Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 19, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 19, 1860 Page 4
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THfc ILUSf OP THi lEMIKR MUSON. GIRA FROM THE WATERING PLACES. ir Last Batch of Ooisip from the Bummer Resorts, Ac., Ac., Ac. Our >iwpori Csrreapomdanrc. Kkwrowr, Sept. 1,1840 ter from a Poor Toiinp Man?The Beit qf the Season in Cutfruril of PKxIotopKn and Pathos?Our Southern irethren at the Waterin? Placet?A (hod Season a' Vr?w}?rt?Revolution in Society?The Orand Bareia n*, 4c.. 4c it I promiaed to lead you a line from tbi* gay end burnable roeort, no more proper time could be selected n this morning tbe beginning,of tbe end, or, In ool lete phrase, the " commencement" of Newport's long hort, but brilliant " term" of eiercises of tbo "fan tic," both tongue and toe. three weeks of the dog days ?e to Initiate your gayeliea and put an end to your lee Three days, forsooth, of tbe "ieaaon," sulttce fir ny to record in their fashionable society existence.the , pty fact that they hare been seen at Newport, fhe last roeus of summer hare withered on their stems, J (hded on tbe cbe. ks of tbe belles dinduitru; the leaves the flowers are being blown by the Brat breath of tumn, and the crinoline of the dames Is fluttering In a sty retreat Washerwomen and washerwomen's basic ! are crowding the ball) and climbing the atatra. la gnanlfathers, wih long i.ees, are acrutmlstng longer la, and rushing about in frantic euergy on this fettling y. Anxious mothers are getting their " dear girls" >m the flirtation ooruers, where willing embraces are .ug given and unwtlliug adieus aaid. Anna Hsria must <r herself from her Edward, and CJuaan Jane sighs, faut partxr," on the boeom of Augustus, ut for Its annual recurrence this would be a day of die it. Yet how ?ood the young aoul gets hardened to the veraity of tender partinga. 4,Weare here to-day, and ire to morrow" (<iuutalion), and aulhiient of phiio- | >by. We kn >w wbal we know. it ta folly tv auppoae that aby "irrepressible oonllict" "aon intercourse resolution#" have ehorleoed tbe rua n Northern watering places. Your friends from Atta i a can't stand their c <tton fields and cane brake# for a caver campaign, ueither can they "suck mdasaea if and svr ug upon the galea" all the year round. A ?nt's worth" of civilization mist be had, even at the .ease .of s bale of cotton or s hogshead of sugar, and era is it to be found, unere obtained? Why, Ural, tn > purifylu,g eflecls of Saratoga, Internally administered, I then in washing ofl too upper crust of aboriginal lpltctty in the sparkling aurfwhinb breaks over tbe uilneck. You will sa> this la pathologically trar.ted. <11, there la nothing like opening the porea for the re >llou of softening lulluencea. The brightening balm m "familiar intercourse" wi .h society then strikes in. Wh.-n I>e Soto discovered the Missiiaippl Valley b.-fo md common achooia, and the census returns up to tha soot time do u?t inform us that that institution ? yet been much favored in the said locality, e people, however, are a very nice pnople?a very ap relative iwople?but the fact it they have too much land, ey live too far apart. auJ as It is necessary to uoder .e a .tourney in set-king the advantages of society, why ey miake a long one of it, and comeS'.irth. Never, be -e, perhaps, has this place cloyed such pstrigiage as ths earnt m n never havs b jn> -l innkeeper* had more use of gralulalioo Out Irlend Keruer hath rubbed his aids "lint" satisfaction, bath reaped many of laurels tod done oder dings,' shlch have more of coasolatlon them than mere bitter leaves 1 have known New irt (with a gh I admit it) ror fourteen years, and now ewport Is bi tter?and more o' U?than It evey was he re I don l nran in the people who go there, but In is tmpruvemenl ol tin place, fourteen yean ago it was 1 hotels and corapara-.vel/ but few cottages. Then >ttage people were looked upon as a tort of temporary 'tnews, who secluded tn-mselves lo their villas, oc .-looaily commg to tue hotels incog (which, by is way, they were very glut to do), and giving some icouragement by their presence to the ordinary two >llar and a hal a day ptople, at their bops and dances hen I remember "Klog's Cottage," dismal In Its cloned iutters and dvnerted groiuda. was pointed out to the ranger as the chauau of s Jbina merchant nrloee, and i ornament to the island. Then the whole "Neck," as it . called, was a barren waile, uniraveraed exoept by the Sherman's wagon, the mag.iitlceot clllf* overhiuging lbs ran. skirted by a narrow Usher man's path, and the crty Ste|? the extreme poiul of idle explorers Now no ne is shown "king s Cottage," oast in the shade and Kerwlly obscured by So many much more mtguiQcenl. 'Thr Ns-Jt" is oovered with handsome villas, which vouldstow wall in any country; Bellerlew av uiue occu drw the sile of the >oa-l u> the "Bintliouw," a broad, evel carriage drive, now the "Corso ? of Newport. The ort eveaiogs, the Beach evenings, the drive t> the "Tea iouM" and "Men ' are now no longer ths eint-meut of be day. but ths giaod imrade of the afternoon is the ?ouatact paaaing and repassing of every styie of equipage, Hied with lovely women, fresh flowers sad bright colors, in this gay Oorao, In miniature ri railing H/ds l ark or the Do is de Boulogne. from the imposing four in band to the diminutive cur *icta, and even douSey wagon, the avenuv has bees rawded every nltoraeoo with the monotonous recurrrnce if the same faces, nntil one is surfeited with the nils of -ecofUil.? and "wreathed smiles'' of this "Vanity air" Improvements are progressing (as the paper* say) In tceordanoe with the prosperity of the country Am mg ither*. Mr Belmont is building upon one of ib<- most jeautlfut I cti.ons on the is aad?a I it lying butwsea Mr I Adkiw '? cottage and Mr Bancroft's, ruuning fro a (tellevue avenue back lo the ope an Mr. BareJa has co.n plated a magnificent, I might almuat say, palace aa the lae of cliffs, overlooking ibe oceaa. Maimers and soirees (if adieu, t suppose) are just now rrowdlng each other in rapid tuooession. Apropos of Ba reds?ear of the most magaihceat eoterla nmenta. per baps, ever seen m Newpwl was gives by him ou yeaier- . day eveaiog As this was of the tree f'rruvian, and no thing of the ?? sombrero mdi |- admitted, there waa a p?-?r chases of seeing the 0mm II >wrver, what with the brightly Illuminated lawn and open window*, the uu Invited had an opportunity at being bi weal , that opportunity ail rued a beggar at a taasi ths privilege of p oking up a few crumns o' obeeriatiuo ? very body was bo) ni.iy m grand, bat la the graadeet toilet, the women In every imaginable Ool or of the rata bow, many mmg lag aU tla educe, exoept grean. I saw none "with verdure oind," ami the men in the invariable dreea oust and tarvilabls whita cravat, with the hair parted is the middle Ob, but these were very pretty I tile mea, so gentle, and yet such herons?ol the dance I noticed one ynueg .' i ? . bow- ivr. ah < waa Dot exact ly up la the rostuoj-' malt -r. H ? sot only wore so w uite cravat, but. linr r? b.