Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 18, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 18, 1860 Page 3
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runaways, now CM Walker tp pun*. 1 fad the people ' here ihBoet unanimously oppueed to friing transferred to Honduras Tbey ere mostly Bsplteh negroes from the Leeward lslande, wbo ceme here undtr the English rule, ?nd wbo here e reel nbhorrenoe'ol " du Spunnt man." There m elf" e "considerable sprinkling" of English end American whites, who ere per heps less hostile t) the proposed che*ge then thetr darker confreres. All ere well ereted. end altogether qnite e different set of men from the main landers, There ere about one hundred 5nt'li*h troops here, of the Seoond West ladle regiment, who were yesterday rein Tweed by a company of thirty. Ave men from Beha>. This does net look lice e speedy ereciwtkon of the islend by the British. Should the Hra dars* authorities attempt to assert thstr juris ttcttou, they will certainly be driren off the instant the Eliglish farce is withdrawn. The people, notwithstanding their prejudices againBt Americans, took to New Orleans, with which th?y carry on e lucrative trade, (or support fn any revoluttoLary movement tbey may undertake. An Shglish war steamer has joal gone down the coast to ear-h Walker, in ease be la rot already c it up by the na tives. If be is taken by the steamer bis IITs and the live* of bis followers will be safe. Tlio worst that will probably happen to them, In that case, will be the morti ftoation of oemg shipped back to New Orleans minus the.r arms, and with no great share of glory. If, on the other band, the nail res catch them, they will have short shrift and a tight cord, la any case, tillbuatertwn, m this quarter of the world at least, * "played out." Thie is a splendid Island, with vast recourses and with n celiac?nding position, fully justifying the description of tbo old geographer Jeffreys, wbo styled it "the Usrden of the Indies and a new Ulbrtltar." It is by far the faest ?land of the whole An til lee that I have seru, and must in n few years become rich and populous Invalids iron the mainland, and even from Jamaica, come here to re Bn their health. About a hundred vanefe a year leave * with fruits, Sc., oh Icily for New Orleans [and New York. There In an abundanoe of tine wood for ship bulk) rag; and a few vessels have been bnllt which would do ere lit to any shipyard at home. NEWSPAPER ACCOUNTS. TUB VXHT LATK8T INTKLLIQENCB. ITrom the New Orleans Ptceynr<, dept. 11] Wc were thm morning put In posgeemoo of mil further mull ir*n je of Walker's expedition to Hjueuraa. It is furonbed to oa from an authoritative source, and will pert ape help ua to form an opinion of the pr ibable fate of the party. And first of all, we are assured that the steamer Osoeo ta, wbcae report at Batabano, Cuba, wo turo already pub ttabed, left Truxillo before our last arrival direct from that plane. The news brought by her, therefore, that Walk er s party had already, in various coufiicts with the na tives, been reduced to a remnant of twenty five men, is believed to be Incorrect. It cotnee to ua, Indeed, only at a report which had reached the town, where natural y any report of the kind would be very muih magnified. Prom a careful comparison of the date, we are convinc ed that the very latest news of the party is of dun day, the a*h ult., on which day two of Walker a officers left the ?sain land Kir Ruatan Inland, for pro visions. They came over in a barge and exporitnwd rough weather, but did not reach the i*laad till the :29th. and then were compell ed to land ua an uninhabited snore, whenot they made their way to Port McDonald the next day. ffiteee othe rs left Walker and bis party Sunday, the '.Mb, at a place called Limaa, abandoned mahuumy wvrkr. en a rrvrr of the same name, sous thirty or forty miles train TrnxiUo, In the direction ot Cape Uracias Cp to this time the loeaes had been only twu?prtvnle t'ome ro> , killed, aa be lore stated, in an eti gag emeu i with the eaemy, and private Coleman, who fail a victim to the prevailing fever of the country. m **e engagement above mentioned there were also Ave wounded, aa before stated? Major H.>off, of Virginia: private James J. Boa, of ihis city, eud private Samuel Coffin, of Natchez. The names of the other two have not rea bed us. The remaining seventy-etn were all in exoeileut health, and amply provided with arms and ammunition. Bach ansa bad a Minis musket, a hundred rounds, and many of them the latest improved revolvers. Of clothing utey had ooly one nit each, b?t that good. Tente, blauketa, er other camp equipage, they had none, the nights, however, la that country, at this season of the year, are not uncomfortably cold. They would absolutely stand in need of them only la case of ruin. H being a cattle raiting oountry, they had, of course, abundance of good freab beef. They were ooly in want at vegetables, for which the party mentioned had bean neat to the neighboring island. Soon after the news reached Port McDonald a (mall ven ial was chartered by Walker's friends there, to proceed to the amtnltad with these provisions, additional cloth tog and other am la lance. an to the report brought by the Oeoeola that the party were seeking a return to the islands, are are nssured it has no foundation in fact. It la believed by our Infor mant tbat they would either proceed down the coast to Cape f.racias, to embark tor some port in Nicaragua, or strike directly ac-roec the oountry with the name Ussttna- i lion ta view. Their next movement would bo to aOarib vt leg*, asvut tweaty five miles from Lima*, wbere sig nals were to La erected a* guides for the returning ofil In t JdHi.m to the above, we learn that there Is do pro. babtlKy of tbe pa-ty being further pursued in that d.ree ttoo by the natives fears, bow.\-*r, wers entertained cf being farther molested by the British nuu of war. ?apt Salmon >r*uly declared it to he Uit iDUnl.on to get paase*c.on of W*lker, tr he could. Rut It la not proMtbiu he wor d send U s marines, with which be was not very abundant.y supplied, far inland. As to tbe probability of ro', wn only know that a party of tome thirty avo left this city on tbo 31st tor Truxtl.o direct. They will tivre soon find out the ac tu-.l fit'e ot things, and f robably attempt to rew.ti th< r trtecdu ,u tbe mwer oo.rt But l is doubtful If they will be son to make a landtag. Cs( t. Salmon says ho will prevent it if possible. another party of fifty Is now assembled In our city anil ?early ready P> sail but we undent* id that their move area k are not yet dollnttely arranged. An oeg 'he imeaeegert by the brig Kate, Which arrived m the stream hut evoniug, !>om Ruatan lelaoJ, wm Mr. Charles Allei, i>rtvafe secretary to (ien Wa.'ker iu the expedition to Uond'.raa Mr. A. *as ooe of the b?v n who were us en on boar I the BritUh man cf war Icarus, by wboe- odtoers be was treated with the greatest clvlll ly and must assiduous at ten it ia. rABTICCLARS OF TBI LZltoir ENflAOKinWrS. fCerreapundence of the New Orl<aos Picayune, dept It) Bar UL ixtre, A usual 31. | presume you have had the fullret particulars before Bow of the daring manner u which <?eo Walk -r tons tbe fnrtreea of Truxliio It was defended by three bun 'red The fienerel's force was u.uety W ith a rush tney naili d u. and had entire puaxaaaton fifteen imuutea at. r the fret shut wm fired by the advanced guard, nearly a mil" from II * fortress What arr>> .t cowaide these BonJurane are'. Mere to a town of t?o thousand dihaoitanta, with a strung for trees, defended by three hundred troupe and townspeople ad w? finttum, taken to 01 teen mtou<?? by ntn.