Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 8, 1860, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 8, 1860 Page 5
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CKDUVAL AF7A11S. Cwwrt wf ItaMrtl Iftitoai. Before Judge Ruaaetl. mm m acmxBM or m amui sbwion* is 1 HAftUaCTUI?4 I4TS1 OP XONIWU1 IVMbil ?*NT TO TBI STAT* rUlM'IM. B" I?Ito oeiendar ol omm lo b* diapoeel of on Friday wua vary large, and when lb* Court wa* open ed it III auppoerd that it would be in eeaaton tUI * Uto tour Ike majority of the prisoner*, however, pleaded fHlBy alitor lo Ito ufleece* for which Itoy war* u. itoUxl ar I* miner grade* of crime, thus saving Ito tunc of ito Owl and jar la*. It would a ru n lab tto Judgea and pro eecutmg officers of tto rurai dlatriela and ito snaaii vil lages 111 hey could aitueaa tto manner In wbloh tto va*t aaaouai at orimiual buaineaa of tto metropolis w tranaaot ad. There wrr* m?re indiotnienu disposed of in me ?tort of rieaaiooa yaatcrday than are g-oeraily tried dor Bf Ito white term of a dtatriot county court Suae b*M auppoao that tto ooaaparativeiy baaiy manner in which prisoner* are arraign* d and aunt to tto dtatu prutou fey tto Instrumentality of the City Judge and tto prose ?g officers * prejudicial to tba proper aJm.ui* Iratlon si justice and oppressive to the accreed party. But thia la a mintake, and aucn a concluaiou would uever fee arrived at If the ''oolaide world" were acqiiaiutad wHfc tba aaaoblnery of that braucb of tto taw d< partiuoot wboaa office la to try partiea charged with criminal il w not m do expected that iu toe disposition of or*r twenty prieoutri in ? single dny?waioD m uVa done by tod Judge of tbie dart?inch one charged, perhaps, with ? dwttnnt cff.ece, end every case having Uo own peouimr bwtcry, torn m too space of five mmutee tbe presiding Judge au make those nice dlecrimmelioue, elicit toe minor cireum. BUncee connected wltb tbe perpetration of tbe off most end InqufVe into the previous character end life of the prisoner wltb sa much deliberation u be would be prompted to exercise if he bed hours to devote to the pattern consideration of each case. It oaanot oe.'ques Meaed that occasionally uyuelioe la done to Ute public and the criminal tor tbe want of time to investigate the merits of every criminal charge? involving, as it does, the liberty, the reputation, and ufteu even the very life of the ctttaen. At iltneo tbe punish nun t meted out to scene of tbe prisoners placed at tbe bar of Ibe Mminiw la totally inadequate to the aggravated nature of tbe Charges preferred againat toem^wDich.ts often overlooked to const queues of the multiplicity of the oases on tho calendar?while, on tbe etb?r band, bone who were ushered la to this mundane sphere on an unlucky day are iocstonally punished beyoud their real deserts. Tbie oaa Da accounted lor to part when it la r?empared that the beaks of are held by man wbe, however pure to Intention, are nut tniaUible ui Judgment besides, our to recording the proceedings of the criminal experience courts ben convinced us that very trivial ciroamstanoae are sufficient to tarn Ibe s ale either way. For lnataooe, If the atmosphere in tbe oourt rooas hapjeus to be im pure and the beat oppressive?if the learned advocate happens to render blmeeif obooxiuua to tbe Jury, tbe wttaemee or tbe pnweoutlng officer (wnioh ? not ua ftequentiy tbe case), if it MS late m the afWnoou, and the jury are siurng Impatiently listening to u "bnreto 01 eloquence" to which tbe duigrt jury are ?iwiue imi,.,..,,. ale of eloquanoa" in wbiob the ?ito we ef?SisfiT$SSs , had apologises to tbe Jury wben he keeps them from their dinner)?if. by some unhappy eombioatiou of events, to tbe oeurae of the investigation, the bus on m incapable el being moved by pretty strong logic, whtah, under otber circumetauoes, would render It malleable in the beean of n leas skilful logwwu?If, we repent, under soon ctreemataaoee, Ibe prisoner la plnoad la Ibe dock, Hraveo pity tbe unfortunate who gela Into tbe "haade of Jim Uoe." for, no mailer bow lnnooeul be might be, and no matter bow convincing bin proof, which be might have edduksd bad be minoeeiled to getting aw trial puotpanod a few britil hours, be is bust.ed unoeremuumusiy to a felon's cell But happily these ere very rare toeiaaoae, an* instead of constituting an argument against the man nor to which tbe criminal bueineae of Una city to trans acted, lumiah rare exorpUuns to toe i-ffieieujy, uprigul ness, humanity and intelligence evinced ay the prieeoui tog officers and clerks of the General dees look. The mam ol those prisoners who plead gouty lo uOenoea with which they are charged do eo undursrandiugly, especially ok! oBhnueie, many of whom, by undergoing repealed irala, uf xmnaei and the oh trges ana listening to tbe argui from the beech, beoomu as ouoveraant with the Jiff-root grades of each crime eprciAed m too books as ibe must 61 Igeet igent disciples of Uiacuubme, woo bare voted their llvse to toe practice of toe law Tbiw, If a notorious nod intelligent criminal is under arrant lor burglary in the drat defies- ton. m, entering a dwelling beaae ui toe algbt line He knows very well that toe Judge cannot etnd bin to the State prw >o for lean then ten yeats, and has tbe dmerrfunary power tooouaigu him to tmprwuemeai during toe term uf hw natural life Whin, toe culprit ui awaiung trial in too tomba, be oaa ah.iudaaoe of itme to reboot upon tbe probable reau t uf tbe page. If be knows tost toe testimony of we promoutiou to "shaky'* at a certain point, ue Duiidud?e to propose a compiomi-e to the district Attorney by offering to pi end adi'ty to "burglary m to* toird uegraa," which Hauls the pkbisbneul to gte yrara. Tbe pruoeculiug officer looks over tb* rvtdmoe taken dtwn by to* poiioe meg* trate whm tb* prisoner was hist arrested, Oaiis bw wit Beams, aa important wltrnM fails to aaawer; be Has a denae el oases prepared lor trial, what to be to <tof He pro, ability uf a laiiure to sustain bis cam ? of bis wilarsma, the pnaalkUity of tor Jury Wltb a portion taking a very "narreWul " view ?f toe oaae, lauwing that lurufs, wbru in a g<ssi ualurert murt, "Iuhi aay, "U, Ue la oer) a pier drvii, we'll let bias ? 0 easy," and Unauy an rumnuas bw atquMeeenoi to toe burglar's pMpuaaL So bw SaquMMaLuj IB toe birgiarh propuaal. wiib rrepn't to ledletiurBt* for robbery, grand utroeey a*S toe wboM eatatfur of orimrs A nigbway robber a often beard, wbea br? .gni to toe bar, to *ipram bw wil lis govts in plrad gul.iy to "aa assault with la tret to ," which gives toe Uoart e large dwomwe to imp a tor cbteuee le chief etnas of the effi.iteooy aed Seeps tea with which OTiawail are dap,wen uf in the General 8>?ekiua ooaaato m to.* 'eel )hnt, aa a general thing, toe polioc cdeera wbe arrest toe prl?wrs ere to alien toaos, and it w n part of tonir duty to uo?"