Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 11, 1860, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 11, 1860 Page 5
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financial and commercial. Monday, Bept. 10?6 P. M. The hank statement to-day compares a* follow! with that of last week:? wast:. Jfss?. >??? *22?sSs September I. 127 We.U! 19.187.713 9.M8.M4 77 1U.8U Decrease... 81,098.081. . - ~ 1>*?? 1A1.633 284.97a This statement most be regflfted 48 an exce*^' iagly strong one. The curtailment In the bank dls sounts since the 26th August is nearly three mil lions of dollars: yet there is so much money in the eeuutry and so little real Inquiry for it, at c Ant Btlr over, the money market is no nioro strin gent now than it was a fortnight ****** loans were |3,000.000 heavier. This to a pretty ct - I ?aal answer to the theories of those who looked for a new crisis this fall ou the strength of the condition #f the banks. It is satisfactory to know at the ?ame time, that thia large curtaflment has been effected without inconveniencing commerce or denying to the West the assistance needed for the movement of the crops. The money and note bro kers report no undue increase of produce paper in the street, from which it may be inferred that the bankers are granting accommodation as freely as it is needed. The decllno in the deposits and the email Increase of specie betray the drain that has net in westward. At Chicago, Milwaukee and Cin ?tonati the want of currency will probably continue for some time to aflfeet the condition of onr banks, though, of course, the ultimate result of this condi tion of things must be beneficial both to thecoun toy and to the city. A California steamer will ar rive this week with nearly a million in gold, and unless exchange should advance the next specie statement may show a farther increase. At the opening of business this morning a lead ing drawer advanced ids rate of exchange on Eu ?ope- but, the demand ceasing altogether at the ad vance, he abandoned it, and subsequently other houses were willing to draw at a material conces sion from the rate current per the Vanderbilt. First class bankers' bills on London are offered to day at 1095 and a brokerage. On Paris, sight bills are offered at 6.114 and a brokerage. At these rates H will be seen> on comparing the price of gold here . with the price in Europe, that there is no profit j in shipments of specie to Europe. There is hardly any profit on ahipments against bills at 109j; any- ^ thing below that involves a positive loss to the ? shipper. As, therefore, even at the decline the , demand this morning is quite-moderate, It is fair to presume that the shipments of specie this week will not be very large. The amount of produce bills in market is about as large aa last week. Money ia quoted easier by most of the brokers and banking houses. Call loans were offered to- j day at 64 a 7, and late in the day loans were made j as low as 6. The contraction of tlio past fortnight and the advance in the rate of interest have brought money into the street, and the supply is becoming larger than the demand. The want of desirable paper Is a common sabjeetof complaint among bro kers. Considering the general business prospect, and the enormous increase of production, good commer cial paper ia singularly scarce, and choice names, with 40 a 60 a 70 days to run, would go readily to-day at 6 a 64 per cent. Each day weakens the faith of the public in the oft repeated predictions of a monetary crisis this flail. The stock market waa active tjiis morning, and the tone of the dealings buoyant. After the or ders of the day had been filled an effort was made, with some snccese, to depress prices, and between the boards the market was dull. In the afternoon stocks rallied and closed steady. The New York shares were to day more popular than the Western mocks. New York Central advanced 4 in the morning, closing 96$, against 96 on Saturday: Erie advanced 4, Hudson 4- Harlem 4- IUinoia Cen toal, Bock Island and Galena were about steady m the 'morning, but a shade lower afterward. A foolish story was current in the street to the effect that the Bock Island would pass the fall dividend. We understand that the dividend check book has been ordered; the only question is whether the dividend shall be 8, 4 or 5 per cent. The last divi dend was one per cent lem than the comps.y had earned and might have paid at the time: thre cent large increase la the earnings, and the pros pect for the future, ia consequence of the It the Mississippi and Missouri road, ooght to in duce the directors to be more liberal this time. The shareholder! seem to consider themselves en titled to five peT cent this (Ml. The ?lcW?J? ?hares were steady at the first hoard, and in dc annd afterward. We understand that rather more than half the holdcra of the eecoud mortgage bonds of the Michigan Southern express their willingness to accept the offer made by the eom ??ny last week; the official notice, will shorty be published. Reading waa bettor to-day. laclflc Mail was steady. The ba?ine?h in bonds to-day was flh". prices vary but little. The following were the closing quotations of the day:-Virglnia 6's, 914 a J: Missouri Ik. R14a 4: Cants?. 19 a 10: CumberUnd Coal preferred. 194: r,clflc lton> W4 a 93: Now York Central, M| a I; Eric, 29| a I; Hudson Biver. ?9? a 60: Harlem, 1*4 ? |: HkMw preferred . 474 a 4fi; Beading. 47 a {; Michigan Ceotrai. 714 ? ?'? Mlrhlrff 6oothern aad Northern Indiana, 994 a |; do. guaranteed. 4*4 M; Tanama, 1364 a 127; lOi ?oil Central. ?7 a 1; Oalena aad Chicago. 74 a 4; Cleveland and Toledo, 47 a 4; Chicago and .ot 1,784 ?;? The Becretary of the Tre??nry. it seem*. lus token the alarm from the movement in ftnr in >ner market, and has abandoned the Idea of throwing npon his aneeeaar.r the onns of borrowing under Use act of 1860. From the following notice , it will be seen that be wants 810,000,000. to be paid in by the 22d November next, and that he ofler* in ex change for the money 5 per cent United States bonds, with ten years to ran. A longer l>ond would have commanded a better price; and Novem - ber la the worst month In the year, next to October, to negotiate a loan. The bid*, by tbe way, ?nat bo made in October; so that the goreroment ?U^sre to contend with all the adverse cirenm etances Wu.!?h t ^ money market in tbe Call of the yeaf. F* presume. how?er. that the bonds ran l?e sold at a iiusll premium. Th? following la the notice: ? trnltd proposals will Sa racsirsd at tbe Dapar-msot aatll II a eiarfe, boos, Moods r, tba EM day o October aaxt, r*w Ma millions of dollars of rtwt of th Calred mates, to he teroed nader tbe act af Conen-as o< the 2M of J as* las*. eothorlriag a barn aat? pmetdtag mr Us redemption of treasury Botes, at which v-wt tbr pro peas* will be opened sad dec lied oa Tbe rtofw 'H? ratmharaablr >a las ream from tba 1*1 day of i otviws ?at. and ?UI bear laterest st tire par or uu m par at-anal, ? table arail eetiaaliy "? :nr mdawm Jaansrraa l 1 of each v ei ^?eni fa oiler will be seeejHed "??low i*/. ?n I aoae to' any "(Sauna at ooe thousand dollars gor will aay oCer ba - wderad aim ?ae par ceatuw of tbe smoaat tberwaf MtL . ? ... .. - ? jf Ik. iH.a.a Ml, lbs Tba proposals abooi* be ?sd?rae.l oo tba mrtslla. fr* peaa* tar loeaof two, aad ba eddrwd. 