-ly men, urn at tenktug party having eaiy two men slightly and one se verer y wtrenJod. Ox- neutral supposed he had eetahllabed aa exoiliaBl bar- >1 nper atloua. The position tr uadouMedly atroug, wad miy oesaUasie by huavy artillery, of whuo th Boo daraaa have acne; or by a ooup it etuwt and plucki they have not got tbat,and 1 belie re two thousand of auch thmga aa they t all sold km could not have reoovererl it. Altars en. Water had held |?eneasioo (wo weeks, aa tog >k man of war, the Icarus, laid claim to !? (a British property. and demanded MO ,090 to be paid down, or tlM teeners) and bis man la surrender without ooaditiuua. This Rrlt ?b interference in the eCaire of Central Ame rma tooti niaca on Tuesday, tbe Slat August, au hour be tore eunar-t The General eonaalted bto officers, and re solved to evacuate, as be had no meaae of rwSiJs u < broadaide cf ? uch a ship aa that. The order wmi carrw 1 ?mat Biar-r clock at Bight, and Ike party took ap a line at marc:, to the eastward. Tbe HoaJ traia mm mard tat had ta he seat tor two or three times before be er old get up courage eo mgb tu take pnmeretoB of the empty furl reus Oo We nee ay even tag be entered, and on Thursday seat cme hundred men la pursuit of Gun. Walker. Tbey came up wliiihlmon Vbsfcty, during a bait at Ct.tuu Tree, on tbe hank < .f the Roman river, when be mm were moetiy sleep tag, tooa iv m by, sad fired a vwley into them as forty yards distance, with no l-.uie eJeot tbat the Uea erwi lost oo.'y cue man k uled, ooe dangerously and tour slightly wended T'ie reoot.d volley m If tit have told *? u?Tearful effect while the Amertoaaa were bo<1 died to gather ge.tmr tbe.r arms, hut i rtuaately ti was diverted .rem the mem Body towards owe wmn at a dis tance, who, hearing tbe firtag. riebad toward* hw - ..mradea, end raa the gaowUei through the semrod volley fr m the whole lr.*p wit Wot reoH>utg a shot By tW lime the Aaterloaae had f >rm?i, dc|,v ereu their tre, whleb knocked over ten or twelve, theu Mtarged. and r- sneered the Hnndarant like a Boca of show About thirty l luag-d la to the river, where seve ?Bt weiw drowned. The rewwiwder statu re.I through the j aa vacua, and all that ware not shot got to envar. Ia tlito ajfair tb- Hot dureaa lost about fifty klUed and urouadrd twi.rrai Wa.kornat killed aad seven wounded, 'htoaeff asaoag thadatoer lie bat bow poaeeeema wf i nrt I ef the Car lb tows at LtmM. wbere be w streagiy barn* J caded. erd able tu reatot I JO If. adurmi.e; but sr bear 'ha* tee Icaru* to bound down again to rout htm or (??.< '. m p< ianaer. This vaaai I bro ighi arvoa of Walker's men toom Trux- i Ulo that were left behlad (vlr whea the puoe was e\ aru- 1 aiad, aad Ima leadwl them tore without any tare?? of support, though they ear restored Ihwaalv pi*" aero ta the British the same hbmi the euth..rtt?.? de eoucc- mi filibuster* any pereuae that render Walker> tweo matetance But aa men must not be allowed to starve la the midst of plenty, srxne of the .abibiunt* f r char tip'* who are rendering Ibratari res obsoxwnm to lbs powers thu be. The sows of the recvpture of TrsvilWt, ad led to the 1 etou n> g i, ? fkmdnfau su??! treat for, ao en tod oee of ] war htgb ofnetal* that he dtodalaed to walk, aad had to baearriel wm* glorious aad upruaeteer The tohabiunu of three island* watadt the prneredlngt <to ?ree?el Wolker with ln??aee tet*rea?. aad beart iy ? *toh him aaraesa Onuaktorable am istaaee ta the way of prvrtol na aad ammus'tloa has bo*o real him. Severe, men irowt here bare y.ieod tits force end bid not tbe ?ritah authorities laterf>ee.| I fhtafe half owr arsttohto { men would have been with him la tow than a month Tbe peopie look ppoa his must as Utefr own, la hie deter mtnailoa to resist the estborUy of <mu, tor tbe Bby 'slasd v. are rreolved oeror to submit to the 4k-ta ttoo of such a bluckhearted villain If rvsr the fiag of lloodorsa is hoisted, sad lbs tolaada are ceded to that gorerameat, their rule awt ha oaly worn'ael aad tbev wtO have to aitow aa the reaHty. or atoe thrir goveremeat muat be ooadretod ea mask more ealtohh ue.l prlaripiee Urea at prwmt . The . beta.-)*? tbev ptaee la tbe way ef trade are ee great, tfcst this little Mtoad experts more in raise aad clear* mere toanega than the port of Traxlllo, ttorngti ? I to the oaly bartow to aa eatoat of throe krodied mtlea ef coast, aad by nature the rvfoeW partef the sea tiaent of Aaerim. Heir exports ought to be omiatod by m iHirjao id noun,i* eterllag hmbaad ofa tow l*r?wi 1 dol Ahewt a huadred foretgaero got tola Urn oroutry frro y+r* r.ncn. ami la the sp-v* of tbrse rnooUin rJ^i <*>? ward* of WO jO* J gold, wboa an edict ftroujOo?-^ eudd^Dly puts (*oj- > their operations, and Uieta to kivt The gold fiexiR cover an extent of ViHrti of 200 mils* In W-mttta, ami 100 In breadth. ami our~t to ?m?W ???"* of $10 000,000 per annum, wills mller ,a>i>por and timber would, properly ham led, yield an much moie, to HJ nothing of aernuliurui produoe. such an sun wr, ootton, ootlee, a.c., that might be raised to an lndeflutle extent. All that la wanted m free trade and a population. The race in poneetaloo la utterly effete, and a change muat in evitably take place belore long, whether General Walker to or la not the man destined to cBoct It. B PLURIBTJS UNUM The Monster Meeting Last Night Cooper Institute and all the Surround ing Streets CruuMd with Peoples The Greatest Demonstration Ever Held in the United States. THIRTY TH0U8AXD VOTERS EH MASSE. NEW YORK WIDE AWAKE. Splendid Display of the Minute Men of the Union. Delegations from Brooklyn, Willtamibnrg, Jersey City, Newark and Paterson. Brilliant Torchlight and Pyro technic Display. Speeches of Got. Morehe&d, of Kentucky; Hon. Mr. Hilliard, of Alabama; Joshua J. Henry, Mayor Wood, Eli P. Norton, of New York; Randall Hunt, of Louisiana, and Others. TUB VOICE OF THE PEOPLE FOB THE UNION. One Union Ticket to be Troposed to the Teople. KSTO PKKPKTU A1 4bs>( Ac., Ac. The Cooper Institute end tbo district wm last owning the seen# of Iromonae excitement, ud e do gree of publ'c eoUtDr.MB rarely equalled. From on early hour Id tbe afcrnoon I org? crowd! Kgaa to uwm bio about the buildu p, watching tbe active preparation* which were in progree* for the greet national dcmi rutra tlon of tbe day. lioeliuios aud stand* eere erec tcl In front of the Institute, and flag* and banner* bosrlrg pa | trtotic devices, were suspended all around. It la tcarooiy ! ncccaary to tay that tbe attraction waa tbe grand ne ttonal muea tnevttng annoucred to be held by all the | frienas of tbe l/Dlon, the oonstiiutluo anil the law*, and c.l who are opposed to blaca republicanism and to Its aec I lionaj and bloodtLirety doctrine*. The natioual senti ment waa thoroughly arouMed In the aitu'tu of tbe lueeaea, and tbe peopla oongrigated la great number* to show thoir devotion to oonatilutlnnal prlnclplee and to tbe I'nioo sod perpi lulty of tbe Sietrv. Among the thousands of distinguished gentl'-moo who took an altlve part in j this demonstration we may mention tbe following, who I support U>e "Colon for the sake of union '? Henry Grtnnell, Greene C. Briueoo, i Peter 1 Vevtus, tiemaiain Loder, W Butler Duncan, Jeremiah Towle. George B lamar, ArO'iid, Oooeuuie At Co.. I Reuben Wither*, J H. Uobart law a, ! Henrys, Pmtth eiTvwamend, lewis A Sayre, 1 Kiraro htlchuin, Chaa A Ie ttoul, | Wm r Lee. M 8. Whituey, Nathan C. Plait, Buuijel D., I John B Print*, ! atbrop H'ukiaeou. 1 John F Cowan, Horace H. Day, Jamea Wilde, Jr., * Co., Stephen KoherU, Fernando Wood, Cochran it Co., Reuben W. How*, Daniel Dorlto, Chan M Coacol'y, Samuel Bnardman, Geo 11 DeForreet, Edwin J. Bn wn, Bert M. Whit lock, C. P Bcbermerbnrn. Tbrte gentlemen united ia tbe call log upon their fellow citiasaa to >oln in tbe grand maas meeting, aa they ware apposed to the republican party and Ita principles, believ ing Uot the aocaa of that prty would prove injurious to tbe peace and proeperity of tbo country. Tbe appeal wna answered by tbe muttering of iboueaada of free an 1 true heart*, every one of wfaicb beat steadily to lht mu sic of fraternity and tbe Vn.on At ne?e:i o'clock tbe echoeo of Clio ton aqiare. Aator place, were aroused by tbe loud detonations of artillery, pealing and reverberating for milm around. A* time moved on tbe Hey became lummous with maUlledM of net ell: and lantern*. t>nehe? sad flambeaux 1-rbird forth brilliantly on every side. Tbe excitement and en thusiasm were Immense, and the people anted wtth a conamna purpose and a unity of faellag wtMh bespoke eariMWtaeaa sad a determination to support tbe great pr jaclplea and the faith ia which their father* lived and df-d. Tie Cooper Institute was ailed ewe to anil cation. Tbe idea of a crowded building la generally an lodiattnet ewe to convey to tbone who do not actually witones the ap pearaooe of tbe tanttiude. but lbs largest crowd that aver aaeembled