Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 18, 1860, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 18, 1860 Page 7
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s?d Utrotr ttm iuto Coogrtsai, wbere Brvckiuriflgo has the cbaac* of any of the cMortidiiU-ft. Vi but du the Breckinridge otea prop ??e to MCODi|ili?h oy retticK up n nvp&ritte tl-ketT Not to elect their c .1 li'lwie, for that l? siinuty Impossible, but to ?l?fe*t. Ih.iigiae aoii remler the republican ticket victnriom Wti.?t do ibe Brerkinni'ge men pain by thiit co?tf*?? * Nothing whti'orer, for I) niglas cannot be de feated hh v worse than be will be. mi<l it would he like cut'ing one's none to ve* hi* faflh 10 elect Linooln in oi?ler to spite Douglas and the Regency. Tlic true course id to defeat Liu-tola anjbow and inure the rest to the II.use of RcpreretitativeM, or to the good eeiue of the people and the Conservative electors otter 'hey are chosen in Tnis is best for the Breckinridge section, aud every oihcr section of the great conservative party who are ur rajed in aoUg?ni-m to the revolutionfiry de signs oi the black n-nubHoans. THE ICdlON NEGOTIATIONS. <T*?v tCullcntbl Am .ng the Follllclsai? The Vulsain rii MwWe Two N?w Pf .po alttono?Bwib Itetrcted bjr Deam Hlra ihomi-W Here ta J???? T. Brady 1? lltcta?iio?-d'a tuiuisium-lili Court ttt.?? ? 1 Vacancies na lh? Oooglu* Ticket. &t . 6i?. There was n lively time amongst the pol'tlnlan* ?t the St. Klctruing Hotel yesterday. The numerous fusion j tickers acre flyti g nnoix ?? though -very hour wns their i.?i s.,,1 they bad toelr will* to make dnr r.g tlm' sho-l time Tti bn*y tin jug 'it democrat* appoan 1 ns Ihooga the action r.stod u>?o their bests and If tboy movcl cither to ibe rigut or left It would *11 off sod emtsb U.ig- teiernlly Kariy In the morning everything looted .isrDK'UWius, bui as ibe hours rolled away matters and things begsn to wear a more ooofiived apuearanr*. Tlier* s" med to t>e s sere ? U*i?e s >roowbe'S. but no oae at fir. t Cio Id tell where. It wss umuslug 10 watea the moyeimidsol ib? polulrsJ trtossters as they harried to oud fro lu nt excited manner Tne pressure 'hat wa* brought to b? tr exceeded auylbiug Ibst ta* transpired e!nc?; the romroeTicr ment of the fusion negotiations Judge Alii n, the ouglas r omiiiee for L'eoteuanl Gover nor, ?vade bis appearance early In the morning Joho Cochrane ws? seen bueily osiviog ai-out, Insuring for a union. tenrgs Banders, who had ben nor of the In tractable autl fusmn m. 0, bream* somewhat manageable uAder tiie feeling that second ta prevail 00 all eidse. Bro.1an.1n ft'ood was also Were early and late, urging upon .lie crTumiOee to 1 rule Ibe question at once H took the groi lid that It wan the duly of Ule Wsalen. au I members of the com mill, e to yhld to tbose to Ui?Soutbeas'em port on of ths State: airo mat toe Ave mew' er? 0f the commute* w ? vote. .a favor of the pro poelttop rr< m in. ;-*en Com .utee re .resent at leant tUXy pet ?.'Bt of Ibe . emocrntic toie of the State, whilst near ly all of tbo ?< ven who voted agn'urt it came t.ota Iho district* that are strraigiy rwvblionn. aid Cauutugve democratlomsj.rf tie* tr tb-y are nntlwd It b-log the wish of the represeuiaMvoa in the 0 rum it tee from all of the <i?e~*oat.c local it tea where the party had to depeud upooUe trHrMigU.hv thought lb. m. li bera Of U?r eom Bi.tlee f'Oiti of er sectioos <Uould find to the?, sod uot pursue s course that woul t mtc the ps't) in Us preoeol ?Uoogfc '? Aldenuan naytoo, of Brooklyn, wss also there, labor lag the best he knew b?w to bung about in so no man uera vi.Loa that sbouel uuile Ibe ent re autt-Unoda forces cf ?h? ?s'e; c .1 w?h ad th- U k. olu-ter and figur- 1 lug. tte |?l<tlc4l stems or thi oot-.e barmoolooa dc tevary ' could not be made In stl' k rogctner; ttku oil aad waMr. they would remain a-parat* The rew romwittee fr< m the TVnnteere mads tbatr ap peaiaLtc a stmt noon, and corumenced llringat Ricaaioni; eneours^'ed by the talk that th- Regency desired to uults jhe several fragments, llirv made hira another propral | lion The; agreed to r rrender the Ftate ticket If Mr. Richmond . mid give them oor elector at large ?ud electors, hot/of the latusr to be oew man. art the other five from Iht preaeot Brecklaridgn Stale ticket, , T j.mes T. Brady, elector at ??fr ?H'br H. Brewer,'or ttw-r rst airtrlet naeiel 0 diller. Aw t*e Sreood cut. let. Moerv Taylor, lor the Tnl-d dislriol. V B nueron. for H e. Kiui'th district. Jacob W-w -n.-lt. f.^ ta.- FUth dwlrlst James Lee, for the nevealti dwtrl*. j slnvi J Henry, fur ttw F.igbth dudrlct. j Aaron Word, for th* sunth uuAriet j|,nrr suydsv, for the lenih district j u, pr. IKWIU. n Mr. I'.iubmoud rejeotel without any 1 hef ' allot., and ?atd th?t ta-re were uot so many vaean ewe tube tiled; he cold not poawlhly glva Umm that cumber. Let him be ever so willing, ha ban no poaar to r*mnvr rieebwe ala vmwaews -era ad thst they -mid ptocure. and be aoold lot g" aumiwr. The A o.uat.era imm*r..sUly Ictt him and w.wv seto m vale eouve'tatioa 10 various part" the bota! i ota' of tbem ear edmgly ein.-d The questim waa 'r^ i-ntly naked, "Hss ??? one seen Bra.'.'4" "Joha C Mather has gone aft.r him,' wss th qo t revpnn?a. '?tad w. hope | to Ba.i b'.m tu time to nrrnog* niatu ? lor the latoa | meeting " Wc ?ei* lik. wn-? that So. bet I aad all 1 tbeadrnfawtrallor ofll-ei.oi. ers la New York we*e tellltg Kga'.ust "be r-oogoltloa ibe Grsee aed Treker organ itais-n. aad as it wts IWI wed tool the lufluenoj of these meo would g? former f. r be ts-ket ? .as tht pee OCT i Bute Ibst* request went forth* with Mr Rlebaatwd tlaa visa, and seemed *0 wtree-.hea him ta hUi deurmtf tlbm to lay Green, Tucker A Oo nut 00M. Ws tot t aevtral Iibms that B tJy bal been man by Ibfuwov frur Brerkiutl-ge men. who ?laU-l that hi> wm willirg to atsept U?s P'oee of elsruv at largo, aad CO Mrs 'roan the (eld as rood .date fhr 1-overnor Cut they fnrswhed do proof of th 'act. aad oaly said that soma Body viae had avro him: It did n<d, thoovfors, coma av fore the romwiuee ta say laagibls shape, bst oaly as tenia f.-rsea's srserti u. fa .be meantime, partiss cos t'.eued their s. eh fur him "'tb.e.1 aaMesS. swrshody grrmid lo arrive at the onnoi?a1<m thai he had pueponely bid hlnwslf "Bare >oa sees MradyV waa the laqmry oa all sides Tha W,I .ulcere, who it In; declare* they won 1.1 not raafeo as; further attempt to ?rHle tbr difficult), Una: I) drCMiad, af ar *a exrtting cnalroeerer * a, no ret thfW" Ireo. It akanoe mora effort, and about Urea P. M the) fare a ,<rnpnalt.oc In Mr. Da)ton. who lw M etrt) lai.t tt be'nie Mr. Kiofcamod, whiok waa?tq tale all tr a the preeael BredtarWice tmtft 'm\ Bran; w rtroanr at at|?. Tb'r pi ;?-orti-'B Mr P rbmoad r?< acted 1' " ' ?" "" " "?*.<Joo?VJnf that t>e wr>fcM u< hare aaribti I w *? no mm now on tbr eVce+el It"*" - ?' * *** 1 aoaertinf tbat at"" *e t ctrJref tbw ^-iMIafl^Bi wrr ? , uf Ibe meet relaWa Hrera"J" .W we fit) ha<1 objected to th- ri-o.? no that t ctaf. flr world ?k", u?n?r aa> rail Wita, t.rorh tbr at Rtr.t mood'e rrptr waa returnerl to the Vntuatnere. wh*a "Urn whole fart) tafl fr morn IS aad rrwia-nel la eewtoo aeerlj two hour*, dwthorai jf wear too *a?er af their "ounlre. At Ml I M tie* rawe raehiud <Wwa ?lain, wltlt r?uaieaaa<>* *e I, t* a* the r .