Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 25, 1860, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 25, 1860 Page 11
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Aioynmn, mwmn, ??., ro mt. Ar, RiMKNTH To LET in i KIRDT t)L\*d TENANT kno"'. ooi?*f*tlns of rnlt* if tWe rnu-ai furulvhw4 with CHUtOamo wa'rr ap?It on the premier*. etr>. in Kivimr a?re*t C. A. M xXFIKLD, A/eol tttuall familien preleered. a FAKTMENTS TO LKT-WITH ALL THE MODERN I* A provement* water and ria on every floor waler oloeeta, Ac., Bnime ju?t flulahet; oilcloth* on bn.lla and a?lrw*??; all IB oenpletc order; will b? let by lloora through, five room* earn lad pan trie*. to rteatreMe tenant*. rent "Tnoderate. Anul* on (he premier* 117', l?and 131 Forty flret alrnt. between Seceod and Third avenue*, from 1" to 3, or to the BfenJ, J H. ?l TDAH, ?n Second avenue, Iron* 7 U 8 A. U. and 0 to 8 F. H _______ I trim? lofts to let in t*?* nkw stork no ?s r Greenwich trret, cnrner Puane J*3SiLaJ? 10a ' ' htockfi of Hudson river aud ?w York an il" Erie R^i roads and A marl cam Kiprrwa building etoknished house in brooklyn - v house, r beantlfully < eligibly situated. and convenient to the frrrlM forrninr * genteel, attractive residence wll' he let hi good tenant il(iOp?r mouth. Apply at iOO Hrkge street, Smnkiyn Furnished hopse-on west side ok the city, In a very jrentee) neighborhood, up town, to lei, toaprt eateisnnli : i* reai'y n every particular for immediate paitoo. and baa the modern improvements. Beat of refereu -ea requirer. Apply to h o. WaI.KKK, 75 Liberty 8 reel. House to let and furniture for sale.-a large House, desirably litiiated In Brook'yw, to let from die 1st of September, reut KUl). From a desiral 1? tenant the owner would rei t one fl?a>r for b a own u?e, bla finally a* In Europe. Furniture almost new. Addresa II., b ji a JOIPost oittee. Douses, ptores and officer to rent and kenaei in every part of this <utv, Brooklyn. Wtl'.lamab trg .in Jetery Ihty. Be il esute leased, rented, bought ted ? .1.1 Ni-oharye fur advertinuiv at the Amer an lean 1, Heal K?um on Collecting office, Al7 Broad ?ay. G. Z. Mot'SB, Att'y. In FINE ORDER, TO LET-TWO ROOMS ,OR TIIREKi eat liiet floor and 'wo naaen em*. tlrit rlaaa: belle f'tri i-lted, gas. enld w .ter. garden. One am ill ?uu'.i?el lewilh In the houee Inquire at t!7 East T ?enly ninth street, toI Mr BALL, 553 Brondway. in nutate st re Lopts to lbt.-the four lofts and h arete; t of the new budding 237 Uteenwlch street, near Barclay. t>KRSONS H. VINO HOUSES TO LET SHOULD APPLY A tn WORi'KSTKR A DO , '"S3 Broadway, bank entrance. A aiuahrr of nrat cities Boarding Ileuses wanted Immediately, v*ore AND FIXTURES to let?wtt1i dwelling attached In an eycel eut location for dry g tods or fancy SS, Rent low to a k>xh1 tenant. Apply at 31 CaJtarlne I GfTORRUotlSK to T.EASE-26 feet RT 91); NEW O floors, v? rv utrong walla and heavy Umbered, In perfect order. No 109 Wnxhlnctn# street, near Rector. Apply to A. H CI.aRKE 211 Broadway, r> otne 16 and 17, tip strurs. E let-the lower part op a new house in Tbirtlein street, near secoad erenue, six large unau, giu?. bath, water okaet. and everythlog coinoI<*te; rent Hmt month Also, a large number of FWorn Ave r ?>.?? on m, '? nice bonnes; all modem Improvements on each Plnor. (xtqitire of ?m FETTRltCU, 166 rant Thirty second street, ?w *votrn1 Hveone. rno LET-a La rub three story brick DWRLLA log, suitable for a boarding or clnb hruse, No 10 Net laon pame,Merrer street. ai n'y at North American Fire Insnrmm Company, go. 6 Wall street. r lpt?to a physician, a front basement, h> a hand nmrly furtiished hnm atone hour-. situated id Lsatagtnn avenue, near Thirty -eighth street. Address 10 r.. hns 143 Herald office. rim-a house. oontain'no kl.kvbn roohs; wl h modern improvements, two blocks from Broadway; famished complete, or will sell C' irets alone. Root i7u0. Adtree h. s. m., Broadway Poet office, for one wtek. Jo let?the second floor, front basement and iw > front Booms In the thirl story of the souse No drove street, the Crotuu la on the oast moot floor; gas not la. tmolre ?t 301 Mleenker sti eet, corner of tiruve. To be seen hesoiiiid & and 7 '. m. r let?to a small family, without skryaats, the tipper part of a dwelling, with al, modern impruvemenia. Inquire at km East Suuwnih street, near Stayvessxl Park iftoalet?an ki.eoantly and completely fur. A nlahed House, In Lexington avenue, between Thlr y lirst ad Thirty teourd streets. with all tae modern imjirovemenW Immedlaie insiesrton given. Apply to frederick tlhohh k 3th Pearl street. New York. r LET-A FURNISHED COTTAGE, ON STJYVBdAXT Terrace. Ktsten Island, tee mlmt "s' ?alk to Ciutrautine md Pew Brighten ferries, r ontlining bath room, water rloe-t. Ml furnare, he., to let with Furniture, from let rentem3>-r to re May aext. at a very lotv rent. Apply to w. l. ct'l ting, m William street, m. t. " * a.?r a MOOT 4't ALIO DtD i VH D P3T tl'D 1 VT 1. la the nnet neutral bUMUMU loca'lun iu the city. fiual tare, FUtumi and conUm-a yenerally arlU be >11 eery efeup, HM present occupant beinc a'svit to jo In the rounlry. Apply la JUHS McDONoL'UH, 1.0 Fran*liu atreei, and 10b West roadway r> LBT-THK STORE NO. 4.16 ltROADWAY. FIXTURES far ale. apply on the pre in (lea 'l'VL."7r* .V'" TTIREK TITftH STOOP HOUSE J 1K1 W e.t Tweutit lb Mreet, nu dern ImpTu.. ? ...... r>MJl ari) per y>er, tour atory Eagtteh basement bouae modern I npmfwmanta, Sis W> at iit atreei. rerl Mir I. three atorv hi<b tin Uotiae. ITiM) fei-t all modern improvement*. lis Went tvh street, 66."*), ibi>* story nlrh kttvip Honae, ionSt) I ret all mo derii improvements "12 Went Forty-drib aireet. rent MMI. three MorV hlph * nop H wtae, modern laaprotemetite. HI Ninth are ewe. hbtJU .1. A W 1>KMIaM, limine timing Eighth avenue, enraar uf/uiieru'h street. UlBce open Irom morning till 9 iu the taenia* WTO LRT.-A STORE TO LET,SITUATED IN SIXTH AVE 1 nue, between Forty-second and Forty thlnl atnet,.* oepoHte the rail led dep..i, also. arc.ind and t.lrltl ?>r* Pomes toe given Immediately. Apply at lid v*e#t Forty Ihtrl street rlJCT?THE SE -OND FLOOR, OORNKE OF RROAO way and twelfth atreel, with elgat front window* also the Baaemeiit with heaea, bar. oyaterooi, ale vault, Ac ; alao Ike Basement of 617 Mrondway. JOHN 8. EKtrHO. 61 WlllUm aireet r LET?THE MEW MA SO NTT LOIHTB ROOMS. AT Ko 1 ' nine Witters, whi.'h ere the beat ven'ilate 1 mime la the eKy: will '? leased for el-ht year* at a fair rent Ap ply on the premises, to J. H. THuRP. rLKT IN BROOKLTN-THE SEOOND FLOOR OF honre W TUlarv elrert 'hree Rnnmai, and one Horn on third D<?w aeieu minutes'walk from ferries. Apply on pre tHeea Alan, lower FV><r, ho'iae 12 State atrtet. near Mfake, tree Room* and one Room In haw men t. Rent 112 per month. Water In bonne. Apply on premise*. (|M> LET IN JERSET C7TT-HOUHE1I7 WABHINOTON JL fT"Wl jiaju iin? r?i?- lurn Firr?rv?, nun ton tun m??harm Imyfunetit*. wtli be let very low or for a bnardlol Tug Ire tteit donr. MbHKF.K I'RKl'RKISHKO ROOM*. MriTlM.R FOR J ben.?*?e >ln*. wanted Immcdlaiely. Ixx-atel * eat of tomwdwat. above Itra-nif aireeL A'l'lraM Comf ad, at < toilfrry'a I'm-in w,uarr P<at "flkero loft8 to l.rr-j6\?0 f*kt, in thf. skw bulMlac No. 19 Rec*oc ii'Ni. fuHMua (iveu tmeiediM*l; Appiv oo Iheprtmltee. CQi HROAtiWAY -Pitt OND FLOOR TO LET, 8FITwOl able fur any rrnleel b'laloem. aim, Oil,.-a Room< abwra. Apply to J. Ill.-*? ??. 1M Kaet Tweoty llurd Ureal, baton) Id A. M , or afler ? P. M . or on lha tmiiM " FINiUCIlL. ~ Gam UOWT mc* FOR PALR-IR TAIIIW* rtTT enmpanlea. i arlDr libera! Jirldrn ! JOHN B. Vl'RK \T . mm nf abniuii Oea Li*.-Ul Journal, 1H Canal alreet. near towadnay yoni R to Bownnot.nKRR -thf honor of th? P Haw Tnrk and Now Haven Ralinpd Ooapany, due In BmiemliP. IMP will be paid. ?1Vh aorrurd tnlereah on preeaa totom aod tnrrrnder, at Ihe Treae'irer'i offloe, onrner of Tw? (per Tenth xwh and Fnttrtb avenue Maw Voaa, Au?uat 7. 18U W. II EM I N'T Traaairer. XT I* ORI.RANH AND MORII.K MTNM HOUUUT dl JW AI'Ol'KT HKLMONT a CO.. >0 Wall Prnet PR(iFf?*T.? FOR *1.000 ON OF "THE FLOlTINO I?ebi I uud Mot nf ibe City nf New Tnrk."?Healed pro aaala will de rereivad at toe Omptroller i <>#< uulil f h lay, tbe Mtb day nf bept'-mher MP', et t o rlo k P. M . > ben lha ma<r will ha pnblirly i -proad. for iba wlr-le nr at>' paid nf toe amount o( three mil Xm nf dallaraof the Float in* IVM Faad Ktotk <>l tb< rky of New Vork, authorlied I'f clwp dOof toe lawn of Idfll, aad by aa Ordtnanra of the ( nam. n Conn R, approved by the Mayor, Ampi** II. I Hi, for tba purpoae afnqrudatlnr aod fund top the Una dap data of toe t nrporatVwi The laid itnrk will hear intma at Iba rate or pi par eaut par annual payable qnanar yearly and the prlarlpal will be MgpapMhle nn tba IP day nf Mai. Wi the year 1*> The yropnpua w'fl Map the im'iiM of nn deatrad. and toa prwa per nna hnndrrd dtlam lbare ,f and tba partner Whaw pmneenla are aeeepted will be reunited to dep al- Wh.i toe chamberlain of the < ?