- was aclaaliy dragging a frock real Its must have c >tn? from the Amth >ru cou.lry aomewherr?ni'Wt likely Virginia, wbc-re a man buys, if Its caa A drees coat wb-n be is married, and never befige that lmportaal event of life or thereafter He s?em? I, however, to hat e a decent regard tor hie rtarolietiua la tb? xeneus Dialler of ooat tails, ao-l, unable lo avail himself of thr qalct, etpedi-ni of ,ne diatiuguisbec B tie whet la Rome, be kept close to the wane of the room, sad, evi dently aaao) <-d with himeelf, I joked like the faddy at Tkmny brook Fair, who w?aeu that "somebody wmid tread oc the tail of hi* coat " On the opening of Ibe supper rooms the usual carnlrer out ferocity was displayed in the rneh oa the door, bat tmly the old birds were let la to "peck,' and the yoaag ones left to flutter a Ititle laager outside Iter thing I noticed particularly?all lb* mea arrtned to he rarryiug lilUe beta or cape in loeir hands. Is this usual, or may it bare been oa this eperiai uonweion lo testify It a delraue way their cos tempi for aaythieg line the eotntirero ? Many ladies wore r?slb*-ra also. Doeld tblv have poaaitly been in oomplimeat lo that "runs tts" (aaper.iaily) "la leau which had onalrihuMd no much lo their preeeel OhMrUlcmeat Deliaioo provided the supper l/wni?the original Imb-dt/Sd partem and bail a doasa of hi* bandaomeet Bwtsa were importe-l from i bam New street for the oe.m a.oa A Wu'ur of "Iwl ' would hive I. II btmaelf quite bam* am?ig these familiar races, surmounting ibe " - ~?? ? A iKnaL riW Mu^Tcifam 1ST white a^kclotha. and tboir rather uniaro -?? ^ genie tnaa acTu^ y l?" - - .. /> u/t a Is ovs, d *?? iw *e?, ouv ?*?? h marlf be rmanded ta a marh loudor tooe JTJX, T^d ym. a eopy - ?ero*s*e**e?eeeeeeee*ee?*e.ereeerer ^ AwiV J CM HOBMhMT. I ? K?v. X t R^r? 4 i?*rrm u*rt*a. s UlifM Iruhw' 2 fut *AS _ . _ 2 urom?e <te Volmlla rusm . ? aa Swerve de '.as Damons as bwwrro de* ?o'swUm. Urn fl'etd dd b e'l^ d la krlbasfcl'l Is* dnmbnan de lew fi "leases d? '?Wg'l?W- W I Roar.% e. ^ U* powlela de I "Wise pk| use, baa Binimro lard?sa cowvak H.IBB- _____ : [_ ealweitaew de fwlewae ens trwSI i SSErs UMwreiome defrunst I tm eeieea ww Madeea. |i\ar*?te a la k? Is - _ _ I irk. I rrtuveaia Frdrea , Rwawaea, *r . he. t Werrw I ItMl.MO ? a swot oar moawy. and MW all H la tha rvVvw aad over again. Aroijrrtr n ew, Vgwevwr, R I , kept u. IflflO CXsar <4 Om flutimstir hint rbs dguifasr* r?r Mrrm m V wpn f, 0e , 0e. New pei t, which but a few weeks ago waa the seeae of (lib. ptaaaaro aad aoinwima, may bow be Ilk earl to a rity of tha dead. The bototi are oa ths eve ef ctoetag, Urn elreeto are liesrted. aad tha treaa aad ahraha are thdUag tale the sear aad wtharad leaf Tha cha^a from bustle and *011*117 to dulaeaa en J inactitude u complete The few strangers who rema.u are patiently waiting for Ike cararanserie* to (!<*? their door* to lake Iholr deport are, and then Newport, the fashionable, will be given over to ennui until Ihe advent of another aeaaoo. The Atlantic House baa now about forty guests, and the Ocean about aa many but by the end of tbe vrat all those will have left Ijr home. TUr propria tor of the Atlantis, however, atlll keep* hia attractions going. Lite aplecilid band la every day on band, and he will come in at the death like a full bloo led atag. . The Aquidnock Agricultural Society have b?eo holding their annual fair erilnu a few anion jf toe oily It wm opened and conducted under the moat favorable auapicoi, and the attendance duriog the three day* of the display was urge and fashionable. Tbe specimens of fr ill and vegetable* exhibited were very good, and the cattle and South Devon ahcep in aa excellent order a* could he desired. Gllmore'a brass band was In nttandanoe, and the time passed od very agreeably It ix satisfactory to know that the funds or the Society were ben en tod to acme extent by the proceeds of the fair. A tremendous rain storm passed over Newport on Wed nevlsy night Ho lurious warn the clashing of the ele ments that it was deemed imprudent for tbe Hound boat, the Metropolis, to put to sea. She was due at Newport, from Fall Kiver at eight o'clock P. M.. bat did not arrive until long after ten. When tbe did arrive the greatest dliDculty was expo rieoocd to get her moored. No less than eight haw ?*re bad to be pat out, and several of these parted. Tb< t-torm increased in violence nntll past midnight, when It lulled n little, and Captain Brown decided to prxaed on his voyage, a number of passengers who bad arranged to go ou this boat, however, came to the conclusion that they would not embark on such a tempestuous night It appears that the atorm was not felt at all In New York, for the steamer Km pi re Htale arrived at Newport from that city In regular tuna, and did not report any verv severe gales at soa The orchards to and about the city have suffered great ly by the atorm In many places the ground la strewn with apples and poor*.and Ike flower gardens are entire ly stripped of thslr roees. This is slightly In anticipation of tbe autumnal fall which will concludes the work Oar Catiklll Correspomdencs. 1Ioi'niai.> Hochs, CUtmkiu., August V, 1880. JV bid of IKe day Seatm?The Weather and Appearance of the Ullage? Chance for A rtisU?A Land Slip? port Concert!? Delightful Scenery, 4c. Tbe fashionable summer resort begirt baa about coma. TUc sojourners at the UUklUa are gathering in flockJ, I like swallows, preparatory for a flight to more congenial | regions Tboae who bare apent a long vocation at this mountain palace are beginning to break camp and flail hurw upon tbe citlea?their dual, their labora, and their indoor amusements, which, 1 see by the columns of tbe Uw.u), are to be oo an e-traordinars scale this season. The weather here, though we are up In the clouds, conti nues very delightful, not a bit teo cool evpn for a moon light promenade upon the line plena overlooking four Stales and any number al mountains, from Vermont to the Highlands of the Hudaoo. A glorious time Tor the art ist tribe is approaching, the foliage is only beginning to don its rich autumnal tints, and the changing skies of au tumn will soon impart that variety and ptcturesqueuess to lbs landscape which tbe artistic eye delights In The Mountain House has had a very fair season, although at the present time the guests number only about two hun dred, juft sufficient for comfort and sociability, and the latter Is now the order of tbe day and night here W# bsvt had some delightful hops for the past few evenings, varied by some admirable concerted singing, which ths accidental presence of a number of profeeslonal and amateur musicians happily afforded. Hr. Muller, the well known organist from Albany, together with two or three other Albanians of the musioal order and a few folks attached to a Brooklyn ehoir, comprise an eiosllent e*. tempore uuerU-ltc olub and oborus, wboee straths attract an audience wbich (Ilia lb.