Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 5, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 5, 1860 Page 2
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IB OUT EDBOKU PBOBUE TBS SABTLKN QUSSTZOB. Ihe Oi1< i?mi Project ef the Hu^iaus. tt eONSTAMIAOPLK TlttKKfl, CRITICAL CONDITION OF ffiC SICK HAS Plans for Nrttio# Hint On Alt Legs Again. A FEDERAL GOVERNMENT SUGGESTED. PRACTICAL OBJECTIONS TO IT. m hkRAID's wmm wm difkcultt, to, *9m. Tb? Eastern Question a again Involving the pence of ?dreys, aUI nwakeaiag the Internal ?f eU Christendom ? wan feat yesterday that this mm quests.a waa mooted, an**-merits dMcgred ai the aenouo's mouth, at the ?fttw of Innocent blood ud treasures untold, and it WSS natural tn su|>pnne tual wiih the ciuee ol tbo war e AaAnttdlolutlen had hedn arrived at; but, ?n llu contra rj, the iubject ia again revised, tbo tranquillity of the world noce m .re threatened, and commerce menaoed ?ab im(>e<i in.el. te. The nrten.ible form it u?umml In 1363 wan that of a cligmue enthusiasm, wn ^'protection by Kusaia ol the Otrwttuis of Turkey in ihoir religions liberties Mow It*' quertwo In mooted under a pbtla!.throve guise, or tie maintenance of the civil r 'able of the eame peoples, aaec a may be routod by the power of an nanpwuma. hi slew of the importance of the ssbyeol, the following nMerleai rutat id thin by dra>h wdtxl .on in pro Wild to our reader* ? nam asx> raoousa u? mm trl) In the ninth oaotury a tribe of Turkomans erose ad ifea Caspian mountains on 1 Invaded Armenia. Hm> we*, bravely r-puiw-d; but the etturing prrwp.- it id thai venalry uidu, fed ite m to renewal attacks, until, with an army ? 1300 OOo iu. o, they and dovastaiod tbo abate of (hot regud . The present Turiiab empire wan eetebllahed In the year 1300, by (lemon, or Oibmau The ftrst capital was Neapolis, ibe ? coud Bri.wa, and the third Constantinople, ?fetch waa lakes May 20.1463 rhtoca Ihey extended jhetr aotiqoreta into Kuropr ae far as Vienna, becoming a (Mnattt pol11vol structure. Tb? prince ol atelrsmi u and paragon of diplomatists ?m drawn a corollary from hiafe rtc lac la, whe.h nan beau Mpfeatlcsliy demoaatratrd in iho actual t rpurierue of the Turkiah iialMio, vts?'kare legets mdigi-reuce, lnlifle ?ate*, mwruk, misrule, anaroby, and aua'cby. rum " TfeiTVkt, who were ouly ennmiregod by rapine, and ?I net art by rvligioua freusv, when the rate of war was a toi " berkid, having no other incentive to action, re maed mi i vupioeuann, or rathor a barbaric luxury. Al de-orb a tru ir onward marct. th?y came in contact with ire.'motion, yrl Ihey pmfltted not, oud u eg I noted the act w?e of (vternmeat. no that. In tlmo of peace, Instead of vurbooiiuig their laimeinr proprrty aud waallfe, like iy*. dibrdie they lived upon their oapital, hollering that heir a words, hitherto ou eucceaalul, bad ouly again to be irewn to be aT-conquering. They ware so sate" by can ywfta. their acquired lerr torus so fertile, and tholr sub via so useful, that they aarlly become orrogvat and in law pi, and they came to onunl lor themselves a people of yrrncwa, lords of the rva m Caismi or MkimrmuTine Icavead ot om< lor .in g tin- condition oi' the hetero*e SSSSS peeplra ? I.OU1 tbrir arum had conquered, or blond. U.oi into a Common nationality, thi-y roauruil rectp roeal auwnoaitma anon a tbem, regarding them wnr.Uy m an yowls to their uwu glory, and the s snr ef their own prosperity, the while treat lag them ae ray aba, or aubjugaiad p?>|d?, she ought to be thankful lor the mere boon o," lgo ileoif wioorduifly they denied tbem the rlgbta of e:ti .mship, ?d wupwod upon thein many inner ludigmtiea They ?ar* uvt she wed b> bold any orfl.e, nor to give their tea wmasy m the coarm of yuel ?e against a Mussulman, nor a. carry arms, even la self defence The only rood to ,widormant nr ?vial .quality was to embrace Ulareuni, mister of which all were compelled to o.wr the burden d lasairu. asu is reality become the iro n ,4 < f the coa gwsrnrt The legitimate ruunrqaeooe has been Ibat Ihey uave Nen aid still ar the tillers of the soil, the artisana, tm- mechanics, the merchants, is floe, the b-.ue and rites ef the lead, while the M .asuUuana Ui ma Ires eon a. .ured u bviMaih th<ir dignity to be employ cd other ems i? * as rulers or amdl -rs to r?f) pnruml Um main i? tiial of aim irrrftirwMi ? military |*>wrr ibnroforo. who Hutf Ibr Miwaulmmui eutiirlb nod I Uui puvar wm prraiitlra U> imwUN difunj ?( imrr Hoy, or feudal tori To ihoeo l+r.-Haya u>- M>T?r*.?ai7 of the prv naero wm Itoao I*' to}" naturally hboaad lb* prorogatum of (fcttr pr?iiK*a. Ma>.B:n( a power abai'utr, liao that of Itoa putrblata Uwy rcprioaotoit. Ttaoy Dili oeiy ?laetod U>? lueo of lb- p'frtiDitl, ad tod ibrrrto their own drinanda, which, of ?paroe, Ml toariiy upm inn rayato, wfcnao mly rtauorce. hatina un appeal, araa to bid# tbslr puo Matcoa acJ aaaome Iba armblanoo uf pur?rly toil una Ha 11 aot at** lbrio, fur porommthm, 'ipraeunaat, aad rrrto death .torif, wr ro rmoried to lu aitort Uetr prmaa tbara oaa an ?aeto|? Imm Ibaaa n#r* toira or Ibotr ?bnrflnalt otolcoro, Iba prop* wer. rha.ocl. u it warn, ta iba tortl Tbo lasoo tola* ahare-l aw?| Um tobabilaato. an naa family or any mrmt>.-r of it owila bo toarrd >? tb? dwtrlbetivo Umh? the pevpto boaan toM a poo rarh other, for tto withdrawal of any ooe >? Iborvmautoily wieud memaao tbo oalgat of lbo taaauoto a poo tto other* ItoH oooa rnw-ui of tbo peoTVaree to tbo arbitrary scat WW of the Idr. Boyo wm an* without OotoraW raauiu tor a oar tan degree nC awe an I nwdy euboilaeh? w?o Iborrby umpired toe aril tbo ceelral r<>T era moot. wbicb *iM at ptoamre aaO option p>iaiab, uar rati blow, tbo rrr J ruur wtoi oaa rrtymri-ed aa omaipnt at la bto ?ma torr Wo wo . rt oaa aw onh otlortor deel?aa thai ouch a degree of Many wm wderatod Tbo diet out and pr maetoi aatbori trio. a (ra*pu>f all wtthlo tbrtr rrarb and oppraoaiuf tbo pwyde ??boor Ibatr rumlrul. were able In onvaoa orrot [I loaiMWQQ for tb 'toei l.M, bat Itoy were emme bW W> lb* rupomr j. ? ? oaicb a ration iioa f at Ito pro r^alum to )ud(0 aad nowma opno tbo alighto* onrj ?im. aad to coatotoiel aad appropriate Um opotld, ? lib lb* ortoblaao* ri juotM* need. *e if arreting um rra|i of aa tajwed pvpoletkoi a erw anHtery wao ?? im.llate ia nppoMUm bi UM too Tartowua warm ra, w? cm roatiemaam at aptrit roa baron tbom larbo aal aad am nagcobm It wao at torn toapnd of y aa# pritowern * war. Who woro bruegbl top la Ibo Boa-era faith, aad ia cue trad ritieettne tn ibo to B run u army www dr a<wn ioaiwd Taai tebona, or Ttorn tbolr MrIM y?art tboaa Cbrrit aa alarm, tr?Mow tbo bM?w of fatollloa, worn laorod to aH aorta of hardabtpa. *?d to portom nonootMa to Ibo 1 of Ibotr nporvoro Ttoy woro dil\??rii, Ira mod to laaitwo wh.ri- woro (ranto.1 ?? ia ardor to toarooao ibotr pwpotor ty, hy lUtoo uriaord a do dm i rot y riot not ofoaJ to Ibat Of Ibo dd armr, aad by m(rora tbay binwi laaatoat, and riwoii u if aoiibor UM tow* aor orr* tbo daltoa hlmorlf Tbry Iioa . ia ro amy, Ibo rolinc power la tbo onootry, uarw ? mma tbo bofy'i" ray aba. toka? tbo hoada d wintowro at ttotr win, aad arm dotbrooiM doitoM b to* am mrrod >o la. ir oat wmIxm too tb? royal barrw ra to tot Mow thrra. and not I tor Ufa aor iimfwly waa iwcero front ttotr doproto Mma ftotr pwy wm wnall, hwt itoy had no dtftoetty la tocrraomc ttotr prronaal rorrnom, for, Itto tbo forwr. Btowl itor arrrrd, ttoy aton had Uwir oyrtom of tora twin, which, aaatoiai wao rinrtod trim tho raraho and woo to bMn who darrd to rofw* t?wr tnlw war a ?toUcr nf frmorol orrorrrwnr. aad Um wwnn emtio and ? or mm wyioto la Itotr harDKhr, trow which an pi?r Or an her I > irlfr' 1<- h ? Vtlb ?orh an ad<n>hl?trallr. r-rriumrhl. and ? Mb aa army, m m an wondir ito minr. en oin dcrwtrd. and a..icrd a *1 prry to hr?ahtortoa oottnno, mi?