Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 19, 1860, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 19, 1860 Page 5
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Yuea mmi *? i w KxfnfM UM faartet Wiijr. k- iMw wheo ?? Umbot WM i, wit* ? ?!*?! ee at M. ? 44 . qa to ? *MM tuo* paae Hi No I ? wide, Mi N# **? . 4Mi| ?IM At 114*0 b. abide -*???? > hinda M Me. e Mi tor No 1 M" ?? ??'??? M ? M . .M N*. t aprkg ead 1*' a ?? . to* "jo i*4 At weekly ?tatnn?M of A* FVwMpMs banke ymNH the folk) wm* aggiogMe m compered wMh IkoM of the prevtoua week-? *r. io .%* i? Mpttal Mock .. Ml TV 1T4 II 1?T?4 "W ? T# Sm ... . rr Sit .to *1 m he .41 ??? Hhn 41 4 ?? I Ttl c.l Dec.. 1. oai im fro* Wui 1 ?t I ?2T 1 ?K?*> If. M< m.1 ?ee to Inu.m? 1MB Ml S 4* III tee. it M |M* |4,0t?t? I* HI 14 >???. -in 701 SKa tattoo **?! lli 1IIMI :I- II 11m earning of the Clilitli tad To edo Hail md the aecond week of -op*- aiber shew aa foi |HMt week i*ta ....Ilk 114 " UN afijt ^?nyoaee. ................... ... M.di4 The earnipg# of the Chicago, Hnr.iOgt'in anl ^aincj Railroad the aecohi Wf-k ti ^aptMkber ?will again pWe a large n rea*e #23.000 a #1 ?<-?4 ef the nam* week laet year. Wa read in the Albany l ru' ->pt. M Aa tmmenae quantity of groin a no* fc? 1 m freifht ear* od the tract of the Srw Y wk Loire 'lelr-ad, juet wttbeot the bound* of U>?- ?r Ue* of ".n tea ee Una leaded a about a >ui< id la o*th. ae t it 4 ae?? wea 1*0 ar three dava after a tar 1 tie told tw 'e it out. be 4e are red. The new order no# m It???. w> refeae at the Heetern elation* greln ei t toed .a b w'JI 1 a |w> a ?lop to this inconvea.ei Htotk rvcw.t ^pt i*. imo $13000 Tcnn 6* '#0.. 90 ( 60 ?b* ?Ur em RH 14<. MOO Virginia 6'*.. #!'? 300 4.>. trai.blO 4?V 4000 do tl'i 60 4< *60 4* , 1000 Mtaeoun . 80fg 600 do ..*30 40, 8400 do mi300 ( RH ? 30 4" 6000 NOeroiina 6*. 9S'4 100 '11 <?'? 8900 Ilk to Cy w In 103.V JW M ch -o RR . . . 71, 0000 NYork CoulO's 98 V 200 do o.M 71 60M Ern'RK 1 m bH Kid60 do iM 71V 3000 KRK3mbl8S3 "9 100 6000 ErieRK Inn *3 v 260 >1 S'B k 9 toi V R 21 6000 Eric RK 5 m be 77 ', 960 Co bdo S\ i 4000 Mlcb Soefada Hi v loO lo .... Ml 21 4 600 III Ccn RR bd* 99* 60 In ?JQ 21 6000CANW 36 200 II SNla g ak ?? Ml 49 V 60C0 do 35 360 do 660 4'. V 4000 LFrletW lmb 77 600 do (30 49 6000 I' Ereli w *2m 1 43',' 200 1 49', 6ibi Am KxBauk. 10 ! s, 100 .xnani RR *00 1*2? 344ChntooCo 21, 100 111 C RRne? Mi, 160 do M 375 6- *4 100 do b60 22 , 26 '?> blO 84 V IT Pel 4 H'td Can Co 95 V 60 J" 87 V 10 Prnn Coal Co 82 26 d 87', 26 Pacific MSBCo. 760 64 100 do *10 87 V 60 do boo 83',' 100 do. ...MO 87',' 10 do 83 160 do ?T V ?64 N Y Central RR.. 88., JOO (U<r h i it RR... 12, 100 do b60 88',' 60 i.nlsoa .1 <"hi PR 79 140 do 881, 260 Jo.... .MO 70 100 do "60 88', fft? do 78 V 144 do *60 83', 60 do blO 78', 460 do 88 v 50 do b4 78'," 000 Erie RR blO 33',' 60 do blO 7>V 111 do S3 *, 1340 Clcr \ oIRR .. 48 800 do *60 31 V 700 do 1 JO 78 ,' 100 do 11*4 700 do blO 48 , 700 do SIM TOO do blO 43 800 do b3 34 HOC Cil &R lelaodP.R 811,' 76 do b30 34 200 do .... b?0 H2>,' 860 do hOO 34 2.8) do blO HI* 800 do 160 34* 300 do bl? 81* 100 do b60 34 , 360 do b30 81* 100 do bOO 31* 60 do b30 81* 866 do blO 31 600 do 81* 6 Ml* RRua'tdelk 33* 21V do ...?40 81* 86 Hudeon River RK 68* 230 ..h. Bur k Q*n R. 91* 60 do bOO 61 4 160 do 90* MO do 63 100 Mil * Mim R R.. 14* 800 do 02* 150 I* C rouMA IIRR. 1, 376 Harem RR 19', 4C few Jersey RR.. 133 800 do b30 19* 8 at ON D BOARD, 414000 r 8 B'e '74 sou 163 000 -ha Reedjag RR.. 47 V 1000 Muaourl 6'*.. 250 da.. 47 V M000 do ?3<J 80 11)00 do., *60 47 V 14000 do 80 260 ?;a! .bCfc: RR.b30 79 10000 Teen 43, CO . 90 V 50 da., 73 V 7000 Micb-'o s f bJ* h\\i 100 If -h Oiatrtl RR. 71V MOO CbihSWif 80 50 MicbSnJ.N"! r elk. 48 V 100C0 UCSP.lmetcb. 192 50 do.. ....... 48 V 1000 ChlkNWlni 60 V 150 :ilb:o:* Cent RR a 87 IMahaCnntce Co... 22 * 60 do.. .... bSO 87 V 840 do 23 2uo L ev f. To! RK *60 43 800 do btlO 33 >4 JtO do. 48 V 900 do b60 24 200 do. . bio 48 V 60 N Y Central RR.. 38 V 200 do. 48 V 100 Brie RK 33>4 IU0 lo 48 V 836 do 23 200 Cb i .ki'.ocxlaRRaOO 81 366 do "10 33 100 do. 81 V 160 HudaonRit KKbOO MM 100 d*. 81 18$ do 62 100 do. 81V 19 V 400 41V 100 Harlem RR }>ref. 49 V 50 do., 80 V 140 do 49?, 60 d" 53 31 V 144 Beading RR ?7J4 160 do. 11 CITY COMNXHCUL RSPORT. Tvwumy, H?pi 18?4 T M. i?Tbe tale* wore limited and prime were u We quote pole el $6 25 end ieerie el 86 56 *. ?MAoermm ? Fioer?tbe market wee beery eod agate lewer, but rather more ectire at tbn " aeeaeioa. Prime Ml off about lie a 16c. pur bbl oa the immou and me diem grade*. while extra brand* were Tbe ?dee looted up about 183)90 bbie., oiot'eg wtibio the fol lowing rarer of price* ? ?apartae Siete .. $6 25*88 36 Extra State, (Tor. eld and new whuat. . 6 60 a 6 66 Super* r-' women 6 26 a 6 35 Corn in" a to choice Wmtern extra. . .' 65 a 6 75 81. liouta extra 6 00 a 6 75 lllied to llratgbl Southern 5 30 a 6 10 Htmighl to food extra 80 6 16 a 7 50 Choice extra family and baker*' brand* ... 7 0* 8 76 By* floor 3 60 a 4 >0 flern meel, Jerecy aad Rran-'y-r n* ... 3 60 * 8 06 ?Cbr.acIan t: >ur wae in fair requeet, elth a'ea of 360 bble at 65 70 a $7 'O. Southern flour wan in good rw qu--*t, cblelly fur domeetlc uer ecu forth prntul to tr ipuml port*, wlib aale* of 2,300 bbi*., with n It* range of tbe ?bom TioUll'-n* Rye ft ur wax b %ry at our iifnr*#, with ealee of about 200 b ra Com meal vaa ? ret, with Mm'tr 1 *.ile* at nor qu ?latino*. V> u-et oprue<l with teea buoyancy and artirlty while prtoe* w*r# again lower The ui*e embraced about 76.000 a 30,000 h *h' It, at $1 4> n >1 66 for white Kentucky, $1 46 f >r oomui >n ?bite Boethera. 01 2b a 01 80 lor red and amber colored Wee trrn . 07 26 a $1 28 for rod Rale?ill* latter fur ahoine.. 41 M for HllwaeXer rleb. 01 21 tor Rackie rpru>|, 01 20 a 81 21 for No. 1 Chieago epriag, aad 01 16 a If 16 for No. 8 do Core wan henry, aad cheaper, while tbe demend me* Mr. The mlee eat raced ahoei 00,000a 90,000 buah el*, lecliidmg coramnn to prime V etera m 4, at 66,','e aOOe, high mixed or relicw at 67s. and c. for rood Weatern mixed, ir email )m?. About 1,00b boebaU oar ley were en'd *t Ms . an t 7.100 buabrl* *prlng Mat* bar ley. at f9c Oauwi r* lower with ealee of Wietera an 1 Male, at 39c. n 40c. Onenea.?The chief mnremeet to day wat tbe aale by ?nation. The eelaiofrve cmbrucod about 6.712 bage R.o, all of which were eoid. it drew a guod aad eplr.tod crowd, and the price* rbu nel 9m the'tetter grade* -elabltob ed aa adrance of fall >,r. to J,a. per lb. ^le* were aieo made, to th.? trade, of 100 baga .-R Dcmtega at 16c., and 866 loguayer a at 16^ St" k of Rio, aad Sactoa oa I be 11th of September, 1300, 14.591 bam*: *a!*e flir onoeaeip Man eetlmatwl a 4 600 bapr 9*4 of Rio oa lb* 1Mb day of SepUmber, IM0, 11.091 bage. Maracaiho 4.JV bo?e, Oey'oa 7,700 bogs, Saranillm 300 bage, Jarm ?ate. 1,464 gorernmeet hafp Total bape ao4 mala, 87?6il the etook of Km oo Snp?amber 16, at New Or tame 8 006 bM(. Baltimore 3.060 bape. Philadelphia 1,504 ham, at New York 11,091 total. 48 441. x Otmoe we* Cr-j nnder (be nflaeoee of the eewe. end the eaiee embraced about 1 004 a 1 300 h? ? r . o ag wftbont change ta quofatioea The toll rw ap ? a ,t*te. meat of the moxcmenl In r?>ttmi aiace the lei of R?p**ai her hmt, aa compared with the peerluue three yean ? 1367 1643 1366 1360 Raeeired at Pnrte 7 000 S4 040 4>> 000 46 004 eH. to Ureal Britain 6.400 10 004 34 .000 3,000 H. to France ? ? 1000 1 MO Rx in other F piRe 1 004 1 040 7.400 2 604 Total export* 6 t<? 