Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 5, 1860, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 5, 1860 Page 8
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Bro.tbiy? City Stw?. ov i dv ,~<w ?The Board D?x? a r.avtd mettr g wrt .???*... , g, cyr_s P- Smith, T^erdent, x ibechur. 4 . co >u (xutKOO, ordering that a p*i on of the ya>o d n uooJ No. 1 oe at an 'xperse dci exceed b( BJiiO The ji? committee. to wc.m b?d eeeo referred a ? uak'?vMi from the axeeutera o< ;be law tlrwnani rody, impeccii* a apparat?? supplied by Mr Pa y ao rta* h? rJ*time v? tcb<>o) ?*?. 11. r#p*rtxl wbahs, y, ike '.8*?n -hit Use cxecntcr* had prcpoaoJ to '-a* ??ir.tL.t- . tae to purotase in# apj .nlJ. A xcfthy >?aou??.oa c-n ?oed, x in# ;our##of wa rn i ainRwrort that Ur Polly, who waa tery pop liar for the nier-el be took n tbe pra ise school#. had renewed an c Id and dar^ero:* t eat er 1 appai.he* him '>o 17, * ad ?u belli i. led a new of "*l ta* 12 100, at b.J c?u ?xjw?c*#. ITee y**rs bay-# w x t-tapaod a.cee t.a death, and no# to# executors ia.1 ^ D tloj Board to purtiLiac the property, ab.uh I *f<"*?? ;ua * waa Mr. f'a lo J. oats. Tbe committee were ordered :> report on --# propriety tt pnrehaamp the apparal ?*a it iioo to gi* e itorn Hal powers having been lo#!. Mr WKiro?* m vt>n tfcal Te#ab? ?? acd local Gcmmitt### oi school No l o? autborue- , ;0 Inquire into tbe propr.eiy of establishing a Ware 4 primary, aeeiion with ttul *? fl- ?.' <??? ar a reiaon tto crowd ed riide ? th# pr.mury retool iow esxting. Ur Sit.' - aiir ?: o that ?? ' jr'.utary school was in aoevenwotly crowded, bet t*.'? ,;xl wua a oonaeq i"noe ggtber-nde ?' til > b.ra , yjC p-inure,. lu lhe a??je be i-ae/ii lid me pr mar^^ would be reliered, If tie pop i# oeis* sooner ra^^, um^ m h.pher acbool, kj... ;r?e txere ??ild be r ucoeMli,y (or a branch prt irtfiry a} No. !? . Ji.-rtsi'.i'e. to thft ??? ff?Afy no. J. lie v .a# Javr?/-re, op>jui?a lo lhe rt?o It o rtoht en wan tien put and carried. tfr VORT'Tnt-r ic jTed ibal tbo > vera! V-cal '?'i be iuitior./ed ea .se tbe oca' vjit an<l rsnea tc bo i- mofed from .a# oral dejkWtorles ef tk'.ir tarv .a iboex, and, iT ^i.r ?och ircra h.-crw tad be?a prop.<Md, fe waa ?rtai'.o ?Jly recolved laal me priac'ptis of tbe sev mi ecbocta 9 o cr.ti?m tbe m tors to effect tto rt , , rrnaoval cf sd sseb a#. nmuiatHma, aod loal u>? r> H oi ro rn tier bo ?eiUfc#d iu it*; C1MY bar o-.-en performV.. r.iio irnrd. .cr fm-t r- - .? f-'ti- ' <? :> ,r*T or tlaia? fjom? ? In ice ?sp.-(3io Cccrt, S-' Term, yot? ?erdr^ momwg, btfore Judge i* n, a motion was made *9 >1 mart Gilbert ?-d Tbyk-r ct r e! for Vr. Li. W. y?ke, for lbs appoxULest of O-tum.M ? ntrs to ercmaie ' aa aaa wmi 11, arde- ibe a t ef li'V. prortdire for the locc out 01 rro?p- l v"ara. Itr ncoi an ws -it #o<l by ?intra. Van ('rlt e-.i - liimrr wee rrpreerrted tne tax payers <"0 *p on tbe ^a#>s/Bsect? woaio fail. Hx: tdlow ?* ar# ite to.ntr y re--M o# ey tbe ob, "'-tcrs ?1. ]Ui u>o ad rici.t## section 10 of article 3 ef jtw <x?titut>on, wbtrh prondes tb.u no pr1 #?te cr local hill whet nay ho pawed hy She Ijtf iat-rc ta.i embrace more man cne mfrvvt, and "bat ataU he etpr*a#ed in lbeb.ll, Tbe hrt eet tata axa three J - licet sub ecia?a perU, a parode grcta>'. and an 11> ran- n of Uie Coram asxners' map. 2. It mutates aect etl of artiefe I of the oeastltu m?. aoica prondes thai" ? oorspeceat.t,n t? r lend token aw public T'lrpoara rba.i be aererta cert oy not ea# lban tan ooamaaaioner. to be sppoxted by a Court oi laaeora." Tbe act In eecetlnn proi dea that two ceraan s taoaera May determ ne the CQBtpenaali-r, and that lh* r award may be mild end of tbe name #ftbct as f ana la by ?hroe. J Tbe act ?itbholda broua the u>aaima^. ? ||M uaereiee of diacret; >a in aacert. ring tdc com, rnsatlon. ? It ix? <s a tear og ????a at paai t> pwrties aggrieved by the action at' tne Ccman r?.ooers. rh? decieion oa tbe ?etion wjj be n d until after tbe uen< ral Tei-m snell ?are re--eircd tl ? dt '-i-ion cf Judge Lott in the matter >f aha parata ground, provided fi r by tbe mido act, and ui which'y tbe t.uer'.iuo# are raised. Chabos or AJtec*.?On ?ufl Say ni^hl tbe paict t'.cre of Ita. Jchn C. dcon. ho. Ui Endgo atrcei, was ulsorrercd ta he oa Cm, tint the name# were prompt y est Bguinhci! ?w a perecn who lired a sjacent, m ;h damage was uoae. '.ra tlonday m-rtiug >.'r Scctt, the occjpict el the store, went o< t, leas ny a noti-ie on tbe door thai a ?rait bad occurred in tbe fan. Jy In coccequei ie of which me ifere waa cloaed. last n.gbf, about ha f pari ten etioa Cre was ag.un dtaootered on tbe treraire#, and on f a lot of t **?? w a '??' * ww wv aaa ra ais.p ui VMlti y wuuil ill parte of the i tore, showing, beyccd a doubt, build.rg tad b-~en ptirriseTy set on Ire. An the flrtl prec.n it accordingly an *ted fc it on tar., eg ihe doo" a lot of turpc-nitae and other uu'.aramahle t?i'ri ? were fuund to be in a ata'.e of corns sat .on in Wfcerf r.t parte of the (tore, showing ;aat tc? ??ear of the 1 rwpiCKio and locbcd up. The | ?ic ? s are insured ?j the Haoij.'too Inamanoo Company lor titw. tin beirs aa to bx i-.waon for jlostcg the store, &'? 't sa J ?e waa toid that i ia<1y friend ol tx bad died, but tl at on fotag to the btnee he found her afire ar.d we.) Rc fur act aa.4 that he wat not aware that there ? us ar.y fire a hw at?r? m Sunday ngbt When acarcboJ at the sta stra house acm* n atehe# an J a cioth aatura.?! * tin t ur l*Aiii.e were found in h.i pouhots. The ca?e rcmt.ns for ssajn aatcm A 4?at Daosivvm.?Y?* t-rday mcru af t yourg Gor aar namt-d Juhn S. Mny?r, wbo b rre ia? appearand eft pa? L? .LKito ud :rr?< rtab.j Doc Juan ro led cp into one, wee brckgul before Juat.c* CaAhAS under e cuar(? of ua M> u( ? f r! raced Catherin> Kro'.t. Caltevxr ve m that 'affeetlaf oeaJlilOS that er* ?i d ,o bo "efco 'ere their lordc,'' but Jonn iv by do r 'lU JjspoeaJ to take ca t wrslf ito (rave character of term UBt! the '.tilo ore ib- d be bore, ?tec, an b' uXwmed the Juri to, 1f I re gambled has, be wouM do the haadrcrre thrg?otevato UtbTLt Ic the dignity of bis wife, ettd (MP M tnt to that of bir V r or teuedl, u the caeo a r y t8ei deefaed, thua ek urtcg btme- If dreldod'y teorrr to hoy nip ''Miflai poke ,T The JartihS, Iaw rver f 1 rot ? u a.t- i t ,n that light, and uo ?yiepaihy with Mr Mirrr's prcchtn' for bar(?'.t? i<e ?Ipht root t .m, tp d dhn I of ttQO, to ?U ?r.c - v do Clil t sakii up bo 10 ru*n watberiae Mr* Mufer. wv,.-.i U-aoirvrerre ?Dung the hummer eautlno the (uutvt. -? of ta< Board u hatucttiuo have b>u the efprrt ????( of putt rp a order, for tbe fail and w.clrr ? h? rercrai #. U.- i bai.d opt xder UKb oetfll. cave krer e:. ? led *befo . vcaaary . asd * oat ? lb pa t. ut atd toe .Blr- ' icu of wpptritl,.#, a fr<at dra. has t?T dour to render the I iTldtngh pica eecit k c.a- eye ?? d c to' ta?1e ffcr the toachert sad r l ,r wbo ivav U j?aJ ro m . Jb of tb'lr tun ? in Itrta |<i or* mhooi Imm art 'a ?>ur*e of credos. ant Wdl tore be omf u V' 13 a il accommodate 1 tit 1, al a c-et oi t vM) ,<>r the boild M at I No jn "t. oh ? !1 C' It 130 dOCi a 11 held 1,00c *A...'aj-f The rarait jf" act healing rpparaiai will coat an?1:.ilonai ?arc. No ? w.' be vltr.ooi to a nea butldicg. from d< npieioiv* of I# H|airt ?? a oa of bovwoea ?:a <d* ar.u 111 OOO U ,r ant ?? wtod that by the let of beexb r It c tl.ret jcU?!a will be C; lo be tax , toil. C< nn t < r Ciwx a. \e ?Iht lo.xa bj abowt ite rx wet u<t rharaeter of tbe ccxmcree of Brt> aire daring ik? aoet lb of Auaaft a the e mber of vaarnla Itat l i obari?d eargu ?? ?._i avobaeer, 08. cavai tUrao. M. aotuir 3 wood ai.d * rr. 13, tUf wood. ? h.dw and ?b?j li coal 4 -0,3, ft 1 w t, 3?IvUl, 111. *ticco(itc'l Pfflrr, Mtro Klaar.1 C. Waat.furrnfate, irix cr tARAH AKX tULCT, me 1 eat it r t ru the wl' tw of tbe late Tbomu R. '.ey. ?be ftrmor proprwuir of the Ftflb Tfard Bou: She d..J w?tb? ttcbti iraa. ud her neat of k.a war a aei*. wbo x*t<?ftd the w.J of Ute totlabix, wbo beq ?athed the ?teat bath rf ber rr prty ta bor rerrut* mi) a", so o maa-ea. n w.u cf I'd) aad 1100 to i?ch. She a> made bedi'-Mwta uf Ilou to oacb oi tbe (uUcw '.af cbarttahio and boarvrleat oet latlooa ?Tbe Aaaoriatioa for tbo He .f <4 naaaaetabie and lad went I wmIw of tbe City of v#w Tcrh, tte laat tntioa TbrtbeCtn# of the City of New Peer, ite Orphan Ary ?c of Jfew Yerlf,* theTfcrt ee if the I've roio'r ll ak". the Atre.