Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 12, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 12, 1860 Page 1
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THE NEW YOKE HEBALD. WHOLE NO. 8770. MORNING EDITION-WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 1880.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE TWO CENTS. SHIPPING. THE BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN HOT All MA.IL raow www tou to i.iraarooL. Mac* SUO ?eoad cabin postage 75 "TO. eOCTO* TO LI V?*TOOL. loabiu piM|s ... 80 The ?*H>? from Hew Tort cell at Cork harbor The ahipe from Beaton tali at liaiifai and Cork harbor. UtSlA, Capt Judklns- I CAN a.DA., Cast I^ng. RABU, Cut J. Stone. AM*RICA, Oapt. Noodle. 8IA, Oapt K. a. tott. NI AO a*A, Oapt. Auhnm. PRIOR, Oapt. Shannon. [ KUKOPA. Capt. J. Leltch. _ SCOTIA (now building) Thane vesmla entry n clear while light aSjiiasthend,'green on erboud bow; red on port bow. RARIa, atone, leave, Wednesday, Sept. 5 >'RICA. Shannon. leaves New York... Wednesday, Sept. U MKRICt Noodle. leave, boaton Wednesday. Sept. 19 . Iy>u. leave. New York Wednesday. Sept. 88 Ya. IJttte, leave. Boaton Wednesday, .Oot- 3 l.Judktne, loareaNew York Wadueaday, Opt. 10 l eot aeewed uutll paid for._ be aceouatable for Gold, over, Bullion, Specie, Jewelry, Precious Stones or " ' Metals, thereof Ad experienced surgeon at board. The owoere of thaea ahlpe will Dot over, Bnlllon, Specie, Jewelrv, P nleae bUla of lading are ai*uad therefor end the value I lereh. expressed. Pw freiaht ur passage apply to B. OPNABPTlft. tBowllnr Qi ITEEKLT COMMUNICATION BT STEAM MffWIM rT Sew York and Liverpool, sailing at Qeeeaatowa. Ire tod, te lead and rmbark passengers and deep uchaa ?The JvarweeL Mew Yart and PhUadaloUn Hleemehlp Company', pleadld C yd. huiti Iron serew ate uadbtos are tolanled to Ml follow*: rmom vmw tori for uts&fool. 'TTY OP MAKCUIWTJIB Bttnrdtf, B*pt lft. IITY OP WASHINGTON Heturday, Sept. a. I ANOeBOO .Saturday, Sept. ?. A ad eeery datnrday Baxxtghotit the year from pier Ho. Id forth l+rer. n ,tv. or msaon. lahtn to Qpumelown n? T '?erpool S7S " to Loudon, via on 80 tearagc to Qneenetoa u or Liverpool. 00 return tickets, available for alt months, from Id Pimeagert forwarded to Havre, Parle, Hamburg, Bn ind Antwerp at through rates. toruOeaue of passage leaned from Liverpool to New York. 40 ?* M " fwrwri OiiMnktiivn tf? timmr Tnrk from Queenxtown to New York... 80 I have sapvtor accommodation* for pantoo hera, are eonetrueted with water tight oompartmenta, end parry eeperleneed Burgeons. Por freight or pamage apply at Lav a0m at the oom leay. JOBN O. Dale 18 Broadway, New York, Agent. Id Uverprol to WM. INM AN, Tower Buildings. In ttlemgow to WM. INM AN, IS Olzon etreeA bBDOOTION V PBTCBB. ATLANTIC STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND GALWAY LINE. Toaahlng el n. Johne, N. P., to lend ptessn gen end the royal mall end goeeroment deep ate hen. The etoaatam eamprtotag'thla llae have been approred by I AdmlmRyiAnd are the NEW IRON BIDE WHEEL STEAMERS ECNSPpB t,4U0 lt in jttwd t,iOU " PARANA AtdO " The next deserters from New York will be do TUESDAY, September II. Raton of paamga to eayjpart of Ireland, on e rail way ? And to Che principal eNtoe at England and Scotland I rim clam, f 100,8*0 and 878, according to toe Third elam 830, Including cooked provttoona. Johne. N. P.. 8rst clean $56, third clam. 818. under 11 years half prise; under one year free. tlrd clam inmnirm ere required to furntob beds end Una. The etoaaten of this oomnany Jtave been eontornetoil with e pnlid ears as regards mrety and oomfurt, eooebtnad Itk madel end propeUlag power, sod ere boill with water [kt eemp.rtmente. They are eontdently ezpeoted to ear urn to eeeed and rough weather qualities. any vemiile ever Uli, and are replete with elegances and oonrenleneee ad experienced surgeon to attached to eeoh ship. Pereone Mingle tend for ihefar frtendx, can obtain return Mobile at wftnoad piiosi:? ? RBI ? Oalway, 880. In third cabin. from any town to Irr'and en e railway. 881 10 la third oabta. from the tertohtagtotood for thl rthe IbBowtog fTeaiirimH la(Urd Mtto. SKn Oalway, 85a In tbtrd i -town to Ireland mi a railway. 881 80 la third rprtoatonl uittm at England and 8ootland, 858; pTKWht or _ ABPINWALL, Agents, Nop. 86 and 88 Bonlh etreeA .-NEW POKE. aOCTHAKWjr AND HAVRE. The TeaderWk European Una PuBed (plWjfilJNnlaimehlpe laeito g?AM. mail between New York, Southamutoo Prom New Yoi k for __ Hae Harre. ) amp 'LLXNOM Saturday, Sent. 811 Wedaaeday. OeL M ?VANDERB1L* Saturday, Oct. SU Wedaaeday, Nor. 7 UAJNOU .Saturday, Nor. 8 I Wednesday, Nor. U Ihaee etoemehlpe hare water tight comoartmeote. Oartttaatoeaf paneagn laeued r-em Europe to Amarten. Suaate deUreredtoLnodoa or Patto rf. TORRANCE, Agents No. 6 Howling Green. New York. E.e. WAINWKIOUT A OO., IS Ens Paulwurm A. N. OH R1 BY IE. Havre. ctmadre ?ru. OAKPORO A CO., ?7 Qineechuroh etreeA London. DONLOr, rauAIJIH A OO.. SouMnmptau. DM womiinoi AND IATU lg .... ? I ? IM roCTWr. t. A- WntVOI, , IM aatoty nt u?il tyinin fill hi ?nod mm S7S iM M*. '"&!%&?& I*" No. 7 BraJmr ' ARAOO win Mil Ocbtoar U onun or October a ? J5 ro Jmi> ). On?lock, arxnaamirr. wfU abU fro* lb* foal of V?2 Mm oa K*fiH?T OsloPort, OMllA | fob noorHAnrroN and hatha. Tfca Uanad hhiw mail AltBtATIC. dor, mm i ??ly m to* ?ew n< the WeUi AlleM , m wau MM. ? No < ? l r Wrphk.v*. i cnunx or nrman sg O fob BorTHANi-roiir and havra (MM n?M MaB mo?ably IU.TNoIH, r. a Tarry, iiyiilw, wlU mil fron alar 3 Nortb Urar, Nov Ttrl at noun, oa lilvto, riyimlN U vtlk malM. tia?w iilaiM, fa> Ray Ma I lUrruM D. TOM A WIT*. AyrvL I Sowliof Groao. R. T. toaaabo TANDKKBILT, mStWUkm K ? north onuiAN ixoTtra riAimip rkb anaiMaHir. aarrylaa to* UmMod MaMs AA tub day, nrmrn a. at u volook, m., mm, TtANQPrmAifrrow. LONDON. lAnS^SKSnRoil AND I ?Ml?Mm HOI; w?