Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 14, 1860, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 14, 1860 Page 8
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Thi lUiOA v, Sept. IV -6 P. M. Tin muu.-liip A him. arrived from England this morning. with dates to 2d. the fund* are reported better, on the strength ol'an improvement in the ?rep prospects. Cotton is hotter, bread.itufhlower and quiet. American securities are firm, with a moderate bn-iness. Comparing the price, with these eurreut here, and allowing for the difference kiexchange, the last quotation of New ^ork C'-u tea) ia equal to 91, of Illinois Ceutral to 9lJ, of Erie to 3?4. Tlie inquiry for American railway bond* ia reported to be a. tite. The Loudon money market b called le?v active; the rate for puper naa about A per cent, but money could not readily be lent on ?lecka or call at 2 per cent. The Bank had gained bullion during the week, and a better feeling pre vailed m monetary rirclee, mainly on the strength ?f more favorable weather for the harvest. Mestra. te. Bell A Co. report that the market for American ?eeuritie- continues firm, and during the peat week there ha* been a fair amount of business doing, betb iu State stocks and railroad bond*. The quo tations are? bailed 8ist?* ???, IMS 97s' a Mi; IVi ? a.1874 03a 03'; teutnek) 6'?. 1*88-72 90 a 92 Maryland 6'a, Ootids 93 a 94 Ms ass bus* t a 6'*, alerting bonds 10'. a 104 m?itr*tppi 6'a, t'nino Bar k ooods 14 a 10 ?bio ? per cent Block, 1886 ? a ? P*bm) Ivasta 6'a, stock 84 a Si !?). 6"s. bonds, 1877 80 a 87 Beutb (hkrotira b?a, bondr 1mJ6 rd a ->?> Ikaeeieei' i'S, bonds?dlvera M a 8.' Trtgu.ia 6 a. Bondr, 18M 81X a 82 q' bo. 6'a, 18M> 80 a 82 ?Huvia Central 7'a, 1876.7 89 a 90 Do. 6's 88 a 90 Do 7 a, I860 .ireelanila) "4 a 93 ?Boots Central tharca ills ifl a 13 Mtabirau Central 8'*. 18t9 87 a 90 Do shares '3) a ?>J Mew Turk Ceatral d t, 1883 80 a a. Do. 7 s, oonrertiolo, I8d4.... 93 a 9.'> Dc. share* 81 a 83 Mew Tvik and Krl? I1R 7's, l*t Oitg , 18o7 92 a I>4 Do. do it mig.,186V.. 86 e Vo lie do. 3d mig ?S a 86 l? do. oanv'SM, 1802.. 63 a 66 Ito do. ahsres 27 a 28 Passu* 71 let mtjr , 1866 101 a 103 Ik). 21 mtg , 1872 90 a 101 Pawnaylvani* Central 6's, 1*1 mtg., 1880.... 88 a 90 The money market to-day is quiet at last quota ttees. Very little paper id negotiable below seven per cent, but at seven choice four and six months' ??per is parsed without much difficulty. The bro kers are generally paying seven for call loan., al (bough some loans are out at ti a 6J. The supply ?f money In the market is quit.- abundant. ?bebange on Europe is dull, and bu-iuc-.s is Iteaited. le ading bankers are asking 109{ a 110, teas a brokerage for sterling "ixty day bills, and 0.131 a 144 f"c franca; but importeri appear to took for a further decline, and are not eager buyers. She Saturday steamers, from present appearances, brill not Lava a heavy gold freight. It does not took now us though they would take out pver half ? million in specie, though to morrow's business ?Mgr cense the shipment to be increased. IV amount of business done on the Stock Ex ?hnnge to day w as moderate, hut the movement wee upward and the market buoyant throughout to* toy. It doei not look as though the public were operating very largely; the atrect operators viae, acme time viuce, were hears or spectators, , appear to be tiling up their lines for the rise; 1 fry sad by, when prices are higher, the public w? probably come in and boy more largely. New Teri Ceatral was wanted to4ay at 87J; it closed ff| bid, against 87| at the cloee yevterday. It is ?Ml considerably cheaper here then in London. 1 tola advanced 4 a ]. and closed 30j bid, against IH at the el se yesterday. Hudson Hirer sold at ' II, closing thai bid the advance tu this stock has i very de.triK lire to the bean. The WetWrn it* were ail bitter, with a fairly distributed Ti e resolution of the Illinois Central ?a..way Company appears to have produced a ftivoiable elt' t >-* was bid lor the stock to-day, ?h tet the bond* and 3 fcu the new rights. Toledo ?eld ap to 4 oa h yer's option, and cloaed 48 bid. to business of the rued exceed* the expectations ?fMsfrtoada Mate stocks were a shade lower, toadway bead* are in request, for the construe Ken bonds of the Mlaria?ippi and Missouri road 69 vn htd t day witkont sales. Tbera are only fto Jto pec mile <4 these bonda iMued?#12,000 le*a were issned <>a the Oaanit?el and St. Joseph and the trie's Laa no prior ben. The com pac j obtained the u?t>?' lasdpraut id aid uf the Vend. ft wili a? oat aitoptLer to 447.000 Ktm la the fneat part of Iowa. J JO, 000 of ?ki h haxe already barn ??< .red. The rood Is. in fa. t. a virtual exteneiun of the Chicago aad i:' ck Inland toad through the heat part af the state of Iowa. and will prove the Con torn! route t tho IV lllc, and the shortest route to Pthr'? peak. Ore IM? la the Prr?ldent of th? com paay km name ta a punraat. a that the affair* of khe i ear era wiil he aduutualerod . [.rightly. At the aio*e oi <kr dap to d^ the market waa h< a'.U.y, aad stocks r.oead Anu at the tollowtnu ?pK*Bth'W:? Ytrptma a ?, 92| a Mmeoiiri A's, s|, a J; C ?nt..o Caaipaa\ l> a 20: lun.HerUuJ Coal. l.t| a 144; Ta ?Mc a ?J|; New York Central, 87J a J ; ka, 904 ? i. H-'i?va Hirer. 62 a 4; Harlem. 1*4 a |; da. prelt red, ?*| a id; lieadiag. 46 a i; Hi hi gaa Central, 714 a M. -tupaa Southern and ?nrthera Indiana. 22| a 23; do. g*ar*nteed. 47J a |; Paaaira. IN a |; niiaota Ceabal, 964 a |; Ga laaa aad t'hicnpo 79 a 4; Cleveland aad Toledo.46 ? 1; Chkap o aad Dock lata ad Mf a 4; |V?p\ torliap<.c<9 4 Quto. y. ?>| a 92. miaow Central 7"?, Ha| V-otereor Dukl, o? Maaaa> baaeu*. will iaare Una Oity ta morrow lot I hi capo on the busmen of the ?Lao Centra! ?raart A. <i Jerome, D H Muhnph. Jr.. anJ J. E. Jaahina hare fbi mad a n. w Arm of Wall Hraat broker*. They hare arptrieaca, character aad larpa apiul The ei< hanpea at the Hank Cleanap Hm?e thla Waning ware 123,974.7*M t*. and the balances fl.M* #04 21. The bnaia* ? of the Rob Tre??ery to day w ?a aa IMlawa: - ?uyo 9.W. eoe so ?Pea ???? ... iat<?ooo 9kia?M 911 *40 T? aakoee 1 *rn red M The ukl at Urn mtamp hoard to-day were - ** ????-? a, wetiiaet >m a Mtk feat MA A The Mn ap table will ahow the Aap-HR #*?? Aapa af the principal New Tuafe m4 Wawtrra utvmr. tarn )?m n?f*e.i*o? NTwt(?Mrai ..I'm ess Ml aw IM.1A ha. ........ ma ml .T? 04 ITT at* K?reaalf%?? ? "4 1 44 WIJWT cam . ma mo iei ?ti aa* ?t? w?? in me n* vm i?i m\ hri Mane a* M *4 lie ate ?MHhai ..... imam km tag leisto feAMa......... sj *oa a??ta Nil W ? *?- JWmo lie am laa are ?mmsomomi I'aeoa imam tat m paTIn *th>^ ? 1*1 ?ao aw en at tews. 4 ilk! ? tlNO tat ?ai ?son* * tnrawe ? ? tat at aa P. l et a to Haaaw - ** at as sot Awlrn ........ 99 NO kaa 44. 1*4 1II k? a twttam a ? A.?14 a* u. ? ??t Wae*?a . ? Ml* ?? uaiC TVe aaumth af the Booktm bank? hr An lad ?wo weak# r impaee aa M?a> - *y a. mm ay 11 tarn ?? ta wa ?nans .. mm 11 aaiaaerr aa aa 4 a |n.? . >Ni an 1 am ut 4 t? ?www . |i?m tan-ear II mwt Nrr.iat,-* s-'?aat t mt ma a a.a ?m At mpared with the prat laaa aw* in 01 ?mm ao mer^oa m tOAt.lio ta Na nam a# Nana nod db-oaa** ?4?| ?.** rirewUben 9979Jtl >? O* la. aod 9*1 N deyoatw TV# fhiteinmp a>'. I?, tela'.1 a ti torn % w f k Caawul Baiir<.. I. wa cepy ?wa iha hew Y 'k Vha f ff earawaaar Nm. Na?aao <a meeaaOi ?? ana 1 am ran* ?nntw?i ear*$ ?? ?, taa. *oa oe Amaamtav M WW ?*#? MA.NiM AA . Ihw a 'w** aaae*faa per .*? ? A tl TV ? !? A hf w fw .a?