Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 20, 1860, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 20, 1860 Page 7
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H ' ? '! - - ~ - 1 ? BH1PPINO. GTBAIL-KKW TOKK, HOCTUAMTON AMU HAVE*. Tba Vanderbtlt European line United SUMa Mul ga< be woen Hew Turk. Bouvhampioo and Havre. Front New York for Returning front Hotithampton and n>rrt an<< gouLhH?v rr, imuhJD. VANDBRHILT riat. Sept. 8 Wadaaadar, Bapt 31 XU.INOIB Hat.tieptZi WedaeaiUy. Oot 10 VAMUIkliILT ..Hat, Oc. A) VttduwUy. No*. 7 JJ.MMOIH Hat, Mow. 3 1 Wedaeaday, Nov. tl 'i suae ahipe hare water tight roino&rtiBeuU Ort'tleatea or oaaaaca taaund trm Kuropa to Amenoa. Nprcir drUtarod In UHidon or Piuia D. lOKRANCK, Aimnt, No. 6 Howling Oreen. New York. ?. u. WAiirwaiuu* * co , u ttue >?*. Moutwaitre. Parla. A N PHRTHTTK, Havre. OAKFOKDk CO.. (7 Uraee Chnrrh atraet, London. 1'L'M.Ol'. MHoAUrt A CO . t-oullutmpluu. THK NORTH QKRWAN T.LOYD.8 BTKAMHHIP NKW YOKK, H. Von Han ten, Commander, carrying the United t4?U-< m*i ,. will (all on h AICBU.vY, bJCPf KMKK& 1, at 13 o'clock X.. roK BKKtfKN VIA SOUTHAMPTON, Taking r*?v>n<r^m for LONDON, HAViiK, rfOUTHAMlTON AND BRUM c. VI At the following ratea:? flrat cabin, 1100, aeoouJ ealnu, WO; ateeraf*, H#. Fa. ^?oyaSJ5.ajjp^toTGH!f RrTrn^T St ltroa<1 way. otkAMi. a or airiKMUKft a FOR SOUTHAMPTON AND HAYRM. United sutr> Mall SU-uiner ANDERBILT, Captain P. K. Lefevre, Will aall from pier No. 3 North river, New York, at noon. <m toUurdav, September 8, with loMin, panse-gei* and spccie, for Hajrisaa u1 Krw?*. PRIOR Of PASSAGE. Flnt cabin, 913U; fee ml cabin PV Third cabin to Havre, $35, to Southampton. 190, I). TORRANCE, Agent, no ft Boiling Orc.en, New York. Steamship ILLINOIS sills September tL WF.KKT.Y COMMUNICATION BY STEAM BETWEEN N'i-a rorlt and Liverpool, calling kt yueenstown, Ire Land, to Mid enih*r'.t pMs*Migfrs Mil despatches ?Tli I.i rerpoot. New York ud Philadelphia Steamship Company's Splendid Clyde built Iron ?rcw steamships are intended to Ml mi toUown:? mo* nrw rork ?or livbrpool. KANGAROO Saturday, August lH ?DINBl llQH . Stmrdav, Aug'tut 23 OLAbOOW Saiurdsy, Sept. I And every Saturday throughouT the yea:', Horn pier No. U Worth rivrr batch or rASAAGB. Cabin to Queenstown or Liverpool 173 Do to l.oudou, vi* 1 Jverpo <1. SU Steerage u (Jurrnnown or Liverpool :*) I hi. to London JJ l)o. mum tickets, available for tlx months, from Liverpool ?J r?i.H"ii(in tin warded M Havre, Paris, Hamburg, bre:iieu anl Antwerp at through riles. Ceril! < \te? of passage uuu?'l from Liverpool to New York.>40 l)o. do. from CJiemistoirn to do W Tli -?e steMn?rs hive superi ir accommodation for puwnfers are constructed wltii watertiKht compartments and carry (iipenenred surgeous. Kor Irei?lii or postage apply ai the Ottice of tlie company. Ji.HN (1. DALE. 15 Br.iadwar, New York, Agent. In Liverpool to ffM INMaN. Towi-r Building*. In Glasgow to WM. INMAN, 13 Dix^u street. Tin: britihu and north ambrican boyal mail hteatcnhipt. ruo* hiw roKK to uvmroot. Chief Cabin 91.11] Second Cabin Passage 73 mom boston to UVBltTOOU Chief Cabin Passage $111) BeoouJ Cibui Passage CO kThr ahipslroin New York call at Coik Har'ior. The ab'ps from Boston call at Halifax and Cork Harbor. PERSIA, I'apt. Judkina. I CANADA, Capt. Ling, ARABIA. Capt. J. Stone, I AMERICA Capt Millar, ASIA. Capt E U Lou, M AG AR A. Capt Anderson, AFRICA, Capt. Shannon. I KL'ROP.A, Capt. J. Leitch. 8COTI A, (now building.) These vessels carry * clear wh.te light at masthead, green in starboard bow, red on port t ow. 3ANADA.*I,ang, leaves Boston, Wednesday, August 3 ASIA. Lott. " New York, Wednesday, August 13 iXUROPA, Leitch, " Boston. Wednealay, AuguN*22 PERSIA, Judkina, " New \ork, Wednesds.v, August 29 AI AitIA, Htoue, " BoaUin. Wmlneaday, Sttpk 6 AFRICA. Shannon, " New York, Wednesday, Sept, 12 B?rths not secured until paid tor. An experienced surgeon onboard. The owners of these saitw will not be aoeouutaWle for gold, direr, bullion, specie, jewelry, precious stones or metals, unjbas bills of lading Me signed therefor and the value thereof theretu expressed. For freight or passage apply to B. CUNaRD, No. 4 Bowling Green. (JTEAMKR or ACOC8T ss. O FOR ROVTHAMl'TON AND HAVRE. The I'miod suite* Mai! Steamship ADRIATIC, Joaeph J. Oomatnrk, commandi-r, will nail from the foot of "anal street, on Saturday, August 26, at 12 o'clock, with uiaila, juwnjrre and specie. lor the above porta. For trendu or passage apply at the olti-e of the North Allanic Steamship Company, room No 4, 8* Wall stre.t. J. J'. HTKPHRNri, Secretary. . The Adriatic will sail again on the tfth of Octobor. I ATLANTIC ROYAL MAIL STEAM NAVIGATION A. COMPANY. I NEW YORK AM) OALWAY LINK, Touching at St. John*, M. f. Carrying the British mall and guTernmeut despatch**. The steamers comprising this line hare been appro red by' Ae Admiralty, and are the i NIff IRON 81 OK WHEEL STKAMKtH , X)NNAl HIT 4,-HW t >ns burthen Jll N PTE R 4,400 " aCNSil lt i KlO ' JLBIKft 4 400 " " 'ARAN A 4,400 ' \ ] The ueu departure will he the PARANA, Cap lata Heeuau, Tuesday, August 29, from Joatno. OONNAUOHT, Captain Lellch, TueadaT, September U, : rom New York. ( Ratea of passage to say part of Ireland on a railway and to he urtnripal eltiea of Kn?land and HcotUud:? . Pint cina*. >100, W0 an.l |7ft according to stateroom aecom aodatlon; lUlrd class, 130, including cooknd provisions. And to St. Johns, N. P.. Irst cLia-, $.10. third class, 1*1. Chi.dren under 12 years, b.i!l ;?rii.o. under 1 year, free, third ' iaaa pa?*-iig*rs aie r>- (ulr?d U> firntah i>eds aud tin* Persons likiux passage at New York for the st'*:n?rs aail ' OK from ii >aton will receive free passage iron New York to iogtoo. The stramers of this company hare been eonstrneted with he freaUiat cire aa regards aoTttr and com'irt, combined with aoael stid propalllnK power, ana are btult wb wavj tl^fct omparliue-ila. They are confidently e?pected to surpass, In peed an J rough weather qua'ltirs. any veasels ever built, aod xe rep let r ?lth elexanrles an I c .uveuieucea. An esperienced aurs'-on attached to each ship. Persons rlahi..!.' to aend for their friends can obtain ret iro tckeia at 64 and M Ho lib strep. j riTK.A>r TO LONDONDERRY. GLAiUOW AND LIVER. O p??>i.? Shortest sea 'passage to Europe, bv the >1 .u real ?" ? ahartl t m i .KIOAN. Aitm cuminander. ; I'.|.? . ?? :>*J borne I iaer, fr. m t.v, Aii? :* jft. Rfttea or paHaage t ' Ixin.t a ' riy, < i iui* or'rpwl ? : I' irn* c.?- - ii.. Sh;, |7Uv->teervt? &J0, led . li , n iaae?..- ? ..! If" i ' (ft. r' y way of H-ieUe, Port.mnd Whue M '.iiUIiii), to Quebec. or \>j llui!?oo ver, Uk? H .'ham plain. Montreal (Victori* Bridge), to y ieb?a, with the ; punlege ot remaining o?er iu aty polal r r toarM* t-.-ket III I ; w ?