Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 8, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 8, 1860 Page 3
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1lead line, through ? lavage cor-? , ~ >cot to too mi; interruptions w *oa!4 be *?:& bnmedwte repairs. .ithout Lfle Acuity oj ?Ml icebergs, it is ?<? ' "l? additional ocee of lot ?otom Icelai'' "'y much 10 &? feared that the iina i>- -?*> SfeeclaMt and Labrador, commonly called , -?i?b route, will tell to meet Uie expectation! of lie ?ntode. B>e ?blr41$ tha direct Use from Ireland and Newfound- j land, and It li tb.'* wlll0l> 1 make tbe special subject of ' my present on^lmuotcJ'io?, question arise* J whether a telegraphic message can be eont through , the entire distance. The answer is meet emphatically )S the affirmative; for, leaving out for argu- J Bleat's lake tie testiC^ AUiattA Tr'.e- | graph Company, ae an interested party, we hare the | statement of the English government to that uU'oct.aul there is nobody prepared to believe tbat tbo Pngllib go vernment would either make a false statement or al low themselves to be made dupes of. The collision of ibe two Cunard steamers was also known in England before the report could have been brought by steamer. The next question tuna upon what Is the best cable t Mr. James Stuart Wortley stated, in January Ust, as Chairman of the Atlantic Telegraph Company, that go vernment bad appointed a scientific committee to Invea tigate the existing cables and report on their merits. Bis language led us to believe that galta percha had been selected, but this expectation has not been borne out by the results, and If gutta percha had really proved to be as sbtiafhetory as those partial to this stylo of manufacture desire It to be. mid committee would oertainly havo re ported ia full favor of it. But on the oontrary (see Lou. m Timet, July 10) they "havo little to say, for they recognise that the whole scheme of telegraphic commu nication is la Its infancy, sad much experience is wanted before rules can be !*id down, while some risk must be Incurred In the eflbrw brlwr It' -?*"?? featerperfection." well may they "-1 Cables in exlstenoo are made of gut* ^ Steffi!***1 ^bwh^w^s seek ? ?fcb'e ?* AUentio Telegraph Company failed r-na-/ a variety of cauasa, amongst which 1 at totUsMawtng: ori allude 1st. The twisted form, and consequent kinks. M. the efforts of beat and pressure on the gutta percha warn ?be cable was in coils, which forced the copper wire from the centre and brought it into contact with tbe Ires wWa cr Id. 10 tbe bsrdaem and shrinking of gutta percha in Aooordtngto the Investigations of it* United States Survey, the temperature of the Gulf Sirvau near Florida is seventy-five to eighty degrees at the surface, sad only thirty-five degrees at a depth of filM fathoms, and it ia not to be supposed that the water at the bottom of the ocean la aay warmer in higher latitudes, because tbe coldest water settles deepest by mean* of it* gravity tiulte percha, however, is pliable only when warm, and it shrinks aad beoume* hard and brittle wtfea cold, and when reaching those lower regions it bore all alone the strain, and had to part in a number of instances, creating there by a cerreepoodiag uumber ef Assures, thr ough wbieb the water came Into contact with tbe copper wire xud impaired tbe e lee trie current. This wan not doaeall at once, but gradually, as It net tied aad relented in the suit, thick mud whun Covers the bottom of tbe deep sea, until its efficiency was totally destroyed. The first condition of a well working cable, besides its perfect insolation, is a protecting ma terial which remains pliable in ice water. The report or Mr. Varley proven two ihingx:?Firstly, that iron wire will completely rot la salt water; and, secondly, uiat a serving of hemp aad lar will keep it, not alone in a sound oondiuoo, but also perfectly bright. The faet that gutta percha and cwppe - wire were found few a few miles to be id good oondlileu signifies nothing, tor It wee taken oat of shallow water, and not out of the But He simple serving of hemp and lar has been found to ba sufficient to keep a cable in perfect condition during a two yaara' submersion in sail water, oa a rocky bottom aad oo a rough ouaat, what more proufa, 1 salt, are wanted few the superiority of a cable such as 1 propose to lay i Where aa I roe bound cable will chafe and be ont through, mine will remain la tia place by mean* of its pliable end sticky *ubalance. It consists of a copper conductor, covered with a thin layer of cottea filling, aad insulated with sbedae; after this it IS protected by alternate layers of pitoiiy cotn ?, cottcu cloth and twine, twice repented. All this e close by the steamers by menus of simple ma chinery, aad the cable ia to be coiled at once on board. Provialoa baa been made to saturate the Last sheet o* oetlon cloth with an elastic paint, to preveul tue pitch from nosing through. This compound to consist of a mixture of tar aad pitch, la such proportions aa In re main pliable under aay circumstances. The advaatagm resulting from this construe! iea are;? The must perfect insulation aad protection of the ooppev light, Moating character of the cable, wblch readers, while paying out. aa exceemte swam outuf the question, the aartaiaty that the copper conductor cannot > trader aay clroumsUiioea ont of the ceutre of tbe cable, and the rapidity aad cheapness oi construction/ The cable, of course, can be made or aay strength. As mode of pay lag out ia ae follow* and oners as Im portant advantage*:? at the stern of tbe vernal is at tested a reanei shaped boiler filled with pitohy com paying out machine : immediately be perfecting any lacaea t rennet suspea ouner uucu wi potmd, whtofa aarves at once aa a pay in, aad to give te the sable a final coating i few* eater tag tha water, rspalrtag and la paying cat, the cable setlfee down into the water at a uniform rata of velocity; bet owing to I I machine to he ess Jar" ef the ettjr ia rapid mottoa when the risen. Friction rollers, of coarse, will be emulovod for the better guidance of the cabin from tha coils to the stars. Mar?msald arc now oa foot with parties, which, if fending to the deaired end, will give us e telegraph pemmunicatloa with Europe before many mouths to to conclusion, my pUa has been rally approved by our ?oat eminent men amocuit our electriciaaa and etui aaaro. WTLLIA* H. UOK-irU tNM Maw Tom, Auguet 14, ISflO. TRK PftKNCl ATI ANTIC ACIHIK. Mr. F. "eiilardet wnde to the lim/ rrr- dri K*<ut Ctu the following front the memorial to be auluniUed to the government by the company which baa obtained I be graat of a telegraph to line to be Mtabliahed between France and America ? Tbe trade of North and South America with Europe amour,la oow to taenty jr'lllioi of franca a day, or 1,300.000,000 franca a yed*. which la carried la 17,000 Tetania, lu thil amount tbe proportion of the trade of the I n.ted Statoa la aatimaied at 4,000 000.UO9 freer* tad tbat whleb '.bey traneaet with France In par a*. 