la one place la that oity la aa nothing to tbe overwhelming 1? that crowded tbe grooad door, corridor*, portals, and even windows, of this well known and <spacious laatiiutioa last night. At a quarter past ?even the bouse wn full; at hair | wet It wm omw.led to repletion, at a quarter to right the aide w ladovra were tbro no open to tbe public. and at eight o'clock?tbe boar ?r?d Tor tbe begW>otng of tbe pmeeojtope?the pnople were ptcxed together aa rlonaly aa tbe grains la a keg of gu powder. The splendid band of Hie New York Seventh regiment (Katkosl i.uard) wm la attendance, and diaooarmd rary beautiful music during tbe ever 102 At eight o'clock preclaely tbe rlactone of tbe band struck up tbe national hjma, "Hall Columbia," which wm received wtth a burst of gar dae anlbaaiMBi. Tbe gM lights were sow turned an la tbo fuLnee* of their brigbtnera and dAzUlag brilliancy Tbe cany 4wit wm tben extremely baantlful and Interesting. Boob an assembly of Intelligence *nJ patriot lent as wm prramted to lbs eye was a eight rarely to be a*eo. even In New Vert. The appearance of tbe building wan m nnlooa wtth the- patriotic maatf tat to:-a of tbo I ram' use mufti toils Tbe dec-imtloM, though ? ten ale, were aameroM sod rflbetive tad wherever tbe eye imM tarn It wm lire to be gladdened by tbe tight of tbe name of eome immortal patriot, gleam leg aa with Ute light of orteollal Arc The noble dead aaeoted thu* to be hoi Hug iraw d ate eommc.ion their dmeeodanu and warming them of ibeoat-.rM they sbooid puraoe. Aa when alive they 11 bored ear needy fbr right and jaetlM. aa now their ward* still breathe and barn, mJ t ea ia their sabM live their wonted Htm. At the n rlbera eilremtty of tbe buHdtag wm the In acriptlua, ewpported by tbo AdUrMma flag ta tbe back >The *mh?m A l okm tad t nitron? , > ? Pronperlty and Pnwar. j W*?imirr?* J Q cr rrnr rr-.rr rr rr r- r - In front <4 the ptatfann, fhclag the audience, wara three banners, Inner lb U with appropriate deader* Tbnl In Urn OMtra displayed the fallowing quotation ? I "iMtiMcir frowni?f a poo tbe Art! dawn of mrfj > attempt to alienate any portpra 4 mtr roestry frnra J X the IMS, or to enfeeble the eaored ilea which now link \ On the right was thte ? | Tun U?iun Mcwr "Bau. us Prkakvbh And on tb? ten ride:? L IBB W10*, THE ro.VMTTTLTlOB, AJfU TUB j SOT 'IE TUB LAWU ) On the lower port of the platform, in Urge and brilliant character!, appeared:? s /fKTict: axn riuTKio rrr { At each (toe of the ball were bannere emblaxoaed with the Dames of distinguished American statesmen, patriot* and orator*, rtiaulng thus each on a separate square :? ? el Icon,| icaijioi'B.I I wsawnm.l kuoatw I II BSTilB,' earn I 1 $ i*?iuTi tcutr.l ,/anraaauB I At the lower end of the room a number of Amerioaa Bags were formed into festoons, and in the centre of the whole stood forth the .ollowlng Inscription, attracting general aUeetlon ? ( I .-nail utau'i bp the I uiun, and bp all wuo aland > ba it I shall do.lustioe to the wbole counter, and j I act for the good ot the wbue country in all I do I ; 5 mean to sued upon the constitution I need do i } other platfom ?Daniel WtUler t Speech tn the $ Xna>, July 17, I860 \ <U General F A. Ta miaous called tho meeting to order is a very brief speech, in which be Introduced Joshua J. Henry, Esq , u presiding officer Mr. Hwot*, on taking the ubtlr, wae received wttb loud and prolonged applause. He said Sl'KBCH Or JOrtHTA J. HKKBT. Friiow rmflw:-1 tbank }ou for tb* high honor con ferred on too in being nailed upon to preside rver vhle m ?tmb ige I dud m?eelf In liM preeenne of, and nor rounded by, men well known nolo at borne and abroad, and wboa* nam< s and cbaranter glee an elevatM loo* to any meeting upon any ruhjoci, and your though iftii brows to Light lnticau- too plainly the grave lmportanoo of the movement In which we are enraged I recuguien the tup port-is ol the brave and fearksa Douglas (Kuthuntejiia applause ) 1 vo the partisan' of the frank and bwrh roinueo Breckinridge?(great appUusel?and'set, but oh, not l?aat, I see troops of Trlends and admirers of that emi oeDt flateeman, John Bell, of Tennessee (Tromen tous cheering ) Surely, fellow citizen*, any cause wtitca c*n uaeunble an these under one roof must be a laudable one, and oemtnend Itself to the approbation of all fair min<'ed men. (Applause.) And what w the motive that baa thus assembled us? We are now within en weeks of a pi nurtentul election. A party geographically and strictly Northern, and embracing many with whom some of >i o In limes par t havu boi n eccartoraed to act, overlooking those hign characteristics which should adirrn and ol-tlnKuish tnc candidate for the Presi entlel chair, with the clarion voice of Henry Clay?(loud applause)? and the majestic eioqenoe of Daniel Webster?(renewed applause)?yet ringing u> their ear*, have nominated a man who baa rendered no servlcea to his oouutry worth ?peaking of, etlhc to the field or otherwise, an t whose chief merit end 1 ighcst ashievement la the discovery that there Is s '4Irrepressible conflict" between the North and the South, and that the whole country must he either a'* slave or al free; and this sggresive, wioael and dangerous doctrine has been taken up as the war cry of tbu republican party. N >w, fellow citizens, I baro been engaged In business in this city for mo e than twenty-five years, and I think 1 know ins Soeib and Southern men, and Southern Institutions, as well as Mr. Lincoln. I have travelled over mure South urn country In one y car than ever Mr. Lincoln did in all his life?(applause)?and I deny and pronounce it false anl untrue, that any each Irre pretsible conflict exists, save such as has been created by the aggressive doctrines of him and his parly. (Ap plauv.) But, on the contrary, 1 assert that the North and tie ,?outh were made for each other, are essential to each other, have reciprocal duties and benefits devolving on and (towldg from each other, sad that man or that par. ty Is lalee and recreant to the best interests of bis country who would sow one teed of discord between tbom ( Ap plaure ) But. fellow cHlsene, it la fortunate for yon and fortunate for the whole country that there are other cut dtcaw-t before the p*oplo, either of whom is tea tnomuni times preferable to Mr. Lincoln The defeat of each a candidate under ordinary circumstances would be a very easy matter Cnhapdily, however, dtfforeodra of opiuioti upon ar. abstract point have placed three candl eatee In the field to uppuee htm, and It must be very ?> parent that unluee this oppusttloo can he ooacenfated and consolidated upon one electoral ticket, Mr Llac.>ln will he elected. (Never, ne.ur, never ) Elf elecuoo, In my opinlr n, would be attended with the most ser out ro* to the pence and prosperity of the oouutry. oiy, more, would snake tbu very foonda'!<<o of this Caion. Beioild, fellow ritlzets, tin.ply the first fruit* of tho UachlBgs of the leader* of this new |*rty, In thecowird ly attack at Harper's Ferry, and aiin ist now, arhile I sptak. the midn gbt l >rcb of the incendiary, en f the *e cret poiaoo are doing tb<"r work la m >rn ibao one or tho Hnutheru States Mark Just one o' th- tnoooaateoitos of this sectIonk' party. \> rimming all th.3 greet tw for the fccln onoasatkm if white men, a ports? of ItJ constituency at the same tune are loudl* can iewe for the abolition of *iaver> in the South They w.udd th s let lot so Una African beet, fee- to go and. ?<'ttle where ihty will. No, ior several of the free -Hulvi 1-ave passed U *? Bpcciullv forbid-i mg them to reu'de In thure MAtee. To lultiai- tbe prop'r uiea*u**S to detest this cai.didateand this party, la the object 'f this binet'ng. I stand sot here to light a penman of Mr. Mr*rklurl ige or Mr. Douglas or Mr Bell, (applause.) But do I apeak toaay ma* here who wtu kmim to unite wtthwsm making just so much *a trifle* auu n > more at will wiaure the < iceuit No party is oail'd up m to ahao i ? It* oardtna! prlnciplre, b it lellow oiti/?ns. If wo cauoot : agree th st crytbug we cna upon ode tli ug and that la, that we do u' i want Mr. I.ioodn to b. elect?