Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 28, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 28, 1860 Page 3
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a*>?"*?. *c., ro L*rr. A PRIVATE F\WILY-A AKMTLE??N \N1? T>i wtt (on iRuliinsiii ?j>ti lo Jrl p'.rl 'l .t nl. ? 'ori b'o.**, I m I'M ui the ilue ?nar, b?.? thy at. ' ?, to a in ?- . . 1*411.1 J, references r.veri ?nt enquired. i(Py ,, W *i V*rty k rood afreet. between Ripbtb and K oU. a. ecu-'* APARTMENTS TO LET IN A CLA?? TENANT faou??, n relating f enite of j?? r.amr, f-iru'ntwwi ?r.R Band Oroarn wau-r. Apnl* on the preuuawi. No. 1M Mletng rreefc C. A. MaS T1KL1), Agent. tfcnaj lauuiiew pieflVN^ Avert handsome brown ktonk front hoc?k on Lejingt, o H .nnnM, u> iet or :?. >?. ttf * at icy and t>?ae i*nt. ??b celier, ."0 by 80, with gut B-turee arid '.'urn*'" all emiplete; reti low to ft a?-d tonea- App'y ii> JOHN FKTTRETi'H, iff Third aic^rie. A RARE >RAN 'E-TO BAKER"-TO LET. THE OLD Sbuul, No. WO Orar.d ureal Po?a?a?i?>n a*n be had no diatoiy. Apply to PETER VTT<~H6l.L OU Oran<l mreet. A LA ROE THREE "TORY AND BASEMENT HOUSE to let, hai.dacir.e y famUbed, for u< inontha m longer, in , fiackeit rireet, near Clin too. Brooklyn, to a reepooaible party. The owner and bla *i - will b <ard wttb tbe lauU y. Addreua >.?i I.SSW Poat N Y. I Furnished hocsr to i^et-near fourth ayeuut. twel.e roOBa. in t" :?>t order, bailable lor a annul , enlrel family Poes-tsMn immediately. APplfto R. C. lu . .. UJ f?*. t u.... 11uvmii lit roe t. li'om li Pi P M. rB RENT?THE UflQltf> HOTEL, At BALTIstore, near -he depot of the U. A O. R. K. The building blurr having on" hundred room*. Tbe f urnllure .-an be ba^rht on reasonable terms. Apply to JAN. W. ilAK'.'EY, M Net. ud etreel, Baltimore. HOUSE TO t.ET?WITH OR WITHOUT PCBNITURS. in a desirable 1-xtatioo. Inquire at .'77 West Twenty seeeud itreet, on the premised. HOUSE TO LET AND FURNITURE TOR SALE-A first eiaae high ttoop brown tione i runt House, with nil the modern improvements, In *nl Thirty third mree . oppo she the enelceed pro und* of the Blind Asylum, one of the l<ett locations In the city, teat very low, ard furniture d* sir utile i nod in good order, and cheap. Apply to E WaNTLBY, Broadway, lrom 10 to Li a M and 4 to tj T. M. STOREHOUSE TO LKASE-26 FEET BY 90; NEW Hoots, wry strong wall* tod heavy tiraherad, in perfect j coder. No. 100 WaabiiiKtoe street, near Rector. Apply to A. i H CLARK K, 213 Broadway, rooms 16 and 17, np stairs. , STUBE TO LET.?THE FIREPROOF STORE ME '4KKEN wich street bett.een Robinson and Murray atree.te, well adapted for any wholesale business. Apply at 246 Orectiwuch etre, t, adjuiujng, .n the oHite. I r LET?TO A PHYSICIAN, A FRONT . BASKMKNT, in a handsomely tarnished browr stone house, situated in hcelngtiu) avenue, near Thirty-eighth street. Addrese E. R., bee IB Herald office. ITHILET?AND FLRNUTRE FOR SALE-A NEAT TWO I stoey H vise, or would rent it f i n shed, by the week, to a coo tenant. For parlicu'MS address .Vrs. A F. Hi aid way rent nSi te. r) LET- FCRNISHRD OR~UNf ORNISHID. THE LOWer part of a nice Ho .se No (' 6?r- ind even. ?, with all the modern improvement.* Also, eevera! while llousee in good leeslitiee. Apply to ,If>HN FEITKKTCH, 4li Third avenue j TO LET-UIE LOWER part OF THE MODERN BUII T House 149 Rust Twenty seventh street c insisting ot' Trout aud tuck Basement; hot and old water, bath and gas, front and back parkirs. two large bedrooms on fourth Hoor; oleotv of pantry rooms. In.,ulre o' BKKKMaN A PRO., jou avenue, corner of 1 wenty eighth street. I TO LET?FROM THE FIRST OP SEPTEMBER UNTIL neit May, a llrst rate .location for a toy store, dry goods, er drug store, rent very low; store n0 feet deep. Apply on the premises, 35 John atrt-. t, irom 10 , > 3 o'clock. . TO LET?-F0RN1SI1KD, A POUR 8TORY HI*ill STOOP brown stone front H i".se. In Hist Thirtieth street, with every requisite for housekee >1* g, linen and silver ?i .opted. I'omesslou can he bad immediately ; bae all tbe mueru im rrovsmenta. including itaim furnace, two bath rooms, largo chart?In fan every cunvenieuce or comiort; rent 31,150 per year Including piano. To g -od and responsible parties this Is ft raw opportunity, as t vov 9101ns is iu ina d?bi 01 oraer. <>iui to nr oddrtmO. thldftrtcik. 70 Koodo street rpo LKT-A FIVE ITNFCRNTSHRDfiUIf OK ROOMS. ON A M?wt floor 01 ho .*e ho. 125 Hammond atreet. cnonletlog f five apartn ente, wlih rut and water. Apply on the pre rUtT-fAfiT OK HOCSB NO. 22 I.IdPBN ARP atreet; rent reaaonable; reference# Riven and repaired. Apply m above. mo LET-THK LOWER FART OF A NEW HOUSE IN A Thirty fourth ''.reel, oe r Second avenue; an large Room# with yak. bath, water chwei and everything o-unplule, rmt VM ver mouth. Alao a large namber of floors, five Ku una ca ea-h. In nice bnuaea: uII malum improvement* on each floor. I Inquire of W*. pk1tk10th, 145 fcaat Thirty aeooul atreet, ear Second aven te mo LRT ?immRPI atb POSSESSION Of one h ALF or A et,(jr?. front ORoe. aecin 1 tkor, In Maiden Une, four dor* from Broadway, an old ratabdahrd jeweUei 'a office. Pre ent rcupaot retiree <;n a u ml of IU health. Addresa J., boa ! 012 N. Y. Poat office. 1 rt-KT?A sri.KNPTO FOUR STORY J1ROWN STONE Ho int. in Pnurteec'h aire-t; alao bonne* furalahed or un. furnonec soifen and urtioea in every part of New York. Rrook'jn and J?r?ey titty at the American Real Petite and ' t ol lectin* office 2?17 ftroadway. <? /. 1IOJSK, Attorney. r) LRT?THE STORK ANI> B tRKMENT, Alt! BROAPway, cheap. Inure In th" autre. rl.F.T?THE FOUR STORY KNOLISI BASEMENT ! Houre No. l'W Wftl Fortieth atreet together with the ball, pantry and cln*et Oilcloth*. Window Sba tea, reception room i'arpet* and ga* lot urea House in complete order Poan"? Mu given immediate.*. acid >.>55. Apply to WOOL) A RICH ARltKON, 21 Midden are, or on the premlae* ?|*0 LET IN JERSEY (TITT?HOUSE 147 WAHITINOTON A atreet, between Main and Steuben utreeta, with ail the mo Mm Improvement*; aid be let very low or for a boarding feouaa. Inquire neat doom rpO LET OR FOR ft ALtC?A NEW TITRKE BTORY HIQH J baw men', brick Hnnae, with all the nn.lern Imonj. amenta. 279 Went ror*.y fourth atreet, For parti-aUra inquire of H, <2. LAWRENt'K, Ho-warUer, No. 1 \%l)' aire*', \?tor llouae. rl.KT OR LR AS It?T i; K OORK, 10K SEVr JiEup and B.jwmen', unrlic. and <* veil l.gbte I, Iu the mv ilo'ite S3 Naaaan atreet leitwean Fulton and Johu atreet*. Nr.. Y, rk. Ai ii!? to 1 KaANClS BYRNE 132 Netting' eet rl et or i.kase-to *a*t7 vctfrkr' or me chaoica, U p niMtanttal Qvn ttnry Hcil.un?. uow Bmti.. .(, "id Park met, nr *r I'eotrr. kpp!? to A'M 11. SOOKIRLiU, .? William mrent, rear ofllno, i.rti floor. mo 1.cask-a f' u: - (<?rv inner muitn J with bwi'ninUui l a.ri, i tr'hr p m r 'it it .*,1- I wa* anrl Broom* ?*r?ot Ir " :(rr of J. HKoWNIC, lr.. archf tret? oBiCP. hoi dioadwi' >. _____ j mo rknt-to ~a small family, the ss no 1 floor of H > ae lf'5 Wm Twenty urn nraet. Root %:'. por 1 mootb. j Uppkr pirt or uoc-t if adwortstrert ti? in * fi -r r.t?pm?i i. Hon** la thrno at..rina, brick, room' lar*r, io a p'ranai I nol.fhsorboid. Oae tm ???n *.,> tar durL g to* day. korpait* ilanio<rtlr*af B. L fl tLL'lt, tow broad nay, Row York.. 5P1.F. AR ANT rooms ON THE K& ONI) FLOOR -I,Of android water, cat bath. Ac. tAKTeui.n'ly arranged, and noatiy fiirnlakrd :or ho'iaekeppme (? tucr family >' r ipim tb* mat jf lb* k'.unn K-ut $27 to tW. V.1 ai Ml I Wrat'Thirty auta airml. paar Eighth av*a i*. i in PRR MONTH.-TO LET, TO A AM ALL OENTEEL faetiiy, a plaaannt Keddnnen in At., unabur* c?o taluinx R*l*?w,?>d waier, (ta end ktwnnu ail .>u nae (Aiair* wata bU beautiful aparuacca. Joq ore al iii I Orwad ilrr'L WiUi?mabure. , IIOTKU. "" HOTKU-ALHION HOTKU est HUIMON KTRirr, >X)R j twr of Cbarlea. 'k*r1 ura?.>l>lmi for iraanreot or ynrenDPM tr?r >rt. P riai.i ud ?ri! ( ira'itrl - ' ealia or (in*!*, ttnlahl* for an rrtnd or amgl* g?nl>ra*a. wtt* aaa> of baiha gua. piano An. ftanrna and oara pua the Tama low. r LaMHKtiT. Prupeinv.r MTRRAT HILL UMI'KR, >X>RJIIUk BIRTH ATENC* and FnrMrth rj*?* ?Tb* abnra Mn?a? la enw la mnnpleu repair fur fail and motor hoatcaaa. Faatilme and ?io?l? pareaaa rnturnm* irnm tfea ctwintrr will do watt by ?L'n? law fen* ftret flaUWiire ear*?inrt> ?rd. ; John* ho<rrWT<'K. Praonnnr. MADIboN WOOER, NO WVtnrnoM tfien OfM ' onr Of Tw*otr t*v*mb atrw?t ?Pl*neani F uruab-i ?n# for ni ro't tod ibntr wlrna aal ingt* gefM)*w*n. arm Kuoan on tint floor, it Itabin for a , hum an Transmit bnartl?r? tl VJ i or d,.