Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 14, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 14, 1860 Page 3
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??ret, MW' r'"** to it-. (*l. hnI StAMS n Com# 'I a European WVIi ?biLij beg land won i Ogagod? is uri)H| Celo?f th? w- rk?. ns *rg iuiuuI >f tbe 'edS'-v government * thk ""bey >av Oseotde to pri-rnte p> lift) uwen the nth tilt UD( ItotrwUj ?tilcti private pri Criy upon tb. luoj ,?eorer- a, aud we will abandon tb. t relic tt Ibawtn ol tbe o.asdle mi lim ngLl .> <a uiiniem-n , t vatei-ra. Now. tbia argument m I mill ?poo an envious fal-aoy, oca, wo may Mid, wotctt doiuoed tain lad to au i-otm ijr err mei AcoticJuaun tbe Maacbe* wr tbr-utwr of UuBmercf, when, aomn l?o years ago,the* membera of tbal b idy athed Lord IVrocrttun to re- <-g. alio, pur tt nmple, Uto Auir-tm doc-riot of lli? un-winily ?ti piifaln vt <jntly upon On-t .f b aeat. Every porsoa who bet road history knows that pr.vale property upon feed w doatr? jed or uoooioalod *r.en i.:ch an uvtretne *<*cui? happens to be n-ocaaary for the parp-mea o( a beUigi rent. E.icaii ty, us well aa t'o utora civilized rules ?f modern warfare, d .elate tool thia power thould nertr be i-mciaed except uno- r tbe preeauru tf extra me ooteaa'iy; ami exactly upon tbe tame g-onnd it may be aaid tbat oiiemtea ships tarrying raer oboidlaa to tbeur own country?the moana by which money, ervdit, commerce end, eonM-qBenUy. tbe means tt rioauuKo may be aualaUed?are aa liable to aetx'ire wad cuoderi uati jo aa a toruew which la razed to tbe ground, or a town or a village whwh a burned la lbs too me of a land campaign. Tne Americana farther lay Mat they poaeeae only a amail standing navy, and that n ?- of war it la ihetr interest aa well aa duty to * jppia Mat thia deficiency by a reiontear force oow-poasd of prtealeera We hardly renture to aattopate what riiea the European Admiralty Ooorta would lay down If now, after the declaration of MM. aa American prlvaUer aaouid be aubjected to their jurisdiction. Would the rearel be treatod aa a pirate, or would .be wwaera bare the benefit of tbo exception which the A mer lean law still main In their behalf? It waa generally believed that when Qiglad and Krnuoe, In MM, declared war ag.-iuat Russia, and admitted the prin ciple that "the fitg covers the cargo," or that "flee ahipa make free goods," the people or America would have been satAfled with thia conccast in?one for which they have labored alnce the treaty ot Versailles and Beritn, aad noa which Benjamin franklin endeavored to unite aad aatochria with the abolition of the odluna practice of prlvateerlaf. Bat ao tony as the federal government will ?at yield the right of atarah, even fur tbe purxwe of re prraalrg the slave trade??o long aa it adherea to the tan paaalble condition of giving immunity to private property ?yea the aaa In time of war?Mr. W. & Lindsay may r-'rt aaaui ed that, so far aa axtrema American belligerent rtghta are aonoeraed, hla labor will be entirely loot. If ilia American theory were recognised, and if England should be engaged In a contest with a European Power, tbe tattler, through American agency, would receive all ber accustomed sapplt. s with perfect aecority, excepting, of soarae. contraband of war. The deatruct.oa of commerce, the dislocation of finances?In short, national bankrupt ay?are often more powerful agenta of success, and mare direct missionaries of peace, than the m et glorious roccsMts la the field. How m ail enemy to bo Rippled lg reeonroes, and bow made to yteM from lack of money, when a neutral, for the mere desire of gain, la ooava nientl/Willing to step In and monopoiAo the carrying trade cf both belligerents? Until the American govern meat retires from its exolusive and selfish views, both with respect to private property mid the right of search, IN cannot expect say practical results from the mAslcn of Mr. W. 8. Lindsay. Wo believe that the honorable gentleman la utterly incompetent to deal with Im portant questions of iateraational law. however welt he way be versed In the ordinary details of shipping bnalarss, and sensible of tbe felly of that American sys i wfaleh Ignores reciprocity with regard to the coast or any other trade. We belh tog or any other trade. We believe that, u a oonfliit Should ocrortuaatoly occur between two great European mar it one ('ewers, the Americans may be made to expe rience tbe Inconveniences and lha dangers of tbe poeilion wf atolatlun which they bavo seen pleased to take up; bat the faalt and blame will rest with them, act with those nations whose desire and object have been to mitigate aa tar as possible the necessary and inevitable evils of a siate of war. [From the Liverpool Times, A6gv.fl ee j The conduct of tea government of tbe United Siatea la iuau.lMning a monopoly of thcr coasl.og trade A espe cially reprehensible. The United States of America, pas aeasing no colonies, could not Lava given ua say return equivalent to the boon we conferred oa thoir vessels by opeaiag ap our colonial trade; and yet, net only has she excluded our ships from what might Uiriy be called ber Ant ting trade, but she has most unjustly claimed aa ex daaivtly ber own the important trade from tbe eastern onset of the Halted Mtatee to Oaliforaia oo the western aborts of the continent, either -by way ol Panaanaor round (Ape Horn. In refcreuoe to the proposal to exclude the sblpe of the Halted Btatea from our colonial aarry mg Ifade, wlib ft view to bring their bhipowotn to ater aenae of what A doe to our friendly relations, It s juatori ? observed, "the unremitting sttentioa of her Msjeety '? government should be directed to Uifcs important quee ttam, with a view to remove, if possible, tbe lost aal only i and unn " J obstruction to a mere free and unrestricted < ?nmercial ana maritime Ibtereourae between the United States and this country." While we do act undervalue lha snggMtima of the oommitUe >n mlaor gritvances to u nlch our sbipowaera have toe long been subject, for which thoy pcmi cut osr tam remodisa, the great grievance A that to which we have referred H la gratify lag to find that already soma stops have been taken to give effect to ibe recommend* floss of tbe select committee We are informed that Mr. Lmesay has been authorised to proeoed to Waahlngtoa to place before tbe American Cabu.i t and lbs Senate, tbo views ef her Maieety's government with reference to tbo existing navigation laws of tbe rtt*'"s and its i ff. it upon maritime tosuLirci, and to eater u^m negotiations t>r tiw oyukf of Uie Aaw tcan coasting trade to Br I tied ai..pi?ug It >a of the greater*. Unpin lance U> the welfare, aet only of the British shipowner but of the nation at lart*, that lb*a and otter r milar mieeiote likely to be aeU or teed for the tame purpiae rhouid meet with speed/ aad unequivocal suooeoo. What were the British nation without her great commercial nary? If Brttaoula'S greatee I strength I* on the wares, she can only rotate her power there by preserving unimpaired the intereete and pranperlty of her merchant ?hipping. [From the London Chronicle. August 90.] Home attention bee heea drsen to the aanouu wmeot la the Kkxffxnf ticjetu of Saturday evening lest that Mr. *a he haw Modes y, the member for Bun dee land, hae seen authorised to prooted to Washington, "to plaoe be tere the American g irersn ut and the Senate the view W her Majesty's gorernmeet with roforenoe to Uw nut mg navigation lews * the State '' The subjects of the "negotiations" Into which he In to enter art? 