'to the Reoretarr of UaTrsaea."-. Washington. T> C " 1%e Ma* biu(Mas under tbe fbreyotaf oonditioiw. 'w tbe Mprrgate sun. af U? m lleiaa u! dollars, will be niai dtate.'" Uifbnwed by mail of tie necerdwice of tVtr ? ilbft. nod ibo moat deposit tbe aas'int ao arosptcd, wHo th ? 1 _.<sBlam iberwni, with tbe Traaenrer of tbe I' ille-1 r - ... "ie^ ? Wow ?alad, pr tbe Traaawrwr at Unosna, Wow York, toltodel"**. l"bot??Uw. hew Onrans or Pi. LouW. m o? betnre tbe J!W d?/ foaatnber nest Sho-'td aw -rasfsl bidders desire to "Ispaait at otbar pomu tbotr rrtabtr will ba *a'/ iottaHBr*.' ? bairg stated to th s Is '"crt'featm af ta-enbed aloe" W^' ** Uwad la tome aot lesa tueo ooe tinwiaasd dotlara *""* J?1 bidders, or thr" asmgss. fee ?ba pr, mrrj leg loteraot rale of five par . ...obV.. b. *????: on tba h.ioks M tba treasury. afr.- aWy to the re. *??*( "?? nf ibe department. _ , ( to. Uld any ,d the ? ere ~ rr^alf ? eemS -tier ( of at..? with ooapo. ? of aemisoe si laterest pays da there- e neat Mm 1st af Jesnary eest,aooh eart!5r*t.? win ] b# le-oed witb rwb lewrpnaa a.isehed >a snsaawf bin 1 tb-vaaad d-srt saob? ard * M ???*? *?*? laatoad af I being lrsi>sf?rabl<i <? the besfe* of the trsnaurv. assy b? ??Signed ad transferred by the delivery ???? flcates Tbe taUreat on tb? lest named si<?k from the (lata of lb? Brat day of da#u*it to ibe ial Jay of January next will ba paid lo tbe auoocnaful blddar 01 bis alturuay by the depositary with wh.m the prloeipal was depo sited. , . The prtliniBtrf of ooe per oentun, requirwi upon nil proposals under thla notice, will be included lu tno depo aits of prthelpel and p?-mtum made by sueoee-rul bid de h, and will be immediately directed p, be returned lu the uniuooeenfnl bidders. HOWELL OttB. Secretary of the Treasury. The exchange* at the Bank Clearing House this morning were $29,926,180 O'i, ami the balances #l,:iofl,647 17. The sale* at the Mining Board to-day were: - 160 ebs Guilford.... *8 3 60 sbs Am Coal.. .S3 SO 200 flllver Valley.. b30 1 >i The bnsine-s of the Sub-Trea- .try to-day was: ? Ree?tpt? lite no to ?F'r customs 120000 oo Payments 127 70? 87 Balance 6 .556 .210 OS The last statement of the nank of England shows the following variations, as compared with the pre vious week Increatf. flwwg Public deposits ? ?167.401 Otber deposits ?1,063.010 ? Notes In circulation ? 212 316 Rett 11,982 ? On the other side of the account? Oovernment securities ? 100.475 Otber securities 477 681 ? Coin and bullion 133 001 ? Notes umemployed 362 #70 ? The following Ls the official return of the exports and imports of the precious metals from Great Britain for the week ending tho22d of August:? Impntii. K*? >rti. Odd ?385 400 232,111 81lrer 49,126 347 494 Total ?434*26 090,006 The August statement of the Illinois Central shows that the company has received in cash and bonds for its lands #:>,082,44.1 77. and that it imlds notes on hand, $12,420,043 64; and it has bet-i lw 1,334,587 acres of land for sale. Of the mort gages on the land, $1,752,000 of bonds have been discharged by collections in the Land Office. Tho freeland bond lien will be discharged as ^oou ?a the balance of the bonds, which fell due 1st Sep tember, are presented for payment, releasing 31$, 000 acres of land, of which 195,039 are sold, sn?l $2,589,330 67 of notes are now bold for general interest purposes. The reduction of the flm mort gage and payment of the freeland bonds and float ing debt reduce the liabilities of the company to about $16,000,000?one million less than the ori ginal issne of construction bonds. Tho annus! statement of the Illinois Central of December 31, 1867?, shows of funded debt $19 195.500 00 Of scrip and note* payable 3 090,643 24 Total $"22 ..'80 042 24 Thu?, npwards of Mx millions of debt has been discharged within three ycart. The construction bonds have a first mortgage upon the road, and upon 2,00,000 acres of land of these bonds $15,459, 600 are outstanding. The Cincinnati Gaxcfte of the 7th Inst, says: ? The freight agents of the Grand Trunk Rail way in this city bnve recet red Instruetlona from Montreal to again enter npno the market tor Liverpool freight. the ageuta are inatructed Ui contract fourth clans at 81 06, aad Hour 82 10 from Cincinnati to Liverpool The Wear York Cen tral Railroad yeaterday notifled Weatern raada that on and alter (September 10 (Monday next), that road would tnatat npno the 1W lowing advanced rate* from Cleveland, Handuaky and Toledo to New York, HoeVoa, Albany, Troy and Schenectady .? ^ Lai'and Haft-, 4 ffi (_7dn. Winit r. From Olereland, Sandusky and Toledo to New York 38e. 80e. To Loudon 47o. 06c. Albany, Troy and Schenectady 86r. 70c. This ie an advance at 2o on fourth claat and 8c. an Hour from the rales eetabllahed tuguat 24, two week* since. The New York and Brie Railroad hoe not yet notifled tu W. a tern ageuta, *o far as we can lea-n, of nny advance on that road, bat we tbUk It more titan likely that It will maka the name rates ae the Central ha* done. The etfv t of these advances In eastward bound rates must bo to di vert freight to the Southern it nee, end will onose n large amount to go Bouth, ae holders of pruduoe will be unable to ship East at theee rates and expect to make anything en their consignments. The Chicago Pre** and Tribune thus notices the money and exchange market, under date of Thurs day evening last:? Tae money market to-day was agala excited. The va rious barking Interests of our city were pretty closely run tor currency, and aoaae of Ihena resorted to the unu aual method of throwing out checks wbloh were drawn against chunks en other bunko. Ibis caused oonetderable Barry asaoag grain operators, aad not a Uttle a anoyance; bat beltore three o'clock theee mature were properly ed iuate<l, end the feeling toward* the ckwe woe aaaler Kaetern exchange woe sold over the eounfera at the banks at If per cert premium; bat ualee en the atreat sere generally at X per cent. Yesterday afternoon and this morning n largr amount of Rsxtorn ??xchaoge woe received E from Milwaukee and sold an the street a X J** cant premium. In this way much ef our usual supply of car rency boa been drown fr m us At a meeting of the stockholders of the Western Division of the Ohio and Mia?ianippi road, last week, the following gentlemen were chosen a Board of Directors for the ensuing year:?Daniel D. Tage, of Rt Louis; Samuel L. II. Barlow, of New York; Joseph W. Aloop, of New York; Daniel ft. Garrison, of Rt. Louis; George Partridge, of Rt. Louis: Samuel Gaty, of 8t. Loui-t Peter N. Ham. of St. I/mis; Thomas Brown, of St. Louis; Henry D. Baron, of St. Louie; George K. McGnn negle. of Rt tanis. At a subsequent meeting ef j the Boerd the following officers wsrs ehoeea:?R. L. 11. Barlow, President; II. D. Bacon, Vice l'reui' dent: G. K. McCuunegte, secretary; Peter N. Ham. Treasurer; \Vm. Holmes, Counsellor. Stock Bxehangt. Mosmt, M. ie, 1MB MOSO run's.'74ooup IOS34 800 fba I loading RR., 47', 17000 Tbaa 8 a, *00 . ?