Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 11, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 11, 1860 Page 2
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AFFAIRS IN EUROPE. Otu London, Oalway, Paris and tin Oorreipoodrac*, ftt. ? Ac. i At. 3 Oar Loadon C*trMptad??r? Lo.vdox, August 24, 1S6C War CI udt Sedng Ocr Jbrspp-Auri J Auttnan In Mramtim til /;?rjr? Affa/irt in Enffianl?Mr. Lever amd iU Col way OnUrme(?Jmenea? Mnlerprut in Afoytatai? Lou of Lift tJL Ml Blanc?1** Murder Manuim Eng land?Me. Marry?1>' WeatSer, cfc , dc. At c? time during the present complications baa the war cloud ieoked biaofcer lhaa at this moment. GarV naioi at ill movea ea taia woaderful miaaioo, aeemil ami by tat God 01 tattles to sweep away the powe tyrant* The condition of the King of Napla eery paralysis ol'fear. Ships bristling with obmtoa and IbJ of armed men allow the patriot soldiers, open at 1 un pretorted, in Gating boats, to pass directly by aed land aw the main shore. The accounts of the number < ? men arc onntlli'tlng, but all agree that a eery rexpect able army has already touched the bloodstained Sbnri whefe poor King Murat was so ruthless to murdered by the Bourbon banditti. But his Ml will be avenged. The great (bar now Is that the ?Motor will allow it to be reported that be te about to ?Hank Yenetla, and thus glee a color of excuse for Auetrls te atart an army and get] a lot of lamurlclere's rabbi amd some Tuscans snd strike a blow that will rouae the ?allocs. That very Instant Victor Emanuel and fouls Napoleon would draw the sword, tad i'rntsta would step to Id the aid of Austria. The beet friends cf the Italian maw regret that any menace at all bea been held ?as to Austrw, with regard to Veoetia, for Gari baldi baa got enough hard work to do In hla cam paign In Naples and Rome, ir he captures suooen stvoly, in owe summer, the inland of HtcUy, Cain brta, Napier and Rome, it will exceed nearly every cam paign reoorded In history, particularly when we take Into Oaaataerailoa the smallnees of hln force for the magni tude of the work to be accomplished, and the population Of the country to be conquered. At uo previous time dor' tag the war baa the cause been In so critical s poaitioa^ There enema something prophetic of success in the fee toot Garibaldi left Faro Point for Onlabrls'ln on American tommer named the Washington. A conspiracy conoocted at Nap lea by Prince Lulgt was suppressed, but it all proves (bad harmony does not exist in the family of the tyrant. An attempt to land at Oae tela mare was defeated, accord taw to e late despatch bat the tero and the mam army of tba msnrgenls are la Calabria, with the whole body of m? papulation in tbeir favor. to Aire Una letter runehas fcur hand# probably tbe fate af Naples will be deolded, aa<l very likely Ibe telegraph May ran ahead of tbe news reaching you by tbia poet, as ?all aa considerable that will be much later. Tbe in lea eat a Garibaldi's morNcrat here in England doea not bag at all, bet tucreaaea in intensity as tbe climai ap proaches. Tbe Russian Emperor la to pay a rial! to tbe Prince Re |M el Prussia during tbe autumn, and on tbe way in i tbe opening of tbe railway from Wilna to !H. ?burg. Tbe Czar baa aleo completed tbe line of rat) kw Moscow to Niabol Novgorod. Internal improvements aa a large eeale are not coo teed either to republics or to ?willed monarchies. to domestic and Parliamentary newt we are ratbor gulet. Tbe fig rod of tbe am*ion, with only about a quarter of tbe member* In town, drags Its alow length atony. rattling olf tbe "estimates" and "supplies" at a sapid rate. Tbe intelligence from tbe moors tbat tbe grease are plentiful maker tbe leg Is I at I re duly of her gracious Ma rety's senators more Irksome than ever Pisv.t has It that Pam tells tbe "boys" that "they woo l break up tor a long lime yet " Tbe Ministerial whitebait dinner at Greenwich came off a lew days since, when a cam number or tbe youthful swimmer* went down tbe aristocratic throats of tbe raapoca.ble advisers o( her Majeety. What will you kmc i bans tbmk of tbe sanity of the trgblatloo ta this saber kingdom, wbea you read of the Fs-ty Km bterns' bill, just introduoed m Parliament, ludioting cer tain pains and penalties tor wearing a particular oolored ribbon, or any eclor or device showing any political or rotter"'is belief It la presum'-d that all these diabolical arts are calculated to "Incite a breach of tbe peace ' Ibe plain English of It la. thai in Ireland?where only the bin ? to apply ?tbe people are so excessively oautauke sou tbat they bave to be restrained when tbey see a peculiar ootcr u any belt, shawl or ribbon tbat may be sue pee od to be put on "with Intent to provtota." At the ?ppsarance of party colovo tbe Irish are like a halt at the ataht of a ecarU't cloak It oeruinly e. em* very ridicu lous, but It la likely k> become a law. -lorni of tbe more noted member* are ' su-rlng It" In tba provisoes Tbe Karl of Igl.nton is gulag to receive a goodly number of visiters, and entertain them at bia aasUe in Ayrshire Tbe veteran Brougham Is at tovugbam rsatie, in Westmoreland, dispensing bospi tali uea there Masai i. I#ver and Roebuck are having t lour in Ireland, be lug doed an I hwsled, making spanrhes and receiving add-ewe* 'rum the grateful Irishmen IbV tbe part tbey took?the one in eeublleh'og the Hal way line ood the other n decoding It in Parliament After all tbe mall ciraa retorts, It has been found that Mr 1/ver has not cumal - - ? - HHi culpable of guilty of any oee improp-r thtug a* act In petting up the Una and oblaxlag the rubeiJy, aad tbe fbet be wae not tbe chairman of tbe company, but was j> a mtaortty in Use turned evecsln e ta organlaatlon. showa clearly tbat be la not in the least reet???ible for acy of the bad raauwvmeat of the line Tbe Ob naught, tbe brat new ablp of tbe lloe, ban eoeoe .a in twelra or ttorwwn days from America, with a piston broken, making three pieties smashed In this oae ship If the Messrs Palmer want reputations as first rises builder*. Ux-y must guard against frequent ar etdenta of this net ire The Prince Albert has iu*t nrrrved at tiainay. In leas than tea days from New Took, and only five days otneteea hours (mm A Johns This baa giv*a a good deal of <cim to tbe line, but tbe good peof4* of Nova ttnotta. for certain ? arrow reasons, pre van ted tbe pass ago (f a pert trie ol exirtric u<-wa, except Me or two private mraeage* is ejrpb*r. probably fbr spe eolallre porpoars How long is tbe commercial world go tag to be swtadled by a faw wretched remnaau of ha ?malty, simply bi'cauet tbay bald a ititle atrip of barren earth, aad have a local interest in one ohecure seaport aad one tine of flee me tV- I have no doubt that gut will are king "kick the owner over" "Whom I he gods wiebto Amaruv they first make mad " Let them keep np their wretched game if tbey rhoaae, tbey assy get brought up wnb e round turn Tour dwtiagu Med country man. George Erasers Train, baa just opened tbe first boree railway ta Great Brl lata at Br tec bead, and next week he is to inaugurate the eflb:r wth a great baasaat ta about a thousand of the eminent men of tbe kingdom?etaliaaieii, orators, *a r'neer*. merchants, haakrru. ra ? wd dirertoru, he Mr. TVa.ii haa already got coo. em l?os for laying down tbe ?all* la the etrreta of l tverj??.i, Manchaeter aad Birmiag bam, and be* surer rod a mute over Ally mtl?a In length, here ta tendon Who now le tbe "grunt pathfinder-" Ms will be bark to your ooualry, Msarppa like, ere king, and be rua f>v President, aad elected, and make Krvtaoct hla Prime Minister Well may be be eatled tbe Railway Train, or more correctly, tbe Napoleon of Ra (wave Kr* macr years be wlU quite eeli|Wr the earner of Iludeoa, toepbeasra. Petn, lb aeev an I fila I bear that your bouse of Tai*mtt A On are gotag ta withdraw their line of amllag packets between New Tort SWd laadna, sad put on screw steamers Hat good M ia the right direction ? sad aertdsat ton lately happened ou the Alpo. three I a guide heisg precipitated down a > guide he tag preripil tsrribt* preripter sad killed, while rviurs lag from a enc] asanfai wr.oi or n?t Btosc The news of Ibe pamphlet that came out ta the iw fames of the New York peeao. aad said to he written by the wtfb of an eminent banker and member of Parlia ment. after eloping with her hull.v. create* wmte aneee Una bare, but tbe authenticity of tb? prod art loa is very much doubted It la doubtless a muted Very inleruating mnrd>e caoea mot,bus to enliven our todb- al arenas The ? mad murder" of a youag and tn bse?st'ag lad, only four or five v ara of age, ta atill wrapped la mystery, the very rnmord uary "rnafea aton made prwvtag to he without tocadatmn ta truth A beast of a mas who was a errant in a Llverps?