Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 14, 1860, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 14, 1860 Page 5
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HIGHLY INTERESTING FROM MEXICO. Mnunon Elected President by the Council of State. Speech ef the Spaahh Imlwif?riir on Presenting Bis Credentials. MIUAMON'H RKPIi Y. Ifce FOIeralNe cu*r n-le<Ne rrenarallw n tic capital-idMit, Uai v?ra. t rat Cor-reepoadence. Vwu Car i, August 'it, 1W. if (Mot ef tktjnta?Flection of Miramon to On jnaMwry Ht nr*u/n MinioUro? Almmk in Mir? Man'i Ombiitot OonJuctn?Jo Ma' fbodncf?IT|*v UA In invention?Vti a Crut Preparing for BautW.?EJmtl r af a Spanith War, 4k , do. Wa bava had no newt now from your quarter tor bet tar than a month, thank* to the beaattfol arrangement of ear Congress, whoae mem bora oeeu >y themselves in asy Meg but what a useful to fade. ? It it from this want of commualoation that wa hare not Ian able to forward the sown of the splendid rietorle* tf the liberal party; bnt today, ocr port and half tho aouatry might bo taken by tbe Spaniards before >oa woold hare any idea of It. Oa the 4tb Inat. Colonel Salinas t >ok Otjasa In open hgfct, taking from Co hoe all hta artillery, in fact, every thtag, and that aasaaata had to run tor It, accompanied toy three followers. All hta troops dispersed or passed arer to the liberal side. ?a the 19th Inst. Mtramon was completely defeste^neor BHao. aad did not tare anything more than Cbboa, so that ha arrtred poet baste at tbe eapttal on the 12th, aeoom i by two aids do camp. Thin brilliant victory was 1 by Degollado, Dobiado, Ortega, Ssragnaa, Carra )al ef Texas, and others, and moat hare been complete, aa oyer 980,000?extorted by Hlramon through his last torse* loan of fluanajoatt?aad his private papers, fail into ttoe hands ef the victors Miramon is said to hare cut aad ran before the Bght was half orer. In the meantime fhrhrlln la mid to havf been routed by Ogazon, having kit tteudalajara to maruh to the omittance of Mtraran. Of thin engagomest we are still without particulars. Mtrsmoa'a so-called cabinet called a meeting of obi fu gfea, the moot inveterate at the church party, goirr through the three of Burning one far each State, aad their yappetn nearly unanimously rs elected Miramon, although the poor fool Roblee wr.i-eu (tie spot, with tho often dis appointed hope to be elected, after so many fruit lews aad ridiculous attempts to tho same end. The greatest part In this farce 1* aaid to bare been par ftrmed by the Spanish Minister, with the double objuct of having a willing tool far his trsaty and puttiag on his toys again poor Ma the w, who, baring committed the SgrtgWty blunder of disowning Mi-em on and doing his boat to keep tho civil strife going, would bars had to run the riak of being killed by the little ("resident, whereas new, by lawn tog upon him, he may bo graciously per milted to star, until his government, Ured of hta mischief making, thinks fit to punish and degrale him again, ns it did formerly. Tbe l'ruastan Minister in tn tbe same boat with him, but of him nobody takea nay aotloe. Mew the whole liberal army who fought tbe battle of Blto la marching upon the capital, and had arrived at thirty leagues distance, oo that the city most fell, If thsy sol) show the same pluck aa at the former place. In the meantime Miramon haa changed his cabinet, giving a seat to Almonte, who, of coarae, deserves It, tor aartng degraded his country by his trsaty and being pro bably at the bead of the party for establishing the Hps abb monarchy ntre. Strange to think that the natural aoa of a priest, the toaster of Moxtcaa tadepeadenoe, should be so degene AU available troops are being oonoeatraied in Um cap! ml. tor which roeron tbe garrisons of Jalaps, Cordova aad Ornaba Save been withdrawn, to Ui.l this btate la torn from all reactionary troops, aad soldlsrt bars bats Stat from her* to occupy those cities The ooodneU of toar mi 11 We a of dollars, which left Mex ico at last, paying Atn illegal Uxuf eight w cool, wuuld bar* been here by this time If Roblrs had not seen CI to dalala It, with lbs rtsw to repair to Mextoo and try if ha could so elected President, as stated above. The la tot mat lie of this man is really hardly to be belie red. Bat Mill be la the Boat deocot man of the whole bee eh, tad fee may Judge whet the other* ere, when yon leers that be wee etaaeee ehtef of the eeeert. with the saectioa of the interested pertlee, end vtth the agreement that fifty per cent were > emitted to Mm for the maintenance of hie Iroop* on the road, Bay MO Ben for 14 days. However, arriving no U>? other aide of Jalapa, he not only stopped and required liberal trsnp* to c>m? and receive the eondoota, but look a large Ma oat cf it Bade; the prwmoi that hie troopehed MtkiMf Vo Ml. Bet each preoeedlege ere the order of the day, every ?end toeltng having completely disappeared. ~ lay. toe taataneo, Jecker, the bre wmm ether day. for taataaco, Jeekor, the broken banker, wm taaad with tlA.AAO. ? hie ahara In the last ef the ?any Ibrosd lennn exacted to the capital. Be remonstrated and wee deed M A00 mom. and a bedy ? troope eeot to hla bouse. where toey renamed laelte , waiting te donre to he opened, aid at Bet ttrrt af waiting, battered in the doom, an I we. o gotcg to demclnh the Iron eaTm whim Mr. .Teck*v ta ughl it to hand then the keys, and they f^uoi?not a oecl hMm| rich Me none hart been l? prlemrd because thoy I to pay elm liar time ' r the ttflh or s tth t m.? B gentler Apanteh war elrew has arrirvd, aad ber onmmecder makra M aecret ef B that MB nation teteede ea armed laterrrntioa in th a port during the Mil They here not the (lightest legal ilalm whatsoever ee doe hi eaa be entertain*! but that they a Ana tootUgaad astabllab i monarch ? gala a A Twenty thousand fresh troeen are rfpsoted from Spats, ? oeerfB I oa their arrival at Baraaa win be ami here. AN f.welgoers (Spaniards excepted i iifortoael ly oha Mtlag this ooostry leak k> the ratted .-Hates lor help? Ml to the government, thongh, bnrause srttoe of Co MMMMMjlltlieil, weal I ew October. This poor eulW'ug eiiy la pro groan, if any aoold be obtained, weal ! gems to. eo denbt the " ~ Intended attack artll not he delay.d s-Vr , II ear tag ss AM as pimlbli ? so stain such a berharoue at tank All the fbtie are be lag manned with henry artll tory, bat of course we eeeewl hot* ont again* e strong ?sstudjsusd^^tmops, sad anst rrspaie te bars ear If timely help Men net j em re rrsm the CetteJ Mates Her la this all, bet enormous pecuniary lasses wiB have . aa the ABgboo Ayealarde tahabHlag th r ?try " ^ ?' " hhbb.b inn use tew npnaiarus waanntag tax . wtll fail vioUbs to UN Jaat rage of tie Mrgtcean, ?ho rearly Wag to have a Bfht w'lh them, ead the bi. " ^ lalTbe' - which they owe will i it the press ef our eouatry eoeld do e great deal to t seek a calamity (.tare la no doubt, and the aarnset proyar te addraaaad te Urn honorable members of the eaae to use tl their pe??rfal >sC sancs la this Jnet sad Agbt well, aa was ahnwm at bteh place was * Otjaca, which place wee gallant y takan by 1 jm etna ? I Leeds, ana cf the miner Baxtoan pap, i could ant achieve IBs teat with 4.MA ?an la Isrtucal c i an mat taam It Is a grant - that we should have aa adequate furea here be health af IBs city le feed, and bw eases of yaiiew vmuCera. hapt 1, leas The idbrrals ml Q?x?*fare? Their hgfaiaB Jfuwmm't idlnb Iks OwBlM fh Jhgltok MMlatnnWcl Han with Nm (Xanm. Be. 1 have little eewa in oomm on cats. although our let vers MM the capital ranch np tn tha AAtb alt The liberal tores* war* still at Quanta*--, tadnaw #*?? mid that, thougb lacmar tag, Ihny would not ?arch ?pen the capital aatil thn 1Mb inetaat, and, ?imi ?y, even gn bnah ta heat the torme of Car nib, whiet see emaBg after them, leeneg te euppoee that e*adni?