Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 11, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 11, 1860 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 8769. MORNING EDITION-TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 1860.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE TWO CENTS. CALIFORNIA MINKS. PTtHB ATTORNEY OKNKRAJ. AND THRMKW ALU ADEN. X Talk* Hod. J. 8. Black, Aitorner U?MrAl Dnltad Mam Rib?A hbrtof Matameut of the ease of that mine, which Uf persoa may substantiate by an examination of the vola mlnoua tegtlmooy now before tte United Rtalaa oourtt In OaU Xurnle shows:? , , That la IMA when California waa a provtooe of Mextoo, oh Andrea Caallllero, a Mexican ofhonr, travelling la tha country, waa ahowa by tome residents a deposit of cinnabar, oa a ?pur of tba Marra Aral, a ooaat range of mountain* near Ran Joaa. Briny a tolerable melailurgtol. ha reoogidxte It as the are of qaickMJvar. and taking the persona win ah..wad It to Mm Into OArtBMVbtp, tbtl dcUJUDCMI tifett mlw* AOOUfdlU^ tO tha furaeof UwMexloan mining Law before the nearest ju dlotal ofBeer who, gtdog out to uia mine with them, In oma pauy with numbera of the net* h winy raneheroe, gave theaa I III?i I of It. Oaatlllero and hla aaaoolatea ootmmenjed working It, and did work It. in a rude way, the whole of mi | (tee'Lieut Revere'a Tour of Duty In ?'allfomla." ta 1846, and "Bryant'a What I haw la lalitornle," in 1847-8.) Denouncement and poaaueaniu were the only modae of ae qui. log title to minaa under the Mpanlah Mexican laws. By thla method all the mining rights In Mextoo are obtained and re tained. ibis Initial step in the Almaden title to historical. the early book a oa Calif jrnla record the facta, and great numbera Of unlmpearbable living * Itneaara attaat it. In 1844 Ootutnodora Moat houtrd the American flag la Mod lerey aad p*.k posaeaatnn of tallfornia by coop uest In hla Fiuhliahed address o the li haultants he promised them that 'every private right should'be in. mlabiy reapected " and im (HMH proclamation* by fe?cr?l authority annouooed that "nil perona In poaaeaaioo of lands uurrr color af tula should have their poeansai-m* guaranteed to them." tlaa*Ulero A Co , amongst others. were entitled lo and became beaefldarlea antler thla lurwt American law, for they vera In poeaeaaloo of the Almaden ml. ea by the only "color of title" a bich could be had to a mine. In early aprlag, 1846 Oaabllero proceeded to the City of Ifexloo, to claim the alanding national reward o'Je.Vl to<Ua coverera of quicksilver. He obtained a ooooaaaioo ol A". 'ikl In mooey and a quantity of qulaxallvar tlaaka (Keportoi tha Beeretary of dials lo the Mexican Congress. 1846 > H- al?. ob Ulned a grant of two leagues of the land ai mod hla mine. It la una grant of whirh you aay, "there la no doubt that tba title papers In thla case are fraudulent '? Mexican atlaira being thou disarranged by tha couriering armies ot the United eta tea, Uastiltoro could nut .?utn the K6.M10 or the quicksilver Osaka, and xot having capital, nego tilled with the wealthy KngUan house of Barron, Forbes A Co , of Mexico sod Topic, ti work the mines on shares 1847 Mr Turbos, then aptenty years old, pn.oec.lcd to Be fowd It in charge of one dam*e A. Forbes a resident in California, who repreaan'ad some of the partners la CwtUle.o A Oo. From 1847 to 1811-1. before any net returns had been obtained from the mines, the house or Barron, Forbes h Oo tnveeted in their development and In machinery, turners*, Ac., tha large sum of 67U0,U<lft Tha mine happened In the tuck of mining, to turn out rick, and ?lelded, from 1862 to 1868, ? eat profit of from S3UU UUU to 64UU OUU per annum when Its further working waa enjoined, at your Inatauoe, with the aid Of Memrs Randolph A' Wanton For nearly two years this ' hundred me a, and distributed mine, which employed several aome 84UU (?*) par annum of disbursements to its county, has mlTShal *iMt of exaggeration and unfairness whirh has eteraeUrtznd the whole ofyour report, you Male the value of thla mine to be tl3.0U0.DU0, aud that its proprietors "had appro nrietedt8.000.iuu of quicksilver while they have been ? oek uurtt. The intention 1# to give the Impression that the owners base gained 16,UUU 000 of profit by lie working. I believe tha wigSt ?ntiunj.s ig quicksilver s iid n> be approvnated Is e<|tially axaggerated with the tl6.0lU.UA of value, which la. at levet, six times aa much as any sane man would offer for the mine, wtia an Indisputable title. If. from the gross proceeds of any mine, you deduct the outlay neceaeary to obtain those pro needs, you reduce the ?mount unmense'y. Californtana know scores of Instances to wktck mine owners have i'e?>propri?ted" hun dreds of thou, andt of dollars of the public gold, and yet Dt the < nd of the approprtotiou have been bankrupt. I have sat the actual statist OS touching the Almaden cost aad yiald of mining (which are sell known in California., but estimate* ?re been published there and n<A galnsayed, showing that If owners of Almaden had taken their original cash lot eat nt In that mine, and had lent it out oo hood and mor.gage In California. Instaat ot linking It in the mine at the time they did. they srtuld have had a Urger yearly Income, and now a principal exceeding the value of tbvir mining estate, not with -ilfiaf ?tending the mine has happened to turn oat a derided success. Ae sooe as the mine under the unpulee of the largest mtn teg Investment In California, acd tta energetic management " ' " i irieksten '" ' became productive, a set of clamorous iriekMen laid plane to o' tela It A neigkbortnr ra vchero, n xmed Berryeaa, brought suit for It oo tha ground that It was within his boon arles and era* defeated. Near the mine was another ranch of a square e. originally granted to one .1 ,xlo I .arias, who so, J to ? Drove Cook from "whom the minerals, or some ot them in U, passed lo Mr ex -secretary k. J Walker, and the land to (bag Foasatt. the present claimant, or to Kldndge and Itourencai, maeors under Fiismtt. It la sought to stretch thle league, nly called the Fnsxett . aim, over Almadsn, aud a I of the United Klales Die rict Court (Judge Hod man) tea been obtained extending H so aa lo em bra* that mine. This claim elsewhere you have it xtsd to be Indtapotatle ss to title, though disputed as lo bonadary. its extension la resisted by the owners of Almaden. The real cutset aa to the ownership of Almaden Urn be tee Ml the present possessore, ui?r OMU'taro A Co. found, opened aad lmve alw at _ , rayn worked dm mine, aad the uwama under the Poamtt claim true of tieae lati-r Mr. ?Idridfie. tea seongaged the Fnavett claim, Tududmr.'' as he ?? "the mines of Almaden ' (of which he le not. and pos sibly sever will be in possession > to Jute A. < 'oilier, of Bl"g temloe. N. Y., to secure one minion 'if dollars, bonis under which mortgage are enaeewtet familiar to mooeyed and to lu At thle juncture (eniee <wo years ?ro.. Uw United Mates end deeds mtarvruad In the fight, ami asked fur aa tajuuetion to re SLrato the woestog jf the mire pending the (smtruversy aa to tltto, which controversy was, tu ctieet, as you are xws-e. iw tween the owners of Alma*.to ami the