<l boarding house, war tried fbr murdering his mslreea by psmsa? who left a forged will, leaving him her home aad fhrallure?en I wse acquitted. while the whole ccmtT), atrept U>* lan cash It* jury, heltare btm ru.lty without a |<art>rtc of doubt An old lady, s mast miserly person, was shiwklagty murdered n heel own bouse la Ibe east etid of I/mdnn The <4d creature was a widow, over aeeenly years of age, nod Heel en tirely ehm*. without a asrraat and, thing* she owned seer firs burdred h wars la I/extern, sbe a. ways cotie ted bee irw* rents, and sever employed aa agent Abe would not trust hunks but Invented all Iter ga-oa la hnu?* pea perty fbigs of gold SBd slleer were found MSfi*r pile* of straw aad under the mala la tbe onai "alter %i* was sorb s recluse thai bee body was act ft uud till tour or five days after her dsath?with her skull bceleo ia?and h' r*? n lorompne-line Nn alas la Ibe murder** Mr Tarey la ?a another t oartefnl lerturing and_cth hi i tc-r tbrrxwk the anuthern rttKw ef England Re I rea* to ?tetlaad aad added several beautifit iy w?o' to -dier*od aad added several beautiful 1 rolon tie* p u *a to b? rare and varied stork of honr* Whan be get* r-wdj t. rev Wit h* native Ian I he trill probably a*toe ah yo-tr Si.wk raisers and imate -r? with the rbetdset?not tb* largeat, by any ateaiss??t-id of horuee ever ir.ported intone seen In America N<4 Ibe slightest d.mirut on of latermt W m*r, f wt*d ta ha srieaoe. aa his est b tkms am always crowded I boar from s -|tisrter that <<igkt to be astbeuiic that be baa taker It* no sine* f e r?l *nad fheai tbe Kaei The w*atlx*r onatinof* rnntat, wet eotd aa<t laawrpt rims Them W BO cessation to tbe dreudfs! sal mmtlaociw ra na Whnst is all lying fitt, an 1 y*v an ac eaetomed M bread corn to the humid aUmato, itial ev ry awa asys f w# - an wily have two weeks fair watt,., sru aba'' have a gtwid barvrnt But ttr? 'lay* af half x'-asasi weather a vanamntoa W what wa to not ase moe ? mewtb. . t ear* that Garthatd! has porrhse?d two hunde*4 so i tf\j of oh stll.w b? srm an advsncwl g ia* l of pick" I me- ~v*' "ar. Aw <e American. Engt'*b tri 'Itltoj ?bs*p?h" ters?to hmd the way to the attack ? n Naptes. ?' th a * vwede. 1 th'nk tba bonorshia sod illwnr ma earn etv d ' PlfkM have tbe or rdon the ' . of o Hssge hM same sad N rotgd a reguiw Oar r?rt* Corrc?|MBi?e?. Pajus, August 34, IBM. TV /Tan>* m franc?Political CompiicaUmi am Uu Cbrt Mncif?War ife J'rcj^iraiumt?Prtt Trait 1m Brtad ituff,, rfc Ail France, like England, begins to have serlour mls f.riuii* respecting iu harvest. The nights ara oold aa Nuv -mtxr; the ground la aaturatad by perpelsal show err, rig. lailon, chilled by the unceasing galea from the northwest, ta becoming nipped. There la yet time if the harvest tun woull but break forth, for never ^d the land to teem with produce of every kind. The naftrally light character of the aoll, like moat of Ita people, la only ao bered or <oudeoaed by auoh eeusual humidity, and the abundauce of the wheal and wine crop ta apparently without example. The advent of the rolar raya must, however, be speedy, for In many parts the corn la fear fully bealeu down, and, If Buffered to stagnate much longer in lis aaoialure, mast Inevitably perish. The Immediate effect of such unseasonable weather la Peru la to quite change the ordinary face of things. The shops, ordinarily so gay with their gossamer textures, are hung with the tnmbro comforts of Incipient winter. The streets are redolent of mud and remarkable for the utter absence of the softer sex, who fear to expose the rioh and tMrmcwliat unwieldy toilettes of the present day to the rode encounter of the elements and the aooeasoriee thereto pertaining. Thoae whe rejoice in leathern conve niences or 'tcir own ifnturci have already vanished else where, so that there is nothing but dulness over the face of Paris tho Beautiful. In politics there is a Kcnclble lull. Everything seems to hang upon the breath of Garibaldi. All are looking towards the Neapolitan const, impatient for that beacon wbtcb shall Indicate that the unification of Italy ban at last been Inaugurated. Tho fencing which has been ex hibited on the part of the Austrian and Har tin las journals clearly shows that I was well Informed when I stated to you that a communication of an unpleasant character bad been made by the former Power, though not of the ppsi live character rumor had ascribed to It. The secret is gradually oostag out that Austria has gone as for as to say that although the does not interpose between the Xing of Naples and bis subjects, and has no manner of right to do so, yet that the is quite prepared to take ber own course should the King of Sardinia do so. I have heard that Garibaldi's existence was sujierhly ignored, as was tbe very notion of any assault upon Venetla. The Inces sant supply of warlike material behind the Klacto, which ft going on even in an Increasing ratio, la perhaps bold to be a sufficient Indication of what she means. If, as is stated, Garibaldi bat landed at Bagnarc with a eon stdcrablc force, we shall soon ace tbe first not of this ex traordinary drama. A general belief pervades all circles in Parts that there will not be any serious gghting, bat that tbe King of Naples will walk out by tbe back door as tbe Sicilian Dictator enters by the front. Letters from various shades of party, which are from time to time shown me here, agreeing la nothing else, are all unani mous in stating that nothing but abdication Is left for Ferdinand II. Tbe flnperor and Empress left Ft. Cloud ysaterday for their promised visit to Savoy and Nioa. The Duchess d'Albe, the Kmpress' sister, has been so seriously indis posed, at her hotel to the Champs Elysi-ee, that their Ma jesties' departure was postponed as loof as possible, the Ihicbess d'Albo is oow, however, understood to be coo rales cent. The hope of tbe dynasty?the little Prinoe Imperial?does nit accompany his parents, but Is led under tbe charge of Marshal Vaillaot at St. Cloud, and In his abseuae, o| General Koiln, Adjutant General of the Palace. This la the Bret occasion when the little Prinoe has been released Irons "petticoat ' government. Marshal Vaillant, as member of tbe Privy Council and Grand Mar shal of tbe Palace, will sit In the Council of Ministers. Tbe Prinoe de Metlernlch, during tbe Imperial sojourn In the provinces, retires to his seat In Bohemia. It Is known that strong representations bare been made by him to the linperor as regards the position of Austria la the proba ble oontlngency of an attack on Venetta, and that their object has been to elicit a declaration of nop-Interference In case of a collision with Sardinia. Tbe Emperor's re plies are said to be oourteoua, but to the effect that at present everything depends on the solution of the Neapo litan question. Bis Majesty Is reported, also, to have re ceived an autograph from the King of Naples, appealing m very earnest, If not abject term*, for protect ton, now that, forsooth, he had coo ceded a constitution and stripped hlms' If of Sicily. Accounts of the meat recent dale now render It certain (they romr id as 1 writej that i a- landed at Cape deli' Arrui with a considerable force, and that we shall aoou hear of a crista. It is eren said already thai an in surrection has broken out in Chlsbrta, and IbUi-Keggio baa been taken by Garibaldi, tbe Neapolitan treble being concentrated at Motteleooe letters from Turin, o' the 21 at Instant, show (hat tbe altitude of Sardinia is one of immediate preparation for any eventuality The fiirtiltcatiocis id Bilngna are nearly complete, and the floe military encampments are so judi ciously located that they are within instant reach of the railroad The official journal, which yesterday published an im perial decree suspending till the gOtb of Hepiessber, IM1, the sliding si air with regard to tbe importation of own, tn consequence of the gloomy prospects of the harvest, to day g.vva us an account of their