< rabto. Ml ?N EKTCHBLT, Mi NAN BOM AVBRIOAff FA TNT OOWAjm I Mai - ? A' BAVaBIA. R r. Malar. " |-r. Ml taaoo far HaMbora, ttoutoaaopfcia. Umdoa bad liarra oa ?Esm?" Tte matop TBTTTONIA wffl aurmaal too Rormria. DOTAL KAIL NTBAMBHir AFRICA FOR LITRE -tXnTT^ A,-*-'r.Ay * 2ST(k^VSmtZi ta||MM*n bar Buropa. oa WaMaadar. *? >U Mat P? PMMN rpqaaabod I* bo op board by aoa o'oloek P I. TW AAUvtt dBli (M toa HtotaaA K. CVNaRD, Ma 4 Invito* 'An MM Marlf*Mow Onvpaay'o aaaaoior vlll aaB Ida Sal way. ria to- JtoaA N. r.. biwjS aucflr OS! , UTBRFOOK-THB BUfl BALL LINK CUP i H ARC RAT UCKRN fhito part) K?ai nrar, RIRHIII aolja Rrpt >3. for puMf op I I m JAOUR WlMloS ? A. t, arm n ror, alb ? toolHi of Brptoaibar Tho BR* >t. PTB aN rot UTBRroOl-- "DNBADWOtTOHT LOOT-OCA iSssrtiB&MJsSsjr ? ?? IOBDOM-THB BFLRNDID BUP PAT BICE f tllll oafii immtw >? lllitol Ijtola and (vad. VOTTC*.-THE RTEAMBVTP I'IT I OP MAN' HBRFBB N vfll laar* for Idioryobl *t rum toll ? o'etra* oa to* i m of tottobid HapMMbia, bdnl a( mom. as boa am jSKBRTMr s w* KiS" OP UTBBPOOt PATBTR? mu i^o^es^Lsyra -ssVBrwrr-w.Srn'sr mm intL*r? ?o m von it mu -m f~~7 Til !*gi ST"' 'T " *" illll il JTPffM n no t v ??* AS SHIPPING* rk UVKEPOOU- THl 8FUWD1D CLIPPER EHIP RICHARD 8. ELY. Capt Ltvlngstoa. will positively s?U on Thursday, Sept. IS. For me* of passage apply on board, pier 14 Eaalrirer, or to JOSEPH MURPHk, 61 South KiM, oeer Well ??i Hie California via pajtama. ?i Molua el eager ? iii leers Mew Tork lb# let, llth Md IB of sack mouth, except when tbeae dates fan on Sunday, whaa the day of depart are wUI be the Monday feDowIng Far freight or psooege apply at ike only office. No. ITI Waal Meet, earner of Warren. D. R. aLLBN, Agent rmm ii ? United Stelae Mall Steamship Idas, leaving erary twenty da ye from each port. ETKaMHHIP QUAKES OITT, R W. Bhufaidt, Oomaaaadar. THE favorite elaemir will be thoroughly ever honied and ra Btted, and r seams bar regular tripe for the abort pod oa Pit fay October A at U o'clock from pier 46 Earth rlier. Foe | freight or neepse apply to HA8UOD8 A dfc.38 Bar naadUHnwtUbe Oetober 16aad NortBeer^^^^H ?16. BtOB HAVAMA, VIA NASSAU, N. P.?THE BRITISH P aad Nat* 6?rtran Eoyml Mall StaanaMp KARNAK, wpblaliinebei.eMwIlirlM^M^^M^^J far the abora porta front the i 'e wharf at Jaraay Ony, an seny 's wharf at Jersey oty, en Saturday .September 16. Monday November IE finite mousy to Waaaau .Hi Do. to Haraoa H For freight or paaaaga apply to R CUMABD. Mo. 4 Bowling Uraea. gAVAKA END NEW OELEANB EVERY TEN DATS PASSAGE ho. To tall an Friday. September II, at 18 o'clock. isteemahio PK SOTO. Pact J. Johnston, will pgjMMgM wire freight HSMHHHriHMiHHHH 10 receive freight oa Tuaaday, September IS, and aalia as abora freaa pier foot of Murray street. H. R. ^HlMNMflaHktfEOCBXEqii ^tlV INORTON. CROCHKBON A CO , 66 Manor *L ^IEMVILLE will aall on the let and CAHAWBA 11th Oetober. r^ma SAVANNAH AND THE BOUTH.-THE STEAM ^?ahlp MONTUOMKRf. Capt W C Barry, will laare pier IS Morth river on Thursday, Saptaaabar 13, at 4 P. M. Passage to Savannah, with aeeommodntkaa unequalled, S16f through tiahata to Naw Orleans, HB 76; Mobile. 836; Mont gomery, H8: Maaaphla. HI 71; NaahvtUn 826 71; KnorrWa, ifcl60; Uhattenonge, H6; Albany HI: Columbus, HI: Adnata, ^?uro in Baveaaah. H. B CROMWELL A CO.. 86 Went (treat and SS6 Broad wag. The R R Cuylar eoaeeeita en Saturday, Sap camber IE jpOj^HVAMNAE^NI^THEl^OIMTl^Mtm^j^ 1^1 The flrat ahtee aide wheal Meaauhlp AUOUaTA. i apt M. I 8. WoodhnU, will save on Saturday, Sept 16, at 4 P. M. from Pier Ma 4 North rlrar. Through tickets ean be had far Ike following iirWi m Mew Ortoaua, Hi 71; NobUe, HI; Montgomery. HI; faala, Ala., EM, Oolumbua, Hi; Albany, SB; htlanto, Chattanooga HS 60; NahhrW ktl 10; KnoritlU. 828. M pbla. 83176; A ugoata. 817 60; Mason, 820. Snreanah Hit I Tor fralrbt or paaaaga apply at IJ Brwdway. The atonmer FLORIDA, Capt. Caleb < rowell, will I nets ad. HMdtr. Septus. a( a M and sail on Tuesday, Sept. 18. at.eP M I. MITCHI1J, A HON. rriHROUOH FEMIOHT ARRANGEMENT.?FOB MOB 1 folk, PartnnooJh, OUy Point and Biohmoed. oosmeskh^ with Norfolk and Petersburg and Southalde Eallroada NH Lyoekhnrg, Bristol, Memphis and In termed .ata eiattrem I P-elght reoairad every day and through raeatpta furnished. ? pter 13 Morth Btenauhlp JAMESTOWN, Onpt. Rkiunar leavee every Ta? day. at 8 P. M. Stoamahip ROANOKE, CapL Oouak, every Thursday, at 8 P. M.. sailing at Old Point Comfort to land pan dangers. Btiamehtp TORKTOWM, Cent Pariah, every Satur day, at 8 P. N. Freight to Portsmouth or Norfolk, 7 oonte pee foot; to City Point. I cento, tad to Etahmond. t oanta Paamga to Norfolk, stateroom aad mania included, 88; to Petersburg to Norfolk nod beak, M or Richmond. 810. |? to Potoraburg or Richmond, 813. ^^^H bUDLAl A U PHAOEAQBH AND SAMPLES FOE EUROPE CAN BN ?forwarded by Amariean Europe Pipiam, an par eteamari twice every weak, for all parte of Europe, at low ralaa and wtu deapiteh Samples delivered at flram fa. to 8a. Marling. Lb despatch. Samples dettverad at from 4a. to I AUSTIN. BALDWIN A OO.. Proprietors. It fisancial^H r?TV OP TROY, N. V , SIX PKB CENT BONDS: CITT ' ' of Mobile. Ala .eight per oent Bonds, oity of Baltimore. Md., (even par oent Bonds for aaie by JOHN B. MURRAY, 264 Canal street, near Broadway. CMAPITAUSTI WISHING TO INVEST PROM $10.,MO TO ? S?,OO0 la a aafa aad lucrative business. (rum a kn^i they mar mallre immediate ret,.roe. ana earn <>' rich an may realize immediate ret .roe, ean ears of sttah an Of por tunny by railing upon W. H., from ID till 21*. M., at No. IN Pulton street, flrat Boor, up Main. DHIVIDEND -THI KN1CKEBBOCKEK ICE COMPANY | wli) pay a semi-anneal dividend of three (8) per sent to the MoehhoMars on and after Kept 13. 