Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 29, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 29, 1860 Page 2
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2 Board of Sap?rt lion. * OTT CH4M?yg<LAIK HTOPT'i CAHW B1FO TELA KTIMVImiKO KKiHATKK.-. -AMIKTNT OF MOW TO Bft KAIS1I> BY TAXATION? HAKI.KM RIVFK ! r ROT KM?.S T ?CO11VTIO.V ALIr Y OF TUB 04 TUAL FAHX COMMCdtON?AOOHKO ATK VALO ATI1 OF A-?i-.RH>ABlK PROPKRTY IK THK CtTY, KTt . Tlie &*rd of Super-riser* n?et At the r rooms yesterd At three o'clock, President Stewart in the chair. The minutes of the last meeting were rtvl and ( peeved. cm molten ol Sai>?? ?.eor Blew, thetuUiwmg rosoltitl *M ail <pted ? IteBOi' ed, That the Coinm lire on Uouuty Others be u th r. 'f'l anil directed to have four iron bookcases plac In the Regist?i 'a .other, and the auui of eight hundred di lars be appropriated lor that purpose. Several oommuDicatirns wore received and referred > n>?smi which a as one fro IticSurrogate, asking that his office ni ght Ik- cleaned ot ItefenM to the C'otnm ttco on t'iril Courts. A.e> one from the R<-< rder, that tine licaot fteaj.oos court room needed renovating On motion of Superv ?or the following w ad^pud ? Keto vrd. That there be showed iu the office of tl t'mrh of the Hoard of .supervisor* a second asemlaut clei at a salary of < ght hundred dollais |wr auuuui. to ta elect A ^uM 1, 1M0 to bt paid from the apprupriali r><'"? and that Str t. A Woodward be ap|to,nled Ba.d position. | On motion of Supervisor kly, gl.odo was appruprUl for repairing the Supreme Court rooms, cuoervu-or Tw kxi? ottered the following ? Reeolrid, That this Hoard now proceed to ballot l two papers to print the laws pasted at the l ist session Ul" legislature laid over until nest me 'ting. On moliou of Su|h rvihor lh i .vr, the Cuiumiltet.i on d Dual lanes and hiuU? ml Matinoery w re directed obtain the bond of the County Treasurer for the faith |w tforn,atiCc of his duties, and that they be empower to need for persous and jwpers as they may require dJo.barge the .r autv The same Superrtaor ottered the following ? tUxMVfd, That the legal adviser tl this djard be ai he e? hereby requistrd to inform tins Hard whither I amount ailowid by tli" Stale lor County Treusurer fse-i on the Mate uxts assessed against the county of Sc York, beag one |*r cent on -orb amounts, belongs to tl county, or whether it is s law! ul perquisite of the Chum be latu of theeity, as has been claimed by and allowed UiHt othcer A d opted The tame Supervisor also olered the following ? rieSOlVt-O. mm II IB IH'Ulir IU- ur auu IJV- I- U'-I by, respectfully requested to uform this Board whetb there uos tM-? u any uuderetauduig with or sgrccoMDt i the part of Nathan C. Plait, the present ( hwmberlaiu the citv ol New York, to the i Bet that he, the said ciu1 either as such Chatnlwriaiu or a- County Treasurer of t county of New York, shiul i??y interest on the whole any portion of the public moneys belonging to the coun deposited with him from time to time. Adopted. The same also otfered a reeolutiou, which was adopted That the County Clerk be directed to fc,*iit to the t??a at the oext meeting whether the County Treiourer h made the re|>ort required by tbe law, and if so, lo furuu a copy of said rejot t to this Hoard K (>a motion of Supervisor i'l not , a special committee IDur was appointed to take into consideration ino gubje Of appointing Registers, and to recommend > iilable pe Boos lor such pcailiou* ooMrraonaa's ssimkt Compiroi lks's (hues, August JH, lHfiO. t urr jorsx ov thk bosun or ru raatteo.'ir ui iits Out my i Saw Yos* ? The preamble and resolutions a I opted by j our honor fcle body on the l'iih ol .fuue last requested the Complrc ler to prepare sod submit to the Board of Hujiervisors tl following, wis ? 1 tall males of tbe additional appropriations require (. be made for county iwrpoees for the prestut year 1. A draft of a suitable ord Insure to levy tlie lax<e fn B-.ste, county and city purposes for the year 1MQ. The estimates of additional ai>| mprialions neaded bar already been (uruuhad?(see Comptroller's commun.cs lion (4 99th July, piloted to the >roal,?n pag : o 82 ) Tbe draft of a suitable ordinance to levy tbe taxes fo the year 1890 Is herewith submitted, top' ihor with a ti feuiar statemeut showing the various purposes for w hie Abe several appropriations for Mate and county purpose mere made, and tbe means of payment; also s staiemci Of the amounts lo be provided for city purposes, sod i respect to the several sums to bo raised by taxation, r< fbrrtng to the various laws authcrixisg and requiring tt Board of Supervisors lo levy and raise the aauie. Amtoraunoa* ron mat* asp oocjerr rrKixsws. Tbe amount of the appropriations made by tbe Hoard r Supervisors for Mute and county purposes for the yes IWJ, I1U lOliOWt ? By ordinance ap,iruved by the Mayor I?oember 31,1869 $3,686,998 C lena reduction per ordtuance approved J ily 10, 18o0 000,.TOO C Total $3,382,808 B reeoiuUoo approved May 0" 1H?>0 u.IWO I B> ordinance approved July lo, 1VW 100.r?65 I By reeo.utiou approved July 10, ltbO .... 1,400 i Total * $3,o44,7SSG i Additional amount rtqured m |>er t'omptrolItr't eat man 23,630 I T >tal M.M8JM i Tii.- payment or the above amount is to be provided ft an foilowt, rlr ? 1 By latat.oo b $3,432,443 ' Si By etriae liccoae teca 0 s'?J0 ( 8 By geueral fond at ,030 < Total .83,678,333 t Arn&nuiTMis rent rrrr rrrn'onan The amount oi appropriation* made by the Cotnmc Council Ibr tho tupport of the povernmeni of the city i Be* York for the year 1S40, the payment of intorett o that portion of the city debt, and the annual inattlmeni t poo Ui prtnci|ial thsreof which it pAyabl.* from tan tloo, U at folio* ? ? By onl.nance approved Jan 27,1840 Vj 92tMi 3 Lena reduction per ordinance approved July 88, 1840 11,000 0 Total 84 917 Jib J 3 By ordinance approved July 24, l?4o 80.300 0 Total 80.003.S92 3 Additional amount aa per Comptroller'* ?t otatct *. Bo* 'i of Aldermen, Document No 17, 1840 8423.340 Add for lalereat on publie Hoc it for rebuilding "iompkini mar het, omitted 17.000 ain m i ToUl KJti.ttt 1 Tbe payment ot lb? above Is to be provided tor so f?i to**, vtt ? I 8) taxation $8,923,8:2 01 3 Wy (be revenues ot tbe gens re. fun J 020.040 38 $0,643 312 3 a'-ornr or awry to hi raisbp ht TAX?r;o.v For Sua# sad county pur poeea. as above stated . 83 '32 l$C 08 Additional amount to b? le vied, to supply dcflcieu C tea in tbe product of the lua, as pee sec 6 ol chap 600, Of U?e laws of 1000 08 ,..51 31 K 001 9ii> ( For City purposes $6,038 862 01 Additional turn to cover deflciencm. a* per ser 1 of chap 640, of I be laws ot MM 303.190 68 0.127,942 t total 08.724 OCT < Tteura heretofore letted for maay tram |?*l bat been for fust tbe amount of the annual approprUtiot (no altowaace or provision bating been made for del cteoclea in tbe |>roduct of tbe turn, arte tog from crroceot MM? I riti and from Inescs by con collection of Uxee u pera-oa. property), which are estimated t hare amount.' bo upward* of Hirer per cent of the rumt actually levto The tax law for the preaent year prottdew for the di Bcieociea to accrue from the cause* abore stated, by n quiring that an additional sum shall be levied lor ths purpose The amm.nt reqt red to be raised in HuO. t?> pay the at propriat ooa tot all purpose#, is Of.160 lie 7 Tbe additional amount authorized to pro tide for deOciencKw on the prodnct of the taslevy.ts 171.781 ? Tot*: $'>.738,01,; o The amount of the tax levy of I860. wlthont iae.ading anything for in the product thereof, was P,4OO.'VJ0 0 Blowing a decrease in 1?80 of 81 "2 884 4 asdHxr Taicuno.vs oi rnorgair a.vo iuii u isia nop. The table e\hibiu tbe comparative agcr'gan ratuattcni of property la 1469 and I4d0. the rale am amount of taxation in 1169 and tbe propose I rate am amount in 1880 throughout the county as well a* With.t U> lamp and street districts respectively ? ISM raf?4/|on. Ifo.VyierllO* A wc- e' OouJty 8661.Wo .122 103 826 9 026 474 ; Lamp diatr ct 6."..,.too lot 8 636 46 < a;m 6 Street district *31.462 616 7 060 374.892 81 *Hal 8178 110 8.800.844 I yw" vj i nullum w il<"J is rll'nu rj IMMi. 819: T*M amount 6?"?W ?:? 01 1*40. 