Maieetlee' arrival at Dijon In their prngria* towards Nice and Savoy, and their further trip to Corsica and Algiers. Of oouraa aa SVery thmg addressed to the imperial party on such aa occasion is hardly leas important than the imperial words them selves. In the absence of the latter we are bound to et amine with attention the farmer The Mayor of Dijon?srbo has Lkewiee the advantage of being a deputy of the legis lative body?on delivering tbe keys of the Iowa, reminds the Km per or thai fouls XIV. when about to visit province* recently annexed to Franca, two centuries ago, received these token* of hi* sovereignly la tbe same manner, the only difference being that the annetallon In the caae of the Grand MmmI was tbe rmult of c-? quest, whereas the prnacut was simply that of the unaoi m< os (uflrase of the population Thus it la, he adds, that while Europe affect* to mistrust tbe power of your Majesty's arms, she In reality fear* the sympathies you have given birth to ta the heart* of the people, which baa reached rveo to the (sunt of fascination And tbeu tbe courtly Mayor reminds tbe Kmi*ror of those remarkable word* uttered by htm at a period of Immense national depremtoc believe me when I say, France shall not perish in my hauds " Osui k bum, U IVsaw ar pvrted The language of the Bishop, however, ta peculiarly Interesting as bearing upoa ioptical mnlt-rv now la the asaentant After bidding hit Mepwty God speed la his vtell to Corsica?tbe cradle of hie dy nasty?and to African France he says? " When traveraieg that sea which separatee as from Africa, your M^ewtv w.U hear the eothueiaatic soag of hope which oar valtaiil.anldlera pour forth while hasten ing et your con man I to the succor of Fyria and Lebanon, and mingled with these will be tbe cries of gratitude uttered by the pes-pic el the eight of tbe flag of r ranee? the emblem of cnoanlalton and security?for1 wherever,' toueeyour Majesty '? words, ' the dewpran of France is unfurled a great principle precedes it, and a great people follow It' Krjotcw. etrv' as a Christina you are about to trample wader foot fanatical idolatry and barbarous Islam am. you haio understood and anticipated lbs aym path** and a lahre of your people " And thea the goad apostrophiase the " euoreanur of t'epln and Charle magnc ' with the follow lag concluding words, which, just bow hare considerable mean lag ? M Tee, sire, may Haaren grant I bat your (Dial piety may be permitted to remove from the patrimony of !* Deter Ilea* turbulent wares which menace it, end to guarantee to our chief our father la tbe fellb. that sacred Principality which twelve reatu'te* have mad# hie. It is the wish of your Majesty, ws know, and it is aiao ours imd, whom we see about to address, wtU, I hope, grant to you, otre, ih* new and greatest glory, and to uslha The above pa*nag . token ta conjunction with Gari hnldl'e dearrnt or lalabrla, 1* not without tigeibcanee To return to what I said about the imperial decree aboliahlng it- IMlIn of the slidtag araie II la a curi ous rotartdeuce that the great apowtle of freo trade, Mr, Oobdeo, thoald be specially employed la the French eapl tol when an ervol aneiagotis to the celebrated potato rot ta Frgland. which rauenl Fir Robert Feel to make a a mi lar a.larai.on. again occur*. Will the Emperor, whom bo given credit f'-r ?uch iorge riowa, have the courage to I read ia Fir J.oborl I rot's Stofn and a?v, "The scale, no re Sua pea Jul must sever be nmpr*e,r ? We live ta tl^H cf great change* and If the imaout evinordinary weather law^H IsbowM that streagthm tbe Fmperor's bands in hi* strug gl* with mooopoiy, it will only be aa additional tnelaoro of the estraorii nary mac see In which rvsato?liks hit ban Una dean?seem to wait poo him The oc-.noel nf such a mar a* Mr tt^uea, at mob a juncture, cannot hut be e-wenaaMe. Tbe mention of the great corn law agitator's same re mind* me of the cerfoua fuss that has bewa mad* about a taiwag" ia my covre*, ?wdeoce to the Hmuin relating to him At the A me-nan I nde pendente meeting hold at the Fare de Vil'icrs, sear Farts, eome utcidaatol ohoerva lion* mad* Py t. m ? p. M* men and thiapv, war* re peated. as falling from such a man was likely to be There ww nothing aboil Ibofa of the rkara-trr of privacy. Of I Should have bcea the last perms to haw appropriatod them, and I only did so at all ta the belief that they re. douaded to bi- rrvdlt as a lost and orifwal tbiaker. Great, however, was mr eurpvtet to Bad on their return from Aaieetca that, by thr Frg <eh oewapapew. they were immediately converted Into potllMal capital. Tbe TW-t, that "wakefil aightingale" who all the atght long her ovnrtona" detract tig*. Brtt giving tbe note, eat U>ea, like Bmpenw. lead.og the eurry h *t of m.nor fountain Mr Gohdee, too. himself, has shown a susceptibility which wee hardly to be atprrted. Without the eld of newspaper writers, hie ftite goal* aid large phuanthm py would have boeo shorn nf hall Its worldwide influ race sad Justly elevated, aa he la. na a lofty pedestal he Should h* the last to quarrel with Ibnee who perhspa ion eagerly lletea to tbe lightest words of a maa whore proved | wwdcm on oee moot impoetaal oubtsrt naturally eabaaaaa bio credit upoo arerr other A trial of some political Irteveot has jist bees * 1-m t ted to the elv 1 tribunal ed Cte moat (1 ? ?**) The Mar < de Vitelle left a prcperty of foot m.thoa of fracas to tl Oust de Prowl Ikrcae. RlBbop f Moulin*, with a verbal understanding that It ww for ih# hmedt of th- Puke of (Twmbord %>* will was dwpi.tol by a relative, on Ih* gveuad that the Ibiks de iTiaiabori ceeill not inherit p*u ' porty a France, hot ta there was oothieg positively to 1 ih<rw that th* property was htotdel for I m, the pla'u ? as tec* '-?t. , Our Berlin CoiTNpaadtBct. Rwi il, August 23 1840 I The Relation Between Austria and Prussia?TV German 1 IsOfus ? W\U Austria Interfere in ILilyt?PruUs of Hit Ibpiti* CbruwNfion, tie., 4k. While the reactionary and official print*?-/onttnae to ex patiate on the happy results attained at the conference* of Topllta?while the Emperor of Austria, who war never known before to utte( a doxen ooneecutlve wordi, sud denly begins to dlaeonrae grandiloquently about German unity, patriotism, fraternity, and Waal not?tfce public of this country are growing dally more alarmed at the pros pects opened to them by the atllanoe so unexpectedly struck op. The fact mentioned in my previous reports, that Prussia would oonatder the Intervention of Franoe in Italy as a ooiuj belli, ooly became generally known here last week, and caused a regular panic, which was Increased fey the announcement that the Austrian government had sent a note to Turin Intimating that they would not allow Garibaldi to make an attack upon the oootinenlal do minions of the King of Naples, and wonld oppose It, If aeocasary, by force of arms. I did not allnde to this rn aior In my last communication, being aware that it was, If not quite unfounded, at leaat premature; but It ts unde niable that the assurance of Prussian support has had a most exhilarating eteot upon the Cabinet of Vleana, and Indooed It to evlnoe a much higher tone than It had ven tured to do since the rout of Solfertoo and the eapttula tton of VUlafranoa. There was a moment when Austria might perhaps have been willing to give up Ye netia for a suitable equivalent either In money or In territory. but since the Interview of Topi nz she Is more determined than ever not to yield an inch, and she even flatters herself with the hope of retrieving her lowes, and taking signal revenge npou the Italian "rebels" and their abettors. 