1 WO. at their odtea, IH Cbnal street. The uanalar boohs Mil be aloaad Aram Iks M to the 18th last.. Inaluaivn C. E. Wonrnarraa. See. R T. OOMPTON, Pres. New Toaa, Sept. E UH. TJM>R8ALE?AT PAB AND ACCRUED INTEREST EIOHT r par rent Roods of the aity of Mob La. Thaae bmda are foe 81.U00 sneh. eoupoaa pnyabto aamiwnrually. July aad January, at the Marehaata' Bans New York. A ape lal las of eea.OUJ par aaaam has bean levied by the rtly tj i as are the prompt payment of the luiareM. and to create a sinking t w i at 816,01X1 per annum. For further p?Haulers apply to DUE can, BBBRMAN A OO corner of Piss led flnssa mwn of V WHITEBOMR AON A MOBISOM, ts WEUam "EI ILUONH OF DOLLARS UNCLAIMED IN THE BANK JW of England.? Liau of 30.MO nomas warning babe ana ha risminsd?fee SB?at the Haraldry offioe, 648 Broadway, N V IH. HAYS, proprietor at present id Ismdua. ondertohae saarihsa for Wllk, Dhanoary Ran ads, KuntssmisM, t of Peasily Anna and Psillgi sm ^OyCB T^ONT>HuLDBI^^U^M>WD^i^M i Task aad Naw Havsn Bailraad Company, dna b Dmember, 18H. wUI ha paid, wkhsaaru id Intersw. anur tottcn nod surrender, at the Ti aaam nr*a offiao. sureai' or T ly apveeth Mr sat aad Foorth asenwa. Naw Toaa. aagem 7,18H N WW OEIJEAN8 AND MOBILE FUNDS BOUQHT NJ AUWUBT EELMOMT A OO.. H WaU OrnciAL pioponalb ron 1/5a i* or tin million ool (am. Ti?i?iN? UVIirniT Sept i, UaO Sealed pinpraalr ?1U bo received at thw Deaalnmeai until II iValanfe, monm at Moadar the t vac 17 wood dor at October next, for ten aulbona at dollar* of atoek of ite United Sutra, to ha loaned order the art at Coaareaa of tk? til at Jcm laat, ciitboriilnp a loan aod proridlnr rur tte redemption a! Tree an>T aotee, at whieh time the prnpaaala vtll he opened nod derided on The atoak will he ratmboimble la too Man fraw the teal dor of Jaeuarr noat, and avlll boor internal at Sea par root par oaeoat, parable anal aaaual.j. on tte Seat daja of Jaaunrr and J0I7 of each rear. No offer will be aorwp'ed balow par. and none for aar fraa Una eroae Iboooaad dollara Nor will aar offer bo ooneder ed eataaa ana oar centum of tbe aatoaat tbareof la depoelird r of the United Stateo. cab'eet to the order of Tbe oortidoale of auah Jepo all naeea the far) otter offer*. aad < adoraod oa tbe on ted a, "Proaoaala _ . 1 Hi tel. "To tte Haaraterj of tte TTteb&Wd3aratSar tte forwta*eoadkioaa, for tkaa? ere ante ana of tea mllliona of doiSra, vtll bo iMadlMol^a formed bp moil of tte m eopiecii e of *Nr off era aad tbaf anal devote tte emoaat aa areepted. wna tte premium tb arena. klsi:tss tJtMsrutsz Arassx Rev t. rteeae or it. Uraia. oa or before ite t *eoir aanoad dor of Woreteter neat. Mould wi n oaf ill htddara <Matre to da moot Nate tee rate of proa JHTtt'SS tassramaa--1 rertllnalaa of hmrrlbad meet vtlto a mm ikmait do lorn aaafc to tte amtoaaafal btedena or aeeipua for tte prtaetpal an departed, rvrvtar latere* at tte rMa af tea par eeotnm ream tte data af mat depute, ?neb aloek will he irnimfarmble aa tte boaka of tea Traaavr, agreeably ta tte rarnlettnaa of tte Papai tenet Btenid aapef tteanaraaafui beidara require aarDOoataa af Norte, with ooupoaa of aaml annual Inlarea) parable thereon frmatae lm nf January aaat aaah e-rWaatae vtll te temad w'lb anab aaaanaa iltaahU la tnaa of oaa tteuatai dollara aaeb. mod euro coupon atork I net aad nf befn* treuofarmhle oa tte bonka of tee Treaonrp. m?r ho 1 teat 1 I bad traaafarrad bp tea dadrarr of tte aarttteolas. Tbe latereat oa Ite late nac! atnrk from tea dele of tbe lap all to tte IN day of J neuter ooat wlti te paid te tee 1 luteal bidder or hie aunroap bp tte drpoadan ?1ib whom tea prtaotnol wad Jo Tte p? allmlater dep-utt of 00a per ewia. rt all propoaala aader thla odUee wifl ha laefbded li of pnaatpel aad praaalum mada bp aoaaaaaf'il JL MM Of UW W Tin I MtMl propfte^.i WW Hi prewired at Ite Cooeptmilere oteet noil! Thureday. deptam bnr II 1MB, at I o a^>ik P. N, when tbe amae will Se n-ibSalf iniaaad. fnrteo wtele nr aap part of tte am of t?m hundred end ftftj " dnilan J Ibe Croud Water start af tet Nip of Raw Tort, ' autbvrlred bp rbapteeffT nf the 'ava of Mk aad bp aa eedtaaar-a of tee t'oraaaai Oouarti appr read br tea Mayor Anfi? t tM. for inrreawaa tea anMl af Ntea water, aad elteadinf tea aammarp paw wrtaiai 1 rate of di terror Tte a*'d atndi wtlf S?*r ae-Nl at tbe rata of Or pee rem per tana, pereble fmrtrr eear<p ead tte or me .101 vC be PI ?p?Iblaoa the drat nop of Noromber, um Tba pr ptoee ? will Nate tbe am > a: of atork ' 1 and tea priee par ehoro. aad 1 prwmr pw omw m, am aawae pvtww- ?r? ? P 11 WJiip ?w? vtU te raqojwd to depuati vub ? te Ctemheeeua of tte eUf. vttblo tea da pa aftar tee of tee Mdo, tea rim awnrdda ID Item lamiadieatp. tee. >4 me tea pre a mm m tee mwa Ob praeeottac to tea 1 amptio ler tea 1 uaatpte of tte rteaa berlabi fhr ewee depnelta the pen ? vdl be eoWled It 1 I ? an 'uci ajn aae of ite par af tea auoh. baartag btearam from tte dvea or papa>nb Rorh prnpnani.m OtenU he oeale 1 ee I ?vxbwaad " ' eab for (Jbaaaa Water teoohaf tte ear af Raw lark, aad tea aame Mnaad la a aanoad aarekipa. adlramad ta tte Owp wter. . . _ Tte rlNW la 1 aaariad oa ite par* of tee Onmptmlier 10 rajaa toe or alTtd tee bMa. If anaNdorod adteoaarp tapradam m paw mteateohNmuNdaf iteau^^^ ^ n tppp rve?irdter rwp of New TaM, Daportmool at Plaaaah t atpn nllar*i Oteattpd U. kMh ar nnn TO wantiimw rnur eO.l'UU ppdaptce Waum lelaod proportp worth tare* uieee tbe aatmtat Tb- mr-ier will be epeot oa tte p?p?oTp and ta p Pi' teaaoenrhp. Addreaa boa 1TA1 PaNateaa. ' Tarh, whb real aama 1 KMIli fl "mljallirtl" | wTbii r of Mpor earn Stee aeenad tend WK1WB S?OAR.?