Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 6, 1860, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 6, 1860 Page 5
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Wednesday, Sept. 5?6 P. M. ^Custom House ot the ori for the month of August 7ere ? ^ Bwe present our usual comparative Wbles:? morU Aug., 1858 Aug., 1869. Jug", l**: for oons'pttoo.. .$11 007,788 11416 J07 18,684,.,. 4 for warehouse... 1,146,0*1 2 964 >44 4,182,764 rsefoocs 2 642 741 2,020 02! 8,060,806 MOtsaad bullion.... 07,682 648 410 140.760 Total entries 010,624.176 24,640 501 16,088,604 'Uhd'do from w'bss. 3,116,018 8,296,084 8,326.106 ub unties 3,046,118 4 >43,010 4,406,243 flrjwrfj omestle produee.... 04,680 272 6,160,710 8,012,814 or. march'dlaedut... 102 617 874,707 191,270 Do free... 024,438 700,646 76,088 *els and bullion.... 2,201,802 6 409 788 7,464,818 Total exports $7,180,186 12,726.846 16,784,980 o.exol. of specie.... 4,087,384 6,816,063 8 280,167 The comparison is in favor of fliis year in every apartment. Our imports of foreign goods have ^ea larger than last year and the year before; ir exports of produce much larger; our exports specie also in excess. The public will proba y be surprised to find oar imports so large, as r the past seven months they have rather fallen >low 1859; bat in AuguBt last year the importers Vd begun to get frightened, and fewer goods were ming to hand. This year the importers have ae ao well that they have been increasing their (ders, and September will show a still larger in ease than August. The increase in the domestic ports is mainly due to the large exports of eadstofis. At this time lest year we were ship og very few bushels of wheat or barrels of tor. Now we are sending a million dollars worth ; both a week. The bullion export will proba y look large; it exceeds most of the estimates [at have been made, and will probably prove e largest monthly export of the year. At this time last year the country was beginning recover from the long depression occasioned by e crisis of 1857. The Western wheat crop, iongh very fkr inferior to that of this year, was Slderably better than that of 1868, and that ro wan correspondingly inproving in means and edit The Southern crop of cotton already pro Lsed the enormous incresse over previous years sich it subsequently redeemed. Trade was so re on the seaboard; the Imports were nnprece ;ntedly large. Money in New Tork was a shade it only a shade?cheaper than it is at present; s quoted call loans 6, and the beet short paper 6 a per cent Exchange on England was at the BM price as now; the leading bankers were ask g 110 a 1 for sixty days, and 110} a f for short ;ht; francs were quoted 5.13j. In Europe the Woe negotiations were slowly proceeding at irlch, and Piedmont and Tuscany were arranging e conditions of the consolidation of the Northern ate* of Italy, In spite of the treaty of VOlafranca. ? British funds ware higher than they ore; they ere quoted at $5 n 4, the wheat crop In England dag splendid, and the general business prospect [bt. Stocks, In oar market, were improving, on e strength of the commencement of better to ilpls on the railways; bat the prices were general 8 a 10 per cent below those now ruling. The month of August was the second month of e fiscal year 1880-1, and we therefore commence IT tables with the two months, July and August: ? ftgwrb. 1868. I860. 1888. JyTT. 818,606,737 27,286.120 24,881,639 igost 18,824478 84,849,601 26,918,664 Mai two months..?88,129,918 61 >36,711 60>29,498 Map DomeXic Produee JyT. $4,771 >82 4,938,066 7>2?,71S igust 4,660 >72 $460,718 $,011,814 Total two mostbs.. 89,432>34 10>81,776 16>88,627 Eoporti of iShxcM. JyTT...:..$2,801,498 10,061,019 #>88,966 igm* 2 >01,802 0,408,78$ 7,464,813 ToUl two month*.. 96,008,208 10,400,803 14,020,790 II will thus be Men that the new fiscal year open* iotly, with a fair average movement in every anch, bnt without any tendency to exeeaa. There ? to believe that both the importa and ex rta of the year?from let July, 1860, to 30th one, 1861?are likely to prove the heavieet In the itory of the port. The following tablea will show the movement for eight months which have elapeed of the current lendar yean? a IBM. ISM. 1M0. wjee.Tie ujrtM* n.ifjm bnury 1S.SM.3T0 10 SSe.SSO urh 11,120.T01 90.S00 456 33 580J28 .MS H.iTO.TSS 18 971468 11,OS,TOO 31,550,646 10.6M.U1 ie.110.44f 14 MO ,001 10.100,TOO KTt. 1040ST3T ST MS .100 94.HS1.SS0 - 10,804,170 04,040.501 95,038.854 HM S woo.. M9.014 54T Wkjmm 10SMM80 $4MS MO 3,ST3,10S 6409 .140 8,709.679 8 MS MO 4 000 Ml 4 MS 471 6477440 0400Ml 6413.117 6 400,021 0,038 ,(W2 4 483,7*9 6,180 061 6.811,190 0 382439 4.880.305 8 407 774 ?jr.'..',' 4 771 902 4.038.066 7 615,711 " 4,800 272 6,150,710 6,012,814 ToUIS BOO .986412,MS 38 544,367 61AM .384 Tf!*. 94,746.611 1406496 966 661 .... 1,746430 6471,417 S7T469 |rd>. MS.104 1443.0TV 1461.063 wW.. 6694*6 04M46T 9496411 1.700,776 11,496491 6400466 4*4,176 7,406 061 64614m py..;... 2 801,496 10,061016 0,563466 ' 1,101 802 0,400,781 7,664,813 Bm ?mm.-Mmm 0M*,n4 66407450 tfOoidfrmm Thlpkinf 99,109411 1496471 3446.MS 1 948 036 1491839 9,166.696 2 SOS .074 1 461 491 1604,169 9490471 9,117401 1401.548 9461.009 IMS 000 9,706 096 6466 671 1496419 1496.994 3 006 680 8.880 660 3 388.174 9 461,906 6.604 610 1,806415 8 boo..994.078 806 96,106476 uJmjM oaey io generally called rather easier to-day, >ugh the brokers are still paying seven per cent loans. The conservative action of the banks curtailing their loaua a million aad a half last k has imparted courage to money lenders, and ?lack demaad for exchange has had the same t At the current price of gold In Hew York, 1* cannot be drawn against bullion at 109f with II ell leg a loos to the shipper after freight aad arance are paid, if this be coupled with the t that hurt week of the very be?t end m??t imlar bills on London were sob! la the street at , it will be seen that the current of specie Ba rney be checked at aay moment stock Market wee bettor at the Bret beard rnomag; after the board it frail of a fraction, after pretty large traaoactleae, eleeed quite tdy. There io an appearance of a larger out bnetaeso, and some bear operator! are dosing their Mode. An compered with the closing of yesterday, the movement to-day wee Ir Hew York Central advanced *. Hudson er J, Harlem 4, Michigan Central *. Galena J. lie Mail l|; Mieeenria declined |, Reading |, *. Illinois Central |, Toledo 4. Hock Island The following were the cloning quotations of Way:-Virginia ??., 91|; Misoouri 6 ?. 814 a |, IS ? I: Cumberland Coal preferred. 13 a Mile Mail. M4 a I; Hew York Central, 944 I: Vie, 174 a*: Hodeoa River,M|eft7; Harlem, 9 i Harlem preferred, 44; Beading. 45{ n licMgan Central, 99| a T9; Miohigaa Hoathern Nwthera Indiana, m a*t Wlebigaa freathera Nerthern Indiana guaranteed, 4>| a 44; Paaa Ili|a |; OUaele Oeatrel, M| a |; Qaloa* aad f9| a fc Clereload aad Totedo, 49| a 41* r*go and Rock Ufand. 7?