Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 14, 1860, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 14, 1860 Page 7
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*ttoi?hi?? tjood of Naua rlvur, bcsring a?>octmeas of qsarlr copper, Wf M *ud or.-oftUvee ~ The Victoria CMaaOs aeya that the mimog population of British Co.jiuoia la mom rvcetvlug aufpiu t almost ti ctualvely r- >?? tlx. America larrlt^ry, the miuora aye turning Ux-ir attention to tee ooimtruonon or ditoOee. between uvo and six hundred are at worlc on Van Winkle bar, a ih-.t .t.stance abore Lyihon City, about half of whom are t .:u?mea. The UiggiD,;s will gtve employ nw to a large number for the two or three yean to A place of ore firomtbs fort Hope direr leal baa been assayed at Victoria, and ytoM* SUM to the ton. The sahnintr Ortolau. which started from San Fran Cisco laat spring for a gold prospecting expedition. to a point In Bebrlng Stralto, on the Asiatic eootinent, known aa Eut Cip ', hsL returned. No gold cculu be found, bat the coil ww brilliant with mica, which acooueta for the marvellous ? spoils, that had beta put la circulation, which cavMl the expedition The bark What Chew bring* dates from Japan to July ? steamer. CardInaraugb, arrlrod homo 22. The Japanese _ .... ft cat Ban Franeltoo, Juue 16, rla Honoluln; all well j The American ship IWat Age. under charter by the Brttlah government, enlled 'or the Petho July It. Tha Amrrioan bark Pureu.t sailed for toanghae July 12 with a ftui cargo of teas and alike, valued at half a mil | (too dollars, said to be the most valuable cargo ever flhlnwd from (UOMAVft A Portuguese ship of war had arrived at Kaaagawa ' with a G. turn lea loner on board, to effect a treaty with I the Japanese government. The state of the country was peaceful The commands of the OaDdeaaarrah bad made a highly colored report t his oountrymeo of the brilliant manner In which he an bis crew were entertained while In 8sn Francisco. SENATOR SEWARD'S PILGRIMAGE TO THE FAR WEST. Oar MUwaakee Oerrupsadeace. MiLwarna, Sspt. M, 1M0. tndAentt b% lhr Way?Senator Toombs' Runsway Iftgro? Vmm$f a: DetroU, Owovo, A. Jthim, Lemtting, Jackmm, Astoria:*) and Mitmmmkee, dc. Although I hare telegraphed to yoa pretty fuUy the aaltoot potuIs to the pilgrimage which the great author of the irrepressible conflict la making, from Auburn to tha head waters of the Mississippi, It occurs to me that I cannot better occupy aa Idle hour than in giving you a more familiar view of this very pleasant and Interesting trip. The .aside Ills of distinguished characters Is, to most peopu, s matter of greater curiosity than the re cord of their public acta. Although 1 bad knows Governor Seward, aa a Senator of the United Stales, for serrral years, I bad not made his persosal ts.u-*-utance, and, therefore, found it neoesmry to mtroc" . :e mj self to him at Niagara, when ws ware oa the are o starting. Ha received me with aimple, natural courtee;, expressed nls gratification at the oompltment paid him by the Hsaain In detaJing a representative to ohroasc.4 tin say tugs and do logs, and invited me to cou 'alder as one of his party. He subsequently Intro dnoed me to the iadieo and gentlemen accompanying bin; and arse suics we hare bona oa friendly, and I might al moat any. 'aaul-ar ierma. In fact, everything baa been made eo pleasant thi l one might well be Inclined to wlah thnt Uu oa wbiJi we bars started might never end Our drv. t'.ap was out of the doinis.oea of I'ocls Bam \ato Uus - cf ths British crown. The Great Westers Railroad Company, of Ghaada, placed n special oar at oar asrrlco, and that haa boon tba rale of all the companies over wb so line ws have since passed. With many plea sant jokes and ibes, Mr. Seward and party hade good by to Mr. Hoik. White and tha other frlcnda who had aooom gwaiad thorn across too Bospeoviou Bridge. It was a da llghlfu* morn^ig, every one was In tba best ol health and spirits, and among them all no oaa told or relished a joke w iu bettor gusto than the (overnor la the oa pactoas poccets of his shooting ooat, of coarse gray stuff, he had s supply of excelled ?-g?rs (he is partial to too soothing weed;, sad hstwaea amok log, chatting, admiring the landscapes which toe rapid motioa of the cars pre seated in ?_ch rapid and picas.if variety, and novel rending, we puned the time wry agreeably. The Gover nor has a g-eat fund of drollery. U lis stories with capital effect, end U.gha heart I,y at jokes which himself or others i?e*pstmto, sad as for General Nye. be would hart made hx fortuao as a cornelian, and al too same Urns ha can do the pathetic pert* to admiration. I had tha good fortune to make the arisainuact. at the Falls, of Mr. J A Orr, of Mtmiaaippt brother to Mr. Speaker Orr, and ts be had expressed a desire to know Mr. Brwmrd, I was enabled to gratify bis wish. He aorepted ita lavttet on to travel with the party, and htd long and la lima It ttw rrsat'.ooa with Governor Be ward, Oenrral Nye, had others, and I have no doubt that be had many *?<>4 from bta mind in record io Northr~i ebc.lttoalom When he parted w ith oa, a* ha did at Pot-Oil, to the regret of xl! of on, he rxprcaned him telf toty m .ch pi?ed with Mr. Sownrd, wfc?eoclel qaalttico he admired. while he diTered with him entirely In rega i hM| political eentlmrot All Bloc* the line of the Greet Weatoru Railroad Mr. Seword bod the grati?llou of eeetof orooda of Brit inhere ilod el eerh etetloa to greet him. They mod* no lion*. did oof poke their heed* Into the enr. or ?afl him out to mehe apaeeto-e. but they inquired of each other wtt'eb wm Mr. Howard, an-1 appeared entitled with a dm?t and rar-i*cttal observation of htm. At Hamilton mm axnoi.Mii collnttou wn- taruitbed to the party, nod in feet, Mr Howard wan twrj when the recipient of an many ha? M if be wna the actual i'retideat of the foiled ?, t-it'wd nf hetog emreg'- ( a eupportin; the cant: doty of another tar that odhw Tho moat 'a-1 ft*?hi* person ? the rum pee y a a bright kuuiP) arrant mas el Mr. koword't. Ms ho* beta A i-wj timo la hit aar rice, tad a* ha la a aaenrt, po lite, late' feet tad faithful fetw, he enjoys marh of the of ha tmrlnr He lUeada oa him and Urn lad ire aadloohs after tho baggagr of all of a*. Jbta M thee-tat finite a taewrlte When tho cart Mopped at Chatham, wto re O?watomic Brown* pforiaioaal go IV stm 'onaod, JoOa rw a. coated by another CO warm ha at tare roeugnliod aa the coalldeatiol I or e?lb?bo of r-emryln ?? My grnciou*" ?npafahi ??: wa* to marh aurpr^ed at?tag htm that without tViiiag af It I ?ed him, waa bit mooter ab? la tho ce-? " Be waa aat. Thta coiurad geotlemaa had a* long e.i eyed part el fraed'un aat he tbneghl no weald lee io ore hew nrtaoi freedom weald feel to htm. itad ao bo ran away and ra? to Chatlmm Ha matter Waohiogtoa, whore Ml him, to toko ho? the oad norma lb? ho ?hippo* at Haiti ?ooeo. ne-"dirg to hit ?e?Wm* and thee dipped himaaU wy too aadoignniod -t.lroed Ba wan a Hunt ho lit, c?e, i. oat ml iMtta teiluw, w th a large guaatity af ?eil aaaa -t Mr Or*, aaiira to aatafy hiam -lf ?' the naotiiiou of < noway aogrom M toaada, rot into ???r aattoo w" a h'm, aad mada ingulrle* aa to what ha waa 1 hta oew 'lit. Be liked it " tril lotag. aad how ho tifead ? ratal' and ba woo I?tag i "Wat. a/ good feUow.) - ??. ?