Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 9, 1860, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 9, 1860 Page 5
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?* ?38 PRINCE OF WALES. VS. Tr.uild WlMi t*. ?*e <mw or!.. t*. O. *< ?' ?^... .?? "* ?i-?. The mlTrm'tln o( U*f Prince to-day ca? to C"7 brie."7 erorded. He heid a leeet at ehvm o'clock ?hw mora tnj, which, la spite of the hievy ra.n which (Ml, was eery largely atoadert The rev ice or the trot*, ai.d the lay tag of tee foundatwn How of Sew Park, wbtoti were O' the ptartwmme, were postponed uitl Tuesday, oatenai i) Da aooount of the mm, but really for nuo.her remou, which leaked out towards the cloee of the day. This reason w?a couuecud with O.sugelrm, the exel ?? ?eat la refard to which has been fata rev,red. aad ? largely oh the increase. la a communication which ?? Mat la Mayor Wilaoc yea Way evening, the Duk? of Newcastle upbraided htm for deceit and treachery, anc aaya that he and tie Prince have been entrapped la to Tor nto. The reaaoc for this harsh language ? alleged to be that an Oraage Bag wu flaunt md la the Duke'a free at the .coding place, an 1 that tho Orange arch la Kin, etreet, which ?aa other ?we on >bjec tlonabla, waa adorned by a portrait ofj iking William III aa he appeared when crowing the Eoyee Till* being the ?able, pod oa nil Orange liege TM Mayor prepared a oonmuetratton In reply to that of the Duke of Newcastle, explaiulny that lie llag which he took to bo that of Orangemen waa In reality that of Uiyal Ontario Lodge of Odd reliowa.aad thai the portrait of Wil liam ID. had been piaoed on the arch without the Mayor * knowledge, and dunug ihe latter part of the afternoon Thle axplai- itior aeemed n?cee*ary on account of the Duke'a language; but In regard to the three la fm*ly ?a. by the Duke, the Uoreruor Geue-al and aulW, tuci the Prince would go away to right, the Mayor and all the Oittsene who knew Ui reuuiatauces said that they were perfectly willing he eh aid go, adding eonic etrouger ex pletiv*#. H?e aevtble people of Oaaada hare b.tberto approved the Duke'a oourse In regard to the Orangemea, but now it appears that Orange color aroma to bta diatom,.red vi stou like red to that a' a bull, ana fairly madden* him. The Gore or General, who ? very unpopular here, and 4 eo, it U ild, with the Prince, share* the eame pecu liarity. By appointment, the tf?/or and Council went to the U ree this loot Ding, and the Duke very peulahly refused to n| whether or hot the explanation aould be^ *ati*i"ac tory, demanded an ample apology, and said that the "ouncll oou'.d not he presented, because the ictoo was over. UhgW t?hfn reminded of the appointment, be said that the print* had changed bis dreea and aiwgetber very much angered tb gentlemen of the Council, who had a apocial oieetiag, V 1 n cmood doo to oonali what sbonld he lone; butlow refuae to il Jlfce the roault of their dfr llberatiors, and fbr d*?oc, ?. .toe endeavor to hush the valtar up. Thla staien nt has beea obtained, however, gy,,m meat rellabln aourcee, aad from the letter? them .ad thia Is the reason for the poatpooement of lay ing the stcne, and disappoint dig e.ghi thooannd persona anemblnd there. It M u^ortunate that the dffleu'? efcould he reopened ,v this artloa of the Puke of "aw oaatie who cannot he too eewely blamed Just now the tl r hnd set etroagly against the Drnngetnea Hon. J. HtUlard Cameron, the Grand hat? dented the autheatlelty of despatches be *? reported to have sent to Kingston, and Bide a speech this morning, la which he declared that he would have a personal interview with the Prince, Without the mediation of the Poke of Newcastle, and explain the matter to htm, a# It was questioning the loyalty of Orangomeo. The old pledge given by a for cner Grand Master, that if Ormgemeo were legally recog nised as a society should |br no more walks or party dhpttys, war appaaled to. aad not tn vaia. Two hundred pepie from Kingston were to meet the Prince nt Hamilton, and letter* bare already been sent to ask bis return to that city, promising no orange narmde should occur. A similar deputation had already ourted from Belleville, and ao asciled had the reople at that place become against (irannemen that a tournatnant of thirty Orangemen against thirty ouwidem. the losing party to quit tha city, was seriously proposed, a leal tog and eminent barrister of the Toronto circuit taking oB his coal aid wishing to lend the Com wt. Ifch afternoon la response in ncUl. n large maee meet ?M of altiaaan of (taller'lie waa held, not alter a hwg and exciting discussion as address was adopted by e arge maiurtl inviting the Prince tn revisit tie town, and ek ?? egrTl. anything h^ oc-re hi. landing A etopatoww ef three bur Ired gealtoeaeo -- bringing the addrew to Toronto on Monday tea. k Mmo-a. m P. f-r Kingston had neat la h. rtogaaoor oo amount of tee disturbances torre, but more ptabnbly to eeome bw re-M~ ? .inking be. WU. the warm gf JET'^T but mwr .be D-k. h . rw.wd the "St- It -ay be Baht la hw MM 1 U the iae Btaewi oa the arch la vtolai.oa of Jie agreemeat, atM waa uaohyeettouahle, aad mary tkiholaw panned under It ebeerwg, a*4 nJl ^ laor# have been wiser to ham let en rwry guleed aa laauH rme. aad breiden. the qoarre, at> t the ? "latloa of the agreemeat M batwmu the tvaag* w" Uie Mayor, set reewna for the Duke ? w ar*, are thai be le mucb gaided b, the adTiae of the Otrwrrmr aad that be (bare the *Bee? of any other orwrrn la regard to tbr Orang'tnru upon the Irish aad Ulboiles to Parliament in Kagtoad Hm. Gems. Brown, nmier ef the eppmlttm, Is here. baa been m <dtm acemed, with ??" TT y^wrall,, ef trig|Ut- by Mr. Brm, <Ml _ ?? to meet htm (to tn Irst Ida# He rectorea a pabilc re (wptiaa betvnext week __ . Ike city w overtewwded with etoMgrfs, MB* TtrT ui, Amtrtoaas A torchlight procemlon and given M?a, Mght Pome of the trme narmciea bto* to. very cunom-tov?%l *to l-^ rwprvnmtirg a torn ??. a ^ (to. stand,, , by hb tldn, the MtWv . skm^ aawnnl. The t? ito. - wvr Canada, and tha liute lion the Prl we of wewn, witn a very testy end eppisgrinte devtoe The Pr mor attended the torr-tee* reorpttea hall lo ulght. II wm a mngnlBemt *^lf ?iMtllMMra* MHkal Uuillgfar*. noHMMM ?naBB?MMI.-tlin an lArot ?*'l ?r*a M oaaotdaK* fof Uongfao u> Wtacoaoia airea<l/ a??taalr<l, m ? AM Af?'i"?' krftd'v iim FaMa. I ?J. E 4ttoi4. Jofca 0 ??rr RaSort UaadlOT. t ?J P #) n'rt Ulbrr i ?a(Ml <4 K hwjr 9.111 1.1'tm A. It ?o*?. R>< hard Hart. Hail Moiwat a Tnu ?A <*?*T iroai kadiM, Ibatd, baa to* lake* ag -"leeerwl Bri'?tee hae wlt ul/aei, earl U? aai.r* pr at tha luptart 1 him akil at raaa launch oat tr Aati aa l t ? ?r?u Not tm Mao olaataaa patera will brtat I hair i?.aaa la taa It)' A aaiuhor * Um in< nod .?oat htch ?ara oa a Am lag. Too wtu aaoa bar (aid aawo Ma l>oaa " to L |?M a Nmmu ?Tfca NoHMk flnal glroa tha follow log a ?w? af *? afftniflt of Boa. Woo. U "oggta, ot Vtrftato. la Mat eU/ Aablaad Hail waa t UK dad to r. alrtM? ArtauwH a (a L Oogo'u < ? U>- rwU?A*<?J .?..??aT? jv taai the mar) tla par<..? M. a to IM ZaM OA ?a# ufiiL _ . JSP -ftM wo bare Ore- Rir ?g v a dar. and eon* tan led** i ? cgaf i'o* t ?aw?aA.