<> allbln tan data after iba open or of the htdx ttie rum awarded V) tuam rnapapl ely meladtnf toe prrnilun on tba aanw Oa prearm,;,? to u?e r.anptmlleT tba raaatpta >f the < ham barttir frr pit depnaba. iba part let will be entitled to room re dprwdrolea 'nr r.,nal amnnnti nf lha par raltit of the prey, beartne Intrrrat I mm the dalaa nt paymreta. Karh prnpreitton ahmild he lealed and andnraed 1'I'mtxpnl" a. l . . I?. i I ,1(1.1 II . k nf the I III i.t ,Va \ -I Mil tkr nmr ?k1o??4 lit * nronod earotopo. Vvirttard V> th? ^B?rir?t ' rrrenod on lb* pnrt of tkn (Vwnptr .tlrr to f?)M ?n? or nil hMn, ft rmolrerTd iMoamnrr to prrArct or pr> malm (ho mwrtau Of I ho Hit. HoMrra of r*rrpno t>ond? of thr Oorpomttoo mv mikr the mmm nrntinMr in th' riirbof of iht? (fork, ff fh?r Ooatro or> V On Rf?H?RT. T. HAW* tVwnp'mPnr. Uk> mt ?? Tort, rvpnrtmont of rtnnacr, Oxap rolW? (Ak*. Antnat U 1M0. rraiRn avrmlr *avi\<?* rank X Corner ?>l tl ini nrenu mot Twenty fifth ptre*' ? HARTKRKIt MM. IX PKR CUNT INTKKRhT on ni' wn? room II In f i .<* 11n k rp n ?1?'1t ii ? I" to *tan o* lhee>eniagn of Men<l*r. Wndin ?<lny ?twl A '< rO?<r If in A l? I o ? Vwh. nrk*?'*R K (iRfTFIff r.-rwtnoL >. R. Cwu no. Born 'nrT iwwl wantrd-ox rom> ani> mort ?aof. l.WvlU on rmi c?UOr la Jnronr Wty, nrorib ttVW; am aH-rtcncA Apply to A. r VAlOK. So.i i ktairn erenC Nrw > ink 9A OHO *A'?T*l,-**'l'mTT N?>HTi?Ai;F OV * r. w ' mn pn?7r v? nn -w?ir , ir MHit Afrtrrw .? ?pplv to l? M H.MOHS 4P4 ' ,na * *? Alao. a bar )V? ii, Iowa for r.l?. Lai.<l la flrata ?? ?" * * .two Hoa?a? In clly and U4a In Br aklyn. iiOAi* ornrKK. " ATOAlor < V VfTTrr. V* POrATH AT?. JR. nor. orpoiitr <> T" ? T-wtft'itx ad Aiv?a rri Jr on Raiwai'.*. waiahr*. Uwrlry, aadaU t'oda of marr'undtar. rrtrala eairaaor, ball door. P Otiilf. >4 Fowth a~atim?. ATM Ji ASSAD STBFf.T ? A. IIOMOMAJT m**rn?fn A brotor A1' ai rr? RinMjr to a-j arro nt r.n n,*m .uda VaIkIim aM ali >lorl? of Hore'.iaikliAo. or biira for eaah. atl>a BTlratr ,4Bm. M Faa*aa (U-Mt, rwn HA. S. Bmo.iv ?, coo iArltal A* ni? oi.n orrirnfUfr i* avt amohxt. To adraon* ?m ?%(*?? Ibmdl, l>rr <?or?)?. Pulntlnfa, A| To ad raw# on ptamon'A, W*?' % riaooa. bofara. Ac. Or bainbi for ?o??V < prlrat*. H'mra ? till #. ^ * t. . RaMUSUKR 170 Mr?ad?<?. mom ib. up *ta rtA * Tm>*nmi* ? m.-*, RROKic*a A l* r> r'i*wr"wto? A* orriianta Ida Khmi Atrrwt onrnrrof AnuWioot, roia po I aooiatd adrano* monoi from 11 V> A<> i?) mt Waw-ho? I'Um n .a, .foarlrr OrJ " *orar? and all BSnO> y mor< haiiAl*o. or bo i*M. Particular att nUoa paid to *****>* aalea of Faraltura, A o b?* >a *v b'na I*' tbt and A. A. THQMPSOf, A icu ooer. I NEW TOI ro> I BARK OFPORTpVlTY^ruR, OKB OK THP ! best psvlng and mnet flonriihlng Aegar and Drinking -m loon* In this city, It baa been long established, and kept by the present owner, enjoys an unblemished reputation, and has a good mn of find elaaa custom; arlll he sold, with or withont furniture lamaUon unsurpassed for terms, which arlll be ranaonable. apply at the Prairie flower Saloon, 27 Wast Hroadwar. near Duase street. Auihjd hkuonp hand rirrcK* hoick Roller for sale cheap with front grate bars and ??fety ralee; will carry 00 pounds preaenre. 23 feel long and 3 feel diameter bold on aooount of alia Oan be seen at 1)0 Bast fiftieth street. Bakery ros sale-how bakiwo 21 bbus. pbr week, in one of the principal thorough arse near a public market, handsomely fttted up; a splendid chance. C B. HOWES 4 CO., No. 6 Centre street, oppos'te the Park. "DOOK AND STATIONERY STORK FOR 8AIE?WITH mj i?rge iiocn, and a lioi'^ry connected ana uew? flu ot. tavor?b'e IfiHp; doing ? profitable c.ah bualneee; will be sold at ft greet bargain. BIOOS A SOUTH WICK, ?2 y*a*ftu elreet. DTNINO saloon for sale?LOXO lease at low rent; biindeom-ly tilled up: (nod lnofttlou, on ft nrinclpftl tl>. rwgbfare; doing Unit date at'-uey making buitneai, Hud oitereo low on libera) term*. BIO OS A SOUTHWIOK, S3 Nawftiifttreet. For sale?the machisert and toous nkoernary for the manufacturing of ateel gooda. Inquire at SB l.i'ght street. For sale?tite i.e?sr, stock and fixtures of Liquor Store 3*7 Spring rtrect. doing a large and Increas It'.C buain-na; aplendidl) lifted up bar mom and bar parlor, and bar anperlor ftreoam.WMIono for a family Spring a'reet plnr. the market and two Kuglah lice a uf learner" are oluaa to tbe place. Kor sai b- a first clam oroubry store, in a thlcklv settled neighborhood; trade Sit III per month; rent k w ; ftpv-k light will be rold ehran. No aeenta need apply. ii maxwell. Jll Third ?r? nearTwenty ae-entb at. For sale?new and second tia J^^turular Holler*. In good order, with all neoeaaary aMShmeuta. of Ihe following rtrea:? 1 upright tubular Boiler, 14 ln< bet diameter and 7 feet high. 1 do. do S4 " " 7 1 do. do. 34 " " 9 " 1 da. do. 3d 9 " I do. do. M " M 9 " 1 fcnrlroptal do. JO " " 7 feet long Annlv to CURTIS A RTI AFTER. >09 and Stl Franklin street. FOB 8ALB-A DTNINQ AND BILLIARD 8ALOON, now dotn* the best business In the Twentieth ward, alt it sled at the termlun* 01 one Of the Bmadwaw muff linos. The owner ran be seen from 12 to 3 o clonk, at 383 Ninth avenue or 181 nrlandt street For hair-in stock and Fixures of the bin Mem ?h?dea, N.?, SO Mvr.le avenue, doing a gcod bualnem. For particulars apply to lb# propria tor. For sav.r?the stock and fixtures op thr f.trey Store, 505 Sixth avenue. Inquire lu the store. No agentr need apply. Fob sale-a labor profitable business, with large contractu fur work and prospects for immediate increate; the remittal property, atock. Ac., are worth about ibe nmounl ashed. A splenr Id chance. BlUOb A HOUTHWIOK, 82 Nassau street. For pa lb?a first class cakb bakery and Confectloocrr, located in the iiest part of tae city, all handsomely fitted tin, doing a larjc autre trade, loug lease of <he whole house, which ta Vwrse HIi.uS \ SOl'TII NICK, 82 Nassau street. For sai b?the lr\se. stock and fixtures of a very denlrahle oomer <al<>on down town, well fitted up and dolus a pool huslneaa: sulbclent reaaon for selling. In (tttre at No. 2 Cortlanit street, first door from Broadway, basement. T7I0B SALK-THB PLOUGH HOTEL. WITH FURNITURE, r Bur, Fistures anl lease; twelve beds and beddinc, w"h tl ,i teen stable* attaci i .1. a a1*si chance to make m mey, satL factory reasons for selling out A pply on the premises, at 1 11 Liberty street. FOR 8ALK-T1IK BUTCHER SHOP NO. .895 FOURTH uremic, near Twentv ninth street, with the Uxtures and it four years lease, a Rind stand for busireas. Il quire on tlie premtsen. For salb?a public house in wkht street, near Washington market; receipts flNJ per day, with a lease of ten years; a chance seldom met with for an active man with some capital, the Lease alone beln( worth the price asked for the whole. C. B. HoWBS A co . No 8 Centre street opposite the Park. Fob bale at one half its taluk.-the under st*l ed is forced by ronatanl illness, to sell his botanic medicine Store immediately. Inquire at NO. .1 Second street, near the Bowery. j. t. KRaMKR rlr sale chrap-thr baltic billiard saloom, IK Franklin street, corner of Centre, doin* a flourishing business. Must be Wild Immediately. Inquire on Ike premises. For baleorlnape. wrrn all furniture and Firtnres?The well known and established House formerly Masonic Hall, at Quat antine landing. Mateo Island. The 111 the place F<* particular* luquire on the in s?tiasa or at J Hayeron's, No. 43 Par* Hllp. Ijv?n 0 4?.p rnicioilT OB -JOB UTVumtm ' wr-nine steam rrf>; eiIeY tic TORI A. IbO Inno. new brtlers, ar<! In mmplete order for ten ApDlv to AARON A. DBUKAl'W, No. M South street, New Tort. GROCERY FOB SAl.t AT A IIABOAIN-IW CONSE qnerre of other iiigaternorta fnrornhle lease. choicely ^ele, ted stork, horse, wngnn, and tiuures all complete, and doing good and We litmnrne Bui?*B A HOITHWICK, S? Nassau street. /\t*ARTZ ROOK AND ORAIN Mll.Ia AND A PORTION W Of the l'ateot for sal'?Console rod the best andnnlt mlU nfviilne to miners: reducing to Impalpable powder, with shuttle grinding surface# rusHy replaced HHKIR A SOUTIIWICK. ? Nassau street. SLOOP FORRALR C?UCAP?AO TOWS. UOHT DRAUUHT of ?alt r, In g**?l order end well found: anils only two Tears old. will be sold low on opplisntkm to MOORK ACllAPMAN, NM West street. STFAK KNGIWER AMD HOILFRH POR RALR CHEAP. The largest stork and greatest variety of nr? and seoood hand Hollers ftt the <tty: also Si cam Engines Imn two to A hundred horse power JAMFS WV1.IK, Vi (iantex oort struct, b? t seen Greenwich and Washington strevtL Ninth avenue ear* pas* the ilnor. rPlTOTOORAPIIKRR ?POR RALR, A FIRST CLANH Photograph Msllery no Kmadway eligibly situated hetwren the Metropolitan and Ht Nlebolss llotela. one of the be* open ting romps lu the city, and printing laetlltles uon II.I lied. Apply lo J AH K. HUCft. to Kende atreei. r LIQUOR I>KAT FRR.