Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 10, 1860, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 10, 1860 Page 7
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_ 4UHV9BMB1VTB. INTXB GARDEN. j GRAND OPENING KISIIT. of lb* Ann nig h: of MK AND MUM. BARNEY WILLIAMS. e tad Manager A. W. JACKSON Msnager.... W. 8. FREDERICKS opening ue reular muou At this -Tiwirnt the gtr. moM gnUefuilv sens, bin of the generous support Jy ... corJeduna during the abort period of hie fc, rmpectfuMraanuttnsee lu. intention of purring suck M aa will reader the Wooer Gardes in every raaeeat r (f the patronage aneb aa edaiee should ?mil la .etiopoiim k> icteet atteotion to the carrying out of every detail ne 7 to the establishing on a nu BASIS S A FIRST OLA88 DRAMATIC TEMPLE. ? tn Ia ell lus planv, trusting, by a jmlloteus paUey in the edmttii* ration of affaire, to merit -cmr.e the aame aueeeea which baa ever, on former ?ota, crowned hie effarte la ministering to the amusement , NEW TORE PUBLIC, j eiiyaiatly pleasmwda openingth^aeaaon with Igreal eipohents of IRISH AND YANKEE CHARACTER, em c uiwenoe the only engagement they can pooMbly : UAa year oa I MONDAY, Rapt 10, brfointa f STAR Kb Mr tndMn ?any, wt.t aaelat HfOaWtliB? hy^ , and the whole all hallow rvt_. Ich Mr. and Mis. BAEHBT WILLIAMS wUl ap -ear, to fowed by ^ HOCR IN 8SVILLK, H i ^SL? DIFFERENT* CILI^ ACTKR.S. ?amobhctlopiai|(tii(g8_ > FALACK HARDIN, 8 ? MUSIC HALL O ? GRAND OPINING NIGHT. I yedueaiiv, Sept. 12, aadevery evening until further T ! These beautiful productions contain over M Hid FIGURES, O xtn from life. Tin* subjects taken from the hialory of I ji A.VhltlCAN REVOLUTION, are entirely original. II Brilliant muslr. Wttty lecture C ?eia&.o:. 28 rente Y klren under 12 13 cents L Dorrs open at 7}* Exhtbttlou at S, O eruoni perfoiumuce on Thumdtr, 13th. and ?very P M.'Wtsg day, for inn.Hire an.I children, at 3 o'clock. icpit to jack Mcdonald. CITY ASmRMBLY ROOMS, M6 BROADWAY, , ? rbe.ween Howard and Grand streets . Ill (Mo^DAVi livening, Hepiember Id. friend! of John McDonald, one of the tralnere and i* of John C. Heenuu In We content with loin Severa, lecuied this beautiful and well ventilated hall to ten ia a beneBt, m nppi nidation of the many faithful err vhowa bv iittn We irds our countryman during hie eUy Men l the following gentlemen hare volunteered to ipa.e ? < C. I.8BNAN AARON JONBR, CHAS. OTTIQNON, >. PRICE, JAR f'USICE, ? several other Froiemor* la the Art of Helf Defenee. i mmMM not onlv rount on a full attendance, bat rely i the several amateurs now In the city lending their ale a.d tor thti evening. ie ei ;.i rvav oaau will en wttiftAMM dcri.vo vhb rvaronMAWcaa ?ATh RESERVED FOR LADIES ACCOMPANIED BY (JRNTLKMKN. te'A < >ne Dollar For Rale at the Door. i BAVARIAN CHILDREN APPEAR AT THE ME ideoi IN Broadway, every evening. sT CHARMING SKRRNADI. "IT IS THE CHIME,'' i be a ulfulfar rendered by Mfcu H. O. Lmlnnde, nt the Mc t IJi Brisdway. .DSMTTH'S STEREOSCOPIC EXTTIBITION-NOS. '11 aud t'23 Broad gay. corner of Twenty-Oral t'r -et. < ;hr mwt extensive Siereoeeaytc Emporium In this eoun .t.-x rots and views for aele Adaaleston W cents; aea i een i Evening evhlbttten wtU reoyen thin day. SRICAN CONCERT HALL, ?U BROADWAY.? lasted Si ballet girla. Apply between the houre ef 11 o'clock. Mona LA THORNR. Stage Manager. INK GARDNER, THI PRINCE OP BANBOUTR .nd E'hJopian Soogsters, holds forth nightly nt the ME :ON. Broadway. NK MASON, THE CHAMPION JIO DANCER OF the world meets hU friends at the MELODBCN. 533 way erery eveatng. JOHN MULLIGAN, Till ORIUINAI. OLD BOB RIDI.FIT, at the Canterbury Music Hall, Ri3 Broadway, tUgm. SKV THE MAGNIFICENT FAI DB DEUX OP fame 0 metantlne and Mile. Rosalie, at the MELODBON, romiaay. rcucocK'B NATIONAL OOXCBBT HALL, 171 Mow Uwl MM, CJceaaed for dramaUo pert one aneea), t awry evening wua^the hat* performance Md company vminre and unparalleled SUCCESS OP THE CUBE. THE COM. THE CUE A < V. I? THE CURE. the CUBE the cure THE CURE. '?Mad. of penoaa ha?e wtaraaed W. Httoheoek aper JMof the cure, trr arkaewiedged II the mom origin*] mi aver put oat the I. ?oiwwki of iu tnmeaee iucmm H will be re ,1 evtrj arcing. Adateaeton 10 ecnu. ? Mi 'K W AN'I BERT, M A HERAT FEATURE AT he*CI.ODEON, AW Broadway. K LUUIKE, THE CMARMINO DANSKUSK, AP '?ni. he MKLODEOH. MP Broadway, erery tieolog I TBINUS HATE PARKED AWAT AND ALL a up hare become sew at th* MRI/ODEON, ASu war ?'Air. I m lar en j, cap*ot* (X NftUA| \MLTf BO UMUkd ptopK t of the da/?Who aad what ahail wa oert Hah? aad the reply la ear/ Mat, EEIC'AN concert haij* AMERICAN CONCERT MALI. ill Broadway, t concert hall In the ah/, capable of aaaung Iferea Ihon? ?>aa r?aa! ineetioo (_ ., be A mertean Onoorrt I ?. ea th* *r< aiept aatMtfaoti.n ha a ret dare (Wo ta tht beat taleat i. the eorntrv, aad aeral e*cot ot the place la aapertor to nap other in the The taUawiag lot c aa* laleotet aritaU will appear evrrt etSninu. MMMONN, . RIE MONK. Thr calebiatad Elhioptao delineator aad Han oi**. ' Mr D. OALI.aUIIRE. _ ___ Mr D. flAtXAOARR. The eeeaatrte rwaed'ai an 1 rrramltla performar. ?r. JOHN MULI.HIAh, r JOHN Ml'LLIHAN. rlfter' old Bob Rtd.r. Mr RtI.LT O'EKIU Mr hTlLT O NK1L, reaieal Irteh eoaaitlaa aad vorabw >?. the world reaiact inhk eamed.a. aad rpealta la the world. ,Mr. MM. K EmNa, MtEENXA. ewbratad aagiu J' la*.eater HiU.T yi'INN, ?at EtAapiaa performc* m the wot Id. PR ED Ml AW, ? twn - .ran'oua r tllw W. ALLEN, f.f edp* dancer raw. A. NT- HOT.UR A HON. ? PROP A N1< HOI.IA A RON ir b?t .fnl aad eiaaWc r/a?attic ero'ip i.rt Mien Of tRA ? aRRI v.itoN, ? Nteadtaralc MISn RHEA FBOTHINOHA*. Mka Haay Chrtauad, NMa Unda RhnMr, Miaa intla Ham lit. ? ?'?aa I ahai _ ?..c8t-?ea, v ., Haiti# 7 Til./ fc'i /. V: ? A if aa. Aad a heal af "there u e'-marana tae aaeath oarg. Duetc ea^ Op-araBc patlaia TH eta aad Pence*. The B&ta.ta.. Ppra.haa aad E? The 0/cahaaMi l eala. Draw tana tea. ymhaallr Feme, hehotee mad Lagan ed Ptaaaandlha OrcheWrn. rsfsmrs?ir?5V'a7a!i,'u Ui Miy 10 oanm I Salter/ . 10 rente R W BJTLEE l\-o?r.eljr. w l.? Tee.e ?