* v< 1 44tv 1.1 41 |MI year caSloe Vpwtwr OS, 1*" to abort ar-'p w A* * as* ??'.!. pv* ?i . * i 4 Kmc ..D.pellUul., lid the vclt l K J??lu f<MO, o. Ict?c lb* frir xc.u tru ? I'M IBM ?!??'* Ma <c.Smt1 with the Weal, lie *??"? Y< rk i aalraj wnM 0- f $(> JIH) HC* I-J. bat W IL ?l?4i ILK COM4. UMCl iff *? Ua' Del ?wuui|l ?ef? even Mtcti I-' MCI,*4. tk ? sever per cent Jit lend cm pa't !"r Uke fee I -r He ' abo.o feels I *ui It* blea Ui lie report -4 II* IMcr l mo I directors a*J<> W> toe loot bfgiaMdra, Mud Milcoin I Ui Of I Mr. Moelu* UoroiUL U? PnoeDl cod C Vb.vd, U 0Lp*riaUo4tU Ue tra*: tun?|c in ? yaw 'ft j I , *'lh in >L n J* ?: irv ?Dt Uri'. cro wtuncl d crane utworYMloiti ra -? reported monthly iwUtrna m ouWMieribg an immerse muring crop sad large for , a decoa in lor oer oH, ot ? bout nod wc v tnsl?r* id* twj large receipt* ?f 1667 and tboe* of l*M Th * ? KeoMipl for year cluaing 30tb September, IMO |* 114.044 The report ,d ?bo\ refi rred ta, of the Ibrar tort, ?iclucet '.he Icel tbai 44 ner e?t .f gr<*M earning* UI Cuilioiaiil for annual Ire porUtion ezpeimeM, which Is.. 43 80f> >7 , for iMieresl, coatrlbuti* u to fund, cud riri'i?mm an jsIIji re ! quired 1 144. 412 PI videoto on S2i OOO.OCO-tbe cap: Ul? MM follow* 8 per culpa <1 !n l eb , J MO. 1730 000 3 per cerl paid 'n Mr , 14' J 7a0,000 1.440 000 ? 4 3*1440 Kit.mated aurpln* li.e prcc-nt ftcr fil 8*9 U in hoped i.'icl Ur above estimated aurplua of 47;l,du9 44 dbm> be added to the credit balan a of 11,419, 160 *6, alter the cUaicg of Isat year'* .nontso m. ml (toe the oomimnj s own ?ibibtl), which account d-ow i"H include the 01,000,000?elwaj? ou haul n Moot and nil leridia lor tepaiic- thereby m?'* rapidly tta meant and certainty of a men. rapid discharge of i '* cen.paoi a debu. Tbir relima'.-d (urplna, aian belay full 3 per Cent of tbi entire cap'tcl of tbe road, top it r 1 with'.be t per 0? nt il'yldrud already paid, on the year endug with tbi* month, makes about # per cent net oa tbe bos'brbe of tbe closing twelve month* Annexed are the dividends of scrip of tii? 3M ' line in^unuice companies of New York, complied from offi' isi sources, for September, I860:? . IU.4' per ?%t . A'amr if Obet/ any 1860. 18?. Allaiilla - 80 56 Commercial 40 Oieat tt atara ao 10 Mercantile 38 11 New York 38 12 Orient 21 30 Par.Da 48 80 I'cion 46 *? Tolal Krlp dividend .264 161 At> rage S3 21 *8 In 1869 tbe Columbian Company declared 12 anJ the Sun Company 30 per cent Their statement! 1 for 1800 have not yet been mad-?. The Neptune aud the W.\*'uinfton (new companies) have not yet Iseaed serf p. _____ Stock Exchange* Tm KsrcY, ^1. 13, 1880. , $1000 Teen ?'*, 00 V 100 aha liarlem RR.. 18 3000 Virginia ?'?... 81 ?? 100 Reading RR.. .*80 4T,t< ttXO Vtj'e, liana .. W).'? 1100 do 48 571)00 North Oar 6'*.. 88)4 200 do 48 * 4000 Miasoiirl OO... Ul* 100 do *10 48'* 3000 do 81* 100 do b80 48S 3H0O do 81 160 Mteh Oea RR tbO 71'* li*0 tkllfom:* 7>.. 0S?, 26 do 71* 1 loco >-j-ieR!:3dmb'83 08 S60 do 71),' ! 4000 )>!e RR Ithinb 80 V 60 do b?' 7174 16000 do 81 100 do al<> 71)* ' 6CC0 do bib 81;* J76 CM,Bar k <i y ?H 03 , 1000 IritRKbdc 76 CO 60 do 810 92V 0000 Kr?i RR bdr 02 60 10 Mtcb S AN I g M 47 V 10C0 Had R I f bd* 141 160 do. W0 41 V 2000 m 6prli?afcbda 101 60 'to *S0 47 V 1000 1-aWidillgbds 23',' 100 do 47'* 1600 111 Cent RK bda 09 30 do 47 4000 CtilcJtNWutm CI ', 6 ranamaRR 137 lSOCO fblcANW 3-1 m 38 46 do 128 V 20 t Ilk ol tXincroe 10074 100 I.ICanlralP.RAcrlp 877< ! ft do )CC% 400 do 88 I 10 !>nn Coal < 0 83)4 300 do b30 8*S ! 130 LaCioweltMURR. IV 100 do b40 8?V ! 360 do IV 800 b> 88'* K0 Harlem UR pref 47 800 do 88 V 87)4 100 do ?60 87 V 100 do too 81 * 300 Cicv \ 1'itU ivK 13 30 <J<> 87!.' 60 do 13 V 400 do 87,V 600 Galena feCht RR. 79V 100 do 30 87V 100 do a40 79V S O lo boO 83 SOOCIev 4TolRR.blO 46 100 do U46 88 leoo do 48 100 lo bt 67V 360 do (10 48 41O do 87', 100 do 48',' 860 Lrie RR blO 80'* 1060 do 48V TOO Jo 1.30 30 V 100 Uo *10 48 V 326 do 30', 100 do 48', 3M do 30'. 100 do b?0 49 ?? do '40 30 100 CbARock (RH blO 81 (40 Jo 30 160 do 81 1X0 Erie RR a* d tU 29)4 360 da ?80 81 6 li .u*oo Klycr RR 69 100 do b?0 81V 60 do 81 60 do b?0 81)4 100 do 81)4 100 do ?10 IIV 168 do t40 81 60 do alO 81-* 60 do t30 81)4 160 d> (20 81 '< 300 do 140 41V 160 do 81V 360 do b40 02 100 do 01V 60 do 04)4 10 MI'w k Mlaa RR.. 14 V 300 du bJO 43 300 do bl6 14)4 100 do b3 42 100 do b30 14.'4 100 da all) 42 tM'OVD BOARD. MCOO TWO . MV AO aha Hud R.v RR 82* 1000 I ttfUila I a... W1 , AO do alO ai * OOOO V' Carolina d'a. OA * 000 do b.SO it J * AOU (.alttorota 7 a.. W* 200 Mich Oaotral Rll. 72 8000 Erie 2d at( ba. I? 100 do MO 73* 10000 I O A Mil tf b 84* AO do 71 * 4000 liart'K lat mtg M 40 do 7i * I aba Hk Oxswaroc 101 140 Micb So k S la KR 28 A O N Y C*e RR blO OA AO do b<IO 23# 200 do bA AH 2T0 M 8 * N If a MO *41* 210 Jo HJ4 AO do 47 * 900 do 47\ 400 lu Cen RR acrip.. A8 \ 40 Jo 87* 900 do MO 88 V 300 d> *3 87* 100 Clere A P:Ua RR. 12 V 100 do 810 A7V 100 do MO 12* 177 Erirtiw: aaaeoled a SO 1M Gal k Cbi RR bOO AO HO Hat RR pref . M* 4A 300 do 78* AOlxial-R 30 30% 180 Uot 4 To! RR MO 41* 22 do 80 * 100 do ?*V 12A Jo W* 400 do 44 fOO do MV lOOrt'* RIRR..*00 81 * 800 Jo 140 81 100 do MO 81 100 do MO 90V do MO 81* 200 do bOO 41* 200 do 81* 200 do b?0 81 10d do bA 81V 100 d# blO 30* *> <"? 81V 200 do 8C', AO <*bl, B4QRK b80 W* AOHcdRnFR at>0 62 10 Vr 4 Wof RR .. 41 AO do 02 10 Wind At# RR.. 188 Did* Mr th? 8160,000 Croton Wat or Stack. 7b? Mlowtaf la a lat of prop.*** roorlrod at u# Com| uol'er ? uO ca, New Tofk, Beplemtx* 14, 1880. far 810 ooo of " Tbo Qrctoa WaUr Block of iba City at New York,' baaitnf aterol at 8 par caat p?r urea, payabla qjartor ymr'x, lb* prlactpal raleeaaabla fforaatbor 1, 1188 ? Aomet Mot* Jaa <i K a( a Rraa 840 000 18001 OwBWt A Co 8,808 101 28 De M.Ono 102 81 _ 1*0 1O000 102 61 ? !? 10.900 ?OJTO 10.000 >.*<> n RaiMfbrd 8 oou 100 so ? 1<* 10.000 101 .? Tm A 000 101 AO _ 8a ?Uorrr .2 300 loo w _ Kb..< 'antor 2 000 103 1,000 W?rJ. lAttj-MT ACn (0 000 101 82 ? Pa 38 8CO 101 78 ? IK. 24 000 101 M (ware R*l*f, TVr#'l#at 10 0*0 100 A1 10,000 Sao Turner 2 400 108 40 9J00 ItarbAH. **.w?l8. ? .. . 10 000 102 AO ? AniHa A 000 108 ? 8,080 Ht'iatl TMiaACe. 18.000 101 00 _ Db 1A 000 10210 ? TTp .... 11000 102 M 11000 P .... 1A0C0 102 M 18,400 * 10 000 101 01 . ConaaddaP. r*M tooo 11 _ r*. 100.98 ? i 10 000 100 ? I <ur ?OOOO 14190 ? 2A 000 101 76 ? la SA 400 MB _ Jrr-miah 1"M 8.004 MO 80 8 MO .IWAtltonAlbM 84 000 101 80 ? Mar.aera'Bat a<a luai'a . 90 000 108 ? )w l?rfaa?? ........ '2 '00 loa AO 2.000 A * M Vr* litaka 30 COO 103 01 ? I" COO 1<? ;s ? lb 14 400 100 80 ? a rw ..loooo loo :a ? r* .. 10 ?? ioi ? 8* B Aauw HMO 109 28 ? 0* 1 'WO 142,94 _ ? ' ?,< A Rma ?t . . 7 *00 1 41 30 ? It r> M >|ta a Ca .... loooo ioi ? M - m A '* 14.440 Ml CI ? 10 i- v 10168 _ r?a . AO 000 102 10 ? H W- f ,tf. A On. 18 .W 000 1*1.03 ? 7<o .. 14.040 101 28 ? 0* . 14.040 101 SO ? .. 10 OtO 101 TO ? P . 10 040 142 03 ? Oi" -? '? 98* 400 142 88 177,i?0 WAie*.. *a*H*ar# AO 400 100*1 ? . ?c ooo 141 21 ? ? . 80 aoo 101 71 ? . ? Old 142 Ad 3 000 J a ?. I?li> *0*0 1??03 8.040 7e* t ax *1 of bid* 41,111 140 8940.000 ? It 8 ? O HNKRIIAL NRPORr, Twtam>*i, <Vpt m? - T M ?? ?TV# na ?n?4t. and M'ea untwi truat at ?*f ?e |?i?.a?4ai04 Id* Ibr fwar i. Baa#i t ? Tb# laarOel wa? baavj aad ?aJ44 a*a?#wAa? ? ?a#4 A| ia# < a irarw* of tb* Owriri w? *a, aad aaaa* ? a*?a ??? ->aaa#a b#aa ta of Piaia aa<l w##a wtw, at, ? atira b#aad* #? a'ib,at aa*f TV- ?w*ree?J #t??t to u,? # 11,440 ua ?, 4* ?#! wt'.a.* aa a iwa| raac* of prta** ? (wwiM na* .... a# at a 8* ' T.'ra ?'