/ |ee ' ? J ?' ?? ? /" " ?? - tho gro> ?t j t ?km, and mm yoer money at it,< apo re to ?e then*'* "Do a* too whim talk* Moot. go to work ol on?thing " But ? io can you worfc at In thia Mid country" " Put .wot e*. thing?terming and tho like. * " Mow 1 ?ut to ooh yen * seat Woe, and I want jroa to giro m< ? t> arat anawer. In a yoar iipwmci bora. and yon- Wi * ledge of tho ooodutoa af alarm at tho -tenth, w?r Id , ou>dvtee them In change Ihetr rendition-" Tin r -m . w th hte haado io hm poctott. and wita a hah of itol praii.we* in hi* aye. answered omphntt colly that n- would. "What would yea bawo them do ban!' a? Mr. Orr. "Do as I oad the r? cf tw da." "Too am a j otelllgfat tettnw aad mtgbt ?cage to ahifl fo.- j <y .-.'J. bat you know what j oar cu?of dm pte at tl>? - th are. aad that they oould not pi along by IbniMiid ' Tho ranaway a?*d with an *sulttay air ?"If you e-edeV-r Bwthr? tea hundred thmmand. or Boa mill oua. wo will toko aaredf thorn " Orr tow that he wm aa lacorrigthly hard raoo. aad diappia aim Mr.* former piece of property went oo heweear. to nay, that bit maatar wo* a real i io l lam a., to be wo* ha had mdhia. to toy ognlaot him, and ho d d not ran away frmm him. hut >*rom tea ay atom koew aat Urn alaeaa had h i rai and riot? to woar. h i lhay wero enduco a* oa oer?t la lb* action wwald he area wear'.? Aad thea.aa the oar* were ?rtag o*. he aohr-i Mr%rr to giro hi* host r mparts to hi* old mooter aad ail the fates down there The negroes areead h m shewed thwtr Iran* appeoriegiy The white piapli oa the platforia?who wore muah aoinoed at the ?eater mm. aad thought that the darkey had the beet of the org -Beat?tenrfi * heartily, the eagles tnorted to d?* ??? H?d ?? (oflflE?m to im eboay Id? I ? old that tho colored people io tftetceanty are more tamer? tho, ? wh.tao, who hagia to oaterte a ?alowey a* them that they are nduetrt? oad thrifty, and that they already owa arm Maty thoemad acraa uf toad the'* I hare Iter* bad pretty faiiy lbw roeapttaa at Detroit. It waa antra?ty Battermg to Mr Howard. eaaity. If ha paae?aa wy. which I ? inclined to doobt. Tba Com mlttea of Ber-ptloa appeared M ho ? *o (hoe from thai titua wcoho? of oar aatare The ahaw, la teat, ana?d to hare been g-dtea op tar I heir own aalf giartBnat?, or at team Ite thai a< ? af them, aad they ware w marh ah aorbad ta t that thay wern obllel? af everything rim, aad laft the coaapany eoaarally to ohift tar Ihimi Irm, aad eati?e the?aleee tanm ? crowd aad Wide Awakes an beat tbey could Whoa ? hoot touched the wharf at Metro I. and Urn (tereraor wa* pre?ted to the mult;fade, bo doofr-1 then to addr? th?, aad oapit?I htmarlf cawiDtag to pat th? to the troabte af a maet ng olaewbero hot he waa overrated by i'metu, who eonoor ~1 that the Gpreraor woald bo earorted up to " my bouoo," an 1 woo Id ep-ak ??i "myhateany," (tome nf ? loagbed irreoorwolly hi the eantey nf?atwoM tawatre, aad I hsee as dooht that th* H-.u'ia indulged iu en intarool rhne?lr; hot be w?* too pu??rc aad gnnd ? or. 4 in faioaor the w'll of ooe ?to WM to he few hoot, and on he tahrei b naif to b? raral-v th-oecb therif*. <a aa roes rare>?te with nw> B'e' gviN -ten,'ore gy mm ? to Tor Jew ?er%tte paper, lb* #iw I'm*, ,otluigwd la sundry wohaMe Mm el Chandler end bis " balcony," end, la rofoeeuoo, I sup post, to bis former occupation as a retailer of dry roods, rneered at bin as I be calico beuator. 1 must confer, tbat I felt little sympathy for him and as I bed sot to thank him lor any civilities or a distant approach to puliieocOB, wo have frequently s indfefti la ens Mifceo at bis etpeuse At lwtroit we had some very pleasant secessions to our party, some oi them coir for a lime. but the moat agreeable ol them for the whole grand lour. At Owosto. a em?li baokwooda seulcmenl, <>u Ilia line of Uia Detroit and MUwuukro rand, the republican poilUcltao of the town assembled, and aa the trsiu slopped here to allow the pnasemgers to dice, Uovrrnor Hewui could do no leas than gratify tbeiu with a speech. Ho mounted a cart, placed cui -,ci i. ntly for the purpose, sad made a happy I iitlleapofcti. wbtcb thev cbeerid enlMiatasttrally flen Nya had, of course, to foi.uw the leader, aud Mr. Win. A. Howard, of lwtrott. sure, del him. As wa started on. no old iroa gun mounted on wagon wheels, and from which the nrt.lMrists kept st a safe distant.* when about to die charge It. Bred n parting aniuta. Wa 111 ?ur aegara. no nth. ir.atl.ed the rough fare, and proceeded oa our way, reioKiug at rwn a brief inter val of peace. To reach I an .eg tbe capital of the -tale of Michigan, we bad to loavvtbe iron road at tho mushroom village of St .Ichns Although It was created by the railroad with In the last few years, it already presents many satisfac tory evidences of piogires Here we found a deputation from Lansing, and at we wero drives up the single a reel i of tbe town Tn wagons to the moat lugubrious music that ever an undeveloped brass brand perpetrated, we looked more Ilka a funeral process loo than a party of .oily people upon a very pleasant tour. 1 am afraid U>c good people < f St. .lubun wore shocked at the uaeeemly levity of some of us oa snob a solemn occasion. Talk not of the pleasant smoothneae of corduroy roads until you hare travelled the twenty four miles that lis between the village named after the Kvuagrltat and Miehl ran'? capital. After traversing I bat ruuia, you may thei I fate to do her worst, as Mr n bid Mia to do her worst, aa Mr an Uia roads We enjoyed It, laughed at U, and talked of tbe greatness feto which Lansing moat attain, alter the millennium. Tbe legislators of Michigan were awfully wins, nod hones 1,1 have do doubt, when tbey voted, twelve or fourteen years ago, to locate their capital here; etui I would hardly ad. vise your Albany bo Ions, iaoorruptibio as ihey era, to Imitate their example, and transfer tbe oapital of tbe Em plro State to tbe unexplored regions tbat lie ta lb# heart of Sullivan county. Whatever charms "the 1 .real prime val" may have for poets and rnmanctsts, the depths of a wlldetnrae la hardly a at place for the periodical amem bly of the props and pillars of s Mate Our cortege bid tod on the brow <ri a bill, from which the white spires of the two churches of the vtllsge of lie Witt were visible, from tbe direction of tho village a solitary hors'man came riding furiously towards us. Bad the citizens of l?e Witt Itstied a manifesto, or was tbe town in a atate of siege* Who knows! Speculation U busy ns to the cause of the bait. Tho cavalier dashes up to our party ami has an interview with its chief la be com missioned to present him with the keys of tbe city, or wha 1 All is mystery. Mill the Interview appears to be satisfactory, for tbe cavalier dashes back again to the town, aud by sod by, it obedicuce t > a sigual, we rraumc our | rugrsaa Tb< tnyslcry is foot, solved The 1- Id rider is merely a videite stationed on the hill tn notify the I.o VI hi, re of the approach of tbe disimruishod apostle of tbe drctrinc of the irreprm ulo conflict. The stra us of a brass band are borne oa tbe breene, sod we distinguish tbe notes of that grand march, "dee, the Cunqui-ricg Hero Gum's." We afterwards Bud tbat the MWM are seaUri in a l< ug wagoo, like a furti.lure van, drawn by f or be. ?e?, fao'i'stlenity d. soratod with gorgeous yelk.w tyai pings, ster the manner of cirrus companies. We situ, lied a tioup ol mounted Wida Awakes drawn up o opvu rnuUs, to allow our vehi.