Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 28, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 28, 1860 Page 1
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0 TH WBOLB NO. 8755. OCR DAILY YiEHWimOPt irrtval ot the City of Baltimore at this Port and Nova Scotian at Farther Point. The Retorted Lauding of Eight Thou-, sand Garibaldians at Reggio. Cvaeuatioii of Port Soy 11a by the Neapolitan*. THE eOMPLiCATK>NS ON THE CONTINENT, KELAVCEOLY LBTTEE FROE THE POPE. Beport on the State of British Trade with Foreign Countries. advance or cotton and brxadstuffs, j t<n as., is. JSKWS BY THE CITY OP BIL> TIMOaC, Tbe steamship City or Baltimore, Captain retr>e, from I Liverpool oo ibe 16th and Queerrtown the Ifltb, arrived at this port laat erenipg, brio flog (tetania of Krropean j im to tbe Wth. V arte a, re mora sad conjectures rc- j poct'Bg the policy which Auetrta, will pursue .n new of i lb. expected expulsion of Francis II. from tbe Neapolitan : throne, are eiioat. The Opinwnt A'ationaU publlabea, aulbenttcally, a atate- 1 meat of three eubalterna of the first foreign battalion or ' tbe Boly Sea declaring that their tuperlor officers hare advised tbem not to deaert, promising cAaf on the raring uj At population tehl.k tnujkt occur at Ptruyia tlwy would allow Aem to sack tke town. Tbo Beige of tbe 14th Inst, coc firms the announcement teat count iteucnoerg usu Maieora a erroataur Dote to Count Cavour, declaring in the mctt formal : manner Hint if the army of Sicily invades the territory of Naples Austria will consider it as a totut belli. The Debate, in commenting on this news, observes that the armed intervention of Austria would be an in Mnsement of the principle of non intervention adopted by France and Pngland. Austria ought to know, says MM Detail, that the two western Powers proclaiming this principle are equally afraid to endure ita application in the largest and most absolute seose, since they have reciprocally engaged not only to abstain from interference themselves, but also to sutler no foreign intervention in Sicily. The Turin Opinion* of tbe 16th Inst, gives a denial to Uw report published in the Preach papers, of a note having been sent by Austria to Piedmont, relative to an interver lion in Italy, In case Garibaldi should disembark in the kingdom of Naples. The Turta National contains the following important statement?Our government is at this moment preparing, on a moat extraordinary scale, armaments to protect the country against the possible aggressions of a neighboring Power, which become# more menacing every day. This Power has, within the lest few days, addressed an important note to our government, the contents of which will very soon be made public. The semi-official I'syi remarks, this determination of the Austrian government is supposed to be connected with s promise ebleinsd from tbe Confederate German States. Tbe London OlaU'i Parts correspondent says Count Cbvour has, It is believed, advised the convention of Parliament for investing tbe king with dictatorial powers during the war. Tncraa, August 16,1660 The Kmpeoror will prolong his stay at tbe Court or Bsvmria until Sunday next, and will then proceed to l'osen haigen, whence he will return with the Empress on Saturday to Luxemburg. Tbe sitting of tbe committee of tbe Keiebarat, which was interrupted on the 11th by tbe tndbguratlon of the Balxburg and Munich Railway, will he resumed to morrow. It is expected that the committee will finish Ita labors oa Saturday evening next, by draw tag op tbe propositions Ior ute reorganisation ot tne a .k Iran constitution, whlrh bv*" majority of II against 3 dm bMB already agreed to. Ooual Martinez will, without doubt, be appointed to present the report in the none or the oomsalttee to Ute Relcharai. Tie choice of such a person Is s en Sclent indication that the conclusions of the committee are oonitUuttonal. The general siting of the Retcharat, which will reosmntence about the alat or JBd met., will decide the tuture .test.ny <>f Austria. The Hungarian delegate* Intend to treat all queetk?s in a completely independent manner, and declare they will from the Council of the Umpire if entire liberty ef speech be not allowed NafiSM, August 14. I'AO Count Aqutla bM received his passport* and taken his departure. The Vetoes bse tired upon the reeeels and I be fort# ot ratlfllayniir*' A Garibsldlan steamer attempted to surprise and capture a Neapolitan vessel of the line from the port of Qwtellainare The attempt* of the steamer to board were, however, repulsed, and tbe Neapolitan frigates are par suing the aggressor. No news have been received to con Arm the disembarkation of Garibaldi in Calabria. Tran qulllty has been nowhere disturbed. Gehoa, August lb, 1*40. The Geoceee lov.rnais publish a despatch the unopposed disembarkation of Garibaldi with 8 000 men, near Regglo, on the nigblof the 10th nst. The same despatch reports the evacuation uf the fortrena of Seylla by the Neapolitans SPAIN AND THB ITALIAN <jn?TI0V. The Erpano insists that bpain, frcm the interest she hM in the maintenance of the Bourbon throne at Naples, ought not to remain an indiUsreni spectator of what is taking plane in Italy. RfWrA AND TTTtlKT. A letter frcm St Petersburg denies in tbe meet fc-rmai manner what foreign journals, and especially thoeo of Austr.s, nay about the concentration of ttoopa 00 the frontiers of Turkey. According to the accounts from Constsatinopis 00 Tuesday, It is said that scene of the European Powers are not disponed to guarantee a new Turkish loan. and It in added. If us* empire in really to be u|>hoid,somc such measure is . SWITZERLAND AND THE SATOT QtESTION. A change favorable to Swtm Interests *wmi likely to take place In Ike Sbtojt aflalr. In aaawer to overtures fro? ike French Cab net Sweden baa declare.! herseT ready to take part la the conference proponed to meet at rarie, and if need be she will support Ute righta of Switzerland. FRANCE AND SO TFT. Advices from Alexandria ancounoe that the Fgyptian forernmetil baa juat obtained a loan of ??00,000 from Phrls. The rate of interest la to be Ms percent. The loan la given without any security, which strengthens an opinion that the raph la obtained irona the Fmpr'ir Napoleon, who will ftur, to a certa.n extent, .ncreaM a power over the Vfccroy, which had already become con atderahle, ow na V> the indiscreet commitment of hie Highness to the^ue/. aanaJ A V*W CANNON. A lieutenant of an Austrian regiment m Bohemia baa tareated a new cannon, which, in the opiatow of judges, fhr rurpaaaes the Armstrong end Whitworth g .as fbr eoeniii renre end stranwth. and ranldttr .a load in*. a* proved by tbe'eipermecta made PUNCH THAN*ATLANTIC TWI KOItArn. The Advantage to Franon ot having a telegraph ,c. cable laid down bMvMD her own ooaatoud those ofthe Ce.iod BMM la pointed out by the (Xnrtitutiemnil, in u article la which It aaya a company engage*, for the guarantee of a Bin .mum revenue of dh.OOOf during fifty yaart, to lay down