?? i?a?t4aM r?. #Wm 8 M a 8 10 * 1 a#da# ... |?i 8 II ( ?#aafMa* n-rat>i?t I *4 a 7 08 rn r~dB ?a??a .. I M a 7 40 ? . art*, a* MatAara o 14 a 4 20 <N*A#at v faM aaaad* 0 88a TM ft ?'.<-a Iwat) aid ba*-*o mata .. 7 14 a 8 :? ,. j. .. S?aa4M A a ??a 2#*m* aad Bta^.t #1. . .. I M a 4 98 ? a, a nt 1 ? rlj *mm', w lb ***#? ?1 K >*? ?? t#> a*? m _ HbnBtJNifilMB bm m wa* im ? ? -.??<?*?.?. (>*a tl>( I?wm h?*aagM Bh-wt mm ink .n m* ft* nmm, *?u a (4*4 A.??a*d, bit a* Unr 4a# 11 HIWil iM ABta'a to ?? aaa ?wi, wh . u ch*ok?d MM utl oamed Om WtmtkH Mi ota*. 4a wad niAf .-.war 'or ??M 11 a* ?| w m ? ?# toXWU 0?n?ia, ?>r Itrvrt MM MM rv?M4 ?M laii II fc* ?*"? tMW Oh** itoa mi?| l6 ? f 1 41 'or Ma* tabita toamaa m<1 w-eh wan. mm* at 91 It a $1 60 I a mm ?b-urn >WM Ml UtIIiii. mm* mi. >1 46 ? 11 5> 1 I ? <*'T to ( -I ?? 4* , It 37 a (| ao M Ml whit* (*ktn, ?1 *j a 91 ?? ?' ?? <i aata ao.o*t waauro, $1 34 a ? 1 at far Ml: l-wa red ?? II 14 a II 94 6* ? fl red l*M, II Mill 93 Kir M twa ik.w nab II Wall JO for %'f l? rtol- CMMpi MM, u a ?: 27 fin gt-mi lOM tf'ag <?wn ?M>Kii i>H i feit itama' 1 m>U at rMMi) |w>> a. but after toe mm tt jrmm 'all ?mi (MM Mif rtm Hit embraced about If roo l mVt ?? >1* Tgaatim at in I at t'vni Otic, a i tor it ?*??*!? at 7? wad Waaiara jaltuw at 7i>?c. i Hj? wa* qww at ?a i ?r hiaf waa wUtag lo a , auiall ? .y at fat a **> ?mn tnara name and-Irm ?>"? I >?'?? cf tlrav a aau rtnad?aa at lie a tic , at J futa at ? IB' u MV I Cumi ?Tha marl't waa ,nwt bat term: a *ma'l tola I ef M l?a? r?" war ad* at tie. Kin waa toll.tig m im*M I lute at lull |.rtt? i Com* ? Oeafera had a-H tt*?? in letters by ttio tats t?4 ten * lal-a ?eee crnmkmi balrg couamd lib a Ira totodfWd baieaal unctiu|nt prtc.? ! Ti Llrwpuo abw?t 40 MO a to QCO b-cbal* m iWi ivrt* ? a#aai-t la at. r'm bag* at UK fryur ?M 1 at t'iut.1 9< tO ,.I Tu 1 "wfc'? 1 *99 bf'a Mar en Uktn j at 4* and 900 ??l*a ton* at V* aau bOO to by*;a*uer, | at td A veaael ?aa ebawtervo lor Hoturtaui (Br bark) i fbr t\ J6C At"'her ?u U.r t-a lor Ciaar ? at p. t. I TV- ibip N w??y waa re(? rtel u, hara b-.-u uaaa uu Bar I. >-ct a# to lla oorr?.-io-r- wa could tot fully trace. To Hamburg, by tiaamrr, buO b a.a c-ot*. ? aare tat ?r at 4Aa.. 3(0 ato? j? f at 3t 01. AX) bbu. iour at 9* t* and im arttrrniri l r? .)? at tOa r an waa irtr at U 90 aimed f. r layar ra ? ca, and 33 MM Hat waa itot 'j , with aalr.i r.f 0OC a 100 bataa, at 0#j. a uaw at TBe. a Tfc: etc for rW . aj 'l ? -w . m rrnm. bor? ? tnerr baa u?.m aa actlra daraaoil th a work lor Oflrt, cfclifl)1 UiJa.Br..B, with aucue auipa.eD:- o. Mto bury Th* mov. n.' Bl. with a food lurai urButiid, IM wDt op prlcea two tu Utrur onta par lb Tba total Ull wink havembramd 7(0abt0baMa, oatrOy of InuO. at 16c, a ?0r ai d 176 batva of aew or.>v at Jac a SOc . uuil Mime 2 COO old, of I860 1*67 aa'l 1IW at p. t Tua i|UdK ty of the raw crop la toM to l>? rrry Una. Ikon ?itcoW b pig cotiliuuid >o 'air neurit, pa n tkis waek 000 a 400 tout at 6i2 T6 a iiJ,17i ika, to Mrtrr. at 329 "6, with atl?a of aottuac.U.' pn: at S'JJa 923 60, tlx moDtha Ljup ?The market waa firm, wi.ii a aw oiy dawaad Saltb of Koi(ilab were mail ire at U ^, au l of no t trani3h at 30 03)b,and at 36 36, caah aad t.oir, atUi tatc reat l im.?Common waa In aotnl tlriuat>d, w b ulna of 1,600 IDli. at 7?e., nnd tumii loUoi li.u.1 and .-iockiand at 91 MOuimb* ?The market a lea,' y, with modnrate ?al<? NavaL group ?The aatea at n*lu ? ubrar.d 9.000 a i C00 bbia , including cuiduuo aflonl, at 31 96 a 91 37, aud at 91 40 for etra ned. SaJoa of 4o0 a fyO ' bu. rpntta werr made at 90c. for ttrakght lota, 4tX lor ahi|>ping lota, and at 41c In New York bairola Uiui ? lanaced maiu.aiuad the flrmnona prertoufly notiood, with n speculatiye feallng, and ?aln thla week have been pretty freely made in both Kugllah and A>nt rt ona,ntM)go t (OriL 'Ik.i.i iu U;.?ii l bia mar het waa intubated about 10 M0 gaU*i mlia of oUra were made, to arive, at 31 Super gallon. TIk IV \alt man i SAtpfmmg l.Ut, of New llwlford, gleea tbe folp.wiug renew of Utat narket for the todmg the 10th Unt:?The talea of atM-rm o.l ktoce our lart embrace^ 600 bble at 31 66 per gallon, at whieh price hoi ten are lirm, and tbe market closee witb further inquiry There la conaiuerable inquiry tor u hale, and pun lower* hare been In tbe market to iiay, b t na the umi of liaMni I are ratter above tboae of buyer*, there have been no aaiea eticcted. Early in tbe wee* 100 bbla. told at 6x per gaili a. I Knvh-ioaa?Pork?The market waa ttearly, with *alo4 of abort 1 600 bbls , lnekutoy now n.iiaa at lift 37it a ?19 60. old at 313 121,, aid now prime at 314 12'4 t 914 26. beaf wua hrmir and ui fair uemaod, witb atiei tt 1 uo this . inHudicg country mean at 3-'i ? to rapmk ed miwr at 99 a 910, and r"packeil ext-a at 911 60. .Sa>a of 160 bbte beef bawa w*ra wefurtrd at $12 a 914 60, aod a aale of 20 tlcreca pr.oic mrrt was made at 917, and 26 do. India at 919 Out meal* w .-e acwrco an 1 tlrin. Lard wa* leak buoyant ftaiea of 276 bbL? were ramie at 18c *\S\e. Butter and chveoe ware Oiui, tad price* unchanged Rjc* war ateady at 4 a 6??<! U'T.*?* ?Tbe market waa steady and tolerably active, witb talc* of about 1 6C0 bbdt , chiefly Cuba*, tnr-ludirg re.laUg goodaat 0WC a i.'fc. a 6*,c , and grocery g a*U at 7e. a 7Sc., tbe latter there for good to prime W*n>un ? Hale* of 400 bbla. were made at 24 l,'C. s H 1 PPING N E w S. * Htvcaeati of Uctaa steamer*, rot California. North Star New Turk Sept fl...Aaplnwffl! Artel D)? Tork < *1 1 .Aeptawall Northern Uffht New Tot k Oct 11...a^iuiww.1 ? ??' | noon nisne ? Ml /uvni? fj?. ?team-dtlr *? ? <HrV lent, lJierpnol. Bapt 1. *1* Qnw e m Jd, with irdaa and r WM>: I. !<? F ? ? nant Uu tort, perteeced * heart fain iron w. nt tt"v.ii. off Naeteoksi. new Pnrt of Now Yurk, RcfUMbtr 13, UM, H FAN P.P. kteeirah'p Montgomery Ftr'Jtcr. Haraaitah?h B OromwaB A < o Stoamahlp Jamea Adgar. PMDpa. Charlenoe?Stafford. TOae Sieamablp Roanoke. Cottch. Norfolk, ke -Ln.tlam h Bat MifB. Ship Kiut Flat pane, Hepbirn, Umnxni-' B Htmphoo Ship Atnlnnta. whitmor- IJ.-rrpool -N.wmlih .1 t o, Ship FalrBeld. Hill, R-kt-rdntii?W F Schmidt. hfc-k < I ten wo *1. Oloeer, Ixodon?I N Oefnr. Bark bat- Kar Bordean-Moor* A Henry. Brl* WnUnftud. Hhanr, gueenahiwn? rk? Jane*. Brl* Alertn <?raod Canary- Rlrara A Hull Br.? 1'roteti*. OtlUiir, > ter'ner?~ ?' h Ward. BrU Agrtcola, Atktaaoa, Jack ?urine?F I Nerl-ia A Bon Schr Peerteaa (Hrl. late. Bermuda-Met all A Frith Ncbr Sea Breete, McAnmoo. St John?P f N?vi-<? .FHan. Schr Trmnali. luaowlte. Larara -Nortroaa A Priaca. Bchr H F RuaaaU Maiihiu, <'t>?rieatw--D C Murray. Sekr Ned, Thorn uaoc W hffington?>B ? Foavart Schr U Party, Rt?ari Moar?bead City ? D 0 Nairn; S.-hr A eiand-r II. nail. Ntrfiok? P,?t A -mall Schr Margaret. Heritor, PateiaMr*?J t)oia Sekr Haraa Klitabetl. -nt'lh. Sew Haten-Vaaier Sloop Oliver Atnea ilatnawav, Tan Pm- Maater Mtaamer Taceny. By. PhUadeioma. ikitk Ma town 1 auartMaadi ?taamahlp Prince AJMri hence [or m T hnv NF, and ? lalvty. Bept I. paeaed ?hi| a ? a. eta Bawa. R Rebuilt. aed k> u.hrra Rlghta. Vwmd la; ablp aura brwln* out Jd. anw ataainndp kirova. Ctk, lat At) 14 lie Xt aaw Bp! ark sUmyru fnwe Ar dnwaaa for New Tork 7tb '?t 4k SO. I n IBM aaw Br bark Keltance. booed W, Ilia l?f ?l ??