-igg Manager n dadpt barteeb corn nonttsa jia wake rp the pdhpto all aroatxl the MELoDCON. :-X> Broad hi* LEPWnil THE FINE JUrPWfT.B lUU aD ? ? ? ba v erhi. *... m . tar at IbeEEW DEON ? ? c <l ' MEICDEDN tT> BR04DWAT PEE? THE NEW a* >>t carnal aad the aew eampaap, mmm ahead uf ra / ttaaaa lha leaet> a I" IT Jtr TTALJAN OPERA oompant. tini.ia karo. ,il aad Faamy n.rdaaa ?a NEAV AHIO haaaloaa ? that the* lw- rraal Utai liaa? wta Mnrtl/arrtee, aevear ear'./ in Ortnhar. la the t'a-iad Matea, aad alaa Ira. ?dl LA1.ANHER HOB? ALONE W WORTH trwh.e the prw* at ac.n aetaa Khe di|i at the Mai-deoo, r.?dwi arer/ LE RORAI.1B THE MAONIPIcENT PEtECTPAL dt taetea. ippeva 11 the Bated ?<* IT Hreadwa . wrmy IT PATETll IT I IKE nANFKTT* EITN KEEA RCHEtT. the EtIODEPN. V9 Broad wa/, erery atanUA. ffOlM, BLOEP1E. The I iifaTrt, Rteadte'a teal aaaaateaa aa IteMtelNH w twi will ptauJ?e.f taha pteaa al Jaw? Wond ea the m? Tteiaiadn wfija lha nmmraavate9 tew ?*ftaihi?h wad !?? tear. BR HT f.f.RN, tNTI THERE HR <?ORA-WH**l daea h* gat Why. lo thtHawde m Mi Broad way. ban# where tfire r aaaaa laaiaiii fw lea aaae/ thaa hare ate* la ihe aRy. t lolly HTT.t.;.. an. THE oRIUIHaI, OLD BOH ATD1.RT. at the Ch..wrhtary EoMa Hall *C Hroalw.., ' BE RANDE, THE CRAWPIOW n OO DANCER OF aad wilt appear at the MB K>* m Broadway, arary aeea.n. w ?? ne thapfteBh. PaaileaMh Mrect, aaar Wr*l aeaaaa vOTi^^atjas!: f aitb' kU OF THE EATTOEAI EI'Mr IT TflHUTE. EIJA FAEtlO A l o n ion* pafro cda*t. Ideepatrhad ne Tnfah' aen Hfpt U, PM Utetet ,'fTU wofflSB* a??. aarawt" p.eaec t? ai.ud thai w"1 Wte a * hatl M? ^oo, ^ AM!1 ?? MT?? w IN IKK OA Hl>KS INTER i.aVDKN W1NTBB SfiUtBN. WIN UK OA ROEV winter oIrpf.n f!MKB OAMOiN. WINTER flASDr.V WINTER UAKDBN Wzyrr.* pTm WINTER UARDKN WTNTKR HARDEN. New Yumi Sept. U. trod. AN AV ENVOI* AS A& BRYWR. AS A? ?k\oik. AS A C REYCIS if AV BK7012 IN AtT AN Ar RKVOIR. an ae rktoir. AN AF RKVOIR "ROFKSeK'" ANDIMON i nontaROR AMDF.RdOW FBOFRSSOB ANDERSON l'ftCFEFRQR A A PERSON /mi x >.;oit anpsrron "RO'-ITSRoR ANPRRaOW i'ROf KSSOR AN DKRSO.V PRo?K'<r?R andnrpon PR(lF18RP1t ASnSRSON /mrth: K ANpfiSoN FBOFK8SOR ANDERS".* PROrTNAOR anwtrpon PROFKUOS ANDERSON TO Tilk , ... " OC !?*? VOkT to Tin risen; or mi* toxk. TO TBI Kruno O. M.W tOKX. to tai rti.ic or r.w vow. A FKW WORD# FALKDICTORY. A t-KW WORD- V ALKDD TO K V, A NBW WORDS VALRDIi'TORY. A >"KW WORDS VALEDICTORY. A FKW WORDS V ALRDICTi > R T. A FEW WORDS VALlpiOTORr, A FKW WORDS VALEDICTORY. A FEW WORDS VALEDICTORY. Professor Amlerergi to tot ring New York after a brief bit most pleasant sojourn of three *f\i only, deenu R *.i be a duty lo ret urn ihauks foi the extou-iea patronage he bag re celvrd .'unac the period ot hlr stay. Eight j ?v? h..d pimed away etaoe Profewar Andereon bad given tua UR'al iUugtrmllon* In Tripler Hall, he lure nit ?rpeering train on the (round, hut tinder the roof e: the V inter lit: Jen, three wttofct wo. In t "lty New York, wherein the Icmeutoof (ttiae are to teeny elirauinoa to numerous, in 1 artUt* ?i tbnn turn it i rea-nusb.,, latauppose thtt tb i topse o: tlrht'yeAv would " fieiNBl' * " " tore pror ure<i fnrgetfuln?ss of Prof omit Atuerm .and hie enleiUlnmtnL In reuruuiglte expected to ireetbut lew who knew blra kid few who care.1 to remember that which be to- I csnplisbed iu Nee York to lonp .ir->. To him It bet been most I pieissot to ind ihtt iborgh the eight jeer* litre been t loaf ' period lo hnimrlf. toe v have comi tate ! t eery brief one in the I memory ct bla ft urn li. Where lis thought to mi et wl: h one or j two only who remembered htm, bo has met with hun d-eds and with th< uttnda. unit ackiiow'edgaa to litre | received more friendly gree.lnjta thtti K h? j been hit fate to receive. after long abnence, in i any other ally of the globe. The public, the pre si and pro 1 D-mional frlet de have alike been in iet warm and kiod bo arte I in their evprculnua of auprobtlion and their p-aonol tori lence of r 'dfseil'f. lo allow ih'te kmdnntti lo ptsj by uu noticed, or pej mtt them to escape tke ree. ignition of grglRada would he au actol ludiiirrence on Proieseor An !?r?-n . part, for witch be 'eels that he would l>e at culpable at he would he d?sei ag of "-usure. Hoice lie detlret to retnrn thanks ihroutth the columns of the presa, believing tha' tfa <wt Ibanka abnttlo be tendered to all kit patrons nod frieudt, and I nol^brinf able to group then tofeiher within the walls of tar theatre ha New York, to retiun tnnee tktnkt peraoaally and face to lace, aa he would beat like to do. Eifbt yeara apo Proleraor Anleraon took leave of New fork. light yi-sra ?(? he performed hi Trlpler Ha'l to larger audlencrs :han were errr Iwfore, or have erer ature been as M-tubieu to aiiy entertalnmem of the like description ia any cliy^of th- jWorlil Klghi >r ,n, ayo Frofemor Anderaon left New Tork, reaolrad tore! im to It ataln. He otar here across tha Atlautlo, and a'-iuaa ike Atlantic he left, amlclpattog returning by tha ?ame route. Fate w'llad R nherwlse?I.'hommc propose et le Dlen dla Don* Me waa not again to sea the Culled States until be had made the clrcur of the world. At the tlma of bis departure the new State of naltforuia was the ui una thnle of American rhlli/stvut. It waa whither Amcrttana went-the last place to srtuch tha adventuroiia sptrdt a hh-h bre?tkes burns and revels w ithin the aha.low of t? t alara and stripes o-ured to go. Certainly U waa thee abont the last plare u> which Professor Anderson conlcmplsied going. Built the course of eight yean ii be came the gate which opened to him hta way In New York anl b> the auc< use whish baa attended him dunng hli cieeer at the Winter Oarden. LAriER AND OKNTMNKV, I. A DIBS AND OEVTI.BMFN, I. A DIRS AND (1BNT1.KRKN, Let me dr ip the third^eraon and addraae yon as myeelf. Ijet ma tell you tow glad! was to return to your great rtty; bow surprieed I waa to find 'k<- extent to wl.leb It had In creased in sire, beauty, opulence and magrdnoence during my uand how dedlghtad I waa tsdls'-over that by none of my (otd Nrlends and certainly sot by the public generally, bad 1 been forgotten during my locg separation from you. All i aeem to mmcmher me; sad my eight yeara away eeaaa to ma now nothing more than a dream. While In aasoclatk n with you as a caterer for your amnsemement. and to Immediate progu-l 'i Ib2ily" UU" Froa<t tu ow'tLhMi ' *u treated with more ktadpeaa and with more exlenaton of patronage than I could Batter myee.f I either drier-, 