'an open teg of the American coasting trade to Brit,ah shipping, n nsntoal understaodlag respectinr belligerent rights at sea, aad a mere sat is factory adjustment for each country of the Mw of eoHlalons " How far tb'O report In normal we are not informed, hat It connot be regarded aa absolutely accurate Mr. Lindsay has n large slake la shipping, be la known to bare great oonftdeuce la lbs administration of the fitted States, and in many ran pacts be very tetrly represents the shipping Interest of the two eooalrtre. Aa chairmen of the Into commit tee no one aaa donht hw wformalins. If we hsoe nay doubt It w whether Mr. linden* inn precisely that weight and dis cretion which would render h'.m the beet of negotiators te so ooMoate n aMemo. The difficulty of the subject enn ammtey ho over estimated In retereaco to the Smertows onoffiing trade, wo ragvd Mr lindsay* amnion mono which might bote been on d intakes by Dun yuliote? though probe*ly the Don, who nee, after hw fas a loo, a men of oven a more ele vated oegeoity thee tbe ruigar thungbt, would bar* do aMnee the dnty htd t been offered xt him There nan bo as testis Maadj tar any Britwh negotiator salens the pro posed Bontsnstonn on the part of the Units! Watts ho purchased by wary large ooooeanMaa nh the pan of this oouatry. New, la oou.e of tbo most between the two eaaatrwn op m snrHime tew, our girwuwent ( applies an mash to pant administrations -no tar from rentrtottng ite demands to a I the totter of Internal tonal tew ho/and any warrant of authority, prnotlee ar oommnn sense, end bee coosequenUy been obliged to rotnet with te o mors moderate, we may my a more legal position. ?seat with rognrd te Hun tea, aad the maow reoeei with dmwnJ of our gorarnmeat from that untenable poo It ion Nor do we enpect any better ounces In nag nttaikms re Op it log belligerent rtghte at nsa. Aa attempt to obtain a rbangs was made in IPM the propnmi was then back Od by eery hlgb anthortty?negotiated, la tact, by France en bebnif of ail tbe Khropaan Powers?and deal land by the tatted BUMS B?M be remembered ibtt at the Parw Oonforence of MM the lour foUnWIhg ptups?ffi? | were I. Prteataerteg in aad X Tbe neutral flee eces ay's sonde, w?h ibr e? siitteu m centrabaed of war. A Hew ml neoOa, with the ?rcenWou ef anatmbeod of war. are aet lubte te aapture neder euw) e Una. A b leaked ee. la rrdor to en btodwp meet bo rVooUre?that It to eey^Steteteteedby a form ribleleat reailg to prevent me Ifee rotted uutes were levied to adopt these jw*?r>-?1 twwo. which had already been adopted by tho Fluro, an Powers The reply was eery remarks* -a Two y ?rt pmr'owriy, Uw Proetdoat of the Catted states had i .*? milted to the Pceerr reprsamtod at the late Pari* Onw fbrr nee, so well to to oil i thrr Pewere, two popoeftleee? vhti "fr?e ships mako free goada, an t thai tbe propc le of neutrals os board an (army'? eosoe) be not - vflmatsd. rcieee it bo ocntrehnad of war The aoc ?d aad third of the Furepma pecpwHk-oe. there >wv mot With a cordial aocnpteaoo m tho part of lbs United States The J cetera twa with regard to hwahado ooiy roteated what hat laag t* to the cetaMlabed principle flat the whole of tho four prop at'llano were presented by Count Wntewokl, f in- of the Paris Ooatarewoe, sa mdtrteiH#, to bo aesrpted, or not, sa Me<- end the Aster -na gcrwaoseat teuttted to accept tho fcuropma peon witew w th regard V prteatoartag Mr tUroy immediately denied that the right of csaploytrg ptltsltelW bad been atxd ehod, or ooght to be aboUofwd 'The rlg*t to employ prlroteers " re *ate," w aa clear as the right tome public armed ships, and a aa it contestable to the righto apprffamwg Is be! ?tgomote "It a rt eognwee by the wtahlwhod author lUot oa yteblw tew ; It In a right 01 aliable for or .sir tea that mawdain a tmall swvy as against ronatrlee that maintain tin go nary For eaaiapie Tbe Catted Ft* tee aid mat Br lala hare nub a tarsi memaatl o merino. The a mer sea nary baa be?c h ci telt of late, hut by so weaaa m m to rerdrr tt oommeaonrato with tbe f. peter aary ef liroat Hrltew te Uw oreat of war b*i ween the two ooutiri*a_*h oh 3od forbid, and whleb is* tedood, for lose likely than it has been wttkin any perird of Ui?lr sopmate tleVry?tbe Called steles would bo thtelly doprired cf o lewfol aad available re memo if, **??lag Uw ttmo of pom*, aba wore te bted hsr nrlf not to mspiap prienteore during time of war. Pr. ?ateoro, la *??, am te Urn American nary prerWely what hor enlutiloeTO on shore am to hsr regular army, sad to acospt tbs o.mponal would be to dtnarm tho republic te an lelpnUcn fo ?? ?**? wnr with any great mant sse Power. Meet rthdtmn. te Augart, load, the government of tho United *te?oo intimated that tbo rmpmtttaa might he further mtoitataod, if tt were mlargud ? hat the pdfote pwnerty nf tfe, ml w-t. orete Vo bees the gmtmt doibt ? MP01 lit4 |^w ofMOHtKit prl be accepted Mhtetol r of he Ts to 1 "tele VotwHbntand teg the modUteatMu. It Wo a* k?lB lenru n eery ootroteeit eery to ooatamd w > the tVgoot nevenihnt the moot tee oh of European %wam e*uid water* or eombten. * would .inarm thorny ceote""/ ^ ^ Amvmm rw publv W? ? rx-.ta therefore, oci lb" etn'Ogc"i grounds? i,i w personal knowledge o| opOiion In tue United i^UUt, and ?<r ?ht view wbr.h has beta e-forcuJ at Waehngien? fiffiti our Orui cooticlsoo ub%t Mf. I-indiay, vbatrvtr any n> thi commtseKin which b*^uay carry oui fox lb* viiDury. w.U uuro.aUr m MOO even for lees sue tern ifl-ta Ut might Dave had -n 18&A ior my proposal greatly to r odify De'.igsreut f'tbta s\ ???. giuoe Uie ix r -U if tbu Porta Gsaiany -lUange ben become at ibeesme l.ini lean -rguul auj more obviously i.ffiiuilef adj klmtnl. IJ ram the I ob tun Tunis, -opt 1 ] A jmr?Kr?pli ?? golDg tberound of the newt paper* which ?mm that Mr. Lindsay, ibe member for ^underUnd, m ?o be dcepntebed on a mist mo to ibe I'a.tad Malee, in or der to negotiate our adrn MioD Into tbe American trade, to lellle the rule wbie.h ia to b? obserred -u tbe aeit naval ear, and to kettle tbe uter of tbe two countries wltb r? gar it to oollleione at tea. We do not believe that thir report la true, ami we hear tily hope It ia Dot?ao heartily that we cannot 'orbear from protesting against he idea of aucb n mission We have a il n.rter lu tbe United Rtates presumably oompe tent to reprier.l t a there; If not, It la eoay to recall bim and (apply hiaplace by tome {.neon who ia fit for it. We cugbt not to fall Into the practice of setting one man to do another man's work. But, even waiving lb la objection, we hope that woe p-raon more flttcd to repre aent ibis country in tbe United State* than Mr Lindsay will be aekctdtt. Mr Lindaay la a self made and ?elf educate I man; that in to bta Donor, but ban no ten uency In instill into him Uuiee >iunlltiee which are prlnci pally needed in dipiamatle intercourse. We abocld be iMHt aorrv Wet tbe gectNmnn to whom tlio task of represent ing tbe inlereets of England a intrusted should not apeak wit b more Itiloence tbaujpr- l.tnumy can possibly carry wltb him. We bare, as we have ahTwn, no reason to congratulate ouraelvi h that we bare placed Mr. Dob den In tbe position of our representative at the Uourt uf r ranse: but, whatever are tbe grounds on which we o- aplam of Mr. Cobden, we are bound to admit that beocc-ipiee, both In this and la all foreign countries, a position to which It would be simply ridiculous for Mr Undaay to pretend. We entirely decline to be represented by each a negotiator, nor do we believe that tbe subjeitn on which negotiation ta desired admit of any satisfactory settlement. Tbo Protectionist feeling Is strong in tbo Amu I. ana, and they are not likely, admitted as tbey are already to tbe coasting trade of this country, to surrender the advantage wbicb, rrom their narrow point of view, tbey think they have obtained, by esdidiagua from the trade between the Atlantic cUiee end California. We entirely protect against the notion that persons whom nobody would think ht to place in office ut heme are compeiebt to rep resent tbe country abroad, sad we anthineie nothing but evil should the policy become established of taking the bu sinews of lie country out of tbo hands it uur responsible Minister < at foreign Ourta and placing It in tbe hands of novicia, who purchase, by serving ur for nothing, a moat inilmited Uccnoe of m-rmecsgcmeui. THE PE1HCE OF WALES' VISIT. Apprtksndtd BIMcalty in bawtr Caaa Uia?Mo Antlclpaiian aftbe Orange rrom. bln-Iaflatnce ot the Visit am the Cent. Minna, due. ; From the London Times, August 31 J There la a peculiar aspect of Jijg .hh colonization Jt wblcb it a not frequently regarded. India ia not a ooloay at all, but, properly speadtcog, a subject empire, aeetra ila baa toihibx in It of s.