>. !m M 18 eaw fart O W Horton. (nan f'ardlfl tor New Itak. Steamahip l>e HnCo lokrat m. New (trieana. Sept 1. na Ha ran* Hth. with mdae and i-a?im'an, ?a Uri raton. CMmta AOs. 11th leal ' L9680, . te ? . ? kark Vadeem rearuvs N. lira at rri-ooe : leave wanther ulaea lr ...aa >U rana AmAored la guaraa'toe at 3 AM kleamahir Naakruie. lum. PWleatia. wtth Mdae and nwiaini. to kpotiord. TtieeP n A t o. ihh lnat N Halte raa. alpaellted ateatnahlp t ahaarbn, feenre f ie Few I 'rl?wal and Havana. 8 Fit, marua hi, Star ot the - nth. heooa f a Hn vaanak. ktaanvabtp Tarktown. Farrtafe. KtohaaanA, An, wtth mdna and paaaeatera. to Lodlaa A liatockan Ship Rlnek Hawk, th,wore Oallno, M dayn, vta ^tondf ? tUja with Ruaoo. to buokUa A 1 raa* Had ort hear) weather and bead ??? mda frwn t aline to Fa. (land Ian. , u. Rrom latiotlito hi the Sonth At'arll, eipnrtaiKverf a aareeo tale, diinnf which Jteeph Iiodd. "naman waa waahed ore t-vard frun the 4s-k ijldirrw^td. * v Itae. lat it B, I at J? N alRnaliat rhitch bark Wah hatna. bound I. Bark Ware I real. I tar now.. Burt* A; raa, Jaljr M. wkh hhlra bonee Ac, Uj R ft Rop-ee .t Cj. Bart Orerwiana ?' -.:at, St J*gn. in? 2t with dnfnr ard plamt lo Warde'l A fVi tUrerteti-w! 'tearT wet'bar on ue rvart Au?f7, off <"ape llaOe ap-vke I S Weaaa-r Wrand ue; tit .net Ul JO km 7a apote B- brl* Ad' aJor?? frna Havaaa far llailfak. una rvi IX Bar), Iteuo, Nanton SJ daft, with tenanoa Ac. to funri Waltti A < o. Pur F-ebnJon <Tlr>. .T-ibrj?-a. tTlndnor, NF, II daft, with plaater. to Walter Twpktna Schr o-ena Waee. w anv.r. tTartlaRtor Nr. 8 daea. ibh tnal, <m -andy Hook. dnrtnR the heary s?,w from NW. bn,ka mala a at and ap.H for?n1' nvamaal. and Jib. Sfbr Franco, IVSe AMianlria, I iaya. tehr J Hokpaa w ??.*??? ? "tar.drta I tart S^hr Nnvclfbn M-l ma, itw'kley Rt-ha: od, I dayw kckr Jantan T Bradr. Mnmr VtrfMa Sdayo. tchr Hecrw Ftecb lJalr fieorpetnwn. ? day* Sckr ? k HoSblra. lew .a, < ? WROHwr. IK A tiya i kf-ar komerwet, low ? at Ha ;jn.-re. A Itara. fb-br Ben Harcey. Faanb, ?? la we. I l,ji. krhr Mary Jaoe. IQaortt. B*:-.'-n vre. ? 1 ?> a ?-hr Oeo J Jooea Boca* ka '.rrnr* t -ten. - hr Teohw 'Taaeve EBr*'etbi? *l fur ->?'ea. t haner "ak heltcy. Kwuai for alhan^ h'hr Harriet Smith. K ? l?j t-wloe fiw t.-aay. Sckt Hetvrlella, Drnoia Newt ott, 2 da,a rvhi '.vaiarUbe flown, Pr,>.idc?*e. 2 la ? krhr t-arah Mcltonaol Kall-v. Jfaw U-nAai for Ainaay. rehr OaraMne '.rant, -n th. Vew lUv en fur UunbatSpori. rcbr fora KeUey. WtaWkntf, Id h>. a ?n-ar Hale ware. SraKh Pint naat--i tjaea ?-?br Panama, tBri, v San- for B-wic-s. s.-br ''-e*r.w Baiea. AI r- fjr k-?- ai -wbr PeraeT?ranee. Bolt A '-wow frr Hntl 1. ?chr * H N?ed Kr ey, \ ,?ny f .r k.-w B -ll wA. Schr Waaat. -alth B.atd (,a?s. <-o steamer Delaware, fantee Phijem ebML Steamer Planet. Wlnm FManMlUa Steamer Ann Rltan. H, bin* n. Ph.Udelr.A AteaJMr FnUeac. Bar. - Pi rider-n. HJ.OW. . ship k|r Robert Peel, Lai-r , bee. fy-m' . ?tpid'elf SI. sk v Hrtn* Raffle ?( Beaton I, II, a. from s md-riaa1 Ad* I. Alp Anew. .Tcmea. 'rant PuaArrtead r Ay JI ? AD the sbora were Soaedad by ?Uot bofft 6 H Nak cat Monday MM Sh p B i'Bceanlnn. XaffM. fromt IJre-rooL * On bmk. aak? wt ctn*r. ??i--'rte?'pa Mmvtrmr?-T a?, ttt,. t ? Ad?ar, ( hwetffa teat Rcnaeke. Nrto.k, Ac Wtnd ?nrlB? tba day SAW. Ft Inrtllmreeme. Tba wl*d en WeAnaadar war rary baaaay from NW, but mk atiewdel wkb any eert ma rea-ilta. en far aa wa hare bean abto to 'earn The brtff Utraaa from Canfveoea. wMIe at anchor U I be lowrtr bay. Arrrrcd barm -hr ar after tbnffipt-w orer l>a sW spN wna t -ln( oat of tba II - k. aed the male who waa -ha only reeve ' wed. aat a atfeal of dkmrenh vbaa tba pUat bent Dnrtd MHrffe No A. went bar mratana# and pwt cm hoard at her two ri , meaarw nmnaa ? -nkllB* and Wal ler Batrwar t and owe swan and Hi data* ?o Ibetr yawl waa effpnitec and lent. T?? ra?e wh* were In tba yffvl were pWh*d op ? y Nr Atoi voder Om hran. one at '.be ut, <ta In dmr?e at thn ptva SwL Tba brl* ?*a thee aae iraly aihwad. Thn ! crank arrfred m tba id tnal, bnatn* Mat aoaeenl at bW rrrw on he ra*m?* ry fewer, and had obtained te <t men from another - teel at eea nee af whom a'.v ah kenad and dVd. When 'earinc Clanfiief * aka beka her e'ndW, bwtn* Iwkh aecaoae and after ari.ite* at tbl? port had preanred owe af ?k" rr twdn, etwlr i thr rrlj < *.4 'nobleabe bad tip ?? Wadeeaday A *'??rr oat with a farR of r ? na# ? tcdowrto b?r a?* el I r" biinff ket v the rpper geasantee ?thr C.f?n W?7h ram Waah.. - a, NC, efefs ,i tip Hoc* took* her mate Raff eptt tareoall mainaaU and jib. Mid ? MUnM to llti Mj by eloimlu* Huntress TIM boat U**ma Hterre split Mr jib when under iba High aada Thai far, them are the only effeeia of tha Rata wn ban hoard at. Bate Xiir B Pi*m?, CWfard, of and from Bangor for Hew Uaveii, with a cargo of hunker, waa fallen In with bottom up oh the 11th last, 10 atUee BE of by i?11 Eagle's WliiR. Three aatell > taking vessels wore laying alongside' atrip o lug off the oopper, with which bar bottom was covered. Fate of tha crew eot known, bat they were probably all hat, as tha brta waa eapstaed In tha Rale of Monday. Sena Tilvo*, Forrltt, from Baal port for New York with a cargo of Ibh aad lath eonalgne 1 to Bturgee h Co, waa otroek by a aittall aad eapataed 13th tact, at 7 AM, In Long Inland Sound, i ml lea from Long Inland shore. New Uavna Ught beartoR NW. crew probably awed, aa our oorioepoadont at River bead my* nothing about them. Another aeeount atatm that Capt P baa euwe to this city for aaalaaaoe. ?an Prandaeo ship nee* to Kept 1 (by Poay Expreae), will ha four d in newa colamna Far lata Mouthern paper* we are tinder obagatlone to the Purser of sleanuHtp Nmhrtlle, from Charleston. Pair Hu msoxo. Uoohln. before reported at OlhntMar In die Uses, ha* baei- co-idenwed. fur Ant?t> MoNalr, from Gallao, arrived In Hampton ?and* Wb (out litis) last The A passed within 3 ssilea of Diego Kaau c/ iy|fn.u ?hi the 8<1 of July, and crossed the Equator Aug 111 la lou 38 43. - Aug 1 Bass Ban DoaAirci?Boston. Be'113? Bark Ben Durance Iwsi, Irons Front <>rt for New York, dortur a heavy gale " ? re oo ffpaeli night, la trying to make a harbor * ant ashore oo tfpeetsnle Island A steamer h??t gone down to her saalatanoe.?,Hy tele, > k.1 wood Walter, Baq, Beoretary of tha Board of tin* graph to dorw rtlers} Bab* Acs? Baltimore, Sept 13?Bark Agneo(oewl, Thomp . - - . - ? t t sen, tailed hence tele morning for Cork and a market aad seuig out ul the liver ran violently In with one of the wlmrtra at Locust PoluL It w?* at first supposed that sne had itcrhed Kiioua duniaga, but she finally proceed>h1 down.?(By letter to Ella cod Walter, Esq, Secretary of the board of Un drrwrttere ) Fen* Valbbm, Ki kareon, from Savannah about July Id for Brrrnaa Arras, rut Into Barbados Aug 23 In distress, of what not stated. ? it I* reported her cargo of lumber was sold rs'ure i Be Morn Wrim, Wren, from Kingston, Ja. for Naw York, before reported pnt into Charleston, lost head of foremast, fore and mala gall, ha Cart To* *, COII July 39- The ship SooUaad. Birtaac, from A Sen for PntwaooU (ballast), struck the reef oo Montgomery Point June 27, aU km da sared. CAsmir. Aug 19?All last eight It blew a gala from NW. nb'ti Kale Hunter waa In contact with the bark TAJ, and ear red away main yard. Dr ?i, Aug SO?The Burlington, Keen, from Rotterdam for Cerdtfl, has pui iu with lum of aa anchor and chain, aad la being supplied vr.ih other* from henae. (1**1 SOCK Aug 3K- The Am ship Camden, from Troon for N.- * T< rk (lioo), put back hare yesterday leaky, and will hare to discharge. hsb?Put buck leaky the Am ship Revenue, Sear*, for Ban Frsncloro. Lmrpog A'.ji 39- Report of the CornhlU. Topliff, from New Vork ? Aug III"* 1st 49N, 'on U W, passe.! a waterlogged ?hip tSdnip of furaoiaal sod msJtumuf standing, about U feet ... . _ .. . xim all right, appeared to have above dack, bowsprit and jlbboom i ?