'd or hal any reason to eroeet. I thought that It was an eonlition of feeung 'ow.trds a r ranger oo tha part u a vary warm hearted people, which be could not rationally hope lo hare manifested Main when ever he might retnrn. In this I was wrong, amTharp beea ?wet pleasantly dlsar pointed. I have tread that ' Time tbs Imj ressfon de- sr mrkan, jhapt _ . As s': earns their chs mels deeper wear." sod that sot roe lota of the good frating evinced towards me then has been withheld now, not the smallest s-'nttllatlm fr< m the farnace friendahip has ceaaed to sparkle sod to burn, nor one kind hard relaxed to Us a rasp of amity. In e.ght years of wandering I have been through Europe, down the Atlantic to the Oai>e of Good Nope, across the la dlan Ocean and through Haee' Atrails lo Ntlbo'irtw. I bare hobnobbed wuh a one very odd kind tf people to Tan Dla. kt fAristmaa day at that man's Land, and spent a very plesuaai much mAignel l-wmlitv. melt known as Botany Bay. Having published ae account of my wanuertngs In nun dry jomm ito^stru -h mc thai my frtenJa to New York, who hitherto beard ' 1 Iks say Ray and Tan Dleman'a Land as n-K the moat enviable of places, might poaalbly recatve me with a at rug on my return thence, and retalniag the prejn/lee o< the Kugbah hgaiont some of the eolomor at tbctr own making, anppoar that be who mmee from them must of ear vastly by deteriorated uy hi ria" F'si insVdy I 11 wa fln-i U at T was anything but right la my apprehensions, %al by no mesne justihed In entcrw in'og any such fears I felt that I waa none the worse far my wanderings "??alum son aolmurn mutant got traewnarncuirant," and I thought Ihai I hod a I trie improved myself la my pro l- mSan by grgag ao (ar out of the beaten track. Froan tie <'aflraa at tha Cape 1 learned sonar few sacreta la ItNPWMhi MMfif. Proaa tbswalto Wsi'a tribe of New fkr.ih Wales J acu itred ansae toformallou In the magic of ra Ulaan. Fium tee Kmiar- a finder'a Land I leaned the ar aamim of laviathta vlaiblnty. Knm the Maori'a of New adblsai I ?'j lined leaoona In the mum of meimcrlain rroaa the nA'lvesof Byron's it and of Ti nboaaat, t made ac-iulaMkm la masdial hydros my. From I he duahy ? ca ilea of fahiti, I learned the magic of sp. lis. pb.'tre* sod charms. Nt< m ttiv uabre chiefs WUPhed W? the on-irt of King Kam n-efcam- ha, St Hernial I sandwich fslanls, I -ecrlved Mh hiaUe I'eaisa iu Prvth- man- y. aa P? trhocotooy was prtuably bnuwn to the i - reeks af pf-rn dsvs of Hal lap Aad. f*rm the n>hatiuaiao( CaBforsl*, I tnevned - hat Am* rira. 4 a.? lh? aaa-e all the world or?r wherever yon mee th?m aad thai wbvihrr f Iheir aonualatauoe oa fie wharf at htm Fram lam ir a gold mine of Rl Ihivalo eo-tnly, smtdat the snows of tie the "leers Nevada or aa th? pnvwm-ut of R -sfw.j Near York. Ihev are aver Uic same kind berried profie sod bave ar .sje.ui fundeaei far Ihone who prufess aad p-acaior ih# art prsdli#MM?L That I have f- - d them to be po, the foilowiag farts WlU pee'i ? I npsnrd lbs Wlp'er Harden oo AnfriN 17. aad closed H on Kepi t. Nsring 'here wv*ka I hove had larger aaJlesoea i bail I meld pioml! ly bare waiursd to hope tor. He. ?? ar- toe an.l?saces of tiwae wwehe.? Firm wees... ISW* |< anad we- k IMfl Third w.-k, MM T?>| at i?fw wii 47,an '? jo f*r fnt tta* rirr. -rm. I do w* pr Hand 11 Mf thai ? : wrr la tha U at <*<? urn*. (or m ? rowd*4 haa the ho aw brt f 'rj ?mh| th? pa v>* ka<* waa dared mi: aad la do-to* lh* aUM. ?*? ' p-imh?a?n? Lrk*??. VI. I owlnj to lb* autremm haa I of the araaiaa. defer rtDf Ifcatr *Wj till mm other lima, la iho hop*ofSidiai a ere)** aaatiMg. Rare h ??#*#* era mj money ratnrnd, M mad* lo ma by ?r iraaaa ar and tear pfam tear* r ariaota^ thaa Uia re I aril nf una n ? jVotw** MW Paradd waa* lf| third Waal A MI Iha.t UMM t think 'hat I mar fvrly rha..#*r* any krafaaar* of ear art > ear part ot In* wnrM te thai ha haa la ear ran < r , , 0.1 MlaMoiMI of I .ama la th* Mm* brief i arvwt ml tima. In P*? > <? an 'i >'?! Tt at-me *o fr*ai a - ? r.h hara bat arid*rut tha da anew *M of r^T'ihUI-m. aonnied with thatr rrVreata to** of lailliaal, uul tbetr radj apprx-iaMon .if wkvmm la praaaadad in Ik- m whtaii a raalfjr eartfcy 11 tb*?r Maavr k*<*d*d at* a *aU far opera, tha. Ika Bk* at wkhh I 4a ant know to mtm ta ear part of tha wot 14 Malta* Mr ??' 4 N lhat I aa K> l**T# BreT vk rrai Ora l I Maa o-nti aad la rnoaoain*. p* the Wlaka* UaaOaa far a fow oaaha Ivutfr 1 am arrtata thai I MotiM kar* mad. a aaafl I una**. n*t t mm ratal*it away fraa B1.0W* **1000. ehtah *1* * y aaUnf to I nat into my 'rrmsnry -mid f hot ?tat h> rtc'l" u/a, T ta woli aware. But aiay I eaaa.*. MdHfcar Mr ??c*Brat frb-nd* Maaarm. Maori k Jerk are. mm "ty Mofcl/ < worm d ?ad Joworr Mmwm i a'lew prr 'Mwhtaala ?ed Mr*. Maraey Wh'Uama. will at low ao tn *t?y Bah ;?.?>*# wonU if thai rrrijrl, hot art la a pataaa to do m .1 twao ?*ty to * ek tk?a aa tk* omr om *tu*l. I lata aroyed. owd tpi J rahlrtaatfyTl Mfc* lot ao>. .-a' Hanllr. laired, d. I do ? thaa It rra 'on* from the a-ena if thalr da'lcki. Wbh waadann? *? n* aad ofcrw, tbwuh *)en h?k tartr wiNtarr w*y. -?? p iHttr wdl atmea a* (or roail'if -o lk*M Ira** Maw T-wk f-Wtb* p-'*p<m?ef r ~ agrdeparira v.Aonw .-*' (hry m ntd who, ? Mr jioi?*t-?M*ri Maw Terh f- r th* hnapmo of MakMd ? 0*/lwn Of't'THWIW TOUR OK AMU HOhtHPKM Torn th" th* *' r* Itanoru ' i nuea "f tha Valaa latarwad ate ? ? (ark krw orlearw la PhMadelrhm I eoa tat a fhw faya. Mtlai K ?ei adatMed to he** taM| 'ate to ap"* mT Pywik iQMidkoiiM op In tlx na* M-ato u Mile- i.,r *a t Ireir la M?w Ti rk,tki* wL * oprn I orkMk I fe*lr* taia wtil 'a r '.*at ? iarye. After I ka<* Mm" 1 tk* MX-1 P?fk of Hi' I? >Iah?e 1 pr >p ea paMWap m k.ltaR)MM*? ?ed t'wtea lo W?r' nitre, an Wmtr B Maw Or laaae IHrtn# tha r#?h?l' t -ey i'aanea I ihol andaaror M *m *? 'W ra -MWah'i n>) r*y< a->o.* afha**ai *1 the Wmar Uardan "*Hr 'n a-n yrar. .-r tor htni Maw J Hall lafMM aad ?Mtra ma*"" -1 nan %ny at !"*?*?. I ta Maw tor* *ntM'>la far !ha r nrpraa* M My ewe *?<PrlalMM?at, aad fm ether M*> Owrttnaa whk h 1 hara la t i<e<*MrMMM ?y awe aadar alnmea* o^aa rapniduaad. wH ha aa a ?Mt? of l*0?"' drra-r-teev r e* d peMaa* a motiaM'?ara at Whtok t hara afll ra? oaawd But I dP mot ?rMk to roMI. <t Maaot. U J| ? jjft (jdtf, ?StMATtr IKH IK I PHt 0<tV tICKS, or aalaM"' drama par Urlv aporanwtad h; ika pithlla, h it P4,l rat praoawtad IP Maw t '*4 aa I ha doMPOOO Mpreo*ei It will ewtwl tna aMMMttrw -kila tk* m SSBR3 [ifflH ?fwr 3*?