Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 14, 1860, Page 10

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 14, 1860 Page 10
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KWBL1CJ' J BATtriClTIOB BEnillli. Imu,. Hi the Covpfr Institute. ftj 4S?*Y SNraUEllSM, y Jto *tottiDfttioo K?pntht4Ui 8t?te Cl?Urw Eatfiml by Awlwatftn. Turchligbt Procession the Wide Awakes. Proline Display of Fireworks, Blue ligfrti, Roman handles and Rockets. MITIMR MEETINGS AND EXCITEMENT. twr.t; loagi, -fountain Dim, Caaoouv Flogs Baaoers Mottott, Devils *t. Ac. Ac A repub.?TLn rnl'O' UkiB iiim> up wae *il wight at Cleo,>er hMltnti el which he i*te ?ieo ?orai ticket noK.iUHi'<U at recuse wee ratXcd by the eeclamft' ion of an immeiiee gathering of fe unierrtfled republicans Uwg before the hour a', which lbs proceeding* ware {? ui-d the lower ball of the ?Mlluie waa dtneety cro-.ued, wnue ever and anon tb? amain* of music from approach og bands of man belong ing lo the Tan oof republican ward claba of Now York, fbouklyo ard Fill'e ?b .rg, \t i ie Awaae eiuba, Ac, wore heard UciuiideraCle .ir,patience w?a manifested by these who bed early 6 led the hall at the delay la the tmooedingr bat this iraa confined to stamp ng of feet, awd eueti occasional oa'.la aa tbe unterrlfled are wool to indulge in. One of '.he great feature* in the ball waa tbe number and variety of the flag*. omblema, dericee, mot WW, he., which garntebad the froal and roar of tbo plat bra. An additional now feature, too, waa the preoence Of a eoMtderabte Dumber tl Alies, and, m J In ntw << ? ?ilibgnrnj art* ng from to ah a rraeeooe, waa tbe anther novel appearance of two h.gfaly burn shod piece# at ordnance, bear og tbo names respectively of Vermont and Maine, m honor, pon bly. of tbe republican character af the Or ten Mountain and I. ember Btabo tbe application ?f the title from tbla cause waa pretty oridont fro a two af tbe mot lore on the walla?"Vermont, aa usual, repnb .Jaaa all over," and "AJ ball, Ma ne at,OOP ma/or ty.'' ?mtdes tbe dense throng which Oiled up to a perfect jam ?he largo hail, there were platforms arreted outside the hulMmg? one in frrcnt of Clinton Ball, a locoed at the uarner of Fourth arenoe and Kigbtb atroat, sod a th.rd at tte tamer of Third avern.o and Aator place?from wh.cb nrge assemblages ware addressed by tpeeker* appointed *? the purpose it tbsee itanda the entertainments o" tbe eves lag wer* of a varied cutraeter, cor.? of ad ?seeera, moa,o by tbe bauds, ringing by tbe I'rair e ?nngaieru and by th* Rocky Mountain Glee 'Jlnb, choruses My the as terrified, Ac. PIOOBATIOVS or TIT* HALL. Cki the wall at tbe back of the platform, Mnoat tbe entire wngtt, * ere two large Curs tbe cue on Mte hit being tbe jjmti<.A* nnnasat ruts " /Ar/y^Ar(J the ether? rrrO > ihag reprretalaic lb? arm* of iba c>ty o New Yora? ( motto. Mcetsior. ' | tin either a da of tbeo* i aga -ere mourns and ei I recta Mem Clay and L oi '*1a, to which references ears made by thesienkarv dot og dcefsnjig ap,>'auae >em tfca aodienoe. On tbe left waa the more in .urge characters, "ruaii ton mu w " * Ban?Ui, I "l?lia tMfe faitr that riant luUM Might. tn I u> i that taiu let tit to toe md ilare to do our duljr m we j J Bidenlat d t "? ahrotiiiw imooi w \ On tbo r'rbt ?u the BCtto? | "Ka?ix>n K?r, >a?i ano Kuimi f?tt." ) "O Baa?lb, J '?*? tor)t m bod all ? ibu *Ital Car?ut to ttow 1 itlirH<!i mjr "? i r * ver, niter. nt-tor, l>y $ I word or 4?1, bjr h i; I . ? w a. : u a iiu tiii ,? t ; ^ rt? o if >"o trrr t i / to ;t?c eT?f:* coroo of ba-I ] n>l bctnUf* "?C'i; ( , ?KIMMn.KU./rKrwrWOXKOOIKm.WKH.WtJ In front of it' (? at kirn woo ouepeodad a banner, boar id Ute foltoa Ida Bottc r ? KS?lnl *." Patm-T or Ma fawino bcorali., tfc< 9,lit t., o and 1 .tort)?Cutset j?U; at;, a v??jM .u at, c power oa ost oft j power bow and fororer." j On the r gbt of Uij a ngpoud banner, boar n* U>e foi ira Ira ? iKowttn or t.o Moaoaa ? Aboro, Uie wart'.a fifteenth Ward Republican t Aaaootatioo ' Bol alb--Same.. or republican caadi } datrn 'or rent r and J .rutenant iroveroor, wnh> jtbeworde Cuoetitut on and freedom OB Uio wal.a were cetera! other not ion, aucb u? I ' m >i i ti n?aari x n tui 'jn >u OOP | ^ ^ *? taawont an matt?nnt t suian au ornn." | btwfri the to nana on tbe right and loft of the pint Bra ??r? btaw d two ?"> pi und.-r bra? guno to tbe left? ^ ^ ^ rnnn.tirf. | to the right? jrr 3 S3 J"J JJ jj . j ,r . artntno rmocnonma. Tto marili.( mat aaLad to ord?w by TV. Dar'al roao-?r, ?l? iobjUm) u ir--a.dxc oflorr ratotmh R far-It, **l . aa<1 Jet ft C. ! '.?cbn#; , vaq Vlor rrumdopt. Tto ? MMlBt-llafit war* ra*.f.?d by w-rl*r at**. IV mm" of v. m f-oa.derta of tu inw t ty norr ttoo J T*rad aod ?ppr>T?d Hi* m*?tina of tto> cimm < f tbo lotto* r( t*LI '?>"* fldlW otrk'l app*>.M ? How. Bam ?'mb. Wm I' I'rartd, l-sory# >p.|ykr Hon. Ifuork If. Or in aril, WitllM Oru No ft. Dot J Ib.diry <44, 'twt'oa [tr?prr bad Hoc B- ?j f UiBterro. Tt- ifiuiia ii ot ??*/? at. a wok- It ?a .-ollOod Hi pu?:B?fT'a *f?rw, Mi rant itoti t to addrtwa tit* of H i talimMna to tbo otrri.- a t ri,uhllu "Ami* "MOtora drrw torth (Moral Ml' ?'?? from IV" an iwt.w, but (tin bo MoaHoard lb" nam* of Mr barton IV" mro'-or f*tlior *ir t trmad aad m' Uodoo oimi: an?Mm no rat of M U??io eua tommy for a am, m ?*tn.i m it wm ?a*r at J of at ayaia. *r Hor t #t?<bo ao futlowi ? I thank y?a. (aaUinioa, far I'm b.uor wh"h yoa bar# ?iforrad atom am by y<"ir r Am thM oaaalar Wo aro m m to ratify Urn %ri?o of lb- RafmMwvui i^oto Gnaarci I ? lalrly ooa*M?>l at Byrafapa, aad a Ion uag to m _ a* If approTa Of thM rrao! it: ?( Of tbo lUmiblioaa V., ooal Ua?at'..B Vd anVaf1 <*pp.a.oo) Km r ra Vf( tbra# trip-rlai t aobyocta tk ? M ao ard nary pnlt tMal anaatiaf M'aiaUra -wraoqarooM ara to no a from u* a tb'OOfb"# oMottor . aod tN?y a II raoal** a p. wop. ,, ,, ta uioa *?* ?k? pr-rrod t, a of thM PMat.ay Tha V an platform * haaod oa bal c?-jmrra . ? . a ariplo* WbMfa '"MMRf khrtumlt oe to Ma I a. rai l awaaofetary yowl ??? <*?/ a a i? country, | *tt tkr ?^k?uI Uo ?rlK)? ei?.l..od world. (Omoa.) bad wa trrarai, aa raaiidama for offhrn, wm a ho ara #r ad o prtaripfo, Urn amwod tr -ada <4 lb" rcnai i..u.,a | ae? UatnA f ? ' * **M M ?rt r?^-"a"7 ?? BMlaiaia?( o m p itolata <'omorn ) Wo Ird in tbo nppa^ry pan ?? , diororOaat pnaciplM afcatwl by orpadlraot adttramd ] >! it a of d'xortaol foal rgw. am tg atom ara Urn ' ?r? a^d adr bi'acoowri It would wmia ne t W iW .lt for aa V??atmaato ma*" bj aaiw t oa batw* e Mm two. (A ) ItM ant my jiioat,"n to do'* i ran by any at VmJrd raaarao, bat I mnr -l tmm to lb* , proroo-i t(t f l** aroaian a U oat on ma ant too af U o | MMHiMatod naa tot your aoprarai. iCV-ara ) la UtaiaD Mor|? ??(?h*or?)_w? baro a tf'-' man?a la<tow clt aM fcb?wh and mm.mad?a rap MMiifwttrwik W| m*an aa I *?< (r ty?(:,u i *???>? aad w# bara w.u. J ' H*"' - aroar, ba adaa Wid-Na f.-nromi ? rMMt.a* onrrop ..... lA ?ktor) (a Abraham I lonoln? Hoe* rbpoplaa ""*? ***? ? "d" ?* ?rkonw'r-ltMd j dAraag AkiUw t, fmat dw:a on aa] aryo M j< rbico R? Im? fraal ) <*> ?> Mm graml ..jroMma whAib afi. 'J'P^l:<3 aul and ha baa Wi (rwkwwl onopoprat ? *.? ear.a d ??n n ?? afar# rtaMP I "a alll. If r"*''.rl>|W ?*? |?Para mrai lo tbo |>r? p^a whitb . 1 " ' . T* *! Waai..?dtna, Jaflorane, Adapt **"? baraM of IV Ham.lotom. Wh U b* Will . * rftrw ag tha ab'MM wb ?.b bar# crop? Wto a. . " u-,d ffifrttuwl ?? WU* K?f attompi ar.. J'mriartEt;" att i ta prtawip. tOiraPt ( ,t* rtauu of any of U ****> *<** ^ 'M at teui iTilio J?iir f of ?