Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 11, 1860, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 11, 1860 Page 11
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??*'??>?, ROOMS, AC., TO UBT. A ?74BL* tOLW. WITH STAUJI FOR TURKU f}oaM Wld ?*r Wl.No. S^enk klreet. Wiebeel KM Slilh avenue. AMBBOTTPK AND PHOTOGRAPHIC OiU.111 TO lot ?mock sad Futures lor ssie Will be auid at a bar taw toi a cash customer. Inquire al the Gallery, 1 *0Ureal t, WUhiuatbofK. Bf?on for lelllng out is atokaeM. ABASEMENT TO LET-109 1'KDaR RTRKKf, POK Uwparage, Boi making, Storage or Urucory. Inquire a? abare, mound story. * A SMALL PRITATK FAMILY WILL LIT PART OP A dmm House, havlug all ibe modern conventenrea, la a PtoMhal kwaUoo no town, to a anail respectable family Ma ?'?auin eiehaogta. Apply at Mr. Bedford a drug store, 717 riffih avenue, two doors rorth of Foriy-aeeood trpei. ABAND80MK THRKB STORY BROW* HTONK House In Leiington avenue, near Fortieth street, to let er lor aale?house contains all the modern Improvements, roatBMO. Apply to JAB. B YAW CLaKF, 710 Broadway. A FURNISHED FOUR STORY AND ATTIC HOURS TO let?In Wererley plane, near Washington square. to a private family; If desired a part only will be let, the remainder remaining unoccupied Apply to VUBCttTU A CO., 3d3 Broadway, bank entrance. ERNIKHRD HOC8B TO LST. A neat and pretty English haeement liouee on Weet Thtr ?Meet, well furni' . fnrnlahed; looaiion 'uuueeptionable. *ar kalsnne ct the year, to May 1, 9878. J A MRS R. KDWARDfl, 777 Weet Twenty third atreet Furnished brown stone front nouRR TfiLwr, le a private family. In Twenty lecmd atreet near Leung HB aranne, adjoining ibe residence V Edward Cooper, Esq . keelve rooms. In perfect nrdrr. Apply ' ? I 12 to 2 P. I Twenty second etreet, from i TjTORNISHKD HOUSE TO LEP?POK THE WINTER, IN f Brook) i n. one block from Atlantic street horse .mra, 10 or IS minutes walk frnm south furry; will be let at a moderate root to a ama.l family. Inquire at No. HR^jih street, oorner el Moore, N. T., room No. I, at Mr. KENNEDY. tjUlRNI-HKI) HOI CK TO J.KT-128 EAST THIRTY P around street; I oar etortee new, modem impi'jvemeuts, well furnished rent only II.UPn, furnished. Inquire un ibe promoi s, fiom S to 11 ?ud I to I. 1DURNISHED HOUSE TO KENT?MO. 90 MADISON AVE ' nor, nest above the ooruer of Twenty ninth etreet. weet side. The tocaiion ? sa deairableaa any In the city; the bourn wee recently bin t end furniahed in ibe >?st naaneer for urn nee at (he isuier. It will be rooted on laiiaiaclory lerma to a jgmrate^fanal^only For partleulnra apply to HOMER MOR rRNIRBKD HOUSE TO LET?OR THE LOWF.R PART Only. It la three story high stoop, contains all Improve mania, half a block oft stage route, and three blocks of Broad way. Apply at IX Thompson street. HOUfMB FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED?TO LET, at lowest rente. In every part at the city; Houses ob tained for tenants without charge. At be American Real ?make Office, 2U7 Broadway, la the basemen:. TkVOTICR-PARTIES HAVING HOUSES TO LET. FUR ll nished or 'lafurnlabed, can be supplied with good tenants no application at our other. Aim paruaa wishing to kirn or purchase ho isee of nay description can be suited by applying to RICH ARPH A CO., 170 Fourth avenue. /YRANOE -TO LET-FOR THK WINTER, A COM FOR V/ table sad convenient House, Ave minutes' walk pom; stages usse the door, healed by faraaee; real KM). Ap ply to T. a. FKENi H. 49 Oortlaadt street, up stair*. ICE TO LBT?IM A PRIVATK DWELLING nOURR Weet Thirty eighth itreel. Oenteel neighborhood. /\mc*s TO IJCT-IN MARK LETTS BANKING \J bouRh X) Liberty street near William; alas a basement. Apply aaabove, to MARK LKVJT QTOKKTO LET-ON BROAD WAT. WW RIDR BKLOW 0 Dey street, ratable for a grocer er any heavy buaiue*. '?l J. ITboi 3,7M TxM office. IM LBT?THK POUR HTORT BROWN HTONK PROMT X Boom, No. 137 Weet Thirty-fifth street, with all the mo fine tmprovemeeia, will be let low netil the let of May; the at atoll a, carpets sad window shades will be sold, at b reason 6mJw5S atreet ?* *** vlmm>am "* to ALKKaNDRK GaW, IPO LBT?A OOTTAOB BOU8B AND (TABLE, HKAUTI X folly locaated on 13Sth street, between Tenth avenue and Btomhrolge rand, Washington Hlghta Apply to PKRKINd A BBOS Tm Bowery, or on the premleea LET?IM JKRHEY CITY, A SMALL BRICK HOL'HR light Rooms, with ell the modern Improvements, two ea walk from the ferry. Kent (SOU K per year. Fur i for sale. Apply at It York street, Je-eey Oliy. rUT OR FOR (ALB-TWO MEW THREE HTORT high etoop brick Honsen, with all the modern Improve mmm.Noa 177 sad *79 West Forty-fourth street For par deahi-e Inquire of H O. LAWRENCE, Bookseller. Mo. 1 Teeny eueet. Astor Aouaa. mil HOTEL E IK PER* -TO LEASE. TUB NORTHERN X Betel, earner OortAndl and Waal streets, N. I.; one of the bast elands la the rity Imnedlaie poaaaanoo given. Apply WHENRT HARBISON. 113 Bedford etrtet, M7T. rLKT-A FINE, MODRRN BROWN STONE ' RUNT Bouse, with Stable, No 9 Be* View place, Hobos en. a swt deairable rsmdeno* Immediate poaeeemoa go ea. Ap ply to H. HARRISON. 113 Bedford etreet, N. Y. rLKT-A FIRST CLASS Hot HI, NO 2M ORERNR ?treat, between Waverley and Ciiatoo placaa, two blucke fTnm the New Tort Hotel, i J table for a family, club or Dual nam. newly painted seventeen rooms -vtth rss end water In lonrtheinrr. Apply to J AH. *. Y AN CLUB) , 7*0 fcruedway. r LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY. AT 13 BE*'ONI) AVE ?we. from four to sit Rooeae on the third story, ? th gaa ?Sd bath Pieeraatly lorated. r LET-PART OF A MODERN BUILT HOUBM, COM strung of parbirn klteben and four bedrooms, separate (WtigetSer wotiii suit a widow lady for e :ew boarder* Cam and stages -onwn.ent. Apply a; ?7 Maraitu etreet, after 10 fTIOLFT-THE HOUSE Ne. 37 EAST EIGHTEENTH NT X between Hree twsy sad 1, arm vaenue. Paes*eex>a can be had CO 'AS I7lb eat. Ibe carpets raise I at 93U0, and eopi ly W coal for an moatha valuod hi east, MB. must be uurehaeod. L euro oo lb# prom teas, or of HRMRT yl'ACEKNHOHit. office of the Eiaalaior Fire laenraoee < oiapaay. US Bread ^*7; ______ f|W> I.E9?DWEI.LIMO PART OP MO. M? CANAL 1 ew-et, near vartrk. eme rooms, large and handsome; three mime now occupied by highly rmpertabl- tenants, wh-1 can he -w occupied by htghiy reepnetabi* tenants, wrbo ran be If deehped Apply te J BARROW, Jr., *9 Pine teemeni), be* ween 11 nnd 3 o'clock. rmm IJtT?THREE BTORRB, EAST POURTKRMTH strvet. between Fo-irtk avenee and Irvlsg place Ma 71 ffihued for a gealeel ealoon. Ike other .wo are w*U ealcolaied rar ear kind of b isineee, being la e Bret rale Imatton Also the emvmd Floor of the house a Bast Flfteenik etreet. ? k gas and water, ntaattoe le good. Apply el 79 ffimt Pj .rumuk TO LET-OMR OR MORE BOO MR CONNECTED TO X quet pereone without. klldree or eervnsta In h fhm ly of BMW; use of partes, with piano; silt a '.eschar, ~ 'aery store. Natit,C ?' m' rH LET?AT MO 9M WA-HINOTON ?TRBBT, HOBO kea. the whole or part a aloe brick houw. gaa water, ?yV Xpplyjnjhe |f Mil, cr atTTatBew lag office 121 Naomn eueet. M. f. rur-ro a nrrnciAJf, a front rabrnrnt r. a haadanaaa1} I .miiti 1 brown MM honor, aa .a<?l Ib Loitojiuw araaua. aaar Ifcrtj alchth auwat. Ailia E. A., ?mown rows Eutr-m raw run most bi 'ronl HnmB Waal forty Bfth nil, Mi aroouaa Alao tha IW Man Hoats, bm i EKL? way. bBBBBMBt oMca. far bb ontar 10 aaa tha Itat. mo LBT-THB WHOLE OB PART OF A TBBBB KTO*t 1 Bouos, wMfc ? olara BapisiawtBlA In a road Rood. Apelj BB thaj-rsausoa Wo ?S Waal Bb^[ IB Bintai tar BfMr 3 is Lbs afMraooa. lOllAIIB araair, flit r LIT?THE AMALU OBNTBNL HOORR ON TUB ? ims of twaoty W* rtroat wd bMb lor B ?Bi?n fatal It Tit haaoa la la op If paawsd sad palatal. kaa all teprotsMM^H hSh rklNHtilMRR A OO., 341 fourth mwb mo LBT IN BBOORLTN-m Ihroa Maahs of fahao farrr Rao OBPROR H I.TON, ? NVMaoh > BBBBBION INMNDIATB ?a, naaahBtoo of Bra aond p too aa ally altaaawi wiihta ? lid a yaar la>r:lra at mm, Btuhlye. MO LBT IN BOROKRB?A TURKIC NTORT AND B4NR A hrtch Dwalllac la aa rieallaat Inaatto aaar tha fin, BlBB, saw ntorr oort BaaaoMBt . nataat V Third awl gig 'M wraaw lagatra of DR N. BKNBON. NBl ? Oar mo LBT OBBAf-TWO BROWN KTONR Rom* NOR 1 IU aod nt wan f<oty atohth oMjsL hotwoaoRhMh aad jUirwaO. laqntra af HaNTORD A BROWNflO. 