- *11 y to Jtomla, wlioo. drofua*>|a? Tura-y aa..rap<d'y armiMral ?* IW r?b> trm ?w mrmaww or armt*. t\lil Ibo ' (bill ulfl amtnry ft o hud ?> od tape i i Mi Mftrtlxfu to be dispMtat tab* lbs | ?I ? Irr the mw rasa like a eon ta tbe borison. Bo | tan. siermlnsd to render fait?IT ki Utaluua k;ltal|. gram txemeul of fan nation He tr?t e tabltabed reform* ?'I the people, ami tbrti turned hta Mian lion to war m t it r nteueiuu of bis us'rtiortee The neighboring ua t . ? < u ib>- southern iroutler beiug too formidable, be t all rait} dlircted bta aiuxtitua towards bonqoerwig the fu.xlkr stai.R on the north Bta Oral attack aud d? lent at .s.rra by the Sweden only exulted b m to gutter t uergy it davdoping the resources of bin oouo try Ha?ti X iriahlUhed rtt Petersburg an a oemtn-roial capital, be attracted (he eunnuiroe of all parts of toe worm. But not withstand tog the loimenne lone of Ufo aod trrasi r- which that city ooet hie peupl*, Peter an* that it could not ?ai iefy the dmnnnda of bta growing empire, nor gratify bla aaibtttoa fie maril me power (tae Ba'tle wan n. t only truant mora than ball tbe year, bet wa entrance was guarded by other battona. He therefore cant hta eyaa southerly, toward the Blank tea, tbe pomeaatoo of wh en required not only tho acquisition of Crimea, bat of >be Bonthorwa and tfar Dardanelles Tbaae were In I no Kan da or tbe dreultd Turki, over whom be knew M waa impos ?iblr fog m kmg -art)lie to have nay supremacy Neverthn tree, cunoetting vim it mm inn or ixumrainibonn as drm8?8abib, be directed hta energlee to tin attainment. Accordingly h? ealnbttahed agents aocretly to Intrigue with tbe Chrm Una* of Turkey On Una aooonnt the rurk* ware forced to d??dare war wttb Russia. Iha (bar excited the fanatic lam of hta ae Id tart by tba Idea of a religion- war, giving them new ttaodarda for the oe anion, "earing on one Ride a oroue, with tba m ?ortptlon of the UiJtiarum or tbe Greek Emperor* of too ataotinople," m tuutn nifcs." and on I be other tba motto, " la the name of God and <fbriatl*nity." van anvrnwaa or rrrnn vaa ami aud mranxTT or mini The war waa commenced iu the Principalities of Molda Ttaand Wallachia, becauac Peter, knowing that ha had partially gained over tboeo popnlntlona, hoped to mate them tbe basis of future Invasions into Turkey. But be was surrounded by the Turkish army on the banks of the Prutb, and placed completely In their power, so I hat be was oMIged to sue for (Race Whether by the bnbt ry of Catherine, the wlfo of the Em peror, or acme other noaonuuntable stratagem, tbe Grano Vizier, Mehemod Raliagy, tun commander of tbe Turkish army, instead of inkisg tbe Czar captive, was induced to ronreot to tbe laaoa* treaty of Prulh, which liberated I'.-u-r and ton army Had the Grand \ 'zwr re fbard peace on any terms, the Czar and bis army would pribaoly have perished, and Russia relapsed into ber former insignificance, ?nd the world would have -been spared tbe solution of tbe present difficult problem But, as Thornton has said, ''The genius of the ottoman empire slumbered when the treaty of Prutb wa- signed." I ndaumad by these reverses, tho ' zar never relin quisbed bis d< -Igns upon Turkey, to whicb was now adi.-ed tbe desire to be rcv> oged for tho ignominy be bad suffered. Ha consequently continued to augment tba military,and to worry tbe Turk* by oouatanl aggreataoaa. roue* us nrnut. He bequ -albed bis policy to bis suooemors In a cele brated Ptato memorandum, of which articles 11 an 1} are aa follows? Article 11 Ttie Rouse of Austria must be Interested in tbe expulsion of tbe Turks from Europe, and In tbe event of the taking of Constantinople, its jealousy must be neu trsli/cd, eitber by exciting the otoer States Of Europe to make war with it, or by sellnqu shlng a sb-re of the con quered territory, to be taken again at n later period. Art. 13 All tbe Greeks in Hungary, Turkey or Houth era Poland, now divided Into parties, must be rallied around Russia as a central point; Russia must bo tbeir support, and, by means of a certain ecclesiastical supre macy, must prepare tbe wey for complete sovereignty. How faithfully nod patiently Um snootasors of Peter tbe Great have endeavored Pi fulfil bta will ta recorded fta all tbe subsequent history of Russia Cuoalasl aggression* were kept up In the regions shout tbe Euxine and tbe borders of rurkey umler sum pre tence or other?sometime# aotuaW d merely by a spirit of revn ge for their own disgraces at tbe battle of Prutb, M others M champions of tbe Cross was is ram caw* asd m trbatt or ncuna In 17M, tbe Ruse las army being numerous and well d tae! pi toad, and Ike artillery very effective, tbe govern meet ooncloded that tbe time bad arrived to put their policy into button. According to tbe instructions of Peter tbe Grant, Austria waa Induced to join with Rumta ?gainst tbe Turks?Austria in Bsrvta and Busnla, and the Bass lass la Uta Crimea The war la tba Crimea waa marked bv the moat atrocious cruelty aad the must Rav age spirit of devastation. No asercy was shown by tba Russians to age or sex; townsman villages were Ores, the Inhabitants slaughtered, even when no resistance was Offered to tbe Russian troop*. Turkey wished for peace, but tbe terms which Russia proposed were too dish mora ble to accept, indeed, Martbal Munich, who headed tbe army, waa violently opposed to peace, tod en ietrored to Induce tbe government to strike boldly for the conquest of CoosiantlauplR Itself. "He proposed to effect ibis, not merely by Russian arms, bat (in accordance with tba principles of Peter) by raising tbe Christian sohjenu of tba Turk against their master. He pott ted out m tbe Couil or A 1'eierRburg what was tbe true state of tbe (ittnmaa Kmpire in Europe, wttb Us Mahome tan population bo many times outnumberad by tbe mil lions of ravaliR wbs bad been oporeased for nectaries, but who bail ceased to bate tbeir oouquerora, and who wire now Hatching with anxious joy the progress of lb* Russian power He told tbe Clarion that all Ik-Greek* regarded ber as tbeir legitimate sornreign, and thai lbs strongest excileinettl prevailed among them 'Now,' said be; 'now <s lh" time to UK" advantage of Ihetr enlbusl asm is <mr oaose, and to march upon Osnstantioople while the ert-d which our victories have produced W fresh aud vivid; roch an opportunity may never again he offered ' " Rut u?o Austrian* sueUlnod heavy defeats on the upper ftanuhe, and were glad to eeg-eiato for pea*> with the mutual enemy, sil|mlailng that Russia should a to cease hostilities The Turkish armv being too l? wrrfttl and elated by Tlctory over tbe Austria-it, R is ?ta was obliged to clone in with the treaty of Belgrade j rt as she wan on ths eve of aocmipltsh'Ug the deareat M-fteme of ber ambition Ry this treaty it was Specially hi ipu tiled thai " Ruse . -h iuW not, eftner upon tbe ?ea of Asoff or upon the Klw-k t*. oonatruct or have a fleet or any oiber ships " This being diametrically opp wed Pi the policy of Russia, it ta ant to be s ippuaed aba in letdrd an faithfully to relinquish ber designs ATTACH as rULAMW ASD TaSATY OS kAVSAblUAl. Tb? Mit ftQMiiiM of Rum la ware tb rough Poland, where the had Mitred animosities among the CbrtMiaaa by her own amWaartes until a elrll war waa pro doosd, and ahe bad a prrUit to step la aa media tor. The forte protealed agntort the orcopatloa of Poland by Kuan tan Iron pa without a rail On the oca Vary, the Ran*inn* rarrled their aggreneMna even into the Turkitb hnM>^ claiming forta which wore not de? (raateo aa iheira to the treaty; consequently the Turk* n tp provoked tn a declarallua of war. At this tim.