(!? iniit h) Ua cola, a oaoa reeaalltf n eiw) porion Mi e%l.t that them -bad b?nt ao afrei isaat tbtf rr hetwren (brut?act rut ant*li I to dieatrm It trcaad that the rowiiB'are, with areerej M'awr/e. a nl direct!) br?me Mnara HadNMod aad Uubhor<i,aad aent In w?rk mm* what .ha la>tee woa)>* end whol thr wratM a ? d?> Mr ??Chmoed apua wearied lb' t? that h* world ant take a mm off fr <t) the Itreek aridfe elector*I ttrkM Thle at drat aet tha Vo>anteora' ? mmiUe al: ahaat. hat rattle* ad%ta. they aahrd Mr. 1: ma *.) tt be wi>?id accept aa) ?tt ana tha the) mtftt telnet froa thr rflrrehao a of ?h ? , aad Brad) aa elector at larfe Ttne, thee a>. the? aal -1. In emanate how far Rwhaximt wootd r? la metre a amine of ail the kali iimi. Aftae cnaildaraale amtrm oewr tbr r XMtltioa of aSatra. Richmond taffireMul than, that ther ? were a >i at prreeat aa) veneer lee r?e alrot-te at tor* ?, aod he noetd ant fiat Mr Bran) ititn that prontoo h.rt weld pee htm the ophdWMc) f-e 1 '"nt want Onerennr he wnwM aim pre tbr* 111 lead law namen. hat be at att ho allow K to ?elect then bimaalf. aad earn the IMlewtnt a* tha amrnw with which hr WoaW do the eacatxh* airaa.1/ ia tha Onoftae Mnrtoral Uebet ??n? B Hannah, a T. die wart, Jcahea 1 Bear), Mmre ?a?lor. * f re?*e. or One* t^.ead tmerentenr K-toM", of WaatohMlm to rate If thee were ?'. likf to accept the^? rawaa ha tr hiia at oooe (tiee ttftn a pi ace epiu the f*H, teaeinf on oaf Hon)iar men OB lua loaet '?tr ?bi? all', TLrl pro, #? rat lit" fwl-l I ?> ? odWiI'."* tn 0" r?fd, and rtecla'rd thet'h"? ' I '??*? n <?.lo? t> In w th f and l-b the m t cant of Iheto "matwHepe ?er'tnd. dr- ?->rftta? Btc^WOd tree Ttw'l to f "n't ?3d C6 rol d*fr* Uj ua't* ih?? su'i Tftiy *+rt a?kr<j to ruoaal Ui?-b?m?? jiwawl to# Mr. Riub Eboua u< uk* ('uk/U m<*ituu. bat woa?1 u??i a^rnr l? u At <i.** 'iliK* Uw*y I?*i1 om.rt.odMl ?*? M*??d lo * pf'Ut*4' ????! ti#v?? WV*-rAI IIh?UHUi<* I'CSttUP M'UH* wti*? Ul?*? ??f ?'| ek* i<?r* bitv ??i< tlx i''|f ?*"W w ??M'n bfr ?uid Hr. H'udv u ?l i*<gr, *'??! ffi?|rito?H* tCi'U) ?!!???LJi? ' til** C/OWu At tu? ttl*/1 UJ??-ti? 4f; 4>4? I* M^'tu* ifc*i Ahi'ift ' 4?rt iui, *ud wO lu ic -y Ml in* buu.1. at pis I M , ?ti? v dti i?ntn.* a to ka-'f wmt to do; v\vt) inil ft aii'* *vrrt b?*?> ai'P i",fl bo iti a *fu dft'f'j C"i?'ut*,nii? aui witttout iht* I pi *r ?o n ?jt ib**v ?ix??ikt art *hii of u iii?' of u>* mrm-* tin Ujrru?1 l? to ?M? fi Miin Nothing ? r^J iur^i (III t'l ? ?.*? *V? f ibal mas find for thr of Ui* ifrv %i owu-?Hj?irai?iH' at lu?li it* In ?f>i* u* i>> Wtit to*" lh??? aouM h* a?.y tu,kpt off t'r'** n- ?r?t It ?i?? hw^uki hy p<?cn*- tftnt * o<Mnuiltt^ wottjri bp *?i? pottivd to ? Ub?-?- rotfHP a >1 h Ru-.b-o l<! t?r *?i<?*ci ? ihu ? Tw vciN'WA no to?* vi< *i, ** uii'le'Ht*?'!, hasp turn oblaiUHO mil ouwlili wuiiiy. fli* wtrii.n *o ibis ril} ?'0'? b%vp rpa*st<si hava r tutili d win ir m ?taimiioi. a i*ror|iHj, l?? uko # flirt i? ibolr arp ft'l** ftitii (ivofi*ii?* i,i Hrt ck i n '/c njfii ii 't a'- th** (?rr*ti fi't'ki'f p|f*i'.ti>*al tint*! TjH pf??v?a??, wp b**t? li Ji mifd, troomi&iiirrt aU lb* resignst-looM. wlio fin tXCtpli oof #r "Hr-iiflo/ f#?-'#. aitj ibert'Nir* la Rt*biD??iid to take iirw tup* , If any. What arill oa tfir ih*ti pbaiM' ot thif fumoo o? yott ?u ?u u?> ihki *t proprui Car. ort i'H?? Milrg ?** ?a*rt4in?tb* pub ta tJHv** 0%i quite pi ta k?? ? ?au< h ibat a fusloM low 6?H b* win th hail wi ui'.cO ?a a uuuil Hi ??li lt? h?w* mp Wf* n| ktilo f off Ur?-pt. afnl r uo ? r nxwt, but lb* prva+nt iiiiwhUiki- a?e io4ti wbal la l?fi of U)p or slit pa/ty, a?fi Hhiii and b'*ra tbell, will ?o with bim. JIlliCK D0LUL1K BKFilKK VU PKUPLE. Ills Reception at Clifton Spriu^ an?l Surttiofin. The Dustinctioa Between Squattei and Popular Sovereignty, Sc., 8rc , *c Uoi>(lt>' Rn rpllon unit Sp,?ch ?l Clifton ?p>ln?, CuinMi imm, W Y.,s*|? 15, loco Judge Ponplin aii 1 wtf?> i,?i iUji^us ium iu iruia* to a prtvui) cirri ,fit tlr?vru h. m? C?.( .<> iiti I pi ., if ,r . t<i the riMnltuiii* of hia oj-'ih -t ?lti*rw he Mjtuiirit uulti ltie boor of the mmting at Otifoo rif?rinf? rhe ((Kliierlii^ ?l Clifmu Cvrnlgn Uo? l?r t xo-'"<y J 4>tl'? lie ra4? UMcn. Iron, Wayaa county, a proo e-nua aiiiiibarlaa uearij 8 OOU farr'ifa, is whlim, curriit;.'. and 0.1 feueneatca, arnrec alitu??ti, Mliileall Ihe aurrouudu e .ojrn aeol ta large btputalmu "Uule <)lai.ln>' from dfautrUm, -bin. c? f alle, i;"u??a, GtntudaiK'ia. Palmyra Vionr. Vi -aa* and Ljoiui aiu&di d lu uuifnrioe The |>r?oe??iia,, M?m,iMilM> ?>* b?. m .??' m oi?:, re ?ei?e<l Judge Iloiiglae UO IU< L'll al ih? mtraiHe I . |i,e tewti, ario rrrirrte.1 birti lii 'he llf|rvf>iiii> *>eiwj lv* ?"ii* too Sorlbgs H'-M, abort* fi l-eu ti) iaraotf lhn.iiau l pt-op'e ha I aeaen hl?l to bear b " epeeC'i Jll'lff INiuglaa OolSDK un**' t*? rxpiietiiog pleaa'.ru Ibal be bad the oppotluudv of relirvliig ihe ai>x ?!> ?*f iia re piihliran fYtrbd* hj aulMiiincu f tnat he bu t f*an 1 h ? m > llier. ToouU lad> , Goh l>le?a bar. wet In flue b-alM. o-) Uu do waj aoooied by *bt i-'.nom-ui* of UwparMaar preo He expr^wl r*gret Hr L<?i; i u dol not dnh it aat? U> Tint h a hirthpi i i, or ihe f tee* * ; uw parm>tf, for fear of ew>-?Bca, a id mm ?e?J- au argil (hi ot agamat Iba reinibilrjto ImitrlM fr-an m?i star tug poiol. Jjoo afior vue coram*: vleel of Ibe fi'coch a iMoatm lu the cro*d ttM p.-* CD let If '6 to pill a I) Ileal IOU I ? J'lllge t) teg a?. ?hn rnoha I ? "No nr; t '.ao'i alio* au/ iu*j i > luMrerupt luf n tlu of argumeu: N*< man h.? lu> r'jjhi !? o<M>if?r*> ?Ua % orow ' Vt/fCO fit* ipie f >r Uw flfp> I of gra-lfjurx P*ir etaial ai'Waa?ie> " .li*. ??? uatlMin ft in* ? ru'D Dl, whiih a?i.ipi -i nearly I our?. Home MMtli wee* a? U' (Ig on , afwii Mi I inif taa again apt rarmt ???! in* t".n .r u *1* i r . ?| f -.l !r*a or**>>h trbo ha fialotl 6? i i|| . raid hloi In lb* orowd hal aanl no a wruiww eu'Wra ?klA hr aiM'lw animi nwnr 4 bf ....?? fin qse?tlrai ?aa?"Ha?wlli* poipfaw* ? r*erl? -rv |be n?H, a.?orolug to th. iliiolflMh o* :*hi oilerveiiitoi-, in uo..?.ti| or exrio'i. ?i a?ery fr o a IWrteorg "file iu alorriuoml oundlilwa?" lu aiitwef to itir i rlea of " Who arme llial |U. -tioo ' ' It mi nated that it im put by II (' II itrtiu no ftmughu-r ) Or It'ogla* Ui.-n aalil?' ha** <w?ly a ao*rd H i?y in reply If Uiat g*nti*Oian hart W any no* tpae. i? chat t hav* tuade ob iLean.o. . t In cba laat live veara. h* woold ba?e f >uiid ah Di*qilriaol aii ot r f? the *|o?*ii.iu 1 have noo c more ihaa u'i) aiieaKhea Una year m wctoh I ba?* au?w?reO thai quealioa, ai*t vei iadNMM opioi D'lil* If P ?l "" fufiting it to m* for cb* inif|i i|ai of cecaln g doubt on the n.cioat. I canoot he Utv Um re ta a man '0 \?i?rtca of or<iia?ry inli'lflxi li e who *?aa not kn. w Umi I land it.U Ih* people uf ilriritH, Mbi? a T*ml <r>, auo ' unog a territorial eoLrtiilou, may iBln rtn*e, esclhta, ah.yi.6 or r yulat* naeery mm ar >Dr) pliaat I Herman that hnrlb aoa *oi Ui, auo held the >aibe ."a'lf" i *e. ri ah-ro When 1 ban mci nea?