44S.OOO 000 franca. Ite expcrimenta n*lr upon tbe >ret traaaatlailc wire prove that It trill be pom hie to mod a deapatch erary ail alaatta, or M0 a day, or about 70 ong a year, taking into aaaoaat, alao, the unaroidahio acoidcnta aou drawiacaa. Pact a a imbtr, ?o c-atpvitirely smell In pcoportua to that which may ha erpetlrd, ought to giro fall c mSJoeee a the ' hare bold i a. The oocipany, boawrrr, beli-re tbat can aire will not be lutflc cit fbr the locreaamg trade between the two cjcllneuU, and that they wtU be foieed to aatabliah two, and parhapa Ore, wh'i their coat will greatly be dim'airbed. Tbe part at Br eat, la France, will b- the atartiug pe nt of the anbm** me telegraph, there will be aetaiien at Florae i Agorae), at St. 1'atar (Mi tuelun), aui tbe itna will ai d at Maw fork The fuMuwuig are the adraatagm A tbla Una over that which an I ted 1 -aland to Ynwiouud lead ?Tba dwtaeoe r.iui Br eat tn Hurra la 1 2tt an.a, and from Florae to St Tatar, l.l&O, whieh inakeaalto gather S.4M milea, or 300 more than the length of tbe bet cable, bat, on one aide, M. Pater la nearer New Terk, aad, oa the other aide, the kmgrat of tba aaw part* of the cable IB 000 miles (that i? to any. ah eat aaa half) ahortcr than the duaaaca from ire lead to Maw ton ad lead. Tba advantages of thH dirtaioa of the IIM are mey la bo eeucrtteed. la an electrical polal uf view the gutoknaaa will be Inrreieed and tba apperatna trill work with mora regularity , aa to the imaeraiua of the cable, the oust will be I ma nod by can ba r, tad the Aa to the deptha which are to ba found on tba abira named roeda, tber amroa-y are beyond thuau milimlTl by Mr. Maury aa tba telegraphic plateau. Whan leaving the c-net of Fran w tba depth locreanoa progrnmirtly, aaltl It reach aa 4A00 met roe, bat oaly after very meg alupm. aad If the riemg takaa place mora rapidly m the aetgaburbuod if the Aauraa, it la not to be (bared that the electric aire wtl be aaymfif between wwa ta ft Near, I xaaioa atdl anua tm AJM matron. IU, I , there la ne dlft nelly la < Ihata Haaa Bra* Md are net lha aalr oaaa aba the aaapmy ara dalihsraiiM II la afterwards i Ihraagh wwaa from Harm ta tela aad Fortagal aa aaa atda, and le the Bmmadae aa the other aide, ta red wee from there to Maw Tank, the AatiBm aad Sooth Amariaa By oheaotag Haraa aa a abatioa batwuaa the Old aad the New World, the rompaay baUawo they here towed the ? globe, which have hereto ef Mm ewbaartee I moo. It aamoaftew a Mood ftot thai oar pleant ? traversed by ragaftr aairaam, toUewftg the aarwlMe, bat teereeetag la proportion aa am geaa earth, la gleiag to a tatagvaphie Em the dlrecttoa af Iha owrreete, thara la aoaaa taagei of their being added le Iha algaal cwrrtli ft ? BUgg aad entirety main Until ar lite lbwa thara waa remark =stH wmm paay. Iha aagft b nearly fjrty Ire dagrim with ?Nllfth; the Ham tomb (born the north la a par the ad IBart waa aMfta third rotating to the oaewrlag Ant Boa been am mi md it be MM umpaay by a aaw in von torn, wbioh baa already beds prwtimmary trial batwwao Mauinllea aad Algima. It W to tm ao ear lag that th? ftiiure of tba byk| ef the Regime caMa la m ba aftri ?IF ?? atraagm-a. It la > IMae giving n*. baa Tba cab la of mm preach H. ,* k eobbpeeed af a aopptw I bp several rauuamlre oeeerlaga of guile perrha and India rah her The whole * awrraweded by a rope, Urn hemp of which baa prtrlowaly been lanregwa ted with a preparation ? <wd<w to reader II impntrrwcl ?la without impairing in rUentlh Mora almpia in aw ? baa Mm Ihaa aey the pre* loot cabl?r, it rvgatma on tOftlraUr earn in procree af laying, wbllai ita apenilt I'ghtaem. three hundred p?uada to eeery awn merged, permit* it to b?ad like bah Una. "aa pre aantion alone ta narrnaery take >41 tba anterior curb* aad a wberl r,""?*"? 'be immerei a one umth aa to the weight ?r?ft>iord. it ra# be. by tf tat <v ikhkt, reduced <hb? ball, lib, togflher tilt Ibe b m n i t .ob o length, permits the of a mall coasting et for the eervice of immereion. Such aro the pruepecle of the bow Franoo America company. It will hare throe thousand throe hundred truer at cable, !n order to bo prepared for any emergen cy . Tbo privileges accorded by the French government? a grant of fifty years and the guarantee of one and a half million franca annually?give to the enterprise an ex cellent financial baale; and it la probable that the eub scriptiona will eeeuy end taken in Um two worlda equally intereetad la tts encoeae tag land dropa from her hands for a moment the interoceealc thread?U la a fragment of her sceptre: France and the Amerloan Union, her emu la tore, pick it up. THE PBINCE OF WALES. THE ORAHGE EXCITEIEir ^gSflfflG. VVVWVA x The Prizt0 at Cohoir*, hice lake, Peterhere lit Part Here. HE SHAKES HANDS WITH, THE CROWD. Address from ay. Indian Chief One Hundred Years Old. Hhower* ef Bouquets and Any Quantity ofiiii Foolinr, Eattaiiitk iMwtlM ef (he Mm at CoBorito, C. W., Sept. T, XSdO. The Prince arrived hero about eight o'clock P. M. yester day, and waa received by a salute from the Kingston TOlun teer artillery, a great crowd thronging the wharrea near the Prince's vesseL He landed at about lea o'olooli and waa drawn through the prtaolpal streets by a band of young men, escorted by the volunteer rifle and cavalry com panies to the Town Hall, la front ef which the municipal address waa presented. The ballroom la in the same building, and the Prince entered the wing after reading bta reply. The room waa very handsomely fitted tip. The Prince opened the ball with lliaa BetUy, daughter of the Mayor, and did not leave till four o'clock, dancing ?very dance, seeming in more than bis accustomed spirits, and gayly promenading the room with his part ners. The city wss well Illuminated, and the aflklr waa altogether creditable to so small a place. "rangeism has thus received lie Iret quietus, for there was not even an Idea of a parade yesterday, and It will not recover Itself again. Port Hops, Sept 7,1840. Tbe Prince refuted to eater the ballroom at Cobourg lut evening, until the floor bad been strengthened bf flr trees placed underneath. Be left Cobourg In a special train Iter Peterboro at teu o'clock. Arriving at Rice lake, the royal party crease! la a steamer, as the bridge, wbloh is Un-ee miles too;, was considered unsafe. The train, however, passed over the bridge, which has lately been strengthened. The Priam saw the beds of wild rice In blossom, from which the lake takes lie name. Some Indiana of the Mla slsaaga tribe were at the leading, and flr?l a salute. Their chief, who is ooe hundred yean old, presented an address, Signed with the Indian "totem" aad also a quae* tlty of Indian work, labelled with the names of the nqsavs who manufactured it. The Priam bowed his thanks, At Peterboro tlx Priam wan motived by a procession, wbloh escorted hiss to the Court House, where the city aad county nil is mm were prmmlsd to htm. The Prince read replica. One maa, running by the side of the Priam's oarrtnge, held nut hta hand to his Royal Highness, who shook It heartily. Elated by his good fortune, the man told hta com pas ions, who rushed forward, claiming a similar honor, and for some minutes the Prince wan busily engaged shaking heads; but he soon turned away, sad the demonstration Showers of bouquets almost burled the royal party, aad the eathuslassa was lasasswrn. During the passage to Port Hops, Sbartfl Rutlan, at the Priam's request, ex plained his system of ventilating can, which Is adopted w that la which the Prince rods. lbs party arrived at this beautiful little city at two o'clock, and were seat at the station by thousands of pro. pie and a las proocmlos, which escorted them, under SOSM very bandsosm arc bee, to the Court Bourn, where the Prlaee showed himself aad partook of s dtjnmar rury steely arranged in a large roam. 