|RS fAMTOMIlfi rm aoaa *TM l? ?????. w? IBMwImM M the rttirea* at thla 1 "mm on Ml r a term of aa.ia*?< at to ?Mak taey are k ihrrv naarrtwMMad. MS1??# Swi srs 15rj!=r33iJK alaraeftagwC^jS patteaMM* wa hare karn Mm-rad with, awl ?* waey feed rhptri* *? Werd Mad* foa nr r rpeady rofm . nk5 mi " laaiaad " ?, 'r'MW. aawCaOMm aad fiMiilii. 1*4 ma lad iM* la Ik* olaaa- ? 1 wdk JW atala. aad tffi tk* roartM ttnwPf (kar ftw.r a-r wt mmfly Mftad. An * /ORM*h%lty AMOEBeVM. MhUUtlMrk AWTgy.-WKirrg. WAI.LAOK'8 THKATIK. Mr. Waltoefe .. Lewe h"r WWIaek sues Mantjer This theatre THOBOUUHI.T RENOVATED. wtK reopea tor the riwuUr season on thc rsdat, s?nr. u. A NKW OOMBDT. adapted rrpregrfy for this eompaoj. from th* French of lerib*, the moat popular nod aunremful of Pnneutu au'hoin. will be produced ou the, with ENTIRELY MKW flCRNRRT. _ MKW AMP KLECANT COSTUMES, SPLENDID AND APPhOFRI aTK KCRMTUlik AMD AP POINTXKNTH Mir. Walladk hag mint pleas-ire In presenting the name* of TUB GOMPnM V, wfcleh he hopes will be found nue of toe moat powerful and comrtote he hM ever assembled ? Mr. Lmter Wallack, Mre. Hoey, Mr. Wake. Mum Marjr Uannon, Mr. Walo>t. Mrs. Veqaon. Mr. A. B. Davenport, Mi? Fanny Moraat. Mr Sloan. Mra. hloau, Mr. Morton. Mra Waloot, Mr Moore, itim Julia True, Mr Floyd, Mre. Reeves, Mr. Tonne, MlmOarman, Mr T. Hamuli a, Mr. 0. Pnraloe, Mr. Fiutm, Mr. OH rer. Mr. Coourn, Mr. Hentry. THK ORCUEHTRa haa been eelected with every retard to eSctency. and will be uudar the dtreotionof MR. NOLL. Mr. Moore..*. .............Prompter Mr. 11. Uhtrwood . Seemc Art tat Tbr roainmr* by Mr. Ftanry and Mr. Benachw.-n Proper Ilea and appointment* by Mr. Tunoney Merhan cal depart meat, Mr. Van Hatteo. Gss. Thomat Bar-ton. A MKW PETITE COMEDY, jnat received from London, and played there with the greatest aurcena ia aleo tn preparation. Bowery theatre. George W-vxt Manager. First nights of Shakapere'e ex lulatte play entiUeu A Wlf/TKR'S TAI.K, Which haa been aome lime m preparation, wilt be produced with NEW SCENERY. NEW COSTUMES AND PROPERTIES And a moat FOWRRFUI. r ART. Including all the member a of the atoak company and a large corpa or auxtltartee. The pUt eoncludee with the celebrated STaYUF 8-.ENK. In Art d, DANCE OP THE bTONISIA. Mr. J. W. Wnllack, Jr aa King f.-outas Mra. W W*l'arx.Jr...... as Queen He. .noir.e MONDAY EVEN IN 11. Pent 10, WINTER S TALE. MT OOFS1N TQM. EM BOWKRT THEATRE. Sole Proprietors, Mr mra G. L. FOX A J. W. T.t.VG AttD. MONDAY. SEPTEMBER 10 AND DVRINJ THE WEEK. 18 000 PKRS3MB During the paat week witnessed the gorgeo'ts Spec tacle of THK STKOK OF PALMYRA, And the nutnner i* atill Increasing. THK AUDITORS ASTONISHED AND DELIGHTED. BRILLIANT SCENERY. MAONiriCENT APPOJ.VTMEK T8, OOKGKOOB DRESSES, THE AMAZONIAN MARCHES AND TABLEAUX, Nightly applauded and encored. Tb? last eoene rrrprenenilnn the DESTRUCTION OF PALMYRA, For grandeur of aoeulc effect. BAB NEVER BEEN EQUALLED ON ANT ST A* IE IN THE WORLD. In addition to the above, the Hibernian drama of SHANDY MAUI (KR. WUh Mr. O.l* FOX and Mlm FANNY HERRING In the principal porta. N TlOOLKT A CAMPBELL S MINSTRELS. H NlliLO'E SALOON Oo nod hear CAMPBELL, Um prince of vooltow aad the incomparable vooal quart eue every evening. M R. R. HARDINO. THE POFULAa VOCALIST, AP pears a' the MELODEOJf every evenlog. FTIHE YOUNQEBT OF ALL BOB RIDLFTS IS REN 1 dered in fine style by Master UEORGE at the Melodeoa, 639 Hroadway, every everum,-. HOOLEY A CAMPBELL'S MINBTBELB, NIBLO'S 8A LOON. HOOTJTY A CAMPBELL'S Mlaatreto, Mlblo's Saloon. If CO I.EY E 0AM SELL'S Minstrels, Ntbk-'s Saloon. B. M. Booiey. S. C. Uarupbci: and G. W. d Ortflu. Proprittora. Monday evening. Sept. ID aed every evening. FIFTH WEEK. FIFT H W FlPttl WEEK of the Model Tm-.peol the Pmfeenloo. THE MCDKI. TROUPE OF THE PROFESSION, THE MODEL TROCrE OF THE FAOFKHSIOE, In their unique, mlgt.ial aad unapproachable Unique, original aad unapproachable ETHIOPIAN DELINEATIONS. ETHIOPIAN DELINEATIONS. For Dirilfiiuiitiit nrozraaime. Doors open at 7. to commence at 8 Tickets It cento. HOOLEY A CAMPBELL'S MINSTRELS NIBI 'OS SALOON. Go and see BILLT BUECH Is bto wonderful Break Meek Act every evening. Sr. PALMER BIDES HIS ORKT MARE AT THE ME . LODKON every evening. SSt Broadway. ANNA LEE RINGS AT THE MELODEON. US Broadway, every evening. M? g: BTANT'S MIN6TBE1M. H AND B HALL, 172 BROADWAY, above Grand street. M-r.,Lv. B*pt VI. and every eight io the weak. Movt popular place of amuavmmu in the etty. The world ret->wu?*t EU i-iplau UmuedlMS, JKKRY AMD DAM BR <ANT. Acdthato Trouve. In a variety ef laughable ?-oealcaUUea. Mere nove'tlen. la a In /. nave Hue licdrich Bree Kcen-w at Pb?l m?, Ml Mppi FJng. Comic Ban IO Sutyra, Ar WAifBOLD, BBEOKE, SCOTT AMD OOULD The popular Vocal tfaartetta. in new i?ui and nburuaea. Crtmun! Southern Plantat'un Sonr* ard Di men at I o'slock. noof.Kr a rAMrsn.1,11 mikktrei* Al HIIM O B b A LOOP are (WH aigbuy with Um mi ?uUitMlaanc lowi nelrattan al appUuaa by cnwtoi aad blab IT iaMgbtrd AodjamtB RTEW TOR* HIMTOEIOAL UOt'lTTT. PI TFK ABHOTT COLLW7TIOR Of tov CTi a* AJtTiocmca EMMAIKE 0* KXillBtTtOE AT TUB tfTUT VRKABT IN KTITITIL Bo. <51# Hmadway Bo. W Broadway. CV*a day aad wt-mui AlaWm Bom. or* of lb* bw-Hty only wl'l I ly only wl'l ba ?'talitad wlibnw I Cfeanoi a tibiWtinn of lba atrtttbatY tick at. wkwA m M IraaAaratl* fWMlfej Bjryptton OolloMtoo trill ran*.n lick ate of inirudouU* to Iba Muc.Mj'k ?iU? OaUaty of Art tmxmd k.aaoa, anroer of Batraaa mi at ;?? P''TfTU,) WII.1.IAM <) PR1M1L _ BKQEftB H. MOORE. O^HRK OK FD. EII KT'B OOMIO BOEfM IB WORTH A1J. KORKU.B IK P< >KTAT ItSX tbaf iw araaplad ?-> btpabng the pill * Hivniat <hcMc;d?a Mb Broadway OHI.P DAK KM MET ft WALK AEoUBD. DIIIT'B LAKD. la a liyely rarttyy at iba Mabclaoo. KB lir otdway. (? 