| 9? Miob CM RR. Mo 71V 4000 MwiMrl 6'e... SIX M0 do '2000 Erie Sd mt Iwte. 9*\ 80 do aOO 1880 ErleRi: 2 m b#x M do ... M0 10001 rwRR; m b,"83 ?7 180 MiehBkNTKK bM n* 2* nx TIV ? ma MM K*to RR 4 m bo *0 2M de flu 4000 K'te RR 8 m I* 78 MO do 23 V OOtoMCSptlm.reb 181 200 do 28 w -J000Mlcb?o 2 m bo 07 100 do b90 28 V ?000 do 06X lOOMicbShN 1(0. MX *O0 do m>i 700 do 7000 niCrti RR bde. 97 M do SI 14C00 ChleAJfW 2 mte S4 M do iOO ?X\ 8000 I. KrwAW Ira'* Hi M III Cea RR scrip . 87 \ lOOOMilAMwotmlOb 88 060 do bl# 87 40 ehs Rh of Unas'* 100.x 1? <?n ?'0 MX lOMetropeiitaa M . Ill 6M> do ao0 86", Id IWCIfle Ml 88 Co MX Is0 ' *? ? *X 80 do W0 88 28 de 87 1M do bOO 86 *8 aeveJTuI ACIoRR MX 80 d<> 04 Mt?ofena * Chi RR. ??. SOONTCmRR .. M 100 do T?>. M do M0 M m do I* M# do H6V, too do b# 78 90 do 86 X M do 7874 ! loo do. bOO 87 M do 7*X I 10" do...., *00 87X IMClevhTol RR.kM 40 i ?00 do bl* MS HO do 46',' 380 ' do. MX 400 do 4rt?, | |M8 Rr>e Raj road... M 580 do.... MO 46'. | 10 oo M0 30 800 do.... b80 46V 100 *0 ?*? M M do ? MX ; 1M do ?30 90 KR> do 100 47X I 1M do b30 50',' 800 do b!0 40>, ?de '60 H# to ?4f *?'# 4I0 *00 of* JO :? M Chi k R 1*1 RR ?00 79 ISM d<* 30 280 do rl0 70X 100 Rrlc RR *m fork 50 100 to t-U 70 v ; ISO Hud R-v RR M# 00 M do ...MO 7f?.' M do 59 V M A 79'4 100 do MS 160 do 79 ,-e 40.... 140 00 80 do 79 7, do. M0 MX 100 do M0 78V Z do,.... tOO 80.H W do 78% IMO Jo bl W OMChl.Mwb'N-RR 90 sto do >M MX ? to t M do... bl# 00 HO do bl# M ; rt)0 P?f'*m RR P*?f . 40 00 de ... MX amibadiaaRN ... ?TX ? aoo <fe 47* M do bOO MX tan at, *70 47,'. 140 do ... bM 81 7irt * " 48 180 do ... *>? tl?( I ill* Ta bio 46 96 la O h Mil RR.. IX M M New Jersey RT. 1? ? Z. ?* art n't' bOAil*. .,,,.ew oil 160 ah* Mlcfc r-RR rio T1 J! ' to V? I ? ?: Ml RR 25 , Si Mlcb8bNI?*? 48 ?< -"'.'.'.?v. 5H g z 55 w ' ?bf V' CO U fV * M"w RR IV S i: 8" - SS; ?<4 uo '? i. 400 CUT * Tel RR Til 1? *n 1>. Fli.i'drT 2^' **'<???'% UO lie ?v 100 '?<? ? 16 . ... 29 X ?K> 7^, i*,' Plvev rr 80 480 4A MX MOfk'.H rt'lK* 9* 4 |,y. d?. .. bio t*X 160 *2! fic . blO MX 160 ' ,? ' itio K.4d,imrp ^6 98.X 100 1 M84I . of i tie Vtttr York B?aki, Sep tember 1*. IWttO. Hanki 'kev (X/iWn DrvulUl *'??"?? 6,4f0 9T4 1 444 011 144 710 4 074 003 American Ex.... 7.798 964 1.047*06 J6t.8l3 4.496.218 Arllrai h* 1 8*27 <*24 228 431 00 486 9l0 640 Alanilc .... MW"I3 79.1*0 M 797 2*8 910 Hroodwav. 3?d5 7?a 481*71 >8 407 1.807 086 Rul ?,. . 638 840 43 294 199 744 461 ?41 Botchers A 0ro 1 799 110 343 247 90S 201 I 860.470 < Ttatbxm 801323 041120 128 007 471.433 Chemical 2 0*8*01 890 804 302 613 2 310 209 C7l^tZ*-ll4^, 067.449 I69.7i'7 100,187 802,981 Cl?7 . S 192 970 440 893 ? 1 >41063 WBBfrci*... .12 *2* 574 1 719 364 1 974 5 3*19 047 O'Bioionw. allh.. 1 3?3 6?3 113 369 270 730 815 690 Qibtirenta] 3.179 030 340 708 212 402 1 401 470 J*?***?*?* 1890 830 210.173 125 678 679,221 Pry One* 409 830 41,008 141127 200 870 Ka?t River 404 817 01 794 P-l 010 298 094 f,u't"n 1 402 424 2.16 *01 SIS 2T? 1.021 272 firetnwirb 786 :018 82 573 173 02 577 073 Oram re' *77 774 161 417 64 090 4 43.700 HaiiOVer.. .... 1 570 047 119 724 80 915 717 423 mp 4 Traders'. 2 613 208 261 ->87 106 470 1614,112 ;rvl."e 811 873 110 570 121.361 679 IM leather 1.960.030 288 '.100 97C0JO 1,001,734 Manhattan 4 998 830 494 094 810 o?i 2 919 .192 M?u. 4 Mtr'ta'.. 021 187 99.120 139 817 457 076 Marttio 991 183 1 48 535 1 46 411 579 014 J!"*'* 1601040 282 401 212 940 1.120 961 tier nan lea ... 3 002 639 653 338 313,118 2.496 214 Mrcbaiil.*s'&Tra 1091.406 103 799 144 054 827 349 Ml :h. Bk Am n. 813 3.18 70 121 117.309 416 383 M. rrartlle 2 501 414 208 ft.8 30 042 1,748 283 Merchant* 4 761 02* 1 031 577 100 800 2.530 021 Meich Exchange 2 364.2*0 327 807 130,700 1 408.439 Metropolitan.... 7 3*3 332 1,001 142 243 879 4 372 398 Nassau.. 2 025 719 183,283 131 818 1,298*430 National 2 181 349 199 149 183 192 825 413 New York $4 718 302 756,813 460 043 2 731,331 *rw York Co. , 450 890 41 193 89 341 338 ??1 New York Ex.. 324 708 21 835 99 019 297,950 Sor?b America.. 1.666 308 204 004 78 091 798.297 .North River ... 86'4119 08 872 78 944 472 008 2084 779 302 197 135,175 1.282.378 ?I 001 874 104 400 106 911 401 810 E?"\,flc 1 070 314 186 469 120 104 829 979 E"";** 6,039 208 1 005 051 180,539 4,084 0*41 ?r",,lc? 735 840 102 095 107 1*43 680 978 ' 1"B** 3 229 494 473 108 162.042 1 843 40* Republic ...... 3.770050 474 *48 222.141 2 4*0285 Soviiith Ward*. 1 284 557 219 438 444 400 853 5*5 * Loatbsr. 2 670,062 120,773 258,897 1,242 058 Mate. 3 055 *42 51*4:10 230 802 1 808 127 ri. Nicholas.,.. 1,190 629 140,140 97 260 703 044 I>*deam..D 1 488.567 143 057 321 181 709 111 lol?? 2.587,134 3*26,94 4 210,135 1 011 149 r?W $127 999 83919 187713 9^38,824 77Tl2^Wl CITY CUMMEKClAli KEPOKT. MiWiav, Sept. 10?8 P. M ASOS ?The -alee embraoe.1 3? bsls. rata, at 4'Vc., and pearlr were quiet and nominal BKiaii-Ti*' re ? Flour??ui* and Wertrre brands were active and in good i eromd, and prices were (Inner Ex tra hrandl wore al?o in fair request, and firm. The sale* embraoed about 18 000 bbla , closing within Pie range of the following quotations.? taperflne S ate $5 80 a 56 00 Kxtra State, from old and uew wheat 8 04 a 8 15 Superfine Western j K0 a b 90 Onmmoi to choice Western evtra 8 10 a 7 90 81 t.ouis egtra 8 30 a 7 0O Mixed to straight Southern 8 10 a 6 36 Straight to good eitra do 8 40 a 780 Choice extra taraily and bakers'brands 7 80 a 8 76 Rye flour 8 40 a 4 40 Corn meal, Jersey and Brandywtue. 3 80 a 4 00 ?Canadian floor ?aa :n fair request, with sale* of 850 bhis. At $6 20 % $7 ?0 for Mtrm. Avnth^ni flour was Urro AOd id food demaad, wltb smled .if 3,600 bbla. cloAin* wit bis th* rat go of tbe aboro q iout ion* Ry?? fl iur w w In good demand at our flgurns, with sales of avert 280 hols. In com meal were moderate tales wltb In the range of the above itloos Wheat was In good request, chiefly for export, with sn active market and flrmer P'lccs Tbe sales for the day embraced about 180.000 bushels, chiefly to arrive and part on speculation, at $1 05 fr>r a parcel of oew while Tennessee, the flrst of the sea son; mo State at p t , $1 66 a $1 82 for choice wh to M.cblgan .nl Kentuoky white, $i 2$ Tor fair sprlur wt?to Ohio, $1 20 a $1 26 for Inferior to prime No. 2 Chic* ? spring, $| 88 a 91 42 for soft white Ohio, Si 60 for wh u Michigan $1 46 a (1 40 for good to prime white Michigan and Indiana. $1 80 f?r Milwaukee club here, $1 36 a $1 37 for anil red Wmtern, $1 97 for choice Chicago spring CofD wig active, with iiicreAMXl Ammo**. The sales foot ed about l?D 000 bushels at 88c a 70c for Western mixed, and 740 a 76c. fur Wr stern yellow. The galea em >race I 10 000 buahels Western mixed, io arrive In thirteen days at ZOo. Rye was steady, and in fhtr demand Sales of 1,800 bushels .Northern were made at 78c. a 80o. for State. Berfry was Arm, with Balsa of 600 bushels tuft spring at 80c Oata were 8r?n and in moderate demand, wlih sales of Western and Canadian at 41c. a 42o . and of Stale at 42c. ' Cowan-'The market was quiet, and transactions in abeyance on account of a public tale to come oir to (Borrow. i ottos ?The market was unchanged, while prices were steady, with aales of about 800 to TOO balen. FnsKinvn ?There whs Increased shipments of grain to Liverpool at rather easier rates. About 10 000 to 00 000 bnslub of wheat wers sngaged, Including about 8 000 bushels wheat tn bulk, at I2*d., and the remainder In ?hips' hags at 13d.; 1.000 boxes cheese by steamer at 80s Flour was quiet, at 4?. A British bark was chartered Itr Bristol, to load with wheal In ship's bags. A vesau I was taken up tn load wltb wneat ft?r Olasgnw at private terms lb Hamburg, by ? learner, 600 b >xes cheese were ??