Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 11, 1860, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 11, 1860 Page 7
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It, which must be the cam if by any error of judgment be ran counter to the public interests by recognizing such claims as that of Mr. Howe. We sincerely trust that the report of his baring done so will turn out to be ineorrect Should it prore otherwise, it will certainly lead to an agitation for the repeal of that clause in the patent law which gives the Commissioner this dangerous discretionary power. The Laxe Michigan Disaster i*d Ocr Stkah boat Laws.?The late terrible catastrophe oa Lake Michigan, resulting in the loss of the steamboat Lady Elgin and over three hundred human liree, constrains us seriously to inquire, first, into the ctuse of the disaster; and second ly, to inquire whether the unfortunate vessel was provided with the necessary life-saving ap paratus. as required by the steamboat law passed by Congress in the year 1852. To the latter point we anticipate a negative reply, and assume this deficienry as the cause of the fcar fA loss of life which we hare already recorded basing our anticipations to the inquiry from the loose manner in which the law is treated by owners of steam craft In our own harbor. If we remember correctly--not baring read the act for several years?the law provides for local district inspectors, at salaries ranging from five 1 hundred to twenty flee hundred dollars per J annum, whose duty it is to Inspect all passenger boats propelled in whole or in part by steam, at stated periods, and see that they are possessed of the necessary equipments for extinguishing accidental fires, and for the saving of human life in a sudden exigency. After no little in- j quiry we are confirmed in the belief that the requirements of the law have been indif ferently carried out, if not, indeed, totally disregarded; and the inference is that human life on our inland steam-craft is no safer now than it was before the passage of the law to which we have referred. We will state a case or two in point to illus trate the matter, and to prove that what is here asserted is no chimera or stretch of imsgins tioa. About three years ago, while as aitaoht of the H>.kai was on the way to Albany on one of our large rirer palace*, the idea suggested itaelf to him to ascertain by personal Inspection what facilities the boat had at hand to save the lives of the four hundred and fifty passengers then on board. He first examined the force pump for the extinguishment of fires. A series oi attempts to get it to worlt seemed Ineffectual, but finally It waa made to throw a stream of water to a diatanoe of nearly ten feet?a pretty dependence against the ravages of a fire on a boat over three hundred feet long?and despite all subsequent efforts the above was the maxi mum of tta capacity. The lifeboats were next inspected, and the largest and principal ones were found nicely housed on deck among the Iron braces or rods, and in such inconvenient locations that it would occupy twenty minutes to launch them. Thirdly and lastly, the life buoy^nnd preservers were next scruti nised ; out of two hundred of the lat ter class that were visible, over one half of the number were totally unserviceable from fre quent indentations and perforations. The pas sage up the river was attended with Cimmerian with a strong wind blowing from a quarter that necessitated all sailing craft bound up or down to beat across the river across the track of the steamer. The steamer mi kept running at her utmost speed, in order, as the captain said, to reach Albany In time to the railroad oor nectlon at that point. As /he boat proceeded It was frightful to see how near she approached nunwsu. saWng times being within e few feet of them. Many of the pessengeie, especially those who were accustomed to travel, would not retire to their berths, fearful that some mishap might occur; they remained on deck the whole night, and in each petitions ss to render what llfe aavtog apparatus there was available in any ; sudden exigency. Fortunately no accident oc curred: but the same boat to which referenoc is cnade was sunk a little over one year ago, at tended with the loss of several Uvea, by coming in contact with a sailing vessel under exactly the same circumstances as those to whi h we have adverted. Another case In point: Last winter one o Peck slip ferry boats, with live hundred passen ger* on board, while proceeding from New 1 ork to Williamsburg, ran Into a field ef Ice end store a hole In her hull below the water line, and by the time she reached her slip had three feet of water in her bold. Had anything occur red at this time to occasion a temporary stop page of the boat's engine for ten minutes, an Is frequently the case, the lorn of life, notwith standing the contiguity of the boat to the shore, must have been great. Ag in . Take the Btaten Island ferry boats, vrltb tbeir double decks, and which are frequent |y loaded to their utmost On them no provi sion is made for the salvation of a single life; toroce. should a fire or other serious accident oc ,our to them on their nine mile tripe the lorn of Jlfr would he frigbthil. The laws of Congress applicable to the nayl gallon of ocean and Inland steam craft we am ple. If the officers paid for their enforcement are vigilant la the discharge of their duties ; and the recent accident on Lake Michigan should .awake these officials to a secse of their duty to the public. _ _ ThX Ci'NSIRTiTTTI! I'SWS IN" THIS StCTV. The consummation of the union of the three con oervathe partiee In this State agalust Lincoln depends, we are totd, upon John A. Green. Chairman of the Breckinridge State Committee, and Dean Richmond. Chairmen of the Douglas State Committee. The Douglas sub committee. head? d by Benjamin Wood, agreed to yield all that the Breckinridge sub committee, headed bj John A. Green, demanded, but did not do no till after the Breckinridge men bad separnt ed. and the chairman. Green, bad vanished and could not be found. Tbe letter, however of the Douglas tub committee remains signed by (he (hslrman snd secretary; and unless Green agrees to It sit once, he will be so put In the ? roag that all the salt In the springs of Syra cuse cannot save him. AU men will sap that he was not sincere in making his propositions for a union ticket as hta other* have been agreed fo by tbe other tide, and he makes no sign now of recognition. If on the other hand. Green ehonl.1 prompt ly agree to close the bargain, m Ms committee here Intimated him to do. nnd Dean IMchm. ad . should throw any obstacle io the way, by re pudiating tbe act of hi* sub committee, te last e'ebt'e d?