owners of the adjoin lag Pomati claim The Onltc^^H Jnltod btatee p'esdnd us i i-wwoiiut U1 * as owner m ?of tte aot! ?nd aaacrtcu its v<gfa: P p awcenon of tne mine, court decided that' the I Bite viaiss had exeibtte t such * tltto to tte attae as entitled it P. u 1ix|t.uctioo to stay wast* during the pendenc y of tne Uugeu ci end "ain ng wot a wets of the atibtoanoa of tte ewsto." Tte tajuuetiuo la Tte Rate of OeB"ornla we* aquaUy perplex ?dagl aatoaistad Why the United Mates(bnuld interfere between two prtvst oontetoaata aad ratter tha quarrel of ana ag?ian the <8her SraamjMsrVi'ta Why the Un ted HUlva atom Id asenrt Is eove reign tltto to mining (amis agatost setnat oeeupeau aad worb era, to this single nasa. while It left hundreds of thouaaalanf raugaou ?tears throng bo St California In undleiurted pomeasloo srat ?qteUy mvMervnw Tte tonne uf Almaden war* mlninr tends sari drive l> they srere either nuhhe or prlvase lands If prtvnto toads what had tte gevera sent to fin with them If Dahlia, did tte geverDmeat wtah to rmtrela muuns no public Ui Ja. If tte 1" then toe wh ,te buslnam of UaJU-.raia svklah arms toted rf mining on i.tib'ie land, m ream If at lie option, on- id pitch at wtli upon aav owe ? oTsrwi < at tie option, en- in piu-n as wru upon xov ime mms er aay bo* man. and en wis a c Win. under plea af its Mismnaai title, whn was vsle who dnrM wt aad the Attorney Oenersl. wte durst v-w agaiusi tte gt.tsramam which held gate a torrtnc epiHin over the miners Ur wa this Almsdeo mtoe isuppuatng M to be am p-ibU: land whl th wu the >Mily eetooathle grtumd fnr gnve-t-meni interference restrained at soar tempi - because tne- nf its p-nprirvws were fie-,1 -as Md HriUah nr t r nasal *b'~ had feuadaad nurkad II heto -e 1 ae Cutri Pure acquired t'atefii al c or a as It beca m a large mito.bsii bees Is vested la * orbing u. ami it had be-nantvee-f U aad v lelded r reply ? la ihto aad yielded amply' la tba raer frrrign In vestment? aoeltmi Md praaartpurs ligMa aad su eees are mteea a game tae so eartegnTy uf amerlrare deaanileg the forfeiture nt the rr mieato' a ' sscaim and tte aaqtieetrau-m of the fnuto of ttetr to finetry. Tho UUe of Idr o?nere nt Almadon na trlpX. Firm, they hod IW nmm * rtpbt ud MX m id- ''elnmu minor, nn-kr aad by wbu-h all Um ??d attaint criftoruee la CaUJorela,< >rw gna ud llU wild l/ltlai eie-vl. no ard ML t E . dXr irary, oarepam ? aad word lug * ud u? >f ? moo dwanrtr <?coapy &d work a m.o* nt. pub!*- laid. n ladle?ao manor If u mi aM "dppmprtoting'' iu mi?*rala. or maeart dim tain ? nwngnuad H by Ma Miami oimi i ? dartag thai pavtod. with tlx aot* emaethm of thr aaae of Idee* minora of Aimed ea. baapaoieg iha I* a do la bo p-iMto thaa, wdamoar at rtobt ar mie nor minor la (hltf urate. Oregon or Utah bad or anw boa Hamad Thar had Iha rlpbt -hu-h EM?I aad pomm doe uader lha Meaalab aad lfai<eaa law gara ilim idlid right waa re?gaiood aad onwBnaod to thorn aflar a Ibnrongh tareeuaalmti and argument b*f < re I do United Minion Board of tmad I oamMamea. wdtod giro* thorn Ida rtabt to aba* under Ma Amartraa gu i ? imal by Ma law of aailnaa aad Ida pro wMaaa of lha mag hp wbwd Ida I'm tod Htalaa enquired Oah forala. aad wMrh woald. nador Moweaa law. aad abmild. ua dor aa admtoMamltoa nf oqulie'U rlphto uialng iborefr en by Ami rtran taw. aaruro In thorn tbr -irking aad pnm-W m of Moir mlao orao If K woro la tho prt- ala laada of Harrayom Pbtrdir Tboy haoa thaaa graota of laad from tha Mm ran M'iiai?ini i an lmgin a rmia 1 id ir aao Tin (prejudging aw oatriod aalt. yon maort X a fraud. If M woro loo una a fraud It would f irnmh an roaarm 'ar IntorrupUug tholr mining. Bhah Lbor promt ala by rtgdu indopoodeet wholly nf tbolr lam long a* crawl. wWah tdwy www id pram do. an for m tha Dp. tod Claim la Idlinif If Ihoy had ooror proMXlil the two low j- cram m all tf lb* mm league gram w prnoad a flmad Man What' tha load r,aimed ber?m?a laad nf I do Ceiled Mlaxe. or laad of Barreyoen. or nf Fiona! jf Ido lal dar Man tha I anad Ruutn k* ? nothing to do ?n? tho wilaoa early. IW^ If tho fat mar will Ida gnraoaiaom rratrnla tola nana M te MX ' me ef lhaar wot. whflo prrmtuin.1da aa two pop* atom of I ?aliform a, oMimn aad altoo -Una 'iwaa, ?.mfpdioa owd Afrtraa to attee aa pablla laad walked urtri Bmn of lomrftrmm* Bat Iho owaarn nf Aim*,'** amort thai lha Hexieaa dteu maau thai proaoai ara *W!t aa<l entirely gemntao Tboy mar r* b* porfarl-lboi may wot aannqal to a tM>o hut th*y Bta a hot that parport to ha aad tow other?dn-uax.x ?.)? to Haitaa af tha daum 'hoy boar, aad by tho odadala wbnao aamoa arr appoadod to Mom. lb* Mia la a Jfoimaa tula. It mtml bo m.'otanilatad or enomrrartel la Boilro, ar <j?\ Manor from Monro Ibo owner, nf *'me.t-n hue woarn l tha onarta aad lb* gorerameat to on 1 to M*tWm in mil* t*o>t mnay aad mmreh Iho amhtrm Tdoi apphmf to lb* I'm I Aatoe vrwtm naa rywaafaro far eewnmrnarm theivmnre fixed it la ? rmgrem for a I-w aathnnrtag ? we ? <? am nit pot at tm direr* raqooat. the I udxtary Obmmtileo ,<t tlx Catted lAofoe daaaie reported agnitm awed ? amaaur* To the fndfr' I ?? ? poitor rople,'-nier th* grew?v near dagiiau'.i and nf the arrdlree by yonr adrte* id* IBViml wea Idfuail Tnthe Attorn** t<on*ral aad Fi ? daai.aatUar una hi' mlort a mem- ealtafam ry to idem, ead eend to tf ottoo ?ee trpraam Ihrm owe*ra ?raid baar,, wbiih wmrefnwel. ? liy, lh*y eaamraead idolr wli.eaara la tha otty of Mnten ie Mr , l aded "toton I'rmanl. 'aha dlart bating I BMMad tb* tBarney Ooaarnl hi aeer ? deputy, and or autbn fhynf tge-xrai amtnre af tlx < bdeil H*t?ilp?f?-l l^td' or aaoded to rail etidearefnr nae In the felted "ittoa iVtwrf la CMBloeata The itonoel reftterd to l?*e tlx tr?Um m y eod pro darwi e i-ttor fr n be Hon Mreutrt tt<ieao*. t ailed dieira M r.i.1*. laaviteBog htm w> In ref'iw Thee* iuatrn?tinae wi e dfBT'd ' Me Hob towte Ih? to y-mraefi. Tmtr nhjoi wea to olnae tbe mht" Tbt? ytei aeomipllabad by nixomrn aaa napmead all*?tMtoaa nf frm id m a MIX e<t| mmry m brae ariatna I"*" eadim lie ma e**.-i?e i'lhed bait, I'm teftxe. warelnll?. and wMh Mr H'mnot rtgt VP? to I rearm thorn hrtarir* Ofma tho I'attol Maam Opart r-toep.-# rohittllag yn ir a >ratlm? la lha tr,?? im?, JO are ?nh dt" on by re drained hyldr !? Utaael fne'S.-o., nerl <g Aitradeo frtim dxmdmnr tb* aoixal from tlx taaltpbaf thr I ? -4 ??xa HbBrtmlWl, ?htnh oMlrm to 'd# lemao Otrnm*' m I heir MX by bwadaitea, inelodlaw tlmate-, Tm ?my. taadrto. "1 knoa thi* land X ant riMto duel tat ihe io-dr.- m trlU awaer gm M- hut aid I ,?r, Me H.lHf til wit* '.w -ha pnr- e* of anw. th. Ia .,nn IWnff'eaa w??a tho PmaaM rlahw ?t-m.tod by ih* Mipramr Cea" -eh Jnlr- Hofam ttoiatm a. yet emM dttoooar dhmth- Una * Maxawnhmger drafred to*aedaldo mm*. If Syatera inrd it b* fnand U*.t ?r Rahrat J Walk** ami tf?., r fonrettri * I'oilier aad r-rlt'ti la ?? p. lira rwead Waal laat m, nam tbaar minea. wbl h ??MMMMMf 'win-.Tr tbe dftor n'tod Mto'oa (won no prurarmtod Waallaot m, own Ibwae mint May d a ??? dxrmiw npea nor emit whaaa rrmiy ?