>vr bow wits full poop or long house abail, a <out 700 to bus No one ou board. Dark when 1 got to her. Br Warcabbi s Mora, Oaatrey, Aug 34 Put In. ehlp Clara Alu, fn in ntockboim for Savannah; got a pilot, slipped a: i h -r and about 90 fauoeus of chain, and prooeeded fur PenLand Frith. Al'iahlp I mda. 1077 Ums. I ullt tn Richmond, Me, In USB, ha* born eold on ternw i ot made public, A3 <' m I laUoper bark Wild f!re XV lope bruit st Ameebury, Mam, In 1FA3 bee been eold to Meeart flrviM. Wallte A Oo, for their Mediterranean trade, at 3MUI. ai.d S3 si'hr Ida Delia Torre, 190 tons built at New Uarea In DJ2, at bMUl, reek. Bhip ?ll'Un Wirt, of Boston. 893 tons, U year* old, haa bee* sold ui a Uluuoaater house lor 329 000. Whalsmra. Arr a' New Bedford 11th mat, schr Retrieve. Kldridge, North A tietilie Ocean, cf and via Mpptcaa, with US bbla sp cU, to dMakafge. Arr at MalUpo'.eett 12th Inst, bark Willie, King. Atlantic Ocean, from w? stern Oroucd, IS months out. with 360 bbla sp and <0 do b.kflsh Has tsken over SOU bbla sp stoce June IS, between bit 9V end Sfl N. and W of lou 40. Arr at Iteveriy I2lh test, brig Her hoi, Hoxie, North Atlantic Ocean 110 bblasp siuce Aug I. A letter from f ipt bonle. of ship Lapwing, NB, dsied at eea A ug 7, reports ship Scotland, Beabury, NB, with one large sp whale. Npokcm, dtc. Ship Fair Vl'iiid Crowed, hence for Baa Freucieci, Aug IS. lot 11 28 N, Inn .18 4b. Ship Moir tl, Spuooer, from Bombay for NTork, July 11, lad 36 8. km 17 E. Khlp John Bertram, from Bombay for Ronton (so reported), no date. 1st S3 P. leu 29 K. lip Co chip Come, Cob be, fiow Urerpeol July 7 for Calcutta, July 30 let 14 13 it, 1oe 36 04 W. >bip Irsuhoe. Lane. I rum Shields for Calcutta, July 33, let t N, ten 31 W r-h'p Caravan, Sands from IJrerpool for NTirk, Aug 27, off Cape Clear blip Cresn Pearl Rearer, hence for London, Bcpt U, 10 AN, 80 ssilea BMW Irom Montsuk. Khlp South chore, lothrop banoe rln Key Waalfor Monrovia, Anr IK let HI Id N, Ion 48 IS A ship sb wing Mon ttTOtMairyett'a), bound W, waa seen ? nly 3. let U U a Ion 01 U W Jffy _ Bark Tern n HmalL from Ooumburg far Craa, Africa, Aug 13 1st 44 iff. Ion 9 llti Bai k Hebron, frum Bcliae. Hon, far London, Aug 33, la. 31 31. km 7* 43 Bark Wuuoih. henea for Puit Tendrea, SaptS, let <130. km as a Hark Oecrge Thomas, steering B, wm wen Kept 7, Ml 37 10, lou M A Br bark abowtng Mirirttt'i Nob 4910, eteertag 1TB, wag aeon July n tat? 04 N, ion ST It W. A hwed?h bark ah whig MarTTatt'a Mo* 4SB. (tearing SB, *11 mm 4 Ui I, tat ?08 8. loa SI 48 W. 4 37"* tt0a *eUKlUrn* fof Falmouth, AugS, 1*4 sohr CamR? A Wapna, at RocbWer, for lirtato, Ang 9. klUBka 4BI0. F?rtl|B Porta, Anna raw nr. Ang 14?114 l?eoo Larkln. Oaaon. AkTttir, Ana ??814 Jotn Hp Mr Crocker. Rirto a?*t*hi ?m, Aug 28?Sid Johanna HendrUta. Warden, New Vert. Ax aa*eu, Ani 17?Cld Komulh, flooding, Bottom AUSOA Map, Ju'y 13-Rid Uamaall, Maneuo and Rnrtnvn, Matthew*. lmaUm. Aaanimrre. W( 4, Jaly IT?No Am reaael la port 81410th, hark Ana A Marr, Babbldge (tram Mai?1, l.uando BaiatoL 1 BIO), Ana 28? Arr II Utorannl < <??nk. New Terk; Shark:an. RiukU. Hrtatol for NOrlanaa (and remained Slat Off do Slat, J r Whitney, Arery. and Boccoaa, Chaao, for M QmMB In pork Mg Slat Marengo, Tlonghty.fnr Oiarleatnn. Huron, Trutt, Vaianiaa; J II Blibit. Toakar, NTort. Julia Cobb. 8ta plaa Berramhuco. Tamerlane. Hntmas. < harleaum Boaiwiri, A<? 18? Arr J, An Wealay. Wright NTnrk. 9th, MarahaL, Wpraaue, VraeeUdL Old 9th, I A CooAmae, Noyce. NYurk. lUiwmorA, Any 9-Arr Talaattna, LarraaML NOrleana Ruattatrti Ang 28? Bakw, Anna TVilui Strieker, fr aa NTnrk Kid 27th. Per4 Bondley, Mac? NTort; B T Tan aar<t. W > man. y island. Hamate. Ana 9-Arr Albert, Klamp, and Johaaoa WUhel M111B, its inuuiii, Htltfmm RaaoaXta. Aug M-Arr brio Queen Vletnrlv Mnnroa, Ra'tl Bv re 1*571/doe. lobneno, bTort land aid I'lh 'or ?); IHJt, fearort Parka KU/abalh Ck.y. Ml Wth, bark sea Bay km. >>nny. Itrki lalaada Inpr Jv , hart ttyandntt* Hoyt, dlaa Srkm Tna I ancy. from B Ynrk arr lid. Aa. aahr Valeria. N?mnea, from harm nak lor Hurt, a At - -a, arr 22J In I'tatreae ( ikNit, Atift- Art Jaunt Uad, 1 arrabae, Dublin. Rid Mb* < fv.'k- Chandler. Portland ?*-rt?, Aua 9?Arr Hetwga Maryland. BKbrtcbt, kirk. Caanataa *ert 1?Arr bark *1 tank llenry. Btereaa New Turk kl Orra J K Dnw. Oardner Ha > .a. K1laS .fi, Alkiue, Mater -aa. Sid 3d 'ark HAa Howe, Be v? NTnrk < ikei crt.r-. Aug 9 Arr biiaJHrtaor Car-nam It ?o n Mid Tfik Srtra Nalnd. aw-hardaon NTnrk; Marine Kendal, Aorta waO. .1 W M Noah. 8?01, NTart; Brptt, Br kart Bakrtm, Praacta KTtwb PrtL. Ana SI?Arr Jaa B Kaalar. Penan Ionian fnr Maw T'.il iu1 aarbnred). Md 27th. Anllo 1. .-lyltaalar. ani lr<A Lamer. I any bar. aril* (<? tci'i ? A'a 9? At anebor, A ran e da Bnnw, flam dan. from BidWrdaaa fnr lard Iff Baring', m. K nan. fru n V, for do (the latter Ira; aa aactav and ekaia ad Ounaraeaa a-id w.ia be n : any,tiled wktS otbarat Pcous. Any 31 -la port Flying Blab. Darin, for New Tart "Ia tup.-ii-tn. Ang IB?Air Martbn Hay. Paaht 1 Haraan. iOUk Kettua. Let' 1. to. -Pi I W a Hank a, Reunite ft Aim m> Any ? An tallnla. Cnrwin MlranlebL (),/ Ckeraa, Aft 31?Arr lama an Bairariik N t nek. Qutt- iw, a uall - A rr raarlnaa. Hkat'ny rialum** 814 t-ak Wkae t-ea Wrana. NTort. Hmrrtat Mart.* Barrr R utnna At Ma and At.,.maiden 1,arte., k, Ant Tt? Bot baHl leaky. Kerenne, Kanra, lor I Pea Bran, he , e u M.U Rtiratnk. Be, k w lb. II .raan '? ,a? ?.ani n?Arr T A Ward. M * NT nek (and aid , Sfd f'?r Mtroelllea . 9d. Braoore. Bfwer Mart land eld far Malaga!. It, |<?t Aug 17. ah(p Btakenitnd Onnhla enxlenuwd; bark M 1 k"lnrd Hag. arhra Maaeilr I'erry (rota STort art ?ai. d<> J.At, tlilria. Paaaay. dta?. Wtn<! K? fraaa XAk bJTlb. Hairi.irt. Ana 71*? Kalnw (Manilla. <Maan, feum NTnrk. la part 7; A r?,'? Htm?1. (?* Hiak* eadr. Htnaiuo. An# ,ai 27?Atlaa, HnrUatt. Newport land (rem t .tta ro 2Kb Arr ai Cut haven 2-Ik. tilbraliar, CHri OaAno. 9th, Skkonla' ?e , Bhl'ra NY,irk. Nat,pi "? pt I?Arr "?rk llttraee. [tteht-e M-ta-tnu end rid dth f'* Nlir'ean# 2>t ahip ilohtan P a k't. I',>?era ine O04. .inav Uverpo.,1. l-rw T'aiay, Uadtai Btvrtm*J a-kr Bptrai Nei arm. Palctfwwn: 4th br, Naaey. Borejth ht W.>*aa. Hi. bar km rtao ? H .id H'ewrker NTork, Lnor Ann < aerlgan, Wnmtar ?W. 4 h rieairahlp Bl> ntllle, Bttlkr-h KTirk a><d aad IW New < rhwrat. barka Pert Miller Part 'and. Jed d, Wbeatrr, Mo I hU?. 7Ut arhr N H H udea KaakhrtaA, Krkaod 1 Bid lai aktr s-mghmnd, IHwae. New Y*wk Hekg J 7* Idee a. ' Merrill wkr < har*as f T IIh Tf 111111 11 r |>nd ff 1 jjane ^thh. brig Mecknutr. Vakamaa. 7Ik bail k r 1 nana, IU... 1 CM f B Kfiga 0*><g Albert. WwL B.wt ,ed May Qaeea Marltai. Megia whr S eetlwa. Tort, rat lad' rata tan ra rrw, 11' A, And II?Ha Am t awl m port Kiaaaau. Aug B-rt# Pair trie l|tk ttdf air ? 'w?l Baal. J-.tgena of aad from 11 am bora for Haw Turk tl? l'aaha ? waj I tin fram R- uetv .* far an T Ittanrvn, Ang tr?Arr Rarekrt, Pnea. Hew Orkaana; >*k. 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Mergers* from London for A York (and put mto KHptotoW loads 31*). PiLnao. Aug IB?Ait II I) Shepherd Onto Cn?"?*? ? Pwrov. Beptt? Air sob' Helena Roberta. NYwk. Cld Aug br^i Black Hawk, Tlbbeila, Philadelphia Rapt 1, CMha Bating WTork ? HtdbT7?)? of Wight. Aug Sl-Off, Thlrtj one btales, Smart, fram London for Newport . RotTkKDAii, Aug W? la port Boer fundtoh, Hatehina, for SaBderkuBd rtttfjr, kill??