'afiia;i <w?. ftatepn-1100 Amount. COaat/ ..0677.210 AM 1M1*7 9 004,047 sj La*pd?trtct Ml.**,OM T Ml 4J.1.M4 SI Btcwt dJitnct Md,*4i?,dvS 6 416 M9.96* i?J Total SI AS ;?M 9.737.997 it [am Of frvt out miii<7 to extending 11MM. TO 06 Total amount IO.7M.067 60 SThU# It thu* appear* that there ta ar actual decrease la the amount of the tti torjr, which, with tb? ncreaae la U>? tb.jatioe of property, will cauao a parent,ble dlf fwww la tba rata of Usatioa. the Comptroller mat at priw ha diaappoiGtaipnt and r?cr?t that Uie fain in ibn r flit direct"* I- ao much amailer thaa be anticipated lie had roaflrfaotlf hoped for a more edcctlra cooper* t <>a la bM eftorU to reduce papealitureo, wbi.b would litre left a larger portloa of the roreoueo of the goner*] r PC to he applied to the J'tBiQ'.t ou of the anoaut to be fSt.?ed br taiatioa. It moot be borne la atlid. however that a confld?-abie I'm .nt le Included ib I be prnert of lite lot levy of !> ? I mi [. 'p+j Ml!, or tcj f/ iff 1*17-tUt V - Ut; N1 ' nrmlleatlOO Of I'jllv ! a!*. wHVrcit ?* ? sa.ieit u KK "f the JfOffr BO 3 l Ipai ad'llOTtt' - fi * \ te*S liltf t.. i i-olU- ill ro'atlrri ou ' '*3 0/ V I*.'.-'a.-. M'M-f.' the or money ? be iv lkfkntMitwi< ir,*r? * ! ?IhnmmmiI till' (r-.Kint -;i. ? ithOi t til - on VII Of koo#V.lp o! ON tbr loniV'tiinrMt<?, ti?re ? ?dy h en convn alcv 1 to 0"l 1:03 ?' ?.? t?"i (-'?>? J ' il, J !' 7J TV ay " It * 1' be not ed t ...t the pr jpotsel or t uanr* |>*ivi le= th it the * >rk of extending lb it m of use? this y<hi rhail I" per' 'nut ' under llir- :.r cl.oa and 1'i^erv -nm of tp tiji t mpl W The r a oiv f>r this have been i Ply t *t.'i ioprevi'i' 'f-'tu -o;?ti? us Reepectf'lly aobmitt t, ROOT T H xW.1, Comptroi r A coamuUiiatiou wax iKi lvvd from tue Engineer m Ihufof tin' Harlem Riser itupror eur.ut, slating ilul the 11 survey had beta c? uiplcted, and lhat tu plans aai e? eJ pew? i-f the proposed in.;..- iremenl u;v1) J* propaiod as jl rs Jl\ u circumvlaurxt i? i i porui.t fc.-o I ta' nU r iuhs have beta run t > deter rune IV pra itieabihty to of a ounai of auittcicut f-apueily to aituit oi too pun age >,' m TCfciols lira* tug Un foot of water ( Tbo tii tt of theac lun a at i. u> fr oi a point oa tha H i:' >t. I ni riser butwcoai Wiih a^.i I tilth Jtr-it and at.ikja thi liutltuu near the tortumat.uu of the latter at. cel. _j The second line roiurac .i*? at a point cm ib ?< jto-riy t-'.ore of Sherman'* criic.aal i.ic:i , '.ho H L- ei at 'lutby Hock as Tl.1 thirdtlue paste* lino .;h th*lo* g: on if 1 uaar !>yc* nun ?i ai.iJ, an.] tenu uaU at rpu. too f>-.>vti A commoniiiilru was received" (ruin UU Honor the he Major, transmitting a otrUfloal o(lkiOkMKi| im of h, to. llarkai Bi nl*f, sho* ti t; that tb oxpiju. an oJ} ahe turret aro to,379 01. RaK-ricd to th. Oooiinittei ou va I n nnl Taxea. to l.rc?noC. Hrisi? >af the Co'jioiatioa Iousac., in roply to ih" rttofotiM formerly p.-. . 1 to.s Boa.d i fin iUm till led otiiuioa ujioit the conttif itloijality <>l the u'.of lio7 and l5t)0, ia rv atlou to the i^ictrai I'aik, a?y?;?'ftie Nn^crviaor* a?iui to bav bad ni inin t t?i?objecuoui to i Ui.r !e<is.atioa. ttiat the Coucmasioupim w?e appoutivt for ty the legislature i st.^d of beio,; elected ot appointed 01 , by tli? local ai Ibor.tieH ? ( toe city, and toil fi.tnls are to , he ra.. i<d for the gorcromcut aa vroil u lo? loiielruotion Of the Pail. " lost As the powem and d .'-.esof the in- ( mn.iSi:loners are all to bo exercised within and for the to i ? ty ol New York, Uu y are avidculiy city officers, and lui h< such they seem to (all within the provision o; the cooe.I rttutmii which g,\es the election or spp liniment of tit" to city officers to the local authorities. (Alt. 10, t> 2). Bat I thvf.uTlol Appeal held in tbe Mill n|>oliUu 1'oiuv case j (I'.-ot if vs. Draper, li N. V., 682) that the constitution lit j iiiosl (> uadecetoo as speaking ol officers whoso offices he < s.sled by law at tho time the instrument was adopted, 's to mod there was then no snob otll*?S * used tiie Central Puis. Tbe office was not crested null! tie ltoT. ?***??? ? r Whatever may be thought of the r tic* or expediency to | of those lews, it they ao not violate the consututinu they | f-houkt be lollowed After a short dao -uuou by Puper . iors Tweed, Purdy, I ut anil By, the onotiianimation was referred to tue ,r"- | ( 'uiuitlcc on Annual Taxes er j Supervisor Bi cut cffin-d a resolution reducing the fees in 01 i lie Sheriff ol ihc county , tor every trmivript ol' cowol i vu tiim tout to the Soerotary of State to 12>j cents A'ter It, o" dernble debute pro Slid eon the resolution was I ?,t. he The Locum.lie on Annual taxes re|x>rted that the agziv>>r irate valuation ol llie rem estate in the City ot New 1/ York is *8M 6S:: 6lk f onai estates ol reeideuia i6u.6T6.ATS IV < sonal estut- s ol oon res.denis la.Ill ,1th! rd Total $f>TT.2C0,6jS as .x'terai t> ''s e re reported upon by tho connuitlere, sh a I adopted, and nt had past five IV M the Board adj ricd i utii the lltb of ,-sep tern her at three P. M of ct r Akkk-i oi "Bkimoi Bill" n, Boeiov ?The nolortnis M lltam Waiburton, or, as be is usually culled, "Bristol ). I,' says the Bostou Trai'lUr of tue 27th inst., was arl,-led in this City, by Ivpuly Chief Ham and officer Jelli 1 y, i, a, on oat ui day. Warburton was arrested at Providence 1 few mis,lbs since (or shop breaking and larceny or a ' k. barrel of flour,isdmb11 beratedm which ho torj. | I iled His iHiudsmcn obtained the |M/ter* norontsary for , 10 I. ? arret, and iiolilied the |>ohce ol this city, but he was 1 j not . ecri by them till the officers named above discovered ,1 h.m at trie hastem depot on Satur-iay afteru<s>n. Mr. / liiui caught him by the collar, auJ Bill made some re r ti-Lunce, attempting to draw a "billy," but did u,>t sacI r< <xi, and was s|>eedily secured. Ho wai taken back to t g l uridence this morning, aiffi is cxjiectcd to tiave bis j II lal this wetk He deuit s his guilt, but tbe government 0 li.ivi a strung rose against him. r ~ PKHAONAb. U TP CORNK1.ICH MiAUl.IFKK, I.ATKOK NOW OKL.KAN4, .s 1 will plriae call or aeod his addrcis to liwi Wei; lwa.ily. euhth street he will bear from his mater, Joanna Anderson. New Orlaai a papers please oopv. n i ? INFORMATION WANTKD?OK WIULIAM H. (IIBB.A, IV 1 lunuerij a nvnhaut in tbe city of New Fork. Any oer Son who has any knoa .edge ot his whereabouts will rouler a grant fatur by addressing William Dee, Nos. 6 and 7 Nsw ,f Hawn Ka lroad Buildings, N. Y. f iKvoRuiTina irivTi'iunr Rnuritr i iihn IX stevedore When last wfd was going to juuea' WirnL to the Hennn Festival, lied when led betaren three and four hundred collars with httn. Any information concerning hu> w hereabout* witl be thankfully received by lleo. C, A. K akrr, M1 61 bouth atrcet, for hia family, who th.nk he be* been foully _ with. w INFORMATION WANTED?OF ISABELLA QUINN. XI J. who formerly lived with Mr. Charlea lioodycarln New X) lla en Conn . nuppoeed to be now Uvtnj; in New Yorkctiy. If (X) Hi.r will rah upon Mr. Lucna, 62 Fourth atrenue, ehe will hear cf a>> naihtnj. to her adt nutate. ^ If AJ< >K HKLM, VNITKD NTATKH CONSUL IN THE J.V1 ptwt of Havana, now supposed u> be In or near Una city, 90 w ill hv ar of aometiitogol importance oy aruding hla address ? to Joe. k Thoa. A. R. Webaier, 94 south street. 50 * . >r VTKXT OK KIN OK CIlANLCD VECTOR WANTED ? XI fhartes Vector, a native ot Rutland, in the yew ISUl. to waa about 16 yearn of ate. and then left England for the Lulled v> States of America, where he continued to reatde until aoout k the year 1*26 In the year 1627 he wraa reaidinf tn Castle aueet. Lmeealrr square, Umdoo, and la aupp,wed to hate returned ? won afterward* to the Lolled Mates. and Would now be sbout it 72 yearn of ate. The aaid Charles Vector (It living', or If dead, hla neat of klu. or residuary legatee, may hear of wioneUuny _ to their ad i an late on application anu tarnishing the ne?eaa*rt 1>r rvldeme to Mr. Robert John I'hild. Noltcttor, 11 Ula Jewry ^ f hambera, Old Jewry, Istodon. H / 1HCAH D.-YOUR MOTHER IK NEARLY CRAZY. KX t- v turn home, all may be forgiven. At least, write V R V., TremoaL Wcatcheeter county. 6 j TR. T.