Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 9, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 9, 1860 Page 4
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NEW YORK HERALD. JANES OORDON BENNETT, EDITOR AND PROPRIETOR. Orrici k. w. corner or kassac and rcxtox sts. TFSWS xn-A in orfrnnxo. V -./1, *">r hy mail trill be at the 9'i*JL t?r Ike Mndtr. w I f IV no/ IT dial 'it ,.1 ty " r ? lilt: TtMir IIKR lIDt r, -Hihprr ????. ?7 V' ?-???>? Tilt H7.7.A/I tin/Allt. crtryNatur.t-ty wl if ?* ' 7 " t> ,.i.'< f$ | ' a * h'htum 'i * 1,1 a' fix r* ?*(? ptr nut, ut'tti.r, oh U>any pur tut Qrnft BriMijt, Or K? U. a*p,?irt / '*r r- .ti***t. f**h to }??"?'<: f' ?uhn m.iVi S? &'A <uif/ AKA <y ?* fl " ^ r ^tSFlOMlll 'h Oh Wlt'-b'y.l fa** r'tUptr ** i ixtikursvoynKM e ""?*"""7 ?./? m.licit* -/ t *'' til"' v. . ' /*' *' "*"'? "i" fiUra'\ *?<?< ?T "c* CVkki.-.n ' .K?;? iKUIKTa aKC J" AKTNT lilt KWtlUIAC *?' ""Al All lAfl" A?0 PACK ?* I" A* IW , _ . AO SilTli r. <?l ' ' ' "??> iJaa*. We/tow/ riWisM/ WIN ?? L II ,bt ,. ...Ic.rtlcc*,,c?t. I ' / in (/.' M arm ? Mr.ut. taiLT lllhaLU, ami i i f/.? ? ?* *?'?' Jim t'ttlXTlXG ' "Mid with >, athi.'r, chin]*.i'an*l il tJDlt h Yuiuabt XXV No. 'AT'4 AMUSEMENTS THIS EVENING. PA).ACE GARDEN, Fourteenth atreet.?Sairm Conockt. AMTBKMKNTS TOM >RBOW EVENING ACADEMY or MHBlt . Fourteenth ?;rart.-Italia* On Ma?Barak* Of an tut. NXBDOTI OARDEN, BroAdwAj -E/jmstr:a* ahum WINTER GARDEN. !rondw*T, oppneltA Bond *tr?? - Ail Hajl* k???As Unov i? Hdija- Kuuu Diaaokd. BOWERY THEATRE Bowirj -WornV* Talc-CoVjI* Tc? I. A I* HA SEINE'S THEATRE No. 61S Br..?i!ir?y.-Ta? F!o*Mtr I>or. ? BOWEhY THEATRE Bowery.?SiK-K Of PaL kAti Aii.'.'*/. BaRNCN'R AMERICAN MCHECM, Rrnndw**.?IHr And Crnniru'- Joawh aad llts Bhatmllx?Limau ConioAi Sin. Ax JRTANTR' M1NSTRkn>. Mpxbaolr* HnU. *Ti RronAwiJ. HCRLUa.'H. SoAtM. I>AACIS. At ?Cua? RoaII BlA>. NIBU?'R RAUNIN, BronJwAy.-Homrr A CiwxiiitL'A UlAATBAIA?BVRLMRSA btCMr HTIBCB?ltAIORAAD t AUfOH ?'A?. VAHONAL THEATRE CbhtL'.m Atrxxl ? Am ?M? iiahi Mr*?Ibipu AAPL'AiPi( aap Vaakai Mo/'UTr?Twu M'.'k OANTERBCRT MTNIC HALL, 6-i.i Bn*dw?r.-KorH I> i?c?? KnnLanopw a New York, Auniiay, Srpteinber 9, INOO The NtW*. A frightful catastrophe happened on Lake Michigan on Saturday morning. The steamer Lady Elgin left Chicago at a late hour on the previous evening, bound for Lake Superior, with between three and four hundred passenger*. Including a large party of excursionist*. There was music and dancing on board, and about two o'clock in the morning, while the festivities were going on, a schooner came in collision with the steamer, da maging the latter to such an extent that she aunk in tialf an boor. There appears to have been no ade quate life saving apparatus or boats on hoard the steamer, and it is therefore not at all surprising that of the three or four hundred passengers, only fifty-seven are known to l>e saved. The names of the survivors are given in our telegraphic account Of the disaster, together with a statement of the clerk of the boat giving brief particulars of the catastrophe. The Breckinridge and Douglas factions of the fsew York democracy have arranged a programme for a fusion in opposition to the republicans. The details ot the arrangement we give iu another col umn. Mr. Seward arrived at Kalamazoo, Michigan, at two o'clock yesterday morning, whore, uotwith Dtandinsr the unseasonable hour, he was met by companies of Bide Awakes and a considerable |>ody of citizens, and escorted to his quarters, later in the day Mr. Seward addressed the people. With the exception of the expression of an irre pressible desire to visit Kansas, which he styled the '?Saratoga of Freedom," and some remarks rather complimentary to the supporters of his ?' excellent friend. Mr. Douglas," his speech contained uo new x>ointa. Mr Donglas addressed the democracy of OI.l jterks. at Heading. Pa., yesterday. The principal topics of hi* discourse were Breckinridge, disuuion and the fusion movement. An abstract of his rc marks may be found elsewhere in our columns. Ihc Priuct of Wales held a levee at Toronto yes terday morning, and In the evening attended the I'*ii-tets' ball, but ti e balance of the programme Uf the lav's d< mnnatrntioa was postponed. It was pivrn ont that the postponement was on account of the rainy weather, bu in reality it was caused by a revival of the Orange difficulties. A flag of the Order was displayed ong the paraphernalia when the Prince laad>u, and the Duke of Newcastle Immediately entered '1A0 an angry correspondence With the city nuthorit ??. charging them with deceit and treachery to rtolutmg the agreement respect Ing the display of Orr age colors. It was under ?trod, however, that the matter was miWpie rtly ananged m some way,. ni that the demonstrations Will proceed. The steamship Vanderbilt sajjed from this port yesterday for Suuthat pton and Havre, with 110 f,aenenger* and f-1 ,1l? to specie. The City of Baltimore also sailed from this port yesterday for Liverpool, with ?03 passengers and I3P 1.877 to apeeie- making a total shipment of ll.lfi.W3. against II,200,000 shipped cn the corresponding ?Jay of last year. The telegraph ..nnoouce* that Sir George Simp am. Gov. rntr of the Hudson's Bny Company, died gt lactone. Canada, on Friday morning last. The United dates revenue cutter McClelland wailed from this port yesterday for the Gulf of Mexico to join the squadron of observation before Vera Orvu The ot3c? reattached to the McClelland fie* as ioliowsCommander, H. liendgkine; lieutenants.