17 000 S8.000 12 0O0 ?eek on hand 34 000 83 000 112,000 tit 000 ! r*n?.kT? ? i'aim were ilemly. but etitpmeete were nam* lee* ecttr* Tn l.tT*rpool about 16,920 in 40,9"0 1 hmtoele wheat were enpapel. In bulk aad bape, chiefly In the latter l?rm. at <5t a 13Kd : end 10 901 haabeia nn, tn bulk, at 12d., 8.000 bbl* flour at 6- M . end , 948 oble. cheeee. by at T0? Ratm to Iaedon war* aactire, but quite f.rei, 600 bnxee m4*m eere en ] red, by eaiHat r-eeele a-6<x t t?*l wn eogup*11 <1 leeguw tn load with wbeet, la ehtpp-m nap*. Far* ? Ra -ina oontlnoed grm, w th aale* uf layer ra - I mm, at M 25 aad M R * at 83. ?Palee of 609 a uOe tele* new too. .0 ehlpping arder, were made at Me a 76e Old eae emree aa I mm teal Lmn?Fair m>?noframmee i*d htrnp were mat log m $0i a 81 for tmth eorta. Mm a eae* trer* steady foe all gued qualiltaa, while eatea "n'jtaTPmax> were without change of importance, aad mton were light am?Pork?The market wn beary end price* with ?*.?? ef about 908 a 1,600 bbat, 1 (Wrung warn mam at f ra a $14 M end new pntne at $14 a $14 60. ?aaf w*n heat 1 hut ta pood demnad. wlta aale* of 644 $Mh, at 84 a $6 for rouutrr n>?m, $3 a $6 60 repacked mem, end extra rt 111 a 111 60 ?af?n we* ar-irce aad wanted. O-it mrau were quiet but Arm. Iarl wee Wee dy, with eetmnf gag hMe. and twrtwe at 18c * IS ,0. ?tie* ef 88994 lb* rough eidee were eolf at 10c Sutler ?kfl^eVeeo* were to pood requaet. w ih ealee at full ?onxcrp n 1* yoed demnad. Holler* of Itmt'irky ere eeeyirm, aad meet iota wkbdntwa The aale* embraced mg halm Vara at p 1 .114 erne* aeed Imf at 4c a IV ?Salratf 100 saga pepper were amdeetstge , and 488 maw renew el p. t Rich ?The flret arriral of new rlc, to oa-k*. ere-tered Tfeterday: 10 rwm era* receired, br eteemer fhrni Cbirleeuu, to-dav.aad wa rmwi.ucrt toMnuri fmiarnt, ?aebe h Co., of thle rllj; It oniwwted nf 4?caak*. wae ameiiered a fw'ie* quattlT acd w*< btli at 5^0. 8ruA?a were ?teady a?.1 in purl rrqqmt, with ealee of abgnt 1,600 hkJa c .b*. lie 4.1. a OJ*-. for redeing pnodn and 01(r a TV to' pr-r-v y pri Jm. aad 700 bourn, part pi * V *>d Vie rcwtaiadcr *4 t. W?..? M wit b-try, with me* of r><0 bbio at 23?. tm .ttrthara CtllforaU. OIB ?OMXT~ <-tll TilJJT CUKKBtrONOKNCB. Matin's Rjjicb, Hosar Liki Viuxr, J Northern California, August id, IbUO. > TV'i?t Hfa#o? ?**4 H*P*dUum a Jbcusa? I J/u ffcktlr wll Fak-lle I diuM?Subtequent Inter ' wmi u4?* Ifmnrmwcfca uud AVpoliafkm 0/ a Treaty of Ftaco? Mqoicingi of Ike Honey Lake Vallryuie at the I Mm<11 The W gm RoaJ F-pdttion En Route for MmrymlU, <tc , 4c. Siaoa bin battle with the Pah Ctoa, Colonel Lander and hli pari7, through the agency of tire captlvee, had obta.m-d an interview with the war chiof, Winne mecka, and cloaed the war. Bin terma were the nuapen ??* of ail b<wtilities, by both whiten and Indiana, lor one year, that Congreaa in tho tufuwf le may havo 1 <ne to into the caaaea of the war and, if judged expo 1 dtcnt, make aa appropriation for the purchase of '.hoae portKua of ihe Indian landa occupied by tho whiten. Toe c'tiaera e' Honey lake Valley were beiduig public meet lege .a celebration of the event. There art) bo toe danger ol the war Being eommeroed tpto by the more rcckteoa I of the it-filer num. Two 1 ah tea, who ..sited liar rey'g Hooch on the I atrriaCi of the armial. ??, were taken priaoneeo by rnlt* J (i'fi try-pa tb"n unaware of tho peaceful diipo aitor: o' the Indiana. One of tbcaa waa fired at ccvernl t iww. and knocked down w .lb a musket while caduavor lay to eeeepe A ><*w ' f the aettlera had joined n th e rfl-tyonrt eh. t 't *fae Indiana. On Coionel L 'e arrival the latter were relented. Bo wan compelled to detail uo ariaid g .aid to prelect ui ui, and ha 1 sent them back to the tr>be Binae in ? alia r he had referred, by a public fetter, all -natter* relating to the In.I .ana to me regular agcut, Major Ikylge, wt.o w in tbe southern port of lb? Territory, hav ing tirel prt-(?r vi the war chief to expect a visit from : - a- r l - r I u ' aniler u a ?|ie;nl ?.:-nt to tribea aUng the rente, aa Puperuitendent cf the Overland Wagon Hood, and la incensed at the conduct of the rhitun a'trr ho read us moasougora to appnao them of the close of the war He baa refused to act any further In the Hie men were orders.! to shoot any individual who Interfered w th the unarmed Indiana. Louuar'a cruras throori out baa be-n aostalne-l by a large meeting, brld by the pro. pa'. aotttew toaa of whom had lost re lal.ree ac<l prop- riy dunog tho war Ho tubmittod to ? banc# to protect the o\ erlaad em,grants now arrlviug m large number ? com l-sted by the ."ah I'tes. Uir, inter view with W lauaaiucka la described as a very one. aPd the drta ia of be emi-raecd In h.s report to the Department of tbe Interior. Tue work >m ihe wagon road was complete J, and tbe overland expedition on !ta war to CalUom.e. (?tirutlai from N?w Mexico. The Net. Mu qh mail, w.tb Sttiit* To dates to the 2d test., armed at ?oJ?po;.J(.noe, U ,, oo Monday erening. A I'oaveut on of the pxple of New Kexioo met at Sauu Fe on ite LTib u t , for (be purpose of malting arrange ment* for the pr taction o; their i.rec and property from ?be ravages of the Navajo and other Indian*. They re solved to raise 1,000 volunteers, aod naked tbe Governor to receive ibero, bat he would not. Tbey then pane l resolutions that, owitj to private q i^rda between offl cere of the regular army, no dependence could be plaoe.1 on them and that the regular Uoopu m the Territory nre nv.t etjfi - ot for ita protection Tfc. y determined to take the de'cnce Into their own band*, and n call for 100 mounted m-o from each oounly war made. Manuel Cbavia was eppolnlcd Colonel of tbo BOthA#'' 4?<l *' " ",">clea 10 ?Pta ,h" s??"P?lru on the th^?/r#nl!WOy hM T"*^ * Oh'opnlfn agatast tbe rf fidtki! '"?im oupuaui columoa on the lit -i?? *?" ,l* f""1'* baod of KIowm' nainberlng eleven n. jtatannk. their chief, went to Allison's ranch, on Oow ereok end agreed wiih Mr Peacock, the proprie tor, to soma next dny and go u Pawnee Pork, and ma-e a treaty with the I oitad Slate* officers. True to their promine they max-. and Induced Mr. 'Mlti K? 001 and look through a spyglass at, a* they represented, a company of soldiers a d .stance OH. While Mr Peaoock we* in tho act of looking they shot him through the head, and also through tbe body, killing h.m dunlin I!"'' ,U,tn *hot ^ M'erI- *"? <*rk, but (lid dc t kin bim at orm. He retreated lo a room where there waa a tick man and warned hiin of what waa going on. He then sank down and died The eick man was armed with two re Toivcr?, uh.cb the JnUieas belog apprieod of did ne* vn*" hlB}' loaded eleven pouiee with good* nod Tbe people at Cow Creek were ixpcctiog an attack from ?ome Indian*, and had only cne company of soldiers to protect tbem. Mr. I lay i? lost eighty hand of on tile at Cow creek Thrv were run off by n stamped* of buffaloes. He la ei rout* for San la >"e with a large train. A band of Pawnee and <ne* Indian* a few day* ago came to Couno.l Grove and rna off *igty baud of muiej end ponies. From nil th* Information had. It seems that there la a determined plan among the wild Indiana to make war upon the regular army and citizens travelling the plamc iwnorons or run tun canal?tub koman catho lic ORPHAN ABTLm?A PXKRV BITWggN H AHLXA' and wutghotu ooiutt, arc. This Board met on Monday evening, President Jones la th* ehahr. A* soon a* th* mlautee of the pi*ilun* moating w*re read aad approved, th* foUwwiag resolution waa presented by Mr. Sut - .. ^ M??nt T?tr 1UT, th* Obrporstkm of the otty ef Mew York ceded the revaaee arising from d?"?? 