-POR RALE?THE I.RARR of one of the'est It ,c?r stores to West street, opposite one of the fetrtes, old esut< Ished. and de'ng a Hits h ist was, t>e nr-osl r.-i isfsctuj reaeons glren for selling, none need apply without l.sxlog at least $1,01)11 In cash. Address R. 1, Herald office fT?o WATCH M.tKFRR -THE STOCK ANI> FIXTURES JL ni i .ewelry ?,ire foe Bale cheap. Apply oa the prhmi?e? CUUTl.lrdkVcu ,e. To ?onrr.rrioKKRK. maki rArri rkrh or candy, Ar ?M.(K0 will t-ny 'he Hood Will, I-Jet o: <\i*u,mer? end Machinery for mami'arinrlng a <<Migb candy, the eBI.-tcy of which i *11 be tretltked by thoahhad ?!m km* tried It with t<ia feat lag the oidee' remedy known Id Kun?#, RaUhfaMnrr I* mi gudn for irlung. Apply lo 11enrt 1, FaRIH. 112 Hro? iwar. ro Rf'TCIIKRR.?THE STORE A*D FIXTrBKd. COW'i.nicg a new ,-at oi le? bonar. atvl three yiornU-ukfrom tan >y: I >?po I V nant will In' anld rcaaooahlr Ap ply at ifl eighth an uue. nrgt Rim leea'u atn i. The mooo cannot bi rui?detl in U >i Ity. TlflRR AMI) LIQCOR RTORE TOR H ALE-II AVIjro A TT IS yitn lw?' trub the flgtur*a tul good a id. -,ia*i.-l or a g"nd corner la the ) ineenth ward and herti.g u? UolMfaad and lucratne imi?. Call at or addrewg Rutxu Jl, No ' VI it mi i. *17 PCRCHASE TTIE RTOCIC AND FtXTURRR ?Tt I o< < >* of th* I,eat Nrwtieper, Rta'lnaery and fmii In the nor: ainat bo arid tblt weak Apply oa the pr? la?, corner of > anal and Mint atrecte ?ino wn.ii bt't the rixTrnra. ac. rwmcn V I" "/ ooaa o. or rtkt , eel ctnl a III o: a bu7n*?i a long ? btln "il.Haha.V ol an Britt le thet la need by etery wine end liquor iioitte la the tnub- Tin- gnraM pay a proot of mar h) per < not and anlca an- made rtrlunrely foretell. and heene mmpetNtna BWHviet of aile? !??t vr?r f21 ilk). To any tmwe (ul. pt lmter the booka mil la freely ahmrn and de< iled tnT' until-n gum. A andfcit-nl r?aa m will be gli en a inch will aatttf / a .y one a hi iba aubecrtber la obliged to tell out. Ad Treat A. A. Brrad i.Rra. d<l'fUV WIU. Rl'Y THE PI XTt'REN AC. Willi R pHvU runt wver fjiU. aad gr?d wail I nf a hnalneta a bag bile ratabi.toed, of an'e tfial t nar I by eeery wma and liquor hr>' ?e In the TaJe f he t imta pe v a protit r.f oter 90 per ciat. am an let are n aAm m i .him 'oa mor, aad he* no rmrpe bm. of aalee lam mar ffc. IXXX To any hma Ode p in 1.1*' r tl.e t ika win bv lre< ty a >wn md deiarwl In format i< >n glaeo A ao i .etil r? aeon will be gh en whirl, wilt at.'taly ear w!.i die tuberrber la .-ml aad to pel: t-ot Ad dtita A. 6 . lleraio See. 4lH -rnr *ajp'tiic oooo wru. lrarr, 3*ll"tU\y\?. s-ork arij flitnrrt o* an old eavabtitiied Mat nfartiirlng Bnalneaa. of forte o-tq' etandloa, to thlt rtty. Baa tKi t< u. riitkm. and bant all tke faelHtb-a 'or d kng a targe and crtiAUbie I natneaa. and the btMirttwa lone wtth the .tiinwt brxiaea iu Ibe eny aad roqatry. Ia<|iiira of HRoWN A RfJae, St Kaman aireet ~~ ITKAMBOAli. DAT BOAT FOR WEST PitlFT, OtiRfrWATls FRir bitrg. Milton and t'ongbbeepafe ?The fleam boat AT.II) i arUi laara Jpy Mraat par daily at in A M . ton thing at Thirtieth atrnel, and arrtitng at Kmghki***e at I r. M laarlag fougbkeertie at 2 I'. M ret iratng In tha ofty at < ?t r. M Faaaengera fur Albany, Troy naramaa, or aay point want, nan make aura coaanatlaaa at roMghheapt'a. Baggaga traaaferrad iraa. FERRT TO COREY I?T ABB A7P FORT TTAHTLTOB The N'Al'BHOM will r n dally tbr..i'rh the te ton, leering A Boo* at reel at" 4 It ilf I. Rprlni.- Areel at' 12 , tad pier No. ? North ri??r a: M I aod A Fare, with ? runrn Jtrket. 1.1 rapt A STFWRR OCRAB WAVR M. TirrilTI.U MATTCR will 'eare Hew York dittinglhlg week fur Rtuay aad Fort J eft et ton. from Ibe fnat of Otlrar Mraat. leal rirar. ' m f'tUpwa ?Oa Tueaday, Angrht 21. ai 11 R ; Thnradar. Eld, m li M.. aad naladundav i t b 19 R. ' I SrsnAT boat rnrt keti'ort arp firth ambot. mkIius at rbaU<-a, L'nton. R.maOlle, <thr!<1ir<' Tmtana, and r Tba ?pt<n*tM nmwr AMiT! PBTrK l?)c*j rtfr**- uJhJ. rain or*b na, a* follown ? KntHfm ww a O'rlncl *1 'nf atma- -'4 Plnr ICn #. B * . *t< ? rlnnft. rt* nrntnf. Inrpf ? 4 * Farr. JWaantA. SIKPAV BOAT FOR OLKRWOOD A BP (It,** OOTR?. rpim ?? RV ll? *?* oppnaitc Wh':*?Um? City Inland and Rrw R.ahrlia. htaamar MATt?'>WTR i#m< ? Okibarina tmat a' 8 ?0. naltaf*T rr?t. a *fc Rlcrao'.h atram. P. 1 wratraiabth ?trfft. 9 10, Tb ) arve-j'l airiBf. 9 II. A f.nrtrove at Otei.wLod free to tbe i>a*tar.gfra. Waota **cv.raton SO m* SUK1UY BOAT FOR ROTYf.AICP IAKR. LABDIKU AT Tnktii far* 10 ran:*, liar >*? and Pobba' Farry, 1J cant*, Fiarmonl, 10 cant*. Stark ?' < ? '?, stua s n* to r< nia, R k.*nd I.akr. 10raati. The *:a*aat>o*: AaTkM.TtF. t.'tp:. Itafrmor 1. at ill laara Terra- tit*, Mnrrt* atrac. r barf. evert K >r>dar *nrtilnff. at 6-j o'rlnek. .Tajr atreat. Be* Tm-t, at 7 o'alnrk. lanriln* at ( hrWitaitaer and Fnrt* tkird ata. aarb ?? < O A Im /70AI.OF TOR r*RT BUfiT .jl'A UFT <-F RHP A*ll \ ' ar I frr ? l.e), . b air-e fan*e and f' rn-"*? I and deUtered at It 7# pet ton to famtlle* t kin* fo ir to ,t .>r nprarda fr> m Tar da mriar of Kip* and Irarnwtrh atre.t* <rnar?f He* Bn*rei v and Boo*"-r|t atireta, At Oanal ao.i I J7f Puaar *uee*> KATT1KW CLLNTOfc I IK HERALD, SATURDAY, A^auau# AHi'1 SK ANDUIT KoK fa EE II* JRKHBY CITf, ne*tl? fit b.heit, basement tirtclc h?nof vacant! water, price fl 2SC elan a brlrll Hou?e f>>r 91.*00, *'th all n nrtern comfort*. Mi?\ a corner eeaidenc.e, n<wnt(icent In n> ie, price $10,9*1. rertus ea?y. apply at 79 Jeracy avenue. hlAhM WANTED?or N<?TX,R8S THaik PIP' .I'KKH with necrasary Bull tings. Ac within about thl ty mller o* Bew Vurk. Address wl'b real name stating fu I particular aoil t-tat terms, E. L., Herald olBce for ore week IJIOR 8AI.E?ON KAM^TKRMH, ONE OP THE UK? r Partus Id Bergen county, alluhted about eight miles from Jersey City, u uarte r of a mile from tie Amor House farm, and -?..t m t... IT -.1'.. t I, ||ln. O I U. , V?rh tDd Krie Kailr md Haul fnrm contains Sit <usre?, t acres d orchard Is In^a ht?b state if cultivation, wet' watered ul,uu4fl> excellent fence The hiitMIng* cmiprloe * net* 'wo story flume 'welling house, with modern Impmreineuls, barn stab'c*. Ac . ?U nearly nee Apply to IIKVRV HRaKD. oe the premise*. or b> letter to Jersey His Pns* ottce ijviR SAUK?AT A r* R* AIN, AM KuwiArrt RROWV r stone front hlub stoop House no Thirty fourth street n?A> Broadway furnished Id the latest ttyle with ever* noore oienee lot KUlix) terms easy For cards of tdmlu! >u am further prrtienlars spplv tc It URtOl irv ? -V) V, I W *r? Hiiwiti F>h *AL*?ON HUKRaY HlisU rHfc flKSt tTL*ffr four *u?r\ bnmu A'iw front Him<vk. with high ?u*?p# N'<a 75 and IT Thlrtv fourth atrm. oiur * <iur*h *v?<tiiin. Th*ar hoiiara *rr hull! cm *n rntlrrlf iihw *n<l iiupniv^l pUn. hhi^tnr three* mown muIc^ with *11 'he modern mi?r??v*in?mUP built by dHv'fl ?n>rk. bar IwoimI doom *n?i Mark wh!hu? ?tUr? Te rum* to mi it piUthftfTl *oply to ?ATTMIC^ |VR*K^ on tb*' premium Thirty'onrtb air#w?t \m ? on* Hnndma '?*t trrrt JjftOR PA I.K?A a HTsR PRUIT AND <?\RDlfi* V furm, "tnMrd to R<*,ltUo't omnit N. ?.. nil* frot* thr up ?e iVrmnnt at*ti??n on thr NonT?**n if a* (mud * containing forty nrrra with o' 'h*>*< fruit and good hnIMinr watwr brought from % wring to the trwa* %n*' hani. Price $5 OUT Terom of utvment ?* ?v P??r portion Tars inquire* of h. *KYM??\ R 90 Pin* aireet N S 0 UitVaNH??N. Pi?riafHU GV>R 8 A LIB?AT A SarRTproR. OR WILV, TRaW P'lR " citv Pmpnity. a ^eantfnl o-mntrr %**t ^nd ?ix ?rr?i of <roiu n, 3'i tnora mm ine ier v I'na-oHn iicnMiv?r If renoired ?o' further partlcuUra inquire of Hlf'lHKH A rWnKRHIl L 577 Pulton wreet. Hmnklvn FOR SAl.K -S OR It) 1.<?TS OK t?RO"NI> WK-?T >K t 'enimi na?a Ivlnt In a hr?lv. 1 heae are Inn building lota *1'' will ne ?ilil at a low fliiiire?$|Ktl it tut. K>?r map nil particulate apply toKINSHIMKK A 1 I) , ill Fourth me nue. For balk.