- (IMi) fcgfoad and mher t urnpean Powrra were bliaded In the danger of the aueneaa of the aonbiilnna rrbeaire of K .Mia hi lie deelreof r rmiug a powerful alliance of the Northern Power* of Kirope action Franc# and Rpain an that no laapw-Uni metauraa were takea to r?atrain Rueata. la thw war Uriuaaa waa loe! to the Tame, and hope* were eahwtalne-1 of alao gaining the Morea, Egypt and Ryrla Toe Roaeiao emia aariea bad been no auonaanfnl In th* Morea that the firtrke had aeat repealed aaeuraaeea to the Kraprrea Cat Iter me of the<r r.wdlaeet to rerolt. onoeeq neatly a large number of Ruarlan eiweele of war Inf. i>m?i?li f.r the Mediterranean of which fact the Turk* could act he aiartboad, aiaoe they thoi^iil Ihefv enuld be ao comma between the Ba tie and the Mediterranean, but notwltbetaadiug the nonutatloo of the More a by Rua emu tronpa. aod the rlaing of th* Greek., the otlomao ?uprewmcy waa amiatalned there Tbear dtlttcuilte* were, bowrrer, brought u> a ltr c nui.? la 1774 b| the treaty I f Kajnard)*b. nrh'rh *WUr*l? ^hanged the relatlfbpflb lew of the two empire*, and baa been the eouroe of mau aterable troubles ka the Curopeau Sluice The real important nrtlctaa of Una treaty were aa M Artwle s All the Tartar penptee?then. ?f the Crimea, he?ahail, without aay exreptmc, be a .n-'wfo-igci by the two empire, aa font ration. md er.tirely 1ud-pen lent of every foreign power, governed by their own note-rig*, of the race of UheagW k'baa. elected and rawed to the throne by all the Tartar people*, ? ? ? ? e neither the Court of R nee la nor the Utb-nian ffor'o ah all interfere, under any pretest whatever, with the elect Ion of the anil Khaa. or la the domeatlc, political, Ctvll and Internal a/lbira of the earn* Article T The -fobltme forte prwwaa tn protect ono atantlt the Cbrlatiaa religion aod He nhurroee aad it aloe allow* the M IB Mere of the Imperial ??wirt of K.ael* tn make, a poo all well la favor of U>e new chorch at fYmataatleopt^ -.f which aaaoti-a Will be made In ar'ldo 14?nnnn behalf of lie ndte<*tmg mtnWtert, pnonWir.g IcUke aurb repeeoentalman ntodue omeideratlon. aa being made by acne Mental fUaei Honey ef a neighboring end oiareedv rrwodlj power. I Thw w thecmnoe no which Prince Moaarhtknff. 10 1144, founded the claim, af Raaata to the g'eeral protect! o. .g all the lebabitaats el the Tertwh aunwtrhm wbo wore member* of th* Greek rharch ] || waa at polatee by a etaana of article II, ? * in order tu be moeWMat throughout, the NtMime Purte alvt tlkrwa 'be of anneal* and etc* aaaauli M every ptwee wbere the o-urt ef Aaaww amy aanexl w iteapadwat to entaMeb toam. he. Ibit oc net rtaaae pave Turkey the right t* have ana em* la Rarei* W>- w wan My allowed t? carry <m mm ?ere* w Room hrd by a*>r*utarfo?aih?iktkitm* IVwte had m pay (bar muimaw w Matoae for the ?t|i**aa uf >0* war. ha paurv ** Mit tee an* rtuwfo TW ? ? u b dfofoMt mtmm te fe* paNap af fo-gY"* *fo regard m tare ? wfo, ebw pr ail by th* FNMh t* iwkriri th* ear rnwrkmaaw ef fowwt* apna Turkey, anew*red. through Pea. the foittah lOMw for Puriigh >>W, that "It waa to* lata to later* rn the ?Maanuaa ef the Qrtaaa* wee now a /att a oipff ?? atdee, log lead had ragagaaarnta with the taproot whwh were been can tewt to break " fox the Preach dlptoaa. Date ef th* than preen unwed the pr?gm*a <f Rma'atk Turkey to be Y.- rbt with Meehfo and for ml tb* Other foe'#* "I tnr-yw Mce* IW fbugut any* ? ? Tb- law'tuui of the tarn empire* hen burn tntnily ehnrged by the tr-uty uf tu.eardjab, aad, nnnaaq lantly. If It were ptweibl* to a*?e the Piwte. entirely new mm ttire* mnet be nm rtnd b< Nv th* aetifoi c-wabtnatma nf ihe article* of thw treaty. lb# GUnman tap-re, fw-m thw day, bewnnea * rmt o? Rua* an ?k?i toe O-url if St >trr#burt ma) draw m wey. tr .gw, hr fa ?an, *? for 'he fotwrr R mi t ?? even in donate Her lac*, an i'?foer th* ba. r !>** l-.n-l. the m*?r* of forr-ng th. tfoftah ta e< < apt tfoot. *4r *'h. |wrh#B*, be rn-atenl, for rat* )et V? " -en a th* n?m* f to# '4r?td ?*?'* ntil if>e I- de- * the awnaeat fhrcrahie w tnae h n < near *0 id ft t. 'realv ?* the (>1m, as iWNfMM by wbtah Russia bvuod b* raeif sutemulir to itprt tail treat the ? trtmnan Tartwri as an ludepmdenl eat km, and not to Interfere in their piwnnifiii or civil |?Mily. by actually i?rodecuig a smte of dirafbciloo and revolt. and then stepp'ng ? an a ineol etor. the tuocredi'd la 1788 iu Miuexiug the Oitn't The commission uf thlt highhanded robbery a*tumil> pro duced great lud ignalioo among the otv man*. and re roctse was bad to another truly, which susimuded hos tilities for a while But Austria and Russia cometaed la leak lug rem wed aggressions Hie po'lry of Russia waa ?eleantijr pumued. and insurrecttmiQ were ih?consequence. Hrtore the war broke out In 1787 Oatberine aenl mani fe*U? to all parte of Greece, Inviting ibe inhabitants "to take up arms an I co m*r*lo with ber iu eipelln g the riumiev of Cbriatiaoity from the countries they had osarped, and regaining for th> Greeks tbnr ancient liber ty and l?de|ieiinet>ce " Ho well did lhes>-1 flu'ls ? cored, that In 1160 a general deputation uf the Greek* w a sent to Ht Petersburg ? to implore lb ? aid of the mw nag nanimour of sovereigns. and to beanaah that she would glee to the Greeks lor a sovereign her grandson Consltn tine " Thi? address wss graciously received hy the E n press, who prom nod them too assistance which tbey re quested. Tbey were tbeoconducted to the apartments of b?r grandson, where tbey paid homage to the Grand Ihike Countaiuine, and saluted him as Emperor of the Greeks. Dan.line or cafBawra a. The fnry of thin war was rtop|ietl by the remonslrancsa of Prussia and England. The threat of an English fleet In Ibe Baltic Induced Catherine II. to postpone ber project of plating ber grandvou Oonatanline ou the throne of Goo aiaatlnople, and the treaty of Jasay was concluded, doubtless to give breathing time for new stuck* on the pan of Russia But death prevented the Empress fr >m executing ber pla< s, when everything seemed ripening fir the coo summation *o ar<!euli? desired. One of the print lie) results of lb It treaty *w to make Turkey cmut the dominion of Ibe Caucasian and Georgian provinces to Russia In IbOfi the (Jiar. owing to the slate of affair* In Europe (Kovria being about to Join Eugtand unl tustri* against ? Napoleon). demandrd tlat Turkey shojld enter Into an oOHstve and defenstve alliance witb R ifcsia, aud more over lhat all tbe t object# ol the fit: l tan who proteased the fsitb of tbe Greek chinch should Ibeniy forth he oon ?tdertd under the prnturtkm-of tbe Emperor of Russia Vt'bi- U tee drained* were preescd upon them, which would bsve made the fiultan s swre venaal of Kunnia, the Freueb per* isded tbe forte, Id vlolalion of their ri.edge given In IMS tu Russia, to depone the Hnep-xlars of Wal ia> bla and M .Idavia, wltboutconsul ing Russia Without toy warning, the Russians Invaded these Principaliliee, compelling the Turks to declare war, which was term! bated in 1813 by the treaty of Bucharest _ Tbi* treaty restored I lie two Principalities to Turke^ and getn rally confirmed the former treaties A tempo rary fear of Prance Induced Ruaaia I >conclude this treaty, and the ambiguity of tin terms waa such aa would af ford Russia pretext for Intervention on future occasion, arsnu