>pet b frrra hlbnny ??re '?# wilt -to. h? h Mil *?n *o poMta p/Mum m p' if leg, like Forucy, into tl?c hand* of Lin cola, and be '? damned to fcverlas;ing fame" aa a traitor. Brooke ie also repre : rated as intriguing against the union a ad throwing difficulties in tire Way. But those urea who have assumed to be leadeis on ali tides, but who, by their folly and their selflshuesb, are betraying the people's cause, will be marked men, who, whenever they come before the public in uny shape or fuim, will be vhltcd with their just indignation. Who are Green and Tucker, and Richmond and Cagger, and Brooks, that they should stand between the people and the union }wbicb they so much desire ? Green Is a grocer at Syracuse. What has he ever done for the democracy to entitle him to put himself forward to misrepresent their wishes? What have any of the others ever done or suffered in the popular cause that they should be tolerated for a moment when they thwart the popular will, by preventing that union without which it is impossible to carry the State against Lin coin ? If they do not speedily consummate the proposed fusion, the people, they may rest as sured, will take the matter Into their own hands, and, throwing ail their tickets overboard, nominate a ticket of their own; and thai will be the only ticket voted for by the conserva tives, and Green and Richmond and the rest will find themselves nowhere. Condition or the Rki.ioious Wouuc-r-One of our cotemporaries takes heart of grace over the improved condition of the evangelical world, aa mode apparent by certain statistics which have been collected as to the number of regular attendants upon divine worship in New England and elsewhere at the North. It is stated that the number of church goers has been sensibly augmented of late, and we have noticed that the annual camp meetings have been more largely attended and more remarka ble for the terror of the participants therein than heretofore. We presume that this general awakening may be accredited, in a good degree, to the circum stance that the Northern clergy, as a general rule, have latterly paid more attention than usual to their own business, and have tacitly resolved to let the poiiti cians go to perdition in their own way. In 1866 we had plenty of sensation parsons preaching sedition from Northern pulpits. No less than three thousand godly men <dgned a petition to Congress in relation to the affairs of bleeding Kansas. Others, including the Rev. Bet ry Ward Beecher, interested themselves in raising contributions to carry the Gospel to the border ruffians through the effective, though not exactly evangelical, medium of Bharpe's rifles. During the campaign of '36 religion was at a low ebb. the sacred vestments having been polluted by the mire of politics. In 1137 we had the crisis. Almost everybody nras poor? Mammon had proved a false god, Patau had de serted his own, and men of all degrees joined In the revival movement which commenced during the hard times that succeeded the panic. The clerfrjmen of different denominations , bare labored earnestly to make op for lost time, and the rerirala, instead of being ' mere temporary excitements, became per manent matters; at least the religions papers say that such is the case. We bare do religious element in the present campaign. The political parson is scarcely heard of eren. Mr. Beecher, formerly the type of the order, says bnt eery little about politics now a-days. Like the merchants, the priests have leaned wisdom by experience. The for mer are selling more goods than ever before, and the latter are more industrious and more successful in the earing of eouls. So we hare a reriral in practical religion as well as In prac tical trade and oommerce. Ererybody is doing well, except the politician*, who are so bothered that they hardly know whether they are on their heads or their heels. It will be hard times this winter for some of the blowers and strikers, in case matters do not take a store practical torn. Some of them may hare to join the church on account of the mere lack of something to do. NbWS FRO* TIE MTlom UNTIL. Renewal Sf Hewe'i INwInf Nsrhts* P?%wt?Bide far the Patiit Tels?T*fh Llae-Cabaat Afhlri-Probsslr Retara af the Ureat Kaetrrs. *r? Ac, W namtc.eo>, Rapt 10, I WO ?ii>* wi res r tsimrawi lots Movers) bkla were recetred to 4ay at the Treasury Da pari meet for (be c* bat ruction of lb*.Pac<4c Tatoyrspb lias, under I be 'as of the tat tetstoa of for-yees* They will be opened to morrow era** avaius. Coeeul Geo ere I Relet ? here ftotn Havau., oa a *h >rt leave tor bis beeltb He will t Jtt Kentucky to r-jom bla family, and abortty return to hte poet Geaeral Serrano, the prevent Ooversor Gesersl flf <* ro?tenr;>tatee realgarf Ibet pot it on at ao ' lie and bin lady are aaid to be eery pnpui? f ^ *1(1 w(Ul Inbaan tad fore ly a era, obu deeply r*e-fM h(< j>t)|l|L|M i*m to leaee lbs. Tbe Oorer stm-^ Cob, ^ ? .inecure it Spam iale.d. to e ^ m ^ tkm? l(,IM M?:eo. nor w II prob.