< ' Union. ao<1 '-he jtponBn,Ai ol ftnroln 10 Uc I'rM- 'Mcy vr.'J t>c be tvet t -arantes of id safely tod p*' ibliit - J rirs tor. i?i* * I. Who* then rend toe .oltowing ****J0b/Jia ?? BUoirtJ, That Uw ropab'icae ukatora f ,he city ?( New Vork, aa^mbled to r?* * w llie enUM* of u-lS Ropubll oBEUM BlWrtl"', rtwollf iw ? -yvuon. unite id the f< flowing declare: .oec ? 1 Ttiui the uttro ptoceedLiifl of that budy warn emi nently w.soiuid patriotic, tad Ire ertilled to the appro va) and aim.rationed Sincere repuHicaas everywhere. 1 That 'n the (WesoeUUoi'r or the names of Edwin D. Morgan and Robert Campbell for tbe offices, r*?p?-cttvoly. of Governor sd Lie iterant Go .. ? . jvernor, the Ctonrentioa truly reprssmVed a wholeaome aod sahitary publienootl merit, whim imperatively <! mi.r led tbo emphatic vtndi oatioe of fWlhfil public servants, Yotn tho assaattS of venal and tnecrapcbms mot), at tbe hands of the re,nihil can party, and an unreserved submission of '>*ir official acts fcr tb>: oooe?deration of tbe people of the 'Hate. i Thai we accept Governor Morgan ami I.tooAouacl ?icrve?uor Campbell, together witli tbe republican ennil dates of Canal Comralreiorer and TaapecVor of iMato Pri ?one. an repreaentatiree of the pe on plea, policy and m of New fork, or Ita i Vagrlly of the republican party of New fork; of tie devo tiou to tbo welfare of the gr -ai body of tbe poopk, of la reaiatauoe to corrupt ar.d prrfllgate legislation, and of ta dctermuiatlon to recnro for this pr< ud common weal lb a fa thfol and bcncat administration of public trust*. 4 Tbat tbe republioan pari*, having its birth and breeding In a wideepread etovlotion of nqblle duty.. ' re telviug the nourishment and strength of mature and iniiueatial manhood tr.-mi '.hoe- who eympathr.ed wit!) and beli"rod in Ita profi-arlcre ot devoli >n to go?J g-'wrn (mint, and ita iwieJ pledgee, :f ontr istod with powur, to reiorm the ahieeev f corrupt and profligate national Mlmmiitraiiona, hot emphatic worda of on demcaiion for oDclal corrupt!' n, Wber v r it atay have an iiiiur, or whoever may bo la authors and abet i tore 6 That the repob'iean ."tate orti-vra are entitled to tba grat*-: I mub mdationr < I tbe poo,He of the "UU, for Uie ndrllly to the pntli: interests wbi'-h baa characterised their r mrer, and tepeitaUy tor their wise and c-onom1 al management of our public works, whereby the en;* nd.ttiree -on the -anala haro greatly dcoreascd, '.he canal revenues have bern largely augmestod, and the poop'' relieved, to a ci'rtatn eitert, of hur tcnaome tax ation hod wo ro.nt vMt pr de to ttMM r<wuKsof 'b&r M fioo, aa aldttltkical evtdon-e of tbo wiailnm and benefl -ence of the republican policy In th< adrnthlatraMon of the ' gover ometit cf the (Hale. 6 That we avail ov.rselvea of th a ?>?%?? on again to da rlar* our approvr l and adoption of the reaolationa of tbe Hrpoblhan Net iioal Corventkio, held at Chievge, b? cause they clearly and fairly exhibit the fundamental urlnciplen upon which the republican parly of the liiuc iry la bieed. and tbat each day fnrntibea additional ovi decce that tbe republican atandtrd bearers, Jbranan h.ucoln and Ranndial Raman, are n it only IrN, able an 1 wortliy repreaantatlves of thoMi pr ucipler, but are to enj iy tbe opportunity of aaet-rlng their practical recig u i oo in tbe noit uatlonal admlh'slratlon. 1. That the republkao party, peek log to arrest tbe Out rageous prai tloea of tbu pr-pen: naliotal admou trat.on, to r*form ab'iaes wh- h Mtva grown -dmoat Intalwahla under Ita eornpt and corruptirg infloeones, a-ilh no d ji poaltlun to Interfere with the rights, under tbe const.tu lion, of any portion of tbe p?*>p|e or this confederacy, la rut tl?d to the ct-nfldenr- and aupport of all patriotic peo ple, whatever may bare beec their partisan association hitherto, and tbat we earnest'y invito all such to join us ?n the effort new making to pla-e honest men at the bead of tbe federal governraec*, and to revive, in its adminis tration, the prine pki and policy of the fathers of (he re public. 8 That tbe rearulte of tbe elections recently held lu MMiburi, Vermont and Kalne, a?e most grateful to us, ool "Uly because they shew tbe legitimate and growing i strength of tbe principles of tbe republican party among j all r'amea of people, and give assurance of a certain trl omph tor the cause and ltd oandidalee in November, but beca i?e they exhibit tbe justifying fact tbat the charge cf ?e--tionell?ro, so IndusU oosly brought atalnat the sup porters of Lincoln laad Ram I in. Is repudiated with as In Muwocri as In V much -mpbasls In ITiatcmri as In Vermont aod Maine. 9 That while we disclaim, aa nnworthy nf this vast assemblage of republican people, any attempt to awaken opes on the one band, or to aroune rears on the oth*r whi -h the future la not likely to realise, we have no hesi tation in declaring that,da our judgment, there la not a conceivable combination of mrCumatanor* or factions 1 whlcb can deprive tbe nnic'nees of tbe Chicago Coo van t oo of tbe electoral vote of New York; and we now ten der this areuranee. m all sincerity and good, to our political brethren throughout tbe Union We. K. Do re.a moved tbe adoption of tbe resolution. In alb. ?km to the question of slavery, be said that be had met with a cumber of gentlemen wbo had c .me to tbe cord, alon tbat it was time tbe agitation of tbe alavery qucetton tbuuld ccaae. It waa proponed that individuals of all parties who fait dee roue to give their voice against tbe further agitation cf tbe slave question should unite, and in furtherance of these view*, two honorable men? Hell and Everett?were nominated. He toll willing to euuid by '.b"m. and felt a deep Interest In the re sult. Btt yet (oonliruod Mr. P ) I waa a ftwe mas not to be roll as s slave. (loud cheers) Above all things, net to be sold to tHepben A Douglas?(renewed cheers and laughter, min gled with groans tor IVtuglaa)?a man with whom 1 have no feeling or aytrrathv?a man whom 1 ocnld net hocr as the President of the United fHates (Ortcs of "That's good," and cheers.) And 1 trust that a great proportion of t4r-- - those honorable and Influential men who met In this room to consider the subject 1 mentioned just now w .11 repudl ntn all sweh conduct aa these wbo pretend to be Wtera have exercised in tbe idea .if selling out tbe Bell and Lre re it men to Doug la* ftp;- ?uae.) I tare gunn bark wHh ail my htarl, and etreng^h ajd energy to trst principles, and I go for the national nomiaec? Lincoln. (Vociferous cii'rrt I Pro Tl<! President time unreduced :? the meeting Mr James O. l"utnam. eric?rn or hon. jaw O. rrffixu. Xr Pvrsas said ?i.enUem. t, Mr. I jxolu * the repre MUI re mm of a groat Idea, an idoa * hich kite repsbli cm party It organised to Taer* la ine;?i?a?mn iu w.c moral clement which your ibou/nt W* ar<> -nlrncf upor. a campaign not of fiery pnmior., but of deep eonrictMMi. and that onaelotion centering n il npun taUrceU merely materia , or related tImply to money hi-nt rr. hut la the better, the nobler, the dir.n.r elementa of the tinman aoul. It a a moral aa well aa a political too troicrey In which we arc -mbarkid. rihall labor, the i uer gy that | rea Talue to ail material th luge, constitute a rul try ? iimeat in the yal to be created Hiatea, be a re.** .ired aaa reap* etc J power, bar lag open to it all the area ?a cf wealth, cull ire and ooneideratwia, or alutll .1 come under the law of neate, wear the badge of dishonor and tbua ttacd ehorn of the (lory with which Hod endow led Uf Nay m.