Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 23, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 23, 1860 Page 3
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HOtm, ?QO??, AO*. TO LOT. "TdLANCR-THB LOWER PART OP A H0U8R TO lei, in the Nieth ward Locauoa Rood and rent low- Ala* kuiiure for Mia. Poaaewacw Immediately. Apply at M and aaoe at. PRIVATE FAMILY. A UKNTLKMAN AND Big k wife (no children), wiab to let a Part of a nice modern lim, id eoe of die tine, wide, healthy atreeta, to a reepectalatnily, relereurea given and requ'red. Apply at JUS wt Forty aacoad atreet. between KiRhUi and Ninth aveouce. WELL ESTABLISHED DENTAL OFFICE, WITH L oae of operating ehalr, atool, aork bench, Ac ; a ion* sett re. | tired. Alao a a el] fnrnlabed and Ioor eaiabllab?d i k?uu>'a Otboe, with or without Board. Iu ,uire at 73 Went venty aecoad atreet. ?OAL YARD TO LET OR LEASE?WITH COVER AND / fence complete, near the river looly one block). Apply STEWART, IlO Centre atreet, or on the premteee, 396 Riigu? aueel, irom It to 2 o'clock. 1HEAP REN TP. NEAB CENTRAL PARK. TWO HON > itred feet we?t of Broadway.?Fkor '.nd Apanmenw in w bc'inee mat wnkbed; m<?i deURkifd aiiuauon oo toe ami, convenient to cam AddIv on the Dremiaee. " LUKE DOYLE. iVnr. LOFTS TO LET IN THE NEW STORE. NO. 323 Greenwich street, ooruer Dnane ureal, suitable tor meet luiv business: within two blocks of Hud nop river and ew York and Erie Railroads and> Exp rem building. jUIRNISHED HOl'Sg TO LET-NEAR FOURTH AVR. ' one, twelve rooms, in perfect order, suilaole for a small ?nMel family. PimeHSioo immediately Apply to K. #. RAD, let East Twenty second street, fr cm li to 2 P. U. DURNISHED BOUSE TO LET.?A NEW FOUR 8TORT ' bouee, ?4l anted 10 Forty third atreet, near Sixth avenue, hh furniture, nearly new; will be let at a low price to a re tooalble tenant, until the 1st May next: superiorflocaiion and jod neighborhood,, the advertiser unexpectedly leaving the ty. Address H. H , Herald office. xHJRNlSHED HOUSES TO LRT.?FINELY FURNISHED, 1 situated in a very pleatant part of the eily; poe#???ino mediate and on the let of October or November. Apply to OCM18 A (iIFF, No. b Fine atreet or 1,128 Broadway. yURNIRHED HOUSE TO LET?IN THIRTY-NINTH C street, near Fourth avenue. The houae is tirat class, with il the conveniences for housekeeping. Fart of rent Uaen in 'oard by a gentleman and hie wile, if agreeable Address X , ladlaon square Post otiice. LARUE HAIL TO LET-ON THE SECOND FLOOR OF 841 and 843 Broadway, for musical relieareala, "erarv i ocletiee, clam teaching, or similar evening use. Apply "U the remises In the piano warernoms of J. M. P ELTON. PART OF A HOUSE WANTED-FOR A SMALL FAMIly, by tSe 1st of September; Ave or sis rooms. Must be m a flood neighborhood, and within five or ten minute*1 walk M Ludlow street. Addrem J. T? ltd Ludlow street. STEAM POWER IN SPRUCE STREET -SEVERAL CONvenlent Rooms, with Steam Power, to let. Apply to H. W. GREENE. 13 Spruce street. OTORB TO LET.?THE STORK 279 GREENWICH STREET O to let, about 90 feet deep, with an Lof 60 feet is the rear; suitable for almost any business. Inquire at Patten's Hotel, SO Greenwich street, corner of Warren. STORE AND FIXTURES TO LET?WITH DWELLING attached, in an excellent location for dry gxxis or fancy goods. Rent low to <i good tenant. Apply at 61 iVharlue street, t>. T. | rlJT-THR PROPERTY 64 LKONAKN STREET. Will give lease for balance of year, and one year from *ty. 1861, if desired. The house Is suitable for a German or I French boarding bouse. Pomemlon immediately. Will lie let cheap. Inquire of E. u k B. T. BURNUAM, No (11 Hudson ! street, hva ive vm< T oirrD pint ov a urn Hnrcw Tv J. Tbtrlteth street. near second arenue, six large Booms, with gas, bath, water closet, and everything complete; rent B Der month. Also, a large number of Floors, five rooms on each, in nice houses: all modern improvements on each Floor. Inquire of WM. FKTTRIXCH, 166 East Thirty second street, near Beeond avenue. mo let?cheap, the parlor andhecond floor X of new stone front Rouse 255 Ninth avenue, near Twenty Sweeth street, In good order, with five aad six rooms each; r fixtures, Ac. Bill up. Possession at once, and no rent till September. mO LET?IN BROOKLYN, A LAROK FRAME HOCSE X in a good neighborhood. contains tourteen rooms, gas and Ridgewood water, nfteen minutes' walk from Wall street and South ierrles. Apply on the premises, 177 fichermerborn street. Rent tkfifi. mo LET-RECOND FLOOR, 20 OANSEVOORT STRUCT. X Also, Third Floor, 22 Oansevoort street, corner of Hudson. Bent S0 and 1)0. Four rooms to each apartment. Inquire on We premises rLKT-A LAROK THRIK RTORY BRICK DWELLinc. suitable for a boarding or club hiuse. No. 10 Neil*in place. Mercer street. Apply at North American Fire Insurance Company, Mo. 6 Wall street. fPO LET-STORE ?H BROADWAY, UNDER SMITH X sonian House: a valuable stand for the retail fancy bust nets, it mi]] be rented low until May, 1B#2. Apply to J AMK.H CBUIKSHANK. 56 Broadway. TO LET-TWO PARLORS, WITH BEDROOMS ADJOIN ing. furnished or unfurnished, with Board, In a tine location; nest reference required. Inquire at 64 East Tbirteen'h Mrect, four doors west ot Broadway. r LET?FLOORS THROUGH. FOUR AND FIVE It ..-ml in thnse new bmwn stone houses, commencing southwest comer of Second svsnue sod Thirtieth street, have hot and oold water, gaa, including chandelier* and fixtures, wash tubs, water closets, Ac , the m<*i convenient dwellings fas the city for such small rent to small respectable ^families; rent fits to 125 per month. Apply to WM. McRVILY, l:t7 or )tU Eastlhrtf-lounh sweet, 1 tiOtj. McEVlLY, 464 Third areone. or on the premises. TO LET?TO A PHYSICIAN, A FRONT .BASEMENT, m a but ' tomelv furnished brown slone house, situated In LsaMigtcn avenue, near Thirty -eighth street. Addreta K. R., box 142 Herald office. mo LOT-IN FORTY EIGHTH STREET, MAR LKXINOX tagton avenue, a three story and basement House; gas, hot and c< ,d water, bath and stationary wash trays are 'n it. Rent nsiy f.t per mon a. Inquire in lua store, corner of Fortyeigbtn street -nd Lexington avenue. T> LIT?THE NEW M VSONIC LOIHJE ROOMS AT NO 8 Union sonant. A long lease will be given on favoiwble SSrna. Aim the new hall oil the second floor to let to political iweciiu, c:u ?, <a ininltlees, Ac. Apply to JAMES THoKP. on the prcmisea ri.ET-a Large airy basement, with ?hs and psrtrliw, suitable for any business; splendid Rooms with or wnbo't Board t-heau, at the bean.lioa i*o Home, 65 Bleecker street, near Broadway. Rot be Ornetxe, A:., con v or hard. rLKT?PART OF THE THREE STORV HOURS 1.10 Waat Thirty algb'.h atr-at. to a amall family, on very r> ? aomtble terma. Fur particular! apply ou tbi pirmi?-a. TO I FT?A FIRST n,ARS BILLI ARP RAt OOR AND Bar roam. In complete order, with thrae tir.t rlaa* Billiard Tab'aa and ! xt'tra* randy fur opening at <tnj lime. Apply at lit Qnuid street. Wl'.'.iamab rg T> 1 ET-AN FLEOANTI.T FIRRISHKD HOCSR ON w>?t F irtrruth ?traa? has everything for hi wta'pim-; la real'v a pa ve; Kill be let P>w to a reapon-uhla party, utrlct ly private KINHHIMKR .k DO.. 343 fourth at. TO I.ET-AT UIW RENT AND FOSRRSRIOR TMMK dtateiy, the Ibrae atorv brick lemae .77 Suth atreet. near avenue TV rant vary low to a great tan ant. Apply Pi R. la Si: 111 AM. 15- Wavorley placa. near RUlb ivauia. TO l.KT-A HOl'SJt, COSTAIX'SU ELEVEN ROOMS; Wi.h m<<lern Improvement* two h ?-kl trail Itroulwav, t.imlahed rnmpaia, or will a?ll ca rpata a. ** Raul tl'fl Addraaa II. H M , Broadway f at otbre, for owe weak r> l.ET-A I.A ROE ROOM. OR HROAOWAT, 7? FEET daap m r.r*t fuor, ran idle Inr a bar and billiard room. Apply on to* pramtaea 540 Brad way. r> LET?IX SOUTH BROOK I. vs. ROT sore THAN fit a mr.Taa walk from the Hamilton avenue ferry, the eeood K toer of a houae, conn,rang of a front and back parloa, wttk pantry and a bark haaamnnt. a atar In the bouae. raai Mho imtr>ad:?:a y. Rant f 1.1 par in on lb. None need apply but m?v<M ?p !? parttM. Inquire oa tbe preroiaea, Ro. 154 liegraw lUWt mo LET-THR THtRI) FLOOR OF *17 KA8T THIRTY X lo'irth fraet. oonatauaf of all mnma. with paatrlea and rloaat*. ? atar fa tbc two pantrtaa, auitahla tor a genteel family ; rent 11 per tr.notb. Apply at 23d Spring street. ri.rr-THK stooRn floor ard frort bare mentis the modern high ramp bouaa M# Slutbaienoe, pait to corner of Thirty third r.i eet, Pi a amail genteel family. Rant MO per annum. wi i i-r iri ovn ftiuiR fir ui'it ntKA wo vn X HikIxh rnreet; ?lre nf rone tSi70; anl>ahl? for Bay MrM u ifart iiieu b >a)Bras; (team power I imuted If d?mbrr. F >r f.r'her rftrucniftrft apply on Ibe prrmtaee at (I. W <.KIFFIK. rt FT THFAF-A ?H'?RT MWAirf'F FROM THR city, p?n < * r?rr .OBTWtiieni for ft ?fta.l I wn.,y Arp.y to H'jLLY BHUf.. a Piae atreet. rl I.KT, FIRXIKHKO-A FOm STORV BROWN STONR Fmni, a Faat Thirtieth to complete order, w tb *??ry re.n|?ite for bo>i?eke?