---u Triaae teearil .a Scx ie.y of New York, the Rw York ta ti-i'o (br the Irttr-: two of the (oaf and t*ailrphu Atyluta of iboC-ty T Now Y?rk. aod tbo -oc "ty f<r tbo cf half "rpfcaat of Sew York t'be ahb "A lo l.te Peace "I the liap'dat church lo tiaodoural alrtei Ifcr earn i f ll<)0 aod <1.i--'vedlbM vbe baUa r <?' bor r->t?rty atorth- peymett of br' -:?t d'? bed kilo two ecjual parte, aod oae part ('r?n to evh of tftr two fe'Ioa It,- aoc.tlvet, r!i: tbr .tincrxaa B.bJr %wiety ted tt* Americas met RocWty. Ibo fb the win war cccwwted by tbr a r e asd nut of k.n lo the Inward, re tbe fen ? tsai more of the rroperty hrahf I* ' to ber an?-e U.ap that )-^-;wm?a.-l lo hrr by Ah oevatr.f, the - -rrtvfai* beM a d ffhrent rpiaioa, bewerer.asd tbertfore ''eidei to ifx't the w.U to pro hate, which area kw' qpy done VtOier Uy Tbet.iao a? o.Ja uair ala> b?i adat tird w'.th.a the paw. two oava ? Wary r.dey, 3?tc T. King, X teoi OIIL ?oht'i Palter, iui l??. A oh, tltha itp-aoer. Uvthfrod .hrgol. 3oha B .oarmaaa aad - ?*?*.: o >a.u Naval lnt<lllgea< *, lte v?pd irftbeOart tUud al !a tho caoe of Com aiuiwr thai F Tctteo.lateo.'Uw laiied sutre ahuipof war war yaaterday road to a:i tho of *it of th? Pr-o-l en Vary t ar ) Tb? r>oo*1 wa? rrgan'ted re cewt'y ia Mtrb, the ( "bi'pi haeiog beea pre brrel m net i.n, c ah rt era'rb tr ?? ar found fuii'.e ? FVei. ir nk-rrw eoerod, cp,?rear <n, la ivAfrai.i-M IM trmntoeo V. T raor, of tho t'k ad MvM Marine Coeyo. froai d iiy, plo. ar h.m a ?i? ? t cmCi.-ia-wit f.w WiW .ban ftirty dhve, bar1, | ar , oi reae-r ta ar -t tnob paoattr.'at U. rd, donbed nf ?B ?rdr of the 'V?er?U r? M tho Vaey. Th? eraten e ef tho Court ?M that he be ?rwrtded fbtni duty Ibr egt eon moath*. lb# Irat ail wkhAt pay. tad l? be rep- maadrJ be theSrcreta?e of tbr vwy, aod fr'naad lo b' raad to the omeera oa board Al it |? m ihr 1 a.tod 'tat o Navy ia r aaiblio. asd at at fn ted ^tate^ i-aral etet^oo the aeateao* to -at ?ra<N firm asd aftor Aogurt 39,1MB. MARRIAGES and deaths. nariltd. . hwea-apvo. t ve^T ? fi Cwe oo Monday. !?tp 25 ? , . u*e-w lenco of the bridr'r (hlber, by the ?T - H**1 ? >w?r?. aktj, of thfec.ty, to Rue ?a^h-, foghtrr of v?v.d T. Si vis, oq , of ihr Poraer or^nir, Tf lh" rr *y>B*1 ehcrob, at Ge 2?' i. !? L Mat It. by tbe F.-r Mr -irat huk O^MvmS^AMmm " '? km Uw'' * v- sS '-J'S^Ck5?T; jrr iASwTTSVh.'^"'?vVSLV'eSS the Re* James R Buab. ran re Kveur to tCiua K'tr <,,.!? doorbtee of W iiani H Wa'ton, of th e r'ty B >te? lobt.?oa Thoraday. Aasuat M. by lb' Pev I V- Baser K P;ssaa Rowa lo Hifin, oaiy laurbt * of tbo mto Chpt T. C lord, t'a tod Aim rtsy. *>r ?ti and Oat libra la papH r p -?ae? oope ftrwvMb Prr-se ? ta bmoh ya.oa Moaday. bertewNw ? w rrm**h by Ibe Brt jUcry Wtrt t*? v snt't m, el Broc*7w3 to t' i* r. ? Bncn, daughter of Lwvd Dudley, of A.ulhroj. 1 ^BoaaC ixpere v"*! 'XW- ' _ 0lcd> x! "a^' ?septt?>*r 4, UMura E ^ of N-H Fh-rdf .^ed 34 , *rt. M m. -(,s [f tM > jj-ty are respectfully jiv.led to el k'-'ta a:e funeral frvm ter iate rotider^ go Chariton ' -reel, on .h.:r? a.y nitrooon, M two 0,'mlock. luni -i'o Tuteday evening, FspVember 4, Vizm Bs-irrr, J>'antd* gbtcr of <*o. B *?d Phdllo B. Cterk. ? * i ??r.vl w-.'d take p'.occ at 65 West l>)rtj fifth c.roet !t " , Wednesday) afternoon, at threo o'clock ' jfii:o ? l>u T.eeday, ifeplsmber 4, of consumption, ?vhi.h m. oora w.tuCtrxtnn feeling, ChAHum (Uffisuo, *f J .0 yuan, 1 moctn ud 1 day. Hie frtouds, nod thooe of hio broih*r-tn law. Patr'ek 1 r w x, acd the m< rabcra of Engine Company No. 4. ire re rp"cif\liy invited to attend thn funeral, thin (Wednesday) art.rnoon. at half past one o'clock, from km iate rew dence, 176 Fourth street. near Stotk t7enoe. I'tuiadeipb a aad Canada papers pwr< copy CowMAai.?cn Tuesday, September 4, lout Costa in, Jr. The friends of the f&w ly are reepecttu'.fy 'nv ted to atten l the funeral, from bis tale reetdenoe, 144 Court rtr?et, Brooklyn, on Thursday tnorcnr, at ten o'clock. Census?On Monday, Sept. ruber 3, Emrt XaxnCra kan, eldest du.enter of John Charles and Jane Cucraa, ?p jd 4 yuan aid 1 month. Tne .'r .euds of the :ua '.y are inv'ed to attend the fe nerai, from :hu residence of iter ixrenta .7 Tbompfn ft. eel on Thui day. at twelve u c.oca. ?in th.? c?y,ou Mosday mormaf, September 3, Wa tvji 0. Dill cam, .a toe COI'j ;.e*r oftis age. H<? relatives and frier iu, and those of the family, also members of jo.ui ary v.,, .-wwum regiment, in oitnens' trx*.a.o r rpeoifully Invited toalterfi the funeral, this i W"d*?*dty) ullcrnccn, a; xe o'clock., trom bis lam resi dence. U4 Wert i'wdyfotirit ureet. !?/ .pfON.??. n Uou la> cveDtrp, Aptember 3, Hktjm S. wife of - Igor Dnvidrec. youngest daughter of Henry T i.lct, of Bu'eJo. livening prayers w.iHxsa J m. her Iste reetdeaon, No. M Vert Thirty fifth -ere*.. itte i W idneadav) etenmg, at ev e oVio rii, Ler rciusitn vg ouiooved to Buffalo the me n,ng. Tm ir.ends of tne family am re epe. trtdly ited to atl :u>l. I'ului. ia .lj.?Suddenly, on Tueeday, September 4, U. .-tvx K , the on.y and fdultaod child of CorrioneC. at Arcta x R. D-: Lapparelle, aged 3 and 10 m> ..the. The ri'.es ?! ti e Korean CatboUo churet will be ao lemnized. Pan .Yanclsco, Cat.,acd Ifcatreal, Can., paptrs plcaee re -ion.?on Monday evening, teplemter 3, Thomas FrvTv.v. ng^d 02 y?are. The r^latiree ind frier.da cf the family a!?o the mem bers of l ermltage lxidpe So. 106 I. O. of <> F., SI. Ni cfcalae Iifdge J o. 301 L O. of O. F , F. L. Snow Social I'nlon No. 1, llartha Washington Temple No. 1 tbo mem be-s of the Manner's church, corner of Madison and Catharine streets, are reepectftilly incited to attend the (literal, on Thursday afternoon, at two o'clock, from bin late res.detice, No 10."> Orchard street. Grjtrc"j:.? SjJdenly, at So. 2M West Thirty first uroet.'ti iher.tay, Septemuer 4, Wa.laiS, aged 32 years and 1 months. The reiat.Tee and fnonds of the family, and the em ploy t of the H deon Kirer Railroad, are respectfully in rlted test tend the f.meral,from^lislate reeideooe. Poogh kr rs e Py taking the eleven o ctoelt train friends will srnre In time for the funeral. H.e rems na will bs taken to ii'e residence by the seven A. If. train. Norw 'cb (Cjub ) sad Poughksepsie papers please copy. i-u> <>st ?on Monday morning, September 3, Mrs. Jans C. Gaeroat, wife of Joseph W. Gregory, Ksq., in the SOU. year of her age. Tfccfr;er.le of the family are invited to attend the fune ral, from toe residence of Mrs. A. Mitchell, No 87 Tbomp toe street, t; .s (Wednesday) morning, at ten o'clock :?tft: Tuesday morning, r>ptember 4, Faar>i ?? k, lrftrt eon of Amelia A. and C. Godfrey Gottber, aged 1 moeth und 27 days. Ihe funeral w ill lake place tbla (Wednesday) morning, at ten o'-look, fr-m 146 Fait Fourteenth street The fr.codf of (he family are invited to attend without fur ther police IUsit?On T iesdsy, September 4, Asm Bum t, the be-oved chiid oi John and A.'i>.e lianly, aged 1 year and 17 daye The (r eads of the family arc respectfully invited to at tend the funeral, this (Wed nee day) afternoon, at two o'clock,'Clroii- .he re?:.denc? of her parents, No 10 Dvyer e,rert. F r r. saina will be taken to Calvary Cemetery ftr Interment Histt"?On Monday, Peptember 3, at tie ree.deooe, No. C23 W?3t) arty-third atreel, Dr. Wl.uam Bi'ntbr, In it SVh year c t ? a* . ii'M rcutmiuj will be taken to Creeewood, tbia (Wedaee day i wuri.'ua, ai t*n o'clock. 