-OArr APT**! v M A.TN OR ?U. KINDS. NT Ibe tbo- xuy'. r jot or In otrd. Two million Ser-n *<r aa*. ererp^prndo W pw ne?. ebrw tae inaraet. Tte "V" BIT AN 43 Nrw aUW. ay atea** TOKACrft AND ?I#AM. ttatana nnAM-n TIB ioo om i.dte, af 4 JU aartae to tea purnte _ AnrgKHEim JJARNUM'8 A ILK it IC AN Ml'SRl'M. Coder the p*nmaal riMrfKi^i qf P. T BARNCM. Coder the persouAl eupervlilon qf P. T BARN IMMENbK aTTBaITIGWV-GBEaT CROWDS. unqualified sivotfK or the great moral HISTORICAL DRI ~ DRAMA or JOSEPH ANDHT8 BRTTHRKY, represented every afternoon at 3. and every evening at 7^ by one o* the beet companies of arUtne (a America. New eeenery, new ooetumee. Ac Alvo to be aeen. at all hoars, the treat Urine BLACK SKA IION, weiehmj eight hundred pounds; the firing ALBINO Family 3 White Negro*.; the llvtni WHAT IN IT, or Maa Monfcey; the UrUig I.KA RNRD 8RAL: the liriug HAPPT PA MILT; the living aN aCOND a FAMILY; ORANI) AQUARIA of living Ilea and Hirer KldH.UUng AHJOATOR8, beau*. Uful living AN OKI. FIbH; the eitraordir.ary Lights In; Calculator; living Lady with Long Hair, the wonderful sat lndesrrlbable animals nailed the WHAT CAJf TdBT Bt NKW Wax STATUaRY, and seven Immense half contain lng 86O/J00 CURIOSITIES. AU. yes. all to be aeen for only It ceuta. Children tinder ten years II cents. WALLACE'S THEATRE. Mr. Wallace. Mr. LISTER WALLACE .Stags Manager NOTICE. MR. WALLACE Jtegto announce to his patrons and the public generally U? ABOVE ESTABLISHMENT WILL OPEN for the usual PALL AMI) WINTER SEASON Under his PERSONAL MANAGEMENT OM THURSDAY. 8EPT 18, IM. THE T^BaTEE THOROUGHLY RENOVATBdTSpROVED AND REBEL LIBELED. The followfac GREAT and talbntbd company Mr. LISTER WALLACE, Bra. HOST, Mr. BI.aKK, MIm MARY GANNON. Mr. WALCOT, Mrs. VERNON. Mr. A B.DAVENPORT, Mln FANNY MORANT, Mr NLOAN, Ere. SLOAN. Mr. NOhTON, Mia WaLCUT, Mr. MOORS. Mha JULIA TREE, Mr. FLOYD. Mrs RREVE8, Mr YOCNd. Miss CARMAN. Sr. T. PAMbLIN, Mr. C PAR8L0B. Mr. PARKS. Er. OLIVER, Mr. OOBURN. Mr. HKNLHT. Mr. Moore Prompter Mr H. laherwood Hoemc Artist The coetumee by Mr. Flaury end Mr. Uenechotea. Proper ties and aooointmsnta by Mr. Timoney. Mechanical depart ment, Mr. Van Hatten. A NEW COMEDY, adapted egprecely far this company, from the French of Nrribe, the meat popular and sucoaatfal of Partelen authors will be produoed on the ocwaaion, with iUrB ENTIRELY NEW SCENERY. NEW AND ELEGANT OOBTOMRS SPLENDID AND APPROPRIATB FURNITURE AND APPOINTMENTS. The Comedy will be entitled TBI ROYALIST; oa. Henri de Flat tgneul, a Captain of Dragoons ot the U lanf Mr. Lester WaBaek The Baron Mentrtchare, Prefect of the Department .Mr. Blake M l>e Urtgnon. a member of the Council Mr. Wa'cot (Irene, a berg want Mr. Partes Domvtlle, a t or pural Mr. Ooi'trn Plane Mr. Oliver The Countess D Autreval, a royalist lady Mrs Hoey Leonid, her niece MI11 Mary Gannon Dragoons, si vianta, Ac , A ??EE musta, selected 1 The new and appropriate musta. selected end arranged by Mr. NoU. SYNOPSIS OF 8CENBRY AND EVENTS. ACT I. drawing room ibtui i-ntrttPP'ATrmgrAL. Tbe ' idle* ae.l the portrait?The crime of the proscribed?M. De UngTiou?Courage to theory and vnlor in practuso? The l.-td.r a perl1 and Ihegroom's presumption?The revs AUen and the dawn of lore?The reverie and the letter?The birthday fete. ACT n. SALOON AND Aire ROOM IN Till CHATEAU tLLVHINATSP roa TBK BALL. An Inopportune arrival?The Diplomatist?'The tree and the blossom?The alarm?The Baron's reception?My lord and my lady ?The prefect a plot -An unoooectou* ally?danger and despair. AC* in SALON IN Tilt rSATIttf. The apprin*.ed hour?The Interview?Heroism of De Grig "" -The near eoecV nou?The Pan* on the track?The disguise?Thi man?Startling deouvery?The Baron a triumph. AC* IV. UTUlOttOr Tilt CHATCAP, WITH 1UI Of THt CROCKM AND CANDBN. Henri's gratitude?The pledge? Leont and the Count ess A new lover?The snake In the gram?The groom a dismissal? The simps -Saved' Saved'?The prisoner -An om'n toe later view?An introduction, discovery, alarm and pa-ear.?An unforeseen peril?Damou and Fy thins' wings and leathern? The uew OoloneL STRIKING DENOUEMENT AN ENTIRELY NEW PETIT! COMEDY, has achieved a great sneceas In London, will shortly be Doors open at a quarter past seven; to commence at eight o'c'-oek. Hon book open ooe week la advance. Plaeas may mtw be MIUCAU AT WALIIB'd WABRBOOMS. Cfcntoa Hall, Aator plaae iM * ^KeSojttal Aire crwtairr riA*o?. aaw aad iwoat ItuL ^ FOR HA LI iffi Hill. Allowance ?A* far hire If pnwmaad. A OUATLT IMPROVED PIAROFOHTE. JBL LJOHrg A RRaDBOHT, IbnfHtVBItf IM Mill mdb II n If. patent laeala tad, foil Iron firmm grand and agoara ftaunrtta Ma 131 CHAjmt rkuhim erriRKD.-oiri or j. a a Fivhvi'? .port, ?.o on nr-.?a r.aawon.1 riao.f.ntne f ir ?> n.kgniflronily balaUad, rlrb ?<Wr of poor! work, mood ra-nora. rlrb oarrod lepv a??t gov mad* in nrdar: euporb ton*, only two m> u'.ha oil; . Iru y *'?g?nt Fiaoet mum bo k*o* to t>* approcLtnd. fully warraamd by tbo mikore prt** IM Apply at *71 W**h a?*nno fir* kmr*from I'.iruath alroot. will b* mad* aa nbjaet to a > aab bur**, km packing bo? for (kip ping. Apply from 7 A M. lo'P It AS BT-MMTini RMVIN OCTAVE RtdtXWOOn PI AMD (art*, almon new. oat RYM. fnt gale for B1M. Ooa too a*too not*ra rnoowcid for glTO Ono alt aad a kair *> tav* to-auloaaforgdO rhraw mahocaa? * anoa for got, B33 aadgli. On# olrfmnt poarl toy Ftaoo fnt gllil. earn Ban An kaanrtamot af nnporV - n? w Piaan. with latmt uaprorameau at prima loom glTito gfcti BaeoadIkaa<l Ptaooa lahaa laai chang*. Varab< iaa 11> araaua A. ooraar ?f Tenth atraat. R OOIRaLKP. A I.ADT HAVIMO A THOROCOH Il'MOAL RDPt'A Uua. la dawroaa < ? obtaining a fa*- m-ca p-tpMa. at a mrklerat* charg* Tbo boat at r*'ar*cro? giro* aa to bar capability AJdrote t ar. Prat, node atoro IL] Faitoa at. Moiga QfTTOlBRnrO A gORg. __ MaaufaMorara af OR Aft a, pgr ARK AMD UFRIOHT PIAMOR, Wararmaa <M Broadway. > r A ROM* ha*w baaa awaodad thirty ataht prim madala for tbo auparturfj of Iboir mar.nfaciara far Urn parn tain: fir# ***** FiAJtoa TO RRMT. rtORMTT AM AT CURB WAMTtO-TO J 01* A CLAM V alraady formad. aadar tha lnltirttp af a aompataat prm ramtnaai Bo partiaa aaad apply who ara ant praparad u> at land rahaaraala ragutarl and pay W aaab par aaartar for tha aarrtaaa af tha kaaAar. AAdrma A. (X, hot l.SA Foal oMm. Maw Tort -ciiKnnrnc t. btdmom iarrrrin.i.T nrroRjcf t" ?.sinasKT'.'Ki'^ssr - *?? Bwfll ba pleaaad In raaafra ap 1A Bona M Broadway. B. T. E 5R52 MRDAL PTAROFOBT irmi a Lnnuirr. tat r and at radaaad rata rR HALB-A CTURPBB FIABO. FI.ATB SIXTH* tnaaa. amoan* wMoh arw tba "taitaora ty-iadrline." "t wot I waa ta Punt" and Moral Mh.rpoo ilar liama O. Hit-CM. Mannfant .rar af alt wad. of Head Orgaaa. and Oyttadar Pama. W Dagraw atraai. BraMlya. F-tRARO riAROP WITH DO'JBi.E RKPRATTRO AO IT tlaa. and an Alomndm organ fooaal*. at i vnli r war?an tod Wt.l oiobana* Im* h ii^.ng matanai. Oaa hr hob at B. HCFRAMRl/*Pfctag?apa tiaJary. 