-^ ,U| ? , u aa? mmato a paal L, tbe |.f? of Chtboltc tUeaty ansrswu o? rut imtrix. rjmkiss iavKT another atep baa been tek'S to day la a poller Wh*h iaemah iy tbe larenttre yen' a of tbe country. Bo.'i't ctutft. pateot I ma been renewed for aeeta years. Our citizen* are to be used fi.r r.eee n aillUoe more for the b. tiefft of Bow sad bis a-t'yneee. alio arka<>w|edye tbnt they lave already made fortune* cut of bis paten* la yrsat ry tbe < ? i*o*tin Thomas ties only fotiostd tbe praeedtnte of reaewsla to Morse, i-oodjear and MeOtmick: bat Ike to:ley is one alitcb moat . ad to a ??? ueaUon >f tbe law* a* will curia., the power* of tbe Comst wo-toner Is Ihla rerpcet. II te uslay tba community for moaey to rnabln rich pateuteea to aiteana ?r crnah all dew In rent re throuft oourta. tt a aho la etpmaa rtotalien of tbe rp'rlt nf the Patent laws, which sever ona test piste.! a raaewal of a pat eat to reim burse pockets oh ish had heea kept empty by intpron nerce, otna'lbrtaioitny atrcasna tf y >1d bad he- n c?. ataato too toy istc tbem for rears. Ttirce treir maw ati a now wrvs sventOKA, On IWtnr4ay evenlaf tbe President reeet ed tbe IVrtt 1 repairb ft. m the dir. cl-vs, nanoaarii.y that tolefmpble ream anient ion ana .petted ft m Omaha, Nebraska. to W tab I ay too The Preaitci t t ran ma It-d ovsr the wt.s hi* reply ? To ArtJiwrva Rorvw tan P. f. Wnw**. Omaha. N'eh?s?lrs W,-m?..rr? Sept. 10, IMO 1 retirs yau my eoaywtu'aitooi oa tbe openiay of tbe tcleyiapb from <4aah* to th'e city It Is another link In tbe grand cbaia of to :ey raphe and railroad* aateh binds the Stale* of tbe I nloe teyrtber JAMES ftt'CRANAK. tsfossmrm or a wa>?4 ensart. Drtt (arms Ramon de la Chtea ha* to day beaa wwy. sued by tbe President s* maul for Spain ?t rhilndel fbta rnrmn maps aim f> noru?ma uasat e ???**, letter* by tba Aisei wa team no doubt that th* Great la*tern a ill make a trip rona to Hemi'ten Roadu. IT tbe fto th la really In en rami for direct trad* with Knmpe. sow a the time to ?rl asww *4Tio\ n> ?* rw?ic* an- ?> n A. M. Barbour . hu|Or.atehd(ut of Rati-r*e Ferry Ar r-tory m>yard l? day. He ? aa e'ecve on tbe Do u t rhet Ht Ttry n a scans eq-ally c-stlfVUig to Brerk'nrilgei"!, Douglasitoe mx' Bel' men here. The talk of Jndgs Douglas at Hsrrie burg ovd Ren.lrg against ruak>o I* not relished t/jr aomo of bla 01 (.ft ardent admirers. The (Viands of that man euro ikucunc.: Mm M a marplot. bovnnon whi * ixrrwsa. Governor Wise, kept from the etump bp slokaem in hia fhmlly, Is scattering letters fro? Maine to T?im 80me of them are toortera. I<ook out, Peter and Daao. thi wajtrmot a*i> tu uuuui. The weather ia dt UgbtluUy cool and bracing. All the ant I Lincolnltet of asp gumption now acknow ledge tUo potent influence of tbe Hhuid In mak ng the rqusbbling politiciana keep their place. Anirr tumms.* (eflrial advieee from New Mexico, dated August 8, elate that eight oompaniee of the Fifth regiment of inftotry have been ordered to Bear Bating, to eommeooe tbe con struction of Feuntlerop. Other portion* of the regimente frt m I'lab are being dtatribnted throughout that Terri tory, In accordance with previous orders. Two compa nies are to oe atationed m the victalty ef the mines of Ar'7.011a. tmi nxrxsexs or rni jataxan bxbawt. It wu yesterday stated that the expenses of the Jape nese Embassy in tbe United States, according to accounts rendered at tho State Department, were only half the amount appropriated by Congress, but since it baa been ascei tatned the War and Nary Departments hare claims for presents including implements of war aud for persona i expenses from Japan to this oountry, which will proba bly absorb nearly the remainder of the 860,090 appro iriaticn. A special agent has been despatched to California Croat the Attorney General's oOce, to obtain information and convey Instructions relative to the gold mine suite and other legal business of that State. IMPORTANT FROM H0HJDURA8. Defeat and Olsperafom of Walker's Forces byrtko British? Walker Wonndsd-One of kin Colomels Killed, dee, Nsw Oruuks, 3ept 10- 1880 Tbe b( ig Kate bas arrived here with Truxillo dates or the 31st ult. and Ruatan dates of the gd lost. She brtngi at passenger* four of the men belonging to Gen. Walker's expedition. General Walker evacuated Truxillo on the night of the 1st Ir't.. and was pursued by the enemy. The last accounts stated that only one of Walker's man had been klilee. No opinion could be formed as to tbe fate of hie force, ihi steamer Oioeola had arrived at Havana from Trux illo. and reported the following:?. The common 4tr of tbe English man-of war Icarus or dered General Walker to surrender tbe town. Walkur obeyed and retired lower dowa the coast with eighty meu. According to lest advices his force wee reduced to twenty-lire men by the continued attacks of his ei'tntes. Walker had been severely wounded in tbe fare. Erven of his wounded followers bed been pieced aboard tbe Icarus st Truxillo. Walker lost one of hie colonels When the Osceola was leaving, Alvarez was entering the town with 300 men. Ncwi from New Mexico. knmnwi, Mo , Sep*. 19, 1400 Tbe 'anta Fe melt with date* to the B7lh alt., arrived iMt nigfct to ooanecl with the mall going oaet thia m >rn lag. Governor Reacher la oat la a lengthy article in U?u Heate Tt O?tUt, defining hie poeilioe la refaaiog to oail for Toiunteeri He m;i there are aufflcient troop* of the refolar amy for all practical porpoaea, and that under tho law the (orernaMot haa do power to oail into aervico the aaliitia, aa Ooegreaa had made oo provmloo* for pay la( them for any aerrlce rendered. He alao la very twrera on Mr. (Hero, <he delegate from New doiioo, oora plaining that It la the aeooad time be baa gone oat of bta legitimate dull a toaaaail him. Colonel fcunlleroy haa reoetred order* from tho Secre tary of War to aaaka aa Immediate and vigorous cam palga agalaal the Navajo* Indiana. With tae force be haa now the Colonel will be able to pet a apee iy termination to ritating trouble*, If he only obey* hia taatnietlee< On the Uth of hi^wt the NanOoaa note irom the go vernmvbl h -rd, at Aloaede, three hundred head of beef catUe. Thirty Iroone went la pursuit aad raoorared flit/ heart, but did no Ihjory to tha ibievra. Senator Dalrd, from the coeotiea of Santa Aroa and Been to. ban reaigned bis oOoe as Senator lor tbe purpnae ot taking an actlre )?rt la the campaign aga.urt tha Kavnjrea. No Indiana were teeo no tbe route. A rtport rem hod Santo ? Fbrk Hint the Oieyiinnw, Krowaa and Sioux had luted together, and would make wai upon tin' Iroopa whr-acTrr fonad, aad tba di iiamaa at Jaunt e Fogk w.