- parlor every evening, and keep the sentimental promeuaders of tne plant In a dream of bliss Yesterday, being the Aubbstb, rellgP us service* wore had in the I'ornoon and evening in tbe large parlor, at which Rev Dr Strong, of how York, who is rusticating here, officiated, and our Improvised choir rang tbe bymns and cbeula After the evening service our musical travellers treated us to some of the finest ss creo snugs 11 was ever my good fortune to listen to. II must col be euppoeed, because the Yiattera to ine mountains who have spent tb* entire summer here are taking their r opart are, that the reign of pleasure la over at the CaUWllls By no means, fresh visiters are ar riving every day. The stages that carry dnwn people to ev?T? boat and train imuUly return from the village laden with new comers, who, though their stay may be short, anticipate and will certainly realise abundant enjoyment tn tb* charming sea too before them Tbe neighborhood of the Mountain House was tbe scene of an efloasive land slide id Thursday tail, wbioh for a few moments created quite a panic among the timid portion <>t the visiters, but it was soon discovered that Ins accident had occur red st s perfectly safe disUnoe The great Quantity of ram tn the past few weeks loosened UM soil considerably near tbe summit of the South Mountain, about s mils south of tbe Mountain House, and st too o'clock on Thursday morning an immense portion of rock and clay gave way and came thundering down with a terrific some, tearing away the trees betore it, sad leaving a broad ecarupoa tbe forehead of tbe mouutata, apparently about half a 1 mile in length This uuseeuily rent is visible trom the village quite distinctly, and doubtless will be seen for yesrs to come, until nature fills up the gap with aiitv I growth of b ruse wood, and will lorra another feature of m tereet to tne greedy Sightseer line of your wor d known Aldermeo was here a few days ! ago?one of lb* moat conspicuous in ihiwt expensive re ouptloaa for whioh the commercial metropolis Is so fs m ua?and tbe appearaoce of his name oa th register made quite a sensation among the visiters from other cities Every one was aakk us to get s look at him. and evidently espected to see an Individual to white hsl and yellow gloves, whs could run up s hundred thousand dot tar bill against the city for the tame with as ease and coolnwe unknown outside of tiutbam The municipal off! rial however, did not sport his gals co-tume on the mountains, but Mppaarvd as as ordinary uedistisguirhed tourist, I inocent of yellow kits and public peculation E.?r those wb? deeirs to enjjy mountain Sdsaary Is lis nride and glory, now is tbe time to pay avitittolbe CabtktUa The streams are all In full flood, and every gorge err sen Is its litll- cataract. The great WSMrfhll wto sever in finer condition, and is s week from no? the tries will he rvapleudenl with autumonl foliage. Of course yo j do uot want a description of the Oatskill Mountains at ibis day, for who d wis Mot know the spot * t.rre the beauties of Nature eootheu Rip \ as Winkle Into s v.umber th?l lasted for s century?s spot that tbe senlua of our lost Irving bas Immorlnlltid?and from which can be bad a prospect, which for eiteot and grna wnu vuit HIT MOMVrtC OO Ul? llOttlftNl 1011 I eountry Bote Is. where order,,??>?* pet the rural a joeraer st his esse, in ths mldm of luaery and eb-gmnw nnsurpasset is our best eily hoists let him Who se. as perfect rest, the freshest of air, and the moat superb aspects of natural beauty that mount us landscape ?wn furDi*b, l?rn hi* lace toward! Uio UrifllMili Oar luaates Cenvspssdsses. Nsrwtos. Vn, August 10, ISfiO A Prim*** fVyuf Ike Stmth-Home, for Poetsrsi Jf.nd. _lf Ill's? ef Mtnt Julep I sad Pretty tV men?Public S keoit Of aauutou?Kiegan Prirct-t Manetmt, 4c doe ef the moat aberaiog spots known Is all Westers Virginia la tbe little town of dtaunloo?a town, even at this period of the nineteenth century, So delightfully prt mtttve and free from city Innovations?1,MO inhabitants and seventy-two mike above tide water, nestled la n vallej surrounded by hills, and In the direct route to the famous Virginia **irr> I have seldom visited a more lovely or romantic spot After ths frivolities of Aarsloga, bow delicious to turn to the hsbfMbMo, warm bserw 4 sad cordial sstertaiomeet of the gesial Southerner. Hare, surrounded by every beauty of nature, Is lift for ths puet end for the eptcsre?fw who bas sot beard of tbs mountain mnima" and venison of Una tsgtos, tbs delicate Med chicks?a dish t -culler tn the moun lain*. and once tasted never forgotten?and tbe silver ckwrt trout, speckled with crimson, dying with s!l Its gorgeous beauty, like an e spiring susaet How congenial to the epirtta is tkis ranted air. As s dlstisgu.ekel Man !kad*v remarked, al e party here, that he ?? bad trn vtUed leagues, both In Its (Hd World nud the New. but never had be tsated better brandy or ssen prettier ,,?? ? end,apropos of the former, 1 must speak of that Mvultnr institution of this Net. (tbe mats of sin and misery), ths " hail storm,' ystept ?? mm! '^which T.Zm to you ooagvated is l? frost wort-hs wielee haasiug pen iest trom IIS rim is the m et temptlsg mnaerrTw ittfjust ?ml Sbd pel breed, eeougb to ? tk. cue, like OilierT wist, ooostsntiy sign for .ra;?r*i the accustomed stied goblet has bees drniaed ,. plane is dwdinguiebed, too, for tin aeboois. nr* eeverai lemai* e-minsriss if not#, s hoepi tai tor the insane, and tb# popular loslituiioo for tbe deaf, dumb end the btlnd^ nnder t^e charge e the arimtifl'- and anoomplteheri [if Merl at, slan ts sreoad ?e ru^e ilTuie country The principal. Or M-wilsl. end vice principal, Mr OevSi, have aourmhel the taatitalt-a I with e fnsterirg end [ancle I ran send to them must ar crue Ibe eatwflmtem of the lacreaelog growth and P>pu I inriiv of the object of tbeir Idolatry a t poe tl.e uak gemmed summit of a neighboring hiU stands tbe villa of Dr. Mrelink-* peculiarly pmiuresque spot The taote of its ooouusats bns left aelblaf endows to make it m at enchanting Mere the gran# oak rs?rt lis stately head and willow wave* Is iwelaachoty besuty here tbe lily roes Is enstneratm pride ead th? roe? rtees bead their hrarebrs, wreeUtaf IsllMS end iraUm with tbeir cisstensg b-sety this.*. ***?_.? ... ? wwmmr d ?r the easeful Ivy twines Is Its tHeg'l lag sAbctlos t? tbe mighty ask, epos wh?e> lbs bird sa tkM and gtvss fbrth its daily matin from lit Isgsnant feOUfftl are nod tbe westsm sgtremity of use towi. had emd Bimdlag cos of lbs taeet views I have ever eeeo, is tbe nuiiimnofUmaodnr* ibnnaee?<m* ef th* remaining gallant isbsrsss of ItH?snd^sMed tti' "tailne's *?st " V ar by rtands Mmtg?m*ry Unit, tbs formn rvM4*m-. of Howe Pet ion, owe of tbe moat Will leal lemma ire ?f the l*gai wtwWI kao?e to tbe NUW. ? ef -born lb. diet., guabed Presto., sf *mU Oar A in, ? ^be jdesorwessA. hot Ihr off stands ?r?M T."". * 9"%?' llosofwhnb was built by *e ?msbju J dining ro-us still stands, whloh was aesd by them a? s bsnquetmg ball, sad in whtoh, sbAsstSsWf, wse fi'md many s gtaim loeetiag tbe marry tsss This Is, Indeed. ene ef tbe landmarks ?? this ewlest country tearing tbe rariroak my eye rasts spoo tbe eiegaei site of J adge Th" wpmm, of bud ??tesd^dprodpm|t. tb? "btrd's Nral" ef Headaresw ?*?! and wedded Nee* dest ex Sceator Kionoy, oat of the wealthiest maa in the town, ?.. - tbe tnasDiflient manatee of Mr Kdwm Tay or, c m sidrrod the handsomest to tbe valiey, and sailed the "Nee York House ' from its aorltieru style. The ttate of ihudlanluciane extends also to its churches, Of ?hu b there are an in number, among wbi tlie Kpia oopal sod Lutheran a laud moat prominent for fioe sroht u-ctarsi proportions The tatter la at present Interesting la its assoc.alion as being the drat olisrge of Mr tilloert. a young clergyman of devotion to Its ibleresli, whose soul i* tn bit work, sad who. while be charms the ear by his eloquence as preacher, is beloved as pastor. Tbe oeme tery, called "Thorn Rase," possesses great natural beauty. Here lie the booea of many mcu of valor aud reoosn, many neble mother* sod proud sons here rest the dead? the descendants of a Washington, a Wirt sad a Patrick Henry. But why live In tbe past of this timc-bonorod'tlms loving (Hate, while here sttil live the "pure minded Stuart," the whole aouled Baldwin, Thomas J. Hiuhie, James H. (IkInner (is of tbe commodore), and others, with the talent and promise of the present? Wti" alloge ther live In the lives of those that have goue before* With such attrsotloiufor the animate and Inanimate, who would not visit the Valley of Virginia? To the lover of Hons, here is the celebrated Weyer's oevi, Just seventeen miles from Htaunlon; Kliot'sKoob?a mountain commtoil lug the most extensive view tn the dtote, and almost A1 Sine in its dtmeaslaas? only tlfiocn miles, the Natural ridge, one of the greatest curiosities In Iae world fifty miles, and the Cyclopean Co wars, twelve miles, sad most wonderful in their curious structure. Within adsy or two of all the springs, both sulphureous and chalybeate, In whose invigorating water mav almost be found the "Fountain of Youth"?for which Ponce de Leon so sighed? Hazing from each a spot sa thj, At euch s time? Well may sur hearts believe Earth has no fairer dime. Oar Batik C orrespendcnc e. Batu, LoiiO Islaud, August ST, 1390. ft.