Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 15, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 15, 1860 Page 2
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\tt iwreee of the etr ? ?. ?' 1 #eoerk) irtite. m ren-wey, and !!? a4afUb..:ty t# rtof(> .. a , TBI BANQCST "v ' jl ,". ergo M1<1 Uandiumi' Wot erected en ttc m nTthe M 'tetiwsy Company. In the .a->re < ?r ?? *0^k, *1teLt *M rleceo. and fee spac -m ttaM ? ?* decorat-d w th oannceof ?jl ne- | ?nW three and fiiar hundr.ii guert* r\t do*n ,(L "' -edid dinner. The camping incmJed n .mbere .f . 44 dietingutahed gentlemen lu I.irerpeo' unl B" <fn. oour "d ?f the var.ooe oorpo' all00i ,0 tiie J? r \ if"1,'*, V, *-rtea William E*j., or Dublin; John lAlrtl, F , u*rn,,i i ;.tle ftn. Aldermon Strwurt. . 5, &q. Aidermon Sfwurt, franc' m'{V Pfcrke- t mn ?ICiiiOTB IWirvtth rVdellUt fWmdhu .1 *Ud WKOrV, >UU toiiiom frckwith, Oreille, Crest** iL i?t^n Ridl?y rth.mmic and .Job won T. M. MoK tlV KmuS' M-nch-au-r Mr. Kcnord, city *'< ] *'\ I' Mm Green ?artert ?r. ueoKr.i- r-.s - i? , v n~. 1...1 ?i t'.e table 1a the centre of the lent, w* ^ 6 wa, p|a~ej a beau Wttf nrrMgemtni of 0' ^n AmpU ),.?.* hen* done la .he nuraptuuti d ,, read a ;arre apol ? be had received from w.r JODM* ?? ?W? UO.lbl? to attend lb* ,'? * i' i J0"/* chairman's manner of an , . be generally viid m tbrte words. the oon " . .. . art. Ml bis i.uuinK'Dll tipofe them, exited K~; _ *uu ij^ use. Be staled that he hai in ow' tiVi ,i' '* *" h''"v* sent, but bad received na reply to ^ j. \ on. X uti .auantir.) The unsocial writer of . , Ur. -*~?kmou, sent word that bo was much rrJwiV ""^"1 laughter.) He hail invited all the ui , 'J beaos <>:'. i -jope, w'th the ex "pti'io of the King ? B . * aud at he beiitved Garibaldi was by this time ?jg ,gt t*'a e, bt t jd . jvlied him instead. (Cheers and ler ) itir ioUowMog are the letters Mr. train ' he Pu?e Welli'jgtiMI presents bis compliments to Mr. ff *'?: r'? t? i iiat be is ..liable toara.i bmseli'of Mr. V dram ? lt.ud invit 4V)on. tv . *, Auge .t 25,18?0. - . -e? Mil' sci reel presents b'.a rtoutp1 menu to Mr. fvatn, ai.U regr 4, t>,,t j,-b,id business will prevent h-s 7T:'U,? ,,n Wtr , at Birkenhead on the 30tb instant. tK/uV1, iw* _ *'-'T of Clu ster very ir .eh regrets that his en ar-fie.necia pi event h'ns having (ha rdeas .re of lujoeptin* ?r rait, s 1N ut_ n to tli" eeicDrat.ou of the opening of 22B'r"c"< sad street liMlwar, ol Tli reday, me dOtb *?***!)!. iW'i T Q ;b?iO. 7he Bit. icp of St. Aaapl s i' ry sorry that it a 11 not be ahie r*,. Kr 10 b< fhwot <n Aiirtut 10, at the toaugura ' ?**' nt ' Cr t rtr< ail vry In Fr.ropc, and begs to pre *r*'' fc* tr anas i > Mr. Tia n for h.s cvltatkm. D iw\ t'iijp.:, 22 l\60. 2*7 (jf i meril'a dr.res ' 0 to rty that be me -,h T'*r^u , that h e enjay ment will not permit of b,a ac 'J**' " f y r r.v 'v "" to alien 1 at the .uau. iiratiou of ff. ,r.*t >ia iway at Kikenhwd. I rrra tin, sir, yocr wl! serva C. G. B tK!:UiuKB?. 7' F. Tr-i *, !>;. rrd Dela?arr presents , . on pi nu i tr fh Mr. Train, Jj, 4 recreta ex twdingiy that toe great dietac. e at whloh , 1 *> ill Uo from l. vcri ol on tho 30th .nsiant * 1 pre aai bin from b vine she honor and gri* t pleasure of ' At-Mlnr tb Mtignraiist fcsti.alof lae -tree; liai!way tm that day. lord Delawair .1 m cl f. teredby Mr. T-a.t'skind 'a wjtation, and h"c? hi rsibr bis best ? isbes for the success ?>f thi* gr at nhdeilllk'tlg ?nawra-TPari, i. We .i. A g-?t 30. l^oO. The l/ird 1 nrosi of ' -igow.ha* the boi r of ree-v Mr. i-Grrg" K>-au 1? Tra'n's ni Italion to be pro- nt at . the op t j if the Street !!a .way at Birkoahtad, on *.? WTriday iL" 0th .i fiist r rrei.t. which he . wry m 'Mi bis ohiotsl duiivt prevent b in acntji. tig. Aiif i t 2i 1- tk) * .?-ttoiai 1 Geo era'S r FdwardCost pre^-iWs his rorr ?1Mb t 10 to Mr. ? -org' j rate ? Tra p. and b l tct edg Vj b ? "i> f ry it at ion fbr Tburtuay, the SOth Instant, ctatpt ibat 1 e a '. be abicn irooi b.rkonbead a that day. Zjueows Caen s, It , , . u i>, .tuju .21, lv J. tueAdmira renftMlproaenls bJ compllnents to Mr. Train, and r'grtta that a severe donjcstio loss deprives b*i cf the (1 as re of aoc-] Mr. Ira.n s in v.tat.< n for tho toth mti. feu ' .?v ' - s GBXKut, 1' rr oot, August 83, <am. HJr M :d KarihMs pre enu In coat, imontt to Mr. Trvx, ar t n. b rrgrots tba It w ill not Is *.u s |?wer ? "as at'-od lbs ?i?j? *r at Btr, en bead on tl e 30th nsu Ft 1 ? ? ea, August 24, l*0o aid np.'.i, i \t I' net be ,nti power to ?vail h ret oi Mr. iraii. s very k nd nvttt v. 10 a At .geiattr at li r..enh-ad. on to- .Oih of A'igevt. <ioaaa , igtiit J I, ". "CO. The May r j ?? -nt h's imp' -ris to Mr. Tr.r, and Msgs <c ii.aa* I m :i>r tu* poht* r 'tat..* to be preeent ?M a 4~.-?!???/ to sMgorata ti.? opening ,f the striet !ia - way at 1 rseefcosM, which, fessrever, us is s*. ry be is n,* ged to doc! ,.c. T ?n V' ,1 sr ?? 'uruat .'3.1?00 H ? mi II I. -,1 H t >lh?lt. ( 'n, C , x j ?i ioe?. > II. I?m> -t?! thank >"M aery m ? -b T>r your kind in of ttoe *b. ' arr. aor'y I ?ha" pot booth* to j..:o yt?jr paily at l.irkeuh'l. tbauka also : ir tht framed a^rarii.g ? i yo.r ?-reet J ?;iway. Tli .-Arrtafee look -e-y * ai l elk i y > rp v .y B lIlllB of onr ?Jw "pack rp raeea'' 1 r. irpnee ereat'tally yvi w. t apply BBeair r > ?'>r. acd Ik i <??> .t? the oocea eity ior fcois". Ma> the li re * oc ur ye when t .me of ?up lamdor. ~- t ape* arc atnaeh-.1 .p into I .rowood, and -be attlr -*.- \f "??* i ? at a meat A* ra ? ? ./luau/ep mm/ t IVaw v ibe r mam p. ? lb . y yourr, u. i ?. v ? M v v:.1. ir. .? k't r I 1 alt b*<t. re '? r?'i Iron-. latter I a y, of rtblway, eta' mi Wit b. wet ?>? t .?r to enni. Ho (the , ' euppoeed tie r<-v< rend a<-ft m?o wet emer ta ..rp . <fcc O.rell ir-ru.- ami Jobs Arthur ftctbuak 4ta niter). The Charmer ttco pete lt>e bra tti nf th? mitea. He ?kibdtd u .09 f " dri wbl-r-ibr" me I '-ar: of atery F ,g tnli ex. * t en lot.lira u w Vat' Anthem, %ud e .10 piped the -rt ta .'berK' -e*y. P-a-y.hfne t,attracts ?m adm ret *c, trtrtite o r r ?? poet end <r?:e*.-ii;. but only guodi a etc if. ur tore a-d the ',:<?? u >f ! upland ?Bmc iBfey. t u the lore of h?r r-" c> e? of el] the .,?wtr or. ih. erth (Che*r? i. Th? vl'ie'u a mod out it aeWl felte.' ixudr* the wrrM ; ro one eo d tiy acytfc up ^toii' her -fie-ec'.tr '? t wet ? j rearp t**r way tad bee? ijewi er I> pare tU bra ib "f tl.a ?,u#ra ?>: 1'of ? land A* y**%b t eb n < f V' n>? r-wt rfc?er rp J 'a p *'?K thr n?*t isait, t* ? h* nh "t be Priu t C * ?r., te ? ' r.teo'ee n narked if a' e'lpi 'if; fc. d..| rot pet ? rtp> If'to toy ''f the m. ttatrha of i ?triU'e, ye", fce truf ? aorw- ? d :r"a i'elirore . wueo I e re | ieaM 1 ih ? t ooor of rba Pi are fuert'l , rt ernoa that >tay. he read the . eM" ? It'-* ?wet, a gnat to, isao. ? lei ? te ?'?' ?? wipe there -e;p? < ' ytr-r letter ?. taelTlt or' end -a ?? itacre, ehihi lata out tat lad te ay t>? t ..rt H. ??y th<> leu atd the Prui tCe e*?i acd I am roir.iraror-] l ,pf wm ye. to reply that It ? Jle tbe i u.f |? wor t i bt H-iyal Hphott 11 he pre a i.. at m !? tat Bu. rt.b el to celebrate t|.e<(Ki.tog a# the etroti re ,?a>a to that ten. 1 am ate > imneaari ly ye- ?r 'ed froto a *p? op j? or ob' piiip tnrtiattoo, aad 1 fcaee tbt h t ?-r to be, itr . ?"? moet oh ,i?ot eeererl, c r ra'vi-A That .et'.er ahoweu that the aamr die poo)- oo ?h-rh pruB'l te4 i S -? ran, ;re*r li e rr -e - t.f ibe I'< * to the Ner*.b?ra ear, *"d t> !eod erwy a??a-tn-e to the -ad ?v?rvii;ltp rwiMted w is the arte aod oci ? ited irtee t-reae i-f the l*r.?re Uw.eiri, act* m. o id\?-e t> m t? do nM 'o bte powee to PO'wan th< > i-real .idoyti' o oi the ttreet railaay. v(\ftn ) The t*<;i **t\ tt ee pare the beettb o? "Ttie Pre* dent ? * tha l*t ur-tat<-e, ?h,ch wae rrcelted ?iib teji-ateil ?f mr. me'h'R ?n r.< ?. * M?. Tr.r . ?ho wer r-xw. el w tb ye at apr't'iee. ea'd t ba- atoni'd aa I am to yobtte. ?|wai rp. i rer?h.e'.toe.t tiy tfca ?a?ntr'of your p t'i'op, d* t he io?prteod if, t it in aat ooai tt'uid IT of iry ehtrarter? ?o |-*ii!tar ?emy .e;rutn>ent- anhtee)? my br-' . ire by MM r * ' ah*a to Ibe rwd ef mf fco tth, ta i eicp oa th e ?tt e a pie*. ??? taaf r to le'l jut'i ft. - elntt' thww ba k i--r yoe ar mei.) a f eed betru aordeof ry-eadal. p aa yo: be- e ?bo were i apM twe. ilavtRp boen ?oa led tpee on i o?*j'-? op t -tatty ttncreitared, ood eMonlh he i! jI? i la-iphtrr)?yo s tr-t t be pec-roue ta yr ur clf i r' eb .11 break down -vh 'e addreeeiop you. war: ' I I e a preat drtehe-k In a pnbt.o eeewwk" aad aa ut ta itn rp duip.-- t oe elm t fhtal. <.hapL. r atd r,t'-a te ) Poewwe rp, aa irj a-e aware, ejiw rat' M rale atir t utee. wtth at! poae bio h- mtlity 1 oepr the id -.p?o"o <4 Uita eooel noble and lenro of Pto -VlRpu efceu ?<r dorttp ibe few m rolee nhieb are a! ire'.rft to me o a k0"wte<fp rp the towel "f eiwll tiore r tyr-eied thai a ' -ally po.?1 lb tip la thie llelnpape ? ?T o?wrp?t Hoe wi .1 hare been at < ure a' opted b it I wear.*? yo B eyao o pnroi. I of knowielpo nrlrr dlfltoiil ebe wee i "It tr to my lodoav,,e lo irtrodnee lelo the ebit Mortu roe oi the i teetrwl lutrrtes of the bow tl?o are r .e io ir-.r-on im?w. pood or bad. Th" ev-red Bra trrui a priater or leet- r degree m u? all. *4 en the tar. eei ft ir?r?