*>'? ro ready made. Mowrh not no td*m -atom id aoy tleaeotki will randid y aeb-owiadra lhat Id* I n w ar Irmgrr need to enjoin Mxtr wnoblag. I afrwmd'y ? anil probably my thai rr hare mere! in. tod aa ae.I ? -toad ? to Me 11 wan < iatmar'a thr fti at Mi ertrMarddmra r >ird? or arte -i aad that your pnbllr rral bad -aa harmoobr i ? ith namiw of tbe^m 'eael ewployod by yna <m behalf of tha raaad Mm.a * the etdt -hire rr?d ? medett na Ma gmoail thm a ?ee rvanr laad tb* property rf tlx g< remmaat dx Sim 'be tart tool aottr aettno he* boot taken for lb* raaoftt Of Iho fra-a.* rlalVaXe tn a mad* ado T * * *'ir,a WB* Mr rocaarl of idner r>.ataa?i Id wadh hgtm and M CALIFORNIA MINKS mund Randolph was. and U, their standing oounael In Califor nia. They were retalaed bv thoae claimants to obtain fro ?the lolled Males tta patent for that ran oho. They claimed Al madeo for their private ol tenia and the Dtatrtet Ooart ap Wproved that elaim. The very same gentlemen are employed Hou, and paid by the public money, to sne out an Injunction ^?r cost and In the name of the United Htuss. restraining the owners at Aim ad en from working, because the mine be longed to the public, to the government?the very counsel who the das before and the day after pleaded Mm if belonged to Fonsetl. and sustained their plea on the judgment of ths Ots triot Court all of which Is well known to you. Thf government ad the United Hums has always been champion of ths actual occupant and Improver of As wild lands against the merely paper claimant. Its policy has protect ths possession of the early adventurer, who been to , . early adventurer, who. with his Ids and fortune In his band penetrate* tta frontier wilds, and establishes In their solitudes the active and uaeful industries of efvflkmt life To the pioneer, the Improver, the worker, to those that tirat risk ana first settle, the genius of our govern ment peculiarly extends IM protecting and helping hand If they are sncoeealul, sa aome are or magnllinently remune rated. as are very few, they are, theoretically at least, sun tti favorites and wards Much early pioneers aad Improvers are the owners of A Imaden All the masalre and extensive tm provemrnto of their mine they have made Thev found It a hairen peak, covered with deer paths and bear tracks claimed by no human being, and they have made it what t> 1s to day. It Is the will of the Amennan people?foreigners though some of brae miners are?that the fruits of their daring enterprise and ateady induriry shall be forfeited In the name of the go vernment, which fifteen years ago promised Mem. by Me ?olemr prrAsmsUoti 01 the bead of Its forces in 'hsl.'omta, nllp that all peraoos holding land* under oolnr of right should have their poaaemloea guaranteed la Mem " I' you succeed lu ousting Um aad placing thai claimants In their place, what no yon scnompllahr This. Y u ' ' exit " ' " take Irom the worker, the builder, the improver. Me actual mlnei bis possession, and bestow It upon those whi have not placed there one store m>on another, who ue.ther discovered Um minerals nor have opened the approach*'i to them and whoclain them by a merely legal, forced unnatora'Interpre tation of the boundaries ot an adjoining Xpanish gram Is this a wi rthy achieve men! to the ermmplishmarit o' which the lirst law ' Hirer of a powerful ooofederacj strains his Irssteel eil ist?, puts in moilon the whoie machinery and rhu sna-y of hi* ofli.e. and ouoeeDirale* the force of bis government* 1 he Mat . of California through Its Legislature, answer! la tbe negative. That Legislature has remonstrated agalns; your action. , In tbe meantime It Is to be hoped that tbe owners of Alma den will resist tbe oilers of tutereaiel parties ?ho, professing to control your action and oppoattlon, tempt Mem with prooo sals of compromise. Their honor hat been assailed, their cha rarter aspersed It la to be hoped Mat thev will gain of right all w bleb it justly theirs or yield the whole to Me strange riunMustlon of privsie Intrigue and ofiBetal power which seeks to rob them of their early, noble and now mattired en terprise 1 he spirit and genius of American policy, as well as natural notice pretest against the go is* robbery srhlrh, b Up- name of the'ean people, you ate attempting. It matters not bo* much tbe Foasslt claimants may hare an acceded in tote re-tl Ig your triend Nr. k M Stan too and other tntluanlial persons connected with the goverrment, the eublh sense of right at d love of falc play will, mu?t tn the end confound thin deep laid scheme ot plunder, which has been, If not born <ri i urned Into strength under the shadow of your official power. , 1 am. air, your obedient servant. Al? K a Rt.Y C ALITOR WI AW. FINANCIAL. DIYIDRWI) ?THI K N ICR KRB' *OK Kh 101 (XigPagl will pay a seml annuU dividend of three (3t per eent Ir the stockholders on end al ter Sept 12 ldflO, at th< Ir ogles. IS sler books will be ebjaed froas the M banal street Tbe tranaler I to the 13th Inat., iocluiiTO. 0. R. Wobtskptee. dec. R. T. OOWPTOW, Trws New Tore. Sept. A ISfit) PORNALS-AT PAR AWD ACCRDRDIWTKRR4T RIUHT per cent Bonds of tbe etty of Mobile These bovda are far VI tfli each, coupons payable eeml annually. July and January, at the kerchants' Batik New York A special tax of $#6.fUi per annum baa been levied by the city 11 Insure the prompt payment of tbe Interest and to nreale a stnklug fund of $16,000 per annum. For further particulars apply to DUW CAM. SHKKMaN A CO., corner of Pine and Nassau street, or K WHITKUOUHK, BOW k MORIBOM, 38 William street, Merchants' Rx change. ?wtlijowh or dollars uROumn in thc bans Jjl ot Bnrlan.1 -UM of 30 000 uan vuun( heir* cu to rianuiieil?fee S3?at the Heraldry offloe, M9 Hmetwtf, N. T H. HATS, proprietor, el preeent la Itondoo, undertake* nerche* for Wllle, chancery Records, Adrerttoemenle, (iran* at family A mi end Pedigree*. Noticb to bomdholdira?thb Bonn or thi Mew York end Mew Hun RaLroed Oanpu;, doe li D toember, IBM, will be paid. with nnoruod tattoo end aurreuder, et the Troaeuier'a ata ? eeTenth Hreet end Fourth B?w Toee, Aaguel 7, ItdO New orlkanb and mobilb rnwDB sooaHT r> ACU0RT BBLMORT A OO.NWiDMM. PBOPOflAiB fob psoaoooo or -thb rutatjnb Debt Fund Btnak ./the OHf ot New Turk." heeled pee Meek will be renewed et the Comptroller'* ottee until Tuee ley, the lBlh dey of Hep tea her, 1MU. el 1 o'eloik P. M., when Ike net will be publiolr opened, fur the whole or ear gart at tbeenountuf three etfl lune .if dettar* of the Floating Debt Fend Stuck of the city of New Tart, enthortied by chap MM of he Lowe of 1M0. end by en Ordlnano* .if the (tiwnt.ui .Vine ill approved by the May<ir. Aaguel II 1M0. for the purpoe? /liquidating end funding the llrattlag debt of the Oorpura&wa The eeld Mock will beer Inlereet et the rate of hi per ami per en una payable quarter yearly, end the prlnetpel will b? no the let dey of Hey. In the year IB78 The pnipoeele art 11 etate the amount of Mock dertred. end the price per one hundred .ldlara thereof, end the perenwh whaee pmpueal* err accepted will to required Pi depnetl with tar Chamberlain of the our, within lee day* after the opening of tae bade, the ma awarded to them reepectiialy. including the p real una on the tame On preeetiUng to the nomptroOar the leoetpte of the <1tom barlale for tndb deportta, the partlee will to entitled to rwoetre eeHHti elaa far eoeel nmouem of the per vetae of the etanh heertug inlereet from the dnlre of payment*. Bach erawraWoe should toeealed and euhii did "Flop "toll for the Floating Dele Fund Htoeh of the City of New TortL' Bthe game anii need In a agcond aeTaiopc. tddrgmmd to lha pgpoQgr. The right la raawrred oe the pert at the Comptroller to re met any or ell Mda. If oeuWcered nai ewra to protaet or pro to.dA tb? tUtl I TMtB of ill' Cllf Hoidereof rereene bonds of the Corporation may make th* akme a reliable la the purchase uf thka etuefc, It they dartre or lodu BORBRT. T. HaWR, Comptroller. 