1 am mo rally convinced, notwithstanding the official deatenfu, that the a be tract contained In a Belgian paper or the engage menu entered into between Prussia and Austria is in the main correct, and that the paragraph acknowledging tbe Importance of the possession of Venloe by ths latter for the safety of Germany expresses tbe optnl <n of the Prince Kegenl himself, ittrangely enough, he had taken it Into his bead that similar views were entertained by the Brit ish government, and that In case of hostilities breaking out England would Join him In aiaLntatning tho integrity of the Austrian empire. Whether be was - betrayed Into this error by some Incau tious expression of Lord John Russell, or whether be mistook the feelings of the English Consul for those ol tbe English nation?a delusion excusable la Continental sove reigns, wbo are aocustomed to regard their own will and pleasure as law. and public opinion as Dolhlng?but It ap pears certain that he was seluoed by ihia idee to go fur ther In bis promises to Austria than his cautious na ture bad hitherto permitted. Though tho last despatches received from England most have completely cured him of the hallucination be was laboring under, the ran -uie' produced by tt la done, and cannot be undone; be has n il, Indeed, sjgned an actual treaty with Austria, but be hai given pledges which he will be unable to recede from without dishonor, and which the Kaiser will assuredly in sist upon his redeeming. It is much to be regretted that Prussia should have Involved herself so gratuitously in the troubles that are agitating the South or Europe, as people were beginning to brealoe more freely and to hope that abe would auccced In maintain lug the pacific policy which she has pursued for many years past, and content herself with extending ber influence In Germany by Introducing Internal reforms and presenting tbe spectacle of a free government Instead or a military absolutism. After tbe meeting of the Prhice Regent with Louis Napoleou at Bade*-Badc-n, it was thought that tbe dreaded collision with France was adjournec hn< die; the funds rose, and an Improvcmeut was visible in almost every branch oi trade. TopliU has knocked all this on the head; capitalists are get ting shy again, government securities and railway shares have lost their booyancy, and commercial activity Is averted by gloomy apprehensions of the future. Of course the business of lite proceeds as usual, and the stale of the political atmosphere has very lit .Is outward effect upon the physiognomy of a gsy city like Berlin , the the atres wers never fuller, and amusements of all kinds nev. er more eagerly sought after than they are at present. Being the capital of a powerful kingdom and the centre of German art and science, It Is no wonder that there is a great tnflus of strangers, who give an Impulse to trade and prevent that stagnation that Is felt In other parts of the oounlry Besides this, the population 1s ooosianllv increased by Immigration, and more building la going on this season than has been noticed before sin ? IMS There are just now two public edifices m the course of ooaatruclioa. which by tbe graadeur of their design and the beauty of their architecture are empvcusl to form a a d stlnguiibrc addition to tbe many palatial buildings that adorn Bsrlla, especially as they are attested la the business part of the city . where palex? are act so abun dent aa In the move fashionable quarters. Oss of them la the Rathbaus, or City Ball, the other the Merchants' Exchange. The old City Hall, erenled several centuries ago, was aa unaightly. dingy, tumble down oonoern, aa eient hut not In antique ?% le, without the slight rat prcirosiona to taste, and with IU grated or Uellised windows looking mors like a prt son than anything else. As tbe city has grown to mors than ten turns the number of inhabitants sicie tbe Hotel do Vtlle was Oral bui t, II bad got far loo small for the capacity of offl *s and bureaus connected with the municipal government and its transactions This anil qua ted aflalr has now been pulled down, together with many of the adjoining bosses, parilv belonging to the city, and partly purchased of private individuals, aod an area has thus beet acquired similar in extent to a hi oca of buildings In New York, about where Astor House Is situated Notions were Issued by the Aldermen and Com moo Council, sailing upon architects and build ers for plans of ths new palace, and offering premiums for the approved plans as wsll as for the oast two of partial approval. It appears now, towever, thai the lob baa been entrusted to a favorite of the city as, without refer en? to lbs prop-se-1 competition, and a ??-at outcry la raised In consequence, abou I "bribe ry and eorruption ' It la rather hard, to b. s ire that the cltiaiDS aod their tepreeeoUlirca abould not be c iu suited in a matter to nearly concerning their interests, and for wbich they will be required to dad the cash But M is not in Berlin only that such thing* are done in an su derband manner. aDd contracts |ieeo Ib'oogb fhvoriliam and it Is osly to he hoped that the bulMu g, when com plet'd, will crown tbe expectation* of the public. It will probably cust about two millions of thaiers The ourpn ratios of merchants had tbe.r Exchange a place of as tembly. at a house buul for that purp we half a century r. under tbe cathedral or sossr ? the large quad ran that separates the royal palace from the Museum This (sliding, or rather the ground on which II stands, ara* wanted by the King tor enlarging the ratbedral, by the addition of a Carapo Baoto for the ruyal faml y. and lh corporation lading tbe premises gradually becoming I to confined for I be Test increase of business ouociudad to eeU ths whole to government, aod to erect a new Ex change of suitable dimensions on the opposite bank of the tyree. The expense is estimated at hall a mil Km thaiers, and a loan to that amount hat been taken up by tbe or per a I loo. but It IS well known that la such cases the as tunnies are gvwerally exceeded Tb<- model of the editic* was exhibited some time since It w to be built of free slose and brick, with a large open space In frost, where the msrrhanla are to bold ineir meetings in tbe open nlr, when tbe weather permits Part of It has goo* cp al ready, aod when finished, which must be arsw.M they are working al it with great activity, It will certainly bo so ornament to the city. Oar UAlw?]T rorrMpoadnr* Galwat, Ireland, August 34,1900. OaIi?K at a Port f ftotry, and iu AoemUmJUg from tki /alerter?IV frwrnmadtag Cbtatfry?The Wept Mat />tJ Lwean and tk* MA /*M*iufry?/l*i?n???ip /Vpu lart/y qf Ifr learr, Ac PiBca lb* cotameercm< ol of a regular oraaa Maam eer rtca, by royal mall packets from Oalway to America, ib?? capital of Omaaugbt haa assumed a position la tba ma mcrcMU world I bat baa net been filled by aay town la Ire land daring the laat century. Rrt>ceforlh Oalway aiaat rank an a packet station, and ba mentioned and referred to along with Liverpool, Kouifcaaptno. Havre, Bremen, Hamburg, Antwerp, Cnprabagaa, B. Batwabarg, New Tort, Bnotoo, Hallfkx, Aaptawail, Panama and Baa Vran claco Though Oalway will ba araaetblag more than a more atopptag ( lore or port of call, yet Wee who Imagine M wtil ba a rival of Liverpool or Bootharaptoa will Bad thvniealrve greatly miatakao. Taking the traia at Dahlia, tba traveller going want paanaa by tba II Id land Grant Waatem Railway, la a vary direct Haa, 1M mile*, to Gal way. The real# la la May parte pkHarasqtm la Ma cult! vat km, la the phtalatkma of aaaall timber. the lake aal rlrar aeaaery aaar Atblmo, and tba aaaaatmily different faaturaa from tba qpteoltnral d.atrlrta of Faglaad la many piatve tba oouatry avi trrmoly flat, npoelog to view tbooe boga, or awampy lands of pant earth, ao noted la Ireland, and yield lag that peculiar Rial, and nowhere rlaa found la each partbetkm aa wa are It here (>ae word raopectlag it amy ba new or later ret. og to mao> renters It la cot '? turf" la the ordi nary asceptatioa of tbe term?a praaa nod?bat a peculiar earth, that rvst* la raat aiaaaaa from ooa to forty fleet or more la depth It la aJ-aya saturated with water, being la fbet and I He rail' mad or swamp earth. When burnt It leave o whir aeb. not as plentiful ar wood, eor of any value ft* ita alkaline qaallUaa Tbe peat boga of England, IWotlaad. kbetiaod, Denmark. ran* lalea and loelaad do t> i rurnieh a faal equal la quality lo tbe Irleb pouA la tbe boga of Ireland are Itaad large loga and trass, par ticularly of oak, aoarn upright, and generally la a high state of preetwratkm Tba wood la aa blaok aa jet, cats cp smooth aal solid, aad .? much used to make oraamaata, Jewelry, ha , a Bae root-ml to a golt or atlvar aettiug BrveWta an i broorhtg, la tba ftwm of harps, eprlga of shamrock, r wee, bear la. crowns. aratrna, Ac., are sold ta tbe abopo aad w <m by alt rasaee aa<i ooa dttioaa of people, f'om bee Mvr*ly dowawarda. Beautiful aad It i tile ,'arma and gardeaa, with Mi rubber tea. ptnaUi wa, orebnrda aad ftweet*. bars bean created oa tba top <>i tbew aapaaiabla boga by earn, labor, sipeaae aad good