-tbk shipyard aid blacksmith ahop and hiilldlnge. and live year* leeae, wi<h timber, tool* oakum float ?tagp? tnn aheda; almaed na the "*?t cor per of the Atlantic T>oc hrookl n To he add -heap W. a ra?h rniPomor TIer? li a good chance to an Intactrl?n? man to make a fortune tn a few yeara. Moat he gold tbte week, aa the owner it going to Bnrope FflOR RALK-A TlOt'RE AND LOT. OHK'P fltTli.W, and the balance on mortgage f"r acitit time. In jure of K WlnTHKuP. Jfll) Wen Eighteenth atr-et For h?l.K?ik fifty second strrkt. honTii sin* 240 feet wcat of tdixington I.'CMlie. a handaoate, Iw at ?ry Irnmr O "?i? Honae, wlih hark baarment and trontcelar lot 26 hy Ilk) fret, with a handa.une garden and grapevines at lacked, t r.don -..ater In the LI once Inquire on iho i: rem Wee FOR SALE-ON LIHRRAI. TIRMR A HOl'dE Aft) aere i f land, beaniifnllv allnctcd In the village of Wood lawn. South itergeu. N .1 , within three hundred yarda of the horse nir rallrtvwl. between Jertev i'i y ami Iterge i Point *n quire of WM HOWE, 21 Moulgninery atroet, Jeraey City. GV>R RALE OR KXCHAWOC?A VALPABLE TRACT " of about 4 000 acrea of eoral land In Tenieaaee Title perfect A full warranty deed from a reaponalhie gentleman Will ?e|l low for rcah. or exchange'or good uiereli unliae or priH'eri* iiidin umbered. Alaoa aplemlid Panoratui for awle or exchange. R. BROWN, No. 2 Dey atreet, room 1. IjlOBRAI.K OR KXI'H A NOR?A DES1R AIILE HOUSE with all Lota, at H aten Inland, within a fcw mmnleaof R'nplei n laedlog. and omman ling a line .taw <n?r the bay Vfaael property of aatit actnrv deaorliitl'm will li? taken in ex change. Arply to A. K POSTER A OO , No 11 Pine at'?et. FOU'RAI.BOR EXCHANGE?FURNISHED, THE HAM) e<una relldenre and ninet-en acrea of land, at gaetchnc tr'. M". c'l-beatrr coumv, udjo'nlnr the town landing, together wish the whole o' ibe Purn'tare, Pletnrea Pianoforte, Stock Oaniaaea. Ac., If deaired. A faxoraule opp innnlty Insecure an elegcnt ratabllahment at a low price Distance from New York fcrtv (lv? nonu'ea hy New Haven Railrotd. Apply to R. BAI.1 W IN, 91 Liberty atreet. FOR BALK OR EXCHANOE FOR PRODUCTIVE Of TV Prop?rt??A Farm containing eeventv three acrea of rtrw elnaa land w Ith a rarlet? of cboli e ronng fruit treea t'?ceiser with the atock and farming ittenells; a hullo b g ibroe at trW-a hars ptabltpg. Ac.: tlag pole <at a mound; also a mile pleasure ground, graded level, from fortv to aeventr feel wide, with pro-er turna Kttnated In the town ?l Weatpmt. O-orne Aleut, adjoining hi part the heaittifn] and exienalve grounda of Wo-rta Ketchum Ea<i. Revente Ave per cent can remain on bond and mortgage. At ply at the Oirard linage from 10 A k. tnl P M H Rf Kkktk r)R KXCHaEOE IB HKAI.THT SOUTHERN MINSK note?TIaiet completely furnnhed. time* hue R7itill feet, good htahle or Burn; al?> line Oranery and 160 acreaaplendh Ten.d n*ur the ton-n. all clear of inctiraIterance; a dne proper ly The owner having regained health wi.ul exchange for Sruymy Id the Hate of New 1 ork or New leraey; valued at I (111. Addreea R. F. O , box 177 tle>ald ofUce FiH FAl.R. OR TO TR VDF FOR OITY OR OTHRR pirprrtr- 111 nhMilv'l/Wl mi town propartr- * bat't Ul ul and Rial,!* |,n <ro. a.l F^rril lu IMfrFl, ff?l 'lll-atar MUt); ItlUkhle I'll nMr hi tlM rantr?i piri or .w ,?v.<n and valuable I-and* in alinnat a -rv main In the I'uloo. Ilnat aaiata In tb'ii rlly and i \ ary pnrt of lha United R<Im tinr Ha,. I. IwniL'bt an" ?oW at tha Amafrar 'j?w. Ural Kattte and t'ollcctlnj; (ifllca, *JT lir ttdway In ><? ?? art <? /. IIOl'SK. Attorney, An. Jf. B?No rbargn for rtdyeMleiii* F)K KaI.K OB TO urr?A tXHTAUR. OAHKUHI Hone* ai d Ruble, on Klcbty t>lrd atreet * rat of tba Itlonn iutn'.ala mud. fnnr full !???. wltb plant, of ebotaa rrult tbmbhary if Apply on ha pramteee or IMS Hm?tdw*y HOIKB FOB MALK-NRABLY NRW ANI> ?I.Kii * NT'.Y flobti ad mttb all t ha matere mtprovetnanH; prion (1.10011 location In aaood nal*hbo?bnnd tn Mna aanib aim at, batwaee Ra< . nd and Third nyaouae. Tarmn farnrtbla. Apply to W M KTKAITON, No. 1 Ptna (tram HOfSK TOR B.LR Ot tXCH4lf?>R_A (1'PRRIOR brown aba a front Houae. rap ntr with all tha tnn'rro Ira pror amenta. flnlnhad by nay'n work la tha m.wt aohatniitl*] an nar, walnut at-ilm, aarrn nraah haalna, <.<autlf i1 maotr a Mr . Ac , kiAtad on Lanuaton avenue Would unban** for Harlem loU, biilldtnc malarial# or hardware Apply *1 IK Thirl atenne. to LOUN D OTTJWKLL or J(?8 ORuA VAMB IOWA I.ARTS WANTED.-*) ml A''R*A WtNTRD Addrae* ItnmedlnP ly l? la, (tea t7? P at <<tlr ?, Klruira N V . ylTltiff location, doe rlption, al>*lract of title aud lowaal ra?h prbw PHU.ADRIPHIA HO-RR YKT FOR HAUt?F ?R Aatll *3 fDth for trade, Rl 11*1. the hotel rmt ot* An .* ( for f >r MMat and tit* top up Apply to R I. Tl rnEK. l., ; F'. i'ih ntrari. WtUtntnahnee A boy ll jearaoid. a* waiter, oil* lb \*arn old, for I'll: rdroom A NTKi>?Ml.UUti AiKKH TRXAB LAtltJ^NNi WRBN I be Pram and Trinity nvera Pamnna own In* * turn l>ada wiahlny In anil p'eaan aar.d daa-riotlon '.f Uu.! what ronnly In and abntmrt of tltlaa, to 21 PI-ul ?tr*e?. earn .if Richard* A Flawy, or addraan and 1 will aal.' no <bam JAR <<I<NVBKAB Yl*TsTF.nMN RXfHANOR FOR t.AND* IN II.t.tYOIR ft l<wa and kiM"'irl B.??a shiaa Han llry -J ??la Orocrrire, Haidwara "?nrrl*? and i'mtVh?, f " th? 'Vmrrri n.aikrl * Inn. I-aorta In XlnnaenU tn "I 'mni' for Hooka Pr.DUn< Maierrtla. I?rnra. Ar l.'lllr'KKitl 8 I A iX).. RmI K?Ut* *rv1 Oanrrsl Atancr 18 Wall at e#i, ?f f Wumtn to PVRi-HacK a fXltfPoftT\Mi.k m . -r, and l<nt or tarn, plaaaanlH l?rntr>l In th? tiipor part of tba rlly, north from (2 Ml |nflI'll of a Dartr thai only reniilraa a nail cnant down tn r??h BIOtlR A ROUTH ATfi'K 82 ?na>i atraH C; I "il/l KA'M ?TWO Mrt* OJl H flliUUU at??at h?iw?n Plrat and Rernnd arratin. 191 fork Mrrat, eaer rad tind tlntahad. WW ran rrmain <>., ho* loo lor*. Addraan X II. w? bnlt.lVi r *t ttdira, Jf f. oi'in linn ?oal sbtatr ro* * oi.n _r?.vic or of I I "AM ru. tha mnel dadrahl* t'onl Ratau* In l'*nn jirania la ottered for rale 001 the moat liberal tarma Tha property la atl'uotrd ? tb* H?l:in> wr aad < ibln Kal r >ad. on 1 four larya ?*ln? of pool almi a water Irvol On lb* pri nnaaaara lamiy Houara ality Cora Hon*-. Riitae, Rb ttia, Tarsi *oola and atari thing roinM for a l*r*? bn-mraa Th? worka bate Juat hem cxnplnoed in lb* bael m onnrr ot a raah cral of flat UUUl A vaiual.ln RUv.k lliai lor *111 ha aol.l wllh Ibr pramtaae. f I.. RIIR'.IMIR 85 Raaaaii atraet. ~ POLITICAL. ~ ftAXfAlflR rKTkl.OIICH / tl* tnWrloar ia mannfartnrla* UNCOtlW AKI? HAKLIIt I'AJIPAlOlf B.VVRIkOrErt iKirni.AR AW1> JOHWHOW a?. do UPICI K l?KITMil ARI> LANK do do. iifU. >M> KvrrirrT ,im d<v Karh of tha abora hara tha Portrait of the candidate for Prrablrr.t and a fa* worda of I hair soying* Pi.aplea aant when f* *atad H AaVVoR *o 118 WilHam atraat IT 18 PBOPOfirn TO OKOOItlT.t; of latN'l oTIOR nf jotmc mm far wnbla In Ilia eteetVi* of Rracktnndg* and taint All tbo*a do?trtn_' ! nuonert Ihnner'rr* with ?wb an nrratilr.ittnn all! ad-lrr*a Rational llrra d ofll. r 3 AWTROMXPy. Am BONA rin* AATit"ux?j>T IHAT BVKKT ORB ran drpatwl no for tatting from la Madimr WILAOp. who irt'a the olyaal at rnur nan aa an ni aa >w<i an t? r bar room All ab tnldosmanlt Ihl* naturally (ifmdladv a* It Slight aaar them many ml?or uoaa lb* ra>ia*a apaedy marrlasoa and lalla all that rnaorrne rnnr wlrJ* Ufa Met pradl'tK8i* ara an trnr Ihat Utrjr aurprmr all abn " inanlt bar Ah* will laviAa lb* powers df bar woodarinl arlrnr*. an I i*IU all iba oaafcta of irmr ?l?ol* Ufa. liar adiiaa has nrrar na*o lacunuiiui All > " O'laqii BUM w ti ,?rru! a Ml m rl lartmn ladya tknowlral fa ihrLr trml natoninlimatit Mwlamr Wtlaon trill an Una Mm! ?n?a ladira m?y*-ta llul* timid thou# I th?y naad mil faar, for aha jirnml<-ra nothing hnt what la r?c<n rllahto In phlbanHibrm Alto- dr >al na?r -amnion ori-r tbr bakrf) Trr for ladtoa and ?aallanaan. fifty mala ARTflRJSniRQ ? kidani morrow. NRVRRTB daughter. born with a rani and ?tfl of foraaltht. taUa how anon anil #(!*? ftm will marry. anil maar arauta. rna mau rary lb- urMa. l ar M ranta nnUI mhara atop aopylny aaf ad lilttoi anmta. IM Iiodinw atraot. hnlnw Ho iMoq ftnntJamar art adnmtod. Mmr. i/a mars, thr < kiiRrratkp tkk hkr or Aitnn '?! nnl Aalrntnt* atan la with mi a rti at atna* bar ratmtoal m Hid Varlrk at--aat llwr Innan haw Van biwral'r IIrmiRr.l to rWMMlt har on thn ah?r?r oaafoi anil a< iratraa on all thr aflatnanf llfr ?n<"b aa Hnrrhaan. At'r. lawaulta, .looroaae. Rrmora a. A I'lalti-ia, rarRMFaMua \h art t tilanda hleh-rx^ Oni-irhip, Martina, ar fa-ma. lad Ira, 2.1 rrnfa rrr.t Itnr-I Ml rt nta Qnoaitnna ana warn! ty Intrr. torlwinall >'*ilt itira wr iiaa for RJ IVrr ltd V> rlrt airrn, r.rar i bar)'*. >r |t- WHO HAS ROT HRARpor THR f*RT.rHRATRO t Rvlatna PltF.MTRTKR ?ha hi* ham rwnau'tad br ll< naat.i'a In thta aad thar rttfaa with antlra aMafartam "ha faalo mmhh aha baa no ainal. Aba talla I ha na or <4 fntnr* wlf? nr I nahand. alan Mart n har r Ml a r If r"n wi?h lha |r tfe tl'r bar a rail, ni Ml Third araaoa, a bora Twrmjliral atraat .a Ira M) rant*. ftnttaMn fl. RF.AD TOTS -A PTTRRROT/XITRT ARn ASTROI.OO'iSI that baata tha world and fA (00 raw* for air nna who ran ann*l Mia Wbl.I.I NOTt >V who M arbnow'-tfad in ha lha only lady In tbla city wha truthfully (flraa Inform-itlmi non ram lot loaaao. lawanlla. Inurnaja. ahaanl f Panda loan, ormrt ahip. aiarriaya, baolth, waal'h. and who arltl raalalm drinkaa aim nnfalthfnl hnahanda kfiaa W la tba "ft?y paraon In tbla rlty who haa Ibw ranulna Roman and trahlan tallamana for torn yond Iqrk and all h-talnaaa alTalm, an I nra cut rintaaa for Ufa. Pa lay iha to rooanlTthla natm vl'y rlfiad and baantiftil yntint ladr. f.ttrky nomhara ytrar fflfftoy rmpnnt ahiarHy rafaranrra ran ha ??an at har rwddaoao. 