'the Prince only remained hereabout so hour, reoetylog and replying to civic address. So for there have bees uo signs of Orangemen since the Prlaee left Bella \ ills. The Prince left hers at three o'clock by the train to Whitby, thence by boat to Toronto, arriving there to sight. landing to morrow mora kg. WiifTsr, Sept 7,1840 The Priam reached hare by special train from Port Hope at about three o'clock. There was no proomg km The platform was erosted la the rent of the railroad sta tion, and as nddrsm was read by the Mayor Thr Prince made so reply, for went of lime, sad immediately em barked on hoard the Ktagstoa for Rmwiio. ThS nceptloo was rather dead than other aim, as much bad lading was caused because the Orangemen could sot turn out, as they Intended. (he whole visit did not occupy half m boar ? Tosmrro, Sept 7,1*40 The Pr.nor arrived at thie flourishing Assericsa-I.ha letrnpolta of Vpprr I. an ads st half past six o'clock, raogvman bad been parading the streets is regalia ail ay, bst when the Priam was slgnaPed they passed be aath their aroh, doSrl their rob"*, aad reappeared as rival' cltlaru* The on y mark on the arch wv :h could e construed Into s party sign wsa the pwtralt of tae ?Msceof Wales ia the posture of K'ug Wi'liam whea rinsing the Bnyne. This com promise bad hardly beeu alnfoetory to either party, stoco both claim the victory. The reception oaiy needed the chips of mar to equal ia tagnlflrmoe that st W. Johns, v M or 11 Halifax, fil res thoarand parsons were present aad s thousand hi litres ass, the national antb-m. The rr*eoud their address, aad the Prison, after reading his rply, reviewed tbe immense procession, which drilled efore him la almost tadleaa auccessloa, and lhae look s arrive aad followed it through the streets fog m il The whols city was illumiaatel, sail the display Sur aosed any yet gh en, for all the device and decorations sed at pieces preceding bare been collected hero. The bcering was deafeolng, and tbe street* filled with slim Strew lug flowers before the Trim* .? be lew! The Priaoe readied the Uoversment ItouM, where he tdgm. at about nine o'clock Tbe members of his suite lay at the fowls aad other hotels ? The tllamlaalloa was coat la sat up to a lain hour of the veaing.tmt utaorwwo the ctttaaaa did not ssam over KIM, aad did net crowd the streets as at Montreal. I have hardly had tttms, la hurrying Usui place to place toon I Mfl Kingston t? cessment spaa ths general flsst tg of the propie About half wars maah rented oa Ut? baage qasatiaa. sxprsmisc thomostves ia th? fo lew of , wbloh la very popular:, lovll la I The devil ia hn 8ary nook Is making fires to rewot the duke, ho Increased soahl ty of 'bo Prtnee boo done mook to woottK- this fee ling. Uls giving bis porter his arm Dsbourg. atopping at s private bourn Urahwk ig td? with peep e at Prurboro, sal masy sthar little ti lag as unknown before, oombtesd to overcome soy n foal lag. and to raise the eaUiaeiaom of the people to i wry bighorn pitch ."he follow ng is tbe prince ? reply ?o tke addreag pre i tod hers ? Igsttnsnra?I rervHw thin ad<lc-?s pteh the meat lireiy ie "art u.n. and I request you to cow ray to tho r.lii/eae ?cm you rspvrsct the -ipr-e. -wt of rwv gratitude for r more than wed. inw which I hove Juat ?tperlenesd u will not rtonM the readiness with wkioS I undertook ? foty enir'iwted p. nr by the k'i?So of visiting for r toe Rritlsti North Amrr raw dnmlsloas. an 1 w that I have arrived at thu .iictsnl potnVm" mv irwey, t ran way wits truth thai the exportation* Ituh r bad firmed of the pirasme as I lamps, tics t > derived from It have been morr than realised. My ly regret I* that tho i mom has been usable brruslf to wire'he manlfon?ethutsof the generou* l"faHy in fa yon bare ree ved her ruprmewta'ive?t oys'ty rr-?rrd yei strengthened by tb? u >-Mgest ndepw., tee nf ibe ebe?s"ter Teu allude to the ma Horn pr. si "us whirs a gensisS'ew hot witmwstii cs this ??. I rare t'rmdv be?o run* throughout <sy rapid rsoy hy the prwiaiow if gvre'.nms arf the r?? lit* of ?-g> aid re- try wb hn ?reey?t rre per ?f ? 1 <* ?a Khgliehman in Um masr-din* qualities of my countryman .in Um sanguine ac ' w.jJi enterprise, la the fertility of conception and ? ,1^?. % execution which have < cabled a youthful c- * ?trip many of thoancieat natlonaof lb' -^uxtfy to out rejolco to see the poblic Inatitutiona o' 4 wmfld. 1 ,ta11 with a national aatlafhctlon, and T Which youapea* perceive in thorn a proof, in a-* ..r*?11*1 601 have bean brought under r _ *dllM? to the many which laws and the working o: Mtlofl, of the value of equal 1 *1 .ee oonatitulioa. OUR BROCKVPjj. CORRESPONDENCE. Ike Hsocxvills, Sept. ?, 1M0. 77 ' * Movtmmti nf the Prime*?Enthusiasm ?'* . rtni/r M Qf fa j 'copU?lbrcklifht and Piretneit'S rocesF^u, and Departure of the Prime, ??c. royal party had a pleasant drive ysaterday mom from Ottawa to Aylmer. where Ave triumphal arohos were pawed under within half a atle of the river side, and the whole population thronged the line of wajr, utter ing vociferous acclamations It waa ptaaaiag to aaa the enthusiasa alike manifested by men, women and dhil Area, to watch the flutter of pocket handkerchief^ and the waving of ha la In tha bright, warm sunshine. Hera was another of thoae popular outbursts of genuine good Pel tag which have met Alfeert Edward throughout^* if drain in the New World. Decrepit ??# and elastic boyhood, youag maidens aad grave matrons, vie witheech other la the chorus of welcome to England's eldest son, who acknowledges the flattering homage In a smiling manner which wins all hearts. He embarkod without delay, and the (learner started Immediately for Chats Portage, where a Heel of caneee, furnished by the lumbermen or the district, were In watt ing to eoBvey hist to Arnprlor. Tee socnery along thla part of the Ottawa waa vary flae, and called forth expres sions of admiration from all Tho Prince takes to travelling with the nasi of an old tourist, a- that ho onjoyod the trip ex ceedingly, and such enjoyment was contagious, for 1m puts all around him in good spirits. He expressed re gret that Karl St. ttcr mains and General Williams were not of tho party; for ihoae gentlemen- had selected the railway direct to Brockvllte in preference to the fatigue of such sn enterprise. Arnprior was next reached, and here arohee and gar lands, and words of welcome again appeared m ornamen tal array, aad cheers arose la a prodigality of Joy which touched the heart of him for whom they were meant The scene at Aylmer was re enacted, and the baauiltut weather enhanced the festive glory of the scene. A Una of carriages waa hers drawn up to convey the royal party to Almonte, distant eighteen mile*. Here aad there along the road, spruce and pins trees were planted, and wreaths of howeia bung out, while to several in stances rustic belles, who had long been waiting in anx ious expectation of the royal presence, threw bouquets Into use ur the other of the oarriegee, for they were uncertain as to which was the Prince's when thoy law all m plain drew, uad many let the Prtnoego by under the delusion that ha had yat lo oone. 11 nsnm. At Almonte there was smother warm aad picturesque demonstration which gladdened the soots of all who either participated in or witnessed It. Grave men relaxed their leatursa and joined in the gay and brilliant acene of re Juicing. "Lo, England's heir bsa oome. Welcome, wel come7' was one of the public inscription* on as archway that spanned tha road at tha railway station. Hare the Prince entered the royal oar of the Grand Trunk Railway, and receded from the view in the midst of the same waving of hat:*, the same fluttering of handkerchiefs, tho same ringing cl.eera of a loyal people, as before?of a poo pie who fett that that visit waa another tie that hound them lo tha parent land. Almonte la a pretty village, about fltty-fonr sallm from Rrockvllie, la a prosperous agricultural country, plen tifully ootted with small township*. At one of the*-, called Smith's lulls, on account of water Calls la tha neigh borhood, the train, which onnaleted of two oars besides the Prlnos'a, stopped, aad his Royal Highneaa waa ra cstved with a salute from the volunteer arultarv of the lilacs, under tha command of Colonel Playfalr, tha member for that district, sod as fervent bursas from tha large crowd there assembled as at the other place* or oall. Hare an address waa presented to him, hut not read, the Duke of Newest tie intimating that a written reply would be for warded. The station waa decorated la the meet abundant manner with evergreens and flowers and appropriate mottoes, aad tha crushing to obtain a sight of nia Royal H.gbnr-r wis immense. Ga leaving another salute was fired by the artillery, aad tha cheers of tha populace fol lewed him tor a oonaidarshla d tat a me down the line. Till#, when Ilia groa?t ???