* Wall Y lson. Thomas M. Dungan, f, i. Hunt; Boatswain, Hugh Donnelly; Gunner. George Ci'vtrtot.. The fl> ste* xuboat ever V'Ut in the United States foe Bra* I w is JMtched ye rday from the stop yard of" Messrs. W?bb A at Creenpotot. The Bon. Mr. IMbeq, MWater to the Unit. J f*ta'e*. Jte Ch *aiier d'A^owr, and other gentle men. Br?*l' an and Auwricar. betides a numtor t* ladh ? W"re pre-eut. The rc.i? * of the pro fit ding is cicwded out cf tc toy's paper. The s. ric *1 of the b. + C.w* H. ??< J.CapUto Rcande'U.t.oi.* M-rrcnibo. iiwi to brta;M one way's to'ee ?aiellig.ncs hag , m p*' vloua ewe, M ccrdnred to regard tc the scixure Jf Me Hds by fl?e federal* ?' i the rout of a iMiilglUt |/*l o of the S*. 1.0S n- Jios, A meteor of more the" ordinary briCI ".cp was beer ?vortly alv r eight o'olocfe i riday ev? tor.f, Ly 6 w persous in 'bis < iy sod nciilty. Whoit fr*t by the writer it waa ir vtog moJeritely ftvm a .?t to west 'u a atri Ighi Hn*. at an a'titudo of ?l-ent 70 degve ?, and appeared abv at aa large u a ?r dvedbai of wh-ktog. etnittirg a djli.hary, w'> Nght.astfsner th?otgh a fog. It was visible go c.w ' sit. r only about tweary seconds, whe.> it ?w.. r*.ut Iratantly sad without descending fro* thj t ?>. to * hi.>? H was moving when drseen Mary w i -rati'toT peopl. believe th.*.l the ditorbanee of ?I fv^rrniy bodita U is ?- x? ..i porivd* the , ?V n of Unrein, atd "a crush of matter awl w tf. >.vf wvrlds, Tncludtof, of courw, the Ameri ?. an ' e! n. Ttw > ? i/ wec.Wsy rmbweM *V-it 1CM f-sss. i? .if wW*. t W *?gn I prter?. '<??*' as ? tur*? lis t. V'i n fwvsdetefV, with We i. .. ,. .; , ,t it too p. a?w ?*??? ww* atde to Um dommtlo trod" Wheat opeaed with ?pint ud with a Ihlr dofTM of activity, but ?s tho toy advanced the market grew ium, and closed heavy, e*p* ciaiy for common qualltieo Com participated la the pre vailing apathy of the trade, and with Ihlr ealaa, cloned with the turn of the market la fhvor of purchaser*. Pork exhibited rather m< re Ormneee. wuftaalea of new m<M at 119 em and aaw prime at tit it a tit M, and no to tor clear mean. Sugar waa steady, with ealee or about 1,000 hhde. and 2,300 boxea. A public eale of Rk> coflee waa held. The catalogue oomprlaed about 1,600, raoetly common qualities, of which about t.tOO ba.' were eold at 18c a 18%t., average 13.40c , wtolob waa coneldered a decline of about a S'c. Freight engage meDta were moderate. To Liverpool wheat to ahtp'e bag* waa engaged at 18d. a 13and Boor at 4?., anil cbreee, by steamer, at 0Oe a British ship chart' od for Glasgow to load with wb<'at,atlld., in ship e bags, an.: with Hour at ts. Farther Eipoeadlagl wt Black Hqgitab ilcantsm bp MtwaM-War on Slavery In the atalea We published yesterday a truthful re port of Senator Seward's speech at Lon sing, Michigan, where he throws ^ ail disguise aud proclaims that the true issue sustained by ?he black republican party is the destruction of slavery in every State in the Union. The speech which Mt Seward made at Detroit wa- ir tended for the whole country, and there fore it was cautiously elaborated; the radical and revolutionary sentiments it contained were put u the form of generalities, and after being carefully pruned and polished it was furnished simultaneously lo the whole press. After its delivery the Senator proceeded on his North western tour, to make the less guarded and more effective declarations of black repub lican policy to local audleagM before which no concealments were oecessaiy. We have frequently denounced the black republi can system of party agitation, which is to make the most violent abolition speeches aud decla rations in the rural districts, and then moderate their expressions or deny them altogether whei bioi gbt before a national audience, or cate chised by opponents in the halls of Congress. We have now determined to follow these revolu tionary agitators inio "he rural districts, and by our special reporters, and the unlimited use o the electric telegraph, cost what it may, *o spread in the columns of the Hkiuaj> their local declarations of revolutionary policy and civil w ar as widely before the whole nation as we have done with the more guarded addressee of their orators and representatives. By our en terprise and determination in this respect we can aud will place the issue of the present criti cal contest before the whole people. Here is the issue stated by Wm. H. Seward:? II has been always my policy to take care that every ucw Stale should be a free 8laie, aud I will favor aa long 1 mm, within tbe llsstla or eonalltut.oaal aolioo, tue decrease aud diminution of African slavery In all the Stales. That la the whole quean km. What is this "constitutional action" by which it is propof ed to cany out the "decrease and di minution of African slavery in all the States?" Mr. Seward shows it very plainly. He points to the handful of madmen, with a few pikes and spears, carrying "the oldest, the proudest, and once tbe greatest leading federal State in the Union," to the verge of servile war; to the ex citement in Kentucky and Tennessee caused by a few abolitionists; and to the Incendiary teach ings and murderous promptings now going on among the staves in Texas, which he character izes by the mild appellation of "slavery being brought into debate among a portion of her citizens." Here he paints bow mnch may be done by a few citizens if not interfered with. But, says Mr. Seward, the army and navy of tbe United States are brought unconstitutionally, io bear against them. What do we maintain this army and navy for? asks Mr. Seward; and here is his answer hi his own words. Let every citizen read them and ponder:? In omit that slaws may not escape from tbe Slavs Mali | MS lb* isa, ami thai rrr* c.r rmaneipatrd BMPSSi IB the