| a 4. be axchaage* ?t the Bank Clearing Hones this TUag were 922,091,711 70, aad ths balances ?.?? Whttohoane, Son A Morrison advertise Mobile CHy 1 per cents, at par aad ta 4 cheap bond. Arabia sailed from Boston to-day with ?Ml The Michigan Central road earned in Anguflt:? 1IM UM,$M? ISM. w*m H Increase uu M The New Orleans Cre$oeni of the Slit 5f August ?aya: Tba tenor aad general eourae of the money market to dejr were la fovor of borrowers. The oaila at the baaks were lifh! On the atreet there were eaJee of four and IIX month* papcr?">at la, outalde of bank?to the ex tent 0; $100,000, it turn TX a S per oent; there ware alio other falaa at $ a 1$ par oent. The moat Important feature la financial o Ire lee to-day mm the open log of the proposals and the award for the purebaee of 106,880 C'ty oonaolldated bonds, redeemable la thirty-two years frOSS the 1st of July last, drawing 8 per oaat Interest. There were only two propo - I nail, Tlx ?Ant. Carrier!, for 90,000, at ST; Thomas Lay ton, the whole 106,000. at 86. the bid of Mr. Oarrlare waa aeoepted, and Mr. Iayton's being epectal?tbxt la, tor the whole earn?the balance, It la presumed, aay 16,000, will be awarded to him, making the total at ona tlgureground 8T. The exchange market continue! under very limited euppliee. With a good demand tor Northern eight fluids, the counter rate at the banks ruled from X a premium. There were sales of double Al eight to the extent of $190,000 at X premium. There were also sales at S-lfl premium, and Sea days eight at 116 pre mium; sales of sixty days sight at 1 X a 1 dlaoount, a decline, Unugb some drawers bold at 1 a 1 >, showing discount. In clear'sterling there were aalea at 109X a 110 for remittance; these figures are too high for dealers. There were further aales of document btlla to day at 100 a lOOX-a tall price; but tbe^^will pay for regular deal era to take, particularly when they can realize X pre mium for every dollar they desire to draw for on Mew York. The banks are only drawing In light soma, ax " " Itbout any change; tremely light. Francs without any change; we quote 6 30 n 616, and doll. On Satordsy, says the Chicago Press, the amount of wheat (including flour) received was 206,666 bushels, which are the heaviest receipts for one day ever known in the history of tha city. The total receipts of all kinds of grain (with flour re duced) foot up 263,269 bushels. The shipments of wheat up to five o'clock in the afternoon of Bator day amounted to about 200,000 bushels. Hie pre sent high rates of freight have brought a large num ber of vessels into our river?strangers to the port?and almost everything afloat at all lit for tha purpose is now finding employment in the car rying of grain. The Philadelphia Bulletin of last evening says:? A oaae of breech of trust has occurred bare, causing much aurprlta and grief In certain circles. A young law Ser, acting agent fur a party now In Europe, has lately, y means of a forged power of attorney, Imposed open the transfer clerks of tha Lehigh Navigation Oompaoy, and thus obtained IT6 shares of stock and 100 of scrip. Thla Is the whole amount, though It baa bean reported much larger. The lawyer, whose mysteriius absence from this city tor aomo days baa oaoaad much un eaaineaa, waa last seen In New York on Friday, Aogust 34 Be Is supposed to have wiled next day tor Europe. Up to thla time his Integrity baa been unsuspected. The Boston Pott of yesterday thus notices the money market of that city:? Since our last New York funds have become more abundant and the bunks have gained some specie. The money market, therefore, has n better tone, though, as before remarked, there bad been no special advanoe of rates, even when matters warn In a more confined posi tion. The demand for money la a trifle larger than It wet. Eastern paper la seat from Mew York for dlaoount, but evau with thla addition to the home wants tha de mand Is exceedingly moderate. Borne of the banks are getting a small exchange on NewYork paper. The mini mum rate for the beat loaae of aay sort la 8 par cant. With exchange or brokerage we quote OX to T having although la moderate quantity. the lowest outaide figures?the best Boston paper, single ? ^ a (bw days af ~ names, having been taken within a (bw days at IX. The Cincimati Enquirer of August 31 sayi:? A decree tor the aale of tha Detroit and Milwaukee Railroad has bean granted by the Court, and we under stand that arrangements have been nearly perfected tor the reorganisation of the company upon a basis that will warrant tha belief that no forther financial trouble may bo anticipated la tha future. The reorganisation contem plates tha sec ure mant of four class as of creditors, sad that the rend be placed under the management of the Grant Western Railway Company, rspranantlag about ?1,260,000, which win bo exchanged for preferred stock bearing seven per sent Interest; and that the old stock win bo exchanged for ordinary stock I ay at the rate of twenty cents en the dollar. Tha com pletion of tela arrangement, which la now about perfect ed, will make tbe debtor side of the aooeunt of the road rand as tol lows - Ordinary stock $860,000 Preferred stock, bearing T per oent 3.608.808 First mortgage, amotly bearing T per oent 1,2*0,000 Seoood mortage, bearing 10 per oent 1,000,000 Total $T,300,000 The amount at the eeveral depositaries, subject to the draft of the Treasurer of the United States, on the 27th of August, was as follows:? Til?IT of DottedStat-, Wa?Mgt?, D.C. $47,447 10 At?I Tressursr, Bosloo, Ma? 407,382 78 A?ialtol Treasurer, New York, N. Y 1,734 481 74 iiiMiilTnilonr, Philadelphia, Peon..,, 387,148 84 ?t T?, Ob?, 3. 0 30,194 71 1?1? ITti?rer, Mow Or? 40,0? 02 l?l?4 Ti?Mr, 84. LooU, Mo 13?0 li Dtp?ttary t4 Bo?, N. T 3104 31 Dtp?tlory M BOM?, Ml. 110104 ? Depository o4 Richmond, Vo 00,1? 44 Depository 04 Norfolk Is 44 138 88 Dtp?ltory 04 Wttmtattoo. N. C 18,438 40 k foroaaoo, Oi / ot Brtot?, Ot..,, 41iv e Dtp?llory 04 MoOUo, lis 40108 S3 Dtp?ltory ot NwOrtlle, Teoa 0,078 40 Depository ? Clorlt?II. OQlo 4.833 17 Dtp?llory 04 Pit?Hon, Peso. 3,380 40 Depository ol LoumtUU, By 8.832 43 Depositary ? Oolee? uo T? 18140 83 Depositary tl Norfolk (Sawyer) 1,410 ? Depository ? Ctarlaosll (MeI?s) 0.4?tl Depositary tl LilOe Kooh, Irk 88,UO 01 Depositary ol Chicago, m 18 104 87 Depositary tl Detroit, Mlefclsoo 1,4? N Depotilory ? Ootoho City. ReOraako 1,404 81 Depository ol PhiM of BL Crou, WM. 14112 22 Dtp?ltory ol Otympte City .W?h lagtos.... 411 70 Dtp?llory ? TeJIill?II, Pit.. 839 44 Dtp?Itary ? Ootaht City, (01*?) 0?3 M A?ay office or Ibe Daitad 81?, M. Y 431.4 U ? Mitt or tbo rtltad 81?, PbII wMphlt. Po.. 3?,144 18 Brtaob Mini of the CV 8 at Charlotte, N C. 02.000 ? Breach Mlol of the P 8. tl D?lot?t. CM.. 87,0?00 Brtoch Mlot of Iba V. & tl New OrMt?, Lo 8?107 44 Breach Mtol of the C. 8. tl a? FraocMeo... loo,ooo 00 Total .341841? 20 Deduct overdraft 802 107 ? Btltoot 84?1.414 81 Add dUfortteo in irt?fort 44,000 00 Ntl t?ooat ea byecl io draft 34?0174 41 Tbo trtnsfera or?rod woro ? fotlowi:? To the Tr?eory of UsC.l, W?OMgtaa, D C...8100.000 T? last?I Tti?1, ? Loom, Mo 200.0? To ASSMMol Treasurer, 80a r?Mot, Chi 487 ?8 497100 .Total........ ? 0707 ?0 Pro? A?tttaot Tr?oarer, New York, N. T 732.4? Tbo gro? etraiogs of the Panama BiUrotd Com P?ip for the month of July were: ? It?gm 348?I 24 Prtlahtor merr hood lee ..... - UT 06 * treasure 13,781 48 83 The earning! of tbo Chicago, Burlington and Qoincy Railroad line in Aogoot were ? follows: - 10? ion Prelght 0?1? 34 193 811 ? lac. 007.014 ? 41 714 41 ? 4M W Isr . 1,714 M 0. 4,117 74 4.4? 14 Doc 047 44 .0141,1? ? 2?021 - -9,|~ll no? D?r?, loot i?* i? ?- Reading rr . 1000 1 8 01, 10?.. 101 1M MMh 0-lrsl BB. 70 810?I'I 0*0,1079.. 1? 17 do 70* 0000 Teas Or, lwo. -* .3? do. 70* do ?fj IM do h? Tl 91 50 do MM Tl tl " W* 8? M CMS* Ml RX blO 31 00?ft 0?tit?01. ? 3? do 20'4 10?Ml?earI 01... Ol* 3? do S0>, MMMIOtwtst MX 3? MU B Ml? KB... IS* 8?0 3X340? be? ? ? do. ...0? 13u SO? M Blew ? f bds 101 1? do Old 14 S ? do 18 3? MMh Be h N I ?. 44* -M 188 - 018 44* 38? ChNWSda. 88 8? ?.... a? 44 4WB**J**tdi 74 - da.... M0 44* ?? da 73 1? do..... b? 41', 30? 9 4CMo 0d0 ? SO do 44* ? ChTofO-.. TO* 3? ? 44 4? OevedrlMdlvO 74 M Ptoo-? BB 1M 40? * CO pel?Orb 101 MOM MS?dak M0 64 00? m (WM Me. Nk 03 >? NarehM* h* 1? 10 HI 0? RB aertp. ? 0 FMoiiiw B?k... 04 ? do 04* 10 M-rspoNln Bh. lis* 1? do ??* ? Artie?a-soak . ?* 0? de M0 ?* ? DeilHod CkoolQ). 01* 1? ? blO 95 4 ?? Bark?1 KB if 1- ds.... ?0 30* N Pool?Moll -00 01* 0? de 94 * S3 S ...... ?* ? Osl nChle BM a? 73* IS NY 0-4?1 B B . ? M0 do 010 TO 1? .... 04* 3- ? ?10 70 ?0 ? ? do e? 70 .ow ot* a? 0 MX 1? .*? MM MB .018 04* 1? (Bsv 3 TW H* 0? 44 de ....0? TO* dO....0M 70* ? ?? 79* 44* 44* 44 .... n* 1? de (10 44* .... 38 10? de 44* ? MO 29 8? 4# 44* i>? r* am ? m 44* .... 37* 1? do ? 44* 100Chi * Rk ! RRbOO 70* 70 T9* 100 Badorn River Ul IT I? ? 014 70 M3 | |T - 40 .?M 79 M do ... 67* 60 do HO TIV 1*0 do 67* M 78* ?0 do. bdO 87* 1M do (10 TSJ 180 RedL* RR..-88 48* MO do. 100 do AO 48* 60 Chl,B nftQRR OO 900 do 46* 810 do MO mC do 46)4 660 do adO MO dp 010 46)4 10 do 5o f.TT;..^r 04KP. 16000 MtaadWI0,...^ Mich 0?t RR TO 1600 California tV." M 100 IJ3 ioo Micht,. ,*1LX! };$ 10000 MiolH2dmlgl* 08 ^ ..L? 10000 do rH 03 800 do. ... ?b^ 6000 do >30 02* 60 Paaaaa RR.. 1.. *2 40 aha Bank of Oom. ICO* 6 do i. 06 Pel & Hud Q Co. 01)4 100 III CeutRlUcr.bJO 66 30 raclflc Ml 88 Co. 88 860 do 81* 160 do 610 88* 100 do >90 84* 160 Canton Co 18* 100 do add 84* 60 NY Cent RR.... 84 60 do >10 84* 60 do b80 84)4 160 Clev ft Pitta RR . 10* 600 Erie RR 27 144 Galena ft 061 RR TS* 60 do bT 27* 100 do. a30 78* 100 do ado 2d* 100 do 78* 400 Harlem RR 17 100 do BOO 78* 100 Harlem RR praf. 48 * 80 Cler ft Toledo RR 44 100 Mioh Gent KB... 70 * 900 do blO 44 60 do >30 70 100 do 43* 108 do bOO 71* 100 CftlcftRklaRR blO 78* CITY COMMERCIAL MIC PORT. Wimwiuy. Sept. 6?8 P. M. Aram?The market waa quiet, and aalaa oooAaed to ar"all tou of pott A 6*c. and of poarla A 6 6dc. Huanrrcm.?Flour?The market in the forenoon open ed Arm, but aa tbe dajr advanoed pew leea act I re, and after tbe eteamer'a news cloeed quietly at about the quota tion* of yesterday. The tranaaotlona lor the day footed up about 18,600 bbla., cioelnf within the range of the follow * tog quotations:? Superfine State 86 66 a 86 85 Extra State, from old and new wfaeA 6 76 a 6 85 Superfine Western 6 M a ? 86 Oommoo to choice Western extra 6 70 a 8 06 St- Look extra 6 29 a 7 00 Klxed to Mralght Ruthera 0 00 a 8 86 Straight to good extra do 6 35 a 7 60 Choice extra Ihmily and bakers' brand*.... T 60 a 8 76 Rye Boor 8 60 a 4 40 Corn meal, Jeraey and Brandrwlne 8 80 a 8 06 ?Canadian flour waa in good request and firmer, with ?alee of TOO a 800 bbl*. A M a 87 60 for extra brand*. Southern flour w*a motive and Arm, both for local con sumption and for shipment to tropical port*. The ?alee embraced about 8,300 bbla., closing within the range of the above quotation*. Rye flour waa needy at our figures, with sale* of 860 bbl*. Corn ueal waa Arm and In limited supply, while a mall sale* of Jeraey and Brandy wine were made at our figures. Wheat?Tbe mar ket opened Arm, and lc. a bushel higher for some descrip tions, bnt after the receipt of the Amerios'a news it be came tame, and closed without animation. The transac tion! for parcel a here and to arrive were large, and re ported In the aggregate A 120,000 bushel* at 81 87 for amber colored Western, $181 * for prime Milwaukee club, 81 66 for prime Michigan, In bbl*. and 81 60 for choice Michigan, $1 88 a 81 42 for fair to good white Ohio and Indiana, 81 30 . 81 36 for son wbtte Ohio, 8180 a $1 32 for soft red Western, and $1 26 a 81 25* for No. 2 Chi cago. Oom waa lea* active, and aTter the new* closed tamely. The aalee embraced 60,000 bushel* A 66 *c. a 6Gc., chiefly at the latter for mixed Western. Rvo was lower and active, with aales of 11,000 buahel* A Tie. for left, and T7o. a T8c. for sound and good. Bar lay and barley mall were quiet. OA* were Arm and in good demand, with sales of Western and Canadian A 41a. a 48b., and of State A 42c. Cora.?The market was quiet and aalee limited, owing to an expected public sale to come off next week, ft sale of 460 bag* St. Domingo was made at p. t. Conor?Tbe market waa steady and quotation* un changed, with sale* of about 2,000 bale*. The Skipping LtO gives the stock in this port ou the 1st Inst. A 04,801 bake, which includes 2,361 on shipboard not cleared. Famorra.?Rales were rather Irregular, while room for Liverpool continued to be reetricted. About 60,000 a 00,000 bushels corn and wheat were engaged la bulk for oorn A 12*d. a lid., and 6,000 do. wheat In bulk A lS*d., and tbe remainder wbeA In ahtp'a bags, chiefly at 18*d. | 1,000 bamacftaane by steamer A 80s., and 400 packages ., and 4,000 bbla. flour A 4s. To London butler do. A 70s, 1,000 bbla floor were engaged A 4s. The ship Ann Hoooer, now In Philadelphia, was engaged to load A this port for Liverpool A13*d. If in shipper * bag*, and If la fthip'A blft It 14)?d. Fair.?The market was pretty well swept of r a lain*; there were no M. R '? la la* market, and 1,000 boxes layer* were eold A 83. Fan ?The market wn Arm for dry ood. and wlthla two or three day* 2,000 quintals George's Bank have been made A 84 86, closing Arm, with n tendency to higher prices. Maoherel were Arm and native, end the aalaa the present week have reached 2,100 bbla., Including large No. 1 at 817 80. No. A A 418*412 48, No. 3 at 88 60 a 88 76. ?bore No. 9 A 88 40 a 88, shore No. 8 at M 48 a 88, and Me. 4 do. A 84. Hnhnon was selling A 810 74 a 817. Box herring were aearee and 8m, and pickled plenty and dull. Gojwt Bxok were 8mand la good demand, with eales of 186 bake medium weights, la Boaton, A ll*e., and 1,300 do., 848 a 426 Iba., eold cbiefly A ll*e. a 18*0., and heavy bake are now held A 13c. Gonrr Cum waa dull, and aalee limited to small lota In Bo*toe, at 18*e , at* months. Hsr ?Old waa quiet a 90c. a 05c. for shipment, and new AT5c. a 80c. Hwir ?The m-rket wan quiet. Tho laat sale of Manila ?H made for nport M p. I.; ?? quote the article at 8 ><c., "^ofe ? ?ad ?alee of 3M aalea