331 mo LBT OR IJI4RB?THB TW 1 hrtrh Hooaa W Waits ttrwn. pat to r> ropM* nrdrr pad palaud o PUB. An'T " W Watar Mrwtd. TJ TTORT ABO ATTTO BM> I Anal; haa jual Sara thrimni"', has rat aad Iff IT ANTOEIA L I . THB LATA RBrtl ? of Boaar WMMohbb, Bat-. doBBaood Tha pra ??????MBimHlMMliiBi Bbbbb pod shoot BB Bora a land. rtioata bb arsaaa. aBBIt ihraa bBbbb wa? of Ma Nil I aad mmmbnm iWln*. srra^fctrsSSS ,v-w~ RROAPWAT BfOBBR?TWO BfOBBB OB X tha wart Mr at Br mdwrny. Iiltna tha Nrw Tnrt Ho M ood BV tooth OB Bit, a 'tprawtly Au?d np wNh tatawlaOa BmaoMoa. oloo a Mo roars laaar of a talnaMa M oa IBs aast Mt^r^tnr. An>t m tboNab J 74 rlllT A BRAT TWO BToRT OOTThOR, WTTH I aetaeat.* ptaaaarily aa-a>~1 al WrwaaMIM, Now Jorary tram whvh la a Mar rtow nt tha ?ohi'Bb4Iw? rountry, Now Tw% <dir aa4 Mar A flna horn aad -*rrlnr? hooaa la aoashad lo lha araehaa, aod e well r? .'Ofad n?lat? at fraH troat Bed Mr ihbrry Apply MIX *l'"l ilraanrllla. N J N. B? IBM" Boorlp lama Jaraay < *7 farry. nil OBBKNB BTBRRT. ALBTON HOCNE. ?FLBQANT (70 fnrnlahad aaNa of ApamauM, wBh anti rsatawaa for MoN|l IB aa onwoM: nunr wait airy atufhaO TTKNTINTRV. I ? tbo tirrt A BTlfK'l Al. BONB flUJNlt PORMMaTBI ^srs.s nsffur. - KF^?.ia SBS*. t-slsb. L BOTT . ?? NOWfRT. orronrTB n*TH ATRIKT, I " C (nil Wt of Trrth "n parr allrar. ?J , ? D'aiira BBA Aftlhrtal bnoa Blilat InaartAl wltho.: pain, ?ala ii 'l'l ?> ?"BW t'tl- AmaAfaoi Hlcwtita. All work Ii. UV ****** (JRAPr ATRIT AfBORON DRNTBT KWWW ,Tgr>^5Ur?i^N~ dbnttntb, no. m brand - fauna oraat Rronhlya, tf Or haprorwA aaonoeborlB roma -mi Olrwr ?? l? bwm. to rr wnamM wt-wm.-r iBa tow-to oito. w. aaa lot nr m>h.r I in aoM. ??. dWm M partial rata no paid 0? ?? no ii famk AIW wOA pnW. ??: pnarla. fcwa prwora. Rwob taBthanroawa aoAwBi paio, at aaoR F?l FOR HAL?. T^Vtand /or ralk -ii ~washihoij>n *AMA?r, A In a good locaikM for orport For further partiau Win Inquire "f I.KW 18 J ?IRK. <i ?cood Urot. A MMI CHANCE-FOR SALE VERY low. HAT A lng do use for it, A Ho- M Orover A ilttk. r bUig w* out Machli e, in petiect oner and working oondlUoo, reeently coot 8100. _ *? ' AV' 617 Second avenue, near Thirty seventh street. A N OY8TKB AND LAQER BIER SALOON FOR HAL*? A Fixtures good, on the corner of Twenty fourth street and Flnl avenue. No. AOS. The owier htoother business to pee to. A GRAND CHANCB TO ENTER A PROFITABLE BU8I A Dam. already established ana paying a (<>sl round profit; the 1 lock and Fixtures of a first rate Plot ore Store. In one of the beat looatluns on Broadway. Block light. A rare chance to make money. Apply at ADO Broadway. Dining and lodging hoube, with bar. fo t ?ale; fifteen years established, .lane a large and profits ble business, long lease, handsomely filled up, local loo f >r business unsurpassed C. B. UOWKa A CO., No. 6 Cent e Street, oppueite the Park. -rtXPRER8 E8TABUBBMK.NT FOR 8ALB.-AN KX'KL A lent Morar. Harness, fir>t class and nearly lew, covered Wagon been run but a (hurt Ume, the whole Is g?l order. Apply at SSI Bprto* street, or address box 1,868 Post o?oa. IR HALF.?TtlK LABOR BOOT AND 8B >B STORE corner of Twenty seventh street and Third avenue. No. M. doing a good biudnees. the stand, for retail and order work, * one of lbs beat In the city, wtli be sold on reaaa able term*, with all the Fixtures of the Store. Reasons for selling out will be explained at the store from 7 A. M till 10 P. M _ maxwell a mcinttee FtOR HA IB?THE I.B A RE AND FIXTURES OF A s large K:ore No. SB Hudson street, corner Van dam street, suitable for dry goods, tailoring or any other business Foe session can be glvrn one month irons the sale of same. In quire at the premises A gen s need not apply. rB SALE.-A LAROB AND HANDSOMELY FITTED np Tea Store, doing a good cash business. This la a rare rhanee for a business man. Apply at .138 Third avenue, he twen Twenty sixth and Twenty seventh streets, N. Y No agents need apply. rR SALE?THE LEASE, STOCK AND FIXTURES OF tbe Emblem Shades, 30 Myrtle avenue Brooklyn, with ? Dwelling included, and rent low. It la uow Cntn < a safe Dees, and will be sold at a bargain, fail at tbe premises for two days Satisfactory re aeons given for selling. btOR 8ALB-TTIK POUR YEARN LBA8R AND 8TO<'K OF the grocery store, MS Thrrd avenue, where a cash b ut; nets of ToO 000 per annum is doing and has been dsns during the last seven years. Satisfactory reasons given for selling. A pply on the premises. Pitt SALE?IN ONE OF THB RENT BUB1NB88 LOO A tlons of the altr, a Dining Saloon, with bar. elegantly fitted up; doing a large and profitable business. Satisfactory rea sons given for selling Also a Lager Beer, Lunch andOyeier Saloon; a capital chance for a German. 0. 11. HOWES A CO , No. fi Centre street, opposite the Fark. TT'OR 8ALB?RESTAURANT,?(fillO WILL FURCHaSR r the half, or $l,UU0 tbe whole Interest, In one of the oldest and best established Restaurants down town, doing a large each buaineta Principals only dealt with. Address, with name and number, A. B. O., bsi 3.761 Post ofltce R HtT.K-RESTAURANT AND OYBTBK SALOON. No. 3 Third avenue. F? FOR HALE?A MAHUFAOTURINO CONFRtTTIONKRY or a partner will be taken; Implemests all aoesplete, orders for more can than be fulfilled. O. B HOWBftAOo.,; No. ? Ceni'e sirre', opposite the Park. 17?OR HALB-AN OLD R8TAHLI8HRD MANUFACTUR 1 leg Business, of 40 j earn standing, In this cUv, with no a mpendno, and all faeUUPa for doing a urofitable buslneas with the largest bouses In the ctty end country. BROWN A ROWS, 81 Nassau street rtR PAI.B?A WELL LOCATED FAMILY GROCERY dtnre. elegantly fitted np. long lease, stock small and well selected; will sell low pert cash and part on time or eichange for property. Apply to WILLIAM MACEAY, 99 Fulton avenue. Brooklyn. r)B HALE?THREE YEARS' LEASE. WITH OR WITH out Work ?nd Fixtures, of u Feger store, with dw rill g ?eeo d floor". Broadway. weet ?lde For particulars inquire of H1HN 8. PATTBBmiN, ltf Broadway, third fltxw. For balb-an old ertablished fawcy store. Apply on premises, Ml Wooster street. Mrs A. HRBWBB. P)R HALE CHEAP?THE ETOCC, LEtRB AND FIX utres of a first class gentlemeo'e furnishing and fan-v dry good* store, in ? ne of tbe principal street* In Bronhira. which ?as always done s good business Any person wishing to em bark in the same, would here meet with a good opportunity. Reasons given for selling out on Intert sew. Address J. A. i.. box it 9 Herald cfliaa. >R 8 A LB OB KXCHANOB?A PORTER HOC8R. A ? tod lease at whale bona- An old stand, on the beet avenue la I be elty. ' ddrese No. d Erie Building, up stairs. F?! Fulton market lease for bale-the lease and Futures of Cellars No. 11 and 11 Fulton Market, onrner H?r|man and Front streets, suitable for a bar. diatag. or bil liard room. Tbe lease sold separate, If repaired. Apply to RDM AND NORTH, 13 Dutch J " f ROCRBY FOR 8ALB?LOW RENT, DOING A RU8I U nees of S46U per week, lease three yearn. A CapllaJ chance for one atth a small capital C. H. BOWER A CO., No, ? Denies street, opposite the Fork. ('ROVKR * IU K RH H SKM IPO M Ai'HIWR FOR HALS. T aleurtkn. 