Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 27, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 27, 1860 Page 2
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2 _ THE CAMPAIGN IN VTEGINTA. SPFFCH OF SFNATflR HIINTFH AT CHARLOTTESVILLE are Ihui running the stare trade, under another form. i? rarolv denied. It ia Dot to be supposed luat these governments are blind to the real nature of this coolie trade, and the arguments by which they defend it already afford an evidence of a growing change in their opinions upon slavery in general We hare seen, too, a great 1 party, composed of members from every section 01 the nton, and hitherto strong enough to wield the power of government, which maintains the equality ol the State-< ..nd the rtgnt of each to colonize, its property of every description, and t> extend with it institutions, into the Territories of the United Stales With scarcely any exception, this party has maintained that the federal government ran do nulling to deetroy or impair this "quality of right* in the jute* A% a cotS"|ueoOe of this they have repealed the Missouri restriction by the action of the legislative and cxecutire branches of the federal government In this it may be said, with much how of truth, that the people hav< so-lamed them, for it was mainly upon this issue that (he present President was elected To crown the wh >!o, the Supreme Court, in the Dred Scott case, have given their sanction to tbie as sort ion o! the equal right, of the Stat- But one thing was wanting to have placed the Jem -crati parly upon .rounds which would have been entirely satislactury to the South-?a position able!. if aucceeslully rntinU.ned, would have given peace ; tic- great C 'untry for n?uy years to come, because I w . j.'u have pr tccted tl. " rigtita f the South and increased the material pr |>erity. with rut impairing the political sirei gtb of the non-aiavebolitng i-ectlou*. That step was to hare denied to the inhabitant of a Territory while is that condition, and bifore they had formed a jute government, the right, by liber direct or ml.revt means, to deprive some of the SUtea of their equal right to colon ice and extend their mat t .lions i ti Terr.lev hi. 1 common property of the I'sion. Ton last step w'a? to way to be taken, so msec .ble was the gratation. and an .nevitable waa it as a conclusion from tb? principles I hare just laid down, as baring been commence! not maintained by the democrat!: pa-ty that it -emcd to be the moat natural thing n the world lorlhat party to nave made It, and thua mainU ned the f a' c us rtrncy of it* poeltion. And yet. It wm just b-re a .-trif of iieumoo divided our counsels, and resulted m a split in the party and in two nom nat. mt f r the Presidency. 1 w ill not pause to Inquire whether If. t last issue m gbt not I have been poalpoued with propriety for another dty, whether it might not here Wn aret innilted" in Ins last convention, as it had b?en once before Tbeisr ?? has l been made, and the quest! >n ia betore us the-e I* no p <*slbllily of pretermittiug it now. an 1 our vous m ist contribute to oouting up a t< rJ et upon one sile or tr.eotnv (A this great issue at to the rights of the M?t-? jt seems to have been almoet or quite impms.^Ie to ba*e ar?i<ir<t making the issue under the elrcuitistance* On the one hand, Judge ttougla* pvecnUd and ?nf irr-d bit sole of thj question, in the x-lebrated article in //ucpr ? .Vi'ja.t't-, whilst his friends, composed of a ma ority : the gates from the non sAveholdirg -'later ins.stel upon pre?*nting candidate n the t -. naat plat;brm aha had given that platform a construct: t ad rvrso t the right* <>f the Southern Hitw >o lb" ether haod. lb" Pern > ratle Coorentioo of Alabama had ins'ttel tint the issue should l>edistinctly pr toe V* m-i and had tnatructed it itrlspal 'f i eroede, ua eaa the ac tlon of tbeOnovvnt.'vi upon this qu at r. should b ' aa'-i* factor]; to them. B- sides all tt f. it was ur.ed that, when the queetioo was pretermitted briore, it va< for the lerlsloo of the Supreme Cojrt but the disputed potal baring since bzen de Jed m the Prtd So-?tt ease, the reason ft deey no og-r exist- , *d. Rot right "r wrong !'. '> ? -i>ru is for decision.and whatever v< te ? giv must be npor. that -eue. end not in regard to the ; r?q rietf of baring mi le t Vote ee you may. you wtH ad to decide thia raaa t ion upon one side r the other That dejisioc, fell on elti/ens, is a matter of p' mary importwi ?. a* t will af feet the I aiori and constitution of y we jtaWS?the future power and influence of the great ibm icralic party of the v>"in?rj , aii'i iw. nut i.. i vi.iti .rrrv rai nor <i iof Old fhun at jti tt?rlf 1 . ?n?ble ut to eft urate the ioMj nee which the pr per fttl-rvnt tbr m ? ill hare up* th* rauae of union ttaelf, let i.e ?U[ pr- e that the Charleston CocTonuob bed aijr.-*.. or. the plat orm i]mo which Itrecklnr lk* and lai * now eland with rep-art to thl* qnentimi, and c rr rated and.datr upon it Thai randidate would probably are b<eti el?ct?d, and had thai been the reeutt, *hi doea 0"t *ee that auch a aetUenieiit of the qtieatlot. would lac be a w> rib both peace and empire to th ? great .-onfr irraey, it g ring iia peace upon the to-pro quett -x in tb? -'<'dti! coun> it* a* to the Mam it would have done I t n il hart afforded our people the opp rtuuuiee .sdcr ? they wou'd hare ariil*Ted a prnffreM*, rat' oat. m>ral. and political, w htch would hare mode tbw gr-at republic the m>lai and the m-irrel of future a*'- 1 do i d ray that ili-re mwht Dot hare beet) aft ? th ? *etllerr til* i*q lect; ra of iiffWewe*. ereo upcn the t.rjr. queet n. within II. iede rai arorertimenl or between the Mtat-a. but they w ill cot hare pretexted the laagerour .carrel which cbara. ler are the prearat iaeue l>r..?* U.-n would bare had th r oolJiaiona, and their COB teat* would pave been r-e "cough. but the conteete n these caae* would probably Lly hare Inrolrei the rr. r? .>? Iee? rapid pr <recc < t -ouitry In material prudperity Th- re w. aM r t hare bran qumuro# wbr h turn ij n the rery 'ram?<ro-a an t . <w-tltuti?n of anr<ety tbey would not hare ?i|.e.i?l the pcec* of the (treeide, o. the "V irtty >H I b d Men mipht bare atrtrer >ia i <t rath other treheoi-at!* ononghup>n thequeetioaawhieb were rataetf b t wechouM not atand with bat <J brewtb a 1 aniio-ts b arte arat the profreira of a Presidential queati n. teat a- n? of <a pcwetble. or mor" fearful s III it* probable re' ita m ght bring on reeolutioo, and It rnignt Ik civ ' war That aoch a aetllem'-el a* that now proponed in th* platform >n which Brecktnrid|te and lan? are "and.1.4 wo-nd bare led to the lutpp reenlta of w ho n I have fpokm, 1 think there can be little !<> bt W uld tte adopt, >n of the oppnette doctrine !eed t? lx- re* tc Maciteatly not Neither the Mouth r. >r the Into1!'. ?nr? ,f ,hf xrj wouia !? ? i -n \ i,. < i .? > nu t)M anooun o l. an.I hitherto s * 5 di oMimO. lh? groat prtnrlpl* of th? equally t? Sutra U t'i* -'taVW have r.|U?! r?htr tr. OO 'O -o 41 : a?.11# w lh Uv> r ,irop#rtr of rrrrjr dwerlp m la lb# T?rr .u?r , ? ol lhI'm tod Water, If la other wnrdr tbe Slav i hare equa right* to #tu-nd their 1 or I t'it ion Into th' T-rr,t r which are the Mnmn property Of ?' ??1 if the fHcra government cannot directly or Indirectly deairoy or im t pair M?l? right with what ?l: iw of log orron? ?t?r r r?o it be maintained that th* Inhabit Mil of a Torn'ory. k?i>t >o?1er a Territorial government hml?a they c matiinlo an imperfect ootammtiy, can of Uieir own rght and by I Statu* ot the White ami Inferior Hare*? The folitleul Iwitc of the I>aj?The KtjuuIity of the State* and the ??f Coiiurrt* in the Territories?An- M ? tin IheTt i?i of llisuiiion i?The I'.illi of l'rineijile i* the I'alh of Safet) ? Uieekinritl|(e iiikI Lane Kuilnrx ! ? 8<|uutter Hoicreli{iity ? Oimjfer for th I'nion?\\ here Sliinil* Viinlnlii in ' Battle ! 