Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 15, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 15, 1860 Page 3
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WW. We are of quite lbs ont-trnry op in ton. We believe Uii (be possession jf VumMia n a mwionute, a osuae <A ^iNlrinCM to AuflriA What Interest, we ask bua Prussian Hplmnacy, tbeo, to proclaim formally inch a Ibeaia m tha eipreamon of tie < iwnvKlluos. when il known that other rreot tower* with whom Prussia can have, and Infallibly will hare, the greatest Interest to come to an understanding ? ventu alty?w ill be of a contrary opinion, and will endeavor to uuae that opto on preva I In the negotiations for a medi atiunf Why thin premature and provisionally theoretical restriction on her liberty of action? why this abakliog m the negotiations rod moirreases about to be held, - whwh cannot now, by possibility, be approb ated# Wn hope the revelation of the Sord may bo -ontrndi'J ' ed at Berlin; wo hope a .-beck may be put on France* teudeoeien to intervention. but, no Ion* as ??eentrten eidnatveiy "lerman are not cooosrned. and so long ? Fnreprao q ienllonn are alone at issue, wo should .ike 11 grew Powers loa* directly interoatod to to an ?n derrtaading ahout a mediation. and to act tn iou ? r . ths pnrpose of re eatahllahlng a dn^le ant allowing themselves V? be tnlluSBosd by legitimist prejudices or dynastic ayrapnlhles. nikg n_|V Clutaee for \aascvla tha Ba t?Bt? (ierdlais wit* Rmaalw RtaUirsd! [from Ijb Sard, tho Russian organ,] after ooaatderisg attentively the Inclinations sad -nte i oeaasloi ally antagonistic, as well as the straggles Zths various Austrian raoos agal<?? ?w another, the reader will perhaps ask himsrlf, Is It possible fur Austria to emotoy any other means than material force to arrest Ukase quarrels, all thuae contests, to conciliate all these interests 1 At ths epoch at which urn live, brute forco cannot be by any means regarded as a aoltl and din-able baaM for a Stats, especially since the principle of nation, alines has been proclaimed and reoognlted by three great aatMnn?France, Kngtand aad Italy?and since the Gsr ' Bkan natkm, also asptrtag to liberty, has taken It for Its Dae If, then, Austria deserve? to exist any longer. she must have another basts, which, In the Insufficiency of his tor Mai right, can oely he that same principle so dreaded by br r at this day. Formerly Austria bad an historical mis lion SO fulfil, that of defending Christianity again it ths Turks, is was ob that aooonnt tost the Hungarians and Bo be mlMM* with oae oooioDt ud of their own occor i, offered the crows of ths lam klsgtoms to the boose of Hapsburg a.--? thai mutton tai crowd she has so longer s rsuon d etre scrordtiipfy lAc ha* leet her pretSege aad the tympa Am <4 Che eivilued world, and if only looked upon a* a rrij/JLl institution, kept up for the proJU of a dyruxAy. Wta ibnaarly dJml.ated morally and materially. and rightly, because she was the natural defender of that body which has a hundred heads and so arm she baa lost all political Influence-, It Is Prussia na* inherited it, because its government is more pregrawt-re, and lid purely German population more nu m.Toas That M why, In the present state of the tendon eMS of Austria, and by reason of the form of her govern ment she pleases neither Germany nor the other coco sries'which nhs governs. AeitAcr the one nor the ?Ch'.r have amy further nod ./ her, and oo-Ui easily do t-illou! tkCTe 1/ ob ths contrary, Austria chose to transform herself tnto'a political lnstttction, destined to guard, by the nnMB of forces aad reriproml guarantees, the existence and devetopimsol of tbu little nationalities which live in her or arotmd her, without violating the principle of equality, aba would have in that case a raito x d'efr-.and, la heoomlnf oone more useful to these little nationalities, she would Cod in horself a principle of life stronger and morn powerful than that of the legitimacy of dynastias, uchvih it Always weakft whfte it is fourbd in conflict \oit \.ht principle <f ru&ondHty. The latter would then bee-Hue the beat safeguard of the dynasty which so tears it at oreoaat. In fact, the dynasty might render immense servMs'to its peoples by becoming and tn rent analog by its sovereign power, and the pree ? tig) which always accompanies legitimacy, every ene mas of sailonal self love contrary to tne nfhte of jus tice and eiual'.ty. This being so, all the nations wou.d at lensth oome to an unuerBtandlng with ooo another, id tenra to respect each otheT's righto. OKitant with finding In this union a central poist, making cao oi it as a pivot around which to develops their autonomy, they would leave off opposing the government, which, for Its part would have further reason to tear centrifugal tones, if anyone should remark that such a iranforma Hon if Austria is impoesMr. we hare only to tay that in thai tern die eaislmce of A ustria hers, if is impossible.. We candidly ad wit loat the transformation of which we siteak tea very difficnit task; stUl more so at tbo present day than it was in 1848. In order to undertake it. It woald be oecessnry to break with all the traditions oi Ihe pant and to eater sincerely nod unreservedly on tbo was of eooalitottooal reform, with the firm resolut oo of bo more betraying the principles onoe adopted, never 4? aardinc thorn lor any advantage whatever, dynastic, per soaaler temporary. The dynasty ought n> longer to offend the majority of the nations whi- h are under Its domination by proclaiming itself purely German, m It did at tbo oosimenoemenl of the last Italian war. There would be just as much oss in calling ?tar If Jaw- llone Arnapienuc, or l'remyallde, as Hsnsburg iTlmruae, thit i lo proclaim that It Is tbsteptlmate dynasty of all Its peoples, and that it it Ha.'/sr tad dsla vooian by the same title a* II is Germ in. It ou^hl to abolMh aU ths privileges ot any one nationality, whatever n may be, and be merely i'iat P,ward? tho Germane, to whom It should give autonomy lu tha i.crmaj- provijoes, 1 .-.arautre uatmnallty by in-wca of rpo>-..a! .hel.U IS la the iistricu aal c>i -munrs tn which they twos I scattered. : the limits o. aad even VtlMB the queaUoo ahoukl arise of tracing til - ths new provinces. It would !><- very dlffioul'-, iinuoaalbw In some instances, to disregard ibe historical ?nwttnia and to take the etnnograplilcal frootlevs ** tne sole baa is of daUsa.tatWB Perhaps it would not be eves .?nedMut to treat the hiftcrloal aav -cUtlona too harshly. But it artll sttll be petalbf at no great cost. ?o adopt tne orinolDie of self government, as the ksgIMb, -wise and Amerkians b.ivc do jo?to give liberty to tba wain ion-8 and to circumscribe diSUicU anwrding to their nationality. Tbta sysum would guarantee the free devetopetnent of rationalities in edu cwiion an 1 in admmtciralion, bolB would he national. A dominant aatWotlity wmM no Ikmge' "V press the rest In each pro rlnee the two or tkwee prim.1 pal Mnguagra mgbt be ad untied to tho prevuicUllheh St to ths practice, without ioc u.v.-Dieoorjn the !? __i ywj. vhpM thfpp lanft'jyfTM BQIf bl UlM. AD*?YO Ul . oroTinoial 4i?lf Unre w?hU<1 Infi lo b? a funeral M*oi tlw M whwh all ths nationalities should be repreoeotcd, Jkl'which should be charged with the . of. vso ^ ^,dt^0 ecneral mterewla of the I ni -n It aronld have, hoa.daa, STTel as a medMUIl m ease ot tvwUlct among the dlffe ?el nafoBulitics, and aa eoverclgn ,adgo ot their dilfo rsnceM A a all the nhtvocw would 1>S thus 111 tare*ted tn tb? maintenance of the empire the question of toe Inn lo he eroi ")>?! in the crotml n-lminlatrnl w treil 1 Cools n mart mMAer at eoov.-oienoe, sod would be "f little importnscc, eo that th Germ -a language night oon tlt^M l?un?7 if the .