Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 1, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 1, 1860 Page 3
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ibe brigade Tboieioi.': -c ,ol lM tfmravlcd .amber made law; arifnt *, t?k r umjufB l0 &J allowed U> abare the fat? ?#( ib>-r. C)mru|ll U m deed ? ?oviuk Bight U-, w i-r , ,ho |trl..) ,, thoe0 w.,> had been hot bch'^d, to br-ar their %n>*xi tog ropplicalnis. Cr49r ?nn. hinovr, rood rect-irril, w IV' Or*ty wm> ?q lh*ir h?;irl1. a" ' w'110 ' ** PculUig >i <n .he b*-li toyrr cf tile I'.' i <dturrn wben ih* Hula expedition of the Imlain patriots , eai.'luni' k* ?&"? ?i rroiiiiduig ol u>? night rn? ; wrniTt ., ^iiy lU ^ ??,, Three hundred and J"'.?ng men? the rinwer of Jusly?*err etirting na j tbO r^nel ami ,>-101.11 a-vl ilttogorot'S outer;"". 'C of tb.ul won- ? d??.it-j .j*u.p*igr>. 1 me oust -lao*1 ??ourf, for ?b? i^ii ? 'ef Vahihria are manned with hot !ro'e i?I / .ns, anil at j narrow ?<? i ii swarming * th "???, ni-'n ifwv. The party bad gearo ly riai-h-d trie middle of I lie gulf when It ?;m know a here tuu' toil been directed ny ?iaribai li to mrpr < or eto-m itie fort f 0-trauO, which ?carl) fans yh'o Point, aim ? i?ii' * 'P'a a ro ay L.. :?-> k Whub jkirtc ltd .'?art A t S'.ui bat boon agr-.od upuu t< , Inform flarbaM i of the Race hind irg d theoxp it.'.t'Wt. I rill ? not kt'i re, t to ci-tcr be mc ar.MOut xp'. twtioii of that ,' loos, b;cg bo'.r. Ten Uiout-**id wen were willing Lb ,-re^ . to know the fate whi.b Wfcii -a Store fur tlsiir hooie c ^ pan lei K. At tart a fa < t iif.U I'. 1 ' ?'?>??? tboM?fw shore liod bepi ajed! tiped.liu^ bid Uo.lo {Jj | M?rta. But half an b' r had re*--*ly elapeoJ w ^>u <{l0 ratlie >>f musketry wae brought to ;h^ ghure the frcab breath of Uw tea. A few mure m-mlf-\ Psm^ # lrl thca a.l watt edencc and mjutury a^idi. li? itt4 e t'? an hour, h.)*o??-r, a no ssroger av? >?.i from 'Maytr Miacori eoodrintd the euccessttl !?ij,u ?i' o- y fIlf)t/gi M,j plained the ohcae ol the ftrmg. Tho ti x^itioa nearly louiJung !he opin* te sb"ie* u hen lUl oortW e)ttJ, r drifting w:th the current or . xuvonaHf, separau-d froui it, and went towai !b V.lia, c^,, giovanui In thai boat were the few Freouhr^,, Jt)j i:?K'!thii?eu who had Jo.ned Use es('?ditiua. yj ttcy did not know the ?MWt and had not hc-L tur. M ;4km,e(j .pjj ftu-1 lael) t. orders loMiasori tr. ij ^r.oe.i oi. sa ui a Neapolitan hat tMry. A)'n"-rli ;ho jignt woa Unit the uOnirioaof the ba'U-rv caw tue borfi sppreach ..eel m-.-a the a'.-'m, H^re WUy follow <-A t^'h dh hrrgo ct tu iaketry and a cani,.m ?hot Tw?% tatn acre wcracded, tat thus ?ii not th worrt.fog- th?y were cb;if-1 ?'i rail back .w qei.-k?y?i posnbl^ By the twvi tt,a .nrvetunida .w ident t. >p pen- * .?lajcr V:esor? had prsceedeJ w ib hie men ei tnc rwxt lowardn turt-i dot Oaea'lo. hut cud tenty hearing "the "Ceport of a gnn a?.1 tho rut ;nf of rr.urkrtry, ceil not D?Xrg able to rxptaji be tftoiifi t ti .1 .h-i ??wrri?e ut elks garrison of Forte de( Otvalhi had N -r u-sa is iltrr cf t?jUil impoecihUity. lite r -ri ttievrfen Vvik the "palh of the miuntah-s. NoUiing tie be?a beard of them gince, bnt see hope they are lAfs, ?ad uaik'r.g th?:r *iy throc^h the JinrletB of Ctlabria which wa liim .he nru-ti.eui i.i 'x-n-.n M -> ruvulotuja. 9 th r tuno tfcu Ntapoi Uto ponciu's too ho fully s rare the Qr-'t Vtrul"!,; of Gar i>?io.'a lorces, but no import ant movement that 'v?: know oi rum yet txeo pl.-xe on tbo oiber f i'le ol the "_ra.; - . do day rimer*I C.ary w? auddtn!} geTirnoti-l to Nap> : ov lehrgraph, an-l hu |e?, the corerrr.r.j of tbc eta.1--) of M.-sstua to ' aural Tergo m, <>i c of Cio moot ilnveu.d aif-ereuto ot the King, and therefore t est ai-h nt a-ivr-reaiy ol liberal netltoticn Two . go vo n,i t tWf'ns ait slartn, eaitsed by acne N*w? toiilan roi.e er ? ?.-hi ine.i *i d< ^rt. I>;o pa-r fi .lo* were sl ut it by romrMdea of the outpost, and I* were e<-v. rely wimurd, an I two others made prisomra e f :r h-" ih tried t* rv thr.r -| ? i > dis\ .oiP .f ;h< ir is . ?:? ta, hot only one Meweu itan wan licit> eeougn to rc A thu t.aUuoal camp, hews hnr ual eouie fr.-m Hrouto thai Ifi-neral BiS'O Imm nhr wn ?bo grcaun flrmntdi* to rest r>no order an 1 in-rw:llitg down the it rages . -ir-rri Hut tb-sri; by a btsd of rufhacB who wanted to liagriu.-e thu rpol.eca i>annnr <>i ?bt/K-aldi The ringl'-eders, *S*?t thirty in nuaiVr, Were tbut down lu tbr Mf'ir.rwvf the town. Martial isw WUi bus -. "S pnn 'tt tr d fct H:vut?, aQ<l riigarmaos-iit ?wrdered undor pri a'tynf death, t war tax has also Bwn -*en|w-?iai by Pix'oon fha e-ty. Th-ise wh-> are a'ways mtirg naiu au-J he ni- erg revolutionises nf tho most dut garr ir .-nara r, av: 1. 1 bo|xs. agree wrrti ynur 'x?rr<i?ta>biieiil that tboy knov hmv t > ni i-olaio oriter and make .a * ui d Mo reapir tea. While ? lotlu' * fb>:t busy prcpariog to in owrie fkVnrla cr'.tti a" snny of Un-OOf mil, tho Nfe\K,titao rruHtet? txr? f> .lining up nut <1 >wn th* strait, tn if Vtsey'ttM r**iguod OictaseK es to |,l?y tlw! pari ? I paMtvn leaker* or. Wnai ie *.ill mere etrunt-e ir that *bey in no; r\ n Inter vpt 'Boof the n? B*er*?-* bvi'e.wtitch t? continually taking arm* and am muiiition ut the firmer * r o t.f thu itrnii .VI*s of thj Nlm *1 evmniittrecrt . Rinhriuo towns tu t '"Iter** 1' rtvo Itrio esrrv Tarar of the day In the tooth <d tie Mcapolltan fWet Ifcavejist *poiccn *i|k tme of three Kentletuen, and be ndd m> ttatt a* soon **? iarib* di hnti wolf tu eel a tool ?u the Neupditaa cuattacut thu wtvMe of the <-4>nL?ry v lt rise ut th-- r; of 't/>ng live the lhct?t->i' I/mg Mm \ tctor Emanuel! Mown with the ?Shfben* ' ur 10, 1861 parier* hero been establish-J here tine >r?tert*y, or, to ept-ett more correctly, have bceu eetabliat<m?ot at tbo I t,'hf.i? i.-e ol the - trait Hot now anil lkM,tt|eji?U7 ihrl't the D>ghl,br g'?a?,>n l)->*rd It,* City rt AheruTu. last r'ght the Neapolitan wor of war wlii b are rniietrg iu ibesp water* were ? ally excbaug 'Dg ftpim * Dy vic?i * of oolored rnckeH. If I am r.ghily lnlim.o.1 ibis-lid n it (ifi-yial the Miliaf ?f fre*h n|eu. ttoo* I am t' Id that, in apile of u brtgi t uiooa. a party of eighty men wan *a?> y landed t?e'w*-p. the rdlagw of Aanerello aiel Villa a,,? chivaumi A muiiU'l tauilr t at Canned) :<>W. a lh;, d, of about |M> mou, wm t<|iit))y sue ceaafil u narking tbe t ,->p<rlie emit at lutnara /*? .-ho rwlla, between Alta Vinmara arid Cbcuetelio All tbiwe expeditions, if thv loaliy uccarr at. bad do light to sustain with It: Neapolitans. Judging Irom thee-* smalt draughts of men, t-ari'^uidi's pkti is to colles: s? srmy little by litUe, souse Jelabria, and tbi.-u pruneed to Naples. 1 ssy It seems,Apr t*. m very diflieult to know what i.arihaUt's pisliI ready am. I havo U.u told that < van General* Air tori ami liobort? tboCrst tbe chief of b.i stall, tbe s< nomi a moot able adviser In military matter*?are not fully ac qaalaled with tbe p ai.s of tb? l?n tator Tliare are pep pie who sttll persist ID believing that all ibi Ksro hoatle U a mere feint p> Indue- tbe enemy ta colu-ot tbe wboM of bis force* in talabria, and that be tbea mean- to ileain id t" it ol Halerco ?rnt land tbeie Other so,>pu*i Ihioo are altoat; but, ar I odd you, so body knows tbe io most thought" of Gsrlbsldl. At lost we hare received news from our friend* who trsl touched the Ulubnui chore* I bnr that, after hertof marni -ft the wheie of the nyrht. ? ?yir Missori met a Qoiomn of Nuepoiitan troepe wbo seemed dwpueed to die his passage Miasnri Is a man w bo ncror oounia the ?let he m et , and he went boldly to attack them Tbe * -I I..I Ou v.. la u ha rm AUU I'? ~ ? " ? -?. .. . hl w? b ,ruj long on botbsidea, but at '?" *'**" N**: nolilaus gave war. Mu* *rl hal sis srounded. an 1 Ciller, ?. ho latl If- lb- ban 1 ? the N^v>;,.aa. These men U. i tbe barbarity to take tbe poof fed ?* to ?Sio la cptf of Uw c-'.vice id U?c m-rf. m. wh0 tol.1 be would die ru tbe way fuch *i< c- al.y lh- ?atr, i .i ? u . . ute I or i colter 0*1 bewo I * a. IMS oe TOW lie .