6 GoataMonday, September 3, of dropey, Catba *;ya, ?1feo< Patrick O'Couor. a nai ve of county SUgo, par tab of At an -i jib, Is the 42<f year of her ate. The friend. .f toe um.:v,and those of bor brother, Jtiaea Flew, a-a reap- otfoUy to attend the funo ret, thll fwedn*Jay i afternoon, at one o'clock, from her let* rnatdence, No. 307 Molt etreet, near Bieecker. O'N'an Oa Tueeday, ;topU:ml>er 4, Mary O'Nan daughter of !?>.eph and Hary O'Satl, aged 1 year, 2 nr.' ? the and t dan. The frtrada and actnelDfuncra are invited to attend the foaeral, 'Jiu fWedneaday) afternoon, at two o'olook tr<'U Nc. Slrt Tb'.rd arei 'io. Tn Albany, on Taeaday, Angnet ST, mat Janb Saicly of New Vork >, w'fe of Jaatea Fret and laughter of 1'ha'tn" and Jean Patera, n the Slat year of her age. Iftji a?At Roibury. If a-*., ea Saturday, September I, at. t,!.l / '<ck la H e eT ;rg, Jam, wife of John T. R?n ,at, ?' Tt-ar .Smooth and 23 lay*. ."he A: ra ? fa take (dm C tn. (tVedne !?y 1 afternoon. at two o'clock, from me JMhMM ftiiwip*! -i.ur.rtt S 'lt SeccnA tract, near fi "tb, Wfluan burg The fr rdrt t th Dwr. arc rc ,\itrjlly iavltrd to attend a .h' t fttrth r natior > >. v --tin Montr v. R*f teaaber 8, Titoaaa P. i-rama um. IB toe ?! I y ur Of L.' am The "? iat'T ana bibb >? or ?ne iau. <> are (wtoeclfafty in ted 1 at; ? 1 th# r?l, to. i IVe1 u iay) moraine, at ten oVocl, fr'ir. h latere rrc, Treo'nh Thare nr.* i, a b?< tak n t< Or.cawixd C'er ?! ry f r later I tneut. i*,i ?tn Monday, tamkf 3, Mr*. k! >kv Art* Tat*, , rt t *12 Ta.t. r. the SPlh year of herattc. ' The re'ttiv and ft nda of tb ? Jam ly, and the mem I I -a of the John atraal >'.-jiU?-'..n Epncapal ub.ruh, aie .'iape?t JUj .l ;ed to attend the funeral. from the ten) I dm of her aor, John J. Tail, No. 21 Carmine atreet. It * | (M !? ;nr?'ar) afternoon, at two o'clock. PIBWSAla A port if-a wmow wo ban ta drxirocb to ?dot" he* Mam boy. two mootb* oM, to any rr ?o?. t ,t ie party. Aadreaa t ? W. L. iu.aa.- n, natoa a, hi r?i arte. A TOtlffJ MOTHER DrU TO HA VIC HER BARB *v *d??}'?'?. < laamla, a-r* uya old, keaatt and preur Ad. ''rtb'-r, h?t Ui ITencld .? w. u i *vn -BMOOKtTJf, IOOAT AErKRXOOM. .i\ I cr i :i-7i i j -i W. tg*J.. At'tlABI) OOXriDENtt IT. LITKRAflT BTTUCAC. m BROAUWAT. WWW TOMS. LETTERS IFOR AST EC EJECT. A NO A> Era*.-* to art OOBWCRicAftOMk ' . t.'aAaB on ho Abort' r mk!co. a ..1 i-itl ir Uto !?:?*!* t * .arlclRMc araratf. Loa*e On l>Ati<rr.4a. l-welqr or <**#r eti'tahiv preeenr. Mi .OTTAiEO WlIH t!IB HIIlIcTBllT fRlvik&T. nJHkAiKB Ct III art-.? to ho abA* n?<! IB '.ho My, MB rrjp cm cx-eeimioe. coimnijirtAL biiism Cf IJ r. r o I lilt ,1 I.H ??, r?MM<??4 wfrn CAM anI) Krrr. iinrT. faHiea aad MMlsaan wtaktr r to fATTT nm A gen:."Dm on rim ate itiRH aimaiiikce Ma ha'a for t*oir -1-t .woo 1M A DOT \ T 1HTR ?'?r UOK. Ear tors* at ply In p?rano -r br lotiar fa?.u ? .ri . jr lotto- b .at o ?? pimp for roplf Al t. CcuTe CAtlOEs tf*ITU OORril'HSTI AL D ? <*A WILL FIND A LET IE*. IE Tllh l'BR->OR WHO I AI I *l> AT ORlWRT KTRKKT aaJ ..OJ At lli iiaton rj?r a 'A > lattor. tall; p'm? call ai tttwl irtBif ilk ?'f o\ mack oBuao Mra. Irtla. aM^ T.VfT*? ATTO* WAXTRB-OFMlROARRT EDWARD*. 1 Waoa.aa. at ttt.B iht < atkofto Orphan Aaylutou a; -aaj. PJakM ad! -aa> Bala E4h .ioRb, it) H-cmd a - A.uar f rAporl t ' -Ba" crp) . Mart JURE ihrros. who lttkd i* rkw tore Ah t If* cr |?B wf)| kaar of a rn-thiaf to kar a.lraa ?rt by a".m I* kkfi-WA ?!? a boat at Ro. LaoaarB Kraal Sow .. i k. urJokn Wan n B *T KETT* THERE T* A LETTER FOE i <a !ka l\ttl tttboo. Kamm MrBH. J W R. Mc A' V ' 'TV DO! '.A 1 RRETARD WILL BE TaID for .M d-air Ttry of tko lofal roprooot)'.' raortkabn* ?od '<( At i NtoARW ?W> 4W At ho R#tlo t to Hr.f-.tal IB J(. TOO O- (Aft Ait *rOBS Lsacx A WaLat- Bolt -tkira. V>I 1*1 ?MM MM. M'A PARE FLU V DE TEAirU tc IB kar Itiiifja r B or lltapBi K ?o. STAFonr.k A FR ' TIB* WILL HEAR OF MB AB At MdrrMki A opt ??. o Xv l'*A*r \D AFD TWO RCBIER. WART TODE MERE N'EIT ( * E E OF I I AE1 Ef VJOCTOl WAWTBIk-t_ I har ? \< . r, a BAlito of EatchtttoL to U?o roar I Apt wm Bbont H m* / if lit llnpl Esr'*r1 for Iho I'n'larf ??M0Bof tTprtt. , f.Tr, t, > MR 10B l> fMMa tiaM Ahottl I : To I p. >u raAtt'm In ObM "o u .ot* laMtroAaTl. aa - I r?o.i 4 m r n or? ardar ?> tko r?<toB "1ato?, Aad vobIB worn ko a? rti 7} j#a?b ?* a*o tw bB <W.aa vartor ?*Jto >?r . -r If ?#kA. kk a"il of k r rooM utrr lapMoo M ? A. - I mat. Mr to ikotr Ut. tAti rnvrWAUAatixl fnr a.Ak ar >o aaroaaorr aitfaBiA to Er. EobaH Jnko >1*114 EM oivor.Ti t lil Jawry OMkM, fEB ia?ry. T flai R CARROE APO WILL UlARIt OF EOWW I t . u - -? ,.a>A*a t . ?Ua? >o t? i * E . Mo ft *_OB tu m, H>R to * rrEI APT '* A OEEERIRI? DRr?B, WRO, OR WOMDAT AhofB ,a ft hub a Fctrtk hima arapa >a t'bmb "A^*> 'K.''' ? tt M T-?o ?r r'nlk RroBI. loft oMotklnt ba kikB kBT. Ako oaa haitr of it bp vVi *Ma4 fi. ftka tontlonraa o Ao aai opr ? Q oar Iibi t M? fhM otooB IXmm. A?".OF 1*1. FfiARE mum iikr fiik ? Ak.rtBI k.r . i4 APO If >o frtooU. J. W. D REWARD!. Mtk REWARD -LDRT. OR TWR ETRW1RO OF ROE 9ao Bar. M IMk, absat ltt? t rM. a Ikraa4 laaa Tall, to r"l ''ota Ftftoaoth rlpaat aa l Hanataap to MlHkl?aBt> ?'toot abB fo-tnk atoa'io Tko ako-to rotrarf ?t|| tw pU4 In tko ofar kr ra?uralk? *?? f '*7 Rmi Tkltipak^iaB to. f. v 'TEITEP awat fror the rOREWR Rrtnkijn. a Bat* bay anra M broMl aaB tall ImMM Ant rot inttoR tha ara. II , kardo 110 ^?>t?AAn <? ?*ttaAnakar toroai a H iMki It 1.*?4 **>?"*? ! W#t*iiw t; rwnraR f B W Fo /* turn, wn,?tM ?tr% mrcino'rl w i.wjv.i>?rex.alk, A YOUNG LAST WISHES A SITUATION AS GO YEN- 1 & MM la ? famDj QK teach 0?m Vrrr.rh, wA the Eng fik branches, hsa Ud Are years' ?BP*M?aea to teaching. Mat ^rafaraooaa cab M tlvea. kiAr^ Ka B. aTautko D Ah german woman, > ocustomeo to tmateu Dob, ofiure bar eer?ic*a r j ? tojntly going vo California, a arOltng to y?J taif 'A* area lltea. nod to make herself general Address Era. item, 171 2d at. A Rk?PK<TABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITU O. euon u> 'Wit' maid or W to wiaktnr and -mi.tor ay. masr tersed i'_ ucraliy useful. OAil At 8a Waal JJd xL to Tr basnnvn'. A OER.K AN WOMAN WISHES CLOTHES TO TAPE JV (o Act rouae to wash anil iron, At 1AJ Furor A at. y +r j ax. A^m SITUATION WANTED-BT A PRGtWTANT young woman, to do chamber work and * ixm or :hara - bm.'.rt and p.atn aewlut rood city reference. Gall tor two n?e at 6Hd as., near 11th at A NURSE, NOW IN VY EMPI.?rV>IENT, WITOK* A si'uaUno after Saturday, the b'h tnat.; I am Houh. tsul do not nerd bar s-mces :< tiger; aha m MU><1 aod ladylike in bar matioeri x> children. Apply at room *0 Aator Ho tae 'or PAr.trolara. J. M. K. GUNN. Am young woman wants a SITUATION AS CHAM and aramatrem and Ana waahart baet of city ra fe. rnce from oer jb p'.aoe. Cull (or two day* if not engag-d at 80 West 19ih top floor, r'jar. AREST ROTABLE YOCNO WOMAN WANTS A cTtrA uoo aa ehambarmaid and w*'.trean, and to aaawt n the wa Jtlnj and irvnnc. Hast cay r.f ei?nces. Can ta teas at Utl 2d ..venue. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT OIRL WANTS A ??: uaDocw -hamhermair and would assist In wish'** and !.onin|. Oun be aeen at IMI1, Weet Win at, corner 7th ay ARKSPflkTTABLE OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS pood9-am oook ar<1 gcod waalter andtrowar; gold city reference. Call at CIS Was. WA at, seeood Soar, front room. ATOrNO LAI>T, WITH SOME EXPERIENCE IN THE boanese, deiurea employment %? aeleswoaun a a ? ming aad fancy a tore; is apt and obliging-, 'an refer maer .it and former etnuloveri for ckaracwr. A line add retard to U T. C , 7 Ja Sth ay., tn the atcre, will meet with attention. A RESPECT ABLE WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION >0 -ook, wrsh and iron, or aa oook alone, ia a private faro '.y. The beit of city reference from her laat employer. < 'an be seen for two day a at 81 3d ay. A RESPECTABLE OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS plain ooolt; a a lirst rate waaher aad irotor and has no ? n to do housework In a emhl) prlt aw family Seat of city reference. 'Jan he aeen f ir two day* if not enraged, at 117 Court it, f rr flight of sta ra, fixjnt room, third dour from Wycofl at, Brooklyn. A GOOD COOK. AND WASHER AND TROKKR AND ciiamb"rmaid * nh a tuationa in one family Good city rarerence. i an be aeen >r two day* at JOU Hohermsrho'-n at , Brooklyn, in the rear, drat floor. AN ENGLISH LADY WISHES A 8ITCATION AS GOV ? rnraa. ahe nderaun ia and tea Hes thorough / Frrn. i, German and mualo. For references, Ac., addrrM Miss Wat aos. Stantaburg, Dilebeaa eounty, N. Y. A SEAMSTRESS' flTUATIOV WANTED.?CM'i'KR B stands all And a of family ae or would go by the week; beat city reference can he given. CaU at Ul Eaat 28th at, oetwwen 3d Bed id ava A SITUATION WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE A. girl, as seamMrraa; la capable of doing all of rami. It aawtng: cms flya the beat of city rsfrrenee, Is willing to u s et with the chamber work anl has no obiectlona to go to the cott?try. 182 7th ay., between Etd and fltth sis. A SITUATION WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE WO man. aa ass matrass underatanda all kinds of faml'T aewing and dreaamaklng. and nan operate on Wheeler A Wil eon's aad Groyer A Baker's aawtng machines; would bare no objection to go out by the day or weak; the beat of city refe rears giren. Gall at 268 nh av . corner of list at A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU atlon to do general housework; good city reference. CAU at tt PI] mouth at., between Jay and Pearl, Brooklyn. A PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN, A DRESSMAKER, wishes a situation tn travel with a lady either to i alilorn % or Europe; she ean u ake barsalf useful tn any eapadtv. Sh has the best of references. Call (or two wests at 181 Fulton at, Br. loklyn. A I.ADY OF REFINEMENT AND EDUCATION, WHO has all her life been accustomed to the heat snclsly South, la desirous of immediate emnloymeni. eifhar In the cepart'y of houaekeeyer. copyist, or something similar. Address Mrs. K. ILm.i u.n, box lJn Herald uttoe. A SITUATION WAMTED-BT A RESPECTABLE KHO A uahpirl. an chambermaid ar.d eeain*r?ne. Cu y1\? good reference. ItHjiira at dJ 20tli at., near fch ate. A^m RESPECTABLE OIRL WISHES A SITUATION To 00 genera! ho ima ork in a en all ; *mlly. Hk? K * iha beat of ray rwnsnt. "'an ba teen for two daya In Fulion Bank. room No. 9, 37 Pulton at. Amm girl wants a situation in a private fa milytndn t mbT m rk and waltlur. to ? ilUng to ?>>? krmll cnerallv uaeful. Referen ce ? an ba had If re^'dred ca:: at l!17 Weal Mat at. betweeu Elh ami ikh era. AH (? ITCATTON WANTED?BT A NICE. TIOT AND RE ape "Jtblk girl, u cook. waaber e'd Ironer; haa no objer ? too l.i do general bo laework for a email prirato family. Call at M Parry at., narocd Boor, front room. A^m RKSPEi TABLE YOUNG WOMAN, WITH A FRESH breaat of n la. wtrhra a babv to wot auraa In a reaped W<- family, "'all on Mre. i 'anil, 78 Cannon at A respectabi e married woman WANTS a altuai.ona- wpl wires; baa a frvah brea* of m ih: haa taeib?r An laby. H-*'. t reference. Call at ..4Mb a*., twtnr. n lid and 3?tb at.. |. i two daya. A^m i:rst rate washer \np ironrr wants to ? g. out i y lb# day ar tab* In ara ahum at lor own rrai d-ncn. Cel. a: 10 ttana ro>rt at, joining 1Mb at., netr Mb ar A^rn RBRPECTARI ?? V U'NC i IK I. WANTS A SITUA uon a a i rha" ami v aa b Idrnti a ta?id. la a i,?>l plain egner. t' '! ..i I AA Wa* iffith at. A VOt NU WOMAN or I.0NG KEPKRlKNiTt WANTS .\ a an rn'i. n aa i war la. um et> :n i > uA i dirge of an la ? ? i i .an ?-a.or Satiafar-irr referen ?? (go* h*i | ? > n I 1 .. . s. ? ?. . fci M , ? | . rear. a toungwoman wastn a situation to no gemr*; h larwork In a nwll prtrale f *mHy. or world do rban.Or*work ai.O ball' With tk* waking and turning: I \? t?a rent i by referene*. Can be mentor two daya at lr.> Went 1 lib ?. between etb end Rib a .a. \H YOUNG <11R1. AA TRUER A "ITCATION >11 C HIE, waabar rrd -en- kaa iokJ e ly rafwimr ''aabaa> i?l for I eo .'a ra at >ui Hat u.. beta ma tat and U an t ip Boor, ba a room. rttcayion w anted-by a rkspe table tocno an ebam"er-nald and In > w.4 la waati on and n?j|, or to do geeera houeework In a email fa* .y. Cai. a; IT" Wrat Cik at. near Tib nr., fur two daya A SITUATION WANTED-BT A RnsPK'TAMLE OIRC, ?I to do bneanworb and awM la bew.i - PI n i?ke are of rb.ld-eo Call at til) Grewnwtch * . wbate aba will be nail trended. A RRSPEaTABLE MAERIK0 WOMAN. ONE wno 18 A " m eipar etv ad In lakinr rharfc of oblllraa. wlabea a ?N la Ion la a arleaM famtlr aa bahr'a narae: nrderaitnda bi nctaa ip wlib iba boula if re-inlrad. caa be wall raraai manded froaa bar laflt plam. Call for two dara at 410 Rb ara., la Ibe dyelaa aMot ATOCN.l WOMAN WIN11R8 A NITVATION At OOOD plain i-ook. axarUer.t baker and tMind-ear it aril lu to Bake batawlf ren?ra'ly uaafnl Ike be* of referearea from ber la* em| l.rer, AMU at 4AA %b kr . la Iba rear RENPBtTABI.E OIRI. WANT* A UTTTATTON TO waab and iroa. No ? . ni , AH A ARE*PK.TARIJt OIRI. WANTS A AITt'ATlON TO ooa. waab and Iran, ta a prnala fainilr or la a ?ratee! board tag bo m i aa be aaea for twodaya at Ne ftlSartMa ?., lei wen 11. Jia aad Oui labia a the "aeeamnt. Kronktyn. A N AMERICAN OIRI, WISHES A RITTATTON AR . \ r.'iran, araitreaa. or to do light ,kan be'eort In lure a< ld> D-iaae *.. orwer of Mnpla ARESPEOT A HUB TOCNO OIRI, WANTS A RltrA boa aa bambe-rn*i.t aad waiter, m aa rhamt rmaM aad lei aa** ta the wtabtng and bun tor Can be arm at R> Wet? UUai_, le'.waan Xk aad ?b ara. SMART TOCMO OIRC W1SHE"' A SITUATION AS i baaabe natd or waSer. io-d refer, nee Ira* to* plam. I for tw? d..ya at IN P.imioUi at Rruabiyii. fir* Root. fro, t r v* ARRSPETTAR1.R PROTESTANT GIRL WleRRS A aination In a wnall fantl. w a rol ' mk. waabee aad Irer-r Pa. be en ai MS Oald at near wienrd. BrauR lya. 'bod c it) raw raare ATOTNO marrird woman wisiirs A RTTTATION In a mtlltnery ?lore or won',1 take eome web to b?r ko er N ? refore- on. A fl,rau e**i ?eh naat praferred. Add re* Milliner, bo. 10* Herald oftre A bin ATION WANTED? BY ? RE^PErTAHLR yo ng niaaan. to rnnh. ?Mk aad Iran haa ri"ig ettr rafn lenm. Caa ba area foe two <Uya ai liT W a* lAh *., raraer 41 tlon aa rbaaNeramid. or la d? eanar?' honwewm* la a Hi prtrale fa* between Arrh ear. 1 .mail pel rote fam,v Caa i? aeea far two daya at 7**b i ~ 1 47tU ato. oerman a.irl wantr a ritpation in a re apee-tablr 'am lr to do *rne-?, bmiapwwR. Apply at Brora a. I'M Elorldge *., ran* No i Ah miohit be*pbctabi.b rnrvn womar w vrta lAMM* M llWlaflMU M *nnr nr 'aa b? anno *i bor iiwni '?p Wr?r't. b; ?hoai ill HUM blgb'r > r<'"n>ia*a4?^ U4 Wtat AAA. bc.nrra *tb Bad Vb Hi AH IHTtllJ TOr>0 WOM A v WTSHRA A AT IT *itr? an ' k??yrm? and lauadrrw. la wtl! aro'iaintnd >'tbrHHMi caa ?'T? Wd raftrrrtrf Call A Id I Mnamt m. Ah impiirrAnM; otrl warta a atttattor a* rhambri maid aad MM, or <m<)M r**->r Imuarwnr* la a Mil fawlft two_ftr? mi ?Rt r?>r?-wo frooi tar la* p>a?w Clal] atliO W?at ffVhM. bWwrwi Mb aad tub ??al, " bcr, f<w tar> A?f?. Ah tot mo womar wart* a rtti attor am oood r am rook, ??J?- *r?.