-rt tt|>prahei<aivc of an attack from them. t i'iuniAaiocer Oreenaoort pained Ihsraee Fork on tbe Ul mat . g< lltoi along well <mr lair rkwrd Mat Saturday, and ail tcr?e thai It ?u th< Bmst i no.lay el ator k war n<>ld,b. re before. A net her bake Diameter. Hereon, dept. 10, 1*80. The Caandma Khootier W H Daroy, wltb a care i of <1*1 r| rang aleak la a beaey gale on Saturday, and eaak near tbt middle trlaad, Lake Erie. The crew of aerei. perrons reaped to the f- ^ Vbey rema.a?d ?*Trr-;'.::'?r'*h* VTi'J! vekeT No Iters srsrrbmt The v?t"l pcobabiy M rawed. Narhtte. "U'lAMLMIA STOCR SOARP. .. . I'sn-umtiPSit, *?pt 10, 1980 . - "11 Fcciwytrania Stale 5'*, 00: madia* * Morris Canal, 81 Loo* laU... (taMraaJ, M P?r rixelvmbhl Hailread, 41 , Kxchan,.. . New Fork tw r a | jo per oeat premium New <* 'm?4."?S, >V-i,l * il?0 7 ton tall tale* S 000 bsite, lueiudin* MO bale* of >Sd; .dllrg, 10 ?c alC'.e Fiuar baa aa ur rrard tae lency, ed I* q iidml at 00 35 f?r auperbue. Whtakay?AUea of rtctlhed at 28c. Other article* uactiangrd. Nrw i Sept 10.1400 Colt, n Arm: sale* to day. 3 200 tele*, middlta*. 11 '?c. ?U C?ra haa a* upaard tender* j jooteid at TBo. a Mr. Wbltkey, rertlOaf, 28j rae. 26c f.tcbang' on New Torh. a ?( pe**ent premium. Bain no as. Apt 10. 1400 Flour rtea.iv raler of H> ? ard < tract al 08 Uhi i ami City Mlila held at M Wheat Arm aalea Sbuttem r*i at 91 *4 a 01 41 tern advanced 4e ?al?rOf yel ow at TOe a 75* , and wb teat JSj. a TN Fr WtPMM gu'ef hot neady cuke unlet: trie* of Rte at 1IH> a 14 ,e WhWkey Or m at W?c a 24*. IH.ui at. -m i. .4*pt 10. 1M0. Fleer dwN rale# l.fO# bhta aiipurAr* at P < tl t* * beat <!? el aed an rahw 2 M?0 uwhrl* red at Ot to ? ?l 43 white, 01 40 A 81 *4 Ourh b tnraat aa'rv 3 >00 h- rtK I* j. l'iw at 78r ( flro uulet Rio, 19)8?. a I0t<c R ?,?*?. ateedy at 9c Ataxy, Scpi 10?8 t. V F.OW ?Supply 'air, e th light ii-pHry bolder* Arm. ra'es n??Vut I 100 bble Wheat la light demaa? earU, 176 b"?he|p while Ms-htgaa mmnre.i at II 10. MO N<edrr'? fur do. at 81 M, SAM burin U prim* do , to 81 4. aad 31*8 b'ehe ? ?hit? Indiana on prime ' ? I Kje ri ? td dentin ! aalee 1 200 WinhrW, In loU. %t 7 V i and ltd belli In at 78.: Cora <i ? < t and tranmrerttien ] ' >*bl -aler II doo hoabeia at 87e it- iHeea'atde piotr t.Mi for ear tnot* M Kant Atneay. <>ata?Haleo 4.700 i bii'frrlsStale at 84 ,? , hi Car bsti*. Brrrate*, Sen! 18?1 P if Filer la good demand and ttaady aalea 1 40a bhta Wheat 7lh" " A m Hock tor pr-reet deltrory light *al?* T 800 bnthen { No 1 Chteego spring, taarrlre, at 81 18. 4 P9Q da rbetos ; Sofia the ipot, at 81 IS; 40,000 d ? Nllwa ?.e nhte, to arrlrr.alfl IT'. AOOOd.. white winter, at 81 2a (rvrn | M.a.l; wkr li ow doahela at 84c a h.ri niheegraina tt ady Wh ?key rteed* and In r?d ' -nrand ml? .'1*0 t'hs '?t tt' a tOr t anal 'reighta )4? better oa grate I Ink* Imptirta to day?8 008 nbla. four, SKA 008 b*?hela I wheel. 98.800 do orwn. Oriel esporlr?4*0 ihla flwrr I 18R not ttriehels wheel, 00,(00 d" enrn, 8 000 4r ??t* ' *ni<tnrt 4 grain la Hero in it hmrni g?1QG 000 1brla ' eheal, MWarft do. eora, 81 700 dr. data. 4 M0 do > barley, 4 374 do rja. B'-itxto, S"p4. 10?8 I'. M I Fie i r eleedy aa* In Mr dt-maa t "aim ef 1 200 h .ln , at 88 tt a 8f> tth r extra fillnota, U' anoi.atn Mtrnigan M.d iihm. ai.d 88 18 n 08 85 Ibe double etfeae. Wnent OCtlr* ntid advanced: rales ot 112 OCO bwhele at 81 Pt 81 14 for N" I Chloag" aprtng. In part to arrivr, 81 ITjg for Nn. 1 Milwaukee elnb, to arn.r. 81 21a 81 22 for nd wlttar, aad 81 28 f>r while *e Cam advanxrd aad la taledamaad aale*40.d08 bdthr'a at AAr. a 88a. Othrr gra n* .|uVet Whtraef Heady <alr? 144 bbte at 02',i a 23a Canal fimghta. Mr oa dour igr a18',r on wheat, 16* no com to New York Import*. 8,COO brla dear. 28,100 boabela wheat. 41 080 hwdn I* cnt'., 20(0 h aMir naU Ks/ert*. 400 hbla 1?0 880 hneheie wheal. 8 800 baahrlt ?>ra. 1 r 000 btlllhiWt tain. 0.wsr,d, ?Vpt I0 -8P M ! Hcwrqu'et. Wheal ilrnt Mteell.OOO h tah*W Mllaau- ' I re el'hat 81 28 I 400 b< ?h- ? Me 2 ? liM-ago rprlrg print tw'ly M 81 13 Onra Ori rale* :? 008 h trb*!, ledl et * at *0, liber quiet Canal f ,nghtr nrirhar< ed at .2>c M Auif, 10* an w|p-vl 11'jC a OOTB h> N?* 1 nrh. ( ;( vv r <t H 'I F'f ? an - < aad haver* demand a r< twit n<l; OA 1"- a THE MAINE ELECTION. COMPLETE Sl'CCEM OP THE REPlBUtm Tie Eepublicun Governor, Congreismrn, Mate Senator* and Representative* Elected, *o., to., to. Pom-urn, M? , Sept 10, 1*40. This Oily Is Id d lUtC of excitement According to the figures the republicans bare carried everything before IkMk Tbo returns received to nine o'clock show large gains for them In every district. Tbere is tremendous en thusiasm, and the republicans are celebrating the victory In aalvos of artillery, fireworks, music sad illuminations, sod the Wide Awakes and Continentals are parading ths atrecta. It is expected that that Washburn Is elected Governor by rlghteen thousand majority. Ths First Congressional district returns a repub lican by twelve hundred majority. All the re publican candidates for Congress are supposed to be eketed, as well as all the State senators, county officers, and are-filths of the members of the House. The returns (lowing in from the interior towns all show republican gains. There is a large meeting at the republican beadqaar ten, aad C. a Woodman is addresaiag ths multitude. The vote ts the largost ever cast in the State. The re publican gain in l*ortland since 186* is sixty-nine votes. Twenty six towns give a republican gain of 1,975 votes. The whole vote will reach one-hundred and twenty thou sand. To morrow there is to be a grand procession and illu mination. ADDITIONAL PARTICULARS. Postlamd, Sept 10,1M0. The election for State officers and members of Congress In Maine took place to day. Tbs vote Is probably the largest ever cast In the State. Scattering returns, In cluding several of lbs larger ciilea and towns, show re pt bllrac gains, and Indicate tbe election of the full repub ti.