free State* may not enter and Introduce civU war loii> tbi slave States, aud because that, If we provoke a foreign enemy, IheHou there frontier n expoeed to lava sioc, from EBgiaod, France and gpala. Thai Is the whole object ol our army sad navy. Entertaining these views, he declares that tbe first constitutional act which should be per formed to diminish slavery In all tbe 8onthern States, and that it is his duty "as a patriot," is to do away with the army and navy of the United States, in crder that it shall not pre vent freed slaves from introducing civil war into the slave States, or resist invasion from England, France or Spain, on the Southern Homier. This is the Hartford Convention doctrine of "the Massachusetts school;" it is trvascn of the blackest dye; it Is thorough gf'ng. open-faced, black republicanism. This i* what Mr. Seward says "one single adminis tration will settle finally and forever," if Abraham Lincoln is elected President. Let tbe national men of New lork consider tkh tru'hfal exhibition of black republicanism by its leading orator and expo inder. Lift every patriotic American contemplate tbe "brutal and blood/'' conflict which tiese demagogues would inaugurati in our m d?t, and then ask himself what is his duty as a citizen and a mt.lot. Ren nmo* or rna Famcr ot WarV Cxxa mi* To'Pinim.m- Rrro*<. 1 i:p.? We are glad to find that the unpleasant Inci dent! t j which ibe progrcw of the Princ** of Wale# in Canada ru tempr ilj clo ded hare btcn pat a atop to. nod that a la Royal High new pur lie# the even tenor of hi- way. winning, a* before, golden opinion* nm alt. The Arm nee* that be mani'Mted in rafaatng to allow hin*elf to be ider tified',t itb party d non?i-alien* hae gained him the r? -pect of a'l claaaea of the Canadian community. for erer the Orangemen rre acw heaitUy vlamed 01 tbelr conduct. Had thry aucceer ?d In oullyla/ blm Into accm pliaoce wiu their ?lc rand.. vbry would hare brou |ht euuul liagt Of upor tLemeelrep, and they Wv.ild frj.rer after br?e r. wptaed the Print.e for the weakn** wi h rhicb he bad ylelwod to then, f *ey ought 0 be thaokf tl to Ma for baring aa< -VI hirwelf then the con acq- no a of a nKake ihr.t m .at Lare ended In bloodshed and 'hat vo-tid hate 0?uipt.?e.; bin t* the ft ins ant Jep ittnlHiC ladu. Th.? eenporary p?e?,y tri *iph Urn; n'ght hi re gaUwd wcuid hare h-?i 4 trly pu? tl-a-'o-1 hy ?'ic> wait for the/ woa a hre bronglit down up m ha? the cen tre of the rlril'aen wor'd. and rendered Uk1> crgr nia-Uoii obnoxloita eren to their own Co-roliglomsta. In thia country, where theaa aacuriao fend* are not onlj not tolerated, hut are hateful a the eye* of all ratlouwi men, the conduct of it* Prince at Klngafc n and BrcrVv'll* * ? in. Oreeee the esteem tha hi* fttilr and m erra tic iHIUfet bH rtLp dirj gairnd 01 .em. tTla ecnr.t baa coincided etae'ly wHti the drift of pu'dlf opbion In the t'o'ted i'ta-et; at.'. w*e?e raha beet hi* reerptt. u Ir. Can I*, we are mi,eh g"?t.k'0 tf || |>p r lr r-i-**d ty th,->i a. >vh U a... ptoewre <wt La** ???> >/i ah* { ro7*l personages who have visited Uju, country, he promise* to b - thn moat popular, f??r he the mr?t easily enter* into tbe spirit of ?h? institutions and ideas by which it u> governed. The Dread fa 1 nuaakeat Aeeldant oa Lwhe Btcaigaa-ThrM Haadrcd Lives We hate this morning the painful tank of an oouncing another fea.ful tteainbw?t disaster, by whleti between three uud four bun ire-1 lives are supf oeed to hare beta lost. The cin-uiu sta^co-, so fur as they have r*i*"k"-l ur b> telegraph, ate these:?The steam*" Lirtj K .in. of th- Lake Superior line, left Chic ?go <"' Fri day evening, and oil Wuukegan war run iu"> by tue schooner Augusta aud sunk, only ?? *eo O-eti persons being known to hare been stved The accident occurred about halt-past two in tbe morning, the schooner going at the time at the rate of about eieron miles an hour. Then were three m .i'ary and several fire comp 01 ir on board, and among tbe persons 6*1-1 to be loo are Colonel Lumadoa, of the N?-w Orl*?e /'tooyttiif, and the son of the proprietor of th, London Illustrated Neu>s, but lately arrived ir this couotr;. Of course, in tbe absence of any detiaite d? tails, it is impossible to pronounce au opinion as to whert tbebiame of this dreadful oc ? tr reDce lies. That there must have be-n gross carelessness on the part of the oflBeersof either or both vi seliis. however,evident. Had the sailing regulations in regard to the exhibition or li*ht been adhered ic, we do not see how such un accident coulr t.e happened. The season of tbe year is not one in rrhicu the d*useness of a fog could be pleaaed a? an excuse tor det'ec uve vision in regard to lights, supposing th-m to have been displayed, and we are, therefore forced to the conclusion either that ?bey wen not vowo at all, or that a proper watch wa* uc-t kept up on board the schooner. It is only the occurrence of terrible calami ties cf this sort th t will enforce attention to tbe necessity cf providing against the dangers of negligence at sea by the passatrc of revere enactments. Whenever aL accident involving lo^ of life to any extent takes place from this cause there L- usual y a good deal said and writ! about ft* but bey : d an occasional feeblt effort to in d ee atueudmeots in th* exir'ii.g laws, and which fails because no gre* moneyed Interi t is rallied to it? support, nsihing is done in relation to it. And yet there is no subject of legislation, one would suppose. tua? would sooner enlist tbe ympathies of a grea" con mercial and tra veil! g community. If the citizens of New York do not speedily exl ibit a little more energy in this