-J SBB ? and I bear lha! It the wou-wiel pri*ooer ba I VtllaSan tilorabui bts l.ic would litre boon spared ctom tht< tact wo may infer that tbe Ne*pol?t*as are b-d Abac|i d, and tttl tbe;, uitcnd to carry on a war of ex term io all-in Ton muy dc|*-od ii|<uo it tbat Vbey wri get the worst of It Whew the Neapolitans rei..ed, Ujir Miesori was Sllowsd to march wit? | i Ml t ?,>rn moo to * err* .i-wagr. nim a, a* its titme usuo ?l?*. stands oa the t?t of a mo mam, a. I i I tear Uia, the/ are sttll there. In the MMMSS si yeStsrdaV Alt t?N ? uoed by ISO (wlabrlio l?#utr*i?t?. ail 'nhrbiuwits uf Vio?Haa tliovant.1 AH vb mm >t t carry a m *Wet aon arou wane wotu?n, have ?efi u< to i ? ? it ?my , tberrfere, be sa 1 th it tb? rerdcttoa has a -a-iy beg-.n in CkhV t Ti * -v i' increase tbe itiSh iiuw of the NetpollWn a. my, which will tbus be [ obliged to keep its ground lu a b at le o -nlry A I It 1( . ? J < Tn gtre you ae tdra of tbe enthusiasm MM . i MfV name awikros in sson ef rrery bat* a AM SSW-i m, I ?wet fell you that the daaei *esa autougsi lb ? . w?* lytag in this harhar itaraaM e??ry day. \... . luc jscketa are nf course of tb* cumber ,*iu* of a -<eral ai : t< ? ? i.jtioL, tb.; ca uothtlp turning Ij ? .? a lift in Gar ibaldr* ariay TstM r.!ay cren.og at l.a! past ssns, whilst tbe Amt 1* ulenaat wss oa deck Sf her Jla.i ?tj s nl ip Srylla, to si t the l.aam-etkt sea*. U cr. I fr.i at, a m: ' d-ns B Isiu tb, u., a.u s gig uno-ii 'red J osc-pt by tr.e saatry, wtc- th >..sV if?ey we ? go.* oa shase to Irt. b tbe ruiptato,and pwlied to tue pisr. A the hOgti were at the tisua Lulsted tsotpt the gig ami ths Isaseh Two nr three lu'nmes after the sentry '.i? ? st ?erred ll.e gig the trst Iwutcoanl ?\r? the order w .oca. bar nr., whin it wss found that si * *<4111 *s.sf - > I ?giMty it was <! score red that the boat w t* a-cn f u-t BjwMjt thee tt flashed argass ths lm anoni th. t die mea is the * g bad deearu - Tbe - ?was iaatantly mani.rl . I psc Wb re " r . w.1 -ii.. ii. .1 a ? '- ?* 1 Of msr.aca was nrnssdialeiy sent ou abate to ap|- ? trad fhr dercr.*ra, w o, after an Ucr n.' frwiUew r-nre... rare mm to b * found Toe CooisswtS -r of lha #,yiia w*it inn QMtbntdi th a Moratag, but .t : am r. and. ha 0M0 te'd that as ali tbi barrStra ' :: . ? annstaU IhhWNM under the aasumednam* <*f (tn-eaor fthlth >t was mpieaibla for bint tc asad tbc-nisc.. 7 hen ah t-ehnl In this hgiotoa mauaer twenty ? is a* -a of bar Mayeeir'askUlp Ampbt<"t daeerted at !'* ?? th* | Shrdit. asi v . i.uta 1 ca t ? v - I', number I aas hot faiag tu justify the devrpo' < 1 tnae lbttows. but wa? 1 remember they wagtw t 'bcti du' Sh 1 rlah thc.r lireS fu.- tbe rarml ca i? help escusM,g then TtitmaHir IbMinrt Tit't - ?b oi ifeo th ihtahgae poiat of r>sw oy your t *uery was a borne Arsrw (1. hiV-A ?. An at La k on U.- fort nf hcylia wa? probabt ? t ,?te teat awbt by M rau 's party. wb '1 hew >. aba . ono Man, mr simut ba ,-isi li.-n tu' i .1 that direction, and U lasted till a quarier to two The kahry bjnm of scLitoyy and U>e rattle of Musketry were SI'rt... 1 ly '??*?1 Uir-.? ' |>,c .1 1 ntnnn ght aigbt At the first shot heard thr < u? tranyat sounded froas ihc nta.!-' 1. n no b?m met? baa ytt lak*a pta.-c Wlten lh* action bog 1 or ths ahtham point of the (,utr a* Toet P*ylta, the It* <yo titan n/uinera flrc-l rockets erery memeat, ahMmlng | up and down tbe gulf Tt<y did not howerir. firs ageinoi erneibaJdl's khtlsrtai of faro rntot, or on the hanlo, whsflh I bear wars sua rey lag more anwah st ped tinea to 1 be whtabriao roast tt at staled that the landtSW of Ibone erpedgiooa. pn-tected h? ths darkaars of the rrrntng?tha ihoon did sot rtar till Half past twain* n clock?wsa huocemfnMy cdrrtci tt three dtOfrrngpotnla of the oppnoite coast WbV tain -a, that ao aw>o as tbe sua act lK*fire? were .Ii* I tiactly seep oil tin* U>c rldyaa Share ths Cdabrui- V I tagsw of Viua tton Caaraot.i and Ohlltsn. Kotfoabt tioas fires were lighted either by kftaaori's party or be the fbbthaa ataslri. whsah two belated the lag of th* aa Usnal ease* If MMhen boo atsaosafird it oapturmg tbe hwt of Ssytla. <;?r baht. WlU to- able t" n.uSer Wk st'? t and tbe hading of the what ,4 bn *rw*f ear H * ? -n rMthd th oaMMarKtet May Whathwibn is the chse ?hall be able to letl you to My east letter WOl-WMD TOM irigl* IK fiioihT. Tba fd'kjwtng letter has beau recelrrd frmi. fi# Karta by one of the ladies MtsraalnJ in t ?-? ?>? 1 ?rw rotoU Amot at oa of I md-*. ? Mat*//... July fit? A igdal 2. ltd-) Mt tVisa 1 c.utvn?Haaton your kind u.frr.og- f>. me > (?-k and a-otuuicd: etrer were they wantad as now p<* ~- *? -? r?. 1 a lK, ainba'arta <?e?*f. ai ? (Urlif't M?al?s ali tor A ?,'??? the h.wt. f-f ?*? ?*? bars Ion, tn-l 'U irrillBS'S SWtoW? ? ? Her* it the t.-wt- tot ?'?'-> kre 1) CLVlbut. ?1 th* t rsirwly, T '-aoh-'i ?-t ??? ?'"? (hongb 1 oave a.i-u _ s i a| tana bare ders- ?IM fbr the peer i?,,ta are saUta a<to sar i thr-e si.iagff. sn. the f r bflhftrd ibis r? f * . Mr h'.sbwi.l | MfirlOd at it -^v. *. j>o? at tms , * ? .>' ""V, V nr'.A . "?? v* d* ?w, I U ? ftJdh Mi * ? ffCTVbt* SW ** I J a u.'-m to m K Bnr oliona wo have ad r*ii hiwpilai, cnly 0V? ehurob??, and whtu tM oumiMri are u-diK-d to ? manageable ?UU, I shall joiith-i A.mbtl Vuj rural*. This 18 only a It o to keep yen ^formed ?f (Mir loovrmsuui, and lo nrr? jou to hasten Vg,ir opsi-* l> i>8. I h i|* the Erg bb Consul at IMIir ^o hM wn)6 news iof rue. RAHCII.!ii> ' T^jy in loan I have had no m?uu of sending ??? ?, ? tfcU ir >ou con Id vmt these hospitals , would ache. 1 nave work from it*wi to m w,% Wlinl f,lrw< Three hundred wounded arc jSoTaSS^ ?1HK I \ KWi Kano, A gnat I I, 181M Ihre mon ? ^ {jngiipi-.i t .tempted, but without sua tans, in u?i n upo'.itaa sbvtuer. Too i'uuuuaste r_ ' '*' /4 U*? (kbilgua. -W htgll Lbc Y> fv Jtuon.Wlteil ?no battalion of >d Vaidina volunteer# tuUa..?bt*?. rbe'itUio'Gvial ,>t '"d'S^rkii fire d ilrCg ball'up bour. Seal a'a un llety has no'. yet lift .-i.oiiy. A ( a'nbi .\n W? hem arretted hero. 'In has Oonfnsfd hav ig tcc'*vd n- u-y rrofti Count Aqulla to u*aae*o. 'to Garibaldi. Tvhis, Ai gust IT, 1600 l'ba Vpi/iH'iie pubises a despatch, dated Napier, in gnat Id, tstai.Dg that ths news of Garibaldi's disombar ,a tioh in Caiabr.a was unfounded. Up to tho 11 lb insunl only wvur.ij Inconsiderable disomhurkalione ba<l taken place at (tifl?re?.t points. Panis, August 17,18?W. The raii-i* of this rren ni; contains the following les pai oh, dei^d Maples, tti- ItKh .nsk?"Treonutllity pro valla n U.e city. Garibaldi is st.ll rcconno.tcr>ng off the V ?politi.n i.iir >r*l. TianquilHy prevn Is in (Atbibria J. and tt-e Abruaela." \ a. pies. 1 mo Pai?s iJ,Uu atl.rraa that the Noepniiian HotC'i 3e j notary was cognizant of Garibaldi's visit to Maple;, ml J that ho has accepted lb** poet of I"ro?iekrnaJ ?ejveincr of i M?|diiS for King Victor Emanuel, lately 26.000 etas 1 of j arms, 700 Oreint nbelis, and a million and s haif car , louoben, wore secretly lauduu there. Sardinia, THT. OIFTICULTIKS ABOCT SICILY AND NAPLS". Tbe CfenVitattariw/ publishes a iet'er from hiriu, b-a" lu* ?h-i!Coafire ofM. GrAodgaiilot, comr?.-uciB? as icl towe ''"Italy li cow catering iho most critical anil tho mj?t U'c.a. ?o period of her regeneration; henceforth Abo ?taJc a on a Single card either her ruin or ber astral,>o. nng.Hfc-od as she .a .n the i-uih upou wh; h she has b;cu thrown by tho ivpcditiou of GaribaMt, Italy will, wi hm two mouths, be either free sad cmnplulely independent, or Austi ta will aga.u reign, and this timo irom Xee.iua to Turin." Ibo etter then details the course of pwt areata, ncd Matee tbot tbe nngotiatioos between Naples and Pied n.cmt wore ucsuoosaanil, by reaa**i ?f CarlbalCi's refutat to nrrert bis course. and on account of the enthusiasm prevailing throngbout Italy having paralysed tbe moa ?urea wbioh Piedmont might otherwise hare taken to prevent further complication. A I'aria correspondent of tte l.uUwmi.? Eirg ?' ?t tars from Turin state that M. KalUssls fining the oa" Irt>".r^5!D,il XT*' doubtful indetsl The situation y ^ ^ inutn Mlr,l*lrZ l***>?