Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 11, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 11, 1860 Page 3
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gtUitf ' wales the At* irf (100 to a U Wti.uoek, >?? *?"? *???*. "?? nooodoi WO u> #?. Foa, tr Worcester. Clam Jfo 17 ??lAinify tws?s. geMica ? aurw the fit prem'tim of (100 ?o Robin, ^wtiaJA Samuel !?" / f Hiitafir Ui, . iL. ? ? _ . .?????* of W0 t$_Brown Seward. - -*third and Ike fourth oftr *T Jaasm Row of New York. * *? owoeJ b , a Brown, of irit1?l- ^ "hddh horses- lb"-ladles' riding, the P /tlum o* $2$ to M?? OU'rt Robinson, erf Spring ^., nnd Uio moond of $10 to Vv* m 0. Field, of Bprtag fieid. (The third lady rider did )K>t compel* fir nroAium ) f riding, too am preauam of $30 uo Prof William R Clark, -rf Amhr rai ?o<l the aeoood, of $10, to Jl t Mather, ot Roxbv., Maa Cl*hb No. $0 ?Fenr, or draft born**, in pain, toe ftnt premium of $60 to y tiah roan, of DeorOold ? toe aecond of $30 toOoone M. 'at water, crfSprtogOeld, too third of $1$ to Harvey Beth'., of Sprtngdelrf Class No. 11 ?blneie farm or draft horw the Orot premium of (.26 to Grey lock, owned by Geo. W. Power*, ?f Sfarliigdo'.d; toe aooond or (16 to Hero, owned by J. X. iMOfava, or BMtoamptaa, Kin, Clam ><o. 93.?Poole#, driven doable, tandem or trl *e?: toe cm prom 1 am of $2$ wan awarded to & F. To MgwU, of Booth Framingham, toe only oahibltor. CLin No 38.?Single poaite: the first premium of $1$ to Jerre, owned by George A Btrne, of Springfield; the seeend of $10 to Topeey, owned by Or. A. Page, of ?prtnggeid. Clam No. 94 ?Pleasure driving: too award of $100 in thin clone la (Ivan te Simeon Leton 1, of toe Metropolitan Hotel. New York, for his four in hand The old team of Lewia B. Brown, of New Tork, wan not entered tor pre Clam No 91?Bwt tandem er tridem team: too beet nod only premium at $60 wne given to A. D Brlggn, of bpringieId, for a team of both tandem and tridem. Cham No. 91?Walking horaea, In (addle or bnrneat: toe trat premium at $90 to Lady Grey owned by G. a Ftok, at rpringfeld; toe aeoond of $11 to Lady Ferris, owned by L D. Roberta, of HarUerd, Coon. (Law No. 27 String truck tanma. The team of Mr. 81 h*C Herring, of New Tork, taken, of eourne the Brat premium of (60. There were no oompetitorn. The Opera and Thealrei Laet Night. ACADEMY OP MUSIC. The " Barber of Seville" wan given last night to a well tiled houee. In toe duet with Figaro In the Brat act, Patti was really bewitching, her byplay being aa admi rabka aa her atngtng. Bar exacullon was marked by all toe clearsene, pari ty and originality In th%rarlatlona which the la in too habit of display lag la too relet that are tutted to her powers. Briguoll (ilmavlva) was in superb voioe, and sung with bin usual care and fin .ah toe very difficult aria in the first act. Amodlo't Don Baatlio hept the bo one in continual merriment. It is one of Lb# ports la whioh he Is most at home. In the orsa of the Ctdnmwia he brought out toe full lorco of his splendid organ, and was verjfdc-ervedly ap plaudad. The Figaro of BarlU was a very creditable performance. Ha lg an excellent artist, and e serla him self to the utmost to gtve satisfaction to his audience. Bos is I song and acted the role of Bartolo with all that aplomb and rase which distinguish him la this elnM of ohnmctern. Altogether nothing could be more mtnfiae tory than the manner in which the opera was cast and per formed. This evening the " Trovatore" will bo repealed, with Dor (Ml and Muaiuat la the principal roles. To morrow Palti and Brignoll will appear In the '? Purltanl," and tor Thursday toe " Traviata " la again annonnoad. ? WINTER GARDEN. Mr. aid Hn Raniey Williams Inaugurated a new sea son at lie W icier Garden last night, and wen received with the eclat which seems to follow these admirable ettota in whatever quarter of the glob# they present ?bemeelvte. The houes was weU Sited, and the perform ?? ??el, racy and entertalnlag. Tie bill for the evening comprised tie lively piece of "All Hallow tve," and "Ah Honr la Sevillela the former of wb ch Barney Williams le quite at home as the rollicking,' good hearted Irishman, and his captivating, as an Irtnb girl, made up for her somewhat Yankl ?ed impersonation of the character by the netoef; graoe rS^-i6mcr ** Perfb'nACC? "An Hour la Seville" aflirda an excellent opportur Ity for the disolav of Mrs Williams- happy veraetifo of tolaet. md ????rtalnment of her audi *?0*. _ *r- MMMrs- Williams are the mnt popular artiste on the stage, as well as the moet suoceesrui. The preeent ?element, we belters, lasts only three weeks P J.AtTU lOMl'l THE ATM!. The double attraction of a new pleos and the Brst night el the regular neaaon attracted a crowded bouse to thin theatre last night Mine Keene opens her fourth season aider favorable auspices. The hocse has the best pumi bte prestige, and the directress hae just r.-turned from a European tour, during wbUh the undoubtedly secure I the latest aoveltiee la London and Parte Her (took oom ' I nay U- been strengthened in the crinoline department by the secession of Mies Polly Marshall, Mrs. J. H. Alien and Mr*. Hough?all wall known to and admired by me tropolitan theatre goers. The piece is an adaptation, by Mr. He tvaides, of' La Petite Poiogee, " and la here entitled "lbs Monkey ?ey." "In Petite Potogne" is one of thone thrilling dramas so much aUboted by the Boatevert theatres lbs plot is long enough lor a fashionable aeval tedeed, it might be spue out into two or three ro] ' manors Wa have the staple escaped fontl, the neual artist who to saved from destruction by an lagenlcua heufmtfcre, a monkey boy, the soe of Me oil convict, and an aaeortmeat of comic people, or joople praeumed to be to lighten the business of the play. The piece to weU conetrucled, and to a clever drama as eucb things go. The dialogue a, as imual. eommoa pleos (tee does net look Ibr literary brilliancy tea piny of lb la school, aad it to as well that we expect nethiag of lbs kind, the merit of the drama uadar noli w cm as Ma la lie never eeaatng action, strong effects and striking teMesaa The One] picture Is lbs brat one ?ver ?? o. the New Tort boars. The acting was batter than the parte. Mr. Oonldock bi* M*?lte rulm, n greet scoundrel, who be OOWMS virtuous when hie health telle htan, aad be render - ed it with hie usoal vlger end dtoerlmmetlon. Hlseetiag '* kral eeane wee rary Ess. Mr. lialy ptayed the sr ? ttol, Luetan, oarafuliy and wtel. Aatoag the wa-e Mn. Allen carrted ed the honors by her rary graeeful par hwmaeee of the hfMin, in whieh ruler she to jratly dto tisgatobed. Mtos Keene pteyed Jeeqeee, the Monkey ??7,? purely