-d. ^li-ueved | applause.) We boast that onr rs'iroata and ollic" atenm rrmmhEfatloo* have annlhlleted both nm* hud a,>ace, and brought the most 'istaut points of the eountry to bo easily accessible. Vet here ,? a party whose tea Vocy is to obliterate that mutual regard and fraternal feeling that once ex luted between us, \a<l p?h* ua as wide a* the pdee asucder. And while I do Lit b*ltcra in tbe pram nihility of a dissolution of the I'nloa, (tu.a? we a/? in a fair way hi real se all tbe evils of It, and tn the language o! Daniel Webeter, that we shall soon ceoae to be one p?o pie. Ft tow cu rsor, tbe eyes of the whoie nation are turned towards titir Biato, ays, are ric?t?4 upon iota city, U) inaugurate tide mow meat, and w*H may they rail cn us, for hne. here th Near York, the federal oimsil tu'ion u< put lato operation tn tue >aar 17Hi. an I the oath taken to support ,t by WuahiLglja on the very tito where cor Custupi Rouse now star, 'a And fee what was that CowrtitaMsa ferusad' Not to r* olate matters of re ItgioD. dor tb. moraia of domostw allairs of ihr several hi nt.-. bat, in the language of the iritrumeot itself, 'To Ibrm s lm? pcrfrct I nidi. tnfure ' meet ? tranquillity. Ctnoi' the general welfare, provide for the eo umoo d oa." Now, fel'ow eltir-ns d.wa th" rapubllc tu party 3? I jte leaders carry out three princtyleef Do they pro mnt* trar (Utilityt Have tbey not a imdeney to deetr.ry this l et.?- (Cries of Ye*.yes," "No,do." h.aow,4Tut ") It h.m out ") It ha* been often said, in view of thene ex citing questions, that a foreign war would u.nte th* pro pie of thin country and he a benetH In tbe end. Geutle mra, there can be no enemy no fatal to the peers and prosperity of thi* rmntry so t! la earn* republican party. In yonr name, and la ths name of the indc Cdant, mnerrrati ve, aaton loving c tlsens of tbm great k, 1 in t ict the republ icr.n party as h-i-tife to Br praee and prieperity and destrcctlve cf your best rest* Wuj porters of Dmigleo, fVteads of BrocHlarldgo BrU aad Everett mre. point your gaa* at ear oommoe ?oraj and not at aacb other. (Applause ) Come out from yonr portv. an mech and at Ihr an wtu make osruta the defeat uf l.lncola. (Couttnued applatae ) Make this pa trtotio aacTtfler, let not tbean qaern lone of organizatloa in duce yau to 9gbt for now minor pilot nod wan the male chance. Do it, and do It without delay Do i* while yet the time remains Werrheat*, mechanise, trader* aad work ng men of all claret, your in let l tn lb* qerettoa w para<ur>uat to any other interest that amy ??? iw your ai tint Km Avail yourselves of your high Pr* logalire sad tak* a part la this aoovcmenk (Appkuso aad crteaof ?ilo?id, good ") ! ravy not ihejpoaltiou of that man or that party who may under ake to eaoji this Kwvuk. Deaeneiaiwae lodh In id and deep will be atriKio. He ms* saio some lees piracy aioew, but ft will be a barren,*ictury. owe ttaat not uariohef him bet ntakaa ua all door indeed. But I will no lunger detain foa eminent aad dtetlagsMted gent'etuen f-om variuoe ?ret wee of the o nistry are here to night prepared to speak to yon, aad I la vote year earceet eitealipo to the.r re marks Mr. Henry's speech area foliowfrl by the band playing ti e 4'Star ?paag*ed Banner " Loud cries then arose lor Brady and Wood, and the Ohatrtnao had some difficulty in main lain Ug order. Eventually Mr. Joae ft Baeuia earne forward aad, amid load appiaaae, propoeed th# following geaUemea so PreaNkat, Vioa i'rattdeata aad Srcretartaa of the meet ng ? riUB-ingvr. JOKRI A J HI NRY. vim ntaerriorr-. mow err era etatW: J'of fmtt?Hen I) ft Coleman A -Aver* ?- H<? A Ftouraev fteeeftrf?Ika. J"bO A feiCkwell. fVi/wnw?Ron res Heipaoa. /Vlns?w? -Hon H MofMll. Fi.eido?Hor Thomas H Aoet.a. n**)<s-M John Thomas. /Hhwdr?Oaa Jacob Pratt. /nffieua Hav Wtllard. limit?C. A Dodge. AVefw hy?Roe TealMOimhe a. ? ? ? -i?U*)or N R Jecnlegs ine?Hoo Nathan CummInge JfomecJkwtU?lira Merabe'l P. WIMor. Jfosown Hon Utanky Hylaad. #vk<pew?Jsmee M welch MiimHppt?Hoe. W. I. loag. Jfaralmsd?Hue Jao F. Keciedy. A r-r'A CheeMw*-Boo John A. Will lama. ft'ett -farsey fist Wright. Aw Pert?Gov Waahlngtoa Heat. iMn? Ron J. T. Wood, rrewsyfer f 1-fVm. Juotati Randall. Hkt-lr IUott<i?Hot RpragJO. Urmin Chroffwrt?Hra Jumph I- Ctnphroy. Dwawsii Dkm Tho* n arte see ftsti-W. J. BaeJamia. Ptrqfeia lloa. Wm F 1 ackadoa. Firmeat?l'i ufeaaor Whtslor. mow ma ewrwermm. Daw. Win field Votl William B Astor, Jammi Gordon Bennett, J. Ctsno Waa F Havemeysr, Thomas Tlleatsa, John A. Dtx, Dr R A Btevsaa, Moera Tayior, ?liars * Ih-hmaa. CharWs (FOooer, Ben jam la H. Field, Daniel Drew, 1?. Hunt, Beery Grlaaol). Ilhsipherd Knepp, Ambrose 0 Khggalamf, Edward Fsaaer, Myadert Yew I Oka*. M ttwnoliy, -?**.* 11. RooompcI'. Fi aocis A. Palmer, Benjamin M Wl.iuock, Hatha* 0. Plett, Job., i*. deury, Kdwaro Be-jamm R Wmthrop, John R Br<gi|K, Omu U V. A. Schuyler, William Kent, n- ?i?? <] Br n"on Jamee Brook*. Bradleh lohusoo, Gerard Ham. i i, Wyll ? . Wo too*, "ornce fl (Viy, Vvrnour L Uailed. Edgar A Van Winkle, later Morrta, Chester 1*181, Oaraeltua DuBoW, nay 0 KflU*;;, Aaj0. y a>0i G D U Gnieepio, cha* p. Kirkltnd, J. A Uokul^il, Tu<tiii t& c., Ctmklln Brash, uoyd, Samuel I). Bobooci, Ahrthsm Direae, IMnlel Da?llxi| Rlchuri P. Otrmao, M 8 Hopkins, Marx v I I. II-rid, Zupbar Utile, J. j. -'herman, A. H. WlUTd, lxl* y -tiirn, C. B. Hatch, Jacob A Wealorvclt, Ji bu C. Jarobe, Bdmund Ortega, FrrJerick Williamson, John Loreridgc, A. II niDlogrr, Philip Ho ,r> , Jr., Wash ng'on Dnrbrcw, F A Ihllmadgo, Wm. B Nntiaun, B-'ujamlri W ??!, Thomas A. Cm vies, * Waller H. Buikley, Kit P Norton, Jamra iiokM, Simeon Baldwin, John W Francis, John lint**, a L. tsuU, George 0 Rulen, Km B Tappau, Hiram Ketchum, Jno B Steveoaou, Jas L forth, Roe we 11 Graves, Jer- m'ah fowls, William P. Um, Isaac Djckman, jno l Rlker, Richard h 11 shop, C. Oallhy Guuther, BrnJ Wrlij, POUr I. Neeios, Hlrtm Hitchcock, Geo W Quutaid, A. K Mayuard, .Anthony Emboli, Wm T< rtiuue, Jam* C inner, Benj Drake, Geo. W. OirixN, Thomas Feuuer, Oha* de Vera, Abraham Kan tor, Jaa. MoGratb, Daniel Otonor, , Edwin L Trowbridge, J ? Wr*M, Peters. Duryee, Floret cs McCarthy, FJtoba Hotobtna, Char 1?rHalle, Samuel C. Sprouts, John Bryan, Wnltom Bryoe, Dwlpbt Rij.loy, Ira A. Ubhy, John a C run In, Frederick R Belts, Richard P Bruif, Rudolph Wlltbaus, Reubrn W Howei-, Abm R. Van Neat, Jsmrs Hnde, Jr., Oerua IUra?ay, Ear a 0 Rent, Wm. F. Jackson, Full* InarlilHby, Boary a. Noore, Bslry Polios, Wm R. Martin, JL 41. Carnnuton, Joiiu a Datum, Henry K Sheldon, Wm G. Speocer, Smith Ely, Jr , Samuel 'Mailman, Jamrs W Gerard, Johu 0. Wilsou, Henry Wood, joho A Stemuiler, Charlea H. Freeman, a. T. ttoerry. Samoei B. AJthauae, ncmrruinw. John A Godfrey, Will'tm n. Drape* A L Hopkins, Houry Wheeler, Herry 0. Vau Nostrand, AjopsuR. Peck, Wm B Clerks, Gardiner Hprinr, Jr., eai jorl Boordman, Jooopb W. Duryeo, John B Steele, Mr. B Admin, George W. Thorpe, Ohvid Rowland, A. C. Flenasan, Freorrkk A Fisher, Janes M. Weed, Samuel L Litis, J L Dodge, F. R. Bugardua, Abm. Quackenbusb. Jr., Wet Martin, Joseph C. Meets, Augustus T. Francis, Frederick C. Wsgner, Edward R. Wilbur, George L. Net Ins, Johu Burke, E 8. ? ills, Job i Butler, Oscar Cbeoaman, Tbomae M Horsey, George Carroll, Cyrue J Iawrence, William Buuley, JobuE lUnford, SUueon N. 4>net, rilepben 9 UDodic', Joseph Heine, John Burnt, John T Bradley, Jo.'m )| Ramsay, Wm 8. Toole. Wm. C. Frost, John R Voorhia, Seneca R. dell, Henry H. aiden, lames 8 Turner, Wm. U. Faterei.n, Geo W. Clnllc, Wm. K. Corns lock, H J. Seaman, numu Walter. Tbe names were r'ce.ved with tremendous tpplauae, troecially those of Gei.eral W to bold Scott ud Utree other gentlemen Immediately following. The nominal-oca were unanimously approved. After tbe bond bad played Tsnkee Doodle," Mr. lit P. Nokto.v read tbe following reaoktlon* la a loud and distinct voice, the people breaking in with tre mendous applause at varloua points TBI RKSOLlTIOXfl. Resolved, That the el tiaras of the lulled States hire aa aumbled?now derive ibeirtreverenee 'or the constitution and their unalterable atUcanient to tbe national luion, and tbey proclaim their Axe 1 determination to do all in tbvir power to preserve II for themselves and their pos terity. They announce o? other prtnc pies, establish no other platform, but ooetent Iheniariras with broadly rentier w here their forefathers !iave rested, ui> m the oon ?titution of these Initcd .Staler, wishing uo safer guide, no