1< iRTKBI IT ALIA* OPEEA UOMPART-MADAME J Un'ua HaaoWall *t bEKVaDIo h?a tha plaaawm to MBMBea tb- EgBEBI <* Lba nalebrcled prima daaaa ??.'TP aopraoo cod contrail ?. Madame (Tatlla ftaarMob. wtxa aiUMlP ropatattoa alraa.1- aaUHtabed to aH the prtaCpal lba atraa of fnn>po. atu atUUe her la rank wb lba rrealeat ar UaB a bo ba. a tmiiad tba I utted Staiaa tal Uavaaa TJM-OCWriOM AMD DRAM ATM IBETBOOnoB-PEI Hi rata p-pila rroalrad by a kna rtaaa aatnr. aad rtniaiaf tymoe teat for lba Aral rnlaa <Nt# tlagn. Addraaa Managar TtairtBa FTwtdMa. Baw Tal pemals ArmoBmm im rradt to kbo-k wra ill beartb at tba Matadin.i. AM Broad way aaary Abdtroomt. THEflEEAT eakjomt. appkabi at Iba Makodana. MB Broadway, nrery areolae MBLOKDIM MOWMMMBi-RAEET LEMJI WIU, MAKE J> a trawl Hop* Aaoraaka *t ? bcafran ? AMaatla Oardktt, Hob-Am oyer iba water from <oad?t dork to iba top of W rl?k an Baapanataa Bridge a dMaaaa of too fiat tad 1BU foal MMbi an Wndnaadny aftaroarm ftacf IK at IK o-lnak, aadtlif bfNkBt I-eat* aad I'brhdy la wdaBtfBiBklMIMWm wimoa to tba fardaa fraa. OHaWFRAI', P T1 court A CaBPHRU.'H MIBRT XI RtBI/' 8 tALOOB. fto aad b Mdaap.iittad ? u/ltw.ia Btaaap ftpaacb | Tl roourt I TABrBRU. H BIBBTEEUI. ? 1 BMMM^Muwt bear t'ftbWOBTB la MM I arary ereaMg. TRMH FROLICS Of MM AT THE MELODEON, EJIFfi KATE LI U.IK WARBLM JM *1 the Malodaaa. AO Rnw iwcy AEKLMi #W EE If At MKT.uDT ME. TOMB ftDOHAIM, TIB fEIEWD ABD ?E.??KD In Joba a II11? 11 da tba anatf wttb Tf Maaart) wf taba bW IbrwwaE kiaaAl aa Mrwday i' taiag. kept W. at ? ny Aaanably Emma, fernadwey. Haam wtU ba riarrif far tadiea. Ttakeaa laa dollar; for aaladartaa tba day aad avaa lag of eiblt niaa. aa abara. Mr. J (T Httaaa. Owtgaoa Jaaaa. Piwa. am Coatob. ?u MUM part ta tba nanrtilawni. \?E J f-f*?nm, THK f OMTO BALLkDIET, ItXfM AT A>1 tba Matolaoa. A1? Bmcdway, eryry e.aalag. KIT IIAT TB IT MAEKE TTTE M?/tDEON. EN ERfMD tt war >' amaaMn' Look at iba btlla aad yaar waadar CIBMAAI ITaIJA* OPERA COMPART,-MADaMK | faaay Canloaa. fig RERTADIO kac tba piaaaara ta aa "ooare Ibr engaaaaaeat of Um rataoraiad prima rtoaat. Ma taaie f attay t.ordoaa, ahnaa voeal rower*, facility of aarau Una aad purr y of atyla bata abtorpod a world wtda rapota' loo PpnfMMb.B EltBT. THE nBRAT VKKTBIl/UfClkT ? win a pa tag al tba MEIA'DEOn ab ar>?d?*y. frery reeomg PEOrMBr>E EIBKT AMD BT* TB AIRED DOM WILL art e*' al tb* VElXJDBftR, KB Broadway, frrry erra nt ib ? iwt m METE("Pfi LIT A E TEE A TEE RFTTALO-HATIKI t nWhe.i * earretaf ii eatena wMAthew NrOnaftlBtnra, tba ?a Mtterc, will ntwatm Monday, Btpt 17, wttb tkedla u-? .I.ned r median. Mr. ketbarn. tAd tea end rent I mo-a r? gaged wiB w*?tat tbt Tbeuraot Friday Et|t 1? U^K ^ *>KI ROTirK-EIJB? REWARD WTU. BE PAID BT ? mm aa>ler*tgaad to aay perroa a bo will pmrtiwe r n.oie fwr . ihe r perwtM (at areatai raaagad >" be "fafr- ? .. r. MBBMM Of to?al taleat la Toew fact- waatal. Tee rate ho rana aad HMrtaala art, wttb lba Mar pe?i rtara Rtt'y Urt tlaaenrtb. 'batpbetl u4 1'iime. w?w rerforauar wttb 'he heat cai any H Mlaevett ibM ha ar" wpearad m th? n'tr of Raw T.iea rt. DfiOl.ft A fAMPafij," at N . ba local. Br wdattf. (Wgttaft ' H B M. HfXtl.ET it W H. itBiKPI*'. f A.?Wa tartWi a>l manntaatory aadartttra, i *raro.*riy tba r -aa. ta mm* aad jefr whatbar tba aba t be tnab ar atag PBf'' EKW'B KIBI5T. THE BfBfiKtl MAR, WTU. AP I paaa *? 'he .'K| / 'I >a PN p. rcdway. erery areo ,r MRU W B. fTRIT if ROE UtBDOK TBIUTBIt At | tbant. te-Rile * la Mabar. JI7 tfr*?d wraee Raw fottt Aa aaatryatetdrf fWerter Wlga rowannll oa bam. Mm Mrel W'ga at erat- l"tatlp?lon. at grtrea in ttfy rnaaatttmn ftoRTEhl TTAI.IAB OPERA OOWPAMT-PARRT Of>t \ dnaa and b.aablri., -*lgnor Ea? ladw Iwgata aa WV Ibm tbne tw a-eat f*** dnoaga wt'l aVrtly a-rtyp aa^w t. appear earty Te la Utt Calted gvo, and aw ami sSKBirrt. N1 IBIAPS UAROK.V JtaiiaM. SUon Lraara?ad Manwxar. LA8T PIV, N! igiij LA 'i I.VK NLiHTS I.AhT riVk NMii TS LAST FIVE NIOWTS I A>T fC'K Kt iHN LAST rns NIOHT* LAST riVE MUHTS LAkl ms KUHH last fuf niihta LAST Ft"K KT'JHTS NIXON'3 WWFSTRIAK TROUPE. NIXON'S BQl'brRI aN TR ?CPK, JfTXONS EUCRSTklAN TROUPE. KIXON'H EuCESTUIaN TROUPK. wlxon's tgirrsTRiAK troupe KTXON'S KRCFSTRT an TOTPt nrxon'f SontnTRiAir troupe iixow's ecckhtrian troupe. NIXONri KOOEarRUK TROUPK. MONO AT Aad erery areola* up to Ptld?y, tht IS'b last. rARKWK'M. Al'PRARANIP.S FABKWKl.L APPRARANCKS FAREWELL AI'PK.a RAN''E3 juSjcwtLf. atpulbaNcjjs FAR1WMLL APPrvRAR-KS farewell appearances FARKWR1.L APPEAR AlfCltS or MILK KT.I.a FOTARA. MU.K ELLA 7,'JYARA. MLLR FLLA ZOTaRA. MLI.E. KLLA ZOTARA, MLI.E Ft.I.A ZOTARA MI.I.W. Kl.I.A FcVaBA, Ml.I K El I.A KOVAKA, THK H ANI ON 3, 1HF HANI.ONS, TTlE HAJOOIfC THE HANLOSS, THE HANULM8, THE Ha*:/?WS THK HANI.OMR, OK BACH, QCAOLIKN1 hRSASIlAN. nrrKRVAY WARl>. PSNTLAND, A*I> THE STABS. LART APPEARANCE nr EMOR*, LAST APPEARANCE OF Z \ TIAEE. LAST APPKARAN, K OE /.AIDER. LAST APPKAR Ai.'l E OF 7. AIDER LAST APPEARANCE OF ZAIDKR. LAST APPRARAM'F OF ZATDFK LAST APPBARANCE OF ZAIDF.K. The-.'Aiai-anl Uti ci'RRTcr- i'v OCRincOI.HMl CURRICULUM! ITRIUCUL'JMI CURRrRWLPMi crRRtouLUNi cURRrcrr.UMr CURRCC:."* CURRICULUM* curriculum ccrrtottt.ihh onRRiP'ri.PMi ovERrcnt; v: curricuium. OUfcRIciJLCM' Will ho ronti uir 1. AO I ISO SUOCKS8FCT. CHAMPIONS snooRofiri'! champion* hc'ckssftl champions HUOORSSFCL I'HAMPICfNS Id ihi" :*lo AMATXTR CARNIVALS AM AT EI R C.VSN T ALE AMATEUR __ . PARMITAIJ! AMATRIR CAVNtVALS Wl't crmU".: t- LfU i.Kio f.,r U?? VICTOR'S PRTTF VICTOR S PRIZE. VICTOR'S PRIZE. VICTOR'S PRIZE. Prleea of mimuwi n ? Family CtatlA (?i.' r ii,-r ca Cruaby i.ier;) .its eeoti. Pars'iette ?nd Drew Circle Nooata. Orrhe*tr* Choir* On* dollar. RlnS Bote* Fir* And Six dollar*. In the rrentnir?d-v>?a open at aeren o'clock. To oonunaaoe At ei*bt 0 clork^rejaael^RrwTIA ?ATTR^ ORANI) FAKKWEL1. MATINKK OKAND FARFWEIX MATINEE ORAND FAREWELL MATIKEK OR A NO FAREWKI.L M ATI NEK ON WKONKSI'AV, AT TWO O'CLO IK, ON WEDNESDAY, AT TWO O'CLOCK, ON WKONKSTIA Y, AT TWO O'CLOCK, OM WFONSSOAV, AT TWO O'CLOCK. ON WKDSESOAT. AT TWO O'CLOCK. Prtrlou* M Um* rommrarrniDat of Ike ROrTHERN TOCR BOPTRERN TOU* ?OCTHKRN TOUR SOITHERN TOpR SOOTHERV TOCR SOCTIIXRN TOCR SOUTHERN TOCR or Titr ROYAL EOHItSTRIAN TROUPK ~ CK8TBIAN TROCPK. CMBTRIAN TROUPK CFhlTr.IAN TROUP < CKATRIAN TROUPK. CKSTRIAN TROUP*. CFSTRTiN TROCPF. . .. WrlAOdaT. Thnraday, FOdAJ Ml Satardar, October I ]. 1,1. 