10 d?>, At 1 o'clock M tbe auction Morn a# fti herds Kii.gmlajd A Oa, US Brosdm;. Cast UMl war ranted pQgfeci. Hat pturb tor valb-amomo thr hbht a*d ?nnal <RBttbl> k ma led. and duing ? *'??! firm nw hiial nraa. Will ba ?oki low la oooseqiiaacii of kaelag otaar ?gago meal*. A rare chance BHJtiB A KOI TH WICK. 83 8h LOOKIIIO ULAN AMD FIOTURR FRAME RTORR FOR ?ala -heap; ? rood aland for a gilder can here tha a bote or u; portion cf the Mock required; the owner muM go Into Ike country to attend In otbe- rnatnaaa. Inquire of (I. RACE RR. M Maawn atroak rw?a Mo. 1. T IQCOR RTORR FOR RALR LOW-1* OONRBQCRBCR L< of other -ogogrmenla. Naally Mod ut, >H?wW fnralabsd; 'keep rrntdniag a good bnnaaaa. and will bepnJT Urely anM at a great bargain. Blt.OR ^ ROCTHWIOK, 81 3mm Mraat T IQtJOR RTORR FOR BALK OHRiP-IN A OOOD U> 1j caltiy. Inquire of M. FKaLT. U1 Hudson aireet, roaaar ofTandaw. PIIILADRLFHIA HOOHB TRT FOR rtALBOR TRADR? -.lid on ao-nant of aary IU baa'lk of the proprietor. artll ba dwpuaed of ?ery to? Par caab. Ri tWnr Bt.OUMa trada. US aad ife Fourth treat, sear oread. hroofclja PHOTOORAFH AMD AMBROTTFR QALLBRY FOR aala ebaap ?Tbla la naa o< tba Snoot laminae la tbi etty. aad tbe gallery bandsoaaely btiad ap. trill ba aatd -beep If sp itted for 1Mb weak. goad I aaaa. tow raw, Ac. Imjulra at 2* gallarj. 188 Bowery. CARTI ROCS AMD ORAIM MILL. AMD A FORTH)* Ooacadad tha aaiy mill at lalaa 9H* ARTS ROCS AMD ? of tba paler, foraale.^^^H TJPtolnere, ladnalag to Impalpable ?IHRWMRB^Ri. eaauyrtw POUTHW atofung. res. 88 Ma HA KB URAMCR -a WHOLRPALRCAdH BUXIKRPK or twenty )(an Handing for aala Tba am.mat of buainaas aow dntag atoned# balf a rntUmn dnllara yearly, Italy a am da rate Mjaltal required. For f nrtbar Inf matim -ad at mom S, Ma. fwall strait, brtwwen the toxin of 1 and 1 P. R. for CJTRAMBOAT DMDRRWRfTRR FOR RALR ?IR IT# O faat laag, ?% faat baam. ho kaaa burthen baaaWtnob cylinder. ? fool stroke: baa a aaw bnflar. aad la la parfart or -tar for pjpBj <Wi ba aaaa at tba fool ad Thirtieth atowet <d aala apply to ? DRWROOT. Lai I SRWIftO HAi-BTMRR FOR RALR-TRW OROVRR A Rabat'a B. C A D a, appropriate for baa maklmr and toWery wrb; wirrna ted pert est aad sag-"d aa eew Win be antd cheap fop caab Addreea ft A. l-wrgtan ream 8) ? Broadway. Raw Torb_ _ rC ARRlADR MARRR<1 -A LABOR FaCTORt"FOR Bale wall kwatod, baring a gnnd ran of b lainaaa A aptonrid ctoutaa for a praMtoal aaaa to maka a forlnna 7nr ma apply to ARRARaM FOWLRR, Ra. 877 Hrnadway. ap Haifa, frowi 10 la I ?'clash. A] WrU. RTT "ORB ~OF~THK BRRT MyPOR 9a*-7vF auwas in tba f wirteaaib ward, alargaamr* of I to war dntag a goor caab trada; twn vaars leaae M law rwot. patd oa to IXW h. r let. good aoartanmto far a faatBy. Apply taltoynatoa IU Mod Hraaj aaar Baator. ? for* PALI. A LIitHT MAJrUFAtTTURlRO I OtA). Hao'iwwa aaw la <weraOoa. WUlaatl nbaap. ao tba owner la gntaa I rath. Aloa, Laad to oaahaaRB far bgwofa nr atjwra. A rare cbaaca. Apply at ? Raaaau Hraat. rouai _ "pAbCHBACAIW ? m. ^ ~ A DODWOBm DARUIM ACAORMIB8. A. W8 Riaadaag. Raw (at, *VSSESlt?U2nrfl^BDATWtol^ Tat Ti'RRPATR aad FRIPATR la BmoAtya. AAA F. B. tor ehfliwa?at IF. M for gaaUawaa. fbaaataaas ia Raw Tart, f apt. 8R la Rrantlya. Oak | la add tana la tba Opart Qaadrtda. Frtaee Iwa wtola Rear, aaaa Rtoptre. aad ntbrr aneial danoaa, Mtonat Qwadrtlla. Ua k k?'1 ? vber edneatkmal daocea already Intrndil?d by Mr DODWDRITI. a radtaty of as war tinw wtu ba hraafM Ra ward during tba iiihiii ai. tba tfnadrtlto Runtaai. aaaa etafly adapted la Rw taulupiaul at grarafnl axreaaaaafbl Otrralar at Uprbr Aa.. way ba bad at Wthar I ml way. Brookt? (>a*<tmoacadrmt.881 rroorrrtrrht. L PROARRo IIROOKRW wtH apaa bta aradmay Tneadey. Brpt. U. IRRB, f?w adalta. aad ? einaaday. Rapt 11. for abildraw. I tba ftabirinat ie daarea wtu be iiamdaaa*. togMRgp tgRR Iha aaw UMI heanttfal Freach lynadnBam FatRCK IMFRRIel. aad LA R0 n IM( F R. < *>..trr? War. eedxya earl xatwrbaya. Awat I to I F M. 1MB o^T^men l" ^T'"ya" end Frideya fram 7 to I Ladtoa am Tneadaya aad FHdaya.ftwj IHdXW r Imar ataaae* taatoxaad by Mra Frt'kie Lwenaa at towuw am naaaptod by 411 Rw , ? daxrwo lengkl ? ROFRHMHI RORDR TltF' TMO ACAORHT MO. 08 Htoeekr* atreH qrafaya f?r ladxw. FHJK XAl.R?A TQ17MO bKTTRR OCBi. tRR W jRTrtt 1 old Oan ba aaaa at Mo tdV, Baal Rl . taaac. mreat, till GCFR. Rlt'LM RRTOt.TRRA, PHOT FOVCRRR. Ff.W art ?,e.?. <leaae Rara. Aa, Ifee lerreot, boat ead 'Met aw aaanrtment In tba at FR A Pi'laRirMOuIi fll ratabltobrdatrrr dPf* ibtoaatraat. AD gnnda werraatad aa repreaer. ed ____________ KRW RTHOORRR TIORT FOR PAI.R - ?rRR FORTT. nnr feet Inn* erewe twenty taoR BM we- onraaleiad dnae laat for a geeiletnen ? i.wn <ie?. but wto? anw M M Mat ta MM bee Nbe la *r* ep a ibe mod eiepent etyla la fao aad aafo. am-par featewan end ' leetei. ptdrnt bmrka Ae. kit wirtplete. Tn be area et IRORRIMiLI. P. toagad and '-beepi aw wrwifen etw atetalBa boat he-ear In tbe wori I 3*8 Hmuli M FROTRtTTO* W'iRTfIT OF MRRCtt kRTP' ATTRM Una - Impnetad Fng ek '??ill IV* fd oaanut'lad n aa a tratob d'W end being ven (eatle wt'b tbnaa that tote* ebe'ge at him. aged tern -eara. we ?lit aeeaatyatt ixr.ede. aaa be hemtbt far baMblo Mine. JaMKh K WAUttR _ lit t'altnn Hreei R. T. \TATRT FOR PALIi-Tn FtRTIRP TWIMSITU or 1 1 Meebaalaa Teebto 'hPra la * er-ieedid ntipt'ctnetly ottered tt ' nytag tate e, iretyppw af Trf t-m. . rynntefe tbr rnd nti. nf lb# 'eeteet tetlere ,n tbe deto et a ??a?l rednetl m t 'te.'Ot e? ihe ..ertere bar* rm fnr'b-r b-r II d~ee . I Tb new r?ee. <w ' r.j |t MB ?RO?t FT l|g Aaaaae aa bb ?OJyiDI!l6 AND LODOISG. _ A PRIVaTE FAMILY, n ?KHT MINKTEEMTB STREET, will let the entire Second floor, with Hoard, to a gentle man end wife or two or Utree gentlemen; houae ountalna the modern improvement* a rtrBJWBin room or thx first floor, with J\ bath mon adi-.nlng, to let to one or two single gentle men. Inquire el lit let??.. near at Mark's plane A private family, residing in a firht class bones 103 Baal Fourteenth street, oopoeite the Acade my of Muale. would let a few elegant rwrlors and Bedrooms, to families or alngte gentlrmna, with Board. Dinner at Ml pVlork Reference required APBIVATM FAMILY WILL LIT A dOIT OF HARD eomelr fnrnlahed Room* oonetetln* of the entire eeoond Boor, t<>rether or eeoarate without Board, to gentlemen only, or applying at Ra 141 Ninth street. third door aaet of Broad way. AOOUFLE OF YOUNG MEN OAR BR AOOOMMO dated with a aloe furnished Room end good Board tn a private family A pply at 137 Fifth meet, between Flint and Second a rentier on the Bret floor. AOBNTLEEaN declining housekeeping de ilrra Hoard frr himself, wife rhlld and nurse, In a prt vale I nelly where they will feel et home; any family wishing tn leeeen their ei peases, ami deatre an agreeable family for ootnpany. wil add rem M P.. boi 131 Her ale office No board ing houae keeper* need aaewer AFBW VKRT desirable ROOMS SUIT ABLE FOR famillee and tingle gentleman, to rent, with Board, for the winter The houae Is first clem and the location eery de sirable Ptnnrr at ?'