>r?, ehall the o'.J ?n?ic?, ahall the State of New York, wboee laetiuttoaa are all the outgrowth of tree labor, whoa" (real heart has for fifty yeara : heat a ijn.j ; > with l!.e proai ??it ? thought of the eg*, erase her nob* ?1 realtor from her eacutcheoaf Hhall aba eubetilute In the placaof the tioddeaa of Lioerty, wboee imag- her eecub heoo bean, the chains and maut ' flea of human bondage After moatba nf diacumieo in Ute fctrrai Coarertloo. n "UP Contentions, and in the pr taar r assemblies of the people, the glorious I'd too rose mighty and reepiee-'eot, U>e remit M am cable MM etooi and aljoMmenta, sacred and mnolabir then, sacred and capable now and lore Tar The threa Iflh rapes *< elali 10 la Cbagros of those holding the sere 1? reia ? ion the keeping open the > tare trade until ISO* the pro >e n for the return of rug ill em from labor, meaning escaped ilarea, with tuch other rights as the common law tr.ea in fares throughout the 00entry owuld inrra. that in tercet?theae were the ohief rights guarant - ... ^ ^ and securail by lbs I'edaral to tha laakUu ttoa of tlaeery. Thee* art tha stlpvdatlooa .a the federal bond which our fstbara pledged Mew Yorfc la all I .me to come to uaalnta.n 4b* always will asaiatalu Sbem aha will sersr ooaeult either her passions or her human ly, who oailed tods barge this sacred debt to il" pin her b nor fa lb is the base of all human ornfl lencr and of ar< free empire And as aa tndi T'U. man I unite with you m tha can rasa, because I flo t ?*. th" threshold o, TOW organ.<?l >0 a sacred pledge of It moral and political power to malouia ISTMUaie the rights of the elates, leariog to them the amplest egeretoe of crery right which, under the federal constitution, per ta:na to eorereiguty. berauee you have pledge 1 the peer, r ->f the goTerumeat. if you shail seer be la?ugt?< w . . tu put down all; invse oaa, from with out, of the alaTe Stakes, aad to punsb as "the grar.wt of er men," such foray* upon their p-noe. bNutuac. further mor*. 1 tod ta tba win wbo la U r'ra d'fet'oo to the pri Tj of | oar admin .atration of tho i^uimI ? man ?boa* mrj arnlimatit aa<l act, la prtrata and ta public lifa, Inn. natrato bin lore of tha fadaraJ Ualou, and ha fidelity to all tho balaarm and onntpmrrlaaa of lb? nnaatl (Applaud# ) GonUaaaoti. wby la Ik* rlamry <,uoMk o. Norti, an I ML lh- pra ? ralandt ooo, tob mara ot tor a lima ?r?ry tbor public <(0aa?tnn? I th'nk I do not mwrtata It, ?h-n 1 rar that *t '.a brwu-a tb? oocirolltng part of I ha alaro Ictortnt la altampimg to rwroHttonl-d tha who la tbanry { an 1 practto of lb? gorrrnmont '? '<? flat oaa to that ?cat i tut wo. and u>- I-morrat.e party baa hiity nmnir.itad It* if aa tka mntrnaaant to ormrammarag tbat ramiuttaa. To bam tba fadara) goraramant raongrlaa and ' rlaTTv na a national. not a Inral laat'urnn. a? tha cma tton air ir.TTatl add aot of mratotpal law, that t may ai. ? r auch rrr>,l?t on and ;f tarlton obtain a fwAhold la Ijwiac pta, and ta fact, a all our tori tonal d>m?ir, and by toa-Mmi ooaao<|u*ooi' o llgf Mau of lb" t'aioa abwa ib? maato aiay plaaaa to U-andport hM alaro?Ibid. I aay, la a rmotat iaary dortnat la addition to ibia, li la tba Mat ?d pnrpoaaofa up u.1 nftnootia imrllaa of tba datrn- -ratio party to ranpan I ha foralga Mara t rail*, and oh tail' n ooita for tta Vmoi .r prnl?rt"ir In tba Trrrlo riaa Tbaaa aaw doctrtran I ran at in tbatr whoia ar J m tba.r b"Uila Tba aiaat'a of tha fbthara Ml npo* tv ahoi'ldatrf of Harry Oar, wb da arary inat.i.rt waa patrt otto, anh from bun ] torn that aaitbar patrtotlara, nor moral d^y.bor laaltr to tba noortit itton mju m m- to rrrrae iar tba aotr Tarr to an, wbaib-r acou'rod hy ?'"t ?a* or tomato. to a araar Wlfb bo ?at t < n tha botont alar of oor finally bimaotf a rapro. I nm.lalira of a ? baa "tata, badaohnad that "no narlhly power abimld r? ra mafca him (ma) aria to J ait nUrory wta?ra alarory do ?n not 'i?t" Th'.g M "toil tarn t Hbo rty Thora ? a,to*bar Not a tin* of ail tba pmeUma ? gj 7f Vr Wabow bft bo omatrymaa?a Ingnoy wh*h I tbay will not will la* dy W par ah?ran ha fonad faanring tba pa lortrtMO. Ho mpudiatod th-m tbroofh tba wbrlnaf tba (tormy ymtrararay waiof. grow not of thn pnnaag. of tbo eompr ommo maaduraa cf two At tbo Urn* tha fadaral 'onotlt wao to-nad 1 baow that, ?? 1 bat# a oi 1y atatad. ?n mngarcta! and other iivrii In tarant* raluar than aaatlt taatn, lad to ta frrniat r. I know that tlaaary tban ho?a no rn?b flat on ti tbo waa'tb and arocomU: qn?a tout of tka g ntbf-a ' i.t-w O* II don* naw tm wdtm T wad torn oath -g. Sow It * ban trod tr 'Hon dr lam par ana w -taaan, per bond, trar* nf Vlf a* ralna. I know aim igb or Imar natar* to too Tr tbat tka buntoHiat ham a fyorr play ? lb or,maa a> **a ban trod dottam than a* II <00 par kaad I know *^ot laaraaan of oar Tarr'U rf war ant anotampiataj frrtnro of tba'r -outtry, tho Tatbara t!d ?n oworah. l*** "b 'Mod bailor tban tboy kaaw Tba npaoo T or aggr-oa vo ?amoBl of our tnttltittoor ha* annaiad to ? tha guraramoat waa orgm.and, tba raot tor. x T'M h? twa?o vba MMiM'ppi and tba ractttc. Iba corto.tul <m w 11 " grow' nadar tba rioraioptag haou of i.'f'f -P tft ita roqu ramaaln, or It wUJ km a whora tbo fa "tar* .aft > 'Bd'r othrrjalilt n It maraoo fbr pm?*i *? lm aid hara hagino .1 a ualiet 'i-r ?i prritdi v b? Twnmi opptoitg foroaa a r? wbiah orar bad aptwarai oa.1 rtar w B, abort if ar. vi i.okl cUog alarroto ftart. '* catf^ *lr " d 'of U.e wet* The , ?r<suy ??y iti.n. w.iii ir.uii p -a| to Icrr w ovre tta 1 aooinflmre tlila cnullvA, <t *pr-saibk- until the coutroverey be Bcitloil, la going on this very hour in every government in kurope. U M .n rur very tu dot, and a.I eroui.d us. Went interest ?hail 1 ?lM|t I be public |*>lisy 1 la Italy, etaU a be the Tope or lite people? la Ung-and, shall It be the landed ar A luorary ood o lew large aggregations of <aplUJ. r j el-all 11 be tbe great body or citizens who bear rob slant,el te BiitUiii the government? la the United States, ihall It be the ntereat ut slave hirer or the interest of tree labor'/ The new Territorial were a great prize for the one or the other. It could not be a di v.ded poeeetskm. Sin very talked aophialiually about the constitution a? it la, aa it continues to talk, knowing full wel that It a the constitution to be at It is aiming. It ou t the < * g' ucy brlaly? repealed the Missouri pvomiae, orut armed men to take possession of tte Terrl U r) , ood, b?\ ing the ftWllW government a iU kao employed all ua power to wreet it permanently fr im freedom. The r-w glove of war waa thrown at the feet "f free .abor. and the conflict began. Opinion met opui.oa, ?tcel clash, d with steel. Kor three yean Koneoe waa the Held for ttio (Iret great, open and bloody conflict for be supremacy ol opposing deee and sy items The govern ment look the Territory from freedom ar.d gave it to squatter r ivcrelgnty Toe guardian of ibe trust waa not equal to the U- k. Freedom wrested It bock from squat ter sovereignty. It was aa fair a straggle aa any straggle which .a to be fought out. 8. la very ioal and freedom won. Now the tactics arc changed. Tbo o il,duality ofnla -cry is <1.mand'd, and a code nf mterveHldn for slavery and of mm interval I hi for freedom. Another gage of liettie. llapiuly, ihu: obe settled by the inset harmless o: all wee, noisatcae M the snow Sate, but hire more po U-utiai itian aiiuis or n.vies. Ifalavry wins in o 2?t? liittonally appointed wuys, gats and keeps control of ibe foveromei t, nelth r yon nor 1 will go mad out of tk s "ntcn, ior i nlte with any const--ratore '?? overthrow !t. The immortal deolarattou decerns our right to lib-rty, but 1 suppose that glv.