|ia^rrh ai rt am .11 po'lllcana r< '.earing ibaiqjeeti baa WMUH lu atg I**-en Do <4h?r fact Ug thai, thai ot lioaioiga eh It uf u>, ' thai th -e aientirt pretrci t>< bare oouht* oo Um ruhjnol l/.u-l ap ilauae fieioweo thia luieriuu. at h* o dHduaion at th* minting n* crowd iurr*moded the Im tel.eetetartmc Imugla' all the alternoon Che to -n ia BlirO with p'dieri' wagoMaawrt ^mpn-y attwrta, a- a* a bl< dai. aeo thr nrholi piwe <* aliee woe eothn ?-m; thirty -??* extra care f'tnn tb< euat su-l twenty from ue Meat bava rrauliei. here, all cruilai. IkHiMr D??|Im' Rp*?rk ?? ^yiarat* Tk* DUlikills* bt(n?<a Jti|?ail?r j Pop Mia t boveta IgfiJ lUCTi * Kept 17, J8S0 in- t> ' giaa *tw re better a tui nifiinj tie.. i., ,iay, tiunbfrlf'i nearly arty tbeurag. pnrao'? H- mvJr ? '?ne a<w , "into la >M a idrtao. ?ln?li no.jet.d t eu ft" tr?. the dtaiiactx* btiana M|u.u*r *?'?.>'. Ig?ly <u i p^iaur thv. t>u<ru?t no.* m?k?? *m>K aotMUAtt a>x jot r ua autg&i... n Mr; Uk i ut am ? (y low mi??~ ? Tkia mutate. at, old fat' >aed an >11 tloidrt < all- ? uti a.*, noi mare a la* "inert mat I VnaM today ?J|'i*lD I he d f!rf.u " Ihi* <b f|u.lter auvrr'jrot; ud popdlar ?*?>-.r-?, ty aaayviadU' Ujeur rnori.. ut tk< I wwo Mate* (>bkb of ?? >aat a ahat <ra Waal to I ear ") The i. r?-'*|<i*i a. atvri'tea," .? hrat aav " d i?<kt iofaa*uaata <4 ifopa, their TtrriM'i lot "tgeaiaatioo ij ttr tbitmuu, aa a ver ? ?< rr proark ate no tout* ??r many y*ar?* aau?a aoOro*"u ... ta mat iitr bat.ern ( mat Britain ?u? the I'rileo ??!?*, aio. wv tut1.)** w-d a. <ae lorraa o? a treaty by a bw-ti L#>e w a. to no io> '.eupaie* by r-uar | triy. I'urnn Um a*, od ati) Bri'irb .oh) -cto la iba ?M|u?y meat of lb* t3udaoa' Bay Oompanj. aattled ia the our thera pa-t wt the hwrkwry, u" ataaf tapun '.r lb* pr'jirt iwo o the tt'llew* g,?,oaa?) vniel), b-t UoU a, fho aoutk ra i?tl <4 4,, r. rrltoiy r.-w* Aueel ? aa aa'totf , It Ik itlr ^ fl,. A iu? i' it., on tbc m. it ...o.d to. ? ^ ,?,|WMIHiW? ?k?.ot|0.b a r?,rl>a?at M Oft" ?tM*a Ue-tr m?tt, td| ?" r?f..a toot au be "-I Br tiv trrair with l.itd a ?1[ t Wbbai party ale mid ? r- Uvy la. frttnr,, ->rl t, f.?eo tt h... m ??fkt 14 ptro a f<rtrra??w ?? Ift* AArrleaa ntiiat* **1*104 thee. Tbw :.rt .,cc oat pmtmtoa <4 taw, without go.en,men t. a.1 wita>it aar boaad <4 d-fboer, tbc Aiw1:?n amer. "anted tcfotbcr tad re ?BlaDlw&ed a g.raraawat <4 ur?r owa bbotaa Uat ptriwaaa at bMkw'od o a O-a^uuve ,Je. parttoebt, ao ?*? .till dej.rnf 1 all a I. Iio.i ate patia <11, all cwcttnJ by the | <-?tM*, aad all OOratataf ?<il, (-.???? o the paa.itr oaabtofW epoa Uoua. f >r K?") jia t tlwa>t<hrt ta theirw'???wed lie aael.aa ?.tt, ' tk.t prariatobdi d.c-M n. ot wttaoat .ay e<hMyj|. ttna or pr- u-stioo frooi M o pita atkuut 4 IM I'nited dtaOA I'adrr tl ?,?" >?.'?? tie* okaoe, e i tdtwa ?Wr> toon, pe>?bt? died aod iHeirrattfta aarw dm e > *<ai >u<?t lo ir*, tetwuai la **r. a*do, ? the Ik .*o?*s <4 tif.Kij .a- ?wtaetrw natli altar tb.><uit lc?w,f el .aad pattoa ao<> a<e> d an ovmuo* "ttaoow an ta 1848. I, ?? 1 boron of tbe oeaanMeoa> leottarta la tea MawaM itnuiyn torwar 1 a bt>t t>? a^nai M TV. rltary 4 ia ta.1 "id I MnyetM a pro rtaxw eeUf all the act* do** viler toe vm Ttatnoal gwrei i Bftil raild and trwai, awl 4* In ?taf la forne 1 to- la.a that ?er? <bra ta ofatoatio Mil tli? pea pk aadrr tb> 1 ?? ler/ltoritl c (?ertme.i Oi..,|.| otwa?ra thr raoaa (' beer. ) A at*. ik*i law*, wltina lae ,*M pk'f Ot'? ? bad Ibao ? t?r tb-fal 1 ??, waa oar pr -btblt Lf Ataei wiaa atavwry ta tae Tver I we y uf (trafoa. (Ijeid ? brer. ) aa ntJtot a nniaa tta mrittaa Mr IV-aeni, ?? w?n red that yO'taM of lb. 041 It* r**??iitcti'( ta. ?? Ht'ty Of the uw. at Ibat prn.taamAl gOT.'ba?eA 1. atpl a hi. -"?? < * td il ton taa the ?nt Uara It Uiigon wrro ??r? lo'ja*rti ti.l cbey awra "*na"r>i" ?* the aehltc taadr, CMbiwt t t'4 aad ? M aat tbe anibotty -if law; tbU tow foC".mwit wbh-k tbep ho ouimM wao a (t| tatiar nowt aod bat da Ottwr ???nitty ?* fAW-r e.?-rri?t,ty (CfWa 'if "Tbel ? ta <:? ty c <???. 1 My'??-y t ? hi'-, war to ? th ttaore tht- ?18wt etery rit land twapt. ?* ea'tn oo.j eatn r t i? dpotetbd* >1, M tt Wae???op v? ? nr. ? ? aattna te<..?ed tnoatewe Me wrideo a* id it' ?w< bt I T parti -a of it* p> ?t>te, tb* tbiaro to U on ow a enee*at th*i they might |ioleoi tbemselrst until tha giv irtimsol shnulo extend laws to them ([.ooif apjWuuRe.) FSWLsn bwshsiortt KH-uMEcmr. The bill which Congress adopted on toy motion ooljr reootiutca the iwww by the prwr siosal govern ment of Oregon, lutil the people of the organised Territory should havr umr to Csciii- for themselves whether they w. o'il or..a 10 Ho to or not. (Cb'a< n). Thereyou dad the orvin of thie term of "nquatt -r no*srpiimiy" (Cries of '?Ootid1'-that's sound," be.). btaue that lime this ojk>< - epithet of "squatter sovereignty" hat Been oppi.od 10 a very liifiiwt-iil ftile ol thing" eqt'ATHMt 8?AB**I0*T1 Utf>UK01l *0*- n KX1 -THfT* He rrw bnve three distinct squatter osovere iroljr fOTeniKicnts in the Cnitrd Btat-s territory, in viola tion of law and id detisode of tie authoritx of lite Coiled Blalea govcruuc el. fliu til t ouo to tvbleb I wi.l invite your oiti-wtiob is tha a. ;tl< met. I now known as Pike's Peak. (Laughter). You aa, fir evei y newspaper thai cornea fxnn the far West hiin.'K you the inteiiiaenoe, that Bonn twenty or thirty thousand Ameri can eiti/ens h?v? settled aroto d Pike's Ivan, ami are on gag?u in n ;'?itig kohl, laying out towns, mai. e firm", kid ttunlit hint; ccmn. mlti.t . By what authority SM tti#" people found in that louotry f ( A voice?" s,j .gaiter fuivereiguly. ") The laud upon which they a e settled bU lot re tn the Indians. The Indian title has ttorer t.een cxuug, rutd tbb laws isurstd by Congress in refn rtuee in it j.r. vida that no whits man shall eu'r that country w ilbnui a liceuae, iCreiy settler who baa gma tbe e t ;is nn:,.rrwd a penalty 01 a thousand dollars ttnw Bon six iiioi the i?|?iM?aKit fir enn-ttqr ti e i.idn.u countiy in TtsistVn ol the law refer-'.ng n to tha Indians, fhe aatliera have taken piis*ea*ton of tfcw country belong leg to the Iudiar-, violation of law. They art lay |hg oat piwinao.' havi e?ubl?.h d ? go-. rumor t 'o defl ancr ?f thu auth irity of Congress They bare uperaeded the .(iTertnir uf Kae-aaTi rrfwtry by e lectin p . u cxocuUt9 01 toair own ; limy have aufteih-*1mo tie. LenUUture of Ka. ma by ruhalMutinp one if their ows; Iber hav i auja'r ae> eo Uiu Judges appointed by the 1 ic-ndm t by aonoi.U 11 g their own; they are ley lug out cue; arid town lots, aac they a a .uipus'tig tanas on tlioa- town 10U; and they ?? > ihcue lots for noo payi-.ttMof tax. . at J g .g tax il ?? ? all these ants i< government sr ? being d me by lie. . m lie ta in v;.i at: n ? I Iter l.iat is what I rtll kuil? Mr *i.v'r t,ity (loud applause and hi ii- rai govirmoent u utipssehi I. and n. vl-i m. aat yoi fit.I our ' ral guvt rutin 11 eaa beau dolus wr-oe ?h? re 1>?