<> *H||| > at the c .1. S V tFl a \ul.k, 'Jeneral r???ifir Axeuia for the t'Uled l*al<f KLKAUEI JOHN, M-nager. pHK M AMBURG AMKR1CAM PACKR OOXPaITI J. nnn aleamtiMp 11AMM"MA, Hcbweaeen. cgouiuiniler, . *U1 leave tor UMftburc, lioathAapum Lon l >n i*4 H... re oo ial'ir !a>. Hept 1. at 1J M. Pint Jl'At. onj cuD.U, M0. Mrrmcr. ftt?. 0. B. K.CHAiU* A BO V?, . N T. The aU-imohip Putarla will n,*eed ihe HmibwiIa. i a TLARTIO ROTAL MAII. STEAMSHIP MAVI-. KTI )S ft I'ooiranT - 1 he> I' \ H ANA will Ml Iroua liot I cs. >1? M .lohul, R. Y , Torn ilway, August 24. to: i'f abt or pn??e?. UOWLAMJ A ASP1NWAI.L. W and I> a.reet. kv)i<, utmpoou-old il'.ACK fctar LINK -tub I r paraet ship ('IIANl'Kt.LO't, i.iojtl M anchor id the iiream. hii< Tnewlar aiorniuc da#* not The ARTAK0T1C i hun a1 ?i l?3 'i he tii' ?u> 1 < i \ ? sept l. kor iminii tepir I ? wii.i.i am** a m'ioN ?0 > a t ? wr??. I v or lomdor PACKKTu.-hacarr OP mi 1 *V (Ur, Au|u*!i I W.) u U m l >ek?Tb? *> ;..hooim 1 lpio>-;<l i>k\ iis-illFU" k; i Inderaon, pnetuvely lalla | M ai>' . e. t or I'tiur tu * . 1 ? h Dfl <111 paaaej ?cc?i<r.t?odati jua, app'j ?n i~?n: t. pier 17 Ka* r,. i r u I \ c~" >Tf A < 'J . BJ So no etreet. j IrfK.iM IP.KLARO TO NKW YORK IIV >T A M ?PAS I F NV'i booced frum Ijueenalow (IraUn! to Maw Yocfc lor ?*i i-ir liJliu pr j.iai ma, by iba apiMdld faal Heaaahlpa . . ip.?? Near 'i .r? m l I'ii . ... , ,i.? ,iu-. ?. mi. everr Thura<1w In the ya*r. Por paaaace apply B lb* c r?nr?ny a oMoa, U BroaCwar. I JOHN H. I1AI.K. Agent. I U* ii ALII IMIA v; \ PAH vMA. I IJP A trat < laaaateamer wtU ' a*e Rao Vork the lat, 1 lib aad I flat ' .. 'ix irh. aaoapt ahao tfc-a? data* fall <ra SuoJ ly, I Wb. I the ilay of dapartiira vtili ha tha Mar. I For (reitibt or Mfiaa;* ?rpi/ al tka oaly odiea. No. 1/7 Weal I Blreei coruet ot Warrao. ) B. AlXKK. A?ail ( i a cstr ilta pi'nkkr i imr, katablirhxd imI xL ' . i'u U>e l uited ,-te ' a . . p *r.ii, mi tM ( I in; ki1>ei'i'aait.?The al*gaot A 1 cxtraios Hf>?ar alilp 1 I Na I rfSuKKt, 1.714 t'<na repater, i.*w tiaa <-?,.?clty. la 1 I no* rap i.l!) Ioviidk at pier 11 kajt liver, ml m be daI apa :s. 1 : on the tth of Septamber. I tl<'' ? n 'iiVatKiua ;or Oral rUia ptwnmri only, ure ua I nrpvaaet Iherllprer il Nillir? 'J ahip I H?. rl..i.??a and a*ll au the JUth of >?pte?her. HI." baa flna I aor ii >. -irai ?nu a-^ond rai.ln paaaencra. I c'Ui p?j ahip uka * - . ? >dlii| r 13 Kaat mar I abit he r >Ie> i':rna injaideelr 0? Sept I ; I f >i |r>.4ht or paaaace aiipiy i n board, or to K W. t.AVK I ROM i? I . <. n atreei. Sluht blDi for aad raati tdraa. I i 'n?i?nmeiia ouai,;'.e-? .:i Auatia.ia, Ateeaia A IPW.VH A I ______________ a VHR UAVANI AND NKW <iRUtAR?.-PAf> Hi* *0. I ^Lo? H' A' -? .. 1 ?'). a: 2 ? i .'o?'h. fra? f mi ?< ^ ^t'rret > U . er I h? aut iuch ar?.I fa. orlte aleaa ShTi Wv 1 'KK r?Tl ii ml* .do' > e an] i'.?ed frotn lie i ace: ?nr. jue "uear ilei k. a. > ei oorna refine a ad lx? ' " -li'y ri, Jrr I au ??te.l ?.i : t'la w llir.i'i<h on: ' ?' r> . i wit t>e ?* '! ?: a< t i ' - ( Btl ? of 1 i.ic of llie pm) -r fo-io f?: n .1 at th? ^.'e. an.1 ne'"U< ' ioi"B !,: h.. m, .11-1 ?r ill Iri-.' ?n.m?. K... frr *h?*r paa?>?e apply at 177 Wa?,i awe. i, r .-tier **-r*e. K i? KOltKAIH r B ? rrel(.M r -ejied oa and after WeOueailay, aiicimi 1a Fa H a T am a ahr !*r\r ort k?rs, KRT TKN OAT*. PASHA'!! IN. To >?ii nm Tl'f PAT. A .? ih li, al Uo'clxh, The 0. R. ?lea?aajup DR dOTn, J"ha Johi.rt..,. i ler, lane -'"t: tr-i?ht. an., ? aail aa aboee fr it? . f?*>t ftf M-ur .it' atreev North neer. r I " TrnAim.? N i df Mvrriv bltimh. II, ' N'TILI.K '.Tea n i' .:i.? a . .t* n?i. ! . , ?,.M i ee. 1 the I?e Mom. and ami onj^tu, iy, Septr,u:,er 1. VORMVAXSl'l VND OTHPR TOTfT; AS RRI.OW - ( f ! , at. I.aa all-wl??" ? " inahm ri,'?R|?A. . IJaaar Cn.*e!l will lea -' vie * 41, at t l'. tf . fi i \ ? s tn . r T . - *.:.r 1 U?iwl?to2?j3?7?; * V,m!?<*m-ry. t-S r ,l.,m pJs. ex*S*&t A?W TxSS. \ *17 *i. Vmoo. *?i. H*r*nn?h ?l?. , k ? ? 1 ?Ctr. 9? Jl\T^^IffyKL u '^?4? * tVf? I I " *" 1 ' * I IllPPIIVt*. rnAPwxm-K tfini or livkrpooi. and u>wi>o*f X Pu4rli fHtwie I ram or to l>i verpool or Laoadoo cm ?i?ay? be engaged by Utv well known Una. aailtnc weekly, el tor rrry uitm rtlN. au4 l>ralu fur tuiy Matxiat bunuej, 1 ?> id >oy utn or Ore?t H1tu.11 or Irelaud, by appljnuf u. TAfacorr I co.. a? aoutt etr?i. h. y. rnc CDMARO LINK.?ffntAM hBUM K*W T0RK TO Uverpoei vie Queeuatowu.? The MriUato Mid hutut A inert hb royal mail ttauun ETNA. Capt Anden?,a. JVRA ?*pt Moody. AUBTK ALA8IAN ('apt tt.vkley. ikoak ?'apt t.obol And iHhrr maffultloeul and powerful iu*nmer*, will aul fr.xn New York to I.uerpool every alternate Thursday, caUio* at Qunenatowa to land paaaengere ai.J daepaiche*. /UHA Tmiraday. Id AurnaL AlHTKALAMAH, itith Aiii.ut ETNA Thuraday, !Wtb Aiteuak lutu or rAMAUk TO 4UCC*?T0wa Oa UV*?ri>oL. Steerage ,, 30 Steerage return tickets, available fur am months, from i.iver pool or Cork, MO. ?r*uus withing to send Ijr their I rtnoda iu obtain certiilcstee of i ir iu the steerage at the following rates:? Prom Liverpool to New Tortt (40 frotti fork to New Yon 30 Au experienced surgeon on board. For steerage uuwkh appU to OOODItVK, AKKEL1. A KLJ.IOT, 163 Headway. For freight ud cabin pa?se apply to k. CUN Attn, No. 1 Bowling Ureen. For savannah.-extra steamer.-the steam alilp CHKSAPKAKK, Capt. H. Crowell, will luavn pier II. N. H.. ou 1 ueiday, A 114:1*1 21, al 4 !'. M Freight 10 renin per foot Iniuraaw, one half per ceat. Good* couai^iiM to K IK., ageut," Savannah. I or warded free of i.immiwitoa. Apply to H. B. CK oMWELL, 86 Wwi atreet. For savannah and the south.-thk nkw steamship R. R. CUYLER. Capt. K. Crocker, will leave pier 12 N. K , od Thursday, Angnat 23, at 4 I*. M. l'aa*age t> Savannah, wttli uneqOAlled arcommodationa, SIS. Through ti*kel* to New Orlesni $39 75; Mobile, I3.V Montgomery, $25; !! mphis, fcjl 75, Nashville. W7 74: Knoxrtlle, >23 W, CbnUan >oga. ilj, Albany $13; Atlanta, $21; Coluinbns, $21; Macon, $.'1; Augtial*, $17 ML Freight ten cents per fox. and received d*lly. The IIUNTSYII.LE succeed* in Saturday: Auarnat JSth. Apply to H. B. CROMWELL A CO. 86 West street aud 336 Broadway. IpOR CHARLESTON, 8. 0., AND THE SOUTH AND .-Mulh? est?Three Steamer* a week. Uulled State* Mall Side wheel Steamship Line. After Saturday. August 1". there will I* despatched three ateamer* a week, com meuclnic wlih the COLUMBIA, Capt. Berry, 00 Tuesday, August 21; to be aucceeded by the MARION. Capt. Foster, 00 Thursday. August 23. and the J AUKS ADUKR, Capt. Adams, ou Saturday, August 26. Rate* of p.-utaage with through tickets as follow*:?To New Orlerin*. $39 75: Mobile. $36, Montgomery. Ala . $73. Nashville. Teon., F.7 75; Memphil, $31 76; L'hattanoosa. $2.<. Knoxvllle, $26 50; Augusts, Jv, $17 50; Atlautt |L: charlotte, N. C., $22, Colombia, 8. 0, $20; Charleston. M5. Korlr?li;hl or passage apply to 8POFFORD, TILE8TON A tX? T9 linwdway. Arfatu* Expreis Co.'