-p n?, I nftn ftn.1 ell?er eieepiett; poeare* s .-ftti If had imne-iifttalj. ha* all the rootero laFrrr?en-et ?. s ateam furoaoe, two balhmnma. larre ekof N iventeoce for rn?fort. rent tl.JAi). ( eln P ii. ?i.nnd *od reepooablr p?rtJr%'Jitt i? * rare rmx.rtnnlt; For tirther particular* call <a er w.lreepO. t bar. wick. 7 Reade arret. r> I.KT IX .TK1UFY CTTT-HOCSK 167 WARHlNdTOR ftireet. tftweee Maia and Steuben ?tr?et*. wnb all the mo deri. acrcTemetitft, ail) be let very low or for a boarding botiae Tcg-iire oeit door. rm i.t~r or i.KAn-TBK iwund, thtro. rorRTti Hand Hit* Stnriea are arninceil into aereral well 'i*bteil Ntiera h t.opn oi th- r.elr 1 ,d: r at i tt ? lit; al#r> th" *tore of Mid I "tee, 108 tort deet>. *nd iteae er'of like depth the ilaacmeet woeM make a doebi.'tard mrn. ike b< i?e i..j a.I lite iu-len Improvement* apply to FR a Rf'l* HVMXK, IIHa?an wreet T|) KKST-THK I'PPIR PAIT OF t Hnr?K. WITH nee nf t .arir.ent. alao. a bandwwne ront aad nae* Parlor, for a bi-k e ( m.eman or gentleman aod vile. Apply at ll>i llklrt.tge atreat. r> RF.NT-AT NKW MUOITTOK. RTATK* IH.ANP, A rniall furni?bM t'ottft?. with rard'-n a;.a. bed for two m< i.iha. A.ldrret *. W. MTllrrald office. rpriF U.WKR p \RT OF A HOV-K TO T.FT-TO A 1 ?t?a'l reateei family; Furniture for eale. lo'i'ttre for ... m, : m m.iwwi. - ? ?of ini Um. Q-TAl BROADWAY?*? I XT nR UK AMR. THB KK C?)?" ci.d "WJ of hnna* Vn ?,Vl Hro,d?*T. in pnrfArl r?> n?ir ?od ptetljr f'.rnlten?, iltahl* tor Hob, bnwonn* o? ft A . p i tu rrrt. U. UAUKulN MBOaA IVuor, bte* room, ;rowf mil A WMVmCIPAU AKRA IRA. /XFPICItPF THB rOlimWIOKKRA OF PUBMC ( IUR! U United CormctiOB.-RxiiM* P?r*, "?IW Tor*, Aliens It, 1MB?To tb? MR**! rrof? ?-??Tkii (Vnawmim of Fobbc ObtettmBted < OfTOrtwn will rw?w# ipplboktton* (rn mitral Wtdtet# (rm?titete from MMoillm of rai, foe Ikr potekm* pow want ot AMftfant n>r?i<M*n At (Undo: It blond M?te*E for UN irnument -frhlMrmi, ted ? ].lud Hotertal. on Hlteiwell'. loUod. for dm of Mulia. Aifo, f.'r ib? pooltioi of two A??i?UM Pbj* r:*r? At !te LobaUt Atrium. ted A-WmX recite M Island JVwrHal. no Hfarkn-all'B lajted, Ibo ?h?<b will srafi^WBKJSi.srs'B SiKa ; s'iHfihiu.. | ? jah B ?<ICH(>l*Olf. f ""terns-tern ?AAC IDA. JR.. ) 1 fOKMU. a great babgaln.-taoo WILL hut thk l*ase. A (Uture* udnodirfflot u tly'ly >W>T* ^ CeFae Store, eetablnihed in 1MB. andloealed ha the beet bualne?e street in the city. For pareculer* apply no ^ prctnieee, W Breed eUeet, Newark. M. J. a oooo opportunity.?!a fimt class fashion A f*1* Milliner; eeUbbehment of 14 years standing to let, with Stock end rfiturss for sal*. IheputJ abo ut tx> retire frtwi buaine?. For particular* oali at 344 Broad street, Sew art, N. J. A GOOD SECOND BARD F1FTKKN HOR8K FLU I Boiler for aale cheap, with front grata bar* and aa/nt; ralve; will carry fO pounds pressure. 23 feet long and 3 ft at diaareter. Sold on account of ataa. Oan be eeen at 110 Baal FllUeth atrect. ARARR CHAM K. -FOR BALK, THK FIX TURKS, good will, furniture, Ac., o' a tlret clan Hotel, establish *d over f)\e year*, and situated in one of the bent loea'.loos; ronUt na aoaie tilt; room*, all furnished; billiard room, Ac.,will be aold cheap. Only one tenth required down. Apply to SANDS BROHIEK3. 1H Broadway. Book and stationery stork for salk-with large stock, and a library connected and new* depot; fa vnrable rest Doing a p rati table caab business, and will sell at a great bar pur BlStiS A SOUTH WICK, r2 l^aaau atrect. DINING SALOON FOR SAI.K-LONO LKA8K, AT LOW tent, handsomely tilled up; good locution, on a prtnclpal thoroughfare; doing a firat class money making business, and ottered low, cn liberal term* BIGGS A BOPTHWIt'K, S2 Nassau atreet. FOR 8ALK-A DINING, BAR AND LODGING HOUHR, roataining thirty Room*, with a long Icmc. in Weat atreet, near Wechlngton Market Inquire at 118 PSon street. F. DK1SK1A Fob sale? new and irooxd hand tubular Holler*, id good order, with all necessary attachments, of the following sizes ? 1 upright tub a! at Boiler, U Inches diameter And 7 feet high. I do. do. 34 7 1 da da 34 " " 9 " 1 da do. 39 '? ? 9 1 do. da 64 " " 9 " 1 horizontal do. JO " " 7 feet lone. Apply to t'CRTIB a Rll AFTER, 209 and 711 Franklin street. For rai.k-a touno la dies* boardino hootr on Crosby street, in the neighborhood of Rprtng. Good reason gnen for selling out. Terms S2.SM>?91 000 cash, the balance to remain go mortgage. Address N. a. C.. Broadway Post office. For kale-a virrt clars watch and jf.wki.rt business, desirably situated in the most central portion of the city of Montgomery, Ala , for sale only In consequence of not l aving means to carry it on as desired, tor engaging in a highly lucrative business 'bis is an opportunity rarely met with. For particulars inquire of CHARLES q. wilson, 11 Maiden lane. For sale?the stock and fixtures of the Fruit, Confectionery and Recur Store, at the junction of Broadway and Fifth avenue also the Lease, with nearly three years to rnn. For particulars, inquire all the store, 967 Broadway. For sai.e-a dining and billiard saloon; now doing the beat business in the Twentieth ward, situated at the terui.nus of one of the Broadway stage lines. Apply from 17 to J at 383 Ninth avenue, or id Coi tlandi street. New Tort. For sai.e-the machinery and tools nf.cesviiry tor the manufacturing of steel goods. Inquire at 68 Lsigbt street. For sale?at 4a3 rroadway, a coffer and Diking Saloon. There is also a goal entrance on Mercer street, W ill be sold low as the proprietor is OJliged to quit 00 account of his health. For sai.e-the i.eare. stock and fixturk8 of I.lqnor Store 127 Spring street, doing a large and lncreas ing business; splendidly fitted up bar room and bar parlor, and has superior accommodations for a family. Spring street pier, the market and two English lines of steamers are dose to the place. For sai.e?a first class wholesale and retall Liquor Store, on the corner of James slip and Water street. No. 7 James slip, N. Y. For sai.e-a vert desirable manufacturing Ettablishment. in a central locality: the businese is now paying SO per cent, and can he made lo pay more. The atock in the business can be turned into cash every month, or oftener if necessary, thereby avoiding any losses that might occur on account of having a large stock on hand. Please address Central Manufactory, Herald office, ftr one week, stating where as interview cau be had. N. B.?Reaaons will be given for selling out that will satisfy the most sanguine. For rale-a large, profitable bupiness, witti large contracts for work and prospects for immediate increase. I be personal property, stock, Ac., are worth about the amount asked. A splendid chance. KIGU8 A SOUTHWICK, 82 Nassau street For salk-a first class cake hakkrt and Confectioned, located id the very best part of the city, aU handnnmeh 1 t:?-d .p. i!" nij t Ini'ije ?u>re trade, Ions lew* of the whole bouse, is large. KIHI1S A SOUTHWICK, -a Nassau strret For. BALE?thl stoos AND fixtures of thf. si >re. 105 Rixth kveute. In ,'lire In the store. No aget.ts ueed a| p y. FOR RAl-E?TIIF STOCK, FIXTURES AND GOOD WILL of S.' 'er) Store doing a good bonnes*. Immediate post- ew not. ppfy st 1IV spring street. FOR S VI.E-A FIRST (l.ASS LIQUOR RUS1NR88, WITH hi re i ears' b use and fixtures, at ts9 Washington street, dire. !y p. s te the market, and ckse to the line of Liverpool Steamers. For halr-thv. stock and fixtures of v mil littery an 1 Fancy floods Store, In a leading and fashion al,le thorough I are. Add ram O P. W . Herald office FOR SALE?A TEA, COFFER AND GROCERY STORE in a good locality, at a bargain. Address A. 1)., box 161 Herald oil ce I nor hale-stock fixtures, horse and wy " con and four years' Lease id a first rla?