- Beach at Bath?It* Propinquity to Nen York?Thriving rrotptcti of the Village?Barney William* and Hi* Wife?Accommodation* in (V Hotel?The RetidtlKe* of Bath?Dance*, tuhing and Sport Generally, *k , <tc. Among tike really pleasant resorts In the immediate vicinity of New Tort U Batb. It is en easily reached, god when reached is bo qnlel and pleasant, that one here in stantly forgets the troubles of business and throws doll care away. Bath is notable for many things in general, and for one thing in particular. It has s beacb which, resembling in Its semicircular curve thai at Newport even surpasses the one at that famous watering place for its shelvy, smooth surfaoe, which, for bathing purposes, is safe for ladles, and even ohildren, when alone and unprotected, to far as I can learn, a fatal accident has never occurred here. Lying, as Batb does, between lbs projecting points of Fort Htmlllon snd Oouey Island, it has all the sweep of the southerly breezes, end affords s more picturesque view of the lower bay than any other spot east of the Narrows. As is pretty well known, stuoog the reeldents at Bath is Baraey William.-, the Irish comedian. By his sating Barney has managed to lay up a few pennies, sod having done no, be laid out n few in the purchase of n little "shanty,"as be calls It,but whicb Is really It for the Prince of Wales. While 1 have bean stopping at the ho lei? which by the way is much patronised by the better class of the tribe of Mosrifro'ii all parte of the ouuatry, sad admirably kept by Mr. frank Winchester?I have met Barney Williams- ottcn. Ilia "shanty" L, but a little walk distant. Here, to my thinking, Barney Is mire of tbe true Irish mm than Ls is on tbe stage His rich brogue, his unrtious humor, and bis irrepressible desire to do some thing for somebody, come out sad . how themselves in all their glory. At the bops given on Wednesday sod s?tur day evenings both Barney and his wife are almost always present, and among the handsomest women and the m?M graceful dancer- is the '? Yankee Ua'," Mrs. Barney Wit lame Another summer resident of Bath, who has his little not (age by (be sea, is W fc HobttMB, hotter known In tbe literary wtrld an "Rxhelisu" Robinson Bs is a close neighbor of Barney's. Tbey may bo said to travel in couples, and you can well imagine that wo at lbs hotel are always rejoiced to see their smiling faces and bear their rollicking voiooa There is one feature about this village vhlch looks strange. Nearly all the bouses in it owned by tbe per manent residents' have on them "To let " this meant that tney are tired of tbe place, or wiah to make an honest penny when everybody is supposed to b* cut of the city, is a matter of conjecture 1 learned, however, that when the "stason" is over tbene placards suddenly disappear, to return with tike nest summer The hotel at Batb is pi Maul and commodious. Tbe guests seem to enjoy themselves with a perfect freedom, and without any formal restraint. Kverybody does about ss be or she likes, and bat ?eeo bathing, driving, dancing, flirting and bav ng fan generally, tbe morning and tbe evening invariably tuake up tbo circle of a happy day. Tbe Ashing at Bath is very good and many profsaaioca! and amateur sports from the city are constantly visit ing it. Owr Lake Bahspne Cor reap wmdsmce. Lass Hiaoeto, Sept S, I MO. The Beauty qf (he /micas?A Grand fancy Bad?Theat rical*, etc , cte. Tour correspondent has just returned from n tempore ry sojourn nt this charm tag waiving plate, en titled to the Istt r appellation hy its vsrllahle founts of lbs pure limpid llyuid. Too bare a lake in front of the hotel of surpassing beauty and pkturequeoem. ooas prising an aroa, as ws learn, of some nine mllsa, dotted with several pretty islands Tns lake is said to be over 1,000 faei above tbs level of tbe see, by whom surveyed I have not bens able to dis cover. W>- get to the take by Harlem cars of aboat fifty mils* travel and fire m.les of cost ng for the three and one half hours' travel gl IS and by Pceekakill nearly the same, with some fourteen miles of staging, taking but lit tb longer time in tbe journey On triday night soaie enterprising, ardent and obliging young groiiomeo at Gregory's gavo a fancy ball, haviag formed tbemeolves previous.) into a committer lor tbo beaut-Iras previously into a committee tor tbo occasion, and kindly exu-eiiug an Invitation to the boarders at the other hot. I* to be present and resolve th< niMcivea into n committee of the ? ink OS sociality, srfeiuh was accepted and duly honored Unfortunately I was very lull, ecqua -.led with itie oa-ii-a of thSSS ladies and genii -men who donned the tencied costume, and lent n charm to tbe faiqp eoeue Miller's pnetillioea, brigands, PubirhiavUra, Zouaves, National Guard, Jock "ye, Mice Columbia'- peasant girls marquises eucli marquises, no beautifully dressed, sad appropriate ly, too, with tb. ir magmfie. nt iigurrv aa 1 beautiful faces, radluit with smile- and inlelligeucc types of Inlet I. dual and |ibyrictJ beauty. It - rreauj and other luxuries wore liberally suppled to the bmrders and guests Tbe room, an immense one, was handsomely decorated sod t? rrlbty crowds I, and it was almost ini|*msible to designate or even see more than i.ji- third ot tin participants. lied saw He i?-?.i,??ut In myself at a very eer y hour, long oofbio mMalght; but the smalt b an of tbe morning saw soma of the per formers returning, and several a little the worse for wear M..artsy morn'.ng last It was resolved to haw anme Isthsu in thr evening Tn.