttonal organizition* wberarer to fce found, and 'o att*>mpli?blng tbat raault tbey would sectre tbe paaea and prosperity of the country and liability of the government Mr. Boat then retired, and the meeting waa next al drawl by tbe Ooo J. Morrison Hurrls, Maryland The Deaglga Vlrglala State Conveatlo*. Srarxfox, Va , August IS?I'. M TV Douglas Convention baa orgaaized Benry L B >p i ns ?ai cboast freeident The Indications arc tha' a straight Douglas ticket will be selected A special despatch to tbe Alexandria OaitUt says ?At Btaiatra, at tbe afternoon efaaioa, tevaral profxieil. at rof ft cowproatae wore mad*. but war* overwhelmingly rejected Poaeaa M> Fae, of North Carolina, apuke to a large crowd laat night rouunoK or a docgla* klecroKiL Tictrr? -*o rtmiON. Sranntw, Va , Aufnat IT 1W0 Tbe Doaglaa CoavtatKM bare formed an electoral ticket Uirmifboat tbe Mate No fnaioo Tht O ovcatioe will adjoura to atgbt nnt *u. Creator Toota U now apeak wig, Tbe COBTMttoe have adopted a raanlutton mvitng Kr Pongee to VMt Virginia; a!ao a resolution raaffiia ib| tba BaltiaKre platform, declaring Dtrtglae and jolui ma regularly aoaslaated, aad deaooaciog tbr adm.ntntra Mi Virginia Brtrklaridf* Vtaiecralic Mlkte CeanaNeR C&AJtiomrtn 1a, Aagiiat it, 1440 After mach dMnattnn, a committee wm appoint*! to orreapoad SUuntoo, with a new of eettltnc tbe difference. Tbe idea waa adraaoed that a refnaai *9 ild lam aft Dougiaa. Ciaaurrmrnta. AaguM 17, 1IM Tbe Brtfkinrldge Cmfealka to day adopted reaola tiona eodorjni Breckiuridge aad Laae, aad approrlag Ibe reamtioM tbe KalteaaJ Obajneatla^ which reeof aiaed tbeeqaal rlfbt of all citieeaTof tw United 8iatee to aettle with tbeir property la tbe Terrltonea Ihetr rlgfcta of pmnaal property being Impaired or deItroyrd, aad tbe obligates of tba federal government to protect tbe Muse. Alao reaoiatioaa appointing a commitlea to preyart an addreea to tba people of Virginia to reergn?ae tba State Central liedblir* Oomml'.tea and ealarie tbe aam*\ modifying the elo toral ticket to coaforan to tbe nomination nf Breckinridge ar.d Lar' reoammeadlng tbe apfMatas'-nt of a rommittee In Mcb county, and reqteating R M T. Runter, J*mm M Maf<?, Henry A. **, Hog. Wm ?*i b aod C *. K m ell to caaraaa the Ptate A reaction wm aie^ Uf l?Wkrt I* <* l? Kt ts ute; J?mbc4 l*at, after [ERA I. all ttkwrta u> iwcure ;bo eJcol uo <>? CrockiD'xige asil Lauo ball have i ailed. No cnmprom:ie u jrt bniwrrg the two ?!u(l ?t Ibe 1< y. CorreapobUiDce puwwil betwoeu tho 3Iaju too Contention and lUm lo day. lue iuuutou CoaveotKM appointed a committee to oocfer with the ?inm ttoe from here, and there the matter endu The ^uv.ton C *venttoB uk that MV*n Hougla* elector! b? appoint.'"!, but that proposition would net be entertained. There ,s HtUo yroapcct of a fuaion. Senator Hunter addrenaea the Couvcnlion lo night, an J Senator Mason to morrow. Ohio Bell ?d Kverett Stktt Convention CHJIIKXIH*, Ohio, August 17,1W0 The Bell and Everett Slate Contention m<?t yesWlay, I UUOllUtMJU IUI1 OimiWHOI Vi?