connection we shall have one of these dreadful disasters I - ought home to us. A condition of things ex ista in our immediate waters which is pregnant with some wholesale catastrophe. For example, there is not a Sunday passes that we do not e*. pect to hear of some accident Involving as ex tensive a lost, 01 life as that which has just occurred on imk* If it higaa. The raokless man ner in which tbe owners of the Huteu Island boats pack their vessels with human #b*ing* must one of these days inevitably lead to it Were a sudden panic to occur amongr.t the pas Mtngen nothing could save them from destruc tion. We all know how easily terror is infused into a crowd of helpless women aud children thus cooped up. It suffices but the alights : alarm to deprire them of all self piese - sioo. and to induce them to do jtut the ery thing they should avoid under such cli instances. Tbe Union Ferry Company are oonoxlou* to a similar cersure. Between the hours of five and seven their Fultou etree* boats present just the same circumstances of danger. We have seen them at these hours so densely thronged that there was not space even for the ptssengers to turn about in a stardtug posture. We believe ourselves that th- existing laws are sufficient for the suppressiooof abuses. The trouble, however, a that those entrusted with their admioiatraden will not enforce tbem. either from indifference to tl p public safety or from collusion with the companies who are ihterssW-d in rcainta- ing t' ? present state of things But if the It* lit uot sufficiently stringent to reach offender* and to compel tb? authorities to do their duty, it is the business of Congress and of the l-ute L*gt?la .ures to render it so. Tbe enforcement of peoalti** against public officers as well as again ?t deltu quests has been found to work well abroad Surely such wholesale calamities as that which we record to dsy plead sufficiently strong to our legislate* to induce them to bc.iow * ?mall share of ttelr attention on a matter so vital to tbe safety of the travelling public. Tm roLmcAL Cuqrri and Canemxia At Work.- For some d*ye past a set of poll's clans bare op u holding meeting* at ih?- A?tcr House, the st NlcholMaod different other parte of the city, and have beej travelling round bitber and thither. to Waabington and Albany, bargaining and trading, and plotting and hag gling about the link a electoral ticket, just a if they bad rotes to cart for tbat ticket, or re presented the great trass of the voters of the State a bo are In 'aror uf It These men come rrom all quarters of U?e.S?a?e. anil assume, eome of t -m. to bo the Bteckiur<dge CommUtee. eon? the ] >ugla.? Onir-nittee. and some the IV! Com i'. ee The e are Cagger and Rich ns^ud. 1 3k*r, Green. McM-'bon and the Lord kr w? oho -a set of p ?ddllng politicians, pre tending to tepreeent the people tf this Slate in tee psev-nt crisb. Bu* no r-ili politi cians bold la* d'?"ny of the coantry tn 'be hollow ot tbelr hand* at tbte evrntftai Jtouient of I's history. The rlta' interests of the wl.>le people are at stake In this election -ih? issue Involves the very Hie of the t'r on. i wl it i? the p *ople, and r.c: W.~ clique of politl'twas who ar > to wWc ? I'. is not in Tammany Hall or >i.>aart find, or In any comnrttee. sf'f (ostctituted of other w?*e. that t.te lepresentatiyeh of b? vjou ?lcket h? to be fbund. Tammany, m a powet li * politic 1. dltu on. ts mined, don art hal' Is goer to f'5 the Aloaoy Regency is l*tta gr't*bed. and t po. h peop.e alone arolves the d' 'y of r '.acting iue men who are to oota hlne iU t' a rational, conservative elements of Ike country In a r .-ceasful opposition to sec tionalism and 'ilsuni a. Tie ? rr.Tr.any M* Migart orgaol/?,;oM ?re tWrg'ng tViSMlvea Into the ui?<on i- vewenf. in oi.ter not to b- jt. Ij sngnlfed; bnt tie suectna rf' it m.rerru. rmt be deeded by the grt at Ksss meeting uf the pe. ,,lt. to be u Id In thfa fify on the lTtb oi loie the a-nl vr *a-y ol tie a'lr jitton rt Oh-c^nett.u'ion TV j.f ,,t c? rc i r*e fi i 'bat t?ee?'ng <o nurwie wenid be to appoint a go-rat vouituttrj to aa: cf urge of the whole mo v anient -a committer to represent the people in fac; and in truth, and ?weep away Tammany and Mozart, and the Regency, and all other peddling cliques and committees. They should form the union elec toral ticket on this basis?ten Breckinridge men, ten Douglas men and ten Boll men, leaving the other five to be chosen as circumstances and expediency may demand. Let them take the ticket as it will be formed on the bask mgreed upon last night, and if it be not what it should be, throw it overboard, and make one on the spot that the people can sustain. In this way ?n?-y would be able, not only to defeat Ltucoln in this B'ate. but to carry two-thirds of all the Northern Bta'es qgainst bin , r 'hey were car ried in 1852 egainst the rotten v hig party. 