-hjrot empire, but in a oo'/ja* purely ey perrons of the same race and un. settled purely by persona of the same race and ( der the same lawa as ocrMlves. Bui ib^a u yet another type of colony, of wb.cb tbe Mnu;,,,*, Ute tape of Mood Hope and Canada are ij ?wttttna Here -ha Kngliab are tbe ccrqcerlag race, and another people of tbe same European family ait dewn cine beetde them. In bo case baa it been found that iboee who Colonised Ibe land before us were able to com pete Buccetafhlly with tbe English settler. We have as ter led our superiority as .ouch in the arts of industry aa in arms; and, a if A the tingle cx-tftion of Ke oart trrrito torut which nmc form the I'nited State, have n never tost by violence a colony uhich toe ham once oUtinea. We may any more. We believe that we bate, upon the whole, treated Ute European races that fell ender our power wltb a mild ness sad a jui llee quite unexampled in tbe history ofoon queriag Mates. We .annot select a better instance than n afforded at tbia ci-ment by tbe colony of Lt wer Canada. We bnve beld that pAwtnoefiow exactly a hundred years. It was acquired byT?nqu-?t, and ooneequeniiy tbe Crown bad tbe jower, by virtue or its prerogative, of making what ever changes It thought (It in tbe laws and constitution of tbe territory. Wa found It, like all the other poaacastona of Uraaoe, under an absolute government, wltb iawa and customs la many respects very dissimilar frum our own, strongly nttsc'ied to tbe Bumu CstbM'c religion, end wltb little disposition to adopt any improvement, either in legislation or administration, we bnve erred tn our treatment of thla foreign population. It has been on tbe tide of mildness and Indulgence. Tbey hBTe long possessed representative mslitutivna e-. ,*l to our own, complete freedom of die press and personal ee curll) from arrests and domic.iiary v Bit-*, and, there (tore, enormously superior to anything that tbey enjoyed under the government of t ranee, or to anything that Prunes baa eajeyed since their separation. The deso lating nbtilwb d of tbe Revolution bs> swept over France, " levelled i 1 ? 1 ana levelled with the-<:ust not only tbe castle of tbe no hli it.a:, but those sjiiend 1 religion* -'sablishraents, the BK-Lumeute of lb# pnity and bvoev.-ienoe of ' irmer agra. So e-ti ct.tally have tbe iaws and cuatotne of tbe aocieat rcyiw been swept away that It la a matter of considera ble antiquarian research to reproduce tbe stale or rooi- ty and law which existed under Lou la X1T. and bid two successor*; Indeed, If any one wan a to torn an Idea of old Franoe, be nual not look to the France of today, wblob dalra < ?cry Trotn tbe Assembly of tba Slates <>eneral, but he mual CMee tbe Atlantic and contemplate the manner In which three things are preserved in Lower Canada, like a fly in amber We have been eo anxious not to wound the trrjodlore of our fellow subjects of tbe French race that we nave far borne from forcing upon them tbe improvements la their iawa wtnch to us aeem mcraaary, hat which they regard with aversion We bare alio red their lecdai to die out quietly, we have rtapcctod (half lan guage so much that la a ? olooy. a majority of tbe tnba bltonte < r a hioh are of the English race, are suffer hath lacguagta to be apoFaa and the atatuteo to ho promul B-l both m tbg llab and French. Let any una visit bee and b? wll' And M IM * th convents and eatabllahnaenu, which hare beea pro toot ed under the rule of Protectant England from the late which baa overtaken the religious founda twma of Unman Catholic ytance. la our bands tbe Roman ChUi?lto Cbarch baa loot nothing; her righu, her prtvl lagea, bar dkgnltiea, bar property, are entire. We here earned tiur anxiety to please ao far that each province poeeeeaee not oa'y ita separate lawn and language, but dj. tlact law oBcera end eourta of jaatlee. La fa*, we are unable to point out aay etngle gr.evance under which r (ana la can even pr?l c 1 that she auflere. unless .1 b' that ihe now remain#, a# tbe waa ? hundred year# ago, a de pec decry of the British crown Some three and twenty years ego lower Canada rose la rebellion. Tbe outbreak we# easuy quel.od, and the oflhndera, upon tbe whole, were treated with clemency If Lower Canada itlU remain# French la feel tags and institutions it in beoauee ?be has bad tbe support of Ureal Britain Had ebe lb#? left to beraelf, I be orald scarcely have fatted to be ab sorbed either by the (Mgilab oo toe las oa her west or the Called ?i alee on her wrath. It we were, then, to aateet any country oa the fane at the earth wbteh baa more reaena than another to feel grateful to Oreat Britain tor unltorw -are, k ndaeoe and oonetderaUoe, the oouatry we snonld select would bo lower (hand*. Coo ad lag in the good tooling wbioh wo are eoaectoua we deserve, the Qoeea hea aen'.the hair ?MM of Um crown of the British empl-e to honor with his prreeaoe the laoagnratloo of a magailleaat bridge constructed almost entirely with British capital? not the least i f the eoany advantages which Lo war Chan da has reaped from her esaaeoltoa with Ureal Britain? If aMt> Ms capital ?( the Frmch jmndnui will he braafki into oomaanloa'ton uu'A tke trade if ike tkettal Safes It wag not nartaaonobte to suppose that such e eampltmeel, shown lo e people whose rood will we have done no meoh to oooelllote, weald sail forth corresponding expnosloae of loyalty and alfoetkw We do not any thai thle will not be tbe case, but we confess that It la with grant regret we have read certain proceeding* la the Tow* Uounotl of ?oatreal, which w* publab eloewbere, and which e'sar'y show that anil the popalace an-1 a port .on of the mual cipallty of that c.ty vary diftoreat eeetimec'a prevail. The ooeaaloe fir the demooatratioi to which we allude was a proposition which waa brought before the city Council or Montreal for altering the raaae of a square from OemmMtoaer square to vietorla square Him op por'.unity wee taken by eartaia memaere of the Council, Vigorously teeoaded by the cbeerw ef the eodleooe, to level the vtlret nb-iae agaiaat t" their tyraooy oed eppveaotea, aad honor had bete done to the ammo of V lrg It to one of their squares Another grlevsaue erne that a monument had iieew erented lo Lord Neteua la the eq-w that beats the name ef Jeeqnee Oarttar, Uw< sal toucdrr f Canada aad loud d ' made that tbe i-wcendaalo of IfeO oo tbe globe would never be fit down by tbe Kaglah, the securest race, tr by the Ir an vagaboada who ware vomited oa their shores. ft ceruie y Will be very mu.h to ho regretted if the same mob whiah thi-tren yean ego burned down the Par iiaiasot R- use of Montreal eh. mid, under suet iiiaiara ah the am* who got up this torn a, do anything to mar lb* uaaatmtty V loyalty and good feeling with wbtcb we not unrr notably hoped thai the visit of the fr oe* of Wales to the city of Montreal would bare been received But further lben the opp >n ,c,ty wh ch afmtag* loo gene roue ccT.tdeare bee given for rash a demonstration the matter ? aot of tbe alighteet noewt We ere by long experience hardened to any emmiel of .ngrat tele. We have protected some aetloos is thdrowe country,and they turn upon us with tbe moot f irtouo aad unprovoked hatred Wo bara mods oi.r own lalaod an asylum tor ail the fugitives and oppressed of the earth, aad abet re ward have we ever rerelved eioej t the bitterest hatred sad animosityt When we ? oaalder thotoel.nge with which krgluid m regarded by the senior, end we may add by the jaalor branch of the BroTheM, we hove as reason to be surprised a this oqtbrrak ef Impotent malignly and lagratitode oo the port of a tx.rtpra of the Wauinr o Ckuda We pampered Bur Indian army. aad't ros* In uaprovahed aad murderous inoarre ties. t?a have striven to oot : lisle tbe Ice. an islands, aud they suspend tbrir deb#M r-w ih? p tr-ee of giving eUernroe to tha hatred with Which they repoy >,r beneflui. We fought far ^paia, and she dee re our eervteee, eeulta onr re ligFm. an 1 repu ?.. I?e her teb'e Why then should we be rut prised th t tha little people, whore very evateace W owing to our k ndneas, oar fnrbearwrae, nod oar tret tun eboald, in tot torn, lift Ka inarmed heel against ur* tl a the Drifting**f * great eo<:nlry to onofer many benefits, bnt he who ooafera many beo*?M mast oaped a correspond .ag amount ef Ingratitude and hatred WHAT TO* lllBrOOl rsr KM SAT OF TO* TINT. (From the Liverpool Mercury, A eg not BR J The practiced utility of royalty en an metltctieq was never better Memphis 1 than is tbe vla't which tho Frmoe of Walre a aow making m Berth Amerna It M aim sot impossible to overrate the tern-deem fleets wbteh mag be et pec ted from that v.a I In atr the *0*001-1100 between the Brush North *m?r onn eolorla* ens the mother oouetry, end .a pramoting tool ore of good Will toward* Urea* Britain aoK. g the per tie of th* Crltee "totes. To tho onion wto the yreeenne of the Priooo of Wales, ao Um heir apparent to the British empire, is ? visible symbol ef the mlelnns by which they ere bound to th* pnreot tela, while to lbs Ameetmos I a a tmg trie mark ef BrtUah frmoOMtp had retoam. It M "rest Br <*'? whMB is tfer person of ths oinee ef Warn*. yota oyer to shahv bands wtth h?r transatlantic eltisens ami oe-gnb ra. No Minister, however aocred-Usi, or whatever