10 ">? ???? go vera men t to aid in the coo tructlou cf tke Erie canal, with the uadtrilwmlmg that upon the can plot ion of that canal the aald duties -boull rcrrrt bta. il th* elty again, and, whereas, the Erin canal has been long since completed, aad the object for which said duties were ceiled no longer exi- ts therefore Resolved, That It be referred to the Committee on Plenace to report to this Hoard at aa early day as to what siep. are necessary to be token by lha city author! ties for the purpot-e of recovering back the auction duties for ti e u e of the elty lm?,ry,a? well m Z balance < f th' i? venue therefrom accrued -inee the r blert for which tbey were ceded ceaaed to eaiat aad also all otter information relatlv* to th* subject that they mar be able to communicate Tha resolution waa accordingly referred to tbe Commit tee on Elxaooe. A resolution wee adopted ,o the Ptreet Com miMioaer to report to tbe Board the rtarai why the ordinance of the Coetmoo Jotncll, adopted ta IMP. to re duce the grade of Fourth avenue at It' tutaraaeUno with Thirty ?, arth mreet, Is not earr ed let. effect. Among the report! pneeated wan a report of the rota mmeo no Amrssroeuts, 1a fhvor of donating the earn of ?"4;B 71,lbeaec<weary amount lo pay th' aenraemrnla against the property of the Roman Oat holt* Orphan Asylum in Piny tret street The report was laid over under the rul*. ' Tbe OniLsel of the Corporation wa* Itwtra^ed. bv rmo luttna, I* inform lha foierd If the laying of the Lrotna main* la Fourth avion*?direele-1 to be performed by day twork by th* Ootow Aqueduat '-frlMi n ae cordir.g to law. Mr Qiwiii preeentad a rraolulkm ta Ihverofeoteb iMMtaf a forry between Hariem and Western* <v nouaty to mart from the intersect *.n af Third aewnue and the ilarlem river, or la that vicinity, and to terminate at tha rordham landing. The remfouoa wat refoned to the appropriate committee. A large batch of report* of the Commit lee on Road* aad ait?00?"1"*'" W*r* Pr*a*10'1 "d 'nr rut ore , ~,?r>rtae; general order*, the Board adjourned till Thar*lay Ceart ?r ttsasral hmleae. A TOCNO KULA1 *k*T TO THg WTATW rr.UWV row Lin. ^T. " ?The principal oner disponed at thi* morning WW* ? charge of burglary la the dm degree, whieh. aa ?he ens not wdl ?how, rmolted is the onevtcuaw ef the acruard wad hi! cntaoce to a long Imprieoamewt. A boat noon ffn. H MeNorley.a yautk alaetaen yiwre *r age, wa* placed on trial, charged wiU. burglarKvuiy <mter jg' the dwelllac house of Jems* ? 1^**, So T? Jan* *tr*t>. on the night of th* 7th of Acgwnt MrRorley aad a an federate haviag brwkew urto th* beam, they prnoaadad ta their feloo oaa dreiga. A bundle c?*tata ag wearing apparel, valued at tatd waa prepared by Ik* burglars, bnt fortunately for th* eeda of hallo* wamr Hut; hinane nfu.* Ninth prerlort. war pwwtOf the bourn at lour o'clock ta th* moraine, ami iueonn*?d ,a arvaM iag tbem Th* evidrore th a morale* was brief bat rtanrty shewed the guilt ef McSartey, a* that th* tery promptly mo lerari a verdict of gwMp The reoeree it th* Court that on tha Ifoh ef Ontobar Mtfbwt.r waa lodirted foe burglary m bracking wte the P1 'mm** of th* Amemar Wood aad tfmSor Com - . --?. ? ? af petti kri??f aod emit ?* Mask wall'a lataed for ata The statute in refaraace fo burglary la a* Nrtrt thai if apereoc tfguiity of burglary oa two separate easwteo* th* pre* Ml lag Jadge iboll sawlmit lha prmaw for UN Judjs l.,mel: ? aroordiagly comoaSeTTsewtaara Mefcrtay to imprtannmeni ta th? atate prtaaw for the terra of bn natural lif*. Richard OTfall, who was ioiatly charged with HMbwk>y tB burglary, pleaded guilty to burglary in the third (Lgme. and wan saat l> the flag *ing prison for ?v years Gotleb I.nfenmuller pieasad guilty to an s(tempt at grand larceny. having bran d star led ia the at of atral of Iwn Soma oatam sg miutaery worth jm from tbe ?b-re of Jamas A OBraldy. No. ? Park piora lis wa sewtenced to Mai - weir* Island (or oaa year f elled Btmtea Mafrlet Owmrt. Wit IS ?Tbe Septa*bar term ef th* Ptatrlet Court waa opened this morn g. whan the Graad Jtrj, of which Jot. C Oorper, K?n , wa* f .remaa, were sworn m Tbe Judge br'efly addressed the Grand Jaly, tell.rg tbem that the calendar whk-k sraaid he aubmittwl for their oooalderatlM contained a catalogue of orimm frea p-crtar down to Poet OiBee robber ? and petty lareeay The statute did not require that the Court should che-ie them specially on ear of those offeaem, but If a difficaltr arcee la their mihde he would, of ceuraa, aid tl-am. The law pertaining ' i thoee caace wa* the ta>n. a* thx of tha RtataOrwt*. with which they wra? do<ibt ws 'km I ?r Tbe '.rami Jury then r't rM aad tbeC'i 'rt * I i rr^.1 tar fhp day. Htrka RlvtrlaipnTtMMt. EXCLUSION OF TBI COMMON COUNCIL. The Harlem River and SpuyUn Duyy*i Navigation Oms pany treated the member* of Um Common OoancU to an excar*ku wvraad Manhattan Island y?ttordny. The iMUMr Trim peter, one of the fleet Mf handsome croft owned by the company, left Hudson park, el Spuytaa Duyvel creek, yiwttrday, at eight o'clock A. M., and touched at eeveral polnta along the North aod Beet rtvere, where she took on board the part lee who formed the company. Hie party comprised a anmber of the moat substantial and influential oltlxene immediately interacted the cirtumnav .gallon ef the ielaad. Among them were a full delegation of the Common Council, and their clerk, D. T. Valentine; the Co rumiea toners of the new Wea tehee tor bridge at Maeomb'e Dam, Mwnri. I. G. Morria and Charlee Bath gate, of Wtatcbeiler,and R. i'. Car in and and ? Stewart, of New York H H. Elliot, C. If. Connolly . J. V. Seaman, Isaac Dyckman and other member* of thd Commiselooera ot Washington Uuigttu; Senator J M Murpey and aida ol the Harlem river survey, bcnidei John 11 Haakta, and many other prominent citiiens of New York end West cbeetcr, and Mr. Seeley, of ProoMyn. The ? xcureionieus partook of a lunch on board the steamer at Macomb's lie to, after which, tbey passed under the If igh Bride totke Century Koose, whicble the bead of the navigation at pre sent on the river. Toe party then paid avlslttotha house W Mr. Seaman, where Mr. Murphy gave '.be fellow uig cellmatem ot the throe plane for 'ho propone 1 cauel worts, the lo t of which Is the one tie uons.dera most feasible, and therefore favor* ? 148iv STKaer ml Highest clevslion above water in Baric** river bet Dntanee from high water to high water., .fret 6,300 Average cut, to give ten feet of water it ?i , tide feet 00 Earth excavation. cab o nerds Mi 6<K) Knelt excavation cubki 1,319,400 Total excavation to g ve 10 feet water, 74 feet wile en bottom oubie yard* 1,480,000 W.SAI'S CIIMBK UVK Egbert rlovatioa above water in Har'em river feet 33 Distance from high water mark to high water feci 4,417 Average cat feet il her th area vat ion cubic yarda 147.204 P.nck excavation ruble vaide MfM Total excavation, to give 10 feet water, 75 feet wide on bottom oubie yards 441,793 spcvnw nevvst it** Higbrrt elevate a above water In Harlem river l?et 11 Distance Irom high water mark to high water mark fret 3,800 Average cut feet 17 44 SArtli excavation cnbtc yards 188.M0 ftoek excavation on bio yard* 30,b00 Total excavation, to give 10 feet water, 76 fee* w.Je on bottom cubic yards 234.000 kfr. Morr:?, the President of the Company, was then called for loudly, and he come forward and stated tbe history of too e lorts mane to establish navigation on tbe Harlem river and Sony ten Duyvot creot, and ex pressed tbe advantages of it to the city of New York anl Waatohester county, showing it to he a oouvenience to tbe rest lento in the vlclu ty, and the naturcl means of eommunicaMon between the North river commerce and that of the Scund. He considered that tbe city, Stale and general guvernmeuts should pay the e-pensos if the proposed canal as well as tbe work that has been done oa tbe river, and assured the company that, whether these bodies uegleited to do their business in tbe matter er not, the company did not intern! to neglect theirs. Tbsy will do their duty. (Applarre). Mr than made a tew remarks favorable to the project, aod the party adjourned to tbe house of Jotenh Goodwin, where they were warmly outer mined, finally they re embarked on the Trumpeter .fund were soon alter landed in the city, muah pleased with the pleasures of the i'ay.'rhloh wore rendered tbe mem deligbtf 1 by the brlMiircy of tbe atmosphere and the warmth and geniality of the weather. Personal Uklllgtavt. Mr. Haekett, who rneently aold hla noble and re markably '-central reatdeooe upon BePovuo Mound, near Car lye, IlimoM, baa J oat purohaaad a met and raorh admired our, oo.erln? a few acree, upon the height* of Yonkera It waa lately owned by J. H. Wicker, E?