*at Oa < ' food caaan lottatttoti t? ????? aai. nlbjalaao. *e? |iaad * nSrro Won ol?. ng Uw Jaator Ml tM I *???? Oloha of Pw umo lb aad * wor t not lit ft I ftmr w Ik baaa-ra aad traaapart n ? too .aad "iff tn t?J aaittadaa Wuo bad for rrara f ?rl rrtirad fm? p< tfl 4Sk ?' lofa enati t am near Mat' trwd'ag hW \ld and Id flora to Ibo tr. fart of tha good cwaoa of Uk tok n aad ?fer enootltr"'*. ! <km Maa n> taa I janai .- toot Amoaaom ?fraa tbo tetwao atroad/ row lord W apr on >?l laaalf I u aad Cvrrotl at* . hat' baoa alarW. to too I**lalataro of Ar tian- T'.w ! a Of tor r "?prrlt?oo t. Uk danm. rot .o gat '4 (baa wao torr bai..r- kaowa la Uoat ftata jjrt? IMQk?Tko OarKh d ftgwo baa daally twnalod ?d tn bntat |? ? ?rrrb'artdgt ood laar Hag. miJOtor 0OMIWO -Aa nAti p? paprr hao . nolo Abo ropearo it <Ml'ag op ? '*? ?* ?<**?? P*a/. to Otfiw< u rw a i.-rrloy ?t? b ra .uti.agir r.oar tbr r?\t of V * not rt?. rtrrtag Mi lafctaoy br nhtatod W. r*Ay uprn WMB ard trrb*, and wao r?oto*katlo f r W nr.of a ^ par ?t4<t abnot b A 'Wdk W* tvtod for kVt roatr) <? ? naiaay -va"??r T?a o t ?MfdtraMa ?*' ? |trd< -rr, b ji hi ttwarl'"* ?? f<** ?? ? K M tr?,.U|,?? .o.:*it?r tMK?Vl,b?|rt. Ut4 Jtp'.y "> -rvu a-?.r. b- *M .kt awraaaj '? Greeley'sCorn Salve." He discovered it.e sllevegtm boo funds, m elected ? ntrttr of Onagri ?, ud irame disuly otter requested btt frioodo not to coll mm booora blr?retired on bis mileage, w? presented ?rlta the title, " Galvanized Squaah," by J truer G. Bennett, propria . " '?ldry He baa aioce gone into the fenoe rod *ror*- " -iited capital " busmen. ufoo a ^ T gmllb hM NoMWiTIO*or TICK USrV Wo nominated (Or Co agrees by toe Utr lL 8 First district of llitf tftets. Tua lUui Incrouentul ?-Portland (Me) papers say >bat of the amount id tbe blink republican Bute Tr.-a?u re.''? defalcation, $7 000 orly baa been paid, an 1 080.000 aecurda by mortgage, leaving a bolaocn of 000,000. f' >m wblrb tbe Imudnr.en of 1800 hare bees aeleaaed, with Utile hope of collecting it fn>m tbe bondem n uf 1808 an further eildrU hare been postponed until after tbe ell ct ion Tnn Gonxsoas or M/*acirr*?TTh.?M* xrhueetu hv> had tweuty governors since tbe adoption ? the Bute coo ?tiUilwa, eight of whom arc sttU living, vix:?Messrs. Lincoln, Kreietr, Bontwell, Clifford, WasfabtU 1, Gardner and Banks hen Lincoln jraa Governor ni'ie cut . 'ceiive years, tbe longest term of any chief magu tre> ot tbi^Ute. affairs n mchi hid chvhml ah erica. Our Ptuiu Corraapomdence. C?inO> -UT1H >TK..*KK IjkNCAKTKR, ) lUr or PASSU*, August 24, lnOU J Loiest from reru?VatttlU't Menage to the Ceru?ian Con (/rr$t~1kf American Claims Firtuoay ScymOialad?IV Croud staUt t Squadron in the Pacific? Cnsajrty | Hoteli on (Ac Uthmvs?lhatXtfini OatuaUUr-Mioai, etc , etc ^ In ibe Dmip of the "liberator." Caalitla, to the Con gr?m of Peru,* he saya ?"Th? iueation with Franoo la hoLurahljr art I leu t> the (attention of all partite, and It la hoped lbd the differeuco now pending between the Peruvian govt-rumout aud the tab met of Washington, o< ooernlng acme clalma aa jet unsettled, will not be insisted upon bj the North American government, or elae besu bar tied to the arbitration of some frioodly Power 1 lie 'urthe.'more declares that bia government wiu not I*} t<> for ?ignore .an j indemnity whatever that It la not i? gaily oh iged to pay to a Peruvian citiaoo?thua virtual 1} repudiating the American cln. \ 3 Hoc Randolph Clay, the l"n ted States Minister to Peru, haa given nollne of bin dla Approval of the above by demanding biv passport, and ?or the present so-pending alt diplomatic intercourse. Should our government docide upon taking more stren uous measures than diplomatic arguments and notes to force the Peruvians Into' settling our ulsims, as France as scooeeded In doing, t may Interest the readers of the I.irajd to know what (oreea are already in the Pacific available for that purpose. The following table will cor rectly show the uumber of guns, officers and men in the different sbii* of the squadron OvAI. Ofieert. Men. Steamer IAncestor (flag -dtip) 22 34 3T0 Sb-amer Suvmr p 3d 200 Steamer Wyoming (gunboat) 6 10 itp Vainer Nar ragan -rll (gunlmat)... 6 10 130 Sloop Cyan? 00 IT 000 Saop lAvanl 20 13 000 Sfo ;> St. Marys 22 18 2u0 Total 104 161 MM Altbougn all our ships on this station are, a wording o the above table, fitted out ? th a peace armament and crew, balf of this foioe woi l nevertheless be sufficient to oompel the govern men' cf Peru, by levying on the guano at the Uuocha Inlands, to come to a final soul* meat The hotels on the Isthmus are as unsafe as they art wanting in aooommodatlona, and or late frequent robbe ries have been oocaptained of by travellers and others while stay lag at one or the other of these inns. No later tbaa two so ka ago an *. empl was made to rob our oommaoder, Captain Ru nl while staying overnight el the Aspin wall H..u*?, wh. n haa the reputation of being the b?*t hotel Id Panama. Captain Rudd waa a wakened about three o'clock by boom one being in nla room; he immediately gave the alarm, and on lights being br >ugbl to his room It was ascertained that the lock bad bean re moved from his door; b t the thief waa nowhere to be round. That it was one of tho inmate* of the hotel or one of Its employ As is certain, for on examination it was found that all doors landing from the Aaptnwah House w,ra rkeo and securely faateojd from the inside. The General Naval Court Martial, which onoveoed on board the M Marys, a4jourWed August 11 ihm die, hav ing tinisbe.1 Its business. The see tenors were promul gated throughout the squadron, and wore remarkably la ment, Wltb the axoeptloo if that of twu marlr-.s, ?b >, for baring beaten the Corporal of the guard and then es caped from the St. Marys is a boat, wire scutunned to servo the term of their enlistment t In Wmblngton Barracks, ooofiaod solitary In finable irons. Hard, but just The Rngiwh steam frigate Clio earns hi hero a few days ago from du?caveators, with fintas of Angust 10, no news 9m left here oa the Iflth for flobago John Eme ry, acting boatswain of the ratted Mateo steam-r Wyoming, wan soat bore from UaUao iarslulod, bat before bo could he sent to the I'attad States died, An sunt 11, on board tho Ht Marys, of sbseme In U-s stomsch. lie wss a aaAire at Philadelphia- On Augaet 14, at three P M , Aedrow Jackson, of Norfolk, Vs., turgi-on's staw ard of this ship, departed tbw 1Mb Be died of pleura poeuinonla, after a abort illnear of rixtaoa days Jack son, through bis on wearying attaatloo to the sick of this ship, oas