* Grocery, only tore, on the corners, n > n' of owner go n into wholesale i" atneaa. Apply in CHARLES I). IID.v IIKS, corner of llenry and Jerteeson street*. I NOR HALE AT A GREAT HA Rfl A IN?THE l.KASR. 1 Stuck and Futures ui the most handsome y Sued up and de orst- d Sal.inos In New York clit, In a |ir?i lass location, and enjoying Ibe patronage of lirsi . lass I'lutmneiS, lbs ore sent ow ner being unable to atom.! to It. biogs A SOUTH WIcK. % Xsiman street. For salecheap for r ash-the htook and fixtares st a (rat class family lea and'roll ee stnre.domg a good - I esa sal a: artery reason given o?r selling nut. Apply at 1U Newark avenue, Jersey City, N. J. For hale OR lease, with all furniture and h utm eH ? 1 he well kn-at and estab tshed 1I< ae former h Mat- i ell..' at Qi.nair i.e Ixuiliii. S:a-en la.and The a|o\e Home is Id excellent order, w ith a har s-cupl Pi none he i ace F r p .rt t- ilars Impute on the premlaea or al J Havemtt'a. No. f t I'eck Slip. Grocery f rbale, at a bargain in consr neere of other engagements: farontble lease, choicely ae "ted si a* horse, wagon nd lilt.-res. all >tnp ?eaad doing a good and sale h .sines* tllGUH a south WIcK, fl Nassau street HOTKLroR sale.?either ok two first class hotels for sale.gnu extremely liberal terms, or will e* . hange ior a small co olry residence are well heated and aoing a g.aal Enainess BIOOS A SOI THWICK, <3 Naaaa i street. Hat store for half -the stouk. fixtures and Lease ... one < ( the widest Hal Stores on the west sid< .. tnwu. ! I a goou ' a on, and doing a ps> ng I. .sm.-ss, YYII be sold'm rea-?>n*bie terms, as the present proprietor it abom msk ng a chant- *o tmaieMB. Address. wltb real name A. O. P.. box IE.' Herald office PHOT'S; IIAF11 OkLI.ERV FOR HALE THIS OAL le-\ la well established, neatlv furnished. has an eicellen eke light and every . ,w rent, and .n Hie nest In c*. m n Hrooalyn For par'. i dari In , lire at Fhotogrupl Oailery, lb" Htqaiytf. Quart/, ris k (and grain mill, andaportioy of the (thteni foi sa e e, eat a nljr m'll n va ue lommers. redmenit to impale* de powder, with ahtfttaf gr.riding aurtaraa anam rrpmr-a. BIUWH * W.i THWICK "} Baaaan t?rf?. STRAW tRrlt.VR FUR RAI.P.-SIX HORsR NOW IF n?, with or without tna Iowa*, of a .our ?iory brm? < aruwn t. r 81- i. In .ira Ht 91 I * ' Ti r'"fi th r.i'f of I AWh> II BIT1.KR. TO KDITORF PRINTKRH A VI? PI KI.ISHKitS - FOF a^la a Unit r,a?? waatly Idlarary and Family Cupar. will a ta.r a-ibw p t. Im '.li'1 ',?r * th a I'rnung a <*. a r. ? k?i >f ? l??U?tH Wiml F >il?, ml a'l III.' nwrfaaarr mnt.Ttal fo| pro ' g ut d pnMlahl g an air *?t llluPtralad Journal Alan ?wt?? iWU <ab?t nfl.ra Tiimlture. To a gpatla man of litarary utaia <>( making a pmt>?r in?>?' naut tha abnra oflara ram luduaomanta. A ilua add i??nd to I*. B K., H'rald offra, w.U niaa: n lib >r?n.|>i attanlmo. tiriNv. AND U'jrow HTORK COR VAI.T?HAVIBO A ** 31, ) ?arm la... wfh tin* Atlura, and g.?*l will. Bi' *:ad on a g.?<t rornar 'n lha Conrtaantb arard. and baaing aoVa tab'iahad and lucrative liaco. a., at ur a<ldreaa Room 31,No, St Tina ttract <5 17 WIT.i.TCR -HASK THK STOCK A*I> TITTCRR" i?1 I ot ooa of tb? t.a?. .V-wp tnar, Htati'inary and Trntt la in ha . t> a. la! ba Wild thia wa. il Apply on tba pran i?ap. r rnar n{ ' anal and Mn't a. raata ? FOR HAl.R * "HoTOORATH. DVODKRRRO typa at. Apahi ayp? ipmt wh"lf arv! ti-lt wad CaiaraB and avarythiag o .tnp]a?a tor ipmaaa m? i ora than (i m.i. a tha monay. A. ply at A'. Or md a raaL nottbaaal an rnar Bn ary. *Q|W| AW AfTTVR RI'vlNVM WAX. PATINA V' n?ah or aa.- irtty, can h.y a Rrpt .a* Imai paaa, amllatv. Ho t and Titti-aa nf a ?pla. d d Mora nf t 'WB * hiwtcpih# am. in aakad. No blurting, m .at b< ?<iM mmadiaialy Addiaaa Rar.ain, Ttara'd afl aa. CI ~i/M) -rn* HA IT. A WINK A*l> Klgt'OK ?. l.tlltlr. anlawdi.. y d tad p. doing a good bum i. a d?v for H on? fur MO. na for frjn. .ma fa *.4W. una fi WWl una for HSn. miw for fIStt Alan, parara t.r ary b rra a , n *'--1 and a . -aa: il rornar localiooa Apply to It. A R 'b'oaoti. Bo. til Witlta atraat. C*J /WW) HA1.R. OUT Htl.T OT A RRW ART ipZ.' MM/. at aadlag ? loarmlta light and plaaaant mini aft r g Ball hownaaa r-mt. h h morar ran ha m?ia r* ptdir and aafaly undar pmiwatam of laltara patani Apply U )w?'t.a KM AfTLfTOR, Ro- I liar a man atraat. :hlr4 Boor r??m IB. rang CI/) n/)U ^"|| RAI.K, ni* (loon WILU lrabr Jrl"at')" a Hi... k and rttt'irap of an old amahtlahaf ttaa Utaatiinng Huplnawa of fort* y. ara atan'tiog. In Rita rtlr Hap ' " a- II I at, I..I H ,| h,,? a a t inr I arg. and I rofltal I# h' a Iiaap. and tha h lawiawa dnwa with 'ha 'argaa h a^ m ha r ty and Ouuntry. Iti^ilrp of BR' iW.N A RO?H at \aaaan atraat "POBTIftO. ~ [ IvfiOH TOR HAI.K-A TIX1 HI I.I, ARI> WA?T1TT i t k-md . * fur a atora or tn tbd r ointry Call at 1C2 ilrno. ?ran, naar Broadway. Grarp yroiT MiKi tor a hii.vt.r <tp-ai Chap II r'aba'a If. *! War lloh. , ? mi Tbnrpday al taraom, Aag iat 9, at I o elo k praclaeiy. Clay )8 yard dtattnaa. k caii, roat rom hai.r- twrxtt T<ny? tbtt inxo O a ?rr faat aa ar and la nm nlata ordAr ApplytoMi HlRfiHVR, f, ait Warran r .rat ...a. CPT. ~ CO A la. (W4LOT TUT. VKRT HBRT QI ALJTT OT RKP AH1 J and ganr1, a lahlgh Mora, ranga and fnmaaa. at raana' and 'aitfarad at 9( 7b par tf? to familtaw taking four Mnp r npwarda fr<* rarda rornar nf Ktag aad Oraanwdrb atraatj tf rra* Of Raw Bowary acd Ronptaalt atj-aat. If f^afa) and II Praop atraat M ATtHRW CUMTOR. <EW YORK HERALD, JTH1 AUM Or REAL KITATB, At ORAJfOB, M J.-CO0NTRT HEAT Or SIX TO omtMrto depot. Am class Improvements, rich Mil, plenty of fruit, pure soft spring waler. hot end oal<t. csrrteo through the buildings. Apply U> L. PA1TON A CO., It William street Abtoci or goods for country trade wart ed?In exchange for one of the beet Farm* to this flute, i 3\ miles from a city of SO.OUU inhabitants. The farm is iinen cumbered, end it will be exchanged upoa s cash valuation. Address Dsytoa A Josee, Property Exchange, S7 Fert row. A WESTERN MERCHANT WISHES TO EXCHANGE Ei.OOO worth of valuable rasl estate In Iowt end some rash for a stork of Witches sod lewelrv, Clothing or Furniture. Ibe real estate will bs put at the lowest c?aa p-iae. DAYTON A JONES Prooertv Exchange, 17 Park row. room J4, New Turk. BERGEN. NEW JERSEY.-FINEI.T LOCATED BUILDI lag Plot ul Kercrn. 1mi'ce trotn Jersey City by boree railroad, containing-NgMty lots, nesr Dutch Reformed sad Preebyterisn churches. Apply to CHARLES W. WARD, II Weter street. CJFNTRAI, PARK I.OTA FOR HALE-FOUR FULL J Lata of |round on the north side of Eighty sixth street, between Third snd Fourth avenues; price SJ.JOO cm-h: they are offered si this low price to cloee an estate. Apply to ROBERT JACKSON, 110 Broadssy. _ Farm wanted-of noi*lkab than fifty acres. with necessary Buildings. Ac , within about thirty miles of New York. Address, with real name, stating full particulars and beet terms. K. 1.., Ileruld office, forooe week. r)R HAI.E?AT A BARGAIN, AN ELEGANT BROWN stone front high stoop House on Thirty fourth street, sear Rroii)wtv fnrntanNhri In tkg? IsiMt rtvU ?ar?ik ?? ? ? * nlence lot 2?xl(J0; term* easy. for cards of and further particulars apply to B. BRADLEY * CO., Ma 1.M8 Broadway. Fob 8ai.k?on murray hill, thk first class four story brown atone front Houses, with high stoops, Noa 76 and 77 Thirty fourth street, near Fourth avenue. These bouses arc built on an entirely now aud improved plan, having three rot una deep, replete with all the modem improvement*; bulK by day'* work; hardwood doors and black walnut stair*. Terma to ault purchasers. Apply to MATTHEW BYRNES, on the premium. Thirty fourth ktreet i* a one hundred foot itreet. TjtOR 8ale?CHEAP?FIRST CLASS THREE STORY P high atoop brown none Honae and Lot on Weet Fortyfifth atreet. between fPlxtb avenue and Broadway; honae 20x48; lot 20x106.6; fin shed Hn the very beat manner and in prime order. Apply at 77 West Forty fifth street. For sale-two hourfs on third avwwt*. br. I ween Forty ninth and Fiftieth streets. 