* (treat Southern Fx pi ess U cai r.ed 011 the Steamer* of thin line. The Express A1,erne South will gue inlgnn.ition as to sailing da) a, fare, Ac. FFREIGHT TOR TINNERS**. NORTH CAROLINA. fortamouth, Norfolk. City Point an.l Richmond, received e\ery ilay ai pier No. 13 North river. Steamahip ROANl-KE, Captain Couch. leave* every Tuesday, at 3 P. M , CiUlti - at O'd Point C >mfort to land passenger* Steamaiiip YORK ToWN, Captain Parriah, every Saturday, at 3 1*. SI Pre gbt to Portsmouth orNorftlkT cents per loot; to Ci'v Point. S cruU, and to Riolin ond 9 cents, Vaaaage to Norfolk (state mom s.;d Included),^; to Petersburg or Richmond, SI ). tfxcursiou ti. keu 10 lUt luuoud or fetexuiug and back. Hi. To NorfdT* and back, *13 LlM.AM A 1IKINKKE.V, No. 115 Broadway. DAILY LINK FOR CAPF. MAT AND FHII.AnKL.PUIA, VIA RANDPORD'S LINK STEAMSHIPS, From pier 14 North river, * At 6 o'clock H M. Sunday excepted. Steamer* BOSTON, DELAWARE aud KKViVKBBO. Goods forwarded Sou'.h and West free of c muusaun. THROUGH IN TWKNTT HOURS. PRKDKRIC l-k.KKIN8. Agent. PACK A(IKS AND RAMPM-S FOR EUROPE OAM BK fiirvurrff.) hv Amprli An KnroD^au Kmrvitt unr lMmcr '.wlce every wwk, for all parts of Europe, at low ratea and aflih drHpaich. Bam plea delivered a*, from 4* to 8a. sterling. ACHtlN. BALDWIN A CO.. Proprietors. 71 Broadway. ~~ ~~~ MUSICAL. ^ ORKATLV IMPROVED PIANOFORTE. UUUTEA BRADBURY'S Manufacturer* of NKW~SO A. LI OVERSTRUNG Ba-US. patent INSULATED KJLL ikon FK AMR, grand and sou ark pianofortes, No. ill Broome street. PIANOS TO RENT. AOKEAT ItAROAIN.-AN ELEGANT SEVEN OCTAVE rosewood Pianoforte for sale at #78 Sixth avi-aue. near Fortieth street. I'rice 91? thivi month* ago. Best city makers. Ricli, powerlul tone; richly iljiahed, with round corners, carved moulding*, Hilled kera. Inlaid piste made to order, with full warrantee. Apply day or evenjug for th ee daya. DICKERING A SONS. Manufacturer* of GRAND. S(JUARh AND UPiIGHT PIANOS. Ware room* 6 >4 Broadway. C. A SUNN hare bean awarded thirty eight prtre melala for Ihe superiority of their manufacture fur the past thii tyflra rev a. PIANOS TO RENT. First premium uoi.d MKf)all pianofortes. Hiiiiufaetiirera?Ht'HUETZK A I.UDLOkf, W Brooaa street. 1'laiK* warranted, and at reduced ratea. PI ANOS. VELODEON*, HARMONIUMS. First i-lase; for sale, to let or sold on Instalments, on faro raMe terms. Superior Harmoniums of nine varieties for lurches, Ac., at 1171 to MOO. J. M. PEL'ton, (Ml aud tsU Broadway, N. V. l^rKTNWAY, CHI MERINO, GILBERT A HALLET Davl?' Pianofortes, new, for rent at reduced rates. Keren K'.ave Pianos for $A per month One seven octave Piano roa' StS wiiiiiuone\ear, forS175; an .KMlan for $128. oae<J',rosewood Piano for fib. Prim e A Uo . Car hart, Ne*4iiam A Co , mil M'aon A Hamlin melodeooa at manulacturei a prices or or rem low, by S. T GORDON, mimic publisher, 7U4 Broad ??y. Ur ANTED?A GOOD PI ANO TEACHER TO GO SOUTH. In a cleastnt sanation; a German or frenchman pre eired. ( all or address M. K., HI Went 26'h ? , New York. ~ lSiTHl CTKIX. Acard.-tbr subscriber has removed his Academy of Penmar.ahip from 362 to 921 and 'JZJ Hnadray, corner of Tareoty t;rst street. New punl's leceiret 4u.y, inn have free altmaaion to the sterenirnnie museum tame juildlBf. OLIVER R. GOLDSMITH. ACADEMT OF PENMANSHIP AND BOOKKEEPING. VS Broadway. continued by W. O. Ho<>g!and, for many e*ra aaatatant of 1 >Uver H. iioluaiu a. Open day aid fvf i.;i< or thor.: tib practical ia?lr ici.uo. C'artftu attention *l?ea, and MiKwu u guaranteed. Arithmetic bookrerfmo and writing-mr. DOLHKaR, O'J Broadway, by hi* nyiu-m of haul minor. rtmoreaa.! atlttneaa. cramp u aod trembUnf of Uie hand a a le? lca?,u Twu It teal* vacant lo Jay. I iai price. $W ACAPEXT OF T.ANOCACIBH. 9?u B110ADWAT, OORa?r of Twenty Brat atreM. inatr -lion ?l?ea in rrearh, ?p lunh. Oermaa. Ilaian. Knghab, (?tin. Oreek anl Hebrew. ' ciaawa : nun V A. V. to I 1* V. ' ?-rli-ru .i a c iwei from < A M. m 10 P M. T- rma ' olaa?ea *10 per ijMarter. Por luiibejui. rmajon apply to T.M aKTIXKLLi, I'r.uolpal. American bcrooi. ixsmrit. m broadwvy.ScUeola and FauiUlea aupplied wliit ooaapeteot T?ac-unr?. [! ,?u ular atteutloa paid to Mualri. Partita aupol -d ?.t.i vloul? rtiil <ra Referaaeea Dr. Lowell Maaga, raaulty Rift; <er?- tWltlf of s.m itu, woodman * vo. AM YOUNa I.AC T, COMI'imCXT TO tra :h THK OOM tnon Kr*l?b brum be*. la de* roue of oM?in"if a aunat. >3 aadal'y . ?niraa.' > a pir>:a Wta n hyo'iagchildren. l<--*4 lefeienrea. Aldrnaa A. B. <Jova: ueaa. autijill 1'oat i0io*. __________ Ait bnium um HAftM unun fww an ?ua>ur?"i?iit aa leacbar at the So ,ih wlahea lo meet w.ih a alt :.? ? . iu a h ?jl or pnvala lamily to la >< i h'9 . iab. m ? an 1 > ri'iirh Wojld prefer to lake chai*e of ;h? urn i tl r.-1; lu a acb . Audmaa A. B., cara of Mr. k<*tii. ab 107 Broadway. a 1.\UY. 1 HOROCOHI.T OUAI.IPIKO, WHO HAS RE /V i- vp.' I r ra ?' .1 elu ?ti io in Italy an t Pranea, offara 'on i a.e* * ira ad ?y in Inaifartioa in m'lan arid ? ia'ks. ' k'f In a Urtira' athool or nrivai" lantily aa an ,'uva.Pni iorh?r oard. ' reference* kitpu. Ad Ircaa li fl . >4 .**unN atraet. llrookljn. \|R" OUPKN !!' 7FHAN S KNUI.ISH AMD FRKNi'H i?l lloaroin* ami I'ay b *>, for Young Utdie*. Wo J Kaai Knt\ tlr* ?u.ei, v?tl. cp-.i r.j rh- r?Uy, 8?pt il Wra H ' oi? .i I ha at h 'in- \I * r H*pt. 1. !>?( -" wli . b date upp, ate '? i ' r w .; meet ?ltl prmipt ar-potioa. c am> hoke kditatiox-trf.xch a*i? D K: r Ml :??K'<aJ 111 1 D' :i H?rrtr,f a i-l l?a. b' 1. V ;tb (lae playfro iud an<l vraaaalnm 17 and ?? W^at I ?. i .. r 'h Hif't, teiween Bro > )* * aud Mitfe arnm Mr. lAit'lh Kn> i. '.ait'a*'! of a lin.ted n iaoer of boy* | B>| taiabar ft j.?i - ii . v\ ris if m>kkk(|'|!*<< \mriiMK ' f 1) par .- r , fa ti' a M*rr?n'il# 1.1P hi ' w?ry. M V a . i 1<\ Kuil'?i atr*et, Bnaw'.yn. Ka< h atiidM ' f. .'??a Indn i?! iai Itsi r <.n at h n A h h it. l?d-? W: ' ^ m na. >3, Id le?*>n? . prillaa. U pT m >oib. J UHU (U \M> HKUA Its MIVKK. BALUK A CO., NO. 210 BOWBAT. BATE El < tmii' .aaion lor .iu?pdlat? aala cheap torraab. a lot m Havain *-*?ra, Perltimny an l Jewelry. | AMI ami N n. J- h. oode.n. i The Irlah Am?i\iaa l-?r. !a coi?l.i*: Tlie (rlab Atn'iaaatd i. la cmla?. The Irak \mbaeando-, la cooim BRIIWN'H OIIKAT PICTURE. 1 he oploiu'id new of Sew Yx* from llo **?n, by th? wiehraua landa-'aulat. 'if' U Itn* n . .llr-t BAY ANI'iTlV^f NKW f'lRa 11 8L'!?ai-?B, la now on new at i?p CRAYo* ART OAIAKRT, IV'niPr til itroadaay an I K.?hia atrpp* i lai'iaimi #0nU llt'i. WAKJ M '1J1A HiiWARP T-?TI*ONIAl. -TIIK TRfENHS or w. a. H< aard. ar?ln*1iPii to?p't al IV. H?wpr>. tn a (Man taf aieu.iu lo nuHc 1 .lb hi i-ooi .iiiI?p <>( A. rau? tin i4 it lb>' roamed tattimtmial lo l? tenoere I h. n M. A Mil AH. I .1. i. /MlLmVIIH'l ETVRK"<|*I ' '- < N'W R it and ?il upmtway. rorwee if Twent ?' ?tr-?t 4 pVndtd ethiblUmi of th* W<>,U, M .SatMie aul of Ae? i .. nff?n? A M.k*To e*>.'h r I. Tl *eta M c*??i ?. wvaw ID ppnta _________ ? Thkatp.e, char1.mt0x..? r . , y. >: ?rt hi at * 1 ' ' M. I o< :b'? rum'h im-v. ' rf < baa. 1 liia Pa-aioe. dra'nai t<ent - * I " ' " ... -J I . >H f \ tv i LIArU ?? .vi A n i <*r r?-. ... - / ?*" UVrlrd ? i > < l.i ? ?.; n? n < V fc .ire . ? >..- ! . > ? i ". > V'?v i- c ? r . - - '? 1 ?? * ?f . . im-I i < 'j. ? R (?. <*"r? . P .<?<.? !? .? > J' ft. OOP**, IV Ul?b A?b%?<* ! " la r-vn li ! ? W* "ikii.,1, '??, ?? ? *<'?? NE^V TOtt ITEItALD, M AH18EHRNTS. ^yALUUK'K TUICAlAJC. LAIT WKMl AN!) C!