*v? and chronicle toe novemaato of notorious charactrre id the.r raepeotlve warde, so that whea sailed a pus by toe Judge or met AU?*nay tosy are gvuerali/ abtq to vte(W aaoesa* has ever bewi arrests*. before or net, who ere ha oompanious As sight, bow he efcee oat a living, whether be bee '^t fomily or ant, and a number of other Ma naera^w. w tauvi bet era judgment W panmd. If tbe '.fuvatotioaa'' tost thaw eurveain of toe public make (torn time to tieie were printed, tbry would be My led "aateunemg," "tortitiag," and "remarkanie," by toe peney a-liner. Then, ten, toe Seteetivee are always at autendaao* during toe MM lags oftoe Oourt, end Trader vffiotoet eld to toe prwKetieg odfoeru m toe ?WwenMwn uf toe praonmk brought before toe tribunal ef Justice these gas, I Man tr we msan toe detectives?ere MMsartty eempeueS, Ik toe pillMWHII ef toetr duty, te it bale toe prat Jeruue atmosphere uf crime, but la ? doing Ihsy subserve the eedt of juetiee, for by coming bv greti, enteral arduous dolus, furuah the PTl0cipni check offomi. ra arraigned ?_ we be#, rieqeeouy prwouera ere Aaeestcd W Iks act uf toiling deliberate faierd > >de In toetr plauelbtr vprechra to toe Judge, who would be hkmy te See i*?<miw to toe akery did set too record, though e envoi wuoeee, prove him te be a oonaummnte vsmal Per more than a tif a oaetory toe venerabM Usrk of toe Mr- Vaadevuurv?wbeee aifebiiity, probity and sees* aaeee have emnwwneee tbe ree^at ?*f ad, bee sen dacted bis branch uf Ike oourt la each a way as to eon U'buie more then any other s^ncy le toe way weeding of the judtoial machiaeH tWttrat ptwuear ptowd at toe to# Qumri UfH. cMffit wlti befgWy le met Mm he having broken into tbe dweMiag bourn ef MchuieedtegveiketTNo ltd Kswt ** JjJ* nigM uf tbe suh of ktouek Tbe berfter ?ff-owd an ee uaarn b) furcmg opvn toe rear bee*aunt dour, wtw be ? fleet*d Ml vArem ?< h? prooesded hi raoeuok the booee. . vi pr*i?red a large quantity 0# siskin ug boo Vr?IIwr? it M uOQ, but lurtueatoy U wte pMailed guilty to burglary m the ttonM Hie proper name ? CurtW, and it W he flg ?re id .. tosUfM * - Meywto fottow He emd he it? test yuara utd. and wee a driver rf M M ,1 ?Jcbe.l Mt 'been,ml uf IteStU, prison " . wrra moatoe wben be eoaamenoed ,.p.-rs,.,wi< wis, having kbrved a term u# aiae years for burg la ZSZZ ^^Ilh-TSTb. V. ha,-b.w?i.?l tb" /"> ' "?i v i, led rom M Jh.; MMkry _ kid we, a bell boy nf tie Aetor How*. Male a vabiabM gutd watch from J. D Hortsy. ot Onto, a ltd M toTeeSi-keMnt. an Ike eight ef toe ?Ut of Wet month Ik" youth pleaded gouty to toe oharge, end wee mat h> the mesa prima b* torm yearn, tha mmpesn, was Skate n crape shawl and two valued at *U from Emma *>ear, M BsM Thirty attempt at larceny Uffiear (Jack hand to* prupsvty biTvunswatoe Anlteattary aw year w? tie euntm im^cera^by toe tod>? , , sra, The mmplatenet tow htm lenvlkf .g.veoh^.-^Dy uaaWg^^ bTl!Tt.tau^t tor'^utery > i anehm^nT^'^beru he pre? m ol liiun Hull), M v?e| aUeet, ?uJ ?t il'1 Wore 'i> in a quantity of tiu< d diaiters ai d mantillas, w?.r .0 14 the aggregate *248 A porliou i.f ibe proper!y -\aa w?id 10 t avo been umi.d up. n the premises of (be ac se I. at (.86 I'ourih *t?v< 1, 0 it ih>- evdenc.* of bia eotnp'C.I'y tu lt?> bu.glary wa* not clear Tie Jury aoqu.Ued IU? pri ?oner Pairafe O'N'atl, who br?.ke into the premises of El war 1 M 'o A, VI Wort Teeth nriot, on tbo dlh of Augmt, ao<l stole a quantity of geotleuieu'a oluo uniforu, pleaded gutty ki the charge, aii-i was rent to the Statu prt*oO for two V-ear*. Carl At iHiraoo war ch irged with grand larceny. Instealing r?iin ilirta mat*, worth i17?> <r>nn H.mry B Wall, of 730 Eighth avetiu* The own' r of the proparty I teatified ilia priaoncr In vu Eighth a-eou? rar, and piuouroo tits arrest. He pit wdec g .illy to an attempt at laroouy, and ?aa *#Dt to hlarkwell's *Und lor <>u? year. J.**l>h Drli*h?'tt w*h oharm'd with burglary in blanking Into tbo premises of :tenry 3 lay too, at 16 Kt g > atrart. H?atol? acoat,awur of pautal>*u^ and a hat, an I Aw en doing war convicted of petit lardhny and seotei cod to 'he pcnitrntlary for rni month# Michael Bnrko, J"hn Holly, John Rood and J >hu Don nelly?all bota?were charged with burglary ui tbo se ooud drgrr#, baring entered tba dwelling bouao of Jottu II. Adams, of No 9 Bond street, 03 the JOtu (4 duly. Tbo young burglar# aero sunt to the House of Ka"ug? Bridget June*, of No. 139 Baxter stnet. at whona eniablisluneot a p< rttou of the atoieu property was found, uamdy, a bri rw clock and a quantity of Uble oov> rs, was hud for trlai,< barged with receiving stole. goods. Bemamm Ihinbam war Indicted for forgery In the third degree In naeing, en the 31*t of July last, Airgnd a cheea on the Butchers' t Dioreis' Bank for the sum of 6J00, pnriiortleg to be signed by J E killer. He plowded guilty to the Indictinont and was somenood to the Slate prIron for seven years limh in is w very geoteel I *>k log fellow hot a noted criminal, for bs was oouvtctod of similar oflbooM 00 two previous oooasions Tba laal was eu the 8th day of April. 1867 He, aa Benjamiu Dunham, was d'oticiel of forgery in the third degree, and sent to the (State prist a for flee years. Ho was pardoned out about a y?ar after H* was the last person pardoned by Governor King At that time be was coovtoted for forging a chirk of wbicb the fo.lowing is s copy '""""Tirwwiriww/ mrrrvj 5 Nsw Vobk. Jan. 17,1867 Bask ol Commerce lu New Yotx. Pay to (be order of Messrs. Davis, Norrtg k Co.. six thousand four hundred and twenty six dot Inra ALU KNIGHT, President. W. H. WnxiAMBOH, Secretary SSu^ri fftzgfzzrmuie:5uu ?"*>? to'rt UM? a?rt?I the prseent Urn of taa "-J i J 1? . _ IX FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. >'W9AT, 8?pt. 7?6 P. M. There is no change in the money market. Some brokers are borrowing below seven per oent, bat most of the loans are made at that figure. First | class short paper goes at ?) a 7 per cent; 4 a 6 i months' paper, 7 and upwards, according to quality. Bankers oontinne to predict a scarcity of coin, growing oat of the necessary drain of gold to the West; bat thas far there are no symptoms of any inconvenience. The receipts for daties to-day were 1121,010; the total receipts at the Sub-Trea sury, 1166,190; the payments, 1182,777; balance this evening, 16,646,606. The importation of dry goods for the week ending this day is slightly below that of the corresponding week last year. If importers are moderate during the remainder of this month and the next they will obtain good prices for their goods. Foreign exchange continues very dull indeed; many of the leading foreign bankers are selling little or nothtog. They ask 109| a 110 for sterling 60 day bills, and 110) for short sight; 5.13) for 00 day bills on Paris, and 6.10) for short sight. Very good bills are to