\ MRIMCiin ~~~ ADPRKRbKP TO krHK.tii 4 N11 nlNOLE I'd ? At PON .? Dnbiilry, Ar.. with acavtm a: platen ari draw b.ra. "The bnet wort for U>* rwcpr. ?<rcucal raadnr "?Mr rt.on,Hr?-? 1-1 -tl . r. lU.o id I'fw. , war, N T.. and by lb' aalbnr, at *l*i Ktonrna mrm. mwi b' wort of iimadway. wr.or? bp may b# aonan.tnu ae aii af fr -tirwn ef J?ia Jan. Irom b A. If. hi P M. PR rOftPF.R, 14 PrAK* PTflEET. MEM HER OP TF1 \ i ni.p?n nt Pb7? ,ao? *o<lS ,rr? wof >'o? tor* may b* j annniHrd dally at hm flrw, .'rrm f la i*r acriB>| u>L 9 .n IB* r?.r | nOtTm HrnTFR CAN HF CONbrr.tkp at HIS I r I ) Aro Nn I Ihibka nrwi, N?? Torfl ny. nm?'.. ehrd ( a D .bSr. Op no nm "A.N .oUl llto > ? at ni?bt. Ha now modbial wort, ib? ' a?> f-t n k*i??w 1?B *rrd ' il-tiai/au* i (una ail tb* at drm irraunon'. and ail br Frrnrh. florman and For tab-nrodira P-to? fct orata. Tar , abaptnr <? onrroua tircuity abttr la worth lAr ntorwj ttk bronie. ir.1 heoapwat ?twenty t ?rr : a' yraraet .<Iy and fWU. ? PiTtntltntn i im a tiob.ra' " phy m-M foi < oaauitatuo. Altai da> and neio* I DR WtRP IA iTiNSTTl Tt-n AM TSVAL PURMI ' , t jrp tlo ay and kia<ir<-1 dlw in dwb tdaily - rod Pr I i run bin boot, iratla. "?-n f.i Hrwiwi; . ->p?n tl.l 10 P i DR. Nil HO'A" MAILABLE ATRINQE?TT1S b'MPI.R?r and bnrt for aii nam, wlih full dlmrdnna !<w iba ? .nn j: I i t'aoniltatiori. I'tlra, Prolioam .1 . anrt by null f <r tl 1^.1.n? , wauind to fnii tail anii in in 'feair owa ?'i. Addrnab T. L Niehoia, M P.. Nnw Yorfl elty DR RAlPIl At'tm.r OF tfe* "PR TT," AI." TR j T*tnTrn?ii?a Ac ' fl ? I.W r ?by mm. o? 'onr I banalor.. Hoom 10', to 1 ba>l d till 9, in indtyn *>r?ptnji. Ttu nn ah" ncply io ha na* 1 j 'arm of .brwn tapialoM. w.i . bn ?# nlnbnd at lAn rapidity and IrM'r lanuavnaina. ? ntirad n( Ikrn rr it la t.lrfly. bow- ?*. It^an r?.|a| f ? wwlr.w ? hmfl btnodtni cnaaa, Ad., who -an beat epprndttn bb eerfteee * tar r pbbett han rbmovrp from rin 0*j? i 1 ' (Nflrn ?t in Dim* atrn." ml , atrnelt iietwaea ] t ^arr. om wlKr ..irrtrorl# har i,(a r -wn V I'Hy llail plaro, ? hn, h" on bn erm* .|nd at laoal Or I te a otriutmr ' tl.n > ? Y -? 1 r.ivn ? ly ?-<I.?al ' .. . a v?.. J am diptewe m aieeEtee. I 1 w-f inn ibn.irint rr^n.irrt n.-TCn a term JLJ or Md?>. - Modi *4 Admacr uv' Mar nt* i| ul-. 40 a . od two, ?W) paaoo. ah"'it .AO ?arr?t ran. Prt-o ? Hj * J.ARMoNT, Parla and l.mdnri iife.av ai. and aori-on, Mo 047 Ilr ?> wh). M. ata.aa i >d ? h . ra It* trm m?it. t,ar * aotiajly <* b? iotlor and o?r 9 A M m ? P. M 'at iMafa I .jwta ti'laya oararptod. and Thiiwdi r o-mi np from T t" 9 Tlx to Aflrrtod wit* aorvotwnoaa dofc. Bj. Iiaval aad ???tral. or ' who laalro a knowlodfo of Iho latoa-phfah>k<jlral roeoar *oa. , ah" .<d road it It al?i uroa'aloliy .ia aat'Orar oUum d diooMioa. aa I ahotrM bo ? ih. hard a .* arary MMM". wi I mirt ha i?r J Joa?oa'lhat'a> *Mla rata. Mail-d f-an Cy H. I. Id* I ACMCR. M i I >? ? atroo'. a .tor Mo iaa ? ' tmpomtamt to TTJK M MiirKn AMI> TK :?c AMOTT , I to D# rrarrdod. -7Tr A. M. M. r-nmt, rrr*mn^r aI Zvawaa r ??ir.?r haa Jaai r iblla?-o_tfcr*l*Ah adWoo >f hk 1 i aal-Mblo bo*. "Bttiod -fho darrlrd Wotaao a Pr ao Mo.1l i * pal GMOMltMB." moa?J;arldDy 8. 3 1,\WRP<?? *, In. 1 1 , T?ao? atror., A*m H?'-;aa, a?'d at ha dl ? iM l..hor?;. aoorl ' Pro *.orh, rarul baa .tby mail la an, oar*, of Jm IliJaod Ate lor tad Oanada. oa r?'o;j.tof fl oniom- ?*>? ju Mew * '% iity. _ . .. _ __ phoriB <* WBRTPLU fldWHIMo dT?ir??T AM j JT Vror.'loi aa * >1 *** + ao* I AM w?w T.? , 4 511>! 4 AKP.-A 1.A1IV OK MANY KKAlto' ttXl'IIRlRN"*, A f i lm ; then be :?nd -on mndlniis brown *on* be i*, and 1W "last " rrteerUt ?UH*. luMT OWoo h 4,? o--n .'uMor Ui-i'T tbnro-jf hly ?wr red. p -nd < " "rated. will b? ready for th- e, eptinu <i bcaro- * bv istnf * pi-mber Families or sincle peet.e u,-n de.nng ? erunl roomern unite or sing.e where they WlU uudae. ?!?*!.> sodevry attention that will render bom* ,ii, , r*M- ere roeo* itiXy :r\.t*d W led, ue there ere set*, re. tie- re m* :!!. di'-ng.'-ll''''Am Al.l, PRIVATE FAMILY WOCLD LET Tim Second Floor, i. anMMMnR of e parlor and two bedroom n *o riej: .i.t.y I nrniebed brown atfm* bouse, oOuMJuiiiff ell .b- modern .mproveoaenta, with full or perliel Hoard. Heie.-er.cea' i hanaed. lav., re at 2hi Leixpv.a avenue, tore* door* above Thirty eighth street. APRIVATK FAMILY WILL LKT A tJl'IT OF H MIDwimely fenushed K?ms, :onsi?>iini( of the entire second tlnor, together or separate without hoard. to gentle, mru only, by a, Kiynig at i*l Ninth MfH, third door eaet of Broadway. Ai.aror front room, wrrn fui l boari>, BriT. snle for two s,os> gentlemen, can tie obtained M NoS Went Twenty fotiMb street, in tbe Imm-dU'w vicinity of Madi ?m park, end opposite the Fifth Avenue Hotel. Terms reasonable AT 116 WEFT "OVRTESKTH PTRKET.?VEF.Y DEBT rsble rooms, with Hoard, suitable for gentlemen and their Witts and single genUenteu. Referents* e, 'hanged. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY i:AM AC< '".MMODATK a few s.ogle gentlemen with or without partial Hoard (c to ears .aid liases ', at Bo. It West Twelfth street, I h f,,M, Mew number 'M' AT J06 FAST TWENTY FIRST STREET, GR.AMERCY Park. desirable Nnoma fur families ir an-gie gentlemen i'U b? had permanently. Home t it dais; all modern anprovem-*t ta. 11 .un-r at li Key to park. A FURN ISHED HRHKOOM TO ' KT-SUITABLE FOR a am*In gentl-man, in a h .<?, wh?'? no ether "carders ar-, rent #? 50 tier in .nib, convenient to ara and alagea. Apply at 40 Thir<! avei .a, near corner of Tenth at. A night key given. A PRIVATE. FAMILY, KKstniNO IN A FIRST CLASS house, KB Kuat fourteenth street, up pa te to tlie Academy C. Mualc, would let a ew?'eg?nt Parlor* .nd Bedroom* to famlllea or akgle gentle man. wr.b door: Hinnar at c o'clock P. M. Reference re , aired. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED PARLOR AND 1 KD i\ room, with use of tin th .out gas, in a f.rsl class ho ,s? .n Thirty fourth street. Two or three gentlemen tub" gha aantly accommodated. Family private. Address K. h., a t Lion K, Eighth aveuue. A PRIVATE FAMILY, RESIDING AT d?l Wf>T TWRN ly third street, would h loomraocatr a amall lamd> or lao gentlemen with pleitaaLi Kcoms and Hoar.!. A Gentleman and wtfb, or two single if.s tiemen. can be aoeemmodMed with Rweaas, iraia jnfurniabed, on aecond or third Too" front, with full o" par I K.iard and i pleasant home, at No 89 West I w "u j * : airett, between Sixth and Seventh avenues. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET TO "NE O* two geti"-i??t:, wo bramlfulij fnrntdMd R - ; . t ( cond floor, containing gas, hot and eold water, hath room and large rinsela mUatnh r, with .r w ,b<? . braakl>naadtea: re ? required and gtven. Address F. A. M., Hera. I odlce. A LARGE FRONT ROOM, WITH I'tNTRV, HOT AND cold water and bathroom, with hoard, for a rentlein .n ?nd wife. n wood ?t"rv it a modern house, for I' uwl, one in third alary far tT, at I'd kaat Th.rty tilth turret, uear Third a. enne. A LADY HAVMtO A nOCSK NR\R THE FIFTH AVE nue lintel, would like in r*o* the aecond floor, three rooms, to a party, w tbor with at board, who would advan ~e fiV) tor tnr?e months, for whteh rstd botrd and a fair mo'.rest wltl tie given. tefiTences en hanged. Address for two daya Haute, Madison aiuare p.-st <>flt ?. A SMALL, yl'IET FAMILY. LIVING IN ONE or THE moat deatrahie locations in the city, will let a handatmeiy f- -niehed Second Floor to gentlemen o- ??ot'em?n and their w ivea. Call at 14 East Twenty fourth street, opposite the Filth Avenue Hotel. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OR SINGLE GENTLE men cud b* accommodated with large Rooms and good Hoard, in a h'tuae containing all the mo tern Imprnvmenta, and convenient toierries. Apply at 348 Hicks ilreei, near aeralemtm. A FEW SINGLE GENTLEMEN AND TOE R WIVES can he w oramoduted with fu 1 or partial tPmrd in a nrat r.'ass priva.e houae, all the modern mprorea-' nta. Apply at 83 East Twelfth street. A FINELY FURNISHED ROOM, ON FIRST FLOOR, can be obtained in a atrictly prWve lair "y, n??r Ka ! a hiuare and ruth aeer.ue h"{el. breakout civ-n if required. apply at hi Karl two'.y fo irth urert, durihweei oorow of fourth av?