/)HI THIC TUIRP flUO'K^rUL H7MHSB 8KA0OB THIS fOPLXAR KST.VBl.ISHMKMT. Mi- nod Mr* 9. J KI-ORKN"'*:. THE CBLCiWATKD YaWKKK KKra?SKNtATIVIC8, or IKJttH AMI AXKKWAN i>VKN r ItU'i I'lKS. MVN*>aT Kv-KfTIIfU. Aiu"? :v 180), Will b? tmrfor.rwul ta* c m*!/ oI IRISH A.-WCTRANrK. I'nt, from Ireland .... .Mr. ti? poor. Nancy &UkM, VanksROtrl, wt.a m>ng*(W HoMttn* Arouud, ?u.1 llidti/ ? Rallryad i;>u Mr* W. J. KkiitueeTo b? fo'loivwl bjr WORKINll TIIK ORACl.K. Kit**)#, a Barber ) V?M . n-?-w I'olly Hparfchall.a Milliner I Mr*. Montgronlwry, no aoeleut Scan | da! Moo*er V Mra W J. rioreuo*. Dolly hlo;uin, a York*W? I**h I tloa Klppa Klnmken. an Rx.|ul?ite j Doimi open at 7>?; lu cotumcncu al 8 o'clock. New bowirt theatre. flole Proprietors.. Meturn O L, Ko* k J. W. Llnzard. MONDAY, August .'0. 1#60 TURKIC NIUIIT* MOKE Of the great American artlrt, Mr K. Ki'OV. Grand revival of tlie historical drama or THK HEBREW SON. Ok, JOSEPH AND HI > BRKIIIKEN* Mr. E. Eddy *i . ...Tnaeph Mr. (>. C. Bonllace a* l/?ack Mr*. W. O. J on en ...aa Cllha Klaw Panny Hernng at Wah Tbe romantic drama of KAEKAKI.I.E TDK REPROBATE. Mr. K. KJ^y a. KaBaalle Mr. O I. Fox aa. Gregory .Iiimble Mrs W. Q Jones as 1'auUue Couclwdlug with I lit* comic !:irr? of HERCUI.KH, KINO OK CLX'BS. Urn Mr. C. K. Koi A (IRANI) SPECTACULAR DRAMA U now in rt hearsal ami wlK aboitly Ik' produced, At A ?'OriT Of >2.300 BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. Mechanic*' Hall. VJ2 Broadway, Monday A usual 20, aiul every evening. The popular ana wo-ld reuownel JERKY AND DaN BRYANT, And their eicelaior troupe A sclect and aaunuic orogt immr. consisting of genuine Negro Melodier, beautiful Ballad* Purl* and Quart Ml?. H'ir letoue Acta, Saying* aud I'oinga, the African Polka. Cruelty to Ji hrny. Trouble* of a Colored Photogi apher, original 1'lauU Uon Komja, Danrea Ac Doors open at 7, commence at B. TlckeU, 25 ceuta. Hooley m campbhu/s minstrels K. M. Hooley, S. C. Campbell anil W. II. Uti:Hu, Proprietors. Unquestionably the moat talented troupe in exulouce at HooIjtY .* campbkij/s opera House, iws Broadway. opposite Nlblo's Harden .second week. Cm vded bouses Monday evenin*, Angu/t. it an.l every evening, all the newest tiMtuiea of Klhiopean Minairelsv, with Burlesque. Opera, tVimedy, Tragedy euii farce, by Uie gretl stars, Birch, 1'na wm th, Eugene, t ampbell. tlii'tin, Olivnira. Hooley. Dotiulker, MrUrUla Keevea, Asb>\ A ., cniiug e.icb evening with a new and luugiiable afterpiece. For lull partleulirs see programme Doors opru at 7, to commence at ti o'clock. Ttckela 25 ceuta. I'l l > Ale boxes $d. ttrOOD'S THEATRE, CINCINNATI. OHIO.-LVDIES If and gentlemen engaged for the ?e.iaou are nouiled mat the opening night la fixe.! for .Saturday hep temper 1. JullN A. KLd.sLEit, Jr., Ie?ssee aud Manager. Metropolitan theatres, Indi.oiitpoHs and Dayton.?I.a Ilea ?nd (tetitlemeu engaged for tSe ??ai?n are t>* t:II?"1 that ihn opruWK nl^ht at Davton is ti\1 tor Ix-ptemUer '-'l 1 anil at la .iLiuapolis October I. Sum Illierally treated wiui lor au> of the above theatres. AddreM <'in-iunall. .IOHH A at.l-M.k l, Jr. UhMMDIii^h J II. OODKN, The IrUli Ambassador, Iscomlntt; The Irish Am'tiMdv, is comirnr: The Iriali Ainhanttvlor, noomlnjf American concert hall, MkRICAN CONUKR1 HALL., ?+l ItROAI1W AT til BROADWAY The tiftlMt Concert Ha!! In the cllv. TV moat une^ulvoeai success, lnr-e?*?ut Iv.^hur, *el!rbt?d audiences; prooonnred by all to b? tbe rntv t:>ni'??rt Hall thai cannot he equalled by any rival fca:a!ji;4htumU. I lie (?Uvwui| rray of talented a.'t.iu bare been enframed:? MS. HII.I.Y O'MKlu The beat Irish comedian and vocalut Id the wor 1.1, will appaar every evening. rRAKK pkll, John winans, IKK WHKLPLT. W. THOMPSON, TOM UROOKFIKM), FRKD SHAW, HONS. UA THORN, W. PIKRCS, MISS CLARA HARRTNUTON, tbe A merlin Nightingale, MDW FANNT THOMPSON, MIR8 JENNY CHRISTINE, MISS KMILT LKMAIR, MISS JULIA CHRIKTINN. MIfiH LIST HCHULTZ, MIfW BOO ART. Minn HAITI K J A MM. MIH8 JULIA 8CHULTS, MIH8 1/OUfHK. MISS HKLKNA CHARLK8, Forming, lo all, a jrrand galaiy of Stars aever before Men la a Concert saloon. That all may witness the performance of tbe above named artists, tbe Managers haw concluded to the nominal price of admlaskw? Boii% 10 cents I Parjuette WeenU R. W. BUTLER, Proprlet*. W. O'Nati., Acting Manager. Moua. La*Thok.v Stage Manager. HITCHCOCK'S NATIONAL CONCKRT HALL, 171 new Canal itrret, one bl ? k from tlie llowery, tbe oldest eai.i 4ted Couoert Room lu America Till' ,\K PLCS ULTRA OK CONCERTS. A CAnn.?'I'be public are sware of tbe Immense' e tritemen! tbey have undergone for the past two month* occasioned by the IntioducUou of so many would b. dlstlngnliihed visiters, whirb ItaM so absorbedl tkeir mind* that other matters of l*r more Impot lance have been overlooked, for instance, 1 UK AKR1N VL ur TIT IT nTMTIV/HTIkilJl-n I'TTIJVV w" VutrHroTk! mom iiis KVROPKAJV TOUR. The ateamsbip Kdintourc brought tin* popular indiTMiAl alely back to ih? ab.ireii or America nilKTV IIIOUHANI) OOI.I.ARH bu not be?n *i'tir..priat- J (I ih'iw hlra lb* elephant, HI T llR C\N UK SKKN FOR TUN CK.NTS, Willi .be b?a: eme n.-r.i in ihi* city. JR COM It' ami tiRMTUOCNTAL SIKlilWtJ, NEW SONUS. NKW DANfFS, NEW HlTRI,K.?yuKS, an irrnyof tVent sot to be equalled by any other coucert room. ADMISSION TRN CENTS. Due m, 'ee will he ft^rn ol W Hitehoo. k'a reappearance In ue of U.e ?ruat eat povelliea ever produced In America. PALACE 0 \ RUFN'R. OKANI) MfBtCAL RN'TKRTAINM KNT. PROGRAMME -I'ART FIRST. INSTRL'MKNTAI. ML'MC IX TUK (1ARDKV. 1. Overturn, Itte Pi aenumubl Rcaairtr 2. Ca.lrle, M.vte struaa S. Polka Soinuel. VVe'jer 4. Hint, -Vioiicr?cwnpoeod for Uic Schiller fwtlral at Parta. Nnv. lo. 1h#o. Meyerbeer 5. (j.illop, Hurra*.., ...Bela PART RKIJOND. IV T1IK I.ARGK HALL. 1 Overture, Merry of Wln.taor Jtiooia OR< HKMRA. 1. Btiiiad, WbO?bnll be Kalre-t Hurt Mr. * ?.(>RUK CROZIKR. J I'avRiloa. from the opera of < lartc? viseonto).,, .Walter fI*iior I'ONTAMARI, (with *or<-h?-.tra Hirltiu-. bla urat riivx^euieut ia America ) I. ('aratinx. Sal'tlaU h r?w?. . IHuitietla mum JULIA MKLYU.LE. wllb orcbenlra. .*>. Duel* I ?t heir <t, t.n4. . Htlfe, Mitt JI I.Ia MRLVH.I.E ant Vr. t.KuR'.K CROZIKR; with orrbeatra. t. I'aTnllna, from th? opera of Colon,Vila Fiorarantl. ...Buffo Manor MOMTANARI, in cjetume, with orcheatra. 7. Aria. La <ionn* * Moot'e Verdi Mr tiRoRt.K " KW.IKK. f. ."rdley 8r%? Via. in.IV with orciieatra. V. Art*. Bnll'i. trom l Iti'lcrella .Roannti Hii;nor MOSTAN VRI. In diamine 10 National Hor < .... The S?ari-pangled Bannrr Jj,?A Jl'UA AiM.Mt.I K, Mr ) KO/.IKK, and eboni-. wiin orcheetra. M V 1?AV K t A II AIM,K J. Pi ml 'I>onta, from *. lia'l.m Opera, h.t been ergi^ed. an i will appear '>-> V. edneedar. J.j lu-u A imm >!?< . Mcmii- r. \ . HKKORERT, Proprietor. Ju. oaoFN, M>- i i ah Am maavior, la eomln(: Ibe Irtab Am Miaalor, lanm nj The Ir' ih /mhunmlor, la cwilm. W I?H ADKI.INA PATTT WILT. (IIVK A OUAMP Of)M 1?I (eit at tbe Ocean Halt, Newport, on Tiieaday, Atlfi^ 21 aeai.