be had, however, at lower rates than these; some first class bills have been sold at second hand at a considerable con cession from the banker's price. The City of Baltimore and the Vanderbilt both sail for Europe to-morrow; from present appearances they will take about a million in specie. At 109) for sterling snd 6.131 for francs, there is a very nmall margin for profit on shipments of gold after freight and insurance are paid. Below those rates gold cannot be shipped except at a loss, until the price Of bars tails. The stock market was buoyant to day, and a ge neral advance in railroad securities took place. For some days past the public orders for stocks have been on the increase; confidence has been strengthened by the reports of increased traffic on the roads and increased investments in American railway stocks in England. Among the most active stocks this morning was Erie, which, after closing at 261 yesterday, sold at 30 this morning, and clossd in ttis afternoon at 2*4 bid. The English seem to be baying this stock qnite freely again. New York Central advanoed to 86), closing 65) bid, against 641 yesterday. Humor states that the large purchases which have recently been made of this stock were for Albany account. Michigan .South ern guaranteed sold at 49}, closing 471 bid, against 4*1 yesterday evening; the common atock sold at 22J, having closed yesterday at 211; the second mortgage advanced to 671- The advance in thta c**0 may be Msnbe<l to Uie fact tha^ Board of Directors, which has been In sewiou for some dsys in the city, this day matured a plan for the settlement of the second mortgage over dne in terest. The company offers, and, ae wa under stand, the bulk of the bondholders agree, to fund lour coupons on the second mortgage, including the two which mature on 1st November nod 1st May next. This done, the company will be In n condition to pay all ito interest regularly, and to have something left for the stock. It In not likely that any of the bondholders wfil, upon reflection, refose to acquiesce in n scheme which is evidently the best thing for nil parties. The first mortgage bonds, which mature next December, will be ex changed by the company for sinking fund bonds, which, it M expected, will by that time be high enough to render the exchange advantageous to the holders of the first mortgage. The latter only cover a email part of the property. Illiaola Central, Toledo, Galena and Bock Island were all active and higher, es the printed sales will show! the bears in these stocks are likely to lose all the profit they made on the resent decline. Pacific Mail and Panama both advanced, the former 6), the Isster 1 rev cent, and were fins at the advance. After the first board there was a slight reaction from the highest prices of the morning, bat in the after noon n large business was done, and the market closed steadily st the following quotations: -Tennes see*. 90{ a |: Virginia 6's, 01 s 1; Missouri 0's, 91 J ? ); Canton, 19 a 20; Camberiaod Coal preferred. U a 16; Pacific Mall, 66 a ); New York Central. *j) a ); Erie, 29) ? I; Hudson River, 6?) 6 {; Harlem, 10J n j; Harlem preferred, 47 a ); Beading. 46) a J; Michigan Central, 71) a ); Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 23 a ); do. guaranteed, 47) a 46; Panama, 126) a 127; Illinois Central, 80) a ); Ga lena and Chicago, 79) a ); Cleveland and Toledo, 46) a |; Chicago and Bock Island, 79) a ); Chicago, Burlington and (Julary, 89) a 90. Ths exchanges at the Rank Clearing House this morning wers 121,490,949 99, and the balances 91,141,307 99. The sales at the Mining Board to-day wars:? teems Ms a^sis... is* eeemsauvsrHMLMo m 100 (tardier.... .too I , too So c 1 JSC Werth fesle bee ?>i so Am Coal M The toils tor the fourth week of August ere 994,090 over the same week of 1669. Ths excess this wash I* greater than the entire receipts of ike fourth week of last year. The Atlantic Firs lasnranee Company, of Brook lye, has declared n dividend of tea per oent. pay able on demand. The movement of tho banks hi the four principal cities of the Colon in which weekly reports are made, as shown by their last statements, In as fol l0f|i| hi g. Vorb SepI l .tofTsM-*< TvSbWS 19% l? 'VS*J& iwpmjett-.9.? i?*? <m susi oil trsssn i laa ?89 *88 te a feETOIISSSSiii The Saratoga of ths Toledo, Wabash md West ern Railroad for August are I13M94, agaiaet about 971099 last year. 1* Wowing to tto9 oMUvpfrttfltotOhra iiifca of tbs Michigan Southern and Northern In diana K. Iroad Company for August;? I860 I860 I'MHeng'trr $67 314 21 . 63 071 07 Freight #4 064 74 13o$fJl uo Mails .. 4 668 41 4,666 'it ?Kgpeast* and miaceilau's 6,3*7 90 3,66" 6* Total $161,070 36 l?i,0? 68 ? Mine Uai.eoua expenses are deducted imtn the amount abev?; if idvli'd would increase the amount of taruirgs Tor 1660 about $2 300, wbicb will make the nam In earning* Tor August, 1600. 743.004 3$ The Chicago Press of Wednesday reports:? Ibe receipts aud ahlpnaentaer Hour and grain during tbo paat week were as follows:? KeoeipU. SKtpmmU. Hour, bbla 16 197 1 8 443 Hb<at, bushels $06,446 716,083 Uwb 330,733 137,807 Oala 34 803 6.148 Rye 10,e30 19,14d Barley 6,766 234 The dital receipts of flour (reduced) and grain during the week amounted to 1 863,641 bushels. There is an in eieaar on ihe week previous iu flour of 3 000 barrels; of wheal 70.000 bushels, and of euro a decrease of 130,000 bi.slu s is also a alight decrease in oeta ami rje, an? an Increase In barky. There Is no material differ - rnce in the *hipaieu:s between the past week un l those of the week previous. Yesterday the city bankers were nearly all short < currency, iu cous>qnei>oe ol the urgent deraaud by grain ii|*-raiiea and ahippcra. bight exchange was, in several Instances, offered at par fur currency and refused, the same atate of affairs prevailed at Milwaukee. We read in the New Orleans Picayune of the 2d inet.: Oar sterling bills, 100 >4 a 110; bank rates, 11014 a 110)6, hill of lading drafts, tOSXalOffV; fraucs, 6f. 16 a 16. 2b per dollar Slaty day bills on New York, Ac , 1 s 1)4 per erut discount. Bight par at % per oeal pre mium 17m bank statement is a very even one, and dis closes no important changes on the previous month. Increase in apeote $7 001 [> crease In drpoelta 76 046 Decrease In circulation $7 730 Increase la ihort loans 709 170 Increase in . xctunge 336.733 Irerrease In dtatast balances 364 331 Decrease in long loans 697,846 The following is * comparative statement of the New Orleans bank# for the last two weeks:? Sept 1. * Auffuit 36. Rpecle 86907,618 #900 437 Inc.... $7,091 Uans 33,041,988 31,383 818 Inc.... 700 170 Circulating 9 196,164 9 368 874 Dec.... 67 730 DepoSluJR 14,881641 14.946.686 Dec.... 75,046 El* bongo 1419 301 1,767,034 Deo.. .386 733 Distant balances. 