higher isw. (Applause.) Resolved, That 'h? rpirerniient i f these Colled fftatee was lormod by roejoiuiog in political unity widespread geographical a. etiona, materially and nec-manly dirte lug not only >u climate, proj-una and modes of lodnatry, out in oiclal and a- mcr. o institutions; and any ea-iee that shall permaaeutly array tbeec wx-tlotm In political honitlity. and e?tabl'?n pa tl"a founded only on geogra pbwal diatlnciXma, tnust iuevitaily diss- iro tbe Amerl Can lb inc. (O nfueion ) Herolred, That In such an exigency we may rnd mn-.l dtsr-gard any subordinate ,oest ous of administration m euerctaing tbe coustittitional pt.oers of tue govern moot It l< enough for ? now to now Hi it toe steadily or tbe I nx u la imperi led by the principles and proceedings of tnetrpuniican parly? (laiot applause . ? mam tee led by Ibe noeiuallon'if nandmates opeuiy Iheormg sod ade realms a tx'iisunt and trrepreeaible auti'Hct between geographl cai suctions, tbe eoallnuabce of which nrirt lacvltably subvert our national govirnmeat, and we pledge our sr'ere to oar all proper sod nnuslitutuesl means to de feat Ibelr eiretluh. (Applanss ) Resolved. Tnat, as our pcmcnon f'-.gltah toe gee, our come ud aniestry, our eomm-iu taws, our oommou late rc*tr, the ctrtflmoa sarrldoee of our great father*, fmm Hunker Hill to Ha-an nab?onr onmrnon r-vnrs and beys Hiring ud inter linking ue m one people?the very chains of mouniatna that r.Vrt 11a by thu ? lernal rocka, an If by Almighty heads? a band all pcocla m vucb a ''cm fllet" hist?It ia onr duty, "oe and all, to saarlfle* all past prejudice# or put paseiocr rpon tbo altar of our ooesmuj country, tn order to demonstrate? fliat tlisrc la no Internal oon in I o our beloved ooua try which wisdom carrot g ids, which love of oountry cannot repr'fS. ud Uiat i.intend of being enemler in peace even, or is t state of ''eoutli ??, ' or war. we are friends, brethren, countrymen, work'ng Is ha-mony for a oommou good ud a common glory. (Applause ) That la the words ?( Webster, we have "One Country, ooe Constitution, one Destiny " And In the eorda uf Aaekeoo, the "lawn moat and shall be Preserved," (Umd applause)?tn all the compacts, pone ea.cns ud oom proas wee btiueath-d tone by our father* Aa<l now, to carry late practice three declarations, Be It ReaolT*' ? 1st That, as Kleetcra of Presides I ud Vice PreslAeat were tbe citations nf the Federal Constitution, stepping tn between tbe direct vote of the people, ud cutting off their direct vote for President ud Vice President Shun re topping the people frm tbe d'reet erpeeagioa of their preferences for the Presidency, the only resource left for us, the people, ail agreelag upon tha asoriSee 01 mere men prrfcrvmea? la, to inelat upon one electoral ticket? (loud applause)? In order to p-.wenl >ioe outnooa fruot sgsirrt the common a Iveraary of rational paaoe, con cord. ud uaity (Renewed applause ) 31 That m we are ao man'? party, belong,ng to nei ther Breckthrldgs, Hell nor Ikx^Ua, but onr own mar ten. with ladr pea tent wills uJ powers, no mere Party Cut vent.on, nor PMIttrwl Maebtne ess barrens us to drag a?d draw each other to pteere, ud lb- re ore we should bays do mere Hrecklnrldge ticket. nor Belt I'ckef, nor Ikmg las ticket, bet oae eumoiea l'sloo ticket?(Loud ud oontioned spptanes)? rwvw rem ree uis or nrs rme* (Renewed app). 3d And tliat la order to errata and secure such a ticket, tbe Prefldeat of ifels meeting be authorised to aa a cnmmiitee->f flftees geotlemrn. T<wP?t with full imrfS to adopt such u elestoral ticket as the i r.sla aad the country now demand fTremendoni applause). Reroired, That we decidedly tlmpprr <-# tbe pending emendm-it <'? the Conrtiiution if the Plate of Sew York proposed by U*i republican party for relabliabing <*)unii ty uf negro suCrage. (Umd applause) The reeolutiou ware thu put ud carried, mm can. Tbe Ouaaax tbea said?1 have the boo or to prsaant to to yoo this ertaiag, u the flrat speaker, hla Huoor gar suio Wood. (Applause.) MATOB WOOD'S sntDCB. Mayor Wood's appearance wag greeted with the heart! ?at demot-st'aiions of applauds after cusrr ?si given ud hi lowed by "one cheer more" Wbeo order was la torn- degree restored, Mr. Wood said ? Mt Fantube? I am tars n y agpaaiuoe bare to night to coatribste my feeble a'I to taa great cause to which you are interested needs uo spi luay. (Applause) This city gunsmts by lie -*m meres aad the prod ids of a ?nocnetfui trade, domes lib aa well as I reign And u Mayor, representing the whole paoa e. ail of whom a s idlest- d deeply uy that wbicb albria -ornatn* ud trm.e, I am aura I can not better tarts raj Ivtii# eilims thu to praarrv" la tact Ui?aa bbwstoga which thiey now aaj?V o to great abaoduoe. Therefore tm I here tr sight. (Cherev ) 1 coma to lay a word of the lotoa?a word for the goyernmeut u It U?aad for a t m Unuaoc of am.calie ielatiooa with our slater Htate* ud with the people of the whole neutry. loud cheers ) Fellow eltiseas, we are approaching as ordi. a art con teat In Ita character aad electa It la wllbsil a precedent. It dlfftra essentially from all the political Mreggits which have heretofore dlt-ded she peo pie of ibis country Tbe lut Preaideollal cuiruaa, tbongo to some rstent ita prem-mimr, did not praaaal tnr moi,deration ud datum laallea the vital Issue now before na. I'poo that dbcvovm the re publicu leaders had not yet dieciatwd ia full the ob-erts of tbeir mowmast Tha mash la now thrown off, ud we behold lor the flrat time the bldeou features of eectloeal hostility, of a war against aoetai lastitettoeg, aad "u tr iigiaaaltilr conflict" within ud fbr or age lost the t alon (flr-us fbr Mm black republican* ) Pre I id as Hal slecttowa heretofore have hut aaeuiwxl the characier of i/repreaslbillty. Ia their aaturi the issues presented were but temporary, and after a fair aad deci ded expresartoc of the popular will were closed. Tbe watch! ra* ware aittagulahed, and naw held I aaiected for the art I tr at too of party dom leaned. Bow dlderut at this time Partkma strilb has ceased. It hu often worm a frost of peeetoa. but aerar before did it weer the es Cof civil eea social utraagemut aad uttpathy. fealere we# left for thee# days, aad may tha Amerl at people be ae patriotic la discharging tnetr flat* la the praarat emergency aa they have b *a (aM.Tgent in the iseuea of foreign and demesne, policy la the ~ hava sot beta settled witboat fleriv deeid Ins the M peat. Those M ud determined struggle# Tha lataraam of cmmm it if lead art a advancement af laadsra ware Involved aad gave la teaiity ta tha itrif* of ogiaM*. Xhs warrtag eiomuta ar# now of another and tar nert portestooo character They are not political, la the strict party souse of Ux? word. They do nol refer to the ef the national policy, bm aaaaii constitutional rights tail the existence of eocial relation* While the re*oil* of this ckoilon are pregnant with far (raver oonaeo ueuuea than those of any wbioh h>ve heretofore been presented to tbe nmerlonn people, yet circuinktahcea and the cunning of our adversary at tempt to keep Jus out of view aa matter for discussion and settle m< ul in the can van. (l-oud applause) Rightly to undent and and fully to comprehend what, tn my opini.*, coottitutes the vital principle in volved, permit me to that the great load ing idea of the ago in which we liva la commoroe. (Cherra.) t ommerm ruiea aU. Baaed on the industry of man and the bounty of nature, commerce atl enthroned in the irate of the highest civilisation, and d recta the oeui-e of trade in obeomuco t > the warns of mankind. It ia true that it ban always existed, hut of do period oould it be said in the ram< wide RigmUcance aa of the present, thia ia a commercial age. Commerce governs mo world. It ahapea the policy of the most powerful nations. It si pplit-t thu mtana and the requisites for the Oiaaeudna lion ol civilization aud Chr. tiaatty,aud is the uno ruling prihotplc to which all other consul' 'rations bend and give way. ll mak's war and conclvdoe treaties (applause ) A movement of Russia on tho key of the Bosphorua male l&glaud fear for her commercial empire In the tut, an 1 France for h"r command of tbo kfedhurraneao. War was declared, au i wh< u pence s aa ooucluded v ne w oodo. of na vai aarfarv was adopted for the bractit Of cvinmerce. Science doubted v.betlier steam could be profitably ap plied to ocean uavigati n, but commercial eatnrprise compelled rucoera. and nolwilhslauUiog failure, com* msrclal .uter. sis teem to link distant conlineuta by the ekctrio wire. Who can fall to oisoern this empire to which public opinion bends aud monarctis ,ay fealty .'