*due. A own =izbp front farj.or, second floor, w lh bedroom attached, to lit with beard, caaaiut wawr. term* for yeutlemao, wife and children, about fin per *< ? alao email room for i *o aiiotle cuilemm, at ft m i ts . -r week. a pp!y at 1u7 bleecker ureet Atounii lady wishes boom ani> board ib a respectable private lamily, oerutau pr?l?rr*<l, where iherearr no other board era i..ration hit win broadway and eighth arm.te and u a abo\e twenu'li at- 'et piesae a frraa, vating lertn*. an , t, h., box h ofci foe', off e. A splendid fc1t or room* cab be obtained at 1.11s broadway, between twenty fifth and t ??n"> ninth str-eta, with private uble. bear die kif.h taenia hotel. At no. si k ast si\tk>:str trprt- hoard. w:tii f >rr..ah?t or unf irutafem r" ?. houae at !. m, A front tnd bktk par ' >r, vu-io. a larue ?i'iare front r>i a. all well f ,.n.ahe<' at at 5 i and t-? to :* ,> eentlem't. loqulr* at ii w*at 11 . et-'d street, j :at weal of broadwa}. A few yolbl tlf.bti.kmeb cab be acoomyo da;?d wh ipol b-mrd. and a n a f. y yo ..ig indies, at 224 vartrfc street mode-c unpronmil a Ayoubo r m'pi e li vino alone, and iiavtn > a f inished k torn which they w mid in pi a hale and rrntlem n; bowed lortb" lady >oly. inquire of bra vvkki, bo. 149 thnuiuaoo atr- ef Board.-a small familt, or two gentlemen and their wives, can tind llna/ d in a respectable pct .ie faintly enil|b| a alern house la east thirty louuh tree:. acdrewe a. b. o,, herald office, for three day? Board.-a widow lady occupying a whole houae would take a gcutle ran >0 b- ar.l. or et the n f'l riakrd with mt board, qo um to ukn harf of it jli e jrirl beat ref rer e* etcbanead apply et 221 weet 1 bl rtleth ?tre'". Boarp-at a farm horhk, near lake waca 1c weatcbeater c e.i.ty k any acreiwiole, eery rood ho A.ns nt^Ajduit . xdttrnr arlorUL He:til o A l -r nalian .nr. til B^paliaat. Board-a private unuubh family, rksioin j at itaxlf. rd, thirty fit- Biii'.tM' by Fulton ?anim? car*, UmA.yc. can t,nAiri'<tii< A gam ?iaao wiib a p'naaan'. R ?tn, ? b*r? b? "a* 1?. ? tb<- c mforj of aa EcpUab boona. A'..irrm A. -V7 Paarl N. 1. Board.?tlinton pta?t*-a family and ofk or two ,r.r!a gajtiamoo ad ebAa.n very d-alrable fur r..?ba Boon*. wbbf Board, at 61 Clio too r'tc", two doara ?aa*. M Fifth avanoa. Board -a private fkkn< n vanjly. occupying a airfare h > ?o, can ao >inm rfala a amaU family or a >w ijij, - K?LVni'n alib ; laaaaa". Rooma and good tab!'. '.bo location la da?trab> ard nrmaaniant to ar aid atapa r uttaa. Apply at No 77 Parry alreal, batween Fonrih atraet and wa ar'.ay p|..rp. BOARD.-A OKNTLBMAN AND LADY OR TWO can ba a.*c?i moria'a I with a larga. wall 1 .rniaa-4 lloat H.toin on and tkajr; h-naa baa a.l tba it., darn huprora. mania, ramiiy imal aa 1 no chiidrAu. Iiqa^e alXialt Wot Twain y * rraib a.raai. Board-a .bry drbtk able shit or rooms for a ganuair ui aol a If", and npa (ti'tahla tor a. a nal* pan Llart An "an b? pr a- -rad at aa 44 ,new No Ja \A -at I *?ulj tjil ilrt H-lrrapcna a.ctacgaO BO AMD? W AMH i.NflTON H^OARB. riOUTH HANDaueia.y f >rniab?d Rmnw amtAhia for fair il aa titatw-.h Board. a' ib? atiova da'iab'ftl lorat.nA, Uao Moony* for a n?1A ( iiltaru. Im.ulra al J2f Fourus eiraai. Waai, ..glue a, tiara, n lb. BOtRD-SUNIWiiMKLY PCRNIHHED SLIT* OF MAoma I g | ' ' mMtr, >n a Lrat <laaa pn .at# hri???. w.'hall tba m "lam improvan.anta, lu aa of tba r*? ).?;??. c? .a lb' citj. No. 79 IU*lT?aliih atraat. pear Broadway DOARD-IWO ORXIIiMFN AND IBRTR WIVBR. k, 'fx,* tod Ikatrii &t Ut M.otA ; ? Tnr# ar**' rtf Broadway; b *? en?v>.?t# ,*4*r. and -uavait* Mi A* B '.*rspr >-.iwhi; rrttrwaer* ei<-a?.a.'Od Boaro-a ooon s'i'lT or r?to.?rr n i * ?rtR * eoiiyta, ai IVI W?ai Twatj **bu ?r?- ib* bo taw .r?d 'umlturb n w. and l.aatkei ?.< ).*?, . fan t / ?a?t'.' 1,1 omf irt if (>id. ,airt r ?r at fad. |UM aad a?al??t?ia for -ar. i?7rr<n.-a Bleak a* r hacr i ari/.r roi.KrirTrB l? . *o a mdmun aad wltaar i*n a ae * <*u- ? > rpif a" *91 H d*ua *u?*i. o?ar i/kr.abn bar >-aa and fatb. Uaaor ?< . BOAMV-TO l.FT ? AW KUPKRl.Y W DOW. WTTH >CT am, r, wit i ? to tot a firn ?b??l iruoi Menu tni H?dr -m, a fe a.' tow"!*' >n* fir b bam* an *ip?rl*T*<l ,wt, at. ildia*'- a owly rr>i unr.* irr barrl-m Apr"/ at til * ?-, Tmrt/T fn .r'h O/wl, K'tt'w br?i Ft nib pirtMA Boar!*?1" 1 "t. with hoard, a '.ar'ip, a!?p < ? far r ? th ..t, ><!?, ; o 'W b? !,r** ranr. iln, t > if H'<?aa . Jia ?*c *d P'or. A?r'y*bi 4? Cl too via*, IVii'b atr*ai. Board.- * .f.jtn fr'a.w awn wtto. on two whom . i, r.'vaa' Ri-naa with Board la a p.,?i?rn boua* .neaaaa at bn. ol .VxiA wt?; a fear door* alrf Hralartf. noARO.-ioDftaavitTLiMSFf wl-nFnir vftrono I* lute*, can fln<: a' 1A1 ilracd atrpat goat - *an al#*ftn* KoMaa a' fraa tl*o 93 t w**b. ?nb rartlal Ho?rd i . r, I'*. ueai.(? r-i.iral. rj?r< aae ,, r^ia *p*ry two BuauMR Board-a ?i?ttats raowwirm a K'tob* | ,iaaanUy aituatnd up v an. con'-Altun* all M mrl?m inipi "? ?* '*. atw] bt'jijm i? r*"fn lhao in*7 rrrj .Ira, no'.W Wfaaii?l?l? a ?*ru|.?wi a J fa ar f? wtA a a U'. tf iro*di?d r ai'.rr ?t-?i * >ioi" acd Uoard. CaU at DC Wfaac rkinj t.rai ?r**V Boarn lit HARIJUW.-a row aunclrwkn, or p*fit>TP'tn and aifa, arliho it rb::di*r. naa !av a .vnAma laird with lafu- kad FWaiioa and Ikjard, at m 4*r?l? prkna. a luir* la UU atraat, fret F-i * to at w*A at Third a??a itv O.MA eldfc Board in bkrrt htrrrt-* hark < ?**< i-a r*? Mt*?k l-nl?wn ?in !*' iArpo %| .*r? i\ 3 '?*?, o *ctn4 (Vmr, *iub 3at, hMk *nl arrrf " nfor" -.f * ifTO* ,a 4 >?*%*? Am?rl--*n lAmily, we jkt-^ <mlf ??o 1 lb?r Vvvr ~rr vr*n ??ry m i*fr? < k*.1 r?/n r? ? *, t%rr< Apply ai 2 IMRry r?ftr Mt/y. Board in a pri at* ?ak i.? - a rn^nf HjOtt in* *?>? k>*?. "*iU> A** At'telir Cor uMMdMawt/*.9 .wo?itig* rw in at ?rr'r? No.ii llMry rtr~a. hkvta.jb. ? t* h o ??* 'am pvteo if farm. Board w?j?trd-or or airori the -t or o,:. ?ol*r. irl-.l Iwi ra'va r * ,-pfr pr.r. .f ?f. nr .n R wkijo. rijr a **ntl?n.?r. clf?. i? > yn itf JklW.r-u -n.l ?fr ?nt in a bc-?? h?nnt rn'?'?r? ? '.b a rnnw im f fUfffrM. <"ay, ?k!'fa 'r A R i*?* ??' *, ?! ' tr" n?rt. ' fil'AU ?fl rfHAUJ rvl aArt ntrir?-. Ad1f?? >. H ' ?' ram o*?~ _ Board harikd- v in p*ri/)r vj?0 i * 'oo*. nr a im'*i>n. tt?. ffrud if?ni and '_?>* mi V ('.p Anl *>? At pn w. "rim no 10 Ai f f17 pAf iaaa a't4/r-? u.h em n>* 02 :irr**\ <rr??, NEW YORK HERALD, TU! boarding and lodging. Board wanted- ? wo oertl'-vkn want a l? rue rom wiui d vi-u, :n a ?;.? *. 0. ine, wuhln five m-i 'it'-*1 ?,ala o! the i 1't Hall. where they cuirt enjoy ladiee eoriety. irrn " oiuat be moderate. ac rue for three day* Comfort. boi iso Her aid i.thir. Bo a h1? wantru?with a pri ate family, ?Dr?i tberorlew boarder* -jr taken by gentleman .m! wt!>: u Parlor tuid lwr> m a,l.raining rr eeparate, >a a nneleri. bona* anil genteel locality, went aide, between Flevac'h and Thirtv bftb atreet* Addreo, with 1'iui paftlcui?ra And tern.-, Ixii MA) New York Post >8ce. noaiin wantkd-by a younq okntleman, with xj a widow lady w bo bur r. > othor soar l?r?, and who can 3-r '.in- i loif i u ol a hotue at re?rouable urtceai below Four leen'h rtrect pie'erred, Add rear to confidence, k. (j. h., Herald nfliv c. Boardinu?at *1 lextnoton avenue, near Twenty aeveutb alrn-u a Sr-t riaaa house, containing 'be irodrrn irnprpvcnipuia, with the con'oruot a home guar snteed Young gent em-m will find it a uoairable place. Term* bp trtra'e and refeiencea ei hanged. Boarding.-a few persons w1sh-s i superior acc- mtnodalioua tor the winter, will bod everything desirable a'108 Weat Fourteenth atreet. to ise ba ring arcnll chil d'enand uurrea, and tboee w low pr cod board please not apply. Boardinfl?FrRNlKHKD rooms, wjth ft7u. or partial board In a private family without ehiidren. Iboae v hhiug a quirt borne win re all ibe o?nf ortaof an li can be enjoyed, wl.l call ..t *57 Fourth aveuiie. Terme moderate. BOAJtDlNi) ?A ROOM AM) PARTIAL HOARD wanted, .n Brooklyn, by a. young S.-otch g.utlecnan, a I the vicinity of, or in Clinton or Henry streets; First or Hec^md place p'elerred. Uw aud bath itiu.*pen-?iMe Conception able references given. Addrese Coundeatia), box 1,099 New i York 1'uet office. ? . I BOARDINO.