-TI7K TOLNO MAN WHO CALLED ON Hid mother la?! Thuiwday nlgbl to aav he was r'uig lo aue _ her she this mother < is afraid he Uaa lorguttea, as be is lost g wwh the tftger tn lludsou avenue, near the Jackson ferry. * mil* OKNTLKMAN FROM R08TON WHO LOST A , 1 sum ot money on Krtday errnint. August 21, will pirate rail at 16 tireene atreei. as money baa Deen touod. Moetou pas' i pera please ooyy. TMK I ARTY WHO RECEIVED INCHAMOR A MEXICAN dollar roln at lbs drut sure of Wtggtoa corner of Teoth etreel and 1 h.rt irtatw. will oalhre by returning the ?amn and recwlie the thanks of beings keepsake and w ! passed ia?I ertaii ,y ? Tl'ANTED RIOIIaMD HAHEY. NATIVE OF AKHWKLL, M TT llerta Wauled Viae Will, .ma, of Mount at , Whiur| < kapel, Unid <n, le** E^w.aod INN. or bit heirn. A leo, Francis ! Ws.degra.e, of England Apply to Mi. Hays, Urraldiy oflcu, MV Unmdway, Naw York. H*riI>OS-4'AU. AT THE OFFICE ON THURSDAY TV grit, at tea o'i'lort. BARCLAY. d ... ? ? ? - | ^ TUB 1MTA>T. ^ ^ BROOIil.l N ZOUAVK CADET*.-AT A MK KYOTO b'ld a: x7 Kulion ?irf' id Ttieaday, Aaruai 28, lb- fol I lowing ct ff.i ?ere d - l *Oi loeol. Cbarli a New jourg, Ueulauaiil Colonel Fraab tVUlUma flrat IJettrniu'. ThI il n W Ore-g , Second Lieutenant, Mmil Hyno, Orderly ! hrraeaot, FranA Dillon y'iarterui.?"tcf, Kngeae Icbl , Ku | gtneer. Joe K Ku bu tem. X? I lAmOOEI.TM ZOUAVK CADKTH. NOTICE THK NKXT i Jj regular ? tn? of tbe ompany will be bold uo Friday e.eioOR, Auguet HI. nl .177 Fulion etre t, Hi ookl) n. Mrmberi ; are requeeted to be punctnal. roll .-ailed atSo'alocfc. * no* I m on between tbe ngr of 17 to At, niabtod b> join. will plraet j rail a: ho abore plare, initiation fee A'. - 1 ASTHOIAKAV. ? A BONA FIDM AATROLOOlsT, THAT KVERT ONR ' A nan depend on. la Madam WlIJtON, wbn utla tho object lb Of jmir ?iat: aa ?ma aa Ton enter bor room. Madam la I the grrairel aau-niogial-W eror ?aa biio* n. olio will moottho powrra of her wonderful arleoee. ao.l tall all lb' f-nu if four whole life. Hor prediction* are ?> true tbat they aurpnae it . i tt (mo that rnwii bor. homo ladloo may ret a liuio tiaud, il tbo ah ih?? doom not roar, for ?h- praeticoe u.*bing but what I la mmnrtleable to rhi'uaopbera All eboti'd rooauli Una moat y irou.larfui and miatonmia ladjr tlor adtice baa ne*er boon , becwu to fail, and abo .Bora twenty tb) <an l dollar* ran ard to aar i?a wbo ran equal bor in the abota enenre. V It.? ' Madam WUat'D I* la poaaaaalon o: tbo colobraled m igle . haj mi ah!, b aro oror certain In Ibotrotleet. Truly aaar a be he .ailed I U moat wonderful woman Keai'rwee 1*9 Alma ntreet.beg twren H at h and tNanton urfi, oror ibe baker). Fee la I aU fur udka and aouUeman. Ml. aula. . a I- m~?a?e>. . ?? o a stomsiumo -Madime morrow, rrvkmth Ja <\a g-.ter bo-? wub aoaul Ml I of fiwan, lelUbow 0 am.i .ud otton you w . m.rry, an 1 man. r onla, eron > or art. though.a Fee Ji oenu, unt ll othnca *! >p coy) iug m a.l <oriiar'i onta. 184 Ludlow aim , below Uouatoa. U.uueu.-u not admiiiri 9 . f M.AIRVOYARCR?MR* HEYMorR'N MEPI'Al. y | V llatrtoyant Room. NH Fourth atroet. two block* wwai of Hmada ay Tbo moat critical aaodtral and baataeaa o Uoea day and orroln*. and pcnact aauafactioa ruartn ood al ^ I way a. or no pay laAra. 1 \f Alt A MF RAT IN THR RKttT CUAIRTOTART AND i?l Aatr.dotrat in the Fnltod Nlatoa tlirea 1 .cty numbara. , t eanaoe apoody marri.iaoa. teilaof loat pmpony. :?o ~ov?nib . urnuo. nrar Twenty acvcata tlieri. L*d.aa M ceu.a crnlia ' man 40 icniA MAi'*vr i.RAM'm lJt.VT, BFVBHTII IIAUUfTTKB? ' ? rvnautlnd abo i Marria*A, Abomt Mraidj; | 1 k- M Ail Ihr r riiM 4 Ufa at U4 MnM itrorA. I Ad Ma U *anla t f trtlrmru SO ,auin ? atiMs tpaair marrlaca aad jl?na lout* Jlw"' V N WHO II V* HOT UKARPOr THK CXI.KBICAnCD 1 1a . V a.L?m? 1'ltKWKTKK' Mw fc j barn amullii fey J A .^.la III Ihj wM>r n ^ *ut ml;-# ut.drii n Aba ? IkjmiP,!,,. aba feu nann'tAl bba taUa Ua naa* .if fmnra ' I aifr or kiuK?nd alao thM n> bar riaitnr. If ?<vt ?<<h iba i . k C?r hrr a ?a.;, ?i Jtl I had arnawa. afeura fwuuijur* amm. Idiaa 10 . fnj gnCtmr. ?U Rr \p rni.o -a niRixitTAiMrr awr abtkoia^iim thai 'Mala Ua worVd. an 1 fefejfv .'rawari for ani una who i I ana >S)>ial Miaa WLI.I.IbUToR, who la adkoowlndjai In ba 1 lhaotil) i? Ijr la ifeta cur wha trn'-Afullp rtma lafarmaUia ooa Innrau c Uaana. lawrula, jonrnara a bar at frtaeda. lora, anurV Alp aanUi*. baa.U. Wfaab. aa4 *br> ?ui rwlalia dr .nana ani unfaithful feiiafeacd* Mla? W la Ua oaly par*m la lAla 1 1 (Mr who baa ifeo fa ulna It-nan and Arabian lallamaoa l trr lorn, Iwk ?oi all bu*w?n affabra. and am fnanuiima fiir Ufa. iMlAf nn? to "ma i.t ibn oal irail* grind and I feaauUlnl ri?iBA ladr. Uiciy naubara ilraa. Hbffclr mapaetaola *1 rri rm.oaa nan ba aaaa at fear reRdeoee. Ml SuU aaro'Mk app*a?w llifetb araak , | WHO HAR ROT H*ARP Of TUB I Ff.RRRATKD tfulaiar II \Kvf Hfea haabaari moan'tad by U-niaan-lata I INK and iAb?r num. ab? Iran nniiidaal aba baa no nvial btaa IrUa Ua p i?. prmaiit aad fal ira wilfe aatlm aaUa(artH?. | . Mlrr bar aoal' ai Bib Mi Tan b a - n h< iMiilkdrfn riu , bad llnny ftfUi almata Indian H r* 14 (fanCam a a? ad I | ||ii a OH? a < -1 ' *T Hit ?"???? If l i AVI | dSiM Wlb.KR riairro aal aad r"V?d ml lad . na < raila Ua m??iartna <a r . m; r? nu--*r? a.u fr'aaia j * < a ' * i ? Mi pi irr^TW ^ ^ ^ ? !W YORK HERALD, WE _ liOIT AflTP yocyp. ijh>ckd-?oiiki> ajt^arbokbi* l wl?4 ('onjiB.-twn, a PuKtMIni, cnntatninx t anna <y motiey. The cmw cm hare Lue above oc prowua pctfcrt; by of >>?<*( Quudn.m, Aid Br wta? alreoi IOBT-A CIBTiriCATX (NO. ?t TOP. FITS SB ARKS J round Avenue Railroad, (taiidinx Iti th? uvni- of f.'ha.-leB .lolly wtm 1 at in Broadway or Part place By iMrin* H lArUhccof H Kolaud A huu. R) fclaroauge plaoe, ia? nodet w'.li be suitably rewarded. I("T-A CHECK KOB AIM) ON PACIFIC RANK. I>1 K i A .rust 30. LSdO. signed Oeo Aynuilt. endorsed b> VT, Ar*u;i. The public u cautioned anviast uett'ittaUnj n, I V uieu- having been .dapped at the b?u>. ICMT-TAKKK BY MIRTAKK PROM STKAMBUAT J Adda. fool (f J?y atm. ou Monday e?ruln^ vT-h w* , ? ChnmpaKTie Basket, lied with curd and marked 'I M C or Uir aide. Tbe Under, by returning urns to Samuel ? OS born*. Ti Pro at atieel. *111 lie suitably rewarded __ LC>feT-ON Not DAY ACQ CRT 17, IN BROADWAY BK t weer. btcwart's au l Ho?st<.o street, a Udy't 1 *ea?ti tu coral aud gind. The boiler aril! be aoJCtbiy rewarded on leai it git at Itell A Buick'a. corner ut Bnaltrn) ami Prince etreet LO'iT?YHATKRDAY, BY A LADY, IN FABMNB PBTM the owe to the boar iii .leraty City, a drab Purse, steel 1 tihtp, cooten's between ilU and ?12 and a tadj'n breastpin, i He under a ill bo liberally rewarded by .caring it with Jamei V Speirs, trunk atore corner of Cortland'street and Br. id a .y K. V IOrT-ON ONK OK THK 80lTT 11 KERRY BOATe ON J Hiaday unrmug, a Ka red lab II y run book. ?t h n vt lb I tiudfr win be su.tariy rewarded by leaving it w,.h lue houil! I ferty uiaver. or a; the Bethel ship John Wesley. pl?r No. II N K . <>r at Ihr res'deuoe ol the owner, No Mi AtlauUi street, i Brook lyn. T OeT-K AWARD RP?ONK RAT TKRKIFR OK IJOIM' li brown color. long eat*; waa lust i n th' lT'Ul but. Call id and i ('oitiandl street, baaeiaeul. QTRAYKD 1,4BT WKF.K-KROV L19 EAT TKNTH i ' atn-rt. a black and but Terrier hint, uitdhou a ItUlc | iii the hound in actum and Appearance. u uii 'Vic." it" i . urder on rt turning aime to the abore ad liena will la well rt warded. MDUHKN, kt?K>at?, Kb., WANTED. 1 ITH'KMIhltKIl aSO ON'Kl RNIrtHKO lIOU8K? WAN I r _ ... ,.!nu f?p..i,V. I 1. ,?i.l.l ti s'ely , by prompt psying truant* Uc?n from gl,',PO to ?2 'AO i A in on dui uisnrd Houses, In dcsiiibla looaUnus Kent# I 1 c u tdV to tl^UO P< is-sidon iruai seidnnber 1 to Oetoorr 1 Apply si care to If. H i'tKit, agent lor A.J. Hleecker, As. I * ? IV, conir of Twenty third si/eel find 1'roulwav 1 i kjmuk wan'ted-KY a yocn'li phYSIOIaN, ijj 1 V. * est I'd ted seen Twenty liitb And thirty flt'.b suneo. tees' j of Siith avenue. Address Medicos, atatiftu A Post otiine. Eighth avenue. 1J.IRT OF HOUSE WANTFO.-A VERY BMAl.L. NKVI sml quiet American family dartre to rent i liber th" hrv or ec "d iiooi ol h bouse, -.unmcting ol lour or bee booms, g >4 mJ w r, w i"ti but one other family. Iteut prompt, sud rele retire hn-t rLu-.