orrurao to aamaa ut tcskxy. Russia's diplomacy was next directed to counteracting tbe military reforms of Mahmoud, which seemed to de mand prompt hostilities, lest the renovation of the Otto man empire should frustrate her designs. On his aaoes siou to the Ihrene Nicholas renewed the policy of gup porting the Christiana of the Greek church against their oci mn s, which lied breu somewhat dormant during tbe time of bis predecessor, and the Sultan, owing to the ua prepared state of the country at that crisis, waa "bltged to submit to the demands </R .snut, which were ratified by tbe treaty at Akkerman, 1820 The tenor of this tree t> conferred still greater privileges no the Principalities and fiervia, greatly reducing the (M to man supremacy over Ihtm. WAS AM- TULATT UP AbSiAVOPUl Tbe RulUto ru toon mtia provoked to declaro war, be cause RuMte would not give up tbe Asiatic rortreeeaa, ae cordliig to treaty attpulationa. TbU ear was moat disss trou* to Turkey, on amount of the unorganised condition or the army. Since tbe reoent destruction of the Jaaiaaa rtee It bad been composed of young men, little trained m military taction, Paving tbe BUigk) virtue of obedience Notwitbatandlng lie very gnat reduction, tbe Kiaeiaa army, owing to Uie paiine policy of ita ileoeral, luebitib, In protecting both < hnatian end Moslem population along tbe route, waa enabled to advance aa tar aa Adriaonple There waa, of couree, a great panic at Ibe capital, aa It waa suppoeed that the Russian army ooosiatad at least or aixtv Uioueaud man Tbe Ru upuan Ambaaaadorn, tugrtbur with ths itoltan's Ministers, *U urged Mabmoud to aave the empire irom alter deal ruction by negotiating on any terma. Much against his own Judgment, the Sultan con cluded tbe treaty oT Adrtanopb-, 1829 It la aald that 8ul tan Mahmoud'a firmness railed him for a lime whan ha S'gued that troaty, wfatcb be bad still more reason to re gret wbt-D he learned that lbs invading army scarcely numbered thirteen tb-msaud men B? trim treaty Russia obtained the wwrelgily over part of tbe Lower Daauoe, e? that she could control that river. A mere nominal sovereignly war a'iowed to tbe forts over the Principali ties . the rwdsnelles sera to be open to Ruaslsa com merce Cb 000 000 sterling were to be paid to the Rumtaa government for tbe expenses of the war, Greece was to be an inuvpundent kingdom, be Tbe unlatorahle footing u|sai which the Turkish em pire stood at tbe oonchasiou of Una treaty excite.I tbe am bition <>rMohammed All of Egypt, who after havtog taken (Syria and Asia Minor,seemed ready to pounce uimo too rianttuople its* If In this gflmvgamg tbe aid of Kjjgland was refussn to tbe -UUtau, ou the gronuo that sne had IXA tbe means of supplying the neadad aaaietauoc but R is ant cm tbe <fai rivt sod had her ships and her soldiers ready at ftrbesto|*>l and "leraa, and when Mah.n -id ax prtesad a wish for her prou-timo, sbe utuilt <112 00# enl filer* al the foot of tbe Clxtilll im.ui Uin, <m the Vsistic aide of ibr Poaphorus. Mahmcud saa thus rid of hia en* my; but before be couw induce but Rossi friends to go borne, be bail to a I go, ta 1HJW the treaty of Huekiar tok?te*?v. by wtm-i be wan bound to an offensive and defensive alliance with Koenla, end. when tbe Csar . hose to oemaad It, to ePwe the Mrails of the (tordanolles arthist tbe armed vessels of all other Ib.etgn Power* Ere*b dt"turoaooes broke out again In 1M9, because Mohammed All refused to comply with lbs conditions tmpsed apno bim. puts or Btssors amv Aooamun* or ano-n nawm But Mshmood, whose whole object win the regeneration of his empire, being thus baffled by ooostanl foreign ag gvnalonn and lalernal d weens tons, omM Of) longer reetrt tbe anxiety and toll which were undermining bla oonatl tut km; be died an the 1st of July, lsM. and waa suc ceeded by hie aon, Ah dul Mcujtd, who waa only aevao teen years of age. Russia was prevented taking ad van lags af the youth of lbs present Sultan, because Turkey waa wow aaatalaed by tbe European Powers, and the Mis tare of the Poets adroitly avoided aay occaskm for an nothreafc till 1M9, ahen. after the Unitarian war of Isdetmndsnoe, tbe Sul tan extended bis hospitality In many Mag>ae chiefs who bad curapcd MM Tiirtry. from whieii cintry Russia ?nd Austria man.led their extradition or etrmbkm L'poa tbe relueol of the Sultan In comply with thsea terms. dipi"tnatH relumes wereauepeoded, aal war mad la evliable But tbe appearaarv uf Ibe RoglWh fleet at tbe (ardsnetlee Indneed Austria and Russia to abmata Bum h.etilities. aad the matter waa compromised by al lowing tbe Hungarians to take refuge to America Russia, thus ba l'ed, tried to cgclts revolt to to# pr? vluces, tbe result of which waa the recent aflblr el lbs Montenegrins She also took advantage of the laterpsai tu n uf fruice iB behalf of her rwthotte eabjecdo ks lbs fast pretending Uud ihw saa a rtaim lor the < church, Ru?*'s ft e?ed her old demand of a l of the inrfcish sobjecto belonging to tkn Greek ahareh, and at the sm? time, aori.r.iirg u> the policy of ~ k in.' Turkey could not be otmgaarwd without tbe acriuieareaoe of anglant,*' sepe! wars Instituted through for Hamlli<? itotmonr tbe Km per or himself, do ring hta wit t<> Ekigiand ta 1M4. having airvady branch ed the su-ject to the imke ot Wellington Tbe Rattan, af course, having refund to make over thirteen mtliieoa of b* subjects to Ntutontaa war was dec-amd. Pbam MM f-iregn Hg historical sketch. it will be par crlvsd that Rues a has never swerved from the patter of Peter the Great, to disss era bar the Turkish smptrs by means of Its christian nubjocts, and u innately to possess i ? rsrantlnofile. wUltrg. ss father toe boosted, ta And there "a capital for bar empire, ev oaf lbs Wastara Pbw art were Ui drive bar from It Petorabarg." Roth, then being the policy of R.iseta, it remains to ha teas id* red whether Europe ran or wiD p? rmlt tho I polios tarn of her "fir lento' protect " aa early as 1T?R Oliver Gotlamlth andcavnrsd ta dlB Bf to fx gland tbo rising power ami am') It too of Russia. ?Hh Hl <assol avoid beholding the Russian empire on tbo an torsl aiw-inj af the mor. western parts of Firope, m on enemy pninml of grant strength, and, from tho nature of the government, every day threatening to boom# mors pnwarful Tbta extensive empire, whlon b> th in Ruropa and Asia occupies alimnt a third af the Hid World, wos. about two oratories ago, dlvltad tola as larate htsgdums aad dukedoms, aad from each a dmalna eouse^neully weak Pines the time, howovsv, of Johsa (hsilme* It has incrvsnsd to otreugth sad extant, and I tune untrodden funs is, those innumorskta as rags sal ma ? . which formerly covered the toes of themontry, are row removed, and eoiuulsa of mankind piantad la their rvsmi A kugd m tnos sny.ymg poser Istsmsl ly, pmaewed of as unbounded estenl of do Ola lows ant learning the in Hilary art at the ttpeoas of others abend, mm ui) da* grow more powerful, and It la prohaMa we shmi lies* Russia, to fbture times, as to?marry,oaMsd "It wan km# ths wish of Peter, their grant monarch, to have ? ?"??? to of the westers parts of Rarnpa; maay of bto wims and teeatiea ware dlraodod to tan eas hot, fbr Rarope, ha railed Is Iksm ail. A tort la the power of line pr-.pi- woo'd ha Has the gum s at- a of a fi.vdgate. aed whenever ambit km ssitorwd, or ae??e-.ty crow.pted they might then he able m dataga thewh. IS W? stem W.aid Wttha karissani Inaadaitna I ran sot suffleiently ran lemn ths pd-ttr laito of Curopo. whs make tbh powevfhl people arhilratora In tb-W q SWT el Ths Ru-smns ore son at that fli.ement and WWRy which i to mil Amy nalnerrmrat; and tf pen to get fsoi ioc la the western pacta of ?... , H ie sot tbe feeble efforts of the set of sgbmiaaoy sad dmwiwiua that ran rarve to remove tbsm Tho tortile valley aad w-fi el tan?r will be eve* SufflrWait tadsoranrata to draw whole myriads from their native dsnarts, tbo trashMsa nUdo or saowy m.