*) I, aev rn<l dlt'Uf 'IiMvMi. under the direeOoa ot VAl-'tn KsTK n:?<?nr-|. be ot>Uined at Ibe Ocean and Alixntte ?loo?** F'lXK'UTIOl* AJfl> DR'M.V!'.: ;j?XOCTIOM. PHI J ?a'e pnplle reo^lted by a Tulpr. *n.1 rendered . rnp? ?ni for the :.r?? ("lee ao the.. #!. JKirrt Macacer. Ti.rkTi.le PortoCce. y Y. ADA Is * ACS KRNKK.f, T'u? d .'inrnlalied artreaa anl mil read frooi S11 hM-K'IK \ND VI iA1 H 'PK CliM'KI. V'.N- . . \ W. I H. OOUKX. >) . The li iah Amb*a?Ior I - ibr 11 .ah -r. Iar>m.n? 1 ue frlav Vi . ' Int. Tir ALLACRS 11UATICK k\f?i yT. \) ^aRKAKI.. (1/ 1!U PtiOltKRCKV HKJfH IT t *H \V J PI.' KHll'W RMHf. AOVCftTk #L>. t.. ii?a T?r *i-?rir. - i?r int. V*rI -hK- AM; MKMitXKH or tut HIXTTMRTII ilRIRTf) RPfirWKRT, K. T. ?. M., tii: it?.o L'MWKT BM'Rs (IMI>*rK5l?HRT CORPS'. 1H> Till KKWIOIK ri.OHK.M K AMoriATtOM' t . , ? > " ( lul.'iM ik'. .itntaa, aod atlaili<-> ?e i?!.y ii *?!wk'i theatre bare klnlly ) nteer'd tlieir aerrloea The eiUiUinmeata eelec'-c I will e ul i v l? iitraillv f1evrijjt'o!i vr M?VPA. ri/JRFKfK aprear.n* In e-i^b p? inf liie eveilur IhK iHr-AlRK vill.I. AV. H.VNIMOMKKV I'KOORATKO RntU.IAirrr.T Yu.rMIKATKD' P'lrv- r r ' Vt ? i >1 M?i< In '"IrrV m? if l n '-nti (MUw hoi "flirt, An ori'xRT! " TV TIUT ,V snoctD Mi*. *(< * F-RA>K mvotxc Tlw l*?lnr{ iWo daiiwiM. la CNillWllOll ? Wl I.A I'KTITK FI.I.A. TUK. V')T THFIM. W.>Mr?R. Al tl.? Concert U til. 6*) ilruii* ly, Kvrry n <ht v!n? wtrk.. A?lw,n?' ? ruly U o?r.U T'? t KI.IMRAKI) ?.'?XO v W<?OS? W'KIIkRMM. '>n ?h? ti?bt r-vi* l* ? !.>#*>*?.! ? >?4?? *l Ml* tl ? ti ? ?i i p ,r *h i, \ , k- I 1*1 Wi.?L | AN- -V'- ' ? SIX .P.:-, Vt T A K > l? Y ' >rvj? c?vtri\i:.U o! rvsiu ? lua.rfTN wnk h.Y A v*.-Hi MIRKTRKi.*. .? ' . . t ? \* N' >' ? -Ht i*n U.'l >!.? . hA* IK\U fAl ' ? * r? v- , ii.? -I'll*, t> IM tt r? ?. " > t ~ ? ! <v< t J, M AJ.i*. *0 (WHAT, ATOTOf 21, 183! Wimtkk uaildkn ' to ictottt to n!.?!it to niuiit to m'jiit. to ndillt the j'tocaomanruki;*. professor an jkbsuw, fboeksaob aNDKRson. prokr8sob a niikmki>n, fkopknsuit ahdktison, pbokk<"or amderson "uhkat wiz ard op thk horta." cosmopolitan monarch or tix maoioiavh, Alter *u *b#w:ir'' of j?.?ra law n#v? v >rk, <3 in a* ttliicii peil>kl lio u?? lu-tif tl-.-lourof uie kh>4>u, wi.i ua/o tee uouur of piv??*nlu. : li novel eulerttliimrui. a m'llll in wonder world, a nlv#ut in wondrg would, a nluht in wondkk wori.u, a muilt in wondka wokl.d, ok mauic. mt8tery ak1> mirth. mmill'. mysjkrty and mirth, ma01c, mykikrt and mi&ttl, mauio, my tkhy and mirth, on a ar*l?-?'l h^lrlcor oeiti wore attempted ui auy eaterixliuueut of llw kama flau, nod rmbrarluj; kvkkv ph.u?k ok thk mauio art, i:iu*uuti"ij- of ui? jlluaioua of all acta, auj ue must rccoa(jilt* ul kit aijalerie*. pro>liuu?l lu a t'A i ofr U\hTlC splskdor. kuyittan maiiic prknoh mauio, til au)aif wa./ic, uk.rm an malilo, okkkk maulf, italian mauio, koman maui" , indian mallic, fomi*kia> ma'jlo, tahitian mauio, bataman ?!a?.lt . iki'lonksk mauio, mauio of 111k middlk aoks. iik- hi.a:r will on ibia (xrxmon prraput the muot ookiikol's ?\)up d'ikil am t i? liem in ?nj ihtiure in new york. an km'llth i k a nnh 'km a i ion w i.. i ?* euecuii, MtiU ill* w in it* i Uaruen will be MhTaMUKI'lUXSIil) BY MA'iH'. P*OliKA>tMl. HiK TliK hVKNIKU, Helen-lei! In in Ihe experiments iu v:lr:<"is places. Act i ? M IVientburg, Inui? Ite Cauldron ot the Nile. An X Uiu klugham I'lUace, Loudon, lS40-The ClioreUluipaa. At t 3.?liun'ou Mr' Icon, I85.'<?Tkaumalurgic Surprises. Act 4.? New \ork, WK-The Splru>i?li*uc l able*-Tocsin of tin- Inviflll les hii.1 Iirarle ol i'fcauoucUi bus. Al t 6.?Kdinburc, in 17 1 he Kllle nl .. Ait t> ? Honolulu, Jvuulnrteli ls.aiuM, loW. The CabalUtic (winter*. Act 7.?Pari*. 1864. The Maelstrom of Keathers. Act t).?Melbourne. Australia, ISM. belnud U?e veil ol Uls, or htcoml Sli:h! Kxirno-llnary, Art 9.?Calcutta, 18,">7. I agllostro'i Caraile. Aci 1U ?Cairo, Kgypt, 18,17. Kgypiian Mesmefhm Patient, Mis* K. Anders.' Art 11.?berliu. H19 Anderson'* Charmed Chair of Comus. Art lit.?Italn.irnl Cttsile, f>'"Uand, IftJl. Anderson's Knchanted Uov Act 13.?Tallin, Society Island*. llirnnlOKtcal Kvaporatlou. A Milli in WO.MIKK tVOKl.D, A MilllT I.N WuNUKK Wl)KUl>, A NIUIU l.N WOMIKtt VVOIU.II, OU MAO 10, MVSVERY AND MIRTH. as given by Prolessyr Anderton belore Queen Victoria, i Queen of Spain, Nicholas 1., ol Kium, .1, I he Sull tu Abl ill M" Iji.t, Emperor ol Austria, I \bbu4 l'acii.i i f Kgypt, Kingot l'russia, Ihe Kajuli of Nepaul, I. ilr i f Denmark, j It Hjtih ol My wire, King of Sweden a.d Norway, Kaiumehamrh in. Km* of the Kisg of Hanover, | bn. twicu Island*. Kiag of Portugal, I . Protesaor Anuerson wotila respectfully Intimate to the Cllueus ot !tew lurk, who wtlitaaed hm peiiortaanres at Triplnr 11.ill eifcti ye.ra *?,.>, thai ih: eu urt.iuiineul he now present!- in on a lar inmu extended and complicated scale, in* uudergoue moor:, aUoua ana pa.?s)4l through si ige* ot ?lev elopement which render it lu its present pliaae unparalleled by auy other of il* cla** ui <1* multitudinous sources ot alliacl.on, ihe niafci i uence ol ?t.e appoiuluieuU aud the elaboration to w hi<? it b.ii been subjet led. Ubtorlnuatelf, I'roftsior Ari'1-ri.oi, will nol be ?ble to rem?m lo long In New York a* oa t!.u occ u.ion of his previ ,ua \istt. The mm ol tha Winter liaj.ii u t .j brm accorded luni for positively Uirse v ccks onl>, at the espiralloa ol w Inch term the tu?:*jffluieut of Mr. aud .vii* liaruey W,hi?u>? c mniencc* The i'y*clioiiiauIhetiui wiu cocaequei>l)y rcu^aln opeu lor eighteen ui^liji only, anil kix Ua? per,'oiiu.iui.ea, olc every Wed:ie?tay and Sat'ir day. In ti' ci iu*' I tin* short term the entire repertoire of manic will be exhuL.-'. J by ojiitlaually /sr:rl se.ecjnu, and all me latest uuve'tie.i iL magical art intro luced. tttnte last I'rolinwr Anderaoii ?>a*iit tli. siiilraje* oi llie uU/eus ot New York, it has been li.. >,oj4 'ortui.e to visit nearly all Uie luge iiu. til the globe, >0 .e a sijoumar In the Ulr* ot Ue i'auac, * pertoiinri ainldst peoj lr,j| all naliou* and of all tongues. 10 every i >ly aud lu every uatiou so vuited it has been hi* aim tosciirih lor, collect, arranje and make available to hi* enterlalmneal, whatevei tm^hl pr<M?il the charm oi noieily, Uie value of Ingenuity cr tLi uctilcnce ot eligibility m a form t>l imuwnieu, whernii u is requisite lhai m*ny arts siould be i ailed into |.lay, tli.U iherc ?houM be llift lutein )'ts lo eiclte aUoilruii-n, ihe novel to eniiv. ntiou, thd straugn to orodure aalouiahuieiiU aud tlio uo>>i blending of iu.iu> uless,og luila Into one picture, la order to produce general i.ttislanion. Kight reaij cf alesdjr observation and travel have been apent sua these ends in view, lhat which Ihe lert'le ard luvea live genius ol He l ie ch could auggesi In Pari* Ihe in.l'isiii oua rt'tesw h of the Ueruiau ooutribute on the land ol ihe Teuton, the l irimO stiUfulneo* displayed by U>e Itiudoo n Hniisb Itidi.i; tliu mistlc powers of llie Auib beneath the shadow of lh? Pyismlds. ::ie magical resoun es of the Mara tralia, Tfsrmtii'a m?l Sfw tlM relixioua cai iliatic ntM of tbe .iibal. ui.u ot the K.)ciety and Saudwlch Ielands. ai?