6. ? Waxhixxtop?Mordar and Tnaadar. Octokar S Aad 7. FrxDC*iOK?rK? -Wrdnaadar. Octohar la Rwaaoro? Thuntdar, Friday aod Saturday Oatobar 11,11 and R Fmraarirar- Mnaday and Tnaaday. Ortokar If aad I& Nor.rmjc?Wadn?aday aad Th'irsday, OvAobar 17 an I IS. wwmn? Friday. ocAotmr 19. ROTAI KOYAI. ROTAL ROTAI. ROYAL ROTAI. KaLTTaoaa?Turaday. Ralxioh-Saturday aad Monday, Oatobar 30, aad B. ? - mimr^ WiLamsto*?Tnaaday and Wannaadar. Oriohar n aad M. CairnaiA Tkanday, Friday and SaturdaT, Ouwbnrli. M lid J8. 19. to !?f >T?nb?r 11, WILL BF. THF. ROUTE NIXON'S ROTAL KoCRHTRIAN TROUPK -JR ma* CCR*wro*nj*? T * rrtuoa lo t*? ???&??, rO*M?T to iko mko:? ^ l> ja?? * *? ? *??? *>- - ijL.'TZ V-V "h?l JPiT BA.Lirr^ f?r?p.. ? *?. -r. ^ ,t R t< ^ I ,*. J.B*. M. *'*?''? ?*2 nM n\ ron nC lb* dr*m?; ?*?'?? P*4" ! !, Joi^r" <2? 'r* I" ??1^f " jmnr ?" _.' r uf ik.i m?*ir*, luaMi W*? V W?'*. ?4 too* In* ^jr*2,.rb# U' Mr f "? rota, ???*? lo kn??? k',?r 7?^ e*? " .:.rfi,., n ii ? t'dnb* to *''? "*3 tor* HMri ^ tto uAbUr ????. i(ioo? lo Ik? kr;?< ??" V. j;>ji* c. AHMtivQ*. * koo? J- Trnl, )"'^lllTTO?J^L, An** ?. ?*?? ?* *+*~ < MrwmcBc, Mottioj, W-W?> JT..~.moo, sr* w?io Aft Vlfrtot Mw*!*'*- mm. J_T ,.,.? tiA Ui kntm. ?or* *r*ui* tor tao b*? mu? w ?"??"?* nitororr?o?uiw*?,, i toitav*, air, IM nrV ?a. frail npoa I?1 too* .rr\~- Jul ?* Ikot i avoir* opto a I .*? kOI ???** r:."r p.rriTi'i^ ISSSKSSSs. ;ir?r^~iu3 ril*. -'^r ,*"w join 0 MUX *OR " How II*' i *. 4e*W *i WA ?tS?i IM>.^bAy<?,t fflgrgiis. WoarWITW, Ml **????. naN, If*i*.r<? ?* ?"**. ?-a r-irr?i ip Ma* Jmt. "?*' Raoo?i r? Tko'md.r JJ, ?? ,P^.?*? Htuft'irtM 'm-IiMI*1* ?*ut **o*4*M o? >?*' *1 Mklo'*. I uk?l? ",^.r,t^" - -Tjf ?? Mj??r r?m *??i ?? JfccJ "** rSr*TOoi? BraUT* ram .MOO Mr VMm> I Timmbm ?, viry; :i':^v.?,T" r 3|B A VrSt.VftVTtf Ac ?iHonr * > v .? :c- : a ?.l kii- p t: r louciht. ?ovDav SM'/aV??11 atAo'etui Ml- AuM,tA PAlTl. tr. J*r ndm t due-o, / ft >S.'V A Th < y iM/Ai ?I'Liii. fetuuiui *r U miy inch: of Hon taut a r worsted ?'oi? - v't'era ot ttis awfuFK of skviilf. wlH a nit n.Sceut ST a X i a sT Ni S A:>k!.:v.i "AlTI * ? tr irt o! tueiat CI an, ?c1*' .a.K.V,,h" ?' ** 1 ' ' * OMTl * * Ijf- ETTCBh ilAKILT. ..... .*4 a mm K> ' /.;::::::::v:fcrLSC * u? a ** ? Air >ii MflDC * Ii HEH 114 it.Ill :. I Pi.n?|tji'l orreit id theaecoid act \( m PATT! wit ata* F-k?if'? fC'ebrated El ho F og. :n . fa, Vm? *.,..1IT ^*"^**1 ? computed S? nreaaly for Mlia Palti by Fig Mi Muaical Director aad Conductor ui, wra Tp-mwiow, TCK-CAY,-rptfrnoer II. at 1 "' ' " * MME. Ai Ft.A ik UOSTEsI lu her reirbratej rule of \ tolettv when will be preaented verdi'a pop '.u?r operant LiA TRAVIAI A Male ADELAIDE CUKTESI lu ber 'htno-1 role of Vloietia. hi*. MUS1ANI All rod 0 Biit. AMODIO u ? He. nSti MuJtcal Director lul l CooJuetor MAX MaHEI/.IK Frii'ks ok admission. AdxUain, to parpueue. paruiielte fin!# It Rrae ?ri arva HHRHMPIfii cents ran Pi '.raj* buxr* (acoordlng lu si/- aad toettton'l Id t. |is Faanlly Circlp ..40 cent* IAmphithe?4rs. .7.7.YY The tale of ticket* for the HASHER Of HKVT!.t.E nu - __ _ tad *or LA TRAVIATA will commence tola morning, At eight o tire* At the mBoe of U?e Ac* leoiy of MuMc; ai SlbMl'i ?tetinaery More. 17 Wklt ilreet; and At Brsuaiag'a, 7j. Urmd w*y B ARNL'M S AMUUl AN MUSEUM, Under the peraon*! aunerviuoo of P. T. B.ARNUM. BEST VKFTILATED LECTURE ROOM In the world. ABd mo* delightfully root *aa pl?4*nut KYKKV DAY AND E\ KNINO THIS WEEK. COMYftNCTNi; MONDAY, SKtTBVBKR 10. 13W. HkOPKMNU UP THE DRAMATIC SEASON, with one 01 Hie ItESl DRAMATIC COMPANIES IN THit (Htr, Ine'iidtng n'l ih* world favorite ntmea of the eaiabl ?liment, aa 1 many new oner well known to our cltiven* MR. BaKM'H WILL APPEAR IN PERSON lielore hU ?Mtleri in M md*v, before the net- -iniffi onmmm And loturtn thein ot k.i future plana aa i purpone*. a* well aa OX pr?e? b: |rrat:tuite lorpaat favura KYKRY AKTKRNOON AT S ?'CLOCK, AND EVER* KVENINO AT 7i? Wli! lit Arted the ar?n1 8pect*cui*r IltatiirTal Drama 111 tftref par 14 ral.e.l .'OFRPH AND HIS BRErHREN. Under the entire dlrooUon of K P. Jala Sceiery Li .V.eaar* H 1 aid W. Wallaee. BABYUINIANS. laaril Kia* is llahytou.-Mr. W J Jain,son Kiapaa, a rich men haul Mr. Brt0ym*n. N?w?. fliali Prliul Mr E H?t| - - - - ' ? - I. Mr. - " " and TBI SPIRIT, wtm appears from the 8ILYKST PoU N TAIN?AHIA, BY THY SPIRIT- "Jioi Ameaabllnfof JOSEPH S BRKTItREN-Ueapair of J..?*uh aad iua oa rauve - The diapla v of Eary?/AR AH ana ilER MAIDENS?The tore rtft of Knrah. Bone I -HEART OP TBI MOUNTAINS?Conspiracy of the Brethren to earn Jo draood away cowtteo?The aged father eoeha hla aon?The word of falaraotil nttorod-Proceaalon of the Egyptian nare ran with JOSEPH PRIBONRR?Daapalr of Itaao-"Death. ?Mcctful death, release me "-I ABLEAU. II. BMC'HANTED AI.0K?JOSRPII S tiBlON-Qoldea valley of ripen* 1 Com -bltahted Uarveat Ptold?oreol Square at I Baby too and Bight of Lvxuata?The Temptation?Kliphae* Jiraln irr Th~ taaoreot affltried with the breed of gmlv -Jo eepbaeljM aod leaae to lb* Dungeon?Appoaraaco if Xarah oasd'taib elave?Judgmost proormnred by Kiapliaa?VE9 OP TUB Pal.ACS Lore rulea the Palm e of th? Desert Kbooaim a Buivw?Tbe Arab'a Bunda-A Declara Uno?UIJKJMT DUNlAKON?Jcaepb a ttaptire -Hllka pn ? ?I !? 1 !? I _ VjiruK in liilr illt?TKm itltff iVOPtr ?"1 laud. Jero" 1 aptaiaoi tbetiuurd. M- Brown llanhon. Mr J.irdiae, Altewif, llughe* RhinOun, Cix>k :.t the Palars, Mr. Hadaway. Donar Tboaae; Y'ua-pli a boudmat. Mr. Uto. Bruokra. Magu, <Tuxena. iluauda, sla.ea. Vi- to. Zotoe. Oc.antian Spirit ot'iho Barred Aloe. M.