- ( nl IBs h,*rJereal Gr.giwy '? was rerlpncaled by lbo?e at Beldwia'S, woe re the performance t--.s piece All tne m .rniag wee ooru p ei in me*:: g c -atomic appropriate for tbe ?, sad It waa timet marvelloua bow well all went off, cooaiJering the ehorteeaa of the notice and tba absence of rehearsal. Nothing was lett an tone by its original, re to insure sac cms thr appointn.eol*,aer<e*or,?. Ac .were g. two up is if by tnogu - a"*1 by nine o'clock that evening lbs cur tain ream to aa andl- new of al I-art oisht hundred persons many from the neighboring bouses and hotels Oar Rye Cotreipoadtbte. Rts, Weslcbeeter Oounty, (Sept. 4, 1990 TV (e-igtael Prferxetan of Kye?Mmnemnq 1*1 and?4 Ihllrtofieal gaapottr;?TV Pubeyw /hivital and their Ma man* <f- , A Pbnna, 1b< Sachem, was the original proprietor of this lovely land, which. In 1Mb, took its onmt?Poningoe? from h m ttooceodtog him ennse tba Dutch Went India Company succeed lag them, first three owners, and then more than three hundred Blind brook and By ram rlvar rr-gale tbe anil, which is also traversed hy thoos statloonry, tbe boat and meat beautiful roads Whet lb# place peeeed to the Rag 1Mb one branrh of n good old family christened It Rye, after their British home; whilst another branch, set 11 lag la New Hampshire, have, la Rye Beach, handed down their remembrance of tbe btrthplaoe of their ancentms Here iny In bnrted, and here his descendants perpetuate bis private virtues Hers is the home of Bah op Moll vain, of Ohio, whom neither bishopries, nor the person ?too of aa affectionate clergy, nee the mandate of epta onpai oonvrottane, can drive to tear hi mat if away fr-m Kye Here are the preeby I arias and Episcopal churches, rearing ibe r steeple sad loose upon the tiled of Similar temples that la the Revolntma rang tbe iocs in o'liherty, end paid the last tribute td history sad religloe to mauy a dearly sieia patr-t Corel chnrnh Mill retains the pa Wo and c bailee? tbe latter Is regular one?that, Before O.l'imhie'a ale begad, Good gee en Anne pnwenwd te tbe e retry Here M Mrnuse ug, Menureteg, Maaurwing, er Manner alag Island, with lie -?nty ceusewar to the maiaieud. and I a three mags tre. t mamtooe. h-l.-ugtog respective ly to Van Renaeeiar, Cromwell of the eqnatma, nod Tbnmpe-w Ami in tne island's rsme tbe pbllo! ?ist m ?y , trace the progress of orthography The first two spell I less above are the Indian, toe third M the corruption of I Pine wag, whose me was probably always nurs eg, s il tbe fbffrtk l" the adopt Km of tfce preneel "?jef\, ?b|.iq | tbe career df tbs yacht h?aaeeetag, in receatiy achlevtag the championship, Will probably est ire for all fatal* fa r-tewra Her- this Man .reams wan bnillby Kirby, tne ir. iler* toe. ah.. h?a In dag l?*?n e M ? snanmad ttr-o ty right foet bunt ?a its trial trip eeii wtog eh ha former flret icq* Here is Uw awwt perfrrt and stetaiy mansion m tb- si?te-?the granite raatie .< the Obe tmens. with iu | fbuiUeea architecture and ltd urban- bnapitalit -e. and near it that of lb Ctwtey. of whose tho-nwgh e-tocattoe and p-tWree-.-eai see -en the g- eerei health I* ? rvao.iieg n.--umet t Here, boo, m if r Krvetdent Mnsy*r rest tee opt- ritr but vteirrabie father's, the Ihlber of "J -man H* c>'? anna." sad eeigbhrtrlng More of tbe'torn ago, tbe fq*k?a, she Palmers, on the beautiful rtda* anew* d* M?rtb street Here tbe Pare ten, witbtw aa' tntbont tbeir bsspttbbls Ihflr family molto 1 I'jrfWfa fwnu* " Here Judge Bradford supperta erery will rtk a * U, b> be willing fcuppi) ol dri vee, mm at-' d.aaare Bar* Lodet prune 1. ? I Uo to the b-ad of lb- h- .m ?<r ruuudui:- biauielf villi m m?) frteod? Uti be eaa bard ly be of except a? Lvder aae Uompaay aad b? neighbor, Mr Tttu. baa t oapteted a Iv atari awi e. ail oa the bat L kit Here the iaenoa e nvaet, K a^ land, rtdue like a king < rer tbe laad, or Ma b streager tibeeree tbe land* ?!*? frum *>? bid tap abeamtery Here tbe bathing he* a hand beaeb, made aa purpose for It by tbe Maker of tbe aaad, and tbe riownd yields aaeaa teen pound blue lied, four pound eel*. mapping maaberel, black flali, and clem bake* vilboat uumocr Here tbe moat thrift| loeuata liae tbe carnage way* aa either 1 *" aad c aide, ahadlog both tbe fo Rnrc Berrtao'a wh.?. for bora baa teraad eat aaaaa of I be duett Ic tbe country, aad I'mfmaui Norton baa opeoad another college. Here muoh of tbe beat liaeratore or the day cornea from tbe pecs of Mr Wright aad Mra Havens. Here K ?mmore Oonpar vaa inapt red te bia work Hen- boreee, coaling (1 Add apiece, aad trevailmg t 31 to tbe mile, or aeventeea Bailed aa bear per dar, eerve their proud and careful owners Hera beauty wine the a?pte; but ' what's ta a baaaaf" aepae tally aa no>i of tbea are likely to be chaaged, bad tbe* isle what a dilemma they would throw your vnr ed read-re, for they would name tbea aa tbey read Here Bum mer board baa to be pre etgeged la February Ii*rr are be betels?bleaa a kiad rrondenoe. Here 1 wo*. 1 lo-aver dwell. Hear! ye fhabion leaver*, oath ag raa exceed Tbe ootu in through tbe Bye Here ia a foretaale of the bleat hereafter. Oar Nantwc ket Cemepaadraae. Ocas* Hoosx. Najrrucxar, Mi*., Bept ?, ltd* KxceUenciea <f SanlwAe',?Opportuaitim for AayHng ? Occupation fortke Bp nma?? Tke Wan to *?"?* San b-ickH?Abundance of the Grade Or*? Capfffng Ola net from Bright Mget?thrproporrum of Malm aad Fmalm?Eoriting FUKxng and ffkaHhsy Srprditiom? D xription of the Jfede Obaerrtd?IK* JPoaHne ef San fueled at a Trading Place, dc , <dc 11 Nantucket ia aa tataad, O"' Manna* t Beny or all tbe pleasant retreats wbleb abound in our land none offer to tbe pleasure seeker a happier coatbiaatioa of attractions than tbe Island of Nantucket. Hare, tar away from tbe amcke and d ift, the turmoil and buoy strife of your " pent up I tlca,' tbe tired daatse* of tbe town may forgot tb? caiee and rxclteaaeata of bit buatltng avocation, froaa which be la separated by a " waste of water*," and gain a new lease of life from tbe pure and Invigorating aca breeze that cornea ui ah hours of the day and night Bs will exper.-uoe asw and de lightful sensations each day of hit so.oum here, and will take leave of the Island with regrets. To those who have never visited this island its nam* only suggests the whala and its capto n?the weather beaten ship, and tbe hardy class of aramea that man her, endure tbe hardships, meet and escape the dan ;ert, and reap tbe rich rewards of their avocation. But Nantucket has other attractions to offer than tbuae which draw to her hospitable shore tbe curioua sightseer or the merchant. Tbe disciple oi Isaac Vfailou Qnda afield bare Ibr lbs exercise of bts particular weakness oa tbe waters that surround the island, wblch aro thronged with blue fish, mackerel, baas, sword fish, sbarlu, and, la abort, every species of tbe pmul yh*<-i Tbe sportsman fiuda the shores covered with green beaded plover, snipe, dueka, geese, and every variety of marine lowla. Sailing, riding, bathing, "aquautumtng," i e . clatnba!*es, cboeder par ti- a, be , will pl- aeautiy occupy tbe time, and keep at a safe distance and defy the assaults of a leg on of blue devil* let them corns as thickly aa they may. It ia a glorious old town, and tbe cheerful influences that surround you are here ever kept fresh in your memory In after dei a The way te get here U as plain as r pikestaff Take the Cape Ood Ka.lroal to Hyan a, where you will find tbe the steamboat lal and Home, acom'ortabfe aad pleaaaat craft, which will bring you to Nantuoknt In about two hour* Tbe sa<l acr?ns Martha * Vln- yard sound is a de l.gblful one, and It It Is wonderfu bow It sharpens tbe a|.petite and braces Mp the y in hour's sail will bring you In stgbt of tba Island, laying idea a narrow bank of mist oa tbe edge of tbe borlaoa. As you ap prnacb tbe island tbe water aasuaaea a lighter bae, tadi eating tba position of tbe famous shoals Tbe channel to tbe harbor is very Intricate, and to tbe inexperienced mariner extremely clangorous; bat tbe steamboat wine a hither and thither, under redo ood speed, la eirfect safety, guided by tba pilot** band. Tba Igber part of tbe town may be seta several miles from tba harbor, but not until you ewtog around a sandy promonotory, oo which stands a Kreenel light, do y oo got a full view of the town It reaaasblea some what that other provincial town, Boston, only a good deal smaller Though numbering 1 0*0 Inhabitants, II appears much larger. In the harbor, at the dooka, lie aevcral whale shlpe, some dismantled, others just ready for sea A few coasting veeeets, aad oocasioaaliy a reva lue cutter, light ship or tender run In Tor a abort time; but you look tn ram for any evidences of thai great Heat of vessels that, In Nantucket'* golden dape, ?tn?d bar wharves and gave aa air o' brlakaaaa ta tba place. At tbe dock all tbe youngsters of tbe place are congre gated to witness the arrival of the daily boat, which is tbe only regalar mesas of coaamunlcatioa with tba main land ; for thta affords tbe oaly exalte meat tba Inhabitant* oaa reasonably calculate oa. The taw* la laid out with same degree ef regularity, aad wears a quiet, easy appearance, with tie neat while bouses aad pleaaaat grounds about them. Tha^aved streets wide and etsaa, and bare aad tbara ta these lam frequ^H aa vigorous crops of gram are sees springing up through I tba cobble atonea?a aad er.