-lrs t<. |>a?s through. Tbe military aalutc It given, and Utly act. now lodgrd A platoon of troeiiert Is sent forward as aa advance guard, the band takes its place next ,a the procession; then come along cur mud-covered wspocs; a van full of boys, currying Wide Awake Inoterus. fol own us, and tus procession It close.: by another pLuicn of troopers The comicality of tbe whole thing ass irresistible, and not ot e of the party ronld hp laoghiag at -he at-o-d bgure which we cut to prrscctu-g so many points of re semblance to s grand travelling menagerie I bavc ahrady telegraphed you aa arrn-int of the groat cel. brat ion at Lansing. Nest dvy we rode in coaches to Jackatu, a tlourisblng town oo brand river, where the Ptste prison Is lrcnte-1 Mr. Seward aud the ladles wera ent. rta'D'd at the miiou; aud aa we had to leave Uio same night, the ttecpkss WiJs Awskrt as Srmbled and (scortel to. t, to tho rsrs. Tbey wanted n speech, btit the Oovernor, lustra' of givtrg tb?-t? a rprccb.give tbem tome very ?^Lslb'e advice, as to tin propriety I f th~ir knowing better hours. Next morning we fouud corse.vas st Knlaaiaauo, aid otr totrl onpsdianI at tbat pretty little ton have since bren the topic ol mauy a iuke, at tbe ? xpeoae ot tho reputation of tbe Burdlelt H< 'is?- A t'o->p of ladies, well mounted, acd ace' ttq we led by their devoted Ice* too drew rp at tfco derrt to glvr a s.i'dte to Coventor Sewaod aa ho was leaving Tbey wen cauatleas am axons At least tbe fio trior tl j U oo, for as he walked down tho lice be looked rarb of ih n> full is ttie eye, ao be was ac cuaton ed to do in inspect ?g tioopo, not ono of them, he remarked flitirl.i d from>.;* g*:.r He could do no I. m after that than promlvr .-s.-h of them an Arabma mare or a republican husband, witlitu a year, aa bo bad lbs temer ity to do. Wa passed through (fakagn on .Saturday night, and retched Milwaukee at two o'r.kck Sunday mo ruing The elty is vnder a heavy ck.nd of mourning oa account of tho terrible disaster to tbe ateamor lady Agin. Kiae-toaths of I ha victim*' wtie KS.uot.U of Milwaukee, and alihotgh tbey were alnuot intlrrlyoC tbe poorer olass of cKlxrns, thoir Uoe will e? voctheleas bo ol material injury to (he city. This, bows err. can noon be remedied . hut who can bring consolation to the bucdrrds of hearths that have born desolated by this uppa.liag'tataotropbr Itwasaoom mend able seatlmaot that, la view of this calamity, ta duoed tho prominent republican* of Milwaukee to for# go say public demonstration la honor of Mr. Reward'* arrival. They bad In leaded, however, thai ha should boll a reception la tbe parlors of the New hall Bout* ta day, but his ova keen aeons of propriety made b.m da eltae even that lb day be la the guest of Mr. Aleanndee Mlkbell. a highly retreated banker of this city To nw-r row be will be at Madikoc, the capital of the Plate, whence ?oo a 111 piobably hear from me before the reoc pi of these peg" Rtwi fr*a* Plk?'? Piak. 9r. Joerra, M#., ?*pi U,lk4 Tb? rxprcae tonai Mke'e Ptak arrlrtd laat atfM w Ik ?IT,*23 is dam, ai<l fall loada o< paaMffva There .? ao m*i f'cm th? blbo t? eajwbcra ehe wnrt.iy <A antra. Fatal Ballraal AttikrM. fUMMMr, N Y.Aept 12, Hda Slama Sai l-wee, rood nctor mi Urn Vrtk.M < the New York and Krie lUtlrred. tail under bta tram piet aa It h-A ' b ? place laal eraem* The train |it. 1 >var bta left aad thigh. He 11 red oely half aa hoar Market*. rniLiDixrui* rrocc mil*. riniMtnu, t> y* u. na Block* Una. PennajivMy* Mate k'a. 17% Re*l ley R? "ad H; Mntrii Cana' ATJf; I if Lnuid la.I roe-i 13 ,; I'rrgiflrua Ruhat, 41', SfM exchaaga aa New tort at par N*? itautaaa, tart 13,1 KM Oatlua dull, aha ta-day 1,004 baton. at 10 V a MHc. fur Bitddliiif. fH.ur bj< taut el Id 34 far ruber ft ae Cora quirt yr'tow T6r ft far ? irmly fair to rule fair ? ',* a ??He. Mr ?tr'l? N .tb!fg do tag r .rk nteedy at ?13 lard la batrrla lflj. tofht exrhaeg ? oa Ma* York Has premium In nB"*a. NH 12, 1*4# flour tial} llooard t.< obi" aad City Mitto, M with iai|> n .1 <i( < slra at |4 IT H a M 40 Wheal quiet and Mtil) nd, 41 I a 41 44: white. II Mall T4. Cora ? uil ei?l to*< r yettow. TO a 7|y : whMa, Me a Tie Prebtrtead ?j. leg aid -i1.U1.4ed Mi pork. 111 TD; (WINK 414 Ofea Trrr *,-tie* Br*. 13\e a 14 V i ur-rV oci} I ?ro bat> *. nry alaady al 4C V|r a ftr T iiii ibat ran, Bard 13, 14M noargaitl ???prrla* aa 44 Wheat firm aalaa kOOA beaba'l r< <1. at li 44 a II 44: white. II 24 t II '?* Cora quiet, al Tfi Crw*i-ia?a ijawa Whwtay dell al M)ie a Ma. Chile# baoeaal Rh> lr l,r a ll\t Aiaaarrvpt 13? If. M lion-?#eka l.ttd l?b? Wheat?He'ea l.TM hnaheia wbj a luneaa oa pr ?M trrma. ;I4 buehaia prtaaa abl e B'<1. |aa al II 13, aad *04 buahe ? red Male al 1121 Oaie-Malew T t-04 towbee. taaada at 3Ttde , 4 TOO bd.Leto atatf 4t 31' .<?. dell .Mill, aad 4.300 h.wbela Wee Irra at 3alJ?. < nta a atade fnmer ?aha 13.904 bneoele Wcet-'a BiitH al Mr elC),c. Anoapleof ear laada df rye at lb* fri.tra' r?.:rw<! *oid al T4r. Bo aetoe of bar toy report<-d B iwkey?Mha AM bble al 24r a 21 r B'rrati, to-pt tt-l r ?. F'oOr? ct?w* I'fbl, aad lemrnd fa'r atarket arm Wbra' di ar.d aaaler aa > 100 huabrla (tarda clab at 1114'. 17 OPO bunboi* tad * later Ohio aad lodlaaa al ?1 rO a II lis- ad-e.uced t< telee IT M0 haahata at :'?( a 44 . ae-atiy at the rnatd* if ur? Unaal (relahta i dali aad b-wrr. Ifle na wheat. Idi.e oa eon to Raw I York hnfuel<?4.(40 ub* lb* r. 141 M0 tioahela wheat, I 13 LOO I-m.hrla ?*>??. I te? bit*! a I -eia. 4.LOO bualaalt bar ley. I'tpnrta?H4 000 baabrM wheal. 14 1C0 bi-be'a Bt raid. Sapt- 13?7 T M rv? r?Pe- rr. fa.r and aaarkat 4rm, .teek llfht aaiaa M4 h-.le at 34 87H tor r*lra Mala aad Caaada |43*Sa 8-1 h.'H (be extra niiaole aad W aronala 46 44 a M Tl for extra Ohio aod lenient M ?14 -1 tor -loalila extra Wheat lb moderate >maad, and market leaf Arm aalaa 4 COO b- -hi Bo. f Chicago aprtnf at 81 M; I 004 (aa* la elnbatilUH. 14 000 r"I winter tJblo aad I idtaaa al ?I 1*H a II 'Jo (on armor, hat gaWt aalaa MM0 hmbeta at I4r a Mr Other frtiaa ijaiat. Whaka* wa? Crm ?ai? i xo b >ia at 2J>?e Oaam toaifbia diJI . lie oa lUior. lie ot, wlieat, 15c oa o?rn 4a Maw lark, take 1n i port a?6,000 bbto flour, 47 004 baelwlo wheal, .* OM burhatorura, M OM bunheM nam and 4.444 bank la bar to*, (deal *ipnrtr?Kk) bble Sour. 14T 900 hnrhala ? brat aad 24 404 buahe'r enre i WW rod, Rapt 13-6 f M 1 loar - erbaaged, with moderate damaad Aw the ate rter and Faetera trade tale* 400 kh*. at ?4 Ml far atlra Wal- IT for faaor Ite double rtlra ?My brat da Wheal? Market rb--- ? dm-i<1?dly lower aalea 5 004 buabela whll lrd-*aa at 81 M. 11,640 baaheta winter rad W*?U?n a ?1 St, 1IJ44 da, part to arrlre, tad IMS hwahato Bo. f (T, refo at.r rf <w nrl?ala taram Oara qawt aad a ahad# e trier Barl*< dnll aalea of email toll of C wed lea al 7k (Baal fr??hta at Me oa Im.r, ll*Ma wheal. Uig ea ma. lak* mporir- oo "44 hnekoto wheal, m haah eT. ba-toy 1 1? bibato pom f aaal exmte-l 4M hhto flour, ?1 404 buabela wheal. J3 CM bt.aheli Cora. I SM huabe erye , .. rmrma, Rayd 13. Mil rvmr Arm. hat aalel Whralfalol aad It htoher aalef #4.(44 boehele M Me a Me for Mb 1 enema. Me e Mr Aw ho f, to Mora. Corn act Ira, ami la htohar aalaa U CM baMela at 3#e la akora tiato Arm al 1IHC. Ba ee pta? 3 300 hhto. flew. 144.400 hnehele whfM. tt <W4 raic.IlM oata Milpmeat*?1 .AA0 bbla. flo# 14-,0A? irnkeia wheat. M t(4 core lraiflhb~17e aaked.lie tftorod. ea wheat to Ibiflr.o Wfhi axrhaofn oa B?w Tar% V par oaat premium CiartwaaTt Rrpl 1*40 Conr ret* 4tH: more aetleea lhaa buyrrb, 4n *? it* aoailnal at M Wh-ai dull and na ? tile i Coe i a.?rra aad ia imptorr-l namaitd ti IT* fee m???l Wb-rhey n-ai at 'Mr froaietn^- qoiet aa<l narbnnfed ( nod-J mead Aw bOfla *a:*a ' 71-4 at OS* a4\r tor Btwem Art apt 4-.I Aw iwoernbor lot *? the" ???? pro" ?e 1 ere the- OrC 'b ?t f. w 'ale* TMr Syrlu | IV Belief Cdmm ttee net yesloriU/?ik'Noa. K Boolti the Trce?u.-er, repo- ted Hut M had re r4!