within three year* a tub Marine electric telegrapo cable between the coaat of France and the United Stale*, with a elation at Newfbundlaad, and another, if thought deeirable, at one of the Aaoraa Other i.nea may be added If deemed ueoeaagry, aad oa the aae oondiliooa. Tin rune ciAKPtoMrarr of *n?la*tl From recent Kngltab paper* we learn that the tret la- I eminent of ?30 a atda for the forthcoming match (Net f) between Tom Paddook aad Sam Buret. the -tniey- | bridge Infant fbr the championship of England, wa danealted oa the fth teat The match continue* to etc u a good deal of mtereat amooget the ttmllab "Ouicy " riona varying aa ta the reaall, although It la aald that competltora cannot ha ranked with thoee of high clam rretenmoca who hare fboght for the belt lo time* gone by. Paddock la i epraeeated aa being ta robuat health, and la under the meatornhip of Mt latngbam, of datic notoriety Very Utile la publioly known of tbe Staleybridge Infant ? pugilistic qualities, more then hie erreetlieg perfbrmancen, aa w I tamer I at a reoeat rvhibt t>cn, and of wbioh the English journals giro a glowing | character Oar Twrlm Cerraayahdear*. Ttno, August 1,1W0 tnmlaliim rj IV IMimm to ffu?oary_ TV'pdafwwt #f l\t K\ap tf -Vajden?rv Volunimrt <f Gerifaidi? A'luudt if Fr?*' ond AuAfria, rfc., * The people of IU'y hare eent the following pr.xslnmt Hoc to the aoldieraor Hungary ? HmiAkiA.e SotntM ?Italy haa r ?ea to make herself united and free ay the ban to of her own none. The Ufa of Italy a the I to of Hungerr. If you will unite with aad flgbt for ua, we will unite with aad fight fbr you. I *>na of tbe Hungarian people, the Italian people larlte you to participate la their battles. Oome with ua to the aid of Weribnld*, who will noon advance fpom Kieilypato 1 Khphw Then ?e thaU march up** Romo w tth arma a or- bands; from Rome to Venke, aad from Vwtce to Hungary. J/wg Hungary' l/>og lira ftalyl The Intel' recce of a ceeventtea be nr eignei between teoe-nl Clary aad flaribald' baa ct'wed cce? -'arable eoaatrrant a aacwg tba Court fw^f > ( t Trent/ try E NE ? 'ho.j?JEl, and the ooodjlleo cf th^ge '* eauy grows.g wont. The King bed called aeteral cf hm generale u> j getber to nocftr wth item on the be? oouree to portae. Some ot thcee frenhly told hi* Majeety j that fcia ecfy tope cow reew ia foreign eoeoor. . The Neapolitan army and navy are completely JemoraJted, end feara ue entertained that large numbers of the ! military will desert to garibaldi's standard. ItiaoooB- j denUy asserted mat If Garibaldi were to land at Beggio be would not Bad (Oar men and a corporal to resist him. > While the ranita or the royal troops are being weakened ' t.aribaldl a heme relnforoe.) and itrtcrthcna!. It la , 1 stated u a certainty that tike Court of Naples baa con eluded ad arrangement with General Lamorlciere, the commander in chief of the fUtaon troope, by which the , Papa) troope ere to be united to the N?apoi:taa Army, Aod 1 iiancih, the commander x chief of the Neapolitan troope, to Arrange for mutual defence. Tina bee produced any- | ;L tg but a Mt.stectory result. An far as can be leaned from the beet eosreee of Partnan xfonnsnon, it Appears that Prance doee not wish to , be soj more than a passive spectator of the event* i h t-ct are in Italy. At least she doee not dee ire to afford any material aid to either side. At this late hour of the day N'apiee la eodeaTorisc to make ocnoeeekms, which will hare so efleet whatever Is staying the ttorm. Volunteers are being enrolled With I the utmoet rapidity for Garibaldi, and so fnet do they ; v>roe x th.1 it ie ditticult to find arms for them. Mtglsnd baa proposed lhallh* principle of soo xtervsn- I 1 t-OL ahaJ bold good, except the Italian movement should : extend to a direct attack upoo Venice. After come cor| respondeace with the French government, it was deO- ; , aitely reeolved to maintain the prxcipie ui aco lalarvoo; iiOo uAinpftir^d. During the preeeot week the City of TAria mi led from Genoa with 1J00 volunteers for Garibaldi Oa the tlh of : the pretent month the Ahattecci will mJ ?*ih Bertaai sad bCO volunteers. It ia reported that the properties I MM made by France that Sardinia be elevated to tto rank id ewe of the great Pow era of Europe. In regard to Austria, It la eoaAdeauy ha wved that aha will very soon assume an offensive attitude. The moment that there is an appearance that the revolution m Naples le about to triumph, as it has doae ia Sicily, involving as a consequence the total Ion of Venice, aha will make a desperate eflert to secure this, her last hold upon Italy. Ttin 8 tc It taut inrarrectton. TO THI aorrOK OF Til* LONDON rrx*8. Fir?1 left Heroins on the 2d inal., having been with General Garibaldi throughout the campaign In Biclly, and have come here in compliance with his dasira, entrusted with the following document:? tinazxo, August 2, IMO. Captain Edward Styles goes to England with my autboI rity. Bis obiect is to render advise and guidance to I | volunteers who may wish to come here to fight for the liberty of this country. The noblo and valorous conduct displayed by the English who hare shared with us the dangers and glories of [this campaign prompts me to entrust him with thia responsibility. 0. GARIBALDI. General Commanding the National Army igrSlclly. ) I am also entrusted with the expression or the General's appreciation of the sympathy and assistance which he baa received from the British nation. Ha thinks that assistance may yet take another practical shape, aa he believes that there are many in this country who are desirous of taking up arms for the cause of Italian Independence, and who require only the information and advice which I am empowered to give them. Among those who have fought most bravely under General Garibaldi are several English otfi cers, including Colonel Dunn, who took a prominent part in the hand to hand conflict in which the General waa lately engaged Colonel l'eard, known to the world aa Garibaldi's fog udunan. and Peter Cunningham, a British sailor Neapolitans lu the vineyards of lielazzo. Itlii heartfelt wish ot the veneral to hare more of Ike countrymen of each men u these engaged with htm la the noble strife for lla.ian freedom. Having Ukon share In the battles ofCalatslimi, Palermo and Meiazso, I can testify that Garibaldi r?ree more for the liver andoomfortr of his followers than he dooc for hie own, which, indeed, be too rashly expose*. Moreover, those a ho join him may be certain oi receiving all the rewards aud honors to which they may he entitled. This has been already sufficiently erkleored. Mucb has i>een accomplished within a short lime by a handlul of gallant men, who have liberated the whole of Sicily, save one small fort: but much more still remains to be done, and there will yet be an opportunity afforded for datinction, fame, and promotion tinder him whom vou liSTe so aptly termed "the Italian Washington '* I shall he happy during the present week to give all the aeoee sary advice sad information to those respectable young men. especially Rifle volunteers, aa well as to soldier* who have fought, and may wish to gather laurels In the cause of Italy and to be able to boast tn future years that ibey, too, were of the heroic band that fought under General Garibaldi. The parting wish or the General expressed to me was, that be might have as many Iiagllahmen around him aa possible. 