-memi anmmbly thought .1 best wa^sd le MS purposes This ssw or;rantmt;oo eiWoeW raws at'dale ths Assutnn government, which wiwld tnos hrwsms no looger the oppressor, hat the protector and d? M necosmtry en the Kmneror", p^ifoiT 2U^.yw^ convictlo. of uw train ,4 me i>r uClDtol iBAVilMd A Ifl# WtU* 104 ^ COUf^? _ . . .k^ nnaktflrtB (B th B All ' ?rt BFhotv th"m ud iMll? ibf IBMntf l* WlU OM*' <0"fy A?T !rLku?g hlnaoalf the bonafartor of a'l vwy J h, lha trwn ^Rs osob it. Tho oOBSUtouoa Of^r.l it, 1818. which, baths way was uBtolUble to Anatrta, was tbrognted Vn Mwarwl maalfbsso praativwl that the rapveeeemilrav ?f thTeeop- aBould he entreated with the Arewlag ap e* faSSot.w.whils the I net of Uongsry sod that of OstlB shwnlfi set ab-cA r^ .J'w^ie lata Iht mAanintLfiiiOB Of lN**l Wilfw*. ZTbII FYSBSM Joseph. OB nocendibg lbs throne, anv(TVs assuraaos that all tho prumWos sf his prede j Mas should he strlrtly kept H .werac, on ma hidflBWid IN OlillHWl ? K. JIIL?I?T M t Irmmtrd % rhSitf.f IBllllti&K ifUtl MliBfWf ?m make ma'ters oompl< te, he belt gave caBStltuttJna to ?. rovrnW dne bwkwl in v?? frn. day fo ,u. tor tha Goavsatwi of the ProvlneMl ASBeonhIMB, till rw.-W 11 1AM On that day. the government throw mw off the mMk. withdrew the rr*wtUiii?m it had mtBtnd. rJJ astabllahsd as absolute gore rumest, thai its St whtcb twd never eiwtsd In Austria at any time, (h the asms new base." of tba organic MgMlnUSB.^ MB that deeroo has a*' hoon ra-'an ib ra raamomaal whoa the f"?yBW?w^~ .? iw || was on the wrong rnsd. An Mapsrtal u ".a. Auaum that th* r** mnn r ?? ^ to cerupy itself with the rafbvmo * ,..T to satisfy tbel' lust danism. After aomernaa 4el1 C^TaMand oOMaltlag of cwSdevlltl psVB*o? mei*r-Kvd kind avd mead devotedito jrwl^r thw - bed deamrvd that a -oati eU-w jvdhtD'Dttbli aid urgi &%, a Tnsalor e, mw V,.?ra B g. sryk ^ ? ?? ~ - M, "7 "V J ,f,M ,h?, i?i? nalloBS which ? .11 oet apeak of It After tnsi, rm '**. <be AwKtsa veto- eg so A?vn cenfirtsBoe in " oThop, innt n hw the stightsst weira {he nape inn. radoal re ?_"*> raT ^ ^' ^ bciierse to be ner-wy (orma whbb t??ry vnmo *n ? ;v a .. and sdMi-ensabl- If the pttsent atatasstes AM u> ihe i tuntwe, will it relavlgormte lttrif by ?**' 10 ine anunir?, ? Liium.Uiiea' ???H* lUlMlM* with Pkr?|atf. I? the Haw M Uwom rm the *1, Mr Ma.,- hi aabed the tirit lord o( the Trcaaery m a mi rendition were car retottaar, diplomatic ?n.t ctberwt c, with im r^reblto at Para*nay. mora especial! j la rebietws to the m*~ respecting the latrmani aad aubee I1* "WMh of aa elkfed Bruiab object. aaawl t-aretait. by the Parafueytt) fOTommcnt- atao whetw T ."J*" reedtownoe ,4 the Mate of Bean<* A' ^ CcafMtccaUoa, Bar lUjeetre ??y af Par aw. as at praeet ' lord Paimeies Oar ratal tons with the r>rcram?wb r*r**mr woe* east? adcd m enaaaqn-ar* of the arrasl aa I lattrtaoeaiaat aa ?? cnntaad, the aa iet ..>at end oreel wprMaaat af Mr. Oaaaau a hm.w 1 That aatortaaata febUeaeaa wad dstatoed a Urn- to pnaoo, bathe ???et last re,?erd Ibe'irTba ratmm was la part trwtof to a am af latently wal Mated by oaa af tba hHM rmtaero to tba near l-tato to as!/s **4 aetata a Perafaeyaa earns al Baaaai Arras That attempt did act anoread. aad the Parwaaeaa eaaaat fat aafb bark lata Boaaca Ayreaa tratera. T aaa ? ltoet to battoea that altetopl toeirrtolly tailoaaaad the I'ara feayaa jrrreroweet la erdertac tba release of Mr. Om atatt. fhat daaaaad baa ast yet baea creapitetowltb, aad ? oar ratallaaa with Paragoay hare aut rat baaa raaawad. t tenet, howaear, that the Ptrafoayaa gaiaiatoaat will Mai, aaaa farther retort loa. that It la daa to their ewi ahaaactaa aad the boaer of lhatr aocatry to .?aha the eeepeaetoiea we aak Ibr. ha to the Nether eaeetiee,, it la wall kaowa that the yrartaee ?f *iaaaa Arraa baa separated from the Affea ttoe Oaafblatolaa. aad oor wtoPae waa wtibHahad at fbaaaa, lately eawiin'lBa 1 her* paasai batweaa the ?*? araaaeat o? the arartaee af Beaara Ayraa aad that 11 thehrfaattoe paaMaraiiea, whiaa way taad 1* the rcuntoB of tho wttt tlw Ofmfoderatten. W tha; Is ly aeliied the B<H*h hiukjb wtll remain at V..r ojh Where it wul ha afterward* I cnnuot now any, s? >1 ??ep 'oO* ojw-41 tan ..-rans iiDe,.te bet ween tbe province an i uw < tout ienuioc l'hc lUlxlltoa ta CWaa-IU lleklgloue A a pert*. Wo uka I/O u tbe y^r'.K China tier all tbe following ei us t? frupj no I'ltoroetiiig uerraltvi by turee uwainia rit? who liavo rectuliy p-i etrated Into the Interior of China af far aa fowban. Tn?y "ouflrm many of the pre vious statements that hnl reeohvl is aa t > (be religious prineiptea of tha rebate, their frteudiy itieimellioa to wards foreigners, the r??td >uirea?e ul' itutr n -mb-rs, their uncle an<t manner of, An. After describing their arrant'amenta for ret-btng the city of thing San and the scenes of delation whmh viie ravages of war everywhere presented to their ytew, the harrattre ihua proceed.*:? Aa wo approac) ad the city gate we accented the guard with shouts of "poaco, pence, we 00mo in peace, we are proa'bora of the doctrine of Jesus,'* holding up in our baada the open Slriptiroe, aa eggbtrmatic of our ofll-j. Alter due laqu.ry a messenger war root 00 board to talk with us, aad others came of their own uooord, made their own .oqut riea and, we auppoee, liie'.r own reporta. There were not a lew who. in a private aort of way. aa if afraid to be beard, aektd for opium, the tiea of thie drug being inter dicted by tbetr government. They were chiefly anxious, however, for foreign anna. It scorned strange to ahatta baada with a genuine long batrrl rebel, aad our situation was 10 us a decidedly novel one. An hour's detention and a messenger oame ask log ua to accompany him to tbe office of tho chief officer of the city (a military marula rin). We dtd to, made our visit, and wero kindly re ceived, the officer laying aside bis assumed dignity alter Uto first few qoealloas as to wherefore we had come. he. Be invited us to sit down, and we bad a long, froe talk, llejoflere 1 01 an escort to 9uchnn, which we declined, hot suggested that we would like a letter to the ftucbau au thorities, which was readily promised. .Something was said about our din dig with the officer, and It waa hinted at leant that b? intended to aecd as some presents to tbe boat. All Ibis we declined, preferring to get oa to rtu ihau aa aoon as possible. There wcra, however, some of the lower officers who brought on board some chiJcona aad fruit, and 'batted with os a long time From them and others we gathered some ttema of interest. They say that ttaoir original King, Bang 81en faen, is ?till living and well, and ta tha present reigning King at " 1 confirmed by re Nanking. (This was candrmed by repeated iai|uiry here and afterwards at Sucban.) They observe the Sabbath the same day aa with ua, meeting regularly for social worship when not directly engaged in actual war. They sing tn tbetr worship, and I was not a little surprised to bear ooe of tbcra repeat Mr Shock's version of the Doiolo gy, almoet exactly aa we dow use It in our hymn books, ei -ept that they use Sbangtl aa tho specific name for the I it vine Being, Zuag aa the generic for God, and Sung Liag as the name of tbe Holy Ghent, than putting beyond con troversy tbe use of these words which have given mis sionaries so much trouble. For baptism they wipe the breast, Imply lag the claeealag of the heart. This ordi nance they administer to womeu and children as we.I aa to adult males, and bat oooe to each person. Below la a copy or their Doxology, a brief abstract of their faith, one of thoir prayers, anu a form of asking blessing at table before eating; th.e last being repeated tn kneeling pos ture before sitting down. These were furnlshel us by the military cm mender at Qoog Ban. D0XUUX1T. rraiae to Sbargbii, who ia the boarenfy Boly Father; praiag to Jesus, who is tbe Holy Saviour. rraiae to tbe Boly Spiritual Wind, which is tbe Bo!y Ghost. to the throe persons, who are see true Gid. a teres or. Is the true doetrioe'lllce too doctrines of the world ? It wives the tool