>ra this delay le laeompriliee?!bto, con dering their ?rmgth, but. aa;how, we are aaauatamad.vo em what the Mhirmls da eat lot lew up their if natagn Mow, tha war at ta. that Mlramsn will eadect and mnau tostxi-a a* many image aa pamihB, aad he is seiiiimdiag Me e ty with tori I Am lines The mcaey la be lag pad by the eVvgy, aad It IS be heved that the Aptaiah M tat "tor has a hand la It, aa mo danbt appaers to exist thnl the Spanish teat will mass aa mlW wBPP amHMrg I WaWiirb ? "wvs."' oil aaaaead tn dntivar ap the surer < I the rburnhss aa they have does to haa arrived at tost Some 5 *T It at the toot'. not-US Imgtha Mtaietsr** warning to done *u*h thing *>oe?y af the Mgiah debt wm ami dean, and geWarbA af those toads are atom! to tha* a nevmta mutator w-et so far r.'r^thT,^ advlairg hi. to I apy-"prlatoths ami acta, which weald be toewdi bis if ?a bed not awe ?mm marly m bad ftowvvav. tototoa fctd a g.attomaa who arrived with ! ?a ooaderta teal be bad man Uw letter biam*r m Tbv forces nf that chief aetomarchtng to the ell of Mire men. hut he win have to Afht ha way. aa llbwai ic-r-a ar* betwaaa Paebto and Max Ice aad amy keen bim at bae V?thry don't ran -they dee't m# Btiai WtSM were sramw at the capital. prior pair M which must come tocte Poebla. The rVxahoaUa haa sot r*torand frwp Mew Orleue Md we lank ant for ha* da'Ty A greet deal rf mat"j Bit cf the foe? bt'!icr? trmid be rati to "ks Or ear a, but "We have so Itee-aers to take t Wm eat armritisg be dene at m*l to keep u,*t una opt A eebocetr M ap for >?* 'Yleene, acd ?h .4 pwm tmrf no ebotee, others ooosbtor "l toosiaar a oonvoynror, uJ no ? front many prater lbs f NEWSPAPER ACCOUNTS. I It attainted from Um Loarlo do in Marina of Batumi, Sept. 7, for too Nsw Ton* Bnuu ] I no THaruj de la Minm? of the 7Ui met. dantos Um stale mrot* of U? of Vert Qrua, m regard to Um movements ?r Mlramon etroe hla retreat to the capital alter Um battle of Huso. Use Diario tbcu goto on:?It in not true that Mtramoa resigned ibe Presidency in cuuseqoeoee of tbe uufSVjr abl? result of that battle, lie was acting only an the sub stitute of Zatoaga, outi! thia latter dixeppeaml, and tb a believing that be oould uoi legally continue to discharge I tbe <luti?s oftbe p"?, tnl r,u mentloulug It totbo I of Mate, that body replied mat, in Uteir opinion, he coo Id ocntlnuo exercmiug tbe supreme power :m . tag annate President, which be had town doing since too j 3Ut o' Jatuary m last year. Mirarooa ditlere?l with them, and dirertrd that the governing function should be dtlivtrrd into the heads of tbe President of tbe ibnrema ; Court, ?hnt was soeotdngly dou? on toe 13th of augusi. 8un?e?ioeut y, ?unP-rruably to a becrte Issued in January, I 1869, by Miaga, providing for a vacancy lb tin !7?' deucy. a mi-cling (Junta) of distinguished repreeai tat Inn i from tbe deperunrnta was assembled, and on tbe Mm ncu.ioa'.'d Ut-ntia1 llua.-on, who bad lx-cu in tbe capital stose bis retreat from Pilao At tbe meeting tto-re were tvfuty three individuate, St Mir Urea preatding. Tbe voting vhoeed nineteen againet ooe; the rumaining to we being banlti Itte nomioaltoo being made known, Mira mon replied, sooepting la Tiew of tbe dilBouliie* which tbe ctrcumatanoes of the country presented, and demand ing ?be support ol all good Maxicaaa. en tbe 'J2d the l'roeldeot ad intrnm (Miramon) received Don Joaquin Erancieoo Panbeoo, Ambassador of her Ca tholic Majesty to Mexico. Ibe oeremonlal of tbe reoep j ttor, entirely new in the republio. shows that the govern j naent emitted nothing which oould add to the solemnuy et I he occasion. Hie following speeches show tbe position in which the situation of tbe repub ic la regarded by tbe . government of bar Majesty and her Aaahssss lor, and Mi rsmca knew well how to appreciate the aeuliinenta ex pressed by Mr. i'acheco m a manner worthy of bis well known ab.aty. Wo b?g to call attention to the speech of tbe Ambnssa J dor, because it is Um- most eloquent reply which can OS gr. cd to tbo Interventions ol the Anglo American press I and i a follower, tbe federal press of Mexico ? I ai-anoii or kxsom racnaoo, Attatnrunoa i rorra-cn a a y . Ma. PkskiIssit?1 have the honor to place m the hau ls I of your Exoetkocy tbo r. odenfial letter of her Catholic ! Majesty, accredit ing tno as Ambaaasdor Plenipotentiary to the republic of InlH As interpreter or tho eeoti : menta of my august sovereign, I would be pttaeod to de clare to your Excellency the sympathetic Interest wbtch I la felt for this beautiful country, for tta lndopendenoe, for its prosperity and fur tta (lory, were It not more bo - coming imdor premnt circumsUncea to express to you tho i grief with which the unhappy struggle te witneese I ? bu ll rends her breom and dlvoits and compromises her high destiny. It la impoatible, Mr. Prcaulent, that Ibe vieen of Spam can tlx tor eyes on tbla deptornbia plo lure without being paired and afflicted la her soul, is it Is impossible that I can contemplato it on the spot without a bitter expression of sadness rising in my mind and es caping my from tips. We arc not, and we never shall be, separate people. Spaniard and Mexican! Nonuorecoguiz-d with morn sincerity than we tbo independence aud the sovereignty ef tbe latter, no one respects more the just rights of Its liberty ana belfd<-|ieodcoce. Bui in spite of that wo arc ofconm nn origin, with one language, one re ligion and one history, up to the time of our fathers Tbe j separation of one nationality lrum tbe other oould not ; alter the fact tost we arc relations, and near ' relations; and can we look with IndiOoreoce on ; ibe fortune, or the contrary, of our brother* ? Why | Should not onr bosoms heave wbri; those brother* destroy ! ca-.b other in a con'est as wlcki-d as it la in terminable ? | In this loicmn act, In which, after tbe termination of i | dlttereaers, 1 salvAc this n Me country, representing the Crsen rf her Cbtoohc Maj- sty, the first ot my duties has en to deplore tbe grlrvuns situation in wbicb I tied her, tin scooad is to declare tho bops that animates me that your Excellency will do all iu your power to termi nate Uiat conflict and those misfortune Tour Kxuelleo cy is s bravo general; allow me a!to to hope confidently that you will be ilkew!? s great patriot. In civil discord victory ilora not ottne through arrow atool; nor does pence come but through the medium of honorable settlement. I Bnttcr myself that your Exeebonry wtli not deny those propositions. I urn sure tbnt tbo voice of fr endly go re in men ts will fled a wfluoms to your breast, and that tbe true interests of a country wbicb bos raised you to such a post will not be lost tight of nor obiteratod from your htsrt. May the day come, Mr. President, when we may consider tbe Mexican republic united, happy and powerful, tbe religion of our fathers ruspected, the pro grvssive truth* of our age realized, property guaranteed, liberty secured, independence lartotato,'\ad a gl.irtoue future forever fixed. And assuredly it will be one ol Um moat beautiful and sat afavtory spec tacit* for htm who adi'retsea these cordial words to jour Excellency, as it will be cue of tbe sweetest moments for tbe aogust Quota w bo baa honored mc with Um representing bar person In these regions, so fair and so worthy of a better fate vwasn-xw misaimx'h itmr. nis Excellency the President replied as rollowa ? Mr. AttaaaaAiKiK?I receive with senitmeata of ibesMet cordial esteem and sincere pieaao -e tbe letter of tbe aa rusl Queen of Spam, accrediting yon aa her As ? ??? V"*1 ? V? I mm wmmw kSibSHidW Extraordinary and PlenipMsntinry la tbla republic. Sad and deplorable is the (itusiioo. unfortunately, to which the events of an obi tinat* and proton god struggle hove reduced lb is wretched cou-itry and, sensible la s great measure, that on that day. to be forever memorable, whea the ]?ople of Spam and Mexico, united by tics of blood, may turn after tbe lerm jUion of their dtfll-rencea to bind tbernwlvM by Iboee of ti^eadsbip, srutiuMDU of joy and g'aducm will eome to mingle with those of sorrow and anttctlou. I am slaoerely gratef-U for these eeat.moots which tour Excellency. rrpneectlig prr?oii of her Catholic Majesty, baa boea pleased to Iprria, and the geuetoua Interest which 7011 take to the to Idop odenrfl. sovereignly, prosperity and glory oftbe Hex I Iran republic. PrnaTble of the dtaaatera of a war which Impedes the program of the eouatrjr, d< strove property and canaea torrcata of Mexican blood to Sow. I deaire eta ceretjr. as a geneva' and a cltl/ru, to pot a* end to to aad a calamity, and. aa supreme chief of the oat loo, I am die I poeed to ltslca lo the volv# of the friendly governments wbkh Interest thrmeelw* Id the pact deal Ion of the repub lic, and, for my part, to do all I oan that the aaorad Into IntoM. nets ef religion and the country may ho preserved I May baa van favor my loyal laleaUoon and hearken to the wis hen of the worthy reprmsaiatlre of the aupwt sovereign of Bpala, to the and that civil discord being - Br^l - msolT allayed, order roeaUhlinhed and govern meat con*olf. dalnd, the independents aud sovereignty of Urn Mea'ean nation may bo fore tot nrcured Our c> rrivpcc denca does not inform us whether the I gov ere men t of Mlramna, after b|p electioo lo <he Presi dency. renewed rotation* with the forwign etptumtiio body, whicb had tunpaoded them 00 the oeoaaioo of the Zukwga aflhtr: but wr are aseurrd that tk If letter yea*, ral raroe city and present* 1 himself lo the government, aWndoclng "very pretenaloa, and asking to be allow, d to Ihs quietly la hto house It was pei milted La, we are to 14, and oe of! ? red bitr.seu' for any employment In which he cue Id be 01 use In 1 he ?