*. Ad.tress, stating local >n. terms, AC . lot 2 .a rustotttaa PART Of A HOUSE WAktkll two .'ARIJiRS, three Bedrooms, KiUher, Pan ne t Coselt, il wh. tr , ! ti r > small (anally; relit out to esreed $.100 per nnrum ItilvI leiun given And required Address l. 11. H.. Hersid odlcs. To huv8kownkrh.?wanted to rent, lit a good 'etisut h small House in tbs upper p ,.-l of tbecfy, reus mi be moderate sod lisation pood It th* se - l sui the ao.i-rtUMrr ought lake s lease oil the niio* lor s , ' <?.> ur purrhsse tie bouse if sold on essy terms. Answers ml dressed to X. B , bos 2.673 Post olbce, will bn prompt I) uueud ed to. t1tantkii-a dwelling house. between tenth TI sud i hirttt-lb strrets, New York, by s Isdy who will glee good referc. ces lis U> Nspeetabl!) ; sbe won! 1 p-efer s house where the owner im lessee would be w tiling to hoard wiui t.or ui or oo sorvunt of the rent. Address 1 eiuvnt, Brooklyn 1 uts ottice. fur three toy*. WJ AMKIt- A FU KN JoUklt HOU'HK, FOR THE WINTER Tl to be located lu Fifth arruue or In snms ol We sdjsueo I'eels. 1'iaisesssiu wished for in oeyletnber or October, un? Lr' ol Way Address House Seeker. bot lit' Herald odtoe. ivtamfh-a houmk, brown stone front, niou TT so op, from Twenty third to Forty Second sleet, between Frurtb and Sixth avenues; rent about ft,ilk' Address. with description, An., J. 8. K , hot 1,<96 New York Post ndire. U' \ S i'El) -Till: I.OHKR Pakt OF A SRAM, liOLSK. TT a,'dress, staling erms, J. b., Broadway Pus, o.uce. itanted?a FURNISHED HOUKK, BROWN stone TT front high rloop, from Tweutv third to Forty seejud iber' between Fourth aod Sixth avenues, reut avilrl.UU. Aui w:in aretnpuun. ?e , w. u. r., oox x r.-u \c w lora l*i*l oBi. e. "\JLT ANTKAJ-BY A ORNTLKMaN AND WlFK. Willi FY oul children, * amall Houae, or pari of a ho'iae. In the Nlulb or Fifteenth want; moat hare km and water. Addreaa M Hazard, 71 Weal hetrcateealh alreet. WNTKD?FOR A LADY. A SMALL UNFUUNISIIAD Ininl Room (except carrel). without Board, bill Wh nae of k lit hen. 1/OcaUoo between fourth and Sixth *?euu-. acd F'ilteentb and Tweaty third atreeta. Term* not to exeeod f 10 per niuulh. Addreaa Helen. Madiaou square Fuel office. WANTK1)?TWENTY FURNINIIliD HOCSKN. SKVKN tern tinlunib-hed, four M irex. Honaea Storey Ac rented In etrry part of the city, at American Heal hat ate ofBee. 207 Broadway, in the baaement. No charge lor advertising. U. HOlbK, Alt irr.ey. WANTKD?A SMALL FURNI8HKI) HOUSK. TO RKNT to May neit. either New York or Brooklyn, the Utter preferred; location plenaant. furniture genteel. price mode rate; ndtrrtie-r an old hotiaeherper and will give good references. Adilreai A. I. I. , box IhO Herald office. YA' AN FED?To LEAHE. FROM NOVKMBKR. IN RA YY veutwoud, Aalorta, or neighborhood on the l> > *< oi 'be rH er, a pood llonae for a amali funny; a reap-nxioic ten t. Ad tit Ma, with paitlc'itura aod loweat rent, Leonard- , care of (lodlrey. s31 Broadway. WANTED-VPARTMF.NTS OF TURKS OR FOUR ro*na balua Canal atreeL Addreat P. M , b it 2 S6J I'rat offlcc. U'AMHl-BT A tlF.NTl.KMAN AMI IIS Wfl ? PART YY ol afurnlahed bona*', aheic there *111 be but one other family Hew of reference given aud ic iutml. Acdresa, giv irg full paruetilara, W 11., Herald office. TIT ANTED?A COM PI.KTKI.Y FURNISHED HOUHK, BRf taeen Fo'trtli and Fivth avenue* ir..m Eighth up to Knrtie'h aireeta. Parti'c letting tor the Houtn or going abroad and WLltng to rent their honaea a til nod it to their ad vantage to addreaa imnieculel/, staling term*. Frank (Hard, Krq , 43 Heater atreeL it ?i< iair.ui m r.i.t ? in * ?iw? i it ahi.s i^'daTV I loo. a imt.1 lurnisli'-d lluiw, allualed bnwtrg Bleecker and Mvlh alrceta, and Fourth and Eighth avenue# Krut not to rimi) MM Apply to JOllN KKITHKrCH, House A root. No, lift Third wtiu#. -tlTAMTKl) TO 11IRK?A HM ALl. alZKP KCRNIMIKD TT house, where the n-n would b? token la board, with the privilege of toklnt Other boarders, by on America lady with out I arinnocence, In o respectable ioeiuno, rood refereu ? given- Apply oil the wwk ol ltd Esel Tsealy lint slreet, between broood ood Third avenues. ~~ COPARTNK1UBIP ROTICHli tlKMl.KMAN, SKILI.KP IN ALL TDK ARTS AND science of wtrardum, ood aooutto BlAJi ooo prnfesMoucl tour, desire# to associate with him o geiiliamaa hi art %a a* not or ?wt?l?nt Full proof will b# given ot hi# capabiii tie# In the ab-n* line, and with an enterprising parser the piojen ran not ne other than tery auocraafuj. Atldiea# X. V. 7... bos 114 lie raid cflioe. ALmIINR I'HANtTK TO 11AKR MONET-WANTKD, AN aaoorwte, to tnvnst equally with the advertiser m a pleaaant Travelling Bnaln- ea, iiotn which each will realise ae-. era! tl.uuu In a few month*, about WcM r* ptired. Apply at Mil and at* Broadway, room t. A mm PA RTNKR WANTRD.-AITT ORNTI.KM AN A VINO at hi* ootnmand HOU or MOU In cash will Had a drat rlaaa \ taredment for the *amr a ad the heat aecurtiy far his mousy. The enurpilae la new and novel, and will pay at treat ht.UOU la I ait B.ontha. TV atooey to b# etpwndad under hie nnra taper vision. Addri ? Cntarprl*e, Mai on I) Po#t oOtoe, If. T., app. mtiug an la'.ervWw Ho aotl#a Ukea of ?gwnla. I WANT BOMB PERSON TO INVENT WWW WITH MB 1 In a very profitable manufacturing h-ialaeaa For iota i#rvirw call at 231 Naty street. KrookIfa. on ilOBI.E. MK.PIt4L.-A PARTNER WANTKP PROFESSION At, or otherwise, to.mln the advrrtlaer. who i# an eiperleoced phyali i?n, in ntaoding a #r?ciaJ practice uhtrh hi# already met popular lavor aad been roiuteully srotMaiul Address tor one week Thorns, Herald ottiee. PHARTNER WANTED?IN A < AKH BCNINKSA CP fxi.iAU ano'ially. aad forty per cent profi gJOOUO re quired person* of either (#s. a ith half ihia amount, desl ro?i* to engage in a ?*i- trade, where tbei ran doub'e It t ear ly, aui addieea 0. Wright, Una and llotel. New Turk, for one month rm PHOTOORAPHI8T8.-A FAVORARLI OrPORTCoily a "flared u< enrage la buataea# ai Detroit, Ml.-hU'in, aad ol oocupfir* a new building wall adapted lor the purpose, in owe of the Vet locatioaa la that cuy, a phonugraphic view of a I mh raa be aeen and further particulars obtained by apply, mg to OBO. W. MARKKA*. No*, g and 10 Pine atreet. 41 7-^ ? WANTRP. A MAN TO TAKE PCLL fH ARilR <T1 I of a grocery and Uo mr store a* partner, low real, ana tmeata real irea for a faauJ . Apply ua the premises, Ipt l?et KJet eoih siraet. "OR WILL rCRCtlASE TBI INTT.RKST OP A Vwhi' retiring partner la a respectable cash business, wall est*boshed. paying tit to Mi per week to each party. his hi urs' dally aiteotloo required. Apply lo T. vi AJTNIT A CO . No. i thai be rp sutet. -PARTNER WANTiCD. AN TIT* MANUFAC qP? 'u"'i lure of light Pancy <- -ods. wrh the abora amount, to ,ui the aubscrlber. who lias all lh? a#r#mary mach.oer , as well a long etprrleao# Addiew M. J, C? Herald oBoe. *-iWk A PARTNER WANTRP WITH THE 1NTI am IB', 10 the I'our and enteral nrodire line. i *? U ia City nn4 cmuu/t. n?? fcmnbtur nf*d <ppl). l\imculM> '. No <Cfi)Ur 1 C. B UQITK3 *rO. $T/W| ~AK A,T'V* MAN WITH THIS AMOUNT H'u. ran t,a?e an ui'er?at to a ebnieaale bonne. down tonm. tU*i<r a l.vrye trad*. Nona need apply aaleas '.bay ran (I- e cowl rair-i ix -t and bars Um> in n.ey at '-tiarl'*" am mand ('at at >11 Bread nay, room No. 17. <? "WM1 -PARTNER WANTKP, IN AN KT ABUSHED C?Jl/A/. oian . r *?. *,]aa c.Mjin.nt e' .t.i demand ytairlng lar*e pr Uta On.jr tbnae nlin-?ai? eolately it- "at lb# abut e aimxuii, Meitead ibe btt ln-?a, an I ptee their attention, nred apply f i m 1 ipBrilpMliira br addre?*.in aith re.. aia- ..r an .Ltertten, As m. B . but JU3 Herald 1 slice. Aj-'u a art noti. ed <11 I tl III K'1?-A HUM NIM VAN WITH TDK f I ?Vl 'U a <ar :a may enter | g *?| n .mint; buaineea, ,.nd lieeorae n partner of a ?ety valuable Hafit Addr< a U H> r?M iiee. C 1 I II W I -PARTNER WANTED TO JOIN A Ni In pttf?,uautg a wall ratal >hel budr ?*, lorated .a Broad war wbieh a*?ra?ea I rom A'. 'JOB to Wu :-ar I prrdtl annually. *0 d only no ar-mont ol ? atb. The at laer la fully arq'.tainted ?1tb H. aid can refer 1 many ater. in.m hi the amount of bnauteee tlmte A s ?d r?t m ia. t t all on HlOtM A 8OITHWI1 k. SI Naaaa . at reel. tf? nnn *? Mfl0B -paetntr wanted ?rni ail""" Una .m .tint; m at be a r'?tb',.a nun tn .a, n a airani of hla ahadoe. aad rradj t. rani|i> at ooce. It aairartr.t, buMnraa d. neon Bred a ay new r?a enable. paiblUU per rent pr e* ran be eitewled to n>i..