at juto hare bean made at Boa too, at 983 . a t months. Hor* ?The market waa Arm aad In nod demand, with the on ?ales this week of 800 a 600 baton, of the crop if 1HM, at 12c. a 16e New were aading at 90c. a S8e., au months Otd Of 1887 aad 1888. worn quiet. Inn The market waa steady and la bettor request, with aatoe if M0 tons Hootch pig reported la ? day or two, at 121 75 a MS, ail mo a the I mad wm to steady demand, aad moderates sales were ankles, laoiudlag dpamah aad German,at ItttaNN, 0 moathe. Lan wen to good demand, and the miss thin weak hat* ea 6.000 aad 7000 bbla., tnoiedlag ommeoa, mp Rockland at Mi a *1 per bbT the market wm quiet. Ike sales were light it oiehMfffd ntci. Vstal Imam. Btmight end shipping tote eptrite tor pontine were qttlel at Mr n 41c , and 880 bbla common reetoeold from yard, delitared, at $180, ana aOaat It wm at $110. Cknda wm qniet and aomtaal. On* ?Hpera and whale to thie maihet were irmly held bat aatoe ware limited, e?4 eao. wm refused for the totter. The movements at Hew Bedford are thaa aotleed to the ITM'emea'i Ohtophy Lid, tar the week ending the i remains qu' ~ 8d met ?Rperm remains quiet,end we hate no Iranaac tlooa to report in this market. Hales of 100 bbls In Nan tachat. MO do m Holmes Bole, aad 176 do la Edgar town hare been made at $1 80 per gallon. Whale la also quiet, bat Ann. Hales of $00 bbla. at 88c. are the only transections for the week Linseed wm hesry; aatoe this week bate rmbraecd 10,000 n 18.000 galtoM Eiig'isb at M)fc. cash, end soma 00,000 a 80.000 gallons city at 80c. cash A lot raflned oettM seed sold el T8r , and large aatas palm oil here and to arriTT ware made at life., etc moathe Paovnnoss ?l*orfc?The market wm beery, with Mtoa of 1*0 hhti . including new mess at glf 48 t $19 10, ami old do at tit 88. clear el $30 M, sad new prime at 013 13)6 e 111 M Bsvf wm steady with sales of MO bbla at enchanted prices. Lard wm 8rm, with sales >f 800 bb'j at 13c s IS ?c Sutter and chases were Arm Rice ?rtatos of $00 ca-ka were made at 4J?c. aA^c ? the latter for pirns. Hroaan were tolerably artier, while prices were steady. |?"" The aatoe afCaha maecorado footed op Mont 1,400 hloto including both reining good*, chtoAy within the range of $ke. a TWc , a small lot inferior reflntog r?ds at 8S? ; 0$O bbts. New Ortaaaa tank bottom*, for reining,al ttfe., and T$ hhda metodo at 4 He Prxw ?S$ bags pepper wars eoM at (MR WmesBT wm native aad trmer, with tatoa lepoi tod of 800 bbto at Me a 8$ Sic nito vim ucanrrt naorui m gun canal. the receipts at tidewater of dour, when,ocra ant bar toy for the fourth week of Asgnit, 18M and 1460, hart bean m foliawa ? rtimr. trti, WW, Mak Cbm, fmdL Barley. het 1410 .... T 300 $0 800 74 400 11 700 1$$0 $$800 $70,800 Ml,100 0.300 Incr ..le.aoo $88,7*0 $M,700 ftoer^. 8*0 The segngsSae of the recefoto of the above arttotoe, M Ihr tor the years IMS end lew have hem ? _ JW.MfeWtoW.fce-h. Orm, tsek. ?ert^>. 1480.... 811,4*0 T* 400 1 8*0.7*0 168,000 1M0... .007,000 4.MT 800 t ,008,000 M*$ tnto.lMMO 4 100 800 4 tee .too freer... 70*0 Redeetog the wheal to flour, the eaoMi In the reoe pta tf 1*0$ to sqsnlto 1*7 400 hMt. efflow IPT* AT mCAOO. i follow*ag table ahowe the amountef flow and grain I at Carnage < r?ceired at Caieaga an the tlst ult. ? Hour, barrels .... till "nU buMale I.H0 Wheat, bushels 110.8* Rye. 3 i?l Corn 17,78$ Barley 8T0 The rseeiptaef flow sad grala at Chicago for the month rise the last (re years, were m follows ? MM 1667. I486 MM lfl*> Dour, SMB.. to.7*0 M 48.577 C.J10 ?\.U0 ? bent. ban..1.4711.860 1 117 481 MM EM7.IT8 MMeS On ax**> i BM*a i "tin Mi. tot tmn-m W7W8 148 440 113 M 1M.8H ? HI ? ? - It 1*0 O)014 ^fhs ctttoge TTsmt of tbe lst i".y. ^ rwilpS af rTSle oTresterday were $11*1 btshato. i$6*i bush eto ef which were wheat. The mmmst'a aewe, report I eg lamps, aad (hromhto deeps tehee from 0 a Arm I Mew Terk, aaased a Arm foettag and an edvaaoe of ie Or on all grade* ef wheat Mo 1 red winter >oM el $1 06, Mo > Oe at Oils s 03)4i t No. 1 spring a* 4le. a tin, No. I do at AM a 0T H? , aad rq)enc<l ?prtn* at 7 Ac t T$e. floor wae Arm. with a good laqulry, at $4 M a A4 M tor oho tec sprieg wheal brands, aad $4 tor goad so prrtas There sn Tittle dene to ear*, and the market remained qntot at Pic hf As. 1,0k a n?%r.. frar No. 8 la 1 PTe a flTtge for tolr canal, aflat Oate were qutat at !$)$? a Me , la stofe. Rye and barley la good raqusat at rormer prtces Highwiase adranoed to Ifo tor round, and $06. tor email tots freights were Arm at 18c Aw Wheal to Borate, aad toeaana ecstrna. ?to ef f Tbe foiling Off Is the ?<!*? f >Mf I if "j'Viwt month wen pared with 108$, IS to be ettrihoted to the tow etoto ef anisr, at present aad during the pant summer, to maaS ef Mm rlrere la Illinois and lawn, la conaaqasaoa af whlsh a forger timber of mine hare heaa atoppnd. "" " larger dartog the pant manth The i mslpto of wheat are by nboait Mt.OSa bushels than erer occurred in any atogto ?MMMMMlaiAltototoMMMl with aaanth dartog the htatary of Chicago A*aomp*red< the Bams month la any pro*tons fear, they are larger by ?heal TOO,000 hnehtoe. Chtoege fbnm msd tohsn, under dele of fb ley even tog, thue emrki ef that city -T " snge this atorolng to edraoce the ratm eee qa tor per osnt. and mi?e were uniformly made at one par ~ NtM M*t premium, ta the afternoon, howsror, the ma? wm scarcely an Arm, and UtofO WM torn dltoc.aHy tound to buy fog on the street than at tbe cine* yesterday. With a ront'nnsllea of the prsneat liberal receipts af prodaoe an-J a buoyant market it only reqnirea a good, snpplr of rteaeto to toklto oar ahippiag (arq. ea ?ugbV wm a do eltne te ewbange to the rate* which rated ton or twilve i... atoM. OtrrMt; tt la gooo supply Tim. Chicago Timti of the 3d late. says -The w*1*",?/ produce on Saturday were 3,0*14 bbla floor and 3MJM Cm grate, 100,89* bueteds of whish ware Um floor u wbrai ihe rroull would be 10. , ?#* . bushels, botng by fhr Ibo tugssl amount of wheat re ceived anj one day this or the peat two year*. Tho ship ,wti were 00,109 buabeteof wheat .1,547 bbla. of flour, la? 1?4 buabei* oau. ifmand kr WM LargB .-a (Kn bQilBMS dOM wifl iMTwf toM 01 Mj ^Ttol^T^UuUbeaeaiMi. **? ruling prion paid . w 04 a 04 80 for superfine, 04 80 a 8o" *" I**"* ch.?)?e soring wheat extra*, which te an adraaoe Sf 10o. a tec. on former prloen. Wheat wm te good request, ??"J"; fore 'Change the bulla and bean reported soma tranaac tlona at (Tie a 01c for No. 1 spring, and 88c. a 89c. for No. 1 do ; but on 'Change the ruling prices were oa.' for Ho. 1, 8flc. a 8To. for No 8do.; 96 for No. 1 red *?!c:.? and 01 03 a 81 03 for No. 1 do ?the market !!^in?'w"*l ?t the extreme Inalde flguree. Tbsrc wm SSuoZ'dUftete corn, and tbe market waa much the i ? ?n r?;d*y. 86c. a 36c. being paid for No. 1, and ETto? telr cLmSTOate quite *at30Xc. for *ol. *21 fhr r?i?cwd afloat. Ry? to good demand at 4Sc. ^Ttr^cT BmW unchanged. Oreighte }J^.Sl6c!tor wheat to BuflhL, die. to Oswego, and a>c" ^XSStsTand snirtnrfTfl at mEWAirKE. The foitewtng are the receipts and shipments of flour ^SSTailwaultee on the SIM ult> r*?, bbte"**".... TM noV. bbte *T... 1.MT Whelk t?n*1* 87,949 Wheat, bushels.... .