(aged at 46e , 20 tons measurement goods at 40s. to 49s.; 100 bales Dons at 1 ige per lb. Yarn*?tales of 300 a 400 b net layer retains were made at $8 a $a 12)4 M R *s sera at $2 90 a $3 Bar?The market Steady, and good old, ft* shipment, was selling at 90c a 96c., and new it % t 74c. la* was in g.v* reqneal, with salsa of 1.000 a 1,400 bbh. common at Wc , and lump Rockland at 81. MoiAsnmi ?tales of 99 hbdr and 90 bbh Cuba, fbr dlfl tiUing, were mads at 89a ' Naval taosss ?The market eras unlet and sales light. Holy its of terpentine was at 99c a 80J,'" Ibr straight Ids, 49c. fer skipping order, and 41c In New York bar rate Crude was quiet at $3 Ouoamoa rosin was quiet and nominal. fRonsimv- ?Pork?The market was steady, with mles of 909 a 100 bbla. . Including new mess at $19 44 a $19 40 and new prime at $14 12>, a $14 9$. Beef was Arm sad' In good demand; the Bales embraced about 540 bbl#., to eluding country mess at $9 a 910 for repacked, and 910 50 a $11 COfbr extra. Beef bams were quiet at $10 a $1$ 60 Cat meats and bacon were Arm and nominal. Inrd wan Arm and in good request wltb aaiaauf 300 bbl* at 18c a U'.a Butter and efeieeae wers unchanged and ia good request. Ri< s ? tales cf 60 Merest were made at 6*0 a 5\c. tairw ?tales rg *0 hags of c oven wsrs made at *3. and 100 bags pepper at S Igo. Pi OAS* ?Tbe market was steady, with a fkir reflung and grocery demaad Tbe sales embraced about 1,100 hhds., Included In which were 121 Purto Rico at T'.c n 7\e , and tbe remainder nonsuited of rubs# at Own a O.'.c for refining grades, aalal 7c a 7.140 Ibr fair mo P*nw? grtoery The salm also etubreaad 990 bosce at p. t.. and 849 bags, ah? at p %. tart was sold on lime Prime goods sold at fNili prkwa. Wsixkst ?Bales of 700 a 899 bbla wore reported at 24c 14 S H I PPING we w s. ?eitatau *r Oof ItMrnn. nra mom. :aSa::::::::{T8::giTa r ?Qalway bapt A.. ~ ?W* A... Btw Tort ?opt !...(*? IM Bapl ? Quabaa Itafl U...|w|S M It . Bow Tart IfWlU 'TOW WWW in "Zwa-rm Raw Tor* far karana rla Ha?a. HP, a* ?raoiaL roticb. '* T* ??"" ?*i /"r ^ *aw Toat Hrralr I Ifi I oo?>a Rtaai ... m<r* 1 (B A MI kb warn . ? M Porl of Baa* York, *? plraaWr io. inmi. njMROl. RbV InvanloT, Br. wi>, Hon* Xrra??Alfrad i-a4<t Slip flrradlMU*, .i.?a?a. iJifrpooi? WiUutmt A Galon Biftr U ^Mkum, IHraaa- I B Gagar. laik OaBI* A?ka* MaMM. Brt# Uahaaita, WjitUW! 1. Baa fraardaro? W T rkdoaian Boa ii'aar '*?? iBrl. Ray. 'iaruu?J I. Wktlaar Bit* Cyioet iBr ? *ru*a Rarttrill* ~P I Harriot A Run. B?i? R/waw-ry Holla <Br\ May. BaHMann ?Oalway. GBaadn A ? Mr faalor. Fib-knar I*?li?a T R Rpbtoaatarar. Rohr F'rrato V. ?? Famarr'tn.,? <' M DM* He kr n R H- I m jaro* l;?h<'Mral< .-MoOlor RrbrAnolr llvoka 'Janr*atoam?Radord A Dadca. Moan.-r P W Braoa, Pnaur RnRimnra. ARRirm. , , aphaWaA for Urrrpool 1 ha B baa aaJ llgkt "SEW (Hie). PrandaUo. Palanoo. a data. wfcfc fntit. aiuaar Ao lo.f?? Rnhfoanr. Bark R wbnrk. I ha?a. W'nrfotldan, July JR. tr*k Wdoa. wool Ap. to R.JO..M. k I "afintar .Initio aaw bar* Atoraadar, baara MM lain BmitovMon. A or 13 lot 13 33 R. Ion MM. took* ?btp 'iallrar TIooiov onrl from Rio Jar.rlrr. for N ?*r < >r loaaa ?MI. lol *i U H. M Al 43. MMllaod art* RlaMoro. at oar'1 * R nark I.u-J RUrjibalh, Hwarlt, Bnahm. 90 buara, la kalian. '? kmMv Bark R I? Htarann (Br), l>nahy Bnaton. * day a ia kailaat to IV a Jam**. ' . ? la Barti'i Bio Orand*. ?ng ll^artUi nirar In iu, A Tandall. A ig If, lallttR. lot MBB W aaa aa Am .lorrlne R. *ftb S ? aata and I a alkla* kaama 90i taaTlOjii K ? RB of tk* llfcfclaodR. aaa dram bark Tulako. ^^Brfa Ha ratal 'Br<, IKIdrrdRa. Tartooulk, MR. 10 H*4\r^ ?bt?^ >aj *'''r''^,,r,>" Ra?n HP ? data. trtUi kiWilM B? W* C ?C lo- 7*. < ?r W All? '"RrV1/ lal harT^'aaa it. Ha tray OrardTtir* Tl, An* JO ashmll to Vva*la' or Rao^oik" ar< ? p r'?ik Varatal i-kb Tmkt H'tailt inr >?w Tort. Orlr lar?adi?. ^mall. Rabin. 1 d? lakr frtaayl.ania, ladd. Nor tofc h' * ?**} Rrtir Rmptra Lorell, Aibaaj for Bnahaf. ff!" Vatt"?:lpi S23SS ABwiajr for Boston. Kehr <Mt. Larnil, Albany for Knuon Scbr Henri Clay, Cote, Albany (or Maw Bedford. Vulou, M.m-tsoe. r. <led?tyam. Bloomer Tammy. a,, fUMelWio. BEIa)W Nh'p Bnsnhsn, from city Point for Europe, P 'ft""1 * tncbea per hour A ptl >l was put on board /to nut uit tit urge a rbnolt. from pLlot bunt hauulr, ? SA1IJJD. Chip Webfoof, Kau Pruutaco. ? Wind at aoowi 8 DlU/rllaoroui. Fan Franelaro ship news to A' * 29 by Potty E prowl wlU bo fo .iid utdrr telegraph bond. flu HTtitiHir Atniit'i Moudle, at It-a'oi frooi reports on the 7th mat ai ? *M, when 70 mllm MB hy K of u ill v"?1?* *llb ',r Kuicrald. Smith, front Hlr?lta of Brflr Ule for Harrington. VK, ,md s-n-.k her T,?>? oti tlm crow. U Ui Dumber, aad carried them to Uuatoo. Th' aohr bad a oarfo of Hah. L BrvA??mr Ciig'tpKAKg?Newa from this reamshln wan re calved yralrrtay of quite an en,- u raging rli*ra<" '*r and It la boped ahe will be able to come to Ibe diy ,b,oi abe la light seed The captain nrltea op uow that aha la makli.i.- uo more water ? Savannah Rep, 7th. Bria Uaxulf, Heady, from WHmlngtoo. XC, frr Mew York when about 75 mllm dE of (tape Hstteras on Tummy : ;st' encountered a heavy pate, durltnt which aha rolled out both ml A * *?a.s; tk.* time i Uiinlhg very high. She put back to w iimlpgton "ih Inst for impairs. Br Schi Wki ?-i harleaton Sept 8-The fir aohr Wren, fnm Kingston. J*. bound lo Mew Vork alth acArgo of logwood la at Quarantine in distress . Hy tel) Si" it Hart, of Boa ton (ballast !t?Bf?r), went aahore at 2 oelork Saturday aftermmn on the mcha K of Rook land I.lgh house. and lve, t u> pluses shortly alterwarda At 2 o'clock two of the men were taken off on a llle boat, and the remainder, lour In Lumber, came aabore on a piece of the quarter deck at 4 o clock Id an almnai lotally exhausted condition. T " '"fore reported capeired and abandoned id' Honiauk, was towed Into Newport rib lost by New Vork p lot boat >o 15 and ao-bored off Uhsile HUI. .**2"?,*'!* Nou,"<a" u- of Gloucester, went aahore at tte Magdalen lalnnds night of 7th ult. Material! all saved, out u*e \ caiirl ia a total wreck. Hhu had been tlu?o \\ut)Ld la the bay, and had only 11 bar re la of mackerel. Scmr Cosqra no, of Olouoarter, wag not wrecked to Bay Cna . ' reported The \**arl waa at (laape, when having done poorly, three men left her and alarm,1 for hom?. Mm ??