|. Mr. Shaw, the rich old bachelor at St Ion la, a/alnrt whom Utile ChrnUnK brought that Cerrou* breach of premlae caar, la aaeoaaed 9660 300 for real aetata, and 948,.100 lbr pernoral properly. Kflle i.; alU living at St. Iionla. the la not aaaaaaed for aay property yet. Col Man at! eld. Unite I Stake army; J. P. B PeBow and family, I.out ana, and Hon. JaC. lava,of MwaLwlpui, are at Washington. Hon. Knbart Mclane, of Baltimore, :a stopping at tba New York Hotel. Antonio Mantilla, Governor of Cuba, ia Mopping at the Aator I'laee Ho tat. Pedro P. Ortla, Secretary of the Peruvian lag it ion at Washington, la at the Clarendon Hotel. I)r. Rogers an l lady, of Philadelphia; .T. M Jaaooa, of Syracuse, tieorga laary, of Clifton, and 0. U> acb, of Hartford, Coon , are a topping at the Era rot". Hons o. floe. D. A. Noble, of Michigan; Colonel Derringer, of Philadelphia, A. W. Merrtam of New Crloaaa. J U. Thompaon, of Virginia; C. U. Richmond and It tdy, of Michigan, and T. J. Powell, of Teanaaaat, are atop ?lng at the Mctropelllaa Hotel. Schuyler fWaala ead OJHegendre, both of New York, aad J. T. Ptckeu, of waahingion, ere Mopping i it the I nkn Place Hotel O. 6. Marshal ead W. Mill*, both of White Rlatqa t Dr. .lewalt, of Naw Ilamphlre. Aja Wolf, or New Yor t. Photo aad lady, of Detroit; P. H Halateed aad W. U Vaa Wegener, both of Puugbkeapaia, are stopping ot th e La fhrge Boaee. Her Back ingbare and Ikmlly. of Connecticut. Hon N. P. Waabbara, of Naw Hampahira; Hoe. W. B. Waahb urn, of Maaaa< huacttt Roneral W B. -'handee, of South* mp loo, Va Judge J P Carutbiwe. of Meeiph'i Judge B . li. Joeee, of MoeUe; Wlllum Piltott, of Month Carol lea 0 ?pt. Thomas Randall, of Month Carolina, J. P. Brlgge, of I tag land Dr. St. John aad 0oi. JetTreye, both of Inniaia an, and L. Pruye and family, of Albany, were among the ar rival* at the 81. Nloholaa Hotel yeeterday. Damn Mrabow, (ton Washington Professor S f Bal -d, of the ihnubaonian Institute It Burton and Mra. leal la, from tag'and; J. M Whltt'more, l* 8. A.; f. lira-giulS., of Boston, i- I "addle ford, of Savannah. Icon Per.'.t aad family,of Cuba. S. B Rucfeacr and family,of UouAville. Ky.; R. J 1'iiluo, of New York, and J. M Br mac and wife, of Chicago, are stopping at the Brcroort H tut The 0t haayler Prand*. smonni (xntit? -picul tb*j(. Before ."Ion. Judys Utgraham. Par lit?The eeuiement la tho order of the New Haven Railroad caee wan aet down for the morale.- The I Judge read at ttugtb tho order aad decree. Mr. Noyea applied for time to ilk hn llcdiaj* oc the part of the New Haven Company. After eome cor between severs! of '.a couarc', the Court postponed Mm matter until tae eecond Tuesday Ir fv-kAer The motion fbr attachment egatavt Taylor A. Bretua n wae again postponed uotil Wednesday, at twelve o'cln X" Th eoaneri for the Obhij droller were la court ready to prof red A rrtrala aad (Departaiaa. ?7, ? PHHP AM MaUmwa M _i _ i! "U. lady aad iwe*Midr?r Ml* MrCuMhia W Tti* I, Steely F Tmrng. J C-wised W Am-r P Pari i L tir ? ?' !>u.?at T Rr ? ' - T Ha k. J Hill I A W-I^Ous VtaCl. lady ut d?. chirr. J o lias. Mn Neamaa. 0 Mama W l>te ul lady J Hart#. J Bar "! kri htbr. in fuln?? J aad A Paeon, k M>r J Pernnee. a Iwvv. A mo-Mb* w < ??>? J 'ir*r. lady aad three ?4.1dran. Mra BeMem, Mr Km*. ladj aad three ehUdrea Mew Oiuui in lfir*Ji*-At?amaho Empire CMy? CaaeiO Rrooka, Mre J loumaa. *n Iform UUpa. L Prte* Oe Aeeuedo W I'wkm, WalMno Qmiijea vntnnie Aim. M T aider ltr.|rt u?., >e*on Wacren M Rr.aterv John be OuMa T Herua Adam Mer*. Path hhrhardt O Dailey *a hails J nr. vi. Mr* III if. m< aad ahi i Cw.vlarr^w- dimnbip ?u?-Vim D ft V Twan, ttre L Wane. T Vm.iL W a Be* Man W n Vir-rW Tbre km, U 9 Purler ? It floodrlrh, > w Vnaeiaa tliai M Krnia Mra M Hwirbar J Marae, ti ttiiyhhrniii. Baal lU..i-ane I la .ha Orrrii* Br? i ?Bwammdv Alabama Mr* La-aa. ehlld lad lef. .1 Mar h.'maia, >?? h-Aiaaai Mra li MrvB P hmier, lie Bat Harraan. Vim Hrreer B.a *? bey, IV Brnalmy. Va hi aim. I> J Uiume. J ? tMBV. J U Remit aad a ivaau W ? rHalal. Ow Hi aaa, H?arf Par iSSTftjEKk ? ? rre?-ea. f ? rradea. M ' ? n, J M Ray weed. Itfip. W A Millar. J Aa Neww M WkMe. Jabn W?Bi >ad 7 m the main II ? evenp??vmBb fMmb-HM Be*ma an, M W A Mar A EreUy. Br ft mllri Ibm Vae i.ilelra, A Oar kaa. I> li.a.eradarf l> Jaaaaa O Askaa, V ? Vrdana. B A ?earn aadaha* I limn ami a far kJ a >m it f ?earn. M hrfonarder. Bar? Maaa. J NarHe.'lda Jar lam. Pa Metre. O B iMmt't (%? Br I Ml a*. V Cmmtaada' aad lady. ^Rrraaewm JMlrn Demdm aghi I rearm Hart, lady aad Iwe Ri'iei OR Maghwand- H?nrr O irvdr ?* "?-* W-Brtt A Mum -ram V Eanwa lam of >kp khl ? ErfUAyEmmi >nlm Pmdanda J a d- ' -?amty tvV'm-Hmri flm> tad vrxrer-i' is barta Umtd Panhay. Jtha <ap ?>t Ma ? lb* atMaraga, MPABVrEBh. ? r?v? g- "^inmVEi fami ' an fiha T Han Wat MMJiiwaa < M Irnwe v. d fbm, a m irrmt ? f r?w r h muard W*r.- ,? .nia ?*? v <i?r . Bm Lhjm M maar Bre ManywM frwra^Hin u ma A L J-wma IVimaa ' IdTAP*'*?StaaaMEi Pt.ri ta-Mw a an <?-aadreti 0E0 lea Wri^.wan. M P ?awv> Bre M P V*aer. t ? V f. m |r6i*. Bdw>rlr trd ?Mi, M?nhini<A .Aa <i WrtaM JiAaauder i-kali'dmee M?* SBh ?? A,'*,, *bA_t> l^h* fBfcbtm '??m.ry. d * Arwdd. t II WtterTBra E ? tt-va * m Ebeiu *, E Wimmjlm" W~Lm* peM.E<jah?a Jaa ? R.jra Vn v J (ta i,J fr-tdu.* fJMi PIPH**!. * Vwaar Lb. jr. u n ru-aJR Hrtaar. R f it/rwim?'.ra mi h t rt mar to M ? pui mar fa- I.UwM'viii. lit aa W nia* |m Maadefl'. V " obea If. i'Wa lea R ? A Jt T i r-v.l- 'V* ?ury? ' <1 lu., et. 1 V ? a? i n u Karvo* ? .? sba* *'*? w A P m-e.t. "<r '?# Piim* ?-/??- t I .sire Mil Ml a A lb , at t i<) 7 ? . ? , tha *??. .c TBW UT? fOR CIJLWIFICAT1WH. Iriw RIWOLB OiNTl.FJf EN CAN BB AOCOMMO A| FEW RINOLE GENTLEMEN CAN BB AOOf ? dated with grod Board aad the onmrorta o< a bom^^H H-am family, <ru moderate. Apply this week at ltd Waal leveateeatfc street, between Seventh aad Eighth arennea. JttBKAT BABOAIN.-THE OTBTF.R DINING AND private fiupper Booms ku Houston street, lo ir Uaeka from Broadway, for aalo cheap. Sa'taiectory reason givau lur Mlluyr^^ppl^.t 105 Houston _st?^, corner of'thompe I A. M. and from SU115 r. M. Board in Brooklyn?h? amity, bbtwebn cijn too aad Conrt stre. ta.--A gentleman aad hte wile can obtain Rooms, with Board, a!ao. Boon.a for tingle yentleon-n; thehooee baa the mix am lni| luveiuenta, and eouveuieoi to caraaatd ferrlea. Howard tebttmonial.