eoemntlsnte pert, end one which afbrded no seprcial opportunity for the exhibition of bar style of acting, which Is by no mesas aooreitiejal. Mr. Bu -nett a foithfW delinaatleo of Rouget, the stereotyped oomie parte were to the haste of MM Polly Marshall, Messrs Johnatoa, Peter* aad Lhasa, aad were ell well dona Aa a whole, tht new ptay may bs set down as a sue teae, though not a trtampb It needs eompram.oa ately Mdthe teste might ? wad anmmanne with tha pat of j Whieh OfMI'ltUtUI lOQIf 4mthl* H/Mrfrrf Wti irh "*f "ny he to Praneh, era ratkar two' I ** the matertty_ s< oar aMtanae. Wish prewar ; curtailments whlnh will readily sagguel [77 Um author, the "Meahey Bey" oeanrafoil VrteeeTtM pnblto aad have egned Am. pmm TMB OT.D anWEHT TIUTto. The teferafc of the old Bowery will hardly ten at bran this amnsa, eo thoreaghly and completely has the ate rler of the baildmg hem ragenerated aad radatsraled. lie teteraal appearance win sew compart fferorably with that of aey of our Irat class Broadway tbmtrm The revival of Shaheperah evqaleite play, " a Winter's Ttee"?Mr and Mm J W Weliaek eaeteialag the principal nharaclere?drew a large aad delighted audi earn to the ted Bowery tost eight, every seat la the lower part of the house being tiled, and amay obliged is content themselves with standees Of the I era lee of Mr Wei terh or tee Heras lea nf Mr* WaOach It to hardly asm* tery in (peek, both being an thoroughly correct Is their Profc,"n* ?fcte they never undertake that whteh they ??Mot etirii?felly perform The retnvel of ? A fx !?? ? Melded euccnes, end will, wo e.. *? the revival of raber sterling tegitimate "" ??T "We-W-anlii popular end preamble <* late pTe^n ^ *??hed rram Um stage nevarte ap *A*nrn,s nr**m. The opening of the dramatic sea* of ammi mmi. in m ? VHh ?It < e speeeb, uprmeiie of detailing fete fetors puma M the Mamum ymterday i Mr teraem tented the* at no _ t arn dsr tag tha twenty year* thai ha had bom . the Ms ? ?"Man. Ha atoo staled that he hepod eson to he able to "kihit a Osagrms of Nattona" composed of m** meal bamenity, mate and rrasale. teem all aauomsn hpemneator drama minted "Joseph and hto *? bean pet spm the tags m a mate am* oep?masses mma. the scenery and vartons mihseiml ^TriVT'" -b*U"t Museum compaey esmeMwi tkr9rtm' POLITICAL APT AIRS, The KaUifleiacAl Ue Hew York Demteney ^ the Fusion Question. Call for Another Meeting tf the DougUui State Committee. its of Sonator Seward la Wisconsin. Arrival of Judge Douglas in Town. Preparations for the Barbecue at Jones' Wood, da.. Ac., Ao. THE FU8I0H ELECTORAL TICKET. The Dowglns Scat* Commlttc* Opposed to tde 1'iI?b-CkU for Amother Meeting of tbe Douglas Committee. At&urr, Sept 10,1800, Tbe roster of s proposed on ion by giving the Breckin ridge men ten eleetore end two Stele otfloers, circulated this morning, caused n grant flatter amongst pall "t**" A ,arge majority of tbe Douglas State Otou mitte la understood to be entirely opposed to any such arrangements. Mr. Richmond, Chairman of the Comm.ttce jis n town today and goes down to New York to-night, but ho is understood to refuse perempto rily to call the Committee together to consider any such proposition. Several telegraph messages have been re oeived here from tbe West discouraging any sttjh ar range meet as injurious to the ticket. Dean Richmond. Chairman, and Peter Cagger, Secretary of the Democratic Central Committee, iuuc a call for a meeting of tbe Committee at tho St Nicholas Hotel, la New York, lor Friday next, September 11, at twelve o'clock, noon. It is well understood here that by a large majority the proposition, sthl to have been made by tbe Breckinridge committee and agreed to by Bcoj. Wood, has been reject ed. Tbe majority of the Committee deny that tbe Wood subcommittee bad any authority to agroe to any arrange ment, but were simply to consider and discuss proposi tions and report them to the State Committee. THE LATE ATTEMPT AT FUSION. POLITICIAN* BWriLtLMD?THK MASSES DEMAND A Ta?~d?0LA8 AND ISTKurHE 0r ? LLTE NTOOTIATIONS?13 THJtKK OK 18 THERE NOT A PTSION ? ETC., ETC. His principal topic amongst Ell cinema rn the ettyyes. tarday wee the pcrplexrd q<mstloa of fasten lately At tempted by the politicians in this city, who bars ad" Jourasd without being able to inform their friends wheth Ibey are dead or all re. Every person that we met, let him he a democrat or republican, at once propounded an Inquiry about the .fusion. The merchants talked It la the counting rooms, and for once tarried with a friend a little losger at loach, trying, If possible, to solve the mystery and ascertain what most be dooe to secure what they were aU laboring for, aad which the politicians seemed determined they [should not hare. Ther# was s state of bewilderment all around The universal feeling, however, necmod to be to no longer ti cat to the trading politicians, but to lake the mat ter out of their bauds and select their own ticket, irre speclive of politicians, cliques, committees or oonven lions. It appears thst the politicians have overreached them selves, that, with the exception of saying what Douglas men shall be dropped, and what Bre* in ridge men ebal1 be placed on the electoral ticket,a fusion ticket is already formed, nnlest Ricluaond, (.Agger A Co. back out of the agreement made by Mr. Wood to accept the ultimatum >'<"? tola the public are indebted to the blundering ot the politicians ralhsr than the intention, fbr they are frantic with excitement siuce they round the dilemma they are la. * 'U<^.upo? "'"to'' authority that Mr. Wood had In hie pocket a letter from J>wo RirhmsKl authorising him to socept the tan electees when be tmormrd Green that be would scent ? k , proposition. This letter was wi it tea with the idea that the Breckinridge committee would not accept it. IV politic lane were yesterday full of urimins ******* e*ch btber, some d w.lar *"? fuetoa, others that Wood and Rich mmd had peevsated a eaten, whilst the friends of the latter would declare that the oonmlttee of which John A Green was chairman waa reepooaible for the ?bole afcir, andtbc foil men, slno>*mejn fbr a my about the metier The Idea af their uniting with the Hreckin riigerr?whs, they my, denounced them the last act ?* * It appears, however, that the people of the Bsrentaenih ?ard cowekler that a union has been made, aad allboush sacompl shed through the blundering of the poll Icuum of Umj loctl Tibdmv ud Moiiri cotn?lll#es M ta ta"DeJP^ H"AU' ?at*DUo* <* ** Wto I nder the rustfuston, frowllsgs nsd bitter denuaelatioas of the politicians in their attempt to get out of Um dim cult/imA Ibotr own blundtra hi?f pCotd Uko in it tu herd to tall where the responsibility of the nrcmat mate *?dtalrs rightly betanged W. thivfbrTg.