*!!1'^by ser>r?l dra'UouEng. T^' *? B*l"ut- ?I?"H of $11,009 By the atwmec at Snlu-d-v be purposed u> ejud whet b? may here oa toad up tut k'?at J*y the Commute*, whim rejoi lng *a I* qHmtewop* Itberaiitjferbicb ?, ninny ? ^ ,n,l9ut , of New fcrw m well a* trlende in n* , otb^r place* | we manifested, fee, ccatrelaed, in view of ^ I OMmr'e* new* from Ry,?_^ .. v of the deplore*. Oh. iet an. of IW-u^lo My the U^trt to ^ ltjkt lbs fcynen i and abouid at d(Kll)1(>d, ^ ^ tho,e r-anift cui euib euu la the emtio or th.t Uv* ?? Beirut, < here max hi aed will, cure and an n sty the excellent ocmmittec o. American acd Kngltah gsnUeiaoti 1??TT.bad charge of the thmiftaodc of w-?trh?l citv It whl ai*D?n Z*? Ud ^*^7 Hocked to that Befrul to Sift!" *'d ,r"1" lhl* oouotrv and K.i?iau<? IfcfUth Christiana are do4o? much far mot* uf* thrte lourihi auti more ol ail the I'miMtant if <' tSSSZJT&ll h" A?''rk*c?. *booe ijflueoee in the . 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To th^ix pt*,.iul0.Jt A^PP?. ha poWiahed in the pa P^rt. lo the hope that the Important *ul?tect to wh ch it relates may receive publ.c ntter.tion _ 1 Oa:oti?, ('>k;x?o Oo , Kich., Acauat 31 1#<?) To tub bsMu* Conniina, Ncv, Vork. CaaTtanw?I notice by the laat Indsj tvl-1/ the an me^7l!0f* r<"n,I"Uc( ' ot*B o' v, lioee object# ia^<> tb.-^ Tfr t0.make ?a|?*bie provtatou for , , r 'f ur American ictcrceta in Hyrta .!i , ",, ?rpoinuneot of thi? committee with ereat "miuow'u''o^T0.t0 btforo >0J *>"? ficuTTi ft pimiQD? La. ,og re 1st too to tbe mMfrt Ami tww ?sm? b*Tf T" ""-aeW^ t i r!i 4Uo- lu f'mr brncvoleat endeavor* No'TherUn K^ia fo,rh<.rK0''!' """ ' h*vf be?? ?r,w,l?l In In Alc^ r. ^ , l. V,n ytUi-,ad n-y Pr;>*?ot home it maf?i2 ,v ? tniraiooary Maticua more or low intl ** ^'PP0, r'?,d?5 with ibetr [ami. ea tome btcfu Amertcaj niiaaiooanea. home of thorn lookm# ?Sr't'heVclr: L'f,hAm" C* 1 ',ro,ec'-ndradTn ooone ?, i .i r .Ul*re M,r *'w" ?" our government ex fr s ,K' I fbcm there ia a Br.tiih Couanl n* ol arvr^Lr A1,-ppo ail the luropean po V r? ***** toOiUtaio fu?l coos.latos? it baiiitf ;r ;: ^ ^ C,Z Tyrou & a<?it aopo.fkut |..afc io tlia Frnpirr Our own . riTicTV^.,^, ^'V> ,J "PrcwoUd b, " ! . a ^ or 0*?dar Kgent. and to add t<? the '* no' *n Auwrkan, but an Il.diao Jew h'rwr'.^L" 'VU' '? fL* Pfr f,k'n and ktenv., hi* official rati. ? Inferior, he i* coeuiantly *eiubbc-J by the ' ird^ 'K*e*? *n', 0i,r *??rrnoaat* prcet g. a in ?laTe r^F-. r.* P*'". ?"??'">"? Ot aa am ikxatioa u? then that i ii \a?Ti 0<', M'?t'3g In effewu to J. t n three eeart ?mc? we petit oticd the (corn! Ofurrai in CoD?ia.-, e to t.i. e atcp* to have the , re lent iacumbebl eaiavd to u>e rank of lull lotmul? S,!nf ?bv!ki*ta#,f theul^aotiooa mcj'.looed. appearing fn-m tbi* mr,re thtn a year ago we ?cm,..,.lived the rw^nrtment of ?ate,wS,W ?K? ffil'f r r\ZK fl, aa luU Co.i?U in thai ^ !%L' e R-entl'?red ibo*t? urit-.TT'1 ?f.,h* *" ,b*'lh? " '"ortm waa taken by ?T., -L ,n' *! ?/un,P-?,:>? Kfi ?t U- preeeut mc.m ^ b*""f,aa Amrr'can c t r< a, i* lurum bent ? tb ? office ae?r eliat agaioat tte rule and cni- Hy toernt Ce, a^dtl.e <?<**;:! iu B^-yrout wat inatrucwd to do ?^il ? i* %t ?*' *,h<t w* bad dtelrcd ?thi* giutltaano be ing toe hot per? >u to be had in the tdaoc o^mT ?V |,Uf ? rUU 1 n^ -* to Beyrout ?. way homo, I bad a long eoovcreatlon with Mr. *"*? 'be very acvrptable and a?rlent Coimal Aie, too col (oo*u. b.ueral," a< art the othe r < ooaula la Bee? mui end *e inferior to Ihn) oo thia ae.biect, nod upon ?f n rweMi.tatir.n be rtry kindly took the reoooeaibllitv '.ho""M ':-ru?b"tft \rnm Wnmfa mu t*P,,JU!l0"* t" 'he D*partmoat at lie ad viae. I me to mm the Under ferret try erf Male < Mr Appie tot, f it ixwilil*, and endeavor to aeeure the an poinlnwut of ao americao to Aleppo aa full Coo. i 1 made repealed atlempta while la Waahlogton to are # btit It waa about the lime of b a Iranirfer to^nother oervtci.and I tailed to aee him or hTZZ l uuder^taad U i. comjwtent for the Preexle.t loap Ioibi a cooeoi to any place where ha iiutea iZ. ' *** eooatrr ?r >ta ciliaena require it The bowerer, would rtieaanj a aalary of aotne mood L"f ^ pn!lTL ?"PP*1- **? thla could only fem?iS!d i1!? , ,, 10 ?*mnriall*e Ooagrea, abo !hl V> f?? w'U be the benTjudgea on at teat iff tVHH' !?**? cr,# mMUr "f00 J?r atteclKb, **d to beg raroeab'y your klad aodea vorr?Be l *o much aa a private matter . tber gh vwrv deep y latere ated, aod freleog peraooally the infer'or gar.~ -g?.C??a;fsr JfVv hi?V,hf ,,rr,,5r Pf^tioo'of mericae eltlMa, ta^If prvptc poaitlne our foyrra me at abr. eid hold in that rrghni. In time* of aurh im Ztlml -"l -Wtw **' ??r Witnam a I!T*Kr eei?rte* ?? ?nfla?uaabW? paopif twkw tHbiii ? in' *#po n.i^k TT .V J'h.,n * '/*' were aurh mnvaaUy rrpvIrteT'.a' th'aT m.Tl; , ,1,U' Imp*'laooa that tho I c.ted ?a-'a * ^ U1S1 I no It.w ? ?d wiiTL^.^.^ ?? ??-' - ? 'tti U>o charartor of our owu paor> e carriad ?Mlh Uim tht r*n?et aa4 honor of iho gorrnuBcal aoJ !T thrreraiber than one who, bowaaev otofhi ia hm w?y m f careful time*, earer tea rommaad that pealt oa t^* bim a aah guard ia lima of dangar, or tc*nln* paaraf there ta oreraw'ng a body of rloteio, or Ibrrta* the Torkmb aeilOorllir. to perform ?Stftr lW Protoctloo of fore-go r. and aat to TV nbwrt r-'fly a > Sterol imporUgra to me v t je.ur ai oat tarn fit redsavor*, *ad aa ao xporla.,1 t s rr?pctlniiiy rririMPdM io your aiUalkoa I befo to he n New t ovk w Ui.n ? mnetli. aa I anou.a he happv to ntiftr with any of the rnmm ilie Mr od dev-a will feat tVMietioa Room'. Bible H~w Trrv '? ?P-*1 "y. ANT>WW T PBATT, M.aaieaagy of A 8CI M Tit* >?w lliMftklM OraMcralk Stat* (MTrailaa. Coamwn. N. H . tb-t* U. IM? Tto Ivwocral c Stela Coaraotioa aaomfatcd bar* to day Hri?i( r*? t'?* raaatutxMM am adopted, altar ablrfa iba Oarrntwo aimiaatr) tto lb-' owtag UkU ? ler rkcto?a, Btnyf PoL'a. of CoursH, 0 W Mu area of Iatrnta. Thoataa W. f.Uteora at Na?"?>n Jobn (?. Piadala. of Bilhiattaaa. and W? c CarVr r?aai)|aaala Palllka. Pnoeimrsu. tltpi II tw Hou Hr my M Fu.'ifr. Ctoiinaa of Iba t'alo.i State fn ratiaa C oa.antua haa raited a wratiat of tea rote alttra al tto S7tb tatl , a* tto porpnar of ararp rllrf Ito abetora. tlteat. ted aoketlaf a c.od, ?lata far Dumaar Aii?tea,tr?t 12. 1440 (tea. ?| 'a*??. al Rbwle Ulasd. to I ate.1 oil.i tea Pro t kara I.tpfct fnfaetry. arr'aH hare lo day. aad wera rctfhrd by Iba Albaay ?.'if CtHjd Ttoy waae tarort?d to Cmgrew Ball. wfera ttoy MP In bo rotor liltrl al aa ?rgabt dooar glaao by iba a?|ri.ra, u ebrbCoa Mri|aa ut other o M j|i ?b'J j.rrli trill to priw al. klMlka ?f a Hall mart Prriirfrnl I iv aarai. Vt . rapt Ul. IM? Botort I Otraa not to day t'aclad Pitfidtat of tto Vlraiaia tod Trcaaeaa* Pa: road, la tto para of J X Mrraatal. raalfaad Mitrat trow*. t*a , topt U, loto tto Oar oaf i bridge re tto laaeeata' ant Ilerrtebwt Railroad. *ta rtratroyrd by ttro tb<i ertareooe ti will ttiir it loin i uptbia latraaaiao tto Preaajireo a Ran rtad. at irataa anil rra rta fo'i at*, m tto tana l.aa. raw* twiiew wt ma Utraaaaiatta ( rlrkrl Nat* Ik Pa Sam 14, IMg Tto rr ckM ? etc fa >>atw-rji tto A?a' ran aad Ret >ab rkrraa al eriaastown, trrw oalM the aftarnooa la a victory (to tto AMarreae. witfa two w rkcte I# fell Vreed taalrtr? Pegliafa 17 Aarrreasa H Tto bawl lag of Brrtt aad Proaoat wa? tpiaad J Tto told waa too troth far Iba dteptey of folding ^ llfllfl off WtMm llMrnr. Hawwna. Taaa . ftp* If, IMP Tto M-ttetr Aarora. froaa Rl I/rata to Mow Ortraaa ?ntyard ted tank Tuaedey al Oataala. Arkaraaa Ma will probably to reload lafttora Or taw Rtaamrr Nataaaaata. N?w Oataoaa, Sept 14.14W Tba atrawar Rtaarilla tails for New Tort oi tto 14th >* Ptirt in Horns Taaaoe ?Wa act oforaeed tfaai M m Adellee Pattl bat relailrrrM to wag at Mount Tar to. w totnrdey aaaotof aatt.'fer tfa* bat ft of ft Wi'tkra i tb sfa Ma will to wtoed by Mr Baary toe k een , wbo wt p?r"?ra to too ? DbaMM'r ?U'jeg |r?oj peak Blwadla *4 <io nee' W <?.1 Ol'A.ND BOOCHV UK 1HB (tttUT RO?t rkDtiTR. tM~ BtB PIRTOKMiNXKH ik MTV Ul?bOMXIUfAULTi TWO BOMPKKU fast FkUM lUli FlUMA ? A WaLX I1CIV4UU A> WOBIU (If A Ml :.?l gxy. Jotee' Wtxjd la (kit acqu.