4U Broad w?? R V |F ART FARTT OM PaRTTMB. ABOrT BrTTRO A FI ann (or rat. will aaU a M>ld K nth araaua. aaar lb* eur _ -of Thtrtl Brat m bargato In lata mty. nwonf Thirty firm mraat. thar eMail bo i i-iruwt tba trmwn Rafaraona dirart to th* rnakora. J A 0. T'M-HU m BROA t>WAT. MMAR FOPR _ t**nih ?tr?wt. dfar at a groat >>argaln a ftao tat rmoat lof tbo - rolobrmad trna frama- Mlrknu, Piaana with tha ... . ? - - - wo - ?. I ? . ' Plana aad Matodaoaa. Maaa aHorj AM Warn Twaaty rlgltth LHA RliiRORA MURA VALMMTtRl PARATaIXI. FBI I ma drwiaaeewraoa wmahH Ptrc"- ?*'?? Hoalaman-w S ami aa aaao m har arbrata imTim. Ua Third araaaa. Bret man. aam Rgbairall atraai. fram llffil a'aioah arary da? LIRI11MAR A BOMB m BROADWAY. PTAWO MAMP tBmiMuii'iA^I' u!a'm*'1- "* TWe*?ntwn* r^ta^Haf UTT'Art *oarb"t# John R Mat Marmaok W <1 OtoMtah. /Ma BtiaBan. O mtaa J AwMd. WTTITC -WARTRD-A PKMRTtR PAPARI.R OF I.RAIh in lag rongrogatlma; mnghig W a Prmhytrnaa ah'inM la Una rtty ttaiary glOB a yaar Addrim I fearaid aMaa. dor /VROAWTRT A*n yPABTtTTRR ( imiR iR OR'IAR V/ M aad foil qqamgua of good rotraa and raadora af muaui. willbM9*a?aaaIfmni il* tmg inaant. and gill ba muaM. adit laMM?a?a I from mm tW lamaot. and will ba Macro to aJ^Wtaan Hganamiw wtH a Ombtllih dhnraA la Haw Tmk or Brooklyn. A naM addraaaod to J.JL B. ROPIWtnR A. RTPWTAPT RROR TO IRPORM HtB Pgr.rrmut | pnpUa and tr parltirm itMntr* . -mprwtaona, arraagwd far Mghl ka two ptanna T i am lit par manor of twwwty f<ww I MhMbbm hr qi ptARf*, MBiODCOMR AMD AIJIAM|>RR OROARI X Maw and damd hand, for gal* or to Rant, m gram Rar ?aim. Molodanan akiwaK Ptaana. r? Monthly pap > rail aad etaatiae ynr Mm H Orib.R'. ? Larry I w H.aartar oar Snort wan Of Broadway. AHVIKNIIITB. JAMMS ML NIXON LAST MATIN** LAff MaTINKK LAST MATINEE LaHT MAT1NKB LAHT MaTINRE last satin is Last MaTINKK LAHT MATIN as LAHT MATINKK LAST MATINKK or VTXON'S NIXON'S NIXON'S NIXt.N'S NIXON'H HialK SUOt'l NIXON'S NIXON'S NIXON'S ukstkian TKoari UKHTKI AN TROUTt OESTRUM TROUPE UKSTRIAN troupe UKSTRIAN TROUPK and farewell datlioht appearances, AND NARK WELL DAYLIGHT APPEAR ANOKS, AND PaRBWKLL DATLIOHT APPEARANCES, AND FAREWELL DATLIOHT APPKABANOKS, AND FABEWKLL I>AYl,It?HT APPEAR AN (JAM, WKDNKSDAT, WEDNESDAY, WKDNKSDAT, WKDNKSDAT, WKDNKSDAT, SKPT. II, AT TWO O'CLOCK, SEPT. U, AT TWO O'CltOCK, BRIT. 1R AT TWO O'CLOCK, SKPT. IX AT TWO OCLOCA, BUT. U, AT TWO O'CLOCK, or ZOTARA, SOYA* A, SOTARA. ZOt ASA, ZOTARA. THE HANI/INS. THE HANLONS, THX HA MAINS, THE UANI.ONS, THE HaNLONS, UA01.IBNI, DS Ba/IH, iCAUUKNI, PR BACK UAOUENl, DK HACU, UAdLIKNI, DK HACH. OAOLIRNI, DK SAOH, WARD, CHARLTON, WARD, CHARLTON, WARD, CHARLTON, ~ARD, CHtRLTOK, ARD, CHARLTON, DUVHRMAY, PHNTLAND, DUTBRNAT, PHNTLAND, DC VRRNAT, PRNTLANi?, DUVERNAY, PHNTLAND, DOVKRNAT, PHNTLAND, AND THE STaKS. ARD THE STARS. AND THE STARS. AND THB STARS. AND THR STARS. ?m> ?/ micas or jgommiok. Family duels (fnlr?ooe tn Croeby sired) 13 oente. PsrqueUe and Drees Circle to mu. Orcheeln Chain On* dollar. Private Brace Ptra aod aU dollars. N la Ute areolai. doors open at aorao o'clock. To ooiaiaeaoe St eight O'clockjireclaelj. HP10IAL NOTION. SPECIAL NOTION. SPECIAL NOTICE. special Notice. SPECIAL NOTION. ON THURSDAY APTRRNOON, AT IX O'CLOCK, Tita AUCTION SALE AUCTION SALE auction sale auction sale auction sale at Orrbeetrn Chain aod Private Brin, will take plane la the . _ . . .. ? lofM*. r veeUbule of Nlblo's darken, under the auspices of Mr. Leeds. MILITAET VISIT ERR M Ll.ITART VISITBRS military VISITERS MI1.TTAKT VISITERS MILITARY VIMTMRS MILITANT TIHITRRS OM THURSDAY EVRNINO. ON THURSDAY EV RHINO, ON THUhmDAT EVSN1N0, ON THTRHDAT RVKNINO. ON THCRSDAT EVKNINd. ret NEW HAVEN OKBTS, OP OOEM., NEW HAVEN UKKYS. OP CONN., NEW HAVEN QalTS. OP COHN., new haven urevm, op conn., new haven uretx or conn., Captain Osborne, THM t rvV oOAED, THE CITY OUaHD. THE CITY OUAHD, THE CITY OUAHD, THE CITY GUARD. Capt. Joa H. Johnson, N TIM., WILL POSITITELT VtSlT THE THEATRE. Baaraoar?Tuesday. Wadnaaday, Thursday, Prtday and Satardwr ot lobar 2 S, X &. X W tsiiuraaoe? aoaday and To . 'MtBI aod IX Paraaaame? Monday sad Timdsr. Ocsobar U aad 1A Noawoas?Wednesday and Itauraday, October 17 and IK Waunoa?rridai . Oelobar II. Ksiaicu?SaHfeay and Monday, October 39 sad 0. WiimsoToe?Theaday sad Wednesday. October B sad M. Oo?.v?au?'Thursday, Prtday and Saturday. October M. M t aaaiAtroa?Fmaa Muuday, October Mje Meveiaber 11, WILL MM +HK KOLTB NTX03TS ROTAL RQCEITHIAE TROUPE. ypsm oabdmm THIS EVRMIMO. 8KPT. U, 1MB, TTiiKn Miurr of iha <t( ihuaa popular farorita*. ^Tr and mm. barret wii.uaWn, whoa will ha paffunaad, for U>? aaaood Omm 1Mb M*m. Iho boautlfuJ iruu or AI.I. HAtAOW EVE, In ?M Iwm WUiiaaaa will auaiaia iha ektrvur of Rbody O'Umaar, and Mr*. Uwwr WUilaow thaio> kluy Eiilaao. loir ?; ahontdera th* rape aaad I throw, And ?; h'ubnnd win follow ma iMlw or no. To ho followod by lb* popoinr protraa faro*. AM HOUR IK HBfllXt, la whHfc Mr*. WUilAaw will ? inula SIX DIPPKKEMT CSAXACriM. To bo folio wad by TBI IRISH LIOK. Mr B. Willi a*a? Mia. William* Tim O'Monro.. tTI* MOWBET THEATRE. \ bolo Propr ?ton Maaara. O. L. Pal A i. W. Uncord WEHMElUIAT. lUpl IX 1MB. Th* aoronua aprrtao)* nf THR Kir IE 07 PAi^MTRX, and Iho rooMoUe drawn ?i THE HOLD PUMP. DETAm MIXSTRRLR. RECHaMICR HALU IH BEOADWAT. ahora Oraad On*. Monday. Eayt. 10. and nrory M|U ta Iho a1 a ah ?<wl papaUW nn of amttaatanat la Iho tfp. Aad lhatr EtnoMor Troooo, la arartaty of laoobabli arm?la*lhtoo. Mora MiofUoa. Ml alaloaaao. Boa Oatdriah Mroa, Eaoao* at Pholaa'a, Rhdi ?? 