*Ci Mill VilVIH I |?t bVO > * ?r Attorney (toner*! ud member of the Board of Publm Works. No cominalion was made for H tprerao )u !g<:. Resolutions were passed condemning lite oon lo i of ti>4 republican party of Ohio In their efli?rt to null'ty tbe ltw4 through the agency of the Supreme Court; that their re pudkaUon of Judge Hvun lor sustaining the Fugitive Have law, and their renomination of Judge Brlnkorhotl", merit '.be rebuke of law abiding people, and that every conservative Union man so vote is to tecur the defeat ?f Judge Br Inker hod. Speeches were made by Colonel Van Slump, Boo. L. D. Campbell and Gen. Leslie Combe. Illinois Bell and Everett State Convention. CHifino, August 17,1840. Xne Bell and Kverctl State Convention met at Decatur yesterday. Twenty.six counties were repreeeuted by ninety-two delegate*, who nominated a full jut* aud electoral ticket. No platform was adopted. Th.-?y simply resolved to do all in their power to elect Bell ?b<l Everett The New York I'nlon Electoral Ticket. OHO AN 1ZATION OF A POWKKM'L OPPOSITION TO LINCOLN. Electors at large. Elector*. Hetidt-nce. Po'.itict. Keubfn B. Walworth Saratoga, DongUfl. Beman J. Redfleld... Geneeeo, Douglas. DiU. District Electors. 1?Selah B. Strong Suff?Ik, Douglas 2?Charles B. Collins... Rings, Douglts. 3?franc* R. Tillou.... New York, Douglas. 4?Kiitah K. Purdy New York, Dougtis. 6?Oswald Ottendorfer.. New York, Djugias. 0? J. Dcfcyster Ogdon.. New York, Bell 7? Juu?* Roblnsot New York, Douglas. 8? 'obn Anderson New Yoik, Douglas. 0?Kdward Baight Westchester, Douglas. 10?Daniel B. 9t John... Orange, Bell. 11?Dirha B Strong Greene, Douglas. 12?WUliam Kent Dutchess, Belt 13?Martin Springer Rensselaer, Douglas. 14?James Kldd Albany, Bell. 16?Isaiah Blood Saratoga, Douglas. 10?Henry H. Ross Kfcset, Bell. 17?ItoviaC. Judson 9L Lawrence, Douglas. 1ft?Charles Goodyear ... Schoharie, Douglas. 10?Grorpe C Clyde Otsego, Doug Its. 30?Kdward Huntington.. OoeidS, Bell. 21?Ambrose S. Higglns.. Cortland, Douglas. 23?l.nclus B Cro-ker... Oswego, Douglas. 23?Plerson Mundy J?*flTerwu, Douglas. 24?John B. Strong Ooondsga, Douglas. 2o?FdwinM. Anderson.. Wayne, Douglas. K?IxmesM. Pulver.... Ontario, Bull. 27?Vile* H. French Tompkins, Bell. M O IV.rnl I Al?..K?n B>.l 29?Addi?-?o Gardiner.... Monroe, Diup'as. 80?John H. Skinner, 'id. Wyoming, Douglas. 81?Lorrnso B-rrows... Orleans, Boll. .33?William Williams.... Eric, Douglsl. 33? Stephen D. Chid wcil.. Chautauqua, Douglas. Douglas men 26 Bell and Everett men 10 Brooklyn City K?wi. vssrot or rim "UjooV Gkxmuj. Committer ?A meet inn or tbe ruiou General Committee of Kings county was held at Granada Hall, Myrtle avenue, last eveniug. C. CEgan, Esq., in tbe chair. Several new delegates from tbe Eighth, Ninth, Sixth and Third wards were received and their names enrolled. Mr. J. C. Jacobs reported a zeries of ruWs, which were adopted. Mr. Egan.lbe Prteiduut, reported tbe action of tbe conference at Syracuse, wbou Mr. Jacobs offered resolutions ol approval, aud