Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 24, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 24, 1860 Page 3
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- I I I. SI. HOMM. aOOBI, TO UBT. A CHANCE.?THE LOWER PAST OF A HOUSE ro A. let. id ike Ninth ward UHw rood sad rent tow- Am Furniture for mle. Fiasisslnn Immxflslely. Apply atM and toUk A LARGE BROWN BTONE FRONT ENGLISH BASE ment House would be let to two email genteel families. The reflection room and small rear room would be suitable for a physician's ofllce. All modern Improvements. 118 Keel Fourteenth street. A PEIVATB FAMILY.?A GENTLEMAN AND HIS A wife (no children) wish to let part of s nice modern bouse Id one sf the tine, wide, healthy streets, to a small, respectable family, references given and required. Apply at W7 west Forty second street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues. Apartments to let in a first class tenant house, oooawUug of suits of tire rooms, furnished with as and Croton water. Apoly on the premises. No. IB Klein* ton street. C. A. MAXPIKLD, Agent. Small famlllen preferred. A dk.hibahi.k second floor and front base ment to let, with waahlna privilege, bath, pantries, water close La. bells, tubes, Ae , to a small family only, for Fib SO per meotlL Including gaslight. #17 Second svemse, near Thirtyseveuih street A floor, CONTAINING FIVE ROOMS, PANTRIKS, wardnbes, gas, Croton water, martde mantela, Ac , with pnvHere id the osaement, lo let to a small respectable family; real $17 per month Apply la the new brown stone bouse, 1W Reat Thirty flfth street. CtHKAP RKNTH NEAR C1NTRAL PARK, TWO IIU.V ) ilred feet west ol Broadway, corner of Nlatb avenue and Sinty brut street. Floor and Apartments la new houses, just hniaiud, most delightful situation on the isl-uid, convenient to arm. Apply on the premises. LUKE UUYLK. Fink lotto to lkt in the nkw stork no. so Greenwich street, corner Dunne street, suitable for almost auv business, within two blocks of Uudsoo river and New York and Rrte Railroads and American Ki press building. FURNISHED HOCFE IN BROOKLYN TO LET-SITU sled In Bridge street, between Myrtle avenue and Wi!longhby street, to a'sooall lamily willing to board the owner's ksmily, onnaisung of three persons, SaUa'artory references giren and required. For terms, Ac., address F. M. 11., Herald office. URN1HHKD HUI'KK, WEST twaNTY ??MiND street, to let.?It Is in (tood order and onmpletely far nlsbcd. Prssesslon given .mmedlstely. Can be seen I rim Id till 3 o'clock dally, tUi loaned. C. OKFF. "BMJRNIRHED HOUSE TO I.KT.-A SMALL, CONVRJU meut House, twelve looms; part of the rent taken in board if destaed. Location good. 1/ West Twenty third street, between Fifth and Bbtth avenues. For rknt-thr national hotel, at baltimore, near the depot of the B. A o. R. K. The building ii large, having one hundred rooms. The furniture can be bought uu reasonable terms. Apply to JAB. W. HARVEY, B Second street, Baltimore. House to let and furniture for bale.-a large House, desirably situated In Brooklyn, to let from the 1st of September, rent $6UU. From s desirable tenant the owner would rest one Uoor for his own use, his family being ,id Europe. Furniture almost new. Address H., bix Poet office. Marion housb-furnishkd for housrkrepIng.?Very nice newly furnished Parlor and Bedroom, suitable for young housekeepers; gas, Croton, patent spring ocmplMe. Apply m ?7u Kim street."^ ' *" ? ? ? ?? STOR* TO LCT.?THK STORK 279 GREENWICH STREET to let, about 90 feet deep, with an L of ft) feet In the rear; aMable for almost any business. Inquire at Fatten'* Hotel, Ml Greenwich ?treet, eorner of Warren. STORK AND FIXTURES TO LKT-WITII DWELLING attached; In an excellent location for dry gjoda or lauoy good*. Rent low to a good tenant. Apply at 61 Catharine Street, If, ?. rLKT-THR LOWER PART OF A NEW HOUSE II* Thirtieth aireet. near aecoud avenue, alx large Room*, w?b gas, bath, water eloaet, and everything complete; rent Mi per month. Alao, a large number of Floor*, bve roma on tarn In nice bonnet- all modern Improvement* on each Floor. Inquire of WM. FCTTKITCH, 166 Earn Thirty aeoond etreet. Mar Seeond avenue. rpO LET?CHEAP, THK PARLOR AND SECOND FLOOR X ef new atone front House 266 Ntoth avenue, near Twenty wreath atreet, In good order, with bve and ail room* earn; gaa Hit urea, Ac. Rill up. Pnaeewon at onoe, and no rent till let Septra Per. rLKT?A LARGE TUKRE STORY BRICK DWHI.Ltng, aultable for a boarding or club hjuae, No 1U Neilaon place, Mercer atreet. Apply at North American Fire luauraaoe Company, Ao. 6 Wall street. I rLKT?STORE 604 BROADWAY, CNDKR SMITHaonlitn Houae; a valuable stand for the retail lancy Dual em; it will be rented low until May, 1962. Apply U> JAMES CRUIKMHaNK, 16 Broadway. r LET-TO A PHYSICIAN. A FRONT .BASKMKNT, in a handwmely lurnnthed brown atone bouse, situated ut Lexlngh d avenue, Dear Thirty-eighth street. Address K. R., box lag Herald oflire. mu LET-IN FORTY EIGHTH STREET, NMAR LEXING X lngUin avenue, a three story and basement Houae; gaa. hot and cold water, bath and sutiuoary wash trays are In R. Kent ooa id per month Inquire iu the store, corner of For'.y Ighlb street and Lexington avenue. rLKT-A LARGE AIRY HASRMKNT. WITH GAS and pantries, aultable lor any uuauieaa, splendid Kootna, with or witho .1 Board cheap, at the Seaudmavtaa Home. A6 Bteerker atreet. near Broadway. Koihe Gruetre, Ac , cm Mantly on band. r! LRT?A FIRST CLASS BILLIARD IAUXM AND Burroam, m complete order, with three lint claaa Rllllard Tables si.d Dxturi-s, ready lor opening at any Ume. Apply at Mt Grand street. Williamsburg. TO LET?AT LOW RENT *NI> POSSESSION IMMK dlately, the thiee atory brick houae 277 sulh street, near avenue II; rent very low to a good tenant. Apply to R. L. SUk DAM, 15? Wave'rley place/near Sum avenue. rl,KT-A HOUSE. CONTAINING ELEVEN R'K)MS, wl.b modern Improvements, two blocks from Broadway, furnished complete, or will sell c? rpela aloua. Kent S7tM. Ad drew 11. S. M , Broadway Puat olhce, for one week. rpO I.KT?A LARGE ROOM, ON BROADWAY, 76 FEET A deep on first floor, sunane fur a bar and billiard roum. Apply on the premise*. M Broadway. rPO 1JET?THK SECOND FLOOR AND FRONT BASE A meui ef the modern b'gh Kt.?>p b mum mo moio avenue, W>1 to c orner of Thirty third lUNt, to b small grmteel family. Kent tMO per annum. r LET?THE HIOH STOOP HRICK DmUHO Himae .No. 156 Weal Twentieth street, (routine Cbelaea oqiwro. Alao the high samp Dwelling, No. Ml Wret Tenth atreet. 1 brw bouaea ur rev lei* *ith every oonveulenre. Alanarvpml very devdrable Plonra no Ninth avenue, net ween Mteeter 11 tit end Twentieth etreeta, end Thirteenth street, be tvrero Eighth and Ninth aveouee. each floor Jiaa Are rooma, ami furnished with gae and I'rotoo water, with separate anten (or each floor, belli oUelothed througbcHR. Apply to D. A. CUSHMAN. No. LW Ninth avenue, between Twentieth Mid Twenty Aral street*. f|H. LET-STORE IN THE BEST PART OF BROADWAY. X vtry dealrahle looalton for anv ret* 1 buainees hat two tow w'ndown. end ran be had at a four year* teaae. Apply to J. M FARINA. 3M Liberty street. 1.F.T-PART OF A FURNISHED BOUSE. CONSIST era of Parlor, Dining Room and thred Bedroom*, with uaa of hiv-hrn. at X7t Fourth avenue, hooae hat modern lapnve Mania, family consists of three persuua. Rent $M per month. T) LET-THE SECOND PLOOB, FRONT BASEMENT and .? . front Kootna In the third abiry ol the houan No tSGnive atreet. the Crutoo la on the baaameo'. floor, gas nd in. Inquire at 301 Bleeefcer atreet, oorner of Drove. To be aero between & and T t. M. r LET-in broadwat, near union square, a third Floor, runatettng of three Rooms, uaiunnabed.suita hie for a light bualoeaa or rnntirmru a lodging rooma il LaWHrNcR A co. ?t Eaal Fourteenth at., Union square r LET-TEN HOUSES, ON THE EAST SIDE. WITH all the modern Improvemeaua. rent* from MM) to A7SU. beautifully korued. three atory and basement Alao. N I Ma Lftiiiuttno avenue, one In Raet Twenty Rath atreet, near Fourth avenue, noe in Thirty aeenod atreet. Forty ulatn dreel. Thirty third and Thirty drat street*. alao, part* and nice lluura Apply to JOHN FKTrKKrcH, ti.-. Third avenue Tu LET?A FINE. LARUE DRV GOOD* STORE ON Ktgblh avenue, between Twenty third and Twenty fourth etreeta Fut ure lor sale. Apply I?VK A ITKI IsS >i-j teath avenue, between Thirtieth and Thirty Ant atreeta To LET-TO A SMALL FAMILT, WITHOUT SER vanta. the upper part of adwel.lng, wsb all modern Im proveiuema lav,aire at UAI Mam tRueeaib atreet, near t*u> veeaat Park rrLET-AT ?