of man that he ma/ enjoy everlasting tspr'.r.ees. Those wb > are w!?o will diligeatly perform It (i. e. conform to Its teachings) and blessed ars tbey who receive It if a man search his heart and peroeire his own sinfulness, the ro.vl to ho tvon Is open to him. The mercy of onr heavenly l ather is boundless, lie spared not hie first born Son, but sent him down to the world to give np his Ufa aa a ransom that be might forgive the sins of men. li a maa know this doctrine, reponl, sad depart trom evil, his soul shall asoend to hoaven. ?or> \<> Ajn itvaamo nuts*. We ? ? little ones bow dowu open the earth to pray our heavenly Father, the great Simojti, to grant grace, to pity, to save, to preserve us Give Tnou continually to us the hotv Breath (or Spirit) of God to change our wicked hearts. Never let the dova deceive as, bat evermore strengthen us. Never let the devil persecute us. We trail in the redeeming merits o' the Holy Savior, the ancient Teacher, who is our elder brother in Heaven. Wa trust, also, in the menu of too learned h a. her of later day, tbo Ha* tern Kutg, * bo redeems ns from disease, that they may tn our aicad pray onr hear nly Father, the great 8hangti, that his will may he perfectly done on earth as it Is ia lleaveu. Look down upon us and answer onr prayer. In our hearts we truly wish these thing*. i .v ns* oat, a mtu. Heavenly Father, lLo great Shangtl, be-m uk Utile unas. fltte cs lay by day clottae ?o wear and f n*l to oat Is-, liver us from evil and calamity, and receive cur souls Into Heavsa. The ni aewuarioa remained twenty four b.iura ji Q tng jtoi. and lion prooeednd on t.Hjir journey to? lObSQ,througj s d'.strict preaenting all the evdenoM of a i -rr.ole con flict Although they ontitlnuaily I"11 hi with bands of armod men, the sou -un orncui that U>c> were preachers of the doctrino of Ji-a>u'. served them ns a safe iwrap irt everywhere The narrative then continue* ? At the Nga Wuo Doug bridge, throe ram* lr?m Soe.ban, we cncoiinfred nootUir bx?y of the people, *J00 or mure, aiiicg wbon were smwn an I boy, all armod as to vs of vcelerdey. but >p|?i wily fir tleroer and more net on dthimg. With very considerable dlinculty we made them understand who wc were. Thro nf tbo older men name on our boat where they were told plainly where we were going and what wa were going for that wa were peaceful strangers desiring to do no one .my barm. Tbey took tome hooks with them, and told us ibal all was we., with as. The number of corps** at Ibta pla?. bullion the abort and la the water, was no great that the run was almost intolerable, ami lb' |?v>p;, ensured us that wa would And It worse and worst sp at the rat * of tbe r.ty. Within Ave minutes from tbe ilm>> we le't tbe pc.pc ? the bridge we saw a company o< reueis from Soebau a?m bait a ni.l*' from na com.rg down In attack Uie bridge, i W tt. all haa'e we pushed into the rreek and barely sue evaded tn sscbplbg the aigOt of the rebel . In twenty mibules from the time of our the bridge the piece was in Uamea and thaUogtltcr had begun, so that bad we delayed ten minutes longer we rbwiid havben In the midst of ths battle Without the ability of evnlntotnx our tingiilar puaili<n W mov-l on to the Bong dan bridge, two or three miles from the K i gnu , where the boatmen again rersaed to go further, and it was decided that our Invalid biother should rema n an board to keep the boatmen from running away from us, as well aa be cause be bat not phyawai strength to go oa, wbile the , other two should walk op to tbe city. A black bo:ill of water and lbs letter to the Tseng IVong were tbe g*lf- . praeervcrs we look with as. Whes we raacb' J tbe Ka- , mitt: the people at Ural looked timidly over the wail at as ! and b- at their drums to an no twee the nppreers of strange rlartlvr. They questioned us repealedty about tbe | number of our boats and men, and wberefora we had ; come, all which 'inestkms ore <uuw. red plainly. We told them we bad a letter lo the Tseng Wang (Faithful Ki tg), aud wished him to scad a mraavwger to receive it. Tbey lowered a rape a, 4 wished m IB wnj tb. Icitcr over the wall. This we rvf isedtodo, and also dacl.ned to enter Into aay protracted enareraatlna until we should have suitable mesas of s<wdiog oar ommunr titan to his Kk celMaiy. '"us man. who seemed to have aome antb >rliy, inquired a.,aia abwot our object lb vitiuag Ham, whea we replied as before. Urn* we came aa m.nts:or? of the ?oapal, bat had received at Quag Has a letter for hit ax eoUeaay. the Tbsag Wong, and would be glad to speak with sums maa autborissd la inks It to tbe King. Ha naked oa to uotd nut the letter that be might nee the ehn rartere from tbe top of the wall that It was really to the kisg. This dene, be promiaed that our arrival ebmild be anoonaeed at oboe, tBd that a mieseager sbould wait oa us very soon We waned under a shelter near tbe gale an bear nr ?are whan the mewseugecs, tour nr gve la number, ar rived We talked with I hem a little, and ieltvared oar b .tor with onr cards in Ksflwh to the chief, oar of whom left at coco for the The others brought out seals for a? and seated themselves to interims as. litre ws wrote a ooto to brother Crawford, anno ectag our safe ar rival. he , wblrh be wool" sd wry soon, but hu nu'w-T to which wa failed to receive till aest day. Alter vary Itttl** deity oar mrasrnger retcrsrU with Abe borate lor us. and we wars invited le eater the city. Tber<- wars is oar train, batore and bel.lad. not less,pwbably, than Ally BH|> I- nee and mood ronpectfally till ws paaord My own i t wa? at Best thai the p ople got ap Aram mere cerise ity, It bem- oo etraogc tn aos foratga vrs treated with soon respsrt by aetborlttca. Bat oa ruber urcaaiunn we saw o .r runners whipping the pospk up as they went. Against this ws prramtod, b it It was lheir way of showing rsspart, and oar words pranrd tor sauglii Tbe city wee far ctoeacr than we bad etpartvd to bod It Tbsre wari: bodies in many of lite pang* bat there had rvbtently fa aa effort 10 got them ail out ?d the stream and bonaea. Tbe men that ws saw ? ore a strong, vigorooa toatsig ?et, far saparlor la ap f to ibora la the Imperial srvlce. we we*r lad to br rsetdeno of tbe mandarin first in authority after the Klrg. and la\ ited Into a ifwtons hall, wbcre every una was bum after Cbinuae taste, and abort we were eiii?r tamed according to the QitneW fbsk na. Wo sat or reel: ed ipnn a aire lounge, where ww brought us the mesas of washing iac? and bands. Tea and sweetmeats, he . were kept be:?re na We wore invito! to go lain an other room and lake a balk, aad wh> n the attendants upon toe bo-.m *erme>! to oome lb too large an nbers we ware sr.ted to a mors retired and mow pi unseat room, where in a abort lime a saaadarm if high authority railed ua us. He oame la a king white silk few a aad very fhmUlm y prison tod bis band: as if hi bad been aooaetimed V. thM mod# of seluiattoa aO bis Mb. llr wat a Usaurn maa who bad l'rod s goof While In dbaagiiaa. awl bad some ny jorlunlty of o-w-rrlag foeelfners He was telhoeiS"J to r?l lor the Klse it seomg, and promiaed that any th J wa wlshod to ear should SO Atlibfaliy rqmr\*d to bis etiwTl'bey. He waa sastoua to kaaw the view foretoa eve touk of Ibnr me>ramsts. and how they were da posed K warde them. Ifoestioeod ne at to the toreee bore, sad as to whether foraiga aathsrlttos woald le tor pone in ami lory should come to Fhaagbae wished to imsw whether it would do to lot the foreigners draw a Has he Mrminod tbey should not come here Ws. thor foee, ad| Vfe.1 that they rbnulrf feSAf a*df *1 '-net for tha pr-mwt." He pmpnaed to as to take money town and boy aram (br tbam, which ws declined, oa the grauad that wa were mtowtart of the Genpat, m<i uad oome to talk only ahoal ?he dootrtao Ho pi ipusl? to pay ss liberally If wa would am oar li ?senoe with fwetgiwrs IB Utotr bobnlf. and we thought, and still Hunk, that wa might hare