>ut>lalaa Mlstoey, stfmrt .ice, reiaoa.nature,exraoi the he* of wisdom before tbo ayaa at mankind, but they will not rand " ?sotAvw xam m ntutsra or isnan. Altar great st^rsiiioa oh lb# part of fox tad bla party, Pitt and Mr Jaobtoraa (afterwards Lord Liverpool) sydewdiuty demorstrated that "tbe petnelple by wtilob the foreign patley sf Una com try (Fagtoad) should ha di ? .tie- was tbe ftondomeutal printI de of preserving Urn he si ? of power Is t rupe; aa-' that lhe true do--trioo 11 U e I aton e of |" aee repaired ibn* the Rosniso emtufs ?l a to I Ot, M I?e? i> r, be silos, i to P crtase, s?r thai of >l?f1 rMh nf pr)#?fan (Ih uf etasSlnople. King* and Power* might asfotrnt* lb rata ? the people woulo rat la rebsUton. At peculiar po g'sph cat |??Mu of Constantinople wool enable Mr potentate who puMwceril It lu juke It the capital of this world rnniequeutty II la evideol that Be tbor U?o inte rnets of Bui!>[>?? uur ibo liberal aplrl of Um age will per mit any of the Power*, (Opentali/ Russia (lb* embodi ment of abeolutsin), to usurp its sole poeaeaaloo. TUB BABTXJUI i^CMiriUB. The queelloo, then, la: what la to be done with Turkey? An thla, In reality, oooatttutea the fbaaooa Btotwrn questtoo. The latest aolatkm of lb la queatkm, whlnh haa bean ao king on tbe tapla, to contained la a recent pamphlet enti tled 11 la Hyria et I'AUIanoe Huaae," a which we are la formed that France and Ruaala hare arrived at "an Intel ligent system of policy," which to founded upon "the want of expansion" of both oonntrtee. Ruaala la to bo bribed, by the ofler of Vmitantiuople, to sue 1st Franoo a the reverdieatton of the Rhine frontier Pruaaia to to ro oelve a portion of Austria by way or eompenaattna, and Sj r<a 1? to be turned into a &ef for Abd-el-Kader If Bog land riiould object, Malta. Gibraltar and tbe loo Ian Islands are to be talc u from her aa securities for her food beha Vko, ni'd then,the legitimate " wanta of expansion bemg aaiiaded. ' Europe may be allowed to enjoy tbe blessings of pesee Tbe pamphlet Io queatkm Inform ua "that twrr net tort* are eepeoMlly intemeted In defeadinf tbe One* on three distant shorea? trance and Russia. What wonid be the probable oooacq iecabef tbe uci m of their ai ur*. and the revolt fur the ult-ffior orgsalsatt tn of Buret*? Tbe (ton, medltatlnf for the last 186 rears over tbe will of Peter Ute Great, bare not oeaaeb to oasteore too* flat eta nu Kuroptan Turkey tonal Krauoe ocutiuue to protect against the pietenalons of tbe Cxars to the da re) >ng ? ntpire of the -tol an? We think not If Rus- ( via ktil tut her ou-operation for tbe revendlne uottof the Kbnc frontier. It appears to ua that akin* dam wr i. id mi be too high a prtrv for her alltanoe. We know that we are n*4 alone in bavtof plana of aggran dlarmeti Now, if Kratsra rrgarrt*IVinatauttnople In the mom way aa we took upon the Rhine, can oue not turn three m.alif one |>rrten*lim* to come account and force upon Knrorw the ccceptanee of c oomhinctlon which would aMM Turhi y to Ruecla; to Kranc-'the Rhine Isato tier, wbkb Napoleon 1 conmuersd In 1814 an a vine qua ?"i* roiidliH'i of his existence cs a auvereign. There are only two millions of Turk* In Kurope, whereas there are tblrtren miilku of Greeks, whose spiritual heart lathe Csar * ? ? The Greek Insurrection, which lasted nine years, was but tbe prelude of tbe movement wh-.b Is pn isritig In those regime, and which tbe mcesser's in Syria may act upon as a signal to bretk out. The Greek Ct.r"dial** are only waliuig fur an order from their chief at Pt Petersburg, or tbelr pstrlarch at Constantinople, to r .ee sgalrn ihe In(nals; and there are but lew f*r r it hied politlrians who do not anticipate a solutlSB of the Fat-Wrr quest km In a sense favorable to Russia, and that at no dlstaut time. It to not .berefore surprising that at the rail of their co-reltgkmtsls.and encouraged by tbo predictions of btalesauew, the Russians should be pre pared to croas the Prulh at the Irsl alarm." arrwiA* cxnuns aoamst tuxkbt. By late arivtcea from Europe ws are informed that great agitation sgalniit Turkey prevails J'n some parts of the Russian empire, and particularly at Moaoow. The Greek clergy are preaching up a holy war, and crying oat for tbe Russians to inarch at the same time aa the French to avrrge Christian hiood. We have deapatcbee from St. Petersburg which speak In terms of the strongest confl detce that Ibe intervention of the foreign Powers must bo extended tn tbe European provinces of Turkey. A cor|S af 80 000 pieo to *l present io Bessarabia; other oorpe are witbin rwn, which would raise ao army on tbe Truth to T6 000 or 80,000 Inter* to already named at tbe coaamandsr The soldk-rs are well disciplined, but burning to avenge Christianity and the repute of the Rue sian army. It cannot be cred'ted that tbe preeent Rmperor of the French will jeopardize the Interests of bis empire by ceding so much to Russia, nor utterly disregard tbe ex ample of Napoleon I raamwii or vengsv. When Napoleon I. and Alexander dismissed the famous scbewe by which they were to form a duumvirate of lbs world at any sacriBce to other friendly nations, tho va rkmaplana proposed ware aa follows ? "ffpatn was to be abandoned to the Froncb Rmperor la return for his leariog Turku) at I lie mercy of the ilusco vile It eras formally provided by a secret article of the treaty of TIWH thai it ttw Pbte did not comply witn the private recommendation* of Frtoie and Rcseia, her Ku rnpean provinces, except Roumelts and Oonetaotlaople, should be wHbdrawn from the vexation of furkton go yrrntnebt. and it was arrtnged between the two Em peror* that tbe prov utiona la lbs public treaty fur the evtoaatMW of tool 1avia and Wellachla by tbe Russian* should be prsrtioally disrcgafr-l " A'trrwards Napi,leoo aouglu to effect a dismemberment of Turkey, In wbiih ano >< of her fowl provinces sboold fait to hi* ?wn tbare. Two pUo* wers discussed, by oue of wbs-b the Turks were to He ?? lowed to retain their A sialic and part of their Eoi>,,ieaa territories; by the idbi-r. ike OMtotoM empire ww UN mMM Tbe ?rvt ectw-iee assigned tn R.ihsis the Danublan Prtnetpsli tles and Ibugvi is; the Balkan ?*? to be tho bouodarr. Ftanoi'was to have Albania, Grosee and Gaiulia. Bosnia and Persia were in be lransl>-rrad ve the Austrian*, as a eon-p> real n? to them for seeing the Riswtans established st the ixvlt iff tbe Danube Acnordtag to the ssenad pro act, Auetris was to be bribed by receiving not only Bos uto and "ervia out Macedonia also, exist* the town sad listbor ?t rtokwiea Francs was to take (.>.AUie Alba nla, Greece and casdla) all the tolaoda ut Ua Archlp-ds ??. ? yprus.Pyrto ai..| Egypt Russia's parMMtotokto be W-barhla, Moldavia, Bulgaria, Thrace asil lb" Asiatic i r? vii o?e near eat to th > towpberts. Tbo Turks, thrust i.SB beyoou kouat Taurus, might still warship Mahomet < a Um banks nf tba FupLi ales (uaiujmxoru a xixn or xabssattt tows. Thtt >aet acheuM of national rubber) le vol red It c< ekm of Constantinople to Ibunta, aul to thin Naj -leon would not oooanat Hln Buiwtrr ;n. Cau smcourt) pro punsl in nbTMtr uw dUBnaity by making OonatmUuople an<l tba ? of tM etralu a neutral territory?a kind oT Unne?IC free Btate, tike Hamburg o. B rnnri Tie IT?Hn negotiator, M de Korcan-fl. era* teoeclo at to <? met sol. ir'lite. the < ty of St dopbm the Uue m< rupolie of the Greek church and the netnrni cardial of tbe mpire of Ike Eaat Ghalalaoourt kit teil Ooaftant.aopie might per be pa bo gives op by I'raaee, hat ooly oo ooa oilum <4 ber oocapy log Ike Dardanele*. and the oneata of Iker alra.m aa the proper mews o( ?if for her armies Into "*> no by the oid mute of th ? ihneai-ra. TV It setae would out yield Um Ikwda we and stared lea. the I? would prefer Ike Owt?'