-teaoe ef the town's decay There la but noa bote! tn town, from wbleb I date mp la war, aad that wall patron mad, aad, I may add, well bept. Oar notloaable feature tb?'. ? atraager obaarrea white aaunlartng about the Ion t tb? tmmeaae numten of young led ire b? mm, w sob are out of all Jaat propor lion t<> the sun bar ot tbr avarnar ari Tha cooau* abo wa that thara are aeveo female# to one mate upoa tha taland, aad tha atraata are thronged duriag tha area lag hour* by troopa of young lad Ira, modant la attire and daataaaor, and all of than poaaaaawg a. bloom of health rarely area ateawbera, and maay of thaat are baaatlfo! la feat urea aad (rrm Am euoc aa tha beya attala a certain ago they leave the (aland to engage la aaafarlng life or aaek a broader Bald for ?> rcaatlte ar macbaoical puraulU than can be fuoad at ham?. Thla ax plaice tha d la pro portion of make to fbmalaa. II la a very daogerooa epul for baobelora to ru t for aay length of time, tha blandUh mruta of feaaale chernia prorlag, vary oflrn, fatal to thoaa of I Ifift IIUiOSDitbli Italoru Now, aa to the Aahing about the talaad. A anal I party of dtetiogutahed grntlrraao from Maaraehaoatte, baiag dr atroua of indulging ta the moat exalting ef all piaeatortal epnrta?aharktng?areured tha aervinea ef Capt Ouahain, aao of the veteran aaa dogv that abound In Naatooket, and the echot oar Race Horaa, aad art aatl for Oruat fomt, ? bicb uita out into the broad tUaalir??(aa aborning and blue Baa log ground It waa my goud lortuaa It be with the party After clearing the harbor aad greeting with cbeera Out Onll aad h.a party, who wure juat enter mg the harbor la a private atmmbnat, we Mond to the ? aalward While runa ng up, taro or three troUtag liaaa were let out to lake blue fleh, for bait And the (port waa mart exciting Tha bloe Bah, weigh lag from two to tea pound*, biteabarply, and It requtrm a at rang arm to bring tb-m aafely In, aa they are a powerful aal active Rnb At t iron, ihay bite au fUM thai It beooanaa too much line wort to rateh them arriviog no tha l*oiat the 11 mil waa a nab nut la all Utboma of water, aad preparatlaao made tar tha aharta. A third of a blue Oah u piaoed npaa a large ahark bo A. munched to a long aad ttoat ropa, thrown overboard aad allowed to rent upon the bottom in tha m?aawhile the ?kipper mile up earn* Bah aad tnoaaa the pwcaa la th i am about the vr aal, which attraet the aharka about oar lMo*a ta great numb re. Your aaad ahark a a rarraoua m'-oater, little laauaed ta frtat upon man, bat with a karu appraelatiaa far Mae Bah At Brat be geolly alb bl<a at the bait, then, growing lean <aalldloaa, ar ia aad awalloea II, aad ataria far deep water where ha oaa dlgrot II uninterrupted by tha oihore ta the aaaanl Ha who bo Ida the l.aa M not I aft in Ignorance long ef the troe ?tale o' afflura, tor no aono an the maaater 'note tha barb ha metre a rueh, like a team of bm. and tea in oaa haul, the fahiiimaa orerhaard if be It oat eeutinna Phol.og hi* program Interrupted be aatllaa down and rata allnwa biamrK to ba pulle-l slowly up until be aeae tha ream I when hta effort* to wtar are moat rtoteat Deah 11.1 to the oae aide, nod quckl? tarn lag aad ruahlag the other way, ha giraa two men all I hey ?aol la aitead to to bold bim. aad whan, Anally eibaualrd, hia bead rra. hr the aide of the boat be laabaa the am Into a foam, m ngied with hiv Mood, aad not until hia long aad villaaoua nana reretr.e a blow from tha till r la it ixx ibte to pull htm upon oeck They dnat prrerul a plea mot appaaraooa if'oi out oa deca, aa the? open aa I eio- that powerful under jaw. Hood with Ikrae r? waof harp, long tretn, with ? grating aouad. and ear would prefer not to be thrown ta company with them ta thatr elaaarnl A half do/an wblta hatlied fhitew* rewarded our rff nia, their length bring from art to Ian I net The mack dreaded aad rarer maa rater ta maah larger than the a tad ahark, aad mora tana ctoua of life hword Bah may br caaght a boot Nan tu Art of grant ataa aad piwer. They am knrpooaad, ? - * cy. I ate a and tb> r drab ta c?nalderrd a grmt dniraci ?teak from a award Bah, had I caa oocSdrntly my that It raerla m daitenry of Aaror any other Bah i arrr Mated. It ?urpaaam anything rue caught In Amartnaa watera At night wa Baited h ma, with voracleaa apprillaa, whiok ware mt'atrd withal manner of Bab, cootrd la era ry atyla Commodore Jnarph Roy dm, and Hon t E Staple#, Pur ?? r, of Wncmwter, were tha oTIerm of lha party, while the nrrrloaa of Dr Mllla Vara fortnnalaly act onilad Into ?errlca ?The vUtegm of Stanornarl, oa the aoutb ahora Raw km ay fiend, tha Booth aborr Sjaeatama, Ac , I bare not t.aie to refhr ta, bat mar ta another oommunlcatloo The dooiloe of Nantucket aa a whailag port may ba altrtooted to Um ailing up of tha ehaoor, i , the harbor, wwich pn vmta rwatila from rromlag tkr aboala, aalma unlondrd Lighten ar* employed to tranafrr tha Ml flrnm "?tie to the Bhore, and It ta an ananeire aad daagrroua rnrtbnd. How hedtord to now the grmt whallog port, white Naata ket, year after year, la dmltalag Rha rmoa bnaated of one hundred and ?fl? aal I of rmerte; new aha Im hat aavraty or eighty, and the number deeraawm ?very yrar in tier thane clrcamataanm tha inhabitant# are dtraaHH Uietr Ultra nor, to b >ot aad ahoamaklag, hat M the bur'nana baa oaly recently bawi rauHiahed. It la bM known wtkh what aaoeum I'rrhapa la tha fature aha may atand altera Lynn aad Hattck ta tha maaafhotam of ?tmra a?d b>*te. bat n* *?' whallog, tha pa'm turn pamed ?wa* from bar, Barar la return, nnd la a tow mora rmru a Vantorket whtemh p mill bare became only ? raooltec lion of lha peak Oflf Kayyart CntmpiiBkin. brronr, N. J , hapt. It, 1MB. IMntofftvaaM-CTnit ? Mtor-tog fleer-/ti /admamrwh? hMttog. ffoaffn? and f whang?TV Iwk tf rtHbri fftol AeaemawAartene?faUta Ytaff tf (V FncM ?nrgnrvf?A J*1? ftmr an ffharr??torkoto am ?n Mr ffhmfng nf ? Jfanrfan flww? The Bttraf Oramt Kmm Btei-m TV Cteeteg Bap, Ma , affc Thw aataryrtotng inua village, datt?h?aliy attanted aa the with wa Mwm ?f the Hnr'tan bay, aad dtotomt ham ainHwT rtwar abort ?a ar arm* mfm, to yew by yew ?? af alt MP ill; aitiirtii^ii bate tu brto -erogi tM m aaA, ww abewt Ira ar twelve year*, ibfMaWMiouni-MlMnaiwO ro? ibe ineceaet, aad at Mm pnacai wri eg Ma betdM arc oTorbewtug with gwrtda Mm; rwaa bar* MalM I to mm It aa 4a a.raMa a aMaa raaavt, iaar| wbT-t M iu prws<Mily to bra Tort betatf eeiy Iwwij arraa Mitaa 4M4atl frum tarcit/ t>?afia aaaniMa w ma every day. iUji - lag a p?MMi ??!. af !?? beure aa4 a half lo wa Ibe bay aa4 a M|i.ia?l vie*afMa iltoanaueaaa,beidy llaok, taa MigWiaede aa4 ? at prawdtoi la Mew Tart barbae 4 awe vybwl Wart guud feeiintaa tor hataiag, wtiboul tba laaat Wager *< an taai. Maty Buaa la tba diataaw ous a awu.ei breaawwlvr which praeiu lea ibe p aai buity ?r w Mat be aaiarriaaa af Ibia Hid it aa yel rarer dad at Iba Ua thief ad Kcypart The cat* nbn af tba bay which ? about taa Mitoe ia d water, tad abuwda M aaa baaa bad a?W dab, breeaat ladaoaaaaaia af w erdtawy biad u tba lever* af aqaeue aad ptaeato rM acaweranewl, while d geed pleat road to frubild. Ibwwra toth* dabal, partial./ bardartad apoa aad aroM I iddMrn creek aad wiwdtag through a rary Mawaal awl?