1061 338 1.844,604 Dec.. ..364,361 The Cincinnati Gazette of the 5th says:? The payment* ?f the tin caused * good deal of checking, and of course mace o?n*idtrahle work for hank clerk* to day, imparting a pretty lively appearance to the buatuea* ot the atreet. The demand tor teana waa aieo abore the average of other days of lb* peat week, but anil the ap plication* were only moderate, end the market retained all Ita raay feature*, being la a very comfortable cool! tlon tor periled who had acceptable paper to oner. Rata* of tatereat war* 10 a IS par cent. Th- ?voilrctioaa to day lid not nbaorb though lea tern exchange to relieve the market in every quarter, or to ee labllah a Orm tone la any d treat loo. The aupply, bow ek*r, waa nneqoally diatributed, for while moat of th* heavy dealers had ae mora than they aooM conveniently manage, and noma ware evea abort, others found It ne oraanry to sell their neighbor* at M a 9740.. and for select* d currency 24c. was aooepted. The market closed , rather aoit, without any change In the regular rates. The New Orleans Price Current of Saturday last | published its annual statement of the trade and commerce of that city for the commercial year ending September 1,1860. The receipt* of cotton at the port ara thus stated:? The total rrecipes since let September lest, from ail aouroas,ara 3,894 449 baisa. This amount include* 99,400 bales received from Mobile,Florida aad Texas by naa; aed tbw belag deducted, our reoslpta proper, Ineiedlag X 473 btlrs received direct from Montgomery, Wetumpka, he., ere shown to be 9.1U m bales?bewg nn Inoreaee, an eom pared with laet pear, of tSI4*4 bales. The total exports sure l*t September are 2,314 390 bales,of wblob 1,430 900 babe were shipped to Great Britain, 919 ,391 m Franca, 906,400 to the north aad aouth of Europe, aad 900.084 to L'nied Males ports. The total receipts at ab the silastic aad Gulf ports up to lbs latest dale* received ere 4,619, 963 bales, but the actual crop, when mad* ap to the 1st September, with the dilfsreooe of stocks at Augusta and Hamburg, receipts ovsrlaod, he., will not be far drum 4 960 000 bales?being much the largest crop ever pro uuced, aed ? xcsedlng that of last year la the amount of about tOO 000 bales. Annexm w a comparison of the statist lea of the present and previous years ? Recetptt, Jvrraff price XtmOrUtme. per bete. Mel solas. 184S-49 1 143 382 ?27 CO 980 844,314 1S4W tO 887,739 60 00 tl 8*0 ltO 1860-61 1861-62 1429 113 34 00 48'tS2'222 18*9-68 1 9*4 .44 41 00 W 269 434 1869-64 1 440,779 38 00 54 7*9 002 1 384 708 40 00 61 890 720 1*66-60 1.769 399 40 00 70 971 730 1869-67 1.618 247 67 10 86 255 079 18*7-69 1.S76 010 43 60 90 187 840 1869 69 1.774 3*8 63 00 93 037 794 3366,448 49 M 109 399 228 Total 13 years 17,776,997 660,361 DMlesef receipt ? V T*ol reenptt IHygp r%f vunt crop * ? Wlmrt fwniw Jfat OflMM* U. St&Af. IHSoIaw 7 .... 4 77 1849-60.. ?7 799 2 800 797 !?!: ?. 67 18*0-61 996 030 396.367 sttljulT 21.... 9.1*6 1*61-63 .1 429 489 9*16 029 1 Ml?Aua 9 4,977 1862-61 .1 9*4 894 9 392 *?2 lMdls!! 9 11 1869-64. .1 440 779 3 9J0 027 1864^o?? 36 1 991 18S4-A6.. 1 194 769 9 947 489 i!!: latb-ta..1,7*99.627ou U U* 1969-57 ? 1618 8,7 3 989 619 Ml-sua 16 ..... 81 1*67-69. . 1 978,610 I 1U 962 96 4 884 1868-69.. 1,'774,308 S 861 4?l lualjS'J*:"..- ??? 1999-89. .8,266,448 *4 090,000 1MO?July 6 Thr Oral bale of lbs crap of th* praaiat year waa ro> eelvadlrom Trxsa oa lbs 5th af July, tea daya aarlMr than M shown by the raaord af any prfflaqp year. Th* Hist arrival focm Ihe *en~ ^ ~Tsfi!5pJl feeMteJof three Wee 4a the 99* sf July, three days earlier ttom the tm receipt of Met year Mum Tame, aad thirteen days *stiter Iban last yvarh drat arrival foam the MMsMslppl Valley. Meiatrv* te the quality of 1Mb saw arep rvoatved U 10 NBATlKl^* Th* quality of the reoslpta thus for baa fovoraoly with these to* th* aam* parted Met year, at Mast so for aa regards lbs absence of stained and dusty par or M but w* bare noticed annailarahla leaf, with oeoa ?ronel signs af car.less baedilag, aad la the staple a of aatformlly and strength, the Ob re often preaantt soft and wastty app-arane*. attrlbolabto t* th* bast dryness of tbs grow lag teas an. The raocipts beva eMaaed chiefly from middling te good middling, wth n limited pmporthm el middling fohr, and a fow aaaU parosM of lew middling. The MtowMg tabto wig show the prlaea of mi Ml Lag entten am* the raaaa of atarliag aaahaage aad fraighls un tba 1st af aaah month ? JTUdMns 1940-09 CM par A September.... 11 a 1114 Or toner U all'*' November ... 10 4 a 11 Daormber.... 10** 11 January 104 a 104 February 10 V a ll.V March lOM a 11 April 10 ', a 11 May .10* a 11 Jena 10 n 104 July 10 e 10 X .10 o ? Aagnet 10 n ? tin toy* lha total mop cf sugar for the past aaaei to lbs staiMtm* sf Mr P. A. Ohaaapcnlsr, hfoda , everag*nx 1JM lbs and making aa aggregate weight of 964 114.710 ibe Of Ihm quantlly 149,190 Sbds were brown eager, mad* by th* old prunes, end St.732 391.1 bets being the product of 1 JM eager bourns, af MS wwru worked by eteem and 910 by bum* pow er Tbe cri p of the preceding year amounted te 903.290 bbda . wotgbmf ebuet 414.796 Ikfo; showing adeorees* tor th* Mel year of over 140,099 bbda , or about 100,099,966 lbs The general oonne <4 the amrkct la indicated by the toBetnag tnbM ? 1*69-09 HipktL ,*h?9 P? l? 9'4 a 9S 04*04 * a e>, 'iteiber ?4*34 9 a*. 94*8'* November 7 a 7)4 4*4 a 4'% Oh a 7 fircembar 7.4*74 " * 7 a 7'4 7 , a 7f 7*4 a Ttf 0?4e7i4 t a 74 .7 a 714 9)4 a 74 *V a 7', 44*74 lt?l ?,l?T4 April. *4 8 74 94 8 34 94a7<, **f 9**74 94 8 74 94 8 74 Joae 74 8 9 34 8 74 34 8 74 Joly 34*94 74 8 9 7.4 a 9 Auauat .94 8 94 74*84 9499 rf'???!}><>wi*| labia will oampar* th* arep* af 9 sarta* Total 4J94,*** M7U9M9Q 9MJB1 1?0 lsittu* ?ofotlM tothapraaiai prospect sf Urn year's em? it is wtamr hnvtag baan dtrT thoaghTkT MMMcthe aasa aaaa la vary (sir eendlttoa, Mm Med mallow aad a proapast ?C a f*u arep, Jfo* growth tf A* pfoat, tow w?w, 1MB uocu rt-wiPii materially hf Vvi" *"v?r" aid pr Jlrncltd Jrougbl o! me pant eunmer and the eirl eet intimate* of thu yield have been in'ich rcJiiwM Keen ??huu?ilii thai cu uoumial v lUnlutle* o. car [ out t.ti.e time forward during the reason, the crop ih a >t r\|vcted to resell beyund a moilernln averafe. Of lob* 'be U<l?l receipts at ibis port Mi or ibe 1st of -Vptec ire 80 I'M hh'" , St'sirrt 75,026 bhds. last year, *ui tois amount ibcli.d.? 10,90s uno* strip* au 1 2,161 bhde stems, tbe qoautlty inspected during tbe same twriod ix uig ?2.138 libds , of wblea 3 878 bbds. were Mason cojnty The year dims wltb a stoca on band, inducing all ou ?hlpb'ssrd, ol 20.636 bh-t* , of trbleh tbere afo est'in* ted to be unsold, m ttrsl mid a> toud hand*, about 0,800 bids., or third of Kb tub quantity consmts of refusod d?a:rlp t ions. There are al?o 410 bbda. atema unsold. In another column tbe