- the public are re ai ectfully informed that tba above performance adver tiled at the Stall theatre for Tneaday evening laaL baa be-o poMumrd, by reason of unavoidable -Irrumatanoea. The bene fit will take place at an early day, of which due notice anil be gf?? i', and for which the tickets of lb" l?h Instant will be good. Jt BN OOOPKR, Chairman Committee of Arrangements. OaOMlW. OaoaKBaot 1.K, Stage Manager. HERRING BAFK FOB HALE cheap?fitted with jewellers drawers. Apply to u. 8. CLARK. A CO., It Maiden lane. "WTLLINERY ?MRS NBALB (SUCCESSOR TO MRS. ill Doddi has bow ready her Fall imported French Hon nets, which she will show on Thursday, the Ahhof September. Huuuwrn and Waatarn buyers are la . ited to caH. Madame fleubt, ?a at sbcond street, near v"ecoad avenue, celebrated by her acleace, gives me ileal advice ant son be consulted on business, marriage, absent friends, As., by magnetism and phrenology, she apeatt French, English and Germaa. O'NEILL A 11 OA Nit, MO HUDSON STREET. OF fer ror sale a holce aad wall selecedlbtock of FW1 Mllll nary Uroda, ooaanrialng 'n part at Ribbons. Silks, Velveta, Ucaa, French Flowers, of the rtohast aud newest styles, Foe there, Frenrt F ,on?t Hfm Crowes, Be., Ac . and bare just received a vary nice to. of Grout's black English Crape aud Crape VeiA, which they attar to the trad* at great jadttoe meate. Ihey *tU alsoooan oa Thursday, Sept. 3d, fall and wtr.ter pa'.tsrn Bounds OIWNINO. FRENCH BONNETS WORTH <11 AND <1S, ?riling at M to IR. A lao an avecrtmeut of uew Flowers, ch*?p Msrehai-ts and milliners a tlfile ..elltorall and eiauslne on Iburtlay. at Mrs N. 1IINNS millinery, tld Canal street, one do. r from HuliRan street. R'lLADEl.PUIA ACADKMT OF MUSIC. Tvna (W unswivi Kmis.i. Sti r. It, LA HONNAMKULA MISS ADE1.INA PATTL KIQ. BRIG MOLL BIO. BOOOO. DABTNBB WANTICD?IN A DIXIT SKIRT MANUFAO I u rj, now doiac a good bas.aam. must he abta la f ornlah hundred i -- - ? - - - from ttfkoeo h .ndrs<l to Are* thousand dollars. Apply at the crtmaBonn* shirt Manwastory, 111 Fult-stt" PLEASANT PARLORS, WITB BOARD, MAT RB HAD at Ut West Twwi iy-ae. .nv strsrt "he honse. ocattou es t re .ma are eu-b aaareof'ea a ugbt. CaH far two lays Referweg required. KRSPKCTABI.B rinoi.e n OMRB. ma VIWG EM PLOT taent is storm or work to do at home, can have eomf wta hie Board and Indgtnr <?'- No It I.a ght street, eorusr ai St. JoBa a lass, t aa> abr-n, at t-per werk SHirTIMO TOP WAQOW. PTJI.L RT7.B WAT. RARE BT Tfuaenbury A Vnad'War. m order. and a marly bow . low eat eanh prion, ?I7? Aa<>,>. baa itlfal M?i (main Hantaan, unarl but lew :.m-r Appy at ?ublen At Worn Thtotnania Tib ntKRVRR awt. -iatiob or t :? cursca or the Puriut.e w.'i b U a r*? .tar a* nthly meet-n ? In the h' room m the ?! ir?S, thla iWedneh.ey nr?ii<. at T o clock. A naarr ?H Be io-mI Dr Mr. Wt*. Hani a -tub jeet?"A Kkab h cf th? l.tfi .4 tbr Rwt Dr >."bre*c.-. ? Alt at a cordially uivttod lo au u<l. r RAILROAD lliNTHACtOJW -A rilARTBP. WTT11 largo crept-. fur b-P liar a railroad, a la poaaaaWna <4 a trraun >t.i *!!? ea'.tr hot> arr*arom*-nt wIlA a r.ilrml <am i.-artor ?ia I a a .-iptta' <4 a' leae ? t 1 Tba rale- prthc will oat a eery t-irge 1 roit Pull i-nrMc* are nn a 1 titer r.?? Adtirora. wttb a..nio a?< refaratoe* C.. boa AdOu Mac Tor* /tMRMa TOI.KT.-A LA ROB ABO HARDhttNKLV PL'RMIilllKO front Parlor, trltk rua. for two or t_raa geotlemen or to a gentleman .id bit .ad- to to bo kol at t? B' , U. cm THK HL'B? HI MET. HAVING LTARBft THK K> TKir ?l*a premtr-n Wo. ll<> B Headway. Ac ?jh..p h... j?tr hoe. Ihoruug^i} run .at. d. m wly at d abac it-tly f urotd e.i .a now ready 10 rrwlrr t mi <-n and ?rnth m. n, on oanrri mon.y mode ruth tern-a. biiiti ? K.??aa awl -n. tto of Apartanni 1 a'th or without Hwl tit) Bnailwar. b>-aaati Ttrtniirtk aad Twanly Aral aptta ?)/? WBbT NIMH RTKKKT - Tf) I.ICT. HOOTS OW THK Zl) taooTuI an I tbir' ftoora ?nltahhj f a- gentian' n and thrtr wlvaa and atag'o (eataoutan. Dtaaai at di. Rcfcteusaa ai changed ? rnit -A riiil'-'iiANCKto ktKir bi:t -want 9t)l/w. hd a partner to tarnet Ah ua r-tua..y art h ha advertl-er tu purohm-MI an 1 Incratm light and ploaaant tnuliiem a moony -Ty from Willi A rntala of do.laro ran o ? made rai-l 'lr aoamfelj. App'y between M and 4 o'clock at ML aad 404 llroadwa moat No. t OLOTHUO. A BKTTBK rUAKCR FOB LA Of BR AMD ?BWTLBWRM A to oaarart their aaat of ClnMdad Into I am ?I raoMrnd a Era order from tba South aad WaaL I jnmraahne that I wHi SB the rotlowtnc prteao ?Praai ?? to Ml far RLk 1' on. ^Hchmarea and Baieree paid for am rdmgly fnwa 1 ? ? (or Panto, from Bin tit for Coato, ala ' MrpoU, PorUtoira, Jaw airy, aa. A aota atldmaaad to A, IK Roeealh a*aa .a, betwnaa Nlaateotb and Twontlrth rtrewt^whl ba p tactual!) abcadad Ladtaa attaadadi to by I Acabi> -OBRTLBRIWR BTW ANB I KPT OPP t tolhlnc porahaaad tar lha Bloolaru oiurhah, u larpw or mall loto. CMU at Ifc ? otara or at. I. mo Thnnat I) ttiurd. M I hotrw airet N. IL?Mart haal hJloro hartap aay am haad arm ploaat addroao aaabora. Am BKTTBR OHAMCB THAN BVER WAS TV MM ? of rapt tiff < lothiar at the birbeal SHHI mm we haea a fxreat daman,I far Umat far the Ytetoern marhot IoUmo .* ? aa II em en haetap ar.y at the oame towtiapnae of . an raeolro aa fnUowo ? olih dnmoo. Irutt fto KW fur umlmnrea. delatooa, fornttaro. ear pot ? aad tow-ir . the Itobeol pn e ->alf for, patiilomoo tan rwwtre f<r eoata frora (k M e. 411 for paata and raato tod (1 to >4. Mtoto, ahoea. Ac . tba kutoe I prtoe la (tnaranlhed tm bo paid lor h) aalltnx or addrootonr a oola f>r poaL HABRM, W Rooenth aroaua. aatnoil houae Co KMMMMM LAdtra atlanded to Wr Mr* .'larrto. low Twaal r tratawaat. A 8TI1.L BCTTRR ASP SPRSRT WAT TOR f ADIEU I A anl (ontietoan A3 cat a fair t rtoo far eaat off eit?air *. : Puroltoro. Carpoto aad Jewelry aad no be hontb *r*l by ! n. L. 1* . a wodA Ww *. *1 boa IB) rnj.. ... >A .'Za. aroat puda. la In NaiinttU br pool to 14.'"eeiiU, erente, W..1ch Win be pline-oallr alter.. 1-J l by J ANIfALT la a?(Ltled w> Mr* A. I4ab*> utharonie. A ORRAT DBRAMD.?LADIKR AND OBKT JtMIS JL barin? cam off < louuuf, Purottnre jUerpeie ur Jowelrr lodtopnae of. I roarantee to nay thn loot prtre la tbr t or by aAireaaitir or nalllnr at 1VI ?***nui atonno. between Twenty 1 Aft aad TweotT-airth ahrr ou. whtrh will be a'ten led to by M I AMBaUAM. Ladtea auoadad to by Mr* Abraham. A IIRKAT DBRASB POR ru>THISO f ADTBS AMD A i-eni.emoti be. .aa any caat off l ioth ag or Oarweta ara rnaranleed to rer e re ?a folkiwa - Pont* fee* 11 b>K; Unata, frtnti fl to B>.. Ptik Droaana fr im f I > > tf? for bare- r op/ ??? er ?*??*. ">e hip ?hB.BMBjHI be paid 1 t eaUlnc on or a-MreMMnr A. llarrw 4M I turd a/ruuo. Ln-'oo ?iioaJoI to by Mr* Hanto A ORRAT rHASfR POP. I.ADIBM AND OEST: ? BX A ki tatrn the r eaat tlf elntb'nf hlo tab. Ao f ha e t>e*rd now eoiabUhmeato. I ruoroatoe t wl.l pay the follow. I inr prk r? ?From p.t to fa for e>tk I remap train f I .0 ha U r i p..out a.. 1 1 eata. front U lo hit for matr atat oarpet* ia-t?l 1 tnre aa.l jewelry b"nyhl A nut# adtroao*1 u. U Mint. .U j herea4t armue. 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Mil Tba oteant'-wt Onto-, whlrh rtttth daily |n?ll<mC. re. will ?MSaaPI ti NH lahkibl The boat labrtaa PmA ?bp at S t'eVek A M . atopa at Tblrtr founb Jr- e: .ao ret ,nui from Port RoboyWalk1. P M. taaaanpem 8y ik . him, to and f -m tba Piralp. pay no fare Ttok to 40 real IARfiar OOMPANIKR ATTKmoR -BTBWARTW WO toLCypr ia Hill road. I , m.imfrom Wibtamabwiler-ea I underalrned m now pre,*rw| lo narklate wtthllillinrr or Tarret 1 ompaata* or lha m-m larnrabie tor*M THUR. RTRWaBT. PeuprtWo. TRR MILITARY. YT'AIITtD-A It'Ll, IATUK I liRTroR*. WITH n V Ik* rpfttnm: A?Ur??l 'iawl. Adi? Ar , gbfcDar. boa 1,0 IJ.raM aA. a. 71 AT RMlUtKUT CAIPORV TOR HALT OHCAP I I aaar'j ??? laqaln- at Jokaann a aainoa. II Atq/v*aAa; ?. fa - COAL. CIO AI. ?TO CAPrfATJATA-A APl.KEDin OProRTU \J aHj iiKm WmAI In opm ? Una! aa4 W(**1 Tart la a Am aala tar*Mf . ahrt a?4 *ralrt oa lA* prmnAna ftrp.rueM't anli a? tato'i H?? |rWl araaaa piaat r?4. aaar OKI mm a??a Hm?k If a t O. TOBACCO A?n IK?AR?. 