>cs si eeiitarrausing that it probably flu da great di&jetty in recruiting jtg strlurth ."If* ?' .Tur"' ray "?? ^rdtoinu roverumoot intended to take part .a the expedition to Nvrla hut h ta ruling uiabod the design, owing ta thu opposition of -or. tain Powers. It will, therefore, ouly rend some roes Is of wnr to protect the ItUW.u tlag A lommunicatioo Trora Turin nays?ttrong reoommen datiooa are being made to General tlc.r.baldi in*d'dU tonal sense. M. Bartlni, lnatrcvted by M Fsrlnl tir underUraou to make tee fu:tatar omnpruhaad that' hut attempt at tbe preaeot tame agatan tbe Neawd.tan ?7 Tin- ea on the main land would be urrts. ittable, the ?ot having manifested their wtahes either by tbo^?T-' meant ol tbe elections. or by a reoeral insurrection tat appearing, on tbe oontiTtry, to atoepl the uewlrstitnta.w.T I It ta in consequence of previous representation, the rei- rt : g^cs, that (^artbaidi Las paused, I The Official Oo-vrv ot Turin publishes the folios In* rireutar addreaw* by *. Ibrmi. W.aister or toe Inter ta^tbe Governors and InUndenls General of the k ug I ^Let'- three mouU-s ago. the^^mas*^ }? i^^mr was tilled with tbe fsroo of his vie oric all J?ai u ?o moved and enthusiasm was great m this kingdom wh. ro ireo institutions and habits offer uo obatsele to the free manifestation of fubiio opinion Hence tbo g. oerous cootmutiois of moD ty and tbe Urge uu.nbe.r ?} r ,(.JU leers who set out for theny. If in Iras disturb.) ! tones nations received praise for siding and abetliog tbe libera Iron of foreign peoples and if gnverometu, obeying we might say, tbe authority of pibl.c toellng allow.*'as stsunce t . oe aenl to America, Greece, and H|mn, which fouvht for mdepoodtnee anu liberty there Is reueon to believe Utat civilized Europe will juitly an prrelate the course followed by the King-. goiersfJJ afefi " 01 ?? baktowai impulse now Wcily has been ptasert m a condition w es(irsss her ?ed fvernment of the King wbicb w bound to (rrtMect all ths cmstnutlooaJ pre w. iT.T* 1 trowo aud I'srl,tntout, and is obliged 15 act as supreme moderator of thu national k y.Wht,,'1 bf'loo'r"to',l~th *"?*?? or i - . by pub"f cobsout?the gorerrunent, 1 asy is ta duty bound to moderate all urtwular action and onr. reet all illegItimalc lolerfertace with matters of .uu,? persona not having that tv.nai.tut.ooai or rnHni rh^mT ?ility whicii U?r govrrnmeat ban toward.- tbe Crowu the I art lament aad tbe naMon, otherwise, through the in su-naeotaiity and advice of persooe without authority or public reenonaibdity, thu IHate m ight be brought lata danger and the fortune, of Italy auffor And beau. ? in h-ee Ptaoa. civil order and discipline reside mors m imb W?ioa than :a tbe of tKe law., the unde% requests you to g re the grent.wt publicity p,weib ? ta Ibis CI^CUAI' *r?ral tune* the undanugoei has declared Utat the govcritmvnt could not nod would not tolerate preparations witfc.u the 2"? far purposes of violence to nsighv,.ri<?g Wetea, ant has ordere.1 lu-? ta be p^'tad y."4'' c"*t ,1C -ripes that pnblts optatoi. will b -ut Detent to curb iro prudent adietcpta, htu, at all events b. j ccnttdcn in the civil and milita-y autUjf.iiei f.,r 'ih? prompt execution of b.s oners A?1 h a?Yr7 tl mends all Www to b ? nought with lb- uii gcorc, and puniabrd with the gr..alost leg... e. .v ,iy who. eonspir og and a? to the detriment ot net, mil honor and mi.itary dscipi r.s, mtU'm,. ve* nbotuw. and prw&itei* tt desertion And the uud sgoed has - - i-mnjiete tbe organisation .,f in m .ve.ble Nattona: t.uar and tb? c..rpa rem;wned o< volun: *. a ,' Uw .Nat.Tual C.Aid wb:tli lb !?* alULotises. ... ee ,0..t perar. t otb"? t> rtcrrit In rondns on IU? under*igneu d,.-ar? that *h ? theffsvcnimaat of the VSJtSr *???". *"*?? t Ibr \J ? .. . allpr.-liiw' tertUg t,wards the L'b'-r l Vu and restore of tij. , , .,lft ? ? n ,v. ; J""*", fcmly re#,.r , a s to a lowVta If ta JT . wmvXl ?jr by any who b?ve rod !?,? a. lb -it . a?l r s, J.b. r r verament from the K ng aad nit on Ha'v mutt'aa.1 Wt t.i Ufioag In inn Uui u a in s#rv It is sittrai^d that Sardinia c nt vnse her wir pr -inrs le>ns m-~h activity n>r loet,Scat. is of ft Jin, aren .w inalwrnilaM .tale aud Ibaesut ? rd ... Ju, t?,a evacuate 1. is u w a dm rate imugmdj , ta." el s' 77 V "i/fi ,u*'' v 1 <?* I??in<lriet, v i tad fcru'Vd fO "00 riles from tbe g t -nwcut arsenals Tbe bom of m .Urv twspor.Uooa a V rthem lUly i loud sad ?*< cw?#4t fc'ra iter. The wmtbc* is fi-aM* ootia iwt very va-'ib'e w tb much rain. it wa? stated fbnt tbe r-em b goreramfat bad sold to P.elm arennrvd r.Rss as I s certain yuM. powder and amen ta.tics ?k * '111?"' n i*a:l,Z alw. be euppbed Tue imri* (sai'MfMi'l, is au article on t., - m i mrr precn it.?? of Sxg snd. u?? whether it .j wise *> ,?./ stary nrrnage pent wtacb meeta w 't! no resjsMtae, nn 1 p ate to the fact that the Cmiernrhtawr uae h th rta stood akof ! .j, <be andimmiwbl the taoK'fcde ant sh?wn t. mas i more as derate than his r watry The fmprrior fkillMil of Cototoers* had rinsed tte is qt.ry r-aiivc ta rottou aianuieeturea, nai bal com meyi r* ttr :nve.t>rai OS rs; tir.'to the ? ktrai* rh. K iirta bal born h. vy aud lower but on tire 17th rchl'W r-eorerci and rl .'l a' W lb A s.?p ? 1'S wtrb of li..' Uit im . .ne?e that tb* Has tart ('sum tt'.? nad be*!, disativel 2/WS vilncteer* bad WrU ncrcitad .a Gre?* ? fw Gar.. t wstt in aad r. aaala.^.5 tbe fc. brrf*ij Oi 4 y the rap t thai Aist'ia bat Arreted ber Arnbnssads at Par l to it, are that shew, iid vsufr any f rth/' revolut .ary pro fwedibg. la Daly ?n? wtbr bf nrrodU It ta iiste.. thst cnuniii/ ta civil ntiil votiiienl matters is to be jwoola at. I f.^ slT Austrian sub eats, , f wb.tcrsr Aresd. on the aoni er?ar> sf tb* I rapsror ? buih Tlis hfrsnlt at TtpUtt. trwier tbe sb5T* the AVdof the l<;tb yib'.sb en a -vimmunicati a ta wbM h ,t aitnr.bds gr?M I taper ? (sate, Nothing, eeyt ;?.s acrvmat. *as ?<gasd at the is lirvtew st TopllM. but tb* engagements tmiw-el nto toef* ro'3.1fcod, at the u.w? ial.oa tb* (.oifwiw ?f Aim <?* tosprttoeni wb cb bas h**a drawn bp slow lbs ?weta.ig TV f ' acew-Jing to tbe Aenf. wwrsib* *,.gi?eerrnt. c, aelods.1 bttwma the two Primes ? . ' r'.i,rsl"2Ll,:?r?! Zmpeeiw of A islr.s as devtsb* to flrtnlr Vhd together <* the Estisro incsUoa on Ibi'dA ??? of ?*.? tresty of Pat j. ta prsret.| e.per U1 f ererytovsg that cai sir - the attf ty #f ta. Otto uaa 1 empire, 0*4 to ceu. ?> :e. ?...? t ihjeu * th tb Oa:>in i of J IMH I 1 In I Ik* ucb- .jucskr.i f G-rrosa. dust.:? has tntde was .mpdris-j co ?j vrtx e aci; ta the mtlitvy Q'j> ?! ;? ?V etgag * msfootw, ta the libr-rel r.?'?ra .Acat 9 d with Pi w? tci }*>'.!*-? in the iotemal quShl?'?.? of o< ?ta.i..y 8 t ilb r g?r * ft al*. ? tbe Prises of Pna t ! rm??iwi t' at IV ,r?w s st Venetia >? of rial nt to the A rtr^j: sstp'rr M/i be (tsu.n ? a'i ea i ts^Mnml tr ti.t* tci hi ig . th* ItalUd iwsv me-.t is Pltrblfd to 111. Jl .'.is* lh< ri' lr?? lr g ttaot H t ban'1, a for?''go ?v?w*r tsa-w psrt in it, tbe f*r 8 ? nl . 'igdtftsktf to tee I At>*lrie the f iv 'ft ?f the i ns im : h? r< t 4 T ? K.) si B gh-wr* tbe Princj * ,?ot snd*stake t? i ? r>t ? j s'll I * g1 "t f ?*? and >b?I fiflne- - > .h " tt e ?(if.v >:? .1 Wr to bring shtat t rc if>r . . .? I ?*h ? jj \ t K?u sa l t-srtaSt rvkijr u<t lyrlt, The WW* nf uw m?r*Acre?? at Baa:Vo is coiidmied, but do details ure received Advices from rturuoocos V> August 6 staio that Fuad Pacha had mrrounded th? Icbanan with troops, od<1 threatened Are and sword If tbe Druse kbeikhs did not (urronder In two days. Twenty had already been taken, and nearly BOO other important airest* bud been made 1,000 camel loads of plunder* 1 property had been recovered. The Stillun wes about to address another autograph ??Iter to Flo-land and Frnrre on the subjoot of Syria, oa p." -vtrp bis desire to have the sole puuinhmout of the offenders. In a speech to his Ministers, the .-' titan ha I expressed hie resolution to punish tbe-'yrian off^ndera ua >st ov-uvly. Re also proclaimed his tuumi.n ot red joint; the vet liet (>i situ v-re* and ? tV'-ctivr eccuv'O.v i vuer*! It is Staled that, in an application aid reined by Turkey lo the Kngltvh gtv-?.rutnem, she oil ?'