-A FRIVATB FAMILY RESIDING IN West Fourteenth street, in * tine, rinse house, would let, with Board, their retire Second Floor, hiuidsnme.y furnished, to a pern teman And wife. Aim a tront Parlor and Bedroom i on third door to two uncle pentlemou. Ado rem* M O. T., box 1(7 He mid oflioe. I BOARDING?TO I,RT, WITH OR WITHOUT BOARD, to n in?n and wife. unfurnished. two or three Room* tn a he re plene .ntly eitnated, containing bath ard all modern | imprt vcmenu, rnnrenieit to trill oar* and stages To a genteel fam. y the ternia sill be re.Wimable Reference* ex i churrd Av>t>Iv on the nretnite*. ifor one week.) No 173 t *"?i 1 birt. <t ,tli rirret, beiweeu Bcv?nlb ami isightb avenues, tnear Klptuh, i north ride. I lit akhD'i.-a aoung Lady who is bngagkd J > out dur.ue the ilay deems * h.itne In a private fatn'ly. ] with ?'? a or humlaye only. Call on or addreaa a note to .Mine M . ITU Wrrt Twenty sixth street, near F.'gbtu aveu ie, locate n not below Twelfth street. Reference giies. ' BOARPING.-NO 46 >ast TWENTYFOURTTl STREET. Der rab e Roomr. in a nta or reiiaratelj, for gentlem-n end their w vee er *,n>;'.e cenllenien. House !ir?t F.ass. He 1 ierencee required. , BOARPTNO.-a pbivats family WOUi D LET to geillemen or a perto-man .mod adfe a fnrolahe.l third floor, front Room and Bedroom. with partial II ird, 13 Ksxt Eighteenth street, one block above Union s< .are. between Broad ?ay and Fifth avenue. BOARPIM V?GENTLEMEN CAN OBTAIN LIBERAL and Superior full or partial Board, with a r-iile?l coiu iortabb- home rarely u> be met with, and if Known wnull I a appreciated. Room* handsome. Table private Use of ba b, pa* and parlor. No. 9 Bleeoher street, between Broadway and Bowery. Board in Brooklyn.-a small family occu pylng a tirat claM house, con -anient ta South and Wall *treet I ernes. will let it od room* to two cr otlemcn ind the.r wivea or ample ptnUemeu. Apply at '22 Tompkins place. Board in brooki.yn -gentlemen and tiibbi wivea. or ample pant eaten, oao be euited with piensot Rooms and H ,rd house modern; home com for'* >nay be en jovrd. Locauoa duirable, convenient to either South or W id ' *l*eet ferry. Apply nt 71 State street, between Henry and Clinton. Board in Brooklyn.?a gentleman and w* e, cracoup'eof ample gentlemen tan he accommodated with pleas iut Rooms and Board in a faiui y by inqu rinp at 21C Clinton street. BOARD IN BROOKLYN-A GENTLEMAN AND MS wile or two elnple penHemen ran obtain Board and pleanan Rooire, by spolymg at 67 Henry street, fl.e minute.' w aik of Fulton or wail street terry. Board in rfgokltn-rooms sottarlb for gentlemen and their wives or slop e men may be obum rd by calling at II 'Vor rd street; th*' bout* haa all th-' modern crdcr;the locatlr n .* dc*u,v>> and cnoyenleot to the f*rr1??. Reference# retp.lred. Boari> .n brooklyn -large and small room ' on ere >nd I. <ir for a <entleman and w.f?* or single gei, tiemen; bntb roi m. Rider* xxt w?ter; dn*lrab'e ljr*ti <n, :im minute*'walh from Atlantic r Wall Btiwet ferry. JOOI'a^lCj ?tr?et. between Uenry and ''Union. BOARD IN BROOKLYN-two or thrbb RTNGLB gentlemen ran obtain very ple.uwnt accommodatlo. i, with a 'mail eocial family. r??;<l ng In the m'dern hou* 161 Fort '.reene plane between Fulton and Ataallc aveaje*. ocation very deeirable. Reference expected. Board in Brooklyn-two cjentlrwen asp their wivee, or a few gentlemen, may And deetrab ? > o im?. w ith Hiard, at 71 Went Warren wr?et, convex iect to Wall ?tr< et and Couth ferrlee. Ret-renren e changed. Board in brooklyn.-a fkw gentlemen c?s bate nice, plenum r? m* and good b ??rd. with all *hcom forte of a hon.e advantage* of bath. A , at H per weex, at 2t>6 Waebn.v ion etreet. Board in bkooklyn.-a oentlf.m an and his wife or a few aingMgen'-letnen may dad de*lra?r> K -im* I wtth Hoard, el 106 r'mtnu ? reel, convenient to Wall xtree .nl ferriea Ref?retce? exchanged Board in Brooklyn.-a oentmchan asp wife and two (ingle gentlemen ran he arromaioda'ed with Board m a ?B~il family where lew board era are taken, and convenient to K.dtna and Wall a treet ierrtea. Apply at CI llepry elreeb Dinner at (. Board in bbookltn.-tbk whole or part of the (*eood flour 10 let to a family or angle gentlemen at I Syi'heeTer place; | -aear.t Room* with Hoard, between Ifar rtaon and Degraw, tflckg and Henry alreeta, term* moderate. Board on Brooklyn iibiohtr.-a obntleman ?od wife, or two gentle m?e ran be accommodated with i nicely farnlahed K -tin and B- ard. all the modern itnorove weca le the hotiM. eed elihta Ave rntnn'e*'walk i F;t,u<n or Wall meet ferrp. Apply at tic llicka atreet. Hoard on Brooklyn hrmiitr-a private m ly, without bnai d> r . ran very comfortably ar wn aiodaie two air.^.e gentlemen for -be fall and winter. Inf-lre at 4b > ran berry $ treet j YJOARD ON BROOKLYN llKHiHT .-DK-tlRAilLB , XJ Room? !u .et at tt Remneo atreet. TJOARD AND WASHING WaNTFD-FO* A YOlTN ? J) grl of *e>ent?eo and a boy o' bf .rei w..b a * ">* ?dy living al'me. tern* rot to ? *?l 19 a we.-*; Irrtt.n from Reirr -een h to Twentieth *t?eet near g . irth or Hlxth aven .e. ! Addren* K M , MaJInon *.| tare Po?t office, for oce we-k. ELEGANTLY U RNIcflKD FROM '. OMK I I I ET? On w md and thiol tp-or*. with gaa. *ull*.'.e for m i or I! two gentc-men Apply at Crueby (treet, two do. r* fi un Broome etreet. ydra nkfpkt aormt, corn kr ur frank fort and r WUnain *uwet?. n. T.?Ttagje Harm* from Me. w. j7? per night. or fl to (d per week, l.'tmee newly f .reeked, with e good UeeiAuraat attected. oven oil eight. First <tam. bo*k:?. at an ea^t broapway.-a ev cor d pa/loi R wo ,a ai-.l by e Am.hern femUy, well fornedted and de.'tkt.i. IS ?e attain* hot. e . d and ! ?lo?cr baltw and a.l tn.derr UDyr new-nt* "rom #4 l . fi" I URRNCH BOARD. FRENCH LE*MONF.-A FRONT r I'.vrtnr, nt ireiahed. end two Hedr *?r.a f*- o let. eeparetely, in a Par i an tami'.y, lliing tn ( riee. containing ail the malem ImprmremretA. ." Kwvt Twenty eac md *tr*ev rlKUISl'^n ? A PRIVATE hARII.T OF TW I prwi?jjd !ai ? '?w n?wly frratafcad Rotas. to far.tla map, 4.1a .,.t ?<_r.|. ? m 'tj-n' .?ta An<t f..o?Fti-nt t/> .'^rf And ? * ? At I Br' AriwAj. 4>*i Fourth r.raet, A-LLoo ??t* Fl'RRlhHFP R H>WB T > Ll.t WI1H FI LL OR FA* Ja. Hoard, At 44 *nt ?:>* eo'J) r-TFW Erfarancaa ?1tab At i rw ..rad, Fr hi mi ki> r 1 )oVs ?* parK/Jr TiroTn roilr i ro , Bad n. an cm " ood Coo-, froat, w.ll fca let. VifAthar or w , p?rA>.T, oa .? la to taoLainat), a! 374 foirui f.rre' naa* lAfajttia plACA. FIKA MKOK .? WITH P A ItTf hi.4Kf> IF RF ,,r?d. At It > A?t F.ftj Ihi'd '??*, Alw> U) la th" # cood t t *x .v Ba?i Itii-t/ flr t ?:r?? , to a "mad fan. iFt'R' If'HFP ROOWh Tf> LET?WITH OR WITHOUT Bm-d; nr? -tatAa All -ha m-dara Iglpr J11 tlU pnrata . t* MAM t Elite* te?M?i i traat. " FV R-t I- -.? I: IV. F"R .VT7,?VVN : ? . TR ! i |i?ji r li m. A?v < "??? I *.id rnaly faro r.a.'. vf } ??<?" All 4k" IB r ? * Ala l.? ttvi k?4Jl. *f*-K4 ' ti -a A?rFABt?. utm 'at 11 j in i wt a: r*a I; n > wn? i Io. a, "h.waI or "?v 'i. ?' .tr 4w?p, ha) <w I PhJaa tqiiAr" I IB I "n >4 a: * for tb? c -t df H? 41, pl?a# < icMPA l>, 0. T,, >4*1)00 I), I*'?t <Oioe I CTRRlRJ Rt?-TO LF.T, A P4RI.0R \*D RFDROOH ' r '' )' . n'..?io?n. A' $7 -i A ami, r?4r fBAlt4':"Antti. ho h*> alt th? m darn impro?a ] aim thr?? i, Alt ' ri .Sao it -n? v ?> h 4r a I!) *.*lyKI74- vKHA XR> iJ ' u 1% atooua. } Gramkr<t park m rart twt.htt firat itrkrt a ?t|? And hnad? i?a m, ?r i "..Abad, k> lat wftb d >.? ? n H?'?'?p?*a Bj?hAnABd. ^ I f r.*Tl FMKV OB PAVrUEN DKRlROm 0* , v) * ."Of Bob kaoir* r tb* n alaf oaa*on. wttk or w in 1 ml BIA< c.?A ItoAf*. *n ''i-.tAio tk? ?aAI? A? 91 Cltomt, i .ACA. R"fBl?0i?? gmO Uu lAit rap 4 /m fAT'.t i*RR '"AR HE Arvowwomttn ?riH *1 R t VJ A>b*A Rro?? And H>wrl At 17 Ka? Jab' h m-M. ha I tWBBA rrlaa-Mty pkA-a AT* Fiflfc ittwn*. H ?A0 c. atalnAIA? 1 jnprftarriAB*#. ; HARPMtRFl.T rORRlh ID R ..1WS TO UKT, W1TR nr ?ilh -it i.Ar.,Al HTAr-" ?Rrart - r-ab>b"^? >*a. 4%LhB, Ac t?r?o from f I ofAArlo. Ro. otB Ffapol Ateoiia, 4Ft?aai; J loroi/ rftb ?cd Taan'j a.<b , * HARI>?OMin.T FTTRHTRTIRD FRORT ARD BA'TC I " I'ATto**, oh IfM ft <tt\ will ha kt MI *r%lAir or ; fatoar, i Wltk ClOOBtA, ?p Alio ".r.: a R-Wfj-A, g AACMlit Al.d tblTo f *>ri, F witk or tntir, t Ar 'a! R. irf .f ra , urAd. <7 Atnltp nrc t. ] r -a .ront boor, with partiai. t RoArd mAf ta ohtalpAd M 1*1 B R|vat Wir* Tha 1 f h . ibf froti' tba ri-tBT, ? p4a?