cultirat,on It M a alow prorec*. sol IbqulreW ear Hal. bat It la fhttnd to pay ''V the *?atni nt Vart q iaiHIl - of Ibrae boga bare been r* cletiae I, an I far m *? will ba. tba |tnttativs poMf of ita at.J auJ water, Wbtrp antediluvian oaks w re plcklsd for future ages, gave ' George Htepbeosoa (la Idea of the rail way iicrota the ftunou ? Chat Muss, between Man chester and Liverpool?the ttret railway of any note belli (n t-iigland. All etonea and heavy subetanous aauk to the bottom, aud at for pile driving, yon ml<ut us well undertake to brldgo the Atlantic by driving p Tea Into It for a superstructure. !W capacity for swallo vlog eiceeoed that of whales, caverna, maeistrooma, an 1 ail the gormandising gods of Grecian and Scandinavian mv tholcgy. Bat bow did tbe great engineer mafce a solid pathway for an pouderous a thing an a railway, with ita train of ears and UK-omoliveaf He simply oovere-1 the surface of the bog with a layer of bruabwood, and after It had taken a certain quantity, be pat on a hallael of gravel?the aame as be wuul! on ordinary solid ground? and theu laid down tbe ileeptrs and rails I cannot say how far below ibe present aurfaoe the superstructure? tbe bruab, gravel, &c ?extend a, but probably uot over six feet; and Ibis road, thougb It has been in operation thirty years, on one of the heaviest linee of traffic In Great Britain, baa never settled at ail, or caoaod more trouble or expense to keep It In repair than ordinary rail ways over solid ground. So muob for a triumph of art over nature Ireland, In Its ?til, productions, people and history, is an enigma. A description of the people would be a paro dy of FkktalTs account of Prince Hal?tho wildest, most ui.umeablo, sweetest, rascal Ileal young prinoe that ever lorm -..Ld an aged knight . l.ucau, a large landed proprietor In Ireland?be who was tried In the Crimea, and lound so wofuliy wanting In all the qualities that go to make ap the soldier?oourage, prudence, foresight, humanity and chivalry?whose downright folly and incapacity cost tbe eouu try vast numbers of valuable lives made a violent opposition to the Galway stoam line, giving as a reason, that if an attempt was made to build docks and piers at Galway.and make It n commercial plate, there would nut be people enough here to do tbe work My Lord Lucau forgot that while he was making who,eeale evictions, and turning all of his tenants Into tbe Held to starve or emigrate to foreign countries, ths( most, and tbe beet of Irish landlords, bad tbe humanity? usticeand patriotism to remember that "tne world was made not aloue for r?-sar, hot for Titus too." They pro served the people, while Lord Lucas forgot that A noble peaaauiry, their country's pride, When one destroyed, can never be supplied And yet be did a I be could to eradicate tbem. Luoan Is a lord, a member of the British House of Peers, and though be enjoys tbe prlnoely Income of twtnrv thousand pounds a year (1100,0011), he finds to bis great discomfiture that he caunot reet in eese and security, and enjoy laurels that be has never legitimately woo. "so long as he eees Mordeoal tbe Jew sitting at the king's gale An unpurchasable press has heretofore aud will continue to expose his Incapacity, fody, injustice and .? Toofhir criminal stupidfty. Though a commission of his own crna turcr?hii class and clan?endeavored to whitewash him lor his errors and blunders Is the Crimea, the Dailf AVui persisted In exposing bim, and when be si pealed to a Jury for redrem, their verdict was?"Served bim right." He koejw his club raised towards bis omnipotent foe?tbe press?and, along with selfish Monteagie, be sieoeeded Id keeping tbe paper tax oo a little longer, and one solitary fetter on journalism The people will continue to be pro tected against his blunders, bis folly, bis selfishness and his grasping ambition. In try log to put dowu tbe Gal way line?an Irishman himself, and one of tne largest landholders In Ireland?be only exposed his weakness, and showed what would be the fate of tbe oountry If hereditary rulers could have it all tbetr own way. He la evidently a disciple of Lord Jotau Manners, and Inserts la bis litany the pious prayer:? 1st arte and commerce, laws and learning die, But leave us still our old no sill tie If I re-and produced nothing hut grasping, vulgar and Illiberal peers, and Impassable and Irreclaimable bogs, Ita case would be hopeless But tbe 8tepbeu?>tit of the day can bridge tbe one, and tbe Levers, Howards and Efliu tons can block tbe wheels and upset tbe otber I bear oo satiaactory explanation of tbe cra catoration of accldeota to tbe Coo naught, that has deprived It successively of three pistons in ote short month, exoept that they were probably made too light ana slender. Kvery single break down of a new steamer oueta the oompaay directly at leaat ?3 900, besides tbe bad prestige It throws on the line; and U toe Messrs. Palmer cannot suooeed In putting large engines for snip* together In tbe right proportions, they bad bet ter confine their efforts to the construction of small eratt There la no use of blinking tbe case; building aud manag ing and running large ocean (learners canu >t be pray ed ?lib, and the long continued suoor-ss of oomps-:ie* like Cunard'S, tbe Royal Mail, tbe Peninsular and Oriental, the Montreal ana Inman't, shows that tbe hasards of that kind of business can be brought within tne compass of good and sale manag- meat, as well as oominrroial prodt sou nuoress. It Is not done, however, by lDcotn|ieteot or carekas bands Here in Irelaud there is n naming and earnest desire to seethe line sustained, and there are a large number of shareholders, who bold nearly a million dollar* of tbe stock During the present week tbe heroes of tbe day have been Mr Jubn Orrell Lever, M. P for tne borough, and Mr. John Arthur Roebuck Both of the honorable (sulle mcti had a m ?i eothualtstie reception?Mr. Lever a* tbe founder ai d Mr. Roebuck as the defender and advo rate of tbe line In the House of Common* A very strong attempt was made, and a good deal of dirt thrown by the Lundun limes to damage the reputation of Mr I .ever. I bstieve they have little at do effect. They evident ly have aflectod bim very little In Inland, aad none at all aan>ug his constituents bare in G si way. Be only *?? us to have committed an act of tmprodeoee m seeking the services of a Mr. Irwin, association oilb whom was prejudicial. Mr. Irwto did no business for bim. aliboogb be preten l.-d to; but be was seen In bis company I he whole affair shows tne nigt. Slate of puliln morality and tbe aire one oi nublu opinion In ber Britannic Majesty 's malm, aad affords a lesson to all gentlemen wbo aspire to a seat in hrliainent, warning tbem against felting the Senatorial ermine It is s a-tll known tact taat Mr Lever sod bis i-olleaguas and fiiruds In the It* I, Mr Th . ,iae H <aard and Sir Hiakclli flsstWSStf, have MM in a mi. only in tho Board of Directors, tbe eutire power and management being in tbe <.| a majority, beaded by Ihs oMl msa and g?i.erat manager let their motivia be never so pure, or Otherwise, the public has condemned the management and thrown the odium on tbe responsible parties. Over H*Ttu UiTm, Aug ust 80,1000 TKr ffcnitk FrpetSxtiom to m Domomfn?lkt Pohcm of Sfmtmmmi fVmmre Tkt ?OOwn|<i'i?i Jftwiumriu m Bimtow <fc , <te Aa I do dm iniak otkm aan txaa to the information placed la By tray, I Itol juatided to tgmln, by tele eircul loua route, invlltag tee ettaattua of your rtaJtn to the -4pan>eh expedition tor St Domingo, which lefi on tbo evening of the 80th, oa board of the Span ah tlaamtblp Cuba. 1 weal oa board Um atenmer at half pant four, aad re main od up la Um tiaa of her Bullae, al F- M Fnr Um oflloara, eoaaiiM.aaad aad aua ooBBlaaiaaad, Um aalorprtaa la one of advantage; I tbey do act gut good pay, thoy will have elaiaaa for ladeautty, which teeir |OTtraa?el wUl protect aad taka oara to oulleet, while Mat, or all, Bay gat graata, lo real.a* la tea futara rplendtd fort una Tbia ospadltioa goes out apoo intituotMiaa Irwtn the government of Madrid, and hut tbo approval of Naputeuu it la out of oourue to aid shu tana, the 1'reenienl, nor la it to bolp the peo >w u> t ori fr wlnB.ora atora ponaaaaat goveroaeet. It a with lb? hope of ruture aoqataitioo to make ibemeoi vm. If partible. appraciaMd aa a aocatiy for protect hat?aad a protectorate to