1 have the honor to be. Sir, your obedient servant, EDWARD SITUS. Captain, tide daamnp to General Garibaldi. A.mibsio> * Hem, Plant street. THE NEWS BY THE IVOVA SCOTIA*. j r airmen Po: vt, August 117, 1H00 j The steamship Nora ^cotlan. from Liverpool August Id, via Londonderry on the evening of August 17, hss panned this point bound to Quebec I The steamship Bremen from New York, arrived si Southampton on the 17th loft. THE LATEST NEWS. INTERE-TINS LliTTER PROM THE POPE. I Loypov, August 17,1VA. The Par A correspondent of the AUcmavne Zeitung of the 10th inn. says that the Mope has written a very melancholy letter to the Cardinal m France. He looks upon all a* Inst, and although convinced that b? will die by the bullet of an uitwit. h<- declares that h? will quit Rome on no condition nod for no purj-oee. ST ATX OK AFFAIRS IN STRIA. Co.*?rASTi.*oiTX. August 11. 18d0 1 Advice from Hemaecus of the bth inatant itate |that I .ad racha had surrounded Lebanon with troops, and threatened with the sword the Druse sheiks if they did not surrender in two days. Twenty shetkj had already ( been taken, and nearly eight hundred other important i arrrsta made A thousand camel loads of plundered property Bad also been recovered. The Sultan visited the Ports on Thursday and delivered n spoech to the Minister*, expressing n resolution to punish the Syrian offenders most severely. and aleo an intent,on of reducing the list of sinecure high functionaries and of effectual eoonomy generally, Paper mooey is to remain In circulation nntll July nest The Sultan > about to a..drew another autograph letter to tfueen Victoria and the Emperor Napoleon] oe the eubwct or Syria, in which he will exprew a deaire to have the sole punishment of the offender*. TV new* of the nine res of Balbee IS oonflrToe t. No tails are given yet AFFAIRS IS RV0LAND. lyOROOR, August 17, 1*00 Tlie roe on 11*'.' city article of Thursday eveaing aye ? 'Disappointment is the expectations of a change in the weather, and threatened political coaling*aclee, have led to a turtber decline in the FMgltsh funds. Amencan securities show greater flrmncw, owing to the anticipation of an active bus.nee* m hreadstulf*. No gold was taken from the B*nk to day The opening prices of consols to day were *2\ a M for both money sad aeeonat New threee. M The Select (ommittee of the llouee of Coma-os have u sued s report. staling that the cendtt on of the laws regv.'.stiag the national Intercourse with France, Spain, Portugal and the f mted State* s most unaaliaractery Poring the last three year* the British merchant shipping trade has beeo a state of great deprswioa. Ia the struggle sad competition to which British ship owners tre now expo-ed with foreigners, they view with the greatest jealousy the restriction still imposed by forepa Po west on our shipping ta the beaae erdoninl aad foreign trad* U>? rata o( freight#. especially, baa bras for a loag ume wholly ntreiBoahnUiv*. The report ! | ooacJadee with * boy* that the reeommendattnne or the j : e?n?*.tlee will rsceirs the earliest attention of the . pwrtwH. The Tift has been requested to contradict the Mai* j ! merit that Iw Vaugtaa has beta appointed to the Chan j , celtorahip of the Tort Cathedral ; J The aarnatro of lady Altoe Timers, daughter of the i Far I of fUraadoe, with Ixwd Meiaaeradale. waa aotemal/rd yesterday The Gibraltar, carry lag oae huadred aad oae rune, was j eafoly lanaebed at Paten port yesterday, COMMERCIAL IMTEI.I IfJlGfC*. LOUDON SON'ST MARS ST. Lrmox, Aiiguat 17 UdO t oraoie l?I\ a atjf The breadntuftb market e unlet aad nomlaalty an ! cbacROd | | LIVERPOOL COTTON MARK IT. , I Ijiavoot, Augurt 17, NdO. J j The broken etreolar reports the aales of the a eek at , j 90,4,t0 hales, of which l&.Mg (ba!ee were u> epaculatore aad 1 ' Oft to aT|orter? Imports S>r the we** .as?l? ^ bal?s Trices of U. lower q .ihties are inoted at one- , j f ,nrth cf a prrey h.gber, whim lhoo< of the n ddlcg de j w- ptoae are f y o i* ? of a pai.ny better aa<! fa.r ' <) aiitjes are oocbasgrl r?e ?ivacci la pr.eos wee i W YO MORNING EDITION-TUB eaored by advice* from '-be United States. Tbe sates i Friday (to-day) ?ers 14,000 bales, U>s market cMSis| steady. The following are tbe authorised quotsltaM:? /Mr. Mifflin* Orleans 7*< Mobile 1 ?? Upland ?V i IA10 Tbe stock In port is estimated at 1,167,004 bales, ot which 97,TOO are American. The adTtees from Maocheeter are fhvorable. Prions are steady, but the demand has been checked by unfavorable crop weather. LlYBtTOOL ttKhKTTFFfl MAJULBT. The breadstuSh market tends upwards, and pries* of all articles are slightly higher. Another report says ? Corn?A good attendance of country buyers and n large business dene. Wheat advanced 3d. n 3d. per cental over Tuesday's prices. Flour active, and folly la. per sack and barrel dearer. Oats dearer for good qualities. Indian corn?n steady demand at an improvement of Is. per quarter. Some authorities report flour and corn each a shilling dearer, and wheat three pence higher since Tuesday. UVXKTOOL mo VIRION MARKET. I Tbe prevision market is generally dull. Tl?? Filibuster Kuterprise. tux amiui op tocxillo bt gxn. valkjcr?his i proclamation to tub fbofijs. Ricimovn, Vs., August 27,1890. Tbe New Orleans DtiUk of tbe 24th lust., just rewired ; bere, confirms tbe account of tbe captors of Truxillo by ] Walker. The fort was attacked on tbe morning of tbe 4th last, at daylight. Tbe advance guard of tbe expedition encountered a picket of tbe enemy two miles from tbe tort, and drove them in, with the loss of several killed. Tbe main body rapidly followed up this advantage, and after an hour s bard fighting drove tbe enemy from tbe fort. Tbe Hondurian forces were reported four hundred strong. Walker took tbe Collector of lbs port and s lieutenant prisoner, but subsequently released them. He also took sixteen cannon, one , hundred and tweuty five stand of arms, eighteen hundred pounds of powder, and a largo quantity of mtlbitions, clothing, provisions, Ac. General Guardtola applied to General Carrera, Dictator of Guatemala, tor assiatance, but was refused. The following is Walker's proclamation to tbe people of Honduras ? More than five years ago, I, with others, wss invited to tbe republic of Nicaragua, and waa promised certain rights and privileges on tbe condition of certain services rendered tbe ."Isle. We performed tbe service reJutrcd of as, bnt the existing authorities of Hon uras ioined a combination to drive us from Central Ameiica. In the course of events tbe people of tbe Bay Islands find themselves lb nearly tbe same position tbe Americans held in