> 1 eirbtaivaly -aab. amal.etiai. POWUnJy turali.a amall n.anaea and B" itek rorpartet *raapt ly In W lib '.teat v? vee.Ui atreH No a?ru'.? ir Itr m.u?e p. r?r? a lib. it m. try na d apply C'idlill WT,'r UM 7,ir 1 MIRE Rinir ; rda reti t pa, . , r t t a o, 'he beat ru , V- a '? lit e rat> tt h ">m r-a tlOUob) a- a of t e ? a eat. be * I o tain a- . 1 re \. arv fhr 1 ire ibe ( .? . a, -. .treraa! Ilnd re*? .? tea (or *e line; rdtnv re? Addreea a h re* name r II t m I l? H. ' A ' . r. s , . , UNESDAY, AUGUST 29, 1 IPBCUL lOTlC ll AKHHiNKKS NOTICE-?Alii. I'KbSONH HAVJSU rlnlina ?Kumt lis Wt? fim of RoUt A Prrauhn, ol flu* i ill cl Nee Vork. are herW>> or.JtMt to pr?a*m ihelr r*ao<* 1I?< i i.ti; ?. with their vourhw-a to the Margate- kl -le oltic>* of lb* eubwriber on or before the 13th of eopi.-u.L-er oe?l, nod lh?t ? dtvi loiid or the Ikrit of the aeld Brm * 111 b? made b> thu ma a'.rtiee oo the* 14th of the uue motilh at ihe atuno ubcx CHiKLKH M OAdOHTA, Auoraey loi the Aaalfacc, Nt . 61 Kii bioife pin-" Front bricklatrrr notio&-a uketinu op the From Hrtekl.' yera of the tit/ of ? York, and ai oifi tociety brtrklyeo h1U beheld a. packann Mill, c .rn-r >1 ! iliteowicn " venue nod Thlrteeu'.h tt.-eet, on Wedueadai cv, u to?, Aug\i*W, atl^o'c.-ak. F. H. Ui'HfKR A.J UcCuol, Secretary. chiirroan T FCTURE AT NEWARK HAY HOTBI* S ALTERSYII.LE I IJ New Jersey, on Tuesday evening. ?ept 4. IrMk.i. by h I laty In behalf at a It nl in alii of the grrtU Italian p itri .1 HarttV.dl; to conclude with t itrand Hall Fries ol aumwa .>u to i.?v lure an J Hail SO.ce.di. cooimt qcUp; a. 3 o'clock I pi eclaely. Mkmbirs of nu*m oak i/>doe ut. r. *v A. M . an* reineated to he punctual Id thotr aiu-nda: 00 Wednesday eveum*. V' aiwat ?. ft* an elecuot for aeun- a . ; will Uae plnce. 0140. Yot'Nii, W. !i. VTOIIt'E TO BCIVHJCRR.-TtU RlMtsOltlPTIO* BO >* 1.1 of lae Hutchrm' Hide ao t a? O'V.l.yli i* u ? opc-a for aicnaturea at their oUlre, corner of F'nr av enue and FVlt ! atr< et. Bulrhart are tn-'ie,l to ai?a ?ud become ueiuoent o. 1 the Aaaurlatkm. ! VTOTICE TO POBTMAHTKR > -PORTV ;;-Tntb IN AM i | li partot the world aenmot; u? a llrt " initio of titty and , ! upwards. Of peraona receiving Dcwapapera. An. at t fir flice ,i all! icceive lor thru trouble u gold pen and ?a*c wo. ill Cro.n j fjtoflo. Aaare*a Maga/lne, boi l.-i Herald ocice. TH> MR OH. rKI/VENRK.?8(R?I H\VK PKR'FllVI'D la the Few York lien ! I ol the Mh ln?i a cu ulrng' beartac )<'< " 'iguature the particular* ol wh.rh d<ui i leave hoy double th.At ih< tame n iLteuded'fnr me i ne somewhtl f'ej ray Uie lea it DU:.g?"t eiprean.oi.a j, u oar would nam!; Deserve a n< Ore, however, an map era appear, I cannot. rra'et vowing you thai you teem to peaaeM only a eery limited ' knowledge ol balloooa, elae yon would u t 'tare In tniite auc.i | a propoaTuon aa von have di ne particularly a* It if well ! kDown that 4u*ady aevnral amenta have t.wn reads w ith bat j I., or built of paper amongst them at l*an-. Bo.deani. Ua.e, Ac . I acta with which \uu d n't pHRAua u hp k"o ulutwl Now. 1 wlli u?c up your rhsiiengr. r.nd merrfore 'At- u> stake tW. m l< miu> you ha.e irvpreed, and :f yonr propos'.t.on is a ?e ilou* one, you *111 please nod '? :.? rnj direction no that you u r> II e n me ?i your leisure, or ?e?.d mine properly author i ed |>ersor I > arrange the ma.b-r fin qutntlon in f iif'?(Ihi of an anasrer, IJre-miun, yours respectfully F. (X'rPl A, Pupil Oi K Gfatard, 7* I.eoiisrd street. N. ?. TUKSOIJC AQFNCY OK THK CHINTNTT GROVE WHIS kev is removed U? WOaiaj l?o u'umbeldvv the Pesi odice. YirI1KKKAS II H AS BKK.V MALICIOUSLY KKPi >K fKii TT by uilerested parties, that the (vmu Huiac wtS be nosed no th? .M of Heptember we be* to Inform the public that suet report is entirely without founnsU.i.i.aud (hat die <K een House ' will nut be closed earlier than toe Ihlh ft S-pteat >cr. or if the w?.Uher la eery farornhle, the 2uui el September. K> RNKB 4 BIRt U, Oreao a.JiAe,-Ne eport R I. MVUCAli. ^ GREATLY IMPROVED PIANOFORTE. LIGHTS A BRADBURY Mau.Utcturen at A NEW BOAI.B OVKRB1 RUNG MAStV PATENT INSULA! ED KtTU. IRON Kit vMl. GRAM) aNDSylJAKK PIANOFORTE* No. til Hroorne street. PIANOS TO RENT. A LAKY HAVING NO FURTHER 1>K FOB UK A PIANO * iu-? ti sell It for ready caeh Pi tee $100 Can in- aeen at ,-JS imenwich et'"et No dealers need aouly. QHICKBRINO k BONH Maaulactturr* of GRAND. SQUARE AND UPRIGHT PIANO*. Wareruoma $M Krwda ay O. A BONN have been awarded thirty-eight prlae msdais for the euparlor-lty of their saanafertire fdr the paat UnHy den PIANOS TO KKNT. FIRST PREMIUM GOLD MEDAL PIANOPORTR& Mannfaeturere?St'HUETXE k LUDLOFF, U| Broome street I'laoue warranted. and at reduced rate a TI r. FIBCHER, NO. 8S6 BROADWAY, NF.AR POUR . teen; h Rtreet. Oder at a great bargain a fine assortment ot thrlr celebrated Iron framed overeliung Pianos, with the new unproeed damper Also aerood hand rianns and Melodeona. Manufactory 2(6 Wett Twenty eighth Rtreet. ORGANIST WANTED-A PERSON TO PERFORM ON a ineindeOD In a rburch choir, far a mo lerate salary. A lady who can slog and pay preferred. Inquire at 21$ Monroe street. PIANOS. IMBLODKONS. AND A1JCXANDBM ORGANS, X new and second hand, for sale or to rent at great bargains Meludeous as low as $30. Planus, $75. Monthly payments re calved for either. Bent allowed If purchased. UORACK WATERS, Agent, 333 Broadway. PIANOFORTE FOB BALE ?HPIJENDID PIANOFORTE, cover and stool, which coat S36S but nine months ago, will be dtapueed of for leas than half its actual r> if purchased immediaielv. The ttlaiui la full 7 octave. , . . ,ni r.Mv.,,1 case, serpentine mouldings, round corners, scalloped k??, cured lege, ljre end deed- Ceo be eee<i fur lwo dare at ltd aveeue A, corner of Tenth street P^MIANOft TO BB DISPOSED OF BKfOBK TOR WT OF September.?(Hie magnlftceat 7 octave manwood Piano, cover and stool. for f 17b. coal fd&O nine tnoulha ago, ou- 7 oc Uvr t rench cabinet Plana, for |l 10, coal ?1'<0 a muihaagr . one 6)f octave rosewood. for Mb. end otte lor fTi, car ( octaee mahogany Pleno, for EM. Pernios deelrooe of seeing reel bargains ?tl pleaM call immediately at ltd avenue A. corner of cnth atrrel. SKYKKAI, llOYa OF SENPKTTABLB PAHBNTAHA. are wanted for a church choir, good MffMH vofeea re pua lie, Uv m Who bare hail aune eipencnce 111 read In* muaic will have the preference age not lo exceed It. Mi'vr.ea liberal. Addrtea K M , Herald mine. giving name and rcatJeoce and ether particulate S TOO A AT PJAJfOft. OB AM). BQUARA AND PHXWLO, TUB BAMT If ANlFAtTl RAD WAAEAUOMB, AA BBOADWAT ' fTtO t'HOIK IJADRKH -A TRNOR RINOKR WILL AC 1 orpl an mgeg* meni In a Prm.wtai t church up loan. May be eeen by addressing a line to Ttnor, 73 Kaai 2->th at Til* TRoidlDI AW-AD APT*!)" PtiiT BOTH RACRP.D and ercuUir music Wareronma, BIS Broadway, New Tort. Patented litis. Received large allver rnc l il at the (air Of the American mailt utr. and the higbaat t-ir imociAla from the prot canton. This Instrument Is peculiarly adapted lor ; churches, Ac. For Uaiunotttale eee our circulars. T]LrARTKD--A~~roihioiT AB~TRAOHRR *OF MV-M TT and palnung, in an matlluie. I>yala>!> wh > hutvirhl I War branches ftr many ytara. Addraaa I naohcr, Bruuhlrn Poet office IMATHl'CTIUM.A hard- n IK HIll-hHIBKR II AS K' 11 <) K K1) His a rademy oi Penmanship from No. jcL' 11 .Ml and 'JO | Broadway, center of Twenlt Oral street Hew pup ill received daily, htereoeeuptc muaeutn asm* bin ding. OLIVER B. li ILDHMITH. ACADEMY OF l.ANOCAORR, IOD BROADWAY. OOR eer of Twenty Bret street, Inatructioe glvee In rrenoh, I Bpanlah, iterman, Italian. Krrllab, latin. ilreek and Hebrew, latdiee claaaea Iron, > A X . to 4. F M (Jenoemen's c naare from BAM. to TO P. M. Tcrma ' claaaea |10 per quarter. For funhwnlormalfcm apply tat T.MABTINBIdJ, Priactpnl. A H.I. POP. fill- -PENMANSHIP AMD ARITHMETIC? three months, 7b leeeona Instruction. or bo-vkkeeping, (leeeons unlimltad) Bid Ladle* writing leeeoi.a Ic leeaooa, a' 'Al.xK's McreanUle College, El Bowery, hew 1 Jrt, nod la I Fulton MB, Hmohlyn. Am ^M UKXTLKMAN. WHO BAB BAD THE BENEFIT or Kur -pean study aad travrl. wishes a engagement aa teacher of French rlaMcs, MBirj end bedea .euers, Adder u A. -V ! ., lltrafdofflc*. "" AM OKNTI.BMAW OF IXPFRIRNVE IN TKACBUfO. A (nwduata of Columbia i'ollee*. deaire* an ri:fi(rir-n; aetrebcrot the r aeaii-a. mathematics ud hi.chef. branch.