^^ta^ pretaitee eflh* negotiations aa viewed by the politic tarn golLf'na * Wk? " * ******* 10 "hat was , ^ negoliaters have left be toem twa days others are cursing and swearing at the TBI miEWUTATTOM THAT THE DOCOLA* HEN IXACB rrow TEE Amrr at rrsrow at the a-tob ESSEX'SLM# At the tret meeting et the Conference committee Mr W *kJ made s proposition to Mr Omen and his .err?-n 'hat If they would withdraw their electoral ticket he reeommeod to and ercare the adopt too of a raso lotwa by the Mate committee which be npmenali J to the ettact that If the eontaet should prove to be between tawokIortdge and I.moola, f the thirty flve votea of Mew kork would elect Breckinridge, then Ib-y should be cast tor him. Mr Oman and bus made several rkgiilinni to this propt siiion, ami ssked Meaere Weed sad U?m If ton woeld r room mead twelve er clevre rlectare or ?smith leg W lhat aster* Mr. Wood replied lhat ha eeuld not my what they do, nsd r< fused to lake awder r-rtidsrsil |p pr.4poe.ttoe until be (Mr. Green had laid hie Em offer before hie Stale Committee ami seen whether they would swept or reyaet It With lit a Mr Green and bin ooamiitae left, after wards returned, aad said the State Committee bad rejected the eObr Mr. Wood then asked them if they would take sin else Icre and two en the State ticket. ?toe of Mr. Greta's associates asked If this wu hie an I Mr Wood replied that V waa very desirous of anting the democratic party, end ntlliag to make great aanrltoes tor that purpose hot is making this proposition be had d~ m for the purpoe. ef bar tag U^pUgl. Z " - mmiltee. which be rrprrmi.tad (a making a .**? hs wanted It to amount in rwrlkftig, and no' BH-r-ly on. on papr, Tf be was mrr.,7,7T.'^n tin5tsreto2d'fcw,M *?* in ?,t"? to? MrOrrsn and wmmitm then left, leering the lm periston apoa the minds of Msesr. Wood and Lafltathst ^TT.rT'u ^1"? w^toer their oommtttse accepted or rejerted tb? pmaaelttan Mr Weed .mediately wmt isle IV beta! tEd there mw Mr Green mibfag with nrveml sZtamZT and, stepptag up to aim, mid that V was ,n<W the impremmc that be (Mr Green) lateeded the mSn7r^Stti?rt,Tle taoughT tteHhey had "not Bxrwrar etraaassa ?*d ta Mr. Cram lhat he would socept tVir propusl' Ueo^snd reeommeed te the l**f a. commlttae to elvc to^totortdge party tan stretors sad on# sf lbs Mats replied?Ton are tee ?nd wv oaasot sew Utiaf sJjouxed G. me-it it the osl of the ?' ... -rt?>s <*??i*-V40r.opoothe^-' jtd Mast of VboW rtmoJi'iiK Aat in the ruom* it** had *xxn ocoat -ed '>y tb? coroner, Uid their general on leioaiinri war in oenst j* it Mr. Grace's course in thus abruptly ab??ni c? "altcself. Ore gentleman thought that they should sand to bia ri"?ui and get hie baggage and keep it unrl hft returned Mr. Wood notified th? balance of the committee offlclal'y tint he aooepted the propwt lion of ten elector*, Ac . but remain* with Mr. 8rotn and tbo Albany Re;"my a* to the final con sammatloii or rejeoti u 01 t''? pr->, oaed fusion. A priTato letter w-e exhibited during the day from funiel A Plcklnaoc, m which he tutted that I. there **? a fualoo npoo any wnti w th the Regency men he meat be counted oul The Uoualna wing acea to tbjik that the manager- on tho other aide do not want a union, aad the abrupt adjournment ttna lor the purpcae of prevent j?g it. BOW TBI liKKCKrVKlD'jBKS VIEW THK NIWOTiATIOK? THi raiLru laid at the noon of the dovm LA* CtMMlTTKK, BTC. Tbe rural men-bors of the Brcck-nrt-lge State Central Committee oame to New York strongly prejudiced again*! any fuaioo whatever: they were independent, ana even d -final 'u their lone. All declared thai they would bavo no further arrangement* witb the confidence?band that controlled the Albany Regency, who only made prom tee* and bargain* uv break them the neat day. Mr. f.rcen, the chairman of th* committee, atopped m the oity on hi* way to Washington, and waa immediately waited upou by city membera of the committee, who informed him that the feeling in New York waa all for a union agamat the common enemy upca some honorable tortus. He wa* led to understand that this waa the sentiment uf at leaat dIb< ty.nine out of every one hundred frcoktnridge men In thic city, and to satisfy Mr. Green that this atatoment waa correct, they invited him to go with them and ate several ol the leading men in the olty. A number of per sont'wero waited upon, and the feeling was so unani mous that Mr. Green stated that he would call h.l committee and aen 11 some thing could not be done to bring about an amicab*. arrangement. Accordingly be netted bla call (or e meeting of tho comm ttoe at the Aator Houee, on the 7th List . and that the Richmond ao l tag ger committee might be in the city to aa W lake othcial act on, inasmuch as their sub committee were not vested wlib any power whatever. Mr. Green ten'- an otlic al note to Benjamin Wood, Kaq., notifying him that a meet lug of the Breckinridge Stale Central Committee bad been called lor thr 7th last., at twely o'ciock, to oontldor any pn position that Co might make to them. At noon aa this notice waa despatched, Mr. Green le^ for \t avbington, and on bia return found that the reeling lor untcn, instead of abating, had increased amount all cla<rrs opposed to the election Idnoolo, and It was found that something decisive must be done. TOe ootn m it tee met, and a reply to Mr. Green's letter, froth Mr. Wood, wita laid before tbe committee, and afVr oooalde rable diaoi-jsion a committee of three waa appotuted u> wail upon Mr Wood. ? , ad Interview was bad with the Douglas commit tee at half-post two o'okiek on Friday, at Deimonico's. Mr. Wood commenced with a pro position to Mr. Green and associates, asking thorn to recommend to their State Oomm.ttee to with draw their entire electoral ticket, In coniiderat.on that tbev would recoaunend their Stata Committee (Douglaa) to requeat their elector*, ir oboeen, to vote for Breekin ridge, if the struggle should prove to be between Breckin ridge and Lincoln. . To this proposition Mr. Green stated that be would net my that h ; would reoommeod thin course to his Stale Committee, for the simple roaaon that be did not feci that tbev could trust the Isadora of the Douglaa organisation, and that the withdrawal of the Breckinridge electors would be construed aa, and would be. !u fact an endorse ment of the squatter sovereignty doctrine of Douglas, and virtually abandoning the platform adopted at Baltimore; and further, it wouli noi receive the aaacttoo of the Breckinridge party of the State. After arena further desultory conversation, Mr. Green made n prooosttlon to Merer*. Wood and leliln, asking