4us? &e. Fmjow Cm/tos?I am not surprised that *1! pi*1! vati lot* should desire to commune with each other upon the (Treat political issue* no * pending Never before have I 6000 the political horizon *o deeply overc&'-t as I'.t present; never, during my experience in lift*, have I known a more portion* condition of public atl'airs thaa that winch vi o now witness in tbi* country I her? is on? fell quest ion which haa, to a preat extent, divided the churches North anJ South; which lias destroyed the old whig |iarty as a general or national organization; which has reared up s great sectional party in the nou slaveholding states, grounded upon principle* that must be fatal to the peace ot the country, should the government ever be administered upon them, and which has dia tut bed and distracted the councils of the federal branch of our government, until, at time*, it ha* *o far impaired Its etlicaey as almost to paralyse it entirely. TQat ques tlon is now exercising its disturbing Influence within the democratic party, and threatens to work the same mischief there which it has wrought elsewhere Already It 1* divided into two ditlcrent, if not hostile, camps. It under such circumstances I do not dospair of the republic, nor despond in regard to its future, it is not because I fail to appreciate the difficulties In which we are placed, nor do 1 preteud to be free from anxiety with regard to the results which may tlow from the present condition of things; but it is because, in th ilrst place, I put my trust In a merciful Providence, whoso Interposition has been a* manifest as it was clllcieni in past times, to rcacue us from positions of peril and dilllculty; anil next, 1 have an -1- '-41? 1 ?imnSlania iii tlm iviwer of truth. nuiuut OU.ijiuh.IJ i Time and experience, which teach so much to sadden us in the progress of life, have taught me at least one lesson of comfort and consolation Ln situations of dilllcully and trou hie The^ have increased my confldenco in the empire of truth over the American people. Present the issues fairly, and give tbem time to consider them, and the cases arc rare when they will not, upon a sober second thought, render such a verdict at truth and j istice demand. Our past history is demonstrative upon this point. When I flret entered the federal councils, which wat ft the com nenoe. ment of Mr. Van Bureu's administration, the mora! aud political ftatv.i of the quavery question was very different from wh it it now is. Then the .">ouihorn men themselves, with but few exceptions, admitted slavery to bo a moral evil, and palliated and excused it upou the plea ol ueccBBity. Then there were few men of any party to ha found in tho non slare-holding States who did not maintain both the constitutionality and expediency of the antis'avery rem lution now generally known as the Wilmot Proviso. Had any man at that day ventured the prediction that the Missouri restriction wouid ever be re ;>ealod, he would have been deemed a visionary and theorist of the wildest sort. What a revolution have we not witnessed in all this ! The discussion and tae contest on the slavery question have gone on ever since, so as to absorb almost entirely the American mind, ln many respects the results of that discussion have not been adverse to us. Southern men no longer occupy a deprecatory attl- j tude upou the question of ncg-o slavery in this country ; * hilst they by no means pretend that slavery is a good condition of things under all circumstances, and in all countries, tbey do maintaia that under the relatims thai the two racce stand to each other here, it it best for boih ' that the inferior should tie subjected to He superior The same opinion is extending even in tho North, where it is entertained by many, although n >t ' font-rally axepted. As ovi lence, too, of the growing change on this subject, of the public scut:meet of the world, 1 maj refer to the course of 1 ranee and ilreat Britain in regard to the coolie and the Africau apprentice> ..a ,,. r,?l,I mln lk<l,Ml.,h ..a Tk.l It,a,. 1 th?' r own act loo work th la <w* of otcl ussw, wh leh Coog-?w? itself in inoompvleut to perf >rtur They cannot acq?ir? th.a r ht from C. ngress, beca- ?o, if u ifflrraeJ tij' UiedecUratl of I) united democratic party Congress itseif has uo ?, .Cb po*( r to giv> Ili.y cuinot acquire ittrom any inbarrutpo'A r of *T government, which is independent or the ? e "at c ivcrnmeot, tiecause if through any such mherent i- wr tr.ei c ill da what Obngrena itself cannot do, so t it > mid impair tbe ??r Ai rights ? the ri tales vth ti I'- ritorict, thon tbere is to thogPiDuabiiautK , . x.' power w i til in the Territory, lupertor to lh*t of J- ? mil totbcrigbUnf tbe Stales under ^acouslltu i > ha r .ppoailioa presumes a sort of ^jyereiguly, iuperfect community, wtin-.b may be exercised matter of slavery, independently of Omgress, iot:tuiioD and of tbe rights of the States Grant ir e ot such a sovereignty is Ibis, sad what is i t . lit them from exercising any other act of ah rodent community t Thare cannot be two aupteun; i t i- of authority in any community, perfect or imtw. In'. The source, then, from winch the Teiritarial g iv rriiturtil der.tea its authority, m mt either he from fie li deral government, acting under the constitution, or else in m some right of self government, or from gom? sovereignly in the inhabitants of the Territory If their authority is derived from the first source, then they can do nothing to Jestroy or inipuir the rights ot the Stales, becaui" Congress itself cannot do this, if, on the olnar hand, it derives its authority from this supposed aove riignty of the new inhabitants of the Territory, it is an iudejiendent community, an I may jH-rforiu all th ' >f sovereignty. The argument is so complete i-hell, as It seems to me, that I have nev -r doubt ultimate decision of the American people u they ill come to pronounce their deliberate t u, u it, u.. ler circumstances which fuvor s cslm atiou. If, then, his ''tqualter sovereignty" now be mniifcstly against he Constitution, and the truth aud justice of the case, H it probable that we could make any safe or permanent sdniftun nt UDor. it Would the South, after all its labors ard nacriBc* k, <" orient now to abandon Its rights, wli'.'n every bra: ch o the federal government, I-gislative, e* tcutiv c hii't judu at, have acknowledged their equal rurhls to m lUo with their property ou the territory of the I nit*! Siutet.' V ill the great democratic party of l> e country, afier wittering lecmtation au<t proscription 111 o d-r to place iieeli o|h>u principle which will do fiutice to all reel no? of tie' confederacy ami give peace to the country, he i at tatted i ot only to st>p uhort ol the requirements of the constitution, hut to pause at a point which leaves all the sources of slavery agitation as o|h>ii ag before f la t not plain that if they do, thei their previous lal> is and sacrifices have been in vain t Krllow citlteea. In n.y opinion we staid here this eveuii'g to vindicate the only platform of principles upon which tine government can give peace to the couulry and security to the Uulni If the South were to de:ide seriously ujiou this question of squatter sovereignty, above ail, it a majority of the democratic party should decide in favor of this dogma, is it not probable that < me ol the Southern Slate*, despairing of satety within the confederacy, would take steps to abandon it at once' la there any lio|ie of maiulaiulrg this Union if we cannot secure to all of its sections the means of defending their rights with n itv Unless we an show Stales airoaly uneasy and dtsconteulod as to their positiou in the I nirn that there is a party within the government dis|?osed to do them jn.-lice, which is either strong enough now, or likely soon to become strong enough to w;cli the power aid intlucuce of this government for llieir defence and protection, is it probable that we can retain them in the confederacy j fellow citizens, if we desire to preserve this Union under the c institution; if we desire to main lain the peace and security of the country, It seems to me there should ho uo doubt about our course in the present emergency. To attain these great ends there is no sacrifice which we ought not to make?none, 1 trust, winch we are not prepared to make should it become no cessary to do so. Ilul we cannot secure these objects of a desire so general by sacrificing the truth or the constitution?a drclsiou made In conformity with them will dnd fhvor and acceptance everywhere. The empire of truth, thank Cod, is uuivcrsal. The obligations of the constitution, if they can be clearly |>ointed out, are held to be binding by good mou In all parts of the Union. lot us, then, stand upon this ground, lot us rally, if we can, the whole democra tic rarty of the cointry upon it, and if all caunot be brought to this position at once, let us oouceutrate as many as posiibie. If we can unllo those States which m mmated lirecklnridge and lane upon this platform of p-mi iple, these, together with large sympathizing minorities in nearly all the non slavehoiding States, will constitute a power moral and political which will encourage all the Southern States to hope for the uieuus of protection aud self defence within the Union For, in the presence of such a power, strong now and likely to be strouger, even the free soil, or republican party, as they call themselves, w ill be a'raid to carry out their principles, for they will see that to do so would be to destroy the Union Itself. But if a majority of the democratic party were to rwyt snort 01 wiui justice ituu mo cous.1 tutlon demand, and endeavor to build Ihoir house upon the glutting sands of a supposed political expediency, In8l>ad or founding it upon the rock of truth; above all, If the Hiulh Itself should decide upon such an issue, afloct tug, as it does, their rights and their equality, then there aro some Southern Hates which, de?