-sui'iket by large majorities. Twenty towns bcarl from early lu the evening give Washburn (rep.) for Go vernor S 57? majority Tbe following!* tha result in several of the principal towns for Governor;? Wathhfim. Krp Smart. Oem. Barret L'nur* Port'and 2,751 2 **' lit Bath <t>M 125 ? naeo 793 414 ? C"l.1o'ord 880 798 ? RsS-land T61 5*4 ? Belfast 990 4M 3S Augusta 853 682 8 Banger 410 maj. ? ? Forty one towns give Washburne 16,396; Smart, 11,732. and Barnes, 434 The same towns laat year gave Morrill, rep., 12 594, aid Smith, dera ,9,654 Tbe republican mi jority In tbrae towis this year Is 4 3P9. last year, 2 934. Kcpjblirau net gain, 1.270 A Chsrt'h Harmed at Mtdfard, Mass. Ba-rro.v Sept. 10, 1840, tarty on Sunday morning the Second Congregational cburrb In Bedford waa destroyed by fire, with two wood en building* adjolntrg. I>>s *12 f00, of which 84,000 was insured. The Ore waa tbe work of an Incendiary. Robbery of the Troy Post OMR*. Ausaxt, Sept 10.1840. Tbe Pont Office at Went Troy was robbed on Saturday night of $120 Hosremeat* of Southern Or earn Steamers. Sasakiian, Sept. 10, I860. The screw stesmsblps Huatsvtile aad Mount Vernon arrived here yeaterday afternoon Kaoi's Hats?Tbe FaU aad Wlater faaklnn for reoUemcn a Hats to a very heeomlsw ooa, aad K KM. tbe relrbratet hotter, to turnias ool ?p? un?nt calcu lated to sratlfj the moat exacting taale Knot's hstaaraal ware (wwiular wtih (tmee who love so eioelleot article at a r*?aonnble arlee, hot hie present novelty attracts un-ieua' at " nofthssat i ?4 trcltce, end the dally crowd et 'lie northseat corner at Hr ad way aad Pulton etreet wall aUeera We e<irpaeatas eucesna. Tha Prime* of Wmlaa ml 0?rna*'i Oml m>Ua of hi* toty-Th* only correal itkaa*** hi lb* Uahei K 7?' Hl?hn? Ik* Frtno* of Wale# on eiblbiUoo *1 llnrci*y_a OaBery. <1. OURNBT * BOB, No. 707 Broadway.* Oopiaataraai*. Iwnrytyp** Im Oil -Ph?U(r?*lu In ?eery atyie. ud IhfMmiiTpm at PARK' Phoaoprmphio Alt Oallary (IM* Koo?a). MS Broadway. Akamai nf ?k* Tin***.?Holme*' Dollar Pbnkwraph*. In roiork M 0*rl Pic.urea, II, and otkar acoao ?at of art, al SM Broadway. ? llalatray A Bom*' tfrantiomc Oraad ?d aqaars Plana* or* m* lammnnmmmm *r* wamnMd lor lit ymra. and aqoaiw Plaaoa aro now oowMarad the ban maaa/Betarwd; M mdM Walker H*rrtmf'* Pntamt Ckampla* Plr* and ? rfNarr - ?- 3=3 baiyMr proof ftafas. Ml H road way eorwer of Murray araat. Boar Tom. ttrorar * Bkfctr'l C?Ubr*M H*I**1*M Hew tnt Mar Mae* lb# boat la oaa for fatally aawtap. Ml Broadway, Row Tor*, and IM P*Na* num. Brooklyn. Mr. IIowm Sowrlmn Barhla* Pntamt t* attawded for arrow yean.?Tha I art la. Urn ralna of y Bowa'a toraollno a**?Wiied la lb# woQIoVIk k Bdr-*n F AM I LI AKWIHO MAITUNk wat a* uoaoawwnat. ?** moot for iBr erteitake No n*o who haw loan THE ' ,vlit 1 ill KB la lb* family. ehaaptn* toil Into Pn>. _ lam play oaa doaht lb* propriety of iblt oitaa ?* ,h* B?*mm?* '^M^Ei|ln en -ry ?f* Prcaamno Main# will kit hundred-aplal** J"- naif Ion (ik of UmoTow rk. alaomtny . aeeda ??rtnf from Ik* port of Raw ibe**. Call -* rmri I* Ik* nary, oae and raomaoHtad waay e* ' More aod n? Ikrtr let:art In rlaw of Ike ?rak, lake anl rlrrr eteaoian Inat, It a tha dole if ? ? owe to h* I roiidad wv.k tee Of thea# ParnmaM. ffbro worn Ibwy raaaot In dMUna itahed from utbar ibey toiiir# per.'eet aafary rirm .:ro?i nr dblamj urfc prkhkbmn . COAT ABO VK.T UuMFAKT, SM Bridway Opyo* I* tba City Had ?rip imp. 1 si.stixatki> kvrkka Anrtfra maitbink Ok* actw be pnrrbaard aad paid foe la weakly or numbly la appltraUna at Ibeodlea. 198 Broadway. V.;?^ m wifMhT MWl*f Mmeklmaa. a# a tU* Broadway. Raw Tork. TP.* kaat Maaamrfarla* and F*mll? Mi i v.n, *.W pi"* Maeblaaa la Lka world, al I. M. afRiiBRA OR*, pa* way, CrUfndar*-* Hmlr Dy*, Wlp aad Tarn area -Ibe bam la lb* world. WbatMat* aad ratal, aad lb* Dye privately applied Mo 4 in r Room "A Cl*mr t'amplcilna" 1* Dmlrrd by All ladle*. 0** PlIALul'l "Baow Wbh* <>rl*w'.?l Oawm." '?Ladlii' Hea*fin*ri" Phalwn A Bam'* 1 a*w Baa* Oriental Oman " NoM by all d/onm* " Beamllfnl Terniplanlam. n Pit a Ion'* 'bar* M Mi* Orleeml Cream. Pftna WeaoM par bofU*. 1 Braotffh ? Women" Heanlt from IPl* t of I'flAl'OM'd Liquid - km White linealli Urm" Hafrhelor'a Hmlr Dy* I* Ik* Beat Im tk* led I* Mad*, o ld and applied la appropriate prlraia ioami *W fae?"rr. M Road ?r**t Cllrr h*|h'l III wall* \\l*??Purl Inn* peata'oable. In ha had only al hla f. -T *r. .11 Broad ray op? j> ? I# A T FMwari'k newer Read* alrret. Comammptlam. ?Inelpl*mk t amammpilom ? aarMkk earwd by t r. TOHIAh' PnMmnlo fifa -lyrtip. Il ar.rr. ?. ' nek ao matter of M<w In** eundin* SI r |f loid by Ibe dr iaW D*p *. M Curti Ourtliadl auaat. Barry'* Trfrapbaram* t* tk* Bant and Wrapeai article for draa?lap. beauhfytap, eurilap. elaaaptem nrrermap e*o romoehtp ib* heir t adtaa. try A Md hy aS drapyMk Keep tkl* Part Before the fatllf.o If k?n?f HOLI-flW if * Fill* hare ham hapd fo#*?i1b,Tw*e nn|^ dr ro a* h" H ratio* hrm'acba. MfM'taweaaor nrWUren'Mf Miey karr tavanubly r-ml.a radaai rorr wltboti fallal* la * mpMraa* Pink I* A I.yon trwl*| Marblm* lb?. ryny - All marhhtea wailaimtd to (lia ;"rfart nnfMWI of ?Moey mfimdl I. irn w wanted kV t*r aufway, M. T. Bemmflfml (bmplaHoa-Lalrd'* lal?|MM Fear I haa whleent a relrlnt. *a Brio aoaoaal for beantlfy Fearl Mm arbleead a relebnty aa hartap n?