*eji Urns the government?which ban nil cui neeled lb" dwas lev of (tuan. but explatae H aa caused by the raw Imope recently collected fbr the pwpone of tora "eretee--wen lag a new -ory* d'eretee- -wan actively trap fed ta one cults' lag the loeotw of lbs tent and other parte, w tit ?Matt y bawl In ?MiMn,a we bsvo *. mdyanid, mnreuma 1* t/Gd men aad 100 pieces of art'! <vy at the Mat eaten. Uiai la to aay, the ?U>, it waaam i that all the Interior of the r pNUc. with the ettorMiot. of f. twia a mra, ban 1 otr aad /ecatrcea, was In tan power of the Ihderaiiala. wtua- army rr armies were max-hleg an the eep'tal, where. It appears, they ween reaoleMy awaited, and with grtat b?pig of a stvaro blow bolag indicted on It wan calculated that apt rat Mae would oommeniw at tie befrs'.ng of tbla moevn, aad this would appear to la d cate thai the Prealdent (teaeral did not prop oe lo re main actually abut up ta the city The fusg' ?*'' or Vera Urea, is tin eerreymdeere tor ? r?ad.after giving aa MNM of the treats at n^aca, where torn O >?<* was rooted. apreada itself latmeanaly up*. the altar at niao, where, it my*, the te.:realist generals. Sou a, rr, Ortaga, Poeblila, knitkx. aad Curva lal, wore vie nrs the drat, accord nig to acme, direct an the ntitioa, aad ???. knragom, eooerdtag v> . tb-ra. It . ^ ? Uuaialtoera " * ?ee-'.s aiac U-ai t.vartaKiara Ml into the haada af the federalism, who war* marching on the capital to th* nam bar af UN* mm, aad are lata of vu-iorv beauts. Nelwithatanding. a nimor coant ta prttau letters from Vera Crui that the j .actica or approach of th* twe armtw m the neighbor hoed of the aalookee r mpttal would oaastoo sow generally aan-ufcoe tor eveet A ertter pate the rumor in them teram ? ' itinoe. Am the am aae of the capital, half the Mown Which the go vemmtt.i la ? wabliaa. uonwattag ta It .ON men, would _ . ... - - - It to mppoM that m thai manmirattoa there id | pamlbly a plan erraaged Ndbrahaad by Miramou with acme one or more of the tod. ral rhlefb, and that wa the 1 meeting of the tvro armim torn to toon, peso* will be | The totter lo which we refkr r^mrs ryoir a per ana mparratly rui*v ?eatiy impartial is Urn reia tioa no ftvse, and adds besides ?be every ai-i* rveota tend to a f p**dy aeHlets'ut la whl-h cam pracr Wll be lastingiVrrtuaairiy H la -art possible 1 hat r-cl hope* may haw originated from the very gmavul deaire that tbarr mould he pager. hat no Ires aa rout of ruoti a-agultueo of thet lad ated?ihat agrvemrtl bfi weeu ths to l'lgerecl fbTee should cerelhat rvoult, ewvy probability Ml net oe Its tide, and puttier that rupr-eliWi wide, wtteh, ner?rtk ores la a pmalhie cae. aotw'taataadlag attner tint shield ?ultkr arvvrtly there la 1 eaten to appral.rad that rt an.y tot pvi ta end 10 the war wVwat the happening of something like that, htntrd at the rtcsttaa of the rspab IV stall tot allow as to ouaotivf aay aaddm pecldcaUm, t.nie** the fortune of war tadtoo to eaa ado or the cttom. iiihrial If ran ?. net nely la the ?p"nh ab- v? H?t ta rarxrue acta, hat mewa I saetf dlnprwrd to wtUi the lopate Oaaatal Dg| bar ? t 'l ?"n ' a? a man af erwinatury vires. Vet he do^e out uppmr mow te he la a pmitna to le?v r rn ha party, . ... 1 . ma . ( head, there are many fbdaral cbwfi will hara terutoa rertala < vlerd to-iepeedeel. aad hew* haw dtflb elttm roa arise ' evertbeiem I? would be u,e only means by ~,""""ce, ay *r~"? ? ? whleh Metk-c by ravlrg b-v nation City, eaa aspire to nnrupy, at so dwiaat f star a, aa h*aoral>'t peat eatouget Papsrlsr Ceart. ArroikTMiwr or mai.iiiM?iiwtiitutl. Tba lodge* of the Pupertor Oaurt hero iiuaalm iuefy appointed Mr % t>- rt P t viagstoc aa Orb, la lb* rmen of floor go T Maxwell, removed tor he-tog 1 beret rmm de fy Mr Marweli toft thh etty some wmhs ? sea. u it was at knd mrpneed. 00 a aummtv ovruratoa: hat m bi* wift- aad ahlldn a hava ao heard mythiag of hia whero aho'.is Mam It ia ftsred that he has imrrted bw wift and three rfcl 1re?, *-d the Hip* have r-nnmnn?ntly peadedbim Mr Mevw?ii wsg vary we.l ilbed ur the ampradad la. Mr Mexwaii as* vary we.i in** >?* tlx prOrelae un-i >>y b e acquelataaoee, *?i4 b? la ooe "f lb* IBM roan wto- weki hav- beer, ?o*p"-ied or dupfirity to ?ur 11 bir fri'rdr v tabla' amv taiM Ctwidr Hit,bo' aver, hot fnatk1- to b ?'o say tUat, b ?#v?r the mm mua'ty m*| 'twiemn birr fbr b.t damevtlc darvttot ma, tl ere la bo defalmt oa ia It rflVia' tec ate Mr lb Ifdt the newHrrk hs* b"n ?ev~rv| y?a-s eoreecien with ifc- adtoa, ml wm ?f to tier r.. Uer.t *|>:* ,u?m> 11 tbe general toro e'rrk He ?s?*me-n ?m ?d iha 1 eg star t <>f ItM, it it a p*y ilar mi 0 u#at ti mum Bala of TlckoM for Fonrwt'o rint B |kt< Thawlib ale ?f the theatre kim to Vtbto'a Garden WOO o scene of some little excitement yesterday afternoon, In conneqoenoe of the sole of tickets for the choice of the boot teoit tn the boose on the first night of the reappear ance on n Now York stage of Mr. Bdwln Forrest, the won known end justly appreciated American tragedla>. An A rod ttog ?to placed egoist! one of the door pon?Ar tkt Broadway front, to call the attention of thn pesters by to the rale, and as the sola (tag merely annoonctl the fhct that there was? | am sconost eetn J $ *W? DAY, * i HY ? a UCSDW ? ! tj** // #/ "/.///y /./, Seri ral poor fellows entered the vestibule long before throe o'clock tn an apparent state of great mental (If not even detrimental) anxiety, making inquiries whethtr '?the place was going tn be changed dross a theatre to something else,'1 or whethtr Mr. Nixon had burst up and was being sold oat. When they were told that it waa only the auction tola of tickets for Monday evening next they went away, bat not before breathing a eomewbat oourulalve xlgh of rw lief. "Arrab, and by me oowl." said one robaat Biber nlau, "and 1 waa afther being afTald that Mitthresa 3o bctrer bad yua>|>ed Nixon te smash." At she a t three o'clock sere ral persons were te be ssea gsring one storing in at the doors of the theatre, then walking to the portico of the Metropolitan Hotel, and after a vacant examination of the byatanders, saunter back agala, perhaps pans along to toe corner of Prime atr?et, end then return, plainly showing that they were waiting about for something to come. At teu minutes post three the Inside glssa doors were opened, end about n more of persona at onoe walk ad in through the gates of Hie run railing, and on It wan tod soma time to the appointed boar of the sale, they amused themselves by examining the fountain and aquaria of tbo "Aquaria Boa,' or walk ing around the gardens, taking great care to follow the orders that appeared on the bunks of the trues, ?!t : "Not to pluck the flowers," for the only good and pit iable reason that there were none visible. At half past three the auctioneer made his appnaranne, and bit clerks began at once to be busy putting the table into Its place, arranging the ohalis, te ; bat, as there were at this time only about fifty persooe prevent, Mr. Leeds deemed It advisable to wait a few ml sates, aa he did not think much harm could arise thereby. At twenty two minutes to (bur the numbers had Increased to over a hundred, among whom were Barney William , and 9aa Kist, the opera ticket seller, besides several speculators Mats of thus tree on popular sights. TBB BALK. At twelve minutes to four the auctioneer mounted hi* "rostrum." which consisted merely of the top broad step of the flight of hatf-u dooea that lead from the veeltbuie to the