|>airing of aafetr within the I'non, would look frr security without it. Or if this did cot lake place, the republican party, despising the South, its spirit and its means of resistance, would no longer be restrained by any fear of consequences, and might endeavor to administer the government upon th>uo principles of destructive and sectional hate upon which it was organize. Ta there a calm aud considerate of any party In the Houth who believes that the I Lion could endure under a government administered upon such principles A government acting upon the princ pie of an irrepressible conflict between the two great parties, which is only to be settled by the absolute conquest of one. leaves no hope of safety to the party not in possession of any power, save that of destroying the government itself, which is to be used as the instrument of its downfall. Kvery man, then, who loves the Union or the constitution ought to unite snd rally as strong a parly as possible upon that platform which alone gives toe hope of per tiai.ence to that I 'uion and of peace to the country. Fell?w cMisens, 1 am a democrat, speaking to democrats. It will not be surprising tf we, at least, should inquire bow >ur vote* are to atfcci tne great democratic party of the Union. We at least believe that tho best hopes of preserving the Union as it was framed, and of promoting the prosperity of th., country, consul 10 placing the power and influence of the federal governmeut in their hands To the South it is, and ought to be, endeared for its '.mmeuse exertions aud sa, rtflces to secure its rights under the constitution. To the whole country it ought to be endeared, for, in principle and in practice, it has shown itself for the most part s consistent representative ot wis genius and interests ot the American people I htve heretofore adverted to the progress which btt been m ids on the question of Southern rights by the action of tbe government. It is a,most entirely pi the democrat"! jwrty that we owe this advance in the caoae of truth, and lusliceand the constitution The spirit snd deter uatlon with which that party has persevered in this groat i suae, in the face of dcctmslion and proscription at tbe North. is worthy of all praise. It ought, theo, vo be a matter of grave consideration with us as to the best course to t>e pursued, consistently with principle, to build up the ml! lences of the ptrty, and to restore its in luecce over all the sections of the confederacy. 1 be llere, in my heart, thai in this case the path of principle s the path of expediency and ssfety. The Convention ' which i: initialed Brrckiuridg* and Jane has pl.iced the party upon tbe true grounds. upon principles with which victory would be worth something, and SSCure to us permanent fruit. That Onveo lion, too, expressed tbe omnion of nearly all the Mates which exhibit at present eltlcieul representative democratic strength, snd nearly al! from which we can reasonably hope for el";- I t- ral votes for a democratic 1 resident Tne great body ) of the |*rtv Stand, therefore, upon a true platform of ' principle. It we can con,pier with them snd upon their | nrtnsioies. we achiev a victorv which will be w rth Tt-ry thing to <u and the country. I*t tia theu rally to | tli' ni?we may safely do *o upon all cnna .teratoma > wbetl. r of principle or party expediency. lo thoae Hato. together, na I bare miJ before, villi large ayinpath.zing minorities in many of the non slavebolding Stafce. ?e sha.. coti.'rntrate a great political power, that will stand up ki a idaitorm from which it must rtarrlM a urea' au ral ovar tb country The eonserenlivoe e\ rrv where wlii see ibat tiieae are the true defend era of tli* In too, the constitution aui the pea e of the country Welding, aa this party would Jo. a it?*1 p? litn ai and m ral fori*. It would scatter before It all m -re political comb.nationa t r the sab" of the spoil* Here t it trulb Ibat Ore 'tea. we br ieve it lo be vilb u*. and tor ne. 1 will troa* ita decision. t' iivin o nit that truth and the constitution ar" agamst me, ?n>t 1 have n> fur tber claim t > raaee but vUllat I cmtinue to beltere then to b* with me I will never desist from maintaining 'my right*. although I mar have number cbampi* than truth itaeli Nw? me a tarty foun !e<t upon trua princl plea, and I will ibvv > i a par y wbl. h will ultimately i mmai.d the g ivernni Bt, if time and opportunity are al!or<!*<l it, ato! that, tin, before it becomes numerically preponderant l?y,then, 1.1 us ral'y at onoe to Hre- n inrhie am! I.aie ami U> the platform on which they i stand. Ti e den,.? ratio tarty bar but one abort step l j | make, which if ncvmtuUy taken will place It tu an impr"giitble position, fmui which It tnay give psace," an.1 ir.apcrtty lo tba whole country. The end la ?. rtby of any saci ,lt i which we may m.ikr to atMir. It. The democratic partr taa sacrificed too mu;h to art re at the true position to pause < r recede now when there ai| aait-ly I* alui at w ulna rea-h o( the hand VIai y or lea let us lake posses-nun 01 it at on ? It n be. aa we l>eiievr. one c the strongholds of trulb ttialf, there are ?Lough >f us to maintain it. unt I the whole c noire ral. > # to ita rem ue. It is aafrr now t > advance than to There are time# when what seems to n# the |wtb > f danger p?i ? the only aernue t" ultimate sa'ety When Ma.Mor.aUl made hia wonderful "ha'geat Wagraru. c<?.rg hit rank* when they wore brok.n. tilling the place* o hi* dead with the lining, lea* uur bla bU* I trviti behind bun. n. v .tig his terrible roiumu ever onward and forward, sheeted a it was with ham*.and covered hy the flrf iij ,U> ?0 ?'iM, not'i reeardi. re of all nbatarlea it burned Mil blartcd and h' wed ta way tbr ':ub the icfF rel maee'e ?t h vptwd ,t, he did n ? c*i!y a brave hot * prudent ibiPg Hu> "*>ly aarety ?a? in advan Msy Had he rneded, under lh< ,rr tm?tar.the aon bilat on of hie tnrce and the dmirnrttou of th->ee wbi dep-nded ' i* .1 m Would Lave hton neviable <V> tt a wl*b a*, n J fr er.<!? If there be a path of aa'ety, a? I vnri'y ho in1*e mere it lave before i.a If wc -eea be pw-itoe, it r by lbi? mi that wr an.-t are* t.and it ?? fall, are rriiat let itl>? ratlwr a advance than 10 retreat Hav nj i.nw view* ib ? ijiieet n m e m? of iM "ther arpr.-ta, let XT' i-? a bat c<eir?