*ouai r?? beanwy ?npaod prereroi?tbe eowiDieiba abd mia. HaddMaBdma (??' Pnampal A*p?m PTaad #M Rrrndw*?. The l.n.1.1 A WrhMer l?wln| Bar bine* rnadw may aow ha had for Fifty ilnliar*. ?' Ml Broadway tiltp t * ma md tarn fttr m**n*a* Irnal dent mI># patlod Of TtrrRlMU IB < UlLl'RFR. IIFR r TOT' 11A TR THAT Ol.n IP'llhK Ft "t K llBBIB in tb* mp of an* wibkbow'N huutuiri* ?truf. trill, tmlraltmkl* llnlr ( niter.?Hair Dy* Meema blaa* *r erowa. Depot Ha | Ban iky ?r**t. aad all '?r-i**l?li. ^ Dr. Klcya' Trmaa ( nallenRr* Am|i*il ? fat all rrrpeaM wdb my Tr?m kaowa. K. tlanink R? tnfwla.?A Pet* Rattlt* nf Kennedy'* I erojrrr. a J ;Melo ?? .It. at on ,4 th* at, an' air ua1 r. rb Ral>rr'< Imptm ert Trnaaaa nwd tanynrf. TIC FI91LT BtaiLO. The lire* t KarofMCB Pr?hle?iA?Thf Tem poral Power of Ik* Pop*?I'kt H'Mk> Ib?|ob Hand of Color*?Tke A Iwpiovtd?Tk* dprlngldil Hoi*' Fair? Local Knri of How l#rk-Mafk?i Ho? Itoria, 4u ? Ac. Th* Fawilt H?haij?, la It* idKioa <F Wednesday, will, among other m*uerv contain ? A very art.cle tc the pre win aapecl of iha great fcaatera QuJ* lion, gnlh a Renew ol Ike Po.icy of Ruaal* from tae B' ,gn of 1'eUr the Great lu tha preMut t,;ac, A K '|?jrt ol tkQ Sormon of Ui' Hev father Mago re on the Tttr ;'0"? Power of the Pope, (lellrrr*! at Wanh.pgtou, P C; An Account of the Geremoniea on the ore* on of the tie II eery of the Bland of Color* preaortic 1 by the c Ity of Washington to the Seventh Keginienl of Nj* York, A description of the new Syatem of Signal* iutrodut I into the Colled State* Army; A report of the t>> ng ?? the Springfield Horae ta r; The Pro*re;* of the l'rinc- n' Walea in Canada, and an account of th" eiciuni?nt aouvif the Orangemen, The Local New* or New York and Vicinity , of ianportaace; Beporla of the Caiito, ProrUiou and Money Markets, and all tnterettiug naw* in.ttor* u! the , p raced Lag week. Tnuu?43 a year; four cent* aalogle copy. S -Wr. >? tiona reoelred at the ofloe, nortbweat corner of Fulton and Naaaan atreeta, New York. Single oopiea for aale at tke counter and by all naw* agent*. - Adr*rti*e??uu m aerted at the uanal Hbith rate*. Drawiag* of the Delaware Stmt* Lotle rla*.?WOOD/lfOPY k CO.. Manager* of the paiAwana, eeetocet A?n wkvolki itat* Lorranrro. Dklawaho?Kitra Claw *31. Sirranaaa 10. U00. 46, 20. 7#, 39, 61!. 27, 6, 2*. 68, 19, 60, 49, 69. t Delaware?Clam <n, Barran nan 10. UNO. 67. 7, 17, 37, 63, 72, 44, 24, 1, 69. 71, 31. Clreu.arn aeot free of charge by ad-lrenei-i* either to WOOD EPUY A CO., Wilmington, Delaware. OrtoWtXiD, EDDY A CO si Loula. Mlano'if. Brawtaga of Franca, Brondbaata A Co.'a Delaware [.otterta Kom>?? Corxir, Clam CIS 8erra?n?* 10, IW> 60, 12, 22, 3, 4, 'da. 23. 21, IS, 6, 37, 41, 13. COKMMIDATKD t.oirrRT?Clam IM 8arr amen 10 1*0. 62, 66, 71, 3, 37. 65. 29 , 25 . 40. Ut. 32 , 53. PiiANi A HBOADWCMS A CO., Managera. Wilmington, Delaware. Hoyal Havana I.otCerjr, t nba.-Yo*. 7,itH, 12 .120.10 T*>, 83107. 110*0 drew Ihe 8ve capital on.-ee In the drawing of Augual 85, INW Pr ice culled by CtlA.SK A CO.. tanker* pt W 1111am (treat, 3. Y. Circular! eeulfree. O. laandar*' metallic Tablet Strop, for kceiling fUtor* in perfect order, oan be obtained at the tub aertbera aud the vann>i* agenta througfeo it the city J. A 8 NAUNDBS8, No. J Aator Houaa. Gcnln, 013 Broadway. Oirta' Kail Style oi Hau bow ran.!) Dtnln, 313 Broadway. FaU nyl ? ot H.) *' H*ia Now Crnln'a Fall attic of infanta* (lata Now raady. Gcnln, 313 Brtedway. Ueniieme a'? Fn'IOii'eof (It:* Now ready Gcnln, 313 Biondw*jr. YonUu taJ el vie of Ha a and (ape Vow ready (tenia. 313 Broadway. Gentlemen a Fall btyle o( Travelling Hau an 1 Cape Now Heady Gcnln, 313 Broadway Gentltmtu a Pall Ityleaf Pelt Hau Now Head/ l.onla. 313 Broadway, GecUemtai Iravailing Winter Cape Now Beady Gcnln, 313 Brood wrap-. Baa opened Ma entire work of Ladlea Pura. Geala, 313 Broadway, Baa now randy for *%** bla Mink Sable anil -gul-re! (et*of Pura, for ladlea and Children Gcnia, 313 Braadway, la now praparnd to make the latent French d kn^lieh atylM ol Hate tor Gentlemen, to order. Gcnla, 313 Broadway, Kapertally tnvitaa hta "Id irtcndaaad cuaUxnctn to call ;>nd bia Mocg, before pureliaatiw tketr fall Hat* and Cap*. Ucklk, 013 Broadway, fafonoa the public aay atyle of aofl Hat, Cap or felt UP* aaada in aay port of the world, oaa be obtained at kia entahltahmaat. 313 Broadway. Utnla, S13 Braadway, I.for a.* kit fries n and Ik* pj'.'Je Brery ar Mle reomred la UenUrm* in'i Dreaa (lata, (leotlemenS 10(1 or felt Halt, OflWien'i TrarrUica and Opera I *;?*. UiahreiM, and Travelling Baft, Oaa k? kad at hiAakwe, dU Broadway. What da lit?Tit* Raw tow Hat* Wfcrrt toll! Al 'dHlTBB, 114 Broad war. oppotite M. Paul a chart h. ?Mm IMrta-Bh to B*t Nadr torn ?' Awaken* tad Vail.tutU toualUia. Depot 1'*" _ -P* ?urn toreet.eornar ?f Petri. ?* Chat Brwkljra Pkatofrapk' ? mmi toapartalaed ur? Mao. 0. * ?ninlatam. Hlrri Aklbma*?Ctrpo* ?' Uit K?* * - <*u city, na Taeoday, Augutt .. oejib Unking, s* Ahijdia.t, of "f Albany, lo H on KtcnrL Isarsua Ca,*t..?, ,[ Philadelphia. i ??? by I , Ifce'1 DaBov?Joaat ?By the Rev fir H veil, ocTaeeday, " aahrlllr, at the residence Replr-mber 4, al fair Arid, near K _ of the bride, JOB. Pa Boa, of Iruuiniana, lo Makihj ?, dm.* liter of Ike lain John John*. H*j , of Vathrllle. Hrwux.;?Roe* ?In tbto ally, by ike Rer J. 8 Iaakip, <w Monday, -ej.teir.oer 10, Oublbt Hr?bt Hkrju.t*. |., Rlua Jaw Roan, b< th of Una ciiy i Hohmy?Pkoer ?In Baltimore on Tbaraday. September 8, by ike Hot A Boaarrmaa Eiiwi* B. Boh it of Brook 1 lye E D lo AbnjiiM A tldm da.vhter of Henry l trial. hag.. of Baltimore Md I Htrrawifo*?Babir ?Al (?"