1 he Throes of (be City P?lltirtsat-Aa Opening for n Better (filter of Things* The suugnles ai>d gestations of the several political organizations and ward politicians in his city are just now unusually interesting. The numerous fat offices to bef lied at the com ing election, including Congressmen, members ot Acreuibly, Aldermen and Councilman, Re gister, Suirogate, Ac.?covering as they do an amounlof direct spoils equal to at least five to ten millions ot dollars United States currency, and prospective plunder to a still larger amount? has breathed new life into the nostrils of the seteral fragments ef the la'e democratic party. Within the next ten lays Tammany Ball will present a list of nominations for the several ffires. which will be followed by a like num ber from M< zart Ball, and several other demo cratic factious as well as the republicans. Old Tamn any, for a long time afflicted with spasm*, broke its back in the attempt to throw Mayor Win d overboard and swallow Ttemann <nd out of a portion <1 the fragments was formed Mozart Ball. Tuis organization fought Tammany at every step, and in the Mayoralty election m 1859 triumphed over her. Both par ties marshalled their forces and sent delegate* to Chat lesion; Mozart was declared irregular and scut home The latter made another appli cation at Syracuse, and wa* there received into full fellowship, and all wed to partake of the bieud and wine of the Albany Regency. Tam many raved at this act like a madman. The old wigt amwas at first filled with waitings; but at 1- ugth the old mefl, Who have some indistinct recollection of the power of the organization efore its backbone was broken, counselled concerted action with Mo zart on the local nominations. But this ar rangement of the old fogies did not suit the young men of Tamo uuy nor the barroom poli ticians; the intestine feuJa are still kept np daily, creating new combinations. We are now having about as many coalitions of the po Utiual atoms of the detnnct democratic party as there are candi . es for the several offices. There are the Old en's, the Young Men's, nn'd several other committees, too numerous to men tion. bailing from Tammany?a Douglas and a Breckinridge, a Wood and auti-Wood clique in Mozatt, besides numerous independent reform anti-Tammany combinations, coming from no one knows where, each competing for the mi me. ruus prizes. These several factions and cabala are now engaged In a grand squabble for the spoils: the captains, lieutenants und sergeants are trading and battering with eecb fother for the several offices. The preliminary * rungemeats going on amongst the barroom politicians to obtain possession of plaoe and plunder exhibit an amount of buying and i oiling seldom before beard of. Each faction cling with grew tena city to their schemes, end are determined upon having e finger in the public crib either at Waebington, Albany or the City Ball. A com mittee from Tammany Hall will one day pub lish their order* in the advertising columns of the Huuis. and the next day another oomtrlt tee. likewise emanating from the same source, will publish their edict declaring the other an imposition. Thus a bitter warfare Is cons'an tly kept up by the professional trad in politic] ans the public at large looking on with indiffi r*nce vntil they find that their rights are trai tpled upon, and the vety existence of the county im perilled by a corrupt and mercenary set o: men in office. These quarrels are carried on to such r cteot at the p?esent that they furnish an exoellr op portunity for the public to correct tbe u -? at abuse of powe so characteristic of thl When Tammany resented an nndirided fr..c. their selections * :re always forced upon i?, let 'hem be what tvj would; hut under the ?>'.<>? now existing all ot the corrupt plans of the f?c ?toes can be o^eet. Let some of our better class of cltizeot. popularly known In tbeir ?everal local (lie annoaoce ibemaelve*'Arougb tbe public press as independent candid (tee for tbe several offices |o be filled, and make for once an effort to break up tbe barroom and srogsliop nominations, the buying and selling that has so loog disgraced our city, and secure s city and fttate government that will not be a by wore throughout the world. Will any one make the trial ? Thf R??n Hots cr rmr atifUi-A aickly daily of Philadelphia. ?No in oot jet conu to New York bug Rod t ,711 tc g?t into Jocen. foclety Mates iba*. ?n ,000 b*? been eon trtbntrd fro? New Yo-k city to Rtd in th* else ?too to tbftt great Sua. , which le ' the keettooe of ibe orci of tbo Union,'' bat which. it *eeao. goes ah< nt Into other Stritee, -like a heeww hawking her acres," to excite cctnauarratlon and nu>n relief. Tbe meaning ot thir .ttsirttenl of too Pbita dolphia Jowiti'l U lit' not ol ? cent baa br.n contributed. bat the ing. iooj fabiiciHoa m thrown oat -a a bait k ca'cb gudireou.? in Peen erlran'x and bHng w jn,'7 tnto *-ar clutch.* of ?be inMtlabi' '"otaK'onte of itn praaa: o; it ia ?xUbttei m a 90(Q>t?rfrit ue?' egg to indie* rthor N'atr* to toatr but* Mr lata Tfca F.ttt and 'bo Tr MyibMfcM ?*n always p-J ti jding that jtihtctlptlo-i ara Ketrg collected j lt?a Fork for ejootioiw.ltg p r?? La Pemaylrania. Bu' tbe I'niladeiobta poll bart j?T sent to J?#w York two begaiaf e*pe'Uions, which J1*** bad tbeir labor 'or tbeir pate*. and r-nurfJ wi'b a "oggsily account of ?tnp'y Docket* Tl?- dec crate of New Tork bate a loo aft id retnlleton of ?'? lota of their aou. y ia lA;r, to bo dot* brown ao aooa again Tb ;j ronmnt uer, to their oorrow. bow tbo b5o/HiO they tbea ?nbaorlbed foil ln*o tlo ban '* of Forney, and I orbing w<u eter hes-d of I. al<ef. u.t ibe U I h'.re (M 'Jra Corod# Ccn out ir C Ingres ! "raced it to him, hrt do further. W trie *atae ??id ? tho repaorlcMw of New T<w? u..W*tned '2? ?*> frr the elect* n nf Pcw*h *ok. a? 1 ?'?* tfowa i.ik the pocW, of T'.a Fook. wnrucf it has Beyer b?ca n*m toe. *rrgra IV* Yorkers, made wise bj experltvooo, now reply to the Philadelphia beggar* m the Cari1?u# fo* 0(ic did to the tick lion, who invited his Qt.ia me Mrttgta tsrreef, (.