> iltail the Virjtnla dem eracy ta?e in the p'oeent rtate of public alatr< Never abltnnprarn h n.e, bat the path o| public duly been plainer than a pre-enl Nover ha# U>e democratic party ?f the Old l> > mill ion bad a tnvre Important part to perfirm. and never ha? it hal greater opp irtunlti*a for eloftoti* achievement Kor myaetf, I cannot ate ranee for a moment a teniation Tbe only iieue, aa I view it. which la now involved in our action, te that of flatter OToreiynty. We have to choree a# democrat* between t man who aif'.rm# the richt of tbe inhabitarte ofn Terrtt v ry to eve ude tbe #laveholdor. by unfriendly, tf n-u hoe tile leflelatlon. and one who maintalne that the e? t*l rljht# of the rtatoe cannot be impaired or destroyed, either by the federal government or the iiihab taut# f a Ti rrilori Thte in the note inane for demo-rata to con #lder The propriety of our proeontina tbi? <|uenttoa of ? natter anverolynty. or of pretermitting it in tbe V * tional CV >r. vent ton, ta not, and cannot now be mate an inn.te in Una election Tbe duration haa been pree?ote<l, and no v >tre whlrb he can yive ran undo what ha? been done Nor t# tbe nnr?tlon of the #u" -teney of the >n nrnatl platform unexplained, and without commentary in imue. That wane van not now be made, becauae tbe SEF YORK HERALD, M( Coavettton, representing Neither* opinion mainly, which i " erred to atand upon Uiet platform, anmlBBlwt e men who (tree eo Interpretation to tt edvoree to ue. At CmcinnMt be left the queetlon to be determined by the Supreme Court, since then it bee decided tbe queetion in our favor, end now we ere eeked to rote for e man wbo, In tbe thee of that decision, determined the queetion against us There U no issue, then, in regard to tbe propriety of pretermitting tbe queetion, nor is it en issue, bo fhr as democrats ere concerned, be tween a regular and an irregular nomination. There is 1 no nomination of a united democratic convention: thenwere two convenliooc and two nominations. One con ' venlion was com|?nod for tbe most part of delegates from Slates which, in all probability, will give no electoral rote to the democratic candidate. The other was composed of delegates of uearly all the States from which we caa reasonably expect an electoral vote for tbu democratic party. No man, 1 suppose, can doubt but that nearly all the efficient representative democratic strength Is In the State* whose real delegates nominated Breckinridge and Lane The iasue, therefore, is not one or regular nominations. Nor Is it an i-eue a to the availability of the two candidates, up ir which they can justify themselves In voting for Jui*e Dougla-c Tnat nearlv all tbe Slates which hive democratic majorlt < pi r Breckinridge to Oouglss is not * quesliou, .uk, to he disputed. Should tne election go to the Ho ?which seems at present to bo our be-1 hope?I cuppo.-e there can he no doubt hut that he will command he votes U more State* in that oody than JuJge Douglas an bo]>e to do Nor is the 1 sue in tbis election, s > far a democrats are to consider it, one of I'nion or, II there be such as i-rue pre.-ented, then ttie vote for BrecKtnrldge lthe one mo-t likely to save the Union. Suppose the democrats of Virglui'a and of some other Southern States were io divide on this question, and mauy of them vote in f n ire IB- aF u oari/liidn la tukwi bol isooil I lint tka inlialtilanlo of a Territory could exclu le the slaveholder froiu it, would not Bucb a cour-o increase the sources of danger to the U?>Ion? On the one baud, would it not remove the restraint* of fear from the so if styled republicans, wti.-n they ?aw the South thus divided on the question of auch a right? And, on the other hand, woui 1 nut tho diacout -ui ed Southern State.1- be more apt to sec-de when they sew such a division in the South, and had thus lost all hope of a united Southern support to the rights of the slaveboli tog States under the constitutor And what would be : come of their friends in the nan slarehol ting States?so i gallant and true?who have stood by us in the assertion ' of oor ooMtUsUosal rights? Its? would dtotsad, aever 1 to lake arms ugam in our dcfitice, when they felt th.-m | selves thus sacrificed by the divisions of theS>uth, and I deserted by tin -e to whom they had given a disiuWrrstod I support The only issue, then, presented by | this democratic dlvlsiin is that of splatter s)vereignty. 1 use the phra3e, not by way of dcriri< u or reproicli, but as a common term which bsvob I'pon suclian issue is line, cto the ds ruocracy ol \ irg 4l or i>i tae South, hesitalo, or doubt That a large majority of the democrats of Virginia will entertain no d mhts, 1 verily believe. But amou -t the democra t who maintain that the inhabilan * of the Ter rilorj , before it is framed into a State, can exclude the slaveholder, is it possible that there are Virgiuiaus cuough to defeat the party in this Sttte, which hoi is the contrary doctrine, and thus destroy its ascendancyv Such au event, iu such times, and upon such issues, 1 should ' regard a. a great public calamity, for that would render probable the defeat of the whole parly, as past h story shows that hitherto it has found ia the Old Ikimiulmi its chief slioughold and best place of defence For ourselves, ! it would be a Be vere humiliation aud uiort iticatiau to tlnd the prestige and renown of the democratic line uf the Old lk>mmiou lost aud destroyed by iu own divisions and dissensions. Is that glorious old bauner which for so many years, and in so many coutilcts, like the white plume of Navarre, has been the rallying point of demo| crals throughout the land, to be trailed now iguomiui ously in the dust, and that too by the very Lsuda which should have boon raised to ?up|>ort it.' Aud here in this land, rich in the trophies and monuments of the achieve menls of ita democracy are we U> witness its disgrace in a self inflicted <h teut I will never believe in such a re suit tint 11 I see it I have said before thai I could not deapond. I know of able and prudent men who have well nigh lost hope, and see nothing but gloom in the future. The clouds which haDg around our political bori/on the \ say are but the storm shtdnws which presage the coming revolution. I have rc, fuaed to accept the omen or hearken to the prophecy. I still place my hope in the democracy, l.ike the Scotch : ! woman at Lndmow, If I can put my ear to the ground, 1 A lr? 1 ir* 1 - "toy a: tJ-ne r . -1.? I .? an I k-""' ' tr ?p If y ?i ?!<# . in j?t an h m'at fair t.rlor for jr<vir < , itb??, and !> * to h* hitnS i? f?d by ?rr*?l p'ltl yo I will plr.t?n e*II at r xl lff?i '.V i ?* of K. M I.V M, JIM ae.oti'h b?t??ro ThtrtlrOi ?rd Thirty lirai drm. LadlP* roarItml j nttmdod to by Mr*. Mint/ 1W1TX HIT* TH? BRxT PRIOR FOR LADTW AND irnJrm'tt "ut iff i lo?hin? an.? Fnrulluro, at m? now tar.I IIS ftprkoJ> ar-tinn. b#"d k not* thmitgh PnM oAoa. 10 A. Lt'iTwk. I-adwa at trod rd to by Nra. D. TD* BCRRKT WAT FOR LADISM AND ORim.KVCN to r?t k fur prior for cM off (*lothln?. F'lrnlt'uw, >'arprt?. And uot to b? hombtm'd by ffrrat pnflk, lo to 1 t nolo by piwt to 111 f?TonUi armor. ?M h will b? p'tnot'ialy attardrd to by J. ANHAIT. LkdM altmdrd to by lira. A ec nnnRORTR OF NFW *?tn I.RFT OFF ri.0Tii lot war to,I f jr tbo W???rt marko' fli? h'jh ? ??t rri r oror pmd oAn b? nbuttol In bat httMo m >nry for larrr or wttail l.Aa. bv o*!Uaff at Utr nor*, or adirmain* Wm Wt .ab 41 i mtrr atrrrt. _ LOA1 OFFHKI. AR TWOHPffON A 00.. HRORF.RA AND ' ')*MW?<?N si'r han k, loi baraa i Mrral adranna nv>?ry ,.n Watob*a. DlAit Ada. Jrw.rj, Dry Onoda. Nr*ara, aA t Nf. Part i liar atlrtiti.ttt paid t a i. tloo au ra of K tr Tr",r? A.- Rrwini llachitf a bo nb: a:id aold A. K THoMPKOM. Aafi^wr. At *- buoapwat- m"?kv apta^-bp ok dia ?.? .!?, Wn'.-fct*. Planoa, >K*r?. A- PladM IrkrU NvibM K M ? ParV?* hann? l?fl fn *<? with J Mac J id. II W?n Ami. or W Macduff. 471 Bi?Jw?y, art rt: uicnK h??? and btttd op 'he mm* A. RVKP, t - Kr 'tdaay. cornti fuiioo *tr?"-t, rvm Kr>. ?. AT 4* SAW X1* *TRK1TT-A ROMMMAM PI AMOMP broker. adtaa<<?* mntti nm 1*1?if ndl ?*?i b<-? in I mVf in?r b*!l*a or l?ov? for ??h at hi* pi irtlt o?ce. M MaMtn mi*' ivb 2 Itinur- ** vm' 1?oti?: a t th? old (>rrir?-iioKKT ;k any am i nt. A Tn id ran. * 00 Worii, B-ntda. Orr <4o>d* Pa nunc*. At Totdrtn<- on P' Walrh*a, r ?i? A-jara. Ac. Or N-i*h4 for oaah (>?.-< nnraia. ti^ir* 2 I ill A J. H HaRKI.NiAKH 170 Bnadaray. rw 2a. np talra At f* irpar struct-h. htm am. pi amomp Br A or adranrtt nvnar t > any am<< nt no P4am?ndA W Tiwl Walri?. SM> cry ?t? *r r buy* h? nam* fo aaab. oppoaM* Um> P"*? "T B, K<V 1. trend Boo' MOKKT TO t.WP-AT MOPRMAT* RATPs OM PIA Mood*. Wav If* .laarrlrj. Silr?r and Per*?n?I Pr.>f>trAy of all d?B iNdtoaa A4.?"1* fnav b? r< W o?d ant far ndthln one roar II RARVaRP, II Th'rd li'ni* rriiil* >?rr roll *Q?