* that Brockrtlie mot gathered was seen at tbeTaitersyplaikm. Not leas than four thousand people ?n ??shtad on h4 lo the vP-lB|ly of the platform, no that the cruthlng ni immauao. aim* ever, all were wgi to eee the Prince, ia apila of the dark Hand IB Blew of thle Object Uiey were prepared to undergo any amount of dacoaafort stepping ?un stepping on to I Be platform the cheering pre rented northing elee being heard for eereral nimutea; bat when this burst of joy and welcome bad subsided, the Major of the town, accompanied bj nereral member* of the Com men Cornet), advanced and lead na addreee, to whioh ble Moral Blghneaa replied ? (mum-1 thank you sMoaroiy for tho ad ill ? which you bare pr?N to ma la tbo Queen's name t acknowledge Urn axpi ? loan of your loyally lo bar erowa aad peraoo, and for myself I am grateful to yoa for this for aurasif I aa ' aolgabotbood. me wen preeea da nfolf? wae then pr?alsd by the municipal au thorities of the eounly. 1 The Prince wee bow conducted lo hie oarriage. in whioh he look hie mat bcetde the OoTuraor Oeoeraf, with hie Grace the Duke of Newcastle on the opposite Mat A torchlight pi on?km of the Bremen and others was ia watting, and a general tUuminatioa bad the eflbct, in the "rTumplml midst of the triumphal arches, aad other evergreen and floral decorations, of tending a epectae of Airy enchant meet to the scene which was one of the prettiest 1 hare ever seen?for more ao than that of the great Jaixocae ball The flaring torches la the bock ground, the ex ploding rock? high above the brilliant transparencies " streets,f " " S| won leg the streets, Uie ChlBc?e lantern* swinging from and windows and archae, the distant boodres, the ringing church bells and the ringing cheers, combined to make a spectacle as brilliant at it was aacltlug. The yrsu?lua then moved forward Seward* the -lenm-r Kingston, at the wharf?the Bremen aai other torch bearers following la the rear, aa as la be aalaled with Bre works, that leal a terribly larld aspect to the whole, at every point tf their progress. The display was highly creditable to the townspeople, many of whom, however, weol borne very much disap pointed at having been unable to catch a glimpse of the royal visiter. The arches are very una aad tastefully omamea ted, aad, couaidirmg lbs short time bis Royal llighn? was ex ported to stay here, show that the feeling here m as strongly loyal aad adactiooate aa say where The deiaoo at rat leu tar surpassed that at rrederiotca, the capital of New Brunsw ck, although 1 dare my the Frederlct >oians are just aa loyal, only more aaviag, and Valuing money too much to Spend it, or ? it, as tbty mould say, >a Arihcf igd f.i q uke. Thin mora lag the Prince appeared on the steamer* deck, fresh from his stateroom, at nine o'olnck, aa i be leg recognised by those ashore, there wag great chaartag, which he responded to la bis kindly way by Itftiag his tat aad bow lag repeatedly. The steamer, being anchored boats filled wltb those eager to ? htm At a quarter elrten be gratified a gwoerei wish by eoming m a email boat, and driving through the principal street* the i ?mom of the pleas were k of the lews. All the reeeuroas of the pleas ware taxed I provide tarriegra for the party, hod with tolerable una Ceva, at though there wash grant want <* aalformlty to the a?, aa? and ? of tha vehicle# aad bos? enltot ed ia tha eervios The lViase look hx place ia ?? ?pen carriage by the side uf the Governor Oeneral, while the Ouhetf Newcastle aad Karl ?k fierma? eat eppmtto. Lord l.yone aad the suite fottowad m aanar? wrxgua. The atresia were very duaty, owlag pertly to tha crowd that ran nioegstde and before m3 behtad the Prieoe s enrrtege. which WOT guarded (d to Japaaedu at Hew York) by two pet learn?, una at either etde, armed with batons. The royal party had la kaep tbetr eyee half that tor a white, bet afterwards the olewd* diminished bath la vol o? and density. The party pasaed through Buell, cburcb. Perth tad King streets, sod so peat the Opart House, a flee look tag bulMtag for the piasa. aad down the am sue where all tha aehaot children nf tbe been gathered yesterday efterooon la Blag tha anthem aa i be Prince went by. betas derha? came, aad ba did aot, thrv dlai'rand. Cheer* gristed hie Royal Higa? along tbe'whole Hoe of route The drive?ted sheet half aa boar. IN Prince thru returned na board. aad tha staamar rat tad immediately aftoewardi, at twenty mteu? part twelve, for Kingston. OUR KINGSTON CORRESPONDENCE. Km?roe, flupt t, INK fofara?p Assfd? TU MCmrry iwmf At Phoeaaad Mae?The fvtp frtm Mr**? Jrrimi af Klagtom f%* l*i ipai mdliin /er A* ?nfWw Ifo INiniP ilafmaaf 4 A* MktHhidr and At CUaftosfo tf As Or sag?m. Aa Aa taetdsat mere cbarnotoriettc of the generous im pel? wbtah away the nature of tha Prison ef Wales ceald art bars oocurrad than that which 1 acquainted yoa witb by telegraph y aster day be five my departare from Brock villa. Hts Royal Htgba? rearing that ha bad hardly doaa justice to that lews la the brief reply which be read at tha railway ? ttoe, la answer to the addr? of the Mayer aad Corporation, aad thick wot written preparatory to bin departure from Ottawa, bad another prepared more adequately etpr?tag bid warm apprecis I ton of the reception there met with, aad he nag thle In bis Special earn, lbs Duke of Newcastle ?t for the Mayer aad handed it la him on the wharf after the rrtera ?f the royal party from their drlre through the tswa Nothing con Id bar* btaa more kind er git?ful. and althougn sech a pr<?edlag was without a pusi ksal, * waa a measure of the snout i ajintor eherantor. aad eaanot leu Is swhaaee even the high inter? aad regard a? a?natlwg i? aRVcttoa, with wbtoh ha is already regarded throughout tbe Brit? d?miaae. Tits riMxaasn vune At twenty miantce paat iv-elve the Kmget.w. <teemed away, aid la a fow mmutee afterwarda waa pereulag bar roerw asneg the fbouraad latoade. fb# weather wee fortunately warm *?>?! many, and tbe granite taiaade were are* to grant a-iiawuge Here as Mr appeared la have foaeifoi'y prop trod a grand pro Mhl tn to least the iraseitor'e eye, '<r nothing eeuld bete?***ed?d 'f ? rf ;l?r'ty iheh'oe thai pre" sate J t ?