Nicaragua in November, 1866 Tbe same policy wbicb led Guardioia u> make war on us will indues htm to drive tbe people of the islands from Honduras. A knowledge of this fact bas led oertain residents of ths islands to call on tbe adopted citlsena of Nicaragua for aid In tbe maintenance of their rigbts of person and property; bnt no sooner bad a few adopted citizens of Nicaragua answered ibis call or tbe rea.dents of the islands by repairing to Riiaun, than tbe acting authorities of Honduras, alarmed for their safety, put obetacles in tbe way of carrying out the treaty of tbe 28th of November, 1860. Guardiola delays to re- ] reive the island* because of the nreaence of a few man he has tutored, and thus for party purposes not only Mmu the territorial interests or Honduras, but thwart*, for tbe moment, a cardinal object of Central American policy Tbe people of tbe Bay Islands can be engrafted on your republic only by wise on ace* sions properly made. Tbe existing authorities of Hoodu ras have by their past acts given proof that I bey would not make the requisite concessions. The same policy which Guardlola pursued towards tbe naturalised Nlcaraguans. prevent him from pursuing the only course by which Honduras can expect to bold the islands. It becomes, therefore, s common object with tbe naturalised Nlcaraguans and with the people of the Bay Islands, to place in tbe government of Honduras tho-e who will yield the rights lawfully required in the two Bute*. Thus the Nicaragutns will secure a return to their adopted country and tbe Bay Islanders will obtain foil guarantees from the sovereignty under which they are to be placed by ths treaty of tbe 21th No- i vember, I860. To obtain however tbe object at which ] we aim. we do not make war agalnat the people of Honduras, nut only against s government, which stands in ths wu ol the interests not only of Honduras but of all Central America. The people of Honduras may, there fore, rely on nil tMlproteotion they may require for their rights, both of person and property. WX. WALKER. Tkcxolq, August 7, I860 Police Istelllgrhet, Turn C,w 01 m rosrcocs-c Susies.?The examination In the case of Senora Donna Pedro, who is charged with having defrauded Mr William Grigg. of So. 1,061 Broad- . way, out of $300, by means of false pretences, was re- I snmed yesterday at tbe Jeflrrson Market Police Court, be- j fore Justice Connolly. Tbe entire afternoon was spent in the cross examination of tbe complainant, but nothing ! important was developed Grigg denied that tbe defend ant did him tome good service in s civil suit, whereby be got mdgment for a snug sum. Tbe counsel for tbe fair Burner sought to prove that .n this way the defendant compensated the complainant for the amount of her ndebtedbeas, but it proved a failure. Tbe exam.nation promises to be a tedious oee. Hjobwat Korkkky ?as Edward, livery stable ! proprietor. of No. 06 North Moore street, ns driving through Second avenue id company with some lad ice on hi* return irom Central Park, on Sunday night, he was attacked b) a bold highwayman, and an attempt made to rob hun The screams of the ladies brought po I iceman McKnighl to the spot, when the robber was taken into custody and conveyed to the station house Vaster day the prisoner was brought before Justice Osborne, at the Fourth Ihstri-.t Police Court, where he gave his name as John rmith. Comm.tied for examination. Letter from Senator Hammond. The folio v. ing letter from Senator Hammond wad written io reply to an invitation to attend the late political gathering at Willianoiton ? K?n< uir, August i, 1*60 a m 1 have had the pleaaur<- of a somewhat int.mate acnuaintaiiCe with the Vice President and lienera lone iurmg the last three ee*< one of Congres-, and while 1 deem them < ra nentiy a- dot for the exalted positions for which they have beea named, 1 do not believe that any two moo could be loun<i m America who would ao promptly, and without a aecond thought, lay dowD their live*. If needed, for the preservation of the I'd ion. f i confess I am myeeir very far behind them In that parti- i cular In my bumble judgment every vote given to thsm is a vote for the I 'd km . aad every vote given to any other m the field is, whether intended or net. a vote auainst the I'moo. And it is to me passing strange, that, . while ?r?ry icwMr man in thii-ountry mu.< Immo thai the taction of Mr. Lin'oln ill jntt the t nieei m Mamtnewr and xnttaru Amard. and that neither Mr Bell nor Mr Douglas ran lay claim to owe single authenticated sad assured ele. torsi vote, any jtouthem man, or any Northern. Eastern or Western patriot, should, i.ndsr aav prslence, With bold b? ardent support from the only men who. in th a greateri of all the cries* which our country has known since the adopt.OB of the constitution, ran. "under the , ciicumstaaias, prolong, aad perhaps make permanent Una reafederal y. I i-anot help believing Uut they will b? elected. II is the nerl i>est step, for Itia su'Ceaa of | wh.rb everything but principle should be MorWord. Very truly youre. J. U HaMMON'Ii. Vrrlvals aad Deyarlam. amvAL". Haw Osinvr ivn HavaBa.?Rhlphur nf the West - Messrs F 0'Donned H.nea Moris*. Saacser, Tidal, T'Saga, 1*1 iui aa, Philips-6 la steerage. MATsawic?bieamahip Maiaoras-Mr tl W Bdwera, Mr (i.ssub'i Arrudn,, Mrs fra..e-s Corta. Mr Tteodore Muie-h, laey and rta ighter Mr V Hirahlat, Mr Aomlino anas, Mr AgwUo Vi:ia,'?'-s?. Mr Joseph Fernandez. Mr John F dama and son. Mr Tboe Mnnnnor. ' J FarJsy, Mr Doningo Ferrenn, Mr .leamh t'arperea, Mr Andrea Rodrt*"*'. Mr A MeLeehle, wua and two aoua; mi -'aaspa wcjue, mr umr.n rtgj-m. mr ax tic*. Be.nard, Mr John ImaalA. Mr A Mltaholl, Mr N Eax.n VitaauwtnB?AWaauhlr Columbia? t K.rharil*, two Mla*aa BlrAard*. Mm ki'i**. Dr f T Milan. W Bcr.naom O Hicka*. J If'In*. jnTomr. A S Hull. t. OrruU, WWW r'gh:. f w Oaiaor J Haiknap. A Hnau. B J B Km.A A R <?"* AT. Hltai and bom. .1 'Tam?.eu. B P Mohaapa. Mra Bru-a. XnTtnJia,rrt?ur, B Ho?*. Mr and Mr* .1 O PUnn A K?aa#>t*r *nd lady, L Orevtn. V L*i#:ia. P T.ynrh and lad/, Madam# Thanas and aon, Mra M Borrr and two children, *lm M Cro**, W A OdorlReT, J Locare > aka* P Mclnlyr*. C P Rcm*on. R Wallar-a A urahan. A V William*, A Marvin. Mr* Brurfc. Mr* Fallowa. Mtm'lohran R A AtoagMna. J A an | Aipar. '? A*Bar. D RpauMn.1r A Morr-. J Hyman B Rod. la. i < D C'.id.n*, < b Wllaoa R W.iacm, ?? H BuJar, (I D I olkrxa. J D Habor*. B W Rumminf, J F Marife and I wo rtdf I Iran. W C McOwen. R Obit. ? Hamilton and aon? 7 >a th* Mnia Ijrrrrnoi-?Rlaamaaip City of BaWim.jra-Mr Pann OaafcaJ | and ladj, MtaaeaMarj, Kmt j aad Jennie Penn tiaaiutil, Mr# I Am P#nn (Jaaka'i. Theodore Par and lady, tamra Warrllan, I atlv and cfetld, H>iph WaraotB. lady and eon. <1 J IIami! on . ibo lady. Mr Wondjdda and lady, Mr Murdoch and lady. Mie* MnrdorA, Mr Arruthnot and lady, Mr Mnaaa and lad;. Infant ir.d entrant, Mlaa Bar rr. Mr !/??? and I adj. A Wn.m lady tad two chHdrea. Mr MeKaa and lady, Mr Wadklne am; lady, J dahbe, Via Parcumm. Mr Addtaon. Miaa Addteon. M'.aa M-trv LorAbart. 