?. I?ui* Mo on Taaedty ? sri letnbrr 4 by ihe He* Mr Home tap* Tina. Hr.vt iuoraa, ofOUlfornin. loMiw Mart Barm daughter of Robert Baker Mai of ? Ijoum Waat>?Buaor ?on Wednesday. reeiembrr ? at sum ford. Conn by the Rev RtkwtBHtl, F?rin 8. W**i> of New Voeb lo tmiT, daughter of kdwta Btohop Raq i of Ike firm*' place. airlMe. Al No. 1U fact Broadway no Hal irday September I U?e lady of Joan ? Kbit ot a dav?hl?r. DM. AinuR.Tt ?Oa Friday. A.i?'Al 31, Can t, tbe beloved dabbler of Maurleo and Mary Abearoe, aged 1 year 9 Dioou't and 7 day* The rea'alne were interred la Calvary Oemciery Cbleapo an ' Milwaukee paper! pfr?r copy (Uiittit ?At Torkvlile, oe Wir.Uy Sy _ _ ,, Byptrmher 19. Fiwa, ml) daab.'erof IJia* and Marys. Baldwin agod 4 year i. II inoaibt a.' d k dayr The frienda an.l retal.ree of I be faaiify arr er*peelflly Invited lo alb-ad bar fhosral, frwo Ike residence of kor | l?reste, Tkird e venae, k> I wee Fghty flret and kigbty- i eemod -treat*, on Weonrwday morning, *1 nine o'clofk Her rewieln* will be * leered la Monnt ft-ananl lem-lery, Newark, N J. Newark paper* pi. nee eepy. Battih.w* ?Ob Monday, Hepf**ber 19, of ooan tat pi .en, C<t?k*ih( Wam<, the belored wife of John Hellertk . and ? laughter of ibe tale Jam-* and Mary Water*, a aa- ' lire ol the per oh of ."b? haoo*, oncaty loath. Ireland, aged M yeare The relative* nol mead* of Ibe deceannd. and Ih.we ef ber brother*, Fbihp, John and Henry, *leo kin (hlhrr and bit fneede, are re?perif.,|ly mriled to attend fcer fnaeral, fr.dn ber tew reaidenre, S3* Monroe etreet, tin* (f ioeday) ahtrim, at I wo o'cHk* Ctrnm?Oa Hurdar. Septets her ?, *1 bl* reentewee, i 3M Kith gvm alreoi, l?*ai*a CawrrR, Be* . I* th< 47ik year of bw eye Tbe re .an ret and r.ieede of tke family, alno bid of 1 hi* tone, I Mar lea, John and Hf-nat, are re*pe*tfk.iy In | Tltel to attead lie f" iter el lb* (Tueed*) ) aTlereo-ei, al owe o'ekerk pot- vn ? At lidkyette, (la.lagany county by 4r<-*r* log, T*oWa* Port**, Jr. mi f mm at Thomar torttor, K? I , late af ?obeke*, In tbe joth year of bit age lilt frlerida are reeperifully lBTItr-1 11 ? I trod th* fu*e ml , tble (Taewday i, al ten o'rloefe, from m Panl'i chnrrh. ???bolMW. Una a*?do Sunday. September 9. Mar- HoRt* or onetumptum, the betorrd ?ne of Jamaa Hnran. m me 89ii< y<-er ef ber age. eetlveof Ibe par.eb of l/nagkinagb, Kmg e ro iBty. Irelami Tbe friend* of tbe family w* n-dneMvl to attend b?r fborrai, thin (Toeeday) witboot fortn?r arretM.n Her imain* will be taken from ber l?te reeMetv Ml ?eet r'tal. -ftih atraet, loCnivary Cemetery, Ibr inte-meei KA?wrv ? la Brooklyn, ?n Mnndav. Sephmkr 10. Cmarirh I Rnawr*, lo Ike 9 .U? year of hie age Tbe frieuda <d the f?mi:y are lavlted to all-md the fu- I weral. o* Whneeds. afterr-oo* at three o'einea. from bw mP- reptdewee, li* Attnbtir ?treei. kPTtre ?fki Sunday Worhtng, September 9, al Ibe I rrald?Bi*o( her Re m law, after * long an t pa nf ?! Ill- i nr?*. Mi*. CaiBnrrra 1. Ka***? Ihefnseral wll take plane from lb* reeidewor ef N?l mm GbwnW, M* 8T iVeet Thirty eer-md eir-et thw (Tomday) afternoon at owe o eloelr ff*r ret*l re ?nd I ftwede. ami lb aw tf Nelto* Ciemeet# *ad (kmiiy ar* r* . *pe< thilly Invited lo atk nd witbooi f irtker s-d oe Cmrlnimtl, New Urleao*,?afrf?ld* ond Mamgnr l* pa I per* Will pkaa. ropy M? i ? ?ftn M'W Riv. Retdewibrr 1h CAfWAR-V. wife ol John Mcf o. age-i ?;* >e*m ? tallr* ?< tb? pat*h *1 , Cloov.e, 0O"t 1/I ' >|ri?. fr- ?' ' Her n .1*41 *ed *r i Mtmiane. < nee reepeetfnliy |#vit?4 to tit vt lb* iMrn <>? Wede-edej m-i'iiog. at e ae I '.Vine. IV >e fl I -e. r !*? H' f?1tel I * fe-oiitn .'re ? Rer < ,? as e J k* I***' le >? 0TV remote . ' - .c let i Strr"t, Partr *.-.!)? . ? k, ?/>*+. ire mad, to the *8th yearn u | ^e. D'.? i ?>?.. I t,.? . to ( leetiwet-i U-tat ?* * mtf'wv t .to fto..,vv>?!>.,. ^o^tt^.o-rkvi'7 ? "* , *vt. im?er i j, * ..? * afr rema".* were lakeu It. ?M? ,eci*i \ y fw (a. Ltmcbf ' ' * '??" ??f1" ?"*' ?><???? ? "K" ": a in* ? loop and piofiacted tiiu. -a, it 'Wahp tl Jr tam c i i M ?>1 l.j*?:J y aadMi.?) -1 "i ly'io-tadM days We lorisl"*. uo Ciayt.ocau Li. Bi?w m rh we lOTert h1? nor hi* won. Hod ovc<] 0.111 IK', ku-l lli'n Kbt tl neat To toko our t?-iy bom* to rvtl The frteuda ?o J arqi.aintancee of th* fhmfl; or# icwum lo sliced toe funrral. front t be residence ul hit puwu, V" fj HookCW't Itrect, W * (Tuesday) wft?n:oon, at twin o'c '"ok Mronr.?On hlouday moruiof. September li), '-ifim? Wu vo 0 Y' Kiuv, law ?* the N'tilb resiroetii, N*? York stole Militia, In lb* otWh eeer of his age. H.t friends tui J acuuatntanc' S are nqirMed tcatwmA ho f-nera! front his late residence, No 3* Baxter street, this (lues-Jay) oiteruoon, at twoo'cU tk. ? ? .?'???:. i . Ffitv.-14, , .V;>L>utV' % r?pta x (isowii w Nawurs, qfetf tt ymi% end IB U .illiS Faecal fi-nrn h'* fathe*'? rcrtderce 1TB Hsney street, tine (t .caday) morning, et elovsw o'clock. B .?wtfh or Howard Riiey, af?J 96 f)"1, native of the ovnty Tyrore Ireland. tier 11 .mil*, aoa the frioudk of Uiv lnittily, ore tnvtUNl l the r.irral, ''u: i tho roaid' nae r>r hereto in law, George Henry. i'T Third avenue, this (Tuesddw alttiruacn, ot two u'citK^. PiTiox ?On ? rd*y mornlpg, at three n'i look .S*j*t??. her v, lurvosi. A. iuckt 8av ?.*, ekh at s?a id Ur? doroa C t?"3*. R8^'l 5 J eo'*, 1 moi tl. and ^ days The* and (Vieni** of the raoilly,elm thoM Of hi* nnc.e, Ira U. (iresory, ore reapecifully invited to otten t the ft tiersl, fmn rtfl Far Br wiln-ny tim (T'teoda,) ofUe noon. at two o'clock. Hla reukaina will he tAea t? Crefitaood for U.tein.ent VaiJWTTiec ?At Brorrv'.lle. We<trh?ter noonty, *o Batu:oa> , September 8, ilr. !<, Vauavrtai, in the Tatk jrar of hie *|e Whitio*!? ?In Brooklyn, on St.nday, September 6, tf cojiMnptlou, itonsKT WuooLi, aged M years, 6 nnetu end 18 days. The rHatltrrs and friends of the famll/, and the mem V-r* of .ii-ppa lAidjte No. 201, t. A. M., also ths OMtabeek of 7#tl?nd Chapter R. A U . are respectfully invited t* attend hi* funeral, on Wednesday afternoon, at thrss o'r'nck, front hie late reaid'noc, Koeclusko a tree t, oesr Nostraad avenue. Nova Scotia papers plesae copy. , w i ?do Monday. September 10, Kuti A wilt tt John H Vt id, a?ed .18 yean and 11 days. Tli - fr'i nd* and relatives of the fhmily are rewpsctftdtp invitrd to attend the funeral, from her lots rraideocs, V Stilt atreet, MorrUauia, thin (Tueaday) aflersooo, at f0'>" o'clock, palmyra paper* please copy W ,i ?r:;i Muuday. Sojiicmhcr 10, Wn.ll >* W|S,M*f Charles W *e. hoiks ndcr. tyed a yrare, 10 mosua act t day* Tic fun' rai will tak? place this (Tuesday) aternooa, *6 three o'clock, from the residence of bis parent*, N > 191 rrankl.n ?trtet Newcastle, Eneland. papers pleaae rope. MlhrKLLANBOl'M. r Ah vi s STKK*r, ORBBBPOINT, U L, tl Septemhc Stk. Ml, C* Ht NltT MKI.VIU.K, M West Twenty eighth atceet, N. f. P?a- Wr-Ciheervln* the other day a testimonial to your pre fearwmal aaill m treatlnp pulmonary diar.iar*. piih lahe 1 Is ?S of li e < paper*. I km deuruna of addlac my trlbiue ?t toaakPi n't for your very kind oar* of me. To the me?as employed t ier vonradnre and preecrlpUse. 