.lie 1 .-"It; heme of pat litem?to aa> arrangemer.l .1 give K-ance Ike keye of Mm peaaage bvtwrio tho hxiu e and tho bee log I bet Rue lie and France were leagued togrtber against Ike tolergrity of Turkey. Austria persuaded Kng look to interfere and the treaty of Ute Humane I lea traa ooacladed with Turkey in 1M0 A aecnd d wet ma ma about Um partition of Turkey look tafwrur N ib A m he ? Ham I flue 8r. ti ir, the British Amh?arier at Ike Ottart of Ml freer bu-g. wbea Uw Gear okaereed, -stay, we keee -n our haooe e atrk nan, a eery ?k* (two; It will be 11*11 )?u frankly, a greet mwlhrteae. If, eae of these day*, be tboetd altp away rrom ee. wpecwllr be fee* all ntew eery arrangemenu were wade ? ? e e It 1 jtord, the Emperor weal oa to ob serve?"is I before tuld you. all I want le a good uadrretaod irg with Bngleari and thte aot aa to what a bail, bat aa to what aball aot be dace; thw pulet err red at, the Rnglisb goveiumeol and I. 1 and Ibe Bagtah gvremmeat. baring entire eoatdcin <me an 'Hirer e etew, tenia nothing about tba rent. " e e e the loiparee aealoa to aay ' that, .n the eeent .4 the digs..'?. l i t. "I lie utuanM empire,.* t;e- hi it might >-? bwe nifhneU to err Ire nl uUtefbctory temtirial arrrangemeat than wee noasm toy belie red TV I'rloclpalitiee ere, be aatd, la faot, aa in dot -adept Stale under Bty protection tkia might an cnouaee brrb might receive the Ht f rm nf g it 1 reweet Ho agaiu attk Ralgarta There eee? te be an re?a why tbie prertaoe ikoelii out form aa m napes diet mat* a* to Key pi. 1 quite understand Ute Importance In England of that territory | can ihea ocljr any that f, la Ike roof ee of a dtetrlbwtloa of Ike OU<*aaa ?uo> net .0 upon the Ihl) of Ike waptre. you should take p?B? of ^rypi, I fball been aoobfoctlaa tordfer Iwoaldaaylke oar thing of had la toet laiaad might en it yea, and I do aot kaow why It ekould aot beoo? aa tttglmh pon menu* no?*r arm n> Mieitwiwrg Bel when Ilea? to Ike real none ef dieeeceim. c<m etaattanpU Itself, the Impetus eatd. "Now I daetre it apeak le yea ma Mead amd a geatleaiaa IT Roland aad 1 arrireat m iied?aims ef thle ?Iter,an *? garde the rent. It ?Man little te ? It W tndMkweal to raewVlothere doer think TTtekiy, then. I laU yna plainly. * V gland Ik take ef ?11?tag herself one ef th?date at(?yb, 1 wU ? a lie* It. I de aet atu ikate u?e tnientbmn la yaa, bet It ? hatter en three ??? to ?ah ptataty 1 will aot later ate lb < oerupatba by the R?mad Bar lag ? thin I will ? ibe) it aerer ?11 be baM by Ike Begtlah, Fraaak ar any arcs: r greet 1 On the part of Great Sritata her B?tyU gaeemn? t all tat? or wtab In bald CUa?Hoopla TV dli Ven of Turkey ketng I? iwlkli. It le Uw de ? >4 Kagtaad and Traa at te ?in Ike OUemaa ?. plre m H In, ar, dtp?tUy apoaklng, the "latagrity of Turkey," whUe Ra? pa?la in tar awn poimy ?g bringing ?at a tpoody dt?I at? TV fmperin UirbotMob?wad, "Turkey ban by dagr? fbUaa ? a < h a elate ef dee replied*. that rath, it faile to rtee as a?a In H ant beater te V pea Tided beforehand Mr a eeat?eaey U? V Inane Mw of nhirh moat attend the eat? inphy If Hi eeerieewdly and bedoen enene ult ik win 1 it" mrrajw an ww wan aa n TV Emperor ?nred Sir B ta| ? ar with rsgatd In Onanlnnttaople ?"TV my pnrt I ? eganlly dlnpnned te take the engagement not te wubtlnh aywf tkwe aa prrprletof, that In to nay; for. as occupier, t da ant nay It might happen that elrcn?a nee. If no peer lent pen t e ion ban beea a.nde?if everything thou Id be left to rHioe? noght place me In the pumtkm nf occupying f"< 1 rial tli-ople 'nf He r' ?h CUhlnet ealeely ii>*lnu?t?'?"The po e inii of th- Innwerc of Rimem a* de^onttnry, but not t-r> 1 rtel. r, ?4 f or elnnl popir would V ejiewod tv now hee .M litrar * H.t>, from the k?ng rh< rletied ambitiim ?4 I ? -we 1 a1 n neu the leak.n?ten ?4 Fur u1" Agr-at 11 fir. ope on the eftlra of fuhi e teem* naturally M t<b<( to the Mtaretp nf (Ir.e'anUtMfite, bntdirg the Irn ia. m*M ?*?**?*!? ?uh K* ^ *"*' ion* .arousm ok tcbzwt. Ud^d, w. bar. antoofi proof, of the Emperor U.u- 1 Napoleon', Idea. on the subject, and the Hue of P"llrr which bin govarumeat followed sinoe. An article of tfae very ? ?Wwl Importance the Pari. P*y of the 4th of May, UU, ?"*? eri" tie la log with aome severity the conduct of M Thi-rs ln 1140, proceeded tour?"Our neUoonl pride is muca list doubt, at hearing It constantly stld that too Mediterranean U a french lake. Unfertuuatoly tho trea tlca of 1816 hare changed Into a dream that e*protmi"0 of % .rem man. In oooseqoeuoa of these treaties the Medi terranean la not, and oaonot beooetorth he, o trior than an European and international lake. It la to maintain far it that character that Egypt ought not to he either English or French and that Turkey cannot be Russian. Lot u* eoeak In good faith Oould we permit England, ????? in 2S!<L tomtabliah hereelf ln the Balearic lalea to infer aimria which la briioeforth unite-i to France by IndimoluDle bonder And oould Itog land autfer ?f*15? "y"*. l? to bar the gate of the ludieeT ?7* Srrsrjwr. MS SS SHsS ? z nzrz assg: Srasss srrzzranr^ ""There' la no reeaoo to auppoee that Knglaal would not Interfere with the realization of the new project T recnut imne entitled ' USyrleetl'AUUuoe Kuaw.' WoUy Informs the'world, that "with Mamlato Oonfy^'P1*' Prance on the Rhino, Aurtria diminished, and p*u4,la nrrncnderatlDC In "lermany, where can auy onn.e of d.a turbanoe or revolution be (bund In Europe? w,>u ????> aingle bended agaiu.t BnmiaJPrua aim and IVtD06? W? (AOttOl |dBlH 8'lflh % Ibltlg tow^er SUBd hnppen-lf Great Britain should venture ?23 icfc ?Unprudence to* ??u?on Gibraltar, Malu, the loulao bland., art a aecurlty tor her keeping q u let, those ^ . ^ ? Cuw of rtit takea piece on the Continent, .be will barely be permitted to offer her opinion, than to the Ov# or six thouaand men ebe will send to But if such aie the project* by which France Is caloled by Kumla, 11 la high time to think of a remedy, me partition of Turkey la an Impossibility, alnoe it Ik to Ives the pueaeeeion of ConstoaUnople; and I to main tenanoe to a political aeoaaatty. now oak noun bb nnirjskn or. If Turkey remain. In the hands of the Turk, there will he no end to the renewal of difficulties, for there is uo doubt "that empire contain, many element, of duwolu tlon within Itoelf." In order, then, to promote the ro generatlou of the Ottoman emptro and prewwve the peace of Europe, the torm of the Turktob government must bo entirely remodeled, to that the Chriatlan population will be on an equality with the Mutoulman. The 'oUowtog ^ of #(lectin2 tbls his bMQ lunj^iU^ by acortJO* wh^hmSamed tome year. In Constantinople - 1 Fvery PobAiifc mult b? forme? toto ma tacleumndeoi Mate jSmT1 tbe^United Stotto of teroa! admlntoiratlon, consisting of a Medjlto. oomposeu of Chrlutein, and Momulman., to be elected hy the p<>o Dle and nrteldrd over by a President elected by the member, of the Meljlto?the Governor of the province to be appointed by the central government 2. Tbt? Central go*eroimsut to be o??mpoted of delegate? tout by the Meojlis of the different provisoes, thus ropre ^T^to't'tompo-d of a limited number ap pointed by the Sultan, hslf Mussulman ?