'baa loch urn Jamea WalA?r, Jama* MeCtUy, dim Rrowninr, Mra R Hluxkw*!!, Mr* Sloan and two rhlldmm. Wlaa Al'wa. .1 Wafl.y, lady ind cblld. Mlaa (Wla, laa Mary <'barlo?? CowtB. Mr* Kltra DotT. Mia* Rneeh. Mra drrir Ley* and oblld. Mr Mr Kirov and adj. Mlaa Walt, Mr? Harder*. h and eblld. Mra il rly, hrf rhildran aad *?rvan' Mlaa A K?ton, Mr* M*wn>aan and wo rhildran, Jofen RobortB"n. Mia* MiUar, Ma* K ua ind M m Uroe Pirrj. J An White. J P K Araaont. A BadW, rohn Parker, V<?lxr 8 A /ohnam, P A Oimrr, Mr Pr^trm. | dim Mary L#?d*, Mr* flm ?l#y. Ml*? llaaitb, i*har Htawart I ind lady, Tboma* <W1. Ororr* Flardlae*. Mr Pmim*, Mr* S?ndall, M Konrody, J l!*wk?woth Joan t Intn', il R-n> *A*m and child; Mr f'r ,rk*hanr.k, A ?' Pernd'm, C TkuW mn. R P Orory*. O Wardnar, T 11 Cuaalnehaaa, Mr Plnl?T, ?, A *r# II )v aonan '"apt Hunt Jam?? V. Jmnj.r J Btn.ari laorf# 1| Poraar, Mr <> torav, Th m ? Mcflr w! am 11 pi?ran*, IT Baralman. A IMrat 'oho '"bao,v-ra W W M, H W >or,ari|. J H'.iBlhall, tamai Rohrrl*ni. Rr Jol.o M" a. A ?-'Btt?T Mr pa??rkln. Jam'* !? *, Jad *a? V ?tar 'oa^b Saab, W 11 CampbaP. Mr R??o im Ml A #, laB I 'Kwaitf, He. r-ga. iRK 1 SD1Y, AUGUST 28, 1860. IK PIDKB OP WUJH. TB MTU BOOH D 10IT1UL IB ntlWE AT A GAME OF BALL. HI Mm m HAT TO YANKEE DOODLE. TIMmm, Rkk?nl and Henry at a Reyal Ler?a The Iftw York Committee and Their Mission. Tin Grand BaD In This City SetDvwn fur October 12. What So Will and Wont Bo in the Metropolis, at. j *?., at. Mcmuuj , August 27,1S00 The city la all astir to day. Too streets are crowded, and gay *,Ul Haunting In the sanshine. Tberrmcedid not go to the Scottish church, nor di<l the suite recetve the New York committee lest evening, aa stated In other journals. The Attorney lienors] has orders from the Duke of Newcastle to procure three copies daily of ea:h newspaper represented bere to transmit to the Queen; and if she takes the trouble to read attentively all about bcr bey she must be amused and alarmed at the diseropanclee and misstatements which so often occur. The Boston Kusileers have been well treated, and admired as much as were the Chicago Zouaves in N'ew York. They far surpassed the Canadian volunteers' drill. They are advertised to go to the Theatre Koyal to night. The Prince attended the Indian games this morning on the cricket ground. Re stood on a high platform, and was dressed * a blue frock coat, light vest and pants, and wore a black beaver. Bis suite were also in platu clothes, St. Germslns in black. and the Duke of N'ew castle in light dress, with a white hat. IOC |UD? iO p?;OU WIBOWIMk il?U IW? VAII, ?'ACC|H that the ball if throws with wicker bata instead of being kicked. ThePr'.nce at first manifested much internal, and clapped blf bands, but soon tired, and turned his back upon the players and talked with hie suite. The Indiana were dreaaed in burlesque style, and some wore tights. A few bark tents were erected. There was a great rush of people, but only one small entrance, in Canadian fashion. Several ladies were seriously burl. It was an Imposition all round. At the end of the game the bogus Indians, all looking like Irish and DuUt>, attempted to dance a war dance, but it waa so ridiculous that the I'rinoe and spectator*. and even the Indiana themselves, buret into shouts of laughter. The Boston Fumfeert marched on the 'ground during the dancing, and were attentively observed by the Prlnco Their bead played he national anthem, while the audience remained with their heads uncovered, and "Yankee Doodle,'' upon whldi the Prince uncovered. He appeared much delighted with the air, sad laughed heartily. The people did not like It, while an attempt at a cheer com pletaly fhiled. The games being Interrupted by s shower of rain, the Prisce took a carriage, and the people ran acrona theAeld in spite of Uio policemen, anu everybody got wet. The people aaid very decidedly they wished the Piince | would stay at home, for he had brought nolh'.ug with | him but rata. The Indiana did not play out the pro i gruuma, and the exhibition waa a total failure. One real Delaware would scalp a whole tribe of suoh fellows. Afterwards the Prinoe changed his drew to a uniform, and than drove to the levee at the Court House. A greet crowd had assembled around the door. There waa a full turnout of clergy, magistrates, soldiers, ofllclal* and gentleman, all in full dress, in spite of the equerrlus, the people crowded each other like Bowery boys at the pit door of Ihs theaSre At least two thousand people were iaeide he large bonding. The lewynrs, as usual, presented ao address, beaeuae the City naglstretee were placed before them. Tom, Dick md Barry, and, in fact, every one who could raise a dress suit and two cardu, hal a chance to bow at the Prince so that the more aristocratic people stayed at heme About on* hundred Americana were presented. Mayor during Uie evee through the Amor .can Consul. The noble lord entirely concurred with bin Com regarding the Pr.nce'n Tit it to the W'lt, but mid thnt hit (Uy nt the Went woull entirely depend open the quiet allowed He would everywhere in* it upan paying bin own billt. If dtapleyn were gotten up like thnt here, the obj -ctof the Preset vlait to America would be defeated. AboiA two thounaad person* were protected to the Prince at the it vee. Several addremca were prevented from the Proteatant and Catholic clergy and varioua so cietie*. to which the Prime made one lengthy general reply After the levee the Prince drove to hi* re-.denoe, where be lunched with hit and the gentlemen of the New Yvh committee The committee make public only the official portion of their interview, and the dot* la which fallow bava keen obtained from private, unofficial, hut reliable ourcee In thta the committee dlaplay that delicacy and prudent reserve which have marked their conduct during the miaaion, and elicited the highxt com meodaixni from the gentlemen of the Prince a aulle. Dqewur being over, e* Governor King, rha.rmnn of tba committee, rand the following addreM to the Prince ? May It ptaaae vour JRiral Righneaa, on behalf of the citlzeoa of New \ortc, we have the honor to requaat your acceptance of a ball upon the occasion of your vtatt to our city, at auch time aa may ami your coo van race We hope thnt in view of the deep and un vernal admiralioc feJt throughoct our land for the public and prtrate virtues of your royal mother, and of the high respect entertained for yourself aa the heir to the throne of a great oountry?united to oar ewo by so many ilea of biatory, language, consanguinity and com inion or intereata and principles?yoa will accept the loTitat oa which we respectfully tender to you. JOHN A KING. Chairman, HitrJI.TON rwH, john jaoob astor, >r , robert B MIXTURN, wij.iqn a hi nt, romnrr lknqx kknntdy, M. b. hku>, Secretary. The addreas waa beautifully cngroaaed upon parchment, and banded to the Prince, who, ruing, made. In ertuipore, the following reply ? (l?Timv-J thank yon very much ror