?the guide of natioual policy?the eouroe 01 uational poser. The sbip defpatobod oy me merchant of New York or London arrive# at some distant land, and the brsi sot of barter ia a stepluwarua civilisation. New wauts aud new 'eatrvi seise upon the mind of the savage, and to ss!>f> tbem be brgins to be a laborer and pruduoer. The mlaaioaary, bringing the tidings of "peace on earth," or com pan're the ship launched by an agency that la foa tared by pe toe. The process In slow, but It resembles the change effected on some barren island, to which the birds ui the air bring thr seeds of plants and trees, that take root and g-ow until It becomes the teat of verdure and fertility tnd Is prepared for the abode of man. Nepo lech, the Urst man of the age (loud cheers), baa succeeded, brcause, ba log early discovered the supremacy of uom mtrce, lie dim ted bp? tublio career In refereooo to its in dications. Having fell -he pulses of commerce, he shaped hi# political movements tn aooordauce. Observe the effect ibat a apecle dra n or unfavoraole harv- si baa upon tbo permaut'Lcv of ah English Ministry When clouds in the political b rixoo overshadow the commercial world, we are sure that those who bavo onmmiihxl the errors that ? ave -caused '.brm will not lotg be sustained by pub lie op'Dion Vdmit that there have been uaasages In the couiee of Napoleon that have cause I dlauruat, r?m *ra with what earnest solicitude be seeks to preveut ihetr operating to create a want of commercial oouil Ituce Ula leading policy is to develops French commerce by war like glory Thus the passion of the nation m made to sub -erv? this greater end in the mind of one who recognisee in tbe advance of trade, the stimulus to protection, and lne ei-crel-I uat H-nal wealth ano jKiwor (AppiewNk) He promises peace, because be On da that the ?p,.rea*ns.on of a warlike policy produces distrust, assails credit and re tards tbe developemeot of commerce in France. He ideoti Iks himself with tbe mercbart, views all France an bis fUT-Uoeko, aud shapes his foreign policy to i nbai.oe the value of bis commodities. Thus und era fanning the spirit of the age, by reflect ing It he h. omee Its leading mind. May we not taken l-iu'co fiom MM s.gacii'us, and, idcntitying oorsetvsn with the wholo rouniry, act singly for is welfare? (Cheers sod arks of "That's ao") Ipiglond has become wL-l she ia through commerce, aud com. merce alouo. Ph* baa not oven too proud to accept at our hands an important truth, aud sluoe her adoption of the jAMTieM th.'.ry of the fkoedMS of trade, her gation has n< arly doubled, (fur own bleseed empire has risen fr<>m the wilderness by the same benign uiiiuouoe, and, Indeed, no i<eo|4e has been diatiogutshed by national superiority wb.-'h has not accomplished Its dsettny through and by this agency The free and unrestricted Intercourse and eichnnge of commodities between every portion (four conntrv have led t) unexampled proeperily, (' beers ) Ws cannot over estimate the advantages thus derived, nor nan ws too much dread auy change, proponed nnuer any guise, no matter bow specious, which would ovsrsbadiiw with distrust or sover by hostility the sacred md benede nt .legacy received by as from tbe Revolutionary founders of our glorious Union. (Ap I plause ) Wt. a the fraternal ties are weakened which make ue one people, no human ken may measure 'he effect it will produce in checking that reciprocal trade whkh r.uw Irsv-r tee, unutodored and untaxed, the tributaries of the great Father 01 Waters, the inland seas, tbe grand canal, aud beautiful Huuaoo of our Umpire nute? wen of rsurooau uuu gov ir. mi wuohj land witb a net of iron, and ibeu fill* with am pie trr.fbis i.i? ships of Sow York gr New Orleans. |K.-. >-wed cn-'rr-i.t Nor do I depreciate the other hrar.rbca of iiuioen Industry to attributing loeM blessings to commeroe. agriculture aad menu factor re aro but her hau aad tuw etauU These furnish indeed the elements of cotumoroe, for without Ultra commerce iUolf ooaM not exist, trb le without her agency to eon I nod render them profitable, they woul I out makoaiat 00 rich, greet or powerful Muo-ifa Hares etui iplHMrt, ooaduod tW ibe ncoessltlrs of itto pro linger, do not n:ricb, nor ire peopto adtaiit?,;'-d by r. product! mi trnfcld bf , 1 id consumption, If th sre be do coDimeice, Tie exuberance ot tbo harvest cu nbert the around 01. which li rota, and, ju.uod to the abort of the mai.uiac mer, can only atlord tbe baro rn"tnsof unstoncc. \S it bout the oaehuwjo ?< the surplus, an r .neea if prgdjc tiou over Coi-uniptioo, however groat, is valueless, and bet * nation ?l wealth can only be mr.ieurn t by tbe extent of 11a . inmcrcu. (CtI?* of "Rigtil, right; that s right") This is essentially true of oumolrefi. Our producing power Is largely In excess oi our own wants, and this dn.Vr uce >s increasing jesrly with stupendous ati Joe Toko, for invtauc ?, the cereal products of the y?sr I?(KJ. Tbojr will sxueet fburtb'd what could be r? quired for oitr own use; sad yet without tn rtu rior do r and, sad navigation to fhciln-tts Itfl tranaportaficn. the MVplM socio be comparatively rahtrieea Toe samo fa true of the peculiar crops of the South even to a gr-atrr extent, (interr) ute have become tgirxl trading people. I'ari.cijam g Urpcly m and promoting the spirit of its agw In which we Urn by tbe rotsiuercial advantages an slsg frosi our ( man, (be American people are fast r iming up to,rmi In a few years will far surpeaa, all o-tgp-'tumn Sow, It is foia groat principle that controls our dostioy. 11 is tbrwe m nr uicus coosi .orations tbal imluaoos our ?? -irty, that rclo the besrlt and miodi of tbe people, and BM rxerr gg the cbiel, i( not the only, power -vrr political res Jlr, 1 he present oowteqt In vol era toe question of our rommerc al as It may our political rxi'teoco (Ureal cheering ) The real U-uc is, therefore, a commercial one, though 00 its rurface It mar appear oxciuaivcly social. A tie* intcrcoiunnwa sad free interciiasgs of common ties between Ihe several parts of tbe coofrderacy, now soar so greatly Jcvoardlxed.are indispensable to oaiinued | prosperity, hnythuy that will interfere with this must be fetal t? tur national intort-ta. (Rntbustastlc and long cm. turned applause ) The success of the re pnb.ioan parly al the coming lYestdenliol election will not only interfere with these groat internals, but will reader It ImpoMlble to continue at all commercial relations. (Cries of ? Ym. yes, tliat s tru- ' ) Oom marcs Is bssed upon peace and g?<>d will between the parties to it. Without thase relet.!. itould sot ha carried on. and to be maintained advaetegeooely the almost gnut will 1 .ust be preserved and good faith cherished Tbe nations of Europe are ant unmindful of this fact, or distnurestrd observers of this election. If our own people sre blinded to tbe chance la our domestic an 1 so cial relations, which will be the Inevitable esosequence 'thiri tu u tr-umph of republi-aaunn, they wtll Und too late the Irretrie vable ern.r tbry bare cm Bitted. I Applause ) F-jrou-a Powers may profeas frlendll arts, oar!lut"0S being popular wlUi their own 1 es, sad our products being amentia! to the prosperity of tbslr manufactures, yet those governments,seer vigilant sad watchful, will be quits willing to ass as Interline war sprier up batwssa the seotlsaa here Eves the war of 'ptmoe. or asytbiag which will materially weak en mutual coahdeace sad reliance la saah other, will pro duos a similar eifect. Any waat of hiatal sad com mer ciaJ harsx ey between lbs people of the several mates mult eturs to the ad ran lags of Esrops, especially of Rnglasd and I-ranee. (A voice from lbs crowd?'