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A Irraka, * A'-Pnea AT An ?* Par'tatr ?a! ?trm< * ? .untaatrt, E"?'a? i. ami kar, lag ' mm aAr >**?< m pr?ab>i la H?r CaANl'i ? aala nf Aw, ?at^.ra \m a?P*?#a aa arttWr In tl. n.l>q ?*q lag a teewMae qf Br, ag Aw aa4 n?#. in mM 1 ??*?. AAn. laim -li.rflw M anf ,'alma for mHartlnn w.ifclq i? ?'?4-O.q nr II" Orma. AAWLRArTO*. OC-w <? <1 Aawi i. Na Araaa Raw fur*. POLITIC AX. COOPER 1MSTITVTK. HON. Ml. L. DATTON, Of New Jersey, WU1 feddrra. thepubBo of Mew fork at tb? ' *>J*' ?? On WEDNESDAY Broiling Sept 19, At 7)? P a.. On the leruee of the PrfmldeotlaJ 'Vmixitm of I860. OKORUK uFDYKB, JOHN A C OKAY. JOHN AUSTIN STKVRNB, JR.? HI HAM BARN FY. SIMEON dkap?:r, David i riir.n, Committee of ArrmnfemenUi of Kepabhean Central fm PaIrd Club. n1 RMOCEATIO REPUBLICAN GENERALOOMMT rTKK? I Tammany i all.-The DeinoerallO Ke.iubllcan Hc'.mn of the tihj end county of New York, friendly ui regula t u(,miE-t Hone and the of ibe party, ere requettod ? a *i>nd * | primary election to be held In their rmpeottve Tir .? on i Wednesday. the lyth day of Heptember mutant 1 A ween the honra ef ii end 8 P. M , to elect seven delegate# # a Ornietv ' Convention, to be held at Tammany llall. on Tbu' tbeJKo 1 day of September, Inel,atH P M , louumioUe oai anda'ee r>,-the 1 office* of Juettce of the Supreme Court Record r ity fndgh, I Surrogate, Kegtater and Super viaor, ccvati del (.rate* to a t'on- I gremlnnal Dialrtc-t Convention, to be held on ' fmtiity avn-lng September 34, Instant, at 8 n olock, to nomina' r % candidate tor I Congrem; and aioe dele?ate? to .An ^.i |Q the nomination of candidal.*? for the Ame mbl- whleb dslnwatwi In war da difldett tn the lorinaUun of Aaan ma., wiU , be apportioned according h> the eataMlahc' ? r,,.;..,,, _ Third Ward?Right delegates to the t; ot and one to the Third. Fourth Wann?Three delegate. to thr dhetrkt and sii ' to the Second. ? gl"." delegate to the I dwr.ot, elk to the Second, and two to the Fourth. Sh&D**'r0Ur d*to|t*>*t *? Fourth dlatrlct and . *">>"? dclegatea to ^ xilrddletrtc. and live i to UMB r Iftft. Ninth Wakd Four delegates to Fifth dlatrlct and Ave to Ihn fee venth *?"*? Waiuj?Five delegate, to foe Fourth dlstriot and four to the .birth EimvanTW Ward?Two dele** tec to tha righih diairlot and ?even to i be Twelfth. Thuhtknth Wawd?Tne del. a^te to-the Fourth dlrttlet, two to the trtith and ala to the K Hfttu. Fourteenth Ward?Two d' Awalee be the Fourth dUtrtet and .even to the Sixth. PirTKiHTii Wa?d?Three d. jfegitea to the Futh dlrtrict, four to the Seventh and two to Ihe Tenth Have.Tn.NTH Ward-Pw? , de.cyrai nao the fclxth, Bvnto the Tenth and two to the TwelO a. The election will be held *t the ph ,,-m and nn ler the direc tion of Ihn tnepectora here matter n inwd. a. follow.: - Finer Wah.i?96 Orren wish air act Innpr Jtara, John C. Bally. John Haley Petur ttoFounoa. Mm ond Ward? 38 Meek man aire,);. Inepectora Jamea Wat eon. leaae Wukin. Albei t ?. Will. ami. Third W.kd?tU Fn Ann a. re at. i'lepectory, K. M. Hag gerty W Fnrt.ll, P. St wdlcw. Fourth Wakd?No. t Dutne atrve*,. Inxpectori, Timothy Sullivan lami a l an d am, June* ]ar iw. wall. Finn Ward- 99 We r Broadway. Inspector., Jamea Law rence. Ucorps R. t'ole , i "buries Hunt*. Hutu Wakd?Ivy t seen, 73 Kir. atreet. Inspector., Owen Kinney. Timothy Bit- Thorn*;) Ityar.. lltnTH Wakd?r drlnlti.. corner or i iouverneur and Dirt amn iliM'A I nape, tor., Alfred W. 1'aJ omr, Jon?th Hiu-hca, Joaephd. Boldreda e. F.ih'itm Wakd?J B Hprlag street. Ii uiuectora, J ihn W.idy, Jnhn Hrower, Adei i IWy hivrn Wakd? if daod 86t (Heeekera jreet. tnepectora. laa. O'Nell. Jarnee I in Jiam. Wm. w. Kloha rdann Txetti Wadd?< irifltth a. 18 . Orch krd aueei, Inapectora, Win tbneo'.ly, Ft Arlee Kline. Wm ('t arllc*. KuiiamWH. b?Union Hall, con ?>r oi Fourth atreet iind avenue U. Inape ctors, Francl. Clark, lleuj. UcFurlaud, Th ?t. Abbott Tw*uth W ir o?McT-mte'., oorne r 111th htract and 81 ava n-.e. luaiicctor*. John it. Matihcan, i leujamlnMoore, Thomas RBey. Iiiiktbenth Ward?Brady'. Hot il, .17 Wlllett itroet. in ? wctora, Johu 'if Trapp. Edward <?> v,dy, Charkw Doanc. j Fot KTKKvm Ward?Oi-j Hal. 338 (jntnd ttrnnt. luapeolors, iP Iward lliR.lna Jokn Oavunagh, P rc.l Byrne*. ? irT.R.TH W tin? No. S Eiuit H- j.iaUii ttrwet. Inapectora, belle. Iliunlllon, Jam- ? Cibson, / .brabam T. tllllyer Sixtrrrtm W ihr?licit o'.. ler SHb avrnr.e und I7lh ft, !u*ueci.ira, tttlllani Morriw n. Pete r Welch, Joh.i Wlliln. I srvinti kmii Wafer?M Smith , i, irner 1*1 ave and 11th tlrect trapeCora, M. Smith, Jam e Kerne, If. itorini.i KtOHTaxarn Ward?Ooraer J3d atreet an 1 3d ave ie. In rpecu rt lb maa lias bcr. (ieorg < H?-?.u J. ha Rculy Ni.arK.NTH Winn-Paraell'a ? ilat atreet. tic*.- J I iiveaue. 1 ueprflora. David Wood. Sllchael M nnhan. John ll'Well Tw> ttii th Ward- Itlairan'a, 97 W'eat :13d atreet lo.v9ft.ra, (pa hcMullen. Jiweph Brenao. Jaaeph I'rerd.ble. Twrnvv W?a a?Ontter*. , corner IMAb atreet fend Id avenue. Inapectora, Ueorge W. ilail.t, John M. Tracy, Alex ander L. Brandon I _Twrrtt aaaoND W -ho?714 8 the- -n .e. Tao; c.tora, Patrick vk I Pelat p, Il'-gb horae, John Mai t,m?. 1L, Coo. reran ma) Dtttrtet t> mvmiUona will be held at the ' folio aire iHaoee vi.- - Diet 8-Pilth Ward UoteL 4? Ivy Itreen ",2 him al -art 6?Walter*' Hotel, torn- w -trand and Rl 'jre atreeta. A? lmfly'a Bn adwuv. under Umarje Home. 7?Halpln'a, comer 9th avenoe and I'flt atredt 8?hit tare A MoCoy'r corner of HJd atr.e-t and tth ave. The Amembly Dtntriot Cm vcdUohm wl.l be he'd on Wednet dav evening, Sopt In*la, it, al 8 o'clock, hi the following I?Mimoe'e, t&UUr aenwlcb atreet. X-Wblto'e, 36 Roar atreet. 5 311 Hprln;; aire t 4? Pytheaaca. Ha 1. Canal ttreet. 8? Adriatic, come r of llutem and Cnrrow atreeta. ?? ryntaL TTH Or ?nd atreet 7 - Mada. ao ner i t Broadway ar-1 Thirteenth atreet. N?adrtattr, eorni r of (Jouiernenraao ilivttijo atreeta 9?Weloh'a, lit f Hath arenoe 10 -Smith'*, Blavi nth atreet and Pi.-*- avenue, ii? Kiaaa. >. 97 I feet Ihlnymwood atreet It- Merer'* 'fall. 230 Third v'raet 18?WOaonW, cor uer of Rtwhtti arem-.e ard Fifty drat tt. 14?Gorner IT? enty teoond etrcet and Third avenue. Ife?Oo lm'a, eon ler of Thlaty onrth at. ao lSec-md avo. id?Faraall't, PI ty Aral Wrect, nrr.r Soe-T-l avenue 17?Hi pe'*L -orr or of libit; alrart and Third avenue. B t order of the Uaaw cretin llep. bllran it ueral Oommiuee. KI.UaII r. PL'RDT, Chalnxma. A. H. JoBW Uaairr. 11 RUT WARD K ATloMAL OHOCRATIC OLUB.? 1 lir b?b>*m if Ik* aboro club, ark) all ihnaa wlihfnr to M IMBtWl, leer aa tadmhors. Bra raqoaatad to ai.ati<l n mwun|. on An]. ad it at<-nlB(, liAA li ml . at tholr roiiBi No tt Or-rnalcti at. AraAKN J A M KM PITIUCRALl). Ckurmtn. ' M ICHAL HaLONPT, Vkx> Chairman. D? ?au> iMrar, h craurr. m il, Kooonltac Kavraiary. Jab bbCataBab-i, Ti Tioirar. A TH WAW ?TUB FOIJOWINO DRI.RQ ATIR WRRR It cl nctad W "?."*? at tfea Poartti Oaa?i taait.uaJ i iatrtot:? Tb> *- PttuaraJd, Rk hard Jolca, U' rrrnra <1. UmMiv:, Rk hard KHapatrtol, Hat rg? Kl<-a. Pal mt Ornwa, HhhaaJ PlUawaK. yltAVir ".TAN. UhrJnMR. .0.1 toPIIBhd, Ram-ata.ry. TTtl R ' lift RATIORAl. t'RJnR CUR WTO. HBff I tMa < aaBiar. I*h txat. at A o'ak? a. at 61 fiat Bioada *y. Vrraaa f Urn ward ara latitat I L. Ti ta-oa dataalBry W* I. HATCH, Prar.tant. ?TH WA RP NATIONAL 1*1 OR CJJPB ?TUB RBOC tar m tatmpW ?tua ? loh af.l ha ta-.d ih . tfodnaadi,-) r*'i?i ai th? "aaa norarr of > ?himi.i' ? r a 1.1 Ua iarmalraam, at 6 o'rka k . I'latBBd Itano! in r ?6ad u? ItlnJ. A M U1HIMI.KR, PraaaanL Pi rta I! T?p-dR> Raofatary. 