follow, and in the ineaa while, mnptel ol old dtobanded 8yea lab arldwrt and other ?abjerta, are taducad to emigrate to St Ikxmugo, aad tea) are take* terra m Spaa it b war and ma I ateaaara. aon-Bpaaied by ofllcara of raah, with laetructe-na direct fr <cn Um WueaCt MiaWtry at Madrid (Jf tew era grant Material la tee lb ma n> be cotnp- aed for which ibe offl cert. Uro BuaitMmt, arn.1 aad aqulparata went down by arwwm. Btc Ba-teem., " ^-.,r?cwtw wwwaw WWWB OJ the Cuba. When the ahite Span itti prwar pmdomlealeo, wtth Um araeuaw aad arma la teeir own band*. Um ttory M lokl, and Uncle Ma may bang up The ?nqueeas aad ?rqoel?France want# tba "tear aad of tee talaad aad it will be Mlca-ly teneiad la caae that rupture nbiuld break mat near relations bow txwtiag, rrmu oe would like lo bare back bar old d* main ipue tee laland, or tee better porta* of It. all of which baa >>aaa provided for. and ran be taeily diplomat iaod, or lakes. aa may be ono ?enteiil, ander the very tewe of our power fwiih .Iifler enoe only la Merita), in oaatumari :? dtarmpeat of oa vent tone comity aa ? uaage. carry lag out to perfect frui tioo the plane of Segovia, when he Gained the treaty lo be ree< inded betae? the failed States aad teat republic, alter It had been returaed for raltgnallea Tbiri plan baa been kept I*lore tbe Spaaiah govaraBMBl, bl.Uug lie lime aad Uieir icmveateace for exac'iUoa. although Segovia wan recalled to dtaarm nwnptaBt na tne part ot <be I uiiel Staler?not for rraona ?( dtaapdtobniioe of hw ml ooa diet Ihr larla, ae aear aa teey i?a ba. tiav,! been toot lo Ibe Slate Ivtartaimi by tbe Vke Cnuaul U-uora! A new war eubn rlptloa ban bars opt aed Tor the relief of the >1 iaa>>led Aelurtan tobliery la Hon ceo. which will ?well to a rteprrubS' rum before It cloans Another ItnpovUat mibwvlptkm haa bar a opeoed lo prr|ietaate tee glory achieved by Span aa arm? in Africa, by a mooiiBroi. which waa propuard la March taat, in ibirivleria, and to aiileb the mi'Temaat herr i? auxiliary, beaded by our mewt isdueatial and wvaltey ? itinme. and will extend through tbe whole taland -tea. II UOO. Bare. II OOP Mltjant, 1*10, he., 8c. <Br health la good. MrteerwIwgleBl Rrgltiar. The anaexed labia abawa tee temperature of Um at tncepbere In tew city during Mm week eediag September I, Ibe range of Um barometer aad teermometer, Um rnrla lion of wind eurraala, aad Um atdia of tea weather at three periods durlag each day, via: at I A. M , aad I aad I o'clock F. M. I 1 ?Mrt Vein . T#? JLH fhtir. Fri... ? a. Jr. II ?<r 4|.xo or A|30 V.Tf *til> w ;< s. w. ? #>. jr. son a ft iwim a. isi?7 if. ir. !1 n h,m ? 14 a.w K ^ Jfe ft so v Mt e w JOteli t w. !Wte|7?k ~ 30 ?i ;iid 1*1? 7 w h??:.w> a a ? 3l4l|SI|N. a a w [ao si *i| g. nine w (*)is|7*l a i?uci|a. m ana. Satrrday?Clear. bright monuilght. bene ay?Hear: bright mooullght If. near?Clear bright moonlight T. eday?Clear: bright Booallght W.dnreday?CWwr aad warm. ? flare on c.kmdy and war?i. fTeaing overraot TV rnday?OrbrtBlrt?I gM rain; ta th ? afterno-tt clear and ' armf? ta tea evening vivid appea-amv of ibe an roe he realm Ir .'ay?Oraraad w*r?. afleraonc aad -e?Bing < i<?adv. Sat ntep?Ottfy and very tuliry; afterncma wi <1 ftte-d H north. Mwwar; ra'tt durlag Ibe evrn g aad ??pk.. 8PBIBGIIELD HOUSE SHOW. Tits Lait Day's Pro' crnin ?r Harass by Statss?ras SMotw of Tborna|hbrtd stock?Trials o Speed?Am sard of Prlass aad of the Stale , Baaner? Great Success of the Kablbl ttss, die. _ . _ Hrm>GFLBLDt Sept. 7, WO. To-day was the fourth sad last day of the IBiriugtteld National Hone Show, sod most succmafu ly wound up the week's proceedings. This hu been by tar the most successful exhibition ever held In the United Stoles, whether as regards the number and high quality of the animals shown, the immense assemblage of spectator* present or the number of Btules that oontested tor the various premiums offered by the society. Upwards of 10 ooo hare been distributed In prises, while the re cetpts for outrances and admits Ion fees, up to IMI night, considerably exoeedod that amount. The weather has been remarkably favor able, although on Thursday a smart pasting shower fell daring the afternoon, but not sufficient to drive the spectators off the ground. The management of the affair has been characterised by an energy, bualneas ability, promptitude and liberality rarely witnessed. Punctuali ty was rigidly observed aad the programme of proceed ings faithfully carried out. The ho tela ware densely crowded with guests, sad the private hospitality of the inhabitants ?t Hprlng field was largely taxed, yerprompt ly aad heartily me I. almost every house had Its quota of guests, and ell seamed to vie In their endeavors to promote the comfort and enjoyment of their stranger visiters. To the committee of managing directors the presa are deeply Indebted, not only for their unceasing ef forts to place them in possession of every Information re lative to the business details of the exhibition, but also for many Individual aote of courtesy and hospitality. Every fkclllty and accommodation was afforded them for dlaeharglng their peculiar duties, and H is with pleasure ws take the opportunity of recording the Indebtedness we, as well as others, labor under. The proceedings of this day commenced with s grand entry of horses, by States, In competition for the prize banner, worth $900. This was to be awarded to the Stale (Agricultural Society), other than Mamathunetto, which should, by its citizens, enter for exhibition the largest number of valuable horses. The banner Itself was a magnificent blue silk banner, with heavy gold fringe bor der and gold tamel ropes, surmounted by an eagle. On one side wee a benntlful representation of the Hampden Park, with a scene frpm the last exhibition admirably executed. On the other was the Inscription, In gold, of? ? state Prize Banner, awarded to ? (for State) at the Fourth National Exhibition of Imported blood and Ameri can breeds of Horses Springfield. Mass , 1W0. ' After some little delay the prooeeeton was formed, New York leading the van, with Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire. Rhode Island, Maine, Wlaoonstn, Massachu setts and Illinois succeeding eseh other is regular sucoes iloo. The procession was beaded by Herring's noted team, with the led bortea, comprising some magnlftoent stallions following. Next were the only two tour ln bants on the ground, Mr. L. Brown's (of New York) Century team, driven by J. H. Walton; and A Inland's magnificent turn out, that gentleman himself handllog the ribands The spans of horses driven by tbeir owners followed, end then lhe single horses. The number of homes entered rrom New York that took part In the cavalcade was sixty two; Connecticut showing eighty six (wltb four msliB)j .t?r mont, thirteen: New Hampshire, five, Rhode tatond, seven; Msine, six; Wiscnun. two; Massachusetts,!sixty - two; \liinois. two; New Brunswick, oca, sod three As will be seen, the pnxe banner waa awarded to tbe state of Connecticut. the classes No twenty two and twenty-three (pomea double aDd single), next came on the ground _ There were three double aad eight single entries, som of them being remarkably handsome, rmatures Tbeir trials of spied were postponed until '* Tbe'"hon<ugbbred staliions were brought on, but their trials of speed [xwtponed until the afternoon The class No. It (gentlemen's spans of driving horses) followed, la which there were tbe totlowing entries;? 1. Goudy and Berkshire, owned by Win. Eox, Wor I 2. fl'rey colts, owned by R. Goodrich, tortki'<*V00.]?" $ Hawk ana Buiaard owned by B. M. Wblllock, New 11 ^Beau and Kitty owned by A. R. Matthews, Roxbury. 6 tbarley and Doctor, owned by K. H. Shaw. Falrport, N T g. ' owned by Natban Morgan, Chicago, fU. 7 Vessel sod Vermont Maid, owned by D. a. Truss dale. Warren, Mam . , . . These were divided Into threa divisionsi for trials of speed. Hawk end Burrnrd. Weazel and \ and Hen u and Kilty winning reapecllvely In 2 M dtn ^Thenest lot waa clam No 96 (tandems and tridems), stub the (oliowing entries ? , . _ ? _ . 1. IjuIjt Warring too and Nero, o^oad by W H- Brai ley, ol MerMen. Conn . naabaw slock. 2 ius and Pittsburg Maid, owned by A.lama Unr pettier. IVuvideO'-e, R 1. (Messenger). 