them to reoommeod to their State Committee to place oo their electoral ticket eleven ol the present Breckinridge district electors, and one from the Stale at Urge, and that the candidate* for State otlicen be divided equally. This propositioni Mr. Green informed them he would recommend fbr ndo^loo by the committee which be represented. Mr Inflin replied that bo would not make any suvh recommendation, and Mr. Wood declined to say whether be would or not, but would submit it to the State Com mlttee without reoomm ndatlon. Mr. Greon theteupou stated that they should construe his declining to rec>mmeo<i ss s refusal, and then naked Messrs Wood and Lafiin to take tan district electors and one ftom tbe State at large. To th If proposition Mr. Wood gave the same reply as to lhTbeTGreen remmlttee then made another proposition, arkiug them if they would take nine district electors and one from the State at large. Mr. Wood declined to give a definite reply to this, and was Informed by Mr. Green that they considered his de claration a rafiunl. Mr Wned then naked Mr. Green and areoe.atre if they would take five elector* and one half of the state ticket. To tbia Mr. Groen rcpl.ed that It waa untcaaonahle, be ,-au- they had already ronoeded tw doctor* to the Know Nothings, and it was only lair that tncy should have tbe Mr Groen ei premed a desire to unite the dem.icmtic per.y, and Mid that he would lay ibal propria .turn bef ue tbe committee, now In sesnoo, and to >k his ireve. I ion the ?ub committee making their report to their mastern at the Aator House there waa oons-derablo con rune Mr Green, In bis haata to lay K before tbrei bad not written It out. anl aevernl of the ewamiUee claimed that It wa* net in writing; the party which they were dealing with were exceedingly slippery, end they micht deny mahing any such proposition. A motion waa made that the auk committee *?***! char eel frcm any further oonetdoratioo of the subject, it being the detern Inntl a of S portion of the oommiltee not to lave any turtbre ncguGnttono with what they termed an irresponsible body, ae Merer* Wood as t laflln * ere n?t vested with any power further than reoo.vlng 1 roj-re.iiore. ^ W4| finally voted down, and the subcommittee continued They had another M tcrvlew with Mce-rs. Woo.1 and Ute, and Udn time Ihire gentlemen maue n propWjlIon to '?re>n and bia sawiciaten that thty wouid recrmmeud k> the fVugtas Wa'e Onnmlttee to plwce tlx Breckinridge mew on ih? electoral ticket and one of the candidal-* for ?tESUd. nteresting see? *r WMch and t?na or two otoer reembers of the oommiltee being restore to smept tbe propueition but a larger ma|erttr in fover ef let! ue the wbota subjeet lrep The dehata war kept op for mum time without any prospect of tptmat aa sdjourameiit was finally made usl I tan o re* k re Snter d VJS^bling re Saturday *whta, Mr ^ith srnted a ar rl<? ef rreolalioos. mretag ten electors red tw* ef the ,??*?. malum, end pledging Uirenrelx re ta rta^ b? It If the otirrr tide aocepta.1, red. after tbeado^Kieof rare hillPM, U> twHr* n clock w mtM ?! U*# ? %. of the chairman, thre clewtng all aegetlntkm The committee thre aeatterwd, and about twoikre afterward MereT* Wocl red lafiin enreeatoua and mrt_Hr. Green In lb* rotunda of the Aotae Boose, and aftar $*^ag that tbev bad adjoerwed, mid to Mr Green that they sreuld the members of th* oreamfltae rt tJ **r~ a port ion manMnling a btttar Ming against Orere f-e i'lrsaiarsr-" the esrtted members that thoin^retttan had oudy rr p-eituw, sad it '*'T nreded th# onoeptaren kichm< od?the ir cl-airman had bore inetrreted t-i eotgy Riohmtmd. who nlore rewld decide the *nretlre *r_ Wo-d had ae p"W?r It was, tu "-pre aagotsuiuue again?a fuaioo ban been mad* if Richmond accepts what j>m say Mr. W-*id wow agrees hi, and there la no seed of rer hwther MM *W U?eIr jrert^ and thus tha matter reded-foaim, yetre funics^ retre Breekinrtdgevs view It. Tbe tatter !*/* that the retire renporeibiltty reete upon Rlchswod a aenrpt h;? pr?. by the nutel-ta: Clreeil-e- t><t ARRIVAL OF SENATOR SEWARD AT MIL WAUKEE. Ifnwartaa, ft?rl W,IM Snitor (toward arrtrrd bar* amrly am ftuaday m/xmlm*. la *W at tba diaaairowi atiipwroak at tbo atoamar lady Elgin, H was liiail propar M bar* so poblle drmoastra Uoa sa AH arrtral. Ba baa iterator# r-aanad atrtcUy private. To awrrrw bs apaak* la Madlaoe Ctiartsa ) rssca Adsni aad soa hstt^iasJ lbs party. SENATOR DOUGLAS' TOUR IN PENNSYL VANIA. Karma, ra (apt is, IMA Tb< raccpttaa at Jadga Pnagiaa at Attaaioaa this Barb* tas waa vary aatbaataatw > * ha arrival at the drpot ha waa rocahrad by tba Ktyatona 'lab sad a larfs ana tor ot sitlrraa Ha a|mka a tarn aiautas, bat bia rr mark* wrra rat abort by tba atartiac of Ui? traia ft* Eaatnn A (art* drlrfaUoa amoarpaalsd bba bars. H ? arrlralwas aaaoaacedby tba SnagsT aaaaoa. Ha waa tarrwtrd friaa s.ith Kari<a by a prwraitoa of rtti fpnr At tbroo a'clark a airrttag waa orpaiasd la tba pwMle rqaars Mr Daagtas' a.ipoarmooa oallad ft*to trimtadaaaateora. aad tba pramara to aac tte "Uttl* i.taat" was pat owing to buaraaana b? 4:4 ait rprak ka|. Hia rpareb waa aa abbrar tattoo of hla Raaa Ivy <ffoct, as4 was aialaly dirteted agataat tba aaaaastoa bts At half part lt? bo waa aaoortod to tba Saw York trata, aad (aft aiatd aatbaatattta oteara. At Humeral lie, tfamteld. manbote, ba., "org* irowda bad aaarmbtod aad pal lad tor Keaftoa, who raapoadad by a tow word* a ARRIVAL OF JtftRil DOUGLAS IN NEW m Jodpa Pnqyiaa arrirad la towa last night par Now Jrrmy Oaairal Railroad, acooaipaatrd by a largr party at ftwndi from Raadtaa aad Faatra. Ha baa tahra op hla aaartora at tba f Iftb Arraaa Hotel, wbart ba parpaaaa ratoatatai aaly till altar tba grant day at Joaca' Wood baa aama at. Ma will tboa ?t oaaa Mart sa bia Wmtora oaaraa toar. To day ba win ba Jolasd by bia toDow eaadidata at tba Doagtas dptoocratu- party tor Tkj? Prasl daat, Haraabal V. Jokaaia, who Is to ooim oat with a pwt rpaieb to morrow Tbars la a good daal of totorrst toll to brar Mr Johnson oa tba mbjreta aa fyrqoratly dilatod sa by bia eblaf aad I'M many eo rrlatirr toptaa aaibraerd n tb? groat potltioat gwertioa of tte day. As assart) othsr apatrf ara ap pals tod to irad ibrlr ai<) la tatortaiaaf tbr pat aarp meeting oo Wedaes Jay, it may be fit drly expected that the great political uiutce nan of Hie t mca will make one 01 hia greatest effrts. He is in Une tralniag after his tour South, and tie late Brack.aridge apeech haa pot him upoo bis mettle. Crnler alt thoaa circumstances too heat will be a rich one. Judge Douglua loft Reading yefterday morning for Eaaton. At Alientc* a be addressed a largo crowd of people, who had assembled to L'#e and bear biaa apeak. At this point be was alao met by aome three or four buddred persons, who had come oa front Kaston to serve aa an f*oor? and guard of honor to that low n. Teene were ell (iermaaa, and all wore Oouglae bulges, having beeidee the Itkeuose, the worda 'Keystone neb," u|O0 tt?m. They were accompanied by two floe bands, wblcb, w'th a bam I from Reeding, afforded a su perfluity of melody. Judge Oouglaa addreaaed the people at .11 leu town, and wbea he had ooocluded he waa Im mediately a< i-rounded hemmed lb and preaaed upon to aurb a perilous extent that hit frteode began to fear that he would never maun a whole man from that mvlatrom ef admin k electors, and the cry went repeatedly forth. 