<* at Iba eowatry. aMerda a delightful driru Tba mia ta Iba wnbt arbaid. eayatieil/ ibat at (Jiff waad, bat I. batl a atua dataat, ara bar41/ la be a .rpwrad aa a rt I or p?u? part ri at. I for Ibe agreeable aad re fteahlag eoolavau of ibr r Made he/pert !l aad Iba ?'f at tad ma?: p..p<;.al~1, ia car la.biy iba b am aad Mtportaat |i* a ta M taawulb MM. N ia iba eeecw through wtMb Iba iaaaa? queelitr af produce af Uml mmmf to Mtruduoed ta tba atty fwa atMMbaaia aad a beat a .toope aad aabaabard ara atl|'d M cvrt 04 tba prad .aa ta Maw Tart, aui tba departure af tba n iiabnua aaab day ? a aud eat Mated aeaaa Tba frwtgbtiac ad taaaarly beat raaaiiia batwaaa baa aad aa a clout aacb Mwraiag, aad coauawa uattl abo barm at a quarter paat evvew. dorng wbtab tar tba (wartry ripm, ladaa with ail rartrtla* of pre duet, we mi Maatartiy arrtviug aad latum tbatr ptouaa M a Itw cileadwg iTvai tba wharf to a c nai tar able d* tbuw tale tba villa** Tbia boat rearhvu Iba city batwaaa bmc aad tea a'ctoafe 4. ? aaa ita ear pa ta a altered aaar lira Miliup. ?i tabwa in t aa tar tba ae?e.a? Maal Thr organ af tba Mac* ? thr K-7 pert bya, a watt prteird aad wad educ 1 paper, taaaad war*'7 aad aaa d acted by Mr t H Mbtly It aaebrwa patiltaa mitral/, aad la drvurd la Ibr lacal t*l?r?*la af bay part aad Mac Month couiity Tba Tola af tar attar MaaUaaad aonty a etrueglf dwawtltc, lb. ab tba raaba of tba party ara equally dlv 1*4 la regard ta I*"*** aad ?r catanddr, far wbtab raaaaa M ? rary pribatla that tba M aad lirarau licbat will carry Ibaeauaty by a night plurality aalwa a fuaios of aeotr 1 ad la aSactad. aiM iar la thai la Maw Vert The bote la b< r? ara boar la a amber, aa fottewe ? Tba Mauaioc Howe* kept by Mr It f MldAieica (I wMi'lf proprtatvr of tba Howard llatal. Maw Tarty the ('evince, tbd AUmMb aad taa Mraaa weave Ula n Smote the butala ibrrr ara tnaaiurraeir priraU bewrdiwg b warn, n-anj id tbrm bordariup aa tba bead. To a r. .aaolt Iiwj at tba Maaawa H>. ar ara af aa eaeaUael ebaaaatar, and tba fuwta ibara are daaidi dly af iba npMMa Ibat Iba proprtatar "oaa trap a butrt." Aiaoap Iba utaldaala af Iba laM Ibw ware a baa baaa b rait ItWM tba jarhi Marparat af taa Maw Tact Yaabt Club, which .operated IraM tba aeaalraa aa taa Blpbl aaacaadiaf Ibr baJ at Nrapart, aa < after a plaauaat cruiw acrcaa tba SaM ai d aj.atp thr lua( Maad aad Jrrarv abort*, mmt to ear bar at thie pltaa. taaaeiap bar rnaift. and ariag a gua aa aba did aa. Mbe bad aa board, la aoiitna ta tba craw a*d tailier Mtalar, bar awaar, Mr. 0 B lhailb auj O.pUia Rarrett !* riep tba aeraiop Ibay were i.? .i- . , ularttiaaf at Iba Ma tiuc II -uae, Vba i.fllocra appear.up ia aailurM. Tba a tun aw eelabratad by a ?read I op. ia a>e?h taa 1 toot part. Utrlr bl a aad rt u draaa roairi M Taa Matirdlaa yacbUMaa ire* part, their bl a Outing much to iba brUiiaac* at I were |iK>loiiged ualil a lair Lour wart prolonged uatil a laic baur ia iba, aaa iba Margaret oc the folio wing day bnrr away thr Mew Tart, tat tag with bar Iba ragrrta af ai. who bad Made the aa quail.lance of her gculn naaiy awwar aad oMai'i* The aMet of the racral heavy raia alar* ? very a 1Mb* la lb* aeighbnrbeed a pert ton af tba read * naal af Iba Mica ma Ho aaa wraa aadarMiaid aad carrtW away. I?*rlag, inuwraa ?? r > ? r. .a wow batag M graded Mtddiatuwa cra.4 waa aa rwulaa mat at awa UMaltwaa fearaI the drawbridge laalieg ta Ctttfwuod would be awapt away by iba fwti af tba rwrraat Iba aaaacw dliai 1 wilt a bap laM aigbi at tba Maaaaaw Houaa, wbmb awa largeiy attended 7h? aaMaroad taw pany at midaight aat dowa b a bountifully peaetde I aap par, at whlob luaan ware oilwwd, aad epeeebae Made by Doc* Id McKay, Keq , af Mnatua J edge Vuarbtaa, af, and* waa thaa raaamad, aad iba foativiUaa awitawd uatil a late fewer * ibe motwi^ MIm TmkiN (k? pitiat, Tbe Oral tarougb L'aiUO MM Mil trow (Maw readied Onute on Haiu-iUj ?iu uataa w> u.? ,ik MM 11m Vtgtlaae* CowmllUe m n,iM i war of astarmi. MlneHNaetttonmtoaraasdulvL T? . mmJZa buag by them ?*> Ike Oib mat , ot. at wbom wm uc-a from tt>* it?r, watte ? k?*vto Um Mw.i. rlnr. nsveral obo had Incurred lk? * -r'naan at v mi Umce Ooma it too M rmobed Owata TbL*,U>Tr* ?????* taOfM to hvor at Um oM provisional rmranrai Uoiwm fttaua ti?i,n?J m-ore. juet la f??? Um We*i r* porta M tUMt by toe *00. oa a pars* TiUaa. ? buodred milee waat at Omaha aa lb* uTimC atlLJZ. bill nt any ~ . ' ,M*. a ruaaaf wneo ba loft The Fawners bad lahaa Ira or aia ?? aad aaeorad fbar or Pro boraaa saatpe Oae Pawnee waa SiUed ? ???! rT arali-T under Lieut Ibrrr, had roar had tho aaaaa of atuaa aad (fcptala Sully, of fort Kraraoy, with a large aetaehwe. of treops a aa aaaaa tartly unacted The drama barad about two huadrod aad Ety Ibt Jaaaaa HI war ?*--T* Rioaaao, Ve, Map u. imp lb# Governor M d <bnn taad la **" aa I of Uio LapMaturo oa tha 14th of January Utlrr to tha aaia of tha Jam? Kiror i FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL.* Tcwdat. Rapt. If?4 f. tf. The follow kip ia i comparative atataoioat ot tha exporta (exclusive of apecte) from Haw York to foreign porta for tha waak and since January h? ^ ^ '**?? lMd taao For the weeb .... . H ot: 2TS 1 tot 441 1.U1 ?a Frevtouely roportad. *4haw 118 UMUtf ardtoJU H.ooe January 1... MMM4M 4T .tot Odd M W.?M Tha enport of breadstuff* to Ureal Bvitaia ia about aqua! to IS'*) ,000, tha lar|(aat waoh tor a longtime. Tbe racant advKse will probably cheek shipments. though tha cbaek will, to ah probe billty, oily ba temporary. The at raw over laet year ia now equal to ?17,'JOf.OOO?orar thirty three par c aat aad there are no aigna than tor ot any of tha morrment. We hare by telegraph from Cape Race two dayn later aewa from Europe. The British fund* are quoted firm at I aat figure*: cotton aieo la firm; breadstuff* are doll. The aewa with regard to the harvest ia very oatiafactory. The weather had im provad. aad farmera were gaining hope. We ne*d r ot repeat at length what we hare ao often said? that an improvement in the British horrent ion matter of rejoicing here. There are shortsighted aad ignorant people who fancy that a short hTreat la England U a gain to the failed Sutes becaoae * puts op the price of brradetnft. which wa export These persona forget that for erery bushel of wheat sent to England there are nix or eight or ten eon sumed in this country, and that eeory advance of a I cent a bu.hel ia ao much tha mora extracted out af the American coaaumer'a pocket; that cheap food the lift of trade and Industry, and dear food n death blow to both; that short harvest* In England check the consumption of American cotton, and disturb the money market, not only in Europe, but in the United States; finally, that every crop that to loet ia ao much property actaally taken out of existence, and a reduction pro (onto of the world's capital to trade for the time being. Persons