?That's a f?rl ) tag land has locg hseo suffering iVom tbe eompet tiue of the Northern States of lbs Eaton. Tne ri valry la a f< rmideble one. It baa been such as to whitou every sea with Ainsr.can sella. The straggle for oom mTrial arc< rdanev has been severs beyond precedent. We compete with her In uavtgatlon, manufacture and comncroe. lbs greet Went and the S.otb, with Uior peculiar staplet, favor our rivalry. Continued anion hers moat lead to the dopreastoa of tbe great tatorrwrs there, n mparsd wlUi oar ewa rapid sdvaaes. While the true policy of England aad France la to maintain friendly relations openly with us, we shall Had that the Instant there la a rovotntlcii la any of the States agaioat the federal govcrrmnt, b->th these governments wlU e ther or I vntly promote a rtieso'utloc *n l will 'nterlers for the weakening of oir national solid! ty. (Another eotce?--That's what aha waats. ') Ins pending Wane in thw country is no longer of a *lavery character. That question had o?ased to be ah wans, aad at present dots not properly eater into public discuss . u It has opened the door to what is c?r mora lienor tact It on any lenai qoostioa Tlie pmaperity, If sot the perpetuity, of the country U0at slake Tlie well beta? of crery Inl.abNaat of thw I'moe la Involved National and individual prosperity or rata are weighed la the scales of tbe i-endlog oofitrovursy There Is none so wealthy that he eaa aflord to bo todMhroat, n?ae an poor that tt will not render more ueatlt; is If doc..ted uaflavnrably. (EaUiunlaatlo and long coatiaped ap - - - - . niiwli t? plaice ) hisvery la the Territories baa a1 sit to be a political question, tt has no bearing upon the results of lbs c utest II tt but the pretext for the exhibition of s growing spirit of sggrssvioo sat repugnance. And If thtt d.slant sad, so tar as the greet bulk of cir peonle srv oouorracd, trivial quest ton. were lbs principal ete rrwstef Uieoaaraas. why should ws fbr tt destroy the ?allonal heart tn s irultlsne quarrel et> rat the extremities f Cheers ) fbr great end absorb eg quest loo Is, Ibcrrfhro, our onatiBurd onmmsrrisl prosperity aad the numerous blessings It hnaga. S'stioaaliiy, property, sad ail the varied interests which are Interwoven necessarily with the preaset organisation of ear eoelal and com mercial fhhrte, meat he weakened, If not destroyed, if the republHwr party ahoald succeed at this election (Crier of "It sever will, It never win ? ) Now, my friends, does It not behoove us all to elevate ourselves to a ctoar appreciation of thtt vital 000fllet I have truthfully dsacribed It aad lis oonasguawcen. If, in the r?w>oteat WWW, there is ground to apprehend the deagsr I an clearly see are we not all justlOsd is fbrget nag yaat partisan prejudtom and posilMiM la a nomblne.1 tlori"' rffnrt to rally to the causa ot tbe aouat/y la a rrWtt at this blah eharacterf (Cheers ) Justified, de 1 aayt la 11 sot lbs duty, the tarred aad ohlttatory duty, of every mas who r'aims AOM-ncan cltlaenshlp to rash to tha sUudarf of hie country aoat If oar foreign warn have oommanded large voiuateeea to defend tha Uatoa from extoraal das |rr or to mala tola the nattoaal honor, haw fbr graver tt the present crisis, whsa aa Internal foe, darlag. fruitful or rouourasa aad ooaldeat of sueeeas, bwt ton toreb near ly applied by which the whole tobrte may ba destroyed to one hoar. (Prahmgad applause.) VITBCH or U. SILLIASS. The Boa. H. W. BLuitwi, of tttbama, wit tha next speaker IU said ? (fentiewMW?We art la the midst of groat even to At peace with all nat oag-Ihr WWW from ihdJ ccropttoaUaua of Furopsan polities we ought to ouyuy prutound trsnqutlli y, aoJ yet a wide spread apprt Uv 10 iod ut troubles Hit* loo pub lic mind Tte wtiole aspect ul public afiau-s m Ur?*liO iiig, heretoforu party tt/ugglue and party triumph* have risen Mid passed away without dAli.rbmg too action of tho government, and immediately all* r the moat ulcitod political contest a calm baa sucotuud mi deep a* Ibat wbtcb overtpreeds the sea wtuu tb? teu>i?Mi bae spoil lu rage and Uie btUowa ueaae to laab tba tbore. tiut too co n teat now go let: cm la but an ordinary canvass, it atwa an aapetit of lar big bur siguiUcanco. and more inuuientoua raulm lilt themselves to view lu tb ? background. Bodiea Of men?dieelp.ined, drilled, marching to me bound of martial moalc, boar log, not arms aa yul, but torches? tread tbe atreeta of Una great national uinportdm, and range their columna under toe very ?undue of toe atatua or Washington What me a were they/ They called thcmaelvoe republican!, but they trnvo ioat Uio met cle ment of tbat principle, for they nre truly sectional men. (Applause.) I'or wtmt purpuee are they trained} Aialnet what enemy are they to march 1 One aeuiiment Kitlame! the whole body. Tney are banded togetber far one purpoee. Tbey bale the toulb, and tbey anil seek to overthrow the inatltutiona if the Mouth. At thia moment, aa extraordinary number of o()ixens from the Southern State? arcAin New York, tbey till the botela, they throng the atreeta; they are seen In your groat trading establish ments; they come with the commence of a kindred people to vl.-lt and trade Willi a kino red people. (Applause.) And yet torches, borne by men who de nounce Ibetr institutions and seek to turn all tna power of a common gover jmenla agalnat them, glare upon tkem at midnight, and the tread of disciplined battalions shakes the very paving stones a* tbey march In their training, to prepare for a! SPSSnIt upon the right# anil the honor of our Section. (Load ap plause. ) What other object can they have In vtewf It In ?aid that tbuv doslre to exclude slavery Drum the Territo ries, when there ut not a Territory open to it to-day. Their ooyect lies far beyond tbat?tbey intend to crush oat slavery 10 the rilatea whore it sins vs. They proclaim through the hps of their great leader '-tba Irreprcaatbio conilli t." Tlwy Intend to irample the couaUtulion under their faet, and to spread devastation through tba siave boldlug Utales. Their war cry la aa furious aa that whlolk waa thundered by the leg tons who marcbed under ban ners upon which were inscribed the words " Dttc?&a eat ConAupo" This distinguish)* tbc present Prsstosntlal canvaas from any that na-i preceded it. A powerful and dangerous sectional organization?it is not a party, bar ing no single legitimate political principle to bold it to getber?a formidable aei liooal league threatens to seise lbs government, and to turn all its perverted power* agalnat another section; and every Interest In tow oo ro try begins to feel the shock of the convulsion. (Applause.) Against such a league?a league so fierce, so baseless, so tuck-eas and so dangerous?every mau in wuose brssat tb? Instincts of patriotism aro not utterly deed ought to range hlmrelf In the order of battle, aa In Boms tho fiercest dispute between tbe patricians and ple beians could bo stilled by oeariog the com mon enemy thundering at the gates of the city 1 regard him as a very greet man, but ysi a groat aaam^ to the instltui oea 01 our oouotry. Tho oomiooa tbunders at tbe gate to night. Let us close our quarrels. (Applause) I appeal to t ae hum sty, the independence and the pur lonam of tho psspts of ibis country to defeat the fraud army of our 'Dealt*. (Applause.) A great leader?Mr. steward?bas juat now uttered some startliiig wor is, ant, for my own pari, 1 tbaolc blot for bis boldness, lie procounc.*) this great republican system of our* a failure, and assorts tb u we jeitn-r en joy respect abr> ad nor tranquillity at home 1 taao issue with bim I deny that our ivrrumeui la a, It baa so far vindicated liberty at ueme and inroad;.It Is tprcadlng civUixali m and Uiriatiaclly all over una conti nent, and from the Pacitio coast, where our institutions are seated, It extend* these printers bleeslitgs to every Island of ibat wide soa, and lights ip ihn rut one be yond It wtlb a splendor that attracts tbem to our shore*; it cheers iho people of ever; nation under toe whole heavens In their struggles for ireeuuro. and it will yet, I trust, survive the rage of it* ivrum, foreign and domes tic Tbe Senstur's malianaut vaticination will, I trust, Set prove ilk<- tost or toe pro hot H.u*aut, woo w?a sent ir by Ba'aak tbe H ing, that bo might curse bis eoetnUw; but atandmg upon i'ugah. aad lull of a message from hie lord,an he saw the tents streiched out before him, bo woe forced to bless Israel, and exclaimed, '?