pledging every eflort to secure tbe success of tbe Union electoral ticket.' Tbe resolutions wsre adopted, and tbo codM'ttuo adjourned. Cattlm on i ms Railboao frucas ?Cattle appear to be as numerons in tbe rursi portions of tbe Nisth ward as ever, aotwltbstandiog tbe large number tbat have been, from time to t me, driven to the I'ound. On Thursday a iarf s drove got upon tbe railroad track, and compelled tbe engineer to slacken tlis speed of tbe train for fear of ssfnllar accident to tbat which occurred nearly two weeks sgo. Yesterday, however, tbe police took charge or a drove oftwenty-twocows, all belonging to one man, which were fonnd wandering about, and drove them to tbe Pound. Tbe owner will prob*bly soe tbe propriety keeping them in au rmdoaure after he pays for their red<f?ptlon. The Third precinct police arrested twenty two |ier?ons on Thursday for pertuifang pigs, goats, he., to run at large They were brought before tbe Mayor and titled. >lv?T*sfnrs Pro>rriA?i*c? ?Inin'.rles were made at tbe First pretiuct itatioo house yesterday morning in regard to tb? whereabouts of a young lady. named Sarah Mcllabon, wbo bad left ber boarding bouse in Adams street un-lrr somewhat Siugular cirjuiusiancvt Tbe missing girl and ber utter bad been borrdmg in the same plan', and amongst lbs other inmates were two brothers, unittl Matbias, natives of the West Indies B.ih.ltsp pears, eni'eavored to gain tbe alfrctlons of Sarah , who showed ber partiality fir the yonn^er brother. Tbis created ill fee mg between tbe rivals, and Sarah promised ber sister to have nothing to do w ith either. A few day since the brother* left tlie bos-ding bouse, and shortly tber-afw tbe young srirl was slso m.ssmg Her sister made eveij m<iulry, but tailing to ascerta n wbere sb<> was, sot ?ht tbe aid of tlie police, who were unable, however, to give ber furtaer enco iragemoa'. than a to All they could to find the mlssiug flrl Tt^ sir la arrived here from Ireland hobsc two year* aft, and nave been liviag togetherunce Ptrtratl l?ulltgtnrr. D>>n Bernardo Urtallado, Mfuwner from Paraguay to th.' I mud Ktatea, is (topping at the New Ymk Hotel Hon G A. Grow of Pennarlrania; C. fibbard, ?>iper intcndent nf the New York Central itailroad, Ma, -r U* well, of Virginia. M?,or flpragoa, of the I'nitiyl .'*ute? army, and H A. Nlctioll and family, of Alabama, vera tmocg Ibr arrlrala at tbe fx. Nicboaa lintel yeateriay. ( ei.eral Kimberley, of Now Hareo Roi?eri Baift, of 8t IUomaa, Weal Indite, William 9 f'akln andfamdy, of Teaneeae* J. I?. Tbomaa, T. (? Rai oar, Will am M Vgil Robert Kerabaw. tad J?n?a lluatar, aU at 11i>lad?lj>U<a, arc Mopping at tbe Clarendon Hotel W Booth, and party, of Miaalaetppl: T J Wertenba ker and Wife, of Virg'iila; F. B McCan and family, of Cfc 'afo, W Heferlala. of California and H Pratt ami or. of Philadelphia, are Mopping at tbe Ereretl H'uaa J. J. Rraurbamp, of V;aalaelr?pl W J. IVrfk an I family, o( Tenaea?ee, A J Polk and family, of Arkanaat Judge 8?eeo? y, of Clnt