>? or. Aug If?Arr berks Harriet RpaMtit, Sprout, Mew Tork; Slat. Reindeer, <'unnlngbam, do; brig Princeton, Wella, Philadelphia. Bid 17th, brig Aboer Taj lor, Tap Ley, SuiDWitaiB, Aug SB-Hid NleoHaa. Paakewllrh. II Tork. Stockuoli, Aug 38-la port Annie Uodgmao, Hyler, for North America, idg Br HcLEka. July I ? 11?Arr Hnntreaa, Owen, (Calcutta 11th for London). Siskba ljwwu, Aug 10?In port brig Ann BtaabMh. Iang. " ' Salem won. Mid July W. brig William ? forlaleda Lea and Salem coon. Pld July 9. brig William Dcdge, Hailock, kherbro sehr Huaaa Canaoo, ilocum, do. BrPipaas, Mart Aug IB?to port hark Jad* Nicholas, Ml cholaa, from Boaloa arr ilU, for tiaadaloupe tad. to aotmplate cargo. f acca. Aug JB?Arr brig Sarah Flagg. Alton. Malaaw Sid 17th, ba/ka earn Shepherd, Haxriman, and Alatira Ouumbe. Arr ihip Maria nark. MTork; SSth. brig I do; Mb, bark* Loutaa Slrolago, do rta Dun carton, Bark us, aad Ooeaa Howe, Drink* ater, NYork | St Jaoo Aug 34?Arr ahlp Maria Otork, MTork; Ifch, brig Leonard Barry, Steel do; I I - ? - h. - i Port au Piatt; iRh, | I Lynch, It York Ht Jouia, NF, Aag IB?Arr jrhr Nathl Donne. Hall, MTork { (aad eld nd for Sydney, CB); nth, bilg Time. MsDougal, do; i Aohr XMiabelh. Percy, do. Tabu Bat, July ll?Arr Zlngara. Newbagtn, MTork. , Venice, Aug 14?Arr Wlllard, Mitchell. Ltrprpoot. AI.F.X ANDRIA, Sept 11?Arr nehr Arietta Robertson, New Sri Tan CM ' " 1 m Baren. Kid erhr A Tan Cleef. leimoo Staten lalaad BOSTON, Sept IB?Arr slaamer Muaarhueetta. Sampaoa, Charleston, barks Bpeedwnll, Maya Bey rout; Oamaull, Hanson. Alloa Bay; eohra Marshal Perrtn. Glbba. Atoaandria, oeonatc Tn; Arson, Crneby, Georgp Tho town, DO; Orvetta, Barnmi*. Baltimore; Triumph, ArUa, Philadelphia; L L Sharp, lrffclwei, and 1S Oeaon, MowelL do. M A Wood, Bakor. and Wttliaa B Oena, Bacon, do- J d Alien, Babenek. and Diamond. Morton, do: Howard, 4><r, aad Graettartate. Balleu, MTork. Baiow. ai anchor tn tha roads, brtos Sea Bird aad J B ('ounce. Signal for a bark (wktoh afterwards put away for Oaoe Cod). Old ihip Leneotkea, Clauaaea, NOrtenne; bark Ilaacn, Rich. Mobile; brig Orto lan, NcFar'-tnd, Smyrna; achra Julia Smith, Orlardo, PbUe Park at ? delphla; WotooU. Parker. MTork. A too eld Miami r P ; Fprague. Malhewa, PUltodalpkin; bark Ocean Bride. Rurgene. ' Atozndria, K Nothing went to sea. Wind B to?NW, with heavy rain moat of the day. Bark LUde started, but aacbor ed hi the roads. BANGOR. Kept 11-Arr aehr R n Cotooo, Cotoon. NTork. RATH, Kept 11?Sid ship Transit (new). Patten. N Or leans. CUARIJLMON. Sept 8?Hid brig J Weal. Dyer. Ueorsp town. SO; aehra Belle, Barrett, and Albert Maeoe, Onraoa, JaclftOfivllle. 9th? Arr ateamahip Nashville, Man ay, NTork. AtQnaran * ?winmiiy Ainnat 'Situ, mminj, n Itan. MltftMMH' Une, ichr Wren Wren, f torn Kingston, J a, for MTork pot tn Kroiiy St Pierre, Taaalar m for repaln and supplies. Sid ship Knilly St Pierre. 1 Joha, IfB^ bart Gen^Oreen^AtwelL Doboy: hrt^ Aagmto, BUI. Jaekaonrille; echrm Onruat, Thompson do. 11am*. Georgetown, SO; May, Hmlth. NTork. FALL BlYBR, itopt 11-Ait eohra Wa B Bird. Smith, and Adftte FtUoli, (Wtiriifkl fllnbrtlnoirt OLOUCEStBB. ^SeptS-AiT^baitlliue C Porter, Adams, Surinam: ?rhr M * Margie. Walen, NTork. St LMki U01K. Kept ill. P M-Arr achre B Baker. Jr, Maltoy. Kdgartown for BtWrnnre; Amanda Ilolbrnnk. R..-k toad for MTork, with loraaall split and bulwarks et-wn. Hi I brigs Catharine, Nltkela, habao; aehra James BUaa. Valetta. Ktatesuian, Thomas Uli Lnrj WAJesander. Crisis, rtoma 0. Marie), 1*1*. Golden Rod, CVmary, for Baitlruorc. Uth? Arr brig Bonaparte, Stewart, Mar hi** for M Tnrkf sehs Maria L Devla Small, Boston for Baltimore; Vaahu Sharp, Sharp- Benj P Reeves. Carman; Victor. Seara; KUta t>elh Kudllab Knglifb: Mary KUen, I 'unniagham, and Harriet Newell. Mhertnaa. do for PbilaUelphia. Hulfie T Chailre, Ohar Ire, Newburyport for do; George W Glover, Thau, Camden for Norfolk; Klorrnre. Jameson. Rockland for NTork; H K Bart Kent Sid brigs Catharu Willoeo Amanda, Sallie TChartre. Hart Kent. Bangor for do Amelia, Ktewari, Ma-htaa for do. indJWr _ Sid brigs Catharine Rogers fBeaolute and J W lirlako, aehra Willow. Amanda, Maria L Davis, V Sharp, Benj F Beeves ami Belle Merrill, NTork for do; Sf Bewail. Load, do for Portland; Hiawatha. Crockett, do for Rocklanl; Kale Walkar, Gulliver, do for Bangor; Mary Mankln. Beers, Boston for NTork; C H Bogera, iAogisy. Newburyporl for Philadelphia; B Leach. Lea It Windsor. NK, for Baltimore, Northern Light Hill, VI nalhaven for NYork, 8 D Hart Hail, Calais fordo. In port at 8 AM, wind HK with rain, the above arrivals of to day and ' rig Bonaparte; ache J Grleraoo. B Baker, Jr, Victor, Kkiabeih Knalisl Mary Rllen. Harriet Newell, d W Glover, Floreoce. 8 K Hart, Amelia, and revenue antter Jamea Camp .. _ J Hart, Amelia, and revenue antter Jamea Camp bell. HABTFORD. Sept 11-Arr achra Cbaa A Hackacber. Laird, Trenton; J GBnldwlo Jones, Klixabethport. Kid Steamer H# reea Dudley, NTork; achra J Cone, MeBaffey, PhUadelpala; Harah Jane, Edwards, NYork. VOBII.B, Sept 7?Arr bark Nueee*. Kldridge, Boston; brig B B Walker, Desier. NYork aehra KaloolahTitonlar. Havana; srhra Mnafclngnm. (Ilgglns and vjueen of the South Klwood NTork. Cld ehip Geo Hurtbiu, hamnn, Liverpool NEW OBLtANK, Kept 11-Arr (bv tell " ~ erponl; Golden Ragle. Sultana, and Toulon. NRW ORLEANS. Kept 11?Arr (bv tel; ships Potomac, Liv -pool; Golden Ragle, Sultana, and Toulon, NTork. NEWARK Sept 11?Air srhra Catharine Aon, Rocknwny; Adelaide. Newburg; Mary H Willisana, and Norma. Crobm, Nonb Ameslca Uaveratraw; Gipaev, NTork. Sdaehr J alia Hot ran, Rood out. ? NEW BEDFORD. Kept 11-Arrsohn Leader. Bearaa, KUta bethpovt. 111 h, Augusta. Keltoy, Maiden. NKWBUEYPOkT. Kept 11-Arr aohr Gaselto Nat lor. Phils del ?hb? NEWPORT, Sept 11. P M?irractn flank Gardner, Gard ner. Ei/abethport for Breton: Runny Death. Kel'ey, Raw Tork for DeanM; Isaac P Hoard, Wllsoo, do tor Rev Bedford; flallle T < hart re, Cbartre, Rewburyport for Pblladalpkla; alovp Kllxa A Jarre, Christie, Rllrabethporl for 1 ivertno. Also, trkra flaa (lull. Howiaod, Prorldeae* for Baltimore. lata, hktdmore, do for Raw Turk. ink?Arr thia AM, mhrs New York. OoedaeU, Raw Tork for Poaton Siimtel Hall. Pkdeliord, T a union for Rate Tork: A1 mtra T, Brim Pv<? idenee far do. Bid. aekr Barak Gardner. *1 ? iviiuphvw IW ?U. mil, M-v nvu uiuhhh ? - P M?In port, moat at ihe above; and achra Maria I. Davis, ?aiatl, from Boston for Baltimore; C kasaiii, Tuboy, Pall Hirer fordo, Hannrr. Tofts, Rorkjnrt for Raw York; Mary, Hlg I I'M wal( DaUUCI, m U 4 IB, I a B LI 'I t a ISO i? VW a UTa % BM Rew Retford for RorfoU; C Mattbrey. P.rpreaa, (tan ilori Mary Bruak, VMIory'Motto, Mony brook | Kmatl, from Bneton fur Belli roorr (V kissm, brook Packet Wind WAW heavy. MEW HAYBR. Hoot U- Arr sekrs Hank PMhar, Ptoher. aad Deborab. I.ttdlam. NHrunswick, T 0 I.yman. RUnnard, and J M Warren. Chapman Rew Tork; Mj rllr, Kllxabetbport akmp Greyhound do Bid sokrs M R RhepherJ, Philadelphia, Rlien Louisa and Caroline Grant. HTork. PHtl.AnMI.PFlIA, Kept IS?Arr sleaiaars Boaton. Croak er, aad Kenaeboe. .lobnson. Mtork, achra Rav Zealand. Rich. East port. rred Dyer. Hb ite. Belfast: Driwnncnd. loenarod.i Boston Palo a but l-n. from MaruwlN. t . . __ , OM L _ Kan no bee, J oknaon. HTork; barks Amrrtcan, Ckrtstlan, Ha y*na. f'athflrder. Patksr, Galveston, Chester, Atkins, Boston; brlr? W A Dresser. Hatch Itanjnr; Morning tight. Blair. Hath; sekrs Altfcea, Corson. Haleta; H B Gibson. Crocker, Berwick, Flight. Huntley. Prorldenes. PORTLAND, Beat 