< to '.naku the it-Utah Consuls ut various porta the recognised receivers of customs r? v en ue s, end to hypotberate there revenues specially tu a new loan, which ICap'aad, in c aijuu ttion with other Powers, la mounted l>> guaianwn. 1 be latest despatch from Beyroui ( tug est 5) ft .Us Pis' Byris I niq id; !? i it. the environs .,i lumisuas ] alt* mpte against the lire and , rop. rty .,f iho Chrytians I were ol daily ocrurrencu. [I r-m? lb? l.nndoo Post, A g :r? IS 1 We have teen favored win tti.? i loiter, i w,:t 1 b<? found f II of interest ? ns ikor-r, July 28, lkdO. ! Departing from the course f.oi.iwe t oy sumo a ivruapua I ur-'s, ot I'otidig their e.uuunia- wliil-t omit1..}! is' ? frronnds upoti vrhich those r.,' .xib :.r? ha-d, I will cui | One myself on this occur km to trend lag you a short our j iial of il-e doiiiga of the T'trkisb Ceuataitr .ouer siu is hut arri\al In r?. If i*ot ?r? j '.nler ?iu,:^ it m *t Dint true? ' s qe.iiity which more ambitici? uiodnotions do not al- I w ay s possess. I It wm ou the 17ih of July that h.a Ear*Uei..>y I j : ad Pacha *!?;?*<d here with his suite ..a boi.-d I tP" Tiiki h steamer Tiif. The ?e -I had -o I sp-ner anchored thm the French itur Adm.ral ?? t | to oftlcir to compliment the Pasha: and ehoa -'.ias fetter hail landed ho w.i mj on him wUn the F>ein-n c; i *ul at the Covernor's house. V irly th> f.-.fowwg dry English, Kusslan and Sardinian Consult ai-o paid their ejects i-i Fund Pasha. Abr ? I ftendi, whs 'jcc iplcs a b'ph post In the Fore office r.t f iirsiantlnoplo, w is soori after sent to visit 'no wounded awl tick in iheourenf tfte rfisU re o?'i'h ' y, snu to hind to ibe superior of the cocgregt' wn of .-p.. v.u- | cet.t do i'aul 11 COtf p uster?, with a leltei o, it .i.k- fro n ' lead Kucha for the care and attention sbowuth- -i;f-r .?. ' 'ho fame day a mixed oommiasiou was named .-e line the wounded and distressed tiarouitos u the vieiui ty ol tfcie towc. and Moustsa Pasha and were stnt toKidnn by Fund Pacha to ectabisih a si niiar romnitaston tfii r?, tak ug w.ttr them t? ny pi we u?.bo KifUr* ot t'Parity fi.r the relief of the jw? r mountaioe rg. Un tb" U?tb a lorge number of tue luuiO iatiH H i I rout met t geiher at the Uoveriior's h i o u hear'rv: I Buituo's Cemail read. The coertyusd wr. t crowded * tb jes?p e Tbo Civil and military auttrorlt.os ml tbo s ,io ot Kcad'Pacia turrounicd bw fX,c; w ...e a tary r?d aloud the original ttrr- oi .i ua'ivo fur.ctio .a ry itm read a translation in .aeahto t, i , n prmhisukn ot Kuad Pachn Is ttw Syrians. 'Jnh tirmi'i end jrroclatnaltiiQ ap;>e?'ed t? bs well re-. iv,-l |,y iy l?s>He, tn whom an Arabic trawlatiim or tbunt whi. b 1 id hevw- printed wero afterwaedn d'striboteu Sorn alter the teriiiioailnnttf tnis osreniouy Kutl i"* cbii, w itti his suit-', toik poteesKioo of a camp wt i-b lud b??n praparou for ibnm * r.hrrt distanoo from I ?? to vu l^ik Wey, one of the aiuev.-d'voamp, was sent to Dcn.cs ?wis to bring Ahmed Pacfr i to Bay rout; anuthcr a ts ic ramp, earned Raouf Bey, br my sect to Aloppo wpti t t t;>slniotions to Mniusv-I Paths to ueo every .-ll.ri to keep toe U>wu .pnet, t'vtourch.d Poena alao left 1 i Ukm to iDipiire into lh' dtate of the country | Pe!. rl J to the Paeba I i On the 30th mearurco wi re UUen for holding a oourt martial ou tboso cHteere vr soldiers who euro coinn.-y nueed In the outoreak at Deir el K unt Kuaii Pai ha declared that tbo rooobciliatloi. hstw?n I the Diners and Uarooiter sbouid not a S'>.-it?r - ' tl.bev who ha.1 been guilty if murder, deri ? i ? .e. ptcnoer, hut that juete e eh mid take its xurse nutw utandlbg tin! treaty between the ten tiib. s. Mire troop* arr vet today by lb? Van UJ T fa d, and weru iwnieoiaiely disembarked Ua the 21el Fuad Pacha appointed Com/nisui-iswra t' ,u quire into the losses siwtain>'<l hy forc.suers, and to t- n eider and report upon their claims. Several rcK'neetal ..m.. r? of IVir-el h-tiner w 'e xr ieeteil and I.slged m pnsoo, to await U. r trial By " r? martial. Tn- commit tee-appoibh d by Fuad Pacha fur relier ur tbe poor divided f.otn in ih.<s- dan t _ 1" Hie sit-k and wounded, wh-> w -ro ; I .ued - a rr 'I Jary bojpital under the fc<gh B.rrciliwc of thv rcittait 21 The widovs nod orphans, who* were lodged |r 'ho lairaretio i-f the Wan. j 8d Thoso who had left their home* from fear, I t u.. 1 , not suffered lote or injury, and who would bo afcelUrel ) ami led until th-y were sent to their villages, j tlu the 22>l 5- ohd Pact a reviewed a!) Die u the presence of the conauls in uniform, ana of u,.- p. ?, pul j Kuropeau: here. TUo sight seemed 11 make a i?r. it im i pression on the mouuta.noers. Iromodlat-dy anarwards .'S .*S?4 started for Damascus w ta two battali r.s, , acd Fund Pacha ro '.e with him a part of the ay. Twu 1 other battalions afiurwards lull for lh. aaiau town, sal on< battalion woe sent to ihdon. I In the evening At mod Pacha, tho es Govern.* of ft? maacus. vrired. Ho was very coldly received hy Fus t j i ic&ft, ^uotfi Lu lnulurtd not U> fo io (kiiuiit'iui. or bo would be killed by llie popufa. 0, but Fuad Peons cselir Volfl btm lut bo would order eil laiurrAoUooiiu g I shot down, and would, If n#c< near/, with bis own bund* Qghl to uphold (Ac Sultan's authority. After Ibis interview, Ahmed Pa ha w is subraitArl to an examination, and his answers n >t beiug utuis-tiry his sword was Utksn from him, and ha was scut ctd'r arrvst to Coostaatinople. The palace at DHr-cl Kamar, which r.wmerly be ha re. I to the late Emir but la tow guverom.-ut proper-v f?1T ***' b? P*ch* u ? Perm seem M? lum for the widows cad orphans, and bis Etoalleocy ha< w^ed ? committee for making the osymtry arrange _ _ ^ . . Jr*.r U 1B?C Franco tffmdi irturaed to day from ?.lon sfnea he arrived at the town he rrma.' -d ifatae IltUe eaciteae ?it ?tUI maainiDg. He therefore addroaa^ r tb pe pie ti them bew diet leaned and pa .nod the !>u1U.t set at! a it M.^tulmans bad bera on hvariag of the m^aanrex sad that Fual Par ha had ffrmlv reanired not to leave a atou standing in any town where such atrocities should rec-wn mcr.ce The speech pro do red IH effort, and the K.nah.. unts pl-dged themselves for theirs oq illllty of tin to ,vu 1 Franco FfVrd! also esubliahed th re s commiamou for the reller of tho sv.ffcrers, and JO 000 piasU-ra wtre ? -nt by f uad Pacha Kbeiirrhl 1 Jdteodt, ooe **f the secretaries Of Fuad 1 astia oft tc day for Jeruaaiem and Jaffa Admiral Martin arrived eo the 34th. and was rec-u ret ? lh* following day by Fuad Pasha with all the hoe>r* On Uie 3f lh Ahmed uT*a4i, Inb rpreter ol Ihe |<reviac Vasfl Effcodl, ktahaef Kh'mrchld Pacha, and Mus'ai-us' J fhaklr FJb?ndi, tbe Ca.macan of I??ir at K*m*r, w.-ru ?, I rested snd Klo-irchtd Pacha was eett to t yiw'us to wa t : for tbe first packet b> O?oetaaltr.ople. After nam mg Admiral Mo-wUpha Pa Urn ? rover nor ad l4 i '' I"*ldon Fua.1 Par..- ? left f .r rtsmas us ?a I ll.? 37ih iDaUal. scorapar.'.ed by a large tsvlr of tfaoprs. He will leers dclmnrr- nte all along the nw.1 frvn Bey j rout lo Damaeco*. an 4 ?ill Ox hinh *l.|usrters lea* >eu the two towns He deylaree that he wn. huru iu aw i* tf the culprits are not delivered up ?'"si before the detwrture of Fuad Pacha fur ls-nw>i> | hi* Facelfoacy sent Franco F'Tcndl, with Ar. h'.i t. .n To' I t'ia, tn Kraravaii to qsiti the Msroeitcs. who bad contrsl I lard 4?>ef?Sieve with h st.le inientluns | The matinleei-hi aamed by Fuad Pachn f, f the relief of , the P-S.V hsa uw time full* ocmpfod ft baa I.nailed 000 ramllb-s at the laaarriio, and is a-tire r * 1 | Tiat't.g t!j* sufferings '?r tb- p ?r f'omthe forefunff I think you will gather Ihst th* I crisis ts past The arrival of Faad Pacha bet* ho* !.?! a ft i happy effect. Hi* leteiiigiBur, tact and ireaeral | bear ug inst ire all with conO lenre The c w i?u,tjr, ss well as the i,aval r unman te,-- are m tisiowel I witli the energy shown by the P*t .a. Th.