Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 14, 1860, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 14, 1860 Page 9
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-* MTVATIOSS W ASTKD-KB.1iUK<(. If ANTHD-AN FN ? A If Kg It* T AO HouSltKKKi'ICtt IS > a k? 'demon's ft?uiUy by an esperleeced bcgtUh laly, In !? irtulworthy and native; no ol.jeolioa lo go Btiu-b or to I?I 0?u be been at 341 tith a* , between JUt and KM tt< r ANTED?A STi CATION TO COOK, TttH AND mo I all at 575 3d ar. Call at the fancy store. ITaHIKO-A SITUATION TO DO OHAMHBRtfrjRK T or washing. Call at Ul Mulberry at., la the rear. [AN l hD?A SITUATION. BT A RKdPKtTAlSI.B girl aa seamstress and dre?si,laker. Any oos wanting 1 a person will bail at 3FJ oth a*., lu the store. ITAVTTD-A BITr ATION, BT A HIORf.Y RESPBCT T able ,..ri, sa c-iok in a private family: hex no ohjeoilin wash ttest of eiiy refcrenno. OaU at West Ifith at., be 7th and 3th ave. ITANTKD?BY A RESPECTABIiit IVfd AN, A MTU A f ttoe as cook; uule.rnuads meats, g->ma poultry and ups srtr l do tight a-iut nug ao t in.ning. Beat city rete ice. Call at 1M WiostM/ *t., ossr Henwou St. rAKf- !?-A 8ITIA TIOI*. IN A KKdPNCTAaLR family sa g xxl e ?k, washer and troner. Can bs a#so two days at Wldairtwiu St.. tlrst door, front room. 7ANTBD?BY A RKdPiCCTA BLR TO (TWO OIRI, A sHuatlua to do light nhamberwork or t ike care of ehll a Ca he seen for two ttiys at 51 9tb av., corner of Uora IT ANTKP-A SITUATION, BT A RKdPEfTAHI.E OIRL, aa ( bamberinald and to assist la srasboiR, or ohamber J An i to do wait or beat of city reference. Can be sera engaged at 33 Weal llhli st, between Stli and <th ara TANTRP-A SITUATION AS WIT NURSE. CALL AT 1 37 Park at. 'antsd-by a rktpbotabiiV kn?.ui>h pro- : Instant woman, a situation as Oik, u saber sod troaer a smsd invste lantlly; has no objection to ro a small die i Bl the country. Apply at 111* Mou st. [TAJITKP?BT A BBS 'K> TABLE PROTESTANT GIRL, T a sit lalioaaa auraeand lo asalat In the chamber work. 11-atSt. ..d ST., between AAh and -flat tut. J AMTKD?BY AN ANBKTUAN GIRL, A SITUATION r aa s?unstress, can eut ana ttt all kbids of iadtes' ami ' Jd.-eu's ureases, and undaraiaada all Kind at fatally sewing. I L this a>tk at fib ttaat Warroaal , Brooklyn. I [TANTED?A SITUATION, AS ttOOU PL,AlN LO.iK. r sad eioelleot washer and troaer, city refaretiee. Call ltd We-.; :"dd at. 7 ANTED?A B1TITA7 ION TO DO PLAIN RKWINO and '..vkr oars of children. Call at tb West 13th at. near r' AhTSt I?A SIl'UAHuN, IIT A REaPKlT lHi.E youug woman, as nurse a id seuaeireiH or at chamber no aad wa ter; Is *1 dug to ass 1st In waaatng and booing ? good c.ty rrierenoe. Call for two daya. If not engaged, at 1 Rant lota at, Bear lot ar. TANTKD?A SITUATION AS NURSE, BV A (Jim, toll competent, is lend of children and kind and obllg {ta bar ..?? oam-m, oas no objection ui assist ui theru .lu-u r l or do ! am a*win*, (food reicrenoea frwa ber last place. at Uk \ arick at. TANTED-BT A BB8PBCTABLN WOMAN. A SITTA tlon aa saatnltress; oaderstaoda dressmaking. cutting 1 flll.iig lsd;se' ana cai urea's dresses, sod all hinds of Tank! sewing Call at 137 Pearl. ouraar of itigh sv, Brooklyn. [7ANThO-BT A CAPaBLN WOMaN, A SITUATION T to Use charge of a cloak and mantilla esisbuabmaut. sbe 11 take coarge of trout MM to SOU btad* on urn Soulier a and ?attH u ti ane, or trum Ml to 10U an the custom work, goad re' renoe gi en. Address U a. W., Herald ottoe, tor three JS or S?t Waahtaguiu at., Boston. KANThU-A SITUATION, BT A NEAT, T1DT tOUNU woman, to do chamber work ana sewing, or t aring reu. Is willing and obliging; with good city rafsfeuoe. n oe set n tor tore days, at ?fe otn ar., r,?a No. 8 * aNTjCU?BY A KKSPKt.TABLK VOL NO OIKL, A antisium, lo do hi usework, in a aniaLl prlrate famllv. I ol citv releranoa from bar laat pfaoa. Call a; Ul West l sL, fir?< door, T ITANTh.l-A SlTUtTION, NT TWO HKSPWTaBI.E ? young girls, one se eook, takes the entire charge of ihe (iben and saBM la wash tag aad Ironing, the other aa caam Ikl hud waiter. So cue Deed apply ante reaped able and family. Beat of retarcacca. Can be seen oaljr lo day, LB bth ar, oat door Irom Z4ih at., In the oaaer shop. [TANTRP?A SITUATION AH SRAVdTRBdS, BT ONE T who r an cut and fit ladles' aad nblldreo s dressea Call so lid v. , ourner ol Uouaion at ITAhlRP?BT A BKSPBCTABLK UIRL. A HITl'A V boa to a prt?a:e taral'y m New Turk, to do general sisewock is a good plain oook and a ttrat rate Maodrssn. ia be re< -naei ded by her present employe/ at 3J West rot Mat., wjf-e shaonn be aaow for three daya ANTH> - A HITI aTION, BY A BBSPKiTABLK T girl to do chamberwork and waiting or ebamoerwork Id plaid eewlag, has Use rears' reference frt.ui Own be seen at 77 Wat betafiea 6th and 7lh are. Oaa be seen at 77 (Nam 13th St., second door?' root (TAKTKP IBM KOI VTKLT?A SITUATION BI A COM T petf.; per sou an forewonmn la a cloak aad mantilla laMishmaut; a til take the eaUrn charge o'trofia four to lira tndoad baada on the ?tuuihero sad (A cetera work, or tram ty to oar b tadrrd on the orderad work. Address Tor three lys A. N Herald tdhoe, or S7(l Washington at., Boaton. M?sa. AlfTAO-ST A BXdPKOTABUt TOUNO XNvJUbH Jut arrived inn l-mdou, a mt nation aa nurw mmt'rvea. or lad;'* makl, or fcotiaakaapar. mm u of mera< chnraeler, and aooU pr*far an n?aerm?al u uh jatlau family. Addraaa M <*., the Bat. J atari*. 106 id * I (bail no indire oa Friday. Halurday and Moa fm ten to on* o'clock paraonally. rABTBD-BT A RTCPBCTABLX tOCMO UIKL, A miuunoe to to nbamtmrwurb and waiting. Call fur two ? at ? SaatSM at; baal oj any relet mm. TaKTBD-A SITUATION an A riOPBBdKD COOK, wis itorooeh.y itu'.ei aiacde soupaaail ail kind* 4 oool ity^rwlaranoa can bo given. Uall for two day* at ITANTFD?A SITUATION, BT A PROTISTA NT OIBL f naood, taapitian family. OUy rafaronaa. fall a i Wat IT A at. VrANTSO?A SITUATION, AS WBT NURNR, BT A baaiiby yoaag iiomaa Con bo aaaa at bar amployar'a, ? ANTKU-ST TWO RWPBCTABLB (IIRIJI, BITUA ^^?int aa ooa. waanr and lraoar. u>? outer a< I aad waRor. Baal eBy reference from tbalr lam m flbUat US Baat 1 lib at. top Boar, froat wan. rANT*n 8TTUATIONH, BT TWO AXBPSJTABLI (tfia no* aa cook, weeber aad Imoar, the otbar aa jaraad aad waltreet Meat oay referoaoa. > as be far two day* at JOT Maiaerry at, botwooo Prtuoe and AT AN TBI -BT AX BAPBRIKNCRD OIBL, A STTUA rf Una -a nook. waafcer and Ironer, la a priraie family Itr HI la Brooklyn. It*inie..a information |iroa at 3d Wlliougb |?t. cermrr at Jay. 1 * Uxree day*. L*"OUN? OIRI. wanth a SITUATION AS I'QaMBBB ? mat! ?ad wnttmae. or M aaaat :n lb* wubtn*. aooCj* a at ua* .-are of oauarea. Bern city rafaraaro Caa be m at Be ? Weal 1Mb at., for two daya. HtLP WA.OTB.1*?WJSJBAJLB.M II. ' AMIUKH AMUOOOU UUtVANTS WIU. PIND L tbalararM ami beat o?oa la Ike ntt; at UN I lib at, rear uf it* ??., nod wioal*? banedtetetr. aha toed, civil, *at>? bate, teaadi ad arbeeaJL UlrU lately lamdad waatod. d am*U girl* la nod raapvcteaJa famlliaa m WOOD (XK'A A Nil PaMTRT BAKKB IN ALL ITS L inaaa daman to oblate a Ntuaum. trimld da asm ?-- aa chambermaid aad waBor Apply for two daya at *1 let are. A HOL'HgH KJLPRB WAX TAD.?MINT SB A BMW RNO \ laad laity a t on Some for a widow. Addram A. a. J.. 1U Be aid otaoa. M A blTUATlOX WANTID -BT nlHiN AND BBITISU \ fame la del*. far prima faiaiaaa. bataia aad doarBag nam. at JUi. 1.1 BrniMA tXe'a oeaarmi Bees k>y meat laa. *4 tjrvat Joan at. near tba Bowery, oppoatta Id at I LL MOOD NRRVaXTS MAT PiOOUBi AT ONCR L aoada quote la p ri * ale famlWm and bmafc. al tba tl|l k by appiyiag at lae Kap torment I am II ate. No. 79 at aaaal atria aad gtrm lately InaNad. wanad Im AL! AIT It IS IN OB OOT Of TflB CITT, wti Bud at ml not a ??d amarianat of aarvanu tor aad every aea alptaai 4 worB at Urn Eraaloymn* taatt >. n tUevVr at, two dwwa earn of Bread way. Chtuiak baa ebb waxtbb rus bjut ottt wdss. V j.j MMW.BiOamlA (MAAUtamt WAXTBD -BOOO HANDS. |/ jamb* A lid a bb A BOX. TT9 Broadway, C1H A MBERN A ID AND WAITBW? waxtxd. a ?