-ing a name and fame far sen sat. on* Whether u b? a military exc-ureoa, a private picnic, a social dinner at th. picturesque hm*et, M OMOf those extravagant ojipcurfnga of our Gt-rmxa poputat.ou v "liich a>A-k tbo.r frc jaeat national and toe* faat.rata, tba vls'fer "HI Sad something or other on ovary day in the week, aot to menttm Sundays, wtirn tba duality become* "4 focus of thousands of our oilixeaa, wfic Oud in ita cirtviol aad artificial attract ooa? ih> i l wci shades, bane aeatc groves aud quiet nooks, that enjoy west abith conallKtlea ad agreeable a con trail betwuen the beat and dust o.r ? baking elly and U>e oool, freah air of thecubarbe. As iva illustration of the truth ire la ooly a few days alace wo reeordod the presence o( a monster g*ln< ring, (assembled to participate >n an ova t..ia, auch as was Derti witnessed in this country, to the great champion of Arner. ran muscle, the child of Ben low, nod the Ink is bardly (fry that described Urn' stir ring ecrsee of a political barbecue and aarrtd cial roast, in wblch thirty thousand of our eltiaeus were gathered from Counectic-tt and New York aad New Jerarj to do honor to the two very highly distinguished candidate* ot th?lr party 7mt>rdav, however, the tcene wae changrd, and instead of a boisterous orowd shouting and yelling like so many liberated school bey* in I be exoras of their joyoua excitement, a quiet audience of lad tee and gentlemen assembled' to wltoeea the per formanci * of the modest Frtochmsa whose daring ex ploit* in crossing the Niagara river on the Blender founda tion o! a three inch rope, under clrcunaitauoee of which it may be emphatically it id they would hava triad other mea'i tenia, have given htm a worldwide noto riety lb cceecqueare of this - extensive reputation of Mont. Bkodin, the desire barber a almost universally fott to witneMhis hazardocs experiments: but as it is rather difficult for him to tarry Niagara Fails around with him In b.k tours, be baa adopted the ingenious device of ex tend nig the same style of promenade which he usee there lu the most perilous localities be la able to dad else where. in ffiet, on the present occasion be baa, if any thing, cmotii a spot and length of rope which render his Test even more dangerous than ordinary But email obstacles do not deter a brave man, and notwithstanding ail the difficulties by which be has been I'irruunJed, the dangers to which he was Iisble from the inexperieece of assistants, the novelty of the pos.tkn, the uaectamty of fastenings and numerous ether drau bnc*s, be was yesterday ready for his per fcrmaxre, und pe-formel with se uiuch seat and courage as If he bad travailed over the fra.1 thoroughfare a bun died times Owing to au inadvertent error of announce ni<nt that the exp'?l would not lake plane en 111 lo?J?y, th- large rrowd anticipated was net present, yei there weie anu>emble<1 some tour or the iooiibkd.1 people to witness the eveul. AS usual on occasion* of this kind, there were present ail ihe minor attractions, side snows and cnarliabl* objec u, that like a na.n of raam followers in the wake of a march ii g army, always tang on the outakiru of * multin te. If.ere were the same old colored Individuals who for mouth* pas' bare est palientlv sine/ the fence* that line tiie way 10 .louts' Wood and made their capital out of their misfortunes, appealing beseechingly, an they held out the stumps of amputal. I arms or sbhrevtated ;ei;?, to "buy a cigar. oeiy a penny sir!'' ot Feme other lourmodity which tervad to shield tbem from the imp', latum aud danger of downr'ght beggar*, the came old apple women cake pedlers, boy gamblers with tbeir riua aud pirn weighing machine*,Ting tee trre, strrcgiii indicators, blind bagpipers, deformed lid dV-1, meiatcboly arcorileonista, frisky u-groee on the " light b< mbatlic toe" to the turn tuui o the ben jo. end oilier personal tpwetaoist Uo numerous to men t.i n, abl e any quantity of amasrroeau of the small beer and ginger pop ordtr tempted the patronage of those ? h re ImirooH landeswies idcImuM them m that direc t-no lheae. however, weie mere mctdeutaie The grand interval ot t ie occaan u appeared to be couees trate-1 iu the anpewching event, an 1 this wia dia?L.<ed with a commtoglirg of wonder, curioa ty and doubt, whu b im).dated bow much. In apile of the i pi credent* of the adveoturo<ia French mau, Uu-i :owd were disposed to dle'.rual his ability to prrtorn U>* teak be hat assigned himself. In let wbo never wltnttwed an undertaking oi lata kind. K ws- u.i doubt, t matter of aartMBSbl There above 'be hi vdt of the mUtlt cie, ran a line twelve hun dred feet, or nearly ? quarter of a mile in length, so high in air, mdatd, tba' it *??mt-l little lai gc. th*n their di nar;.* * -pe used a the every day purpose* of buMtete, oa which a human being waa to trust his IN* la th- per'ormance or f.-ata which it would task the ingenuity af common Individ mta to perform en terra flrma in Mffiy, the reps was ale voted tome two hundred feet above the aurfnw , and f/t.m mart to tr ain p?curr'bed the art of a nrcie, whwn -enderek the trip that on a precipitous down hill and the* ? m aeoaat aesdaM a<io c* ?c the b<?>v ot EBoudtn to ben.! :n e iwraeptible a ig.e to his laak The -i )-? mi abm.t three larlirs .u d MMhMf, (ffitrtMdkad at every interval of twenir or thirty teet b\ two fifty i s puiindere. which were su|e<orted Hnut at--1 - below Beside* thdM were alrelched out oo either side, at sim tar interval, guy: which, attached to the tier* in the neighborhood, served to proven* Ihe awmplag of Ibe -ope. Iba tune advertised for lb? "mmmm," m II to term ed by lb* Niagara nonspapars, km threw o'clock, bat owing to Ibr in* Aciegrr of Urn fieteningi. which hod hreo d..cov*rsd durlog lb? morning. Mods Mew. Jin wm tcapt'W to go over tk? wort, again, ao that tt was lmpoea.bin for bla to appaar with Ma accntomad pouctoaJitjr la tba aaaaatia>a. bow ?war, ha spprared m a carriage, babilad la hia cos tume. and. sncompnnied b* a ftleod. marts tba detoor of tba grounds, wbisb landed to malataia tba paileoco of tbawap-ciatoai sod tn stimulate their anticipations In MB manner tb- performance war i-wlpooad antil a iunr tar past foor o'clock, wbaa Moos Btoadin again appear ad. prroar-d for Ma sariloun tourney Borr?m| an-?d by hia agent. Mr Harry Colrord. bo then droat to tbo foot .' tba maot, eroetod oo Uie hUl ncaraot lb- Feat river A noooa waa michly nr-pare | inio which ba ateppad. and la a moment mora, amid <bo cbaart of tbo crowd, ba waa bowled to tba re rat .on of tba rop* He waa draeaed in bla or dinaie pevtormog ooati rue?oaia-ty Oenh oolnrad ? ( t ghta brarllj ornamented arona 1 tba wawl and nark with ledlan wrought Nad work, praaeotad to bun by lb# pretty young ii|u<i of Ntagara, aa a tokaa of their admuateoa of b'- (Jar tig. while oa bla bead ha wore aa It llaa rap. prof uaely decorated with tall faathara of ra riowa rolora, a bleb blm appear in tbe d ?la aaoru fierceaad warlike aa a rrrllable abo: igtnil rk.