| y..| bolt of me I wee Dot eotitfated till 1 h-l ?'? aed .a et tt a w.ndowa of all the net Hill a. Whra *he ?e?t.? of lean .op latpuae'e praeiweed me wal not Mb., ted till t flfwtM order a I - ' V* la maoy . "Witrlet Then a?e tie taetlaot to write I. u-n?o- make h-Kibr? to rjnint Yiftop Amer?a it her attlonal autienarr, aad <srap bier 'eare t haee beea eftwirg my at. I nam '? lli> way, to the preat Plaguel of all my Jhr-jIt lie apetarde flaapbter ) We are ereaturea of inattari, a t kp ?.r. .TH tee. loir at .oa directing our polmy, oof ?ft molulaied and arttona poreraeil b> laterr*! ? * bv he are ?>?4erfnlly a iae ta l eunp, aeeia.', ? tM*C, talk rp, with elmllar hope* and e'mliar fua-r !" ? Heoaaham trrie the ?? to- arneat, a In etV op doe n ij?. 1 * l,r ?'*reat lairhter)??a woald Ufa Inwewt J* at at Meter Hat' All of ae are ei war.reiy rlrtao-ie "T,,, WW wee tenpted HMory eutre If he bw ,m f |Th b. ? Mih .la* heh re aa ha aid toe cioutea after tm wf old h'' '"?4T* Bt.l uo-n waa a not tern lp ran a, an a...(?!h a lbn.r* . - Mary. C our day. wo .,I ba. Iioa- i-., r-a lor the frewideney. ftf loopbter ) ecer 1 with a had 1*1 1 c,e v, v ? ,f f ty'td atteai "**ta M?yal famlllra of tUimpu. The llr*t m , 1 ? t tee ? Htwiofi were itreet ra Iweye Taeyai.-t are ererywher. '? Mi art ra let)i ia b- w Vork, airwM ra-lwayt a Ihd ' fhtra, auwtl ra.lwaya la Claaitnat', ?traet ra'lwaya i * iTi iadelphi*. itreet raiiaray* ta ft. I/a* aad etreet i atlwaye a t aieape. Why are |tww r-4 Mfureywl aaked myrtlf, but euild plva no a newer. Iha araaon waa. ?.?ryhfMly wae (W( fpted? acbe<lr 111 X V>e bi t e??''4y iituaey f>bwrratwa haa tao.ght mr that tb- higher yoagtr ia ufe?? *- ally, naaaeialir, rona ?Mratalfy aad potititnUy?<he ??-- -t?r people are rra i Preryhody eeeam l.arg up 1 inaure, er'nd, wara aad wratbee. f ^ ta eyebm. ?Mh.-h'td e *Mli meet about ot, a a forty ymrt, whea the fbiik of hoptaad te in a tip'il ?i|,? they p * an a* Wae tow trout t < r"--i*!te*i j ?tear boar, aad atithler ) IVn It waa that . arid mr ?elfin an -.fa. ft. ? nor* ' "-O-wtM the i rm?r waa my ?aaetctwa. A*fwe ba ,lw' i ?ed me. b it naif for l/ta. 4oa Ibrla and .-t reWrtn'f NeTer mgj, the lital -t pot oCm-.lete acntro! an* ??' ' ?*?*. wrtelap in tu? *e*. >ee it ( t.ber 'aat. Wi* >' '?*? 1 ' ? fri.n<i at the r arahead Jta. aay aut.Mt gW-ta -wd thn ea,*, aa ,i what I waa r c* ,n l,J '! ' e*b??r ) .remo. n? tup of ari'?o. I arpatd? ? . | T^Jh?t eM >, (t'le ;.irVwa PnaphlMe kuera, '1 . Tuf ? threw fdfby the tbo i aed Kb iw op thai tie ,- Ri.c-eU.icr T4 rutf c: gK-l u si-, -sowing h' m?D were pereeoabsd, and mqutr d( miii<?? thvtrVBcrcwed in every ape. I ?tu sic Oy the P uoed applause.) I went to <*"???? Tli0 i^nperor ?*? t' xj't .ry w;lh the amies. 1 came to Errand, Usn Jtn tM uo conservative; Lirerpooi seemed auleep. 4 .rr |<ei cd we? ? flew put; month* were {dag end Aeney two; wb<u twlinet again pointed to Birkouhoad? 1 radical men or t me in ? prnetlent way. 1 abowod Uiem my oar lie. Will you take all rlskf Vee. Will you pay / ? _ w"^( air.ega! ilamatos against the OommUslonersr Yea. Will you take up the raiia in case tt being a public nuisancer V r Win vou repeve the streets at your own cxpenee? j ay for tiabtlni and watch log the road during the (aid work? Yea. Well, you know, Mr. Train, wu are burinoss no o, rt prieentieg a boeaiess community; what security will yougtre, we don't know you personally! Anything you like, gentlemen, fay <Ue rails, the materials on the ground. No, that won't answer. What theur Tbrer thoi^and pounds Ttewc tnousand due .in- well! All r f ui?iru loan nmc in .n sovereigns or u-uaoia, am to day if you (ay so. Hedged in with conditions, bound down by legal tie*, tweet at it without <>oe word ofao tual sympathy orKicouiagt'mcat. (Applause ) I know that it waa a oat or*! law that prvjuoios could not be re moved by pr<'actin.K against it. 1 anew that-*he only way to dislodge a bad thing waa by proposing a bettor. I knew thai rc-ood tables always looked oblong to the i-boil lighted. 1 katw tbat majorities don l always rule?tbat bw.kerc seem to bare more Ibitb in on two |<.*i nan.'a en gold dust, act thought, up to ihn event panic, Iboru was nothing like leather, 1 knew that I >.u called last, but h ive not yet dlaroverud why there in %ur? dvjilty in dulniws than m vivacity, mote dignity in going alow th,ui moving fast (Cbeeta ) la the owl re ally any wiser than tbo eagle/ It what r?8yecl ia tbedoukey or the *?ul? mj rior to tbe racebci-if ] bare long b< ;<err>i tbat the hare was mak:?(? the aeeond ouruey wtien toe torn *<? paused him during bis siesta (I.anghter.) Observing these things, 1 r* tnsn>h?ied tbat a tile chink lets in it .real light. Wfctte lb-re la a w 11 there n a way. So 1 kept my uwa counsel, and amused tr.; st ir by noticing the shrugs and winks of the doubters, unit lu listening to the suayrs of the skeptic*. I was not aware before *bis that there were o ni-i'j uiiidi'la in this Christian country Putlng this )' Igrln s Pro; rest I think it proper to state I have Dad i nougb gco'l advice poured u|K>n me lo tare swamped a dozen sucb projects; but kuoWitg tbat it waa a great natural law tl t a man was not a prophet in bis own country, or with his owu kindred, or among b t own frlir.dimly behev eg thai the good advice of one's friends Is ler'vtly suicidal to his success?I made up my rr. bd to scei nipUth whatever I undertook, or.o or tbe m<st rrr . ua f my many fun its b*ing t..e Herculean idea I l ad of my* ow u ability. My* speeches are some t mes called gaa, thereby msihoatlng tbat they are both luiu.iions and ( theers ) The nodtsly of azsumpt co la better than the egotism of hvmuily. (H-ur, bear ) Few practice humility lo their .nferiors. Men are bumble for two reasons?one, the fear ofrldimle, which partly ; : s their energies: tbe other, thu pr . so or having m'r, ray. " fhere Is a i lever man; tee how modest and IttlrlSf hs is." Now tske the mod.wty of aaaiimu tion. Tin- man who aysuicc a position wlthoat capacity to support it will fall, thro gh the uncharitablcu-ii of the world. Tut your bards 'n the tire and yon w !l get burnt. Wa.k of St. i'aui's and the Newtonian law will bring you dour. Step out of tbe '.rest Kastern and yor will s.nk. So be *tho puts on airs must take tnem off agaiu. Water wrn'i run up hl'l. II Is .< singular fact mat /you run your aprirr cart over a rough road all the small potatoes will go i the bottom. (Cfceera and laughter ) A man la eitb> r a disc onii or cot a diamond. If a diamond, the Mere be comes ir contact with chver men?the more polished and ? al taile be becomes. 'f a pebble he will waste away with the action of the intel lectual tile. I behove '.n destiny, but it must be backed Bp by path nee, pers-veratKo ud pluck. 1 believe in ,i star. bo', mult be ? nd..rsed by faith, hype and energy. I know lb" tetter tbe invention, the more ncrcre the op pMlllor?that was n? i opposed fyr its impra.: ca bllity, but !or its practicability, Providence, Napoleon observed, wa? a'ways on tho of the a.rouge.: battil los' and . also remembered of ihe old ludy riytrg, when her b rre ran avay down the hfll, that she p it her trust in Providence till Die bre-ohiiiir broke, and iheu she tk<'Ugbt it t me to take care of herF. if. daughter) Cromwell, >ci remember, had tbe same Idea about tbe powder. I knew the rom! to success was macadamized with tbe bones of ucucceeaful men, and yet SUUOeas is not always tbe ten < f merit. A man's tr.tnd must be in preoort on to bis zeal. ?e oce iact wis belter than < ne hundred snalog es, 1 b-nit ts!s road, and tbe Comtr. #? a toner I -ay I bare done It well?'.hey are all present, ask tb?m? uh"en;? meet people looking upon me as a i armieas ' satis, growing saner and '*ner, bow ever, as I prcgreas towards completion. Rumors every day cair- out?another oinntbua broke?another horse fell on the ra:lr?another gent "man's earrige wheel wrenobsd cSi Then storirr of injunctions, pruav~ '.t*ocs, im. Ian' j' i bu'. what of tkat?a regiment of bayuueta, abaticiyof fined caccou. would not nave deterred mo bed site* i ra'lways bo a behind tbeaa. Hence, these ' tli*r ttan pooguns, revolver?. and tn*uak<ta jf spposiM? wcrs o'y jeippcr and mustard to my roaat hecf. Cbreta ) ft cay 1 b'.ar nothing of tbe uoVe army of 'uartyrs. \'o tiling so si an latca tbe f aer n ae oppo ? tioe- u.jt l.r f to bracing to tin- ty. tern u oold water. \l her-- wnla toe eigne go a J Tn t atrwl tunnel But I r the PiM>? li?? pr< 'T\e cbainpagui in the bottle w.tfc. t the oorkt.' rt h ti e opposition wad upon the j wiicr tkat given frree to the cannon bell. ]"e*l ' oorou' froleotior, aud t'adr t'.ra p^n:aie'""t it k.Vi t * ut d ir.". Hjc rgcon h&e lntro-1ucel free trade I into the polnlt-?Napaleen In u> diplomacy?Sowland i Hi.l Into tb* I at J* ?e?Rarey into bore* taming?<Uarl 1 baldi into rrvolu'.ioc r?l?r Into j br.tiology?and ' Birhenb- id la* lo day u trod -ed freed*)* Into looo u Vion Cb*rra.y la it popular.' and aak tbe labor iep m-n .o.j <0'4 X n. k ig the road?.o ruling tbe itltrber- n coat'tig the ion <io and ark. the uavvie* etobi... n w*' earned my money if uml ay* arc t ot a b ml* f to the omrv oily- Satiated with cum jBeadailoo, ccur.'re wa* grat.fyli.g, more eeie-.aily aa I the rottenI >>f a a' 1 r an 1 Ho dead rate uf ear arm 1 are always hulled at innovator*, .n every lainl. Week after ??