/ > ?* fri, aa Ubamoermald aad eap.raee. aba me borne wan m iaa talll Apply at la Banian m., BrodRlya, Wab awyy. tMiuxa avppuBn with oooab. ? haxhrr ma IA mima ? * I'taai ? t. but* Pr tamaal and bar, at tba Cbama iton* a~d la'etiteaan uitoa Bo, U Hat at . ounm oe a -aa. unal B. ? ??UUN WAXTBD-TO WttfO ANaNUrATvRIBtJ TIL I a*t drabitura' ridurr va tbta ant la 1 'onoeourat la warn amplarttaai wBi aa atroa tba yaar rand, at rmam B*e prv-m Pa* l unbar meaada ayyti al Xm W SnaA QWB._ibBafca.lar two ntta ____________ VI A* ?JABBfc S AUIBt-T POB NNPbOTNXNf-W iw "V tstl marl fwa fcaial ?ay to Baar auaat. urraatai tbriataam t* mmrnaaf if I' ?l tiy etfy oi w or lar. aaman *a to daeturam *a<*a*. VrCA-t WaNTBH IB 1HR OrNTBT. ORB Bt'M AM l-va B?* tarn ? mt>wa>. a aaroa ado a a a*at aaa a member 4 * f - ?nvq aanroa mm a ? ? ror IS y*?ra - -M-* flu. ad mta . y matt, wltb ror xumaolatua tvl U B.briraama mi irT j P ' VniltBBWABWBD-A RJBPaUTABtB TOCNII WOBAX. AM wNAi lb* bam af auy iif naaa aa I* maaiByana aad fcbUty Pbfcmawraarrad aaaamwy. tae aaaa* i*mi.f j^mnanau7*,wlr" ? ? ?Bwama?. ayylj ok Friday torva nw at T^l ReK WAXTRIl - WaNTBn. A TOV?MJ lilNi. 19 II mar car* ^mimaai b a? nn e . yarn laai ijApp'J a* JIBS Ba* Baa at aai am |M mf r > no totxa i-AOiwi r.ntiu-io Atrcao a*a yat IbeB^UilB^iMlAWIfcoW^snaad daar tin A a if mm* Ipraea aew mtea Rem way. ?My mnmaaay, Mi ? ai^tvlbbFroagm rto taa. HOAITUqA ?!Bin TO DO riBBSBAt. NlTaSfcva* ssr "attwivM Ai' ?rran * pir?t r trw wabbss a*? rtoBta TT ?b# anat nlan kane Wtw m fv ata a ataAln. tad a* wis am Aybu ? HILP WAITKDl.FKHALHS. V*NTB1>?TWBNTT UK rtflBTT GOOD FKM ST INK ou'tera, to wh<?B good warn Ml atewly emplorviest will be Urea. Apply h> miwud F. Manny. kumdn. Mm WAWT*??TWO O* THE** OOOO IILUKIII; 'KKID wages to ft ret ml* bauds At Mn. Wsgt'a, Ml IXi.usrtia it earurr of Hum, South <wAI|*. WANTED?IK A FBIVATE FAMILY, A GOVKdXK <S, to Instruct IB the higher Engl'sh branch# ? m vtiMtn uio?, French end drawing. None bat those thoroughly competent neH wilna II , boa 1,101 N. Y.( root office. Wanted- a okrwan or protectant oiel, foe getter el hoaewwnrk la aa Amerieaa family; oar wb? andermanes washing end Ironing, wtih good references. Ap ply lor two days at SO Id nr. WANTED?IN A FBIV ATK FAMILY, A GOOD COOK, washer ltd iroaer; beet ctty refer one. Apply after I t'rloek At 2S6 West Kid It., At Ike basement door. VVogei 17. YET"ANTED?A MIDDLE AORD WOMAN AN CHAM " bermoid. Apply tit III) Id tv,, eorner af llth it. WANTED?A GIRL T" DO (iENSEAL HOUSEWORK for a small family; ehe malt be A good plain rook, weed rr end lroner, and o>me well recommended, Apply at 18 Monroe place, Brooklyn. TJTTANTBD?I* a 8MAIJ. FAMILT, A TIOT, OOMPK TT tent gtrl to rot*, wash and Iron city reference required; wegei IT- Apply at 71 Weet diet et BP"ANTED?TWO KKKFEOTABLK GIRLS, ONE AN TT nuree. the older foe general houvework; both mow m derMasd tbelr buiineas snd here good refcreire. Auply be tween 10 and IS oViock, at No. 9 DongUie it., South Brooalyu. fXTANTRD-A OIEL TO DO GENBR A I, HOUSEWORK; TT one who caawaeh eud iron weiL Apply at SOU Weet w w w J ANTED-A QIRl. TO COOK, WaNH AND IRON, AND to do general houeework Apply at No. JO Wen Sid at. WANTED?IN A PLAIN FAMILT, TWO OIBLS, ONE for general h-usewurk; inuitt understand guid plain cooking, WHairng and Ironing. the other miut underetond oil hind* of family sewing an i asvlat In taking onre of children; none otheri need oome Apply at No 280 Broome at. ANTED?A YOUNG LADT TO OUT AND FIT drc?ten, alio eL dreenmakera App y at M Amity at. Wanted?a hftir tidy girl for waitrbhbin a private fanii y. none need Aipty b it Protestants wab good city rt< ommendadoun. No. 13 Meet Sid et, betwaen 0 and 2 o'clock. WANTED?A OIR1. TO DO GENERAL HOt7.dEWORK: kugUsh or Gerittuu preferred. also a Protest rot Wagei SA per month Apply At No. 9 Deberoiee et.. DeK.alh?aveaae, Brooklyn IITaNTED-AK OP1RATOK ON SINGER'S MACHINE. TT to a good operator steady work. James A. Ucara A eon, 77A Broadway. WANTED-A GIRI. TO DO GENERAL HOUIEWORK, In a MM* private family. the beet cf refereucne lor neatness aud cacabh ues reaulred. Apply lor two day* At AS Columbia at . Brooklyn Heights. WANTED-TWO GOOD DRKR8 CAP AND HAT dressmaker!, also two gocd milliters and a saleslady, logo to Newark Inquire (or one day on thu oil] i at O. Meyer's. !7S Grand el. WANT ED-A HALF GROWN G1KL,, TO AhBliiT IK taklm; care of children. Inquire after 10 A. M., at 107 Hitler et. WANTED-A SMART ACTIVE PROTESTANT GIRI.. to do general housework, ehe must be a good plain enok, brkt rate washer aid Irone*. and wilting una obliging. Apply I n m 11 to I o'clock at Ml Bank at. ANTKD-AN ENERGETIC SALESWOMAN, IN 1HE cloak depart),tent. JAMF.d A HKARN A SON, f? Broatway. w ANTED?BT TWOCGMPKTKNr GIRI*, SITUATIONS; one as tegular waitress, to take rksrge of the all) er ?nd psrlora: wages sR; llie other as nurse, can take charge of an * in lie I' " " ~ infant iron Tie bh tit. Is <|idak ?Mbt needle, wages <7, beet of relcreixe given. Gall tor two days at lib A ait Ada at. YyrANTED?A COOK IN A KENrAUBeNT, ALSO A . , girl to ws-h dlsbea and make he roe 11 generally uselal, none but that* who understand the bumnees need eppiy et 1M Urnua si. w ANTID-AS WET NL'KSE, A GOOD HSaLTHT a, iuan. milk mA leas than mnnlhe old; must some well rec? mmen'ed Apply at 1(1 Lesingtoo are., betwaen Slot and 3Kd els. sewing, and lo be generally use!at, wane 87 and 8*. Ui ^ ? captawsble rrtarencee required fur huoeety and em scay. Appiy oner 10 a. M. a: idl Keel 19th M. fir ANTED-A GOOD CODE. ONE WHO WILL AWIflT TT In wsaaiug aed iroalag. Mont bring good relereuee*. Usll at No. A I ai?tr*Uy piece. ilTANTED?IN A FBIYaYK FaEILT, TWO GIRLS, TT one an rioeUrnl plaia cook, washer ami lrueer and make go?d bread; the other as ehasaborms d and to do plals IlT aNTKD- A G0OD9ODK, WASHER AND IRONKR; TT must oodentsnd ).>shtng bread and biara t; a Frnteelaat preferred 000.1 uij retrrouoe reqaired, t all at Idu Oka ton et., Hronklyn TATaNTKD-A LaDT. MHO WOULD BE Wltd.INU TO Tv devote s part of her Urn* for her board; duties light; ehe will he treated en oea of the family Eeleretiee required. Also whaled, a ctod gtrl lor geaeral konsewors Inquire at No. I new I anal sc. corner of Noel Broad car nuree. Apply at 217 East 10th et. w ANTED-A NEAT. SMABT GIRL TO DO QEN1EAI. housework mom be a good weaker and lrueer Apply dlsiely ai liS Wem 2Ath it WANTED?18 A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILT, A steady gtrl to 4o homework, must be a tooroagh washer sad Irnoer aed naderetend plate nook leg. Apply at 18A Fort Green pleoe, Brooklyn. Wantkd-a oiel bob obneeal HoatnrwoEK and cook tag, far a family of etgH pawned, Apply at 1 IS Fifth A, tstweee Id aed 1st era. ^^?'.H> :r Voortmt rfn??