1 |?TH W ART! HRl.l. ARI> EVKkBTr CLUB.-THE lO a.-mt mum-' . .. ? I un ? t-mmm . i ba i rraaat Wa-lraadat P*h Ira* at ihalr r?au, f.?i* ktiiaeu'h mm , aad A (Mb a 'aaaa. a. , o car t P. M Al. pc.-B>oi ' .i .ata to iba atamtw I at Ra. and R>?ratl ?ra in<,*?d to aitand By ifdarNrJ" ... "AMI. M HI RoTHO, Irm-ddBt. lia . P. Bi ? a?. IC Tlair 18' I'll It At n TURPI WIl.L BR A WCTTTK l IIR-.n > at T* f ? ?? I'fiira ? tara ? * . ... ?IK. lha IWii tat R-. Ataa i-lnah, m lurat a vakio ho.. and ? a ltd t'?i> ?)t>D wari> -a RPK. lAi. m-.trriRu or tiik pa I 4t?t ?oa?i I>? wmr?*r Ward C'aamBMia ?M|I a hai'at R> part a Ha'.. Ptft I third araat, ba??a-ti It mad oar aad Ktchth atvana,or Wad aoada. ar-alua HAh l.tat , al p. h a, ordrr of P. Ml ?I(IFAL AFFAIR*. Pa j*r*> rBNDUM hrpork uu bomob tub ma to* ? far approval rmom hoi mcwT'L I RmvJntKri mml- a* Lk- pmrl,) for or-rtfm- no rrwr m , Fill/ foo/Ui Olmrt, t>u? her md Armor in Rar- nr-r. AoT. Oi ?rrllor < ? ptr dlar to <r? ? I* rurul for *>4 <o fat or ?J ! Thouaa BhV?M"?. Ikr n<m-.rartnr Hoard I f C. onHlawn. A'A* Ot IS, I4U. Ad >? trd orn IfM k*"oarTV Aldrimno Krpteatkrr 17, llWO. On >)m tu! ow Rrte*iiUna %-thnr inf 'tr-r- mmtaMnn-r 10 maalruH ihM en Ik# ?'taarr at ik- r* Harm- t-vl Purvh . r~ru lor lb* Mm *r> uar of li ? * .ad > mnnaar R A loard ?d? oviatllMaa. Rrptim: -f II. I1*! Ui?)i?a U? | hW?4"- a drranrn RatiraiM 1?, 148 Oa ajrr |<4 mi hmwiN to- __ _ ? wnlo l^i dlrr-Vrp ffo-rpt- Iter In pnr- Ma* fr? a llrarp R CMrrr I Mof cm iod fa a auai ad -tor- -.tea M M far age j of Unytn* 1 '?? p?py p n 9 Hmt i of Co?cliaoa. ka>'?>?rll. IMI Oa apoa aad aoaa luodC AMatmoo. ??rWrU, Id) (>? apm aod aoaa cja uriad fa. Boaa libra Ifeat tea Iteatea ARaatart Ite- oreewi- rvnm a-mar fa tmrtmtm. br-aaoa ??r? ??. a am. *?a W? rrrirp pterr. in ka ' -ranad Board a rial an aopirm -or A HM A4-r-d Baafd if' oaoBmaa rrpimbrrl i-te ? ?r r? ? i. R?ni 1. ? In MB"m aovioi Uuaaor ?. o- i |^a 4 "tuUtttNBni #t ffO* Maard of Atoanaaa. Brpi-tabor LA IRHi Hoarded Omm t.maa. Iirplamhr r I * roatk dotrteA ?? Mo Ai Htm" araA. 1 Aont-atbar u I* A jap n I ta navt-mbar 11 laM <>?*?, r-ai* ?B*a>> .it an In Mdd MdMB pna ia ia thr To rta- k ??r1 - rtoMh AMArin a >< at Iiw tr?? |n?iRd U- Maibrrrp MrroA Ti JAM' ft Aldartam Itetrd Of fteuiieluam R-o- to. at -jMiToioaaM. tf R ?ii: Mr hupr* m tea ,.'I C* mm Moarro of i>O?40 R aid of Aldormra. Bplimlur 17. ltd' AlrfM Hoard of Coiuwl.aMa. BtfteaaPrr 17,1 Ml i mar rr*d<a. R-onlnttea anroinitar WTBaor ? t??f Car.aawio >f DaodA la Rtero of Uanrga ?. Jo?ai< rrmra-d Ra^rd of Aidnrmoa art. I? 140 Ua apm Aad^^m r ri CrmnrOmaa. Mop 17, la* Oa ?r*? Aad mao aaa riurad a. _ RraolnUna appttiatiac Wai ' aarro'l ? toaaatemmar of n? te la plan of J???? IJ V-rrte r?a ntei Board of AlAorCiOti kapt IT. |?. ?? Rnard of (>iortlif>#a Bool l< l??J A tail Otiitbl la. fl-at> ,tmo kpfoim n* F"N?i? ? Ml Orada, la alaca ' f 1 k <maa t ? aIW - r-otei-ai Hoard of AMrrman Rapt. 17 IA>' Oa ar?* mad aoaa adopted Board of CoasHtaten. "apt |7, IB1 A rta bad aoaa ?o% Raaat'Akm to panai; 0 Voa fllaha In pat ap *c u ?o ia* at Mo i Waot fort j ? iBmroat Bnrri of Aldrrtaaa . Raat 11 l?n A inpte-i Board Of Onwrtltnan Rapt 17. I?0 ? -aaorrad to Raartl'iBoa dir?tla* Crdno An ad art Roa-il ?> raftte tBO aouaro bonadad bp Irate otiaa'. Ar-nod krarar And api*?? aaal itrrrl to br parad auk trap ? -?. >f tboonoAnatar for patibr troth otraal *tC do Ikr aun- ia araor.taaao arllfe W? rrni ran Board of AMrraMta. Prpt. H |4B? On apra tad ?m adopted of i'mate! Mao. R?pl 17 '? *fr* ana* Rrrnintioa te raatll pnanotl tat of Jtmtt H Lplaa lor IBB ' Itear.l (if Atdri nrn iofr ?. !?? A d '-piad Hoard of < otwei.maa. arid. 17. 140 A poa aad an? ^Rrard iHra te arad bark f? ronoooklrradtea te Hoard of flra fVoiTilralnnrrt donimrnt Mo. W tdtpf * oomptotnt V Hoar *' kpaisM Kraut' ?< . . ,, . H* I of AMrioteb. R-at. IJ. 1RRR A Jotted. Board of Unu,0lMam. Ropt 11, 14). OontarrRd la on RpOi *?'* (lrap. Htm luttno lr> r -atrm am iatii-n! for ortrnp in rifir f<-,ns it ran from Prmod orrnite te ??i inr, tad topntau? Jnr.aikao Tiol nr. Or Itert a of Anror--? roi ?rter Item7 loard of Aldrrmrn. Ropt. II. IMr On apoo aad mm afip'-d H*rd of OP'ir.dflmrti. Ropl. 17. !<?V Oa >"*and aoaa wr c iffod to. rME TCHF. rWNTRCVILLI COURSE, L. I.-TK(.rrUM.-9AT y/ day, Hapt tl 3 ' oca. mat n ?! C ' n he y day. Hept 22. 3 o'i. oca. mat n Tl l)'1 lai.eldniw, m'eelu o.? to wa, oua, play or pej. ra n o> ulno*. I) I'l uunro. g. Robin, Mr. Levitt namae g m Lady Nun OONRLIN A '0., I'roprtetBi L'LORa TAvPLv as:) GEO. M. PAi hem. MAI a (M &ll.ut u. - .i.Klulu ? l- la, ite 14th at 8*i t?u tor. li *.d d*y ul t ?t ur ~ man nunsee I t ?* J. D M ftui ilm CLASH ION Oof t y^l.5, Ra, ? WILL COM 4R) K on Toeeday bept. lb, walk u.o ilrett n>?r.'',j?LnAe? 8?u,(W), (our mte hriaia. ceiw ? n PUnai, IV. ? i i;.x>n?'<-e Second day, Knuay tie both, two muichee eweeptekea: Tbr> .?vue'-k wu'1 SI i .|y , for j?l?A. mile brkla, FleartlUK Momenta a u A h* i fur I1.M bcaiA akfl a two veer old aeeepr. ik(or H,i??> noun between kuara Morna Monuot and A. . ?> .iwre. day. Tueedar October 1. a weal iu t h ? 1 WO, four hrata, htlwrrn Km Northern home r pin t and too .'tri b me Oj?t.'/uiao, and a aw won uk - ihree year n'd, . farata wfih all ettrlea. D ?' i .INNEL4., Prapriep UNION COURSE. L T.-TR'jTTi -f(t <'.M YIH'-tRD September to. at 3 o'eiodfc, f> r a ? urt* i til) Mile hi beet three in live in ht.-newo .1' "..(n ? trn br g. lye 8. 8. Debauao [entare . g. Jae Let." n ? . la tee '.'Oielijiey torn bit Mare 8IU W A WBiT "rourl-tm UNIOR (Xil'RSK, LONG JRLAMn.-THOTTIMU Thurartay September 21). at J o'-lo, n a catch lur mi e heata, beat three In live, wapou* tnd driven wn^bini Cunda. We lp ley uame# or. * U?itk, run HotuMaad nt m Red Itlrd fHASV A WHITE, Proprleto UNION COURSE. L. L-JBOTTIMO WRDNKSI lot'.av ?t i" n'cl'"K P. M A privet* mat li witk mad korara, I ron Jrrse? City owndra, todr'-e to r.>nd v. a* Entrance to all parta, aland, Weenie. m.tVf v WIIITK, Prnprleto CTK.NTLEMKN OP THE TCRF. WHO DE9IRB IW f pendent aeeoods applied n the.r . .teht-a, tba.aa ati'pped and r ar'ed without tntarfartup wild tho ordinary I at a in. It-mie coat, ara inritel v> oa'l and examiaa ay pruvtmcot SIR KICK PRICK, 22 John atrm HOKMKM, CAJUUAUKM, AC. AllF.AlTTIKU1 KMF1KK LOM) Tail.CD BAY */ for Bale, 16 henda I '.nebea hich an trot tu 2 * arart kit Hoiuui and km,. '.in be ae? a-j.! at 1'IU Kaat Sonrtaenlh auroet. C10UPE IIORSE FOR RALE-ANT Jt'VTI.EMAJf ) lady daairoua nf pnrebaaine a a a lendt.l smipa Uort yeara old. aound u.d m esarv rvttci .ar, to drive arf ? an now he ar -ontorated H ? la '7 h n la fh hay eotor. tall, blank ley* i.ooy bulH. *?r? au .ry line tr ler. wUI exchance for a mnallrr b. ? P Ice Mar be teen at J O. Tay.or'i att..-, T* fourth at raat cf Third area ue. ? XPRE88 WAOON WASTED-A i :OD ONE low daure for c.,ab. Apply at 1C2 ilrt.alway. For sals?for want or use, fifteen teen pood Work Horaaa, (It for (own town ctrta ortr. a'ao, two til for cnrnace or eipreaa Hor?<*a To be aean i 12 o'clock, noon, at ihe alabln of Be., y .k lireen. Ion dea 207 Weel Twn.iv Ural ma k yon SA1.B?SEPA K ATKf.T,_ _ OR TOURTHER. A pa*r of inii erlal oarrtim* Horaaa, eery atyilah. and war e.i wound in r very reaaect, .til ,. i . -? udld Ki, !'h. . Ion, but liti.e liw.'if, ard In p u t -r nrt-l .. 