! o'clock Apply at 3i West Twelfth street between Fifth and 81 xth arenae# AFC IT OF WELL FURNISHED BOOMS, HBCKjRD floor front, wlih Hoard In a first clam boom, with all the mo 'ere conveniences, near cars and th -ee llnee of ?tare* Ra 71 West Fourteenth street, first house west of Sixth avenue, ASMAL! FAMILY, RESIDING ON BEMREN STREET, Hrooklyn, wish to accommodate two or three gentl-men with Booms snd Hoard. Has. bath, Ac Location every way desirable. Address Remsen Street, box 1,641 New York Poet office A FEW VERY HANDSOME BOOMS, OR THE SECOND floor to let, with Bosrd, furnished, together or separate, suitable fee a am el family married persona or a party of gentlemen; home first clam with all the modern Improve ments Inquire at 168 Lexington avenue, corner of Thirty first street A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET A FURNISHED PAK lor and Hedmo n no leoond floor to one or two gentlemen of quiet habits; bouse first c'aas, no boarders or children; si 106 West iVrnty s-c md street, near Sixth avenue. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET A SUIT OF HAND Homely furr Is bed Rooms on seoord floor, to a party who will pay Ibers lly for the oun'orU uf a how a. Call at 37 Went kighteenth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenue* or at 78 Cortland street ARRANGEMENTS CAN NOW BR MADE FOR VERY desirable accommodations In a first clem house, where there will be racaoclei In the course of a few days; Dinner at an o look. 63 St. Mark* place, Eighth street, near He .-ond avenue. ASl'IT OF ROOMS TO RENT, WITH BOARD. FUR ?iehed or unfurnished, separate or angle, tn a prl -ate hours with all the modern Imp rvjrwmen * Iniuire at 133 IS rat t went) second street References required. AYCVNG WIDOW LADT, LIVINil ALnNB, HAS ELK gently furnished Roams to let on B-owdw*), near Union square, by the day. week o? month without Board. Address L. a. U.. Madia m square Poet offio* A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET THE entire *?< ond floor and front rooms on third floor, faraiahed. with lull or partial board. nanUle* gas and bath. Location pleasant Ho. 43 Kaat Twentieth street, near Broadway. FURNISHED BEDROOM TO LIT-LARUE SIZE; suitable for a tingle gentleman, In a quirt house, where there are no other boarder* Is oonvenlem to care and ilagea Kt nt 64 60 per month, at 33 I bird avenue, between Nlntk snd Tenth air eel* A night hey given. A A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIPE OAR BR ACOOM modeled with a Room and Board at 17 Mleeeker street At a private boarding house, furnireed Rooms lo let srtlh full or partial Board. Gentlemen pre ferred Befemeea exchanged. 3U Reel Thirteenth street near Fifth avenue A private family, residing in a pleshsnt localH) up town, would let two desirable Room- to tingle gratieairn, with partial Board Anv one Id search of home comforts aaay address A M., box 2,431 Poet ofltoe. AT 36 CLINTON PLACE- A FINE SUIT OF ROOMS ON second floor, and two on the third, with good Hoard, ??r 9Be kancscme Room* srtlh a private table. Also, single Kooma fur gentlemen Ke.'erenoee ex hanged. At wafhinoton heights, hodson river, forty n . r minutes by railroad end steamboat fram Chambers street Severs) very deelrabie Rooms are now vacant la the River bar Ho tat. the lor. tkm at this house, In the immediate vleluk' of High Bridge and Fnrt Washington, *HM>ot be sur Peased for coovmlcDce of acres and beauty of aranary The are Mop eighteen limes, and steetabnat twice dally In front of me place, laid street Applications for rooms can be made at the Hotel Hi 'Jcrma-n, corner of Fifth avenue and Twentyse cond at, set. Abut of furnished rooms on seoohd floor to let, to air. 1- aeoliemco -r gentlemen and wlvaa. at a moderate price, house bee all the modern ooovealennaa, sad la rimteateai W -are aad stags* Oa 1 at 413 Wast Twenty third ?tract. A FCBN1BHBD ? ITT I HQ HOOK ABO TWO RED J\ rotnaalo let arltaout Board, oa tbeaeenod Itnnr of a bunae ? ciifW by o uu ! private family Apply M flt hiMIMA mwl poor lrvto( plaoa. At KI4 BAIT TWBBTTRTBBT REBNT, OB AMR EOT Park.? tillable Boo?, wHA Board, fur faaaillaa and *n*'a par ttomee^hoiae trot olaaa, wBfeaU toeproraaaale. 0U-Dor Ot I, try Iffci t A FEB VKRT DBHIBABt.B NTTBLT FUBMIHHED Norma tr> lot lo grnllraoo. an lb or wttbmil partial Board. Applt at ST* Fat. rib Mraat, aoar Uteft Uo plaoa. AMD PCI It ?* NT DOOH'.B AND HINtlLB *l'IT OF | Hono r torn I'arlora and thrao alnrl* B <M lo lot artth Hoard, all Ma,, rnra-mrat*. Annan Aral ''[arr I'aliai No l.Mn Hnadaay. hotwnon Thirty Brat aad lBrty roc.n.1 Areata A GENTLEMAN AND WIFB OB TWO BfMGLB GBN ilraioa ran bo aamauaodaiad wttfe Rnoaaa. fnrolebed or unf tirainbad, altA fall or partial Board, at M Waal BM at, be ???ii tib aad :tb arm. AOKNTI.EMAN AMD NIB WIFB OB TWO OB THBBB orr1* t?M>?rn -an -m m oatiaodatnd ?Mb Board at ?? Wr.t Imlt aanod erent. Una** tery plaaairu Bo I ambers r?i oiraoA AFIRE NCIT OF BOOM*. 'UBBtoHBD. WITH BATH runai rirluolro Bar Ho oidatoad by aparty of thraoor fo-ir auk prlrmto lablo / domed. Apply at US Ntotb meet, a I oar dourr ami of Hr-mlaey. ATOrNO NAN fHHt* A HBDROOM WITH BREAK faat tud Toa, in a rod. plam. mepettahle bnuao. below l wot ttrnh ? root rod boot Witt avaauo. Addraaa Uomfort, Herald oWre, A neatly furnished PARLOR BBOBOOH TO Irt-to a tiagla (eatlemaa, la a prlrmln Aoiartnao fami ly b>< ablest aad tearaa bo bad If re. I-ared, aara aad ato?aa ewmaJoat ('ell at 1U Blrtoatoa otrorL ArMALL FA KILT. BATINO NOBB BOOB THAN I bay rrvilra, wmM tot a front and banb Bnnaa. furaisbad. Iboan appmetetinf a q iiot i?o(nrt?Mr borne pmfrrrad. For tbnan apprmiatlny a qotat mmtr parttratora nail at I3S Baal Fifty aad Tbtrd araatwa A^mr BO 10 WBBT WAHHINiiTON PLACE, NBAR THB Parrda (mead. Bnnauiia in wttb Board, reference rai | ga'rad. BMCOND RTOBT BOON TO LRT. WITH BOARD IN a prtrrlr tamlla hy applying at tO Doatlalra mead. la ??to-u rod Tartob Broad army? m > gaalla?n vary Itoiilb. Ah tOCHU tikntlbn a a and HIH wire wihii to ? obtain permanent Hoard Hi a prlratn family wbar* tbara I am no tbor huardera. I?ik? In Rr tnkJya < tneih Brooaiya pm'nirnd), aad to a raapontablo or igbbortund. WU1 famine tbrlr rraa moat Uaeaorptk-ataHle reforeeras ptm Ttrar ?not ba moderate AWita ton 131 Herald oBWa. A V BRt DBNIBANLB Fl NNHfHBD BOON TO LNT, A wHb irrt ? lare Board to o?Ng end adfe alon tat. ptooa. Poartb atraot. a PABLON AMD BSDBOON WaNTBD-BT A BlNGt.K | Addraaa B a topno anbbican widow, A r-ea let a pkaaeat alealy' trnlabad Rnr^^^^^^^H and ladr. ml Board far ba lady W.-.M aoooaaarndatoH arrraat In youeg lady. Tabla pnod, board wanbly la ad ^HWmMHiBaMftiaaMaaai A T n notrNBiA htbbnt bbookltn iibtohtb Oao or laro rrry ton Burma ?a anba or atofly, nan ba I aim re. Dinner at < o'r.VnrA. H?f? ,W A T If* BAFT TWENTY FTBUT BTBBBT OBAHBBCT A Park- DnWrmMo Bnnraa, for i aaalltra aad aa(la cnatia ?aa. bona* bailaa. diaanr at W?. bay lo part. Apbtvatb fanilv ?U Ijrr a fablob abd Hndronat. ?l*a?nUy faraiabod. la a amdara oinao front buaar. aU ol tbm* alauUa aralb amal of Badmia aqoam A daa mmmmm ?