| trmrr t>?? of lafarrnaa ?in*. I Tail at ? WW tab W. M*W1 rib aad 8 b mm. AH WTCATTOR WARTMT) Rf A RMAPJC1 TARI.l PRO fobaat ilrl. ab abawbanmald aad pfata aawor or wW ?raaa. At* ? rlty rafarrora from bar low plaar < 'aa M MM tor two data at K law Ibtb at.. tatwata ?tb AT. Bad Pwadwao. ADRW-M ARMWWHn CRnVAAT ARD* CCTTIRO AMD ?tila* aad raa do all klnda of faw>,; mwUrn, iittaiiaw rVqawiM br tbr ?wt r* mnath Oall at tu Tib AT., bWWOM WwlAAw, Ibird Aror. bat b reaw. AH *aAPMrTARL? tottro womar warta a ritca una * An paaaral bnuaawork la a awail artrata famllf, or ?? P?am rook hi a Anardtr - bona* a a rnof plow nook aad an aaeoUnol ?aWwr ?ad Rotwr Bma of r*; rofnraacofrow bat lakapAaro Call at 17 Monro* at. far two daft Ah ambrttam oirl wart* a mtuatior im Ibw *T W a WtaB Rf*raM fjaalh , aa rhaaUorwaU. aad lo da artafr.? or aa rbawb fall aad araHmaa Applr far two da; a atwb Mb aoa., M door ARRAPRTTARIJI V AR*IRO WO V AR WITH AFRESH hraaat ? wflb. wSobaa Mat Tjr owa tw&r, oRtapaeMld l? r*R| M M? ?*?? r?Hwa> W? H *? WK Iwr, '"?o-rKwiutg'' MTl VTIONS WAJIW - ?g A OB KM AN COOK. WARHE* ^WU - a ai.a .on *?*.- rbo.e opacity. ^*?^o*Sb ?a*T?> ?* <* i? w a lift* rale washer and iunay. ??I'BBi.HKioatA.W'''*' | ... _ t SITUATION WkNTED-BY AM ENGLISH .. A "am. a? C*,.ik lit a private family; a a Roodooug and ba ker *cui ? trie; e- -lien: washer and .roner, beat or ejty re fereo ?r loe*iv sobriety and capability. Oaa bamonai ?j! i ib ^ , shove &U> at., Lop door, front room, oyer An but cl-er'a. ????? a \OUXfl WOMAN WANTS A SITU ATIOM .AS A -kimterBald and waitress, or to do ehambarand wwing; baMof e:tv references. ( a'l for two dayealtt Waal 3UU> at., between vtb av. and Broadway EKhl'lCTABLK YOU NO GIRL TOBBI A . I i:.;an 10 do eliamberwnrh and w alling, or 11 < lit hO'J*, wuik. Ceil for two day* at 19ff Kant 13th at. GooJ ctty rata rec ??. k FIRWT RAT* COOK WAXTB A MTUA*ION?HAS A no 'to*c:ion :o Mmsi !ti wmafeinff C%mb% ^cd lor iw) d*} ft wt 96\Vmft Ktnreenlb *reeK, between m\ik *nd SeTeoth a enuee, tecond Boor, front room. i UoOD WASHER AND IRONKR. WANTS TO TAKE i A ID washing at Mr own hoiae. Han ao objection to go out ? to work by the day. Haa the beat of tRy referenea If re*;1 "red. Oail at No. Mi WjckoQ ktraut, Soutk Brooklyn. Can be seen for two days. t RERPECTABIJI GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS co>ih, waaher ard Ironer in a small private faml.y. flood my ref- reoee. Call at 1S3 Weat Thirty flrat atreet. In the r-ar. 4 RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS A , hamhermaid. or to <!?> tk" general botiarwork In a email :ndUt. OaU at Jkb Hie. a A , between Pacific and Amity eta. Bmok'yn. _ _ A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS seamstress; nan do e.1 kinds of famOy aewlng, cm and lit [Thiltrnn eand ladies fr-aaee; would go by tke week or month: Lax tne bast of efcy reference. Can be aeon for two daya at 40 W -at I3ih ;l.. front room, pier the stor-a A PLAIN COOK, WASH** AND ISO NEE WANTS A Ml nation: can cook weiL, bake we'J and waak wall; also I by a girl, as chambermaid and waitress; are of kind diapoil tun. and willing to make themselves useful. Can be seen at ili 1'roalway, up alalra. A RESPECTABLE TOUNG WOMAN WISHES TO OS lain a situation as chambermaid and waitress or to take I care of children In a respectable private family, flood ctty reference given. Call at or address 374 Wast Jbth at.. between fih and 10th nr* , flrat floor back room. Can be seen for two days If not previously engaged. A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN, WITH A FREr'H I reset of mint, having loat her baby a few daya ago, would te happy to accept of a child to nurm at her own home. Re ype table references given If reamred. Add rem or call at 370 We* 38th *t, between 9th and lOlh ark. a RKSPKTTABLE YOCNO QIRL WISHES A RITUA O -ion as child's nuns, in a private family; la fully com petont of taktnr charge of a baby from its Mi tn. Can be aeen f ir two daya at 347 9th av., oat voen Mta and 27th ma, in ike ?tore. (NOIX1RED WOMAN, WHO IS A HOOD SEAMSTRESS J and an e\o-i le?ce>d ladies' maid, would like to gtt a alt-i adoe to trerel er.ber to Europe or Callforala. ln-rnre of T. 8. W. Utua, lbd Mercer at, between Bleecker and Aauty ??., New York. COOK WISHER A MPTUATION-IS A GOOD BAKER, washer and Ironer; ao objection to city or country. Call at >33 Mott at DRKbSMAKINQ IN ALL ITS BRANCHES.?A FIRST elans dremmaker wishes to obtain employment by the day; can operate on Wheeler A Wtlaon's aewtng aaarhine Addrea* a nets only to U. H., 71 Weat 17th at UneicepUoua tie reference given. Family sewino.?a laht having a sewing machine offers her services on all klnda of family aewtng; particular atten-.too given to children's and Infant's * mi French silk embroidery, Ac. Call at M Pike at SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG woman, to do chambarvrork and watting: la willing to aa am In Ike waahiag and Ironing. Can be seen for two days at 129 Kaat ?d at. be:weon 3d and 3d avanuea. SITUATION WANTED-BT A TOCNG WOMAN, AS chambermaid and waitress or eook. and assist ta the waak leg and Ironing. I'all at AT.' bth av., between 31st and SM its. SITUATION WANTED-BT A TOUNG WOMAN. AS nnrm ard aanmvtreaa, or to do lignt chnmbarwcrk and seamttresa, or aaw in a family by the month. Call at 94 St Mark I place, tint floor, front room, for I daya SITUATIONS WANTED-TWO TOUNG GIRI.9. SIS vara w ho can give the beat of references, wish alt lUiooe, one aa chambermaid and plain sewer, the other aa waiter; would prefer to he miualed in oe- house, itall at 141 Smith at , between llergan and Wyckofl ata. So-uk Brooklyn. SITUATION WANTED-BT A RKSFETTABLM WOMAN, aa cook in a hotel or saloon; bast of city refe-eaae. 19b ~aat ll'h at Situations wanted-bt two tounj women; ? ore aa 'i-n 1reea or chambermaid and tn do fine washing, the other as '>treas. wt.u'd be H-lUIng to asewt in cham l-erworkor In ibe uurwry; beet Ity mf-reoces from thetr last en.plo> trw Can be eeen f rr two daja at tiff (kh av., betwren dtth and SMb Kt. iecoad Boor. SrTUATTON WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GER man girl. In au American ornate family, aa rhamoer maul and wattreae Apply at SO ElUaboth at. SITUATION WARTED-BT A RESPBUTAB-.R ENO liah gtrt, aa oLsmbermnbl and snamalrem Four jeers City reference from la* pis *. Call at XN Sullivan ? , mom No. 9 StTTATION WAETBD-BY A!t HOKBST AMD IJI Jiutriou* ru;. to do lb* and a?d?t 111 lb* aeabu.i at*: Ironic I of aprf ate amlly; re wrencee from last place. K . tire at Mo. SI Unwind el.. New Torb. CITPATUlNH WAKTED-BY TWO BXOEKIHEOLY I J neat end enaue eni (trie, one aacotk, waaiter and mm ? r .*( d; eul'.krr a- -ra> ? ?.. K.' eel m r that are well reauBiinended. hare CO objeciioae Ml Ibe ? ? ??ir> A pplp at ST? Ait are. TMWO PROTBHTABT OIRLH WI-II RnTATTOYR. OYR | aa chambermaid and b'lilrw. ai 4 ib* nbor ae wailai [Ml. bare i'ved to one buiiec. Oaa be ee. n at 147 Wea. dMb ei., I i ?tll entraped. nTAXTKO-A R1TPAYIOK BY A Blf4??B< TABLE ?Y ?> ? ,e??, ui deretao.ia 'rreem.ibiii* aid e'nbrntdrrp te all .ta branrhoe. Can be ee?n for I ?0 dayi ? ? YBYAXTKD?A BITPATIOB AS WIT RVRdR. BY A M ?f?p"?s*b.e m-rted w.aoan beet ot rtfereaim. Can . ,, .B ' n? d !? -VP ? ani' ?' W'-AJmcn-A MTPtTlOE. BY A RKHPR, TA RI B YY r *i*? woman aa a pood plain ret and a Ural rate ?eeb>r and tnmrr. TV- bam of r'ty raierpnoao (i ?n from her lain plem wbrr- At baa tired for la o pear*. Call el 17V 13d a end Tib ae.. for i? o dape. n' iRTFD-A HTDATTOB, BY A YIPXll WftRA*. Tn 1 YY .m g.-mernl boneenrrk, .-an I'urniah r?>' n*p referrn ??? 1 it * for iwo daye at Rre. ?heOj'e, 41 Weal timed tar firat I Boor, for Calbartiie llarrrx TI'AXYRD-BY A Btr>PHCTABt.K PROTRrTAR f UIRL, *? a Htuatloo aa .aam.tra.. in a rrlrate faaiUf.amtam hauler or do .ear alar, htnr; won id do li*Vt hem aar work or po o il by iba wank or mooih lo war. Good oi.t referaaoe. | la. 