3ty at New Terk, Department at Floe one. Comptroller*! Ctao*. A a rum M. 1BBI. C|." finn TO WW WANTED?ON BOND AND Jtl.UUU m-Tlgage, of Aral elnaa urorf irtlrr Haaleo la! tad properii worth three Unira the amount Addreeabok 3.731 raaioOfk. New Tort, with real name and addrea* sinn nilH u>an-on bond and voir IIUU.UUU gage, at she hiweet rat* of latere* le lame u> eon appttoaata. ae real amaae m UUa ritv and on? >k lyp; elan on farme in thle Btaie. Apply to A. ttAKOBA NY, U Wei altar'. $125. rent Intrreet, oe bo id aad mortgage oe atrlrt'T drat riaro prod urtlr. real relate In ibia . Hy. In tarn of to Ihii p? -rde Aeply to JOMl* F CilNRKT. in tae ~ of the People a Fir* Insurance Cutaeaay to Wall a rwet nnn -wabtbd immii iatnlt, toloan, 9aOU.UUUi at apron per cent, oa Aral bond and mortgage I .wn? regotMied. tiitoa enmlned and beat a#mi rRy C'taleed. at the Amerteaa Real Batata Oiliee, Br Hrnad way. in the baermanl <i I. Hi it ?KJ kUoraey IUUI TO U)AN?ON BOND AND NOAT ?d&k)U.UUlJ gage m aneM to autt applteenla, an Hale. In UMe day >w Mimkl'n or na Farm* la Waamh eouaty. Apply to S ? HR 'AH. No. I mian orrvcms. a T tub adtancb orrimt dp u jacoh*. ncnbt A ran l? nMaland In aey quantity on rtelrtue, Jewelry, I awe-la t-eg.r. Hy Mil Hardware Wlnea Bra**i-v aad ererr drwrriptem id Herri andlie. <jr bongto and the htgliert prl ?? iIran Buainem etrVi'c ooet deatial. Hull Ineurtad Ketabtobed lit I Mi Frtnelpal nrter ft WlUam atreet hraerb oHiee air? Rnautway. At ir cbdar rtbknt-h. htkan, diamond linker. adcanrea money to aey amount oa 11 tat .r uneet W-tehee. MJeeiplale, teak, opp<taU the Foal .tare. No 1, it 111 (IB IND FTRBBT. THRKN DOCAR Wtary A at Broadway ? Nawwy adraneed no Wearbea HI a mood*, "ewelrc, I lake. Dry tieda and parmaal property of rrery m wa Iptota. er bought aad anal by J'MMTH a. JACCrtuN aiirtwoeep and broker. If to NaRRAO RTNNRT A HfifrftlrtAR, ."M Art"ft1 A (tegw ode Merc hand tee a at Teat mm 1 Jt u cnambfm RTMnr > any eaarm.A an litem mda an ry A- . or the earn* l?.n*bt fur the hirheat nee* prtaet, by lha nellbnowa I?AAt* II i ton bar* atnwl N rt? No bum nem ire iwacted on kainrdaye ATT?NT|ON*-NR WOOD. Ito RBOADWAf, FtrttT flow < ppurtte Wailnah'ai artit aaehe liberal nana to and gee''toeri 'iron *ey.mi d r dlaterai gerurdr Fr Me n? e for apelieeata Ai: the adraatagee arHhuutito ea w um able feet nre* at a Inan utaae At tikiuB'R tti Htani orFMA m hn?T? a*b ene upptat* > <?iper Inautute Mouey adraeaal am Die taabea. Jewelry and all kind* or everrhaudwc Fd Hnegne atreet b< T*? Ibaea Broadway at Rentomrl ram H. _ rtrewt-Wrnwr Hbeeaily a>leanerd en Watrtoe Jewelry. Hta mn?."e, Rilrerwera, ChtaBag Neddiag and ad knd* o* pereona prupwrty. RatabUato* arttr* IMS _ rNRKf FRIDNNBKR'*, NBNrtT FRIDrtRRKR'I Momry to iwirn. at nodnratn batnr. on dia m.eida. w .tehee Jewelry, nicer *i>! i --eoa*l priperty Ot a I awwirikap Ikone* me? to nulnemud any time with * two year. H RaBNAwD. ? Third a tea an. Frtvato nrtrr, en'reece hall dnnr II INKH HKWIMT* 1 AT?'tlRICn? lltiC?* RtRilKR FnINT, NBWdBRfrtT \jthe t a Too ret'# I-name win be kept -qma ibroegk * i ptnm tor deel 'edly the meet i eaaaot ameth of the r B. rr deel 'ediy irt* mrwi i iitol nnau or tne keanm kt taaa rrtru p.ale tot** ptar No S Rorak rlcwy, at 7W and 111% A r I, aud f ta F. N ; Dw* etrnm at 1*H A. ? and ?W '. I *h! |V? Hli l, ifomaerlr.d Imfargn Wena?.l rr0 NATRINDTUIe lOCNO ilEBBAN DRrtT^N* Art FT iBARkOF ACS or t>.me mean* and good a m ?*???##, i* deelm to w eke. gayrma* lady er Wtauw of ?me m-aae Apol?t*fcme headdreeee.1 til. B , Herald tart MgTBtNON'Ale?A WIDOW T.ADT TNlkTT TFARN Of ?*?. with a g ml prea-nrm -re. iwe 7?bie i*r? -nr. hind an 1 a 'e> ikiaale dHrerttton. .if ?r ideal aed domeg ha Mta reflne,) m?uoe?e a-id Bite'eri iai laeteg r cou i?rta ed aed ?l*h arere etoen*. de.(m* laf 'T c ? >n clance af * geirtiewnn le birrrti-e beeireoe N If be reflemt aod of mature Tear* Addreaa. for three day* f h. T aallaa D l^fwi ? Tt'-# _ WATTNH AND JBWRLHT 0NNT1.IOIBN Wktfi PtaIRK T" HATB NT IWl'NIiFN deel I er eida applied t their Wgarhee. to compete to ti ** fut the ( an" J reran anr. eend - f hen ' ttiern le ?? aarm ? NRRTi'K FR It ? 13 J.tan at rata. AMrSKMKVra. WALLACE'S theatre Mr. WALLACE Mr. LMSTE& WALLACE Btap Munu NOTICE MB. W Al.LACK ^Beji^lo announce to hi. paimn. and Ih. pub*, .enemlly ABOVE ESTABLISHMENT MUX OPEN for the un?l PALL END MIMTKX 8MABOM Under hi. PERSONAL MA. A (I KMX NT OK THURSDAY, SEPT. 13, UN. IBM THKaTRE Bu been TBOBODOULT RENOVATED. IMPROVED AMD EMBEL LISHED. The followta* GREAT AMP TAIJUfTID COMPAMT Mr l.KKTKR WALLAOE!<*VraHOBY, Mr. HUlil. MIm M ART GANNON, Mr WA1AX1T, Mfl. VERNON. Mr. A H DAVBMrOBT, MM. PARRY MORAMT, Mr. SLOAN, Mr* RLOaN Mr. NObTUN. Mm. WaLOOT, Mr. MOORE, MM. JULIA TRIM, Mr. PLOYD. Mr.. RKKVNH. Mr YOUNG,- MMoUARMAM, Mr. T. HAMBL1N, Mr. C PARHLOK, Mr. PARRS, Mr.OUT**, Mr. (X,BURN, Mr HRNLMT. TBI ORCHESTRA Ml been .elected with every rr*anl to efficiency, end will be under the direction of MB. NOLL. Mr. Moore Promoter Mr H Inherwood Heenlc Artlut The onetuaree hy Mr. Planry end Mr. lteosrbciteii. Proper tie. ud em otr.unenu bv Mr. Tlmoaey. Mechanical deport ment, Mr. Vu H.Uen. Qua, Thnanu ttardon. A NbW COM SOT. adapted expreeely fer thi. rumpuy, from the Preach erf Scribe, the eoit populnr and .ueoeeual of Parisian authors, will be produoed on the nccui? with BUT KELT NBW SCENERY, NEW AND ELEGANT COSTUMES SPLENDID AND APPROPRIATE PURN1TUBB AND APPOINTMENTS. The Comedy will be entitled TIIB ROYALIST; OB. FORTY YKAHS AGO. end will be 11 nutrnted by the above SPLENDID ARB AT OP ABILITY. HynnpMe of SCENERY and EVENTS in future btlhl And ad vert aemenia. Box office will be open on Wednesday mom In. for wearing place. Dancers, vocalist*. aoeobats. Ethiopian performers, or attraction, of any ami evert bind, can " " ' ' .Immediate!. atHESP VA tweeu Twenty wrath and Hod good en.a.rmentn b) appl> In. Immediate!, atHESi' VA RIBTTES. 