>* ! pa.d the aotWineo? Cfty U> eighty a day. Rbrre Cm* tbr ro.b'y con.e Iron aaka noo Will it auccaed ? Injun* an Hbtr. Why make tueb liberal ofere t. the < OT^tt.ts^l?^?lle^^, B> auee I wanted despatrb. Wll I it pat *ay t htb.rd. Why buret yoore-!f --o tl >? r | -eat i .n o l ark you I r ai y tnmjey tbe beat ev.d' ucd that] tL nk li that 1 rub all tbe i >k libera tenia a?ter h?u to re* n e put. i.t the wbo'e principle. They 1 abould . irw that prior ty 'trelf i a firrb'.ld under the 1 prnu<|en.tiio law* of Fxgiaud, and I am twelve moot'.a a .red. liy the jetei t luwa of tb.e country, the mix who ji : rod .<** to raven tico rif. the kiojJom a tbr mveblur and reciivea full recilty beatdr* my natioaa. ty fuaraa I teed lb' 1.1I.t ttb?rr?r b-urd of tu Amerioaa rueVng I o ; r.u .i J.!* uubcu uded confluence tu an PxgHih ; man'a rerae of nit. *?.' (Ureal spplaaee ) tt'itb priority, 1 w.ih u.tot. ? .: tbr patent, a th tbe knowledge, and tar lag fbil ootifMcncr id my engineer, Mr. Pallea who on? ?dew ? ' rem Pbuulrlphln, I never t rtrC to I be right or the left rbe reeult you nee I to day. I kb?? that 1 bao tbe n. el uible idea of thin genc-allon. and lilUe I y ilule i cou'd diearat prejudice? HtUe t.y little at aoon. n.a*<e an .*k?rand by aand tbe I li reel make* tbe . oral u uuatnlB?4rop by drop tbeooean la i reauc.-?atone by alene tneCberjn waa buUt; ao nrgu | m'tl oa nryoment, vr rd l>y w>?fd, I bate worked afreet ; taiiwaya into b r? (t'btem) How reegb aod i <iu:l th* .ocd lo lore yen n' Tbe gw?trel an rbe| herd* were p .owa ot tbe Aurtra .no a.:ggete, J I*, raijI ot their vaiue, when Hargriaveenw that it wav !, yet to ah'W the mini, au auepK'tnoa tbe people. It ? u Bold n I in.bard ttreet eur a pound 4e-a than ite mar 1k*t value fur nearly two .???> It waa only tbe other cay iliey aweov. ai that a '.ium m?t bi'f um ataa made th> tame H ire, do.y a few ).era t'.ooe Mellenry in | vetted Uie none Ob the lob bntUe, and Appoid tbe atep to the air age Mnce N.ab'a lavhriatton eecb Improve . r att in tb jdui'.o og haa been aue*red at. Wb*;** l|no ;anc? M ao wiae It ta fntiy to be bl'.aafut? rweet rniiway* were t> vted C vn eben Brat pro pored it Ameri-a?omnennMu held back, oar farry ro?ia are renaUuet^Kar I l.< your* will be neat year, , t< allow iarta and ^^ra to driea on. (Hear, bear ) At the \*f? , oik one day. a team et'h -re-e walked on, . ?? ?e'|>raJaaya o.'.aad took Utelr pro(>er plare on the b<?t?IT., n rborlly afierwar.te, e b am ofrleek fat m if Tbe boat waa >ieiaye<i arene mleutea before tbey were fn^ed on tuwrd, tad when embarket tbey Were tie-:, r g ti d ao'-rliug until 'bry bw ked baid up agklnat tld eiern ra I, t bder tbe belkf iba'. they hkd attl] carried tbeir potot. but it aobap4^oed there eaa a aaugome l.ltta jnrty In the h"M? an eolhuri?al. a fanatic?I mean tba at'am erglne(l?r there taa rertatn madaere in twHieat -o ?'?y). rapidly pfLitwIttvg the over the river,end d? | lu United troraee and mulee on tbe Brooklyn atfe, tbe aforraaid e> unev ai imaie walklog away, wllb tbe roovlrtion that tbey ha-: auc-eedrd la retarding loe . proatrea of tbe boat (Chrera and laughter ) I am (lad I the um !e tiiea aet apply to Ibte -(nmtry, allbrotb lb ere *re rt ,i uaey here wle< believe that urieba .-moot > be nn le w Uu nt atraw. Home people a.wry* rtrike wbrn tbe iron la n-ld. a'w?j? d ung tbe wrong Hung In the j.lace?too late for battle, toe <$r'y tor tkkt/, tu youth umi are bold, railoal, hbernl, aa.t a old age llntl.!. raati hi*, roanervvttre?'be.'vae applw-a Vo '.oui.Utea Rlpefrutt intla wlUnmi abalUng tbe | tree, t ;reet raPwaya ?err )ue< reaty for impurtalton when 1 tirt went to Amertcn Not wtaniag to f.wget the reed t'tf and have i? bar reel, to neglert lb? tile and koae tbe tnyagr. I determined to carry m? point I bave denei : n It ha* l>e*a < ph.n work?ibwe whe bad i raia would lirar cot, rvt* w*. Id aee not. dome talked Urge, b?t lid i ..thug tiympkeNy, like au beet i pa ion* to i barltlc, u.> jally ommrrr. ? wttb pocada and eo.ia with thtiliagn. '?<?r? over u.e pall wtmu end wuh laugh ter r v. r tie- w ake Ar a rule. I Of err robtrlbute t < r.hiirl tie* with.- ut an ? vpreea imlirriuhog that it abnii 1>e re ported la th* lie*?paper* (InqgMer ) When yon are a do M tbe B< mena d.. t t Wr Whitty wttl tell ru. d<i aot apply to t >e trwh kr,gade (ilrenl taogn - y are more rU-ee r* taeliloa than ef pan a. .ti Man* mm "ry m >? dtknin II !? alm-wt tr? pee? Vie t? ?'/:?*tuber a kieluaM. Burn*' Men **>oot ** :.g ourfr vre a* oilier* tee ut ta nmnly abtord. <1t r? m lb* rare lb<H|iit me mat: a member .4 Parlwmrrt ri.utomed m? a * nrt taking ?o ttrong, urgiug that I ? illd not dare tar Uttv?iwe? me to bid fr. c'*. B tun the fri?t . ttc nr-ne rt" -? M P.'?.b.?i d bv Mr Card well, came to aeo my m.<l?U, I tntd ibr-ta bow I bad beea .-rammed fat tbe interview, Ibal ! aoa told 1 tur-?t talk with great preoMion and d taliy I beggrd 1. em to let me talk nnterally Oral, rid ibea 1 wm Id aancroe the <lig?iiy if tbrr tewirad 11. r*. at).i irmyrreod. ? .meih r# tre wo* waited, all ?? r* wetlaed to old tas"na. 1 obtained r^iiaroao frmn tn I t-tligr 11 who. and efca ever they all aaocPided that tb* wt, 4e tbir r rln old be arranged oneway, I wur r ire to era.- it !>??? ft.? re-r-re I 'ere are wane of to* qnnva l.u ^-TUe rail, the reep*r ttir* opeau* ?\ each eid The ruMt pr ilrt r.>r driver* ami en .i, ;taae Bn1for*ua f rf the dr . ?ra and f mdvieforv ta?ge nerwe bet a ot) the ! arn.r*. bet no blinder* in the kr ipm new *ty le cf !<aune?t ear.' order of tonal* .at' -1 Vug Ikr.'HtrevfVilri. and puu?* tbe prri? waer# i.*r ow*ht to be-vpam rib# ?r. rcraa (tlhierv ) Ww fa*b>ona come in hvrd. Hobwen glvm a b toii'j, * mlV of repmvteg , ,a aettora and Imp'aatlng ti#w .l?trr?*<at rvrtloe l>? More that ao I org !*y npoa tbe * ran* plot wa* lifte.1 up wbca lo aal I .14' loo< at the roloey ef fr :!il<red roa? *rvf! 7#* -1 - irda f r?ing here?ttitdrr* VHd Iroeet* ?n tbta rkte. bur* and ??ret? n that, no.t nil tmrbtn iblapa amler'ag to their koK* 'bay, dark ard wM. Tbe Boat nv* tu.p away A year \Ur tba trttveiler p?*e*d, and In jut b?* p.. etabgi' Ttc'-t*, and deikate grarnev at ' iwely n->ivnr? kad ?p?nr t up m all rU*f, hnppy la tk? aurr'.in ? , a?. pla ) V ibleg 11 m*ke *ur< that t a' ve had f ? i in .?? I w i ''ring, I *paM about rate'ng r .o?e at- o?y like t.pprrteM, iir rg t" *lrep With-no eye r , ? ( I'.rfi'i .; ^,1. i ft H < K, P?t Ml Og w?* Mi, t uber merchant tood with a deeper in one bin J tinl . ibe bill lo tbe older (Cham anil laughter ) To? lroo iouoOer ibe tame? ' >00 ana all mid?your m?uey or your life 1 My highly conservative solicitors .0"ked I on, It leomcd lo mo, more in aorrow ihau in *ug> r at i what apivttvcd lo them a reckless speculato o Tte or;;y l live man tu the * hole party teems to be the tar maker, | Mr Main. He bail latlb! The fact .a I <11(1 a* l want iti: r , assistance, (or I bad thirty ihou>*n>? potiD it as a see- egg to begin with- 1 only wished >o try tbuotl Said one oi tuy banking friends, Why don't joa realize?roil ou ? Iray, what should 1 do with the money? IHaco it in the baukt Not a mile of It! My Idea til a H'd r hi, lUel bo should lend mo mcu'-y, net Ibat 1 should lead linn money. (Roars of laughter.) The modern banksr always aesumea the air oi doing you a great service h? allowing you to draw out the worry you havo deposited with him. The public givea the aeoomroodttion o(wuer than the hanker, and when be give* you a loan, the qc-"? tlcn whether It ia hie own money or us customers de pend* entirely npon the number of year* he hat been lo bneir.ets. Take care of yonr pounds, the peAco will take rare of tbemsr.'vre. Reverse the proverb?why not say as rich an Job? He was wealthy bt'ore the laU in bid*. laughter.) How grateful the Stm Zealander should feel fbr baviug a atrevt railway car to take b in home from 1/irdon bridge, after the arduous duties of sketihuig the ruin* of St. J'aui*. (How, bear, and ap plsuse ) Street railway* are not a i?rishabie article; and you will oblige mo, gentlemen, by circulating the re port that they don't pay, (Laughter) You ibouid have beard the deep reeling of regret?the real lamenfaiiut* en 'Cluingo, when it waa repotted that ibe car was og the track?that the curves would not an iwer, and that the whole thing was a dead 'hilure. Talk about going off the track! V.'by 1 thought ibat was ore ol tbc great arguments in their favor, that they Oould get off and m without trouble. While Liverpool was reporting 1 went to Birmingham, where 1 met aomo live men?two days were enough for thim tog.ven.*'the grant; then to Manchester, where the men were liver Iti'l?two hours did it; then to Lon due, where the SUrylebone committee settled the *ues Hun f..r Oxford itreet in nlity m notes by the cloc*. I'd der there Rircumstances H Is priper to state that 1 have changed my pnliticr?