*?u w>U> r>"1 Cltj ??? mrcdaLuaa BMd api ly ? ? Mhb ??. batwan lib and Ah am WANTED?IB A r BIT ATI PA WILT. HALT AV hour'* i As from Raw Tortjh food eoot. mm who aadar Audi Mklaa uMtW and la a wnprlaal waoreaa alao a akaabarmaid. Apply at IK Waal Bd A., (Ma 1104 e'oAck. trmaAaal preferred. -^y-AMtvo-A ooon oooi, washes avd iroxeb Mi yy antet-a youvo aim pbom u to i? team aaall family. aaUaUr*?j nt^rateraooa rtrtlred. Call A aa Wa? IIa A., (Ma I old. lu tab# caM ot eh idraa. Apply A 3t pauk Mb A. WlUiaaat ?rg. W^HARTEP-A SMART TIDT WOK**, AS CHAM 8KB | maid and waiuwaa: ?at who ..a taraUada mdM^ iruiKog MB Apply with rrfii l aaa* A M aaA I7?h i ?TARTED-A %OOD, PLAIN ( COB, WAkHBB AMD TT trocar alao a flrt a do up AatM wart. Pa rnapatral hAp ubntA wapaa will ha part. Apply laaHiaiaty a 107 yy AKTED?BT DR P RANCH a AT <1 MTRT1.R AT., MMaRlpR. a faaata A a koiiaehaapar and aariaak; aurt a caaaaa bar* a pool N M?r arrtrtd Boom to Ac UTANTKO-A NUBA I POB A CHILD; ML'fT II KV TT Miely conpctaA. baAat rafaraaoaa raqtiirad. OallA 111 W^BANIBL-aBTRRAi. uuua TO BaU PaTTKBJM, ? a Km 1'iaiiA'i KipKi ?m mnlaa. ID Mruadwap. twit far ibraa day*. TMOURO~L?DIM WANTKD-IB A SMrtCTABLB | 'juinii aradamr W) danaa Uiwmi aalaty paid waMJjto IkoM weOjwaUked. Apply A Kioiar aaumpaaa'a. TPS Kaaadway. 1 000 L.UUU AO Olrla axroav aad la auUtlBf knouad ak* lid ?ua> wort and ?oad wapaa a lha Bapraaa akin y, 1*4,1*3 aad 140 OhAai A. THR TRAUR|.^^^M (?OKI KN1RR OR II AC'S (RUT a NlTC ATloN WaNT ?/ ad, to laara allkar at tba abora iradaa. ay a rowta II jaara ? ?*a Adarraa U B. oaod. *?0 VJ araat ?. ? TOB RAlt KRA WARTBD.-CaLL AT BAVTA'R PVB f a ***?' *' *? _______ Qcnuia wartbd.?a oood obrbbal work U Ma. aotoar. warty art Irt aA Wart will a Mala ppod wmm art nm^ work by applytagla Jart 7. Biartaa 'aTlS* BrtM LrinooRAPHIC PRIVTBB WAVTBD.?APPLT TO BD r ood ruWw. *tt taiaiaad A jpHtrruOhaPH PBIRTRB WaNTKl>?ONR THAT BAB bad thraa or four Jlwi1 a: Apply A 91 rROOI Rt> DBBR -WABTBO. TWO PI ROT BATB I-lank txxA >ankara tr> wort ne eitra work, art. I*n bopa who kacwa bow <a (pad tuMmg laaakta*. rtjura A TT ArktM W. ?r artTA JO UTBl-lRAPHRRK -WAVTBD IRMMutATTO.T two i r taraa dm elaaa IRbupMaAr praaata far hloet A V" way. art rulnr wart. Roee but fcoe kaeda aeed ayf.y a fUrt H Itwawra a I thr irraphu tatebliaharM, tPT Broad \1' A K TWTV TWENTY OB TBIBTT OOOD PBEBWORB TT frtort A wrtM goad wwpdb art w?UhdA>wa aactp ta B P. Maoa*. ?ur VMaSTRO- * HlTCbTIOV AS OABDRaRB, BT A ^B Mjjjad aa*. u Rnaliabataa. with a alfr aad <m? oa(l* A all da rm> Art warp-aauaail) and. ralar>da taw MM* A all da BBhr* tJW IRWrt and ^^?artda ta# laiaiNCAaa <ahar fo.n., taa ? Mat .1 ln?lt k>*>r and khahra mrawn. >a? ta.i?aT8^W ??w ptwn aa A# . ba baaa U lata m oairy tao paara baa tad taa ?aaartaoA id tax Bna a apt laah aaa a maraa tba b?** i4 Mwixa f,Taa aa w tAr.|W' aaa ak Rj Addrabp J ? . ?! .a.ra ilrwba'S Al>) a, IPJabi. A . V. T. Be rt Tl'ANTBB-A P1RWT CLASH OOAT CtJTTRB ?AO TT dradb, wiik aaaa and ?ad* aaaa. A had. boa Uw Now lark PaAURrv WA?TW-TWI) CBIN A OU.DBBB AND A OOOD bo war paiatar ApA* A Mwwph At Oraaar A a loaw-Wit a. '*ax.?wr_la, ?f ?? .n "? ? 'S?,5U~ k ?ssjaees, MB TBBBBW0B B9TTB WTU PT.BAWB RBVD BIB a^d up M Br.fw idAnrw A hayArtdk. Vwwpart. M-'mZSaZL" uu>? Arroyr5,# WB r. friHAM WATWBRhBBB. OW DOB dm Bawwawp, A hW'Bhi ararady PMMAad b* Aa Inahar N A bind MB. oartA ?? Airi ?d B- BiWrtHrt. 9 lcAflf pArt BITViTItfia W4ITI?.BALBg. A young ran. m years or Von Wuh*+ * Mm - atloo >? gelaral c eek el a moderate mlary, ia a go?l pet-aian aad quirk and correct at Bjpvm, baa had ania > art' mpet tenor to Urw H.m English houses, ?ood refer*,-re' Id ir, mm. 0. Herald office ATOUNG MAW, HA VINO FIV1 BOURN KVICKT DAY un'copied. wishes ft* rinptoymeal u bo*fever ia "Ff* oimtuangal ho.tie he * perfc Ut q,mlili?d f. r the teehl se?ieLiott,*> given oa trtal or no bantam: speaks and s"*otah audiIn uchiwould alao to.ip the tesAa in Soa uwhk required Address Fraactf Head, bo, 1M) Herald offioa. AUKNTLkMAN WISHES A SITUATION FOR HIS cwchman aa he la gutng lo Europe, and would be happy lo procure ham <aae before fug. Null i art by a~pivlog ?I Hradlav A lU'a Stable Noa 8 and 10 kaal Thlr.y Crat street, betwet a Ma,'two and Fifth avenues Ahkadw aiTVn, who kkfakn tub frenoh. kugluh and German languages, and la leaving a drat r,?ae hotel and ret tan, ant. In tali city, la daatroua uf a similar tetaaMow Atidrrm Kaaile, hoi 100 Herald office. A SITUATION WAXTED-HY A MAM IX TOR A country, to take charge of a get'.tleoUii'a p life; perfecilr understands farming, gardening awl taking charge of Rock; c<?d retertioee frumhta laat employer. Call far,two days, at 34 Ueekmaa itreal. A MARRIED MAN WANTS A SITUATION IN TUC Sl ( apaoltr of ahlpptag dark, packer or light p,.rt-r in a a bo, male store, la a good penman end correct at ligure?; ceo ?r? the heal of nuy rofereece aa to bonoaty aad aobrierty. ad cm box in Herald office. * TJOOKEEKPINU.-'TO THOSR NOT RKtyUTRfN I THE Jl> (Mil tine of a bouhkeeper aa opportnnlty offers of srcur lot the services ?' a Ural rata man Term* etuy. Address ft eating boa 14S Herald offioe. EMPLOYMENT WANTXC-IN A RESPECTABLE rAWI ly, aa general man: understand* the ,'%r* of ho race :tn ? oows, tea send gardener, a most uwi'u man toalde or nutetde at a gentle nana hwiae, la itrictly aober and of middle age, baa lived with reapectable lamuiei about the <oty ol Dublin and an yean la New York. Well re gNBSMttdad t all at or addreae J. L.. 73 6th at. near let are., fourth floor, baA room. SITUATION wanird-as travelling agent tn a wholesale aad retail liquor houae; la eiperlea'-ed in the buMsees aad hea a good trade. Addieaa W. H. L., box lit lie raid office. THB ADVERT I8KK. A YOUNG MAN OT STEADY HA bite, deaa-r* a portrr'a altuatloa, or aome employment la a wholesale houaa; usee to ahlpptng and marfclt g tr?dt. city and eouthtrn reference Addreae A. F M box Its Herald office. WANTKD-BY A TOUNO MAN, BROUGHT UP TO t?mmerrtai pursuits who apraka French English. and nndemtaada tlrrnu. a ahuatloa aa traveller tor a ute-caaa ule houae, or la willing to arcert apoaaitlou In the Month aa elerk or overeecr of a plantation. Beat of raioreoctsgiven Addreaa B. B , Herald offioe WANTED?A SITUATION. AS HOOK K REFER, RNTRT elerk or eaahler, In a wholesale or retail drv goela or grocery xlure; Is willing to aooapt a moderate aalary. haa bad espeilance aa entry clerk, and has bceo three jear* teller in a country bank. Addreaa hoi ARM Foal offioe. A HRltPWAflTKO-MAIdKh. NFAT AND MDV YOUNG MAM* WANTED -TO imm nyateraand mike hlmavlf generally tmefnl; mind Irhig tlrat claaa recommend Ulooa from last plana employed. Apply at the t antral shad re. #dd wh av., before 12 M. A (IRNTS AND TRAVELLERS WANTED?TO hal.l, A A patmtcd article need In every family, having a ready ?ale. 1 bey will be required in depend fl it, the soot of ihn article tbey are entrusted alth. Apply to J. PUUUps, No. Si Beaver ah AOKNTB WANTED-WITH A bMAids' t U'tTAL, MAT U> who can readily rnakr from Rib lo kid pur week, by u.uoui cing a \aluable lmprovemeitt, tvxvuig ready tale. Ap ply at 1VJ Mnadway B<>OKKRRFRR WANTED?IM A BOOK JOiHINGOON rem one aoc uv-mrd lo the bualaeaa preferred. Ad c rrra, with rrferettoea, aalary expected, Ac , not lye Herald office. Entry tmbk wantkd-a lad, quick at fig urea, may nndreaa. In own haat writing, with refernucaa, boa ?i;?Kmoffiee. j Employment - kmprctablr and khrrcirtic : men of gsod addreaa wanted, to canvaaa th e aad an toon: tinea f< r our new work. Ubaral commlad-m or aalary gtren to the right eort of men. Apply to w. H. Rualdoo JOLLNMOB, FRY a Co , Fabllahara. 