>' ha) door. and hoar the heavy tramp or the coming democratic hoata, | and above all, if I can bear the slogan of my own native | laud, to announce that her Bona are marching to the reecue, I shall continue to hope tor relief. Wtien I eta nee : the old Virginia line coming Into place, proud In the story ! of its |?at achievements, and coutident because it baa I never known defeat?and when I behold State after State mustering Its troo|ia upon the ground, In the general rally of the giaud army of the constitution, 1 shall foe I safe even in tLe midst of a beleaguered camp or a besieged city. But, fellow citizens, if Instead of that proud specia rle, the democrat i |>arty ol Virginia shall lelent ilaelf by III own divisions, and If ill members shall turn their arms ! against each other, I shall then hardly know how to hope. i I will not ray, alter will come the deluge, hut I will say that our political future w 111 then become 'a great perbapi " But the Virginia democracy will not lull asunder by its own divisions or suffer defeat upon its own soil. Idicy will feel tba; it has devolved upon them to ' perform a great part?to reorganise the great democratic ' party and unite It u|>on souud and true principles is a j work worthy of their past renown, and to maiutaiu the , constitution, and preserve the Union under It, will become the grand objects of her struggle. Let Virginia resume I lis wonted post of lesderahip In the great democratic par- | ty, and when she seizes the trumpet let it give no uncer tain sound as Its notes re echo through the valley a and ring along the hills to summon her aons to the light To such a call they will not be insensible, but from the Caro 1,1.1. I/, It... Mirslnn.t 1'a.nnlv.Kii ..,.1 iU.i.. I,.? ! the Twin?**#? and Kentucky b irder to the Atlantic shore, her eon* \t ill come trooping in to defeud the rights of their h'tato, and to maintain the oon etitutinn and the Union. Let thom do thia, anil men bcrealter shall praise tliem Yea, let thia be done, ' and rich a* Virginia ia in htatori; renown, aha will eaul> liah yet another < lann to the admiration and gratitude of man, in the great triumph of peace, of which ahe may be Justly proud. Vi en we come to think of the mighty intereata which are atak< d upw the uaut involved in thia C"t teat, who doe# nut feet that whoever may aare them will <>e entitled to the laating gratitude, nut only of every t na luvcr i f tin* i-ounlry, kti of the frieud* o( free government everywhere Too work ia great, I know, but \ irginia, I believe, ?It) have the apirit to undertake It, and I truat that Uieaireogta will be giveu her to perform it. fit)' Intalltgrnia, Tm? Cami-akih ? Hon Washington Hunt wilt addreas the Union Central Committee and the Young Men's Salt) nal Union Club to morrow evening, at the Bell and Fo rill headquarter", No 664 Broadway The aubiect for Hie occasion will be a defence of the Union electoral tu-kft. C"rm a ?roNt or a Saw CHcam i* Buin ?The corner stone of the new Methodist Episcopal church, which it now in conrve of construction, corner of Second avenue ! anil IIMfe street, Harlem. VUI be laid this afternoon at four o'clock. Addrersea will be delivered by Mrs. Ken nedy , Perry and Crooks, and Ker. M. L Souddar Naval Intelligence. TlieUnited States it>?m frigate Susquehanna, h*nce for Aipinwall, war seen on 25lb mat , in lat. 37 dag. 31 min. The following officer* have been ordered to the at earner rvuhalan. now out at Pbi'adelphia, supposed for the Mediterranean ?Captain. Samuel Mercer: l/eut-nanta, I John Rulledgf, E. Thompfc-n. G Harri?, W W u, Brown, I hilip Purcber, Surgeon, Joseph kUna, , .fr ; Passi-d Assistant Surgeon, Jamea I.awa. Pi-arr. tleo I TV. Clark, Second I leutenant of Marines. W W R Kirk 1 lard. Midehq men. J. Bishop, George Dewey, M 8. Stuyve 1 sant.C K. Keel, Boatswain, F. McLeod. Bunoer, M Ducyktr; animator, J. Stephens. Kog neera? Chief, Harmon 1 Newell; Flrnt Assistants, W. J. I.ambdin. James F. Lainbin. Second Assistant*. J. McKiweit, John I'urdy. Third j Areittanta. \V H. BUddlng, E laws, H C. Mcl vain CLOTHMfl. A^m URRkT nrwivn LADIM Ajro tiKNTLRMK* having rest oA I'lothlng. Kumltura, Carpets or Jeweiry to diapoae of, I guarantee to pay the UeW price in tha city, by j add) aiiig <>r calling at JO Seventh avenue, he)we. n Tw?3lyCfth and Tweu-v anth atrreu. which will be *il-r, led 10 by ?. I ABHAltAM. attended to by Mrm. Abraham. ABETTER CM AMOK FOR 1.1 DIES AND (4EVT8 to SOSVSSI their caa'on clothing loin cash. I re-etved a arc or ler ir m he Smith an 1 Weat I guarantee iv pay li e fnliowfcw prices ? Frwn S3 lo htffureia treaaa*. r*??i. rnerea. and 1 arejee paat lor a-ovdlQg'ir; from f I to 61 for pants. from lo til lor for nail, alat earpeta. furniture ' ai.J Jewelry. Ae A note by poat pui dually attended to by R. Ida Seven-h avei.ue, 'e.wi Nlreiecnth and Twentieth ?>r??ta La-lira aX'r ad to ay Mra K. N B ?No bualneaa transacted on Saturday. t V AIR ASH PRIiK PAID FOR t'AST OFF P'-HTH )NT>AY, AUGUST 2T, 186C BltiirAL. QKKATLT I*r*OV?U PIA.WOPOHT?. LIJUTK * BRADBURT MADufocturtir* of A NKW~8CAH OVKKKi HUNG BAML PATKNT INHULATKI) KCU. IRON PRAAA URAND AND8QUARK PUNOPOBTH8. No. i21 Brnumr PIANOH TO BANT. ^HICUKINO A BONb, lUoufottuer* of GRAND, B<i J ARK ANDUPRIGHT PIANOH. Wirtm nu 691 Bruldw *7. O. k RONS have brwm twvdeil thirty ?l*bt prtM me<l for tie auporlorUf of their m*uuf?c'.ure for loo (U! tttUAy-fiTr Jmt*" PIANOS TO RKNT. I ntBST vpirxmu nni.n r MEDAL PIANOFOivTES. Manufacturer#?RUirUETZE A LUDLUFF, kU street. Planes warranted, mid at reduced iiUi. ___ WTRICAL.?A YOCNQ LADY OF GOOD FIMOIIIL IyL appearand and of undoubted character, who sings and p'.aya the piano well, la wanted tu accompany a geulleinaa. Address If. W., Broadway Post oiliee , PIANOS, MKLODEANH, HARMONIUMS. First class for sale, to H or aold on instalments. on favorable terms. Superior Harmonium# of nine vsrtei.ea for chuithe#, Ac., at $174 to ftUU. J. M pel.TON. RH anl 84.J Broadway, N. Y, Pianos, 'mklodeonr, and alexandre groans, new and second hand for sale or to rent at great bargains Melixleiiii a? low aa W. Piano#, #75. Monthly payments re ce.ved for either Kent allowed if purchased HORACE IVaTKKs, Agent, XVj Broadway. PIANOFORTE FOR rale.?SPLENDID PIANOFORTE, cover and alool whirh cur W65 bat nine months a?o, will I c Clap *ttd of for leas than hall ita actual value if pun based In mediately The piano is full 7 oetare, elegsnt rosewood i < ase. serpentine mouldings, round ornerg. a .'loped kevs, i an ed legs. 1) re and desk Can be aeeulortwo days at liS a, enue A, corner of Tenth street. Several BOV8, OF respectable parkntaoe, are wanted for a church choir good soprano voce# re-pii alte, those who hare had some experience in reading music will have the preference , age not to exceed 11. Salaries liberal Address ii M Herald office, giving name sad residence and | other particulars. THE TROLODIAN -ADAPTED for BOTH SACRED and iccular music War, rooms, 613 Broadway. Hew 1 York l*al?nted 1368. Received large ailver metal at the fair ol the smerican Institute, and the highest testimonials from the profession. I his instrument is peculiarly adapted for choruses Ac For testimonials see our circulars THE TRADES. Boot fitters waniki ? a man to wore in the houae, by the week, or piece. Also, a boy, to prepare work and pstde up boots for a machine, at 12 Howard street, second Fory, back room. Wm. Mcllenry. To hakkka?wanted, a sieady lad, as cake baker aud to assist on bread; good reference foe subnet, and industry re-pured; none other need apply. Ca 1 at 111 Esatiiihai. en door mm la a? fETANrKD-A CARPENTER OR CaBI.NET MvKKIl TO TT Mast In la'ing marquetry Uoortng. Apply at 650 | Broadway immediately. WANTED?85 EXPERIENCED PLURII SEWERS, AT J. D Bird A IV\V al'k hat manufactory, nous others need apply Call for three days at Noa. 63 aud 60 Fulton at , up | alalrs. . IjirANTED?A GOOD BABBER, AT NO. 55 dey ST. W L MILLER. WIRE CUTTER WANTED,?OMR WHO HAS HAD Experience in cutUog wire for hoop skirts cu find steady work kod good pity m the Empress Skirt Factory, 146,146 aad J 160 Chambers street. HOPlii, KOOMS, AC., WANTED. A SMALL. FUR WISHED OR PARTLY FURNISHED lloino. wanted for the sinter, In some pleasant town or I Tillage not over 60 or 100 mi Ira from New York; family rsry man. Krn*. mnat br low. Address box 1,417 Post office. Any one desirous of leasing to a rrsponaiMr too ant a fimt clan high Hoop I! mm (36 foot front) between Foiuteenth and Twenty flflb streets and Fifth an I Suth avrnuea?rent about $1,600 possession wanted la Ocui ber?? Ul nddreaa George A. Par la, JflOOknal street. (YOTTAOK WANTED.?A SMALL AND NEAT* FURJ Dished Cottage, altuated Id a pleaaaot part of Brooklyn, for a family of three adn'ta Addreaa P., bos 4 606 New Turk Poat oflice, piting terms, location and particulars. FACTORY WANTED TO RENT-A MODER ATE SIZED bullilles, lit-ible for mannfactnrinx purposes. either la New 1 ork or Brooklyn, and not far from