< map*naMUlr wao armi'd ayurwriaaa tbn rronloraa aad ma raant of a baiidoioao piii an raaidaaaa. taay addmoa I.. Hoi Iff Ha rapt ntoan a I.ADT AND OENTLBltAN. ON A FEW RINOLB A j . m. - ? Cal?tt drt A npyam At Jnba'a Park wbata tbn RdBforla of a bra* aaay ba final, tram. QaBal ?t itoban r 1 A FEW MtBtlLB OBNTLNNBE CAM BE AOOONNO dalnd arttb pod Hoard and pliaaanl Rnxad * Mb all lb* aandrra aaproraainia Taoa a- lirm |f? Warartoy A I yntiav "Oopln dnntr* paraiaaaat Hoard In * rnapnrtabld prtrai* rurally. nHnrn tb*r mmpanT arnuld ba lanra of aa rditnrt I ban tbn prton paid. rnnaonpOnnahl# mfrmaaoa (trail, i Tninw sbool T7 I .ireUna ar*a| ?f Hr?ed war '-referred. Ad 1 drroa. al?llri( t artomlara, W F. O.. Hnrald otonn ARM AI J. FRITATF IIBILT HAB ROOM* TO LRT, ? Mb Rtnrd. tr laanrtnl ?r Wagla (oatlorann. Loratkra j piraoai't. Hla?ro aad oar* paap tbn dnor Apply al It B.(bad I arnan*. hrtanoa Aid aad Tvnlftb Mraeto. near Abtecdue at|t*arr Board hrtbrai. pUUhant and WELL fur ntabrd Bra<ai?. arttb Hoard, at S3 (Baton plana, aamr FlftA 1 arrnon Board-a i.adt mbmbour ot nnodbiM EUat Mo ?r*rtm*aln blndmno aad boaaa aUnatViB. nan bn ae rnniBOdatod arttb ptirat. Hoard, anraiaa and rrary mittoim earn, la a pbyWrtoa ? f?aal<y. m rbiWaa or bnardrra, Ad Ina N. ID. toatlna DPmoBm. N. T BOARD.- ONE OB TWO PfTRNlNWim ROOM* TO LRT wttb Hoard anitnM* 'or a (nntlnamn and ai'n nr taroan (In pa'laam, at 121 Nlatb atraat, a frtr Ariro n?at of Hr-d ear: tbn brranr ban an tb* narvlnrn bapror*<n*ntn. Ba>A ED.-II tWFI r~ H NTBCBT RrTWdRN ' NTfEE ?tty pane and f 'lb atmro* p-rr abad mn?, - - t, ?? - .nrfiara -a an-; bit ? 1 uiw I wat.ida lb# WJdt.o laiprvtaMaaia. BOAtiDl*? AID LUD6HO. BOABD.-WAbHlNGTOM SQUARE BOOTH. ?HAN U aomely famished ktumaa, suitable for fsmilns, tw let, with Board, ?t the above delightful location, also, Rooms fur single gentle MB. Inquire at 222 Foorth street, Washington Square South. Board?u obohbt btrbbt, BETWEEN B BOO MB and Spring streets. A 8"S large back Ronsn, drat floor, grate, Beatrice, Ac., well furnished for single geaUeotea; also akn^le Boons*; bath, Ac.; a good substantial table, finally Bo BOARD?AT a BAST FOURTEENTH RTBRRT, BB tween Fifth avenue and Union squire, with Rooms In one, or tingle, for families or single gentlemen, with all mo dern conveniences end well furnished. Board-clinton placr.-a pamilt aud onb or two ffingle gentleman ena procure vary desirable fur nished Booms, with Board, at <1 Clinton olaoe, two doom anal at pifth avenue. Refereeoee eichanged. Board-in a private pamilt, with handsome ly furnished parlor end bedroom, on second story of bouse <3 Hammond street, between Bleacher and Fourth i tree la. Board?a partt op qkntlbmbn, or a qkn lleroan and lady can be ecoommoiated with a nice large m> on second S or; modern improvements; parties elan lag a permanent home for the winter will Had thin n desirable one. Call at 13 M Mark's place, Eighth street TJOABD -HANDf-OMELV PURNI8HBD PARLORS AND D Bedrooms bPiet, in one of the pleaaantest parts of the city. In a first class private houee, with all ihe modem improve meats. No. 79 Bait Twelfth street, near Broadway. BOARD.-TWO OB THREE BIMOLB QBNTLEMBN CAB ba ancommodated with nice Rooms and good Board at 200 Fourth street, Washington square. Board.-a private pamilt will let, with Board, to a gentleman and wife, or a few single gentle men, 'mat Room, Bedroom and Pantry; 88 loSlO per wetk Hath and gas in the house. 161 West Twenty eighth street, near Ninth avenue. Boakd.-to let, with board, a la rob, hand some Parlor, with an extension, on the first floor; also, a ? utt of comfortable Rooms, with Pantries, on eeoood floor, with bath and gas. Apply at 48 Clinton pines, Etgh h street. Board-a choicb op rooms, furnished or un furnished, with Board, may be obtained on early appU cation, at 2U3 Henry street, corner State, South Brooklyn, two' walk frrm the South ferry. OARD-A PEW SIRQIJI OEHTLXMEN CAN FIND I pleasant furrishsd Rooms, with or without Board, at 118 est Eleventh ate set ? Board-a ladt can be accommodated with Board In a private family; also a Room to Mt. without board. Inquire for two daya at 108 Chris op her street. BOARD.-A GENTLEMAN ARB WIPB OB TWO BIN gla geal emen can obutln n nsatl y furnished Room, with full or partial hoard, at i< Wast Waahlngtoa place. Dinner at 1 o'clock. BOARD.-TO LIT, WITH BOABD, AT NO. 137 SECOND asanas, between Eighth sad Ninth atresia, one nicely furnished front Room, on aaooad floor suitable for n gentle man and his wife, luxation very deal ruble. Dinner at ? o'clock. Board-one enttrb floor, separately ob together, nan ba obtained, for one or two families; alao a good died single Room, with convenience for lire, for a gen tlemaa. Terms reasonable. Location convenient. Dinner at 6 o'clock. No. 41 East Fifteenth street, naar Union square. Board in bebrt street?a large square Boom on second floor, n all famished, with gas, bath and every ermfort of a home, to let to a gentle man and wile or two single gentlemen. Terms moderate. References exchanged. Apply at 78 Henry street, near Market. Board on mtrrat hill-labor, pi.kahantlt furnished Rooms era third, end s handsomely furnisher Parlor on second floor to let, with Board, at S3 East Thirty fifth street, near Fourth means. References exchanged. Board wanted-por a ladt and obntlxman, hoard for the lady only, In a quiet location up town board strictly tn adranoe. Address Bra. H. Harrison, Broad way Pool office. Board wanted-bt a ladt. where there arb no other boarders, prefers with a widow lady, where she can reselve good care, nursing and home attend ma. Address A. N., station P Post office Board wantbd-in a private family. ht a gentleman, wife, two children and servant; aeeood floor entire, nicely famished, with all modem improvements. Tb-wi answering wtl^please stela particulars as to loeatloa. pnie. tu. Add rem T. B., Herald office. BHOARD WANTED-RY A GENTLEMAN AND WIFK, M tingle gentleman; * front room, oioely furnished, on ^^^?t'.nor. aed hall bedroom. In a atrtetly private family, ^^^?l or partial board; location between Fourth aad Twen with fan or partial board; location I It wnn<l air*#*, near Broadway; term* not to axoaad All aad A& per weak, reference riven and required Addraaa. Mating tarma aad location, A. B. C., Union rquare poa offloa. BOAID WANTED?BT A WIDOW LADY. FRO* ?D lobar or November 1 to May oeit for self and two dough term, 10 aad 10 yaare. la a food neighborhood aaat aide of be city ab rrm Rig hUi atreet preferred. and In a am all ho urn where are nr ithar there boarders. Ta a family where there are no gentlemen or chlldraa, or a widow laly taring tollable acoomtnnda'loaa to anil, a farorabla arrangement la offeree, and pat meat reliable Addrem Guardian, Rarald off e gOA.n WANTED IN RITTTH BROOKLYN, FOR A _ geml. man ar d wife, child of four feara, and infant and nurae; ab"uM require parlor and b lroam on acened floor. ? ith mtenmmodattnea for nuraa. location aiuth of Harrison atrret preferred. Addrem D. r, W? boi IS) Herald iMUnr, atatlng ta- ma which mum bo moderate), whether furnished or uafun lahed, eoaraaienoea, Ac. TTOARD WANTED?IN J BENNY CITY OB NBW YOBK. J> ha reaper table family, far a lady, iwo aaaUomsu aad a " "" " * lays E O.He youth: full Hoard for lady. Addraaa for Iwo raid ~ _ BHOARD WANTED?A TO I NO LADT DRsIRRri BOARD ? >e a famUy. where laaaoua In aauMc would be taken la f?n or partta a family, where laamnn la aide would he lakea la fi del payment The boat of referenoaa si.en ne er aad quallRmttima Addraaa M. O., Ciuaa aqua 8HOARD WANT RD?FOR A GENTLEMAN. WIFE, H three (mall ehlldrea aad nnree, r> a genteel private fa ml two large Knuana on eeeoed or third floor, not higher than ?rtv Aral 11/eel or lower thaa Eighth atreet, weal of Fifth areeoe A tdreee, ateUeg term# Ac , A. Rteharda, box