*0,8*8 rs. 'Milwaukee Wucoiuin of the Slat raya:?The re ceipt* of wheat are rapidly increasing to this tiaa been aeneraily aattcipated. To day 70,000 bushels of raWtid delivered tor the paat twente four r^S^iMnentefooten about 80,000 buahela. We ato informed that one hundred and sixty-three cars or wheat, or about 8*. 000 bushel*?are telegraphed to arrive today SdlTioww on the MilwaukeetndMlraiestppl BaUraad Ikrne. It la ealimated that to morrow there will be 100.000 benbele of wheat reo?pU exclusively. TbeJaneevllte M of Thursday m7?'-^'Y<teterd?y there were loaded irom the freight depot of the Milwaukee and Mississippi BaUroad, la this oily, twonte care with wheat for Milwaukee. Nineteen carload* of wheai were also received from Batolt and rreeport, going te Ml'wan which market teems, 10 (kr itace in? aanrett, w i>? the lavorlte one among our grain dealers." hEcxirra or dktuoit. The Mowing table shows the rece pUof broadatura bv rallrSl at Detroit during the week ending on 8Mur. aiw last lb? Mb previous and Blno? Jea. 1: SSi S3 SU;;.;." . ?.om 8,491 ? WE8TEBS OHAIN IN OXOUOIA. . Within a few days past, says tho Macon (Ga.) Journal, tberebavs been largoarrtvala by our railroad* or corn, SSTteSteyVrye end flour. The Mucon and Westerside pot is crowded w 1 th it. Much has gone teto our aterra, Sod there were large shipments for place* heyond JN'Wt of it comes from *. Louis. Cincinnati and other pteoea in the fbr Weet. The price of com is here held at M cent* to 31 per bushel. TLKNTT TO|EAT. It Is estimated that the agricultural product or the r? ited States for the preeeut year la Ave bushels of wheat, lour bushels of potatoes, and thirty bushels of corni to each indtrkteal X the whole populstiom Besldea this thorrt la for e?cb about a quarter of a buabol of barley, hSTa b JEl ofTye, one third of a buabei of buckwheat and ooe sixth of a'bu^el of rice The oat crop te ani mated at one hundred and seTenty flve millions of buah ate. www WESTSBN WHEAT CHOT Relative to the crop of wheat In the Narthweetera Statee the Chicago Prtm and Tribune says that Illinois hZa Brown not abuahel short of 38,000,0o0. Indiana 18, ?00 000 Wisconsin IT.OOO OOO, Iowa 14,000 ilOO, MlnneaoU r?00 000; M^teM 8,00b,boo and 0htoi26,000 Oito-mjANf ?'total for the eeven Woi thweetern Statee of 118,000,000 NSW YORK CATTI.S MARKET. WsDjntaoAT, Sept. 6, 1880. BEET CATTLE. The sudden advance in the rates of freight whiih waa agreed to by the agents of the Ive trunk railways and their connections at the convention recently held at ClnJ ciunatl, led to a most rap'd movement on the pmrt of oer. lam drovers who were about to start for th# seaboard with their stock, and the result waa a tremendous influx of cattte fioea all lbs Wasters States. The eflecl will not prova so had as waa at flrsl exprated, though drover* continue to agitate the subject considerably. It now torna out that tor heavy cattte about 33 to 31 30 per car eatra will have to be paid, hut tor light cattle the cote is about 33 per ear lees. There were on sate at the various yards mora cauls item we ever raw te than at ?y one Item, aad te oonawjueoce the marttte was dull and prices ?'c a Xc. per pound lower._ tt te lb 'Dght that the deel.oe would^ fc*ra.fcen juoh OToTmore^^iUcmteb^w^here nrove lieht for aelthcr buiehera nor drovevm will oomr teemeelvta' to lose acythlag by tbe sumcrs of meat mute expect to pay an adyanoe In tbetf . *? corresponding to the iaatseasl rates of freight, Kyiui have to do it, daopUettte hue amicry raOg bv the dealers about " oer tola rate, fro. Theaverage fbr this description ran nsmty asjii^ m tete Wedmsw j.. a rap* itrc? pfoporltoi of t4? colli? maad unowIXo., but prlera srsr* very IrraguW and tteXiStra tSteted ihatit te next telm/orathfc te give rs brad at Brrgra nlil, saaara ijnte toteltov the wete te ? <gA ??* tKra Uur*?8l luihir M ?U# fi *** WBW?" tTteraJ; nWsws?sstt 3 the yarra ?r tne weeh ami last week wove as im l?W1?WaaAwfw grs?w?teg'i. Clnsriwdte A O'Brim'i. thiaweraTTm m> \* :T Uat week. 8,403 40 88 17 Tb? eon-out prttM for the week *t all tba mnrketa art ?a follow* -? mo uma flrat quality, per ewt 94 00 a ? 00 Ordinary.. 7 28 a T TO Common 6 Ml a 7 *0 Interior I 10 a 0 00 oows ajtd uina Ft rat anally .080 00 a 08 00 Ordinary 40 00 a 80 00 I Crnninaa 80 00 a 80 00 Inferior 00 00 a 80 00 raai cntra. I Ftr*t quality, per 10 8Se. a 8*c. Ordinary t -?c * 8c. G>nunoo Tf c. a to. Inferior 0c. a 8 Sc. ntur Axa laxm for ma quality, par band 04 00 a 0 20 Ordinary 4 00 a 4 80 Common 8 28 a 8 TO Interior 8 00 a 0 00 .-van. flret quality 0S?- 8 0W?. Otlrar qnal.tar ?sc. a O.S?. milch cow*. The demar.rrnr good to prima milch N*l of a dmtrabla age, ay fr<-m four to aer s year*, ?till ooa Unea* mode lately aetira aad la *ome oaeaa vary high prloea bar# been pall. There M eaa an lean or In onnaeetloa with the aale of milch cow* which may aa wall be meatiaaed here We refer to the caataai of ? reding then* crealaree down the bceiaat porUooe of ft* city, fearoaiy a day i by that mar* *0 l?a oewe, with a leva la Km by that mora or Mae oowi lay odder*, and empty half etai I Id oalrr* by tbatr r 're ?r? D t Ir f ?n rouud end round Utrifb the b-e: neon etrrrt* freally to the annoyance of pedes uma*. The salaam oaght la b* abated at oaoe. and oAoert doing duty ta each localities stemM oae that a stop la put la It at anew. There have baan at leaat half a donee oa ale every day thli week There era regular yard* provtdad for theat, aad they should M rem pel led to be oflerod fbr ante oaly a the yards Coaa tt ?n yad.e '.<,?? tmf not bean merit sought after ad price* may be ooastder*d merely aomlaal The total receipt* at all lb* yards for the weak and last weak are a follow* ? fTaihuiytea Avwafag'a CTmlrlH t O Brvm't. Thliwvek ... 81 40 M 84 Lett week,... 81 W 40 81 ?HAL cum Oood t* prim* veal oeatlaaad la gad demaad at the foil prtea* quoted above feme ebote# ndbringa brought anmewbal b yber price* The bulk of the < frwrtny* were ordinary, bowavar. aad war* la mud era ta re teat at aorrteaJ raw The apply wa ample, but la all pro bability the,pea were eloaed oat before tha clow, ' though quite a number remained at a lata hour ta ta aflarvca Ta total receipt* at all ta yartfo for ta week and last weak, war* a Ibfloert :? ITaetiaatea Bmwwtaa'y. OUaMk't (TlHie'l. Thla week 817 >0 111 31* Laat week 4M 07 la M amp ami Ida. Ta raetpta eoettaoe very beery end constantly la creantaq lw* vary tary* number oa al* at tba mrtoae yard* eerrad to deprsae ta marka eafodeiably, end a a natarrl ooeeoqoean* prtea leqtkfoj about calf Ora mate per head all roaad. Ultra fht sheen ara readily ktha at our numtde priea, aad fat toaa *W aaat with ready eel* at the reduction anted ?bore, ell of interior ad ordinary dearrtptina ara m ampte apply ead bard at ?ate, while tba abor* qentattoaa may a oaaldarad mere ly nominal There were a large number of oommea gradea fo ta yard* to-day. bat good qualities notd pretty ?loa* open arrlvnL The total receipts at all Uw yarda for ta weak ad last weak waa ? follow* ? WaeAl'sfea. OVimatna'a Ctwdelk't trBrian'*. The weawTidO O.otl 0.I0T 4408 Inst wvvfc.. 