338 Eighth avenue, between Twenty wrath and Ta rntp-eighth .treela Blondin, blomdin. The wonderful BUmdln'a flnS mil.Mm on the tl?M rone la New Tort will poffittvely take place at Jonea' Wood oo Ik* 13th mat. Tbt. aaoenffion will be ike grwlael ever amde hy htm. hetna MS fast high and 1000 km. mi sic At., AT WALKER'S WAREROOMM. Clinton Hall, AMor place and BUrhth street, near Broad way. a larrr mnck at HOElXONTAL AND UPE1GHT PIANOS, new and aeoood hand, FOR HALE AND HIRE Allowance mad. far hire If parehawd. Aoeeatlt nrpBOYMD pianoforte LIGHTS * HRADHURY. Manufacturer* at a new wale overatmng haw, patent lnanla ted. full Iron frame rand and wjnare Pianoforte. Mo ill A LADY, A COMPETENT TEACHES OP VOOAl. AND Initrumental MuMr wtahru to teach those bran the. for her Hoard in some respectable family realdta. between Sixth and Third avenue, and Fifteenth and Thirty iflh atresia. Will brtn. a piano If dealt ed. Add rem O. G. R., Union square Poet office. ^lEnCEEEINO A SONS, Manufacturer! of OBAND, SQUARE AND UPRIGHT PIANOS, Ware room. IN Broadway. C A SONS hare been awarded thirty-eight prlre medals fer the aupertortty of their man uf act are for tka past thirty Bra 7'"r' riANOS TO BENT. CIORNBT AW ATKtt* WAMTRD-TO JOIK A CLAM J alread* formed. under the leaderahlp of a enwpeteet pro feealmal. Mo parties need applr who an- not prepared 10 M lard rrhearnala raRtilarlt and pay (A each par quarter for tha nerrWa of the trader Addraaa A. C., boi 1.334 Pogtofflce, ?aw Yortt. IflBBT PBBM1UM GOLD f MEDAL lAROfOltlA Maaofaetnrera- wnTIKTTK A LCOi?OFP. 4M Brant PNA Plam warranted, and at reduced rUaa. TJIOR BALK?A CT1.INRMB PIANO, PI.AYR RIITERN f tuuea, amount which are tha 'l.aangr* guadnUna," "I wtab I waa la IMiip,' and peroral olhar popular dauoea O. Hl< KB. Manufacturer of all kind* of llandi Orgaaa, and Grinder Planoa. 305 D-fraw atrert Hr-oklm. reomnw ended hr tha foUowtnR mM lljM fliiUr dal tar Iiarl AamhiitD. John N Peuwoa. Hap Mintwk. w. ti. PtetrtaA. John ?oahart. OaeUr J. Ptoeehel. PUNOrOAT* roa BALJC -OR WILL hp RENTED TO a reeponalbla parana for the tarn of atRhlaea woatne; It la fall arm nrtare, heanPfol roar wood aaae, " "* ronnd anrnera. aanllopad oaarl kayo, oaaratraa Ian. ljrra aad d?ah end of nap trior quality of add for MTfc haa baae hut rary Uula taai and aow dot an> ??lot It la bow ofTartd for Applj front A It. to I at 143 armor A. corner of Troth atraai. DIANOB, ? _ I Mrw aad Hecoud hand, for^ Rale or to Rant, at | " HORACE WAT ARB agent,'No' 133 lead way. MBLODROMR AMD AUUAIDII ?)BUA?t _ ad Herood hand, f >r Bale or to Rent, at greet Bar gain* We lodem m low aa W>. Planoa. $71 Monthly pay Hi raeatrad for anker. Real allowed, if pttrrhaaad. . {fk T>IANOR, MBLODBONB, BABMOMICKR. A Ptrd aiaae for sale, to let or aold on taatalwmw, on faro ~ lertnr tUmnatn? at Dine tarteum fat 171 ?M I C PBLTON. Ml aad Ml Broadway, 1.1, UPRIGHT AMD SOU ARB PIAlfOM. MARTIN A OOYRIRR, waanfantorwe. M Nael near anew. Bear Broadway ?tiar Uprtfhw en warienlad eqael la fact irad la tha aoaalry. Piaaua It 27 A 50 PI A MIR rot RA1.R OB Tf> UCT ITtBAP.-PBHTtt V. R71 tin. 1171 *>?> aad pe-rl hrred Run or to reel M M aad IR a month MnMc leith la a faw leaaaia taed hy Prof DUMBDAY. tUU Graad i MRW ABO HRTOMD 11 AMD PIANOFORTES POR rale or to rent, at greatly radioed prima. Rent applied If I i II Ail 1 carttea ahoat hlrter or pnrehaahir woo Id do K~n ?*1 rreenr to Wat II Uatb. Mo. 4 Leeoy plan, Hieechar atrwet. oae hlnrA weal of Broadway. BILLIARDS. B~ ILUABP CHALLENGE tii m aorroa or rat paw ran* Darane, Aat A M> f aa of tha Maw Tnrh U'natraiad vaa?'? a.-ng i?? a< r ml Dialed that ley ah?:ien?a p i' nahad le Pan-* ? the Thnea. did Dot mean " Hard player Id ihe United I a nan of RtPtare* atwtlar lathe watr-h p At rtl II IW. rig.. tha >awtow four hall' thnraead i*Dtit* up, (or free two Ihonaaa dollar* a aide, tha watch In hr played item , ina:- ?* -he <we on ebtrh hel wai-h waa played aod the s?lla te be ad the mm* ?<?e aa Ocae newl oa that r rraaoo ??', taea VkaaaMah to erane oR either ta New Yorh eRy er letana aad to be ?? reread by the *daw rnlee an Ik weed, .plad la tha ? tllh ai?>re "hay prrwwi ncorpUad th4t challenge ODD aeafar wRh Ik*1 IWher Btutard Table lanufaetorer. Mo f? taaitreei Rew tnr* ne depontna with lea a forfm at Ml odterwia. aa aoOa* rf the aereptaoee wffi ha tahea Thte ehalleaaala n ?eta epee fer 41 MHbe, aad the to lade ptaea wt htn two maMha after I be Co- aaorer a pot op Jot altKfcirkR, Uwndt, Mkhicut. P. R ? Aa for Mr Lyt.< . of i allfontu, 1 wtl. play him a Matlar watch ta Ivtrolt. aad pot ap M COO a?Bta* tl "i ^ Tpi'BUHARRRd 'Mr All.Id ABIt- TAfeUM nPTIR THIN X daw wtlL for their own prtdert .ei, be paiilitilar is erwlaf that the Hceaeef I late for Phartea itc.drear'a twreadon of ?e raelred Indt? R'tbhar ta attarbrd to each t?h>e. aa wPhnnt B the twr of attrh uh'e aUl ba illegal, and for the pr Ma-tana 'if M? Wi? Phe'an ? ' lender who hare parehaaed haeselaWv# rtaht fr"W at. we rtr, peaa?ate a.1 aurh lafrieci -e-nu RRW ItiRR HKl.fIN41 AMD Pai'KIMg ' OMPaMT. N?w 1"p?. An?net Ml Inn PHKLAMB IMPROTKTt MTU'IARP T4BLM And thwilitrattan Ihwae-oa We he* to taferw the paMie that te future we will make a red hi-tine id tan per cent on wr table* fw all eaah "rd?-?, 'hsa klrta* ta tha pah IK thl heat table*, man ,f aatnred at the weat ponihle pn*a PflRI.AM XOObLBMIHIR PrRr-HA>RRA OP MILI.I ARP TAPI R* A*TNR THIR data will far their owa pneeettne. he parttealar At mm tar thai ibey make a rwaanaa da sae at their freedom at eh alee, aad aaperlalir to rail at tha factory >" Hlat r ree* Mew Trwh. aa wtthoal R Ike nae of aarh a labia mi*k' i.a faaad IHoRtraJ and for the prntwetlna of Tree trade and waas fret nrer'a rlahw. arha need no pretence a boat aa ??cl<wii'd n*hl, wa Wffl eeprnw all ri-h lufr-nnmewtii I. l>Pr R RR Ml aaa euww. Maw Tort |*'E tilVR MOTIfl TO T1TB MAMTrTAryrwRRD AMD T* pnrehapen of billla-d WMea that we hare aold to M mar* Phe'aa A not leader Uw etclaatra right M tha sae and Dp p Im am of fhariea Oondyoar'a lermU<a <* rniemleed I'aceit ehnnr, nr Irdw Rnbbdr. ?<-r wbteh a pmat wa taaaad to Uia tar* Mor dated .'one 1ft l?d4 and e.tended Inne 13 IAS* for htlli.r.t tabbw And war ifact-.-r * at bOUard tahlea era heien- notited that ap f'tnre porcbaa-gaf ralaaalred rafter for btl tard lah'en moid ba wade fewe R mi 4 llielan A Oot lewdrr and all 'p'-'ngrra or thta r%|M WtB h? prnwa-iited hy ih In thr fal'e*i?wt-if'he l?er. PEW TUP* , PI.T1NO APD PACBIMG OOBPAWT. Apr.ra* tn IBM . WANTKT TO PUR' HArR. P'lR ' A*H A RROOMD hand Billiard ta' le ?r* hy lee, Phetao ? or dhara'l make mark'# alate bed Addrem ?'?Ueg prtat aad par tic I lata r O . Mo. 7 Reet Rercnteealh at real Q aTle THR BALL *K*R?M. Nh AN It HAI-I, AT TUB PATIIJOB HH.L HOTPIa ATM Itfrarantlnei laaritng. Wat?n Illaod -m We1need-y 'terer,a aad erenlef R-at lee-ea Rl-tea laland at 10 r w Ihe eirt.'teat -rniee will he prea-rrad Oaadafl "Wartm at I r M and lerwtaatea ?t 1" P. M. TV <et* rrarta Rkl'PATH A BTTPM. Pmprtatfwr BMW rVBLICATtOIM. nrtlX PR Pl Bl.IBHRD IN A PRW Wakkb Tf MlfftiW fW TBI MIA OrTirt ar win e waa? Itiao Prh -$1. Oa*?e?eer* fr?e of poawge m raeetpt of pr*e .1 < I' llXeR A RUM. PuhlaAan rhiwlatp-i ?. fa AMVdRMKNTN. _LO*8 GARDEN. /mm M. KUob Lnm a LAST F'UR NIGHTS last four nights LAST FOUR NIGHTS LAST For R NIGHTS LAHT FOUR NIGHTS LAST FOUR NIGHTS LAST FOUR NIGHTS I.AhT FOUR NIOHTH LAt-T FOUR NIOHTH LAST FOUR NIOHTH NIXON'S EOUKSTRIAN TROUPE NIXON'S EQUESTRIAN TROUPE, NIXON'S XUUKKTHIAN TROUPE. NIXON'S KQUKSTRIAN TROUPE. NIXON'S KuUKSTRIAN TROUPE NIXON'S Kltr'KHTRIAN TROUPE NIXON'S KQI'KHTRIAN TROUPE NIXON'S KOUBSTRUN TROUPE NIXON'S KQUKSTR'AN TROUPE Tuesday, nd erery evening up tn Friday, the ISth last FAREWELL APPEAR AN "KM FABKWKI.I. APPRARANOICS FAREWELL APPEARANCES FABKWEM, APPKAR A NURS RARBWRI.l, APPEARAND rarrwell APPKARANORH FARXWRI.L APPEARANCES or NILE KT.L A TOY ARA, MIJ.K. ELLA ZOTARA, MT.I.I RI.I.A ZOTARA. Ml.I.K KM, A 7,i )VAR A, NIJ.E RI.I.A ZOTARA, MIJ.E