101 Hint taanua op; all a Rltbih atraat ll?J1 ORARP STRPRT, R H < > to a R T ~ R A ft A R R m?r>1 WIPURR. alairroyanl and ylftad Span ah lair, ti i ralla vha myatrrtaa of fittnril. i I " rr r laoa, a ami frlan a atoknraa prrwrrthaa madlol iaa f. r all dlae -aes, toll* lujty IOBMCIi t r rptrtj lo? or Muthn, Ac. AUGUST 25, I860.?TRIP U ia>U?II<* ? URNTLKMAN ?NI) WIFR, aNU rtlKKK itlNULR A pentl*m<-a two obtain tlrairvde Kkiiik ?uh Hoard, and (he owl no <> a home at Nil. 3 tlbioo place. f mrth utrant. Refrrentvit rirbaa?*d Awiu chi v atr famii.v woui.i) lrt tur tfnwl hloir comMik of a parlor m?l two bodroano in an elrqrauth nirtilrht-d hr i?d ouine honon, oouiaiulug oil die modern improvement* with full or partial Board. ha frrvnoe* eirhanoed Inquire at 3*1 i-autiiftnn avenue, three ahn?? Thirty eighth alraet. a TRIVATR f?Ml- T WOULD l.Wt, WITU rilLl. OR n partial Board, tbree nr f'or p'aajtani R torag Uouae fur el*b?d with raaandhata K?fn?' o? rirhaoffed. Inquire at S Kaat Fifteenth ttreel, near Third avenue. A LIMITED NUMBER OF RRSrETTABI.M REHHONN may no* obtain anperlor Room* and Board Id % Hint nlaea bouae pnaaeutng all modern Improve neota; an eioellaot table 'proelded Pinner at 9 o'clork LOnatlou oentral and noovn nte.ot. 831 Rrnadway. halo* Union aqnara A private family will let a suit of hard aorttely 'urnlahed Rooms. eoniilaUng of the entire ae eo d together or cenarate without board, to gentle Biro only. by applying at 14) Ninth street. third door eaal of H roadway AFUHNI* HFD ROOM WANTKP-HY A I,Al)l AND gentleman. Boml for the lady o il? , in a private fa tiy wlier. iln-rr arr i n nthr boarder# l/Cadoo not above Thlr tlrih rtrert addrege (Jul el, l iiio wpiar* Poat "flic# A I,A RoK FRONT R< HI a WITH FULl. HOARD, SUIT able for ' wn single gentlemen nan br ob'a nail at N > 6 ? ml 1 ?mn fou th Hi-?et in the Pu'iiediatf viciuit of Madi am park aod oppoaitr thr Fifth Avenue Hotel. AGFhVI.fc.MAN AND WJFR OR THREE RTVtllJt geiHemei inn oh" am Hoar aa deal red web haudnmell ' ridshed K?'m> on aetvmrt and Bird Hours in a drat elate bnilte piawrMiua ai' mi rrnieoreg; A go >d borne til A pie Mini family. Rrl? renreg a John-ted Oall at No 61 Went Twelfth atrerl. hetweep Fifth and elgtb avennm. a N Kl.PKRl.Y LADY AND ITER DAUGHTER. WHO "A own ? h'MHMi wllh the d'">dern Improvement# wlgh in ?itv mmndal* a few |?mletiia>. with genteely tnrnlahed Fnnm* a d Hoard. Parties of rnapesdahili'v will Hi 1 ibia a inlet and infr nable home Inunire at 941 Million aireet AIM H Kast SIXTAFVH STREET- board, wrTii furnished or nnfnru ehed Rooms Houmi first olaaa. . HANPeOMRI.Y FURNrHHRP ROOM, WITHOUT A Hna'd wat ted. bv a gee'lemad In a r-sporPiMe neigh horhnral. below Keghb'rn'h afreet. Aildepaa. Mat' g terms abb" uniH be mo orale Hamilton, lwv 117 Herald ortl ? A LARGE HANDSOME FRONT ROOM HUITAB'.R 'or two g'ngle (enilemen or a man ami wi'e bi let The |i,i">e ' lib all ihe imaleni uiiprrivnmi'n'a. Family private I.inner at OH- Inquire at 30 Went Temh Ht'eet. A GENTLEMAN AND WIM OR 4 FEW SINGLE ' RN tiemi n ran obtain pleaaai t furnished Rooms. witb goal "onj-d, at 79 Went Thirty eighth street. Iietwi'eu Klith avenue nd Rmadwav;'he bihiae baa all the taodern Vmp"ovemenP; reierenrea refill ad. Ani mpkr or rooms to i,rr. furnished?with or nitb tit Hoard. In a neat lb ee atory rrlrk bonae oceti pied by a ?m?ll family. I'-nvenient pi -acond, Thinl and urert. near 'bird avenue \FKW Y?CNO MEN .'AN UK A?'<"'IWMOD A rRD wi b ?>??1 Hoard ?r.d pleasant IVtnmi; nlao it i(eultrtuan nnd wife, at 177 E*at Broadway. Ternia reasonable. A GENTLEMAN AND LtllVOAM IIR AOCOMMODA t?d ?Ith a nice from Vonm on second fl.x>r of n m f'rti built house; h"t and cold htihs. and n*nnd table til a reason* ble rale, al 219 Weal Twenty seventh at ret a FEW HKdLl ORNT1.evem OR gentlemen A"i|f * their wive*. ran ibid ipsid Hoard from $6 to Ml per week at 79 Mard.mgnl itrrrt s't (lament a place) between Houston hi d Wrecker street* Rcferencei exchanged A FEW PLEASANT TRNTNITRD BOOMS TO I,KT IN theSr John'- Park Hot.-I corner of I^tlaht and Bod>on r?et# ? pleaaaat location. In front of the park. I" which Hi* *iie*t* have the privilege at all time* Mm is on the Eur ipean dan A splendid suit of parlors to ml I loud street three rooms dee, i and containing seven ata tinoa-y minora Thes- noma would be rery dealrable for rlub loons or a first cJaa* dentist Atoixo lady wishes board in a pri rate f imll* or where torra are but few boarder*; not ?bo*e Blrecker atr*>t, term* moderate. Addreaa 11 ?ar J, su U"D A bp ring street AWIDf W I.anv H \S TAKEN A FIRST CLASS HOUSE, and will let some * parimenta to a fear boarders iri ntleman and ?lie or al"gle gentlemen. i "all at No. 1S3 We t Eleventh atreet. between Shih and Seventh avenues. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY HAVING A FEW LARGE, plei'tat t. unfurnished Hooms rnnld ^ceouimvlate two or *hree eentlemen and ib' tr with Board. Alai, a few am* I* gentlemen. and tiatb No. 1 Abmc km a, tare, cor ner of Ksnk and Hlcerker i tracts a I.ARUC, HANDSOME FRONT ROOM. FOR A HEN % Uen an and wife, or a couple of abide gentlemen. Alan, e lar*e alUe Itedrrwin Iliiinr r at s ? o'c.oc*. Reference* re .pilied. Apply M *6 Bleeekar street. BOARD-TO LET, WITH BOAED, AT 137 SfiiOND avenue, between Ki*h h and Mnih streets, ooe tun ish.-d Hones, aullable lor a gentleman and his wile or two s'tiitle geuUnuieu. Ref. reneea e*ch*n?ed. Ibnoer at six i 'rlorh. BOARD?A 'OKNTL1MAN AND WIFE OR A KKW ainvie gcuuemeu urn' lino n.-sirame is n us wiui n ssr.t Ht ho 42 Hire, k-r atrret. near Broadway Itel.'reave* e\ changed House lusa all the modern improvement* Boamd.-two parlors on ?ei">nd floor and two ball i edroom* to |M to single pentlein.-ii or gentle men and Ihelr wive*, with god kiard. bah. ifta, Ac., oil very misierale term* I'leaac eall at .Vt Henry street BOA RD-AOE.NTI.EVtN DAN HAVE A single FRONT Room. no the second 'loor, where rwlv f .or lainrdrra ire kr pi: beta and *as in the boose The onmforla of a home eon be realized at moderate terms. Apply at 397 Ko irth avenue near Twenty ninth street. Board?a '.apt. or a lady and gentleman. wtahlnita handsomely furnished Room In the rl.lntty ,,f M?ed. a?*l and Fleecker streets, an t wiltln* to pay a fair price n Ith or without fnllBosrd for yen'lemon, tn a prtrale family, address Retired, bo* 129 HeiwM oflh-e. BfiAKD?A OENTLPMa* AND HTS WIFE. OR TWO single gentlemen ,r?n be aceomm.>dale.l with s furnished or i n'nrnishcl fn nt K?iii at I7H West Fourteenth gtr>"'? ?lst two hn'l Her r.-mis 'or sin tie gcntlem-n. References re>|'itr i d. Dinner at at* o'clock. Board.?a oenti km an and wife, or two hinohr *> ullemen ran ol tain i lea ant R.umiwltb B str.l In a modem house l.ststei at ho 122 Ninth atreet* few door* a eat of Broadway Board.?dfsir aht.k rooms for okbtlrmar and and wlfr. or atnrV frnilrtnan, wlih full or partial Hoard, nut) l* font d lit 116 W?| Klrrrnia timet, batwrrn Puth Ml J Math amour*. Board waRtkh- rt a jfnti.kmar *v? two ladlrr, id lli* np|>?-r |*il of th# city i'laaae mldrraa Vt u'l'm ller.ild tiicrv tL.tinf t'-rma ami lurait'? hoard wantrd-by a and w[fr, 1> in a until, atrvtly prtrala family, ahem Uirra re on tdfcrr rilria. In a nfalrrn built boat#, wbrrn flir . iinfor a of i> li t?>. ?v t>? tuynmo Inn-aunti lietwrmi Kigh'I and K.i?h I'l-a'k at rfa. and ri?irth and Flfili tvaagi a llotrilog linao heri>r-a rnr t mil anawtr. I nr\. npilnnahln rafareuacM gireu ad r?i|Uif?d. ,vddi> ? lioi ft S6 Pnat mure ibuabil wartrd-ir broocltr. ib a pri'sacr J) laini'y. by a fro M'naa boratioo tn iat br ttihln llrn miniiira walk o' the Pn.mhi ferry. PImaant ru n. gaa and ha'h Indltpruatbla. Addrraa In i 1 93d Rata Yn'k l'oal idn, Boaroiro-a frw yoi ro mix oa* l?k axiom medatrd atth r *nf Hoard and ImaltBr anaiMarnWi fw Ft !< |>rr trrrk Alan, n good lialfcrou* In iba hnu*-. Apply at !> M Franklin aired. Boakimno.-A pkivatb FAMILf, RRHHHHU in ?mI P'Mirtnrntk auwav wtak to M dtrlr aotirn Hoonnd story, hanrianaasly farna krd to a gaoilrman and wt/a nr a fa tlit of adults Aatdrraa t?a IU Hnraid otBra. KOardiro? vfrt drnirari.r rooms. WITH nam, tor th# ? ml#-. for (a ml lira aod ainir'r gendmnnn, may br bad la laa drat rlaaa hmtra 36 ?>? Twelfth at rant, bolarrn filth and Sixth arrant*. IHnnrr at do olnck Hoard in broobiyn -two obnti.rmrr. or a gentleman and wife ran t?# a re. an mod a ted with a plraa/int H tr and U"?rd at M Willow alt art, Brooklyn Board ir ? a ff.W first rt.ass p. wider* can Ind pleasant R?mh, wlih dinner at alx 1 mmtli.n f. eiral I've m intra walk from Wad ant - > h rer lias Apply at 13 RcU-rmerhnrn at/set, batarem i Union ami nUl Board i* or hkrtlf mrn and tbatr alas*. -an (nd nlranant Ronas with Hoard, at 66 Va*?.nt street it b o'rlock. IkOAHll IR BRiHIK 1,FR ?A fKW MlR(ll,lt ilKRTI.K I) in- > or famlllra ism r? ar-r"ainindaic<1 ,.if.u?