> PRK ANNUM, A LAROK. TURKS Mary, Modern brick llonae, tn perfect order, three par lure on a Hour all the tn<al?rn taaprovaaeoia. a citable and we.l V. alert for a Uret cl?aa boardliur bouse. being wuhtn one bloc* of Fulton and Jobnaoo atre-la. Brooklyn. lnc|Utre at Itfl Kuo ingtoo street, Emckiy. LET-ON BROADWAT, AN KLEOANT HOUSE Kintatata*'flt rontna. rent St .VJU All the aplendld Fur Rare for ante. on eaay terma. price about flW iAAi, a gee* efeanee to maae money, immediate pewaaton EtSSlllMER A to. SO Fourth avenue. Ti LET- AN Kl.KiiA.NTLV AND ('OMPLETRLT FUR nlahed llouae. in Lexington avenue, between tair.y Uret aid Tktriy aeevtu sirens, wcth all lae modern nm>n *uie its Imm-'ctlaie pcevewton given. Apply to FitRDKKI'K ElSoLbK. JU Pearl atreet. New York. LET?A Fl RNISHKD COTTAGE, ON STOYYRdANT Terrace, staten laiand, tea minutes walk to tfuvrailiucand New Prlchtwn lernea. rualaimug bath r?ua. water el<wet, I a* f urn in e, ac., to let with Furniture, from Ml repi-mcmr t > Id Nhv neat, ata very low rent. Apply to W I* CL If ISO, ka *i.nam atreet. H V. To 1KT-A FIRST CLASS BAR AND REdTAUEAN I | lb the moat dniral btnuueafl loeabon la the cRjr. Furul tufe, Future* and void J generally Wilt oe a I v> y c iivaj, the ure -. I.: ti i ? . i -a ? ?"* .Hi - \ u> Jit it.\ ii iM'.Nuiuii, l/* fr* uAiiu %u-. 10^ ^ o?i BII'MIO*) ___ TO I.F.I THCMOHC RO.'idl BROAKIPAV. PlMVKRf for Mir. Apply on lb' prwiilMA. To uki lMMkUiaTSLV?rwo ?K* ?KO?N NTON* Piniaaa, auti nil ihr lu.iilrrp uatimrmaantA ??il k?*i?,i M.p 1 taint nvrtitir cars, manor finny Iflb Barrel. ram $6Hi OKI Mtu; l?f rtral'. IlliMl. TIU?. 0- in. ? <A> , >U Fourth ?rri> m. r> ust if jkrcey t irt-HuUBRWT wabhtHhton atrran, Mvr-I ??.- nud Ai-i^a at'rru. with all tbr mn arm iBtMannnu ?l,,l >? irt vrry low or (orabvbac bv*irr Iri'inirr nrit done T) I.KT OR LF.k?K-A UOMBOlltOCH TIU.A. ON RA*T n?rr, op p. All? (iMtnl Park, wit ft tblrr ?rr?. lawn rod SAfd.i * delightful nnrwii rem **??..< .meem-ot to ears * * tlllH A DO , r?u abifM amu*. r> I.RT OR I.RAK1-TII1 LABOR STORK JX1 THIRD amour, corner ot T rmustb nnw. also. tbr ?-nood. tfa.r.t Md founA llcars, MMtlirr or separately lAan? M Ka 11/J amd*aj, (run U bi U o clock, of I'KRfcrt a. H Ja< a NOW. T) I.KAKF-l^ytR RTRHBT. NORTH HOB'iK.R<f,TH? whole or port. 4 DwaMlia*. .titable for a *-a loan sw W for a Aortal. enaniruhk of * block of thrre (mm* In 1MB nod apacKms ?erd?n. the whole In * ] condition. Ad areas A ObjrtiB. l.AtcAenajt A Sou a, 6M nnndwif. ER LOWKR PlRT O* A BOURN TO I.KT?TO A ir*'l rrn'ral faanlt Puraaare f >r ??.? lupure tor i day* Bl U'7 Vsrl. k sirerl. faAi fW Iran nwu at the aspiraUoa of IbAt uar Upper part op hour! t:? hapiron rtrfrt, to let, witb bank haawner t H'tae la th-ee sto-y, b'lck. VA baraa ramfonAble runtna, la a (>>*aaani and b-nuby ? * ?? ol ux> air Oan be >si ?n> i?n? d tr.ii* ibr jay , ? Rank- .ini'iirao* B L BALU/U, 4"9 Broxlw*/, N. f. * 1 HOl'SKM, ROOMS. AC.. TO LET. rill JiRUADWAY.?RECORD FLOOR TO LET, SUITays lure 10 A. if .or after 4 P. M, or on the premises. run balk. UOOD OplfOKTUNlTY.?A FIRHT CLASH FASlllON able MUltnerr eetabltahment of 14 year*' aUndiii* to let. with block and Flituree for aale, ike party about to retire from buaineaa. For particular* call at 3M Broad atreet, E?wark, N. J. A RARE OPPORTUNITY.?FOR HAI.E, OXK OF THR beat pay in* anil moat flmirtahtnK Se**r and Drtnkin* ba loon* In tkla city ; It baa been Ion* eetahuabed. and kepi by the preerut owner, enjoy* an uublemiahed reputation, and ha* a gcod ran of And el*** caatom. will be eold. with or without fur mtuie. Location uniurpaaaed. For terma, which will bi ree, apply at the Prairie Flower Saloon, 27 West Broadway, near Dunne *treet A rare chance fob a youno man -an knolisb Ale and i hop hniue, near Broadway, now doing a jcmd business, will be sold -heap aa one of the partners It going lo Europe. In jure at >0 Bowery A bargain-for hai.k, at obi half its va lue. a Wood and Coal Y*rd, with a large stock on hand, and everything complete for carrying on the business, will aetl the whole or half. Apply after ten o'clock at the yard, 2K7, 2h9 and 291 Kant Eighteenth street. Abhrotypks. nowourai- mm ?k solo this day. an Ambmtvpe and Photograph nailery, bs5 Eighth avenue, price to euit the purchaser A good chance fur a young man. The art taught 11 required. BAKERY FOR HALE-NOW HA KINO 2* BULK. PICK week, in one of the principal thorough!area, near a public market, baudaoniely lined up, aapleudid chance. C. B. HOW KS A CO., No. 6 Centre street, opposite the Park. Bakrry for sale-first class, ol.d established, now doing a large business; large brick bakehouae In the yard, vt .lb two ovens, bnndaome store, wi'h two show window!, and everything comp'ete for doing a large bftdRwas; 'hta Ig a rare chauce For particular! apply at MITUUBliAS Bii I amena Agency, 77 Cedar street. Fob halb-a dining, bar and lodging hodsb, containing thirty Room*, with a long Veaae, In Weal street, , near Wishing Uju Market. Inquire at li8 Fulton street. 1 F. DK18KIA For sale?a dining and billiard saloon; now doing the belt buaineu in the Twentieth ward; situated at the termtnug of one of the Broadway stage lines. Apply from 12 to i at 183 Ninth avenue, or A3 Cortlandl street. New York. For sale-the machinery and tools necks sary for the manufacturing of steel goods. Inquire at A8 Laight street. For sale?the lease, stock and fixtures of Liquor Store 327 Spring street, doing a large and lnereim lug business; splendidly fitted up bar mom and bar parlor, and baa superior acconmouatlons fori family. Spring street pier, the market and two English lines of steamers are close lo the place. For sale-the stock, fixtures and good will of a Millinery Store, doing a good business. Immediate possession. Apply at 119 Spring street. FOR SALE-THREE ELKO ANT COUNTER SHOWCASES. 61 Maiden line, tip stairs. TDOR SALE-A FIRST CLASS GROCERY STORE. IN A A1 thickly settled neighborhood, trade AHUU per month; rent low; stock light; wilt be sold cheap. No agents need apply. 1 H. MAXWELL. 312 Third ar.. near Twenty seventh at. For sale-one of the most advantageously situated Public House* lit the city; It Is unnecessary lode u<-i-ih>' tho n<li:fhntjiirt*a nt lp*e?. location. Ac.. aa full utkrllc ulara may be obtained by ealilng oa the undersigned. BxQOB A BOUTI1W1CK, ?2 Nuim street. For salr-an old established restaur ant .111(1 Drinking 8aloou, in (be very midair business down tnwn, doing a large and profitable business 'Address A. IS. C., box SOU Herald office. FOR SALE?AT 480 washington street, a GOOD Liquor limine*, stork and fixtures, well furnished for boarders, with a lease of three years; directly opposite the market, and near the line of Liverpool steamers. FOR SALE-TUB MERCHANTS' DINING SALOON, 336 Broad vv ar, corner of Worth street. It Is large, well titled up, conveniently arranged, in complete worklug order, is doing a good business and will be sold cheap. Inquire on the premises. FOB RALE?LEASE. STOCK ANll FIXTURES OF A very desirahle Saloon, located ou one of the most prominent thorough/area down town; doing a lirmt class boldness. For particulars address Saloon, box 125 Herald utfice. For sale ciikap-the baltrc billiard saloon, UC Franklin street, corner of Ceotte, doing a nourishing business. Must be sold Immediately. Inquire on the premises. tjHJR PALE OR LEASE. WITH ALL FURNITURE and 1 Fixtures?The well known and established House formerly Maaomu Hal;, at tluaiantlne Landing. fltaen Island. The above House is in excellent order, with a bar secoud to nuue In the place. For particulars inquire on the premises or at J. Uaveron's, No. 43 Beck Blip. FJR SALE. FREIGHT OR CIJAKTER-THK SPLENDID sea goiug "team propeller VICTORIA, 350 tons, new boilers, and m complete order for sea Aptily to AARON A. DBOBAUW, No. 342 South street. New York. (grocery for salk-at a bargain. in CONRK T que nee ol other engagements, favorable lease, eh ucely selected Mot k, borse. w agon and fixtures, all complete and doing a good and safe business 11IUU8 A SoUTHWICK, 82 Nassau street. Hotel for kale.?ia,uuo?le ark, stock and tixtures of a Iniiel containing accorainodations for one hundred persons has a good bar. rnstiuranl and billiard m m. and rooms furnished with patent spring beds, every ibitig in complete order, and will net a proht of ld.5u|) per aunum ideal improved property taken m part payment, a tine opportunity for one wishing io engage In the buaiuam. Apply at No. 13 Chambers street, room No. 4, SLOOP FOR SALE CHBAP-40 TONS. LIGHT DRAUGHT of water, in g aal order and well found: sails only two years old, will be sold low ou applleuliou to MOORE At. HAP Aix, nFnnrcei. SKOAR HTORR FOR BALK-NOW 1*11*0 A GOOD rnah trade In uw of the best business loonBons lo Wil Uamsburg, embracing th?- l ew, Future* anil Rtnrk, or without tb<- Mo.