anati, J. P. Marlnw. of K*> Mr Judge 1'ratt, of 8yracuM. Char lea T. Barney, of Richmond. H. V. Geddea and ladr, of Cincinnati; J. E. ftonham, of NewOrlean*. and Dr l a Vert. of Mobl!?, ara Mopping at tbe Fifth Avenue Hotel. B. M. St :1 well F?1 and party, of rt>rn?? Sank. K Ouerr.ry and lady ol New oneaae A II &Ual?y aad fam^y, of I ti<*: H^nry Perk ua aad aoai, aad J. C Ta b"r. all of Philadelphia; Mr an.l Mm Cable, of Maryland Mr Draw, aad E. P. Yard aad lady, all of Philadelphia, are atopplng at tba I'aloe Place Hole' J. Scarborough, R. J Bued.K. Frort aal M. Frjat. all of Savwaah, Ga.. E. C. Barlow as l J. M Waaem both of Kentucky. J. P. May, of Tenneeaee. Tl.ortiaa Smith of Quinry, 111., and George Vlan.rrre aad of CU.cago. are elopp<ng at the lafarge Hauae. getmr de I aria age. tbe Bpanieb Coaaul at Char.aatos. H. f.. la dangerously >11, froaa tlie efleele of tavnurt to tba ?i.a. ___________ Ctly Intelligence. Forn Daowsro ?The body of a ma a aaaneJ Thomaa Campbell, ?bo baa been miMtsg from hi* bouae atace Taewday last, waa found float lag la tba water at pier No. S3 fast river yeaterday morn'.ag Corooer Sciiirraer held a inr,urat upon the body of dereaaerf, when tbe jury rendered a rerd.rt of "Piippnae.1 drownlag " A f'min sciu>tn to Pa*n? ?Coeoaer Jackman bal l an laqoest yeatarday, at No t Patchla place, upta tba body of a iblld . about three year* old, named W. C laklin*, < who ?ai acaJdod K> death by falll#f Into pail nf bo.t;n< | water Verdid .n arf?fdaa< ? with too a bore (V u I HhjIaut Ein?ii??a*? ?TV flooU Llfb flmrd.Capt J J R Rohurt Ward, conpoacd of the rttoraaanf the lata Matkcao war, Will calibrate tb# *aairer??ry of the hat Ilea of Cfotrerat tad Churubaaoo on ih* JrtMh met by a parade and eiroreton to in Roaann Wall, riuahmg Thei-arte lafayetie, Cotnptuy B, fifty llflb regiment, will al#n parade on the ?bo\*d?te, and proee-M to Kim Park, nkM>mii|t<l?l?, wh?r" U>?y will mm tba day witb their familtea and frlanla It Hi understood that a da ucbn.ul o< tU^iarlaa laTaretla of Philadelphia will bo prwer t on UMoooMlot. A Wo*** ixo ?r>t J?r?paitt> ? laat erenlag. at aboat #i*b? oYloo, two wo?en n*med Catharine Sinipaoo and Mar> Qalnn, l?caire engnfd m a quarrel la Cfcarry atreel, near Jrmt*. dnrlrr which Mra y^ino ?t?'>b^ bar oyrj* i eat in the right rti A boy ataadmp by at tb? I,ma, a toe* name la Joha K' tly, ent loo n?>*r ihe rofrud tmatona and rarelved a thr let fr^m the knife in the irm B> tb of U>e a? wd?d par"*" ? ? ** boa r ta). and ib* aamiiant tic IxM up '? ll>? *>irtb **/J li MMK* lVUP?. fc % LB. t-i a n ' >??. t uth? T~r^s rr r.. sr. ircr-nrr?r.: _ixat~; PRICE TWO CENTS. f - . / The niiiiid of |1m [ >( L<gikla(?r?> NAJ.JX ASH KKMJ>KNCKH OK TUB KfcCl'LATIfcO At* "KMBLYM1N AVf> "ENATOIW, 1TC. The p ecrd of tbe laat Legislature ciuo( be too oftflB ps'bl!. bed. Many of th >ae nombcrl that were engaged In tr.e ?h?n*lul work of that s???k>o haveolteu ?r*erted Itel the p.t*);c would forget all about it before uMhir eleoIton, the pre.