736 and 717, will be sold cheap or will exchange for Harlem vacant I.nt?, also, to let. one iir?t rlaa* House in Ftttielh atreet; also, to let, onehalf of a tirct rlaaa House In Fiftieih atreet rent >260 per annum. Inquire of JAMES MORRIS, 736 Third avenue. Fob balb-a beautiful plot of ground in the village of Pordham. Westchester county, situated on the West Farm* and Klngxhrldge road, near the depot Terraa easy. Inquire of THOMAS P. WII.SO.V, 667 Broome atreet. Mew York. For sale?thr eligibly located house amd Lot 44 Weal Twenty seventh street, between Broadway and Sixth avenue. It ta foutatoriee high, modern high basement, Philadelphia brick front brown atone trimmings, in first rate order, having recently been refitted. The Carpets, Oilcloths. <la* Futures, Ac., can be bought with the house Poesei-Hion at abort notice. It has a fine yard and all the modem improvements. For terma and cards of admission, apply to E. B. CLAYTON'S SONS, 167 Pearl street For sale-om east terms, one of thk best Farms In Bergen county, situated about eight miles from Jersey City, quarter of a mile from the Astor House farm .and one and a naif mile from Boiling Spring elation, on Mew York and Kile Railroad. Said farm contains 66 acres, I acres of orchard, is in> high statetof cultivation, well watered anttyunder excellent fence. The buildings comprise a new two story frame dwelling bouse, with modern Improvements, bant, stable*, Ac., all nearly new. Apply to HENRY BRAND, on the prrmtsea. or b; letter to Jereey City Post office. FOR RALE?84 ACRES OF LAND, RITUAIED OM THE New York and Palerton plank road, three miles from either Hoboken or Jersey City ferriee, and within 300 yards of the first depot of the Northern Railroad This beautiful land le suitable for gardening or for establishing manufactories of ary kind It would also be a fine ailaauoo for milkmen. Seventy per cent of the purchase money nan remain no bond and mortgage for a term of teo years If desirable. Title perfect. For particulars apply to J. J. MALO, opposite the promises For salk-a valuable fecit and garden Farm, situated In Rotkland county, N Y , one mile from the upper I'lermont station on the Northern Railroad, N. J , containing forty a* res. with abundance of choice iruit and ^ta d buildings water brought from a spring to the house and arn Price fS.000. Terms of payment easv For particulars inquire of 8. tEYMOl K, 3D Pine street. N. Y. c. AUBVAXSON, I'lermont FOR KAIJC?TUB THRFE RTCRT RROWN STONK trout Hoase, No. fit! Vm Thirty fifth elreet. tMwiwg Fifth nnd Sixth avenues. House M i eet hy ft) to se--oud story. Ar ply to JOHN 8. ANDREWS. IV,i Water street, For RALK-A fol'r story KNOLIST! RASEMKNT brown stone Houm, No. #7 En* Tbntv -sixth street, between LexMRtoii nod Fourth avenues f..r parti-ulars apply on the premises. IjHJR HALF. IN BROOK LYN-THK STOCK. MARK AND 1 Fixtures of a neatly fitted up Public II ohm- ..n she K xtlieta style, with Rood aceo'iimodadona. Rent reasonable. Apply on the premises. 'X Htclm street, opposite the Atlautie mrrket, or *t D A P. CAVANAOH'R ll.pisr store, corner of Atlantic ant t'olnmbls streets. Brooklyn. For rale or kxchanur?for city lots or Country Sects, convenient to Una inly, and some cash, one to ten Bn'.rrti built Houses In this rlty. st prices from HU.iM) lo fl6, each; welt rented, and encumbered lor about oneball. Address Trade, Herald office. FORRAI.KORKXCHA.VtiE FOR A FARM-A VAM7able mill property in DnVi besa county nine miles (run Hsr'.em railroad, two ove Houses, a Iae*c V r lurpe r in sod two small run. Apply to K1NSHI.VKK A Co., AU Ko'.nh avenue. litOB SAI.K OR KXCHANOR FOR A SMALL PlsACK JP i* farm no the Hudson river and ni* above Tarry-town? a first visas House la iirooklvo well rented, DSyfnR ten per rent near ferries and 'am, ulth every convenience. or would purchase if cheap. Address, with prtea, terms. Ac., Moirsu, box \U Herald office. FOR KXCHANUR IN 1IRAI.THT SOUTHERN MtNNR sola? Hidsl completely furnished, three lots SOilH) feet, good M.thle oi Burn; n,so fine Oranery and 100 acres splendid Isu.l nesr the loan, all rlear of incumberance; s tine proper tv The owner havlnjf repalned health wool i ni ''bsnfn for property In the Mate of New Tork or New .Jersey, valued at i4 all. Address K. F. U., box 177 Hetaid ofllce Eor RAI.E or to let-a cottauk, CARRIAGE House and bdsble, on F.tthty third Street, nest of the ?untn?d?Ie r<ad, four full Loss. with plenty of choice fruit, shrubbery, Ac. Apply on the premises or st W6 Roadway. hsuS PAI R LOW-OR KXCHANtiRD FOR A DWELT,ink In llrisAlyn, a tine (Srauok Kara. 112 acres. In v'a> , Tibia " itity, N V . adtonnnR Genres H P wer. K*c . a few miles from Chatham corners, on# mile Irani depot Apple to J. H. i'oili.o.V, 12 Fulton street, Bnaiklyn, from 1U te 1] A. M. Hoi VK for RAI.E -NEARLY NEW ANDll.roSNT'.y t.n sed. with all t be m- -tern unpiovemeira. price 11 1 iHJ; 1 ?-at . n ins r< ?! ne-ehl?whi??t. In Nmr eenth street beiweea berond si.d thirl avenues Terms (Yvurarils. Apply tu N. m btralton.No. i Pine suae;. HOUSE FOR HSI.E OR KXCHANOR-A RrFRRlOR brown stose fmut House, repiet- wKh sll the motera Improvements fi -he.l by cav a woik in the uvet s-ibst i. -.lal mai ner w alnut stairs, seven wash basins beautttul niatiie-s, Ac.. Ac ! ? a ed on Islington *vet,c?. Would eichaoRe lor 1 Harlem uts. bulldtnk materials or nsrdware. Applv at lb? ' Thtru aren #, to LOIIN D. OTT1WK1.L or JCH. DKI.AI VANTR \ri RR\Y HILL LOTH FOR RAI.R,?THRRK LOTH, Of ,t I ijc.c.'.i, on the a th stue nf Thirty fo-tnh a rest, oe ner 120 feet wes' of Madison avenue, betweeii Vadiaoo and Fifth avenues and one Ik* runntn* Uiro iifb. belns uarth Tb.r' ty thirr street 10x9* 9, fit fur unmed-ate improvement, sa the reliant are ?tn>? ev cava led. terms very euay. Apply to WR. ' Mi REn.T 1S7 or 150 Fast Thirty fourth street. , mo exchange for a Hors* i* tow* or woui.n ' 1 Inar (or a term of yearn?A beautiful Vila at' lalnd ab>>nt * half a mile fr ni Vkd l-rbtlt* Nt*e0 taiaud Contain I fmrwa nvmi, bull room. with hot and col.I water, water r'oeet# Ac , wrwminl With about three kto dlrlded tatt In* no flour beds. and a yetetahla harden now RUed with rrjtiah? of the eea?nu . ia rorered wtllrthe h-ni of fr ilt of erery ' Wild, and a rrent rarlety of Una ahribhery and erer?reaoa a fine etah> fur four horaea, rarrtaea houne. en*' hr. p.. il -y yard, Ac . Ac i furnlnhrd ootnplete If required. Immediate |.oaaea*.<? wtl be glva. Apply to T. A. HuWLANP, 23 W II am atrort. I i fA'A ntep-4cuiw acrpn TVXAN l.ANPM, HBTWEPN ' ff the Hra/na and Trinity mera. Peceaea owain# r"d r ontton taada mtahinc toaell pleaae tend denrrlption rf (and, . iwiitr la and ahatrart of title#, to 21 Plait atr*?t, ear# of R* ha. da A Fleury.Wr addreaa and I wtU ra'l no them * J AH. OUMVEBBK. fl.rANT ED?IN IKrHAMI PoR r.ANP* IN fLMNOf*. T? f. wa and tae irt. H--A? *b?ea, Hata. Pry >l..?ta, flrreerNm. Hardware. Moeren and <'arrta?aa, for the Wentera I market A)"". lAnda to Mtaneaota to eteH-.nce f..r 14?A a. Prntmc Materia la, Pruca. Ae CHICK KRIN.l A (XX. Hr| 4e i'e a . ' ( - V T JCrl ACERB OF VALUABLE TIMRRR LA NP IN PRR.N. OOt aylraina, near railmad, well aralered, dea.rahlt lo rated, wlllbeanld low, or e.rhanped tor r|ty or ftrmhlyn ' property. or mr rrhandiee, or a rood b lameaa HIUUR A bOLTHWlCK, *2 Kama at met, ?"r /Win -FOB BAM. PART TAKK.N IN OOOP , Impr-imd property, a Hotel containing <1 rr? m? t ti'uard p<ci. bar and reate .rant, In riB inanr ,r<-?e.l lorati< n and dome a bnatneaa of fR .4)0 net profit, which ' > an he inrrraerd. A rare < han< e for ooe acquainted with the baataeaa. Apply MDI hainhera at reel, room No 4. WATCHV* AMD i ! u?orha!> 4 fir?f ratk hkllino hanm parkin | V mm A Pmdaham ahlp hrounaeter Can be aeen at ??? ^ I Grand street, and will ba aoM at a harkaia. ; DHV WHIM, ARC. ' QK1RTR.-AT O. U HARDING B CAN HR HAP T ij beat wot en Rklru bow mad a. The lapea are wa-rar -1 ot to allp. Old tfirta aaade orer and repaired Pealara eail I 1 and eiaaina. PaeViry A1 Rpr ? atreet. near Hndane i -y^'nOI-RftAI-K DEPARTMENT. lorp A TATMIR. 4fl to 4C7 Broadway. | Invite at'eatlen to their a*w and dealt able Mor* if * X'aebmnat la J DRT "oOODB. lanhiAn Oar Fail and Winter 4 rhvmh, GERMAN, RNGLIBH AND AMERICAN TABt ^ l%ll n TO PT'ry npn-npi"nt w?irn UT/ kir uump r irrcif mx>w brocua* mini*. ~ NIM.IXHRV. -W rro thb T?*ni(L 1 HCOHKA. nVPCT i <'*KHA??lt. Importn* o( Fmnrta Fnooy <> ?? , Ml BROADWAY. mi. Bat* jiim roortrrA a !?nr? wvUBvnt of Wilt So# ArtlBrtnJ Ptfgprra. Gilt nrrnmnntt of aITIIoAa. i RM**, in |t?. r?