(vm Rnanr and Hrwrd a? I* "ruth <>lfprd *M Tho U* l> daP*btfilUf tdnalrd, miolaJalna %!l Ik* Wndarn l?|>rorrm?n?B balk. I? Ac . and arrj conranlaal tn Atlantic # Fultno trt nna cart. Board i* rrookltw.-rxwt.y rcRRiRiiKn ard I ?rr r ulraaant K<>*na la aulU oralnplo, In a Aral Haw bnnaa, alia all the aodem Improtraxanta wt'b full or partial Hoard, tin oflarad bf a amall private lastly. Kclerencoa ra inirrd. Appl> at Ml baton drool BoAHP ill BROOKUIR.-A URRT1.MIAll AHD H? wife or a row ?lnrl? gontloairo m?j ta1 Oratranir Honwia. with Hoard, at 10* Oleum atmol mnrcnlanl 10 Wall Orrrl and Konlk fnrrlra Reforeunaa axrban?nd. Board ti* rroori.tx -a new ofxti.fvrr ard ihrlr arira* or alnglr ynotl?ninn ran bo inllrd with Ur?o niraaai.t hi A ard oold a a tor bath, and fill! or i ?riUl Hoard Wlihln Rtr minntea" wait of ?miUi or Wall airri frr r? >t? Hrorr atrorl mrnor of t'onorwaa Iju.RP 'R B*OOELTl*-A LA Wot FR i.TT BOOV, J) ?ith Hrrtr an ronnrrtinf on ae<ond floor. can br bad, a I h f 'lU or p-rtial hard, al Ml Pactiie atrrat mar wroth and Wal' rvrrt f? rrwa, BnrAljn. IlOA FP IR IIR'KiKLTR_A WIDOW LADT, OOTTfT JI mr thr plraaanliy ><maiod bnnaa 71 Hlrkp ?trr?< llrmklvn DrijiMo, can ??-.i?rn ?latr i:oat>mrn or ladwa with lar*e and t,*r|n?io Roomr j.!aoalngl? Knai. lorrthrr wllh H ?rt. ? bar* a < itnlortalilr hnwe may ba laan *ad. Mofcrrncna atr banged. __ ... . Board ir rrooklvr-two t.arok dkhtrIri.r Kaama rtih ball Rohh no innnd lloor. anltahlo for a feint!* or eniirte- mm. Kalk nam hot ami en dkK.|?a ami aa'rr. No Ml 1'bciIk: 'trmt, between Heiir> and (Tin Uia atmeta. 17IT0ARTI.T Ft'RRTRHF.n ROOWR AT THR HOTF1, \ H ??Mifkt, f ifih a- enne, Hmadwar ard Tartitjr aaoerd III art t amine* aad atn?lo ?rntl?mrn rtootnAi to make per neurit a ra> artnroui ran now rntape irrj i-Wrr aiuta of A J.a'iu'i la In tkia total and do l?liunllj local ad bntai. FRARRTliRT HOVRF, CORH?ROF FRARIFORT ARD It il'.tatn atraoia R. i.?4 India Re-ma from 14 to37o par aUhV, t>r II to ffl par arark. Tlnuao nrwlt (urueibad, wtlk a r?cl Hrntaorant attached. Oprn all nRtbl VflVTliO' (Vii atnr noria i,i.i.i?ntr?rr.. 1 r txth ?root. North > l?or *| Ihr ivi?ti>?> Of I Oil? ?Wr? Mtltphpll b-? lioi rmtno In lot *t U.n do:.?h'fnl r??t.|orr? Infnroiort^n may Iw kxt ?t CM Uroeno-kb fJtfH, rr?r ofl "<*. **rrQMl f.ig. Fr*nwn*l? ?RO?T ROOM TO I.Rl?I!f A ruu oriloromy Ap,.lj u No 10 flflb otrool FHRRORRP ROOMM foR ?IR*TI,KMRR~K* bflTR f* ?r|.?r?to h" * I it rlaM h?'? .on ly iwhol pn I . (M?? *11 thr molPru tm| n?n* ??olJ ?opt. Mt-n Ur? ?rrr*pt?. rrorr fanlRy ?nd r?.<ri ort ?irord?'i; no m?r> ' pUA'Mr. 'rntrml or oonvmoot Wotlon, Bro?<?*f, bolotr [ I nkt. riuoro Hof .ro h?'?t,n? for lh? cootln* mam, tkttM ddreM D. C. T., auu ... 1), i'oM utile* LE SHEET. HOAHOJ!VO JtSfOLOOOIKG. FM KNTUiKO ROOM* lo i.KT?WITH OK WITHOC" partial Hoard (Inf Urj;.' Room, euiuMe for two voua n:rt>. tiui'k Parlor. in a family. II<>u*e contain '1 the oindrrn tmpmvemar la. I/yualtou vnod Inquire at 1)1 It1"' hlrUwiilb Direct, near second avenue. FURN'HHRI) ROOM* ? NIC*. OOMFOBTABLK FUR Room* to let rh-ap. to vcupceiahie euanU. at Id K1 /ahelh timet near Rrmime. u> amalf fanailiee or atuale ?eo tl' Dirni nave cooking n'oven and every convenience. r^FNTI.FMRN ND THEIR WIVKH OR HIMOLI OH* VT t'rniey ?*n he acoomnto.laie<i .\th Hoard at Mra Weahe' a. I 17tt Bmadwuv, ..tie itnor amih of Twenty eigktl trF#t HoilMP rnnLtainH tall tk.M a u.... ? ?- ?? ? MCIU iiauni> rwruw. ?aio revcen rxrhaiiftt-d HaMniXKI.Y FtlkNISIlKI), WKIX VRNTlLsTKIl Rooms, hiucle or II autia, with or without Rmrd at wo U t'lintcin place Ht> OSONF.I.Y FCRNIPHKlt PAR'-OR-t ON I*' I It SI tlonr, *l?n a Room on third door, to let with or within Hoard, til a house newly lilt*.I mo wi'h a'l the modern Inorove mt-utit. Mrs. STl'RThVANT, JJ Kaat Fifteenth street NO. M WEST NINTH HTRRRT, NEAR FIFTH AV? nu#.-Rooms to Wit, fnrnlshrd or unfur- laced, In anils o dnyiy, tn (tei tlemen orlj tn % quiet flrmt rl?n? house. wit, breakfast If d? wren; every attrition paid: unexcwuUnnah; efereuces gtven aad required PA PI ORS AND REPPOOM? TO KKNT, WITH Ol w ilho t Board, at .'13 St. Mark'* place. ROt MS W TH SOAKP-aN BI.EoaVT si lt Rooms. handsomely furnished. c?n be obtained it tl pr'vste bo-rdler hoi?e recently o tilted at FJKirtTwent thiol atrt'et; also, a few Room* for *in*le aentlemen. Tti h ration I* unsurpassed for p assent q lelnesa, anil ta SCNM ihle by aeveral line* of stages ar d car? R0"M8 AND BOARD-IN A FIRST 01.ASS H0US1 near Mad lam and Fifth amnion, oo drat, second thle i d fottith stories. Family small and of undoubted res .ee ?' Illtv Dinner at 6 o'clock. Famlliet or "Ingle gemleine accommodated. Address P. t\, Madison square Post office ROWMS AND HOARD.?VKRV DESIRABLE ROOM with Board, In a oentral location, with lew other Kna'i er*; a patlor chamber and bedr<?>m; alao a a it unfurnished last references given ana required. Apply at No 11 H i unh avenue. TWO OR TWRER VERY DRSTRARLE ROOMS TO I,AT w<th Hoard In a small family; the oumber of hoarder sr? Imitrd: loratlon central, one blook from Urooilivay. 4f> Fast Fourth street fro LET?TWO BEDROOMS, ON HEVONO FI.OOR ' neatly and richly furnished. In bouse 38 Orove street, nea H eecker. to two real gentlemen only and no others, for *7 pei w ek each, without Bo,rd; bsth. yns'lyht and fire Included l< Table quarterly and at maturity; tin chance In the orice; m C ldren In the huuae. Applv as above front 7 to ,1 o'clock P M , and positively no admittance after the latter hour. TO I.KT?BILLIARD ROOMS RKADY FCRNMHRC with three or five tdlllard tables. In one of the lest ton tn di In the city. Apply at 2W West Thirteenth street, in ih b seineut. ren rvv wtvh BtttDtl TWO t I Dil> n i Mruntfl 1 Room*. neatly furnished, on th* second Door, very deehu h e l'or e jteetlenuao end wife or small f inally, at 7i *? ei 1 wrnly third street, between Fifth and Sixth avenue*. Reft renoes t schemed^ WANTBI1-BT A ORNTT.KMAN AJ"D WIFK, BOARE bedroom and parlor, on Madison a-eoue, not abov Th '.y filth street, bouse must have alt modern coovemeucei A<1 rrsa for one week it. B T , bos 1 Did Post office WANTKP?BOARIt FOR A GKNTLENftN, WITH i good Room, lit the neWhtx rbood ot Fourth place Soul Brooklyn. Address W , boil,71*3 N. T. Post office. WANTED? BOARD FOR A GENTLEMAN AND W1F1 In a nrlvale family. No attention w ill be oaid to tbos wh" do not state full particular" and terms, which uiuat r on .'cram. Address A. H. C? box 162 tiers d office. in WOOSTKR RTREET NKtR TUB CORNER -T< 1 Zj let, furnished K ran, withces. bath. Ac.; ih *le Room * VI 25 per seek; Ro, m* a i^Hp lor bon* keeping; also Horn Raiment will be rented very low, to respejtabe par tie I n y. H ABINGDON afjl'ARR O" tlUDNON STREET SI >E between H.irk ami Trv V streets.?Hoard, with h ind r urely furnished Horuns, In setts or sing e, at reus nabli rales' Hone* first class, Unexceptionable references gi ei and repaired t?) fBt FOCRTBF.NTH HTRKKT, NBA R FIFTH AVB faA nue?Board, with handsomely furnlahed Kosns. b suits or slnale, at res* oahle rates House, first abuts brown stone Unexceptionable references requtred4 1 WKHT TWF1.FT1I STREET ?DELIGHTFUL ROOM "I lo let, with llosr I, si M West Twelfth street, be.wee Filth and Sixth avenu.*. e\. banned. A ft WF.KT T WEN TV FOURTH STRF.K.T, HKTWF.K] T l) Fifth arid Flxtl avenues ?fbe en'lre second Floor, tut n'?hed suitable for fami'lea; also I'atlor ind eedroum on thlr rteor; bouse first class; private tabie If r? juired. f\if i runii Air.j<i r,, i?r. I ? ?" i n A.ll/ rj.P. Ut i?ntb rtrreta.?A rb r ?m?II Rr?>in neuly (-arreted, an apd r rot rt.lence for Hi> cIm'Idk the win er, Hiptab f ir n *ln gin geiiUrn au only. With or witho it Board. Hafli in :hi fcuae. rt WKKT TWKl.FTll STRKRT. -KNOl.lSH HAPFMKN' OD kniiM, ha* two rh-?|ee Room*, with all llie modern Ira prnvenienla. lo let with fn'd Hoard. to gentlemen *m1 thai ? m. or rmOni'D Irlnuer at ( fcifwi r?i>itr?cl. < ? ST ? I.KMRST i? rUAt'K.?W M-IHU'OAI. KTWKKTflit hfRi', liitndw-mely I " nittlM d Room* to let to onn or tw ynllrnter., alao two no all Kooma to aingle Kou'rora, wnh < without par it*! Hoard ijU WW 'lil'RTKKNTH 8TRRKT. HICrWKKN Firr Ou and Siyth avcnoea ?Largo *nd ple-<*ar" Ksamia to U In au la, with Hoard, to families: alao desirable Hoinu for an ?V?rn lernrn; bath with hot and told water. I all per at 0^ Krfrrruet't e I changed TO/' KoRPYTFI RTRKKT?T'lT.RT, WITHOIT RoaRI 1 a hand* mely furnished I'arlor, on nwil Ihy, nl able lor ota. t* i or three rentlar??i,; fn tIIv prlvte. *>., aavlrp mora room than la n- ulred will )rt lor mum h- ?(j None Init gentlemen used apply. llelween Broome and 1 >? leocey streets. T?J/\ NADIR' N AVRNnK.