set our own price oa odr services. Btosrtaialy thought >t vary straags wbea wa told him wa did so* wish hat mraey He did not, we think, bitoad ta try to bribe oa to da what wa might to ink la ha trraog, bat h? idea waa, we maald Ilk* to BBv yaa a hssSmmi pi mint and bnvayaa AnmmMhlng ?w m at -haafhaa. Tbay wwaM vary sham fti Ity bars paid a large mm Mr taking lattera to tha fsralBB author lira tmuTdny svantog brother OewfbH aams elm In ?hsc .ty.a^ Wammt the eight at the bovmtsf tbe man dars f" sdny ws astM at tbe mam ptoee. givtag sbA reviving Information. end Instructing tlo rieople around ur. Ail our ooufereaoe wan wound up ?uh a pr*y*r Ut the true God, in whin Tmu i?d-<*ug lot, and u I the -venicp of 4?odmw we rvtirneJ to 01 ? b at le*t u< quite ? numier of book* of different kinds, some 01 which were intended for foci en ,uid others for V?n king. Our return to Oteugl.M wee merited ?Hh no to rldente jf specie: Uiterest ex?pt the pes ',ng of two no we bands of la fur te ted oounlrym-n, whom we eoadlHate-t much m we hud -lone we mot going up A few lecla which, la the jourse ?r 017 sarralre ( here feilod to preset i, shall close thia already lenxlby common >-?? llon Ooe ia that Iheot lfuo l.ieng la deal, end enetber la that, according to robe I testimony, Mr. See, the former Futali, or lienlniiaDt general ea I believe forelgoeri ei'.l him, la not deed, but it eu oihoer lu the rebel army now el Heagcheu. The recent taking of Haug< btu, end ila mineduto abandonment by the rebel", was e stratagem by wbicb to drew off the Imperial .'or.v- frotn Neat log. The rebel kingdom is now lutreaaing so rap.dty le Its extent, and airetohiog Its borders so neer to us, that the time will soon come when we must take some stand as missionaries and as men la regard to t tie in. fhe state ments medo above of what we saw anl beard may belp some to tbeir ooncluk'.ons. We bare come home with our minds much more favorably impreeaed in regard to the whole movement than they havoever been before Toese men teem to foci so interest in what bey do Tney frel, however Improperly, that the) are sailed of God to put an end to Idolatry and to tbo Tartar dynasty IV nen tbey are about to destroy a temple they stand around it and their leader cries out, '*in the name of ffhaagli, the Holy father, and by the authority of Jciua, hj Sou, wo demolish this temple." and then the work begins. I'nless ilod mter poeea. and, by his otrn might, put them down, what power can crush a people lnfttulated with euob au idea' Car talnlv no army wboae soldiers fight only for the sake of two nuadrci cash a day?no army in Chios. Though la Itself ths rebellion may be wrong, sad may have very mush connected with 11 that a evil, yet wo knew that God can and will br ng good out of it. In thla we will rejoice. " The 6cmtwa ef the Sew Verb Herald.' [Prom the London Globe, August 29 J Some of our oontemporaries, eager to relieve the dnl neea of their leedtag articles, give occasionally piquant anecdotes of Lord Joan Russell lu a Sottish kira, or Lord ''aimerston taking a morning walk at Romaey. Wo are ?'ill, however, far behind the ?' smartest nation" la these things. Otar (talesmen are occasionally seen on the hoat taga. where a city 'prentice may ask the foreign Secre tary a question, or a Riwcroft may criticise the frontier's career: but our ntwpapert tadlj waul the goniui of the Nkw Yobb Mould. It wo' ld mauatre the tuiag so ?imply?sending a reporter down to Cambridge House, or to Kaowsley, and getting a pleasant reaoable article baahed up out of ths ?-on v creatine '? across the walnuts and the wine " That gr-iat jfiMfil has taken this course with two of the candidatet tor the 1'resldcncy, and the rt suits are before ua. I Tbo Information collected la Mr. Breckinridge's own house sad from his own lips la various and important. It la not all dry poli .lea; tariff and slavery questions are relieved by " metal more attractive " fur Instaoee, ?' Mrs. Breckinridge was regarded aa a belle" (why that cruel ?? wear")?and there are five children, three boya and two giriS. " Major" Breckinridge (for of course the CI ant American baa military rank?who In the States 1 not ?) la described aa a aurpassingly handsome mnn. 1 eves would be charming in say man or wmnan. wn head they am the Bghis thatbeapaak a warm si eml, the IndeMs of a brtliiant intellect, sad at tk but In ?dgeae tha same Bin. his own I noe soul. _? ? JHNL I time the elg.ala of a detenu tn-d wllL We see what the eyes would be "In say manor woman" (la the Presidential candidate neither? perhaps above both), sad also how much better are his eyts "la his own brad," than if by any chance medly picking of the angels who make up aouls sod bodies thry had beta al lotted to hum one else. Major Breckinridge, we are also told, baa two slaves, who arc "allowed overy liberty 000 statenl with their position of servitude," sad then we have the religious and moral habits of the family photo graphed to the life ? The Vice President Is a member of the Presbyterian ekureh, an outaute pi far tber-oi. .Wra. lircsklaridre la a member of ik - Uap.MI persuasion. Tbev are both regular ulteudanli uoou church, but the Major's public d nine prevent hi* string thai afentii'D In religious aaereMM to wli-li hia jndgmeu aoana'u rai luatlacis wo-ild lead bun. He le a devout n,. u wad a OVik Uan. and never usee profane language, although be obews to banco. The writer ibould bare added, 'plays the fiddle like aa angel." No other phrase would have been a climax after that last touch, the fbiihlul Mat >rtan (be does not say, by the by, whether [be arcorapanted Mr* Breckinridge to chursb, or stayed at home to share the Motor's "public duties") oontlneea:? ?trict In hie rellglo'ia proclivities, he dees not like to talk polk lei oa Ike Habbatb, ah hough he does not think h- Is break leg the decalogue hy m itlng s frb-rel to take a little pure I'our b<n no thu holy day. fie keeps tbn beat Bourbon In k-atoeky How far superior thia la to the over tericis leading ar ticlus or Inferior penny a-1 of hm I-oolou per-a. Here j00 hare politics sad drinking pleasantly eumhloed. After that last phrase?perhaps alter Uie last botUc?we hare the following rery natural omclnstoa ? TLe Jt>w Yobb Hi aim la a favorite pap?r w ith Major bee. klnridge. and u .viaid-red hy him to be ? power 1 .1 , Hal weight to the entire aojlal sod j,'ovnruiucotal Amenuaa ?yilem T.eoeh gave ua tome time ago a gentleman joining the ladles,' and testing hmiaeli bp saying ltrili?o coaetlm ll?a. The New York r?|>orter wrttiag down "entire social sad govcroir-uial American syatem," after teatmg 'UK- beat Botirbou in Kentucky," la a proof bow far our fitaaaa for drawing rooui eolortatnmeul la aurptaaad by Amerioao aobrlwty. Mr. Bell, of Tvntieavre, 000 of the other candidates for the freeidcoey, is also vlsttod. The article ia beaded ? "11m Boo. Jobu Bill at I loess?His domestic virtues and t'eaullarlli.a? How He Is Liked and luvluced?lo'ereetuig Interview with Qua." la Una arttclv we go still rurlher la to tae domestic circle; we leara itiat Mr. Bel. lias te-ea twio- married, and that his three daeghtere are "ladin 1 of extreme beeuty and marvellous luteliigenoe; they are now in tbe ripeness of osrly woauuiaood " We can e?r lalaly well anderstand what the beat m<-n la the failed 81 ? Ire assert aamily, that all reltued and intolieatii .1 Americans abstain from political life If it l>e tae peralty ef pdltlcal proesiD'-occ to bare such pi. fires of a borne placed beJorc the public, all gentleiarn most ?br uk from I the nmtaemr, and none strive to stuia it save thane who are <-onlcnt to wade through tbo ro-oal mud of these elee Uoa oon taste. Iraoaat lactic tester may diii.