^ half ilhr^ia^ 4. A new oode of Uwa, not beaod upon the Korea, but upon the .y.tem. of the civilized world. . Br these meazurea MuamUnum tanatic'.m and domina tion vmuTd be checked, and the ChruiUan popc eUou would attoln what hM of late been termed ito rattoUed CAn such measure, be adopted? _ Tl,er.' would be both iuterual and external opposition to them. On the one baud, tue Turk, will be i..?h to iiu >? mit to an arrangemeul ?o upputod to their fanatical ooo Sit. mid bTwhl. b they will be forced to .hareihe ad mlniatratlve funcnoo. with thoie whom they hav. re garded as their conquered .ubjecto. . on the other hand, Kumla, who ha. but one aim and object, the downfall of Turkey, of coarse will oppose any salutary awaiure?. tbo Iwpwr Slcbula? M? already leclared that Turkey to only to be to crated, not recomtructeo. be wooM not allow a stogie ptotol to **??? to but ooo way of ovrSrcomlng the otaWto to he encoentered from both, and that ? by the wlopt oo of the 'cbemo which we ^uggestet ye?er<lav ** . KT" done our ohaervaltooa on the subject, *lhat they ailord iheooiy true snlatloa if the dlfflcatty It being edniittsl that the premat political Tnrkrv Is load rugate to the protection <?f ito Qiristlan Ju& whTfcli -ore -naA half .to populatjon, mid Uiat owing to the jcakxiateM of (he thus leading Europein Powers there to oo poeslblUty of its being to reocmslruot kTTJ.^0 that1 object. What IS the bl? 'hat r?,?n mend. Itoelf u beinv likely at ouce ti effect It, md at the same time to place out of the reach m France, Russia aud Knsiind the feme of c.mto-illoo over wtilch they are ever ready to crnme u>b."??' ObM-msly that of to divlJiag uP Its provinces into mill bat independent tftaun that the unruly population ef each can be kept hnM M tool by Ito chief The rraiopte of tgypt will an hoft? ^ nioLStrste the feasibility of thto tobeme lu Pssha - ears) to ail tfe requlrrmecw ef his pool, while htore spuesibidty to the Ka?a-" W??? - ^ nets, wttfemt M oseionit.g mm a?y anxiety an to their designs upon his territory. U-t tbe other " tbe emptr* be dleprwed of ln the same manner 3"la, which u dhtdb t ftom Tin key In lie languege, )to customs sod iu ptrjud k . n gnt be given to Abd el K?der, wfe-e sbilitSs as a rnb-r and friendly dtopcttlcn towerdi Christ inn population point lim iot as eminently ror IU government The two Armenia, provinem aw d he comluoM under the i ule of ooe of their eld P?Un?e, atany famines of which ere etoll la eawtance. This would leave Turkey, on the Astatic Side, the ?t"k of tbe pepiusula, bust Ktail trmafc to Marash, or thereabouts as w U M the .umand of the ha In Kurope It would be fimd polley to make the lie,hens her arU5cial, as 't fe her nature , boundary, whmh would stlil tonve to era tobts torrij lory. ODinmrtiiai lb? Horxugoyin?, A -*a a. 11i06w? and ileum*lie, with UmeUatioopte to Ito os;,ial Butofe as. ftervte might tbee he ua.tod uaoer me pr Wallacbia sod Moldavia, whilst Melgto'e -Mould have a pepa-ate forertimvct of its own. By thi. erraagetwsei tbi inMmortob* t provinces of Turkey would be ^eced under bettor, or al lee.1 more tordngmt dered separately respoooiMe to Enfcpe fer their treat meat ofStorCbrMiiee populatim " pai.awad from Um cure? wilb wbteh be I? ?i pmSiBi S^UtoSTwwoldbrfe ? eoadltloa to do felT jaetleeto bir peopfe, end Europe would bo feagee he^ sozVlle?r regard leg toe thto of 0"o.UaUaopte and Urn dfepumtwh man luberitanos which so many oovet. CmH (haml HmImm, Btdbrr Jot.g* Rmmll The Court mol yroterdey morning, whw U? Ca-ivirtag |NIMM were mn to oooalttala Mm Uru<l. jt, Jm. U Cram, Furemaa , Goo. K Killer, Wot. t Lawrence, Edward Carter, Polar Merlin, Irriihefman. Airs L McDonald, We ti'O/rtoe, Welter Hotly, J M Henry, Edgar SlMtarT, H R. Hronet, John Tnoooi nd, Alfred P Arnold, Hut T Wlltlono, Mart to L. Kryeat, Ot>i B. Wh.tVH, Wot K. ChurchuL The CM; Judge pron?i ilii to charge the Oroad Jury, rolling their at Halloa to the etatutoo, which ho la re quired by law to preeect for their guidance. toon ao the la wo pertaining w sjeary.ritorttoo. MMrtao, eMattoaa aad the ?uppvoaekw ad tatomporaroo, the rkdnUoe of ell of which war declared to be a miadeiueeoor Km Hue >r ai !ndt?l to the law W> pre mat the celt of f ajJuieel titaett r> r ateaaMhipo. lUimt that a VMMMH Of that act too a Stale prima tdtoanr and pualahabe eerorely la one eluetoa Ju lye Ruooeii r-marte l that the cal*eder rd tha preorot tana woo 'manually lane, ao that It would he kereoaorv for them to eu a #u tor leol length of tunr mi.i eech day's raeederwoe eilaoeted WllntOia who had been lenwoed lidwe former dread Jeetee wo away frem their bneineea, aad, after remaining I the Stand J try wen id edjawi1?. thee mmprbtng tin mi oeooral daye la oaooamtan. He Iranted t ?ey adopt e dtit 11 at muree thw term There e>?? em boa dred aad tlaty lire prWei otoet, on well a* a numf rof hall eaere, to be lotdtbeMe them, beam tbey would pet noire tha aemmlty id demtlag ell the time Uiey c mM ?pare to the poMte hestaom. The Mr end Jury titan retired to entor upon the dtaaharge of Ibolr dottao Gmoaol tor defendants ewelt'og trial made appitaalKma lor poataoMOMMO, wbWb wero granted am the prmsato ttne of the neoneeary affldante Otto tiebhard woe triad ecu ounruitad of burglary la the third degree, baring broke Into the mtabthhireal of Frederick k. Orete, Tt futtnc atroet, on um aigftt of tha 1Mb at Jala. He inooreded to mealing twenty aem af billiard hallo, -aHrnd at tour hundred MM, aad woo caoghi ? the act af ortttag them la WWtamdberg The Judge woo about "* tanner when ha pmdaoed a raceipt, i, which bo alleged he rot from a man _ he percheat t the hlflierd t Ola. Aa there ? prehekuity of the tru k 01 bio alary bo ww ra ided tall Friday tar laatinw betag aa aObar came ready tor trial the Oaort ad I enan Tbe Oread lory will rmhehlr enag la af tadtatmaata today, whan the I rftha I pressed without tatarmtaetaa. Kv mo mn m * Krai mf at Lnarm?Prtdey bat Wiamm Kh^rdr^rba tree heag et I^raon awny^ , ^br tba mwrM ed tkw a Mma, lb IMaobar M. Aboet td tba tattaberg ?erly aa Pitfar a f?. tad aad tatty arre ?We toead Mm deeply af tatty eiieo to tba porta of the eitooti m to a ptaatt. whMb be wae pimed WhSo ww wore with bia ha hro Her, a boy abeat tao yeare old, name to take hie I eat' rwell of t fbirwell of htm The mr' tbat toilnwed wot aibrtlDg la the i otreone, the n'W oho Hinging in the neck of hw dyfrt tonltar nnd pnarlhg torth h lornmt of tear* end em I' mtag? my Mother, my nmther m mi yoa 4? i'- It wee a ? i? M rules. ie??d tn n -? tbe harden* wl ,i ' if ?brt We iw??. we mey SFWtt ?ItOlll egota? At Ue yellnet tbe Her ?? Kerolag. tbe .I'teuduy tile* t, et tie - WgaM ef I be prthmer. art le ?ill, wuriei at there art oibied mutual 'rtalt" t Wee-a >>.w' , , pre t*-< mber mnve. tor .biMi aad tbe or | j ?, ??< tm* e l b-elt'beta ihrcTso,.f?r uhi'h a TBX AST Of WAS Tito V? nf la (ht irmjr-DMC ???? ?