FLLA Z' I VARA. HLLI RII.A ZOTARA, THE HANLONS, Til* HANI.ONS, THE HANI/INS, T1IK HANLONS. THF HANUINH, TIIK HANI.ONS, THK HANLONS. QUAOMEM. SEBASTIAN. DUVKRNAT WARD, PKNTLAND, AND THR STARS. LAST APPEARANCE OR ZAIDRE LAST APPEARANCE OF ZAIDRR. LAST APPEARANCE OK ZAIDRE LAST AFPKASANUK OP ZA'OKK. LAST APPEARANCE OF ZAIDRE LAST APPEaRaNcR OP ZAIDRE LAST APPKARANCK OF ZAIDRR. The came* of the CU RRIi T'.PM! cuwnoui.uiit OURRICUf.UMI curriculum: currihulu*' cureiottlcm' CURRICULUM! CURRICULUM' CURRICULUM! a'URRiuri.ns' curriculum?' curriculum CTRRirnUN' CnRRIOUl UE! Will he continued, and ?he SUCCESSFUL CHAMPIONS srrcKwm, m anpions scxirssri'L champions SUCCESSFUL CHAMPIONS tn the late AMATEUR CAB NTT ALS AMATRUR CARNIVALS AMATEUR t'ARNITAIJI ARATBUB CATNITALS Will eon tent eeeh nlrhl for tho ?TUTOR'S PRIZE TUTOR'S PRIZE TUTOR'S PRIZE TICTOR'S PRIZE THR PARALLEL BARS TO NIOHT. Fliceool admlm'.on ?? FamOy (Xrela (entrance Cmeby nmrt) .? eenta. Parqnette and Draaa Circle M eenta. Orehetra Chairs. On# dollar. FriraW Bona Fire and Sli dollars I a the eranlair?doom open at aereo o'cloek To nmaiaanai At Sight a'oloekpreeleelT. OKAND PAP.KWKT.T. MATTNRE OR AND F A RRWRM, MATTNRE ORAMD FAREWELL MATTNRE ORAMD FAREWELL MATINKK ORAMD F ARKWRI.L MATINKK OM WRDNRBDAV, AT TWO O'CLOTX, ON WRpNRSDAT. AT TWO O'CLOCK. ON WRDNRSDAT. AT TWO O'CLOCK, OW WIDNMPAT, AT TWO O'CI-OCX, OM WEDNESDAY, AT TWO (PTLOCB. Fraitna In the noauaeneoiBeat of the SOUTHERN TOUR SOUTHERN TOUR SOUTHERN TOUR SOUTHERN TOUR SOUTHERN TOUR southern tour SOUTHERN TOUR ROT Alt KNnimiSM TfOVPR royal fouentrTan troupm ? OTAL RQURSTrI AN TROUPE. ROYAL EQUESTRIAN TROUPE. ROYAL RQUE-tTRIAN TROUPE. ROT AI. EQUESTRIAN TROUPE RATAL RQURSTRI AN TROUPE BaMfwaa?Tneadav. W tnesday. Thursday. Friday And Saturday. Oetabar Mill Wmitgmt ?Monday and Tanadar, OetnberS aad ?. FaaoaaKSHaimo?Wsdaeaday. Oevtber 10 RtrnaoNb?Thaiaday, Friday aad Eatarday Oianher II. 11. rimnm-Mnaday aad Tnaaday, Oetnber U aad M. Noarouc?Wednesday aad Thursday. Ortohnr 17 aad IE _ |# Raiataa?Saturday aad Monday, Osmber Ml. aad U. Wruliaaraa-Taeaday aad Wadaeadar. Oetnber CI aad M OnicaatA?'Thursday Friday aad Saturday, Uetnbar a, M -Fmai MtrvHy October 10. to Noesatbar II, WILL BE THE ROUTE MIXONE ROTAL EQUESTRIAN TROUPE. firiBTBE oarnn. ff Mannad aiphi at MB. AND MRU I'ARRET WTT.IJAMI At ihia bAAOttfnl thaalra Ob U>i? T Hapt. It, MR ARP MIR BARRET wTld.1 A RE will hara tha honor of appaajinp in two of lhair moot aharmlop plataa, the earn* draata of NORM TO OOOD I.UCE. tn wMah Mr Wtl Mf will aaaiain Ik* rbarartar at TtJMj O'h aflartr, tha mhar rharartrra by Mro Haftm Mm Oaorpa Mtnldart .bar Aral art>aaranr? m Row Tort). Vaaari J. H. ?Vddart. Tboma, lawl?r. a/tar wbtrh tha rrntaaa format AM ROVE IH "KTH.I.R. la which Mro. Wt llama will mataln at tiiTwrwot rharwtara. ? nd 'anna "A Paaaaaaro BnUarn." 'hi Alton!,.. '? "La Man 01 to la tiwta llwrolioo " Tb* prrformaarwa will noaal.tAa wRt tha lauchatia ocawadMta at tub iRian noRR, la wtlah Mr WtUlaaa will maula hi* groat aowUa part at r*MJ Ryaa OVERT THEATER. Oaorpa Wnnd Maaagar. r Nkakaparn'a ?l |HaMa piajr anutlad A WtRTERW TaI.B, Uaio la propamine, will ba pradanad B A ad a mat POWERnjt, CART laalaltpp all tta mantkart of ttr at-wt owpa?? aid a larpo oorpa at aoilllariro lb? plat aaw I >4aa wdh tta aalabralad BTATIT1 A- ERR In Ant t DARCR OB THE IITOMIBIA. 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Rapi II IMWt. laanno iaaarwi ru-aA at |u n'ebvt OR tlBCK. -POR TUB CII01.ERA RARKE-TMB Piaaw HPRTRPrk w:n maka aa ataorWna tt tka alwwa Rnaka on Tkarwtav. ? aptamhar 'A laartiu 1 aatana gtraw* at ?i Rnotk Pwirth ?iraai iWllllAfiMborp. ai dUi Rrldpa wrart Hrorkl??i at Part alia a? 7. kprltf MM Otrtk rlrar) M 7H aad ptar to I a I o'thirt A M. Ran, (tana aad rafrrakiaaaia raa ka kad n*> knard Mmaa at tka am kaa aak kloa kak win "w wr?c op at Rl ar a. III John atraoi. ? fi.i).natnp dar. rrtdar, Rw t u' JPa*?T WaI.TER n c rope Jnrta H Enat. Ci?tnknr m aad I lata rat r? ?ar?*t noBrARim- a rew place parbak Ma Patarwm, M J.-Wa ara mow nam ?? ill I aa cartdrn r IRnrart a? frowt M -owta in fl Pw parMwalara aa rt m IARPH WtiAOR. IV Wwa Tktcp imk WraaA m fcr Www m alarra m tka prawrtawwa. Yi.rkal Thh ? IJIAI AEOET OnMPARTEE" "TAR'IKT OOMPAR1BR, llolal. twwa o< l?*k mndalVaw In Ota akrwa h Mnaa"?fafea ardlaa -Tha lappa. aptaatM, mm aa Willow Paph. Ml iaod at MaOaak't Daw, wraad aad Mphtk a??nn? kar tka fcart laant I . Tka nnatpaadaa oaa __ ? ar-wd ar third arwaoa nara tn Martma. tkar wtl Ikara tad t twawibnai. which laaraa Mn half hoar for MfOnaak** na. for ncl'mlara apply In M AEI R A'IPIEE. PlupiRW. R. E-M?aMtarraEm AaE booia,?ap aaiifft. AMUHKMBNTfl AURA^KEKNWR TllKATRB LAURA KKKNE'8 THEATRE. ORKAT 8U0CEM _ OREaT huctemi ? GRBAt BUCOkWN gkkat ructbhh UKKaT 8UCVBMH GREAT RUOCRdS URKAT 8L'C<"KR8 O* THE new and be a utiful KKW AND RRAUTIFCL NKW AND URAUTirUL NEW AND BEAUTIFUL NEW AND BEaUTIFUL N.W and beautifulact drama FIVE A"* DRAMA KIT* ACT DRAMA KIVF, ACT DRAMA FIVE ACT DRAMA FIVE ACT DRAMA FIVE ACT DRAMA By T. B. D. Wa"?jftfiNF'Sfr, MONKKT BOY, MONKET ROT, MONKEY DOT, MONKRY BOY, MONKKT BOY, MONKKT BUT, MONK KY BOY. MONKEY BOY. MONKEY BOY, WHU'U WXIX BE REPEATED K\KRY FURTHER MOTICB. WUfe the following powerfcil cam: l*t*rrv Reoftud. ft ooorlct Mfj*. w. Oouldock Jacques Knieitd. htaEoo?the Monkep B?I JSJ J.ucirn Gerard. a painter *' ?? J Plcbet Tnuplu ...If. IfOeBHB pSI a. Hartee joSivh. V.V. 0tai?5i L?MHr? < htaurr twerp.. .*. *'M?i^?>S?2rHWr2 ' La Bridges JU,> ET<r* RTNOPBIB OF 8CBNKRT AND INCIDEMTE. ACT FIRST. riEBKE BEBaUB'A SBCAET. | A eooMelal party; the last bowl of punch; Parts an darthlp ) paradise; ao Inconsolable widow; teara a wookAb i heritage; t weeping steam engine. the eaJlor a aoug TO aba! TO 8Ba! ] The tnrttatloo; aa old friend; Adleclpl# of temperance; A I alight did Aiwoce of opinion artutie Ufe. tub atobt or J A YOUNG MAN OF TWRNTT FIT?! Teath'e (gplratlOQa; tha dream at A y outturn heart. haw I w omen Art won. _ lots apt* siahobbb. Porarty'a dlaappolutmant forge if ulaeBB of the pool, saw rcmotees. rn wtt,rAB at pattwb'b uun The pollry of QAUttoAl lore; the 1aai toast, the Mgnhl (U tub cob tiot's sec abb. A hunt After a criminal; a long ImprMoMBeot; tha IaM fare wet the sailor's departure; good night, una railing ragreta; a mmiilBcenoe of the paat; aa Interruption. TBB BSCATSB OOBT1CT pin toed by tha peasantry and edlcera TABBB BBrCGB I* TUB INN. The tale of aeoape. braudy, Luclen'a dMguat, Justice and foraieeneee; TUB APTBAl FOB rmOTBCTIOB. Tha appeal denied, the laat hope llerre lla.e of WBAUh. TUB OKA AT TBUrTATIOB. The serial rwrraled the bribe ref need, wealth raieotad at tha Dnoe of honor, mlthl mahee nght. TBB tTBOCULE FO? rBBBBOB; BOBOB TKIPltrUABT. THE TBHPTBA PBTBATBDl THA COSTICI A DBATB; LBC1BB ALOAB WITH THE DEAD, and tba bbcbbt or riEBBB besaod aUT 8EOOMD. THE BO IS OB AOrUK.HA FnrMlaa feeUrttke; the Bower gtrM;a little eublorfnge; the ntihiic ? mqwiI inrrut. i pfrtf' ilon of bmm*. MiUrtoiry on the mort. ft pft>Uif Block Ik* widr, w'? rrw ofoll ounr?! ftlftftlfinUio? . ! ft q-arftof pap** ft firUMi. Ikft btftr bitten tha widow deepclled maiden ?neditalmoe. A WOBAB ABOPLD BE* EB TITT A BAB; He alwara tehee adTaniege of It; en eneuty, a father of aa Nmaaquenoe a aiibBtnnliaTranana why Plcbet eonld aot he Frbvmia'i (fttber HB DID AOT ? BOW BBB BOTHER JACUCBS A?D JOCKO. , . . A young man uf tea. Jneuuen' palntul remembrance or h? IK Tauula'a grief; a tear lean mourner. WHAT'S 1.HIEA WITHOOT A HABBBBCBSA Ai heir loom; Reugei again 111 will; imeeti from the ranee the lloo. Kermonr Sp<*ierr, H M Drage. derllMh duaty. yoe heow. aad derthab dry you ieow; a augar end water eaiul wte. hraody. neat; Ruastan naler all Me. Corahee dinner, the latU fti I nrh?'ft lor*. MARCO, TR1 tfirtftM The naM dead, otobrlon the teller from New Tort, newel owe Intelligence, atonement Impoamhle. UUng (oily faet. aad thi' re yen know Is drrlllah alow, you know, a augar aad water atyle of drtnktug brtndy TAB HOSE OB SrAlSO AG A IB Fanvette the Hon. Efjawnr Hpoimer. U M Drao. atiinkea by lot a dait. a new florlal aad a hoetlcaltnral lEudy, ywn iron ABB BOBB A mAA wtthoot ftteadA. hoee'. odenng. the Bleeder of Aon em h"ti to pruveae mlhs aad anUnn and things aad Aortas, nod i ? 