hM share of good sature' go-xl sense, g x>4 uste, gad the other person.J qualification* wbiih the Prince bu displayed ao abundantly since tun ar rival on Nertt American sill, oould ever repieewt tag laud n the sense n which aha is represent* i by the hair to tb? throne. A Minister in at the beat only a tem porary representative of a nation, cboseu probably by reaaoii of hie attachment to a particular political parly ; but an hereditary aovareign, or the heir or an hereditary aoveii ign, ir?at haat in the case of a country satisfied with its rub-re and in institutions?thn oatu-aJ ant per. manrbt rapr< rntatlvc if the ftate to tbe throne of whi< h be bas Seen born. The Prlooe of Wales in A -mir ca anay claim to apeak not merely for tbe olti rial tagiand of the day, hut fir the -inofficial t'tig and wh'-h locks to him us a hilars soverc'gn, and wboee eympath'.ea ac-v-ropery him on fain journey. Wen If royalty bad no other uaca than thoaa wblrh we aee exemplified in the Prinoc'a v'.ait to Ibo New World, the aterneit republican mutt at lea t admit it to be worth something? alwayn a-ippoeing it to be fortunate in ite representative?aa a powerful personal agency for nniting in cordial sympathy and good will the distant inds of a vast emj re. I he accounts of the Prinoa'a progress through oar North Amm an possessions come opportunely at a t-mc of Euro pean distrust and unrest, aa a proof of tbo thoro'igb mien and harmony of the British race in all quarters of the globe. They come opportunely to remind European friends and rivals that the greatness or Ifcgiaad is not limited to one section of tbe earth's surface, but extends to evtry part of It; that England is not a great Power of Europe merely, bnt of the world; and that to cooquer the ADglo r'xj on race, it would be neoemarv to s?ek It not .n England alone, but in tbe free and mighty States which, founded by Ita enterprise, are growing up beyond tbe Atlan tic and at the antipodes No Power in the world is so versatile as tagiand in ber genius and resources, "he ie not only great In beraelf, but she Is great aa being the rounder of communities, every one of wbtch may Dope ti attain?one of which ban already attained?a front rank in the affaire of tbe world. Tbe circumstances attend ing tbe separation of Great Britain from the ildeot of ber eoionlss were unfortunately sueb as to produce for s time in boib sides certain foelings of Jealousy ami sore ness, bnt those feelings, aa Is proved by the welcome pre paring for the Prince of Wales In the I'ntted Plates, are rapidly giving way to mutual friendship and respect, while our experience in that instance bas led ua to treat our younger clonies in sueh a manner as to secure tbelr entire and unwavering loyalty. One gratify'og proof, among m.uny, of tbe unity of spirit and sentiment prevail lug in every part of the Br'tiah dnmlslena, is afforded by the almost simultaneous adoption of the volunteer move ment among the widely scattered portions of our raoe. At every stage of tbe Prince's progress u Rri'.mb North' America the volunteer corps are reported as bearing a conspicuous part In bis rereptioo; and every vbsr* we hetr of the regularity of their dri'l and tbe excellence of their discipline. Evidently Fogl slimen, in whatever quarter if the globe th*y may have made their b <mi, are in tho main distinguished by tb-> name national char no te Hat km, and the unbounded entb-ie.atm w-tb which tbd Prince of Wales has been received throughout (Ir tish North America shows ua tbat they are everywhere bound together by the tarns national sympathies. it would be an endless task to recount ail the soc&t aod rational advantages to be aotlcipa'od from iho journey by wblcb the Prince ol Wales has jusi mvieaeooalntaoie with a large portion of big fu?ir8 subjects. We may auction, however^ sg on* bf the most valuable of these, tbat it wjil pre^Miy have the effect of fixing public atten tion UK thin country, to a much greater oxtent than for merly , on the menu of t-anada art! o tr otber North \me rn;.u possessions aa a t.on.e | r otending era . gran In Tbat magnifioenl region? as aoce-a ble aa aay part of ibe t'n -*d Ernies, offering at least equal opportunities to In dividual enterprise, and recommended to tagliahman aa forming part of the British empire?has hitherto, compa ratively speaking, been strrag< ly overlooked for tbapur poeee of emigrnilon. It will not be one o ' tbe least ad vantages of tbe Prince's visit, tbat, as may reasonably be expeited, It will be instrumental in drawing more gene ral attention to the mognifioeot eapabil.ties and deve loping tbe inexhaustible resources of one of the most splendid portions of the empire. Effect of Comat P?nln)'i Sptecii la Eaglaa<I. The foadon IVa'A of augnet 30. Is oommentag upon Connt Perslgay a late speech, taya ? Two qiirstluas, we ate told, wore pend.iig before toe osogurattoD of the emplrr?ore of tbo East, the other of Italy ? oelther of which admitted of a pacifi; sola: Ion, bat both were Milled with (real promptitude, and,aa the celt beet thing to BO war a'! a a abort war, we presume that the peace of V da franca must be ooaaidered aa another aerification of tho declaration of Bordeaux. Nor can we foel quite convinced that France ? boa recog nised the prlnolple of noo Intervention in Italy" so long as she occupiei Rome In foroe, and tb'ia Imp *ea on the subjects of the Pope a Join.nation which would not last tw< aty-four bO' ra after those foroes were withdrawn. We are also told that, altar France baa achieved so much. It la natural distrait should hare arisen In Europe, though this Is scarcely rccom liable with what la after wards ssid?that the "TXaperor has again placed France la her legitimate position without shaking the oonfideaoe of ? irope. ' France had, t appeared, iromteed, though we are not told whom, to rep Joe tho attacks of Austria ap<>a Italy, bat kept the Italians In ignorance of the pro mlee, in order to prevent incrosed esc tement among them. Tte rime thing took piac i In the annexation or 9a v>y aed Nice. "Franc- never coocealel ber| la ten tKrna e tber fretr Sardinia or Fbgland ale has deceived nobody." Now, three are precisely the state meats which, so far from reascurlxg, tend to spread over Europe a greater distrust and n deeper discour agement than already erlet. let aa have any ao-uraooea MM Fren.-h M n it r may gtvw ua for the future, hut do not reqinre ua to subscribe lo the eorreotu-ea of thl version of the past. We will say nothing of Sardinia, but tor England we ens my with perfect confidence that tbo Emperor of the French entered Into an agreement with M C'avonr, by whlib. In cooslderatlon that be would con qoer I/imbardy and Veoetla from Austria, be was to be placed in pctMseton of (tnvov and Nice; that this agree meet wea sept a profound sacral from England and irons A nutria; that the ceuee of quarrel with Austria waa deliberately sought by France, la purauaaoe of this agreement, and that the annexation of Savoy, after having been repeatedly denl?l, hae been ac. eompl.abed, In delaaoe of oar remonstrances. It la surely enough to have bad to endure tbta without being eipeoted to admit that n It there le "no ymeaal ment Well will it be for France, Ml fur Kigi/ind, well for tbe bman race, i the predictioDS of M On IVrs gny thouiJ come true, "if the m ' tary r.too! be at an end/' and an era of peer* end prosperity be now opening tor Europe. IN dMWntt. we tnlatsi rata belle mti. The Emperor may yet reconsider hie pnwtttoi.aad spare to his own s .bjecta and tbe human race the tofosrtoe wh.rb ll la la his power to inflict upon them Be ia free to dispone of tho vast power he w ekls even ss be w.ll buf/or Mng land (hers it no aNerwaftna Utr Menrfo mma doamd mkor on Aor one Urmgtk ami fait aripareftsn, or on cA* for bearanw of Asr groat and was Mar ustoAAor JheAoamfor (A* latter, Ant that mil Ac no encase/tar to mgfi.