-hA uARMrf *i*Ab Arifo r i r ntlnt of tba firry. ______ I * TB JIOORtOR ATRCRT. Rt?R MAT'DODiIAI* A AFN , T J J*man ma okUm a lor a hat, !?n.'H ?! in a , at tap ' t*#l ho ?A. o?nad by tha ? ,.%?! hA mv Air lha-n ?1arn i ? | T proramrcm. Prtra wnh Htotra, Rf. rar aaaf. ?r M !*) n*rj f fi>> Ad ,roa? tl n>" bht ii7 ri id tcor" ! C * Jrntvr tty.-w *?-? ;>. ,;i a -r ti ' a?o ? m itmit.D.' w > - ??, <>ii? H> a w.i* Wwrt, *1) % -?i-? \ |? m.'?. I?rn ?f v I'-itl A p?r ?'??. A?iAr-M ) .r il%y? !?. *: ?, 4? , tn ft), WW New fi ll LA "iiB ' *n\ TO!RT-*-T?! .w*f? * ] OitW if l' -(, I > i >? -* AD*' ti*-f i e*. >f tin*'* n. *V??t *o ?tr?? l(?'?i ?n - f P rr ?r ?l ? Nfi ?w *'?M P:,A ??-r it'KiM >* ml if fil ?!'? ?*. torcf, < if or rtJ ? t. " fl?oU?r?'? v?rr.-.? Nrf. ?iff TnTUTT ****1?Tn ?rr??rpT. *> i* I'r-mi *v>ir. tn f i ii-dmM-1 t* ' <)>? i m't??f Air;, m . utir, MfuM. th*<?a v m. U WM> tmifiA J 'lutft I "t a t* ?f*l. 50^ _ ro?n ?n*. Ak<?h chahci?r> ? km c r yr or rwr la'teft unci brat hv?i?d Kh<H^|cr*|ih o RkltiI Uuir?, M?l ?lth?r? h' t '?tr mint* ? f*.m>n? i ji??n ?'nr tvrma. A .... ? *' P. F .'Um.i. ire. Mil., fi it I ofli < ? j A* 01 P HloOKfTN MA UK FT. ON 10 P UHWO, A |ir nw chuij Kr> pet eon need apfilf w.h.i.i AYOOf \ I ? w?r>p and ooai. tand ro* nai.b at o?? ***11 :U o?t yr .??-?Ul wllh a *ru* ?' ick m | hand und f i*r?th'ru ~?ii''"r carry uk "0 'i.r bp?luM?. Al.y leaeoneble rwfer e ,:1 be taken, a* 1' mint M * ?M tb.? ' Z?'}. *rnW a'ter lfc n' : ? t j?r.l 5?7. 2W and ?t K t?l l hikhon.ui nutlet AT1NOT Cl.ARH F AKKflY ?OR RALB?BANISH 2) . ,i._iS?I-_!'.f1'1'1 ' *** emitter r\<r uarti nam auul v ESDAY, AUGUST 28, 18i ytWPWW ? *> m. N^-* J/*1 KlNTt oTkbai, mkak rirrh ma one. ?<?>u.k to let, inruwbed or onfurrlaeed, la mute' to gaademen **"'>. to ? 'Pdst, tnt tuw b uaa, * 'it fjfMi IuTbxjlf'^-a l*1trZ-^U<a>UtJ' piUli "" I'loaAblfl pBRMAUKKT board WaNTFD?IN west'tfjrpter A conntF aot more tlnm fifteen mtivk if no New York ?fter the let ofOolober. far - HIS a.! (amity. W-,,'d i refer Fotdheei or Blvercaie. Mutt be emy of tnnitoand 'torn ih- tj Also term* moderuie Addi ?m WULame, box a 329 Fuat offlor, New York Rooms and board wanted-by a ointmmam iindflrue, to k private famllk, Oerm m preferred. wber? Li)ere are no other boarden; two or three unfurniithed Kouau od aeeaod floor, with is no em improvement*, locetlou Del wee' Bleecker ana Fourteenth s'.reeie, near Broadwvy. Pns*???i i wtehed for toOitober. Addrcae, wifc particulars, 0. B., boi 1.V06 Pott ofllce. * Rooms furnished OR not FOR HINOITJ OMNTI.F. tea. WO Sixth avenue, between Seventeenth anc Klghteei tb a tree la Room and board wanted-in a yritatj family bra young maD, where the comfort* of hnm lad be bad for a moderate aum Loo*t?oo uelnw Oamit etmet Addreaa, poet paid, T. L. M., 401 Ureenwirb itreet. rrrwo rooms on the rrcond fi.oor. with bed 1 room and Oioaet adjoining, may tie o-unc-<J, wnb Board in a private famiiy. Tbe bo .a* ia pleskintiy a it a* ted. and fc. the convenience# of gum. bot and cold water ltd *atbr ?r AddreteC P b., 147 Ten Lb ares e, coiner 01 Twenty flu ktreet. New Tork. r 0 OR THRICE ROOMS IN a FIRST 0LA"8 PR1 ^ATI house would be rented, without board, to aitelacn rj part,ft. No 15 E*?t Seventeenth etreet, between Ucloi Mjuart an t Fifth avenue. TO LET?WITH HOARD. TWO LARGE FITRN18HFI Room* on aecond tiuor; also a parlor and bedroom 0,. th> CmtUeor tor xenilemen aud their wives or mingle genuen ?n, Apply *1132 W?at Iwelitb ktreet, between sljip and Sev.mtt avenues. rilo i.ct?aplkarant ROOM " Ott \ iENTIJCVf.AN, A with or without partial liuiru.V. 74 v, "euient'a ,v.' Macdvugal ktreet. TO LET?ROOMR, WITH BOARD, TO UKNTLEMi '4 \SD wives, or single xeatlemen, witiion' Hoard, in a good k?o... uon. convenient to can and itage*. In a ho- ?e that vu,talon ail the modern loipitavemeDts. No. 37 Eleventh etreet. TO LKT? A FUKNIKHKD ROOH *OK OhK OKNI'l. man. and ore aryer 'or a nnr'lmm and h i w.f*. m '.hi r-?reet??bl* private t iw 170 *U>tli *tre,e near TT. attrue, by Dr. Joec?ru TO I.KT-A l.APY HAS A FiJRViSilID ??RT,OR ON bint l or, it,* other Ho m?, wth or wilBout partAl Hoard, for .1 .at*. ho win m. 1 ber- -vJI the freedom of b-r own h m? i-a?. la;?:a pnntriej, A.' At ?< at 175 -freer tiaet. uesr BbeiSer. TO I.RT?$7 WITH f RKA-TFA T, $6 WITHOUT, A WKL1 famished S>*. * fartur. t .'.oUy <ente*l anil aratll, no -ht'rtren. nmfbi"irb' ?1 nn? reptmnabl*. !n<; dre on the premises, > Kurt lA-niy-l rth atrefl K'.wmu Madlsou x,.,iare .u a Fourth r-vet m. Wanted-hy a OOTlHar and w:ff. hoard, b?' mm Ai . .in n Madia n men i?, not it' ve Tb rtv fifth ?'.r>*el hi n ';<l km all modern rooveuierufea. Address for one * irk C. K. T . twi 1 .SB Poetoillce. WAVTHP-HOARP FOR A (RNT1 'HAN, W|fR AND, juri old; Board for '.tin )(enU''<uau, u Record aver ie. t et ween Fourth and Fifteenth stree ?t or n F.tpbihor Ninth street. between Second and Third arm a room, with sleep.up n am .ad.oinlnif; or larje room with onr. modulus p.-uitrj. Pi ice n >t to exceed <10. A dreee Jt L> D , bo* 1,191 V"it otlce. WANTED- I M.KS' t :.l APARTMENT, IN SRW .OR or Brooklyn, at (1 a wee*, for i en pie ueut.?_iat. Addreee for t oo tin; a J. 1! Y , ' . 222 P?n>!d oO se TITANTRD?A FRONT ROOM AND BEDROOM. VNFCH * r nlahed, on ttrat Uoor, b? a lady w 'Jb Hoard, ,r a aitlt of three Koumx without board lyucal. >u between Kahili ar.d Thirtieth Hreet* ued Tl .id and Rl th avenues. Pes' reference* H>a?n and it..tared. Address .named ately .'. il ' , "ru.J nSce. TV'AN'TED iMNKDI ATELF? BOARD IN BRC>KLTN. TT near Wall sir-e? ferry, by a jrei.'lemaa with wife and servant. Add re.., w th parti Jam, W., bo? *,5nft N?w Turk Foatolfie*. fin-AomuNA?invn w noon a VPi'l, very hiiLdimmety furnished Ro ,in, w'tt fml Hoard, In a f.rit r.ars'h xe m Twenty xtMb "tre.-t near K ,;l 'h avenue. a chance ultathm seldom ott?re Just vacated. H1NSHIMKR A CO.. 3-J Fourth averte. MABINOPON Blkl'ARK. OW rtl'D-ON fTREfT V10F-, between Hon* and Trry atreem.?H'*?rd. with handaoine.y fi.rnlahed Room*, in ai.iui or a!nit>, at reas liable rates H..uie flrtt cbur Vrixeeptldcat 'e re:'-*.-.;"i ft'.van and rt'iuired. 1Q FIFI1I AVKNVE-0F.NT1.KV.I S iN W aNT O; A<t? t.rsl las* Apartmei t*. wllh'jtit lloiird. e?n obuiu /A e'*i .i. . ran.rr. uAa't. x*? fx ?a n-1? r t? xe? x?se hi,, .-' -* Quartz roc* and urai.n mill, and a portion >f tb* Patent for aale. omic-dea the boot .md >mljr Mill of iH'.ar to nlnot. rwinoin* to lapalnahle powdar, with harden e *1) "tap rr.r.?ilBf aurtaroa, noilt roo.*<-?d A HoUTHWIOK, hi Kim , Wrrot. SIC *, riXTURIN AMD I.fARR Of A PANCf OOUIMI and Tot knr? f >r oai-, opiated itl.Jif Broadway la q .j' oo the pr?m;eee CfORTRMKN. VOTARIM or FIKI.D SPORTS AND l ?)? palrnai/i ih- ratal -bar Hatal. Katnoa and Lttfar ? ar '<*r4?n No l? R"?rth Plphth atpo.' Wil.l-t^a' i?*. u iw I for aal- (ircat tar*am. Handwioaaly UMed uu aod ptyin* 1 wall. The owe* foliift to K uot# it auat tie end Apply oo r Jte pramlwaw. SKOAR, < nRFRCTinWRRV AND FA HIT ?TOM? FOR ?.o-F*ron?t>?e >aea, at I >? pant. aa-eiiem loaalVvo, d .IB* a rood mni.ty makii.c h'i?iti?e?. and on and a (real bar pS-Ota NMnwooiiit vlliar entfaeemnit* HMO | rtOl I II WicR. HI Naomi atroet. rlWAi- nilUant OTRMM ? i.RaMK f.?r Iau from now ustil the ftre. of May n-it. with p?i?u?r" of r? | mat'. L'i> traw Flitiraa *r., if % a du>re, with . a rood mm of rwato*. alt tal? at hJ7 Fourth avoane, batwnan I 1 w ?ty fr "Pit aaa Twooty fifth atreete. Plant" apply oo the ( praalaaa. S.l/Ut W,Li. R' V A FINiCI.Y KITTPII UP LIQUOR Jl i'lt) Rvw*. dotn* a r " tnaaa aod ta a tiptop I i r, pr map !.' Twajty 'omth atrpat ?ed n.mM A, oppwta 111 MB ,< j.t -rrr V.iiv topy r?awot fl?-n for Bailout. Call oa tka pram tana. fKRMUt WITH TUTS AMorXT CAN I V? ' .y o t a nah I idcaa Ikal la worth f I 0 *1. It ia w*rr??ta.l to piy fJQ par ?a?h dear. fop parti" Ji?ra apply i j le para 4) at 143'trrkaro atraat for two daya ' CI 41/III ?FOR Al.K? t IIMHI.T KBaPKt'f IHI.K , M'T' 'nntnlra .1 it,i?iiaa?, io thw m ifv' i'.n* ' 1 ?i rataMmad firaje r?, w a "-at ' .vw Hat of <J'i?|.it?wra, ; ) (Httrtp pfi - fi '*>*yaar. A T" id* tun m ! ?d' > .i ? auappy ran r*.-i>.,e th- i-ialnaaaaaapy ya*r No i i"t -a .i tl pe.|t?'