'i T Til sad things. *?" nuernaba In her unvuenl curtuahg. BABBIACB OB TWIAE. A alight iawait?!!'? ehirh knocta the Hoe Neymeor Hpoonrr H. M. Drags, off hie pine end ihufls. yew haow. THE AOSU or TBB .riJOBBTl Ail THIRD Twa Bluer owir' .oner, __ Feting the reel Kuug.-i egnui a alight eltereeltmi a quae thm of honrety. n unADiai" it ?ma?Bt to RonrX't deparl .tw. whr Ronget ?m?e Jer>i'iea end hose; A amoiarfett celw. aa awilny i millhaalrr n ta-'Tur '~T mea aad ???. Jtrnnea ead MM monkey THA niQBT OW1A AC BO a eieeptng beaely diatnrbed; d*wko a retAl?alloa. An U1 wHh na onworihl taunt, J acq una grtrf. the tent urup la the cup. j. meat aa?r - is The Una at b*y; the ntrngaie. A"i*et down, the mar ad SBB *TOAT Or TBB BBBS ABOItOBBBT. ftond Bight. A ba le dandy. Jerques aeeBa kM fortuaa. na na eiperled (aaiat Fnureue up In the world. IVkm ta n si- cka r" anoow abd gcaawab <wgbu rhengw wsMed fern tewg look ?hend. Urn Hon eejwom ?pom er H H. Dregs, i imblee up hut lun'l like u. ran know a load eel) farfimrteaa oeam. the MBBplhff hoeeti dht turtwd age n, a bit of a htrd bet note, owl, yueknowedrtee net might, a toheeid foagtreweBBi^aoget ead ttee' rfufnuuiff Roar iatnliM br RotijrMft rmanw. aiM ISL^TeuI^w vnm*. Jec|Aee. lU bltad ma t dlrrMoam R, er (<*,? a rtUnla'a rrjotring en uaripeatBd latarrupthm. MB cartel PBAD BBBTOBtn TO UFA The tale of rterre a rernpe. tee ?<lce end JBBBM of the mur man cBireeled la Bnttnny Flerre depnrta to seek la nepi.ererd a nrwel deed Jocto a deett. Jan-imw grtefet the I?, of hM feroaita. tadlgeetaoe aI the owM. daeovary ad the eddMA . i Are ma' att ?ra ob Bar get. A rrdre from the paEttpenBa la tha preeeel RIUMIftftft YOCft f*TH?m FA TV. ? tn.imi'l tk* poUr#; Arm! IrtH VEdVM* RIMBu Ihinicwt Ml ?e i'aub|'w w r*"~" ? 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Jeeq tea the ffMjM br the aeerei of R.ea'g hhih-LnetaaiM aohoeel ead Maf I ierert by the reretace of the trnlh hit abmemant b> Ross, (rree ? eppenl-lbe teowni of erlm' T Ml lIMifirt ? FOlCVt ( L-rMWBN*. ,Wr,r,. 1 A(?? FIFTH. YWR Itftn'l intl IR ftRfYt A TV. ! end iuip?(nMi unrf iwfff; l*u*t#? ft *?*U pvralRr; ? w-eTS rdl^!3e!Xo?? en? . tha -eAdiag WlruM. lltn, the Anas ed M?Hng JfOltaRfl'T IRN llfffEH I ?tree'E fortune retain* 1, a ret' and orange ?' wa a? > ear led a wedding dreea. Jnetaaa' watrWnhanmrfhM Ineene ;ether. The mnaraneecea'of'm^ore. Rree'a Mttledteqelalllow nw VhB j unLter reedm bar lore for I ectew eed Je. ,wse-Jer,,wm Wrv* f(M* Rmr*; tlftcqit*ft ***NI ftwftf, TWR nor. RMR ftRYROUm iRY? R ? NR4VR And her headend, the Story od the eeM Plrhel ngnle, A wed fi, Armm IaM up la In render-* M br..og*E <ew foe present f.lL jnconeened Nernerd aa ewerperae.1 reunion; feiafce and hie aerie frlende, the werl tteg rare'" K juget Ma rlea to ad 5Jn lis mnrnaied i.imMI ?? A"*? PMrr. Daagm. tea mated eoertet and the demon's glee ih- ueentlrw. BTbjbbt its rianea ?u ?r? Jarunee-be dMcrera the erwdoa the suae ilk ?rare am*ien- a erat rie. The lemeter ead U mgwit -a ghmpae of rets re lag reewm. wee a reiaw-TBh nteoB'a otge ganger a wtahwa era usual re. ireC Fterre'i laser to IB mailt A thonghl of renpeaore. Onpld iy peeralle. ? ua ?ki| in'MI TVVR TOftRftRT Rem. eamya'he^ p-reege a Mtppr-y hrt^p. I Ha ame ?mTeruuee rw the tmnt; rterre a retora to the pi mat, falM h? f?Bd the I re mure Pierre's Bid wire wow. Jannuea arrwiM to gnard HM f at he ra ret' IV THE MKETtN't Off TTI? BEIINlk, THE ETtroOL* PRILUANT TEEmInaTIOM OF FIH*E l OTEETCEE INUITTENtaI. mcrio, WTNM. erpTEWly ^fX^E A E ER .... MAaX'"!r?,5Ss-w mead? * uuadrlUe on Whltaee'E nser Opera of 'l^irUne and Mrrnbtafttr?7-" Oturameete-Tbe Trnmpt Mk?.'ewh mle for nerd a pMlrw fharnMenMM wow raJVrp the aonrtm M.tmdMdwg HefW, wbtpa. pMErde he. pTV -Owing IO the MMgth aad Mapflrtaore of the pMoo. iter* win be eo Feme ? ?mmaara el Dome oeoa ? Berth e'elnah, perfurwwBeee enmmmrw at etght o'ehwM. h(mm In metre preperhdw. a new three em Owed? hr Tarn will I- apeedlly pmdeeml AS miWtf SBW %m?*r?Mr Inn Of rreial power aad eoenl eoaMrwMMA. fouMed upea , ?# of the l"te?t raiWBB WW ears gi ?>o TO anf.RtoaE r?Rtw tttbtw v >mm r mmn# trill rft* ftlK**"* ^ ARRWN* ^r%9AM Vtoi R#-n* wi ^ ^ An#rWHH ci?ily, ift ikrtk i fi-. tft "oTe AMWUCAE WW* AI I9U AMVtiKMHN'I'S. Academy or Mimic -tbovatork-oortmm. hiiric t..? In eonaeqnance of the lmmrn?* aiicceea, mm compliance Willi uumeruiut application* for an early i IL TROVATOBK. the director* beg to announce LA TRAVIATA for Thundag evening next *nd for THIK (TDRBDAY) BVENIXQ. K?PT. 11, Verdi* celebrated opera of IL TROVATOBK. MMK ADILAIDB C0BTE8I lu her celebrated rule of Leonora HIO. MU8IANI l: ta:? great character of Manrico. to which ho creat-M nR greIt amihkiiun, by lulroiuci.-a the Ut dl Dottrlne In the grand ana of tin- third hi t. THIS (T 01 St) ATI BYE NINO, RRPT 11, AT 9, for the aecond and laat nine Verdi a popular opera of II. TRl)\ aTORkT ^^Stnf.ADllAIDlCOlTBI. Mine STHAKowH If I'M AX I. A MOW. Musical director and Osoductoe MAX MARKTXflK On WiDituir Sept. 13 at tt, WISH AOKLIIfA PATTI, lu ler admirable role of Elvira, In BeUinl'a favorite Opera ff I PVRITANI MI88** PATTI, BRHiNOM AMODIO, 8CSINI, in tbe principal rburaricrt. Muiica! Director and Conductor MO. MJ219 I'KU Krt Of ADlf 18K10N. , Admfsaion to parquett?, parqutUe circle .fl| Reserved seat* kOcentnnetr* Private buiea (acoordlnr to sue and location M to Ml family circle 50 cent* I Amnluibealre Maaata 1 he aale of tlcbelo for the iL TROVATORB and lor I PV RITANI will commence tble morning, at debt o'cloek, at the o?ce of the Academy of Mtiaie: at RlbeU'a alationery Mere, 13 Wall street, and at lire Ming's. 701 Broadway. \TKW BO WIRT THEATRIC. IM Bole Proprietors, Memra. U. L. FOX A J. W. LINO ABO. TUKSOAT, SEPTEMBER 11. AND DURIN3 TUB WiCBK. U000 PK RH0W8 Pnrlng the past week hare wltaeeeed the gorgeous 3pen 'JirCld Of THB HHWIK OP PALMTBA, Aad the number Is *UU increasing THE ACDITOlW AHTONUHED AMD D V.LI O LIT BO BRILLIANT 8CENKRY, MAUNIFICKNT APPOtN'TMKMTB, OORMKOPS OBMMHR. THR AMAZONIAN MARi'lfBB AND TABLBaJX. Rightly applaud at and encored. The lael acetic representing the destruction or palmtba. roe grandeur of anentc effect Bab nkybb bkbn noradded OX ANY HtAUB IX TUX WORLD In addition to the a bo re the Hibernian drama ef bHAXDY MAUl'IRK With Mr. O.L. rtiX and Mlaa f ANNT HBRRINIA In the principal pan*. B ARNUJIR AMERICAN MURIUM, Coder lb* personal unprrvUuoo of P. T. B A BRUM BENT VK.NTTLATKl) LECTURE BOOM In the world, nod a "at delightfully coo! and dImML EVERT i AT ANP EVENING THM WEEK OOMMBMCIMO ML N DAT, HEPTKMHBR 10, l?. REOPENING OF THE DRAMATIC REASON, wlih on? of th? BEHT DRAMATIC COMPANIES IW THE CITY. Ioclud-iif all tbr old favor.:? Damn* of the eaboM-ithmeiM. gRd many now rH wall known to o ir i tureae. EVERT AFTKENihiN. AT 3 O'CLO IK. AN? EVERT EVENING AT F?,'. Will be at led I be Grand Spectacular HutorlcAl Draaa. In Uiree parte, called JOSEPH AND HIB BRETHREN joneph and him hrkthr kn JI INK EH AND HIM HHEillRKN Tnr strange and MrtTEKinus animal*. THE WHAT CAN THET BE TWO IN NUMBER. AND OF DISTINCT KPE -TTM. One of which hwtTn DINT1NOT HEaDS 1>ui < >NE b?. and n*KH Fool KD 1 hat? Indeantdbable aa.ouue are ??