*& Ths mighty Pt. La vreuos?the Iroquois of the rod moo?here, to ogeo long elapsed urged its vexed wet ere, before peat up m the vaet Inland beoln of North Aucrl ?e, egotaet that portion of the primitive barrier which visibly extends from the granite mountains of the But over to the dividing ridge between the wild regions of Hudson Bsy and the tributary waters of the Ottawa eni the St Lawrence; and here, by some tremendous effort which has evidently shaken the whole ooun try ffota Kingston, at the eastern extremity of Lose Ontario, to the other tide of the region through which the granite ridge pursues its north westerly courts, the river has at one time rusned over a sheet of cas. ?Uis and rapids milee in bteodlb, but which nave long d isappeai cU under the wearing iniiuouco of time. Island succeeded island, group succoe ted group, till the eye almost wearied of the aucceuioo. Most of these were b< autiiully wi'Hted. and many of them so low and tisl as to suggest to the mind the tranquil prospect of an Italian lagoon. Others again were split and rent into a variety of fantastic forms, terming views of peculiar witness. A turn of the channel disclosed a new labyrinth, wMts wo ?wared under a dark wall or rock, coaled with mass and lichens thai had likely tlourishcd titers for generations, and I'roro whose bare and rugged top the hoary tlr lifted its sombre head. Further os a lighthouse stood perched on a rock, and further still another. All was slUl and lypely?itv cerulean vault abuye, the tranquil tide below, tu? sunbhine overall. Wastes poetry Or the scene (el t by that lair young man gazing so calmly, so thoughifUiiy upon it from the deck of that steamer. over which the rich tints of a i'rluce ol Wales standard Haunted in the suuf li I were a novel, t I should say " Yes." Then another fairy picture presented ltaslf in groves, growing. ae it were, out of the water, and seaming to bar our fi id er i gross, till suddenly lha sylvan curtain was wlthdiauu, ..ud the eyo wandered over a wide sweep of water dotted here and there with a few small rooks, and bounded by lb? endless forest of the mainland. TViwns and villages ware meanwhile passed on either shore, and once a lonely fisherman was seen practising his gentle art In a am all row boat. The islands extended the whole way from Broekville to Kingston, but the must compact cluster was eeen in front of Alexandria bay. Here the view was exquisite. A wide expanse of river reposed mirror-like oenesth the rich autumnal sky, and this sheet of water reflected the forms of an assemblage of Islets of lbs most picturesque, diversified and inviting aspect; hers a naked crag, there a majestic bouquet, yonder a clump of trees or a perfect and supporting s solitary stem. Bach happy ossfuelen, such on indiscriminate sprinkling of all shapes and stsaa and varieties of vegetation was unique In the extreme, van AKpnoAcn to kuhhtkm. As we n sored Kings too, after leaving Broekville. the channel by which we advanced end which was formed by Lung Island, on the borders of which were several islets, and by the mainland, Pittsburg and Kingston, gradually widened. ibeeo wero well wooded, and the larger ass dta-losed several nest farms. Further una speared the strong fort I fleet 100 crowning the promoLtury ot Point Henry, about a hundred feet above tbe level of the lake, for here Ontario and the 81. lawrsnoe meet. This commanded a narrow eotranee be tween Cedar Island and Hamilton do re; and hare, oo a verdant slope, fronting the picturesque rooks of Oedar laland and nwiuiaadlng s beautiful view of the opening of tbe lake, stood tbe (iarriaon Hospital, built of dark blue (tone, with a tin roof end verandah m front. Advancing beyond, n pro?|*ot still floor unfolded itself to tbe doilgbtcd eye. The opening of the take was ob aervablo in the distance, and the town of Kingston began to show Itself on the right. Away wo want past Navy Bay and Point Frederick, between which, during the American war, British frigates used to lie m waiting Ships, powder mngasinae, forte and batteries told the tale of the past. A dangerous shoal, rinsing off from Point Frederick, obliged ue to moke a large curve before e#tee ing the harbor; bat this afforded a fins opportunity for observing the soonery, including the expense of On tsrlo, the broad current between Lang Intend and the town, the flne eetwary of the St. Lawrence, oeroaa which, over s distance of eighteen hundred foot in length, n wooden bridge extends; the bounce, and churches end market piece of the town rising above each otner on s gentle declivity, and spreading two mites or more along the margin of the take, the wborfo and skipping and tbe distant forest on cither side. Kingston was one or Um first settlements of the French missionaries on the great fresh water sons of the New World. It was than rolled by its Indian name, Cataraqui, end was strengthened with a large fort, oreotod by order of the Governor General of Chaada. not otuttor nor mm. And now we were near the wharf where hta Royal Highness wan appointed to tend, according to tbe original arrangement, but which consummation had been eon t dered doubtful (tare the departure of the royal party from Broekville, for tt was there oommsntaeted by tele Rlbat the Orangemen sere determined to take part ? procession, arrayed In all tbe trapping* of their Order, and it had bean eignlfled that hta Royal Highness would not take part in surh a prooseeloe. for the reason that It won offensive to the Homos Catholic body, which had protested against it. Immediately upon arrival the Governor General rent laMbe Mayor, asking the question whether er net the Orsngsman intended to forage jotaiag the prassaman ? Utsir robes, with the attendant banner*. The answer was In tbe negative. The Governor (1 moral art tag likely under higher aatbortty?then intimated that'if they did not agree to dispense with their party daaeaa nlrnttaa within half an hour the Prince would remain oo beard the steamer, the half hour alamort, the Orange men were Arm in their decision to bold out, and tbe Prises, as a consequence, <lld not load. The process loo, which bad bam formed at groat length, including all the Eiblic officers and clergy, and the volunteer cavalry of ipgstoa, was therefore left to disperse is the gray twl light I "septa, under the oombtaad taflueaoe at asclte nrnl and disappointment, now stared at aaeh other in blank wonder at lbs ssfortmsta tarn of a ranis, sad alter that b ~ " Ths the began to epaoakle sonoscnteg tbe ultimata rssstt. ^?a Prtaee slept on heard the steamer that sight, end ?own was illuminated. although not as gmsrsUy as If bis Royal Highness bad been arbor a, according to original | expectation. Thousands si visiter* crowded the streets and Aetata, unable Is obtain beds. The triampbel arches erected In the streeta are neither numerous nor and altogether fiamlm presents s rather sorry^^^H | This morning the Mayor and othera have been on board tbe royal simmer, endeavoring to SO SS to enable hta Royal Highnem to Orange party, meanshlis, parading the streets In foil party costume, and forming s long proometoo. But the result Is that such has bees under the attendant circum stances declined his Royal Highness prop*rung to bold a levee and teosivs addresses on board tbe simmer instead. Tb'S will, therefore, be the order of the day. Thus the first shadow has fallen across the New World path of the future King of England which Is another evidence that there is no pleasure without en alloy of pain. no event in human history but is marred by seme element of dtecard, w bet Iter Individual or national, ft was, therefore, hard ly to be expected that ths prasn of welcome would sot be marred by some foctloasl croaking, or that the cloven foot of party prefudioe would