> were in t,.g VKiistel- ft voice ? "liii. : g all your triiUdv ?ui 111 olhoa," and in? liii- ) wji |it? not Mr Boshsond aaforcsd ?lie lawa, aud kept ihe-e teasiwaaera oil ludniu laltUrf 1 utl'wd thi nit* n I inn ol ihe I tilted States donate in i nut! ??ve at iiim ? to this eoarhiss of tnti.g?. sod i. n ai de ' eituer that the fir- .eitl should t irti tli"?e set Ibia < If itie Indian lutes, in' mat CWinrw.t ShSuid pass a ?n |i *n'tig ill?. aeulewi*n(s (Wtwera ) I ea'l-d ui ..u the chairman "I the CnwaM u on Toi rltefts*, ? no hre superwr ? d SW, <? ffMl ?r my eXimpla in reiatlnu to U ? U i. HI. bri dl i' a bill t i orgntii*" Terrilnrv .if Pike e I i ?k Si i-gmlSS the act..not tl*e Settlors there, hi.i ill-i J !a? tun vert equal er s. verelgilty lutopqni Is a ve ngnty (mimeie- ?on!* ire ) Here you dad tin- So luted loo l*wtf I* u th'lee t ?u ter.n*. 1HK 01'TIKt nil* I KTW ?s* TBI TaO Tl kMS. Th. sq-isiwr sore'eighty h?bwe toe pvple go and a* lie ii i n t le public d. roain, and rci op ? governmeat in v ion of taw aud in debases of the authiwny o Ihe go-.-rn'ooit. Pofmlar sovereignly s ?i?re 'he p "phi hate settled in pqriiitM* tf lew and are nil ih? rights ol -.ei' gov en mi ui sncofdlng to the conntitu'ten' of ths t'ni'e r'utca ((pant aid lei g ciotmmr* at .isose I And {?it. !?? Is*or in popular eovernguly (i.hssrg.) Aod'I ?Si In fa WW of either eshiretsg all lhi'la?s of ths last ! asa'HSl iheee trtepaeerrw anil intruderr, or of iSgaJixing | Iiieir te.'.leit) nt hy ?eIwi u ineoi a ( iverq nent '-c dlug to tbaeoiisiiiiilkai sud the law# of toe land. (L >ad sp. pisvms. and th-te obi?rs Sir l*i?giaa.) A ll.kll SI II FOR hl'l I AN AX (hit while the Pri sKiiait of lha Co't al (ttnles, b a Oabl- I ni l a> d the n? ti*|k-rs is hm pay and hir fedsr*! i>IB-a I holder* are d-nnuoeinu aquatter aorermstiiy, you osnoot , linnioe them i*< oerry WW their oat'in of mt *>? tuul enforne , the lawn a* "usi ihtt rqustter sett'ew s? w Tike's (>*?, ' (< beer* ) The PllliWI la iHuind by uls attn u> enhirco p.ise lawn, hut ho has all wid tbsut to U> vio luted every hour of tic* day, aud every day to thr year since the tlrsf ?? Humeri in that TntfiV) (frwsills " npgvladse,and cr?? "Bear, heur ' ) il- ?hoa -laud* by . vsoet'oslnr a sq-vt'- r Suva rttgnv ? h-h'm?v .ig ? wa'i'U me foe nianita.Llng pipu Isr Mi/irtlgnty (^rt''i'>Rlar'ic p p'sc w I juiirm*k >%i' ?it> u uuhmiht. i Fel uw ohlw-ne, thai eq..?"~r eRttn ? t at Ptke'k ' J'eek ti> not tbe->uit e?-e uf the km'. Krerf gnvt^jvr 1 nix.i f im brui-W you Irl-hmuie of ilu< j amount of Milcr b?* I'tae .lug from the V jjliue mmea Now. where art- tb ?ee fabuome V\ aabua tulnea, I of whlfti hoar *? muchf Tliey ?> lifiaatud no to N*tM* rlboe of the "irrra Ner*'<a, tu ttu ftarrllary o' L'tah. uil filh r"iw |?ali>ai olcotim ?lo? tie .4t?'e of fhlitunxa Rwaaot la Vtlln mi) tte ti :t? >?fi ato to ?.<>??? fh?< law* of tb- TaeftVwy <>f Vtah. wbtcr wati <-Tia>>'.t-i ' d by C"anr,eee,ki.<I iraem-u u a* Coa j gr??? faim i t.1 ro-Ve .1 i aw htilofj for 'bam, tlMf bare I a one u> wmk an I o I up a gov ore moot ol their own, to dcBeede ef the atoherM.f ?T Otofrfe*. Thi- go-er uni-av of Uit-ira w npMpeaed o. u lepi-iatlee, a.l ? iiini, au>i aa eter.itlre department, and tbojr aim ex-rota log all the power* am fun tl"i ? "I'"If focrmm-nt. Th '.. era ever- i clam* Ut, sc rig lite an J prirllefre ouw'dr of in- ree? tite VI'.1. hi. i iv viulatHmi an 1 to italiaoO'i of tha enliiorlty of ?' auvi-mmriit aad yet wo tail Fr -idimt IJu- | ? ! ae?ii wi i hi? Cabinet tun-ling by aa<1 eeetaw tbav act at rrkrlive ?laamtti < f>->kitluttM> and itio U?? with out uatng the It deral men to anppreai It ( 4i-|4an<o ) I I a?k. Uwn, wb% do hot Ibiwi uii-n, who tarnwi aa ; a?fi.i horror it rqualter rurerdgoty, rut down I hear . if)tvalier { rnrtiMi'i which ertu la rloUtwa of law ' lit UHTIUI'W. ! I a'H eowg)T<-yen er" llier r iae Afe-eyear" -to Vlcato ' rota * a? aoaiitteo ti u< line I'ninu a* a ft?u f no .stale rav : ci i ter ji'?t one half of the territory embraced buder t j? i territorial poerrr men! of Wiiae??t?, an-' tin- ot'jor half ' remaiw ? Ih-Oil ibe p -otoi turn U kiw There te m for- j crLB?nt lit ene'et fbere. and ao law by w itch taui >r , or robbery aan be paaiahed . or wntae atiU, a rapa. ?r i at y other rfme ?104log than tbey bad no legal protoe ti n. tbe peofe bare gone to work rnd eetohlieh..: ? for ' I'tin.' i I of the it own. a nqnatte- gnv.'rnm. at forme I la j *K'.a'.K? of law aad 1a oooumpi it the frd -?| goyara , b tb* Kjrrn> ii **a Aim la Ttiv a .?t Not a'l theaw wo **t*t. tlto reyu' l|. nau parly <<ti ti.a one b?u<i and the <feu. ml Bdwintatrw tiot i the other, deatma w rqvaJt r aoeeruiBOiy. Wtuf * tfcaP tfo f the n?w bii-aaa. who fuiee a m* orlf y re the Mooae of Heprrei-niatieva |waa biHa and ernd Una to Uta deawte abwlwt lng tb?eo eifuait-r pnimmli, an ee tahiublbg lawfii' f reet mei.ta tr ihetr r lxor ? Why do but ihe 1'itmceoi to- lot oOloa boki ib eaftiroa the lawn ?raiut three t?? i-ea r* } tn? wit nr mi Mrmim te my rpifiw if la tb? natr ?r the fomiwtl to | parw Uwr gteiu# lepal poremBtobte to tbeae pwip!;- 'tony ?l. iiMl Le orgai ltod, wi to tb* OT Mtuttaa, lav le.llfleal fkimui'.oitiee. Tb* rr'ito'ple of prpi'ar tore reigoty rb u'o Ibea be applied to tttr a, aa<l ih dboatd b* "wfi feie to ma Bare tbttr nwa aliaira la tiintrora way. >nb^e,-t or.iy to tlto .oonatHntMB of the Cmtad faeieB.** (F.ohbJ after round of api'vuraal itoata of ?'TKeTfifM ") I repeal then. Ibwf tbb ibaito iho< lea twerp equal ter an re rriynfT aad pnpniar ao- -fBifntr la, ? tat U>e r?e it < i.tatde of ttw roaalitu: ? a.aa i lb ine-lime agwinri Ibw bd?al r the otbrr tr |mW" uf t.ha em ettta KB uf it 1'ix-dieooa to tbe federal aatbTlty. (Ime ?*lfbued rbeeri ) A rr neiiern bar r. iiBffded up a p'r* of pap r. Mr. lovyat a to ?be ?* HtoW* ? jtri riiw. i it oihw utrf or t't" aa?I tapubiicaa baa teui at | Mr. IVniitaa? * rrpub.icaa baa ?*^t wt - ? alia i -f paie*r. on rliwt ! dad the ft-" B* 111Mb r'nifft|*fi"* wbmb f fl?d thw ft-" ?Voa tetrr to Jrdbrwta aaaetbo-' "?te.j wr'ttog ? p ain hi* elewa af tSfte*'' . ,tf ; ?1'I yen Pt"i* '* eraat'd Ibti be ' IT?: ' I t*k0M tor Jem-- .ewaaot kanw what tha elewo ?r )|r. were, or he would not hare aBtad tbe qmartmi lanahter I IfbBdnee fcWPW. auf yet IB 4 pnacl to tMrnnnt ihi? Bieefli.; by pttfiag a em-. u ' ?? iBtm itnp to me. n only ye? hi yoBfl^m rrtiai I yi1 a iittlc while ?fo. 'bit tha repobWean pCT ^ I0 ?""/? cur nwrtiaaa. But I eaa aiui us to bim .ml 14 'hi* Crowd wbaf iha 'pu'-iM ?4 Mr. ware (Crow ?f ??i.<??o," aoa > ?a xarrBBBnw'e arm ? M". Jrfl -ffr? h#4 enth-pg u. on with the or I.inner of lTfT at al (Ijawnbtrr and apt la> -e ) Rw wta tr nkrirr to ftaiM wbon the ardtwaaoe of 17*7 ?ra? al-iwod la New Vort (Gltoere ano Mnuta af iso(hler > Mtei.trr do,* aot record that be >arw anytbtor ah- .t it *t all iw tft af to n waa *dopt?d I w'fi wow lell tb" eepnhll ? ma what per ha pa I bey d-u-l ,r<rw?flaagbb r aad ad I' ylauee)-'bat on tbe Iflb of nrvtoee, 17B0. tbe Fwr.r-<-ra of the )oafe<torsiK? paa*ed a rmntnatou ree lewtrnt t'|p. tiaia aad New York, wad Onnweetton. and the other fh viw nalmlBf tanda VnrthwaBl of tbe Oho rlror, to rede i horn laoda te tbe fwdeeel gnr-rnn-lt in pa* tbe bbktonal debt Jb wepta-ihT, 17*3. Virylaia lad off, and (toded bee raw In iba* ei.uotry TVn ia JrfT-r*)ti prrwented a dead ofrrremr by Virflala to the O^rreaa af the rWwdera twwi on the let day of March, 17M. and .