11 Make a rlog, boys, and let hfa breathe, or-you'I kill him." Be ultimately got free, but not until the track waa cleared by an advancing train of oaaa His reception at aatm waa a meet enthusiastic one. Thirty one guua were tired at daybreak (according to the programme) and thirty one on hie arrival. A prooeaaloo of elube waa formed, extending a considerable length, a military company aleo war present, and the turn out of the people waa general In tbo aiternoon Judge Douglnn add'eseed autu- ten or twelve thousand people >n the town square, in endeavoring to make himself beard he overatt au.ed his voice, and his continual efforts, notwith standing to the same end, left hlra under such disadvan tages that his speech was the least effective In point and arg'-mcnt. as well as in delivery, that he has made during hia pitsent canvass, lie hopes for a unlet days reel, in hopes that be may be h.mseif again for tbe great one-aided political tournament to morrow. There were none of nia fr ends to receive him last night at t ie ferry, so that he an 1 his party get away qttiety to his hotel. THE DOUGLAS BARBECUE AT JONES' WOOD. Eiteiisivo were in progress yesterday aiternoon, at Jonea' Wood, for the great political gather ing and burbecuc which A to take place to morrow. Se veral standi for speakers have already been erected, and every thing will be in readiness for tbe monster gathering of lb<*e who are oppoeed to the success of black republi canism. Under tbe supeivistea of Mr. Cornelius Camp bell, one of the monster oxen iutended to satisfy the ap petites of tbe hungry democracy waa put upon a spit, suspended over a cavity dug in the ground four ieet deep by twelve feet square, and at aix o'clock tbe Urn waa ignited, and the process of roasting thus commenced in right good earnest. The great o\ of tile occasion will be immolated to ilsy ami | laced upon tbe (pit at twelve o'clock U. night, where it will hang and roast until twelve o'clock ou Wednesday noon. It will then come down from the spit, and keep descending until it reaches the lower regions of democratic stomachs. That the de moeracy may not go array without substantial fodder, 2 000 loaves of good bread and ten barrels of excellent crackers will be on tbe ground to silence tbe cravings of their appetites. It will be a curious alfkir, wind and weather permitting. HkHSIUII. V. JOHNSON C0MINO NORTH. Accrsrx, Ga., Sept ff. 1810. Hrr* hel V. Jnhieon passed through this city on Satur ?!?y, en rotUe to New York, to attend the Douglas barbe cue at Jones' Wood, on the 12tb icat. DEDICATION OF ? NEW WIDE AWAKE HAUL. Tbe "City Wide Awakes," a new organization, met to dedicate the caw room in 038 Broadway last evening, i and they were addreased by Bon. Mr. Briggs, of Ohio, , Horace Greeley and others, and were ediSed and do- I lighted by tbo singing of some campaign songs by tbe Prairis (job. They were ortgaally a part of thn bat talion of Wide Awakes who met at tbe St uy recant Insti tute. but they became dissatisfied and left to form a so ciety of their own. They number about 1M. and (Tom all appmudwea are very malms is thn cause THE MONSTER UNION MEETING. Grand I n ion maw meeting, to be held at the Cooper lnslttuu on Monday, September 17, at eight o'clock. AU . democratic ana L'nion claba are Invited to co-operate la thin great dr aeons tret km. The officer! of each clube will planet communicate witb the Committee of Arrange menu, which will be in aeeaton la rooea 37 Laferge Hotel, every evening this wash, to perfect arras {env-nts to at teed aeld meeting, and appoint eeoorW for the various dclrgatu.u* fr .ni abroad. Communications may be ad dreaaed to the Sec r star k? at tbe above plaoe. By order of D ROWLAND \ IJLtx.L? GEO. A. HAL8KY.J a*r*url?> KINGS COUNTY POLITICS, TDK nnCKOKIDOK PkNOCRATIC CONVgbTlON ? NO MIKATK1N OP COCHTT OKFI11U*. Tbe Br rck in ridge Democratic Con mat ion met at End New York yesterday afternoon to nominate county off) oere. ltama anticipated that tbere would be a row, in cooneij ieooe of which Deputy f olk deUiled tan policeman, under tbe command of Sergeant Ma tbe we, from tbe flret dtotrtct. There wee no row, however, (or beyond tbe usual miring from pJaoe to place. Incident to ell meet ings of tbe kind, and tbe bewlinga of the chairman for geutiem*o to keep their mil, tbere wait nothing that in dicated anything like disorder. Mr. Jsras Carboy, of the Twelfth want, took Uie 3ka>r, Mr. William Tbompoon m secretary Home little difficulty wan experienced m organ 11 lug, which being done, recalled In tbe tallowing ticket.? gkrrif?Jobs MrN'amee SuftriiUmd'nt sf lAr /Ver?First PlArtct ? John De laney. Second Xhetrlet?Caanar I'rbaa Co fewra?Oonaty towns?William C. Benefit. Eastern delrlet?Will em K. Murphy Jm*i" of .Vmonr? John A. I'mmona The ticket having been completed, a resolution win ttaved to the egret that whereas it waa uersamtry for ail partira ocriUiaing tbe Ynton rlemeat to endravor to defrat lha ' lark republicans, it waa reeolvrd that a sub c< romittee of three bti appotaled to rootar with any other sub committee of any outer political organtiatloa tar that purpnae tad that ru<-h comm Use be empowered to (ill say vacancy I bat baa bem made, or that may be made, la tbe nominalioci ?