-*. Inquire at ld7 Broadway, seruod flour, of KKTUllAM. r* fllOTOORAlMIKRS - FOR BALK?A BXRliAINI.i-riw by Iwubord. a moat celebrated Carta maker. Will take portraits b ',s6,', Inches. Address ti M , 170 Ihird eve nue, near Sr. rnuenlh street. T> riioTooiArnai >"ir balk, a first oum rraph ualiery on Broadway. eligibly tiiuaiel no tweeu the Metropolitan anil St Nicholas Hotels oue of the beu operating room* In the city, ami printing facilities une quailed, Apply to J AS. F. BUCK, 93 Reade street. r) LIQUOR DKAI.KR8.-rOR BALK-TIIR I.KASF. I o( one of ibe beat liquor ttorea In West street. opp.nuie one ol the lc/nes, old eslab.iahcd, saddling a line busitrsa. tie most n.Ualart 7 reasons siren for selling, none need ap ply without luivlog at least tl.UUU In cash. Addrees 8. B . Herald odtce. TO WATCH MAKFRS ?T1IF. STOCK AND PIXTURK8 ot a jewelry store lor sale cheap. Apply on the pre mines A>l 1 bird avenue T1TINK A HP LIQCOR STORK FOR BALK?HAVINU A Vv ss J ears lease, with the till ires and good w ill, situated on a good corner In the Fourteenth ward, and ha ring an ee tabUsoed and lucrative trade. Call at or address Rourn U. No. Si Fine 1 tree I. A A 7 WII.L, FURCHA8K THK STOCK AND riXTCRKS ?P'r I of one of the beat Newspaper, Stationery and Frail stands in the city; m'ist be sold this week. Apply uw the pre a laee. corner of Canal and HoU atresia Alan WILL BUT THK FTXTCRKS, AC. (WHICH 01'"' vs? over hflUUi. soil good will ol a busmen a oug u bile ratablabed, of an artlrb' that Is used by every wiue and llqnor house in Uie trade. The goods pay a proiu of over flu per c ent and sales are made eteiutoraty for .-ash, and has ne competition; am Mint of sales last vear $2i,<kti To any bona bde pni.'tiasrr the books will lie freely sh -wn and detailed InlortuaUuti given. A suflLueut will be given which wibsatlai) any one wb\ the subscriber in obliged to sell nut. Address A. B.. lleraid otore. AT 7 c -FOR SALK. AT A HARUAIN, A CONFEc lien fry. Fruit and Segar Store, pays well, two large rooms over the store, and cellar, tlrotna In Ike hones, rent fll- per month. rood rbao- e for a young married man. Inquire on the premises,.CM c saal street. *f (1(1 CASH WILL BUT A NRATLY FtTTRD UT fl)4 UU Restaurant, Bar sod las Cream Boh*?. now doing a cash trade and all Ibe satleg of a large b ast above. rat all particulars apply to B1UOB A BOUTiCWlUK. Nsosaa i *tregtn/Wt roR "AI.K. THK OOOP WILL, LRARK, J?H'.UUu. Stork and Flxtares of an old established I baa ulassuring llnstnesa of forty years'stao lieg, to this city. Has m? com petition. and has all the I acuities for a rung a large and 1 r.glial.!# business, and the business d.?e with the largest houses in the city and eonntry. Inquire of HkuWfl A Boss. ( 82 Nassau aurel I ? ?? .. ?. hfkciaL nUTItKi, I iR HFSRt MELTtL K, RtWKBT TWKMTV KIOUTU 1J sir-el. New \<>rk. ?Desr s'r?A pubic announcement ol my grateful tharks lor your kind and skillul treatm.-M of my wile cannot pcBMbll do you any haras, au 1 therefore f make li In this maimer Thai Inose who shall read tins ,eit*r may ktow how much reason I hav* to be thankful, I will side brietlt that In July, ISftp. Jul vtotted my wits, who was thea, and hail been lur earn* months, obliged to keep her bed w.m f. si wasting swsy with what wse pronounced to be rapid eol fatal eonentwpitnn. bhe niwtlaued under your eare for nearly Ave month*, sod is Bow la the enjoyment of suck a measure m Km*. If I. * auai...m W? lis sllbtvi Li 1 he ilnQi, c Rut'M 1 ' Iriobebnld ?iui Jointly, * Imo ?hr hoi prrvlo naljr. ui sourow, b**D obiltod U) rrlimjiiiaii. lo lb? irnlmmi |?i ? .aid 0> y<>??, iinorr uu>l a pnmdrMiW, I eUribnl* ber roc trnry. 1 will old Uiot my donchier. who o- Mil andor your rorr. {ay /mi drlli.n.> <4 caioabl .trio olid o bol'il'iot on/b Willi bote lur ?al. b >* ? for iranarM oo lo loo I It* lo bop# Ibol mr will I* rtfi iuoit) ifMurvd no b-'oitJ Hnpiug too. your eloru lur ,lber* will I-? oil nbod who opiati, lioti|i* rfw nio I ffinoni, yi> a nt'il*i a * vent, J. O > Ai.B.VI I AM. .So JIM t Ol ril fOlOTIt Mutt.JnuiT i'lTT. An*. Id, 1 oiO. I o.or i d tin: uttttatio mnu or m ' la liirtcpotiilci.i tird*r ol KbiIjoo* rnrtetv or* biuilol In innii 1 ol a Monaoiu U iw. oejpnrl, K. J., An?u*t 2d, lull xrorxrit-mr t*iknd* a*i> thomc having bum. Xa una ?,Ut id* will lloil mo ol A WoMorh a No l< Ai.iden lose. H. I KAllKll, of Mow urlawt*. lo*. rn-btai. vwtt. i-to thk andrmwh famiiat a 0 on ft a 2 Uif drwrendabto of tbr fori J belt lor* ol tbl* 1 iilit n . I>) Uif boil** i( a ml ret* a. Will )>* ban. I fur lhf ptirprw* Of WOtlOi ItrubBIUOb. Ol WoJllllblll, on lb* 2rtu inatojil. My order o rronmtiiff of Iwfiiljr of lhf o.inr rH)|.i;Mi>.> aauKaIVA, M |i., ol rmb Abtlxiy. S. J. Tbf. ci/mnyn rurntiw froi-KiTtir arm *n, *ol Htasirty if New T >rt. town jl?d July, 1AVI, tbf only I nor in rune*.-* tnert rvory Moaolby iit?M. ol Minor/ iUil, hid Mowery. Ibf irifmorro orr rwr.ewad I" oitonii on on! in? iinjr ? rhl, a i*noi 17. ol rl/hi . ?-lnr? F Jf , a* Imalniw* of iKooruure will be ironooeiwd. My order, jimo Cwioaorbb. hweretory C. KAhPH. Preatdrnt. UKTridTK V. Lb Ml A'MrKK, wKaiM'aToI' Ml'HUKvdN IJRNTIKT, has # prim .red u. M Wool Tweotj biulh airwet. between BroodH Wojr ad I >1*1* oernnw Nb. uriffib A brow, UKRTiirr. bo. r? uramii a arret, flew Vor* aid ?7 Fuluwi a-rwet. MrmAlyii. 'oI aart I-ill or portiol ?*ta of Trwta nw ibetr laifimol ouuoaparr r ., witbor wtuniit -itrwui* lb" mn'#?on at!r*r. ?.* I *r or rubber. f 10, awWI P# plouno. tt> boriiol aet* o fold, I tZprriiabb *.lra>r It. Tarji iron art g Id, fl;<|u*ru >w?, I I l*er or Mr , SO **?t* r*?U, 'iworano wblmM pain 21 wua TEW YORK HERALD FR BALBR Or AJilL K8TATB, ^ A FARM FOR KALIS CHEAP, OR KXCIUlfOE POR cty property?It is situated on the north shore of Long Island. couuitujiK forty fire acres, with stock, crops and farm Implements: linpruvemacls good, terms easy. Call at 1st Chatham street. r>R BALR?AT A BARGAIN, AN KLBOANT BROWN state front high stoop House on Thirty fourth street, near Broadway, furnished In the latest style with every convenience kit ISilOO, terms assy. For cards of admission and further particulars apply to H. HBADI.KT A OO., No, IJM Broadway. For balk?on hurray hill, thk firht class four story hrown stone front Houses, with high stoops, I f?f 76 and 77 Thirty fourth street, near Fourth avenue. These h< uses are built on an entirely new and Improved plan, having U ree moms deep, replete with all the modern Improvements; built by day's worh; hardwood doors and bla<-k walnut stairs. Terms tosuit purchasers. Apply to MATTHKW BYRNES, ou the premises. Thirty fourth street la a one hundred foes i street. f?t?r sai.r?two honmcb nw rnt*n ivmni hk r tween forty ninth and Fiftieth streets. 736 and 7S7, wlU be aold cheap or wIM exchange for Harlem meant Lota; also, to let, one lirst claaa Uouae in Fiftieth street; alao, to let, one b ilf of a tlrat class Uonae in fiftieth street rent ttS0 per an- i nuiu. Inquire of JaME8 MURRIH, 736 Third avenue. Fob rai.e-a valuable fruit and garden farm, situated in Rotkland county, N Y., one mile from the upjei Plrrmont station on the Northeru Railroad, N. J.. containing lorty acres, with abundance of choice fruit and Rood buildings, water brought from a spring to the house and ) aru. i'rice J5.UU0. lerms of payment eaiy for particulars inquire of 8. t KYMOUK, 3D Vine street. N. Y. c. aukyanson, fiermont For balk?a 8pkndidly situated country beat, with about two acres of fine ground, at Rarenswood, L, 1 , ironting the river. A Farm of 72 acres of choice laud, a boo i seventeen miles from New York, with comfortable dwelling and outhouses; very desirable for raising flue fruit; situstl >n perfectly heailhy, near two depot*. A farm and Country Seat, with fid acres, on the New .Jersey Central Railroad, near a thriving town, about an hour's ride from tha city; prim*- sun* ion. Also two entire blocks, of 64 full lots each, of essv grade, near the Central Park, between Sixtieth and Sixtv first streets; 75 per cent of the purchase money eau remain ou bond and mortgage for a term of years, for further information apply to WILLIAM F. UKIN8, 21 Nasaau street, room 4. For bale?a first class brown stone front House id Forty sixth street, between Fit* and Sixth avenurs, ui a very deitruble location. For particulars applv to H. 8. MOORE, office Sixth Avenue Railroad Company, near the premises. r)R SALK-AT A SACRIFICE, OR WILL TRADE FOR city Property, a beautful Country Seat and six acres of Oroucd, ;>>, miles from the ferry, i'osaeseion Immediately if required. For further particulars Impure of Hl'UHKS A UMiEKHILL, 377 Fulton aireet, Brooklyn. For sale-near morkistown, n. j., so acres of excellent land, beautliul location, lioe b nldlng anew, very healthy, good fruit, spring water, Ac. For full particulars addrese a. I). Hlauchat, Morrlstuwo, or A. T. box 3.U68 po?t tiflice, New York. For sale.