8. Kilty Clyde. Nelly Bligb and Kkrra McFllmsy, owned by A. l> llr'ggs, Sprioglleld, Mam ."Morgan breed. These were tried separately^ so aa to afford tba lodger an opportunity to judge of their rotative aad ' merits The trilem weal the halt mile m 1 it; the tandems, together, did tbe mile In 3 2#, Mr. Carpenter a horses winning; Ilia latter subsequently want round the track twice la 3 90 . The exbibiti -a ofrtaso 1* (gentlemen a driving borsm) waa next in rotation, and for thin the following borers were entered!? crass so. II -ucmisci's nsivnro uo??,rocn tuawold asb ox an. I. Bnaservllle, owned by J. R. Poor. Mam. ?J Hampshire Hoy, owned by K F Cook conn. Mot gan and Hanul /wiao breed, a handsome dark bay borne. and capital trotter ? 5. turn, owned by E. B. Shaw, Mains; Messenger "7*. , owned by W. C. Ctark. Mmmchusetis. Mm "t^twppL owned by Lewis Williams, Connsetlcut; Morgan bread. a Baa looking dark gray 9 Tbrgel, owned by O M Shaw, Maine Mnrcaa aad Manas agar broad. a bandaoma sorrel aad splendid t rot 1$. Nelly Oow, owned by Joha Wytnan, Mains, Mas sreger breed, a good looking gray II. Indy (Saytoo, owned by A Harrington, Maine. Messenger breed. _ 12. Brown Seward owned by J Reed, Maine; Masses ri3 Lndy l'lanet, owned by W. H. Harrington. Now Hamphahire. tnsslus M. Ctay breed 14 Rover, esraed by $. C. ttabeook.Mew llampbsh re. Abdeltan breed . " _ II Mtehtgan Boy, esraed by B. Hubbard Nov men French aad English broad. IT. Tom Osrwia, owned by B. L. Boers, II Jsasy land, owned by A. McMollea North Star breed; a handsome derfc eerrel mere IS. Mary Chbot owned nyB (tandsli. Masmnger stock 90 Wultamstosrn Rues, osnmd by J. C Little, Ver mont; Sherman Morgan brood; s hsndenme sad tost tfoKtr. 21 Pasta, swnad by J. M Hubbard, Now Tor*, s very fine bay aiars, with splendid actum 29 (timet, owned by Tbomad BIrk, New Hampshire, Black Hawk Stack. . _ _ S3 Sesrol billy, owsed by J. Lost, Now Hampshire. Btark dawk breed 24 Oi|?y, owned by C. A. Allsap, OuaaacUsnt. a bltok ?gLbr*d 21 Norma, osrned by B Brown. New Tart; thm oagb bred. 91 Norms, breed a fine gray mare wltb ' 91 Fainy tare, rwned by F u van, crmnecxrcw* 2T I nay Ptaast, owsed by Has Ptfsr, New York, U> gas breed a fine bay six It Kate May, owned by L D. Roberts. Oonneellcul. 20 will was Tell, osrned by W. B tonltb. s lias lanaai horse sad good trotter 80 Bsneia Bey, osrned by O. R Wmmm, Merges nhroh; a good looking net. 11 Ban, owned by H. L Bnroataa, Omaectlcut. Mot gae breed _ . 32 Patsy, osrned by W. W. Huagertord, Canada. Mar **38 SeiUB, owned by J loxetl, Onwevctlcut M? breed a < best nut, with capital style of tr-Htlng , 84 Faeay owned by Li. Heath, Mamsrhmitts man Morgaa stork 31 Torn Taumb, owned by T. J. Vail, CbnnecticaC jd Jimmy tana, osrned by J Fulson, Mama. Inmlis. Blark Hawk breed $7 Charley Mean, owned by 0. R. Towwmy, Black Hswli The whole of tbe shove, after trotting once round, wsre divided In separnta lose to wet their speed and style of going In tbe first lot Willismesown Kuan heat Nellie Crow (Ml, Miehifaa Boy. Iiamv Uhne aad Rob la 9 Ifi In tbe next Norma heat mstele Hoy, Joan. Kssof Kern sad Mm aeppn la 9 44 BroKia Boy came in first, but sras ruled out by the judgrs flw riiamag Ute greatest pert iff the way round In the third tot Target beat Joany LMd, Onset, drltm (2d) aad Kale May in 211 At starting Target ran into and impaired lbs sulky of Bate May, but without stopping he went on, caught his boteee and won cleverly No one urns injured. lute rehire hoy beat William TUU and Gipsy la the urn trial, m t ?f, and fnalc led lady Planet and Brows toward twenty lengths teton round the Use* la I 82, the beet time made in tbn rises la the oonclndlsg kit. Tar set although ho kwt a great deal of ground nt starting, hit Kste May, Tomb Thataih and Mary ttabot, by hair a . Id I M Now fellow.d tbe inspect too and trial of th roougbbred stallione, the follow lag beirg rue entry nam no 1?1Twoww.iin.uso srau'ivu. 1. Young Willon Brown, no and by Wil'<atn Flllott; Arabian and I "nam suirk. a hnnde me though under stsrd gray __ 2 Comet, osrned by A. Bathgate, Moenearia, New York by Trustee, out of Orraa^nl, by tbadnw, a bran nfnl ebertasl. showing great rpeed and high breeding 8 Pulton, owned by Peter* and Hammoc l, Nova doe lis Ft<? irb breed; ? powerful and 4 Young io?(?rted and own-d by B M WhtKorh New Y'O*. hy oe-etro.?a. orrt of Metre, ay a noble tor*leg bay tbr!f"oghbe??' g Vi-iirg 7e?ttb, "wned hy't K . ?? . of fVniMgMgMl; Hsrssgbarrt. ? >.r? . Vour.g n ? as "dl taa ano /enilh ai .-srrd n toe trial 'if "p?d Tme was ,.gur?i m tjit ???? ?? p|fti?9f "M rc*e, asdic It proved. TTie riders were ;n jockey costume, uJ the fol lowing it tbe result ? Ch h Comet, by Trustee out of Ornament, by dhadow,. carried 15 lbs overweight Gr. b Wilton Rrown, by Arab borts, oot of Prism end Ziugaree mtre 2 Gr. b. Hull in 3 B. b. Young Zenith 4 nut KACm. A good stirt wis effected it the second attempt* lb* two gnys lyiug tcgethrr iuil Comet in the tbird place. On Hie lower sule of tbe Ira A Wilton Brown wenlahead. Comet liking Hie recoud place. At the subles the In ?er went up, deprived Wilton Brown of tbe lead, and oarried on tbe running with a clear lea l ot a length the Brat time past the itand. on the lower side the rider of Comal took a pull at bis horse, an i indulged tbe gray wltb tbe lead along tbe lower side. Before reaching tbe I ait turn Ooasst again went up and deprived Wiltou Brtwn of bin leading; nosltioe, coming home an easy winner, without being fairly extended?his jeekey looking hick snl laughing n. bis opponents Sultan was a bid third; and Zenith, who balked twice, walked in last. Time, 2JXIX The race for thoroughbred marea tollowed, two cnly putting In an appearance Tt was won cleverly by Mr. H Btolb's ch m. Narcissn, beating Dr. B. A. Howe tr gr. m Lady Breckinridge, after an exciting and well con tested race. T me, 2 05 Tbe awarding of tbe prizes then followed, n l*t of wb cb 1s subjoined. At tbe request of tbe Prenidsot of the society, all tbowe horp-x which had been awarded premiums were drlveu sround the track, bearing tbe aga showing their position?blue Hags tenoltng the re ipunta of dret prizes, snd pine liege those who bad - - - Uarlfji ?* ecelved second swards. Profeeaor Clark,] of ollege, In a brief but appropriate speech, extolling ? a ted the benefits resulting from tbeeo exhibitions, i tbe Htate prise buonur, won by cionneotlcut, to Mr. A. P. Hyde, President of tbe Connecticut ?Cute Agrteul ural Society, that gentleman, on behalf of bis State, cknowledged tbe honor In suitable terms, expressing tbe ratification be felt at tbe high position attained by Ooa neeticut at the Fourth Nstioual Exhibition of Human at Springfield. It was a matter of general remark that very few Ba sbaw stall tfroe were on exhibition. This is probably doe to tbe great scarcity of this distinguished race of trottars, which, as yet, have not bad time to spread to any grass distance, but have been confined to special locaMim. They are destined, however, from their elegant forsa, stylish appearance and great swiftneee In the trot, at no distant period to create a furor among breeders wheo their merits become generally known. In addition to being superior road horses, they are represented aa une qualled nnder tbe saddle and or uncommon spirit and do cility. A* will be seen from the Hat of prizes, Jupiter, one of this Slock, and u magnificent looking stall ion, carried off tbe first premium of MOO for sUUtoaa for general use. He belongs to Dr. D. B. Rich, of this city, and attracted general attention. There wan much inquiry for Lightning among the connoisseurs and bread era, who were anxious to view this celebrated Bashaw stallion, and fully expected bis presence at the fair: but be is not on exhibition tbis flail. It was ascertained, however, on inquiry, that as there is n probability of bin spending tbe next summer at Woburn, his appearance at the Springfield Exhibition m the (Ell Is placed beyond doubt. The attendance of visiters from all parts on the last day was Immense, over 25,000 persona being present. It seemed as if every village and town of Maseachusetth and Connecticut had poured out its population to wit ness tbe trials of speed, for It must be acknowledged that It la tbe trotting contents that are tbe great sou roe of attraction at tbeae horse exhibitions. Delegates from a great number ofSial? societies were present; among which were Georgia, South Carolina, Kentucky, Louiaia&a, Ohio, AC. Governor Banks and Ins