ihvabe, and from which elevation be addrenmid the still increasing audience to the following effect ? (issnxaotv?I shall now oommeoca the sale of the tickets for the choicest seats In this theatre fbr oue night, namely, next Mooday, being the first performance pf Mr Forrest for a length of time; and I have to in form yon that as Mr. Nlxoo boa been at a very groat ex pense to procure the services of that eminent tragedian, who.had almost determined never again to appear on the boards, Mr Niblo bos relinquished, for the first time, the use of his box, whtoh has as yet never been used by any other person than himself, family ?? / ?????? somas aasaasw i. as . Willi/ *?I Irknds, and this be gives up for Monday night only. I shall, therefore, commence the sale by ottering this box for competition Having sold that and tlie remaining private bona, I shall oflhr the best seals of the perqoctte to your actios, the sums that the b< xea may be knocked down for will Include the admb sion free, hut the parqoelte seats will be sold at a pre mium over the minimum price of one dollar. After H e sale the purchasers will have to apply tn the clerks for checks of their purchases, and on Friday May and Saturday the regular tickets will be given tn exchange for them by applieslion ai theoflice. arson hoi*. Mr. Nlblo's box, marked letter N, was then put up, and a sharp oompetili) u ensued. The flnrt bid was twenty tire dollars, which in less than a minute ran up to sixty dol la s. For a few seconds a rest occurred tn the i bidding, when two bid* of an sdvanet of Otc dollars eoth wore made At seventy dollars there waa some hesitation to go higher, , which lasted for a x>ujde of minutes, when a further ad , ranee of Ave dollars was at lost mode, and the use of this box for Monday night next waa knocked down to Mr. T. Rullman for eevMty Ave dollars. The opposite hex, letter L, on the other side of the stage was next started at twenty five dollars, and won bought by the ?ame person tor thirty dollar< at the sneoad bid. Tar bos marked E, over the last purchase, wan kaoefced down to Mr. W sir en Inland for twenty dollars, and UUer M, over Mr Nlblo'ebox. found a purchaser la Mr 0 Cunningham, for tea dollars. "tOOKD TIN* TOT ATI BOXBR. lor urn Mm* after tea am (tetter K) of thaoo pri rate boxes waa offered ao bid waa made, and ll waa nut .util after the auctioneer a?aio told Ibani that the pur chaee atonay would include everything that the aum of money would everything Bra doUan waa named Two adraaooa of a dollar SMh amdo o^we^thW jrtce, and H m Anally knocked down te Mr. Buckler for ear en doUara. Letters D. F and fl were eeraraUr knocked dowa to Meaars I ate ad. Wetberby and Ulfflng, without mock e.mpotltk?, btluf started at Bee dpllari and sold at aorta. The box marked C oaoaod ooaao amnsetaeni, aa two perron aid he "had a tedy oaoe with him la that bos. and the i?o!t loo of It would aot let her see (tetter C)." U waa, Wworor, gnrikml hp Mr. MitehoU for tbeaameaum Utter D wasttarted at Uro dollars, and aoaoo bidders w la bed to advance half a dollar, bat tho eoct toe ear reftocd to amnU an addtttaa, ao after a taint eompatltl 'D It waa sold to Mr. Taaranoa far aersa dol tera. Tbo aoottoarer fla<llac aooao difficulty tn pro aouncinc the name, the purctmaar raid, Than pot dews Oyster !Uy; that a well known." A ram replied, "Oyster Bay caa't bo pal dowa." I.slter B caused a little fra when the auclioooor edl od eat to the clerk tho name of the pir thasrr thus: "Mr Lawtoa, let ber bo for til dollars ' Mr M.oro purchased the bosea "A" an l "I for lire dol lars each, the teal boa, "J," was now put ap and started at Crr dollars, whan an dhcr bidder wished te adxaena a haM iloUar, to whlcli the drat bidder (Moore) >?;?.-|..d, aad It waa snooked dowa la him for that sum; bat K>me party etalng lba< be had also bid the aame am and. It waoapaia put op aad a smart oompetlt?oaaB*ned between Moore and Pullman, at dollar adranoos, a th ru party try tag to edge In htlf (tollers without avail H was dually kecked dowa to Rnlimw far us dollars, the aw ? , n<-er I revtootl) telling Muoro that be would ' regret tt if he did aot utit bbl him? Ralnaaa iajlag that be Would ?<4." THF FASQI-tmi. IB* eompetltb* ftw these seats wan rery spirited far some Umo. bus 1, 8, t, aad 7, aa tbo right <4 tbo or. taetre, oeareet the at age, wore sold at aa adrance of atMMt sud a half oaeh, making, ? th the hdn jwloo tee, 'be aum of ten dollars far tbo seats Mr Feiton was the purchaser Noa a, 4, 8 aad t, aa the npnootte ride, worn aotd to Mr lee land at a pre m um of a dollar aatb at tho Bret bid Noa. ?to 18 (teoiooifo), bob lad Noa. 1 to 8, oouM obteia aa bldo whaa 8r?t pot op, but were bought by Mr. Moore, at the end of the sate, at a premiam of we dollar sack. Noa tt, IT. >8,81 aad 88 wore started at tfky oaate. aad, after advancing twelrr and a half oeata at a umo, were knocked dowa to fir Marcher for two dollars premium sack. Km 8T,41 aad ?8 worn Hid to Mr. Btllman at a ptouxum ofteadoilaro for tho four, kaetag ban rtartet at me dollar rueb, aad adraoclag arty oeate at a Hum Tbo area numbers of U to d* wore sold la one tot to Mr Moore at aa advance of oh dollar each. The aast fall row, aautela teg Moo. a to 18 Ussfoatra. bmides other ream were icoervod for UM preen aad oooseg neatly aot otlrrrd for rmnpotlttoa Nsa. 78 to 13 (aU reels, add numbers) obianad from Mr. B. f *" ' A whole row, eoatolaiag Moo T4 to 180 ('ourWoo teals, erea a umbers), wore yirekmi I by the MVU Are aw Motel at H adracoo of oaa .lobar aad a gaarter each- tho bidding Bret n mwwaWg at fifty eeule, Mr. Wbeatea ohteiaod Nea IN to 187 (tea wboie row of odd ?umbers). for oaa dollar nod ooa olghU) each sad Uts at. KtehMra Betel but the row of erea tumbers (190 tr ite) at 81 31K earh. The ootolnuattoc of tho some rows, lis te lit. wetted some soinpettuoa, Mr War! p-i-chw lag 1*8 and ltd, Mr Mradhsm 188 te 151, aad Mr Bartoe 1?? m 111 at aa atlrmnco of a ddlar and a q sorter tod. ?tea las. U1 aad 198 betas saM to Mr I wry at aw dot tor aad oa etekth. the etertiag pntat botag ttfly tenia The next kd. Ilea 147 to IN. worn OUd wfoBuws ?Mr. Mooreheattit Una 147 to lli.M eaoone dollar and thrw ? .gbtha and 166. 187 aad IN at o dollar aad a quarter, ea t Mr Reodham b -igbl 171 to IN at the letter sum. the sterttog pornl otIU bring My oeoU No. IN. ? single erst, was started at a dollar, aad after a rery emvt tom petit**, ww bought by Mr. Barton far three dollars aad twenty It oeuta Veo 1M lo 148. oo nm row ware purr-hoard by Mr Albln* at a dollar aad 8v-i ilgbtee, " IN aad 1M realised nw dollar aad seventy _ _ W Bro oeate sari, from Mr. Law. Tho row Nw 146 ?o K9 worn bought by w Bo'penuy, at an advance of ow dollar aad are eighth* ; aal 1M i. HI >m Uw transits Mdo of (Not purehaeed by Mr ml w, at one dnflar and three < Ighthe each Nua 844 au I 818 were bought by Mr. Klanhaa.W a falter aad a half 1 be err ud at this time had baaom* verv tela indeed, eesTMly n .roberlog hfty, wtavew at ouo t at m ire Ihw four ttmee that m robot Were primal Mr Monro seat purchased Nm 811. 814. 881 aad 8M. ate toiiar aad 8?e eighths, and the tent row oa the toft bund tide. NW. IN to 84*. hi a dollar and three e.rklha Mr Von B>ry< ? bought Nm, 816 to IN (odd), aad ill to 834, (even) al a dollrr and a half, aad the Aster Hou?e '?Mated New SSt to SfT, tho test row oa the right bar d ride, at a dollar aad three eights. At tea m'r-Hoe to flee the mlosrwoeer.wd with th" r*? it** Of a few wbn bad aot raootrad thi-iroheoks, the crrr* I bad dlrpersod The hoiea real toJ 490S, and the aremwsss for ths |S' amounted to near tn m* kto? ... lbs aggrrgate aearly 4608 Tfer Fire tm Amm Btroot. ro tub untob of m mbbai.1). B*tars'* Ig'ncjj *. ?? a, . Ntw Yom.Npt.18, IMO ( Fx ten am to ooerect w laadrerteare of your roporlar by eto. (hot drrtng the alarm nf 8re at M 10 aaJ 18 Aaa iireet no Wedaooday t ruing teal, mw "of the Tteti-rt to Ike Masi im ruab"d to tht ttreei very aueb frightened " Wt?a the flexor-wed, tbestage mana^eref the Wee- ? m aaan?8ce<l 'r?