not intrude among the crowd. But of this anon. Tbe tide Is still flowing. Kiroeroa, Sept. i, I MO. Tkf (Jrmmft DjficuMm tpwip wig "f At PmpU m At Mtvrmnu? Oyimimu of CTtumr?TV Pro eod Om of At Matter?Tk* CitUtnf Ball, 4c. Tb# full..wing letter* ?U1 *i plain A* cans* of lb* an fortunate difficulty which reaoltod la hit Royal H If tineas act landing at thla town, and oven disappointing many Mill farther hy not holding tha anticipated tore* on hoard the i team it ? Mohtmuj., Augv?t 30, IMO Mv Unas Si* Burn-1 am ahnwd Mat It la U>? la Inllot of tbo Uraiirwwi of Tbralt to mot aa arch oa Ihc llaa of rout* which it la deeirad hy tbo citlaaaa that the Prince << Wake thail take oa Prtday anal, and to to enrate it with the insignia of their iMMlallna. I aa ml mo told that they aeaa la appear I tor to decorated with party badgM. It la ohtlout that a dieptoy uf Ala aMari oa auoh aa aaaaalao la Hhaty la Mad la rel?Mne toad aad breach of the peace, and it la ar del# la prereal, m far m I mm able, the eipneur* of the Prtaoa la aeppoaad partieipe ilea la a noeao mm maoti la ha aaprtaM aad aa ailoa to the spirit la which be riatta Cm a da I Iruet yoj may be able to penned* I boa* a bo ar* em crraed la the** preparation* to aaaadoo tholr intention*; bat that there may be ao mMtake, I hop* yoa will inform thim that, In the eeeat af each aa arch being erected. I 'ball adrwe tha I'rtaoe la refaa* to paea under it, aad eater the town by another etreet. and further, if any Oraaee dtmouatratloa, or nap etbe* demonstration of a pa <y character la pertialed to, I ahatl airlse tha Priaoa to abandoa his rlail to Ihc town sltngelb* ? I hare heard, hut with leaaornately, that a atmilar de m< natra .loa it c leteautoied at K agvtna I need not any Mat my rrmarks apply rqualiy to that or any other Iowa. I am, he. ' KEWCAnru. lb lb* Right lea. Sir & W. Bam Urrawa, AdgaMSI, ltdh. I fra?I bar* tha hoaar te laelaan a onpy of a totter ad dreseed to mm by tha Rmi ?tar f ml Stat* tor the On low lee, now to iltiailuaae ea Bh Royal Higboew* the Frtwoe of Wales. la eantonalMp of Ihtt totter I dralre to call yoar at tea Hon to the (bet thai, wording la aa adrwito*m*ni which bae appeared in a Terooto paper. It la A* la lea I oh of the orange body la that city la dleplay ta Aa promaatoa whteh la to take plane on the lamptwii af bto Royal High n*M, and to the ? treats thrnaah which ha la la ptas, car lata embkm* and decorations batooglag apeclally to I heir own melety I may slate ta the ami eapUeM tarma thadaarrach display, or any attempt to coaaect his Royal H?h?***' receptloe Willi Uie pul.hc and open reeugnltiow <d the "If' O-aagrateu ar any party i with rctrrm* dtoaattotoctloa. Yoa will bear la mtad, elr, thai bin Royal Blghnem rtotts thtt notoay oa the^ejtal tanwutoa at tha whole ecm. r eapreeetog nan or other badges af dtotiaettoo which ar* known ta bh oOehaire to hay port low of bar II^Mlp'aaablaeia. I totl aatleOed that bto Oreo*'* " I bee# rlwe will, oa mmaldwMWh, aad I bare to ra*oee? that yea, at ally of forento, will tab# earn complaint may etiet, eRber to tha i the diroratww <>f Me "treat* through which hto Hoyal i will peas. bar* farther to r*quest that jam will, by totter ad araaaad to at* at klngaum, Inform m# eipticiiiy whether any dnabt aileta aa la a ownpHance with the wish** *? preaard hy tha Dak* of Newoaaua ta Ala matter, as tha sou re# likely to be pursued at Toronto may mater tolly *0< c t the mole ta be lake* by hto Royal Hlgeem la bto ferthar prcgrraa through the prwnaoe I hare the honor to be. ttr. yotir obedient eerraot, RHMOND BK \0. R* Wurebtp the Matim if Tbruoto. Tbo Megaton left the harbor at three Ala aft a ana, the oncaawm beiag dtetiacatohad hy a royal Mtate. (Irad from tha Market Battery hy lbs rt luaieer artillery Mb parr of Aa Iowa. There war* ant maoy aamwahled at lb# water side at the time, and the cheer# were of a torn r?tbe?hMlc eberanter than tbnaagtren oa bin departure from a >y oAw ptoc* be ha* rWHt I. tar. est?enter*, lb* Oraaf*m*a remalaed la priewMloa la the (treat parallel wuhtb* war** etda opt? tato UMlr oumbcra ware fewer by one half than on Um pre vious day, many baring been oowpeiMd to return to UMir hours In tb? country, In sonsequoBce of the approaching bWTMt immediately after the list nbotn from the battery bad died awar, an indignation meeting wan beid by the clti atas generally, who, I may remark, entertain a strong sympathy for the Orange party, in the vicinity of the Oystal Palaoe; and 1 am sorry to say that the scene here was anything but creditable to the town, and that a cer tain Proteatant chaplain, who was the chief speaker, took anything but an unbigjted and impartial view of the relations of one section of the community to another, He thought that the Orangemen had done tbelr duty m a holy cause. He dragged down the religions faith of a people from the lofty standard of individual responsibility and moral luH.ienoe to do battle in political and party oouteele. lie and others were evi dently disponed to revive the rancor end religious bate which long ago cast a sum upon the people of Then it was complained that the Orangeman had been badly treated. Historical recollections w. rerevived,and the concourse was told how the Orangemen were the reprssenUtives of those who fbugfat side ay side with me Illustrious William, sad bled with him In the cause of s common religion and a common liberty. That banner they oarrlcd to-day had Boated in triumph orer the wails of Derry. and led the way when the conquerors u( the Boyne waded to the nock to optwae their foes. And yet they wore thus Ignored and disallowed to Haunt that glorious banner beneath the open heaven in the presence of the descendant of that Illustrious loader with whom they fought They deserved better. Was It right for the Roman Catholics In Lower Canada to assemble all their bishops from dandwlch to Uaspe to meet his Royal Highness on his first landing at Quebec, to Induce him to visit their colleges and nunneries, and when the Church of kin gland was hardly represented to allow these to gather and pass before him In all the pa geactry of feudal days, add then, aftsr suoh a recognition of the religion of the people in that sect too. altogether re fuse similar privileges to the representatives of Proles Untlam tn L'pper Canada/ Then followed some rather strong langutga, tu which the masses of Um Governor General and Um mens Derm for the town and county were received with loud groana. A itill loftier peiaonago interested tn colonial atUirs also cams in tor a slight share of the unpopularity caused by this party feeling. Thus, it will be seen, tho worst consequence bavo arisen from the stubborn determination of tha body of Orangemeu to parade the Insignia of their order to the annoyanoe of tha Roman Chlhollc portion of the community, and that, notwithstanding an otllcial intlma tlou that such a display was contrary to the wishes of the highest authorities or the crown, as wall as being suhver sive of good order. A greater insult could hardly have been offered to lb* Prince and crown .una was brought about by this fanatical adherence to party creed and par ty resolves. "You don't respoct the Prtnco," 1 hoard one man say to one of the gentlemen lo red and yellow. "Yes, we do- but wo respoct Protestantism more " This Is laying lo their sou is the nattering unction that they are sometblag mors than what they are. Protestantism, It Is to be hoped, Is totally Independent of Oraogelsm; and if Orange km is to result in more of such stance as have