* di? Msw IfiUB m Imtrwd U U< llBlUd M talcs Am jr. < < ogreee has recently added, by the ippBtok?i pi*l?1 officer, charged with telegraphic duly, to swr tary meant for odvuoe or defeaoe aa land the aseef sigr communication The step la worthy of note and reooj u Brrt thai formally taken by oa la pr*cait?ee of I Power* of Europe There are pots it of later?I, too* the general reader. H >? in rlaw that not the Mali army only, but the State force* of the dlfiara? Maty > tail by tad by bate their drilled and pranttaad dgr1 officers; and there la not bow an able bodied ana baar% citlaan In the republic wbcee lift may not, in a?asf aon.e day bang upon the transmission of a alga a I tad We hare nerrr uaed atgnala la our land Servian wart through which our army ban battled, and tllitwe of the frontier, we hare had no muiiioation than in the Revolution. We bin not bd able to tend one word of eoy order, or of any two, uuleas a man could carry It. We may hard tr( once or twice the plan* need bi trope?the portable aem phi re of the French?a post with arme, like that an Staff Island, only lighter?or the English meat, with yard and bella. These or anything fixed la ltd ptaoa, practically ueeleea to an army In motion. The wires were laid before flebeaiupol, and wire MM abort poles?not apun ou, at this place from on bureeba^ aa many believe? bacx <>f Sol'erlno. They aid papal' m. bf ?3 2) eh? of nee from established position*. L It ia not of rtoord up to thla time that any army hi * world baa gone into the tl> Id with an eqatpewel dd Mmb at aha4 "jn as to be readily at band, and to be put la una any time, anywhere, by any practiced officer, for eran f purposes of conversation. In our service first bard be devised and put in practice such methoda of atgnallxf aa render this feasible. j The proposed results of this American army pha > field signalising are curious and Interesting. A stn, officer and one man are enough for any station. They ? ride up at the gallop, or come up on bet M run. The officer carries n glass; tl ?lung on hla (boulder a slender package shoot I long; at hla aide bangs a canteen and a canraaa poo The equipment la simple and light enough, oertnkaly. carries everything that can be needed for use In day 11^ or dark near If the order la given the apparnldd la )e^ ad and ready for nee la the hands of the awn In M? U? three minutes. The officer Is down with his giant ewe^ ping the country or fixed en the neat algae! aletld There la so other delay. There Is no point la view wKf ten miles bnt to which any signal of agreed massing any mcamge eaa go at once. The answer oooaan bask, similar signals. It?talk lag by signal. V Iter* la a of take, it la noticed. If the mnm la not understood K repented. It can go from station to station for My m\ almost aa aooa aa It leaves the Oral It oaa be he* I correction hi a couple of seconds after the signals wh sent it are flalabed. It ilea over mHiatal? ami bar between slat tone not In view ef enah other. signal Is mads M the oae not Instantly k? at ? Aa night 000* i other There are fow ehaneea for error. As sight < oa the ilgnale are working for Into the deak until Ugf j will show; there la a moment's pan?; a stngts joint , ths staff la altarad; a eouple of lights are pkwad, and (| msessgsa go ? taking up where the hat atgnal MX eff | Ul morning. In the dawn, when the llghte are fodlt there la another stop; the joint la res jueted, and lata nits from the time of the I?t sight signal lbs Mat Ion agata ta working day order, without losing a word. It not eaay to stop these signal* If the station Mat ha m at all. They war* speed log over New York barber ait last summer sad foil, through the storms sad galas of U season. Mary a skipper will rnatmksr lb acting Bag* and the light* h* saw. at night as and wondered. Musketry fire oaunot check hall of grape and one later. Tbauhaaoee are ?tat a hundred that not a ball tooobea Mar? or *T " not of much oo?c^mmoo if it doea, uoJeaa M a?lhUe them?and when night oocoea, there are aitlhm gkm nor rcfirctora to ha broken. Wh? the grw?d tl 1 field ilgnale show well up? It; equally wall ah? it covered with scow. They a? be need on bourn eteeptse, from hills or ia valley*, or fro? ? y peak to wbtck n man a? elimb. A tree top la by meat* a bad signal station. An ..nicer oaa keep op w a marching column, latelliglblr signalising alt tha tlr Be can a?d word to ths above from a passing i Be can aet ta hli saddle and give or receive aa| gecce he pleases A rsoonnnUnaaoe can b* mpartod fr> thn epot it la made, aad tlx p"?n :?u? of Mm -aamy m k rerun aa anoa aa It la delected. Troops aaa auuin-orred by rignaie Hiatrm eaa be niiaal tu a momrat The rngtaeere ruaulng the llaaa af a a trey; the ogtoars with eaplortag parties loattaeii 01 I be on on try, or the lndlrtdeala whoa incllaattoe or d> bare separated, eaa, la naw of each other. Ml th wleheo or waota with aa eaaa that baa harder hi dreamed of. There la an reaaoa why arary ballary a reft meat aa the toe feat atefe Ilea aboald hot ha la a meatary ootaataaMailna with the oemmeader. Ihar sat a ally or tort la the felled fluMae bat to whtah from wbleh maaaagea ooald oome, though W waa Ureal by the euabtaad hams af Europe. AdmMMag arary p albta ahjaatlaa aad nbataala, the pa aaa to aoooKpiUh theaa reaaMa la a military adraaaa af I taraat to IheAerrtee aad to the i The aigaal paekafe la carried that aimythtofl aay' at bead compact aad parlbet tor w lease. It U aol the Utoatloa that < tad to Ua paaaller aaaa. Thay will ma eigne* baaed i arary prlaalpte af aigaaltetof Tha BMaaafoa will go, IT there U thai Ilka thaaa af the ladltm, or with algae from aa ?wad apparataa of a ablrt aad maahat. A aalkta aad a 'horehUf am da r scat ala mtlm by aocb maaaa; or a i ?etn a road aamaphara tor roaoaa tha alght, IT there are ao aigaal lights, past Brae wto a awer; or the hrmda from a eaaap Are will aah aay got t,. o. eat farawh arary aigaal tor the reapaaaa. For t deaaaat of taga, there are atgaala by mead. The earn meatus am hardly ha permaaaatly la templed. Mo we hallara a maaaage oaratohy aaat am ha dsHalhd. Rghlem m i lea from NepoWoa at Walarloa lay I toroaa eater Qroachy. A atomllad order might I tha Aastrtoas Wat flaltorlao, thay thlak, baoame t, orders ooald sat anoa maogh roach tha rmar >a at OBn aaa. The potato are la rtew, aad toar or Ira miles d mat. The imm in could hare bom railed tha It they were Beaded, feet Lee aarraadarad hUhiBttoaoy of Waahtogtoe, WastlM ready to rattora It, hoamM -word could Dot bo borao ma tha Iltilma. It aae hara ham east with a heath irohlW | Per threw Wag hnnre tha toto ef Laefcaew tromhWd the baWam while a mmaagi wm ami with tha to | apparataa three goartere af a mlW to m outwork hied, aad the mm were klflad by the moahacvy parpa luraad apoa If If that wieatgi had fatlad, wf ifl had aoam m hetora W wm Itowhad.aota weald bar# llTad to toll of that eiage The I could bare bam rapidly eiyaelled wttlm.,1 tha r?k at mm, aad the whotoAepoy ?rmy neald aat etop H tU my ef ??r mhrera r-wxmb-r ih? loo, |,aee T? < rat, aad tha lime m took to aoad e wddUr er a Maim There wm out km aear lb- llu-a Ir.m whk h ihe who could hare hem U enareraeitoa Let my whe eereed U Met too toll. We>Od Ul beea wall m the march to Port hnea to hara hau ib-eer ueaaaln ally' Or at Moatarey. kg the I dMhrmt atdea af the any to bare beea m c ileal Or at touaa Vieto, er at Qmimraa, or or tha baiileo of tho Valley, to hare towa UMs to toU eey petal to rlew, with u ag-" eb-iB maid Waa th?ie aet meuy a reencn rti three ebn pfl Iraf daye end e?Bte at oiUpmk dot who would hare Waged to apeak where be aaw the dtetoal eetamm ramp trral Wkea that plortem nam pa W* wm rnted. aad the 1 itl n n. ft b.ld Ute eiiy tf ??II". wuM Ib-r- r. H h, r ..i ,,??**- In |.h?r rr errry e-i a th- r.|Ti . . i-ml ir |'? Ml th- r|ilo>t?, utibu * -m trrmTXlH* Of bead ?nerl-re' Th.? ,.. for the war* pent. We ere at e?r ?>w All th- y flflMfl f"*e a ?| <a? the r e w?r *< a-?, oft -r h, ?? tr er rc-k n, n V?l . 11 |, , .le W- * ?? re-c. larmrt'ng. wirh wrndr e her. >t.<v th-tn* ary ?f miruMah-e, my ace ? ?ai> b, if

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