87 beefcman it, woo ad floor. WANTED-A BALBBMAM, BATING A LA RGB FIRST claaa Nnnhera and Watderu trade, ran make a perms seat arrangement, to take effeol either now or In Ian nary naxt, with a well established hat, cap aad atraw gtmds houaa Addreaa. with raal name aad reference, ?amoaai at rade ?nd wham Ineaiad. Ban and Cape, box A Oil Pamoffioo. WANTED-A MAM TO TRATBL WlTB A Pa NO ramA. aovaral aaeola on eaanmaalon, and a good colter tor Apply ml Kedpath'a Marchaala Clerka' Reghtry 'tffioe, 78 H row way Hntuuona proarwd. aa c main Gat, .u la advance; app'icaala hv mail must rnolosr two stamps. G. RaWLINM, Bupert ? TATANTBD-RKN REAL BOTH, TO POST AMD DIMTRI TV bula head oil la Good waoaa paid u> ataaly. aaUve. la duotrtoua lada Apuly lo Rraoady, idb Broadway, uear Wal lack a theatre, aa dllh Boer. WANTED AX UXMARRIBD WHIT* MAN, AM WAIT or In a private family, moot understand hie duties tho rmifhly. end give aaUafaator; refovancaa. Apply betora II o'clock a. It, a rat Wth ah Wantrd-a drt ooodh baijwman. apply at 1A1 Fulton ah, Brooaiyn, this aaoraug (rumd to 8o etooh, or from ? la 7 v M. WAN'ED?* YOUNG MAM, TO MAKB HIMMFLF USE fnl la a itore down town, one who eaa loan hie employ er ?'0 teSLOtO. Salary *M0 pgr year. Addraaa H. A Oa, hot 1*1 Harold affiaa. W* ANTED-A OLBBK fOR A HOTEL. ALSO A BOOK Asagsr aad oorreapoadtag clerk for acomnMaa on to,tee Apsly at Medpath'a Marrhanm' darks' Hertatry offioe, 78 bvoadway Hdiiaitaaa peaaorad. Me eomralaalou ia advance. Kefareooe ta Brat alata hoaaoo. Eauhllffied 1*6* UFO. RAWLINM huperiataadoat. W AWT KB- A RALB8WAW IW TBK CLOAK DRI'ART ateat Apply to J?m A. Hoara A Boa. T7? Uroimy WAWTBD?A BOT BBTWKBW TUK AUK OK U AND Id, to Attend ta > Honor Mom, two wbn la mpaMr id 'ba htud MA Ite w.U r?! I mil ebarya of tea piano. In nurm at AM) lite at. Moat eoniA wall reeoaimradnd WAMTKD-AT TUK ?KtTBMQWIAM HOI UK, A BOT TT lo watt In raaumrmat and tedl bar. Wuaa ami a..ply aaarpt teoaa who oaa ftro aadouMad rafarao'r WM AMTKD-A TOCNo MAW TROM U TO *> TKAK.I of art. toopoo nyatoro and mtkn baaan" ?rarrall? ran lal. Apply W ItuteiiucAi'olyaa. lte I'termi- >MM.. kroatlyu. at Sl? faar. te. op itetra. hrfora Ml A M. .VSWr***1 WAMT?B-rOCR BOTR. ABOUT POURTRMW TK tlk ?B|AW< - - . .. Aim - XaMKD-A MAW. TO PACK POKWrTCRK. OWK a ho thoro'iyk j amteraLaaila tea '.oaUraa. Apply at ladtaa te WABTRD-TWO BOTK ABOUT U TKAIWOP A OK. TO Inaip tea prtattoc haalaaaa. teiwa j m (ram aaboni, who hoard wih later pa rata prpforrad. U^ura at Traarw A Lodurl. ? kaidoo laaa. TA'ABTRD?Ah < t.KRK IW A LAWtKRH OPTICS, A TT |Ot anraada, I dratrca to atady law prtenrtad. Addiktebna AIM fate idhoa. YOUMO MtK WAWTBD-A TOO NO MAW. U OR K> jrniaaf a?o, aba haa ?yi tnmMp. at ?ardnuncaote teams* id t?? a>t "'.lain a |ud aAuatiua urn ter au. un kpplKradna. at 10 o aterk tela tetenloR. MAC. Mr'arakA ko *H Wan twite ahnai II or IT yanra oi ana m iat rateli wttk Wa baip a rood ndnrafda loo LATB KoH ILIMIKII trim. A WIDOW LnltT ? IT WO ALOMR tW A flMt I1.AIW b iap naa bloc* aad a hair rmaa tea FiTte A man* H < tat would ran* oaa or two farabhad auoiaa frw a lawiiiwaaa aad lodt. fan knard lar tea lady ?alr. Addraaa Madaaa Oral. Marald cRor. Arm but twk?tt ?iest RTRrrr iirimkr t Pa.-h -uaatraH* onomi for 'a*! Una ate. aA?la Kwaa Iwite'kan, w*a Hoard ?AROaIWB mm WWoLBBALIC Bt'TRM UP WII.U ate I ? L Mtaaa' MUliarrj, uu-paai la taa rttr. dtraw larte aad Mrua (tediu obaiaaawaad rated A and aad ted ifteteA ? Id T7XCCBRIOW TO TW* CHOI. KB A HAWK A -TBK A WO Hi I tea awaar lAOoB BBLL. I 'apt Aatlmoy, will auAa ter Mai taaan in aT tea aPMaa M tea " Vtera Hark*, an *ua Mi. tdpteteter |A taaiMr Bandana atrrte at ? o rUwA. Card ?Up at dtp. Aprted itrrat atj, pdar Mm I. M k .at TV Tighten II Kadteihatraid ?ad batt lartertud mi board JO a* UUkum. El.RO AWTLT PCBklRHKD BOOM* TO LXT-IW BUITS ?ad aha la. wkh rmi te part ?! Rmrd in ? am: Mat a. rmtatateR a.' teudtea matiawite ta ika rurally aT Ik aad lalua parka Applr titkl I Maala. 1 aMd* Pllte A rat liraadaai fpUKHlPinCD PARLOR TO LKT, WTTH A SMALL ROOM r aiMatte. ana'tenlnr water aad i ?? wJmbla tor a tedy mat Iiuiteii Tka beaaa aoatalai al: ter darn tetpr-rrnm a 1 anaa antwda *?pi| at w ? hood way aad U ntraralty plana. H> Rt te WatiuWS AC. POR MALK-TIIK MmMW ? ot lb* ?r?p atabir. wrtwM Twnaty an mate dial aad hr adit). al aunttaa. tela day. iPrtdayi at II o'nbMR. aadan a ? wkapn, orawteUafar M or ? Hurate Wapoua, Cuinhaa. M na aad rlca# Aitegb Rakki. Mtaakn-a, An idrarr aUbtai te> o and brtlar hn tear* at Id n'rtnrk. aa ten I wll aaa ante" nT Ibd teak Monk la Raw Tar*., late baraaa. An. l.Ka >?r atwiy IW HAKLBW -A WlCBLT PCRWIBRBO ROOM AWt> pa-UAJ Mnard ma I* bad M a I>n.atn raa.Uy. lor a raatte n ?" ? . >. -tn .tea to Iwo tea* temld ma i ><teS?n itnma forte at a bran la Baa a4 teadnra teapmrnannu Oteid rrda rterra raquaad. Atditea A. H.. Harlaa Pdte ater*. 1TWT aRRITKD PROM TBK WORTUBBW PART OP ?l 'kM H.IP, four pair 0 Horn Pay aad Mate. Tba abora am ter pmailna Horaaa rnr baaaaa* Wyotelay aad Irrtny wan ananuna tMjinwg | wabaal hii telah mra Uaa. and will baoffpmd at teodapate pitted It aafcn qa'nk aama twa^br aaaaaitea HrtrawaRUa wiklai, rnaaa mail Oaaay rpo rwpbutablr tocwo brw caw hk AOCOH ?oPalad wRh a tete^ntkbla liaat Madramu. wite or wkb aat Baard AapD at MM kpttey teratd. Idwraa Hipteno aad Twrlte. arte tea ojtear adwa: plnaaa baon* rmm LWT-OWB BLBOAWPT.T PTBWIWWBH PWOWT mm. Ba ? Twaby ateaat, awaaaata Bate Mmk. TXTAWTBIV-BT A TOCWO MAjLBtRO (OUPLK PART TT <M a Beaan, far bnaakaauBTte ba teMAa. btewaaa Wloik aad immcum arraaaa, aad Hp aad Ptettekb awa iddraw tea dad raad u. W llrrald IM. A A wm* *?.IIB WTBBBT?BOAKO.?DaJBUTPXTL X t buaai?to in* waA Baard. te It mm Taatfu teraak. bp iwnna PiOb aad Mate amoiwa. atetlh At* (Potlaaaa aad term atrraor aatyV a miliar a. Befnvewwe rwanlmA -^N|T|aa- ? P TBI * yai WT row anAda-Tu PAjbTtiW TWiwiiWW QT c:r.VLrs: TirJnszsiSrZ rum row BAta-dB rmr tr** tm noon prtean wte ba aMd 'kaap Apr j i '? A ?IB, bote trv.tear. (ate M utaad Wraav Baat i.dl. Grand National u ? KHniwiV " " A LI, I UK KKlKNDb UK 1 id ONION. THE CtHbTITt lUN A.<D Tilt lAWi. ALL WHO AP.K ?W> BD TO P8KDD0 ?toPHBUCA-ddM, SKUTlON*L AND ANTi I'oAi KRh AI. TBACHIAKIH, Are rwtiU. "I'd Ig ustMiJLn la and ennui the l-OOPKR 1NHTI L"|?, to ihe city of Kff York, on the ?,ui:ve?eary ,/ the kdOtlt(<| of the FKDKHAl. OODHVnOTl >*. ON MONDAY MVKNINO, rep trim, er 11, si ? o'etooh. AND TO Umlll lirt IKHPul uiri Tie following are tin* na 1 ? nl ??? ?" A the * 'KAKhlld whs have been Invited to -tdrnn the meeting-? Am. MIM.aHD FlLl-NORK. of New . ,?*. Hon. AI.KX 11. HThl'i K.1A of Uaorfc-a. Boo. JOMN ?>. ' HI I KiniKn. of Keuluoky. Hon. HUKaTKi M?VMul'R, .,r Nee 1 irk. Hen. rKHNArtlx wood o'NewTork. t-ov WlilTKl?l.l?. of MlMuwdppl. Hon .lAkKtf l<? t D V of N e w York lliw . WABHlN-SIHb KaMK-.W. of Trernm. Hon 11. W. UlU.lAittt, of uttou lli*. UhuRUK Ltih f oi line. BsND.sLL IM'.vr. if l.iiiloUuiA Boe. VN, C. BlVK* of viratu*. Wov HKOCiMK. if K|,irtde Hi.* C. h. koHKlikAli, ul Kentucky. Major IKlhl. WKIUDT, of Miow.un Maw* Oeu. J. K. Wool. of New ? ark. JAMNN a TtlATKK Ke4 , of Nee Y-.i* DKLK-IaTIONH of the Irtendn of the NATION A?. CA1THN, from every Stole In the ONION, have H onored their latrnUm tu attend, and their several Ut edi|a?rtor? from which the/ will oe eeonited to <he lueetin i will he ai oouaced hereafter. The CooMaMee of Arn.?genie>ts will 1* so oennaneuoa nntll the tneto'ng. thronah the lay at 2.1 rhmnt ora aireet, around story. nod In the evening at room ST <.a?er*? liotaL bee following rvtomirendoit.m i ( thla By order. tlouuolUrr of Ai raokrinecta, J Kill Ah KK AO, Ohslriaan. Davir Rowuirn Ueoiu.* A. H-u.