.fB4 11' ba th ia UW only r-aa o fop pall I i* Addraaa. * ?., w hr-a.att.if hot IN I Herald <a04 tat, -I *1 df 'I H KNtlrl Tw. I T \% ? itlijftO -t'CH'NTRT ROAR.I IN \ fTR?T I Jj taahriaM farrra r tranrdiiiary, oolj 1/par waah. Ina vha a- f "ira aa'.l \t t r w tiot?. f.ah n* tnoh la. A"; ' I <>' i.? n? i?i)ad, frul V Mut'lusra, ?plandl t rrovaa. flna j t'hnt* f * ; ?rJo .aow sail t> i <iKO. C. )IA HRRTT. No. it 1 ^r?' in awmiucaw i*n*?.?yx' vniworm OI.I i.h. ?Th? ? t ?m*nt f.irm?r'/ ih i? kit ran, ? 'W Vr*?'?rrr 7?>r"? M turn lor th<* #< * <n In ' t.fwrt l'?d?!'Aliifnl in ?e?l r irmtimiriUlKravii V)t r ?f Mr- d? ?r<4 !{ !? ? f I ?r Any llm'a from ; t .iblnron #tr> el pier. .North rir*r, dAlljr, M ; A M *n I 4 I' ? i :iui ri* Port Monmo-ith. lli#r by prrerhNnr'n ! ??# . Hi<f ' i. the I ?'" -r to K1IXA A '>, ho K4 I Mr ! ?!/ i IFOHTl*". A Sr. MTTa W7.-I. TAKK PI.AI.K At I4I.KM COVt n W?drradry, A ir .et ft. fre* for*il turn* imler thirty 1 Treleet. lhaWwmmar Jftirra \. r'mrrri" *1:, |*ar* hut nt | f/i i?? irn K? ? >%. ?ll. Brmrar ?r?; A . Troth r'-rrat ?%. Mid w.J "nr# m H*rl*m Wbitmt me, hht'l Nr-k, ly T??j1 W?? * > K" rPra^h ??y f*r?l-w J *%r rthm K ct*. I?'?-ief will hepemv ??) ?t-he i r ma B Ah, J. MIL'.Kfl PruprlMnr F'SAN "l?r H . II'I V K1.1P. n* T???t I?AI <nj r(-oi-?r- r-rrrrt.,f I g* In -h? w<?14 Hn? i 1 r'f ?nfjl MrMiur* ?? ! 'If.- r ! o?tr' Ml -?nn | f-r V'M'r Doge weMed. WWHie-l. Ar taw* ' pf>"? I V>* HAl.Il- A ' *nv " Vh'l* IK <??| HS*r> ' r lit ?h h'rrk >r' inA?*r?r t*n num h? H In , nr* I ? ' Hie-be fi h *r?l r?i? (11 U. d i r?? r r , ( riii m.?1 *'ifih lirAh, A .'i-ani* '? j vt^w * Hf,ON*n ta< ?rr row *u. LOW.? i't is ] i.1 41 '. '.'-r.f, n ? <i * ,r A" ' ? "ira K *M . | ? lol <1 wkho It --. Aftl 9?,p9t.*? ?r.4 ?n . ?hl, A r?? noArarr. h? r>? ? i >? i.a 'n* oo '' ? h"' kb? 11 ? t tn t* ' < r"M . " 'y ? iryl 7) l?'rWhrt JA '"HH"' 1. rt. i" , h? ?,l ?? Ahi? iimI ?- ilAMI M 1 hMA/ I* ?'r? ?l. OPOHATHn.?i.fWM. RTF!.* AM* * " K1S, A.* - i ?T 1 *> ? '?|?Mt, ? I'A < I t.'l * 'id ? ?' I || t?rf !i* l|H^4l 1 'illl'i . I rl raw*' iftrl r?r ?? '*?. 4* hi 14 Vr ru "A "Mi*. M l MS?*. * ' gentlemen o? pariea 01 Irlrr.dn c.w roitbe a persuu rot .r raugrtneiit tor '.tie . ??r <V| WOT TVHRT IIO II 1 M MKT ^ I " famlliea ami em*:* n<!i.i!?u?o looking home* >r tLi winter m row ?r ir? drami'l* rooraa, e i ? i.t or eirr'la.-y Inner ;Uie appli in ne of the moat e lg ble Joint ft* m he ity. Kaieranca re cured. IJiBuera'"i<. ji TfcNr" mir, nTwm rma AID HXTK TrJ *uciim.- TVerkntNe Rf. ir.a 11 eidta or reparately, :<y renrlrmeti and tbelr a-tyea or nagl* gen'lemea. The bctiaa ?ia *\ery cocaemetite. Dinner at ti 0 ewe. 40 MORToS VTR^RT, IJF.TWV.KN VIC (" IN VNT? l.F.D J lord ? A large iron'. Room "n ?e -u i-i ? r, w..n 01 * .'.hu it t>*l. hr.dtoucu ad.i.n.rv, and f rumhrd It .eai<"'<i. , lot. with Hoard to a penilem .0 itd wife or ta mil em* Family stm... Krferercea exc target!. Jl? WENT TWENTY FOURTH -TR KT. I.1.TWK ' *Xt> K.fih and Mitb a??n i?r ?Ihr *. nd I xtr. ,t ri. rh ej aolv.1.'" far famlliea. a'ao I'arlor red Bnlro xn on third iVir dan be bad re rearcnable term*. Frirata ar.le \' r? iiired. #/? W*ST IIXTKKNTT! STREET, r.rTWFKN Ft FT! "xU a* 1 Hiatb area 1*a?To let, 1 fan !yotri?i/ .uroo tin.; rtxini wtthbedrvim attni*h*'), to oor or t?M ir-r lem-r a>iaauv.'o r um I > a icer'. eman, m a fir-' Clara bouae, with pr .ata Fi-urh family. I.teati >n in :rj -wed. R if-rear at hanged. nveoirct b> .a and at Age TO WTFT NIXTKB.NT1I HTRFFT-a H*N " MC1.T F?tt]? "i n and wife, or 1 party of aingtt gender,en, alao t rear K itn H i m ' rat ..aae- Uitin-r at 6 V fx *. Rreurea raolred -<T TF.RTH VTRF.FT, NEAR FIFTH A TEN VK. -*t !T9 I ?J of Far! r* and Kadr.r tea, aad aliml" Krai 01 lot, with I' ?rd. to rraoeriable rar'.iaa OuJy tboee who w.ifc for p?f. rranest H .rd need apply. 1**7 H IHTH FTRaRT, TURIN DOORS FROM drtr.JUJ lOl way. ?.-h or without Hoard.?Ru^wmxl newly fnrtiraro Parlora large) on Cial, ye oad ami third f era, witb an a. ruua attached. Referea fee ex barged. Ii0 EAST POURTSSMTB BTRKET, t.'ORNER oy lxXJ dec nd a m ie._Two beautiful fro t m. witt large Bedrvnr aaUarhed, foa fam! lea, and wnaBlimii n a nge g, uUemcr, either prraaacnt ?r Iran id-nt. "* 1<7 !H.nsON STREET. FKiiNT-NI RT ft XJl 1 hak-fmikai mm* t<> let ?rc. . t*?, to (enti*aro o-iiy. 1 be boo?e t-viali * modern on loo i Mi. -TMIT-A FKW SiN I. i>KS ICO ttorr.'ii son b? oacomnrelatod with .'-.rniatrrf Rom*, vita / KiU ' II IVmriL ;?<) jm tm c'.aaa Trrrrji raodtiUa GLUTMIKtf, AdRFAT !)*M4ltU -i.AIMFJB AJAD (HEFTLnfRM harti.* cart off loth'r*. f irnltar?, CArptoa r Jrwmrj ?r dwi><aw 4, I rtorau'ww to ray Ut* haul t rie* in to* t ny, b) 0d4r '?Inr or millr C *1 SO Xnreolh arwr,i.a, ??; w*. a Tweat? fifth ud rliih mn-rm which will t? ?tw dad a t j K. A MR AH AM. f*0.*a all* rood to bjr Mra At rotaa. A BITTER CHARCM FOR LAD1RS AMD i'MTf Vo ran oil Ihr.r mi' off cioU..tig lain ,i??h. ! r? cltad A Urn* ordrr from thw Rnuth oad FT**. T rrarav w to i *1 U>? loltowtii* prlear ?From Id to FWfora.,li to* -w . >?m, IDd Wl|W paid for accord. nyM; fen f V"> I' foi iu?, from Kilo IU for for cioto, atoo coir*'*. fufBlt .r* ad iwwalry. Ac. A n? by rfloi pua<-toa: y aitc-uf^d to by K.. ft*ffferoalh arrtio*, W??? Nu.?to?alb aid T wan data Mrmta. Lodlaa oMaotod to or Mm. K .* B ?Mo I *im taaoaotod oa Mat trday A FAIR CAMH FRICK TA7D FOR ' A-I Off CXOTT: lac. Farntt ir*. Carprtaand >w*irj ? Ta?.ir?ao<! r r.t ? r.rn. If rem with to get aa kooaat fair prim f<w y mr e. <u.wo. tod ixrt to ha hanib irg?d t / rr-at j *ff? yn 1 will plmuut ?ia.i it or a.ldrroo lh? now iw.ab lahir?ot of H. WIJfrA, aid ftrrar.-a iran tt, h? twewo Tfc lrt'*th ~nd rhlrt/ Amr-ydC ha* f . .c_ nal v attaodrd to by Mm MjPl flART OFFCIXTTHIffl#?A l.AR'iBQOAKIITT WANT*IV U Oaattotr."o drmmuc 'if oofartiug toil i '.ui ? uf noa obtain lb* full - ! to, %r.d inl ; ba.i r a -'?d hyH rrtrnd*ra and gi.orant dadgora, by apt ,l> gin J AUK M> 10WMKT. Mil nan r*wt. E*OM PATF-A FI*? ?TOT|t '>? wrNTICR ClOTWMfl. r ? r * . lew Ynik cjr Jwmj f'lly, ar ? >i?> . ^ - la iHw < ?i-/, of ?-' ? < toil oa nr addrmw AT t? J., I ff ' Irort, p ?ta rg. R. V. IW1U.U1TETKM Brvf FR1CM *JR T.a 9(R f A *D I rwtiitontoo'o >*?! off CiotAlnc and F ire1'. a? rar now u.i d lie swrrr h rrroa. ~?od ? onto tar ,?fh Fort -K -r. to I D . raa. lA<Sto? niwudwd Ui by <" P. rn* ?TRteT wat for laohw amd ifrti nis I to I to ? fair ( trr rart off C< hire, FurtutJW, I A ad -. I to N? h TDk?tofeit by C*o? riffo, ia iwad itwti art to 1M rttt a*?n wh h will So pirrioaMy ai.dod D sy J. A-MIA'-T. UaXMtuMMt! Kn. A bQ nil/1 op "KW AMD I KFT OFF CIOTH. po.u'/"f in,; w?ntod f-w 'Aw F-mfn martot The IJrti t onh prtca ?r?w paid nai. > (i u?r4 la bankaeia mn? ?y ir am or xra.] Ma by -ullaf at Aw rtore, jt add rami re *B. WaMb. Ai totitrw turck ^*AILIW*IMI. AJTWItORE A WD H A Rl.RW RAILROAD. N fahf. TO alhamt m Oa and aftar M Odar, ! ma M. 1*0 tralna wCl Mn Ta? y Brlk *tr ant MM <n, Waw York, M 'odow I ? for Wuliamabrldfa *n1 til ?tj rutlcna, 7 W, 11 A. M wu* JO r. M. iy* WAh* Hlalna wd ad way ?Ul.ona, J 30, * AAd I ' M For Wh in Plalat iuta all war Mktma*. 1 IS. from Whlla '.mat dtwot. for Cmi< n Fada from TwnatyMitA rtrrat rial f )? A. M , ttoppinf at WUllaaaaiftdM an! rtisJona bra. Fur Dnrar F'.aina from Twenty aiilh ulrert SlM, i A ' M . atnppir^ at WL.'o J'laiaa an t auilnna aborw?<*> trata i.aa V) iriVr.Ti ?T*ry Haiirdar a?-a?<lt>?.> Fnr Albany tram 'wawty ?UiA auT?t (trrnt, 10.1* A. M , mtrmm mall tram, long tag M WKSa, lt? dfnrd, '? A Fad# ami rUMrmt "r" meTowwiwnFDl Wil 'J??a?l rVlar, r'ap, tNI at a.I *at tr..jora fc?0 A K. aid 1 T M Wl.14 Platen ?lorrt?? at all war MatlonA wl I A. *,? tAand 7 P.M. la.rar plalna, ?t Tv.r? alar la MA vrtb of Fordhain. 6 A. M - OA * 'rata laa*wa M tUnrvm rary Monday maratea a; * il i CrotDA Palla ,fi I*. VI. Vwta, latiatat* i?? r >rtl> t ronttain Albany, 9 A. V ''- ptr.jiU t *w TORE AJ?TV bari.F.V ,r arrauarm'i,.a f ? i '.oar trn iraral. ?Tr*..ia >ar? r?.ot? Ink ayn?t ata'-am aa fb'ttrwa: 10 A A. E.-fcprnaa I* AJ any, troy, Part-nra, baroo option *f\mttm% Fa.ln, I aA< k **a. i,aN*x> .n>?a and imkr. MaA< pan. ? ? n?n-na at "wnj with ?aw V-wt t'antral Hnilrnad "or sbv n ?pHitA? ,?r'jn Fatia ?4?d a I : U~w Wmt. wi'h irui a tar tar* I and Ailpolr a A.?r"> ! U a R ?For ilr j na pai'a. "na I t at 'tooian'a Hrv'rn nub rtawaa fnr i?t*a #aar r roi n Faiw aah oyaa f,r Uti VtaVrpmi 4 Sb F I ? Foa ;?o?