-Hep rAe for Fraaae, id tmprvea had rw would stay there nattl the 1st la stent. Fraaee, The taper- r and Empress had reaebed I nasty, A rumor had been surreal that Sigaor iarlal, wbo weal In ones pi Meat the Emperor oa the ooentoon of hW ?rat vwit to tbo traaaforred provtame, pr suits* aa ao togreph letter from the King of Sardinia, n which Vtel-w Emanuel declared it waa tmpnaaibie for him aay longer to reetat the vurreat of puhlie tooling la Italy aad that be most lead It or be swept away by IV A Par J dm pet oh, however, net Ms that this rumor was wthout foimda Ik*, and that Far la I went merely to compliment lbs Em peror la tbo earn# of tbo K;tg Letter* from Algiers way that to 000 Arab bor-emsa, tarn all tbe tribes of Algeria, aad evao from Tunis, were making preparations to be pre-wnl at tbe ft"i te be given m honor of I be Kmperer, oa which oocasMB tbey will eaeeato maamevrt* sa a gread *caio Tbe Para correspondent of tbo lor doe Jfrrald says that the passage about davoy and tho i.doaoe rt-pooling tbo French treaty * Queca Victoria's rpeseta prod need a bad impression o Parta Tbe OMi?fof tunnel state" that 100 opt men had bs mehill/ed, and that a permanent aamp was about to be e-tohlMhrd elooe to the Iwtiw and Uermantc frontier. Tbe Para Pott it given n rumor that two more regiments were lo be See patched to Route a relaforesmeoie Speeches to the Councils Ulnars I of the ta Ih in aad Ton Inane of a pacific Date-a had here made respectively by Mentals Mega? aad MM The Para Boa res was firm and rentes were ratber blgb sr. clewing on tbe aim sH .as M 16 Wat? Nothing af memeut had eoearred a faiahrta. aad the reported flight of the Kiag from Kaplan had aot been oon ft was reported that tbe Qsuat of 9yrac*we, unole to the King of Naples, bad written a to ur to the king, r?> m m< sdiog him to avoid a -asIsm effustoa of blood, aad to Ibttow the exam pis of the Due hem of Parma Cotdeflontie, the French rspualxwa, aad uae of Oarlbal di*s officers, waa killed la tbe cogagameet before Regfto. earibaidi etderrd splendid ebeeo iieo la h* honor It ?? reported that ev"rnl of the WmWB W n store had lrc le red they would not fight against their onealry men, and ?f a funeral ratag look pia* woe id ue It ao oppoeitioa. * Naples dm pate I, of August 30 toys ? Trar.<, .ill.ty prove iia ia the city. Tbe Kiag had a review ?f tee rag-scmia which have been seal to CaatrliamWW. Tbe eapected military demonetrat mm la favor of aaaea et.oa u> Piedmoai hae been as journal ttortoeidl has left Calabria, but it M aot naowa a wha d.reci or he baa gone. Deceive areata are eipeotsd to tags place sb'vi y Reran areolar baa -blamed the miafitol en which be demaaded. A report was current that O-oera' Brlgaall had been ghot St M'Wteleane by the soldiers of bin own irgtmeat. A stslrmsut waa sSoet that Has bald, eutorwd Mooia trene oa the fifth of August aad that be bad toocreded a IrtMF'tl ag bto wbcle army to the maipiard Anttrla. Tbe Austrar government, an attack on Venet a. waa moet eetircly psabltg on tbe work cooeevting tbe Veeet en ratr a-is with three of tlennar.y, which woull raahie Austria to transport e ooaeiderabie foroe to Vana tie In a fsw ?| Tbe Austrian Oturitr say* ? According to MtedfogMO rweised direct from Warraw, th? r mor o,' an approach tog later view between tbe Emperurs of A air-a and Run ? sand tbe I'ria-e Regert M Prumla gaiM mora Pen swteaee, and prsporat'uwe for thai event are, t to mid Bptolm. Otrera wan prevai. ag lo a >?ri ua etter t .r. "fa.c At Malaga all hnndred persons wtre sttaoked In oaa day, aad fifty of them died A Madrid drape*" t says that the ifosprrorof ihaFranch, oa bto retura from Alg< re, wtl) stop at Baroolona, whore he w ahep to have an with the w-*a of *psia. ?wHisriaad It a stated that the Federal Council, faring been Bo ll- >!? d by the Free -h govern meet to send e dep"toi on to Tbot-wt togmt tbe Cmperor, replied that them waa ao eeeaalea for aay each atop. Hearsts bad arrive* at Re I A* to, en the late of Cemo. Be wee reeeived with greet iA smv fla ttitonded mcventento were nnkaewn lyUi Hy orutr of Iliad Pmm Nrwif uMTidunni, - l -. 1 of having taken put In the Ism iinssnm u? i nMa hung, and 110 soldiers shot Be had ccwpede' D.Oo litbliuia of Damascus to enter tbe army four thousand Ore hundred nolo tore or UM Fr u>b > ptdltiuu bod dlttnUikiii at Beyrout. lhe appearance of foreign troops had MeuUwii 0'.l for tho man if eolation of Ui feeling between U>o Jhrin: mm and Moeiome. l>artial flgbta had tekon place in Boyr ml. Constantinople letters oontmne to express lea re of a g ne r?l rising against \m Christiana when the French Mod id. Sickening details relative to the late massacres ocmlloue i to band. to come At Hubtit, out of 3,300 Chriitlana only 1,400 were found remaining?nearly al' women and children. The corpere remained uoburte h The term wae foil of them, id in tt ~ tho upper room* they were piled in beape five to tlx feet high General Beaufort, the commauder oi me Freorn foroee, in a proclamation, had prohibited the Bar on Ilea from re tewing the conflict. A CoDDlaalinople despatch lays ? Notwitbttanilog the representations oftbeambiaea dcrs, Ktirohid i'acna remained at Constantinople until the Marquis de 'araielte team insisted ion sod obtained bin departure, In order that he might be (nought to trial in Syria. The UuMn.tnan Inhabitants are ass* mine a threatening aliunde. The garrlron has been mar "used, bat tho sol diers' pay la still in smart. i-'oceiai C- rr>spoodtnoc ef the London T.mes J 3 10,1M0. Bmraorr, August ... ..... A rum<>r wsa circulated, and generally believed, that i had been held to consul meeting of Druse ohiela upon the r petition in respect of foreign Intervention, I and that it bad been decided not to resist. J behave | ibat up to the present time no general courts of action : boa been oeclucd upon, or by any regular otbcial meeting 1 of the representatives of the Druse nation bold. A few Sbeihs, liko those at Keabsya, may have boaaled of what I they meant to do, but any thug like n national policy is I unknown, lest week tbe son of Bolar Beg A mad died of i bis wounds, received ,n tbe flgbt before /ehieh. It is re port.d by a Druse dheik?with what truth I know not? that immediately upon bis ton's death ttolar Beg A mad ??t out on a journey w .lb some followers, and gave orders that the body was not to be interred until after bis re tare. In a Its uays be came back and gave permission lor the funeral to proceed, an he had killed four, tome say seven, Chriai.ans. Even if tkls report be not true, it tbowe what must be the tone of the native Christian noemty f >r It to be credited According to Druse etiquette, all tbe neighboring ehiers, or Ibslr vakeels (official representa tives), arebous ~ ~ ind to offer condolence (o ted \atc) to the parents Consequently Ibsre was an assembly of sheiks at Brtb. the chief place of the AmaJs, which may have given rise to tbe report about tho meeting, and It m quite possible that alter their condolences bad been utter ed the sheiks may have convert-id amoog thenceelves and with Hour Beg respecting the fuluro line of policy to M panned by tbe Druse nation. Whatever decision was ar rlTfd i pay wm come to st ai), w>ijd be binding only on ihole woo Ward prc*3*?^ "*? fcelese U was deemed beneficial we shall know nothing shoe* it. Up In the time of tbe death of Hotar Eg Am ad's sun | It was the latest ion of tbe Druse sheiks to lay a joint statement of their case before Vloe Adm.ral Martin, Is which they were to set forth their perfect wil lingness to be tried by any court Ibat might be appointed, provided the Admiral would give tbem the guarantee of England that they abould bare fair play, that thejr per sona should not be (trued during tr Al, and that no harm should com# to tbem If tb-iy spoke tbe troth Tbe Ust condition is very significant. It would argue that tbe Druses feel themselves certain of being able tc prove that In all they did they bed the authority of the Turkish utfi dale, and this sgrers with the information I have re ceived as to the existence of proofb of Kurschid ' acha t guilt. It Is not 'mprobable that the Lvi-ses may have other evtdeioe eatablwhing the complicity of other par ties, which I bope to be able to forward by tbe next mail. If this surmise be oorre-.t, they will Indeed reqi. ro pro taction. One of their Sbeiks said the other day:?"How dare I tell tbe truth, unless I hare security that' a harm will befall me for so doing? Bui give m ibo g.arsntee of England for a fair trial, and every Druse you may require shall attend the court, be he peasant or dbelk, and abide Its verdict ' One word more with re ?t > th* Druses. Tbey hats bean cruel, fierce and thirsty, but they are not guilty of any of tbe outrages that here been perpetrated upon women. Tbe widows of the Slain say" We saw our husbands but b ered before o..r eyet, bat truth onmpels us to staie that no I>ru?e offered tbe slightest osu.t to a woman. ? What ever outrages of this suture were committed they were the deeds of Turkish soldiers and Moslems. Tho greatest enemies of the Druses never accuse tbem of vlelenoe to women. Not a finger would tbey lay upon a woman, and bardly would tbey look ber in tbe faoe, if she wore a stranger. Greek Catholics, orthodox < .reeks, and even Jews, ire bee have been accused of having joined tbe Druses against the Mar on Use, of having taken mire than their fair share of tbe plunder, and of having Insulted the women. In fact, tbe Jews are stated to be deeply implicated is the atro cities at Dsmesici , but ! trial the charge amy prove un founded C*M mt OMd Hop*. Tb* mail* from tb* dap* of flood Hop* to Um i>l Ju!y bad reached England. IVtaoe Alfred had hot arrived tad it ?M I rp?ail that ha mac I, tlx Eery aloe, bad broken down. sir fl >ify bad arrived out to reeume ha fnjt.ooa m Bovaai. No m*i of Dr. Liviagitoae * expodttloc Yha breakwater at fab I* Ray bad been comment <-d. Trod* at the Cap* waa ouoeedlngly tiaca THK VCRV LATKIT SEW?. Ltranrooi., Sept S, 1MJ0. ARAKS TOLUNTm UT1IV AT EKOWflLBY PAU. Tbe groat domoaatralloo which baa beta for ao?