'ttixn'r&'zeiixi.??*?u> Via pop oiar Taaal yaanaua. la aaw mmm aad *n aaaa, trmkmm mi 4 OMi?88? Danroaaoa al 7. laaailMio'daaL ?aVoaaia 8or.PM Ml i 11* iha DraiBLPORP oalleet. MR BEOADWAT. 1 Mi lariralM aollariKm of rAlRTIRiM AMD RTATUER Mow oa aahibttam. l/pao day aad *r*nla?. Adaalwnaa 2V 01 PRBITH O uncEEfHK orir EXHIBITION. MOB. -? and ns Hrnadway. anraar of Twrwy-am llnw. ? awaioitoaalt* aUrwoar.ipw emporium la tha dir. rawrnm-nu^aad Tiawa (W u'a Open day and aioofm Ad Fab 'Bana pom hale~-oot up im ooon rttue aa<1 an a . arroorod for riMMtam wiUiml any farthar at f#aa. aid a oral aiaatlaol iMaa lo Waral wRh aad aiaha a. may taat aad plPaaaailr A nwaotauwa Rl'wa 1 hoCTHMicx, m Mawaw awaaA BDOMDtM, BOOMOTM. Th* auadarfal BlnadWa Rial laiMdw aa Iha Mtft rmm W Maw Tort win poaM<wiy Mho p'aao a? /aa*W Wand aa Ma iMhtnot TOaananaWrm win ha iha paaaa a*ar aata hp ba lwta?MRfaalM?baad?RIRM^.^^ MOTKLX __ A OTOE MOVRM-OVRIMO THE PEMNRMT ROET war* Iha frtaal* of Una Ho*al ara I ?*? i af illy ra ..Miad U |lra anwaa of ihalr lataodad noK, la ordar thai hMr man at; ha piapaiad. A TT.AMTIC TIC TEH. H0R"KEN ?BOOMM TO I.RT A with or wHhrnil Board, na iha Enrtpaaa plaa. OawMa maa dnaw baWaaa doara laara will Rod thw a ouaTanUwi rad ii art Iha farry halo* fraa lo hoardar*. B??ry aaanaaoanda ?na wl Hiory, awh aa Praarh aad Amartuaa ooofcinc, Iha aWOatal wi??a. Uqanra aad aaaaia aaoally kapt ta Irai elmm bar*, wttb a*od *M aadaatw, Ac AoaaaMM* al all hoara day ariiaM IMPEEIAI HCTHL. OORK^ IREI.AMP.-THIR I.ONit auMabai aad wall baawa llatal la madaaiat aa iha maal ba'haatwava raady N *ht annor* la am?a4anra a. ?> ?T T< >N A PllN. cnrrWim Jury'* Hnaal lollop tframt. Hub Ua, Irahwl -Ihta Hwal M vary enalral. sioaa aad anaaaM ma. Prary atiar-wa Mid In lb* rnaafOrlnf raaaa Prlral# (NUap mat UhM thai*, hd a*4 odd hatha. V WIT.1.1 AM jUBTTPI ?PORTIRtt. Gdmr ripi* mmtoi.term, nnm' rom^m, row dar WlEl a?* M?a. An. Iha luwa. Km* wad nh?ap aal Mcrani la Iha ally. M PMAMI IBBET NOi.D RoM aauMMhad Mara. tR Chatham awaai. AH cmda warraaiad aa ?wrmrnT rrim rai.m-s pmitt ixjmo, im oimpobta 1 lila ardor: will ba wdd ahwaa. Apply Jn IV HI.A'IE iTMMjww* hWMW fool of flraadalrwrt. Kaal n?wr \'a<-ht pom maix to partirr think two op p'trrtoWU Ta/ bia bar# la a aploa lid 0pi>or1inUy offarad of brjlaa "aa ratlrrty aaw. of To Irma. rorapln? thmnchrmi aad oa? of thr faairat aallcra hi th? final, at a rraat rodorivm r- m mat aa Iha ownaia bar* an fiadbar w- f* bar. Ad draw hot i.Tbt Pott lAca,a* aall mi H. .*RAEDAUXT, IU Mm uiciKMrra. LHiOKA IIKIK'S THKATKE ? ? LAURA KEKNK'H THEATER. GREAT Bt'lV? UKHAT BUOC1 OHIAT BU0CK88 <; rkat ruocbw gkhat hugcmib GREAT tUOCIM OKRaT iccoHl or THE HKw amd BKArrtrn^ MKW AMD BEAUTIFUL NKW AMD URAUnPDU MKW AMD BEAUTIFUL * MKW AND MUHHH ?MMH BEAUTIFUL NEW AMD _ FIT* ACT DRAMA, riVR ACT DRAMA, FIVE ACT DRAMA. FIVE ACT DRAMA, FIVE ACT DRAMA, FIVE ACT DRAMA, FIVR ACT DRAMA, Br T. B. Da Waldex, Esq, etlM the MONKET MOT, MONK KT ROT, MONKEY BOT, MONKET HOT, MONKKT HOT, MONKEY BOT, MQMKET BOT, MONIBY HOT, MONKEY BOT, MONKET BOT, WHICH WILL BE REPEATED EVERT NIGHT TILL FURTHER ROTICB. mt the following power!ol cut: Fterre Benaud, a convict Mr. M. W. Oouldoek Jacques Reoand, Ua eoo?the Mooter Boy. .MM* Laara Keeee 1 aciee Uerard, a palmer Mr. H. F. Daly 7twe?h 0 Burnett The Boa. H. Bpooner T. B. Johnetaa "" ...a Pctera ieupln D. Leeeoo Maurice Lariat Oar rata Bernard Paul r G. Harlot Racial Linear* La Jeune Arthur A conjuror Hartham A blind hub 'Union Jomph Go liiW Mathlaa H aery ogtcer of polka... Olnonul La Nolr, chimney aweep Mlaa Jaaeptone Henry la Bent, chteney aweep Meater Oliver Wren FauveUe Mlaa PuUy Marahah . - JT L Rove Mra. J. H Madvm Mignonette Mra H. Vlnlng ty Hough Ooralie Mra Lotty _ Diana Mlaa Oowald Madam La Bridgw Mlaa KvaraR 8TM0PSIB OP BCBMBRT AMD INCIDENTS. ACT FIRST, rtvaaa inigFi aaora*. A eoertvtol party. the Mat bowl of poach; Farit aa earthly paradlae; aa fnoooaolabla widow; tear* a woaaao'a heritage; a weeping (team engine; the milord mem TO SEA I TO lEAl The 'nvltatloa; aa old friend; a dlaclple Of temperance; e ?eight (USereoce Of opinion; arOatlc Ufa. THB STOAT Of A rnoec hah or Twamt rml Tenth'a aapiratioaa; the dream of a youthful hmrt; hew women ere woe. LOTA Aim MAHOme. Porarty'a dtaappotnuaeal, forgatfiiMem of the peat; aew reeolree. THE MTWM A* riTPtrt SHAIKH. The poller of aentleel lore; the laet toaet, the elgaal gam THE COATICT'i VACATE. A bnnt after e erimloal; e long liuprtaoaaaeal: the lam fare well; the aalior'i departure; good eight, unavailing r eg rata; a remlnlannaea of the paM; aa Interrnpttoa. panned by the peemntry nod ndtoera. TAcea aartroa ?? the unr. The tela ef eeeepe, brand/; Luaien'e dagnM; jnatloe ill forgiveness; eaa avttal roe nmwnor. The appeal denied; the MM hope, Pierre ? tale Of wealth. thb (.heat Tuninoe; The aeeret revealed, the bribe refueed; wealth raiinMil M the prim of honor; might makea right. tbb rraoooLE rot nam; KOAOB TE1OMJ-H A* T, tub THHrraa oerEArma; THE OOATIOX'a MATH; and the act second. ram sots oa boulouas. rartalaa frcttritVc, the Bower gtrla; a UUla aabtei irfnge; the Matlnnery a WOHAH gaovur ABTEB rtTT A HAJT; Ba alwaye later advantage" of ?; an enemy, a father of ee eonsequraee; a enhmaeMaT reaeon why PlohM aonld net he as me hot (bow hbe bother j AOS one ABD jorao. A young man of tee; Jecqnra' painful remambmaoe of BM father, a jolly young carpamer. not quite nineteen yenn old; aimthfalfrtead; Jceha>a ensinflimraiu eel litem ewmeM ttoa, Taupta'a grief; a laarleaa mourner. WBAT'* SEIBT W1TBOOT A HAVE! TOOK I The paM dead, obtlvina. the letter frum New Tort; inwai leWBSa? a I water atyle of diiahlng brandy I TUB lew or armies AO * iw ? lam'inr Mporarr. H M Draga nortm and a horticultural by kvre'e dart, e aew hurtm aad e hortloolturaJ Mud/, roe LOCI (A a we eoam A maa without friaada. Roee'a offering; the