*? Mm eame d?r, ? in bin amw, a roanalttee rr%? at oolntnd to fr*(t t fir a i-"??rww?er?t rnr the torn tor T ended, or In he reded, la Uf* I nited ftitoa. Ut re > fieri a bill W'? that r ,-n p.i*t.e wbMdi wa? ?o4Hied.a*id op the V.I of A t?rtl, l .-4, war %<*? wed. and Neeame a law of the land /?rraa*o* it frroa or n n ut aovBaswrrt. Br Uwt hut u waa prnndad that whaaerer the Ta-liab tHIektWHild ba.Itia?ut?tel,??4tbe t UBtfy thrown opoo to Mffrmit, thn Irhabiienia n?'*bt imBt tad" tor ikfbelnt a conMitution and law* of ?owe ?. if the orfgloal BUtea tor their f rernittont Thar www at ntw rty either to take a frwn or.alare -ute. m taey pen Nrted, and a1?r they bad tha* adapted a i?*n n-jr core-Tin.r ? ( they were to II re under it until thei had M.tdB inhaMlaaia. Aa ewra a* I bin tort wan aaearietnnj tto-y ware at liberty to rail a Ono reel lee aad max- a , 1 Mate mneittwttoa |?l ae Ihey plaaeed. kad reg-ilake all | thele alfalfa te rait theavaelraa. althuawh at III awt >a tbe I't.lnn B b-B lb- y Bktafped b p >pnlal>?r. eqexl to thtt it the -w-eiteet Bute la the I ohm, they were to he adm'ttnd Into toe rmdbdweey, wllhrep-eenauuvae ib o-eg'eea : ifbe the nth- - prated. Tine yon ffod that the plan <if i piTWfUt tor the TVerltorle" xpwrud bf M-. teffeew-n. ebd ailopted by tha OnctirrntaJ Oobfreaa to 17B4, war tbe brnadeet pnputai fe*?r?lfwty erer pr>w'b'med in Ame-'oa (lento applanee and there ear era for n.wift?a, > d v .11 a?" Aibt there aantbee -epnhlxwo to the emwl ebe baa ao-wher paper to eeed np?" (t.aad ia ighter ) TBI el a i aay raoBmtn<>* ?iei ?f*ta. Mr tr ntm other fu-t that I ? nrbt to biwiee in eoBnectioa with tbia matter, aid It will rbnw how anfblriy tb* wthe feanhiwwe pane deal wvn ihelr 'nef??.n?ei?t? wh .ib I toey and lutn cetnoerx'te mrwaibd* flougbtei, aan I e? we ./ ' (t't blto afale.") la that piano *f?re. .new! to wn#b f bare referred a? hetnr r? --fi-1 by w- Jr^W ?or ther* wire eon fa'red revera! prfepo-tt'rtif irWi were to be eubalttod tr?lbr jwuyle of the TorrilurW* t r them to aooept 01 r*-j?-ci w they p?o?oa. Cue of t'wge po|?ii(liiiu wan thai ?Ia*i-r> about! be pr ihlbtled to Ufe-ae bow dlalm after the yvar 1?04. tfut, mark you, 'Ua? ?oe but B JTOpBitloU, Bud ?TM DO* C'u'llOf ? CP Ml-fll ?I (0 IWUuRl, ItbDit tw* it III" ? anu- aa ufictufllmuipatt, ir nfu t'tlt i-xceoi by wnu nun ion?ci. (1/ ud - le?rs ihw ??? ft-'d Plat Jeff?r.-iu b'-ln tn i*mi of popular feivirnigati oreo oa tbs ilb very >,UI itior (Priv* ol "Qofed. aud liind BBiriaaen ) N?w mrnr rap-i bit-tan leader haa I yen (r ut Mr Jr'.\ -r h"iiV plan tin- tHH art rite uliout a'** ?ry, "11111 p-Htf-ei-a-iog vll ll.v ttll'i', In.- |iimi e till* |VM?r f.ttne hel|i-\a ?' "("Hit w?r'Ml III ? r"li< lit latury ig:i u?i tt??- ? ill of the 1-eonlo, Bud b ig *? ut Liui I?c: ? ucdnr that deic?;jfe. (lAL-!.ter Bud ul-pWuie ) JIM JnHKa.- in p n.xB iif linviuiltw ] bobeve tiii .lefl ipun'p piau ?f l?ii ,nost T< tern irnx'iflii' fey Congee kb ndum;"-'. jii 17S4 ?? ihi- In . t plait ever yet devise*, ami ( bop* . ??, r.toin toll a '.routing to thai |Un ih .1- n ' ? in no Territorial vote til repn ;it* Uji'ir own nHi rn to m l Ibeuirelvet ion BO toll} Bid Compli-n-tv A t'1.' p*e'[ ig tie -"..tit | Rn, moi b diiliee l tu our f 1- . I out thorp "or naHmy attention f<i (hi, Ji T rt Mx-i plan, (lire ,' taught " and wnr-n BpplmiM" ) Tke Usrlfenlitt Kaitit Now York. Sept 16. 1M0. CocofHt n T PnUtHLSB ? Inbebaifi f lb* Italian Committee for ttaetianbV.dl Fund ill Kf* York, I pi*? mynelf Ik tilrnanre of acknowledging the receipt of fef-td. anbwrltjed thro'fh yul! by Hie Board of the Mock Pxrbatiye of (hut city Th" patriotic and a>inpati.etlc nent'oiroia thai moved yau in tahii.g an ac tin irtirert In the muse of freedom ard tin-uarltf itre Ik trno qimlille* attendant upon a heart nursed ami fog tired .0 a tifte and gr. at oout.trj . end we hope that your example wit) mimnlate ibeeiuuUtlon of others fltullarly ruioai'i. Aooepi, dear ?tr, our tiiank*. lott?th?r nrith tbo>? of all tin uatiir* and of (Jeceral (faruiaidi himae1!, arid believe tee, er? rexnectf i'iy yr notiewi'x) M1NNP.U.I, Tloa Prosiaeat. Dravrifegx 01 H. Kraaix a Oalawar* hot. ti-iia?: fmr* Oorarv, *21 fcrriransa IT. tneri. titt, ?'?, 111, Ml, ic, 1:: fil. ??. '!9, ft. H. <'MI.-OMn?T?ri I.<ITTKRT ? I 110 ICS. htl T t7, '"lb 77, 56, H, r.d. 7S, 20. CH. 17. 41). 55. 1, 56. H. eitANCE. VTaneifer. WUnloKton. holanara. feorrca or :'ii-potmoa or ''or.?rii?n?Hir T>n Ika her?i ilui? ant nlWiy ttadar bn r.^ar rH.H'ig, BRH.l> KFK i> A CIt. in ii.Im /lay rtl?n-dved. The l>elasear? anil iCoa it" l.itterim vlii -? hereafter drawn by-h- n 1-e^r.s.i ujrutN. R. FUAWl"! t* iL?iFi;ma. 'leliwgrp, Pept g, j.THi Drawltiga of the Drlawarg ktata hottie rii*. - R ' l?t>, Klltt* aril M iiiagera uk Uie Mittiar K?erte*T .>0 anutooai nin inotttn lit-LaniiKR?Kita. ton lid naeTgaaKa 17. lfki 72, 2.1. 3f?. 9. -JO, 'J4 IT, 4. Mt, 73, 56. 11.69, 39. Dit ia.ui i.a .? til, aarTKMRRH 17, 1 -do M, 6. 44 a. 1ft, S'i, 49, 23 56, 71, ?7. CO, Inmular* oei,t tree .4 rharye. by aild:i'*drc aither to WlltUt KliOY Wi'.mu.JC'. n. lo?.*j?i.ra. rir le KHiiy a Co., sc hoo)?. RiavmrL Draeulnr K not.?The Hat llrarlr, Knox, hue r.oC 11 1." l,.ii pri'lmvd a H?i lh?t ?iy? eli?|i|ea'lv to all rr"*'i no "Udl *n,1 rri'ri |iib\hl? jul.narnt "! C pi tpe ?t prove id me, buv ?ill wear me," and ihe IR ''I-.', an. ml baa be.;, r ?epno-lod In lu a gaaooor lb it liollt'f Ih. Pionrl.tne qf 'b. I 1 .?Ntkhlikbin nt, fen 211 looul* o, mil ?j ho mwikduit*. "liic KtiOX Hit fur Ch- fail m ull be Ut? faiorlta Pall Paahiom ? hrary A Co.'a Hnrcea ? w?, HUNT * nt'dltNitORV, leaderg ?n-1 lair din-era at ruh m for oniiigwi'i HnU, now anaounoe iha Fell S'.ylea aa mwiy. at Boa i 4 and ? Aatne Hnqen White, tiae Hfetter, *16 Broadeay, ?p ifen et fe?n.'? ? hf'rh. fall btyte now moil} ''nrna in a, tear *U ' (tee WHIT*. TH* HeTTKR an e^rlt call. ftntrta?tthirla?Hlx (or fn< Wen la from the l-ea* atenaBeag and feamaotu arnaJta*. 'tvuid UK OhaB Sam aleeei fan o*e id Hear' fell Ktna Nhlrti 1?r %*, Warranted te Fit, MO4l0Y'Rrbin'.xl rj. *82 broad way. 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I'haloa'i Baltlnloi'l Ht?t, Ts*|?m MBit Hair Pvrl'.r* iTtrifra?i?iia a?n-mdn? ail (dky* natural aad aaa-, . p*rf?l b an mrah>? ap k akMI Ma 15 Itoxi Wr~M Clfra??????'a HlBaioB H l(?P*r|li|t an I aBBab *i on iwraBf ">7 kaklod. |p> MnWtMV. ???l * T . /BtkniCM-k BrtiUTw' rSSSlUtaB.niUIM'l LIi|hM Paaat ka? aaMrtad a aalabrB/ aa karBa oo ay*! Inr b^ al "?ssra sr-i is ss-jTt^s^r-' - - Cililidarn'i H?lr Oyr, W ill ftort Tob ??*#-Ika kaW la Ifca wnrd Wb '*?> r^.j rK?0, *od i^ia PT? aw oad. Bo. ? Aa'of * *^a?. Hurt!! *''* P?ttap of (lair ' 5?nii?r MPrit, ^ n?MA kitMor tuowa. .P-pnt I' Tm>1'i#. Wlf Nakar, f.arllaa* Itafr IkrNi*' **'' oi *!*?