(be Lord be Ood Is with bim. and tbe sboutof a King is am >ug tbem." I denounce Mr Seward ae an enemy to the I 'd ton aad tba conaiituiion. This la tho aanlveraory of tbe adaption of tbe federal ooeetUutloo It baa hardly yet numbered tbe years of a roan's life?end now It covers with tin sheltering sanctity u migh'.y people dwelling between the two great oceans of the world, iud spreading from the rug I oca where winter cntbron.s ttki .f amid Iruta iskea and streams down to the trcp.cs Ktcbie colo-ues havi grown to bo mighty Ftales?their number almost trebled ?m?r wraim tiouuuiesa?tueir nomin'rce as tme at tuo work?and their power trajito-iuiiug tnat of aoy nation on the globe. No great political ?> tiem can work without being rubjret to ooorlona) disturbance but the only trouble* watch the Aiaer.unn gowrbUtent lino uver 'Tpe rtanoed have vaulted from an allempt to drive t from It* true orbit I do not wish ibis .-veiling to enter upon kn examination of Mr. S w.iru'a th"or> uf morale. I am not Healing bim u ? ?,'? eaialive phi onophwr, but aa a prii<lieal cuteamau; aad I <io not ibiuk It d.tOcaJt to rbcw that bo bue wh by tbo char acter of our government. )lo I aa tbo audacity to aund op?a Senator of the tinted ftatea, bavU-g nworn to iopp- rt tbo consntotior?and to addretis tti* American people In languaua which itanminrwa elaviry a* a gn at wroo*?a gigsui.o evil, which lbs go vernment ongnt to uxtirphte, no comn ama tnat for forty jear* It hat betn upon the wroeg track; and ho pripnta* to revei?e the acton of tbo government.?turn it back in It* oouras?ignore tta grand enar.ervalivo policy?put all tie U. j ai tu enu into the hands of a sectional league, and brings all :ta energies to bear against lh<> auciai system of out l.alf of the people of the lulled Slab* He delibc rntely propoem, opoo the baoia cl a speculative ia?rel proposition, to thul out 'rum all purilripaiioo in lh<> con duct of a common goverrm-ut on ? wbulo acalioo, and to aubvert the very tnatliutioni which that government waa organized to prote-t; fcr Mr >ward will not of course del y that when the conatil.ition war adopted i.em <y _. tai. i, . i - ..e -a very ' - p sensibility In regard to t)ie rlghta of ihwie who bcM that kind of pro perty wis m-Lillet led In tbi covcuttou wbirh ftaci-sl it?and a harm wna laid in lb? vrr> provisions of the con at1 tut .00 for the rtpren ntatlon of slaves ti) their owner* In l> iirrena A slaveholder^icorg* Weahii*ion, presided over the convention, and hia wna the Bim band whih ?lyned tba Itfln uwnt. (Applau-o ) .Vow, I unert Hint it is wholly ini|?a?.!ile to turn tbo p oiif oi tbo oomfuoa go veruDient, ad?| ted fbr the f-ro.rn of ah the States, ugatnst the institutions <>f aoy of the States, without an utter )arver*ioo of the trie) ohjocia el that government, without a vieiallon uf the is.oatitutwn, and without indicia g a greal wrong, to whien a brave and spirited people otfhl l ot to submit, and to which the Souibern people will uey.r aubuiil un'.l Hut. 'nil joary btoi-J nav died In Ibcir vnba and l'-ovc.utioeary niem ??its per abed lb their hrnrte. IX Mr. Sews-d hopes to attain tranquil lit) la tbat way, the hope u a va.n oue. Y >a may as well seek to repnss the Interna) Breaof therirth by beau tng mountains upon them stumer or Inter tbey will heave whatever c,'presets them and flame up to Hsareo The gtivrrumtnl of the I uiteu Mates '? one of limited power, it has no aoth'Tity to do anythmg wbmb it is not rg| retsly enabled to do by the cons'UuMco. Calike the State*, It poaaenM* no original or inherent power?not the leart. The country baa long been going in the right track, and Mod grant that lbs govern ment may long *om inue in It (kpptau ? ) It derives every tiling from an ex pre a grant. The power* conferred upm It are clearly enumerated, wad It ought to be upheld id the full uovrriga exuviae uf tbuao powers; but it la clear that It ought to be promptly nod rigorously r-aiatra when it naurpe power* wnicb on sot belong to It. The Mate rlgbta theory ta the Una ooe, and up in thai theory alone can this government be a-ia)inm lorrd leave every Mate to mould rta e ? a doraeau i In stitution*, limit the general government to to* ei ore lea of It* leg.iimaie functions. and nil will be well, lot Mea sanhueetU or New York -mplov frm labor let them build up great maaufbeturlog eatab tbmeou, or *pr*ad tbetar navnnu roe over all the ares of live wur.d, let their stent cities ras, end grow and dourlen by It; the g-We-rnl go vern men t rboiild tot molest or hinder their great ea er prim*, but onght to protect them Bat a* ours ars kin dred InHtltatkin let them go on ai?o So let Georgia or Ala bama carry on their indastrlal pursuits as th y tnlak bant, without molesuiv,e. aad let ibeai aaoenjoy ins pr tret wo ofa common government (tend apple*** ) Tbern may b? many good an i philanthropic obje- ie wblch we deslr* to accomplish, hot what poowar baa tbe governmeat to aa dertakt themf are we to inaugurate a moral philosopher a* our ruler?surround bim with n oabiaei of speco Inllve philanthropist* ud hal op Us conatituiKOf No, let us put down neuiagogur- aaJ black republican* wherever we Bud them, (l/md applac. e ) How daro practical rtaUnmea undertake to eagmfl upoo the government a pd.ey which is aot oaly anaa ibon/zd by I be coogtrtutlao, but In direct eoafld with ltd previatona, and at war with the Interests of oaa whole we I loo of the i'nioo' It Is well to study this hate rs of tbe goTrrsmeat. After the oolsaie* enter gel froai tba lievolulkuitrr atroggle, tbey found the feeble govern me.nt which they constructed wholly Inadequate for tboir protection. and they formed the preoentgnvarom at?ova ry principle was d :f< cared, BWry pre viae u faithfully si ammed. Tbe on < cts of tbe a.'d to ba dweov rmi in reading the preamble to tbe ooaeiiuts a, aad ita limitatnua are rlonrty traced in artiale lb of thai la striimnl. " Tbe powers not delegated Vi the Called State* by Ibo r-bslltulk*. nor prob.titled by It to tbe Mate*, are reserved ta the Metea raepectlvely, or ta tba people." It r-malBf, tb?n, fbr tboae who enter unoe a crusade against lb* iD.'tlteltoaa of tbe Mouth to bring to oar visw that grant of power upon which to base UMtr plana, aad to ermplaln that tbegovarnmint baa aot efhmt ed tbat which I* beyond the range of ita powsrs I* te n dulg* la cr.tu sm whtcb, bow . ?. es buoisnltarlan It may be, la not suw-manlike. The Is not a o wool Ida led sm pir* onra la a rmaplet priitirwi ayst<m, oempnaed of eo e-iual -latrs.and agoverr.mrnl r-m,-no;i to all moatiegwrd the interests i.f each It la grosriy unonast.laliooal for a ri.ias of ftalea cz.ver Ipg a rsgko wtsr-alareey It unproflft bla Uinaadhgette-raadluralb-'gOTi-rameal.caoetracied for objoeta ouoimun to all, against that syst n of Ub ir hi > iher Mates where it i? productive Tbe plaia truth m, the republican party purposes to ettlrpa's atererr M ?b?f Mates by eacludlcg It fftvn tbe Terr'toelta, fbr Mr New? nrd prurlalms tbat "l,.'berly la alwaya right, aad slavery la alwaya wrens " Now, I deny bit autuortty as a alatee mnii to frame any aaob (evpneitioa, I dear bis authority to engraft an anti elavery policy upon tba government Wbch emhrarea Slav holding ."tales aad ann atavebuldlag Plate*; and before he eathruaea ku ideal, apagnlotlvo, b* manita> isn theories, aad bring* Mates under their (way. be moot oubvrrt the y. vera meat, and baa lab the eoaati lutloti of tba I'altod Mate* Tbo ftrritorwa are omm Ml orttlrmcnt by the |eople of all tba Nairn, bought by ibetr uemmon trearuro, or WOO by tboir common arms the? era not rightfully sabieot to the bnattle Iryuilatinw if CM (rroa, tbat body cannot exclude the ctillers af aav of tbo Plates, nor oaa It eflude their property by .Itacrlmmel lag to fbror of .?a section and agalaat aeother SB Aa attempt to do this wtU produca tenable, so ^n?. ?? . *plr'1 ?< I" (he bait rta of tba Auwtcaa people Ho fbr from the gevara 1"? A great peril sarrounded lb* governn *e?k*al debate raged rsoeootiag tbe admit an at Mm wart into tba ( tea. Mr Jafferaaa daahwad (Mat it smeta big oar like tbo aouad of a Br* boil by aigM. Tba govurw ment war rraily saved by a unionisml*a. Maw Mr Saw ard propoam to ravaraa Mb what* pot ley, aad ta psm riiim boatihty to slavery fbH* ovary lissiteiiat of tba government. Tbe teeth am MM* mighty orgualmttom ? - k ta* NortBara aad

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