-f. Mot* Bl.aJm bar ng ea --nded. a line waa attached to L.a ba tare pair, aa Is-lrvmeut about twenty eight h waa hoi n length, ao I weighing thiily pounds. which waa bowled to tbe ieral of the rope a moon it rmy waa reqmred to dtaeoz?i e ibe pole from tbo Hoe, whea. withMB further cerewwe y ba prtweeoed IB -lart .n h.a undertaking II wan ae'firat. hi werar. that be waa out (smll ar with tbe capacit ?a of hw rope fw the i.tmoat cautloa waa aiiK.tH by Uitn aa ba moved ol A few nda, however, waro aidlrieot to aaliafy L m i bat tbe lis* waa auMa aauagh la ram der tunrceaaary mora ibaa hi ufl-oary caelum, and b- tberrlijre stepped aa hoid'y onwar t aa If ba "era Irrnc Dg oo a plank After pixaadtag about flfleru roda tba dariag per form' - < una to a bait aa I gently lowering himself. took a real tod tba a lay at fall lot ttb t-pon the rnp- : nUl ib a r>.< aneol t ie ?fwt uiore war ? i n a leocr u if tbr i/ t niiiw.1 aerr too dcap for uttemare. bet now tbey bartt forth with cb.ara Uwt seemed tba overfish if their I* at "p bea'la After tying far a few armada ?? Una poatiHW Mens. Blood.a aioar tad prm< fried rapidly HwarJn tba reatra of tho rcaa. where amrjtaloty I waded a ortr tba enliry wna aupaadad a alack rope If-ra ha ? ran batted, sod, silt rg uprs tbe -ope, dlraated I .maelf of h a wnwtband. a hick w lb Ma I alaaer polo no.I bat, to tied to the rope u ope-nt oo. by the way, wbi-b la doced tba iraulry finm aa lataiettlw* individual below, at tba lap of bla ro-e-, He? .lo; wu fael now, old feilar? at tbe tap of his roiCe, ? He ? do yov fael now, old feller? slat a guV to uadrras yotnw If, be yoal" Pa; .tig ao at lenilon to this and ? mllac aaiilet however tbe brora f reeiman proceeded to perform a aambcr of feats snob a* ban rz by bla anna and legs,!lg. ai-l a ?tiet? of evd 'Moot o' i etm'.Iar f irarte- Theo, appir'tti. net much ascend.d to the man tip-, r>? mod bla pole sad moal'cwatK. and ?tail?I oa tbe r'.mt rtk>.. of Uw undertaklag lie liad pmr-ewl?d w? laird in tb.* taairr aat t ba arr'ead a* n i-ef ob of the rree ao ?l ep Iks' jt w? evident to nil be waa rnak ag tb m at ?o?"z?tic eta-t aM to aBPBhd, hu'wltlio-4 i rc i A et he.** wind woe blow nf at tbe ttma, ssmt*b aolbat bM lealBueapak waa.eeeeral t torn, twat r i ? t?o< while ilwwa- ? ' 'rail.?-e and lua dtree and Ike manure in wbieb he waa entapellad to hi ? une : "t f to must tba blaet, indicated tbe tr-men .i.o* 1.1. i.e* be waa eneo'staring. I.adlng'ta at trwpta to auend Inrfreiual, I mtigh peraenertag, be ra Uaird lid etc; < liar a wards?oner a thousand feed?to tea atari': < ro ut ?'ire. tawe-ing !m p ie. be himself da .drdnysat aret, t? d op* of tbe geyn. npeang Into bit car rtage and air d tha pla dill ?l the crowd, wan fr'Tea la I; a ad.eitug hotel Mote Kind s did not appear to ba ua uaoal'y a? r-ed by hia egnrtiona, and lis ocly etp-i<atot>? were those of diaappn almeot that be bad not n*ea nbla to gi tbe entire diatania, aa ba bad apponttwd be would lo Tbe Vat arts evidently be ytnd ibe pow-r of maa lo acromp<lab hut be irauatly art aooil no ne-aagemeot for etoratlag tha eastarn end of tbe- p? w?m* fifty "ml higher than It teal present, so at la make it mora laral tbr ugh at, and >a h a aazt perform aer be win W'U ? .t dmikt go the ootlra . ataac- He will ntec nl that time perform other at I more wooderfil frala. .1 beirgoi* of hia peculiar .Ilea to keep np Ibe into rett if b'i rib kit lot t by ? conataat d ap a; of *om*fh'ag Pr bis made arrangements fa repeat tb* feat of rrott tag tbr rop* rrery rrtday ?ft*raooa and bap md doubt, aa *oaa ne tb*.r peculiarly atartiiag aalor* some* lo be will ba farorad with large and nppr-riattr* et?! traces B*f rn*iov in ? rr*? bai.loov To mor-ow artorornc *bould the we.lber (ear# fh or* bie. coa ?f tba gal euraardlaary ?? matatic fhata a.or ill* u : lad oa ad* of the oreaa w 111 taka pieor t 'oam ?o?l Mr F Cnpp ? a pupil of F f.odard al l then a-crnd la a paper (rarlSsd) hilVoc, whieh. by its prenJin- rooatrurtIon. and apnea*# af a vnlrn or any othor mean* of central will tear* him entirely at tbo nwrry of tb* # Unfits ft la a daredevil narformaaaa. sad SBtb ?a no* as hot f?? I ad iv id oa la woe'd dare lo mmj ?rtofwla ?A raw MaCtlna af KsBBtdt'i Jtrtun: Pero??ry, a j-tdMotw ?;.nll<oBaa of tba Barafnfin OM^ril : Pi?eo??ry. a -JleVm* npnlkottoa af the Br-ofute at oar Healtae I ml an *t and ttrwt y ?otefwtng 'he * m tba liaitle arouad earh koWla. wtu euro tea HarileMl Car* af Hoewla.wv Rwptar*. |k f * HARSH of Uw wan known ho-iaa of MtrW t Oa, Ko. 11 e*e? Wreet Attnr lie a* unicait* Wt P%n"*< kuerh, ?*. 4?1 norwi *w*atton to tb* r rmeal adoetat?w f nio Bedl mifo-e T-uw ^ fitvo I a Did Itara* fiw Otaawaaa twat fewt t ten per*.) of TBITTHIB'f IB rHIU)B?P ' *1 TP" ft A Ug THAT WX7 R?B M? 9 '*91% ?? Jw'-n f 1ft trtaa'Aiw unmyTMSPt ??,? UrswLagi of K Vraact'i DeUwkr* Ut. LoUmim ? t'Auii t iiviTr, Cwu* Uj 13, 1M0 33. 56. S3, 21. TS, 9, 23, 70 76, 12, 4? 71. 4 0MM41A4UM Ujum Mi. Ripiuui 11 UW 48. 7, 71, 11, bo 1. 38 il, 10, 6. S, 12 ? K Fit 4m * MimW, WlUelogtoeTDliAWW .Wvtion or ror4irntm(?.?|hi ana I *0?:r* if * Wk #r that run# of / BaNI'I BKOi D ' t'*r*frw> r m.)rru. ?'?/ . ,d. Thr i>ra?in ul K<-n I f, ' ?p,f'*r ilrrwii by ton r.,. ?i*no(t tuckr r??w i ;e? v>"< ff . a fhahck ?? tmiiM. *rl?, ltkM WutfNntos, PfUwr*/' w. Or?a inn of ????? B?Mvu"** tie* ? WO<O, KDOT * CO.. Ma iv -k ? ^ ^ _ T ?kMToocT *jd ? ? ii>c.w k * i . m,v Dn.aWAtfJ Kitv * Oi MO ifT 1" ra 70 49, 20, 43. 51, ?0. 54, CO1, 37, "? . " p?i?vriB? M liraunifi 13, .'*? gj 70, : 6. 67, 17, 76. 1, 64. '30. 68, 41 61, .4. . Oraular* arot ftr? of rhaxR* by addrvaafn.T W WOOB. ?B)DV 4 iHI WCain^oo. IV!?wV? Or to wCHjD, EDDV af OO.. 8o UXC* Mbwv. t ?1 Hnv*na hotter? -The rjCnwO; ^trnrU.^tHx. ia llw drawer ef Auguu *a 7,ate *100ouo Ko. l?U-'2? **?..?? *10,009 Ko. 10 rjp 30it0 No. 11040. 10O00 ? Nos. 6* 77TVS0S 968, tJV, 2 7,12. SML 3,991 4.323 6,TOO, BB7B 7.051, 7,017 7 778 8 TW, 0.4A7. II 01/. I1.7M3 II AW. 1.' ? 648J3,7*v Id 487. 14 578. 1? 714, 11080, 16.WW, 16 US, 10 .3. 17,701, 17 *8, 18 406, l: 'JOB, 10.160, 2< Hit, 17 (US, *311, r-',2!H, 3> 74A 73,665. 76 M2, W.177. 26.118, 76,276, 26 JJ8, 26,361, 28.81.% XI,6V. 28 201, 3MM. atxl 28 7A2 ?ecfc fl.000 ror elr"uUr?M to the abate drawings sdd.-eai J oar Rodr. (Wi, car# of 881/ Poet CharfMoa, 8 r. til. 868B8WI Matmm* Tablet Wwfc afCbe < keeping rarora lit perfect order, ou be oMaiaad 7 What Is I*??The RtaArcw Hat. Where htir At toUTTRB. *18 Broadnw, cupssHI BL IWoharah. Kboi ts hot ready Is ?ami Kaihlsn- fit tfitimi m)'h Ilia late* (Krlea for the Palf season are oorhtnly tmperb. Wbcoerer I' m>X Issue* a raw node from his sirpo rlt.m, onrnrr of tiroadway sou I'tiltou a'reet, the fashionable HP?** d.once 'hal H is U> If Hie rate (Jo aal set UN OX 8 Ust 8tj !e of flat for the Fall trama Wrsls. So. 51 >* Broadway, lofnras the pubtir thai any style of Dirts Hot. Soft Hat, Tap or PeM Hals, made In any pan of the world, can lit) obtain*! at Ms eauMUbmeel Vrnln. Was. A13 Broadway. Hojs' Utrls and Infant.' Pali Style Hits now ready Fall Fashions ? Worry 4* Co.'a Saccos nniaBl'KT A Dl'HKNBURT, leader* and Introducer! fasMoua for geotlr mru ? ha a, no?r anonuore the Pall My tea at ready, at Not 3. 4 and 8 Astnr Htuse. flhtrts?Shirts?Mix (tor |8| Made from ths bed Aauakeag and WnmjtuOe muilur Depot 108 Chat baa street, oornor of Pearl. The Prime* of Wale a a* Ourney'a Gal lery.