- v ?u is r si.ming Its old sapmt, sad all faar of luber urlbreaks has sow pawi.1 away , all taat remains te be done w t" pelge i and puniah the gstlty, a leak wnieh Fuad Pacha is aoie aad ready to perform. Montenegro. Vtkim. the ton of Harm IVtroT'tofc. had been f?r? r>< cm! IT.k ?? oi V 'Otcargro ?t Otliar >, to pioc- of ike oatod I i ,'.re THnThe rtile wUo < t,h?r-ed a ith the oo' rUer o! IT ot# Itanlelo, dee. tea bating ct ; milled the crime. The Tflf^sph Between Aiunlrn end f mure. fFr Mr Per.a r >T? ."Wdmr* to the l/md i Cbroaieie. France I* ?? t t cut ?t the ha> i f beug the tirii ' to p>n?i.ert th* Ne * World ? ith tbeO'.i bf ? *-i .lerreu on | telegraph'* rnbte Tb.- *ituU('to1 raace of ha; tag * iol. freak?? caMe le ' toon ?>et?. ?a her own 0 net# io<l ih e o lb ? lToil<-d J Mate*, n potatod est by U?e OnttUah'^n*' n *r. t-toto ' nknb dir-'U otteiKiin to *ti-- t<rtanm < MwlUaM of tb.' poai'-nt. n'1 b tore-. lh? M n tier of i'i# Interior ' end tut r"T"t>oay, mrrwetad by MW ftooett, f naevi, and to>r' a. Afl?r obeerriag that the eeteb mhoi'it of ? ."i :? t ??.?*!? i'. i * iU "e nave: tare tbe er*. ft of lt? reeotag the ? 'reiK-nl of ?*?.'? a a rey derided traaner. and meal pr ?? it the pr e i per.ty of tbe FftMb luarfeela. I be arte e prnrre .r .0 tbe J t-biooiaf terr* ?The OMtvpenr niaete*. for the g *e*a i tee of a m<u aii tn r.reeu* of 1 ,05o 0?o. dar itf Hfte ? yearo. to lay joero witbiq three yeve. a euhm?- rie ai? . irlr te'.igrapfc krtern tie nneta of Irui* and lb : -te;." ? .it a i.. 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The giarar tee of tbe yorreameM oily keg o? from ft# day fi eindh the teiegrmf'b rUti! kii io regijir te'l p t'td at bb d?p>*?. m tlw ^sblir Ttll U>> h U?a underuiklag it altogether a prini? aparulattoa; the i??>*; ter d id? a" |*r i ii?d? aoteoeary lor layog due;i tMrtb> >d i ?rx^ orut/ tbe e? rrior ,i ua? ibia at ?u orir yi% ? : 11*-. . ,m> s aloi.e 'rapcnaibi* la of laitere Utb.'Ni ri'tfliy rrni'k ub-lirtak rg the <4in j>?r of toe f iler or hee Wen rarifol to nrotcrt tb* iaterea;? > -ajeo khd e try A altar 'I*hw?e n.n N *n ii?arl?i in fbe .-meeul ei r>rrv img taai ike ehleabei. be n. ?aaf i it'ire-t f* * h? * Sotb r ?b remeina but to rerr? ?e |h . . ?? afcd thtf operator art It r<o? b? 'ngdrleyel llr afei- t< it ft * n;oie? tkc naaagaur oa* year t . b m th or ? b < b tuae ai c* uik 'A tba fahig mu?t >? ??? ./ l'roy<"?d C*t??llnn In fiir tmaile.l \atlad? I fFr? in the | B Fnarh of tngMl 1? ] ' VTio ai!l li't yr fhir.rb a rerf root t i*t In t 'B reere tlata our .'.tj. ri..e,i wi 4 do not rr *t > m tnetbii ) pr-*!*;?* f i* rfT*r *r* ?*'l?"'y aotkeo ag I, a sees* of the HatihetiM6 between people The v'?w Tons Hkh>u>. the leading journal of Uio Suite, a perfectly Jm , u or tod with Ih'i bi:->bb>sbtlts?4 of Ib'J Ai-tefiijou "I IgAt ( city Now tbiii the TY.u :i of WaIiS .s U> b" the gu'-sf ' : the President, (,'ueen Vlctirla'i "good frteud " is vile 3 Uonslojy uri't.u to take otre tniu ? to young m.raug?r m not sppruacn J by the " vulgar rowdies " who belong to tho corporation. It is pirflcultrly I that he in < .1 not take to the old world such an iinpresakoo or repanii can lent He he is nktly to derive fro? socflg and iwwng these niler |iert;oh?e"8.'**ruo Mayor of Sow tor*, Wioin I.ird 'ohn Huawll, blundering, cille-l Yoar Kxc .iloucy, <* not an unworthy person, it ttemt ? That h- will awcharfco in a a .d Jigoiiied manner , his dunes as h it, and taut he v. ,!i a uivey ui his yieel a t j agreeable inp,c**<in or 'he cultivation and rofliicnvnl i the common ty ol wnie.h he is the heed, we aro fu.iy p-r suaded Whatever Mayor ?V.msI'* l'smbgs ruly l>J. no cow || ever bin it being wAiiting iu la: in u> rert aad bearing of a gcatlcmtn, and there .? not, per , haps, a m ja in this city na'-t r quvlnlaa to p ay tno pt't ttiweU lo: huu on tuie otiuib ou.'' Ihit aa for the Aide raven and ?tu:h lite, th y -o I > i keep off, and not disgrace the rep t'die f a i.tuq t r, t to tie got up, it , , ".-'boold be entruelod lo the msoagemeul t?t a 'lo.ntni ? [ ten of , hutlemcn In whom the pib'r. hue e,o .tliet.c. , otherwise it might degenerate into another sueti J '"<> ': rowdyism and vulgarity as the Japanese btll pr"aeotod As Mr I'uucti knows everything, u I* his duly t? ni.i, ;n Jueticc to the editor of Uio Ne.v York paper, "-"tt '>l4 o?.itdon of the present municipal .lulhoi ite? of the t-ri - lory iormertv the property an 1 still hearing Ute naioe ' f the Duke >1 York, is amply borne "ut by facts ee." c tally I'.cts which are o v-iiuuily elicited Ift fore the !'? lieu Uigistrato of tint 1 >?*l>?y ; ??d j on the part of the English natioa, Mr. ?j begs to etpr -s ins souse of the oourtety inUodod oy the ad\ tcacy of ihe oxclusiou ol the "rowdies" front .h iu -s i pltalltteti that awslt the yuof I'r nee On toe wb ?, however, Mr. Punch rtrongly recommends too ?>ns. tiouef a twetuge to tho consideration of his A merio vu friends, Vhen Mr Punch hlmaelf bottvluw the o' vt ?s, be tru?ta bo Wtflcntned by tho Firl of Lionom aitl o Martpns of Cteunett, and is ready to bet his own une >lu and Hewlett itjuite right, Wlacouut, to orplaln that he means a Vt) that Mr. IV- iglis will look uncommonly w il in a coronet, which hi* Soottinh uamesuho. 'he Marq ,s of ^ weii'bttry wilt he very bappy to aend him i pule-i. The Puke if Breakinrklg* * a title that would so cud nor, ) , an l is that unblernan is, according to (.arretl Ikivis j ?A gcDtlcmin of g?s?t intents, fine manners, any a ol graaclul cloeation, wnil,' his habits aro nidi/enl and n.s ( manners and thoughts superficial," tho f>ukc must be the exact counterpart .if tho manrilv i of our own tttteit swells tli n* f?i I iua ois'U u Iiera'O s oinoe iu connection wilo tbo office of too , HaiiAUi. _____ MarktU. LONPON MOVBV MAHttBT. lsjxtKis, Angut 17, 1800 1 dmcpoir.tnient of the nipecUl'oii* of a ubaoge ia tht> w-alhir, 'thd the threatening political < <t tlagstieles on the CiUllDeiil, bavt led to a fur ' 'T decliuo in Am English fuuds V>d?>. Cou-olt *r nioDvy r, ?.'irij at 10 t^, b> iched 92*tf, and el is* ,i at 92X exactly, kor the acc ?"it tho last prte-i was Ul;, t> S3. Bank stock left etf at 3J0?, to 232. red i.iel aud new three per cuts,S3 to ', , India stock, 2lk.^ te2lH, In dia live p-r ci.N J08^, rupee l*?i?'r, Sdli ,wl to* in I dia c?. tn 4b., aud Exchequer h.iis, 2 hi 6s prttmiuai | lu pmiHirtHin as the weather aflVcte our o v.i |m is, 1 Am Ticanrc.raritiea Bhowgreat. rtirmncs.ow ug to tho I an .on ?f an *< tlve busineee lu breedst.nfs "U ie pruic.pal ws of railway. lu the dmcojut market to day there was a fu.l l-m*?d a', the ftatik m'oimnm, and ir? the Ht.wW Exchange e so Icshs tvrro .n mi reaeeit req ie?t. I*AlllS MONKY JIABltKT. Paris, August lf-330 P. >. The Bourse has be?n b-wvy ?u<l uiAii'inaie H" tea closed at 1)7: 86c., or 14j. iow?r than on f t * ^ "H1C11 AKIMtiN, bl'EbCB AKO 1X1.'k CIRCLXAK. laiaxixKii. August It, 1SS0 OcitTotr Hie '.mprovmiient nu to<l 1 ut we?lc has m ?le 4il1h< r progress 4*11*0 Ml" fr"",!. The tr*.fe, S|K**, ia Vtrs and expuiuire have a'l been Ire,, operators at gr* I i _ ally advancing prices up to WcducAhiy, when, ou tt. of n?erly 20 000 bales, )%d. to d p-r lb <?? Uxt week's quotations of the ordinary acd " rai l lling" qualities w ta reai .*?-,<. Hiuee tlwn the dally sales fca\e rec? led b) 10 COO bales, ami it is diltcuit n "W to ob'ai* the eitr-ins iai.? of the w. ek. s. a Inlands have he u more u>q i.iad for hot hole ere unwilling sellers at "to pricm. uot moth but n,w* U?*> twee tin tie. Ufa's in fair '", and while rotPms have advance 1 V1 I*"1 lb. T?e i|K> ? tlu&s art ?Mid 'ur.g Orleans,01 p. i lb. da. tlot'. e, of? 1.; do. I'plands. 6J?d. . . Btt*Ai>eu nr..?lu the ?? wly part of the *"* ? tn ? y \ ther was flue, but it ana sicca b -oomo vry aorettied, and ta-day It htst mini h-av.'v. Tu? trailc rultus ? ry flrto for ail articles On Tuesday a large rvwisutapt ve business wen done In, aais~'lA'ly "Ic 'Tench red, at a general advance of 2d J*'r cental; of ivy wh tele, h w ever. tt was dim mil to m-iko aal.ra at high r rates FUnr wis arm, without much doing. Indian corn more Icq^1'ou for and rathe-dearer, 32' 61 being made for m"."d At today's market millers from the country attended In nonsiderablo number*, and influenced by the "'"J;1,** bought wheat pretty freely at a further aivan"e of 21 to .1.1 per cental no best qualities, and about 21 "b naty; new Baltimore red broufht in retail 124.81., and while 13' per 100 lb* KHur, 6V to 1*. per barrel .lear-r, with ?.ile* to a fair oateul. Indian corn in g ?id ? mand at la. per quarter over prevoua raxra^ Wevpj. le ? Wheat, red Wealerii. lis 2d to lis 81 ; Houlhent, lis. M to I*.; White, I2t 6d to Us W*d per 100 w. Flour, Philadelphia superflne, 29s. to 29,<. 