your invitation to the ball, and accept it witn great pleasure. Por any I detail* I must refer yon to lord I.yoca and the fluke of Newoaaue, wbo wui m mom nappy to cower w in you The aterrtew between the committee, Lord I jroow j ind the Puke of Newcentle mi o moot pleeaut oee, oa<l I marled by ereryUilng lo moke it agreeable, without lormaitty. The committee will comrroairate nothing of their rea eona fbr rartona Mere taken, but our -nflormatioo la uaqnaationably oothent left will be oborrrH that the mriiation la addrenaod to the Priace, aad not to the Karoo Renfrew, and be tb-ia ac-e|ited tbe taritotmn ft la not yet decided, bowerer, under what title he will trarel through the United Htaim. The Prince will reaco Vew York on the lllbof OeU-ber, aa<t remain until the 14th He gone from Hamilton, Canada Went, to Chicago, whore be will stay one day, then aemoa tbe prairlec to St I on la where be will (lay one day Re torn lag. ha will atay two half day* at Baltimore, two day* at Waabtagtoc and one day at Philadelphia. Detail! or the Journey nre arranged almoet to the hour The bell in New York will be glren on'tbe night of Dotoler 12- The reaaona why the proponed dinner wax changed to n ball are that the Prince, being a young man cannot make arpe<?-h and It la not etiquette for ?ay one to apeak for bim. Of courae d aner ia nothing without a apeerb Bee,dee, more j?r ran ? ar.?m? - ,I d-d at a ball than dinner The Prince eu/>yr daoe.'ng m -h aid (Ofe? m - . aa ia Ind ated by hie b-nt,. g t mo wbi.e tb? b?a payed *t tbe ranter tn day T"> >a'i * hab'y try<?- -.t -? dcadery of M > o. [ERA Leaving New York the Prince (ON to Boston, n here he Uya two days, u be deeiree to inspect Cambridge CjIiege. Bo lhen go** to Portland, whore tbe Oeet await hlat, ikI nib for bi|lud. The rritoo why h>o my is i New York wlU bo oo abort is that be wools to eee all the oeutry. Bio time ia limited, wad be bos airealy bod tie leave oT abeeace extended from Oxford, wbitbcr bo must 1 return to reetime bis studies. He will stop uo wnere oo 1 bib wsjr bock. The reason why be doee not em bark at 1 New York la because Portland baa a better harbor, and the officers are afraid of desertions from the crews. 1 Party deeertioao bare already taken place It Is also probably designed to recompense Portland for her ices by tba Great Eastern, and to respond to the kvndners ot I the Mayor, who came specially to invite the Pnoce ttwre j Mayor Wood!** Of course, any dinner by the Brt.Eb residents in out o lbe question. The I'rlnoe ta very anx.ous to *ee the oily and wishes be could remain longer. Be wiil accept no invitation* from private individuals under say eireum stance whatever. It was not settled where be will stay, butoprobasly a one 01? tbe large hotels, like tbe St. Nicholas, a* he pre fers paying his own bills. He wants no fecial tra ns or displays, but desires to see American ::fe as it is. The committee return home to-morrow. To morrow the Prince goes to tbe little village of Sherbrooke, receives an address, and return ing attends fair s concert in ibe evening. There is some dispute about tbe res .il of ibe Indian games this morning, an 1 the l'rlnce will cot award tbe medals until further advised. A splendid bronze medal, with|appropr.ate devices and Inscriptions, bare been prepared by the wor>men on the Grand Trunk Kail way for tbe Queen, and given to tbe Prince for that purpoeo. In reeponre to the address of the workmen his Royal Highness replied ? Osnhjouv?I accept with peculiar pleas .ire an address of artizens and workingmen, who have, by tbe sweat of the r brow and aktlled labor or many a bard day's toil, contributed to erect this monument to the greatness of their country. A structure scarcely less honorable to tbo bands which constructed It than to the minds which conceived it. I mourn, with you, the ion of Robert Stephenson. Id your regrets you bring to mind thai it wan from your class that his eminent lather sprung?let me further remind you that England opous to all ber arms the same prospect of sucoeas to genius, combined with honest industry, all cannot attain the prize, but all may strive for it, and in this race victory is not to tbe wealthy or the powerful, but to bim whom God has g-von intellect, and has Implanted in the heart tbo moral qualities which are required to constitute true greatness. I congratulate you upon the completion of your work, and earnestly hope it may prosper ; and to you who have raised it to its present grandeur, and to your families, I heartily wish every happiness. Two of tbe Monlroal pa|iers came out with a triple sheet te day : containing many illustrations of tbe Prince's vist to the country. j The following Americans were privately presented by the New York Committee after tbe levee:? j Stw l'i>rK?Dr. McNaugbton, Ellas Bramac, T. Pike, < Daniel Hand, James R. westcott, Rev. C. Claipp, F. K. Worcester, Col. McTeey, Hon. James M. Smith, Mayor > Robert Bo>d. David J. Boyd. Prank 8. Smith, Military j Academy: Adam Bateau, N. I.trmont Wheeler, C. Grin- . noil, Mr. Siahtl, Mr. House, Joseph Howard, Jr , Thos. . Smith, >.eo. Pcrrln, John It Bocock, Sam I. Smith, it. S. Wood, Geo. R. Hay well, Osborne Mcliante), Charles Hnghee. t Mavachu>etlf?S%lh Bryant, Hcmao Cornan, Dr. Bam is, . J. W. Hastings. Add .son Chtlds, George Fiaber, M. L. Preaser, J. A. full. Thomas Bullfinch, Res. J. R. I.untxrt, Chariot P. Boftnom, Charles H. Pago, C. C. Coffin. Miuouri? Tred. w. Beckwith, A. dimpeon, Dr. I-eo B. Baadrrson. llliitou?C. Mr Karl an, Hon. John WeDtworth. Con*-* will?Bon aII rod Blackman, Got Bock Ingham, r Col. H. H. ' isgnod, Col. W. A. Atkco, Frank H. Peck, Hu- h bert D. J. Itea. Maine? Hon. Joseph Howard, Rev WilUain H. Wil'iam*, Thomas Her say, J. E. Prtt.dle, J. H Gclcblll. Frederick Davis, E. P. Hal not, Dudley W. Moore, Dudley V. I-earitl. B. 1). Peck, J. H. Cushlng. J. Gushing, Hon. A Poor. BWe /stand?Bon. J. Knight, Mayor of Providence. Maryland?1>. A. Snow den Plant. MtcAipaw?Hon. Geo E. Hand, B. H Cheever. Wathington, V. C.?George M. Wot ton Frnwont?(>. 1>. Harrington, Hon. H. O. Smith, Rev. Charles Fay, Hiram B. Tow lee .VonMamjnkire?'lorernor Goodwin, Col. Bellows, Col. Abbott, Hon. Tboe. L. ToUook, Ret. J. G. Salter. frnnnlMuiit?Macarefor Mititawoo, G Peacock, Daniel I*ougberty, of the Philadelphia bar. Xeu> Jeriry?Mv. Robert M Mititeson. Witcontin?B Bajrenatl, Called states Army; Major Geo. Drae, Oapt. Chaa. F Blunt, R. H lamaon. The ceremonies were the same aa at Quebec. It is Impossible to obtain the Prince's reply, even for the Aseo cUted Tree*. The above names are copied from the Con tul list, and may oontaui some errors. The city is illuminated tonight, and the streets are mrODgra. r.Tery wrru^t us lor mo l>all, and the raiD ia falling in torrecU. Two men In ful | drear were turned out of the levee room by order of the | Pr.nre. THE rREPARATIONS AND INTBtTAlNlODfTP. The Montreal pspera are teeming with advert leaasatS and aonouncemenU of every description, all having refe; rercc to the grand event of the day. Some of ibesestraogly remind one of the furoret in Uotbam. tfc have, for 1 i instance. "Prince of Wales eegar,)" "Prinoe of Wales candies,'' "Prince of Walea ball dresses, wrcathi and gloves,'' "Prince of Walea firework*, music, furniture, 1 neck t.c?. Illuminating lampa, knivea and forka, wine. ' boot*, hatl, pantaloon*, Zouave jackets '?in fact, everything that will take the title. Whole columns are Oiled J with the announcements of excursions, games, feat. vaJa, proclamations, notices, and a variety of other matter rei ferriog to the reception Nor are our American "confine" behindhand. The pro ! 