< wioriMN ipeaaniva, walls wtrwww Reynard traced all the steps of (he wild ani mate into the lion'* den but could find none ot their footmark* returning thence, and bo he po litely declined the invitation. When Forney touud be had no more money ic get, he turned round upon his partron, Mr. Uucbanan, who had been hie fast friend tor twenty years, and abused him, aud then went over to the other side. There are otner For ueys in .Philadelphia. In fact, each journal has its Forney, who thanks God he has even the fragment of a broken party to sell. They hare mitre than the meannetu> of Forney, without a tithe of bis ability. We hope, therefore, that none will be so foolish at to send any' ot hia .cash to Philadelphia for election purposes, for t would soon find ?lirny into the pockets ot the needy n vspaper Rob Roys, and that would be the las; of it Such an investment would belike putting moD'y Into "the devil's exche quer;" its descent into his strong box is easy, but to get i* back or to obtain any account of >t, would be a superhuman task greater than all the labors of fi< oulea. NEWS FROM IHE NATIONAL CAPITAL. Wassimitob, Sspt. 1, 1800. tux oa*AT a.ems as 3 direct trade ssrirxs* tee bocth ASH EVBOFt. If tit- Crest Eastern ebsll ret oil to this country st si si e will come to Hampton Roada. Lett :ra by the Ame >lea will determine th< lutetiou. Freight sad ptmeagers p*i 11 f eeveoly fivt^ thousand dollars ?<ach trip will be ?utticitol to establish bur as a regular trsuer between tbts Heathers port sod England. A house in New Yonguar an tree gut tt-ousand bales of cotton, while oany statists and political icooomista U the South are enthusiastic for di ret trade with Europe, and the planter* and (armors laror It. The merchants, as a class,are unwilling to breas up their old commercial arrangements or fall In wtib this cow bobby. Mr. Mann has hopes that be wl J overcome this natural opposition of the old ana alow bouses. Balti more alone could fcruish one lourth ol tbc seventy five thociati ooliar* freight required. AS0THX8 TKOt'SLS AT HaKPSX'S ft*ST. Party treason Is rife at the Armory at Harper's Ferry. Com plaints or active Intermeddling against lbs adminis tration have been frequent sad long for some time, aad the Superintendent w'll probably be removed. Political independence la respected, but to keap noisy sod violent partner.* against the government la places of power nan not be expected. ? THE XUblO.t TO QCATBKALA. The mias'on to Guatemala la wot yet tUed. The climate bits been deadly to the three last lticurnvmU, yet there are plenty of clever aspirants not Intimidated thereby Cbarles Eamee la strongly backed, so is Mr. Peay, of at. Louis. 80m* bachelor, wnom no family would mlsi, ought to get it. thx rsjr.TA srssAr. All the applicants for tbc census bureau who were ex amined yesterday we.~c rejected, including some recom mended by btgb functir series of government This Shows the Impartiality of the Secretary, who 1* resolved to Dave scmpetent met aliost blm. All who desire the elevation of lb* standard for ode must approve tbts course, though there Is great fluttering among the wounded pigeons. what thx Bsrnsi coTTtv nnTK or to aacsrn as or to runes uv walss. Private letters from distinguished gentlemen connected with the BrUith Oourt, among them Major Oewaral Orey, state that the Queen and Prince Consort, aad the royal family genera'ly, are delighted with the Prince's reeep Uou m Amertoa, and look forward with still greater plea eure to tbeeorl of Welcome be la to btve from the great commonwealth and its chief magistrate. General Grey spent several months *a this country la 18U, and an aoe of the Illustrious Earl Grey, an lb or of the Parliamentary Reform bill of I'M. waa treated with rrealconsideration. sassim?n or ni w axisb iaoatk>b. The SpanirU Legation here expresses muob dleeallefhc tlon nlth the publicity gtvoa to the alleged deetgae of Hpaln against Mexloo. It Is against all Oaatlllaa etiquette to tell what Spain will do In any emergency. Dun Galds . ron de In Baron would have demanded the name of the betrayer of such a diplomatic secret. Jfah mm smu cAnwpr tout r?U. umm oe ras rmnsamsi to to vim eocaa The President, after a quiet morning at the Soldiers' Home came to the executive mansion at one o'clock, and wee enraged with official b miasm till a late hour. He gave nodkv ce to Mr. Mann. Hia health and spirits were never better, aad be converses 00 the topics of the day Willi the greatest kor.bseeear end contentment. Oar WMhU|t*a r?rmy?aiww. WAaaiwiToa, Hapt S, 1M0 IV flarbrr if Am /Vvnrt* Qrmi Mproarwvf fhwai fiulrd- (?fxxrt H'CommrnM for Making Swoogo 4c ? Cbunonifan* P-mh^m of On Harbor <m ikr I'o/cykc ft?? y*M fnmmoi of Commmr?ftmrtA $of?* m Ikr tbtfav?Tti iiiwrni rf TVnoaeMVMaroiol Mmtrvad?Mrmo rial of thr thoatlrr of Ooomttm, 6c for oororol j nri pan It baa braa ? auhpet tt ra< vt ansloui rnoaidrratioo with all c lirn* of fbllforaia oar MM hrart thr fnlurr wrlfara of ihtrlljr af Am 1'iuru co Mil thr .-lata wh? tbrr toy mrurtnrt akw( tbr > >nt of thr city la a?e?ait for thr paaaarraHoe and imp'ora atrat of thr harbor. At mrly to 1147 thr 'rfliutam aatborirM thr Ooram t to corr^rpoad with tha /corral iuTrttBicnl ta rrlaravor to a oumplotr aarrrj o< thr bar *?ar gi.ttr rto Mir thr Botrd ?f Autorntort ra-*t> fiat i*rd thr I'rroidrat In Iatoc at tha appmnl-arat of a Ml mtarxin of rotaprtrai angioma ? I r-t?TV> reaka a th roogb caaBtiaalk* of tha watar 'root of ttai > raocir Second?To dotmatra at mraruraa air wary to praraat ? ocraorhnMBla it ha harbor Thint?to dretd. no tlx-rxpedieacy of a bulk Land or ara vali a>*f thr aalor frnat luurtb?TV> pmrtoa plaar. atK-c boa rw aad ttiailw of thr vol of aald v<?*. If fnnad In or rxpadtaal Tbr r arnra of Cbptaie J T. Mtiawa, Cattod dtalaa trmjr, and I aptaiB Jiart Aidaa, I dM mm Nat/, vrrr U( ? ?