61 , extra <) no and l'biladelphia, 30s to 32s , extra western, >?s V> 29" Od per 190 lbs. fndun corn?taxed, 31s to S3" #1; yellow, 33s. 6d. to Ms., whlla, 36s to 36s. 61. per 480 gxr Ther* Is no Improvemont of dernvn f. and pricea remain utalh red pork quiet, without change in value. Baron erlls slowly at former ratet. Ctieeae in demand, and good iinaliliea 2< to 4*. per cwt dearer. I.ard qnlet, the week's sales revehlng about 60 tons, at 62s to R3s for Oae quality Tallow dnli, at a decline of 6d to Is per rwt , aad Butchers' Aesocialio? may be quoted at Ms to ;.2m fld per cwt. In r,*doo al?> the market la Oat, clew ing at Ala. to 61* 6.1 per cwt for F. Y. C. in all poah l' Boers G nomon scarce aad rMber daarer, aboat 1.600 bar/ela having been s ild at 6* 21 to 4s Sd per cwl. URI,S ?Tfiere U some speculative euqntry for clover, owing to oafavorable arouata of the (owing erop, bat l*6?ulrn ar# uDWiUlfif l<> wll cveu *t sn aklraooe of 4m- W> bs per rwt No charge In timothy or Sax teed. BAKlkO. BROTHEHd AVb CO.'8 CIBCCt.AB. Uvinx, Augraal IT-6P M Th- re haa been a fair 4"ist ?d in our ooloeial and for clgn produce mark, ts this w, ek Sugar and coflue steady. Cotton anl br?ed?tufrs fl-m M'.uey in more demand. Utnaol* h ave on 02^ b 9.1 f..r 93 a ?? , far Mm aocxinl Hsr ?ilver.6s 1 ,d M*???n duller* 6*' 2S I. Amcricaa eagles, 7c< 3 ,d. ."cubV-oo*?ipaniah, 76s 61 ; .donth American, 74 . AMsmiA* iWnras without much variatton In value, a id wiUi little b.stness, escept m railway boads. The I wire* of gMt? stock* and Ooluela) secunl.e* bare shows a de clining trndenry for the last few days. THK HABTV."T I* OltBAT BRtTif*. f>r fiinje.* Tisu i'd U?e 13th ill. say* ? Ther, art a'" ut the harvest are every day hero snug worse. The amnan'a from Ireland are de?p,.u, a .d tne p, lato diw vse r many distrwu ?s deepening in virra lenoe The same ?.ld, damp wuaiber wh.oh as wi luig nrwMlcd on M.ia aide of the t'nai.nci apjsrar* to hare Iwfn pretty general in Hie eist -r eountry. Strange to ? ,? St Uand ia Uo- t*rt of tb. fnilet Kiogdon w?? tho' pr.wpecl is most chering rbere l!?y ac'u ally ? mkA.n of a drtlcoey of mowt.ire A in, ad of ours In omlng fr s? f/widtfi a dsr or tw i ba k in. mgh the Tirnt Valley, f ad th wboi#' oou try '.w f rtr , r ti'ty ml lew nnler wa??r 14 appeared like oaevaet i-.i ' and the top* of the e,0pe t ff ai-ra# v*i -< * state .?f things in U??m '<il? .d Aagnrt Is alir ?t i.urseovtended Will It woui t appear, from ?b? state of Itse lur raai ket?, thai tb.a is except i .nal, for Use aeoownle from tl.e mot' southern and .iwl r#4i?t"dt?f? cow. t ralivsfy fit,-orable S" dooM ihe mtc marktt IS ooi i ?l.rabiy b.6*eu?ag hy lha arriva's wn,chare ta'iy c .m ?* IB, but that we shall have to tmp-wt largely can Soarc- y aim it oCa de.ibV T1IK VICHY UTKhT. [TEi-aomi-mn m ? tamo* ro ataanwo wa.] Istnao*, AjftaM 11?Krcmnt 0*ar?l? cloaaj it 91\ a #J', for iand %1'i ? W tut m cm jot. I.t a* -not, A ififl 10, 1000 <Vlt<>n?Hale* jrraierday lOuubiW. im lading 0.000 la 1 ?|4<ru!?*uri and <ifwrUin. The nt'krl cloned du<I, i?ul nrndy. Bri-Al'dwl'b?Wenliirr oufamrahl", W i,?ai m.v? it tb?**tr?mc rutea at ><a,l?rJaj fNir act'rr, ml li higher lorn Orm uvrarom, BHF.HHTtrn mambt. Unroot, Auguai 10 li?0 Til* wrallWT ha* hewn unfar?,-abl? W> ompa H" (?**4 rat, Spruce k On., Wak'-Bcld, N'aeb k Co , ia1 otVra quo'* dour Ira, and advmoa<l <M. ? 1* , at a a ,tr Wheat buoyant, and adranrwd 01. aid ml, 11* I' ? 1U* M I IV ? tbe lalt'T Um arm Cora arm. an, ahMml tl ill miied yellow. fdte a 44* while, .KM *M< 01 l.tvkpooi, ra-ivtmoN a aba ar. llvlWM, A'W'iet 10. 1110 tt ft henry Pork quiet. 0ar.,n q>i?M ao<1 ate ? ly. IaM ateady. Tallow, alt qaaliiiaa aligb.iy der.'nad ?'>? tel.m air a. It at Ma a. 0101. Oirl aahee ?i?a 17 at lb M a 20* Ai?ar ateady O T? quel Rtoa fl' n Hpeem crl?Al1 1 latiltaa ali0bUf a.lmoor.1, al 01 00 a 01 00 LiasaaA oil la good demand, al 4f 01 a X?- 01 kaa.i Arm. aad advancad. cbtety aa tafrrvor quaiitira, owing toararcily. al 4? 01 a 0a. 01 , cloaia* at 0a 01. 10f proline-bfdrtla ateady, and tn good demand al a r<0/'li|?.M' *1 a MM 01. t.onoN Mnuari. Ite-tag Bmtber* and nthara qnote h" a l?< if* generally atiady. Iron? Rat la aad bar dall, at C* ?* a ?* !?* R -ar ante! Orrfbe *tnadf T.*a mvk<n geoeraily tIkuht" I Tun****ion?iplTii* 4nl1, an 1 all qai'lima ? krh'y declined, a? 3?? fallow? VII qnalitiea ahgitly declined, <1 f,la R'r? Arm Uadnaed oil?VI qoV U?? ?! ghi'y ?d rinci al DA* American aeeftr|i|?e Arm rtr.c 71-Jf' ftrdtealrr, a*. Rare*, 0f Hal, *>* 1> ? i t t? araf'a rVntrf at?t*f '\lr? of the ?? u *11 ha 1W? ftnr? la fori. Jll (M illl g-j' w in t?? h* < d*r? Horn if'jMlj mar- airlf jrtit > vauh'm, r'i 1 N*pV? Iran fill. F*"?, ATif-1* '*?" Tn? '*dVH* |?*i?fea 4Tf AA* THE EE DATS UTEB PROM E1TO0F2. Airival of the Fulton Of}' Cape Hu-'f. COTTON Flhl IbVANfE in BiittD3TCFF*, M.? *c., M* Cais R, k, A .. -d 31. Iti60 The Iteamfch p Fult. o,Chpt W .I ?*, roiu Havre rid H .uthatnpti u, 2. 1 uri., pH; I'll C? Ri;e at 6 o'clock this (Friday) owning, biuui in v i rk. -'he wu i.nardiia t>y the new* yacht ?j u, pr, ,,, ^ , n ( iaim4f y of b?*r nows procured Tfco steamship fom a'Jght, from Bos' ?, ... , ?.1 ?t i.aiwny 20ill. The steaimhtp Canada, frem B" ?*,?? v u R., vol at <loe*t?town on the 20'h. The steamship Bohemian, fr oil tj ? *rr, , .11 ?t l/jj; donderry 21*1. COMMERCIAL INTELLIGENCE. CONDON MONBIT MARKET. Courtis closed on the 21*1 al 92, ? a 93 for money, an I 93 m f'3/k for nct'-ount. LIVKKTOOL COTiON MARKET. Tho sale* of cotton in tho Liverpool cot'oQ market f>w two dayu (30?li ami Slot) were 14,000 -v.'.ea, of wbi 0 7 OliO was on spcculat.n an! for tip ort. Tto market closed firm. STATE OK TRADE IN MANCHESTER. The Manchester advices aro favorable. The market lor gouts was qelet but steady, and tho prioes of yarn Wire Arm. r. LiVKRrOOL BREVDAiCl. MARKET. The vrealL-r Lad been unfavorable for the crops, t t w:s fair en the 21st. Mesm3. Wan-dell, .V?h .-it Co., r3* ported ail dcrcrtptinn* of breadstuff) aetive and eonsl'J.r nblj !nlv?uced, but under settled woatLur tLo n t w*s haii lost, the market closing at an atvunce of 03 (ii ft or sit. c tbfl departure or the tfriea; 23 and 3 I. on wheat, and 01. nn Corn. TLo quotations are for Boor, 29r a 3> . red wneat, 10*. 63., and while, 31a. 6d. a 13d 3d.; u.lArd and yellow corn, 34a. a 34* 3d., white, 36d. LIVERPOOL rUOVIHION MARKS;'. The provision market was doll Beef inavy, pork doll, bau >n quiot hut hrm, lord steady? sa.oa of 130 tens at C2* Co for hue, tallow quiet b.U steady. LIVERPOOL fltODCCE MARKET. lt"s:n fl:ro rant prices slightly higher con;mou 4" 3d. ? 4?. 61. 