-adi-al at first,! am now sobs*, rva live?rat)leal before dinner, conservative after?radical tcfare ascoans, conservative after ga'uln? the ~asn Be 1 living that i he democrat , party has got no friend*, and a* the doctrine of avenges at against another democratic president, I think 1 shall join ibe other r'.dc. Heir pre term n i ro?i te a mar to leave a sinking thin. Wboo I go to Congress my'ion will be to Jo n the party tbatw es. Great enterprises usually :"*ii, for two rea sonr?first, aezions to build them up, for promoter* make rarh promises, which tbey ncyer keep; second, tbwy do not consolidate as tbey go oa. Knowing those rockt, where to many have ilnunuered, I shall keep .n mid chaDuel. and by dealing on the square with all sbail en u.avor to prevent my Utile puppy from becoming Home body else- a dog (Mr. Train resumed bis seat amidst a ItmptM of spidanse ) The (Utii proposed '-The Volunteer*," which waa responded to hy I leutenant Hard, of the First Cheshire. Bongs and recitations wore given, and tbe chairman cautcd mmeure amusement by a clever piece of ?xtem pore rhyrnug. The proceeding* war* k-;t up with zroat spirit tor a consider* tile time. 'From lb* Mverpool Post, Aogv.ct 3T ) Mr. Tra.n's speech was the most wanderru we "ver heard; there were similes enaugh to enrich a c - re Of epioe, and all happy and upprc priate. Mr Train is ori ginal in everything he due* and bis oratory is pecu iar to himself; bi* t-lrq-.erov bears no rwemblance to the elo quence of any other man; and If soccers testifies to merit, Mr Tram has great merit, for b'e sfnsch yesterday aehieved the difficult ta*K of ma- >og the company wiser and merrier. Mr. Train referred to hi* prepared speech; but It vt a* unb e the speech uttered a* the lion U rc joee :e to tbe Una aroused. Owr American Coming. rr>4n the ueciUud Urgoler. July 7 ] Tbe rcg. ocieto B< tig Kuag Repi-'er, ,n Iti Introductory eddrrri1 to Its pati or. .ml the public, announced its di trrmn otion to d. - nee m-o, things, a id politics 10 the i ram? Impartial and iuepeedrnt apint which had ever rhnracitrizvd it. In ttfs fame liberal 'plrit, while treat ing tbe pwlltics of other countries, and their bearing oa the drstinid of the world, dots lb Reyitler opoo its columns to tl ii ''ree and fair d incursion of mutters touch ng Ihr t nitcd Mwtos of America an ' ;bsir r"lal-on* to ibe rest ?f mankind; to which not, ? their high onsition amorf. tbe naiiona entitles Ui.-m- Mere especially dc.w it behove FnglHbmi n to make themselves morn inornate ly arqualnteo with their trai catlaollc?or, as It might be more proper'y raid, with reaped to to onrner* in Dm Far Fast ? tlie'r iranrpecific cousins, their national !h ctltuttcus. end tbeir real character, from Ignorance of wbi. b is born tha'. Miter cess of feeiipg, that prejudice ai pr< aching contem|>t, which otberwiae, would not, could not rsitt For It must be err borno in mind that, set withstand<og the apparent hdwhii gof lnt> reiia,Ui? i Oe of tbe too great k ndred free nation* of tbe world, "the natural tob.lliy of i arlh, ' is idenllctl; their tnteresu tbii-igh to, are, in lai:'. the same? ihey nun mulneliy gupport ? itch other or fall. A bouts divided aga r-at * Itself cansot stand. *cd Icdgmg frrm more rr,.-cnt demonrtreDone of Ameri can t< ci'i g ifrg'acdmgrde, there woild teem to be not a doubt that, notwithstanding noo tsterventioa and antl* vntSbgl rg i lmncee policy, Monroe doctrts' * and Han .Tuun din.rulties, J iatban would, at the frund In In* natu>al place?at .be side of his uld toother, U> .ighl with end for her, through thick and this?to lend ber a baad -,i.c? more at the - bow gun," against ibeoom bircd derpntlawie ef tCurope and all boot. "Bleed Is thtckir t un water " Ibe United Ftotee hold Dial y Tatnaiis; iht.nsh tbe under current of kindly fee-bug, nay, if uiial aftrctioo, whl-U elrcuUlae, uaoonShiouely, lb long b Ibe boson of every true artirrha.i?the American * ho ran Icog bar', with pride to the noble eouree whence he I'mrce >,,* life giiraic?;b >ugh'his current, we re p at. is only t<o gri, rally turned aaide ft-nm its natural ? wrso, sta middled by me foul IsSocniv of Irish dens guguo etd d riy -cotch renegades, by whom the leading pi'-en rl the I'mwd ''lates le s'mogt eiclmlrelr ootiduct rd, and, u-bseqitently, who are tbo leaders of popular (| timn and popular fcling. Holding to our ej| rigsed Intention of giving fair play to all wo ma-ca few retneias on tbo | reeeol aspect of thioge in the gnat republic, which will be (ound below. Mint Fnarth of .laljr. [?>< to the llui* K i f Jiog -iter. fvlj 3.] Every ctrUlzed country tar aomc patron Saint, who M ? ifp?i?ril to bare dune wonders, at ran* time or ether, for tto repcc*! bcnctltof bW jnrnif't. ' ngand hae tor M lieorgr, who .? rex rdi d, Lu that veritable Hutorg of u < Settn Cbamy.ort of ChrwlenOonj, to tore ilem?iUbcd a -vrtaln aroma). ua or bre^t, celled a drag m. P;otl?n,| re )otc<e m the protect'* of St Andrew ?ai r-r |wctab'e am indent ual, at 'rati la bis day, aa the b?ve eeilsr of Cap padocla; while the "tcaka bolbciog'' of ft. Ealrxk jam hiru ytarly lltotiuwa of whiskey an I tba iccr.tteeof broken b<a<ta, from grateful Iceland. Fraaca (torn* ta tba aWmcnlcus tape t? of her headless martyr, M. iHnia r'l alii antra hrrn-li InT.m.tre nn :? r tto t'at tain fieeeraitbtp of ?? Jamra, while Rureia and Per t yal cmptite with Vrg'ard the pair rage of tto Ilero of lie Drag.-i; ,p<i "by rperlal rerpieai wr add to the llat, St FDarih of Ju'y. lLo patron (tout of "Young Awe. .ca," wbewe annlrrriary rrctra at this data of iaswe; at tto larir tune we g. * a l>r?f (ketch of tto Saint and tto tr?L- .-r in ll ib his day ta honored by the natives ht. lot. <b of July eukrn la North Aaterlea, the yrar 111# uf poor but highly reejwvtat.le aod hutoet parat ta I unar p-any other oota wt *o (wuoBtsattoa to >fc \ lass rflrr %-atli aod burial, tbla aalat ti agao to to eawooo- I iredal bia rrry birth, tto?eremnej ei lending, with wore | or tree ekdecte, or or a rpare of n> vro or eight years. Ia i m ? m ?r, .odmt, to may liter j.,y br i -imeU "a aoo of a run," th<- jgb, by aaoot uaage.tto nprreeion la re garded aa lanegaot, to aay tbr leant uf It. However, tt u n I int to rri-ogawe tto fart of tbe rat noBuatldo, for tf- n esf- rrata lb-- appropriates** of the title. We b?itr\ e tbat b) emr om'ar'm, probably lypoprwpb ,r?i, the aaror of tbr ralot la not Ita-rled ta aay calendar rrr-ptuvt "Poor Richard's Almaao r," or other rrrorda of alifcrbbtara. It iray to that the oiolash-u* from tome irregularity of ii.ccceat*. atoca tbuaaint .laahll. m rtciiv-el authority trim saltpetre Ipetead nf St. IVter, the whole rnbsct, brweeer, la term what truck y and In doilat I, and has copartrcu ar U-trlog ipna tbr prra-ol topic uf remark ft ta rdllctrM to ray llrt tbr aamt waa born, waa uanorr -ro, and la daiy boa-.n-d annually by ap |>r< |?iat< orrrm-hVe, wbr ren r aay r; rr??nt*lir> a of Vomg America a'* to be four,'. !V icre prtoeodlr | to dtnrribe tto ctfbratloB of Uiia ran t , ut pt i l<: u,. d l-> bta follower*. li may not to out of fare to give a brief akrtch <4 tto *ll?r. and Oy ec drier r. rrrrt mate u taapprrProton* which are a?? nn nnn.oo with repaid to lb m <fe< tu>( from about lifty th. uiand rperri, wbleh will doebtleaw ire made today in honor of -ibi* aua| H-h ua e<,'' we altnpiy re marb tlal the I nlted Hlahg "la a great rmotry. roatle tr.aa " Aa immooee ?uxtemttsc from whrra "ifcebrtwd Allaail] rrarr Ita bnpy mane, to whrra the tt m l aciflc w tb gestla mmmar larra Ita western ah'>re, ' *r . Ae. Ueahoaid be g'ad to apeak with riwne preclai m with r?gard to Ibe prorrwt |MpuUllon "t th e great rot.auy; but It w mp-enb r gn to do p. ch le the aucual rate oi 'a<roaar frim ratnral tautre.'hat b-1area tho time U f i roe taking ted that of reoaua |>r..>t i.g, tber* m?y to at ac.uai ucmw i.| baif a inltlion er r.? ap.*ttuena of )oaag tmertra, wko are hot hora tee lb, at sen .tupl'ee. tor do thry cry ? 1". plurlhng uaam," when tr trned at the egr of three ? ?ti. II la generally au)|??rd that tbe present popular,* uf ?h? I alt ^ Sutea la ?omrwhrre nrtr X'i OPO COO. hliii m< I rate u c rease ot ?b III ro CIO I Hire the rear 1770. A rreat many of Ihece art wblt<, mctrary to an i^lm n wbtrh bar ?<wne arjp tier* In other land*, tad. la very mner inttano. ??. tto lbgl??h Ki'i n?g? W ???*. e wl?hl?lr*an uuftty. W?h?re It u|ti? gam! Mlwiiir, ihat Hwrc ere found naliree who ' o uot talk tbrc rrh ti.< Ir txara, or citee tobaorn u?,,rr,t tairly, or whittle p'ar riKke, er wrry Hr.wla knlve- and rearlrrre, rr b> re av^rrf, or rlay th ir aelrbboia la i>fiii lay, or r?y "V? ow" for row, or "reckon" or ' ;?in," or "k? llat? ?ell which pr<*"liarlUea are gra <'ally enppra/d to to ?diK, oee< to th<t -..untrr the h-habimta the raited Wrire u itlly elaloi to be g^.lro born, thm b. In w me teetapr.a if ancb to the e*.e, reltbrr ' f tto perms rctiM br -e Oreo p'eeeul on tto ieta.*? 4 t.g (ertexa, lliey tut Itarlrg t e% "ecme over t< ianei .t. 1 Hot the Nr.ntlee *>r r nrlbg oattuori ty arr ro enaterca tbat very few ft>rr nitre ran to h"iod. l"he a- 'tal irodo of ecv Irlrr rltiaeu*:. p it ??.pfuweil to be thtxwiee the ?ar dldat epprare i rforc r crtata oih^ute, be^ ft <t-n luce, who pre,.-.the follow mg qt? ittane At" joe an Amrttr ee ctt,i?e ? T" which tto ranitdate rrplin, "Je." or ??tr-tl.