Commissionera of tho Sinking Fund of tbe Bute of Uhio adv< rtise for a loan of $6,400,000, to meet tlie debt of tbe State payable next January. The credit and resources of Ohio are equal to those of any other State, and ber ptocks are desirable securities for investment. The debt of the State was tirst authorized by the set of 1825, and by subsequent legislation, daring tbe construction of the public works, was increased to about ?lfl.000,000. The present debt of the State is $14,'147,242 20, of which $360,000 will ma ture and be paid next March by taxea now levied for that purpose; and the sinking fund established by the constitution will p ay the whole debt in thirty years, while the action of the Legislature last winter indicated a disposition to anticipate the ope ration of the constitutional fund. Tbe taxable value of the property of the State of Ohio is about $000, 000,000, and the entire debt of tho State is ^ess than one and six-tenths per cent on this value. ?tack Eicbmai*. Fridat, Sept. T, 1180. $10000 Trnne's *80.. 81 200 aha Reailg KR>30 47% 6000 Virgin is 6V.. 81% 1300 do 47% 7000 Missouri 8s... 81% 1800 do bOO 48 1800City 6'? 1875.. 104 100 do 47% 1600 N V Contra! 8 ? 84% 424 Mich Central Kit. 72 1000 do 96% 60 do r80 71% 4000 H?r BR 1st mtf 88 80 do bSO 71% 11100 Mk.n So 2d m b 67 860 Mich So .* N I RK 22 10C0O do 87 % 60 do b$0 22% ltuOO do 67% 460 do 22% 8000 Mic So sink r b. 80 300 do b80 22% 10000 III On RR bds. 86% 160 do 22% 600 do 96% 100 do b6 22% 1000Chi tNWifb 80 110 do 22% 1000 do 80% 200 do *60 92% 20CO(ialA talc*HDht 96 UO do b*> 23 0000 LErtr&WSumbo 48% 200 Milw * Mwa K t. 16 10 thi Bank of N Y. 104 30 do 16% 10 do 103% 60 Mich 8 AN U g tlk 48 10 do 108 26 Merchants' Bk... 108 20 Mereb Bk scrip.. 106 26 Ik of America... 118 16 Uoatteeatal Bask, lot 6 ImpATrvJrr*'Bk. 11$ 6 Park Bank 112 10 Peon Coal oo.... $8 60 PaclSc Mall SB Co 84 100 do * 60 do 86.1 60 do 88 60 do 9 6 do 8% 1260 NTOaRR.... 86% 60 do blO 84% 100 do MO 86% 60 do bee 88% 60 do 020 86% 1100 do 86% 20 do 86% 60 Erie RR 29 100 do ?% 1G0 do 29% 160 do 29% 360 do 20% 960 do .*80 28% BOO do 29% 100 do 29% 360 do 80 110 do 28% 60 do blO 29% 1460 do NIO 80% 100 do bOO 30 460 do >80 80% 260 Hodeon River RR $8% 260 do 40 60 do 40 390 do 49% 60 do 49% 100 do 49% 100 do.... 40% 160 de . b30 48 100 do.... blO 49% 100 do... . blO 40 160 do.... *30 48% 100 Panama RR . bOO 127 1060 111 OutRRaorlp 80% 100 do..... ..bl6 88% 100 do 88% 100 do MO 81 100 do 88% 60 do .MO 87 260 do.... .... ?8% 100 Clew A Pitta RR. 10% MOOal ACbl KK... 78% do 79% 850 do 80 260 do 78% 100 do *80 80 100 do UO 80 200 do D60 80% 100 do s80 70% 200 do blO 80% 100 do *80 80 116 Otero It Tel BR.. 48 1200 do 46% 800 do *80 46% 100 do UO 44% 200 do si 46% 100 do bSO 48% 160 do blO 46% ICO do *10 46% 100 do 46% 160 Cbi a Rk Is KK.. 79% 100 do *10 70% 60 do *10 60 200 do... ..... 79% 360 do 68 126 do.^Hf... 70% 60 do MO 68 200. d^Jg b80 80 M dm.^.lbOO 68% 800 |AK..U0 78% loo do *80 68 260 ?r:..b30 80% 412 Harlem RR 18% 100 do bOO 80% 160 Harlem RR pr*r . 47 100 (A, 16 (J RR.30 49 UO do b$0 47% 100 do b80 90 500 do 41% 60 do 89% 1000 Beading kit.... 47 100 L* Cr k Mil RR.. 1% 800 do bSO 47% SICOS U BOARD. $2000 Teno 6*1.'80.. 91 60?bo KhOrKK.b30 71% 4000 Virginia 6\... 91 26 Mlcb Ho A NIaRR 22% 6600OaiUbraia 7*0.. 9$ 800 do . *f% IbOuU Mlcb So Id ?nb. 07% 1UO d? MO $3% 101*0 I. Kris n W 2 ab 47% 100 do 83% Tua So. A L Bk. 11$ 100 Butt * * line lUl 100 10 Climb Coal pref.. 14% 100 McMr* v ?C? "10 laiWcidcM ?Oo.. 8d% 100 do 48 16 do 84 100 do blO 48 600 N T Central RR.. 86% 100 do bOO 48% 60 do MO 66% 200 do 47% !? do 86 % 800 do 4T% 100 do MO 86% 600 do MB 48 100 Mil A Mao KB... 16% 100 do.... UO 47, 60 E>le KH .... 030 29% 100 III CU RK ?orlp.. 88% 100 do 20% Ouu wal A tbi RR 1" -? ^00 do 2"% 100 do......bOO SO 60 Hod River KK.UO 67% 60 di.....b80 79% M do 68% 600 QtveAToUUi t>80 48 i0 do 68 % 100 do bli 48% 60 SO 68% 600 do 46% 600 HarlemK K 19 UO Chi A Ha I RR. . 79% M do 18% 160 do MO 80 160 Read la | KK .... 46% $6 CAI.lurAMRR.o80 90% lOOMKhUu KR.... 71% cmr COMMERCIAL. REPORT. rmuiiT, dept. 1-4 P.M. ?lb* marfcrt niiMku|?i, Hd aatosoamprkad SO bbk. poU at 4 ton iid psark at MtM&i Btuixirm -> Mt-IU marhrtwee ft|tia arm bat km aetire, owiag to the adraaoe of be a lOo par bbk de maaded by be Kara. The aalea Mb braced aeoet M.OUO bbk., ckwtag within Urn reege <A the foliowiag quota ? ? I no Extra state, from old and new wheat. IN a IN NoprrOne Wnlrri b 00 a b SO Cuttuve to choice Western extra. b Ob a 100 JH. l/mli extra 0 SO a 1 00 Kited t<> elraight PouUwrn 0 >0 a 0 8b Hie ighl U< b'?-t eitra do 0 OS a T 00 Choice extra tkmity and bakert' brands... 1 00 a 0 10 Rye Soar Ibt I 440 Guru meal, Jersey and Rrandywtne S SO a ? 00 ? Ce a ad ten floer waa Ormrr, with aako of abOet 1 AOS bbie at M 10 a 17 M lor extra qualit ee. Awth-re irae vltboel change of mceamt la priest aad Mi satire; the about 0.000 bbla,etaslag within tha atom quotations The market cloaed with leas buoyancy geoe rajy Rye Boer woe steady at ear qamallint, witn aako of about MO bMa Oora Meal waa warn aad Arm, aad ut Bd request at quotations Wheat?lbs reoelpto oootinoed ? ry, aad though the rlawo ad batdera ware higher, aatee were large and embraced ISb.OOO baabela, at II bO a II b? f?r choice while Michigan, Al 44 a 01 M.Nw Mr te prime da aad ladlaaa.Sl 90 a 01 SI far lair to prime Ne S (b?eg<, aad SI SO a $1 SI fbr prime No. 1, to arrive woe 11 Iffor amber entered Wkocnela sprta* 01 00 a 01 SI Mr aetl red, ard It 37* a SI M* tor prime red, aad SI M a II 40 Ibr amber colored do , aad II10 a il #7 Ibr er.M white Weaterm. Rye?Make of S,000 baaheta at 7bo a bOa Cera waa eoaae koa act I re; the apacuiatire demand waa <1 mlhl'bed, while the taqutry Ibr export waa light. The aalea embraced abowt b 000 bwobok, moludlag Weet era mixed, al 00c. a 70c , Wcetera yellow al Tic. a 74c . awd |?:s? rooad yellow at 76o. Bar try aad barley malt wait quirt. Uam wire alrady, with aako of Weetera aad Che* 1 .n al 40? a 41c . aad Mate at lie a 41 Me Gnrrga ?fbe market wae quirt, ae the Wade war wa t tag h r tar aocttoa aa? to eome elf. A email aala of ISO bag* "l ! mm to go wag made al lilfa. i imm.-'The aaiai ambraord about 1,400 bale*, while Uw> market chwel without cbanga of moment in prim raxetwta ?Rates ware la the main trm. but rugate memo ware light Tb I.irarpool about 10 000 baabela bf wheat were engaged, to aStp'a bags, at ISd a 11 MA, with enme lota ef Soar al Or. Cbaaaa and butter, by a'eamrr, ware reported at old mire Two i uw?le were chartered fbr Havre?one, the A root*, to Iced with wheel, it 2'? To lea J no aad Hlaegow retea wara bra, while the engagement* reported wara Halted. Pant ? Katema ware acmes, with lbw ar mm In (rat bat-Ci. boo boxes lay era ware aold at S3. There wara eo M. R 'a no no the market Hii'te ?The market tbta waah has bean eery entire, both fbr the bettor and commnn dererlpttoee, and an ad vanes of abowt ton. pgr lb erer knt week * prtaee ban been .b mined. There hm beetle good Inquiry from the trade aad Importers hevrEMs measure met their rtewa, but do not otmr their Mocha freely at I ha adrenal. The rweipta bare been fhtf, but mocb l?ra than the demand redwing I be etoch to abowt SuO.OOO hldee Make bare bean - 7 JOt^Boenee Ayrra and Hunter Mao, tba., 4 months. 