11-Arr balk Oar Tnlon. Kent Port Kaon, f'Id bark M J ego, llerry. Havana, brig P R Carlia, Best, Matanras. I'KOVIDKNCK. Kept IS?Arr steamer Westchester, Joaes, Rew Tork echrs John Kcgert, Clark. Phl'sdelpkla. M Powell, Kenton, aad M A Brotnlay, Murray, Trenton. J Gorhara. An dr.wa RTtwk, scope Wb K Moon I, field PortRwen; Copy, Wheeler, RondctH Cld bark Natal C.wawell, Hambllo. Aaa/1 bar. did srhrs F l.ucaa, Taylor. W. " Harris H WWtllinria Wall de'phta. < Irian* Smith Wa F ell. Morris N York. PAWTtcKRT Kept IS?Ait sehrOearge P Brown smith, PMadetphha RICHMOND. Bard 11 M l bark Ploreata. Welsh I'ernambttcs r* natai t <veweu. nam rum rann ayVnr. W alcana rig, Ta; W H Row*, ralKaad 8 ATevlor, Dukes, Phlla ? B Horsey Baker, and J R Muck Arr echr Trade Wlad. Baxter, R at vs. . . . . PMnwBknee Nl'LLTVAM herl 10?Rid schre I man, Crabfrse. Baltimore; Rkavo. Vurvl. NTork. HALCM. Sent IS-Arr hark Oatdflaeh. Reldnn Ambeteett*. Wt'd; brigs Paulina Akretm. lair de Irak WCA: Billow. Dodge. Philadelphia sehr< David Smith. Dm clan, aad H t lark. Ortjn do Rid lltk. bark Leel.'Browit. Africa WII MIROTOR, RC.HeptU?Cld Br brig Admlnl flak a. Km ward Liverpool, Outcb Ralliot Xaas. Hckabatlaf. Rotar IITCATIOTI WARTED-PKNALKk ATOV.NO GIRL WlflHRR A RITCATIOR TO "Bo plain erwtef and attend a child. Rail at 73 Madison ay., far two days a first rati lacndrrhr wnmn okt thb A wsehng and tronimg of two or three respectable faalUsa. Apply at No. Wv Mb a?. A BIT!'AT10R WANTKD-BT A TOl'VO GIRL, AS waiter or child's snres aad eeamstrera la a fond eei Good re'ersnes can bs given. Call el 77 Wast IIlb sL i naniherr, front r t^L first rati cx>oe who ir a good warhkr and troaer wishes a rood plans la a rsarsomol* fasehy, at IIS Beat 3fk St- for two days A RTYCATK R WANTED Alt RRAMRTIVSt. Ml A klably reaper table lady, la a teallsaaav really dreak MMtk M , bsteeen tlk aad Madison ay a OnMl TOCRO WOMAR WlbHKR A RITDATIOR, AR RURRR A A TOURG woman WART* RBWIRO RT THB DAT ? or week, can ml and St ladies' aad children adreea* ?. and do ah k ads n family sewlof Ilan be arse ad ISO West 17th bstneen llh and Nth avss Drat ' oor. baek rrrwi. RRRPPt TABIK GIRL WARTS A RITCATIOR, AR SkMaai'vea and rkamHe-aut. ran d s a' llndf o' aew df fas sfve the best of shy rtfnsm.u a Call a lU SA.A at, I tavern M and St aw a ARITTATION WARTMD-BY A RkkPRiTAHI.R WO man aa eiperlnamd conft; will saw In *a*taa an 1 Iron a ekuatioo by a reatw'Abie iona( m umaa aa wal perfestly naderstand thslr bustaesa. and have the i rsfersatna. I all at HI Mast IIIk St. between 1st tag AM*. A TOCRO ami warm a HTPATIOR arcmanbrr maid a>.i icaia aeear In a prteate fannly it ret ?' r Tease la ,elrr at Ul Mnu m asm aad Atsr, B the rear A H1TCaTIDR WANTRD-BT A HtRPT TABLE yancs a* -haBkerBatd aad eaae-. or In ,|0 i .ala ??w ng hspsotv en-wt Maisltn the waaktrx aad irtmtag. < Hy wfmw f all at in Weal Itstli AIRarMfTARtR OlRt. WAHTR A RfTOaTTON AW , rhaabm aid aad watwr ? - I fnrii n iksMd-n? eaabter nrd eeeag Hood %f rS?Se?t.e tMa beJke^t llkallkAk kdtweea Mb aad Ilk aea At wr? ?Ain.i niMi warts a siruATtoR vw , canS eanber tad esasr M s pflvaAS f . lallf, eagesIS An t at AO Al.aauetl A WIDOW | i DT WtRRRfl A SfTCATTOR AS HOCfH /a teaeeeees ireeryprwereaea tr tabs Ike enure rkaesesf ?> li e ekMSesy R.aa mm, arev . rvfiraw a san be mmm.> aB at- b ? b aa ah m ? mf??wS|e haute Aildi'sm Mr* ca Baal Rngera WfAplme. duaah RrentUja ARHPMfTAfl- ' TOOMO Scktv VAMTM A MTMA Itrw in lake rare Sf the t?bf (Wiksewtag. tAsn! aty ra fbiwaea. OsM a' MS OessswMO at. A LSDT WHO rWDRMPTARP* RRM RCRJNMM Till -A ftrvgAiy SKlisisraMkt the dsytndsdreaamektas ? MMS be* s etmbsar Call ea m sddrma Hkw BMW. Ill ? dnsss r.. a brer r- .aa A TOi'Ntl WoMAM WARTS A OTt ATlf'N AS iWAM JY berrnaiA and aas wa Br r re as fWsmbsemetd aad Mat MB, I .a t?e teat . ?y refe-ea w rem bat MSI pdBSS 0MB St M w em t'bh et. eetwasa wa aad TO twa ____________ A TtrNtS WOMAR WARTS A SITCATIOM Aft COOK A aad bam w* lbs a,Aai sal t i ilai M S| r am fa Bi.fl M <wps*M at_M?|ag 0*"r? ad the kb bar (MaMeta*a fr' taa data aad iSc ndae M we engage!, a It. Har>Mea St., hatwaBl NbW aad < ?dssa'-la, Rra> ?y n m the kaa?sinsA A" RRsr?Taftia Tocwa wowaji wavtr a ?irrt , Ml Mt da than -aee-wk aad la# wsaht r a.V at u m sewsM Mar 'Me ?sal a r? ?? retaraace r* 1 at t? War !Mk St , Mw I we A ) a ^ A S k*f bf T a . . M T" R . *l*t* f|?SWA?tTI A a??dM*es??p* "*?** *"* s<wi ????<? igd -?e- taa M- bee f .. . rs-e-sp. ' CafibrtW" ?>t aA 114 'aula. wmmm BIlTiTIOM WANTED? PRMtLBIf. A BbkTBOTABLB woman #aMs a baby TO WW ?'\? ll4* hat her owe b*f,y Cm M eeen It two dag At 106 l homparm A, rear house. Aral floor. ^ A W?HB" A WIT AXIOM AS ' BARBS! .t} ^ eewar or "tor .mIat adA Iroaer. H. ? h. u JT?,. p , ????? or aa tee .saber and iroaer ? u? from h* r last piaoc. Gab tn i Ho. 10? Wnt Mth si. for two a,,,. * A XvA>ry-TC-A1T ^PT WISH *8 A flITU ATI OH AbitiATIO* WANTED?BY a AMBPECTABL youag girl, aa flne waaher Aid irouer or mahamtoriaaA good reference from her prcacnt plaoe. CAUMgJdUi ATOrHQ WOMAW twib A BlTUATimr sarrak-J barmaid andflmolAAA a'jm; Baa m m ? aa 11 dWaooe in tha oooBLi r. Ia ran Alad le atuKaa too city reference. CaU a> 167 Mulberry at, for two daya. ' " ABmjATIOJf wahtkd-bt a kmpwctabu young woman. AA good plain cook, waah*' and Irooer. a to do accural housework la a amall reference. Call at?j I can ilalnoooh, waeho>_and Iroocr, o mall private family; hem of alt' . Souti M,,ohl^iop ?Er? ^ BKSl'KCTABLX 01KL WISHES A BITDATMS AJ _ plain cook, waaher and Irouar, ao objection la do bnuac work In a mall family. Can b< aeon at 180 Waat 2Mb At. Ourd floor, back room. ?ITCATIOH WAHTXD?nv A BESPKCTAHU WO Aua, to do general booaawnrk for a amall prtrata family la a good plain cook and drat rata wuhtr and lroaar. Oom rlty reference given. Call at M7 Weal 16th at, between 8U aad r ? l where. J^n AMBRU AH GIRL WIKHRS A SITUATION 1* THB xa l>y, In a amall prlraia faau'y. aa chambermaid and t< do eewrlng or aa cfctraheraaald and v/dtrem. Apply Ihia dai aad tomorrow a!MA (tear., Udrd floor. ARESPtUTABLE TROTESTANT WOM4N WANTS i attsaiioo aa ceok; can make-good bread and paatrr. good ckr and ooantry referencee Can be aeen for 1 ao deyt a ii , Achat oh from Sd YOUNG WOM AH WISHES A HITn aTION AS CHAM barmaid ard aeamatreaa. beat of city inference can hi ?a Oall at 177 23d at, near S?b av SITUATION WANTED-BY A RBBPRCTaBU l youag woman. aa chambermaid and ? alter In a privet Ji dy, baa the beat of dty reference. OaU for two day* at 6 Md at. fourth floor, front room. ^ SITUATION WANTED-BT A ENBPECTABL? healthy woman, aa wrt anraa. freah mlla; haa tha be? J <-bv refereo-r. Call for two daya at J if Weat Mth at., batweal Mi aad 1Mb aim BBBPEiTABLK OIEL WAHTR A BTTCATIOV A1 cliainberniaid ,ud waller r r rh..m'ermald and Am waah rr nr aa -rah. and to aaalot wlih the .?aching Ileal of city re Do unci I ram bar last place. Ibi be exen for two daya at 71 Weet (TUi atreet, between the Mb and 7tb an TOCEO PBOTMTAHT WOMAN WANTS A MTUA Una aa . ham Warned or wallreaa ar la laka aare of ehlldm or do p.ala aawtejr good otiy reference. Call Oil i gngad at JOb Slat at ,*aaar : A BRRPBCTABl.l .TOCNG WOMAN WANTS A BIT I'A el Man c do general houaaeork. guod tMy reference. 