>m the ?t*ge it* rtart wallty, and the oeeehawre* of *11 aorrrliewtno The "ru*-del dl-oci- resaaaed it* trai.qaiiltty, and tho eatorta.amHt proce?d?d wlttoot ftT'b r tofarr-mt rrnv (.Br'lKWOOO, frj Amtetaat Manager fofuta't M-nam. Tin Cam of tkr tappottd tilovor. I mrmmocs dik arris havci or wot orricna c>n> CMBW ?DIHCHAJtflK or BIH CABOO at ATLANTIC ' DOC*, STC. Tbe bark Weather Gage, the luppoeod siaver, the fact of whose aeuure wai nulioed in yestorday'a paper, wus on j Wednesday D (hi towed round from the North r.var into , the docks of the Atlantic baste wh to shots now b ung i ssloaded preparatory to the Invest gallon regarding ber . Ins character. It is to take place on Saturday mon.iog ?ext. The facts connected with her seuare Are substantially as follows lairing last week information had hoeu lodged at the office of the Surveyor of the \>rt, < PUke Street, In regard to orrtatn eusptc ms circvnslaneee coo neeted with the cargo of the vessel Revenue off McGralh and Hipey were accordingly deputed to watch her, and on Tuesday night the rt win tag Active was prooeoling to tow ber *nt> the stream, when the officers ordered ber to desist, as the Weather Gage was not provided with thu neo t. sary msntfesL The oaptsln of the Active, however bo gaa to tow ber out, saying thai he was only tak i.g her to Jersey City for a quantity of gunpowder. lie rc^cee I ed Into the middle of tbo river, where, probacy becom tog alarmed, he let go the bark, and the latter came to anchor. In the meantime ber manifest was stopped at the Cut*, torn House by order of Surveycr liarL It set forth that the bark was bound for Hong Kong, by way of Ambnz, (s notorious slave station on the African c mat,) and was made.out in the name of Anthony Ivtcre ae shipper no such name aa the latter Is to be found in the directory. About half past eleven o'clook on Tuesday night, Sur veyor Hart, with a number of revenue otters. p."' needed in a small boat to tbe bark,tb?o lyuig at an chor off the Battery, and boarded hrr.' Th-y found so body cu board eacepl four stevedores, wu> ha<l ''wn en 1 gaged to put things to rights until abo cotoct in the lower bsy, where they were to be discharged. <Ju beler | Interrogated, they said that the caplam a name wat Outter (which differs fhuii that >>n the maulfest where it I# given ss Haswell), aid that be and the crew, nn-uher ng about twenty mm. had gone srbore. Mr. Hart put the -?ark ,o I charge of officer McGrath, and she was taken in tow soon after by Captain Kuuu W, uf IfeS NVmM* SStMr tUrr M Lane, and brought to the spot where she is now lying. As soon ss a proper examination of the facta oooo-rtel with the owl is had. Mr. Hart will officially report the same to the authorities at Washington. The unksdug of ber cargo waa coetrnenod yasierd-ty morning, ucucr the supervision of officer Mo-raih, at the Atlaatic docks, Brooklyn, where she la tnoore<l a! -gsido the bark Kate, wboac aelaure some lime since on a simi lar charge created quite a s'.lr. The Weather Gave is a ?tout, wall built vesrnl of about 3SO loos burttv-u. with a flush, heavy bow and an ornamented stem, having the words "WeatherGage, New York " She ts painted clack throughout lb* entire portion of her sides,and .* pro viced with a poop deck. About five fret below the ma.u deck la another deck, constructed roughly, but suostai tially, of pine boards This is supposed t > be tb.i slave fleck and a gentleman wbe was acquainted wit i the outtit of tbe bark saya that tbie deck w*s not In her when be lart raw car. Hor cargo embraces tbe following articles ?1,12" kegs of gon powder, 10 la (-heads and 10 tierce* of rlc-. a quant ty of striped cotton goods, dentins, drills. Ae . 3*A0 ruuskeU. 10 barrels New ?nglard rum. 10 barrels re I wine, 10 .jooklu ; furnacea, 136 barrels of rioe, 67 barrels of me-as beef, 100 catks of watt r. together with a nam her of Haver, to manu factum more casks if rcccMary, cooper's Mole Iti.OOO feet of t'mber, 8,183 feet of pine hoards, and 4 sraal boats, two of which ate turf boats, such as would be do eeessry la making a larding ow the tlaro coast Tb-< cook it g furnaces referred to are cylindrical lu shape and divided It to two a mpartmeuU?lb* upoer one, capable of ovrtslnlt g about twenty gallons, being a 'apt"d to bold the rice, while Is tbe lower la the furnace proper for tho fuel. Rice and water, it la well known, arc tbe pr.nctpal provistore on tbe return voyage of a klarer. Tbe Weather Gtge and oa-g". aa they now stand, are es timated to Its worth about 1100,000 She has been koW wtthtn the past two or three weeks, and was formerly IBMk4Ml|CM Out. During yertcrday a r.cmber of soepioiocs looking foreigners, apparently Spaniards and fiibane. visited tbo Atiai. 11. basin snd gazed with much inter"?t at the Wrathe rt.'age it ibe unloading of ber cargo was proceeded wllb. The unloading, 11 Is thought, will be got through wltli by Friday sight, in time fbr tbe officutl Investigation on Saturday. City Absival or nts Nsw Him <;but* ?Tbe New Haven C.rayu, dept. Inborn, norobcrtng thirty tlx markets, end accompesied by the New Harm brim bond, arriTed in thin city y eater Jay afters ooe in lite atenmbmt rrereller, ?n a abort rtslt to the commercial metropolis. TUey were reoelred at tha ate am boat pier, at I'eck slip, by tha City Hoard, Company A, Ninth regiment, Cap*- Joe. H. JobneoS, numbering fifty one m iakata, an 1 ac kompaaied by tha Governor's la)and bind. The (urate were escorted to tha armory of tha tatter company, la Broadway, where a ecUaltOB waa in preparation, wbteh waa disponed of In "double quick time " . The Oraya were afterwarde oeoort ed to the Iafhrge Houae where they will rerruln during tbelr tojoura in Ml a York. In the erasing the ouar-t and the Grays visited Nlblo't t Metre. To (lay b th oom aaaads wlU prooeea to tha Octroi Park and High Bridge, ant oo their return, at tbree o dec*, will be entertained ! by Lieut. CM. Ferris of the Ninth regtmeol, at bki real . dance, la Bloomlagdmie. This evening the Umye will be 1 entertained at a banquet at the Apollo Rooms in Broad I way. Ib-menow the fowls and their carets wtli be re. ; viewed by Mayor Wood, la trout of the City Hall, sad the latter wid return home at tbree oVloeh r. It TU PaovtDsncs Latm Ibta-wist ?1this flee oom way o elttaea eoldlere, eeeortiag Gov. Rprague, the memhere of the Legtalature and Urn officer" of the Rhode Island mill tin, on their return from Cleveland, Ohio, will arrive to day by the etenmer Daniel Drew, and lead at the foot of Jay street, si fetr P. M , and march through Broadway oa their way to the Rhmiagton boat. A t ire Pnawtviui A> rnuvr IjcDuvmum ?We hare tmrned ft em ene at the parties roooerned, that while Hon. Ueraohel V. Johnson waa rduraia* from J aces' Wond. on Wednesday ereniug, the axle at the etrritge in which h? waa conveys! to bia t raporary q -lirteru rare way, aad that be wee preclptated with to much violence agaieai the b*< k at one of ti e eaata la front aa to be ?eaagMhtstoned He **a *? -rapaniej in ?r?r?. gerUecnrn scar of wham ? .rfer-d soy personal inj-iry, tare es-Alderman Wrlaoa and th aalor Dptaolu, of Brook- 1 i.<o Mr W;i? b1 face 'a rcvejely lacerated, at. I hears ' all the eat'i.aihie lodlaaUaoe of a regular plug r fed no ind, by i a math r of Justice to him, we fin 1 no md, by our etate lueate; the I act exactly ?a It hon^ocd, X> tea. re all grnaad for aach a " soft Impeachment." Vast a (rot da Medial) paid us a visit yeeter lay ta fuff redress and ta hrond daylight. We newt not my that aha was the observed of an obaerv-te filer* the pr-m tssep pcerd to knew every thing, it waa mere Inadvertence In aa I not to hnrt naaeuucea the Intend-u visit a .?> or two ago, aad, i*rhape WI g '.ghi l tit hod a precaaalan was OMhle *.i day laag, oven wh.n tue aun waa brghtewt and crowds wrrt collected at evny eoraur, proving the idea of the heat la formed phi'.nerq hers that "man waa born to turn his eye upward,'' aiwl (atlng at that "bright liy wTtl particular Mar" by whioh, or.-rylaiiy with the believe levers swear. To what we arc indebted tor this exlrenrd nary rlntt we do not know. and really are quite unable to ray whether the ?? Union " or ady other poli Ileal movement bee anything to do with It A Yonm Lanv iiwutt re Omtvit fen re ?The ether Srealag, while one of the Fall Rtrer bents was goisg sj< the Bsnnd, a wall dressed yousg lady, apparently be loeglsg Is the redaed aad latnUifrst rammaalty, waa eean to pace the dach la q lien. Her movements were observed by aa elderly lady, who watched her for a few ti .omenta. lovloaaw-iy the Ml whose s'.teoliun wa* stir*, '.ad to lust pirttoa of the etnanier poaereeed a good deal *f firm nam, for aa the yi '.ng lady was about plunging U.U. u?