-r from ours, and a reporter taking notes of "three brwutiii 1 da m.17 be e rather weioome or id -nt lu at. Amerieaa biwas, Ihdaad the paaay wliaer bin is aomeMUag like mis?praia lag the young ladies aa having neither ? hateur nor <?? l lnilimsM " "The meat humble raa adore wiituvit re B^muaf." fluppy sad the Goddames' We also have Mr. il'e rwltgtiAm babtta?a frnsby :erwa, bat oocasinasiiy "drsppwsg :a" at lb-- Baptism, and hie other | l.abnt ?'He tadnlgce m a little wioc occasion ally." That this report Ag brought home 'o overy man's business and tewva is s rveogmr-d institution tM find, from the reporter "paying bis rvspecta" m Mr. Bp II, whom he flumd "an s mm bin Inahiag oM gentleman, sey sixty years or ao la ago, with a well propnri <med frame, though not eu heavy as the print* weald load owe to imagine. " Then Mlowi the inevitable oompiiateat to the Naw Ynai. Mr? < n fine peculiarity the name ut Mr. Ball threatens to .oaport Into the pen Hag cue trot TV Bell mea have latrcd'trad a bow Hemni In rlartioaaar lag. aad II has bean seed si several gatb- rtngw with terrtba at ?est. It le to ripply all tba tnefer* V>>s sod e?gnwe 'bey can Sod wtih cow hells, Sinner belle, toe belle, k^omjtire tmlle, aa-l a woull re-m. with s !-eher kiertr of j I ? ?nd ?i wn meg tog*',,er Um laieraal din aoy as imagine 1 If not d aerlbi A The bade .we rung tneiaad of yetia aad sbuuia oatag given, wbk h moot he delicti/ il Wi the enrs of ihe pr rt ,Ur orn for. the plea kaoaha boohree aad gunpowder te niece 1 god M Ml sear ao orpeaatre. aa the foetraes-w* ?f thee, pemral 1 leinwl gtii n cm he oeed oa meey 1 if -feet or afoona, while the gunpowder aad Ihe ro-aase go eft wttk a -mag aad a ?xa. hwhg aetMag bat amahe bahtwC la Ilea ef guapowder aad beafiree?such a bow d com btnalKM the halls ar* ?retainly ? m t P.lnraMe and not to be eadurad." Might not we take ad*an?sg* >4 the pre Mat exettetaeal aad air Ike ap "a trade" with our aouaiaa by Mlltag them Big IVu, That it la crack'-d M ?'< mn-h in* better it will the sooner surpass at dreedtui dMb aaaee aay rival Tom of I.iaeoia IiUW?H?>ry Ctntr ?f ? My IwlMlk r (Prom the London Herald, Aafat 91 ) About Mm Jr?ri ign, tt B*r be raaMnnharod. a wry youag ?rma, art.of M jn> dr-caayMtr at lb* Cai- rrM. ?ii, roTMrof Ibe Km K'ubeJlea, Parte. amolled ? groM by tar mrtikb bnaetr. an morh an that ant aaly waa the caf. oomNaalt7 fail of peraoaa attracted la awVr. bat the Boaleeard near waa oftae rrowtod. Aft r a w*9? the Ml# fwJwAi'r-, for aa aba waa nailed, <laa appeared, aM It waa tboa gtrea oat aha waa lirrif to grand atyte aabrr tba pretention of anme waaltby para... (la ftatarday aba waa broagbt to trial bafbrc tba Trtbu aal afOwranxmal Pnllee oa tba eharga of ewiaumg. Ketwlhatandieg lb" loaf time that baa ? latwM ninoe tba daya if bar eatabrlty, b< r beaaty, It waa noticed, la but I'tua impaired ftbe mid, la an-war 10 <pmat rraa (boat tb* man, that bar mate? nam* waa Jaauy Jackton, that the married at al*teen a man nam -d Oblaniarc, ami that bar prmeat aft to thirty two The alleged raiadltag waa that aba had, by filar prrtfaoaa, obtahMxl motiey and BA tar Pry on, of thr Rw Harbour, wb Irta oat -bod apartm. nla stated thai tba prisoner had t ikon rronu M her h'-aae.rapf -eating thai rhaw ?thrdaeghter of a l'ui ?h pr ??r,aa<! bora tba UUa of Owiatma l*aia ?Mtrr. bit waa ?-ja?i<-d from bar btwbaad, and that aba waa to uabif lata ? legacy of ooaf. "n tba atrao|th of that Matrmmt abc got into tb?t la the taadlady to too amour! of at'tr , harrowed ft not bar Mf., aad lbdnor.1 Mme bryna to tiga far bar billa of ?anhaaga ft* 10,WW A biwala named Peieer, wbn hat barn lemma do rhimitee to tba prtaon.f. aaM that tbla latter bad her heliere that aba waa lb* daughter of a Pouth pntioe, who *? an lagjuh dnbr' aloe (bat tba piarr of lady of brawnr to tb? tyorra of kagiaad had born on.rat u> h*r, hot that ?hs liad reftmed It, and tbawltoaaa had, In nonw*|ranm of thrar repreaeatatmaa, lent her aOOl A Irmde.m in nam -1 bamird drpoaed that tba priaoaer had rrpi'wat?l hermit aa a nouata.', datifbier of a great peraooage at tba Court of f> gland, aa aboni I" enm* intop.~v aior of a voo tOOf rroaa law rotate of her amUb-r and. itnally. aa n. og on lb? era of marriage with Oaaal da Moatbokm B?l ? tug all th a, ba bad 6* bar bare auk dreaera and law oa rradil, to tbe amount of 9.4WK .-ha Had aM" < ? leaver d to ft moary from him on tba amrity of aa aa.agam.i l tb pay bar M.OMf . gtraa by a M I chererio . of thr Havaaaah. who waa. aim Mid, eaorm e ?;y rhh; hut that peteoe taraed out to ba a po* moa l.-mnt tudont due bad. It waa prosed, aa i-lmihtr repreaenut < rw. oh inland lUf. warth of fimda from a .bo#m*k?f. TOOf worth from a daalar la Itoen, bad 1 MIL from a mtUlaor, ?ad ao oa Thejprlaoaar waa lb on interrogated -"H>l yaarhna band Oatomar# aay r *tuae- ?< lie bad M oaa time, hat mm lb" -Why did yon tahr tba tub of nonuar ' "I did ant aaaaaM It, hot my baaimad ilwayt lohl me thai ha waa a aauat " ? Kbortiy iftrr yoar marrlagu b>' tont a otlof ? "T?." Yoo oon 1.1 ant bare ballorrd that a nrxtat maold hara put htmaMf M tbr bead of miob a ooaoern After b while yon demanded b toparatton lad obtalor.1 It?" "Tab. Mr.'* After your aaparatloa yoo hroaair Urn mtetrraa of a maa rxoaaatToly r rh aad remarkable f * bib liMni'm. but baflwn hmg yon loft him. yon tbra took <tf wMh Ktnbrrwla, aa<l be gmre ?ou an un? vgemrat to pay MO.OMftaaoar" "H? did ao broaoar I bad giree him my diamond* " "Aad wbarr did yau get diam md*- ' ?The perron with whom I bad llrod gmre Ibern ta m ? ?At DM yoo eadearorad to rmleamaaey on yo r MM gat ion of tbtOO fraaea, but aa It waa worth yoo " At tflamaa yon eadearorad to rmleamaaey oa ro r obil wore am aad yarn thea got rir NM n that o'ty. Bare yoo pa?d wbagyaw nwwd^ "^nfy go " yo.?yur-d ll.wig frarce worth o? goedn trim a m*reerT" "H ?? not I, b it IM pu'Hul. Willi *b*'ii? 1 ?ua. ' "Ou leaving , i ,u . gu>? toi IV?, aoJ ??nt M yonr brother s bout-.. : hun jU? >?? took p f" r residence at Mm?. Pi *ed, though yuu are only sister to n r..rn* Ov.*l?r, y >u yoi.raolf ou aa h IJ*} p-m-oegi -I ??"! ?"l ?> nny-hlng Ot .ilegvl ll ??* tinj *. Hrywi woo made me ?* ?Z*Z.1. tailing ??"net I iiUpayout of my 60.000 i'mos annuity. 1 believed that I Btooala^ otjwtM* ibu turn, ?h* so 1 impr I'lmitly male p'lniht^a Here in*iwW??er wept. "But yoe Ulkod of your 8 000,000T. . ..votvholy; aud a yo.iog nun, bfllieviug that you ?ou d receive that sum, actually proponed marr.eieT ?V? m\r T never ea'd anything ?f the kind H was Sam. I. ,.wt,., ,hj ro; ibe ll the cause of all mr misfor Ue advocate of thu pri oner said that without Ilnvii-g thai *he baJ Join wrong, -r>m ; consideration li ? M he mown bor. ?be married very young, and her t-llJim taking hor bad bo other obj<?-.l tban to specu ^^ hrr belSfir nThS paraded bor in tbe Ufo m-ohtt, b,t she felt heriolf bumiliaUidaiid . .Ulration Tom 1dm. Than, unfortunately. ?he went astray; 'he lrl) in wilb a great Kn*'^b sbe >i t mill 4JD8 Ol* IV41*08 t/U hQ'* Bttt ?fl?r ? ? "udeut. andabandonedtb. niihicmao t> join Mm. ?w hl? ah"''ffSaf and ae-d> meres, and wben ihe had nothing leftheaoan Ounod her giving Iter the wortbk obllaali^^ W^OOOh. wii'ab had boon referred to. Tho learned counsel, re ft rrlng t? tbe evidence, tbeu insinuated tttht ???"_* mad" the IWse statements allege*l tbe tradoapeopto ted not boon duped by tbom, but bad given her ,.rodit, be cause they behoved that from ber beauty she would And tome one lo pay for her. . Tbe Tribunal condemned her to a year ? impr.. onment and o0f foe. Fashions for September. irrom Ie l oiiut.) Vutwithstanding toe dnlucea of we weather and the want of harmony between It and the dntn of tbe almanaO; every one in occupied with preparations for the w**"1^? ?ueal, and none but l.ght fabric, are thought of. For U? atanoo barege in the principal artleie for deml toilet, eubor eorinkled with small bunches ot dcred peas of a darker color than the barego itaoh^ Ponlinette la much admired and very elegantly worn: tte KSutlful fold, in Which It fall. prod'ucoagWu^ihoa. Cray barege, embroidered in colore, w tb ? ??"?