1 M0 Rio Hrande, Mr M otoaihe ; 1 OOS Oroooeo, Ma , 4 mooibe. s.440 OnlNbram, p. 1; A000 Manaiwibo. 90a,4 moo tba, 1A04 Porto tnhello, MM?, 4 mantbs, 1,700 Mexican. 30o., Smooths: S ioofkn Jrnm.p t lit Saks amSrsaaA shoot 1,000 bntoa at Ms. s Ms. Ibr 10 prime old ahtppleg lota, and 70s aSOc fbr new. I jutwwo ?Tba demand Ua weak has bsaa good, aad mka are large. the market ataatog trm. Roiamna ?Mas af 10S bhda. Oobe moaoorsda wggg made at Ma. NiTitttooeee?Mke of SOS bblo. aptrlta lorpentiae wan mnds, gtrslibt s^t^l is g^k Is^bl^t^l sr4sr ^ksrrelt ab S^ls a 4lc. Roak was qalai and aaahaaged. Prcvowowa ?Pork?Mta market was km bwoyont and prkmaastar. Tba talra tooted op tor the day US a Sao bbia , including aew mem at SIS 44 a S10 SO, sew prime at S14 14 a 414 M. and etaar mam at SSO ? RaaT?M la lair reqemt. whUS prteaa wan qalte ha. Raton am braord MM a 400 bbk , Inalud lag eowntry mass at 14 a 14, rape chad Western men at SS ?K a 410 M, and autre do. at 411 a SIS M. M mama and boson wan scant and 4rm Inrd eras m good damned, with aataa af 404 uarwra at ISe. a ISMa. hatter and sasan wan m good request, and prim rolrd trm. "'cs.?A mJaaf Monha ware made all7{4., with small mka of prime ilk s life, kmk wen henry, with aatoe af ahanl ljot "Uady with to the rouge af la. a and at V. a Ttga hr >ge *f So a 4Kb ' /led the jyw *?r, 10)g<\ per lb , bi>t cashed sugir, I0o. jmr 1*> ; circle A? crushed sugar ?'4c peril ; g'tu ilautd lunar, 00 i9\ i per lb grouud ?ui?r.9>4 J. pur it rc\K?rte public s?lo Pi .fay Jiew a g'Rki 0 -in pan y a id the m?|an itiw? genera ly brought full price* A po-lo'i ol lbe fr.-' i^i were withdrawn Ol tbc lot* disposed of pncea ran*, a en loiluws?Hyiuu brought 99', * M>. v; Youig U),oi. 38c. a tie ; Ouu uwder, 46;. ? 61;*.] ; , u P rial 4lr. a 56)^c., Twitnkay,34c. a?9*.,d ; P? .n kny.93Hc ; Oolong, 67e. a Ml ; Hburnong, 31 aS3i lon?uo ?(>?,ii<lcrnu.? L.a been done id send leal uad Baler have ben very largo; prices to coh*< qivuc ire 111 m au'l ?t< cly in other Born, lor want of spicks, lllllo or uotli,eg la cuing. TAhjmkxy.? lbe mm kel was again U iner ami higher. Sales of 250 a 400 bt>l? weie reported al '21 ;,c a 24c. Wuor ?A good len' prerallt thia week 'nr all g'a lee of domestic, and the b liar ciaaa uf foreign, but the hp etc of Ilia laller m now aery light The aajou ropnrte<t arc 450 oalea of Texas wool at 18n to 20c, and 10 000 lie lumbe' pulled nod roper at 86e to 3He. there bae been a good Inqniry for Otecet, but ihe aaiea have o<i trauapn ,<a 40 bake ol California brought 25c at 0 muotha. la for eign tbore is kaa doing, a lot ol IkiDshat gold on private tertna, and 7(3 bale# of Chilean, unwashed, lbe same. A better feeling generally prevaila lor most of TUB DHY UOOUH THADK. lb* folio stng if a comparative statsmeut of too imp rta of foreign dry goods at New York for the week an J dace January 1 ? /be lAt w?k. 1019. 1410 1840 Entered at the port 92 010 134 2.001 926 2 Out 724 Thrown on the market.. 3,141471 2,091,134 2 144 tio7 Since January 1. Eaters* at lbe port 49,763.032 89.027 319 80 317 400 Thrown on the market..50,804,1118 88,880.094 SO dot lid The above table exhibits but lUliu variation iu the amount of goods entered at this port the past week from that fbr the same period la 1199 and 1969; and the amount thrown upon the aiarket also varied but litUe from that lor the tarn* time la the two preceding years. The aggregtto slnoe the 1st of January last Is only about 98.000 000 to 99,000,040 below those of last year, while they are largely In excess of those for the same time in 1814 The value of the different kinds of good ssntored for oo i ? inmptton during the past week we,n?s follows;?Wootleu fabrics. 9097,760; ooiton do., 9306 549. silk do , 9970 429; flax, 9119,077, and miaceltani-uua, 9169 748. Annexed will be fouhd tables giving ibo clarsiOualion of the gou ts entered, thrown opou the market, warehoused .to :? inroBJATioim or imv floors at tbs Powr or Nsw Thru rox ni Wxbr Kbdlbo ."ai-rntnxa 7, 1900. Entered far CVnsursjHtun. Pkyi. Value J'ipi Value. | Wool? Silk? WooUms... 160 9100397 Mbawls 30 $27 329 Carpet kg . 52 19 Art Pongees.... 11 8 267 Cloths 174 122.603 Uluvt-s 7 3 889 Worsted... ri 119,128 Lac.s 86 41449 Ueiainea... 177 60.103 VslveU.... 12 10,018 Cot. A worst. 280 90 149 Silk* worst. 78 61,633 hhawis 121 84 739 8Uk A iloso. 2 1 089 Gtov.s 13 4.133 Braids A b. 1 2 948 laallsgs .. 7 9,021 Crspss 3 3,809 Braids A b.. 25 14,807 Silk A cotton 13 42,407 Blankets... 317 35.747 Sewing*.... 7 6 674 Hose 386 ?8 IMS Kaw 19 37,881 Worst yarn 39 16,372 ? Total 619 9970,438 ? Tbtal 1,977 9897,111 Flax Cotton? Linens 789 989 413 Oettoot.... 137 949.997 Laoes 19 6,194 Ouluisd .... 16 89 636 llanukero'fk 19 30 >76 Em minims 39 31.174 Thread 62 10 341 PriiiIS 90 6,810 Lincu A out. 46 17,684 laoes 145 76,016 Haadkercfk 11 94 080 Total 981 9199,077 Ciuvca. 19 6,2*9 Misesliaasous? Spool 71 14 804 Straw good* 26 96,142 Vstvaf*.... 14 6 099 Pea A Bow's 70 94.108 Iloae 699 74,149 Clothing... 14 3,746 ? lea floras 38 37 088 Total...... 1466 9301 699 Embroider s 78 74 dl8 Hilx? Hid gloves.. 6 4 824 Silks 192 9191 411 Corsets.... IT 4 277 Ribbons... 04 J4.632 Suspend era. 21 6,079 Cravats.... 16 14 3.*>2 Matting 9 171 Satins 11 6.341 Pluahse 42 35 406 Total 379 9160,728 Withdrawn frxm Wartkoute. Wool? Silk? Wool'.eua... 16 96 610 Cravats 1 $990 Chrpeiliig.. 80 8.049 Hum 1 4(>3 Worsteds... 147 99,699 Shawls 3 818 Delaine*.. . 14 9 490 Pongees.... 2 690 Cm worst'd 49 14,189 lace* 1 410 8bawl* 10 6 401 Ifilk worst d 9 4,489 Blanket*.... 90 14 467 Braid* A b.. 9 3 641 "? ?? <1 ??AT Milk A cotton 6 9 998 940 499 JSL "W UMM* CottOLa,,,, 72 914 ami - -? *3 $12 504 Colored.... 36 siS g dksrobilli 3 3.044 ssrai ?.? "s as?;r.'? "s; " "? H'? _U 2 292 , ? Straw goods 10 93 903 Cravatn 1 H me 1 Shawls 2 Pongees.... 2 lace* 1 silk worst'J 9 Braid* A b.. 9 Silk A cotton 4 Total 49 Flax? 12 1. uens H'dkercM'fk a Hemp yarn. Thread 733 4 Lin A oqt'n a Total "l86 Micellaoeou*? *w!x>li?os... 36 910 929 Carpeting.. 14 9 850 Cloths 6 > **> Worsted.... 39 9 842 (kit A worst. 21 2 4o8 tdiasls 10 4,699 Biai.krts.... 11 2,144 Hobs 1 344 Total. 119 996 890 Col loc?? Lotions... 90 >30,941 Catered .... II 9,A $ Km. muslins 14 6 649 CI 4 1 *10 .f..... 12 1387 Total W9 999,699 Kevajntutatum _ Corsets 13 3.363 Malting .... 9 64 Total 29 97.440 farsAswrisp. 