- water she wen eelred sad reeeued from an unllmr'y death, dome ot the geatlemen paeeengem aseistad in removing her to U.e led lee nil a, wfoo ti BM dwr?.?er/- . that ebe waa a much exbaorted.aad one of them was of the oplal .n the had taken areata This I i reppovtuee * firmed by a rssuuh wbkb she made to s yoeag man, is the eflbet that " It wocli be all over eoon " It w was sap if,at she was ihe vtstlm of a fieo-l clothed in the hsbillmeats ef hum is'ly. Ths yoaag lady. who apfwuured to be a ttranger to ail oa heard, win let at Newport Ratamos or a Rons Comtaxt ?This evenltw Um Am* rkue Bagiae Company will receive ihe IVwnpklae tleee Company, en their return from Nowburg. Aurora! other* will participate is the reception The Use win form oa fork Since aad, ufter paeetof through eereiel etreete, uUldwmim in Hroetoa etreet ? They will be arownpe nird br several bat da of m Ale. The bene oompar.y will I (ten be entertained * ith a cllatl n prepared by Ihe American. Bsvnrel .letegnt* from -ther omnpnaim wtll be present daring the piceedlegs ? Tn Acaomrr or Mr,. *t Pf. Vmrvvr ?The schoUwt ?; year esmmaaord at U. ? tostltutw en Monday, Beptwa her fi. The place Is delightfully moated aa the basks of ths Hudson, sear Yeakers, and baa all theadveatagm rvpils that a large, tammodle-ut eetabil nmant. ep? ilff eda| ( tally adapted to ail th-tr rrqair i.u, ?b >u)d It te under tha rharr? of the " rteru *f hnrt'y, who ere mutated by lay profeew r* of the dul eeet dapertmeate ot edocntlca, end bar accommodations fi r a large sumbsr at -pnplls. Aunt sniuteT or rw* Awns. < * Bmts i>tow ?The nest analvertary ot tbe Aim -an BtMe tkiion win tak* place at tbe Flrsl Baptist ehurcb, earner or Brooese and Btah tetb ilrrets, en Wedareday ?nd Thnrwlay th* fid aad dth ef aest Oetabi r. The ?i?ctiea of odt**re aad aptmtat o ret of committees will lake | lam- at ntae o'clock oa the worn leg of *?dn?eday. the fid of October, and the e*er Otsre will begla prurwrl/ el "u Mlcek na t ? asm* day Revs N M. Orawfrrd, ) H Lntr, tl R Bin, D < Fddy, V 0 hrewer aad W fi Ciapr deliver avdr ea the oremtoa. dnrms or Onrronbsa ?Boats crew No. I of the Har bor police yesterday morning eel rod a boat mctalaisg fifty kegs of fuapowder while lying at Ihe f wt r4 Brld#e Hrrei, Br, <#l?r The file Warders have I' ta Charge, tt Will probably be forteited to the Fir* departs*eat f ud ladles Fight In r?m? New <"*?*air?,Pert. 1J. I*fi0 The Sen Asttsio <d the lib , *t ?sj" ihel Osr> tats Hafg and ownu 1 hw! footh' e -ely w!Ui the Cemaarbea, u owes sad Ch*y- errs sitty o '1*e fhon rortfiearsey. k :,.ng twenl. tt< He AMeHgah 1m, was trifilhg; Vi?i from Cab*. ARRIVAL or TUB 01 BOTO f?.1H Pt'.ANA. The s'eemeli'i' I># Hot ?, <.plain Mmmd arr veil at f >? port yrsUrdey morr. og, with Hivaia fatei U? the b'-b inataat. There Is do kv .1 news of importance. A iarije cargo of slaves, nearly b'tedred, ha) boon loaded "? the ? oast. The De He to left Vow Oetoeo* ou the 5lh. IRlVLAR or TUB CAfTAIK OKNrfRAL H18PBCHNG 81. AVE TBADK HWDlATION8. To thi ftoMk.ivw? is n.a VarrmMKt Pir.ra cw os tur ItlJSD? la the crdoia cominiin)-aU dby this superior c'?il|>o i eminent, under labt of JOti November and Oth J >'< iatt, 1 cauiuted th? o ?t. authorities of the. ialdktid to i<bf? rte the MiKU-rt vlrlliuico in order to avo d the : lending o African orgr?'-*. atatng that 1 would exact to ) :te f'il extent their reeponatvili ty. aw w ii an that 'if all uuhic fiioottonariai id ?rbi-w jurtadiet >n toe Utodl if if i argri < * raubt i"w pliv.. whenever ! *boul1 be ial ?rm : e<l tl'*l they bad been effected hy me?n? of n*gt"Ct >r i abuw on the pert of Uin r* J antborttiee <r fanctilW ?riet. Vote luck pia.u md itr let dennr sa.loa i on iiiy part, several kts of African iiegroue bare beet recently lauded In various jwn* if the island, nod I ; Lave h.fn com pelted to adopt ni.?. ires, wb.ob are al ? ways nnplettatit, against oerto'o fbucttoaarles iec tee Ibey bar ? not fully shown Mat tbey o? -wed evory en ??rimr. ind displayed the tiec? scary x<"l required fvr the i xsot fviQlmcbt or tbe'.r duties, and toe orders and in struct.ens from this governor rot In couei qucrce, th'refoio, of the ehive m-r o 'red t.r cumtlani-ee, and detcrmino-l as 1 aro| to pre vet by -very I means within my power the root in .at too ei t> ior? ; trade, thur strictly fulll ling tho treaties wit! uto- r na I Hons a* w.-ll as our disposition* on the subject, I again i call upon you, earnestly reoo-n-ncndiog that, under your I own responsibility and that Of all public off.icrs : timed - at* subordinate)? to your authority, you ahali seep t> ? ' roost vigilant Watob, in order to avoid any tofnrgommrt | of the ?aid laws and disposition in t ue jurisdiction undo 1 your charge, with the understanding that the ain-p.e fa t of a cargo of Africans being landed will be deemed MtU cause to sustrend any pubito functionary wtio may not use every exertion and employ all the means wh.u the Iswn place st bis command, In order to avoid or yr> - i v?nl the said landing, whether It s from neglect or from any otber cause, subjecting him besides to the decides of the proper tribunals, is rase that his behavior or cut dnet a)i aid give cause to suspect his honesty n su b c/ir< 8 four good judgment will at oeoe cause you to < nrler stai d the great niiwrtanoe of th's aubjecl. nod as any n" gleet ur zeal or activity would doubtless fkll upon tfce hrnor of the yuTernmei ??which it is my duty to keep i t'ainli'?e, even to the l?*t of the pubito functionaries? I hope that without any Iocs of time y<?j will communicate to all those dependent upon your authority the foregoing d? term mat t< i.e. and all such otbere that your .eol and good wis boa to favor the general luvcrekt in its tr je sense may suggest: with the nnderstandtrg that I will uot de | vtata w lay course for the proper punishment of the gut! ty, while at the same tune 1 wilt end car or to reward the goou servlcee of those who may h? w rlhy of it t'.naily recommend to you ilia', in order to falQII pm per'y what I have ordered, vou avail yourself of all such legal slepe as may be within your control, with the , lUdiustanduig that all such measures as may ten I to pre ! vrnt the unlawful slave trado will be approved of by this 1 inferior clril governmcnt. May Ood preserve sour life many yearn FXAKCKCO HERK tNO. II . t ana, jjept. 4, ISdO. The Twsntylecond Ward Harder fltw. COROMtR'B ntQCRBT?YIRDICT OP THK J CRT. The inquest in the case - James Parrel), who wa? fa tally stabbed at the corner of Fcrtietli street and Tenth avenue by a Kan named Joku F.lzpatrtck, was hell yes tsrday at the Twenty it cfel precinct stolon bouse by 1 Coroner Hebiraier The cvldenco was quite volutn iouf. but an Interesting. fbtrii k Fltrpetrlcb, n awn of the nccused* was the only wltnes ' who really appeared to know anything about the occurrence. He teatlSed t* follow*?T am about 111 icon years of age: I live in Forty first street, between Ninth and Tenth avenues; it was about eleven o'clock on Men day night last when my father had n tight wHh deceased 1 heard my lather ui ilcooased to fight him; deceased wan attting rn a rock at the time, and said, "Hold on t'll I put on my boot..;" after deceased put on his boot-; be came out and commenced equaring oil' al my father; 1 I don't know who struck the tirat blow; It wan pretty dark they fought about two mtnutaa; I was them, tbaro weir two other poraoas ]u cs> nt, nam?ly,a man who drives a charcoal wagon and a man who waa a strangn to me; theso perntLS d.d not luteifere wbilo the flghting wa* going on. one rf the mm tried to take my father away Wore the 0(hl commenced, but toiled in doing so; aftor thc i'ght 1 u.o? tuy failar over t? our oouse. and whi r j doing to got some : .ir-l on my sleeve, father baJ MM bkod on his haods: father then ran away; T did not see any vggev In bin hand, one of the Farrels held me unttl th" poikjrnmc ..p and I w i* urrceted; the xrni .atant* sepeiilts itn-no. Kes my father left Orst he lid not change bis clith. s; I did not pet on another ehirt I went with my father down to Tracy 'e, where 1 left him I then went home and changed my clothes; I have aecn the knit* my tolber uaad; It waa a butcher kot'e; 1 taw it alt' r tin- light, be hen ,t tu his band, 1 don't know wbat be did w ith it. UiUarl Trasy, residing !n Ninth arenas, be tween Fortieth and Forty Drat street*, deposed? That oo tbe o'.ght of U?e Border Fitspatrick came to hla bouee white he waa la bed, and i aeked to be admitted: wttaem let the accused in, when : he aaw by the light of a eaadie that FHrpatrlck'a handa and breaet were oovered with blood; told the accused that be oould not rentals there, whea the latter left, ray ing be would remember that aigbtla occurrence a* long . _ r-r=xx_. .. .