* ** dered with the .ame color ? the apota, la much In vogue, (lounoti have achieved a decided auceeea,aod wu l*[? bly bo continued during tho winter. There nra^mng d'llorent way. of d-srv-nng tbem-^ome lmee a flounce flliecn or all teen rncbea deep, beaded with two narrow ooea, or nine nun* naood by throet, one ?et at the bottom of the skirt, another at the knee IZ a thiro juat below tho waiat Both of there atylea bave their pari Irani, but wo prefer to enter of thomava fiounc's four inches deep, headed by a ruche, and placed In aa to leave h spaoo of about two Inchee between each Wo aot1^ lately a gray poBllbetto a deep Usunee act In box pla ta md edge?l with black ,,2 wm headed by h harrow one of four tncbca in bla k sjk. pinked. The chlcore ruche ia the trimming par oxcchenoe, both for drviaoa and mantlea. .i?? ?? ohnwlfl hbii scarfs of tho saiuo materia astro urow are generally worn with light fabrics. As to Uitch matcr al*. felstivcly speaking, suoh aa pique, naukoeo, and ituJls formed or wool ^Sd .Ilk, thef are accompanied by long k*Thep?lo?omisfs ire opened over an elesant petwcoat, and should be trimmed roihd with a same color an the pattern on the drees. Wdh th,i!?*'" ? Zouave of the same material n worn, dhoold tbe skirl be cloned, a deep basque, tiimmed l.ko the skirt,.? tbon ,Utol?titefor simple dress, the Indian P1* flrured sre worn, and plain slks, of rather a dark shado. Mo ri's in light colors, and tho UUetas Pomp*^"i'r*1' ^2( only used for occasions whoa a greater attention to drain '* rwa*eiMn which there are vartona colore re?iu'r" black or paletot, tr.mmed with ^e ^Roben for full dreea are trimmed with narrow f ounce, or rut-.hrt. aod guipuro, ?nd ouiy ot loco show n or white a ilk. .carls covered with lace, be. ng worn with "^tou with aleeves ai? .till worn, even in jaooneta or JSST Whrn ma<ie light material.. named bv a deep pointed collar, trimmed with a Bouace, Shite * v'poated^ reunJ th. mantle^ T.{ht amoves nr. Kit much in request, eioopt for out of doors drrsn Wo have seen aeveral large opon alcevcn n*l Into the arm, with one large bos plait, and a ttgb. sleeve worn uuder nentb for out of door , drcaa Almoet all drttsea are made low and worn with Aclnm. Sotnetlmi K a low silk body la worn wttli a tu.n drtm, either Over a guimpe or a tight llllliig rn^y ol th.t ?mj> minihrihi to tiv? tkirt ll is mgdo with i \ory ?man bsi iue nn-rely aa a foundation for a niching Just below ???te TblTaljle i. very distingue, but require, an " teSieu'?K. rt.nawo?nllv.^y"dfo^J uotbien portes, or roosiaervd at all in *o"duate__TLe Idbdou are made ji cra|ie, trimmed with silk, * tulle White and black continue to bo worn luge Iter, -ir K'liyiK'vsrc-K country, hut are not allowable In town. The nwi? KM mJie in rice sUaw. Wiih three are woin long droop Wchavo men an eiegaoi hat m this male rlfl trimsid on "no side with a d^ringwUite lortlier nLav-d *n is to bang over the brim and <tr-op ou Vo ltie I K2ST It w? tteteawt m tbe uonl by a buoe^of SStradrtrnrnmor plime at oUier time# with aeveral narrow ?* *' ? 'white tarletADC (UtfR ^ ilh three deep hkmSuohhre ?.,ed with blue ribbon o'f a light ahade. Oo the edge of en-h flomice were plsoed throe rluied flrflW about Vn;V..K^T' vZ drmr worn over a pale bine rtik slip. * itb tmu kirt was wcru a nluc silk body with a bertue of snd little ftllle like thoae on s aklrt Tho oourire waa mapnel of forgrt m- nou and llllef of th?i valley. This drrM was intended for a yooag marrlel ?*T* , Tlie liwlici of tbe tarleur* dremcs arc either mule si.iiarr or with a a-mgr i 1'entknt. V ing sleeves are not much worn, except with flcbns, but they h?r< not ca IUappitgr^iTh very favor'te color, but n0* rH'l:V>1'' ,? all orenplevioni Hlh* of thle color, trimmed wdh ear return ftmmfirt with bisf.S gn\|?nrf WW oo ilAt.sroTor/ ^.^r^!tercbe a W k lace sl.ou.d be worn ? uh "'?ilwT drenace trimmed with a deep rueb- ? la vleille of violet placed ieile at the bottom of th. ak rt, ha ?e an elegsat and simple appearance A ? c(j?.? ;?det. in worn with It The old bate*| and cuapn, having become oommoa are til,rely ptace-l on on'' iiJe b* tbe crandes .lames The sklrU are as Urge as ever, aoU fall to o graceful sw^ep from the waist, so Jj[ nort tbe shawl la door dreme. are made rej lone he fed f-ut door dreansa are sot worn so long, except In s, ? and then they me worn with s sll?bt train hU. te. Ute., \sr?x w.?jn coLrm ^We noticed oo, w?wn by Ji ^^SlTSai^aJ^w. tte I root with a chicoree roc be Down the centre of tbe rucbe was rU?ed . mTiu nmmisi of it. Tbe corsage had a very short baequT stlgbily pointed before and behind, nod merely v*!e ?socio to pla*. the rhivjres trimming upon It. Wa l^i ^Jiily my th. ti-wvm .? tW Tbe cor _u latesded to be worn either over a light ttttiag body of the aame malarial aa tte siti.rt, or over a gu.mpe and aleevta Aacrlr?M at Pari*. Amarcoant rcglatarad at U.e beaklag hwwe of Meaari. ? neater A Oo . IWrlB. Aif. SI, IBM?G H Tuwaenod, Mr aad Mr* U J. Raaka, 0. A Jaokaoa, New Yort; C. T. Upnta. Ban KYaaelaoo. a MeKinMry aad wife, Called BUIra Nary . T. Mupty. CL ? ildlh. K. W. Bar Icy, Mr and Mr*. J J.Tmw and Mire M TW. New firlaaaa: M. Cbrwmlleb aad wile, aad ft fWwaori. Mobile Nat Pen dieloa, Cincinnati. Austin Baldwin, f. W. William-, C. M. Koaaell aad Henry Ro wen, New York; W l) Hayben, Bait!more, Re*. H A, MJr- aad Mlea I' W M" on and hmily. Buemn William I. (, Mr. aaa Mr* M. Jewell and f I. C. Caana. Water ford. L A Bur. loo, Trry, T. K Barrett, Cbmden; 17, ?. Uaraoe and fam ly. Now Tort Mr. aad Mr* J. II. Craae, Michigan. T. I'reaport Morgan. New Tort; W B Reynold, Umtarille; Wm Al Hag, New UrVaaa, C. Coleman, Bufnlo. K lireiin, New York; T. R Oeald, Change.. W. /? Ian..], Sew YorliO. J. Henry. M >b<le. James W. Albert, CnpU c I albd Htatas Army; Barry Taylor aad Jaaaa Taylor Newport Dr. J. I T. Hnarn Bet*. C T llrrn aad tamily, New Vort. T. Kilter. Iliil p Mm aad li f>. 8MB. fhlladelph.a fl ary ionu . New iwtrao* O. H Maefnrd and fam ly and Jamr< K '..drew* Horhestrr A Might and A Wadllght, 1 Ptiila.n yhe r. H. Jotuw-a. New Tort' T. Yean Power*. 1 Trenton. H. I- 1/wria, !t> 'vlelpi. a .lamra le-.U*. 1 Char aire I H Caatiea. tttitlmor- . Mr. Ill* K Arrher and Noriaao L. Arnber, Sew York P I . Winker. K R. Mary and. ft VNi md \ M. \ ill, PhUadelfi la .lwih Rawee ant w.le.Sobo I'rer.u ? aad ?.?fr, T. J. ( aylard and 1 I fJanttt. Sew York, T. H Clark .taekeoa: Mr* I r. loaea and Ml a R. K. B w*ll,N>w Nor*; C. r. bem, Loulaiaua. < . W. M?rVw and Joha II Inrkley, Itobeken, B T. Hy and Wm II Bod rob am -r, Nr* Yor. H (*r<w cat, Mar;, lae I Mr. aad Mrs. Janob sbbott and R. tar r aon, N>w York; John W Frigg. Philadelphia; R. twit at d H. I Bpeufe, New York. (Mar Pwrete. till* Pnrlrlrta. Tltii' I* #?***< * ?The aew law againal i:owar ranted llUea waa lately anforr. 1 tn a Tory striking man aer ai tha Angeta aaataea ?>a wa lory i* mg ??aiie-i orer, cue of (be ramea read waa thai of (Seat tie Unit de-Ralnt Ay*o> r 1 be Adenosis (tenoral immediately roar add irored the four* that the word '?Oonnt ' thou la be etrnek oat c>! the reoord. M. d" talk, be mi J. had ????we lately author.# I by gnrerament to *M to hi* patronymic the rame of Rah ? Ay moor on aerooat of hW daarx.l for a a family id that name, hot he waa at the aaoto time waraed that be m.rai give up the title of Ooeat, to which he had at mnnn r of right The ?tem decree aaked for waa at core granted, and thla gentleman, who appears la be ee t tied to tor . late two ariatorratle partleiee (da), m>wt reaa. arr the tllM by whloh he haa hitheru been knowa a h.a neighborhood. What la more gall lag MID, hla wife can no lonrrr flail heraalf a oouateo* Tar f ?*'* 'iw* Imaa ? The turning point In the tor tenet of the trwh or Boeder* hare net yet arrlred. and ma Men are aitnfatber look lag aa dimaal ae when the brl gate Brat ert fimt oa the end of Italy. One wneltlre p.i .?rim, aemed Deals O Ktwfe. amortise under hie manifold wrong*,'addro* ed the tollowlag bmiicl. tn aa otbflial at Bpoleto ? Brwaro, Angniet 8, 1M0 !