-the ship yard and blacksmith shop and bulldinrt, and ftye years lease, with timber, tools, oakum, flout stages and sheds; eitua'ed on the east cor ner of the Atlantic Woe-, Brooklyn To be sold ' heap to a cash customer Here is a good chance h> an industrious man to make a fortune in a few years. Must be sold this week, as the owner Is going to Europe. For pale-a medium sized first class house, with all the modern improvements and in perfect order, situated on a prominent corner of Madtaon avenue, between Thirtieth and Fortieth streets. Terms easy. Address K. L., box 3.636 Past office. For balk?the two story house and lot, so by 100 feet, on Schuyler street, south side, near CortUndt avenue, Melrose, twenty minutes' walk from Harlem bridge. Price fl,bOO. Part can remain if desired. rJoR SALE IN BRO0KLYN-THE STOCK, LEAS* AND I; Fixtures of a neatly fitted up Publie House on the K giish style with good accommodations Rent reasonable. Apply on the premises. 286 Hicks street, oppneilethe Atlantic market, or at O. A P. CAVaNAOH'8 liquor store, corner of Atlantic and Columbia streets, Brooklyn. FOR RALE OR EXOHANGE?A VALUABLE PLOT OP Oround, cccupymg the w bole space between three (treat* end divided into eight lota, on one of the principal avenue* of Brtoklyn. property rising tepidly In value: three fourth* on mortgage. H. HON LOW, Mechanics' Bank, Brooklyn. For r*lk or exchange-fob new yore city Property or up towu lads, three Dwelling Houses In the rlty of Hruokl)n In excellent neighborhood, and paying (nod interest on Investment. Rented to unetcepuonable and per manenl tenant*: In excellent order. Address. alallng time and place lor an Interview. Legitimate, Herald offi e. For salr or kxchangb por productivk city Pnmerty?A Partn containing seventy-three acre* of first class land with a variety of choice young fruit trees, together with the Itock and (arming nteoelli. a building three stories, barn stabling, Ac,: Hag prne on a mound, alao a mile pleaaure ground, graded level, from forty to aeventr feet wide, with proper turns. Hlttutled In the town of Wettpnrt, Connecticut; adjoining In pun the beanutnl and extensive grounds of Morris Ketcbum, K?|. seventy live per cent can remain on bond end mortgage. Apply el the Otrard House from 10 A. M. to 2 I*. M H. WAKKWAN. *|HJR SALK OR TO LRT-A tHOTTAGK, CARRIAGE r Houae and Stable, on Eighty third street went of the Bbomtngda'.e road, (our full Uit*. with plenty of choice fruit, Ihrubbery, Ac. Apply on the premise*, or at Mft Broadway. HOUSE FOR SAI.F.-NKARI.Y NEW ANDILKOANTLY thd-led. with all the madrru impiovemeuta, prtoe sis.000, location In a good DeighUirhood. In Nineewuth afreet, between Second and 1Bird avenues. Tern a favorable. Apply to N. M MKA iTON.No. 1 1'lne atraet. House pgr hslk f>r exchange?a superior brown atone front Houae, rep.etc wtlb all the modern Improvements. finished by nay's wotk In the moat substantial mai ner, walnut alatn, seven wash basins, beautiful manteia, A<- . Ac.; located on Leitngtoa avenue. Would exchange for Harlem lota, building material* or hardware. Apply *t 1H9 Third avenue, to LOUN D. OTTIWKLL or JOB. DKLAVANTE. WANTED?RJ,000 ACRES TEXAS LANDS, BETWEEN the Rraros and Trinity nvere. Persona owning good cotton lands wishing to sell please tend deeeriptlcn ef land, wbat county In and abstract of titles, to 31 Piatt street, eare or Richards A Fleury, or addreaa and ( will call on them. JAM. 1X>N VERSE. TI'-ANTEII?I* BXi'HANnK POR LANDS IN ILLINOIS, TT Iowa and Missouri, Boots. Shoes, Hat*. Dry (iooda, Groceries. Hardware, Buggies and Oarriagea, far the Western market Alao. lasdi in Minnesota jo exchange for Books, Printing Material#, Drugs. Ac CHICK EKING A CO Real Katale and General Agency, Id Wall street, N. T. \\" a t rEP To Pl'Rt BANB A ODVOWAU MM 11 iuid Lot or two,ple nsaatly located In the upper part of ibe city, worth frost S3 l>*i to ll.Uki, of a party that only requires a small payment down m caah. hlgos A south WICK, 82 Nassau atreet. CjI 1 n |ww\ ?coal e.-tatk roit haul-one op "MtU.UUu. the m-wt desirable Coal Estates In I'enn aylvanta la ottered far sale on the moat liberal terms Ibe property is situated oo the Baltimore and Ohio Rai road. tod contains four large rein* of coal above water level, on the pr.muea are twenty Houses, suty'ura Homes, Mules, rlima, Farm Tools and everything required for a large bosineaa. I ha works hat e out been completetl in Uie beat manner at a caah onat of Slau.uuo A valuable Stock t'harter will be ?>ld with the premises. M. L. SHELDON. M Naaaau atreet. rnAifciAL. TTBNTION ? MONBtTto El BoPE?SIGHT DRAFTS, (ram Itv* dollars upwards, payable every where in Great Britain and Ireland Prance, i >ermanv,_ Italy, and^all uther eouninee ol Kumoc, taeiied by fi. b< 11M I ui A t 'U , mtr"pe*n baukera, No. 1 < kambera alreet. New York Gas mqwt stock por sau?-in yariocs citt rompaalee, paying liberal divldcnda. .lOHN It Ml'RK \T , mom* nt American uu IJght Journal, SM Canal atreet, a nay Broadway. Notick to bondhoi.dkrs ?thk bonds or tub New Turk and New Haven RaUrtiad Company, doe la lie-em her. IW. will be paid, with accrued Internal, on pr?*en ettton and surrender, at the 1 reaaurer's uBice, onruer of Twenty aeTenth ptreet and Fourth avenue Ntw You, Auguat 7. 1S*> W BRJfRNT. Traaenrar. New ori.rans and mobile punds bought hi ACUCHT BRI.MONT A CO , #0 Wall airaak Fkoi>us*ir roK fiMoooor --the croton watka stork of the City of New l'ork."?Sealed propoaala on* tie rerel'ed ai the Onraplroller'a ofhrer until Tburaday, fcepieta her 13. 1 TOO. at f o'clock r. M.. when the aame will be pnbboly opened for the wh<>le or any part of the mm of two hundred and fifty thnuaand dollare of "the Crutoo Water Mtork of the rjtr of New York," aulhorlaed hy chap. 373 of the law* of ls6i. and by an ordtoaaee of the noaa Cmiaell approved hy the Mayor. Auguat 9. 1330, for locreaafog toe aupply o' Cruton water, and eitendtnc tha aaoaaaery wurka far aoeumulaitna and dla nbntfnr the arena. Ibeaatd atirk will boar taaareat at the rate of alt percent per annum, payable quarter yearly, and the principal wU ba redeemable on the nret day of November. WAV The propoaala wl J alata the amoaat <x Mock deal red and the price per chare and the paranoa whnm propoaala era accepted will ba required to deposit with tha Chamberlain <x tha city w thin ten daya after theopening of the btda. the enm awarded to them rnapectlrely, Including the premiums on the aame. On preaenthir to the t omptroller the recelpta of the Cnaia bertaia for aucn depoatta the parueatwillfbe entitled to raceira certiflrataa for equal amounts of tie par value at the monk, bearing lute real from the dates at paymenia. Kerb pn [ina'Uon should be aealed aod endoraed "Propoaala for Crntim Water Mtm fc of the city of New York, and the aame Inrioaed in a aecond envelope. addrnaai 1 to the fVimpirolier. The nrht ta ranerred on the part of tha CmnplraUer to reject any or all of the btda. If onaatdered nanwaaary to protect or promote the lutrreaU of the rtty. ROBT. T. HAW*. Comptroller, city of New Tor*. Department at Plnanep, OomptroLler'a OBlce, Aug!lei 14, IdPU. TlTANTP.D-DOWN TOWN APPLICATION* POR yt Inane flrtt mortgage: *30.001) SIVOOU and ik)000 on bond and mortgage Alao vartoua auma to loan In Brooklyn. Brokera need nm apply o. a Mclaughlin. 30 pine ?tr?ec 1 d?f /WW) ?A OKNT1.RMAN. AHOUT ENTERING ON V "ooi a anec uiatton of a private, but lucrative nature, la n want of the above aim for fear months. The advertiser aaa Uia beat of references, and would nay handsomely for tba ?? ? . man-tattoo, or would oca object to connect himself with a gentleman nt aplnt of not too famidnma a dtap<aittoa, with the i above aum. Addrees (i. k m . Herald oSee. bin (inn *0 w>a1* on bond ajtd MOR TO ao R- j JIv.UUU at all per cent, on M claaa improved rlty I roperty b. ii. ixn7kh, 30 line auee:. taX nnn-10 ,'OA,, *T MfafiST INTERST. RjvJcI.UVyVf on 11 rat claaa city property, STO.Bu to loan on improved Brooklyn property, or on farme la Una stale Ap plv tedoHN T. CMNKKT. la the *Mof thePeoples Fire la IMMJiKK MIORTI, La toirrttb houb*. bkrobr rourr. r. j.IWu laare pier l?o 1 Borth rwrar, at 7 SO aad II .10 A. C, and J*) and 4 W CM.; froa foot of lleyalreatat Ik JO AM and t .11 7 M Ample for permanent o? tranaienl board era WRMlJtF W. Hll.u, iTormerly rrf Indarte Home) Proprtnter STRAWilKRRT r.ARMB. RRAR RKO BANK, MOWOCTB MMR, Nee Jeraey.? At tb? dellghtf-il >? er maort I lleaeanl anna i.f r.flil for lamillea may be lad from AngiiA | to Term# modem*. A pply to J. WAMRKN. aa nboee. or in Mr It uy. H<*t? to fort A.mnv.'ith froa Roll lad. ?tre.i pteir, North rieer, dally at S A. M end t T. M.. tbence by rati and Wage TO hOCYHERMKRt MKI.K'iRT HA1,L, KKIT BKMIf ?r? cue-n t aland ?Thm p > ream hm?l m trot thin* mi hnten aatl Ironi heriip partu 't.arly oneve0ieai tor ib.tiPuna aad a deli, html redder re for ttrangeri rating the my. rt i?u inam Whitebait and pier J hnrb rtre?. RKATAI^IIT*. TAMI.r l? HOT* at hi t O'f'frO n II ?..a Wtea for a (r??t dtonar ? TS re? A 'It"' idlng a pint t>f rdaretjeail at 7*4 Broad a-ay, hetrreen t. <hib eni Bir.tti treat* rme'a pari >rt ft* i ippert and par dm rDAT, AUGUST 24, I860. BOAKPIltO A HP LOPOW. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, AND TURKU SINGLE gentlemen can obtain dealrable Room*, with Board. and the comfort* of a home, *l No. 3 Albion place, Fourth atraet. Reference* exchanged. A SHALL PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD IRT THE Kecond Floor, conalatiug of * parlor tail two bedro i in *n elegantly furniahed brown atone bouar, containing til I he modern improvement*, with full or partial Board. lerencea exchanged Inquire at 281 Lexington aveuue, three door* above Thirty eighth alreet. A LADY HAVING A HANDSOME HOUSE, FORMERLY occupied by a private family, would be pleaeed to make arrangement* with gentlemen or faint ilea for haudaoma Room* and Board, ou aecnud and higher ttuors, alau day boarder*. Apply at 143 Bleecher atreet Afrivate family would let, with full or partial Board, three or four pleaaant Rvnma llouae fur nlahed with (M and bath. Refererce exchanged. Inquire at 93 Kaat Fifteenth atreet, near Third avenue. ALMITED NUMBER OF RE8PEUTABLB PERSONS may now obtain aupertor Room* and Boatrd in a flrat clam bonne, poaneaaing all modern improvement*, an excellent table provided. Dinner at 8 o'clock Location central and oouvenlent, 833 Broadway, below Union aquarn. Afrivate family will let a suit of handaomely furniahed Room*, conalating of the entire *?rood floor, together or aenarate. without board, to gentlemen only, by applying at 141 Ninth atreet, third door eaat of Broadway. A GENTLEMAN AND LADY OAN BE AOOOMMOOATed with Board in a amall family, in Seventh ward. Ux-atlnn pleaaant Addrea* J. 8. M., box 140 Herald office, atating where an interview can be had. ALAEY WIEHES TO RENT ONE OR TWO ROOMS, with Board, on the second floor of a flrat class house, near a-111V, Hal i.r.iti,,', ikKuw.I til.lrxu M herald ofll. A FAMILY, ALBO SINGLE GENTLEMEN MAY OB lain desirable Rooms, wKh or without Hoard, st Ml Onion square, corner ol Seventeenth street. Fourth avenue. Refe re nee required. AFURNIhHED ROOM WANTKD?BY A LADY ANI) gentleman, Hoard tor the lady only, In a private law tly, where there are no other hoarders. location not above Thtr ueih street. Address t^ulet, Union square Post oilice. AQRNTLKMAN. WHOSE BUSINKB8 CALLR HIM OUT ot town most of the time, wishes Board for hln wife In some private or quiet family. Iawation east of the Bowery or Fourth avenue preferred Terms si?l be very moderate. Address, staling particulars, terms, Ac., K. B , herald oltlee. AHANTSOMK FURNISHED ROOM TO LtT-TO A lady anu gentleman, with Hoard for the lsdy If desired, small private family, that mind their own business, and no other boarders In the house. Address American Lady, care of B. Lou a wood, Broadway Post office, H. Y. A LABOR FRONT ROOM. WITH FULL BOARD, BUIT able for two single gentlemen, tan be obtained it N) 6 * est Twenty-fou lh st'eet, in tbe Immediate vicinity of Madison park, and opposite the Fifth Avenue llotel. AVKRY DESIRABLE BUIT OK ROOMS TOI.CT-WITH Board, cm sseml iioor, foroiefeed or osfankief; dee targe closets, bath, gas. beautiful yard. Dinner at one o'oloelt. Bouse pleasant and homelike, rooms large and airy, lamur small, no children, hut few boarders, location pleasant. Fourth street, between becond mud Fourth avenues. Mo. 11 Albion place. Pest of re'erenr.e given and inquired, AKBW UnOTAIUI MM CAN noooa ON very moderate terms, good lloxrd and Iaxigiog, with the comforts ot a quiet home, at 179 Mulberry street corner of Hrooine Also, cood furnished Rooms, with gas, lor two or three gentlemen trienda. A DELIGHTFUL PARLOR, HANDSOMELY FURNISH ed, and one or two other Rooms, with full, partial, or without Board, to a gentleman and wife and single gentlemen, with a young widow, with no children, at 2nd West Thirty fourth street. Tbe Twenty third street stages and Ntu*b ave nue cars pass the corner. References required and given. BOARD-GENTLEMEN AND THEIR WIVES, OR BINgle gentlemen, may oitain handsome Room* in suits or single; house iirst class Call at 13 Ashland place, second door from Waverley place, Perry street. Board -wanted, two rooms, with board, for a gentleman, his wife, two children (aged .1 and 2 years) and servant; must be situated between Fourth and Sixteenth streets, and Second ami Sixth avenues. Terms must not ex exceed |1.MM per annum. Unexceptionable references given and required. Address Marshall, box .">94 Post office, with full particulars; nothing else will be attended to. Board.-a family, consibtino or three per sous gentleman, wife and child), wtab to occupy the en tire af rood floor, unfurnished, of a high st>?>p first class mo dern built house, with Board, located between Fourteenth and Fortieth streets and Madison and Seventh avenues. Any prl vale family having no particular use lor Xhelr second story. and wishing to reduce tbelr expenses will find this a favorable opportunity Address H, 8 , box 123 Herald office. BOARD.-A km am. family or two hinolk YOL'NO men can find Hoard at id Wool Thirty second street. BOARD.-A 0BNT1 KMAN AND WIFK. OR TWO KINOLR gentlemen ran obUtlu plea-ant Room* with Hoard In a modem bouse located at No. 122 Ninth street, a few doors seel of Broadway. BOARD.?DKSIRABLK ROOMS for okntlkman and and wife, or single gentlemen, with full ->r partial Hoard, may be found at lib West Klevenlh street, between Fifth au.l Sixth avenues. Board in clinton ruflt-A family dan <>b tain very desirable furnished Ktxrms, Ppartner or separate, with Hoard, at 61 Clinton pi see, two door* eaa.of Fifth avenue. Ala.), one or two single gentlemen can be accommodates!. Board wantkd-by a oknti.kmaN and wifk. In a private family where there are no other boarder*, and where the coinlurts of a home may be enjoyed. The situ sum ssd ee ooorsslss tad term* nsuderate; ssiissptka able reterei rea given and required. Addrexe. statlug term*, 8. 1>. K , box 72t> Fast oOice. Hoard wantkd-two or thiikk ninulk ukn Uctnen are ite*iroua of obtaining Howrd at reaaonable rale*, In the vicinity of Cooper lus'.rwite, are willing to pay from tl to ft 30 per W"*k. srmrdtng u> aivimmnltu, <u*. References ex- hanged. Ail.lrens Mudeula. station D. Board wantkd-in koctm Brooklyn, convb nlent u< the ferric*, by a gentleinati, wife, nurse and two mall children; two comxtuoicaluig front Kia>ma on second tlonr. fnrn'shed. In a boose with all the ttoderu Improvemenu. terms not to exceed fib per weak. A<1<1 rem dame* K. l?ec, Hmokl} B 1'uM ollice. YJOARD WANTID-BY THREE OK.VTLRMKN AND J 9 srtves, two children mil nur*e. In a prlratc huuae, where ibrre ar no other boarders, will require two small I'arlors and four Bedrooms, with full Hoard; dinner at *ix. Addreas, natirg location and terms, which must be in sleral* J. J. W? llerald otli;e. Oood references given and reipursd. Board is wantkd for tiik wintkr. with a plain, unpretending family or a widow lady. In a house where there are no other boarders, by a lady and child, both puet and respectable, and desire iiothiug else, tine large room and bedroom, with ga* sod ("roton, la warded. The lady will furnish her own nsuns and expect* g'ssl plain, tare at a low price. Location preferred between Ke on I and siith aveaue*. and ink above Fourteenth atreei. Address M J. Hope, Herald office. OOARDINO.?TO LIT WITH BOARD, A FURNISHED I) front Room on e'-oorl boor for a gentleman and wife, alao a ball Bedpsim. with gas and bath. Apply at 116 Kusl Broad u'kv. K^iTrnrfi eiti? BOARDINO-A SMAI.I. PRIVATE FAMILY, OfXTDPT10K ? iirst class house above iho Firth Avenue Hotel, d* u e to l?*t either the Parlor or secoud Floor. Address 8. T. J., Madiwm Square I'uSt office. BOARDINO-A FAMILY RK8IDINO IN PIFTII AVK one wish to let a choir#* milt of four Room*, furnished. AdiTMl J. JA 8., Madison square Poet office. BOARDINU.-a PRIVATE familt, RESIDING in Neat Fourteenth street, wish to Let their entire Heoond Poory, handsomely furnished, to moUcbu end ertfe or k family of adults. Addreea boi 1W Harald office Board i* Brooklyn.