>( Urn oomm.Uee The Gout ration then adjourned HON. WILLIAM EEIXY AND THE GOVEB NOR8HIP. Subjoined may be tauad Bon WUIinm KeUyta letter, In rrapneas to tbe Doogiaa Dmaocratle State Committee, ao eepttag ike enmination tar Qerernor of tbe Male of New York Rmnnnt, N. T . Rapt. t. 1M0. To Mevern. Vnuu Cneammuia, Jons Taeonv end Lie via M<>ri ton, Committer ? knan-l have received your commualoutioo in icmdBf me of my anaoimous aomiratiou for Ike office of Oorerwor of the Sate of New York by Ike Damn or at ic Coarrnticn aaaembled at Syracuse no tbe Mtk of Augnet In reply I tog to say that I accept Ike nomination with a high ssnas of the boa or, and with profouad gratitude to tbe gnat party which bee coe tarred upon me ee diet la gnlaked a mark of Ita tarar sad oooBdeoce As this nominal toe waa unsought by me, m It ? new aocagited only upea e belief, based en ammraneaa which bare tone warmly made to me, that the ana ef my seme will tend to ualle "tbe greet body ? the democracy eaf iippeeeete of antlsaaiiam in this Stale The niwin of a eeetlenel jwrtr fraaght with i ~ " Mr oouairy, r*" aueaese ao taU ef ertl to by every torer of the lalee, and He defeat regarded ae lbs paramount bone la lbs prmeat oonttot. lb secure ?oeb defeat wlU require the earnest and aabtsed efforts af all who are traly n ell mil in tbetr leeH^T Regard fur ladlrtdunis meet not prevent ar i uibai iam ro operwlKn; and while accepting Ike nomleMioa thne tendered me, I desire to bold It lulled to say action eipedtent on the pert of those by which amy be dumil < wtom it waa emferred to secure tke'triumpli of the eocerrrwtlrr. netlonel sentiment of the Rlete Accept my tbanka for the courteous end flattering man err in which you here net lied me of Um uoaiaaiMe Tours, very respectfully, WILLIAM KKtJ.T. PENNSYLVANIA CONGRESSIONAL NOMINA TIONS. PknAsnuw!, fept. IP, 1PP0. Boa It T. Jankkd, wee re ? cmianted today, by the republics* of tble Rtiteealh district First Telegmpta Dtepkfeh Aem Omaha CttFi Betarmefem. Mayor R nod reaeirwd yesterday aaornlag the IMlowing dsnpatcb, which ranched the elty en Saturday which n the Brut telegraphic raaaaage received from Omaha City, Nebraska ? OnekA Cm tapt I, IMP. To Mjtob Worm ? The '-ap ial a'ty ef Nebraska reads her onegratuiatkie* to ibe great ? mmereiai metrapoiw of the Ram Midway bet wee lie two urease, with oee hand we mint# our brethren * the Atlantic and petal witb the other to Ibe Star of Fmptre oa tbe PaciPc CI .IN WW MUflOR, Mayor of Omaha Br A old Chief Clerk, wet requested by the Meyer to ane err It by letter rather e alow tray la this fed age Tint Br ??tiKi ee ran Catwoii< Oerwaw i?nr*i*1kt? pn ?Tbe perlicolar* la regard to the Pre d Ibe Oaths lie Orphan Asylum, situated one mile out oa Cherry street, at ar early tour yesterday mom ag, ere tmlr beartrued tag Yesterday A. M two children were already dead, al?. one of the help, a women iff twenty tanr yeerfe Oee ?<( the eeeistaate, a woman ef eighteen to twenty rears l< ? ery badly burned, and but eligbt hopes ef her rmorsry are ontertaiaed Oee other body I we did not tears if see of the orphans or a domestic; n suppneed to be la the ratna One ef the Stetere of Charily, in lump ' y .bad her epiee bmaee, sad nc lr l from the second dory, hi est ere entrrtalaed of bar recovery Thai the mor lallty is eit la ell The bum of property le very tnfl derails The namee of ttene entirely burn?d are Loins# " " Rooneaeey. egad 11 May. aged 11 yeera Mary Jans .? Crs. sad Odiutrlne BcRroy PomaaUc, aged IP years cbarr?d remdnn of Hary Alice , aged 34 years, ??re uk -a frjtn tbe mine during tbe gro^rtaa of the Pre llery Martha Robiaaoe an baptited, but hater knows i Ada Rcbineoe, from Montreal, between twelve Md Pfeeen years of toe, Pled lad avealag " Plater Reliefer, ' wh s tbe Pre drove her Prom the room she oncutried, got upon the roof, remaining there until ten void the flames, she jumped to the grounC breaking her epiee Rut relet b?pee ere eatertaleed of bar rrcerrry - fWofei (OMe) jy-rew. t XIWB YBOM TUX PACIFIC. Arrival of Ui? lalllkrmU Uvuland Moll. -HirriK? and co.vmxrcial imteluacnc*?a nop POLITICAL CAMXAION IX PKOOlMf A4UUCULTL RAL FAIRS, lire., FTC. St Jonra, Sept. IS, 1M0. The Tony Expreae, from Sen Francisco on the 20th alt., arrived here leet night. Sax Frascism), Aug act SB, ISM. Arrived August 36, ships Elvira, from New York; locks, from Newcastle. Sailed August 16, ships Georges, for New York; 30th, B. > Shaw, for Australia; bark "CrUina," for do. The general tendency ol the market this week has been an favorable, owing to the Indisposition of buyers to ope rate. There have been but few leading transactions, and quotable changes cannot befrecorded. So article can be sold as well as a week ago it we except coal, which ex hibits greater firmness at auction. Five hundred boxen of candles were bid in to-day at a decline of fully one cent per pound from the blgbeet point reached. The oountry trade baa slacked up, and jobber* are dotng no thing. Without n revival in thin respect a general reaction seems unavoidable. Wheat comes in largely; buyers for export to Australia have withdrawn, and the majority of tonnage for other quarters limits operations. A decline of 6c. per 104 bbls. can he noted; good shipping lota are now quotable at 01 46. The ship St. Helena, which haa commenced loading for England, will carry 36,040 lacks of wheat. The bark Christina has sailed tor Australia with ovsr 10,000 bushels of whead, tad the ship Lord Raglan has oomraenaed loading tor the same destination. The Poay Express, with St. louie dates to ths 14th of August, and the In doming express with dates to the 34th, is telegraphed from Carson Valley tbie morning. There have recently been several strikes of laborers in San Francisco for the ten bourn system, wnloh bave been partially sustained. At the Douglas democratic primary election la San Francisco, it was demonstrated that nearly all the Irish of ibe city will give tbelr support to that ticket. Political mass meetings throughout the State are al most entirely engrossing the public attention. Primary elections and conventions are taking plana daily in all the counties to choose delegates to represent tbe four political parties whose State Conventions will meet at Sacramento between the 3d anl 11th of Sep tember. Senator Gwln in to make bin first political speech thin year at Stockton, to morrow evading. An the canvi great bittern see in manifested against the Senator, who la n candidate for re-election next winter. Some of the democratic County Convention* bave required pledget from their legislative delegates to use all honorable ex ertions to defeat him when the State Legislature an. ?smhlm Tbe Republican State Central Committee haa decided to call .'our State mass meetings or barbecues in the tour meet prominent interior localities. The several State and county agricultural fairs are about to meet, and all tbe reports represent the progress of tbe country, in an agricultural nenae, as moat extra ordinary. At the Stockton fair, 1.000 tons of copper from Oole mma county are on exhibition, wbicb creates tbe impres sion that tbe mines wbenoe the specimens came from must he valuable. Tbe ooa test ante in the Broderlck Will case have applied for a commission to be seat to New York to take the testimony of Joseph C. McKibben, and noma others, by whom they expect