8hk? HllkS 6 99 9(3 Ribbons.... 1 437 Ho** 1 WAS SilxAworal.. 9 4 766 Br snip A b.. 17 7,6% bilk Aoot ton. 9 1 770 Total 99 926 629 >lax? I .mens ..... 34 99 414 Thread 4 1 330 Total 27 98,744 Mlsneliaaeuua? ^ rsw goods 23 94,879 Mlliiuwrv... I 323 Kid sieve*.. 1 08 Corsets .... 18 6 400 Total 43 910,609 Bterra mc ?mmpi?iD? / ?? ram* lUaaJhttairw sf woU. l,?77 9?u7 775 Da. oottos 9u6 1*9 Do- Hit 0o9 670 iZH Do- lu. 9 1 160.01? ?T? 16# 7*6 ToUl |,0?2 II 692 623 Withdrawn frosn wwliw Masutactarss of wool NO 1124,6m Da. oottnb 216 64 IM Do. BHh 40 40 4W Do. >61. ??6 14 6*0 MIOMlUoooaO 26 7 440 Total 1,466 6262,074 btaal Or wsrtbtas inf MtanfDsmrts *t wuut. Ill 606,660 f*. ootu* IM 66,466 Do. las. 27 6,744 Hl6t*llM66ta..^t 49 16*N Total SM 6119,106 Han* tba Hwnwwt of ths Cblsass war a ad lb? troubles gnwtog on* of lb* rcballias, purchase* o* hoary outton goods fur that mark** bara fella* of, sad IIUW IS d? lug SI prea*nl f?ir 16*1 mart el (tuoda. pranowely <# dated, sts is Uia oouros at euapUflow aud dsllrury Tbs ?i porta ol oottoo g"o>U the prrarnl weak were rary light, ? nd ootitned to brsitl and ibe f>i*rh ??l Ib.ii?* rbn following are tb? eip-.ria of notion teo'itm |wl? from ths part of Ntw York, fir lb* week eauing 7th of depVrtn bsr, 1660 ? Data*. r?l as. frsiil 220 614 *4 Dutch Wast ladle* 26 Mil Total 246 616016 Prniwil; rspnrtcd 71.794 Mnea January 1 71060 The rtouihers trod*. in a w*efc or tan days, wilfb* prstly motborer The < hief huOn s* tougnl present I* nop fln< d ta a arattertng trads trim tb* VotiOam sad bmtbarn Ittata* Taking it as a vital*, and dialer* engaged u It Literally v mil that II has baas from one th. I <o on* If toss than II was during tha mmm season i?at year, there eras a fair trade <ta>iag uiUqiba Wast, whtoh it was helirted wmud bT? me laryer and atom aatlra a* ill* osason adeoaoed m.rka nf dnawthi gmta ver* act large 2ur sotar atyiea uf btatr hrovn ad Ohm*.Ited (?Ada Uie lewiead m I* alrooea of product**. Owm IM w*?U** goods vara steady, bat q i>rt, and eal-a itght AS asuol, *? lbs do ilh? m true draws to *ards Its close, aaetiua sales increase, ssrsrai of istsrast bate basa bold tb* week, mated lag a ? pec Ml Bale nf french ? at He4 (mode beat abet tings sod sbinioga wars steady end is fur request sad supplies ware out ancu Wa qn?ta bra?y b owa ibeatlaga si 6)4* a Po. sod *< dlani at Ijgs; baary sblrtlaga at 7 V> end ligat at &\c. a gfc Una bed ahirllug* verbis fait rrq-esi aed Kra atieiaiaed [tail* wore m*Bpar*tirely qoiat, but ly bald, aod war# Is ttaa'y request, e*?Ay Iha iba do*e*tt? trade 0>ttna flannels, gingbsas, iWuaburgf sad print lag cloth* war* steady sad M fowl dsasad Prints were mid Sows. Small figures of aoddat out-its sad of s ttapta eborsewr Wert Id fair raqmwk. ibtawls war* la fetr drawad bat Mas astir* utoar duatastw goods war* Without change of lapnrtanos. Is fureiga " b fklr busloks was doing; froach worsted Cl wsr* being sold by auotmt; silk foods, gh nowiparstirsly quiet, wars strosgly be 4. (barf styles Of ribboss wrro bra, sod la good draand, wbtta soles w?rs ash lag si fsll peters Wtdssilb rairats wsr* ?settag with IMr as**. Ik* supply of British dross nwaa sasras, sad boidera 6im Uasa woods wsr* rady request, and prlesa sanhaagid Tb* saettaa sataa tb* wash bar* b*M as a tarsar ssata, ?? sag srhtab was oaa af 666 ptaots Prsocb awbssg sad antoe btaeb atfts at aatMhcmry prtaas 6 targe awrntal ataaffrsanb gssds, sf the lapsrtaMsa *6 Minn Mai Herd h Os., was held to da*, sod wast sf well at sslisfsetcry prices. lbs fbllowiac igarws gfss lbs rasas* prtaas obtatssd?tb snrtsd colors, 6 6 SMrms ctatSs, 61 *t ? sopartnr. 6bh a 66s : stsae quality, white, 67e not kee, tssortsd, 6 6 aarkaaloth, 66i . a* quality, wfelta. 7?s; *??? ' lis; mm* aualitr. whita. 60a, Ml tafear | ?sorted colors, lbs.; soma qaality, whits, WaiM quality,btash, Wb ; other grades, Ms lb 16; asssr mtoes rbabani ,i'n m, 6 6, 46*; ?#* dfe *? . M. 66* ; Stat qaollty, wbtta, T6s ; ?* quality, btaeb r r a Hilly ?hrtaUaf * akaiietsty as nhaags ta ara at s sta*4 sk m4 ttbsr rraiM ora ta b* Til K CROPS. The Rains and th? Cr?|i. u the ? aife. LOUIS 1AM i. Tii I'tan'.rt' Banner <>I lira ItHb mat uj| _ lira weaii* t e .uiiiiirae dry in uur pariah, out lira caug ill u.i >1 put t a to null'jr sevtlely lue waul uf Hi le 11..i Urn a pa'llal tbuwur has kept the crop 'u tfooj i condition .nit iu plucea where lb* land is 'rvsh lb* uano I huAe quite well; bul, a? a general lii a*, ihe drought now { flu-hm soiviy. cur iau iati could out make two thirds of a "... imp of idgm i.n Ai re Ilia rain* to fall abundantly : intern tilt .. RaKUf Ii we do unl nave rum to % , wi ia or two our ;nai carl will ool maze ball a crop. Tie Harm nt'erg ImiefruInU uf tn*16ibiu?t nays>* .liter a Ten l. .u> .auui last we. k we were aery agreea I My relieved of lie Intense neat whi -b had provaie.t for l ihe per vloua two mouliia. Vor st-vorsl ? .ye peel brorxeg I inn tee uorlb have ptriaileo, readenug it almost cool nctf h at mgbl and morning for dree Tina pr*val*noo of ci ntinnsd ii ol wu.dn from me Q.rtb, for several day* at a time, dnricg tela season of the year, la a new feature Ui the climatology of tbia regain MJPHlRXirFI. Tlie Iwiliiglon (Mute.) Advatuer uf lie 17 lb in at. lay a :? ce our laat we Lave hail neveral heavy vain* which have ? mutually laid ihe cc?t but woP b casta ton late to be ol ail) bent fit to nr. |* The crops in ten swamps arfl mid ill be ell client though our firmer* IB the taU* Will I anil) realize Lait of an at e-ag- > raid. A Iriend, writing I In.m fDcry, tt.La tlial the hoi. worm* oavs made their appearance m in.l ueig'ihorliwil, aud loal tiny are flg rtioyuig octtoi, laeler thm te*y have ever been known Id do b. fore. Wu b.-ar similar cmnp.aiuw from ether pof tu i a 11 th< ci uhly. it ant ef the coun iei ui Muhdmlppt our nil hiligK i cbioalc.e the tali ol traavy rams the ? di-cl upou lira oot lib crop will iliiuhi tea be lavorabidi though it hag suite rid beyond [Arleii r> atoiatiou ruu. In many pi ices gubtal bars fiileo, and ihe period of diitrearu g an ? gbt use cnerad. a teller, ..ated the til) Inst , from ban Autumn adilressdO U. the .Vsws, aa/s: rbt re bad beeu b- avy, steady raiua .ben lor two day*, thoroughly *uakmg the parch.