-a Would get tired of calling publu attention to it and tb? whole thlDf would di? a way. That the record 11 the vote may bo constantly k?pt> Mor* Uw jvrc.pjc m tti just ice is me e ted oat to the culpable parlies, we piibhti: below the ouairi of tboM member* engaged ID ibe rrt U'K*iy of the last seeeioo, together with their residences, turn whWh it will be teto that tbe question 01 partisan politics is do whatever'to I#fi*lative homely ? The vote id tbo Resale in favor of the pun# of the eereral nty railroad bats over the Governor's Tttovrtt uti lollowh?i >t of jre?n ? ITBUKI p, ith'i/.yf David H Abe 11 Mui.ot Morris, Livingston CO. Jtciou Hu-od spa, saratoga go. Andrrw J IMiin Albany. /Pi' Muni I) Ctn/ihUy New York. Juhua firm, Jr Uataklii, orrene co. Ttu mat A (itwdiinr. Brooklyn Ritwrt lii-nnt Liberty, Aillivan co. Samuel H ilutr.num 1 Ualh, Steuben co. J"bt> H. Kfuiharo Dover Plains, Dutoboaco. Vaiijiui i uplaiu Pei u, Clinton go. IU!word A Laurent?..... VTushiog, Q'teeia co. Ail^ti Munror recuse. J. jy</<?l Mi?-pt>* Hew York. Joseph H. Hamaoy Sewyeraville, Schoharie co. A olaey Rich?ncud iiuoaick Falle, Reneealaer cc. h**ki?h D Sober Uoo... Bedford, West cheater oo. Fiancis M Rotch Morria, Otsego oo. Walter L Serein* Panama, Cbatauque co. b'rnvcita Sirincla Brooklyn. Andrew 8. Wain?r Sandy Crtek, Oewefo co* A B Williams. l.vona, Wayne oa lKepublicans in roman--d?inocr?U la italic*. rU publicans, 13; democrat*, 8. ibe vote :n favor of the Weal Washington Market kill, notwithstanding the Governor'a veto, waa tbe aame with the exception of Messrs Hero, J. if. Murphy and Wll- J lian.e, wbo absented themselves. In the Assembly the vote in favor of pasatng tbe railroad bills over tbo tbe iiovernor'a veto waa aa follows:? tua. A?i met Re* id. noes. Benjamin Alien Oriskany Falls, Ouoda oo. Ht> ry Anntariui New York. George K. Bardeu. Benton Centre, Yates co. Sumutl I.. Brebec I'uioa Valley, Chenango co. Abel J. Biiby Ontario, Wayne co. Joy D. Ron-man Burtwaville, Montgomery 00. William Buna New York. Joseph Bash Bain bridge, Chenango co. Hon*} R. CktMuWl OUST IDs, Oiange co. Ikccpfilui C. Callxcott.... Brooklyn. WiIimh 11- Carter Brewerton, Oswego co. Pbiletua Clark Otiseo, Onondaga co. M<um L (Met New York. Nate ? Mm ra Burw nm#. CmUkvi J. Clark. Cotenu. CafllM. Caok. C'ttrlkmait. /tarry. Karll. Fiill?r. AW' n 0't'< ?. C A'?/ -7. Knrtrifkt, tla??n, Merrill, MiUifcea, I. A Myrra. ttdrfl fond. I'nwoil. KobWano, Jobs, Wil?)r. Wllltatna H [RrpvtH r?B? it roaaan ltd drmnrrftU Id Italic* ) ibe Tf)?f wen ?ubae?nietitly racaoattored by a mu of IlkiM, Ibe <KrtHf ia flavor of ono ceo I ftrr jtfr 00m iag mm tbr aWal^a. tha role atainftt rh?*p fcrr.are, with tt>? or !?'< 'Trpt;"** balar enrtly Um? IMM. TMmortty report w?? ?riarwarda rejeciod by a v>te of Ml* W, lb' lorm^i adb<-raala to monopoly till T0t B| cl?ap ferriage. !