-kr, } "revets tie*. UNION KOR THK Ha KK OK TUK UNION. We, the 'lodei-vAgued rail upon our iellow oltUena to ""i* to a 0 RANI' M aSn MKBTIN.J of all wh'. are oop Mod to the Krpublican party and Ita prlnrfplee. believing that their suo ocas would prove lujiirtone to the peace and p-uapetity of the ron-try. Nrw September Id. 1Mb. llonry Or ni.oll, ilreene C .BronaeiL, Peter I. Ntvtag, Hei-yamiu Loior. w Boiler I hinran, Jeremiah Ton le Oct-tro It lamar, Arnold, ConaUhie A Co.. Wither*. J. II liobsrt Haws, Hcurya emlth A.Tow m-eu-l Iewta A. Hayre Hiram Katchum, liut-?M A Isuaonl, *?. P lire. M b. Wtotoey, Nathan v. Y att, Hsmuel l?. Habojch, R Hrlgga, t-aihmp A Wilkinson, John P. ' iiwan. Horace I! Day. Janira Wil-le, Jr.. A Co. Mapneo It'.bo-te. Fernando Wood, i uchratt lib, Keobee W. Hones, Daniel Devi*. Cbaa. M tiniuolly bi.oioel li-.ardman, Ueu B. DeFnrveet, KdwtaJ Urowa. Bet.j M. Whltky-k 0. P Hchermerhora, and maov tbmaand other! Grand national mam mkbtino.?tub hktr ral eub eurumluree lor this awwtinc are roquoatel low armbla thla and evety aucooixlmn evanlna at aeven o'ul kh, until a tor the meeting, at nom V I*farge Hotel. Hrondway. By order o( OonualUee of Arrnnmn.enla. davio bowlawd OICO. A. HALBBV . rpHK MON8TKR UNION MBBTINO 1 ttrnnd link* maas meting to be t im Oooper IagM tute, on Nmday, Keptember 17 at rlgbi . HiOk. All deouMra Uc and L'nton elnbe are lavtted tu oo operate In thla great le mouamtton. Tbe otnoer* of auch clubs will uleue ovnmunl,' rate with the Onmml tee of ArreDgeTneots. who will be to ses sion lo room S7 lafarge II.*. I. every evening this week, to perfect arriuremouu to attend eeid miwtlug, aed aopeiru es corts Im the varlone delegtiioBA from abroad Oaaumtnton tluna may he nMffN lo tbe heoretnriea at toe above place. Byordernf D. BOWI.aaI) 1 OBO. A. liAJLJBT, { becretarlea. 121 H WABD. \OUNU MKM'R TAMMANT IIALL RBU'.'LAR NOMINA. TION." Hevenlrenth Attaemblv Dtotrtct. Tbe deli-ja're elected to the Amvmbly R'-.u ventlm met. pur ?uaut loihe iwll o! the "Vo<*g hlen'a (Jeneral Oimmlttee of lamuany Hall, " and argasLrrd by the chorea of B. M. Pelt, Kaq . eeOhairm' n. The Convention aomloa'ed by eoclaata UunkMiwy P. lagrahui Jr., as the oaadtdi.te lor member of " ly for this district. K. 11. PBLT, Chairman. nta WABD.-THK UNION Ml-BT AND SHALL BB prase read. To the people ? The nrdevatgnnd reqomi nil opposed to tbe election of Abra " " " ' " W Stoles, to umnt , tiir ltih tost., at an thereto. II ,*T1. M. Levy, M. D.. John H'atcp, M. D John U Oarbarrr John Bodgera, i. B. Lrwlt. Jr., Lawrmoe Mrroar ham Lbinuln for Presldeoi ><t these I alien -Mates, to aaeamhie at Brrmi irr Hall, oo Krlday rrrotog. tne ltih Into., at 1 o'clock, to ripress their opinions la relation thereto. (Onnima or naKa*iigar.vri. Thomas hetUey, Daniel Carey, M. Levy. X. a. J. he Reanny, John OaoMUo. John lltslcp, M. D.. Bernard Lhrtotnma. Thus MeCormlrh. John U Oarbarrr D. R Frarer, Authuny Wuuda, * K tt (tenet, J U tiofley, ValrnUae I.uty, Hugh Kelly, Ml- hue! O. fleam, Jaoub Hlttell. H. Sbeppard, M. D. K.1 ward Ilagrertv Palr.rk Byrnes louis Petirar, John MoLnaghlln. J. Llnur. F- Klein. UeufgeHrheruman. Nicholas Klaarl'.. >TH WARD -THK UNDRKNIHKKII, A MAJORITY OK I the den-pai*s froto the lath ward to the Touog Men's Oeneeal damn litre at Tamisany Hall, having ijadervu**! that HfgtoM ha*e lw~o bed MMMMI mate under a cell pnrpoit ug to raar irom the Young Men's Oeneral Ootn mitlee, h. rri > iw.-ii y the oemorrarv that they have n<? r .?? aeulvd to any rueh .novrmeal, have ilgned ik> rati for an e.?c Uoa. hare appointed loo Inspectors, and, inrther, that no nine lion for deb gates has heee bel l at any plane where the Doug las and Jaimrm eiuhe meet In the ward, or at the rooms of the Tammany nrnml ttt to this Ageembly diet. wet. ? John a. smith, i i BO ROB McURATH, T HON AH M ANION. Twenty second street and Hecond avenue, New York, kept, tt, 1MB 18" uwr up rooio. I obi-om b\tubdat~ wioitt, a po<trrtboor* IJ The Bailor arid (natty abtl?e to# owaar by rwtarwtot the book u4 pa pare to Unej'iy'a Hulal. The ?if M gn omt-a rtrnttihoor, ok mordat btbribo, lUh Ami. rouulBtoB a few dillari ?d a nuk and lift Key; alae aaaaa Paean, velahbtoaMlj to tha <rwe?r. Tht no ?< y oowialaad to toe bonk aad U raaaH. hi addtttna to UM mcmr-1 to toe bw*. will be (Vealy (Iran ia UM fleder by re iujbhi?J? to I M Broadway, mmt at twetoy atoto toreeL Lowt -or tub nwnii or tub iith ibrtart. a lady't anall ydd hosting mm Wairb beiweao aad itaewlck Mrwato. to *i>Mng. Tha nodar will ba liberal, y r* aardcdbyaa iaf el ba lu Ran* let etrwrl. LOhf?OB TMR-PAT RVRBIBa, HRrrRMBKR U. IB a MerfMna ataanc nag*. au opera Olaaa. The dadar will ba au*ar>0 rewarded uy initug k to 7B Mac won avanua. LOtt-M TH1 LATTRR PAST Of LABT MONTH. A Lai tr addi'i'?'kl to a pan J la Motola, AU . wuimag a rrrtlftjwia of atorA Tha fisher wU. t> laaaa faara u at 142 Taari ? real. mam />? A obT-A i.RTTRh DiatoTRD TO BUM* A TAR'AO J kaa aaatfmto hrwum R J , Aofna W, ooetamliig A M far BSJUl Ibepeym-nt </wal.l no a baa baaa Mopped. RKWAHIM. REWAAP IB OTPBRkO FOR THK RRTVRR OP A (U aim., hlara aal ton faceele Terrier o 7(7 Mn?adwar or udone .to ti uia' wdl -ad to bar rer-nary Ona while ?pm na bar '.rw?al. and "Mill). Ulaarard flouaa." Al, on Iba natter wtaa ba*. _ "hrwarp-umt. a roi-firmWiK oobtaim lot paaii Uokaia, .Hag Uuva towa la a Buuili frrry ataae, Mont ay hapt 10, I * mam. tf toe 1*4 y wtd rst'i/a Tar-aday m-wr^ng aba wlU ranana Uto $20 atope, M toe goods l Tnradey morning ?iroart paid f<* told if*x!? aad tor ahoar rrwvr l^rralaltoai y (glared by iba pawnor bar, I t Righto area WO. Tha rmde be-. Umg u a e lain ear d widow lady. ? of l*am bam* praaaou Iruaa bar lata hmbaed *>*?<: Ra*AMb-tor a 33u> MOBlTRii waT ii; 9mO wvpoam tobara baaa loal aaar toe watotr of MtobU aaaaaa ard Poro aaoowd airaM. na iftoator IA, to Iba alW A'? haaeiey, IJrerpwd. ho if IM aa laaartaBaa. -PaaaeaaeL Aa" Iba toad ia of tor neae Iianlaa yaaabraban a aad gi" touaa laaabrokara or otoara Mf p'aaaa datato to*, aaaaa If uAarad. ^^^?oiiee w Mubberd (l.ltoa,M|M|MHM^^H aiiui RIWaRO -TO PaWMBRorRRa Load OP f lUv Bpaa aad mbara -IM na Mwdtr, Aapto ?, a into to nuaa aaaa torar Wahto, donbta a?rt?g, Uaaral aaaaa, Saa palrrf faaato. R A <> Raaaalay imabara Mo MM. a aary Ur*a r"Jt rura ahala. walrbloa o?ar 40 paway ?*?<?<*. I uom, Iba eheae rwwmM wfll da r?u uwi ao ?Mad AAirraa /. R T., Bniadway P?R oitaa. PIRRITI RR. ^ ^ it TUB Kaotdt RMaMMLI.RP PORhlTfRR MARIO A lartory. ho IM I Ira ad way Baa Aai'n k aba'ia latfl Kaaaa'a toaalra. alawaal aad aatotoaMai aaMa of ibu nato l?tod Paratoira. at tol prVwa. frw MB aad aoaa?da Watd iwaaa. Maiintoito, Aa. Oouda aaitoally p_o?d tar toe all RIRPB or PPPBTtTBM MATTRMBdMB AMD A BaAllna wltoaaala and rat ill. rbaapar '' ? lira, at U. V aaallMh d. abolaaala aad rwiui, HAbliMa A MS hoi a oaty aaa prton aai tod dwBra** I Iran Bom Iba naaihay. Abkproom norr or rmabbllrd porbiturr for BM la all rntan at warraatad laaaafattara. CtRtLDRBB-B ARB OOTT AUB BRIMTRAPh, CM I BR. AO., / to (na r uiMy. Rndabto Mpnaa Matiraaaaa anrrad Iba Iral W tie* Hi a? IMoa "f all Iba dUTar-ni paiaato. laralld Hfpi an* I ma?m UK Hair aad alhar MaMraaito. M WAlr MIA M4 BfOAdway, to iba lawal. U RABBI UtO '"IIA Mil BR bTTTB OP PCRRITCRB IB i uf ?'ylaa, a* wbotomto or rawil. ? ardai atfe MMIi iMM aad fi llitoH Baa ABU WAHO, r7 .aealewwM Rwar AdaVB aaM of Btobdwwp. EICBABIIB- art DM41.M DSHROOB TO IX ebaafl* itorprto aad Oh itotla tor a mm* Manftoto, froaa a firh Oato totoa aafarar ? towb aaa da ao ay illi itoiaa to aalbaa <? A. MBRbA. KB Man Rr wdway. aaar OtotoltorwaA ??RIIHHI MOVaBTPOR A RAPT BOBRT -A PaIA LiT. '-3 LT'd-'STJ^SrjTCI R BPlTUKl WABTRO -I WABT TO PUBffRAAB A I a _b toto " - ~ * IkAwR W PtkM MM BllWb Ai to ..?? mem aaw m arwnto head P irwRarw, aaMabto * b> ntokrrptoB. ow Ms tonalba ibwa. ayaaawl to ba aaiarmi I a KM to? to*I" oa real ratofa la toto any ib Braaklya. Ad wa Mar-beat fci MB Haraba afltoa A pnl to wtoto Ml, H *"5JB *? pltototob aad IP' bid oa Etoia arbtai vto " "*"? abaUaaaa balu~l w*b ? Aaaaa ? na now autobar I to tlrwadway, aora-w .h Tarty rind JaMKA p?. BBS, M. B . I Ham i rarer. f Ml BBTKR. toRAfPAft BPWUBP WWW, Ma. IB Pto Ttofolr ntalb toraat. m Ratwarn Rrabdwwy toto tortb arawndr ' TOBACCO ABP IRBARIi _ HOtkOO MtobBto-Bf TUB MB ?a IRR At A ?artoa at Iba yarMkMto jf R par wm Into aawwd bead VflSptS^rTide^SS * 1 000 000 lATAI"L OOMtoTt<' AMD (IRRRAB _ _ artoto ' Wak per Hi raw raw aa** iwaaiy *ar raai, M l m aBatona <ri ai ir (ftoiw U ? k to tolas y : ' to I Bl'fb*. h 1. IrfMA *W, IWHTHIXTIOK. ALl? H4>OKKBKP1NU, PKVfaNNHir AMD OTHSB . iionpnui rnr-tatfl'hwciiti are utighc at P*iJiJ('i< hieixv u'tlr i ullage . 