highly rrpptckd by every ooo oa board, at.J bis woe wan deeply felt by all He was for some limo a correspondent of Frank Lsodle's illustrated paper. The lulled States sloe war tar swan a at tan Franc Iron, wa tu g f w repairi, and I learn from n private letter that It will wko four months and 006,000 In repair lew The VurvyM;' "fit?'TV found that it would be nocenatry to take ber it schlnerv out, as mm important defects are to be remedied It la vorj evident that by tb tune ewrj tblrg is rebuilt and refilled It will take eight inootha aid 640 000, ( of tho exponas that osi gowraa *>l wdi bo eabjectad In by hooping her crow sod ofU> ?rt op the abrli on foil pay sntil the Maraaar Is revey for tea agatn. CSptaa Ritchie, however, la km wo u rnugh< ut ihr navy aa w of tho moat roergetlc offl? ro, and ? ill pn doubt push matters The weather liars is cnol, with aa ocrasiooa) apt ih, sad boeioem It britker now than rtevit war Within the last month wo have bad te mary as ? no foreign merchant vwib in port at eaa time, besides I be fleet of mail stramrre. men <>f war and mister? lanoaatar w 11 leave brae ^shortly for Callao, wtaw r Bin liter. the Hon. Ra-itol,>h (lay, has aaked Flag OC r Moptgiwi it to make a call The health of the to .<dr-<a,ag far as the reports r u arh ship has? bora I .r. ?bed. If la exeelbwi ooadilk i fbe etaamer Vainer ii#-- uf the Paetfie Mall aad Mas ? Una Company, brunahi .-Ms of August 1 from Valra man, and august li fro a Ca'lao The oaly a?ws >w> i rings ta tb? noaarrv.' of tho Polled HUtst Me u -r bsrrogaiaett which vraw' had aoco bora reported si Valywfwlen, which. bwwe-ra, proven to bo a Istoa roau r (fee bod left, according to lawt accounts from Kto Janeiro on May 23. aad waa, U -rrfneo, atity elgat days out at the time of tho sail tag of the Valparaiso. No further ws than lb? above I -at Peru Dr Itaitar, from Haiti more, txeirer of dewpa cbea from the febtaet at Washing tea to lb? I niked rbslra legatiua at Pars, visited our snip to day aad 'eaves oa the ?th mat for Chiton At a modi nal survey, bell oa board the I'm ted Mateo at >p Pt. Marys, Mr fboavas Venerable,gender, ef Waahlagv n, U C , oas invalided, aad will lea is for lbs I'uiked dtates pir aval etaamer Oar Bna Jaan del gerta Cerwipandanw. hi Jcsa run Kuan. August 10,1W. Jl> India A.other Mtmtd Trade?Jfryarafiam Agawwf Walker?7%' Ruyli Ayysr ody AW Alarmed Agww menu m Uu TWw Affairt in Qua f i'a MhsSwu far frfPUAv Owwrfl? I rwsls o Pur As. We are bar lag quite a number rf ?-rivals from the 'nta rb* of Nicaragua, tka moat & ?ho.-i.aa sear aa eaa ba ae?rutaed, are seekers af r li t India rabuer trta. Quite aa exotlemeoi bar beea ptt j up all over the e- a try a best u?? article of la.'-a rabbor Pw expert, aad led ism, Jamaieuns. sod not r*a trow the let?toe. art ?o gOfi.-d ingot's- ng Ibe ro.ia ai making it int>> tear mo ral, le quel t.ev of rihber, bo*, chiefly nf ibe lafirrtnr kl.tdv. There are aian large qoaatiliee of oJyr aauve pvn-1 ,s berr aad i(vstlnueil) srrlriag and aixumuiatliA. -not aa Braail bMr< euflra, d<wi -kias. ha The bark I uh aa led a rear days >gn for New Vork wltb a fin- fra gfll list of tbcee ar tb lee. The mrat of f ve, U.wever, ara.deatlaod for Kwrope News frem tb? iiHwI-rf tv nf -ary nitk latareah About oat baadreu eoMbWV ?ar.vy Tort Cam III \ aid wuM two hundred mori are etaU?ed at <tac Oar lea The people la general do pot arnasr at alt alar rued h, ,i witkatan lies Ok r furtn ?f lb r imitavi to friebtan Ui-wi ^?. Him is buajr ejrr-T ^(t^f ..hrar. cawsetMe tor u.? ,?.l .. Ipai read,or ? arret Jef nvr, p from Ohrtagr ve flali ? freak fld t ia aata by eoa# t be v prwctfoaM* r.oita f If ? ? agt. .??*? flto-ild w r? prat, (V vwra wfl I? n omaoced ,e ? ?revet at an ev'.y m at thw i-t r.- cs'i nrarly mvT o I agt wrote 1 if> Maw sir. lie" la lo be ooamewcai % a few d?ya, tkc a m Far ? b*cb i.*a;ml b-eo . avitaar', a*.d * li- *p p>.. or? of in,- vim ? irnpff-i-g. Tb mtd f I ii, >W|.a fatted Hatd Cnaioier Ml Ago. t, sailed a levrda; ? ?iac*for New Vor*, la tba bt k I tab. oa lea'a ?fs' erv-e fl -nry T. "aa, E*s of yo?? oi y, wU per form I'* drttra of Urn of.or during Mr. UtM'a ikaow* Amtwy l?f Iflfld. Ih day -ra br ve fcod aa ?Iraktea ta III the w eacy ?aoned by tb? rvotgeetioa of a Piember of Ibe (Vrinefl. Tbe -aadtdala eieet wafl Mr Janob PI Its, wSo remlvsd all the votaa poiloo, with tbv ?teeptioe nf oa?, which ?at oast, as rat a former jewel, a, re < \ Or tar 1 ihu. i bar Mr itomaa va?a?y, iMa admirfof frtead, wbe ever be may *?. "vtickaM nwr than a brother." Ht. P'tm b an arr,--'rao who bar long rw -?d '.era; aud Th maa Ir n sort'Mncnd-aer'pt, t-anrtinwr c.aiming to ba a Prcifh subjvet, ?omc'imos a Nicaragnan. fooi-tin.vr a fogg-rl out e? ctbtael <if the aefonrt mo' y bend wbe h?t? to rsir Welktr at a tim- when b? mi<bt nave wac c?ed?d aao -? "so a t?vq tapte at all," aa Mr. TuAa vrynM vav, n> art ?ara My. Tb# m't v?*#?| uf ws at U.M port la bra Vi|???r'? rtraoier ilia Hal?#. Ca| la o F:-"A'aj, who had #?fl?ti'y b>-a baate-irar'y C ?tp> u.oelsd by tha fn'tad fee?<a r?v?ram?et flw i"???'/ ?id r#od?r?d i" an aok- .-*? ?>.tp ? d'dv ta. fl-'aan;#4 vrt nwita irottww.o. T* mly otf v ? i n pw- a ibv teyta out tlevmrr Irmoa. yl-.h . g-?-? .< ?var-a. Ht''f <o?l UUU1|?BM. ?Tt OHXTBOUM. In the Reformed DuWk MMnton chapel oorner of Mndl uoo and Gouverreur street*. airvloe regulertr nt half padt ten o'clock A. M. end half pent floven o'clock P. It. Rev. Conn Whitehead may be expectad t? pre ton. In St Ann's church, Eighteenth street. Oder Ptfth ave nue, Rev. Thomas Gniinndet, rector, eervtot* to day, with (he voice, nt heir-pant ten A. U. and half pant seven P. M-? ?? ' o Bnv. P. and In u>e sig? ct hdlf-paat Mtrv. .. ^ C. Ewer will prenc% rn the mnrti^g and arena. * ? -? Rev William Alvtn Bart let t if?ll preach In the Brooklyn Tihernatle, on Pulton avenue, itmr Uoyt street, today. Services will commence at half pant tea A. M and half past WN P M rreacb'.nir tn the Holland Dutch language thin moraine and aTWncon, at half-past tea and three o'clock, bv the Rev. W. a. Hoc bolt, of Grand Rapid*, Michigan, at tha schooi lu w of the Dutch Reformed church, No. 81 Fourth ?treet, near Slitn atenue. In the Memorial church, Hammond ureet, corner of Waverley place, the Rev. Ana Dm ton, reotor of Christ church, Bangor, Mr, will (.Striate thl? evening. at half pant ten A. M., half pant three and half pant aeven Jfctock P. M. The Protectant Episcopal Mtmioa church, Clinton Hall, Antor place, in ehr. e of the Rev. Robert O. Dlckaon, wlU bold divine eervi e to lay at half paat tJa o'clock A. M. and nt half past -<eve P. M. Rev C. G Brooks will r.eme his la bo re nt the Twen tieth street Universalis! church, between Sixth and Sev enth avenues, this morning Subject?"Rett aud Work." Services at baif peat lea o'clook Servioea In toe after noon at fcalf pan three Sermon by the pastor. Snbjeot? "UnlverMltam the Beet Interpretation of the Gospel, and the Reasons why " In U><> Chi latino chapel, Serenteenth ft mot, immediate ly west of Sixth avenue, Urban C. Brewer, putor, will preach at balfpaet too o'clock A M. and at bair paat eevrn P. M deject lc Um morning?"The Building of the Church," la the evening?''