1.081 O^M 8,080 1,818 ?wan. Ta demand rcatln** fbtr, ad, notwltbnten ling IM raeeiptd are pretty bsary, prieea are maintained Then were oa afo 4,111 bead, mi traaacttaa waa at t^c ?a 8*0. p4r paeed. ?acAPmn.AnoN. The tidal rveetpta of all mock at ail tha yard* for Urn BournI Oat. Cele-e Lamfe . .4,784 3t 817 1J40 Jte 88 00 M 0804 fo'a .. 8d 88 188 8 147 O'Brien t 88 84 819 8.148 Total 4,478 IPO 780 1M18 La week 3,804 129 MT 14,018 aarnrTO it not k*w tori and bui railroad. caul* 1.804 fteaep 8,200 Hp 481 Oblra 40 SHIPPING NEWS. rum WQuorm. Ann. Ltmm. .P*** Ilverv eel An* n Uvorpoel. An* ?...??? toft aJS f<rt m**. Bonth4mptoa ?JJvtrpooJ.... ?ki?^ iSftrJSft. a*as-~? - & T::?fRS Jf?1"*- ..UiTsrvuuL Sect ?...Haw Tort Bf*???- Southampton Bent A..Maw Tart Oanadtaa UverpooL... Sept 9 Qnebee fdrlitto ...... Southampton Kepi II...New Tort Albert Oalvraj Kepi 19...New Tort Ama .Southampton Sept 19...Now Tort rom luaori. OUy of Baltimore.... New Tort. Kept 1... Liverpool VaaderMlt. Now Tort. Kept 8..... . Hivre Oonnanghl. Now Tart Kept 11 Oeiwav Africa New Tort. Hrpt 13. ...UvirwoS Jars. New Tort. Kept IS... .Liverpool Oltj of lUarteoler..Naw Tort Kepi If ...Urarpaal Fallon Now Tort Kept If Ham Bavaria Now Tort. Kept If....Hamburg Oanada Booton Kept If ...Liverpool Illtnota. Now Tork. Kept >1 Havre Ottvof Wartlngten..New York. Sept 33.... Liverpool ; Leinater Booton Kept If Oalwav AM*. Now Tort Sept M....Liverpool 1 Mallla Now York. Kept 37... .Liverpool ?Now Tort Kept 3k Ik ?in FOB OALVONNIA. Northern Lifbt Now Tork Hep* ll...Aoptnwall North Star New Tort Sept 31. ..AaplawaU HAVANA, MATAN1AS AND NBW OHJJLhNB. BinrvtLLi?Front Now Tort lot, arrtvtna at Havana 6th and Now Orloaao 9th. Fran Now Orteano itt, Havana 18th, m rlvlao at New Tork ltd. Can* wna?From Now Tork Hth, arrlvlna at Havana 19th aad Now Orleana 19th. From Now Orleana Mth. Havana 30th, arriving at New Tork Id. Da Koto? fmoa New Tork Hat, arriving at Havana Mth and New Orleana 39th. front Now Orleana 6th, Havana 9th, ar riving at New York 13th. bp* una ? 831 a Oct* ai'rs eve 9 04 sen sirs 9 111 won want* ? 11 IS Port of Hew York, September 0, 1800. CLEARED. Rhlp Crest of the Ware, Voaa, Valparatoo-rabbri A Chaun "Ship Victoria, Anderson, London?Morgan A Wiley. Ship Highland Light, Tripp, Hew Orleans? W H Hazard. Hhip Kits. (Joes, New Orleans? Robeoo A fosdlck. Bark Lamplighter, Thompson, Dc marara?J M Smith A 00. Bark Princeton, Heeley, Drmarara? H Barnes. Bark Olenfuegns, Roger*. Sattlla Rieer?Poorer! A On. Brie Oreybound, Ntckerann. Cadiz?H D Uruokman A (Jo. Brie A Bradahaw. Plah, Biaal?Post A Small Brie A 8pra?ue, Smith, Ouraooa?Yalea, Porterfleld A Co. Brie Robt Mows, Ward, Antigua? Hotohkiiia Brua Bi ig Kmpresa, Oullberi, Santa Cm/.?W W DePorest A Oo. Brie Capelto, AOS. Bt John?J V Onatavla A Oo Brie Detmont Loess. Mltehe 1, Jackaoortlle?Brett, Hon A Co. Brig Our Union, Kent, Portland?Jfelcalf A Duncan. Hohr C H Cook, Sparks. Jacmel?Arrowsmllh A Ball. Hrhr 8 Hlbbert. Peterson, Jaeksoorllle?C B Pterson A Co. Bchr Sitka, Steele, St Marys?r Talbot A Co Schr P Ptrhersan. Henderson. Charleston. Schr 11 Mat tin, Sleight, Baltlnaore?Master Hrhr Belle, Verrlll. KlUabetbport. Schr Isabella, Faulklln, Boston. Sloop Opera, Satteriy, Norwich?Master. ARRIVKD. Steamahln Mount Vernon. Layheld. Haeannah, with mdae and passengers. to H B Cromwell A Cot 3d Inst, PM, 30 miles N of Uaiteraa, spoke Br brie Norway, 13 days from Naaaan, NP, for MewYork?supplied her with prortotona. Sarin* had oothlne to rat for Id hours; off Cape Lookout, unseed steam - ship Tana Swann, from Haltlmtre for Haranoah; 4th, off Chin ootsaeue, bits Loian?o, of PhUadalphla, bound 8. slip James I.lttlcfleld (of Bitnsor), l'otter, ("aiders, Chile, with copper ore. to master. An* I. let 18 8, loo 38 30 W. spoke Br ship Tartar, from 1/anion for Swan Hirer, a days out; list, 1st 19, Ion 30. aw ship South America, from Callao for Damp Ion Honda 7s days out; 30th, 1st 9 08 8, Ion S3 W, passed Prua ship Renata. from London for Melbourne 80 days out. Has had ttcht baffling winds since entering the Una In 30 H, sad bat roar cWys of 81 trades, wllh a remarkably smooth sea all the Ship Centurion. Oautktne. Llrerpool, July 10, with mdae, to terecaAOo. Bad light W winds the entire passage, gup President PUlnorm Nelson, Izmdou, and (Jrareeend Ht Johns, who kindly supplied us, since then had Ugh! W winds. Took a pilot 3d last, from boat J D Jones. Khlp America, Howe, Cardiff, Jnly M, with railroad Iron, to ffiS ,l^hMfl?w'cas3eltof^tichi^d^lUl^WnowUwIhur^, July 14th 1st 43 U. spoke fishing schr Kssettne Kldridgc. from Orand Bank for Marhlrhead. wttk 66,000 ndb; M, 1st (k loo 6*. spoke schr Henrietta, from Amsterdam for Mew York; Bepi -> let to B, too W 30, atgnaUmd skip K slamasoo, from Llrerpool far Mp droUo (of tlckmnnl. Me). Bewkrt, Cardiff, B day* with railroad boo, to Neeaatth A Bona Aug 1 1st td M. loo B 16, spoke whaling hark Atlaauo, of and from Mew Bedford, on 'Std^HUtl^das, Bragdoo. Harra July B. wtU mdee and B7 W of the Banks wMb Ugh* winds and calms. Ship T J Roger. Dey. New llnreu, 13 hours, tn balls*, to C C Duncan A Co, Will load for Cork. ... I rt rtnh of Mas (Pros). Kunow. Neweerile. July *1, With o, to Barclay* Livingston. Aug 30, off Oeorgee Shoal, e bark fttr Isaac Newton, hence. ... Bark M L Prank, Walker, Newcastle, 49 days, with coal, la J "Bark Harriet Cans (Br, of Yarmouth, NH). PtackneyAiv ill issnin. July B. with Iron, to Bdmlaton Brua Aug 13. tat 43 OH, ton kd *1. spoke skip i/ruito, of Richmond, frueslardlff fcS?kWHwsllla. Rust. Otaerow JulyJl, with mdne. to Boyd A en. Has hed eery Ugnt W winds sad ealme the ee .lrn rJuniata (of Yarmouth, Me). Moray, Hamburg, (tad Cuabareo July li with mdae to Walsh, Career A Chase. I Mr Isaac Newton (Ham), Broach. Hamburg, 3d. rsr-j i Jnly 13. WHS mdee to waiaa, uarrsr a 'men Ir Isaac Newton (Ham), Broach, liuahwf. Mdayk with mdee _and 1T1 psmmgsr*tofa? tmfflnnh Had light W w Barl?BoUde"fflw?).*PaulJenr^Stokhurgt Jaly d, with iron L-a*. v. toad. Phelps A Co. 3d met, tot B ?, km 79 ID, psasad a toeam ,iesa!ir^rs^riu?v.w?-w? 3d Into, tot .17 1A 'ton ^?om up; had bean for *" ErteTnASer tofltoSimmB. amtose, Cembertoad Bar "toasi^r-TiacrB,. ?!?.. u... ^BeawSlS?KM ??mag. St tn he. eel with M peeeeegern tn John H r aT Iffl B wuh US SVH A Abbnu. Sailed tn enm "WfH&S Havana, 14 days, with MCaHm?SCTiSrssatt .*? P72hr farahH Mr** jiltoill. Oat Island, 9 days, wkh frail. *?lichr Oveu Bird (Br). Loakhari. Wtodeor. MB, I days, wkh i lislr-. *- D R DewoM. __ ^ ts ittoSSsiSstfSCTiareie _ *3fiSnS^Mam*me Hehr J W Alien IriK *llmlngvm *t tlM_ j-ehr A ? ow.rer, Rohtnenn, Wilmtognm, N( i days eehr Howard. Howes. Newt (tekr B P Hawks. Hregoe K< Hrhr MyanMfioahtoad Hrhr Usn Prances (Of Bchr Pilinmi unto Alemslrto. SK'Cwr. sgasrsAva*'** JOWrtiKwiltol. Tbrflaj^ Mr fW, tlfiMi Hrhr SUteemee Alton, fiaabethporl for BmSon s, (Uiur Miunm M*' huut Pehr r Werrwo, OnmHe, Orlaad. ? days. Mr Km ma Purhiak. Mayo, fcSitoad. Idayn. Bchr D H fcMwtoT"to*er, Rockland. Prhr J?ka Tnuea. Cnlsmee. Borer. BH. 3 dnf Hehr Plytoe Pwh. Law. llkmeaamr. St IhS toSSfflg 8 -toyw Hehr Albert Deiter. ltoarse, Ay. f'W Albear ft. Sr Itorek Bhraheth. Wterena Harwleh 8 days Mr W K BWd. Motor. HaAdMt. 