82 Bowery. New v.**, and I-O Fit too ?Jpfrt. Mrr?'k'?n. Lad Ion ' WnlLu: Jirn?iu tu private ruome, M?i>o-n .-swum ??l Patoe, iQr well koowtt teacher of prnm-unblp, la ou of Up best Inetriiclom o the state ?New-p >rt Mercury. ACADIMT OF PKNM AN4I1IP AND BOSKKSNPINO, St? Broadwar?Luntuiued by W. O. UOOOI.AND, tar mat y y?ar? aeautant ot Oliver ft (loiilamltb Open day end eventnj; ftir practical IhMr action, upou far.sable term*. Oare fu! HItentl.>11 k /en lad aallalactloti guaranhnd. AI CONFIDENTIAL LITERARY HI'KKAO, ?8t) BROAD uay. School Compositions, TrannlaL ina. Kataya. Poem*, III i ett, IV rtiiosd, ti?n?W or written by gentlemen of nr. hu. wit age talent. Man nar rip La pn pared for pubUcaUoa, OiV'ii* n KkfuUoa. Both* purchased. Heart for circular. L'KKNOB AMP GERMAN LANUUAd*8.-PRir. K. r TKl.LBRt MO 81# Broadway, eoruer of Twelfth atreet, ((?labilahrd IH22 will receive new lady an J Rruilatnru wbolar. lot losuuohun to the abova langu stea alleud private feutli ra aud aohoola. and alalia iraualauona. GERMAN AHKRIOAN INSTITUTE, 308 WB-fT TWENTY aeeond atreet.?Thin Hehnol, rnocucted on lbe moat an Broved German plan, auna at tha baruumloua developemau K-v'w wvtuMM ywwi nm m we imnnuuii of all the foouuiee of the mind the physical |i nrfnelliai and tha towel well being of lia pupUx Numerous highly uuallflad teachers, aallva and foreign, employed m iheBagitsh (lar man and hpaalah departments. Boys prepared for bualnma or collate. Separate department for girls, la which 'il aaedlanntk - - - -- - plain and oraameDtal needlework a t Uught. Term brglaa HepP mbar 10. Slrenlara, siring very ft.II partlanlara, may be obtained at Waalermann'a, <40 Broadway: al Look wood's, ill Broadway, and at tha limMUita. R DULOM, P. D. h. aRBGKk p. b. LA 1)1*8* A4X10MPLIBHMKNTO. Mr and Mr. APTOMMAB1 new eetabliahmeni of ascom pliamnrpta and hume for ihoaa whodna<re topursue thalr atu diea under t axluent artkta In New York city. A LBU1TIMATK MMTHOD OP STUDYING a lntroduord, without which an program eaa he made. KVKBY DAT LKHHOMH adopted aa Um only nlTorilve of ten bin*. Superior an*nrtainmect* for the development of taale. For particulars apply to Mr. APTO TV AS, 114 Weat Thirty fourth atree*.. N. T. LKSEGNH IM F-RKXCH AND TRANSLATIONS BY AN cxperieeccd Kieneh teacher. Adtlreaa K 0.. box 118 Herald ortoe, or app.y n the ertnitig al 1#6 OUaiou street, Brooklyn. MBA. OUDMN II"PFMAN'H FKKKCH AMD ENGLISH BOABDIMO AMU DAT BMflOOL. ? Fo 5 Baa*, thirty brat eireet, win open on Thuraday, Hapt 30. Bra. HOFFMAN will be ai heme after Sept. 1. previoaa to which date applkcaUotw made to her by letter wtU roealva prompt attention. fKH. A THIBAULT, FORMRKLT OF NO. 18 WaKP L button place, having removed to No 28 Went Thirty (lna street, betwreen Broadway and Fifth avenue. wtU be prepared to rewdva her pup lie on Monday. Sept. 17. M" PBNMANbHlF AND BOOK REAPING?TAUGHT IN A ura> Ileal and satisfactory man net. Ornamental pru maoaulu executed In order. Opeu day aud evening A. H. ilir.kl.KR, 111RAM DIXON, 838 Broadway, comer of Tlur Wl tee nth xireet | ROCKLAND FRMALB 1NHTITU1B, NT A OK. ON TUB HUDSON. wnent in me Dally Tlmca. Tribune and World af baturaay, Sept. 1A IT. JOBBPH H L RHO LIMB AOAIHOTT FOR TOONS LA a ? ?.?_ f Terms *148. SPANISH LANODAOB.?PEOFBRHOK SORBIN HAS reaumad taatrnoUoa In the shore Innrtaga. Apply from 1U to 12 u'olocfc A. M. at room 7 CUaton llall, Aator plaoa and nights atreet. near Broadway. WANTBD-AN KNOL1HH LADY AS DAILY GOVKR ueaa. oumpateet to leach all the branches of aa Rugbah educalh?, a an t ranch and mualo. Apply at 12 Baal 34th 84., from Nf until 1 o dock. WANT*IV-A LADT, TO TBACH THB HIGHRR branches at aa BnglMh educatl-o In a flrut claaa acade my In Iamldana; aalery good. None but a lady with tha heal references need anply Addreaa Young Lndtoa' Academy, Herald tdton, fur three days. |HOl8BI, HUGMN, RC? WAITED, AN l'NhAt/'KPTIUNABLB TRNaNT (FARILT SMALL) dmltea to rent a oocvenlaal lluuaa, wi.h modarn uaprova aici ta. In New York or Brooklyn Rant HSU to IdSC. Vbooe wlaklng xtxh aa occupant oaa addreaa C. T., 34 Barolay xLeeL Aphyhhtan wimhbs an orrioR, t'nfitpntuhko, ou flrw or ceeond atory, with ur without Board, between it Tenth and Twenty third atresia, Sixth to Mtalh avenues. Addreaa Immediately 0. G . station O Pool oRoa Apartments wantbd-bt a ocikt family or adults, kitchen dialog mora parlor and hedrooms required, or e small house. Rent must not eveeed 828 per month and looaiton below Fourteealh air sec Adcrean V. S., I box M HenM otooc. CVVRNISHXD OR ONFCRNtKHKD HO0HB WANTED? F In this cky. below IL.lrlieth atreet, rent am to exreed I8d0i fortllnre mad beodered at a rvaaunabla talus To parties leaving f>?n, or alvlng up bouneheejln*. tbla a it.urtua'ly tnay b^MBtodMgMtoddlHMHg ' t, Honss, Harald Jj)l KNISHRD HOCBB WANTED- FOR A SPANISH URN _ Ueman and hie family. Ileal aoout fl.SCO. Apply toor adrfeaa Furalahad Uonas, o&oe 342 ) ourth an nua. Hl.tHB W*NTBI).-A l.ARGK U JUSK. FL'RNISHBD or partially furnished, suitable for Orel rises boot dare, ta wealed In.mediately, by a roaponntbla and vary tlx Arabia truant luraUoc t><* 6?<ow hiMotrr aural. ] WuR 'KsTXB A CO., MS Bnadway. bank Iui'nx wanted-a bmajj. high btoop hoobb, (tourraieul tu Twenty third .vireet and iFlflfc avians; be between Fifteenth and Thirty tflh atreeteand Fourth and Sixth a vent if a and wot over thrve aioriee high, -nuel be la gtoMB I hoi "HX 8 repair. Is ended by e tfnllxiBia ao family Immediately Any party hating euth a houas may ? w., boa 1,71# New tort Fwt odtoe. fur two ityx HOtm? AND PABTR OF UP1SBR WANTED?FDR atobed sad nafureMhad, to supply drat alaas teaanta la r part of the rity Over Ully appltnatvxm recto y at Amaneaa Real )ktaaa Ldioa, 287 Bnadway, U. B. HOORB. every part of the cur. over mty appurnunae recteterua to ?apply m Amertosn Seal FMata L Aes. 187 Broadway, la baas PABT or A HofSN wantbd-bt a family or TWO. where there la but one other nail family In the Kxast. location west of Bmadwny, sot higher op thee Twelfth ?re? end not further went thee uotk avenue. AAdrem, Meting par Urulaia, 8. A , *J1 Broadway. ? . R? JOOM AND BEDBOON, OB FRONT RAARMBNT WANT ?f ? Vafur-.lehed, for a family J two Mtualad between 1 bird aud Blgktk avennea and M?ta and Thlrtlrlh MraotR Call at or addn aa B. D . 1141 Srecaa Rreet, for three days WAjmCO-HT A KBIfoKlllLI SMALL rAMII.T Of rrorrcUt any, Ri |oom at 4 ioU of Urtll la a OM rnoroUtUHf, Ml |km a< 4 mA nas of 1^?"