? Coming to Chrlat." Grace oburcb will be reopened for divine ecrvloe to day at the urual bonra, morning and afternoon. The Rev L Inbaeo. of the St LouM University, will prrecb in the Scandinavian language in the St. Matthew's Lutheran rburrb. Walkor street, between Broadway and Klin atreet, at uair paat two o'clock P M. The New "Jerusalem church (Swedenborg'an) will hold public worrhlp at the National Musical Inatltute, TM Broad vay, at half paat ten AX.. In the publk- tert, Junction of Broadway, Eighth ave nue and Piny eighth atreet, the aervloee to day will be onuducted ?y the Praying Band, aa followa?Prayer meeting at ba'f past tec o'clock A M , prayer meeting at tbrre o'clock P. M , prayer meeting at eeven o'clock P ?. The Rev S A. Corey will preach In the Murray BUI Baptist church (Thirty dflh atreet, between Fifth and Ntxlb avenue*), to-day, at half paat ten o'clock A. M-, and at half paat aevea o'clock P. M. Thta evening Rev J E. Sear lee, paator of the WtileU atreet Methodlat Episcopal church, will preaeh a dto courae to "Men of the World." Tbia gentleman la preaching a oouraa of aermona for tha purpoae, if poaal hie, of reaching a large claaa of peraona who generally aba tain from the nouat of worship. ORDINATIONS. On Sunday laat the lntarnatiag aervlcea of ordaining Rev W. G. Oattol, paator of the Old School Presbyterian church la Barrlabnrg, Pa , ware performed (a the new and elegant church belonging to that oongregatioo. R> v. Mr. St. John waa ordained aa paator of tha Uni Verdaliet church, In New Bedford, Maaa., on Tuesday morning, 4th lost. DRATB8 IN TBI MINISTRY. Rev. Elijah Ooflen, tha drat regular preacher ever ?te noned at Memphis, Tenn , died there oo the lat lost. Kev. Jacob B Hoork.of the Methodlat Oanftr?aa, died oo Sunday, tba lteb alt., near Curritook, Va. Be waa formerly a minuter of taa "Colled Brethren la Chrlat," and la that capacity waa wall known la tha valley of Virginia The Rev. L. H. Beveridee, paator of the 8txth United Praabyterlaa church, at Philadelphia, died suddenly at the reablenoc or Qui Win. Cummtaa, Aiabaooqurlaa vol ley, Mitfliu Tourly.on the 13d mt. Mr. Bevendga had laat Oniabed bia dinner, and wbeo rtotug from the tabid, tell dead without ? peaking. Mr B. waa a youag man nf liter of rare aitelnmeaU, and Um edlter of UM K?mfdieal rx-rUary and a monthly periodical, published by the deuo oiinaiioato which he waa attached. He waa the eon of Krv. Or Bevartdga, Proleaaor la tea United Praabyterlaa Theological Seminary at Xtuia, Ubm. MBW CMCBCMRR. A very tatereatlag event (tee c maacratfon of a Jewlah eyaagogw ) takee | xoeoa Wedoeeddy ae*t The build - 1 ? - ? "Taain, Id portloa ?% DUUSW ? Hi? I ? WC Wl Pcuuiwuu; aavrmw. aria. tag bsretoiore deocribed la the ooiamHef tha Hmrna, a aoMa adiSoa. aundlag ia Um moat ftehloanMe p rU of the city, heW ettnateu la Nineteente atreet, one door wret of FlfUi avenue We learn (bom tha laaanpUon atone piaaed in a promineot part of tee etruetnre, that It la "erected by tee trustees of tela e?grog?tun to the memory of Abraham Tbnro, whom practical efforts to cherM> the religion of his fathers were .inly equalled by bM maaldosnea, which ahowerad Its bin?lag without ?a ttona' distinction " The ooogrngntio# about te rettln la into new pie? of worship * known ? tea "flhaartth U rarl," being (bat ponton of Israelii? bearing tea appalla tton of Portngu?e Jesra. or whe rwogal? tea Portage?a M10bag It m bcileved fo be one of Um oldest enngregm Uona tellled ia ten tooutrv It aumh?a amoog iM mem bore arms of the most reapnetabt- and wealthy cilia?a and match?la f the illy Tba Bret settlement of Jewa la tha eity of mv Yvta auppnaod to have be? about tee year i?W,?^M10 of the jewwb ealendar. Since tent tine they nave kept peee with the advancement of Ibe tge and tee country The Rrut miaul? of ooogmgatiooal ailsir* new m the poser?ion of the "Shearite Israel," written in Spanish ant Eagliab. dates back ? far ? 173R Before tea a?clkto of a regular plaee of wortelp p. ?>>ru were read la aa old fVim- building In Mill st*eel, tr, the Firat ward, and tea tr-i synagogue waa bui I In near that I -cation. Tbta tdaos w? taken down vtd rebuilt en the ?a site In HIT la the spring of 1*33 ibe proper!v ia Mill and Braver atresia w? sold, and um Bialrrtaia of tea aid synagogue having be? renew >d. were used, ? far ? praeUaabla, la the erection of tee pr? place of woruhtp la Cruaby street, which wne I ii? hi ii - in ?be year 1*14 The cot,gregnlloo b% " wurshl toed in tee last named place ever staoe, no I s . If will l" w IB tefW te" "teW"* I"?-^"1 i? taave <t Una week for tee butldiua la Fifth area?. ? oerrtn oy wblb l?k? plaee ont We.1aeadaf will be eery laiereattng, and, withal, grand ?MM. Tie l Tfrj 1M I xr I sag!, ?aeos , ? ? ? ? - ??? - - _ - - ?everal or reuderu lr?an Ibe dlfler?t ayaa- : 1 wl I b? peered. nod take part in ibe A , . a it S..t_? f sksia b? nnnwn?t f if ? lit gnguea wl I be preset,I, and lake linn in toe ov-rr,?- ? 1- rga or th?tra awl aeU trained choir l* er.gmg-d f .r ? is ..cseesi Ibe ?reral ?.<"> pi?*e sre ?tru-ted to sole orfufre. sm?g Whom ? not toe the names of je .srleoa awteru. who per*Ifned ran?tly allNibl. t. The m'Wte for thr occasion Use be? arranged By Mr. ?. M rands, Um favorite Englwb tenor, who will wield tea Imu o and wbu b? the ndr charge of the mnairnl ar rant?*:, ta lectured will be delivered la Kagllah, '* tee Or Ire tat MM of tea ua initiated, by euna? t llsbrew ?ho'a-d. and thi wbol core?ony promts? to be exceed ingly inter?t lag. On te? 4th lost a Mere and iatailtg?t enugragwliou gaiaend in Markat street, la PMejwoo. " ?? wtuis te. my Mg of the corner of KpM n pal church, which M new ta pro.e? of erertfon Tbe corner -JMM MMM - "J**"? ^ toe none - ...^ tfos f.w Trinity aburcb. was laid WWhaspj^PlBa g ue aarvtcea. ta Chicago, ? tee 4<b ismai Toe oerser atone ef ttTrtlS at tee north wrat corner uf l.igbta? W ned >i, o #v tee fiagngaiMia wcri "i IpS'ttg in tbs Firth Cdbi Swtrt. -nJ-fVirtet. Kbi-aJelpba, waa Mid - UM?tettU . w.Ut igproprlata csr?watt? | Tbr mrner atonr of Trinity oh wrte namjl* , waa tgM with appropr iate ear?too ion, ? Thurwlay 3011 alt Themrorraveteef BtPaaraFpaeopa. ehurcb, _Cb I H la, ptnadslpbla. mm Mid ? tae Sd Mat . ?/ Vns Rt. Krv airoiw "oti v, D. 0., Bialiwp of ted die? of Ibna ey'-HM. MIMCtI.I.AV*t3?R. A letter a*4rt?el hv tee Kev t H B rtsyd, f?. D . ef W tar bests*. Va . U> the ml' etrv and ebjrebee IB ?? n^STTiit tea " Lttited ed tjnJ rtedvterWa Cloreh rfo'se that the heard of \ W. ara fo t. tin 'T a1?y H r?