-- The only eorreet likeness In the Dotted Mates of his Rejral ill^hnrea the Prince of Wales on exhibition at Ouraey'a J. OURNKY A HON. No 707 Broadway.? Gallery. Copies for sale. Broskl) n Photographs ? Mlalatwre CaMtitl, Itoperlnl and Life Hue. (. H. Wt liamaoa, Kat'rt 1861. A Prartltal Novelty.?41 Photograph illy 3M Mkeesesn lor *1 II taken at a sitting 1.000 <UI Broadway Saratoga Kmpirr Water?Bwporlor to Congrrrs Water 1 be I mp to Wt,ter is s per ect rryuiator. _ per'eet rorrrrtl v and preserver of health, hold by drrytsU and at Ito1 rIs Deuot Ko 13 John a rret. See lof*. o. w. mnioit a co. Intrntor. and I'ntrntm l>n onn -ml win Metorn. Ml'UN A CO.. of the Seen tilir Amertoan. No. 17 Park row, and receive a ' raaplilel of Hints In In-.rutor* " I rrc of charge Judge Maoou, torin? iy Ci mntiwdouer of Patrn>> ,a oc arc ted With the aborr o#ce aa counsellor ia pairnt ma.t 11 Ntolawap At Boas' Overstrung brand aud fqtwrv P anna are now oiosiAered tha beet tnim tirti/wl are war rani *d for Bts years Waceraomo *2 and 84 Walker attest llsrrdag's Pateat Champloa Pile and of Haft ' burglar peart Safes. 161 Broadway, n -nor id M rray street. Wheeler At Wilson's Sew tag Maehlaos, IBcc U Hroadwar. In fork. (trover A Baker's Celebrated .Noiseless Sew -?? Nwhines, ISO bent la me for family arwlno. MS Kr.s.t ira., New \nrfe, and IB2 ftJv* street, Bro.-tl j a Wharton's < elebratrd Chestnut brovt to ha* y Agencv rsnored b A? Cedar diet'. CH Ah fLMKH 8oie Agent. Cllrehogta's lllnalva Wig Partings, UM r'.tjeblo, tohs had only . bn factory -VO Broadsray, <?pv-> ? t'O A. 1 ntsniA'a . on.rr of Rradr ana* Draallfel Complexion.? Laird's Uqsld Peat I has sehkrnd a celebrity as harlot no ronal for lytutaod preseritnp the crn,p)e?ioa and skin. Hold at all druggists'. I'rfnrfpai depots TS! and 438 Broadway. Bateholor's Wigs, Toupees asd Hair Qse have tnnrnremei us setyasrlny Ml othera, uatarsi and raay, prrfsr' Bl no t irntr ; up bvkttad So. IB Band suvet. H Ill's Hair llya. 90 renin. Blark or Browa. Boa tn use Depot. Ko. 1 Bareiay stool aad by all Crletadora's Hair Dva, Wigs aad Too asas?Tks beat in the world, wboioaals and reuil. and the Pya prtieuty asphsd. Ka 8 Astor Honss "A Clear Camplnxlaa" Is Dstlnd By all jiri ??? ? todtaa Use rgALOKto "itoos WhBoOrlisUI Cream' Btotlera' ImproeraA Trumss and Support re. the bra la use, a! the HsR e Tram otAon. 58 VMs street. "U8I0C ?satottBari* Hold by all draotou Phaioa's per botus "Beautiful Woman" Rssall from tha ua ef PBALtOK** Uqald "Saow White OrlsalaTCmaa" Health lasuraace, S3 Coats ?ltolloway s celebrated Trao Pnrfytsr Ptlla prraervo thr nalttrtl loos of celebrated Tr no ranfyies rtila prraervo thr nnitirt. lone of 1 ths sbwwarA. nleat ar the sreretbos sad beep ths bowels rarn t 1st withi M thai pr-ntos tr natswaUa? frol' r aUsediasal 1 MSdPaJIIHBIIBBHHHIBHH Maori r*. lauin-Ctnm -li thu cHp, oa T.?adaf. 4 ipi.M 2t, by tta? IWt Jrwpa lamikiif, Mr War i-iatrfon Ami ?ik. of AL>ai.p, la Mn Pm -r?r L Ca.vtiw, of Ph.ladeipbia Ein.-n*?N?* ? It ttjn rno Thuradap a.?.or Aaptambar A, by lb* Hot .'a.naa M.llaU. at tia rxidw Mr. Jaaar* T rur?ok to Mm If >?r ?.1 Saw*.* , >>ti , Of Emit Haddmai. t'ocu OlapAMm?Ti*i-m ?Ob W? loaadap aryaioi. tVptnuibor IS, b; Kaa Or Chapio. Mr TraHu- T W Guu.ihm. to In mabt luxAMra Tat :m, mi. of ibtt r Ip. I Iramif ?Or tauMtrt -Oi Srmdap arOBimm, San , tambar A, ml tba reatdaoca of tba bridm'i ralbcr So. Altoraap atraal. bp tbm P*r Iwt MmnHrrrpor. Mr Rp . whip limini, of Milam, Aim . to Ma Mat* lafblr I of I mros Collaaharpar, trq . or Una clip. <?? l?a pmp?fi | !'? mom eopp La romr?Wwm ?lo U.a rltp of Brooaira, mo WmIm dap rvruima Hrrtmaibrr 1- by tbm Ha* S t ftnttb, Mr : Ipwampf a?r*n La Ion to Mm hoi I Wama. oil of ? Mom* Ipa I Virnum?itp?Hov ?At Rh a*bark. oo Tbuiadop, Hrp tamtar A, bp iba R< r 0 M Wainb Mr Immmi Matron ' ? p, of Mm klpo, to Mima Aaaaa f H <M.,of Rbtatborh ?rotrb i-apora pl'aar ropT Plra?lariat' n ? At lluahtap, L I . oa Tuesday. "P I'abir 11 at tbm Raforaaed Oolali eburrh. bp too Ka? W ? Bmlioway, J Mnan* Plr\ lo Aaaa t., Maagbtor of tba lou Edward lorr'tch, of Mawtrwa I Wruait-trntia ?On Tbnradap. ImmoIo 13. at Uia rbnreh of tba Amoaaaloa. bp Raa. Or Morpaa W. r?ar<m *ati?ak U> lant Ai <~?ti. daapbtrr of tba lata P rbkf.i S Wrtmao, f.h . Of lb la cttp MfA. Ariirau ?At Hariri*. ?fl Wtdaa?da?. VpMolHr IS. Mr. Joaa Anna if, ta Iba JAtb t< ar of bis h< Tt.a riioori will tab* filar* from him M? rsfidanaa, j 117th i'laal, Ih.rd ilior ?a*t of Third irroua. on Satur . mp mtroiif ml trm t'tluk Tbm (Vlmdaof lb fmaillp arm Invttrd in iUrad wtbr it f rtker aatios Tba r*?*olaa will bo tdbra to <1 res a wo. 1 Aiirar ?On Tharwlap ?? ra'rtf, P ptamber r.Sonu Ht*ft:am. W'fr nf Julian I All ro, aged SA yAHA Tba relative mi 4 frlrmdm of tbr tus It ara rtmpecUulIp invtird to mtirtd bar fnorrai.fnoa bar lmt? rae'.daoea, Mo i T'-rrara. Twaat; Uilrd elmet, ma Jailor -Up mflar nooe, at baif pa>.| two pm arlpH ? Animar ?Puddaolp, oa rMnnbp. Aapl mbrr 11. riiini. eon nf Cbam uJ Kata Allborf, ?*-! 1 paara. S ?matbm mod A dapa. Tba foaeral W!U tab* p ana from *a AA W?at R-ranth lira at, th<? (Irtdar; aflrroaaa, at throa a'c'ocA Tba fr rrda ?,( tba '??tip ara rraparifuDp taaHad Cuaraoi i ? fti Tbnradap ? rrBirp, Hrptrmhar U, J*< ? f i a i-iia t. al ht? rarKrata ta Hmck'naack, h i, bum | TAHi paar of h'm rpa Iba faaara: aaatleaa will b?bald a tbaAaanod MwaM Iwtab cburab of Iba aboaa fnara .Rar Mr [tammraal, Cm lor'', no Pat ;r<lmp nrn if. at lialf paat toa a rtack rrkoda of tba familp ara ir.atlad lo mttaad Catmaana ? At b;a rri.rlaoa*, a Jaraav Ctlp on Tb a? d?p. .-apttmbar II. MtraMmm C*n? aaaoa, Mrmartp of PU Ur Vt*n<J Tba frtaado of toa fkm p ?r? taallad to auoad tba fb aaral, oa haturdap aftaranoB. at ooa aVtaeh. al t'ra Mora a aa rbarrb Naw T?>ap. Ptalaa inland, wltboat furtbar I aotlna. Carrla|ra will ba ta wmttlap at taadorbtH tarnJ xii? Uta arrtrml of tba alaraa o dock boat si at* -On Tbu tilip frytaaibar l.t.Siai ? Iacru Mb an, )?n.r|a*l dav|blar of llaarp aad ;a*a Kthta.afad A Tt'B'ba an I A daji, 1bafr:<ada aat wq iaa'.asm of tba fbmilp ara r*. iiactfailp 'Bitla I toattrottba fuoarai, oa >Mardap af laraw a. at two a'ator ?. rmtn tba raatdanaa of bar Mtbar. 14A Adaaa atraat, ftmnklpa ?r?*i ?Oa Wr iaiarlap "taataa, *pt<*mbar IS. darfbtar of Marp and .'arataiab Oaar* apad I paar a*d I ai'-alba Tba raearal will taka plant thd ("f-tdo) afWraoo*. at two a'fNtrl.fni* lit Tb!H araaoa fytaada a*d aa qua irtmaraa are tar Had la altrad. ItoMT ?At roatbkrrr*i* ?o Pal -dap ftaotriTrbar A, Aaaa firii, tba '>? oar-d aa 1 oalp aAt'dof nwaMa aod Aim ?U I Taorp sped I paara mmd I iwretba _ Tiraa ?la tbla anp.oa Tbaradap Papuiabai U "mrar Motiaa. nfaat aoa of WAtar t ?ad Marparat <apaa ipt I air ntha tod ft dap a Tbm retai ?*? Ml fftaeJmo' tb? fmw.'p maa ?ortwl ta attrnt tb- fBawrai. from tba -aa !?*<"? of b.a parantm 144 1 Meat ?waatla*b rl'r t. Utm (T> dap) aft-naou, at oaa i e'ctork Tba ramo'nm w'B b? takaa to ktaat tbaa*.? I Maanoa -At larw%*, Owa.,aoA?Ma f.oo Wfrnmala/, Brpfcwb*- ?. V?.i ir 3 *f I .hnaon, In h?r iSili i (.-a. ?Oo Amu 'ay A>^l<*iaiu*r a, *>??*, wtlo <4 I Jtwvfc Ki.if, of coo?(iB>^tioo . w'i' ,1 nai* ii. . ?mu Thn# ! tias for'itud e, ayd M J Her vroiair.a ni-ia feato to lieo- , n j c*iifv:ai? ,"?eor? cvp/ I (f *-**??""tar . SepVubt'f 15, Maua.aeT .two ?*T 5?:i?teVV i*. v? | and 0 m>rtliJ Till relative! and friend; o- the- luu!!y ate re?|-^t"U*f : In v ted to vtten' the fuo'r?', fn-oi h -r late, Na J 109 avenue A, a: one o'elor ?. IIawu ?On Thu, -Jay, ,-ept. n.Mr IS, arte' a linear<nf l!lo'??, M-a. Fuo'.-a J ,? i, ,u the t>3th year oi her mje lbe relator* and friend* of the family ar? rjaveottouy lav it, J to attend IJ.o f moral, from the reeideore of iva? ?on in taw, Jam It Hunt. 247 I /rimer atroel, Bnuni^a, | E D Mif.uwaa ?