-* The bicbeet reference* |>vea. AJdreM F. J , box JtM lie.* d otllc*. A^m LAPT WHO TKAi HKS FRKRCH AVD .fF.RMt* wtahee ! > *i*? private Lnaonti* In * fa-etly or aalwel, Ma* of re: err on giro*. Addreie M. u., latter boi 'J* I *ew T"rt Font (Ore. AI ^HtXOMPl.lSHBP TFACJIFRh TOR KVKHTPKFtTTl Brat : irolabrd to erboola. *nd - Ircnlar* am! ttfomnttna of arbooia to putiiu, *r*t uit iu> y ltd ?cwi -FnrulUra 4! an u lakem Collate*. 1>: l<?* -t'tn. H?u * - Rat D O. Van Roman. L L. D. tee ? .edie* ot moac and French wanted. Ben to-1 ay* World. RMITH, WOtJPMAX A CO . .' *# Broad raj. G| KNKRAI. KDl'CATIORAL AOKNCT, M HiULM HOCRR. Raw V or*?For ra(?ntcg arcoapliafced Teach era tor famllten, aebnoia and aolleaee end firul*l.tti< !* *.? reboot Furniture. Apeeratne. the., of the beat .lualny at d aliha hi neat pneea. Prtartpale and other* loohina *or Taaohai* or * t?bin* Utl "mat loa reepvctln* educational matter* are tnr.ted to c*.T Rrlrraocra-Rer R.L Prime tVD, "ewTorh, Re*. C Hoi dii-a. P P . Secretary of American Bible Rorteij. Raw Tort. BtL WTPWV l*t?*dWfor rarw^lV B?? n. W.Teton, u.TV,. u*^'.rw UnWerWtR. T . And lAbara la ail part* of the t num. AttfW Ra*. U. U Sana. 1 AM. bo* 2,.Til N. T. Poet oflce. 1 \f*R. A THTRACI.T, FORMtRI T OF RO M WaAH 1*1 lnclon place, baring removed to Ro. M W<wt Thirty first at reel, bet* ceo F Ah avenue in J Broadway, will be prepared I to rtorire bar pupil*on Monday, Sept. If. tfl RRtV HI1.L ^MTSIRYTa KAST TBI' TV FIFTH i 1*1 etreet - The Rom* Ht'HlJtRP'it Fee 1 Ft . a I* artling aud day Retool, for young ladlee, ? ill - > o-i .-i OB H' txlAjr. ii -r 1*. ?b?Dl r in. , Uan- i. ' i npUa I* ren'ieated i Irnilari and ? irther per nr? may oe t i buuaed i>n at pllrawie Id ibe prn .ptla.nrat. . >l*t we i Keaira. Fran,la .1 i'o jAi Kmadnay. Mkbsim. utsriNARsK and AKrKA i.vs riutjrui day Mid hoar.tln* SJbool. Noe 117, 11 ' ?nd 121 IHnvm place. reOpe ib i r| 1 enday, Sept. 4 i umril, m a bem.ll i,' ?; and i <tr mereia. Inauinte. The jnreruie d? paimeo. ie a. ways iun.Br the special care of Knr I>sptnaaae M'JTiWK 'ilRMnw KKKN'TI AND KN<41,1*11 >S maic Ilia: ui?- wt.l reopen on Mnn<lay. Aeru-mivr 10. corn?r tWrit.m au<! (freen n?n'ici. Hroklyn. The b iiMis* bv> N ?b enlarged durU-c Una vacation. *i m to bm-m a.; ifea wants , Of Itr ? bool. I "piKKMAMMIlF-VK' I- IH I . s ? N , X (former J orcapant of lhe chair d t'ommercial Kdo -an rt, I'nlvnrsrty, *.tiibaw , ani* un<?e kis armal In New vw* lor Ji? pu; of u.imj: idb hia entirely new system. whereby , Udlee aod i-milaman ire tnu*hi lo write with erne, frewdi m and elerai, in twelre IcBBOUB. Ml Broadway, third door above ft fnteenU ?r?t I OCUOOt, AND llUMK KPrCATlOl* - r II K.N OH \ N n | D Km tab. tlaeral and i 'oiti . rial Hoardtaz and Pay | R-bnoi, wnb dor playrroiind aad nmnes nm, 47 and 47 West Twenty witb nirwei. between Broadway and "kttb arm . Mr i ! <it I- KIlNsr. UKea rbarfw of a limned buuuk. of boys ooh Iteopens September JO. T~ h^mtssms hour arm mrr. tufvr fhrn 'h and ENtiURII board!Nil and i?at bchoo', No. Li Weal Twenty fo Jib street, near Madia ei tare, will be ps opened or TUmSDAT, SKPTF.MHIR U TKMllFR-A WT1.1, BIUl'trHD 1, IDT. HlVINU Umtbt man) jeais on the old and new o, , 4. <ir*e a ahiiatx n aa rwemese in a pmale larniiy. or wieiii receive day aob. dar< la e small i wn whei tear bins la n^i * i ? terai. Iteexlea the iantr acrni, abe lear.hw* m ? , ?t;u . Rwfe raaxW Riven aad tateu. Address K H IM "taut, n -ti?wt 11' VNTUP-A SHORT PHTANt I ;N Tilt V ?t'NTRT TT 1 i ? he a V. lorst. . v i. I - > re-.eb If?m?a aad 4 ah One wh. > a tpmw ? e a * 1 h ate ehh a* , na.. Iitnu , t i net e?* *e>se?. .860, IIUPPMb AYLAMTIC ROT .v. MaU. HTKAll RAVI.?lTIOH t OSJPaNY. hX v VOSK AMD OA?W A r I..V*. k Ttraotouu; M H'.. John* Si. f t'arrjia* toe H.-Uu out ! an J no- ?-o< ilM^tt M? The etraranri eoaaprUUx total*, Uara U*eo approved by Ult AAt:.-a.iy and are lb' RAW lRi.R AID* WHrKI bTK ARr'.l'.S. < owjfAl OUT ...... t.uMto*uI rthao i I.KIIfKTKU . ... ? MXi I RUM si Ait ... ??u) " " I I l.rtTKtt 4 4C) " " I FAPANa 4 ?0) " Ka; ol na*iApe tn an)*. o< Ire.auJ im4 rati a aj a j t to the principal ol'iea ol England .jd Hco> a:il Flrat. lans. ailtl kmj and fti a>-<ordl'g to-d <t<* f si nr-jsi todatoo: (bird cUaa, MO, mciud tip rauud , And to St JnkDM. K. K. tlr* r lata K*<> third c. .1. iJj Cb. drfu MKler Id yea-v half prp i.jd, , 1; v * - tit. I Clsaa p.aaet (rere are required to tc.riuto tx-dt and tin. Pereuoa i.tiDg paaaigr at Near \ora for lite a r a,tju;. . mgtroui tfoaum will recehe free pssaajre from Mewl * to Koalon. Tbr bieauwra of tola company bare ?..c'M?-."r,l . ith die ?rcau.A care aa ngard* aarety and ( ,m. onmS aad m uindrl nod propelUug P"?er and are limit ?i h wator tlr;ht compartments They are confidently expe--Osl to ampaaa. t:i peed md ruuirb weathe i.ali'JM hut . i ?; , and are repi'-te ?"h eldganrie* ?au th-u. enieaces ! An f.ii#rii i>(?il .-.urgeou elLnhel to e i . einp I'?r? ? wishing 10 at'iiU tor Ue.r fntoli on cbtai r? p u tickets a; low r?t?w f or Irrtght or pierage ap ?' to a a-p!vw?m I M Sad M f nth elreet ' 1 nntKKi.v rtiMMt'mcatio^ by mrwry; WW New fork end Uvrrpool, re-.nj aiQueeust land, to Uiul and embark p*Mi<'ti*t-<? ? ul d vef?-i.*? ?T jo 1 Liverpool New Vork and Pmladr phia Ftrenvih'i i vu tplendld Ojde built Lruo borevr etresuhips ere lu.uldd Mil M follows:? rio? n* TMuc m? i:'itr?v (ilaboow, felurdey heptemoer 1. CITY Or HAI.TIUt>RB, Septcube 1 I YIOO, fiaturdK/. SeptemV- lit i and every Saturday throughout the year, ( m 5*!.v No. it > North nror haras or rtVtQl: i Cabin to Qpeeostown or Urerpnoi ?7S lo Loadoo. (rta Lsverjxinli A) I Steerage to Qneeoatown or Liverpool ' To Lundoa AT Return Ttekrie, available for alt raunit from I tTernOhl. 6n Pamengiwe forwarded to Havre, Para Hamb-rg, liremee > and Antwerp at through rates Oertiflrete# ot passage issued Iran IJverp aw to New York In From yueeuai no to New York .*? .W 1 hear steamers have superior are >m.D,?la.. wt for p.uwugere, are constructed with watertight compA-.jteaU, ul oar i ry riperlenoe t Krrgeous. For freight or paaaagr epn.y at toe often of the -.vmnaay JOHN l*. DAJJt. IS Broadway, New i'ors. Agent. In Liverpool to Vk 1NMAN. Tower Biuid ugk In Glasgow to WN. IN MA N. U Dtaon strset THK HRITIHH AND NORTU AMERICAN ROT Ah V All Stremahipn fho? it* root to uraaeooa Turf OwMo Pa?eAgw w....?lju mound Cabin flint f. 74 rnoa boston to litsarooc. .Thief Cabin Passage *1: ) Jn r-irt fnhln P ieirr tel The ships fromNew York ea!'. at tVirk Harbor. The ships from Hostoa oali at HC.laj and Cork Heritor. EtoMA, (apt. Juiklas. CANADA. Capi. Wit. kRABlA, CapC J. bt-ae, AMERICA Capt M. IblA.lept h O 1**1. NI AUaRV (.'apt. Andcs-m AFRICA, ("apt. Shannon, EC ROPA, CepA J Le'.U a. SCOTIA, (now building.i These vessels oarry a clear white light at tnaeUwntl, green M atarboard how, red on port row. JAN ADA,' Lang, lea i re Ronton, Wedieeday, An* vt d CROrJC'lettah, M Hueton. WedueaiAy, Aiujn?t*il ' "it RSI A. Judltine. " Nmr York, WedueadA., A:i?'i?i 1 A) A HI A, Stone, " Ronton. Wedneaday. Sept !t AFRICA, Shanum. " New York. Wedneaday, Sept, 13 Hartba nut (K-ured notii paid for. An experienced eurgeoo onboard. The owners of these MM will not be a?wvnta?'? (tar I diver, bullion, epocte, Jewelry, precious atones <>r meuu. ua Mas bill* of lading are Mmed therefor and the value theovof therein arpreasad, For freight or paaaage apply to E. UUNABD, Ho. 4 Bowling Oreen. gl TEAM.?NEW TOHK, BOCTHAMPTON AND HAVRE. The VanderblU Xoropeaa line United Stelae naall etnamahlpe nil between New York, Southampton and Havre From New York far Returning from Southampton and Havre and MonthHavre. ampton FANDELBILT Rat, Bept 8 Wedneaday, Hept. Id ILLINOIS Hat, Mept Xt Wednesday, Oct. 10 FANDEBBUiT Hat. Oct IU Wedneaday. Nov. J OJJKOIB Bat, Nov. 3 Wedneaday. Nov. 11 Three aleaaaahlpa have water light eonapertmenu OarOflcatea of paaaage laaui-d from Europe to Amertca. Bpacle delivered In London or Parta D TORRANCE, Agent. No. 3 Howling Oreeo, New York. B. O. WAINWBIUHT A CO., U BueFaubourg. Montana re, Parte. A. I. fHK TRTIB, Havre. OAKPORD A CO., 37 Uraoa Charrh street, London. DLTNLOP, BHOALE8 A CO.. HotAamptoo OTKAMER OF SETTEMBER 8. FOX BOCTHAMFTON AND HAYBB. j United Rtatea Mall Steamer VANDKBB1LY. Captain P. E. Leferre, Will mU from pier No. 3 North river. New York, at oo>m, oa Saturday, September 8, with malls, paaaengeie and epecte. for and Prance. PRICE OF PAHMAOE. Ft ret cabin, 1130. eeeoud cabin, WW. Third cabin to Havre, t?, to Southampton, 330 D. TORRANCE, Agent. No. 5 Bowling Oreen, New York. , Btesmshtp ILLINOIB ealla September ? Do. kl'"""0 "TV< ? I?