the river. One with a umall Hiram engine and boiler preferred. Address, staling partt< nlars, rent, Ae , Factory, Herald oll-se. STKAMItOAT WANTED -TUtt ADVERTISER WISHES t" prncorn a *teamb.n?t of about 3fX> or 400 t -i.a burthen, fllle>l for psasengets; wmibl like In exchange a valuable Earn about twraty miles from New York; anv difference would be iitiafaelortly arranged. apply or addreaa a hue to Mr. Barker 117 Naaaati alree', room No. i. lirat Hoar. Tnree UNFURNISHED ROOMS FOR HOU8RVkei'iN't) wanted Immediately, In. aled weal of Broadway, ah->re Kiontne street. Aildreaa Oomfort. Oodfrey's Union square l'o*t blllce. TV-ANTED- A FURNISHED HOUSE. FOR THE WINTER YT to be located In Fifth avenue or in awne of the adjacen streets. Possession wished for la September or October, unit lit of May Address House Seeker, boi LtU Herald oWee WANTKD-TO LRASK, FOR TWO TEARS FROM 1st Nevemher. a three stnry high stoop Honae, in a go"! locality: must be In thorongh order. Address, slating location, H . bos 1M Herald othre. WANTED TO RENT-IN JERSEY CITY. A GENTEEL House, with all the modern Improvemenls, oonreiitent to the terry, pleasant neighborhood, Ac. Address box X, Jar fey titty Post oOiee. "txtANTED to kent?A house with 8TORK. in YY lie upper part of the city, In s good busineea street. Price frem $JU> tolM) per year. Address 0. P., bos 190 Herald "Hire. "llrANTED a NUMBER OF FIRST clare HOUSES yy ar-- waited Immediately, furnished or unfurnished. I'.-rtoos bat lug such to let can near of responsible customers by applying to WORCESTER a DO., Real Kalale and Board leg House Agents. V3 Broadway, bank entrance. TIT"ANTED?A FRONT ROOM AND BEDROOM. UNYY RnkM, In a house with ca m we than one family. b?r a widow lady and b*r daughter, between First and Twentieth s?r? ets, and Hosery. Second and Third arenuea. Rent must be low. Address O. T.. Herald oRcr. pkksoyal, Ant person wimiing to adopt a handsome and healthy boy. two moulds old, will address K. F. Child, bog 124 Herald olbrs, rkONT FORGET THE MINERVA SOCIAL CLUB PIC Xf me . i, ruradny, the X",h of Aug. at, al J unci Wcxxl For adoption-a femai.r child, brtwken t? ) and three weeks old. ?t0 bo glieu to auy reapdhtable perwm who will adopt II The rhihl ie o( tmrrtcu parentage, healthy, and good I oking Add re? A B . H^raJd ottoe GM., WHO FORMKRI.T UVIB IN THE PITT OF . M., South of Franre, will bear of an old ao<|.ialnt\n*e b? addressing a latter to M. <1?i ?a, New York Put oUlce _ Kl'UKNIR HKIRS WANTF.D, OF AN ? BttATNR FRRNCH, WirROF iJeorge French, M. D., and Ooretbaa Hrayne McWiliiaina. wtie ' f tt uh.un ic Williams merchant, all ot Fredericksburg, Vlnpnta, lletng about 1787. A.-vlj to a. HAY'S, Heraldry ilf oe, tt? Broadway . N. Y. INFORMATION WANTED?OF 1IKNRT THOMAq. A baker. trnrn Kje, Kng anl, why left l.mdna In tha ahlp IbvowMi*. lHih of .1 nor Anv Information respecting bin will le thankfully received by (J. Hon lea, 1J< William atr.-et, W-w York. INFORMATION WANTRD-OF OTTRRIA HAMMOND, 1 by be' brother .11 lu bel, now in Ph Udalphia. Any laf-irma lew will be thanhfeliy received at .'Jb i Ireen Mrwt PhiUlel phis. Mlf UKu HAMMOND. |NF<iRMATION WANTRD OF FITTER DDL AN. SOP 1 . >? i lobe id 8 ilb < ?r I ir.v. 1 ? I. -in. * '-<bn Dolan if bp-' k'yn Unix Island. Any p>ram knowing (if Me where abouie will confer a great favor by addressing as above. Mr URN Ft HRAI.T WILL PI.KANR r*T.L~lw*RDI alely si the I'arfc Motel. T. FIT/,WILI.IaM, TS T-T1IF TO! Nil MtN Will) CALLtO ON HIS . mother a?i Thursday night to eav he was going to aue i-i -be his mother* le airsM be liae forgotten ae b- i? l.jet a lib b- gigger In Hudson an -L ie. near the Ia< ce>n ferry HirrKLs. HOTEU-ALRION HOTK1.. AM HUMOR STRKIFT, COM ner of i bar lea. flood accommodation* for transient or neni boarders Fleaaant and wall f irn ah*d Rooms. la rilta nr single, soitahle for named or angle gentlemen, with nee of batha gas. plaao. Ae. Stages and eara pan the doer. Tema Mb T LilRIIT. Proprtator. MARION ItOURK?FUKNINIIKD FOR HOCNRRRRPINO Very neatly irniabed Parlor and Badronm, eultabta far young h.-uaeherpera ar slng'n .gentlemen, withkna. OnNne. new patent arr'rg beds, eleaa linen, ranking uteneUa, Ar . mam p.ete Apply at flu Kim street. M" TTRK A1 HI 14. HOI sr. imitKIt 8IX1H AVKMUI | and Fortieth street ?The above house a biw la .wa(..eta repatr fur fall and winter business Families and amg'e per son* returning I rwn tba country Will do wall by making ibis tbelr first call before etigag ng board. JOHN R BOqTWTi'K. Proprietor. ri.AsriCN'- HoTbL fits RROAOWaY-THR PR0 'KIRtort of lb" above beuse bating "omy eiad an addition .d forty parlnra and bedroom oilers Ibein to permanent o? tran dent boarder* at reasonable priors The hoove baa a be txrpr. vementa and a generous tab.e Transient >>ardrr* 11 M> rer day. POLITICAL. ^ / tK>TRsi ' -NvrrRir op THE > ATHINAL UNION A./ iIs* ? t.tdreea irom Hnnt ?Hon. WaaWngtoa Iliin*. on l?e < of tie t'eatml < oeimltiee, win deliver Sr a.ld( a* In the meir hem of the I'n'.m I'lnbe and Ponsmuiaea. in detence of (he t*nl in elnrtoenl ticket, on Tii"al?y e' anlog n??V Aug iei V. at 8 o'clock at tbe iflnb noma, fiM Hr.-a.1way. The pubil ' are Intlied to attend JOHN C. I.L0VD, Cbalrmtn. H. N. RAgcnrn. Naeretrry HOW. WAtOltW'iTOW HrWT OW TRW tWVlf*Ttnv of lb* Cniinl ('(MBltM nod the Tonne Men W?tl*i4l I'nkwi i'1'ib. * HI lilr them tn d*f*?'* of the Cnmn ?|*?. l'*?i lHo't. on T'te*1?T ei-nlng, J?lh Uwt . ! th* B*i,*nl K*?re?t h**drj'iirter?. No. Ml Bromiwnjr. All frlenl* of the t'nintl w* eortUki'.r In' tied to attend. JOHN IXOYP, Chvrm?n Ontrd f nnmlttoe. KM f. WORTlB. Pre?id??! Tonng Men'a Xailnaal Colon OlnH. IT IS PBOPOSEO TO OSOAW1T.K AW ARROi UTIOW of yonhs noen far.irable to the eloouoa >f Bre, k nn and I xne At; tho?* deeding t."-00n0rt tbetno?!reo with ? a-h *a orgnnilelioo will ad tr*?e Rational, Her* rt ofli e. 1 OTH WARD-THK HRKCKIWRIIVIR \wn I.IWB 1 if iloh, of 'he Thirteenth word, oil meet ?t OnTv'a i'i,. m It ill. ??ilrand Hreet. on W mdav ?TP?in(, Aiig txt it at A O'clnrk Bf fder. JOHW t \BRi||., Pre* U f.1. Joee.etule* W? T?T??. JWreuiloo. 4?/\TII WARP BRROKtRRIIVIK AWD t.vWlt rt.PR ZU wtl meet "xt M t.Uy ete?,l V. * 9 oVIoeR. at lit Rl*Mh aretine, PnncluV Ml* ? n rnm B Wanil nee. WIU.M V K.t Pr?m I iurpiwo( utrxklt communication bt btkah bbtwern c VT Hfw t rl md Liverpool, calling at (Jueenatown, Ire i, Lutd, to Lund and embark paaneugera and deapatrhe* ?The o Liverpool Hew Tort and fujiiule phU SlEEMflhip OompAoy a 2 apteodid Clyde built Iron bcrtw fa* whip? ere la lea led to b ell be follow?:-? b rkOM kit roue fob uthtool o glasgow, (atunlay, September i. l city of baltimore, Saturday, Sep .ember s c vioo, Saturday September is p and every Saturday throughout tbe year, from Pier No. It a North river. h line or ruatai: t> Cabin to Queeoatoam or Liverpool ITS To London, (via Liverpool) *) l 8teer?ge to tjuecnatoim or Liverpool ... . VI j To London 33 at krdim Tlrkeu. available for a.i months, from Liverpool, do y Peaaenger* forwarded to Havre, Paria, Hamburg, Bremen y and Antwerp at through rale# Certificate* of paaaage muted from Liverpool to Mew York St.i i pmm ci'ieenit mn to New York 3d j 1 hone at earner* have B'tpenor accommodation for paaaen- ? gcra. are conatruUed with watertight compartment*, sud car t, ry eipertenoed Hurgenna. ? For (might or pamage aoply at the ofll se of the company. JOHN G. IialK, 16 Broadway, New York. Agent. In IJverpool to Wtf InMaN. Tower Budding* Iu t< laagutv U W -V IN M A N, 13 I> ion aire el rE BRITISH AMD NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL T titcEmshjps- ft from k*w toe* to ltttepool. | Chief Cabin Pamage .?i*) aoottd Uabla Paaenge. fi\ 75 1 b ruoa aoiTO* to uvgsroot. rl Chief. Cabin Paaaage.. 911(1 y, Second Cabin Paatage ft) The ehlpi from New York call at Cork Harbor. The chip* from Koama call at Haltfai and Cork Harbor. fl PEbblA, Cap'. Jutklna canada, Capt. Lang, arabia, CauL J. Stone, amkkica Capt MUar. I . aria, Capt. hi (J L4U, Ma iaea, Capt Anderuon. i africa, capt Shannon, BtTROPA. Capt i Leltoh. I I scotia, (now batMing.) | i Tbeee veaaele earry a clear white light at meat head, green ,. an atarboard bow, red on port bow. | u . an ada.'leuig, leaven Boaion, Wednenday, Angina 8 ? i nw lisi ? new York Wedneatav Aiuiat is i " Boston, W?<lnral.*j, Auijm!'