>? tia? tba load lag topio af coo r? eel ion la oamo off on Saturday, and woo la irtry roopoct a brill Ant aooreon. Upward* of Ma Ibooaaad eoluatoore woro on tba grc.nd, and oao boadrod tbonoand i pacta ton at tba tory l?aat woro proaent. Tbo vulunteere woro divided -uUt ?four brlgadoa of riflca aad oao of art,liny, a guard of honor bolng formed of ?(r T. 0 irard'o lino body of yeomaary cavalry, ant tbo flnvrnty tnt Scotch Hlllo Volunteer Corpo of L'verpoui, wbo, In tbolr kJM aad a full Highland eeetume, added greatly to tbo plctureeque character cf tbo oooe*,'jc. Neneral Wetherall waa the receiving officer, aad the other leading ? ffioen wfco took port m the review were Sir R T. ??erard, I ion I. Col. Droorne, Col Wlbrahaai, Cul. Crof. too, Lieu I. Col. lightfoot, C. B., aad Moot. Col. tbo Hon. P. W. tfalbot. Tbo raaatcivroo woro of .t'e cbarac tor, out woro performed with a > lead new and procloloa . wtlcb elicited at tba eleoe of the demonotreiim the warm commeadatioa of General Watboral!, the Karl of Derby, lord Ulan ley and a largo number of ahod Toluatoora. Y Ml ton rode around the Uaoa aad wort loodiy entered A opeelal aad moot eaihoalaeUc cheering waa given to ha lor dab :p at Urn cloee of tbo mew RefreohraorM oa o I heral ooaio wore provided for tbo roloaieero at lard Derby"a oaponao, upwarda of Are u na of pieo bar mg been made for tba ocoaotoo., Sept 1, lhOb. Tbo laadoo Jim-4. in o aaior, object* to be mg repre orated m tbo I'olted Platen by Mr. ! udaay. aad aloo geoe rally to .b* policy of tbe but moo of tbo oean try out of the baa da of tbo roapoat'.bM M In a ton of foreign enrto aad ptaciag It la tbo baa do of aeriooe, wbo pumhaeo, by oerring uo for aothlng. moot alioaited liooaoo for mia. Tbo death of Ooaoral Unto oaowe a racaaoy la tbo colaaolcy of tbo Flghty eighth foot 0TR1A. [uaaarco, Aogeat 3b, 1600 <<>?ri*j) I Tba moraag Id? poroooo lmplMated I cm, oad aa whom atataooo of death woro executed. 67 of tbe condemned eeen woro baa god to tbo moot popular part of tbo city, and 110 of the local poll to woro ebot la tbo og-iar*. Tbe r esoeotloa haostmek terror jtn tbo lababitaolo of tb* city, which romamed troaquU. Tot rroo tbooo coodemoed to bard labor aad dotoatkw will be tool ua der a otooag eooort to Bey rout, where tboy wil bo law diataly embarked for Cooataatlaopie Among tba par aooo htoged woro brotborr, euaa aad paroolo of tbo flret an of tbo oo atry. No ottoatloa woo paid to tbrtr rank or dige ty. To morrow all tba practpal portico oowtpro mlcd will bo arrooted, triad oad pnaMbod. Tb* trial of ri '-ovoreor AbomM Agboa an: NborofB eero * proceed lag before a eouaaU of war Tbo iiinnn will be eefhroad immediately alter they are proaooaoad Tba guilty pereona wbo ?ocapod after tbo oieeoe re will be Irwd eo ootlawo. They will undergo tbolr pooaMieo oo aooo to i bey are eel aid Tbo army uf the Saltan aeta with tbo mnet rigoroua dloc pl no aad M perfoH loyalty Tbo arm of oo A triompbaat. Perfect traaquMl'ty an all the border* of *jra Order a reeetab'ahed ag Bald' aad te oaetroaa rtur-CB. Pa**, dept. 1,1M0 Tbr Bo ro? cxaor Cat at dflf. IB:. PUav'iu, Angudl It, 1MB. deem. lam"r,c>ere, to aa order of tbo day, ha* direct od bie troop* to plunder nay town wblrb, oo tbo approach of tbe r.eir.y, obould rioa ta MMrrooUee COIUfBBCIAL iVTBLLKiBNCB. The i/>*d it) 7inn city article, doted mday orootag, ?a;I - Tbo hotter proopeoM of lb* weather igt j Imparted armor** to tbe road* oad they boo* oteoed to day with a good e, pearaoco, at mi Improremool of owe otghtb? a fortber lafui of f?4d to tb* bank booiag aleo eotribnted to tbo eppor too dew cy There boo heen rather more drmaod la the dmooont rrarket to day, but truaronioo* bar* taken pMeo at Iff o g;, per int. About KM,MO la la* gold waa taboa to tb* Book to-day. I* the forelga atihaagee Uio afternoon oo (Baog" of importoBoa took ptaoe. la tbe ooieotal produce market dor .eg tbo wook there boo boon an lew mot I do to and f r aororal of the precipe! ertlcloe at oonanmp-.toa. at rather higher ooototton*. Durmg tb* month jutt eadod a doc i Mo of X Mr mot hoo aooo eotabliobed la ooaaoM. Tba movement waa oH creeled hy poRtMM, bet ooteiy by oatMly fogurd Mg barrroi (o railway eharoo tbo ebeugn have ten to *)aepott.y with ieoOeM Oa lb* ParM Bourar. M a i thre o'o ooetoo of paeiBr aam<ma<MO Mm lb?goromimaet there haa bean ? full ir tlie fundi < 'abort r-' eent f*vm the low quotations pvevtouify em-rent |P>ma ihe Daily Mewn, City art-tie | Moxpai. Sept. 3?Kteii of no- rketa cave qutck -y responded to the tmprv ve BB'Tt in toe wenth*r. Funds to day have risen f a I*r oeat, UJ there wae to mere a-*' aquiry for ntou niHH. (<intio.>?d purchases o go'-d by toe Bank, Mm ib ?race or stringency !a the money maaket, aad the mat oi patios of a favorable liana retirn, were amongst Uie .? mediate feature# in operation to-day, but it ia fr". that everything depende on weather. The die ouni market may be considered allghtly earner, b it transactions that take place below the Bank miaimum are conilned to the neat abort paper.* at the Bank U. day waa qi let COMMERCIAL, BTC. Livaarooi dept. 2, 1560. The I vio|m> haa arrived here. Cotton steady. Hake yesterday 10,000 tiaiea, o ? b .ch 3,000 were ukeo by epeoilatora aod exporter a. Brralatufta qcietaail at/ady Provisions dull. i/wiNo, Sept. 1?''renin g. Consols rowed at 93/., a 93\ fur mow > and ac count. Harkata. RICMAJUMON, BrKFCB AND CO.'H CIRCULAR. LivaarooL, Auguat 81, I860. < ottom ?The market baa relapsed Into dullness, the de mand from tbw trade being limited, and prions, without being quotabty lower, in noma oasea lavor buyer*. Ci Birt ra continue to relieve the market In Manchester ralnesa le checked by very unfavorable accounts from India. The quotations are ? Midilvyptr 10. Orleana. Mobile 6ft d. Uplands 6 lo-16d. Bans own-r>* ?The weather haa Improved, aad la now Inc. Tbta, with llbr ral arrivals at tbia port and Ioudon, checked the upward tendency of prioea, and apccaiatora have withdrawn. For consumption a fair boalneaa haa bean dane In wheat. On Tneaday our market wut quiet for all articlea, at prevloua quotations for whoat 1'iour 0d. per bbl. cheaper. At to-day'a market mlliera bought ?t d.wcr.pliote l of wheal to a moderate extent at ml ,0(8. low quali I ika aot wanted. Klour very alow, aad to diaku aaioe i ! furlhrr reduct.on would bavu to im made. Indian mm .?animate. We quote wheal?Bed Western, 11a. 8d. to lis 9d. lor aij; 12a 8d. to lk. 6d. for now winter; rkinlbrru, 12a 3d to lia. 6d.; white, 131. to 13? dl. per 100 Ibe Klour?Philadelphia a .perCoe, 30v. to 31a.; ex tra. 31a 8d. to 32s .; extra Ohio, 32a ; extra Wealern, 80a. to 31a per barrel. Indian o-iro?M'xed, 34s dd.; yellow. 36a ; While, 38a to 39s. per 480 'be. UiBdon market to day !a reported inajt've, at la per quarter deciles in wheat. r?rr v^btiBiK* to the xiPf tltj" etoH. 'V.fcb >m ?aArw lamlw kolri mllh W. rwiax^i ."PJik * more irmly held, with moderu e demand. Be<?? im dull, and principal holders complain o? want of drmnnd. fi ?**? In good demand at fcl' pr ues. Laau ? Yesterday and to day a large buiineM waa done, and take reached 300 lone, at bOe. for common, die. for fkttr refining, 82a. for good, and 84a. for choice Tallow hae advanced tel., with sale* butchers' at life. 8d per owt. qcm. Ban* steady. at 8a 31 a 8s. 91. for pn.iade phin, and Is. a 7a. 8d. for Baltimore. Rosin ?Common bar advanced to 4s bd. a 4e 93. s*?lv ?Clover ia excited and advanced te a 6a pur 3wt, and jearliag made Ma BAR-FB EROTIUHH AND CO.'H ClRCrLtB. IxniDon. August 24 -6 P. M. There I ae been a ateady business in our and foreign prod' ce markets during the wank w tho it mate nul alters!'on lb pr-cca Hjgar and onttOB tlrr i. Money In leas demand Tie m nimuzn bank rate of J.acoi-ut ceo tin net at 4 per cent Cow v.