-* few hinulk qentle men or families can be accommodate* wttli pleasant Rooms, furnished to suit, at 81 Stale street. pi as aa at location**, terms m> derate. Board in Brooklyn.-* few rinqlm gentle men or families .can be accommodated with pleasant Rooms and Board at 1W Mouth Oxford street The botue Is delightfully situated, containing all the modern Improvements, bath, tea, Ac , and eery ooarenlenl to Atlanllo or Pulton are* nue earn. Board in brookltn.-newlt furnished and very plea east Rooms. In suits or single. In a Ural clam bourn, with all the modern improvements, with full or partial Board, are offered by a small private family. References required. Apply at Ml Clinton street. -doard in brooklyn.?a gentleman and HIS X> wife er a few single gentlemen may And desirable Rooms, with Board, at MB ('Union street, ooaventaot to Wall reel and South fames. Esfsreeam exchanged. Board in Brooklyn-a few gentlemen and their wtvea or single gentlemen can be solie<f with large, t camwt Rooms, ho* and cold water hath, and full or partial Board, wtthin lire minutes' walk of South or Wall street far ry Itf lleary street, corner of Congress. Frankfort house, oorrkr of franefort and William streets, N, T.?single Roosaa from R* to J7c. par night, or II to $.1 per week. Hmiee newly furnabed, wKh a good Kestaoranl attached. Open all night. I FRENCH BOARD. FRENCH LRHSONH.?A FRONT Parlor, unfurnished. and two Redeems. fornlahe*l, to let, aeparaiely, In a Parisian lamily, living In a ttrst dase house, containing all the modern Improvements. Apply at IP) Kaet Tscnty aecoud street. IT ALL NORTHS' COUNTRY HOUSE, OPPOSITE SEVEN X lielb street North river, at the large alone late private* bn'ias.?Mrs. < amp bell has two r*>oi to let at ihia delightful r#ildence. InforsutUou may be had at 3t?i Green ?vi*h street, rear olla-e, ee< <>nd IVrar. First class board-at k*rt hroadway, h'liiee contain* hut. coM and shower bathe and all the mo rt#rn \mur< ?\ mwniffi. rmtm <i**Uwhtfitl itn i w all ('iirsiahn.i biiv ke'ul In boat nrdnr. M to M p?tr war*. (>t Inrltnlnd Fl RRIH1IRD FKOUT ROOM TO I.RI-l* A PL.EA>*?l locality Apply tl Mo. 10 Fifth atrmt T.UKNIMIKM ROOMH TO LMT?WITH O* WITHOUT X partial Hrnuii. a handaomtly furalahr>l front Parlor, with ro*lr?><aB attarbad. auilablo for two aaoliaaaro. lo'iulra at bM rliu avaaua. I'CRRMMCn ROOMH TO I.ET ?TWO ORRTI.EMRJf wtahing w room \uarthrr ran fl n<t a front Room on lha par<'M floor in a pruair family. thr iMiaaa baa all It' mndrrn irrpmrrmwrta aid ta nrar ttnacway. in with rwferaoce. at i*' Prmrr atrrot. Kl'RRIHHEn ROOM TO l.ET-WIfll BOARD, TO OR* 17 Twalflh ilrrrt. brlwaan Inivrratty plana and Fifth arwonai bnttae oontalna tba mo lorn napmramm la Fl'RHISlIRD ROOM.?A P1>R AN'AMT FURNISHED Rot an on aroond vi..r, In a prtrair tamtlyatn at to now or two prntlrnirn Mrarkfaal If dralprd Apply at 1* amity plana, brtwrrn Hlnrrlrr and tn.ty atrrrtt FURNIbilKD ROOMH FOR HRNTI.KM KM-EN Hl'ITR or aaparata. tana- < rat rlaM. band*aw-It fnrw.ah"! poa anaana all lb* mmlrrn >ni( rot?m?nt?. Kama wall Irpt. alh-n lira rrrvant* rrrry fa iltty and mmfnn all'Tilrd, no ni ifa rltfiblr, . mira. or ixmroairnt kiaallca; Hma1w?y, below I nton?'|onr? Haiofw noaUng for DM romanc araaon, p.naaa addrma II. C. f, Motion D, f Mi nflirr. FUARIHHKD Roomh Tf? l.RT?OM THR FIMr FI/KiR. A Htdnndn ironl and bar I Parlor, w'fh raa alt >. Iwo K rona lor huiia- krap t g i?if *rMrr| l,a<>li,a may In | lira at ilia pritat* h' .an Ho Wl, Mm ai? r.r?fI HANDSOME Fl'RNIHHfl l? ROf To I NT-T'I OR* tk n.oi ..I, ll> fi-t i lam an.I haa all th" in?l?ra mgrvrtwi 'a. th , arr al 111 inaw > mtan Ninth atraac - BOARD1RU AH1) loOOuIMU. HaNDSOMKLY ri'*!*ISHKI>, WKI.L YKNTn.ATKD K. uia, tingle or in ?oKa, w.ih or without Boant, at .to. JJ Clinton place. NO. M WEST NINTH STREET, NKAR FIFTH *vi oue ? Rooms to let, furnished or unfurnished, lu suits .1 JloKly, tr> gentlemen mil), In s quiet, first class house, with breakfsat If d? sired; every attention paid; unexceptUwabi* I references gtveu and required. PLEASANT FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED ROOMS, with board, amiable for a Unuiy or imje pernon* Id a private famdy, wher* tbera are a fen* sel<?et1>o*raera- floiiae j aU modern Improveui?nia PI#**** apply at 17U Waat i Thirty aulb atrvet betwrru 7th and Kn<hih aveonaa. Prlvi* # f u ^' OD plaao. T<*rma moderate. A good cum I or table home. Rooms with board-an elegant suit or ' Rooms, handsomely furnished, cm he obtained at tli? ! pr'vRte bo.rding house rwently opened hi ?7 East Twenty ' third street; also, a few Room* for ?m*l. gentlemen. The ' location l* unsurpassed for p easant qutetnew and la icim able by several line* of stage* and cur*. Rooms wantkd-for a gentleman and lady 1 with Hoard for the lady, or would fake part of a neat bouae Id some good location. Address Rooms. M?is,n Square Foal office. Rooms and board-in a first class uouhb, Dear Madlaoti and Sil t a avenues, oo llrsi. sec iod, third and four lb atortea. Family small and of uiidotihted respect ability. Dinner at 6 o'clock. Families or single geuileraeu sccommodafcd. Address I*. C , Madison square l'oat office. Rooms on second floor to let, with hoard. Hi No. 2 Hoormsu place, West Thirty third street. Dinner at 6 o'clock. Terms reasonable. TO I.ET-A BASEMENT. 2fii70, IN A GOOD BUSINESS location, and a rear building, suitable for a factory, with cartway entrance, three floor*, 2siif>, well lighted. For term* and further particular* apply at liuute A BRADBURY 8, 421 Hrisime alreet. To LKT?WITH OB WITHOUT PARTIAL BOARD, A web funnelled Room, uae of piano; family genteel and small, to children; neighborhood uneiceptionable; pnoe moderate. Inquire at ?6 East Twenty fourth street, between Ma! dison square and Fourth avenue. To gentlemen comfortably furnished Rooms h) let to single gentlemen at 274 Fourth avenue, between Tsent) iirsf end Twenty second streets. House has modern improvements. Terms reasonable. TO GENTLEMEN.?TO I.ET, AN ELEGANTLY FURrushed Parlor, with bedroom and bathroom attached, for one or two gentlemen, in a first class brown stone house In Tbilly fourth street, near Fifth avenue, family private. Ad dress J. T. Herbert, Herald otbee. Twenty third street, wrst-i32 old number.? A gei.lh-uian and wife rsu be accommodated wtlb two larRe Rooms ou the second floor, with Board; the house baa all the modern Improvements; cooking all domestic; references exchanged. TWO OR THREE GENTLEMEN CAN OBTAIN FUR I.ished Booms, with partial Board, in a small private family; bouse contains all the Improvements. Inquire at I,111) Broadway, between Twenty sixth and Twenty seventh streets, or of Mr. WALKER, gaddler, corner or Twenty sixth street and Broadway. mo A SINGLE. GENTLEMAN.?A PRIVATE FAMILY I M>iit vssnf u KuttrifisiniMlv t'iirnikh**<1 front Room find li#*d n om, with pantries. on I he second 1oor, gut, bath, Ac ; In a Kooil neighborhood and centra] location. Addrem S. M, Herald ollice. TO I.ET-TWO BRDROOMH, ON 8EOOND FLOOR, neatly ami richly furnished, In bona* 39 drove street, near Hleeckrr, to two real gentlemen only and no other*, for #7 per week each, without Hoard, bath, gaslight anil Are Included; payable quarterly and at maturity, 110 cbani<e In the price; no children in the bonne. Apply a* above from 7 to 8 o'clock 1*. M., and positively no admittance after the latter hour. TO I.ET?A NEAT'T Fl'RNISHED BACK PARLOR, on lecond tloor. with water and gas. with or without Hoard; would be let to a dent.?i or music teacher. or to single genflemrn; also a couple of Bedrooms to let; terms moderate. Apply at 33 Third ivinue, near Tenth street. f]|r ANTED?BOARD FOR AN ENGLISH LADY. NEAR YY Broadway, between I i.-bth and Twenty third street*. In a private family or where there are but few boarder*. Addreaa A. J., ho* 201 Herald oibce Wantkii-flrnishrd rooms by two single gentlemen, between Fourth and Twentieth streets, for ((wd arct.mmodationa a liberal price will be paid. Addreaa box *7 Boat oftice. | TirANTKn-BT A GENTLEMAN AFD WIFE, BOARD, TV bedroom and parlor, on Madison avenue, not above Thlity bltb street, bouse must have all modern convenience*. Addreaa lor one w eek C. K. T , box 1,958 Post office. "\1'ANTED?ROOMS FOR A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE V V in a private (amtly No attenlloa will be paid to those wbo do not stale I nil particulars and terms, which must be moderate, Addreaa A. B. C., box 152 Herald oltice. WANTED?BOARD FOR GENTLEMAN, LADY. THREE children and servant, wbne the oomforta of a home can be had. bottae must hare modern Improvement*. Addreaa U. L. R.. Herald oiuoe, or Elizabeth, N. J. CilH MtR WEEK FOR ~A illANDBOME K CRN IS II ID Vlw Room, with full Hougil, to * muole. House first claaa; | family sauill. Dinner at atx. 152 West Twenty-sixth Greet, I near Kiglith avenue. 