!! ?KR A, Judklns, " New York, Wednesday, August 19 1 1 ! hlA'IA, Stone, " Boston, Wednesday, Hept 5 c . AFRICA, Shannon. " New York, Wednesday, Sept, 12 ; Bertha not secured on til paid for. An experienced surgeon on board. . The owner* ot these snips will not be accountable for gold, direr, bullion, specie, jewelry, precious stones or metals, un i Ms bills a/ lsdlug are signed therefor and the nine thereof ? 'herein e i rented. For freight or presage apply to V K CuNABD, No. * Bowbug Qreen. J STKAM.-NKW TURK, SOUTHAMPTON AND HAYKR. i O j The Yanderbilt European Hue Unhed States mail steamships Ml betweeu New York, Southampton and Havre. From New York for Returning from ? Southampton and Havre and South- i Havre. ampton. , FANDKI.BILT SsL, Sept. 8 Wednesday, Sent. M , LLINUIS..,^ Sat., Sept. XI Wedue-iay, tlel. 10 . ftNDEKBICT Sat., Oct. 2U WMnestay, Nov. 7 f LlJNOlS Rat . Nov. S Wednesday, Nov. 21 f TbMr steamahlpe have water tlghf eompartmenu. Cert'ftcates of passage Issued from Europe to America, . Specie delivered In London or Rarls D. TURK ANOK, Agent. No. 6 Bowling Oreen, New York. J B. U. WAIN WRIGHT k CO., Ill Rue Faubourg. Monlmaure, Pasts A. N cmtYSTIR, Havre. ? OAK FORD A CO., 67 Ursee Ohureh street, London. ? BON LOP, 8HOALKS k CO., Sou* ampton. gTKAMKR OF BKFTKMBICK S. FOB SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRB. United States Mail Steamer VANDF.UBILT. C . plain P K lwfrvre, Fill anil from pier No. 3 North river. New York, at noon, on J daiurdar. September 6, with mails, passengers and sped*, for 8 England and France. u PRICR OF PARRAOE. First cabin, 6120; second cabin. 16i. Third cabin to Havre, 636, to .Vmliuunptoa. 630. D TORitANi'E. Agent. No. 6 Howling Oreen, New York. ' Steamship ILLINOIS satis September XL ' ATLANTIC ROTAL MAIL 8TKAM NAVIGATION ' A. COMPANY. . , NXW TORI AND OALWAT I.INB, Touching at SL Johns, N. T. i Carrying the British mall and government despatches. ? The steamers com prising this line have been approved by ' he Admiralty, and are the NkW IRON HIDB WIIKKL STEAMERS ' \ OONNAUOI1T 4,000 tone burthen, i j LKINHTKR 4,400 " " : MUNHTKR 4.400 I ! OLHTKK A400 " " 1 ' PARANA 4,400 " The next departure will be the PARANA, Captain Ueeoan, Tuesday, August 23. from Ifnetnn I OONNAUOHT, Captain Leltch Tuesday, September 11, j tram Mew York. I Rates of passage to nay part of Ireland ow a railway and to i the principal clllee of England and ScotlandJ First class. 6100 690 and 675, according Ui Mate room acoom D modatioo; third cilia 630. tr.etnltng ranked provision* k And to m. Johns. N F? first class. 630; Uurd m?aa. 620. f Children (Oder It years, half prioe; under 1 year, free; third lass passings rm are required to furnish beds and tins. I Pers as taking passage at New York for he steamers saU J tag from Boston will reoeive free paaasge trues New York to ostuw, The steam en of this compear hare been eonatrncted with We greatest ears as regards mfetr sad Bomf-wt, combined with model tad propelllsg power, end are built with walrr tight SompMrtmenta. They are confidently expected to aurnaes. In J peed and rough weather qualities, any vessels ever out it, and are replete with sleg*rates and eoevenieoora. An experienced surgeon attached In each ship. Persons r I wishing to send fur their friends esa obtain return tiohela at ! low rates. F I ??. ap nhiBBM Annlr tA "" RoWlaUd'A AHTIirWAVL, Arente, i r I M end U South etreeL | TOR WORTH OKRMAN LLOYDW BTKAMNH1P NEW i 1 TORK, H. Voa Hutan, oumtnender, anrrytnx the United i MlM mell. will Mil 00 SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 1. et U o'clock M., fob BREMEN T1A SOUTHAMPTON, Tektnr o?engom far LONDON, HAVRK. SOUTHAMPTON AMD BRKMKN, I At the followtxur rates ? Plrat onNn, >100. wound cehin, Mu, Blinp, Ri a REI CHELT, HI Broadway. For Southampton awd hayrr ob Saturday, Sept. IA ? The United HUtee anil 1?nktp , PULTON, f J. A. Wot too Oneunender, , ill Mil from pier 17 N. R., foot of Bench ouect. OB Saturday, w topi. is, m doob> Thw ManBMr? naaurpaased for safety nod comfort?hu don pie raginea/under deck, enoluaed by we or t.*bi compert , utile. wkltlv beotdre other reeilte. tend. In the exont o 1 00) lei on or etranSln*. to keep the pumpe free to work, end ee. are ' ike safety Of xeewl nnd peeeen?er> Piaence hi er.-ood cabin 171 end MO. r.hw.w?a. UKO. MlClU'.n. , W* 1 No, 7 Broadway. The etrmier ARAOO will Mil Oct. ?. TUB HAMBURG AMERICAN PACRBT COMPANY"* metl eteeaehip UAMMOelA, Rchweneen. commencer, will leere 'or Hamburg. Southampton. l-aodon end lintre oe 4 Saturday, Sept 1, el U M. Plret cebln, SliA). eeeond oaten. 1 MU. etcera?s. MR C. B. RICHARD A HuAS. e 151 Hmadw.y, Jr. I. el The eteemehlp Rernrte will i'lerned the Hemmr me Atlantic royal mail steamship navigation t Ooenpeny?Ibe eteeiuehip PARANA will sell from U-b C on. rte PL -fohne. W. P . fur Ue way, A'tenet 28. ? Pur lrrtebt or paeee?c apply to 11 HuWLANP A AtPIWWAI.L, M nod U hmth etreet ATI.aWTIC ROTaI. MAIL sTE t V N tVMtTI'iX )M K per > ei'-tmrr PARANA will Ben I mm Hoeton far ' iel hi way "ii Tuesday, AapnetRt, el #0 loi* AM A ween t'i? ,.wul teke peewnxereue board irtta Baser/ wbe.: el i o'uijce. fPAPSOOTT'A LINKS OP LTVKRPXIL AWO LONDON K X packets will eel! ee fallows PorlJv'l?JtiOtT^L.^LA^Kj '? irday. Rep' 1, pier AIR R F. r I-onion? VICTORI A, Keturdny dept. I . v"r UK* * Thene pi. kela have apl'mlld * <rai modal looi 1 <ir aii r. mm ^ of iiaaerntera App'l.-ai m *h.>u.d be rued-* on board the " aotrrai ?b?p->, or to IAPm OTT A CO , Mi Bo'iia krwi, .N. T. J CSROM IRFLAWD TO WKW TOR* BT ATK Alf.-P AB r aeiurero booked from fj'ieenatowa (Ireland) to SmW York 'or I*), tnc India* pro vine a. by ibeanlendM (Ml an-imahipr 1f the Iaveri'?jI. We? York and Phfl-tdelLhia liar. leann* ' Jawnaiuim every Thttreday m the For piaeit app>y I at the oompauy a oAoo, U Broadway } JOHW 0. PAL*. Agent. JJ D?OR OA1-IFORWIA TIA PAW ASIA. P A #rit cImm ?r?m?f will leave New Tort ike Ir. 11th nod ' llet of eik-h moolk eanept wbeo ihoae d*tm fa.I on hmday, I efceu the day of departure will oe the MouKr lodowm* For frnpht or preanice apply at the only ?4Wo. 1/7 W-at " arret, ooroer of Warren. D. B. Al.l.kW, A?eat. ; A I'WTRALIA?K AWOAROO LIW??PAf KRT F )R A. heptemher The tplenriWl, :aot eal.lor A1 barkfRl'Sk OMR, 1 RW uma oeparity, will be .1e?pau hed for Melbourne, I aa above, rthe hie aupertor aommrandaitone >ov nrat and monod * labia paeeenrera. Apply aa board, at ptar lb iue river, or to h ItlUJA UiHU A ULtKhtt'. loa Well areea ? u Al'STRAI.IA rUNItKI UWR.-RXTRKRK CLIPPRR (.' BR RRI'KT AK l.7A? tone re?t aer, ma) uma rapacity, a at pier 13 Eaat river, will be deapaiched for Melbourne on the f tlh o( rteptrmber. flipper ship SPL.R.T l>II> will en<-<-ar.t ?nd eall JUth srptemkdP. Cupper ship kKkVKR, elm at pier IS Kaat river, will ho deepet-bed f r .Sidney, S A . Bala sep. j trmher For fretahl or paean** appiy m b mrd, or h> It w u CAMKROW, W Heavy atreet d Fom hatawa, tia wtRstr. w f-thk British * and Wirth American Royal M.ol wei:inli|i K t It N V A f( Captain Bnwnki*, will am; tor the ahoee p-eta from the eaapany'e wbarl at Jrraey CUy, <? | Balorday September li. J Bwfty tbiohoris. e Mindiy Wovember 12. R Parnate tno'-ey to WeaeiU ? .) o For irelfrht or paaaac* apply to * iM'XaKD. | 5i Nft. * Bowling lirann. o THhnV'.H VRKI'iH T A A H \1') KSCKIT 'R I'Tit folk. rnrtmnoMth. City P'dot anil Htohmnd, a >naari|og with N.rfoik anil Petaraborr And nnaitJmda Kaiimada inr I.yprhlnre, llrtalni, Vamph ? and IntOim-li ?a a'aiaini F ?l*hi reootred a vary day and through rn.-aipt* I irnnbad, at t pt?r l.t Horth rtror. dtaamahip JAMKNTOWN, Oapt. Sku.nar, loaraa avary Tnap day, at .1 P ? saaaiaahip RiaViiKK, Caul t'nonh. a arr II.'irplay. at 1 P. M aalilni at Opt P unt ' .wp'nrt to land pa?aai:*ara Staaioahlp YORK TOWN, ( apt Pariah, aaary Haiur day at 3 P N. Freight to P ->rtaB<mtb ir .VirMk. 7 conta par f.wt; to City I'ntnt. 8 ranta, an I to Rlrhnaont ? a?,ita Paaaaga to aor'-ilk, atatai ?ITT1 and maa n* od? 1. |W i.. Pat-raH i-a or Klrhaond. $10 Kir iraiap ttrha a pi Norfolk and >>k?k. 111. to Prior (hurt " Rtrhmond. ?hl 1,0 Dl, a M A HRI1KKKN, Ill Rrnadway Havana and nkw ilk an* RVRRT YIN DAY*. PAWA't* P1PTV DOtJ.VRM To ml) o? patorday. SoplaBhar I at 11 o'otoak. ThO araauhlp RIKNVlU.R, Ohfk J. D Ho. trk. will noB Brnea t> repair* fratfht on Tatoiay, A na na *. and aai! u abova fmm rtar font of Murray atr-aA, 1'Wth rlTar. No ><vla of ladln* ncnad aftpr tha hour nf tailing uIYINtHTON, CNoODMR'tN A <Xh, Id Murray atrwai niaamahlo OAHvWHA aaila > Tnooday lltk. and DK AOTO no Prtday 11m if SoptoBbor. PiR !.lVKAPt?ot. RI.Ai R H al l. 1,1.1V i r (>a s'T*. Tha rltpnor ah lo IAMUR PiHiTNR. IR l.Ttng a1 r ?r At Vaot rirar, anil* tha *h Ai.g'ia'.. tha II \ RVKST Ol VKa a,. ? 