*rl aa4 awoI: r A Ion fnD Urn. *1* < ?P? aa4 CW?l flppa. t All r* wkfrk lk?7 offer to M?:iO*ro At kO Icwftl wkclfAAJ* Ilk* JRSPAY, AUGUST 23, 186 I OAmpua AMP Looeuf. Aukmtljcman and wirit, and thrkk k1noui irnuenfd cad oblaiu desirable with Board, and the otmioiU of A home. at No. J AlUoo place. Fourth street. Relerenccs eachnnged. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET A SUIT OF HAND ooaely furnished Rooms, consulting of tAe estlre second Hoar, together or separate. without board. to gentle men only, by applying at lii Nuilh street, third door cam of Broadway. A LIMITED JfUMBKK OP RWFEtTARLB PERSON! DDAy now obtain superior Rooms and Hoard Id a Brst class boi as. pcencmlng All modern improvements, an csrellent table nr< vtded. Dinner at 6 o'clock Location centra) and saia nit nt, MM Broadway, below Union square. A SMALL PRIVATK FAMILY WOULD lXT THR Second Floor, consisting of a parlor and two bedrooms In an elegantly furnished brown stone bouse, containing all the modern improvements, wllb full or partial Board He lereocei eicbanged. Inquire at Mil Leaingtou avenue, three doorv above Thirty eighth street. "1 T M EAST K1XTBKBTB BTRKKT-BOARD, WITH J\ furnished or unfurnlnhed Rooms, in sulti or Bogle. The house Is in every way fltled Hrw elaaa I \ HANDS OMR SURN1SIIID FRONT ROOM TO LIT il Without Board, in a nret ctaas Mouse, auiiame ror one or two gentlemen. TerrtSi moderate. Apply at 160 Waverley place, neat' Sixth avenue. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OR A OOOItlOf SIN gle IB nlleiaen can be aceommntaied with Board In a bouse with all the modern improvements. Befetence required, (.all at lSi Weet Twenty leoond at reel. A FEW FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET-IN Til* ST John * Park Hotel, corner of I.aigL; and Hudson streets, trontog the Park, in wlucb the guests of tbe bouse have tbe privilege at all limes. Meals on tbe plan. A gentleman of education would, in ex. change for Board, given lessons in French, Spaniel) and German. Addreaa C. p. K., box 3,856 Fust cilice. A PLEASANT FURNISHED ROOM. WITH BOARD, wanted, by a yourg gentleman, in the vicinity of Four lecnlh street und Nluih avenue; mugt not be below Fourteenth Htreel nor above Twentieth atreet, nor east of alii.blb avenue. Addreae Sammy, Herald office. APRIVATB FAMILY, RESIDING AT NO. 3d WEST Twenty third atreet, between Fifth and Sixth avenir a, will accommodate a family or two Mingle gentlemen with pleaaant Rooms an<! Board. AGF.NTLF.MAN AND WIFE, OR THREE SINGLE gentlemen can obtain Board ua desired, with bandaoniely foinlahed Rooma, ou second and third Poors. In a first class hoiue, possessing all conveniences; a govt home In a plesaant tamlly. References exchueged. Call at No. 61 West Twelfth ati eet, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. A FEW HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH gaaand batb. to let. Board included. Persona desiring lo make arrangements for tbe winter will plena* call tuuned alely at No. 4 Second street, near the Bswcry. A LADY OCCUPYING A FINE RESIDENCE, BUT AT preeentemharraased, wishes (o meet a party who would oan her 1200. receiving is equivalent in board, she makuig a I eluction in tbe terms of board in consideration of the favor I ranted. Beat reference given. Address Parker, Herald i flice. A GENTLEMAN AND 1118 WIFE (IR TWO SINGLE gentlemen can be accommodated w ith a pleaaant Room and good Board, iu a private American lamily, on moderate terms; also a young lady can be areommialated, at (7 West Tenth atreet (late Amos street), between Greeuwlcb avenue and Waverlsy place. AN ELDERLY LADY AND HER DAUGHTER. WHO own a house with tbe modern improvements, wish to accommodate a few gentlemen with genteely furnished Hi cms utd Board. Parties of re* per lability will find ibis a quiet and comfortable borne. Inquire at 242 Madison street. A NEATLY FURNISHED ROOM, ON THE SECOND boor, with gas. to It it, to one or two persons, also two mailer one* tor 91 a week. Apply at 103Third rvenue. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OR TWO 8INGLE GEN tlemen, can secure Parlors end Bedrooms, or single Ri oms, with Board, la a private family, with ibe comforts and at elusion of a liril class private residence. House stone front, wnb modern improvements Addreae West Twenty seconi v.... iaj)iiu,?i.i..ii.u A lady having a handsome hovsk. formerly occupied by a private family, would be pleased to make arrangements with gentlemen or familie* for h?nit?im? Rootng and Hoard, on aeroud and higher tloora, alao day boarders. | Apply at 1& Bleecker street. Aprivatk family would lrt. with full or partial Hoard, three or four pieaaant Rmm* House farpished with ran aad balk. Relererce exchanged. Inquire at 13 East Fifteenth street, near Third avenue. A large frowt and rear parlor. well fi r niahi it. at >'t .'<0 eaeb; also, a Basement, suitable for a pbylirtcD. a small Rot m. furnished. at fl 60 lie pare at M West Houston street, ust west of Broadway. Board-w1th handrome furnished rooms. en stttte or separate, in a Brat rlaas house, with all mo dern conveniences. ran he obtained by lc<piirtDg at M Ninth street mew numlier), between Fifth and Klith avenues; din ner at 6 Board -rooms t?? lit. kki-arate ok in suits. to famlllea or single gentlemen: bouse hss all the modern Irnprovemeiiui; neighborhood very pleusan' near St. George's F.rk and 1'nlon s<iuare. Apply at 101 East Thirteenth street, west of Record avenue. Board -ladies and ruin ren can hr aocom mialaied with comfort ible Hoard at Oldlielda, Nurthpnrt, I, I. ulentv Hi Herb ml k. egg*. vegetutiles, meats. Ac Frlre for Indies *8 00. shlldren had price, lnipdre of Mia LKK, 10 Patibtn place, tear Jefterson maiket. BOAKD.-DESIRAHI.K R(K)MR FORisf.XTLKMAN AND and wife, or sins'e gentleme, , with l ull or partial Board, dui l>e tound at 110 West Eleventh street, between Fifth and Hlsth avenues. TJOARD?AND A TKRY HANDSOME 8U1T OK ROOMS, J > rloset sod wsrdrobe, also bathroom adjoining. ran be had m a fust idsrs house where home comlorla are en joved. A email party of gent>tn<-u who ran apnreciat sorb will please call anon. at W Maedougal street, above illeecker. HOAKD.-A HANDSOME Ht*JT OF ROOMS O.V AR mud fli?<r, to le- to a lady ard gei tleman. w e.h Hoard for lafy In Ibe i ,mlly of a widow, wliere h sne privileges may lie hrd. convenient to vara and Stages. Terms fl J tier week. Adiipm Mis II K H . Madison au'iare Fun o'liie Boakd-a gentleman and witk or one or two single gentlemen iiuiy be unrommmlateil with very pleassrt Rooms, having every eon en'em e; Ira-siloo very p'es i en lent to ears ,.nd stages, refereu e? repilred. Apply at 2,*8 West Twenty second street. BOARD. ?WANTED, FOR AGINTTEMA.V AND HTH wife, a Hs'lor and ' barn her. slegant'y and newly furmsbed must he in sn unevreptlnrsble family, and the bouse weO lorsted sr. anno in or shove Fo irteemh street, up town preferred. Term! Mt to e -reed HU per week. Address but tVO I let i Hire. Board a large hi/.kd room. s?'it vri.e for two pers -ns with gas, can be had at t" V) per w-ek. also srnsle tor gentlemen at USumtf per week; ha-iti a i '-'Msaiit and convenient. Apply at LA Hudson street, corner fit Morton, Board.-to let with hoard a liasdsomr hnii of Ria>ma, en the second ilmr: a'ao. a large hand some Hsrlor. wi'h an eltension on the itrs- u,,r with bsta and raa Apply at 4S Clinton place, hlghih Arret. hoard-gentlemen and thrir wives or _I) alng.e yentlen en may obtain h*n<tw<m Ronina. In a uta or elntle. b?"?ne flret rlaee t'a'tlai I t AahJand place, eecund door hom Waverley place, fairy tract' Boartv?a small family mix lit onrortwo pcaaant Reams. with full Hoard. h<"inc containing modem iwipr vyi.rnta. ronucrta of home guaranteed Terma moderate fell at W l>rvtnrum avenue, near Twenty seventh street Reterenoea exchanged Board.-a hknti km an and wifk.or two hiw<hjc gentlemen ran obtain plaarant w.tb Hoard In a modern bouae i.cated ai No. 1ZI Ninth street, a fata duora aMN Itmadway Board-a bcjt of room* on rfiond rtory, alao Rooma for rent amen, at 1*9 and 191 Went fo ineenlh itrat- Houses i rat claaa. Dinner fi ti'nloch. Board.