(led *>j thr hard i?r rn-rt tiDf thr lifu;, and Ovr lal Job phtl T-dt' a and Tmfaaanr A U Ha-b- vara ra i? ??m to rocirr vl?h iTof. aanr Hrar> . la Ttav of aaao cJOthf bHa a lib thr row raw A r-t?.rt fruat ib>aa dvimfu aha. p' -Mtt woaM. an ? aohhdtp. i?a?tM a btfh d?:?? of ottudmca and af | ?otd nan important daM for t-M ooartrui t.jr af lath Ua ?rai*. Thr harbor af Han Frai ta* ,?-v?aea treat natarai ?d o: iltco Thr itnuaot.?f ila onaim*rca. if jot aaox ia|iV, m nn -J iwrtadly lar/a tt b a aimt oor-maiid in* | ua tbr IWribr untvt. aad ta aorta* at aw dta last da/ j I thr Tttim o nalaua 01 thr ptal traaa ? ? , ? Mai i "road All I MOB Mil'ta f1T? In t ? har oar a "?*?? "* tatrrrat and tirnr., tanr- to a italioaal i p at of *m a toad to ao htroor n? thr l"a?o f mad/, at thr ripuatlvo if iltttr ir.vr U. ?. 'ra >rr . ? ?-on . <t ftaaf aognpalt'n f tor ?.?>"? ry h/? ir o,?ma -I NM ].#?.onaa nprua tvoriv aii I i.arl*'ttoa air ? Ihol df lit' at of too rat* Miring at J Ion th ? , Tt la trardrd by thr* of ralj thma ratpnrit Ir ?!? t'aln,, and that tha rahja of Impnrta *?a (nrriaa on.U rt 'a'd | Har fra. riat ?? ta ttr.r.v ?nljr in ' if p-t Thr (bthbr of Cti?n n r ha*. * lalrlr vat jatitlt-? th tar T-aaMiat mrnratij oalltah bia atuali.^i ta thta maltrr, aad tha Narratar/ "t War k-a '. nadrr ooaa dara IMS. Tha pnllttaal latrlllfaw* rrnta ? rata laarm no ! i row lo dottM thr attrrr*. t, thr ? mhTiliilt'tVkli '?ra two txarv raiabl ooa pa-ta nj tha rata a a' |>*. r-a All lh? ' ?ItiV foatav HoMla t.|r t. Maw j will ira tb. -m i ? . ' appotr *i at, ta m tha vm<'t?f 'la* wata'ja C v> aad CaiJorhJa. W? nnnwrta. d^pt. |, )t<A AtS a*J? P -rkia. Af- Coy Jhvtta.* rm- ftr ? Plfft-no *r6 hMv P k fyoir* Jf .T-v V' \ 6r ft dajr Art . j4-mo I m" ar to tha ta? -rrlaa oa tb* Wa/ln .1 ma af tha pvop.a aa tha hour of thr r*Trtf? flarr? *f thr *rat- ?.i| rmat an hboawtohtrd rporthck fhrraiMr. /at ago, hbt* tha paara if tow frihtr/ aA tha Iria/r, / of thr >?? rt vara thrast foaa fl*l ttlitftlh# irttobtca of **mlh f><rath<a, thatrw t a/, ?landirf 14 ?* .**??'?. of. m* ?* ??? hraara la Un ftvu of hit. Tibr..Tarr,ir?hihf,v3J ?%rt* U)M ttir ' a la hid hotva vhc h fra/il/ toorhad #h! hnUJ ft I*** arato??' thr thlah If, air," M 4 ha. - tt.& 111* T Wa/ ta ro hrvr to Aat Ian.! an J rvm.9 P'v*k wry- f.y arar. aaidrt Itr /rora, ca tttt I van. ? *4 tr* taa b van of my bWijr, T viUthJhJf 9 bapehpm. rnrtm tail aaa (ratHwha vhb-h I har* a?r*r avparWcod >a pMIIHhl llfb." To drr, D . Ih'r- tra ?) M> ?a f J to*, ntc w xrla. ara arnva' thr * w rf drmirrat/ to hnor th-ir /win/ aa I ?af-dt tr* ar rf-ati tha'r raw bu** Mtoaif arvla/t u*r i**.) ut --i of fhntilaha? fTt'O, firft a-H. Iw *r* *. 7" ).tc, s4 \ If' , jn* rt. a PS| r -,u let , Vfft Ui *t.->4>* ailioaM u> tha Ucm Cw|rMilMMl NaaUatU*. iuawn, Pa., Sept. 1,1MB. Hon. Henry A. Ungnecker iru renominated for Ooa grcaa to Che Seventh d lew let today Death ef Mr Oeerge Mafwe. Movtwul, sept. T, UN. Mr George Sim peon, Governor of Hudson's Bayt died at nchlae thle morning Iaeagaratlea *f Ute Fury lute*. CiBTmarD, Hept 6,1M* Ooeeraor Bpregna, of Rhode UMtnd, with tte members it the State Legislature and the Governor^ Guard arrived to-day, and will attend the taaaguretlon of the Perry ?totoe oa the 10th inrtaat The Oorrrnor and his staff were welcomed by Governor Deaalaon, of Ohio, la a ?pitch, the Guard goes Into oaeep with the Ohio roVan tear mllltte and other eompaataa froat abroad. Tht Urtai Wotlora Railway. Huratw, C W , Sept ?, IMP The Great Wretere Railway traffic tor the week eadiag loot eight was MO .100, at iccreeae of upwards ?* 000 over the corrtapobdlag week of laat year. Friltaiir Lowe aad tola Mailowet. PMiLtantreu, Sept g laM. The la Oat mo of Profeewr Lowe's halieoe waa rwanil thla morn.jg, aad one o'ekek waa hard for the hour of departure, bet the high wlad eaueed the oaliooa to buret, putting ee end to the scheme end wealing an 'r mwiei amount of gaa. - ? ? ?f RaprroentaUvea, and oanunanoed A Sprlea o vigopoa J ???nulla upon Mr. Van Buraa, charging htm with secret abolition proellvlttoa, and pradlctlng that at n ttfilngf op- 1 portaolty he would oome out for " free aotl." Theae t?raui | wore brothara la heart, aoul, and, a certain daring elyle of deounclailoo?ready always f* Qght la any way. Laat week Bailie Peyton?who Urea at Gallatin, Trim mil" and Is a Jolly good follow?made a speech for John Bell, In whom he baa always adhered, while Wise left that gaoUa man when the latter?who was General Harrison's Secre tary of War?left Mr. Tyler. Peyton, though of ? account politically, and of no education at all, had the magnanimity to declare that in Tennessee} aad Kentucky the democratic masses, leaders, editors aad all, wo-e In favor of the Union. To morrow " my friaud from Vir ginia," as be used to call Wise for'years, opens his rob in the political campaign with a speech at Raleigh, N. C., for Breckinridge It is expected that Mr. Wise will pay uB some old scorer which he owes the Albany Regency, ilia opinion of tb?m, however, la only that watch ovary booevl man entertains. The real difliculty in the way of the Breckinridge man cooperating oo the fusion ticket In New York sprlags iiom the absolute disgust and distrust felt towards yonr elbeny clique. Tb*y cheated whenever ta?y could; they oever think of anything hut bargain for Uftir own iatn> rest, and If ibe friends of Breckinridge do not go Info ska combination It will be becauao they fear they will get Into the bands of gambievu and rogues. To defeat Llnootn they are ready to soaks any sacrifice of Inclination, of p-e Judlce and of perronal preference. but II is a fact thai they are not entirely sure the Albany deceiver* would not tomorrow vote for I.lncolo, if they thought such a a bargain would be profitable to