*.? Agriea M.. liair. Cbka. wife of Elaptiaa, Mr*. R Fraoce. /utyliua, a alave girt. Muj P. Fraace HEBREWS. laaoe. an aged mniuitalneer Mr. J. E Nagle Joseph, prole ted by tbe Kjunt of tue A e... .Mrs .1. J. Prior Ubau 1 | I. Harrison I .ram | I U. B Clarke liabee'... > Sonaof < Del'oireat AndeL... I laavu. I t'hanmaa Jabsl I | -.Cooke Tand I I 'Cunnlngbaai Labaa I I Miw H W.lby Aatbas, f ?tbrr ot /.arah. Mr J am-*, /jir.h, Hie Mountain tluwnr. N ,1 K aIIford; Ophn*. V . l>u g H Uunu-ia, Shepberda, Heorew Mafdena Ki.TPTTANS, Kalock, a De*trt U)p*y, Mr. Andrraou; Opyiy Tribe, Camel Driven. &u ACT I. TINT or ISAAC IN THE WILDERNESS and DISTANT HtLlJt?The mountaineer* prepared fur rhaae?JtsEPH It t* love"? Into alarerv. who Is rnduCed t* Ihe eput of betrayal. It ?THE MOUNTAIN ?OROB-Treachery ot rbsa toward hie broiber Joasoh?Joveph a anguish?i HK BE TRATBR AND BKTRA VSD-Appearance of the fliper Chief, attended fy tare tribe?JOShl'H IS BOLD for BE YEN GOLDEN PttCBt-Deapairtn? appeal of Joseph, wh 1 i* PALACE OP KLAPHAN?DRAPER!KD CHAMBER OP MMV "OB-JOS 1 ireduKi-Eerah tn dtagidee?The Dimuvery? To ?I" ' '?iiMilDOLta Desth with tbe Jew"?Ti RLE AC. STREET of the 1DOL8 IN RAMYl^DN?Trtwphal Pruocaeiuu and entry of Ku| Imrod Into tbe City?Cbta-n* "Hall, Imrod, bail'"?OR.tCI^ INYOKFL? Eager Revenge 01 Klaphis?The Dwolaure? OoMplracv of tbe Magtl?The Aanaea.u* u m attempted, which la fn atrated by Joseph?Awful atgne tn the Heaven# storm and Dark new 'Nearer aad Nea/er "-PEOPHECT OP JOSEPH -CSy la Dangrr-PMOHT ?OP M>CUSrB-Chj runt ' Frum 1 eatrucUoa save tbe land' ?TABLEAU. AST III. PALACE OP JOBEPH and GARDENS OP BABYLON EOYPTIAN DANCE. M.?a Mai. Partlngtoi ar I ibe 1 urpa de Ballet?HOt *1. IN THE JEWH' if U ASTERS- Laac Beahlng bta I ,at sun?Jimei.h In lUaguiae -The Bobber - ? (?oM' Oeldl to savs Ute -IBTKHIOH or DWBt.lNG?laaae I'yln*?loaeph a IterugniUuu U or .pact ad Aid The Father aCuran Gwtltl Atirnc Heath'? t"apfire at laear aid tua Soot by the tle'.iylieiien ti ;*cd??WOOD NEAK THE CITT?Ebneeun c,miu??,| by leave or Llpier - Tbe Bouquet of a lower*?1 onklng of PbJ imopby?Eboaaan ? liepiv? tin jplueaa of the I??era HALL OP HrHYNTRH IN THE fMPEEIAL PAL ACE OP JOSWPH. Joaepp A* King Arr,.nation an I t>?fe?*iuv- An Agad Patt er an] e Kingly rata? Aarah I. ma thee' maga of iBmIMHMI ? II'MON IIF JOSEPH AND Mfs KKE* HRBN SPIRIT Ot THE A l.i 'K AI'PKaKM UK AND TaUI KACI In adit "On ail th? Wiiiwli'M and af tkr Hmmm, laciudlitf ai' lh? tJVIIKD!. ? ; bawfuia 2^ hnura an n >r wb rb arr tlmar ao?t tmodr''|, TXf MfRAROR AND MIMERlOl'B iNIMAlfi kit tN'IF AM) MVRTSRfOUll A A IM A Ad. THE WHAT CAN THAT U TIIE WHAT OA.1 T1IKT IIP TWO IN H(iNHEIi AND < >F fllRTINOT MORI IBM ?Hrt bar l*d DMTIN'T HEADM, bill OlffUM, UK !? WKB FOOTED, Hnnd la Ihr hlthrrto nnatplnrrd wild* of Alilna; la a WnanUrly prr:n I ataia of prtaarratlOB turf hava bc?r man md lor a tbi.rt t" " ~ __ Dtnr only Mr. Harauai Will OlYK ofil lliOlnAND DOI.LARS Hi any _ u*t> hm or othar paraon <ba wi i rorreotlr claaalfy 1 HAT UAJI.THKT BE ualiraay ?ur tr? or xr.i'm laid dowu >is Qobtaathh > ? ?>rr or uiy uivr pubUrhr,; wurfe Indtt.riba anliaaa ara to ba aa Natural Makry Thraa I areu at ?A hnura. aa ar? aw. thr l -tlowuix A TaTTOftKl) Nht /tVl.ANit I-HIKF LIMMI WHAT HUT OR. Y AN M'MliEV. thr Boa tnlarratlM, anvitinr. tad wnodorf' ' cr?a."ra known fUKtlAKAT LIVI.Nd It I. ACE UFA LIO.N. taaoal; aiiiu. ti.? ul ? r aaaa la th? Wlaaue M*taa ntrp TDK WONOKRri l, ALBINO FA VII T Each a ih ra*a a' 'a aan. antra who br .. n? ayra Ac Hi-" ?b rf prrfr. t:? black pai-i-uia. m'? LaDT WITH Lom HAIR THE FJNJWT AQUARIA IN THE WORM) ft VI a lib bra iUfitl MVINQF'*". I.IVIRW Hit, tli lVI AI.I.IU IToH*. tr THE f AMI/1 ? " I.Ii'HTNIRQ < AU.TUTOk, MONdTEK KNAR!.*, FOR f I NF TELLER, HART ANA> ONDAM H A I'PT Fa MILT, UREAT VARIETY OF NEW WAX FIUUKRfl. Alltk'?' raM# all tha Wor.lrniaod Norrfi,ra <N lb? Muar ta oo,,r 'a n wta.rb ambraora out >r?a that. CORio-iTiiw. front Ctrery part nfJRa World, yr a'L jre. aU TO HE HIKE FOR ? CENT* tMdrao audar It aan. Id rrnu MURIUM or KM FROM 1 A. M. TII.1.19 T. M. .CiMXT OF MUFIO ?TR ATIATA?f'ORTEhL To ai'?r?w iTuaadai.. A?pi II. al a, A DPI. klM lORTEni MM. ?a bar eafrhratrl rnfr of T tot ma. irhra ?al br pmaatrrf t rrdl'a poptla oprra o. I.A TRAVIAI A Mmr tDMI.AlDR OORTKRI la bcr aan tr<* .. Vlulrtta. N*. Ml alAM Al.rialo Km. AMODIO ?.. aa >w*a<m> M>waai Dtrrm.1 at r.Htda. t u MAX MARETAXR The (at* af aaala ranra. a tNw mornlaa. TkTTMLO A QARDMM I JN RFEU1A I. MOTICR A tfcruaf of applioania ha .a? piraro'ad tkaawalrM. rR aaralla( Ma to pro. nra fur thaat a?i bram -h.lra. npoa tha I appraraarr ?a.l Sr?t ?arfc of Mr Forrm aad uoa .t.-Mraua boalrr aU afatraad ?nnal rbanra 1 ka a r m- ..<?1 Ibat ttJ of la daalrod orebaatra tala oaly akaJI br ?o>d at tRaraaUbuia of tha tbaorr. at p'iblir anrtVai, at tbr a?rr-Rlmr arttb lha f r? rata boara. b? thr aallbra>?< aowio?or. Haarj II Inrla, at |bt o'cdoaR. Rapt, it, Tha rasaiadar of tba ran au.l.uin ia afll baaprw to ik? patMlr al tha tro?l arfaa ?'? Faatilr para >atl? aad draaa cln-.'a, 50 erata. Ia aal r-.T I?T- -Z3 ? pari ???or Ilk'Md I pitroor ITim tram burlng Hrtr?a aarap- .it'tba oCV'? Tb?t -ba pahllr m?f nnl ba iac? rurorad bf tbr roab al tha hot o<l> a, a -rr mm ' raadaa tha p orra ?? rrnarr'ly adtasd. I Lara baaa ladarrd by a fmt* that thr aiwu ahcabl hara ta aa/ no aora th tB'ial to ara tha r?owaad trapadlan I ham f rthrraira I ItiaMal that doraaa Mr. Fnrraat a naa??aai.i. aad v liara, thai RaRpt ?prroiatom atiail br ai -lo.'ad front tbr tl atra aad Mi laHtily 1 da nor oirnd tar patroiM poaad a poo la aay way I caa pr??-ot, aadf harrbr rvt ail IMhbT - - IM af tirkatr only will br mid aarh oirhi aad In ?whMM Willprarrai aay ntdaaira tadi.ld ial crowda or rtTlh? at Ha mmrn Utoa ta I am iap for tha praai raappaaraarr af Mr .Farraat bp f.wr the p 1 aa kindly ?H?d *y Mr R bio who haa (ana f.wr tl.r p I tat kindly ?l >ru ? y Mr It M i wo i nar p Niah ghm aw thr aaa of k t owa prOwta hot fi? diauoaa. JAR. M. IHXOh. ^AA|IT|??UR^?^^^^^ Ml RV Ml x| HAM. CAMTRKIIlltf MCMlr MAUI. W PRtlAOWAT. Md RROADWAT / R RRPII. J. M i hViipen i. h 6>?ntfi? J. M. OQI<F?. d. M OOnKM J H OODF, V I II OODHJI OR M'iMIIAf HMIIT, wilt Ainu PAT FAOAM TAT FA ! A* fAt FAMAR FA*. FAHAR FA*. FAOAM FAT. FAOAF ara HI* ?>?? . owrori nop, aPTtriMW ROI RIM. CRM. ... OURR. KIM. OR 1-i.RR, CUM. ? lid. OR 2nX or cork, I hp htnaaif ia l.nadaa, far RIOMTR ? JfMHTa mam Ml mil UTITR HIOHTH l>OR> ROUTITM Rl.tHtS "JTA IT A EVA RMRT. MR KMT. RRM*. TMM 4UKtN Of wmo Thr amprtrvwr nf tha Oaatarhiry ha-.-r mat p -? aaaaawaw or pwhhc thr nttfaHi 'f ar foil UOAR.Ihr uiUfaiiI _ OU> ROB RIDLRT. OB) waa adarrvaad at a atlnor nawrl aaioon hut tha ra Mraarwl hrli / boM, ha win poatUrrfa makr Aw hrw aa amoana at tha iWnlarbory Muatr Hall na r*wal"f. Vn. M IMA roi Ri URRAR i ritprtrtara. farti MoarM Trraa-imr ! [ ^ RW TOMIR "VilWlT7 A"t' " BOWK*T' , by Fr Mrhi.,r* _ . Ran. 0. Hb'Wt. Fraar Mr RrH)Vi(. AtWalkk, MlO IMhnIL \arARTR!>?IBM \OUM? I.A01RM I OR TBR RAIJ.R* *f tmtpn Ro?r nawd at ply . arrpl thrjf foiaMki al ihrauwa t.iasicr' try M die lla.. *K? ?raadwife_ ? rvoi ROM. MR BROAOWAT ? THF RFOf WWBM H bra .f l*a* aa< ? rrrp watt 1P ?h?i?d?imf%. AMOKEHKM1. Aw* A t?K>Kb THi AlPK v ftA Kl 4 f. *1 p ? K. laika k?