'ha lUh naotambor. F'W paaaajt' apply to J A' oil WII.AtlN, lift Month Brant. PA'.'* AORN AND NAMn.RN >OR RrROPR I'AN RR for ward ad by Amartmn Firopaan Rrpraaa par n-imar l-ataaa-ari waak for an rv, .. V -r>t.. at i ? .taa and I wflk daapav h. Namidap da'lr-rad ?t from ?a to Aa atafiiaf AI'HtIN BAUDWIN A 0<J.. PtOpriBorp, Tt Bdway M-igjgm o. ^ 4 JTKA* TO LONDON PKKST, ULHHHOW AND LIVER < 5 pool. -Shortest ?* phim- V. Europe bv Ibe Nimtreti Boon mell ateemer NORTH AMKrtl JAN. Ailua.cotBinna.ler. MM tone, WW horee power, frutn Quebec, tktlurdey. boolean rrl. Relet ut paeonae to Loadi.uderiy Uuun.irU >r ool ? fliet dane, aft, Wb mdafcip tTU steerage *30 loci ud in* ican p?iise?e tor free tiuket, either bywty / Button, 1'ort md (White HaunWtaekip Q.iebeo or by Huler.a rvv. 1-aAe heinpleln. Montreal (Victoria Mrtd?c to Quebec *itl. As ndle?e of rftntinln* over et any point Kor tourUU ticket .id iieetejje apply nt lite company '* other, 23 R> .?<lwny HA KllA t'K.ARIJC, Uenerel J'Mteoger Agents for the Utilled tales KLKAZRK JoNKd. Manager VIOR LIVERPOOL?OM> BL VK STAR LINE.?TNI ^ uerket ?hip "f HOKHTorf/lylof ?* pier 87 Rut river. Ibe CONSTITUTION wi or passage apply on joard, or to WILLIAMS A lic-ONI. ullou street. ,,JW> w )OYAL MAIL STEAMSHIP PERSIA.-FOR r rv*? V pool the 1'ERfilA, C H. E. Judkins, commander wis d fn>m the stream on Wednwdsy next, ia?t. a *t?,m. uat will ply between the Company's wharf, at jeraey rtt? ud the Prrnia from 1 to 2 o'clock P. M , to convey p**>enzrn utbaggage on board. The AFRICA will a*., llha tvptom nr. K. CUNAK1V Nr 4 Bowling Ureaa. 7?OR SATANNAH AND OTHER POrVTf AS BELOW The firHt claei steamship STAR OF THE MOUTH, Cap! honing Lyon, will leave on Tueadnr. An runt ISA at 4 P M om iner No 4 North rirer. Through ticket* can be had for ie following place* ? New Orleara, F.T.I 75; MobHe. SX5: Montgomery, $25 Coluoaua, $21. Albany. $21, Atlanta, $21. Chattanooga. $28 60. Nash die. $27 ?). Knot' ille, $45, Memphis. $31 76. Augusta, $17 6R. .a, on, $. > : Savannah, $1$. Kr.r freight or pasaage apply at 13 Broadway. The steamer AUGUHTA, Capt. 14.0. Woodhull, will sue ? <?. and eaU on SATl KI>AY. September 1. at 4 P. M SAMUEL L MITCH ILL A ROM. FOR SAVANNAH AND THK SOUTH.?STEAMSHIP " MONTUOMERY. Captain Wm. C Berry, will leave ptee J N. R , on Thursday, August 30,at 4 P. M. Passage to Saituiish, wttli .accommodations unexcelled, $13. Thrombi tickets Nrv Orleans $39 75; Mobile,. $35; Montgomery, $25, Memhis. $31 75, Nashville, $27 76; Knogrill* $25 50. Chattanooga. 25, Albany $'2'1 Columbus, $21; Atlanta. $21, Macon, 100, lugurta, $.7 60, Including carriage fa' e In Savann th. freight I) cents per foot Tte K. K. CUTLER succor d* on Saturday, ept 1 Apply to U. B. CROMWELL A CO.,80 Weal sir-eel. nd 336 Broadway. FOR CHARLESTON, R C? AND THE SOUTH AND Southwest?Three Steamers a week. Tuesday* Th ira ays andSaturdayt?Tri weekly United Suites Mail side Wheel iiramahip IJne.?The magnilleeut eteamahip NASHVILLE. L. 1. Murray, ooiu.-uander, will leave pier No. 4, N. R. on Tueaay, A ug. 28. at 4 o'clock 1'. M. Rate I of passage, with through .. art- as follows ?To New Orleans. $39 7 a. Mobile $3$; rloutguroerj, Ala., $25. Nashville, Term . $27 75; Memphis, 131 To; Chattanooga. $25; R noirtl.e, $26 flu, Augusta. tie., >17 fa); Atlanta $21, Charlotte. N. 0., $22. Ooluinoia, 8. O., SO. Charleston. $15 For freight or passage apply to SPOrOKD. TILES TON A CO , 29 Broadway The tVilurabla, Oept. terry, will succeed eo Thursday, Aug. 90; the Marlon, Capi. hater on Saturday, Kept 1, and the Jas Adger, Ca it Adams, >u Tuealay, Sept. 4. Adams' Express Company's great rioulhiru express is ca'rted on the steamer* of this line The exircsa agents South will give Inlorraition as to sailing days, are, Ac DAILY LINK FOB CAPE MAT AND PHILADELPHIA. VIA BANDFORD'8 LINE STEAMSHIPS, From pier U North river. At t o'clock P. IT, Sunday excepted. 'learners BOSTON, DELAWARE and KEN NENDO. Goods forwarded South and Weet free of ocmmleetoa. THROUGH IN TWENTY HOURS. PBKDEKIU PERKINS. Agent. M^TRlMOWIAl*. A YOUNG AMERICAN LADY. WELL EDUCATED AND : V good 1 a.ktng. desires to form the acquaintance of eoose enth-man with s view to matrimony. He muet be th'rty yeare 1 age, edurated, am) must sua am a rtepectable ixwiitou tm oclely. AddreaaGerlrtida Clinton. Union square Post oOee < Vf ATRIMONT MA OK MART, OB BOW TO WIN A JXL Lover"?Containing plain common eenae directions, bowing how ail may be eultably married. Irrespective ot age, ei or position, whether prepoaaaaaing or other wlan. This la* lew work, and the secret, when noted upon, eeeuree a apeedgr od happy marriage to either sex. Mailed free for IB eeoln m ?ah or poetage stamps. Adilreaa T. Williams k Co., Publttirm, hoi 1.301 Pot oBoe. Philadelphia. ANATRIHONIAL.?HOW BANT RESPECTABLE OUUA [TI answer matrimoulal cards la fan, and are led en gredwnntil ruimdf How many verdant young men are enina-ed and made to regret their error all through life! How n*ny old bachelors are made to pay swinging lit manes far heir temerity in answering the oard at a ' rich widow r' M ou would know more, read "MATRIMONIAL BIOCBU tQK IN TBK METROPOLIS," aworn to before the Maror rf tew Turk, and not a line la the book that Urn moat fasllttoae night not read. Seal by mall on receipt at prion. Prion N ents B. P. LLOYD. Publisher, lit Broadway. B1LMARP8t DtlKTKKN HAI.L POOL POR SALE.?ONE SKT KIT. P te*n ball Pool, of Bee quality. Apply at Oyater Bay, BiS t roadway. r DKt'KKR, BILLIARD TABLX MAKER. 90 ANN I J. street?Saloon and 1W Pulton sprat Coaloners can be supplied an usual with my patent Suabtona only ? me at 90 Ana street, at the usual prices, tea per cent aw or cash L DEC KM. PHKI.ANU IMPROVED BILLIARD TABLES And Uom'duatloa I'uahlona. PHRLAN k IXX.LENDER, Sole manufacturers, <3 to 91 Crosby etieet. New York. PHKLAN S ?????????? IMPROVED BILL IRD TABLES And ilumblnauoa Cushions. We beg In Inform the public that In future we will makt eduction of ten per rent on our rates for all cash orders, thai .iving to tbe public the beat tables manufactured at the lowest osslble price. PHKLAN A CULLENDER. ro l.BT?BII.LT AKD ROOMS READY KIRNWITKD, with Hires or five billiard tablea, In one of (be tiest loamna in ih? city. Apply at 340 Weat Thirteenth street, la Ik* i-acoient. IITJU. J. BHARP TAKKB THIR OPPORTUNITY TO I*iT form his customers and the nubile lo general, that ha ou band a supply <>f splendid first claw Rilliard Tables, t lib rlaatlr vulcanised rubber and new patent fu&hiooa, aateatd November 15. 18M, which he will guarantee to last for Ma cura. Alan, Mi tint clans n we wood, marble and rials bed ahlea aa good aa new, having been in use only a few moatba 'lie abort lablea will be diapoeed of at a bargain to the rigid ind of eSMomer. Apply at the manufactory, 148 Pulton a treat _ ~ . HEW PUBL.1CAT10M8. rl'ST 1*1* Bl.ISlIKl). l.KAVKS PROM A H a<'HALOR*S Hoth of AJfe. Royal 12 mo Price ||. Sent poal free ea ernpt of price. Por aale by Booksellers generally. B. A. tollo, Publisher I'J Pulton atreet. Highly Kntertalnlng.? lew York Herald. Stamped with th* mailt of genius.?Baai<n Pngt Path , humor, breadth of eipertenje? Kniekarockrr Magn/toe. rHK CONPJWRION8 AND EXPERIENCE OP A* IJTvalld?Publtahed tor the heneni and aa a warning to young nen who suiter from Nerroua l-ehtllty. Prematura Pnany li*., supplying the meant ill ?elf cure Hv one vh> r tran iimaeif after being put to great ejpenae through medic tl hawium and quaohery. Single copies may lie aad of the anbor, jf 41HANIKL u aYFaIR. Kaj . Bedford, Ktugacounty, I. 1' , by enc' wing a poatpaid addressee envelope. yrRKiTCH?7~ V FIRST PRKMU'M K.N A MR1.1.KD <>R OR AlNKH dUITB of i hainber Furorure fir 121, in all en ore and atr'g'. liei Redding ol ereri dewiictlcn Ktrrj article wirran'ed a teirretntsd B.C. M lulibK.lME. .Vie t end 8 Kulbvaa treet, two doors tri m Canal. A BFDBOOM SUIT OP P.NAMRL1JE1) PURNITUBB POB !\ 826. ot Warranted manufacture. Aleo eolkl cbeetaal hamber Suite, visia and nrnmnrniai. at PARRINUTOR'B areeooam. 368 uanai atratu opposite Wouster. Ba ahiwhad i 1848. 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