** or ?' Vt w. U." oe "At, p, root '' er "toare, at>d deal y. u see ?m," aa tto pc c grlaef of lh- ??-| nt n ay di tat' "What tlr!|r( do yo* rotar' " in-'ficwyciT.t' tirtet rb ire 1" "Yt. del w mlood,okct '' |. crrtatariwsi.t, Jr rer much Ilka ar?at?rag ync tall kin?'' "All right r?ya tto <utaai Iner "Yoa <! ?)o " Ibe rat ,M o' the raited ??!* are ant lit hare a re ja;> i .can fori ri j,aa-'nv, nl, a : e- me <,raters arr in tfcs bablt of .?*f ir a the art cpe (at eg. Vox f>op?ll, wot l?d. ? II appli* ?' to We dtaiocratle elctoeml la all polhi aa mat let a. ito ? , rrrrrr t il.-<e rut or. ? at of I to deperiuvnta ygaetciie'y ?| tc'gr.i by ?|e rxnrrpoei*. rt nr tbe ' un a4 3 f ne.?. t"t o' a P?ea' 'eaf, P'-iiei'' and floane of He. r?.i?nt*t.vte. !? ? f targerated frw-m of dracrtpilnt aha bo- M tla tfic I! ? I* ?f ti (Vp \i. hall aod R. j.fe trnleUtie twUee leing etreaa with aa ww'oat, toabaoed tlx b .. d 111, I dc. rt tbe . ailr dellbetat.r na of th we bmtAa h r la ' I'rkliy ?rae thai rtrty ? of tto Orw-ftpt lil i i? -re a h ? r crtuaa i- ha irai, where vi h to | ? r*- ? , p- i t l? re -at, I y . I.I th ".x.ri r.,r has [to Speaker a six peander JNwM npeu Ituf mlu ts ?a i.uc,, * a a. <4 MKHtoMl Met unlimited wNU of k" lu iouj w inaed UJKm #TCry sub jew bat tbt one before the hour ^ vhcve that there 4> no very marked peculiarity ?v . "e *t*,Jvr **?*- g the 4atnt whwe name stands at be t?< ad oi ^ c#^in*n. and tfcie day from wtucU he lake* U?<- h<?u u! i e?4ea.n. ana the day froi file ? end wince u thia distant land it ta impossible la iw.orrj duly tbo rltea, us established by "Young Ameri ca," we |ir*x>se to describe them as solonmirod in the land to wluch tbey Tti> 0e>t grand element in the celebratlra la the issue of & plenary indulgence fur every uae to do very u neb aa be (dearee uuritg the B|?ce of twenty four hours, Schools, backs, ttorea, factor Its, everything that hoide men at work, allows a relaxation or total cessation from iabor. "Young America" la allowed every possible liberty In the arcutaulattinoffiru crackers, squibs, torpedoes, brass caLnon and anything elce which can conduce to noise end stroke. Meanwhile, the "steady goers" have pic nics, dinners, orations, ro.litary dUpluys, he., ho , and when evening cooks lire works blaze in every direction, aenfcted by impromptu exhibitions from burning houses, which have been accidentally touched off by "Young America ' during the day. Ibirieg this time the watch fhl guardians of the law relax a liitle of their accustomed severity, and Mttle peccadilloes tre overlooked. If any new citizen's patriotism lias happened to got into his head, so that he is unwilling to "move on," be is gently taken care of, and dismissed with so admonition. Even the Judge, that terror of evil doers, relaxes his frown, and admits the piea, "Sbure, yer honor won't he hard tn a man for bis patriotism; it's only a bit ofa -pree for the honor of -Ha I Columby." Wboopl Hurrah for E J'lurus Erin, Cotm go brah. ' And so parses the day? b<-t, dusty and yet >oyous, whilo the rejortor* only are at work to pick up news of aoe.deots for the papers next day. Ho le a jolly taint whose history we write, and there will be many a heart that looks toward the country which does him honor to-day. KmIgration from tbo Mersey. (From Maimer's European Times, Sept. 1 ) The official returns of the emigration trom this port fbr the past month show s considerable incrcnse when cmn l?rcd with last month and a decrease in correepoodtng j*rlod last year. In August there sailed from I.'verpsol 31 fbipa, carrying 401 eabU and 5,791 steerage passen gers under the act (1. e., vessels not coming under the paieengcr set of 18(5). In tbo previous month of July 21-3 cabin passengers and 6 211 steerage nasscogers sail ed?1,349 English. 403 ScoP-b, 3 2-10 Irish, and 219 na tlv?s uf other countrp*. In the corresponding month of lsrt year 870 cabin and 8,722 ftcerage passengers sailed from this port?2.372 Krglub, 475 Scotch, 3,2)6 Irish, and 246 foreigners. The chief feature in these returns Is the c< ntmncd'arge emigration from this port to the Coited Stair?, as In vessels which parked the government in spection 24 (list class vc?ai-is, chiefly American, cleared, carrying 404 cabin and 4 414 steerage passengers?1 238 Ergl.tta, 104 Sootob, 2 614 lriih, and 212 natlres of tor eign countries. These r< tarns do not include the paasea gers by the Canard royal mail steamships or the Canadian royal mail steamships, which do not come under the act, In which skips tib cabin, end 191 steerage passcn geis tailed from lbs Mersey. The emigration to the United Mate* appeared to Improve considerably towards the red of the past month. To Canada only one vessel was subjected to the inspection of the government offi cers, ltd she carried 30 cabbin aid 47 steerage passen st 11 -?30 English, 4 Scotch, 11 Irlab, and 2 foreigners ? To St. ,lobn,N. B., cl? vessel carried 10 pasa ngers, of whom 4 were cabin. To ibs Aostralian colonies three ships under the act sailed for Victoria, carrying 57 cabin and 7t4 steersgn parser per*? 382 Kngliih, (4 Bench, 242 Irish, and 21 fore'gnera. las; mouth the number of pasiergere was 111 cabin and 1,170 Steerage?179 ? igllah, 193 fcou h, 479 Irish, and 21 foreigners ; and in the oor rm endir t perled of lartyear the number was 63 cabin and 394 steerage. Only one ?hort ship sailed from the Mer?oy, carrying 1 cahti and 24 steerage psww-Dgera to Australia. Tn the last Indies two troop ibtps?the Star of the South md IbeConway, carried out 3 cabin and 686 steerage, all eoliieraand ibeir families for Calcutta and Kerrachee, 33C of whom wees English, no Sootoh. am! 13eJ ;rlah.? Ilir'n short sblpe?Ibe Istria, Cosmopolite, and Freney, cetried to Itouth America 14 steerage end 20 cabin pas sergeia The New South Wales legislature have, It ap pears, determined to withhold any further grants to the (?hi grallon Commissioners, and until a new arrangement It ia not likely any further shipment of lovernmeot eml grsnis to New South Wales will take place after the 1st proximo by the British Trident. niirdliBcoai Amtrlcta Aflhlnu SrOJifANMOCS COMBUSTION I* A BA'Jt OF COTTON. Ifco Liverpool I'mt of tbe 13tn ult mft:?A bale of cot too, cx Ktchard III., from Chartattnn, was discovered on dr* jeMerdny mor o.i.g. In I be warehouse, "uppoaod flrom i) ontancous ccmbuftioa, aa tbe be* burnt waa saturated with oil. On exsiiiio.og tbe cotton at II undischarged from tbe vessel, two balm were found on which tweet oil bad spruently beea aglDsd, and several strandsof rope b bad imbibed areet o I ware discovered loose among wblrh ] tbe bale#, and wbicli appeared to bare been urod by ate re" dorea in Charleston to clean the asrewa, aad thrown cara leeely amongat the cargo. AN AMERICAN t'AILOR III.LID AT LIVERPOOL. Pamoei Auatta, a at,lor fcelotiging to the American rhlp Jet'I b Ktsh, waa killed at Liverpool on tbe itb aat. by thejibboom fallteg epos bit bead. 1U FIRST IXl'ORT or AdEJUCAN cotton TO INO LAND. It baa been Hated aa a Mmorical fact that tbe Brat ax port of cut ton from tbe Catted Slates to England waa In 1114, when a teasel arrived at Liverpool with ?lgbt bage ot cotton aa a part ot tbe cargo, aad that It waa earned bp ill! (VM. m Honir re, under the onuvicljuo that it could net have been I be growth of America. ATTtTVUX or ENGLAND TOWARDS M EX TOO. According to tbe C.u'..or J'ubfieo, tbe Spanish \mbisaa <tor at I am recently cnivred into negoliatxwe for the pur ines of obtalclrg tbe Joint to operation of Kngtanl ant France wltb Xpalr in the paciBonikw of Mexico; but the f?rm> r declined to intervene, In ordet not to oiler, d tbe United Mates, an* the latter la order not to be alone. EMI MSI! ?NB AMERICAN RAII. WATS. Keen nub llj.w q .e.iflcrlloos, we Unglirb, wbo tAke an great a pride in tbe priepsrity of our country, In the re turn of capital laves'?d upon oar own land, and to the certainly cf our crn merclal trr-ofacttonv. may look with ? i me rrrp , t i rctqat results ?f railway eater prise In tb<> rolled Plates. Considering the imineoe vprrad of the American territory, It l? Dot surprising that ibetxtrblof railroad ab-.uld exceed oura, an it doe*? g4 M ni'i-s luere ffBlMl ? 119 here. But the rv i..pari ?< n l.cldv red even with rryard to population; for arary i I people i I'ng.ard there are 3Tv mile* of ri.l way rpea. la rhe 1 uited 015 The Amerteaui maniiK-e to a ike their railway! cheaper far ail clashes; the are rvge cbarga for Brvt c'eil carriagta In khglanJ la 11. per mile. Ih America Id. The charge for seroc 1 class passe o grra there la ore third ef our average, and for third claee ferretger* a trlB? n.n-e lima one third. Vet It le nolo nut* that tn comer S-nce and comfort the A marina a car. rtagt* grial'y exceed ihe Knglish The total coat of all the railways In nee tn rhgland t? 1304 Of0 000, tn A me rue All'. 