/. PrtiaM Bosnia far lj*lia? ii... D/ apM.ira. Barry ? f'li apkaraat fa Hit Hast %Md ?'I - rw* utlr" far draatlaa. I*n-t?r*a. c irira r*? jtr'.m r~~- -aa aad raaiarMp iaa .oar. i a am* try a. f* *r 2 Cord *Llrtr i'?mpial?it.-lk> Kail rmlil* 1 fcrr'. ail* rwodidlr anO'SM 'k*? B?" .nr?pi!j mr* r? laoir n ui?f' >wi|iUln'a r ?.?**, a?.. IS in -i *ad wak ?,? .a/ rnpto*. ..?.naail?a ar waat-n-aa aft | ! KaitlcMl ' art of llrrmlM, or Rapivra. I* A. M Ma MBit, ad lbs wall kaww* s..?r ?r l?r* im, Pa I Vr*sf t*. AMnr lloran. nopralta tka rk -rrV d< naa ... . j,, (|ugM|L u.plallna or Ma Madloal Car* Olvt fa Mil Old 1am (br llfarftao* Inrl* M"< ik'pwHndnfTrpTHiwi nr itrrt.HHK*. IlkHk 1l?l H*Vk TIIaT ril.l' Mirir POH t\ la lh? I TBSf ??*??. WI*hL??T? M nnOTRlMO BTKCI' i trrnfala?A Prw (totals* of Ktaaady'i I Dtot^an, a dH* .p?h?uvw rr tka ?<w4*\ j O-iiwral tar Haaltaa ( and Mrrllr laBwint tbr A rr~*n* m Ik* panaWl aronud aarft MtUa. Wtli -a-* tk IdMrrlwd. ruaiaam PwitiM ?In Naw drlaana na Vnadtp, fkm trrak-r 10, bp lbs Raw I*. Palawr, at lh? maidanca of IT Trlda'a lkib?r. N r. M-.!f?r, Ikq .lkuiaP.tbi if a. Jr.. la PVaurra P Pm/i?* rn ?h t?rnanaa ?On Mot, lay, fopirabar IT, at Ih* rtaidrwrw nt thr brldfa mntSrr hT Uw> JVt rfofti H ?alr. Mr Jaoa* A. Hatrrr to Ma* Mt< on f oawrw. all of lln? alt*. Mrp'takar IT, *? lbs Tkird Tnlraraaiiat rbumh by tk* Raw Hoaa* IBUsa R<.- ??r f. HMna vn *' nM, y , r?MTm, r.mafnat daaatiiar >.f R VnrSnth.all of ibtaelly ^ Ftiio-Ow* ?<Mi Piioday. fopt*mbar IB. at lh? raat Atar* of lb* brid# a m ih-r br Hi* Rar Art 0 Itollh R ft . Awra p Pm?* u> M'a* In*. . * rv>i? fkllVwnta, Wltoi agtoa, D?|., tad Maw Jarrny naarri pi*as* ropy " ' t? wrwir?ewmw JMl Woforrday, fftptoibbor If, by | lb* ft*- I f? f'*???, VrvudM H. Twowrtow ><1 Mio inn K Womut. *f Maw Ynr*. to tm? mttoo or tw* natti ?. f?t Tom, AM If 1MB raarr rnai-adtoi nrnrn,*. "***?**?> n, It l? a ) mm fbhetMlMw by ?>me rn?iWf*i" I1""* with Bi?r? money llw braiua Reapaetfmty ,?r Vfeatcbeator county y?v#rg pleaae oopy. A-n a ? At Mare l^o, Daiforria. from :d ;r'aa re rHv?i ?* m fail. Hour IT A- ' U? WDf tfcMtrtty- aged M > M?f? .-*1 Or: i'nrg pUprrf plMPttOl^f. Aaaibm ?Am Audita)' Sc-tdrmbrr If. Gao "?*, ttlMot Ma of r 0 iind .Sieeh C Alitor Biifun?rlr >raili>, itrgfttilwr W, f un W Bmi? IM1 , ago' ai Jeorg. Tro re ??ttr'? am! friend* of P.e ftwi"v, am* aire 'be mrrahrrt of V m-tli.tbAh Iaulgr *11 4h3, f add * M . ?rt rreiMcUtlily t',n?ea ui attend <trr fluoril, tal* 'Tuesday J iflfrtonri, il tlin* n'olnik, fm fit* tat" raiodakOa, cor Iter of F If A. mono* kmc H,r*<o etraei Brooklyn Co WW ?lm lfn-,(!?) , << j.t IT, Joaxnt C?x?'T?. "Of", of M a agar id fiirrotl, of M naKteuraw, oAttMy Ktldare. 1 round. of mnnmpflor Hi" f lati'lh t>.' reapedtfhlly Invited I. Att*l?d ht? fttne r?l, front h e lake rtaildewna, No, IS Aiuity placet, op *'?>? Il'lvUy ?f ??'tllKIU A< lull pAA! OA# r'tlook. r,|Aii> ?(m Sunday, Seutnraher in. F.miv fj. ymmeevt daughter of Ann r* A. and ih? late Johu il Chut in, sl.D , , M? ?' U Neura. The relative* ?rd frier .Mr of the family or, rerpertfjllv Invited ui attend tbe funeral tfete (Tueaday) evening, at halls aa. liven o'clock, from the re? ?unoe of her r.iithiov. So Is Seooed iittm, wttimil tiirttrr notice. ?te re is a,in- ail ho takm to New Havo for interment Co*' ? :v ?it Miltou Centre, I u-aioca county, on Tues day. September 11, ol' fiaralyaia, Ukah. to Coin.: a, late of tbi" city, aged 64 yt it ffla rename ivere brought to .MViany and interred In the vllieoy Iturel tA-uno eey Co* nan?On Sun'ay a'.ternoQc, September Id. [.at BMwt Cot'io rr pn'nter. Tin fonera' will take plice lb - fTu?*'l??) altertioon, at one e'etork, lrom hit residence, 180 hunt Twenly ger ertb rtrrei nicw.?At Baden Baden, Germany, fir Wodnc.liiy, Augual as, (ruokUB Ihctai, eon of tlie tale Hubert li.okejr, of ilue ettr. Ha Koriist ? At Madmen. N J., on Monday, September IT, of cludem iufenturo, Gtrardiv Rumu, yomgeet child of Margaret Ann and the late Fairing Dp iv-pngt. Tho remain* will be interred in Green wood Cemetery fTii "day ) morn lag. Carriagea will be in attendance at the Jer?ej City ferry, at half t*r< nlnu o'elnclc A M IThham ?OB Moo lay, UeutemWr 17, Wiuiam Patrick, only eon of Edward P. and Mary 'i.-rb im, at-d 10 montlia kjpI IS days, eramfgot of Mra ini'a Leeeh lute of Car,, w. i" r rrlef la too great to be eon rtcl now, The light Irt lit our dwelling low fied tin- r itreat of mm rv ig enc'rv' a oar brow. V r WtUte, tbe Ir.ved ouc, . d".'4. Tbe rr latlvo* ,u,d fi ieuda of the famlh are peeriectfully itiTitrrt i i atte'id the f oerrl, C (lie- lay) a' half paat tam o'etoak, from the regidonoa of hla parcuta, 1811 bront Btreet, Brooklyn IhuucY.?Un Monday, Smitember 17. .l",is O, Daitb-. agml 24 yeara, 2 muotha atut V. da; - The frirnda and relative of the "family nre r'-apectfully inr Itod hi atteed bin funeral, frntn hi* Mi r tld * i o, Ko 'JOI h'Aft Twenty fourth rtrc'l, tbig (Fueeday) afirruoon, at t wo o'cHncW Knt'dttTO* ?On Monduy, Bcptomhf r 17, at Cypreaa aveeof, 1, I , CUrrix W., daughter o" Tl o alore T add Carolh, ' H. Ildgmoe, aged 1 year* an<* 10 . ller funeral will take pUre on Wedi aday m. rniug, fit eleven o'clock, from the reelderre ol her jureol*. Philadelpm.i papery pleahe ropy Kaxon. ?"u lir.x klj ii, on, H ptember IT. JottW KakovNi. , fteaoi dbglntf r of the Urookiyn Navy lard. tB tlieTltii tear of bir are The rvlatives and fro n< a of the fuiiily, the Morton ftcatapenent Knlgbt Templarr, the Pbo lit* CbnoG-r, R. A. V , and the Mm wwou fraternity, Ai"'i Halem 1 be.amp metit and Nasruu lodge, J. ft of O f , are rcepwtla?ly Invite,' to attend h e uinrr it, fron, hiw late r ?eidenee, So. 4M Ade-'phl atreet. t'.rooklyu, on tVednimit ty aft'rnoon, at ti.r.e o atook. lib' rematna will be taitto to Greenwood C-'metcry for lnUn-t-ient. txm?Sudi'eo.v, on Sunday, Rc|itemt>er 16, l!r. At raro ftAijira. aged 32 yrarg, 3 nmitb-- and 14 day*. flla frieooa ere la riled to attend the funeral, at tb ? re. aldegteenf Ma brothfra, 33t> arid 338 Second avibut, th.x (Tueaf'ay) afirrooon, at two o'clnev-, Joa.VhilK ?tin Monday, S-vlenib' r 17, W*tui| W. JO!"N0v ag*d 8 team. 7 mi t:thi and 14 dayg. only aon or the lute ' uplaln John K. Johnton and tie peon of the late Jtdio NVha Tbo f.;,t.dg of tb fatnllv are rctpeetfully invited to at Ind the fumral, from tbe reglteuce "f litr nmtber, So. 340 Daiancr/ ?ire< l, Uiia (Touaday) afteraooc, at two kVlnck Steobee eonnty, N. Y ,and Bradford e ity, Pa , pa p< r? I ieaae ropy I-rrxra?On Monday mnrnlitg, Repkawiber 17. ICittl Amirk, yotmireat ton of lalab and A'iguata W. Keyaur, ap d 1 > i-ar, 8 m- it.