<l la?l!jr, the n-r. lianicai taleuoi is.- ket!ro(?iei)iu po? u lat.n of Ami ricmi", Ku ; lib. Metirana, Chineae, .lapane?e and Po jnM'tin, aw ml led la < aluoniia, have nil feeeu en listed and adnvted *?jr frofnapr An lemon, ?o a* to render the anmaeiuent. * ht. h be bow bis the opportunity to preienl, oue ot the m<mi otxtii v<'iitau, eili aordlmtrj mi l complete ut any id modern or hi vukt times The tarlltUea whl<b Prr feaaor Anderaou baa bad ,or ptrtecUn* hi* euiertatuineul by ex teualve ohaervattoa may t>e underatood from the f*ru that be ban -iven hix oertormanee*, w.tli wmtn modification*, belore people of all aases, from tie <^neeo of Ureat Britain (mil ><* ne<i taalad MM OI ' I'acittc inland, aud thai he U.n alao periotuied under e.'ery \arlety 01 cLrcuin Uuct-plavng before crowned beaia at Win nor llaatle. lo auitteacea of 1 urla in the theatre hi l'era, toxro'ipso! wander Ing Atibaon the sauils benlri" lh<- Nile, to trlbea of dnnky A!-rumen in the loreaU oi Aunalia, U> recnmjieut Orientila . m.iui! apatuat recumbent elephant*, *heie MMgrona Honrlah. aud wbeie pa* >iaa point la to tbe aky, I) duaky iciiina trnr.tiU palui tree* in tbr I'atiilc, toxoid minora at tbe bottom of a n'.ld Blue. ai'. er .hunters on 'belr way to Waafcoe audio eomeot the moat remote ploueera of American cdTtlkatkm in ai rot i?>'d theatre, on the at-imp <<i * b% irr- ol t'alaveraa. in > a.ilorni*. ho one entertainment extant haa been ?o \ ariefll> xutu. and peibtpe no oue eniertalaer li\in* has bid more v i iaaiUKlea ol Ua? el to encounter. Tbeae latin, H? 1 roleaau Ander*on la aware, wo>t.d amount to no urn la tbe mim ii m hi 'he pnb ir were It mi that they eetat..aii two important point*- i ue being thai Uia opporliniUee lor tddlog lo the fuad of aniuaffneul have been inauy, aud that the alaap of approbation la uoi that acoonled hy oue city or people, but by t? lint of the ax<rejaie people of tbe glo e. With these rrrdei tlala wil be aiibniitted lo Umi cltucaa ol Mew York to ulxbt at tbe VS inter Harden, A WIOUT T.N WONDKR WORLD, A NIUlll' IN WOMIIlll WOHLI), A MOIt I IN Wo.NKAK YVOK1.D, TUB < Bt K A T KNTEBTAIN M K.S'T UK TIIK 1>AV, UKKAT RNTKKfAl.NMr.XT Of TUT IIAV, UHKAT KMf.KI AlNMf.* f <>F 11IK ItAk' ANi> TilF. ONI.Y KWTFPTAIIfMFKT A.Nil IKK ONLY K.NTKKI AINVKWT ADD TIIK ONLY KNTKKI AlMMKNT which haa ronrdled the earth and stood the teat of every came. Till KMCHANTKO f'SY' HfiMA STUKl'M LMHAMfl) P4VCIIOM ANTURUM KNOB ANTED MYUHOM A IfTRRCB wit) lie uprMtred In a tlnit'e nigkt. the Karel Kamity r i dndtnx tbefr perloimanee on -*tnrday, and Kroleah'.r At leraou api>"arlSK ou Mondty. He will thua. In the rapidity of erect lux bia wondtilai umj >, t>r Um re*ti/.?Uoii ul Coiuri l*e'S KL .ola Khan, who i: l " lu X inadu. A ?t?t*:y pl<-M'ir? lima de-ree." wl, 'e lb* ?p,endor ol Um !' >1 b ^niuuhe im will call Ul U.a ui.ii'l "f l IB aiodeul :Ue Uim|ilaa JrvMril |u It" til I* ;)' ol thr aja ol IboUune* and Ndo rts, loilieyoun* the brilliant ' Hum of lb' Arabian > and u> Um trataltal i i tl wbu b tb?-> have vituowl 01 laeplcnifc-nry *nj aln-rn of glittrring a ?, .?j 111 Uc UuC* (N lbs Hi .iluniu and Um Mi*iem, wbtu la .Tli* acmmer mom Adowo Ihe 'ligrle ihey were birnr Hy Keifdad'a niirtnea M trotted cold, tliftk *aiU'd ??r' ous green .tad old, Hv itrili'ii pulcbm on the brhu. Toe coeiIjr toora um* ope? >|Uiie. OoUl kUux.'Idk Uifoii*b ihe Uunpllgbl din. Arid br" deree?-.!? on eai-b ilda. The I'aycli ruaJieum will be furcated nlih appropriate ad. 'in lit ao ?? to reader vlie nilae en acoue pencil u a i*iace ul enchantment. T11K HOLD *HD SILVER APPARATUS he-a been apeci* ly mar. .fa< lured >1 an uamebae eoel, and cotiaiat of trrrj \?r,?ly oi inirlia'e and beauului machinery, t \< "eding In magnificence aojikm* ?kkh 1'rofeaeor Auderaon baa pr?\ to .ieiy alittnplrd ClKR AMKNTATIOPP or TH* MUST UOR'irol'H RIOFI MWN, AM) PI' I'KK B IHIKUI. PAfcAtMIKKM ALIA. * i be | rfwn'.id to \ law on ib? riatue ol Uic i main upon llie actne ot bewilderment. A N1UHT IN WUNDKR UUHI.II will ccntlet ol a aeriea of AHTuVMDI.IU ACTS Of MA<.*;, $0 marvellous m llieir arrangement aa u> IIAP1 LK TUK M(.>r nAUAIIOL'H. DKIA UK TUK MUST OBSERVANT APD MYSTIFY TIIR MOST ANALYTICAL. Keoturae will be bad to ?t. rj lep trmeal o( NATURAL >I\UIU, and l" tbe aneuers r>r chemistry. dynamiie, by Irani ca *ci isU a, oul.iS, eie' U -ly galvanism. m*t;neU*a. ele Ho ma^neii-m. Ar Ac., c r.b.i rd In an h a manner aa in aatfiiah by the marvelous character of ine datrli,)' mwia. iiiai'iJki* lo Umii hi hy Ihe m .ill' nai'ire of t:> per i in in *. and aanan b> Uir elen,. au ( cmi ily, nnlck It la adoiliu-d to t wm. L Li iHe aa an enlenalinnrnt. A MUHl l> WUKUKR WORLO hm tbe altrlb' tx nf j vlilnn enjoyment to aodltor* W every e, tonally daliibii.iK I. e youna and ib? uld. Um auitd and Um jovial Wbo would not e?vt Ui? < ar?? ol the day and lha In t of i <minion Uir. to apaud una nu'bt In UM A orid of Wonder : _ M AfllC Of ALU l.tSIM AND RVKRY AUK 111 tM illualraleil _ 'I iiK TH it MATl-RUT or THB \HCIK.\TS 1b>: XVnle.KU.- "K I MIC RU.HItiHL'M ANS. 1H>: WUJtUkHM WROI 'I iT UT CAilUUtTRO, MARVKI.S or Till mV"i :1aR? or TIIK ORIKRT, will he Mio' than Imitated nnc*u ui*hi of narformance. < oniinenaura'.'' aiU iba pn urea* ol iIhim pliiai. *. avu ncea, frotn tbe !?< ? le<U* o( which tbat M mafle r??-di? an I la < "in poard, are .li>-n. -im< ?iio?ia and imtiru% mri.u in iba piraaat liUoa of Trofea^tr Aml'rion a pnrformaucM. and It ia l i Ui? 1 l.-arao*. tbe wall latorined and tho a??ker alier lnfoi-?ai ?i i ? . J - i>a< lallj ap,ea. lor pairouiio- but wb ?t be fe^la t<i '( l?*n? that u.a >">r por?hi or maoit; will bl fonnl to rmiain nDor^aiix to pl?a?e lha m ?t faatiliixia epw urtaa in anu.Heinriit. and rondiai-nta 11 am the fata of tbe moat ?>L?lcd . *riroti >mui of evotlKia< nt. Tb?i It ohul real'y t?e '-he "wwi au*|iliu?'i? treat of tba kind aa tbi inbraK i.-d l. Iba public Of >rw turkia amnl/ Prolaaaor Andeiaao'a .- ire inearrv :hat ntrutiin nm w.ll tw> k < mm and i<> t ni that be li ?a ?*kcc<'edeit will lie In* ?<?'. ardently (Vjrated reward. Tiie PrufeeK>r wt;i bo Afsi.m icit nr hip rAMit.r, IHtUMPU Mir. JOHN IIKNK# AMDKHNON, JR.. (Wl/ar l MIS) U rt. AMUItwlN, Tie OHV'1.'" evtio'.'Sl, t'lAu'?l and Pelro reminlacent Uttb><i{i"ipbM. MIS* Rl.l*A ? NDK.RSON Tll> AKKlAt. INRXPU!CAIUI.ITt, APR MlHM PI/OR A ARIMUISO*. TIIK MCNlt'AU ? A1HV or r .iB RM KA.VTKU I'Ui I Sew arr?nir?me?l? a< to pneeaof kdmt'?em I'reaaetr* le. p?r ret *ad aeebeetra tUUa. )U cenu. t tmilv ?1i- > -6 *nw Ibe orcb??i!? M.ti? ?< , ,Vt?f <r?. tt>? ??rai- prlr? ?? ih? p?r lirt, fctrt t*> thew **|4 the rn rir.1# t*a be ouuilnrt Jul in# lit* >l?y *"'1 i?? , T*t tut the s*. Vu> iv. -k< t-nlft rXlCT f* tut day. I'onw r"?0 m !?'' omtt t>'i?n?eiwse? ?< ) rAT)\.X*? WAT. >"? natmkm. a i i <v< ;? * r m? a i ' : i' y (ft *iOa*-OA\* KXfi J _ 1 AWfftBWBWm. Lit'RA krrnvh thkatkk. LACK A K1CK>*'H THKATR* L\ORA li?U*WS THKATItK LAUKA kkKPK'M TUKAII'K LACK A KKK>K*? TIIKATRJL LAURA KKKNK'tf THKATKR. La, It A KKBNK8 THE AT KM. L\l It A KKXNJt .