*?* *???I approach you with Una nun. .rial on behalf of myaeif and tbont a.nety otbara, alt Hrit'ah eohkwta, la pern* la tht* town, -oataed In thectudel for refuaiag tn alga the oath of alley Wane to hlk llol ineaa for four year* We are badly actuated la erery way, ant hay lag proper food aad huddled Wgrethar ntTVwne dirty straw. We are closely r.inflaed, harlag two guards planed on aa night aad day, which preraaik ua from getttag a clean at met of paper to ad trem yen. IMar ?r, we are ignwMt of tba length of time wa are tn be bare, aed we now elatm pretax von aa Rett ah aib ,eda frmn taa, bridag tea Will ?nnrl yocr laf earn tn ?a s m relwwit cawedtately. and aaat hewn. Wa are r-w rve. deyt ;a prkKc and hera raflkred ?*eatlp to bav'tkfrwiMcbcloMOOBflMKent. Tow memorfalirta, aa n d ty bound, will ever pr?y. 11 en ala, sir, yucr re ?ecU"oi eerract. ' r DfcVD* 0'0*rc. Parciua Tina or r^Tivi.rixMD Vn?A writer in Ute l"?ru 7'?yi give! the billowing acoonnv of the dlflereul torU of *Ine preferred by greet poraouagee ?Frederick the Oriel, Tokay, Napoleon I., Chemberlin; Peter the Gre.t. Madeira; Cardinal Rioholieu, Roman nee; Marebal do Ricbelicu, M.-duc; Rubens, Murtala; KauelaJ, old Chablaii; Mar thai de Saxe, Champagne; Cromwell, Mai rolaio; Jean Bart, Rcauue; Talleyrand, Chateau Margaux; H'imboldi, Hauterne; Balaac, Vourray; Go the, Johannia berg; Byion, port Charlee V., Al.uante, Francois I, rberry;u.d Honry IV., 8ur.'-ue. Hi*?ix?s is iTtli.?An Italian Journal?the TrowUor-? itaiee ibat the number of proli-aiional lingers, of both lexi-a, now in Italy, amounts to 1.13ft, Th.n aggregate la w>i?p>a<dof 410 prime donne, >30 teners, 2So barton-;., 110 liaaarr, 60 builos, 4c. In addition to thoeo, Italy haa 1 070 dancera, male and female. ARRIVAL OF THIS MELITA OFF C&PE RACE. THREE DAYS LATER NEWS ROM EUROPE. Progress* of the Insurrection in Naples. Intervention of Sardinia in Nea politan Affairs. Extensive Military Preparations of Piedmont. INCREASE OF THE FRENCH ARHY IN ROME. Aerolntionary Plots at Ancona and Verona. The Character of Mr. Lindsay's Mission to the United States* The Weather In England Still Favor able for the Crops. FURTHER DECLINE IN BREADsTUFFS, St. Jonas, V I'., S?pt. 14, 1W0. Xl.o Cunsrd ?"row steamship Mrltta, from Liverpool Wednesday. 5Ui inet., arrived oil Cope Rare tb* Friday) afternoon, it three u'slock, en rwita for Halifax ind New York. She wax ii terceptod by tbo press uewe yacht uul tbe new* deap'trb obtained. The steamship Adriatic .'^rom New York, arrived at Soolhampton ou the 41b, aud the Anglo Se*oo, from Ihe bec. at Liverpool on the same day. The I notion Observer qualifies the etaVwcnt, that Mr. Lindsay vlalti America id an anthoriutire rapacity. It eaje, his your ory Is a private one, but, as one of the repro ?entail via of tbe shipping Inten st, bo baa ? ?< mseuteil to use bla iDliuooce t" Induce tbe American government to nego tiate for the adjustment of varloua matters pertaining to tbe shipping Interests, and the Brltiah government, being destroua of facilitating these views, hna rurntahod Mr. Lindsay with all correspondence connected with the eub that haa paaaed between the two countries, i At a collator ou the Ea*t lanctrhire railroad of tsro excursion traina, eleven person" were kllleu and l inetoen badly wounded. Many were also slightly wounded. FRANCE. The Emperor and Impress bad roacbed Clianomnl* and were eathuaiaaiioally received. A I arte correspondent of the 1 on.!* Herald mys that France baa Juat puicbas. d ton larg" steam transports In tbe tatted -tales j Tbe Bi urno ctoaed dull on the 3d at SHf 6c. i Tl?e Parta corn market was rather lower. THE REVOLUTION IN NAl'LES. I fkirdin la waa atiout tij Interfere at Naples. It KM reported that liencral Umnrmore wu about to j leave fbr Naplea K ith 30,400 tmo|?, the oijeot being to I prevent Naples becoming a rrey to anarchy m view of ! tbe fall of Ibc llturbon dynasty. All deposable rennet* of the Sardinian navy were to he I sent to Naples, and m.litary preparations wero more vigorous in I'ledmcnt. The Sardlniun Hon rnment was hiring every srsliabto transport and It was Mid Won it a nvptd conveyance of ao Isrge a form would T?e found tmpwslble, tbe I "ope would be asked la allow (waaagi- through bis dominions. Tbe province of Terra Dtlavoro bsd riaen in Jtstrrsv tlon. Ban la of Insurgents bad united and were msrchiog on Camp Baseo. There waa nothing aew a? to Sartbaidi's mo v.-meats further than that he was at MonteJeone. git was reported that U?c Neapolitan Mlnatere had tendered their ms'gntl"-** bill were not accepted. Tbe King el Varies w to pay ao indemnification of three million francs lor French bases at the bombard ment of Palermo. It wmstcried that tbe prohibition placed on tbe de parturc of volunteers fpom tbe Hardlaian -late* had bem THE PAPAL STATES. It wm rumored that tbe OnbmcU at Turin bad agreed to preveat aay Invasion of the Mateo of the Qmrch. Tbe French gnrrison at Romv wm to he Increased by 3.600 men. Ancoaa bee been declared in a state of siege, and the Papal de legal) recalled SPAIN. Tbe doty oe priatlng paper bad beea reduced nearly owe hair. ? AUSTRIA. A revolutionary committee had been dwoovrnd at Vcrtwa. Tbe members were arrested Tbe papers aet/ad throw a startling light on the proceedings of a neighbor ing Power RUSSIA. The Emperor bad Invited tbe IHnee Regent of rrwela to n hunting tarty at Warsaw. Tbe Prises .asaequently visits Warsaw about the middle of September Tbe Ram is erop accounts were favorable. Tbe yield wm expected to be very goof Tallow prespect* wry on favorable. SYRIA. Tbe Frracb troops continued nt Beyrout, and It Is thong M I bey w II not be required to go Into the Interior. INDIA AND CHINA. The Bombay me.Is to August 6. and H>-ng Rong t > J ily IT, bad reached Fag and Tbey will be despatch"* to America per steamer Brrmes Rtr lleary War I, Govern* of Ma 'rs died of cholera oa the 3d. g* Ibm.oe was mpuwdlag in the n ribwest p- i new of ladto Tbe British forces is Ckiaa were ready for an attack, bet the I rea- h protestrd against ? <wn?n*nr :sg host lttl?S ns arcount of barter loot all their harare* by ah.pwre.*, aa<! having V.btO less men than the British. <? the 36th of Jane I or-' F1 in Indue. d Baron Gfov to w I thdraw bis prot) t Md thr alia It waa ommeared m ..lately. Trade at Bombay wm very dell. Frelrble were tend isgfupwar<is. exchange 3s. 9 lid premium THB I.ATKBT TRW*. Ijvssroot . Repi. 6?1 M Tbe Mel la wm detained tin nine o'cloek this ssnrntng. tlARtRAtm'g APVSfte* OW RtTUN. GonfhatoagWM leer easing at Naples. Tbe AasexMnMe' Committer n the H received a communication fresi Garibaldi, announetng that aa tbe nonntry required a deS ?Its aolotl' n be would be Is Naples shout tbe Sth, end In the rain# of Tutor Emnnnrl assume tbe dlrtatorah p nf the Two Melius The Neapolitan Ministry bad withdrawn Uieir reetgna tles. The attempt to form new enes seder rrleee Isebt telle had fhlted AKOTHBS RPIBCB VWON OOl KT rkMrflW. fount Peceigny Red made aaotber speerb, giving tbe Impression that Napoleon will do nothing more thee mats lain the Pope Is possession of hie theme Md the v atioaa, and sot help Iseeortotere te beep the Romas Mates. THS P*Bl? KOWWV MASKVP. The Paris MOTS wm unite stew I y oa the 4th. ?spotmm DBnar op tws rMWT in *tnta. It wm r^rlod fowi -yr a that the i??ch demohanwt ted Mfcnj i mtii* at the hands of tba Dnw *a Ltbuoi. RKDlCTloN Of Dunn BY -duniKJA. Piedmont had considerably r*lus?d tbe dutiss oe yari?, tissues \e , of ootton and hemp. MB. UMMAY'B M1S-I0V. The Ship owaera' Society of I/ondoc bad passed reso lutions rugrettlng Mr. IJndaay'a semi ofhcial t?ii 14 America, aad declaring that he doea uot possess the con fluence of the sbipptng interests. COMMERCIAL INTELLIGENCE. Juvmu-ooi, Sept 6,1*00. LONDON MONEY MARKET. < omnia clieed oa the even in g of the 4th at 93 X for money and account. Lovdow, Sept. d, 1880 Kunda buoyant and advancing under flu or weather and improved hanreet prospects. The discount market M easier. (k>ld was flowing into the teak. The rwte in open market for best blila ? 