I i 1711 gOARD WANTED-AT A ORNTLBMAN AND LADT full Board for the lady only, ta a aaaall private family whaae there are ao othar boarders. aad where they can have the romfnrla of a quia* hune Lnoattoh betweaa Fourth aad 1wrnty third ?treeta west aide preferred- Addreaa ILL, Uatnn aquare Foal ofR'-n, for two daya. jgOARD WANTBD^FOR ORNTLBMAN AND WIFE. with aafurulahrd Room or Rnoma Tarma (for both; ant to ataard H per weak. The gent emaa tafcea hka dinner out, ao trouble; ta pleaaMt lacattuu. Addraaa *., boa 140 Herald BHOARD WANTRD UF TOWN ?WITH AN AMERICAN ? or Rngltrb plain. aoetaJ private family, tea minute* walk I of Ihtrty fourth atreet and Broadway, by a reap enable single man Ant gond famllv dWpoeed to eeeemmodate mer bear nf a good steady boomer hr aildiaaNag F. A. *., station B, Eighth area us Tea? not to eaaaad Rd par weak. Board wantbd for the winter, fob a family of two | ? grown par anna, three children and aarrnat, in n com fortaMs house, near n depot oa the Una of the Harlem Rallomd, not more thaa ? ml tea distant from New York, kddiam J. II., I nton Rquare Peat odka. New York. BHOARDING FOR <i EN TUBMEN AND THEIR WTTNR, ? aad angle gentlemen, at ?? Hlcka atreet, between Wall aad Poulb ferrtra. The heaas la la aompleta order, with all *ka F*RF *a Uha hitaea we have a fun View at the has. ta from! a beautiful gardaa. Bf iARPTNfl HA WDM) MELT WHH BOOMN ? MyHHHMHHMH Fourth be had with Board the enure must Aonr, With may ha had wit* Hoard, the enure a at a table g. dashed, at 71 BmI Tweaty <? -Fl RAN A NT ROOMS, WITH FULL OB TYOARDINO -FT SANA E^HABDINO -TWO FABLOBB AND BBOROOMR on Hinnaf Rorw, fumShed er uafnrnMhed Alp i we ima Whs!ST*5^*?-" 'Xa jJOARDno^lRNT^Ml^O^^in^w^^^^* _ _______ at Hlcka mraat. BrucRlya-two minutsa wn? fmm WaB atreet or Rmatt ferry Tiew of the bay. Ar. Bath. ana. furease. Ae Hafarewc# reqtlred. Dm ner at I o nkaak BROOELTM.?DEPIRABLH ROOMR. WITH BOARD, tunable for a party of eagle gentlemen or agent;, seen aad wife, amy bd had at N OMm auwat-TOtannr at ? TbOARD IN NROOELTN?A ORNTLBMAN AND MM D wife or a few atagte goMlamaa may fled demrahie Booms, with Beard, at 7* WaB Wain a^irem. enavtalf l la WaBHd Board in nrooelym ?oertlbmrh and wiyrr or merle gentlemen ea Red smmforleWe Banme for lbs writer f rntair I nr uafarwtahr it. la R Wet ckms boose 9R OARD IB BBOOELTW -LABOR AND HANDBOMW HHOARD in BROOELYN-A OENTLBM AN AND Hid wife r a few stasia gentemen amy tad demrabie Rooms. With IVard at MR ' Heton mraea, enraer of Rtete. convenient to Wall HHMHIHMBI^^H HHOARD I* NROOILYN-A ORNTLBMAN CAN FIND 4 I targe and am .J haadanatnly funitahad mem at M OttoM m w-et nhdw walk fmm Wall sweet wad Raoth far! qoard in BROORI.TN ?a PBIVATN family, oo [J nip ring a Rrat cl?m house inmiealeat to Wall atraat nad mdh ferthr. wtah to let, ? th Board, In apgeaUlrmna and wife chnteeo-boodwistolvfiiralBad Burnt. Apply at M part, earnar nf 'tardea. s OARD IN BROOKLYN - A OBRTLBMAR AMD RIR wife nan be neenmaaodalad with n large well faratBad vtreH?and require I Board in broori.yn-obnti.bmrn and thbtr wives or stogie gentlemen, ae he auHed wrRh Bteaaant n?d?sh>Htae nnivB. knam mmforte location drdtmbla, cob reni't. t ?? i -r ?outh or Wall atreet ferry. II ? ? between Heary aadtTMtm. B MIABD IN NROOELTN?A i .a?_ F.r,V"ic nTr**1' ' ?**? ' ?"'"t"' Rev and ?*' wlfe. ata. a fc?,. ?^wWtfBhfalrwm, near "tn^ "wnfoeWaamap nomri IN BMOOKIrYM A FEW UlNTT.BNEi CAN ? mn ?elate,t with partial H.?ard aad _ tr a r leaeart loratlon wuhtc tlVP mtn tlen' walk of the 4, Ih . t Wall atreet ferrtea Mg Henry atreet. comer of (>? grea* elreri, HranRSyh. nOAND IN RROORLTN -A OKNTLEMAN AND BIN wMe or r?e ar two Ma a gentiemen can tt? l p.e??v>! K'vrna a*?<l I ward al "Vt ? t,e- rr ,>!%<?-. lea ret Har-mwieid Davaw. It let a and Henry agfea Tarma aetrrue B TgRD |N BROliNt.YN?1*? ?w fTY ?TRENT NR BOARDING AND LODGING. BOAHlf I.N BKOOKLYN.-TWO OK THRU 8W1ILK gentlemen. or genUewan and wit*, can lind pleaiaut Hixnua and 8>*rd by applying At 44 Willow street, wikhiu ? i?w minutes' walk of Fulton and Wall street ferrisa Board im Brooklyn ?gentlemen and thkir wi\ea or single gentlemen may obtain Hoard at 41 Concord ?treet; a rorner boner. repute with the modara Improvements amij ouv. ulei i lo vtia terries. Retereuom required. Board in rbooklyn.-newly furnished Kouma In a drat clam b wee wita all the oaodara im \>t' vrmriiia. with board are oTered by a private family; references r? quired. Apply at 141 ('Union street Board in Brooklyn -a labor front room on second door, with Bedroom limine ling. can be had, with fnll or partial Board, at 111 I'aolflc atreet, near South and Wi>ll atreet ferries, Brooklyn. Brooklyn heights.? partial board for oen ? tl? men. at Na 37 Cranberry atreet, bet* ran Willow and Columbia atreela. Keoma neatly furnished and aupplled with water and iu; also a bath room. StluaUou pleaaanl and oop venient to Wall all eel and Fulton frrriea Brooklyn hkiohtr.-two handsomely fur nlahed Rnoma, with food Boawl may be obtains! In a private family by ea'Ling at Na 8 WlUew atreet, within three minutes of Fnlton ferry. Reft reneea exohuugad. Brooklyn heights.-a choice of room*, fur nlahed or 'unforalahad. to let, with Board, editable for famlliea or geaMnmen. In a houaa pleaaantlv located, having ? newly painted, and will be newly furnished throughout, raaeaa exchanged. Apply at 87 Henry atreet CLINTON HOUSE, 444-847 BROADWAY, OVRR MRN dl'a Halooo ?Elegant tulle at Room* to let; new furni lure,' beat spring bade and all the oonrenleaoea of a flrst class houaa. Apply aa above. COMFORT AND BOONONY.-A LARGE UN FUR nlahed Aral floor Boom, with or without Board, upon ex trrmaly moderate terma; houaa tiiet olaaa and family private 8. DAY. <17 Second avenue, between Thirty eevanth nod Thir. ty eighth atreela Down town.-onb ob two single gbntlmmkn can be aeeommodaled with pleaaantly furntahed Rooma. and partial Board If required, In n email American family, at ?01 Greenwich atreet. one door Pom Beach street T^LEGANTLY FUBNIRHWDHPARLOR AND BEDROOM Fj to let on live aecond and third tloove, with or without Board, in a private French family. The liouae U newly furmabed and baa all the modern Improvement! Apply af 181 Mncdougnl aireet, corner of CUnton place; Eighth atreet ELKOANTLT FCRNIHBKD ROOMH to LCT-TO gether or aeparately, and wt'h Board, on eeoood tlonr of a rlrat clan bouae; Dinner at alx o'clock. Apply at No. 113 new Ma lift Ninth atreet, went of and near Broadway. YDRANKFOBT HOU8E, CORNER OF FRANKFORT AND r William atreeta, N. Y.?Single Rooma from too to 37c. per alghLor $1 to S3 per week. H nine newly furnished, with a goodRestaurant aline bed Open all night. French board at its east thirteenth strbrt. A choice of Roams, furnished, to let with Bonrd, fur famlliea or alngle gentlemen. In n house pleeaantly loan tod, having been newly sainted, with all the modern Improvement*. French and Engl'it1! spoken In the house. Dinner at six o'clock. FBENCH BOARD WANTRD-BY A YOUNG MAN. IN a reepeciahle French mechanic's or other famllv, within a quarter of an hnur'e walk of Broadway and Fourth street; would not object to room with another person. Terms must be m<alerate. Address 0. M. F . Post office, Station A, 129 Spring ? IrveL French board wanted -a okntlkman wishes to rent a Boom, with partial Board. In a private French family, where he would have a chance of Imorovlng hie know ledge of the French language. Address W. M , Herald office. Furnished booml-a few newly furnished Rooma In a flrst clam house, to let to gentlemen without buerd. Central k est Ion; convenient to oars and etagea and near Broadway. Apply at4tB Fourth St., Albion plana rKNTSHBD ROOMS AT NO. MS WENT NINETEENTH street, wtth partial Board If required; Urn family In email, fi-om the Booth, the house le pleasantly situated, and eontalns the modara eonvealeneee. The Foorteanth street stages and the Ninth avenue oars pane within half a block. FCBNUllED BOOMS, WITH OR WITHOUT PARTIAL Board. fo? a email private family, conaiatlng of one on the flrst floor, two above, the house coo tains modern Imorove ments: location centra). 