-tocko qkktlbmkn wirhino to mcowo. mine, mn And at IS ".rand atreet rood . lean ale?pin? Rnc*n?, at I rom f I to a wee* with partial Roird in proportion; loeatloo central stages aae l arajpaaa e\erjr two minutes. Board at thk nromiR iwrtitutr, no is I wight atreet, New Torlc ?It la our deatpn to ae-p a frat elaaa bouae. w here prranna deair np to lite in a.- lance nh phyato'oglral prtnrlplea may find a home Wa intend not only to heal dlaraaa, bat to prevent it, by ailording an opi?wt muty to lh-? la g<"d health to lire rattooaUy, and larlte all lalereat ed to call and ae?* for themarlies our ahlilte lo meet their wants. Rathlnp and rvmnaalnm nrtvilegen tor the ae of piieeu free ..f charae terma U per week ,.od owarda. ac cording to acrommoda loos required. Tranaient hoard. SI per day PANOllKR A MILLKK. I'mprtmcrs Board in cliwtow flatr.?a family caw or tain very deair ihle foratahed R<*ima together or separata, T.'th Boar n place twadonraaaa of fi ibtm'.a Aua>. ne or teoalnple gentlemen ran be amonarn'aUted. Bo vRD WAWTKD-BT A OKWTLRMAW AMD WIFM, p a pr <ale family where the e are no other tewrdera. and wkere the cotaforta of a bnae may be en joyed The alto anna a'l) te convenient and ietma Bfdwaa; ineaaap able f ferei eea ?nen nnd required Addreaa stump terma. B. D. K . boi 7M foat "Hica. HOARD WAMTKD-IM A RURAL (Xll'NTKT PLAt'F, J J wb'te there will be no other hoirdera PrlcaS One p. od ed Rfcm for two ladiea. near New York. Addreaa Ol lo am, e Hmltb, Hrooalya, I. 1. Board wantkd -a Rrwor.K okntlfmaw wajitn a f'irn.ahed Rootn. with bath and bre.kiaat. I/?*l. >ri T moat be near Madison or I'man artare. Addreaa <). M He j i aid oSm B' OARD WANTRD-BY TWt) TOUMO OKWTI.KMRW; private family preferred, lav atioa not ahove Kipbth atreet and weat of Kmadway. Dinner at half pam ail. Ad j dreaa O. K , Ilarald office Board wantrd-rt a tocwd urntt km aw. iw a lrlya'e family, between Fourth and Suthavrnuaa at a moderate rale. Hreaktaat and tea every day and dianer on Rot dat? re>r red. Addreaa. atattaa terma Ac , M. C, Hera t "See. Board wantkd ry a yoomwskrtlknar ant reepei table prtvate family or hoarding h > iae having a m?# Boom, with Rnwrd. near I'nioo an u are e 1*1 or weal, will pIcMo addraaa for three daya Mr C , hot 4 ijfil I'oac i RiteBoard WAWTF.I-BT twoRiwtiLR <irntt.mmiw in Ue netghlatrkood of Madtaon wi'iare Iwor ertvwlM e reqwired, with breakfaat and tea. aad dinner on Hundwya. Addreaa atatinp terma, toi 1,110 Fnat o#. e. HOARD WANTRD- FOR A MAX. WIFR A WD TWO a re of If und S year*, hcation up town and rmaia a aoond Boor. Addr.wa. wtth loweat te ma. boy 7"7 PnatoRrw. BOARD1WO-A OFWTI.KMAW AND MIR WIFR OR A a i gle pert eman can ohtaln Rnard fct a private amlly. I riit * mode te Apply at Vd *ep Thirty fifth street, between V gbtli and Nir.b avenues. _ TJ0AR0IW0 -Pl.KARAWT ROOMR WITH BOARD CAW I 1 f.? f,M? r.sH r\rt RutnlicRtkifi at ('Ait Tstik fitrMl l/w? t*T p'mmm. d.npor at 6 P. M. gOABniWn-A FMVATB AxiLT. BWlDlltO I* l Wort F-mrlroptA lit root, ?IA to lot thotr mUr* Ha?nn4 rj. truKWmotr (urnltknt. to * j^rtlomoo pad wir? or ? f?r l/of Pdn-ta. XiMrri bo? 1*7 lltriMi#* BOAAnUMi-OCTTUMItK A!?P THKtW WJVF* CAW nMMn rlo*MBt rr*m? M Kt Hk-k* ftrrrt. BrooAIr". ?wo n r uo' nl from Wull nrrrt nif AnntM f orrr fno ?tow ?f i>? ? > Ar ta<k, im. Ac . itlrror *1 lo'cbcA. rtfWWW tucPATMA. o!_ 1 UUAHDINU AND LOIMilNU. Boarding - vkkv dkrihanlk roorh. with Board, I or the winter, fur femlhee and tingle gentlemen, u.n> be bad iu the flrit cleee kouM 4 We* Twelfth etreet, between Fifth end tdxth ertnuen. Dinner >16 o dock. Board in wholk or fart of ihe Ke.-uul Floor to let lo e family, aleu one or two dngle ttrniiemi-ii ceu have plrneatii Ruxu and Hoard et 91) Cheever place, bei*. cu llnrrikou and Degrew, Hlche end Henry atreel* Teru.s mode rate. Board in Brooklyn two oenti.emkn, or a gentleman nod wile can be in ..immodnird with a pieaaaal ?"d Board at (h Willow atrecl, Brooklyn. Board in Brooklyn.-a kkw kingi.k okntlkmen or familie* can be a. , ummodeied with plenum t Roouia, iucoiehed u, ami, a. i;i puve 4.rrc: Pleeannt louatiou, tern ? moderate. BOARD IN BROOKLYM-l<a AbllTY HTRKRT AQF.Nlieman and hie wife can obtiun Hoard, with a pleeaant Room or Room and Kedri?m. elao, a Hell Room (or e reiillemau. The houee baa all the modem improvetue.mii. BOAKD IN BROOKLYN-A KM ALL FAMI1 Y RV aiding in a liltlc!?? with modern Improvsmenm" lu a cenu-el uelphborhood, will let good aooomaaodatliica ui a frntleman and hie ?ile or single persons. Apply at :t Tuma In* place. , *' Board in bro?kltn.-a few single uknti k. men or families can be accommodated with pleasant Rooms and Board at 169 Pouth Oxford street. Tbe house la delightfully altualed, containing all the modern Improvements, bath, j;ae, Ac., and very convenient to Atlantic or Fulton avenue earn Board in Brooklyn.-a gentleman and his wife ran be pleasantly accommodated with Board and a econd story front Room and Bedroom In a private fum ly. at No. .5 Debevoiae street, three dnore from wllloughby street; only one block from Myrtle avenue and two from Kinton ave nee. Reference* exchanged. Board in brooklyn.-a gentleman and h18 wife or a few single gentlemen may find desirable Room*, with Board, at 1U1 Clinton street, convenient to Wall street and South ferries. References exchanged. Board in brooklyn.-a gentleman and wifr and a few single gentlemen can be accommodated with good Board. In a modern built house; hot and cold hatha, and at a reasonable rate; a good table; bouse well furnished. In'I aire at 2*9 Adams street. Board in broorlyn.-nkwly furnished and very pleasant Rooms in suits or single. In a first class bouse, with all the modern improvements, with full or partial Board, are ottered by a amall private family. References required. Apply at 261 Uinton street. Board in brooki.yn.-a okntlrman and wifr or a couple of single gentlemen can be accommodated with pleaaant Rooms and Board In a small family by Inquiring at No. 216 Clinton street Board in brooklyn.-pksirable rooms and superior Board are ottered by a private family, in a tt'st class brown stone house, at 101 Amity street, convenient to Ponib and Wad street ferriee- Dinner at 6 o'clock. References exchanged. Board on Brooklyn hkighth.-dekirablk Room* to let st 67 Remseu street. Board on Brooklyn hkights.-a gentleman and bis wife or two gentlemen can have comfortably furnished Rooms and Board, in a bouse with all the modem improvements and only five minutes' walk from Fulton ferry. Apply at (6 Hick* street UVQANTLY fl'rnikhkp ROOMH AT THB HOTEL fl St. Germain, Fifth a\enue, Broadway and Twenty second l) eet Families and single gentlemen desiring to make permanent arrangements, can now engage very choice suits of Apartments in this quiet and delightfully located hotel. Frakkfort house, corner of frankfort and Wlllism streets. N. Y.?Sinale Rooms fmm 25r. to ,i7o. per niRbl, or $1 to $.1 per week, House newly luruisbed, with a Rood Restaurant attached. Open nil niRbl. FAMILIES AND RINOI.K OFNT1.EMKN, DESIROUS OF obtaiulnR superior Board, with elrRHiit Booms, In a timt claim bouse, will pleaee apply at W Well Twelfth street, lie I w ren Filth und Math avenues. Fqumhio rooms, second floor front, with Board, to a fentleman and wife; also a sinrla Room in a first rlafi bouse. convenient to oars and surv a. 71 West Fourteenth street, first bouse writ of BDth avenue. Furnished rooms to let-down town, withoat Board; location desirable, at II SO and II 76 per week, at >1 Kan Broadway. FURNISHED FRONT ROOM TO lkl-IN a plea ant locality Apply at No. Ill Fifth street. FURNISHED ROOMS FOR UINTI.K.MKN. 61- Broadway. Opposite ibe St Nicholas Hotel, Iroin HUM to M p?r w ees Furnished rooms to i.kt?with or without partial Board; a handsomely lurnished front Parlor, with Bedroom attached, suitable fur two Keutlemen. Impure at 6TS Sixth avenue. Furnished rooms to i.kt?to a hintlkman and lady, with Board for the lady only, family private; east vide of Broadway. Address Mrs A., station i> 1'osl odice. Furnished rooms to let-two okntlkmkn wisbinR to room toyelber ran f.nd a front Room on the second Hunr in a private family; the house hss all the mmlern improvements and is near Broecway. in pure, with reference, at 1S9 Prince street 1 furnished rooms to thic first floor. 