> rot* la favor of the Coaataaknoora of Ror^r^i fM ?f IIv.. tt|, otwiihoiaiidinf Um- objection of tie orarlor, it ml the aantp oucJeua of Uta comb. 0*1,00 that wm round ? n all I he otber pecnlalinf H>ba (m U.e ineatloo "Hhall lli? htU paaa BAtw tbaUediaf Lbr objectlona of iua Covaraor, Um follow m* waa U>? rot* ? VMi-Mwri B Allen. Aryvlsrim. Ruraet. Beoba, Bvu-mmn, Brlfga, OadrtU, (MJticern, J Clark. (Mtt, l'?a?<,u. Corheltut. Cdtrhmm, Oao?\ < rocker. Culver. IMrcf. Oflrr, Dororb, E la worth Fwbor, (wn, Oamr, UrnU, tiarrii. Iloakltf llubbeli. Ja/]oea, Jtmrt, Jobnaon. C K'Ury. AVna^. KmtrifhJ MoMua4e, Millar, Milltmloo, mob 1100, (MrU, OMtturkr, Peek, Prtu, Awn. RUar, Ro ?;aaoti, M Joba, Sarvto, 4. fimilk, J Jr. SmlA, Titer, Vrrm.ltf. t ooiKerr IfTM. W+tUr, ToWto? M. JUf* ? Mrwl O Aim, Hardeo. Ihinu, Bntier. Car wr,CblU*a4rn, D. Oarfc, r.<lerk, Ooleaeaa, Qnokunf ><*, r.Afwr, l>trkMMM, Dwlfht, KMvtcE, i run* Ffctwb, Fuller, /Mien. Gerr*??n, Ont Bo)r<?b, Mo eh. Jtkway J?Horde, JeonlnM, Jewel, le?itt, n K keleey. McArthur, McKaMrt. N'W Mmrrmn, Mather, Maooa Merealia, Koreas. A. Myere, New>tl. l"myn Jfiton rtrrr, Plnrnb tvj*J rnwrtl, Rx-.harA?*arw*. rttacarlaM, H Umitb. w. V AntUb. Ppeak t. Taffrait, Toeker, Yaa Aletyn*. Van Bora, lm*n, filer. W,ntamf-?0 li fait?? to paae, not recelrtnf Ui? eoMtitutloaal twobird rot#( bi.l th? moren declared (bey were rtefcated or want of tme to operate The bill to ronflrm the lootioo of the fer'Mtog* if fc buyter cooaty. whirh hM the rep- M'kw of heir f oe of thop* bllli thai the WHrd h*? wre *aeply 'nt?r etH la. w?? atipported br aV?it ih? aeme r->?nb'o?t m, it leaat certain repreeent%tlree of both the wjwM'iae ml democratic parti**, who upon *11 fho r-h???e >f the obbf f"r?e>l the nnrlen* errand wM?*fi ttf* not (h to pea* or reject any btll that th?f N -' I to rtre haadrrf lofuher *upt><<ftiof it. A ? acker reecrd re# er prrarnted by ?ry leftkMIr* bo*j\ r?TaT*n Hot ?Th<- potAtoe rM h*e m? l* 9 ?i .' ? < *' t r> pnfw* frri ion* i f V???ar.txi*-?li? T<i" ?t? Wfiuti'r ,?a ? favorable to a d?rek>|*neal vi Urn ilmm. % Efcenejer G. t jci Panama, L'uuumm oo. Gti ry Ooi nlry New Baltimore, Green* CO. Jueepb K Cooper New York. Hicfu-Td J. Cbrwliut Amity Till*, Suflblk 0?. Ju/.u II* Coii huiau I.lviugatoorllie, P^hohari* CO. ' Ci aoo Saniiiuky, CUtriu|ul oo. H'i kham K Crocker Cameroo,?teuben co. Jamst Vatry Brooklyn. IVIer D?r?eh Schenectady. l ilw.D B. Downs Havana, Bcnayter co. Judiab ?11: worth Saratoga Saringa. Thomas Horeoc*, Oneida CO Martin ! inch Beeavlll*, Bwi oo. John Fulton Waterford, Saratoga co. Svmutl W GibOs ..Albany. Wtiliam G. Gotcr Now York. l)ac(clGray. Wheeler, Steuben co. Jcdn C Ball Farmer, Scneca co. William Uanu New York. Gc-rge G. Hoekins Bennington, Wyoming oo, Richard T Hough Lewka, lew la oo. Pelelifth Jabwaye. Fo t Ann, Washington CO. ThcmagJ. JeRrrdt Rush. Monro* co. f'hilander R. Jt-uning*.. .Hag ll.ibor, Suflblk 00. Humyhrc? Jewell W.-at Hurler, l'later oo. Mce?? C Jewett Relwtmd, JtUeraon co. U'tilMin. V. JuM Brooklyn. b It. JoLna ColcbnMer, Delaware co. Chela K'cixy. Brooklyn. Jrme- Kan-dii W.