* aie,as a Citioen of the Untied Blahs, liberty to do what the laws permit. 1 stood by the Inns, wbcher Willi me or against me, with a free man's right to ? 1 ange them S J can when '.bay are agu.nst me. (Applause.) Towards the cose of Mr. Putnam *t re ma run there were repeated dies for "S'burz." S.KKU1 OP CAJU. SC3UR7.. Mr. Cas. "rat sa was w. loomed with kind domohkira I lour el appiutifee. lie spoke a*, great length, dov i.lig t'.mself to an attack upon 11. n Elsphea a. Douglas, vn I a review of ma principles and hu 'ory. We give some ex tracla ? It a a notorious fanl that the rrlends of Ju-'ge Douglas hi the Norther a .'i.ui eotiuit the vote of the peopie on the ground that be boa clone ruoro for the free dom of the TV ml iriea, and .hot ho law truer champion of free Wbor, aud, besia<?, a greater statesman, turn, any living individual. Thus a personal issue la urged upon ua, and we are ready to accept It Tb.- Judge baa his free soil record?what pro slavery man has cot? B it there la hardly a prominenl man in political Uie who turn taken more pains than he to disclaim and apologize for hw car y anil elnrery s> ntimenta In 1X90 the tiwsoarl oompro miae was matst aa ?sacred oomptci between the two sec'.,<ns Cf tne Union. Was Mr. Tawiglaa ever beard to express any donbt aa to the aonstitntioiallty of the Mis souri compromise, so long as it nerved to augment the number Of -lav I Elates? It was to him, aa to ail others, "a seer* da id inviolable compact"-same-ed and inviolable aa the Constitution itself; and he curse--' the "ruU.i-fi hand" that would dare break,It down. When, after the Mex ican war, the Territories acquired (or tnia Un on were to be erganiaed, he waa among the drat and forum is I who advocated the extension of the Missouri Hae across the whole continent. The oaine man who had cur sol xa ruthless the l.tnd tloit would violate the Missouri com promise, ?a long as that compact was bwndcla' lo slavery, tore It down with his own bands as soon as It wss to serva the interests of free labor. And he is tho truest ' champion of freedom." How wood, rful a change' At the '.me when t e prcjioreJ tbs extension -Jl iLe tfiaarcr. line to the Pact tic Omu, he was cither MXV nc d if the unconstitutionality of that compromise or be ana not. If bo waa, how oould be cooac.entloualy piopose the ex W9M and perpetuation .f a measure which 1.) chis ler e.l a crime against the constitution? Wer |hla conacisnoe and bis convictions hashed Into 'ilenee by the nter-wta of -Jtver} Or if be was not, how did't come lo p^ea U,*-. be became so suddenly convinced of that uaooust.'tut.ouslity tne very moment that tho preeorvatlon end e\>v;jtiou of that compromise would lave advanced {the interests of free labor? But Mr. Douglas la still tho "t-ua champion of free labor for lis s?s |?M that the Nebraska bill? the soma measure which breaks down tnc barriers to slavery?will by that very operation introduco free la bor Into the Territories. T?io thing la brought to a practical test. No sooner ta the Nebraska bill no acted,and tho Missouri restriction struck d<?m, than or.-, grar.t aid roe'ellfR are emhiaed m the slat" StalM, eaperinlly In Mlssour', for the purpoei of lctrodncAig slavery Into Kansas. Did be not most tenderly excuse their atrocities on the plea of self-defence, while >t was a note rams fact that their organization bad preceded that of the free ttats men? And, mark well, that '.-am grwlion waa pio a.uvely. Other emigrant aid societies are or pMMb theNor .heni -'talcs lzirro numbers of m'n goto Vansa ?. srm?d, Isad, for Wn dafkata, M < very pioneer will be, but with tb" bona 11c Intention eT a"', tl.og down upon the toll of that Trrrltorv aa pcrmanont inbai iUnta, and while burning bouses and trs a of blood mark the track of the birder rufiar.s, Oourieb og larnif and lad. strioua towna up uu ler the hands af the free Btate men. Do you remember bow often Judge Douglas emptied the visie of hie wrath, sad rust lenarclttiona upoo the ueada <?f free labor iminlgra tioc? Ard.msrk well, that immigration was an tl sla very. A !z-gtslalare is set op by a band of law lees era dtrs?mottle Miaeouriwaa?s -; ap by tue moel atrocioas vlolallone of the ballot box, s? t up in do turtle of all the ralet of coeatHatlonal government; that Iz-glelatare adopts the slave oode of M numi as the laws of Kansas, and wide to tbrm laws so c otiagei'ia In their nature that even NorUwrn -lemoerats quailed nder Ihe appri hrmm Po yon rsmember that Judge Dcuglax naipMlhat|g|Ml tore, allho' gh its criminal or.gla was iranlfest to all. as th? h igbeat la ? g ring auth< r'ty of the Torr Pry and me Uim in t*d by tin id ailhotgn known lo b? ib? ofhipelng of and Holeo*', a* thr valid fa wr of Kurwl Ho you remrmber bow ho deuounr..<d every <we who would col aubail M a rebel and a traitor r And, mark well, bat Lerwlatore ant thee law* were pro aavery Thr no Slate ?r it lor a of Kanaaa, tbco evidently a irkr ma >ority of the nhatmai ta. go to work ui.1 frame a hoc ?lllutton. Tbat ooaatUtitton vaa y >tten up la a way hardij more rregular tbao tbe oo..?tllutMiaa of maoy Slat-a It waeaabmltlrd to a rote of thr people, aod adopted by a large majority. ?0 It wa? presented to Cou?:rt?i. in ynu rin.eaci r that Judge teuglaa found no term of denunciation too rile to oae it agalc t tbat eoartilutloa. and that be ?'.Igmatirr 1 thnee who bad bamed it aa traitnra vtx) moat be atiuc* lowwf And, mark a ell, tbat oooatltutMdi, tbe cbotoe of the people of h .neaa waa anti alavery Speak try of Mr. IV.oglaa't tie lo the cbatapina of pmibr aoverelpnty, ba aaid ?It turca out that Uta popular aeverelgmy fasteoa slavery aauri irirn.oTaDly apou a T-rrttorj aa I >rb ihaa It la 'aateor d ui>? i juth t ur ihoa he, self The people of Carol*aa in the r anrereign caper ly may abollab ?every a Lrn-rar they aee at. Tbe people of jfeneaa la Uieti lerillortai ovodttl a canool The people of Soutb Carol it a bare tbe right to dlrrourage alarrrr by ua friendly kg wtallon. the people of Kasaaa ere W ad to guard and protect the aleve owner ta fa* rlghte, ?nd are restrict* 1 fram paaaiag law* r olatlcg that (bl'gatioa. Th? red. re' governm-nt bet no power lo li.terfbre ,n tenth Carolina, but ae aooo aa Kacraa dare* to disregard the " reatrlctioo." Judge It cglaa, If be ah-<uld bacime Tree, lent of the Unit- d State#, would Hand p'edged to ecforoe tbat rsatr.ot.oe "with promplaew and Odeltt)." And after baring ?truck down tbe freedom of tbe Twer 1 tor we, th* ?? ehaci plon of ""readout ' will ep'a* hen nd th - 1 I." a dee|?>( *m of the Supreme Court, and libe the murderer of ?a'louo, tell you 'bat " Tbou naoa't not aey T did it" But I aay be did do ^ The character of hla doctrine of popular sovereignty wis determined br tbe dec j> on 01? U e .?,(?. wi.ether or not ?li?e or .perty aa aucb o jld be latroduoed Into a Territory before slavery waa em ah liched there by a poelttre act of Terr tor*) .eg aial.oa. Mr. S. next reviewed tbe rr-ocd of Mr. Pouglat jt the Ornate, IB cnoalJerlry b* title lo the character of " grealeat of living atateemee,' aod added ? lb, " greatest ef living rtategmeo," if thou tfnet not know that, every tweet lUe acbooiboy oaa tell thee. Hut there you aoe him IB the falseer of his Igno ranee of this vagi subject. Is the 1. aturily of I* acapa rlty to apprrhead ita merit* " as lord Brougham wiuld style It, attempting to trample down the ouMtituttonal safeguard* wicb eurrnuDd the Mherilea ind the tecurity otiii nation tech Ignorance la .uogeroua wbea oouplod will euob preteeelroa let that , reataat of II*tog date* men" tudy awhile tbe peculiar features which dletin guiab ibe republican g' rernm*ui of Arretr* from th* mcaartbv-.l y.veratreou of the Old World Hie- vportcmty to turn that or. Amor aa I'ree'deat or Sucre Urt "< "late war array lot-ided to be a Ttatlrb Premier i.r a French tmi*mr let hltr. tears to appreciate that system at t oluacr 4 poerr Is our coa t.ict.oe, which it tha prhMdfhl tAfrpuard if oor freedom as 1 mM Bo. dart thtok of ' Inctiiy bin sorb a? he w la the eCoe r<| b.ybe*-t roepoi vPllltT If yea want? eafe m.e to admin - Mr jour lawa. eele.