7arms moderate. Apply at 144 Rim atretl three doors abov e Grand. JURNIRH1D ROOMS -A LADT OF RESPECTABILI ty and refinement occupying a IIrut clam bouae. located convenient to Mew lork Hotel, libraries. Ac. would rant to one c r more gentlemen a suite of Furnished Rooma being the entire aecond tluor. Anyone prizing nomfort uud dean lirevs. and willing to pay a fair price for them, may addraaa for i urther particulars, Y. W . station 1) Punt OSloe. Rale ivorea required. HOOMR-NICH. oomfcrtablt FUR *, Roomg ind Badmomi tor ?w?*n fami 11m at ivt Kli?b.?h near Bnioai'. tVUoB^^uli^"Ju houae aad All modern cooreoicnes, ud will be lei low to respectable tenants. ipUBmSHID ?l>0?R TO I.IT.?A LA ROE AND ? WELT. ? --" . ? ?t"> annul front Bed >S3? :>Sh gg?? ? "* OWM """" *? *>? /AIRTiniMI AND THEIR W1VRM. OR HINULK HEN Ue?en cnn hare lerrr front Rome, wllb Hoard on Un its' Ttit?jrs?&r~ *-*-?? ??= FURNISHED IDIT8 OF ROOMS. WITH Board, end private table If daalred. at ft) Kaat Vnentr >'iS?nSrt!,P0-U '"nl" ? FarkTwttbpntf TTANDSOMBLT FURNISHED ROOMS TO LIT?WITH ?Lu.-r ?? m52? I,rrRT BEDROOM , . ttm* Dieeeaiit part of west Funrtrnnih ttre#t with oae of the flret fun tore In Ike At j. be would and a hme by addretslnr hoi 4.C7 P<it ogee. P?e?aant TM""* IR * l-ABTT OF CIINTLEMBN WHO WANT nndViT^iae ^T^JSV: wllh I era Parlor* on ee ??"> - MS F^WIJdL??r?!Sk2.*5"R t,XT" *?FUE ffiK'SKg; ^IrTL^V"" "T ?*"?? N" 44 y*"T fifth STREET, NEAR fifth ath ana.-Rooms to lac fureiabed or nafurnlabed la suite or 77*71 . JTLL??? ?"If' *" A quteC flret claae kotie* erltb OF? OH T*0 SINOLB OENTLEMRR CAN BR A'" rammndated, wabout board, or with tan with a b.prty ?????. *? ?Oo?i??? Fla>e. betuaeo Ho? ton aad Bleerbrr etreata "" ?toji sr* r"v 7, ??yd. auliabla for a itmUewiaa end wife, or Analti geoUamee. tk#? houwUitb^ Modem Impmxetneaia Hmm rwmcm txi4aaga4. Apply ai *07 foutxh mrmi I)ART1AL BOARD WANTRD-BV a HtNOI.R OENT1.R J, a Tjnaeaotorarii per weak Hrwebfeat at eeraa. Addtam for threa dare O. R X Harmld ntbne. rj^Jeoowro ""TiT"?^r.,srtjvr P??? TO LET-FURNISHED OB UNFUEBHWEO I ssssnffiSSs! jOOM ARD RRDROOH TO LET- WITH BOARD TO A l&ssmLdaf-t r; t<p*u~ ***-* K?^d JTfftmVJ52^i-n? 5jEg ?atarawidaliUtty raauMad. RJg CA QESU,Bn W ? at P iieentb Arret near > irtb arenne C I S^ySLy*-P- *fI"*FAB OBNTI.RMAN WIS FIRS y wnHii a vail farniebad hnoa, villi murtial lv?M m * hrenteb prlratet faallr wbareba wtrald halT^oo^^. H E r''2."'"Hr.' toow'sdS* of UW Spaatab laBr-urT^AAi FTRNWHRD ROOH TO LET-IN A SNAIL O fanllr. whrrr there W onlr ona other board?r ,?I , wltbo.It Hoard, la a ladr op r?raUarr,?a loT. J^b ?>T aare aad atapra to all i>aiw of the ntr Rafan^Hr? intrad. ArplT ** It Ranwteb street, t.aar H idam and Canal T?n"2PT2fY2*J>" TTHFRS ?FLBASANT ROOMS ln b-nrdtae bnw. In a K. ;.rr.r?-" Hoard, nae of gm aad WtToi dern laaroreaanti. arlrata AaaarMaa *??? - ??? - T, ate. u? j. rusblb areata. A. B.. raWTagiBr JTeMnsfi .??T IF A FRIT ATE FRENCH FAMil T To e ? anlf. e alee fumlahad TO ??"SI SnNwri eVn*' - ' P'F ?' "A ? Waat Forty ?iwaoet anjst^baVZrU^ T? w?^-T"-^',**" * FtrRNIRHED "'SlfiiTJLfTiZ.J?TT'F Twelftb f aTjrd '* "???>?b areanaa RefweorBi rt T?w?^t m2 TO "TFCIdi OFNTLNNEN will l?r.o?i^7 rV>* ?*?"?? The beat af ra|wn? ? .?)-i . jrj'z :r"r 1 4Mr~ - T"-!l?T~ ?? >('y OF THE SRtV.ND FliOOR .. *5*"^. *M ***7 fnrnlabwd. In bruiae H? fflrore rr#?i f . '*n r"?1 ?"'tlrwire na't and ra no '4b?ra, . pnrtrwrk aatb. wKb- nl H-nrd Nat' na flfe mrlnded ftuhir raorrlt ai naHr tr node Men la the pure no rbAdren ta tbr bo >ae Applr M altera ' f iB 9 lo i o'dkx'k in r1-** WITH HOARD. THE RNTINESR'TiND FIahiR in two r?etleaaa aa>1 Udtaa Appl, at US Taird ArtJe two .ar fTineA wren. ^L'AFTRD-A R'lO* wm? BOARD ON tr?n,?, "AZrryt'*1" l<",> W*l*r?'a; b-., ,n I I ..R Is IIOAHDIM, AMI LODAIMi tA/ ANTED?BY A YOUNG MahKIED OOOU, A " fnmt Boom, with Board, in ? uremia lomuon between Twent| third awl Fortieth streets. tut of fWtb nv? one. Trims uiuet be moderate. Address X. T. 1., station t raetoOoe, W A NTET.?BOARDING WANT ID, FOB A OEMTLB mu. wife and d. utrhter. In e quiet, genteel fsmlly, where there ere but few boardera, If en/ looeUoo a net be between Fourth and Fourteenth etreeiA Addreee, eta ting Venae H. W. J.. Broadway Poet office. "1X7ANTED?BOAKDlNtl WANTED. FOR A G FT men. wife, child end none. In a quiet, reaoectabl where there ere but few boerdera, tf any; location an QBMTLB reaoeatahie houee, _ _____ JNftUoo inuibcb#* I ween Fourth end Tw? lfth street*, went of Broadway. Ad drem box 1,43b Peat ctflce WANTED-BT A SINGLE GENTLEMAN, A NEATLY furnished room, with breakfast and dinner on Runday. Private family preferred. Location between Eighth and Tea ty third etrerta. Addreee J. J. B , Union equare Poet ottoe, awting perticulart. TIT AXTED-F'IRMANENT BOABD FSB TUB WINTER FT In Hrooklju, for a gentleman, wife and two ohBdnn. a room, with liedroom attached, on aeoami floor, la a houee with modern Improvement! end convenient to schools Term# mo c crate. Addrra box >o. 8,178 New lorh poet ofltoe. IIP ANTED? IN A GENTEEL PRIVATE PAKILT, FF furnlebed Room for a gentlemen and hie wife and child, from abont the JOlh met location not above WANTED-BY FOUR OENTI.EMEN, TWO FURNISHED Hoome, with partial Board, not above Broome street. lUrly breahfaat re<mlred. Address box 2.284 Poet qgtoe. (XT'ANTED-BOARD, IN A PRIVATE FAMILY. FOB A XI gentleman, wife and daughter, 11 years of age, furnlgh effltoum and bedroom roqalrea. partial Board for gent'eaan; looailna above Ktghteentb street. T-riu mlit b? moderate. Addrem J. 11. Y., box 2 Sd2 Post ofllee. TXTANTKD- BOARD FOR \ YOB NO CHILD. FIFTEEN FT mnaths old. Call at (19 East Thirty second street, near Fourth art * ue, Brat floor, back room TXT ANTED IMMEDIATELY?BOARD BY A LADY, IO FT a private family, or with a lady living alone. Teresa must be moderate. Addreee at once, Mre. Bird, t'hatham equare Poet ofllee. WANTED-BY A OENTI.BMAN ABD WIFE, A PIJCA taut furnlebed Room, In New York, with full Board for the lady and partial Board for the gentleman, ant above Eighteenth afreet and between Third and Slith avenues. Term* not to exceed 111 per week, Including fire end fee. Addrem F.,bo* fl.t'2 Poet ofllee. 1 WAVER LEY PLACE-FUKNI8HED ROOM8 (PAR lore, Bedroom* or tingle Boom!) are bow to let In the building on the north weet corner of Broedway and Waver ivy place. 4 ASHLAND l'LACB, PERRY BTRBBT.-THBIB NICB furnished Rooms, on the eenend floor, suiteahie for a fa mily or Ientleaen an 1 their wives. Dinner at Ml tFeieeh. References exchanged. 8 WEST ELEVENTH STREET, THRU DOORS FROM Broadway?Handaomeiy furnished Rooms to .et to gentle men, with or without ptrLal Board. 010 PER MONTH-TO LBTJflN A BEAUTIFUL ?