* a of at <>3 a 93; for money I3,V for the account. Fur ai'ver, 6s l vl ; Mexi can collars, 6*. 3t>J ; Air -rlcan ?- pi's. 7Cs 2)4<i., flat; Iiooblooat?SpaniRh, 78a. ?' N., Mouth American, 74a ,N. iano ?tiv ? *?diate sV ck firm and little offering. I niled Htatea 6'e buyers at 98; 6'* sellers at 98. fr.soeaa haa been done in r-innialvanta 6's stock at 88. and ia bonds at^8d>4. Virginia JO s offered at 82, and 6'a at 81. A geod deal of apteulstive bus.nesa in Illlnale 'Cen tral Kaiiroad shares which have Improved to 18 a 14 die ct uni. b"ndB 7 s. 89 a 'O M.-iilgxn Central i s bonds, 17 a 90 New York an 1 Krie shares, 27 a 20; bonds 7'a third mortgage 83 a 88 Colonol bocda quiet, w th little demand. Co. sisait dull, and of 600 bag* at an Aloe one four'h ?old. ilenduraa silver ordinary mixed to good bold', 3a. a 3a. 8d.; blw.k, 8a. lid. a 4a. 9d ; ord nary, 8a. 3d. h 3a. 8. Mexican black tak-n in at 3a Id., silver 3a Id.; Tenenflt' silver, 3a. Id a 3s. 2d., black 3a. 3d. a 3a. 6d. Coras.?688 bags Trinidad partly sold from 67s. a 74*. for low to good red; 300 bag* Guayaquil wore held for 78a Co>m ban been la good demand, prioea show ing an ad vance of Id. a 1* 1,120 cask*, 172 bits , 860 baga plan tat Ion Ceylon sold from 80a a 78a. for low mil. to mid. even, and 74*. a 77a. ror m.t. cnlory to geod mid.; 2,500 uags native Coy km at lla. Ad a 02a. for good ord., 00a a 76a. for mia. to good mid , and 84s Ad. for Ane, 76 baga African at 76a. a 87a. Two Soating cargoes have been a id at very full privet, vtx. vf 3,400 baga good Urate Rio at 62a., ineured free ot 10 oer cent for Trieste, the other, 2,880 bags Hamvos at dbg 63., insured f p. a. for i Stockholm. Corrtm steadv at late rrdutl m. Im.gbCkke tod Tile 4-68, b it ?cleOMl, ?101; sbealhiag, lid ; Y. M. Uio thing, ? '?<!. Con* was very Arm early o the week, but owing to more favorable weather (he market was i|ux>t |-> day, and ?alee .?.!id not hare been cmle osvpl at ? red t,on of Ha a th per q r. I ait week'a average price of Kngllnb mheat w*? MM Id. on 30,6*3 qn. returned. We quota white American wheat, 30*. * <We red, Mi. afth. per qr. Floor, We a 33a ;>er bbl. Cuitos steady talra for the week, 3,300 bal- r At vrrpool the demand ha* been good aalt* for the weak, 61,7C0 bales. mid. Orleana, 6 ,1, per lb. Tiaimaiiaa ?Rough quiet at la. Id. Amer.oaa ip r'tn, 31a. !?(<.??Ill bag ana vnm!ca eold at lla alia. 63 oaaea Cape aloea eold at lla. a Me 3d for ord t> flno, dearer. 11 bbla Chnoariila bark aold at Ma a Me. for lair to goad. 113 oase* gum bexijimla, a few aold at IS*, a RO*. tor ordinary Ida. 400 haaketa roll annatto partly eold at 3d. a Id fbr fool to 61. for ordinary aud middling, ldd cam* oaelr otl chiefly eold at 3d. a d',d. fur nraw to llae, be tag ohraper lea cme* rhubarb pert ?eld, fair flat 2a 3d , round la. lid ih 43 cboata Feet India wai aold, Madras white, ?? Its a ?10, Bombay yel low, ?1 a ?7 17a. fld 363 barrels Plumbago aold, lump. 13s a 31a. M., and dwt 10* 0d. a 14a , bolog dearrr. lift caere iter an a weed aold at Ma. M aU< for middling to good, being cheaper Opium 10a Aaflroo Ma. thitch lla. < lam bier lla fld. I jud ateady common pig, ?21 6* a ?X1 10* Hanr qalet St. Peter aburg clean, ?23. Rhine, ?39 I On. J era la more demand, and of 3,M0 bale# oflurod about 3 wo bale# aold 03 allfiUy Improved rate*, from ?13 lft>. 6<1 a ?13 to 3d fur Inferior to good common, from ?17 2a. 3d. a ?11 for middling to tolr, and from CM a ?11 lie. 3e. tor good to onpertor brat ram quiet at ?30 10* a ?30 13* 31 lane .a?The neit quarterly ami? are now Siod tor flh October Prompt January 13, 1M1. ?alia nod bora ?4 la a ?6 10a f. o b. laow quiet. Ralls and bara ?A 3a. a ?3 10o f. O. b. la A alee Scot b pig* 61a for m.ied Sua ou Clyde Uaenr on the U* spot la much wanted, and Bombay In worth Ma 3d. a 67a., and Calcutta 66a . about 400 tons of Km latter description ha<e boon aold for arrival at 64a description a Ida. 33 b(3 1 , include.g bags, also a cargo for Hull direct at 33a 04. Wa quota Mark Baa 34a. 3d tor ahip ment up to DsptaMbor, dailrerod to tha Called Kingdom. Our importation up to this time Is ?3.d33 qra., against 331PM qra for tha oorrropundlag period last year 1 imman r*nan continue lo advance. American oblong, la begs, ?10 13a. a ?1313a , and la bavah, ?U a ?11 6a. MhUMWft* la dsmaad, ohlefly fr>r asport. IMpuaqhoowa have brea eold ol 13a a 13a 04 far St. KIU'S, Antigua, and Domin eft 4 cargo of 300 panebocae good Porto 'an been aold at 10a. ? I lab?tyorm Arm. with small aniaa of American ?107 10a tmlei seat C36, pale *.ulh*ro, ?34 lib . cod, ?31 a ?3* Olive?Tbo lower qualltiee .n more tomaad: no seilera of Mogadort under ?34, buataeea baa been dune la Tuaiaat ?M Mamma, ?37; OaUlpoil, ?40. Rape A good buetaeaa baa baoa done at 43a for foreign raAoad oo the spot. and 33a a 44a 3d tor brown, which are also the prtaaa for forward delivery. I turned baa bean steady Ihro'igbout the week at 33a M. a 31a. la all paaitioaa Ge ona nut 3rm. Oy low. ?3a. 3d. a 47a., Ooohia, dfta 3d. a 49a Palm?Seilera of Dae lagan at 33a Jhrr quiet aad sales oaanot be made so readily Madraa, wt A la the earlier part of the weak aold a? lla 3d a 13s . yeetwday realized lla 3d for rood flaky Altog* ther 'Am ealee reaoh 33 000 bags, at 13k a Ida. tor Bengal, 11-. 3d alia. M. far Madraa, and 10a ftl. a 13a. 31. tor good ml#, lloalmala T*o 8 oltng cargoes of Arrwoaa, to gether 1,303 tone, aold eat wee* at lla. ftd., With guaraa to# and open charter. Tin ? Berk*. 1301; bara, 137a, refloed, IMa-; Rat oa ISO* ; Strait*. 133a Riuataady 3001<?? aold. at la. 3d. a la. btol. tor r-o'i Dtoaerara, 3a id. a da. tor Jamaica, aad la. 74. a la Id for le?war .la SeLwunta vary quiet 4JO bnga Bengal Bold, nl 4.1a M. (ehnrt prompt) far 4M to *U p*r emu, 43a. 3J. (cash) tor 3 to dw per oawl, and 43*. for 3no IJft per oeat, aad 40a M. f..r |0 per oeat. * ?vx-m ?Pepper The antes are 100 haga Stagaporw at d >,d. a d ud. tor gooii mlddliag old to good aew. Omnia -m l.iguee- 236 oaoes eold ew rather easier term* liaaal pirn. 30a a Ma , Bret pda, Ms Pimanm 8M bags ware chiefly bought m at 31*4 a d*d Sroaa ?jk vary steady demaad baa prevailed. aw<i pre vleae nrroee are fatty maiatataed Of British fat India 3,490 bbda, have bona aoM, lad od lag at srnittoa 3M naeka, 17 Heroes, 73 barrel* Barbados* at 33s 34. a 43* 33., and 134 corks, 13 tleroea, 37 bwrrela Jamama, at .14* 3d. a 43a . bag* Mauritius ware oh tody Bold from Ma N e 41s. M. tor mlddliag broara end soft yel low to mlddliag grip; 3M bags Bengal OnrpaUwb data mil at 43a. a dfta. far rood middling yellow. Privately, ace bags native Madraa were realised at 36* a Ids , aad 330 bags Ourpailah date Bmgal at 43a ?"retaa 3,073 ... ry full rwua, boxes Havana war* all beegbt la at ?77*. 3d. a 33a 3d. for lew middling 43e 3d. tor low mlddliag to good mlddliag yellow and 4fti a gq* for good to lla* fluralm yellow; 1.114 botes white Havaoa were also bought m at 33i ftl a 34a 3d. la bond 373 bb l# , 19 Ikaroos, 3 barrel* Porto Rmo aold at Ma a 43* ?d foe low brown to good middling yellow Prtvatety 330 bbda awl 103 bbla Itorio Rlaa sold at 3M. ftl e ?3ft 3d ; 3M Mm Havana at 41* a 43* 13M-i MN tow brown Slam at 73a 3d.; 13.090 haga stayed Manila at 33a. 3d. a 37* 3a., aad two Boating nargoaa of Havana, ewo of 1,33* box?a 8o 13 lo I3M, attto 91 . toUy laanrad 3m the t alteI Kingdom, and lb* other M3 boxes white at m 41 , tolly insured torll Petersburg Retaed Bimi larfi aalmef Hatch crmhed, imiowlto| m 1,333 to? bavobom ?fMSed tfefa w**bm?M. 3d.alBk gg-.toMSftboard taMellMd Tetxrrw m good lmMl. gl Pe****>uzv Y 0. <m Mo pot a worth 33i a Ih 3d., tidobor to 0-wmbor 6M. 3d., aad Jaanary to March 33a _ lie Tie awtaa an <be jam laet ermartoed ?.388pwk thawwaaf n. i ^r*#*rv9, 7W bravily at rrrgalar arioso (tomapeo "if" la od so* agra. of which S.SM towad Myers, sawriyt whtet war# oftrred wtthoi.i rsaorve, The io*a The market OtotW aact vo to tEE ranee or wim Tfce RMfiHlti at I <imI?b impctiiMtty of (fed liAf--Ifco CrovO Immm IBs Bat - Am Mill lit Eoftnc TnrntMit lAifrtmg kjr (he ABwrtg Ibm Ik? Mm liutavfc* td-BI Life hAMjiMt liaikity Thraws a Bat la Bh Fa*e-Cau?u CobmM" an iba EBfMi aMl iBMirhea rrm, At., Al. Ae Lovmw, Sept. 13?10 P. M. The Prlaee weal to Sarnla, ? city of about four ibou wkI inhabitants, slxtyoee miles distant, at