*1'40* * J r rusiM-victuaiA.MtofSc -?' 1 .??. ? Tbaaa pklN k? apU-ndld jBartK/1 ,nr tL JrS ' ef 1 aaaann-ra. Application abmCd ba ??!> w>- it v 1 aarrrai tlipa. or *> TaPHO >TT A CO , W boulB HTfTs _ *" 4 EMIRT SHIP ro? U>NI?J? HAIIA ACJC?T ?. TflR 1 r ai laadtd clipper ahip AMKH1'".*B i'OS JftK-48 HacrtftJ * ?(m titl'^Klllii I'uvni'n bnmflbl out from Iba <>14 Country >1 raducad rata? for llat of.pricca. Be., applM lo 1 Hi t C. Roc IIK, 83 Hoiuk ?uect. LWM 1RKLARD TO NBW YORK BT HTKaM.?PAAr IM|W? bmtad fr >m y iannai >wa (lr?,*ndj Baa Tnrt 'or dStl. Ini'l'i ltnjr proojtoon, t>y the! lui up -.mnhipr < _ M Iko 1j??vJ. few T irk aiut Kk.u..<0f U?l Lo*. lear.up ' * QMooBUnre trary ThurxUi is iba r?r. Pgr muff apply " M Iha myui'l oRoa. U ftroaoa ?f JOHN 0 HAIR. Apart. J KOR CALIFORNIA VIA I'ANAM A. w A 8r?t claaa earner *111 1mre Raw Tnrt tka Ut, 1 lit aad ? 21 at of nark month. a leap-. ? h-n thra?- dair# f?lj on bimlaj. . whan iha day < drpartura atil b? Iha Mondiy folio* wr For l raight or dm***-' apply *1 tb< only o?~- Bo. 117 Waal j Rraat, ooraar of Warran. I>. B aIJ.BB. (ym j OPTICI OOKMIMUORXB POM TBI rSQTSCTION or I k K?l?ixnu to Caltinnua. e] CraatBd by R>ecial act of U?taalura of tka Bute of CaJ ; d< I forma. I N N& ill Warrm atrmi. P Paraona about to uk? puait tor tXUfom a la ordar to , trotri all BUwLH TKKKT B1LLKRP, RP? I'LATOR.". RCN I NRRS AC I ahonW prooiiro thalr Tlrkrta through' thl? qQra. i J Tba ciirmtil wanna lor carp mi tor" fartn0\ Br . mt . aa for I * Btdhod by lb* Mrchanwa' Inatit'i' baa Franco* \ can bo P learned tipoo application to tba uwlarmgaBd I 1. I'arUaa raatdlnp not of tha cBy can hara paaaa<e aeci.rad la M-.aacr. b, addraaaluf. dac A I OfBlaaloncr, Br. ! * a t'DTRAMB-SAMO tROO I.IM. ?PACKKT TOR SFP !' JV irmbrr Iha rplent 14 f*? aailwa Al lmrk ? R' *Al>kK, I !," I JO' capacity, *111 ba dcap.achrtt lor Mnlbonri.a na abnra. Nw h?* a-iprrt* acmwaoiln am* for (Irat and ar. on ' ca'na I ' ntaamawra apo'j on ' <atf'1 at plof lt? Raal rtrar, or ' M Ml, ' *u I.RA l."RI? A 'VI f liR M . Ii" A i, w..^i i |r PAIR AS PR ARD BAMPl.KR fcR Kl'Rorv ( in u( ,,, fbrwanipit by Amrricau r emw f i r*aa. pru -ai< r |r tatcc ? a *W? frr all i-via rf r na. at I rn M ! f, . . V ' <??;? . f. tn ..t A .. . I. tV.'A it ,<c ij a TllK NORTH HERMAN IJ.OVDH 8TKAMXH1P KKW YORK, II. V?o Ranlau. coa.nmnder, aartylog the lul.ed htatea mail, will tail cm HATl'KDAY. SEPTEMBER 1, at II o'clock 11 , run BREMEN VIA SOUTHAVPTON. I ahiiiq uuwaxrri fcr LONDON, HAVRE, koClli AR1TON AND BREMEN. I At I be t allowing nWEtfit cabin, 1100, rewind cabin. Mu, alee rag*. 534. I ui freight or psiwajrr ap j!y to URlJCKE, KKCTOZN A REICHELT, HBrutdor. I/OK SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE. , r oa Saturday Sept. 11 The United Mate* mail EC LI ON. J. A. Wnttno. rnatiuu Icr, ' nrtli Mi) frod pVr 37 North rlrrr. loot ot Reach alrert, oa , MWirrtky, Sept. 13, at noon. line alranuT?unettrparaed f?r aa.Vty and rmnfort? ha a double eoirlnct. ul l? r neck, encioaed by water tight cimiiart Ring. ~rl8rR. PTtHl fit" ? ??*t lend, i the event of CO. lbdon or stranding, to Vrcp thr pump* tree to fut. and arc je tor *ate;y of veaarl and p? meager* l'aara?r In earned raMn 174 and $0). lor freight ur pasnege apply to H ARC EL M. rox, UEO. HACKRNUt.i No. I Broad* ay. | Tbeatcam-r Alt AHO will Mi! Or nber Id. I ftllE. IIAMHCRO AMERICAN PACKET COME ANT'S | X marl aMamthlp HAMMONIA. Bctweaaaa. meuaaodar. wtli Icarr for Hamburg, bonthampbin, Ux.doa and Havre ou Saturday, Sept I, at U M Plrat cabin $UW arrond cabin. MU.Kecracr.td6. C B BICII ARD A h? >.\R, 161 Broad w,.-. N. \. I The atramahip Bavaria will succeed the Uantmotua STEAM TO LONDONPKRRT, HI.ASOOW AND UVIR pool. - Shorten ara oaa age to K trope, by thr Montreal I I ocean mall ateamrr NOKT11 AMERI JAN, Alloa.< >amaader, 1 AC Una. 600 horar power, front V<iebno, A U unlay. Sentem I bar 1. Rateaof passage to Umdotidrrry. Ulaago* * lirar ; pool -Pint rlaaa, aft. ?n6. midahip ?7lt steerage, ?3U, including I ocean passage an.' free Uehrt, etliter by way 4 Boston. Port | land (White Mountains ^U> tgueber. or by Hodaon river. lake pnnleea o/ reraaialne over *1 any polo;. For loirteie' ticket end pyw upl; at (be wnipany'a otBre. 23 Htoedway. ? A HKL A t"K 1KI.K, il.nerai Paaeene*r Areola for It* Uli'Ail . btaiee. KUtAZKH JOMEM. Maaaecr J STEAM TO OOBK AMI LIVKAPOOI,-BT THE CVNARD 1 I joe, for Ml. The ewauiehle ETNA, <'apt*ia AaAereow, t I MitAi-r Tl'iralAi. Aueuit I'tnu' ro.y Apply to I the areola, OOubr> X. ARRKI.L A KlXIUl. ifc BroMwey. I I ?JTKAMKR Of OtTOHKH fi, 0 FOR BAirHAMrroN AMP RAVRE. I Ilbe I'u .ril Pt?i?? mail Mmmibip . ADRIATIC, J isrpb J. Oonrtoek. eoenm*n<!er. will oil from th? foot of I 1 wilwrri d Katunl*), October t. with mai.i Vaaarccrt ? I aorl apet-ie for tbe aborn porta. . If or frrlahl or pA**a*p *|P? ?' tk? oflire of ibe North Allan 1 Uc -teamaeip <Jompnn> 4 Wall iLrret.nwm Mo I. r J. f. tHRPllER*. Becreurr I 1T0TAL MAIL PTKAXrHir PERSIA.-FOR LIVER | JV r?o!. the PERSIA, C H. F- JndbloA cam jiHOOer, will mu. from the arru oo Woiwalaf i ?rt. Wh that. A Mia , Onei will ply between the C.imraeT'a abarf. at Jerery rlty. and uv I'oraa from 1 to 2 o clock P. M., to ooorer p*a?en?*ra -j ta<K.Ae oc board. The aEIUi'A will eati l.le - rtem . bar E. CVMAKP. ?o. i Bowline Hreon. 4 tV?R LIVERPOIiL-t'lJl RL.ACE STAR LINE. -THE I , jP l arkcl ablp fTHuRM >N,_ Ijlnjr at pier 27 Kaat rtvwr, ^ t eai'eiiAJi Ai.?uat TLr < O.IpIITI TiOK aalie "li September ' | For paaaaee apply ea board, or M W ILLiAMs A Ot'lO.N, 41 | Eui loo etreet. _____ f F*uR~HVKrY(>OI.-ifl.Ai k h am, line TiF pack n rta?The lipprw abip .'aMRS 1 OSTkll Jt jtnrmpT f *1. I'.aetrli'-r. Mtiia towirrow. The llarre? yo?#n nail* tee , Ifk sevember. For paeaaio apply to JACOB vt 1L*uN. itrl t-mth ? Jcet. j 1 -^APACOTTB LINES OF LIVERPOOL AMD LONDOM 1 okekr* wlU aall ea follow* - _ , I liiUT I. l.Akr a.i,.rj? Nat l rier Id K R I ACHTHAI.1A PIONKKH I.IKE ?KKTRKIfl Ol.IfPKK tup MWKKPbTAAEH I.nt Mi nrMur, | NO toa rH?, at pW 13 Faat liter, irtl be <leapatrb?l for Metbou mi :ar t b of S?pt?raber. CUppor aiUp SPUtMif r> will Dl vM ul >at ANh HrpHMbM. Cllpporahip HKaVUl, .U > u pm I I ?at river wtU b? dAapaloAot'. for --adar), N W ?M . p ruiber. For fmjbi or paMa** applr ou ovrj ar ( K M . 1 AMKRON, 9U Beaver MrrM. Fob Havana, via Nassau, n p.-the hrit/hh aod North Ajnertnau Kafat Mau Hiaauublp tf AKh'AK. Cautala ilrowakaa, will ea. lor the i.ui? porta Irooa ?be sumpaor'a whart at Jt-raej Oil/, oa Saluda/ -Hrpteaibor IX Kot-Jv? .. i v-iooer <A MouAay November ML uiooey to Naatvi AAA Do to Havana m For ; -.vticbi or p?a*e?e apply to K. t'UN A t*D. No. a hiwtitr iii mm. HAVAKA AMI NKW ORI.KANH. KVUHY TK.t PAYS PAS* tux nifty noLLaiw To * > 1 on SKt.nd?/, September 1, at 12 o ~*Ofk. The steamnhln MKN VTI.l.r., Cupula D 'Jtul r A, mm C"wmi oce to rreeit e trtiyb' ou Tuailay, Au/'iM >8. aul aafl *>< k. iv fr.iiu ( lor footol MurrA; itreet North rirer. M? toil.. t * iai'in a h'?Ti*kj .tiler l?'" r of ?*..>.** I.IA I .NlfiiTOSL t tt"C iKKI1 s ? CO., tie M rrnv elree' tereinaiup i AHaw ItAiaiUi-u t. tsday, Uth, aal I?V?a)TO on Friday. TUtm September. _______ fX)K SAVANNAH AND TUA M1CTH wKtMSKIT 1 MONTOOMF8Y Cap-api C Berry. will laa.e ptA* 1. h K.,ou lh?j*la>*, Attaint "'I,?t t i*. M r*aia*e to # eiiaa p * .th .e. rimiut JetOn* .at-* UM. J17 'i%.l i-ah 11 We** to Nev. Dries,y* #11'' 76. Mobile, fUS. Mootrmi-ry, 6.6J *? plil*, 31 76 N?a.v\lle, $27 7b. K>. n Die 325 W t aal tan. *?t |SS All . $? 