to move that on the day the will pur parts to bave been elgnnd, Broderlck could lot bave exa cuted It, and that tbe will wan not among Brodertok>n papers at Waahtagton whan they were first examined af ter hie death. The application wen strenuously rippwwd and the Court ban tbe matter under advisement. Thirty three State prison convicts made a desperate at tempt to eaeape ea the 28ib ult., by rushing upon tbo guard. The prisoners were fired upon, and three or tour of them mortally wounded before they oonld be aeonrsd. Oe the 7th of August tae ship Lawann, of Bath, Maine, sailed from Fort Towneond, Washington Territory, for New York direct, with e cargo of yellow fir spin, vary ing in length from 60 to lit feet. Thin is the first cargo ol abip limber (hipped from Pugct Round for any Atlantic port. Another vestal is loading with the same kind of timber for London. Tbe value of the merchandise, not including tbe trea sure, exported from Haa Francisco da ring August exoeeda 01,000,000, nearly all of which being products af Cali fornia. The ship Wild Ranger cleared this afternoon tor Aus tralia, conveying 170 me la of wheat, 1,(00 sacks of oa la, and ovsr 4,000 quarter sacks of fiaur. NfW? from like'* Pmk. ont**noyn at thk vims- raoNTHH on kaoh - ABAhMINMKKT OP TIM TKI.KMH Al'li PAOJBCT ? bT 111 kit OP THK LAWYERS, ETC. Hf. Jam>'ii, Mo., Bopt. 8, 1890. Denver City m?i In September 1 la received. Report* frooi Ttrrynll allver mine* continue faromble. The r chneaa of the or* baa not yet boaa fully aaoertelaed. Some apeelrneoi yielded more load than Oliver Several quart* mlUa to tbe Gregory diatricl bar* been aold bMow com Moat of tbaa* la Nerad gaieh bare been Mopped ?ereral day*, oa *-count of aaareity of water. Tb* Darla ?III la Raw*!!** gulch, running four day*, baa yielded U.6M. Several ?ilia are be lag mo rod from Boulder d Mr let to Gregory'*, where tbetr owner* anticipate Sad B( better quart*. Miner* la ilia gulcb are (aaaraily doing well A lbw are malitac upward* of 124 par day. Mlddaugb. who captured the murderer 'lor I n arrlred Wedaeaday. to aubpteaa wltaeaa.* for bin trial at Leav enworth Letter* were found oa ttordoo abowiag that A. J. William*, President of Denver Town Com ana y, and IT.fKennedy, aided Gordon la bM e#onpa. William* and Kennedy bar* Bed. The wilaeaeea win go down o*it week. 4a affray occurred yeeter lay morula* between John Cbgger and Waablngtcu Bull Several ahota were flrwd, one grazing Cagrer's hip, *nd .entering lbe f t of ? by ?tan < r Bull rare bimaelf up to tbe autborltlea. On Wedntaday. 3Mb, H J. Rio* and H Plerwon were killed by lb* Kiowa* at KM* Haacb, oa Boa Klder rAek, Iwiaty albtaaMkaaat el ix-neer Their bodie* were thrown La to the aabla aad burned, aotbing but bone* ben * found Tbey war* daellBed by buttoaa aad otber piece? r f metal about I bam left Hand, of tb* Arrapabo**, la la Dearer, aad *ay* we ?ay ranee* further trouble Mr (Wigbtea. telegraph agent, lea ren tbl* week tar lb* Plate* He ha* bee* unable to ral** a ruflV-lewt ?mount in brlag tbe *r*rMaJ telegrapb threnyb to Una r*r It wtU probably go rM South Platte oroaalag aod Fort laramie Tbe lead In* lawyer* of fwarer bar* ^reed to traaa aw ao aaar* MbaMmal tie em *a<*r the praaeol dM arranged at ate of afUire Tbe movement J Warled to or dar to arc are a (orarameat of aoao kiad for tbe Pike1* Peak rngkio Yertorday there waa a nerare tbuder ahower n Dearer Lightaiag atruek la maay piaaaa aronad tb* City, but Paul lubblap A Wrap la tha Bight* War*. A MAP tPPTAPTLT (ILI.Bfr- AMBT OP TKI ALLEOBP Between etavea aad twnlve a'ctoob law bight, a yoaag n aa oaaaad R>- hard Oray, ab*wt twenty three year* of a**, waa laWaatlr killed bp hWag aubbed, ? Clark at reel, while *ag*ed M a WrwW light wttb a party of rowdle* who ooafragata aroaad tb* ab*ra nlgfcberhood ft waa, fPna what eaa h* *#? erUtaod from lb* partie*. that Um daoeaeed. ? ronpaay with b frMad named J*a Miller, bar* beea a tb* bahit of riattlagaom# yooag gtrW who he* la tbe rear *f 8? Clark wreet Law *r*atag they took the young girM out wattta*, aad were rWara lag home with them about eleren o'clock Wb*a oa aearlag the bouse the girt* suddenly dartod from them ?nd raa *|< Into tbe bona*. Thar had hardly got *W *f Bight, When Dray aad Millar war* aaddaaly aw upaa by a party of about half a d*awi, who oowmeaead boat in* i hem n a moat tarrtM* maaner, Miller tad lag that be waa (Wila* Um want of the gght raa op lb* atr**t ial? Spring, aad np into tbe aakmo of Mr. J?ba Whlldry. lie reqtMated that Mr Whllley would mm* ont*Ida, a* l>* feared thai a party of n aim were kiiiiog hie friead- Mr W'tday immediately eUrtel oat, aod ae be ft DMr tbe corner of Clark (treet -b aerred aeroral running down Um atreet, and ?ae of Utem reclaim of One w*y, CharterMr ,Wlld*y rao dowa Clark etrwet after them, aad when oppnelte Ho 36 atom hied orer a man I) la* on UM aldewalk f|e turned an 1 picked him up and found that be wa dead With the aid afaMr Van font aad John D Bella, tbey aomeedad in giving tbe alarm, aad wHh tbe aid af tb* [?? Ilea tbe man waa remored to tbe atatloa bourn On their nrrfrnJ there tbe maa wa* found to be dead and a deep wound in htn hook about >1* laebae la depth IV*' beta* -very eridene* that tbe meo had been murdered. Mr Wildey and aereral of the police ?la rted ? pnrnafl of tb* Mppoeed p*rooae wbo had rum ?tiled the act, aod 8nal!y aocoeeded la arrwtlag, with the aid of (Mat ttelmea aad lei geatit M?w<. three of tbe party. aamed Tbomaa Maria, Bernard Alhattaa aad Chaa Alhattoa, the latter ruppmed ta b* the alleged mm darer. It appear* frem tbe Halmiwi rvee by a K" Oaria,keeper of* feooery Wore, H# 31 Oark street that Char ten A that let came lata her Wore a fow moment* before tbe aflray aad Wlaed something frem ibi U r* Rooa after be again appeared at tbe eoer aad threw antnWhiag In, aad gota* to are what it wa* found alkail* enrrfed with blood She picked it up aad wiped tbe blood off, when an officer same la and twa it from h*r The ? flair term* to hare oadoe Vtedfy originated from the fart that th* deeteeaed. wlUi hia friend ?ald aMe*tl?a Ie the** girt* Th# decreet*, Oray, ?* ?wahrn of Twaaty alM lag a# aad bed na hi* reran# hedge S*. Ti Thenar Mir wa* eotibrd oad will bold aa iaqaeW to .lap. NEWS FROM EUROPE. Arrival of the Koit.-iuinu at Far ther Point. PR0GRE88 OF THE REYOLUN >N IN RAPLW. ResignatioB of the ?fleers of ibe Royal Amy and Wavy. FALL IN THE NEAPOLITAN FrND*. Important Setter from Victor ZSmannel to Wapoleon. The lirrut Easteni'N Return |o New York. COTTON STKADY?BREA.DSTUFFS DULL, Ac., Ac., Ac.