'drr al lUMtb r., between Tib and "lb are , 1*1*0 dap a. \l*ANTK.n-BV A BBePlrYAMJI GIRL A BITHATI'iR YY aa rhaabereaaid and ...tear aa in a raaall prtrala fun tj: baa tba bam of dtp 11 fm naaa from bar last employer. Oat! al 1.7 Tib ae. weaad Hour, beck room, far tar daya. ITAIITim-A BITCATIOB, BY A It RHPBCT A H1JI WO YY man. a* mod v ain rook; baa no ob)? tloo la a.-Wt In ?be ?* and train* if repaired. baa th* b?ei of atl> refa r?i-r# for two at BY 3d nr., from room, eecund i nor, beti.r-. l>d and -lib eta. YETARTED?RT A YOPKa OIRL, U YUM OLD, A YY wtaeUoo ae itrommakar and pink earner in a email pr k in . e w ik a .a .i ? efc al Alt 7lb ar . beta re. IS k and 3hb M YJLTARTWY?A RITPATIOY. BY A RRfcPW'TARI.B YYO YY man. aa .mnk In a prlrala 'ami or rw. la or eat, an nb bran a ebon dbtaar* m tbeanantrp. eti panre refr renew i rrm bar >em p aaa. Unit al 17 aL. mm bleak from Ibr.Bowrry it'ixtrp YY a.aat; war be r ami mnntrp Ok! i* ' ii. Tl'ANTEn-BY A BB*rarTARI.I TOCBO wnii*. A YY ..tuefmo ee nuraa le fuilp ? ompdeat to lakr tba entire rfearaanf eabld. Baal referaaca from bar lam plaae call at m Wont I Tib el. aem 44b nr.. for two dare. WHHARTBD-A RTTP ATIOB. BY A RERPRCTARt.B ? pane* w "man U? do boeaanm k inr? I waebrr aad .rimer. Bam rdp rofor.apt 1'nll ai M7 dad am at Wmm ARTPD-A BinjATIOB, BY A B?4PBtTARUC ? panaa rtrl. lo do rhamberwort nod ptetn new'nr or rbe.uberw .ak and to ieke care n' ehtidren. Ham akr refa re ore Can ba eren at 171 Waal Rhb at, WARTBIY?A ilYl ATlOR. BY A RBRPWTTRLR PRO ? RmMat ptrl to lake rare 0 rbUdrwa and eew or to An eraiuo* Call ai 114 Wem IRk at., bataeaa Irk aad 10th era. ih rd tytor, rrnnt room WANTBD?BY A Bt -PB> TARt.R PROTBRT ABT ? paR wnman. a Mluatlna ae rbame.n mai4 end to*r plain eew tar. or aa pbrln rook, w eaber and Irnnar. la e eu. prtraw ?Malty ".odnit rfftrfie. Call al 3W Tib keen ija, letweet Ud and Ml eta, YRTAKYKD- BY YWO RRBPRiTARI.R OIRUt, Bf. YY ti jrtlona ?? waltrenar. or nhainbermet.t. nr M do ren?'*l I onaeirnrb for a > -rf raepartable famllp, ih- ?* Hp refe reoeM.thfwe raara with one famllr. Pan for lire at 77 ?:,?ahe<i. m , between I rand and fleeier UH*AKTRD?A HITV ATIOB. TO DO CII4MHRRWORK ? aadamw: ,n waabina end imrm or ba. no n* jemiaa te a beardta* beam or m fb Miml bmeewor*. Ram ri r*r reference (rlraa Call al 119 Want I7lb el . bear Wb a* , nr two date. Wm ANTRD- A MITAIIOX. RT A PIMT CLAiW I.APR arete Re.i of nip rrferraer ean be eleen. Call fta iwo dape at W War l*.b at. W^HAYYrn-a bitpattob ay ooyeritbam by a ? ponnp ladp; tba ewannee to taaeb Ro?tl?b. hmtrimeni.' aad erral mnalr oroam-nmi.wrwk l* befbuera. Pranefe and . drnwtn* A morWelT aeary re el Allow ber lam WWHaa. If* Eaa nh m . far aaa arab. Y1TABTTO-A RTTPATIOB. BY A DRRBRBAKBR TO YY (>nul bp tba far or weak. ?iU ene??e Id rot and i.l dreaaaa well Ram of .-ltp refrreare Call at 7" Weal tub at, UfABTRD-RY A BBBPBr YABI ? flTRU A BtTT AYTOB YY aa iblldren'e or ladp'a meld. wRb a famUr motto Celtforn'e CRI1 al I IB?"baeehaee * Iblrd Unnr W^HABTRD-A HTTP ATIOB, IT A LAPBDBMB. IT A fret e am pttrate famllr. e enmbar of year.' n fmmna from her (am rlmr. Cell MBH ae , between lltb bnd UA ?la . mminer r alore WABTRD - A RTTP ATIOB, BY A R?*Pr- TAR1.R RBn lab woman, tn do reaerml biwmamiab In e anaaU ppeaw | fernllp le ? poorl we-her and Irnnar ?nd hea bam en. refa ------ | mb Warn 1Mb between Sb aad iram. ( all for two dapa at I Rb era., la ibe rear. WABYSD-A MTDATIOB, BY A RWPBCTABLl ? potiae wrm.a. ta da (raarnl bmteannib 'a a aaudl fa mtlp, nr r baa bar aw b end aaWM la wMbiac and Mm. Call far two dape at 1% Taadam at. WAlTTBD-WABinwO ABD IROBIBO, At HSR OWS bane*. 3*7 Mott e? Bra BMba. W"rri ntvAno. ,t a eawa.iAwj SITI ATIOKS WASTEO-FEXAL?lk WANTED?A SITUATION, HV A RESPECTABLE WU O.U, ticJK the best ofutty reference nan be i>m i# a a.n ?? Hi- n k .1 a v? V V B.4.U, tiuuxic asm "w?t u? n?? iwwww mui u? !"?? if required. Oai] at 307 Eaai 13th st., whc.q she own be seen tor IWO d*JS. Wmde ui A HJ?p*crABLBo;rl, will reevmniedded fro? ?? care of children; *5"*,??!*5 to cmSSST cu u id .. r* ?u?t ' Heouod place, Brooklyn. WASX^ SITUATION, BY A COMPETENT FER ! BlDtf Ohji -am and seamstress, uaAerstands -iittlng ?nd cits rei? ?*?'? drrisaa. and all kinds of family sewing. best _L_V ,euoc glran- Cad at al 2d at., over the bakery. r A NT1D? UT A RISPECTARLR PROTEST ANT FF young woman, uaitnaitoo aa chambermaid and plain tower or wtltram. rbe A to b? Man at her preaent employ e.r's, 23 East 22<1 at. WANTKD-BY A RKSPKCTABU GIRL, A SITUATION to do general An".aawork In a mall fam'ly, or to take rare ef. children. CaU at 47 Fulton a:.. Brooklyn, oyer the Be ck* nge. WANTED?A SITUATION, AR LAUNDRESS OR OHAM barmald and waitraa*. by a girl fully qualified; can re far to her preaent manuon. Call for two daja at 94 Weal f)Tr ANTEI>? A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE FT y .una woman. to aook. waah and Iron, or to do general housework la a mall family; has good references. Can ha aaen for two days at 189 West 2Mb M , between dth and 9A area , first Door, Lu the rear. WJ 'ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT young woman, a atualiou as ebamoermald and to do pieln sewing In a small private family; Brooklyn preferred, beet city refereaon. Call a: 292 Backett st, Brooklyn, for two days. FANTKD-A SITUATION, BT A TOUNO PARISIAN dressmaker, oompevnt to 6'1 ibe sit Jit Ion In nil Its .inches; no objec'ion to go to tAn South. Address Q. B., 81 Mardo ;gal st, for . wo days. UT ANTED?A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE Ft girl, to nook, wash and Iran. Can be Men this week at her preaent employer's, 81 Eaet 16th st. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A rlt. att r. as seamstress, ran do a'l kinds of fsasily eew ina and dressmaking; no objection to sas'at with chamberirork. ' 'so be teen for two days at 726 3d ST., second Boor, back room WANTED?WASHING, BT A BK8PECTABLE WOMAN, at ber own residence, or would work by. the day. Call at 203 at erue A, coi ner of 1 WANTED- A SITUATION BT A RESPECTABLE OIBL, as cook la a Bret rate baker; oar make all kin la of pas try. and a willing to assist In the washing and Ironing Good ity -e'erence. Call at 84 West 43d St., between 5th and 8th area WANTED-A SITUATION AS NURSE, BT A RE spectahie woman; is capable of taking charge Or M in faot from Its birth. Best of city reference given. Inquire for two days st 183 3d av., in tha book store. WANTED-A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE young girl, sa anrae and seamstress or chambermaid and seamstress. Call at >21 West list st w % ANTED? A RESPECTABLE P10TE8TANT GERMAN ?girl wishes a sitnitloa :n a respectable American fain: I , far up, stairs _worS. The beet of city refer- noes can be I at 93 Chrycaic st, second Boor, back room. TET ANTED?A SITUATION, BT A RESPECT ABLE FT young woman, to do general housework In a email pri vate 'amlly. ia a good plain conk; Brat rate washer and Ironer. Oa'l at the sou the sal corner of Hoyt and Butler ma, Brooklyn, far two days. T3I7ANTED-A SITUATION, BT A TOUNO GIRL, AS TT wwilri * ? ? In a smsll private family; hm no objection to assist with the chamber work; good city reference gi ten. Call a . 