0*0 0(0 lucre gti.000 mdra hare coat mile mora than two Jurf* of the aaoary paid Bar B,0M hare, u Arreti-a tberr t.a* been a larger draught upon capital, tor the porpcae of oor-.ttruction aad working, aad what arc the returns! Cvo'alu ti.lion rutea tbe net earning* for f-cflkh railway e at 4 1 par cent, for Aaaerioaa rn.l waja at 4 1 per cent At the recent meetlnga the dirt denda declared by i, r grral railway rompaate* bare icareety luppnrUd tbe utaadard of theae statist to*, the divUftad of the (treat Northern waa 214; of tbe Oreal Wrr'frn, 3. Brighton and South Coast, 4)4; North Weal cm, ?' pec ciewl We have afiaded to the lac Uaattool of AnwiKwa ratlwaya, but we may obaarve thai, not too# rtcoe, cor Nortbwretern dlvtdeada were at ht much higb .? -- . .? ^ whlla ar per rentage, tbe Creatweatara down nil, whlla Hit jet-tbe Pr'gi,uw glvieeoi was six p-r cent Ifwaeom pare the aggregate cf aeveral ratlwaya ta tbe two aoaa irN* tbe result* e-t even more sirffctig. We take ifly Ir-t'-ah railway*. tiding the metrop-dltaa imev, and fliu .' merlcrn raiiwaye in what we may call the midland dWlrlet. Hire we Bhd Ibat. aa uaaai. the coat of the Bag tab exceeds tbe American, b-tag jgT miltlooe iter I log have, egeiart 54*. midtoae there The grow revenue of Jghi.ri if jo tniuioni. ta America nearly S14. Tbe ag gr.gale rrt tevrr.i.e la England l| 10>f miliums, ta Ama in* nearly BuL'ioag. But wbat te the dividend per ?UM ?far that if tbe point which muat onncerae the fbrraL. tdrr: it la in ' ogiand 4.23 par oeat, ta dJMrma 104 Per oral ?S^ecioior. W A el ITT OF AVIRICAN SRANCN. Tbe Liverpool Tiaui of I be lift ull tuakea tbe follow lag rvmerkf ? llrfirrlng l? en adverllaemcnt of Mr Intin 4b ''''I the American r' pping meeter, In our pxgee. it Mctne that there if at me prew it ume a great aearctqr ?A Amrrloan ?%ll?ra in UnmL Wc are tnfurmel that tMa ta owing, la a groat meaaurr. to tbe exreaalve crewa whnh the prove*'emlgTAlluo 1aw? rnnipel paingvr rhipe te carry, sad drain c the port of theairrady laFiifflrU-Dtcam b. r 1 r aeeroen avadabH, aad thai oorora the great dlfll culty of ptocorlag crewa for other tbira, eapvcltlly aa, ct the picaraA time, wbea tbe arrivals of haaaeward bound Ar-ni-can vvvaali ace few aad far between. Higb wag v anl uihrr inducrawuts have to he r.q.r.d. and Urge ad va?r.? r r. ? aitho-gn the letter pereuwttve ta oaty rnorled to In ttrnm of great rraroltv, neat lie preweot. tor tbora cab be a<> douat that large ad vane ee wt inja 1 .cor j for the wt.'.or, for he benefits mtblng by them be J out a D'gbl'a finer-1 TO debauch, hot. on tbe otbor head, br more < r ppted Ja meant, and has c> I nda to fail beck open tn aeaift Mm on tbe ether ride epva bis arrival, la fact, the only prrance that bena M by l<r?e advaacet art thoar above all othere. ? wl <?e bar de the arretted amount (h uid act fall *f tre that Mr. ?!e Coeta ollerf advance of wagea of fllSa to ?7. Wc presume tbat It r lowor rafaa art for unlltAry feamen ar.d tbe higher for tbe eaperlor grailee of the rerr < a If tbe present em'graUoa laaa e ;t tif r.- ufly to dmrrtcan fblpplng ta tbe n.itter of gep n . I.-I f crewa. It r ? ?: be remembered the trade wOb Atrcrxa. whk-b beaella Liverpool, gbonM be flad to gee '; >otiab>e ciaeto repealed. We art ta forme.) that If are beirg tow made ta bring ahoal Ibis reoult, anl vt may mmitiea th?B Mr. ielka da Oaata, wha la the bt|f rt Amertcaa ahlppirg maaier in l.ivevpnot, aad wb.> ? ? ? "en much in tbe matter, hit haJ in lit' view with tbe kmigeatma I jwvmbwiooer* up m tbe .< praaaattegatlfia MM lime a most aaMNMfip rtgrec and memorial from tbe Aoierloaa ablp . <1 rueeirra friqwaotlag the port, twayti.g for tbe label!; _ of the f fmctto: able otaneee whl h net an t?ju a the a. te regis of the (Mppiag com maa ity. aad v I ht; . fit r.o ore by their oiHittniicd adopt"m, bat j ad I coaituue-I tvafloaa, fraoda and daplMl/. Has. at RMBT'a rirrRR. ' -ptt.L/ - ? of ihn awth olt. aays ? New \ 1* Tr?l? s? i-tiFllineo a toog Utter purporting tn ems n.c imJfr* fi irt.ey, wbo a-iwe time ago eloped with U egrvt it of Iter bufbaad. Mr. tlurney, M T. We atmli do ' o c. e at prevent than merely math its |eihlH;atSin, for 1 l ? ? 'rr carrtga w| .h it ladnbltahle Cf le-1,. n' being a 1 ?. kte fabr raltea. and It mntrr lutemcntf of fa IM c r alure id s kind that a regpee.lahle Kngbrh turual . xclndca fr?i-i its colwaaa, unlet a tbey art amis I ? H . a h n a OOP ft "flaw. J In 1 , 8"vti of tnii 1 Ion n lial avwya. rfiia the london r.r?'.4, Aogugt 51 J ? I ti lervtot.4 It at ?. n .' - r r -a ba % , a* ta Idewttfy the railway ?!, '1 we meat leu , r tny af an evrrr ? o| irAfge b, ypq w lb w-n 'It a ? .idg'i.t". It 13 ln<i"d a ttraaeer. and ? af yet ? n-ally l'i ?' ? 1 Hot t ? among the 1 1 - < f "av'lirg ecoi ? my In the I n , r li pL::t x 1-1 ttn' I Btw'j fttaadmi'.iuiuud t ? only ltto the wilderness will jreato fcr leetf k popular t on Mil a trethe?on the etaer hand, settlements bave spontaneously b. en firmed, Oiling ip ?' erjr vacant spade, ua crying aloud lor railway ? before U?e7 come. Pooh te the cue with tho railway that we mentioned. It baa been a long established want, and la only how beginning to be a newly aatabiubed fact. The route waa originally aurveyed by an American engineer, who-e name in emi nent on both tide* of the Atlantic for bis masterly mind? . De Witt Clinton. He laid down the route aa aarly aa 1Mb; do that more than thirty yeart ago the want of that great pathway waa not only roll by the inhabitants along the line, but waa distinctly recognized by the leading en gineer of the I'nlon. Of couree, every argument that could b? applied in 1*28 applies >i/orituri, and with enor mous increaae of weight, in 1*00. The tract through which the new rail passu has ba te mo very populous, very nourishing' It Is crowding with passengers, tetmlng with produce. The New York and i'ne Hallway connects he Auantic with La Ice Kile. The uhlo and Mississippi Hallway ooaaecia Cincinnati with St .'amis. There are, therefore, two picoea of a Use from > New Voile to of Louis. The two line* we have mentioned are on a wide guago. difllraat from that of any other con nected with i hem: tbey bad consequently, on arriving at a junction, to unah p vny cargo destined for a branching route, and to reload It. Tbo lines traversing the inter me Hate spa ?e cross the direct route at angels more or lea oblique. By i he formal ion of the At laatic and 6' rest Western the two Important broad guago lines are made nt? cne; and thus a great railway, of the most approved construction, now amp'.e'ca the passenger and traff.5 tine from New York to the Mlseouri river. The fir it section of the new line waa to bave been opined tbA month; whether or not tb t expectation has been folly carried ut we do cot know, fir we are still awa'ticg adv.css on tbe 1 bject: but there :a no doubt of Its speedy working, f, indeed, t bas not already - -mmecccd. If Clinton said, in 18i8, "in a military ad well as commercial view, the reiult of such a railway would tor p. as the powers of cal ulaticn,' be was de. ling wl.b Cgoree wh: :h would new appear m.nia.dre in tbe compurisiu. It is calculated tbst even on the jri en: rs.lways, which, as we have said, proceed in n very oblique direction, tbe a'cual traff.3 from .'".let to Weat, and back again, amounts to ,\2,4t0 000: on*, this is in tbe absence of a direct routs. Tbere a no doubt, also, tbst the want of a line traversing tho localities wbicb tbe new road vrtll penetrate, leaves tho r resources dormant. Thus, while they are unprovided with a means of bringing their p-oduce readily to market, the amount of the produce iter It is far less than it would bo. Hence the new line forms a key, not oniy to an immense trade East and IVeat, between tbe Atlantic and the Mia 1 -a pp. and 1 he Missouri, but it A a key also to avast amount of settlement and 3nil.ration in tbe central region through which it rara'-s. .n order to appreciate what we bave said, let the reader take aay good map of the I ailed Stalls and be will ate that, with St. Louis and N'ew York for the two extremes, the un ted line?the portion to which we are more particularly referring?passes through the Steles 01 Sew York, 1'cnnsy Ivanla and Ohio, tbe very centre of the I'nited Slates, in tbis explanation we bave said nothing with regard to what are called tbe "merits" of ibe line. We have already xplained that one of the advantages anticipated from the particular mod* of managing tbe affair la, that tbe * worlv3 being solidly con structed from tbe first, there will not be the ,-Aual Ame rica charge for renewals; and, therefore, that tho Ame rican rate of dividends, which 00 the average exceeds tbe British by about more than sixty per cent, will of course be proportionately enlarged. Our solo purpose at present bar rin ply ben to describe the Hue am! tbe farts which called it Into existence. The Tws Sicilies. tu* orpoii>o pom ks. According to the Parte /*?'?<* the f-'lowleg ts the tquadron at the u.cpr ral of Gar'.bilt. an-! the number of m?n that each vc.sei can convey ? Jfns. Tur kery (Veloee), 000 Washington Helrettr) 1,000 Frst-klin (Amsterdam; TOO Oregon lul/unce' 800 1 aisbria (Due dc > alabrej.... . 300 Elba 300 City of Aberdeen 1,200 Tor ao 1,800 Ferret, plated 200 Anita iQticea of England), armed 1 800 .'cdrprmiepte, arax3 1,700 Another abip ,n?rr.e f. rgotten by the repirter), armrd 800 All good sailers. Alro, 30O boats or re, twenty-Cm of wbicb carry guns. Tvr< other Treses a:- tea from England, as for arms and ammunition, the arsenals are redundantly sip plird. With tbe 6 400 men arrived from rag'.iarl. tfee army of lrvaaioo mult be at least between id,000 and 80,000 strong The ..Voxfme of Fiorenos publishes a summary of the military forces composing the garrison of Naples, and also givsa the latest movim-uitt cf the troops. Itoyal Artillery ?At tb" Porto Nuovo, tbe Carmine, Castle of the Ovo? Officers. 