1 kiu Ikhr Lamartlne. Ourmer. Warekem. I days. Mr Arwuea. r'eoey. Wareham. Imtor ????? Barter. Bntth, Prortdeoee. Ijleys Bwrtetr, BBl^Prortdsmto. I ^1 Aj?isr!5i1 Port Jefferasni &A Itehr Orora, Brown Port Jrifernoa far Aiheey_ Hrhr K Halrbt. Beebj. riroeaporiifor Pkltodelpkla. Srkr H M jlkpe-" We ts. Oreenport. Hi M? PbHadrii.Ma Bum to Bwak Dwrncmd^aSm. rtotodelphto. Btoamer PtaneA WUjnn. PMadriphto^ pnamsr PutniMs, Wro. New Hed/.wd mIu T^t'T^wm. Km It*. Nsw Karen, with skip T J ^ B^us, rsported below In Tuendnr'e paper, arrirod <m 'mt^DnMu, of ami from Hamhrr, errlrwd torn mtgbt. re wirta ?Ana B> off ?)e?e pea 8h ?l. met Isjga ballooe srmg *e wiod m the urns being Ugto **? W. ?AW. nip we V Kent. WUc^nmsUeeeporn Berk Joke Benson. Herdaer. frnmjPorto Brno Bark SS Ntotlit Mi SSfJElTKr jallaai id Im4 f?* UaM ??Mur?d ?* !????. Mil JED Me Wtery, lamdon; brtff P M Tinker. MokOe. ?iMtUMwaa. Urari- Tto ?wMMn Jato P U| wflJ to HntoH from Ito turn I?n uMpfkrd. foal ?f Boitanw MM, Baal torar, to tor 'T?ura*ar>. *4 1 etonto. to* M baiX for Haar* %K*ort, itaama A o>-? rtortMM to*. *to ?nn to br C**< Atom, of Ito Jim Adawr. Bto ttaaaHital in - Uaclkaf M?W, brawHbat Mm *r ftol Ato* ?r toU Rraawnrr to*MMk, I Sto pry w?at In Ito atoMawiaaf Ito iMtoHMMM weatotovtoato ML iir t*L> ^ Pair 0 A Voimm, Bantam, frm Paaaaaala far fame, toaia. pn limMn ?k Im, ha*ta( alrnr* aa tto bar wWj Pamae li. toi tonito alea*. toaMMni to bee* Ml pnma ata*l aaltaa tfaai af wa*arla the VjM. to* hto a eariaarwi fltofeel V hunker aai tola. Rim Wa? Aiwa III. Hal. at toaba fraai Table ??r,#a porlraaril a aaear* gala at T ? na Jalr 1 Mb aai Ah. Pj wtai (wo Rrftlak ?aM were * rwbet ae* eararal eltor* # amae* L totr WaeMletow. bafnre reworIto, waa eoateiwnet at Tabl* top. to* OattWaaaab ami hi* wtfa aaaaa paaaaa fee* la ito Wia U A. Am fum ?**#? Halleraa, HO, A a* to tor Waaai ?ar*. nf Rabteora. from It-haml for IV rktooa. with a rasr of ** bniaa lotarao. ??>* bto* to, It toira teabla ato It paw* Mora ear wheel* ant a qoaMltr of r?.iim* 1 aptbea. waa peairntof wraafeet at Matter** into aanm to) baraa lotoeao tot I to Hps rain *4 a*taa tore haaa a-*t Ml* II* air Ito emit tarr win to U tto anitor rwa fararahiA-t?r ?rVriuiTv *00d Wk;-ef| ?dOWUry of Ike board of fT?| ?raw J EJijUW-Oapt Bmlut. of tchr J B Inckereoo. M &T 5"w EES reports ?let mm, Highland* <ir nwS nf'Vftwii? S llDI?lfc!!5r J * ?(Cfor?rrporio4| Of WllvtUc. NJ, oa hrr bom cud* supptwnd p. have ruil>Z look from her the mainsail, boom uj SrHe, wJTSS ? tl<4 M Krukt ??? U<m m< e fl /?# tke ? . W a * "~r " w"*.?*? ihbiiimii. uwui Ma (in. Mfr bom vu rood. Uii * boat wu arm a mile i o< the wreck. full of water Mbn bad a cargo of (thermal Could ascertain umbm* about the crew. Bcho Mans. Towiieead. which err!red at Panama Tth <M from baa Fran da wo. reports Jul/ 98, when 40 miiaa off shorn, near I.iberlad, coaal of Salrador, the v?eel wu aU vck three timaa on the alarb.tard quarter by a ea'prdfleh, which cauaed a alight leak uaUl the cargo waa taken out, e bee a poruio of the aw ord waa found fir gel/ embedded In one of the achr'a imbee* and the marfca of two Other blows from the iMa inooater were clear 1/ risible. Kchb Colorado (of O lour water). Brown, wa? total./ loet at Seven Inlands, in the Bar of St Lawrence, on ih? 8th of An uel leel , Hone Arctic, at Philadelphia from Bt John, KB, .Vkt load and boat during a SK gale. Ship Mar/, of New Bedford, wh eh has been ie port elaae Mar. MM, ead some Urns slaoe bought at auction by Willi hm O Brownell, Is to be altered to a bark and flttrd for whaling Red will be oommanded bp Oapt Woodward, late of bark (!t States, lost el ? i.ACRc n?Sckr Annie Bell, of WO toes, waa launched let ML from the yard of Webalar Treat A Co, Frankfurt Milk She k r-wned by Franklin Treat, Intended for the Prince Edward** inland trade, and to be commanded by Capt Crocker. WhakMMk Hid from New Bedford 4th Inst, ship Gen Scott, North bark Maaaachuaetts. do. At Bt Helrua July SO, ship Brunswick, of Dartaoalk report. Off an and on at Pa all Stan too, Br., slated. Offend on Aug 14, bark Columbus, Ldee, NB ^.U v uiomous, l.ilrc, H H aeo an. art fold, from Tom her. Reports .lune 12, Ion lli W -aw. *L. 2time, bertik.ili.i.'aSbS,^dm ? ep; July 11, off Galilpagos Inlands, berk Pacluc, llmlOC J?? WlCaehelot, Parry, do nothing sine leaving port, M.J Cary, Gardiner, Nant, do, do; Luranie ooldin* nr An j2? nartmouth, HlilSS, NB, do . df, BSlVtSSklMg B^Miett. do, do; Aflon, Allen. NB, 80 bbla since* T??" ?r Aurora, Marshall, Weetport, lie bbla ?u? t'hUe. A letter front Capt Luce, of bark Emily, NB mnh her off-and on at Peita Aug U having uk"nIMbbU an oU since leaving TahlU. A letter from the llrnt oMeiw of the same bark reports her with 360 bbla m and fi do wh oil, all told. Had asen wha ? times In n mootta. and loek them every time but ooee. Reports whales acaron off the Galllpagoa, sad nothing on the Off Shore Ground. But few ships had taken anything this cruise. Spoke, no date. Am barks Osprav, Staunton, NB. 48 bbla since tearing Talcalum do; Montgomery, Orapo do. 71 do do; Clarice, Brown, do, an thing, sad 11 other shipe the earns proportion. A letter from Cast Luce, of bark Colnmbue, NB, riilM her at Tombea, Aug 10, with KM bbk ap<41, aU tuld-tookdS bbla this aeaaou on Off Shore Ground Waa ready for sea and waa bound on a cruise round the GnWpagua Islands Jan. thence to Panama to ship oil. Reports spoke Joan IS. Ah ( hina Hathaway, NB, nothing wlnoe leaving port: bark Kojre nla, HembUn do, 24 ap. July 12, off Uallipagoa; bark Hart mouth. Haughton, do. uothiig this aeaaoo; Clara Bail, fhkr, dodo; Id ward Carey, Gardner. Nant, dodo; AfUm, Allan, NB, HO bbk this aeaaou; Aurora, Marshall, Weetpoct, itO da. Spoken, Ac, , ^p HarTW Frv^ from Boston far Valparaiso, Bapt 1, (A t I'M, Cape Cod NW 30 miles. Skip Hortensla, from Liverpool for Charleston. Aug M ill PM, 11 mllra N of Cape Remain. ^ ^ * A ship at Bering 8. painted white, with let'ers T D la bar lore topaall, was seen Jnlv 19 lat 10 33 N, loo 30 W. A large ship with double tonaalla and 1 akyaalk, steering B, I wu seen Aug 17, 1*1 11 40 N Ion 39 Ml. An Am bark steering NN W, Mowing a white kgoal wtth n black cross In It, was seen Aug 18, lat 1185, Ion 57 ST. Brig Mary Morton (Br), 14 day a from Baltimore for Barb* don. A ujr 21. Ut 28 80. loo ?. Hehr (not ship, an Akprlnted) Brilliant, Hotchkkn from BMW autre for Baa Franclano. June M, Ut SO 18 8 Ion SI 08. Nshr Praacea A Hawkhm, of Ejutham, from 'tape Uayti ftp S&ttt&M* M H Foreign Ports. Artwakr, Aug 13?Arr Helvetia, Illggtna, NOrleana. Aloo* Bat, July 8? la port bark Oamanll, Maoaon, for BMk ton Idg; brig Wondering Wave, Cnraon, from MYork, bound Kutwtida Arrovo, Aug 11?In port brig Isadora, from Wilmington, NC, dkg, to load for Nfarfc. Altavsla Est, Aug 18?la port aofcr Jennie Mnrtos, MK lock, Idg. m Bskudda, Aug SI?No Am vamal In pen. CATkints, Aug 18?No Am veasel la port. OltTDAO Bolivar, Aug 18?In port brig Wm WflkOO, Yen Name, from NTork, dkg. Bid 18Uk, bark Mercy Ellen, HcitX. Cars Haitir.n. Aug 18-In port brig Ambrose Ughl, frana ? . In port brig Ambrose Light, fmm Martini )tie arr 17th. Ciuruaaoa, Aug 18?Bid aekr J P Durfee, CoUlne, Boalen. Ci-aautLARD Hasbor, Aug 18?In port aohr Samuel, for W timore idg. Dkal, Aug 18?Arr Brilliant, Colbum, NOrtenne for LaMhg Mth, l'lymouth Rock, Hammond, and Boutherner, Sotde, York for London, 17Ih, Golden Rule, Meyo. do for do. Kast Hasbor, tl. Aug 11?No Am vessel in port. Oumov, Aug 14?Arr In tke Clyde. Cordelia, NTortt. 