alaeder of Roe get; h?w la proaoae nlh? and aatlna aedlhtogo and hmm ate oo at Mean and tolntm; Bra anocomha to bar natural curtonRy. ? AUIAOE OA TRIAL. ' I A Ml|hl rraerranon oh** knooha the II ? HUM gpooaar. H. M. IV ago, off hla plna end thlaga, you know. act tiiirhH ? THE *1 OAT (ITU1 BOOB*. Faylmr the rant. Mongol again, a alight raying tee vent. una?legate; a aught aRareagBa; aaaae Roe of hoeeMy, a unanimous ooaaaatlo Eougot'a departure; why Rongat intra Jasqvra and Roaa; a omtntorfrtl ah; aa embryo mil Una aire. a mrtoar of iMeaaMg men and earnest factum aad km monkey jMgmi rat viarr oni' aoira. A Reaping haasty dMturbad. Joeko's raullattoa, an IU wM; aa ua worthy tauat; Jaeqnra' grief; the laM drop la the cap. JAl'lllB AAOriRD The 1km at b?y, tha alruggla, Rougal dowa; roaa sf ?pvtog pardon in orrav or rap ane aas noaaa*. Good night, a Bti* dandy; Jaeqnra v-O hie fort one. an aa eiported guam. Penrose up la tha warid, " PlikM la a new aha eanoa aas iwqsi Itianro warned f * a long took ahead lh? Hue hoymonr ?power, H. M. Draga, tumblra up but (Mean t Hke It, yoa know; a Mud rail for Tonrtcra orate. Urn alraptag hraoty dm turned again: a bH of a bird bat am aa owl. yva know, advtra saaeagm; a tohan of forgtvenara. Rcigol and Roaa, hypowi Sral rapontaseo: Roaa dvradrad br Rragot'g falooWTebo groape at a atrmw to rave Jaaqnaa; the blind maa'a dlraatl ura; raav^'lllAin i< ma an un-,k>oet?l lalmi i|igte[MM Tor r???d iwt ,ro urn. Tha tela ef Fi*rr*'a earapo: the antra and joweto of tha ?ra te rod man cmuled In HrtUaay; Plorro daparta to rara La Moa Gerard a cruel dead. Jochn'a death; Jaoqura' grimtol tha daatb of toalavorSe, tadtgaaims if tteewle; dtoaerory ef ths jAoatrag' attace em appear. A retoa frara tha piagali to the praaeat aaaaaaaa roca rtTaaa'a rars. res tiuuiw earaugv. MIT FOURTH, irciajr'i ones. A amall rard party-ran maa t racMy ae goad ra aaoUtortai the lam Jtoyawiar Ppnnnar, H. M Drago. and BM '^ghn3 and ham: Fiehot. tha cup lioaiar, almhrd ih- rannf man 1 plavtng bAtrar Ihnn danning; the araalh-g probe t.>* fl..w*r glrl'a aobla rraSa Booond*d, the flower girPa ?r>bla romuath-n, wki'll hop, toroot oroniod vinlotm a pwiaraSI ? ef orarriago, nohrt w a hlmkt a brtdo; Me Horn Vywr or Rpoonar. H M OvMk mloara Faovvoto; a wratra lln. a fable and taeooMuMaa a droam of Ttrtoa, a lady rhetor. rna ao*a or erne ft I ngoo'e honan; Uto totorrirar?Rnan amensded; toeprar pored by to* ravoiadrm of tha WwlS; Mi Btraarnem to Rraei MrWaappeat?the aoowal of nruoo tea oor tict'i rows. Leeiaa'a )oy. "?miwr* TUP ABTWT'i Anwo IH BEIfTATT. Rornaad and ha; plnau raco mora; lmrlra a grral ralntor, a raogtra* la dtoraira; Rnogot toang ; the wadrtag f aHigtoi Lemon, the Roaa of ML iToimrT tn HArrr rag Rear's fori una rogalaod. a rati aato nrnago hlresnora wesleBt S weedtag drora. Jacqcra' watnhfaJ rata tf hM laaaae falter. j icq era aav rtr?HA The iimmqeeeBm of trtnto; Rraow mue dMqnSStaa ce the trader [IIIera, her tore fur Lertoo and 'ai |?ra Iraqeee Mra for Era*. Jarqora gntog away. ?kb boa. aob. terooTV v rune ee, a heahaad. themnrraf the pes Fichu agate; ewad e Mid op la Urorator-S M hronght ml for pr.avol oMBad Barnard an aaravoroad rwintra. Lucira aad hto early frirado. the wedding rwrtc, Ronrt-kte ptoe to eh taio the i ?meted ivoemwe-ie eotta Ftorrw. Deraar; me ereeedBmitoleedtho Issna ? gtee: the toeveure. ^^^^^^?^raneewr irt MHMmmi^^^^ra ^^^^^^Hnrrora the iiriM *?* rue boat. yo Uto pimoeo^ * g'rrray hrfatgo Us ora toe prammM poor Janqura ra the tract: Rnogot fulo to Bad the in . . Jawiora arrirra in geard Ma fathere tgtnrs TH. BRnjUANT TERM I NATION OF flBTB. "?"?-aswmrfi oumu AMI mvmor _ MR Til .MA* AAgHR. Alan aPw ??Mm eolratiraa from ''Drm Glil'SmM," "Rahmi UlaMe." '"Ira Hqararto," wad Uto "CMId oI too Sagl a uundrtriH ? Wollora'c how I H?or* nf "Lovura aad HiAi.UA ..nrorr,-o.c Th.Tn,?r?re, for enroot e /Mtoe rMnilwMS MMteSte^s T.-S.VSCJ. toera will be an Faroe. IVrwo npra M eeros Vetoefe; mo dorm la aekhw prepertMs. s aew three am Onraady by Tom A "? "ill he epoedtty prndnoed ee ractrotr I?-*o?a rg grral powor and enrol -ora'-w-c ?? nee I the Vawwl rarvean re ??t i ?- Fit AT,HI, ?o no a o ? f T. Mira (ra?e wfll eay the aharo mro to too Amorteas drams W toe ham curat dy is three ^wwo5s Ageuo4i ooc*i* at son AWUNKBIlCIfTS. ACADEMY or MrSIC?PURITANI?PATTI. To night (WEDNESDAY). Sept IS. at 8 o'atocfc. Mia* ADKLINA PaTTI. Id her admirable rote m KKira. This iWRDNEBDAY) EVENING), Sept U, only night ?C Bellini's favorite Ope i d of I PURITANI. with Ike following immense star <???< ? Mm ADELLNA PATTI io her met role of EMlt. Bill. HR 1(1 NOLI Bit). AMODIO . BIO HURINI as deorgto Musical Director and Cmductor 810. HVBt Tomorrow (THURSDAY), Sept 13, MME. ADSL AIDS OORT&I Id her celebrated role of Violetu. la Verdl'D popnlar opart *t LA TKAVfATA. MME ADKLAIDK CORTRbl, ?10. MU8IANI, klO. AMODIO. In the principal roiee. Moalr.l director and condtiotor MAX KUMK In acUre preparation. Verdl'a celebrated .mora of THE SICILIAN VESPERS. , PRICES OP ADMISSION. Admiral on lo peruuette, parouelte ctrcie mm Reserved aetU jo < Private b<> tea (accordla* to ?ze and lo-atioo) M le 18* ' cfrcl? 80 cenia I Amphitheatre IS oeafcg . ?ela,"of baketa for I PURITAN I and lor LA TKAtt ATA Will commence thla morning. it a o'clock, at the otlre of Acadamt of Maalc: at BtbiTTe ataUouery store, UM Mreel. and ?IBreudny'a TBI Broadway. "DOWERY TIIKATRK. Jj Oeo. Wood ? . LAST NIOHT of the esquislte play, A WINTER'S TALE, which < ire at scrcRsa. Mr. J. W. Wallack. Jr u Kink Mr*. J. W. Wallack, Jr aa 'tueeuH WEDNESDAY EVKNINO, Sept. 12. 1380. WINTER'S TALE. MANIAC LOTTtE. H OOLBT A CAMPBELL'S MINSTRELS. ?HOOLET A CAM PBELI.'S MINSTRELS. IKK)LET A CAMPBELL'S MINSTRfCLR ? NIHLOH BAI.CON, NIBLO'S HALOON.l E. M. Hooley, 8. 