*OJR any mouey, they told the ipjtj of being ah pwrecked, cmvr 1 taenia ubtatoed a free paaaege to (ilou A^'' 2,0 ??* ot T?rk. where she ??SJli J i?-. purchased by M^mrn Kafag ?1^' ? ~rovt(1#iicc, 00 pilvaU tcrmc. 8ho will hrrthTwr hail rrom rroTideocf!, ^LAPgrnkp-At Bath 6th luat. at 3 PM, from ibe ways of Tru fact, nruirmnnd A Co, a fli .t claas ahip of lOAO tona no? yet named, owned by I'apt ?'m Ctuhlag, II J Hpraaue, Ewi.of Cuahlng buudera. She la to be cosuinanded by Capt At Be'faat 3d from tie yard of C P Carter A Co. the ahip Tn lv'ui'M' Kh<' ta "J?*1.. hX w O A Men, of l.clfaat, Oapt M VcNear. of New York, and Mr Chopin, of Breton. *he will be commanded by Capt W-Near. The following table gtrrm h aammary ot the reesela In the barbora uf New York Bieton. BelUnaore. Wilmington. * C Charleston, tsnrnsh, Hoi ue. New firleeng and (lair la leal accounts fruat each of tWwe porta,?,. "I *??? meamahtpe 28 Brtga rr 148 - ' Bhfka... U*J Total. "?wtMklpe J Brigs .124 485 n'p? 59 schkn?m^;""';."".;;;;'? Barte kg Total sgianoMk' 'kips 8 Rnm. ?SfSf is Schooners.. Barks... id Total. Skips ? schooners. is Barks J oouo?ne',? u *??? < Total. U SUABLaSTOR. SJeijn*k'P* 3 Brigs g ? ick0VDtn 75 Steam aklpe ^^"Itrige g "" 5 < Barks g Total. ?oaiLS. Steamships _ Brtga i Rkipe. ? Heboouera. 2 Parks I ' ^ 16 _ atw rauisa J|^??klps J B^tga..?. y ?f"iw Berks ^ Total iitTwns. ?. I Brlgt 1 !?'?? ? fchiwuierg. Barks a Total 6 To Whslesarn. V t ??Pl Howlaad. of bark Reaeina. MB. raporta ?TA ..V?... Ana 1. barlug been eut on a abort cruise, and took IIP bbla ap?710 ap, 7tt) wk all ud l. all well. A letter from t'apt tinker, of hark J P Weal, NR reports her at (loam April 15, no oil since last reportedJ?und to the iT "? "J i^"' Webb. 9d (dicer, was killed hi s whale Marcs 21. Had skipped a Mr Dart at Ouam. aa Jd 'Stimr. Slickew?Sept g, 25 miles SB Nantucket Kboala brig ICtrNd PanmS jfo If*"1'- '"** *?*" IsJsada-By pilot boat Bpebea, dir. h2ksjz'"^""u' "? nailTS Artw*Rr, Aug K? In port sblpa lejrhlnytr, Oole, for HOr 5^r': Jr5m,Jft?^r. ISLSttZ SMt^"yhY^Tto.for K*T"Dih,?00 ? "??. Be acnes*. Aug 17?Arr Me Pins intra, Charleston. . "LV* Avals July 25- Is hurt barks Huntingdon. White ST Freeman, for BuHon do do, Ul' be. lligglna, for do about Aug fc Swallow, Mrout. for kslaai ip?yzr-?r"* fer?3u??i^ dar Bid BA, bark Ware Ureat, HarmmaMVarA itr"T'Au* l*~m ? ?"?>?. CootTsRTrsoeie. Aug W-Ik pert berk StctUae Dawee. for ^ !W 57 P ?okMri- ,b*m> krtgs AI mimd Bosrelh White? TorUan.V Beporter C.inn MYork; C W Rlag. Huatley, do. Mtd 1Mb. brie llarrtet. Sarpawt, Portland < taart tooa. Aug 15?Arr haul Aura, i^suieahail. Pnrtlaud Deeua. A eg M?Old deany Uod. Urrabeo. tu TV ansa FauterTii. Au B? Arr Junlna. Swaaion. tfaunise. ?a*enTttui.TI AugW-Ia port bark CoeMuate. frna Iy> asdo just sit; brte Tttania, from Mayagnsr do do. MH*y*?*. Ang lB-AtT bark (Vllou. Bath, brlr May (Jueen. Mrrton, Portland, Wth, srbr Charles J Kuniii, Wesui. >relao<1 Ma anraa fep^rtrd sld ftw SOrlaaas' kwL '*^1 W'lgejiee, Ywiiig. Portland , Savon (Rr). ^,?h- f?- W* skip Jane Parker H.ranle. Losulon. hark J A llaaard. laraen Sagua. brtga Mary R Mllliken Mo-den. Phi tademhta; Linnet (B ,, ftwith. tkaltimore; John R Dow, liar Cor. Cardeess NTork-" UASfa. MP. Aeg lA-Arr brlgBplrit of the Tteea, UnWMt, Aug 94?Sld C C Dnaran. Otle Barscnab; Bncrh ThlbeA Hrriymaa. MotHle, liulf Streaia. Hprague, and Rut Jaod, ffemer. Neworieana 2611, rneje Tot.y, do; Queen MeUd^ HTOrt' WUUm *?">nrT, Ady Aug 28. linker,lan, (a) flraaga. for Qaebee "Ah Rn mpa f?> (eneli foe lla tfa? and BcrtSi Sept f ails 7s)'(/? Iff.1! T.nrb feot 1. Kangaroo, isi Urn ka. for do Sect 8, Ms ma' jel I litle for Hahfsi ai d Mtork Brpl 4: C n K.uiViH. Walta, tor do Aug SI; All art rt-y Polpt Va. Inkelhi, Otreeeough. for Jhariaece', Ji?; t ?w^y*T' for "Orleaaa 2Mk WUllam Blnger. Mi shall lor do 30th. HIUr Ho-t??ioao. Jnly 29-Io port ship BUppogrtffe Addy. from kbsdr ipkta for Okllao, repg. barks Maria, lawta. lor Hamp ton Bawd* Ida boats iM bnae ash; AMgsll. MeP irland for Slrhmood. do do. Wiwmtuaw.Ta WheOea ftar HamsH.s. Bawds So do Oreyemind. (Iwlerwedsnn far Rio Jaaetm; Pals dln Wilaoa, frrsw Baklmnre. on 27th. for Barons Ayrea la NU, bark Alasewdar. Bobbiaa fr en MYork. Mitsprss Aug 89? Arrarkr Viola Haaty, Chsrlesi.wi TTtk hnga B A Ptaker. Katehum, MYork; Edinburgh Atkinv Man Smssf^aflr01'w 8 Tn~4- ^ rvrVTT?!.-"* .**TfAfT br<K Ahmrr T*P*?r Tap ley Baorur; ? hV<<-l.^*Tood-^*i7'? ??'?" (rapofied aid fr.ea Via jjmafarMYerkl. ?d 8Mh. ashr 1) J Baa jar Halt or ttaaa ? icwiscmn MR Berth- Ta part abfuaChamploe. MrRBebte Ud^SJi^tVoST*' f0r ,il"lte*"?r- E' ??? f<* k rh MLTjRMfC?lUC,brit Avery. Mew T vk_ NTnrk ? < i rasa the har aaM kwks Deney, Uengsa, llcausi, 21st. J fvatiV|A"ff.?i:A?. T'"T Ahem. MYork; brtg MtJhT^ ' **** Mu7 Hentley Ta?X Br Jens*. MF, Aug tr-ArrarhrSabaah Crowe MTork ,dAkr -Arr shM OroctaMm, Barlow. N14* 1 fort, to load deals foe Ijverpml Taoop, Aag 28?Arr John DurUa, Mezaader. Clyds. Amtrlraa Pans. AT.KXAMPRIA Bert 8-Arr brie Tenia, lasngrr. Wtd Ingtoa Sld arbrs TrMent Saow. sad Motn, Harrlagtoa. hs BOBTOM tept | P M- Arr Br brtg (1 Walker. Morahousa. Tnrka islands sehra J ? R , i?. i, Malbewe. rte- rgetirwa I" ?Tsy Shepherd. Phi aietpUa. Isabella. Pan Is [la, M Yo-k ?learner* Mimlk Camflna, Ba-ter, O-irlashwi Ren l>ef -1 llalletl Merlotk aad Baluioore, ships Pyramid Sleepei Pi John BM to load lor l^m, oa. IMdmhoraro. Mrhan, dc to load for do BlnrleadW. Malkews Kan Preach-r barka A Brett Brewer. Haad!ey. M-bUe Wvlltarn. Withsm, Rlckevm t, PaJ0b. leeway. Mtort brt-a Mary MBrnhh BvWna. fser. O PlelA Orsnt. Mobile New World, llarrtman Alexander. \a ache .loam.b NVkeraoe, Hare, thpe Hlytlen. P Nieker arm, navfrr <Wy Pisat and Rlrhnww.t, Va; K 1. atevsna Mai ley. I-Vlaeetphi; Mary Maaktn Beer. Mtnrt . BB?ArrHr krtgeAcwe Tmibg, .inarrw, Brimnetle < t hmn Oread lurk aehs fr-dertm W'lttaar Kuw Wllm, . r ton, NC David s^Bk. Ihwmkm, PVtladetnV,; Sostoa Pe-u grew, I'.lth Ambny aid Watoodsy alndSWtn HP. wt-A ram steamers Booth Oar, daw Baa Ibet.ed; tVp Addle I^Mr. Duo day. whjd MM krW fwlmbnvaro Hup Knergy turied on Ha turds; hot Irvhorel la Pre*,dent !tandr. where Che ramafaed at to nan Sunday night. . "Sh- Arr (by tel) ahip cny of Roploa, Rears. IJrarpo.,1 18118* v Bryant, J'S?s. Owle't. fl I. Bulgers i St'*kV,m bna Med lord rhlaaey. rayal. RAITtMORR Sept 8 a B? Arr ?b(i Hants (Taaa Peeler Cailanvta Mamplim R aids: brtg Queen Vtetnrta. (Br> I.saib (late Si bn Mrmm. whn waa km i?rr??mrd at aaa Wth ill) rsg Vinvent ships RaJamaarw. Taylor, MreepontTJaa Cheauo Brvsn Valparaiso, brig tnsrawre (Bri Hracford Pan Bpsi.i ?cbr Ki> sriaher. Cla- elT, IVsnTalwid; eld barae Ktha (Brean Husrhman I (mdna (aad aid), (lamMa hera. Bla Jawdrn laort Old Read K< treat Hard la* Rnatwi (and sjfl: OetBTta hal kvk. RKbtMRd; Fifing Cloud (lamea'a, R|o JaMtfC (v)d ?Id) hrcs PrarfSMa, War pee, S?raonali, Herwlilffrtf V Jsgr 1e T'uba (aad tid): Jaa Mas'arm 7rfvera Mstaaoaa laixl ald>. arhrr R P chaae CuoniagMMl. ?taeiTjIaas; ? PCfaah ing I'ettlnriil. Item, n, aid ably Paruriaa. Rourrle. Mlnrk arhrC I, Hay ea. Tuokar, Mew Badfitd Ast-ea, Ptna, H at n. BC* K'PviRT. Heel h?Arr aohr R H t> Im. Cntwm, MTort. BaNHOh Set t f try brtg VVel aer Kelley, Peapan, I" <i F?en nrhr Mars UUi, Csrllate Philadelphia. Cld Mb. bark Lmtlsj Faj>t> (new), Nsilm NVor*. sckr H K Hart. Kent, do . 