11 at aha, A iijraat 17?In port, ships HUotbound. Home MN Humey), for NTork. Oanielk, Deverens. for Boa ton; Jane Parker, Nlcbola, for London; H R Mellory, Laker, una; berhe Jacob Merrill. Benton, for NTork; Han Huek. Btnnwood. tag ? Portland, J A Hazard, iAiwn, and Emma P Chase, Ball, neei I brigs Mary K NllUken. Nordee, tar Pklkdeinhk; la ooUA. IkmbMobile: John R Dow. Gordon; Rofllng Wavm^M George Albert. Wert, 'nee; echr Kvaline, t ork, lam ikk; Wanderer. Moore and Pennte, Yanee. unc. A. ? v RKrv >??. mug ww?#?ii v. uivm w, a/wwwi avow a <ua. eMBh Cleopatra. Terrara, NOrteaaa: Mth, gioelkor. Hwtft; Colum bia, kryaat, Mlddkeei, Parmalee, and Shepherd Knapp, MkS MAkACAiao.^Ang 14?In port berta Clara R SuUl, for_N York 18th. lima, for Philadelphia^ been on Ore' (before rm Mars.rilla,'Ang Is !n port bit* A P Pinker, for NYe MHh: arhr D W Bagley, Just arr, baa 1 PaeRAnoco, July ??Arr ship Imping Water, OardMT, " * r I neana ( parted). Panel __ Melbourne for Imdon (end proceeded same day). Vli'LSLC. Aug 11?Chi steamship North American. Alloa, Ur* rrpool. ahlpa Moses Taylor, Trench, do. Nam, Stafford. Lon don; C I. Baker, Linear, Hull Roasaxao, Aug 18? in port brig Belle, tor Hampton Br Johh, NB, August 18- An- ahlp Thetk. Chnpmte, Uvar pool; vehra Hea GnT Htarkhoue. NYork, 30th, L M Arnold. AlkMaaa, NTork; A Hastings Lowertem, and Alma. Maeil groTa, do Slat, brigs Caledonia, DnoMk, aed 8/1 an, ('reasier, do Old kkh. ships Sarah Chaaa R.ana, Llvarpoo^hk, Bonk Ingham, Malabar, do; brie Alhol. Bnkam. Akiaedria, TablS Nat, July 8-BU berk Mail, Chaavar, H agmpore. [Pan (lumnr Paiacn Aunt, at Bp Jen**, T7?Tn? an A/am. J Arr from New York, no date. Admiral, at Harm; Fairy, Ik Hong Kong Man- Ring. In lha Mralta at Soada. Air from Boston, no <l*lr. Argonaut, at llong Kong ? Arr from NOrleaua Mth. Patriot, at Heal. Wlh. Hevrlock. ?8 Arr from Charlrkoa. an dele. Char lee, at M Nii^H M l for New Terk /7th, Margerrt Kvam. Irom Deal, J I MUlWpOOl Sid for NOrleana SKh. Boetonlan Wm Woodbe Hid tar Mobile S7th, Wm Woodbvy, from UrerpooL ALBIAMDBIA, Maoi S?Air in?*l|i MflaMaailo. Oa#m. Ann*D ?rkr U W Imi, BUM, Brtdmon " ' BOBTOB, Hay! 4?in 1??r Ban Daford. Italian. BaM ?ora via Norfolk, ablp C A ?ontmajBorrMoa. Paoaaooia tarn Miami) far Parrd. BaaM, barka Wullaa a lnana, flail, Tabla Bay. Jaua loaaa (Br). Omaha. Ardraama; llW ?m. CnaalaiMa. aad Bad lay, Bant Halitmora. Uoimm, Taylor, Philadelphia, bfjaa Almnra. Hoffaaa. Uaorgatowa. D C, Bjlaa. Pniny. Baadonti arKra AntaW*. ~J. Monrla krararilla, Haara, Hapo llayuan, TdajS t 'roaraU, Larapra, waatorar, N Kkararm. and Lady Mv-ToM. Baker. Klakaaood, B H Hantley, Nlakeraoa, Oaomiava, tc, BLwbaU Ke#!l?. Knaltrh. aa.l Marietta A err, HeP >rda. Omrjrtian U C; Baaj P Reoeaa. Oarmaa 1, M.lfncd Poylet K V Haley, Hiley; Mary M BaaMk. Haafea. aa4 Taatam'.-iaA. Oaria, ^Ai^i?'^tria^ I)^kaei^UI^ Ikar^y Oa^J^i? Sail Paltararn. Haa4; W?jS'titoflirjljIyCa^Mhi? Buaa. J Wlliaaiana, Jr. Wlaaaaora, Henry Bay. JAP flartla. Mia M jay. Aw<-Ha O Baaraa. lata, and Wallace, tauii PMIidalyklp, Paalbaa, ( lark, MaaMk ira, Bow T rt tela#rapbed. akip Eeyeard. rroaa Callan. bark Mania, fr ,m Bnana N#aal for four Del?. (14 alaaaar Arabia, Bioa*. Ideerpool rla Hali far. ah I pa Abhrlllaakhard. Wata. Calais V. 1*4 'or Kiuriaad. Bufka ("baala, Rh-b. New Orlaaat) barha (bum. Trtwp. Baldaaerej Aadaa, P illfc fkf hdalatia; br a William Baaaa Hawk. CiarMMm, aaknUarrtal Bm5? Kallay, Bra York; BUisbeU. Partem. do; # Hot. Haaa eoai. loledo, OMo. Hd. sted f IberPWL Mb- Arr vr ta i barka Myanrd. Platarlet, Icadoa. (Joaaa if the flwt MrVallaa. Araroaaaa; Mary Mylar, Hytar, Oaltflh byki Araia, Toaat, ClaaPkafaa. brl# C u Proa, Uavrta. Ma BALTIMOBB. Sep! 4 - Air Haan?p -l B Boaaldlat, Hawm Boaun abt; WUUam Pana. Maade. UrrrpooT barka HMorlaS lOidbf). Brwaalt. Hrameo laanpia. Baaraa, Bnmna, aakra J W MiSuiaad, I.11MI. Muabraro. aWo Mow*. Pita. Alia rata (tadaa. Ptakee. Troy. laabal AlbarV Tookaa, Ann i Bdwarda. Bdrrardt, aad Bramaal. Uaaoa, RVork Below, Prm tede ?- , .1 Honii.rrr IIiAwm (r.a KTnrl fid arkra Pradfe H .. I I.'rt" I I 1-Ana. M. K I Rhyanr. ln w, l?l fk la lluaploa Bnada Haa< \ ablp Mary Man. McOlaark, from CaUaa BATH. I'V b- Balow, ahlp Traaqaabar, Ooodaia. mm Bhml MRlrtTdU I?Art ilorft Yonac. mA Mmy Rr.a Tmioa. Port Braaa. fAl.AI- Ana?-ArT aatra Jaddla Bnlaoa. aad JaBdjB Martha TnoOakar. MTorfc. OarolBa BMdKParkar. do. (M MB nriorha hart MTnrk; MO ?oBrrra.JjarkBr. Pnak Bnrrto M p Han Wall. MTork. Mb O P tin# WaaaMr. da. PIMRAB 1'IB A, An# 17 -Arr nrfcra Mary 'kndMaa, OaaMr aio. MrvTork (aad rid Ukt 'or M Marya Oal: xaaiarl AdaaaR Prtana ? baataatB taad aid Bkb oa bar ratgrn . ?bjHaHjt Manra Bnaarti BTnrk aad aid BM far Jaofeanaatllar Cld 1MB, bark BUaabatb VMk Mdatandao PAIJMil'TH hojh I?Arr aokra Oraad Turk, Halat. Jadh ?naalllo (aad pM for BoBmt' Pil.1. Birn. Ran* d? Arr arbra Wbko rvnd. Hataaa. Bdaabnbpon. Bra Bird. Cham. BTmk Mid aakaa Mlaara. Hall and Tram mIlk MeOlram AlriaadrMb HaBTPOBP, Matt > Bid aatra Paaola Uaaard, Vlbbantl Alatandnr. MalWakt aad BMtrl Bnam 11. Bulbar, Bra T ak. ? ora Mary Aiaatnr, Parana, dn JA< k*ns\ ll.l.r.. An#lb Arr aokra KaaolacVai Jrnark, j#d Marjba. Laaaboi MYork. flat Braxll, VaTWa. Nik. "VotrfluT HayrtV-in'rSa Bnktah fraaU. WaMr, llaaN - ta B/*da 'or mpalra arkra WP Hoarard. 'kaadaa Tar Bt%ABBrtaaM^-Ar? arkra Wntnnab, Paaayriil|a. Mr. Otaka, Troy, Paawat aad Baaj Hantaa MWark. NdaehraW II WiBMm Oakm. Yaaoa. aad JoaTTla?Ina, aba? Borkb __ a IdnliBbi -naaa Wakb. link. ? pillUAf'tfl PHIA. B?l ? raddtimal) - Arr arkn A#*. Blakn Windanr MM; J M Hrrtnard Otadawa. Ida? W Byar. ttrf?k aad ffmaak H?i.l?y, P nataal. L L Mhara. MrMaOR ?-alna ML Onrkor, Prnabrry Tanakm baa Mar Pi 11Mi art: B W I dal ?Ma "Id Itlk ?*fl Bay wata. TarrtU, a-l Man?ay rafr. BTork kkb II fi Bald aria. Obwar. da Ndtl PtrkkW. tan* do. ?at I. Cltitaa PrMktrabm, Booth; Ah?k BJ*wP?tl Ml 1'irdr, Adama, Monal Hnao, rtrarar. War I MP. aad Amnrtaaa (%i?* Praaaay *Tnrk; U. Modnrm. Bbkadat. MA1.PM. Pf?l k-Arr hark Lawmaoa, Haaam, (Xpaao ?T(ib7boti>B. Bn? 4 <Td aekr iRrWUaa. Wboot. IW fTt BTdW a?i 4-MM arkra Jamm BrdhaPi, Baft P Pw 1 i'mIMuTOb" Bt?bnd S / BrMotVatrr, Bart a1?

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