interested to the Western States nee some times heard to expreaa apprehension* lent the re covery of the British crops should prove injurious to the Weat: tha ronrae of tha stock market proven that these views are entertained by not n few. Tbey are. however, baseless. The Weat wifi thrive with much lower price* for grain than thane now ruling. Of oourse we shall be told that wheat cannot be moved if the price falls below this or thai point. But these assertions moat not bo im plicitly relied opon. When wheat was worth IS a bushel the fanners asserted that they could not afford to grow and ship It by rail if it warn U cento lower. They said the some when the price woe |1 SO; the name when It fell to ?1 16; the same when K foil to H 10 they soy the name Mill, Ud yet u?ey havn all the time been growing aad ahipptog u by rail aad making money at tbe bmdnese. The public "may make itself easy about the West. Its Immense stores of food will come forward, even though wheat should fall considerably lowsr; aad Ka*,aod will continue u? take large supplies from here, rven though the crop* should improve steadily till hart est time. The only difference will be that food, hwe ss well as there, will be cheaper, aad general businem the more healthy. The money market Is active at aeves per cent, with exceptional transactions at 6|. Tory prima scceptnnces go at the latter figure, aad loan* on call are occasionally made at the asms rate. The regular rate, however, is seven. We hear of Aa complaints of a waat of money, Tbe exchange musket tor tha Boston steamy of to morrow closed Inactive, at oar quota tions of yeiterday, nay, for bankers' bills, IOW4 for sterling, and 6.13| for francs. It in rumored that some of the bankers are drawing against stocks. For two or three yean the English hare sent very Uttie money here te he inverted in stocks; the tide now seems to b8 turning. The course of the stock market this mornieg was against the bolls and in fnror of the bean. la some stocks the recent advance has induced sales for the sake of realising profits; while others sym pathize with breadstuff*, and decline on the un from Europe. Among the latter may be olatsed Illinois Central, Bock Island and Galena, ail of which were lower to day. Central was also s frac tion lower, seemingly on sales by parties who had bought at lower figures and who thought it well tn secure profits. The decline in Erie and Harlem w as to be expected. There is nothing in the con dition of theso properties to warrant the recent ad vance. The Harlem, as we noticed some than since, is not psying its interest; the Erie is perhaps earning its interest, bat nothing more. Under Mr. Marsh the rand is administered better than ever before; but no administration, however excellent, oaa create business where it does not exist. Peoplo s ho buy these stocks do so not because they have any faith In their value, but in the hope that other *pe uiators, more reckless than they, will hereafter take the<u ofl their hands at an advance. These remarks, it is hardly necessary to add, do net ap ply to the Western shares, which either are, or are pretty certain to become, dividend paying pro perty this fall and next winter; or to such etookn as New York Central, whieh will earn over 8 per cent; or Hudson ltivcr, which will earn about 6 per rent on Its stock this year. The business in State stocks < ontia .es light, and prices droop. Bonds am in moderate request. This afternoon the market was rather better, and stocks closed steady at thn following quotations:?United States 6'a 18T4, 183 ? 10. Indiana Mtate, ft a '.<3; Virginia 6's, 814 a t: Tennessee ?'s. M| a |; Mlisouri 6's, 7?( a 88; Canton 334 ? I Oumberla> 4 Coal preferred, 13| n 18; Par ?<? Mail. HI a *2; New York Central, 88f n 4: Erie, 33 a t Hudson River, 61| a |; Harlem, 1 *4 a do p eferred, 4#4 ? I; Reading, 47| a 48; Ml'higaa Central. 71 j a 4; Michigan Southern end Northern Indiana. 23| a 33; do. guaranteed, 48| a 43, Panama. 1 .*44 a Illinois Central, 8<| 8 87; (?aires sad CI ugo, 78 a 1; Cleveland and Toledo, 4-, a f; ( h.cago and Bock I Jand, 81 a 4; Chicago, Builiagto* and Vuincy. 804 8 81; Delaware ant H? ds?s Caaal. 83 a 84. The report of the special committee of the Clear ing H ue Association on the Arti-aas' bank qoee bon wn* tin day laid before the Clearing Hons# and ds?< t?*-ed A motion ?a? then made to ox pel the beak from the Clearing Bonne. Before, however. th?- on* put to the vote an amendment wa moted, rvfrrring back the whole subject to thr npo< inl committee for farther examination, wMk en instruction that they report in n week. TWn wan unnufraounly adopted, and the meeting ad jonraed. The bids for |3 .WW.088 of the floating debt fond city Mot k were epet.ed at two P. M. to-day by Mm Comptroller. The amount bid far wan 84,330Jit; th?- awards were at various rates from 18144 to 18148. The fotiowiag in the Item: ? Am iwM JTa* i?M Kv< ow-a NM MA .. MM Ml IT IU.I I auuwf.wlte af* T 1MM 1MTT Da mtjm Ml tl M4 DfilLliilm BOa MM 101 IT Ml Vara k O MAM INN Da MM MIM A VliklMM, An man mm MJM mm Da MM MM Da MM IMN W*H,Cai?p?mBO? MM MAM IV MM MM IV MM IMN tatlvtM MM MM Marr??Malli Trawarm |MM MIM IMJ IV MM Mil* Ml IV MM MIM M| ft I AM MM Da I AM IMM Da IMA MIM IV AM MA AT Da AM IMM A| Mm C Owaoa MM IVallaM- . MM MIM Ml AM mam ? m. Dm IMM Ml At Rvt? t Va ^ IV* DaaB MAM MAM* ????? Matafa BaaB V MA Id IT MAM Da MM Ml AT MM iv mam mi at mm IV MM MATT ? IV MM MA ? Dry Ivaa Aa*taga laat uaa. MM MAI ? Da MM 1MJI MAM Da MM MIM MAW IV MM M1AI MAM Do ?????? MM Ml AT MAM eUwao.MaBOi MM MIM MAW Da ... MM 1M?T ? ? Man Jr.tVU MAM MAM ? Da MM Ml M mm TV * AM Ml M MM IV MM MAM MAM ? *vv 11 AAA MM _ I M IAA J J AMar, Jr II AM IMM 114 AM 1M M >4 AM M A4 t urn lot M 14 A Watv MM loi Da ... .. MAM IAIM M4 IV MM MIM lv M AAA Ml TA 10 4 ? aware UwwaeeeUaaoaay l#T MIM 14 D I aM MIM 14 iVwaalT Atawn I4A MIM II IVavl ou*- I AM MAM 14 V W RomII IAOA M IJ AWM Toaiaa I MA MA V I. Daitra MM MM Ir?MA A'dafi laavauitao M OuA IMM Da M MA MAM iv mm wiw lv MAM MA. Mi _Da MM IM It IvVuaa Aa* agetaMMa'a MAM MN IV MM MAM ? iv mm mm mm iv j.. mm mi ta mm Aaawao'a llaak fa* bflap, MM MIM MM Da MM MM MM w- mm ma mm IV MM Ml TA MM d* mm mim mm Da MM MIM MM Da m MA 101 - IV.... MM MAM ? IM* Rjaar ftarVft laal i a M M MA ? Vary Hart i a I MA MA ? t nat <a rail*! PaW 1* oat 10A IMM L Too ? 1 i A 00 AM Ma? ? IV IM MIM ? Do AM Ml M AVta (.late MM laid r rvM II (AA IAA ? AAA MAM ?awry Taa MM torn Ml Wm N MM BOW lot 00 m IV?M Dam AM IM M _ AVo Dm Mi B0t MM MAM ? Darvara- Aanaja Vwa a MM IM U ? AnawO Mary a Dm* MM MAM MJM IV AM MAM Z IV law IMM _ Mvtft, DBia.r. .. MM MIM ? K MM MA MJM ?a MM MAM mm BMDarA A MaAVa AM MA AM mMVa ?I*Mm IBM MIM 1?M O A MAM MIM MAM Da laaMA IAAM IMM IV MM Ml M W MM MAM . _ D? MAM MM L T hwrt AM MA TIm follovMf ww Mr taiMaai ta 4mf M oMra of Me IVvawv Ill IMM WM A ATI AM || Mr. Mink, Ma rowlrw a# Ma few MvlwaJ Cowpoajr, kaa AMJ Ma ia?arv Mr Java u4 J My, la tko fowrlk oad AIM wortJMC* awiAo Tka I Jaw MW lw AA IIIj jaly IMWTM ATI4MU Tko arailakle kwlware oa hand By tka kwl re port Awoonto to M7.7T7 At. TV Cklcofo Prtm, ander data of PriMy aflw ?oow IaM. re porta M loUowt of Mot aorfcot: - WW toaa? rWM vara I ll |i tMfVw Aw IW WW S paraaoi praaMw wm trmtm poll, aW V ?Vf VMaocM tj par caw TW? V aa aOoofa M DM fWW. Dm ika BaoBara ara aaUN* awly w Maw mm at H par owl TBa aa.HDWaMBa af tW mow WMM www Mipwn w BOM m Dp ma mma ada mm ft a

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