* I'oai, Si-pt. 10,1M0. Tbe steamship Bohemian, trim ].tver|ioel on toe 30 tu of August, vie Londonderry on ibe 3lnt, pjaeed to o point this evening. Her dates ere one day later mad thuee elreedy received. The political news by tbe Bohemian is important. Tbe Perld correspondent of tbe Lot Ion I'oti uiegr*;no that 11 done not appear the', tbe prop.eal to max* ibe city of Naples neutral ground has tbe slq-htiet chance of luot?i We may bear any day that Garibaldi hu en tertd Naples and the Kfbg hex quitted it. Arrangement* bare been expedited for the resuaoiUt tion of the Royal American Ptoaoi Company in connec tion with the Gelwny contract. Tbe loo don Itrrald a>ya tbtt tbe principal 'l.axount establishments are u*lng every eon< avor to eral-oaM Ibe auc-minodallon ayslem, and ibat in all ca?ee when tbo slightest su-ptctoo txisUauch paper Is at ouoe rejected. Emigration from tbe port of l/mdon to tin Australian eoloalia is said to be rather quiet. The Coventry strike wis at ao cud, and tbe weavers, after stiff-ring severe prlraliOLa, bad agrccl to accept of the terms of their employers. Hopely.the schoolmaster, who is underhu ng OA ten Unco for killiug one of bis pupils, has issued a ;nn ,>hJt-t, wb'.cb tbe I/mdon Port dee. r.bes as marked by odious and insufferable egotism. Tbe L/mdoti fl'ieei city artioie of Thursday erenxg says?''Tbo weather l? comparatively favorable. Tee English funds to day bavo been steadily mainta ced st previous quotations. Tbo rlosing prices of eon* <ls on tbe Ijondon Stock Exchange was Oil a W lor money aud W; for account, and tbe tbreo per cents at 93.^ aid',." Tbe steamship Arago, from New York, arrived at Southampton on tbe 80iu alt. the steamship Kangaroo, from New York, arrived at Liverpool oa tbe Mtb nit. TIIK LATENT ?WI Lo.idoh, August 31, 1M0. The London Timet' Parle oorrvspoadeeow or WednoeduF cveutcg M)l that fllgaor Karlot, who went to comp t?< ot the kmperor on the ? J?tea of be Brat vialt hi the trans ferred provlacte, presented an autograph letter from lb? King of Mrdlnte, tu which Vi stor Emanuel declared '*??! It wm impomible for him nay I >sgrr to reset the t :cvn| of public feeling In Italy; that be mull l?ad 01 be swept away by it The Jxwnioo Pmt iay? that the Neapolitan government haa propreed to M de Valla ward to ofl?r to (la r haldi an neutral the territory of Naplee, to prevent the effua)oa of blood io{tbe capital. The London Daily AVtoi ear* that 1* reported (bat ac. cording U> a banker'! despatch, received late thin after noon. therein a fall oB of ten prr cent In the Neapo .tea fundi The L/mdon Timet Pari* correr poo dent remarks that the demand of tbe French g >vernm?i,l for natnthct 00 frtm Naplee, on account of tbe rceel outrage on tbn French Anihaeeador, cannot be viewed other wee than an a lift to Garibaldi and the revolution. The Ureal Raatern, after being gridi; r>e I at iMford Harea, will leave that port fbr New York, ?> tuber IT. Mr Wm Armilrong write* to the I/>od?o 7Vm? to etete thai be baa Dot tendered bit r. -ogi.atiou to tbu foveas, moot. He aayn that although hia engagement * th it a government la for y?ara, be baa do Intention of ho.d eg the offlre Ion get than hie services may he req > red for perlerltag the ayatem of artillery which he haa been tbn m aa* of iatroduelng firvoe, Aug i*t t) Ibeo. Tbe Genoese journal! of to day publish the fol!? w eg ? The Antheoo. which left Na|dea yesterday * rung, b- nga tbe none that on Monday lael the Netpoiitaa Generate aat mbled in ooeaaU hail, witb tbe ax MptteB on j of General Baco, uoaaimoualy resolved to ad Tee tbe King to take bia departure from the city. At tbe moment of tbe departure of I be Antbe c are port was current,that tbe ofl. -ere uf the army a*d ravy ted tendered their resignations <n mmm to the K ig. commercial intelligence. LONDON MONEY VlUth Unrein. Aaguet II?f M Uoaeote cioae at 91% a X. fbr money aad 93 a l.l % for ?ernes! brewdatullk dull, witb a declining tradrrey. Wheat la. ? l? dd. per quarter LITMtrOOL COTTON MlUlf. LiTaaraot., Aurist 31,1M0 The Brokers- C.renter report# ?The sslee of oolton far tbe weak ann uot to 93 00? balee, Inciodlag f 000 to npe rulater? aad 11 00d to eiporte ra, the market closing with a declla'.ng leodeady fbr lafertor ..uaJiitae The aaiea to day (Friday) were ? 000 ba'ea, net* ling 1,000 on spec* telim aad tor ttport, tbe market ckaiag steady at tbe tallowing anlltef laed quotations ? Mr. Jfiirfte* New I* 0*a Mobile ? ?M Cplane* ?K ?UM Tbe eteot ta port I* eatimnted at 1 00?,700 baieo, of wbicb 000,000 bate* are American LiTaaroOL lutDen rra nasi sr. Tbe weather ? reported fkewrable for crop* Flour deli. Wheal quint. Core dell Livtaroot. rnorinio* naairr. Pro* tstote generally art dell lard Irm at <Je a Ma SHIPPING NEWS. Arrived from Few fork. J<tea Weatef. (ieeerde ate Mac ^trro Uffrom Bal mre, Albert ate Juhaaaa ate Wlihal Imierettlma frete HavdM aad Neik*. New iwieas*, .Wept. It, 1100. The steam hip Bienville baa arrived here w lb Havana dates of tbe Tin late Fugar wat dell at ll>, reals lb* atook war 100 000 boxes M".aa?e? was nntbnagnd Freights bed allghlly de. lined Kaebaege <* trade* waa II % a Id % paraant premium aad ea Ken Tort * % prr eeat prair im The health of Ibe letand waa excellent A rargo of atari* bad been landed ?e tbe eastern roust of Cuba, hut an 'urtker parti inters ooald be lea reed con cerning the matter, The eleaanev Tavist had arrived at Havana witb Vera Crec dates of the |i met , aad 14 700.000 la rpeee. Mir men wee at tbe ally of Meaiae. ouaoanfratiag kn towns Tbe liberate were rapidly advancing on the cap lal. Hie Jaarvt geveeameal bod declared tbe bark Mar a Conception a leys! pflee The UN ef the Lady fClgln. inrjw, dept. 10? Voon Mre Jest cask. Mtea Cl.mbetb Aaa (ten*, ef frafda far Mr Franklin Hopfciee ate a ana ef Deputy Called fHairx Marshal Buras. <4 MUvraubae, are sMag tbe Mat by Ike ftey Hgte. Tbemae Keaaedy, raporwt teat, ta saved. All acorn: nii rvfWOMI the city nf Milwaukee as shroud. I la motim nf. **4 heamf inima te be entlrefy rapeodte Gardiner * HnbbuH, owner if the lady Ctgio, haw Hbe'levl the erbnonet Aur'tea fbr 141 000, and the ewwel haa heea taken in charge by the Tutted mates Marshal. Tht# will hrlag out a fell lavmiigetVia ef the aMatr Tbe body of Herbert Ingram, member of tbe Brit* Parliament has been rwtngalsed ate taken in charge by his foesdn l p te tbis morning twenty eeree bodiew bare been recovered. Among tbe lost on beard tbn fndp Elgin te Will'am of Philadelphia, nephew af * and W. Wrick The Itey F.lgta M moored for twenty fowr (bouased Katghia ef (ha Beldea Noweoas, top* I? ??? Grower haa bit tor Twves vie fcl hea.wdnsd where be esr-rte te new e terge eonww roe of f Ibe '" Idea fYwte

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