>:n*s ?ni..i*mg I.At KA b llihlAlR I.A7BI ?:? ?? I-:' tjuatrk LA 'HA kfc>Si'S THKaYRB LA I'! a REV.NE- THKa .a? l-Attll I *!>H THr.*' 1. u .'1a n .i-Ngi 1 Ul vYk KIKNK'A IHKaTRM GPI?a> .SMUT rcxi?rr>. v .hh C CVUMi FIGHT ?.i-?.srsu might' Dt-VN'Vii Ni ill' gt'EsiKG Muin owning night opknLn i A-ii&ii OPjtsisn SIGHT' OPENING NiUil! MONDAY, he;Wm>ei '0 MONDAY, Ke|>Um:>oc Ik, MONDAY. bepember IJ MONDAY, Ai-ulrutLw iw. MoNL'aT repiem'er til, AND EVERY KVh.NlNO, AND K! fhY EVK.VfNG AND KVRHY IiKMMU, AND K'. FRY KTKNINU. AM> EVENING, Will b* preernte,t the BEMTTIft. WtTt. ACT DRAMA. bi'Alhhi. h k a r 11Kama. BK Arl iFVl. M.I A< I- DRAMA, Hi ai tih i. ri>e /ii <>kana. bKAltriNVL HI'* ?iT DKAMA ?KaITIPCI M' > A( I DRtfi BKADTitUl !, T All DRAMA IIMArTtrfl. VIVE Ai r DKAMA HBALTIVCL m k n drama: HtACTU'Ol II 1 *n DRAMA By T. d Dl Waipum l?*i r?l .,i i. ? W V u FY H'lY MONKkV BOY. MONKEY BOY. monkky nor, MUNKBY III! M is IV EY 1' IV MON.irr buy Monkey boy MONKEY DO I, MONKEY IK Y MONKEY uoy. MONKEY HOY Wlib the following | ower!crt oaal Pierre Reused, s convict Mr. c. W. Ooet4-? rierra Henara, a coovici xr. w. onn lui Jucoi.ea Krnaiid, bin (on ihe Moakay Hoy .Mia* l*nm A-nSe Gerard, a pointer .Mr. H. t Did^ Jurrph F.i unci J. Q Bur The Hou. S. Kpooner T. B. John Picket U. Peiar* Tan pin >...D. Learner Meum e IMM Grrval* Br.'iuM Paul. . r O. Birloti Ri otil luiui Is Jeuur ArU-ir A conjuror Marklm-a A bhbd tlliutoa Jrneph Goodrich Maihiae i ileuae ?aiedkfl Otlrer of police. Le Nolr, cb'uuey aw.-p Miaa Joaephine Hauay Le Kent, r!ii?ue? aweep Master Oliver Wren Wall*I a, nubi on ,a, gucula, ?oldlrra, Ac. Fauretle Miae Pollj Ma-ahaE Koee... Mm. J. H. vilan Madam Mignonette ._. Mra. U. ' t o: alio .Mra. Imtr 1 _ Diana Mum Oaw*& Madam La Bridge* Mlas VDarea ?YNOPSIS OF BTKNKBY AND INCIDKNtS ACT FIRRT. riun mni'Df A ooDTieial party; the lad bowl of pouch; Parle an earth* parsdne; an Uioonenlable widow; learea woman* beruastt a weeping atram engine: the aallorn a.a*. ?A in! tAHl TO 9T.AI TO SI ? ? The Invitation; an old friend; anlaelple Of temperance; h alight did erroce of opinmn; artletlr life. tbe atoar or a TOtnto mam or rrrnrr rim! Yanlh'a aaplraltonaf ike orcein oi a joulkfal heart; hear women are won. mra rap auMoxne. Poverty'a dlaappo.uunaut, fcucetfuineea of the paat; new Maclean. ran MvoTaa at baturi's snama. The policy of naivleal love; ike laM tonal, the aifnal (no. run roNvicT'.t wuri. A knot after a criminal; a loug Imprlaonment; the iaat fare wall; the aailor'a departure; jrxxt ulpbt, imavalliac ratralBt a remliilaoeoea of the paat; an InterrupUoo. tbv rvaran ooet ict puiaurd by the peaaautiy and eMuera. TAK I: Htlt'C* IB THT 1MB. The lair of eacape, braudy; l.ueien'a diafuat; .nietloe haft for* veneaa, Tnvi APerai roa eaorrcTiow. The an ral denied, iba laet h?pe. Pierre a Lain if weal*. tub i;r?aT temiSa'iob; The am ret levcaled. the bribe reiuaed; wealth M.ectedntlh* price el honor mlahl make* riaht. tii* iTftui.uLR row rtr.KDO*: HONOR TrtlCWJ'HANT; TMC iBWi'tB* MTKATV: THr coyriCT'i Dk.1Tii; LCttl.*' AltUMt WITH THE PF iO, bjm> ihe trctST Or n IBBi is.Mpy, act THE BOI.S 1?E Bt'UUMiWU P aria Ian fr*tirttlre the flower giria; a Utile aibterfagei me public a r?nerml a?rvanl; a perre>?ion af namea, aiauoomy en the move, a pay log atuok; lb# wldow'i rrrne of nil wlih mt O':iward aunlixatton of a qnlranf paper; a vlmia, thehlhh* bitten; (lie widow daapelled. maiden m.Mlllallona. A won a* snneu) nwra rirr a mab; He alwaya tahaa advaaUira of a, an aneinyi a father if aa roneeuuenee. a t nbatantlai reaun why Plrhel ouuld a* hh conaeiiuatiee. a tnl KuveilA I f ath?r he PIP cot bbow nma aottiaa. j men Ann jocko A yomngmaoof ten, Jar<inna' painful rememhraaoeof Ma fathei. a jelly voting ? arp. uter, ?* qnltu olnetern year* ahh a tatthfi 1 friend, .t ebo a i*>?pvlM<i?iiip aad Jocko * i lira. Tanpiii a grief, a teanea* uournar, what's caiar winioirr a iiAWarurnaa. An Ix'lr loom, lUugel **ali> II! wlb; (t ieati from the i lh'.' Hon. K"j-truer Hpuoner 11 M. Drnya; devfllah dualy, fan know, and de.idah dry. you knowj^ n auger and water ri^tL .He; brao 'y, neat: Knaauui water all ice; Uoraliea dinner, talc of Loiteu a lore. B ABOO, TBI lim'TR* A. The pral dead: oblivion; the letter Irrnn New York; uawafl cme ipieiHaeute. ab nemeoi tarp wnttile, llvliu jolly raei, ami lb I *a you know la di Tiiiah alow, yon know; a auger aad wj?!f. alyle of drinking brandy iHt hoak or i-ru'vo an in* Fmvetic the lioo. fe; rnnHi rpo.?i r. 11 M. Drag*, arlcfcea hy lora'a dan. a new imrwt and n boitcoltural atoiy, yen know. itvim 01 R.vr. A m?n without ICrsda Hm.-'a oflertnr, >ha alaoiar of Ram ?r 1 ? to prom ?r ailka an.I auiina at>H ikn ? and t-wara, ud tarn ot J Unp?a, Rrr an' Oiiabi to bar natural c in iartf. ? IKK Ml.* ?? nil 41.. A ali??t rra?rratioo which 4n? 44 'he M ia Brratoar f i-oouj.. II. M. Diajt", ui bia t'lna ai.J tbio*?. ran ku ?*. iiil bum. or iba kmhti. act third. Taa ainat nam* aooar Paytrr I ha rra: Mnuart aram. a a tab' alirrcaalnu, a yaaa ln.a b i . ? R - n| wki Konprt lata Jatinaa and Boat; a riHtturfai cms; as rsahryo aiUUm airr, a aaiiou/a.-..-uwiur.p man and vmia; Jai iura and bia Binkry the a ioht oar'J KiTU. A a'rapiBK brantr diaur'.rd .'niu't rrUtlalbia: an itl ?%k at. a?crib), Jar.jtwa ?rirt. lba la* drop ia ibr gap. ja'QorT aa*? mtp. Tb* imai at bty tbe aun?*ka. Mortal do*a. the rote nt ?pus*. pardoa. t ar arnay ar Titi ayaa 4aoaoa>ry. (.nod n'ah*. a UI la dandy. iaau -a aaaaa ba fortuar aa aa npectad sural lament ptalbeworM : ,gb*'. ia a >.* ?ba racier. r.r.ooa inD out*. taa aacru I kesrr warird t'w a Per look abaad. U>r Una baj'a? Rprmat, H M. Draar, I laabiaa ip but duean i Lin pa know, a loud raO for rotii-trra .-rata tba alrrplap brau>/ Oka I orbed mi. a Ml of a bird hni wi aa nart, yoa kanw. adrtoe onimaabt a inert ut fofa.traeaa. A<myat ami Unas bj-iiorl Ural Try* Barrel Kerr drrrlrr-1 by Hnufta rc-a-bod. aba araapa at a atraa Ui aa a Ja?i?M. lba l a ! in . . a Jltrau aBfc Roar (m( a ?1il*la'a rroo*in* aa inripaota-1 latrrrupUoe. Lba enaytrt asaia. T?? Bran at'torte yo um. Tbr lair Of Ptrrre a rar?,.<?. 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