-ttstjr amocy tho?e who urt-rtaed their ?ptr t sot oa? who ts-aaa to ouehi a hi* T're?' tentta! rbalr wttb imperial power" u! wbo would take datirhi o t-aytay like a reckb*. boy. wttb the rfab of Hercolr". Mr. ? , >e ibia naaect.ur. epobe el Mr Deifine' speech o f .ver of the sew srditi n la a If t la ktateubaaabip u subvert the pr -n <? i pp ? of tbe roast tletkM, nndrrwioe the 1 hettlrt if the people, to piece tbe security of tb* j rtd-iai ?t tb? merry of tbe ceatrahiet y-rerr m-nit, thro, taderd, b? ta rat o' the yrratret, ud b'e deaerv a t? h-- erected rde by at le w'th that of the ll' etrioul title I:ae of Roaae tad tha patriotic bii>af of F.-iyiead. I do act f?ar that tt- n *o who made tbe isfar .a -uemi t will he elevated to the niyheat traet lathi* republic, tar a juel fate baa already irrevocably der!are>! ay* oat htm but I do fear that there may be thr. of ui-o who will not bar# rplrlt etioryb to *t ymat./e b ? rtn the r , re pod Ml toe I appeal to yoa, ianiaa freemea. Your bearta oarnot liarbur ih ? ncerv taol.ny of tlltltafl fie the beyiea ul aayra who fare liber tto thi* bad, if pig do art harbor a caree fbr the mar Vbo attempt* to dratroy t? wih hia iaeidloo? aahem-e Sow look at the ?truife cowm.,aearra tat>> whtrb hie rarlety docdriaea iaevtahly leads btm. The torw i; of pre aerTiny elarery for tho sake of l.herty? that I* of pro aeretny the rartety of .Mliietl-wit?wa. toe prtacl naJ yro iad upon which ha ptaeed the nerve, ly of paeeai( htn Owep ra.iy bUi The raae tar who iel e ie thet elaeery mna* be preerrved 'e??) it* ait.set o woald betay about oalformity, which, ta If. t'irt, wo.-'d prwdtnta a rone.-I itted despotic yorersmeot?the name nta advn ataatl ??.r'm i iwann tar-r' - > -r ? wttb tmweia waifldl pat it nana the rmmg of nouec: da Una: par w'thevt the ream of three piepa withedt that ac: ol cmiaoMdatloa, aiar. ry pan sot b? ai. otaiowl. flm rwy a-ewd n* to him must be pe<.?rrad fcj a measure whieb ta wnrereary to pop Par liberty tar 'f? every H set fweewred. antfWta ty wit? raeuc. tad the ! tori ?aof the people w II he ? duper Jr other worde be telia * that the ? itatenoa ef ?!arer, * aao eearr tar Ih* preeerral <t of esy rphM aad llbert red tb-o he telle a* thit a ?r .? re lederei v.>( .-ur r ahleaad . Metre ? or < foe t">.prrew?aM<>c ef slavery The rar ely aad be kept up tar the puepoee o* i a ataiu r.f ef Inert Ma. and wr l b- rM?a at tat be pat dowa tar lb* por pee of ke?r ?i the ver ety We .^re, tatead, tu-e..tly indebted ta Jfc-1 ye Xtauyee. At la?t we bow what slavery a ytxd fiw acd why lis as ttaettap W ae tear p<me hie acr <iee raMo. Fveo :be blast mar., la I ta a..tar.rye, aUJ ita i a eoi thiaa coa rtiatiefi .a the .'tdgea pe ioaopky. Wb >l -uioj ta buffed dnaa Hbuth. an I the whip laoera ee h* bach, the heartolrat iady i *UI tad U * poor tallow . kit be had |ot lobe whipped for the sake of variety iia '(kMr) ?*d ibw t w J Mhi't In the fwret orar, r-mct of Winf wbipptd lor a very gres. pr.ucipie (Kenowod laughtnr ) dud whan lb? Juigs's bul La* paaastl o? u*a c^ucJ lor ,ou the prlmMlIt wherein ts blandly invito* you to orag out your miserable llvie," you will with pride re member the old Roman proverb, "Outct ft decorum <tt pa'.rta mvr\." and improving upon the leal yoa w-;l 'It id mom swestaml honorable to ?si foi >a esulauB, riety's take." T%ie, then, la Judge Doug is*' pni.osopby of ( vernment, not an idea oooasijuaii/ dropped in a t>[>?ecb, Bet hi* great original conception, rt. shal low, itdMdftous, ehilditb nonaenie la what be euipbat. ca'lv proclaima to b? tho fundamental dojtrino uf tie wboie political wsUetn. Ob. Dougiaa dtun <raU, tow proud you mnat feel of your ''greatest stauiamao alivi" Permit me to offer you, .? tbe Dame of toe republican party, our aincereet congratulations. Rut, as to Judge Douglas here] etaml upbefore the gr?t J- ry of tbe eo vtreign people and bricg uy bid of xdtclu. Dt I arraign blm for having changed bia pooitton -n r>gard to tbe M.e soun restriction, time and again, lo tbe int reata of tlnvery. ] arraign bun for bnving broken tbe p glited faith uf the p? "pie by tbe repeal uf tbo compro mise of 1820. 1 arraign Utn for having ut.h- .d tbe must alrocioua vimai one uf tbo ballot box, lor bav ug irauip led upon tnc mon ea.r.jj r.gtta of too people oi Kanrae to xux as the struggle be.woeu freedom and alarery waa tfoablfji. bini P r having cominittod a fraud upon tbe pe< pie bv fbrg ng nrd adulter* ling tbo principle of pc; ?Ur ?ov*reiguty, and maa.'.g it tbe mx:h o<: ofeia very propagandists. 1 arraign k.m fbr having doaoitod the cause ol free Kansas, when tbo poupiehaving complied with all reasonable condit. ,u?, appnsd f .r adir, MSion into the Union. 1 arraign t in f rhaT og repeatedly mado tbo stun pt to dialuib the system of constitutional check* aid talancrs, by placing' the war power tu the bands of the Prn dent. 1 arra gu mm lor having at templed, by bla coeaplracMB. a more outrageous thai, tbo Sedition Law uf 1188, to put the liberties oi speech nod press at tbo mercy of a pollli a! .uqula.luiu, and to make tha jodtetal persecution of oaiatosw affaii urd systtm of p luy I arru.i-u h.m, 'aiitly, for attemptel to pass of! upon tbe people the doctrine* of ! polite*!philosophy, wbicb is an insult to the popular ' understanding. N?, 1 beg your p.rdon, I do not arra'go b;m for that,Tor this a a free oouutry, where everybody has a right to make himself ae ridiculous aa be pietisce, "xub ? i-: ooiy to tbe MMNktftOB : tbe I'u.ted Stair*. ' (Lor. J In tighter ) And yet! arraign biru for that also, for ; protest be bus do r'ght ti mukt tho repibi c ridicu.oua with bim. Hero M the charge. It is ior the puoplu to give tbe verdict Well, after mean exploits, be thought be waa fit to be a dem-urate) caau. late for the Presi dency, and so hat name went before Ibo Charl-ston Convention. But, wrndtrfLl to tuli, tbe whota Bouth ?:-n tlriiiocrniy eerm?rt to te lulled against blm: and I honestly dodaro 1 think -l.? i.ave joaer J..1 wrong. II n gat bavn found a n. i ay-ct and Mas exacting tool, but it oould hardly expect to 2ad a uioio lariog, reck lec? aid unfrupulous or' Oh, Douglas mm, did you not tell oa that when tbo Nebraska Bill was .oucted .hat this law waa the meal cttlriant way of fr"e i ibor Into the Torr tone*' Ha-, a y u not meet s-ilcn.nly assured us every day since UM th.t the prlcclple of popuwr sovereignty, an expounded bv Ur. Douglas, Id most certain y wouid moat certainly save nJ) the Terr torlea from tbo ftasp ol slavery- And now I sdt tboiel Your own mutr asd prophet admlta acknowtodftn, and kMH(flt._ttat this tat e principle gave to eJavry one and one half de grees or latitude u.ore tben It ever olain. d, and that sinoe tbe organization uf th ) American republic not a square foot of fr?e Ti-rritory waa oyer converted into slavo Territory b-it by the sai .e n easure wb cb jrou re; rent ted to usas the greatest and most