*? and S i'aya Tea relatlver and frtruda of the famliv are reanec'fully laviU-tl to attend the funeral, frren the rea'deon* o* big parrnti Kn 138 1 aat Klftieth atre?t. thla (fuoadar) af teino, n, at three o'clock. IT r ? - On Moo lav morning, S-ptemher 11. after a Pngerlng ll'hcgs. which ib< bore with ?Tir t an tbetitnde, Vi>. in-?mat:i K>t t?. wtJuw o( tb ? late Joaepb Kiaautn, )j the 77th vcarof hoc age. Ihe relative* and fVtend* of the family, alao the mem Via ol annoo atrmd rhuroh. and ihr frtrud* of her aon, George Kla um, and of her eon ta taw, John J. noaaiy, are r<v|?rthilly invited to a'tend the funeral, tbia (Tue* d*y) c lining, at tec o'clwk, frtivi tbe rcai "ere of hoi aon in Uw,J,,iin L. Diaumv, No 42 hroome eet, with out further tnvital on ller raoatna wtli be utken to Ja inar.ta f? 1 , tor lole'ment I/in* wi*nc rape leaim copy a Richmond, on WMikU; area In*, f^picmanr ?. .. U>? Rer C K Houtnn, D D , Win iam B. LkACB, of San IVaac.laoo,California, to ArorarA, ymngrrt daughter nf 41. W. IhTidiM. bq , of Oenrjn B aru, Mouth Carol,n*. Moona ?At Ml Vrrnon, Wr-tcbea'er nonoty, V Y , on fbinday nrtil ig, September 18, PiA.vr U Mornu, iaftmt km o< Samuel N , Jr , and Catherine J. Moon R, lattvea an I friend# of th? (kmily are luelled lo all. nd h!a funeral at Ml. Vernon, tbi# (Tuiwday) a/te-B"on at S o'clock. M?'aptt ?On Sunday, Meptc.rihar 18, of r/mnmt>lMn. Iloioaj, the bflorCd wife of M'cliarl McCaJlf, aged U" yenra. Tho rrlati and frlnnda of the family are ro?p?ctfii'lT lOTltrd to attend U.r haaftl, from her 'aUl rraldrn \ lr.a I erny *? ??o?. th i? (Tnr- *ay) aftorrn ?n at 2 n'clork Her ra ma in* will he tal rn to m:rarr Ometere for lole-ment L'cMiiX.?At doiitti'IIIo Malta. Chenango c/mntr. on WeCp/*. ay, 'V? t?mhrr 12. Mart -Tawx, daughter of John and Mary .lare Morton. aged 9 month* PAIkMl-U vhla ctty. u Bunday, Rapt 18, of 111 kr.rtii,' - u, Cia?.-vu, r?Mrtof U/e lata Jaamb H Parker, It tU ~,ilh yrttr of her age. |:rtt ? ?tin atocda*. P. r>t. 17. Wr-?T Awa*. onlr daugh ter of Pceaard ana thr late Bridget Krit!/, ag-d I year*. and 9 da./. Tin ' nda of th* fcro'ty ara rrnperthiily In rRed to ai'ct 1 tor funeral. ihla fruraday) an ornoon ai half past two O'l lirk. Irom U?a midepca or her (all-ir, *3 Ea*t Th rt" tUi Kurt. I a* ?On >1 nday, Sept 17, Jodtrn RTAS.nonof John and Marram Rjan. aged 8 yrara aad I month The frUnda aa-1 vmuair. lancea of the family are re rt?cltullr Inrtted W> attend the fwieral, th ? (Tunaday) ?ftarpnmt, at two o'-bw?, 'rora tba ret! ienoc of hi* pa rent*, 178 Faat Rrrrpleeath ntrart Sta> .Torntrr ? At Hadm flty. V J ,m Monday. Sep. tcmber 1C, Havit, im iif fUrTcy tad !L E P. Stany Ci irbt, ayeil 8 month* aad 1.7 day# The retailer* and rr>~Tfi? of tba f?mi'y IT' rvwrUuliy tiird tr tfuwd the faaera). from thr rtotlatie* of hm| parroh Iluorna aTeano, Hudana City, thm (Turaday) I atverh'am, at two o'tWV, Tnm-d ? At OtdWu, M J., on Snaday. Repia?n?wr 18, i I nfti r n 1-igertng illavaa, t*, atfe of Hoary rhrrih.aad ? ynuafaat'Uegbtar of tba Ma 1Mb Mno?inrn,afa8 ? l ear* r mratha a.,d )fl )?> * The t'ltMS of the family ara lar'tad to atleal U>r fmWfbl- ho? Uef laic rrildeooa. Toitipklba atrart, naar ihl alh aaiwoa. thin fT .eartay) afleraima, at two o clock. HwUord, OmB., paptra plaaae copy. Toin?At Middlaiown. Ct . on Monday, feritem* | lyaaa ?*w w. rmly am of Hear/ fl aad t*r- jr10, a*'d 1 year aad 3 tnoatlw. ..iaa Twld, I Wai rV* -Cr Menda* momtny ' ?hort lhaeao. Mr? CATnr^^ \ i.^I^dVl'? n.onll a nnd f dayt. WauiM, afed ?| I AiSTd"'*"? '-?d frie-itfl bf the family are nailed to ~l -? BtMil, thw fToeadny) morntor, at lee o'clw k, ..oa Iwr t*t? rvldeee-. So. 217 Went Hi ml. nrart, p-ar A arlck. The remain will lw taki-o la HU i.urr". r (or latonpeot ? ? Wen err? ?Oa Moedty Oioro thr, HopUiibar Clryy r , aoo of tba lata Ihomaa p ? 1 #,t *, oAirnff, in tba Mil year ?... ? The irlatura aad Menda of tba family ara rmpartfttHy I; Vti/i to attend tba funeral, from fa n late maMemw Va 40 l nt?rr* ty place, on Wedarrday a'Mraooa, at two o'tijCfc. withont forthar iBaltetion Wn?.*a?la tb-, *l)n, an (hmday. Raptamber H, i TV,*?u>, ihii*e?i ana of Mil aad Margaret Wtmoo, agrd 2 yea re. 1 moatpa and 23 day The relai '**? and fflerda of the family ara r?anm tfhlle tBTi'ad In ??read tbe f'taeral. fhwri the realdene.a of bit fkiher eklliman atrnet, corner of P?? aeeana, tba (Ttwlnj) aflrrnoon, at vtrea o rl.wk tntATR or on. p. *. RTHkir. Wa aimonnre with regret the de>-e*ae of no earromcd fttea , wd rorrrapmdrnt Rnrfraa Rg?.ai?*>M Rrnar, M I) , of lo# I ailed Ate lea amy aiVMal otair. ad4 for tbraa /?are atimding phynieien at the ftert MaultrM ft at Iaa, on hnllieaa'e lelai d. Ria diaaaar wm lrrb?.t<t fever, of a Tiro 'ft 'ram. ?nd trrmtnelad fatally oa flmrad*/ rem it.g, tha fith U *t, In I,?? fbrte amb year, fa Hyra* wna a i>alie? of Irelaad but reached thla ooonlry *l u early er?, ard, after r*rfa"*Uiry rdi?r%thm. grad'inied with diaiia/tion la tha 1'alvaratty af Mare land After eom phdag hie mad ml omraa he ?aa amviaUd A*Maul Mnrta/Wi la tha I n tad Rleiea Army, and rial Mo ad at Fort Monroe oa Urn '?*h of May. I AM. nnd-r Onlowd J u tivdrc, ?botr aew ?a command at P?rt Me Una. ffa r*a?ad a flret cta*? aaamlaatlmi on hla adaneawm me Par aeoa. Ha did actiT# vd eAcowt vrrtce aa R. garni ia Far Ida Ifrxloo and no tbe Pwiflc, and *M elA'.oaed Rw acme Itma at Urn Newport (Ky ) Manwrka la Meg ten bo WM# ne.ltaal dlraator far hw depart, .eat of Ilka artny, and 'a Florida be* mounter" t Indh tba c,h >lara aad yatlaw fever, whlen be iraatod with great n i irnaa fl'# ariiee and rnaloaa aptrlt or,aid not be raatri- tmt la madWai aerrtoa mope At Pain Alto, Heaaca da la Talma, Manure/, r*HWo and Itreaa A'lai*. he ve>k an Imar -abia f*-l 10 the thiekaat f tbe content Re WM hr tbe ride of IN- gallant 'Mogfotd, aad bora that ndtoar off whee ba r?n tin ftat'y wimode.1. fu Byraa a name will be fcnad Wirt bopoiabla mention la aararal daapntrbra and raporm fromt- neml TayM. trtaerai Waal.aad artammrem wb? hart wtaawnda l diraimia in wi.mb ha waa aMaabed Aa a wrttar, alan, be nobly nam and Unpmead bta pawara of ot-'rration aad ha rartrd tsparlaerr fbr tba imadt of b e pmfmalt* and of aitlltary hygNoa. Ra treatbm no cholera baa baaa oflic tally apprarad by lb* goraia n>rnt, *nd a now in-ad aa a text book tl tbe Medical Da partoeat of the krlttab array. Ra Uarm la maan u-rtpt, aad near If ready for the printer, a trial aa oa irltow freer, wblcb, wa trial, alll arme be (pera to the imbltr under emu patent eaperrakm Aa an oera ? iTal c/mtrlhnlm to perlodloaa ta-t aewarapera. be waa #ia? the nether of ion?h tardrnrtwn. W? derm It a monrn fat pr, ruegc in record now that ba wa* tba anibor of tba ee-T It larertUa eorraapnodieie# and well wr'tfep .ami* on #"V>riaa ai d frtaa whth appeared |e tbraa o/'natna Ofrr the deaatareof A nrdad,aad bate bmu?>'y re > ria-t ?e* arweTea W th M th- ?- trtb a. J 'Arg*- -w i^llrart fdlaraclri twttff ufTifa rottMrym-dl To- Birrta wan 8' \ .'1*0 t*. 111. I rlry. B| Btrfl KJ*IHW> l'lll|..lf dVly UII.-IW l.'Jl.1 fcl I, ? , aiait.i til <o '< * ar 'I rrtatm WW "^bf fnn*r?i arrr'am mm dla-Pa':??-* wlri'lap rwtb.-nR, '?? am'tapp a h> ajfl, !?? Rcy Jainr* A <b-r..raa T> J> of Ibtr rffj-, fu <f A) tti? t'tiipbib M It Fur-., Uit 1.?* twdi>g ttinxiKt' th- dat at t-?lf xiaO Ou> hnfftr tiw I'm ft 1/ wpttrift t u trued, *.tb a viaa ifi i ?0t^"aJ tu Warhtnpfnn at a anuhif wax MfATICbUI Cai\Jx ^ i'aku TO th rinujr: J'xlml mndlatnril In a-naml "f* at Wbldai qn-r* nutiw at d pop 'x up fh' aala "-war.. .'' uby a1 Iru- '.' t.tiiwMaar (Via a tltfln *<l no tn'lt In ' ROVF* n'">'8 r?T"!F1\L Wl'fR UlTTKWt, Tfci' Iti*radlantb ar? piihl.dlrd |n .