(hi Thursday September 18, of faraiyaia, lirttowAjt, a native of the pariah of Ronrouvar, county Ieitrim, Ireland, in the JSth year of hl? age The relat.vea and fnouila of the- family, and thoae ot nie b'otber, Jch? Mr 3o wan, are rtwpeoUuJIy invited to at too* hia ftioaral.on Saturday afternoon, at two o'clock prati** ty, In m tiia late residence, 279 Kaat Twelfth street feist* ?Oo Tui-sdi.y, dejitcmbar IX, at hia raatdeor*, Por 'eheiu-, Hi*-,is Ks^ , in the Mtb yaar of to* age Tt,e rpVt!vea ant fr ends are respectfully invited to at teod the i Vl"<r?'. trotn hia late re.-.di noo Portcbaater, tkh (Friday ) a. 'tarnooo, at two o'etoc? Saanrca Wednesday evening, SepU-mbor M, niira av, in. Ynt ?* Warred and ta rabeth ShaUnA-. age<' 18 mocths Itinera' aeri iee.,n'la (rrvdir) atemooe, at three o'etoeK7 at T1 Inwrence a Veal, Bvth.slyn Relatives and frwwM are n*p.<rt fully im "lied to attend without further Lotieo .* Smm --Oo Tuesday' aveuiag, September 11. at Tow* ? hip, Albany county, *?- Y., Kxaao? Bruia, aged M> Tbe (noerti vriV. take |.kv ? lh.1 (Inday) eftem-iou. MI two o'clock, dw hit la* waidcoce No si Jciuiaom gtieet, Bronklj c. Tbe rela'eee au ] ffteofe are id mum to attend witkoaf ft rther uotfcr TnaanTm ?In Brooklyn, on Tbiwuiay September It. Ehrn M , the betoeed wife of M* John Treanor, aadt eldest diwigfcter of Mr. JamM Pbtilraa, of WiUoui^hfr ?trrel ifM 14 l?tra The ruooraf will prooeed from Lwr tote redtdoeee, Rr Summit rtreet. ou Saturday mornIny at ten o'dock, tv St Paul'? church, corner of Court am* Oongre* etreate. where a rt\ ii?n mu*a wUt b- offered up-far the repuae ?r ber aoul Tils friend* of fb - tamili-w ire reape>ctf>jir ? rlt-'d to attend. Tmjk il?r:> -CHHl.lealy, en Tlia-aday, itoptraoer It, A.iutws TaiBHWaao, lu tn ? 48?h year of bla age Farther ao4iec< of the funoiwlp will be gitm to mornt. W aaanrran ?la thU city, 03 Tuesday earning, SepUsa ber 11, after a hnjrr Bf tllneaa, Sraraan Wtaaavaa, la tWa OI?t year of hi* a#s. Ha relet:v(* and tbe ftteo.l* ce the ihmlly aw iwpatd fully Insited to attend hia funeral, tb>a (Friday) moroiggL. at right o'clock, frors bl* late re dour No lw5 Priaoa street, corner of SulJiean.W'thoulfarther ,ar tatioa. Ola retnaina will bo takes to I>>bb'? Kerry tor i ilm ii ml Oari leare Chambera rtreet at 9 46 A W MIRCKIcI.A hKliva A CARD To THE ITBI !<" P I'eet-med.p lore in gene/al are bnaib .jja. inset .urr-ma a ad gclleti up for rale, aU lateilgeoi I klWus? oppose thrni Not eo wl'h I R J. NOVIE POD'S fWPKRIAI. WISE BITTRM Tbe upredirntr ire published to taa world Aix Raieeerrsut Purairnet I'rr n-> Hi near i i Tasw Tbrj are a truly variable medlrlae for rll who are adUetdi with (VniraarpOea. lediaeettoi. Dvsprpaia Penl'ty Kerenwa Durasaa. female I'lee-i <aa < lrif?yma < ? -ore Throe. aad Pi lee. Held by at! draggle a Depot. H WTiam atreet, Kew Tart. AUCTXOK BADE?MAIINIFK KNT JIOl MIHOLD PfJM ultore, thle day rl'rtdayl, ai .11 Wr?t s,.t?enlh street Iw i?eeu tilth aad fclsiu arennee 7i< oetare rneewood flaae fu'te, Sol'a p*r ao.l maotel Mirrors, lane K id brocade Ow> laloa. Breerea. Staiua'y Oroamrnta, An Sine wool aad nNt> began/ ? hamber 1 urnuure, Hcl.iiur I'luoa, U aaa tUl--ee ware^Ae^Jj*le^cnmmen<inaalli%relrriu^^^^^^^^^ At josrs-, u> akp u arm htrekt -rhom asm gwicre al Id, aad warrmoied to giro perfect aahWaMMBt. Am KV HOTEL MAM WITH A GOOD BURIN EM, A wlak'ng a penoer or aaslataoi. worthy ami well n b? long espertence especially aa caterer wtil p' - J udali Benjamin, Hew Haeen. Coos Am T OlMBREHE'ii Md HROADWA f-WBllDfNO 4 'A BOB and tn slopes an Ibe approved a'yle, and iJfee moM OOWE piete Block o. Note Paper AH T HT'NT R NO i? BROADWAT?PfNE DRMM OMt atie t Boru made to order 94 lu to 96 t reuoS paiuwi laather Boon of the best uualltf, Id and *7. At wm il> vRDfi.:. s sons u* pulton htkmtt Ix'-m a yes Wedding tarda Caeeiooea V ? Bwaia Inked I tit) At evrrdeu/e-wkddinq <ari?. *>m? *a nee ibr orange bKnenm t irefoie Ac ?i y st ?W H? ia4 way cimr? o' lb ana * .-ee< Boots, anois anooaitprr por i.adtks orn ttemen. b ys sat youUia - All iWee ertmi to otnaAa beaiutlii litUne pairs at moderate prices please rtWt OABIIJL A WOODS' Matilakmri. 6X7 hrosdway. bs.weea Heaaanw sad Riaacker siraeu. "ppiwC,* La r* X er ic s f-tOAL OH. LAJC* WITHOUT A ( UIMHRT iy PATRNT RfOltTR POM BADE. Tbe aoentkw of lamp aaaanfaeturera. eoal o4l aat pmtwmiH refiners, aad Ike ^'bbe^ener^l^^le eajled to Ike Which will be oe eihlbiunn. until further nottm at me Mr of tbe ?termreed. I root t to II A. II dally. Ti e Aram Hie lanr burse Eeroseoe, OanL Oarbaa ami me Hrdro-Carwm OUa. he. WITHOCT CHIMRMT, EVOKE. beery eoneuaer or eoal tdl. This Idbf le the larmtUoa of W. H. Maeey Mm., at Reel PVwtda sod the eerurRy U the same being guaraaasad it Mr as the paieilre and iwwei of eereral pale old. ami star bass dred registntDoaa Is E trupe bad Aaaartoa aomplbtbly tb*br tag theIbrenllnw. Ihb patent buhtw fee the la'Jer an sow qgm4 for tale. To partiea drsuons of teeuHag the i Trek, and thai tar only a Ilm Had period, the pat sal 00, m Ihm ereal cf a epred) andaatwfaetnry aewmtadaw wot Uktaf ftaMb baring made aniagamsati for Hi 4fi(om m aaotwar W PaOd. -Wbta. to nag'dials tar th. - KM rami iiwt mm EfdwagTm. V. for a".~A)?cs atdi'saa aa tkers UD UOHT^ITOliU Dr. MOM'HAMKBB, Ou Ul lu? ? ?rtnu or rn U1 V aPOBIABA. WHICH EERTOAAA THE TIEIEfWM n tii Hour oa*tia ati cajm, **n stops the aoie* aw THB 1 BEAD. ??>!?< ? Mir iiriniM to UUifl in I How Tom. Ao?iwt Id r?r Ton R-wA?T?rr wool#d m for deofaoai corp a of nuaannruj Mr * oror oadl Amwh of the fro aid War, tram tmldoviao*. 1 .Iff CUE TO* PLicK. KIuBTH ifTEKET KtflAM.UiflU) TWTWTT TTAKA .11 HAM AHDAE KC- uWfo??7 Mom oprt ?o p. ?*a.i1 foil Corona, ctr ? tro'trk MrttAlh.ii ToCrt Taoriry uif nmarlti UM ?r?l Bt mil. Ikrrr plj rrul Iitf- io Dr MM* <>? rkdAo.**, ?'??'???} rotTo-m WMjE WHTI-l.Al1.AIBf PAT1NT It Am LAMPS AIK> PIE n'p* ?U" tsr 1 T5?"iiI5*W or TR* firftAi-ik-iT rot; L SirT??i? HoTo-0 at lit Mmm ??l TIoa M fc. ?? |?i 11?, t.ifi tod AkiMrru ? AWo. ?b MflotOM OAUt oM *11 l.AI I i I P I.PAOP CAU. AT 1? HAtKAC RTArRT A of ritalMiM.II> RAT novpAHra If Hoi. ?'|U*I V U| At Hot it km. QOMATB1HO PAW POf L?PIEE OiWkTTiiif') paw ro* oriHTiwtf MiMtTI'IflO PAW ((.* A"TO rOMPTIUMO M*W rol Ml-MA1 k..vHTi'*o *?wmi iatahta winrro patrht i.*vkb now WRIT* A PAT APT LET A A ACPPOAT EE ARAOA rroPEPDWR r rr ma m%*nr + ood moli br ')I*WIT A r*> ? FVrvl?. M. f. v<io prrftfirL > ? oaf o?wl? R#rwt 'rr 0 pfMH. fJMIK HA ATT Aim KX ItQioBE "a mo apd fopr>ta:e ? MOOT ? * ? *!? f>? wfTTUAflOO. ITTEP.VVM 'TO MBTBBAWfll AID ATBfTPO UaA AND HfTTBEA PlOTOrral Anf ? "Onfr l -rp?o?lr lor 'AO troAo PIT ARB ACOXJA THir work tat.:* t^o Moo to oMkr *il AlW???' Uqeora H< w Mnon?IO*>?Alf talk' ?? WAnOlfto t KM to "tool Row to oiakA < 1401 M L Ml .p.oa SOW Wi rtoi rrt tbr ottoro (If** to 0.1 kudoe' WloAA e ? L nokr MM ?? * ??tt Twopar to '? ro'r fonr k*'< IT, - to 0 A> ..i I?ti 'ir;t.t 04 'mm P-i^AOtr Tin or* |l' ? I, ?Atl T-r ? n?f .I'nf fW a*.MEi|of IdO'tOfE Row ?? oiQO* Sorrrol WjiMWi ul IrrAO^ wh *or^ How WAAA ltd Pa rr'to or., ... lowll IaOW pt t. I A t H' ? ?o wrt om A* I t?' XhtlAlt %' 1 i?? Hf AeetOfUo -OA Nt f'-of roioo tha Aomoia,' woifW?ttrrorl??W?rwM Pro. r. A poor O > < ' P ,N r iij r.T ' -o! I'll or I ?'<? ?' " All O p ^AO^nnW , .Oftr WW M ?? lAAtlo *0 A ?*W?fW<^. r .a,'?oa oof ,tr-ir?w? I'tMfQAorf f ko OTWT-:no ??w I ? rjf ' * Ctmira ototirf '? a.o? 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