reha'iio engine ol free Ubv. Yi ur own master anl STSpkat tells y"U .c your own facet, and In th' faoe of all mankind and in the 'ace of posterity, that you have boen lying Mont -lying eviry i" atrociously?lying evi ry day for '.b' lost e.i years. It's was unkind?wm It not, Douglas tee of tbe North? See there your master and prophet,prostrating dimself before the s'ave power? in tho dust, before your proud opponent*I You can no iocger say yoa aland by blm, fbr since tbst day be does not stand up himself, (f you are with blm still there, at tbe foot of tbe slave power, where be Ilea, you lie with htm. And what did the slaveholders do after t e bad so meanly humiliated bnnaelf and pros trated bis friends? Did they smile npon him? Aye, Utey did, with scorn, and said, "Wo loved tby treason well enough, b it we "pum with oootempt tbe traitor;" and there be lies still. Ohl thore la Just ice in history. Hs has at least tbe Idol of bis dreams, tbo object of his fond est wishes, for which be has laid so many a treaaheroua scbi-me, for which he has tamed so many a summersault, forfw htch he bas struck^o n.ony a blow at tho peace of the republic, ft* which he so often prostituted himself and bia followers, for wbioh be bas hogged so many a loafer and loenlted so many so honest man, for which he made ereiy r mshop his headquarters and every ruffian bia friend?be has at last the nomination for the Presi dency?hut what he has craved aa a has come down upon bim aa a curnc; to bo oom.noted, and -now that an election is Impossible I to be voted fir, and to know that every vote for bim Is for Breckinridge or Lane, whom be bates, and every vote agaisst bim a voM fori ncoln. whom be does not h<ve ! To be voted for, and be aware that those who vote fbr h'm work not for bim bet for themselves I To be dead and yet living enough lo be c-nrctous of death Oh, there* jnstice in history. I The same betrayal of tbe free labor cacao?tbe Nebraska Mil, which w?s to be h's stepping stone to power, proved to be tbe abyss which vug nlod b a honor, b s manhood, bis strength and bis hopes. There are Uf-eewbo mean 1 to revs'*, the judgment <f history Vale i: jdsrlr.klng 1 That man Is marked by tbf hand of -eternal retr.button On h e very front stauus tbe fetal U.coh You cannot ssve blm from bi ruin. Wby are yon so eager be share his disgrace? lenders of the Douglas democracy, what mesnr joer tmpty bravado of S'rmgth? Ton cannot de ceive others wby are you wtrk'rg so hard to deceive yourselves? Yon knew that your orators are but en deavor ng to gal vac i/e a d'ad body into art flctal life. Yon are well awar* that your maaa men'log demonstra tions srs nothing but huge lalvaatc batteries at play. What means your desperate attempt to glue your broken fortueew together with tboso of other parties t Do you tb'Bk this is the way to cheat destiny out of its does? is it your ambition to have your descendants real a ibmtis U ry d our days there w r? mto In lkdO utat with lartlnrta so depraved that when lbty could not a-.xim p Mh that which was evil, they endei.vt>rtd, at least, to pretest that ?b. b s? good of kr On ibo scnclusko of Ttr. Scb irx's speech, a veto of thanks was imlled for th* two prm: pal sp-<ak< aa, whi'h was betrtily respmdoc', an l er> the cbeonng thim evoked bod died sway, it're wungscent' move to the dor* and aocc after the building was <*e*crtc<? THE OUTfilDE MEETING*. It addition to the Urge assemblage maTeoed in the spaclour ball eitrnalre arrangements were made for out door des>oo?trnt>oc*. Skyrockets were sent b gh la air as mreaergera for the purpose?not of Invoking the presence of be logo from above, but of the at tendance of citiatM below?that U "lt*-ne of ocr owe tree and, of eonree, more pnrt.iuiariy republi oana Cnicinm Ighu, i. reworks la abuadaaoa, and. Indeed, ever/ ooolriranee that u generally reaorted to on enrh polities! occaalone, waa brought to to requisition by the local Wad era of the party to attract a Multi tude etc and around the Cooper laatltota Uet arming. Far'y In the evening the arowda began to aaaembU, and aa the hour announced for the Beating in tide to oommeane, oot only waa the ball crowded to ita ntmoai capacity, but a large coweoume bad aasembtad Three platforma had beea erected for the aeooBBodattoo of the outatda oratore, a euOc eet ?pace being left between each platform for mare people to atand In than cared to lawn to the orators. At the drat stand, wbteh waa loeaied la the square !a fTont of CI la too Hail. WaeblngU* "tilth rw obueea Chairman, and Nelaoc I TTtayer ard F W Ol'rer, dacre larWk, who at neb demonstrations, hare no duty wfcnt errr to perform A prigramee with a la. of those wto would >|<eak ftem tbo various rtanda bad been pre Krd, but wt' not earned out with regularity. Tb* t rpeaker war Char We ? ^?neer, who d'lated at , oaeidrrable length, aa<l w th oooe derat e an ? .1.00, ?poo the character stlc ?ppexrac -?, and remarkable a g r flraore of the crowd which waa ewerywbaru amnnd him Tbm he went m to 'peak of the and qo'ttua which ereiped to he a fur.rite t.-pho with the outdoor speakers? whether < r not the fket that thetr au llaucoa wre MandtBg ut the ground. In the open air, and sot with.n the w? Is of n hi- I1ing bad th- effo. t ofem-feet r g tbw ?uhj.-ct to many of Uie ?ieakrra wbo touched up<a It, of aadc.i inep ration to the r eeoria, H In Impowlble to tell Mr Jamc C Ooachling, ?r .f the etaotors from I Illitoa, followed, and rpoka of Um awwey that waa ! squandered and need for pollt al purposes, | under the present admit strut-a, men. ming rrpectally that In 1M4, when, he nmd,n ratal blow waa attempted t? be struck the freed -m of the ooun I try, whm the Knj.raa Ni-br?akn blU waa about to br forv-a iirotgb Congrats. Thoea espand lures whwh he ; spoke of imounMI to nineteen millcm* eight haadrcf thru ran-' dollars; and al a subsequentperiod, when ti t fngl-eh MU waa to be for Jed through Congress, and aa obr. >tv ? n?j?t totioo .mposed upor. aa .inwlliatg poo- I pie tl iep egpeodlt-.rre am to upward * of twenty , tnilllona of dollars H<- gavi so eno uraglug aevui t of , ll.e | r.wpeeta cf iJaeoln lo Illlnrta Heary 8. fon.lh, Wm. Th ?-fn,? M.ry land, and It B Now York, were the subsequent speak'ra t ae?- by tbte platform waa displayed a largo p'mo of pyrotectl-'oary. Hwm surmount*. i>y a spread e?la, oa each rids of whtcb waa an American fag, and under aeath tbw tnecr ptioo ?"Yr-e Terrtioriee, LI?ula sod I Him-n Morgan and Campbell, free Jpee< h, and t ree ; W ? When it was llhimlaaMit, cheerp acres from the ri wd in.1 ?? e r enthusiasm wan mm.-nw?. ?tand No a ?-sa t.tnated at the oree-r of f orth are. i nue an < riahth "treet, alra'Ut 1 fr t of the led Owen w Brmraa waa the chairman, sod Heary H. . Heulet and John L Bhakler bad heett sleeted to act aa ! seer.tar(Cn. A large crowd gathered .a front of Ula platform. sod ?|?ecAea were mad a by h..fua W Andrews, Wm H Ar-thoo, James Fa'rtraa l a Judge Rtrdaall nod Namuel Hall, aa I several odes were sung ny members of the Rocky Moment Otee Ch 1, *? wh -h per; of the pruceod nr* the outdoor rtpub'toa? eeewtej to be gratiSed at?tutsly. ftar 1 Mr g appeared to be angiroprlated more eerec'.tlly to the ?? foreigner*." There were Dutch mep sad free bines, and a fow I rah mm. I. fiber w th a apriakl.Bg of other aai eahti-e ta Iron rf it. The Central freoch Repablioaa Club waa we|i represented Th m platf rm waa Stat, mel at the oomer ef third arenna and A at r place. A geu tleman w th the some what lengthy cearie Tn*odor?t. f.Wnb'rati*r waa arnuunord aa Cbalranae, with Mr. Iv-rd ted Mr IVcelM aa HeeretarMa A banner, with an ,r?:r pti n a*tltng forth the prioc plea of th* "I reedon. of the pnblin lands for actual natUere, .a limited quantities,1 waa plnoed upne tba p?form, and f.trniahed a Mat for lengthy dWnoereee fr w Mr. I t'nmmrrl.wd and Mr Tlfoedore 0. tl!nah.