1 prietors of a couple of the New York illustrated papers I this morning fill nearly a page with glaring advertiae- ' ' mcnta, which set forth, in a spread of Ink ami apace that 1 ic positively starti ng, the wonderful tbiegs they have In centemplat on and the immense expense and great aacrt Oct which will attend the publication of graphic repre- , sentatiops of the reception t \mor.g the /festivities anoouncod for Monday evening, ' the *J7tb Inst , ta a grand social ball, to be given by the , members of the Montreal Young Men's Association, ? On Wednesday, the 39th mat., a grand concert and ball ^ will take p'aos, under the auspices of the first battalion a of Volunteer Militia R iles of Canada. e The Crystal Palace eibibltloa form* a prominent Tea- T ture of the pleasures of the day, and the long alvertiae. menu which commend It to the attention of the commit- tl mty promise a display of tbc richest fatiey gods and * the handsomest tnenuflactures and fine aru " As a fur ther indurement, "al! art; lie* exhibited are to be dls " posed of at unprecedentedly low prices." MONTbEtt, EIRE DEE tRTMKNT. f, rsna.sammb or noaieiRS Micm iss iimi or mi?*oial at RK.H.vww ths r-Mjrcs or w?im. Os Tuesday, August 2fi, a grand trial of Ore cnjrti es will d? take piers in tbe (ley-market square emu aiene ng at sine w o'clock precisely, when prizes to the value of $1,000 will at be competed for. Tbe trumpet presented to tbe Montreal Fire, fie p< part mm t by tbe Royal Insurance Oomnasy will be the nc first prise com pet. d for. Tbe other trials will take plaoe ill the order m whkn Utey are already puousned. The trumpet presented by Thor t B nckwell, tsq , for la engines tht property of Canada, *U1 be eompetsd for bs ?t tw?ee tire end six o'clock V. M. w On Tuesday en n nc. August 34, grand firemen btli to wlil be held to tbe City Concert 11*11, wben the pr tea re nun In tbe early port of tbe day will be presented to the T! successful compel; lort tk Several well known amateur* bare kindly consented to w ting during tbe eroding. Tickets to admit s gentlomui Zi ?l . and a lady Is. m 3d.?to ba had of the adeem of the fire Department to only. tx (Ml Wednesday eren ng, August 29, a grand tor-blight procession will organize in Vigor square, at aerea o'ck*k, t* and proceed through the principal strecta. hi On Frldar, August .31, the 1 ire Department will eaoort b< his Royal It ghnrw ftom hit resldrooe to the railroad da- la pot, on bis depart ore Dora this city. gr A grand international cricket match, bat ween an eleven m of tbe United States and an eleren of Canada, is also announced to take place on Wednesday and Thursday, tbe 9bih and rtOtb in*t lor tbe preaenution o? American ciliiena to the Prince, your own Amcriaen Consul baa made prormm, as w,l )0, be teer Iwrtow ? C*rm> Bran* OOOTrMft; Gamut, ) Bamen Noam Awkw' ?* Pmmtws, TB Wovr'ujki, Aog'iRt 23,1 *00 I Cltirens of tbe United States now temporally in boo. , troal. Intending to attend the fbst'Tttlee tit hotter of hi* tof Royal Highftw* tbe Prince of Wales, and wtab ng for pre rental.on to him, are notified that the fellowiof ord?r rtw *rr been issued by his Kvoellen -y tlte Governor General ? to All persona, not British subjects, or not bsbituliy re-1 dent In Canada. must 'Wiise their na ne srd addrw u> be trai sin ited as a'oreratd tv the C n?wl or tV- ? of Ib?lr nation, if there t?e one at th" pbco. and 11>? on re< sldcred as presorted to t.? ILghsew byr.-h ' onsui <t Vice Uwtul At tbe teres erefy pers- n tri I hi "g t*o<* r 'sd at r.ct- en It wr 'tb-n. cert* b.S uame aed "I -e, ,,r n : ?. fy or > tn i a rsoi* ( f any). One ?< " ?? ard? w t:?r It"" "iinn". no "" *>*y tt-1 '* w'tb tbe :grt o' Ease'" j n.tted. wit ikt H L D. PRICE TWO CENTS. ( ther :i be read by the A. D C or Equerry n wailing at me tiaxj i f pr.-?ci< latum. After the aabtmiicrment of bia name, eaob fWlKwn w..l pay bin rcrpecla to hie R?>?al HiubiiflW by bowing, and will | nee on. WYM.t.V B. ft. MOOR, CmUxi SUM* Ooaaul General. In aniicipaitoB of lbe multitude that would be present, :be cttr authorities bare, wiaeiy and hospitably, made irraagemcfi u* for the accommodation of all Biraa>;era who in.glit be crowded out of the botete and ordinary cars ol the city. Toe following la the Corporal too notice ? ?traprrr<- and other persona vistttDg Montreal during the r-tii vtx la honor of hia Royal Highness the Prince cf W airs arc hereby aotibed that a rr an com no la bare been mad., oy ihe .lo ot Committee* of the City Council and of the Cdirei.h' Reception Kuud, by whMb editable aoeom modation will be aBorded to all strangers wb) may vir.t the elly during the approaching celebralloa. An orhre ha? Wen m tbo City Hall, where a rcgiM^r will be bepi of ail the hotel and boarding acoommoaatioD to be had in the city, and where Tlsltors may, Ob thc.r arrival here, obtain the mviuu, .1 tw..< ' CHCn'LicKMKYrftr'CttfWb. TH* HOC U s nun KM. The rec'-ption of line corps here has been moot Bote cfflccrt and members have received marked attention. Although the Montreal IVId Battery, fifty sabres, was the only corps that paraded at rneir reoep tlon, yn the battalion ol H.nes, ou huudrsd itrcig, would have paraded en wilfr had they been penr. tted to do so; but Captain SUphensou considered h* cot|? entitled to all the privilege* of the oocasioo, and del not wiah to be overshadowed by the display of so large a force of rifle*. The Boanventare Hall la thoroughly fitted up in the moat complete manner for tbe Bo- loo military, at the expense of tbo Field Battery, who ire to entertain the Fusileers, board and bed, for a full ? e*? The corps has done itself honor thus far by too excellent conduct of its members, (hit ol' Keenly e.ght bayonets, seventy-four were on drees ivtrade lb s morning. Tbe drill and discipline were never more perfect, and every man seems in earnest to iu,?taln the reputation of New Kugland men as soldiers and citizens. The beat on the noon of tbo an ival of the corps was terrible, and the men sutfored much in cotao; >cnce of a long and dusty inarch which they were compelled to take by circumstances beyond the control of the Fe*d Oat lery. A halt beneath the barrack wall, in tbe fab blozu of the sun, where no wind came, was a climax which prostrated two men from the ranks, but they hare fully recovered The total force of the Fusileers here is the Ma jor, the Adjutant, six