< THKATitr I.aUKA Klty.S/.'i THKAIrtk. LAURA KKRNK'U TtlKATRK. [' * ?<vl HkOKi>er Mr. JoMpb JeflTanon **??< Mi. JaiH'-ii NtmimuU fume*. i>u wxoi x* T HAer fccwiic ArUl Mr I. K IU\f? lYompWr Mr. T S. Cliue CONTINUKli SOCVBSH V^,fiTl,SHKD WHIIJ.LJO SUUVKA.1 CON1 IMJKl) SHOCKS* conilnvki) huitn-hh CONTINUED hUCL'Ms-S ( ONl lM . Kl> or CUTR UUK OUR AMERICAN AMERICAN AM KRICAM AMKttilUN AMKRICAN AVKRTCAN AMIvRIUAN AMCRICAM AyXKICAN AMKRMAN AMKRltJAN AMERICAN AMERICA* AMERICAN AMERICAN AMERICAN amkkioan amkrican AMERICAN AMERICAN AMKRICAN AMKRICAN AMKRICAM AMERICAN AMKRICAN AMERICAN AMERICAN AMERICAN COUSIN. COUSIN. COUSIN. OOU8IN. COUSIN. CUtnlN. COUSIN. COUSIN. COUSIN. COUSIN. COUK1N. COUSIN. COUSIN. COUSIN. COUSIN. COUSIN. COUSIN. COUSIN. COUSIN. COUSIN COUSIN. COL'HIN COUSIN. COUSIN CODRIM. COUSIN. COUSIN. I'OI'M N". COUSIN. COUSIN. Wl'h nearly all il? 9 IgfuAl CMt lOCluJlng MRS. JOHN WOOD M US. JUiN WOOD 1 MRS. john wood MKh. JHI1K WOOD MKH. JOHH WOOD Mil*. JOHK WOOD MR* JUilN WOOD MRS. JOIIW WOOD MHA. JUilN WOOD MK(i. JOIt.V Wool) MRS. JO J l.V WOul) MH.v J Ji.N Vi JUL* A* ri/>?rvr?. a." ruwiwi. A.1 rLOKAACK aa rum hoc*. MR. JOSKPH JKFFKIWOh KK. JOhKPH JKKKKKftOW UK. JOf>Ki'II JM'KKlWiN MK JOSKPH .1 KKKKKtiON MK. JOnKl'H JKFKKBhON MK. JOSKFU JKKKKlteoN M.: IOSK"H ,'K t KRSOK M.! JUtfK ' I . 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W ITH TUK POLLOWINU 81 RON'* CAST Aim Irctichdid Mr. J?epa Jr.ler?m Un-d I'undreary Mr. rtoilirru Abel MumhjU Mr. Cxildoc* Unjle Mr. J. li.irue.t Misery Mr. i'eteri I'rpUiB 1 >r 11'wU Mr. T?irue Unit. Trran.n Mr. W*.l Ku.ldJcome Mr. M'ch??] Mr. CUui: Wr Mwiiri Mr. Sloldart Florence Mr*. J>?hn >Y.>xl Mu/ Mwedltb Mi?*SU!tcoi \ igu*t? Vua .I Alt araw Kuticnl* Mi*. < li4uirAu Mm. Mo'iuicAcAlORlua Mr*. Vising (-marl. Mia* liarkH binilet ... .. Mm Warrea IYROPKU OK SCEJfKRY AND IXOIDEXTS. Aif 1. An Kofllab Maaor of the Hrwol Day?Hi*h I.l!e 15?; jw su,irt- Arrive i4 Ibe Mail ils*;- of Uxi . .*Uai? m fr.-r, Dara Manor?An Ei.g i?h Ki idaa >4 *u Amert e*u- 'Ibe KorelifB l.?tt*r?A l/o*t ltr?o<b of the Ti*nch*rd Kkotl; Ulaoovrred?Tba TrnuB W)Ujer?vl, but >?puui( * UrBiankea. tb'juxb by a<> mmuu *r?-eB?Aaa Tr?ocl>&rd'a Klrat Ai oenrain IB lb- 1I?1Ui>I Bil AOcettirB \ Red li?ii?ja I.tinal c?Aaa a Flrat Mghl of Dundrnarj ?A <ien?ral Ipriit ing of Old Idaa* and flaming ui Aew Oi,?a- Aitri, ?'? \a ti"oal Ojluba-llow ;i *ou He* It?Mnaab. <*:kuit, Jalap or Jrrney I Jghliilngl*M?J for or "?" All right, ?*rr?n!?d Id kill at W tarda -I/Uldiwj horror atrirk?lotervie .t bel?reu sir K<lw*rJ ultlxi lawyerUoyla?Coyla'a lr. ? o. r/? A ri<*tirnn# Ruin nmnlat flatly- lb? fropoaal for Ui* llo,1 I Floi rn, ? Trem ImrU Xurcoii'a 1'r n ami*- 'ini .w lltr, and U>" !*orj of b i Ufa- Aaa in hla*., >wn H> Ibo I->h Hair I?> ?? Turkey i'<x* No. J- ' I H?im u'i *i 1 i he?-p It"?A Pnra'ilt of Know), ,lwe tidii l)ULc ,,J?a I',.n , tl,a lirll-An tnr?|?ett*U Sliower Itain? HATH I'.ATll t BA1R I HAIR ' HA XU! BA.XU' MftUNO' HAUNOt Atn u. A Mann mrlng Mnthe.r?Matcbmaam* in Oid Rajtland-Aaa ll >n tar; oMnilic, i?i oil n kmittr lo l>a trappwd ~ A I'n.milk? I'uu,lre?r. a Krartul P<?ltl<>n No Hair l>)a, and turna "ciimaun ni?"r iw"-A vattl alt?mi>t lo Suae- rbe an , il.'i.r M ftOTMM? TlM A??UH'iit-*liii rft'k Rl I oae of li>>l? a V illiun/- " 'an Von Hate Me' '?Aaa a an,Men Appearance, " J uat a hat 1 waa atjoui to aak ? A Cornell oi Wit-Tm IMIn-tlH Cnantry H.iy and the iHlrymVd ta? | rrrapnlrd to Ue Dairymaid- *t If rat *igbt?" Sim a th? luat iiaef ul gal I've aeeti thla side the pond"?1? udreaiy an ! Aaa-A llMtl?'rf Hair I?yafor a rthip? rha iMatribnitnti of ni lea- AraU.a Victor-"! > ii?? slun '?A Ilea Ik ./> w t'mn laror-Mrani<? ra In trw-hard Manor-." Who are 'ibeaar*'?" llaiUlta, Htr Ndward ? <?eneral Oonatt rnailoa? Aaa a F,rat It .p"! mailt In ' 'penlng Champagne-Hiudrearr baa a l.rn'i eye Vie* of the <!or*. ACT ill. Martr Meredith and Aaa la the IHiry? Ilia d?v ripi w of Ma li?nt in Am?' etpenairt *??*r lightar A rAle aa? I. hce-Tlie mill burned?' Aaa. r.^rea iioaa Kltr-uS" atlme'.y arfral -"Ihia mat. la a hem and l?vea you - tWkrv a r.?ni mi4?ti and two part lea happy ? * aitatnpwa arrant nrev n\ed I lie wine vaulta of Irrnebard manor?1>?I? and Mli tiutj in thtlr cnp?-M uco't for one >bri?taiilcarmUa'iin?'i)le drmik?"Viilr*. Mitr* I, hia nrlrate kera _c,.j|Bnn h'a (ret again?A bin* airalglil fi n I <s ah mMsr?A rohhery la a *r?id nauae D?ndre>ry mill trf'ng lo?n?e/e- tv>j (? ? prf ? ite odi'-a?A lnnt Mir ike releaaa- I m a^rrt i'rnt/mr Am a vm for tb? kejr- < 'ujle'a nj,t t a->| .-ar.#! ??"YtU/ Jn. w i iUl jro*i r>h me> Anoth-r kao*k flown TVie dua-o- ery of tbe re iraae and illaanaalil ir*? I'oWe -*iif?ou'a prayer -IVat<ur of Fir Kdwai I?1 lie rwul, and iu<M? aa'iKira o' F .are iee Aaa In tia element?Cleat 1114 away of i jn ?U>'id? AlarrjU a reand t.o-d Ifandreut a Uai dlaita <r- tat ,r niui.nll}A iteneral ni .rt yiaa In h .ate. Ar K'Ot tit i iMKUY. |p r^xiae t ie-we nf ll> length of tbe akift) there will be ?> fane. jv r nfm i1 h ,'f g?, 7n\V?t? " ni m iy. ?*Kl< M OI AOMI-SIUN. nr*Mrir"le n.!.l Pai-um'u. I)awn I I . ?l ? ?. .*> ctfi? it* N?ijrr?. .. . "Til k. mi 7 ABTVaBMBNTtf. Vri?LO'? niKDUf. " y Xl J. IL KUou Iwe tiud Jftu?|<* COMIWt'KO SLUCiaW or KIXON'S ROYAI. KOCKSTKfAW TSOfTfB MONDAY AND TUMI) AT KVKW.W'JS. Au| ut 30 *uU 21, Id&J, WU be K'rva the A. H ASIC WOMDRHs AMU ATFILKTIP MIRACLES ? KLLA /A.)VARA. thh brothers haku>w. yt'AIIUANI, l?K K A.CU, 8K JAtil iAir. CtiABLTOft. Benpppearacrr of THOMAS IIAVI/)*f, Who, hAvliir f .ttrHj tin u. fi rd from >iu Urnd* f ?l. o tl fM (about a (ortu.^bi ^koi, v ill ? tu ( u? in n:;. feio* oo LL/HW.:.!' I'K.-.IUH *>. lint UmeoT I. Us OROS rFTK-t; Or Tin- HiuHT-Trt oi niTA/ll I * V f ..1 ....... .. ...... i? r ut n n\mni imixk Uj apetlai ri-viwl h re:??t>u<Mi of CIN I ?M1 Ktal'A ?>?, TMIT UOOP FA1KV AND Mill.It Hi, ASS SUJ*i KM. l*R[<"Ks OK ADMISSION. Fvnl.y Oitrle (?r tranceon Croaby ?iree?' tS amtt Pariuetu- nn.1 0-uai i ircle: u Or* iiMrn?'IwcirM Otia Ouftat Pnvw* VnM ... U nod M lu UietA) ; .?< [X*vn open at seven o'clock. TououcuieM* itt riRUl o'clock pr-. iaely. , TUB liVVIN^hTH' TL>l,hN?MKNT l? in prejiaratiMt Hrf k>nrt!y the d-t?ll* nf c -mp?M ? b,r? ?i"1 b?t nt price* will be minooooert. Hi* toe UiH'LUua of the mauatinr to auumeui ti?tf r*pidly tm rr?-??ina t>y tl?<- lUlnj; neueraLou fix the id Tftuceuu-ui 01 IMIVSU'U kdl'oation. lit- Ibete! ; ivflrrn tri nil . _ ? OVMNAMU SOt'lKl'lKS An oppnrtonl.y t/. enter tl,-* IV* nnd ? nutet 4 f .r th* iiriiiM. I tium wishing o &>irpi-t?- wtU ptfiuM* ittMmM* i3>u?e<iiiitaft.' by leHt-r. la inter thai il?e po>|trauiite ui ty lir ic( y tmraujced and announced. M-Uu.ue ua Weluttlnj and Saturday alieruoo u. Bowery thfatrk. Oror*e Wood S < ? Lea* e an.1 M.inu? The proposed alteration* In tKlj Ihm'.m *r? n. >! , ,3. prr>art:tnR completion. 