0. Campbell A O. W. Ortttn MONDAY EVENING, September 10, end every rirrn wees, fifth wkkk. MEW FEATUKRS, NEW FEATURES. SCHOTISCH A LA KAINTROCK. ARRIVAL OF THE PRINCE OF WALK BURLESQUE STUMP SPEECH. COLORED CAVALIER. ITALIAN AIRS BT NATIVE ARTISTE. RETURNED CALIFORNIANS. _ New boegm, Dueu, Choruaaee. Sc., Ae. Doore open ai 7. to oommenre at 8. Tickets IB oeeM OPERATIC NOTICE. Hmw DOMCOEICO ROR7.ANI, lmpreaaarlo of the Imperial and royal theatraa of Europe, end mow leaaea of 1Mb Orleans Theatre. N. O., hae Ike honor lo aunounce that ha had engaged, fbr the regular aeaeon. the following artirt* ?Mn damea EVKR8, D'ORMY; Htgnorl SBEIOLlA IPPOI.IT9 end COLETTI; Signor NIOOIAO, Mnatcel Dtreelor and Oma doetor. and other* from Europe. He la alio haupy to announce the poaetblltty to oontraet a* eagagemr at with Mr. 8BEVADI0, Manager of the OorteDI Italian Opera, for e limited number of performanoee. wWh Iha follow io i sum ? MADAME ADELAIDE CORTEST, the great lvri<- tragi dieune. hlUNOR MUSI AN I, the famous tenor. SIUNOK AMODIO. the popular and favorite barltono. BLONDIN NOWHERE?HABKT LESLIE WILL MAM e grand Rope Aaoemdoo at Chaafraa'a Atlantin Q?<m Hoboken, over the water from Ooady'a dork to the top of der rick on SuapenMon Bridge, a dlatanoe of MO feel and UO feel high, aa Wi lemday afternoon. Sept. 18, el AM o'clook, arntoad by Meaare. Imwla and ChrtMy In varloua gnniaetie feeM. Ad mlaalan to the garden free. CUANFEAU. flig'SSi bw*8 GARDEN, A AS. M. NIXON .Hole Leaaea I MR. FORREST'S ENaAOEMKNT. Nortec ?The ladies and geaUaaMn eegaged are to meet la the greem mom on Thureday, Bepi. IS, p< for Urn opening op Monday . the ITth. V E CLARKE Stage PALACE OARDEE. CITAMORBOYLOP CITAMORHCTLOP CITAMOBHCTLOP PALACE GARDEN PALACE OARDEN PALACE MU81G "ll-l. OPENINO NIGHT. OPENrNO MflflT. WKDNKSDAT, September II. ead every Ailenmon emd Evening. FOR TEN DATS ONLY Thaae BEAUTIFUL rKODUCTlONS Motaia Over ?n FWURKd, Over 400 FIOURBB. Over 4tt) HoI'KSt ead the are taken (n?u the bialrry of the ANkHICAM EEIOLUTION. ANRHIOAN REVOLUTION. AMERICAN REVOLUTION. Rrtlltent Mnatn, Witty I Brilliant Mttalc, Witty 1 Unmeet Mnaic, Wiuy 1 AdaWoo 23 eeota. Children under It. 13 seats. Do** open at 7k; Bikihttlnn ?l 81' Afternoon Ethialuoae for FaabUst and t'hi.lrea t oo Thureday, 13th, at 3 o c..x?. N IJMO'8 OABDRN. Jantra M. MUan............ ....... AOCTION UIJ ORCHESTRA CHAIRS AND PEIPATB BOIES, OK THURSDAY aPTKBMOOK, At SJ.o'r'ork. la the \ oatlbuir of NlMo'o Oardaw. BALK rOR CHOICE Of PRIVATE BOX KB AKD OM CliJWTBA HATS fob tub HUT AI'PKaKANOM THTB REASON Of KOWIN FOKKKaT, AT ftlBUMi GARDEN, WHICH TAKH PLACI OH MONDAT E1BNINO. THE I7TH INtf. ( iwib* to tbr nnprrrod'-ntod drtojnd bj Irttw tad fraai Ma uions bokoli to w-iirr Haota. Mr Niton (birwo <A ptooM ??nry ourmu r?iu?l fo.*toE> tuu dwM<4 to p :t up lor ptok Ur cataprllUon tba rhnk r fonrlaaa Prinm Itun ud W 0 < Ihwtb HOMto. a/tor wbtrk Um romatDlu uaaoid Baato will bo dtapoaad of at tie boo uAco aa ooual, to too am appUoaaEa. HOOLBT A CAMPBELLS MINSTEELR liOOLKf A I AMPUKLL'E MISbTBKUL HOOLBT A t AXPHK X'I MINMTRBl ft MRU'S SALOON- NIBLO'b HA LOO*. BILLY BIRCH II BBKAE NECK ACT. UNKWoRTH * HCRLRSOCK STCME *p|Bi'0 BILLY Bill' H H BRr Ak NK' K ACT UKHWORTU S Bl HIJBkj'T STl'MP RPEWML Oa trvOrwaa Hit. o? **t Othii Mas. __ HAVK MADE.THBORBATKST HIT. ORBATBET HIT ORBAIWT Rf r\ KR ENoW* EVER KNOW* BVKB ESOWW la tba aaaala of Um profaatoa. Or aaj otbar man iW tkooa A' ADKMY OP MOSIC ?TBA'1 ATA?OORTRAI TOMORROW MERINO 'Tbnmltfi, Baal. U, all. Mar AJIILAIPB''OBfE-H la bar oatobratoE roto nf Ymiaito to Yordi a popular oparaof LA TBAVIATA. Mas ADELAIDE OOBTBBT. MCSIANI, M? AMOOpM, la tbo principal (barariora. Motor*! Dlrarto- and ' owlurlar Tbo Mlo of aaato for Trariata < thrar IMAM nOnra la adl'? prop%raMoo YonM'a relebraieA eweea of TUB HICIUAK lABPBJU. A MKRICA* CONCERT MALL. A. AMBRTl'AN CONOXRT UAIA> 444 BROADWAY. 444 BROADWAT. Tba larpaai i'.?r?t Hall to to* WW. oapablo of aaaatoc T1IRFE tBOCRANTI WoTOT ~ I'rtaaatoE to tbr pnblw a mwiMaoltoa of talaat tad IJ thai raiinnt bo a>| taiird bp aa world, aad tbr rrnrra' rflrr. of _ , oilior to tbo oRp. Tbr fol.. wit (trail wis appro/ _ EVERT rvRNTWB : MR U BDf HONE, ? Tbo eaiabratrd Etb?-t>.an DrUnaaMr aad Baa.-oM. MR KHZT ONBTL Tba boat trlob ? ? alia a aad Tafil ita Um world. MR M MrbRMNA. TRt'PflltoOB A. NIUHRJA MR HILLY QCINV. MM. W ALLEN, MR WYJICBOLLB, MR 1. main '4 MR. r. niiaw. moms, la thoIm. MIRB CLARA HaRRINoTOV, Tba Aorrraa N rtoinnlr. MIMA EMMA rRi'TlmriiuAM. Tb?* uaiM of (Mb|. MISS EMILT LAM AIR. MIM*A**T TTfONAOW. MIM I.IXtir WIICLT'.. MIE4 JtMNf CH??TInE, MINR JIHA CBIMHNN MI* MATILDA * HOLft, MM RATE 114MILTON MIME JULIA HAMILTOW. A bow of aMrn too inawi't to aamlMR. | t, BrftlR Pr r-btr. MOMS. LA TftiJEM. Aaata Mawa?ar. Bowkrt tiieatrb-extra. Omrrr W./id Wai trs op .ad.ra rtbr Ra. r tpi.? la W lloLLABD. s?a?e I w, H*M1 u a. M. aad i* 'IW TOMKKR RTADT THEATRE, r HI iWEET. I BBNErir f.r marie RBi. Mi. I'lB TAI.RNTIRE, Braaaa bp il'iMr PraRaR oo BT E CAMPRRt.t/R RIN-TRRIN Ortfla. ProrWdMiM TTC II NIBLOE SALOON. R M Hootor ? c Campba.i aod O. W. the BttEsrLrtnNo. LAVhMIEM 1*1 rTTNO. M R*H PBOTOCUW RCBOTTTBCWE A LA EAINTVCR. S< IHnTlBCDE A LA EAINTDCE. ipgrai A LA RAINTOOK. Bp BILLT BOCK aod MANTRA RT'OKMR. Bock aad>t??*N* audi aod BuuMwa Btmrad at(M'r, wit* t atptoa of kaada, WAiapt.14 of faa4. a* 1 IAoAMar aod Aaafoatod t TB^UM OB BXUIBjTjyN *1 THE NTOTTBUEW Nt> MA Brtodwap. Opro^day^agd r^aaioa M^abTnTof Ibr AooMtf mlr wRl bo bAwtcad WRWtuf anaraa aa tiblMMBOf too awVrt frbn, wtui to aM traiiMaralaa TMMHA4 BrrpAM OWMtoWto wRl rarabro ttrAato Of WWW laoMaa to tba Aortrtr a arauo Hallorf of Art. tomj araaaaa aoratraf BraMtyw. pRRI'K BICE DK PBTSTEM. i mmvm !( r MARAOBM MB. AND MRS W. H WMTOB^ THE IOV NO tRIBH BJf TANKAB OIBI. Arr aaw ir?dr to f-iUli mip""' 4 Mar ?*T . wtah im til 1 'to ??b TMts T tt.Bb Cap coop|jt Tbr pr? ,/?a rapr-a .awrrM too Pomlsr*Rp? "f trbi.and asp aoBRK a Wtl flAMAJMEym c ' "XRB ' *'D 4 IR ??*'? "** tWI.

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