> be 'rat al all konra. *a are alan th? following ? A TATTBOEl. NEW /.EaI.aND C.HrEP LIVING - what IS IT?" OK MAN MONKXT Ibe moa', sm-ising and wond*"fnl creatum knwwn. TMRUKkaT LIV IPG ItI.aCK hba lion. ibe only animal i>- the kind eeerpeen In the AllooUr Sua THE WONDERFUL ALBINO FAMILY, rack arlth pare white akin ailken white hair, p nt eyeA Aa.. tlx" ch born of perfectly h ach nareata thk ladt with long hair. THE Fl NEST AQUA Kl A IN THE WORLD, filled with beanUfai LIVING FISH, LIVING KEAL. LIVING ALLIGATORS A THK FANGS "LIGHTNING CALCULATOR." MONbTKJt .OAK Kg FORTUNE TELLERS. BABT ANACONDAS iiappt family, great vakiett of new wax figuken All thes?. bemdc all ibe Wonders aad Noreltiea jf Ih* Ma scum eotlectloo a h-.rh embrar ra not leae than Stt) ?) CURIOSITIES, f. om ererr par- of tbr Wor d are all yea, ALL TO BK HKKN FOR 2ft CENTS Ck'dren uodrr 10 sratm. It reals MURIUM OF1N FROM T A. M. TILL 10 F * DFERRTTT mil P.-** woMVWTOO ?W?AIL ImpreaaarTo of the impede. ,n(1 roy%; UmaVeb of Encm and r.ow lraaee lit ihr Orleans theatre .if X?.. O-eai.#. Ml ha hpwor In aonmin. e that ha baa enraged (or the regal* r aa ??f tha followtig arlim* - Madam?- Ernrn and D Orar Big r^orliu nhrwllft, Tvpohio, tktu1 'otatu; f?U' >Um ntu at"*! d.raator and conductor. and otbara from Furors H? baa atm mad? arrangements with the manage. of In? Oortea le u Opera Troupa, and M happy tn announce tha: tha folkiw.M ? tare will appear during Uw ana* u -Madame A leiawle ? eat. Rlganra Mieiael and A modi. > \T*W VOBKER RTADT THEATRE. 33 AND ? 30WERT iNI EINKR VON UNHRI I.EUT, Oiaaailr br Berg an 1 Kabarh. Ol'STCHEN VON KA NDKRi G. Farre. by Fnedlleh. PALACE GARDENS ~ THE wren jttenilf comedian* rau u\ EN TNG. PALACB gardens THE WRW JUtKNIU CoVKDIAVR THIS EVEN IXO FAI.ACF GARDEN* THE WREN Jl*VRMI.K COMEDIANS THIN EVEN ING. PALACE GARDEN THE WEEN Jl' \ EN ILE COMEDIAN* THIN EVfN .ING. Ml iRTENI ITALIAN OPFBA COMPANY I Gil III man. HlGl.l >h ;? FtNNf UORINMa Hip armr ADIO imp* to an. i? ar? that thaaa two pram prime d nn* will khnrlly ?-|lre. and will apag?r Part* bp ? ieh>bar la lb? Us.ied Stair?, and alao la Havana, Academy or muric.?fceitani?patti TO MORRi'W iWF.DIVSDaT Repiamoer 12 at 1 Mtea ADill.lNA FaTTT la her admirable rale o' Elrtra WEDNESDAY Nentcmbpr 13 naly a (b' af 1 PUIUTAVt wild the ftVinwtng Immense mar new Miea ADBUNA FATT1 la bar greet r-.le nt Rlrtra NIG BRIG NOLI ae Artnro NIG AMODIO ae ' mSSS NIG Nl'NINt aa "EC Rnelenl Ihrpruir aod Wrsdnetny .. .Nig n-e The Mi# of aeata for I rurtiaa: r maeoca* the anlR T? WANAOERR-V Ltl JENNIE THE WoNDEEFW. skipping rap* eaoewr. aad Fein# Elks Ina pmdtey mt Ma w eld, ha iae ;aat anarhided a miwi a r 3 mt .. engaereaewt al Kara tm ? M .ernm are * IRag tn* with maaaaara. B WILLIaIp. Agent U1 Frank: i etnw MBRICAN CONCERT IIAUa -XR!i Ai? . OVERT I' *1.1.. i*? BROADWAY, Alt RNOADWAT, card -MR IOHN ?" ???-?? -1- trlfkl Tilt ? Ret ler waareg larlr engaged at thia ee-ah'ebmral and wa te kpteur rw Hkt irdky e-aalag ae odrertlaad *-? Tl hi m mdua ?? d be r ? ? W an) apnear One thlag rertaia ha wtb mm appear at any other m a- r ivm em Hall R. W ItTIJ* Frapnaaoe. AmeS H ELF THE NEEDY TMK t HILDRNN OF THE TIVE FOINT* AT PALACE GARDEN. Mr C. A DP FORR?T -he Falaab dvta I In Fir-fteen h airae- near ?'v;h arena# he ring i-ndly fteim the mm . f that relehreted piece of raenm frag In the Flee I .nte Hnoee "f IndnaFy. the rhildren ?f 'hei iMkit i-Jna wtR j b. d e CK aic t' ere im Weda?w<1?y. the 13-b liur daring Ml entire day Fo'dlr enrrwa art;] enmmenee at S e'elnefc F M | In the IVmrert Hall nt the Garden Hereral sew and bahoMfwI Nonga and Der i mat earn by the > htldrea Mr Itaraai shoW snragel le the Sunday wheal of the Imp i ..? e ewe-,: lb? usiariMatnf the eh. dree a r% Nety of Pleaalag gipemientg In I-hern Wiry. Ph raopky. Na tara' Magi' ?n' Reenea la Veou-'isirWat IV< bop# to hare mi* or two rneeds present ah * h> aaaMa par -ter??i:.g remark* A* Mr lie Forrest hse made an fiheral aa cWar R le howwd thai n?r frlemda a 1 deem Una e gmtd ovportuaNy la aid tha Ireaeory of the IrstH t n Caw* Adulte Ji mt eMMren. KrenlA la rwi h shnrud le Wormy na Wednewfey. the ptnatr will he he'd da the art! lalrmay IFldnTTIftN AMD DRAMATIC UmTBUOTIOM -FBI Fe rate pnplW rseetrsd hy a (ret ehum armr. aad rawdeawd rr.-aoeteat for ihe *ret ralaa out a Mk*w. Ad Aram Httua T.ekriU# Fnat idRea New Tor* BLONDTN NOWHERE.?RABRT LERI.ri wru. MAE* ? a grand Bop# Asoeow-m al i Manrrsor -prr Gti hm Hotrken orrw the water from I -mdy'a dork tn Ma toe of 4m neb on NnapenW ?> RGdge a dutiutnr n* giti rem gad 1*1 feat high rw Wedsewtay afteraiam Rept I! al I* a'rlnnh. MMaa* hr Meeera lenwaru '"hi-My la raCm,, .rmnaeue r-a!i Ad ?lMI,? n Ihe gardeafree CHANFRAU Fmp^aMP Flop TV wet NT V'?F?T ttORDONA AND GlUllA RANCETOLI. ? tg. "ERt Al-lft bag* lo amrminre that there two grew prime it mae will ah-noly arrnW and wd", appeal awTy?ta < rtnher la the Halted -late* and a n at Harana ETBflFOMTAN THEATR* BUFFALO - NA TING rembed a pin narafnl aaawm with thmt htfiimat star* tha ?a Mwara wl.: renwen on Monday Rept II w-St .ee dm t'.ag iiahed rawed .a? Mr Nwhein Indies aad gwi gaged will Mat t at tha Theatre *a Friday. R*gi II E icta? IE**. * W N FISH (FROM l/lNDONl. THE ATErckf, i Hara?*?rWii- Wi? Msk'r t27 Graed urwer Raw Tora ?dm?at if Ihararier Wigs eootAanilr na baad. Via M' An?r?.-1?rnil i ttrw-.e wigs ennatatitly on Mrel W ra af rrery dearr'ptl.m. at pWeaals defy (TOETEst ITALIAN OFBR A COMFANT. J ... "?'???* RANCHiOT.r. Nig SEE ADIO haa the pleaeore v, anaoaa?# the ?ogaga weoi m tb* eelehrata* prima tana arm, soprano aad MADAME Ott'LlA RANCHIOL! Whom arttwtr rep- ui oa. airaadr ae-ah .eh?d In (fl Ik? prim* peti-iewretfd Romfe. will ?odil? h?i In rank with lb# grew aai aiMa that har? rleii?d the l agied States and Harana NIBIFTR GARDEN 'RB M NIXON. .j Rale w?" aad Masagar MR FORREST N ENGAGINRNT. NRTtrg -The iadtM aad gentlewrn eegaged *?e rra ??-el I" meet ta the green rarnn na T-iorgdar Repi U m-v, . 'I for Uta opening on Monday, the Lib N. B I I.AREt. Wag* Manay* aOUWmrg NTER EOflCOFIO EXIflNTTtON NTR, "1-1 and H* Reimdway -oraar of Two ? la the | try Inatr ar-.a and ^NHW I'

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