of the staff, four company "dicers, seven p oneers, seventy six bayonets, and twenty eight musicians? in all one hundred and twenty-throe. TUB AKKRA LOOT OF TEX riUKCR. We have received Uto follow log communication on tblo subject ? to via rorros or ths ssbaw. Hiv ing read In your edition of (Sunday, tbo 2fiUt foal., a genealogy of tbe Prince of Wades, I found tbo fo-lowtcg > atomanl:? Margaret, who was daughter of Henry IV. mod Elizabeth, arblrh Princess was the undoubted heir? to iho throne of F-ngland. the representative of the Wfelt* roae, being A* laughter of Kdward IV. Now, I am laboring under the lmprcesicn that F31/a>etb, the daughter of King Kdward Iv., wan the wife of (lug Henry VII , 1 would aoiicit you meet politely to let do know through your valuable columns whether I am igbt or wrong. CONSTANT READER. The Impreeeion of our correnpondent in correct. Eli<a leih ?u the wife of Henry VU , and wxa a rei'roeenta iTe ot ihe White and not the Red roee. Our Montreal Correnpon?len?e> Mojrresui, August 34, 1M0. The Prince left the Parliament House In Qaebec Air thus ity at ball past ten, in an open carriage drawn by four orsee, tbc Governor General, the Duke of Nnwaaotle and arl St. Germain* being seated with him. His suite, an '.so Ivord I.yons, the lArl of Mulgravo and a few others, ollowed in carriages drawn by two horses. They thus proceeded to the wharf in front of Ctanv >lai? market, wberejihe landing had taken place. The a eat her *. is beautifully wvm ao<l sunny, and the soldiers of tbc Seventeenth regiment wcro stationed along the line of route, while the tfueboc Cavalry acted as a guard of honor by accompanying the royal carriage. On the wharf were collected the members of the Executive Council, the Mayor and Corporation and the maslersof various national societies. As the royal cortege passed along the cheers of men ihd Lhe wiv idv hiiidkhrf hwfa nf wnmen il ? t<dmil be h .ghost enthusiasm. A glorious chorus of voloea filled he ?:r a* he stepped frtm his carriage at the point of ea?>*rk*t.or, where many thousands were assembled to do ilra honor, anil Mill louder waa the buret of excited leyilty and a<imiraiion ae be embarked on the meaner. Thou, too, ihe load looguod cannon rolled out tbe terrible nualc of a royal ealute, and tbe orewt that manned the rarde of the men of-war wnved their hate and rained their roioee In a grand unltjr of pralee Krom tbe citadel, n? the abi|?, from Hie battery overlooking J?e St. harlee, came th< thunder and smoke or the iron mouthed pita, und Hag" a ired, and wavelete glittered, and magifl' en I wax the view. But, In tbe mkM of all ibis, I saw i f ur < oura< down a maiden' cheek. 1 had teen her lancing with the Prince at tbe ball. IT I had been a naiden I might aleo bare wept myself. Viae, that reret are vain. The a learner receded fi?m my view. .li'era r ng arain and again They arc answered by n aavc 01 the hat Adieu! rawarriruji or a train That morning Major Heneral Bruce bad neat to tbe Anglican Biahop of (faebec a Bible, on tbe fir leaf of , whtrh war written by a royal hand, "To the Cathedral of Ifucbcc, in memory of Sunday, Auguit 19,1M0 AI BURT EDWARD'' TV be ok ami exquisitely bcund, and bore the arun and creel of the giver oi the cover. avaxt cot nima At four o'clock that afternoon 1 left tbe city for Mob (real, on board I be steamer (Quebec, which had been chartered by the government for the conveyance of membem of the Legislature deeiroua of being present at the feslivllira there. Py ieav ng than early in tbe day I enjoyed a good v*w of the beautiful river xcenery for nome hour* A meeting waa held on board, at which it was resolved that tbe vessel should anchor at IViree Rivers darisg the night, and sail up with tbe Prince in tbe morning, inner: nrviai*. When we arrived at that point, at half part (en, ibo whole of the water aide was beautifully l!l im Dated, and he royal steamer lay at anchor a tew hundred yards rom the pier T);e Prince had landed there, und*r an arch and -arepy rerted for tbe occasion, at half paat sir, and waa honor d S lib a salute from a roriw of Royal Artillery aad a ompany of Montreal l ight Infkntry He wna received >y tbe Mayor and Corporation, tbe clergy, pubito ofiiorr* nd citizens, who presented an add mm to b.m, wtucb He.ted a brief but appropriate respoose. after the dele cry of which be returned to th" steatner. OJt TTtS WAT AOAW. This mrrmeg. whm I awoke, we were tteamxg op he 81. Iawrcnce, with the royal steamer a abort d stance head It waa mining heavily, aad the day r-ommed idly. But notwithstanding it* being misty and gloomy, nd wet, Montreal excursion ateamrra from about tea dock met ue, with their decks rowrted with thousands r men, women aad children These steamers blew the hiatle and turned bark to accompany us, thefr passim re rr eaawb,Is cheering vociferously, and m owe r.rusce r>f ng "<?od save the tpiern.' fliamer after at<ani" to ned u? nx we adraaeed, the dm eounity crowded with people wet to Ute nkln, not lUiaUndliig ihe.r umbr< lias, Cor the rain was too heavy id drifting to bo < neaped At two o'clock the Kingston stopped to aw at the pro r time (three P M ) lor apfwaaihing tbe city. <besw >w three nnles below It. amuvai sv wmmtSAu We left ber behind, and, atesmiug opto ibeq.tay, tided The mm bad by this time ceased and there was ery promise of a line afternoon Ketevtbslssn ww ere Informed that the Mayor bad tnsued n proclamation lbs effect that owing to the state of lbs weather tbs >a ten* of tbouaanda who bad prrparrd tbrmro'r'a fcr ie ?fMt *?f, tbrrrforr. I*fl to go hoot' in.i ?ce?o aa pmc'amal.t.n ao prrmaturr or <imu itfacUTj Bat tbr million are Ik I by tbr ? >, ?o U)? Mayor the aaoro, nod do renrptioa took plarr Th# t.?mrr It 0 rfBtiax wbrrc ?r left bar, uU ibc frtoor m -4.J <m toed. Tbr Valorou*. Fl) ojr F#h and Slyi arriTOd brra yaa rrtay from tjurbre, ud in aruif lha valuta a bowor at a HoyaJ H ybnota approach. tnrec m?n were a . we m >ard the Flyint t tab andoae oa lb* Valoroua TbroMy ao rrowdrd that brda war* only pror rabir w in tba ratrat diffcully, aa>l peoplr ara halfma-i witi cat The PrlHca ? VlaH Ihtlaa. Biibiub, Autroav 37, l<?to Mayor 1. ao in haa Icttcra flrow th? [mk* of Nrwrartia atmg tba* the Criooe wiU Tiait Boatoo, b-it la naable to 1 irate I be prnciae dale. Vlalt of Iht Prlari ?o Mew \orb. t ABBANBTMKHIB FOR HIB Hlb'KPTION BV nil BBITIBH Rlti-1 OK VTO. tt tbr ipret r( of tbr Brllkab rrelrfrnta, held at the * Hot.or oa Monday, the 6tb lo?t , B comm ilrr rf M n war appo nted by Mr. Ar< bobald, tbr(Br .tlah Cononl, on air A !> r Pn ri mi i*t an 1 a Atr l>i,. racanl i/%e> n/ Ikd l*nn 4 ,\i tloa, whwi hcTlaita t)itacit) tfbacrlptxwi armmnttna to ?'. 00, hare ??b wired from tba moat <ara*nti?l of tb? R'ltab r??* n't Tha Itat la head?<l by Mr Arebt*)4. r>'? " .aia. ry rtntr. ?M> loWfto It* Briar* w!l) b?entericla< t at a (rci ?i I tba intent OB nf tba m iw? t< e ?* t t t i?.? .? tfet i'*' rft??c'tf nad c-rter \

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