- tola hav-deelt?<1. by a ??II toajorltj fo nree.,e In tbe prmma Hoc fo-teig Uie^ a? v under the enra nnd patronage ef this dm id, af i< twiverwity of Virgiato Or Boy'1 fo ktaMM^P?B 1*0 (kw ap im Pt)i till rtgnued Id ??rt the neee?arr buUditga nj, Our *1111 ft A ^ CWh^dill oT n 4e tkakg ha. b?o abpototeJ ? otdlce tea J^s ,j* tea ?ty eafljJr' *??> *' Wmm Tbs Bant . t waard teatr* M Oann ? ?w>a?f r yea? ?? art 4*1 ehure so,3?d orda?a?d -afotoWJ, eg 'teedtint?, and ?.171 a.auwi, of V'-b IJM ?piirsd to 10? Tbte ?u oaratlda It sx.ilodlvu of salt ?i,?/io?ta*y ?? Tbs % . *M^ D. dan?, df Waabinflot city, mr.,* (tart W W Woore, of t?to ..d?ue-l/tUsHsgmWr. w?'l ?etL -4 tbs i ulr ? of ted Her Mr Otrdnsrt ebv-ih J'trirt -b "la? t? l?e? i?sltnoi'ly storV p? lor of tbs Pimb> t.-ew rh'.rr ? at itodpin. "a., and tote arv*v? ? i um call sad wl" enter at? RM dull? ? eegt f te latH. 1 r Tbe oris- a l kri. ?s ' :w?b -aya 'hal ih* Vr J J. Early, ef U? Mite?W?pt uMai?.Ml but iw Red it I' .ve W.<- sr-.ntry 'o die- ' I ef cot? -f K^oaaia?r .prapnratwy to Um ?aW ?ikm of ac ?bs"tl? work. lit Id r-apael"! "f Km^win with tbd tra-e. ?d. It b ?Uf, b? ? cwidert^b^?si'' te br\*t? l <or tee am toty and aerrte. w wbteh be bad Tbaru wfl, be a onn'sr? of tee .e-thwpst us fbieage ? trtMowber J A Mrge dt? ^ tone ? adtfolpated fooot ?'l We N-wte?etsr? edh m.owi. 4 ?d lay to- c: IMA d?>la?lMa,ee? if tea railr?d nnnpaa es havlcg a4_?d U onrry te.r ?ran g to tee c?fb?nse for r"f ined fore TV n< :au?? ef tea Mat 0 aeral A urdtatfon af 0?fve isi lunsl ob'.rrhss to Nfoblgmi. *** at Iforl :rh t?e fotfow tag ate' of that Nsly to that * *" rherx ara M the Mats T *iut "tot agnwiauwia '"v^ 'oa ?,?. l.w e> - > a, ncr't n: . ? 7"! i'? "? * , * : t- *'e? ?. ls',T.WU abse-1,^73 M .?? ? b P"1'" ' "'* 1.41.4 A*. a . t ?' RW1 ..awswA, ?*<*?*<-, ! W vi*I, WW--1 ? y I ?rr , i,it-, c, ? ? " > Bill o<-'ftes. *??? *wi te> ?M, " '**' Jta, abuste WtMe na?taiv, I^ld. *WI aid looting 01 toe muiifin wss ht"? or plaoe, on Thursday the 4th M., " ? , Win. B Crosby, Esq , la I be eW> irlt, Esq. Rev. Mr. McNeil ?w) tbe n un made no reports. These churches oontala about 350 Btakwi Efforts are being mad* to effect a aatoa of the esveral branches of the Presbyterian charoh ia Cauda, run movement la now assuming definite shape, and pro mi** to meet with success. In May last a deputation rom tbe Synod of the united Presbyterian church, then In session In Hamilton, Canada, waited on the Synod of the Kr ?< church, also In session In the game place, with a "basts Of union." Tbe deputation was cordially received. The proposals for union were taken Into oonsiderat on till a future meeting of tbe Synod. Tbe Synod of the estab lished church lias also appointed a committee to receive ovw for uulon fr?? oth*r Prusbytorlan bodies. A autmeqoeni meeting or uieee several Sj?Qts wUl( It IS SX oncied, merge tbe three cburcbag |nto ofl? -orncr atone of tbe Episcopal University of ths Tbe c v* laid, with appropriate ceremoutes, a! Vol Boulh will o. "?lclln county, Tenn., on the 10th of vers'ty Place, Ei? October next. AMERICAN BIBLE SOc'TWT, Bl The stated meeting of the managers was beifl St wj- ? ble House, Astor plaoe. on Thursday the 4th Nat. At BP11 past three P.M , 1 TVted by I'. Peril, tteiii psalm, and offered prayer. The decease of Ttmn thy Hedges, Esq , a member of ths Board, was Announced sou approprltte reaoluttoos adopted. Nine now auxiii aries were reoognised: fcur In Missouri, oue In Arkaoees, i'ii * iu Kansas, and three in South Uaroliua litter* woro submitted frutu various sgents and soxt,.arlcs, with grali fying intelligence or tbe coudition of tha cause at Home ; from Rev. R. P. Thorniwon, Society's agent In Mexloo, de scribing a visit to Mier, and distribution* there, from Rev. D. Trumbull, Valparaiso, S. A., with accounts of ?ales of Sr.ripluiea in that city,and urging efforts on bo ball of of Ibe native population, from Rev. Drs. Goodell and Riggs, Ooustantinople. Rev. Mr. Bergne, Secretary of the British aid Foreign Bible Society, London, ant Rev. Dr. Anderson, Secretary of the American Board ol Commissioner* of Foreign Hits ions, Boston, in regard to tbe proposed revision of tha Turk ish version of the Scriptures by Dr. Scbauff >r; Item Rev. Mr. Bliss, sgent for the liSvant, In regard to oolporlage In Bulgaria, Mesopotamia, Angora, Oesarea, and other parts of toe empire; from Mr. Otbanis, ageut of the trench and Foreign Bible Society, In regard to ool portage In Algeria; from Aev Dr. Bettelbelm, In refer ence to portions or ths Scriptures Id Japanese translated by blm; from Rev. Dr Holdleb, Secretary of the Society, wbo had reached St. Paul's in the course of his lour at tbe Northwest. Grants of books were made for distribution to societies and Individuals in Kentucky, New York, Michigan, Wiscon sin , Texas, South Carolina, Tennessee, A rkanaaa Penney'ra nts and the Uboolaw Nation. to Individuals for the supply of Sunday schools In many parts of tbe oountry; twelve vo lumes h raised letters for blind persons- Bibles and Tes taments in Spanish to the American and Foreign Bible So ciety for distribution In New Mexico; In Russian, Dutch, and We ah, V> the Hawaiian Bible Society, Sandwich Islands, for distribution; in English, German and French, to United Slates ship Susquehanna, for sailors; lu English and Portuguese, to Rev R C. Henderson, for distribution in Pemarara; lo tbe Missionary Society of lbs United Presbyterian Church, by request of Rev. Dr. Dales, Ara bic scriptures to the amount ol 4500, ft r distribution by their missionaries in Syria and Egypt; also, In various languages for distribution by captains of vessels sailing to foreign ports. Foretgm and OvmmiIc Halls. rna op cumm at trr niw tou oppiob. Dobbttio North?Albany, Buffalo and Canada. SW P M. North and Waal way mall t A.M. Wnaler* mall, via Krte BR .4 A.M. and S>< P M. South and Ho. W malla ? A.M. and 4* P M. Rasters mall, by railroad...! A.M. aad I P.M. by steamboat 4)4 P-M. bnir Mail*. .Ob Sunday all malla aloaa at thlii odoa at IV P. M. OALiroaaiA. . By naa mi hip . on Tuesday, ?apt 11 10 A.M. The Overload Mall for Calfornla learaa Bt. Louie every Monday and Thuraday at I A. M. I-attar* deafened for U ahotld be marked "Over land. via at Uiula." RLAMCirr.Tbe Overland Mall from Bt. Joseph (Mo.) to Ball Lake ORy, learaa St Jiweph every Mooday and Thuraday. at I A. M. letter* should he marked "Overland via HL Joseph." ?a Pit-nc *r eie.nnhlp ?. ? ? or Tuesday. Beci "1. TToT.^I k. K. it. tWe.''V after the antral ei eaoh alter nate Cnnard packdt at this port being naoeh month, the atearaer Karnah will ha daapatehad with malla for tha Bahama lalaada to ha leaded at Namau. N. P. Ktraor* By Sl'amshiy Asia. Wednesday. Rep tambarU U A. M. EataNa By alaaaar dahawta oa Tueadav. ?apt U. U a.