1 ?** HkSl f < H ft I ANN'1 11 srKKKT, ftkAK FIFTH AV'I \ jLt* nue.?Hoard, with handsomely furnished Rooms, In suits or single. at reasonable rates. House first Osam brow* 1 svooe Unexceptionable references required. 1 alt) INI11N bill' A RE ?RO< iMH IN 8UIT8 TO LET, with Buald. Also, single Rooms i A q i.ispf.nard street^ near broadway.*T O Vurt.ialied.Koon s without board, S2 to $3 tier week,with I Board, 34 t i?>, with the use of a handsome oailor. Transient | boarder* suited on reasonable terms. Spanish spoken. Watch, man all night. ,"'J WEST HIXTKKNTH~KTRRET.?A HANDSOMELY tJO furnlshvd suit of Front Room* to let, wllh Hoard, to a gentleman and wife, or a party ol single gentlemen. Also a resr Kouin, bouse lirtt rluas; dinner at 6 o'clock; reference re quired. 6!- WEST TWENTY FIFTH STREET, NK tit SIXTH AV t) entie, second floor, tw-o large nicely furnished Rooms with large pantries, cos. water, Ac., to let with board, at mod erate terms. Family strictly private Dinner at six. i^/t EAS'I TWENTY FIRST STREET, GKAMKKt'Y (j\J park.?To let, snlia 01 handsomely funusbed Koxng suitable lor families or single gentlemen House first risen. Location one of the beat In the city. Park privilege. l7n BPHING STREET, VOTE DOOR8 FROM 1IROADJLl/l way?Three or four young men can beaecommo I a ted with gisat Hoard and pleasant Rooms, and the privilege ul bathmom, at >3 per week each. i;iiU KAM1 BROADWAY HOARD AND St llSnF handsomely furnished Korens. suitable for families or single gentlemen, rati l e obtained at Xts East Broadwat. The house contains all the modern improx e men is. 1 7lfv7 RROADW YY' STRANG ERR VISITING-- NEW I I U i York wl I find good ac.-ornmodattor* at the alert* , I place. The house having been thoroughly renovated is now 1 [ open to receive gueita. The bowse Is kept on the European | vttifa n*?taumut attached. Table d bote at a* o'clock ' F'r^nrb and Spai i*a ifokot. UH1 UWUS, AC. k T THENEW KKTAI'. tTORE, J\ &*1 Broadway, Opposite the Metropolitan Hotel IpenlOg Ol , sr.xv fa 1.1. good* At Rr.TllL. We bvg to announce to nur and la.tlee visiting the city, thai we are o- w ottering ail U>e uo>elu.* la HII.LB. FA RIB DK1CS8 GOLD*. KM BROIDERIES. I.AlKd, W A NTII,t.AS, ac. Alto, BALMORAL SKIRTS, IN LABOR VAKIETV. AltO. A new make of french kid gloves, Hilda eipreaaly for ue, and eaid to he tbe head < J lore titer offered id ibia country. KDWABD I.AMBKRT A CO. SKIKTR.-AT C. L. HARDING'S CAN BR HAD THH beet woven Skirt* now made. The tape* are warranted I not to ellp. Old Mdrta made over and repaired Dealer* sail nod oramlne. Factory JS1 Rprtac etreet. near Hodaon. ~ Eicbiuiom. ~ /1holeka ha.NKa.-thk a no i stramkk wh. \J FOt'LKS, Captain Otte T. Worrell, rommamler, arena* paoied b) Snmuel Greenwuvid. the well known erna<-k plloi, will tnnke an excursion to tbe above bank* on Sunday. August 26. IddU. leaving Jackana aireet at 6 . o cloak. Feck alip 5', pier I. North river, >|tiartrr to tlx. and Spring etreet at I . 0 clock. $b will be liven for tbe largeet blue fish an t II for tbe 1 argent era baaa Bell. Inablni tackle an 1 tbe heat of refresh ment* can be prornred on t>>?rd. Ttrketa one dollar. Ow.rga button, Grand Admiral George W. Vandrrblll. Commodore. Jan. L. OMpoeU. steward. fitXCCRSrOKH TO ROCKAWAY-THK fine OOM!i m.afi. lie and aale seagninr?:*ar?ii-r .IAS. A. HTKVENSwUl take tbe plw-n of the Kramer I'eree, and xrtll make eirnritone datly to tbe alKive named place (Mockawayl, Kopplni at tbe See Side Hoti.e each way, leartni 1 uibniine etreet at S JO A. . M. Sprtnii ureet. North rtver, ? o clock, pter ? North river, , V 20 making tbe passage In two botira. WALTKK GBIMITT, Master, aid frirk.-cholera banks?huntress, caff. ! flU J. Dnvall. ?The friend* and patron* of tbe above boat will five Messrs H"?*? a Dnvall a mmplimaolarj on Sunday, August 28, <? wlilrb oecaaion there will be given (A for the blue heh. and alao one of M for tbe hearieK eea baaa Host will leave Jh kaon itreet at (o'clock. Peck alip. (Uo'cloak; Kreet, North river at I. pier 4 North river, (jt o'cbmfe. hall, tine* and rei real.mrnta can be bed on Nerd rare It. JuiBT. THOMAS. DICK hM'ktOOD, I BS.NJ. Ft 1,1.SR. ROBT. DUIBLR, SKKD. RKFI'KR. Lb'NDT KIR, rl TARUKT OOMPAN1ES.-A NEW ri.ACR?FASSAIO Falls. I'aiereon. N. J.?We are now open to receive **rureton* Dinnera at fro? W rente to (1. For particulars apply u? J a M Ks Wlljs iN. ltd Watt Thirty fifth Kreet. or by 1 let'ier ae above to tbe pmprleort, Ynurhkee A Wtlaon. r* RAILRUA PR. " New tork and haklkm railroad. FaKK. to albany M a On and after Monday, June IS. l*Rl. tralne will leave Twen ty auui aireei auuinn, n*w tort. .% touriwa.? For Willumabrldr* iui I all way alau. na, 7 10, 11 A. M and w JU P, M. For Whn* Plalaa aod all IT*) aUUooa. 23? 4 and I I' M. For WhitoPUtaa aod all vrai aaauooa. ( IS, Inn Whim Irani dapot For Orolon Faila fmm T wanly Milk air am depot, IU A. M. atnpptnt al Williamainlf* aal aUbona abort. For llorar Plalna from fwanly aittb atra*? drpoi. 4 W P. M . alnupiiii al * blla I'lalaa and ataUona anorc hi" train rum to Mulertoo rrnry Htiurlay aitolna / For Albany from Twanty alatk alraat dap/* 10.16 A. >4 . atpraaa n. >.1 tnuo. I 'Muln* at Whn* I'laina, H?dlord, Clown F ain and ataUona north. RKT17RWIKO? Will Itart Wllliamabiidara, alopptn* at all way at <t >oa HI. V A. M and 1 P. M White I'Uuna atopplaa at all wai Haiaoia, 6 and 7 A. M ,4 IS and 7 P. SI. Uorer Plain*. ai >i pin* al a.I auitnna north o( F'ordham, 6 A. V thia irabi I* o? .X Mart, m *v*ry Monday mornlna at ft th I t'roton F'alla.SP ?. atopplaf at all *taUm>* north of Fonthara Albany. ? A M a ypm* >4 all ataUona tortb of Whoa Plalaa JOHN BtRCHtLL, AaalaUnt H ipa. 10 antant New tokk ahd hablxm raii.*<>ai? -sen*** arran?*?n*nta fw pleaanr* traral.?Trafna l**t? Twtnty auth "treat aUttan aa foUowa -lb IS A. M Eipreaa lor Al bany, Troy, HarmioffA, Mharon oprlnra. Ntatara Falla, I Ma Oonriro, Lthaaot .iprmta and Laft* Mah'ipM-. dn-to/ at Albany with A aw Tort rattral Railroad for lOitrni Apt r.ra. Ntafara Falla and all plaota Waal, alan wrh traina for aara Inpa and all roinla Rortk S IS A M ?For Falla, an noting al < ioldan a HrMtr arttk ata**e f<W lake Aae-ai ?*, and at >oWn Falla with ?*ran for lAla Unnv 4 .V p M ? For liorrr Plain", *>mn?'tint at U.Men'a Hrtdt* wnft atataw for I Aft* Wrritw. ant at ilmtna rain wit a atat*a f.w IdiS# MAIkkm dOU* m-Ht HILL. Aaalatant "r 'irt 3 _ HOt'MEM, KOOMM, AC., WAIITEft Aknau. furnished Honax wanikd in mr. eooauf; taunt tint be more than 100 ml lea from N?w i ork. Address box 3,981 Poet office. AM Mill, K OK FIRKT CLANK HOUSES WANTED Immediately?Up Uiwn. well situated, from 9700 to91.600, f r private families, alao c-r.ultl let a aurober furaiahed front September or October. Call immediately at my office, 144 Broadway, flret floor. A HOUSE WANTED IN HBOOKLTN?FOB A KM A 1,7, private, about ten minulea' walk from Wall street Terry, mitat well nutated, with water and (a*. Addreaaor call Immediately at my office 141 Broadway, flint floor. A FOUR 8TOKY HA8KMXNT FURNISHED llouae wauled- Between Komth and Sixth avenues, Hx? eentb to Thirtieth atreet; rent not exceed lop #Z,UUJ aar posses it.m oo the lat of September Inquire of H BRADLEY A: X), I 'M Broadway, betweeu Thirty-lvn>l and Thirty ae?o>l ilreeta. . Broadway window oh small etorb wanted? In a cood location on the weat aide, between Canal ami fourteenth atreeta Addreaa Slatlonerr, box 1,779 Poat office . LM KNISIIKD HOUSE WANTED IN BROOKLYN.?THR F advertiser wishes to hire a furnished llouae from V tuber; ? lituaii.n on llrmklyu Heights preferred. Addrdas K. 1? W., box 3,499 Poat office. N V House w\ntkd-por a km am, family, without children Kent not to exceed 91.tWU. Situation between r i rth and Beventli avenues hcd Ninth and Forty-second a rt eta. Alio wanted by same paity, a private Stable convdi.irntlo house. Addreia llouae and Stable, Herald office. TTOl'SK WANTED-SMALL SIZED. SITUATED BEJ l p.,u,t y rw .j( Hl|.,.,.u near ltr?