**' ^^imi 1 mooTS I Kor^abfr or Pn.aaOw; raforrmoa taf turw oaro of MfNf, ? Broadway U7 ANTKD-TO RKITt IRMKIH ATKI.f, with TM1 TT prtTllM* of bartnr. A Aral "lato Honor la r-aapMa ar 4ar, la ifea Third vara. city at Bronalya. Raau shout lion Addtoto I'atoo Tuaw Worka. 4i Broadway. K T. WA.ITID A MBTMrTTOH ROOM OR A TROUT BAR*. m?at. la a ho?aa RiiiW Id Thirl? Ural and TMnr otftrb auraia and Madiana aad 1 kird armors oattatao for a Ptaxai-aaoWoa, * HA out ooarA. Addraaa?Tb. P., bus 1.(71 ^TANTRl>rIK BAOORl.TB, TROM TlRsT OP OirtO bar 141 Ma?, a fnralatod II .oar, all In a i?a minima aaik of Wall Wrrro, or lontfe tarry pioVrrad Addram --"-I la oalkia and larva, M W ., boa R. Tool ndtoo, Rrootl/x HIM. KR'll.lftH TAMIL?, PART BruuUyn. wUa I>alk aad ail (aculUro far WANTRlf?BT A <d a k./uaa la m. ?*./?. ..w ?. ikuiuh .n. k mtoaoolag Rant aoi aroaadlug AjOU par aaa'ua. a not ka MR ka RMTk | ri aa to >am.? Tafaniaeaa < acArotad ftrwAlya, Barald atooa. WAMTRO-PABT OP A TRKMIBIIRO BOCRR. TOR ikraa aduAs boL.w T oowty aongad ?rw* and aaar Broadway ajow I aad rropoowbl* laaiai Addraaa Waiting QTARTKD- TO LRABR. A THRKBRTORT. IIIilH RTOOP ?? Hoar, amk a I lAa ?odam boproraMiato LnoaMaa ka iw*oa AMP aad lklrtoaA to MO. aad Aiiir4 aad BtotoA aiiaaaa Rant aaA to naaad MR AAdroM H Fw.'kaa I.M RaMat fall pantoulMQ. "* -nfARTCO-m RROOBLTB. TOR TROM HTTP TO TT larlit tomtha. a toon I * ikr .tors** at '-uaU'.ra Ad 4raaa ka ?T I'uat nReo, *. I \V A.VTRP-TIT A PROTRMIOJIAL ORRTLBMAK AMD TT hto wlfn (an rhlldraa ' ton Roraaa aad Kfirtoo oafor ata?M. an aaav Aonr. N?aa knai AMI Toorlmaik atrram aaar srosdorar. Barwora*o gtows aa Addrras iritog MBAla, t R, ?to hrwrna wutUTsoSoRi WAVtRD IB JBBMKT OITT?A PBITATB HOCAR. r?a? anl la rtaoad MO par roar or pan of nan. auk ik < iro# ilR Oar faoaa Addraoa A. IT. 0., Harold uMno. WARTkO- TIIK ?KfX*D T1d)OR Wm^TTnWM OT a an.a.I b> nar, .a a pond IntMlna If snMod will ka Tar ' Bianrni ? ??. waldr. A " ulmL Kaat a? ba toodnrato. AOdraas R. K.. wallow A, I'.. -yy'ATTkti A J?ALL OOTTAUB H'Jt'gR OOBTB i.lrr.i to a Broadway atora roova or to tka rltj oora. Rant to ba atom! OWU a'an-waatod a pari Of a to-WB. Ap- ' plr ta R1CBARHR A CO.. 01 Poortk aaonoo. yy AkTkOTUR WHIILROT A AM ALL FIOORR, OR laa g?to I loor Aad two I MMMHRMIIM fa nba bnweoa MlroeAar aad Ik'rimk al-aota aad PoarlA aad I la Mb araawoa raai not to -toaod gftu for wart or MO fnr lAa wboto bona*. Addraaa I radar. ill WaW RhmrrsUWrwaL arAT1RI> TH* PIRTT PLOOR AMD BAHEMRffT TT ? WM III ?HWr linmatj or too Tirol. >r?. Wan ami aad RaNtoa Laao. nrto mhnr of laa rim f* Wa.1 to MaMaa laaalda aa Rroadwar aad RUAaM an A<ldi*00 T., boo Ml' raid odlaA yiy ARTRD TO HIBB-rA TMAU. MOORRR IMrROTID TT IIIRR, DkMMibl RAtod to iba appa? i an at Iko oar AddroM J I. r , boo INI Tow T?W ?Wra Tl'ABTRD TO BBMT-tB RBW TORK OR BROOKLTB. TT ion Ranoa aad III liuiawa. aafnraMAnd. br a aawlla aaa wdo aad rMlR wtma las roa wnnid ba parttr M liaRMo na atawo aad WoMbr. or to oawwrao pi drawiar Ad drao* far I do AbimO. V. Boo UA Rorald udtoo llofarrwrwa RIW FPBLH ATIOII. KHMT. HTMORRMIH BLMOARTLf nxrRTRATRO ? a AW-r AT AR, (faanorir Roporlaad mrrorw Wo Tarta ?dm oad Row TnrA Pooitooo. rl?W noorto oopoo i ro I aw if l lootrokad wAA f<>R lorli A wo aad ttnmma tar Ladtoo* aad OMklroa -a 0 *R RiiaM ?RMwrR 4<r mnta. As. raI lAiWaakR to aRWara IiirmmAii i aad if. Mrtoi ntoTooa wui to for vlo ororf pah _ Kr^jlwai Now kradt?amoobp Rpfnciif MoRRIk PV'PTIOaI. WORM la I ryf ^ Hln* ^aad OMR A arm foito rtoap Md towon.' d RUM naffnrto o?A Ito rorMH rdotnaoof to* oSrr pnoalar pooM nf RamwoaRA ? tbo aad nal'ada if aa .gr T. Rooto aro to. **0 k'owi IBM lfe*f bar* I *rrra* tonarbrUd word* to altotol ' ana anRaga, a Aa totof tod br ? (too wtd to r-muj rmriadrd Of 'tow ffiaaiw n.tfl ?olao* OMl pawwlar Mfla A imw at maaai r ?-to kav w AM l .to III w. MadtoR 0 torwo totorlol* thaa Bar ka ha* r 1 III' ? 1 uolM aof ? > OWL nr rwofpl d to rrWA. a' TORI STIR, iR ...-aac?d?Wi P?o Idi MI'fCClAA. MOTICftuiw HOtfWsTKAD FIltM I*#U*ANU* CC!*p?fc?" w.7^ luck Hiiiniucs, corner at punac end H, -.-.', IT' Z ?splrmber 13, 1M0. orams Al a > pedal mre.lnr called '.ids .lay In or neuter (Wa Uuaol the report id tbe ai.pexlnlru.leul uf Inau a-v ? . v?rir men). Iheioi.uwinR prmuuldeaudrnsulu.luoswarr uau. >Umi. 1J k.4o| ,od ? m Whcieas, tb a c.napany ha? been mi ed by the a? 1 p. bit Mtloo, .-uid i." prp.laillon ev?r lmvltiir been mvl. lo , vex .ay de'e'eneybe Bupe. inieodent Bar bate sup,< wd t<> or at la Iba capita, ol 'he .umpxny; and wncrriui ?<? deem ea.J rep<i?t In many uf na ee*rum, aiaieineuia u> be Incorrect, bnl in urtap , lb at an apprehension may exist on the pail of ihe :;i? j*d la I thin era. lanjr a! to then security. :,r it Rxjnivrd, Ibat I be aflirera of ibis nmupauy ha and am lierabr directed to . 'Cert from Ibis da'e a reinsurance r# 'Jf ouiaUi d!?f r ak" whether taken at the utnre or by lb. Simula, !fur '.:.e heneli of the mauled, and notice of .bo name bo at oana publlabed. Rear.* d. That ai ibla company baa steadily IncreasedKa bnainr a eii.< a It a orranl ration nu'wr Ha ni*..e?eaumt. and ba< "rocnptly paid o.nry leya! loaa and baa iba prnasssa of aotil ni. d fa Tor and nr. sperlty, that tbe otfleem be d rested to protco' the nteresta ol iba ootnpany la any lb! > ire proeend I ordar of tbe Board of Direr torn , . FHU.O HITBD, Presides*. 1 JOH* K. (I OUT, Ffr I ' AMU* K. DUNHAM, "enseal Agas? MILITARy TAX PON IW ?PAT TOUB MTI.fT AMF UY.? ??"?*' bra cents tiafora the 9ih day of October. ?UJu "f ? and .rata, a blob wtl be 32JI ??u b booba a?e now ot en f>r receiving onaa ?i,1?"' *?7'^ ,,f T?"? "?<?, New City Hall, dadF. ''"?8 A. B. u?4 P M . at the Marshal's "Bee. lay FuMam ?yeei room No, 4. dally fnen V A. M tn a P. M and at tte 4-10 Armory, turner of Kim and Wb la street*. win ?ramu (Meturdays otoet.ted i from to ? o'clock, wbe.e the Kecetrer a receipt can be obtained which will exempt tka bolder from aaul parade and all military duty durtay tbe year. TOItf. TYTOaBAPHlOAL UNION, NO. ?Z i?***.- *p*c,al tueeuop of tbe aho re Union a tne rooms, No. lid No wary, on Natnrday tuerln*. rieol 16 a 8 o nl. ck, 10 lake Inur cm idorauni, the ease of John U ? pina, wbo WHS lost 00 board Ike steamer klaln. D. W. Ft-mix, Bsc See. P. H~ li&oWNK, Pres. Orticn or tbu new torn, pnovidknci Twb Ikwton Railroad Company, 37 Wlll am mre-t New York Re of. It, 1180.?Annual meetlna ?1 he atokbotCer* of Mta enmoany are bareby nntl'ed that tha annual meettnr for tka election of if I rector* for tbe sanulaa year will ha held In tbe Oompany'a odloa. In tbe etty of Provtdenae, M. I., on Taaa day, 2M of Nentemher xt, al 10.40 o'eltsk A. M The Ml wi'l he Oreo from 10.30 to 11 JO o' A. M. Tbe tramfar book will be cb xed from Rrpt. 13 to Oct 1. W. B. PA1.M**, fr . FMiNtry PaopoRAi,<? ro* coal ton rn* nnw yob* rraa Departmaat Fuad ?.Healed nropoaala will be moeftad mm tl! tke 17lb day of tieptemher 1MB), for tupp I/Inn SUOlaoa <f coal, more ox lean. Tim committee rweerrr Ihe rlfbl la rayael ?Kb hldn no far as the Intnrant 4 the Department mar be mm earned. Kor r trtber Information, apply 1) iba nnilinlpNI Uommlllee ct. fuel. NAMUKL B TUOMBON. 84 lleekmaa atraax. Wi:,LIAM WII.'JaMH. (IS Wm Nlnetoaalha HUHbRT MoOINNIS, Na k Kepeyater 1 ?H? SKVKNTH AVRNUK PROPKRTY OWNRBB?TBB A owners < f property 00 Nkh aide# of Hev ,-nlb ar a sue abaee 110th atrect. wbo am favorable to Ita enmph-uon arnordlaw m Ibr law passed la 1849 for wldonlnr and laytna out the am. witb a puhl'c park, are raapectful(y notl led thai the pxaluoa 4a be prrarnte.1 to the Common (Viuncil b> now ready for IXB abenaturer, al the ofb.