3X amhsk a* nacmrrae. Illinois Central sbarea IBM a IS}* diaoooat; F>ie ahareo 29 X; New York Central Railroad 80 ex. div.; New York Central 0's 88,l,, I'ennsylYania Central fl's, first aaorh gage, 91. LIVERPOOL COTTON MARKET. The galea of cotton oa the 3d and 4lh reached 21,000 bales, inclnding 8,000 to speculators and exporters. Tba market closed quiet but Arm. The advices from Manchester are favorable the market being Arm, with an advancing tendency. LIVERPOOL BRIADBTTFl'fl MARKET. BrcadatulU have a downward tandcney, all qualities having slightly declined. The weather has been favor able for the crop*. Messrs. Wakafleld, Nash & Oo report flour has decliied fully one ahllliug per barrel. quotations 30a. a 32a. Od. Wheat declined Sd. a 4d. per cental red 11a. a 12s. 3d.; white 12a. a 13a. fld. Corn has dn Inert dd. per quarter: mixed and yellow 34s. LIVERPOOL PROVISION MARKET. Provisions are geuerally dull. Beef beavy. Port Qrm but quiet. Bacon quiet, prices are easier, but ..notations remain unaltered. lard steady at 81a. a 84s. Hallow slightly higher ales at 531. a 611. LIVERPOOL PRODUCE MARKET. R. .am buoyant, with an advance on infer.or q tailliaar common 4e 10<1. Spirit* turpentine Arm at 31s. 6d. a 32a. Sugar st-ady. Cotl-e quiet Rice quiet. Ashen quiet potr.JNp 0d.; pear Is, 28a fld. a 29s. LONDON MARKETS. 1/iai jv, Sept. 6, 1840 Wheat i .ut declined 2s. a 3r. per quarter. Sugar Inn and partially advanced Od. Tea firm R'-o q? et and firm. Tallow quiet at 61s. 9d. a 62m. The Prafriu of Judge Oo?|la?. HIS KHCCTTION AT KLMIK1?TCMM'WT OK TUB WiD* AVA1AS TO WELOONl HIM?HIS UrKi.CE 20 THH riorus, arc. Kitmu, V. Y., Sept. 14.1080. Judge Dom.'Ia? arrlrod ben- ul hall p.ikt four thin moro iBg, icxn piuiled by his wife. Ail aiiug tb* ruate, noi wilhataoding tbe t.noeealy hour, meatnv* uierabW At the depots and loud ' kill wore mad" for the Judge. A band of music and j.r<nlno of tbe Wide Awaked, M well aa i lame numi?r o. citu ,-ne re el', edhia at tho depot. Oil. S ii. Hathaw.iy and otbernof the local cotn mittfe conducted the viaticra to th i Height Hotel, wher* tbe Judge aaa called out au.t compelled to npeai a few to the crowd Thta morning be ao"-red from a aligbt cold. A i,reat matt meeting waa held at 'WO o'ekok tbla afternoon, at which tire thousand peraont at tended. Several delegatlona wer>. prmaat frota the c-unlry tow nr. Notwithstanding tbe bad b.'alth of Judge Doug'as, be apoke an boor and a half, forcibly \ indicating the principle o' popular sovereignty. He made no altaklan to Mr. Di> r.-on and very little to the Breckinridge moo, simply chara tori, tag tho lead era aa dlaunloolata and reoeaatontaia, and do Bouncing tbem aa bnltera fr> m lb< democratic party and democratic, principle* Hia remark. were lialoned to with profaned attention, and when, at the coecluaion, be waa warmly urged to proceed, bo ctcuaed b mrolf ? tbo plea of fhltgue. Tbe m"?ltDg waa prea .led over by Hon Hi-am 6ray, and wa a decided --urceaa. At rla o'clock Judge Douglat g<?a to tanaada.gua. oo b? way to Clifton Spring*. rkcrttion or ji'Doc popolas at cANANDtior a. CA.vtniiAiora, Kept. 14, lbtW Judge Douglas Irfl T'lnira at lire o'clock. At aif ataliona on tbe rond d< wore made, hot tlnae at Jrll'rrnou, Havana and Ten Vann I>?lng of quit' an tutbualaatlc character. M each of tboae placea made brief, approprtale a.l tn aaea. At Canandalgua n great demon.'.ration wa* made, tbo 1 tile Utania turning out .n force with torrl.ea and bon i.rm lighted, and ' aada of muaic to wek-om" h a arrival. A large crowd gathered In front of the Canandnlgua Hotel, br| Hon. T. M Howell sieike, eiQ),?lng .lodge Dung la. fr.?n making any remarkn tn consequence of eitreme ImurwD. ? ? through a nold and rejiealed ipeaking. The town * all abla/e with en tbtwiam. I'nnanni .ica, Sept. 14, 1800. Mr. lli r?chel V. johnwm will apeak here on Hstnrday evrniug. I'rcpnratlona are making for i grand reception. Mannar h wee tin longmaalonal \omlaatlen. IM, ".a 14. lseo A. H. Rice wan laat night reroaaiaeiod foe Coogrww by t>* repobli. ann of tbe Fourth district. by aocUiaat.oa. Charier B Hall was ebaara district ntoct* r. Texas t ottoa Kaetara* Roramnnt. Nmt QaiRans, Sept. 14, Ihda At a meeting lar.nlvr?ton,Texas, of cotton factor*, t waa mnolvrd to deduct two p>niada from each (hue of cot ton. la order to nantmllato their market w'tb Ihoat of New <irleant and Mobile. Swatherw Oroan Ntaamser Manrsaaamta. Sept it, iteo The tteamah p Mar of tho Sooth, front nred here at are o'clock T. M. All wall. Marfan Dtiaaum, tub ran* aoshr asp ?cpoosn hanork in purrnaaa. Voa.oiK, Sopt 14, IMP. Tho bnrk Agnao, from Baltimore for Cor*, bae put a at tb in port leaky Tho nrhoooer Ranger from Jacmel for New York, wita a cargo of ooflee aad logwood, kaaaho pot la bom leaking, Peathtra Oreaa Htoanaer Mwvewaeat*. Cn.n.eeru, Sept 14, 1800 Tbe rnlted Stataa amil nteamebip Marieo, Uapt *o. Fetor, from New York, nrrlred Arc at ihron o'clock Una (Friday) morning. Market*. FRiLADHLFPIA STOCI BO A AS. l*Biiat>atrinat Sept 14, IMP. Morka frm. Pennsj'vsnis Stole 6?, U?.t, R*w4 tag Hal I mad, at Meerla Oars', 87',. long Island Itoil cied. IS Fena.ylrae* Railroad, 41'? Sight nxnhaaga en New Torfc at |tr New naiaan* Sept u. IMO Cotton has a 4ownward lend-ory, and he* deqlined '.e mine to dny 1.M0 bal?w at Idling t! 10s,* n lOSe., ?aim of tbe week 14 800 halm Receipt, of tbe week 18.6*10 balm, mains! hi M* bale. *ame rrt?? last stock in ptirl 104 SAO h.iee otter i rm Rio 11>, t. a 11 *4<! mlm <4 Us- neek 4 "AO bag* imports of toe week It,000 bsga Mor? in port 14.81* nag*. if a nsl 4 AM bars sune time lant year Tnbaero arm, lugs lUc. i4S?,lae leaf A',c Kxobange on leudon lOOifallO, with bilk tf lad la. 10*. \ s I001, sight exebamm no Ne* Yerk ig a \ per oef i | rmsinm Freu bw?Cotioa to Urnrpoal 4a c!iae4 1 10*1 , qiK>te<l at S4 Batrrwnan flnpt 14, 1 POO Fl nr artlro and .toady. Wheat .tewly 84 a PI 4A While 81 40 s Pi 70 Cora dull white, 00c a *1' yellow, par a "Jr Pmrkiieoa qoiet aa l nocbaage.1. Cm lee lira and active at 14c e I to , atoet la pert, 7,000 bags. Whiskey hear) at 38*0 a JPtfc fVn ir-nrmi, Sept. 14,1A40 FVeir Mealy at PA ft sM 84 Wnmt buoyaot >?tm A 00*1 bnah't. red 01 40 s 01 48. MlllU. i or A Atoedy st 74e A 7Pr.. lard .toady at Id -.o. Oodee Una Rio {if a 14He Wbisi.y 84 '.A. a 8Pc. fit rr.i/i, Sept. 14?1 p. p Fleer qnlet sad Prm Wheal doll aad beary Tim ,9.000 bneaea red wmtar Indiana and <tw re*terday ? ilwnooo nl PI I8M n PI 80. tkle 18.000 iimtinta Hi'wsnkra rluh at II 10 ' -Tn-lnll so tale* Whlekny easier sale. 840 bbh at (tea.1 (Vstghto, 4|e on floor, 17o. an wheat aad IPe aa men tn New Torh la porta?P,POO bhk Oonr, 101,OOP IxmbeM wheat, 14 000 h labels-era, 9,(00 bwbel. onto, 2 0M kasha* barley (Anal err*wm-lA00 hbla ftonr, S43M0 bnnbeM wheat 73.000 bushels euro. ?"???, Rapt 14, 1PP0. T FVstr qnlet at nrwrlcna rale. Wheal market nynaed Prm. tort ckwed qos* aad nominally lower toMaP POO bnaheh N? ? (Mlcage aarlae at f| 14. 4JK0 btmhe* wlator red WeMern at PI M, I0.0M bnahak 4o . to ar rive. en private U-ma Com mmren nad withonl mean rial rbaage nalea It AM bnahma Indiana at PPe . Other grain qaiet. (anal freights ateady at 8Pc. oa iionr, Ho. m wheat, 11)4* on onrn to New York lake mporte 100 bbto done, 148,000 bnetsl. wtoml, 9 800 tombs* com, 1 000 kwhth on is, 14 100 bnake* tow ley. 1,0tO basket, rye. Qtani nnperto 1,080 bb*. Oonr, IOOjmo* wheat, 10,1M birtila barley CSs-enrvr, Nft 14, IMO Flour 4aII. Mb* ..important aad cnaPalwad aanal nai Wheal 491 aad prim* trmgnlar. Onrn ant'vn Whwkny 18)44. More, market aobar/*.

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