'plr.ts turpentine ,.u ady at 30s. 63. a 30' 2d. v ipars dull. Ooitee st-n.iy, rv.e jmet. roi rriCAL intelligence. ."he prorogui on of the>n i'arliameat was expected M <be 24'h. r if ten hundred (iarlbahiiaus [lb r? ii.?? line wan .nlorru;Red east of Calais, and is ?up,< ee'l lu ham close 1 f..r tho i. ght.?Rsiohihk ] THE REIGN OF TERROR IN Mill Town* Ptatroytd by Incendiaries? Sum mary hirrulIuhk? h\?r iuwiIju of Vl|l? lirnce Cuiiiuiliters, iVx Wani'innus A gust 3t. l*i>0. \cw t)r'c?Ds dates of Tue.sUy last wo received coa tair.iug Texas newb. I V' w exec to were ilatly occurring in various {tarts of that ( f'tate, adding c usMerabljr to tbo exciL?tri?.it alrviy ex ust.t.R there. Among fitter Ui'.tgt It is sw'ed that a man named Posrco has t>een arrested ou the charge of boiog concern ed .n the burning of the town of fiondersoc, and that tho l>ro>f is aitii<wl positive against him. The (x-opJe ate driving .rout the upper counties of the dt&to every individual in the least suspected of abolition ism. The town of Mount Vernon has bo? n destroyed by In cenoiaries, one of whom wss caught and bung A phut to Sulpur Springs bad been discovered. A kiave n- gro preacher acknowledged that bo and olh rs had *< t a|?xt a e?rta.n Vane to burn all tho dwellings in the place and commit other depredations, and then, in case they could not whip out tho whites, they were to lake all Ui? horses thoy could lay tht.r bands on aud By to the Indian nation. A white man named Taylor, who had rnads oegroen his only companions, bad been ordered to get bis travelling card immediately, or be banged. An attempt wee made to burn lndiaaola, but it wac die covered ib lime to prerent serious loss. The Crockett Arpur says tbat considerable excitement enste in tbat and the adjoining county of Andorron. Several harm and one dwelling bad been bur nod. Those acta of incendiarism were directly traced to negroes. A white man Implicated with negroes had been huug near Ion I. A plot to burn and destroy had been discovered among the negroes !n Tyler Prairie. Various pvrr una had been ordered to leave the State V'gi'enMi romnoltteee were continually lorro. ig. Iiwi front Jamaka. By the steamship Baltimore we have Klngebwi (.fa malesl papers In August JO The itnamer Osceola, hence and Intended to trade be tween Traxlll" i?t?d Baiabano, Cube, bad nriived at I'ort Royal on the 16th, with lues of smotcr stack. Pankl Felix, a private in the Second W< ?t India regi ment had been executed for tbe murder of a com.ale, named Bishop. rdtct of " TVath by lajuriee. received by being rue by a loci mot re on th< Ha>i*se n*.iri>ad. we fbr ecus u tbe corniest far r iot it, -heir train" at the laronen' fnqeriis, Fatal Rxstri* ov a Pis* f ii.irr?InformalIon was re A. red at thv D'oerr ' <dfU>' y> lorday tftrsoe to the eflivl that TUn.clil >rrigan,wlM> ??< ?>wve- y beaten ,a a birioum all- ay at the v rncr of West and Cedar streets, ontheBOih nttlme, bat d.. I at the s ?- V >rh fbepital if ott) the ?!>? cts of bis it jar,i s. I> Viatel, it will he ro. ntiu.bvied. had an a U'icsteiti w it,< the barfceetcr rale lie* to the i vyir i i t of #.>r.i ? drills, ?? hen th.i lat' -r re ?? d a b<.ft. *n 1 *? ?' asr 1 on t'l" h"ad until le* was in* neiMe Th" arsrn t rl?*? s ???n aft >r th ? It rully, but *s? ??.!> ?f ueui y I7HI I atet h ?< I fo b* ' n fbe sum of 11 000 to answer. frcdvri'k Ifyle, a laf about Ik ye*r' f ag*, ?a a *o arr wted it t' i?w tiir.e on charge <4 bet tg implicate I in tfa row. and bc!f to bail in a similar am ?mt An nqmat will be h. Id upon the booy of dto*.ui?-l t da* U irigu wax Wycnroof age and wss e rat)*., of t'r-Iu. t e B*i;so<o Anrmswr? Veem.vov I'm** *x ?The Inqutet 'B tbe na,<* of A'rt ? n T IfsnHlm, the lad who was k lied on Monday *" it ?? by beingstruck hy a Iwwsliw <>e tbe Harlow Rstirwd, near Fifty ' iirhth street, was oon rbidnd yesterday by farmer Oamble. TV jury returned a vsrdtrt over tber ceusufc tb< vunjaoy rate of UXt'O wfrs an hour thr ugh tie rtty. W - ? wild fhrtbrr rail tbe tiUnli * of the au'lioritins to the .Jar germis cen.lltt'Hi ? f Rsurth avenue Fir fb t passenger*, between f Iljr eu,blli arid Bivty ?>? itruela, sot likewise r? jmo>-od ihat *r mdmanm be i -set re?tn<*rog tt?e rat nf *.- >1 ef Ui itmin c*re pass.iig tbMugh th< city to S'x oiks per hour." Ftvst Ca*< axti at ma Biu< s Ik.' ? ?Alsmt eleven ?ea?k yestentay iore?<>-?. as a aumte r of wnrkmec w*ra engsfed i? laelkif g the Austrian l*ark Fun> Ine, at the in six e doe*, foot of rpiun *nenr ?tre. I. s>. o? o* the eup. ports k?*a sray, whet, th.- vse?-l narsooed with surb vk? tewer as to b .ll one of the worttlK n >u ?? I t Vepti H >ward. Awotl.'r of tbe eanik-ra, i.amed H >bert Gannon, was so j sever 'y injure>l tbat hu life te 4>s;? rvd of Tib' dm ? r?n ? i. t'gvt'.er with tbe wOaml 1 t to. were tax- n eharge <d by Mis ."Vrentb prertbet pvtuw, aud Iks i >r ?- r I eras aotibed te h>>bt an 'twfv?<wv Qwvnar o'leegstonk tbe cans in bend, bet ap to tbe el'Wiog of lite Coroners' j ofltee no rrturr bad t*eee made sf the irfitesV fats' Fait rx<? a Hot-err r ? t (Hetn. mined las. , reaoa Pweee, rsa.dliig el No M flaiite street, d el na ! Thursday uigbt frtwa tbe rn.-rta - f mi inse acetdeetnlly rece red by fblling from lbs roof It appeared that be bad been rrgagnd with his hr tber n rrm /ving tike getter, i wtwa hie ^w4 slipped and he fel toil,' ? tswell, a din lance of over Ofty feet Conner <.er,ii.ic held an inrpASt ! upon tbe b'idv Vardles, " acci leuta: d< ath." Btiiv . t li in Casra'fr ?tather r 1 i/?i'.'ior a n?. ! ttveoffrrlattd.svxteenymrsirfage.resulingatSo tMivth str?H, died y?wter lay morning fror-i the eftesta of h iren acrldeelally iwreivsrl bv her ckHhr?o?l vtolog Are from the ?rplrnioii of a burnirg To'I lamp Owoner <iatni>)e held an taqiient open tbe body Feed ct, "* ?? dental leatt " j Unum sv Fsiirlb reoe a tfivrare ? t ru, r,g w.nrvau, narnrd Berah Thorne, was almost ,r U"lly ktll'd yes*er. day by flitl'op fk >m a w.nrtow, at th of W,v ar f Harrison rtree e. fvveased, t a.t red, nm e.tting i.-l the WllbtcW rill %rt?ep she tee' he? hi'sure ?u,l ?1' r*e edpitated to the sidewalk?a distanr*- of ov r in rty fbet Ckwvnrr O Ker fs held no ins'ie*! ur?>J the body, sboi the Jury rendered a vsrdbt in a > r '?nc* wit'i th ,re fa ts Tt r fi - w*rs f.irwsrd d t> k s tlsrtri f r battel. fkwan fb?owaft> ?0iworef c K e*. beld an )cr| iest n,ion the V !y of 9 '-nk' t ti, oho wia i ? .- | drewnrst in the ta*t nw*. oppu* ? the Wuvkli >u*', on B s'kwil a ?*!vad yr'sfiity ik"S?ed wns rty yvare of ene. wis sfriji bsi't, sh <? ! bvw ton in-U s ?u h#*'. t, and ba t lark bs.r an i whisker?, j ry r?n ?'evd s VS'dleit "f "Frppewed drowning " NEWS FROM CALIFORNIA. Vulval of I lie P<>uy Eiprtil (Vitus ij'tB FraneUco. fx Juskpii, Ms., AcfuB' 31, IbOO. :l cvprc- \ it-; following cumnwry 0/ n?ws ,i un rtj. ? ??i Kfunrnxoo, August 13,1S60. failed 16th, J:, ib P- Ilor.g K..rg"; eu.m ri-r K >tO K. antey, Sidney li' , ihip Lisa ? SpauMiog, Mt'U>.rne; iHtlj, ship I!<t> an *n Howard, Manila. "time is ?:> ..ct've I fi.a-es,; w'th a go-*! demand by iti? regnlai irsd?* asd lunn speculative operation ct llti.ted extent. Tie i atU"tisat. a more favora hie sppeu-snee, wfclh" the eusy-Ut? of omn.'y matters contributes to icr.sae the J 'sjxm.I.oii :> I'./ ir'ri haodise. C?r.J!<w are .o a (!??? ip'i1"*! aith full sal" for the trade at 22 a 233. Kto coffee Is worth ib: a 16,^e., tub otoeg . Eds are unchanged. <V?I ;* unict a:.J 11 *m Molasses ai J ryrupe hove a (fourward Under :y. Sales are lirm at 4;go. Olive oil la heavy 'd-ier kindi quiet. t'ror#tooB are doing belter. Pa- n?Ch .oe oid 'guoted 12>* A 13c. without much do,eg 1" rk ji more activc a! an ..J vance, bblir clear $20 half bbls. $10 50 . tuea* f Iti Ikma quiet but brm flutter quite active utbmB 36c.; < ho, ? honey 25c a 2S r.H. arj 9o. a He. J*ru steady, of 11 & Vxi. a .-jiiea 11 , y <?1 . nlatdeslA' kega 13,sc ; Cheese lb-- I' .;e it!!, bat nefcanged. Sugars more ac tive; foreign ,aws ' ... .? ?t. a wijia. No. 1 ??!. oa 7 ; ; dountUc raws uti iiui g rauierutc u...ts Yjiui* ru retired 12>fo Bsfiiera' j beid at 13u. Sptrita ateady. and ftt.riy lata ... a. nun . au linuer, with lie loU at present iQ tlitl hai 'le Pice leas in better reipuist; **run n?.u grades ooutiou-l nV. r.t? lurp'omne selling ,t 20 a!l COntiol.d. Wiues q ..- t aaj no uthged. Win i! IS COlUibg 1U li'.'W .ir> freely, a. I a bev. v ?-?<! rt bi.hiii'FB doing at It 60 i *1 bi.t p-.'r hevlrc i i?cuds. TotiDSge is very S'.'WCe. fli re 'S put a vn ? 1 ui .jc i.^r bor tuieegagcd, au.i < \or> tt Jig ^ pi ,ued up u i.g port. The snip A'tltoioke enng has ? k<ar I t r aus . i .? with 26,000 bushels all. ..I al. 1 the Ship Wirt. ?v bas l .-on cfcartcred to ;ako a f'.-.'I cargo oi wheat n r .t>#? lam" dcfeliuat ><>ft Kep' rts are :u utrou.'aiieu that the lc:..i?r.' tv.: rc-uj a 800h to bo opeuo.l, au.i a lu.o of : teaincis r .b, heit be tween Ssti "ranclaoo und New Orleans Tfi .? . ,iy .ur these rcjwirts is svrpo.e,! ic bsliou. J. P. L ?a, who arrived hy tiie lust The pony wh.uti abojl.i have brot'g.'it the e*4 r-ss tet ters, with St. I ms s 'airs to August 4, arrivi 1 at *on river on the morning of the 15m, without ri In r>r letter bugs, ftie siipjxisiii'.in is that the bergs thiow the nder w.o got away, or else that the Indiana Wlilet the r, lor, took ih? inttor bugs. Slid allowed tho horso to "fcujpe? tin; Utter part ot the theory not being prohai lo, as tho ludiatH weuid have .ept tho heree also. Tho potty artivcd at U..