aloe o'clock Uile morn log. As the Prtnoe drove from the hotel to tha depot s Tut crowd mrroonded bim. Some shook bands, sad use reoehed over Iba carriage sad took o0 tha Prlitoe ? bst, that iba orovd might see bim better. Tha Prince took no notice of this, but pleasantly bowed sad smiled. Tbe Prime an.) mite quarter at the Teeomseb Hotel, the largest a tbe city, but baa a private entrance. Tha passages are filled with crowds, and >1 in New York dur ing the Japanese vlalt, the ladles attempt to fort-- their" way to tbo private apartments of the s die, are w.lh ilffl cnlty rrpulaed, and linger curiously ? ? i the eotraooe. Pickpockets a-e numcr > a. The b-lol egia?dedbjr soldiers, who call tiia rirtp'rs, b l take no notice ot tbe crowd During tbe Prince's tbeon e tbe lowcsfoitg were "rested with Indian gamm by tbe Kilkenny tribe, a..J by m firemen's townsmen , lit which an tu? an Iron Port Huron took part, and was the second best The Pho'uia, of London, won tbe tlrti prm?a s h*r cup?which was chivalrously presence 1 by tbe Purl n mm boy a. The Prince steppr J so wt re on the road to iforoia, but crowds gathered and cheered at every ste.roe. Hit) reception at farnla waa fine. The nsaal city and county addresses were presented at the railroad sUi no., ami were varied by an address read by an of t Indian. About two hundred genuine Indiara were grouped logoUur, be longing to various tribes, some of them coming tern lake Superior to are tbeir " brother,'' as they oalied Ibg Prince. Young Chief, one of this bard, stepped lorwa l, and with a fine <! splay ef Indian oratory, weteoenut Iba Prince, and presented him with a luagu.Scent oui .dawk, In a decorated bark isae. An .nterpr.ter transiaied tbiB speech, which waa splendidly delivered, and thru traaa lated ,Qto Indian the Prince's reply Em u U l..u? waa presented with a large silver medni !E aomas ?? -mm of ths ocrua uo. The Prince then tusk a sa.l on l.ak# Huruc, aug gar took o? a collation at tbe brand Trunk atat ?. as they drove up to the station twaof the four h< re. s mum de U>hed form* the carriage, and for a few mumenta thw Prince was In grea. danger, aw tbe horses reared sag plunged ?frant'.oally, encocragsd by the sho' ts of Iba crowd Ths Prince coolly relaxed his seat, b> werer, and the horses were finally subdued. The royal train reached London at half past IkrtW, where tbe Priaos was i by a great crowd at tba hotel. Just as be entered an eld man, over "m.- ->y tba excitement, fell in an apoplectic fit before b.m, and tba Prince ran up stairs bast Jy, as If to avo d the sight. At four o clock a lovee waa held lc the Ctty Hall, afc which three thousand persona were presented, aud ad dresses were read from national societies Tt?? Welsh men presented an address and claimed tbe ITtn e *? pecu liarly theirs. A fins rifle was pretested to the Prince by a con.-niltaw of the citlsens, es a specimen of tbe won- rases' y of tba oity. * As tbe Prince returned from the levee, a drunk' n fol low fung his old bst In bis faoe, sad tbo Prtnoe, leasing over tbe carriage, restored the hat and nodJed bis ac ceptance of tbe apologies. To nigbt tbe Prinoe attended a ban. Tbe room looked exactly like that of a country village firemen's ball. Tba pictures of borsee, dogs, landscapes, the prints of "Young America," tbe feetoons, of red, white sad blue busting, the tookiug fleeter all wore tbe same, sad made tbe room took unique, after the grand Montreal dis* play. The Prince went early, stayed lata, danced often, end se> mod to en joy himself. Tbo oily waa illuminated and the bells rung. Tbe teleympta (floe biased meek gloriously. Tbe Ion don Ttma fitters describing tbe Prinoer pro frets* barest length ranched Can*.!*, and am displayed In erery read fog room. They prrv. ke much laughter, not lean by their tardlaess than by tbe latcouraoies which they dtarlay la eutrmeote about the Paxils of tbe people, the geography of th conatry and even tbe most ocaamoa statistics The loading Canadians, *11011 ae mam Or r* of Parti* ?Ml, repeatedly aaaart that tbo American preaa icnr appeared to bellar advantage Uuui by lit* oouapareon with En f I tab entm,<rlee. At tea o'clock to morrow the Trine* kaeee tor Niagam Fall*, arriving there late la tb* afteraoB, aa ba atipe at ?avert) uaall placr* on tb" route. Ha r*aialoa Ue rr till Tueaday aait. and tbea |WI to Hamilton; tbao to IVieott, and tbea to tba neat of tba Anv rtcan eagta. Til* Opera aad Theatre*. Weiiaca'* Taaeraa?Mr Wallack opened to vary popular theatre for tba regular aaaaoa on laat earn tag. Aa naual, the rate ran manager baa gathered on I r ba baaaar aoaaatf tba vary beat eooidai** the aotolry, and be atoek ooaapany la oae with which a aamaaWaB oaatpaiga la alaioat a forage** aoacluaiqp. la the ertaa Uaa dapartaaaat wa bare Mr*. Bay, MM* Mary Caaa?a, MM Fhaay Moraat, Mr*. Sana aad Mr*. Teno*. Added to tba (heorttea of pre* .00a aaaaoaa oa tb* other iida at the bona* to wit, Meaara. Lea tar, Bake aad Waloot? w* Bad the namea of Meaara. A. H. Iluvaoport aad Mar tea. la the toe file aad ?*cb*al*al department Mr. Wal lack h equally etrneg Tb* arabaatra baa been enlarged ta anatbar*, aad abowa markad bnpruiaiuaat aad?r it* aaw <*</, Mr. NolL Tba babltaaa of Waltackh o*m* aab la fail fore* tor tbe op"*log night, m there we* a fail aad brilliant aodleuo*. Tba place wa* quit* charm, ?ertn tie, a aaw vorefn of* "Batu.le <i>* ?ub?w," add of tba beat at that otovar aad prolific author'* oub-JKb. The Mary of tb* play?that of tba atratafaa** and ta trlguaa through whieb a youag Preach ra/aitat, pra aeribad by tba gorirtawl, aeoapa* arreat, aad aa aa etaat aad aot over aad abort clever Prefect M baaabotatod by two pretty wont? la quite familiar. Tb* Waimafc reratoa la aa aBpli&oattoa of tb* >rt?laal, aad la otoaad Irgly well dona It la oa* of U>a*t plaaaant, light aad agreeable eomadiee wbieb forai tba ?peatailty of tblfi theatre, aad wbi b are aot Mteaipt- d aayahervefee saw a-day* It waa Boat admirably acted by Mr* Hoay, If las Baaaoo, Meaara lestsr, Ibabe and Watrat dn Hory a performance of tba Gouateae 1'Attreral war anted with ao Bach alegaace an l apett aa t* Mara repaaBI alienttor Wa hardly aead to By the play rechrwoaad "Tbe Ravallat, ?uexooedtagly well don* la the it aofi detail* at ooatuBe, aoeaary. br be It waa Bwaiead wttb aarhed hrw by a very eft > *i bo taa Aranferr *r Mrar.?" Martba'' w.U be gtvur ihie area lag. with Adettaa Talil, Rrifanli and Bartli 1* lb* principal refer ft* Malarday are*lag Crrtaet and Waal*, at will *iag m " Mama " Tbe Tbt .rday Ba'aaas wifi b* dtaaaailaaad tor tb* praaaol * rvnen Oeni?*w ?Tub area ng a performance will be for tba benefit *f Mr. Itaraay Wi llama. Tb* b ll B elitdaa threo capital plays, la wh'cb Mr. aad M>* Wd laaa Will play. Maw Rowaai Taaatwa ?Mr. L f My will ocbuubo* aa It brre B**t Mo*.lay oretrng Obltaary. Pr. hnint Hrava, a *urg-w la lb* ftattad Wat** traiy, died at Fart M"?itrto, H C., ''0 lb* fitb laataaAef typhoid rarer, ta the forty eighth year of hb ag* Tba deceased wm a natlre at freiar t, but eblia ifiiM r me emigrated uith kl* pareuta la fe'rimom, aad gradaaAa* at tb* V a I rare it y of barylaad *?rw?,eeotly b* waa aa gaged a* prrwec .mr to Ifce prnfo*** af MMBf a tba Waehiagtoe CMbg* in Ua cuy, aad *ftarward* aboah KM, eaierrd lb* Bedtoal rtofi ,4 the arwiy, saretng wttb Krai credit through the Flori'a and tfoiiona wa-a At la Alt*. Rreeoa de la Talma. Monterey, RalUlo and Poena \ MB, be toot an honorable part 1* the thick eel of the metre! lie aaa M tho r la ft lite gtllaat Rlcggol I, aad bore that uffieer ? (f whao he fell m rtally weuadad. It fit rue'* name will be fouad w th honorable Bnatlaa la arret ai deepatabaa aad roparta fr*B (taaaral Taytar. r.eaeral Wool aad other ofDeen who bar* rvtnmaadad dlrtslvaa to Whtnb bo waa attached After tba war fed ?erred aa B*digBi direct.>r gaaorai oa the parifir raafe. At tb* tlak* of hi death ha waa n* duty at Fart MaalMfia He waa aa anooBpltabed writer and bb treal's* a (footer* baa baaa afiv Ally approved by th* aaewrnatfefe ud b now ***d aa a tail bask ta tb* medical liginwB* ?f tb* Hrttbh aray. He married Ike taubtar af (Mm* tbert, ? blef at tapegraphloal ?gweare, w*rkl~-*-~ leareo a widow aad three children Hum Mt erru m Maw Mrauaiaa ? It 1* daatdod to baee a gaaorel Boater "f aU lb* Bilttla la IfewjMaojp ?hire, *3 Nashua, this foil-lb# auan 'l?f yet A aad, bet probably aoaM tia* early la nHMBM| MOfitfeafed that *n ?* * ? 10*. r*d anlltaw m

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