lady; Lieutenant Jov ernor Trask, of Massachusetts; Lieutenant Governor Cat lin, of Connecticut; N P. Willis, ofldlewild: ex Governor Seymour, of Hartford; Charles Delano, of Northampton, and Jas. Humphrey, of Brooklyn, N. Y., members of Congress; Sim Lctand, Silas C. Herring, B. M. iYhiUock snd Lewis B. Brown, of New York; W. W. Corcoran, of Washington; Adams Carpenter, or Provldenoe. R L; Pro fessors W. 8. Tyler and Vase, of Amherst College, and hundreds of other distinguished men were present from day to day on the grounds. An Interesting Incident fol lowed immediately after the cavalcade on this .lay?Count Beerskl, driving bit beautiful imported thoroughbred mare Rnele round tbe track, lisrnsaawd to a Russian drosky belonging to Colonel Oolt, of Hartford. Thin mare look uie first prtxe for thoroughbred breeding marts, and well she deserved lbs award. She Is a finely shaped brown mare, In foal to Kossuth, and. in fear small, beauti fully formed bead, dean limbs, sad bright expressive eye, strikingly resembles her sire, the celebrated racer Flying Dutchman, who woo both tbe Epsom Derby and Doncaaler St. Lager In 1849 Tbe attendance of buyers of horses wan vary great; yet, strange to say, although thwa were upwards of six hundred horses on exhibition, the supply was ffer from being equal to the demand, lu fact, the business done was very limited, aa tbe majority of tbe horses were "oot for sale." Tbe uemand lor horses In New York at present la vary great, saddle bones especially being very scarce and commanding high prices, in enaaaqmeos of equestrianism having become so fashionable, now that I we have got a "Rotten Row" in Central Park for exhibit ing fine horses and skill tu the aUneps. Beyond lbs sales of tbe W tretinoin team to Mr. Corcoran, of Washington; Young. Oolombna (tbe winner of tbe dectdiug trial of speed In his class ol "Family Horses," healing Boner Young and over ferly others), wbo was sold, it is said, for $l,$$0; Boaay Young, who was disposed ?f for a stiff prtoe, and Saltan, for whom it is elated 81 200 was paid?wa did not bear of any aaka be lag effected. Tbe day socoeedlag the ex hibition la generally devoted to tbe baying and selling of burses, sod more business la Wows cm ibat usy than on any other (foe buyer alone purchased horses lo the amount , ? MO.000 s'ler tbe fair bad termi nated. Seller* of bones air then more disposed to ask. bur nod reasonable price* than ibej are la tbe habit of doing la tbe excitement and town* of the exhibition. It la a tact worthy oT noti ?, that notwithstanding there wee oak leted to be npwarus of T0.0S0 paruonn on be grounds during tbe exblbili n, there was not s Singh) case of pocket picking re|>oried. Tin I Is mainly to be at tributed to Id* foresight <-f the director*, wbo bad en gaged tbe services of ibe well kuown Near York deteo tltes, Messrs Leflert* and bmlth, and Dunn sad Lynch, of tbe Burton police fane Their preeeao* effectually srartd asay tbe light dug.-re', gentry, whose a base OS In , always more agreeable than their company. Although tbia exhibition ha? been bv lar lb* mant sho ot** fa I ever yet held since Its organisation, la IBM, and Its second and third celebrations, In INT and IMS. we understand that the directors do not purpose at prestnl holding it again for two years They desire to allow tuff Select time for another sad probably hotter class of horses lo grow up before they again celebrate Iks Fifth National Exhibition of Imported Blood and A men can breeds of bones at Springfield. Tbe folio stag M the list ef prizes awarded ? Ciajw No. 1?Thoroughbred rtalltoas the first sad only premium of gJOO t ? < - met, owned hy Alexander Bathgate of Fordbatn. Wmm heeler county, N. Y. Ciaa* No. 1 Thoroughbred mares Urn first and only premium of 8100 to Narciaau, owned hy Usury Booth of Wast Karma, Westchester roesty, N. Y. Chans No 8 ?(Mailtos* for general use, eight years and over tbe first premium of MOO to Jnptler, owned hy Dr. D. B. Rich, of New York; the teound, of $100, to 1'a thunder, owned by l.mslev Brothers, of West MerW dea Conn.,the third, of 850. to Mala* Memsnger, owned by .lobe Wymao.of Bangor, Me lli* No 4 ?Stall tout for general use. 8 year* and un der 8: tbe first premium of $100 lo Patrick Henry, owned by Bill k Bala win, of Ticuoderom. N. Y ; tbe ae reod, of $15. lo Hector, owned by Frank B Knowing; of Glovrrsville, N. Y.; tbe third, of $60, to cue. owned by Jobs Ntsllman of Led; end the of 826. to Clarion, owned by F. W. Rawill, ef PorV lasd. Coon. Cum* No. ? ?Bullions of four yawn and andar five tfen first premium of $$0 to Hampden Alton alien Billy, owned hy Dsn. pflfhr, of New York, the amend ef $00 to fistb foruw, owned hy George R Wvenoa, of Woreeetsr, Uses.; the third of M0 to Nsugnturk, owned hy J. I. BsanoM, of New Boston, Conn., and the fbarth of $1$ Is Imperial Stack Hawk,owned hy C M Lewis, ef New Britain,(Man. Dun sank to mention wan made alas af Path $a tar. Jr., onaad hy William Fvttlbcae, ef Mertdoa. Conn ; Htaaury Jack, owned by Aoama (Mrpeuter of Provtdsnoe, R I , Frank, rawed In Oanneetkat MU?a Htaadwh, owned fey K. D. Bush k Co., of Hborroam. Vt., and Poetise, owned by J. J urasdall.of BmUJeboro, YE Ciajw No. 0 ?HtaJltuno of 3 year* and under 4 the first Cm urn. of $T0, to Meek Bird, owned by Joeepto ker, o> Brooklyn, N Y . tbe monad, of 460, to Wm. Hale, of Berlden. Conn , the third, of $3$, to R. S. Den ay. of Clnppvllle, Maes and tbe fourth, of fififi, In Jo seph Br melt, of fiouthbon. (is* No. 7.?Hlwlltno* of two years and aader three tbe first premium of $50 lo U-vlalbau, owned hy W. 1. Bradley, at Bertdrn, D<ua. the mound of 180 tor Mcro. owned by 8 J. Jncsaoa, ef Long Island; tbe third of $20 lo Hiram Drew, Jr., owned by D. Big toy. ef helm U as* No 8 ?Mares with foal* hy their side the Oral Cm I urn, of $100 to Hlg elaud Maid, owned by David ivitt. Jr. of Great Barriugtoe the eeoend of "" ? I'oeaboulm. owned by K. li.lmwbhOe of Am YE; the third, of te Venus, owand by C. 0. Nourae of -brewwbury ChAr* No 10 ? Fillies, tan years uid under four. The committee, dividing tbe three year olds from tbe four Kdds, ssake the following dlvwkn of lb* awwey ? year ofde?02* to Meadhnm MeM.owne.iny J 8. (tork.ef BerMan.U . $14 In Btar* Hawk, owned by C. B Leva, of New arium, ft , $M tn Fmreme, owned by timw J tall, ef Hartford. (X ; and tbey apeak w*U of Dolly, nwted by H. H. Or Iff. e. of Blddletnwa, 0E Two ear otde?ON to Lady Alton, owned by Wm HaN, of Mm rlden, 0E; $? to Baa I .owned by F. W. Rameil of Mid r leasers. Ct ; $i$ to Flora, owaed by R 8. Purbm, of New York, and tbe colta of Jobs Brooks, Jr., of Priaom tan, and B. B Ortffia, ef Mlddletowa, arc mentioned Cussn No 11 ?FlUias, one year and under two; the trvt i remlwm of $$fi to lady Fesn. owned by Homer W. fans, f Worermrr; tbe second, ef $14, lo Nlns, ownel by R. Pesny, ef Onppvilto tbe third, of (10. to Pknoy, ewn ed by Liberty Jerks, nf Belcher town Mm*. Ciaiw Ne 1$.?Colts of 1 years and under 4~?aa award ? f $$0 to Zacfe Tsylor. owaed by W. W. I'ptmm, af Boa en, tbe only exbibtvv. Clam No IS ?Odia (stallkno and geldlam) 1 ysar and nder I tbe first premium,of $W, Uijobn mil,owned by Jrm Brraett. r.f Nouthhorb. tbe seoondof $Nb> Jno OfiWne Hmitb. owned by Wm R 8 nilb, of Hartford, Onao .snd the tblrd sad tourtb, amonatlag to $N, are divided equal ly among W D Rrtwiy. of Woroenter: Jobn ?"***. Jv_^ ef Prmceuw. D D Warren,of Hprtag$e*d, and M H. Grtf. ?a, of Portland, Conn CEsse No 14 ? Batcbed boom, gstdlngsor marea Foe )? haiHl* and over tbe first premium of $1? to Nathan Washburn, of W ..reenter. Mam; the ssoond of $74 to Jcbs T. Rockwell, of Wtm Wmeted, Ome ; the third of 450 to F. H. Chaw, of Fblrport. N Y. Mr 14 heads end over tbe first prevalent flf $10$ ta Tbomee Adams, of Rovbury, Ute neooed of $75 to 4eorfe 8 H snw, of 8y recime. N. Y tbe third af $40Jo J. B Hiv-.kky of 1 eHWVIIIe, Cons the fourth of Ml ta Wm T Barber, of Ware boon* Pntnt, Osan. Tor 14 bande and over tbe fowl in I m um of $00 M L P PMhlnaon of RrmttMi'irn, Vt ; the ? end of $? to O M Hodsna. of Hertford, (tan (tjwr No 15 ? VfcBM mntrbed horse* g*ld tagv or stare*: tbe fiivt preml'im of liW to lb* dark be? t"a?n n# J. Wi|? r t <> Beriden CVme the semed of to tne fho-y llietthi d teem of Jainee Reed, of Palmer I fi. !? ? SwHNsivb'i '.tu ef^ coram,

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