0*21 at lis fluidvaa aL A YOUNG WOMAN WISIIM A MTUATION TO 00 h-maee ork In a private familr la a good weaker aad lroa ar <aa beaeea for two day I at lifl Weet flfltn ctTm tha rear, AH situation WAVTED-HY a a wpmctabli j ouag wnaaan aa chambermaid aud ourae, ar aa auraa and to do plata aawtag. Good dty referanoe Call at 179 Seat Mih at AKKBPRt I aHI.B TOI aw WviMtN. ABOt'T BMTL'KH h| til A lag bi?'alitori ta w uw i.k* to a. n,,nu,y a amall family1 aa nurae. would be wli iag to pay h?l: paaaaae; ahe haa aever > dek, in * bring bcr tn>r? trip out there; aha will bi ready to go nut in tha alaamr r of tha flat or Ui of Novnmbar. Apply at .0 I" SrrrATioNs wantbd-bt rwoootm plain uookb, girla far gaaeral aouaceork email gtrta and chamber mania all well rerommaadel. K an uyere a ipphed whb good tmmm' tig? eerranli and glrla with rem triable aituatlooa by aalllag oMre. sufl Mb are grrilATlON WANTND-BT A II jBI t TOCHIA ?? woman to do chamherwotk aad aaew la the wi ? Ironing, or aa rank waaher and Imwer. Hood city reference. Oall at t> Waal Uili at . fourth floor, f mot room. SITUATION WlHTFD-BY A PR' "TWTANT WOMAN, a* child'? nurae good cttv reference la regard to aharee lar and capability. Apply at Ufl SUA a?., ta taa fancy Mora, near IJlh at QITUATJONS WANTED?TOR TYto KXi RIJ.UNT PRO A7 irateaqpervanta. one aa good rack and flra alaaa waaher ? troacr. and the other aa ohem barmaid and wallreaa Bothata wed rer.immrpded. laei erub' nanwi Apply la Mr. Manniae lOTdlarvw HraaAIyn. *3 STTVATIONB WASTED?MT TBKER TOCNO WOMEN; ? awe aa pradaaairaed aook wrn'.d aaann lathe waahiag; tha other aa wadraac aad to do Una waabing, aad Wa other aa cbembarmaid aad reamaueaa. oa do all kin ia of ainbratdcry aod flne aewlng The beat of ett? rvf?r<rce given. Call for two daya ai U3jd ar . beteaan 1Mb aad Mlh am. Two nibtbbb want sttiationb-onb to do aorkbw aad Wtel.iua. tte otter ihuaterwnrk ? fall at lUKaolMlhkt. third Boor, 'ramt roam. rpo LtNTBS* OB Al'THOM - A TOCNO LAD* WOULD X flli tte potdlhm of mrylot or > ?' d? WHteB tetete Fron-k tU latut. AdOroaa Bbo M UruUtr. Badtewapaj nstoWoa. mwo towbo oiblk Wi?ii sitl atioms-ojib as X mok; la aa nonlipid bnadroao lb# otter aa nhamter mtid aad aoagMtrroo. or watoote. kith oaa prod.ico tte teat nt city roforoaooo. Call at U Waat Wh at., rw, aaar M aa. 2 S^BaNTED-A I ITT'A TTO* BT A BBBPWTABLB ? yaong girl, aa chamMBNj aad mm, or aa nteaitir ? and to aatet ta ?ut nt aad tmatm.. or wo iM da plate otwbg. Tte M of out rWoronoo from ter laat plaaa. t^5 at Ml Tta MU at. betwato sh aad Vtk ara, top faar, treat , for M days. TITANTBI)?A SITUATION, IT I ?KW ENWLAND " woaaaa, aa hnootkaopor la a BMogBi fkaaflr or a Wo? olaaa kotal, la Ikorrrogbl* aoBprinDt of tat'Of ahOMO Of |te demonic dooaiimmt v*l tte wu\l-obr nt uo mteB. Ad draaa Immodiataly A W? Ha. atdoBea. a b'$ Waateacvoo at. W^?ANTKD-A BITlhTlON, BT A SSS5S8 UOOK: I utidrrrtaada t h au! Boallal nooklag. all kada of onafpouoaarr aad balm* antraaa aad mate M mr?, ^^?011- ?.?/>. ,,H op I "r ptrtia* hi tte u-w. a ounaori Aral rata ^?rkaapor ?ooh'- ?.a to ro la Ite ooouln largo lamly rr?rrrrod ooly rwclttroopdapplr Ham j ?? Itfaailt UAH at 111 Baat 17 th at., botwnoa lal aad M ana fas 'a well lac. it mondod Ooa tea Hf-td atakt to OB* attnattop wit th- taer faar fall or alwli. mlo onoattnalion and tr- ?ter four i'al: or atei I piaaa, tetwaap ?tk aal 7th ate, ta tte roar ? ktaa markot. Now V' t i-ltr WA>7Kit? BT A BBM'BOTABl.K TOCNO 01?n. A ni'natloo lalrwwrtt". who la -apahb of i uitam FT nitoatloa kOdrmum-akar, r-aa >1. >k -apahU n . uuaa aad i;ttiar Udtaa aad caUdraa'a drraaa. aiaa Ttni'it - a aal eloaka. ta aililng to ao la tte ooualry, or wintid te o-dte to go ttratfc. fan al lit bl aro tetwWto l*h aad 5lb ab . op TXrANTKi'?BT A klUtrrl.lTABUt U'LAO MIAia A PI It (BMB ii at ?>? W--I.. aud B>?ar pa "O.rtuala M gropral teaapwnrk Hao rod Hip rof>i?ae? from ter laat plana. Oall alM7 Hodaoaoi. far too day a nTANTBH-A JNITITATlOW. BT A TOT'** WOW A* AM TT Moa-ttrooo, can c ulanJ #t. OtlldM llfteMBA ?^yANTBTt-A ttlTATIOM TO Do ftlABBBkWi SB. aad tin* waakir.* aa" Iroatn# wd ptato oowtaa. i d HIT rWrr?wi<-? rtHii If i?|Oirad. OaJ for to? da; a at iJ teal Bu at , ftrot ltdjr, back raoaa WANTlD-AIITTCATIfN, BT A BBNTBCTABUt IIBU aa eBaoiteroaald an.' ??aaaatraoa ho rood ohr ** a roaco. Oaa te aaoa lor two daya at Wl tei Uth at., top Boar. TXT-ABTBlk-A NTTTATTON M Of* X, IB I ?NTT?TB if mmmgrnm ? faaaiDt III n?r.?,i'j uaoaratwHa t,?r hi Ilaaaa and tea r od oKy raforruaoa. Oaa ko mm for two ? .aya at 1U WoM ?7th at, kaar 7th hi. yy*KT NUBNB?WhBTBD. BT A BBNTBtTABlJt BAB baby1 "fti'julra < Bra Maat-rwa tor faro daya, at-?"k TT lW ? ih a m m kraaat ii otlll a hakr o ? H ntiroo 0| bar oon rratdvote. ate hat lnr ra.-ani.1< >l te- wo fair ? - ? loaey M WiNTBD-BT A BTFPITfTABIJI TOUBO WOtftB, A all lauoa aa til'*.!! '? anrar and to do |.lalo mwo if. or IB do dha? Yorwurk aad aaaiat m Naatdag ate roatag la a private * "J. aaa gliotte teat ad rofrro Ite, ot.i tte f ??iry at. ra. Uaan^y ooa gt?? tte boat of rvfr-ooco OaU at or ?4dr- -m Ml TTT ANT1D- A 87TUITTOW, BT A TDUNa WOTAB. ff In trawl In 'te -on b aa tadl'a Bald aad oaaaaateoi hag ao okjoottoa to waMik-oaoor ton rnwi ap aBUiroi thB boot J roforroco taa te firm (Mn bo a?oa for two dayo in W-wt 1 tih at, b?io.?B 7th aad Sihaiaa DTANIKD?A NIfCATTON BT A BBBl'ttfT A BLB ff yonor wrman, aa eraife, waater and Ir awr, and aa te blakly nwaamdol frnoa ter laat ylaro. tea tte teat't oft# rofarwaro Apply at V Moto at. Udwoos ttegaabia tt aad WUkrw plaao. Brook'ya. WABTBD-A BntAnOM IB A Bd tLI, PBITATB faaatty. to do r?mwal bouaowork oaa gal good ty rp f 11 loll. Apply at l td Wort ltth aL Wt ANTBD?A MITATnN. BT A BBIWK 'Tt fll.B yootg moot aaaaak. wkti tkor -'ipbly ter boataooa. ban llnd '? t iranb and * g_?aa 'aaatter aw. MS the boat of any rforaw fallal*3* waolldlhat UTABTBD-bt a i.adt or rbfibbmbnt. a nrt Tf t*OB ao ten^krrper: O bote ? . , teoro of aook/wt tt.l kigk aalarr tut'tfartory roferrooo addroaa for .h?. tia Jll HmM o?te IjyANTBD-BT A BBBTBUTABLB OIBLWBO IP noT mitry, aall admi to aaWat to cbwat?rwij* 1?AP Ik H' kl'.da of plats aoolrg orati? an.1, ? -\ r*o .to 'W Wte' rr A Nlhnti > machtn*. Ota te a?H> ''?f two oporo'P <w WB?< *r .1 wiiarw i r?iMiim? < ?n hr a*Mi ' r tw dayo at u>o enroorof in * ' "dta " BNW iho r??n ir.ot. TZTAMTBIte-A dlTCATION BT A NBUn'TT t Bt.B Tf y.. up wwtn-'i i oogr iHwi tent, w.. I ta a otaail prt twitf tnoun t ttati'itl booptwivt ta a otaail roto famn*.!? a po-t p'ali. cmuh aad irtt rait woabiw ImoPT No m .- ?? win go a ?t. .t dlalaooo la tte COJI Oaa M aoao at f9 Hot t at Broohij o Wabtbd-a km * n?w"Br a nbt?'B *tthi b tbo HPUIMtN m.maa aaiit-mteiMktd or la (aha rvm ?ptoraategtrni. fail at AB Woal t7th ?yyANTKD-Jf A K ifrFRf T t BLR r RUTKBT ANT yo-it.p wow ?? '.'imp at rhtntl iiiBPdgl walU'ttPI pan gtto rote ro?.-- t ,trp|y at nt i l. wptno W, -nam U. aaar Hontlra tt ? T'Titi*. Bt ? mwri. f*f'i ff gtrl, aa iBawi to u >d aad - __ BkdBjiw. taa aoiad p^'tto faa.iir, hao no . '? p. tmvH r.| for two day# at IIA ~ l pith tt . br- ii . . .. ? ii ait TXrANTi"|t?NT A BRirNfTABi K WW WOk tN, " If " 11*1 I fr-wh br- m '-Milk aotteat m a? WH n r. 4 frapp u ptitai. -aanttp For pa,ii-tta?d bte",r? ?t )W Bi. teiolt at . pnorud ???, fn ot roo?. w AXTKP-A -;taT '* BT a . BB ft.- f Ht a ,. ip tt'OPto. Ill h i a V nta ii ? id Wote aad fHitmr: ran <? Fr-ab mbBIM MB Bl' * l A frtf Al f?riUH ft***}' ** n t ?? ? day oi I Ttal I'kb tt tetdtk an , Ta ?tf n?A blTl Aflfl. *BT A TlHTte lAHI.aj f\ io ? ? o#bai ta am* aaa "" ??: w?or. Nte'it Ttelro t H'y foiprdai r i.'t*. CkJf.r t a Wr-.k at TV rv BT ? NKTft ? T ?'? T W \I ' -IT TO It#.I arrtod w.aaui' ? t?V? ta -*t '?? ter (two t ? . I a lOlro Ir tt - ? -.a * ?* )'*+?* >'? Chk te tteB . 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