-TIIF.Rr. ARK VACANT T\V< I Or /auila of Rot ma. fogrth-r or separate, wnh Hoar i. on ? Cne-I riorw of a llrat elasa prltaur bonne \ genllen. in-in< wfTe will rind Tory contrnieoee aa a hot e. Alw>, a Room fo a single groil'-mafi IO7 KART KIOHTH RTRFKr-TirO FAROE FAR I a I I lora on the flist floor, and ihe wmr on the second. an atrial, Room.a attached Alao small r,?mw. aniUMo for ?:n"l? gtntlomcn, with or without Hoard. Reference given ant re quired. OflQ KAhT BROADWAY-HOARD AND Rl'ITR Of Li fcO her laomrly furnished R,?>m? su-'.-ih].- or families or atna> gentlemen, ran 1 r r>l tamed at 2> Hast llroadw iy. Tha bonar contains all ihr modrrn ImpmvrmenU. COUNTRY BOARD. Blr\KD IN ARTORIA OR HOHnKiCN WA.vtfd?Ah KnrlWb arrUnman desires part..,, Iloa'd in some a iba an Ua' and ar:Had Knal'sb or Sonirh family N r ?rilc ilar abou prim I: comfortable. Address for one week lJrury CliUord Bern I offl-e. Board tn tub oorntry -a fkw v icant pooxi ran be ohtajned at the residence of WUdam U. Dfhblee strawbrrry Bill, Stamford, Gown. Eaui.eswood tinimt <frrth amhot. n. .i' -mk \ Hrr TotwHnenn hate a frw pleaaant Itooma vacant. Fa i 'IM f tr ?>H hAlhitrCF Irflhlinff ? M kr ..?*a fra aaea.l tr> m New York eljth' limn dolly. Be*' mer, Tkonuu hunt, ilterrley etreet.) Ji, oYhck r. U. I'erUr iUr? olnffl, ? of WHi. hlm<ry, heip, M Broodney. Lakf. mahoPac -rocjcxRY boarh im * fir<o riser bouse. Term* ritronrdluery; only (7 per week. 10 elndlnt Ihe nee of floe aoil end row howle, lohmi; U"kle. Ac lehlnt nnr<[tn?lled, fnilt In ebnnilon <o. splendid *rovee, fine WsJl"!3re t*" 00 (,*?- C. HARRIOT. Jfo. II It'JIMKH tBMIKTf. La rofrRrrr* BOCSR, RKRITKH POIRT, B. Boole leere pier Bo 2 Borlh rrrer, of 7 30 end (1 SB A. *., end 3 *0 ood ? JU F.M , from fn.* of l?ey street ?t in ju A M on?! 4 30 P M Ample eeoummodetinaf for perm* ion! at trontient t? .orders Wftxl.ltv W Htl.u, (Formerly of Isfenre House) Prnpr inter XCCHSIOBA. ClflOI.BRA BANK9. TIIK A No 1 s-fltAMKR WM J FOL'LKH, f sptom U'.lo F. Morreil. r'>mo?iitlrr. fr not peeled by Ssmuel lireenw. ?>i. the well known inu k pile will mete or eieurefon In the shore bonke on Sunder, Auflnet 2d. ISMj. testing Jeckeno tireet of 41, o rlnek I'erk slip. 6', plert, Nnrih rleer. 'plotter In oil. end Spring otreet of 1 , orlnrk. H wul be. given 'or the lorgeel Mne 'eh ood M for ibr lergrM ore bees Hon 1'eking lork'e on-1 the beet <( refresh Bieole eon be umciire I on botrd. tickets one doller. ?J?*>rft button, i.rond Aomlrol. tloorge W. Vendernllt, Commodore Joe. L. ( oropbell. Slower 1. CYltOLKRA MA * KS - TUB SBA RTKeMBR II 'RTREs* > f^Olil J. Wnvoll, will miko on V'.eeore i?i to the 1 It iters Menk" on llieedoy, A'ltuei 2- leeving .'often,, ?troe 01 fl Smsli die-It. wreennont, ot tlf, I'eck elip o(T A. M Fore #1 chowder Induced vxcoMtom TO rookawat.?tvi rim UOM Fj Biodp'oe end eofe eepidn ;?ii ?mi'i JAB. A RTKVBNM will leke the piece of the eteemer eres. o?id w ill ir*kr <'fruon? dolly to the shorn nemed ploro fRonkewoyi, svipol"* ol the See fhle Hemr eerh ??y, ie?rtii? t el ho One slrvei el * 3ft A M. Hpiyig tireet. Nortk river. 9 o'eiark, pier 4 North riser 9 lb. molting the puoooge In two bonne WA 1.1 BR ORIMITT. Mooter. For kkwark aro bfrof* roiRT.-TiTP nr.w, wifl erd elegsnt eteornhnol 11IOM\s |> WtY leaves P'ef kf> Vnrtb rlrin. font of Ttey eiree> >1 |il>t A M. ood *'4 )' M lielly. Indud'ng Burnley Fere to Rework 13 rentt, Beriren Point 10 cento. A pie00 on boord. /''RASP MI1.1TAR2 ARP tlTTO KXnPRAlOR -. ?>* vT pnmetiiary to ifepuin J"ho P. (.enelny, by U?- IFaah.n* lot U* ilwtlal fliunl, Awvrnd I'ontpaiiir. ???l-t l i y nn?* mm iraiiilaman Ti> Ptid'ay il.t m, I(>id?>n rlrar, 'oa Alon day. AOttikt 27. 1 w"r>. Tl< k.-u nna dollar, * ntlulnf one rant)aman alio lady, additional Indira' ttrka'a, f fta i-nu ThIkiU uB-i IwrifB Mill laata Rrooma atrnat at 7 o'ntnrk. Hxilh Ponrtk atrrav, Wflllamebtiry at P?^k p at - Ai.tu,. ttraelal 8X, atd Auotklrct-t at I' I'cloik A. M, fltl.HPRT C. PKAX, ("b in titan Jt?r- If. JMCrksrr. Hacrrtary. <jr.o. J Bhii%n, Trfurtr. ci KPAT RXrrMIOK TO KKWiRT A !?D PER TP A M O l"y ?Iba ataeBier Al.fl'R I'klt'R m k"? an #<!-nra|oa \irj Sunday, rala or aWna, thn above plana*. fearing Roidpann raat el A, Hpnn* atrwt at A U, ptnr ? RorUk rirar at A), o'rlork paaaln* through the Kill Vrm Kill and landing a' all tkr bi "ulifi.i Ultia tll.ajraa that a' "1 Ha liank>. at l tbatva ariM Haitian Kay to Iba lirnrrd a* 11)I|T? rind and lha thru-tab Ina II. Mrs of Karpnrt R atom tar will land In the city t*rf. n-e Mixlown far* 28 oanta aarti way. PK)*lt-0R01KRA RAHKR?Hl'RTRRKA, PAPT. *>J4/ J. Pnrall.?Tka frlaoda and patrrma of tha Chora Boat will |It? Waaara. Hngra A Pnrnil a enwiBlimantarj on "nnrtgy Anyiat M. on whlrk rwraakm tbara will ha ft ran W for th* haav laat blur Aah. and alan mtn < * 88 for (ha haartnat aaa ha? Boat will laara Jerkai n alrart aMnVVirki Park Blip. iko'cbMfc. f-'l ring atraat. North rivar at i. plar 4 (forth rlrar, o'cfeaA. Halt npaa and rafraabtaaMa aaa ha had nrt hoard Para 84 ROHT. THOMAR, nti'K UK KWOOD, HKRI rtU.KR, ROHT 1)1, PKKP RKPI'KR, MJJIDT KIC, pTr?,al'rkJ!'t"'r,>4 TO T \ ROPT Pf )K PAR IRR - A RRW PT.Af? PAKHAIO Pallk Pataraon H. J. - Wa ara bow wan to r*aalra ai r talona. Inmtwr* *t from Ml ranta to |l Tor p^/* an ply k> JAMkh Vtu-HOR I4A *al Tkirly llftit ktrwwt, or by l?nar a* akoaa ?o taa pmrrtatnra, Voorhla* A wilaon toimi in ami HBO ins I || IT PR, RAl.tlR A PS)., HO. 21 I Ht W BRT, RAVI R*. ivl ratted'? n?<Bnnaal'Wi f'T Imma at" fair, r h.'ati .'ur eaah. k m i4 Batkm Bwan. farfimmti mm Jtwtiry II I H O (UK 8, nou V , <& . WAJHTIP. r | * sma1,1, furpihhcd noun* wamtbd-iw tub r t\ cooutrv: must nut he mire than 100 milea from New * V> rlt Addreaa hm 3*31 PuatpAlce. W A KM AM, rr*RJ?I?HED OR PARITY FURNISHED Pouae warned f"r the muter, ?, aoroe pleasant u>.vu or village am ovMSlor 100 m.les from New York; fAin'ty ??ry '> unitll. Rent must below. Addreta box 3,117 Post otBce. ABOUT fill HOUSES, STORKS AND OFFIOES WANTED immrrtatrly to supply tenants In V?? York. Rrooklyu, Williatnahur* and Jersey Oily Real rented, biusht and "old. rents and itrmam .? collected, at the American laiw, I Real Frtate and t'ollertiafl Ofl.ce, >17 Broadway Mo <"b true 'or advertising premises. O. Z. HopBK, Attorney, Ac HOUSIC WANTED SMAM. SIZED, HITOATED BKtwern Bond and Fourteenth s'reela, near Broadway; I furniture wmiM he bought or not, as might be desired Any earn having sir h a house to rent at a fair price may find a coat iim-r by addressing for one week J. B, l>, UeraJd otO m. l TTOUPE W A BIRD?WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION I 1 A fir*' chss full st/ed llouse 'hree monis deep Flatted net wren Ft th and Slith avenues and Fourteenth And Tvrentyfli a' atreeta, by a nm\ll faml lv Any person having a lease of i "uch pretnbu*. and wishing to disnoae of It together with ^are'i Ac . throughout the bouse. may addreaa. with full partkui Utrs, torat'on, rent Ac , Ainelon. boi 136 Herald office. nOl'PE WANTED?RRFOBR NOV. 1, FOR A FA*T\ ?I ol t?n parsons N-tvrrai Fo .rtwiilb tnJ fortieth gtreeia II -nd Fourth and ftLrth atei.u.-s; kiah stoop preferred. Ron n< i over iliWun a lease Stable would also be hired. Ad .-h Win 1 WQ>) H,*t oft! le WANTEPtA Ft'RNlSRRI> HOUSE, BETWEEN MF7 ft at-d slmth sven.iea .Rusted between Rtghth and Fortieth i?- streets A(1 (Irene Immr iaely F O. Harald office TIT ANTED- A FURNISHED HOUSE. FOR THE WINTER) ? " U) ?? * located in F If'h ?v??ijih* or io mmo of dio ndjiCtti t it-eetA l'oearrsion wiehrd for ... September >r October inti ,1 1st of ?? Ad drew House feeler bra LAP Herald oWce. r TAT ANTED?A SMALL HOUSE. WVM1 dniiKRV I*. ?? prnvementa between HoukIkp .out Thin, mm-.,** -""uhs. rend and Seventh avenues. Ren: from U to Stiuu To <s nv peratm de-Unlne housekeepink a p'.rteev ' <b? furuiluv* I would be purchased for rash. Addrt-M W . . leraid office, I: or three days stating location and prke. W" ANTKD-A STORE. FOR TFTK RATA OF FIRRY ol aa books and stationary, not ieaa than IS feet wide ?rd 40 leet Ions situated on the weat aide of Headway, ? between Oar a) and Kt?> th alrevta. Ad.lroae' \mertoan Swwdeolj bork I'rintlnf ana duhliihlnf Society, 20 Cooper Inatltnte. fir ANTED?TO RENT IN BROOKLYN OR NEW YORK, h L'ood tenement Hoiue Call on or nddraae .f AMKH J, r JOHNS! ON, House A rent, 102 Atlantic street, Brooklyn. WANTRD-RY AN ARMT OFFDBK, A FARLOR, limine Room and three or fonr Bedrooms, with Basaru.nt for kitchen and laundry. Location, between Eighth and Thirtieth sir.>-t?, and Fl'th and Second av.-n.iea Cnfuru.shed spat-infill* pre'.erred and refereo-es exckai.Red. Avldreaa, i_ fur three days. Amy Officer, Brand rath House H TIT A NTED ?PART OF A HOUHB, FOR A MAN AND ?? wife. ?itb or with > :l Board fur the la ty. in the vicinity 1 of W.