161 Mv>" . PR Aiifctpta, #17 0", tarluJm* canrlajre la-e -n Saraititb 1 rfdfW lb ceo * per Pw lie K K. t'DYf.KR hi ochiMsj tMHlA S . 1 Apply ? If IS. ClUVWitlij A CO.. *1 Waal ucdk aaf l. j llr mil xny. f'(?p. savannah and othrr fointh as hkixiw TV first (but* sift-wheel *le*m>lilp AULJI ST A. C*.* H. s Vtf*lhn:l vclil leave on sati-rda?. Napt I nilP.K, ircu p rr No t K Irth river. Throi -''a.Uck*Uc t.i be hvd for the tilde ,oe plate* ? New t Tleau*. HW 76 Mobile f5S: Mnottftnoerr, 326 OX mm Li'.J. 321. Albany. Kill. Atlanta, ?2l iftiniiao* S riUe tr 80; KnowUle, J2S Memphta. KU 7J. Aiu jU. 317 ?: Macon #20 Kk ann ail. 316 lot :re'.pht or pnh*a*e apply at 111 Brtm 1 tray. The utratiier FLORIDA, t'ap' Imuc I'rjwe.'., irlU auoreed. an J aall oa Tt.i *la/, 8t?pl 4 bt 4 I*. M RAMVKf. I.. MITC'irUi A SON. Fob tt:k south and souuiWTn. via char: b* h n. S t'.?Th/ecateanier* a v "eh I'.ieadaj-*, ThnrMaf* *-id t-atnrf" * ?Tn weekly I'ntetl Mate* Mail S.d?irta<t(4 Mc.iOiai P l-:ie ?lb<- ateamah p (HiLUNKlA. Capt tlert>, etll ir ivi* pier No 4 Nt?-th >lvar on TtniraV v Atarunt JO. at a I -e_ H M l^H ?i>' i tvHCr a.La tbr.r*.-?!i tieketa aa t # lux n ?T< btv. OrtealM. 75 Mobile $36, Mow!;; *u-ry, A.* $24 Narbvil.e, Tern , $f7 7S Mempuli, $.'J 75. < luxtta n.'mpa. M Knox.-Me. $'.'? 60; At-guMjx, O* , $17 .'<0. A Hatha. $.'1, t h.trlutte. N t\. $21. Ooli tuMa S. IV. $20; Cbarmevm $15. 1 or :ri 'shl or |>a"*eue x^pjj- toSPOPFOttD, Tlbl'-SION A CO . 2$ rimi.U's lbe Mar.on. Oapt boater, tt~U aurreed imi Si.'1'.niai. 1. and Ui? Jan. Ad* -r, Capi rt AJami. cm 1. \1ntue'Kipie.a C (IrrU iivih fro * 'v '< ?" * ar.-leraon the ateamers of tina l"ie lb rpinM njreaUi t-oi.-n will gl-e ialurmailou ?? t-a..i!?ig days, lixrr m Through frkight arraxuemrnt -for no* f>.k. Curtstu miUi, Oi?> Point ,?:i.l Kn'lnn eid. Ci-annotlng wl'h Norfolk and fetrrsbnra and Hootlialle Railroad* for lAurhtir*. Mrnplux ai.d Intermedia;* hiwwm. K eliht rexWived r-crjr oaj and toiv;jh reoeipta lir.nabed. at pier l.l North river. tin-amah.p J AMK.8TOWN, Oapi. SW-mer, leaveaeiery Toe# d-tv. at d P M SUr?m*liip ROA NuK K. i apt. Cor.efc, e.-wj Ihtiradaj. ai 3 P. M.. calline hi old Point Coaafort to lao.1 pee etuera .-teaaiibip YOKKTOVH, Cam l'anain every ivxuarday. at 3 P V f're'jrht to Portsmouth or Norf >lk, 7 oen'j per loot, to < :tj t'uuit, d cei ta. a.i t to Itirhineud 9 per.ui 1'aanage ioNor'.'.k #talrn?>m and inaa.a ia< .i.dni. $1. to Pec-ratr n or RU-hno ul. $10. Kicttrai *i U<k*a to Norfolk and naefc, lit to PeterabtU t >' ltlcliinoud. $15. I.l'I'LAM Jt UKINKkll.V 115 K.oadwa# I v All.T UNK TOR CAPE MAT II ANit phti.adklphul via s.anuforO'$ of .s re am* diets. From pier It Nona rtrer At 5 o'ciork 1". M.. Sunuaje eicepted Kteame.-a BOTOX, D At. A W Ait A aivl KEPNTIWS. Uoodj forwarded South an J W?| free <4 c-xnmlpa oa TllRUUUU IN TWKNTY HOUKe KKKHKH1C 1KKKINR. A?eni PAh?>KNttKR8 PER STEAMSHIP KTNA AP.H RKUfrittr. ed to l.r Ht the Company a whvt, al Jrracjr Citjr, on Ituuedey. Wlh inst . at I Y M. WtUr* fur Europe will l? received at the TtRr*. No. ? HowLiJii Green, until halt p istj'wel ve oY.orA *h.1 liv. K. i.TNAM. OAt (KHJDB, dfcC. ~ At the newVhtail ?tobe. Ml Broad era/. Oppoake the Hotel. Opening ?f NEW VALL UOOOH AT KKTAllWa bag to eunonnoe to our pairona, and ladies rtddsc Ihl ^uiat we are i?<w offering ail the late**, aoreltlea la PARIS DftJHg OOODR. EMBROIDERIES, l.Alt H MANTfUjhE. M BALMQEAL BKIBW, IN LAJKUI VARIETY. AIM. A at* make of FRENCH KID QUIVJM. Made eipreealy for us, aod aatd to be the am (Hot* e?wr offered In thl* ounntry. UPWARD LAMBXRT A OP. AOARD-W. JACXRON. HO Ml BROADWAY, H id oooMaatly on hand ever/ article deelrehla for tamUr oomlaf. at rraaonable prkea. Particular aueouon ta ceded to our Mora of tlcmhezlaes N. R?t raaaa of Pall Ooota. Ui acw and dealraolc ay lea are now mi tor injpantja. ^JLO At 8?CLOAKS. BRODffx FALL AND WINTER CLOAXB. Alt! Nli* RKADV. A). there buyer* are ptrtlcularfy larlted to eieaataa ta* ao Ttltiaa before mak'ax p lrehaaea. 30U CANA1.HTBKKT. SOUTHERN AND WESTERN WEROHAJfTB.?flWBnpple Praatea. Cher ha. Waah KUka, huienckar*, Twn Hid .iBDiDflW Mlkft. llEI ll IIII Illllllilllllllift nlMtnali ? brrtderod Itacdkerchlera new itylea Ckineaa Iaaa. Km ta firry aty!*, Aocnru ud Indian Oooda. bad m iuimm variety o4 f-ft Indian Drona I'licda and Ciirtndrlad. Mif MM had at TOINTaINB India Blot*. tdd Broadway. _ yynouBAUt lord ?t*n/>?. L??l lo tsr Hroblvb/. Ib* he attention to IWr aea bad deni:?b> dock dt faahlcaakld DRT OOOD*. Lacludiac Ov Tail bad Wlutar WINCH. GERMAN, E*UUAM AND AXKHICAN TAB RICK of fifrj daarrtpiiou. whlrb tb?y are cTrrtng MPCU BELOW BKOl'I.AR TRICK*. rrroEirrfD REDUCED TO ?s cent*. iou> i.w rb m reimd fm? Berlin. ftbntlaad W.w. Ml eeata. bit aniv*. 171 pair nice Attiu Cornea bt *1. It K. Stjt t? rooMaua kilty daya M BLOEB 8. SSI Browlway, a Mr NmimB iraa*. aaat. acit to ifca j? * birr Mora. [?CC BROADWAY. 3?>?J LKWIR A BEACOE0. "INS bUlRTH TO ORDKR TIITINU WAT. BAN TED. nam pie Rbirta bad on.lara mate on approbation. Man "a rnral?uof Hood*, tanry and aUpla, m nery poaatbla raWty. ?i>oo lulll worth or DRV iinow, IMI'UP^"U."n/1r bold Kunilt re V' Cb.. Jien 01 erary da < r't tjon aaria' Pajr pan cash and part In adrei calag M t'a i- iii . Ad^i-rttw r <>I b 'ldr 'b" *?i.d rimiU'ioa r"b AM' ed Apply lo O. L. HOICK JU7 BniaJeay. la IM iwfd. tkajeboats. ~ ' nAT BOAT TOR AI.BANT AND TROT. MARINO THE nana! l*n<L?na IV- auaiari DaNIKI. DRKW leaeaa 'ay nrrei pier ?nd Thirtieth at real. 1 radaya. Thucadaya and iariiday'P, at 7 A. M. hAT BOAT FOR WENT POINT. CORNWALL. NEWbnrt. MUicn and Po-gfli-rpae Ibi pm nwal ALIDA nil Iraia Jay atreei .lei rally at - II* M , to*'- biup at TW 1Mb -.nd, and arr v.a* at !*ouph?e.pti- al I P M . leartn* 'oifUeepaM at 2 T M . retorniu* to Ike tity at 6 DP. M. 'a?aen*er* :or Aibany. Tro,. Parapvbor any point Weat ran rf?5. L'KKilT ru PON'RT IMLAjtS AN 0 FORT II tMll.TOR.P Tb* NACMf >N will m> d/u.j throujrb Ibe ?*??. I'-arlae i?o? idffl ? >,, 12', and Boniwf ?nri u <?', 12k, vm W. \> *r Ro. 4. AofU rleir, at 10, I and ?. Far*, will a rain ickei. U < rata. KOR RO?TK AWAT-THK HFI.V.MUIP KTF VMROAT i KRt". Walter matter. will reaura* h?r r? ruler "illy tripe fir tb* mwi,ra end aiVr Tueada*, Atvruat M. at rpln* at the beoeil' IIoiwa ?ueli way. Learfe* Maw or*. ' ainann? ali| , at A'-?, 14 rln* atreet at lul p.-r ?? 4 t > Ml Splendid bin# tamqg an I w? balb'^ I^KTtRR TRAVEL FROM SARAfOOA. TUB tboflj: oTTrk or stuamfro. MEW WORLD AMP 18AA3 REWTUN CN'TIL FURrUBR MOTH E fOMTTVKl.T-KVKRT NT JMT Tin rwan M Albany tba aiti-al of Ibc Iraia. a belt Imtm Ma uop* W 6 10 P If. KoTWITMpMRniRo THE MP.RI Tr.JWK.VT AT TON a I iboaa wbaae object U ta ui ,U i-,.l?? trarel by way of ro*. Ail i-eraooa wbo ai?. lake add train to mnet oar boat* in EJicy. and. arrHuia ili'ieat any um? before 11 otioca P M ? n<< Had them ill a .iitlna, > nl*Ue myanii ty anaa near Iffbt aad anal free u> Maw lor a .IK uri. .lay J w mar ilurt. A**?it People a Uaa. Albany. 'TV AM BOAT i no**** ruhr for ba7j Iff 3 feet Inuy ? lert beam, v*i bwtben. ha I a 4? laab rUiKler. f foot atr?be, Kaiiryi bgter aa.l la la perlwt orrr for l uainana t an be a-ea at U>? foot of Thirtieth atraat orUi rlrer. For lerna ol aale apply to W. PRO ROOT, Ui root etree" DKRTIRTn*. ~~ I BTTTICTAI. RoRK FILi.fRO FOR PBrATEP Tin A r'A In wblK nift. rT'inlrluaao n-enaora aad flrloa aa uri acl r* tooth or mo-o ahf-la ooti b? illod witt tt. !?? , I SI .new D'.alter 1 .'.'4; I(nBd?"r. r mtff TbJrtjr If*; ?re*. .'AltEN PKaHSoH. M. P.. Dfoo"T.r \KVTA1. NOTICR. ?RKTIRIHO VRO%l rWACTK K_ >F J i or and reaidetire lo lot loraied o<-at Ue p Hart pa. H??la b->!e or part of the fi;mltur- nod loufB for anla, an frml wO Jred. To ? jonng *Hh are ail cnpr-ni "-(?) !' ropiont mm bot rr ollrrort. It Iwrtlf <* iMatVJnn of nti.-'a ntrmdr fMfellikcl, or wafciBg toof "? ? ??r* inardialrlr AddrBM for t?? itafa nttiual d n#-1ru'.*?. I>entia', H?r?ld ofllga r'?"?nirnii"ji 0f"TiiT iro. rr* on\*? ? . ?ir?e?. Wrw Tor* * fnW (g .rtual ae a ?: IarlA on Ibe.' tmpr rd Bin outer* ai or trlUati' ritrnrtl ii l?>- rvnti- 'ft at rpr (A Mr to r h?*r f?? JW'S. ?*: i 'hUna. ?' p.." J ar * on rdf ti r?? '!? > * ?; ? ? , .3 I/CV4 Ttr.a . ? r * :*>*

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