transpired here, Um sooner it sioks Into a more mat ter of history the better. To Digit tbero la a sitisena' ball held; bat its spirit has passed away with recent events, and the aucouacement ?that li is In '-honor of his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales- reads like a mere mockery. To marrow morning 1 shall be at Belleville, whither his Royal Highness has proceeded. If, however, matters remain the same there as here, with regard to the Urango party, the Prtuoe,aa will be seen by the Duke's letter, will not lead either at Toronto or any other place where such a demonstration may bo likely to occur. This will hasten bis arrival In the United Stales, end likely pro duoe a depression which only the brilliant reception there tn store Tor bia Royal Highness will remove Meanwhile there is no keowieg what a day may bring forth Tonight the town looks dnil and lifeless, and the visit ers have nearly ail departed. THE ORANGEMEN AND THEIR HISTORY. The following sktlch of the origin of the Order whish is sow err at leg such a disturbance In the arrangements made for the reception of tha Prince of Wales Is taken from the Brooklyn ?apk, and will convey a historical Idea of tho orgaaiaalton, which may not bo familiar to the public? The Orangemen of Ireland data thair existence from tho year ISM, aad name themselves after William, Priase of Orange, madtholder of Holland, and king of England un der tha aatws of William III. After the death of Charles a of England, ha brother, James U , ascended the Ihrime. Charles lived a Protestant, but at heart he alter nated between deism aad Catholicity; whan well he was a da at, when stefc ha tneliaed to be a Oalhoilo. On his deathbed he refused the ministrations of the ministers uf the Church of Mglaad; a priest of Um Chlhotic Church wan aasreotitiouaty caavsped into his ohemhsr, and the dkkatato Charles died In I hat fhlth His brother James as relgicn, aad Safari he had bsaa a i ha turned the whole lnfleeaje uf tha _ , to tha rneatabllahmeul of Catholicity The whiMaadtavMa united m inviting over William, Prince of Orange, who had married Mary, daughter of James. He tended with 16,000 man. Jeaaea Hal from bis kingdom without a struggle tn tie daSeaae, and William, oooiciotly with hie wife, Vled the reseat throne. Ireland and Soot land, with a devotion worthy of a belter cause, adhered to tha ftortunm of James, and In ISM ha landed In Ire land with n small French amy, and, aastatad by the na tive Irish, he all bet regained possession of that portion afhisdomlalaaa. The >r it masts of Ireland?or perhaps more strictly peaking, the Pimkyterteee of Ireland? took refuge within the wells ef feawklltaw aad Loedoo derry lbs roreea ef James were ooaeeelraied on the two devoted cities. The Governor of Londonderry was la favor of giving sp the city, bet though the Inhabitants and tbegarrlaoa were reduoed to almont unheard <>f straits, they strenuously resisted the wishes of the Governor aad Ute assaults of Uie army of James. The Governor was scat to tho royal camp, aad the town was do fi Dried by the | opto under the I tad of a clergyman named Walker, with a resolution never surpassed Proposition after prnpestltee of James was received by the people, famishing with bun C, with cries of "N o surrender." The people were rally starving, Um flesh of horses, Mgs, neu, and of rnta even, was a luxury purchamble ecafceiy by money The only hope for the devoted town was In tpe arrival ?f succor from Logian 1. kenea the river was placed a boom by James army, the rtvvr was alao commanded by can Die Tbe ships at length appeared in sight of the town; one of them succeeded in breaking the boom and in escaping me cannoned" The Irish army rained the s'ege, and the 1'roteitant stronghold was saved. The 'prentice boys of Iierry, who took e prominent pirt In the defence, took tbe name of orange boys. Tbe eeit jeer William landrd la Ireland, and defeated the army of James at the batik of tbe Hoy i.e. Prominent among the fbrem of Wil liam were the derenderaof Kerry, now known as "Ornugu mrc ' Tbe Irish retrieved a name sadly Urn label at tbe Boyne in defending Limerick. A cap.tula:toa wee affected, the Irish army bed a choice of (otng lo friac- and -n taring tbe eatvleas of Loeia the XIV , or of tbe army of William. They for the met part chose I'm form er alternative, and they le t Ireland prostrate at the test of EngMed The uueqesat end exhaustion wre complete. A whole century * misrule could not agate arouse tbe people to res tmeses Tbe iiraagemi u who performed So important a part m the defence of the i nglieb ;n Ireland wielded the pew-r and tbe patronage of the government; they yearly paradid tbe atresia of the towns and cities, playiig the "Bojoe Water," "CroppM Lie Dowm" and other patty tones, and fl'nytsg iato the face f the down trodden race tbe evidwsaa of the.r de'eat The ponoy of England bei rheagrd But the Oraag?w?-n hold <m with tenacity Is the syntem uhlah placed in Uie!r Leads power ?ad itfl-.'WMr, and left at their feet the aeeyrcl race; every conreswtea to the mem of tbe people has been re stated by them. Frotu be ng the tool of the government they have hew roe Its chief obetaek la carry kg out the eo ca'ted rvlhrme n the edminHuralion . t Jriali aiu-r? If the oondcrt of the Pr ess of Wake tends to mske unpepu lar so mWchtevom en orgsatmttna owe eo well cah uiau-d to bring dlegTwe epnw rHIgtow and Wmier III bleed a Ca rer's bis > trtt will have produced a moot beuefl'-i*l ree .It tor the important coke Ma be will me day govern. r*oro-n> Coariurarr tu Mb T. 0. Hire ?We are In formed ttal Mr. f. D. Rtoe, familiarly kaown to two p?i i at tool of ptajr goers aa "Jim Crow,'' hoe boons* ao far proalratad by uM age aa to be laoapaclUtod from porta tag Uie lobora of Ma neat mo. Mr Rtoe haa beaa raw necled with the Amerleaa stage dor tag the laat ih.rly years, ind may bo fairly ooaan terra! aa the Ibther of the colored opera. II baa beaa propoard thai, la now of Mr. glee's loag an J faithful mnlcea In the apoaialliy whiab ha cr rated that lb* poranaa aow eafaged there la, with each art ate of the regular thealrea aa amy aaa tl tojota la tba morrmrnl, aboaM anile la (Ira him a maafrilBMalary beer11 TV rigge?tt<w aroma aa emlaaatly prapar one, aad worthy the atlaatlaa af the parUta eaaoaraad Tn Pacific Tnumairn?We und*mtand that there k aow h fair prospect of having a conttno j out line of telegraph from the Atlantic HUtea to thn Pacific, and that, too, within tha time pre ?cribed by the terma of the bill passed at the last aeaaton of Congraaa. Our reader* will recollect, perhape. that that bill wag ao badly cot down In the Beaae, through the eMirta of lobby me ml rem aad othera lute reeled la ita defeat, that it waa feared that no responsible parties won id renture to take a contract beaed on the propositions con tatned in that bill. Hoeh, however, bee been only partially the cane. It la trim that the parties named in the original bill aa H waa prenentad to tha Renate by Nr. Owln, aa well aa the acrera! telegraph companiea who, preriontly to Ha riaaa eolation In the Honae, were eiesedingly noxious to obtain the contract, bare, with one deception, since refueed to tonch It. Bet we learn that the Wcatarn Onion Telegraph Company, the excep tion referred to, after malar* ow*4.W?Uo*, here finally cooclnded to make propositions to the Se cretary of the Treaanry for the conceaeion of the Use. Tbta compaay propose to build *ed e^uip the line within the time specified In tha bill, not withstanding the fa< t