>adway; lninlture woull be Ijoiuht ... n uiiitbt be desired Any party bavtmt anch ah, use torei.tai a I.or price may find A customer by addresaiup lor one week .1. S. L., llerald office. H??J? WAhTRD-iAITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION A Ore.I < Iwhh, Trill size , I... ise, three room* deep, situated between H th and Sixth aven ie? ,,?,t K,, lr eenth and Twen'Vtirst klrceta, hy a small fnnu ly. Any person bavtnK a b-ase of fuch premise*, and wishing to dlsoose of tt, tocrther with ("nr. tew, Ac., thioughout '.he botiae, may ad'tre-s, with full part'cutra, location, rent, Ac., Amidon. box 13b Herald office. JERSEY CITY-A GENTLEMAN AND WIPE RF.gUIEK two unfurnlahed Rooms, without board, in deraey Oitv, Id a respectable family. where tbsre are n > child'en Address, stating location ana iern-1, which inns. be inodeiale, K. R, box 371 Post Office, N V Rbomh WANTED?TWO UNFURNISHED ROOMS, communicating, for a lady and ber aun, a lad about Id years old; must be situated between Ron rib and Hevmilertuii streets and Seventh avenue and Uroadway. Addreu, BUUn? price, A. it. U., box d,CKttt Pout oibce "IVrANTKD?A FURNISHED HODfiE, between FIFTH TT aoil Mxtb avenues, altuited between Eighth and Fuiueltj at; eels. Address, itemed lastly, F. O., Herald office. Tl'ANTKD- A FURNISHED HOUSE. FOR TUB WINTER, TT to be located In Fifth avenue or in some of the ad.acent atreeta. I'oseeeelon wished lor in September or October, unit] let of May Address House Seeker, box ISO Herald oBce. 11/ anted-onk or two small unfurnished m kts mr In a pb ikhdi part ot the city. Address tmuia* dialely C. lb, box 1U2 Herald oibce. 11TANTED?HV A SMALL FAMILY, WITHOUT CHIle I dren, ball of a House, in a respectable neighborhood, be'veen I'rmce and Klgh'h streets, weal of Broadway. Addrexs j k. W., Herald ollior. WANTED-tUNFURNISHED) FB0M THE MIDDLE OF September, a small house, or an apartment In lb* French style, or balf a house id a good ne'ghborb-aid sod with a respecteb'e family, lietwetn Third and Seventh avenues, from Eighth to thirtieth streets, K<?>d relerenoe givso ajd required Adr ress A. P.. box 301 Cost office. ftTANTRD?A SMALL BEDROOM, BY A GENTLEMAN, II w ho would occupy the t ime only two days In the week. Location required in some resppctsble street in the western part of this city. Please state terms and address box lib Post office, New Tork city WANTED?THREE OR FOUR PLAINLY FURNISHED rooms for housekeeping; not necewary that they should be entirely furnished. Terms moderate and lovatloo respectable. Address Mrs P., station K.. Eighth avenue. TTrANTED?BY A SMALL FAMILY (THRICE GROWN yy personal, a part of House or Floor (four or six rooms', between Ninth and Twenty fifth streets and Third and He Ten m avenues Address L. P , llerald 'Slice. Wanted?a three story high basement House (new preferred I. (or a small family, between Fourteenth and Thlrtb-ih streets, Broadway and Hlitb avenue. Rent low to a responsible tenant. Call on or address R. K. M , 112 Broadway. WANTED?IN BROOKLYN. TWO FURNISHED OR unfurnished Rooms, by a small Isnuly, Is a good healthy location, not mo far Iroin the terries. Address 2. 1. X., Brook* lyn Post office. Wanted two furnished rooms, kuitablfi (or s gentleman and wife to keep house; not to exceed III! per mouth, address for three days a. B K , Herald office. TA'ANTED-A SMALL HOUSE, WD11 MODERN 1Myy provrmenls, between Houston and Thirty second ?trse?a. Second and Ndventh avenues. Rent from fittXl to ftiUO To any person de-llulni: housekeeping a portion of the furu turo would be purchased for cash. Address Wood, Herald oltc-e, 'or three day* staling location and price. WANTKD-A MODERN lliiUSF., LOCATED HKTWKRM Voortcenth and Thirtieth streets and Fourth and Ruth hvemies. ?uh immedi.iie poewrasi u Kent from tbUU to Ala", canted, a furnished House at 11 lift or fil.JUb. Nus. have tuimedtuie possession. KINSHIMF.R*A CO.. 34.1 Fourth avenue, "WANTED A /MALL AMERICAN FAMILY. A rent not lo ext ent Hi u month. location ni at tie in a rwiwrl able neighborhood, on the wm* aide of the town: mi?t be bnt one fun My In the hmif Addreaa, giving lull yirliaular*. Home, bo* 174 Herald nflioe, Ii-astbd-a stork. on tiik south rtiiik or TT Broadway, hem ecn Hleecker and Fourteenth atr*eta; rent troni f7<0 iofl.OUU per annum Addreaa M N , bo* 1U lb rald Often. riv HOI'SKH STORKS AND OFKICK8 W.ANTKD Ti> ?)l) erect ind le ?e at tlx- American l/iaii Real fl-t.ito .ii l Collecting othoe, 2U7 Hrmidwej, In I he Icawiii'iit. Kent*.mil drinanita neriired and ool>< Utd. No charge for adve rUelni; and obtaining tenant*. PKHMOIIAt. Adoption.?a kkmalr child ok about two week* old, will be riven to any reeyeetAble yerwon who wlabea to adopt it. Ibe eblid la ol American parenuye, healthy, and yeid look Inn. Addrtaa C. A. It . Herald olt.r. HKIKS WaNTKH (It an ? iiaa VNK KRKNI'll WIKCi.r lleorye Kiench, M l).;aod lloreibea Hriyne Me William*, wife of William BeWllliama. merchant, all of *re<!*rlrkat'iirr, Virginia, living about 17*7. Apply lo M M a VH, Heraldry of. tce.tkil Broadway. N. V. TP MIPS CLARA TWIlllM, FtlRMKRLT OP NKW OR. 1 leaoa. will call m Edgar b Holley. Kvi River In* trance Company, corn* r of Pulton and Oreanwlcb atreet*. gbe will I ear of ano.etbing hi her ad ran tare. IP W H C.. PROM MISS . WILL ADDRRKR A NOTW h> tsnaraid, Colon wtuare I'oat oOice, he wtU bear of au old friend. IP THE EXPKKSSMAN WHO T'KIK TIIR TRUNK from tbe S later* ct Merry, to IH Weet Thirtieth atreet. will reiuxo tbe aaute, be will greatly oblige tbe owner. Miao ( oenera INFORMATION WANTED?OP HENRT THOMAS. A baker. Iroaa R)e, Koyland, who left Untdun in tbe ahip prnnablre, 18th of June Any information rrep?ctlng bun will be thankluUy received by U. Mowlem, 1M WilUaxn atreet. Mew York. INFORMATION WANTKD-CONCKRNINO RLUA JORdan. Tbe aliualioe a be baa wan yd for bc-r by Rer Mr. Heweb, of St. I'eter acbnrrb Her mothe r would be happy to bear frtm or aee her. at Bergen. M. j., at tbe bouae a widow Welcb. INFORMATION WANTED?OF CATHERINE FARREI.U and Horiorta Murphy, l?ln of Inch, county Kerry. Ir?Jwm. I b/ their atatera, llndpet and Marram Kennedy. When hear \ of. about two year* ago, were In New Orlnana Any in forma lxja regarding Ihem will be thankfully receired at Ml Fear] atreet. New V?rfc New Orleaog paper. pleaee '-opy. JONAH.?IF CONVENIENT, I WDILO RATH IK SRC you at half pant two than three. JR. H.-niO TOU lit KIVR TOIR I.MTTRR TKl.B graph or write me wbwte yu? are. I want toa-e yo i a no< e. No AO. \f AJOK HELM, UNITED HTATKS OONHUL IN HIM Jrl port of Havana, now anppoerd In be In or near thla city, will bear of ?(>mr thing of imp. rune* by .ending hie addrem kj Jim A 1h'?. A. K. Webaler, J6 Month Mreet. II ONE MONTAOl'B?I WIL1. I<E IN MW VORK IJTIf * It Ani<i*t. Shall I meet you at our park on that day at two? oft*, in CHOUI-D THIS MEET TIIR KVK OF U)UH BERNSTEIN, O or aay of hie frtenda, be la reuneeted to all at or wstl lug * drew u> No. ( Fatcbin place, Went leoth .tn-et liOFTIt ikOMOB. ITNCI.K NRD. CNCI.R NRI?, J bare you lorc<>Uen me? Or why nrt, an yon *aJ.l, Tueeday or Wedneaday at half-peat three MRS I M. Tlr ANTED.?INFORMATION WANTED, OFMAROARKV Tf Oallery. who waa pleted up on the Zd of Wav IV#, When laat eeen (be waa In the tlwiae of K.-oey tnm for ;oe Srwf Torh JiiTenl.e Any torn. Weal Thirteenth mreet \ny inf. rrnatlon of her will he thankfully received by her afflicted lather, Jamee nailery Ktahty fourth etreet. between latrdai .1 Fo -tto avannea. Vorkville 1,41 A N OFHt ?;w. a T TIIR ADVANCE OFFICER OF U JACOBS, MONITX A ran tie obtained to any'inantily on Wa'.-he- lew err, Irtanioade, Separa, Orjr ti'??t?, Hard .are, Wine, it ran 1 ea, and rtery drwnpUon of .an, or bought, and ho hlihrnt pricen gnen. Htiafneaa Mgtethr enafidemhU. tioMa inlured la IsiA. rrtnnpai uffl.e, S7 William timet; branch offire, itft Broadway. AT II CHAMBER* NTREKTM'iNHT TO I.OAN TO aty amount on I iiamnd*. net <>r nr.eet Wntrhe. Jewel. rr Ac . or tlie name boigfcl for the hlghent caah pm*. by ho ?'e|| known ISAACS It Chamber* ntreeV N B No big. new ir.naaeted no taturdaya At the old offiom-monkt in *nt amount To adeem* on Mocha, Hood., Dry Oo?ta. Tainting* Ac. nedvear# .m IHamonda, Watrhet, Fianna. He gar.. Afl Or bought for raah OOP * private. Hour* J till 5. J. ICBaRKINUER, iru Broadway room It. oy autre, A T THOMFMON A CO.W, BRORRM AND OOMN1HHIOIT A Merchant, 1(B Nawam atraet. oopuer of Ann etreet, mum 9n. 1 aerond Boor, advance money from M to *# ' m Wblahaa. lHaaaroda, Jawalry, 1*7 Oonta. bap* aad all kind* of marrhaooioa, or boo?kt rarUrnlar auan ? , t < ie aru<? hIw of FuraAura, Ae. Aawlna IIv htw bo <rbt ?r? ML A. A. THOHrSON, Au.-u M?/ AT ? r*DAR RTRIKT -H HTHAM, n \ < * r? adranraa mno'T to aof anwint on t> ? . a, aat or ana?4. Wafbaa. KIKarpUCi. Ar . or hiifa tl naiaa t ex*i>, oppowia Lh? I'oai <*!,<*, Mm I, M floor Atoaior'r(vciiamok. oFri<-R. m roi ir'i ?v*. nna, nppnaltn IO^?ri ao.ail 'a* ??) no IttaaMmda. Wavha. Jxwlrj. aad all Itmda * mar-f nd'aa? PrlvaM aatranra, ball d<*?. Pi??lfR II Fo'irlk a?an ,? Tni^fRlUC ?TRR*T A. rtuMMHlM T>UHi>??l> A bratar, adiam-aa ai .tea* m anj a? .io* on If .m nda, Watrbaa ami all Hmfa of Rarrhar.' - o? but* I Of ~.?h at I.n piifftta <Ara, a| Maaaao afraat, room Kb. I. If lai na pta Adaaiau 9

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