-r* , ae be Hred; F I rpatrtok waa drunk at the ttam, and hla bald waa bleed log badly; whea he left he said he waa grw.g home aaw a -thing more of the aocnavi arte that. Ita Benton aad Welije made a poet mortem eiamtna tk it of the body of decerned, and found ae leer than Ore wntiada In the cheat, which appeared to bare been in flicted with e dirk or batcher knife. The lnslainn* were about three loahee la depth rw-atti, In the opinion of the Miane, eaaoaoeed by hemorrhage from the wooada It toe. after the coaptation of a fow oalmportaat wltceaaM the eaee waa eobmltted to the lory, when the following rerdtct waa rendered ?''Peeth from hemor: .age from atouoda, at the handi of John Fttapatrtok." Upon the ren dition of thl* rerd'et the Oomour iueued a warrant for the apprebeaek"i of the arreted, an 1 placed the rrni ,n the hands of Ca, tola Molt for execution. Dsceaetd waa a tu live of Irel&ad, and waa t7 yeara of age Uteeklya City Hewa. .loon B> asp or Aumainn ott> S- iwnvroae ?The Joint Foard met again taat CTeatng, to prnoted with the cos- 1 aideratloa r f the tai levy. Aldermaa Nrw-e nrnmmia led aa additional rem of fid .MO to ho appropriated for the purchase of free hooka for the public ichoola. The motion waa loet, aad the ' npnrr ;w tatloa of I1M 730, for achool parpoaee, WM BdlCiplftl The asm if |U,000 additional for lighting the atreHa, I bringing ?r the aw-nat I" 1123 *00, waa appropriated. A prop *itk>r to tn-reaae the aptwoprtatlua for internet n vater boa-la by got COO, waa loat. Kfluila were made in approprlala D3 MO for a heuee Iter H< m> Company Ha 13, la the fflrrt ward, and MOO for !? BroT' menu lb the ?< commodatKiua for Hoao Oowipaay n. 0, barter a Dkdrwt Both pr pneittoni were bat I TV tax fry, bavktg bee# completed, waa at, roved In the agpregate. , Aidermaa Pvatno aicred a raw-bit-oa reeomm-wdiog the Board of Edurei oa to "apply iwfoh* free for all MBm i are. uadee eurk rolaa aad reeulattnaa aa will odeatr fj the city for any -.laaeeearary damage or laaa The Frewideit r-fneed to pot lie rewolatlnn. ?e rafot ring tn a matlrr foreign la the proelnoe of the Board. The deeletoa of the Chair waa appaa'ed from b^t tvia taioed, after oeaelderable d He ana toe The Board then adjournal. Accowtal Okata ?Yeaterday, aa a man, aamad ltd ward Fltharty, waa aho railing tip gra.a at the Atlantic deck. Um heap auitdeuiy rawed In, bury lag b;m baaaath. and im-itkerlng him to death. The Curoaar baa been nc tiled. Dktra ar Daowetea ?A maa, named Edward Mr red in, foil off a raaal boat at the foot of Hecaeu atreet, oa Wed. twwday, and waadrewaed. The body wae fo-iod yaatrr day, aad the Oaroaer duly Battled. Aronm* Paarn mow Ivrrwrvwevv ?Patrick Kelly, who lived la Fiaaklla avsnoe, betweaa Wyeknir aad Wairea atreet*, waa found by bta child ran la a dying atate yeatrrday mom lag They alarmed the aetghhore, who went to hi* aetlirtanrr. but the r efforts were no trailing, a* Kelly anna hreethed hla M*< Hie wtfo d ed erne mnathe ?la<*. bar rig him wltb foar children Ketly Imk to dnnkn.g, aod for the iaet foor baa never bera known to b? an her aad after nam lag anting In ihroorha" He pbaara of drunhaoneee, calmi anting In dtlirltm tirmet* he died the death of aa Inebriate < ? rmer Hr-rlon bald aa Inqaeet, aad a verdict la accord aura t> I ill tbe facta waa rendered. Two Gate on WaoamruT ?During the beery Mow oa Wednesday eeveral abode; treea were levelled with tbe rrouad, <a different parte nf Brooklyn, <m? fou on a cart la front of the City Rank, la Atlantic atreet, do tag H ? n?i.ter?hle damage, while the borer aeoaped anlajtred A f.i e * lib-, waa torn np by the ronta in Beery street, IJ lube of ntar Oar berry, and a nether near FWrrep-nt. i.thrr trrtf were torn od and aoalterad like chaff, ee l a number of foreeo war# blown down. im i a Faammiv or H taw?Yesterday a batch rr brought a ball ovar from New York, by lbe Dlvietoa avtaur ferry, and aa bo waa batag driven atoag Ftrat atreet he be wane mfartaied at the eight at two red Ma eta worn by two young lad Ma Tbe ravage talma' made a charge at the object nf It" wrath, epoa whrh tba ladies, with admirable preaeare of mted. la Weed of nmatag, t?ok at thcr ahawle aod threw them down a netghhorti g area. The bal, aa the removal of the nhn- rtowa oolor, ? iitdenly bet Ha frrodtv, aod poaeed the lad Ma by la a peaceable wanner. It * aa aaoertalned thm tba yneag lady wb<> eet the example nf diverting h?rmU of her abawl waa from Teaaa, wb -a ahe had tare '?p-ead mi a aim Oar danger, aad moaped K by the aame atmple oa pad Mat. I tilirrt Nthtea Wtlrl'l Comrt. A gtaornl aalender will he made tp li Traoday Mfft Beta# t# Itaaa at ait NIW ?? <?? United Haiti C?-?*tmletlnttei*e takH. Before Geo. t Brtw. t*n ffm IS?r*' re '"d??'" m /Vcr Jf Otrrmmm ar alcd by netutj MaraVI OK'tfo, rbA-gtng him with ? w rg orotiterf* t mrmay, aod waa he-d teaoewer by ?? Ummimi mar. IMPORTANT FROM HONDURAS. ' ui Truillln Corntpaaitracc, Tnrxuxo, iloodara*, tiept l.lhdO Jrrinat of <A, <hctuU-f -c*ati*kor thd Par: by Walker, and Ilu ttu.tol dut-n iks Oejat-ttuguJar tsmducl if the Omrular Apml? gt-i~nu\st? WxlAar'i Hrpirt i tots,*?Human* fXndi ke <utn nearer of Iks I oru\?li. ward fvr lVu? ,? H:nii ProbmUe Sprain Captor, ?Lack of fraUcttowfar Ansry xuit?.y.iam -r OsmIu, ifc. W reached here lu the lUamor is,ucota on ihe morning of the 23d of Auf-t, md were ?owe<vhat snrpti-od at Buditg .n I!.o baroor an English *arst*uner, an,*. -'ill more when we * ore warded by tor Irxt officer, ?!tb the information that Uie town bail been taken bjr Walker, at the bead of a force of filibusters The officer ewnpH menwd us by .a) ing that the commander of th. l vi? had taken uh fbr anxillarirx of the advent irer. and ?*? pre->cd bia fcsppfner* that our peaceful miaaioa relieved b*i from the duty of arcburid* uh nader the guns Of the steamer ; whereupon we aii ad joureel to the cabin sad "took a drink, nod aere ll.on told that the Eug'tah oamwrder had ordered Ibe arch filibuster t" evacuate the plaee before nneoclockP. M. Ileturritig na deck, aMheagb it was Uien acircely eleven, we rouid discern the last of the fili buitere dMapp ">g in the woods back of the tuvo taking a dlreetlna down the roast igstwarda, i ? arde T.lmas. At one o'clock, to Hie minute we landed and found the town Jeaerfed. The American Vtoe C *sal, Mr. ihrudoi, whom we naturally inquired lor first we learned froaa the British officers, tad "cut aaArui, ' some days before for Kuatan, leaving a letter directed to Walker nii i.r h a Suniular seal, requesting him to Uke care of L u pr,> )>erty, ho. This letter has U cn found and sent to tb? Presided On the -fth Walker was overtaken by a nai ve de tachment of volunteers, and a tight euaued about tea mlka from the town, which resulted In the loss o a :<w men on both sldea, On tbc Solh a party of uativea found throe of Walker'a wounded, aband< ned by him, and killed them on tboepot. Otb'ra hare ainne been fbund, who have shared tbe u na fate. I. is the determination of the people that uone of the Invaders shall recaps alive, Seven sick and ? ,unded sere left In the town, who were at once taken tinder bin care by the captain ef the Icarus, who left wur ! w ih the commandant that If thev aere interfered with, bo wou'd si d a 'ores ami t ars the "(Wider* at the yardarm on tbe -Mil tho autborltlee l.,|d him that neder t0? siatc at excitement in the toau. tle y could uo ?? rr be r?sponsible for the safety of me .nvalkls, alio werw tbereup, n tascn on boat J tbe Icarus, which la mediatrly a'.ean cd off f, r llualan, so as to kavw the sutierers there and interuopt any of W mar's auiillari's that might he pa wling oil that mleu<; The r.