70 West Houston st WANTED-RY A PIRST CLASS COLORED COOK, A sh ivloo ia a private family or private boarding bonM Apply a: Mr. Tttua. IVJ Mercer st , between the hours of 10 WANTED?BT A TOUNO LADT, A SITUATION AS chambei-maid and. waltrem, or to take are of chl'dren. Reference from pre, in is employer. Uk, aire far two days at 17030th st, batween 7-b and 8th are. WANTED-BY A TOUNO ENGLISH WOMAN, A SITU alios at child's nurse; understands her bunrwe. Apply at her preaent employer's, No. 12 Qro* at., fromlOA. M. to TRTANTED-A SITUATION, I1T AN INDUSTRIOUS TT girl, as rook, w aaher sad lronert has the beat suy refe rence. C?n be seen for two days at 1-R Carl st, Brooklyn. TIT ANTED-tN A RESPECTABLE PRIVATE FAMILY FF In the city, a shia'lnn by a good plain cook; Is a Crat rate washer and irower. and perfectly underetanda h?r bosl rets. Ca i at 93 Kent 13d at, between Lexington and 3d ares., uatil WANTED?BT A RESPECT A BLR ENGLISH WON AN. a altualian as good cook; Is an excellent baker; the n'so wants a alluats u f ir her daughter. Apply for two dAye at 177 East fid ah, betweeo lit and 2d at*. TIT A NT f D?A SITUATION, BT A RRSPECFARLR FF young g rl, m do cbambcrwork and waiting, and assist In 'he waahuu- and Ironing, "ret . ity referecce from her las' pls-e. Call ff two days at 119 West 2u* at, top Co**, front room TV-ANTED LT A RESPECTABLE TOUNO ENGLISH FF wi n an, la ely 1-<n<led. a sttoalino aa Uundrem. In s nrl \st? fsn.' y or pHvs'e h.itel. Csll for two days from 10 ull 4, nt % J ly St.. Jo l w aaeond uuor, front. WANTED?A SITUATfOW. BT A PROTESTANT y* ng w enai., ai ehamberms d and leamslrasa. or as u rse and srs.psireM Bewt of reirren.-e, l"*-i be seen for two days a< 40 East iUi St.. between Nad son and 4th ara. WAmtrp-a mrcATioK by a veiy tidy oift? TT to c.>At, wavh. nd Iror, or V) do ,.eai-r*l homework for a am ail i mtij. Pe?t nit* rrlareuca from her law pla-ie. Oiui Ixi irro for two dare ?t 309 7ih a? . between ilkt And til tea. YV"ANTFI>? BY A R<C "ft' TA'tl K GIRL. A RtTr.VTIoM TT ?? hairberma d, or u !i do peneenl h ? ur-w > 0 a ?tnall f*mt J. ha* lb* H* at of cltr m erenre. i 'all at tl i.'armll .treat, aevad icor. Lath r.?na. Itruoh.ju. _________ Tl't\ vi>_4lTCAIin\A, nv 1W" RKSPCCTAMJI TT $.r ?. ? t e n* ahme^e. Mi ' Kklmo. .h ? Olh a* I iivii ,1 i-c'-r ;iTi: r !r th t ,'r.r ll 1- ? ?Ho hort of c.ijr lotrr-i ro gl\? it. Can be eeru ftp two day? a 17" W?rai Ad ??.. >ne iV? r eu*t ot' 8th ?t. TV" ANTED-HI A RE*-"!'h< T 1HLK C.lRl* A MTL'A TT U tl. to do plain ooohlnr, within* awl ironing; ao ohjeo Um. to ?'tior 1 ho.wworl. or r. in* a .Hot .Hatinee in the country wHh a until fem.ij. eao eiae wall rac.tameuled. Plena* 1-aU at 137 Ma' <oo at TVASTKP-A RITCATION. BT a RKNPKOTAHi,E PR" TT ??i*rt t i! aaoharobrrmald ir rrattmpa, or tod ? r?fie raJ 1 uaowa > ta a teaa.! I'ateUly. la a cont wtah-r and ir jn t; *o~l eti) rnrioaa* Oak for two day* at ail Ai'ac at. YR-AMTRD-A ATTVATIO*, BY A Rr.APRT.VRl.E TT yo-ier flrl. so do rharr! erwnrk a.-, t warms In a cri am taatily. Call at lis Waal 17th at, between 7tb aitd Ms era., for*, fruot rows TT \ M TYH-A HTTP ATTO*. BY A RK*r*<T AHI.R OTRU TT to eoteHatal homework in a teaaij ftally, would bar* pa ??b .erftoB to d? ;p ?alr? wwb. Ooodolir rv.errnor gt ea. Oaa Ha *a?n for two day* at tS Power* at, between Dean and Barrm Brook )!!. Wantfd- a anr attom a? cook, by onr who aad-rwaad* her buatoem T i aa t troo'.ilo, the d we no WteWlag. CaU for two dry* at 111 Weal 1Kb te. T1"'AB 7RP?RITXJ ATTOWR, by TWO RRRPRTTABLE TT (trie <?' aa plate nook, rood walker and moor the 4h* r aa chetebrmaid and waltraaa, bow *-tty rrirmc flTta Call for t wo dan at U6 doth at, corner ot id av, WANTRP-A ?7TTATIOW, BY A RWrETTAdLB ?irt. m a prtrato faaai r. huhecni* of children and do cbawiherw rb fond Hiy ra.'.ren5# from bar laat piaae. Where ahe haa Bred nearly throa year* 118 7tb a?.. btewaate IMl aa 1 IM ate., weewd nor. front room. YlTAMTRTt?RT A RRaPWW * ItLK OIRI? A RlTTJtTIOM TT aarhamhemael and waiter, <w Bone ao-t ?-*r*tr*wu Ot relwewne glren Call far two day* at lil Wrw X7ih door, rmat ram -- THfc. TRADK|^ AWCX'P CAKVYR WAMTtn FOB A PIBIBOBALiOOM. Afp. at % Oak ?t. aar n*' floor, bateeee S and CAM 0RACOBTWMAM WAMTKP- OMR AOQCAIMTRP WTTH tbe ronwmiti. a of Antkrtaci iral Iron work. Addroat boi >.011 fnal *??* LTTHOORARH rRlVTIR WAMTRO IMVtPIATRLT I At Ba'tabni y A Ox'a, dl Yoeay M. M^HATTWPW MAHFR WAMTRP?OMR WHO THO ? rayklr oademaed* t ?? ?aadaUona to It Prew. f Raima at, BrwoLyr HAT RJMI *m* WASnn- AT 17 BROAnWAY. 0 B J. tl. 1.RAKR rmm Vll.LTRA ?A RRAPRiTARU MAM WAWTA a Rt* ?loanca. ran'tk" rharr* a mill, either arrrlar or rre> ? ><"k Onod referan-e ran He rfrea.laa RrllwrlrU. add rem thai tea Paiweht, Maw Nmaewte* Pate *??*. Maw 1 JUt. r^MnoTBIRRR AM RIRRBIRMORPrt TTKR WAMTR ??tetaatlaa laatthar tbn wbnteaale or retail vnMaa boa: I aam. w aten atyMaarad la ewWac in nan ara. Add rem Cii tar HeraM oftc* rPl Bl.iaHRRB -A YOCMO MA*. WITH ont.T.MO! ?tea ?4 uaitop. a p ran teal printer Bad pranf reader, and tepaonaatatad with Uti eaau aa enrarem-at ma; .H 1Mb in* aamateteMgHMRte^g|M^AdMMteM|MMWteU ?dM ara?'jiV> Aa' a | ragartty la wiilrk bte emei mar Ha t ar* not ao mark aa obreel aa a I r ee i of ad ^^^^^BAridreaa W. H. < . Broadway Boat ofaa. Wmm AMThD-A RTRRROTTPHR. OM PI.AIM, (ART w rt. Apply I^ ' Y. Lloyd, ltt Br adway. YRTAMTRP-A MWUAM11AM ; OMI A'MJC AIMYKO TT wttb Oark* rb. RlecrtrHy A- , krd ae-iatomral ? fr.a Mtiktetn . m m He of an' er kablta wtlttaf to He (enaraMy ? aeful ard a*.teed to Uarel; a aood aviary ard peraaneai *a rarewet; *e?red. Apply to rrafraacw Aaderara. 17 MlaU terete TTTP.AMTKP?A 1",A**R "M PASfH ? PT.AV1MO MA TT ebteei; m-iat a'?n nrC'tbteed aawtna nbreotar aawl Apr:* at r A C. r nrkar ? Puaao rabwy. la We? Mkh ? . near pih a?e, WAMTMP-A MR-"RAMI'"AI. PRAruHTRMAM I Al.t TT na ,.r addraaa Jaa R t e a, dalaey at. aerea door* Ima Claaewi na, Brtok.yn. |JLT A vywrv? A ooop WATCBv Hi A T" <:O am-TB TT Ir, -*-at H ? I Mauirn I aa*. brtwaea lilaad Ua'abwb. thtaday iWedae*da*v WAMTRD?YMM OOOP RVRMIRBRRR TO WORK 0* wire* plated wrre ateady employ?ent and rank paid om ?rat Apply iteaadtetaiy to lnaMI. Raddatd A We*. in Mtetedteate. "tryAMTRP?AT 1P3 WWRT WTTB *T, A OOOP WORR TT ?*.) aa ladta aaiiad boctaaa, Aa. Waady wark ABRTHAM RUTCM1P a RTMOLR Antra *f t. McPuaald. eoraar of Ohrte TO?4tCO AND RKOARI. YPOR RALA?A LOT OT HATAMA IMAM, PRRRC ?jra2^Lszx?siMt&irtx?. Li* A 6o "WO Bowery. TTATAMA roar*?ky twm vm or at a II tenad ta ib* tarel tear af ? par aaat fwa wanad teal MKU* U ANTED-NilLEK. aaracsS5c!t-'cas.viagt:ag . wim ?H WANlltp-IM TUB rOHUOK A frJt LdpnSno* bestaeC ??*-- wWi ImSco,miry f^l&SPeSuraeedapply. Address wtthreference!. P. 1. H.. ii-rwtn omoe "DOT WAKTKD- ONK 0A -aeb B1W>.U I) geurrallyuaefalande??? ..g recommended, mayap ply to Wise * V6?T *. Boy wanted-in an in roan ho ahd <ommip?ioi? house; una bring with hie parents: salary $60 par Address ho* A370 Font office. New Torh. BOT WANTKD?IN All OFFICE, FRO* 13 T(J 14 yawn or age, salary ISO. Inquire of Wheeler A Dim. 836 Broadway. BOT WANTKD?A8 NIGHT WAITRB; onr who To. demand* -pening nvstere, and can make himself gmw> rally usct ul Apply at 837 Bpring it. DOT WANTED-ABOUT 15 YEARS OLD. IN A WHOL? D sale stationery warehouse. meat bewail recommended ami willing to make himself generally useful. Address bOS 1 517 Poet office, slating age, residence, Ac. Drug clerk wanted?at 17 av. a one tnut q nali tied; none other need an ply. Drug clerk wanted-to 00 bouth; thorough* ly i-ompetent, steady and Industrious. To (neb a ostW good wages ?in be gii en. None others need apply. Address with tefemnci s. box 1 736 Post offloe. Drug clerk wanted.-one who fuli.y under. stands the retail and prescription business, of steady ha* bits and scqti tinted with the German language, may Inter oT ffl permaiirnt situation by applying Immediately to kr. John ? " , 360 Pearl ft. pennan Leaoh,i EMPLOYMENT.?W ANTED, A STEADY, INDUBTRIOUE man, to aolicit subeuriber* to a new hlstnrlaal work; also, one for a mechanical work just out; a salary and a commis stoii given to competent pat lies. Apply to F. p?Ytw 388 1'earl it. N T. ' 0T8TKRMAN WANTED-\T W. B. DO .71.1 HQ'S LUNCH and Oyster Rooms. 