-at Galway, Pulton CO. J' hH II Km In ? tyltl K?i hunoka m, C later co. -Sui,u< I A. law Men dith, Delaware oo. Peter McArtbur Copake, Columbia CO. Jamei MtQuade I'tica John McYt-an Freetown, Cortland CO. rdrr Mi' lanm New York. Htnry Mather Itinghamtoo. Darwin E. Maxaon Alfred Centre, Allegany CO. SLfnLcD Mnrieiiii. Khai llhuv m ihury B Miller BuiUlo. Stephen R. killing loo.... Norway. Herkimer co. Allen P. Morgan The Huuare, Cayuga co. MOriUgC O. HuuUuU <lh , <3 ? MM Austin My era Syracuae. Aniirtt" A Urn Brooklyn. V'fuutt OR.uikf New York. WiUiam W. l*a} dc Auburn. Lew ie I'eck Phelpe, Ontario co. Edwin A. 1'cllon Cold print, Putnam 00. Alpbocao I'erry Oarkaoo, Monro* oo. Kile* l end Rocheater. iVrr C fifgen Buttermilk Fall*, Orange co. I/*?dzo N Rider IlatkinrtMe, Steuben co. ftn ill B. Si. Jubu Edmonton, Otaego co. Neinaid B Starlea Elliaburg, Jeflferaon co. J?me? M S^core hraoMli, Wayne oo. John I. slit rer'and Norman'e Clin, Albany oo. A?<h?w fim.'k New York. Wir?m h hniub Short Tract, Allegany co. Aba! SViaoft TUrr'a Centre, OrUaie co. < cti.miry* II Tinker... . New York. Edward 1' \ n A injur Kmderhook. Tk'<<hrt C. l>>iHtfjr?....8taplelool Stattn laltcd. T).nA,?t ft l ... N'-w York. n'Olirm Writ* New York. l./.ia S. Whipple firtBgttald Centre, Otaego co. John Wiley {taringwater, Livingvton co. ChiOHoii rt . .NewY>rk. /'-Vr ff. y-rnf Nanuet, Rockland co. Itowtu C i.ititfji hD Oawero !' * |'ibiuAii* 64. democrat? 29 !R?putn)rM>N in roman democrat* in italic*.] In the Weet Wfifhlnfton Market bill aeven of iho ?l>ove Toud In the negative, rir. ? Mee?r*. <)alUcol, r?rtrr. F i. h, Hough. Mattcraoo and Tucker. Keren lodge* the juration and did not Tote, t'.i ? Meaera ooptr Cook. iTiwna, Gray, Mr Venn, Mnther and Wiley, whilut the lolio* ,l/ < am* to the r**cu* and voted for the bill, thua preventing lie defeat ? Ltiatle* M Brigg* W)lllam*bt-rg. Ahrom W. /' jtor. ..... Pood Wdy, Pnlliraa co. lamia A Oil^l Berlin, R?m**el*er CO. fcVftrirf J Ca dufi.. ..Rto neb?rk, l?>iWhee* ro Jamr* M Smith fcddy vilto, Chttaraugna co. II w .11 be eeeo by the above that nearly the aame co? tiinatiiaof mm voted together?Oemorrata, repibitcaa* Lud America^*, forgetting their party t ee, united toil tbei ia a < namon raure of plaadar. Thia ?*me ooallh.-n w?* car ricd out in alio/ ^e arbema* of the lobby Jurivg tliat eevaion, to the diagrada of tbemaelvea and th? urr- of the Mate. Krxt to the eity railroad* waa the one cent 'Try bills. Hr Miller from the Committee oo Oimmeme and N*Tt?ttion n.arle a maturity report agatnat one rent ferriage, tnd undir the prtvioua queetlon thta report wa* agried lo? ycaa 44. naya 2h aa loUowa ? YiAy -M<e?ra B Ai.en, ft ebe O Allen, B rgham, Btg l.y B..l'er, D Clerk, f. Clark, (<*>per, fVrwW?,ij. (ran*, [Tor^er, l.ueh, I lagler Gray. HmU, Ifarrii, Rotromb, lliakib*. ll'Mifh .'rffor^a. Jewell,Jewe4t,|t S Kelaey. Mi KaUden, M-.Meraelia, Miller. MUlmgton, Morgan, Moiiltoa, A Myer*. Parry Pi-imb Rider, Savage, Heart**, Vrvla, W.of'nand, A. Smt h J. M. Smith, StIV.Jon, fucker. Whipple?44.

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