-n?k!cr, the (Xntrun? The foreigners and the u ta wbn tappeeed to be within bear ing d ataaea, were ai?i addirao'd Tom this atand by Mr f.l rtt K. fhep,erd, Mr D T . Waahbnrr, An 1 Mr }. w ' w-'eor-, wb - a.iudad In tbe speech of ?*. Dnngtaa . a pr -n- ua dayfat Jimea' Wwda, for the ptrpnae r ray eg that if Mr cc.aa ahonid, ua be raid be w atl, do ali a bit power to aid the tnaug-iratloo of l iaoum f ,het pro- 1 tleman thai, he elected, thai wad ail the rtpu nut weal., aak of h.m The of ?pi Aute were rattbdr i.m ted at lAeee oat'lde mrrtlnga. and the speak era werWAlaicat mo mrniarily aurropud by thd met a af the hart. W. sad M-a ? haerd. whieh annampaated the arrletl of prnowsxmaof WWf Awnkd t'tbefW? t. Areai hu m of the oi.T ttt dtrd U.e ox f i tsja:teri..; x. po>tx.n ot the 0~ deor dlfo |i?> ?M TUB TORJHLIMHT PEOi BF?10* composed M m-mlxr* of Republican VS Ue Awakt Clubs from the Kiml aarde. From hair pas; ?c en 1 ten <gci*ck in the even og, .bewe prooetsons were on the ground. Nearly every ward waa rcpreeeuted. They did nut ooau< .d lh< nu me rial order ol the wards, tor Uia Twenty List ward waa ajtosg .ha lU?i that ar rived Dor lag the evening 'arh section o' the ottv ?r?? ulive with thaaa prtMxratoca Ha-.h de'cgaltoe waa he i led by mono, lh? m-mbera ware attired to the Hito W?K? coetuma, with this tog caps and cap-to. They wore '"V* nl/ed j> regular military order; lb?y walked ao-net'ir. x aigbt aad sometimes ten ubr"xft,each m-mbor aho-iMenng not a muafcet, but a torch. It waa universally believed, from 'ha unmtst&kablo visible icd-altonr, that "a h man's torch wae fltlad with some .?iftammabk'. WMHM ble material, but on one of the baun?rs from the Vine teeath ward wan tbia ansoinoewett-? We hold and tr'm the torch of truth, And nave'.t o'er the darkened earth. Moat of the eardr lurt."-! out quite reap} liable i? bora. In add lion to the torches, many of the members I, with VI carried transparencies and banner*, with various devices and inacriptior.a up->n then. Tb" Fcur'oenth ward bad a baor? r w lib ih'.e io?or ption ?1"In 1866 they buckad us, to 1M0 wo will r-d" thrm jO a rati" And underneath were the a .mea of the republican can dldatve. A nr. op;; thore arried by the T wenty "rut word Wide twak?S w?ie the following?"Djtiglan' O* waa majted to Jot to' Wiod. and bis mutton wan cooked .a Maine.'' "New I'ateM lied <?, no; 10 ot.oca of Bel. Motel, bally -rarkod, 10 drame of Utile ? iar.t, badly whacked; 10 |rexn of Br?cktorl 1ge bad'y raod; A I;runits of ier r1t Smith, badly hit eked. Operation, November 6,1M0. Remit l iicolii elociod n?sti i-toident ' Tlierc woro .'?o delegations from Broollyn and .lerrey. among which were the -'.win Brooklyn Irrepressible Wide Awaken, m l ibo 1 ncoln battalion of tbe R-vky Mountain Club, cf h toga exuety. An the var one proces sions marched thro.if. the street* they at'ia*teU con siderable attention and pres-nto-l, to say tb" least, a hi ill ant appearanou; and when they arrvito at toe Iost . tit" and marched round the stands they were greeted with ertho. iastto demoimtr .1 ns. By the timely arrival of th""o elttbs toe "uttide meet toga wer; kept vp tin a In'e hour, bet little attention waa paid to the petcbca. c, i,.>n the fathering inside the ball togan to thepeiae the p->rilo outride followed the ex ample The -lobe parallel through r v-ral of tbe pr.oci pal alreeta of the city, and the mi- c of thair bands could be bear 1, and the p'ara of tb":r tvlio could he ieen long after lb" hour of midnight. rtwic ?>' the down town and Brooklyn l ike gave . ueern fur tlv Hicain as thsy passed our on ti.e'.r journey bom-. The Fatloe lovsmeat la New York. A'CIIHKR PAY AMONO T1I8 KC-'TON T:NSfcH-?R tl MOKU'S DENIAL OF RECEIV.NU ORKKN'rt LETTS K? ONE OF THE LETTERS?A FROPOMTTKIN FOB TEN ELECTOR**?BURN 4 COMMITTEE NOT TO BE TREATED WITH?MOVEMENT*! OF TBE MERCHANTS, ETC. Yeaterdey waa a boay day with the fusion tinkers in this city, Riohmood, If sot before, found yesterday that the demands tor a union to some form hy the auti lincoto party of this olty waa aucb aa oonld not be orer looked, and he talked fun.on upon more liberal terms than at any previous occasion. There Is not any too ?neb oontldenoe, however, to bo placed to h i talk, for ho is 1b the habit of puling on a lace to suit tbe oocrel m. Borne of the numerous parties who yesterday waited upon him, aad left with the Idea that Richmond would Sz'the matter satutociory, will, wo Imagine, have their eye tselb cut by the time that they get through with tbia fusion negotiation with the Mogul of the Albany Regency, In Thursday a Hbrald we staled that Richmond had not reoe'red John A. Green's communioat'on up to eleven o'clock the night previous. Tnat statement we made upon Information direct from Ridlmond, who at that hour stated unequivocally that he had roooi red ao ocm mucjcalton from Mr. Greea or tl.e Brecktor.dge oommit tea. Wo have, boa aver, since roooi vod undoubted proof that a special m-meager toaght out Mr. Dean Richmond at Jones' Wood, and at five P. M., wi 1st the latter waa upon tbe stand with the speaker* and offloore of the meet ing, handed bim ti e two communications referred to, and, that ha might nut mistake the man and hand the loitorato the wrong person, ha asked the question before delivering the letters, ''is tile Mr Dean Richmond?'' Reoetviog an I aflirmstlve reply, tbe messenger then informed n.m that he had a letter for him. Mr. Richmond, taking the tot ter, remarked, "this to about our political matters, I sup pose?" The messenger replied that It was. What cwid have been Mr. Richmond's object of denying that he had received any communication from John A. Green six hoars after the above took place, 1 leave tor others to ocn jectore. Such is the class of mea upon wboa res* this Important coo last. It la now rumored iba Mr. Richmond ob,ecu to laying Mr. Green'n mboudi' ition before tola comm.iter, becaice tbejr are signed simply Jobs A. <!reeo, Jr., In toad of John A ?tr??o Chairman of the 4U4a OnaUal 0 mmlltcc. but tbl* quibble will be a email hole to crawl oat or, If^eoaMderlng tfee importance of the subject under cooaideratioo, Mrrajx. Wood and 1 all in wUi report la writing ail that baa trar ?> r?d Ix'.ween the conferee ?? a mmilt< ea, Including ,the scorplaace of the pmpettion ot ten electoi* and one ball of tba titate n tet Tbia will bring the euoje. t fa r and square before tue oomm.l tee, and I>?an, w<fb all of bis quibbling, a ill havo'lo *ta*d jp to tbe rack, fodder or ao fodder. The ?ub committee on tbe part of tbe Douglas State Committee, take ei-eplione to a portion of hr i.reeu ? ofbctal report a* wax pub! abe t the nest morning after the adjournment oi tbe ooferenco. Mr (Laflia In forme ur> ibat oo pernon ronurel' d witb Mr Ursea'e committee i< ade 'be r?n>ark to thrm tb.t they - wild ' not tro?l the.r leader" Had any "orli expree- loo b-en ottered by any mrmb'-r of ttatcommlttrc, they (Wood and l aflm) woild bare con - .