*r r'lHttm, ?''!?* at 'lotdAr. a ftr'/^a will aa* Tor W?? a' at \ at 'V t-W. Fal-a ? k raw ?a ft aar A'ah-?r . CCJI ' ''E'TU'J /awawr t f- twru ?>.'???. 1 "" m"r> *01 uvn te A. MICHAEI. NcK IttRNAJI. i the. owner te m other boatkeas^AmbrvAypisi * ai;.>" A> ATXABI.F MANUFACTURINO KI'hlSK^A wiifj .Ale, I 1 cbwe ar i ,rero ?h i,?h bwn .irn.<1 by th. i udk parties for of teen y?ar?, and .(Tor* * mr- -a,,,.,. ,,, u . ! > b in a protUat.e, tafe aud easy Ounces* "r auv ,? hav , .up A? rr<|Mi?o raui'al, whlrh would be about lib oo,i *d. a I drst# L. X., L os 1,176 Foal otl.ce. t A S OLD F.r.TARL18HED BC81NE9F K )R SM.K-OR A C llue to let, fron'.T r City >*urk, on Chamber*-tr-ei on first tloor, .ultable '?r a lawyer, broker or ai??K In p ire on ' g me premise*, from 1- to a f M. 1 A !.K <'ATJLTO AND RAMI'l.R ROOM KOR SVl.RA B*?eirtr.? No. 2 '"ort.audl street, lr?tdoor from Knnd way. !,?a?e, Stork .nd Fixture* ? bargain. One of the b-st ? ti tslofse stand* down town. Wl:l positively be Hold before the , lat of next utc lb, as the parties b ive other b'tsin.'ss eugaRe merta A' MliKf TYPE AND FEOTOQKAPU UAl.LKAY, WITH out opt Tallinn and in a Rood neigh jorhood, for sale I cl.e?p, as'.be owner is poing West. Apply on ibe premiaea, I IWi Ihiird avenue. Book and stationery stork for balk-with .arpe S' ..K. and t library vmne-led, and new* Icpot . , favorable rent, bung a prof table earth business and witl aell a ! a great bar, alti tll'ttlS ,t HOCTH WICK. K1 Naatau Itrenl (jlOR BALK? FOR HALF 1TB V ALL K, THK STOCK, I r Fixtures and Lease of a I-iquor and Oyster Saloon, in a (; *xl loeut'ou down ii.wn, aa tlie owner leaves the eitji. Apply I toC TlloRN, J69 Oreenwlcbstreet, xirner Murray 1 liHJR FA1K-THK t TOt'R AN1> FIXTUllKS OF A r wholesale and retail l.luuor Store, located on a good thon tpbfare, with five year*'Vase. Apply at 1X1 West Twentyfourth greet., ortsoiiayn. FOR 8ALR-A DiNINtl AND BILLIARD BAbOON, now doing the bevt btAinnai In the Twentieth war l, smv tied at the trrmm is of ene r.f '.be Brood war stave llu ta The ; o a tier can be seen from U a 3 o olock, at iS3 Ninth avenue, o.- 63 Corlandt street. For salf?restairant and oybtf,r saloon, No. 3 Third avenje. T770R BAJLB?THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A FIRST r phA? NtUiuery Btore,, well eaabUshed. and doing i tine rem ioerattve c??b bus'ness This Is a chance seldom ottered. Apply to BROWN d. ROBS, 62 Naasa j street. n, n oavr?AV ?stant.tstipn w Aterv 11-rru i v.i JF Bnkineae "f forty yrurr' ?landing id thik city; h?a no competition, and all ibc laoilluee for doing a I art,'" and profitable trade, and with ths 1argeat houe?w Id tke city and country. Appiy to HAuWn A KUSS, e2 Naeaa i atre*t. F'^R SALR-HALF INTEREST OF THE WBOIJ OF A UllwfMtiUllI ektahliahinenl moated In a tint elaaa birr.I iy, pa) ng a b ndrcd percent. Addreae Fidelity, Herald cilice. Renktra for acting on', wil' be made known on appllgallop. For SAJ.K.-nooo-any person with this a.r, i mt can b y llie patent right tor the beat Walking Ma. nine m '.be world, f ir Ihe state oJ New * orb. Palante i pril 10 IMOt fall r.t 73 Maid?i< lame, and aee the Ma-hlns, and yon will be aat-aflod that t can't ne beat, and will make a *a ant (b .re ln?"Atnient >th?r state right* for Bale e'| i*lly a|,e,?p. For bale?the learf. stock tin futures d a firs', claaa Kngllnb Aie and < 'hop II.i tse, in a good Jo cation, bear H mad way; nicely r.tted o; tin aflrat .-Icaacna ton.; cheap rent. Fcr 1 till partlc tlArf :u ilire at Nc. 2V) flowery. I-'ois mod" rat?. For fale-thb leabb, fixtures and oood wi.. with cr wilLrut die aiock ftf an gautly nUed up t-n nc,1 coffee store Would on aoM at an Immense aacrlrtce if applied for tbla week, i.? the proprietor ban o quit the place i op a - imnt of faintly mat "era. Inquire on '.be premiaea, Jl9 | Ufa i airaei, Newark, N. J. ! IT OR RALR-THK STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A r fan ry ar,d millinery atore In a good lacat on doing good I b-J-ineta. Kes< .n for aelllng, the owner going to 1'urope. Apply in eure 410 Third avenue, between Thirtl-thandThirty| bra' atresia. FOR SALE 1MB LEARF., STOCK AND FIXTURES OF an old ubnebed liqoor atorw. No 11 Centre Market place qppoadte Centre market. A good place for buatcem. doing a good trade u r the laat eleven yearr. Aa the p'eaent ! I ow ?r A givng up b nlD"?a it will be wild cheap. Kent low. ! TJIOR HALF IN JFR'RY ''1TY, CORNER OK SOUTH , J? Foirtk tnd Monmouth Atreeta, a tbraa yean' haae of a i fljat rate (Jrocery and Wine Store, together with a lock and tilpjrea a.l In ?-i e order. Satia'aclory reaaoci for aelllng. Ap ply Irnnierlately in the premiaea. For sale- a baku vin. restaurant and i.iquoR Saloon, n llr kdway. rent.fllOO. tl-e ow ner going to Europe, rr itl aell w itb>> . ary delay. Apply to WKlUiuT A SMYTilK, ut >aaaail ktree^ GtORwRALE-A KIRBT CLASS (1ROCRRY BTQRF, IN A p ibnkly ril ed neighborhood, trade *SdU psi m mdr, rent i low ?'ock ''b* wt'.l >>e a ild cheap. No ag?nw need apply I . M '. X W KLL, ltd I bird av., near r aeoty w. ?nlk at. J ! . | full c ALF. -FOR StOO- AfECOND HANDFRIK CANAI. i r Hi at. Apply to DaYENFOBT, at Hie bar, 126 W&ab I ii.gum aires t. I IT" R HAI I- THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A WKLL I" eetaMiafeed Liquor store. In the lower part of lite eitv. drine a fa'r buberw. and having a lease of three year* yet . it eipired np m the premies*. Keti' exceedingly low. and < piw,- ae n .iv 'ij immediately. Vildrewi O. I! I'., Herald oft, to. . JUVlR ?ALE?THE STOCK, FIXTURES AND LEASE OF P lilt ir. e curie i Restaur.. :,l an.! Oyster Balis m down : i <*n. we,I ftted up and doing u g *! h.,?.nees. So?. ien ea r >r loqaireat ilh John ftlWl Fiiiit PaLK OR FXCHANiIE-AT HALF ITS t'ALl'K, A i in 'm Factory, etalnlhorp ? patent monl. bur inaelUre e, i air, an neceaaarv apiagratua, very lAuuulme and nearly ae*. Ad 'caabbk i,75l Ftiat oftice, New Tort. ; / " R '< FRY A NP LIQUOR STORE FOR SAL* l*H* AP. XT M al be ?otd bftfore Tkneaday ou aecouat of n?hc? huai i ran ll'SKl H'aad. LuW rent. Apply at 111 Wrat Kigkleetith , ?treev (" R' FRY t IR SALR?BKAUTIFCLLY FITTED UP. J tb ? - k' a n a p'i'tn nen' Mr.'-r . 1.1 th- .ngbf re ir "k and all complete, and will give a bargain having ikber 1 >' insi* down town. ' MQ?S A SOCTHWICK, 11 Naeam Atreet. 12HOlOORA'H GALLERY ?OR S\LR-CHRAP. AS the i ener leaviog the eity In Se|,tember Tbla la a line Bancs for a pemai to Snvcet a traa'I anciuat for mis of ths Dial htfsd na Gallertee In Hie city, complets with every thing 'o carr? on a large an ! s isnalve boilnsak. rent low; I t<u ua eaky Inqmrk at the Gallery IK H?w?ry. 3 I BAl*K9 or RKAI.JCWTATW, A HOrsK AND I.'?T FOR PA Mf TN IRRHEY TTT, H nearl* tlni?h<-d basement bru-k hwlog msn'.?l? ma wl I w..>rr, price *1 i?iC A/*o a brick house for >.800, with all apodcrr> cmfnrt?. A!a? a <<>rnar Residence, mag?Hrer.t lit nijie, prjre flo.ikfi. Terms easy. Apply at 7# Jerssy a.enue BKK.1KN IIK1U1IT8, N. J.-HCHDINO J" OTM, 08* four in fVbicre ctij lots ea*h, beasbfully located, one 'id a half ml'e* from ,l. r?. y ?'?