1 ,ub! of l jrlare llnrnaaa in ex'elletil or ler. Train ?r'a b**Mti-, made. Thi above (tba prapariy ot . prtsate cantteman 1 be aeea at Theodore Rer ,-e ? stable, u Kaat Ninsteeotb i FOR^AIiK f PINK 11AT lTORHP, 15 HANDS 3 IMC Mph, ?Vht ywtraold. aonnd: kind In nil bmneaa, nod t Pbin for a rgirugr or ooope, and tmla in ->t? nil v oire AU ' irrn al Wm. OogawrH't etafc'e, ISO Chryelle Mreet. App Wil. liOItlON, liH Chatham aquare. Fob sale-a covpe, op M'pern stylh, h abiH for one or two toriea, built l>? Lawrence, ae> bean but little m??1 Can he arm at JOHN T. rtWITn 8 rut. factory. I 'Mi Ur eal ray. FIR HA1.B A RKAOTIKi'L b' Kll-lI, HUAIO MA Sir I [aery breed, uuil and gentle; aplwdtd both a the aaddle and la baraaae Tka owner la g..'ng ni Eur Alio for eale, a pood Middle, Bridie. Herneee and w?^ ply to the grooa, a! the atable No. I Id Clinton place. rB RALE-AN BTTT4N ALLEN OOLT, PIVK VH old. and ana trot, uetral ied, eloee to 2 AO, anund aad t WU1 be eohl low. Apply at atable rear of 45 Thirl area ue TTtOR BALB-A CRCAM COLoREO IIORNB, P J* year* old. env.nd and kind In barn -aa, a le-aut'fa) aa bone, II haiWa high, and ean tmt iu!? in thre? minute fifteen tn ooa hour, aleo. a road Warm ar.1 llama*, ee new. Apply at 3M Seventh arm ir near Thirty to .rib at PB 8AVI ? A V.VniKt*' HADI'I.K IIOKHK. (IKN and wall broken, and In every reap,' ? , utile; wi ?old low. Inquire at 21 (Jrand atreel, Jtra. y . ity. fORBAVK-A/HPI'IKK'H Ili'Il.T Wfi.'V. "PITA A* for a haheror giunrr a.>- . '? rlb ..!?;> . II t j haat forty Ural atreet, near Tt.rd aano a. ER FAIJt?n*)RdlC, WAOON AVI) IIA KN EtW. borer la H1, bend* high tire yean old, and wtiJ ? mlnotea on the road, le wap >n i irrarled Hound kind In Bugle or doable harneae. Wag... md ilarvo aa ae new. Any pernoo wanting a horae to jo work an t tnv the road will da well to eall at Mr :>err'g au tie to Mo ITViB BALK?A BPlBNItin I'HRdTNtTT COIOI F Saddle H irre for either lady or ge.,i)-3i?a; an Cm fc inter brad, trim K'eeunrky, 7 rear* >1.1. To he t arll'a atable, 24 Koltoa atreet, Hruoalya. IjlOR HALE-TWO rAMILT OR ROAD ROMW ! and II ban da high, all an ! aeeeu . -are'nil. atylleh aera, can trot la ? mi.i d- a A e a ' v.i; ? *r old Colt hand* high, *? rv 'a?t tr .tier A'l aim I aol gentle Road Wagon, liarneea and Mel ph. A ply at 7'j ttoiiatr ?table In urn rear FOR HAI.K-A SUPERIOR PilR OP OARRt Horpee, perfeetly amind and yonng. kind m all bar and faat traveilen price 8f 0, alio, a Jo-Hila ,y rurrt liarnraa. In pej-.'e t order, being eq .al to aew.pnea Apply hi the atable, 4* Earn 18th at. FOR 8ALE-A DAPPI.EORAT MABR, IAS I1AND yearaold, white meae and tali; for at vie, eoeM ant m ty mnoot be aartiaeerd. Alan, a daapie , heatnul Hon* handa. I ynara nId. warranted aeery way eaa trot In 2 JO. be aen nomar of Porty third atraei and filth aveuoa. To ?old mu.-h lena than tletr nine. FOR BUB?a RPLBNIWD Pay horpe, ukt eeo l.aa la big . and w.-trha ? *.C a with a eplei lew i "art. h ?prn.? aal new >at of II ,rn aa. a.1 new, be aold awiarate or p.gather; warranted ,n every mar. quire at Hi H i laon atreet JjtOR. H v I.I A DOiTOR'H WA IDA Oil 'IaRNEiW ' F pi rfeet order nr. le >-j a at U beet -"r mahera 1 be aae a al 7.1 Kant Twenty BAh eteeet. from t pi 12 A. M. i from 3 to 7 P M. R BALE-HMPaKATRLT OR T fCTHER. a WI * airbed pair of thorn .gh bred t-r.ghi bay H -aea Id. Ilk handa high, lung I i.U feet. frae and oUa, m.a.m'aa x Ae ?.Fm an.l mtlk- ei a ? . .? t ? F? r?r. angle < e dc^bla. aa l wnVuia a lurt '.emMh. aretiperlor aaddle horaea alei a fc* -'euna 11 newer K id ar 'ay aad ,amp anal up JRww hntll to oeiar, aad I new,m tor eaah ejly. Addreaa W W. C., bog i.oau ougp liW)R .'ALE-A BROWN PaTCHPV (X1LT. PIT* YCi A o.d. II . handa In i. .en JUl e:> any b rae of her ran tgn* hiltl| The afc-ne a tbe rv > rty .f ? re '' a ag pi Cuba for ho b aiib and * i. fce eold -heap aiia, J Ague m, Ac. Apply M tie 'lit t labia, No. 72 Cha ?treat. rM| * I.ALR?A Ll'tftf ORP IliiRAg RO-KAWAT. the I neat ?t>de. hi ??n b t nti1- aeq, an 1 wi I ?w at e deeldi ?d fcaegalr. yppirai art) ir a. .ery aia.e, 11 1 gen alnaat. aaar Coun airan. | "Jjt.'R BA IK-A RAT Hi -RUB. V. I VNJB | lWi'f ' X ba ??at U 1. ear. I rut ,n lit In > ' *g "i. warra i anund and Vied, nnd free fr> an all ale* <, be and lor wan I i*ae. .ajnlre .if iitH IKNAR flAKl, In ll*rx,.lton r I V rhrt air* aH. Par larUitr panic.,ar* lb are at Re. \Aater alrt-1. Ifnft IAI.E- A PH7PTI R ? ANf> RoLL VP X' Rbg," . ?#<7 light, b.II t lo rdar . Id by one uf th b* uMeiw n th e fdty. rat HMk bag only been >at bi m mih. Apy ly at flu KroaOawv F^hob nr.LR a vplra r?ir> nunr hor tail m U ha i'ta . gh. a.? yeara ?? t, a.a. e?v? ?r> :..m? M Ho m Hi.rea a hai, ? bjab. ? .arm e lo troi ia the i id. ap eeaea yaare Id. the- .re warr -diaeverfra lobe anec *t hi ?( Perry at eet. I,'O E HA LB -JA H ANU-Of<K I'HttluK. POR r h were of Lierat.v e naaa* red in g?i r.mdtttan ' al h Re are.' alen a Sae rhaMaat nr.,.owl **'a and' r'arrtt re h*-ae al* at elar ; earn old men wi eet of Ha 1 he w bote W1U ba enld eha. n. ee the .,?r>er m nam ?. f-mqi. Applr in .'aBA> MiKNliiJfT, etnble U \ R eet T Vina, nth *tr.?t Fir | .Vl.f O '? AR 'tut TWO KB A Tlfl ('ARRtAO ArtAb fAr Mid Mfb>. MW HaM one W> rrd bend d< |np-t w*4 Ml. one ????! A?n< (J*. HotAoa h alt. n. (era k?x) Mat it. ?"? *fcwt ts.1 AT. < ?? be Ma u 7 Irr iihw e ? ?*'T? 17HlR f A i -K '* lloll/HM-on TlAW 'IT APW'IU F Mo.eA ' 'AM Lata nf tm 6*fea U ? T"?? ?-4eb~1 tr?K ?nbi0 f? m n f>? M bobAAAi bt| rSajr. Apt', M rl WubniV IJWJR RAM <H? IP, CHEAP A BAT MAM. TOTO r Re-Ma b t A ????? MAT oM. aria<t kiaA. -nlman m I At Arm A ail'- I ; fcJ or Matt. wet ?"hm IA? bear. It Ab ?.?l?fW mM. ? R? Aft'r tA M humtry. rl RATI t TIRAP TWPLVR HOOP HOMM, OH fttk Pbeee . mm tmm Im, tat ** of ft* hleet t?r>4 r.pnm *?ra To be tetn tA Wr.gbl A f'iltla t H bAt A-eae v. Abt t? 'ataa MrttA ftrry, WTiHai?l-.rf HOI*!? WA'KPrt AIH RARNKRt POR RAIJI -JR leRg| lW?ntReA lattTttt' fuitlf Wa^r .a MrM ,tt4 mm** Rea4 WajMt. Merlon, pau I RA ?a ?r ttpe?W Wmin, bet ataii aaaa wtapa, Man, to Htm a e it mM Jan.' .liale ? 'bean Bo IM r-.iv?. arentie to* I B?. ;o ?ttAi tw.. ni?t /u. II. >R>?- CARUA ICR AID MTIM PO| ??AI.|_ II M V'b? I v fa*te , ? ? ,?Ro ? Atv-,t lo ITAAAl ? V ' r? < AI ai Me aa/fle## k je M Wm IamA MrttA. ?? P,?aAa-?? -m I*r >RTItn l.'iOOO PTOIW THI ?f?HT Bt/P r>ID | I t . fratl hfttt Rtri m** la - ^ i-aepw a,B be mM by^eble m*Jm Iba ritTTI Letmrbna tapeeA e ? Vrmnl r***A#rt rptrpiwo Til '.WWTrat.paikJ JN ?h. ma A" rail raa fc- i ? iiiiri MAM win. a (a* 'aaub tat barwrje |b^T.| a^Uie raaifx Part HoAtA. 0Aa Pri'tiiAtf. fOMAH fc P'?" RAM- A ? POO III IIAIP RPIIBO PR "TOR I lit- fi'T %vle to rafrj All p<mt. At Por lilt by JoaPR A MITB AilMrttta b%trn? auaofaiaorr. ar tee tf Ttaife tftaot Rat P*i, ^ R UH 'AWttn-A rot an TOt an par? i?s hahpW A* ??? tapper It war tndar Iht Mnle it IkrrwY taAtt A fair trV r? A I IT ? ?btft At At ttat bnt L? PM Abr. ||irr ^ PIILAI R l*PP'iT?n PTI.T.TARB TAPIJB A*4 Akibutawi 'IRR>I?ML Wt MP a? InpA-T tat pHe IAai a fnlurt aa all mm R falaUua v mt ?at( aa anr AtblM rw tB aatA ?a> tbat tz-j. xi"" "?"* ^r.^Tgiaa.'sr PM'-RilA'PBR "P BTUTAXn tPTIR T1TIR ? ftie a.i. 1 e itor own i ralertlna. bt parie>i!*r la a-iM M*l il? ?? *R OeodyAW't MeeaUna "? ">T. a narA I 1ia R? ' *?? M kAAteAMrf m awA AtiiAe At WiibrrA R iTe nt n? tneh t III be iilea aI. ant for I be r iwm at l>AA Pb*. eA A (Vilrrter abn h*'* |>?r.'ht*A<il t we?el-.|eR II/A IriaA o* aa? ar?i, I neee ite til oaa A In' "i>i ?aii aha AAA, ^1 V A , A ? ,1 ' A ? > , , .Mr AA Hi* I tat. A'H><tA n IMA

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