(lend all negolialiaes at an end Tbeooornr-e tlca that did take place earn'|U?etM? aaked by Mr. Worth, one of Mr Green* aeenriatee, If ihey ecu Id bind their elector* to rove lo* Mr Breckinridge iftlia contest (bould mot* to bo between bim and l.iooola. lb which Mr. Wood replied that If the two State Control Committee* agreed to that proposition, no honorable man would re main on the electoral ticket wltbcnt cwaidertng himself bmmd to abide by that action of the Committees the following letter wo Sad a tbe ?yrecuse Ckmrxer, being a copy of the me forwarded to Dean Richmond ? Bxnarom, Sept 10, 1M0 My Dnen Sin?Tbe follow Jig totter appear* la tbe New York dally paper* of this morning ? Pi w Yens. BoplA. W Yd J own A. Obis*. J a., Chairman Onttral ClommMbe ? w Tonn, Bopco. IS*), wbral Oammlwae ? Bib?Tho Demorraiie klale Central Oomm itaa having ao pointed a Bob Committee of wklch I am Chairman, hare e .u -loded IS aenede I j iur prnpoWtUma, and will r-porl favor* hi J OB themme to the Slate Centra' * - warn it lea That prop > attMB was that the fnraaa of Breckinridge aad lata# aboold asms taa elevtura aad two madUaiea oaths MatolMMB? t ameli, Lieutenant U restaur aad Caaai Ouaam aeteier & WOOD, Chairman. P. L. Larue, Secretary. Should your rem ml tie# adopt tba proposition therein ocotained, racomseeded by tbe majority of ycnrBah Committee, I will, upon a sotiOoatMa of tbe game from yen, oonreac tbe National DmaeeriUue State Oommlttm f r tbe purpoaa of taking action upon the name. I am youte, etrylruly, JOHN A. <>K?XV,Jr To Itakb kirmoen, Cba rman The otbtr toiler *nat by Mr. Green to Rlohmehd con talnrd a copy of lt? rtrolulooa adopted at tbair moa.lag, affixing their ultimatum at tee elector*, aad binding tbem ?el res to ahldo by that If eocapted by tba Dong tea Com Altho ugh Mr R ohmohd obmctt to treating with tb? Grrrn oofomlUe* upon any terms, they will bars ta toko action upon It m some form. And It la reports 1 that si* of the commute* are ta favor of that proposition, and will to rote la tbe committee It only naada three mom to carry It and they may be Brand ready to fhil la when a fall statement ta made, wttboat any regard to Rich motd, Cagger h On There la *uch a thing as R.cbmood not bar i?g tbe committee In hia breeches pocket A anmber of the committee arrived hem in the Into t raise last even tag. Among the lumber was Peter tag ger who heeteaed to the bosom of Richmond to roc lev* hia orders 11 to r-portod that he haa NSetved a large batch of letter* from tbe interior aad was torn pari of tba State, urging no Mto Moat of tbe membem trom the rural dbUieta are oppuerd to fneioa A oonm'.ttee uf merchants?a portiva of tbem belong lag to tbe National Hnmoaratla Votsaiw* wa'tod upon Mr. Richmond last < Tea tag. aad bad a Mag enav irmium with bila. They orged U.e select oa of ten Brecaiorvlge me* to bo takra fr m lb'* - ty aad the north western poniop of tbe State, and that *ome >< our leading mertJ-acia aad capitalists ho ink en They left w'th the Impreaatun that Mr. R'rbmoiui would g're tbem that number, aad atatod that it wis expected that tea of tba ttooglaa wrier* would rmign?tbcae from New York, Klag* and ether coca lie* to New York Amongst the name* to be substituted. Mr Richmond luggceted the name* of Mrwm Taylor and Jobs T. Henry?the taller Prssidnat of tbe Democrat to Volunteer* and #? vorai otnem <* that , uam. Mi Reibm<*<l appeared th have a itroag arer*i"n to entering mb aa arraagewiert with lb" pr*aeat Rr *?* ?aridgo committee He teemed to tl hk that I! be entered tale a cm realms with th-m now It would etr ngtl."o V em IB Ihe future, aad make a power H at h<. would | hnte to c nb nd w lb hereafter Hia pr-oanl object was to vatsr isLi a oombtaat.aa wtlh some other organisation j throi * I, which he oaa omw the support of the boa new elate of this city, aad tbe bulb of tbe Brerktartdge vote '.l rem' out I.'* B<ate, and the* wind up aad kill and buy I lie poi.tie.aoo sow managing the Bract ardge Btate Committee. aad bare them out of U>e way lor ti e f itnrc. To ?.ompllsh Una it A *aid viial lx> , W Wil li g to give lb- merchants lee elector*, aad Brady ? tbe pos'iieo o* tbeir ticket of I Jruuraant Governor, whteb i yvre biwi an laaiabt at tbe caaal maaagetneala if elected , The down mercbaaw are aavl jualy a waiting the remH of lo day a Jeliberattoa of the committee, nwd if the matter M cd -alb fob wily ?xe.i op this wuak, they w II, ca (be fr-l ot heit.fortn a tlahetto *uit ibunwalvea, by taking the preeept lea Bell men and RTtoea 4 tbe Iq>iagla*, and till It* mat witb lea of tbair own e?ea, aad enter tbe ran ram wtih a rigor ml lam before wlismuil ?? say campaign In tbla Plate. Ibey will act wait rrua If Rtcbmoad uou d -ee fit ic poetpooa final awUm for a week or to more The .weals of to day at tba PI Xlelio Ma Hotel are of more than usual Importance City Polities. Twmrra Wean Novmerum ?At a meeting o< tbe dele gal to eirctod to tV Imiaihfy Ooareetmo- I M rail, ebalrmae?Mr fidaey P lagrabam, Jr., waa nominated by acrlaamltoc aa tbe Tammany nail regular caadidato far member of A?se?My In that iMtrld. Ccawarns ewai CxamreTto ? la cur rlmwtdeailoti of as plraatt for Goagrrmteoil aonmaitnar 1a Thnrudqy't BiruiJi we omuted the same nf "*"i p pmdi-e l>q , t dewn tow., aitrcbebl, who Is being erred by ? uminr fheer ia the RjU> Obugrmskibe slstrlct. asd rspacmU in the Seventeenth ?a/u. U n aat<l that t.e wUl gc N? fore ,i?c .' vJUiii.ul.iiK C invention ?;liik eUoJi iiuu. Ikk tt?Bnm ? ?Although the principal Hvand firotti which Vmm. Douglas u4 Inh?a haM forth D IM j n coder political ovution is JooVe Wood, on Wedaeedav, was lbe centre ol attraction, there were other ? lands erected from which the - leaner 11a hie" emitted tbo ra < ante of true democracy. Ex /edge Vooih.e and Mr i;?orgr W Uclicao provided, aad Bon. Then L Jean, or Kentucky, Ambrose L 1'mney, R. B . Brad'or d ex Judges Tbompeou and John D. Hunt, expounded the doctrine of popular sovereignty and devotion to the Union, to the gratification of many who arrived too late tc> ^siet in do tbe Kentucky ox. THE BATTLE BTATE8. The (electoral Ticket* of the Three Central Btnica Where the Greet Fight la to he. NEW YORK. HKTVBLICAB T1CXHT. aijrrroM IT UWit Win a* r. Bktiht, Jam* 0. ma**, crmuts Bjaerom 1?John A King 1??Henry Churchill. 3?Kdward* W. Plebe. lft?James K. oils bee. A?Andrew Carrie an S3?Baaj, N. Hunt neton . 4?James Kelly. 21?Hbarman D. PoaJps 4?Sigdnund Kautlmaan. 23?John J Poote. d?Frederick Kapp S3?Hiram Dewey 7? Washington Smilb. 24?Jam?s L Vocrbeai. 8? William A Darling. 28? William Van Marter ft? Wm. H Robertson M?John R Heeiey. 10?George M Grler. 37?Crank L Jonea. 11? Kufua H King 28?lamea 8. Wndeworth. 13?Jacob B Carpenter. S3?Sera M. Parsons. 13?Jobn T IV inflow. 33? Char lea C. Parker. 14?Jacob B Ten Kyck. 31?BlnbaB WbaJen. lfr?N Ednon Sbeldon. S3?John Grelner Jr 13? Robert A Hale. 33 Jah* Parker 17? AbUah Beckwltb. r tiioiiT BHitmouMi ncur. ? 1 X'.TOM A* LABOR. Gideon J. Tucker, Henry S Kacaail bjomm. 1?Jobn H Brewer. IB?Tboe. B. MrtcneD. 2? Daniel D. Miller. 13-John H. Go 'd. 8?loaiah W. Brown 23?David Wage. I 4?Cbarlre Fiancu. 21 Oaorgo Burr 5?Jacob A. Wettcrvah. 23 Jamee N. Baooc fl?Jam** Ida. 23?Wooater Bhermacv 7?Wm N Mclotlre. 24?John L Oooe i 8?Stephen P. Rifioll. 23? Alex. Thompson. 9?Aaron Ward. 23?Oeorge N. Oark. 10?Radeon Webb. 27?John Hag?tr i> It?George Brack. 23?Wm. H. HubtrelL 12?Henry Snydor. 23 Methew Rigoej 13?Geo Van oantvoord. 33?Barry Wilbur 14? -Hiram Perry. 31?John T. Murray : 16? Richvd n Davie. 32?Albert B Tracy. IB?Haiti rlf i"?)te 33 Oaoar F IhckWee. 17?Joseph Lao. IHitULAft A II KILL FCftlON T1CUT. nr. now at lanea. | Reuben H. Waieror b. Hmir J. KctfleodL. li.'ATKirt I KTOM. 1?Seleh B Strong. 18?hariee uooavear. . 2?tharlee H. 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