%r wt r Vt All R??-r< *.i t.r PiirviUNa I .'r aki itrrravnp - an rhay am a imljf raltiabln mndl-lttw fur ali win am niatatar wlti I'mnixpllna, IndTRratlnn. PwaprpafA. l>r>'1'.by. Natrnm PntiiM, KnraJ- ; f ^suma < mm Tbrwt uw KtiJ by a). dr't|(*U,'b. Depot, W WifltMM atrert. Now Torh. At Rvrnniu.L'N ?:?n wkiioino carp mrr-or-Ai.! tb? paw atrtm nf Oar da ?r Ml MpmI war. mrnar af l'tiana at/net At *k KVKHrm.r.n now*, mm ftt.ton ntmnht la'aa' ||V Wad.dln* 'Tarda Envrhpaa Ac [MA luhac Ml* I a NT NOTia Man FKTTN A OfKID RfWTNMNM. A?r -?\ wt.htpr a pwtnrr < ? aMdxtu.1 worthy ?od amll ijnaMftpf by l?n? riparian or mpr<-:?lh aa ratanar. fftll plaaaa eddaam Jr.dnb IVrijiualB Now li-von, Oocu AHT JONTtS . 10 AM> 1} ANN RT ??*!-HHOM AM r?<t?r? ai T art" w a. pentad In aim pnrfwd aatinfaoMaa AT (liHHi'.kOtK A. V* RROADWAY- -dTblHIINtl (JAJUM end Snarl, pes In'he aprmred atjlfyiaid IbainnM aart pletr aUa k ul hide Paper J^ALLOVt KvrFTFFFFFrrF vtyy ftvt hkssr K?FKFfffvffkf tt-vy y\vy sir hnn if ff rt w rw; mm FF TT TT TT firs TT TT TV B1H FKKF TT hrf FF'T IT H80 ff tt tap FF TV ivR KF TV aw nm FVFFF TTVTTT HPS Nap rrrrw tttttt ssshp BAIxLOU'b PaTI.TT rWPNOTFII FFRNON TOR* RFlBn Kairtitnd Numoihrr I, I?* A Nin? TVI.K HF MHIRT W a*Ha TTIIll Til FIT. A" I bt rii'riM in any pan ' t tbr Usiip r t?lrw opt.-. ma*r t per u>ai< trf 'hi- r?-ll- wnta niraatirea <Hiuib ?rfll iimui* a par (apt IH, ft.' fIS, *14 $18 and VU ntrnwn Nttr.rdm' forward ad tor laaa than baW a dnrrn ah'na The ?eat.ina am aa ml lowa N art- Tbr dhdaone rannd tt Tokp- Ma menauma frtwa rk? pohtiaof rn" nhonlrtrr Mrryp-Thr Vnfti btia the rim if the hart u the wrtrt wlih brarm twwn Hrnaal I 'ba? nrr ir.utnt tbr brrx m.d-r tu-- arm pita Walal?tXa< aairr arnrad. Alan. lh? Irnati nf tbr ab'rt .1) a>adlm tbr a ? y? u manrna wa out paanaaMa a par .'act 81 n' > a\r at ? tr nf tbr tMi'kiiVRii t itKN'TB T< KM WH:?T Alan Impr.rlarTl and dr-Irr tn waa n ri n nIxhinh Wboleeale '.radr r vppllrt! no tbr nana' tt nr< Mat. i dir UK' Tin KM. No. MM Rrnadaraj*. i'nrTlk, TAO.tT.Ca 1.ATF W1TTIOTTT t fltTMN* * / KATKNT KIKTm FOR KaT.R Tbr altrttt) it n' Iht 'P mat 'al t : rrra r- I i and ndoaii and tbr pnhMo trrnrral'y, la mllrd tn tbr AOAVI Mi.ami*, Wbtnh will br .in rihlM'trw unttl funhrr uotloe, at tl of the nndmdrnad. fr'flt ? to II A M dally. Tl r Acnptuir lauaif ourna lintmlw, tXW1 Carbaa Oydm-f'nr i.-i fHa. An W T l HIUT i'HTMNBT. NMOCM, tiMBAa pnratatrnt I' Mr la punal le eaal'r aanapaa < caI do irtanAba *-? enllrr.y aafe an.11>? be mar ufirmred of uty imim a Thn adiainaar .If auob a lamp will br aalfrrtdaai Ic evrr. ennaun.rr nf nnrl nil Tlila i.amt la tar lermttiai nf W. H Kami. Maa of Mm Flnrf la. apd tbr aarnrb' t?. tbr aama hrlaa Ci- iranliard tb bp aa llir pauutlrr and own*' of aprara) pMrula. and uiaoy bam dmd r-rt?.ntinra la Rump# apd aairrtm nranrlaaalr nawar lua th# tpiroUoa. tha PtTRNT Kill'ITS lor tb# In tor am bow off-md for aaln T. uarttra dndrin.x rf ? . nriup ib# onrlrol cf lata MaalW for mbnlr ( pH-d dtaiaa, th- rTfirdtracy la ar^rnaad of a oroppt llhrral and d mrt arplinatlrn ar IP r-dlbttlna wC only takr vlarr taa Ibtia far a-'r-tnln'd) tn tha itlliy nf M?.? i"rb and tSal for orh a llmt'-d partod. thr patrptrw. I? Ml M-nt Of a anrrdy and aattbtaeiorw i.aapdiaUaa w* labia* plnaa tartnx a>a" ? arranprmrata for Kb d apna#' lb aoMnar tnrm. Knrttaa wtabta* to aarrttal* '?? ?hr aamr ad > piaaan app'y M HORATIO MAUtV tM i'anal atmat naar Kmadwar. M. ?. For ctrro'.ara iddrraa aa abort. (TOKNR. ur*ll>NM, IITTbKTMlt NAllA RNLa J Jolnu and all die man of tna fnat r imd iMA-aa rafa IfintairoiMiPC tn toa paUmL. by Or MaoTFaKIM. Pur| f-biroyodiwt TAT Itroadaa- Bafara to pbynmwaa and ftma of tbr el i T\KA> VIK-, DBAfNIRR, PIUriHW AT <)*C?HttkMOTKD. UK AD "tbRTIIIOXT. Bin* or nm Rarovua, | Ni? Yuu, A'<(M U 1*61 I Dr. T"n Tnarlilrkai ma for dnarnraa rrrj mimrn (utly and aalialactnrtly. Mi ??wui? ?u rwv**l, and cjb uuuro aa a.od aaeter. and 1 mu? try twtnimi tn Mi fan* ? H l.tlA H. Prratdrot o? tba Ilank itI tka Ropnbtl* trom tit* PRminmr or TTT* onoonrc pirb nr. MRaACK fOMPAXt. To Dr Vox Oeulua uM as tart*. NoM? Ottotoo pteoo. Pent Tib?I Bin ? 1Djt nrHBMnf lour .AiH tn ibr nurra tloool t-brnar. k?iu ?. na anvnitU: t? Maw Oilnana br mar totalti doaf tn ora rar a?d by tha ariitaa of my friandk. a ho bronchi a r to yonr offloa nharr year afellfai opataMf. p'tb'Hit ni>) I'aln, ati'lrrly crad ma. 1 rant tn .nt . ntaar dant, I nd my barrio* la at a aa wall ?a aiar. far wkirk I Ml rvat br tiaiilt'"' to yon HI mild ymi IMt k pmprr you naa am mr mrae * tik *raat rnavoct, your uOad'aoi aarraul BUHBKf HA IP.. Xrv foul, July U. 1MB tt Wal. ir-raud. Al.t. PKKbOHb WFo RATS VAI1.ED ottr crxnp blsbwbmw. pnorui at okob calx OX MB TOT MOT" nXDtlKH. OfT'T.TST AMD AtTRTIfT, WII.L UKHTORE 1 RIIK IMtTniKO WTTH ?IIB WTWL* IB!IB rap BAR VAPOPT7BB. WTIIi'H BKiTORBR TBX DKABIJf0 IB tar MOST OIWTITATE CARP*. ATP STOPS THT TOOK ? 1H1 IIKali HCTrRTDb UAT* BKVX BBTTORBTt TO tlP.ABtlta.1 a ATIPM'I al. Kf tut IXsKBTTIi T?i DEPf UK f Bt TIOX. OTP I B, l<C CUXTox pi.acr rtrtll and TTXTH ATBXXTBBL I\B. RfiBATM RHBHti ATIO <TKR?TUB <?BBaT r Ttrorranrdy, yuan t. ict >aAaf In tbat antd raaaa of Sanaa! tarn aid it.."1. II tn pa.fa.-v,, rabnblo ?a a at (fen hroa-lwa) and ho, ? WT* nirtrv Pitro it par UaUld. jj'urv* srrt tka bbih. BBBAKTABT HKTS. a- m 10 (1MB WkltrOrBtra.t daroratad , M ? M t l.t.aill ntTHA A Mo. (alt rb-BUl n orjrr. an tk X ?* PT"?, ?*"*?** ata of a* ma < "* ? w T. 1'AILT * ?o? ? . To Ail firm.' r?? D ir ha.arrTi ad r -JUT ABPtmQX - PBBBPNB b, aba. nadar ar m?.V 1?? *?' 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Ml tHfTb a* Il'*pnal-Pro' napUal *>H wtafa BM taf.raa ar \arrraa' Iilarwaae ikla .forwaaTI bwo iM at II a'rtork P?rf f ?r?.*b .a < a AmpataOopa, at II. Truf >atoB* <Ml4raA (I*., mir t B OOPVT Ot? KKWCA. ? P . Oaaia. QliMBTHITIt IIKW PUB I.AIMR* p. P ? P R OKVTM MiVBtUITf# prw TOR fl'ITR -1'lT'l R ? " Jimi. rokurrviTq kkw tor mihkkr. BUMBTPIPO BIT P"B tUpAXm. wrrrtR r.ntrr i.?tpr or* Willirn PATBJTT IKVBN NCPPORfBa ??TI HRAf* B| MPPPPPR for t?> wAolran'a and wttaL V uRXOOBT f CO. Hole wmrruwwa ui ?eeo#Miwe ? IBM at.. X. T. Baud lor a paaan Blav STODaBD PI A TUB. ?BAXP pgr ABB ATP pyonritO, T1TB 1 **r BAT UP A' "To R BP WARBB'P'TA. ? TBf'APWAt. IJIO COt XTBT WBtfUAXrn, To j BttaMtoB M r??t artf al.y InvHad to any tatbtt pbhar ra<k ro? tag 11 AT. It k?n? Ibr MM rOBra-iTir .rurla tm UiaaM tar rarrytw Pot laJr al tbnrr.rr'nallWb. .^Mr n-toa Totbr, [>nlM ,-d lit! J aa. I, If. rb. nr.) IT*. Tr- l?afUir cdRoa ?t tbr Btraiatra laanraut* ti n.M) llaaaa Ml t*d Biantna oa aaod f?r ? rVao'aT^ . P'LS* J?*??XITH. >1 ?IMT BorkatBo Baa nfa. iun Tn 'tn >aay r? PTf TP VPR< n aRTR OB POI XPB BT TUB Pilantra of B tlrrra arranrrd In Bora r<*' ra a rod ?HB 'qua. la.utia p daTrona *. arranaa f * ra naanfun ?? Ad Irraa I' >rot! Tnfkarm T1 Watorlnp ylBor. 1-4 A fan of tfcnao raiainBtod qnanar on _ _ fa ? - v ~ ... I ... I.1-. alra aa>?l IH no of BMt. In ?t*'*M. and for at* "T TTjJ?T?t 1"* A on. PI ? V'TTB |AtTT RAUL

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