6; soldiers, <74. Battery No.'4 ?At the Magdalen Bridge?Office* y loldlers. 283. Battery No. 1 ?Granl'.!!?< df<y rs, 4; *0101010,140. Train ?Granilll?Officer. 1: soldier'. 100. Chits-urs <?( the GaarJs, 84 Regiment.?At the Forto Nuovr? Officers, 64 soldiers, 1,414. IstBattnilm of Chasseurs.? Granll, ?On ers, 30; sol diers, 1283. 24 Battalion of Chasseurs ?At Fort Carmine?Oflloors, 80, soldiers, 1,264 Mb Battalion of Chasseurs. - San ctcvana! at Oa*fenaara? Officers. *8. loldleis, 1,2*4. 8th Battalion of Chasseurs -San r, lornna! at (arbonera . officers, 14 soldiers. 4SS. 7lh B?lt illon of cnassenrs.?Craallli?op cart, 30: sol dees. I SC?. 14ih Battalion of Cba*a#r.T*.?Piedigrotle?<>n>oers, 40: sow lets, 1,277. 16th Batta'ion of Chasseurs.?ri/ao.'alcone?Officers, 42; soldiers, 1,273. 14th Bsiuilon of Chasseurs ? Pitiofai. one?' Wcers, 40: soldiers, 1,243 P.ifli r,?n of tbs Guards ?San Potlto? officers, 3P sol dji rs, 1,210. Tram ?Moats Ollvelo?Officer. I; soldiers, 104. Foot Gendarmes ?Moots (Sireto and *aa Posscsioo So rtanr?Officers, 12; soldiers, 014 Hortt Gewdarmes ? San Ooefrt- Offiasrs.i; soldiers. 100, 2d Begtmeat of H-issars. flee squadrons ? At Maglslis Bridge?Officers, 34. Soldiers, 410. 1st Regiment of Dragoons?Graallll?Officers, 27 sol diers, 411. Pippsxv and Miners ?(-rsnill ?Oft.ers, 0; soldiers. 306 Total?Officers, 004. soldiers, 16.0*4. V*r*|? with HkrlteMI. [OomtpoedcBM Of lb* t CCdOB ti?l? I " I", *rr?j, lir?t 1*, ISM. I had Uraly llm? to clow ud dra.-u.-h my yesterday'* m at ' "m ' t*< in?mt letter firm Paterae *ton i received a t> iris tbat Garibaldi. who bad arrived by eight in tbe Bysani.o, in ibcit to leers immediately for Memina oa board Um haghrb triirpori strainer Au.'a. T hat so', one mtnnte la pri parol ton but went or board aooa a/Vr aroa ta tba morning, mad ?? ? tar tad about haif aa boor later. General lurr came with oa aa net' aa CWoool Coanl TekkJ aad tbatr Hungarian Man da. Tba t'waral aon ?Mitt bbawtf faliy nroitrtt from tba pilmanary com Bilot Uai obliged bint la <jnll hit port at GaltaataaUa, I tboaa ar bta well wtahara who look b'B in tba fvw bait little reaeoa to aa fVee from unity aa to bta health aad Maraa for what may tnra oat a long and toiler*# campaign With Garibaldi * era rona at bia oldeat, truatteat and moat intimate oompaatooa?Tror.lil, a *a,.rr la tba HvdMm armv, who raaignad ha plaoa aa an orderly odiesr a ear tbe Ktag'a pereofi. preferring to bo a bodygeard to tba maa between wborn aad bia ao vertigo lib atocthma are r?,'tally divided. He Utlaka, and with good naooo, tbat the h Hag blaMril woald be I bo happieti < f ?orta'? aero It la bta power to doe a rod Caatal abut aad Jota Garibaldi, tbo love of adventure balag tb> atroagar ta Victor Emaauol'a heart than tbat ambition nbkch nam a of tba clerical organ* ao freely Itm rate to bl*. belt to Trecal, among lb- hands of Uart baldi, I rtnogalaed Augusto \roobl, a lilrralettr, at, Wee, ue t ilia PpUois, on tba toe tern Kir Ian, ( tata. Garibaldi aa ofltLaad aa long found a gonial abode ta at?a M tba mi at critical par to da u hi* lib. Tbara waa f rit-iaail. a Iton-as veteraa, wltboat wbo* Garibaldi oarer morea, with two w three mora gray beaded man wbo bare been wttb him thrnogbanl tba meet of bia ad van tuna la the New aa wed aa the (Hd world, and aa maay yourger men aocnatowtod ta do bh bidding, wbetbar tba lark Bpowd upon tbe* may teem a practicable ar aa artiaify impoeeible one. Beside* tba Italian# and tba ll'?parlaaa we had ateo mm of Garibaldi's Inglbh cbaarploan?Major, cowOritonel, lariwoa, a yoaag mm oely M jrara old, and of (man Mature, but gifted wttb almoat bercolraa rtreegtb aad Hcareo itormmg rem ragv?a maa wttb whose same few persona wttb Um Crimea# aad ladlaa wan sen be am He oomee to tight wttb Gar i be Ml by I "Ml "iboat Ml brings bna tbe aid of a wbote I at aboat atity vahmteer ?idea, tbe owner of n jarbt, and n*?M la d?iea I'agltsh mikwt la it aad dared era. of whom lbs world wlU hear eons news by aad by. We bad ( antela t). Howling, R A., wbo h to raw-meed a battery of Wbltwortb gone, aad Mr Kdward V. Jarris, R N., a yoeog rallor who rmlgait 1 ef bh vernal la Veg - ?gland to plana bh aktO and valor at t.ertbeidi'b mrviee. fbc master of tbe Ameaoa, Cap leaa Garibaldi mad. tale R. L Wtika, w ao 1 I almost lanry \ larr ntadr cat a few Of Uo pacotlar rkarai by * hch tfnrtbaldl urn ?" am* an pail a aacradaary on all who approach hja. Wn vrro ym(Mr day m/amillt, and, although Captain Wroha had atacad bw prrratr oabta at U>o tiUnocro diopnaal of hia illaatri ru (cent, jrt CarihaUM raair Inrth fhrnkParly among at ard prada hlmaalf for a day prthectly bappr, aa4 trm bratcly mrrry with b a frtrada Tbr jeertooa <la? had bun irrmtnottaly hoi?tit ranrii manly hot, 1 van toM, rrra lor IhWhi). aa<l ;? rtcrtay, although wo vara at tea, va bad not a hrroth of air and no froobawa tall Trnad Kvr rtaao firaarr Into which th? aky and aw vara n r-Trricd Pant ire at i fiMartaf all of na vara, rtla and initrn rnoogb. bat the tirnrrnl morad among tba ttrkit a groaia apon drch vith a ktad and aa apt word f-r tarh of iham rriaotag that rradiaaan of raoogniuna, ltat yrt fort a- raraoy of rrooUoetloo, that' mawory of m?a atd tbirga aad etnmmataaoro. havarar trifliag, which ara rarkM among tba lona*a prtrl Irgw of royally Ra bod oa htt nana! dlHatorial ret, rraairtlag ?f tbr onfalii batidaia krrrttrt thrown i ??ck by, way of a trail mcdrra Wfravaka hat.H prwiigloiia brradib of tho i.ttrraTs ahoutdrrn, hta cotnm ? ?I 11.?it aad tbr ran ral uignity and lion Uho mafraty of bin cdutirtaic* agaia and again Inellaoabohafdor to cvrrratr b>a rraJ rtatorr, vhMh la onrtataly not aboro tbr mid it lo t?r. Ton moat go awr htm, ano msaanro him tr tbr rfaadard of common mrr, bctorn yoa rromrar ficm iba trnt trto which ava for that commanding gara twin )oo tho half, on a orarrr moprctlm. h dark baarl. almoot black, dai tor by far Umfl tbr boa d which a lavay og rrddmh. Br areata the bnlr rather km? Tbr btard In full, aad roller** lha length of tho real face, whkb might ofWwmo br thought ?ieomirc Tbr tempi' f nra mnarwhnt enrnprewd aiwmt the r-artoo of lha ryro. and a rt'f ttffmg oblkjiw doprrWIW laoboerrv bleabrot ibaeyrbrooa. The cbrrk boron ar? high, and thr rear ?-nmeo down minora ibrm la a perfectly atraiibt lorg I re, etra wlih tbr al'ghtiy alaat.i g fnr?hoad Tb? ri v, antra of thai .mall pail ? f the race wnlcb b oof hM era by itr tward. v act ly br* rd or "irbnrnt, It haa a prc'iliar rr'gntar h ir, t' ? k!/ I Had ?lt\ rndiroa rr.-eV .. tlt.'ir.f '? Infer the odor -f ! Ihe I art. * u <d ' h. urn , I y r. . f | .. fj* *? ot?.-b !? h | ?* if ""an* tl*t??. 1 fMt/*nd charester wtujh won tor Garibaldi ibe appella tion of tbe --rjonfece." w' T iwarce mow the General hid been engtgi-d in a V?Jt convert outu with lojrr, when m- - - ,,tr> .kg bjr the sound ?f merry voles In ll.ejprepart or the (tMV ST'. f . up to hu companions, wl? had got up a kind of volunteer ounccrt, walked nearer aad acarw t II group. Ail Hie uuus^n ul ettempta it uc^local oougo, hymns or mclodiee, which tree into tpbsmoral ea.itenue daring the suct-eeslve political commotions of 1M1 IMS, aad 1M9 war* tried wllb Indifferent suoeren tJorlbald! lamented that Italy alone, of all countries and* the ?un? Italy, which wa*gnat in nothing if not In music?bad bad nothing like a national air or anthem to boaat J. '1 could," be said, with a alight touch' of bitterness which % has been felt by many an Italian patriot, "slog you the war emgl of ten barbaric and even, but I could not quote three notes to tbriil tbe heart oi ao Italian as those of the ? Ma'aeillaiae' strike to the soul ot crery Frenchman, or tho?e of 'God Hare the ^oeea' a?d home to the heart of an Kncllabman " Be made the trial of rne of the many Italian la.lurea, nererUteleaa, and his deep toned mellow voice?mellow to staging, as it s rather sharp ringing In conversation when ri'sed above the ordinary pitch?bU voice roee above tbe ? horns ot his old comrade*, as ttn-.y raug the ilttty which ??emeJ among the many to havr moat taken tbe hero's I'tncy. 1 lock note of the i.oee, a I was perfectly una -qua...tod * xu thtm, and write them here as remarkable tor beast* * a melody In which rn'd: faug brat. It is IUij ?!?.. ia mude to jpeat to tor children ? Via, toglietcm. dal capo Ia corona Gelie ?p'be; Che una tgIu a-rneii ?il crine Fplcnda :1 srr'.o del valor. Fen I 'itali a e son r aorta, Ia catena ho :uite infrante, Sorgercome g gaute % Al ri.hiamc deb tnor. Fill aignora delie genii, Pol f-.-i aefciava e piansl tanto; I'er pin aecoli dl ptonto vjucato di compenao arrk, Tb'.tl all' armi o ilgll mlct; Tutti unit! .& unaschlera; Benede'.ta la band It ra Che a p'.gnar li coudurr.'t. * Dal Oniaio alia Sicilia. A noi r[ ien*a I.berti. Many other aonga, more or leaa or a warlike cr paur .. 