5L0.!' "^P1 'BlTsrtraMo'iotalaiagV.AvaaaaJi, Sth W B P?rllr? darter MTork. 1*1 F AMP. Seyt 4?Apr ?ekrs (Kbartns Iteala Flowers, and Fl Peek, t combs, MYork ftBI*-"*Of- 8-pt 7? Arr whrs Bvlph, Me**wt Tor-*weB rth, Hna Perk 'lordnor MTwk ai.o, Wm II H.rwen. M?r?h ertrn do for I Rid brig Rndn-y Carr, I'aher. Ha I HAMt FWTfiM Sept 4? Arr ablp Hon.trr. ^^"ng IJrer r"'': "wrtt, Asalln. Chrd.g akr ma^Tpike, Draw f, rd. NV.rk ?it Air ! Igr Anrvds HIM. Wir-oom Tsnaer pndrkKi.m. 5fork Fntrs Mger, l'r .*a Pht'nrfe nMa- a^'re **he? <n rt ? *?J'S Rnknoti; v'^hn Roe Itsrnwund and Nemeb l-rt?a't MT-.k ? (- arbrs Vs?, 2-n th. MY*?? . hrts-fi ? Frr"1 etm, cfcar-h, Wl'minpiop. NC. HIGH TON R??pt 8?ArJ ?efcr StfouMi Wiuhjuru, T^Wwsr, Dr.i*? art; Oty, for Taunton K*PTPORt it. r mii Kivrr Tor Airrftn<in%- woro*r?y, ? rai? aou.rne are city; S<'Uthr.rrirr. Ulanchanl. tinston for rWbui*lphta; I'srraph, Hirb, TTarwirh for do; A H Simpaoo. Chti'Q. Pro l o* for ifN'rhMpuiiffn. V'a; Sel> h B Htrdoir, Moti do fftr Phi A off 22-Arr brlff Nnhtim S'Maao. Phinnay. i AJrxnrcifiH. 31at hark Virfftnm Ano, OnrlMii M ??**<>* 4foa, i?t, fcb'p A rue KTH a?i}>*uii Linaooit, aid hriff Haukt i < ".ar a. fcCj'Intf wont ihimorr; wh fool, Katon, 1 V'vk FAi.t KiVKK pigf-Afc* act*# Daniel ttrowu, Ha*lJ, Alex audrlH Cui oetla. Muchiy, NYork. _ GIORgKIOEM, HO, Aojr3P? Arr aohra WhHiean "hllUpfl, i *? t And Eli Job Skridoii, lab-mrn, NYork; Rent 2, brifa | t'barlrsu a; sultan notion, NYork CM Atiff Ik), achr P tioyee. \ huou NYork S?ll 4, briff t'aroliaa GI,Ol' RhTPR; topi 7? Arr aebr H \ Wrels. Godfrey, i PHlaotilpbia. [ JbPUXOI.A, Aufcr 26-In poit. wshrf Stampede, UttlTOWa, I for NYork, Id*; AI?oh, Kinnrv from Mobile, dUff. MUiilLIC, Srpt3?-Arr i? br li?rk?sle<ff. Bubttflk, Lff vara NKW ORi.R^KS, H*pt |?Arr utramabip Kmptro fit? Has ter NYork via !!h\ ihh aebr Imamc? low^y, Hanaoa, ftaatan Iklwi d. eld *te??uinh'ti |VAi|?i J.ihi ???n, NY*>rk rta Havana, rhlp Ciarua Pprugue l'ike 1/n.doti; ?tr brig Venua Laverty, Ilnvaoa; acbr IVw Drop Terry. I'Ulla Tl??n 6ib- Arr briff Toocon, Otieraoa. Havana; below. ablp? Northern Chief, V*n/,m?, fm Antwerp; Sainl Locke, Mweeicer, | I'm Havre; afcip Wurteinberg. t haae. I'm Gtoioe: rid Span bark 1 < "tirra. Tomaamo Barcelona 8ih?Arr (by tel) ablpa Far Wi*t, NYork, Mtrtha J Ward, Boston. I lUtb?Arr iby tel) ahtpa China, Liverpool, Mountaineer Lie . boo; George K Pat en, ard MaraUuo, Hoaton; ? erro Gordo, IImI Belle Wood NYork. b?.rk A II Stephen*in. do. ' . Towtd to v? let inat bark Growleraud Virginia Antoinette, 2d, *ht??a *t Chartea and Tereatia. NKWIU'RYF? >RT, ft* pi ?>?Arr fehra Mavlower Htonr; Wrat Wind, ??. and Henrietta, J??ne* Baltimore; aid Tib achr* Hannah, D Nickeraon, NYork; Haily D Charter, Charter, 1 Philadelphia I NKW HKP FORD, Rent 7?Arr erhri 0 Baker, Tr. Kelley, , B?ltlinore. 8th, achr Marv Fletcher, Crosby, Alexandria. NEWPOBT. ft*ept7, 2 P M?in port, aebm Kdw^n, Graham, j Raatport for NYork; Rndora Gnrney Hurry for -to; Med.?r i , Lord. Rockland for PeteraburK; l.iffon a, Butler, a id ?Yillte j Hill, B'<m n Calaia for do. I^eader, Onrdn*r do for do; Hamu> der Belle, Alexander. Banror for do, Caroline, Leaeh, Wit cawet for d?>; Than II Thompaon. Haker, Pawtneket for do; Jobn I.tpcatler. Willeta, dw for Delaware t'ity, Une>ui, O tt, Pn vldenoe for NI ork; Oevrffiana, Teel, do ror do. Veiulwa I D>er. dameffon, and K G Buxton, Titcotnh, do fur do; Minerva, Hall, Fall River for Alerandrla; Monterey, Craijc. do foi " law are t ' Trl^ drno. I . lftHrlpbla; J (M h.'W, Ta'iutnu fur KVork: l?ni.uii-e, "nviiinti. niafatoD for do: Oaiella, WllHaton. Hn*to| fnrdo: OrnmHik, Hrigktinan. Full Kl.or fordo. Al'iWroaa. ' luwo, ; ProTtdenr- for Nnrfi>ll>, lib*!, sn nil, float OB wr FMlWl phiM, (Jr?o? OaroUuo, Tu rell, N.ntucket f >r do; and othora u I brf' r? Mh. I P3I? 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Bonaparte, Stewart Ma h.aa, for NYiwk STONINOTON, Fepl 8?Arr achr J B Blocker, Kdwarda, Philadelphia. WILMINGTON. NO,Bept#-Arr brlii Tankae Blade Dar lip*, Fnaton achr F J Talbot, Bweotland. R'-Aporl. Old Tib. Brbrtta Remedy, H arden, Brl.i*ewater. K. Planet Tcoker, Ku-ope, ar-hra Fredk Heed, McAlmon, and Clara Norton, <>m hjy^ ltoaton, Hlducy Prior, Godfrey, Providence Ben Ulokman, WARKHAM, Bept 8?Arr echre Angler, Beete, and Jeie, Wee*. NYork. WARRKN. Sept 9?Sid from below, brig Condors, Jooea, Delaware t Ity. B MIST AND INWWP. OaT MnLKX VROM THE SPHNCSIBEIL AT RIME ??water, |lr? .Terser, H?|ii?mlwr 3. * Yawl noal tru feet lone, branded in inrny ulim wttli hi* umr TwO dollar, will he given mr ?nrh information aa will load to the rwvurrjf of the boat. JOHN P. CMOHB Y, No. 1 llanover street. Now Tml T OBT-ON WKDNEBDAT, HKPT. ?, IN OOINO FROM JLi TWl Br*adway to lb* aoeeert for ar amru's ashlldre-i. on Buien Island. ?n old fashioned sold Hrunnh with l*ir and lb* btmi M A. K. tor. MB., 1*14 Being Mgbly pnwd u I family relic. whoever will n turn It In li(o abneo number wtl bo liberally rewarded bad receive the grate] ul "*?? *- uf Ox ownar. LOHT?A LA riT'H NMAU ENAMELLED GOLD WATCII, lo aninm/roa foot of Mobloaon ureal to oornrr of Broad way nad Para plana or lo a MMt Ureal omnibus or In goto? from Broadway to Fourth arenas la FourtaanUi etroat. Tba ffnder wPl ba ?ollabl - rawardad by returning It lo Bcbleftalla, Broth' ra A Cm, 170 William Ureal. LM OFT?A HARDWARE MEifOEANDCM. OP NO AO soon! In anybody bo> the owner. Tha finder will ba suttn bly ra ear lad hy leaving It at tba Unbat oiUea, 1*3 Broadway. LOFT?ON OR A BOOT TIIK INT I NUT. A PI.AIB MKKK arbaum lb-gar Tul.a, la a raaa. 33 reward will be paid fur He return as II la priced aa the a 10 of a friend. K. A F n (WHENCE, 141 Broadway. Loet-on hatubdateven I no. a HM all opal stud. ?at In ifoid. wnb a Iwtied wire link atla-bod 410 will ba paid, at tba Mora ud Messrs. Tiff?oy A Co., 40U Bm?l way, for tba aapia. T OAT-IICN AWAT. ON MONDAY AFTRHNi.'.N THE JLd lUtli iuU., a dark sorrel Mara, with white spot on hand. nlier. *?S1 heard of was Id tba neighborhood of Ninth aeeaue and Thlrtlell Urea*. A libtwal regard will ba ptld to the parti returning bar lo the undersigned. Llrary atabla please notice- H. KIrN ED. In* Stanton atroei. KT OR MIRI.A 111?CRRTIPIOATR NO. 38* IN Till M u tra I'lmaun A Co.. for Bftr ebarea P.