*. tub op ct-oetxe at tub londow oppiob. Bob as T The Overland Mnll to Bombay oloaaa la l-ondaa aa followm?Via Maraelllea on the Id and Ifcb ef ea- h mouth. Via deulhamptoa oa tha Ulh and nth Calcutta?Id loth. in. Mth. via Marwatltea. 4th Uth. Bhh. 27th, via Southampton OMui. Ne. Tta Maretaltae oa the 10th and Mth. Via Bouih Arrlwsle amd Depart a res. IH1IH IjrearoOL- Plaamahlp City of Manchester?Klaa ? A Roere, Mr aad Bias lle.n,|,iee Mtea 'bllltiw Mrs rtandalla. four rklldrea and nurse- Mr Bamana, lady ant throe children, J Taykr, M C Print, R M Cyier. tly walarm. B 0 Mokes lady tee three eh Idraa, Maasra I-ewta, Bobtnana < learner aad lady, Kress and tady. J MeOee, Capt Anders at K L. Johaann, Mr* Jobnw-c. Messrs (lade*. Hrhalaerr Cnaaa J R<*rera LB, lady aad two Mlaana t-auth, J t umny, llepbnrua, Mlaa < Vdwed. Mrs Smith Mia Waad Mr Moudy aad lady. Mim Ro etabarg B Arhur, M A "tareeoa Mr Oarrard aad tady, H Mayer, Mr Jamea H Ooddard, J B Boherteun. D Quintan. P <1 Latham. J Borland, B Crook, R L Wells. P T W ah tar Mr Leer, W (1 Reehmene Meaars RenaStd*. CaatUlo, A M Oreaae. Beany aad tady, J Tarear. A L*4gh Bar W D iwUne. <leo Smith. Mr Mrheeea, lady aad Mlaa MeRewea; W Krowa, J Wh la. Mr Mohr. Cat at rams?dtaemahlp Marlon?C R Brewster lady and ^hlsr. (1 P Ihjtld, H A Maaa J B hii-au sad daughter, J lav, P lurid. JReily, J Shaw. A OobenTw W 1 sa Nan. P Jordan, Mr* Wlubtirek. J H ilaahmaa, <1 Knhn. J Jaeoon. T J Met "all, J Zanoja. It Hallaarla-aad 4 In a Baa Pataciwo?Ship Merra Nevada-Uamry Ooodanaa. of Calif mahs Paaa aBaroo? Bark BagaMa fnta Waddaa. lady and ehll dree, O I ansnti'g. Mabacaibo? Nark Clara Ran Bntll?C J RatdaL lady, two children aad aarvmei. DRPARmUM. SoovaABPToa IB* lit ran?Steamship VaaderbOt?Aa* B M Gurhia, wife sad arrant, New Vnrfc, J H Durrfity. P I miles. (bibs. I. Manna, A Mumx. Cuha. Mr Ackerwan. New Turk, Pom* da iaoi. Walter HrmmbaJl [<?rU|t Mr Bruwa. Paul V Mendna.J I) Howell. M Bnrnewali, M Corrtna, M J Hlrlnbu'f wtfe. two rbtldreo and Btiraa, Char'ca Out It, New York Mr Iwh. C P onWn. Caul John P Webb, Salem. K autoolara. wife and ch'ld, Philadelphia. Mr Patterns. HalMai re lilies W ?g?er and wife, c * l(,r deei ir*b and wtta, Hartford, Jna H Brush an t wife '? H Haghasattd ana. R P.arter aad frteod, Mr* Hntce aad *Md InuWsne; I>r R Httrhmak. Mr line New York; Joagula Canyo Madame toUgnon. Havana, Jnha Punctata. Albany, Mr 1 arista and two children. Ntcrlaua Knael, Havana; l>r B A I>nrami. New liranada, Theot hi -e Wild. Ur H M Han tllk-o aad sister. New York. WUbetm lona. Central America; K-yhlaMop llxaru. .Iiatr Parker l.idartg lane, wife, two children and laranl. Marrar-tta Hoet.i* See Turk, Praoclaeo Ores, Philadelphia, Mr Poll let. New Orleans; J W tinner. Inly aid too child, ca. CmrlaaaM. Predertc r'ampa. New York; T Barkis. O Tl urhn* do. CBaa H-Hlc* wife and tarsal. N T Joarrh R nhlar, ttactauatl, CmBai- - rard, R f; Jnha Hold, do: B l ubh-n do; Albert Weoer, dr. W Itetner, do; N "koaa, lady aad three ehMrea NT; J T. uiemaim N T; Phllp t-aa geabaeh aad Iweanua. A Panfurd. 'raept Oooh, NY. P J Hie aecbarh? aad other* ta thud oabta. ToUL WO. KpeeM. Hit tl! U. Lr taroot -Sleamah p ' Uy o' Baltimore?Mlaa Badlar, Mr* Cmrtta. Mr* Mary Lahir. Br* War Inrk end rhiM Mr* M *t a mer y Mr Baaara. Kobart Bhillman, V K Mtlbouree. .< <ha C.-Imr r. W A A<tr*. Thee Hrormhead. Mr Mekre, <1 lie Witt, K B Lorkeuod. Mr I'ete-nham aad ladr, Bobt Uah, W II Martin. B shaett, John Ptormbnrg Mr* Kraham three children and *nr*e. Philadelphia ileo Holyriake, New Tort; J antra Harrison 7 Lea Rimnmr. P J dnaaetl. H IBereaa I rarer 0i drapatebea a If red Imrga, Wm Per*'mow Mr* J M Imrrhkatd caild. J Mrrarlat* tiao B Howard. Mr Hueh anaa. Philadelphia. P*; c Puwaoff. J Aleiaadar aad RB ta tha ateartge-wtal ??? ?at Asaaa-Pli aamhip Alabama Jaa Ihrnond and dam two Mats* Otta ' . f C Onrr ar. Ml J Hraader, U YrW, 1. R luhnsne, t O nil iabas. M I Prayer, J Marshall. C I' Marshau. J R I'uedy, P H M Painter. J K ijrwgury Halr*deve Piachera. (1 (L be i mat ip Atabama?Jaa Itanond aad daugbtaP, laaL M Jtarpa. 'aa N nalknySam J R Megta HBHH Li <lraran Wm Baraai and Wy. Mlm Bui hauaar. Mlaa Kelly, Mr* I. M 11 rare* Mr* J R Havana Mlm R Isaac. D 7 (tawam. Prank flood elm. AW P<wsa M K hagais aad tady. P Amman, R Bantam. J Banner sod tady, A hbrsma. I. a Ityefc, R Ptnarh Wm "rmarrsam N C Tatar ^taBmHBB L B J-heana, J O Warrahee, M Brown H MMMHFMHMjijkp Baaaa, 7 HHHMHHHHRIViwiita 4 VcNaigbHat. lb J a *'.tan I. ttantaiaahi. H Bmohinaal. Br* J B BtaSulin and child. Bra t W Bawaoa, Mrs u<unn. Mrs Hal pin aad am. P t> Pnder ta y sad ebltd Mlm P Partand. Mtaa rotaer Mrs ff King, two ? hil.'rrn and three srr.arts, li W Pratt lady and three rhOdrec, R Rom aw aid aad Indr, W Cie bar, ? O*" el. J II Keauaa. P ? Jotamoo and laty. W . l et bam and tady W Rnaaah, "Von*, A Ns (rata and daugbtar, W R Inttimora and lady. W V Hamilton. William <Vi. J I rape and tady. J<e BrtrRnap, P Natter,hemer. Hepj I.tag J V He Canlb e 'inn I oyta aad tady, R W H Mac, S Draper, J H raise. (Jeo tarahew Mr? "-'^aT Mlm HINemW L IW1 WW and tady. Mlm M ' area, Mlm M J Wllltama Mr* *mllB and If i ant BW* A L Carr, Btai Ftrwa J R Tat tor. tady and child. S WamlbS'im. Ue> *-tan* too. tady and isfani; L Khr I rk. J B Ilia*. W F Hanf.tad W H Rba- p*. M b uaat, Nf* tinmd, M'aa B Nyla. Anguata Aadre J H Htiswker. C P Caber, T L Hamilton, Richard H Rotmrta 'tenrye Wftadt M J Willtama, II H Dra**P. I- Rowley. M >rran Dtr ?. r W Parrett A Hunt 'lee A J J Wrtabt, h H B gtn J N J.wra, Pracl a Iteotc, k Rarpp'trta. w J Darnell. Jaa D it ham T N Plngall. A n'lfrlWr, fia H Baaaa. NT W Hyatt, T I crboe'er, .1 M Itacu'nrL H R butallsn. I, Hurnm*' i -M, A Bit pird, R R, "aai W I. ttarnew H I, Hchreb J Iyer, re'er Tanali. J P Norma, C W Rawana t ! urae snag ! W Nycra, Jao I ynr r. jr and Utdy. W J Nnrtna am'. '?dy 1 Pflkervbl: g A ? ar.lri I. 1 jpenlh. f. Nina. O Ink.-P. J t I ge M J Mabry Don for, R > oa*. W P la! lira : J at- 11 *asates no | tt if he steer ac Piiapi rsto* ?amniiip Cfdnmbts?Rev A P DlekBSt ard ar B B PNMta, J II Hoi! P a Dlam J M Aod-rwo. M A ? MPRhJf Aaderww, J p Parrta ar.d tady. wwafe WWma, R Wliana, Rawer HIrak y Mbs Hu*. Mrs fanltarw r j SaNMmm NPtaay.JC HtrkKtabam. ladyatd ? - I W ?nRatgB, C i * 4 Wtar. Kr? h M ' , a. 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R Junes W .1 J. R it A'.-am K ? r ? VI *ar?. ar*. V't Marsh Mtaa *?< Iran Ml Camr . ad Utr. Wtm ! -rb ?'? 11 M-s llt.l > ?? ? ? I. (?ariaty'i* J C Bpoar* ? ad tadv, 4 J V ret'an I tad laty r n bciaiP Y rlabao. t hnrtaa llsanrumd. N w h? t. ? )| - ? h" 1 ? Idre v rs A wn.'c- ? r-i W 111 M is la.'y and lour rnHdran it H ila-vm. Mr Rotrnl Mr Mnsa, J Ibl-incr, aly aad t>r*? ehildyn; J K M mr. J ?t?en. J t-h" I r 11 * ? I i ;t?? ft p - cow |. a R. ? II A -Ri I sr. Mr? Morkovar aad (rw-M J P Jurlan and ladr H T aetata lady, child a, ?' s - an 1 ad;, Mrs Andiron Ii It Ptaat I'rt K bosh. ? H/ -da, M J Ryca, L Waak. H It ea*iy I) Noli II i the atr- -sgn. Hta ttalit lot "a Hair l?yr Is Iht Heal In tti* *' 1 Nt'e . Mil, , I - ' t tai ?,| tr- s. > '-a atthswlgfavwy, If b-rflts ? C'lited' to t I'tlr I*j , l\ l|* a*4 1 yya pr-ra-c.y s*e. ed, at Na- a -lauaa Prtwlui of tin* D?law>r? RUtt LiotU die.