1 A Bedroom, : r ,n t and I ack Parlor, with rss. Also, two Rooms for bons' keewti r. Only aetiteel people may Impure at ti e private house No. M', Broome street. Gentlemen and their wives ok single qen lleiuen >an be accommodated with Hoard at Mra. Wealier'a. 1 179 Broadway, one door anutli of Twenty eighth siren House contains *11 the modern improvement*. Rel'e rences exchanged. Handsomely furnished, well ventilated Kncnu, tuiRle or In suite, with or without Board, at No. if Clinton place. No. 44 west ninth street. NEAR tifth wm one.- Rooms lo let, furnished or unfair taped. In suila or singly. to ReLtiemen onl), In a r|">et, first class house silt breakfast If d?sired, every attention paid; unexceptionable rtfrret ces ^rcn and required. KOOMS WITH BOARD.-AN KLE'IAVT SUIT OF Rooms. haiulaoRp ly fnrnish'il, csn be obtained at the private hovrdine bouso recently o'oic l at 67 I-tsi fw- ic.y thirt' street, also, a ft w Rooms lor alnitle Rentl nen. The location is unsurpassed lor p re-unit iiLletness, ami is sect's stble hy severs! lie- a of slayes ami carm. YlOflMS WANTED-FOR A UKNTLRMAN AND LADY, Jl with Besrd for ibe latlr, or would take part of a real house In some Rood loratloo. Address Rooms, Malison I sonar# Pte1 cll ce. SC11P <>F ROOMS, AND ROOMS AND BOARD M V V UK had at .No. M W cat M veim <-Llh atrccl. SKVKX DOLLARS.?AN AORF.F.AHl.K MARRIED couple may ovtain Board atxl acomiurtabio H . in. with a I am pr ia> fao t. at the %? >?#rate, or avrry I.itks nice llotm lai -ad a: a moderatr ?d-aace. h. are at 231 Henry creel. TWO OR T1IRVK iiVNT1.F.YEN < AN OBTAIN NEATLY t<irni?t.ed Roi n ? with part,ol Board, In a ao< ial prti ale fa iriljr Hi ma on in n* all the improvement* and ta plea *ani j located pear Hnwdway. Apply at No. M feat Terel th eltrtl. TO LET?WITH PARTIAL BOARB, TWO ROOMS. CON teniap, to one or lao renilemei, aim naeof oath and paa Ni*? ti'il tbuae who reaped the hanbath uead apply, at M dare creek TO LET?A HAHF.NRNT. 2fa70, IN A HOOD H1SINKSR location, and a rear bnildlni. suitable for a factory, with cartway emtranre, three floors, li.'.?4A well lighted For leema and further partn ulark apply at LIOIITK A KRABBl BY R, 471 Hrrc ire ? reel TO LET-TO NTNWI.E ORNTLKMEN. FURNISHED Roome In a prlralo laraily occupying a flrkt aea ho aa, banriaome'y fnrn.ahed. and piwaeaa.nt,' all modern improve men la. In the irnwt central and ellfthle part o( Broadway, juet below tmoo an .are. Apply at <12 Broadway. T> I. RE ?WITH BOARD, TWO VRRT NICK LARGE K.oma, wiUrrloroie (aa.Ac house haa the modern in Piovemenia, In a rery pleaaant an atioa. tire mloutee' a?k ir m Wall airee: ferry, alio a amall Room. Oall at III M? lap ia atreei, Brooklyn. TO I.FT-WITH OR WITHOUT PARTIAL HOARD A web furnished Room, use of piano; family pen tee I end am ill, in ehi dren. nelyhN.rhiod aneteepUona a, price mo derate. In.('lire al 21 Raal Twenty fourth afreet, between Ma dleon aotinre and Ponrth area no. TO I.ET-TO A SINGLE OKNT1.RMAN. AN TNPEf'FN ' deal and nlrely furaMbed Bedroom. without Board, in a prlra e French lem'ly. Appiy at 1>7 Hroome etred. E*rANTED?A FEW SJNOLE (IKVTT.KMKN TO FT Hoard, where they will here pleaaant noma'and every comfort of a home Apply at Mr* Lowrey a. Poplar, corner ?< K coney sired Bronfclyfl TENANTED A PLEASANT RottM. WfTI! OR WITHOUT IT Break ft*< in a raepe. At > pr ve fani y, Se'ween ilraad and E . h'h alreet Addreae, stating lerma, which m iat be moderate, s. f . Herald .dB.-e. U'ANTEP-ROARO BT A YOUBO MAN; A SMALL nom with l eakfaat and (Inner or tea be-a en Mle-.-k er and N nth atreeia. Terms M per week. Addr< *e S. J', ii, Herald office. WANTED IV A <4RNTI.RH A N AMI I.AOV, A HA Ml IT a. n.rly rnlahed Room. Board fivr the ady 'inly a nnet flare, where there are f?w or nootber boarders v-cma m >at e moderate. Addreaa. ali^^mn Nelson. Herald office. W'ANTITO-BETWEVN Till RIT AN It SI VTH AVENl'HH, II ill t above Twenty lift* etreet with a French m A men ran f?m y. R me. nf'.raiebed pref?rr> d> for a c ' -man, ai;e and < am hter, ? nh K-wrd or i unremenree lor r??>kin*. Addre-* *u i.? !?itnt. dc . K S. M . hrw 1,007 Poet edme Re lereneea cwb.uK'd. fA*ANTED A FURNISHED OR I'NFI RNISHKP R'b 'M, IT lie a kit*' ?ri within Overrun a# wa k from * ty Hal', wits. leerd A aildreaeed to H S . Herald ..Rica, taint .lira i. and e. ina, a .11 meet a ,th attention r?R WEnC-ANO PART1M, BOARD for TWO ?T<7 K< i t>mrn, at So 4 Warran plaer nirrru. KfWi< ft?>r Roofn wall rni?h?d. ' mI rluw hooa?. g-ni??l D< *b>*)rlK??1. n??r S?h(?|MB a<|u?rr Fwfly air* I and qnMM Ornilnman and wif* llil Habtnodon pouarb. hbtwkrn rabk and Tpot atrrrm, on ib? want atdr Hn*rd with haodaom* f forr 'tk?d 'B ntw or Bin*>r at rmarmaM# rain*. bo >M flr?< r:?m I'nntrrptionnbla rrfrroonoa ?1r?o and ro'j >trs4. l>uti ard onrt pat tkn door. tm m rorRTBRNTH rtrrrt. nbar nr-rn aybAA iR< nrrt, mtk handai innij furntakad Rrami. la ao'-anr mrr* ?l r??rnaM? ratm fto'iao Ilral alaaa brawn ?r?? l ?iraptlraiab * rafrrrnoaa mqiimd. 1)1) UNION imt ARR-ROOW IN RUITH TO l.KT, * Boat'' A'?", tint? Room*. nTISTII STRHtT HRTWREN rirTII AND SIXTH BT?? o?? Pmrablr Roooia In aota or arparaidlr. for ntlrmrn and tknr wltm or a.ntla arnt.rinrn. Tba boaaa ?tnt r-rtari mm. I'.narr at 6 o Block. * L' WTST TWRKTT rnrRTO STREW, RRTWBRN to RiUk and ?rk amainm.?Tba mure Rneond Tim* (furriaard r for faodian. raw ha had In lb? Bbrrm Aral naaa h an on manor at la larai alao Pnru* and BaAroom am Ik ltd ftrot. 4Qi U'TFUlin STREET, NBAR Foraai^d *r??,a Hoard. ?J m M par work wtik f'ard. I? k K. wither irr of a bandar*** i *?V.r. Tranatanl Nard**a 'n*d >n maa* rak'a *mm El Both apotra. W?ck. taa all i'?ki. 3 BOARDING ISO LODGING. L'Q WKHT FOURTEENTH HTRKKT. BBTWRKM FIFTH UO Md HttLk t??uuM 1-arge and pleasant Room. to et lu suits, * nh board lo tsmilles, slao desirable R - mm for .ingle geullerneu. bath, with but mod ooid water. Dinner at li>4. References exchanged. 79 TRUTH RTKKKT. NKAR FIFTH AVKKUB.-HU1T8 I it of Parlor* and bedroom*, and single Room*, to Jet, Willi Board, to respectable parties. Q(l KA8T TWRNTY FIRST STKKKT. liKAMKRiT OU park ?To let, sun* ol handsomely furnished Huotna. suitable for Inmille* or single gcnllemeu House tlr.l ciats. Location one of the beat to the city. Park privilege. MKPKJNI; STKKKT, FOUR DOORS PROM BROADway ?Three or four young meu can lie accommodated wnb good board aud pleasant Rooms, and tbe privilege ot bathroom, at KJ per week each. T f\Q WKKT FOURTHKJTTH STKKKT.?LAROR AJUIJ JUt" well furnnihed Room*, with llrM class Board, to let; lucaUon the tlneat ami nuet healthy in the city. Only I he.a who wish for permanent board need apply, 11 U NINTH STRKKT?SKOONP FLOOR I'ARI.OR ASTt 11 <7 Bedroom attached to let. with Board, aieguntly furnished; also two liaek Rooms name Door; relertocc* e?ckauged; house tint class, dinner at ti. mliOHTH KTRERT, THRBE DOORS PROM BROAD. way. with or without Hoard?Rosewood newly fur. niakrit Parlor* (large) on Drsi. second and third Doors, witM 1 WIUI iiim-nra. jirit'rtuizfv ricuinxcii. 7fi7 R.^>Al>\VAV.-STKAN(iKR8 VIKITINU NRW * " w*1 goo<i *< < << in modnt lor * at lb* above i>4*< ? . The bo\u?e having \ nen thoroughly renovated > now op*n in receive gueila. The b*?u??* ih k??i>t on the Rurope te riau. M 'lh remauranl attached, Table (1 bote at an u'ooefc. Y reuch ami Hpai \Kh awoken. rOl'WTHY UO\KD, Board in thb country k fkw- v acant poomh ii?n c .5 l^,*'aoe of William II. Dfbblee, Mrawberrj UlU, Fumtord, Conn. (FOl'NTRY BOARD.?BRVkm OK KIOHT PKRsnNH i'AHf J liiid pleiisant kimibdh lind good u-c.tnm. ?Ulion? at a f u-ira bouse. situated at the Highlands. on the Hudson only threa niinutfH* walk from the river. Term* *6 per week.For further particulars iiddreaa W. R. Brook*, Foci Montgomery, Oranga county, N. Y. SVMMEH KKSOHTS. Strawberry farms, kkar red hank jnonmotth ouolv, New Jersey ?At this delightful ( nam resort pleasant suit* of room* for families omv be bed from Aug At 26. Term* moderate. Apply U> J. WARRKN, aa above, or to Mr. MII.I.8. 