-irlfla Mall RUawahlp Ormpanv The publ-are rautl mad agaliMl pur ebaa n* or nerulaung said ram; rata, aa tha iraaafer baa be-a ah oped at Iba oil ne o* tba romp .uy ABHLF.T A MORR1B. No 42 EvAaara plana MKUICAL. A^BDPRKHBBH TOMARKlEil AND NUM1LE-DE WAT IB1N ?o Heblltty da . with anatomical plates fit draw toga. -Tba best w.wb for :he one prnfaaMiaial reader "?Ma dlna Railaw Pn<r 31. rota br t her Ire Miliar 4M Broad way, M. T . and by tba author, at 4.'d? Sronasa atraat, aa met birr a waat uf Broadway, wbara br may ba c-maii lied ? all af feUhes of Ibla rises, froa I A. M lo ? P. M. AnVIi R (HT Hilt ORATEIVI. PATIBNTbl TO THOME lai slide nlio hare suffered frun tba uinu ramful treat atrnt uf idher t>b?sl<-u<r*. But f>r I.AKN'iNT'H Parte. Inn con aad New York Nediewl Adaiaar and Maniacs (lutta: too paarlr lin anatm, mat illauratlons. for It Me'led frea G. LaWKIKCE. No 1 Veasy ureal The vrJt u Irests pallrntafront I A M to ( P M., aod T lo 3 Tburadar a rtiiugs II 4tT Bradr ; in; nalrai. Nan York. Dr. ralpr. author of the ?practical fri ? rata Tr aortas." dr . o?aa lit Oneby Ureal, ooraaru hloudoa. Hours, Uli UU 3 aad dull 3 Wuadayaeioeptad) those who apply In Wie early stugaa at I base crimp lalnta wtl ' ' ad at tba rapidity aad IMUa tains ?eaMana alta idhu bowarer, tbnas en 9 an up from weak DR. PHEI.PR, No. ? WMBT THIRTEENTH FTRERT. roe la. -d at all rraaoaabia laiars ua ail dUasees SO whlrb flash Is ba,r. rtl R. OOBBRTT, MEMBER OF THE NEW TORI It Cater rally Mediae. (Ve'.apa. baa ramoead from bta old iSse. at No. If Duaua streat, to bis prsw ul rnaraolam sub af oSraa si No 3POatr- s'.raal, hatwasai %aml>era and Htatdt Uraaia baeiag k private an-ranee at No ? city HaUtilaaa wbara ba ran la cooauitul as usual la ba sparialtty. m E - baa I>r. V. 's dlpheaa la bla oS<W. DR ItlOPRR, 14 Ol'AHK STREET MEMBER OF TTId Onllare of Pbya!' lars and Kurwaoos uf New Ti*k. may bs ruuanlted dally at Ua oUsa. from lb lbs morula* until lis tb> ?rsstng. C?OR THE PRRbRRTATHIN OP J1CMAN f.IPE TRi r TATK OONBl I.TATIliR -TNlOtOII RONTR4 HA4 for thirty years ronf.oad b s auaattoa t>- dlsiss . uf a rartats riaaa la wbleb ba bta treated nr. lara than Sfty tho atnd ''*aas without en tastanrr of fntlare. Iba rrmadlaa are mild, aad there la a* laterrnt Bon In b alnaas or rbanp* of dirt Dr Ml N1VK to tn roro'aat atistetaooa, frowi 7 l\lhe mnrnlog ns UllOainlrbt at bta aM uRaa I IBrtelua ureal l-balsas mi darala, and a sure yiia'ssiosd Naasrata emma. ?> that tbr paiidst area do ma *>m tba Porlar bisaarlf It . a bWpp pWR BOW lo Cl'RR PISEABRB OP THE MOST IHbTRRRR , In* rbarw iar "re Pat ants' ?Inlda. by 0 W Morina It . erntalniar ad Ira and innate n# , ra wdb plr^ani rrar..m. lo la bad of ail drnrsisia. at l<Ula nut aad no npo ! e-ira. Priea III rests hold or II O laurrnre No I Voaaa *;net or mailed Iree an rirslpt of foiu p>uta<s stamps Ad ' irrss ban 1,1*38 Philadelphia Post odlcs. ? M f FRTANT TO T!?l MARRIED AND THOFE A BO 7*3 I to fx married - IN. A M Menrteeei. Pn-reasrw of Ms eases V snuat has Just pn*ltaba<* the IFItk wltth a of it TAhmb'r lunk. astil.rd 'Tha Maretad W roan i Prima Had pal - ~|??" " Prtaw II a* id b> N. O I,A WRENOB Be V?wa> sweat, Asuw Ft,mar aad si his ndfcw, 133 Limit? stram New Task. <* wit! b# sm'* maH to say part if tbr Pr.lto' btataa aad I'usdi <m aseadpt <N 31 Addraas *ni 1.M4 Era Tort any. New mtpi'iai. work -maxwmli. on durar* of frina ?a." a boh 'bat saape b ia'-and and aaary fa tbar sb mid tpmalme tptu Irs family. Per sale at No RM Bnudway. 74 Tumi atraat bod at tba antboraas idler No. I Oyer no street, New Tnrh. MF?TAI AND PH3 I0AL PTR1TT. AND PPRPR'"T r?? lataary to foFll tba mr*' If rmatant fnnrtioni of Ufa ' ffit its.' 1'1 fiefpAlna the aa.nnaa ? . mlainrd In that mm dar il1,?l?*<il n ''Cat aawk "ll'i uan ?ra?Ny. or rhrmda-rtra' Rrsaar .as I h?K; I'a. bold ami sain f'ee err.rwbaia ?>> Or It A R.tRR'.W 13* Pi ? bet Crest, fmii from tf -rdrural Nrw i "rh 1 ,nt? it itbma Ir on II ttll 3 and from ilit! a ?"ndAJaU"J MEPICAL TRICMf'H-THE SWEDISH PHTSICTAF l>r IJNQl IBT laraniiw of the araat and riirwwdlaarr trnatm*n' of narimu dsMtttf. Aa ano all ktrir.d eompialam OCra 71 'Tnaby atraat eoraar of bp ring SRfiFRPPf'S rrmi, INI cHtMBfSS aTRRPT CAN ba i*m? iltad as 'Wibl nr bp letter hi hoi 2 .'M3 New Tort d I<Bre. [| SIICN AN RARI.T ON ATP REtD THN PRITaTB Nadirs' Treatise by Dr Ward a rr?'ilarl? edu~*md phy aMasi. wtrdly de .aad lo s irlar <*w tors f a aortale ataaa I'at'rt *? m?T owunlt itr Ward nn any d sruar* o- tm whlrb Ma bet una w mm It? ??' ir-?tm??t *br mms ?m rewfiil la iba world' -rn f'"' ,r*"*i ,r "n ? Ufellwe arirnt la ?4a si ?t hr'*p.i'ta and a ayora .?*a?dad p?>a?1-r than ?ny ifbar dens j.i. atntos. I" WARD abms ?i yna wnnd ? iff rr iMN Itanadeay ^ H?'"NKs. HlHIMN, AO., WVWTKD. "f. r" * himpoShX t-wrthV, TM't.,1^ ??. use. hetwann Fmir n -T.L mil . I..1- n .?"J"' "'"1 l" lw?ni ' iiird aud Hlilh ><* DUC0, * in *l4r?tt? II I. tt., Lkjx i,3*4 r,*L oilior A v?fNlhHKI!.HO,",'K WantED-BY A RESPONRI Jul. *1 ? ?""" from ' fUibfr 10 May or July rot i.nestln betereefm ,v, ?,,,i Fourteenth -id Ibirtv fourth strew, oLf ftrred. Apply loS. hdhy A' o, 61 Ubart .eat Ah f A 1,L. UtlW fOHl A H1.I Rt )? M H t N I' K |) HP AM Aluerleoa widow ion, to areapacuahle !Wiit m* preferred near Twenty tuird elreei mi l S ?h ??rnta'mi.f where abe could Pw for fhe family, fall m 71 (v,?h, ntar Spring, or ad reus Mr* liny * A LAI Y (If VKRV ItKMRKD IIA HI PH. W|*HK4 r<J gel a partly furnished Room. with an nnfurniahed Bwl. ro, m attached, with a piato p: iv?te and in a ttUiek neighborhood Kent moat ha m-iderate. Addreaa lor '.wuitn.a K J. I,, Motion I) Eighth air.rt J MOT* FIFTY APPLICANTS DAILY fOI fn?K|HH. ad and ' nfurmahed ftoRSdl Houses wanted in every it of the i ll v to eupply lira! claaa tenant". ai the American t hi rotate office, 807 broad way, la the baaamanh BAH Kb IP T AMD CELLAR, OB CELLAR AND ICR. ?al'ar. vary large, wanted by aa nnden able tgnaat; lor*, tli n broad .traat brarrr street or neighborhood, tdrtraaa J, K K . boa 3 626 Poet offioe, with parti .Hilars. FURNIRHFD HOl'RB WANTED ?FURNISHED HOUSE; a lacy of respectability, fully oomuetaast and of mod vl iii a> would t<lke to take charge of a drat elaae fiiraiahd h-iwe 'or a private 'anily, or a gentleman's lodging bouse. glveu and required, addreee Bishop, 144 b uadwi.y, store Uoor IjIRST CLASS FURNISHED HOUR* WANTRD ? ? Wantra to hire a ilntt rlue fnrnWiad Houea in all re ap erta. ?itb t table aits died If po.Hlb e Poaaea?lou la Novem b. r would suit. Addr.-M W . bo\ 2 OtJl) P at office. HorsB WANTRD?IN BROOKLYN, WITH FUR eaoe, hid ami cold water, bain. rater ctrret and gag flk-ure* within com i.lmil diaptnrs from the ten-lea, nong o'lera need ws?.r. It,in not to eioei-d ffHM per annum. Pi, MMtoe lit Ottonar nnt. Addreee H , box AW Brooklyn Pi-t ( (Bee PART OF HOUSR WASTED?FOR A h 11 ALL FAMILY, with every -vuienlei ce; fve or ?i H r na an'uhle f.-r bruaekv aping. location between Seuond and-lith aveniee, Hieeeker and Eighteenth atreeta. Addresa, mating price. J K. 0., hot 149 Ilerald office. SA1 OON WANTKD? ALSO A SMA!.' RRTAn. SPIRIT rt/re. Any one having either or bothofthe adore will beer of a nasi aafe Peanut by addreawn*, abating looaUon and rent expected, P. O., bog Hi Herald oilioe, for two dayg. T1 I.BT ?