> b7 h>rte rall'oad, near 1 Milch Keloruitd and Presbyterian churches. Apply IoCHaH. W. WaKD, No 41 Water mreet. IDAUM OR COCNTRY NEAT WANTED.?I WANT A r good firm <>r <'mmtry Kent near New York, /or which I whin in (iiv to * luorigsge on the place lor a part, and for tha other part a good tu*nula< tu< uig 'look Gail at tba Johnson lli use, t'li ('hoinhere street, room HH. between the hours of II A.N and 2 P.M. . ?? / * |iH)A RAIiK -ON MI'KHAY Hll.L, TUB F1RKT t/LANS r four Btnrr brown atone front blouses, with hlKh stoops, Noa 76 and 77 thirty fourth atreet, near Fourth areoiM. Amw boux > are built on an entirely new and improved plan,Awing three room* deep, replete with all the modern ImprnvesMala; bi.111 by day'* work, hardwood door* and Mack wain tit stairs. Tern *'o milt pure.hH*ers. Apply to MATTHEW HYKNKH, on the p'emlaea. Thirty (mirth aireel la a ona hundred fooS street FOR HAl.K-A VaLUAHI.K fruit and garden; r arm, eituated In Ko Aland county. N. T., one mile from the uppe- p ennout station ou the Northern Railroad, N. J.. containing forty arm with ahimdauoe of choice fruit anIV k""d bulldinfi; water brought from a spring to the house and | haru Price SA.Ouu Term* of payment eaiy For partlcu " VV"' 5! XVAVAN80*,"n?n?ont. F)R KAt.K?AT A SACRIFICE, OR WILL TRA.OH TOK city Property, ? beantful Country Beat and six acres of I#round, 6^4 miles from the ferry. IV??s?4uuon imrn^tl1atelv fti?SSlr??;, /or fnrthar p*rLcuUr? injure of HlMflKH it I NPKKHILL, '77 Fulton street, HrunlUvn. FOR RALR-ON LIHKKAL TtKMH. A HOl'SK AND acre of laud. bssutlfully ait naiad in the villa** ol Woodiswn, Bouih Bergen, N. J., within three hundred yards of the home ? Jwy Oby and li?ri;eo Point. Inquire of WM. HOWE, II Moutgoiuery street, Jersey <"lty. IjH)R HALB?A FIRST CLASS RBOWN STONE FRONT 1 House ui 1 rl v i . v, i o ?twj *?,th avenues, lu a very dc.tmbie location. For particulars annly tr> B. K MihiRM, <*tlos Ruth Avenue Railroad Company, Mar the premier a. For balk-on kast terms, one or tiir hkkv Ferine in Bereen county, aituaiod alainl elyht miles from Jereey City, quarter of A miir from the Alitor limine larm and one kin! m mile from Holling serins eiAllon, m New t irfc And Kile Railroad. Raid farm contain* H0 Hi re*, ft aerea of orchard. la liyt high eutetof cultivation, well watered und,uader excellent fence. The buildings comprise a new two slurp frame dwelling house, with moderu improvements, barn, stables. Ac., all nearly new. Apply to HENRY BRAND, on the premiaee, or by letter to Jereey City Post ofBce. T7?OR BALK?A NKW AND COKMOIIIOt'S' VILLA r llonae, liH-en rooms, aplecdid water view, lyine on 1>7U> street near Port Morris a few minutes' irom threw railroad stations snd the Harlem lerry. Price SO 800.with ' four City lute; only $1 OU) each required. Inquire of R H. KLTOH, it Beekman street, or on ibe premises every afternoon. IjViR HAI.K-A BROWN ST ink FRONT UOI hk, in perlect order, 20x80, three stories, hasemeutiu 1?. rnlcr cellar, situated on Murray Hill. Th'rty fifth street, i .sea Fifth and Sixth a enues; price fill iHM Immediate possr aslou can he had. Applv Ui KaYNuR A BUCK WELL 1,129 Broadway, next to corner Thirty fourth sliect FOR SALE-t HKAUTTFCI. COUNTRY RKunWK. oonsUtiig of 22 acre* of land, tu a high alate of culture; one large double Honae and one n*w Collage B?>r? Stabler and out bouses. ,i I in goo : poiidplnn caul fruit In ?l nilan- ?_ pond Irorrt, A?i . eituiite.i tiu?' mile friim the IWh Motel. on. the road In PlA'hurh. 1. I A larr" p.irt of tb? p ir< l.aarj money rati remain < ri bond unci mortgage for a term of yoara.. I in) Hire of H f (.PAKE 1"A Lauren* nt*eet, M V., or El). WaRD HAGAN, Ou the prriuihi-h Fob sale?a i.arge immvy tiurpk, mx verbs* old, mlttb.e for a e? i i?tre or ?-xi>re*? warn- 'ivpxtreooreerof Hroetiwaj and Brounr meet, baaem?nL for Idrl'l.-.: SCHWARTZ., .Ir. FOR SAM-CHOT'E FARWXfl r,?XDS. *KI,i. ho rated In rri'intloa well fettled, in Mil biirtii and Wi .. nnatn, for rale, or would e it bit life for uteri bandiaeand pay pari ?ah. Adorn* ,1. J II , Hera.'d olllce. AU oomm'inlcntlona flrlrtly contidentlul. For baiv-in orbenpoixt. a xbtt two itorv and I .isement H-ure and Int. in good order, >mve~ nlent to the fn' >e?: term* accommodating. Apply at KM Atlaolto ftreet, Ki noki) n. _____ For sai.e at a bargaix-so or imj a -huh osgood land, In Iowa; will be fold for ?2 .iOperarrr oaah. If applied lor within three d?v?. I'artiel wishing to pur .-hater ran addreae 1'bifip Anderaoti, box 141 Herald office. For bam on east terns-a medium size ftestelate hooae on Madlaon avenue, near Thirty fourth ftreet. Contatna all modern Improvement# and la In perfect order. Add reef e. I. , box S.6S6 Poat oBee. For sai.e or exchange?a dkhtkaih.k hocbb with fix lota, at Mtatew Ialand, within a faw mm.ilea of Htaplrtnn landinjr, and commanding a One view over the bay. Ve?ael pniperty of aatta'aetorr dearrtpUoo will be taken In ea. change Apply to A. E. POSTER k OO., No. H Pine ftreet. For half, or kxvharob?hrvkkal well ijo rated iwii atnry brick IiweUlnga, Dear Fulton avenue, Brooklyn. I wtll take .10 per cent mall and trade; badancemajr remain. Addrrm Union, Herald ofllce. For nam or ric'iianoi-a splwdto farm of thirty right urm. beautifully located and of eaey ae in the riir. wild Hr?t clam dwelling. outbouae*. Ac., aoit plenty of fruit* of all kind* A ?'ream of water run* through in Apply to HROWN a RONN, *2 Numuiit atreet. For half, or kxi manqk-for a hmai.l, place or K *rm on i be Hodann river, ond not a born TarryUrwn, a tirat claw H..ore in Brooklyn. well rented. paying ten par cant, near feriteaand ear*, with every eonvenlenee, or would imrrbiiAe il cheap Addreaa, with price, terma, Ac., Morgan, box )m Ucald ofllce. u?or rai.KOR KM HAM1K-F.t.KVKN vai.uabi.k up r town Inta, elnht ill town llowara and Lota. and real ealauv In every part of me l'n tea Nt?'ee, at the a ??n.'an Knal Ka tale and oce.'ling oilier, a 17 Broadway, In the breement. U. L. lltlUHB, Attorney Fjltir NAF.K ok TO i.kt?Till NRW THRFR hTORY blown alone (root hrnnt No c?> Wen Forty tilth atreea, between filth and rlrth avenue*, ?lan, the new three etory Honae Nc 12-' Vtr?i Forty el>.ttlh Freet, bet* -en Sixth antt Seveiiih avrnnae; rent, per annum A > liKt'.W lefcrtit a fo , MB Chamber* (treat. For ram i.ow-a bout po aorfr neavtl.t tim be red farnPng land In t'ennaylTania. well lo-ated aril watered or will t>r ejrb.iuged for any or Br 'klyii property merehandlae or a good i. ,?lneaa bloi is a miutmwiuk, 12 .va*ae i atreet. niiuakr. lots. ? 11y iv. i itkrv mil bb4i. Rafale wanted ?We ei hung* Hale irtth real *elair ager- , and allow Iketn half oil' chargeal le r> cmleainti, alao half the. romnnee'ou t1 ?*le? that (her make for ua Aaerieau Heal h.alate and Collecting ntbre iv* be>wtway. il. /. hocus. ailnmey tirantkn-dO.oou At'RRR TV* AH LABOR, BKTWgRN tv the Hrar * and Trinity rt?er?. Panama owning good nttaa land! wlahlug In cell pleaaa aeod daacrtpti n cf (and, wbal county in and abatrart of tltlea, to 21 Piatt atreet, rare o* Kicharda a Firury, or ad draw and I will call on them. JAN. UUNVEKNB tir-antl o-to kxfll aniir |hm?hf mowrt and a tv goat Karm it .aw Krrea, In lb m *et county. New Fork, Wllh large and goat hulldlnga orchard a Ae. and within one mile of a floui whin* rtllage and two rutin ada, for a atork of Ireah giaala Add rem boi 117 Rorheater. n t. tlfantkn-fflr c4rh, or WOULD kxchanok tv rlty property far ranant Iota In taie rlty, alao a t'arm on the norta of Unglauud, bonne* and lota on the Unit a> n. In .Irraev City and Brooklyn, at the a mere- ,u Real Mhau and t ollecung < ', 20/ Brmdway o. 7. noDR, Attorney, ElCUHIIlOm. P'ari.t morniw.j excursion to tur ClfOMRA j heoka -The favorite aea ateamer iii'.vf KKNn, cap . j. loivall. will ike an early eienraam to the t h .lera Raaka on Ihnraday Ananat w, itdu. laavtag Jaekauu atreat at i '* o clock, reck alp ? j prectecly Ban and chowder Mrnlah-1 free llctetaKI Kefroahmenta of the beet quality f in lafeed at the bar. l.taea < an be procured ,,t) t?*rd Mi k lockwood, i j?ir ctlukd, 4 h ounn, (Vurir. tee john v. iifbiin. i john (' it k a11 4 tf, | Wll.l.l att bofiqh, (Hand Admind and Caterer KABI.F MORNINO rxudrrtom to tff ''7i<>!.kr? hi nka ?III n t hrhr, t'apu j. pDuvall. wtll repeal her early niorniiii-et' .irahw on Wedneelay, A-gnat 29, leavinc Jn. k?.o Ilree'at U, A tl , Perk Blip at I o'eiock A M., bait fun la) "d gratia, line* and refreahmeeta ran be had >n board. Patr?2. wai.tbr d i'tbothfs. _ JOHAFH UUVALl TPXCCRMOK ARnt frn STATKM HU.ARH-OX TWIR* JTj day, A .'ilNli. ?( ' fawri'a 1' ?m?r THi/MaM Ml XI * II mala an afcnraww amend (At aim aland and down Ihc bmar lla. aa lar aa ."audjr Ho k, b-a in* f?4 .? Harrla/ uroi at I" A II . ramming, wbJ arrlra in X?n Tort by S P. P 1 k-kaia 'J rtL'0 /'HASP Jinoj*l.l?HT r*.TRHl<>!? TO F1JIARAXT 'T V allay, on Wc.fncadar arming, AngiatJB 104) Tba aiar miaai Al.l> * PKI?'K will leara Rm.mam atraat al H. b| rip* alraa! al h't Amraa.raal at Twrnlr par- nd rtrwrt, at 'I attd fi>rt> tldtd atraat al H'4. o clock Tlcketk Ml mow a.iaoii.r>? a gatiUr man and lady. AmXTluX < irMPAMY -TIIK MNRKT PLAT# aar.nt.t Kaw Arid for target c.nniranlaa la Pktlilon Hill, I ral Uniting UmttMia,. Ma tan I wand ldhara! arraora n ' u'a man. with cnnmiUoaa. t>iv# na a call bat aa angarm* a a.-alia a. R. K. RNt.K? A (Xj. TJ TAKOKT ? < MTAM1RR.-A HW PI.AI-B-PAMHAIO fiila Pa'arwni. X J.-W?ara now inran In mcafta atr "*t<<na. 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