-WOOD. ED LIT * OO..Rutpuiur ua Mutui, iwTQCir turn nrnooai ?tat? uyraain. 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FltUWlt, (rasa London, JS Broad ml, "aw *ort Mlz fa** Shirts for 98, Warranted to Fit, MOODY'S Shirt Manufactory, 2c'1 Broadway. Mklrta?Shirts 9lz for 9?t Hade from the beat Amoekeag and WnraauUa nuailna. Deort lug Chat ban arret, corner of Pearl. Brooklyn Photograpke CTLnlataro, Cabinet. Imperial and Life Klaa. Oil AS. U WILLIAMSON, BaUblhhed iSSL A Nhtlfnl Photographist Wanted la a Bret claaa gallery In Baltimore, MA Addreaa A. B., Herald offloe. Stelnway A Moae' Uetrttruc Grand aed aqaare Planoa are now oooaldered the beat manufactured; ere warranted for Bra yaara. Waterooaaa B and M Walker Herring's Patent Ckaoaplon Fire an?U bnrglar proof Safes, Ml Broadway, corner of Murray Mraet, Mew York. Gentlemen Who Desire a Ftae and Ele gant Hat, ahoull call at KSYKNHOHSID'S. 118 Neman atreet a White, the Hatter, will Thle Day In troduce the KKS"KKW HoPT IIAT, eom-lhlng new aod ?tyllah, at 111 Broadway, opp. *tte bt Paul's church. G. Nanadern* Metallic Tablet Strop, for keeping Rarora In perfect order ran be obtained at the tub ecrtbera and the ranous agents throughout the city. J. A 8. SAUWUItub. No. T Aator House. Fairbanks' Standard Mcalee, Adapted to erery branch at baslAn where a enieet and durable aeale la required. Call and exaaalne or aeod far an ELLOWBATED and DESCRIPTION ? ?RHOLAE PAIRS AN KM * OO., US Broadway, New York, (Between Bey aad uorHaartt atraata) Grower A Baker'e Celebrated Motoeloee Hewing Machines the beat In cue f > family ae<rtng. IN Broadway, Maw York, and 181 Pulton alraet, Brooklyn. Th? PrlaM of W?|m a* ()???>. n.. Copied for aato. 4 80M' "o- Broadway.* , "???"? Patent .. an nnan*wer*l?l* *rcn. urn seen rut UROVCK I tot" nuuot eat wort ???bile Notice la hmbv gfwen that ?THE CK1JCBR ATKD MU RKK A &Wl*tf * *WIWR (ton now be porekaaed and paid for Id weekly <ir - rUlmenla oe appltoeUoQ at &? oBce, mTSl&wr* *" ' Wfetaltr * WIImii'i kawlnc Nachinu. nffloe tut Broadway, ktw York. " ?a?cmimee. Smooth Namei to tha Uninitiated. A TRICK OF TBI HRWIKO MACHINE TRADE. gnpportera, EI an tic NocfcluRa, Ac., arlanltftoal.p applied at StVullon airiest, N. Y. ?'** an Old Htm ftor Dltanaw I net d*7jL?J^t,P*rlod " IRRTHlNO IN CBU.UKRN Toil HATE THAT OLD NIT Rid KtiR IS ntRTl to tfe* form of nan wi?ilowh booth lmu htrup. "Bca?tlftol Wanea" Itaanlt frnm ...B uaaof I'UALON'a Uqnlj "Maow White orient tl Cream." * Clear Canaleilaa" la Oealred br all an. Dae rHALON d "Bne? White Urtaotal cream" "Ladlm' BeaaUderi" Phalaa A |aB<a 1 now White Or lantalOeaaL" Sold bp all drdepots f_** ??antlfnl Conanleiion. " Phaloa'a' "Snow White OtIpouJ Pr?<v? fu odqIi per bouie. . Shoulder Bracta, Klaatlc Hiork. I^aifilraal* UW'V**',, T??* ??* Bnada?? Ualuuie, No. . **?!? ?' Practice on Olaeaaea. r?ii JoiY! ?' 00*0r and rnnhrliiafeiaaet of the llalr bp ORANIWIaN, Amor plaac near Hr> ad way. Par Bltee or Moagnitoea nod other la rrrJJSKlS-gft?1!"*!?!* *"?a"lu* rata aa Hoi. lowmp a Otataaaat Ita rlfew la almost luaualaneoa* to re aaotlaa arery raailfa ot ? " 10 ? O?rtoilaa.-Uird'a Monld ??fl i** -^!*'| *1~ rl** ?? "anal for bn?nttf> Berried. Grn*wr?Oinn ?la Parle, on Toeedap, J>tl* at a> "* 81 *?**? lea?o? U tiiaaar, of Nee Vork " daurbmr ? Nona Alotne liarnl "of *r a 7At ni ? "? Tuesday, Beptambar HI*" "* to "" C OawntrM ChomT. all of KimoT?Jaonm?On Nnaday, September S at 'amatoa I. I . bp lfa? Her P D OaRey, Mr Hr?*t Kimar to Miae Hilihifl Jaoow both of Hprlulekl, L I Wamaaa?Hnrrar* ?On Tue?X*y, Auruat as, at *t Jamre cbar. b bp vbe Rrr J L drbor*^ Rroent Waa nam frq , of Baltimore Md , U> MiaaCaaaia M --Knar* dabbler uf .lobo ftdter*. Ktoq . of U>a nip. laic Antermaa Cooeul at Maoolietm, Germany Mae Raera. Onaa., Baltimore, Md , and fanawter Pa paprra piaaarcopp. ' Died. Al/owo-d* htorday. Napt I. Mr. r.rcr daau No Mrr-' llee yX" AiOI"?'" b'r IW J-ianloo Itema and Maine papers pleaae nopp. ^VTT ?llw,u*" ** *??"".'? *?"> ?Ttb pear of bta ape. at bin lair raaidaoao No ?t Pnepect rtrwn, Rrook ') J. Tbe frtaa<*a of tbe fkmilp are respertr.iiip laritadtoai leec bo ftoaerat, Ibis (dendap) alrrnooa, at eia o cloed wilt out furtbrr tar nation iheTBinaaa ?On Pridap, Hrptomber T. J'on H , arm of r^il'.am and Job anna (kotaimai.n, aprd I muatba and U The friend* aad>iUarer of tbr faml'p are respect folly iLTlled lo attend the f laerai, ten (dua.lar) aft * w?a, at two o'clock, from tbe residence of hi* pareou No do .'arAwm.eireel His remaior wlU be Ukea to l.raaowaiMl lor Interment P tMMOB ?(to Hatnrday af rmoon Vptember |. of M* ?!???, 'am A. "air a m of Jeaae A aad Emily Brad dlr? aprd 10 BHOtb* and te <t?<( The retnn.ea and fries.:* "f tSe fain I'y are respectbilly lar i>d to attend Ihe fb.^eral Ibla (%nday) anersona al ball i eat on* o'clock, from the rr*,deiM* of bid parent No. Ik* Monroe *tree?, wilbout ftorlher ibt UHio Bnrwr ?On Hatnrday. NeteeiuSH 0, Can 'jjrt, wttr of i W. Rr.-wn. ?d |) ) rtrf TTir friend* aad relation* of it- fhm tr *j?d member* Of hnlckrrboctrr lodfr No 21 I fl 0 E are re ?,crl' .11) ..II. *i>. II ... ., Vlale r. *ia*wn. No 44 Rtrtn(V? atraal. oa Moo if al raooa at two lock. OfrR? 41 (Jraenpoet, f/af laland. on a rrdap Oep I lemtor I. of iriamua, Ruatamt P*r?a*. toflaw daochie i of 0?* H and EiaabelR thaar , Mr>sl 8 . toulba aad 1 > It, InelWL ? ? pam la, No IT* We?l Tweniy aer*. 4- N-act. on Moedaj a'tefr.aot., a. bair p*at oar o'e' ??* Ci on - Crunm wife of Oeoa Carrie a na j ilea * ita pariab of DrumulieR, aucatp difa, tlie <1 1 rear of bee *fe 1 Til' f* ids of tbe family, and those of her broUi r Hi law, I*r ?d M.iaip are,riled toaltro ' tbr 'oaeral, f-'NR bcr''le rmiueooa, Nr *# Werl Tw, .tl' tb ' atrer' iVi fSrirf*)> aftern" at ta., o'chct, I l>i??rrr -rio E* dsy, Bej a be I, Mn>'M.l I Dna W, ?| of ,'nki ( mi dart Ikwrett. formerly of morr. oueri'i Water"oed end fraii'ia<e to '.'a -X aad FJImoe'h I*?fan. f C ath taland, aeaaly K if, Ireland, ?fed i| t",.r , 8 n-ontl - and Id*. hUf Ik ? rand . I? .fto'ibr fan. if are reapectfktlp 'et<V?l *? all. >d II" tbto (i*oo^?, a' -rmn al i?t t Ma. fpn 194 Elrrt a -anna.carter ol tweuib ?'rce I | Nee Orlea: * and IrmdON 'aneda Waal i p*?cre ot v la M irday, Ibplewihee R( E? trna It.uitl, ! Wlht of R . d*n } lollel, **e>l Mt year* 1T.. ratal re* at.d frienda of ?ae W 01:7 re .-wje-Jfalip Its riled lo *'?ee1 tiso binoral, f?om tbe reside#, .w her orele. nttr- R AmiUI, No. 2H W?e) Niaeteea'' ?u-e-A 1 \kd 'ty afleraorr., at two o'clock, w ito-jl lor.- r ,arP?*lrw. Her ramai. ? will be take- to c.reeawood , Roam ?