*I'RNISH*D HOU8B WARYBD FOR PT* months, between i.exlngloti and Suth areauoa and Nlntlx ard I liirty fourth atreeU; imlr four In the family tenant m exrrptn nuble: a ilbet :il rent will be paid. Apply toTllOMAIi J Mil I.KR, No. 71 Broadway WANTKD-A NBATLY FUBNieilBD HOOSR OB 0,?T. it tare alxiut October I, at Yonkera for a am all I anally without children; notion far from the depot: aleo lertue ai-iak be more rate. Adiliwm Randolph, box No. 3,329 Poet offiee. Mew York. WANTKD?TO RKNT OB LBARB, WITH PRIVILR iffi of pui ,-hare. a oonutry plaum of one to fire ur mure aeeeg cn the N art h river, eeat aide, below Tarry town, and net fag from river or depot. Name lowest price, Parma, Ac , to Real JD, box 1S2 Herald mice. \A.'AN1KD-A SMALL rARM IN .IF.RSBY, WTTTI k. " atuch crop, fair aupplv of w.aid, friut, Ae ; no tncum braree. In exchange for a Brook'>n first niaaa three at>iry basement under cellar Brlrk Ilouee. apply at No. 220 Roag ?Ueet bead of Blgb-b etreel. W Uliaiuaburgh. w ANTED?BY A RK8PONHIBLB SMALL FAMILY OP reapertablbtr, gli Kontna ai d anle uae of ktiebm In a mo dern bullae, location unexceptionable not far uptown, aCrat claaa permanent nesideaee wHb oweer preferred; pnmairlon la November or December; refe-encee ludlann?able. Addroaa Eugene rare of tbslfeey til Broadway. WANTED?BY A SMALL FAMILY, THB ARnONDSTO. rv tinfnrnlKlied, of a genteel Hon-e, with mralern im provement*; location east of fourth avenue and above Eighth atrrat. Abilrem fur three days J. C. T., box 143 licrali office TETANTKD?BY A DENTLRMA* AND WIFE, PART OF Yf a Ilouae, west ni Broalwajr, between aaal aod fthrle'o phes airest: neighborhood *<?d; real ant to at-eeddllper Dimi'b. or an nnfarnlabed ro m with board not to exceed IS pd* week. Adilreaa A. M , Broadway past office. WANTKD?IN THE COUNTRY, HALF AN HOUR H dii laroe from the City Hall, two amart Intell'renl wo men ; one i?a thorough a alt rwaa. and one aa housemaid or cn-.m tie-mald, Frrnrli Kncliah or bcoich preferred. Apply at 1#J W,M 113-1 at trom 9 to 1 o'etoek, on Tneaday. Wi ANTED?TO RKNT. A SMALL. COMFORTAli'.B linear with a Harden lot pre'erred, In Yorkrtlle, Harlem or ne'gbb rho-d; tlx or etahl e utaa; gas. bath. Ac. A dm a. with [articular*. Win. Robu>aoa, box IIS 11 raid office. Wanted.-two furnished houses to i.rt, cp town, in a ?"?! location, aid bit-bee than Forty ao-. od ptieet Real fgom PWIofl,2U9. Also aeveral unfurnished lloufi-a ? anted at ?&vi to $1 UW rent Ap/lyto RICHARDS A no , 170 Fourth avenoe. 11TANTED?TWO OR THREE UNFURN 1HUKD ROOMS, If loeaiion central Apply alter I o'clock or addrees Bra. a., 142 W ?at Ho-imUm tlrtel. WANTED?BY A f*tU, PBIYATK FAMILY, TUB hnlf r.f a hot we. w lib modern Improvements, from fVui I#r 1 Mil Mav 1 ISM "Una n>u between Fourth an,- Fourtae- -.h atreeis and Third and hi ilnh avenuaa. rant not to sinned ?v*1 prr annum. i>e?i of tvfeietn-n given and required. AddregM J D R , Imx 14JH New York Piat offli c. "lTkrANTED?A MEDIUM HI7.KD HOUSE IN NEW TOR* Yv or Brooklyn, by a am all family ot high reapectahll ty, m iat oa.ta.n modern Improvement* and let near a r*r r..ute. Rent not tc i irred MtXi. Addrraa C. T., St Barclay street. YirANTED. IN BBOOKI.YN.-A (1BNTI.EWAN AND It wife are desiroua of renuag one halt nf a Home In a de ?Irable localloo In RrwikltD. U must contain water and aaa. an'' lent not to exernd WO Addreee J D. A., bos 174 Herald ' dice, giv Ing full partcuiare aa to loontl <n and lerma WHHANTRn-RT A ORNTLRMAN AND WTPR, A NMAU, Inmabnd Hnnen, or part of a lb man, plaapnnttr lonela-l In the city or tubitrbn. within ?3 mlnntaa of (Hy Hall Kept per tn rt reed KitSO, won Id take charge <?f a bonne ark i la >hp onner a el,mad. Reference given. AiMraaa. with f ill de acelpUon. Mating terma, Ac , Daggett, 11 arald nfflee. W^MANTKD TMVRDIATKI.T-A lltiiH 8TOOP IfOtTHR: rr lit fri'tp Tallin 91 UV, loratUnn lietwaan T mat" h ant Mftiatb rtrreia and l-etlggloa and rittb even-tea. Addraaa, filing diecrigUoe. terma. Ac. boi All foal nil, it nr A NTKIt-TO RKNT INMRDUTRI.T, WTTI1 TUB M |,rt allege of buying, a Drat ? la -a llouta In complete or der, In tin- lil'd a art. city of Hr?*lyn Heat about I' >JUf pera-num Adrtreae I n loo Uraa tA'ukn. 66 Broadway. N. T. ?7A.\'fEP?A PrRNIHHKD ROCU WORTH IWMinB TT nf a Iruannd ilolltra rant; ante' ba ?"l of Ruth atto our, end lirlnreu Fnn, laralh aud Tweet) ?igbih etreele. Ad itrara K II . Ilrrald ofliee. Fanttd-an knttrr pirrt or pro nd pi,oor. ^nalurnlahrd. by a alnfla ger.'letr aa ?k a* at Ha o' 'ty w tag la u|hm the Kornpyaa plan: a Mat-la attybrd ui ha pre mier* will be preferred. Trirh apartmrnta nrfr Irradwa r, to ,t w I.. ,Una can ba rtadl't let 'or tka ypar 'y a4 ntig bo it* Pi a' iKLi-a, aiidng lerm* and 1 ailty Wi |antkd- in ihwkhn, part or a iiounr. in a plaaaant Inrailrwi and Bear a car route, for a ama'j fatal if. Addnaa Jr bn ' -..??!> Herald fee for three <t*)a. eta-lag Innattnn. number n< r.vuna. rent and rrai rank-area WHantkd-a u ?? pant or a novo run a *? r ? leatan aad wife MOO. alan a furnMtaa foliage. ba low Twenty Sf'h etrewi, |U to |6H pee monlb, alaj a am all Ilouar ??((! The aUirr ara wantad for gnoJ taaar.u. Apply ta oB- r 2 ii Tourih a ratine W^MANTRD- A THRNROR POUR RToRT HOOIR. WITH a I Lbe uu/era haurot.-naaale. kwaieal bat ewa? Aral and Fltth arm nan and P.mrth and Twenty fourth Mr-eta; lerpa a Jrt ba moderate. AildrPa 0. C. C . Malawi D. Bbto Boat* L RAIIeHOADR ?ONii IRIAN D RAH.ROAD COM pant.-ON AND altar grt'leoibe" 17. Irianyo?I Rtr-aaa Trala will bt (1 tart tiiir, Tied Taat of Tan bank etreyt on Melurday Pap lam bar U ana ? and October Jt. ?ban A will ft- ta < Iraaa port, ud ratuea rat N mlai tola n big Ragle in bar X aad Oetohnr IVAl 6PM Hetnptonad aad 6J6 r. Jt. North laalp Trata wtl ba dlaana tin ned rat aad afkto Rap tern bar 17 Atirto 30. I WO AH PALMRR. Agent NIW TURK AND HAALKM RAI?OAD. PAIR TO Al.BANT 93 On aad after Monday. Joan 2* I AM tmlaa will laara Twan. 17 alitb rreet ata*l'p New hurt, aa fill twa ? Tor Wt1Maa?brtdg? and al* way aUMtma 7 60. II A. 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TWO NKW TIRBf| Hmiaea. wtlb all the mnde-T> la?prr>y"---"ta; 16 au-l II firmy The prnperlt moat ba nil. Tarmaaaay '? a T B. JACKBOfT on tba nrewbea Port tlreaa plana. . ag flaaw* plate Take 'be Paltau ?r AtUaib areaua earn J.*(tR Ptf P in l?r M, H' VI ANIt PI AAlu"O K ? a, I ? ott- ? ae and now rt ny a Tteat ra ? ? -e# In ti. pi wore than H' pay ike r#at Poor yynra:***e vd 'be beet lorat. - up Ira* Will got- . tae rarfae? ?art >a 0' Ibe nnrtbaaer S ranta read rot apply, t'wll at Rtea' ttinrt at No >11 I' .Mb avanaa. near Twenty Bret ?? at. hAtiR PaM-A i'l" MARfR ' ? -H (po rter rytu'ei or-r tete et'na'o t |r <br> lieg ! r? r, ardaatt ra-t r? ???aw. a gtirn for to "ug Per fall PA't w , y rail on ? I'll PR ?' *7> 111 Nayaat meet TpOR NAI Pj-A I.P.'ARO rntrtRTT IN TTTP POI ArH r nerd The-* ta ,? llu-ior aArap rat !ha rrwmtee# -me V b# 'taterrnera In thaw.r The I -atm rnna f-y #*e jraa-t fi M ? lwr tt ? 't r wlwea or- n It " eort or fl rwep ra M ** . 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