-at Tlilrter mh street. Address Adams Herald oftrte. t ? ?????? i flTANTED-\ FIRST OLVSSFOUR STORY MOCSE, it l? I urnisb? I. In a good M-illts, above Thirteenth street and I between fourth and Stvtli avenues. Also the same atv'.e of I House unfur.itahed If In a d-sirab.e e -Hiihorboo). Addrem ! immediately B. M . bos 172 Herald ' : V|iraNTKD?TO I.KASE. FOR TWO TEARS FROM J" IT 1st Ne-.emher. a three -tor/ blah at op Hon*.- in a 1 rood locality: must be m thorough order. Address, stain g , | Iraatton, B , hot lftli Herald otboe t fir ,\NTED-MT TUB FIRST~OF KEPTEMHFR, I'ART h ' ir of a House, suitable foe hous* keening. Kontuuitoet ceed $2M. address American, b<u 129 Herald oilice K WANTKD_AN UNFURNISHED RO< >M A*D~HSt>. ? ft room. wdtb *ns, in a respectable ho se, near Sleecker ? ?ud Xsefmyil Fa.; rent payable monthly tu advance Address. sta'liik terms which must be moderate, Cbas. Warren, Herald office. 1 TIT ANTED TO"RENT? t Iio'l SK "wTtH ""STORK. IN s , If the upper part of the city, .n a roo.1 buainess street. * frier fmm fEWU to AMU per year. Addre s O. R , iui 1V0 lle* tn Id office. If ANTED TO RBNtZry ~SM ir.T~fTvti V iir --?V/ ? ? II' U nude .tad Kiriing I)r?MH *r , 4 rue de it. tae'iL lain* hitiwu, Uati -An Pe<a?n. 73 mm Rl hajlata. Uu>\ r? Phi* it ? New ?<it and iv ?l. ,r attuning, t? rue N? .va hi Ao*'ia4in WI?.>'?i??i.(Ii?uiI Ji to II. M Kramer, 31 no Netjre Rt. Auroatia. Roaraoitr t.?(Hroora, Ufelna >nd an-aent Firwitnra.)?The warerca in# are rtn red to U rue di lie lar hi >r, KrmriTui.4 nt Pictures, Br otug Wurka, S'*U< nary, i> Flere Cr la Bourse Ciikohowi 1?K? aaii?'inr*e ?L* Roe and Ftla. mak ?ra in ),? 1 r???\ Palate K..y?l. Uand U ' ?.?(. * n'i pn#ar. OrTKtA*.?Ybe le"iae I ?? Inranie'ir <ee>a,imp. Irraatatur i ftnrratCbe rail lee, aole aoiv?an*, f.iua.Ied hjr kia :?ir.l,'y .? i;?i. Tour d* I IlorWe du I'alaia, at nreaert 13 I'laoe <t i ' r.,1.4 Nam, farlnc tie at..* ie >f lln.rr I?. Instrument* li.r Optica, Naturu Phii.u> |>by, Makemau. a, ilia Nary aad II 1 analogy. Intra ( Nina -Thing. Trrauto. Dinner "arr'ca*, Uo .urn J, Paints Ror (Jalerie Miio'i .1 an. U. Caulata to the KmUaeiy, Roararr A To , 23 Plane Ve? .lorna. Wi.ew. Tr. ainl Uao tno ?l lb* turn of II. tluflllir, If raft del* Pall Ppi|<i iau.r .if Vioev >r<la in Horde* .1 ? i bam. I ?k?e Ordaralor America unruled. Pum nil. I'rarraia by apt-ontment, 1 mm Oanmartln. II* llentr or I.*ft?? Kit t'? I'' t>? fir '.ha> on. Thi? wnuietle, being one of tha m at ration tied yrv dnetlofid for tha toilet, ftrri the akin the *upp.eoeea and loan of vomh. ami Iwiiarta a whltegeea of Irreprcm-hah n fur.'jr. B.H.-Mr I'lanehai* alba owljr patentee. J)?f"it t New York, at Dnprat'a. i.17 Hroadoay. Taitroi. ? Mulct. ZM i oe Rlr ill, wall known far Ilia elefar,: r rt and rary aoprrmrtP; alruatwonhy Uwdratnan. KOOFIRU IH.ATtt OP THK PkOI.P PLAT* ..OMPART are of superb* -ftality, low ooR. (Ira proof. yie'd pur* Iaa.l nii'aintad tain aatar, and laat a lifetime. It ..Mara adcreel tha Ay ant id iba company, U. Pursaaa, 17 iruad4 atrri t, Raw ltok. S' TKkl. FPHIROB. ROLLINU, TKMPRRINtl AND <*OVBRIRO, .196 I'trat arau ta, Between Twenty third ac t Twenty fO'.rtb ?lr??u It. T. I <4. 1JKMARR. SIIIRIIOARD WARTBD-AVT OR* II A TIRO AR OA* marl.le w>p Pidel oard, wfctrh enet $.10. ant ? lakea UjmIJ It j baap, will addraaa bin 1)1 Herald of. e, lor two itaya SHIKOL* RArniRKP. SIIIW IT.* ma' I7IREM ?TO* aale. a. me of lh? beat Mhii I Ra hlnea f.yr rlvttif int I ibavintah.ocleaeTar lorentwl. Addreaa tf. A R , p.-?. uu-e, ! Rcw T rk. rrn* rati-*al propkm.k*, I 11 k,, .nl frt.linm ia.l an 'Ira a. rawlrrar n# V a down atrram or Ita* anaa waa patmilod on thn 7th day 3 An<'ink !* '. by '? I.. Oarrnr. of Awlk Amelia*. Txm. dr wnrklnt >n walar and rn? lay 'n? in the UMl for nation. WIU b? m athi' i Ion on and alar Tijnaday mnEa ; from } A In P. M . at No V Park row and !t< "|>< I I timet, run Bo. 10, on the maiuirr aa tba Rrlentlfle Amarf| ran. U. U CAR V Bit, Proprietor and Patauloa. rTITB POt.ITlriAJW OF TTTB CXITRO RTATWk For one miU"m of dollar! we pi Loan to earner.! ail -be i diflrrrnl parting. for the torn defeat of l.mroln, br the applF ratlon of I>. HPAl UMXD A Oi.'H norirallnd R mlrrttt , Olnn, In Wiftlna. renly for oan. P 0.? A f?m?er propn?Hi>av , by 11 0. Ppa'dtiR to cement the Onion, will proee an entire , ! fallnre imlawa U?a aborn la oonauirmalr 1. ' lora In found aopw l rVw, ready made and e?reRent Oloa If marta by the fpntildtnc that makra'we of tbe P, for aala br erre dealer* fen*raltr. All r.-dere pnanptlr attended to If tent to Ibetr /actdry , at OlnrereTtUe, Fulb.u i-onntp, N. T. | o. orAi'UMN'i m <y*. riRf'Tt T.10MTP, ko*t!f('A!?ni t RofBBT! AND A l-fnern] n? I tment of PlreworVa of Mr* a eianufanuT a for pott'loal frvdroantnntl and rnblte db olara, for tain by W, J. t YH* A MHO M Hmndwayr ftita WORTH OP ROOTn AffTt MtoNR URO. SlUU.lM FU cerea. Hardware Ory ib? la, ? . . ti lar i >ta. Planoforna. N.ap, i and law ar t erary itber ark-le ,,f merr-hanlta* wauled f r v' tbern inarkaia Wn wtU oilier i irthnae M t*i'poena or main lil.nml caah adraaran. I iroaac at w A MJ-, M VtttmOf ?. *? tweeu Fourteenth an! F 'I th it'ret s tod ib.r.l ami s? . I vettlh avenues, the rtrst or ser . id iloor of u House, with live or R , I etn h .<>ms. wuh wilier, gss, .to. Rent not to exceed WOO or , I rluO. The tenant will he responsible. Address 1J. W . 09 j hnrdiij. THE MILITARY. qlAKnisT CtiMPANIKH SUPI'LIKD WITH UUHKKrtJ L H-IM, Swords. Pioneer Soil*. Knslgns, CtUde I .dors 1'.. .11 I. OtirKRKY H old ?tiu.d, 72 ''ilbariu" street. New r ? ' ~ BKCELLASKOtg. ' ~~ * nr?B(iwti' infants' friknd, or qrat mixD ture?Acknowledged by eminent physicians to be the , sareat must plraaant and etfectlvs relief fi.r Infants teething, and ell irregularities of the bowels, ever or iduoed. Is for said by all druggist* Price 29 cents per bottle. WM. a. UCRROWH, '"hernial, Albany, N. T. ' T)Rir?(iKWATKR P VlRT.-TKSTRt) TKN VRAR' . DURAI J J ble and rrnoni il for Hoofs. Outside Wort lie -he of S<esmrrm Iron W. rk, Fences. Hems, tts road Bridges, A:., Brick and Tin. Repot 71 Mai 'en ane. f W W r.KTTR, Oentral Agent T RARN Of A SUFFERER WHO HAH BEEN IFF**'. Li t'lally cured of N-Trout Debility, Loss of Hcmury, t),a>nrss of Sight, resulting from early err ue, by following the instruction* given In a medical work, and a ho considers It hm - duty. In irrsllt'ide to the solbor, to puhlisb and circulate AJ.UN ' 1 graiUlonrly. He will therefore send free, to any address, -ms " - rarript of two sumps, a coiiy c-undoing every Inl rmatioo m| quired Address boi No. 979 Poet .dire. Albany, N. f. " j f EKONB.? eRIMR M Ntft< >N 1.KMON8 HT TH* HOX " Li or by the bundled, lor sale by .JoHNMuN A HL.1NH, 1M ) I Washington street, corner of Fulton. MATTJ.ARD'H DHfXtOLATR. Chocolate de Haute, ' Chocolate a Families, Chocolate le la Van''la, ' Chocolate double Vac II la, ' cb< erAie Par Rx eiienee, Chocolate Ferugiaeui. lib .on ate Humeop .thla, . Cbo ola'.e <'reams. Chocolate caramels, " Ail the above are of the best quality, and equal to say IK 1 ported chocolate, ami does not ?xt half th- rrire. r HKNKV KAiQ/AHD, * <B1 Ui1..i At.5. WIN I?a*i? Factory, Nm lie uut iCU Rcr -nr ?u?nt. If A RBI.K H 4NTFTJ?-GRR4T BAIKU.'N* IM WAM. Ifl ul? Th<- ftiihacrtbrr'aciia chr mar n.>? ihvn cmr. A B>1 Mirk of T-im-.l. ?'*t inrjr and c< ! tkJ kinir.i aitrara oa wl. at K I.A HkK'N mar1 in panla. .13 ttnat Ki?tuc? 1. b xlmnv ' wrat of Thirl avnnun. N. Y. I \f F.HTOR-IT HIV V W IK r> !IT*J?RD KY AI.L .,>1 jn ire ladiM lm n * mnlnmnnt I11 lira by varr.agn, reliable and infitiUnc ml. i e In ibn impnrtan- matter f ct? tn'nlre * hiaband. Addi * Mentor ' ox J tji Vn.w Yc Ir P t ottice. Btdoann twenty 6?? nr.'* it r'xkri or 1 therwi". NEW YORK WIHK R4Ti.WAV COMPANY, hi Ti HIS ~'iN A Wh'KkKMI Bemiond to bill ((roadway Mr* York. 1 belt door a: nkcWn .itan I! del. Jfannfartnreni nnd d?*lrr? in Iron Balling 1 *rti. Fan era, :re* I lint.*, Vmi . ?b*. In 11 ? .riii'.ure, I mli ce ami a i;. t xa| nrl) of Ontawlkl iron Work. HOT A BI.R | tr\nr?mk\ anh rrotifirv. I Horn T>v Tron Ewrmrt ??. l*tj nm R:r ,|. iL;.rg? aid -irrJl . Mpk omenta turnlahrd >1 ? .pnr.i.r ntyln. , JIaimi* |i? u 1 r Jin.1 '?d l-r tlin On . r-ne and 'be Qi .? < f Fugle nd and HhIImiI, 13 r. < I r*tr. ir ml and 12 r. h .1. 1 On ?*t September 6 SonVrard >? Op nctneg, fin ing : in da . la Ptll. Hilkn Il*U-? .uid f n h ('ur.'iiiTi' >1 x* ?, '.* n. Urgerle. Vxnilee, Ken;/ O'ooria. Wnild 1 g f, C. uij 1 ftalilnemi a. I>r?*.? a**n.?Mi 'aon Faucet I m? M-nara. [ Tilt hrAiinnr>.?* ar*n *1' 1*11.1 Mil* p.-'Vr, ?3 r in NntiTB W. rapreeetit ?o trnljr '.fcn, type < .-ti. c U?n. that several foreign Com -?, by whom ?nn hvi been ep pointed the pAleum? in the moat .latter'ig >ra>i, bar* ?l> |iin.l llmm F> 1 m m Cambric handkerchief*. pain and worked. n?r"0. II 1 ue de la Pal>- ?

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