that *ercral month* hate elapaed since the data at which the two year* allowed fbr Ha enmpmtion were to commence. They el*? -tend reedy to rira any amount of ae :n rtty for the rhlthfhi Fall!men! of Urn contmci that the government may demand. Mr. Hiram Sibley, the '01- icnt president "f 'hi* "ornpany, w now in Waebirigten. for th* purpose of arranging with Mr. f ofcb for th' oDc???ion of the contract, and we earneetly hope that ao'Mng may aria* to pre v ant the a- comgltahmea) of the 4e*irn Of the pr i?ctofa of the important *a ten trite. IMPORTANT FROM EUROPE. Arrival of the City of Washington Off Cape Race. TWO DATS LATER UTELUGEHCE. Progress of the Revolution ill Hiapleu. ADDITIONAL SUCCESSES OF THE GARIBALD IS GARIBALDI PROCLAIMED DICTATOR. Reported Flight of the King of Naples. PROROGATION OF THE BRITISH PARLIAMENT. THE QLEEN'H HPEECH. STATE OF THE A1EHCAS PB.OBCCE UUETS, *??? hn U. Sr. Joans, N. F.,9ept. 7,1990. Tl?. steamship City of Washington, iron Liverpool 20th nit. | ud Quecnstown JOtfi, pwl Cape Ittot, tx u l to New Turk, at two o'clock thia (iriday) afternoon Eor dates are two daya later than these already neelv?d. Site waa boarded by the .owb yacht of the pre*, and thq following summary of new* obtained:? Garibaldi bad been proclaimed Dictator at "alee -a. Large noabars of Galabriana were joining bim. The latest despatches report that the royalists bare again been defeated at Galabrla. It was reported at Paris oa the 2Mb that the King of Naples had quitted there on the previous evening on board the frigate Strombolfe, the Piedmont"*# occupied the forte. Tbia requires sOBtrmatioc. Disturbances at Naples were Imminent. Appeals to the people to revolt were being publicly distributed _ The Neapolitan lllnlster of War and Gen. Bmco had left Naples for Calabria, with six battalione as r* n. foroemtnU. A revolutionary movement at Salero was immlaect. Dm Pope, It waa said, had expressed his readiness :o agree to the Italian Confederation. The Brltlaa Parliament waa prorogued oa the. 22th tut. The vjueen'i speech waa read by the Lord Cbaooellor. She says that her relations with foreign powers era friendly and aatlsthctory. She trusts there is so danger of the interruption of the genem, pesos of ftgleod. She believes that if the Italians are left to settle their owa difficulties the tranquillity of other tales will reaiala ua disturbed. She hopes that. In any negotiations wh.cb may take plaoe on the Savey question, the neutrn ltty and independence of Hsi tier land will be main tained. She laments the atrocities commi'ted upon the Chi iiUani In Syria, and cheerfully concurs with the other Powers of Europe in assisting tbs Sultan of Turkey to re establish order. She regrets the Ihi.ure of the ce gotiationa with China, and says that bar ior<v? will support the demand for a fun and faithful execution of tbo treaty ef Deo lain. 8b? thanks Par! a* meat for the appropriations for the fortifications, and congratulates the country oa the efficiency of the R:fie Volunteers. She ooncindea by expressing the heart'- t pleasure and eatiafhctiun she baa experienced at the warm and enthusiastic reception the Prince of Wake taa met with la bar North American province#. Iks k null If Grant hasten averaged nearly fb crtee# knots aa hour oa her passage h im. Some Improvement had taxes place in the weather, bug it etui continued unsettled. The Emperor Napoleon and Fugeele were at Cbambf y and mat with aa enthusiastic reception ihrra. The Bourse was dull at Mf. There ta nothing important from Pyrin. 7 he ate unship Australasian, frc-n New York, arr: ,ed at Llvwrpotl on the 27tb ult. The atcamahip Canadian, from Quebec, arrived at L'VS' pool aa the 2feth ult. Lo.vnox, .lugust 30?P. M. The reported fight of the Klag of Naplse Is n II unconfirmed. COMMERCIAL INT&.LKjEJlCE. LONDON MOMT MAEUT. Lovno.v, August 20, ltd) Consols closed oa Tuesday at 02'f a 93. axxaicax noou. Dm following are the latest aaiea ? Illiao.s Cectral ?hares, 19.ig discount, ditto bouda of '7? ?9t{a90, Mi chigan Central, ft; ditto fim mortgage,91 a93; New York Central, Wt\ S3, Krte, 27 >, a 29*. livsktool c<?ttom Maaxwr. l.iTiarooi, August 29,1M0 Cotton?Ttis Brokers' Clronlar reports that the tales t lbs three days, Including Wednesday,font up 21 009 bale#, of which 1,090 were to speculators anJ exporters. The market la generally unchanged, but quotation, are bar. y maintained. MATE OP TkADE IN X VSl ItE-TriU The advices from Manchester an favorable Tha market for yarns Is quiet but Steady. For cluti# tberr ? little inquiry, sod prices are weak. LlTHtrOOL BKXAPeTUPFU XIMkftT. Livaapoot, August 29, two The breadstuflk market la quiet .ud steady. Tea weather bee bee# more favorable for the crops, but t etiU ountiauea uaeelUed. Messrs. R char dees. -Jpeo. k I o , aed Wakefl.i l, Nash A' o , report flour I 1 i sod pr:<:?# taster, but quotahly unchanged sake at 39a. a 92*. of. Wheat quiet at Friday's advance: aal?e of red Western at 11a id. a Us. M , Southern, lie. 101. a 12k 99 , Wt te, lis. 94. a lie id. Cora qstet sales of mixed and yellow at 30a a Me ti, and white at Me. s Mi 91. LiTiarOOL PROVISION MARKET. Lrraaroot, Auguit 29.1990. The provision market ts gsaerally dull. Tarteus : r culars repeat beef dull. Port quiet. Haoon steady I er I qstet, el 92k a 93a 91 for Ane. Tallew firmer Butchers' Assoc let ion, th uvnrooL raoocci iaiut. lJTMWOOt, Aag ^ 20, J MO .""gar M qoM. Coffra dull. P.k* firm ud n gat do maad Aabaoqotot poto, Ma. M.; paarla, Ma. j<p.r <? turpml.u* Arm, and botdara d?atait aa adrwco 31a. rafaawl. Raota Bra, aad boldcra domand aa adraa ?- 4a. ?d. for ooaina la qootad. LOKDOM UUITI. IxMPcm, Auguat 20 1M0 Wbaot haaanapward Uadaacy, w.tb aa adyooo* >1 M on tb? woob IMdrr* drmaod aa oddltooal adrat ??, wbtob baa not baaa ooaoadad. "agar qnlot. Oflb* i nn. Blea ana, bat raibar laaa artlr*. Taa grooral'y aa c baa gad. Ta k>? arm at tla. M ? ru latba t unm. Livaaroot, Aogtl M?)? W Tba aalaa of rot too to day war# a,oao balaa Tbo aalaa of oat ma to-day war* *000 balaa aalud ng 1,000 ao ?faealatM aad for rtport, tba aoritot doa rg fpki Tba ?rfcot far hraoOotuft ta afady Tba woofb" to day ? ahowory. Tba yrofHtoa mart at ooattaoro dail. I/>*ik?. Aogur TO?P. II Onoaala clnaad at *i\ a M fbr moaay, aa-l M lor ac NBt Araaaorr oa Hrmc.?Tbo wrtl won* bot atltl pop 'tr 'TVoralora ' waa gtraa laal aight, with Cartaai, lit. Mrabaacb, Moalaaiaad Amodlo la tba rMm wbfcb tbry baaa alraady Had* fbmiliar to tba pablM. MooMoi ?*.'* a graat aaoaatlaa a tba fkmo'.a aria of lb* tblrd act, '< forfla ydra, H wbleb ba -.alrodocad tba C, d4 pa?*, an I raprotod It la aaawar to a rary daeldod towr. Madamo Oartrat r*o*wod bar farmrr trPmph* i* tba 'nvit ft, aod tba wbota yarfwmaor* wo* lafiaoblag'y (Wl, ar I waa meat rathiataatu-any rroalrrd by a full ba ar To day lb* eriootla* world will mi#?*r in btH f- ? tb* Oral matin#* of thaaaaano Tba 'UattobU ' ? I bo glrra, wttb MWo fttti aa Aaiiaa, Hr .gno.i ?# it., aad Amodio aa Coubt Jtodplpb" Taa Jinnw lairn it -la a#a r*?| ""?*? ? ta h? that tba rtatamnot that '.'rorral b**dlb-d bad praa- i ?d ? bill or htlio bw lb# arrrkwa #* IbrT W d.rwam dm lw* J* pa arm rrorptloo !? oatm* *fa b'll fb# lb# ?*- or* f tb* nmdtrwioo harorrar bm? prraiitad Tl* ?p,. nrar OWttoo agrmd t? pay tba ?a d"t b * m t * iarad>r ")'* lb# arrlr*' of taparrm . tba ;# . ?% by tba tfayor aad oano tb*'r ' ?tharkav-o, a" rf wr> i ba?# b#*o prr*?atro Tb-y am ?tui <? a d, a#o #*? it I* >?? tf.aa tbro* tboiMM do! of*

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