<lnmai.der of the leans is a very young man, but tb? model of a frank and geneious sailor. Uo mummed me that If Walker hud C ml to :-urreuder, ami * me ,ih* ard Ib? fcnri.e with bis lieu he would hare beru glad to have taken boil elf jd .ent him home, but Un.' now Ida filibostrr must uke the ecnseq tences of b>? folly, lie thinks tbe IrdnhlUbly mod. t>c the -JPth we received ueas that Walkor't men Lad been reduced to about thirty, and that be is hlmseli iiadlv wood,h d in Ihe taoe. The nailvch assert that lb"y wtU have hiad wltfcin tbe nr*t forty-elf hi hours. They have not got It rot, but 1 fear it is In danger. A Trench doctor, who joined tbe native volunteers agaiort bim, wan brought in to day, badly wounded with bock shot, which ipiiicatra that Walker's man are gettiar short of ammunition. lu tksl vase, none will ever bo ablo to get cut of tbo country, for the i"n,ilar trooia are new coming in, and In such numbers an c >m plctely to OTrrwbrlm Walker's little hand, which never reatbtd a biu-dml met. Handbills are juat out uttering $2 OOO for bta bond. 1 sba'l leave here at for fimoa, for this is a? place fbr an American at present. It Is an unfortunate > roura ?'n . e agamn l' ligit'maie cmei prises in those c ue tries, that a larce pait of rbe oHllvi* do not distinguish belwi sa adventure ra uke Walker and bit peaceful c >un trymen. Henco alt Ami r'esa residents here are net only rcgsidid wltb iiiHtrori, but are likely to suBar both la iwrann and prejierty while the recollection of this raid Is fresh. In faci hardly any whiii man'a life would ba safe now were It not known that a llrltlah war v, s,-l n on tbestatloa Of renrxe, there la no American vsael here, a circumstance that is mada the subject of sign iCvant remark, Walker's departure for these uaib was known In Washington ten months ago. Our O>os ,1 In ?'tnoa has been obliged to ask tbe superlnt indent of tbo Belize fi r the presence of an Krg'iab vwal to g ard American Interests, and It has been promptly Sent la day v the 30th, a hundred regulars have nmba ked down tbe coast to head off Walker, m case be aboa'd have escaped the viluu'rera in purautt 1 think, lh,re'*re, that all la np with turn, and that tbia handful! of deluded men la tbe last remnant of tbe preeent race of u.i'u >aters. 1 -annul learn that Walker found a slng'e eyiupalh err In Ibe whole country. If he relied uptn tbe oppon nts of tbe existing gn\< rr.meat for has foundk:m>elf grievously mwuken. They have been, tf poss.ble, more vagei and active agaiual blm l an (ioardlula aod partlsauK. Uinual Alvares, bow In comaaand of tbe lore,* here, ta of lb?' opp(*Hion party, and yet be la tbo m et vrhemrnt of all against Blibusters. The loan la rigaining its qelet. bat It will be some tune before the scattered po|>uist uo will get back *cn and things resume tbelr old oouror. Tbe cargo fbr tbe ? weeola aeverlhelers was pot on board according to contra. I. aod ?be tails to day for Bala-asa, leCVb* She M to run regu. larlarly b? Iween tli'a port and Una Her arrival has bad a goad effect, mdwlth'tandipg tbe excitement against AeierMaus. ee abc la Um ftrat trading aad pMaeoger tliat < \er cleared from a Honduras port. f)rwit Emm Is awarded to Mr Squler for having originated the . wbicb la acce pted ? another proof of bta deep and friendly internal la the country. By means of the ? woeola Irttera will rewh Vtw Voik fr,,m this port, vie Cube !a ketwera seven and eight days. HitherMTtbe Hire ban Tar'ad frotu one to two nortte tomrt mf Ueaeral fcntoi. Befor? Jo if* ItoaaoU. a for? K!or* iritotAK kk>t tu tbk ?tat* phi -on. Sara. 12 ?The lint e*ee t,n th.' aeloei'.ar to daj wee en ndctmeet f -r burglary la the Bret degree againat a man wko i*vn kit lbbk* aa Henry Adnata. Thaearn Mas in tereetlag o?,r?ir-tcrmtiog, at leant, la a criminal poiat of rlcw?rtr the "?l( of the burglary waa the New York Hotel anil 'I wre ro fault of tka burglar tkat a aiLr lor ? ae not -rmm tied tpr-a Ma | ? em Inn, ua iba alibi of tbc 10'li It Went The virtua'l* aotn tt?J ha guilt, by pf-wding entity to the i-eond grade or barrier-, II.i.a aaving tbc court and Jury th- Unable of a trio! By rrtbreaoe to th* dv|??ltt< u nt*m which tha ladtetMrot waa found, ?e learn tkat Mr B.rta Urat>i u prop ,o<or ul the S"W York fl >tal. t.attOci, before il* t?>!**> mag n Irate, Hint "fi Ibe n'ght '.a -j ..atluo hti ??Ubi?l,in?ilt ?U burglar lout ly etdi ltd by Aoama. aad oawW b? luagu-g to na? at Ik* gu??te were pre|?rcd for nrw?i*l h'btle the burKlai ? ia proarrnliig he fofoalOua .lea^t.a, t.y ftor from room to room, ha awoke eom<- of tbc 'nman-e, ?ad while attempting to recipe be Bred a |?H, th* aoa teaU of which, InrUad of lo, giog lu the craa m of a black report* aa waiter, who waa in .->?? mcMff to the (-loo, enter*-! ibe walj. A though A<Iama la romparatlrely a yo .ng men, being only twenty tla veari of age, he la sa old offender, her log arr t< 4 two term* bt um Bute priaoa for aimllar eg. <ire??-two year a at one lime anil a period oi Ire year* at another He bad only been out of prieoa a tbort tkne sIkd b-reused the jrrw Hoe ? he nr one pmfrealoc. da Mere war nut rueeh h?|m of bia reformat* r, .fedge Rawed rery properly laapnen a ecrcrwaeoUaer, which waa tec yearc ImprierameM ta the *ale pt con. Aden* la a Rruthereer by hlrtb, end doea not a Wire mncb aymiwthy, for bla eatarel ah.dt-ea are ..i more 'ban aa ordinary character Had igptP awed the prafowh* for which he wee edeaated a early I '??aamety, that of aa awelaeer ?with ibe earn- anloetry il al characterired hi* .1 .ri* la flk nter notoriety ag C torn breaker* he might hare allotted aa bowrebly feci'iia !a anriety. WMlUm Klelae, ITrnry dmltb and Albert M-yer were folaily Irled ead irmvleted e< grand lerreay, bar 'ag '? He. .\d of Aaguat, atotea tflr four abirta vali.od at one dollar eaoh, from ibe mubileaawnt of t'ti W. Araold. The art dance waa brief, but enaciuetneiy promt the i f 'he i i" ? ? i ? ' I tb<- Court era Wooed |Ml uf Ibe pr woe era to Wrr 1 arr 'mprlaor inest la the *r; ?'lag prtnoo being tareiee year a Hnpeianamni.t within tbc etc if oar )<tcle prima for CB aaccoroaafal nlt-jmpt it) eami'y Iben e-1 -m with a 'aw AUaogea of Hoe* Ha veritable .Mm foclth waa 'adletod for forgery ta the Maoed degree having attempted lo pun M aeui lor f'ttbllWoa the Marine Hfe.k of Mi* City, npno eerwral ?W' keeper* la rctbarina a treat He plead.d gu.ity to (he i.arth grade el Mat c.Oacoe, aad waa aacl te W| lag for two rewrg War Johaam, who waa charged with nWai eg a vetch ead ?beta worth MU I rota Kranoia Trail, Nn. ltd rd etreet, on Urn 17tb of Uet BkkiUi, plead* I (nitty hi petit larreay, acd waa mat to Block we Q'a luted for ?? moo the Mary flaae, bar ng been adletod for gracd larceny ta rt*ei.xf . Taiuabi- watch and gBCfo, Mhdl ' y MW McraoacUi, pleode.1 guilty fo aa attempt at gracd mreeoy She wag Bent lo Me Male prieoo for twe year* Cac* Ml telomere at Ifoaltlle Cfowrltlee aad (erreetkoa. Thta CommMBtee beM thetr uoual fortnigh?iy meetiag yratorday, CMamweieaer Praper la the oBoir m? rentuta bentnnm befog oa matiaa dmgianid eita, tha report af Me Oommitwe ?< the Whole ww erdered go he read, ft araoueord Uiat the reowa bow oacepted by tha fart of Ike City 1'rieoo are ordered lo be eoeeted aad prepared Aw th< rwwgdtim af fkmal fwweeer* who ore aoetree la rrim?, la ardor to have Mom ?aparai'd frnm ronflimed rriwioaW Mat a Hat <MBoa boi hm beaa ordered to be etterbed to eaefe of the city ft * t ?, ant fact 11 two > Merited prtenoara for ooaimaalMUag ??l ihelp rtVradr tbroagh It. that a eet lract bar bean -nwred leto with Belling* At lohb for the laboe of oae hut deed in melee nf Me Peatteatlary, for twe yean, at thirty car to e day, to make or (par nailed ah"*, aad that twe mm. mined Jcha Bah"e ey ead fatrtek Imfooa, ft*' effected their eorajo la a rata11 boat br .mht w ttxiw wy a raaff t retioun y dM barged. The report wee aluph^i The rreetdent lafom.rd Ibe lfo?r' th?l ? w o great a? take to later oe that there are a rr?* rraau in the city fomi Ma eoieber of owktf r twcant talc, Ibnite thoee are pert ee wim arr rwiwutled rfo peeti y for ?tr? ? t D ?t ffe l.?dged men ere eheet I tt nf thoee revn r? aluyrt' ee. The Board Mm ed* The weekly ret-ra rf He tier lee 0.IWR the ifHkttwtM-an II ? w?. tr ?i the enoher rot u ttee ?tJW-on la erettey of J1-, f?7 the week The tmmiref edti iWwl waa 3)gC or ih-ei M-herr- ?. ?'"? iuMkned. ee wbp died, gnik fowed k,Ml

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