678 Broadway. Boats to I'ort Monmouth from Robinson atreet pier, Nor III riaer, daily at 8 A. M. and ? P. V., thence by rail atul at age. iiol'hkm, minims, *(!., wanted, HOUSE WANTKD- FOR A SMAI.f, FAMII.Y. WITHOUT i hlldren. Rent out to exceed $1,000. Situation between Kocith and Sereuth avenues and Ninth and Forty aeoad streets. Alao wanted by same party, a private Stable eon.gniei.tto booac. Addreia House and Stable, Herald office. OFFICE WANTED-BY A YOl'NtJ PHYSICIAN, Located between Twenty fifth and Thirty filth Btreeta, weal nt Sixth avenue. Addreaa L. 8., ?uaUon E Poet office, Eighth avenue \\T ANTED ? A FURNISHED HOCSK, BKTWKRH TV Eighth wud Twenty third Btreeta and Fourth and Sixth | aiennca Apply to Mr. Alrxntider M. Urcig, 61 Wall ureet. UTAKTRD-IN OP. NKAR FOURTH AVKNUK. BELOW , ft Thirtieth at reel, by a ainall. gentee] taraily, Aphitiren*. | furnished, for housekeeping; no smsll children, water anj gas and rent low. Addreaa K. K., Herald office. |]r-ANTFr)-A SMALL PF.TATCHFD 0FF1CK, BKl,OW FY DuaneWtreet Pent mini lie low , payable monthly a udxance. Address IV., box 1.160 Ptiat office. TV-ANTEP-FRtiM SFPTKMBFR TILL FIRST OF MAT? ft bv a tingle gentle*an, three moderate aized Room*, and bath room (with privilege of km-ben), unfurnished, except carpeta; no service required; location, between Fourth sod sixth avenues. and Fourteenth and Thirty fourth streets. None but those ha', mg roonia answering to the above need apply. Andreas box 2 f29 Post office. "IITANTRD?A S.MAI J. FURNISHED HOl'KK OR COTFF tare, or part ol a Houae. with aole use d the kib ben, la i the tipper part of the city. Possession iviabed tor on the first of September uatil first of December or January neat. Addresa 111) Intc. n kttrmal Hotel, lion Saturday. WANTED BY A SMALL AMFRJCAN FAMILY, A teeond Floor of three or four Rooms, with water. In a respectable neighborhood, rent net :o exceed f 12, below Fourlla street. Address J. D F.. stall >n A. Spring street. HfANTKD-A FURNISHED HOUSE. BETWEEN FIFTH FF and Sixth avenue*, alttiited between Eighth Fortieth atreeta. Addreaa. immedta'ely, K. O., Herald WASTKD-A FURNISHED HOrsK. FORT11K WINTER, tf to lie liK-aled lu Fifth avenue or In aome of the lutjacer.l s*'eet*. Possession wlahed for is September or October, unul 1st o? May Address House Seeger. box ISO Herald office. W'antv'd-hv a mi mi widow, a medium hizkii T? modern three story House, centrally 1 'ated, tor whi ds she would dire a tiaally furnished room in part parmenl fm* rent. Phase address A Iran, Uod'rej'a I'Blcu ?|ii?r? Post oflkf. II) ANTED-ORE OR TWO SMALL l'VrrR VTFHErf ft Km no*. Id * pleasant pari of the cilj. Ad.'.ma nnrue(Ilately C. D., bm I'M llrrald uflice. \I'ANT F. P- HT~ N~El .DKRLY WIDOW LADY." AN CNYY fnrmi'hsrt Ksom or Room and Hedroim, in a wild s respectable Motet 'smlly, between Prln-e anil Kourteer.iti trrrta, First anil Slitb atenne* rem tot to etcecl eit,hl dnl* lara per mm h Renter* of tenement* need not apply. Address tor three dayn Jasper, tie raid ofllee. TIT ANTED?BY A MAIX FAMILY, WITHOUT t'lIILff ilit ',, hall of * Hoip-e, In a reape table neighborhood, between 1'rmce atid Kiyhlli atieel*, treat I Urosdwt'.y. Address .1 K. \V . Herald cfl . f TITANTRD? FOR A SMALL FAMILY, A KEOOVrl ft tloor, comprtainjr four or the K 'tea, in n private house, with da*. Iialh. water, Ac.; rent tint to eweed 115 per mcmlh; IrcoUon HPist he In a respectable neighborhood, either between Ktyhth and Ihlitieth tri'eta, Third and Kirhth avenues. or it the Eighth Alrermanic diatrlct of the city m New York, r within three minute* walk of the lerry. tn the city of Brooklyn. There ntnat b* hut una other family In the house. Address, w ttli full partionWira, H. L. Judsou, Sentinel < thee, No.l. t'entre street. New York. 'I'll m i; vi t \. ltUlAlTA.-thk ELEVENTH ANNEAL RKOATTA OT JU the New R,*hel!e Yacht t'lub, will take pi., e fr< m Keb" Ray. New Roche.le Saturday, A'trust .'5. It-do. Ere* tor all Iwrate twenty nine feet and under, ib and m-onaaiJ m tiro claaaea. puraes, WO and HO; cat rigged boats in two clame*. puraea WO ana 13'. entrance fee ten per cent of p urse. Time allowed, three mlt utes to the foot; a.l be enter1 eo by 11, race to commence at 12 M. Ry order ROBERT H. COLE, Ooanmoilore. * Isaac Heart no tow, Purser IMU.ITMAL,. yr.l.Ml* CITIIKNB, AROI SK. r Asa reckieridre party, we call ont fellow clt >ene trvmorrow everlnr at 11, o'clock, at the corner of Twenty ainM street and Eighth arenue. MMtKL MOODW ARD, Bec'y. niMit*. Runnel Wr?*1war4, Nicholas I idge, .bones AlpeU, Patrick fnO. .Lihn Ho so Michael Hsapel. The noi fji.tb centrali ampamn cu?h~wn.i? 'meet on Thursday eventne, 2Ad Inst . st el-ht n'e|.*-k *1 c.i sou a Bui'din* coii eroi Krusdway and 1 nirteenth street. All person* favorable to the election of Po-urla# and Jobaanm sre United to attend. Hm went speaker* will be present and addreaa the meet,nr. My ruder, JiNIN R. ltRl'IOk, President. K * * l ^ 1 ' rrgtarlco. "1 *|TH WARP-A RKfirr.AR M'ICllS'l or Tf'fl It) .Rrethiorv ?e end Iaho na'> nel Ir?r<- t' thia Thirteenth ward will tie held at Thrum HiHtn, t "Union Vtreet. or TVtror at Kmlnl. An. i.At .'J, At r orkl- Ky enter. I? f. Scrcetary JAMRK D. FLYHM, ProatdmL IriTTwarp DoUTTiTTi and joiiksov campaio* I flub -At A meetint r>l the Ahwre CM. held at lb? < o>per liiaUlntw ?n Wedneodiiy evening. Algn-t tl, no mohoc l>r c. r .bim) wutpc 'dh i'fri catv ivtirmnn. a ad John J P) mood hecreiAr. On motion. the fn!lowu.ic permanent < the* re were elected by large bia orltiee ? iVeoident. Phnrle? tl. Cnnwll: Vice Pre. 'er.te, Vm*r%. A.hrey, Heh.rmer And Klie y PC elarieo iMAjVW)' A?d Mi.'lu<el IU1. tin. Trc*?nrcr r Dnhoia NMin hundred a-Hre demo* cr*to eom >d their nAm?a 11 loo and h.irinoti/ pre.Jojed. 1 he meeting Adjourned to meet on Tneoday evening atlt, .1 the AAfne clice. at "S o'clock. The democracy of the war ft for r?h> to the election of Ponetiul orit .) oho eon ore <-,>r<jioii? in \ ted in attend CBARIjfi U. I'ORNIELL, PrcAidetil. I t" Romi ) t V liAitio tFocratArteo. k&cuhnio**. ~ Pill lUiplNN T<| RlH'KAWAY.?TBK PISK~omT Ta " V vrd ?* # oeagt IAS A. *TKV KJfH ? l| i ,b- tin- pti."e "f the ?te imer t'ereo. mil ?III m?Ac eieoretnna ilAI \ to to. e III. m.-d ptAJ e |Rk??*? i ., Moprtng ?' t?? f I' .eeo-h ir.Hlll.ll Litolue <i|.eli,'? # t, M. Fprtnt ? reet. North nier 9 n r -ch, pier I North river, it r- n ?? i Hit i i-m?iin?'iii' ,ii Wai.TBK URIMITY, Maoter. I CI /? 1'RTF.R -fUOl FRA RANK"?HfVYRRRRv PAPT. Jrl" J, Patmll.?The frtoad* And pAtrono of the above ul a't e Minor* M >k'K* A PothI: * COW I > mentor) rm ? ndae, A (net SB on which WW'? there will ho kirer. (A (or iha bent lew Mi le ftah and ai*> one of U for the beet leet Boet will le?re .Im hww etreet ! >i.V1.wk, Peck eltp h'?o rloekl hyting Wreet.^orih river at d pier ? North rlter, 6s flora. Batt niiAefreohacniaoaa tto bo4 on board Fare II. PORT. TIPIMas, DI' K 1JM"KW< >OD, HKRJ. Ft'l.l.KR, ROHT. IMH'M.iL FRKP KFPI'KR, LUMPY RYR, ForVmIjjVo. (ttewmrdp To tarort cn?PAirntF -A mkw i*i.*< ?pafrakj t elle. I'eiereor M. i^-We ro row open In rwwltrw rta* r re oti. lotirere ellraaftt cento to II. f r iterttcoioie epply lo .lAMt'1- Wllxa^Pl t?l Thirty r.Ith eireet, <c t j le- er OA Above to t*e prRPFeVirs. Vnnrhieo A Wiwnn. L riRKITIKK. Am W?fH|Q| AM? I HKAI? BPKIMtt BKO. _Xr Try Ki>HK*A!iplAd?ll,btf M-d rrrtiu. iHt-d :n y |. ?l< ltd* lg> fl til l)i S3 row| \ H?'."'?! ! unit foal h .g tiili-MlforlUli >mirn?|> ?.If.iror Wo 5Uf ? J rrO nr??t. t?.ry ;*v< H"? >ry. 4 memo*.?HnVBEKKKI'KRM IXTENDIJM M XL t>raafc up ran r*1 a fair ml for thr r r>nn i'. K K.FRKIlT 1M K"? ?ry. d?alrr In rvrry il?? ni t.u. I ?m-<%4 hood fufllnra. aarpria. Iwddntii. Ae. Am RRptfioM artTOP rrawk:i.i.ri? n nxirrnr pnic tat "f warmntrd MonfBrt'i?r A an aoM chra'n i| I k>ml<rr Dull. )' co an ' nrtiafmnal. *1 IHRI1 ifiiHA arnronwa. CanaJ mrf W ?fi*r Rim in IMA. Knamki ' i n cnAFRFR tciT* OF FVW*ttu*F. TW II <*4<?n And ?}!? . M irh'*lo"%J# or raai , ?i lit and nf irard?.iafco MiItiww and I'a'arana WARV.KN Ward 277 C*nAI t'ronl, four d'ara raw of Hraulaay. rl'RFITt RF 4i -A BV AI.I. PAVT1.T WT! T. M?r <-H ill frtrrllnr* Tarona ?l >? Put -?? ard '-Bar n > mMaKo for on or n*r> MidMriMlimM n' t' r I i nrtii.n o( piloA m braid. Addrowi A K, t i 1V7 I '4T\<-v FctNirmK-WAirritn, a laror cra*tttt or i?dl>ia rlaai Hnmwhold Fnmlt.rr. for Ahtck a fair < ? * prlOA will h? paid for ?nT qranntjr thai la "tleml r-irpclA, rajd'tlfjjr. Ac. for partlr<i)ara addrraa for oca wrak W . HaKRRTTTRB.?i/xiriko UI.AARRA, loorjxo OLAPR. # .?Fit* of iV-cbi fra mW. nf *riMiior Mt>. al tw?riy ft r?i,t ib> wknkaalA prw fbia 1 ?rL5rtT"1,WrE fail and at* Arplf 10 JOfiR F1.HIK, *a If

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