- plat.un ocly a few hours bott.oil UniJ, sl^ that the accident, or whatever was tho mutter, must' hare happened hu! a abort d sutce east ot Carson \ alley, and jet,af'.er an :uter\al of three days nearly, no fur ther eX|.':aoH'.n>ti "C lh.!< -trange tut rruptton m j V"0. Ah"thrr express, wth St. I/mm dates of too 7'-b S due today. Its arrival will be telegraph. <1 to evertaao the outgoing osprest at car mm Valley lo moiriw avu ug, if it cctnes iu snUl.ii:ntty early. The outgoing pony of 'ho 15th passed thr ugb Carcoa Valley on (the letb, and depariod thence lor .ho east, the same ?s thougn notn ng hud hapjionod. The two >a.t cxpr< M.I S havo taken sic r '.huJ of i'-vv in All tbo political parties are actively prepa. eg for U.eir resiwctlve convoiitivM s to nominate clc ioru to k> ts; ami pontics in all the inte rior ulkie '.no general public attention In Sah . lanciseo the re.iubi'. mu organ i/ution matiifeets the mostftorce and Z"aJ. Ttv>y w.ll rro bahly carry the city lor Tdnc'lo, and entoru.n s rori" hopes of carrying th : Statu. Kvory uid caUw hat thm Is to b>-a year ot great political charge lb ~c ghoul California C.ioiiel Fremont has Issue! u notice to ttm Chinese who .arc working the gold m v a on h.s gran'., lorh Id : g ibom to pay any more license las under lb- Suce est ?.i.iig lurcign miners lie claims that ah tin- ' 4.1 io the Muil belougs to him, vn I the Ftate lnva C j <etrut iver tbo di*|s>eltion of private |rro;wrly. The prmedpte Is, whether the owners of liud under gov rnn eti are also owners of the minerals, goid aud stlvt - uti .-.el in the k il?a <iuesti'>o never yet determined hy .be cj prerre tlr.itrt ' I the l ulled talis. The reb'oner Ctroline E F'?>te, which re-es y ore . tt the. camels trim Siberia, sallol yesterday fur the A moor rivtr, na Hakndadi. Japan, tat mg Lutoc ?eve,iJ Japan use, who were left hero s> a t?) the Japuoe e tioautcT Car.. I im mar rah The tlrst crashing mills ^rrcted at Watbor -n ci menced operation- wi the 11th It if < .pahte ot crusi. ig from lhr??? to f-ur hundred tons of gold penr'tig .(hivrtj per week Another m>l! of coo-id-'ehia pow. r > r. of enmntetveed oprraluas, and wvera! sma'l m '? are o privets of erection News from Hike's Pi?k. Wt. Jossvh, A?r ?? 1*"W Further advices from flecvr City to it" 26ih intf. rcached here this mtwning The census returns w. ro nearly complete. The po| dation of tie gi Id r g us m about 50,0(0, of which 48,000 is wHb'n tLe br- u'ary of Kansas. The engineer of the Smoky II..Is explsr - r er,?d t < n has arrived at I>aover from Colorado City Hi- reports wood, water and grass oa n- arly th" whi le r .e In ru Missouri He is contldont that an excellent itnwl s ? ra> ticabie,* by which the distance from l?aver?>'rth to Colorado City will not exoee l Ovo huudr. t ai l vhty miles and to Denver City five bandrvd and u.ui- y miles. The i x-.Hi meet continues in regard be th.- . v. r,.? Of silver no the B.m river, the iccr.-ire n r ess as they descend Mining optral.on. ?v.m o brisk in the fl/atbern diggings a pi.n of d n n li. N il ty'sdulrh, S few days slure, yielded 5e7 id. S-v ral nuggets, ranging in value from HO hi I d have been found recently. Parties Just arrived from New Mexico report mat r.? wh?at crop in that reuntry, which use h u rrki argvty sepfilied the I'iks'B leak fgioo with hour, a >>? met.y cut off. * TI.e troubles with the NatrtOo In I an* eoaliSt ? 'Vr si. TT.< Ho> Iry Mc' t.ta n ?-se of the 2>) nil a?ys i UOO l or S 000 Ohcyenora were rar.siog much aun y-ce -w .no ' f'latle, brggmg and spa'ieg, and u s re ?? < ? g ! ranches Srwi from Hew Uranailt REPOKTKB LKPIAT Of OAPINA BY M'VO*. m mmmmmm or thr ?mmvwm in nantan> Dl.K BATTLE ERTIiTRD AT BAM A MARTJ fg| PENCE OP AN BNtURB VEhPRL OP ViK. The bark Keftl -ae, (apian ]l/>thro| fr in ' eta Uva, Near (Iracat, arrtrej here yefterday, w>h . . ?? to the e?en In p of the 14lh 11M. Bnalaeea t* reported dull, and there a r t,'wat4 n. mrrclal li.teprpt. Th' Be* I i mi brl-i:* a report that ? ielte- t w) ?n rw. frtrrd at barra gailla frttn the ikipern >r el M -i,,.. 10 the edict that flNlOM (lepina a a-my, icier ... t -al llerrai. ha-i b? u l.lterlr routed at 1a Wh.i.m I* ?? Cola On U.e rtter, II ?ae r.jilK ??? I ? M I\ \| la that lite Mat. of San lancer had'lf ? i?to>.t t.? taj ioa ?rJ that, OHlrtMallf, the nti "to n al Mate L at at end The rr\< lull nary form under fi ratal Teya, wh *1 at laat arc.jcau bad proetaded ow the 2rn ..f J :/tta" < r I Vtaoi, oh., aaa i. |.? na -i, ..r ,-tawlw tuna * -I toot |r! i..a'e an a* all < n that j , i t t ?ae u y i * [? cltal. Aa Kiitllpb war ?t uwr waa mo rej shr.? ? . u (.?ion Il uae at Nu.ta Maita, to prut. :l the , - dci.ta Military latwtllgwaee. irt national bur* Alto nt'.ittpoor> tar 1 to TON?THEIR MfErrtON AND RET' W nr -,rB MAYOR AND COMMON COCNC1L. The H'|hw?od Hoard, of llohohea, Oajt J ha i' n kirk, Bad Natf*ta! Bluea, rt New Have, HapU . tt A rtfjtoi, Jr., rawr.hril Hr-tow ow Tburwdai ni n r., at BeTMl o rtnck, an.I were we'crniM at the trjyi by ho ' d Rig m nt, Oat. t'-dwtn The trip ip ?M ? a I i.n the atewmer t awdepfelit, nf the Nora let* an ! 'I P Ir e. jraa one ewwttaaal Ptwee of eaterlaiaiap aa e>r al> whit h **? m part owt'if In the klRd attenI n atM Hlurp-ee ami the anal enlivening tntaie nf ItMlMt.a'l hait'i. Hardly |had nupper b en < ne id 1 w ,.i <j lirdw.'lhf g??e a (enweert la the <n ;< r a wt .*B laate 1 |tl! WWaP tee ml. fk From Out I r ?<? ! , .rut arr.eal of ti>e tlea-wor id AUew'a r nt a I ?' .a eiart martial waa CWItiaM, aad ear. i f i, in ?l both wept, arralgt.r.: iinffenrf<.ra, wer* n.a-ie iUa r * ?? of tnn'I. afT.n?. Tun' <?r the amral of the inaia al IN.*' A, W detachment (Vem the Be aad f. ft n -tit aad In wailing, Wti'i aflep the >??? ? it " i ify aalutre the *.r? i-een?|#?t |n|he r ij a<t< ?? a mi Am'" can II'l?l fHirti ? the morti ay the) ?? t?.t | a* ket Hit'M'aaiwnt. Ibe Na*y Yard. Kva*? H *> and a riona othef pohlle hi. I.? ngp, la MfrtMW Al '< *r o'cloek they trade a ' it dr?aa (iwrade m Mhlta i-aete ai >1 were rrtlewed m, th# (Ymetoo hy the Mayne nd ? tn nu* Ominril of B #t. n. and wwtch'waa al?> witwawe. oy a twrfd erowd of pe<.|>la. The more menu t r? rery rredit?Me, and reten# no liltie credit ew bo h ? -f?. rh.ftBf the* ihey r'? ted the ftnan n Ihealee and other t'lwri a id amuwemrnt Thdy Wl for New Har*n *1 tweirr o 8h#k yraterlay. an I re? Irwl the (My "f r'wi?i about fowr. Her# the H. t. ? ware to hare emi ned colli eh laat Bight At thai hour they weee to uta leare of their fTlettde anf arr'r# hoaae tbi* aaora ry INMtTY.NDRNi a dCARD, TWPLPTH RKOtMfhT. ITa pwrref TP by read !Bf I be anhfotwed re i menu, op. der, laeaed by CM RulhrSe^, that th# foeri r wi n t- aractertped hJ Buer'ta ' n to the ColonwVy at ;b# r ifUi mftBtent haa not in lb< >??t abA#d, b t raihar It. iea#e ' We heartily approre of the idaa of r,* drilia Beeidea .mpar'n p a th'.rointh uctia! kr ?le '?d or military at*.r? to th< ?# who parti'.pate n ih It altorda an ?toeltoni meat id phyatcal MwtMHn wh < n .1 jaraarerwd ia, wt|| h? alter de-i with tn? h'#( '## We rerollili.eti.l In " rrinan lante of other rea ewtd t? the dITiMow the adopt.'*) < f the ayeV-m air' idr k?| e owaly ??NnBi.?wd hy the to me >.f the '? ? ? Oaard ? retMT?r ar i, . NO 11 Hat,, at ???, .ai a .m . ?e? dT-ai', \ Twtinw Maniar, New V ?t, a?. -*t w. !?*? i Tl<e ueld, DM aa I 'te a, w t *? t mar m ?iMi?d rdllcert.? *c rib' ' r drl'l * ' mo-oremee# oa TlnfBdwy ??fwtotff -t "i?vr*( a? t" > < " . ? Me<i ?. n agrare, an I. w? ... if rtw, wh '* ?? ? ' ' ?* artaa. Bel, r t *|da P l?t'? I (bjy1' ?? *"? dd B atmotit fp?f **n*. '11 '? 7.L .Li " 10 M mi, da to 91 "3 m'?i ?? ? . ? h- j' Ri rdi r ' (' '*?! " " '* ,J . . ' ft *a'NY R. * it

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