themselves. Wise intends to show up soma of these gantry. If yoa could onty throw the whole pack overboard, nothieg could pi event such a union of the conservatives as would rescue the Empire Stole from Lincoln. To do that la Im p at livable Tbe (real brush most be on the people W* must not divert our attention to so great a purpose aa the overthrow of Llnoo n la New York, because knaves sad fools find it their interest to promote our patriotic object Let ns defeat sectionalism firm, and settle after wards with the unworthy, the corrupt and the eelf seeking ache men, who fight for booty and not for honor or patriotism. Tab Is the common sense view. Wise and Peyton Breckinridge and the old Clay m*k, will all com* together before the 4th or March, IM1. Arrival *f Ms A near lew at Betten. Basics, Sept. 8, IBM. The steamship Ameriea, from Liverpool, via Halltoz, arrived at noun. Her malls go south by the three o'oioak train, due at New Yoik at midnight. dept. Miller, formerly of the steamship America, died at Liverpool on tbr Mlb nit. On the morning of the Tib Inst., the Amerloa, off 8am bro, collided with and tank the British schooner Emerald, from the Straits of Belle Isle for Barriagton, N. A, with a cargo of fish. The crew of the Emerald eleven hi number?were taken off and brought to this port. Movraisbti of Utnsrsl Walker. Bonos, September 8,1M0. The bark Oarlb, at this port foam Truxillo August U, reports that General Walker's force consisted of miy ninety-two men. He was dally expecting relAoree menU. The City * u nearly deserted, and business was at a stand still. AJBMra at Us toaUi. Wsaaopoioa, Sept. I, MM. New Orleans papers of Tuesday have been received Advices from Texas state that a sew electoral ticket M advocated, aad prom Sea to become a plan of action to be voted for by all parties opposed to Breckinridge and Liu ooln. Vigilance committees ware (till forming. The Pieaymnt'? correspondent my a at the laat aooouaU of the liberals, since the defeat of IllraaMo, they were advancing from every aide oa the Capital. RspabUeaa AsseaaMy Headaatton. Unox, Sept. a, 1MB. * Hod. Jamea MoQoade was to day naanlmooaly rssoml Bated for member of the Assembly by the rspublicans of the First Aaarmhly district of Oneida oeunty. Strong resolutions ware adopted endorsing bin notion, la the laat legislature. Vln at Ljrm. Burma, Sept 0, 1000 Two bnlMinc* oa Brawl I. Thwia* ? wharf, I yoa, caw tataiog tan tbooaao ' loui of coal, warr .Kwi-oyad k> Bra iaal ak(b(. laauri-d for ?2,too UMM llciwtr MotiaraU. Ha-MaH Sapt I. 1000 Tb# Florida arrirad at Tybae at r > aaa at her wharf at tea a clock Friday atgai Ai. wall. Mailt ota. Moan*. Bawl. T. 1000. Gottoa?dhiaa to day 000 bake, at l?Mc for kldMaf kka of the week, 070 Iww reuewti of lb* we-ee . 4 1(0 bake acataai 0,7H> io toe wax waak laat yaw lac rwwtata to date, too aaka. towk. 40 .*10 hewa rrvi?it to 1.1 rarpool, 1,4.; to Harra, 1 4c iMgbt etcbaafea ?* New Terkjwr toaran.loaa Sta'Uef earha- pe, 0W a b %x i-raoiiua Kapurk for I be waak aauma' to Ml I 000 liunaoaa. Bapt 1.1000 Floc.r aired y. at 00 Wheat quiet ?? 1 vee* tra. Weatarti. 01 aft a 01 K far red. aa4 01 no a 01 41 for watt* Oora Ira t*r?rw. no gnM tirl tkalr lard. 11 tr a 14r CnMbr Mraay at lis*, a 14 ~,e Nhkbey crawed Ira at 23.'t?- a 04r Fwtawr'-wt 0Tt 0, ?00a Floor 0?Bi mprrfine 0f U oaat ".aryaat rad.F1 01, wb'te, 01 M a 01 ?T Cam 0aU at 14, a Tie Wbiek-y arivaadrd fee tfotc at 1I0C a Mr (/Bar 0rm Rio Ufec a 14 ',c R"? IO, foot 0.1000 Floor aoaroe, arm aart la fo?f ???* aad Wbewt r awed efrady bat cbwed .,uiet aaka $0 Mu l>nab> k t<> Z \tm r< epr4** la am-t ard w- arr ea. 01 10 S X4 Horl,el? Va do. 01 18 11 000 bv lirfaaiberttt-io 41 no, *01 life I 000 bti?bera red <h. . ?0nat. 01 00 1,0(0 OuatM-ie Mil ear ?ea riab and !? 000 krikk atone (hue la. pneavt Meal (era eaafr 14 000 baalwda M H t 0t* <b ?tra it ?lr? ? 000 luabHt at Alt 0Th ?k-e noaa! Ml a* 22 V Ihwai tmrhk (trade 'wpnete-. OCO M?k four, Tt.dfto b'-ebek wa-el. 07 favO core 0.06to '*?! eta . W. aad 4 00a ?> wbet* barla/. I<|?iV?I'd 0 baaW ? k wheal, 06,000 beaaeu aora. Helta* tot the kyrlaa BklF ear* Ti e mow I Nee fhe tar reHaf of Ik feat .tote md aabw I>>( la Nyrie, arbae ikd|a the rarefy af the fuiowaf ? mr riaor Ilk laat re, r"t ? fowdia*.. 00 00 r.rat Kor'eakrtlaw. J I) II a>t Bad owdh Ser.ety, IV'' d, er. ?>tdrw. Vt . . 10 00 Oeae.... ...,r... V ft 4a* art for tb# a ApkHthlat a 30 0,?fti I '4 C rre-aali^aa! efc-\ 0 ? *00 dial M.iHkitk. . , ? * 8?"? nr., n to i H- * ?.iuu mm* 1 <? Theae re rvboa.. .. 03 g0 7 . .> ??? i 8 f * * J. R. 6ft' We".. Me ? ?* 0 ftl* ... .--j. r ? ? O , Kaot rttk, 7<?aB . . ?>r> ?aoaem.nt* * . TTT. t 4} d??*e Pbrlier, AI' tr ? ?? ?' F0. 7 fa. trk' .eft M rm> 1 r? .4 ' 0 Cal.thWd b'?? 0 Q 1 ? A3., Jk.aACa. .. ri 00 Ma'boar.. Ik, Oa 7 4 00 Tbree ftabe .alia. ' ?h. dr la (4 Mkke.r-ou S .M 1? ruee liro.... 10 0f IT., tbcapk I a r:nt Frkkj , Jul, HaTTb* !? (? Waat Habakaa IT ? frwl. I>ea?eaBly ee0ar>wledi>d tWal 01.M4 ?0 W. .V. KR/ni,Traafa*af, 90 f real air MA. Com war'a IwRkaa*. OffflOWTSp-a^Wft ?Aw Inqeeat waa *1*14 ye?46r-l?y. *? *fo T4 Lktwarj atraet, HxlT ?* ^ardtr | Pkrra Abtwwl, we Itaiiai aV-allwftrte aifbl yaaea at arw, woo f.iainftkd r V 4r by atMwH'o* btwtwrif a tte heart ?itb a pk? 4. be- ekt- . It ?fbewi'i4, waa -?.t mt -??. port, and bkeawtc* dewatu lawt. detenn.i.M i ' -t-vf b-?a. if B* lb atat-f w? at ?wtif aat ??e rae?e*. tiwrw and tM f*t ftk -e the irara *? - fef.irOKd rte o- hid >.?w'fa wit .? ??*?!.' re*' d'??n.ti mi ?i?il ,hfV'*,ifii 'nMecr "hr a rr n*t?| e -a a -.1 or ?att -? -sv.-re? ?? ?- Pi hi rtwkdi'A

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