3 ^anicUT, were tried, m' with Indifferent si jysm. We had three ladita on board, who liad all jotred tao group, and to whom ''aribaidl paid easy, affable alter tiers there ia no gall in tbe milk of this mm'a compos ? lion, or one would woa.ier bow, after Cctno, hs can beu. to look a woman In the (kce. two of three female pes' scngt-is belonged to a professional singer from Mastic, and the latter waa. after a little pressing, induced to 'avor tbe company with noma more cultivated rtra nr. Garibaldi bad sat down <>n a water bait, reslisg IDs fott - or the . >iain ?l !e, w'.ifc 1: - elbon* on bis knees, and hi* chin on both bis hands, wiib an upturned face, .later'.nc to ciTUtaed music with ihe attention of a mar Cited by ? nature to appreciate the btaulilul whenever it Tails in tie way. ? >ne of nis compel.'on?. a draughtsman. was ready with paper sad pencil to catch the suit do and the group. Ibe moment waa sublime, for the unoooe-io-ir General had put on an intdhbly calm and delighted expression. Presently the roup as again took up the strata, and the concert aaeumcd that wild and desultory character which belongs to such extempore performances. There arose loud peals of laughter In which It did a man e heart good to see Garibaldi take a hearty ? bare? Gar: baldl, tbe man on whose ahouldera weigh at this mmceat the dent it ten or Italy. A xra <>roed an they must be to ibo exhibition of snob unaffected oord ialtty, garibaldi's companion* were aa fully charmed to see their chleftaa in ruch high good humor as a comparative atracger m .g t; { be. The love and devotion of all men who ever draw { near Garibaldi are something that passes all underetaad l tag. He loves all, and is loved ny all; yet mere a uooo ; with whom bis supreme authority la ever shared, aoco i who la ever intimately taken Into bis councils. It ts ewly I hla heart that'? open to all. Bis mind la exclusively bar ' own. and his will admits no doubt cr dispute. ! I had a long cwversatiun with Veccbl, who Is me if his nearest and dearuat friends. They had ji .t been out I for six or seven 'lays; Uhey had visited the volunteers I encamped at tho Golfo degll Arancl.on tbe corttean roast of tbo island of Sardinia, when Garibaldi took a fancy tc let a few of bis ro<v?t intimate .-imptocos .mo the privacy of bis delightful '-at horn*'' in the diet cr Csprern, near the Madaiena. and at the opening of :bo Straits of Boalfaolo, between Sardinia and Cbra.oa. Aa ibey drew near the llttla rock that bears tbe name oi Oaprera, mow of bi ioomi?n:ons observed to > aribaidl that it waa "a very small Ma," whereupon tbe owner of Ibo happy spot bridled up ard answered, "Oaprera la not imall; wait till >e ccmcc arer to It, aad you wi I see It Is an?thing hot a small island.'' Ibey came to port; they lauded; they climbed tp the rooky strop. Garibaldi was n a perfect esnecy with tbe spot, the air, the look of the growing cr-pa. - Did . >oo ever see each capital artichoke* aad a co turn pa? Everything growa here la perfoctloo, aad then yon moat taste our fruit." Presently some of the domes tic friends of tbe solitary landlord came up aheap, goats and piga, which be knew sod recognised car by ooe, tour donkeys, .me of whom ha balled by tbe august name or P.? N?eo, and the three others by ottur asmes eq-aJy .llusUloua la Ountemporary history, which I aha!) act. write down. The harmless creatures came for sard to ho patted by tbair kind master, aad rubbed their loog earsl beads against hla legs. Then oeaee tbe bipeds of the si Ublishment? old C-lfi laborers, perfec tly unauapuloua of be greatness achieved by thitr master, aad not carls,- a Haw for ii_wao cams on; to greet him ia their own ? rustic fashion, shaking sad hugging htm u a frieod mi a brother, aa men who love the mao aad tbo icaster, and know nothing of Ibe Oi-or.i or the hero, aad falliag .at', ?nmcdia-e dirco- rsc about the cow that bad slved and too field ibat had berer ploughed, aa If tb? rate rf ihtr " *" as the hair world buag on the result of tbe bar re it ul stony Cepre-e. d ? Kwasmtls la Italy. Tba Bring to, Jaco dl Guru?, correap exfeat cf ibe U . ? 7iia-a, under Jate of August *>, says ? Renter n deapatrh baado-.biirwa are tflla informed yi of the unoxpected arrDal of Kneeuth at thla place E i-smo ia by the steam r yesterday sftornooo. at hoif-i? f. ur o'clock. Irom -oi and took up hla abode at U Hotel de la Graade Brr'agae, oa the shore nf the taa midway between Co, oo aad Onmo. at half pas: aeva o'clock the hotel and the adjacent gardens were Ilium nat'd, and bonfires were also lighted on tha shore, wt'c were qeickly responded to by n number of similar bo cona at several po.nti along the long mountain range* the opprwitn aloe of the Inbe. Ihe ropnlatkm or Beiien la but rrnaU, vat aearce'y an tahabltant could have bet sheent from the spot wh'-n the Hangar ten liberator be token up h a abode The enthusiasm of Ibe peopta area very great, aad i rich : vrbarge of caunon their crias of " Ti w llaiim i " 1'ira lap* Tin " " I tad ?am ad and though aw not least, " M a Jngk? jrrm "? ware at loud aad noisy I the went vehement patriots could desire. Tha trwn bam t onaWUng of nearly forty musicians assembled under U window vf the hotel nod played aereral a'r? with mac prertalon, the meat |?p':tar of wh'ch neemed to bo It flungariaa March, afltr tha pet form aaoa of whkh Kxa auth appeared at a window and bow-d arrerol t man tba populace, which ant was the Tlgnal for renew vociferation At about ten o'clock the crowd d petted end the tieLta of the hoSoi >>r. ?bo lights Of the hotel were alow exttagaiehed By a lingular eo.rrMtoee Prince A'bree of Priwnta arrived from Coiico by the eame ateambeat which Rcrreth had embarked,an l proceeded sc cans to I 'i**"1 "ppes is lkllegto, from whieb be had ba aba.nt tor twa yean at Cabana, flalurdny was u so t birthday of the ton of Ibe Macula d'Ahegl.o, m oemi "!l ?"! the villas were hrtil antly Ulan hated ahmg tbe ahorse of tba take, tha eflbot of whk uadrr a lovely aty, whb a brigbtTtatag. wwn?ata>8y.Mjta A l ai mwty bour uia monfras ? ? b#?*. ,ml Uter aptwoo, hod thelc do la Grande Bretagne 'ereoaded Kossuth, whe agnta I r. arcd an-l a< knowtadged the com pi, men 11 - *rel to M Ilw moremenu of Una remarkable man or. si ivreent i . JLlV . ,h* ?BP*' "nprcestan barn oppsara to !?***? yft in tbe war,/"berate B^lB? N ?<*? popular In thW pari of rpthiialaam awry where aspen may be taken as gennlne. Tba hatred egetast Aastrla. all events, Is meet unmistakable, The Prtoceee Oamid * " .?**_**"<?* Gennsxtal, which w adjasMt 'V" ..tWtalr Russian seamed to be meob Ufifl^l ai Konvtl c rfceftion, bmf u aooa m ia# m tbe hotel616 Wwd on tba helvadtre Tlw BaiinaulitfTMllii, 1 (From (?? Cologne . We admit thai the eelfceauo lastaf th* pr.locol, the detail!*# drawtac op of wfeicfe ?ear* to be Mill Km ?>? 1 Ml of* camM*M loom tbo CWbt?a *f Mil Ml VImm, win ho TO M iminttally ciiffereLt ud Mill onUIi MTorol bindhNM ud oo#1 mrettoeed la tha Hapwifr" AM I that uwirol la M? .V<rd, ooadMloei opoo wbic* tto Moron too ft-.btelatt baa mad* Um Mipport of tbo Proaaioa mill lory foreoa Power*, wttboel (iTlrf hotaeir op to fbre'irti lib-renoe ? ?id witboot prteoiui f 11 In* her liaada wttb (reelw lb* oobm iiMkaMip M uac.owry wib tbo other I owera. la Oerm?y, Praaua oofbi to iu ? morel coo (|iir?u by Ml?1 of wle* leflalellra M lom? on I by lb TMiraib* dOTtlope?eelef all tba moral tkn tta, al) ibt f kwti of uDta?." Wbet rtaarna coo ha*e onw lador#.] *arm *r,o ?; belalt* |wed*lee the Prtaaw Repeal, ? regard* A-jetr e tod Italy, a, oboadaa lb* prngriaami *o nxWrfiy u?l ojmptteiy 1 PonMla?. a tr?fy proper i? 00 oaMl t? not 'iopo ttgowl ol Ibpllla Mt a ??u?' nodoritaodiaa. ,-ne? rw?l to a protocol, ? eery OB. real fro? o mere rxcbarfe of xtoera ? hot Miih to ootbiri II M exideot that a frioh milltoiy lalarr*r.t|ca by *? Iolrrei tH tumid M allow Pro?la lo rem* e mo ereat 10 the lOtoeeet of ibe t> ropeaa i?r U hrlum la ? of fltli M ***** tcoella wo.-Id fit-to only ? eeeoitdary oo?? Twit; Iho rhlef fin wookl be that ? itn*!e feat n>*?r wookl orrrpof* tf lUrlf it* rlfbl of ?'??? Jwtdiaff U? deft ?*tea of a country ao important to tha i.-* hjo of lh? nalt* of f.orope loit la nor opinkw th? int'reet of Proa Ma la thl* ewe % aot dlflerent from Uut'.*of F"t*lao I, omj I he only good policy for Pr?elo weald bar# b?ce la the i r?i piece tot lo kwe t'ght of Or groat Rnrope? intarmt. ?nd proxtotoaaJly lo tore It to accrual ? o eomatoc lalerrat. . i: Jr r" ?"nld bar# |n be A Tortowllr, k!Tl?. .T* u< iu> thai It it ' *??jpew^l* V' f rw? with anr rorUirty. To H J*1* "h odwaufr. nod witbool wwlt.aft t l>? t ,t if trio that.f?ri nf tho Proof** Military T*' ? ***** *" lh* t ?'WofM.Iiition*. ?tM? m*wt *b 55 lh? fltltir r>K h ? Or- -tUr If nOflallar+f |Ut'l#?d to drprhrr fotoro pth;ir, paw n-- mrt n-? lMtto?? of lh?ir brat rofarr to MfMlor Aaotrta >bttf*?, fTHljf r to trflpooeo hot, reload toatlt dfetttlABod and# * Priwria ? th A' ?tr . ?|nr., triad* hall rbattrn d, in lh? (tow of rrtnoo and llaiv Brt?*r Mill' If the roTo'iioo of tb" V?r# t anoi, IV*#tat, .p er* arkn yartntgod at r pi ?? thatt ho k ltd it| ? f \ ew*t,o tt iwltf iw.por.vit ftw the awp r? J Am

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