*1ai avenue In WUllamebnrg, containing Mx apartments: kitchen, gas, water, waste pipe, all on one floor; very genteel and healthy; care, .3 cams, pern the door, 461 Grand street, WlHlaaabnrg. (in WEST FOURTEENTH STRUT. NBAB FIFTH & ?t avaaue.?Board, with haadeoaaaly furnished Rooms, to ?ulta or single, at reasonable rates; bouaa flrat alas brown atone, llneioeptlonable referenoa required. no WEST NINTH STREET?TO LET, BOOM8 SUIT A ZD hie for gent amen sad their wives, and atngle gentle men. Dinner at Mz. Befervnces exchanged. A1 TENTH STRUT. BETWEEN FIFTH AND SIXTH t! avennea?DeMrable Booms, la anlta or separately, for gentlemen and their wives or tingle gentle sea. The house has every convenience. Dinner at I o clock A A WIST TWELFTH 8TBEKT.-BOARD.-DEUGHT 44 ful rooate to let. with Board, at 44 West Twelfth (treat, Iwtween Fifth and Sixth avenues, suitable for gentlemen and their nlvea or single gentlemen. References exchanged. or WEST TWKWTT FIFTH STREET, NIAR SIXTH OtJ avenue.?To let, with Board, m a private faeuly, two large, nicely furnished Rooms, on second floor, with etoaeta, water, gaa and all convenienses. Terms moderate. Dinner at alx. LDPBNARD STREET NEAR BROADWAY -FUR niahed Rooms with Board, *4 tx 66 per week, with ,M of handsome parloro and plana. Wsctau all night Fnml ? ? suited. Lodgings? atog y, wake. 78' rf hue ? lies and respectable single parsons 50 cents; gentleman and wire, 76 'e< 7Q SPRING STREET. THRU DOOR8 FROM BROAD. I tf way single gent) and places of smaasmaiit. Reading room free. Inquire at ANSON HOUSE. y ?To let several handsomely furnished Rooms, to la gentlemen. The location near aO the Aral clam hernia MRPRING BTRERT. FOUR DOORS FROM BROAD way?A gentleman and ha wife, and three or four )oua( men can have goo Hoard and plenatn'. Rooma, and Urn privilege of bath room f.vr 61 per wee, rv h WERT FOURTEENTH STREET.?LABOR AND _ medium alied Rooma, no aeoond floor, suitable for amlllea or single gentlemen, to lev. with flrat clam Board; sonar a very flne one, with every Improvement, and moat SOW* hoc ______ vaatontly and plaaaantly located. 11)4 WAVER LEY PLACE. BETWEEN WASHINGTON I AT aquara ai d Hlxth avenue ?Two gen lames and their wlvee and two or three single genilamca. oae obtain vera de sirable and handaomeiy furnlebed K . ma Dinner at ( o emrk. Rvferencea eichanyed. WEST FOUBTERNTI! BTRKET.?A LARGE PAR lor and Bedroom, toge.her with a flne froat Roma to 1st; a gentleman anil km wife or two magle v-atlemen aan be accommodated for the winter. Dinner at a, breahfaat at 7 oclck. Reierenoea etcfanged. IIIID WERT TWENTY THIRD BTREET.?FURNI8HRD ACQ Rooma to let. w ith Board, for a gentleman and wtfe; also Rooms for single gei MEMfe Dinner at t o clock. Re f-iri.rea I I hanjrd 201 Oin KLV. WEAR RPRIWO BTRFBT-M4SI0M Z1U IJouae.?HI *lp t .rniahed I partition la. with 1 r.#o ud oonfetDp vnqH tor acoooaloal ko MkM,nni. or auMeSle f'?r alalia nentlnrrer. Kmji fimlthed If Mn':; IB iQimn Rent low h> mp?( able tennatn OQ1 OB A WD STRUCT, ?A1 BOWIRT -MADAMI ZOI WIDUKE, olalrropnnl and (triad Bpanlafc 1*4/. Be ret la tks ?pMartca of futorhp, lorn, ?i rlij|?. nbsaal frtandd, ?lifcinw pmtrtlm madictnea for alt dlaaaaaa. mum IMf aaabara, propnrtp lual or atolon. Ac. QIC BROADWAY. ONK DOOR BELOW TWRMYY ?7l<~ tin* wreet, two furaleked r.?*wa to > .as faaOaaaoa a lodati,* r<-?i prko 91 tu to 92 p< r woafe. bath awd gaa la tfcw bourn. _ * _ * " xnxnraT. A LARUE AKD WELL aELEiTED BTOCR Of TALL and winter MUUnarp of Ibo lalrsl Mptea now read p tarn the wholooaie trad* Merrhena and mU'.tooro era roapeev fally tarhod to call It Mro, HEM'JEII. kfj Mroadway. *71 ALL MILLIWERT.-MR* DAYIDkOM. 12k 11 EE-EKE. J arwt, lawa tfullp informs Otrilbora aad Wsclera mot obaat* and milliners la at oka la BOW prepared w> eikisti ia rary latest tit laa of Parf P? tern kamli aad Pall Mliilsary. Ko I* R Weaker elreet. wtm of Hraadwap. Madams r. Harris a aoh. t? awd ?n broadwa p. K T. Mao HARRIKbaaa tears o tafora tka ladtoa of tka DBlind Mama tkat the kaeJm returned from Parla wlik a ?aulkeeot aaanrunent of Pma -o Hoooaia. r? .ko ?"*! orleeraied hose** Alao, a Vit aoar ruantu of OoMTiiroo, Head Una" bridal Wreaths of all daacrtnUoo#. aad ararr hind of arttS' lal newer*. aaaaflfwinrad bp Dtrtfb artisua Row or* i Pnrcepoc pain nurd .rf kar MApeaOe* ko Mil HI of France, tka tfaeena of hncland. Spate and Iko >i>ir? af PAR Ik MIUJRRRT -MADAME PBSMSRO. MO. ? Great Jane* ctrrft. kaa i?rt'?n?l fro Par* a haad ta? a*ouri?oat of Tall and akkr K nnete. Draaa i Ann Head dream* flower*. Feathers Ao, to wbiek oka rsat?-Je../ Ba _ , _ ba. ram ifcn aunaiVai oi ike Ib.1i?* WW. MROWM tOO.AS BROADWAY, Importer* and Man dacOararo of I ndian' Booaon. Will npaa Ifcnir fall and winter ntpea OaTh'iiaday, tka Wtk Inat. AHTKOIAHdY. a BORA PIH1 ABTROMxIUrT THAT RRRRT ORS OAM A depend on. ? Madam WII>')K, who inUa tbenbmetW yoar rim aa na aa torn mm kar roaa. Madam W'lnw la the 11 antral aairntncM tkal evar waa known, mm wRJ Msshw tkr powora of krr wrmdorf il a laaaa. and tall nil tka araoMor a rwmctleebl* t" phlWwnphem. All abo-ild "nna-iTtihia^^H wrwderGtl ami mpalarkroc Intlp liar sdrfc* Mown In fall, and aka n*arm twnatr ikotaaa I do. ? aar "O* Who ran ooaaJ kar n ike akore en-n^B ^d?m Wiioin n In j-narntm oi the relekrajal but B -kan? W r rfle, I Tr . Bar ?? beoaJ r.wtan, RoatdmcolW A ba auwaA. ka ?d a awwl wonderful wia Bldmco ? Alloa auaaA bM tnroa Ilovatna and Klar.'jin almr a. <r?ar Ar hoAarr Pea la fulL for ladlaaaad (aaUaataa, 90 AHKTnKiaiUNO Mapimk murbow. ai ? da -kirr Iron wlik ami aad (in of foreM(kl.^^^^| ?mm and often ftm wtM aaarri. a- d want >.WA xn r?mf rerr tkooaMa. Paa U onul mkerr atop aaaiMd ay nd iiitktana 1M Ladlaw (treat, kalow lllia 0oMbaaoa ?TETMOUBH M *1)10 At, ?k alroaA two Maoka want of Madams PumsT. ? bmcowd -trret. bear br mad at en we, roleiraiol bp her a ban A ?Haa fMaal ' >*, and rae ho ttneo tked oa bietnoaa. ?nerrtad*^ak?f? da. or hp nkranoAwT aad ????! at? ako aponaa Pran-b. lab aad ilanaaa. ? ADAMS LMAMDSS LBVT. BSTSMTH DAPOMYBS ?Nad akmit Um Marrtaoa. tbaam PHaBdai of ItfK at 1M ?? wreet Indieo M ooata-, IgtvaaTaSf AT B, - WHO HAB MOT HEARD OP TMS "*" ~~1 ITSTI > . Madanta fklMMtk' Bka kaa boaa -oaanNad >r Snannm In thband other oWaa whk endra aaMafaotAm. Mb* frela nwddeat Mta haa an ooaal Rh? telle tka eaate of f-itnrw wtfo nr kaa band al?> tkal of her rMter tf mi whA iha tralfe pakm. call, -jaaer"* H,a" me-. nt.ENoT/wiw .no jumtruwlei thai baaU ike world and as uwi reward far aa* on* who (an eqaal Mhn WKLLlBtlPoK, whaM aahaiialadoil la be Ik* "alp lad* In tkk> "Hp who imthfollp Woea tadifaaw aaa rem tar loaaaa, lawenkt, pteimepau (bona* frtanda kw* ow Ale ?anlar*. krakk, wealtk aad who wW eodehn dnatm and nnfnttkfnl btwkenda Ml** W. la Ike only ???* ia IM? Mtp whn kaa the nmnlr* Rmmaa an" Arabkaa tad-woe* for kw? Bond Inch and all boatnrea alTalr* an" are t 'ameieeo ftrt hf? Drier n." in i.aantM Wtk ralnrellr rifle* an* ernfM promt ladp l.nrkr pom Sera tl**" Mlohlr rwr.i.r "Or r?l rrrnce* rer So twee ot bar i lentenea. KH wrik eeepeA. BbMh (?*? ?CHRWti)PHM *TR BUT?M RA. M. Bi iRDBB ? That aolnrtMrinf on" "*?? ' '??"at oMnmatat. e-er and ?Mkad led* hac iwtem*" m Mm en* and ft tea tr? lefnrroaieei ?A alt aturo wttk awd la retard in keeliA wee ik *eo a*. ?!??? lor# **s pnoreep*. i* oaoNa Mi nip '?? "?**( ?' e-nt i Hen"* ... ki^>. tr t ? I m!.? ? . , ? -N ..j there fail ,*?**#<?( lwia>n.'trw and mwi-w ?? t- r# ? err, |j'hn(. , HfTll ' " !. 1?. '? ?'* ?" *#%?

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