317 Broadway, corner of Leonard els One v, to understands the business. W B. GOSLING, Proprietor. TJ EFFECT ABLE MEN WISHING 8ITUATIONB AS J\ bookkeepers, saleeinen, clerks porters, Ao , ah.mid apt ply at Redoath's Merchants' Clerks' Regintrr offloe, 78 Broad; way. Situations procured. No oommlmlou In ad ranee. Ap J plieants by mall must enclose two stamps. Established 1864. G. BAWL INS, Superintendent. Salesmen wanted-to bet ail dbt goods, of two or three years experience. Apply to Journeay 3 Bnrnham. 144 Atlanlic St., Brooklyn. r BROKERS IN DBT GOODS?ONE ACQUAINTED with the Importing and Jobbing trade, to make purchaeM Tor a general stock of woods, can bear of an engagement bR addj easing box ID Herald office. ___ WANTKD?A MAN. WHO THOROUGHLY UNDER* standa the duties ofa bouse serrant. Must hare the bee* of city reference. Call Teeeday or Wednesday, beSweew 3 and 4 o'clock, on Mr. Dal ton, at 74Wall at county rights far sale at tha Inventors' Exchange, 103 WlUlaaa street. WCHANTED, WANTED. WANTKD-l.OPO AGENTS AND I more, of aU ages, from 10 to HU years, male or fetaalm | n a pleasant and paying buatness, wtth a capital of from Ha | to 430. They ean make from $6 to 110 per day selling Bart latt's Variety Envelops, which Is a new business, and wO meet with ready sale In aU parts of the Union; and all who am out of employment I would advise In call MOO at HI Broadway, corner Fulton at., up stairs, room 3?. R- M. BABTLMTT WANTED?A TOUNG MAN, WHO HAB HAD BOMB experience In a Aral clam retail grocery Mora. Mrtr?h wtth references, Qroonr. Herald offloe WANTED?A BMABT MAN. OF GENTEEL AFPEA* . ranee and (nog addr?s, to nrdars for paper hang ings. house decorating, window shade e. An., la this city; must be quick at ttg'iree, and one who hat some knowledge at leg business preferred. Addrewa F. E. B , Herald offloe. TETANTFD-A MAN TO ATTEND H01WBB AND TO TV make hlm-elf useful. Apply at Rtewsifs HoUL fly rrees HUM road, two miles and a hall from Wltiameburg ferry. "TITANTED?IN A TEA STORE. A TOUNG MAN WHO TV 11* willing to ! st. Williamsburg. ? willing to make himself useful. Apply (t 193 Gr Tl'ANTED-A TOUNG MAN, FROM 18 TO 10 TEARS TV or awe, to tend bar, down town. One who has had eoaag experience preierred. Andreas 8. W. D., Herald ollice. TlTAk TIP?A GOOD BkLEBMAN IN A RETAIL JEW. Tl elry .?'orc. Noi.e nerd apply but thaae aauealcted wua the busier re Best reference required. Address Hamug] Kirk A Foo. 173 Baltimore at. Baltimore, Md. "TITAN TED?IN A BOOT AND RHOB 8T0BB, A YOTO0 Tf man *?, 15 ,<r lii t?i< <t age, who has been la a city retad mm e. and can ooue wall re r-m mendel frtm kig las' plsee, end Is i * afraid of wot k Nous other need apply, Ad irsaa J. D. P., box 177 Herald offloe. WANTED?A new ENTERPRISING MEN TO DIE* pas-of an article required by every store and heme keeper m ibe city; from $3 to HI per day can be made, and ? caibtal of only from 60 cents to $1 required. Apply at ltf M ate . corner ft >di n WM. H. DAVIE. TTTANTED?AN A'TIVE RUBINBBB MAN. WITH A TT small capital, li v the idle agen<?of a newly j a;eun4 artels of greM dein.ind Address Agent. Herald oflloe. TIT ANTED?A FTRLr CLASH DRY GOODS bAIXivMAN, tT one acquainted with lb- cloak a"d -bawl -rade. Also a German 1*1*-rasa, #al-aji?a wtll be -terwlH deal w th. ipj.'y to W K Pcyfeo, 2fi; Rpwevy. -rr-AVTltlv-A PHCO I'l.KRK, TO GO A SnOBT DUB TT iiuk* tn <i? country; a voruur mna. 18 or K ye*fi nf ?ge in leu. n Um I mn>? ao.) make h truer H peaWaflW uartul. Apply u> B uh, Vela A Hobtuaoii, KM Uroanetoh at TI'AWTltP-A TOT NO If IN AM BOORKBErRR ART TT ?ei,?ral slrrt. B*;?ry jaodcrata. Addroaa T. O., box 1H r? i tfice. TA'AJfTRD?A HMART, ACTIVE FOT. TO W AIT PH TT tablia. Apply iaim?'lule!y at PrtndercaaCa, >1 Mjnla a*., Bronbtrw. ^XrAKTEP-A TOrKO MA!*. 1M A B.\ > KINO HOCK*, TT ngrtram HtnRi year*, nt'ial be a pool p< awian ana (jn k at % nrF?. wilary T.V. am year. Addroaa, -nib k-a4? erttlnp. b: i 1 ?M l'eal < fi.ce. TTAmD-A YOIWU MAW. TO K*EF BO. KS ARIJ TT ...ake l.taiaeU peneraliy uaafal. aaiarr IW^-rn u.hj dc,i? bni onoiuatem paruca need apply. Addroaa MacuXao* t'irU p. Uera.y cdtc. WAWTWlV? A KMART ROY. Ar<'CFTOWWP TO T11H < a re a* bone*, to lake rbarpe of a Mnpla k. raa ao4 loppy AJt'w 8 r. K.. Herald laBua. W^HANIRD- AN HOKKfcT. IWTRUX.INT DOT. TO AT lend aa < n.oa -aary KB Per year. Addroaa baa 1730 row nfU.e Tl'AWTrn-A mun waiter owe ?xpT-?:iR<-^o TT |p the boat'as auMable far a pttrate al ib bo we aSi, half a dnaan wadera and a aaao u. Pal bar aad aua i ?' lf r neralfy - ??f .1; Oerroaa or kaTWB ni-r-ferr-d Tba leat ct rafarra-aa resaWwdL Apply at 8 tUehaoc* v aoa, im ?'dlaialy r AWT MTV-A rOKTKR WHO L'WPBMTA RPR PACE I ?a dry P""da. to to Kou.h. i rbanp' uare. Apply at ~ " wt'Tofii e TP Broadway. Swwab.aare Slab.. <.<??' Battm** FaportSaaddX. VTAWTKP-A l OlrOBBP MAW WATTBB, WITH BEWT TT of <tty refer awe Apply at 1M hh a TO., Ibie day, be Iwera 10 an! U ovfoefc w * "mi i ii<uini*ie rata > Kouib, alaj, a yoanp man In aa ai Red path aWamhaata' < >rba Reg. Kitnaikaa proeared. Wo oaaip nw. or oooo bc-tobs aa a <T? ? flloatraaad ataadarrf ra, M J oka hilaaau taaB Wawtbp-twg tocwo mew. or good bt? hahtta to brlrorlaoe vir? ' MS S w rka Apply p. I be pr 11 Aj M . 'wo daya TI'AWTKP-A rorwo MAW IT A WBBOAWTTT.B Oft TT fiea, ??? wabe htmaeir reeera'ty tarfal. fnea 1* tp H yrar* of are oaa laMky with bi? p*r> u tod w?i a 'r <a ?e^jwj. rrad. Apil -.wla wlB aaad full part^Uara to bow W^HAKTKD-TMN riBRT rtAF' If'TW. WAITWHS, ? aaa who IbrrraMMT naOarMaad tbr-.r b-rataaaa. Ap , 't at l aalrrhmy MwWa Hall. SJ Bnwdway. froaa 10 to ll a'rlodL Yl'AbTKn?A ooon KMART MAW WATTEW IW A TT re?iauraail. <>a wbn la MaadT *ad uadei-aiaada tba b leuiee* way apply ai hl W.abaUa Raatauraai, aoroar Broad * ay and ip< .a* at. aflar 11 u'alwb A. W. T*'AWTM?-A TfH'Wr MAW. TO ATTKWO SAM: MS TT aiuM be Udbly ft. naaaaapdeil f.e, braaWy aad aapa " "r *ad p??lwr need art'y. Call, after Taratoek P7m7as W. las Bnrbe 7b S ar T\*AWTWTT?A rorwo MAW, WHO rWOWWrrAWTTf TT Ibe reetlemea * f 'nbSar ^nalnee*. in a m' ? rpil faretSinr w-we Heal n* f?T refareaaea aa to absaatar and TObrlety re>!olred OtO at Ci M ar . In the atnew. DKMTIWTRt. A RTiriCTALT*rri> -PR OCR*!!* OOWTtWTMS To J\ eatnwd tee Ih In two aervoda wtlhout tba aBobiam pant. feeTb k wrted eret ri impa. W? eylra ebarae fnr wnr r%y aepij or TTtraetler where ar?0r?al leeab areInaartaA. Bp.Ts O rtnrbin, WD ?ktaal atreai. one door frowi Iwareaa. palp Aruarta! bnwe U8 Ktxtb ><??. betwaaw Tea lb and TOeeentt avaei PR I t'THMR. Qeel'at. ARTinrtAU rgwb mxixii row nsnATvo mrrw, pod |p white aoO. reanirtna an crearara aad ?trwa ao jai#, OLhlnc taeth <w were aballa rap be Sllad with IL loop* 1,1 nd aaw Piwaber l.Edr Brnadear erwr of Tv.rj leal atreei JAMS* rBARS'rW M D. Pwcnrefar A TOT WO MAW. WHO HAJ! BRIM IW THM OCWTAJa A brwloes ta lb la eiw for tba laal ewbt rear*. . wkea in ' na a partnarabip with a fravl nperapa l Pa three la? petera J ope* A WSte. m Broadway, If. T parlnerabii *<ib a p?i aperadai Gap taf >aaaa rraaa > (Ira Ihouaand dottara woeih of baalaaaa ayes. Par* iwiUbewiwIrbnnwabypddraaalat ILVAWilS AMfRiriW AWH rRCKfff OAlXHMf or Kill. A Wi.barao-ia. corner leeniy aeeoad eireal- DW SAW* *>!?, Ketii.) Saab iSad ISA rfra prassM awardej lea nil' J Pataml Bi mot%-pe Teeth. (Wwhr faS reaeea In RTi diatlpBMahed -TUroaa. AdSS Baaa rSS#> B'trawlag Teeth wft.. it palp. f\* I'Tint*. PlTTTiT, a ORB AT dOWB BTSBfT V,,^iitr ^rjss?,uwraui3 ka uautl low prlrea^ L. KVnTm' oRAPrATWP WP1OS0B DBWT1BT, .?s 10 Wew ^ B-( fnll of Mfiiil I wwH^P MMBMHI plate, wWh a? a IS' al WWjidSa Sa i^WW jm -AJrer P; M. 3VfiS??-|T ?fTrwSBwWB

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