-e ..f JOHN McCUaTK, 1 Ml nroadwap. ? BTMAMBUAT8 Bay boat pur albany and trot, ton oetuU laadbina?The ateamer DANIBL DRBW laMBR atreet pirn and TblrlleU street, Timfxja, Tbaiedaya eat Matnrdaya. al . A IL DAT BOAT FOB WB8T POINT, OOBITWAUe NMW bnrg Milton ami PonpbkeepMe. -Tbe at earn boat ALUM wtlt lease Jay atreeb pier dalle al 8 38 A. M., In aiUn a* 1M? tietk atraei. sod arrirlu at Ponnhkeapate at 1 P. If , laarfNB PouchkaapMa al YP.i., returnln* u> tba ?By at la PC Pi mergers for Albany, Tray, Siriiam or say ydN Waal am make Mri oommmUmm al Poochkaapdag^H^^M^to^M w?: IB CHABTXB.-THB RTIAMBOAT AIJi'N "PRIUS will be kartared nnlll the r oBny of tae Nortk rlrer, eMbar far a reyular reals or for tovrlm*. Apply al Na 1M Mm street, nor per of Cbnrcfc, seooad bur. rB CAMP MKB'INO, NRAB KIT PORT.?TMi atcamb.Ai AI.1CK I'RICK leaves an Hnmlsr nuiiiitam from Rotiinmn atreet at 8 o'clock. Sprtar ?lremat 8?a. ?4 p0 No l North rtrer at 8H o'clock, for aejport, atk ?i b. the ramp a'o'.nd Returning leaves be.port at % If. 8. ParaitceutA kKOPUC'8 IJN* FOR AIBANT.I ROM FOOT OF 1 People's I .me will run the ataaamra KNlUKRBRoTlKBB 2 HKNDR1K m iMiK between New York and Albany, tar paaaonrara and frelet 1 especially al radueed rates Tkami ?teamera will leave RoMneoa street pkr every eraatam (Nstnrdnya rxeaptedi, at * F. If. For parOeulara luii^^H otter na dock KU HUNT, B1A.A.1AKOB. B?ii.ijard? -fob iaUL a rplundid rtock or ^?nawaiiu aeaomd band Ta?t?s at tmmomli Ntwt <M anl r.amine, or arud ? rCrra by m?l! Private hoaaaa famished. W. H. uRirriTU. 146 Pulton streak PHUKCHAKBBM OF BI1.IJARD 1ABLBM AFTBB TBB ? Cute Will, for their ownprae.-uoa, be parttealar ta IMIS thai the lleraasd plate for Cbarlaa <?oodyaa.r a InrweUna of s*F caalsad India Rabbet Is attaebed to aaxtt table, sa wttbmtt B tbe use of anrh tab's wtll be Ulefal. and for the protesNee d Neasra fWaa A Onllender, wbo bars nurnbxaalt tba aaAMStt rtabt from ua, wa *1U unnaruie ad aurh Utfffaa'mmits PXW TUB* BK1.1INU AND PAUKUIO OOHFAVT. New loan, aurummi, IMP. Poun IMPROVED HII.l.T A KD TABI.KR A ltd t 'ttb'i aibm Oneb Ion We bag loln'orm lha publie thai Id future WC will Mto a mdncllaa of lea per oral an our tallica far all eMfc order* iMm ?lrioc to Ike pubae Ik* beat tallica, uu .iaeftirod at lha laenm possible price PUKLAR A (X)l I JMinSi. SCEt HAHBRN OP BfUJARD TAHIJM APTU TO data will, for tkclr owe prutaeUuD. be ptrtMv la aaa tkal they maka a raaaunaila uaa of lb*r f tllic at chelae. aad aapneulty to call at tke factory Bo. IB Aaa ?'? aCL Now Torb. aa wtttamt it the aaa of ooah a labia might M foaad uioatnal. aad for the protaetkw of fraalnda aad raaaw reriurri a rights, who newl oo prwtaooa alxu aa amlaHkd ncU. wa wtu eapueo all aoab hlihiaiiaa L. D?Ot?W.H Aaa Wreal. New Tea*. | rllK BOI D A BAEO AIN-TWO PIBNT Ct.ABH, PUIB. surd. marble brd Billiard Teblea. will ho *>id rbrap tor?aab. aa the owarr haa do furtkar aoo for thorn. Apple M Mr. JABK* MAfhBV ?!* Bower,. ??_ . " PDRBHtKl) TO MABBIBD AND MNUUC -DE. WA*. MHialWJf, Ar wl'b utel uilcal pleles and draw ings "Tb? brat w -irb for the ooo pro! ??loon ? da dlcal Banow. 1'rva 11. bold br t'h.r'ae atllor ua ilraat war, B T . aad b, theantho al idb Hrawio atreot wad block ?r?t ??( Hr> ad war, w1 era bo owy br roaaufted re all aOUetii na of this < laaa. from I A. M. to I ?. M. DB RALPH, Al TBOB OP THE . PR irttOAL PEt iklr Treatise." Ar , idior M i rieby at -aaa. aura or at Uouabxi. Hours 10', till 1 aad b tl.. I '* node.a rireptcd-k llrao obo ant-ly In ike early aug-* of 'hoar .??>?.t' .inu wlE ba wt-r.lak I al Iba rapidity ana i'Uie ktonarcDMhre aUaadtaC Ibc euro UMaktad, however. taoaa audortra fn m wwt area loag ata>dJag aaaoa, Aa . who oau -oat appnetaio Ua far ms DE. PHI'.!??, NO W PUT THIRTEENTH ATEBEL can ha <. ? mltcd al hi! rmaotiafr tw.-ru ua all Hi oaaatb ahlrh t'rab la heir. DB JOHN?ON, 14 Dl* A NB 11RRKT, MAT BR OON auRrd Ihlrty >oaru la ooo apootaldr oarhlra h'ai la guarantee eceedy aaraa l>r J. I? a regular quail lad phr ?Iriaa. OBaa hour a from IA. M. to I P. M. De a roNitrrr, pobmebi.t or i? or ani btkemt h*a rraixol to hM prwaoal rrr, eoaroatant auM of *%ere at lit aatra street. b-Aenen iTibmi *od Koada etrweia, ha Ira a pn< ala r - trnr.? at Re ? M. . I < ?.. place ? bar* he CW bo anaan'tci with ratlra wekdrare m hta ap.'tnUT a It - DP Ilia mam nor <.( Iba Now tort I uirerott, w?dHel ??! leer. Baa hta diploma Is hM uEee TVE. HBOD1B. MB HEOADWAT. WfTII TWtbTT TERfB U ynara n pat wore ruree rortata Ueaama wtlk >>*ertaMp aafatj aad aoMi to lha paMaaA OkOR THE PRBmKRTaTIOR Of HTTMA" UPE-PtU r Tate conhui.tavion -iw?ot<>r HrBrta eab for thirty raan maimed h<e amaUm to ateeaam ?t a eePMm clem, la which he bae traelad ao leer ihaa Sftj thooaaad MBBE wnbnot aa Iwstaaoa at faltare The "-mediae are mils, (at lha re la ao imarrapMoa to buataom or akaapa of dial Da. MI NTKE ameopeiaat nualn ee. rmm T I* the t U1 Mat aichl^^^^^H derate, aad a our* fnaraataad paMaai aaaa ao owe but lha HIOEl.T IMPORTANT to BOTH MRIBH. M A RBI or ain*ia ?' tfedieaJ A ('War and Mar' aaa <? ilda I e.liu a. ??> papaa alwnt l<? enrrartnpa Prlee Bt By M, I.AhM'iRT l'arti aad laadm phyomtaa aad aariena. Bra dm Bnadwajr N T , up alatra OWna hnara far traaimaal pap* snaallT ?# hi ta'tar and airram. f A M Hi A P M . aa4 lW d.i ? ? ? -IB U a e.rantnd i TV* ataatad with nnrronanaaa. dabi'ln Wieal aad praarel or who daaww a koow!rd(r of Iba lakaal phyMokaateal r?w aruhia. aMoaM road R. p alaolr t? fnUy ua aarahm elaoo of 'wwaw a^ ohoadB be >a tbe baar a of ernrraarwm. aa R Maaaru kanwlaaaa ad tare Bought Ml ruAk. Mailed froa by H. <T lotWEENoR, Mm IrMRyskrwaa. A star llmaa IMP' RTaNT TO THd MABEIED AND Hlukl ? BofTt 1 la bnmarnsd ?Or A. M ManrWau Pr timer of Bm raaaa if Womaa. haa jaat pahlnkad Iba I ?AAA edMHw af Mr ta uabla u?d, oatidad ' The Hamad WramaAt Prltata dddk raKtmuka " hWU kHtHR O. LAWRRBOM, Ntal Veaay fluart Ulni n ?! talilhM In T* i I' i llj Mi aM. New tort, or wtU ba aaui by mall h. any par of um i oMdt Wtatno pod t.?r oda. flh raoalpl of Bl. Ail If It hot 1 EM Bww Tort e*? If AONVTir AND TIBaI.IMM INbTITOTR No. M MOM* n art* br dtillN bUOTT wUl ramnr# eamara ar la ftp!'Al. TBfCWPE. - THE RWEDIBM fRTWWH I r r UNlfl'W*. la aatnt?<* the aad aatraardWajP atawtUuf aarifwiabtlBy da . aaa all kiadrad I loo n (Va by Wraat- ???ar af bfi^E lT?W MKPf At. WOEE -MAXVnjL ON "DtRE ^ af Females.' a twok that rrary kuahaad aad Ike. -b ?al,we iota Ma family Pb? mla of Hi _ .?a-., f laaa Mraa. ahd M Ida aaik afdk oCre. Mh I Naw TarA OBTAI. AND PHTT"*f. PTETTT AND PBEPMOT to ' iM: .!>? and Importer, InatNl *t ERk wand br Mlow mg the r >?? iPaM ooatafamt la that yeeakai eat aind awdkoal awE, MHtuaaa PralNr. ?? Pbfku liftmt mar ibil PrtaaMlnoia Bmd aad emd free ?r>'r?U? Or II A BAEROW. W Bteeeaa-eteem fee. On mw ? New tort (lai I IikMUM from ll tU11 ami Ikwm md<w,f? Raw tor* limMtfi Nil ? nPRBBOR RENTE! I. BC ( EAENIN" -TEBPT JAB f at rdBor** *** ? * *''*** 8HCM-AB BAEl.T ORaTE-BBtP Tilt tfadtaal T rraltae D- Wa Ua ra? . *r'# ediMdr i_fby Mo*ar., ad-efty d? tad In narlug aiDnala M-m PuUaoM way rwaiawH Pr ? and r MkBAT d ?aaem "" Mi herd trrata HM rnmedtm and Iraanwor^Hta MHM_adB meMa. H. lha ?mrld arape?p?rrd ft- m m ? MpdrBkthro|;<tam. aad a woe r-ten'?d pr.^ti uoa-aar 0tUf fiflBO llf f AM> 0496* 999 I OWE ? ?99 ? M ? EMU 7H/I BEOAPWAt - nm laopptn the mkhepo lU'l h Pr. neapk . tm '?a * Mr?M tftaaa if rdM mlm. *wi wdb (

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