1 iittHhuM Ws proionpnii u of mv ufe In a cte?ree of comfort I had laird ua etiiaio iron other o! treaimeni, and which I u<W aa'.cipaled from any ? eteru of medtcaiino. Tour fkllhfn) friend aud patient. ruaabbth V. WOOD. At 8T rRANCIR ZAVTRA'K OOU.?nB, WO U WWWB fifteenth atreet, between fifth and Birth ana tarn, ?tudle* have been ram Hard. T D1TETHA1J.M, Tremdeaa. At W* CTKRDKU.a SOK8. KM fCTLTOS KTHRKT? La'ee'. atylca Weddlaa t arda, Bavekmea. As. (Wlan ishai LIUj At ?v KwiicLii'a-wwnmiiu cabdb. wotwr. so - bee the ( ranee btnaaom Rnxeiope, Ac., osly at JM BrnaA* way eorner of IVaane street r .?onfk. io aki> i* Air.v BTRiiirr-dmowi aki> K*..rr? a! 83. and w arranted to sire perfect naUMieSt?, BUAMIdkTHh VKiiBTABUI UHIVKKHAU FtUM cure spopiertea, bllinua dleeaaea ardj dtaeaem reueraMft flow' Beca'iae the* purify the blood, and remove aS uU*M"M uooi from the bow ela and rlrrulatloe. Their Utnely uae baa awved many a Ufa. Bold at TM Pnawl atreet loot the corner Of Broadwayt bS6 I9t Canal aueea, Braedrnth Houan. Ko t Vntoo ko-iare, ( wanpbeli'a, corner rtcbth avenue and Twenty ktBMhWMM, an t by ai reepectehle drsuera Prve me per boa. rlOBNV HUNIHK8. INVBWTKP KAMA IkLLhoB I .' Mntk ao?l all dlneawek ot tne feet en red. whhont pale aw tncnwre ile ire to lha patient, by Dr. AAf'tlAKnt. 8 trswos CblmiKviikt TOO Broadway. Refera to phyWotana and IP teoua ut the dtf. A C XOAL. OIL L.AMB WITHOUT A < HIMNXT. PAT1CKT RIflnTS FOB BAI.C. The attention of lamp manufacturers, roal mi aad petr>?e _ rrduere and tae public seoerally, la railed to As ACaWISK LAMP. Wklrh will he on "ibibliton. until further nouoe, al the mm of the naderalieed, between the hour* of 10 A. M. p> iTa. dally. _ _ rSiam tmH Hydro Car son Oils , WITHOUT CHIMRKT. BMOKB. -1 every conaumer of cowl oU. . lamp wltl hi aaUwvtdsat M 1 his luuwp la thw lavente Ptnvldw and the aeeurb WOfW. H. Baeey, Mm . of Baal aa ths patentee and e / U the same betnf r': a ran teed lo Mm drai rerutraifcm -.warr of mveral pateols. and aaasy hns las tha mver w ? Kurope and America completely oorer .etm. th? for?* PATRIOT RIOHTB " Ifort " Tn penlea deMnma of iseiulas the saatraf of this tsrsaWw or the whole UsMad MMSSt ths ?r 1 arpaStiaep la sammsMA of ? prosmt. uhemi and dtrwot appltcaUnn. as its eiUNiUoa wM cnlytake place (aa Una far determined) la the city of Krw Tort, and thai for only a limited period, the paleetee. M Ms Parties wlahtna lo aesoltaM for the same wtl pkmsesnp^ .. HORATIO RAOlX w u. street, seer RraadwerW. T. For ctrrulan address an above. < D IUFNF.- AMD HIObT Rl> TORICD Dr. VON XOfHlIKDtKK.R, neuiimtad VuW, lavpvroa or t?r KAR VAPORIZKR. WUICII KRKTOREH TUR HEARINtl in m , MONT OU-.TIKATK CANK*. AMI) RTOPA TU1 NOINR IN THlf HRAD. IU?* "III TO lUIUl. AM? *K.Bf. MAD NRW TBUmORT. I rwl.ll'wr.hl D.rMornlUrV|lli?ll *aat'* ? 1 batr undar tba tiMUnl of Dr. torn Mcmckutknr 1m dr* nrw, ami nan imhimM km n ? a Iful A ail? and ? ?ftii'm dm*-rv'ug tba raandrnca nt aU rwi<urt<w Mi Mr llotd ouiv\r. M?w Vo??. Rapt 10 I ml Ho I Wli MrwL Dr. VON Md-'TIXDKRK. tba wr'l knowa and oolr !???. ?at* 1 iimprtn (Mclirnt ?jxl AnrM mar ba rnamM cm tR l imn nf ik? 1?? and War fr?m f nil at Mil < LIRTUM Pl.AIH. RKIHTH MTRKKT L ROnvnCPO DR MIRV A VORE. i a POPULAR MPAR7RH AMrRfrAN PAfRM. E PDRL1MHED THIM MORNtMu. roil in HAVANA AMD rAMAMA STEAMER*. INt) R?*TIM' NEW* ami! l.rfTRI 0 i aoM hadrid. tarw. Panama, to. AX<\yr.timid. coLriiRR are a > ?on.kri HANJ'ROOK OF MEN TORE TRA.>C _ _ rdn in TIIOVMAMDd OP MPaHIRII AIkMCARR ' and KrrRrwto ri rlrb. Pa on D ('I'Ti. OtricA Jl Aa* S??ajrr. Grain raor-heatt two hdmitel ???r in mar k?v Ha*! tt ararj kJutplaln or prlaiad tt VA*t'ERH<fcr, 1(1 *aat( Lliiin ?t.Rf't.AIR M PATENT -I AM I.AMPH ARD PH. him ar# tkr saatrvar tarrolod NWIPT, IE CaatrR riMI, .0 poailr tkr T aM Lbarn or a MrrrRRiR who bar rpb? Errr?. tual'T rnrar of nrrvooa dahiLMjr. t.naa id imrmoi) dm a?ma <V ilfki raantimt from rar'J arrow by follow../ um ta * " ~ ark aid wb * ?D*n ta a wiadtaa) work aid who roaddrro .< kta ?ait. m train <?# to tkr aulhiar. to piiHUah and dauiv ?.?M rral'iltnalT Ha ?U1 Uwilfnn Mini frro M aar 11 raaa. m trnatpt '?f {?" nampa. a mo) rnniaininf rrrrr ifmwaam rapt trad Addraaa Vn? W* Pro oMra. Ainnf. M T I tP OOCRAR TOO CAN HAT* A BPARD.-WRT MOT * ' ' If I tmt trow tiM ir j, at Oat'im- will lin II to la a faw waaka aad am : atala ?r Vpra tb? "kla Pft-afl. MoM tij laalara ?anarall? R II HRAMAH 110 Maaaa 1 Mrnal MaW V*k RTRCP RTRfP Soovnm or TRAVEL madar/Lr VRBT In lira vol maa Pi a- n P r mi# Nr a ] VwRart ? "? ?lM MARTON HARLAMDJ NTtWRRIM MtrR RI *Ra BltCLxH Ri-ri.RDit i*ar m'nma. t) ? DRRAT A J Ai'KMON, PitjiUaMra, ?IE irailm;. M??r tort. STODARD PIANO" ORAND ? I -ARE AND "HNJOV). TH). nk-T MAMrPAt 11 Rko WARKRIKJMR, !** BROADWAT Tin'ooiporRD fitRArt or i anmartr iMnirA. aa dMr.rvrr~t br a wr'l kanoa pluaMaa M traai >al naora, ahlla la tba t **t ladi-a la a aartala ?nro for itMiawmR una. Aakaa Mr?arh<tl?. Oonaha. OFda uad 'laaaral Datntrn* fha famadv waa Am" ar?d Njr km ?km Ma oaly nM'd a daaf fclar waa jtraa aa in dla Ilia ahlid waa auraA. aad ? aim altra and wait Drain ma o' braa' ng Ma fallow mor lata ha wtil aaad m tboaa who ?kk tba ram pr maiaiaia* faM dtraatmoa for rraatnf an-' aneaaaM i'lf oMunlh'a rrmrdv Iran, na raraipt of thalr naatra. with alamo for mora par?*? Add raaa O. r Brrmn A On., Jara*/ Oily. N J. WILDER'* Patent Ralarandrb matrr QVIRE rtRfrniiRR ?* ?A 1ao taam l.d M?rX)ND TIRNSFROERM 1 i Br fCKHWROW. A frw of Ikaar ft rhraiad vartar aatvnai ttr.u ma far fa -1 krvaaa apral A-1 '"bar t -a ftlmat aa of tttaa. HAI ra?Miad. aad '. <* ta.a hr H<mT mt i of> !? MMktf

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