1 L>< Dm* < irclr tin l?n e? . (ral and cuUii'])' uevv atN.u put m. and Uii u >w <hu iuH m.?t CHpNrioiui and enmfitrtabla lu tlie rtt>. Kvery nt vtll h? made by the manaaeuieut to rrttore tbu theatre bi tu-ii^b poadiou It occupied in jenri po?U Op< :iuik u'ubt um Au^uat 25. JJABNUM'S AMKRICAN MUSKC*. I'ui'er th<' permnal aupei vIjum) of P. 1. IIARN'uil 8MST VKNTIl.ATKI) f.KCTl'RK ROOK! lu the world, aud delightfully cool mid I'lran-utl. Laal week but oue ot THE OIAKT BAUV, Al.lil.NO FAM1I.Y, VFIIAT IS ITf MVIKO KKKt.KTO?, All of which the management i* cnrpelied b> remove, Itgit room to Oilier bull mill ailructloaa. tm ?e wb> hate not wru thoie liting wood era. can hare M Idea how Ifreat cui lumile* tbev are. 'iUey uma: ?? iliem am. cr tliey will be forever too late. The u ill !? oj riluLMUM M all bount, day aud evening t'l^ether wl<h th? i.Ain \nnrt i.??ku hair, Uowiuk gntcefull) over bi-r a'.Muldeia mid b < k, a-tl Ti allma ou tl I- tloo: an ntie walka tllK ?iKK\T IJVINO HI.Ai'K KK.? LI'?W, >11 lilt- *'im -<i 1 II in< M> lUUCaMHi nnd the must extnonjIaHrj <; future living. He weigh* l.OtW lb* . ehtsflu lh? rt?h dally, kwI rr jnlre* lb liurreli ol ?< ? w atcr urn 24 hour*. KINKKT AQUARIA IK THfc WOHID, Filled with hreutiliil Living uviu M, Ac . M ANOKI. FISH. ItKU SNAi'i'K.Ui, ,*< Tllh KAMOt'8 LIOhTNlNU rAU'DUTOR, MONHTFR SHARKS, FORTCNF TKLLKB, BABY ANACONDaS IIAKKY FA Mil-Y, URKAT VAhlKTY t K NkW WAX KI ?l ?HM luc'i'.diux that cl TOMMY, of the JapanM Km'it?r. K agisted lor oue ?Kk. (he celebrated wi.hN h aMll.Y, A COMVANY OK JUVFNILK COMEDIAN^ Of twelre youthful performer*. who have cll^nW lk< HNltflhl MM'OMIUMS OK THK. PRICMM tod the pobllr Hi every part ol thin rountrj. They vntt AJ'I'kAit i:\ KKY aFTKKNOON ANP RVKMN4 Uiia week, In a nri .it mifi; of DAM'kS, Dt KITS. C'WU RONUfi, OFKHirri AS, |)K \k AH. *r All lhe?m, beside h!| the Wonder.-, ami Novellie* of tbf Ma> rum Otulectiou, wtiieH embrace* not le*n than saooin.' rcmi'MTiK.x. from every part ol Ibe world, are aj:t r?*. AM; TO HK SKKN FOB 2.S CKMH. (,'lilldiru >u:d'-r lea t ear*. 15 eeuU. MUSEUM OFKN FROM 1 A M TII.L 10 F. M. I*eelnre Koom Fertortnanca at M a:ul 7>i o rlxfc I*. M GAIATIKi OOKCF.RT'RCOM; 6.C IlKOADWAY,' ABOvi llouuou htieet. Important annoe.ii<?etnent. ren vnyr; MONDAY, Ai:oUtifM>MONDAY, A17U0KT?J, U ^ ^ItK.NKFIT OF MISH KANNY FORRBfY. HKDKVJT OK MISS KANNY KOKKiST, BKNKKlT OK MIS8 FANNY KOP.RfWY HKNKK1T OF M'SB KANNV KORRKMT, MBNBKIT OK MISS FANNY FOBRfMT, Tlx* moat plea* up and arounipliahed yoealiat in iat pr >fnaalaft. MlhS KaNNY KOBKK.ST bet;* to uilurat her irteaiiaaB he public that her FIRST BKNKFIT Will lake pUc?, ?t the Oalmei Cotieert Room, m MONDAY, AIMUKT *1, When an eitr* array of taleDt will he offerrM. MISS r ANNY FOBKknT Will Bin;* aeveral of her in<kt favorKe mb^v. Oentlemeu will plraae obawrre ik?t the moat BF.AOTIFUL AND ACOOMFLLHHFD YOUNli LAM W A ITKItS Are at thla ealabllabment. being \ ery >nperior In (He1- maaoat and deportmer.1 to auj engaged M auy olttci vuMWl In a word, the OAITIK3 CONt K.KT UOOM )IA* TUX U*8T I.APY VOt'AI.IhlS. BEST LADY VOCALISTS, I??>l l.Al'I IMR'UKn. bt>r UAOY UA.MWIM. HtKT COMIC SIKIIKISS, UEM COMIC blKUKKrt, HKXT NKC.RO PILIMBATOBIL BhST f< V.i I AO HIU.I.MiTUU, J1BHT AP?OBA1S. BKfcT AC'ftObATt*, HK-r OKCIiKrtTBA. HK.S1 OhC < I Ks 1'ftA, REST RFFKKSHMKVTS, bBST KKKitk->l<MKN'l>. HINT KE'l AMI HKiI *<*IAK?. BKST K\ KRYtUlNii, and decidcdi.v i)mi BAST COBDU'JT*!) RI)OM BK8T COVI>l7tTKI> KOO.V HKKT COJkDUCTRD ROOM RK*T UORMJCTRI) Ei;of UK.ST COKJHl'TKM ROOM MKM COMtUCIAi) Kim>V la Uie city. Ueuuewrn ?ill nl*> Ihu in uiiul ilu'. oa* URKAT Ki-KCTALITV Of th* (JAIFTIKH OONtKHT BOOM IS. (but tM PllKlilK-l Vr'UN(J I.AUY WAITKH.4 IHK11IK3T VOCN'J I.Al) V W A11 K lM l'RKlll?T YOLNtt I. Vi)Y WAiTKRrt I'KKTTlKsr YOU Ml I. VDY WAlTIKS PBirjTIRS'r VOUMi "I. \I?T WAITERS PKKTTIKKT VOTfUd l,AI?V WAlTKRH PKKTTIKST YOf'WU I.Al?V WMIKK-l j'KK.71 I KM YOCNU I.AIIV W AI IKit.H ' KKTTIKsr YOl.'KU I.aDV W.U1RRH 1'ltM'TlK. I Vol Ml I.AUY W.WU.RH rHKnifbT I.AUY WAIIKKS rURTIIISt ><>I'N?? I.AUY WAITER* VKRI1IKHT YOl'R'l I.AUY WAITRKM VRK1TIIST YOU Nil l.\l)V WAITKRS IRkTTIKHT YOLM". I.AUY WAIIKRB KKK1TIKBT YoLX(J I.AUY WAIIKRS PHKTTIKkT TOCSUJ I.AUY ?VA fKllH J*j;KTTIEbT YOI'Su I.AUY WAITJCK.S I'RKTTIIWT YOI NN I.AIIY WMTKR.H PRKTTTRRT YOl'NO I.AUY WAITKR* i HKT11K.HT YOCRU I.AKY WAITM.H I'RnTIKKT YOirNii I.AUY W.WlK'H t'HKH IK?T TOCNI I.APY WAITK.RH PRKTTIKKT VOL'NO I. .I>Y WMIKKit KKMmvr Vol \<? I \ I?V WAITKR4 FKKTTIKHT V<>1 N't l.AUV VV AIIKUM ("KK'I TIKST VOL'.NU l.AUV WAI1F.HM PRKTTIIXT VOf.VO I.ADT WlITKJW l?RKTTIMT Vol'Nil r. W?V WAITKIW PKRTTIK^'r Y0CM1 I. A TIT WAITKJIS 10 lie Ctty are enir:?Ke?1 to .!i?i ??'? / i-irrU> v,?f.?"B. MTRAMUICR8 abo i!d But urilect 'o rail iu hi ib? UAIRTIKM i'OM KRT ROOM before leaving iba elly, tl lieinx no .u4nr'>uS.t [*U ibftt Hit IlfSTITVTTO.V ?b ct everybody moil vlait. open every erea at *t 7. (Soaw m 12 N ? admitted. Hp u?inh?r, nuc J.? r iium UiM Kerne'a ibciure. AJu.nali.a U ?ki?. J~ H.~<*?r>K*L ( the Trtub Amhaaaador. In cxaluK; Tbe Irtab Amtxuaador. la coming; " ibe irmb Amm?a tor. la coaalac. S'lANTKKBl'RT ''<>S''KRT*II \I.f J CAVritRiiUMT CORCKRT IIAI.U 3 BROADWAY. (vj hROAOW IT. ?Ct KHdAHWAV. UilOAOWA*. II w *;m al unD?<*aaiU7 to m.y tbe ?bor? iUIi .a tbr largnM. mmt rleirftnt Iu iia proportion* mid diH>?>r*Uo.:B. a)r?ir<.e lb* l?tl talent in tbe wintry. ??d b-* rl?en tbe > " * ,u* ****** 01 ftoj p.ftce oi *a>n?en.rnt n> .A' rttv, *? ft proof of wbtcb It Iff CROWUK1> MKilltLV. nrMDRRIM IIO.VPRKIW HURDRKI>K IWMUSLKU* I'nftb.f to g*!r * !.n.?al00 TB0F1MNIW ? THOPHAMD" THOU*A N1M4 TilOWMIW 1-eft. n* wtli til* of rnewn.'.her , iau. Tb? lUDOUi COMIC HINOF.R, COMIC STNUK*. COMIC NIMIKR, OOMU MlN'iEft. MK. HAM COWK1.L, MR. HAM OOWRI.I-. MR. SAM COWKI.U bia beea ra enE*??d for *Bo?ber tw? w -k litr>lo*ln? xnmm of hia rer* beal aonsa. AmuckbI ibiaa t.u tba prw' M<<u<u> Bl?bl fcra lb' RAT C AT'*WKR'S DAOOHTt'.R, MAT i'ATt'HKR'M paouhtkr, RAT CATCill R'H DAlOllTiiR, RAT CATCH KM H UAl'tiHKRH Jl\T CATk-HTRJ OAUUUTML RAT CATCIIRR'f* I> WOllTKR, RAT i'ATi IlKR * nWllHTRR. KAT I AWHKR S OAVHIITRR, * a# % ry * it- tvtd.Liur) ?imposition vnd*r lb* tit'* ??f npr II H>. HflOWM. ru?k*k PlIflBIlK KltOW!*. rnimi HRO*N. PIKKHR UKOff^t. I'll (KM MtoW*. TH? III V?*KI\N HB' rilKIM. ( THK HIMIaXI VW B?M| IfKllt. HKHK A. MKH ft yfllKrorr.-nt. ! *ho I'M* >r*l with .? ?! irwi i>*ifomui '>?C-irt TK-rnK,A TV' is*4 li?ntM*nl (if ]r#l*n?l. %?1 nilt?r 4l*t'n?ul?U*1 P?r ? Ihiik ?? n-yi,.") >? Kr.?i*i>J ?xnr?aaijr I tr IU* < TsfTtXin;** inxriuiTi nrr now n h?J wtU ml. t lb?ir ftr?l ?rp?v-vt<? m 11. irlday UUI. I .u? M Inlur* n.l'H luciil. j *. Th? hut la Moouarlna M ao l??rmeul * .\b Mti rn vat *? wntrt. Ut tk.klHilW ('If AW.FT 'W llTl CBARl XV WH'TR, IIMHI.KV *,m*. Cfl4KI KT WdirC. CllAKI Kl Willi S, CHARI.kV wait *. i?r* or W.K)i>? HfrfNTRKTA. \VO(l|V? Vl.W iU.l wOol) r MIKjTKKbK. v. N i!m> ' . K ' (. <n ( '''' ' 1 " '' ?* < H ill i * Vfll lUr M? SlM IM iPMn f V' 1? lk?? ,l'* _ fvjx #- . r tv >* ? TiW-V.

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