<*? Eriday, >rtamber t M*rf K. ? a M ! Jobs < Tijwrti a? m> patrr. 9 ??"*?? aw, < lap-. Th* aeral a III take ,o*oe lb'* (P tadop) *Oern.^- - | J two 1 ciorh, |r t her iat" roaw'mc" ' 1' *?oe ?? t. ] Ti e fr ?r a of familr ere ?er.wrlfoflf ibe'ted lo allac Uc ludrtl a f, rih? ? "?ltoe (A 1-kt*? At 'troak 0, <? lil'.rdir, depwonhv* I, If ii-oast I a Bi*nt. wt'oe, J'dapb M. I a Rert* . ?f eon \M ?m IBM; h m flr* ( 1 mailrra aad frteadr ,t tbe fam'lp arcufaat1 met , ? 1 I ? attend h?r f'iner.i f-ma'be rehdenr, of t,a> III*. twioW. wtm\ of KigWZT* lim.?loibiii k- ??? I JUKI, In U?r Mife iii'**1. this (Sund?rj afte-?? The reialivi-s utl frtende fHatath strwat?J2??*' u In Tile' In attend bia tuneral. tu^ ' Bm houto two o'clock, from bio Uu raud??n? _ ? ?lre?l, drat bouse from Madison av-nuA ' 1?? ?Alter O short Olid severe tllnem fu. September T, Mrs Wwwruo Ma*tw, ol this c'ty, ijfc. The frienda of the fhmlly wo respectfully invited to u. tend her funeral, thi. (Sunday) afterho.*, at tm? o'nel* trnmtherenideaeeof W fyttw low, Hugh M*gm,Ouord !L w from rile Ofiuae, Brooklyn. Now Haven i?-' ..... w . -v"r? plOOM COPT ?lb Jt-resy Oily, oo Saturday, September I, ini Raaooti*. wife of Edward W Itarkhain formerly H as Anna K Dunbar, aged 38 years aud 9 mouths Tbe relativi a aad frieuda of tba family are ui riled U niumd the liberal, tbia (Sunday) afternoon, al tea ?voa bar lata re-ldence, No 184 iouto First o'clock, .. -??. without further invitation atrret. Jersey i.i., _ <teptrinper T, altar a abort Uiaatt, Majtru ?Oo Friday,. ' lobe Martin, of uw paridb of BniDoar, toe brlored wifa o< "<ouannnn, Irrlano. Murkoey, Oaatlrblabay, oounty . ?Emily are most ro Tbe friends aad relatives of tba .. "'a (Sunday) rf apeclfull) invited to attend tba Amoral, to. v Mv. MM Uiruonn, at two o'clock, from her late rooidaau*, ? East Fourteenth street. between areuuaa 4 and 3 . Mcllis ?In Brooklyn, on Thursday, September 9. Tmomax uw eldcwl aon ol tba late Catrtok MoJitn, of Oaf way, Ireland. Hi*i remalna were interred In Calvary Cemetery da Saturday. St. John (N. B.) and Oalway papers pleaee oopy Nuiuth ? at Queenatown, on Saturday, September ft Captain Uaoaon W Nauuru, aged 87 years and M moutba. K moral from bis father's resideoce, No ITS Howry trofri, Brooklyn, ou ruftadny uuoruiug, ftl?iroo u'oiudL Kroavr ?On duturrtay, S-pt g, jAMa> Ncoajrr. sua of J Ann's alio Hiooab Nug?iui, 6 ytvir* AUt? ll iuoqIoa Ibe friends of ibe lairilj a'e rt-spncl'uil) invited to at land the funeral from bin ale reaiuauoe, M haul Bruwt way, at two o'aiock thia (Sunday) aft.-ruo.wi Omonon ?On Friday. Sept 7, Wiluaw F Oii.uwsa, only sou of Cbaa F. aud Kmiiy C. Otliguou, aged 81 > oars, 6 moutba and 87 days. U'CSaLUUMA* ?On Wadneaday, September >, at tb residence of ber fbtber lu law. York avenue, Nat Brighton. g. I., after a lingering lilneas, tiaaaaaar, wife m John O'CWllagban, i|id> years. She was interred oo tburaday 'sat, at three o'clock, la the burying ground of rit Peter's church, Staten Island. *?> ber a Jul rent m peace. Michigan and Dublin papers please onpy I'll in ?At Tbrogg's Neck, Weotcbester county, N V., on Thursday, September ?, THowaa Pwmr, of .tienaford, county of Suffolk, England, in the ttbtu year of bia agd. The frienda of the family are reepoutfuiiy luvned to WE tend tbe funeral, from Ibe reetdeuoe of bia soa In law, Char lea M untie, tbia (-rnuu ./) alter noon, at half padl MM o'ekiek Suffolk paper* please ropy PtNDUHua ? u Pur'.laud, Maine, oo Friday, Heptembar 7, at ten o'clock lu the evening, Maav H , wife of CnpL Chan B Pendleton and daughter of tbe late amoa M don, Knq Tbe relatives and ffiendi of the fanally are respectfully Invited to attend tbe funeral, on Wuuday inum<u?, ai km o' from her Utk< reaidence, S, is <uig 'epiaaa Her remains will be taken to Cy.rr-ae Hill* fir min'mwl Piuulhtum ?On Salu i y, Sopuuab r I, ? No. Td Leonard atruet, fdanixat K}, a of Anoona, Italy. The funeral will take place from his late residence, U two o'clock, tbia (Sunday) afternooa. The me^.bew M tbe Socleta al Uoioue e Kratollaaxa Italian* are invited to attend, without fuither notice. His remains will bd take, to DreaiMvood Cemetery. Roaaiaa ?la tbia olty, on Friday, September *, M/d Ermra I). Romunh, widow of tbe Into Chan llrr RobbLM, M. D , of Bonton, Maes , In tbe A6ib year of ber age Funeral from 108 West Tweuty-aeoond sUdet, tbia (Saw der) afternooa, nt four o'clock. B>et<? papers pleaee oopy. _ Ramtaorron Sudden's, : >wakp Ramkhoitowf ror ?may years oooductor of tbe oholr of Si Mar, 'a oh a red. His frienda and acquaintances era rv^poctrully luvited to attend tbe" funeral, tbia (Sunday) afleruo. n. at two o'clo-k, from tbe residenoo of his ? later, Na. 87 Lawn Street. Siwonw.?to Gbelara. Slaten Island, on Friday, Bep'.en ber 7 Out A. C. tbaona. In tbe 7*1 year of bis ofe - Tbe relatives and Irtoada art iuvlled to dtteud the fo* naval, nt 8t. Andrew'* cburob, this (Sunday) altemuaw, at tbrea o'clock. SacKim?Ou Saturday, September 8, Joww Sacicjmt, aged II yean. Tbe frieuda aud acquaiaUncew of tba family, aoi* 'S wlaa the members of S. Yinocut de Paul Souotv, ? r%. spectfull) Informed that tba remain* be conveyed frc bid tale reaidence, No 41 P. rry street, oa Monday morn log, si half pant Mdc o'clock precisely, to Ht Josepn's chart*, Swth avenue, and tbeuce to Calvary Cemetery tor inter ment. Ti arrow ?Oo Saturday, September 8, ??? C , dnrgbtar of Clnus and Beta Tiel)co, aged 1 y s*r, 4 in- ntba a.d 38 dayo Tbe retallvew and friends of the family are reapecAliilly Invited to atund tbo fanerai.thia 'Sunday ) afi'-roooo. al two i.'clock, from tbe realdeooe of ber pwreata, No 431 Wuat 8isteeutb atreet The remains will be interred m the Lutheran Cemetery TnAinon?On Saturday, September 8, .Vsnt TaAi.vaa, after a abort and aerere illeeie, of tbo comity of M ma ban, Ireland. His frienda and relatives are respectfully Inv led to at tend tbe funeral, oo Mon .ay, Irom hit late rcailenca, No. 40 llamersh-y street # mihkllahkoui. ? l< HHKITk *!,!> MABliFAiTi a Butt, VALIUM XI Ar.- rUk ala Soda, or fnlnbla ULaa, rmlnrnMr imrfn' lor fro p-anBra prarral'nf nop from ?b1akl?? . Mi <1iin?tnr a*H III llm W from dry rot kuntiiris>M uJTW ?aloby b. FR'.." Il?AfaRoltlt A ?>?, U (Mti au-mt^ M. B ?CXI. Rrr. Bum, ''"inv and Uln, ImM FuBBiv, BplrU Imnliaut. ???'??? IM MaUU. ITW FR ABCIH XAVIRR'a OOM.WIB. WO 41 WWW A Flllaamh lliMt. hriwwn Fifth ?n1 Hlith mmmb MflNkinbtnranwif T. ULBTH ALLKB. Prifif. * ww RvrRrnci.i/i aorb iim rrLTtiB rthkkt? ^ I Mix* tiylea Waddla* Cordo. Rorakmaa. An (MtoWM A At hvrt-b. *xi hroadwat. btrr dam mxrrB, f?-4jr mad* ,r in nniar R Wlok pilM laalbar Raaki of iba lat jiiBi WmB i Tjnumn, mb rroadmav. Waddtn* I'vcU and Rnralnpaa Ihi Iba Myla." bf BD<8l eraaplata M?efc of How dapar. AT Tint HOTFl. BT. 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