-! aud cracked earth for , tui ie around, ai.d rijoiciiig the farmers, gardeners ami stock raisi ra' btaite?to ray both Jig uf the armhnkd and ciliieia generally. Many of i'e poor people wero living oo an squil b. fba, aud flour was >20 a barrel Wa learn alto that there baa fallen abundant rata ta teg m i?t bi-tbiod of Oirpua Cbxiati. It waa mote beaded, er|? laliy by the suck. there was a good a n at J. Ik-raoa on ttaSfld ult., whlcg waa very lelrnstnt'g to both animate and Inanimate nature. rbe CtaikavlUe .taruiwrd aaya there hava haan for a forthitbt there daily iDdvatiuoi of rain. Rain would yet be ol immense oem lit to tira late corn la tbat aecuoa, and ta gi rally need* by the oottoe. Ibe peouilar bail - nets ol the alnu sobers baa partly shielded vegetal mm Horn he rooicbiLg, vertical raye of the ruu, and tbiaa I at has bi en brnehcial Km ge ot the thermometer la Ulf shade a d cool places, 8fl leg*, to lu2 .eg*. The Bastrop Adxertuer ot lie llih mat. aaya rata bag be. ii lallmg dally Itrare rtuoe in. gib, with prospects to* an ahuudai t supply On the 8 b the rain fell in torrent*. The Adcemser aaya ? Tlie heui tit this ram will be t > tbla keetioo of oountryi la klnowl Uicaioulable. fbe gram had henome perfectljr crt*|MWl,and all vegciatmu wan perfectly caltle wrre periehiig by tboi.nauda, lor water and grass, all over the Western oonntry. tew rain wall pat a nam lace upon the aspect of alfiiia. It will certainly bsn*d> the cotton planter, and will be n great advantage to ting ra from aavn wbo w lab tr sow turnips aad grata We laarn I ral source i that we now have one n| tbe noil abonlaal marts tbat baa beeu witntased la Western Texas for yaarg pant The same paper says:? We were shown a prl ?at* latter from Austin yesterday rbtrb states that roe o tea heaviest rains bad fallaa ta whtrb that vtclcily tbat bad arer boon atrei to were flooded?tbe arllars or lira stores on fbagr? avenue were fllllag with water?teat goods in them wero rouatdrrably uatnaged. an I p> raoi.s ware bully engaged In floating tbem out; groceries, parllcalarly, wera damaged. Th* Brgnla Afwiury or the 8th announces n steady, heavy rain there oo tea 7tb, with every promise of plenty more. It name Juet la time tor the stock and tbe partwei. Tbe Navarro Jftrpreu of the 11th aaya the rata bag been falling there et*?dily for terse Jay* Tbe 1* ok bar I teofcAman of tee nib mys they ward agreeably surprised wiu? a flue shower on Ibe tte, and it bail r a'trail ever atnoe Heavy rains have fallen al Isdtaaola, followed by^g mid, strung bortber, an wj tears from lbs Courier at I 11th Tbat paper says:? Tr i re is no dour>| but the rains have been general, for we have reports from aeariy every direction of tboir lg> fli rtileg visitation Tbe crop reports are not good, but wa are glad to bear of a <P termination among many farmers to try yet to tag aha; com may be raisrd of tbe cr >p planted la teg spring arariely enough will be harvested for home ooo ruiuptiub, though from what we bear uow tee reports hen l fore received greatly exaatarated the extent of lbs baa As to co um. It is it beoartaia tbat bu> little over a ball crop wttl bo mads with a lavurabta pick ing m waon The belloti fVmnero! ol the llth goes into rejoicings ta nt.nier.bie ovsia staady, hard ralb uf twenty eight hours, duration titie man in Bell cirunty waa ao pleased tbat be ? rut off to get marrbd. Tbire bate been gwid rains alCnlumbua, Colorado coun ty , and in that section . I lie people of tint. tales county are glaildsned by thfl abut.rant raira ttiat Lava vlsilwtl Uiem in oummou wttb their neigbbore A letter in tb* .Veins foom fteotry remarks ? Hie rttiarna of Ibis region, who liave ao long boon kuf firliig fr. in h at aud urought, h,ve at tart beeo btuassd with an old fast.i< ned ram Ha.l tbia 'alien a fawmmthw earlier tu Ibe e-aron It wieild hare put millions of dollars in to tbe pocket* ol our planters There will not bo a sufficiency of corn raised for bonM) coMnmptton. tb* coltno crop may, if tea weal her provos fltvorablo in future, an.nnui li a hatf crop. P .tao?-s are a com rleta failure, and "l.a' l times" will be tie oompiaute tliroi'gbout tbla whi le region tb* [imsrol SHIPPING NEWS. ?avaaanu af itrsaa Itaaattra. rat in avmirB. Ham*. tu iw Da* Pm Jnra .. .. .dirsnaul ..Ana ll...Jfow Tartt City of bar heater UvarviaA. Aug ti Ham Turn i * am* ugni. ? isalwwr.. Aag g.. Maw Torfe teiy uf^ Washington..Urerpnoi A ig Www Tor* fDtunu. AnoteampWn Aug ? ..Bww fork ?nbamiaa U?erv?a Aag .fjwabaw Aafn UrervsA. ft*pt I. *SV >'V* Iwirater ifwlway Hept A.,, Hnat Meliu User poet Kept ? Paw Ta Jhawnamptta Heyt I. . Saw Task IpmwL.... kept J. Savl U ..Maw fork Prtoen tiki- Ualwar Sept 18...Www lark .foil H...foaTak Uky of HaiUmora... .Maw Task. tag! ( Uvoesnag VaodartiA . Maw Vnrb. Mapt 8. H/erw I'nuua irkt. Maw Turk aopt U ff Paw Turk...........Hap? 18 ...1 ?Mota Paw Ti*k- ? ... Paul ? " fata l"? * S.* Jbvervote .Mow Ml* .flaw ti- ? *U of wi Lefcaiar . Lefnwar h-aua Mapt ? dilate Maw Voak boat te....jjf ?am BaSa. Maw Tost. M W....Dfarpam Mi ansa Jtew fort Pa?? S... Mvamak ?AVAPA, MAT A Kill AMM MMW OkUARI. nZ'zizzzriZziZhxz-WXzz&Z if i lag al Maw fate tat- _ . . . CiiiVti-rna Maw fort lite, anlitaa at Havana I MM tad Maw Orlaaas IMA Pram Mow OrlaaaalMA. Invawa MM, arfTvtng al Maw Tort M . _ Paiuia Pram Maw TnsJ ?oaarrrvkagat Havana MM aa4 Raw Orleans MA Pram Maw Orleans MA Ha rata MM. as Hvtng at Maw Tart IMA. Qsaaaa frrr?Pram Maw Tort and Havana avert iweeif days Pram New Tort Oet &. arriving al Havana IMA. Matansan-Pram Mow Tart for MaUsma on ten MM af ante ulf I. jsisrsfcrrsia Part mf >?? rtfh, ttpUaDar T, MM, CUUKXD Mnmtlf CKy of Bmlttaor* (?r). Palrta, UrtrpooMota a Dtto "?kip Hw**f lt*k**. >U?1II HptBOBiM ft ? I'liaaHlft afctp ft RnrM, < "lirar, i.lnry?l-i: V (I'tmii ?k>(( (irtmt Hill. IJrarvuM- MauRffr*. TUaaMft ft < <n. HviTrti r?il. I??n Hkip I *??* <ll?a?n??Rlnrjaa, ObMVMR k <H lUfi n U BrookBaa. Itaq, Utea?ov-U 0 IrataM * l a Hark Tnnnrt, Aadaram. Hilar Ml Hark Hint hot, Horaar, nk "T , Cltmaa 4 Oft I'rii Tri1 i?pk Hirrkr IJ??rpor>l -Tkm la II U Br Vnmnrl, Harat bo POf Tr1n?p> ?{SBBwpirWHlB^^ Kt laabrl ft|nlr?a Hl?ar*aB A 1 *M t ll-nrt?U* llmlllna. Ml RRH HlMft. JkM k Oft E5iis HSh Hn? Tj rn. HuIomb M J'fta?J M WbMaay * Oft Pri| fTuwIf. Hand*, Haaa THwpaal HiaMr. Prbr <1 II fca-aa i?ri II in l?* i J Rnaaa ? < ft Hrkr rural aktaaar. Hi J'Mina l ? liaalty, Btfer I R I la rift ? Man. < bariraian Hq'rftkBr. Hon k Oft Irkr HaMaa. Bobbins Baa bar*?J t. lalkk Rrbr R M TrW, anara. Haanaul *< hi I II Day Haar, Wu alaaiaa-MaOaady, Hatl k Oft Rabr H btoalt. I Ml. f-nrilaa* 1.1. H.wk. bakr ra?1ltna Haaar Pljamavb- *??aar Ntrurr llftlaROnhaf^llMaja I1W Hiaaarakir Bkar nf tfca ftanta. I.ynft. Raamaaal win aHaa and paaaaa****. la feal I. B*bm k Raft *b laat t? PH. Ha*. t?raa baar u * H. paaatd naan iblp PlorWa. baa as for r%>a*> rnj.n .toa P.Vaparft Vail, rurtlat. nftft mkm an* |MR> 7^2 '5toL"Vt P-^. Qky iiyK Iwl * n#^ ?Vwj 'MMiML A)N1 ? u.,h Maa?ft 1-aiia- iUmrI |)? ? I, , , null f init nafc ma ??mr* WW MHtllWH JHWff, HHV THnBlH, uvmavvi WS ^g^ffVSUrSS&MSSwa. ? afi >uk Ifai. ui Bftrho k Oft lft* BgM irtafta an* eatmm (M * Brte'STSwHe rf HMhLWUbar. TiHMiI. M Aim. ?*? taaar an* ula^a. la C C Onw k Ok rxvc? 1a fwsjntfuw' W kaaft ? MpalaOft pvV kaaMMa bar ??] waa apoftaa M la* MR * aak, an* **|i>Bat wBH < *tc% w

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